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 In the Matter of
             WILLIAM C. HAMMEL,                    |
             ALAN J. BELLAMENTE,                   |
             et al.,                               |      AFFIDAVIT OF
                  Plaintiffs                       |      MARK J. COLBERT
                   vs.                             |
                                                   |      No. 2:99:CV-44-T
             STATE FARM MUTUAL AUTOMOBILE          |
             INSURANCE CO.,                        |
             STATE FARM INDEMNITY COMPANY,         |
             et al.                                |
                  Defendants                       |

 Mark J. Colbert, being duly sworn, says and deposes:

 1.  I am the C.E.O. of Mark J. Colbert Enterprises, specializing
     in Life Insurance Fraud investigations, Consulting and
     Insurance Services.

 2. I have academic credentials in: Business Insurance,
    Disability Income Planning, Estate Planning, Pension and
    Profit Sharing, Consumer Protection, Insurance Regulation
    and Management, Insurance and The Legal Process.

 3. I am a Life Underwriters Training Council graduate (1993),
    with further studies in Advanced Ethics and Life Insurance
    Policy Comparison and Underwriting.

 4.  I became registered with the National Association of
     Securities Dealers (NASD) in 1999.

 5.  I have been a Life Insurance Professional for approximately
     ten (10) years.

 6.  In 1993, I was recognized as an expert in the field of
     Customer Service and Relations by the Metropolitan Life
     Insurance company.

 7.  I have investigated cases involving over a dozen different
     insurance companies including: Metropolitan Life, Prudential,
     New York Life, John Hancock, Allstate, Primerica, State Farm,
     Farmers, Jackson National Life, Old Line Life, The Aid
     Association for Lutherans, Aetna and others.

 8.  I have consulted and/or worked as an expert with over a dozen
     different law firms, and have contributed to the investigations
     of several major insurance companies by various States'
     Departments of Insurance and Attorneys General offices.

 9.  I was named as an Expert Witness by J. Gary Gwilliam, Esq.
     in the case of: Weiss v. Metropolitan Life; the first
     Metropolitan Life "churning" case ever to go to trial.

 10. I was named as an Expert Witness by Steven Green, Deputy
     Attorney General, State of California, in the case of:
     Steele v. Quackenbush.

 11. I assisted Cindy Ossias, Senior Staff Counsel, California State
     Department of Insurance with several cases in 1998 and 1999.

 12. I provided the names of over four hundred (400) potential
     insurance fraud victims to the Investigations Division of
     the California State Department of Insurance in 1995 and 1996.

 13. I found all six representative cases of the class suit:
     Green v. Metropolitan Life, brought by George Donaldson,
     Esq. of San Francisco.

 14. In 1998, I worked with Bruce Robinson, CFE, Financial
     Investigator, Economic Crimes Division, Office of The
     Attorney General, State of Florida, on the identification
     of various types of Insurance Fraud.

 15. In 1998, I worked with Keith P. Vanden Dooren, Assistant
     Attorney General, State of Florida, on the identification of
     various types of Insurance Fraud.

 16. I have worked with over a dozen different law firms and
     investigators, nation wide, on cases involving many different
     insurance companies.

 17. I assisted with the production of 14 different stories
     involving Life Insurance Fraud for CBS News.  The series
     was aired late in 1994.

 18. I was featured in a story written by Jane Bryant Quinn for
     Newsweek magazine in 1995, am known and respected in my

 19. [Reality has been altered]

 20. I was named as an expert witness by: Michael Meadows, Esq.
     of Casper, Meadows & Schwartz of Walnut Creek, CA in the
     Hall v. Allstate and Younce v.  Allstate cases.

 21. [Reality has been altered]

 22. I am currently working on several cases with various law firms
     in which I will be named as an expert within the next year.

 23. I have expert knowledge in the area of insurer's fraud
     both generally and particularly upon which I can

 24. I have specific knowledge concerning this action.

         Mark J. Colbert
                                    Mark J. Colbert Enterprises
                                                1328 Fairway Drive
                                                Atwater, CA 95301
                                                (209) 357-3423    Office
                                                (209) 357-3435    Fax

 MARK J. COLBERT, personally came before me and stated to my
 satisfaction that this person: (a) was the maker of the attached
 instrument; and (b) executed this instrument as his own act.

                                 Notary Public

                                 My Commission Expires:


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