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Racketeering Nature of State Farm's Misconduct
for which this is an exhibit.

The List of Exhibits

                         Exhibit 5
   To: Vince [last name unreadable]
   Property Claim Consultant
   Auto General Claims
   Corporate Headquarters
   From: Stephen Booth
   Reinspection Superintendent
   Westlake Regional Office
   Date: June 6, 1994
   The attached news brief from CAPA says 7 aftermarket manufacturers
   have received CAPAs "Top Quality Manufacturer" award, and a CAPA flag
   now flys over each factory. One of the qualifications listed for this
   award is, "having no decertified parts". Yet, every part decertified
   in the month of August 1993 was manufactured by three manufactures
   receiving the award; Tong Yang, Conjoin, and Yung Shine. I have
   personally contributed to the decertification of a part manufactured
   by Gordon. Thats 4 out of 7 that I am aware of who do not qualify.
   Should we look into this.
   If you have any questions, let me know.
   Attachments: CAPA Decertification Reports.


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