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                "Si non datur porta, per murum erumpendum"
                            -- Quintilian

   "One should forgive one's enemies, but not before they are hanged."
                            -- Heinrich Heine (1797-1856)
A growing database on insurers' badfaith, for research and attorney contacts. Victims, fill out the survey and help everybody.

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All of these pages and the remote links contained in them are provided as a public service and as educational material and for the purpose of the disemination of of knowledge needed for personal protection when one has been wronged by an insurance company. On verified information and belief, reliable and unreliable insurance companies are distinguished, and evidence for such categorization is presented, which is to say the categorization is not arbitrary, capricious or intentionally punitive. The intention is merely to expose a reality, that reality being a general set of diseases that have infected a very large part of the insurance industry. These diseases have turned the very notion of insurance into a joke. It is the sick joke and the dieases that it causes in all areas related to insurance that these pages seek to explore and expose.

Many personal and legal and medical references, both specific and general are given as local and remote hyperlinks; these should substantiate and amplify further, any assertions found on this website.

ABRN: A Total Loss for Insurers?
California Suit against 20 insurers for systematic lowballing in valuation of totaled automobiles.

Know Your Enemy
DRI: Professional Association of Defense Attorneys,
Litigators, Corporate Counselors, and Lawyers
(Translation: The Insurance Company Lawyers)
They know the storm is coming.
[They've taken this page down; I wonder why? Sorry I didn't copy it.]

The Business of Insurance Companies:
Fraud, Extortion, Racketeering Theft, Deceit,
Personal Destruction, Outright Torture of policy holders;
Fraud, Theft, Deceit of every State in the US.
The regulatory agencies and Commisioners of Insurance are a joke:
they have all already been corrupted by the insurance industry.
The insurance industry is, in all of its aspects, criminal,
and it is being aided and abetted by by your corrupt
State and Federal Governments.
It is time for the cash cows (trans: citizens) of the US
to put their feet down squarely and demand that it STOP,
and that there will be no more of this - NOW!

Corporate Wars

Check out the new online publication
devoted to exposing the insurance whores. Policy holders who have been screwed by an IME should send them notice and copies of those IME's. they are in the process of building a data base of IMEs not only to help attack the doctors of the evening, but the insurance companies that hold them in extortinate fear as well. If the law will not protect you perhaps good old appropriate public shaming will. They all know who they are, a disgrace to a noble profession.

   American Trial Lawyers have on line petition for ERISA reform. [04/08/99]

                             Please sign it.


   One of the most significant civil justice issues under consideration in the 
   Congress--one in which there is potential for expansion of legal rights--is 
   the Patients' Bill of Rights (S. 6 and H.R. 358), which would eliminate the 
   ERISA preemption and allow patients to hold their managed care insurers 
   legally accountable for denial or delay of needed medical care.

   In order to build support for the Patients' Bill of Rights, Congressional 
   proponents and the Clinton Administration are unveiling an online petition 
   drive as part of a national rally day on April 9th to draw support for real 
   managed care reform.

   ****NOTE: ATLA urges you, your families, your colleagues, your clients and 
   your friends to sign this important petition, which you can find by 
   and clicking on "Support Real Managed Care Reform."

   The idea of the petition is to build grassroots support for managed care 
   reform before managed care reform legislation goes to the House and Senate 

   ATLA anticipates floor action on managed care legislation in the U.S. 
   Senate as soon early as May. S. 326 by Senator Jim Jeffords (R-VT), the 
   legislation supported by the opponents of the Patients's Bill of Rights 
   does not provide patients with any additional remedies and does not even 
   offer truly independent external appeals.

   We need to build support today for the Patients' Bill of Rights, which will 
   be offered as a substitute to S. 326 on the Senate floor.


   AMA's Brief in Opposition to Aetna/Prudential merger [04/08/99]

   Also, in case you haven't read it yet, you should check out the brief
   written by the AMA to protest the Aetna/Prudential merger.  It's at

   It will help you realize that insurance companies continue to act like

Pennsylvania Legislature Controlled by Insurance

With a reasonable degree of searching and asking, I've recently (Sept. 9, 1998) run across two insurance companies that do not appear to be crooks: AMICA and Progressive. [SCRATCH *ANY* ENDORSEMENT OF PROGRESSIVE: They are becoming just as bad as the others.] I don't know anybody at either company, and they are certainly not paying me to say something nice about them. They've both been around a while, proving that it is not necessary for an insurance company to be a crook to succeed. That there are so many thieving insurance companies is just a manifestion of a very sick form of greed, not necessarily unrelated to usual, brainless and often corrupt mucking about by our Congress.

   From an honorable insurance agent:

   In response to your request for DI carriers who still do a good job
   and pay a fair claim, I presently place a lot of business with

	Union Central Insurance and Investments
	of Cincinnati, OH.

   They are a small midwest mutual company that still believes in
   policyholder service and strong values.

	Berkshire Life Insurance Company
	of Massachusets

   also is a fine company in the disability market.  My only complaint with
   them is that they projected dividends to offset a third year premium
   increase and have now stopped paying dividends at all.  Considering the
   problems of all the other carriers, this is a fairly minor sticking point.

In the area of Life Insurance, I have it on a very reliable source that the two top good guys are Guardian Life Insurance Company of America and Northwestern Mutual Life, in that order.

So, so far, it sems we have 3 good guys in Life Insurance, and only 1 in Disability Insurance and unfortunately none in auto insurance, which happens to be the one that the government, regulates the most. Coincidence?

The worst and sleaziest "Insurance" company of all time:
You're in Bad Hands with Allstate and State Farm.

  • Claim Denials and Fraud by Provident/UNUM Companies, Paul Revere and John Hancock
    NEW - November 14, 1998

    Report to Congress On
    Abuses of Life Insurance Companies
    (Life Insurance)
    Stronge Vs. London Life Insurance Company
    Chronicle of Dean Stronge's legal battle with this company after he became ill with CFS/ME.

  • There may even be more decent insurance companies; when I run across them and am reasonably convinced, I will post their names here. If I'm going to report the criminality and corruption of some, it seems only fair to report the lack of it in others. I hope I'm not ultimately disappointed in the two above.

    [New - July 5, 1999]
    RICO suits against geico, et al. in Arizona

    [New - February 28, 1999]
    Inventive Insurance Handling by Roger Wise

    [New - September 21, 1998]
    First Amendment Rights
    And Recording Telephone Conversations

    [New - September 17, 1998]
    Mark Colbert, Investigator of Life Insurer's Fraud
    [New - March 2, 1999]
  • Watch Your Rear! HMOs will Bugger You!!
    Or Just Kill you - Think of the cost Savings!
    [New - August 25, 1998]
    Physicians Who Care
    A National Organization of Physicians and Patients
    who've had enough of HMOs and "Mangaged Care".
    [New - October 24, 1998]
    Injured Workers
    The MedCheck Project
    America's MedCheck Organization ( A.M.C.O.)
    [New - August 22, 1999]
    [The Consumer Watchdog]
    [Citzens Against Unfair Insurance Practices - NY]
    Personal Injury Law Forum (PILF)
    (For consumers, lawyers, and medical professionals)

    The Independent Medical Examination:
    Personal Experiences, Links to Attorneys' Essays

    A Conversation on Reality, Truth and Belief And The Assessment of Truthfulness In The World of Insurance.

    Fascism and the Art of Medicine [Essay]
    Medical Whore Alert

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