I would appreciate any notices of performances not present here, even if the preformace is already past.

   January 21, 1999
      Tiento, Stretto & Epilogo (1998)
      Merkin Hall, NYC

   February 08, 1999
      Piano Sonata #3 (1997)
      Willima Patterson Colege, NJ,
      David Holtzman, piano

   March 07, 1999
      Six Bagatelles with Voice (1992)
      Christ and St. Paul Church, NYC, at 3:30 PM.
      North/South Consonance Chamber Ensemble, with
      Elizabeth Farnum, Soprano

   March 25, 1999
      Tiento, Stretto & Epilogo (1998)
      Temple University, Phiadelphia PA at 7:30 PM

   April 03, 1999
      Tiento, Stretto & Epilogo (1998)
      Northwestern University

   April 14, 1999
      Wednesday, April 14, 1999 at 7:30 pm
      Central Library, Montgomery Auditorium
      1901 Vine St., Philadelphia, PA 19103
      free admission
      for information call (215) 686-5313

                            Music of Raoul Pleskow 

      Charles Abramovic, piano
      Cynthia Folio, flute
      Susan Nowicki, piano
      Jeffrey Solow, cello
      Marshall Taylor, soprano saxophone

      Variations on a Lyric Fragment (1980)
           for cello and piano 

      In Memory of Wolpe (1991)
           for flute and piano 

      Zueignung (1992)
           for flute, cello and piano 

      Quatrains (1993)
           for piano       

            -- Intermission and panel discussion with the composer --

       Soliloque et Dialogue (1998) **
           for soprano saxophone and piano 

      Duo (1998) **
           for flute and cello 

      Tiento, Stretto & Epilogo (1998)
           for flute, soprano saxophone and piano 

         ** World premiere 

   January 16, 2000
      Tiento, Stretto & Epilogo (1998)
      Freeport Library, Long Island NY, at 2:30 PM

   March 16, 2000

	Piano Recital by David Holzman - Crossing the Millennium:
	Inner and Outer Journeys

	Christ & St. Stephen's Church, 120 West 69th Street, NYC
	at 8:00 PM.  Admission $12.00, seniors and students $8.00.
	For Reservations or information (212) 663-6620


	Three Preludes (1917)		Charles Giffes
	Play within a Play (1996)	Eleanor Cory
	Log A Rhythms III (1998)	Robert Pollock
	Piano Sonata #3			Raoul Pleskow
	Inward Journey (1989)		Ursula Mamlok
			   - Intermission -

	Elegy (1998)			Matthew Greenbaum
	Piano Sonata (1981)		Sir Peter Maxwell Davies
	Farewell to Stromness (1980)	Sir Peter Maxwell Davies
	Wiegenlied (1939)		Stefan Wolpe
	Waltz for Merle (1952)		Stefan Wolpe
	Where Branched Thoughts Murmer
		in the Wind (2000)	Eric Moe
	Dance of the Honey
		Monkey (1999)		Eric Moe

   March 28, 2000

	North/South Consonance and American Composers Alliance Concert
	Christ & St. Stephen's Church, 120 West 69th Street, NYC
	at 8:00 PM.  Free Admission


	Vespona 			Beth Wiemann
	Partita for Solo Flute		Ronald Roseman
		(Flute, Tadeu Coelho)
	Perne in a Gyre			Elizabeth Bell
	Chamber Setting (1990)		Raoul Pleskow
		(Soprano Elizabeth Farnum)
	Xuan Men (Mysterious Gate)	Rodney Waschka II
	Quintet				Hubert Howe


   April 24 2001
	2 sop. vln cllo pno
	Christ & St. Stephen's Church, 120 West 69th Street, NYC
	at 8:00 PM.  Free Admission

   Sun Feb. 18 2001
	(sextet 2000)
	flute, clarinet, bassoon, violin, viola & cello
	Christ & St. Stephen's Church, 120 West 69th Street, NYC
	at 3:00 PM.  Free Admission

   Wed. March 21, 2001 at 4:00 PM

	"Entartete Musik" ("Degenerate Music") 
	music for saxophone and piano by composers displaced by the
	Nazi Third Reich

	Marion Kant, introduction
	Marshall Taylor, saxophone
	Samuel Hsu, piano

	1930    Hot-Sonate (Jazz-Sonate) für Altsaxophon und Klavier
	Erwin Schulhoff
        I   quarter note = 66   (1894-1942)
        II  half note = 112     
        III quarter note = 80 (lamentuoso ma molto grottesco)
        IV half note = 132

	1935    Suite für Altsaxophon und Klavier
	Paul Dessau
        Petite Ouverture        (1894-1979)

	1943    Sonate für Altsaxophon und Klavier
	Paul Hindemith
        Ruhig bewegt    (1895-1963)
        Sehr langsam

	1998    Soliloque et Dialogue for Soprano Saxophone and Piano
	Raoul Pleskow (rev. 2000)             (b. 1931)

   Wednesday, March 21, 2001 at 4:00 PM
	Amado Recital Hall at Irvine Auditorium
	34th and Spruce Sts.
	admission free

   Tuesday, April 24, 2001
	Drei Lieder 1998
	Christ & St. Stephen's Church, 120 West 69th Street, NYC
	at 3:00 PM.  Free Admission

   Saturday, May 5, 2001
	Piano Sonata #3 1997
	and works by Wolpe, Copeland, Peterson, Walker Labi and Kahn
	Pianist David Holtzman
	African Museum
	Tenefly NJ
   Monday, May 14, 2001
	Piano Sonata #3 (1997)
	and works by Schoenber, Wolpe and Kahn
	Schoenberg Society Festival
	Vienna, Austria
	Pianist David Holtzman

   Wednesday, September 19, 2001
	Chamber Setting With Voice (1990) will be recorded by the North/South
	Consonance Ensemble, with Elizabeth Farnum and Max Lifshitz
	conducting, under a grant from the Cary Foundation.

   Wednesday, September 29, 2001
	Four Pieces (1980) for Winds will be conducted by Raoul Pleskow at
	Queens College, NYC.

   Thursday, October 25, 2001
	Piano Sonata #4 (1999) will receive its premerier at Queens College
	NYC, Gerald Robbins performing.

   Saturday/Sunday January 12(13), 2002
	Sextet (1999) and Tre Ballatti (2000) will be played by the Kennedy Center
	Chamber Players at The Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C.

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