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List Volume 02

  1. Blair Hit by UN Spying Claim, Attacks Accuser
  2. U.N.: UK spying 'illegal' if true
  3. UN warning over spy allegations
  4. 9/11 panelist may quit over Bush secrecy
  5. Republicans Rally Around Cheney as Rumors Swirl
  6. Threat to liberty at FTAA worth a second look
  7. Bill could make cost of viewing Arizona public records prohibitive
  8. Gasoline supplies likely to shrink, prices rise (explains why)
  9. Suit challenges state law barring marriage licenses for gays (FL)
  10. Blix, Butler 'bugged'
  11. UN chief wants spying to stop
  12. British government abandons trial of whistleblower who said Iraq war was illegal
  13. US Senate Panel Approves 9 / 11 Commission Extension
  14. Scalia, Lawyers Went Hunting While Cases Were Pending
  15. Threat to liberty at FTAA worth a second look
  16. Extra Unemployment Benefits Lose in Senate
  17. Greenspan: Cut Social Security (get a brain Alan. This *isn't* entitlements)
  18. Hastert u-turns on Commission (meaning it's solidly rigged)
  19. Texas D.A. zeroes in on Tom Delay's political action committee
  20. Double whammy for Blair on U.N. spy claims - InfoBeat Top Stories News
  21. Blair's Fury At Short Over UN Spying Claim (so you know it's true)
  22. Judge drops most serious charge against Stewart (it's about time)
  23. Scientists suspect health threat from GM maize
  24. Fonda, Kerry and Photo Fakery
  25. Calif. Court Won't Stop Gay Marriages
  26. Vietnamese Agent Orange victims slam US
  27. Fla. Gov. May End Housing Trust Funds
  28. Bush Ejects Two From Bioethics Council
  29. Protesters turn out as Bush takes campaign on the road
  30. Electronic Vote Faces Big Test of Its Security
  31. Army, Homeland Security plan for unmanned aerial vehicles (USA is war zone?)
  32. US Mulls Sending Three Warships, Marines to Haiti
  33. Bush accused of supporting Haitian rebels
  34. Lawmakers seek Halliburton internal documents
  35. Spying row fuelled by Blix phone bugging claim
  36. Blix: I was a target too
  37. 'Britain and US shared transcripts after bugging Blix's mobile phone'
  38. British intelligence gave Blair 'snippets of Chirac's private conversations'
  39. I quit because war was illegal, says former government lawyer
  40. US angers allies with new Middle East plan
  41. Spying row fuelled by Blix phone bugging claim
  42. Pentagon to offer direct 'news' service (i.e. fabricated & cooked up news)
  43. US and France target Haiti's elected president for removal (another not nice man?)
  44. US increases military presence in Africa
  45. More troops needed in Afghanistan to prevent "terrorism:" NATO chief (more will always be needed_
  46. US angers allies with new Middle East plan
  47. Greenpeace urges publication of report on Iraq war as trial looms
  48. British government to keep key report on Iraq war under wraps
  49. No 10 Rejects Fresh Demands to Release Iraq War Legal Advice (incriminating)
  50. US refuses comment on UN spying charges (Why not just lie, as usual?)
  51. How Britain and the US keep watch on the world
  52. Australian spy circle tied to UN bugging
  53. Iraqi Experts Tossed With The Water
  54. Iraqi intellectuals under siege
  55. US soldiers suspended in prisoner abuse probe
  56. Iraqi youth drowned 'when British soldiers forced him to swim across canal' after arrest
  57. New U.S. Effort Steps Up Hunt for bin Laden (Rigged elections coming)
  58. U.S. Denies Iran Report of Bin Laden's Capture
  59. Las Vegas SUN: Iranian Radio Reports Bin Laden Captured
  60. Pakistan denies bin Ladin 'capture'
  61. U.S. Denies Iran Report of Bin Laden's Capture (Lying is normal)
  62. Fox [Faux] reporter's whereabouts may indicate bin Laden capture
  63. New U.S. Effort Steps Up Hunt for bin Laden (For an October Surprise!)
  64. Las Vegas SUN: Bush Tightens Rules on Travel to Cuba (yet another target)
  65. Chavez Denounces Bush as Foes Fight Troops (Calls Bush asshole; he's not alone)
  66. Venezuelan Loyalists Take to the Streets
  67. Work on Israeli Barrier Ordered Stopped
  68. Bush orders bin Laden caught (Timing is everything)
  69. Death-penalty trial for Oklahoma bomb accomplice could backfire on FBI
  70. Attorneys Will Try to Argure that Nichols was Framed (which he was)
  71. U.S. Muslim Charities Complain of 'Witch Hunt'
  72. Marines in Valley to train for urban war (against US citizens)
  73. Have your thumb ready to ride the bus (or say screw the bus)
  74. Did Your Legislator Vote To Kill U.S. Job Market? (Easy one: yes!)
  75. Gas prices surge (Surprised? If so, you're not paying attention)
  76. Nearly Half of Black Men Found Jobless
  77. Georgia voters in foul mood (Nobody with a brain isn't)
  78. Poll Woes For Bush (and Bush & Co is a woe for the world)
  79. Planned Parenthood Refuses To Hand Over Records (More people should refuse everything)
  80. S.F. Mayor Slams Bush Over Gay Weddings (because Bush is a Nazi)
  81. Looters step over the dead as Haiti collapses into anarchy
  82. The Destabilization of Haiti
  83. US troops 'made Aristide leave'
  84. PM must answer to House on Short claims, says Kennedy (How about lie as usual?)
  85. Blix says US spied on him over Iraq
  86. Revealed: Attorney General changed his advice on legality of Iraq war
  87. Short: Legal ruling on Iraq war fixed
  88. Get Shorty (Clare Short, that is)
  89. "All 'notorious terrorists' backed by US" (This is news?! It's just history)
  90. Venezuela would stop oil to U.S. if invaded -Chavez
  91. Yahoo! News - US Marines start Haiti peacekeeping mission after Aristide flees (like Iraq?!)
  92. Area colleges doing their bit for homeland security (US corpagov terrorism?)
  93. Israeli arms mole vows to fight on after release
  94. No booze, no bathroom cameras, and absolutely no sex. Welcome to
  95. Arab-Israel conflict excluded from U.S. Mideast plan (US gov in another denial of reality?)
  96. Blair seen on shaky ground over Iraq war legality
  97. "Torture lite" takes hold in war on terror (unsurprising)
  98. The Vatican's condom challenge (The medieval mentality)
  99. Birth control imposed on charity (alternatively, revoke tax exempt status)
  100. Aristide Claims US Forces Kidnapped Him
  101. U.S. activist claims Aristide kidnapped at gunpoint by U.S. troops
  102. 'Tell the World It Is A Coup'
  103. Rep Maxine Waters: Aristide Says 'I Was Kidnapped'
  104. Ousted Haitian President Aristide claims he was "kidnapped"
  105. Chavez calls Bush 'asshole' as foes fight troops
  106. U.S. Plans for Inspectors in Overseas Airports-WSJ
  107. Many U.S. Expatriates Prefer 'Anybody But Bush'
  109. HAITI PROGRES more
  110. Greg Dunkel, On eve of 200th anniversary of Haitian independence: A history of U.S. embargoes
  111. Anti-war groups to sue Bush and Blair - SpecialsWarOnIraq - www.smh.com.au
  112. Inquiry shouldn't be politicised: Downer (US, UK & AU govs all stonewalling)
  113. Britain to keep key report under wraps
  114. US refuses comment on UN spying charges
  115. British government to keep key report on Iraq war under wraps
  116. No 10 Rejects Fresh Demands to Release Iraq War Legal Advice
  117. Bush accused of supporting Haitian rebels
  118. British government abandons trial of whistleblower who said Iraq war
  119. Bush to Limit Testimony Before 9/11 Panel
  120. 9/11 panelist may quit over Bush secrecy
  121. US told UK Attorney General to alter legal advice on Iraq war
  122. Doubts cast on efforts to link Saddam, al-Qaida
  123. Britain to keep key report under wraps
  124. U.N.: Iraq had no WMD after 1994
  125. Doubts cast on efforts to link Saddam, al-Qaida
  126. Anti-war groups to sue Bush and Blair
  127. Rebel MP vows: I'll take Blair with me
  128. 9/11 Panel Rejects White House Limits on Interviews
  129. Anger toward Bush fuels strong Kerry showing in NY
  130. Hundreds of Thousands of Venezuelans Protested in Caracas Against U.S. Intervention
  131. VenezuelaFOIA.info (Bush finances terrorism)
  132. Urgent Alert: U.S. Led Coup in Haiti?
  133. Bringing Hell to Haiti I
  134. Bringing Hell to Haiti II + Aristide Kidnapped
  135. Take Back The Media! Commentary - Preemptive War Criminals
  136. "SternOut?" Source Tips Howard To Impending Indecency Fines
  137. Experts Date It to Bush; Bush Says It Was Clinton's recession, i.e.)
  138. Capitol Hill Blue: Senators Probe GOP Theft of Democratic Memos
  139. GOP Aides Implicated In Memo Downloads
  140. Report Finds Republican Aides Spied on Democrats
  141. Some U.S. Security Worse Than Before New Agency-Study
  142. washingtonpost.com White House Briefing
  143. US contractor recruits guards for Iraq in Chile
  144. Experts Say U.S. Never Spoke to Source of Tip On Bioweapons
  145. 'I learnt I had been vilified, crucified and made to look like an imbecile: Blix
  146. Blair lacked critical thinking, says Blix
  147. Transcript shows early effort to discredit ambassador
  148. Need to build a case for war? Step forward Mr Chalabi (A useful liar)
  149. Guardian Unlimited Politics | Special Reports | Richard Norton-Taylor: A truth too terrible to contemplate
  150. Beware 'Sound Science.' It's Doublespeak for Trouble (by nonscientist)
  151. Foes of 'globesity' run afoul of sugar's friends | csmonitor.com (*Still* the wrong song)
  152. Report: Is Whats Good For Boeing and Halliburton Good For America?
  153. D.C. Lead Tests Cast Doubt on EPA Standards
  154. GOP donor gets to drill in N.M.
  155. "SternOut?" Source Tips Howard To Impending Indecency Fines
  156. Stewart jury returns guilty verdict on all counts (?! Chimp and Kenny By did same)
  157. Nader reprises spoiler role: Run seen hurting Kerry (GOP paid how much?)
  158. February Job Growth Surprisingly Weak (surprisingly? On which planet?)
  159. Private-sector jobs unchanged in February; government added 21,000 workers
  160. Experts Date It to Bush; Bush Says It Was Clinton's (recession that is)
  161. Rall: NYTimes.com Pulled Comic Because of Conservatives (Again?!)
  162. Attention shoppers: Personal background checks go retail (Orwellian Ntion)
  163. Ashcroft in Intensive Care with Pancreatitis (He swallowed a fly?)
  164. Dictatorship Sets Forth a Limited View on Privacy (Nazis are unsurprisig)
  165. Senators Probe GOP Theft of Democratic Memos (GOP theft is unsurprising)
  166. GOP Aides Implicated In Memo Downloads (This isn't normal?)
  167. Report Finds Republican Aides Spied on Democrats (This isn't expected?)
  168. Some U.S. Security Worse Than Before New Agency-Study (What else is new?)
  169. Ads Raise Issue of Bush Testimony (He's out anyhow; keep worrying)
  170. U.S. Marines Expand Patrols in Haiti (Haw many *more* countries?!)
  171. US forces deploy in north Haiti
  172. Aristide muzzled
  173. White House-CIA Leak Records Sought (sing a song of BS)
  174. In Karbala and Baghdad, they mourned the dead. Throughout Iraq, they blamedthe US (as well they should)
  175. US contractor recruits guards for Iraq in Chile (Ahh - private armies atack)
  176. US intelligence on Iraqi mobile bioweapons labs was not verified (No sht! They should have asked me)
  177. Transcript shows early effort to discredit ambassador
  178. McDonald's Confirms 'no-Arabic' policy at its restaurants in Israel (How patriotic! Saracasm=yes)
  179. Strip coal miners leveling mountains (why not just blow them all up?)
  180. PG&E's Toxic Plume Creeps Toward L.A. Water Supply (your corpagov working for you)
  181. GPS Keeping Tabs On Car Rentals ("The Trial" anyone?)
  182. Blunkett in US for anti-'terror' summit (maybe B will commit suicide and help end terror)
  183. Crossing the threshold (It's already a done deal)
  184. Ashcroft Funds Under Scrutiny (a yet to be indicted criminal. This is news?)
  185. Fellowship finances townhouse where 6 congressmen live (Ah yes - anothr cuddly religious connection)
  186. Fill-Er-Up And Then Pay Up (through the nose, cuase your gummint is yanking the chains)
  187. Buffett speaks (maybe he has conscience?)
  188. Kerry on Bush: 'Houston, We've Got a Problem' (Wow! I never knew that!)
  189. Bush ads exploit tragedy of 9/11 (Tasteless Twit of the Century)
  190. RNC tells TV stations not to run anti-Bush ads (and not to bite thir nails)
  191. Thousands of Aristide Supporters Pour Into Streets (Sure - think if W were deposed)
  192. Kerry: Bush Shortchanges Troops on Gear (But - they're supposed to ie)
  193. 'Journalist' Novak Poking Fun at CIA Leak (sick fuck)
  194. Leak Investigators to Get Phone Log (or piece of paper with writing anhow)
  195. Speech To The Council On Foreign Relations (aren't we a little late?)
  196. Doubts cast on efforts to link Saddam, al-Qaida (there were doubts?!)
  197. As U.S. Watches, Iraq Warms to Old Enemy (Cool! Anything to thwart the nad guys)
  198. Shia boycott of signing widens Iraqi divisions (predictable 20 years ago)
  199. Iraqi leaders break off talks after impasse on basic law
  200. U.S. Detains Over 10,000 Iraqis, Including An 11 Year Old (S.O.P.)
  201. Martin mocks Mel's Passion (Mel is a sick asshole, always has been)
  202. Mel Gibson Forgives Us for His Sins (I'm just so touched)
  203. Revealed: Shocking new evidence of the dangers of GM crops (Nothing *ne* about it)
  204. Scientist 'gagged' by No 10 after warning of global warming threat no truth dare speak its name)
  205. The Battle for Florida Heats Up, Stirring Memories of the Coup
  206. Minnesota Pension Fund Blasts Pfizer (Hit that corpagov!)
  207. Lackluster Job Numbers a Growing Problem for Bush (For The Chimp?!!)
  208. Critics Say Billions Are Ill-Spent on Mars (Not if the Chimp et al get ent)
  209. Scalia Addressed Advocacy Group Before Key Decision (He's a sick fuck. This is news?)
  210. GOP wants ads that criticize Bush pulled (I'll bet they do!)
  211. Bush won't pull ads using 9/11 images (Told not to - must lose)
  212. Bush campaign ads provoke protests from families of September 11 victims (More!)
  213. Kerry Says Bush 'Stonewalling' 9/11 Probe (Suddenly it dawns?!)
  214. Bush attacked on Iraq, 9/11 (One could only wish)
  215. Did the FBI conceal wider right-wing involvement in the Oklahoma City Bombing? (Would the CIA lie yo you?)
  216. Portable drug test for students to get tryout in Palm Beach County (Get the little ones used to Naziland)
  217. Palm Beach County Schools Using Drug Detection Kits
  218. Army's new Smar Truck lll concept (Ahh - government technology)
  219. The Pentagon's Secret Scream (and more methods of torture - what's a government for but to induce pain and terror?)
  220. Don't invade us, Chavez warns US (You go guy!)
  221. Military Spending Sparks Warnings (Hey! We got W to keep us warm!)
  222. Task Force 121 steps up hunt for Bin Laden (Ohh - the CIA agent?)
  223. US forces accused of looting, torture and death in Afghanistan
  224. Subpoena list (More like a joke list)
  225. Sonol pumps fuel to U.S. forces in Iraq
  226. Rebuilding contracts flow into Iraq (Guess who's profiting? Clue: it ain't you)
  227. Seven British soldiers hurt in attack near Basra (and the number o Irais?)
  228. Rockets Hit Near U.S. Iraq Headquarters, U.S. Says (Not close enough, apparently)
  229. Constitutional uncertainty persists (In Iraq as well as the US)
  230. Bloomberg backs gay civil unions (but disapproving of uncivil unions, the SOB should resign)
  231. Gay Couple Married In Asbury Park, A New Jersey First (Cool! Anothe group domesticated like dogs)
  232. Shocking figures reveal sad plight of birds (So? Human are apparently extinct too. Cf. Washington DC)
  233. Effort to Quash Conn. Gov. Subpoenas (and subvert justice for the rich and famous: the rest of us are fucked meat)
  234. Kucinich in Ohio Hospital with Stomach Flu (Who poisoned him?)
  235. Kucinich gets extra boost in final caucus numbers (a genuinely good guy, bound to to get screwed)
  236. Poll: Edwards leads pack as vice-presidential pick for Kerry (was obvious for months)
  237. Fed OKs Bank of America - FleetBoston Deal (Corpagob ueber alles!)
  238. Gas a penny short of historic U.S. high (designed that way - no acciden)
  239. report: Billionaires' wealth grew by 36 percent in last year (The Plan)
  240. McClellan won't answer senators' questions on Canada drug imports, for now(McClellan=asswipe)
  241. DeLay to offer own [insane] Hill agenda
  242. FBI's DNA Database Helps ID Suspects (and everyone else in Big Brother Land)
  243. UK and USA In Terror Test II (Test *this* - assholes!)
  244. DPP to rule on fate of Guantanamo Britons
  245. Military Has a Growing Drinking Problem (like not enough?)
  246. Japan Cabinet OK's War Contingencies
  247. "Bye-bye Aristide,Chavez you're next!": Venezuela: Right-wing opposition clamours for another US-backed coup
  248. Resist U.S. Occupation Says Exiled Haiti Leader
  249. Aristide Defiant, to Sue US, France, Over Kidnapping
  250. Guerrilla [Resistance] Warfare In Afghanistan
  251. Afghanistan: Rights Group Criticizes U.S. Military Conduct
  252. U.S. Replaces Halliburton Iraqi Fuel Contracts
  253. End of hot meals for U.S. troops in Iraq?
  254. Blix: Bush, Blair Knew They Were Hyping Case for War
  255. International Election Monitors Take on Florida
  256. "What can we do to prevent him from stealing the election again?"
  257. Lawmaker Sues to Add Paper Trail to Florida's New 'Voting' Machines
  258. GM crops are given qualified go-ahead
  259. S.D. governor backs bill to ban abortions
  260. Lawsuit challenges paperless 'voting' system
  261. E-Voting: No Chads, But ...
  262. 7,000 Orange County Voters Were Given Bad Ballots
  263. Kerry Cruises To Four More Primary Victories
  264. Kelly: GOP Security Could Cost $65M
  265. Support for Bush Falls On Economy and Iraq
  266. Supreme Court's Gag Rule on Us (Read this one)
  267. RNC tells TV stations not to run anti-Bush ads
  268. Bush Campaign Seeks Probe of Election Ads
  269. Bush Campaign Seeks Probe of Election Ads (Lightning to strike dead?)
  270. The dead, the bad and the ugly: President[sic]'s ad blitz bombs 9/11
  271. 9/11 panel won't be limited to hour with Bush (would longer be endurable?)
  272. To our self-proclaimed "War President"
  273. Police Secretly Watching Hip-Hop Celebrities In Florida
  274. Is Military Creeping Into Domestic Law Enforcement? (Has been for decades)
  275. Australian government gets "carte blanche" to outlaw organisations
  276. Britain: Detainees returning from Guantanamo face arrest and surveillance
  277. Guantanamo suspect walks free, but four others are detained for questioning
  278. Britons Detained After Guantanamo Release
  279. Report details abuse, torture of prisoners by US forces in Afghanistan
  280. Iraqis tortured and killed by British troops
  281. War chief reveals legal crisis
  282. Plugging Leaks
  283. What Happened to $1 Trillion?
  284. Spy Unit Skirted CIA on Iraq
  285. CIA director disputes Cheney assertions on Iraq
  286. C.I.A. Chief Says He's Corrected Cheney Privately (Bet that wejnt over well)
  287. Approval of Irradiated Sweet Potatoes Has Critics Steamed
  288. Sen. McCain Open to Being Kerry's VP (Lightning bolt here - right here!)
  289. Many Major Kerry Donors Actually Give More to Bush
  290. Presidential Fund Raising Jan '04
  291. Kerry Comment Riles Bush Campaign (Moribund apoplexy perhaps?)
  292. Bush, Kerry Trade Barbs Over Jobs (Yes, their lying is getting dowen to realities)
  293. The GOP and the Nazis: There are similarities and, no, I will not apologize
  294. Stock-dumping
  295. US trade deficit widens to US$43.1 bln in Jan
  296. Promises, Promises (Krugman gets very real)
  297. EPA Sued Over Sept. 11 Contamination
  298. Robotic Legs Could Produce Super Troops
  299. South Africa Confirms Link Between Plane And Coup
  300. Alleged mercenaries were to abduct EGuinea president, leader says
  301. Zimbabwe Says Western Agencies Aided Mercenaries
  302. Haiti: US Marines expand operations as Washington assembles puppet regime
  303. U.S. Forces Cause ['to Intervene in'] Haiti Violence
  304. Multinational Force to 'Help Haitian Police' Disarm Populace
  305. Iraqis tortured and killed by British troops
  306. The new Pentagon papers
  307. U.S. Still Pays Iraqi Exile Group for Intelligence (For lying ?)
  308. Pentagon Pays Iraq Group, Supplier of Incorrect Spy Data
  309. Halliburton Under Fire Again Over Iraq Costs
  310. Election Problems Stir Bad 2000 Memories
  311. Election panel OKs Illegal software
  313. COINTELPRO Index
  314. History - Federal Bureau of Investigation
  315. CIA - History
  316. Experts Say U.S. Never Spoke to Source of Tip On Bioweapons (It's not
  317. U.S. Rebuked on Afghans in Detention (Genocide 1, Rebuke 0)
  318. Zimbabwe Seizes U.S.-Registered Cargo Plane Allegedly Carrying Military
  319. Zimbabwe says US, UK and Spain sent mercenaries
  320. Plane did stop at Grantley Adams, coming from Hope Air Force Base NC US
  321. Equatorial Guinea TV to air mercenary confession
  322. Sharon says US should also disarm Iran, Libya and Syria
  323. Zimbabwe set to charge 60 'mercenaries'
  324. Koran recordings found at Madrid blast site, police say
  325. Purported Qaeda letter says US strike almost ready (sure - uh-huh)
  326. So who is behind Madrid attacks?
  327. Madrid attacks will harden Washington's resolve (one of the purposes?)
  328. Madrid: terrorism or collateral damage? (and by whom?)
  329. Blair: Scrap international law vs. aggressive war
  330. Will Mainstream Censor These Delicate Revelations? - Forums powered by Reason and Principle
  331. The-Money-Changers-main (book on banking history)
  332. Chronology of Money Timeline
  333. Timeline of the history of the Jews in Kalinovka
  334. The CORPORATE DOMINATION of American Culture and Politics
  335. Central Bank Corruption Insider Trading and Scandals
  336. The Vatican (small, but useful - the site, not vatican)
  337. Mirror.co.uk - MY HELL IN CAMP X-RAY
  338. U.S. Unloading WMD in Iraq (The awaited US fabrication)
  339. Agency initiates steps for selective draft
  340. FBI pushes for broadband wiretap powers
  341. FBI adds to wiretap wish list
  342. Daschle calls for revote on Medicare drug bill (Lots of luck)
  343. Bush regime ordered Medicare plan cost estimates withheld (Liars Inc.)
  344. With no Democrats present, Orrin Hatch Halts GOP Memo Probe
  345. U.N. Nuclear Watchdog Condemns Iran (Is Canada Poodling?)
  346. washingtonpost.com: Easier Internet Wiretaps Sought
  347. US revealed to be secretly funding opponents of Chavez
  348. We bombed Madrid, says al-Qaeda tape (A "recovered" tape? CIA or Mossad? Take your pick)
  349. Medicare analyst confirms muzzling
  350. Bush lied to justify Iraq war, Canada right to stay out: poll
  351. Guantanamo Britons were 'chained to the floor and beaten'
  352. Aznar's defeat comes at worst possible moment for Bush (ergo good for all humans)
  353. An antidote to government lies about David Hicks The President versus David Hicks, directed by Curtis Levy and Bentley Dean
  354. Bush administration cancels maintenance of Hubble Space Telescope (!? But Mars is good)
  355. Interior Department Goes Offline (hiding under our desks are we?)
  356. Exxon Mobil sets record profit in '03
  357. Many fuming over soaring gas costs
  358. U.S. Gasoline Prices Hit a Record High
  359. Pharmaceutical Sales a Thriving Industry
  360. Prescriptions And Profit
  361. Pharmaceutical Industry Hires Giuliani (or attlia the hun, whoever is first)
  362. Mercury Emissions Rules Bent to Benefit Industry, Officials Say (oops)
  363. Job Losses Become Major Issue in US Presidential S-election
  364. The Politics of Self-Pity (Maurren scores several hits)
  365. Rumsfeld: Bush Orders No Campaigning for Him (just bread and water?)
  366. Rumsfeld Has Sept. 11 Souvenir Debris (of one of his only successes)
  367. Little can be done to protect rails, experts say (from government terror?)
  368. Privacy Safeguards Deep-Sixed (more?!!)
  369. Guantanamo Britons were 'chained to the floor and beaten'
  370. Anti-US resentment on rise in southeast Afghanistan
  371. Intelligence chiefs had no hint of al-Qaeda bomb plot (intelligence?)
  372. Spain ousts ruling party (first good thing of the year)
  373. Aznar's defeat comes at worst possible moment for Bush (awwwwwwwwwwwwww)
  374. Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero (it's actually about him)
  375. Spain plans to pull out of Iraq
  376. Bush lied to justify Iraq war, Canada right to stay out: poll
  377. Support for the war in Iraq declines in Texas, poll finds
  378. Security alarm as protesters spray navy ship ("John Howard US Bootlicker")
  379. Relatives of US soldiers killed in Iraq protest outside US base
  380. Military Families vs. the War
  381. Wired News: Darpa Takes Battle to the Streets (i.e., cities - and that eans yous and me)
  382. Army sent mentally ill troops to Iraq (also to Wash DC)
  383. Medicare analyst confirms muzzling
  384. U.S. Videos, for TV News, Come Under Scrutiny (how much scrutiny?)
  385. Kerry's Illinois Win Seals Democratic Presidential Nomination
  386. St. Patrick, Rid Us of These Snakes!
  387. Japan sticks to demand that U.S. test all cattle
  388. Bank of America Plans Job Cuts of Up to 13,000 (oops more gone)
  389. Justice Dept. Opens Inquiry Into Shell Oil (relax - it's Sat. Night Live skit)
  390. Thompson Launches Inquiry Into Medicare Drug Bill Cost (pharma theft)
  391. U.S. to Police Arizona Border with Drone Aircraft (searching for bogeymen)
  392. 9-11 Panel Still Discussing Bush Subpoena (how about prison sentence?)
  393. Calls to control US 'terror camp'
  394. 'Animals treated better' than Guant&#-11;&#-11;namo prisoners
  395. Many Say U.S. Aims for World Domination (why what ever made them think hat?)
  396. Democrats Tally 237 Misleading Iraq Statements (how about the unequivocal lies?)
  397. FBI man says US alliance boosts risk (exactly as he was told to say)
  398. Suspicious packages found at embassies ('white powder' from lying Frist perhaps?)
  399. 'Attack on London is inevitable' (fear mongering is all thye have left)
  400. Spain accused of easing up on terror watch (like 9/11 'incompetence'?!)
  401. Spain Campaigned to Pin Blame on ETA
  402. Zapatero May Bring Softer Sell to Spain (A Wellstoning in his future?)
  403. Spanish government signals pull out of Iraq
  404. Zapatero's win puts PM in dock over question of trust (the lies of W, Poddles & Co.)
  405. Spain's PM ups pressure on Blair: 'You can't organise a war with lies' (Oh yes you can; they did it)
  406. Spain's new PM slams Blair and Bush 'lies' (let's keep this truth going)
  407. Fleshing Out Skull & Bones &#-11;&#-11;&#-11; Investigations into America's Most Powerful Secret Society
  408. Poland considers pulling Iraq troops early
  409. 'We were taken for a ride' over Iraqi WMD: Polish President
  410. Poland feels 'deceived' over Iraq WMD (rats desert sinking ships)
  411. US downplays Polish criticism over Iraq WMD (time to invade terrorist Poland?)
  412. Taken for a Ride
  413. Airlines will have to hand over passenger information (on potty visits too?)
  414. Scalia Angrily Defends His Duck Hunt With Cheney (more snarling of liars)
  415. Senate Democrats Claim Medicare Chief Broke Law
  416. Zapatero Says U.S. Should Dump Bush
  417. Zapatero turns down Bush request
  418. Paper: Aznar asked media to blame ETA (like this is a surprise)
  419. DARPA Defense Sciences Office - Solicitations (A sick government run amok)
  420. DARPA creating a race of robo-grunts
  421. Venezuela Won't Recognize Haiti's New "illegitimate" Government (US has one of those too)
  422. Opinion of U.S. Abroad Is Falling, Survey Finds (some have minds and brains)
  423. Rove: Kerry Has Taste of Bush Campaign
  424. Did Adnan Khashoggi Throw the Election to Dubya?
  425. MSNBC - Mel Gibson says his wife could be going to hell (Get a grip, Mel.)
  426. Murdoch brings in Bush adviser (Condi the Liar and Criminal, that is)
  427. Anti-War Activists Call for Bush Censure Over Iraq (How about imprisonment?)
  428. White House Role Is Alleged (in lying to Congress - and just bout everybody?)
  429. Coke water in cancer scare (The real meaning of "free trade")
  430. Iraqi Reporters Rebuff Powell, Leave News Conference (unlike cowardly USreporters)
  431. MSNBC - What happened to the antiwar movement?
  432. Terrorism & Security | csmonitor.com
  433. Citizens find Bush guilty of Afghan war crimes (JP)
  434. Top U.S. officer tells Aristide to keep quiet
  435. Bush Reaches $170M Fund Raising Goal
  436. Bush campaign gear made in Burma
  437. Bush Medicare Reform Bill Become a Nightmare for GOP
  438. US House of Reps. Iraq On The Record Report
  439. Death of a patriot: No more (Athan Gibbs)
  440. He wanted every vote to matter; Athan Gibbs, Sr. dies in crash - Sunday, 03/14/04
  441. Diebold, electronic voting and the vast right-wing conspiracy
  442. New bill calls for G.I. Jane draft
  443. Thousands Protest on Iraq W-ar Anniversary
  444. Huge Worldwide Protests Demand Iraq Troop Pullout
  445. Thousands across Canada mark Iraq invasion anniversary with rallies
  446. AlterNet: The Momentum of the Movement (Peace)
  447. A Look at U.S. Military Deaths in Iraq
  448. Violence in Iraq Marks War Anniversary
  449. Major Protests Mark Iraq War Anniversary
  450. 5 Top BBC resignations astonished Hutton (34,802)
  451. AP Wire | 03/20/2004 | If there is a devastating attack on the capital, a shadow government...(This actually started under Eisenhower, and the secret place is Mt. Airy in VA)
  452. Journo claims proof of WMD lies (It's good to have proof of the obvious)
  453. NEWS.com.au | Name and shame ministers who lie (March 19, 2004)
  454. NEWS.com.au | Al-Qaeda claims Baghdad hotel blast (March 19, 2004) - they mean "Al-CIAda"
  455. Bin Laden reward set to rise to $50m (A lot for a CIA operative!)
  456. Fears Impacted U.S. Reporting on Iraq (More proof of the obvious?)
  457. Wounded U.S. veterans get a raw deal at home (US corpagov in action)
  458. Medicare Actuary Gives Wanted Data to Congress
  459. US firms try to block cheap Aids drugs (US corpagov strikes again)
  460. Bush 'Ignored Terrorism for Months,' Clarke Tells '60 Minutes' (and still ignores his own terrorism)
  461. Ex-Aide Says Bush Doing 'Terrible Job'
  462. Rumsfeld 'wanted to bomb Iraq' after 9/11
  463. Did Bush Press For Iraq-9/11 Link? (Is water wet?)
  464. The Armageddon Plan (is a dictatorship - what else?)
  465. Huge Worldwide Protests Demand Iraq Troop Pullout
  466. 100,000 at NYC rally as protests gather nationwide
  467. March 20 Global Day of Action
  468. Iraq war chest 'will be empty by July' (UK)
  469. Al-Qaeda chief evades trap (Al-CIAda)
  470. U.S. Chopper Attacks Pakistan by Mistake, Wounds 3 (Does "amok" come to mind?)
  471. Schwarzenegger Looks at Workers' Comp (Arbeit Macht Frei?)
  472. Bush-Cheney political director appears before grand jury
  473. Carter savages Blair and Bush: 'Their war was based on lies'
  474. Iraq war will cost Bush his presidency
  475. US Afghan allies committed massacre
  476. US pilot 'not at fault' for killing Afghan children (??)
  477. US soldiers accused of raping 100 colleagues
  478. CNN ends up with "much egg on its face" (What! Bogus "news"?!)
  479. al-Qaida No. 2: We Have Briefcase Nukes (Al-CIAda probably does)
  480. The Observer | Special reports | On the roads of ruin (Afghanistan)
  481. Carter Stirs up a Hornets Nest
  482. Carter savages Blair and Bush: 'Their war was based on lies'
  483. Inquiry chief says US could have prevented September 11 attacks
  484. Democrats Say Bush Abuses Power in Slamming Critic
  485. Powell: Early Action Might Not Have Stopped 9/11 (What? Disbandin Al-CIAda?)
  486. Israel Says All Militant Leaders Marked for Death (Virulent Nazis at work)
  487. Israelis wonder whether anything can bring peace (Not with them around)
  488. Sharon Bets on Weakening Hamas (By murder?! Needs a little taste of his own medicine, perhaps?)
  489. Clear Channel execs donate more to Bush
  490. Report Says Medicare to Go Broke by 2019 (along with all of us)
  491. Gasoline Pump Prices Hit All-Time High (artificially created, as before)
  492. U.S. Justices Consider if Health Insurers Can Be Sued (How about any corpa?)
  493. Sierra Club Ads Target Bush, Toxic Waste (Bush *is* toxic waste.)
  494. UN official slams French ban on Muslim headscarf (and about time)
  495. Clarke Warned of Hundreds Dead Just Before 9/11 (Clarke does double coverup)
  496. Clarke to 9/11 families: Your government failed you
  497. Ex-Adviser: Terrorism Not Urgent for Bush
  498. Bush Briefed on Al Qaeda Threat Before Taking [Literally, *taking* office]
  499. Berger: Rice was told about 'urgency' of al Qaeda (More double coverup)
  500. Inquiry chief says US could have prevented September 11 attacks (yet more)
  501. Officials: U.S. missed chance to kill bin Laden (The Al-CIAda agents?)
  502. Aide: Clinton Approved Killing Bin Laden (Al-CIAda wants to kill own agent?)
  503. Pledge of Allegiance, 'Under God' Backed at U.S. Supreme Court Supreme Whore Court)
  504. Clear Channel execs donate more to Bush (and more and more and ...)
  505. Gasoline Pump Prices Hit All-Time High (by governmental arrangement)
  506. Postage Stamp Prices Could Rise Sharply (more governmental arrangement)
  507. Microsoft hit by record EU fine (Yea!)
  508. Justices Hear Arguments About H.M.O. Malpractice Lawsuits (Really getting screwed we are)
  509. Battle The Monsanto Milk Beast (Get milk, get hormones - secretly)
  510. U.S. Pushes to Boost Use of Ozone Damaging Fumigant (Had enough yet?)
  511. Sierra Club Ads Target Bush, Toxic Waste
  512. School District Closes as Dozens of Students Fall Ill (watching Faux News?)
  513. Oregon County Bans All Marriages - Period (Thought the corpagov was sane?)
  514. Corporations Point Workers Toward [GOP] Ballot Boxes (Tell 'em who to vote for)
  515. Rove, Small Circle Lead Bush Campaign (Criminals galore)
  516. Florida voting worries persist (and well they should)
  517. Kay implores US to admit mistakes in Iraq (Wasting his breath)
  518. Economist.com | Spain, a week on (with Zapatero)
  519. Bush's brand new enemy is the truth (Nooo?! - really?)
  520. Hint of excess haste in Blair's trip to Libya (He goes to sell arms!)
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  522. Uri Avnery: The Assassination of Sheikh Yassin is Worse Than a Crime
  523. John Stanton: Which Way John Kerry?
  524. Justin Felux: Kerry and Black America (Kerry and Humans)
  525. Mike Whitney: Greenspan's Treason
  526. Gabriel Kolko: The Coming Elections and the Future of American Global Power
  527. Alexander Cockburn: Gay Marriage: Sidestep on Freedom's Path (Perfect sense)
  528. Jeffrey St. Clair: Intolerable Opinions in an Age of Shock and Awe
  529. Group that called electronic vote secure got makers' aid
  530. County calls out Diebold execs
  531. Terror experts 'almost quit' in frustration with Bush
  532. Bush Says He Had No Advance Warning of 9/11 (He didn't need any)
  533. Clarke: 'White House is papering over facts' (So is Clarke)
  534. Government 'failed you,' Clarke testifies (Nope. *Screwed* you)
  535. Clarke: Rice should have done job before 9/11 (Oh, but she *did*)
  536. Daschle Assails White House Tactics Against Clarke (He does have a mouth?)
  537. White House in row over September 11 evidence (How about in prison?)
  538. Inside view casts new shadow over re-[s-]election hopes (Kerry for W is no improvement)
  539. September 11: the shocking evidence of secret deals, missed chances and fatal misjudgments (but with false premises)
  540. Four 9/11 Moms Watch Rumsfeld And Grumble (or vomit?)
  541. Spain's Leader-Elect Wants U.N. Iraq Vote
  542. U.S. sent medically unfit soldiers to Iraq, Pentagon acknowledges
  543. Widow of Soldier in Jessica Lynch Unit Blasts Bush
  544. U.S. Places 2,000 More Marines Near Afghanistan
  545. U.S. to Ship Guns to Neighbouring Dominican Republic (??!!)
  546. Fox questions why British military were in Mexico (answers should be cute)
  547. CNN.com - Blair: Libya can help fight terror - Mar 25, 2004 (an arms sale meeting)
  548. Exxon Mobil 4Q profit up 63% (4Q says it all)
  549. Retail Gasoline Sets Record Once Again
  550. FBI alerts Texas refineries to terror threat (Al-CIAda October Surprise?)
  551. Senate Takes Up 'Unborn Victims' Bill (The 'Born', however are screwed)
  552. FBI's Mueller Warns of Terrorist Plots (US corpagov terrorists?)
  553. Speaking of your privates ... (Privacy, my ass!)
  554. Probe may force DeLay to step down (or be shipped to Mars?)
  555. Kerry, Dean Vow to Push Bush From Office (I just want to vote NO)
  556. Governor Dean Endorses John Kerry for President >> (uh-oh)
  557. Democracy for America (In your dreams)
  558. Protesters Lose Bid to Camp in NY During Convention
  559. Betrayed by an oil giant
  560. Tensions run high as Bush visit ignites clashes ("Get the terrorists out of the White House:)
  561. Activist spray-paints GOP headquarters ("LIES" - how appropriate)
  562. Dem leaders gather in D.C. to embrace Kerry (Sure to be Prez Kerry is a BIG MISTAKE)
  563. Democrats Call Bush's 'Comedy' Skit Tasteless (does as he is)
  564. Feds Cancel Flight on 'Psychic' Bomb Tip (such an *advanced* civilization!)
  565. Caribbean Leaders Don't Accept Haiti Gov't
  566. U.N. Urged to Probe U.S. Role in Haiti
  567. French Lawyer Says He Will Defend Hussein (Will S.H. ever be seen or heard from again?!)
  568. Senate Passes (Theocratic) Fetus Protection Bill
  569. Group that called electronic vote secure got makers' aid (graft, that is)
  570. Condi must testify - under oath (Yeah sure - as if!)
  571. GOP Moves to Declassify 2002 Clarke Testimony (Now, why would that be?)
  572. Bush's brand new enemy is the truth
  573. GOP donors double dipping with Nader
  574. Occupiers spend millions on private army of security men
  575. Britain's secret army in Iraq: thousands of armed security men who answer tonobody
  576. Iraqi women find no end to their suffering
  577. W. Va. Sen. on Iraq: 'My Vote Was Wrong' (Nope: either idiot - or bought)
  578. Democrats, public not amused by Bush weapons jokes
  579. Elephants in the Barracks (*More* incompetence? Nope: more lies)
  580. Nader's Image Slips In Survey (it should slip to zero)
  581. Israeli Official Is Said to Recommend Sharon Bribe Charge
  582. The Miami Herald | 03/23/2004 | Kerry says Bush is soft on Ch&#-11;&#-11;vez(uh-oh)
  583. Toronto Sun Columnist: Eric Margolis - The 'war president' waged a war of lies
  584. The Observer | International | Terror backlash hits Bush's votes
  585. Court Opens Door to Searches Without Warrants (We're even near out of the woods)
  586. It was too many appliances, not pot, that police found at Carlsbad home (Oh Amerika)
  587. Carl Worden -- Man Arrested For Saving a Stray Chicken (The whole country is a zoo)
  588. Disenfranchised Florida Felons Struggle to Regain Their Rights
  589. Reuters AlertNet - US arms hunter to tell Congress no Iraqi WMD found (more likely to find unicorns)
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  592. Lapse Blamed for Iraq Friendly Fire Deaths
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  594. Senate considers requiring paper receipts for voter (barking up wrong tree - as usual)
  595. D.C. Knew of Lead Problems In 2002
  596. Guess who's coming to protest? | csmonitor.com (homegrown environmentalism)
  597. U.N. Warns About Ocean 'Dead Zones'
  598. Investigators to probe INC member Ahmad Chalabi's use of US money: report
  599. Reporter Apologizes for Iraq Coverage
  600. Keller Defends Judith Miller in Statement (How to defend a Nazi liar?)
  601. Questions Raised About Killing of Journalist in Iraq
  602. Europeans unite against Bush
  603. Kerry would press OPEC, boost renewable energy (Pressure US corpagov not to scarf it up, perhaps?)
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  605. YellowTimes.org - "Behind a nations iron doors"
  606. YellowTimes.org - "Behind a nations iron doors"
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  609. Texas mother who stoned sons to death in court (Ah! US civilization)
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  614. Condoleezza Rice to Testify In Public, Under Oath (Circus Royale!)
  615. The New Yorker: The Critics: A Critic At Large (Athens v. Sparta)
  616. H.R. 3077, The International Studies in Higher Education Act (Oh really?Read it)
  617. Guardian Unlimited | The Guardian | Experts mourn the Lion of Nimrud, looted as troops stood by
  618. Droughts Ended Maya Civilization, Experts Say
  619. Citizens for Legitimate Government, Bush Election Coup 2000 2K anti political action liberties peace activist(another national moron)
  620. Electronic Ballots May Have Altered Race Outcome
  621. U.S. Weapons Hunt Shifts Focus to 'Intent' in Iraq (shifts and lies, lies and shifts)
  622. Iraq Contracts Give Halliburton Headaches (Hmm - headache worthe$6 billion?!)
  623. Guardian Unlimited | The Guardian | The prodigal son returns (Ghadafi playing with Blair: arms for oil)
  624. Saddam trial 'will not be fair' (I would never have guessed)
  625. Costa Rica Asks Venezuelan Fugitive Carlos Ortega To Leave
  626. Illegal stock trades prior to 9/11 trace back to the CIA
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  632. International Court of Justice: US blamed over 51 death row Mexicans
  633. Florida Senate plan would ban paper recounts with electronic 'voting' machines (WHAT?!)
  634. Top Focus Before 9/11 Wasn't on Terrorism (Diversion from their terrorist plans?)
  635. 4 'Civilian Contractors' Killed in Iraq Worked for N.C. Security Firm
  636. Blackwater Security Consulting
  637. Blackwater Target Systems
  638. Outsourcing Military Security Has Risks (i.e. "Mercenary Armies")
  639. Mercenaries flock to fill vacuum (Exactly as designed to replace US Army)
  640. Sharon Says Arafat Could Be Targeted (So could Sharon)
  641. Found - The 911 'Stand Down Order'?
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  646. 'I saw papers that show US knew al-Qa'ida would attack cities with aeroplanes
  647. Documents Related to Cheney Case Ordered Released
  648. Prosecutors Investigating Whether Bush Officicials Lied About Leak of C.I.A.
  649. Bush Aides Block Clinton's Papers From 9/11 Panel
  650. Powell concedes trusted intelligence not solid
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  653. Guardian Unlimited | Special reports | Scared half to death, the security forces lock themselves behind the barricades
  654. Guardian Unlimited | Special reports | Driven by national pride
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  656. White House refuses to let adviser testify on Medicare drug costs
  657. Senators Fault Mercury Pollution Proposal
  658. Teen threatens to kill Bush
  659. WorldNetDaily: Did Ron Brown die for Enron's sins?
  660. Spread of Bin Laden Ideology Cited
  661. Framework of Clarke's Book Is Bolstered (washingtonpost.com)
  662. Cheney is running a shadow government, claims Watergate aide
  663. Bush and Blair made secret pact for Iraq war
  664. Odigo says workers were warned of attack
  665. Poisoned? (Troops by DU)
  666. US tanks crush Iraqi protesters
  667. RNC opens assault on anti-Bush groups
  668. Iraq Sovereignty or 'sovereignty' (well defined puppetry)
  669. Anti-Amerikan Voices Get Louder Across Iraq
  670. French Actor Fined For Criticizing Israel
  671. Palestinian Factions Outraged By Qorei&#-11;&#-11;&#-11;s Statements
  672. Israeli Troops Storm West Bank
  673. Israeli Forces Storm Aqsa Mosque
  674. Violent Disturbances Rack Iraq From Baghdad to Southern Cities
  675. U.S. Could've Stopped 9/11 Attacks, Panel Chief Says (sur - by not arranging them)
  676. White House to Review 9/11 Report Before Release (new litany of lies?)
  677. White House has final say on 9/11 report (Criminals vet their own trials)
  678. Condi Rice's other wake-up call
  679. The Mystery Deepens (Re the alleged 9/11 investigative committee)
  680. Lugar Says U.S. May Need to Delay Iraq Handover (No "handover" or "withdrawl" was ever intended.)
  681. More US troops may be needed in Iraq - key senator (But, more likely, more mercenaries to replace the US Army completely)
  682. Iraq's top Shiite cleric refuses to meet Bremer
  683. Bush Loyalists Pack Iraq Press Office
  684. Modern Mercenaries on the Iraqi Frontier
  685. Mired in a Mirage
  686. Marines may patrol key waterway (Maylasia, wealth needlessly flowing from people to gov)
  687. But - Malaysia rejects US sea patrols
  688. U.S. Moves to Protect Trains, Buses (and Osama bin CIA under every bed)
  689. It's Kerry over Bush by 12 points
  690. Bush attacks environment 'scare stories'
  691. Detroit schools to cut 3,200 jobs
  692. UK firm tried HIV drug on orphans
  693. The President as Incompetent Liar
  694. Video of Bush at Booker Proves 9-11 Attack Was No Surprise
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  814. Mother makes surprise visit to see son in Iraq
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  816. Nader Fails to Qualify for Oregon Ballot
  817. Dean Calls on Voters to Reject Nader Bid
  818. Reproductive Rights Assaulted
  819. Post-FleetBoston merger, Bank of America slashing 12,500 jobs
  820. Government: Gasoline Price at Record High
  821. Kerry digs up six trillion dollar hole in Bush accounts (+ the 3 trillion the US Army "lost"?)
  822. Officials Seek New Rules to Stem Blackouts
  823. Utility Could Have Halted '03 Blackout, Panel Says (if not ordered not to?)
  824. ID cards 'compulsory by 2008' (UK - and next?)
  825. Poll: Bush Credibility Takes Hit (What credibility?)
  826. White House vetting could delay 9/11 report until after s-election (Surprise!)
  827. Future Combat Systems (headed for ruin)
  828. GAO Says Army on Road to Ruin
  829. On Visit to Haiti, Powell Says the U.S. Weighs Prosecution of Aristide onCorruption Charges (On *what jurisdiction?!)
  830. Top BBC staff threaten to walk out over WMD probe
  831. U.S. military finds way around press corps (with its own Ministry of Public Enlightenment)
  832. Kennedy Compares Bush to Richard Nixon (?? - That's pactically praise)
  833. Kennedy: 'Iraq is George Bush's Vietnam'
  834. Support for Bush on Iraq Falling, Poll Shows (that's 40% of US not paying attention)
  835. Poll Says Bush Is Losing Support on Iraq
  836. Private Guards Repel Attack on U.S. Headquarters
  837. Stand-off continues in Iraq
  838. Iraq dictator outlaws Muslim cleric (Invoking "legitimacy"?!)
  839. U.S. declares Iraqi cleric an 'outlaw' after bloody clashes
  840. US offensive to 'pacify' Falluja
  841. U.S. forces seal off Fallujah
  842. Iraqi Militias Will Be Targeted, U.S. Military Says
  843. Iraqi Shi'ite Militia Battles Italian Troops
  844. On the brink of anarchy
  845. US considers Iraq reinforcements
  846. U.S. studies increasing troops in Iraq
  847. US may send more troops as deaths rise
  848. Rumsfeld: U.S. Troops Arresting Suspects in Falluja
  849. No more Australian troops to Iraq: PM
  850. ACLU Sues U.S. Government Over 'No-Fly' List
  851. Retail Gas Price Hits New Record - AAA
  852. News Corp. Cuts Australian Roots in U.S. Move
  853. Baghdad Sunnis, Shi'ites unite
  854. U.S. Marines Face Tough Urban Warfare in Falluja Assault
  855. Blix wants transcripts of bugged talks
  856. ''O'Neill's book forces Bush to lieagain''
  857. YellowTimes.org - Fallujan Slaughter, U.S. Troops Suffer Heavy Casualties
  858. Headline news from Sky News - Witness the event (130 Soldiers Killed in Iraq)
  859. YellowTimes.org - ''Look out world, here come the Americans again''
  860. YellowTimes.org - "Sustainable poverty"
  861. YellowTimes.org - ''Uh! Oh! Chavez No Se Va''
  862. YellowTimes.org - ''Bush and Clinton: Birds of a feather''
  863. YellowTimes.org - "Myth and denial in the War on Terrorism"
  864. YellowTimes.org - ''The nuclear bomb hoax'' (Among all the other hoaxes)
  865. Bush, Rice and the 9/11 commission: Behind the conflict within the US ruling elite(corpagov)
  866. Blix: Iraq Worse Off Now Than With Saddam Hussein
  867. Locals Say U.S. Attack in Falluja Kills 25 Iraqis
  868. Uprising in Iraq could derail Bush
  869. US resolve in Iraq 'unshakable' (Carlyle und Halibuton Ueber Alles!)
  870. Defiant al-Sadr vows uprising will continue (Assassination a la Israel?)
  871. Fierce Fighting in Ramadi (They want their country back from murdering thieves?)
  872. Fierce Fighting With Sunnis and Shiites Spreads to 6 Iraqi Cities
  873. Blix: Iraq Worse Off Now Than With Saddam Hussein (Just count the bodiesfor god's sake)
  874. Powell Cautions Kennedy on Iraq Remarks (Make that "THREATENS")
  875. Easter Bunny whipped at church show; some families upset (Bizarre country)
  876. MSNBC - Georgia evolution debate goes to trial
  877. $2,000 meal, but no utensils (One truly bizarre corpagov)
  878. Axis of execution: American justice ranked alongside world's most repressiveregimes
  879. 'Armageddon' Plan Was Put Into Action on 9/11, Clarke Says
  880. Norwegian aid workers leave Iraq
  881. Norwegian troops will probably leave Iraq
  882. Some U.S. Troops May Stay Longer in Iraq (Send administration instead)
  883. U.S. Military's Tactic in Fallujah is to Draw Fire, Then Pursue
  884. U.S. Hits Mosque Compound; 40 Said Killed
  885. Marines bomb Fallujah mosque
  886. U.S. Missiles Blast Mosque in Fallujah
  887. At Least 97 Iraqis Killed In Fallujah, 40 In Ramadi
  888. Sadr aide says Iraqis capture occupation soldiers
  889. 'Sadr Uprising' Gains Support of Sunni Iraqis
  890. US battle two-pronged offensive against Sunni, Shiite rebels
  891. U.S. Forces Take Heavy Losses As Violence Spreads Across Iraq
  892. Arrest Warrant For Sadr 'Illegal': Iraqi Judges (Even the *puppets* are fed up with US arrogance)
  893. U.S. Marines Fight Resistance Fighters in Fallujah
  894. Kerry says US in a "mess" in Iraq
  895. Yahoo! News - Energy Dept. Threatens No Nuclear Cleanup (DOE is insane)
  896. Australian government uses Madrid bombings to justify further police-statePowers
  897. Why US troops are occupying Haiti
  898. SEP US presidential candidate on Kerry's jobs plan: "A hoax on the unemployed and giveaway for the rich"
  899. Spain: Zapatero choses a business-friendly cabinet
  900. Spain: Zapatero choses a business-friendly cabinet (a difficult balancing act)
  901. Israel: Sharon, facing indictment, threatens new government
  902. The selling of Bush's Medicare plan: a case history of political gangsterism
  903. Die Bush-Regierung und der 11. September: Was folgt aus Richard Clarkes
  904. Auf dem Weg zum europ&#-11;&#-11;ischen Polizeistaat
  905. US shuts down anti-occupation Iraqi newspaper
  906. US Justice Scalia's memo on Cheney case: contempt for the law and democraticrights
  907. Israel: Sharon government creates ever widening social inequality
  908. Guardian Unlimited | Special reports | Some more questions for Condoleezza(Do they all have attention deficit disorder?)
  909. Guardian Unlimited | World Latest | Senate Panel Seeks Iraq Oil-For-Food List
  910. Bush will walk re-election, says Murdoch (knows about october surprise?!)
  911. Israel claims Blair phoned to support Sharon withdrawal
  912. Guardian Unlimited | Special reports | Killing for scratch on BMW reveals China's wealth gap(Just like home)
  913. US forces battling to maintain control in Iraq, say experts
  914. SA mercenary killed by Shi'a radicals - report
  915. 'Sadr Uprising' Gains Support of Sunni Iraqis
  916. Sadr aide says Iraqis capture occupation soldiers
  917. At Least 97 Iraqis Killed In Fallujah, 40 In Ramadi
  918. NESARA, the National Economic Security And Reformation Act (Just a little fishy?)
  919. Thinking Unthinkable Thoughts (that happen to be accurate)
  920. Rice Says Bush Understood al-Qaida Threat
  921. Rice Yet to Answer For Two Dishonest Statements
  922. Rice's Testimony before the Sept. 11 Commission
  923. Rice's Opening Statement before the Sept. 11 Commission
  924. Iraq stability crumbling quickly
  925. Shiite militia controls swaths of 3 Iraqi cities
  926. Rumsfeld defiant, but US troops face extended Iraq duty
  927. The Australian: US now 'the common enemy' [April 09, 2004]
  928. BBC NEWS | UK | 'US is bigger threat than terror'
  929. Iraqi police stand aside as Shiite gunmen seize cities
  930. 9/11 panel seeks public release of intelligence document
  931. Some 9/11 Families Angered by No Apology from Rice
  932. Rice clashes with 9/11 commission
  933. Concern over 'mystery containers' off Somalia
  934. USDA Rejects Meatpacker's Plan to Test All Animals for Mad Cow )?!)
  935. New Imperialism - Wikipedia
  936. VOXNYC: "VOTE SCAM ARCHIVE" (Explaining the technology of vote fraud)
  937. Turn Left > News > L o s i n g D e m o c r a c y
  938. Indians versus Texaco: fight over clean-up in Ecuadoran Amazon
  939. Scotts Testing Genetically Modified Grass
  940. Girl, 9, cuffed and arrested over missing bunny (FL)
  941. Police take former Enron exec to hospital (Temporary what?)
  942. Check the price: City says 78% of drugstores overcharge (Chicago)
  943. Bush Avows Free Trade Despite Dem Attacks (nonexistent free trade that is)
  944. Panel Says Voting System Same As in 2000 (Another selection setup)
  945. National alert over missing fertiliser (Australia: the National BS reserves?)
  946. N Korea on 'brink of nuclear war' with US (What? Again?)
  947. Afghan Renegade Continues Advance Despite Talks
  948. Broken US troops face bigger enemy at home
  949. Iraqis told them to go from day one
  950. PM (Blair) Flies Into Iraq Protest (on holiday in Bermuda)
  951. Howard stands firm on Iraq (and also on its neck, like US & UK)
  952. 'Let Them Eat Lead' by David Wiggins
  953. Falluja Fighting This Week Killed 450 Iraqis-Doctor
  954. Marines Halt Operations in Fallujah
  955. Aljazeera targeted in Falluja
  956. Rebels hit US supply line
  957. US-led dictatorship will not negotiate with kidnappers in Iraq
  958. US-picked Iraqi leaders blast Fallujah offensive
  959. Cleric tells Bush: get out of Iraq or face revolution
  960. Answers sought on US 'private armies' in Iraq
  961. Bush Conceals Names of U.S. Firms That Paid Kickbacks to Hussein
  962. 9/11 Documents Show Hijacking Warnings
  963. Secret memo shows Bush knew about hijack plot before 9/11
  964. Bush Was Warned of Possible Attack in U.S., Official Says
  965. Bush Facts
  966. Sign of split within Iraq's leaders
  967. Iraqi children lie wounded in Falluja clinic
  968. Aljazeera targeted in Falluja
  969. TV crew 'targeted by US fire'
  970. NEWS.com.au | Sacked WMD adviser: I won't lie (April 11, 2004) (but Howard *is* a liar.)
  971. Rejecting Wal-Mart in California
  972. Bush OKs Pension Aid to U.S. Companies (?!)
  973. Bush Catches Bass With Crew From TV Show
  974. Lies A Sixth Grader Would Not Accept (Condi The testifying Liar)
  975. White House Releases Aug. 6, 2001, Al Qaeda Document
  976. Pre-9/11 Secret Briefing Said That Qaeda Was Active in U.S.
  977. Memo contradicts Condoleezza Rice
  978. FBI Disputes Rice Testimony
  979. Woman who lost son now protests (He isn't lost; he died, guess where?)
  980. US soldiers in Iraq asked to pray for Bush (That he goes to heaven? - Quickly?)
  981. Sign of split within Iraq's leaders
  982. Aljazeera targeted in Falluja
  983. TV crew 'targeted by US fire'
  984. Iraqi children lie wounded in Falluja clinic
  985. Teenagers, U.S. troops in confusing Baghdad battle
  986. US tactics condemned by British officers
  987. Japanese hostages to be released: Govt
  988. Private Army (intended to replace US Army)
  989. Iraqi Battalion Refuses to 'Fight Iraqis'
  990. 'What the hell are we doing there and how the hell can we get out?' (UK)
  991. Occupation troops suffer more casualties (Unexpected?)
  992. Violence erupts in Baghdad
  993. Halliburton worker killed in Iraq (Only one?)
  994. Resistance Fighters kill Halliburton driver, soldier
  995. Halliburton worker's family on edge
  996. Iraqi kidnappers threaten to kill US hostage
  997. The Iraqi rebels show me their latest victim: a German in a pool of blood
  998. Army at breaking point in Iraq
  999. Anti-U.S. Outrage Unites a Growing Iraqi Resistance
  1000. Violence Spirals In Iraq
  1001. Academics 'harming' efforts to combat terrorism (Truth harms illusions and lies?)
  1002. Bush gets tough on porn in the USA (How about tough on racketeering and
  1003. Ashcroft Flying High (New updates on ancient - and it seems forgotten history)
  1004. Guardian Unlimited Politics | Special Reports | Halt Hutton inquisition, urges former BBC chief(All that walking would destroy BBC - and that's *exactly* the intent)
  1005. BBC Iraq Briton's final tragic e-mail (Operative phrase: "Mercenary Army")
  1006. Falluja siege in Pictures: Sacrifice on the altars of Haliburton and other Mercenaries - Yes it *should* make you sick to your stomach.
  1007. Who Is Moqtada Sadr? (washingtonpost.com)
  1008. Bush dismisses significance of security memo. 12/04/2004. ABC News Online(Bush dismisses all inconvenient truth routinely)
  1009. Google Search: "richard mellon scaife"
  1010. Civil war fear as Afghan city falls to warlord (What were assholes expecting? Tea and crumpets?)
  1011. US hostage will be 'spared' (Simple civility in the face of genocide)
  1012. US soldiers in Haiti face anger and resentment (and on and on and on. Hello? Anybody paying attention to the obvious?)
  1013. 'If you are poor, you are doomed'
  1014. IRS is auditing fewer businesses, more individuals (Oh - how *completely* surprising! You FY fovernment doing what it does best.)
  1015. U.S. Gasoline Rises to Record $1.80/Gallon in Survey (This is only AVERAGE. Where's the variance?)
  1016. Forest Service brochure criticized (Bite me!)
  1017. Tale of the (Scalia) Tapes and US Supreme Whore Court
  1018. Feds issue threat over money for nuclear-waste cleanup (How will they kill you? Let me count the ways.)
  1019. Bush regime backs away from treaty governing oceans (The CYA, FY, Thieve it corpagov in inaction)
  1020. US soldiers in Haiti face anger and resentment (Ooops - another. There might be a pattern here.)
  1021. Civil war fear as Afghan city falls to warlord (Bingo! Is this a tifecta?)
  1022. Archeologists Mourn Plunder of Iraq's Treasures (and the rest of mourn the plunder of the world)
  1023. Among Military Families, Questions About Bush (like his human sanity?)
  1024. U.S. may be facing intifada (to be directed persoanlly at its criminal corpagov?)
  1025. How GI bullies are making enemies of their Iraqi friends (Thanks to Chimpco, stupid 'murikans have already lost everything.)
  1026. Around 600 Iraqis Dead in Falluja Fighting-Hospital
  1027. US tactics tragic - UK officer
  1028. U.S. helicopter shot down in Baghdad
  1029. U.S. military says 16 troops killed in past 3 days
  1030. Attacks Across Iraq Continue Despite Cease-Fire (What cease-fire? US *never* ceased its genicide! Look it up.)
  1031. Bush says it's "hard to tell" if casualties will keep mounting in Iraq (Prez puppet prattles on)
  1032. Troops Hold Fire at 3 Iraqi Cities for Negotiations (Yeah - right! I'm totally prepared for another battery of lies)
  1033. Contractors put Iraq reconstruction on hold (while they have citizens' $US shoved down their criminal throats)
  1034. U.S. Backs Off Bin Laden Capture Forecast (Why capture a CIA agent?)
  1035. The ex-presidents' club (Are we still in denial of reality? - Morons!)
  1036. Press Didn't Buy White House Spin on 9/11 Document (Press says what it's damn well told to say.)
  1037. Memo Not Specific "says the Chimp" (What the hell would this idiot know about specificity?)
  1038. Osama bin Laden Determined To Strike in US (That's Al-CIAda, not Osama bin Poopypants)
  1039. Bush may have known about 9/11 ("may"!? This is a tragedy, not a fucing comedy!)
  1040. American Airlines Flight 77
  1041. As surveillance grows, so does concern about privacy in the closely watched nation (UK)
  1042. Dictator Bush spends 40% of time out of the office
  1043. U.S. Army Says It Intends to 'Kill or Capture' Sadr (Consequences be damned?!)
  1044. 2 Soldiers, 7 'Contractors' Missing in Iraq (... and counting)
  1045. U.S. Military Seeks Additional Forces for Iraq (More mercenaries?)
  1046. Guardian Unlimited | World dispatch | World dispatch: Brian Whitaker
  1047. Theres No Braveheart Running the White House
  1048. Democracy for America
  1049. Forest Service Photos Raise Flap (gee - just because it's a lie?)
  1050. Toxin Ricin Found in Wash. Man's Apartment (or rice flour - or Frist's dentafrice again)
  1051. Police cams to add gunshot detectors (Big Brother hits Chicago)
  1052. Gov. Bush lobbies for drug-tracking database (How about a government lie database?)
  1053. Scalia apologizes for recording erasure (A nolo - and he promises never to do it again? Ha!)
  1054. Ashcroft Faces Scrutiny on Pre-9/11 Actions (How about facing treason charges?)
  1055. Experts See Drawbacks to GOP Convention in NY (Stay tuned for covert actions)
  1056. Taliban 'kill Afghan spy chief'
  1057. All's Well in Iraq -- Just Ask the Dead
  1058. Yahoo! News - Bush says US intelligence faces major revamp after September 11 inquiry(yep - firing anyone who told anything resembling truth)
  1059. Yahoo! News - Officials: Pre-9/11 Memo Excluded Data (Ooops - more cheating?)
  1060. Cheney Lends Support to Koizumi on Iraq (as Pope lent support to Hitler on Sudetenland)
  1061. Australian defence adviser 'sacked for refusing to sex up WMD reports' (life in a poodledom)
  1062. New Reports on U.S. Planting WMDs in Iraq (What else was there to do?)
  1063. Falluja toll tops 600
  1064. Fallujah refugees complain of US military treatment
  1065. 'Do we look like fighters?' ask Fallujah families with their disabled, theirold and their children
  1066. Iraqi police defect to Sadr
  1067. Cleric (Sadr) pulls back militia to avoid clash
  1068. 2 Soldiers, 7 'Contractors' Missing in Iraq (That's 7 Mercenaries, please - speak English, and don't lie)
  1069. Troops in Iraq Strain to Hold Lines of Supply (Anybody remember Napolean and Hitler invading Moscow?)
  1070. Abizaid seeks more combat troops for Iraq (He wants connon fodder)
  1071. U.S. Military Seeks Additional Forces for Iraq (Send executive, legislative and judicial branches?)
  1072. General asks Pentagon to send 10,000 more troops (10,000 more to be killed?)
  1073. US military turns to Saddam Hussein's ex-officers
  1074. U.S. seeks help of Hussein's military (after kicking them in the shins - brilliant!)
  1075. U.S. Troops Poised for Strike Against Rebel Cleric
  1076. US military seeks to crush Iraqi uprising
  1077. Fla. Democratic Club Ad Targets Rumsfeld (Oh Horror! - but Yassin, Sadr and Arrafat are ok to assassinate? Let's rack up the murders of each. Spare me the righteous stupidity.)
  1078. Democratic club's ad suggests shooting Rumsfeld (Personally, I prefer International trial on charges of genocide)
  1079. Cheney Took in $178,437 from Halliburton in 2003 (So? Is there something unusual here?)
  1080. Americans 'drop demand for handover of killers in Falluja atrocity' (or not - they lie a lot)
  1081. World set back 10 years by Bush's new world order, says Blair aide (Only 10?! Try 50-100)
  1082. Commission report says Ashcroft rejected FBI counterterrorism funds request
  1083. Osama info deleted from second memo (oops - yet more lying?)
  1084. Panel Says Bush Saw Repeated Warnings (Boring, boring - and wrong direction)
  1085. Transcript of W's March 13 Staged and Scripted Press Circus
  1086. Are You suprised ? (Matt Taibbi: Cleaning the Pool)
  1087. E-voting probe finds no reason for glitches
  1088. ACLU Calls On Bush To Resist Creation of Secret Police
  1089. Spy network putrid, army man tells PM - National - www.smh.com.au
  1090. Iraq echoes French experience in Algeria
  1091. Probe needed into U.S. action in Falluja-watchdog
  1092. Osama info deleted from second memo
  1093. Panel Says Bush Saw Repeated Warnings
  1094. Halliburton has 21 offices in Venezuela ... time to ask further questions?
  1095. U.S. Launches Heavy Fire on Fallujah
  1096. Deaths of scores of mercenaries not reported
  1097. April becomes deadliest month for U.S. troops
  1098. Iraqi 'beaten to death' by US troops
  1099. Bremer 'is powerless to restrain the US military' (?!)
  1100. Hardline Amerikan diplomat handed top job in Baghdad (NEGROPONTE [Nazi criminal]?!)
  1101. Army Extends Tours Despite 1-Year Pledge (oops - lie number which? I've lost count)
  1102. U.S. to Extend Duty Tours of 20,000 Troops in Iraq
  1103. Howard(poodle) unsure over troop return
  1104. Blair(poodle) to support US over security crisis
  1105. French press writes off allied control of Iraq (the word was only "mediocrity")
  1106. White House: Bush Erred on Mustard Gas (oops - another lie in the unending sequence)
  1107. Bush makes three mistakes while trying to cite one
  1108. Hear no evil, read no evil, speak drivel (Emperor Mingbush rides again)
  1109. Bush's press conference: evasions, lies and a promise of more bloodletting
  1110. Purported Bin Laden (CIA Agent) Tape Offers Truce to Europe-TV
  1111. Sept. 11 Panel Cites C.I.A. (O.b.L.?) for Failures in Terror Case
  1112. Tenet Misspoke [Lied] About Not Meeting Bush
  1113. Liberal radio stations silenced (Emperor Mingbush?)
  1114. IMF report warns on U.S. deficits
  1115. Weekly Jobless Claims Jump by 30,000
  1116. Test Screening Planned for Trains at Maryland Station
  1117. Head Spook Sputters
  1118. International court cases to be brought against US Ambassador to Venezuela,Charles S. Shapiro
  1119. Lawyer condemns disgraceful behaviour of establishment (Australia)
  1120. Herald Sun: US troops shell Fallujah mosque [16apr04]
  1121. Bush Pirates Shipwrecked in Iraq
  1122. Project for the New Amercian Century (needs to kept constantly in mind)
  1123. Rumsfeld: Iraq Toll Higher Than Expected (By whom?!)
  1124. Three Japanese Hostages Freed in Iraq
  1125. Herald Sun: Police detain 1000 protesters [15apr04] (Nepal)
  1126. Herald Sun: UFOs believed sighted over Iran [15apr04] (Hmmmm - USGOO?)
  1127. Herald Sun: Sharon to speed up barrier [15apr04]
  1128. Herald Sun: Iran steps in to Iraq crisis [15apr04]
  1129. Herald Sun: Iran steps in to Iraq crisis [15apr04]
  1130. Herald Sun: Britain sought Iran's help [15apr04]
  1131. Herald Sun: Britain sought Iran's help [15apr04] (US didn't - but did)
  1132. Egypt's President Mubarak comes to the aid of Bush Important to read)
  1133. Australia: Public schools to be reduced to a residual safety net
  1134. US military prepares assault on Najaf and Fallujah
  1135. "Ein vernichtender Schlag gegen den Mythos amerikanischer Unbesiegbarkeit"(A mortal blow against the American myth of invincibility)
  1136. t r u t h o u t - Voyage to the Country of Hate
  1137. t r u t h o u t - Richard Cohen | America's Ayatollah
  1138. Foreign workers told to quit Iraq
  1139. Contractors flee Iraq, even as U.S. plans to bolster forces
  1140. Polish forces criticize US over Iraq Sadr violence
  1141. Marines in Fallujah trade 'culturally sensitive' training for bullets
  1142. Six killed in US attacks on Falluja
  1143. Shia leader draws 'red line' round Najaf as US troops mass outside (US criminality will now be put a stop to)
  1144. Berlusconi under fire from victim's relatives
  1145. Iraqi-American chamber of commerce (oh - that's rich)
  1146. Europe unites against Bin Laden (The liar Powell claims it's ObL. Hello?)
  1147. Military District of Washington - News: Contingency planning Pentagon MASCAL exercise simulates scenarios in preparing for emergencies
  1148. Guardian Unlimited | World Latest | Conn. Governor Accepted Gift Certificates
  1149. How To Gag On 'The Passion' / Nine fun-filled ways Mel Gibson's brutal snuff film makes a mockery of true belief. Clip n' save!
  1150. Pentagon MASCAL exercise simulates scenarios in (exactly as in the hoax of 9/11)
  1151. CIA warned of attacks as early as 1995 (So Al-CIAda was planning it tat early)
  1152. US warns Americans to leave Saudi Arabia (Chimpos getting a little rattled?)
  1153. Americans Not Ready to Leave Saudi Arabia (Their decision)
  1154. Journalist Shares War Secrets (Bob Woodward)
  1155. Book: Bush secretly ordered Iraq plan (and Afghanistan and 9/11)
  1156. Radioactive materials disappearing in Iraq (Nowm *who* can do that?!)
  1157. Iraq duty deters re-enlistment (By the ones with minds left anyhow)
  1158. U.S. Soldiers Fight Shiite Militiamen
  1159. Resistance fighters turn to abduction to fracture U.S.-led occupation
  1160. Video shows GI in custody of Iraqi resistance fighters
  1161. U.S. Should Brag Less About Precision Bombs: U.S. Paper
  1162. Scholars Condemn U.S. 'Genocide' In Iraq
  1163. EPA: Half of USA breathing illegal levels of smog (and poisonous levels of government)
  1164. Bin Laden Will Be Caught, Myers Vows (More likely some mangled unidentifiable body)
  1165. Bush backs Sharon's West Bank land grab (and Plaestinian annihilation)
  1166. Britain: Ruling (repto) elite discuss Iraq strategy (as froath flows between their fangs)
  1167. The Madness of President George by Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr.
  1168. By endorsing Ariel Sharon's plan George Bush has legitimized Terrorism
  1169. America quietly sacks its prize witness against Saddam
  1170. Arabs united in condemnation of Israel's unilateral withdrawal plan
  1171. Liberal talk radio is pulled after just two weeks
  1172. Tamil Tiger killed in battle linked to Gandhi murder
  1173. U.S. deploys loud music, insults in Fallujah
  1174. 'Getting aid past US snipers is impossible'
  1175. Sadr's Followers Vow War if U.S. Attacks Iraq City
  1176. U.S. Soldiers Fight Shiite Militiamen
  1177. Private security firms call for more firepower in combat zone
  1178. Guard unit families launch Web site to nix extended tour
  1179. Portugal may withdraw troops from Iraq if situation worsens: minister
  1180. Bush to give UN key role in Iraq (sure - uh-huh - absolutely - and I have this bridge in brooklyn for sale.)
  1181. US military 'pressuring' journalists (This is news?!)
  1182. Bush Pushes Renewal of Patriot Act (The Enabling Acts Redux)
  1183. British intelligence put in the dock over failure to prevent September 11attacks (They should be outraged, blamed as they are by liars.)
  1184. Bush Attempting to Replace U.S. Archivist
  1185. 9/11 commissioner: 'I've received threats'
  1186. CIA Warned of Attack 6 Years Before 9/11
  1187. Mutiny in the Ranks
  1188. 6 Marines, scores of Iraqis killed in fierce battle
  1189. Bush Blows It Again
  1190. A Clear and Present Danger to the World (surprise! G. W. Bush)
  1191. All roads to Baghdad close
  1192. Israel Kills Top Hamas Leader in Missile Strike (WW III or IV?)
  1193. Death set to ignite tinderbox in Iraq
  1194. Hamas appoints unnamed successor to Rantissi
  1195. Defence Dept accused of inquiry interference. 18/04/2004. ABC News Online(Australia)
  1196. U.S. casualties highest since Vietnam
  1197. White House Won't Criticize Assassination
  1198. Violence in Iraq will get even worse, says Blair
  1199. Fighting in the Sunni-dominated
  1200. fiery Islamic cleric, Moqtada
  1201. Guardian Unlimited | Special reports | Bush's dangerous arrogance
  1202. Guardian Unlimited | Special reports | Blair has lost his grip
  1203. Guardian Unlimited | Special reports | PM defies war critics to insist: I was right
  1204. Calm before the storm in Baghdad
  1205. Who gets the cash when America pulls out?
  1206. Hamas vows 'volcano' of revenge
  1207. Rice: U.S. bracing for [fabricated self]attacks before election (Remember Spain?)
  1208. Spanish Premier Orders Soldiers Home From Iraq
  1209. This Is A War Of Liberation And We Are The Enemy
  1210. wildfirejo in Baghdad
  1211. Khilafah.com - U.S. TO SHUT DOWN ALGERIA, EGYPT NUKES (How about Israel?)
  1212. A Report on Mesopotamia by T.E. Lawrence (History repeats itself)
  1213. Record poppy crop makes mockery of Afghanistan's 'jihad' on opium )keep proce high for CIA profits)
  1214. Khilafah.com - American Marine "Ashamed" Of Iraq Experience ("war of genocide")
  1215. Guardian Unlimited | Special reports | Invade Iraq? It's a no brainer
  1216. Martin Jacques: The return of people's war
  1217. Who will speak out?
  1218. Deal made with Saudis to Influence November Election
  1219. Saudis pledged oil price cut before US s-election-report
  1220. Saudis learned of war plan before Powell - Woodward
  1221. Israeli 'water for arms' deal with Turkey
  1222. Britain: Labour Party membership plummets
  1223. YellowTimes.org - U.S. Holding 200 Iraqi Paramilitary Who Refused To Fight, Claim Escaped Soldiers
  1224. New Zealand News - NZ - Government demands Israel return any bogus passports(Mossad agents)
  1225. New Zealand News - World - US bans civilian traffic on Iraq highways
  1226. Spanish minister writes to Blair, the "jerk"
  1227. Blair: 'We did not realise how strong resistance would be' (?!)
  1228. Cheney 'deranged' says Pyongyang
  1229. NORAD had drills of jets as weapons
  1230. Imminent Threat? (Bushitlers are a constant threat.)
  1231. Stern belongs on radio just as much as Rush
  1232. Air Marshals Use (arbitrary) Behavior to Spot Threats
  1233. Behind Diplomatic Moves, Military Plan Was Launched (Woodward)
  1234. With CIA Push, Movement to War Accelerated (Woodward)
  1235. 'I Haven't Suffered Doubt' (Woodward quoting W)
  1236. Backgrounder on terrorist John Negroponte
  1237. Bush names [terrorist] Negroponte ambassador to Iraq
  1238. John Negroponte - Death Squad Protector
  1239. U.S. Marines engaged in 'silent war' near Syrian border
  1240. American Idle: Bush Blows the Press Conference
  1241. Estimate: $3.3 trillion missing from U.S. Treasury
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  1244. n i l e M e d i a . c o m
  1245. White House reels from Woodward book (Oh - Get over it!)
  1246. 'Fables of Reconstruction' (i.e., Tales US corpagov Psychopathology)
  1247. US attack on Iraqi city fought off
  1248. Spain plans an earlier withdrawal from Iraq
  1249. Poland planning pull-out of troops from Iraq
  1250. Honduras to pull its troops out of Iraq
  1251. The Wrong War (A moron would have known.)
  1252. Dictator Campaigns to Make Patriot Act Permanent (and speaking of moron)
  1253. Precautions Raised for Pre-s-election Terrorism (Al-CIAda to strike agan?!)
  1254. NYC D.A. calls political protest "a crime," urges jail for organizers (Son of Giuliani?)
  1255. The Miami Herald | 04/20/2004 | Voters unable to have printed receipt
  1256. Bush's (reselection) campaign spending rises to a hefty $98M
  1257. McKinney: 9 / 11 Probe to Justify Comments
  1258. G-8 Protest Organizer Finds Hurdles on Path to a Permit
  1259. US facing attack in leadup to November poll: Rice (Is she organizing it?)
  1260. Elex Day red-circled by Ridge (Is he organizing an Al-CIADa attack, again?)
  1261. Bush plans world recruitment drive to arm for peace - World - www.smh.com.au(PEACEKEEPING!!?)
  1262. Did Saudis assure Bush on oil prices?
  1263. Guardian Unlimited | Special reports | An Iraqi intifada
  1264. Richard Norton-Taylor: Whitehall's private anger won't abate
  1265. US reaches deal with leaders in Falluja (This is a deal? Permission for more slaughter)
  1266. RAF bomb count raises questions (and dumb cows stare blankly)
  1267. World Bank seizes on Iraq debt deal (funny - if it weren't so sick)
  1268. Mortar attack (by whom?!) on Baghdad prison kills 21 detainees
  1269. Wounded Iraqi journalist says U.S. troops and Kurdish militiamen killed his colleagues
  1270. GIs Kill 2 Workers of U.S.-Funded Iraq TV
  1271. Top European Praises Spain on Pullout
  1272. Senator says US may need compulsory service to boost Iraq force (More cannon fodder)
  1273. Washington to use UN to select puppet regime in Iraq
  1274. The political questions raised by Justice Scalia's attack on the media
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  1283. Support is growing for sending more troops to Iraq (US Lunatics)
  1284. Bush Draws Terrorism Law Into Campaign (Weimar scenario extended)
  1285. Republican senator: Bring back the draft (Great! Send him and his wholefamily)
  1286. Pentagon Drafts Iraq Troop Plan to Meet Violence (Advanced lunacy on parade)
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  1288. Internet Ancient History Sourcebook: Mesopotamia
  1289. Origin of the Israel-Palestine Conflict
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  1291. Records contradict USDA's mad cow decision
  1292. Senate to Take Test Vote on Asbestos Bill
  1293. Fuel rod parts missing from nuclear plant in Vermont
  1294. Heinz Co. Is Campaign Weapon for Bush (?!)
  1295. The Bible college that leads to the White House
  1296. Mexico backs Cuban motion on human rights inquiry into Guantanamo
  1297. US-trained lawyer to head court that will try Hussein (Not even pretenseof justice)
  1298. Woodward defends book about Bush W-ar strategy
  1299. Pentagon Deleted Rumsfeld Comment
  1300. Parts Of Iraqi Nuclear Reactor 'Resettled': Sources
  1301. Military Families Group Protests Iraq War
  1302. U.S. Army troops found radioactive (No surprise - now try Iraqis)
  1303. Photos of Military Coffins (Casualties From Iraq) at Dover Air Force Base
  1304. Deadliest Attacks in Iraq Since May 2003
  1305. Four Killed and 148 Wounded in a Suicide Bombing in Riyadh
  1306. New Terror Threat Targets 8 U.S. Allies (Another CIA front? - Boring)
  1307. Spain Plans to Hasten Withdrawal of Troops
  1308. Pentagon Drafts Iraq Troop Plan to Meet Violence (Like sending the uselss government?)
  1309. Americans warned of looming 'civil war' (all part of the design)
  1310. Violence in Iraq Forces 2 Big Contractors to Curb Work (and still get paid)
  1311. Pentagon official: Iraq military operation to cost more than expected (Expected by *whom*?)
  1312. Pentagon: Iraq W-ar Faces $4B Shortfall (Wait for *next* week's figure)
  1313. Michigan Preparing To Let Doctors Refuse To Treat Gays (Faith based scum ride herd)
  1314. Accused 'terrorists' face different kind of justice (*What* justice?)
  1315. Artery errors cost more than $1b (What justice?)
  1316. FDA Stops Bus Full of Seniors (What justice?)
  1317. Iraqi city has 'days' to hand over weapons (What justice?)
  1318. Iraq costing more than expected; military draft issue comes up (Draft Congress!)
  1319. McCain Says U.S. Needs 10,000 More Troops in Iraq (US needs McCain to return to his cage)
  1320. Results of Bush's Terrorism in Iraq (Those Coffin Photos)
  1321. Woman loses her job over coffins photo
  1322. 2 fired over photo of flag-draped U.S. coffins
  1323. U.S. Courting Former Baath Party Members (as it did Nazi Party members)
  1324. U.S. House Approves 9/11-Inspired Doomsday Bill (To perpetuate its useless thieving self)
  1325. Panel recommends ban on computer voting system in four counties (This taking entirely too long)
  1326. Testing of New York guardsmen: first confirmed cases of Iraq war depleted uranium exposure
  1327. Why did Bush give Israel a green light to assassinate Hamas leader Rantisi?
  1328. Occupation imposes Washington-style &#-11;&#-11;&#-11;democracy&#-11;&#-11;&#-11;: 18,000 Iraqis illegally held in jails and prison camps
  1329. Desmond taunts Telegraph in 'Nazi' tirade (Hmmm - could he have a point?)
  1330. channel4.com - The Real Richard Desmond
  1331. dailymail_rehab: Richard Desmond vs The Rothermeres; Part 2
  1332. Media Barons (other than Murdoch)
  1333. US wants British to move north into heart of Iraq fighting
  1334. White House U-turns on Iraqi Baathists
  1335. U.S. Courting Former Baath Party Members
  1336. Protesters in Iraq blame British for bomb blasts
  1337. Basra arrest bolsters revenge theory (Sure - revenge by Brit wing of Al-CIAda)
  1338. Panel recommends ban on computer voting system in four counties
  1339. Calif. Moves to Block Diebold's E-Voting Machines
  1340. Health fears over GM corn as Britain backs US imports
  1341. Balloon fight brings on cops
  1342. FBI to pay $2 million in Earth First suit
  1343. Kucinich Calls for Suspension of Electronic Voting
  1344. Bush nets 4.4 million dollars in Florida fundraising sweep
  1345. Republicans fined for posing as Democrats
  1346. A Dirty Trickster's Bush Bonanza
  1347. ID card Bill brings in 10-year jail term for having false passport (UK)
  1348. UK to Trial ID Cards in Anti-Terror Effort-Report
  1349. Pre-9/11 World Trade Center Power-Down
  1350. U.S. government blocks lawsuits by Sept. 11 victims
  1351. Hundreds Protest at Caterpillar Headquarters
  1352. Inquiry after Israeli forces caught using boy as shield
  1353. Sharon: 'We may kill Arafat'
  1354. Bush Backs Policy Restricting Images of War Dead
  1355. Bush Criticizes the Release of Photos of Soldier Coffins
  1356. The image turning America against Bush
  1357. Number of troops wounded in Iraq has skyrocketed this month
  1358. More troops could be sent to Iraq, says Straw
  1359. Fallujah siege civilian death toll 271: Iraqi official
  1360. Sadr Calls for National Unity to Expel US Occupiers
  1361. Bremer announces moves to reinstate some former Baathist members
  1362. U.S. Official Acknowledges Mistakes in Iraq (which ones?)
  1363. US admits it will still control Iraq after transfer (This is news?!)
  1364. US heading for another election fiasco as reforms fail
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  1377. W GOES HOME!
  1378. Pesticides too harmful to use in any form, doctors warn
  1379. EU ministers to rule on lifting GM food ban
  1380. Colo. GOP's Statement on Kerry Draws Fire
  1381. A Controversial Choice for the Position of Archivist of the United States:
  1382. Legislators Wary of Electronic 'Voting'
  1383. Dublin on high alert for summit
  1384. Italians may make 'small doses' of torture legal
  1385. Pittsburgh City Council to vote on Patriot Act resolution
  1386. Dead Scientists Blog
  1387. A Career In Microbiology Can Be Harmful To Your Health
  1388. Scientists' deaths are under the microscope
  1389. Scientist found dead outside biochemical firm in Fremont
  1390. Ciphergen picks up NIH grant to 'fight' bioterror-related viruses
  1391. Biotechs may cash in with bioterror laws
  1392. Our Hidden WMD Program
  1393. Two killed in Iraqi oil terminal blasts
  1394. Attacks Kill 28 Iraqis, at Least 9 U.S. Servicemen
  1395. Bush's Decision on Possible Attack on Falluja Seems Near (He wants genocide)
  1396. Bush confers on Fallujah with top military commanders
  1397. Latham still wants troops home by Xmas (Australia)
  1398. Britain resists pressure to extend Iraq force (UK)
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  1402. Diebold May Face Criminal Charges
  1403. Thousands Protest Bush Policies on Abortion
  1404. FBI wants to watch you type
  1405. Iran 'Will Be Dealt With,' Bush Says
  1406. Another U-S servicemember dies from suicide attack on oil terminal
  1407. Four children shot dead in Iraq: witnesses
  1408. Denmark's defence minister resigns over prewar Iraqi intelligence
  1409. Former Dutch PM Says US Is Rogue State
  1410. Diplomat Cautions U.S. About Use of Force
  1411. U.S. troops prepare to move into parts of Najaf
  1412. N. Korea Accuses U.S. of Preparing Attack
  1413. Danish whistleblower charged after accusing prime minister of exaggeratingIraqi WMD
  1414. US officer threatens to turn Fallujah into "a killing field"
  1415. Divisions within ruling elite drive impeachment of Lithuanian president
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  1423. U.S. Consulate Shut Down in Montreal To Resist A War Crime
  1424. NASA Curbs Comments on Ice Age Disaster Movie
  1425. Washington Mall Is Filled With Protesters From Across Nation
  1426. Lawyers try to gag FBI worker over 9/11
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  1429. Secret Service [Waffen-SS] Investigates Teen's Art Project Depicting Bush AsDevil
  1430. Kerry Questions Bush Attendance in Guard in 70's
  1431. Prosecutor to Probe GOP Access to Democratic Files
  1432. 10 U.S. Contractors in Iraq Penalized
  1433. US sets limits to Iraqi self-rule (as known perfectly years ago)
  1434. Students sent home again for wearing same-color T-shirts (psychopathic school principal)
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  1442. US forces pound insurgents in besieged Falluja
  1443. New Zealand News - World - European Union grows to 25 countries and 450 million people
  1444. High Lead Found in Boston Area Water
  1445. Calif. Man Wins $4.5 Million in Police Retaliation Suit (SS Nazi Police)
  1446. Yahoo! News - U.S. Warplanes Hit (i.e., Murder) Freedom Fighters in Fallujah
  1447. Specter Wins Pennsylvania Senate Primary in Close Vote
  1448. More Cheney Misleading: Attack Dog Cheney "Disappoints" Host with Low-RoadSpeech
  1449. Key Unanswered Questions: Bush's Record In The National Guard
  1450. Bush Regime to Court: Cheney Papers Must Be Secret
  1451. Senate Hacking Inquiry Widens
  1452. Bush, Cheney to Face 9/11 Questioning in Secret
  1453. Syrian capital 'rocked by blasts'
  1454. Welcome to Baghdad, Texas
  1455. Former diplomats' attack on Blair is off the Richter scale, says Cook
  1456. Democrats Shut out of briefing
  1457. Barzani blames U.S. for standoff
  1458. Intense explosions rock Fallujah (Because it's being attacked by US)
  1459. U.S. Warplanes Hit Resistance Fighters in Fallujah
  1460. Attacks halt rebuilding of Iraq (What rebuilding?)
  1461. Iraq victim was top-secret apartheid killer
  1462. U.S. missile defense to be up by September (Ho-hum)
  1463. Justice Department Reviewing Ashcroft (Foxes guarding henhouse)
  1464. Al Gore to Donate $6 Million to Democratic Groups
  1465. Annan Lashes at Critics on Iraq Oil, Food Scandal
  1466. Miller: Legislatures Should Pick Senators (brainless or bought?)
  1467. WarFolly.com - Blockbuster Grand-Pre Expose Of 9/11 (IF YOU READ NOTHING ELSE)
  1469. Bush Says Looking Forward to 9 / 11 Questions (looking more forward to lies)
  1470. US warns against travel to Israel
  1471. Paul Wood assesses the mood of Arab leaders.
  1472. Israel moves against W Bank cell
  1473. Photos show alleged abuse of Iraqi prisoners
  1474. Barbarians
  1475. Creature from Jekyll Island
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  1482. Witnesses accounts can be found on 9/11 technical links
  1483. Colorado Drought, Man Made?
  1484. Bush-Linked Company Handled Security for the WTC, Dulles and United
  1485. Special Report: Area 51 Uncovered - New images available
  1486. Lockerbie: CIA witness gagged by US government - [Sunday Herald]
  1487. 911 Skeptics Unite
  1488. remote controlled 9-11 planes : SF Bay Area Indymedia
  1489. Congressional Districts Can Be Drawn to Favor Republicans
  1490. Secret Service questions student about anti-war drawings
  1491. Secret Service Eyes Bush's Head On A Stick
  1492. Secret Service confiscates anti-Bush drawings by 15-year-old at Prosser High
  1493. ACLU Challenges FBI's Request for ISP Records
  1494. NSL = "National Security Letter"
  1495. City Denies Anti-W-ar Rally Permit
  1496. Supreme Court Hears Enemy Combatant Case
  1497. Criticizing Israel Not Always Anti-Semitic -Powell (The 'Genius' speaks)
  1498. Pressure Mounts in US Congress for Sanctions on Syria (Oh why not just kill them all as well?)
  1499. Pulp fictions triumph over truth (People are astoundingly stupid)
  1500. Poll: Growing Doubts On Iraq
  1501. Bush's Approval Rating at All-Time Low -Poll (I'm waiting for -4)
  1502. Blow to 'rebuilding' hopes as BP backs out
  1503. Army chiefs resist call for more Iraq troops
  1504. Army Finds Troop Supply 'Getting Thin'
  1505. US hurries to reinforce armour after casualties soar
  1506. U.S. rushes tanks to Iraq to crush freedom fighters in Iraq (Gulf War I, Israelis - crushing under tanks is old hat)
  1507. Blair: US 'right' to bomb rebels (Poodle right?)
  1508. U.S. Warplane Fires on Fallujah Targets
  1509. In Two Sieges, U.S. Finds Itself Shut Out (What a crock of obvious lies)
  1510. Apartheid assassins meet match in Iraq
  1511. Iraq congress members under investigation
  1512. Pentagon Official Under Investigation
  1513. US Congress prepares for new Halliburton ['Iraq'] spending-sources (National Asylum for Mental Enfeebled Strikes Again)
  1514. Iraq war boosts Halliburton profits
  1515. Iraqis offer bounty for US officials (Sauce for the gander?)
  1516. Taliban seize central Afghan district
  1517. Israeli occupiers kill resistance activist
  1518. Mystery group wage war on Sadr's militia (29-Apr-04) (Hmm - Al-CIAda?)
  1519. Marines launch fierce attack on Sunni Freedom Fighters (28-Apr-04)
  1520. Blair brushes off diplomats' warning (Lessons from the Big Dick)
  1521. Blair's allies quash talk of his exit
  1522. Iraq 'could create UK financial crisis'
  1523. US makes al-Jazeera complaint (Colon Power never did care for truth)
  1524. Marines pull back, make way for all-Iraqi force at Fallujah
  1525. Hussein's Agents Are Behind Attacks in Iraq, Pentagon finds (oh sure - simpletons.)
  1526. U.S. confirms resistance fighters have SA-16 anti-aircraft missile
  1527. Torture of Iraqi POWs By GIs Probed
  1528. Justices Appear to Support Cheney Task Force Secrecy (Good Ole Whrecourt)
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  1531. YellowTimes.org - "Seeking the evil one"
  1532. Britain: Former diplomats blast Blair's support for US Middle East policy
  1533. US war crimes in Fallujah Stop the slaughter in Iraq
  1534. More Agents Track Castro Than Bin Laden the CIA agent (surprised?)
  1535. E.P.A. Will Not Withdraw Its Mercury Plan
  1536. Ben Affleck lobbies lawmakers to raise US minimum wage
  1537. Security Tightened at L.A. Malls After Threat (Who? Osama bin Poopypants?)
  1538. Polls reveal Iraqi opposition and fall in US support for war
  1539. Iraq war's legality ruled out of court (criminal gov trumps ethical persons)
  1540. Spanish troops relieved to be back from Iraq
  1541. Sinclair (Bushitler) Stations to Boycott 'Nightline' Tribute
  1542. Sinclair (Bushitler) to Preempt 'Nightline' on ABC Stations, Cites Politics
  1543. Pentagon's No. 2 Flubs Iraq Casualties
  1544. U.S. Deaths in Iraq Up Sharply in April (get used to it)
  1545. 10 Soldiers Killed in Iraq, Fallujah Talks Continue
  1546. Soldier who missed duty is arrested (Gov *knows* whats good for everybody)
  1547. Poll: Iraqis Want U.S. Out of Country (murderers out of their community)
  1548. Siege of Fallujah provokes second mutiny
  1549. Marines pull back, make way for all-Iraqi force at Fallujah (make them murder each other?)
  1550. US forces to pull out of Falluja (Oh *sure* they have)
  1551. Fallujah accord leaves US policy in disarray (How about just insane?)
  1552. Fleeing Fallujans killed as crisis deepens (20 Iraqi innocents burned alive)
  1553. Torture of Iraqi POWs By GIs Probed
  1554. US investigating abuse of Iraqi prisoners
  1555. US military in torture scandal
  1556. Cheney staff accused of role in CIA leak (US gov criminal)
  1557. Dean preps for talkshow (could be interesting)
  1558. Stand by for more terrorism scares, US warns (fabricated by US, of course)
  1559. Bremer Faulted Bush Before Terror Attacks
  1560. Bremer Warned of Terrorism Threat 6 Months Before 9/11
  1561. U.S. Marines Hand Falluja to Former Saddam Hussein General
  1562. Japanese hostages defend captors
  1563. US TV blackout hits litany of war dead
  1564. What the US papers don't say
  1565. Ba'athist teachers prepare to go back to the classroom
  1566. Al-Jazeera tones down 'violent' images (Why? Because US threatens Qatar)
  1567. British troops in torture scandal
  1568. Punched, kicked, then left to die
  1569. Iraqis see bright future - without the US
  1570. Washington unleashes bloodbath in Iraq
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  1574. Guardian Unlimited | Special reports | 'It's hell...everything will be destroyed'
  1575. Qatar pledges al-Jazeera 'review' (US threatening Qatar works)
  1576. US warns (threatens) Syria of sanctions move
  1577. U.S. pushes (bullies) Canada to exploit terror laws
  1578. Record income at Chevron-Texaco
  1579. Cheney's Five Draft Deferments During the Vietnam Era Emerge as a CampaignIssue
  1580. No Politics Please, Florida Students Tell Cheney
  1581. Conn. Panel to Begin Impeachment of Gov.
  1582. Families of the 372nd tormented by stories of POW abuses in Iraq
  1583. 'I asked for help and warned of this but nobody would listen'
  1584. The Abu Ghraib Prison Photos
  1585. Contractors (Mercenaries) in Iraq questioned about abuse
  1586. UK army probes alleged torture in Iraq
  1587. UK troops in Iraqi torture probe
  1588. Home Page of The Phoenix Project: Shifting from Oil to Hydrogen
  1589. Vietnamese general warns US doomed in Iraq
  1590. Iraq Prisoner Images Anger Arabs
  1591. Shame of Torture By Brit Troops
  1592. Army secretly reports blatant abuses of Iraqi prisoners, says magazine
  1593. Torture may have been 'order'
  1594. Torture at Abu Ghraib
  1595. Iraq prisoners faced "sadistic" abuses
  1596. Iraqis hail Falluja victory
  1597. Falluja fighters dent US morale
  1598. Diebolds Secret Fears
  1599. Sleepnet.com Apnea Forum18
  1600. Cheney accused of smear campaign by ambassador
  1601. Pressure mounts on Cheney over smears against diplomat and 'outing' of CIAwife
  1602. Torture not isolated incident
  1603. Workers Kill 5 Westerners in Saudi Firm
  1604. Cheney Praises Faux News Channel Lies
  1605. Bush Regime Under Fire for Iraq Spending
  1606. Britain to send in a further 4,000 troops to Iraq danger zone
  1607. Six British soldiers held over Iraqi torture photos
  1608. Officer Suggests Iraq Jail Torture Was Encouraged
  1609. Torture pictures horrify Arab world
  1610. Names of Iraq War Dead Read on ABC Show
  1611. 7 dead in shooting attack in Saudi Arabia; at least 1 Canadian hurt
  1612. Workers Kill 5 Westerners in Saudi Firm
  1613. Fed Prepares for Interest Rate Increases (How much more pain can there be?)
  1614. N.Y. Suitcase Scares Spur Terror 'Dry Run' Fear (Al-CIAda bombs for Bush?)
  1615. Huge blast leaves 25 dead - TV report (Herat, Afghanistan)
  1616. Two Britons die in al-CIAduh gun rampage (Saudi Arabia)
  1617. Iraqi Prisoner Details Torture by Americans
  1618. Fresh Brutality Allegations Made Against British Troops in Iraq
  1619. Iraqi abuse report hasn't reached top U.S. brass (??!!)
  1620. Amnesty International Says It Has Evidence of Pattern of Torture' by Occupation
  1621. Mortar Attack Kills Six U.S. Servicemen in Iraq
  1622. Nine US troops die in Iraq, American trucker free
  1623. U.S. Needs 250,000 Troops in Iraq, Weapons Inspector Kay Says
  1624. 30 More Torture Scandals Probed
  1625. Spain's PM: Iraq Should Serve As Lesson
  1626. Tehran says US has taken Hussein's place in Iraq
  1627. Israel's ruling Likud party votes down Sharon's Gaza pullout plan
  1628. Torture of Iraqi prisoners by US military not "systematic": Myers (Liar)
  1629. Bloodshed in Iraq to carry on through next year: US officer (By intention)
  1630. US mercenary escapes after three week hostage ordeal in Iraq
  1631. Sharon Loses Vote on Gaza Withdrawal
  1632. Schwarzenegger Honors Holocaust Victims (Trying not to appear the Nazi?)
  1633. Sharon Won't Resign Over Failed Gaza Vote (Maybe he'll die instead)
  1634. UBS Says It Violated Accord With Federal Reserve in Shipping Dollar Bills
  1635. U.S. Needs 250,000 Troops in Iraq, Weapons Inspector Kay Says
  1636. Opus Dei - U. S. A. - Finding God in Work and Daily Life
  1637. Opus Dei - The Unofficial Homepage
  1638. New York Daily News - Ideas & Opinions - Editorials: World War III one year later(Repto Repug Rage)
  1639. MSNBC - Rough Justice in Iraq (Justice? For whom?)
  1640. MSNBC - Yes, We Can Handle the Truth
  1641. Iraq Rights Minister Quits Over Fallujah, Najaf, AFP Says
  1642. Mutiny is the only way out of Iraq's inferno
  1643. 'We've had a lot of experience of US weapons'
  1644. Top US officers responsible for prison abuse-general
  1645. US officer says prison guards tried to cover up abuse of Iraqi prisoners
  1646. Excerpts From Prison Inquiry
  1647. 7 U.S. Soldiers Receive Reprimands for Prison Torture
  1648. Congress.org -- Write To Congress, the President and State Legislators
  1649. Regiment Chief Says: We'll Nail All The Guilty
  1650. Newspaper defends story of British troops abusing Iraqi prisoner
  1651. Squaddie Torture Witnesses: We Told the Truth
  1652. This Is Not A Hoax. I Saw It, I Was There
  1653. Editor-in-chief of U.S.-funded Iraqi newspaper quits, complaining of American control
  1654. Troops Behaviour 'Out Of Control'
  1655. Prisoner abuse in Iraq scandal "despicable": Powell (Colon Power: National Liar)
  1656. Patriot Act Suppresses News of Challenge to Patriot Act
  1657. Oil Price Hits Highest Level Since 1990
  1658. Oil firms gushing profits
  1659. Navy Finds Video Camera In Female Sailors' Shower
  1660. Half-Dozen Blasts Rattle Iraq Capital
  1661. Iraqi general refuses to give up Falluja fighters
  1662. Israeli troops block entrance to Arafat's HQ
  1663. Peter Singer: Beyond the law
  1664. Inquiry into 'torture' pictures
  1665. Torture commonplace, say inmates' families
  1666. Warnings of abuse in Iraq's prisons that were ignored
  1667. Now we've become the torturers
  1668. Shock new details of torture by US troops
  1669. David Aaronovitch: The horrors we don't see
  1670. Australians turn against Iraq war as election looms
  1671. Top US officers responsible for prison abuse-general
  1672. Iraqi oil export proceeds hit $8.6 billion
  1674. US media alibis for torture in Iraq
  1675. YellowTimes.org - ''Racism at heart of POW abuse''
  1676. Iraq Rights Minister Quits Over Fallujah, Najaf, AFP Says
  1677. Arms firm's &#-11;&#-11;60m slush fund forPrince Turki
  1678. Prince Turki: The man with everything
  1679. The Observer | International | Shock new details of torture by US troops
  1680. The Observer | International | Shock new details of torture by US troops
  1681. Google Search: "Geneva convention" signatories
  1682. FM3-19.40 TABLE OF CONTENTS (Field Manual of a US Global Totalitarian State)
  1683. British Army to send investigators to Iraq in hunt for evidence of torture
  1684. CIA inquiry into death of prisoner at notorious jail (Al-CIAda investigtes its own actions?!!)
  1685. Former human rights minister told Bremer about Iraq detainee abuse
  1686. U.S. Specialists Sent to Iraq to Train Guards -Report
  1687. U.S. Sent Specialists to Train Prison Units
  1688. US to keep high force levels in Iraq indefinitely: officials (oh really?)
  1689. Perfectly designed Poor Leadership Blamed for Torture at U.S. Prison in Iraq
  1690. t r u t h o u t - 9/11 Chair: Attack Was Preventable
  1691. CBS News | 9/11 Chair: Attack Was Preventable | December 18, 2003 07:38:02
  1692. washingtonpost.com: White House Web Scrubbing
  1693. Bush begins bus tour in customary fashion: stupid and isolated
  1694. 4 American soldiers killed in Iraq during patrol
  1695. Rice Issues Public Apology for Iraqi Prisoner Torture (Condi the liar)
  1696. Rumsfeld condemns prisoner abuse; 20 probes under way (Rummy the liar)
  1697. U.S. Probe: Two War Prisoners Murdered by Americans
  1698. U.S. Reveals Iraqi Prisoner Deaths as Scandal Grows
  1699. French TV screens images of US helicopter crew killing Iraqis
  1700. U.S. to Keep 138,000 Troops in Iraq Through 2005 (With luck, not)
  1701. Washington weighs terror's impact on presidential vote (How man years has this been obvious?!)
  1702. W-ar makes Iraq worst place to be a reporter
  1703. Mutiny is the only way out of Iraq's inferno
  1704. Vanishing Votes
  1705. Report: White House Wrong on Medicare
  1706. YellowTimes.org - ''Iraq d&#-11;&#-11;j&#-11;&#-11; vu Vietnam''
  1707. PINR - U.S. Attempts to Make an Example Out of Libya Will Fail
  1709. U.S. Army report on Iraqi prisoner abuse
  1710. Iraqi prisoners released at gravel pit after long, hot ride
  1711. Abu Ghraib prison population to be cut in half
  1712. Iraqi official resigns to protest detainee abuse
  1713. Former diplomats attack Bush
  1714. Military Defenders for Detainees Put Tribunals on Trial
  1715. Disney Forbidding Distribution of Film That Criticizes Bush
  1716. GOP Convention Security Perimeter Drawn (Good time to leave town)
  1717. XFree86 Font De-uglification HOWTO
  1718. Joseph Wilson | The Cult that's Running the Country
  1719. RoseLear.net - Federal Prison Industries
  1720. Gasoline Hits Another High at Pumps
  1721. Bush says he's earned re-election (?!!! - life imprisonment perhaps)
  1722. Test Program Screens Rail Passengers for Bombs (or chewing gum)
  1723. Three U.S. Soldiers Die in Clash with Sadr Militia
  1724. 25 Prisoners Died While Held by U.S. Forces
  1725. U.S. abuse undermines treaties
  1726. Yahoo! News - Blair's Iraq envoy makes fresh abuse claims
  1727. GM Crop Trials Underway Throughout Germany (Finally admitted after the lies)
  1728. US military's bad-guy dragnet - a terrible way to win war (Win?!)
  1729. Iraqi school boys: Now we hate the US (The why and the consequences)
  1730. Greece swings to the right
  1731. Why being right on WMD is no consolation to Iraqi scientist labelled enemy of America
  1732. Yahoo! News - Newsview: Bush Condemns, No Apology (But apology is a human act)
  1733. The Economist prescribes "regime change" for Venezuela
  1734. Egypt reintroduces food vouchers as poverty worsens
  1735. The US war drive and the destabilisation of Egypt Part 1
  1736. YellowTimes.org - ''Hosni Mubarak's payphone''
  1737. YellowTimes.org - ''Exporting democracy?'' - John Brand
  1738. Nuclear waste changes sought
  1739. California nixes e-'voting'
  1740. Scientists: E-'Voting' Needs Paper Backups
  1741. Guardsman Probed for Iraq Naked Soldier Photos
  1742. Pleading prisoners and families outside protest at the horrors of Abu Ghraib
  1743. Howard: Mirror has caused 'enormous damage' (Moron!)
  1744. Torture pictures are no hoax, Mirror insists
  1745. Torture Report May Have Broken Classification Rules
  1746. U.S. Officer Tells of Violence, Death at Iraq Prison
  1747. Iraqi prisoner scandal grows
  1748. New Prison Images Emerge
  1749. Democrats: Bush's latest $25 billion request for Iraq is misleadingly low
  1750. Bush Asks Congress for $25B Down Payment for Haliburton (Foreign aid?!)
  1751. Florida orders 40,000 voters purged for 2004 S-election
  1752. Americans express worry, Bush support drops in poll
  1753. F.A.A. Official Scrapped Tape of 9/11 Controllers' Statements (Like tons of other evidence was destroyed)
  1754. Blair accused of appointing Scarlett to head MI6 as 'pay-off for dodgy dossier'
  1755. Torture Common in U.S. Prisons, Activists Say
  1756. Visiting a changed Fallujah New graves, damaged mosques, rage at U.S.
  1757. US troops take key Najaf building (and will probably all die)
  1758. Red Cross repeatedly warned about jail
  1759. Iraqi inmate: 'Treated like dogs'
  1760. Bush Apologizes for Iraqi Prison Torture (He'll stop the genocide?!!)
  1761. Bush Wants Rumsfeld to Stay as Pentagon Chief (Can we guess why?)
  1762. Democrat Calls for Rumsfeld to Resign
  1763. Cong. Rangel Calls On Congress to Impeach Rumsfeld
  1764. House passes resolution deploring humiliation of Iraqi prisoners (and those responsible too?)
  1765. The New York Times > National > U.S. Lawyer Arrested in Madrid Bombing Inquiry
  1766. Now the desperate damage control
  1768. Behind the demands for Rumsfeld to resign: White House prepares a fallback position to continue Iraq atrocities
  1769. Private security company in Iraq suppressed labor struggles in US
  1770. YellowTimes.org - "The thing with no brain"
  1771. Complete US Army Report on Torture of Iraqi Prisoners
  1772. Tweedledee and Tweedledum: Kerry and Bush Melt into One
  1773. Cynthia McKinney: The Perils of Globalization
  1774. Alexander Cockburn: Watching Niagara
  1775. Robert Fisk: A Warning to Those Who Dare Criticize Israel in the US
  1776. Ben Tripp: October Surmise: a Case of Worst Scenarios
  1777. Kurt Nimmo: Blame Pat Tillman's Death on the CIA
  1778. Lawrence Davidson: Orwell and Kafka in Israel/Palestine (historically accurate)
  1779. Delta Force, Navy SEALs involved in abuse?
  1780. 'Cooks and drivers were working as interrogators'
  1781. Soldiers Back in U.S. Tell of More Iraqi Tortures
  1782. Photo Gallery: Iraq prisoner abuse
  1783. US troops crossed border to make a raid inside Pakistan
  1784. Bush May Seek More Than $50 Billion for Halliburton ['Iraq, Afghanistan']for Next Year (?!)
  1785. Lawmakers to Insist on Oversight of Halliburton ['Iraq'] Money
  1786. Protesters Interrupt Rumsfeld's Opening Statement (Rummy accepts responsibility?!)
  1787. Rumsfeld Says Won't Quit Over Iraqi Prisoner Torture (Rummy lies -That's normal)
  1788. Rumsfeld takes responsibility for Iraq prison scandal
  1789. Rumsfeld Takes Responsibility for Torture
  1790. Most Want Rumsfeld to Stay, Poll Finds (Poll? Fabrication is more like it)
  1791. Female Soldier Charged in Iraq Torture Case (Ah yes - the gentler sex)
  1792. Rumsfeld in desperate bid to save job
  1793. Psychology Offers Clues in Prison Torture (Clue! The psychology has been known for decades)
  1794. 'US soldiers abused young girl at Iraqi prison'
  1795. Third Brit Soldier Tells Us: I Saw PoW Beatings (I guess he's making it up too?!)
  1796. Bush In Panic Bid To Curb Torture Scandal (And *who* is ultimately responsible?)
  1797. Corporate censorship in the US Disney blocks release of Michael Moore documentary
  1798. Bush on Arabic-language television: old lies and glaring contradictions
  1799. Indian election: The BJP's "India Shining" campaign: myth and reality
  1800. After Likud "no" vote Sharon vows to continue West Bank land grab
  1801. Former FBI Translator Sibel Edmonds Calls Current 9/11 Investigation Inadequate
  1802. Did airport police alert response jeopardize passengers?
  1803. Arrest in Bombing Inquiry Was Rushed, Officials Say
  1804. U.S. planning for Israeli strike at Iran
  1805. Senate Panel Clears $422.2 Billion Defense Bill
  1806. U.K. Troops, Cleric Gunmen Clash in Basra
  1807. Ex-detainees in Afghanistan also allege mistreatment
  1808. Fresh Charges of Prisoner Torture Hit UK Troops
  1809. Two children among abused prisoners: report
  1810. 'US soldiers abused young girl at Iraqi prison'
  1811. Third Brit Soldier Tells Us: I Saw PoW Beatings
  1812. Smeared With Shit; Kicked to Death
  1813. General Told MPs to 'soften Up' Prisoners
  1814. US Soldier Says Her Job Was to Make Prison 'Hell'
  1815. Defense secretary warns that worse phots, videos are yet to come (From his personal collection?! How cocksure he is)
  1816. World calls for Rumsfeld's resignation over abuse
  1817. Pentagon Refused Lawyer As Prison Adviser
  1818. UK forces taught torture methods
  1819. U.S. ignored torture allegations
  1820. Saddam deserves 'ultimate penalty': Bush (and so do all Bushitlers)
  1821. Soldiers report British torture of Iraqi civilians
  1822. Spain pulls out Iraq troops ahead of schedule
  1823. Faux Threatens to Sue Co. Over Billboard
  1824. Australia, US sign air marshal agreement
  1825. Energy secretary considers federalized nuclear security
  1826. Roadside blast injures Iraqi prisoners traveling in U-S convoy
  1827. U.S. Forces Move in on Sadr HQ in Baghdad Suburb
  1828. G.I.'s Kill Scores of Militia Forces in 3 Iraqi Cities
  1829. Iraq's Shiites, Sunnis Form Anti-Occupation Body
  1830. American Muslims Shamed by Prison Photos (quick! purge 'em from voter roles)
  1831. Rumsfeld Apology Fails to Calm Arab Anger (It wasn't meant to)
  1832. Bush: 'Prison Scandal' [Scandal?!? W-ar Crimes] Won't Deter U.S.
  1833. Good ol' girl who enjoyed cruelty
  1834. This is the new gulag
  1835. US remains under pressure over Iraq abuse scandal
  1836. Iraq jail abuse albatross on Bush candidacy
  1837. Early Iraq Torture Accounts Met With Silence
  1838. Amnesty demands US war crimes inquiry
  1839. 'Torture camp' alleged at 2nd detention center
  1840. Yahoo! News - AP Chief Unveils Plan to Fight Secrecy
  1841. Guardian Unlimited | Guardian daily comment | The media's lies poison our system
  1842. Media fail to tell us whole truth about Mideast
  1843. British troops under fire as Shiite radicals extend uprising to southernIraq
  1844. The Observer | UK News | British quizzed Iraqis at torture jail
  1845. Torture photos undermine Bush's religious rhetoric
  1846. This is the new gulag
  1847. The ouster of democracy
  1848. Prison-Torture Panel Is Third in Bush's War on 'Terrorism'
  1849. Rice Says She and Bush 'Strongly' Support Rumsfeld (CondiLiar supports Rummiliar)
  1850. Cheney Defends Rumsfeld: 'Get Off His Case' (Saddam's case too?)
  1851. Blair faces resignation call (In favor of Gordon Brown?! - and we have Kerry - how depressing. How about a firing squad?)
  1852. Greed and Economics
  1853. Bank of America expands India outsourcing
  1854. Diplomat blames Irish media for hatred of America (several loose screws)
  1855. Threat of 'Dirty Bomb' Growing, Officials Say (Ooops another diversion needed)
  1856. US Troops Intrude Into Pakistan Again (diversion from this)
  1857. Our dead are outnumbered: In Memoriam (diversion from this)
  1858. Jesse Jackson Calls for Troop Withdrawal (diversion from this)
  1859. Majority of Iraqis want U.S. to withdraw (diversion from this)
  1860. U.S. Tanks Push Into Iraqi Stronghold (diversion from this)
  1861. Donald Rumsfeld Should Go - NYT (diversion from this)
  1862. US announces first court martial for Abu Ghraib abuse in Iraq (not last but diversion from this)
  1863. Chain of Command - Seymour M. Hersh
  1864. 'Snarling dogs used against inmate' (practice for use on US citizens)
  1865. Outside Contractors, Outside Military Law
  1866. Iraq Prison Scandal At Its Most Graphic
  1867. Sharon promises new version of Gaza pullback plan, cancels US trip
  1868. Sharon cancels Washington visit
  1869. Al-Ahram Weekly | Opinion | Wag the dog
  1870. Al-Ahram Weekly | Focus | Document: Conclusions of the commission on PNAC
  1871. Al-Ahram Weekly | Focus | 'We are all redskins'
  1872. New picture and military critics increase pressure on Bush
  1873. Boy, 16, 'was subjected to mock execution by US interrogators'
  1874. Blair Apologizes for Tortures in Iraq (Blair is a fucking liar)
  1875. Hoon to address Commons as abuse scandal deepens (Hoon is fucking liar)
  1876. Shiite Cleric's Militia Seizes Control of Baghdad Slum
  1877. U.S. Embassy in Japan Issues Attack Warning E-Mail (Yes-no-yes-no- Liars)
  1878. Japan's Topix Index Has Biggest Slide Since Sept. 11 Attacks
  1879. Japanese stocks plunge, TOPIX loses 5.7 percent
  1880. Kerry Says Bush Must Do More to Lower Oil Price (Simon says, too)
  1881. In New Offensive, Kerry Raps Bush on Health Costs (Kerry! Get Real!)
  1882. Gas Prices Jump 10 Cents to $1.93/Gallon (Who's raking it in?)
  1883. Richard Overy: We've descended into barbarity (No shit Sherlock)
  1884. Press review: Should Rumsfeld resign? (This is a *question*?)
  1885. Letters: We must use the courts to get answers about Iraq (or give them a taste of their own medicine)
  1886. Poll shows majority want UK troops to pull out
  1887. Iraq Oil Exports Cut by Pipeline Sabotage
  1888. NEWS.com.au | Top brass 'picked man who ordered torture' (May 10, 2004)
  1889. Forget The Trial Get The Rope: Bush Approved The Torture!!! : Indymedia Colombia
  1890. Bush's New, New Lie
  1891. Hoon faces MPs as Amnesty says it told of torture a year ago (and Hoon Lies - studied under Condi-Mental)
  1892. U.S., Britain, Seek to Contain Iraq Torture Scandal
  1893. Red Cross Was Told Iraq Torture 'Part of the Process'
  1894. Limbaugh on Torturing Iraqis: U.S Guards Were Just "Having a Good Time"
  1895. Iraq
  1896. Winston-Salem Journal | Israeli men arrested after high-speed chase in Unicoi County
  1897. Movers Ring (Mossad/Al-CIAda facilitate phoney Hijerker Hoax)
  1898. Case of Whidbey Island 'terrorists' is a dud, FBI says
  1899. issue23 - More Israeli (Mossad) "movers" and the Venice Connection
  1900. A failure of leadership at the highest levels
  1901. 275,000 signatures on Kerry petition for Rumsfeld to resign
  1902. Rumsfeld Criticized by Influential Military Paper
  1903. Speech met with disbelief (W's, that is)
  1904. Bush Says U.S. Owes Rumsfeld 'Debt of Gratitude' (?!)
  1905. Bush Says Rumsfeld Is 'Doing a Superb Job' (A real bull in chinashop?)
  1906. US approved harsh techniques at Guantanamo
  1907. Abu Ghraib photos left on vandalised Gaza graves
  1908. Soldier: Role was to 'make it hell' for prisoners
  1909. Contractor: Army Happy With Torturers ['Interrogators'] (Must be what was wanted)
  1910. Prisoners 'threatened with Guantanamo'
  1911. Iraq abuse allegations multiply
  1912. Mistreatment Of Detainees Went Beyond Guards' Torture
  1913. Former detainees tell of torture in US prisons throughout Iraq
  1914. Blair: I will quit if I become electoral liability (a few years too late)
  1915. Troops broke hooding ban, Government concedes (UK)
  1916. Human stories which implicate British soldiers in Iraqi abuses
  1917. MoD was told of Iraqi prisoners' abuse a year ago
  1918. Hoon: I never saw abuse report (Hoon the Liar)
  1919. Amnesty: UK troops shot civilians
  1920. Amnesty report lists 37 'disputed' killings by UK forces
  1921. Most Iraqi detainees 'arrested by mistake'
  1922. Halliburton [war] tab swamps Bush's estimate (Make *them* pay out)
  1923. YellowTimes.org - "Palestinian refugees and the Sudetenland Germans"
  1924. Bush's strategy to save himself: fry the soldiers
  1925. FLASHBACK: Facility 1391: Israel's secret prison
  1926. Telegraph | News | Revealed: what really went on during Bush's 'missing hours'
  1927. GM giant abandons wheat plan (or goes covert?)
  1928. Saddam Hussein to be handed over to Iraqis before power 'transfer' (what's the catch?)
  1929. Concerns rise over treatment of Indians in Iraq
  1930. U.S. Rejects Rights Group Access to Afghan Prisoners
  1931. Military Personnel: Don't Read This!
  1932. Reichwing Senator 'Outraged by Outrage' at Prison Torture (grasping at straws?)
  1933. As many as 300 more photos of abuse said to exist
  1934. UK troops 'shot harmless Iraqis'
  1935. Israeli link possible in US torture techniques
  1936. Bush Imposes Economic Sanctions on Syria -Lawmaker
  1937. Tape Shows U.S. Contractor Being Beheaded in Iraq
  1938. American Contractor Shown Beheaded on Web Site Video
  1939. Pa. Man's Kin Learns of Beheading Video
  1940. Berg interrogated by FBI for two weeks
  1941. West Chester contractor missing in Iraq
  1942. Army Investigation Report (Taguba)
  1943. George Bush as Saddam Hussein
  1944. E-'voting' in India can't remove possibility of fraud
  1945. E-'Voting': 1 County Sues State
  1946. San Bernardino County to defy state order on e-'voting'
  1947. San Bernardino County to defy state order on e-'voting'
  1948. Bush's Poll Numbers Hitting the Danger Zone
  1949. Memo to White House: Get your own TV show
  1950. USDA orders silence on mad cow in Texas
  1951. A Double Ordeal for Female Iraqi Prisoners
  1952. Lawmakers: New Torture Photos Disturbing
  1953. Rumsfeld Backs Iraq Interrogation [torture, rape, murder] Methods
  1954. Group: Bush's Foreign Policy 'Dangerous'
  1955. Army Screens Reservists for Activation
  1956. Iraqi Prison Torture Hurts US More than 9-11, Vatican Says (voice of the metagov?)
  1957. Beheaded hostage 'had been warned to leave Iraq'
  1958. FBI Saw Berg During Iraq Police Detention
  1959. Beheaded Man's Firm Was On Right-Wing 'Enemies List' (Read this)
  1960. "We named Rumsfeld as the responsible person, and I still hold him responsible"
  1961. Alleged Berg Killer Reportedly Dead (Wonderfully convenient)
  1962. Greg Weiher: The Zarqawi Gambit
  1963. Sidney Blumenthal: America's military coup
  1964. PARAMETERS, US Army War College Quarterly - Winter 1992
  1965. FBI Visited Berg 3 Times in Iraqi Jail
  1966. Missouri Guard Unit Forced to Work for Halliburton in Iraq
  1967. Fishy Circumstances and Flawed Timelines Surround American's Beheading
  1969. Bush Imposes Export Ban Against Syria
  1970. CBS to Air U.S. Soldier's Video Diary of Iraq Torture
  1971. "Al Qaeda" is actually a front for intelliegnce agencies (Al-CIAda? Really?)
  1972. U.S. spokesman says decapitated American was never held by U.S. forces (???!!!)
  1973. Media outlets won't show beheading video (what? too obviously phoney?)
  1974. Private Contractors and Torture at Abu Ghraib, Iraq
  1975. Officials Clash on Roles at Iraq Prison
  1976. BBC NEWS | UK | Scotland | Powell in Scotland 'arms' search (How fucking pathetic)
  1977. Terrorists have Iraq's WMD: PM (Canadian Cretin-Lunatic)
  1978. Declassified documents point to US war crimes in Iraq (by Stephen Gowans) (Wasn't it obvious?!)
  1979. Arab League says Israel behind US sanctions on Syria (This is news?)
  1980. Gaza: Helicopter Gunships Firing at Will (Covered by known beheading)
  1981. Beheading Dominates Media Worldwide
  1982. Israel Appeals Press Pass Court Order
  1983. Israel's Failed Assassination Attempt On US Ambassador (A Mossad Specialty)
  1984. Genital Torture For Dummies / Hey, it's a war -- what did you expect, flowers and bunnies and hopscotch in the Baghdad streets? (Morford)
  1985. US Sanctions Not Enough to Deter Syria, Israeli Analyst Says
  1986. Israel applauds Syria sanctions (Applauding their own performance)
  1987. Israeli navy said firing into Gaza City
  1988. European Union disregards US sanctions on Syria (Yea!)
  1989. Israel accused of attacking UN post
  1990. Venezuela Asks U.S. Military to Leave Base Offices (Yea!)
  1991. Top Officials Hold Fake Degrees
  1992. All Blood Flows From the White House (over 500 KB - patience)
  1993. U.S. Jails Iraqis It Used in Plot
  1994. Seven dead in Gaza missile attack-witnesses
  1995. US Chose Bad Time to Impose Syria Sanctions-Arabs (Not if you "have" to declare martial law in US)
  1996. Questions surround young American shown decapitated in video
  1997. "Zarqawi be damned"
  1998. Who Organised the Beheading of Nick Berg and Why ?
  1999. Death of Nick Berg: Bush-Cheney-Pentagon PsyOps?
  2000. UN: Powell Expected To Present Evidence Of Iraq-Al-Qaeda Link (How many lies can one person tell?!)
  2001. California Corporate 3 Strikes Initative Campaign
  2002. Ogrish.com : Can you handle life? (Infamous staged beheading video)
  2003. Conspiracy Planet - Killer Spooks - Nick Berg Snuff Porn: CIA / Mossad Death Squad?
  2004. Juan Cole * Informed Comment * "The Zarqawi Letter"
  2005. WRH Reader Letters
  2006. Haykel on Zarqawi letter
  2007. The Memory Hole [rescuing knowledge, freeing information]
  2008. World's Poorest People Suffer in 'Anti-Terrorism' War, BBC Says (But - That's exactly the Point of it!)
  2009. U.S. Missile Shield Won't Work: Scientist Group (More scientist deaths coming up)
  2010. Thread of Torture Runs to the Oval Office (We love the obvious as news)
  2011. Nick Berg decapitation video declared "a fraud" by medical doctor (and a sloppy one at that)
  2012. Family of Executed American Angry with U.S. Govt.
  2013. FBI told police to hold Berg
  2014. Diplomat's E-Mails Show Berg in Custody
  2015. Executioner wore gold ring - forbidden by Islam
  2016. Berg's 'bizarre mystery with a connection to 9/11'
  2017. Analyzing September 11
  2018. The British, Muslim Terrorism and September 11
  2019. Douglas Valentine: Who Let the Dogs Out?
  2020. Nelson Vald&#-11;&#-11;s: Iraq and the American Borg
  2021. The Observer | Special reports | False trails that lead to the al-Qaeda 'links'(Fictions)
  2022. Executioner wore gold ring - forbidden by Islam
  2023. Text of e-mails from U.S. consular officer in Baghdad to Berg family
  2024. E-mail from consul says Berg was in U.S. military's hands
  2025. Berg's 'bizarre mystery with a connection to 9/11'
  2026. Six die as suspicions of anthrax mount in northern city
  2027. American Tanks Charge Into Najaf
  2028. Red Cross Report Criticizes Guantanamo Prison
  2029. Iraqi father 'tortured to death'
  2030. Rafah a "humanitarian catastrophe" says UN refugee agency (Gee - it's only genicide)
  2031. U.S. Said to Embrace Alleged Nazi Allies (*Not* exactly news)
  2032. Ex-Guantanamo UK prisoners claim abuse
  2033. More states to provide troops for Iraq: Rumsfeld (!? In which universe?)
  2034. Abu Ghraib and the Pornography of Power- by Justin Raimondo
  2035. Blairs willingness to follow Bush into any torture chamber shames Britain
  2036. ....::: COLD TURKEY ::.... Kurt Vonnegut
  2037. Designer Virus Stalks HIV (The designer HIV?)
  2038. 'Mover' is son of top Likud Official
  2039. US forces were taught torture techniques
  2040. 1963: American/British Assassination of the Leader of Iraq
  2041. Shiite shrine damaged during fighting
  2042. Expert says al-Zarqawi bigger than bin Laden (Bigger hoax?)
  2043. Rebuilding Iraq (speaking of hoaxes)
  2044. Americans deny holding Berg despite claims by family; body returns home
  2045. FBI investigated Berg's contacts in Oklahoma
  2046. Family claims U.S. held son in Iraq
  2047. CIA/ Pentagon Psyops:Nick Berg Killed by Americans
  2048. US may pull out of Iraq: Bremer (oh? just like that? convince me)
  2049. Some Republicans Trivialize Torture
  2050. Republicans oppose publication of photos: Images likened to 'wings of hell'
  2051. Woman Without Part of Skull for Months (Insurance(?) Horror Story)
  2052. Regime change in America its last hope?
  2053. USA owes Russia $9,000,000 of rent for US Embassy in Moscow
  2054. Released prisoners complain of torture as fighting rages in Najaf
  2055. So-called "hate crime" turns out to be extortion plot
  2056. Abu Ghraib Guard Paints Harrowing Portrait of Torture
  2057. Evidence Grows of More Widespread Torture
  2058. WRH: A Nation Damned
  2059. Rabbi's son arrested in synagogue fire
  2060. Rabbi's son arrested in synagogue fires Richmond blaze caused $200,000 damage
  2061. Did US fund managers get anti-war editor sacked?
  2062. Battle rages in Iraqi holy city
  2063. One big experiment gone wrong
  2064. Iowa congressman: IRAQI Torture little more than hazing (??!!!)
  2065. Mystery people dominate testimony at Nichols trial
  2066. Canadian Broadcasting Corporation Blames Israel for Torture Scandal
  2067. Israel Destroys Hundreds of Palestinian Homes to Expand Military Zone
  2068. Ministers Pondering Life after Blair (as well they should - assholes)
  2069. Prisoner tortured to death
  2070. E-mail says Berg was in U.S. hands
  2071. Kerry supports $25 billion for Iraq (Kerry=Bush)
  2072. THE head of French Friends of Israel's Likud Party admitted staging "antisemitic" phone calls to himself.
  2073. Iraqi In Custody Tortured To Death
  2074. Democrats agree to suppress photos of US torture in Iraq (Don't Democrats *always* agree?)
  2075. The terrible and strange death of Nick Berg (strange and sloppily staged by al-CIAda)
  2076. Iraq: A convenient letter from an (nonexistent) Al Qaeda (nonexistent) terrorist
  2077. BreakForNews.com : Nick Berg Family Firm was on Right-Wing 'Enemies' List
  2078. English lesson for our leaders (and the US gov is called Orwellian)
  2079. Man fights citation for carrying anti-Bush sign "F U G W"
  2080. Bush Says Zarqawi Killed Berg, Cites Saddam 'Ties' (Bush: More Fantastic Lies)
  2081. U.S. Forces Renew Holy City Battles in Iraq
  2082. Don't Start a War With Iran - by Ron Paul
  2083. Behind the Scenes, U.S. Tightens Grip On Iraq's Future (The big Handove-Bendover Hoax)
  2084. U.S. arranges to detain and interrogate terror suspects in secret (and more)
  2085. Rice turns on the charm to keep US allies loyal (Charm? Supersow?)
  2086. US Pushes World Court Immunity Amid Iraq Scandal (For USGOO war criminals)
  2087. Castro leads march against US crackdown (and makes the Nazi connections)
  2088. US risks fury of Shia as Imam Ali's shrine is hit (Greatest possible offense)
  2089. Stunned staff mourn loss of editor who 'told the truth' about Iraqi abuse(Attack the Media when it doesn't lie!)
  2090. Bremer Unplugged: We'll Leave Iraq if Asked (This Faux News now)
  2091. British army's history of torture and repression
  2092. Shiite militiamen jubilate as they display destroyed U.S. Army equipment inNajaf (Begining of the End of US)
  2093. The Computer Ate My Vote
  2094. BERG BEHEADING IS A BUSH "PSY OP" (Getting closer to truth)
  2095. "CIA did it to take the heat off the Pentagon"--NBC reporter
  2096. 'Al-Qaeda' Falsely Added to Statement Transcript by US Government
  2097. Cover-up: Why Was Berg's (a civilian) Body Flown to Dover AFB?
  2098. Nicholas Berg was murdered by AMERICANS at Abu Ghraib prison
  2099. Qaeda Leader Beheads U.S. Civilian in Iraq (a cache of links)
  2100. 98% Chance That This is a Military-Industrial Complex Psyop
  2101. Anthony Lucey: Could N.Berg's execution be fake? - PRAVDA.Ru
  2102. CBC issues 'clarification' on item linking Israel to Iraq torture (Oh! - that's an apriori no-no!)
  2103. Mossad Killers on the Loose in the USA (Is this allowed to say?)
  2104. UN chief blasts Israel for destroying Arab homes, demands halt (as Sharon laughs)
  2105. WRH: THE POINT OF NO RETURN (The Extended Weimar Scenario)
  2106. Vice President Dick Cheney vowed unflagging friendship for Israel (How about Americans?)
  2107. Rabbi's son allegedly steals holy text from synagogue, sets fires
  2108. Blair pledges his continued loyalty to Bush on Iraq (How completely touching)
  2110. Bush, Cheney disclose vast fortunes
  2111. War will benefit Israel, Cheney says
  2112. US Troops to Stay in Iraq After June 30, Bush Says (This is news?!)
  2113. Hands Off Venezuela!
  2114. Tens of Thousands Rally in Israel for Gaza Pullout
  2115. Israel fails to assassinate Islamic Jihad leaders after deadly week
  2116. Coalition warns (Threatens) Karbala residents to leave Iraq holy city after clashes
  2117. Get out and demonstrate (Haaretz)
  2118. A Time for Truth - by Pat Buchanan
  2119. Address of 'Islamic website' that posted Berg video traced to London
  2120. UN Committee Could Investigate U.S., Britain
  2121. Connecticut Forum Referees Ann Coulter And Al Franken at the Bushnell
  2122. Arroyo regime vows to crush protests
  2123. Ohio Democrats Pick Jerry Springer as Delegate for Convention
  2124. Spain's ex-prime minister warns of threats during U.S. election (TheAznar Poodle)
  2125. Should cowboy Bush ride into the sunset?
  2126. Poll: Support for Bush, Iraq war dropping (Not fast enough to mitigate horrors)
  2127. Fire Engineers Call WTC Probe 'Half-Baked Farce' (This is news?!)
  2128. Leak Prosecutor Seeks to Question Reporters
  2129. Mass rally in Tel Aviv calls for Gaza withdrawal (100,000 people)
  2130. US Army chair same as Nick Berg's
  2131. Retreat from Iraq?
  2132. Baker family calls war a betrayal
  2133. Battles in Najaf and Karbala Near Shiites' Religious Sites
  2134. U.S. Battles Shiites in Iraq; 5 GIs Die
  2135. Occupation warns (threatens) Karbala residents to leave Iraqi holy city after clashes
  2136. U.S. Criticized Over Iraq Reconstruction (What reconstruction?)
  2137. US guards 'filmed beatings' at terror camp
  2138. Britain arrests four soldiers over Iraqi prisoner abuse
  2139. Iraqi Newspaper Urges Rumsfeld to Resign
  2140. U.S. Denies Rumsfeld Approved Iraq Interrogations (So then we know it's true)
  2141. Rumsfeld's secret OK led to Abu Ghraib prisoner abuse: report
  2142. The Gray Zone
  2143. Rumsfeld Tied to Prison Tactics
  2144. Firefighters association leader calls for Bush's 'firing'
  2145. White House 'tried to ban film' (Michael Moore's Farenheit 9/11)
  2146. Colorado Bishop Warns Catholics (about what? The Inquisition again?)
  2147. Bishop steps into church, state fray (Bishop needs a good spanking)
  2148. FBI investigates underground tunnel requests (FOIA is no longer a freedom)
  2149. Occupation Evacuates HQ in Nasiriyah
  2150. Clashes in Iraq; Powell Says U.S. Troops to Stay (Powless sucks)
  2151. Mirror editor sacked over fake photos of torture
  2152. Torture at Abu Ghraib followed CIA's manual
  2153. Ex-prisoner on U.S. torture: 'I never saw such a thing under Saddam'
  2154. Israeli Court Clears Way for Demolition ("First Corrupt the Judges" - A. Hitler)
  2155. IRAQ: US generals admit they are `on road to defeat'
  2156. Kabul government concedes officials assist drug trafficking (CIA consorts)
  2157. State has no records of slain Nick Berg's firm
  2158. US guards 'filmed beatings' at terror camp
  2159. `The majority' is waking up (Haaretz)
  2160. Hoon: no defence
  2161. Israels Failed Assassination Attempt on U.S. Ambassador Documented
  2162. Iranian Protesters Stone British Embassy
  2163. BLAIR AND BUSH TO VISIT BAGHDAD (visiting scene of their genocide to gloat)
  2164. Israel Must Stop Orgy Of Destruction - UN
  2165. Israel&#-11;&#-11;&#-11;s enemies strike back - Hezbollah [Sunday Herald]
  2166. Berg Video Uploaded From London, Not Iraq
  2167. Bush: Berg's killers must be hunted down (within Al-CIAda)
  2168. Turkey cancels multi-billion defense tenders
  2169. India's Policy On Israel Likely To Change
  2170. Hundreds of homes to be demolished: Israeli army chief
  2171. Sharon's house-boy (Colon Iguana Powerless) blames Arafat for "hindering peace"
  2172. Cheney's world seems to sidestep some pesky realities
  2173. FBI returns to old leads in continuing anthrax probe (investigation CIA? Fat chance!)
  2174. Israel urged to attack Iran nuke plant (Israel will be *very* sorry if it does)
  2175. Collected stories on Nick Berg
  2176. Powell: Arab Response to Berg Insufficient (for such a sloppy fabrication?)
  2177. Venezuela court rules against Chavez
  2178. Chile braces for general strike
  2179. Israel pulls back forces from Gaza, launches air strikes
  2180. Pope makes saint of woman who died after refusing abortion... (sick fuck)
  2181. DISNEY Installs High-Security, Anti-Terrorist Barricades...
  2182. Mubarak comes to Washington with a long shopping list - and tail between his poodle legs
  2183. Saddam Trial 'Would Embarrass West' - Lawyers (true, so expect 'unfortunate event')
  2184. In policy reversal, US signals possible acceptance of theocracy in Iraq (until tomorrow anyhow)
  2185. Cell phone block eyed (more USNazi induced paranoia)
  2186. E-Mails From US Consulate To Berg's Family
  2187. Israel threatens to step up Gaza Strip military operations
  2188. Deputy PM confirms oil crisis (created, of course)
  2189. Guantanamo abuses 'were filmed'
  2190. more collected Berg info
  2191. Israeli Actor Threatens To Avenge Son, Kill Sharon
  2192. Blood-spattered house mystifies elderly couple (it's very strange nation)
  2193. 'Iraq sucking the life' out of Bush's popularity: pollsters (Bush sucking life out of everyone - except Halibuton et al.)
  2194. Speculation grows over Blair's future (Karmic justice?)
  2195. Over 150,000 attend rally calling for Gaza withdrawal
  2196. Jewish Terrorist threats sent to La Voz de Aztlan
  2197. CIA Wrong on Iraq 'Mobile Labs,' Powell Says (Not "wrong", liars - like you)
  2198. Bush Has Put the U.S. 'Back In the U.S.S.R.'
  2199. Feith Sidelined JAGs
  2200. US military now trying to buy abused prisoners (for further torture?)
  2201. Torture scandal focuses on Bush foundation
  2202. White House counsel questioned need to comply with Geneva Convention: report
  2203. US admits Shia unrest is 'uprising' (Tomorrow they'll deny it - again)
  2204. 80% in Iraq Distrust Occupation Authority (I wonder why)
  2205. Allies accused of breaking Geneva Conventions on civilian losses (obvious)
  2206. Iraq Latest: Soldiers Swap Sick DVDs of Iraqi Killings (this is surprising?)
  2207. Focus shifts to Bush dictatorship in abuse scandal
  2208. US Gov't Disavows E-Mails About Berg's Detention (yeah - yeah - so you know it's true)
  2209. Berg: Americans "had day-to-day control over me before they transferred me"
  2210. TIME Magazine: The Sad Tale of Nick Berg
  2211. Pilger film wins top award
  2212. Newspaper logo
  2213. Blair: I can't quit until Iraqis have free rule (Guffaw-snort-barf)
  2214. William Pfaff: A new American dream
  2215. BBC NEWS | Middle East | Iran leader condemns US 'stupidity'
  2216. US 'moving Korea troops to Iraq' (ooops)
  2217. Brian Cloughley: Where Are You Heading, America? (The Weimar Experience Deja Vu)
  2218. Herald Sun: Hired guns: Australian mercenaries in Iraq [17may04]
  2219. Galloway to prosecute Blair for W-ar crimes
  2220. Lawmakers Told of POW Torture Months Ago
  2221. Ex-Congressman Janklow Released from Jail (after only 100 days)
  2222. Iraqi council chief dies in (coalition planted) car bomb, coalition troops kill 50 freedom fighters
  2223. Yahoo! News - U.S. Assessing Reports of Sarin Gas in Iraq
  2224. The politics of opportunism: the "radical left" in France Part one: the LO-LCR electoral alliance
  2225. YellowTimes.org - ''Sex, lies and videotapes''
  2226. YellowTimes.org - ''Drinking rocket fuel'' (Privatizing Water)
  2227. Joe Vialls Fraudulently Banned By Yahoo! Geocities
  2228. The Pentagon Unleashes a Holy Warrior (Boykin complete lunatic)
  2229. The History of the failed "Office Of Strategic Influence"
  2230. 'Holy war' general linked to Iraq prison scandal.
  2231. Powell says Bush was 'informed' of Red Cross concerns
  2233. 'I have lost everything' (Rafah)
  2236. Bomber kills US-backed Iraqi leader (who opened mouth once too often against US)
  2237. Israeli link possible in US torture techniques
  2238. Nick Berg Video : detailed breakdown
  2239. Prison Torture Investigators Question Hiring of Former Utah Prison Boss
  2240. The Kings of Pain - United Kingdom, United States and Israel
  2241. Pentagon Seeks to Quash Iraq Torture Report
  2242. Beijing threatens Taipei with destruction (while attention is elsewhere)
  2243. Through the Eyes of a Muslim
  2244. From the White House, a nightmare scenario (plans for another 9/11)
  2245. Prison abuse resulted from a memo signed by Bush
  2246. BUSH, BLAIR EYE FASTER PULLOUT (and abandon looting, pillaging, raping ...?)
  2247. Gas Price Surge Under Bush Follows Unchecked Refinery Mergers (while attention is elsewhere)
  2248. Director Moore Launches Anti-Bush Tirade at Cannes (Bravo!)
  2249. Blair wants out of Iraq when possible (and when might that be?)
  2250. Bremer office 'hampering oil-for-food corruption inquiry'
  2251. Allies accused of breaking Geneva Conventions on civilian losses
  2252. Skyrocketing Iraqi Anger as US Raids Sunni Mosque Fourth Time Since Invasion
  2253. IDF cuts Rafah from rest of Gaza, deploys on Khan Yunis road
  2255. Christianist Ayatollahs Bring America To Shame; and are a worse threat to the nation than communism ever was.
  2256. Rice denies Iraq prisoner scandal has undermined US influence (Lie #652419)
  2257. Michael Moore responds to Wall Street Journal smear
  2258. Rumsfeld and the 'beastly' Boykin
  2259. Protecting the System (of genocide, racketeering and lies)
  2260. The Insanity of Staying the Course
  2261. 'Nerve gas bomb' explodes in Iraq (created by al-CIAda)
  2262. News blackout in Gaza
  2263. Israel Launches Massive Military Operation in Southern Gaza
  2264. Israelis carry out major raid in Gaza
  2265. Palestinians Flee Gaza Homes; Qurie Appeals to U.S. (lots of luck)
  2266. Moore's new anti-Bush film ignites Cannes
  2267. U.S. athletes told to cool it at Olympics (Gee - how come?)
  2268. Impeach The Responsible Person: George Bush (keep saying it)
  2269. 'Bush, Rumsfeld signed memo for Iraq abuse'
  2270. Hoods Placed On Fremont Sculpture In Iraq War Protest
  2271. Moore film 'could bring down Bush'
  2272. Memo to Bush may have led to torture
  2273. Sarin, Mustard Gas Discovered Separately in Iraq (discovered? planted!)
  2274. komo news | Fremont Statue Turned Into Political Statement
  2275. Poland Says It Was 'Misled' On WMD
  2276. EU presses Israel to stop Gaza demolitions 'immediately' (Israel commits any crimes it feels like)
  2277. Annan calls on Israel to halt destruction of Palestinian homes in Gaza (Has it ever worked before?)
  2278. Alexander Cockburn and Jeffrey St. Clair: Torture, as American as Apple Pie
  2279. Adam Jones: America's Srebrenica (with reference to psychopath Limbaugh)
  2280. La Voz de Aztlan
  2281. Berg decapitation video was filmed inside the Abu Ghraib prison
  2282. USA rape and sodomization of Iraqis worst than imagined
  2283. Iraqi resistance fighters call for Americans to be castrated on the banks of the Euphrates River
  2284. Moore blasts Blair at Cannes screening
  2285. Review: New Poker Face album politically, musically stunning
  2286. Recent News From The Homeland Atrocity Department (sick nation becomes sicker?)
  2287. Greenpeace Squares Up to US Government in Court Battle
  2288. British Fury at US 'Kill and Kill Again' Policy
  2289. Rumsfeld says it wasn't necessarily sarin (Ah! - Frist's lost nose candy?)
  2290. Atrocities in Iraq: 'I killed innocent people for our government'
  2291. Vatican Warns Catholics Against Marrying Muslims
  2292. In Israel, a Ban on Indian Wigs; In Brooklyn, a Rush to Comply
  2293. newsletter25 (an oldie - but you'll know all the lyrics since their still true)
  2295. Guardian Unlimited | Special reports | Spain under Franco: 'Marxists are retards'
  2296. M.P.'s Received Orders to Strip Iraqi Detainees
  2297. U.S. to Halt Payments to Iraqi Group Headed by a Onetime Pentagon Favorite(Chalabi)
  2298. Florida approves touch-screen 'vote' system, et ergo, more rigged elections
  2299. 9/11 Families endorse gas boycott
  2300. Forgotten Christians who are also Palestinians
  2301. Italian Soldier's Death in Iraq Roils Rome
  2302. Iraq to demand full control of oil reserves
  2303. Massive Invasion of Rafah Draws Worldwide Condemnation
  2304. Iraq's 'Sovereignty' Mirage
  2305. Group that beheaded Berg likely behind attack, U.S. forces say - Rubbish
  2306. US releases (hypocritical) human rights report amid "cloud" of POW abuses
  2307. Israel Kills 15 Palestinians in Raid on Gaza Refugee Camp
  2308. Putin: Iran Is Our Old Friend and Partner
  2309. Russia, Iran Discuss Situation in Iraq
  2310. 'Harsh Methods' Aren't Torture, Says the New York Times in Rummyspeak
  2311. US press accounts confirm: Rumsfeld, Bush approved Iraq torture policy
  2312. Israel committing war crimes in Rafah
  2313. Impeach the SOB - Damn the Republicans-Full Speed Ahead!
  2314. MP Accuses Israel of Palestinian 'Slaughter'
  2315. Congressmen to AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee): We'll legislate Bush's promises
  2318. AIPAC asks Congress to legislate Bush letter
  2319. Bush courts pro-Israel lobbying group
  2320. Bush Addresses 'The Lobby'
  2321. Children Killed as Israel Launches Major Gaza Offensive
  2322. Stop The Wall: 10,000 Strong Rally in London Against the Apartheid Wall
  2323. Report from Rafah
  2324. Memos Reveal War Crimes Warnings (Obviously)
  2325. BBC News | MIDDLE EAST | Israel admits torture
  2326. Phony Disengagement, Secret Escalation
  2327. Guardian Unlimited Film | Features | Peter Bradshaw on Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 9/11
  2328. Four people have been arrested over the beheading of American Nicholas Ber (The al-CIAda agents?)
  2329. shell explodes in Iraq - or does it?
  2330. NEWS.com.au | Four arrested over US man's beheading (May 19, 2004) - Um Bush, Cheney, Rummy and Wolfowitz?
  2331. Iraqatrix: It's Leather War!
  2333. Source behind WMD claims failed lie testSource behind WMD claims failed lietest
  2334. Bush renews call for banning gay marriage as mor immoral than genocide and torture
  2335. US to take corrective action in Iraq - LMFAO!
  2336. Amnesty International Criticizes Israel (Boy! Are they in trouble!)
  2337. U.S. lets Afghanistan traffic in opium (Hey! It's al-CIAda income)
  2338. The US Department of State has warned US citizens that travel to Iran (or anyplace else) could be dangerous
  2339. BBC NEWS | Middle East | Israeli army surrounds Gaza camp
  2340. Report: Israeli cell caught targeting Hizbullah leader Nasrallah
  2341. Lebanon cracks 'Israeli spy ring' (Oh Israel doesn't have spy rings)
  2342. Fire Dept Tape Invalidates Key Points Official 911 Story (Any reality does)
  2343. Anti-War Protesters Target George Bush Senior's Dinner
  2344. Key Iraqi prisoners are being held outside of chain of command
  2345. 'I should have questioned orders': Interrogation chief (Really?!)
  2346. New US abuse claims (It's only begun)
  2347. Bush: assassination, other attacks, reflect "desperation by a hateful few"attempting to derail genocide
  2348. Fahrenheit 9/11 could light fire under Bush (We wait with hope)
  2349. Reuters staff abused by U.S. troops in Iraq
  2350. Moore rant (Farenheit 9/11) wows Cannes
  2351. US politicians launch war against e-voting (Finally! A worthy war)
  2352. Republican officials say Democrats subverting (subversive) voting system purchase
  2353. Is the Sarin Claim Bogus? (Use past experience - and guess)
  2354. Founding Fathers Assets at Risk from Proposed UK Treaty
  2355. The Secret of Abu Ghraib Exposed! (A subsidiary of Club Med?)
  2356. 9-11 panel dumps blame for loss of life on NYPD and NYFD! (also the tooth fairy and the easter bunny)
  2357. Plan would draft IRS in the search for reservists (more power centralization?)
  2358. Army, CIA want torture truths exposed (NOT!)
  2359. Washington think tank report calls for the use of "excessive force" and torture against Palestinians
  2360. Israelis Trained US Troops in Jenin-style Urban Warfare
  2361. Rich Israeli Soldiers Bribe Peers To Evade Palestinian Hell
  2362. 'Fahrenheit 9/11': Connecting With a Hard Left
  2363. Salim 'held up at US checkpoint' (*just* before?)
  2364. congress hiding soldiers' photos of torture
  2365. The Village Voice: Features: The Jesus Landing Pad by Rick Perlstein
  2366. Soldier Faces Court-Martial for 'Desertion'
  2367. An Interesting Day: President Bush's Movements and Actions on 9/11
  2368. The Social Security Trust Fund is Empty, Economist Says in New Book
  2369. Enron Tapes Hint Chiefs Knew About Power Ploys
  2370. Ashcroft invokes "state secrets privilege" in 9-11 lawsuit
  2371. Protesters plan midtown 'die-in'
  2372. Army may send special reserves to active duty involuntarily
  2373. Britain to dispatch up to 3,000 more troops
  2374. 'Definitely a Cover-Up'
  2375. US bans rights monitors from Abu Ghraib court-martial
  2376. 3 Witnesses at Iraq Torture Hearing Refused to Testify
  2377. Officer Says Army Tried to Curb Red Cross Visits to Prison in Iraq
  2378. Report: Harsh interrogation OK'd for 1 inmate
  2379. Death of Prisoner Detailed in Testimony
  2380. Officers Say U.S. Colonel at Abu Ghraib Prison Felt Intense Pressure to GetInmates to Talk
  2381. Former Guant&#-11;&#-11;namo chief clashed with army interrogators
  2382. Reuters: US abused our journalists
  2383. US Troops 'Tortured Iraq Reporters'
  2384. Iraqis 'Crawled In Broken Glass'
  2385. U.S. Faces Growing Fear of Failure
  2386. US occupation regime staggered by bomb blasts, uprisings
  2387. Israel escalates war of terror in Gaza
  2388. The Pfizer Settlement - THE JOURNAL NEWS: A Gannett Suburban webpaper
  2389. Kerry Open to OK Anti-Abortion Judges
  2390. Hastert questions McCain's GOP credentials
  2391. Miami judge throws out ship-boarding charges against Greenpeace
  2392. Air Force Jams Florida Garage Doors
  2393. 'Excuses' anger some families at 9/11 hearing
  2394. Giuliani: N.Y. Never Warned About Attack
  2395. Giuliani Testifies Before 9/11 Panel Amid Angry Hecklers
  2396. Senate OKs $5.6B for Chemical Attacks
  2397. Terrorism Drill Held In Central Florida
  2398. Denver Airport shut down, 6th airport "incident" within days
  2399. Denver Airport shut down after 'computer glitch'
  2400. Database Measured 'Terrorism Quotient'
  2401. NYPD Officers Get "Terrorism" Cards
  2402. Brother and sister gunned down as they collected washing
  2403. U.N. Demands Israel End Home Demolitions
  2404. Roadside Bomb Injures 6 in Afghanistan
  2405. Howard's message to Blair: Time to stand up to Bush
  2406. Nick Berg Was Arrested Twice At OU During Spring 2000
  2407. Berg's Father Says Bush "A Weapon of Mass Destruction"
  2408. Soldier receives one year sentence for Iraq prison abuse
  2409. Torture Inquiry Focuses on New Head of Iraq Jails
  2410. Sergeant Says Intelligence Directed Torture
  2411. More Photos Surface Soldiers Shown Giving Thumbs Up Sign By Body of DeadIraqi Prisoner
  2412. Brutal interrogation in Iraq
  2413. 40 Killed in U.S. Attack on Iraqi Border Village
  2414. U.S. Kills 40 Iraqis at Wedding Party
  2415. GOP pushes $2.4T budget through House
  2416. Bush Invokes 'War on [of] Terror' in Energy Debate
  2417. Oil Companies' Profits
  2418. Ruling Says White House's Medicare Videos Were Illegal
  2419. Israelis fire on Gaza protesters
  2420. State refuses to register 'Israeli' nationality
  2421. Was Irv Rubin Killed In 911 Mop-Up?
  2422. Israeli Media Say at Least 22 Die in Rafah Strike
  2423. Israeli gunship open fire on Palestinian demo
  2424. Reuters renews claim US forces abused its staff
  2425. Soldiers accused of abusing journalists
  2426. UN mulls Israel resolution
  2427. We must withdraw
  2428. '140,000 people, 40 beds and a war'
  2429. Army 'Covering Up Serial Prisoner Torture' Says US Soldier
  2430. Dissenting Soldier Charged for Desertion
  2431. Iraq disaster isnt coming to an end, its only just begun
  2432. 9/11 Disaster Could Have Been Prevented (Just say No)
  2433. 'Demolition policy violates international law'
  2434. Children die in Gaza as Bush praises Israel
  2435. Iraq War Weakens Bond Between Bush, Evangelicals
  2436. Meat From Dying, Sick Or Diseased Cows Getting into Food
  2437. Ye of Little Feith
  2438. Israel floats Gaza moat plan
  2439. Transforming People into Perpetrators of Evil
  2441. Israel: Berlin taking our immigrants
  2442. Liberty Forum Down Due To INTERNAL Sabotage
  2443. Bush declines to condemn Israeli attack
  2444. Be Careful Who You Tell What You Really Think of Bush
  2445. Black Box Backlash
  2446. USA started preparations for war with Syria
  2447. The Sex Scandal That Put Bush in the White House
  2448. Hollywood stars visit The Vault sex club (What Movie stars may or may not do for sex is far more important to the brainless 'murikan public than the genocide and torture of children committed by its criminal government)
  2449. FBI Agent: 2004 Will Be Remembered as 'Summer of Terror'
  2450. More Iraq Hawk Myths Bite the Dust
  2451. Pigs At The Trough (aren't they always?)
  2452. Chavez steps up rhetoric against 'external enemy'
  2453. Pentagon might add months to tours
  2454. Powell Distances Himself From President (I *won't* help a psychopathic liar)
  2455. West Virginia To Pass Compulsory Vaccination Bill !! (Oooops!)
  2456. Hollings defends his statements on Israel
  2457. Tide is changing in U.S. coverage of war in Iraq (Umm - it strated changing about 10 months ago!)
  2458. Israel fires two missiles at crowd (Doesn't it always?)
  2460. Reinstated military draft would equalize sharing the load in Iraq
  2461. Israelis fire on Rafah demonstration
  2462. 14 US Military Bases Under Construction In Iraq (Quick - destroy them)
  2464. The talking Rumsfeld doll (It's a pathological liar too)
  2465. U.S. reportedly kills 40 Iraqis at party
  2466. Court-martial meets skepticism in Iraq
  2467. US fire 'kills 40 Iraqi wedding guests'
  2468. Bush Urges Israel to Exercise Restraint in Gaza
  2469. Fake terror not unique to the US
  2470. From deep inside his bunker...
  2471. U.N. Envoy Calls Israeli Gaza Raids a War Crime
  2472. Death and Rage in Gaza
  2473. Shocking Details on Torture of Reuters Staffers in Iraq
  2474. The WTC impacts: 767s or "whatzits"?
  2475. New Revelations Highlight Miller Ink Stain at 'NY Times'
  2476. Justices Deny Foster Photos Rehearing; Attorney Blasts Lies in Opinion
  2477. Bush's failed Mideast policy is creating more terrorism
  2478. Israeli War Crimes - Who to Trust: AIPAC or Amnesty International
  2479. JINSA starts the run up to the US attack on Syria
  2480. Powell Rebukes Israel for Deadly Gaza Raid
  2481. Some Dare Call It Treason: Wake Up America!
  2482. U.N. Demands Israel End Home Demolitions
  2483. Hogarth : Oh, what a tangled web we weave
  2484. Sharon's nightmare
  2485. Hollings defends statements on Israel
  2486. Iraq may be Bush's end (or a new begining of a Kerry nightmare)
  2487. Israel: The Palestinians are blowing up their own homes to make us look bad.
  2488. Israel Vows No Let-Up in Gaza, 33 Palestinians Die
  2489. U.N. demands Israel end home demolitions
  2490. UN to insist IDF halt Rafah operation
  2491. UN votes to criticize Israel
  2492. US troops allowed to mistreat Afghan POWs
  2493. Historians vs. George W. Bush
  2495. Sit-ins to protest Israeli massacre
  2496. It's too late to uproot Iraq's growing resistance (no Shit!)
  2497. Brutal interrogation in Iraq - Five detainees' deaths probed
  2498. Bush abandons his 'favourite son' Chalabi (are we dead yet?)
  2499. U.S. kills 40 Iraqis, reportedly at party
  2500. Nichols Witness Says Scientist Lied
  2501. Ten die as Israeli tanks fire on peaceful protest
  2502. Settler Rabbi: Killing innocent people in war is allowed if saves lives
  2503. BBC report on Rafah
  2504. BLU-114/B "Soft-Bomb"
  2505. Bush s-election campaign ran from Noida (India) call centre
  2506. White House Is Trumpeting Programs It Tried to Cut (anothe wave is a sea of lies)
  2507. Seattle Weekly: News: Black Box Backlash by George Howland Jr.
  2508. Seattle Weekly: News: www.bigbrother.gov by George Howland Jr.
  2509. Security plans [police state tactics] for July emerge
  2510. House Democratic Leader Pelosi calls Bush 'incompetent' (Nope:puppet - the results are deliberate)
  2511. U.S. Troops Raid Chalabi's House in Iraq
  2512. Chalabi Furious at U.S. Over Raid on Baghdad Office (BFD)
  2513. Iraqi governing council leader 'was killed by al-Qaida group' (That's al-CIAda)
  2514. Hostilities force Bush into deep hole
  2515. Sidney Blumenthal: The religious warrior of Abu Ghraib (Lunatic Boykin)
  2516. The other prisoners (Christian god must love raping.)
  2517. 'I'm sorry. It just isn't me' "It was like being in a horror movie"
  2518. 'They made us break law' - "judge" col Gary Smith needs to be hung
  2519. Israel defies outcry and expands offensive
  2520. Sergeant Says Intelligence Directed Torture
  2521. Children dismembered in Israeli attack on refugees
  2522. Israel 'disapointed' by US failure to veto UN resolution on Rafah (Ghengis,Attila, Stalin and Hitler had their diasappointments too)
  2523. THE ORIGIN OF THE PALESTINE- ISRAELI CONFLICT (from jewish perspective)
  2524. Pentagon finds more prison abuse photos
  2525. UN council attacks Israel over demolitions
  2526. U.S. Vetoes of UN Resolutions Critical of Israel (1972-2004)
  2527. Israel vows no let-up after killing 33 in Gaza (Genocide: it's what we do)
  2528. Pentagon's Feith Again at Centre of Disaster (Disaster=Torture in Iraq)
  2529. Under the Rubble - Israel Charged for War Crimes
  2530. Wedding party massacre
  2531. Attacks by Israel, U.S. will likely fuel accurate perception of war on Islam
  2532. Hard lessons from poetry class: Speech is free unless it's critical Not to love Der Fuehrer is a great disgrace)
  2533. Palestinian doctors despair at rising toll of children shot dead by armysnipers
  2534. Iraqis see US as occupiers: poll (Oh!? - Really?! I wonder why?)
  2535. Five arrested at Halliburton meeting (All Haliburton should have been arrested years ago)
  2536. U.S. probes death of prisoner seen in photos (and will produce either silence or yet more bullshit)
  2537. FBI Agent: 2004 Will Be Remembered as 'Summer of Terror' (We've had FOUR YEARS of Fucking terror! Bushitlers!)
  2538. FBI Issues 'Homeland' Suicide Bomber Warning (Self fulfilling prophecy)
  2539. Larger Conspiracy to Erie Bank Robbery "Obvious"
  2540. Bizarre Pizza Delivery Bank Heist Gets More Puzzling
  2541. Sonia Gandhi declines India's prime ministership A craven capitulation to big business and the Hindu right
  2542. Bush's legal propagandist defends the indefensible: torture in Afghanistan and Iraq
  2543. Britain: Sacking of Mirror editor over Iraq abuse photos--a major attack on press freedom
  2544. New allegations of detainee abuse at secret Baghdad facility
  2545. GI: Boy mistreated to get dad to talk
  2546. ALP pressures Govt over detainee abuse claims
  2547. US soldiers could go from pawns to kingmakers
  2548. Maryland voters who requested paper ballots instead of touch-screen won't becounted (Sick Irony?)
  2549. Mutiny by 4 Republicans Over Bush's Tax Cutting Forces Delay on the BudgetVote
  2550. Mystery illness plagues Sudan
  2551. Monsanto can hold plant patent: Supreme Court (Canada)
  2552. CBC News Indepth: Genetic Modification
  2553. CBC News:Supreme Court rejects patent on genetically-modified mouse
  2554. Senator to Veneman: Resign Over Mad Cow
  2555. Secret Service Expert Charged With Lying in Martha Stewart Case
  2556. Military jury convicts Miami Beach soldier of desertion from Iraq (In a sane country this would be unbelievable)
  2557. Berg beheading: No way, say medical experts
  2558. The war of the snuff videos
  2559. 14 US Military Bases Under Construction In Iraq
  2560. Reuters AlertNet - Islam unites Shi'ite and Sunni rebels against U.S.
  2561. Military shrugs off attack on wedding party ("I don't have to apologize"(?!))
  2562. New front in Iraq detainee abuse scandal? - Move over Abu Ghraib; It's delta force!
  2563. Iraqis Provide New Details of Torture
  2564. Iraqi prisoners 'ridden like animals'
  2565. Torture Photos
  2566. Last Spanish troops leave Iraq
  2567. U.S. forces battle cleric's militia in several Iraqi cities
  2568. Powell says U-N envoy close to naming Iraqi interim government (The Colon says a lot of things; mostly lies)
  2569. Zionist Commando Daniel Lewin Orchestrated The 9-11 Terrorist Attacks (read it)
  2570. Wedding Party Massacre
  2571. Israels involvement in Iraq: Torture and Petroleum
  2572. United States Senate resolution on Venezuela signature validation processfails
  2573. Blair Under Siege
  2574. Iranians Rally Against Desecration of Holy Sites in Iraq
  2576. So, let's not be shocked, okay?
  2577. Company traces source of tainted gas - Auto repairs to be repaid
  2578. Shell makes oil discovery in Egypt (uh-oh Egyptians Beware!)
  2579. Israel says Iran using Gaza tunnels in anti-Israeli attacks (Credibility?)
  2580. ei: Who really smuggled weapons to Rafah? (ans: us, fr, de, it, se, uk)
  2581. TODAY'S UNKNOWN NEWS - The Word You're Looking For Is "Lies".
  2582. Fifteen cases of Ebola-like illness, including four deaths reported in Sudan
  2583. Videos Amplify Picture of Violence (Abu Ghraib)
  2584. 'US soldiers started to shoot us, one by one'
  2585. New front in Iraq detainee abuse scandal?
  2586. U.S. Troops Enter Pakistani Tribal Region
  2587. U.S. Panel Aims to Quash Vaccine-Autism Link
  2588. Stopping the carnage in Rafah
  2590. Material Given to Congress in 2002 Is Now Classified
  2591. CBS News | Ahmad Chalabi's Fall From Grace | May 21, 2004 19:12:09
  2592. Gas field discovered in central Syria (uh-oh Syrians Beware!)
  2593. U.S. seeks new exemption from war-crimes tribunal (I wonder why?)
  2594. House Armed Svc. Chair: Prison Probe Endangering GI Lives (I guess Congress is "unpatriotic"; it did pass Patriot Act, so who knows)
  2595. US threatens UN with withdrawal of all troops if not given immunity[auf Deutsch] (This is a threat?!)
  2596. US advisers to stay after June 30 (along with everything else)
  2597. Reuters Stands by Iraq Torture Reports, Releases Timeline on Incident
  2598. It's on the record: prison scandal reaches the top
  2599. 'Contract interrogators hired to avoid supervision' (Oh - that's really surprising - Not!)
  2600. The Neocon Case for Imprisoning and Executing Congressional War Opponents(Insane is sane)
  2601. Two Detained In Berg Decapitation Released (Maybe it was the 19 Hijerkers!)
  2602. Lies about crimes
  2603. Patriot missile: friend or foe?
  2604. `They didn't even spare one child'
  2605. International Inquiry Into 911 - FORUM May 25-30 in Toronto
  2606. Chicken hawks do have a plan (read the undergrowth)
  2607. Anti-Muslim Hate Rhetoric Sounds Like Tel Aviv TV
  2608. Israeli movers freed, back in Miami
  2609. Gagging Congress
  2610. How the CIA Taught the Portuguese to Torture
  2611. Double Standards
  2612. Robert Fisk Interview on ABC Late Night Live (Audio -- starts about 13 mins. into program). - Forums powered by Reason and Principle
  2613. Hold Fire: 3,000 Marines and Paras Must Wait
  2614. Bomb Kills 5 Outside Iraqi Official's Home
  2615. U.S. admits to secret interrogation site in Baghdad
  2616. 9 U.S. Prison Deaths Probed As Homicides
  2617. Punishment and Amusement Documents Indicate Torture Was Not an InterrogationStrategy
  2618. US general linked to Abu Ghraib abuse
  2619. Rumsfeld approved tough line: Pentagon
  2620. McCain: Entire Taguba report not sent to Armed Services Committee
  2621. Russert subpoenaed in CIA leak probe (Re Wilson)
  2622. Agency: Chalabi group was front for Iran
  2623. U.S. Bioweapons Research May Violate Law
  2624. Halliburton bills US for shipping (literally) nothing
  2625. There's a Bill Before Senate Outlawing Criticism of Isreal - www.ezboard.com
  2627. Bush's Third-Party Threat
  2628. MSNBC - Panic on the Hill
  2629. War will benefit Israel, Cheney tells Jews in Boca : Vancouver Indymedia
  2630. Ex-New York Mayor Giuliani booed at 9/11 hearing Myth confronts reality
  2631. Canada's Liberal government boosts military, courts Bush administration
  2632. Georgia: Tensions increase between Abkhazia and Tbilisi
  2633. Wayne Madsen: The Israeli Toture Template (at Abu Ghraib)
  2634. Joanne Mariner: * * * *; Redacting Moussaoui
  2635. The strange case of Zacarias Moussaoui: FBI refused to investigate man charged in September 11 attacks
  2636. Tension rises as bulldozers tear down zoo in Rafah
  2637. Child Killed in Rafah; Incursion Ongoing
  2638. Academic's book on Arabs linked to abuse
  2639. Abu Ghraib: inmates raped, ridden like animals, and forced to eat pork
  2640. Agency: Chalabi group was front for Iran
  2641. Marc Perkel Rantz - Berg Video made by Abu Ghraib persons: proof
  2642. Military Lawyer Asserts: Top U.S. Officer Knew of Prison Torture
  2643. Al Qaeda ties make Zarqawi a top priority (This is one big fantastic fiction)
  2644. 'I have not killed but, God willing, I soon will' (Killing Americans: the new Iraqi Passion)
  2645. Israeli troops kill 4-year-old girl
  2646. The United States of Israel
  2647. Israel Launches "Dirty War" In Rafah (Dirtier?!)
  2648. 1982 bombing of Marines in Beirut points to Mossad
  2649. Al-Ahram Weekly | Front Page | International Response to the Bush Declaration on the Palestinian Right to Return
  2650. Protesters call for resignations (UK)
  2651. Anti-war protesters to call for Iraq pullout (UK)
  2652. Is torturing war prisoners a betrayal of U.S. values? (Stupid Question!)
  2653. Mirror.co.uk - HOON: FORCES TO STAY IN UK (Lying repto)
  2654. Limbaugh's school of hard knocks for others (Moron psychopath)
  2655. Al Qaeda's Chief Of Ops Has Startling (MOSSAD) Background
  2656. The Phony (Mossad) Al Qaeda Cell in Palestine
  2657. In Pictures - Rafah Under Fire
  2658. Strategic miscalculations
  2659. Video shows Iraq wedding carnage (showing Myers nd Kimmitt to be liars - again)
  2660. 37 Died In American Custody In Iraq, Afghanistan, Admits Pentagon
  2661. Group says electronic voting machines not reliable
  2662. Hawks Eating Crow (delusions can be pushed so far)
  2663. Arab leaders to develop own plan for reform (to beat US pyschopaths to the punch)
  2664. Europe Backs Russian Entry Into W.T.O.
  2665. Over 200,000 rally (in Beirut) against attacks on Iraq holy sites
  2666. Bush: Dumb Like A Bullet (Morford: there's stupid - and there's "stupid")
  2667. WorkingForChange-How fascism starts (It started 4 years ago)
  2668. Guardian Unlimited | Special reports | This week - Terry Jones: friend of all Americans
  2669. Elite force threatened detainees with drowning and suffocation; Rumsfeldknew about the tactics (torture)
  2670. The diseases of a troubled nation (need 10 generations of psychiatrists)
  2671. Navy Crew Gathering Examines 1967 Israeli Attack of USS Liberty
  2672. Is Congress Aiding A Massive Israeli Deception? (HR 4230 - Kill it!)
  2673. What price Israeli security? (What Price Israel? Who needs it?)
  2674. Verizon sells Hawaiian operations for $1.65 billion (Carlyle Carlyle Ueber Alles!)
  2675. Turks question alliance with Israel after Gaza carnage
  2676. Navy crew remembers 1967 Israeli attack - "It was covered up at the highestlevel"
  2677. Marines admit abuse at second prison
  2678. Senator Ernest Hollings utters the forbidden words
  2679. Can Iraq Get Any Worse? (Just wait for tomorrow)
  2680. Even the Americans wish Blair had the guts to stand up to Bush - [Sunday Herald]
  2681. It&#-11;&#-11;&#-11;s the end of the world as we know it, stupid - [Sunday Herald]
  2682. 'Fahrenheit 9/11' Is Awarded Prize as Best Film at Cannes
  2683. Michael Moore Wins Palme d'Or
  2684. Rafah: The Movie
  2685. Sworn Statements by Abu Ghraib Detainees
  2686. Lawyer: Top U.S. Officer Knew of Prison Abuse
  2687. Iraqis lose right to sue troops over war crimes (unmitigated horse shit)
  2688. YellowTimes.org - "The perfect crime: razing Abu Ghraib"
  2689. YellowTimes.org - ''The olive tree: a symbol of peace?''
  2690. Linda Burnham: Sexual Domination in Uniform, an American Value
  2691. Josh Ruebner: Why I Burned My Israeli Military Papers
  2692. Uri Avnery: The Rape of Rafah
  2693. Randall Robinson: Bushwhacked in the Caribbean
  2694. When War is Swell: Bush and the Carlyle Group
  2695. New Zealand News - World - Sonia Gandhi's master stroke
  2696. Horrors behind the wire in Australia's detention camps
  2697. New Zealand News - World - Slavery 'rampant in US'
  2698. Carlos Fuentes | The Adventures of Bush the Crackpot
  2699. William Rivers Pitt | Trickle-Down Morality
  2700. Professor Denounced for POW Memo for Bush
  2701. Ordinary Iraqis killed: 11,500 and not counting
  2702. US 'too heavy-handed', says Foreign Office memo
  2703. US tactics 'heavy handed' says Straw memo
  2704. Pentagon investigates claims that &#-11;&#-11;lite Delta Force abused detainees
  2705. Five new witnesses come forward to accuse QLR soldiers of violent abuse
  2706. New allegations of systematic abuse of Iraqis by British troops
  2707. The Marine's tale: 'We killed 30 civilians in six weeks. I felt we were comitting genocide'
  2708. 'Spray and slay': are American troops out of control in Iraq? (US gov is out of control)
  2709. 3 Israelis arrested after drawing toy guns during flight in Panama
  2711. Latest pathetic dodge from Bush: "Iran made us attack Iraq." ROTFL
  2712. Bay of Goats
  2713. Israel Foreign Ministry slams Ireland for effort to de-legitimize Israel
  2714. Bush, Sharon lurching from crisis to crisis (Designer crises)
  2715. Tehran warns US over Iraq policy
  2716. US battles militia in two cities
  2717. Britain rips U.S. `tactics' (Honeymoon over? Finally?)
  2718. Douglas Feith - What has the Pentagon's third man done wrong? Everything. By Chris Suellentrop
  2719. People, Homes In Rafah Turned Into Figures
  2720. War Crimes in the name of Democracy and Freedom
  2721. Israeli Cabinet Minister Condemns Rafah Demolitions
  2722. It&#-11;&#-11;&#-11;s Armageddon time; Bush and his loyal Christian fundamentalists want you to have a front row seat! (Whether you want one or not).
  2723. Was Bush Suckered into Iraq by Iran? thru Achmed Chalabi, the WMD threat "insider expert" who was an Agent for Iranians
  2724. Bush is a war criminal, Livingstone tells rally
  2725. Working...And Poor
  2726. Gen. Zinni: 'They've Screwed Up'
  2727. Gestapo has officially taken up residence in US high schools
  2728. Unanswered Questions about a Command Sgt. Maj. James Stacy"s Sudden Death
  2729. Black Death 'is lying in wait' for Busco to Play Kalki
  2730. Revealed: university professor worked for CIA - [Sunday Herald]
  2731. Things We Lost in the Fire
  2732. Security scare shuts Kings Bay
  2733. Navy Crew Remembers 1967 Israeli Attack
  2734. Kings Bay Naval Base Locked Down (Foreign nationals being Israeli is ignored)
  2735. Closing in on Tenet
  2736. Mossad Linked To WTC Bomb Suspect
  2737. G-7 Ministers Will Ask Oil Producers to Raise Output (Pretty please, now)
  2738. Suspicious moving van prompt Kings Bay lockdown
  2739. US: The rules don't apply to us, you silly!
  2740. A Foreign Policy, Falling Apart (What foreign policy? Genocide?)
  2741. Israeli tanks dig in as Rafah operation drags on
  2742. Wolfowitz's blunders cost us dearly
  2743. Israeli reign of terror in Gaza
  2744. Rumsfeld bans camera phones (We need desperately to ban Rummy)
  2745. UN says IDF troops raid UN office in Jenin (perfectly normal and typical)
  2746. U.S. Tries to Get Off the Hook on War Crimes
  2747. A. US Military Coup? B. Pantycon Squabble? C. US Government Meltdown? D. All of the above?
  2748. Al-Sadr supporters seem to have ceded control of Karbala
  2749. Boston in an Uproar Over Democratic Convention Plan
  2750. Bush's super fundraisers join the queue for favours
  2751. Regarding the Torture of Others
  2752. UK plans 'mini-nuke' strike force
  2753. Military's use of malaria drug in question
  2754. 'Stay the course? The course is headed over Niagra Falls'
  2755. U.S. Troops Storm Mosque in Attack on Iraq Militia
  2756. Video Film of Wedding Party Captures Revelers Dancing, Singing
  2757. Skipped autopsies in Iraq revealed
  2758. Taguba report sent to Congress has over 2,000 missing pages (The dog ate them?!)
  2759. Jacksonville.com: Georgia: Security scare shuts Kings Bay 05/22/04
  2760. Christopher Brauchli: "The Object of Torture is Torture"
  2761. Christopher Reed: How the CIA Taught the Portuguese to Torture
  2762. Tom Stephens and John Philo: The War Crimes of Bush, Cheney and Co.
  2763. Doug Stokes: Imperial Policing, Why Abu Ghraib Shouldn't Surprise Us
  2764. Afghan Deaths Linked to Unit at Iraq Prison
  2765. Prison Scrutiny May Spread to Guantanamo
  2766. Morgue Records Show 5,500 Iraqis Killed
  2767. Chalabi calls U.S. mission 'a failure'
  2768. Iran admits regular contact with Chalabi
  2769. Military's use of malaria drug in question
  2770. Guardian Unlimited | Special reports | Our troops fear Whitehall more than they do Iraq
  2771. 'I will always hate you people' (murder in cold blood, actually)
  2772. U.S. Troops Storm Mosque in Attack on Iraq Militia
  2773. Wall St. Firms Funnel Millions to Bush
  2774. All Roads Lead to Feith, by Jim Lobe
  2775. Radiation level in Baghdad becomes life threatening
  2776. No 10 'worked with Sun to manage news'
  2777. US TV networks won't show Bush speech. 24/05/2004. ABC News Online (Hmmmm)
  2778. RNC outsourced phone banks
  2779. Israeli Troops Attack UN Official
  2780. Inflation Predicted to Jump 2.5 Percent
  2781. Abu Ghraib is a blow to human rights across globe
  2782. Permit or not, protesters prepare for Republicans in New York
  2783. Iraqi city of Karbala left in ruins by US military
  2784. U.S. forces storm mosque
  2785. The White House Even Lies About the Weather! (Of course it does)
  2786. Values of nation betrayed
  2787. Jordanian jail cell still awaits Iraq's Chalabi
  2788. When will reporters call Bush a liar? (When they stop being liars)
  2789. CIA, Mossad Engineer Plans to Eliminate Regional Leaders: Analysts
  2790. Mossad goes on-line to recruit spies
  2791. Photostory: Israel's destruction in Brazil refugee camp
  2792. Sucking up your deficit dollars: The Carlyle Group
  2793. Ordinary Iraqis killed: 11,500 and not counting
  2794. 'Wedding video' contradicts US denials
  2795. Evidence points to US cover-up of Afghan massacre
  2796. US Accused of Airstrike Cover-Up
  2797. Defend Our Radio Waves from Hate
  2798. Hansen Questions Israel's Claims They Did Not Tear Down Houses on Dwellersin Rafah
  2799. Israeli Minister Says Rafah Demolitions 'Not Humane'
  2800. 'Wedding video' clouds US denials
  2801. Americans have given torture a bad name
  2802. Impeach the SOB - Damn the Republicans-Full Speed Ahead!
  2803. 373 Palestinian Teens Abused in Israeli Jails
  2804. Scare Tactics Used To Make Reservists Re-Enlist
  2805. Video Shows Iraq Wedding Celebration
  2806. Remarks start uproar in Israel
  2807. Beheading suspects 'led by Saddam's nephew' (Or Donald Duck's nephew)
  2808. The Saddam-9/11 Link Confirmed (Uh-huh sure. Give it up morons!)
  2809. Those Missing Taguba Pages: More Dirty Tricks on the Road to Bush's Reinstallment
  2810. Bush to make 'major speech' on Iraq (blahblah - lielielie - blahblahbla etc)
  2811. Don't trust USDA about mad cow
  2812. Prevent Another Massacre: End Ariel Sharon's Impunity for War Crimes Now
  2813. Fire Fighters excluded from 9/11 testimony (Surprise!)
  2814. Press feels it's gone easy on Bush (If it's nose were any browner ...)
  2815. Film emerges of Iraq wedding before attack
  2816. Israeli Film Director Dedicates Cannes Prize To Palestinians (Brava!)
  2817. Iraqi Scientist Killed In U.S. Detention
  2818. Lawyers ready claims of more clergy abuse
  2819. New doubts over pre-war intelligence (Lying as policy)
  2820. Michael Moore's Candid Camera
  2821. Using the Consumer Price Index to Rob Americans Blind
  2822. Senate Majority Leader Campaigns Against Daschle
  2823. Israeli Army Leaves Swathe of Destruction in Rafah
  2824. Schroeder Wants Total Transfer of Power to Iraqis
  2825. U.N. Resolution Gives Broad Powers to U.S. Troops
  2826. White House Asks Media to 'Show Respect' to Bush Twins (Whyyy?!)
  2827. Guardian Unlimited | The Guardian | Moore scoops Palme d'Or with attack on US president
  2828. Guardian Unlimited | The Guardian | Germany laid low by a virulent case of collective angst - but is it terminal?
  2829. Australia: Unemployment rate driven down by the creation of low-paid jobs
  2830. Palestinian leader found guilty of murder after show trial (and Sharon?)
  2831. Britain: Father of Nick Berg supports march against Iraq occupation
  2832. YellowTimes.org - ''The priorities of the Godly''
  2833. The Nick Berg execution: a working hypothesis and a resolution for the orange jumpsuit mystery
  2834. Reuters AlertNet - Iraq to get veto on foreign troop action - Britain (Credible?)
  2835. When advocates become regulators (It's Bushco in operation of course)
  2836. Senate Majority Leader Campaigns Against Daschle (?!)
  2837. Judge Rejects Florida Paper Ballot Lawsuit (Another bushwhore)
  2838. Two out of three voters say no to more UK troops
  2839. Bush's Remarks on Iraq at the Army War College (prevaribabble)
  2840. US intelligence fears Iran duped hawks into Iraq war (New pretext for invading Iran)
  2841. t r u t h o u t - Steve Weissman | War Crimes: What Secrets Can the Photos Reveal?
  2842. Spain: Socialist Party government attacks free speech (Ya just can't win)
  2843. India's new prime minister: a representative of corporate interests par excellence
  2844. YellowTimes.org - Wedding Party Investigation: "Bad Things Happen"
  2845. NZ - US to re-check if it detained NZ man in Iraq (shades of Nick Berg)
  2846. General Who Led Abu Ghraib Unit Suspended
  2847. Report: Soldier claims he was beaten as part of training
  2848. Video Shows Iraq Wedding Celebration
  2849. Japanese, South Korean media criticize Bush's speech
  2850. Iraqis fail to regain control of oil revenue
  2851. US intelligence fears Iran duped hawks into Iraq Invasion (Yet *another* fabrication)
  2852. A Cross of Political Infamy
  2853. Qaeda has 18,000 militants (Pretty good for a CIA unit)
  2854. Trying to blame the war on Iran?
  2855. Iraqis dismiss Bush's Abu Ghraib plan
  2856. Homeless And Angry, Palestinians Call For Justice
  2857. Abu Ghraib: US security fiasco | The Register
  2858. An Abu Ghraib Photo We Didn't See on the Front Page of the NYTs
  2859. Tibet 1903 - Weapons of Mass Deception
  2860. PRESS RELEASE: The American Board of Rabbis Condemns SC Senator Ernest Hollings Blatant Anti-Semitism and Call for His Immediate Resignation(Stick it up your ass)
  2861. Sharon won't face charges of bribery
  2862. Wayne Madsen: The Lies of Tom Lantos
  2863. Lantos slams Egypt, Arafat / Congressman calls PLO leader 'poison'
  2864. The 861 Evidence (Who owes federal income tax?)
  2865. Israel Must Pull Out of Gaza, Says Blair
  2866. Gen. Franks Gets Honorary Knighthood for Work in Afghanistan and Iraq (Genocide honored by British Knighthood: It's not new.)
  2867. waiata.maori.org.nz
  2868. Sweden: Expulsions carried out by US agents
  2869. War returns with a vengeance as allies fail the Afghan people
  2870. More Washington whispers about possible pre-election terrorist attack (attack courtesy of US government of course, just like 9/11)
  2871. Is Congress Aiding A Massive Israeli Deception?
  2872. U.S. general's knighthood row
  2873. Multiple Joe Vialls Bans & Defamation Prove Who Owns Who in Cyber Space
  2874. French Prove Gulf War Syndrome Caused by "Cocktail" Inoculations
  2875. Former Iran president: US created al Qaeda to encounter ''Iranian system'' (That's Al-CIAMOSSADA)
  2876. Conservatives' anger over US line in Iraq (DK)
  2877. Haaretz - Israel News - Vanunu shows up in court for libel suit against Yedioth daily
  2878. elmundo.es - Un v&#-11;&#-11;deo demuestra que las 40 v&#-11;&#-11;ctimas del ataque a&#-11;&#-11;reo de EEUU cerca de Siria asist&#-11;&#-11;an a una boda
  2879. Bush impresses the world with his speech (but the chimp *still* can't even pronounce nuclear)
  2880. Go to Hell, Bush!!! - CMAQ
  2881. Tom Clancy new book criticises Iraq war
  2882. BBC NEWS | Middle East | Bus driver on Mossad wanted (recruits) list
  2883. Bush Sr.'s Iraq-Iran Secrets
  2884. Elizabeth Weill-Greenberg: An Interview with Sue Niederer, Mother of a Slain Soldier
  2885. Zinni: Criticism of Iraq war not spurred by anti-Semitism (Accidentally hitting a truth with any criticism?)
  2886. Moore Film Provokes Disney Boycott
  2887. Iraqi Islamic shrine damaged in attack
  2888. Privatization Watch
  2889. Public's Help Is Sought to Prevent Terrorist Strikes (Close the government down?)
  2890. G.I.'s Prison Abuse More Widespread, Says Army Survey (More widespread than what?)
  2891. General Is Said To Have Urged Use of Dogs
  2892. Mehdi Army Grows as Tempers Rage Over 'Wedding Massacre'
  2893. Iraqi oil pipeline badly damaged (breakitfixitgetpaid ...)
  2894. Gore to Call For Resignation of Bush Team Members Responsible For Iraq Fiasco (Better success calling hogs.)
  2895. Californians' support for Iraq war hits new low: poll
  2896. Mr. President, What Planet Are You On?, by Ivan Eland (Reptonuria?)
  2897. FBI Apologizes to American Lawyer (A fingerprint "mistake"?!)
  2898. The Israeli Movers Saga
  2899. Who let bin Ladens leave U.S. - The Hill.com
  2901. t r u t h o u t - Abu Ghraib Whistle Blower Under Attack by Military
  2902. News4Jax.com - News 4 Georgia - Movers Who Prompt Kings Bay Lockdown To Be Deported
  2903. Neocons Go Macho on Iraq - by Jim Lobe
  2904. Moore's Award Winning Film Still Without Distributor
  2905. Movers Who Prompt Kings Bay Lockdown To Be Deported
  2906. UN Asked To Condemn Anti-Semitism
  2907. Israel Attained Nuclear Weapons With U.S. Assistance
  2908. UC Lecturers Intifada Comment Brings Death Threats
  2909. Journal Gazette | 05/23/2004 | Sept. 11 money drifts uptown
  2910. Former Mideast envoy Zinni: U.S. went to war in Iraq to help Israel.
  2911. This is Your Bill for the War
  2912. Bush Ignores Sick 9/11 Firefighters & Cops
  2913. Guardian Unlimited Film | News | Burning Bush
  2914. Guardian Unlimited | Special reports | General in jail abuse scandal replaced
  2915. The Village Voice: Nation: Mondo Washington: This Made Ashcroft Gag by James Ridgeway
  2916. Inflation Is Already Withering The US Economy
  2917. U.S. officials: Credible intelligence on summer terrorist attack (USGOO *is* the terror)
  2918. FAKE TERROR - THE ROAD TO DICTATORSHIP (true true true)
  2919. Michael Moore.com
  2920. The Madness Of King George (The infamous Hypochimp)
  2921. Iraq Speech: Bush Offers Nothing New Except Prison
  2922. Which airline is next?
  2923. Disney close to deal on "Fahrenheit 9/11"
  2924. Public's Help Is Sought to Prevent Terrorist Strikes (More CIA strikes?!)
  2925. More "Washington whispers" about possible pre-election terrorist attack (BOO!)
  2926. U.S. Warns Of Al Qaeda Threat This Summer (Al-CIAda is gonna GET you!)
  2927. Sources: Major terror attack planned this summer (Wolf! Wolf! Wolf! Wol! ...)
  2928. Terrorists (CIA/MOSSAD) planning major summer attack, U.S. says (Real soon now)
  2929. U.S. repairs in Iraq may come too late (by design)
  2930. Ridge Reveals Terror Threat Against U.S. (Oh give me a break with the horse shit)
  2931. Unconventional US terror strike imminent (Surrounded with CIA/MOSSAD terrorists!)
  2932. 'Better' anthrax vaccine tested (Government science is just another pack of lies)
  2933. Furore over torture in Iraq prompts new revelations of US abuse in Afghanistan(by next week that too will be superseded by some new governmental garbage)
  2934. Follow torture trail at Abu Ghraib (and the avalanche of old and newUS corpagov lies)
  2935. Al Qaedas global recruitment drive in 60 countries (Al-Mossada too)
  2936. Why Ashcroft Must Go (Reason number 5672)
  2937. UN Denies Gunmen Used Ambulances to Carry Israel Remains (IL=US=Liar: S.O. P.)
  2938. Spanish police doubted print match
  2939. Mayfield Investigating His Arrest
  2940. Spanish police: We told the FBI the fingerprints weren't Mayfield's
  2941. U.S. Muslim Lawyer Urges Probe After FBI Apology
  2942. Suspect with Houston ties sought (Give it up, morons!)
  2943. New York Times: Iraq coverage flawed (Flawed?!! How about intolerable stinking fabricated bullshit?)
  2944. Blair jumps the gun on Iraqi veto (lying without actually lying is an artform)
  2945. Phony "War on Terrorism" (If real, USGOO would have to wage war on itself)
  2946. Questions raised over US role - in controlling puppets in bondage
  2947. 'They Are Going to Attack' (The planners would know, wouldn't they?)
  2948. Terror threat against U.S. is worst since 9/11 (And as before, not from ObL)
  2949. "Practice to Deceive" by Joshua Micah Marshall (April 2003) - Read it!
  2950. Army: More units involved in abuse (and more, and more, and more - few bad apples?)
  2951. A new Iraq speech, but same policy (What were you expecting? Sanity?)
  2952. Impeach Bush, Nader says (Now, *there's* a thought! Then tried for geocide?)
  2953. Fisk: Israeli Mossad/Shin Bet Associated with Prison Torture
  2954. Anti-Bush Rally Banned in Central Park (NYC)
  2955. The TWA 800 "zoom climb" (Asshole gum'int must think we're all idiots)
  2956. 'Material girl' reinvents herself again for new tour
  2957. Moore Film Provokes Disney Boycott (Real poetic justice)
  2958. Aspartame Lawsuits Multiply - Pfizer And Slimfast Sued Over Aspartame Poisoning
  2959. 'Zarqawi at par with Osama' (Both are as fictional as Al-Qaeda?)
  2960. The worst US media performances (Has the nadir been reached yet?)
  2961. Some soldiers cry foul over medals
  2962. Nevada Nuclear tests might resume (What could be worse? Just wait!)
  2963. Israel trying to acquire latest generation German submarines (Why is .de selling to them?!)
  2964. U.S. soldier who deserted Iraq-bound regiment accuses U.S. of war crimes
  2965. US paper (The Lying New York Times) apologizes for false Iraq reports
  2966. Judge Sees Little Evidence to Support Anthrax Vaccine
  2967. Bush administration has used 27 rationales for war in Iraq, study says (That's all?! It seemed like more - maybe it was the repetition)
  2968. Department of Political Science at UIUC (Those "Rationales" for War - in their own words)
  2969. Ashcroft: Al CIAda intends to attack U.S. (It's already been done.)
  2970. Afghanistan President Will Get 2004 Phila. Liberty Medal (Not Joke of the Year Award?)
  2971. CBS 3: Wanna Join The Mossad? (Learn Torture and Murder; blame it on Arabs)
  2972. Olympic pipeline remains shut after rupture, blaze in Renton
  2973. Al Qaeda 90 Percent Ready to Attack on US Soil This Summer, Ashcroft Says(Asskraft would definitely *know*)
  2974. New York Police Unaware of New Terror Plot (Get with the program guys!)
  2975. Mont Pelerin Society
  2976. The Australian: Net sex scandal rocks US Congress of Hypocrites [May 26, 2004]
  2977. The Australian: Iraq blast shows need for troops: PM John Howard The Moron [May 26, 2004]
  2978. Yahoo! News - Group Takes Aim At Michael Moore while in Morbid Apoplexy
  2979. TheStar.com - Terror suspects named by FBI: result of CIA actor cattle calls
  2980. Bush speech fails to make major gains on home front; hence we are to revisit 9/11
  2981. Boston.com / News / Nation / Officials: Group tying self to blasts may not be rea: fictious like Al-Qaeda
  2982. Analysts Say U.S. Threat Warning Is Back-Covering; Aanalysts Are Brain Dead
  2983. Bush Has a Plan - Really - Suicide?
  2984. White Rose Society/POAC User's Forum
  2985. MoveOn PAC: Remarks by Al Gore, May 26 2004
  2986. U.S links Canadians to new terror threat (Spare me the puppypoop!)
  2987. Amnesty: 'Bankrupt' war on terror is world's most damaging conflict in 50years
  2988. US forces step up offensive in Najaf as 50 militia killed (Just get out)
  2989. UN fury over Bush attempts to install PM (Yes, US *did* have a sinister motive)
  2990. British journalist held over Vanunu link
  2991. UK journalist (Peter Hounam) arrested in Israel
  2992. Conspiracy to Commit War Crimes :: Intervention Magazine :: War, Politics, Culture
  2993. ASHCROFT'S TERROR GROUP IS A FAKE (A lie, just like ObL and Al-CIAda)
  2996. Soldier left brain damaged after playing unruly prisoner at Guant&#-11;&#-11;namo
  2997. Israel lays claim to Palestine's water (Theft is the purpose of genocide)
  2998. Bush under fire over terror alert (Asskraft is a murdering criminal and liar)
  2999. Bush speech alarms even war enthusiasts (choking on their own lying kaka are they?)
  3000. Claudia Rosett on Oil-for-Food on National Review Online (Why Chalabi was attacked)
  3001. National Guard living in unprotected tents at Iraq base (Support the troops?)
  3002. US fears al-Qaida squad is in place for election hit (Al-CIAMOSSADa to creat 9/11 again)
  3003. Scientist declines top Iraq post (He's not stupid)
  3004. Iraq Council Slams Plan to Destroy Prison (Put USGOO in it)
  3005. Pentagon Acknowledges Incomplete Prison Report Sent to Senate (Honesty in lies; how touching)
  3006. Al-Qaeda agent 'in Iraq' (That's the dead, nonexistent Zarqawi!)
  3007. Police officer uses taser on handcuffed 9-year-old girl (It the NEW Amerika!)
  3008. New Home Sales Dive 11.8 Percent (In a Bushbooming economy?!)
  3009. Drug causing GIs permanent brain damage (Making them into Republicans?)
  3010. US behind 'the worst attack on rights for 50 years' (That's damage #5729)
  3011. There's something very suspicious about Ashcroft's terror alert. (Nooo???!!!)
  3012. Nuclear jet crash 'could kill millions' Nuclear jet crash 'could kill millions' (The cabal is salivating collectively)
  3013. Rape at Abu Ghraib (The world is being raped by the USGOO)
  3014. Guardian Unlimited | The Guardian | The other prisoners (When governments become rotten to the core)
  3015. Israel Bars Arrested British Journalist From Meeting Lawyer (When governments are rotten to the core)
  3016. Sarin Shells Made Before 1991 War (But are stuffed with USGOO BS)
  3017. Govt Computer Surveillance Rings Alarm Bells That Its Criminality May Become Too Obvious
  3018. Rush's Forced Conscripts (A very good question)
  3019. Wife angry at journalist's arrest (Nazi Israeli is not exactly 'news')
  3020. Army, strapped for manpower, may tap training units for combat duty in Iraq
  3021. FBI Seeks Tips on 7 Linked to Al Qaeda in Whimworld
  3022. The Bush orthodoxy (collection of insane lies) is in shreds
  3023. Ashcrofts summer "suspect" list is more than suspect
  3024. French court acquits comic accused of anti-Semitism
  3025. How Palestine is dying in Iraq (How sickness feeds on sickness)
  3026. Bush policies make terrorism a growth industry which is the intent
  3027. Radiation level in Baghdad becomes life threatening (make that *became* life threatening quite some time ago)
  3028. Jacksonville Sheriff's officers to be armed with automatic weapons (how sickness feeds on sickness)
  3029. Identity of Iraqi plotters remains a mystery: Powellthe Liar, "We didn't make them up".
  3030. Can't find Iraqis taped in arms plot, Powell says to try CIA
  3031. U.S. using some Iraqis (hostages) as bargaining chips, else they will be tortured
  3032. Israel: British Journalist Arrest Witnessed by Amnesty International
  3033. US Armed Forces Voting with Their Feet
  3034. Samson option and those nuclear subs Germany is selling to Israel
  3035. Bush defends dropping absentee-ballot witnesses and other election rigging techniques
  3036. Election Boards Use Intimidation and Outright Lying to Stop Students fromVoting, and are defended by Bush
  3037. 100,000 strong, first ever strike against outsourcing a success!
  3038. New photos show Abu Ghraib tactics
  3039. Despite Apology for Journalistic Errors, the "Newspaper of Record" Continuesto Disappoint
  3040. White House says no increased terror 'chatter' as it chatters on
  3041. Ashcroft-Mueller Promote New Phony al Qaeda Threat
  3042. Terrorist suspect's mother denies charge
  3043. Terrorists on Ashcroft's 'Wanted List' Already in Jail
  3044. Cops Count On Pizza Tattletales (MAKE YOUR OWN PIZZA)
  3045. Armageddon Almost Not Averted
  3046. Egyptian Music Video: Israel Destroyed Twin Towers
  3047. Terror label 'astonishes' Israel (the label, *not* the fact)
  3048. Canada Urged to Give Refuge to U.S. Deserters
  3049. Kissinger Tells Of A Drunk Nixon - May 26, 2004
  3050. Hounam has Harsh Words for Shin Bet
  3051. Thieves fall out in Baghdad: behind the US raid on Ahmed Chalabi
  3052. More Pentagon lies about the bombing of an Iraqi wedding party
  3053. The death of Portugal's richest man: a lesson in how a revolution was betrayed
  3054. Australian Distributors of Moore Film Say They've Been Threatened
  3055. Officials defend terror attack warning (Then you know it's nefarious)
  3056. US helped oust Allende in '73 coup (Documenting the well knowm)
  3057. Lott: Tough Questioning OK if Lives Saved (Good! Let's use it on him)
  3058. U.S. Iraq Policy, Jail Abuse Under Fire at Summit (Babbling. They'll knuckle under)
  3059. Iraqi prison interrogations yield little (Intelligence was *never* the point, just the excuse)
  3060. SHOOT TO KILL ORDERED AT G8 IN GEORGIA (Nazi Germany is Here)
  3061. Moore interviewed Berg for "Fahrenheit" (?!)
  3062. Pending Draft Legislation Targeted for Spring 2005 (Predictable from previous denials)
  3063. Is the US govt crying 'wolf'? (or predicting its future actions?)
  3064. G8 Security Aims To Protect World Leaders, Wildlife (Is there a difference?)
  3065. "A Shadow on the Land" (Brief Summary of Reality)
  3066. 9-11: The Trumped Up Truss Theory (or thermite induced failures)
  3067. Impeachment by the People
  3068. Robert Fisk: The Things Bush Didn't Say in His Speech
  3069. Andrew Cockburn: Chalabi and the Iranians (CIA has known all along)
  3070. Amy Goodman and David Goodman: Fatal Errors the Lies of Our Times (Re Judith Miller - and how it's done)
  3071. New Draft UN Resolution Permits Perpetual Occupation
  3072. The United States as Torture Central, printer friendly version
  3073. Stealth searches scan personal data - ZDNet UK News
  3074. Boston.com / News / Nation / 1 in 75 men were in prison or jail in 2003
  3075. War in Iraq, 'petro-dollar' and the challenge by euro
  3076. War in Iraq, 'petro-dollar' and the challenge by euro
  3077. Ex-Mideast Envoy Zinni Charges Neocons Pushed Iraq War To Benefit Israel
  3078. The arrest of Abu Hamza
  3079. Italy warns of 'grave threats' to Bush visit
  3080. US 'keeps control' of Iraq troops
  3081. Troops escorting prisoners attacked
  3082. Navy to Deploy 7 Carrier Strike Groups to Unknown Location
  3083. 'The Neo-Cons Have Had Their Day; Now It's Time for a Clean Sweep,'
  3084. Turkish PM: Israel a 'terrorist' state
  3085. Gov't Turf Battle Over Terror?
  3086. Connecticut Governor Sues to Block Testimony Before Impeachment Committee
  3087. A Super-Size Scandal (The American Council on Science and Health is a scam)
  3088. Teacher Suspended Over Berg Video Anomalies (Don't *ever* attempt teaching in this system.)
  3089. Ashcroft, Mueller press conference: sowing panic to prepare a provocation
  3090. $226 Million in Govt Ads Helped Pave the Way for War
  3091. Female detainees suffer cultural stigma of rape
  3092. Chalabi-gate: None Dare Call It Treason- by Justin Raimondo (Interesting, but a very large red herring)
  3093. Rumsfeld's Secret Army- by Justin Raimondo
  3094. US helped oust Allende in '73 coup
  3095. Down by Law - Chris Floyd
  3096. Foreign policy lookalikes, Kerry & Bush, Tweedledee & Tweedledumber
  3097. The Ground Shifts and "antisemitism" is a dead issue
  3098. Catch-22 revisited
  3099. "Israeli's supporters try to play the anti-semite card yet again. - wellnot dead enough yet
  3100. Infoshop News - Ex-Mideast Envoy Zinni Charges Neocons Pushed Iraq War To Benefit Israel
  3101. Who is Ahmed Chalabi?
  3102. Mad dogs and sick puppies (Truth that does dare speak its name)
  3103. Mystery of Pak terror lady deepens
  3104. If Fear Fails, What's Next? Easy, another USGOO 9/11 massacre
  3105. Israelis rally in favour of Gaza pullout
  3106. Terror warning surprises Homeland Security Dept.
  3107. Bush Plan Eyes Cuts for Schools, Veterans (Not for Halibutburton)
  3108. Will Bush the Beheader use terrorism to become America's Pinochet? Guess!
  3109. Gold Surges Back - Eyes $400 - Investors Shun Dollar
  3110. Rabbis' group calls Hollings anti-Semitic (meshuggene rebbin)
  3111. Has the U.S. Government Committed War Crimes in Afghanistan and Iraq? (There's a question?)
  3112. Pentagon Issues Apology To Military Corruption.com
  3113. Opposition Growing to U.S. Exemption on Global Court
  3115. Jews fear being blamed for Iraqi war (But Jews are *not* the center of the universe)
  3116. At AIPAC Parley Pro-Israel Policy Trumps Bush's Domestic Agenda
  3117. Ford guidelines on funding colleges spark both challenges and applause (Whose applause?)
  3118. Republicans Can't Handle the Truth
  3119. Who killed Nick Berg?
  3120. Berg's sister confused over Moore's taped interview
  3121. Michael Moore Deal Complete
  3122. Douglas Valentine: An Open Letter to the New York Times
  3123. Vanunu 'wanted to avert holocaust'
  3124. Camp Bucca reveals more dirty secrets
  3125. American Caligula
  3126. 'Al-Qa'ida militants' kill 16 and take 50 hostages in Saudi attack (Al-Qaeda?)
  3127. Latest al-Qa'ida attack puts Saudi oil industry in question
  3128. Hostages freed after 'Al-Qa'ida militants' kill 16
  3129. Israel attacks BBC 'tricks' in taping Vanunu
  3130. Latin America and Europe condemn US tortures in Iraq
  3131. Israeli suspects watched 24/7 (NZ)
  3132. Israeli Movers In Sub Base Security Scare Freed
  3133. `Terror lady' in U.S. custody, says Pakistan
  3134. Expeditionary Strike Group leaves for Persian Gulf
  3135. Palestinian Home Demolitions Breach International Rights, Says UN
  3136. Iraq prison abuse 'widespread'
  3137. ISP Fights PATRIOT Act - by Jessica Azulay
  3138. Kerry Calls for More Troops to Bolster U.S. Military (Asshole bastard - but perfectly predictable)
  3139. Deadly earthquake rocks Iran
  3140. Bringing the Right Wing, Republican Wall Crashing Down
  3141. Attack On Iraqi Governing Council Member Kills Two
  3142. SF gallery owner becomes target after showcasing painting of Iraqi prisoner abuse
  3143. Battle for the presidency said to be delaying announcement of new Iraqi Cabinet
  3144. Hamas leader killed in Gaza before Israeli Cabinet showdown over Gaza pullout
  3145. Three GOP committees agree to pay $10,000 for accepting illegal donations
  3146. Kerry promises to 'destroy the terrorists,' pressed on U.S. troops in Iraq (Oh?)
  3147. Gov. Jeb Bush signs Florida budget after trimming $349 million in spending
  3148. New poll shows Boxer with wide lead over Jones in Senate race
  3149. Venezuelans check recall petitions in next stage of effort to oust Chavez
  3150. Bush dynasty ex-wife set to spill the beans
  3151. U.S., EU Will Share Passenger Records
  3152. Michael Moore offers Nick Berg interview to family
  3153. Tillman killed by friendly fire
  3154. US retreats after failing to capture militia chief
  3155. Qaeda Attack Kills at Least 9 Saudis, 7 Foreigners
  3156. Gunmen reportedly kill six at Saudi oil offices
  3157. In the Scrapyards of Jordan, Signs of a Looted Iraq Continuing
  3158. Who killed Nick Berg? - After Saddam - www.smh.com.au
  3159. Warner Bucks GOP Right on Probe of Prison Abuse
  3160. Letter to Red Cross on prison abuses slammed by lawyers
  3161. Iraqi Women Raped At Abu Ghraib: Reports
  3162. AP: Intelligence Agents Accused in Abuse
  3163. Former Guant&#-11;&#-11;namo chief clashed with interrogators
  3164. Weapons of Mass Destruction? Or Mass Distraction?
  3165. Exiled Allawi was responsible for 45-minute WMD claim
  3166. Iraqi with MI6 links is new puppet
  3167. Proposed Iraqi Puppet has CIA links
  3168. Kanjorski Supports Reinstating the Draft
  3169. Rumsfeld Says 'War on [of] Terror' Just Beginning (No so fast Psycho Boy)
  3170. UN sidelined in choice of Iraqi leader
  3171. Army Report Warned in November About Prison Problems
  3172. Enemies Among Us
  3173. ChalabiAnd the Questions Keep Coming...
  3174. Has the US Government Committed War Crimes in Afghanistan and Iraq? (Is the Pope Catholic?)
  3175. Bush has Saddam's pistol (That's no metaphor)
  3176. The Australian: Iraqi doctors forced into exile [May 30, 2004]
  3177. Arresting Times, But On Whose Orders? (It's hard to get all your lies coordinated)
  3178. Get Ready for Kerry's War
  3179. The Long Shadow of CIA Torture Research
  3180. The Perpetrators - of 9/11 (Not the usual drivel)
  3181. Key Islamic scholar shot
  3182. Judith Miller Goes Postal - putting her complete insanity in relief
  3183. Governor of Georgia declares state of emergency
  3184. Latest from Rafah
  3185. Nick Berg's Killing: 50 Fishy Circumstances, Contradictory Claims, and Videotape Anomalies || kuro5hin.org
  3186. The Paper Trail - Cheney, Feith, Wolfowitz and Halliburton
  3187. Cheney coordinated Halliburton Iraq contract: report
  3188. Senator: Iraq's Democracy May Be Limited - Not as much as US, I hope
  3189. Blair admits Iraq is a 'shadow' hanging over Labour support
  3190. Iraq War Woes Deepen Internal Pentagon Tensions
  3191. US needs help in Iraq, Rumsfeld admits (Assistant thugs?)
  3192. Big Oil Guzzles Profits As Gas Prices Rise
  3193. Sharon warns ministers: approve my plan
  3194. Bush, Kerry: Stop cuddling up with Sharon
  3195. John Howard, George Bush: war criminals
  3196. Sharon Threatens to Fire Ministers Opposing Gaza Disengagement Plan
  3197. CIA's Book on Torture Written 20 Years Ago
  3198. JDL Terrorists Threaten La Voz de Aztlan
  3199. Iraq's new leader to recruit some of Saddam's soldiers
  3200. Government uses Tillman to sell war on terrorism
  3201. Bush Salmon Plan Seen as Ruse to Cripple Endangered Species Act
  3202. Dollar May Drop for Fourth Week Against Euro, Survey Indicates
  3203. Iraqis 'will forgive jail abuse' (?!)
  3204. Weapons of Mass Destruction? Or Mass Distraction?
  3205. UK, US agents let nuclear parts slip past to Libya (ooops)
  3206. Bush and Blair should be punished
  3207. Israel trying to jump-start stalled war
  3208. For Shame
  3209. Bush to blame
  3210. Abu Ghraib prompts denial, spin, evasion
  3211. Major Fighting Reported In Kufa, Najaf
  3212. Iraqi police close Chalabi office
  3213. Jailed - for showing dislike of US invaders - After Saddam - www.smh.com.au
  3214. Never mind the truth
  3215. Sheridan fury over ban on film calling Blair a liar
  3216. Whistleblower: Israel Action Spurred Act (and history just repeated itself)
  3217. Augusta Free Press : To look again - part three
  3218. Bush Campaigns Heavily on Air Force One
  3219. YellowTimes.org - ''Iraq: 'a ring of Hell of our own creation'''
  3220. "Orwell Rolls in his Grave" - A BuzzFlash Exclusive
  3221. Rep. Bill Delahunt: Bush's Cruel New Rules on Cuba
  3222. Greg Moses: Bush's Misleading Pledge to Destroy Abu Ghraib
  3223. Dave Lindorff: Dissing Independent Contractors
  3224. GOP looks to limit class-action suits
  3225. Bremer accused of interfering with vote
  3226. North Korea Accuses U.S. of War Pretext Plot
  3227. Iraq and The Times - An example of media abetting misinformation (Don't think this actually means any change: liars are liars)
  3228. U.S. humbled by failure of Mideast vision
  3229. Iraqis Chafe at U.S. Block on Choice of President (It's called Orwellian Democracy)
  3230. Britain eyes new 'terror' laws
  3231. ASIO made mistakes: PM
  3232. The Mea Culpa of Our Times (Hmm - pay Chalabi enough, and he'll tell youthe lies you want to hear)
  3233. U.S. delayed issuing death certificates
  3234. Another (damning) look at the "truss" theory of WTC tower collapses
  3235. Can terrorist warning sway votes?
  3236. Cheney office denies role in Halliburton deal (Conspiracy Theory! [snarl])
  3237. Leaked papers warn of al-Qaeda support (Boo! - scared ya, huh?)
  3238. Reservists See Recruiting Scam
  3239. Bishop questioned about Vanunu
  3240. Draft dilemma (Think it'll be popular? Let's just call it something else.)
  3241. Shin Bet: Vanunu violated limits
  3242. Britain considers radical anti-terror moves (Think it will be popular?)
  3243. Another terror strike planned for Saudi Arabia (The planners always know)
  3244. Militarys rift with Rumsfeld (They really hate snotnosed morons)
  3245. Printers have 24 hours to avert postal voting fiasco (Sudden universal election incompetence?!)
  3246. Bad News for the Americanized
  3247. WHO KILLED NICK BERG? Extended Version.
  3248. IDF razes 20 additional Palestinian homes in Rafah raid
  3249. Protesters try to halt modern art show over owner's link to Nazi war criminal (a pretty good argument for Judenhass)
  3250. Plea to wipe out $84bn debt in 15 war zones (Prelude for US debt?)
  3251. McCartney speaks out against war
  3252. Prominent U.S. Jews, Israel blamed for start of Iraq war
  3253. On the ruins of the World Trade Center
  3254. Ominous developments in Iraq (Maybe -- maybe not)
  3255. Iraq, R.I.P.- by Justin Raimondo
  3256. 4-Star Marine General Says Time To Get Rid Of Neocons `The Neo-Cons Have Had Their Day - Now It's Time for a Clean Sweep'(General Hoar was obviously not "in on" 9/11)
  3257. Dismal Scientists (Good history - bad understanding of economics)
  3258. New York Times says it was duped by Pentagon 'cunning' (Oh sure - uh-huh- absolutely - gotcha)
  3259. CNN Says Saudi Attack Was a Conspiracy
  3260. Defence chiefs come clean on abuse
  3261. 2 Palestinian diplomats freed from Abu Ghraib
  3262. Iraq sites plundered for valuable `scrap' (Continued looting, or cleaning up the tons of DU?)
  3263. It's official now, US Army 'robbed' Iraqis (Not a conspiracy theory?!)
  3264. OPEC Has Already Turned to the Euro (they'd be crazy not to)
  3265. Kerry's support for Israel repels Arab voters (wonder why?!)
  3266. Think that old debt's settled? Just hope you're right
  3267. 1,200 illegal Israeli workers abroad deported each year (Mossad?)
  3268. Safe Haven | Financial Markets Forecast and Analysis (Am M-3 explosion - hmmm)
  3269. An empire of denial (Been doing that for over 100 years!)
  3270. US makes tactical retreat before Iraqi uprising
  3271. Bring the Violence - Bring the Noise?
  3272. 25 killed in explosion as Iraqi puppet is named by US puppet
  3273. E-Mail Boosts Calls to Probe Halliburton, Cheney
  3274. It's the re-aspora ... Russians get back out of Israel
  3275. Homeless heroes abound as thousands of veterans sleep on streets (Supporting the Troops?)
  3276. Marines admit abuse at second prison
  3277. Ignoring Iraqi Death Toll Labelled a Holocaust Denial
  3278. Al-Yawer named Iraq president
  3279. Japan Today - Kuchikomi - Cops look into Israeli hawkers - Japan's Leading International News Network (Mossad-Yakuza?)
  3280. Iraq Council Disbands; CPA Still in Power
  3281. Tribal Sunni Chief Will Lead Iraq Gov't
  3282. Gulf War estimates of chemical agent exposure flawed: study (How about lies?)
  3283. Americans on the run from Saudi Arabia
  3284. Nuclear Terrorism Within America a Certainty (Professor Terry Nardin needs therapy)
  3285. Europe faces real nuclear terrorist threat (But Nazis will put a stop to that, right?)
  3286. How Abu Ghraib torture victim faces final indignity: an unmarked grave
  3287. Turkey s Premier: Israels Assassination Policy State-Sponsored Terrorism
  3288. The painful lesson Israel learned about torture
  3289. The JDL Online Harassment Scam
  3290. Vatican Funding Stepped Up To Curb Spread Of Islam
  3291. It's Time for Regime Change at the New York Times
  3292. 9-11, Mossad, the CIA & "False Flag Operations" (The obvious is not necessarily pleasant)
  3293. Six Firms Control, Exceed U.S. Oil Leases
  3294. IBA illegally confiscated papers of Arabs
  3295. Italy braced for violence during Bush visit
  3296. The Infamous Israeli Attack on the USS Liberty: Special Report.
  3297. Chilling Story of the US Military: Only a Desperate Idiot Would Join Now
  3298. "Social Security" - Medical Aid v. Genocidal Government
  3299. Australia Leader Says U.S. Misled Him - like Chalabi misled Rummy?
  3300. 'It's Time to Get Over It' John Kerry Tells Antiwar Movement to Move On (More like IT'S TIME TO GET OVER KERRY)
  3301. SAUDIS ALLOW AL QAIDA TO FLEE KHOBAR (Those CIA-MOSSAD agents? But, of course.)
  3302. Translator keeps blowing 9-11 whistle on FBI; U.S. Keeps shutting her up
  3303. 'Fahrenheit' has elder ("slimeball") Bush boiling
  3304. Afghan prison abuse details to stay secret
  3305. 3rd of detainees who died were assaulted
  3306. Bush honors military's 'decency' (cute - very cute)
  3307. U.S.: Padilla planned to blow up apartments (and build ICBMs too!)
  3308. Iraqi leaders call Bremer 'a dictator'
  3309. Judge: Bush Abortion Ban Unconstitutional
  3310. Elections chief seeks redemption in 2004 (Theresa LaPore)
  3311. Bush Raises $2.2M for Republican Party
  3312. "Burn, baby, burn!" --Enron Traders Caught On Tape
  3313. Enron's Internal Memos
  3314. The Wrong Man (Brandon Mayfield)
  3315. Czech forces to pull out of Iraq
  3316. Army noted Geneva Conventions violations in Iraq prisons last fall
  3317. Al-Yawer named Iraq's new 'president'
  3318. Iraq's new government introduced amid barrage of violence
  3319. Iraqi leaders call Bremer 'a dictator'
  3320. Spanish investigate after British naval commando discovered
  3321. FBI issues alert for stolen propane tankers
  3322. Leaked government memo reveals US-British tensions over Iraq (as well as the systematic lying about nearly everything)
  3323. Australian government lies exposed on Abu Ghraib torture
  3324. Inside Fallujah: An insightful report on US atrocities against Iraqi civillians(Genocide with customary denials)
  3325. Inside Fallujah: An insightful report on US atrocities against Iraqi civillians(USGOO lying barbarism and genocide - as usual)
  3326. Pentagon secretly investigated detainee deaths as homicides
  3327. The Great Escape (of the "hijacker actors"?)
  3328. Will the NY Times Pay For Its Crimes? (not with Crocodile tears)
  3329. Iraq resolution fails to garner full support (What?! No turnover?! LOL)
  3330. Israel wants Iraq to pay compensation (Everybody else wants Israel to pay compensation)
  3332. Is The Fed Expecting Catastrophe? (No, creating more)
  3333. What? And Why? - 9/11: a review of realities
  3334. Bush insists new government will not be US puppets (A lie is truth!)
  3335. Here Comes Inflation, The Cruelest Tax of All (Final condition of the Weimar scenario)
  3336. 9/11 Sceptics Hold Inquiry
  3337. The international image of Israel
  3338. Kach supporters chase away (i.e., assault) Vanunu
  3339. Halliburton deal 'violated rules on procurement'
  3340. POLITICS-U.S.: Neo-Con Collapse in Washington and Baghdad (Relax only when to the person they are all in Abu Ghraib, permanently)
  3341. Royal Navy says sorry after Spanish arrest SBS pair (ooops - caught?)
  3342. NYT's Apologies Miss the Point - deliberately
  3343. Torture at Abu Ghraib Followed CIA's Manual
  3344. Chalabi Reportedly Told Iran That U.S. Had Code (wriggling red herring)
  3345. Howard takes a fall in another round of the blame game - Alan Ramsey
  3346. Homeland security agencies, military mobilize for G8 summit
  3347. More possibly bomb-grade highly enriched uranium found in Iran (Only possibly? Why not just lie outright, as usual?)
  3348. Oil-Rich Iraq Hit By Another Fuel Crisis (Oil of Mass Disappearance too?)
  3349. Not one politician has lost their job over Iraq. It is time they did - and be incarcerated permanently
  3350. The edited State of the Union (Shades of Soviet Truth)
  3352. Lawyer says his arrest is warning about liberty
  3353. MI5 RAISE TERROR WARNING TO 'SEVERE' (We need a diversion quick!)
  3354. The Return of the Draft, a Bipartisan Production (Bipartisn has been canceled, due to lack of interest)
  3355. Pentagon can't seem to kill idea of military draft (Terminating Genocide might do it)
  3356. Bush to compare Middle East with war-time Europe (USUKIL=Germany; everybody else is still everybody else)
  3357. US Says Russia Should Remove All Bases From Georgia (Fuck you so very much)
  3359. Electorate is wising up to the Iraq blunder (with the speed uphill molasses in January)
  3360. The Neocons' War (not quite - corpagov empire and oil as economc weapon is more important)
  3361. Army Issues Order to Stop U.S. Soldiers from Leaving (it's called enslavement)
  3362. Gunmen fled "dressed" as soldiers (Khobar)
  3363. Haaretz - Israel News - Lieberman tells Russia he wants to expel Israeli Arabs(Did they laugh in his face?)
  3364. Update on Western Shoshone Distribution Bill (So as it is in Iraq, so it is at home)
  3365. Like sheep to the slaughter (The Israeli Genocide of Palestinians)
  3366. Glaxo sued for 'drug claim fraud'
  3367. Paris bans protests ahead of Bush's visit (*Now* I'll say, asshole French! - gov. that is.)
  3368. NY attorney general sues GlaxoSmithKline over Paxil
  3369. Moore's anti-Bush film set for June 25 US debut
  3370. Abu Ghraib prompts denial, spin, evasion
  3371. Bush consults lawyer in CIA leak case
  3372. AP: Administration Freed Terror Suspect (What did he know?)
  3373. City College Board withdraws award, invitation to Congressman Tom Lantos
  3374. UN condemns Israeli army after schoolboys shot in class
  3375. Under cross-examination, terrorism expert acknowledges difficulty in labeling terrorists
  3376. Israeli border policemen forced youths "to eat gravel and kiss their shoes."
  3377. Bush Gives Contract to Tax Traitor/Campaign Donor
  3378. CNN sues state over list of 'felons' barred from voting
  3379. Allawi waged costly campaign
  3380. Lawmakers OK $25B for Halliburton ['Military Operations']
  3381. US frantic to soften harsh language in UN rights report on Iraq
  3382. Ghraib Offense
  3383. U.S. Army General Joins the ACLU in Opposing Provisions of the Patriot Act
  3384. Pentagon has lost track of exported missiles
  3385. It's All About the Oil (in good measure anyhow)
  3386. Israeli tank opens fire on a school
  3387. Washington under growing domestic pressure on climate change: EU official
  3388. Welfare poised to go private
  3389. Concerns Grow About Lariam's Side Effects
  3390. You Have Rights -- if Bush Says You Do
  3391. US Regime Freed Terror Suspect
  3392. Washington installs new puppet regime in Baghdad
  3393. Powell: Iraq Will Have No Veto on U.S.-Led Force
  3394. CIA Director Tenet Resigns
  3395. CIA chief resigns amid criticism over intelligence failure
  3396. U.S. Told Saudis to Let Al-Qaida Gunmen Escape Says Official (Just like the 19 fake hijackers)
  3397. Welfare poised to go private
  3398. US Regime Freed Terror Suspect
  3399. Powell: Iraq Will Have No Veto on U.S.-Led Force
  3400. CIA chief resigns amid criticism over intelligence failure
  3401. U.S. Told Saudis to Let Al-Qaida Gunmen Escape Says Official
  3402. Average gasoline price hits $5.79 in England
  3403. Bill Clinton Launches Book Tour for 'My Life'
  3404. Bush Campaign Seeks Help From Congregations
  3405. Legal Glitch Snarls Bush's Spot on Illinois Ballot (For you and me the "legal glitch" is an inviolable *law*)
  3406. Panel: Police Trampled Protesters' Rights (This is news?)
  3407. Panel faults police during FTAA (Um - FL *is* still under martial law)
  3408. All real-estate purchasers are now investigated under the Patriot Act
  3409. Gov't Plans New Rail Security Experiments
  3410. G-8 Security To Close Ga. Coastline
  3411. Planes grounded by computer crash
  3412. Risk of radioactive "dirty bomb" growing (BOOO!)
  3413. Invisible beam tops list of nonlethal weapons
  3414. Army Plan Aims to Keep Soldiers on Duty
  3415. Italian Embassy in Baghdad targeted
  3416. The Difference Between Terrorists and Wedding Guests
  3417. Two Marines Plead Guilty to Iraqi Abuse
  3418. UN resolution falls short on sovereignty, Iraq declares
  3419. Civil rights, veterans groups sue U.S. over Iraq prison records
  3420. UN Says Occupation Troops Violated Rights in Iraq
  3421. Polygraph Testing Starts at Pentagon in Chalabi Inquiry (unreliable to begin with)
  3422. Tenet ends up as Bush's fall guy after all the flaws and falsehoods
  3423. The scapegoat? (What else?)
  3424. Report May Have Hastened Tenet's Resignation
  3425. Second CIA official expected to leave
  3426. Bush's comments against troop withdrawal plan ignites storm in Australia
  3427. Violence warning as Bush flies into Rome
  3428. Photos from Rome protests against Dictator Bush
  3429. Thousands March Against Bush's Rome Visit
  3430. Bush's Erratic Behavior Worries White House Aides (*Now* they figure this out?!)
  3431. 500,000 protest Bush's visit to Rome
  3432. Fortress Rome greets Bush
  3433. Republican Senator Rejects 'Blank Check' for Iraq
  3434. Sharon fires two hawks from cabinet
  3435. Israel army returns to Gaza camp
  3436. Exclusive: Don't throw stones
  3437. CNN Breaking: James Pavitt, CIA Deputy Director of Operations, Resigns
  3438. Former German Defense Minister Confirms CIA Involvement in 9/11
  3439. Did al-Qaida trainee warn FBI before 9/11?
  3440. Cheney, Rumsfeld May Be Called in Prisoner Abuse Case
  3441. 9/11 Families Outraged Hijacker-In-Training Was Let Go
  3442. Rumsfeld approved torture techniques
  3443. Al-Qaeda not behind Karachi mosque blast: US (Not an Al-CIAda job?!)
  3444. America, Once the Victim, Now the Perpetrator in War on Terror (Victim?)
  3445. Bloodstain Analysis from Nick Berg Beheading Video Forensic Irregularities Cast Doubt On Events
  3446. UN Says U.S.-Led Forces Violate Rights in Iraq
  3447. Russia Asks Where Are the WMD?
  3448. Foreign Ministry criticizes BBC over Vanunu interview
  3449. FBI told of al-Qaeda training in 2000: reports
  3450. Hold Up on E-voting
  3451. Artists Subpoenaed in USA Patriot Act Case
  3452. Riding the Antiwar Backlash
  3453. Senator (Schumer) calls for White House confidentiality waivers in leak probe
  3454. Inside America's Animal House
  3455. Chris Floyd: Inside America's Animal House - and Rumsfeld's "Global Insurgency"
  3456. Insanity in America: US Ranks Number One in the Deranged
  3457. "WMDs" in Cuba and other square circles
  3458. The Liars are Winning
  3459. Chris White: First to Fight Culture, a Former Marine on the Marine Motto (Understanding reality)
  3460. The 'Patriot' Search (Don't buy land or houses in the US!)
  3461. Sovereign Bank reissues 83,000 debit cards after fraudulent activity
  3462. Former Arthur Andersen division wins $10 billion contract to track
  3463. Pentagon tests "active denial" pain beams
  3464. Bye, George - It's been a bad week for the Bushies.
  3465. Coup d'Etat in Washington and "The Dollar Paper Tiger"
  3466. New Plan Would Let Iraq Order Troops Out (cum grano salis)
  3467. The NASCAR Nazi (Jim Washburn hasn't even got half of it.)
  3468. Terror police quizzed guitarist over lyrics (UK)
  3469. Censored: Do NOT criticize genocidal Israel.
  3470. Sharon hints at assurances from Bush on Iran nuke threat (Chalabi's twin?)
  3471. Enron tapes reveal 'dealing and stealing'
  3472. Mueller Proposes New Intelligence Service Within FBI (COINTELPRO squared?)
  3473. Pictures, more than ever, tell Iraq story
  3474. Sharon is a punk, says ambassador (and he was being kind)
  3475. Worst is yet to come as US pays price of failure (You cannot even imagine the consequences)
  3476. Delusion on a psychotic scale (It's now the 'murikan way)
  3477. The Fact Behind the Fictions: the U.S. and Israel Plan Permanent Occupations
  3478. US navy plans `show of force' off oil-rich West Africa
  3479. Dangerous Blind Spot in War on Terror - Israeli Movers Detained, Deported Without Investigation
  3480. Parisians forbidden from protesting Bush visit
  3481. Airport accused of ejecting woman with anti-war poster
  3482. Guess who's at super-secret Bilderberg meeting today
  3483. Interior Ministry offers citizenship to foreigners who snitch on family (IL - the democracy)
  3484. US frantic to soften harsh language in UN rights report on Iraq
  3485. U.S. has the highest rate of mental illness (Surprising? News?)
  3486. Rumsfeld to restrict senators' access to documents in Boeing deal (Oh?)
  3487. Another Coincidence Of Convenience
  3488. 'They have no humanity. They didn't even give us two minutes to get out' (Rafah)
  3489. Enron Tapes Should Be Nail in Coffin of Schwarzenegger
  3490. The case against Padilla (What case?)
  3491. Pope chides Bush over Iraq (Chide? How does one "chide" a genocidal psychopath?)
  3492. Bush takes a tongue-lashing from the Pope over Iraq (from one genocisal psychopath to another)
  3493. Gore blisters Bush on war, 'moral cesspool' at Iraqi prison (Now he speaks)
  3494. FindLaw's Writ - Dean: The Serious Implications Of President Bush's Hiring A Personal Outside Counsel For The Valerie Plame Investigation
  3495. Cheney Reportedly Interviewed in Leak of C.I.A. Officer's Name
  3496. Purging of voters on agenda (FL)
  3497. Sen. Nelson joining CNN lawsuit on voter list
  3498. Israeli attempts to hack into the cultural and the environmental heritage of Arab countries By Nevine El-Aref
  3499. JINSA picks next target for US: Syria (surprise!)
  3500. Oil casts black shadow over global economy
  3501. Disgusting tapes dig Enron deeper into mire
  3502. Disintegration of Israels government looms as Sharon bids to win vote
  3503. 10,000 in Iran said signing up for suicide missions
  3504. Coup against Blair 'would be a disaster' (oh no it wouldn't.)
  3505. Yvonne Fletcher Murdered in Saint James Square by Zionists
  3506. Who killed Nick Berg?
  3507. New Catholic Times: Pope fears Bush is antichrist, journalist contends - Church - journalist Wayne Madsden - Brief Article(LMAO - Methinks the chimp doth protest too much?)
  3508. U.S. Denies Iraq Military Veto (but you *knew* this from the start)
  3509. Experts say U.S. Prisoners are subjected to Iraqi-style Abuse
  3510. Sharon tries to provoke a war to save his political ass (Isn't it a familiar tale, *yet*?)
  3511. Cities Say No to the Patriot Act - 344 governmental entities refuse it
  3512. Thousands File Past Reagan Coffin to Pay Respects - Or Spit
  3513. War (WWII) turned invasion's overall commander (Ike) into a pacifist
  3514. Experts: Americans Would Trade Rights for Security (B. Franklin Ignored)
  3515. 'US president not bound by laws banning torture' (and just *what* is he bound by?!)
  3516. Reagan Redux
  3517. 66 (Unflattering) Things About Ronald Reagan
  3518. Israeli invasion of 1982 haunts survivors
  3519. IHT: U.S. forces not wanted (in Maylasia - they're going to be punished)
  3520. Explosions rock Kufa mosque compound as ammunition dump catches fire, nineinjured ("I'm sure it was the Americans who did it")
  3521. Fear, hatred of Islam at root of policy, prisoner abuse
  3522. Pseudo-journalists betray the public trust
  3523. Ronald Reagan's Evil Empire
  3524. Tales from the Twilight Zone
  3525. GM to Pour Billions Into China
  3526. Biodefense research raises issues (A defensive germ?!!!!)
  3528. Palestinians Have Right To Normal Life: Richard Gere
  3529. Trade Agreement Outsources American Cowboy ("Free Trade" is *anything* but)
  3530. The bankruptcy of fear-mongering as policy
  3531. Swans Commentary: Rot, by Richard Macintosh (But a ruling class is *always* filth)
  3532. American fib factory
  3533. Ameridebt files for Bankruptcy!
  3534. Disintegration of Israels government looms as Sharon bids to win vote
  3535. Government to Close in Honor of Reagan (Permanently is too much to hope for)
  3536. US soldiers could face war crimes charges
  3537. Pope wants US out of Iraq immediately
  3538. "Make No Mistake About It" 9/11 Was An "Inside Job" (Thisis not obvious yet?)
  3539. Enron faces suit in California over rigging power market
  3540. Kerry stepson enters campaign spotlight
  3541. Gore says Penelas betrayed Democrats
  3542. Killer, Coward, Con-Man Good Riddance, Gipper ... More Proof Only the GoodDie Young
  3543. Dr M: Use yen as East Asia's trading currency
  3544. Democrats Ask Ridge to Reconsider $10 Bln Contract to Accenture (Ask?)
  3545. Agile US military of future eyes northern Australian bases
  3546. Taliban Told U.S. It Would Give Up Osama - Middleman
  3547. US attacks ALP troop exit plan
  3548. Kids get sicker at Baghdad hospital - genocide, genocide and more genocide
  3549. "International police" violates international law in Iraq
  3550. Iraqi judge orders arrest of American aide to Chalabi (Should be interesting)
  3551. Mercenaries in 'coup plot' guarded UK officials in Iraq
  3552. Dark Reagan legacy in Central America
  3553. Protesters cut power to Paris train stations
  3554. Security to Be Tight for Raygun Funeral (Some would settle for blowing up the corpse?!)
  3555. 28,000 Troops to Participate in JNTC Exercise
  3556. Pentagon Report Set Framework For Use of Torture
  3557. 'Bush should have died, not Reagan': Morrissey (How about both?)
  3558. CENTCOM Reports Mosque Explosion (Kufa)
  3559. 60% believe Iraq war spending 'a waste' (Indicating an average IQ of 60)
  3560. Kurds Threaten to Pull Out of Iraqi Government
  3561. Gore's remarks are death blow for Penelas' bid
  3562. State elections chief resigns (Ed Kast - FL)
  3563. More Enron Tapes, More Gloating
  3564. Army Of Cops, Secluded Island Summit Keep G8 Protests Small
  3565. Lockdown on Sea Island
  3566. 'Terror threat political game' - Richard Clarke
  3567. Ashcroft Grilled About U.S. Rules on Torture
  3568. Lawyers Decided Bans on Torture Didn't Bind Bush
  3569. Rumsfeld approved interrogation
  3570. (DV) Leopold: New Documents Suggest Enron's Lay, Skilling, Washington Lobbyist Knew About Company's Trading Schemes in CA
  3571. US Warplanes Pound Afghan Insurgents (i.e., Freedom Fighters)
  3572. State Dept. Quashed 9/11 Links To Global Drug Trade -FBI Whistleblower
  3573. Saddam trial on hold until Iraq stabilises
  3574. World War II is generally known as "the good war." (But don't look too carefully)
  3575. Plug Pulled on Rome Radio Stations Covering Bush Protests
  3576. Sunnis And Shias Denounce New Iraq 'Government'
  3577. Saddam trial may lack evidence (? - hmmmmmmmmm)
  3578. New story emerges of an infamous massacre (Well - since truth doesn't exist ...)
  3579. Capitol Hill Blue: Where Big Brother Snoops on Americans 24/7
  3580. How High Does the Abu Ghraib Scandal Go?
  3581. Top Iraq Cleric Offers Caution on U.N. Resolution
  3582. Anxiety runs high at G-8 summit site - 06/07/04
  3583. Arab leaders' outrage at G8 plans for future of Middle East
  3584. New leaders in Iraq have deep ties to U.S.
  3585. Father of Nick Berg Blasts Bush-Cheney Administration
  3586. Two government officials announce resignation, in further blow to Sharon government
  3587. No German Aid for Israel Sub Purchase
  3588. Canada's Central Bank Scam: Prime Minister Paul Martin's Badly Kept Secret
  3589. Turkey Recalls Top Diplomats in Israel
  3590. Unknown cattle disease detected in Britain
  3591. Thailand tells US: keep your soldiers (oops - they're going to be punished)
  3592. Boutros Boutros-Ghali: Israel, American aircraft carrier in the heart of the Middle East
  3593. Bush 'was advised he could ignore torture laws'
  3594. Blair changes tack on WMD ... again (too many idiot liars)
  3595. Clarke warns of dangers posed by Saudi country's instability
  3596. Hezbollah, Israel exchange fire
  3597. New Evidence Prison Torture Was Approved at Top Levels
  3598. Downer dismisses revelations over Iraq letter
  3599. Israeli airstrike lands within 12 miles of Lebanese capital
  3600. The Geneva Convention Question
  3601. by way of deception...
  3602. How E-Voting Threatens Democracy
  3603. Israeli coalition remains on knife-edge as Lebanon protests air strike
  3604. Thirty-seven years ago Today, Israel bombed the USS Liberty
  3605. Best Way to Honor the USS Liberty is With an Investigation
  3606. LBJ, Israel & the USS Liberty Massacre
  3607. Admiral McCain in USS Liberty Coverup
  3608. USS Liberty - Israeli Pilot Speaks Up
  3609. Did Israeli General Moshe Dayan Order the Attack on the USS Liberty?
  3610. Guardian Unlimited Politics | Special Reports | US bans cleric from Iraq elections- with its customary negative genius
  3611. cnn.com: David Kay's evidence to US Senate committee
  3612. Superpower or Superdebtor?
  3613. U.S.'s Ashcroft Won't Release or Discuss Torture Memo
  3614. Fake Job Numbers from the Bush Administration Paint a Rosy Picture (and all the rest of the numbers)
  3615. Sharon loses his majority - and so vombs things as is custom
  3616. Today Indiana, Tomorrow Your State (What elections?)
  3617. Bush, Cheney Indictments in Plame Case Looming
  3618. YellowTimes.org - ''Nothing new under the Israeli sun''
  3619. Ronald Reagan (1911-2004): An Obituary
  3620. Soldier Described White House Interest (washingtonpost.com)
  3621. Coup D'etat - M Ruppert
  3622. Film Industry Gives Controversial Iraq Film Ovation
  3623. Resistance fighters blow up key Iraq oil pipeline (Resistance fighters - or Haliburton?)
  3624. Coalition backs bill to restrict Patriot Act (Restrict? Destroy it!)
  3625. Tampa airport confirms mystery flight - (United Press International)
  3626. Authorization of Torture by Bush an Impeachable Offense
  3627. Bush to the US Constitution: Drop Dead
  3628. Alan Dershowitz, Professor of Torture
  3629. Study on limits of official torture casts doubt on how isolated Abu Ghraibis (It isn't: it's national policy)
  3630. The torturers among us
  3631. Authorizing Torture
  3632. US refuses to release torture policy
  3633. U.S.'s Ashcroft Won't Release or Discuss Torture Memo (I wonder why?)
  3634. Impeach Rumsfeld, Santa Cruz council demands
  3635. Tampa International Airport now verifies flight of Saudis
  3636. Ashcroft refuses to hand over torture memo.
  3637. US: We will not urge Israel to pull of out Gaza
  3638. UK, US and Australia to Begin Total Internet Chat Room Surveillance
  3639. US and International Laws on Torture
  3640. Cosby Gets Cheers, Lerner Gets Death Threats
  3641. U.S. REPORTS OF OIL OUTPUT DISPUTED (more corpagov disinformation)
  3642. Washington Senator Calls for Release of All Enron Tapes (Maria Cantwell)
  3643. World Must Act on Darfur Crisis, Says Kerry (Kerry must go back under his rock)
  3644. Scotsman.com News - Silvio Berlusconi - Hollow victory for Europe's Houdini
  3645. Iraq's Kurds angered by U.N. vote
  3646. Israeli army chief says Syria responsible for ''violence'' on Lebanese border - as his nose grows longer
  3647. German 'bomb blast' injures many (Cologne)
  3648. Tell Ashcroft to Stop Stonewalling Congress
  3649. Scoop: UQ Wire: Tenet Lied Under Oath To 9/11 Commission
  3650. Israel, Our Dangerous Parasite
  3651. US embassy 'plotters' acquitted
  3652. U.S. bioterrorism research leaps past defensive tactics - to global threat to life
  3654. Rumsfeld 'told officers to take gloves off with Lindh'
  3655. Israeli shells devastate Lebanese farms
  3656. March entries from diary of Abu Ghraib interrogator found
  3657. G8 harmony shattered, as France and US duel over Iraq
  3658. Dangerous musings regarding torture
  3659. Scientists Say Dirty Bomb Would Be a Dud
  3660. Bush, Cheney Indictments in Plame Case Looming?
  3661. In Mayfield case, fingers are pointing
  3662. PPI (US Producer Price Index) delayed indefinitely - No info or wrong info
  3663. Pentagon wasted $100M on unused airline tickets
  3665. Florida orders new purge of voter list
  3666. Defending Our Freedom
  3667. Israel and the Truth behind Its Democracy
  3668. Sharon Exposed in '2000 Terrorists'
  3669. The Torture Working Group
  3670. Further evidence that FBI was informed of 9/11 terror attacks
  3671. Decision on Sharon Indictment Expected
  3672. Global military spending rises to near Cold War peak of '87
  3673. Bush Still Screwing Iraq and America
  3674. BreakForNews.com : Mohammed Atta (Thing that NEED to be considered)
  3675. US invasion of Iraq may lead countries to stock WMDs
  3676. Lawyer says Saddam tortured
  3677. Bush the Would-Be Torturer
  3678. Bush Calls Iraq Prison Abuse "Disgraceful" After Authorizing Torture Tactics
  3679. Rise of the terrorist professors
  3680. FindLaw's Writ - Hilden: Did a Government Lawyer "Aid and Abet" Possible War Crimes By Writing a Crucial Memo?
  3681. White House Misled America About War Costs
  3682. Wealthy U.S. investors avoiding stocks (What do they know? :-)
  3683. The Russias Iraq strategy when simple facts meet simpletons
  3684. Bush loses fight for nukes wish list
  3685. Israel to close Gaza industrial zone (Another genocidal move)
  3686. Bob Woodward Criticizes Iraq Reporting (but it was *deliberately* bogus)
  3687. Military law experts question Pentagon memo
  3688. Alleged Libyan plot to kill Saudi ruler investigated (oh -sure)
  3689. Military Intelligence presented erroneous assumption on Palestinians
  3690. Bush Changing His Story on Prison Abuse Scandal
  3691. TheWBALChannel.com - News - 24-Hour Surveillance Set For Inner Harbor
  3692. Justifying torture brings shame to U.S.
  3693. State Dept. Concedes Errors in Terror Data (Do they have a choice?)
  3694. Crosses, crosses everywhere - people need brain transplants.
  3695. Impeaching unstable presidents
  3696. American Civil Liberties Union : Stop a Sneak Attack on Your Civil Rights and Health Care
  3697. McKinney Scares Denise Majette Out of House Seat
  3698. Speaker Pushes Jobs Bill Provision (Repto Hastert strikes again)
  3699. Fed's Rate Increases May Come Quickly (perfectly predictable)
  3700. Sen. Kennedy Loses Bid to Remove Pryor (installee is installer)
  3701. McCain personally rejected Kerry overtures (Kerry really is an asshole)
  3702. Researchers Exposed to Anthrax (at a children's hospital?!)
  3703. FBI warns 10 cities about demonstrations
  3704. G-8 security a model for upcoming events (Night of the Long Knives?)
  3705. Facing Defeat? - and fabricating charges against Padilla
  3706. US' charges against Australian terror suspect blasted
  3707. Document warns Guantanamo employees not to talk
  3708. Ten US Navy Carriers Now At Sea - Only Two In Port
  3709. Bush: Troops to stay until 'job's done' (interminably, of course)
  3710. Bush, Blair See Support at Home Battered by Iraq (not near enough)
  3711. Iraqis Put Contempt For Troops On Display (Just contempt for the contemptible)
  3712. Army Policy Bars Interrogations by Private Contractors (oh sure - not bars getting caught at it?)
  3713. General Granted Latitude At Prison (by we know who)
  3714. Resistance fighters blow up police station in Iraq
  3715. Halliburton Under Investigation for Nigeria Bribery Accusations (The Big Dick in charge)
  3716. Army Withholds Chemical Attack Antidote
  3717. Text of Bush news conference (who authorized the torture as he says)
  3718. Bush sidesteps question on whether torture is ever justified
  3719. Blair punished at polling booths
  3720. Postal vote doubles turnout in trial regions (making them up are we?)
  3721. British government to probe alleged postal ballot fraud (ooops!)
  3722. UK accused of ballot fraud, vote-stealing
  3723. Ministers Pledge Probe into 'A Fistful of Ballots (um - sure)
  3724. Postal vote doubles turnout in trial regions
  3725. Media has Reagan myopia - and mendacity as well
  3726. Scotsman.com News - Politics - Spoiled papers casts shadow over postal trial
  3727. Putin Takes Bush's Side Against Democrats on Iraq (How much was he paid for that?)
  3728. E-voting Issue Splits League of Women Voters
  3729. State Department Lie About Terrorism Levels Bolstered Bush Claims of Success(Lie? Oh surely a mistake)
  3730. A Media Circus Worthy of Contempt Reaganinny!)
  3731. UN Security Council rubberstamps Washington's continuing subjugation of Iraq(unsurprising)
  3732. Stepford America
  3733. Disney releases brainwashing WWII "cartoons" on DVD
  3734. Prisoner abuse in Iraq just tip of the iceberg
  3735. CA Guardsman alleges detainee abuse in Iraq
  3736. Bush pulls a "Clinton" (Liar, liar pants are on fire!)
  3737. New Report Documents Extensive U.S. War Crimes In Iraq
  3738. Labour suffers election 'kicking' - gone from slapping to kicking.
  3739. Al-Qaeda cell in Netherlands 'ready to attack' (Al-CIAda? Did they hurt chimpos feelings?)
  3740. Scotsman.com News - Latest News - Blunkett 'Mortified' by Poll Drubbing (what a simpleton)
  3741. Blair Warned to Heed Anti-War Message (How about the anti-moron message?)
  3742. Labour suffers worst showing in memory
  3743. Powell admits mistakes over terror figures (and speaking of morally bankrupt morons)
  3744. US government faked Bush news reports (Wake me for anything not faked)
  3745. THE PHONY OSAMA CONFESSION VIDEO TAPE - in case you forgot
  3746. ABCNEWS.com : Suspected Hijacker's Will Found (That Atta is just *so* clever)
  3747. Yes, government is packed with thugs and gansters - and they really don't give a damn whether Americans are tortured.
  3748. Bush does not rule out use of torture (Um how come?)
  3749. Ex-Marine Mobilizes 10,000 Observers To Palestine
  3750. Labour gloom deepens as losses escalate - maybe they'll all just die of sorrow and make many people very happy.
  3751. Feds Putting Weapons in Citizens' Luggage? (they've been in the framing business for decades)
  3752. Mirror.co.uk - Warships crash during display (Demos are the pits - trust me)
  3753. The Worm That Turned
  3754. Torture scandal to implicate president (The suspense of the obvious?)
  3755. Michael Moore: Blair, you're next (Cool!)
  3756. Ralph Nader says Israel is at root of US malaise. (well - it's not far from it anyhow)
  3757. "Pills" Limbaugh gets a divorce (maybe next week he'll go all the way and die?)
  3758. New German immigration law sanctions political censorship (oops - didn't they do this once before?)
  3759. The case of Metin Kaplan A lesson in the functioning of the German "rule of law"
  3760. Interrogators Hired for Iraq Despite Ban (That's normal: they lie like rugs)
  3761. Relief as 'Red Ken' re-elected mayor
  3762. Richard Armitage - the connections behind his attack on Latham
  3763. Interpol IDs Piracy Link to Funding of 'Terrorism' (Interpol needs to get a brain, stop lying and arrest The Chimp)
  3764. Spain Engulfed in Vast Social Change (washingtonpost.com)
  3765. BBC NEWS | Technology | Doubts over web filtering plans
  3766. Dark days ahead for Tony Blair (with luck, lifeless days)
  3767. The harm the U.S. does in rationalizing torture (both obvious and gratuituous)
  3768. Mainstream Media Fail to Serve Truth (Nooooooooo?! - really?)
  3769. TheStar.com - Martin: `Hang on to your hats'
  3770. US Coca monopoly, Coca-Cola, Peru: Cocaine in tea served at U.S. Embassy
  3771. Israeli Nationals, Nukes, And Attacks On US Nuclear Facilities
  3772. Justice Department Loses Laptop With DEA Data
  3773. Reagan should be on a $3 bill - Breslin (rarely pure and never simple)
  3774. Humbled Blair Faces Critics Over Local Poll Defeat (Humbled?! That arrogant twit?)
  3775. The Scotsman - International - Teacher jailed for making revisionist Nazi film
  3776. Scientology link to public schools / As early as the third grade, students in S.F. and elsewhere are subtly introduced to church's concepts via anti-drug teachings
  3777. Solomon Islands crocodiles dining out on arms amnesty
  3778. Suicide by Pseudoscience
  3779. nbc4.com - Entertainment - Bradbury Blasts Moore Over 'Fahrenheit' Title(Oh sod off, Ray!)
  3780. Telegraph | News | Tragic French boy king's heart finds a final resting place after 209 years(It's a strange species)
  3781. Las Vegas Mercury: Knappster: Usual scientific explanations lacking ...
  3782. A Shenendohowa Teacher Draws Heat For "dispaging" Reagan (It's been a sick nation for a long time)
  3783. Herald.com | 06/12/2004 | Software problem imperils voting recounts (They're going to do it again!)
  3784. Hiding a bad guy named triple X
  3785. Explosions rock central Baghdad
  3786. Peace group calls for Cheney impeachment
  3787. Richard Armitage - the connections behind his attack on Latham
  3788. White House 'trying to help Howard'
  3789. Bush team campaigning for Howard, says Labor
  3790. Blair to send 3,000 extra troops to Iraq
  3791. Secret world of US jails
  3792. James Baker - The Bush family janitor. By David Plotz
  3793. HoustonChronicle.com - Enron timeline
  3794. Enron's Just A New Twist on an Old Scam
  3795. The Skull and Bones Membership list
  3796. Benefit Art Auction Aims to Unseat Bush
  3797. Rx for W: Electoral Surgery
  3798. Proposition to take DNA at arrest stirs privacy fears
  3799. The Pentagon Spying in America? (Do you doubt it?!)
  3800. Nazi commander 'was CIA agent' (That's fairly normal)
  3801. Spain suspects 'were informants'
  3802. Police officer may have to explain links to terror suspects (ES)
  3803. Vietnam's war against Agent Orange
  3804. Inquiry into causes of Gulf War syndrome announced (Inquiry by which whore?)
  3805. Who is Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi? (Um - Phantom of the Opera? Fu Manchu?)
  3806. Al-CIA-duh threat looms large in Saudi after Americans' killing, abduction
  3807. Polls raise spectre of Blair defeat (spectre?! more like hope.)
  3808. Iraqi geography professor gunned down
  3809. More Disturbing Pictures of America's Military Circulate on the Internet
  3810. Alcohol Cited as Problem at Prison
  3811. Detainee Fears Recorded
  3812. Interrogation abuses were 'approved at highest levels'
  3813. Occupation to Hold Up to 5,000 Iraqis
  3814. Red Cross ultimatum to US on Hussein (Hmmm - or what?)
  3815. Powell: Inaccurate Terror Report a 'Big Mistake' (Mistake? Lie!)
  3816. Retired Officials Say Bush Must Go
  3817. CIA accused of delaying review of Senate report on prewar threat posed byIraq
  3818. Senators: CIA stalling on review of Iraq report
  3819. War spending 'has made country more vulnerable'
  3820. Richard Clarke: 'Iraq could be much more of a problem for America than ifSaddam had stayed in Power'
  3821. Reagan's death spares Bush some Iraq scrutiny
  3822. When Ignorance Isn't Bliss
  3823. Gulag Americana
  3824. Iraq jail dog scare 'was policy'
  3825. Soldier's defense team wants 100 witnesses from Cheney on down for Abu Graibcase (This should be cute - watch the case disappear)
  3826. Redefining Torture
  3827. Bush trying to re-elect Howard
  3828. Do not have children if they won't be healthy! (Jewish eugenics history)
  3829. Blair tells the voters to go jump in the Thames
  3830. In the Northwest: Enron's real obscenity is continuing cost of 'crisis'
  3831. Ronnie & Saddam
  3832. How America armed Iraq - [Sunday Herald]
  3833. Agency Is Seen as Unfazed on Atom Waste
  3834. We could lose next election, says Hain (Hmm - well all of you should)
  3835. Use of Dogs to Scare Prisoners Was Authorized
  3836. Interrogation abuses were 'approved at highest levels'
  3837. My Dinner With Pamela Gross-Finkelstein (Slowly the ghastly reality dawns)
  3838. Newtopia Magazine | "The Explosion of the 9-11 Truth Movement -- U.S. Media's Dirty Little Secret", by Bill Douglas // Summer 2004
  3839. Iraqi education official killed
  3840. Brahimi quits post as UN envoy in Iraq
  3841. Republicans are behind the effort to censor Fahrenheit 9/11
  3842. SEC probing Halliburton 'bribes'
  3843. 'New Europe' cools to Iraq war after Abu Ghraib scandal
  3844. John Kerry joins Latham attack and is nothoing but a chimpco surrogate
  3845. Defense bill to top $1 trillion (who's money?)
  3846. Torture and Rumors of Torture
  3847. Case against Sharon 'dropped'
  3848. Another phony "Al CIAda" beheading video appears
  3849. Michael Moore has Blair in sights
  3851. Despite U.S. deal, Israel starts Ariel fence (Um - that's normal)
  3852. Soldier's alleged heist baffles
  3853. The Courier-Mail: Teens banned from Moore film [14jun04] (Just to Orwellianly cute for words)
  3854. Howard Stern goes after George Bush
  3855. Inter-faith group to apologize on Arab TV for torture (Oh sod off!)
  3856. Telegraph | News | Old order shaken as the 'misfits' gain ground ("shaken" isn't *near* enough; how about death?)
  3857. GIs marching away from re-enlistment
  3858. Nick Berg - 911 - OKC Bombing Connection
  3859. Guardian Unlimited Film | News | Movie rottweiler turns on Blair (Ahhh - man's best friend)
  3860. Foreign Policy Expert Backs John Kerry - and outs himself as a moron.
  3861. Film and Election Politics Cross in 'Fahrenheit 9/11' (Oh gee - that's surprising)
  3862. European Voters Batter Governing Parties (Not near hard enough)
  3863. U.S. Slaughter Fills Iraqi Cemeteries
  3864. The Torturers
  3865. Cheney's office 'briefed on Pentagon deal' with Halliburton
  3866. Man who chaired CA recall tries to prevent showing of 9/11 film (Howard Kaloogian - speaking of slimeballs)
  3867. Tories and Labour crushed under the wheels of UKIP's bandwagon (Bravo Brits!)
  3868. Justice Dept. Memo Says Torture 'May Be Justified' (Can we conceive of shot dead for treason?)
  3869. Tucson Pigs raid house for upsidedown flags (Ahh - the more equal Pigs are back - and they are still "the law")
  3870. Man beaten so long and so severely his kidneys failed (by "civilized" British troops; imagine what the US dildoes are doing.)\
  3871. Woolsey says al-Qaida in Saudi Arabia will be longtime threat to U.S (AlCIAda? You bet: the meanest SOBs in the valley)
  3872. MORE THAN HALF THE US TREASURY BONDS IN HANDS OF FOREIGN CENTRAL BANKS (Um - Hello? They were *put* there by the not quite US metagov)
  3873. In Baguio City: Israeli terror suspect falls; cops eye link to al-Qaeda (Its proper name is Al-Mossada-CIAda Ok?)
  3874. Bush Gets Testy About Torture (Everybody else gets testy about Chimpco)
  3875. U.S. says it will continue to hold thousands of Iraqi prisoners after June(US says a lot of things - most are BS)
  3876. Iraqi Air Strikes 'Killed Only Civilians' (Hasn't the joke worn itself out?)
  3877. Trade Gap in U.S. Unexpectedly Widens to All-Time High; Retail Sales Climbas a result of US corpagov racketeering
  3878. B.I. clarifies Israeli detainee not a terror suspect (Nope: terrorist employee - ooops)
  3879. Recount flaw found in Fla. voting machines (Wow - really surprising)
  3880. ONN. Ohio News Now: Brother says Somali national charged in mall plot hated terrorists(Maybe he found out who the terrorists really are?)
  3881. New Terror Website www.ansarnet.ws Registered to a Dallas Address (Crawford, perhaps?)
  3882. US CAUGHT SMUGGLING NUCLEAR MATERIALS INTO IRAQ (The US planting season is long)
  3883. ART BELL SELLS OUT? (Everybody else seems to have - for which they will pay dearly)
  3884. Bush Asked for Vatican's Help on Political Issues, Report Says (Repto to repto re king of the hill - and old time vatican game)
  3885. Vatican: Bush wants bishops to back his agenda (surprise!)
  3886. Court Ruling Keeps Pledge Intact but Leaves 'God' Issue Unsettled - the Court of High Sluts
  3887. New 'Hiccup' for Florida Voters - used to be "hanging chads"
  3888. Florida Faces Election Fracas (How about a real good knock down drag outconstitutional crises? Ooops - what constitution?)
  3889. Faux News censured for rant at BBC (Not that it will matter - shame is hubris!)
  3890. Spanish documents or Spanish homework?
  3891. Shell Says Committed to Stay in Nigeria (It's where some nummy oil is!)
  3892. "A temporary coup" (Let's just hope it's temporary, you digbats.)
  3893. Two Incidents of Suspicious Powder Reported at U.N. (After the Frist kaka, suspicious powders are more than suspicious themselves)
  3894. US to hand Saddam Hussein over to Iraq within two weeks (ROTFLMFAO! In which universe - unless his mind has been chemically rotted)
  3895. Five Foreign Contractors Among 13 Dead in Iraq Blast (Only five? - pity)
  3896. Rage Explodes After Another Baghdad Blast (Some rage is healthy)
  3897. Come to hell with Halliburton - the pay's good - but you die - tough nuggies
  3898. Columnists 'Honor' Rumsfeld With Sitting Duck Prize (Duck? They've just misspelled it.)
  3899. Torture Incorporated (Oh joy! Ollie the dragon North is back. Didn't he die or something? Must have been wishful thinking.)
  3900. US legal adviser defended torture, says report (Well - of *course* he did, dear.)
  3901. Contractor Immunity a Divisive Issue (i.e., two opinions: one is reasonable, and the other is completely insane. Guess which is whose.)
  3902. Cheney Claims al-Qaida Linked to Hussein (In psych 101 called OCD - in reality he's a treasonous liar.)
  3903. Halliburton Shrugs Off Bribe Probe (Gee - Cheney gets away with that; now try snarling)
  3904. Pentagon Auditors Criticize Halliburton Billing (Ooops!)
  3905. VP[sic]'s office approved Halliburton contract (That's not surprising. What's a corpagov for? Same things as CIA as always been for.)
  3906. White House Officials and Cheney Aide Approved Halliburton Contract in Iraq,Pentagon Says (They'll tell the truth because they despise both Rumsfeld and Cheney, et al.)
  3908. Consortiumnews.com
  3909. Shamed Galaxo's u-turn on 'suicide' drug (Paxil)
  3910. 5 accused of spying for Israel in Lebanon
  3911. Israeli Planning Massive Expansion of West Bank Settlements
  3912. New Terror Website www.ansarnet.ws Registered to a Dallas Address
  3913. New objections to 'Fahrenheit 9/11' (like maybe it tells some truth?)
  3914. Iraq abuse 'ordered from the top' (How clear does this have to be?)
  3915. Alleged Mall Terror Plot Was Vague (Umm - how about nonexistent?)
  3916. Avoiding attacking suspected terrorist mastermind (Who? Rumsfeld the nosofriendly shit?)
  3917. Big Brother is watching you: Swiss smokers copped by pilotless plane
  3918. What recovery? Working poor struggle to pay bills
  3919. Dear Homeland Security, We have Found the Enemy, He is Us
  3920. Wanna Buy a T-Bill, Sucker
  3922. CIA Restricts One-Third of U.S. Senate WMD Report (The parts that expose the liars)
  3923. Witness states torture made him implicate Krekar (Gotta make 'em talk some how)
  3924. 9/11 Panel Finds No Collaboration Between Iraq, Al Qaeda
  3925. Conservative Campaign Ad Features Reagan (Soooooo retro)
  3926. Bush's mini-nuke research gets Senate OK ([sigh] - Morons!)
  3927. Bush has a lot to answer for on Iraq torture (Sooo - let's hear it. I'm waiting)
  3928. More troubles ahead for Sharon (Not near what he deserves)
  3929. Declarations of Independence (We need one - and then some)
  3930. Oslo drops Kurdish mullah charges
  3931. New York Daily News - Home - Thugs demand hostage trade (CIA at it again- to divert from what?)
  3932. Gag on O'Kane stays despite new abuse claim (Poodle's refrain)
  3933. A Nightmare Come True - by Uri Avnery
  3934. The Seattle Times: Nation & World: Anti-U.S. sentiment rises, Iraq poll finds
  3935. Pipeline blasts cripple Iraq's oil exports (Qui bono? Iraqis? Not on your life)
  3936. George Orwell... meet Franz Kafka (Must read)
  3937. Pentagon Broke Contract Laws To Help Halliburton
  3938. Court Challenge Against Dropping Sharon Bribery Case
  3939. The Truth About Cheney
  3940. Guardian Unlimited | Special reports | This won't hurt much
  3941. US reluctant to hand Saddam to Iraqis (Don't *him* spilling any beans)
  3942. Guardian Unlimited | The Guardian | Iran takes on west's control of oil trading(Ooops - they're going to get invaded)
  3943. The Vatican re-evaluates the Spanish Inquisition (No points for conclusory arguments)
  3944. Inquisition 'Not So Bad' - Pope (LMFAO)
  3945. Fahrenheit 911
  3946. Cuomo to Spearhead 'R' Rating Appeal for "Fahrenheit 9/11" - down from Rthat is
  3947. MSNBC - Saudi prince: Zionism to blame for terror attack
  3948. 9/11 Panel Says Iraq Rebuffed Bin Laden
  3949. L.A. activists tailed, arrested on way to Liberation Weekend conference
  3950. STILL ALIVE? FBI Mixed Up on True Identities of Perpetrators (Known now for years - but who thinks this strange?)
  3951. Bush backs Cheney on assertion linking Hussein, Al Qaeda (Welcome to Bedlam)
  3952. GOP refusing to allow testimony on Halliburton spending
  3953. Censoring Michael Moore
  3954. US judge puts Jewish leader on trial
  3955. BBC NEWS | Europe | Anchor deals Berlusconi nasty blow
  3956. Country-by-country results EU elections
  3957. Eurosceptics storm the citadel
  3958. Apathy blights Euro poll
  3959. Is the US clever enough to rule the world? (Silly question, but a must read)
  3960. MoveOn PAC Acts to Counter Republican Attempts to Censor Fahrenheit 9/11
  3961. Was 9/11 A Contract Hit Paid For With Billions Of Tax Dollars?
  3962. Fake Terror on Congess followed by 'Patriot' Act II Vote
  3963. Congress waiting for complete first Abu Ghraib abuse report (These things take time)
  3964. Ethics complaint filed against Tom DeLay
  3965. Sweeping stun guns to target crowds
  3966. Congress inquiry links Cheney aide to Halliburton deal
  3967. Estimates: Wasteful spending in Iraq has topped $1 billion
  3968. Appointee's Role in Halliburton Pact Told
  3969. Kerry: Bush's Vatican appeal 'inappropriate' (Attila and Torquemada crticized by Tiberius)
  3970. Republican Urges Kerry to Quit the Senate (Cute - very cute - also idiotic and unprecedented)
  3971. Calif. senators press Bush, FERC on energy issues (Whistling in the wind with these thieves)
  3972. California ordered to refund $270 million to Enron, others (Astounding isn't it? What did you expect?)
  3973. Lawmaker May Add Indecency Fines to Defense Bill - Sam "The Cretin" Brownback rides again
  3974. Protesters cut power to French presidential palace
  3975. New York braced for trouble [sic] at Bush rally
  3976. Judge rebukes government over no-fly list
  3977. Post-9/11 laws expand to more than terrorism (that was the point of 9/11)
  3978. Ashcroft may face prison over 9/11 cover-up, says Daniel Ellsberg (A sweet thought)
  3979. 9/11 Plotter Wanted 10 Planes (Crap!)
  3980. Bin Laden was told to call off 11 September attacks by al-CIA-duh leader (More Crap!)
  3981. House GOP disputes the 9-11 finding (Liars)
  3982. Half of London's Voters Want Troops Out of Iraq (nothing new about that)
  3983. Workers' comp claims from Americans working in Iraq could cost governmentmillions (Cost *government*? On what planet?)
  3984. High-profile air strikes 'killed only civilians' (It's called "awe and something")
  3985. Insurgents Strike at Iraq's Oil Industry (More crap)
  3986. Several Large Explosions Heard in Baghdad (CIA at it again, or did Rumsfeld fart?)
  3987. Poll reveals hostility to US and support for rebel cleric (as the night follows the day)
  3988. Chain of Command (Respondeat Superior)
  3989. Pentagon Admits Holding Iraqi in Secret (OK - they can do anything they please - just ask 'em.)
  3990. 400 legal scholars urge Congress to impeach Bush, regime officials (I wonder why?)
  3991. Cheney Won't Back Down on Saddam-Qaeda Links -Aides (He *likes* to lie: it turns him on.)
  3992. Bush repeats Iraq terror assertion despite 9-11 panel report (It's only him again)
  3993. Official verdict: White House misled world over Saddam September attacks
  3994. YellowTimes.org - "These colors don't run"
  3995. Bush On the Couch, Justin Frank - HarperCollins
  3996. Poll: 2% of Iraqis See Americans as Liberators
  3997. Rumsfeld Ordered Secret Arrest in Iraq
  3998. Cheney Won't Back Down on Saddam-Qaeda Links (Board up his mouth?)
  3999. Homeless asked to move from convention site - (United Press International)
  4000. Life gets better in Iraq, Bush tells GIs
  4001. SEC charges 4 hedge fund officials
  4002. Andersen Loses Appeal of Enron Conviction
  4003. More Incriminating Enron Tapes
  4004. U.N. admits mistake in Iran nuclear report, i.e., Iran was wrongly accused
  4005. Powell assures Saudi of US help to protect foreign workers (Abu Gharib 2by US occupation)
  4006. The Persecution of Steve Kurtz
  4007. Kurt Nimmo: The Bush-Kerry Conundrum (Somebody else gets the bottom line)
  4008. The Desperate Censors: the Republican Plot to Kill Farhenheit 9/11
  4009. Rumors of the Neocons' Demise Are Greatly Exaggerated
  4010. Not news that Bush lied
  4011. Re: http://letsroll911.org = 911 FALSE OPPOSITION. - Forums powered by Reason and Principle
  4013. US terror report misses the mark
  4014. Bush's New Lawyer Harbors Secretive, Criminal Past
  4015. Bolivian demonstration ends in lynching (welcome to the future)
  4016. Washington Post publishes memo implicating White House in torture of prisoners
  4017. 9/11 Tapes Reveal Ground Personnel Muffled Attacks (evidence is still under construction)
  4018. Bush officials try to cherry-pick statistics; it's still worst job creationrecord in 60 years (also under construction)
  4019. North Kansas City company settles charge related to boycott of Israel (boycott anything - except Israel)
  4020. Due to lack of funds, students must pledge to televised flag (Do they know the word 'ironic'?)
  4021. US firm spread hostage video
  4022. Guardian Unlimited Film | News | Fahrenheit 9/11 gets help offer from Hezbollah
  4023. Presidential Debates Likely to Exclude Nader and include only two certified wackos
  4024. Report Says U.S. Has 'Secret' Detention Centers (Nooo! - Really?!)
  4025. The Document Sean Hannity Doesn't Want You To Read
  4027. "Hot Hot Hot...Fahrenheit 911"
  4028. Group Says Iraq Contractors Donated Significantly to Bush's Campaign
  4029. [email.gif]
  4030. Physics of Cognition: John's Jackets (Good bunch of refs on Qtime)
  4031. Republicans defeat effort to subpoena Justice documents on torture
  4032. Influencing Energy Policy - Did Cheney know about Grandma Millie?
  4033. Blood of Victory
  4034. Bush (41) and Reagan Officials Say Bush (43) Must Go
  4035. Annan Raps U.S. on Global Court; Council Talks Begin
  4036. Milosevic wants to call Clinton, Blair and Schroeder as witnesses (That would be interesting)
  4037. Israel plans Gaza-Egypt trench (never give up - and lie, lie again)
  4038. Cheney blasts media on al Qaeda-Iraq link (The jerk is certfiable)
  4039. Senate Votes to Add 20,000 Troops to Army (which troops did they have in mind?)
  4040. Government Meters On Private Water Wells Coming Paying Tax On Water You Already Own (They can do anything they want)
  4041. Blind to the truth (Blair: another certifiable jerk)
  4042. WorkingForChange-Long live the King (As Kafka envisioned)
  4043. Defiant Bush and Blair insist Saddam had al-Qa'ida links (The jerkoff twins)
  4044. The Neoconservative Moment. Is it over or just beginning? (Do I really want to know?)
  4045. Martial law threatened for Iraq (inevitable)
  4046. Pentagon seeks OK to spy on Americans (*NOW* they want permission?!)
  4047. Pro-Israel PAC Contributions to 2004 Congressional Candidates (Is a crongressperson ever *fully* bought?)
  4048. Hiding the gulag (like playing hide the sausage)
  4049. Does "M.Atta" have an Israeli accent? (ROTFL - why not?)
  4050. Press Briefing by Scott McClellan (Making liars squirm is wonderful)
  4051. U.S. Newswire - Consumer Group Calls Energy Regulator's Response to Enron Tapes Appalling; FERC Chairman Twice Appointed by Bush at Ken Lay's Request
  4052. US accuses Iran of razing nuclear sites (Quick! We need new lie!)
  4053. Augusta Free Press : One last look
  4054. Sayeret Matkal counter terrorist look and think like Arabs
  4055. Dubya Changes His Story on Link Between Iraq and al-Qaeda (which way is it *this* time?)
  4056. Someone claiming to be Al Qaeda militants kill American hostage (that's "claiming to be")
  4057. Israeli Helicopters Attack Gaza City
  4058. Dollar Drops On Wider Current Account Gap (and so it will continue)
  4059. Forget the Democrats: Bush Losing Support Among Republicans (they're not *all* completely stupid)
  4060. John Kerry and Israel -- The Record
  4061. George Bush's Big Lie Grows Bigger
  4062. Pelosi: 'Bush Administration Misrepresents Depth of Iraq-al Qaeda Relationship' (Idiot! There is none)
  4063. Bush plans to screen whole US population for mental illness (The psycho-in chief? ROTFLMFAO)
  4064. Rowland's cottage, flight to Las Vegas focus of inquiry
  4065. Germany gets licence to shoot
  4066. Rumsfeld Was Bypassed in 9/11 'Shoot-Down' Order (story changes like sand at a crooked beach)
  4067. Cheney Authorized Shooting Down Planes
  4068. NMCC ops director asked substitute on 9-10 to stand his watch on 9-11
  4069. Lockheed, Others Get Liability Shield
  4070. 10 Die As Warlords Overrun Afghan Town
  4071. US killed hundreds of Iraqi civilians in "precision" strikes
  4072. U.S. Plans Lawsuit Shield for Lockheed, Others
  4073. CIA contractor indicted in prison abuse
  4074. CIA contractor charged under Patriot Act
  4075. Bush Censure by Envoys May Be a First, Historians Say
  4076. US hostage beheaded by al-Qa'ida captors (by *whom*?)
  4077. Iraq weighs draconian measures to stamp out violence (and - um - liberate people?)
  4078. White House Lawyer Questioned in CIA Leak
  4079. Leftists and Arabs Protest Counter-Terrorism Security Barrier
  4080. Syria Threatening America with Economic Sanctions (They're going to be punished)
  4081. Major Oil Pipeline in Iraq to Be Restored (so Halliburton can blow it up again)
  4082. Accused CIA Contractor has History of Violence (why else would he be hired?)
  4083. The West May Go On Trial with Hussein (It will be covered - or S.H. will be Wellstoned)
  4084. White House accused of intimidating media, lawyers
  4085. Bush Touts Qaeda-Saddam Ties by E-Mail, on Stump (Will someone put a sock in it?)
  4086. Bush Plans to Screen Whole US Popoulation for Mental Illness
  4088. Silence on Israels WMDs Dooms G-8 Disarmament Plan
  4089. Israeli agents working in Iraq's Kurdistan, Iran: report
  4090. Anti-war Vote Rocks Blair
  4091. Ordinary citizens become cyber-spies in terror fight | The Arizona Daily Star &#-11;&#-11;
  4092. "Revealing the Lies" on 9/11 Perpetuates the "Big Lie" (NEEDS TO BE READ)
  4093. British Broadsheet Links Mossad to 9/11
  4094. Abu Ghraib must not be torn down, judge rules
  4095. Facts vs. fiction
  4096. Rumsfeld, Rice tied to torture in Iraq
  4097. Native Americans v Scots industrial giant: a $1bn lawsuit is filed in warover salmon (Mondialismus!)
  4098. UK troops accused of mutilating Iraqi bodies
  4099. Kerry: a Lighter Shade of Bush
  4100. The New Yorker: Fact - PLAN B - Seymour M Hersh
  4101. The Bush Empire
  4102. U.S. Buffalo Bill UPDATE
  4103. FBI is covering up key aspects to the 9/11 story
  4104. Lies of Our Times
  4105. National Lawyers Guild Calls For Prosecution Of President Bush For Role InTorture
  4106. Crumbling mantra - [Isreal's] creeping annexation
  4107. US strike 'killed family, not guerillas'
  4108. US air strike on Fallujah poses new threat to Iraqi handover (Um - isn't that 'bendover'?)
  4109. The Jews Don't Want To Know (and an interessting mystery devolves thereby)
  4110. Doubts over Saudi al-Qaeda blow (ooops - more lies)
  4111. Spy scandal to hit India-Us ties: US Analysts
  4112. Ilan Berman on Israel & Turkey on National Review Online
  4113. International Law: After June 30, detainees must be charged
  4114. Emergency Law for Iraqs Democracy
  4115. Illegitimacy haunts Iraq adventure
  4117. Connecticut governor resigns amid federal probe, impeachment proceedings
  4118. Senate Won't Overturn War Dead Media Ban (!!!)
  4119. One million black votes didn't count in the 2000 presidential election
  4120. Transportation Board Member Leaves Post With a Warning
  4121. City to archive spy files as deterrent, reminder
  4122. Double dealing in war on drugs (More CIA and)
  4123. U.S. Accused of Seeking to Isolate U.N. Population Unit
  4124. Protests take place ahead of Bush visit (to Ireland)
  4125. White House Caught in Web of Deceptions (Bigger than you imagine)
  4126. An involuntary army
  4127. US jailers likely to guard Saddam, under Iraqi legal custody
  4128. With great Diligence, in Iraq (Ah Carlyle)
  4129. Bush himself is to blame for chaos in Iraq, Edwards says (He speaks?!)
  4130. Iraq's Allawi Welcomes U.S. Strike That Killed 22 (He may not live lon)
  4131. Iraqi chief considers a state of emergency
  4132. New Abuse Charges
  4133. Bomb squad link in Spanish blasts (to Spanish security to CIA (Al-CIAda)
  4134. Carlyle goes to the movies - buy Loew's Chain to Trash Farenheit
  4135. Cantwell calls for release of more Enron e-mails
  4136. Nominated Utah Lawyer Has No Utah License (must be a Repug)
  4137. Judge: Federal Sentencing Unconstitutional
  4138. Whore Court Sides With H.M.O.'s on Patient Suits
  4139. Whore Court Limits Patient Suits Vs HMOs
  4140. Whore Court: If police ask, you must give your name
  4141. 770 Specialists Discharged for Being Gay (where's my translator, dude?)
  4142. GOP Eyes Defense Bill to Raise Debt Limit (That's *YOUR* debt they're raising)
  4143. Iraqis see U.S. sham as abuse trials open
  4144. Pentagon to release Rumsfeld 'torture' memos (Redactio ad absurdum)
  4145. Defense Lawyers in Abuse Trial Allowed to Question Generals (interesting)
  4146. U.S. Said to Overstate Value of Guant&#-11;&#-11;namo Detainees (That ain't news)
  4147. Lawyer Wants Bush on Witness Stand Over Iraq Abuse (I want a yacht)
  4148. Audience Gasps As Judge Likens Election of Bush to Rise of Il Duce (Now we're talking)
  4149. Merrill-Lynch report: concentration of wealth at the top resumed upward spiral in 2003
  4150. US balance of payments gap widens again
  4151. Caught by 9/11 panel in lie over Iraq-Al Qaeda ties, White House responds with more lies
  4152. YellowTimes.org - ''A quick look at how Democrats helped Bush rape Mother Nature''
  4153. The "Long-Established" Link?: Iraq, al-Qaeda, and al-Zarqawi
  4154. Israel's Intelligence Scandal
  4155. Religious urge protests against Bush visit (Ireland)
  4156. CIA: No Iraqi officer link in al-Qaida meeting (Al-CIAda? Of course there was a link)
  4157. UN slams US over spending Iraq funds
  4158. Inside the Federal Government's 'Star Chamber'
  4159. War Scams (Oh Halliburton again; the war, i.e., invasion was itself a scam)
  4160. Israel, US Use Similar Torture Tactics: Report
  4161. `Precision' foul-up in Fallujah causes death of 26 civilians
  4162. Tricky Dick and the Truth
  4163. Media's reaction to White House comments remains strange
  4164. Americans are losing their freedom (according to Pravda. Figure carefully now)
  4165. Lloyd's of London faces fraud allegations at annual meeting (Lloyd's has been a total racketeering operation for decades)
  4166. Bomb squad link in Spanish blasts
  4167. Wyomingite falsely arrested (US not a nation, but an insane asylum run by what should be the patients)
  4168. The Village Voice: Nation: Liberty Beat: Torture Trail by Nat Hentoff
  4169. The Salt Lake Tribune -- At Midvale school, slogans stir debate over speech control
  4170. Bush Faces Major Test at UN on Exemption from War Crimes Court (His very person to persuade? LMAO)
  4171. FBI Probing Anti-Bush Teddy Bear (Asylum for the Criminally Insane)
  4172. Stop Congress From Supporting The Wall (In Jesuit community house - not surprisingly)
  4173. Waterloo of Alan Greenspan
  4174. U.S. officials doubt Iraq-Al Qaeda link ("Al-Qaeda" a fabrication of the CIA)
  4175. Madrid 3/11 train bombing suspects linked to Spanish Security Services
  4176. THE 9-11 STAND DOWN ORDER (so - um - oops - Rummy forgot?!)
  4177. Powell gave U.N. 'ambiguous' data on Iraqi weapons, NSA chief says (Nopehe's a bald faced liar, and that's nothing new: it's what the bastard does)
  4178. Turns out peaceniks were the real patriots all along
  4179. <i>Fahrenheit 9/11</i>, Move America Forward, and the Sad State of Freedom of Speech
  4180. UN Hoping to Pass Anti-Semitism Resolution (with an avaalnche of phoney "hate" attacks)
  4181. Bush's 9-11 Problem (Bush's? His transparent lies are believed!)
  4182. Lawyer claims government is targeting her for political views
  4183. Dude, there's more to the story! (The truth is never pure and rarely simple)
  4184. 'Fahrenheit 9/11' Keeps R Rating, Widens Debut
  4185. Silence Can Be Turned Into Criminal Offense
  4186. Synagogue fire possibly set to cover burglary
  4187. Korean hostage case bolsters protests on sending another 3,000
  4188. 'Fahrenheit' Ads Use the Fuss the Film Is Causing
  4189. Fox News Spins 9/11 Commission Report
  4190. US tortured Afghanistan detainees
  4191. Brit Marines held in Iran on secret recon mission (They weren't just vacationing?!)
  4192. Guardian Unlimited | Special reports | 'They said this is America . . . if a soldier orders you to take off your clothes, you must obey'
  4193. US troops 'endanger aid staff'
  4194. Gunmen kill pro-Taliban cleric
  4195. Afghan election delay is new blow for Bush campaign
  4196. Inside America's secret Afghan gulag
  4197. Inside America's secret Afghan gulag: the driver
  4198. Inside America's secret Afghan gulag: the pharmacist
  4199. Salon.com People | Hitler's clairvoyant (Pay *very* close attention)
  4200. BBC NEWS | Middle East | Mid-East coverage baffles Britons (Also not paying attention?)
  4201. Fearful Baghdad Council Keeps Public Locked Out
  4202. UN auditors attack US occupiers over spending of Iraq's oil revenues
  4203. Iraq Militants Behead S. Korean Hostage (and I have this bridge in brooklyn for sale)
  4204. AP sues for access to Bush Guard records (lots of luck. who's the law?)
  4205. Bush Flirts with Nuclear Disaster, Kennedy Says (Only nuclear?!)
  4206. House Bill Would Enforce Patriot Act Secrecy Clause
  4207. Rocket fuel chemical in California cow milk (It's not a bug; it's a feature!)
  4208. Bush Administration Blocks Information on Oil, Gass Drilling on Public Lands (What information doesn't it block?)
  4209. Wisconsinites Can Still Sue HMOs (Insane asylum)
  4210. Carlyle Group Embraces Telecom (Carlyle, i.w.e, Bushco, again)
  4211. America's Amnesia | Matthew Rothschild | July 2004 Issue
  4212. Salon.com News | Hail to the Moon king
  4213. Guardian | Bush told he is playing into Bin Laden's hands
  4214. Saddam Suddenly Looks Innocent
  4215. US agents were told to 'back off Bin Ladens'
  4216. Did Mossad infiltrate Islamic outfits in Asia?
  4217. How Israel Created The Myth of Al-Qaeda -(not just mossad, but the mossad-CIA conglomerate)
  4218. Former Israeli Soldiers Tell of Harassment of Palestinians
  4219. The predatory policies of the world's de facto government
  4220. Real History and Jewish falsification of Palestine's history - Noam Chomsky
  4221. U.S. immunity in Iraq to go beyond 6/30
  4222. A second anti-Bush documentary hits the screens.
  4223. US Senate to remain silent on abuse
  4224. Wolfowitz says Iraqis not overly concerned with abuse issue (fabricator in chief says)
  4225. UAE rejects Israeli plans to establish a diplomatic mission
  4226. Second bomb in Turkey kills two, injures seven before Bush visit (providing an excuse for what?)
  4227. Israeli troops move into Nablus
  4228. Israel investigating abuse photos (That's pretty funny)
  4229. Reality is unravelling for Bush
  4230. Guardian Unlimited | Guardian daily comment | The ouster of democracy (in Haiti)
  4231. Guardian Unlimited | Guardian daily comment | An empty sort of freedom - for women in Iraq
  4232. Lawyer for State Dept. Disputed Detainee Memo
  4233. Reform rabbis set to condemn house demolitions
  4234. House endorses Israeli land theft Bush pledge
  4235. Senate Blocks Bid to Demand Abuse Memos
  4236. Edmonds sues Ashcroft again, asserts 911-related actions were illegal
  4237. Issa critical of Israel measure (He's in trouble)
  4238. Moore film sets targets close to home
  4239. US approves $447bn defence bill (They call it defence?)
  4240. Disconnected
  4241. The Economic Colonization of Iraq: Illegal and Immoral
  4242. Fahrenheit 911 - On The Virtues Of Not 'Moving On'
  4243. Britain's Guantanamo - by Sanjay Suri
  4244. Koizumi's plunging approval rate
  4245. Israel hails House vote on Bush Mideast stance
  4246. Other Nations Gaining on U.S. in Air Power
  4247. French Filmmaker Takes Own Stab at Bush
  4248. What You Don't See at Olympic Park
  4249. U.S. to Boost Naval, Air Presence in Asia-Pacific (spreading thinner)
  4250. Toxic Pollution Rose 5 Percent in 2002
  4251. As Abu Ghraib crisis deepens White House torture documents portray an outlaw regime
  4252. Court Won't Order Cheney Papers Released
  4253. US 'losing fight against terror' (naturally: it *is* terror)
  4254. General promised quick results if Gitmo plan used at Abu Ghraib
  4255. US durable goods orders in surprise fall (No surprise in a fictional "recovery")
  4256. About 100 Die in Rebel Attacks in Five Iraq Cities
  4257. Court Won't Make Cheney Energy Papers Public
  4258. Bush Meets U.S. Attorney on CIA Leak Probe
  4259. Top Court Limits Reach of Death Penalty Ruling
  4260. Cheney says election 'a contest we will win' (Thanks be to Diebold)
  4261. A Plan and a Plea - Its Time to Unite Against the Mainstream Media
  4262. SF Gate: Columnists: Mark Morford's Notes & Errata
  4263. Rumors fly of military draft (Fly you fools!)
  4264. This Ain't Fifth-Century Athens (Fred has a very cogent point, because ya just can't kill them all)
  4265. The People's Media Reaches More People Than FOX Does (an interesting thought)
  4266. AP Lawyer: It's 'Curious' We've Had to Sue for Bush Records (Not so curious in a fascist state)
  4267. Group Asks FEC About 'Fahrenheit' Ads (They're really desperate)
  4268. Conservatives Try To Get TV Ads For 'Fahrenheit 9/11' Pulled
  4269. Concerning the Worst Case of Injustice to be Inflicted Upon our Nations Native People in More than a Century
  4270. U.S. air force dismisses charges against pilot accused in bombing of Canadians
  4271. Court Reverses FCC Media Ownership Rules (Hmmmmm)
  4272. Army Told Not to Use Israeli Bullets in Iraq
  4273. Yahoo! News - Cheney Utters 'F-Word' in Senate (Isn't that what bulliesdo?)
  4274. Conservatives Seek to Help Ralph Nader (like last time)
  4275. EU-US Summit: End the EU's Embarassing Silence on US Torture
  4276. FEC declines to rule on anti-Bush film
  4277. Yahoo! News - CIA planned guerrilla campaign in Iran to counter communists in 1953: documents
  4278. US concern on al-Qaeda chatter (Al-CIAda "chatters" whenever convenient)
  4279. U.S. Experts Unconvinced by Bush Assurance on Torture (so they're not all idiots)
  4280. Haaretz - Israel News - Paper says Turkish FM leaked Mossad, Kurd story
  4281. ABCNEWS.com : Experts Study Developing Internet Attack (corpagov sudies its own doings?)
  4282. Our $8 trillion headache
  4283. US Covered Up Kim Abduction to Ensure South Korean Troop Dispatch
  4284. Cheerleading the next war
  4285. Sibel Edmonds sues Ashcroft again for actions tied to 9-11 evidence
  4286. Israel has eyes and ears in 3 Muslim States; Pals warn off Arabs
  4287. TheNewOrleansChannel.com - News - Judge Accused Of Using Penis Pump While Working(Get a grip your "honor")
  4288. Israel and Iran chart collision course
  4289. A Stupid, Dangerous, Attempt to Justify Torture (in exactly the manner of Hitler)
  4290. IOF Kills a Photographer in Nablus, Arrests Six Others
  4291. UN Wants to Inspect 'War on Terror' Prisons (lots of luck)
  4292. Ticket buyers turn out en masse for Fahrenheit
  4293. Ritter Says Bush 'Hid Truth' And Deceived US Over Iraq
  4294. Michael and them: Moore foes hold fest of fetid fabrications
  4295. Tensions high for Bush visit to Ireland
  4296. Yahoo! News - Schwarzenegger Wants Strays Killed Faster (Is the Big S a stray?)
  4297. Perrspectives: Articles: Google's Gag Order (Time for *another* assault on the google people)
  4298. Guardian Unlimited | Special reports | Bush will have nothing to celebrate if he comes here(i.e., Iraq)
  4299. Israel Forces Make Biggest Incursion Into West Bank Town
  4300. Whore Court action pushes Cheney case past election
  4301. Web site linking Saudis to 9-11 ttracks back to yet another public relationscompany of repto Repugs
  4302. Bush The Delusional Wacko Says Europe Supports U.S. on Iraq
  4303. Murder at Abu Ghraib: Top Officers Implicated (What did you expect?!)
  4304. U.S. Airstrike Kills Up to 25 in Fallujah (You were expecting tea?)
  4305. Al-Zarqawi, An American False Flag Operative (We love obvious things)
  4306. New York Streets to Be Blocked to Secure Nazi [Republican] Convention
  4307. Scores of deaths in British barracks unaccounted for
  4308. Beheading of Kim Sun-il fuels South Korean protests over troop deployment
  4309. The multibillion robbery the US calls reconstruction (just what they want to do in the US as well)
  4310. Wolfowitz apologises for calling journalists in Baghdad cowards (tomorrow he'll defend it - boring!)
  4311. Security a shambles ahead of handover (exactly as designed)
  4312. Iraq havoc as 100 die in attacks ("journalist" with head up arse)
  4313. Q&A: the Iraq handover (just superficial nonsense)
  4314. washingtonpost.com: Testy, Testy, Testy (but through the standard scrim of illusions)
  4315. Fahrenheit 9/11 (2004): More reviews than a hounddog has ticks
  4316. Document: Oklahoma City Bombing was Taped
  4317. HR 163 and other unconstitutional abominations
  4318. Cheney relies on discredited memo to sell Iraq/Al Qaeda link
  4319. Introducing the Bush-Rumsfield DSM-V
  4320. Abandon the Battlefield
  4321. Photos from the anti-Bush protests in Ireland
  4322. International Court reports July 9 on Israel's security barrier
  4323. Pakistani PM Resigns, Dissolves Cabinet
  4324. Big Blow to Big Media
  4325. Who's on first? Who's on second? Who's really the terrorist?
  4326. Tom DeLay's Amoral Code (Actually the Repug Amoral Code - and it always has been)
  4327. Protesters invoke Shakespeare to blitz Bush - "MacBush"
  4328. DOWN FOR THE COUNT (Mischelle Townsend)
  4329. CITIZEN-TIMES.com: What `October Surprise' might be in store for Americans this fall?
  4330. Moviegoers swayed by 'Fahrenheit 9/11' (Hmmm - that which no one believed)
  4331. 50,000 Palestinians Sealed off in Israeli Siege of Nablus
  4332. IOL: Ring of steel welcome for Bush (2000 troops in heavy armour protecthated weasel)
  4334. Fahrenheit 9/11: A Conservative Critique by William Norman Grigg
  4335. Scientists Now Need OK to Consult WHO (Simon says: do it in your hat.)
  4336. Hitler Image Used in Bush Campaign Web Ad (Fruitcakes, fruitcakes - all are fruitcakes)
  4337. Newspapers' Scandal Hits Wall Street (It's called lying for profit)
  4338. USATODAY.com - Monetary memorial? That's the $10 question (Regean or Hamilton? Bush or Kerry? NO!!)
  4339. tomflocco.com - Fahrenheit 9/11 Blacked-out in PA GOP Stronghold
  4340. Moore film a hot ticket 'Fahrenheit 9/11' energizes the anti-Bush multitudes
  4341. ic Birmingham - Rumsfeld admits terror war doubts (today, but not tomorrow)
  4342. Why Isn't Bush On Trial?
  4343. Alex Jones Presents Infowars.com to Fight the New World Order -- Because There's a War on for Your Mind
  4344. Iraq Pipeline Watch
  4345. Bush and Hitler: What The 'Torture Memos' Reveal
  4346. America at Last? - Gore Vidal
  4347. Butler inquiry targets Niger uranium claim
  4348. US man bows out, still the optimist (Bremer, that is)
  4349. '9/11' film stirs up the unprintable
  4350. American right vows to settle score as Bush's nemesis turns up the heat (How many lies can there be left to tell?!)
  4351. The Islamic gold dinar - stengthening
  4352. A year's worth of lies
  4353. Storm Troopers At the Doors of Fahrenheit 9/11
  4354. 'Al-Qaeda' is a Manufactured Intelligence Front
  4355. Cover-up and Propaganda: The 9/11 Commission Finishes Its Dirty Works
  4356. UN asks Israel to go nuclear-free (and begs and whines - lest it be called "antisemitic" - again)
  4357. 9-11 Questions - and so very many there are, which is telling in itself
  4358. Western Shoshone 'Payoff' Bill - A 'Legal' Disgrace !
  4359. Fahrenheit 9/11: Why the Far Right is Trying to Keep Americans From Seeing It and the Lies, Frauds and Deceptions They're Using
  4360. 40,000 protest Bush in Turkey (40,000, at very least)
  4361. Billions of Iraqi Funds Missing
  4362. America's Black Budget And Manipulation Of Markets
  4363. New inquiry re-opens British weapons claim controversy
  4364. Blair embarrassed in WMD inquiry (but the man is as shameless as any neocon)
  4365. "Fahrenheit 9/11" becomes the most successful documentary ever!
  4366. sacbee.com -- AP State Wire News -- Mother allows photos of Calif. soldier's coffin
  4367. Memo lists acceptable 'aggressive' interrogation methods (as in "waterboarding")
  4368. The 'evil empire' is next door, youth say in Canada
  4369. IAEA: Israel should end nuclear threat
  4370. U.S. returns sovereignty to Iraq (a nonexistent sovereignty that is)
  4371. Sharon convenes meeting after rocket attack of convenience
  4372. Berlusconi suffers major setback in Italian election (another one going down)
  4373. Sept. 11 panel finds long Bin Laden link to Iran (none to antarctica?)
  4374. Charity hits at coalition over spending of Iraq oil revenues
  4376. Italian Military Intelligence involved in bogus dossier on Saddam's uranium
  4377. Flirting with Fascism - Michael Ledeen, AEI and other neocons
  4378. Negroponte 'looked the other way'
  4379. Gore accuses Bush, Cheney of lying about link between al-Qaida and Iraq (Where have you been for so long, Al?)
  4380. &#-11;&#-11;20m 'hole' in Iraqi funds held by US-led authority
  4381. Whore Court rules U.S. can hold citizen as 'enemy combatant'
  4382. Vinnell Corporation - Disinfopedia
  4383. Vinnell Corporation
  4384. CorpWatch: Vinnell Corporation: 'We Train People to Pull Triggers'
  4385. Democracy Now! | Vinnell Corporation: The Link Between Oil Fields, Saudi Troops, &#-11;&#-11;&#-11;No Jews&#-11;&#-11;&#-11; Clauses, Coup Attempts in Grenada, and Monday&#-11;&#-11;&#-11;s Car Bombings in Saudi Arabia
  4386. The Vinnell Corporation
  4387. Windfalls of War - The Center for Public Integrity (Vinnell)
  4388. Bombings Bring US 'Executive Mercenaries' Into the Light
  4389. Oil, Guns and Drugs &#-11;&#-11;&#-11; The Money Triangle (The Essential Continuous Past)
  4390. Remember 9/11 &#-11;&#-11;&#-11; Part Three (Fundamental Things To Know)
  4391. JFK Today (Vinnell again)
  4392. Passion Of The Christ In Abu Ghraib By Walter A. Davis
  4393. Countercurrents.org American Imperialism Home Page
  4394. From Hitler to the Carlyle Group
  4395. al-Qaeda or al-CIA-duh!
  4396. Intelligence: Espionage - general Archives
  4397. The Assassinated Press (Only if you have a sense of humor left)
  4399. 'Foreign Hands' Behind Iraq Blasts: Experts (Oh who? Oh who? Oh who?)
  4400. Flight 93 Shootdown Pilot Identified
  4401. What to make of Libya?
  4402. Mirror.co.uk - WHAT DID HAPPEN TO FLIGHT 93?
  4403. BBC NEWS | Programmes | Correspondent | Israel accused
  4404. Iraq-Israel Pipeline May Be Canceled
  4405. Israel: A Conspiracy Here, A Conspiracy There
  4406. Israel Tanks Enter Gaza; Two Buildings Hit
  4407. Zarqawi Voice Analysis - Results
  4408. Saudi London ambassador re-iterates Zionist al-Qaeda links
  4409. Is the US military preparing another massacre in Fallujah?
  4410. Bush's European visit: opposition from the people and prostration by their leaders
  4411. Isocrates, Greece, ancient history
  4412. Scoop Archive: UQ Wire: Long Debunked Rumor Validated by Giuliani
  4413. U.S.: Detainee Begged For Death
  4414. Simon Wiesthenthal: Fraudulent 'Nazi Hunter' (?)
  4415. John Nichols: Pampered Bush meets a real reporter
  4416. The Village Voice: Nation: Liberty Beat: What Did Bush Know? by Nat Hentoff
  4417. WMD probe 'hampered by No 10'
  4418. Congress Overwhelmingly Endorses Ariel Sharon's Annexation Plans
  4419. Dick Cheney: Profiteer-Extraordinaire
  4420. The defiance of science (4000 scientists say Chimp twisted their work)
  4421. Guardian Unlimited | Special reports | Angry Chirac puts Bush in his place
  4422. Did CPA Take the Money and Run?
  4423. House Bill Would Enforce Patriot Act Secrecy Clause
  4424. Guardian Unlimited | World Latest | U.S. Wants Hungarian Holocaust Suit Tossed
  4425. Main players in the new Iraqi government (The CIA scorecard)
  4426. Bush's gone crazy, say aides (Going? He's always been a sadomasochistic fruitcake)
  4427. Fuelling suspicion: the coalition and Iraq's oil billions
  4428. FAHREN-HYPE 9/11~ Articles by David Icke
  4429. Activists cry foul in electronic voting furore
  4430. Attack Iran, US chief ordered British
  4431. Army to Call Up Retired, Discharged Troops
  4432. Argentina [and entire planet] fed up with US "meddling": minister
  4433. U.S. Military Tribunal to Try 3 Suspects
  4434. Interpol makes Seattle deal (?!)
  4435. Lawmakers Ask Ashcroft Why Suspect Freed
  4436. Voting official seeks process for canceling Election Day over terrorism (as predicted for a few years?)
  4437. Doubts cast on voter database
  4438. "Go F*** Yourself, Dick Cheney." Now, We Feel Better!
  4439. The angry author, a literary storm and 'one dead armadillo'
  4440. Scoop: Features > A Very American Coup
  4441. Farting George Bush Doll The Pull My Finger President From PrankPlace.com
  4442. Captured "Taliban Commanders" Turn Out To Be Government Officials (In a sane world, this would be embarrassing)
  4443. The News-Press: Local & State - Goss jabbed in 9/11 movie (Yes, this is new chief turd of CIA)
  4444. Jihad Unspun - A Clear View On The US War On "Terrorism"
  4445. Pro-Israel PAC Contributions to 2004 Congressional Candidates
  4446. Pentagon Expands Anthrax, Smallpox Vaccinations
  4447. Iraq is worse off than before the war began, GAO reports
  4448. San Francisco voters get chance to express views on Iraq
  4449. Bush's War on Science - Howard Dean
  4450. Israeli court orders wall changed
  4451. Guardian Unlimited | The Guardian | FoE joy as Bayer drops legal action
  4452. SHOVELING COAL FOR SATAN (Journalism is ....)
  4453. Bush readies new sanctions to weaken Castro : HindustanTimes.com
  4454. Dick Cheney Booed When Shown On Screen At Yankees Game
  4455. Defense Department Booklet Targets Holocaust Revisionism - Forums powered by Reason and Principle
  4456. Cover-up - Summary of 9-11, Mass Media, Mind Control Cover-ups
  4457. UK-US secret deal on Diego Garcia for 2nd Guantanamo -
  4458. PNAC-regime change Iran
  4459. Americans Could Be Pressed Into Mandatory Community Service
  4460. portland imc - 2004.06.30 - Classified by Asscroft: FBI Infiltrator With Dual Citizenship Stymied 911 Investigation
  4461. An Interview with Sibel Edmonds
  4462. MSNBC - In court, Saddam says Bush is &#-11;&#-11;&#-11;the criminal&#-11;&#-11;&#-11;
  4463. Eyewitness Reports of Explosions and Bombs in the Twin Towers
  4464. MSNBC - Dictator-in-Waiting? (Allawi? You have to ask the CIA puppet.)
  4465. Hundreds of thousands march in Hong Kong for democracy (There's an idea)
  4466. TomPaine.com - Blind, Or A Coward? (re Moore and Farenheit)
  4467. Former head of GOP consulting group pleads guilty to jamming Democratic phone lines
  4468. Guardian Unlimited | Special reports | A show trial
  4469. Israeli troops 'surrounded' in Gaza
  4470. Israeli Warplanes Attack Gaza Neighborhoods and Beit Hanun
  4471. The Dueling Zarqawi Voices of June 22 - Forums powered by Reason and Principle
  4472. Counterbias: Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 9/11 Doesn't Go Far Enough
  4473. Families, Deep in Debt, Facing Pain of Growing Interest Rates (That's the point!)
  4474. ZNet |Iraq | The Problem is Bigger than the Bushes
  4475. Abu Nidal - Did he mastermind 9/11 ? - Forums powered by Reason and Principle
  4476. Reports: Billions of Iraqi Funds Missing
  4477. U.S.: Iraq wedding attack was legitimate (??!!)
  4478. Judge rules for media on Florida voter list
  4479. Churchgoers Get Direction From Bush Campaign
  4480. FBI Warns Police to Be on Alert for July 4 Attacks (FBI & Al-CIAda must be planning attacks then)
  4481. U.S. Removes Peacekeepers Over War Crimes Court (mock petulant sulking)
  4482. U.S. troops using Afghanistan maps riddled with errors (Is this surprising?)
  4483. The stooge of Baghdad
  4484. Insurgents Stage Attacks Across Iraq
  4485. The Potential Felon Match List of the Florida Division Of Elections:
  4486. Blair shelves plans to send more troops to Iraq
  4487. The Original 13th Article of Amendment
  4488. Israel's Deliberate Attack on the U.S.S. Liberty
  4489. Consultant for GOP admits to jamming lines
  4490. Al-Zarqawi: America's new bogeyman (mist, smoke, mirrors and lies)
  4491. Boston.com / News / Nation / Kennedy ties up drug bill
  4492. Boston.com / News / Politics / Presidential candidates / Kerry takes a stronger pro-Israel line
  4493. Guardian Unlimited | Special reports | Saddam court coverage was 'shambolic'
  4494. Jobs growth disappoints government economist whores
  4495. MSNBC - Transcript of Saddam in court for US
  4496. Edited Transcript: 'What law, what resolution formed this court?'
  4497. Sixty years on Conspiracy of Silence is broken Over SS massacre (Reprisal form should look familiar to Palestinians)
  4498. Tim's last kill
  4499. NATO sets big Mediterranean exercise off Morocco
  4500. Examining the 'Altered UA175' Theory
  4501. 9/11 911 9-11 119 11/9 11-9 Don't wait for the truth! Get it now! Conspiracy corruption lies missile bomb demolition terrorist NORAD tragedy
  4502. Media blocked from Saddam hearing
  4503. Dan Rather Suggests Bush Is Manipulating The Media?
  4504. The Largest Covert Operation in CIA History (Afghanistan)
  4505. Rumsfeld Gave Instructions for Torture at Abu Ghraib
  4506. Jeff's July 1 Guest Interrupted By FBI In Mid-Program
  4507. VALENTI RESIGNS - but is not yet with Raygun
  4508. Things that are not in the U.S. Constitution - The U.S. Constitution Online - USConstitution.net
  4509. 'SA mercenaries helping Israel'
  4510. White House calls Moore 'nutcase' (Pot calling the kettle)
  4511. 1994 case closes with payout of $12 million- Couple gets settlement in anti-Semitism dispute - Forums powered by Reason and Principle
  4512. 9-11: An inside job
  4513. 9-11: The Saudis as distraction
  4514. Outsource or perish, US firms told
  4515. COURTTV.COM - TRIALS - Minister faces five years in prison after killing boy during exorcism(We live in Medieval as well as illusory times)
  4516. Israel Will Ignore World Court Barrier Ruling (Just like that)
  4517. Kerry Campaign releases Middle East policy seemingly drafted in Tel Aviv
  4518. Iran: US control of Saddam's trial would ensure cover-up
  4519. Did Saddam Hussein Gas His Own People?
  4520. Underclass of Workers Created in Iraq
  4521. Hussein Could Call CIA in His Defence
  4522. Congressman suggests Bush hiding bin Laden (The known CIA agent?!)
  4523. America has sown the seeds of civil war in Iraq
  4524. Former Abu Ghraib commander says she met Israeli interrogator in Iraq
  4525. Bremer says charge of blocking oil-for-food probe 'nonsense' (so you know it's true)
  4526. IHT: Meanwhile: Theodor Herzl's dream 100 years after his death
  4527. Iraq Official Heading Oil-For-Food Probe Killed
  4528. Deadline for vote 'fraud' action
  4529. False promise of water rights (privatization on parade)
  4530. ABC doco offensive and untrue (another they let it happen - this one is probably true)
  4531. NATO leader seeks unity to forestall Afghan, Iraq failures (unity is a euphemism)
  4532. Army Stage-Managed Fall of Hussein Statue (proof of the already known)
  4533. U.N. Nuke Expert: Iran Plans Not a Danger (It won't stop the liars)
  4534. Israel expresses concerns to White House about Iran nukes (not about its own nukes?)
  4535. Cheney Links Saddam to '93 World Trade Center Attack (Give 'em a double of Ritalin)
  4537. Bidding war for MGM - The Times of India
  4538. Israel urges U.S. to ignore World Court (Do what we do!)
  4539. Saudi Prince: US downright submissive to Israel
  4540. The Declaration of Dependence of the United State and Its Colonies by Anthony Gregory(Cute - but also true)
  4541. The Money Trail: The inside story on Diebold and the NFB
  4542. Ten Reasons Why They Don't Want You To Know That No Hijackers Were Involved in 9/11
  4543. Midwest Theaters Ban 'Fahrenheit 9/11'
  4544. Will the 2004 Election Be Called Off? Why Three Out of Four Experts Predict a Terrorist Attack by November - Maureen Farrell at BuzzFlash.com
  4545. Israels Failed Assassination Attempt on U.S. Ambassador
  4546. USS Liberty - Israeli Pilot Speaks Up
  4547. Yahoo! News - Sounds of silence (Military still censoring "news")
  4548. Commentary: Israel to bomb Iran? - (United Press International)
  4549. Iraqis plan rival government
  4550. Fla. Voters Surprised to Be on Felons List
  4551. DU Radiation risk &#-11;&#-11;&#-11;underplayed&#-11;&#-11;&#-11; to avoid compensation payouts - [Sunday Herald]
  4552. Moore: pirate my film, no problem - [Sunday Herald]
  4553. Guardian Unlimited | Special reports | US sidles up to well-oiled autocracy
  4554. Guardian Unlimited | Special reports | Shareholders vent anger over Shell scandal
  4555. Justice Dept Wants CIA Interrogation Tactics Shown (Not *that* list - the "other" list [wink-wink])
  4556. Iraqi Prisoner Abuses Revive Nightmares for German POWs held by US
  4557. Protesters in Richmond express strong oppostion to U.S. policy in Iraq
  4558. Bush should follow Saddam into the dock (from Pravda no less)
  4559. Who's afraid of Michael Moore?
  4560. New Iraq government accuses Iran and Syria of backing insurgents (Babbling)
  4561. Robert Fisk: US military tried to censor coverage of Saddam hearing
  4562. Spy chiefs to censor hard-hitting Butler report
  4563. Kerry to move US embassy to Jerusalem (Is the subtlety of that clear?)
  4564. Brown threatens to quit as Blair deal collapses - [Sunday Herald]
  4565. A War for Israel
  4566. ZNet |Terror War | The Unmentionable Source Of Terrorism
  4567. TheStar.com - War on truth still rages
  4568. Israel denies agents operating in Iraq (so you know it's true)
  4569. Distinct signature found in 01 anthrax
  4571. Republicans fight back against Moore with 'conservative Cannes' (Comedy Central)
  4572. Allawi rejects charge that he's U.S. puppet
  4573. Jewish Money and Votes Go To 'ABC'
  4574. morons.org - The Interview that White House doesn't want you to see!
  4575. Scarlett 'to blame in dossier fiasco' (or Bozo the clown)
  4576. Politicians go on offensive to dodge the fallout from report in their usual adult manner
  4577. Legality of Iraq occupation 'flawed' (UK)
  4578. Saudis freed Britons in a secret swap of prisoners
  4579. Militant group denies killing US Marine (CIA has been very busy in the blame department)
  4580. TIME Cover: Michael Moore's War
  4581. Their George and Ours
  4582. Questions over felon 'purge list' threaten Florida governor
  4583. 'Felon' voting rights face a new hurdle
  4584. Looking for someone to blame
  4585. NZ PM still waiting for Israeli apology
  4586. Israel Unleashed- by Justin Raimondo
  4587. Israel offers no explanation for suspected spies caught in New Zealand (Be patient: something will be concocted.)
  4588. Don't blame the Arabs: Oil faces new threats beyond the Gulf
  4589. Slowing U.S. job growth new headache for Bush (Easy, as usual, they'll just lie about it)
  4590. Butler report to focus on legality of war (But will it matter at all?)
  4592. Israeli Interrogators 'In Iraq'
  4593. New Halliburton waste alleged
  4594. Douglas Valentine: Apotheosis of the Psychopaths
  4595. Life and Liberty in the Balance: A Film Documentary
  4596. Front-runners for Kerry ticket are strong on Israel and Jewish issues
  4597. US marine 'set free' in Iraq (The to-be beheaded one? Watch him be not available)
  4598. Where is the money? (money the corpagov has - um - "lost")
  4599. FBI expanding interviews to ward off potential attacks (they'd rather look stupid than criminal)
  4600. "Liberty Bound" goes further than "Fahrenheit 9/11" - CMAQ
  4601. Spooked
  4602. Lay off my family: Latham's fury
  4603. PM tries to bury claims of digging dirt
  4604. Air Crash Victim Was Weapons Expert
  4605. Saudi secret service 'riddled' with al-Qa'ida (and other CIA and MOSSAD agents)
  4606. Guardian Unlimited | Special reports | Kidnapped marine 'safe after defecting' to Islamists(hhhm conflicting truths)
  4607. Guardian Unlimited | Special reports | Butler puts law chief in war spotlight(Hutton revisited)
  4608. Guardian Unlimited | Special reports | Saddam paradox divides Iraqis
  4609. Davies: No 10 conducted witch-hunt against BBC
  4610. Edwards brings pizazz, charm to Kerry campaign (and Nazi mentality)
  4611. Kerry-Edwards: A New Team for a New America (worse than Kerry alone)
  4612. Kerry Announces Edwards As Running Mate (oh joy :-(
  4613. Chicago ADL-FBI conference (What?!)
  4614. Real History and Bush's War in Iraq
  4615. Another Bush Lie About Iraq: Saddam Didn't Mass Murder His People with Gas. But is it Worse than that? How Deep Does the Republican-Iran Connection Go? Did republicans use their Iran connection to manipulate the 2002 election and are they using it now, to... (this is actually ancient news)
  4616. Michael Moore Shills For Illuminati Bankers
  4617. Special Pentagon Unit Left CIA Out of the Loop (Oh sure - right)
  4618. Patriot 'Blue-on-Blue': the plot thickens
  4619. Aljazeera.Net - Israeli troops kill Palestinian academic
  4620. An account of mistreatment of girls and boys in Iraqi prisons
  4621. Iraqi lawyer to represent Saddam
  4622. BBC NEWS | Middle East | US evacuates staff from Bahrain
  4623. Zarqawi told 'leave Iraq or die' (Dead men don't hear well)
  4625. Spain: PSOE government organises a cover-up over March 11 bombings
  4626. Bush welcomes Edwards; campaign takes aim(Another Hegelian fabrication)
  4627. Analysis:US bishops defy Rome on Communion - Genocidal Vatican never changes)
  4628. 'Restoration' trims Khodorkovsky's chances - Judicial Corruption, just like US)
  4629. Senator warns of crisis in Sudan (Just like US genocide in Iraq)
  4630. Peter Principles: The politics of Edwards(and manipulative but meaningless labels)
  4631. Translator muzzled by feds on 9/11 case
  4632. WorldNetDaily: FAA official claims gun memo not draft (Re UA Flight 11)
  4633. Republican Congressman Kirk Admits C.I.A. Connection
  4634. Dead Wrong! :: Intervention Magazine :: War, Politics, Culture
  4635. Bush maintains Iraq WMD claims and offers Brooklyn Bridge for sale
  4636. Nuclear watchdog won't pressure Israel
  4637. US, Israel deflect nuclear watchdog
  4638. Bzangy Groink &#-11;&#-11; Butcher Blair Remains Defiant
  4639. Court Shortens Sharon's Term by a Year
  4640. U.S. Shows Anthrax Probe Details to Judge (abracadabra, shazaam and all that crap)
  4641. LAND OF THE OCCASIONALLY FREE - but mostly dead between the ears
  4642. Open Letter to Michael Moore - Fahrenheit 911 - Forums powered by Reason and Principle
  4643. FBI has new clue in anthrax case and continues looking busy
  4644. White House lied about threat to Air Force One
  4645. Whales body found near Hanalei Bay (USmorongov playing sonar games again)
  4646. Under Bush, Federal Spending Increases at Fastest Rate in 30 Years
  4647. Israeli Drone Blasts Car
  4648. Israel Refuses to Meet Mideast Envoys and would prefer to nuke them
  4649. US criminalgov House vote about Israel ignores attempts for peace
  4650. Israel's Vanunu critical of ElBaradei
  4651. Powell, Shalom say Iran poses serious threat (The usual liars speak)
  4652. Iran says Powell nuke comments - ''disgrace'' (Colon Power is a disgrace)
  4653. Civil Rights Protest Outside Terrors Suspects' Appeal (UK)
  4654. ZNet |Mideast | A Visit to Shatila (Genocidal history)
  4655. 'Security' Blocks FBI Critic Case (nationalsuckurity my ass)
  4656. The US has installed another dictator and CIA agent
  4657. Unauthorized probes in Iraq used to steer contracts (maximizing spoils)
  4658. The establishment turns on Bush (The engineering began a year ago)
  4659. Mirror.co.uk - BLAIR IN WM-DENIAL (Another moron poodle babbles)
  4660. PM Howard won't follow Blair's WMD admission (speaking of poodles and morons)
  4661. Israel worried about Iran's nuclear ambitions (One can seriously wish)
  4662. TheStar.com - Quick exit from Camp Cooke
  4663. Israel tells UN's ElBaradei Iran wants nuclear arms (politically manipulative babbling and drooling)
  4664. US trying to provoke war with Iran (Why bother? Invasion is national policy)
  4665. UK industry in 'dramatic' decline (babbling & slavering will cover reality)
  4666. US reveals Iraq nuclear operation (everything but DU cleared out by US)
  4667. Sex claims bankrupt US archdiocese (um - sure - absolutely)
  4668. A War for Israel
  4669. Sept. 11 Panel Repeats Iraq-Osama Tie Weak (babbling about the obvious)
  4670. Israeli Hate Literature for Children How to make even more Nazi Jews
  4671. Michael Moore, Fahrenheit 9/11 and the US Invasion of Saudi Arabia
  4672. Pentagon "misplaces" $2.3 trillion (AGAIN?! - or yet?)
  4673. Dollar falls vs Swiss franc to mid-Feb lows (Those Swiss need to be punished again)
  4674. Hatch backs nominee who backs St. Paul (The National Vulture Speaks)
  4675. Oregon to test mileage tax as replacement for gas tax (Guaranteed Horror Story)
  4676. Enron Ex-Chief Ken Lay Indicted (Really? Where's the catch that gets him off?)
  4677. US Delivered To Liars, Thugs, Bullies, Fanatics And Thieves With Trembling Fingers
  4678. White House Insider: Bush Could Launch Nuke Attack on Iran, N Korea to Swing Election
  4679. Senate votes to confirm controversial judicial nominee (The usual criminals)
  4680. Study: CEO Pay Rose 27% in 2003 (Did you expect it to stop?)
  4681. Capitol Hill Blue: Cheney Faces Criminal Indictments; Other Illegal Actions Raise Warning Flags at White House
  4682. Mounting Evidence Suggests Israeli Operatives Working in Occupied Iraq
  4683. July Surprise? (ObL, the CIA agent is of course an irrelevant shill)
  4684. IOL: Marine disappearance 'could be hoax' (We live in a sea of hoaxes)
  4685. UK inquiry set to back claim Saddam tried to buy uranium (Oh stuffit!)
  4686. D'Amato Suggests Bush Drop Cheney for Powell or McCain (I suggest dropping all 4 - in the ocean)
  4687. FBI, CIA warn of US terror threat (The US certainly is a terror threat)
  4688. Initial intelligence report avoids focus on White House (Now why would they do that?)
  4689. White House Downplays Bush Ties to Lay (Kennyboy?)
  4690. Guardian Unlimited | World Latest | Saddam's Lawyer Seeks Supreme Court Action
  4691. Bush Ad Assails Kerry for Missed Votes (The best defense is offensiveness?)
  4692. Guardian Unlimited | World Latest | EPA to Seek Millions From DuPont on Teflon
  4693. Investigating Halliburton
  4694. Smearing Iran backfires on Cheney
  4695. Halliburton/Cheney Investigated For Iran Deals
  4696. Will Vice President Cheney be indicted--and will the US media report it?
  4697. Three Americans arrested in Kabul (Are you weirded out enough yet?)
  4698. Bush Liked Less Than Saddam, Bin Laden (What's to like?)
  4699. Reuters AlertNet - Fuelling suspicion: the coalition and Iraq's oil billions (How about fuelling the obvious?)
  4700. U.N. Didn't OK Uranium Transfer to U.S. from Iraq (What would you expect?)
  4701. U.S. Says Israel Not Involved in Iraq Interrogations (so you know it's true now)
  4702. House Votes to Overturn Bush Rules on Cuba
  4703. Israel's Chemical Weapons
  4704. Israel Set to Defy ICJ Ruling, Asks for US Veto (S.N.A.F.U.)
  4705. USS Liberty Court of Inquiry Forum - The interesting case of the maritime reconnaissance aircraft (Guess who sunk it?)
  4706. Boston.com / News / World / Americans arrested in Kabul hung prisoners by feet in private jail, officials say
  4707. Israeli interrogators in Iraq - An exclusive report - Jane's Security News
  4708. White House: Intel Shows Al-Qaida (i.e., the Whitehouse) May Seek To Disrupt Elections
  4709. Bush Coordinating War on [of] Terror With Election
  4710. Iraq Insurgency Far Larger Than Thought (by whom?)
  4711. US soldiers seek asylum in Canada
  4712. Florida Reverses, Says It Won't Strip 2,500 Ex-Felons of Voting Rights (that's for today)
  4713. US Dictator George W. Bush walks away from a briefing with the media
  4714. Lawmakers Take Aim at Part of Patriot Act (Enabling Act must go)
  4715. Allawi awards himself special powers
  4716. KRT Wire | 07/06/2004 | Iraqi family disputes U.S. military account of man's death
  4717. US deserter's Canadian campaign
  4718. Keating hits out at 'dumb' US comments
  4719. Australia signs on to missile defence shield
  4720. Missile shield will destabilise region, Latham says
  4721. 'Fahrenheit 9/11' Prompts State Investigation of Sheriff
  4722. Iraqi regime prepares for martial law - under CIA stooge dictatorship
  4723. IWDS Home Page (noaa)
  4724. This is not Saddam - PRAVDA.Ru
  4725. WorldNetDaily: Bilderberg 'performance' key to Edwards VP pick (Of course Kerry is already doing as he is told)
  4726. WorldNetDaily: Guess who's at super-secret Bilderberg meeting today
  4727. Our Broken System - by Sibel Edmonds
  4728. Pro-Israel Activists Start Media Campaign
  4729. UN rules against Israeli barrier
  4730. What happens when a church goes bankrupt | csmonitor.com (Hmmmm)
  4731. Neocon Coup at CIA?- by Justin Raimondo
  4732. World Court Says Israeli Barrier Illegal
  4733. 911: The Road To Tyranny (The video - 2hrs - is on line)
  4734. Fired FBI translator's charges classified (What *isn't* classified?)
  4735. U.S. Judge Dissents on World Court Barrier Ruling (*only* US judge)
  4736. Tear barrier down, World Court tells Israel
  4737. Bush Stomps Out of Press Conference Over Enron Ties
  4738. Should Japan still support U.S. world view?
  4739. Illarionov: Central Bank Fueled Crisis - Forums powered by Reason and Principle
  4740. Iraqi Defector Behind America's WMD Claims Exposed as 'Out-and-Out Fabricator'(fabricating by paid request)
  4741. White House brushes aside ruling on separation fence (Criminals will be criminals)
  4742. Tear down this Wall
  4743. eTaiwanNews.com/Clarke awaits Israel response to spy claims (NZ)
  4744. A Vote for Osama (Constant scamers looking ridiculous, and desperate)
  4746. EU backs West Bank wall ruling
  4747. Investigating digital images
  4748. Bush denounces Israeli barrier ruling; Israel not indicating it will comply
  4749. Editor of Russian Edition of Forbes Magazine Shot to Death
  4750. Philippines to withdraw troops from Iraq
  4751. World Court Rules Wall Illegal
  4752. Rumsfeld Gave Go-Ahead for Abu Ghraib Tactics, says General In Charge
  4753. Army Whistleblower Says Superiors Hid Torture
  4754. BUTLER TO SLAM NO10 FALSE INTELLIGENCE (A little obvious truth in a lying world)
  4755. GOP Hypocrite of the Week: John McCain - super repto
  4756. Bush won't attend NAACP convention (ooops?)
  4757. FBI seeks intel from U.S. Arabs, Muslims (Looking for love in all the wrong places)
  4758. AM - Jewish leaders want Muslim cleric expelled from Britain
  4759. U.S. News Press Release: U.S. News obtains all classified annexes to the Taguba report on Abu Ghraib (7/9/04)(READ IT)
  4760. 9/11 communication failures still baffle FAA, Defense officials (deliberate actions baffle lying morons)
  4761. Bush/Cheney dumps blame for Iraq "misinformation" on CIA. (Diversion - as if they are at odds)
  4762. Weird, weird, weird (Johnathan 'Keith' Idema)
  4763. Bush: I would do it again (But, of course he would dear.)
  4764. Suit alleges Diebold led county astray
  4765. Palestinians Seek UN Resolution on Israeli Barrier Issue (to be vetoed by US - again)
  4766. What Israel Gets away with and why
  4767. Iraq war still justified, Wolfowitz contends (Why doesn't he have his tongue cut out?)
  4768. Mirror.co.uk - ROBERT MAXWELL WAS A MOSSAD SPY (redefining hubris)
  4769. The Israeli Wall and the Fall of America
  4770. Mossad And The Russian Mafia Plutonium Connection (pay attention to the date)
  4771. Bush Regime working out Procedures for postponing November Election
  4772. Cheney's Man Penned Torture Memo
  4773. Arrest Warrant for Willis Carto Issued in Switzerland
  4774. America's criminal occupation
  4775. Harassment of DNC Protesters Escalates
  4776. Be Careful What You Read: Actual Account Of Choppers Downed In Iraq (exposing yet *more* mediagov lies)
  4777. Spies on attack as Blair fights for his survival
  4778. Ridge Warns of Election Terror Plot (Al-CIAda no doubt)
  4779. Slave trade is back in US, senators told
  4780. GOP donors funding Nader Bush supporters give independent's bid a financiallift (why we wonder?)
  4781. Gov. Bush vetoes free pre-kindergarten measure
  4782. Peat bogs harbour carbon time bomb (Um - what about cow farts? Pig fart? Political pollution?)
  4783. Nevada Loses Yucca Mt. Waste Site Appeal
  4784. Forest Service Approves Logging in Roadless Area of Alaska's Tongass - from TBO.com
  4785. Give It Back, George: The Lay Loot That Bought the White House
  4786. Capitol Hill Blue: Angry Bush Walks Out on Media, Refuses to Answer Questions About Relationship With Ken Lay
  4787. Florida List for Purge of Voters Proves Flawed (as if there were a possibility that it was not?)
  4788. Fahrenheit 9/11 is runaway success in France
  4789. Daschle denies hugging Moore - but not submissive sexual acts with Repugs
  4790. Pentagon Say Bush Records of Service Were Destroyed (Maybe ... maybe not)
  4791. Bush military record 'has been destroyed' (so they say.)
  4792. Republican Bias at Faux News Documented in New Film, Featuring Former Employees (This is news?)
  4793. Convention security to test new DHS operations center (Blah blah blah ...)
  4794. Journalists hit by new US visa rules (Ahh - more of the old Nazi laws)
  4795. Stiff sentence for gas station owner who lied in terrorism probe (What should the US gov of terror get for all its theft and murders?)
  4796. Tabloid headquarters to be fumigated (a complicated theft)
  4797. Fla. sheriff admits crime numbers skewed
  4798. Reports: S.C. atomic waste tanks damaged
  4799. US told to 'butt out' of Aussie politics
  4800. Clarke calls U.S. treatment of Iraqi prisoners "war crime"
  4801. Pentagon Reportedly Aimed to Hold Detainees in Secret
  4802. Audit Faults U.S. Accounting for Iraqi Oil Funds
  4803. FEMA worker ordered home for t-shirts critical of chimpo
  4804. MSNBC - Master Blaster: A New Noisemaker (Be afraid; be very afraid of the real terrorists)
  4805. An attack on democratic rights Champaign, Illinois electoral board bars Green Party candidates(all day, every day)
  4806. Supreme Court gives HMOs immunity from damage suits
  4807. The American Empire Project
  4808. Radio ID cards track Japanese pupils
  4809. Austrian bishop derides orgy claims (conservative=hypocite)
  4810. Guardian Unlimited | The Guardian | Analysis: The Senate report on Iraq intelligence (almost to the point)
  4811. News no. 4119 from www.uruknet.info :: informazioni dall'Iraq occupato
  4812. United Press International: Analysis: President Kerry on Israel
  4813. MI6 'retracted' Iraq intelligence
  4814. The Hands Of Israel in Iraq
  4815. Pro-Israel PAC Contributions to 2004 Congressional Candidates
  4816. SignOnSanDiego.com > In Iraq -- Faulty Iraq intelligence won't stop pre-emptive U.S. military action(Still!)
  4817. POWELL DIVES FOR A CHAIR - and lies his head off as usual
  4818. Iraq is still an untold story (The Hussein US deal)
  4819. Suspect in AltaVista hacking case works at Microsoft
  4820. Pentagon Papers Whistleblower Calls For National Security Leaks
  4821. Real History and the Pentagon's Lies about Iraq
  4822. Chambers: Administration 'silencing' dissenting views
  4823. Who is Cynthia A. Henderson?
  4824. EWARDS SUPPORTS DOMESTIC SPY AGENCY (perfectly predictable Nazi agenda)
  4825. U.S. team to set limits on settlement construction (the backscratching team)
  4826. Pentagon seeks way around high court on Guantanamo detainees
  4827. Antiwar Group Says Its Ad Is Rejected (oh dear - how completely surprising)
  4828. These [lying, thieving crony] Dogs Don't Hunt [Halliburton]
  4829. WorkingForChange-The massive heist
  4830. Girl killed by Israeli gunfire (It's sick; it's called provocation)
  4831. Hamas is a Creation of Mossad
  4832. MoD chairs &#-11;&#-11;1,000 each as troops face axe (What would you expect?)
  4833. The New Yorker: Shouts and Murmurs (Believable chain letter)
  4834. The case for sanctions against Israel
  4835. The Lie Factory
  4836. Pentagon Office Home to Neo-Con Network (No?! Really?!)
  4837. Handicapped Palestinian pensioner killed as army razes Gaza House
  4838. Former Pentagon Insider: 'When we Lie about Stuff,' People Perish (Um - so?)
  4839. Arafat hints Israel planted Tel Aviv bomb
  4840. Beware of Following in Romes footsteps.
  4841. Bagged and Tagged! by Karen Kwiatkowski (she says the sooth)
  4842. Israel Will Work to Undermine World Court Ruling and everything else it can get its hands on
  4843. US bans scientists from AIDS event
  4844. Erratic Ad Recovery Worries Investors (More reliable than fudged corpagov numbers)
  4845. FBI Refuses to Answer Questions about Al Qaeda Affiliated Terror Web Sites(National suckurity of course)
  4846. Rabbi Dov Zakheim Leaves Pentagon in Stealth
  4847. MASTERMIND OF 9/11! Rabbi Dov Zakheim: Under-sec of Defense - Forums powered by Reason and Principle
  4848. U.S. went to war on a lie, Senate report says
  4849. AlterNet: Fox News Follies (lies actually)
  4850. CNN.com - Doubts amid swastika attack hunt - Jul 12, 2004 (she's lying)
  4851. EWR Bulletin 01-Jul-04: Most Serious Warning Ever (READ IT)
  4852. Booga Booga!: Who Really Benefits from Terrorist Threats?
  4853. Michael Moore, Richard Perle Join Forces
  4854. The Courier-Mail: Mother, baby train attack in doubt [13jul04]
  4855. Philippines Announces Pullout to Save Iraq Hostage (A real hostage, or another hoax?)
  4856. NAACP Leader Says Some Black Groups Aid Right Wing
  4857. Critics Sue Electronic Voting Company
  4858. Bush Wants Amendment to Ban Gay Marriage
  4859. White House Proposes Lifting Logging Rule
  4860. Democrats Fed Up With Yielding to GOP Rules (Oh really? [yawn] Paid Poodles: they'll do as they're told)
  4861. Top Republican linked to Enron gifts (like this is surprising?)
  4862. Radio Stations Censor 9-11 Rap Lyrics in #1CD "Why?" Indeed. We know why
  4863. U.S.'s Snow Says Patriot Act Key to Financial War on [of US perpetrated] Terror
  4864. Former ambassador criticizes Bush
  4865. Special report: Kabul (Johnathan Idema - again)
  4866. Shock & Law (UK)
  4867. Australia sends more troops to Iraq (Howard, poodling away as usual)
  4868. Al-Yawir: Iraq to reinstate death penalty (Maybe they could try US corpagov?)
  4870. MI5 calls for parliament 'ring of steel' - like around all their heads?
  4871. Essay: Postponement of the November election
  4872. Counterterrorism officials [Bush dictatorship] look to postpone electionsfor formal military dictatorship in US
  4873. Officials Want Election Rescheduling Rules
  4874. Putin plans to seize Yukos oil
  4875. Property boom busts young, first-time buyers (AU going down crapper also)
  4876. Capitalism is a danger to itself
  4877. Donald Rumsfeld's Al Qaeda
  4878. Iraq Survey Group: Donald Rumsfeld's Al Qaeda
  4879. California Company Apparently Hosts Latest Beheading Video on Terror Site
  4880. Divide and Conquer as Imperial Rules (As in Ireland, so in Israel)
  4881. Lies for wars of conquest
  4882. Army post candidate has ties to Carlyle
  4883. Iran Leader Says U.S., Israel Behind Iraq Kidnaps
  4884. Thinking About (Oil) Refinements
  4885. The CIA Did It! - and?
  4886. Gay Gamble
  4887. Scientists horrified by Bush's Bad Science
  4888. Campbell was out to get us
  4889. New York Daily News - Home - Rap hit asks 'Why W knocked down towers'
  4890. Whitewash! - by Paul Craig Roberts (Some things really are clear)
  4891. Antiwar group spars with Clear Channel over ad space - Jul. 12, 2004
  4892. Iraq in Reverse: Martial Laws Fuel Insurgency
  4893. Our Broken System: John Ashcroft's War on Truth
  4894. Joshua Frank: How Beltway Democrats Sank Howard Dean (Struck by repto DLC of course)
  4895. Mickey Z.: Elie Wiesel' Strange Parade
  4896. Legacy of Deceit: If Dante Knew of Bush and the Neo-Cons...
  4897. Linda S. Heard: A Joke Called "Justice"
  4898. Camelo Ruiz Marrero: Gene Warfare in Oaxaca
  4899. Cheney faces indictments in US and France (can we hope for the guillotine?)
  4900. Israel rerouting barrier - sources
  4901. Fox News: Deploying Reporters/Pundits to Distort the Facts - Center for American Progress
  4902. Telegraph | News | Fury over Pentagon cell that briefed White House on Iraq's 'imaginary' al-Qaeda links
  4903. Lawmaker Doubts U.S. Warnings of Possible Attack to Stop Elections (Exactly *who* has motive and ability?)
  4904. Kathleen Christison: The Problem with Neutrality Between Palestinians and Israel
  4905. Red Cross Fears U.S. Is Hiding Detainees
  4906. OUTFOXED: Rupert Murdoch's War on Journalism
  4907. BBC NEWS | Europe | 'Swastika attack' woman detained
  4908. BBC NEWS | Europe | The deep roots of French secularism
  4909. BBC NEWS | Europe | Swastika attack woman 'lied'
  4910. French Officials: Hate Crime Fabricated (It's a world of hoaxes)
  4911. Flight 800: Key evidence, confirmed recovered, now missing
  4912. WashingtonPost.com: Flight 800 Crew and Passengers
  4914. Michael Moore, Ugly American (washingtonpost.com)
  4916. Arafat and Khameini: US and Israel Behind Attacks and Beheadings
  4917. Israeli helicopters fire missiles in Gaza
  4918. Doubts on Informant Deleted in Senate Text (Covering up the covering up of a coverup)
  4919. Israel must be compelled to comply
  4920. Rep. Wants Enron E-Mail on DeLay Examined
  4921. CNN.com - Fire department bars book-burning - Jul 12, 2004
  4922. Lateline - 12/07/2004: FBI intelligence sharing failure a serious breach: senior experts
  4923. Baghdad Police Round Up 500 Suspects in Raids
  4924. Red Cross Suspects U.S. Hides Detainees
  4925. Bush administration takes steps to cancel US election
  4926. The indictment of Kenneth Lay
  4927. New book published in controversy over Australian Aboriginal history
  4928. Nick Beams reviews Keith Windschuttle's The Fabrication of Aboriginal History An assault on historical truth Part 1
  4929. Iraq: Archives, Libraries Devastated By War, Looting
  4930. Iraqi academics targeted in murder spree
  4931. Israel plans to stop burial of Arafat at holy site (Planing to murder him soon?)
  4932. CIA's Acting Chief Says Threat [Posed by the US government] Highest Since 9/11
  4933. CIA chief tells AP Osama aware of plots (Of course: he's a CIA agent!)
  4934. CDC Ships Chemical Antidotes to Convention Sites (How about antidotes for the US government?)
  4935. Senate Scuttles Amendment Banning Same-Sex Marriage (Ending the diversion?)
  4936. GAO report criticizes terror warnings (*The* threat is the US government)
  4937. Terrorism and the Election: California is the Target! - Wayne Masden
  4938. Arms suppliers scramble into Iraq
  4939. Freed Swede Says Was Tortured at Guantanamo
  4940. Advocates of war now profit from Iraq (That was the point)
  4941. Israel up against the wall
  4942. Woman says anti-Semitic attack a hoax (But, who was this "helpful" boyfriend?)
  4943. Israeli army fires on UN convoy
  4944. A Look Back Into the Bali Bombing who profited?
  4945. MI6 'still using' disputed informer on WMD (A useful, paid liar)
  4946. Shaky sources that riddled Powell's case with errors (like the Colon's brain)
  4947. High radioactivity recorded in Israel (Coming from where?)
  4948. Manila begins Iraq troop pullout
  4949. Voting Machine Critics Rally Across U.S.
  4950. No one lied about Iraq, says Blair (7613th level of lies)
  4951. George Monbiot: Greasing up to power
  4952. Guardian Unlimited | Special reports | Station apes BBC and LBC
  4953. AlterNet: Letting Bush Off the Hook - an equally corrupt congress
  4954. Al Qaeda Messages Posted on U.S. Server (Where else would CIA put them?)
  4956. Media suppresses news of Bush's moves to cancel US elections
  4957. Boston.com / News / Local / N.H. / Kucinich says terror alert is scare tactic
  4958. Bush Loses Advantage in [Utterly Bogus] War on Terrorism
  4959. War Without End :: View topic - News items re the 5 Dancing Israelis at 9/11
  4960. CIA, White House won't release brief (Fabricated Hegelian Battles)
  4961. Corrupted Intelligence (What Intelligence?!)
  4962. From Hitler to Bush
  4963. Common Cause Action Center -- Media Guide
  4964. BBC NEWS | Europe | Berlusconi defeated in Rai vote
  4965. Ashcroft again screws down the lid on whistle-blower Sibel Edmonds
  4966. Suspending, Not Postponing Elections; It COULD Happen Here
  4967. IOL: WMD dossier author 'should remain MI6 chief' (Yet another Lord Repto speaks)
  4968. The Cult of Power- by Justin Raimondo
  4969. 33 internal FOX editorial memos reviewed by MMF ... [Media Matters for America]
  4970. Israel Has No Intention To Return The Land (Why would you think otherwise?!)
  4971. The Story About Israel TV News Won't Tell
  4972. UNRWA: Israelis fired on food convoy
  4973. Yahoo! News - Slim-Fast Sheds Whoopi Goldberg After Bush Riff (Fuck unilever! Yeah! Whoopi!)
  4974. UK Iraq report labelled a 'whitewash' (The Attack of Lord Asshole)
  4975. Judges call for "radical review" of Milosevic trial
  4976. Lithuanian elections return US Republican as president
  4977. European Council approves software patents (PURPOSE: Destroy Open Software)
  4978. The journalism and films of John Pilger
  4979. Pentagon Fraud Chief Dov Zakheim Goes to BoozAllen
  4980. Israeli agents jailed in NZ over spy case
  4981. Seymour Hersh says the US government has videotapes of boys being sodomizedat Abu Ghraib
  4982. Bad Lay
  4983. Counterbias: US to North Korea - Trust Us, We'd Never Lie
  4984. Peres meets brother of U.S. presidential candidate Kerry
  4985. Iraqi Official Assassinated in Capital (assassinated by whom?)
  4986. AIDS Experiments on Children in New York's Incarnation Center 'A Human Tragedy' (Dr. Mengele lives)
  4987. France accuses US of Aids blackmail
  4988. Election Troubles Already Descending on Florida
  4989. Florida Citizens to Help Catch Terrorists (Bushland, Bushland ueber alles)
  4990. President Khatami: Tel Aviv is actual US capital
  4991. NZ imposes sanctions against Israel
  4993. Jobless Claims Rise More Than Expected (That's just *new* claims)
  4994. Remote Control of 9/11 Flights
  4995. New Zealand jails Israeli 'spies'
  4996. Islamic Website Baffled at 'Al-Qaeda Threat' Attributed To It
  4997. New Zealand News - NZ - Angry Prime Minister hammers Israel
  4998. Drug-resistant 'superbug' traced to war in Iraq - The Honolulu Advertiser - Hawaii's Newspaper
  4999. US House of Representatives Rejects Hague Court Ruling - Forums powered by Reason and Principle
  5000. Jews fear backlash from spy case (NZ)

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