Pending Legislation to Ammend ERISA:
Your Input Can Matter.
Act Quickly.

Date: Mon, 14 Sep 1998 16:55:10 -0400
From: Jack Artale <>

Subject: Fw: ERISA law -- HR 4406 modify for independant medical exam..


What follows is a message that was sent to me earlier in the day.  Since
this affects most of you, PLEASE read the informtion and then write
immediately.  This is an opportunity to get your stories out and possibly
get the system to become more responsive to your needs.  PLEASE do not let
this opportunity pass you by.


Jack Artale

[NB: I've left the email routing in this post as a point of authentication
 of source.  If you are not interested, simply scroll forward. - BH]

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RE: ERISA law -- HR 4406 modify for independant medical exam..

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Subject: ERISA law -- HR 4406 modify for independant medical exam..

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Subject: ERISA law -- HR 4406 modify for independant medical exam..
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Have you had trouble with or know of anyone that has a problem
with an ERISA disability claim.  As most of  you know, it is
impossible to win one of these cases if they (the insurance
company) follows the rules.

HR 4406 will modify the ERISA law to make it possible for a person
to have an independant medical review of their case and help people
with some of the FMS, CFIDS, Lupus ect. to have fair reviews.

HR 4406 is:

To amend title I of the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of
1974 to provide that any participant or benificiary under an employee
benefit plan shall be entitled to a de novo review in court of
benefit determinations under such plan.

PLEASE contact any (better ALL) congress working with Committee on
Education and the Workforce.
Webpage at
Explain to these people the problems you have had so they can see
the need to have this modification of the ERISA law approved. It may
save you and will save others great dissapointment and loss of

I know many of you have lost benifits under this law, PLEASE help
others (and maybe you in the future) by writting to your congress
person(s) and inform them of the need for this to be approved.
I personally have lost over $50K in income, $54K in personal retire-
ment savings and my attorney over $90K in fees.  The $54K in
me and my wifes retirement money can NOT be replaced under ERISA,
this we'll have to work on, but at least let us be able to make a
company responsible and force them to give us a proper review!!!

Thanks for taking the time to read this, I hope you will take the
time to e-mail or otherwise write your congress and thoes on the
Committee on Education and the Workforce and tell them of your losses
or expierence with a company under this law.

Thanks again...   Jack K. Wilborn  San Diego, CA


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