The Horror of State Farm Insurance

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The Inescapable Result of the Corruption of the State Government of New Jersey and the Racketeering of State Farm Insurance, and the Necessary Fight for Survival, a RICO suit in US Federal Court:
Hammel, et al. v. State Farm, et al.

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The following is the text of a second complaint in behalf of my business partner and the damages done to date of complaint that I sent to the New Jersey Department of Insurance, against State Farm Indemnity and it's spawn.

It goes almost without saying that absolutely no investigation was done by the New Jersey Department of Insurance. They merely asked the Insurance Company what it had to say. Its people lied through their teeth and that was the end of it. Subsequent intervention by State Senator Byron Baer and by State Assemblywoman Loretta Weinberg had no results, not for lack of trying.

State Farm Indemnity of New Jersey has deliberately and maliciously committed fraud and the government of the State of New Jersey in the persons of Governor Christie Todd Whitman and her pomps have knowingly and deliberately aided and abetted it, if not ordered it to begin with.

The entire State Government of The State of New Jersey is engaged along with State Farm Insurance and I amd sure other insurance companies in Fraud, Extortion, Racketeering and systematically attempted murder.

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                      December 4, 1995
                     COMPLAINTS AGAINST

                  State Farm Insurance Companies:
                  State Farm Indemnity Company
                  40 West Century Road
                  Paramus NJ 07652
                  Jane Savastano, Sandra Romei, Veronica Wade,
                  Idiana Murray, Dr. Sharad Wagle, Dr. Eric Fremed,
                  individually and as agents, servants and/or
                  employees of State Farm Insurance Companies:
                  State Farm Indemnity Company.

                  Dr. William C. Hammel
                  219 Teaneck Road
                  Ridgefield Park NJ 07660
                  (201) 807-0652

          On behalf of
                  Mr. Alan J. Bellamente
                  219 Teaneck Road
                  Ridgefield Park NJ 07660

          Dear Sirs:

               Whenever "State Farm" is  used  it  will  mean  "State  Farm
          Isurance  Companies:  State Farm Indemnity Company, their agents,
          servants and/or employees."

               On September 16, 1994, Mr. Bellamente and I were covered  by
          State  Farm  policy, number X14107-A12-30 covering a 1992 Mercury
          Grand Marquis, bearing New Jersey registration plates WH AB.   We
          had  elected  the  highest  priced  P.I.P. coverage possible; our
          policy  was  paid  up  to  date.   On  September  16,  1994,  Mr.
          Bellamente  and  I  were both injured in an accident while in the
          aforementioned vehicle.  As we were turning into our driveway  we
          were  struck  in  the  rear.  All appropriate filings and reports
          were made in a timely way.  Although we were both injured in this
          accident,   here,   it  is  Mr.  Bellamente's  injuries  and  his
          subsequent ill treatment and the lack of treatment about which  I

               I called the Ridgefield Park Police, and Mr. Bellamente  was
          taken   by   ambulance   to   Holy  Name  Hospital  with  nausea,
          disorientation and severe pain in his neck and  back.   Prior  to
          the  accident Mr. Bellamente showed no signs of the symptoms that
          became apparent after the  accident.   He  intended  to  see  his
          chiropractor  Dr.  Peter  N.  Boulukos as soon as possible, which
          turned out to be 10 A.M. September  17,  1994,  and  so  declined
          x-rays  at  Holy  Name  Hospital  since he knew that Dr. Boulukos
          would  take  an  entire  series.   Since  no  gross  fracture  or
          neurological  severing  was  apparent,  he  was released from the
          emergency room with a diagnosis of: auto accident, neck and  back
          strain,  acute  cervical  sprain.  His blood pressure was 160/70,
          pulse 92.  He was given no medication, and I drove him home.

               Chiropractic care seemed the  only  prudent  course  at  the
          time.   Mr.  Bellamente continued his chiropractic treatment on a
          regular  basis.   On  the  morning  of  November  10,  1994,  Mr.
          Bellamente's  right  foot failed to support him on the stairs and
          he fell.  State Farm claims (many of their claims and  assertions
          have  been  oral  to healthcare providers, not written and not to
          its insured,  namely  Mr.  Bellamente)  that  this  fall  is  not
          accident  related, yet Dr. Boulukos' own office notes and several
          letters, copies of which I have in my possession and are  in  the
          possession  of our attorney, explain that the flopping or lack of
          of control of the feet and "tripping" were clearly present  as  a
          result  of  the  accident  of  September  16, 1994 and documented
          before November 7 1994.

               Letters and  phone  calls  to  State  Farm  by  me,  by  Mr.
          Bellamente  and  by  Dr.  Boulukos  have  produced  no  response.
          Letters sent  to  State  Farm  have  consistently  been  lost  or
          misplaced,  or "not received", or simply ignored.  Phone calls to
          "Claims Specialists" produce no return calls.  A claim  file,  or
          so  I am told by the Claims Specialists, apparently takes days to
          find or retrieve.  The person whose name is on any correspondence
          is  always, on another line, not at her desk, not available, at a
          meeting, not in for the day, or has just left.  Repeated attempts
          at  contact  simply  resulted  in  surly  and/or  downright  rude
          responses from various secretaries or assistants.

               State Farm has simply issued edicts  and  commands  and  has
          been  otherwise  consistently  inaccessible  and evasive with any
          attempt to counter their assertions and denial of  benefits.   It
          is clear at this point that this intransigence must be dealt with
          through some other channel.

               There are two documents in support of this  complaint  which
          are  in  my possession and are in the possession of our attorney,
          that I find not only  distressing  but  outrageous.   State  Farm
          predicates  whatever  assertions  they happen to be making at the
          moment on these reports.  Not surprisingly, they are the  results
          of the "Independent" Medical Examinations demanded by State Farm.

               The report of Dr. Wagle, which I have in my  possession  and
          is  in  the  possession  of  our  attorney,  is based on a single
          interview that was of 20 to 25 minutes in length,  and  amazingly
          comes  through  errors of fact by leaps and bounds of illogic and
          non-sequiturs to exactly the conclusion that would be  wanted  by
          an insurance company who is conspiring to avoid their contractual
          agreements.  With regard to the psychiatric  interview  with  Dr,
          Wagle, Mr. Bellamente states:

               "The reason for my psychological treatment was a great  fear
               of  driving.   Yet,  in  order  to maintain my benefits from
               State Farm I took the earliest possible appointment with Dr.
               Wagle,  which  was  at  9:00  AM, in the middle of a time of
               great traffic.  By the time I arrived at Dr. Wagle's  office
               at the appointment time, I was already a nervous wreck.  The
               stress of driving in rush hour  traffic  had  left  me  with
               severe  pain  in my neck and burning in both shoulder areas.
               Upon meeting Dr. Wagle, I became  severely  discomforted  by
               the fact that he was of a kind with whom I am not accustomed
               to dealing in any way.  It was obvious that we  had  extreme
               cultural and philosophical differences.

               "I nevertheless attempted to treat him with dignity, as  any
               well  bred American would, despite the fact that my physical
               symptoms continued to worsen during  the  interview  to  the
               point  where  I had to excuse myself and put my head between
               my knees in an attempt to alleviate the pain.   I  explained
               what I was doing, to Dr. Wagle, since I do not know what his
               cultural background  implies  of  someone  who  deliberately
               withdraws  contact.   Only afterwards did it become clear to
               me  that this combination of factors affected  my  mind  and
               judgement  in a such a way that I inadvertently gave several
               erroneous statements.  I could  neither  think  clearly  nor
               remember  accurately.   Upon  returning  home, I immediately
               reported this disastrous  interview  to  Jane  Savastano  at
               State  Farm.  She gave me some weak explanation of how their
               doctors are selected and suggested  that  we  wait  for  the
               results   of   Dr.   Wagle's  examination  before  I  became
               needlessly upset.  I was dissatisfied and still upset, so  I
               called  Sandra  Romei, Savastano's supervisor who greeted me
               quite unctiously.  I told her that I was  dissatisfied  with
               the  examination  and  that  they  should  not  send  fourth
               generation  Americans  to   Doctors   whose   cultural   and
               philosophical  premises  preclude  the  proper evaluation of
               even a healthy American psyche, let alone one in difficulty.
               She arrogantly accused me of being prejudiced and refused to
               speak further with me on this issue.   I  assured  her  that
               prejudice  was  not  involved,  but rather an adult lifelong
               study of the premises on which various cultures  are  based.
               I  did  not know at that time that I had the legal right not
               subject myself to further examination once  I  realized  the
               already  biased  and  improper  nature  of  this  supposedly
               independent examiner."

               The last paragraph of Dr.  Kluger's  letter  to  State  Farm
          regarding  the  accident  of September 16, 1994 and the denial of
          benefits, which is in my possession and is in the  possession  of
          our attorney, states:

               "This [Dr. Wagle's report] is a very inaccurate report  that
               jumps  to  conclusions  based  on  wrong  information and it
               appears to me that Dr. Wagle was looking  out  for  his  own
               motivations  rather than to see that Mr. Bellamente continue
               to  receive  proper  psychological  care  for  his  accident
               related  symptoms.   The  patient is still suffering greatly
               and is currently in jeopardy of having a 'nervous breakdown'
               due  to  continued symptoms, both physical and psychological
               as  well  a  harassment   by   insurance   related   issues.
               Discontinuing treatment is a grave mistake."

               I am in complete agreement with Dr.  Kluger's  response  and
          conclusions  with  regard to the substance of Dr. Wagle's report.
          Since Dr. Kluger has seen Mr. Bellamente over  many  hours  in  a
          therapeutic context, I suggest that his professional knowledge of
          Mr. Bellamente's state  of  mind  is  considerably  better,  more
          accurate  and more detailed than Dr. Wagle's.  I propose that Dr.
          Wagle's report is in fact  a  specious  fabrication  designed  in
          collusion with State Farm to commit fraud.

               The report by Dr. Fremed which was based on  an  examination
          lasting   no   longer  than  15  minutes,  rather  interestingly,
          completely avoids the central issue that is the  very  conclusion
          of  Dr. Adam's report.  Dr. Adams' report, copies of which I have
          in my possession and are in the possession of our  attorney,  was
          based  on  an  exhaustive  and meticulous examination that lasted
          well over  2  hours.   Dr.  Adams'  conclusive  diagnosis,  after
          ordering  a  specially  tailored  MRI  of  the cervical spine, to
          eliminate any doubt, was that there was indeed an impingement  of
          C5-C6  intervertebral  disc on Mr. Bellamente's spinal cord which
          was caused by the accident of September 16, 1994.

               It is this condition of central  impingement  that  explains
          the various bodily pains, the foot flopping and parasthesias that
          Mr. Bellamente had been complaining of long before  the  fall  on
          the  stairs  November  10,  1994.   The fall was a result of this
          condition, and subsequently may have caused  an  exacerbation  of
          the  already existing condition of central impingement as well as
          the cervical radiculopathy  evidenced  by  the  electrodiagnostic
          studies of Dr. Jotkowitz, copies of which I have in my possession
          and are in the possession of our attorney.

               Dr. Fremed suggests in his report, copies of which I have in
          my  possession  and  are  in  the  possession  of our attorney, a
          possible peripheral neuropathy unrelated to the  accident.   This
          is  precisely what Dr. Adams' further blood and electrodiagnostic
          work has eliminated.

               Dr. Fremed states in his report section  entitled  "Physical
          Examination",  that the results of his various movement tests and
          pin prick tests were "clearly non-neuroanatomic in nature".   Dr.
          Adams  explains  that  a  central impingement (precisely what Dr.
          Fremed seems bent on denying) can cause  results  anywhere  below
          that  impingement.   Dr.  Adams  also  points  out  that vascular
          changes caused by the impingement  can  also  cause  neurological
          effects above the point of impingement.

               On page 2 paragraph 2 of his report, Dr. Fremed states,
               "I agree with the radiologist that  there  was  degenerative
               disc  disease,  most  prominent  at C5-6, and a mild central
               canal stenosis.  Bulging of the disc material was  noted  at
               multiple  levels, but no focal disc herniation or nerve root
               impingement was noted."

               Yet noted in the MRI report of August 3, 1995, which  is  in
          my possession and in the possession of our attorney, is,

               "At  the  C5-C6  level,  there  is  a  moderately   advanced
               degenerative  disc  disease with loss of disc height and T-2
               signal accompanied by end-plate osteophyte  formation  which
               is  asymmetric  to the left.  THIS CAUSES COMPRESSION OF THE
               CORD.   However,  there  is no DEFINITE evidence of abnormal
               signal within the cord at this level to suggest myelomalacia
               or   other   myopathic  condition.   THERE  IS  DEGENERATIVE
               LEFT." [Caps. - mine]

               An examination of Cervical MRI plates  shows  a  compression
          and  torsion  of  the  spinal  cord.   This  was  shown to me and
          explicitly explained by Dr. Rubin.  The various reasons that  Dr.
          Fremed  gives  for  saying  that "Mr. Bellamente's examination is
          indicative  of  intentional  embellishment  of   symptoms."   are
          perfectly  well understood otherwise, by accepting the concordant
          diagnoses of Drs. Adams, Pojedinec and Rubin, which happens to be
          supported by empirical and quantifiable evidence, copies of which
          are in my possession and are in the possession of our attorney.

               What is clear, is that Dr. Fremed's cursory  and  amateurish
          examination  is  rife with farce and folly and cannot, therefore,
          in any way,  be  compared  with  the  completely  scientific  and
          thoroughly  professional  examinations  of Drs. Adams, Jotkowitz,
          Pojedinec and Rubin, copies of each of whose comments are  in  my
          possession  and  in the possession of our attorney.  What is also
          clear is that the very cursory nature of Dr. Fremed's examination
          and  his  disrespectful  report,  has  done  and  continues to do
          physical,  emotional,  mental  and  financial   damage   to   Mr.
          Bellamente but has also certainly, at very least, has ingratiated
          Dr. Fremed to State Farm.

               As in the case of Dr. Wagle's report, Dr. Fremed also  comes
          to  exactly  the  conclusion that would be wanted by an insurance
          company who is conspiring to avoid their contractual  agreements.
          My  compliments  to Dr. Fremed for being a bit more artful in his
          dodge of the obvious truth.

               In Mr. Bellamente's examination by neurosurgeon  Dr.  Rubin,
          at  which  I  was  present  in  the  capacity of Mr. Bellamente's
          healthcare surrogate, I asked two questions, the answers to which
          I  am  not  about to forget.  First question: "Can you assess the
          probability that the diagnosis of central impingement is in  fact
          correct?" Dr. Rubin's answer: "In the 25 years that Dr. Adams and
          I have worked together, I have never  known  him  to  be  wrong."
          Second  question:  "Given  that the diagnosis is correct, what is
          the prognosis without the surgery?" Dr. Rubin's answer: "Think of
          Christopher  Reeve."  My  response:  "Delay  in  the surgery will
          probably worsen the condition." Dr. Rubin's response: "Yes,  most

               Apparently, finally realizing that they had no  grounds  for
          their  arbitrary  decision  to  deny  benefits,  they  decided to
          provide some.  In a letter from State  Farm  dated  September  21
          1995,  and  signed  by Idiana Murray, another "Claim Specialist",
          another demand  was  made  for  an  other  allegedly  independent
          medical  examination,  this  time  with  one Dr. Harry Merliss of
          Hackensack.  I decided to make extensive investigation that would
          be  statistically  significant  (I am a mathematician among other
          things) of the qualifications and reputation of Dr. Merliss among
          medical   professionals.    It   seems   that   every  healthcare
          professional  I  spoke  with  had  heard  of  Dr.  Merliss.   The
          comments,  all  beginning with a chuckle, ranged from "a favorite
          of the insurance companies", through various horror  stories,  to
          "old  Harry would say you were fine if you had no heartbeat", and
          "even judges laugh at that one".  All  responses  concerning  Dr.
          Merliss   were   of   the   same  kind,  with  not  one  response
          contradicting the  uniform  consensus.   On  the  basis  of  this
          consensus, I believe that State Farm, its agents, servants and/or
          employees knew, or certainly should have known  of  Dr.  Merliss'
          reputation;  and  I  further  believe  that  he  was  selected as
          examiner precisely for his reputation, and  that  his  reputation
          was  based  on  his  actions  in the past.  The obvious intent of
          State Farm, its agents, servants  and/or  employees  is  then  to
          obtain  a  medical  opinion upon which a continued fraud might be
          based and continued.

               Upon receipt of Idiana Murray's letter, I immediately called
          and  wrote  State  Farm  and  told  them  that  Dr.  Merliss  was
          unacceptable   as   an   examiner.    (I   maintain   phone   log
          documentation.)  When  I called Idiana Murray on this matter, she
          was, of course, very busy,  and  I  elected  to  speak  with  her
          assistant.  I was told by her rather insolent assistant that, "We
          decide who is acceptable." My response was, "That may be  but  it
          is  our legal right to refuse this particular examiner." To which
          she responded, "I'm not here to argue with you."  Then  she  hung
          up.   This  was  on  October  18,  1995.   But for another failed
          attempt at telephonic communication on October 20, 1995 that  was
          my last phone contact with anyone at State Farm.  To date we have
          not been contacted in any way by State Farm regarding any  future
          examinations.   Of  course,  no  bills  have been paid, including
          those from before the date of denial.  Payments  for  medications
          have  had  to  come out of our own rapidly diminishing resources,
          the continuing diminishment being caused by arbitrary  denial  of
          benefits and malicious fraud by State Farm.

               Because of the aforementioned severe mental problems, caused
          by  the  accident  of  September  16,  1994  and  the  continuing
          harassments and  deprivation  of  treatment,  both  physical  and
          psychological,  Mr.  Bellamente  had  to  resign  his position as
          conservator to his elderly aunt Edna M. Clough, to which  he  was
          appointed  by  the Supreme Court of the State of New York, County
          of  Nassau,  in  1988  and  which  paid  him  substantial  annual

               Mr. Bellamente and I both work at the same business, a video
          store  which  has  now become our only source of income thanks to
          the rather sick games being played by  State  Farm,  its  agents,
          servants and/or employees.  We must both work somehow, and decide
          on the basis of who hurts the least at  any  given  moment.   The
          financial  damages  caused  by  State  Farm, its agents, servants
          and/or employees, continue to accumulate.  The  physical  damages
          worsen,  and  the  stress  level  caused  by  having to deal with
          business, pain, the  intolerable  behavior  of  State  Farm,  its
          agents,   servants   and/or   employees  have  themselves  become

               I am, therefore, accusing State  Farm  Insurance  Companies:
          State   Farm  Indemnity  Company,  its  agents,  servants  and/or
          employees, of:

          1)   Intentional, premeditated and calculated Fraud;
          2)   Intentional, premeditated and calculated Breech of contract;
          3)   Reckless and premeditated endangerment of  Mr.  Bellamente's
               life, limb and well being;
          4)   Intentional,  premeditated  and  negligent   infliction   of
               irreparable physical damage;
          5)   Intentional, premeditated and negligent infliction of severe
               mental  distress and mental illness as defined in DSM IV, so
               as to require treatment and medication  by  a  physician,  a
               psychiatrist, a psychologist;
          6)   Intentional,  premeditated  and  negligent   infliction   of
               considerable financial damage, and;
          7)   Violations of the Fair Claims Act.

___________________________________     ___________________________________

    Dr. William C. Hammel                         Notary Public

                        IT AGENTS, SERVANTS AND/OR EMPLOYEES.

               Mr. Bellamente suffers continued Impingement of  C5-C6  disc
          on  the  spinal cord, with worsening pain and parasthesia in both
          arms down to the hands.  He further  suffers  continued  cervical
          radiculopathy exacerbating and enhancing the above condition.  He
          further suffers worsening parasthesia in in the lower extremities
          and elsewhere in the neck and torso.

               Dr. Robert C. Rubin, neurosurgeon in this  case  has  stated
          that eventual prognosis with this condition is paralysis from the
          neck down.  The delay of the  necessary  surgery  caused  by  the
          unwarranted  denial  of  P.I.P.  benefits  that  State  Farm, its
          agents, servants and/or employees have caused by  its  continuing
          intentional,  premeditated  and  calculated  fraud,  has  already
          caused  considerable  and  irreparable  physical  damage  to  Mr.
          Bellamente  and  will  continue  to  cause  even more irreparable
          physical damage so long as their deliberate fraud is permitted to
          be perpetrated.

               Whenever "State Farm" is  used  it  will  mean  "State  Farm
          Insurance  Companies: State Farm Indemnity Company, their agents,
          servants and/or employees."

               The radiological and electromyeographic evidence as well  as
          the concordance of three experts Dr. David J. Adams, neurologist,
          Dr. Robert C. Rubin, neurosurgeon  and  Dr.  John  F.  Pojedinec,
          orthopedic  surgeon,  with  over  twenty-five years experience in
          this  particular  area  notwithstanding,  State   Farm   and   in
          Particular Jane Savastano, Sandra Romei, Veronica Wade and Idiana
          Murray have  continued  to  claim,  alternately,  that  there  is
          nothing  wrong with him, that he is faking, or that the damage is
          not accident related.  Evidence that none of this is true, is  in
          their  possession,  my  possession  and  the  possession  of  our

               Mr. Bellamente suffers persisting  pain  that  can  only  be
          partially  diminished  with  high  doses  of  prescribed powerful
          anti-inflammatory medications.  Continuation of these medications
          is   known  to  cause  possible  damaging  effects  on  both  the
          gastrointestinal tract as well as the liver and kidneys.

               The continuing impingements on both the cervical  nerve  and
          the  spinal cord itself requires surgical intervention; every day
          that this intervention is  prohibited  and  delayed  reduces  the
          chance  of  recovery  after  surgery,  worsens the damage already
          done, and increases his panic over the dire  prognosis.   Due  to
          the  Post  Traumatic  Syndrome  resulting  from  the  accident of
          September 16, 1994, which he does indeed suffer, contrary to  the
          confused report of Dr. Wagle, he has sought Psychotherapy and has
          taken a prescribed anxiolytic (klonopin) as well as a  prescribed
          antidepressant  (effexor),  the  long  term  uses  of  which  are
          unknown.  That the term of usage is longer and that the dosage is
          higher  is  a  direct  result  of the fraud perpetrated and being
          perpetrated by State Farm.  For in addition to the Post Traumatic
          Syndrome  resulting  from  the  aforementioned  accident  and the
          extension thereof deliberately caused by State Farm, there is the
          anxiety,   depression   and  inability  to  concentrate,  erratic
          behavior and confusion caused by malicious denial of benefits  to
          Mr.  Bellamente  and  the  panic caused by the uncertainty of his
          future physical state.

               These named agents, servants and/or employees of State  Farm
          have  conspired  with  malicious  and  intentional  negligence to
          inflict  on  Mr.  Bellamente,  through  State  Farm,   not   only
          continuing  physical  and  psychological  damage  and the growing
          irreparability  of  that  damage  and  pain,  that   leaves   Mr.
          Bellamente in a condition where the simplest necessary activities
          of life such as washing and cleaning leave him exhausted and with
          even  more  pain.   Since  September 16, 1994 he has lived with a
          level of mental distress, insomnia and anxiety and panic,  indeed
          mental  illness  as  defined  in  DSM IV, so severe as to require
          treatment by a psychologist, psychiatrist and  a  physician,  and
          severe  enough to demand prescribed medication in the form potent
          antidepressants and anxiolytics.

               When Mr. Bellamente no longer has the need  of  the  various
          medications   that  have  been  necessitated  by  the  malicious,
          deliberate, premeditated and  calculated  fraud,  and  there  are
          residuals  caused  by  these medications, we will hold State Farm
          Companies, State Farm  Indemnity,  its  agents,  servants  and/or
          employees collectively and individually responsible.

               It was Dr. Rubin's considered and expert opinion that if the
          surgery  were performed when it was to be scheduled, and that was
          in the last week of  September  1995,  that  there  would  be  no
          residual  consequences  of  the  existing  central  and radicular

               When the surgery is  performed,  we  will  hold  State  Farm
          Companies,  State  Farm  Indemnity,  its  agents, servants and/or
          employees collectively and individually, wholly  responsible  for
          such residual impairments.

               The combination of the results of the accident of  September
          16,  1994,  physical and mental damage, necessitating medications
          and denied surgery, together with the  additional,  physical  and
          mental  damage,  caused  by  State  Farm,  necessitating  further
          medications and  further  modes  of  physical  and  psychological
          treatment  has  left Mr. Bellamente unable to maintain occupation
          or any reasonable quality of life.

               Mr. Bellamente's mortage is being  foreclosed,  so  he  will
          shortly  have no place to live unless he relies on the charity of
          friends, and a consequent move from  the  state  of  New  Jersey,
          which  he  can  ill  afford  to  make, financially, physically or

               We  demand  immediate  reinstatement  of  P.I.P.   benefits,
          according to contract and the Fair Claims Act.

               We  demand  compensation,  beyond   and   excluding   P.I.P.
          benefits,  for  all damages already caused by the unwarranted and
          fraudulent actions of State Farm, and all  consequences  thereof,
          past,  present  and future, and that State Farm cease any and all
          perpetration of further fraud and damage immediately.


                  Damages Incurred by any malfeasances
                  due to his state of mind caused by
                  mental, physical, emotional and
                  financial abuses of State Farm          $ (unknown)
                  Damages Incurred his Conservatorship    $ (unknown)
                  Loss of Conservatorship Earnings        $  7500.00
                  Loss of Home Equity on Forclosure       $ 15000.00
                  Cost of Relocation                      $  6000.00
                  Professional Services incurred by the
                  fraudulence of State Farm               $  2500.00

                  Subtotal:                               $ 31000.00 +

               We further demand  that  all  future  "Independent"  Medical
          Examinations  be mutually agreed upon, -1truly-0 independent, and
          not fraudulent farces, as has been the case  hitherto,  with  the
          examinations by Dr.Wagle and Dr. Fremed.


                  Upgrade Car rental during repair of Grand Marquis
                  necessitated by Post Traumatic driving anxiety
                  which precluded use of a compact car
                                                          $   393.90

                  Prescribed Medications                  $  1224.68

                  Subtotal:                               $  1618.58

                                UNPAID MEDICAL BILLS:

                  Teaneck Radiology Center                $  4554.95
                  Dr. Peter N. Boulukos                   $  5970.00
                  Dr. Seymour E. Strum                    $   950.00
                  Dr. Peter H. Schmaus                    $   170.00
                  Dr. Albert Stabile                      $   240.00
                  Dr. David J. Adams                      $   350.00*
                  Dr. Seymore Jotkowitz                   $   250.00*
                  Dr. John F. Pojedinec                   $   250.00*
                  Dr. Robert C. Rubin                     $   147.00
                  Dr. Gary Alweiss (Willner)              $   285.00
                  Dr. Paul S. Sender                      $   275.00*
                  Dr. Martin A. Kluger                    $  3315.00*

                  Subtotal:                               $ 16756.95

                  TOTAL:                                  $ 49375.53 +

          * Not Immediately available, and estimated

               We are demanding that  these  out  of  pocket  expenses  and
          outstanding  bills  be  paid  according  to contract -1together-0
          with the interest that is due according to law.

               We  further  demand  compensation  for  the  damages,  past,
          present  and  future,  done to Mr. Bellamente by the intentional,
          negligent, and malicious fraud perpetrated by State Farm, and any
          and all consequences thereof, past, present and future.

___________________________________     ___________________________________

    Dr. William C. Hammel                         Notary Public

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