A letter from Judy Morris, MD to the FTC opposing the merger of UNUM and Provident Companies on grounds of anitrust.

						Judy Morris, MD
						261 Bumstead Rd.
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Jodie Bernstein
Director of Consumer Protection Bureau
Federal Trade Commission
6th Street and Pennsylvania Ave, NW
Washington, DC 20580					November 25, 1998

Dear Ms. Bernstein,

I recently was reading some comments you made regarding the limitations
that need to be put on the MIB (Medical Information Bureau) with regard to
reports from this agency being used inappropriately by the insurance
industry to deny people insurance without the customer knowing why their
applications were denied.  I am glad to see that the MIB has been made to
comply with some common sense directives similar to the FCRA so that people
may know what is being said about them regarding their health, finances,
activities and character and correct errors.

I would like to add a new category of hazardous activities that should red
flag an application.  It is now a hazardous activity to SUBMIT A CLAIM for
benefits to certain insurance companies for certain illnesses particularly
if you are in certain occupations, like a doctor or lawyer or have an own
occupation policy or otherwise are entitled to substantial benefits.

After filing a claim for benefits with UNUM Insurance Company in January
1997, I was treated to their elaborately deceptive claims processing, and
had someone in a large pick-up truck try to run me off the road while I was
driving my small car. Some months later found out I have been under
surveillance by Private Investigators hired by UNUM that day and their
reports were markedly falsified. I did some extensive investigation of my
own.  I believe that UNUM Insurance Company is engaging in a malicious
campaign to deny certain claims with the side effect (intentional, more
likely than not) of driving some claimants to suicide or other "accidents"
similar to what happened to me. I know of one claimant driven to suicide,
another who attempted suicide, and others who verge on it due mostly to
UNUM's tactics
compounding the difficulties of dealing with their own medical conditions.

Since 1990, several companies that were paying benefits regularly to
customers and treating them fairly like Equitable, Manulife, Colonial, and
Paul Revere insurance have merged with Provident and UNUM Insurance.  Many
claimants now find that despite the fact that they have been declared
permanantly disabled by their insurance companies, doctors, and frequently
the Social Security Administration are finding their private insurance
benefits terminated for pretextual or ludicrous reasons or are subjected to
inappropriate and intrusive harassment of themselves and their doctors and
surveillance by private investigators on a regular recurring basis without
adequate justification.

UNUM now stands poised to merge with Provident Insurance Company to further
increase their financial and political ability to intimidate their
claimants into accepting unreasonable buyouts, settling for less, signing
gag orders under financial and emotional duress or just giving up their
claims to money that is rightfully and contractually owed them.

WE think UNUM and Provident gained their market advantage by racketeering,
selling policies of insurance knowing they would then fraudulently deny
certain claims to increase their profits. They are working in collusion or
with tacit approval of law enforcement and regulatory agencies who refuse
to conduct appropriate investigations when presented with unequivocal

I have consequently filed a lawsuit against UNUM Insurance Company or
Racketeering, Extortion, FCRA violations, and Murder, in addition to fraud,
deceit, breach of contract and more.  I have posted the lawsuit in it's
entirety, detailed with "particularity" as required by the Racketeering
laws on the following website:


We hope you will see the seriousness of what is going on and the
inappropriateness of allowing a merger between UNUM and Provident Insurance

Also could you please ask the Public Reference Department to send me the
FTC brochures "Facts for Business" (detailing the FCRA requirements for
insurance companies), the FTC brochure "Facts for Consumers: Fair Credit
Reporting" and
"Facts for Consumers: How to Dispute Credit Reporting Errors."

I hope the FTC will seriously look at this situation.  If there is someone
else that I should be writing to, please inform me.

Best wishes,

Judy Morris, MD

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