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	In the Matter of
             WILLIAM C. HAMMEL,                    |
             ALAN J. BELLAMENTE,                   |
             et al.,                               |      AFFIDAVIT OF
                  Plaintiffs                       |     PATRICIA A. BUSER
                   vs.                             |
                                                   |      No. 2:99:CV-44-T
             STATE FARM MUTUAL AUTOMOBILE          |
             INSURANCE CO.,                        |
             STATE FARM INDEMNITY COMPANY,         |
             et al.                                |
                  Defendants                       |


	Patricia Buser, being duly sworn, declares and deposes:

	1. I am an adult over the age of 18, and am not a party to this
	   action.  I have personal knowledge of all of the following
	   and if called upon to testify upon the truth of thereof
	   I will.

	2. My name is Patricia A. Buser and I live at 15 Scott Court,
	   Ridgefield Park, New Jersey.

	3. I have had 29 years of professional management experience.

	4. I have known William Hammel and Alan Bellamente since 1993.

	5. As their friend, I became involved in the operation of,
	   then, Alan Bellamente's video rental business, Ultra Videos,
	   in Ridgefield Park, NJ, in August 1993, and remained involved
	   after Mr. Bellamente sold the business to Mr. Hammel.

	6. At that time both Mr. Bellamente and Mr. Hammel were totally
	active in the operation of that store, Mr. Hammel operating that
	store days, while Mr. Bellamente operated his Rochelle Park store,
	and Mr. Bellamente operating the Ridgefield Park store evenings.

	7. Both men worked very hard at making the store the success that
	it became.  Mr. Bellamente was, at that time, recovering from the
	effects of an automobile accident which he'd had in 1992.

	8. Again, as a friend, I offered to operate the store on
	Thursday evenings so that Mr. Bellamente and Mr. Hammel could
	attend hypno-therapy sessions for Mr. Bellamente, and at certain
	other times so that both men could have some time to rest.

	9. From my vantage point, in operating Ultra Videos on that basis,
	I was able to see, first hand, how rapidly the business was
	growing, and how quickly the customer base was multiplying.

       10. After their automobile accident in September 1994, I would
	frequently stop at Ultra Videos on my way home from work, and
	operate the store for about an hour, to allow Msrs. Hammel
	and Bellamente to leave for chiropractic treatments with
	Dr. Boulukos.

       11. It was apparent to me that both Msrs. Hammel and Bellamente
	were having physical difficulty in performing certain tasks in
	the store.  They told me they were getting necessary medical
	treatments, and they were functioning as best they could while

       12. During this period, Ultra Videos continued to grow and
	thrive because of the personal attention lavished on the
	customers by all three of us, Msrs. Hammel and Bellamente, and me.

       13. In September, 1995, at a time when Mr. Bellamente was to
	have had surgery for a neck problem, and Mr. Hammel was supposed
	to have had physical therapy and seen a neurologist they told
	me that their insurance company payments for their injuries had
	been stopped, and that Mr. Bellamente would not be having
	surgery and Mr. Hammel would have to curtail his medical attention.

       14. After that time, both gentlemen became increasingly unable to
	function in their respective jobs as owner and as manager of
	the store.

       15. I "covered" for them when time permitted, but they frequently
	had to close the store during the day, while I was at work.  This
	caused many customers to arrive to rent a movie, only to find a
	note stating that store was closed because of medical necessity.

       16. I was aware that, because of their worsening physical and
	mental conditions, they had to sell the business, and assisted
	them in training the people who had agreed to but it, Mr. and
	Mrs. Kenneth Kiley

       17. I was also aware that, because of their financial setbacks,
	they had been unable to pay the rent on the store for a number
	of months, and that they had an oral agreement with the landlord
	that he would accept the back rent from proceeds of the sale.

       18. I was aware of drastic physical and emotional changes in both
	men, and I was seriously worried and concerned for their physical
	and emotional well being.

       19. I was aware that they were moving to Robbinsville, North Carolina
	to put themselves in a place where, hopefully, they could recover
	their health.

       20. They told me that they had left all the details for the
	consummation of the sale of the business in the hands of their
	attorney John Gavejian, since they were leaving New Jersey on
	February 11th, 1995.

       21. A few days before Msrs. Hammel and Bellamente were to leave,
	the landlord had the store padlocked, and thereafter none of us
	could get in to retrieve any of our belongings that were left


                                             Ridgefield Park, New Jersey


	PATRICIA A. BUSER, personally came before me and stated
	to my satisfaction that this person: (a) was the maker of the
	attached instrument; and (b) executed this instrument as his
	own act.

	                                Notary Public

	                                My Commisiion Expires:


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