1. The Proof by Email Routing Information
  2. A Response by Judy Morris, M.D. to Provident and the "Secret Police"
    [Email Returned]
  3. Continuation of the Response by Judy Morris, M.D. to Provident and the "Secret Police"
    [Email Returned]
  4. Webmaster's Analysis of IP addresses in the faked mail
    Showing that both IP addresses are indeed addresses of Provident Machines or Subnets.

The Proof by Email Routing Information

From kbd@adelphia.netTue Aug 25 17:07:15 1998
Date: Tue, 25 Aug 1998 13:26:17 -0400

Subject: Look what I got in the e-Mail Today

[See IP Address Analysis.]

Received this in e-mail today.  Judging by the header, it appears to be from
despite it's address from The
Secret Police


                         from (
                         []) by
                         (8.9.0.Beta5/8.9.0.Beta5) with ESMTP id JAA01645
                         for ; Tue, 25 Aug 1998
                         09:48:04 -0400 (EDT)
                         ( [])
                         SMTP id JAA08525 for ; Tue,
                         25 Aug 1998 09:47:49 -0400 (EDT)
                         from ([]) by
                (Lotus SMTP MTA
                         SMTP v4.6 (462.2 9-3-1997)) with SMTP id
                         8525666B.004AFC9A; Tue, 25 Aug 1998 09:39:03 -0400
                         Tue, 25 Aug 1998 09:50:35 -0400
                         The Secret Police 
                         Mozilla 4.04 [en] (Win95; U)
                         text/plain; charset=us-ascii

You sure do have a lot of energy for someone with CFS. I wonder how a
person with CFS has the ability to develop such an elaborate Web site
and engage in a tireless legal "battle" with an insurance company, yet
not be able to trade stocks. Maybe you can dedicate a chapter to
explaining that in your upcoming book.

A Response by Judy Morris, M.D. to Provident

From judydoc@the-spa.comTue Aug 25 17:10:40 1998
Date: Tue, 25 Aug 1998 16:09:49 -0400
From: judy morris 
Cc: "Darrell, Keith" ,
Subject: Perceptions

Well, unfortunately I was unable to fall asleep but kept thinking about
your query.  Maybe this shows an interest in knowing what's really going
on, the mere fact that you asked the question.

You must realize that it is not at all unusual to make gross
misperceptions based on hasty, uninformed or societally induced beliefs.

I was the same way, even as an ER doctor, always skeptical of pain
patients who didn't look sick or have some disease I was familiar with.
Thinking and even speaking distainfully about "well-appearing" people
who told me they were out on disability.

In fact I've thrown at least one chronic pain patient out of my ER due
to my own ignorance.  I remember this man complaining that the entire
right side of his body hurt, arm, leg, back, neck and that he'd been
thrown out of most of the ER's in Worcester. Because I was taught in
medical school that when patients either insist on pain medicine or
complain of pain but don't have "objective signs" like sweating,
grimacing or pain on palpation, that they must be drug seeking.

It was  about 8 months later when my own illness got much worse that the
light went on.  My muscles ached all over, BUT the right side hurt
worse.  It was only after I had gotten information from the CDC, NIH,
and been deeply involved in studying immune and emerging diseases that I
realized this man had Fibromyalgia.  I could have helped him.  I wish I
could find him now.  Sometimes people ask for pain medicine because they
actually ARE IN PAIN, and sometimes they ask for specific pain medicines
because they already know what works for them.

I held a little protest against my insurance company on a sidewalk in
Washington last year outside the hotel where my insurance company was
having a convention.  I sat in a chair with a small table and some
information and tried to talk to people.  One fellow came up and asked
what this was about.  I told him.  He say "Well I'm an insurance
investigator. Go get a job!"  He quickly walked away before I could say
anything.  This man did not want to know the truth.  He needed to be in
denial to justify what he was doing to people.

I don't blame him, as I said, I've been in denial myself and hurt people
and not done my duty as a physician because of this.

I'll admit it is VERY HARD to accept the fact that many illnesses and
disabilities don't have external signs.  I have one, so it's become a
lot easier for me to understand.  It's a problem of endurance.
Even Cardinal Bernardine when he was dying of pancreatic cancer,
complained not of pain, but of overwhelming exhaustion.  Most terminal
cancer patients only feel this way for a few months before death. 
People with CFS feel this way for years, with short periods of relative
remission, in between weeks of exhaustion, chills and headaches.

People with CFS have far less endurence than even the normal sedentary
person.  Just as you could have two 12 year olds engaged in a 100 meter
sprint.  One is normal, the second has exercise induced asthma.

At rest they both appear fit and able to run the race.

At the end the normal one is a little short of breath but quickly
recovers.  The asthmatic starts wheezing at 50 meters and if he pushed
on, will end up deteriorating and possibly requiring a visit to the ER
or even a life threatening asthma attack.

Am I getting anywhere?  Am I making sense to you?  Please let me know.

Judy Morris, MD

Continuation of the Response by Judy Morris, M.D. to Provident

From judydoc@the-spa.comTue Aug 25 17:10:56 1998
Date: Tue, 25 Aug 1998 16:34:45 -0400
From: judy morris 
Subject: More on the same tope - sorry I keep forgetting things

This is a little technical, but hopefully you will agree that we are all
made up of atoms and molecules and ultimately everything that goes on
from muscle contractions, to sex, to thought processes, starts on a
molecular  or atomic level in the body, driven by chemical processes.

The problem in CFS most likely is on a molecular level.  There is some
problem with the mitochondrial function in the cells (these are the
little power plants that essentially convert glucose into energy).

There are other known diseases where the problem in on a molecular
level.  The first one that comes to mind is muscular dystrophy.  You do
not see the molecular dysfunction until it has gotten so bad that you
have muscle wasting.  Other diseases like lupus, multiple sclerosis and
Lou Gehrig's disease are similarly mysterious but ultimately fatal in
many cases.  I feel that CFS and Fibromyalgia are what's called in
medicine "forme fruste" of these other diseases.  They are caused by a
similar insult to the body on a molecular level or genetic
predisposition, but for some reason not as progressive.

The other analogy that frequently occurs to me is that when I'm flared
up I frequently feel like I am trying to function on a planet where
there is 2, 3, or 4 times the gravity on earth.  It takes more effort to
pick up a glass, do the dished, brush my hair, walk up the steps, even
keep my eyelids open, than on my "good" days.  Recently I read that
after astronauts have been in space for a while they frequently have to
go through months of exhaustion before their bodies get re-acclimated to
the earth's gravity after being in zero-gravity.  They get better.  WE

Star Trek - Deep Space Nine even did an episode about this.  The
beautiful alien woman came from a planet with a quarter of Earth's
Gravity.  In the "normal" gravity of the space station she needed a
wheelchair and everything required great effort.  In her cabin where the
gravity was adjusted to that of her home planet, she was fine (although
they used some poetic license and decreased the gravity so much that she
could actually float in the air.)  This is why some CFS patients
actually need wheelchairs.  It's not that their legs don't "work" it's
that large amounts of extra effort are needed to make them work.

By the way, my headache is much worse now, but I'm sure you couldn't
tell because I've continued to type.  I've been trying not to take pain
medicine, even aspirin for the last two weeks and this is what the
result is.

Remember appearances can be very, very deceiving.  You may actually have
to experience something like this in order to understand.  Although we
would not wish our malady on anyone, we are afraid that it will take a
very prominent person being affected for something to get done (aka: The
interest in Alzheimer Research now that Ronnie Reagan official has it.)

By the way, did you know Multiple Sclerosis used to be called "Faker's

Judy Morris, MD

Email IP Address Analysis

Dr. Morris's Email to the phoney email addresses bounced because
the "Fully Qualified Domain Names" (FQDN) (The quasienglish form) had been
faked.  Though, the "From:" field is relatively easy to fake for any
user.  The routing information of email contains correct information.
To alter the name of FQDN of the real source of the email, in this case requires not only technical sophistication
but also administrative powers on the source machine.  Though both the
FQDNs in the sent email can be faked, the IP addreses, which are absolute
internet addresses, given in the form of [N1.N2.N3.N4], (where the Nx)
are numbers, cannot without seriously messing up the internet server on
which they are changed.

A Note on FQDNs and IP addresses:

    While FQDNs and web addresses are formed like regular mail addresses,
    narrowing down from larger domains to smaller domains, IP addresses
    work in the reverse order.  In the general form above for an IP
    address [N1.N2.N3.N4], N1 is the largest domain being specified.
    N2 specifies a subdomain of N1, and so on down to N4.

Now, the two unalterable IP addresses appear in KBD's email are

    [] and []

These IP addresses happen to share the first three Nx and only differ in
N4.  Therefore, it would be very interesting to find *all* IP addresses
whose first three numbers are 206, 21, 28.

Doing this yields the following result: 

You will notice that they are all machines of ""
and that the two IP addresses in question (which I have indented),
specify Provident machines (or subnets) whose names are hermes
and hydra - "the multiheaded monster" of Greek mythology - how appropriate.

That the apparent return address was altered to ""
and nothing else was altered means that some lowlife of not very much
intelligence and no supervisory power could have faked the email.

The source, however, is, without doubt, Provident Insurance Company.

End of Analysis.

Quod Erat Demonstrandum

Mail to either

	postmaster or webmaster at these machines will most probably
        get through.  Both may work, or only one may work.  I would
        be surprised if neither works.

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