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               As far back as my spotty memory goes, my major loves were
               reading, hard sciences (mathematics and physics) even when I
               didn't know the proper names to call them, and music.  I've
               always been sorry that there was no one around, even through
               HS who had the knowledge to feed me enough mathematics
               or physics to satisfy my thirst.  At that time, biology
               and chemistry was nothing more than a few rules and great
               taxonomy - bored the hell out of me.  Generally, I learned
               to despise school, and learned out of necessity to teach
               myself whatever it was I became interested in.  To this day,
               I hold the entire "educational system" in absolute contempt
               as completely destructive, and a total waste of time.
               I got through it all, just for spite, doing pretty much as
               I pleased, and mostly managing to hide the growing contempt.

               Growing up as a teenager, most of my friends' parents all
               spoke between six and a dozen languages.  My own piano
               teacher spoke twelve, the latest was Estonian learned
               from her husband.  She, and my other teachers in music were
               the only teachers that I ever had who very patiently fed
               me all that I could absorb, slowly nurturing my ear to hear
               nuances of composition and performance.  The rest were mostly
               less than useless idiots.

               The jump from learning languages to the theory of linguistics
               that tied things together was simply too attractive.  My
               delight at eventually finding that linguistics, music,
               mathematical logic, computer programming languages and
               abstract algebra could be tied together with the theory
               of formal languages (thank you, Noam Chomsky) was wonderful.

               The jump into molecular biology and computer programming
               was simply a wonderful accident since languages were
               already, in concrete and in abstract, part of the toybox
               in my head, and biology had by then made sufficient contact
               with mathematics and physics that it had become really

               Some time as an undergraduate in college, I realized that
               a fundamental and truly interesting question was where and
               how space and time came to be.  What was it, anyhow?  That
               became and continues to define the nexus of questions that
               will not leave my head.  As a little foray that seemed to
               be associated with that question, I invented a rudimentary
               differential and integral calculus of fractional order.
               When I rather excitedly showed my mathematics and physics
               professors the idea and results, they were almost irate,
               asking "What good is that?".  On discovering, later that
               year, that Bernhardt Riemann had already sketched such
               a theory in a slightly different way for general complex order
               in 1847, I was a bit disappointed, and angered at the complete
               stupidity and ignorance of my so called teachers.

               As a teacher I've always tried to teach as I would like to
               have been "taught"; that way doesn't work in the system;
               I don't teach; it's too painful to deal with pupils who have
               already been completely destroyed.

	       Of late, I have discovered that as personality features:

	       1) I generally don't choose my battles, since I would prefer
	          to have none: they choose me and leave me no choice.
	          I don't choose to have enemies; they choose me.

	       2) I am my friends' best friend, whether they know it or not.

	       3) I am my enemy's worst nightmare, whether they know it
	          or not.  Annihilation is my long term objective, no matter
	          the consequences.

	       4) Chosen as an enemy, I am a vicious uncompromising pitbull
	          in response.  "Whatever it takes" - Janet Reno has no
	          concept of the phrase.  Her political tongue just flaps
                  in the breeze.

	        5) Once engaged in battle, losing is *not* an option, it
	           is merely a problem to be solved, and solve it I will.

		6) I an *not* a "team player"; we do it my way or not
		   at all.



               Ph.D. Theoretical Physics - University of Wisconsin.
                     Major areas: General Relativity, Quantum Field Theory,
                     High Energy/Particle Physics and Statistical Mechanics
                     Minor: Mathematics

               M.S.  Mathematics - Long Island University.
                     with Graduate study in Physics, and Music with
                     Stefan Wolpe

               B.A.  Mathematics - Long Island University.
                     Minors: Physics, Music, Philosophy, Comparative
                     Linguistics with Graduate study in Mathematics, Physics,
                     and graduate Music with Raoul Pleskow

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               DISABLED, with spinal cord atrophy, made desitute and barely
               able to walk due to the malicious fraud committed by my
               erstwhile "insurance" company, State Farm Indeminity of
               New Jersey.  All of these webpages are made possible by the
               courtesy of the Mountain Area Information Network (MAIN) of
               Western North Carolina and courtesy of the SSI program of
               Social Security.  Without SSI, which paid for the surgery
               necessary to halt the continuing damage to my spinal cord,
               State Farm, in its malicious denial of medical treatment that
               I had already paid for, would have been succesful at murder
               with the inpunity sanctioned by an already corrupt government.

               President Ultra Videos Inc.

               President Lex/Data Inc.
               President Lambda/Micro Inc.
                    systems and software development,
                    consultant, analyst and programmer.
               Visiting Assistant Professor of Physics, UW - Parkside

               Local theory of Quantum Gravity, Nonunitary Quantum Mechanics
               with Relativistic Covariance, in finite dimensional Hilbert
               spaces.  Quantum set theory and quantized space-time manifolds
               with curvature associated with the above.

               Mathematical extensions of the concept of  derivative  of  a
               function with respect to a variable to the derivative of and
               operator with respect to the spectrum of another operator in
               the context of finite dimensional C*-algebras.

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          PROJECTS OF OLD:
               Design and implementation of enhanced LISP  interpreter  and
               compiler  specifically  for  a UNIX environment using modern
               methods of  memory  management,  virtual  memory,  and  time
               distributed   garbage   collection.    Programming  for  the
               interpreter is in C, and is intended to supply a Unix  based
               Common Lisp dialect with a complete smart arithmetic that is
               based on the complex field.  Approximately 35000 lines of  C

               Design and implementation of total office automation system,
               in  a  UNIX  environment, for attorneys specializing in tort
               law.    Responsibilities   included:   hardware   selection,
               configuration  and  interfacing; specifications and writing;
               tuning of UNIX Kernel, telecommunications setup; analysis of
               clients' needs from which software and hardware requirements
               were determined. Architectural  design  of  database  system
               optimized for specific functionality; database specification
               design and creation; coding of over 48,000 lines of  C,  and
               4000 lines of unix shell programming; design and programming
               of associated legal documents distributed  over  500  files;
               writing   of  all  attendant  documentation  for  the  legal
               automation system; UNIX system setup and instruction for the
               final system with regard to use and system administration.

               various smaller  projects  and  problem  solving  for  OEMs.
               Lecturer  in Unix, Shell programming and C Language - public
               and at FCC in Washington D.C.

               Research in Molecular Biology:
               Columbia  University  with  UNIX/C  involving   high   level
               programming   languages  for  graphics  and  electromagnetic
               energetics, applied to the  relationship  between  molecular
               function  and  molecular geometry, with special attention to
               discovering the bioenergetic geometry,  and  action  of  the
               toxin colicine.

               Research in Computer Science:
               The statistical mechanics of large computer networks.

               Research in Physics:
               On Space-Time Quantization and Quantum Set Theory.

               Commissioned Musical Composition:
               For full orchestra by the Green Bay Symphony Orchestra
               for U.S. Bicentennial.
               Election to ASCAP

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               As Computer consultant  lectured  in  public  corporate  and
               governmental   seminars  in  Unix  operating  system  and  C
               programming language.

               Private instruction in Piano and Musical Composition.

               As visiting professor of physics taught laboratory  courses,
               general  physics,  classical  mechanics,  modern physics and
               computer programming.

               As graduate teaching assistant, uniquely selected to  design
               and  teach  an  advanced undergraduate course on the quantum
               approach to the electrical properties of materials.

               As  graduate  fellow,  co-organizer  of  and   lecturer   on
               applications of C*-algebras and the theory of unbounded
               operators in quantum field theory,  in  a  special  "lyceum"
               designed  to  encourage  greater  communication  between the
               departments of mathematics and physics.


               "Finite  Dimensional  Quantum  Algebra   with   Relativistic
               Covariance" (In progress)

               "Quantum  Set  Theory  from  Finite  Dimensional   Canonical
               Commutation Relations" (In progress)

               "Spectral Derivative in Finite Dimensional C*-Algebras"  (In

               "The Canonical Anticommutation Relation as a  Metalinguistic
               denial  of  the  Law  of  Double  Negation  in  a Sentential
               Calculus   of   Strings   with   Reference   to   Space-Time
               Quantization." Privately Circulated (1981)

               "A Primitive Boson-Fermion Model of a Quantized Space-Time",
               Privately Circulated (1981)

               "Strong  and  Weak   Gravity:   A   Context   for   Unbiased
               Birefringence", with E. Lubkin, Il Nuovo Cimento, 26B,
               377-395 (1975)

               "Strong and Weak Gravity: A  Class  of  Generally  Covariant
               Mixing  Models of Spin-2 Neutral Fields: Linearization.", Il
               Nuovo Cimento, 25B, 757-785 (1975)

               "An exact Spherically Symmetric Local Solution in a Class of
               'Strong'  and  'Weak' Two-Tensor Gravity Theories.", Journal
               of Mathematical Physics, 16, 2114-2122 (1975)

               "The  Partition  Function  of  the  One-dimensional   Spin-1
               Lattice.", Privately Circulated (1974)

               "Strong and Weak Gravity: A  Generally  Covariant  Class  of
               Mixing Models of Spin-2 Neutral Fields.", Thesis, University
               of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (1974)

               "Some  Theorems  On   Symmetries   in   Two-Tensor   Gravity
               Theories." Privately Circulated (1974)

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               Philosophy,  Theoretical  Linguistics,  Languages,   Martial
               Arts,   Chemical   evolution,   Genetic   evolution,   Self-
               Reproducing Automata, Molecular neurology,  Weight  Training
               and  physiology,  Music  as  language,  notions  of  quantum
               psychology, and theories of consciousness,  Cooking,  Films.

   These are Some of my Favorite Things
          * Weight Lifting
          * Shaolin Northern Tiger, White Crane Kung Fu
          * Tai Ch'i
          * Swimming
          * Tennis
          * Hiking
          * Mountain Silence
          * Forests
          * Gardening, Food that is
          * Spending time with friends
          * Motorcycles - Ronnie Cramer's MOTORCYCLE WEB INDEX
          * Science and Math
          * Science Fiction
          * Computers
          * Languages
          * Food, Glorious Food
          * Cooking: Mexican, Chinese, Indian, Greek, French, Japanese, Thai
          * Music (classical, completely different)
          * Videos
          * Reading
          * Writing (words and tones)
          * Making things
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   Musical References 
   Music -  Piano, Organ, Chamber, Orchestral, Opera, etc.
   My own<, of course, and
   [Leaving out a few thousand]

          * Bach
                Art of the Fugue
                B minor Mass
                The Magnificat
                Organ Passacaglia and Fugue in C minor
                "Bist Du bei mir"
                Cello suites, Violin sonatas and partitas,
                Organ toccata in F major
                D minor clavier concerto (the big one)
                Goldberg Variations
                Italian Concerto
                Chromatic Fantasia and Fugue
                Brandenburg Concerti ... endless
          * Barber
                String Quartet Op. 11
                Piano Sonata
          * Beethoven
                Christus am Oelberg
                Missa Solemnis,
                Symphonie, Concertos,
                Hammerklavier Sonata
                Diabelli Variations
                Kreutzer Sonata
                Grosse Fuga
                Late String Quartets ... endless
          * Berg
                Piano Sonata
          * Berlioz
                The Requiem
                Nuites d'etes
                Damnation of Faust
                Symphonie Fantastique
                Benvenuto Cellini
          * Brahms
                Symphonies, Concertos,
                Clarinet Quintet,
                Piano Pieces ...
          * Busoni
                Doktor Faustus
                Fantasia Contrapuntistica
                Bach Transcriptions for piano
          * Chopin
		Concertos, Sonatas 2 and 3, Sonata for Celo and Piano
                Etudes, Ballades, Nocturnes ...
          * Gounod
          * Ligeti
          * Liszt!
                B minor piano sonata
                Faust Symphony
                Transcendental Etudes
                Organ Fantasie and Fuge on "Ad Nos Ad Salutarem Undam"
                Organ Fantasie and Fuge on BACH
          * Mozart
                Symphonies, Concertos
                The Magic Flute
                Marriage of Figaro
          * Penderecki
                Threnody for the Victims of Hiroshima
                De Natura Sonoris
                The Devils of Loudon
                Canticum Canticorum
          * Pleskow
                Per Vege Viene (1970)
                Motet and Madrigal
                Movement for Oboe, Violin and Piano
                Bagatelles with Contrabass
                Piece for Piano
          * Ravel
                Gaspard de la Nuit
          * Reger
                Piano Variations and Double Fugue on and theme of J.S. Bach
                Piano Variations and Double Fugue on and theme of Telemann
                Organ Fantasie and Fuge on BACH
          * Stockhausen
          * Schubert
                Wanderer Fantasie
                Impromptus Op. 90
		Der Erlkoenig
          * Schuman (R.)
                Piano Conceto, Piano Fantasia in C, Toccata
          * Strauss
                Four Last Songs
                Also sprach Zarathustra
          * Varese
          * Verdi
                The Requiem
                Falstaff, Traviata, Trovatore, Aida
          * Wagner
                The Ring Cycle
                Tristan and Isolde
          *  Webern 
		Concerto for Orchestra
		Piano Variations
		Variations for Orchestra
          *  Wolpe 
		Passcacaglia for Piano
		Quartet (1950)
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   Movie Info: Internet Movie Database [LINK] 
               CineMedia Database - Search
               Flicks Home Page - Latest Creations from Hollywood
   Video Purchase & Rental: Reel.Com [LINK] 
   [Leaving out a few hundred]

          * 2001 A Space Odyssey
          * 7 Years in Tibet
          * Addams Family Values
          * Addams Family, The
          * After Hours (1985)
          * Air Force One
          * Aliens
          * All the Mornings of the World
          * Amadeus
          * An Apt Pupil
          * Aria
          * Artificial Intelligence
          * Babylon 5 (anything)
          * Baghdad Cafe
          * Barbarians, The
          * Basketcase
          * Beauty and the Beast (Cocteau)
          * Becket
          * Birdy
          * Being There
          * Black Orpheus
          * Blade Runner
          * Blood Sport
          * Blue Angel
          * Bram Stoker's Dracula
          * Brave Heart
          * Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, The
          * Circle of Friends
          * Broken Arrow
          * Clockwork Orange
          * Colossus: The Forbin Project
          * Crimson Tide (with *good* sound system)
          * Cry Baby
          * Crazy People
          * Crow, The
          * Damned, The
          * David and Lisa
          * Day The Earth Stood Still, The
          * Dead Man Walking
          * Desperate Measures
          * Devil's Advocate
          * Die Hard I and II
          * Don Juan DeMarco
          * Dr. Bethune
          * Dracula (Bela Lugosi)
          * Dracula, Dead and Loving It
          * Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story
          * Duck Soup
          * Dune
          * Edge, The
          * Edward II
          * Edward Scissorhands
          * Evil Dead I, II, III
          * Enemy Mine
          * English Patient, The
          * Enter the Dragon
          * Extreme Measures
          * F/X
          * Face/off
          * Fahrenheit 451
          * Fantastic Voyage
          * Farinelli
          * Fellini's Satyricon
          * Few Good Men, A
          * Fifth Element, The
          * Flash Gordon serials and movies (Larry "Buster" Crabbe)
          * Fountainhead, The
          * Four Weddings and a Funeral
          * Frankenstein Unbound
          * Fresa y Chocolat
          * Fugitive, The
          * Gallipoli
          * Garden, The
          * Gods and Monsters
          * Good Will Hunting
          * Grand Illusion
          * Holy Man
          * Hotel New Hampshire
          * I. Q.
          * Immortal Beloved
          * In and Out
          * Indiana Jones (all of 'em)
          * Interview With the Vampire
          * Ivan the Terrible, Parts I and II
          * Jeffrey
          * Keep, The
          * Killer, The
          * Knight Moves
          * La Femme Nikita
          * Last Action Hero
          * Last Boy Scout, The
          * Lethal Weapon
          * Lethal Weapon 2
          * Lethal Weapon 3
          * Lifeforce
          * Like Water For Chocolate
          * Lion in Winter, A
          * Little Buddha
          * Lord of the Rings, The
          * Lorenzo's Oil
          * Lost Boys, The
          * Mad Max
          * Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome
          * Madame Souzatska
          * Madness of King George, The
          * Man Called Horse, A
          * Man for all Seasons, A (P. Scofield)
          * Map of the Human Heart
          * Masque of the Red Death
          * Maybe ,,, Maybe Not (German)
          * Meet Joe Black
          * Men in Black
          * Mensch gegen sich und Gott gegen Alles (German)
          * Merchant of Venice, The (Burton and Taylor)
          * Metropolis
          * Midnight Clear, A
          * Milagro Bean War
          * Mishima
          * Mummy, The (Karloff)
          * Music Lesson, The
          * Music Teacher, The
          * My Best Friends Wedding
          * Mystic Pizza
          * Narrow Margin
          * Needful Things
          * Nell
          * Night at the Opera, A
          * Ninth Gate, The
          * Nosferatu
          * Nuts
          * Philadelphia
          * Olympia (1939)
          * Out of Africa
          * Party, The
          * Powder
          * Pink Panther, The
          * Pixote
          * Prince of Tides
          * Practical Magic
          * Prophecy, The (I, II)
          * Pumping Iron
          * Rain Maker, The (Grisham's)
          * Rapid Fire
          * River Runs Through It, A
          * Ritz, The
          * Road Warrior
          * Rocky Horror Picture Show, The
          * Simon Birch
          * Scenes from the Class Struggle in Beverly Hills
          * Scent of a Woman
          * Sebastien
          * School Ties
          * Serial Mom
          * Seven Years In Tibet
          * Seventh Seal, The
          * Shadow, The
          * Shawshank Redemption, The
          * Sleep My Love
          * Slingblade
          * Soapdish
          * Spaceballs
          * Spetters
          * Star Wars
          * Street Trash
          * Switchblade
          * Ten to Midnight
          * That Certain Feeling
          * Thirty Two Short Films About Glen Gould
          * Threesome
          * To Die For I and II
          * Total Recall
          * Toys
          * Twister
          * Undercover Blues
	  * V
          * Victim, The
          * Wag The Dog
          * What Dreams May Come
          * What ever happened to Gilbert Grape
          * Wild Stawberries
          * Wild Things (1998)
          * Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory
          * Yentl
          * Young Frankenstein, The

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