From Fri Dec 18 04:42:42 1998
Date: Wed, 16 Dec 1998 21:29:56 +0700
From: Richard Stampfle 
Subject: the evil insurer

Great page on the rip-offs by the insurance industry. I know what you
mean. Overseas it is even worse. Here are some of the rip-offs the
insurance companies have hit me with personally or my company:
Insured door to door from Thailand to Detroit customer US$ million worth
of seat covers (leather) just before delivery to the customer these were
held in a warehouse which caught on fire. Insurance company said the
final door was before they entered the warehouse not the customer's
door. Claim denied
Medical policy issued in UK had a two year rider to exempt pre-existing
conditions. After surgery in USA they claimed that a treatment with
aspirin voided their pre-existing clause. Claim denied
Medical policy issued in Thailand for full medical coverage denied a
claim on a cataract operation due to pre-existing condition even though
this was the first time patient ever had eyes checked. They must have
been going bad longer than the year the policy was in force. Claim
denied. Blue Cross, the insurer, says they are having a bad year and
just cant afford to cover this sort of claim.
Thai International flight drops out of the sky and kills over 100
passengers. Local insurance company says they will decide on how much
claim to pay based on the passengers "station in life." To be determined
by insurer.

Your site is refreshing, since it gives the real story on insurance
companies. I suggest you solicit stories from claimants who have
suffered at the hands of bad insurance companies.

Richard Stampfle

From Fri Dec 18 04:41:13 1998
Date: Fri, 18 Dec 1998 14:52:13 +0600
From: Richard Stampfle 
To: Flash 
Subject: Re: The evil and arrogant insurer

Here are two articles from the Bangkok Post on their recent
crash. Please note the wonderous arrogance for the Manager
of the Insurance company, who will decide what claims to pay
based on what he thought of the lives of those who died. You
are welcome to use my name and email address.
Richard Stampfle


                             December 14, 1998
THAI agrees to pay-out for victims

                             Vassayos Ngarmkham
   Thai International yesterday announced that it will pay a compensation
     of 3.6 million baht for each of the 101 victims who were killed on
                       Friday's crash in Surat Thani.
   THAI president Thammanoon Wanglee said the airline and insurers Theves
     Insurance, Thippaya Insurance and Bangkok Insurance companies had
                             agreed to the sum.
    Survivors will get an initial 200,000 baht for medical expenses. An
   agreement can be reached later if they think that this is too little.
            THAI would consider claims on a case-by-case basis.
   "Whether they are slightly injured or crippled, the airline will take
          care of all their medical expenses," said Mr Thammanoon.
     He said those injured still in Surat Thani would be moved to other
                         hospitals if they wished.
     Mr Thammanoon said he would not comment on allegations that pilot
        error had been to blame for the crash. The National Disaster
                Investigation Committee would look into it.
     "The decision of the pilot will be left to the aviation experts to
    judge. The panel will also probe THAI for not cancelling the flight
     given the poor weather," he said. However, he said both pilots had
                  more than 20 years of flying experience.
         The president said: "I have set up a committee composed of
    high-ranking administrators to check the work of our aviation safety
    people." He said Airbus officials from France and from engine makers
    GE, of the US, would be giving advice and talking with the committee
       investigating the crash. The panel is chaired by the Air Force
   chief-of-staff and the Commercial Aviation Department director-general
                          is its deputy chairman.
        The aircraft's black box is now being kept by the Air Force.
                                Bangkok Post
            Copyright The Post Publishing Public Co., Ltd. 1998
                      Last Modified: Mon, Dec 14, 1998


                             December 15, 1998
                           THAI AIRWAYS DISASTER
Insurers won't pay B3.6m each

     Insurers will not pay 3.6 million baht to the families of each of
     those killed in the Thai Airways TG261 Airbus as promised by THAI
                  president Thammanoon Wanglee on Sunday.
     Charuek Kungwanphanich, managing director of Dhipaya Insurance Co,
     said his company will abide by international insurance regulations
   which do not offer fix or flat-rate compensation payments for victims.
       Instead they will consider the victim's "station in life" and
                determine payments on a case-by-case basis.
     Insurers will need the relatives to provide information about the
    death victims before they can obtain compensation, Mr Charuek said.
    The statement sharply contradicts Mr Thammanoon's announcement that
         each victim would obtain US$100,000 or 3.6 million baht in
      THAI had insured TG261 with Dhipaya Insurance Co. The plane was
   insured for US$18.27 million, the first and second pilots were insured
    for US$200,000 each, and the air hostesses for US$80,000 each, said
    The company also said that survivors injured in Friday's crash would
            be compensated "according to real medical expenses."
   Mr Thammanoon had said survivors would be paid a flat rate of 200,000
      baht initially with claims over this being discussed later on a
                            case-by-case basis.
    Dhipaya has reinsured the plane to two local insurance firms; Deves
                  Insurance Plc and Bangkok Insurance Plc.
                                Bangkok Post
            Copyright The Post Publishing Public Co., Ltd. 1998

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