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					January 5, 1999

Michelle Wall, Esq.
Law Offices
Meli, Guerin & Meli
West 115 Century Road
Paramus, New Jersey 07652

					RE: Bellamente, Alan
					OUR FILE # 29855
					YOUR FILE # 16,809/16,810/17,994
					(Bellamente/Hammel v. State Farm)
					D/A 9/16/94

Dear Ms. Wall:

Thank you for providing additional medical records pertaining to Alan
Bellamente who as you are aware I evaluated in my office on 7/25/95.
Please refer to my report of that date for details concerning his history,
my findings and conclusions.

Provided now are records from Dr. S. Strum, a neurologist, who initially
evaluated Mr. Bellamente in 1994.  He described a normal EEG and a normal
ultrasonic brain scan.  I note his diagnosis of head injury, crebral
concussion, post-concussion symptoms, post traumatic stress and vertigo,
cervical sprain, lumbar sprain and radicular symptoms in the lower extremities.
He does comment on the patient's prior back history including a myelogram
in 1980.  He also comments on a pevious accident of 8/6/92.

An MRI report of the cervical spine from Teaneck Radiology, dated 1/11/95,
was discussed in my original report.  I once again note degenerative disc
disease most prominent at C5-6.  The radiologist commented on broad
encroachment upon the anterior thecal sac margin at C5-6 which he felt
was secondary to both discogenic and degenerative osseous change.  He felt
the findings were associated with mild encroachment upon the anterior
cervical spinal cord resulting in mild central canal stenosis.  I once again
note the MRI report of the lumbosacral spine, dated 1/11/95. which was also
discussed in my original report.

I did review records from Dr. M. Haglund of the Duke University Medical
Center.  I note however that these records pertained to a William Hammel
whom I never examined.

Review of the additional medical records provided does not alter my
conclusion as outlined in my previous report, that Mr. Bellamente suffered
no permanent neurologic injury as a result of the accident in question,
and that he requires no further neurologic investigation or treatment for
complaints related to that accident.

					Sincerely yours

					Eric L. Fremed. M.D.
					Diplomate, American Board of
					Psychiatry and Neurology


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