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                       Some Mytholical Notions of Insurance and
                                Insurance Companies

        1)  Should an Insurance Company wrong you, you will be protected
            by the laws of your state.

            WRONG: The laws governing insurance companies are not federal
            and vary widely from state to state.  In some states, e.g. MN,
            you may not by law be permitted to sue your insurance company;
            other states simply make it very difficult either by law or
            legal precedent.  In many states, the very regulatory agency of
            the state is completely subourned by the insurance industry;
            hence, its de facto function is to aid and abet the
            insurance industry in relieving you of your hard earned money.
            If you think J. Grisham's "Rainmaker" was fiction, think again.

            You will find that governmental agencies whose names sounds like
            agencies of protection and regulation are actually funded
            insurance companies.  If you think they will offer you anything
            but fraud you would be mistaken.

            You will find organizations with names that imply consumer
            protection are in fact once again funded by insurance companies.

            You will find State Attorneys General paid for by insurance
            companies.  Then there are the State govenors.  That the government
            of the US can survive the level of true moral filth and corruption
            in which it is enmired is much more than simply doubtful.
            The sooner its useless existence ceases, as it will inevitably,
            from its own stupidity and evil, the better.

            You may even find judges both State and and Federal, also
            bought by insurance companies.  If they are not corrupted
            their hands have been tied by corrupt Congress, both State
            and Federal.

            You will find elected officials blathering about "tort reform".
            Translation: laws of limitations that will effectively
            prevent any serious suit against an insurance company.
            If you think they are thieves now - just wait until there
            no deterrent whatsoever to their escalating criminality.

            Allstate, State Farm, UNUM, Provident, CIGNA, etc. are all
            multibillion dollar companies that have enough money to buy
            nations - and they have - yours!  As instruments of racketeering
            they make the Mafia look like saints - I'd rather have
            Mafia insurance.

            The "law" has ceased, in this country, to pretend to be
            and instrument of justice.  It is now merely, like Roman
            Law was, a selfcontradictory maze of "may I"s - a stupid
            game of sophistry whose only point is the destruction of
            its cash cow - and that's you and me.  A revolution or
            rebellion is not even necessary - the noble experiment
            will crumble in the debris of its own stupidity, carrying
            us all with it: there is now no alternative.

            We once had an intellect the like of Thomas Jefferson
            as president of the country.  Now look what we are reduced
            to: socialists, fascists, idiots, actors, penisheads.
            Better we should have a military coup d'etate.

        2)  Your Insurance Policy is a contract between you and your
            Insurance Company.

            WRONG:  Although there was a time, not that long ago, that an
            insurance policy was indeed a contract, it is no longer;
            an insurance company is no longer held accountable under
            contract law.  An insurance company is rarely held accountable
            at all, even should should it directly and deliberately cause
            death.  Whether or not an insurance policy is held to be a
            contract depends on the state; many states hold that it is not.
            If that is the case in your State as it is in NJ, look carefully
            at the interigty of your State Government.  NJ has, of course,
            one of the most corrupt governments ever seen.  Witness the
            recent so called Insurance Cost Reduction Act.

        3)  Insurance companies are just other businesses that are out to
            make money, like any other business.  They are engaging in good
            old fashioned American capitalism in free trade.

            WRONG:  The insurance industry is exempted from the Sherman
            Anti-Trust Act, and so may with governmental blessings engage
            in any form of collusion and conspiracy, rate rigging etc.
            that it pleases.  PS:  We haven't had free trade in the US for
            over 200 years!  So much for arguments against capitalism.

            Moreover, the insurance industry is not just another industry
            since it also happens to be coercive monopoly, particularly
            regarding auto insurance.  You must buy auto insurance because
            slightly more than metaphorically, your state has a gun to
            your head.

            Insurance companies are in the same business as swindlers.
            They steal your money, because the state allows, nay commands
            it, while not paying any serious claims that you might have.
            Rinkydink claims are usually paid to they can say "Oh look at
            all the claims we have to pay" and attempt to *seem* honest.

            While they are not paying your claims, they are earning
            interest on your money.  There is nothing wrong with making
            money; there *is* something wrong with obtaining money by
            theft, fraud, or extortion, however "legal" it may have been
            made by your government.

            The real business of insurance companies is not only to defraud
            you personally, but also to defraud the State in which you live.
            These engines of destruction will drive you to despair,
            destitution and even death, if they can.  When you have gotten
            to the state of destitution and completely disabling physical
            injury, if you are lucky, you will eligible for financial
            assistance, and in North Carolina, Medicaid.  When you win
            your suit against the insurance company, they pay less,
            since now they must pay the State.  States generally get a
            break on medical costs.  Guess who ultimately winds up paying?
            Not the Insurance Company.  It has now, no matter what,
            successfully comitted fraud and gotten away with it.

        4)  In buying an Insurance Policy you are actually insured
            and protected.

            WRONG: This is the worst assumption that you could make!
            There are laws that allow an insurance company to deny what
            are euphemistically termed 'benefits' for any reason, or
            for no reason.  The onus is on *you* to take them to court,
            that is, if your State allows you to do so.  In the State of
            New Jersey, the insurance industry has seen to it that *by*
            *law* your right of legal redress has been infringed upon.
            NJ has no fault insurance (translate: everybody's fault),
            and you buy your own alleged Personal Injury Protection
            (PIP) insurance.  Suits against your own insurance carrier
            to pay what it should have payed to begin with are arbitrated:
            there is *no* jury.  Further claims for the damage caused
            by the carrier not paying, are done by bench trial: there
            is *no* jury.  There is *no* case in existence in the State
            of New Jersey against any insurance carrier in which punitive
            damages have been awarded.  Might this tell you something
            about New Jersey, other than not to live there?

            In the case of personal injuries, they may make a mistake and
            not send you to one of their accredited medical whores, for
            a so called "Independent Medical Examination".  This IME may
            indicated the need for further medical treatment.  No matter,
            their own IME's may be ignored also.

            In short, you are not protected or insured in any way by
            purchasing an insurance policy.  Very *carefully* check
            with your attorney, the insurance laws of your state, the
            object being to minimize the damages and theft to which
            you are already subjected.  In some states, you might consider
            moving to another state rather than be deprived of what
            you think are your constitutional rights of legal redress.

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