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ON September 11, 2001, in the morning hours the people of the United States of America were viciously attacked and murdered by the thousands by terrorists deliberately spawned by the governments of Afghanistan, Iraq and Iran and most probably Libya.

Anybody who reads this and other of my webpages knows very well how critical I am of my country's government, and I may now be even more critical. The only reason for the existence of a government is the protection of its citizens, and in that, the government of the USA has once again failed miserably.

I am not by nature a violent person; I am a scientist and artist, but I have learned under threats to my life by State Farm Insurance to be a warrior, fighting because my survival demands it.

As of September 13, 2001 I have already received more general e-mails than I want to count about stupid, useless candlelight vigils. This is no time for whining, or simpering legalisms into which our senses of justice seem to have degenerated.

This collapse into grief, useless candlelight vigils and other such maudlin, mawkish emotional nonsense is exactly what is *not* appropriate and not needed for our survival - all concepts of morality fail when survival is threatened. This is no time for philosophical debates.

The only light I'm interested in seeing is that emanating from the complete incineration of the perpetrators of this crime. I want to see that *now*, with an affirmance that will cause Ivan the Terrible to be renamed Ivan the Benevolent, Vlad the Imapler to St. Vlad.

Let *them* remember, and forever be afraid - very afraid. Only so will this not be repeated. If it is not done, and done now, we can all simply wait while we are murdered in our beds by these utterly insane assassins. Homicidal insanity cannot be reasoned with; standard notions of diplomacy are useless. The understanding and wisdom of von Klauswitz in "Vom Krieg" is operative: war is a continuation of politics (diplomacy) by other means, and appropriate when all other means have failed.

Abiding these thousands of murders is no different than abiding the Anshluss, and history has shown quite convincingly that allowing such actions inevitably has worse consequences than not. There is no question of any substance here at all. The necessary course of action is completely clear, and unambiguous.

It is bad enough that technology has put into the hands of western governments tools of such power that the wisdom required for their use is less than scarce. Western civilization, in its naivete has also given such powers freely to other civilizations possessed only of a stone age mentality, in a mistaken idea that somehow all cultures have equal abilities to use a technology that is foreign to them, because they are human. Whatever degree of civilization "Westerners" may be said to have is not a product of genetics so much as it is a product of history, and that history consists of its beginnings in Hellenic civilization over three millennia ago, and its emergence only five centuries ago from the centuries of the scourge of papal Rome. Even that evil could not kill the indomitable culture that unlike the great civilizations of the past is noted not for its millennia long stasis, but for its growth in every sense of the word.

Are we now to become slaves of these truly mindless barbarians simply because they have decided like children to throw a horrific tantrum? Our politicians and our mentally infirm media now speak easily of the freedoms we will now have to surrender. I already mistrust my own government as it continues, with increasing pace, to turn our constitution into a dung pile and our nation into a totalitarian state. Our courts are farces of corruption and legalisms. Our government, on all levels, deliberately leaves all of us in harm's way and totally unprotected against a marauding and murderous insurance industry; it continues to protect this racketeering "insurance" industry, even in the face of this terrorist attack on our nation. Our own government has for decades systematically destroyed the manufacturing and economic base of our country. I've given up trying to imagine why this kind of insanity is being brewed here; it doesn't matter. Either our incompetent government shapes up and performs as we demand, or it should be eliminated by what ever means become necessary. What better excuse to destroy the freedoms we have left than this newly displayed incompetence? There is certainly *no* freedom in this direction; there is only a further destruction of it.

Are we now to have to pay more and more for some everlasting and ultimately futile federal security force, a new Geheimnis Staatspolizei? This is an impossible extravagance when a simpler and cheaper solution exists which will allow all civilized people to sleep safely. Of course, the people of USA will once again foot the bill and probably be reviled for doing so; but then - who cares what other people allegedly think?

NO! We do not give up our freedoms to a government that proved its incompetence in preserving them. We must instead *demand* of our government - which exists at our sufferance - that it finally obey its legal mandate to protect all that is ours individually. With clarity, that is not what it intends nor what its power mongers want.

These terrorist tigers have now tasted blood, and there is only one thing left that can be done with them. There are almost no situations in which I would advocate the use of the fusion bomb, and the key word is "almost". Why should a single American life should be wasted in the extermination of these patent animals? If our espoused allies around the world do not join us in eradicating this stone age pestilence, they do so at their own peril, for they are next. The know very well who the perpetrators are; only we don't.

If there is a message to be sent, let it be to our mealy mouthed politicians, and most especially to our cowardly "court appointed" president that the only appropriate response to this atrocity is a swift and merciless vengeance of cosmic proportion, and that this is what we demand of their purported protective powers.

The question that seems to have been answered only by our utterly untrustworthy government is WHO ARE the terrorists? They certainly are not Afghanis.


911 INFORMATION Attack On The Pentagon & World Trade Center
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The truth will make you free, truly - but first it always makes you miserable. That the entire world has been lied to by the US government should be simply obvious by now, but you're not likely to hear that on the nightly tv nonnews.

Let the perpetrators be incinerated, no matter the cost, no matter who they are, but let's understand the facts first and know who they really are.

So let it be written; so, let it be done - quickly.

-- Bill

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Created: September 14, 2001
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