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April 29, 1998
Addition of Internet Addresses that explains the syntax of human readable addresses and their conversion to the internally used IP addresses.

November 25, 1997
Addition of httpd error codes with explanations.

November 11, 1997
Addition of the 'mirror' system shell script system for periodic backup from one machine to others connected by uucp.
Addition of machine synchronization system - shell script with two C programs that need to be compiled.

November 1, 1997
Extension of shell language stuff and additiion of example C programs and shell scripts.

September 25, 1997
An intoduction to LISP.

September 23, 1997
Addition of example C programs and functions that can actually be useful as links from the C language primer.
Also a list of commonly used acronyms in documentation, email and usenet posts, and a list of the terminal 2 letter codes designating contries.

April 27, 1997.
The HTML Doctor: Check the syntax and links of your web pages.
Info source on known Internet Viruses, Trojan Horses and Hoaxes.

April 22, 1997.
The Windows 95 Help Link.

April 3, 1997.
Addition of *many* html resource links: a list compiled by Michael Hannah of Sandia National Laboratories.

March 28, 1997.
The page unix shells started and finished. This page compares and contrasts the various unix shells, and gives a picture of the power of shell language in it possibilities. The details of how to exploit these possibilities is for a future page on shell programming.

March 27, 1997.
Page of accessing your shell account started and finished.

March 26, 1997.
Beginnings of the page on C language started as well as the page on unix.

March 20, 1997.
The page on using ftp has been added. It assumes ability to log into a shell account, and knowledge of the most rudimentary unix commands.

March 17, 1997.
The page on Internet Structure and History is started. It will follow the outline of the talk I gave at the Robbinsville Library, but will be expanded and more detailed.

March 16, 1997.
A link to the list of Internet Bulletin Board Systems has been added to the list of Internet Resources

March 15, 1997.
This page is new. From the initial uploading document, I've expanded the pages to include the text of several Internet documents ("oldies but goodies") and several links to online HTML documentation.

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