From Tue May  4 01:43:14 1999
Date: Sat, 1 May 1999 11:47:42 -0400
From: judy-doc List Owner 
Subject: Advertising for Whistleblowers

I am prepared to put the following ad in the Portland Press Herald. They have accepted the ad. I was thinking of put it in for at least two weeks, preferably a month but the cost for a month is $1300.

       *                *                  *
UNUM employees, Ex-employees, Personnel
Rewards for useful information regarding Unfair
Claims Practices.  Judy Morris, MD, General
Delivery, Monson, MA  01057, Phone (413) 267-3606

I was prepared to spend up to $250. Of course any contacts I get will be available to the rest of you. I could use some donations specifically for this ad.

An attorney also suggested the following addition to the ad (which will, of course, increase the price)

"Judy, I don't have any cases against UNUM right now, only against Paul Revere and Provident. However, put it out on your coolist and I will see what I can do to get others to contribute. I might suggest you include an amount in the ad so that it catches a lot of attention, such as $10,000 Reward. You can always qualify the ad by stating that the reward will be paid from any punitive damage award recovered against the company, and then require that any attorney taking a case against them and using your info, has to agree to those terms. Just a thought.."

I would really like to do the ad thing in a big way. Also if anyone knows of any bulletin boards on the Internet, please feel free to post the above add ANYWHERE you want. Just do it. Spread the word around.


From Tue May  4 01:43:29 1999
Date: Mon, 3 May 1999 18:10:51 -0400
From: judy-doc List Owner 
Subject: Funds for Whistleblowers

At this point in time, although I'm not broke, small contributions would help me emotionally. I would like to put an ad in the paper in Portland for whistleblowers but it would cost over $500 for 2 weeks, $1300 for a month. It's hard for me to spend that kind of money if no one else seems to care about this project.

At this point in time finding a whistleblower appears to be THE MOST IMPORTANT THING I can do to help this cause. Almost every talk I have with lawyers who are thinking about the "big" case against UNUM, every talk with media, hinges on my finding a whistleblower.

Folks, I'm willing to do the work to get the ads in, field the inquiries and share whatever I get with anyone who needs it, but I need some SIGN from you all that you support me in this endeavor.

I actually feel guilty asking claimants for money, I probably have more than most of you at this time, but as you can see, it's quite likely it will be years before I see a cent from UNUM. My funds will be depleted in a few months, especially if I have to pay for costly things like ads in newspapers. At that point I will NOT have the time it takes to continue my efforts at exposing UNUM. I do not like the thought of being dependent on others.

The ad is ready to go in the Portland Press Herald. But they are waiting for the go-ahead from me. I'd like to have several ads in several papers, but it costs money folks, lots of it.

If nothing less some of you are getting alot of entertainment value from my posts that read much like a John Grisham novel at times. What would you spend on a few books or videos.

As I said before, you can help me for free by posting this ad on public bulletin boards on the Internet (I'm still a computer ignoramus, lacking both time and expertise for how to do this).

Remember the government has a HUGE reimbursement mechanism for whistleblower that expose organizations defrauding the government (they get up to 25% of any money recovered). I don't think we are going to find out elusive "whistleblowers" unless we make it worth their while. As I'm sure you are aware by now, the risks of being a whistleblower are tremendous.

Here's the ad:

*  *  *
UNUM Employees, Ex-employees, Personnel
Rewards for useful information regarding
Unfair Claims Practices.
Judy Morris, MD
General Delivery
Monson, MA  01057
Phone (413) 267-3606

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