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List Volume 08

  1. Bush, Schwarzenegger march on Asia (National Dickheads on Parade)
  2. Israel finally agrees to give Palestinians control of border (They lie, as usual)
  3. France extends state of emergency (what was wanted)
  4. French riots boost far right (*That* is the manipulated point of it all. Viz. IMF, Stiglitz and Palast)
  5. Kennedy voices concern after meeting Supreme Court nominee Alito (but he's utterly worthless anyhow)
  6. Republicans Want Answers (and only those they want to hear)
  7. Main points of Bernanke's Senate confirmation hearing (Fed. a PRIVATE BANK - grow up!)
  8. UN reinstates fired of oil-for-food official (Criminal government continues circus)
  9. Gulf Coast slaves (Halliburton doing business)
  10. Pinochet's Secret Police Chief Sentenced
  11. Jordan's National Security Adviser Resigns
  12. Bolton says UN in a time warp, may have to be replaced (Its destruction was his mission from day one)
  13. Ex-intelligence officials want Rove's security clearance suspended
  14. Woodward Was Told of Plame More Than Two Years Ago
  15. U.S.-Led Forces Continue Fight Near Syria
  16. Spanish police expose more CIA links to secret flights of detainees
  17. Iraq detainees 'found starving'
  18. US used white phosphorus in Iraq
  19. Oil Chiefs Met With Cheney's Secret Task Force
  20. Jordan security aide and 10 others resign
  22. Public meetings banned (in France)
  23. Saluting Members of Congress Who Voted Against the Iraq War
  24. Russian experts see Israeli, US links in Jordan blasts, Lebanon murder
  25. Suspected torture centre found in Iraq
  26. Not guilty. The Israeli captain who put 17 bullets into a Palestinian schoolgirl
  27. Who profited from Amman bombings? - Israelis were evacuated hours before the atack
  28. Senate Hits Bush With Vote of No Confidence on Iraq
  29. Hillary in the Holy Land
  30. Media Monitor - TWA 800 Special Misses the Mark - November 14, 2005
  31. Bush Urges China to Grant More Freedoms (The reporting of stupid drivel)
  32. Graphic: Is the Medicare Drug Benefit for You? (More calculated incompetence?)
  33. French Lower House OKs Extending Measures
  34. Violence Erupts During Egyptian Runoffs
  35. Alito's Smoking Gun
  36. Treasuries May Gain on View Report to Show Inflation Is Steady (Delusional)
  37. Sharon's son pleads guilty over campaign financing
  38. phorum - Our World Forum at Asiawind - Some refelctions and ...
  39. On the line: the internet's future
  40. Republicans Cut and Run from Iraq and Bush
  41. Hagel Defends Criticisms of Iraq Policy (Et tu Chucky?)
  42. Holocaust denier deported from US (German courts need a severe slamming of heads together)
  43. Hotel Bombings: Early Evidence Indicates State Terror
  44. The strange case of supernatural water (Government science by Katherine "The Whore" Harris)
  45. New Drug Fails In Mission, Promotes Disease Instead (Corpagov Science at its best)
  46. Swiss Seize Van Gogh, Picasso Paintings Over Russian Debt Claim (Noga is owned by whom?)
  47. Police used 'dum dum' bullets to kill de Menezes (with clear intent to silence him permanently)
  48. 'Peace Mom' Demands Trial (Cindy Sheehan)
  49. 9/11 Aid For Ground Zero Workers To Be Taken Back By Congress (??)
  50. Israel officials at two-day U.S. security session (Instructors in terrorism, torture & totalitarianism)
  51. Israel Trains US Assassination Squads in Iraq (So smart and talented)
  52. The Australian: Aussie in US spy scandal [November 17, 2005]
  53. Why Is France Burning?
  54. Report Says Ex-Chief of Public TV Violated Federal Law
  55. Holocaust Blackmail (Both Roger Boyes & Paul Neller get a B+ in lying manipulation, proving Gerard Menhuin's points)
  56. 'Orlando Sentinel' Publisher Announces Plan to Cut Jobs
  57. Deadly Immunity (Thimerasol)
  58. Nixon Papers Show Worry Over Israel Nukes
  59. David Irving held in Austria (Burn the historians!)
  60. National Security Adviser was Woodward's source, attorneys say
  61. Bush 'Unsigns' War Crimes Treaty
  62. Did Israel have Prior Knowledge of the Amman 11/9 Terror Attacks?
  63. U.N. expert urges Iraq torture probe
  64. US defends use of white phosphorus weapons in Iraq (also defends its torture and genocide)
  65. Chemtrails Are Over Las Vegas (Maybe it's the ghost of ObL? No - it's your government up to no good, as usual)
  66. Best, Worst Charities in S.C. Announced (Corpagov crime is on the increase)
  67. US senators demand oil executives re-testify, under oath (Hmmm)
  68. U.S. Has Detained 83,000 in War on [of] Terror (You ain't seen nothin' yet)
  69. Accused terrorist faces trial for lying to ASIO (Pure grade A Horseshit)
  70. German parliament snubs Left Party's chairman for fourth time
  71. Australian workers denounce new industrial laws
  72. Australia: 500,000 workers demonstrate against Howard's industrial legislation
  73. Senate Democrats back Iraq war, Guant&#-11;&#-11;namo prison camp (Off with their useless heads)
  74. Evidence Mounts That Bush Wants New Wars (Too utterly obvious to ignore?)
  75. Pierre Tristam: Torturer's Theater (READ)
  76. Shake and Bake: Pentagon Admits Using Phosphorous Bombs on Fallujah
  77. John Sugg: Al-Arian Speaks
  78. Four women forced to consume human excreta in Orissa(Biblical version of sanity)
  79. Serial killer art raises free speech debate (If it's a right, it cannot be taken away)
  80. Clarke under fire as Briton is sent to US on terror charges
  81. Extradition verdict set for appeal
  82. British Extradite Terror Suspect to US
  83. Now, Woodward Reveals Learning Plame's Identity
  84. Woodward Says His Plame Source Not Libby
  85. Decaffeinated coffee may cause heart problems, warns US study (Government errorist pseudoscience)
  86. Annual smokeout set for Thursday (Oh fuck off!)
  87. Cheney Calls Senate War Critics Politically Ambitious Hypocrites (And what shall we call Cheney?)
  88. Guatemala's top anti-drug officials arrested (for drug trafficking - what do you think the whole purpose of all the antidrug shit is?!)
  89. Masked man threatens attacks against US (CIA, MI6 or Mossad masked agent?)
  90. Woodward Could Be a Boon to Libby (Yes, isn't that convenient?)
  91. Specter: Don't Prejudge Alito (Why not, moron? Ever try to impeach a USSC justice?)
  92. 'Castro has Parkinson's' says CIA (But says nothing of W's lunatic drunkenness?)
  93. Could Exxon-Mobil Works Have Tripped Indonesian Tsunami?
  94. Detroit votes don't add up
  95. National Security Adviser was Woodward's source, attorneys say (Stephen Hadley)
  96. U.S. Businessman Allegedly Bribed Officials in Iraq
  97. Congress Arrives at A Deal on Patriot Act (Kill it!)
  98. Analysis: Row over CIA Camps Heats Up in Europe
  99. Former US Army Interrogator Describes the Harsh Techniques He Used in Iraq
  100. Feds Go After Woman Wearing Anti-Bush Button (US: worse than GESTAPO)
  101. Bush is cracking ("is"? What does that mean?)
  102. America, The Naive: Listen to the President's Soothing Words, and Ignore Those Who Disturb Your Rest
  103. Wag the Dog: Crisis Scenarios for Deflecting Attention from the President's Woes
  104. village voice > news > 'Reagan' Attacks Netanyahu by Jason Vest
  105. The Big Lie Technique (A tedious dissection, but it needs be done)
  106. Protection for vaccine makers debated (Frist, with "pharma whore" hat on)
  107. Vietnam Archive Offers Parallel to War in Iraq
  108. 'Massive empire of surveillance'
  109. What You See Is Not What You Get. (The Age of Deceit - not Information)
  110. Hey Woodward, What if Your Source Raped Your Mother?
  111. New Disclosure Could Prolong Inquiry on Leak (NYT fucking with reality - again)
  112. Bush's Approval Rating Falls Again, Poll Shows (How low can it go beforethe entire show must go?)
  113. Bush backs Cheney: says Democratic questioning not patriotic but "irresponsible" (The Fuck's Goose is Cooked)
  114. Cheney says war critics 'dishonest, reprehensible' (Cheney is an evil, lying, thieving, treasonous scum that needs to spend his remaining life in a pain amplifier)
  116. Cheney Sidesteps Travel Disclosure Rules (Torture him - slowly)
  117. Bush can't handle the truth (Truth is what W fabricates)
  118. Evil Is So Damned Boring / Karl Rove, pasty neocon judges, "Saw II," Dick Cheney's dead soul, ho-hum, pass the wine(Morford on a roll)
  119. Lawmakers Acted on Heels of Abramoff Gifts (and what sane person would believe the criminal congress?)
  120. Political murder? Secret service critic gunned down (and the security tapes?)
  121. The Terminal
  122. Cheney's new security adviser linked to bogus information on Iraq
  123. Historian Charged With Denying Holocaust (An Outrage)
  124. Sen. Nelson on the Purported Iraqi UAV Threat to America
  125. Save the USA &#-11;&#-11; Who told the Senate that Saddam had WMDs capable of attacking the East Coast?
  126. A New Federal War on Dissent? (Old war, new offensive)
  127. Fitzgerald To Present Evidence to a New Grand Jury (Um - time is of the essence?)
  128. Ex-publisher Conrad Black indicted
  129. Cindy Sheehan Found Guilty of Misdemeanor (Outrageous)
  130. Senators Threaten to Block Renewal of Patriot Act
  131. U.S. House Rejects 2006 Budget for Health, Education
  132. Criticism of Voting Law Was Overruled (Buschscum at work)
  133. US to drop live bombs in Territory (terrorism)
  134. Washington Post urged to probe Woodward's role in CIA case
  135. Watergate hero shame over White House leak
  136. Troops to stay in Iraq, says Howard (Australia's war criminal)
  137. White House slams Murtha defection on Iraq: "Not the time to surrender" (No time to surrender to Bushscum)
  138. U.S. Accuses Pair of Rigging Iraq Contracts
  139. US denies illegal use of weapons in Iraq (Illegal gummints make illegal legal)
  140. Two loud blasts shake central Baghdad
  141. 'Cheney is vice president for torture'
  142. Cheney oversaw torture: former CIA director
  143. Right-wing smear campaign against antiwar vet Jimmy Massey
  144. More evidence of US dirty war in Iraq Torture centre discovered in Baghdad
  145. From Reporter to Courtier: the Decline of Bob Woodward
  146. In Post-Saddam Iraq, There are No Civilians
  147. Rep. John Murtha: Iraq Must Be Freed from US Occupation
  148. Brian J. Foley: We Are All In GITMO Now
  149. CounterPunch News Service: Guardian Apologizes to Chomsky
  150. In Challenging War's Critics, Administration Tinkers with Truth(Tinkers?! It tortures it to death regularly)
  151. Reid Snaps Back at Cheney on Senate Floor
  152. Jason Leopold | Democrats Have Proof Pre-War Intel Was Manipulated
  153. Not Woodward's source: top officials
  154. The Imperial Scribe and the Imperial Henchman
  155. Peretz set to fight election on poverty, not peace process
  156. Businessman charged in Iraq scheme ex-con
  157. Castro laughs off CIA report he has Parkinson's
  158. Castro denies Parkinson's claim
  159. Austria Arrests David Irving, Writer Known as a Holocaust Denier (Knowm wrongly)
  160. The Bush Administration's Public Statements on Iraq (PDF)
  161. Desperation on the Precipice of Disaster (READ)
  162. Extension of Patriot Act Faces Threat of Filibuster (Kill it)
  163. Committee Chair Wants to Declassify Iraq Material (The real purpose of this would be?)
  164. Iraq probes white phosphorus use (almost as good a senate investigatio: more lies)
  165. Diebold Attempts to Evade Election Transparency Laws
  166. U.S. orders arrest of former Jerusalem Post owner Conrad Black
  167. xymphora: Bomb trigger
  168. US: Nearly 50% OK with torture ('Murkin as apple pie and motherhood)
  169. 'A Conspiracy So Vast' - by Justin Raimondo
  170. "Morgan Reynolds comments that the official story about the collaps of WTC is 'bogus'"
  171. Pentagon agrees to probe Feith's role in Iraq intel (As if ...)
  172. Goldberg's First Column Appears in 'L.A.Times' After Shake-Up
  173. London mayor: Israel caused bloodshed (Ken Livingston speaks sooth)
  174. Vanunu arrested again (Needs to find a new nonabusive home)
  175. Where Are the Pentagon Papers?
  176. Fidel Castro: Israel is a pro-nazi state, US accomplice (Sounds close to right)
  177. FEC: Blogs Are Just As Much "Press" As Everyone Else
  178. U.S. used napalm in Falluja
  179. Time to Denounce 9-11 Junk Science
  180. Congress plays politics while your kids die in Iraq
  181. Americans Are Running Out of Patience With Their 'War President'
  182. What are you going to do now, Mr. Bush?
  183. Checkmate (Learn about the 16th Amendment)
  184. Perle says out with the Saudis (and what does Simon say?)
  185. Delirium and convulsions may be side effects of bird flu treatment
  186. A Bush 'secret' exposed
  187. DeLay Ex-Aide to Plead Guilty in Lobby Case
  188. Senators reject proposal to tax oil industry's windfall profits
  189. House votes to cut $700 mln in food stamps
  190. House OKs $14 billion in student aid cuts
  191. Senate approves $60 billion tax-cut bill
  192. Democrat: FEMA Not Using Rent-Free Units
  193. Homeland Security Ranking Democrat Demands FEMA Continues Housing:
  194. Lie detectors may be next step in airline security (Israeli made Hyperorwellian State)
  195. CIA leak probe extended
  196. Top Names Aid Fund for Libby
  197. Bush Rejects Calls for Iraq Withdrawal
  198. Lawmakers Reject Immediate Iraq Withdrawal
  199. House Republicans Force Swift Rejection of Withdrawal Proposal
  200. Defense official: Rumsfeld given Iraq withdrawal plan
  201. Lawmaker Wants to Declassify Iraq Papers
  202. Body Politics - Chris Floyd (READ)
  203. 'We were thrown to lions'
  204. 50 Percent of American Cretins Think Torture Works
  205. US: Nearly 50% OK with torture
  206. CIA's Harsh Interrogation Techniques Described
  207. Venezuela's Chavez calls Bush 'killer', 'madman' (He's got that right)
  208. Bush 'an assassin, crazy man'
  209. Congress Helps Self to $3,100 Pay Raise
  210. Basque separatist leader faces jail for "insulting" the king (Things arebad all over)
  211. German coalition government accord: a declaration of war on working people
  212. Delphi plans to cut 24,000 US auto jobs
  213. US House of Representatives approves $50 billion in social cuts
  214. Iraq fraud arrests expose criminality of US occupation
  215. Political conflict intensifies over Bush's Iraq war lies
  216. Faking the Case Against Syria
  217. Michael Donnelly: Black November 15 (Political hypocrisies galore)
  218. Dave Lindorff: Murtha and the L Word
  219. Michael Neumann: The Palestinians and the Party Line
  220. Hawkish Cheney Renews Attack but Attracts Only Flak
  221. Publisher charged for 'looting' empire
  222. Phony Theory, False Conflict (Finally, Krauthammer says something reasonable and right)
  223. What science standards state (Brain transplant candidate)
  224. GOP leads anti-science education efforts
  225. The gospel as revealed to Rev. Pat (The potty Rev. Ridebus Robertson)
  226. Iraqi Qaeda Leader Is Said to Vow More Attacks on Jordan (Dean Man Talking)
  227. Ashcroft turns into hired gun
  228. Bush's War on the Press
  229. The loan sharks are circling
  230. Admit It: The US Has Been Defeated in Iraq
  231. Who Are They Trying to Kid? Most Everybody Knows Bush Lied.
  232. female Iraq vets dealing with infertility & birth defects (depleted uranium and what else?)
  233. Schmidts Shame (Cowards don't cut and run from commiting genocide?)
  234. Need To Know (READ)
  235. U.S. seeks to secure Sahara Desert
  236. Scientists Work on New Nuclear Weapons
  237. Faking the case against Syria: Pushing the next neo con war
  238. While you were distracted with your willful servitude...a few things you might have missed (READ)
  239. Iraq: We stay in fight, says Bush (Genocide is forever - until mission really accomplished)
  240. Bush, in Asia, Vows To Keep U.S. in Iraq (Do we bother with excuses?)
  241. Republican Leadership Plays Politics With Iraq War Vote...
  242. Loving our troops to death
  243. A whisper of optimism?
  244. Dying For Israels Oil Pipeline
  245. The Truth Seeker - Al Qaeda The Database (Wayne Madsen - READ!)
  246. Let Us Blow Up Bill O'Reilly / Of course the PR-sucking Fox News blowhard is off his nut. Again. Question is, Should you care?
  247. Storm over CIA prisoner plane claims
  248. Secret death squads feared among Iraq's commandos
  249. Scowcroft Talks Turkey; Edmounds Fights Fascism
  250. Phillip Cryan: "Political Kidnapping" and Murder in Cauca
  251. John Ross: The Dragon Flies High, But Not Over Mexico
  252. John R. Bomar: Staying the Course on "Freedom's Frontier" (READ history)
  253. J.L. Chestnut, Jr.: Condi Rice's Disdain for the Civil Rights Movement
  254. The Politics of Surrender: It's as American as Robert E. Lee
  255. Rep. Cynthia McKinney: the Republicans Have Done a Heinous Thing
  256. Conn. lawmakers clash over Murtha's call to pull troops out of ...
  257. Pakistan receives $5.4B in quake aid (Where will it really go?)
  258. APEC summits will go on despite detractors
  259. APEC vows to eliminate WMD, dismantle terror groups (huh? delusions of grandeur)
  260. Rajapakse offers talks with Tigers
  261. Fitzgerald announces new grand jury / Court filing says probe 'is ongoing'
  262. Move is part of painful restructuring to be announced in January (Ford)
  263. Ford to cut 4,000 office jobs in North America
  264. IAEA says Iran received black market uranium documents (or the internet - it's all well known open science & technology. What is all this crap?)
  265. Iraqi Conference Resumes After Walk-Out
  266. Israeli Says Rockets Shipped to Hezbollah (Israel says all sorts of things - like WH - lies)
  267. Would it be Possible? (Yes [sigh], of course Ohio was rigged)
  268. Stolen Boeing laptop held ID data on 161,000 people (Has this become fashionable, or something?)
  269. Is Italia Federici This Years Scandal Blonde?
  270. Freedom From Religion Foundation (Could we have some, please?)
  271. Republicans Stop NJ Senators From Honoring Bruce Springsteen
  272. Numbers Show Unemployment On The Rise In New York City (Surprising?)
  273. Iran and Poland move closer together (W's not gonna like this. Pretzels anyone?)
  274. Chavez wants Venezuelan oil tankers going to places other than the USA
  275. Reform Jews call for clear Iraq exit strategy
  276. Neo-con [Richard Likudnik Perle] wants to cut friendly ties with Saudi Arabia
  277. More on U.S. VX nerve gas shipments to Iraq in 1988 and 89.
  278. America's Corporatacracy Says "No MAS" (It's much worse than delusional paranoia)
  279. What I Knew Before the Invasion (The Congress had *NO* legitimate belefs: they were bought)
  280. 'I went to see Palestinian ghettos' (Vanunu)
  281. Ireland faces EU pressure over low tax
  282. Tim Collins trained troops to fight with white phosphorus
  283. Iran moves to block U.N. nuclear inspections (No ot doesn't; you lie, scum)
  284. Once merely messianic, Blair is now unhinged (Birdbrain flu?)
  285. Unforgivable (Entire gummint has gone beyond treason)
  286. US defiant on UN snub (Um - when isn't it defiant?)
  287. Jewish Leader Blasts Religious Right: "What Could Be More Bigoted Than To Claim That You Have A Monopoly On God? (But - this is the very essence of monotheism that jews allegedly invented!)
  288. Blair's list of new Labour peers shelved by watchdog (Smack!!)
  289. Inside Blair Force One (He's got big ones - bigger when they get beaten)
  290. Public's turn against war raises Vietnam specter
  291. Pentagon probes 'unlawful' activities (Ha ha ha ha ha - Ha!)
  292. Orlando Officer Charged In Violent Beating Of Homeless Man (A kinder, gentler nation)
  293. American Christian Fundamentalist Leader Calls For Global War (Think an enema would help him?)
  294. A Frozen Holocaust
  295. GM job cuts, plant closures on tap: analysts (Dominoes anyone?)
  296. The betrayed mothers of America
  297. Hitchens Lies About Bush Lies and Smears Antiwar Movement Again
  298. I watched US use 'shake and bake'
  299. Bush aide says Iraq withdrawal bad for Israel (again?)
  300. Why the Sudden Clampdown on Revisionists?
  301. A Factual Appraisal by the Red Cross (Re Holocaust)
  302. The White House cabal
  303. British-trained police in Iraq 'killed prisoners with drills'
  304. Bush at the Tipping Point (Not near soon enough - we're all already fucked)
  305. The old reverso votefraud trick
  306. Bill Authorizes Private Purchase of Federal Land
  307. Facing Md. Vote on Health Care, Wal-Mart Hires Extra Lobbyists
  308. Schumer: Medicare drug plan baffling millions of New York's seniors
  309. Army Engineers: Levee Warnings Unreported
  310. Ashcroft turns into hired gun
  311. Thousands march to back Chavez
  312. Destruction of Nerve Gas Resumes in Ind.
  313. Aide: Rice Was Not Woodward's Source (yeah yeah yeah - back to your cage)
  314. CIA agents reveal interrogation tactics
  315. Storm over CIA prisoner plane claims
  316. Halliburton Allegations Are Sent to Justice Dept.
  317. American plan for first troop withdrawals within month (Believe that?)
  318. Bush rejects timetable on Iraq pullout (See what I mean)
  319. UN cancels Guantanamo visit after US refuses free access
  320. The Dirty War: Torture and mutilation used on Iraqi 'insurgents'
  321. British-trained police in Iraq 'killed prisoners with drills'
  322. U.S. seeks to secure Sahara Desert
  323. How U.S. Fell Under the Spell of 'Curveball' (Fools! US *created* the spell!)
  324. Pentagon Team's War Plan Probed (Hegelian Horseshit)
  325. DeLay Ex-Aide to Plead Guilty in Lobby Case
  326. Senate committee passes spyware bill (Statistically, the asshole criminals have to get *something* right)
  327. Biden: Chance of filibuster on Alito stronger
  328. U.S. Plan to 'Rebuild' in Afghanistan Falls Short (NOOOO!!! Really?)
  329. Powell aide: Torture 'guidance' from Cheney (Why, that Cheney just knowseverything; practice makes perfect)
  330. Wash. mall locked down after shootings (Somebody Cheney practised on?)
  331. Israel's Sharon unleashes political earthquake (signing his own death warrant)
  332. Israel's Labor Party votes to pull out
  333. President preaches religious freedom (Dontcha just wanna reach out and smack the idiot?)
  334. Bush Goes to Church in China (Surprised to find yellow people in China)
  335. News Analysis: Acidic close of Congress signals curves ahead (The uglier the better)
  336. China signs 70-plane deal with Boeing
  337. Boeing wins billion dollar Emirates order
  338. Apec urges concerted drive to break Doha deadlock (over how best to screw us all)
  339. Brazil And The WTO Doha Round: Eroica Or Unfinished Symphony? (by Marcos Jank)
  340. OPEC tells European countries to cut oil taxes
  341. OPEC Is Unlikely to Cut Supply as Demand Rises, [its] President Says
  342. Medicare's Muddled Meddling
  343. Domains of freedom - Comment - Times Online
  344. Spinning the Web Forward - Newsweek: International Editions - MSNBC.com
  345. Door thwarts quick exit for Bush (Isn't he just great?! Let's give em a hand - or foot)
  346. Cytations: reform is happening: America's Real Most Wanted
  347. Fasten your seatbelts - It's time to bring this thing in for a landing
  348. Atta files destroyed by Pentagon (Umm - but - he had nothing to do with 9/11)
  349. Record number of protesters
  350. Detroit 'Sleeper Cell' Prosecutor Faces Probe
  351. Israeli banks profit from Holocaust (surprise!)
  352. Military Body Armor Recalled (Buy, 'Murkan - and die!)
  354. Ugly GOP Smear Stunt Fails Its Objective (Criminal Congress)
  355. Democrats get Mugged on the Floor of the House (Sharon's Criminal US Congress)
  356. GM ups job cut target to 30,000 hourly jobs (Dominoes!)
  357. West 'should buy the Afghan opium crop' (It already belongs to CIA)
  358. Population 1: the town that's been reclaimed by the prairie (Future of US is here)
  359. Bush people have cranked up the ol' fog machine (Only works on fogged brains)
  360. Sharon quits Likud, asks to dissolve Israeli parliament
  361. Shame on you, Catholic League! (Evil religious ignorance v. Evil Walmart)
  362. Scooter Libby's Doomed Defense
  363. Jewish council head wants Nazi trade banned (I'm fucking fed up with this goddamn shit; they should die)
  364. The Man Who Sold the War (John Rendon)
  365. Corruption Inquiry Threatens to Ensnare Lawmakers (The whole Criminal Congress?!)
  366. Resignation isnt that unthinkable (Fire the fucking gummint, all of it!)
  367. The Rendon Group: Proof The Administration Manipulated Intelligence
  368. Bush meets Einstein robot in Asia (What US technology?)
  369. Scanlon, Abramoff `Backroom Guy,' Points Probers at DeLay, Ney
  370. Newspapers must chart a new course (Like telling the truth?!)
  371. :How to profit from "The War on Terror" while controlling the datasphere
  372. Under U.S. Design, Iraq's New Army Looks a Good Deal Like the Old One
  373. The 21st Century Nazis Are Here
  374. GM parts supplier Delphi plans to axe 24,000 jobs: reduce hourly wage from $27 to $9; pay managers bonuses worth $90m
  375. US Official, reflecting the latest attitude of the US government, calls for Regime Change in Syria "Diplomatically if Possible by Force is Necessary"
  376. Iraq leaders demand pullout timetable
  377. Coalition....What Coalition?
  378. Incumbents Out (Then arrest, prosecute and imprison the lot of them foever)
  379. How the Bush administration got spooked (READ)
  380. Why Iraq war support fell so fast (CS Monitor's false premises suck)
  381. Bush Discusses Murtha and Says Progress in Iraq is 'Amazing' (Still delusional)
  382. Bill Clinton says U.S. must stay in Iraq (Another bought treasonist. Wrong dirtbrain!)
  383. We are in Iraq to Stay (That WAS the intent all along, well before the planned and excuted 9/11)
  384. Presidential Mystery Solved: Why Bush Is Stopping at Home Depot
  385. Home Depot Apologizes to Pencil Thief
  386. Studies: Wal-Mart Check-Out Errors Exceed U.S. Guidelines (in whose favor?)
  387. War protesters sue over camping ban near Bush ranch
  388. Cheney Takes Aim At War Critics (Cheney "The Torturer", despicable and loathsome will get his)
  389. New revelations of US military use of white phosphorus in Iraq
  390. Uproar in US Congress over Iraq withdrawal vote
  391. Rep. Cynthia McKinney: the Republicans Have Done a Heinous Thing; Get the Troops Out Now
  392. Paul Craig Roberts: Lies and Official Secrets (Totalitarian UK)
  393. Robert Jensen: a National Day of Atonement (Evil US myths needing destruction)
  394. Russ Baker: Woodward's Weakness
  395. Norman Solomon: Getting Out of Iraq
  396. Mike Whitney: Hugo Chavez vs. the King of Vacations (I'll take Hugo any day)
  397. Clinton's Hypocrisies on Iraq (That fucker has done more than enough damage to everyone already)
  398. Covert Satanist Pat Robertson Flashes Devils Hand (Miligning Satanists)
  399. No, Robert Fisk, there were not 19 Saudi hijackers.
  400. The spoils of war
  401. Iran wins reprieve on UN sanctions with Russian offer (You know that is not enough; nothing is enough)
  402. Exams watchdog reveals GCSE coursework cheating (UK "Physics may disappear")
  403. Iraq awaits verdict of DNA test on Zarqawi 'corpse' (Nope, he's been dead for quite a while)
  404. Bio-terror strike 'is inevitable' (Sure: Corpagov Planning and Execution)
  405. Cheney: Some Iraq Critics Are 'Dishonest' (Look what's talking)
  406. Sharon seeks dissolution of parliament
  407. Zarqawi: Dead or Alive? (Dead for years now, dumdum)
  408. Bush Winds Up Asia Trip With a Taste of Mongolia(wants to see their seaports)
  409. Russia: Putin Says Oil Pipeline Will Reach Far East Coast
  410. Ex-DeLay Aide Pleads Guilty in Conspiracy
  411. Ex-DeLay aide pleads guilty in corruption case
  412. No Conspiracy Evidence Seen in Leak Case, Journalist Says (Ashole liar)
  413. Numbers of AIDS infections hit levels unseen since 1988
  414. UN: Highest HIV Rate Found in Sub-Saharan Africa (the very population it was designed to exterminate)
  415. US presses Bosnians to create a single presidency (Um - whose country is it?)
  416. * Bush sings praise of Mongolia's warriors (They too trashed Baghdad)
  417. * Cheney, Rumsfeld go on offense (They are both an offense to all humans)
  418. * Elections alone do not guarantee a free democracy (No?! Really?)
  419. * Gold price set to break US$500 (Up, up and up it goes - as we predicted)
  420. Germany Elects First Female Chancellor (mistake!)
  421. Merkel is Germany's new chancellor
  422. Angela Merkel Elected German Chancellor | Germany | Deutsche Welle | 22.11.2005
  423. Will Germany's Coalition Work? (By US own war criminal)
  424. New German chancellor to visit London
  425. Cheney Slams War Critics, Praises Murtha (Stick and carrot?)
  426. Bush Plot to Bomb His Arab Ally
  427. Memo: Bush wanted Aljazeera bombed
  428. Blair persuaded Bush not to bomb Al-Jazeera headquarters: Daily Mirror
  429. New York's HIV experiment
  430. Thatcher 'threatened to nuke Argentina' (Expect the same of Merkel)
  431. Former Aide to DeLay Pleads Guilty in Conspiracy Case
  432. Fall of the D.C. Democrats (Useless, worthless - and still bought to be obedient)
  433. Exiled Iranian Says Nation Hides Materials (Obvious utter fabrication)
  434. Venezuela to begin selling cheap oil to poor communities in New York, Boston
  435. A Letter from Ramadi--"I Wish Every American Could See This for Him/Herself" )Because the "mission" is a total fraud, and always has been)
  436. Israel and Hizb Allah clash on border
  437. Israeli jets raid Lebanon after shelling (They're at it again)
  438. TomPaine.com - Our Monsters In Iraq
  439. A Devil Theory of Islam (Edward Said, Aug. 1996, Re Judith Miller et alia)
  440. Austrian prosecutors file Holocaust denial charges against historian David Irving (Only lies require "laws" to defend them against the onslaught of evidence)
  441. FOXNews.com - The O'Reilly Factor - Talking Points - Failure of Will? (A study in psychopathic stupidity)
  442. Dems win McCains backing (All vipers in Kermit drag)
  443. Schmidt in war of words
  444. Republicans Steal Thanksgiving (Wait for Supergrinch)
  445. An old, ugly, mean trick (Fuck their lying intimidations.)
  446. In Truth(Bendermans)
  447. No Sex, But Plenty of Lies and Videotape (vapid words v. murdering the troops)
  448. The Unanswered Question: Who Really Won In 2004?
  449. Are Israel's values Canada's values? (READ)
  450. Police ordered to write more tickets to raise revenue
  451. Padilla indicted, but not in dirty bomb case
  452. Fox Says GM Layoffs Will Make Life "Better for Everyone Involved" (Dreanged)
  453. Iraqis are faking their deaths, says US Air Force commander (Do we cut the tonguews out of liars like this?)
  454. Italian forger tied to George H. W. Bush. (Getting closer to Niger)
  455. Student Convicted in Plot to Assassinate President Bush (US Criminal Government)
  456. Occams Razor and 9-11 Conspiracy Theories
  457. Madonna's 9/11 Comments Underline Danger Of Political Celebrity Bandwagon (TRUE)
  458. Blair persuaded Bush not to bomb Al-Jazeera headquarters:
  459. U.S. Asks Taliban For Truce In Afghanistan: Reports
  460. The return of Dickensian London (How 'Murikan!)
  461. German trade unions rally to the grand coalition (They will rue the day)
  462. India: removal of foreign minister points to struggle over extent of US ties
  463. Witnesses at Australian Senate hearings warn: "terror" laws aimed at dissent (Of course they are; so is the farcical "War on Terror")
  464. France: Gaullist officials stoke up racism to justify state of emergency (and again)
  465. General Motors to close 9 plants, slash 30,000 North American jobs (How Dickensian!)
  466. Pierre Tristam: the Justice Deficit (READ TRUTH)
  467. The CIA's "Torture Taxi" in the Spotlight
  468. Kevin Alexander Gray and Mike Hersh: Rep. Maxine Waters, the Real Leader of the Anti-War Caucus
  469. EU Wants Clarification on CIA Camps
  470. Dread Takes a Toll on GIs in Iraq
  471. Capitalism Trapped by Its Own Greed
  472. Cheney Attempts to Tie Iraq to 9-11 Again (Criminally insane)
  473. Enron Defense Has Work Cut Out for It (Remember Enron?)
  474. Bolton Threatens a Showdown at the UN (Criminally insane)
  475. New study is boost to homeopathy (Done *at* a "homeopathic hospital"?!! Helli-o?)
  476. Key Bush Intelligence Briefing Kept From Hill Panel (More stonewalling to protect the guilty)
  477. Legal gag on Bush-Blair war row (UKgov threats to protect the guilty)
  478. Editors are threatened over TV station bombing claim
  479. MPs seek independent inquiry into Iraq war
  480. Bush knew no Iraq link pre-9/11: report
  481. Iraq war to last decades: study (Reread "1984")
  482. CDC Seeks Authority During Quarantines, Easy Access to Passenger Lists
  483. CDC Updates Rules, Outlines Gov't Procedures to Quarantine People (Totalitarian State)
  484. Padilla to face terror charges here (Still Kafkaesque)
  485. Exit Strategy in Search of a Party
  486. 5 million new HIV cases seen globally
  487. Bush Spoke of Attacking Arab News Channel, British Tabloid Says
  488. US denies 'plot' to bomb Arabic news station (So, you know it's true)
  489. Bush wanted to bomb Al-Jazeera
  490. Al-Jazeera urges probe into report of Bush plot to bomb TV station
  491. Al-Jazeera investigates 'bombing' memo
  492. Bush planned to bomb Al Jazeera
  493. Civil servant charged over bomb Arab TV station leak
  494. Report: Bush talked of bombing Al-Jazeera
  495. Report: Bush Talked of Bombing Al-Jazeera
  496. Memo: Bush wanted Aljazeera bombed
  497. Student accused of plotting to assassinate Bush is convicted (This is Bushit)
  498. Prosecutors push back Black arraignment
  499. A gutless, draft-dodging coward named Dick Cheney
  500. U.S. Congress Must Impeach the Vice President for Torture
  501. Political heretics being rounded up (What is the single unified force behind this?)
  502. Internet, e-mail and freedom of speech, Alert (More totalitarian government clampdown)
  503. Did Plame have proof Bush tried to plant WMDs in Iraq?
  504. U.S. Accuses Syria of Delaying Death Probe
  505. Blair branded 'Bush's lapdog'
  506. FBI turns to UC Berkeley for help softening its image (It's glorified shot, and always has been)
  507. It's no secret: CIA scouting for recruits
  508. Bush critics get goon treatment
  509. War Stance Isolates Lieberman (JL is exclusively acting in the best interests of Israel, period)
  510. Is the end near for Ney? (All roads lead to Abramoff, even Mohammed Atta's)
  511. The Enemy in Our Living Room
  512. US never had burden of proof: Cheney (Cheney's whimsically revisionist Law)
  514. Moscow to close foreign groups (displaying a modicum of intelligence)
  515. A New Map! (Their need for repeating 9/11 goes critical - beware)
  516. Press Briefing by Scott McClellan (the slimey lying creep)
  517. Bush was informed of lack of Iraq-Qaeda ties (We *knew* that)
  518. Peace Activists Arrested at Crawford for Standing on the Side of the Road(Hitler incarnate)
  519. POLICE STATE! COMING OR ALREADY HERE? (3 guesses, first 2 don't count)
  520. The exit exam end-around (Corpagov education and its slimeyness)
  521. Cracks Found in Protective Foam on an Unused Shuttle Fuel Tank (Corpagov engineering)
  523. Corporations Scared To Sponsor Natural History Museum's Evolution, Darwin Exhibition.. (Insanity is in; science is out: corpagov pseudoscience)
  525. Growing international tension over the Arctic
  526. Los Angeles Times fires liberal columnist Robert Scheer
  527. Study documents exploitation in Indian call centres
  528. US secures continued control of Internet naming system
  529. Australia: right-wing columnists label political dissent akin to "terrorism" (Totalitarianism)
  530. GM job cuts will devastate North American cities (As I said, Dominoes anyone?)
  531. Linda S. Heard: Targeting Al Jazeera
  532. Senior Iraq Sunni Leader Slain in Home
  533. GOP Loses an Asset: 'Purple' Democrats (It's far too late; kick them all out!)
  534. Jason Leopold: How Pre-War Iraq Intel Was Cooked
  535. Confusion over gay priests document (We only want people made crazy by intense repression)
  536. Fuel pact defended at local signing
  537. Venezuela gives US cheap oil deal
  538. Herald.com | 11/21/2005 | Ch&#-11;&#-11;vez builds base with grass-roots circles in U.S.
  539. VHeadline.com - Paul & Linda Kelly first Bostonians to get Venezuelan discount heating oil
  540. Q&A: Pinochet and justice
  541. Pinochet Indicted on Tax Evasion Charges
  542. Guardian Unlimited | World Latest | U.S. Lifts Embargo on Indonesia Arms Sales
  543. Texas Property Tax Ruled Unconstitutional
  544. Bush set to pull out 60,000 troops (and send in how many?)
  545. The Champ and the Chimp: "No Iraqi Left Me to Die on a Roof" :: PEJ News :: Stories, Features, Opinion and Analysis :: Peace, Earth & Justice News
  546. Lawsuit Filed By Pair Removed From Bush Visit
  547. Beyond That Memo: Bush Wanted al-Jazeera Gone - by Jeremy Scahill
  548. Newspaper gagged over Bush memo
  549. I'll go to jail to print the truth about Bush and al-Jazeera
  550. TomPaine.com - No Space At The Table
  551. See Dick snarl (watch Dick lie, hear Dick babble as he froths at the mouth)
  552. Journalistic Bomb
  553. Ann Coulter's amazing intellect! (actually, it's more of an anti intellect)
  554. The Truth Seeker - Are You Brainwashed? Part I (READ at little reality)
  555. Islam and the Western Media
  556. portland imc - 2003.06.21 - CIA and DOD Attempted To Plant WMD In Iraq (In case you forgot)
  557. Ain't no free speech allowed in Dubya's America
  558. Annan welcomes understanding reached between parties in Nepal
  559. US jobless tally higher than expected (and higher than reported by bogus gummint fabrications)
  560. U.N. Faces New Political Threats From U.S. (Asshole forgets how economically dependent US is in its debts)
  561. Doubts Now Surround Account of Snipers Amid New Orleans Chaos
  562. Investigation Shows Mainstream Media Not Interested In Freedom Of Information
  563. Black Box Voting Forums: 11-24-05: Turkey Day leftovers: No thanks for stuffing elections with machines
  564. Ohio's Diebold Debacle: New machines call election results into question
  565. Thanksgiving in the CIA's Secret Prisons
  566. Report drops Fallujah bombshell - 24 Nov 2005 - World News
  567. Fox News won't show ad opposing Alito
  568. St. Petersburg Republican Takes Charge of Libby's Legal Defense Fund
  569. Iraqi detainees tell of torture
  570. Romania Base Focus of Secret Prison Probe
  571. Allies warn US over CIA's secret jails
  572. Qatar shock at al-Jazeera bombing report
  573. Report: Steep decline in Illinois workers' income
  574. 20,000 demonstrate against US military torture training center
  575. French unions seeking end to national rail strike
  576. SPD party congress united behind Germany's grand coalition
  577. British government threatens prosecution to suppress claim that Bush sought to bomb Al Jazeera
  578. Indictment of Jose Padilla: another chapter in Bush's war on democratic rights
  579. Ramzy Baroud: the Great Gaza Border Deal
  580. Stan Cox: Red, White and Blue Dawn
  581. EU Alleges Iran Possesses Nuclear Designs (Spare me the idiocies)
  582. EU strikes historic deal to shake up sugar policy (price will go up)
  583. Extreme Bush: The good, bad & ugly
  584. Jackson 'has anti-Semitic streak' (Oh, stuffit!)
  585. ADL Demands Michael Jackson Apologize (Perhaps proving Jackson's point?)
  586. As Noise Rises, So May Heart Risks (Meaning Bill O'R. and Pills Limbaugh should shut up?)
  587. Chile's Pinochet Charged in Six Disappearances (How Bushco will be gotten?)
  588. Secret EU report launches scathing attack on Israel (Someone's actually paying attention?)
  589. EU hits at Israeli policies in East Jerusalem
  591. Mother of soldier killed in Iraq wants PM to explain reason for war under oath
  592. AOL News - Report Suggests Taxing Hybrids, Billing Drivers by Mile (ABsurd: US is utterly bankrupt in every way possible)
  593. On the Road to Rock Bottom (Screw the jerk's problems: he's left US death as nation unavoidable)
  594. Drawings showing how to make atomic warhead found in Iran (LMAO: they're available to any schoolboy)
  595. Secret British document accuses Israel (of exactly what it has *always* been doing)
  596. First Light - Chris Floyd
  597. Your Papers Please (Nazi State that will make 1930s Germany look like a Sunday Picnic)
  598. Taiwan questions Britain's bird-flu deaths report (USUKgov lies continuously, so who knows?)
  599. Carbon dioxide levels highest in 650,000 years: studies (accuracy? Plant food!)
  600. Twain's Ghost: Watching the Watchers
  601. Why Ted Koppel Shouldnt be Compared to Murrow
  602. Is Bush lying about his lies? (Of course)
  603. Ladies and Gentlemen: The American Economy Has Left the Building (With a value measurable only in negative numbers)
  604. ZNet |Mainstream Media | A News Revolution Has Begun
  605. Syria accuses US of launching lethal raids over its borders (That's why they have been at the borders)
  606. Murdoch sees gloom for newspapers against Internet
  607. Abramoff probe broader than thought: paper
  608. Torture claims 'forced US to cut terror charges'
  609. New evidence of harm from GM food triggers call for immediate ban
  610. Italians Strike Over Proposed Budget Cuts
  611. Lycos Ordered to Tell Web Client Identity
  612. Jazeera seeks Blair meeting
  613. Brutal clampdown by Ethiopian regime
  614. Thousands arbitrarily deprived of vote in Sri Lankan presidential election
  615. APEC: mass protests and political tension in South Korea
  616. The implications of Bush's diplomatic debacle in Asia
  617. Australian "terror" raids target Tamil groups
  618. Will the US Seize the Opportunity for Troop Withdrawal? (Unlikely)
  619. Jeff Halper: Peretz or Bust? (READ)
  620. Brian McKenna: Will Bush Miss the Next Bhopal?
  621. David Price: How US Anthropologists Planned "Race-Specific" Weapons Against the Japanese(Social Psychology was weaponized ages ago)
  622. BBC NEWS | Magazine | Project Paperclip: Dark side of the Moon (Origins of "US technology")
  623. China media open up in aftermath of chemical spill
  624. Sugar deal mars Commonwealth meeting (Scumbag Tony Blair doing his thing)
  625. Sharon's new centrist movement 'crushing' hard-line Likud (A feint)
  626. Protest Reassembles in Crawford
  627. Chicago Tribune | Cheney takes center stage in Iraq debate (As thepsycho thug that he is)
  628. Holiday shopping season starts with deals, shoving (I'll stay home thankyou)
  629. Italians strike over Berlusconi's economic reforms
  630. Syria caves in to UN over Beirut murder (it won't matter)
  631. Chavez brings oil diplomacy to U.S.
  632. Chavez to Subsidize Oil for Boston's Poor
  633. News Media's Favorite Commie Chavez Attempts to Buy Off Americans (That's the way assholes put it anyhow)
  634. VHeadline.com - The American people do have a true friend in Venezuela's Hugo Chavez Frias!
  635. American Chronicle: Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez A Savior To America's Poor
  636. Is oil offer kind or cunning? (Both actually - smarter & kinder than any drooling ruling repto in Wash DC)
  637. Goldsmith denies gag attempt (Lord Goldsmith is a liar, a whore, a moron or psychopath - or all four)
  638. Chris Matthews Enjoys Story About American Soldiers Robbing Iraqis (That's 'Murika for ya - support the troops as they loot and destroy innocents)
  639. Congressman Ron Paul Reiterates Danger Of Foreign Troops Being Used For Martial Law(The only bona fide human in all US government)
  640. Early Morning Shoppers Pepper Sprayed at Beaumont Wal-Mart
  641. Gang-Raping Pollyanna (devolution is the game; evolution is vastly overrated)
  642. Alabama closes Internet Cafes (and so it begins)
  643. NBC Didn't Report Accident During Parade (The lying fabrication media, Cf. "Farenheit 451")
  644. How'd They Vote? :: Canadian MPs in Focus
  645. Hearing scheduled for former judge on additional charges (He could have done far worse things)
  646. Dolphin therapy fights depression (When idiots do "science")
  647. U.S. Starts Laying Groundwork for Significant Troop Pullout From Iraq (Just wait for the scam: same routines Israel pulls regularly)
  648. The mainstream media sinks to new lows to support the war (and it's already grade A filth)
  649. Ohio imam arrested for deportation (Poster image of Fascist State: Fiat Crimes)
  650. Nuking Iran Without the Dachshund - by Jorge Hirsch (But they need another dachshund)
  651. Outing Brewster Jennings (Yes, Hashemite Iraq - strange to say)
  652. Lesser Neocons of L'Affaire Plame - by Christopher Deliso
  653. Arafat report breached rules, say BBC governors (No pity for Israel's victims allowed)
  654. US takes casualties in Syria (That's IN Syria)
  655. Britain gives approval to torture, claims Amnesty (More Fiat Law)
  656. Guardian Unlimited | Special reports | Foreign Office 'unrelentingly pro-Palestinian' says Israel(I'm with the Iranian President)
  657. Israel warns against EU action (I'm still with the Iranian president about this shitty little noncountry)
  658. Libby May Have Tried to Mask Cheney's Role ("may"?! - oh, grow up)
  659. In the Eye of the Eagle (Syria or Iran? Iran or Syria? Iran is the plum, but Syria is easier ...)
  660. Abramoff used DeLay to fund anti-intifada militia
  661. Why the middle classes go scavenging in dustbins (US to the existential toilet wed)
  662. DANGEROUS DENIAL (Karen Hughes: psychopath in the saddle riding herd)
  663. UN Amb. John Bolton And Jerusalem Post's Caroline Glick Speak At ZOA Brandeis Award Dinner Dec. 1 (Bolton is zionist, not 'Murikan; yes they are mutually exclusive)
  664. War Without End :: View topic - Americans for Peace Now Support $1.2 billion for Israel(which org goes shit for brains)
  665. Al-Jazeera boss demands to see 'bomb' memo
  666. Al Jazeera calls for Bush memo to be made public
  667. Peruvians demand extradition of ex-president Fujimori (should be interesting)
  668. Bush administration plays to religious right in delaying contraceptive approval
  669. Merkel elected as germany's chancellor: grand coalition to implement social cuts (She does with glee what Schröder was relectant, but forced to do by NWO globalists, bankers)
  670. Violence against occupation opponents continues in lead-up to Iraq election
  671. Will Youmans: In Search of Paradise
  672. Lewis Alper: an Evangelical Christian Looks at Bush's Skull and Bones Initiation
  673. What Really Happened at Mar del Plata
  674. Working Toward Whiteness: an Interview with David Roediger
  675. Lila Rajiva: Of Mice, Men and GM Peas
  676. Timothy J. Freeman: the Price of Freedom (and the Price of Hoaxes)
  677. See, Neoliberalism Really Works: Net Worth of India's Billionaires Soars!
  678. Dave Lindorff: US War Crimes List Keeps Growing
  679. Fred Gardner: Dr. Denney Goes to Arkansas
  680. Gary Leupp: The Nepal Pact
  681. John Ross: When a Language Dies
  682. Brian Cloughley: What Are They Dying For?
  683. Who We Are: Torture and the Empire
  684. Alexander Cockburn: How the Democrats Undercut John Murtha
  685. Man Held in Boulis Slaying Incriminates Fellow Suspects
  686. Montana Senator Burns Part of Abramoff Probe
  687. "Sheehan's Stand" Monument Unveiled in Crawford
  688. Abramoff Probe Spreads to White House, 4 Lawmakers
  689. Padilla Dirty Bomb Evidence Extracted by Torture
  690. Political Donations, Bribery Reach Level of Criminal Misconduct
  691. Fury over Gagging Threat 'to Spare Bush's Blushes'
  692. IDF to alter its deployment on Egyptian border to combat smuggling
  693. Palestinians open Egypt-Gaza border
  694. Prime minister plans to draw 'the final shape of Israel' (Yeretz style)
  695. Are we really getting fatter? (Yes: it's all those cheap carbs in a protein deficient diet enforced by US corpagov - not to mention their ever lying media servants)
  696. US deplores Azeri rally policing (That's rich, coming from USNazis of corpagov)
  697. George W. Bush - Terrorist in the White House - The War For Israel
  698. According to Indictment, AIPAC Has Been Under Investigation Since Early 1999 (while it has been paying off the criminal congress)
  699. Burns part of lobbyist probe (Se. Conrad Burns R-Mont.)
  700. The US Plans a Long, Long Stay in Iraq (verrrry long)
  701. Iraqis Asking for a Timetable for Withdrawal
  702. Sharing the Land of Canaan - Attacks getting more personal
  703. Japan lands probe on asteroid (instead of attacking it)
  704. 'Trophy' video exposes private security contractors shooting up Iraqi drivers
  705. Bolton loses British backing for UN tactics
  706. Americans anger at an all-time high (with 28% being drooling psychopath)
  707. Switzerland votes on GM crop ban
  708. Bush Official's Plane Makes Emergency Stop (Um - where's Cheney?)
  709. "Bush's reputation in at least the academic community is about as low as you can imagine."
  710. Plot to kill Hussein judge uncovered (Al-CIAda-Mossada is verry busy)
  711. Abuse in Iraq as bad or worse than in Hussein's day: Allawi
  712. Abuse worse than under Hussein, says Iraqi leader
  713. The leak that revealed Bush's deep obsession with al-Jazeera
  714. China's Premier Visits Waterless City
  715. Quake rocks central China, 15 dead
  716. How a heart-throb became the voice of liberal America (George Clooney)
  717. American company to fight pirates off Somalia
  718. The Struggle to Gauge a War's Psychological Cost (The troops are the villains - and they know it)
  719. While We Were Sleeping (Corpagov & Media were lying their tongues off)
  720. Pullout would destabilize Iraq, top general tells troops on visit (No pullout will destabilize the world; take your pick assholes)
  721. Blairs slow, embarrassing death by a thousand leaks (We prefer painful cuts. Could I watch?)
  722. Iraq a tricky issue for ambitious Democrats (The problem word is "ambitious")
  723. Judge reserves decision on Bush torture case
  724. Pentagon Expanding Its Domestic Surveillance Activity (Perparing for Martial Law Imposition)
  725. Behind the phosphorus clouds are war crimes within war crimes (READ)
  726. Smoke fills Bush adviser's airplane (A small reminder of how anybody can, and *has* been eliminated)
  727. All disquiet on West Wing front (Have not enough treasons been committed?)
  729. Poppy involved in JFK Assassination
  730. Computer Hacker Invited To Break Into State's Voting Machines (Hardly the point when Diebold can easily "hack" its own machines)
  731. Israeli settlers destroy Palestinian olive trees (Yes, they've been doing this forever)
  732. VENEZUELA: Evidence of US involvement in bombing
  733. Israel Gradually Occupies Eastern Jerusalem (continuing to say fuck you to UN)
  734. For newspapers, news keeps getting worse (Robyn is too stupid to figure the truth out - and so confabulates)
  735. Dark days at White House (Martial law is an extreme measure when *everybody* gets fed up with his Skull&Bones War, Death and Destruction)
  736. Pension Officers Putting Billions Into Hedge Funds (They're gonna get screwed)
  737. Math + science = innovation, but US lags in the equation (Ditto UK - a pattern here?)
  738. Bush is lying about old deception
  739. The Reason Bush Is Pushing For Syria's Invasion
  740. California invites Black Box Voting to hack Diebold voting machines (But Diebold itself is doing the rigging)
  741. History Proves That Israel Will Kill US Military Personnel
  742. Scientists' deaths are under the microscope (The list is now much longer than 11)
  743. U.S. Still Silencing Scientists ("Corpagov science" = Nonscience)
  744. A Journey That Ended in Anguish
  745. Is An Attack On A US Airliner Imminent? (If the Cabal orders it)
  747. Strong quake hits Iran, at least 10 dead
  748. Brothers on the march to Islamic state
  749. Muslim Brotherhood cements its leadership of Egyptian opposition
  750. War-Ravaged Chechnya Chooses a Parliament
  751. Saving Face and How to Say Farewell (Save face by imprisoning the entire criminal government forever)
  752. Throw some cold water on free trade (Getting close to the obvious truth?)
  753. Insurers' Tactics in Marketing Drug Plan Draw Complaints (Possibly because insurers are racketeers in everything they do?)
  754. PM to attend cricket on day Nguyen hangs (What would you expect the repto bastard to do?)
  755. The Knowledge: Sharon and the future of the Middle East (The phoney surface)
  756. Sen. Suggests Bush Use 'Fireside Chats' (A comedy hour on abuses of English?)
  757. Anticipating a Terrorist Attack on Congress (Easy way of "dissolving" it)
  758. He Dared to Challenge Power and the Official Consensus (Benderman)
  759. US to reach out to Iran in bid to quell Iraq unrest (Bizzaro Mundo)
  760. Europe Seen Cracking Down on Holocaust Revisionists (Truth never lurks in fictional orthodoxies)
  761. Convoy of Death: Why have US television stations refused to broadcast this documentary?
  762. NASA receives clearance for Russian Soyuz spacecraft
  763. Pharma's Poisoned Generation
  764. EU May Suspend Nations With Secret Prisons
  765. Merck to cut 7,000 jobs
  766. Video: US mercenaries randomly shooting Iraqi civilians
  767. Supreme Court denies FBI translator's case
  768. Who served and who sends others :: Choice Changes :: Conscious Choices for a better world
  769. Returning the money to the people (READ!)
  770. CIFA: The Pentagons COINTELPRO (Here we go again - yet)
  771. US Report Calls on Israel to Begin Nuclear Disarmament (LMFAO! - Yeah, pretty please?)
  772. Blair's revenge on 90-day rebels is childish spite (Blair *is* a mental infant)
  773. Egyptian vote could be bad news for U.S. (and by U.S.)
  774. Gimme an Rx! Cheerleaders Pep Up Drug Sales
  775. Growing Trend Of New 9/11 Themed Movies (is official fiction: so much for "liberal" Hollywood - which has *never* been liberal at all)
  776. GM to raise India workforce by 30%
  777. Weekend's Sales Rush Largely Bypasses Smaller Stores
  778. US may use planes as substitute for troops in Iraq (Like "truckle down econ", a proven disastrous idea)
  779. Hollywood, Iraq and 9/11: Reinforcing the Party Line
  780. Fears gas crisis is scam to raise prices (It always has been)
  781. The CIA uncovers a secret: how to look things up on the internet (LOL)
  782. Scooter's Motive - by Justin Raimondo
  783. Scandal could take in at least a dozen in Congress (and in truth, the entire Congress)
  784. Testimony from Rove's former assistant may solidify case that he misled leak inquiry, lawyers say
  785. 6 EASY STEPS to Burying America's Students In Debt
  786. Joshua Frank: DeLay, Abramoff and Israeli Militias
  787. Cunningham resigns after bribery plea
  788. US blocked dozens of experts from attending biotech conference: Cuba
  789. War protesters leave Crawford
  790. State-by-State GOP Scandle Score Card - Party of Corruption
  791. Australia: "Welfare to work" Bill will enforce cheap labour
  792. Military trial of David Hicks and other Guant&#-11;&#-11;namo prisoners deferred
  793. Kashmir earthquake fails to advance India-Pakistan cooperation
  794. French Socialist Party congress backs government repression
  795. "Don't Bomb Us!": a Blog by Al Jazeera Staffers
  796. Paul Craig Roberts: the Grave Threat of the Bush Administration]
  797. Mike Whitney: the Pentagon's Domestic Spying Operation
  798. Justin E.H. Smith: Schwarzenegger's Curious Power
  799. The Woodward Scandal Must Not Blow Over
  800. Cooked Intelligence: the Dog that Didn't Bark
  801. The "Bomb Al Jazeera" Documents Trial
  802. Two Earthquakes - Uri Avnery
  803. FEMA'S Contracting Disaster
  804. "Duke" Cunningham Pleads Guilty to Conspiracy
  805. Feds Probing Possible Republican Casino Fraud
  806. What did U.S. military know before 9/11?
  807. Florida's Secret City (Corpagov, of course. Whose country is this?)
  808. Teen UK: A generation sitting on a mental health time bomb
  809. Joshua Frank: DeLay, Abramoff and Israeli Militias
  810. Torture, American-Style
  811. The Hunt for Hercules N8183J
  812. Canadian government toppled by no-confidence vote
  813. Bush pitches guest-worker plan to tackle illegal immigration (Just call them something else)
  814. CORRUPT US CONGRESSMAN (All of them?)
  815. US: Venezuela scuttles visit by congressmen
  816. US voices concern about Spain-Venezuela plane deal
  817. Miami police take new tack against terror (GESTAPO terror tactics)
  818. Canada's government is thrown out
  819. Police who shot Brazilian on Tube 'to escape charges' (Surprised?)
  820. Let's Ask the Iraqi People If U.S. Forces Should Leave (They've been saying)
  821. Inside File: Dollars and no sense
  822. Growing bored of the carnage as crime of the century unfolds
  823. Realists Tighten Grip as Talks Open with Iran (Yeah right! Just wait to see how thiws falls out numbskull)
  824. Ex-Powell Aide Faults Bush on Iraq (The particulars don't say that)
  825. Mainstream media goes into turd-polishing mode (They always make this shit up)
  826. Diebold goes down to defeat in North Carolina (The liars and treasoners sought protection from criminal liability - and lost)
  827. UP IN THE AIR (Make that the usual *HOT* air of criminal corpagov)
  828. Rice to seek to defuse prison scandal in Europe (i.e try to make it go away using terror and intimidation)
  829. Bush ally faces 10 years' jail for $2.4 million in bribes (Criminal Congress at work)
  830. Cheney accused on prisoner abuse (You already know the true verdict)
  831. UK victims of faulty drugs denied payout (Unless it's an MP?)
  832. Trouble in Prozac Nation (READ - the thieving pharmawhores)
  833. Business Groups Rally Against Bush Administration (Just as evil and stupid as he is)
  834. Whistleblower! - US Interrogator Confirms Routine Iraq Torture
  835. Former high-ranking FBI official calls for new OKC bombing probe (Danny Coulson)
  836. Ex-Powell aide: Was U.S. fooled? (No "fooled", no "deceived" - just Lied)
  837. Israeli Forgiven For Counterfeit $1.5 Million (??!!)
  838. Fascism then. Fascism now? (Yes, it's economic arrangement, i.e., corpagov!)
  839. Republicans now saying WMD were found in Iraq (They just make this shit up)
  840. Wikipedia gets Swift Boated (The Reptos invade absolutely everything)
  841. Feds probing SunCruz links to GOP (Also Abramoff and chief 9/11 schill Mohammed Atta?)
  842. EU threatens sanctions for states operating secret CIA camps (Eat shit, Condi)
  843. The Bush Administration's "Noble Lies" (Same as "Pious Forgeries" of Xtians)
  844. Reports that Prozac might be unsafe at any dose had Lilly running scared. (Why? They already knew this)
  845. U.S. reports JDAMS shortage in Iraq
  846. We're Prepared To Pay The Price Of Freedom, Are You? - Blairwatch (READ)
  847. Corrupt Congressman Cunningham illustrates how US ended up in Iraq
  848. THOUGHT POLICE THWARTED ON NEW HATE BILL (Peril remains as long Reptos live)
  849. Europe Seen Cracking Down on Holocaust Revisionists (selectively)
  850. U.S. Black "Ops" in Portugal? (Why would you think not?)
  851. Only one logical reason Israeli spies were cheering near burning WTC
  852. Hollywood faces uncertain economic outlook--study (People possibly getting fed up with shit?)
  853. GM crops highly dangerous, warn Austrian campaigners
  854. Proposed cuts could slice child support (Money needed for torture and genocide - none for children)
  855. Maine turns down sex-ed funding due to regulations on its spending
  856. Kansas Prof. Apologizes for E-Mail (I guess he wants to keep his job)
  857. CREW Files IRS Complaint Against James Dobson's Focus On the Family
  858. Rally Held in Texas to Support Tom DeLay (alongside the one supporting Jack the Ripper)
  859. The Abramoff affair: Snapshots from an empire of corruption
  860. Bush says congressman taking bribes 'outrageous' (said mincingly)
  861. CIA chief defends agency over bin Laden hunt (Load of bullshit)
  862. Government's own see the danger in terrorism laws (AU)
  863. French Lawmakers Approve Anti-Terror Bill (French Totalitarian Fascism)
  864. Refusal to present ID sparks test of rights (Totalitarian State)
  865. Mass of law enforcement will help secure visit (Bush: the most hated man in all history)
  866. President Bush's Flirtation With Fascism (It's a long term love affair)
  867. U.S. Troops Rescue Ethiopian Cheetah Cubs (and then flew back to Iraq to continue torture and genocide of humans?)
  868. Rights groups urge fairness in Hussein trial (lots of luck: it's a sham from the getgo)
  869. Iraq Troop Withdrawal Would Be 'Huge Mistake,' Bush Says (From the view oint of his handlers, it is)
  870. Friendly fire may have killed 2 in 101st (Do the supreme perps care? Get over it)
  871. Video Shows Activists Kidnapped in Iraq
  872. Ex-Powell Aide Criticizes Detainee Effort
  873. Pace defends use of white phosphorus (also defends genocide?)
  874. Evidence Mounts of Iraqi Military of Kidnappings and Slayings (Induced genocides within genocides)
  875. Rumsfeld: Don't call them 'insurgents' (Orwellian shitspeak)
  876. Rumsfeld suppresses 'insurgent' (Changing the word changes the reality, does it? Fucking moron)
  877. 'I was paid to blame Syria' (How perfectly surprising)
  878. Guardian newspaper forced to retract Noam Chomsky interview
  879. Australia: Telstra to slash 12,000 jobs
  880. The death of China's "red capitalist" and the 1949 revolution
  881. Sri Lankan newspaper advocates anti-democratic restrictions for future elections
  882. The Abramoff affair: Snapshots from an empire of corruption
  883. The Abramoff affair: Corruption scandal threatens Republican control of US [Criminal] Congress(Then there are the treasonous Democrats to deal with)
  884. Canada's Liberal government falls, setting stage for January election
  885. Human Rights Leaders Call for Release of Haiti's Political Prisoners
  886. The Duke and the Enterprise: Randy Cunningham's Crash Landing (Criminl Congress)
  887. Woodwardgate: Still Protecting the Rightwing
  888. Bush the Dupe? (Finally! The man has finally written someting tired and trivial)
  889. Joshua Frank: Jack Abramoff's Bipartisan Sleaze
  890. Behzad Yaghmaian: the Ghost of Sangatte (France's self made pickle)
  891. 'Dummies' and 'Idiot's' religion books prove smart bet for publishers (I would not say a word; a word I would not say)
  892. Lough invasion being investigated (When idiots change one thing, ...)
  893. Of business and the science of human re-engineering (Sperming on, the already lunatic and brain challenged corpagov)
  894. Fallujah: What Are They Hiding, Official Secrets or the Truth?
  895. "Duke" Cunningham Pleads Guilty to Conspiracy
  896. Daschle: Timing Entwined War Vote, Election
  897. FEMA'S Contracting Disaster (FEMA *is* a disaster)
  898. A Second Time Reporter to Testify in Leak Case (Viveca Novak)
  899. Moyers Has His Say
  900. Wilkerson Continues Assault on Bush, Cheney
  901. '86 Alito Memo Argues Against Foreigners' Rights
  902. Cheney Records Under Wraps
  903. Hostage video accuses snatched peace activists of spying on Iraq
  904. Abortion returns to high court's docket (Inevitable. *Everything* must become a crime.)
  905. US Promises Response to European Inquiry on Alleged Secret Prisons (How stupid do neocons think we are?)
  906. The mass poisoning of humanity: an exploration of human stupidity (Lunatic half truths, not knowing chemistry)
  907. Free speech is for everyone - even David Irving
  908. Softball Continues, Matthews Shills Again
  909. Congressional Theater, Media Illusions and Controlling the Debate
  910. Worse than Watergate? (Yes, and it will get massively worse yet)
  911. Hastert wants 'Christmas,' tree together (Um - it's a Druidic custom, idiot)
  912. US probes secret CIA jail claim (Oh suuuuuuure)
  913. U.S. Will Address E.U. Questions on CIA Prisons (and then lie)
  914. Rice [genocidal repto] defends unlimited detention of suspected terrorists
  915. Cheney accused on prisoner abuse (But who's listening?)
  916. Gunmen open fire on Iraq bus, kill 9 (More US death squads?)
  917. Military planners to seek $3.9 billion on top of $10.6 billion (Halliburton, again?!!)
  918. Two men in UK court over 'Jazeera bombing' leak
  919. Researcher in Blair-Bush memo row 'shocked' at Official Secrets charge
  920. U.S. military secretly paying Iraqi newspapers to publish articles by U.S. military (and many other newspapers as well - been going on for years)
  921. OECD Sizes Up US Economic Growth Prospects (Delusional: it's much worse)
  922. CIA-Chef: "Wissen mehr &#-11;&#-11;ber Bin Laden als wir sagen" (z.B., er is tot)
  923. IE Flaw 'extremely critical' (All M$ software is *supposed* to be buggy as hell)
  924. Bush to fight Iraq critics with speech on strategy (Oh yes, their words create reality - just as God in the Kabbalah -- Ahem)
  925. The War on our Children
  926. Bush's Deadly Dance with Islamic Theocrats
  927. Cheney 'may be guilty of war crime' (LOL - So "may be" Kissinger.)
  928. Meet the Secret Rulers of the World: The Truth About The Bohemian Grove
  929. Nuclear Weapons Stealth Takeover: 5 Admirals, U.C. Regents, Carlyle Group, and Rand LEUREN MORET / San Francisco Bay View 16sep04(READ)
  930. Is American Journalism Dying? (It's dead)
  931. What 'staying the course' really means
  932. Lynch mobs, the death penalty, and torture in the US military: a history
  933. Iraq's Armed Forces Sinking Into Sectarian Chaos
  934. We are not alone: WE are the majority! (BRussells Tribunal READ)
  935. A frightening "Strategy for Israel" (The strategy from the very beginning)
  936. Judge Rejects Appeal of CIA Arrest Warrant (Italy)
  937. Iran Nuclear Race Reaches Point of No Return (They make this shit up)
  938. Home front may force Bush's hand on war (It will be worked and danced around)
  939. Pentagon Black Ops: Abducting Peacemakers in Iraq
  940. General: Americans Must Stop Iraqi Abusers (Rummy doesn't think so)
  941. Rescue efforts lead to arrest nightmare for N.O. businessman (READ)
  942. What is Wrong With Joe Lieberman? Is he Hallucinating or Lying? (Zionism)
  943. How our governments use terrorism to control us (READ HISTORY)
  944. IRAQ: RUMSFELD BANS THE WORD 'INSURGENTS' (when they are really fredom fighters and patriots)
  945. Bush says Iraqis taking greater role in defense (Yup - of their own country)
  946. Syrian spy implicates Hariri's son (Hmmmm)
  947. 38 page PDF document defining administration strategy for Iraq (Mendaciously delusional)
  948. Ah, the life of a defense contractor! (Where your tax dollars go)
  949. Pentagon, intel pros tell Bush war cannot be won (but for genocide that is)
  950. The Commode of D.C.
  951. U.S. Customs now reads your blog entries? (Totalitarian state)
  952. The CIA's Man in Hollywood
  953. Israel to Extradite One of World's Top Drug Traffickers to U.S. (CIA has competition?)
  954. Why Were Government Propaganda Experts Working On News At CNN?
  955. US Jews Could Pay High Price for Iraq War
  956. Howard Dean sucks up to the spies at AIPAC
  957. LOS ALAMOS / Plutonium could be missing from lab / 600-plus pounds unaccounted for, activist group says
  958. Israel's Answer A Fabrication (May 11, 1987)
  959. Cheerleading at Annapolis
  960. The Coming Flame Out in Iraq (There was never any intention of withdrawning fron Iraq)
  961. The Coming Storm: Jack Abramoffs Bipartisan Sleaze (Keep your eye on who owns the manipulating media)
  962. None Dare Call It Censorship (Some do dare)
  963. Time Warner CEO, who sought to gag Scalia event, has deep GOP roots
  964. Pelosi will back Murtha Iraq pullout resolution (She who swears allegence to Israel? - Watch for the copout)
  965. O'Reilly on Fire on Today on Iraq: "It's World War III" (He's a global health hazard)
  966. Are Most Terrorism Files Forged? (Exactly as terrorists are - but for US corpagov which has been a terrorist & thief for over 150 years)
  967. Transcript: President Bush's Speech on the War on Terrorism (Barf)
  968. UK airports 'are stop-offs in torture flights'
  969. US Air Force unveils hand-held laser gun (Oh rapture!)
  970. NGA to block some aeronautical info (Totalitarian state)
  971. Standard Federal ID to Replace Common Access Cards (Totalitarian State)
  972. U.S. Library of Congress evacuated for 'odor' (A Comgressperson was there?)
  973. TSA to Allow Scissors, Tools on Planes (As in, there is no danger, and the boxcutters were fabrications by the Olson bitch)
  974. PM caves in to party revolt on terror laws (Tony will find another way)
  975. Bush 'Pioneer' contractor spends big on key lawmakers
  976. Drugmakers Win Exemption in House Budget-Cutting Bill
  977. nbc30.com - News - UConn Students Debate Coulter's Fee, Viewpoint
  978. It's official: Diebold election bugware can't be trusted
  979. India in quandary over US-Iran conflict
  980. Clinton paints false picture of "progress" for Sri Lanka's tsunami victims
  981. Australian government deserts young man due to hang in Singapore
  982. Israel: Behind Sharon's break with Likud
  983. 50,000 Katrina evacuees without permanent housing FEMA to stop paying hotel bills
  984. US-backed government in Iraq: "The same as Saddam's time and worse"
  985. Saddam Hussein trial resumes: a grotesque display of imperial justice
  986. Ramzy Baroud: Sharon's New Party
  987. Colin Powell: Still Craven After All These Years
  988. The Hallucinations of Joe Lieberman
  989. Mike Whitney: the Cheerleader at Annapolis
  990. Incident at Oglala 30 Years Later: the Long Struggle of Leonard Peltier
  991. Students Face Expulsion for Anti-Bush Organizing
  992. Ethics Cloud Grows Wider over Republicans (What ethics? They have none)
  993. Howard Dean | Dems Will Win House and Senate in 2006 (Not with Diebold around)
  994. Max Elbaum | Iraq: Things Fall Apart (The Center will not hold)
  995. Chavez Defies Bush and Buys Arms from Spain (Defies?)
  996. Co-Conspirators' Largesse Extended to Many
  997. Deconstructing Bush's Iraq Strategy
  998. Pentagon Expanding Its Domestic Surveillance Activity
  999. Early Warning by William M. Arkin - washingtonpost.com (Domestic Military Intelligence, i.e., spying, is Back: Totalitarian State)
  1000. Victory, Mr President?
  1001. Iraq's realities shadow Bush's optimistic victory strategy
  1002. Corruption Watch:
  1003. Shimon Peres Quits Labor Party in Israel
  1004. Merkel vows to reignite German economy (Yeah, right!)
  1005. Cable TV 'should protect young' (Ohhh - it's for the children [whining, weaseling worm words])
  1006. First face transplant sparks outcry (Why? It confuses the totalitarian state?)
  1007. Significant Changes in Air Passenger Screening Lie Ahead (More humiliation by totalitarian corpagov - just wait)
  1008. Twist to terror suspects row as logs show 80 CIA planes visited UK
  1009. Europe slams US terror tactics
  1010. Former ambassador speaks on Iraq, CIA leak investigation
  1011. Ashcroft: Patriot Act tools needed (in order to spread US terror tactics)
  1012. Alito Helped Craft Reagan-Era Tack to Restrict 'Roe'
  1013. FBI complains about newspaper article (When all else fails, whine!)
  1014. Alarm over dramatic weakening of Gulf Stream (HAARP?)
  1015. Pundits Say Public Is Wrong About Iraq (Treason is meaningless?!)
  1016. Brooklyn Suspected vandal caught
  1017. Cunningham Stripped $700 Mil from U.S.Defense
  1018. ACLU Statement on Miami Shield Program (unconstitutional indeed, but so is the corpagov itself)
  1019. A Tinfoil Hat on Every Head ("There's a sucker born every minute")
  1020. The rise of Iraqi death squads (The genocide continues)
  1021. Australian Airlines Seating Policy 'Demonizes' Men
  1022. DIA Proof Of Cheney's Lies Released
  1023. Airport Chaos Over Garlic Paste (Wacko Mation)
  1024. Current that warms Europe weakening (The only balance is process; it ain't fucking "global warming", dolts)
  1025. Pure Malice (in Iraq)
  1026. Iraqis want Saddam to run for election (Ha!)
  1027. Insurgents Attack U.S. Bases in Iraq (i.e., Freedom Fighters)
  1028. 'Holocaust Denial' Laws are Disgraceful (Not to mention Orwellian)
  1029. Bush to America: DROP DEAD (It's his mantra)
  1030. Iraqi rebels attack in Ramadi, seize some streets (i.e, Freedom Fightersand Patriots)
  1031. National Guard begins exchange with Israeli forces (The United States of Israel?)
  1032. Iran denies plans for Iraq cooperation with US They would have to be insane to have)
  1033. The growing problem of defense industry profiteering
  1034. Suit: We Were "Eaten Alive" at NYC Hotel (what's wrong with corpagov)
  1035. Old Yorktown Siren Comes to Life, at 1:15am )corpagov terror tactics?)
  1036. Retailers expect Christmas gloom (You betcha)
  1037. GM crop failure a warning, says US adviser (making mice seriously ill)
  1038. Murtha Says Army Is 'Broken, Worn Out' (But we still have navy and airforce)
  1039. 50 Cent, the War Profiteer and the $10 million Bat Mitzvah
  1040. Iraqi rebels control city of Ramadi after fierce assault
  1041. Sharon: Israel to keep Jordan Valley under any deal (Water control for the genocide)
  1042. Sharon: Israel will not accept nuclear Iran (and his intentions are?)
  1043. Europe condemns Blair as new Sheriff of Nottingham
  1044. Niger forgeries update (Criminal US corpagov)
  1045. Spat Erupts Between Neocons, Intelligence Community (Repto infighting)
  1046. [Iraqi men] Prevented from Leaving [Fallujah]
  1047. Naval Academy midshipmen sleep in their seats as they wait for President
  1048. The Pentagons body armor scandal
  1050. Bush Speech Offers "Clear Strategy"- For Victory or Disaster? (Depends on desired results)
  1051. Embedded TIME Reporter: Bush Lied In Speech Yesterday About Iraqi Security Forces (He lies all the time)
  1052. CNN Online Poll: 89% Believe There's Been a 9/11 Cover-up (It's a start)
  1053. Two U.S. Allies Leaving Iraq, More May Go
  1054. CAMERA monitors America's News
  1055. BBC broadcast fake news reports
  1056. On Power - Open letter to the US Congress (Stan Goff)
  1057. The Raw Story | Abramoff, lobbyists linked to troubled multibillion-dollar Homeland Security contract
  1058. Executive Wants to Charge for Web Speed (It's called censorship)
  1059. Utah Republicans to 'date' lobbyists (Emphasizing the whore nature of the Criminal Congress)
  1060. Forget Duke Cunningham. Take a look at THE PEOPLE WHO BRIBED HIM
  1061. Pentagon is secretly paying Iraqi papers to print positive coverage
  1062. Diebold among winning bidders for N.C. voting equipment sales
  1063. Chavez blames U.S. for election boycott
  1064. Pentagon urged to explain 'planted' Iraqi news reports (You're joking, right?)
  1065. Senate Democrats demand investigation of oil execs (Who does the investigating, them?!)
  1066. Exxon Mobil awards execs $30.2M in bonuses, 1.63M shares
  1067. Staggering death rate for youth in Chicago juvenile justice system
  1068. Probe exposes criminal methods in Republican right takeover of US Public TV
  1069. Deutsche Telekom to slash 32 000 jobs (Not just US - Merkel will help this along)
  1070. Chemical spill pollutes water supply in north-eastern China
  1071. Republican Congressman pleads guilty in bribe scheme (Cunningham)
  1072. The Wall Street Journal and the case of Jose Padilla
  1073. Socialist Equality Party public meeting Australian anti-terror laws: framework of a police state
  1074. Bush, Democrats back protracted war in Iraq (Every one a whore)
  1075. A Government Game of "Gotcha" with Jose Padilla
  1076. The Reed and Kerry Show
  1077. Home on the Range: Where the Fear and the Animus Play
  1078. Rank and File Resistance to Delphi
  1079. Howard Dean's Blunt Message: Forget Palestine (Oh?)
  1080. EPA's Latest Betrayal at Ground Zero
  1081. al Jazeera International
  1082. Opportunity Found at al Jazeera International
  1083. NH GOP Plot to Jam Democratic Phone Lines Probed (Three years later?!)
  1084. Kurdish Oil Deal Shocks Iraq's Political Leaders
  1085. Ralph Reed's Involvement with Abramoff under Scrutiny
  1086. Dahr Jamail and Harb al-Mukhtar | Where People Cannot Afford Their Country(Just the barbs of genocide)
  1087. Creativity Linked to Sexual Success and Schizophrenia (Monkeys calculate dubious correlation coefficients. So what?)
  1088. Debating Immortality (I'm against it)
  1089. How close are pushy pigs to humans? (Pigs also have mesencephalons)
  1090. Probe Sought Into Stories Planted in Iraqi Media (What farcical lies)
  1091. White House 'Concerned' About Paid Stories (Yeah - like it got out)
  1092. So Who Is Behind Planting Stories in Iraqi Press? (Oh let me guess)
  1093. One death reported in Egypt voting
  1094. South Africa gays get equal marital status
  1095. Man Who May Be 1000th Executed Sees Family
  1096. Bush too busy to report for jury duty
  1097. Former Telegraph chief pleads not guilty to &#-11;&#-11;47m fraud charges
  1098. Eurozone ministers attack ECB rate rise (impending disaster)
  1099. AIDS is injurious to human health and countrys wealth (No kidding?)
  1100. Condoms and technology promote World Aids Day (except in Wacko US)
  1101. Egyptian Polls Turn Deadly, Police Hinder Voting
  1102. Democratic Lawmakers Splinter on Iraq (Fabricated dialectical nonsense)
  1103. A dangerous bacterial illness appears to spread, US reports - The Boston Globe
  1104. Electronic Voting Examined; Deadline Nears
  1105. Iran buys Russian surface to air missiles (because they are known to work?)
  1106. Bush's 'Great Leap Forward' - by Justin Raimondo (There is a deeper level upon which all this can be understood)
  1107. HEIL HITLER! IT HAS BEGUN (It began quite some time ago)
  1108. As many as 60 U.S. Congressmen may be implicated in Bribery scandal (They mean *this* bribery scandal, as opposed to the hundreds of others)
  1109. Wishful Thinking Promoted, Truth Jailed
  1110. N.Y. Philanthropist's Plane Goes Missing (Hmm - mysterious circumstances)
  1111. Limbaugh on kidnapping of peace activists in Iraq (He's always been a moron and psychopath)
  1112. Galloway Under Fire After TV Slur Soothful Galloway is *always* under fire for daring sooth)
  1113. Interview with Scott Forbes (WTC Powerdown 8-9/9/2001)
  1114. The Abramoff Effect
  1115. Palestinian committees OKd at U.N. (Another move by US in Palestinian genocide)
  1116. Pilot Reports 'Missile' Fired at Jetliner Near LAX (Corpagov children at play?)
  1117. AIPAC raps US handling of Iran [nonexistent] nukes (Oh? Pure hubris)
  1118. Support of Israel Declining Among Young Jewish Americans, Poll Says (Not so manipulable as thought?)
  1119. ZOA 12-1-05: ZOA Deeply Concerned: President Bush Omitted Israel From List Of Countries Hit By Islamist Terrorists (The rest of the world was spared the profound irritation)
  1120. Newsday cuts 72 more jobs and eliminates 40 vacancies (Pity it wasn't the whorish NYT)
  1121. Germany's Mehlis expected to leave UN Hariri probe (He was a whore)
  1122. Russia said capable of untouchable missile (Something to consider?)
  1123. Rationale for Vietnam faked in 1964, NSA historian wrote (Old, but topical news)
  1124. "It Appears [Reed] Was Part Of The Scheme To Bilk Millions Of Dollars From Indian Tribes."
  1125. Abramoff - Atta connection
  1126. GOP Wants to Create Secretive Gov't Agency (Why not just make the entirefucking corpagov a secret?)
  1127. Reporters Committee deplores secret health agency proposal (Have we had enough secrets from these creeps?)
  1128. U.S. to Release New $10 Bills on March 2 (Oh joy!)
  1129. Scandals, war shadow GOP governors (Dems are *NOT* your saviors!)
  1130. Court orders California governor to stop making news-like promotions
  1131. Prosecutors Urged to Investigate Ralph Reed's Covert Lobbying
  1132. Justice Staff Saw Texas Districting As Illegal (Kleptocrats overrule)
  1133. Top Oil Company Executives Retool Responses on Energy Task Force Roles (Lying Corpagov - when not being secretive)
  1134. Second US House panel to mull terrorism insurance (Criminal Corpagov Congress Considers Corporate Conubiality)
  1135. Plutonium could be missing from lab (on its way to Israel, no doubt)
  1136. 'Taliban' note on jet forces emergency landing (US Bozos)
  1137. Georgian Accused in Bush Plot Faces Trial (Another put on show?)
  1138. In C.I.A. Leak, More Talks With Journalists (Hmmmm)
  1139. Guard entices ranks to recruit (Pathetic)
  1140. U.S.-Led Iraq 'Coalition' Steadily Eroding (Unless?)
  1141. Murtha Believes U.S. Generals Fear Bush Administration (or who its masters are)
  1142. Blair faces allegations of complicity in torture (Guilty - as well in the murder of David Kelly)
  1143. US on defensive as reports of 'secret torture flights' pile up (Defense is "fuck you", in the words of the Chimp)
  1144. Report: Two CIA Flights Stopped in France (Ooops - or just a feint?)
  1145. US holding 26 'ghost detainees', says HRW
  1146. Repression in southern Thailand provokes recriminations against Thaksin government
  1147. Isra&#-11;&#-11;l: Le gouvernement Sharon intensifie l'offensive militaire contre les Palestiniens
  1148. Merkels Regierungserkl&#-11;&#-11;rung: Neoliberale Politik in sozialdemokratischer Verpackung(Gewiss! Augenscheinlich!)
  1149. Italy's constitutional "reform": the gravedigger of post-war democracy
  1150. Australian government insists on sedition clauses in new terrorism legislation (They are worried that the people are ready to slit their sleazy throats?)
  1151. Merck announces 7,000 layoffs--continued attack on jobs and wages in US
  1152. Made in the USA "free press" in Iraq US military covertly pays to plant stories in Iraqi media
  1153. Kidnapping, detention, torture: US "renditions" scandal embroils whole of Europe
  1154. Alabama's Taliban: Judge Roy Moore, Preachers and Dixie Hypocrisy
  1155. Death By Torture: Media Ignores the Hard Evidence
  1156. Rallies Planned to Combat Global Warming (Hello? Several sandwiches short of a picnic)
  1157. General Odom Calls for Immediate Exit from Iraq
  1158. Cities Voice Opposition to War in Iraq (Talking cities don't matter either)
  1159. Russian squirrel pack kills dog (He had it coming?)
  1160. 40 acres of lava crash into the sea (Hawai'i: existence is process)
  1161. Women sacked 'for not baring breasts to gorilla' (Wacko US nation)
  1162. Residents in fear of 'giant rats' (No more that the water rats I saw as a teenager on L.I.)
  1163. Mini Ice-Age May Occur in Europe (You would think this had never happened before - several times: Grow up, assholes!)
  1164. You want bleach with that? (Fast Food has always been poison)
  1165. Russian researchers discover giants' graves in Syria (In desperate need of therapy)
  1166. Theologians to ask Pope to suspend limbo? (LMFAO: The delusional petition the supremely delusional)
  1167. German calendar depicts erotic moments from Bible (that don't involve dashing babies on rocks?)
  1168. Miracle tears on Calif Virgin Mary statue (and I have this bridge in Brooklyn to sell)
  1169. Cure for cow flatulence cooked up by scientists (Thus, eliminating the dangers of "Global Warming": it's a better fiction than most)
  1170. Fruit bats may carry Ebola virus (Chimp may be evil E.T.)
  1171. The Cyclotron Comes to the 'Hood (Berserker Nation of Idiots)
  1172. Howard attacks no-hug decision (Now the repto moron complains?!)
  1173. Attack On Marines Worst In Iraq Since Aug. (They had it coming?)
  1174. Protesters from 30 countries unite to fight global warming (Would an enema help?)
  1175. Thousands expected to 'Walk Against Warming' (as well as solar dynamics)
  1176. Can I take it with me? (Anything in Checked baggage can be stolen by reptos in charge)
  1177. Sept. 11 Families, Others Oppose Sharp Objects on Planes (Morons!)
  1178. Senator seeks restrained debate on Alito (and why restrained, one might ask?)
  1179. Greenspan warns of US threat to global trade (The high priest of the lie of neoliberal economics speaks - hypocritically)
  1180. Greenspan renews warning on deficits (and *HE* was one of its designers)
  1181. US Admits to Paying Iraqi Newspapers (Lying US admitting to anything is a minor miracle - what's the scam?)
  1182. Blair warns E.Europeans not to miss EU budget boat (Blair, Bush, Howard & Berlusconi & Co all need to die - 10 years ago, at least)
  1183. US on course for 'complete victory', says Bush (Consider the ever mendacious source of insanity)
  1184. Bush's `Strategy for Victory' May Keep US Engaged in Iraq (Forever!!)
  1185. Patience urged, progress declared on Iraq (LMAFAO!)
  1186. Alleged underworld boss loses appeal against extradition
  1187. Ford Could Close 5 Plants, Report Says (describing the continuing economic upswing)
  1188. 'JINSA John' Bolton working 'like a Trojan' for Israel.. (The utterly dispensible Bolton blathers)
  1189. FBI plants sham candidate in West Virginia House race to stop election fraud (To stop?!!)
  1190. Taylor fires off angry letter to FEMA (also jumps up and down - and stamps his feet for public consumption)
  1191. State Department using ideological litmus tests to screen speakers (We are the enemy)
  1192. U.S. to Resume Air Traveler Random Screenings (Don't go - and airlines will all be nationalized and only available to government, which is the endgame afterall)
  1193. Airport 'security' to focus on searches (How humiliating and inhurious can it be made?)
  1194. Rice to warn Europe to back off over detainees (The walking talking ferret feces)
  1195. France investigates CIA flight stopover claims It hasn't exactly been a secret)
  1196. US civil rights group to sue CIA (Lots of luck. Checked out the judiciary lately?)
  1197. Air Travelers In for Changes Over Holidays (How about a general strike?)
  1198. Growth in Jobs Overcame Slump In November (Load of steaming shit)
  1199. US hits back in Ramadi (Revenge is always revenged upon, but the big boys are always safe)
  1200. Attack On Marines Worst In Iraq Since Aug. (See. Wait for much more of the same)
  1201. Nominee Says His Views on Abortion Would Not Affect His Decisions (He's GOP Repto. Would ytou believe anything he said?)
  1202. US Added 215,000 Jobs Last Month, Most Since July (Horseshit)
  1203. Expert Disputes 'Healthy Drinking' Theory (How about, who gives arat's rectum?)
  1204. Two glasses of wine a day may not be good for heart (It's not bad either, so go play in traffic)
  1205. US executions milestone spurs fresh debate (about US being even remotely civilized)
  1206. Russian military accuses US of hypocrisy (also the sky of being blue - sometimes)
  1207. Hau de no sau nee Address to the Western World, Geneva, 1977
  1208. Sharon: Iran nukes may require military response (itched for, for years)
  1209. FBI Is Taking Another Look at Forged Prewar Intelligence (One is a s rigged as the other)
  1210. Pacified Fallujah (i.e., regenocided)
  1211. Bush Knew 10 Marines Had Died Prior To Rose Garden Remarks, Didnt Mention It
  1212. Santorum accused of collaborating with non-profit in election scheme (An arch criminal of the criminal congress)
  1213. Reagan's NSA Director: Want stability in the Middle East? Get out of Iraq! (But stability is *not* wanted)
  1214. 9/11: Possible Motives Of The Bush Administration (Nothing new, obvious and has been understood for years)
  1215. The truth you don't hear (about the "withdrawl" fro Gaza)
  1216. Congress to look into 'deeply flawed' BCS system *Less than useless congress)
  1217. It's all about the MONEY!!! (No, about power that money buys so to steal more money)
  1218. Neo-Crazies Already Planning Beyond Iran (This is surprising?)
  1219. Masked Man (Chris Floyd only misses the myriad multileveled Israeli connections)
  1220. Empire In Descent: The Deliberate Destruction Of America (A major chunk of the Big Picture)
  1221. Bush takes Cheney out of the loop on national security
  1222. Freedom? What freedom? - Monica Benderman
  1223. Few know of World War II massacre in Salina, Utah
  1224. Greenspan to Baby Boomers: EAT CAKE (Made an offer he can't refuse?)
  1225. "Special Counsel's Showing Decides The Case" (Analysis: Appeals Court Opinion)
  1226. U.S. church leaders criticized for meeting with Hezbollah (so anyone meeting with Israeli gov should be tortured to death)
  1227. APOLOGIES AND DECEPTIONS (FBI lunatic black ops surround us all)
  1228. Russia to sell 29 air defense systems to Iran (may give pause, even to nutsos)
  1229. David Irving: Should Be Protected By Free Speech Laws
  1230. Bush's lowest moment in office (You haven't waited long enough)
  1231. America, Israel Bracing for Violence From Syria (after it is bombed and invaded)
  1232. Death By Torture: US Media Ignores Hard Evidence (That's what they're paid for)
  1233. Smear Pattern - by Paul Sperry (on Jeffrey Kofman: black ops don't need to be secrets)
  1234. Britain: Two charged under Secrets Act for leaking Bush threat to bomb Al Jazeera (Evil Empire)
  1235. Germany: Protests against Samsung factory closure
  1236. Profit-driven Medicare drug plan stirs confusion and anger (Expected and purposeful)
  1237. US press echoes consensus in ruling elite to continue slaughter in Iraq (Well - it would, wouldn't it?)
  1238. A Sudden Rush for the Exits? (All a slick illusion and diversion)
  1239. The DeLay Scheme: Blatantly Buying Our Government (It was Corpagov long ago; it ain't "ours")
  1240. Blood Feast: Celebrating Executions in America (Too True)
  1241. Paul Craig Roberts: Don't Confuse the Jobs Hype with the Facts (READ: the numbers have been being fabricated for some time, and are meaningless)
  1242. Iraq, Brains and Lies (Reptos are mentally deficient in more ways than are imagined)
  1243. Alexander Cockburn: the Revolt of the Generals (Behind the scenes with Murtha)
  1244. Amid Katrina Ruins, Mortgage Payments Loom (It's the banks, stupid)
  1245. Al-Qaeda chief killed in Pakistan (Faux Deja Vu)
  1246. Nation's Jobs Rebound in November (Bullshit, Bullshit, Bullshit)
  1247. Smoking ban for under-18s (Totalitarian Reprto Ruled State just making more criminals to punish)
  1248. Ten things that the government can do... (Die, perhaps?)
  1249. Climate change: 'Drastic measures required' (Imbeciles who have no idea of reality)
  1250. More random searches for passengers at US airports (Nazis are in Control)
  1251. Feds Turn To Tech For Enhanced Airport Security (Nazi Terror Tactics on the march)
  1252. A formidable questioner, Specter holds fate of nominee (yeah, right!)
  1253. WTO members prepare for Hong Kong summit (May they all go to heaven - quickly)
  1254. Bush basks in economic good news (i.e., a network of lies believed -0 watch him smirk)
  1255. Rewriting History Snared in the Web of a Wikipedia Liar (by the mendacious NYT)
  1256. Wikipedia and the nature of truth (Truth is a process, not a fact)
  1257. Rice rejects EU protests over secret terror prisons (Arrogant bitch)
  1258. Bush defies hopes for Iraq exit (No exit *ever* intended)
  1259. Iraq pullout a 'death warrant' (An Arch Criminal of Congress)
  1260. War Protesters In Chicago Interrupt Hillary Clinton
  1261. New Iraq 'trophy videos' raise fears on civilian deaths
  1262. 95 per cent US dailies ignored report on torture of Iraqi prisoners (Why isn't that surprising?)
  1263. US ready to refuse terror prison probe (Another "fuck you" from the repto mobsters)
  1264. CIA operated 400-plus secret flights in Germany: report
  1265. CIA operates 'unchecked' in UK
  1266. Frank Rich | All the President's Flacks
  1267. Garment workers in Florida expose war profiteering (But who owns the company?)
  1268. The Marines flawed body armor (Criminal Corpagov)
  1269. Is America's Best Getting America's Best? (But, who owns the company?)
  1270. Report Finds Cover-Up in an F.B.I. Terror Case (Criminal FBI)
  1271. Intelligence Contractors Cooked Intel Data
  1272. Decline in Support for War Worries GOP (Just worries?)
  1273. Who Killed Zia?
  1274. IDF [Murder Inc] chief: Diplomatic pressure on Iran unlikely to succeed
  1275. Iran starts to sell oil in Euros (Oil, an economic weapon, in many ways)
  1276. Report: Tamiflu is 'useless' for avian flu (Yep - few have paid attention to the truth)
  1277. Canada makes an about-face on Mideast (becomes whore for Israel; watch the funny results)
  1278. Stop The Lie - 9/11 story pulled (Another tale of Faux News)
  1279. What's going on with California Secretary of State Bruce McPherson?
  1280. Serving Two Flags
  1281. N.H. ready for secession debate
  1282. Loony 9-11 Conspiracy Theories
  1283. America slowly confronts the truth
  1284. TWA Flight 800 Shrapnel Court Hearing
  1285. Is George Bush the Worst President -- Ever?
  1286. Automakers Are Lining Up Aid, But Just Don't Call It a Bailout
  1287. Fat cats milked Ground Zero
  1288. Al-Qaeda chief 'killed by US' (They just invent this garbage from thin air)
  1289. Europe won't pick fight with Rice on CIA tactics (Why not? Go ahead, slap her around, she needs it desperately)
  1290. Ex-Iraqi leader claims assassination attempt
  1291. Hong Kong's slow reform triggers new mass protest
  1292. Fraud claims as Kazakh polls close (Fraudulent elections are so posh among the drooling ruling reptos)
  1293. Airbus and China strengthen ties (Ooops)
  1294. Academics consider "intelligent design" museum talk (It is not science, period.)
  1295. Harris unloading money from defense contractor (Katherine, The vote Rigger)
  1296. U.S. missile parts at Pakistan al Qaeda target site (showing more media fabrications)
  1297. Congress Considers Stripping Homeowners of State Protections (The ever criminal congress)
  1298. US prepares to bypass United Nations AGAIN
  1299. Screening at MSP to look at behavior (You are the enemy, arbitrarily)
  1300. portland imc - 2004.05.16 - Media published fake passenger lists for American Airlines Flight 11
  1301. Deeper into the Wilkes/MZM scandals
  1302. UAE says foreign forces should leave Iraq
  1303. Bush adopts British colonial model for Iraq
  1304. CIA 'covert flights' mar Rice's German visit
  1305. CIA's secret jails open up new transatlantic rift
  1306. US quizzed over its use of Europe's airports
  1307. UK 'breaking law' over CIA secret flights
  1308. US tries to defuse secret CIA prison uproar
  1309. Chavez Allies Are Poised To Solidify Their Majority
  1310. 'Narnia represents everything that is most hateful about religion'
  1311. The Raw Story | Drudge, Jerusalem Post sensationalize story about nuclear Iran
  1312. Condoleezza Rice: Torture saves lives (Well - maybe, if *she* were tortured to death)
  1313. U.S. Command Declares Global Strike Capability (The Empire in armored jack boots)
  1314. Group to celebrate 'Judeo-Christian faith,' stump for court nominee (Reptos on Parade)
  1315. Israel slams Russia for selling anti-missile system to Iran LMAO (Iran may destroy Israel yet)
  1316. A 'Big Four' coalition emerging? (A *big* change in Indian policy, if so)
  1317. FOX 9/11 News story - Pulled, Then Restored - Pulled, Then Restored
  1318. Iran threatens counter-strike (which will wipe it off the map - they had it coming for decades)
  1319. MIDDLE EAST: ISRAEL REINSTATES TARGETED ASSASSINATIONS (resigning its own death warrant once again)
  1320. CIA agents break ranks to disclose brutal black sites
  1321. Senate Intelligence Committee stalling pre-war intelligence report (Guilty as hell, and they all knew it)
  1322. Netanyahu hints could consider Iran nuclear strike (Israel's continuing death wish)
  1323. Rupture in oil pipeline: Firefighters quickly brought the blaze under control (CIA at its usual play in Venezuela)
  1324. Tea for Two (and Sharon too)
  1325. 'Urban Myth' or Treason? - by Justin Raimondo (READ)
  1326. Democrats (The Neoliberal Imperial Party) Find Iraq Alternative Is Elusive
  1327. New Statesman - The next holocaust
  1328. Free Abdel-Jabbar Hamdan
  1329. CIA stop in Ontario? (Of course)
  1330. Suicide shoots himself three times (Neglected to shoot himself in the back, just to be sure)
  1331. AP Shocker: Iraq VP Disputes Bush on Training of Forces (Worms turn, do they not?)
  1332. JPMorgan to hire 4,500 graduates in India (multinational bankers show themselves; global imperium comes neigh)
  1333. Is An Attack On A US Airliner Imminent? (It may be needed by the cabal)
  1334. Russian Foreign Minister Acknowledges Growing Divergence With U.S.
  1335. Navy to Expand Fleet With New Enemies in Mind (Everybody is the enemy)
  1336. AOL News - White House Problems Stick to the 'Velcro Veep' (Babbling)
  1337. Pentagon Propaganda In Iraq Continues
  1338. Bisphenol A disrupts young brains, scientists report (Decreasing the surplus population)
  1339. Contracting probe could extend to CIA (Which criminal will "investigate"?)
  1340. Closer look at Pentagon logs finds masked political requests from Republican Senate staffers
  1341. Kerry asks Bush to replace Rumsfeld (with an interchangeable repto)
  1342. AIPAC Prosecutor Named US Deputy AG (The Israeli bound Senate will say what?)
  1343. U.S. Army report: Israel can't stop Iran nukes (that don't exist)
  1344. Hidden in Plane Sight: US Media Dodging Air War in Iraq (The is is "lying" - as usual)
  1345. Judge OKs Money-Laundering Charges Against DeLay
  1346. More Bomb Threats Prompt Evacuations In New Britain, Bristol (Gummint gets better at fabrications of terror)
  1347. Hussein's lawyers challenge court's legitimacy, security
  1348. Hussein defence team returns to court
  1349. Dean: US Won't Win in Iraq (Define "win")
  1350. British general faces Iraq war charge
  1351. Rice Defends Rendition Practice (Just wind her tiresome mouth up, and it speaks)
  1352. CIA Flights Made 50 Landings at Ireland's Shannon, Amnesty Says
  1353. Britain's education white paper: A recipe for privatisation and social selection
  1354. Document puts lie to oil executives' testimony Did Big Oil participate in planning invasion of Iraq?
  1355. France: Anti-terrorism legislation tramples on civil liberties (As intended, as in US, as in UK, as in AU, ...)
  1356. Ten Marines killed in Fallujah blast: more carnage in a criminal war
  1357. The Torture-Go-Round: CIA's Rendition Flights to Secret Prisons
  1358. How Big Money Eviscerates the First Amendment
  1359. The Corporate Crime Quiz
  1360. The Lies of John Edwards: What Did the Democrats Know and When Did They Know It?
  1361. Robert Parry | Bush in Iraq, Slouching toward Genocide (It has been an original intent from before the invasion)
  1362. Paul Krugman: Bullet Points over Baghdad (Pallidly exposing the reptos remakings of reality in their own sick image)
  1363. Juan Cole | How Bush Created a Theocracy in Iraq
  1364. Maureen Dowd | W.'s Head in the Sand (Maureen does the same)
  1365. t r u t h o u t - Tom Engelhardt | How (Not) to Withdraw from Iraq (Real withdrawl would break the repto stranglehold)
  1366. Business as Usual: Corrupt (Corpagov - Cf Roman Rebulic when it fell under weight of its own corruption)
  1367. Torture Makes Justice Impossible (and the failure of justice made torture possible)
  1368. William Rivers Pitt: Don't Let It Bring You Down (intimations of tunnel for humans - there is always hope)
  1369. One step closer to eternal youth (Babies playing with pseudoscientific scalpels)
  1370. Sunken treasure (Too many factual errors)
  1371. The new science of Geomythology (Manipulable government pseudoscience)
  1372. Do Dogs Laugh? (Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha ...)
  1373. Detainee flights have saved European lives, says Rice (She's a dranged liar)
  1374. Five killed as suicide bomber [desperate freedom fighter against genocide] strikes in Israel
  1375. France and Poland lead assault on Blair EU budget plan
  1376. 'Cynical' British plan cuts EU funds for eastern Europe
  1377. 9/11 Panel Issues Poor Grades for Handling of [nonexistent] Terror (but ignores governmental terror)
  1378. Judges upholds some of the charges against Rep. Tom Delay
  1379. Stocks decline in late afternoon trading (PPT will fix)
  1380. Moderate drinking may lower obesity risk (as any other snake oil touted by government pseudoscience: CORRELATION DOES NOT IMPLY CAUSALITY - morons)
  1381. Kazakhs shun revolution for Soviet-era stability (in a rigged election?!)
  1382. Gay couples prepare to get hitched in Britain (Think of preNazi Germany)
  1383. A Weak Defense (by US Secretary of Statism & Pyblic Enlightenment)
  1384. Venezuela's left awaits huge win
  1385. Richard Gott: Ch&#-11;&#-11;vez will only gain from the US-backed opposition's ploy to undermine elections
  1386. Iran Plans to Build Two More Reactors
  1387. The Raw Story | Clinton gets anti-war challenger
  1388. Both left, right agree: Taxes soon will increase
  1389. Hard Evidence of US Torturing Prisoners to Death Ignored by Corporate Media
  1390. Plame Is Set to Leave the CIA
  1391. Propaganda and bribery (Bush admin, of course with its usual lying filth)
  1392. What happens when a large airplane slams into a tall building?
  1393. Professor beaten; attackers cite KU creationism class (What xtianity is really about has always been thuggary)
  1395. Police to go undercover at Colby parties (GESTAPO)
  1396. Poll: Most voters want U.S. out of Iraq (So 46% are severely brain damaged?)
  1397. Police Found Suspected Bombs In WTC On 9/11
  1398. MONTHS OF TERROR FOR MAN HELD BY 'MISTAKE' (The nature of US criminal corpagov)
  1399. AL-QAEDA LAUNCHES CD OF BIN LADEN'S SPEECHES (LMAO - yeah Al-CIAda's actors union)
  1400. Keep quiet about secret flights to secret jails, Rice tells Europe
  1401. 'L.A.Times' Closes Plant, Cuts Another 110 Jobs
  1402. Zia ul-Haq Mossad Hit is Non-News in America (That's what Mossad does)
  1403. War Crimes, USA (Not to mention corpagov's treason and grandestlarceny)
  1404. El Baradei: Iran only months away from a bomb (Collection of verifiable lies)
  1405. Saddam's Outbursts Well-Received by Some
  1406. America can't take it anymore (US Corpagov *is* Terror)
  1407. Wilkes: The invisible empire
  1408. MPs dismiss US denials as 'disingenuous' and 'beyond belief' (Shows some sense)
  1409. Rumsfeld points out positives about Iraq (Criminal psychopathology)
  1410. Ex-CIA Agent in Milan Asks for Immunity (for Mossad like tactics)
  1411. The Bad News Is That the Good News Is Fake (and has been for a long time)
  1412. What Peace Really Means to Israelis
  1413. ADL Seeks Closure Of Largest University In Ukraine And Imprisonment Of Hundreds Of Academic (Perfectly normal for such genocidal criminals)
  1414. Blair to be declared 'Statesman of the Decade' (Can it get even more ridiculous?)
  1416. If it's not torture, then it's OK to use it on Cheney (and the rest of the US government)
  1417. Cunningham's Fall From Grace, Power
  1418. NBC anchor Williams: Bush administration has "right" to buy media coverage(and be fraudulent about it?!)
  1419. DC Sex Scandal About To Break? (What lobbyists and congress persons but thieving whores anyhow?)
  1420. Is Bush worried about a military coup? (It's actually long overdue)
  1421. The Raw Story | Diebold insider alleges company plagued by technical woes, Diebold defends 'sterling' record(It's vote rigging for a hefty fee)
  1422. Bush Considering Freeing Jewish Spy Pollard (Will Sharon stop the genocide?)
  1423. We choose not to call it torture
  1424. MP wants talks on CIA 'torture flight' stops
  1425. Britain's role in war on [of] terror revealed
  1426. CIA Lie Is Said to Have Damaged Italy's Anti-Terrorism Probe
  1427. Man Says Bomb Threats Made to Avoid Court (US "justice": damned if you, and damned if you don't)
  1428. Germany: Grand coalition leader Merkel sugar-coats program of social cuts
  1429. Week one of Canada's federal election campaign--posturing, demagogy and reaction
  1430. Democrat denounces opposition to Iraq war What is troubling Joe Lieberman? (He's Repto Zionist?)
  1431. Bush uses World AIDS Day to push Christian right agenda ("Bush uses World" would have been enough)
  1432. Rice defends illegal "renditions," threatens to reveal European complicity (Evil Psychobitch)
  1433. Debunking Woodward
  1434. Paul Craig Roberts: Rendition Unto Caesar - Condi to Europe: Trust Me (But, the bitch is provably a pathological liar)
  1435. Public Land Should Stay Public
  1436. Mike Whitney: How Greenspan Skewered America (Now look at his handlers)
  1437. Death, Politics and the Condom: African Women Confront Bush's AIDS Policy (AIDS was created for subsaharan genocide; this continues that long term policy)
  1438. Inside Saddam's Trial: Tales of the Human Meat Grinder
  1439. t r u t h o u t - Ohio Republicans Plan Holiday Burial for American Democracy(It's already dead; what's left is only putrid rotten flesh)
  1440. UN Expresses Deep Concern over Saddam Trial (It's a farce)
  1441. GOP Senator [Conrad] Changed Position after Abramoff Donation
  1442. Top al Qaeda Figures Held in Secret CIA Prisons (and I have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you)
  1443. Counter-Recruitment Day Sweeps US Colleges
  1444. Horror Film Takes Aim at Iraq War; GOP
  1445. Letters Show FEMA Knew Response 'Broken'
  1446. Rice's Defense of Renditions Makes No Sense
  1447. Seeking credibility on Continent (Needs to be slapped and called the outrageous liar she is)
  1448. Iraq's al-Qaida claims Baghdad police academy attacks (Now you know it was a CIA-Mossadjob)
  1449. Nasal Flu Vaccine Safe, Agencies Say (US "agency" through Faux News, so you know it's bullshit)
  1450. Report Links TV Ads and Childhood Obesity (Correlation does not imply causality)
  1451. 'Vanity Fair' Offers Fresh Details on Judith Miller Saga
  1452. Abramoff law firm has a new scandal -- in Philly
  1453. Professor acquitted of funding Islamist group (Known trumped up bullshit from the start)
  1454. The 9-11 Files: Four Years Later, What We Still Don't Know (or a small piece of it)
  1455. CIA 'emptied secret jails' before Rice Europe trip
  1456. U.S. Urges States to Prepare for [corpagov seeded] Bird Flu
  1457. Rendition: Tales of torture
  1458. Skepticism Seems to Erode Europeans' Faith in Rice )(How about her blatant insane lies?)
  1459. Saddam says US and Israel want him dead (He's got that right)
  1460. As jurors debated verdict, tensions, pressure grew
  1461. Initial test of Patriot Act fails to produce one conviction (It's nothing but an engine of corpagov terrorism)
  1462. Court Seems Supportive of Campus Recruiting (Refuse federal funds)
  1463. Americans warned to avoid WTO protests
  1464. Olga Salanueva: Hypocrisy of the US war on terrorism
  1465. Marina Hyde: The war on the literal
  1466. Dick Cheney's Bendy Brain
  1467. Secret CIA Prisons Moved From Europe to North Africa
  1468. Landrieu backs 'march on Washington'
  1469. Blacks left out of rebuilding process, civil rights groups say
  1470. Katrina Victims Liken Themselves to Victims of Genocide and the Holocaust (Welcome to the Palestinian Afghani, Iraqi and Subsaharan clubs - but Sharonpig et al. will be furious at the suggestion: jews are more equal)
  1471. Katrina Witness to Congressional Panel: Levees Were Bombed
  1472. Housing Bubble Bursts in the Market for U.S. Mortgage Bonds
  1473. Ford to Cut Up to 30,000 Jobs Within 5 Years
  1474. Al-Jazeera admits Bin Laden error (Weird - since Al-Qaeda is a CIA hoax to begin with)
  1475. 9/11 Dutch TV documentary (VIDEO FILE)
  1477. Democrats Fear Backlash at Polls for Antiwar Remarks (Pure assholery)
  1478. Lieberman Calls For Formation Of 'War Cabinet' (Lieberman would decrease cosmic pollution by dying)
  1479. Vaccine additive banned in Iowa (vigilance: pharmas lie like rugs)
  1481. BREITBART.COM - Plane Reportedly Crashes in New Brunswick
  1482. TvNewsLIES.org &#-11;&#-11; Blog Archive &#-11;&#-11; CNN Virtually Ignores Pearl Harbor Anniversary. Hiding the PNAC - 9/11 Connection?
  1483. 911 Truth Movement Finally Covered with Journalistic Integrity
  1484. N.B. (New Brunswick, CA) search for plane called off
  1485. Spokane Mayor Recalled in Sex Scandal (It's a matter of corruption, not sexual orientation)
  1486. Drudge, Jerusalem Post sensationalize story about nuclear Iran (which isnonsense)
  1487. Mr. Bush, have I got an exit strategy for you
  1488. This Land May Not Be Your Land (The fundamental purpose of any government is theft)
  1489. United Press International - Intl. Intelligence - U.S. gives Israel a large new camp(The quicker it is wiped off the map, the safer every human's life will be)
  1490. Candidates for U.S. Senate weave Israel (with about 3% of the US population being jewish) into campaigns
  1491. Stealth Rootkits: The No. 1 Plague of XP SP2 Users (M$ racketeering operation)
  1492. Pulitzer rules expand to allow online entries (P. was already a nadir)
  1493. Isn't It Time (Isn't it though)
  1494. Nobel literature laureate Harold Pinter lashes out at U.S.
  1495. Dear Abby: Do Israelis have Christians in their Government?
  1496. US marines strip wife naked in front of husband as they commit "Rams" raids at Ramad
  1497. December 7, 1941: A Setup from the Beginning (Pearl Harbor; now try the Lusitania and WWI - and 9/11)
  1498. Justin Keating on Israel (READ - and this isn't half of the fraud)
  1499. Katrina Victims Testify About Ethnic Cleansing, Levee Bomb!
  1500. Supreme Court: Social Security not off limits for old student loan debt (The sole purpose of any government is theft)
  1501. Air marshal kills passenger, citing threat (US *IS* worse than Nazi Germany)
  1502. Hawks fueling own fortunes with good football (The sole purpose of any government is theft)
  1503. State government data not safe, audit finds (In US you are the enemy, and you are in mortal danger)
  1504. Pinter demands war crimes trial for Blair
  1505. Russian university asks UN to 'close' Israel (Now, there's a good idea)
  1506. Marchers in Boston Blast 'Poverty Draft'
  1507. Deaf Man Talking (Deaf, dumb and then some - then consider the rest of the psychocreeps)
  1508. No 'smoking gun' in Iran (Invasion is still planned)
  1509. CIA leak prosecutor again goes before grand jury
  1510. Man shot dead at Miami airport (by gummint goon)
  1511. A valuable and compelling antiwar film Gallipoli: The Front Line Experience, written and directed by Tolga &#-11;&#-11;rnek
  1512. Study finds hundreds of toxic chemicals in umbilical cords of newborns
  1513. Mass protest in Hong Kong against new chief executive
  1514. Venezuelan vote boycott: Washington paves road to intervention
  1515. Bush, Rice defend US abductions, torture, secret prisons (genocide, and every other crime ever conceived of)
  1516. Witnesses to Torture
  1517. Art, Truth and Politics: the Nobel Lecture
  1518. Saddam: "Come Visit My Cage" (USUK makes Saddam Hussein look like a saint)
  1519. Rendition, Torture and Democracy
  1520. Bush War Crimes: the Posse Gathers
  1521. Fran Quigley: How the ACLU Didn't Steal Christmas (and how US is a berserker nation)
  1522. John Ryan: Dershowitz Versus Chomsky, a Review of the Harvard Debate
  1523. Skepticism Seems to Erode Europeans' Faith in Rice (What faith? She's a pathological liar, and they know it very well)
  1524. Fitzgerald Presents New Information to Grand Jury
  1525. Debate over Tax Cuts Centers on the Rich (The sole purpose of any government is theft - grow up)
  1526. 2005 Costliest Year for Extreme Weather (Weather?!!!!)
  1527. Military Misleads Press about How 10 Marines Died (Lies are necessary to cover theft)
  1528. Rep. Henry A. Waxman | President's Claims Today Are Mindboggling (This entire excuse for a nation is mindboggling)
  1529. Trial Adjourned after Saddam Refuses to Attend
  1530. Shooting puts air marshals in spotlight (Consequence of believing 9/11 fairy tales)
  1531. Rice compares work to love (Oh stuffit: the bitch is a criminal)
  1532. Rice signals shift on US torture policy (A little tto much assay backtalk re her insane lies?)
  1533. Study: junk food 'threat' aimed at kids (by the corpagov)
  1534. Hussein tests trial judge's control (a true saint nect to demoinic US corpagov)
  1535. Trial continues after Saddam refuses to appear in court (Of course, but he's still said "Fuck You!")
  1536. Crystal joins Cross and Crescent (Merging of racketeering operations)
  1537. Summit's Outcome Important for Islamic Countries on WTO (Babbling)
  1538. The chaos of that day isn't easily forgotten (Pearl Harbor: The moron author should learn to read history, and then do it)
  1539. Microsoft To Appeal Korean Antitrust Ruling (M$ is a corpagov racketeering operation)
  1540. Oil prices slip on strong rises in US energy stocks (babling)
  1541. Gibson follows 'anti-Semitic' film with series on Holocaust (LMFAO)
  1542. Study: junk food 'threat' aimed at kids (Shut down corpagov agribiz!)
  1543. Report Links TV Ads and Childhood Obesity (Um - it's all those junky carbs - moron: study biochem, and be prepared for a pop quiz)
  1544. Failing grades for health emergency (US corrupt and criminal corpagov isa fucking disaster that needs to be ground into dust)
  1545. US unprepared for disaster, study finds (US *IS* a lethal disaster)
  1546. Update 19: Bush Stresses Iraq's Economic Progress (Spare me the idiotic lies)
  1547. Brown: I am not too old to be Prime Minister (or to do everyone a favor and die)
  1548. Indonesia urges US to join climate change pact (It's still all fraudulent pseudoscience)
  1549. A day that has lived in infamy (mostly because it was a total fraud - just like 9/11)
  1550. Disown your dad's denial of the Holocaust, Gibson told (Sound like a soviet or Chinese purge gambit: ideological purity and all that?)
  1551. Republican fesses up to blog ID raid (They always call others for what they, in fact, do)
  1552. New 39-Cent Stamp on Sale Thursday (w/ the statue of fucking liberty?! Hubris squared)
  1553. Hecklers cause [psycho] Coulter to cut UConn speech
  1554. DeLay Seeks to Split Remaining Charges (SOB will probably get away too)
  1555. House Republicans quietly pushing for new leadership (.i.e., new front man)
  1556. Emergency Fuel Assistance Agency Overwhelmed (Of course! What's the purpose of this givernment anyhow?)
  1557. State suing 42 drug companies over inflated prices (Yeah - right - and who gets the restitution?)
  1558. US Senate urges Govt to join global warming talks (Imbeciles have absolutely no idea of anything)
  1559. Oil industry targets EU climate policy (The other imbeciles - and thieves)
  1560. Criminal Twist In Evolution Debate (US is *not* at all civilized - just wacko)
  1561. Shoe Bomber Alert Preceded Airport Shooting (Fabrication for excuse)
  1562. SAS Flight Downed By Rebels (or designed friendly fire)
  1563. Court says Iraq protest is a crime (Nazi UK)
  1564. Acts of defiance against war turned ordinary people into criminals (Ordinary people are the enemy of Totalitarian Nazi corpagov - kill it all before it's too late)
  1565. KBR workers in Iraq paid 50 cents an hour (Slave labor)
  1566. Iraq war was 'blatant state terrorism': Nobel laureate Pinter
  1567. Pinter demands war crimes trial for Blair (and a few thousand others?)
  1568. Memo shows US general aware of Iraqis' jail abuse
  1569. Tortured Australian speaks out
  1570. US attacks UN official on secret jails (No truth can be allowed! We counter with vehement lies!)
  1571. 'Even during operations, doctors were shot at by US soldiers'
  1572. Dog's Genome Could Provide Clues to Disorders in Humans (Republicans or Democrats? Both?)
  1573. Musharraf for Islamic renaissance (Emotional fraud)
  1574. Effort to rebuild Iraq falls short (There was never amny serious effort)
  1575. Schwarzenegger Helps Unveil Davis' Portrait (How fucking fuzzywuzzy)
  1576. Microsoft loses in antitrust ruling by South Korea
  1577. Way paved for Israel to join Red Cross (Thieves stick together)
  1578. Telegraph | News | Veteran faces jail for withholding 'war tax'
  1579. RAF officer 'had legal right' not to serve in Iraq
  1580. Times conservative columnist Brooks slashes conservatives in Thursday column
  1581. Feds to Fund Controversial School Surveillance (It *is* a completely evil government)
  1582. Hey IRS What About AIPAC? (Criminal Congress is bought)
  1583. House Passes 3 Tax Cuts, Plans a 4th (Why not? Blatant lies work for the executive branch)
  1584. ABC News: EXCLUSIVE: Shoe Bomber Alert Preceded Airport Shooting (Bullshit fabrication by government media whores)
  1585. Shooting puts air marshals in spotlight (Air marshalls fabricate too)
  1586. 9/11 Truth Conference Opens inTampa To Crowd of 600
  1587. Businessman (Kidan) may get plea deal in SunCruz case and testify against powerful lobbyis (Abramoff)
  1588. Supreme Court Denies FBI Translator's Case (USSC is suremely criminal enough)
  1589. Harold Pinter - Nobel Lecture
  1590. Al-Qaeda declares war on oil targets(Speaking of total fabrications)
  1591. Patriot Act may be renewed without reforms (Unsurprising in a wacko nation with criminal government)
  1592. Think Progress &#-11;&#-11; Iraq: The War To Start All Wars
  1593. Debate over Tax Cuts Centers on the Rich
  1594. The Truth Will Set You Free: Coming Soon: PAY from the GRAVE! (Criminal government)
  1595. Debate over Tax Cuts Centers on the Rich
  1596. Professor in Terror Case May Face Deportation (Criminal government of and by terror)
  1597. Cameras accuse 2,600 of speeding (Government terrorism)
  1598. Radium Weed Kills Skin Cancers (Criminal thieving corpagov doing government science)
  1599. BCS draws fire in Congress (Having run out of ideas to loot and terrorize, some trivia is needed)
  1600. U.S. consumer borrowing plunges (Well, gee - I wonder why?)
  1601. Keepers at the Gate: He Who Controls Television Controls the Masses (Some do not watch it at all)
  1602. AIPAC Update
  1603. Foreclosures up 35 percent this year (It must be the great booming economy!)
  1604. Rummy exit rumored; Lieberman eyed for job (Enraging, isn't it?)
  1605. The contracting scandal wont end with Duke
  1606. Iran's president questions Holocaust
  1607. Iran's Ahmadinejad says Israel should be moved to Europe
  1608. TIME.com: Eyewitness: "I Never Heard the Word 'Bomb'" (demonstrating the fabrication to excuse government murder)
  1609. Ex-congressman's (Cunningham) home is sold
  1610. North Carolina Sued for Illegally Certifying Voting Equipment
  1611. FEMA Chief Was Warned In 2004
  1612. Probe after Miami airport killing (Right after the lies to excuse have been fabricated)
  1613. Lords reject torture evidence use (They we'll just have secret evidence)
  1614. The fate of hostage Susanne Osthoff and the role of the German government
  1615. Britain: Former law lord says US "guilty of lawlessness on a truly grand scale"(US has an entirely criminal government)
  1616. US: Verizon to freeze defined-benefit pensions for 50,000 managers (It's that booming economy again)
  1617. Palestinian activist Sami Al-Arian acquitted on charges in Florida
  1618. Report outlines plans for corporate plunder of Iraqi oil (READ - unending corpagov criminality)
  1619. The Democratic Party and the struggle against the Iraq war A reply to a reader(Bipartisan criminality explained)
  1620. Rumsfeld's Handshake Deal with Saddam
  1621. Thomas Graham, Jr.: Space Weapons and the Risk of Nuclear War
  1622. Justin Akers: Bush's Border War (Nazification and bipartisn terrorism)
  1623. The Venezuelan Election: Chavez Wins, Bush Loses (Again)
  1624. Rice Engulfed in Criticism for Torture (Rice's lies ofdaily convenience mean nothing)
  1625. Pentagon Memo: Prisoners Transferred to Be Tortured
  1626. Records Show Burns' Abramoff Meetings
  1627. US Terror Watchlist 80,000 Names Long (Including all three branches of US terrorist corpagov?)
  1628. Why this brain flies on rat cunning (In the hands of governments, science is generally a very bad idea)
  1629. Journal: Merck Team Fudged Key Vioxx Study (Just normal corpagov scienc; done all the time)
  1630. BBC NEWS | Middle East | Muslim leaders warn of 'crisis' (OIC has adopted the lies and tactics of its enemies)
  1631. Egyptian regime keeps grip on power (Well, of course)
  1632. US Congress extends Patriot Act (Well, of course. What's expected from criminals?)
  1633. Bush on Iraq offensive, cites 'tangible progress' (continued babbling)
  1634. Bush says US overcoming Iraq 'mistakes' (He just can't think of one right now)
  1635. A more candid Bush subtly alters pitch on Iraq (LMAO - "candid"? Just different drooling and babbling urged by handlers)
  1636. Briefs: New evidence of improving US economy (New evidence of mental deficiency in alleged journalism)
  1637. Grading Congressional Tax Bills: B for the House, D for the Senate (Deranged lying)
  1638. FDA tests suggest Paxil birth defect risk
  1639. Frist Calls For Aggressive Measures To Combat Avian Flu (So, you *know* now it's all a scam)
  1640. Avian flu outbreak would slam US economy, report finds (What economy?!)
  1641. EU-US clash over CIA camps averted (Wow! So happy: I was really worried)
  1642. Rice Offers Assurances to Europe Over CIA Prison Controversy (LMFAO!)
  1643. When to shoot depends on what threat seen (Wackos see threats everyplac; nation of created wackos)
  1644. Torture ruling could let terror suspects go free (Corpagov fabrication)
  1645. Apohosis to collide with Earth in 2036? (Government solution: tell lies about everything and terrorize everybody while we're raping them)
  1646. Israel and the Palestinians (Some history)
  1647. Justin Keating on Israel
  1648. Middle East Documents Balfour Declaration
  1649. Israelis to be allowed euthanasia by machine (Law always runs amok because reality can never be encompassed by language)
  1650. Prof. Critical of Creationism Resigns Post (Thuggery trumps intellect)
  1651. Air marshals stood down over US plane shooting (More defense of murdrous government)
  1652. Bill Clinton to speak at climate conference (An intelligent liar Remember Mena?)\
  1653. Forget climate targets, timetables, Australia says (Does anybodt know geology and geophysics?)
  1654. Merck's Deleted Data (Corpagov doing what it does best)
  1655. Justice catches up with Croatian war crimes suspect (So what aboit Kissinger?)
  1656. House, Senate Agree to Extend Patriot Act (Criminals at work)
  1657. US Congress extends Patriot Act (More on Criminal government)
  1658. Troop Levels in Iraq Could Be Cut in 2006 (Or not: guess which)
  1659. House passes investment tax breaks (Investment in bankrupt corpagov?)
  1660. Baby's dummy 'may help avert cot death' (and how long have babies been around that a corpagov study is required? How long has stupity been around?)
  1661. Hospitals may help spread flu pandemic (They're arms of corpagov; of course they will)
  1662. Europeans Welcome Rice's Reassurances on Torture (The NY Wacko Times: Home of Judith "corpagov whore" Miller)
  1663. Torture ruling is shrugged off (UK)
  1664. Australian Troops Likely to Stay in Iraq Past May, Howard Says (who with luck will drop dead)
  1665. Miami Bomb Incident Starts to Look Suspicious (Anything involving governmnet is suspicious: government is criminal a priori)
  1666. Iran President's comments stir hornet's nest (LOL)
  1667. Democrats Still Search for Plan on How to Deal With Iraq (Ds to get brains is a good start)
  1668. Pacifier Greatly Reduces Risk of Sudden Infant Death (Scientific American is already nothing but trash)
  1669. Climate change theory barks up wrong tree, study shows (Unending babbling from ignorance)
  1670. In praise of ... peaceful protest (Orwellian UK)
  1671. ei: Haaretz.com runs ad discouraging Jewish abortions as "only solution" to Arab population growth(Didn't dare say, "final solution"?)
  1672. Military Will Request $100B For Iraq Next Year, Murtha Reveals (To be paid for by what?)
  1673. China eroding US dominance (US is doing it all itself)
  1674. Taken for a ride in the 'war on terror' (It's because Al-Qaeda is a fiction)
  1675. The government men in masks who terrorize Iraq (That's who some of them are)
  1676. They Are Not Conspiracy Theories
  1677. Un-American & inefficient (Actually, torture is very USian, but unUSian to say so)
  1678. Hostage in execution suit (CIA or Mossad pulling this?)
  1679. Qaeda lacks ability to mount cyber attacks: FBI (especially given its fictional existence)
  1680. India beats U.S. on direct investment destination (Why would anyone invest in US? It's a sinking ship)
  1681. Election Sabotage Proved in Venezuela
  1682. Turkish PM offers blunt message on Iraq (which is least of the obvious to say)
  1683. US diplomat scoffs at claim Israel killed Zia (Ergo, you now know it's true)
  1684. Israel expands war arsenal to deal with Iranian nuclear threat (of which there is none)
  1685. ACLU: German Suing CIA Barred From U.S. (It's the 'murikan way)
  1686. Europe skeptical of U.S. assurances (No?!! Really? Why would that be?)
  1687. ACLU: Protesters placed in terror files (It's the 'murikan fascist way)
  1688. The Truth Comes Out... (but not by torture)
  1689. Pressure Mounts As Second Abramoff Associate [Kidan] Pleads...
  1690. Contractors in Cunningham Probe Supported Other Lawmakers (Corpagov at play)
  1691. Iranian leader condemned for Holocaust remarks (A good indication that all these evil governments desperately need to be ground into dust)
  1692. Judge tosses Fourth Amendment (People toss their lunch)
  1693. USA to steal oil-rich Arctic region away from Russia (It's 'murikan way)
  1694. AFA's Wildmon: If ADL's Foxman criticizes religious right, "we just won't support Israel anymore (The reptos are finally cracking up?)
  1695. Israeli Aides Warn U.S. Not To Drop Ball on Iran ("Warns"? Whose country is this?)
  1696. Iran launches big military exercise (Ooops! They aren't taking shit?!)
  1697. Blast off! We can hit Iran, warns Sharon (Do, and the death of Israel will be greatly accelerated; this would be a good thing, and a product of its own deep sickness)
  1698. Clinton Says Bush Is 'Flat Wrong' on Kyoto (The genius of geophysics?)
  1699. U.S. Delegation Walks Out of Climate Talks (*All* an orgasm of ignorance)
  1700. Reports detail bird flu effects on U.S. (Bird flu is not responsible for the utter US bankrupcy in every way possible)
  1701. KC election board selects Diebold system (It's called rigging)
  1702. Venezuela lawmakers denounce CIA anti-Chavez plot (Assassinationa by US is not news)
  1703. Witnesses heard no talk of bomb
  1704. New Orleans Evacuees and Activists Testify at Explosive House Hearing (Exposing the criminal corpagov)
  1705. Annan Defends U.N. Official Who Chided U.S. (Should he have to defend?)
  1706. Torture Is an Instrument of Terror, Says Annan (and the purpose of terrorism is to terrorize: the function of US corpagov)
  1707. Australia: Labor puts profits ahead of children's health at Port Pirie (What's a government for? This is surprising?)
  1708. Left press in France all but ignores Sarkozy's Anti-Terrorist Bill (Now, why would *that* be? Press is sold, bought an in stranglehold)
  1709. John McCain in Ann Arbor: a cowardly evasion on US war crimes (and a criminal himself)
  1710. Miami airplane shooting: Washington's 'war on terrorism' comes home (US corpagov viciousness undisguished)
  1711. German Chancellor Merkel covers up for illegal CIA practices (Exactly as expected. The evil bitch whore of US now reigns, as we predicted)
  1712. Harold Pinter's Nobel Prize speech: a brave artist speaks the truth about US imperialism
  1713. European governments make their peace with Washington on abductions, torture(A fucking obedient disaster)
  1714. Andrew Cockburn: Meet Rahm Emmanuel (Another of the D's Repug whores)
  1715. So These Are the Democrats? (No, filthy whores denying who and what they are)
  1716. Rove Running Out of Answers, Time (but will be spare by drooling, ruling reptos)
  1717. White House Liars on the Defensive (Good for starts; now wise up to the truths that terrify)
  1718. Shooting the Mentally Ill (So utterly 'murkin; euthanasia began in US, not Germany)
  1719. Murtha Returns to Attack; Flays Bush (not even remotely enough)
  1720. Blair Tries to Cover Up $1.3 Billion Iraqi Theft (He has been a continuous criminal)
  1721. Dave Zirin and Mike Stark: On Seeing Wesley Baker Die (The real 'murkia that you live in, ruler of the world; revel in its psychopathic viciousness)
  1722. Roots of Gitmo Torture Lie Close to Home (It is the very essence of a nation already dead in its selfdestructive viciousness; it needs to die, and it will)
  1723. Valerie Plame Said to Leave Job at CIA
  1724. Lieberman's Iraq Stance Brings Widening Split With His Party (The Senator from the great State of Israel)
  1725. Red Cross in intense talks with US over secret jails (Racketeers confer with other racketeers)
  1726. UK 'covered up' Israeli nuke deal (Wasn't the old evidence sufficient?)
  1727. American hunger: Are scientists lying? (National denial must be caused by booming economy?)
  1728. The anthrax vaccine: New questions, weak data (Ooops - it's just poison)
  1729. Making mission' in a tough market (The poor baby)
  1730. The Future Face Of Network News (Just more fiction)
  1731. US investigates Iraq gunfire film (This should be rich in sick humor)
  1732. Condoleezza Rice: Mind your own business
  1733. Live Tracking of Mobile Phones Prompts Court Fights on Privacy
  1734. German Chancellor Says Rice Admitted US Kidnapping Of German Citizen Was A Mistake (The "US officials" denied she said that - perfectly typical garbage)
  1735. Bush on the Constitution: 'It's just a goddamned piece of paper' (Dicktator speaks)
  1736. Calling Jude
  1737. Many refuse to pay 'war tax' on phone bill
  1738. U.S. backs down in Padilla debacle (??!)
  1739. Republicans sinking in sleaze (That's nothing new)
  1740. A New Low for Lieberman (Scumbag of the year)
  1741. Contractors involved in San Diego bribery case cultivated political ties
  1742. Iran 'Determined' to Produce Nuclear Weapons (Oh it's Fictional Faux News again, doing what it does best)
  1743. Sarin, Mustard Gas Discovered Separately in Iraq (More Faux - Ooops - never happened)
  1744. 'Huge' Suspected Chemical Weapons Plant Found in Iraq (More Faux - oops - never was either)
  1745. Weapons-Grade Plutonium Possibly Found at Iraqi Nuke Complex (Ooops - not again!? Is any fox news real?)
  1746. If elected Netanyahu says he will Pre-emptively Strike Iran (Now, *that's* a platform)
  1747. Ohio About To Make Challenging a Federal Election ILLEGAL! (Fascist State loses even pretext of legal elections)
  1748. The. Biggest. Scandal. Ever! Phony Front Companies Cycle Millions Back to GOP!
  1749. Australian treasurer steps up ideological offensive against welfare recipients
  1750. Eyewitnesses refute official story in fatal shooting of passenger at Miami airport(What is not a mediagov fabrication?)
  1751. Saddam Hussein hearings: a show trial orchestrated in Washington (Speaking of fabrications)
  1752. Bush's Hired Pens
  1753. All the News That's Fit to Buy
  1754. The Philly Media and Mumia: When They Don't Bash, They Ignore
  1755. Apathy, US Culpability and Human Rights Day
  1756. Saddam's Trial: Grandstanding in the Theater of the Absurd
  1757. Ray McGovern: Lies, Torture and the Six Blind Mice
  1758. John Chuckman: Torture and White Phosphorous: The Moral Hell of Condi Rice
  1759. An Honorary Degree in Child Sacrifice?: Madeleine Albright and US Foreign Policy
  1760. Jason Leopold | For Rove, New Testimony, New Problems
  1761. Cindy Sheehan Takes Fight to the UK
  1762. Poland Was Main CIA Detention Base in Europe
  1763. Cunningham Probe Snares DeLay and Blunt (eventually the entire GOP)
  1764. Spanish at School Translates to Suspension (Wacko Nation)
  1765. China Town Sealed after Protesters Slain (Expect the same from US)
  1766. Blair's Britain 2005 - Where Peaceful Protest Can Be Costly
  1767. Former CIA Agent to Fight Italian Warrant
  1768. Nobel Winner ElBaradei: Nuke Risk Remains (The risk is Israel and its genocidal psychos)
  1769. Lieberman Wins Republican Friends, Democratic Enemies With Support ...(Speaking of genocidal psychos)
  1770. Update 3: Government Tests Readiness for Pandemic (Wow! How exciting!)
  1771. Bird flu kills Thai boy (or not)
  1772. FDA Warning: Using Paxil Raises Birth Defects Risk (OOps - more pharmapoison)
  1773. Man killed on flight may have been scared
  1774. White House defends plane shooting (Are we getting just a little fed up with this shit?)
  1775. Shooting of man at Miami airport defended (If US can defend genocide, it can defend anything)
  1776. Condoleezza Rice Warned Sept. 6 About Imminent Terror Attack (But, she already was part of it, and knew very well)
  1777. Judges Exclude 26% of Ballots in Va. Recount (Criminal corpagov)
  1778. London suspect in CIA torture claim
  1779. MI6 and CIA 'sent student to Morocco to be tortured'
  1780. Israel readies forces for strike on nuclear Iran (Israel: psychopathic nation)
  1781. Britain could grind to a halt in a bird flu pandemic, experts fear (Why?!!)
  1782. White House (The National Aviary) holds bird flu drill with military leaders (Buffoons)
  1783. Top Bush aides test bird flu preparedness (and ferret fever?)
  1784. Saudi Arabia formally joins WTO
  1785. They&#-11;&#-11;&#-11;re desperate to kill the magic lion
  1786. Dead man did not speak of bomb
  1787. Nations Agree to New Talks on Greenhouse Gas Limits (Yup! Buttplugs for cows and ferrets? Nope the hot air of assholes like these)
  1788. At FBI, Frustration Over Limits on an Antiterror Law (WHAT LIMITS?!!)
  1789. Thousands gather for WTO protests (Protest, when they have you by the balls?)
  1790. States Getting 'Ready for Anything (Faux News on the Buffoon Bandwagon)
  1791. American torture policy puzzling (US techniques for inducing psychoses)
  1792. Torture and the Constitution (US admin *is* psychotic)
  1793. Update 14: Passengers: Alpizar Didn't Say 'Bomb' (Just in case you missed that lie)
  1794. Israel readies forces for strike on nuclear Iran
  1795. Family Upset Over Marine's Body Arriving As Freight
  1796. Iran: U.S. can bid on nuclear plant (Beyond just clever)
  1797. Gary Webb: More Pieces In The Suicided Puzzle - Pt 1
  1798. Massive blaze rages at fuel depot (Fuel price rise?)
  1799. Anti-creationism professor: Resignation was forced
  1800. Two Workers Accused of Stealing 9-11 Funds
  1801. Gary Leupp: White House Liars on the Defensive
  1802. The Evacuation of Auschwitz
  1804. Condi's trail of lies (We have them about surrounded)
  1805. UK 'cover-up' on Israel's nukes
  1806. Rahm jets
  1807. IOL: Australia hit by race riots (Gorvernment mediacorpagov incited)
  1808. L.A. Leaders Call for Peace if Gang Co-Founder is Executed (Government induced racism: any excuse for Martial Law)
  1809. U.S. Rebuffs Red Cross Request for Access to Detainees Held in Secret (A battle of mobsters)
  1810. A comprehensive shredding of the Rep/Dem reasons to continue the war
  1811. Pentagon devising scenarios for martial law in US (and have been for years)
  1813. Charities to return dirty medical equipment to US (Faith based charities, no doubt)
  1814. Zionists pressurizes Bush Administration to attack Iran's nuclear facilities (vicious little reptos, aren't they?)
  1815. The Pentagon is underreporting the number of American soldier casualties in Iraq, say House Democrats (Would you expect anything but lies?!)
  1816. American Enterprise Institute published "Jeff Gannon" (Creative Frauds Inc.)
  1817. French Told CIA of Bogus Intelligence
  1818. Psy-Ops Come Home: Anti-war Party = "Defeaticrats" (But defeat is good when your purpose pathologically criminal)
  1819. EU concealed deal with US to allow 'rendition' flights
  1820. EU helped with CIA flights, says paper
  1821. DOD Collects 'Raw Data' On Suspicious Activity (Our continuing Nazi State)
  1822. Syria warns against sanctions (Don't say this! It's what they want!)
  1823. Two N.J. Congressmen regret their votes in favor of Iraq war (Tear drops in the toillet)
  1824. Senators Unsure of U.S. Troop Withdrawal (Many turds in the toillet)
  1825. The US has used torture for decades. All that's new is the openness about it (Of course it has. This is news?)
  1826. Iraqi general tells of prison torture horror
  1827. More secret Iraqi prison sites revealed
  1828. Military's Information War Is Vast and Often Secretive (and going on forover 150 years - but who's counting?)
  1829. Bush, Blair Tout Trade-Deal Benefits That World Bank Cuts Back (Delusional Lies)
  1830. Calling Christmas by Its Name (Stupid people talk the most)
  1831. Lines drawn in battle over Christmas
  1832. Saudi Arabia Sees No Need for OPEC to Cut Oil Output (Update3)
  1833. Likud party in free fall post Sharon
  1834. Likud works to topple Sharon
  1835. Secrets surface, stir 9/11 debate. Hijackers [i.e., CIA assets] identified long before attack, Able Danger agents claim (Ho-hum)
  1836. Bush's War Means More Bush Lies
  1837. How Abramoff Spread the Wealth
  1838. Secret ID Law to Get Hearing
  1839. Recession looming, some fear (Recession? How about annihilation?)
  1840. Pope says materialism pollutes Christmas spirit (So does xtianity)
  1841. The Age of Autism: 'A pretty big secret'
  1842. Explosion Damages Buildings in Athens
  1844. Ambassador Says Elections May Not Lead to Withdrawal (Zionists are still paying)
  1845. The Syrian Gambit Unravels (It was inevitable - but will this be heard?)
  1846. Beirut blast kills anti-Syria MP (Trying it again)
  1847. How free speech was quietly abolished
  1848. New Hariri report 'blames Syria' (Despite only "witness" recanting)
  1849. Biotech-Crop Battle Heats Up as Strains Mix With Others
  1850. Liftoff, Soft Landing or Crash? (Lunatic Hokum)
  1851. Staff cuts are a disgrace to journalism
  1852. A dust storm over the Holocaust
  1853. Mistrial Declared in Federal Vioxx Trial (Hmmmm)
  1854. Denial is not a river in Egypt (Corn is an asshole)
  1855. Spielberg is no friend of Israel (Do I care?)
  1856. Second night of violence in Sydney
  1857. Israel's L.A. envoy slams Spielberg's new film `Munich' (Spare me)
  1858. Clinton praises Israel as Mideast ally (Wants position in US Knesset)
  1859. State considers special license plates for sex offenders (?!)
  1860. Obama says Republicans practice "Social Darwinism"
  1861. Workers clear track for strike
  1862. Drowned city cuts its poor adrift
  1863. Judge Orders Extension of FEMA Hotel Plan
  1864. Arkansas housing thousands of empty FEMA trailers
  1865. Rumor of levee dynamite persists
  1866. Gov't Report: $50 - Plus Oil Here to Stay (You can guess why)
  1867. Gov. Bush picks major Republican donor to oversee state elections
  1868. Supreme Court to Review Texas Redistricting
  1869. Neo-Nazis blamed for Sydney riots (Anything Howard says is a lie)
  1870. Professor blasts KU, sheriff's investigation
  1871. Professor says he was forced out over comment
  1872. Saudi Billionaire Boasts of Manipulating Fox News Coverage
  1873. Bush plans overhaul of US foreign aid system (Who will this really aid?)
  1874. Time: Rove's Lawyer Told of Conversation
  1875. The US has used torture for decades. All that's new is the openness about it
  1876. Lies, More Lies and the Lying Liars who tell them
  1877. Straw: No record of CIA transfers (LMAO - Pathological lying fuck)
  1878. Military's Information War Is Vast and Often Secretive
  1879. Iraqi general tells of prison torture horror
  1880. Abuse Cited in 2nd Jail Run by [US-installed] Iraqi Ministry
  1881. More secret Iraqi prison sites revealed
  1882. Republican Congressman Says Totalitarian Regime a Danger (Oh? Really? What a genius!)
  1883. Spain's largest trial targets Basque separatist ETA
  1884. New York City transit workers vote to authorize strike
  1885. Explosions rip through British oil depot
  1886. WTO trade talks head for a stalemate (death would be better)
  1887. Government and media provocations spark racist violence on Sydney beaches
  1888. Rigoberto Alpizar and Jean Charles de Menezes: Two victims of state "anti-terror" killings
  1889. Dollar Tumbles Against Major Currencies Ahead Of Fed ($US is not worth the paper its printed on - wise up)
  1890. Schwarzenegger Denies Clemency for Williams (Enough fedupedness displayed for Martial Law to be declared? May be more interesting than these repto motherfuckers think)
  1891. U.S. Activists Fast Outside Guantanamo
  1892. Syrians fearful of becoming next Iraq (It's Syria, Iran, or both)
  1893. Diebold chairman/CEO quits under pressure from board (Diversion: it doesn't matter, rigged electrions will continue)
  1894. Iraq: the Beginning of the End
  1895. Nate Mezmer: Killing Tookie Williams
  1896. George Bisharat: Busharon
  1897. Jessica Stewart: My Husband is at the Gates of Gitmo
  1898. Lawrence R. Velvel: George the Disconnected (A clear euphemism)
  1899. Joe Lieberman's Controversial War Stand (He's merely living filth)
  1900. Conyers, 7 Reps: 'Casualty Counts Are Off' (US corpagov lies; that is all it ever does)
  1901. The Elections in Iraq: Juan Cole
  1902. Class Warfare with Taxes (It's just corpagov theft; that's its only reason for existence)
  1903. The Government Men in Masks Who Terrorize Iraq (US corpagov at play withIsrael)
  1904. FBI Agents Lament: "Radical Militant Librarians" (Fascisti)
  1905. Socialist Bachelet Leads in Chile Elections (Where's Diebold?!)
  1906. t r u t h o u t - Hunt Continues for 1,300 Children Lost during Katrina (Stolen by corpagov for torture practice and sexual slavery?)
  1907. Frist Puts "Nuclear Option" Back on Table (Frist sucks dead syphillitic cats)
  1908. Senator Feingold | President Bush Missed Critical Opportunity (Russ needs to get integrity)
  1909. Schwarzenegger Rejects Tookie Williams Clemency Bid
  1910. Cheney's torture camp tour
  1911. Diebold CEO resigns after reports of fraud litigation, internal woes (This will stop nothing)
  1912. BUSH REMARK MOST GRAVE? "just a goddamned piece of paper"
  1913. Bush's original "Detention" order
  1914. Yes, We Murder Journalists
  1915. A slightly diffent explanation of Christmas (As credible as anything else)
  1916. CIA flights reports 'credible' (With the consistent evidence, 'credible' is a bit weak)
  1917. No Couch Potato Left Behind Act (Just say NO to TV)
  1918. GM Bankruptcy Said Possible (This is not Genetically Modified)
  1919. Italian Player Accused of Fascist Salute (Making up reality)
  1920. Police: Elderly sell pain pills for cash (Must be that booming economy again)
  1921. The Truth Will Set You Free: Why LIE, when you're about to DIE?
  1922. Bush Says Iraq's Path to Democracy Like That of U.S. (National Babbling Chimp)
  1923. UN report cites new evidence of Syrian involvement in Hariri murder (Unsubstantiated fiction)
  1924. A Mole in the Progressive Movement? (David Corn has always been hateful)
  1925. China says hacking illegal, after alleged military attacks on US computers :-)
  1926. Suppose Israel were to give up nuclear weapons (or that it really wasn't engaged in genocide)
  1927. Plummeting 2005 box office sparks Hollywood crisis (It must be the booming economy)
  1928. Housing Costs Lifting Rentals Out of Reach (Must be that booming economy)
  1929. Vatican Official: Torture Is Unacceptable (but doable, as RCC has demonstrated historically)
  1930. EU executive plans new rules for TV programmes Reuters (Totalitarianism)
  1931. Iraq: 1,000 days of war
  1932. CIA Prisons Moved To North Africa? | December 13, 2005 13:03:28
  1933. How planespotters turned into the scourge of the CIA
  1934. Police look for answers in text messages - National - smh.com.au (*Who* quite obviously is sending the messages?)
  1935. Israelis arrested for illegal peddling
  1936. What's your political moment of 2005? (Galloway laying into Norm)
  1937. Senators Criticize Decision to Allow Scissors on Planes (National Asylumfor criminally psychopathic)
  1938. U.S. paid for media firm Afghans didn't want
  1939. U.S. Envoy: Bin Laden May Not Be Controlling Al Qaeda (Being dead, puts a crimp in your style)
  1940. Protesters turn out for Bush
  1941. Democrats seek classified briefing with Rice (The Babbler? Why?)
  1942. IDF chief Halutz: Iran able to resume enriching uranium in March (What's Israel's nuke production rate?)
  1943. Syrians fearful of becoming next Iraq (It's a fair certainty)
  1944. Al-Qaeda leader (a known MI5 agent) appeals for hostage release
  1945. Abu Qatada appeals for release of hostages
  1946. Tortured prisoners had their nails pulled, officials say
  1947. New 'torture jail' found in Iraq
  1948. 'No CIA flights in Britain' (Ummm ...)
  1949. US planes carrying prisoners were allowed to land in Britain, says Straw
  1950. Refusal to question US over 'torture flights' may be illegal
  1951. European watchdog slams US over CIA secret prisons
  1952. Europe CIA probe: Prisoners abducted, transferred illegally
  1953. Treasuries Rise After Fed Rate Increase and Policy Statement
  1954. Fed Raises Rate to 4.25%, Drops Reference to 'Accommodation'
  1955. Prosecutor in DeLay case subpoenas records from defense contractors
  1956. Katrina victims: 'Living in barns'
  1957. 'Signs suggest US illegally held detainees in Europe'
  1958. Taiwan: ruling party suffers heavy losses in local elections
  1959. Bush aides suppressed challenges to anti-democratic election plans
  1960. Deal to renew USA Patriot Act extends police-state measures
  1961. As Australian media covers up Howard's role Racial violence continues in Sydney
  1962. The execution of Stanley Tookie Williams
  1963. America's War So Far: 1000 Days of Getting It Wrong (No, actually getting it exactly right: their goals are not what you think)
  1964. Byrd Warns Frist against "Nuclear Option"
  1965. Swiss Government Cites Evidence of Secret CIA Prisons, Transfers
  1966. t r u t h o u t - Democrats Talk Fight on Patriot Act Revision (The bought Demoblicans?)
  1967. Farmers Clash with Police at WTO Meeting in Hong Kong (Now, why would thye do that? What is the first principle of government? Theft!)
  1968. Canada Wants to Protect Itself from the Patriot Act (Not really: reptos are ensconced there also)
  1969. To the Left in Bolivia, Too (Viva Morales!)
  1970. GM to Nearly Triple India Production (We are all, of course, thrilled)
  1971. US Envoy: 'Detainee Abuse Worse Than Described'
  1972. Dahr Jamail | An Increasingly Aerial Occupation (US so occupies Iraq; Israel so occupies Gaza)
  1973. Katrina's 21 unexplained deaths (How about murder by corpagov, one its specialties)
  1974. Police fear for children abused by religious sects (?? Religion *is* psychopathology)
  1975. Was it a UFO or not? (LMFAO! How many 'murikans would know the difference between Cyrillic and Egyptian hieroglyphs? Just another corpagov lie: nothing new)
  1976. The Australian: Come up and see my schizoid etchings [December 13, 2005] (LOL: creativity thwarts repto control by corpagov)
  1977. UN Considers Expansion of Hariri Probe (Like getting rid of the fake one?!)
  1978. Rice Calls Killing of Lebanese Lawmaker 'Vicious' Act of Terror (So, *she* must have ordered it. Yes, things *are* like that)
  1979. Lebanon Mourns Latest Victim of Assassination (Al-CIAda-Mossada-MI6a)
  1980. Investigator links Europe's spy agencies to CIA flights
  1981. CIA sent detainees to Africa, says investigator
  1982. British fuel fire not toxic, officials say (Yup -s ure - absolutely - truth is perfectly clear)
  1983. Great Lakes deal will ban water diversions (look to continued efforts to"privatize" water)
  1984. Gonzales urges speedy vote on Patriot Act ("Fuck them all, hard!")
  1985. An 11th-hour drive to amend Patriot Act
  1986. White House Pushes Back on Patriot Act
  1987. Thousands March Against WTO in Hong Kong (More of same; numbers underestimated, as usual)
  1988. ND's largest oil producer being acquired (Blurring the lines between foreign and domestic)
  1989. Microsoft updates security (What security? M$ suckurity? LOL It's *designed* to be the opposite)
  1990. Tea could cut risk of ovarian cancer (Yet more oxymoronic corpagov "science")
  1991. Fiber May Not Protect Against Colorectal Cancer (TV may not protect againt corpagov genocides either)
  1992. No Fiber Benefit Found for Colorectal Cancer (And about the cholestero fraud?)
  1993. Human brain cells can develop in mice (Politicians!)
  1994. Brain researchers put a little man into mice (The worm turns, does it not?)
  1995. A first at Salk: human stem cells in brains of mice (Mice cells in the brains of 'murikans?)
  1996. Iraqi exiles cast first (rigged) votes in election
  1997. Saudi Prince Donates $40 Million to Harvard, Georgetown ... (Go for those virgins, instead)
  1998. US expectations at stake in Iraqi poll (Just think about this headline)
  1999. EXCLUSIVE: SECURITIES FRAUD LITIGATION FILED AGAINST DIEBOLD, INC! (A little late, unless this entire fraud of a gummint is being properly dismantled)
  2000. Bush Job Approval at 38% (A GOP optimistic number)
  2001. Austria to try historian David Irving on Holocaust denial charges in Austria (The charge itself is a blatant lie; Austria itself needs to charged with crimes against humanity)
  2002. How Ernst Zundel Could Walk Free And Help Destroy The European Union
  2003. Trade gap widens to record (What the hell would you be expecting?)
  2004. CNN.com - 3 children critical after reservoir breach - Dec 14, 2005 (Faith based engineering)
  2005. Iran's president calls Holocaust 'a myth' (LOL)
  2006. Alleged pope incarnate excommunicated - Dec 13, 2005 (To live andto die by insanity)
  2007. Iranian leader: Wipe out Israel (There's and idea)
  2008. Iran leader: Move Israel to Europe (Hmmm ROTFL)
  2009. Germany warning over Iran remarks (Twaddle and Posturing of PC shit)
  2010. U.N. condemns Iran Holocaust remarks (LMAO - Morons need to be provoked)
  2011. CIA Sabotage Manual (The Intent and Actions of US Made Clear - in case you didn't really know)
  2012. Israel Troubled by Bush's Priorities (Israel is doomed to a violent death already)
  2013. Congress Expects Up to $100B Wartime Request (So, find the trillions lost by Rabbi Dov Zackheim)
  2014. Iranian leader denies Holocaust (and having a ball doing it)
  2015. Putin Calls Russia Defender of Islamic World (But we knew that)
  2016. Is the Pentagon spying on Americans? (This is a question?!)
  2017. Truck with allegedly fake ballots detained (Just like US, no corpagov crimes doens in a small way)
  2018. Pentagon rolls out stealth PR (Governments lie systematically; it's the only thing they do besides stealing and murdering)
  2019. Black Box Voting Forums: 12-13-05: Devastating hack proven - Leon County dumps Diebold
  2020. Holocaust comments spark outrage (One could hope they all die of apoplexy - quickly)
  2021. Israeli (The world's greatest living perversion) strike kills four in Gaza
  2022. Holocaust a 'myth', says Iranian president : (He's perfectly right)
  2023. Author's trial set to test Turkey (But Zuendel and Irving are not mentioned?)
  2024. Processed Chocolate Contains Dangerous Lead Concentrations, Study Says (Government science, no matter how you look at it)
  2025. A Moment of Reflection
  2026. Bush defends Iraq war, says he will attack another nation if necessary
  2027. Bush admits Iraq intelligence was wrong (If he's crazy, what does that make you?)
  2028. Bush puts Rice in charge of post-conflict strategy (How do you say this in English?)
  2029. Families angry as inquiry into July 7 bombing is rejected (UK)
  2030. Clarke rejects calls for July 7 inquiry
  2031. Row over CIA 'torture' flights engulfs Blair (who needs a lot of his own medicine)
  2032. Europe spies in CIA link
  2033. Rendition victim was handed over to the US by MI6
  2034. TSA to Test Surveillance Teams, Patrol Land and Sea Transport
  2035. US air marshals to deploy on ground transit (Yet *another* GESTAPO branch)
  2036. U.S. Workers' Names Withheld By Bush Regime (Nazi 'Murika)
  2037. Bush to Ease Public Access to Information
  2038. House votes to renew Patriot Act (Damn all their families to living hell)
  2039. Le Parti Qu&#-11;&#-11;b&#-11;&#-11;cois chooses Andr&#-11;&#-11; Boisclair as its new leader--a further shift to the right
  2040. Britain's law lords reject use of torture evidence
  2041. Three months after the Katrina disaster: New Orleans left for dead
  2042. In wake of racial violence in Sydney Australian state government prepares savage attack on democratic rights (which is why the violence was fabricated in the first place)
  2043. Iraq elections: a democratic fa&#-11;&#-11;ade for a US puppet state
  2044. NPR Swallows Bush's Guestimate on Iraqi Dead (Is this surprising?)
  2045. Ray McGovern: Torture, a Defining Moment
  2046. Gary Leupp: "Just a Goddamned Piee of Paper"
  2047. A Bore Called Bob: On Trying to Read Woodward
  2048. Paul Craig Roberts: Lethal Developments
  2049. US Ranks Sixth among Countries Jailing Journalists
  2050. As Torture Amendment Nears, Pentagon Rewrites Army Rules(Nazi Nation)
  2051. Pentagon to Plant News Stories Throughout the World (What do you think has been going on for decades?)
  2052. Israel to Build More Homes in West Bank (As the night follows the day)
  2053. Iran's President Dismisses Nazi Holocaust as 'Myth' (Good for him!)
  2054. US Says 120 Torture Cases Found in Iraq (Left off a few zeroes)
  2055. An 11th-Hour Drive to Amend Patriot Act (Futile bullshit - only killing it will do)
  2056. Fuming Dems Blast Rice's Refusal to Discuss Torture (A little torture will adjust her arrogant attitude)
  2057. Christmas shoppers beat up Santa (An entire species gone berzerk)
  2058. Media react to Bush Iraq speech (Um - sure 0 blah, blah, blah-blah, ...)
  2059. Patriot Act's fate remains uncertain (Kill it, forever!)
  2060. Fibre's benefits questioned in fight against colon cancer (Have no idea what the fuck they're talking about, never have and never will.)
  2061. Ahmadinejad`s antics (Now everybody will know his name :-)
  2062. Dam Walls in Southeast Missouri Break (Disintegration of the Nazi Nation)
  2063. US Treasury Bond Prices Finish Higher (Fabrication - on what conceivable reality?)
  2064. Amgen to Acquire Abgenix for $2.2 Billion in Cash (Now, you know why corpagov science has suddenly denigrated dietary fiber, which was shit science to begin with)
  2065. Taiwanese firm to make $100 laptop for the poor (Tulips anyone? Read yo r goddamn economics - and it is)
  2066. Study finds no link between fibre and cancer rate (Um - and how did "they" find it before? Same corpagove science, different shit lies)
  2067. Saving Celebrex (Too much bullshit, no truth - and they are all idiot liars)
  2068. The Seattle Times: Nation & World: Researcher tries to distance himself from cloning work(Repto corpagov "science" squabble: wake me when they are all dead. Seattle Times should be ashamed of this delusional article)
  2069. US scientist questions Korean clone study (Gvernment science is an oxymoron)
  2070. Charlotte Observer | 12/12/2005 | Fixing the state's courts (Disintegration of US Nazi Empire)
  2071. Posters call for race riots (corpagov fabrications of posters)
  2072. The History of the House of Rothschild (on the edge)
  2073. US among top 10 nations jailing scribes
  2074. Scientists in Spain link additive to obesity (More government "science")
  2075. Bush Takes Blame for Iraq Invasion, Intel (Yeah - right sure - and fuck you)
  2076. US touts successful missile-defense test (Success=didn't blow up in their faces)
  2077. Zionists Admit Defeat in Information War (Doesn't matter: Isarel has signed its own death warrat too many time in its undiluted evild and viciousness: its death is both ineluctable and salubrious)
  2080. Panel subpoenas Rumsfeld for Katrina documents
  2081. Bush admits Iraq intelligence was wrong (It was all calculated lies)
  2082. Aljazeera.Net - Wikipedia as accurate as Britannica
  2083. UKs budget plans make victims of EU poor
  2084. Saddam's WMD Moved to Syria, An Israeli Says (Old lies and liars never die)
  2085. Safety of artificial sweetener called into question by MP (Aspartame)
  2086. Can Americans Save America from Israel? (READ)
  2087. Dead Man Tells No Tales (Air marshalls running amok)
  2088. Bush: Iraq Invasion My Responsibility (So, we should sharpen the guillotine?)
  2089. Rumsfeld's war plan: First, attack the messenger
  2090. Columnist Says Bush Knows Who Leaked Name (Novak would say this?!)
  2091. Ex-Abramoff associate pleads guilty to fraud
  2092. GOP Official Convicted in Phone-Jamming Scheme
  2093. Terrorism allegations 'absurd', court hears (AU totalitarian state)
  2094. Enemies of the state? (UK totalitarian state)
  2095. House Endorses Torture Ban (As if it matters)
  2096. Fire bombs thrown at Iraq voting station in Sweden (Now, who would do that?)
  2097. Large Blast Heard in Iraq As Polls Open (Or that?)
  2098. House GOP Bill Rejects Iraq Withdrawal (Criminal Congress at work)
  2099. Australian government tries to censor Indonesian film festival (AU totalitarian state)
  2100. Germany: Ex-Chancellor Schr&#-11;&#-11;der launches corporate career (More swinging doors of corpagov)
  2101. Pentagon's domestic spying operations target opponents of Iraq war
  2102. British newspaper alleges Israel is planning a military strike on Iran (Um - Israel has already said so, quite publically)
  2103. Waivers for State Terror: Bush and the Indonesian Generals
  2104. Organic Inconsistencies: Federal Food Politics (Politically engineered truth)
  2105. Stan Cox: "Agroterrorists" Needn't Bother
  2106. Oren Ben-Dor: the Ethical and Legal Challenges Facing Palestine (The are facing calculated genocide)
  2107. t r u t h o u t - Bush: Not 'All That Familiar with a Lot That's Going On over at Capitol Hill' (Plenary exculpation?)
  2108. Senate Is Set to Require White House to Account for Secret Prisons (Saveus from the fraud of Congressional investigations)
  2109. US Trade Deficit Threatens Growth (What do you think it has been engineered for?)
  2110. New Tests Fuel Doubts about Voting Machines (and 6 years of utterly invalid elections)
  2111. GOP May Attach Arctic Drilling to Pentagon Budget (2 birds with one stone?)
  2112. Geography professor writes first in-depth account of scheme to engineer with atom bombs(Government "science" in history)
  2113. Frog-Shaped Infant (A would be politician no doubt)
  2114. Researchers seek brain wave access to bank accounts and homes ([sigh] Yet more government science)
  2115. Bush accepts McCain's ban on torture (Another lie, and fake)
  2116. Who looks after the levees? (New Orleans)
  2117. White House to Double Spending on New Orleans Flood Protection (Now?!)
  2118. Feds: Plane needed more runway (Government scientists speak)
  2119. Judges ask tough questions in evolution sticker case (Diversion)
  2120. US bars Cuban team from Classic (Small people making petty diversions)
  2121. CNN: Iraq Mistakenly Freed Terror Leader (They arrested a dead body - and then released it?!)
  2122. Turkey's EU Entry Gets `Litmus Test' as Trial of Writer Begins
  2123. Government Science: An Oxymoron? by Tom Bethell
  2124. Patriot Act Being Used To Impliment Currency Controls
  2125. The Invisible Hand (of the U.S. Government) in Financial Markets
  2126. Bush Lets U.S. Spy on Callers Without Courts
  2127. Iran May Buy Russian Surface-to-Air Missile Complex (They better do something)
  2128. Rice hints at Security Council referral of Irans nuke file (Yoohoo! Israel has nukes, Irand does not)
  2129. Jack Abramoff's Business Partner Pleads Guity, To Testify Against Abramoff
  2130. Trying To Run Away From Abramoff...
  2131. New York Times admits it held domestic spying story for a full year
  2132. No advances made in adult literacy, study says (No adult left behind)
  2133. Why Must Congress Nazify America?
  2134. Nuclear Deployment for an Attack on Iran
  2135. Volusia to decide future of its system
  2136. Voting machines won't be retested, state officials say
  2137. Lawyers Hired for Marshals Who Shot Plane Passenger
  2138. After Holding Off a Year, 'NY Times' Scores Big Scoop
  2139. Bush signed 'secret spy order'
  2140. New Zealand: new Labour-led government under pressure for more market reform
  2141. Israel: Shimon Peres joins Sharon's new party (The Great Scam Cometh)
  2142. Canada: Martin wraps himself in the Maple Leaf after scolding from US envoy
  2143. The political issues confronting New York City transit workers
  2144. US ambassador "will remain the critical behind-the-scenes power," says New York Times Iraqi election to rubber-stamp continued US occupation
  2145. Saul Landau: Bolivian Democracy and the US
  2146. Tom Kerr: What's Not to Love About Nancy Grace?
  2147. Bush Ordered Spying on Thousands of Americans
  2148. US Jews Feel Threatened by Religious Right (They're just figuring this out?!)
  2149. Republican Party Official Convicted on Phone-Jamming in New Hampshire
  2150. Former Abramoff Partner Pleads Guilty, Increases Threat to DeLay
  2151. Anti-US Sentiment Is Motivator for Many Iraqis
  2152. Congress Doesn't See Same Intelligence as President (I *never* would have guessed!)
  2153. Senate Blocks Extension of Patriot Act (The odium is not near dead enough yet, and needs to be killed completely)
  2154. WTO Talks Hover on Brink of Breakdown (We should be so lucky)
  2155. Conrad Black Charged with Racketeering and Obstruction of Justice
  2156. Official: Al-Zarqawi Caught, Released (Unverifiable fantasy)
  2157. "Catastrophic" Radiation Reported in Chechnya
  2158. Anti-Israel remarks 'misunderstood,' says Iranian official (Actually, they were deliberately lied about in detail)
  2159. Iran warns Israel of 'destructive' response
  2160. EU warns Iran over Holocaust remarks (BFD)
  2161. Iran's fiery leader not apt to be silenced (This is a good thing)
  2162. Iran Could Be Sanctioned for Riling Israel (but only because it's Israel - Grow up children!)
  2163. Author's trial puts Turkey in the dock over freedom of speech
  2164. Judge Halts Trial of Turkish Novelist
  2165. Scandal emerges over US wire taps (It has been continuous for decades)
  2166. Bush won't confirm report NSA spied on Americans
  2167. 'King Kong' Bombing Big Time at Box Office (Faux News fabricates its own reality: It's the whole industry Bombing)
  2168. Is Bush On Drugs? Denies Ever Claiming 9-11/Saddam Link Now
  2169. Nowhere to run (Perps never had intention to run)
  2170. Bush Says Iraq War Is Good for Israel (That's it.)
  2171. House recommends national Jewish history month (How about Native American History Month? Criminal Corpagov Month?)
  2172. An Incredible Day in America (US proudly wears its badge of Evil and Criminality)
  2173. Voting machines hacked, Leon official says (US corpagov illegal, as wellas criminal)
  2174. The Terrorists Don't Need to Destroy Democracy. Bush is Doing Their Work for Them.
  2175. Bush least popular US president: survey (Actually, the most hated being who ever lived)
  2176. Iraq war makes US safer: US Defense Secretary Rumsfeld (Second, or third most hated)
  2177. Lawyers for Padilla Accuse U.S. of Toying With Courts (What else are corpagov courts for?)
  2178. Army accepts more low-aptitude recruits (A mercenary corpagov army by destroying this one)
  2179. Israel Discount Bank of New York settles in money laundering case
  2180. Israel prepares for feared nuclear attack by Iran who has no nukes, but who better hurry up and collect a few hundred
  2181. Internet appears to be weakening China government's control of news (Some news is good news)
  2182. NSA uses ECHELON against US citizens (Illegal & Criminal US corpagov)
  2183. Lawmakers Back Use of Evidence Coerced From Detainees (By Torture)
  2184. Columnist Admits Being Paid, Resigns From Cato Institute (Abramoff: like horseshit at a racetrack)
  2185. Space cadets taken in by TV hoax (19 hijerkers with box cutters?)
  2186. Bush Acknowledges Approving Eavesdropping (Now, about all those other crimes, ...)
  2187. Senators defeat Bush in row over civil liberties
  2188. We captured Zarqawi but then let him go, say Iraqis (total fabrication)
  2189. Avoid [Rumsfeld's] Tamiflu, infants and pregnant women (and everybody else)
  2190. Lott Sues Insurance Co. in Katrina Damage (State Farm Insurance Fucks Everyone & Anyone)
  2191. Lawmakers seek to curb lobbying as scandal spreads (But such criminality is the essence of corpagov)
  2192. US House votes to wall up Mexico border (and hold US citizens prisoner)
  2193. FBI Questions High School Student Over 'PLO' Doodle (Nazi 'Murika)
  2194. Air marshals arrest man who claimed to have bomb on plane (Stay away from airports)
  2195. Protesters break through to gates of WTO meeting
  2196. Maine tribes meet with Venezuela for low-cost heating oil
  2197. Leftist set to be Bolivia's first Indian president
  2198. Canada-US war of words escalates
  2199. Taliban execute teacher in front of his pupils for educating girls
  2200. Bush, on TV, Says Iraq Vote Won't End Violence (Right: US is not gone)
  2201. Deal on Torture Clears Way for Defense Bills (This is a lying crock of shit)
  2202. US Congress nears vote on detainee measures (No, it does *not* ban torture in any way)
  2203. Domestic Spying Condemned (in Congress busily engaged in other criminal acts)
  2204. After Holding Off a Year, 'NY Times' Scores Big Scoop
  2205. At the Times, a Scoop Deferred
  2206. Bush Won't Say If Government Spied On Americans
  2207. Bush Personally Approved Eavesdropping Program: Official
  2208. Australian government unveils military restructure and new callout powers(Totalitarian State)
  2209. After rejecting MTA's "final offer" New York City transit union calls selective strikes
  2210. Sri Lanka: police raids against CWC leaders
  2211. The case of Khalid al-Masri German government complicit in the criminal activities of the CIA
  2212. Document proves European Union agreed to CIA rendition flights
  2213. McCain-Bush "anti-torture" measure gives legal cover for continued abuse(Finally: the truth)
  2214. At Least Homeland Security Believes that Mao Still Matters (US KGB at work)
  2215. Heather Gray: Privatizing the Social Contract (Verily)
  2216. William Loren Katz: Remembering the First Quagmire at Christmastime
  2217. Chris Floyd: the White Death of Fallujah
  2218. Ray McGovern: Torture Between the Lines: Bush's Underwhelming Gesture to McCain
  2219. Jeff White: Teacher Fired for Talking About Peace?
  2220. Laura Carlsen: Deciphering the Language of Globalization (Almost as bad as what it criticizes in a weak uniformed way)
  2221. Did Karl Rove Destroy Evidence in Plame Case?
  2222. Lee Sustar: the Class War Economy (But - "government statistics" are deliberately designed frauds)
  2223. Spy Scandal Far Larger Than Just NSA
  2224. When Prosecutors Deceive: Did the Feds Frame Bryan Epis? (It's what they *do*)
  2225. The Democrats are an Impotent and Tolerated Opposition Party (This is hardly news)
  2226. Gabriel Kolko: the Decline of the American Empire (designed, as multinational corpagov rises to global totalitarianism)
  2227. Alexander Cockburn and Jeffrey St. Clair: Time-Delayed Journalism (i.e.,Journalism Is Dead - especially at NYT)
  2228. Pentagon Violated Law by Keeping Database on Anti-War Activists(US Criminal and Illegal Corpagov)
  2229. Senate Judiciary to Probe Bush Spying Scandal (Another Criminal Congressional Probe: Bend Over!)
  2230. Bush Vows to Continue Spying on Americans (How about a vow of selfincineration?)
  2231. Trade Summit Violence Escalates
  2232. A President above the Law (It's called a fucking dictator; calling it president does not make it so)
  2233. Critics condemn EU deal 'failure' (Nations designed to sink in rise of global slavery (forget warming))
  2234. MI5 mole in Sinn Fein 'faces life in fear of assassination' (Have a nice day!)
  2235. Rice ["the psycho"] says Iran referral to UN only a matter of time
  2236. South Korean Scientist Denies Faking Stem Cell Data (Mole to discredit such research?)
  2237. The Cloning Crisis Clouding Korea (Oh, stuff it, asshole!)
  2238. Anti-Globalisation protesters tear-gassed at Hong Kong trade talks
  2239. Ranbaxy shares seen falling on US Lipitor ruling (It is a rhabdomyolysisinducing poison)
  2240. Polar bears drown as ice shelf melts (Shit happens!)
  2241. 'Audacious' theft of two-ton sculpture leaves art world reeling (For scrap metal?! Speaking of assholes)
  2242. Diarrhea vaccine safe, effective, panel says (A vaccine against diarrhea?!! Government scientific understanding leaks to journalism)
  2243. Bush: Eavesdropping Helps Save US Lives (LMFAO - also stops global warning and diarrhea!)
  2244. President Bush's Address (1600 Pennsylvanian Avenue)
  2245. Bush Defends US Wiretaps, Urges Patriot Act Renewal (Next: Rice defends Diarrhea - or her mouth)
  2246. Second Mehlis upholds implication of Syria in Hariri killing (He's lying)
  2247. Turkish Novelist Pamuk Goes to Trial
  2248. Update 1: Turkey Caught in Bind Over Novelist Trial (OOps - denials of reality will eventually always kick your butt)
  2249. Assassination attempt on Iran's Ahmadinejad? (No, who would do that?)
  2250. White House keeps dossiers on more than 10,000 'political enemies'
  2251. Britain ran torture camp after WWII: report
  2252. Goodbye to Baghdad (But not by US who will have to be driven by force and attrition)
  2253. New Patriot Act Amendments would Create Secret Police (It must be killed utterly)
  2254. VP Cheney Makes Surprise Visit to Iraq (Of what value is he, anyplace?)
  2255. White House never told of pre-Iraq war intelligence doubts - Powell (Thelyingest SOB beyond cuntisleaza)
  2256. US, Europe step up planning on Iran (as in how to invade for no respectable reason)
  2257. Pakistan to stand by Iran in case of US aggression (That should be interesting, since Russia has also declared)
  2258. Bush says he signed NSA wiretap order
  2259. Petrodollar Warfare: Dollars, Euros and the Upcoming Iranian Oil Bourse
  2260. Tehran gives world leaders a history lesson they'd rather forget (The unwarranted power of an utterly illegal, immoral entity)
  2261. New York Times admits it held domestic spying story for a full year
  2262. Powell: U.S. Will Stay in Iraq for Years (Does he do anthing *but* lie?)
  2263. Identity Theft of America (But it was a pack of lies to begin with)
  2264. 6-point license system frustrates some drivers (Nazi NJ)
  2265. Planted PR Stories Not News to Military (Of course not)
  2266. Pelosi Hails Democrats' Diverse War Stances (Sit down, and shut up)
  2267. Aspartame: UK Parliamentarian Calls For Ban
  2268. Israel's Sharon suffers a stroke (Cause for minor celebration?)
  2269. Cytations: reform is happening: Iraqi Muslims Did Not Kidnap Their House Guests
  2270. Stunning Silence and Belated Apologies
  2272. Pushing the Limits Of Wartime Powers (Nazi State)
  2273. Giuliani: U.S. in Peril without Patriot Act (From the mouths of psychos)
  2274. Physics911 Public Site
  2275. Hillary's New Haters
  2276. Frist AIDS Charity Paid Consultants (Cats aren't all he tortures)
  2277. Sun Myung, Boris and Neil Bush
  2278. U.S. firm paid $20M for Iraq propaganda (Much more!)
  2279. Sheehan leads war protest in Spain
  2280. Cheney 'must explain rights abuses, detentions in Afghan visit' (Lots of luck: he's a criminal, and knows it)
  2281. CIA'S Goss Reportedly Warned Ankara of Iranian Threat (with another collection of fabrications)
  2282. Powell raps Europe on CIA flights (Sure they're "disingenous", but P. is and always has been an outrageous fucking liar)
  2283. Protest over 'prisoner flights' (Scotland)
  2284. Criminal probe targets alleged CIA flights of terror suspects (Switzerland)
  2285. MLP MEP calls on government to clarify 'CIA flights' (Malta)
  2286. Magazine: CIA received German file on German captive (Germany)
  2287. Report: MI5 colluded with CIA on rendition (UK)
  2288. Torture is us. Denial does no one any good.
  2289. Rights Groups Fear Torture Ban Provision (The US is a total fraud in every way)
  2290. Torture ban does not affect U.S. military, says Rumsfeld (Speaking ogf Mr. Fraud himself)
  2291. Lawmakers tangle again on torture legislation (US just wants to torture, and they will have it!)
  2292. Bush Defends Secret Spying in the U.S. (also murder, treason, genocide, malfeasance, drinking and drugging - which is all right because he's dictator!)
  2293. Warrantless Eavesdropping Began Soon After Sept. 11 Attacks (To see who going to rat on corpagov)
  2294. WTO: Draft Text Is a Raw Deal, Activist Warns (But, that is exactly its purpose)
  2295. Upsurge in violence as Cheney pays surprise visit to the troops (That would figure)
  2296. Call for punishing Iran over anti-Israeli remarks (Call for erasing Israel for its continued genocide?)
  2297. EU May Cut Aid if Hamas Wins at Polls (Um - so who also controls EU?)
  2298. Congress pushes back, hard, against Bush (or is trying very hard to seem that way)
  2299. NIH Uses Live Viruses for Bird Flu Vaccine (Design of self fulfilling prophecy)
  2300. U.S. [Bioterror] Team Will Test Live-Virus (More of same)
  2301. Bush Says US Is Winning in Iraq, Sacrifices Ahead (Guillotine anyone?)
  2302. We are winning the war, says Bush (How about the cathedral dungeon at Toledo?)
  2303. Bush Asserts US Is Winning Iraq War (Um - what war? You mean the genocidal invasion?)
  2304. CNN.com - Profile of Evo Morales - Dec 18, 2005 (In short: he actually has a brain - and we have a cloned repto moron)
  2305. Mini-strokes warn of more serious problems (One can hope in Sharon's case)
  2306. Update 1: Cheney Fields Tough Questions From Troops (Oh - right - sure - absolutely - collected and vetted 2 weeks ago)
  2307. Bush OKd spy program within US (So, why isn't he yet arrested?)
  2308. ABC News: Suspect in Halloween Sex Assault Charged (You could ask if he's black, but how about if he's jewish?)
  2309. More Teens Abuse Over-the-Counter Drugs (Think there might actually be a cause? Look what's pResident)
  2310. WTO averts talk breakdowns (Thieves always manage to agree in the end)
  2311. Air NZ axes 110 engineering jobs (The designed collapse really is global)
  2312. NASA Readies to Launch Pluto Mission (Cool! Everything is falling apart at the seams, and fucking NASA is going to Pluto)
  2313. Firefox is streets ahead of IE on European computers (US corpagov engineering shows its worth - or lack of it)
  2314. The Wiki effect (There will always be morons and psychos - usually in government- to fuck up everything)
  2315. Bono, Gates are Time Persons of Year (Just like Hitler & Bushitler)
  2316. Tests show Indonesian boy died of bird flu - govt (or not. What govt doesn't routinely lie through its teeth with every breath and word?)
  2317. Young girls respond better to cancer vaccine (They die quicker?)
  2318. Relief after German hostage is freed
  2319. Distinguished University of Minnesota Philosophy Professor Joins 9/11 Fight, Sayin the Truth Must Be Discovered (whose understandings I agree with)
  2320. Hollywood starts confronting 9/11 (As if ...)
  2321. All Eyes On You: How Spy Chips Are Quietly Reshaping Privacy (Global Totalitarian Enslavement)
  2322. Soldier with NJ ties killed in Iraq (and why he was there to begin with)
  2323. The Truth is a Valuable Commodity (Too important for it to be allowed to be meddled with by any goddamn lying gummint)
  2324. Congress Acceptable for Only 1/4 of Americans (and they had to be searched for)
  2325. Holy Holocaust! (A guy who's justly pissed)
  2326. Well well well. What do we have here? (Saving public Rove)
  2327. Santomero to Quit in March, Further Reshaping Fed (Musical chairs?)
  2328. Tehran says questions about Holocaust part of 'scholarly debate'
  2329. I Was Right (Nope: them Dems was bought, and didn't dare contravene Israel's wants)
  2330. Iraq group posts video of U.S. hostage's 'killing' (Another CIA front killing?)
  2331. House Dems call for an investigation (The funniest words in English - if you have a sick sense of humor)
  2332. Blair Knew About London Attacks (and the murder of Dr. David Kelly - we knew this)
  2333. In the Land of The Stupids (Verity packaged in wit)
  2334. Paper Investigation: 548 "Pioneers", "Rangers," Who Raised $100,000 Or $200,000 + For Bush 2004 Often Directly Dictate Admin. Policies... (The best government money can buy - Roman republix redux)
  2335. Big Brother Bush / The president took a step toward a police state (*Another* one?!)
  2336. Can Israel escape the Iraqi connection?
  2337. Rendition Unto Caesar (The existing US corpagov police state)
  2338. Iran wins big in Iraq's elections (Perhaps the monumental US ignorance & stupidity will be made clear beyond US sickness?)
  2339. US Holding Children in Prison Camps as POW's (Old news, repeated)
  2340. How the New York Times forgot the lessons of the Pentagon Papers case ("forgot" is not the right verb)
  2341. Gonzales: War powers authorized eavesdropping (US: anything authorizes everything)
  2342. Newsmax: "But, but, but, Clinton did it too!" (Newsmax: everything authorizes anything)
  2343. Frist AIDS Charity Paid Consultants
  2344. 2005 May Be Remembered as Year of Torture and Rendition
  2345. U.S. House Wraps Up Budget With Defense Plan, Spending Cuts (The Ever Criminal Congress, for which a special hell needs to be designed - just for entertainment value: rehabilitation would be a joke)
  2346. Osama, Saddam? What's in a name? (The pResident; not even Popes have said so many imbecilic things)
  2347. Thought Experiments (Unnecessary: they dismantle themselves - but, alas,as the world cries in agony for far to long: better to stop them from ever having existence)
  2348. Did Congress Pass Legislation Allowing Bush to Violate The Law Against Illegal Spying? (Congress is an illegal and Criminal body to begin with, on a myriad count)
  2349. The Raw Story | Democrats plan sharp rebuke of pre-war intelligence, Iraq war in massive new congressional report(Yeah - right - absolutely - in the land of morons)
  2351. Sen. Reid calls US Congress 'most corrupt in history' (and he tries to escape his own criminality?)
  2352. US House backs oil drilling in Alaskan refuge (Criminal congress is continuous)
  2353. Socialist Victorious in Bolivia (Bravi tutti!)
  2354. George W Bush warns of more crisis in Iraq (He'll be creating it, while *he* is the greatest evil who ever lived)
  2355. Bush: 'Our Work Is Not Done' (Yup: Some Iraqis are still alive, and Israel/banker psychopathic greed is not yet satisfied)
  2356. Bombs in Iraq; Bush says 'don't despair' (Give me one good reason, whilehe and US criminal corpagov is allowed to live)
  2357. Controversial CIA plane landed in Nfld. (Global Nazi State)
  2358. CIA flights may have stopped over in Poland: President ("May"?!!)
  2359. U.S. Ran Afghan Torture Prison, Group Says (It's what US *does* best)
  2360. Bush, Democrats in showdown over anti-terror bill (Yeah - really - spare me the bullshit)
  2361. Rice Defends Domestic Eavesdropping (Will no one rid us all of these meddlesome priests of genuine evil?)
  2362. Lawmakers Call for Domestic Spying Probe (Yet another criminal farce in the making)
  2363. Pentagon's Intelligence [Jewish Intellectuals?!] Authority Widens (Intellectual, my ass - goddamn motherfucking criminals)
  2364. Surrounding Cheney, Iraqi Soldiers Forced to Hold Fake Guns (Hollywood Babylon!)
  2365. &#-11;&#-11;&#-11;Life is good for the wealthy&#-11;&#-11;&#-11;: Germany: Social inequality is constantly growing(All Jewish bankers?)
  2366. France: New law requires teachers to present a "positive" account of French colonialism(But Germany will not be presenting a positive view of the apocryphal "Holocaust")
  2367. US House passes draconian anti-immigrant bill (Corpagov Terrorism)
  2368. WTO talks keep trade round on life support (Kill it all!)
  2369. Bush defends illegal spying on Americans: the specter of presidential dictatorship (What spectre? They're here!)
  2370. Kevin Zeese: an Interview with Tony Benn ("where the US has bombed 19 countries ...")
  2371. Gideon Levy: Sadism at the Qalandiyah Checkpoint (Genocide is not even enough)
  2372. Gary Leupp: "Why are You Reading that Little Red Book?" (Because I don't like living in the land of the stupids?)
  2373. Christians strip to build a new Eden (You wonder why the world is totally fucked up?!)
  2374. Stoned Owl Found in Christmas Tree (Um - marijuana is a "natural" substance?)
  2375. Stroke caused no permanent damage, Sharon's doctors say (What a pity; there's still the remainder of his life in a pain amplifier)
  2376. US seizes counterfeit Tamiflu drug (It wasn't sufficiently poisonous?)
  2377. New Bolivian leader poses challenge to US policy (-_-)
  2378. Morales claims victory in Bolivia (Next week, US corpagov will assissinate him?)
  2379. Lipitor patent win boosts Pfizer shares (It still induces rhabdomyolysis)
  2380. Dell to recall 35,000 notebook batteries (US corpagov technology)
  2381. Decline in teen drug use ends (It's escape from psychopathic US corpagov "reality")
  2382. Modest Declines in Teen Drug Use (Meaning, nonexistent declines - corpagov statistics are like any other corpagov products: unadulterated shit)
  2383. Indonesia records eleventh death of bird flu (info direct from PeeWee Herman!)
  2384. Work for welfare, prosperity, democracy: Afghan president (Wind him up; turn him on - Regan reincarnation)
  2385. Afghan Parliament sworn in (Oh goody! Another fake deoncratic republic!)
  2386. Saddam's scientists freed as US house of cards starts to tumble (Think "Cuntosleaza Rice")
  2387. 'Dr. Germ,' others released in Iraq
  2388. 'Dr. Germ' Among Ex-Hussein Officials Released (Ooops - mistake? No: lying US Jews)
  2389. War crimes suspect, 88, freed after judge doubts evidence (Jewish fabricated evidence)
  2390. Mass murder suspect is cleared in last Nazi war crimes trial (The Jews were and are the criminals and psychopathic liars)
  2391. Man, 88, acquitted of Nazi crimes
  2392. Bush's Snoopgate (Can there be any more real surprises?)
  2393. So What Else Isnt the NY Times Telling Us? (Everything you already know)
  2394. Docs Show F.B.I. Spying On Groups Advocating For Environment, Animal Cruelty, Poverty Relief..( COINTELPRO was never really retired)
  2395. China's Economy, Larger Than Thought, May Soon Surpass U.K. (In economy, or thought?)
  2396. Israel equates Ireland with Iran (We equate Israel with Stalinist Russia)
  2397. Bush shows he believes he is above the law
  2398. PHXnews.com | U.S. Warns Turkey Of Air Strike On Iran And Syria
  2399. CIA Chief Pays Secret Visit to Ukraine (Goss is a busy little bee)
  2400. Time for W to answer for his actions (First he needs to be locked up)
  2401. Be alarmed about new sedition laws Australia
  2402. Bush accuses leak instigators of helping enemy (of course, they and we all are indeed his enemies)
  2403. Progressivism, Skepticism, and Historical Revisionism: The Inalienable Right to Question History
  2404. Nationwide spying could have averted 9/11: Cheney (National Font of Shit)
  2405. Writer's links to indicted lobbyist probed (Yet More Abramoff!)
  2406. Victims of Creeping Fascism
  2407. The miscreant [Bush-Walker] dynasty (and the compassionate Barbara?)
  2408. Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign: Entire Region of Norway to boycott Apartheid Israel!
  2409. Sharon's aide helps Spielberg promote controversial film
  2410. Saddam's scientists freed as US house of cards starts to tumble
  2411. Torture in Afghan 'secret prison'
  2412. Capitol Hill Blue: Buying a President
  2413. Democrats Say They Didn't Back Wiretapping (They are still bought frauds and thieves)
  2414. Governments Tremble at Google's Bird's-Eye View
  2415. Did Bush domestic spy program eavesdrop on American journalists?
  2416. The New Madness of King George
  2417. Testing US presidential powers
  2418. World's Monetary Debt to Israel Doubles (I suppose they'll still be demanding US billions in tribute anyhow)
  2419. The Raw Story | Censure motion introduced in House over Iraq, torture (Don't get excited; this will go no place)
  2420. ABC News: Explosives Heist One of the Biggest in Recent History
  2421. World Tribune.com -- Report: Syria agrees to hide Iran nukes (How obvious does the BS get?!)
  2422. High-court nominee asked about Bush spy program
  2423. Public Data Show Chemicals in Tap Water (Explaining an entire nation gone mad?)
  2424. DeLay to announce re-election bid today (He can always have the election rigged)
  2425. Federal judge: School district can't mention 'intelligent design'
  2426. Alaska Files Suit Against BP, Exxon Mobil
  2427. Venezuela gives Exxon ultimatum (Cuntosleaza will be simply furious)
  2428. Cheney's Entourage Tangles With Afghan Security Forces
  2429. Inquiry begins into alleged torture flights (Roll out Hutton again?)
  2430. Police investigate CIA's use of British airports (As if MI5/MI6 knew nothin?!)
  2431. Synthetic terror alert as PATRIOT 'expires'
  2432. Bush gets key backing on spy policy (Well - one is good enough, right?)
  2433. New York Times Had Secret Surveillance Story Prior to 2004 'Election'
  2434. F.B.I. Watched Activist Groups, New Files Show
  2435. Congressman Calls For Bush Impeachment (Don't get excited)
  2436. Arabs plan mock trial for Bush, Blair, Sharon (Sounds right)
  2437. US increases air attacks in Iraq
  2438. NYC Transit Workers Face $1M-A-Day Fine (You are null and void. What rights?!!)
  2439. Indian government steps into Nepalese political crisis
  2440. Britain: Facts and myths about Turner's plans for pensions (You save andcorpagov steals it)
  2441. Australia: Major companies continue layoffs as economy slows (What? No booming economy?)
  2442. Bush uses lies, fear-mongering to defend war in Iraq, police state measures at home(and what was it you were expecting after 5 years of insanity?)
  2443. New York City transit workers defy threats and strike
  2444. FBI's Spy Files: Got Yours Yet?
  2445. Dave Lindorff: Missing Black Boxes in WTC Attacks Found by Firefighters, analyzed by NTSB, concealed by FBI
  2446. Sen. Robert Byrd: No President is Above the Law
  2447. Trifler, Fibber, Sophist, Spy: How Bush Flouted the Constitution
  2448. Gian Paulo Accardo: Empire of Shame
  2449. Nothing New About NSA Spying on Americans
  2450. Jackie Corr: Natural Gas, a Montana Tragedy (It is designed)
  2451. Conyers Calls for Censure and Investigation of Bush and Cheney
  2452. Behind the Steel Curtain: The Real Face of the Occupation
  2453. Part I: Bush Fundraisers Cash In by Giving - Then Receiving
  2454. Medicaid Changes Could Hit the Poor (and the Sun Could rise in the East tomorrow)
  2455. Report: The Constitution in Crisis (more like it's moribund)
  2456. Spending Bill Spares Major Weapons Programs from Big Cuts
  2457. UK Minister Lied over CIA Flights (His lips were moving?)
  2458. Stalin's plan to breed ape-man army revealed (The US Congress?)
  2459. CBC News: Girls often 'torture' Barbies, researchers say (No Comment)
  2460. Eminem used as torture (Why are we not surprised?)
  2461. Israels state of decay (Sharon now to frequent "undisclosed locations"?)
  2462. Sharon Leaves Hospital, Wants to Work ("Changed"? - or just the continuing feints and frauds?)
  2463. Germany releases TWA hijacker; no link to Iraq hostage (Why is that not surprising? In US, we just make links up.)
  2464. ACLU says FBI misused terror powers (But, FBI *is* a terror org)
  2465. Ex-Qwest CEO indicted for insider trading (Somebody didn't like him a lot)
  2466. Teaching of 'Intelligent Design' is outlawed (The psychos will be outraged)
  2467. Demand Censure for Bush-Cheney Misconduct Investigate Impeachable Offenses(Not Treason?!)
  2468. Ukrainian Cruise Missiles Transported Via Russia to Iran (Will Israel think?)
  2469. Russia to take Syria's side if conflict with U.S. arises - Russian MPs (Will Israel think twice?)
  2470. Judge Resigns Over Secret Surveillance
  2471. US raises pressure on UN to change (any time it doesn't get exactly what it wants)
  2472. Bush's Gift to America - Endless War
  2473. Bush Forcing The Nation To Choose Degradation Of Our Values Or Impeachment.. (OR what we did once before facing intolerable gummint)
  2474. Abramoff said to discuss plea deal (Here comes the ripoff)
  2475. Dick Cheney has put it on the table as bluntly and thuggishly as a mobster setting down a crowbar.(But that is exactly what Cheney et al. have always been)
  2476. Did Israel Lead the US into the War on Iraq?
  2477. Hackers Break Into Computer-Security Firm's Customer Database (At least there is symmetry)
  2478. Cheney Breaks Senate Tie on Spending Cuts
  2479. Hussein says tortured and beaten by Americans
  2480. US hopes of secular Iraqi state fade away (Um - it *had* a secular state)
  2481. German Interior Minister Sch&#-11;&#-11;uble wants to lock up "dangerous people" (Is he one of them?)
  2482. Australia: Beach suburbs "locked down" in weekend police blitz
  2483. After the Iraq election: Washington steps in to shape the next government
  2484. With the White House defiant on illegal spying: Why no outcry for Bush's impeachment?
  2485. The New York transit strike: A new stage in the class struggle
  2486. Torture as Calculated Policy
  2487. US Image Problem Rooted in History, Not Media
  2488. Lila Rajiva: a Short History of Radio Free Iraq
  2489. One Nation, Under Prosecutors: Presumed Guilty - Paul Craig Roberts
  2490. Terrible mutations may turn humans into plants or animals (Some think this has already happened)
  2491. Spooks React to Wiretap Mystery
  2492. Mexican gangs force Indians to grow opium (Free Trade)
  2493. Saddam Says He's Been Beaten in Detention
  2494. Sunni Arab and secular Shiite group unite on poll complaints
  2495. Teen in kilt sparks school debate (Why!??)
  2497. Bill Would Allow Arrests For No Reason In Public Place (Nazi Nation)
  2498. New York Police Covertly Join In at Protest Rallies (Nazi Nation)
  2499. New Life for Patriot Act Is No Bush Win (Look for the fine print)
  2500. Alistair Cooke's 'bones stolen' (Skull&Bones at it again?)
  2501. Police Video Caught a Couple's Intimate Moment on a Manhattan Rooftop (WHY?!)
  2502. Scientists resurrecting use of silver as antiseptic (Almost Forgotten Knowledge)
  2503. China lays down gauntlet in energy war (It's an imperfect universe.)
  2504. India, China pin down $573m Syria deal (To make life interesting)
  2505. The ultimate quagmire (READ)
  2506. Deaths of treated patients alarm bird flu experts (Tamiflu doesn't work: we knew this)
  2507. Here we go again with the censure nonsense (Provision is for impeachment, not infantile wrist slapping)
  2508. New Ballistic Missile Launched From Russian Nuclear Sub
  2509. Surveillance UK: why this revolution is only the start (arrests of whom for what?)
  2510. Bush Pardons Coke Dealer (How transparently charming)
  2511. Robot Demonstrates Self Awareness (Sometimes politicians do too)
  2512. Fox&#-11;&#-11;&#-11;s Wendell Goler: Secret Wiretapping Program Used 18,000-Plus Times (Ever growing Nazi State)
  2513. Israel trusts in BMD against Iran threat (Until yesterday, anf tomorrow)
  2514. Advocates of 'Intelligent Design' Vow to Continue Despite Ruling (Realiy has never dissuaded them before)
  2515. Britain will be first country to monitor every car journey
  2516. Mushrooming depleted uranium (DU) scandal (Designed: troops & Iraqis with one stone)
  2517. Tamiflu found ineffective in bird flu treatment (Yes: we knew this. Why is it news?)
  2518. Visit to Greenland May Chill Hot Air Hoax
  2519. The NSA spy scandal all in one chunk.
  2520. Oseltamivir Resistance during Treatment of Influenza A (H5N1) Infection
  2521. Bird flu kills two who took Tamiflu (Which was the causative agent?!)
  2522. California 'Hack' test stalled as Diebold certification derails
  2523. Republicans fear lobbyist's plea bargain (Could he have a "heart attack"?)
  2524. Cuba attacks leading 'dissidents' as US agents
  2525. Cuba launches verbal attack on top US diplomat
  2526. Murtha rips administration 'dishonesty'
  2527. Hussein brands US liars as Rumsfeld arrives (Nice timing)
  2528. Hussein's Lawyers Say Ramsey Clark at Risk
  2529. Americans back Bush on wiretapping, Cheney insists (His continuing criminal insanity)
  2530. US hopes of secular Iraqi state fade away (There was no hope of it - so troops then stay, right?)
  2531. New York City transit workers defiant Bloomberg and his friends are the thugs, not us
  2532. New York transit strikers confront escalating attacks
  2533. Iraq and the Laws of War: US as "Belligerent Occupant"
  2534. Amira Hass: a 14-Year Old's Prison Journey
  2535. Dan Olmstead, Autism & the Dangers of Thimerosal
  2536. Robin Blackburn: Rudolf Meidner, a Visionary Pragmatist
  2537. Christopher Brauchli: Absolut Bush
  2538. The Citizen's Metamorphosis: I Awoke an Object of Suspicion
  2539. Survival of the Unfittest
  2540. Iraqis Reject Increased Fuel Costs
  2541. Bolton Threats May Lead to UN Shutdown (Shut Bolton down instead)
  2542. Bush Backs Down on Patriot Act
  2543. 'White House lies once more,' Hussein says
  2544. Rumsfeld: No early Afghan pull out (Criminal psychopathology)
  2545. Update 12: No Sound Heard From Seaplane Recorder (Hmmm)
  2546. Microsoft faces fines of 2m a day
  2547. No smoking message fails with teens (Aren't corpagov actions *quite* fucking aggressive enough?!)
  2548. Israel threatens to cut Gaza power (That sounds about normal)
  2549. Three Palestinian militants killed by Israeli troops( Continuing genocide)
  2550. The Blow-Up: Annan Insults and Distracts
  2552. Power We Didn't Grant
  2553. Daschle: Congress Denied Bush War Powers in U.S.
  2554. Blair 'upbeat' on Iraq pullout (Babbling as bad as Rice's)
  2555. AP: Alito called for overturning Roe in 1985 document
  2556. Ford workers BITE bullet, while creditors collect INTEREST (Justice among the CorpaNazis)
  2557. Money to help poor pay winter bills runs low (Guess who will not be cold)
  2558. Iraqis March, Say Elections Were Rigged (The pinnacle of US democracy)
  2559. EU-wide warrant over 'CIA kidnap' (How man CIA to screw anything?)
  2560. The Making of the Enemy: Part One of Two (Psychological Engineering READ)
  2561. The Making of the Enemy: PART 2 OF 2 (Then, the real questions? READ)
  2562. California snitching on anti-war groups to FBI?
  2563. Mehlis Aforethought
  2564. Chatroom 'friend' takes all mother has using online money-order scheme (How do banks screw you? Let me count the ways)
  2565. File the Bin Laden Phone Leak Under 'Urban Myths' (More Fairy Tales from W)
  2566. Whats the Fed Up To With the Money Supply? (READ between lines since all indicators are fudged if not fabricated)
  2567. The Fed's Turn to Fail (NO WAY - but READ)
  2568. This Can't Be Happening! (Nightmare of US Nazi State)
  2569. New Home Sales Plummet in November (Hmmm - for once, my timing was about right)
  2570. Rumsfeld: US Cutting 7,000 Soldiers From Iraq Early Next Year... (After we pump 27,000 in)
  2571. US approves $453.3b defense spending bill (Defense from what?)
  2572. Israel ready to strike Iran (Israel is a threat to the planet, Iran a threat to no one)
  2573. Iraq Vote Moves Baghdad Closer to Tehran
  2574. Illinois attorney general tells gas stations to donate to Red Cross or risk
  2575. Wal-Mart's big payout over lost lunch breaks
  2576. Diebold Hack Hints at Wider Flaws (As in direct rigging: it's no "flaw")
  2577. Voting machine maker Diebold in trouble (Not near enough)
  2578. Diebold Withdraws As NC Voting Equipment Vendor, Only One Left
  2579. Boynton Beach student sues over Pledge of Allegiance
  2580. Darwinism hailed as breakthrough of year in snub to creationists
  2581. Cuba offers to donate money to hurricane victims as baseball reapplies for permit
  2582. Democrats maintain call for Iraq withdrawal timetable (Yeah - yeah - sure)
  2583. Iraqi troops killed as Rumsfeld signals pullback (More convenient manipulation)
  2584. House passes $453.3 billion 'defense' bill (Aspirins will not help)
  2585. Call for blanket ban on CIA planes (Lots of luck)
  2586. Judge Issues Warrants for CIA Operatives (More luck)
  2587. EU-wide warrant over 22 CIA kidnappers (Uhuh - sure)
  2588. Postponing Fight, Congress Extends Terror Act 5 Weeks (Drag it out, introduce new diversion)
  2589. Congress extends anti-terror act to February 3
  2590. Alito defended government wiretap rights (along with torture and genocide)
  2591. Sen. Salazar: Bush 'arguably' broke the law (Mealymouthed moron)
  2592. Power We Didn't Grant (Then he was sent anthrax)
  2593. CALIFORNIA / ACLU asks state if it is providing data to FBI / Group concerned after Iraq meeting at Stanford watched
  2594. 'Ohio Patriot Act' May Soon Become Law
  2595. Ohio Patriot Act Would Allow Arrests For No Reason In Public Place
  2596. Quebec government adopts draconian law against half-million public sector workers
  2597. EU budget talks reveal mounting European conflicts
  2598. US Senate passes budget bill slashing social programs
  2599. Sydney's racial violence: a warning from Sri Lanka
  2600. Behind the media onslaught on the transit workers
  2601. Christmas in New York Billions in bonuses for Wall Street execs; mayor denounces 'selfish' transit workers
  2602. The sudden end of the New York transit strike: A preliminary assessment
  2603. J.L. Chestnut: What White America Doesn't Hear
  2604. Ray McGovern: Cheney the Bully; Rockefeller the Coward
  2605. Eric Johnson-Debaufre: the Trew Law of Free Democracies?
  2606. Bringing Torture into Court: the Loopholes in McCain's Bill
  2607. Lawrence Mishel and Ross Eisenbrey: the Economy in a Nutshell (Not accounting for the figures being bogus to begin with)
  2608. All Overseas Phone Calls Tapped
  2609. US Lawsuit Could Dent Global War-Contractor Boom (Don't bet on it)
  2610. Abramoff May Testify against Dozens in Congress (Don't bet this either)
  2611. Iraq Sunni, Shiite Groups Threaten Boycott of Government (Something to teach us?)
  2612. Students to Bear Big Burden under the Final Budget Bill(Well - of course - no student left unscrewed)
  2613. At Last, 'Impeachment' Talk Appears in Media (Beyond the Point of No Return)
  2614. NOW | Abortion Rights Under Attack (All have been under attack by US gummint for decades)
  2615. Archbishop Wishes Civility This Christmas (Try for a civilized noncorporatized world)
  2616. French Assembly Moves to Legalize File Sharing
  2617. In Spielberg's 'Munich,' the thriller is gone (More Israeli mythology)
  2618. Sunnis rally against Iraq 'vote fraud'
  2619. Israel plans Gaza 'aerial siege' (Why do you think its been doing all along?!)
  2620. Frist's Setbacks as Senate Leader Imperil His Presidential Bid (Right - lying cat torturer for president!)
  2621. Alito backed immunity in wiretap case
  2622. IMF approves $685m loan for Iraq (that they would be insane to take)
  2623. Christmas goodies arrive at orbiting space station (Perfectly fuzzy wuzzy)
  2625. Spy Agency Mined Vast Data Trove, Officials Report
  2626. A Cruel Christmas (created by an illegal, criminal, larcenous and genocidal corpagov)
  2627. Mosques monitored for radiation (corpagov insanity)
  2628. U.S. Airstrikes Take Toll on Civilians (which is the point)
  2629. D-Rep Releases Potentially 'Lethal' Impeachment Doc
  2630. Alito favors a government that operates above the law
  2631. U.S. Soldiers Train for Iraq on Sheep Farm (?)
  2632. Justice Department Reveals Social Security Numbers (Utterly criminal corpagov)
  2633. For Christmas, let's give ourselves a present: A new government (YES!)
  2635. Whats the Fed Up To With the Money Supply? (Hide the Looting!)
  2636. Federal judge rules Chinese Gitmo detainees can be held indefinitely
  2637. Iran hails first Islamist Arab state in Iraq
  2638. Godalming geek made millions running the Pentagon's propaganda war in Iraq
  2639. Israel ready to strike Iran by end of March (Sounds about right)
  2640. U.S. Congress approves transfer of $600 million in aid to Israel (WHAT!!?)
  2641. Russia to honor Iran arms deal despite US objection
  2642. Depleted Uranium aka Baghdad Boils?!
  2643. Santa told to sack his gas-emitting team of reindeer (A primer on globalwarming: and don't forget rabbit and ferret farts)
  2644. Judge strikes down fees and restrictions on marches (Last gasps of freedom from governmental looting)
  2645. Letter From a Military Mom: Domestic Spying & Incident of Intimidation of Military Families (The utterly evil US Nazi corpagov doing what it does best)
  2646. Leak probe not seen to end with Rove, lawyers say (Cancerous corpagov)
  2647. C.I.A. Chief Warns Allies to Prepare for U.S. Bombing of Iran and Syria (The utterly genocidal US cropagov)
  2648. Failure Magazine-Archives-History-Failure of the Year 2005 (Failure at what goal? Think about that)
  2649. Most outrageous statements of 2005 (Asylums for the criminally insane, anyone?)
  2650. Soaring heat bills leave many shivering (Your looting, genocidal government at work)
  2651. Extra Heat Aid Is Gone (Kicking the dogs?)
  2652. 5 workers at Los Alamos exposed to deadly plutonium in accident (Run by "contractor"? The oxymoron of "government science")
  2653. Federal agents' visit was a hoax: 12/ 24/ 2005 (or was threatened with murder for not saying this; in US, you just never know anymore)
  2654. Blair to stand down next year if Labour MPs fail to back his reform (Far too late)
  2655. Pentagon Flunks Rebuilding 101 (Rebuilding was *never* intended)
  2656. Military Confirms Surge in Airstrikes (Continued genocide)
  2657. Chalabi's defeat puts U.S. friends in quandary (The convicted embezzler)
  2658. Govt pledges action if US lied about Shannon (As if ..)
  2659. Poland suppresses CIA prisons report (Now, that's more like reality)
  2660. Federal judge rules Chinese Guantanamo detainees can be held indefinitely (Nazi US)
  2661. Detainees Face Limited Access to Courts (Mazi US)
  2662. Anti-terrorism bill draws Democrat, GOP opponents (Scumbag Ohio - bankrupt it into the Stone Age)
  2663. Ohio Rep: 'Gestapo-like' tactics of government officials in Ohio Patriot Act
  2664. Spy net may pull in all U.S. calls overseas (Scumbag government)
  2665. U.S. high court nominee urged eavesdropping immunity (Supreme scumbag)
  2666. US confirms monitoring Muslim homes (Are there words vile enough?)
  2667. Widespread Radioactivity Monitoring Is Confirmed
  2668. Feds monitor Muslims without warrants
  2669. NYT: NSA eavesdropping wider than W.House admitted
  2670. Spy Agency Mined Vast Data Trove, Officials Report
  2671. Bush employs "Big Lie" technique to defend illegal spying on Americans (Has he ever said anything that isn't a lie?)
  2672. New York City transit worker speaks: "They're churning up the next American revolution"(Indeed, it is to be hoped)
  2673. John Chuckman: a Christmas Tale for Bushtime (Truth in satire: when scumbag governments go bad)
  2674. Happy Birthday Mithras!: the True Meaning of December 25th (I could pickon important omissions, but ...)
  2675. Dialogue with the DEA
  2676. Horowitz's New Project: Begging for Brownshirts
  2677. Iran in the Crosshairs: Israel's Deadline
  2678. The Year of Vanished Credibility
  2679. People Concerned More about Own Lives than Saddam's (as well they should be)
  2680. EU Arrest Warrant Issued for 22 CIA Operatives (Al-CIAda operatives)
  2681. A Junior Aide Had a Big Role in Terror Policy
  2682. Guilty of War Crimes for WMD Sale to Saddam
  2683. The Lincoln Group Cashes In on Iraq War
  2684. Enron's Ex-Accounting Chief Could Testify vs. Lay and Skilling(Ooops - time for a "heart attack"?)
  2685. Pope Benedict says midnight mass (and reviews RC genocides in sermon?)
  2686. Rumsfeld Serves Dinner to Troops in Iraq (Oh, give me a fucking break)
  2687. Ehypt Presidential Runner up get 5 year Jail Term
  2688. Health Canada warns of online Tamiflu fraud (Tamiflu *is* a fraud)
  2689. All 23 aboard Azeri plane believed dead in crash (scan the passenger list carefully)
  2690. Who's Behind the Attack on Liberal Professors?
  2691. U.S., Citing Abuse in Iraqi Prisons, Holds Detainees (Utterly bizarre perversion of reality)
  2692. US troop reduction could be first in trend (further trend of lies and frauds?)
  2693. Two US brigades returning from Iraq next spring (Um - sure - absolutely)
  2694. Stores Depending More on Procrastinators (Ha! Buy *nothing* until Jan. 10)
  2695. More screenings at Sea-Tac gates (I will not even be *near* an airport ever again)
  2696. USATODAY.com - 'Intelligent design' ruling may have ripples (Rattling the psychos)
  2697. Osama may be hiding, but niece is in full view ([Yawn])
  2698. Flu drug dose may need boosting after signs of resistance (Boosting shitstill gives shit)
  2699. Update 1: US Cancer Death Rate Continues to Drop (Xlation: we're using a new formula to compute the numbers)
  2700. Israel is the reason America is at war
  2701. Is the US State Department still keeping April Glaspie under wraps?
  2702. Grinch steals Christmas; DOLLAR takes a nose DIVE
  2703. Israeli Spy Group Criticizes White House Soft Policy on Iran
  2704. E-tracking, coming to a DMV near you (Dismantle this government)
  2705. NSA Snooping And Israeli Connection Questioned
  2706. U.S. spying broader than acknowledged: report (Dismantle this government)
  2707. Israel's War Deadline
  2708. Iraq strikes off 100 poll candidates
  2709. Violence rages in post-poll Iraq (vote rigging)
  2710. Speculations over US attack against Iran
  2711. Emblem of Apartheid Resurfaces in Iraq
  2712. Barron's: Congress Should Consider Impeacment
  2713. Bush nominee wanted abortion outlawed (Alito)
  2714. Democrats Decry GOP's Budget Legislation (Dems are bought, lying scum)
  2715. Venezuela could help Delaware's poor stay warm
  2716. CIA team traveled Italy in style (Hey! It ain't their money)
  2717. CIA's bungled Italy job
  2718. Lawyer demands probe into Hussein torture claim
  2719. U.S. Abrams tank blasted by roadside bomb
  2720. U.S. Missteps Leave Iraqis in the Dark (Missteps?!)
  2721. Iraqi [US Puppet] Court Bars at Least 90 Candidates for Parliament
  2722. White House denies Bush actions contradict earlier remarks (any earlier actions, or contradiction with which he misunderestimated himself - got that, sucker?!)
  2723. Officials Want to Expand Review of Domestic Spying (Just say NO!)
  2724. BBC NEWS | Health | Most 'get as much sleep as ever' (Shitscience)
  2725. Catholic patriarch calls for dismantling of Israel's security wall (Justto irritate?)
  2726. Tigers assassinated Tamil MP: Sri Lanka govt
  2727. Republicans rue 2005's disappointments as midterm polls loom (The dead don't have disappointments)
  2728. 'Democracy,' Iraqi-Style - by Justin Raimondo
  2729. Desperately Seeking Victory in a War Already Lost
  2730. No Date Is Set for Troop Withdrawal From Iraq (Don't hold your breath)
  2731. For Agency's `Rendering' Teams, A Lavish Overseas Lifestyle
  2732. Bush Presses Editors on Security (So bad it has become blatant)
  2733. U.S. offensives target civilians not fighters (and was from the start)
  2734. Watch it crash: your health care, your pension, your house
  2735. The Face and Voice of Civilian Sacrifice in Iraq
  2736. Bechtel contractor faulted for accidents at lab
  2737. Bulldozers to sweep New Orleans homes away
  2738. The 'Most Corrupt' Congress Ever - Including Elements of the Black Caucus
  2739. Secret CIA torture chambers in Afghanistan
  2740. US radiation snooping of Muslims called 'disturbing'
  2741. Charlie Ehlen: How the War Criminals Stole Christmas
  2742. Scott Boehm: Santa Drove a Bulldozer (Not your country anymore)
  2743. No Holiday Compassion for Haiti's Political Prisoners
  2744. Lawrence R. Velvel: the Usurpers of Our Freedoms (On the illegal tacticsof immoral strategies)
  2745. US Bombing of Iraq Intensifies
  2746. Santa's Chinese Elves
  2747. OPEC woos Russia ahead of G8 presidency - Forbes.com
  2748. Foxy Brown sticks tongue out at NY judge (a perfectly natural reaction)
  2749. China to begin mass production of bird flu live vaccine - report
  2750. NYC Authorities Probe Theft of Body Parts (Soylent Green, coming up)
  2751. Enough is enough for city on frontier of cannabis law - 27 Dec 2005 - World News(When stupids make laws)
  2752. Barley reduces heart risk &#-11;&#-11;&#-11;&#-11;(pseudoscience)
  2753. "I have witnesses that say they bombed the walls of the levee."
  2754. Lawmaker's stand-up routine pokes fun at Bush (The one thing devils can't stand is to be laughed at)
  2755. Abramoff may be tip of 'large and rather dirty iceberg' (No shit)
  2756. Network Aims to Help Harassed Campus Conservatives (How about harrassed sane people?)
  2757. Higher learning, turn left (Conservative = psychopath)
  2758. Terrorism Drill Reveals Flaws in Response (Response to treasonous government?)
  2759. Chile Court Won't Drop Pinochet Charges
  2760. Castro calls Rice 'mad woman' (My - how perfectly gentlemanly of him)
  2761. Scores Killed in Iraq Violence (Ah - "misssion accomplished" with 'murikan Democracy)
  2762. 4,000 soldiers flown home for treatment, but no visit from PM (That's who Blair is)
  2763. No Date Is Set for Troop Withdrawal From Iraq (Corpagov truth is Orwellianly moment to ment - learn to live with constant bullshit)
  2764. No rush to leave Iraq, says Rumsfeld (Ooops another corpaloony trying to drive you crazy)
  2765. Top commander admits Iraqis want US out 'as soon as possible' (as they have for several years now. where has this lunatic been?)
  2766. Bush's envoy sparks another diplomatic incident over war claims (Give it up, assholes)
  2767. US embassy close to admitting Syria rendition flight
  2768. Bush Presses Newspaper Editors on Security (aka Bullshit and Ciminality)
  2769. Respect the law, Mr. President (You must be joking: first he needs to undewrstand the concept)
  2770. Mail or bring your copies of '1984' to the Oakland Tribune
  2771. The media mogul who transformed cricket (Sometimes, there is good news: it's usually an accident)
  2772. Surfer says shark attack has made life more "precious" (I feel the same about bankers, insurers, neoliberals, nazi 'murikans and the Bush family)
  2773. Sharon to have heart treatment (Can I suggest a few?)
  2774. Va. Man Who Killed 4 Had Mental Problems (The question is, why?)
  2775. Spy tactics right, says Powell (Colonosleaza's tongue should rot off from lying)
  2776. Powell Backs Eavesdropping to Stop Terror (Eavesdrop on his colon)
  2777. Let the post-Christmas shopping rush begin (No! Wait until about Jan 1)
  2778. Putin orders completing GLONASS satellite system before 2008
  2779. Cigarette firms cough up for new anti-smoking campaign (Spare me the totalitarian fascist nazi crap)
  2780. Russian shoppers 'poisoned' (A sign of the present by corpas)
  2781. Israel expands West Bank settlements (No shit)
  2782. Capitol Hill Blue: Are we that good? Damn right we are
  2783. U.S. Navy orders Bill Gates to install SPARC/Solaris with Sun Rays
  2784. Guardian Unlimited | Guardian daily comment | Comedy of terror
  2785. Bush Arrogantly Ignores FOIA Demand
  2786. Denying democratic right to Hamas
  2787. Fraud Alleged at Red Cross Call Centers
  2788. Illinois attorney general tells gas stations to donate to Red Cross or risk price gouging lawsuit
  2789. Bush turns on Iraq give columnist whiplash
  2790. 2.6 Trillion Missing from Pentagon prior to 9/11 (That's $US, son)
  2791. Mossad chief: Iran seeks more than one nuclear bomb (while Israel threatens the entire planet)
  2792. Bloggers, Money Now Weapons in Information War (Paid for, fabricated new is nothing new for the US corpagov)
  2793. Group sex legal in Canada (Cool. Why not?)
  2794. Sick and disabled targeted in benefit reforms (UK like US: USUK)
  2795. Bush's envoy sparks another diplomatic incident over war claims (Who believes US anybody about anything, anyhow?)
  2796. Venezuela Discloses US Plotting
  2797. Guard Turns to Pizza, iTunes for Recruiting (Hang in; it will get even sicker)
  2798. Poland to Keep Troops in Iraq, Dropping Pullout Plan (What was the threat?)
  2799. The Hand-Over that Wasn't: How the Occupation of Iraq Continues
  2800. The Agency That Could Be Big Brother (How about "has been" all along?)
  2801. Denied Surveillance Wiretaps, Bush Bypassed Court
  2802. NSA Spied on UN Diplomats During Push for Invasion of Iraq
  2803. David Swanson: Kurt Vonnegut, a Man Without a Country
  2804. Gideon Levy: Dusty Trail to Death
  2805. Uri Avnery: the Peretz Shuffle
  2806. Evan Jones: Whither the National Guard?
  2807. Congress May Prevail on War Power (The Criminal Congress?)
  2808. Military Leader Says Troop Level Could Rise (drop,rise,drop,rise,...)
  2809. NH Republicans Drift from National Party (Feeling a bit soiled are they?)
  2810. US Opposes Litany of Global Treaties in 2005
  2811. Hundreds of Children Still Missing after Katrina (Sold in Israel's slave markets?)
  2812. Below a Mountain [gold] of Wealth, a River of Waste
  2813. CIA 'Rendition' Exposed by Cell Phone Use
  2814. John Yoo: Architect of Imperialism
  2815. Skyrocketing Number of Vets with Post Tramatic Stress (Horror of US Corpagov)
  2816. Juan Cole: In Iraq the Killing Resumes
  2817. A Veteran's Iraq Message Upsets Army Recruiters
  2818. US Embassy Close to Admitting Syria Rendition Flight (If it weren't so sick, it would be funny)
  2819. Chalabi Lacks Votes Needed to Win Spot in Iraqi Assembly(See, some news is actually good)
  2820. Rockets in Israeli town cause minor damage (Fired by Mossad?)
  2821. Putin Dismisses Adviser Who'd Resigned (Smart move)
  2822. Israel hits back to halt Palestinian rocket attacks (The usual designed excuse for more genocide)
  2823. Israel retaliates over Gaza rockets (fired by Israel itself)
  2824. Workers find mass grave of more Shiites (Soon to blame Iran for shiites)
  2825. Russia is no longer free (Do UKians think *they* are?!)
  2826. Putin adviser quits, saying Russian no longer free ([yawn])
  2827. Polish government asks to keep troops in Iraq next year (Must *really* have been threatened by USUK)
  2828. Ukrainian, Bulgarian troops leave Iraq (Oh? Wait for the threats to have been given)
  2829. Grass fires scorch Oklahoma, Texas (Does US corpagov give a rodent'srump?)
  2830. Cell Phone Swallowing May Have Been Assault (A nation of psychos)
  2831. Enron Executive Agrees to Plea Deal (Enron? What's that?!)
  2832. Warmer US weather leads to fall in oil prices ("global warming(?)" and we'll all be fucked by US corpagov anyhow)
  2833. Yahoo Streams Two CBS Comedies (Who wants this shit?!)
  2834. Spitzer subpoenas music companies on pricing (He's going get in trouble)
  2835. 'Narnia' perfect picture for Christmas weekend (along with a cozy lobotomy)
  2836. Heart Risk Higher for Those Whose Siblings Already Have It (Medical Terrorism)
  2837. Pharmacists wary of new Medicare plan (Everybody is terrorized by corpagov terrorism: that's what it's there for)
  2838. CRACKING THE DRUG PLAN CODE (Bottom line: you are fucked)
  2839. US penalizes Chinese firms for aiding Iran (Lots of luck, assholes)
  2840. Kuwait sentences six Qaeda-linked militants to death (CIA & Mossad agents? Really?)
  2841. Kremlin reasserts control of oil, gas (Just can't play nicely together when the game is theft)
  2842. The I-Word is Gaining Ground (That's "impeach", son)
  2843. Marriott Discloses Missing Data Files
  2844. The Raw Story | Rice authorized National Security Agency to spy on UN Security Council in run-up to war, former officials say
  2845. Israel Ex-commandos Training Kurds in North Iraq: Report
  2846. Connecticut Power Company Gets 22.4 Percent Rate Increase
  2847. Airport security uses talk as tactic (Run Amok Corpagov)
  2848. Iraq jail unrest leaves nine dead
  2849. White House wants Sahara Desert as new front for war on [of] terror
  2850. Signs of social and economic crisis across Pacific Island states
  2851. Germany: Court penalises Opel worker
  2852. California Democratic Party works to prop up Schwarzenegger administration (amazing, isn't it? Not for bought Dems)
  2853. Latin American mercenaries guarding Baghdad's Green Zone (Mercenaries isthe key word, the corpagov's extranational thugs)
  2854. Conyers Report: "Constitution in Crisis"
  2855. Paul Craig Roberts: Three Books to Wake You Up (READ)
  2856. High Time for Torture
  2857. Leaking Top Secret Lies
  2858. Let the Drilling Begin: Iraq's IMF Loan (A poison pill)
  2859. The Humanitarian Lie
  2860. Operation Romeo: Lessons on Terror Laws from India
  2861. Jeffrey St. Clair: The Worst Day of Ted Stevens' Life
  2862. Kurds in Iraqi Army Proclaim Loyalty to Militia
  2863. Tangled Strands in Fight over Peru Gold Mine
  2864. 10 EU nations to miss Kyoto emissions goal (with damn good reason)
  2865. Chile fingerprints Pinochet as rights case builds (Another murderous US puppet)
  2866. US west energy crisis settlements at $6.3 bln-FERC (The victims have still lost big time)
  2867. Ex-Enron Accountant Pleads Guilty to Fraud
  2868. After EFF Litigation, Diebold Pulls Out of North Carolina
  2869. Report Finds Far-Flung Use of 9/11 Loans
  2870. Bolivian president-elect takes pay cut (Are the Washington thieves listening?)
  2871. Appeal possible for alleged Nazi guard - Crime & Punishment(Nazi Weaselthal Center at work)
  2872. Supreme Court asked to transfer Padilla
  2873. Terror suspect challenges US president's 'unchecked' power
  2874. Homeland Security Is Faulted in Audit
  2875. Terrorism cases in US may be reopened after wiretap scandal
  2876. Wiretaps fail to make dent in terror war; al Qaeda [Al-CIAda] used messengers
  2877. Spy Agency Removes Illegal Tracking Files
  2878. NSA Web site puts 'cookies' on computers
  2879. Is the US State Department still keeping April Glaspie under wraps?
  2880. U.S.-led coalition in Iraq continues to shrink
  2881. 'US tortures Iraqi prisoners'
  2882. Army Can't Account For $68 Million In Parts and Tools
  2883. Secretive agency proposed to develop vaccines, drugs (AArrrrrrrrrrggggghhhhh!!!!!!!!)
  2884. White House holds bird flu drill with military leaders (Getting the birds to shit all over them on cue was quite a trick)
  2885. Bird-Flu Bill Slammed as Loophole for Drugmakers (Shall we mention phoney drugs too?)
  2886. House OKs Liability Protections for Drug Makers (Corpagov in action!)
  2887. U.S. House approves $3.8 billion for avian flu (A gift for terrorist pharmagov)
  2888. U.S. [Bioterror] Team Will Test Live-Virus (On themselves?! Foolish me)
  2889. US uses live bird flu viruses in vaccine experiment (Catching "bird-flue" by snorting guano)
  2890. Bad vaccines may trigger bird flu: expert (Oh - um - gee - you would think someone would have known ...)
  2891. US frees Aussie from the hell of Abu Ghraib
  2892. Police-State Powers Are Our Biggest Threat (READ - How obvious does it need to get?)
  2893. New Orleans police gun down mentally ill man
  2894. US, UN dismiss claims of electoral fraud in Iraq (Ergo, it has been established as true)
  2895. Deconstructing the Democrats
  2896. Let's Stop a US/Israel War on Iran
  2897. What's Behind Paul Martin's Broadside Against Bush?
  2898. Turning the Page in Palestine, Again
  2899. Bolivia and Venezuela Offer an Alternative to Neo-Liberalism
  2900. Many Iraqi Soldiers See a Civil War on the Horizon (Because it's obvious)
  2901. Iraqis Pummeled at the Pumps
  2902. Iraq: US Prison Riot, 20 Reported Dead
  2903. Survivors of Katrina Turning to Suicide
  2904. Savage Interrogations Scandalize Greece, UK
  2905. CIA Watchdog Eyes Renditions (or not)
  2906. The Fast Rise and Steep Fall of Jack Abramoff (and his punishment will be (^_o)?
  2907. Jason Leopold | Bush-NSA Spying in Defiance of Congress, Court(This is surprising?)
  2908. Pentagon's [Lying, Phoney] Pro-US Websites Probed
  2909. Israel was built on a lie: Adelaide Institute director
  2910. UK Torture Documents
  2911. A Chronology of Data Breaches Since the ChoicePoint Incident
  2912. Black Lawmakers Vow to Repeal Ga. Voter Law
  2913. --Pope's internet warning (from a 2000 year old terror organization)
  2914. Special Report: Anthrax Puzzle
  2915. Effects of Anthrax vaccine downplayed
  2916. Mandatory anthrax inoculations should resume, court told (There's nothing like murdering the troops to start your day)
  2917. Pentagon Shakes Up Doomsday Hierarchy
  2918. Victory in name only
  2919. NSA just one of many federal agencies spying on Americans
  2920. US intelligence service bugged website visitors despite ban
  2921. US to spend &#-11;&#-11;30million on Iraq prisons to hold 'insurgents'
  2922. Ex-envoy to Uzbekistan goes public on torture
  2923. US and UN reject calls for Iraq vote re-run (Hello? None of your fucking business, goddamn criminals!)
  2924. Korean scandal 'reflects badly' on science (Morons would like to think so)
  2925. Motorist beaten and critically injured (Think twice about being in Milwaukee)
  2926. Another WMF (Windows Major Foul-Up)
  2927. Windows Security Flaw Is 'Severe' (Anybody get the idea this is a corpagov design?)
  2928. Midtown Streets to Be Closed in City's New Year's Eve Plan (Stay home, and avoid government terrorism)
  2929. Third Chinese dies of bird flu (or not)
  2930. New York woman fatally shot by US soldier while standing at window (This is the US; get used to it)
  2931. US threatens N Korea food aid cut (This is the US; get used to it)
  2932. Deportation ordered for accused Nazi (With no proof at all)
  2933. Military services demoted in line of Pentagon succession
  2934. Fake voting rights activists and groups linked to White House
  2935. US Air Strike on China's Embassy in Belgrade in 1999 was Deliberate
  2936. Spielberg's Munich: Profoundly Flattering to Israel
  2937. Capitol Hill Blue: Pentagon propaganda program orders soldiers to promote Iraq war while home on leave
  2938. Long Gas Lines in Baghdad; Attacks Kill 6 (Where is Iraq's oil going?!)
  2939. Free speech fight: Globe to janitors union Shut up and well pay you
  2940. Guantanamo Bay hunger strike intensifies
  2941. FO concern at Thatcher Jewish links | This is London
  2942. NSA spied on its own employees, other U.S. intelligence personnel, journalists, and members of Congress :: Alternative Press Review :: Your Guide Beyond the Mainstream
  2943. Its About A Lot More Than A "Goddamned Piece of Paper"
  2944. Stomach Bug Mutates Into Medical Mystery [Clostridium Difficile] (Anybody remember to use carbolic acid?)
  2945. Rolling Stone : The Magical Victory Tour
  2946. Calif. Prof.: I Agree Wholeheartedly With President Ahmadinejad : No Such A Thing As The "Holocaust
  2947. Pupils Being Given 'Patriotism' Tests in Washington State Schools
  2948. U.S. Nears Debt Limit, Could Default on Bills (Just print more worthless money)
  2949. Police Appear Handcuffed As Mob Feud Rages in Israel
  2950. Hartford Van Dyke - The Truth About Pearl Harbor
  2951. US probes eavesdropping leak (Corpagov priorities)
  2952. Congress May Take Until March to Raise U.S. Borrowing Limit (Timing is everthing - March is when another invasion is scheduled)
  2953. Rumsfeld Admits to "Ghosting" Detainee
  2954. Sizeable Minorities Still Believe Saddam Hussein Had Strong Links to Al Qaeda, Helped Plan 9/11 and Had Weapons of Mass Destruction (No accounting for morons)
  2955. Domestic spying: Be afraid. Be very afraid
  2956. Sharon steals spotlight as Palestinian state shelved until further notice (ad nauseum)
  2957. Corps pays $100K for retooled jeep
  2958. How Bush's Sick Joke Became Public Policy
  2959. A vet speaks out about Bush
  2960. Israel rules out pre-emptive strike on Iran (What scares them besides illusory nukes?)
  2961. Russia seeks to end Americas GPS dominance
  2962. Crude Oil Rises Above $60 Amid U.S. Gasoline Inventory Decline (Hmmm)
  2963. US warns Israel of escalation (trans: US impotently babbles at Israel about the obvious results of Israel's deliberate actions)
  2964. 2005: The year the US government undermined the internet
  2965. UK Govt. Trying To Cover Up US-UK Complicity In Obtaining Intel By Torture
  2966. CIA Lost Its Way, Stopped Questioning Bush Admin. Requests (Nope: CIA has always been corpagov instrument)
  2967. Iranian Head Plans 'Holocaust' Commission (LOL - This should be fun!)
  2968. Lobbyist Abramoff's `Equal Money' Went Mostly to Republicans
  2969. Holocaust Remarks of Iran President Reflect Official State View
  2970. Bush as the New Richard M. Nixon: Both Wiretapped Illegally
  2971. 2005 Top Ten Tactics to Influence Negative News: The PR Playbook
  2972. German media: U.S. preparing Iran strike
  2973. Bush signs 5-week extension of Patriot Act (Wait for what the fucking gov bastards do in 5 weeks)
  2974. U.S. Justice Department Probes NSA Eavesdropping Leak (as in who told about the illegalities of corpagov)
  2975. US investigates Bush spying leak (Garbagecorpagov)
  2976. White House [Nazi Central] will continue to track Net
  2977. Egyptian Police Kill at Least 23 Unarmed Sudanese Migrants
  2978. China's Third Human Bird Flu Death Pushes Global Toll to 74 (or not)
  2979. China newspaper hit by walk-out
  2980. Chinese journalists strike as Editor is sacked
  2981. US varsity suspends Coke sale
  2982. University of Mich. to stop selling Coke
  2983. Police: Man Used Public Library To View Porn (Um - so - and ?? Was it government torture?!)
  2984. Lobbyist, Prosecutors Said Close to Deal (Is his buddy Mohammed Atta included?)
  2985. Secret Invasion: US Troops Steal into Paraguay (Have to watch these criminals every second)
  2986. An extensive web of financial ties (De Lay - and yet *more* Abramoff)
  2987. Bush is clearly operating outside the Constitution (Doesn't everybody know this?!)
  2988. British MP Galloway Takes Emperor&#-11;&#-11;&#-11;s Clothes Off Bush and His Mideast Policies
  2989. Friends of Liberty - Michael Berg Changes Story About Nick & Moussaoui
  2990. Laura Bush More Popular Than Husband (He, being the most hate person who ever lived, it follows tautologically)
  2992. US intelligence service bugged website visitors despite ban
  2993. Claim back &#-11;&#-11;300 per spam (How sweet it would be)
  2994. Beyond "Munich": The Ten Movies Steven Spielberg Has Yet To Make - altmuslim.com
  2995. The fix was in (Let's make a "democracy"!)
  2996. MESSAGE TO KING GEORGE II :: from www.uruknet.info :: news from occupied Iraq - it
  2997. The Word 'Jewish' Does Not Begin With Z (A lightbulb lighted!)
  2998. VA help lines found to regularly provide wrong information (corpagovliars)
  2999. Beware the host of babbling bloggers (Asshole pseudoreporter who has no idea whatsover of anything - including what passes for her mind)
  3000. Quality of Life in Hawaii Brought Down By State's High Taxes (The only purpose of fovernment is theft)
  3001. Do you believe President Bush's actions justify impeachment? (No, confinement to a pain amplifier for as long as he lives)
  3002. Historian claims Stalin was poisoned ([sigh] Only the David Kellys of the world are poisoned)
  3003. Critical Flaw Detected in Windows Metafile (All the flaws are *designed*; no one can be *this* stupid)
  3004. German media: U.S. prepares Iran strike (yeah? So? This is news?)
  3005. Government Prepares for Next Big [Bush] Disaster (More planned and designed corpagov terrorism)
  3006. Britain: National Health Service faces funding crisis (Deliberate strangulation)
  3007. New reports expose extensive illegal spying by US government
  3008. One year after the Asian tsunami: an indictment of the profit system
  3009. Birds of a Feather: George and Vlad (Here I thought it was "Vlad the Impaler")
  3010. The Spoils of War: Israel's Corruption was Inevitable (It started as a corruption!)
  3011. Inside TeenScreen: the Making of Mental Patients
  3012. Targeting Iran and Syria: Goss Builds Case for Turkey-Based Attacks
  3013. Bush's NSA Spying Jeopardizes National Security (Bush's existence jeopardizes the entire fucking planet!)
  3014. Evo Morales: I Believe Only in the Power of the People
  3015. The Freest Press Money Can Buy? (You bet! Bought by corpagov to be a pack of liars)
  3016. All Abramoff Money Went to Republicans (or other recptive whores)
  3017. Massacre in Iraqi 'Triangle of Death'
  3018. International Team to Review Iraqi Vote for Fraud (have they been paid yet?)
  3019. US to Restrict Iraqi Police (and every other living entity)
  3020. Covert CIA Program Withstands New Furor, Anti-Terror Effort Continues to Grow(Author is need of a brain transplant)
  3021. t r u t h o u t - Bush Administration Going after Domestic Spying Whistleblowers(YOU *are* the goddamn piece of paper enemy; you are garbage, and you will die a horrible death, while Bushes feed on your body)
  3022. How Bedrock Promises of Security Have Fractured across America (Security = Corpagov Terrorism)
  3023. UN to Protect Corruption Whistle-Blowers (The USUK/ISAELI controlled UN? ROTFL)
  3024. t r u t h o u t - Chalabi Named Iraq Oil Minister (That thieving S.O.B?! The Liar Boy of US alleged Intelligence?!)
  3025. Nonprofit Group Funded by DeLay-Abramoff Cabal (Time for French Revolution?)
  3026. Sign Tallying Military Deaths Upsets Army (This fucking army *needs* upsetting)
  3027. Britain Goes Public on US Torture
  3028. British woman weds dolphin (She could have married Blair! At least the dolphin in human)
  3029. Massive Crack Opens In Earth In Texas (Swallows entire Bush family?)
  3030. Rowdy air passenger ditched on remote island (We call all this "civilization"; bring that big asteroid on, please!)
  3031. The year in perverse (Bush, Blair, Cheney, Howard, Rumsfeld, Cuntisleaz, ... Where is that asteroid?)
  3032. Update 3: London Subway Workers Stage Holiday Strike (Good for them: shut it *all* down)
  3033. The world sees in 2006 (That would be a novelty!)
  3034. I'm going back to Gaza, says freed British human rights worker (to be bombed by Israel?)
  3035. Gas hike 'is Russian imperialism' (Chimp see, chimp do)
  3036. Iraqi baby due for vital spinal surgery today (Spare me the emotional manipulation!)
  3037. The United States' spying on the UN isn't new! (Of course, it isn't - neither is US genocide)
  3038. 23 Dogs Dead, 18 Ill From Tainted Dog Food (You should see the human food!)
  3039. Cookiegate Hits White House
  3040. European super-GPS looking good
  3041. Mystery surrounds 7th human infection (as in whether it's just another lie)
  3042. WHO issues warning after China's third bird flu death (yeah - yeah - yeah; ferret flu anyone?)
  3043. Boosted Vitamin D Intake for Cancers Prevention? (Get a fucking brain - and some 40 year old knowledge?)
    Happy goddamn, fucking new year!
    It's the age of criminal morons, i.e., government.
    Love it - or kill it all, and all its filthy spawn.
  3044. Thousands in Times Square Ring in 2006 (In spite of fucking totalitarian government)
  3045. A glum New Orleans tries to put on party face for New Year's (In spite of fucking totalitarian government)
  3046. Medicare's Drug Coverage Rolls Out Sunday (Dread your fucking totalitarian government)
  3047. Depression Drugs Safe, Beneficial, Studies Say (and they have this bridge in Brooklyn to sell you)
  3048. US studies find antidepressants work for some (US corpagov biggest liar that ever existed)
  3049. Antidepressants Seem to Cut Suicide Risk in Teenagers and Adults ... (or cause more of them)
  3050. MORE UNBELIEVABLE AVIAN FLU UPDATES (It's all corpagov shitlies)
  3051. Revellers struggle to get home (The smart ones stayed home)
  3052. Death Toll for the American Military in Iraq in 2005 Is 844 (Oh, but think of the wealth your criminal corpagov get for each death)
  3053. The Gaelic Starover: The Cult of the Bushling
  3054. So, will Bush bomb Iran before, after, or during the SOTU? | CorrenteWire
  3055. Chief Rabbi warns of anti-Semitic 'tsunami' (Weaseling willonly get you in deeper)
  3056. Black Jack Abramoff's Technicolor Rat Jacket
  3057. A Call For Help And Justice
  3058. 'US planning strike against Iran' for Israel's pleasure
  3059. Bush removal ended Guam investigation (Fucking Jack Abramoff - again!)
  3060. Iran is NPT compliant: German official (Grab that statement, before it is buried)
  3061. Al Qaeda Establishing Base in Gaza (Yup: the Mossad branch of Al-CIAda)
  3062. Skirmishes in the Information Wars ("lying as a basic function of government")
  3063. Israel considers protesting BBC show on `secret weapons' (Oh please! Protest, loudly and viciously as only genocidalists can)
  3064. Bush and Blair Plot Their Exit Strategy, as the Nation Falls Apart at the Seams The Year in Iraq (There will be no exit any time soon)
  3065. Funding clouds Indian museums future (and "holocaust" museums?)
  3066. Tech Company Settled Tax Case Without an Audit (Corpagov distilled)
  3067. Prescott satellite to spy on your home (The purpose of government id theft)
  3068. 2006: The Year of Revelation? - by Justin Raimondo (and Revolution?)
  3069. After 100 Years, City News Service Out Of Business (Liars, anyhow)
  3070. Israel-Firster Cheryl Halpern Named Head Of Corporation for Public Broadcastin
  3071. Justice Probe of Spy Leak Could Shield Bush (That's the point)
  3072. 9/11 -- The Gift That Keeps on Giving
  3073. LIAR, LIAR, economy on FIRE
  3074. White House investigates contractor's Web tracking (while smirking uncontrollably)
  3075. A Darker Bioweapons Future
  3076. James Petras: The Politics of Language
  3077. Alexander Cockburn: Who are We to Complain?
  3078. Patrick Cockburn: the Year in Iraq
  3079. RIA Novosti - World - Wrap: Russia-Ukraine gas dispute still unsettled
  3080. BBC NEWS | Middle East | Media frenzy over Hariri death allegations (More smokescreen)
  3081. Bank of America completes $34 bln MBNA purchase
  3082. The Gruesome Truth Revealed in the Lie
  3083. What Did They Say When Clinton Was Being Impeached?
  3084. Iran Ready To Host 'Human Rights' Conference
  3085. Agent Says IRS Used Disclosure, Circular Referrals to Block Audit IRS is both illegal and unconstitutional to begin with)
  3086. Act of hatred or just an act?
  3087. Nation-Wide Out of Iraq Day January, 7th (Have we all had enough?)
  3088. The Secret World of Jack Abramoff (and various of 19 alleged hijackers)
  3089. Capitol Hill Blue: Time to impeach a President
  3090. Housing decline to drag economy (As it was inevitable)
  3091. Israeli Army redeploys on Egypt Gaza borders (speaking of inevitable: manufacturing the excuses)
  3092. Israel's Sharon aims to scrap peace plan (The was never an alternate)
  3093. Beware the New Year - by Justin Raimondo
  3094. A Gestapo Administration: Paul Craig Roberts
  3095. Puppet State Brought Down By Price Controls? by Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr.(and this is just Iraq; wait!)
  3096. Soldiers sell Iraq medals through eBay (They need the money for medical treatment corpagov refuses them)
  3097. Truth or dare, America (Et in veritas ego)
  3098. Clock is running down on 'cheap' mortgages (watch those variable rates: they're killers)
  3099. PHENYLPROPANOLAMINE, recall :: Choice Changes :: Conscious Choices for a better world
  3100. Students say Holocaust assignment violated religious freedom (Some people should not be "teachers")
  3101. A smoke-free Ohio (Stuff it up your ass!)
  3102. A hit on students, elderly (USA = Concentration Camp for Torture)
  3103. Telling it like it isn't
  3104. Thousands of US troops to oversee Iraqi police
  3105. US forces step up Iraq airstrikes (Genocide on parade)
  3106. Military fears big Afghan losses (Good)
  3107. Government Prepares for Next Big [Bush] Disaster (Corpagov blows up LA?)
  3108. UK police gain greater arrest powers (UK = Concentration Camp for Torture)
  3109. CIA may need decade to rebuild clandestine service (ROTFLFAO!)
  3110. Suspected CIA tactics spread outrage in EU
  3111. NSA Gave Other U.S. Agencies Information From Surveillance (Poisonous trees become poisonous forest in which everything dies)
  3112. Australia battles wildfires as new year brings record heatwave (Alittle help from HAARP?)
  3113. Sen. John Kerry Keeps 2008 Options Open (ONCE - was more than enough of this sack of shit)
  3114. Curfew plan to control unruly children (UK = Concentration Camp)
  3115. Lugar supports hearings on secret domestic spying order (Maybe he'll die of bird flu)
  3116. U.S. Research Budget Worries Scientists (Battle of the government pseudoscientists)
  3117. U.S. military [GESTAPO] shuts down soldiers' blogs
  3118. Four U.S. Mercenaries Die in Iraq Accident
  3119. Thirteen bombs injure 20 in Iraq
  3120. U.S. Has No Rebuilding Funds For Iraq (Rebuilding was *never* intended)
  3121. Iraq Oil Minister 'Resigns' Under Pressure (Convicted fox is in the hen house)
  3122. Muslim Scholars Were Paid to Aid U.S. Propaganda (Nothing having to do with US corpagov is real)
  3123. White House investigates contractor's Web tracking (ROTFL)
  3124. Has Bush Gone Too Far? (Is this question a few years too late?)
  3125. Wiretapping plan bypassed National Security Council: Report
  3126. Alexander Cockburn: a (hilariously stupid) New York Times Editorial Contemplates Iraq
  3127. A Tour of Europe: Friends Don't Let Friends Commit War Crimes
  3128. Jason Leopold: Bolton Testimony Revealed Domestic Spying
  3129. Billions in Iraq Reconstruction Money Diverted for Other Uses(No diversion; reconstruction never intended)
  3130. The Smashe Pillars of Conservatism
  3131. Why this brain flies on rat cunning (Does *this* explain governments enough for you?)
  3132. Was Bush Wiretapping the Kerry Campaign? (Who hasn't the SOB has wiretapped except himself?)
  3133. Support for Bush drops among US military: poll (No shit! LOL)
  3134. SC National Guard had to leave $50 million worth of equipment in Iraq
  3135. UN wants to question Assad about assassination (and question Bush, Cheney, Cuntosleaza, Rummy, The Lying SOB Colon, etc. ??)
  3136. Analysis: The noose tightens (Around the neck of Israel, and not soon enough)
  3137. Oklahoma Takes a Hard Hit as Grass Fires Continue to Flare Up (All those Jesusfreaks?)
  3138. Wildfires Threaten Life, Property in Texas, Oklahoma (Has God just had it with stupid motherfuckers?)
  3139. Bloomy: You ain't seen nothin' yet (GESTAPO II)
  3140. Queen Honors iPod Designer (How perfectly thrilling)
  3141. Bird flu tests in eastern Turkey negative-agency (It's a fraud terror)
  3142. Roof of ice rink collapses in Bavarian Alps; at least 5 dead, 32 injured (A FLAT roof in the Bavarian Alps?!! World gets stupider every day.)
  3143. Intelligence Indications And Warnings Abound On Bush Iran Military Strike (and Russia will ...?)
  3144. A Life, Wasted
  3145. A Criminal Administration
  3146. Chalabi likely to succeed in new Iraq government, despite controversy
  3147. Thugs set upon man wearing Santa costume
  3148. America's Least Trusted
  3149. G.O.P. Lobbyist (Abramoff) to Plead Guilty in Deal With Prosecutors
  3151. Nazi atrocities accused Venezuelan businessman (85) cleared of WW2 charges (Rabid zionists have destroyed another life)
  3152. Real terrorists rape consumers (READ: They are called government - particularly US corpagov)
  3153. American Revolution, Now!
  3154. Abramoff makes plea deal, will cooperate (pass GO, collect $7 Bln, and escape to Israel)
  3155. Israel Link to September 11 Terrorism?(January 22, 2002)
  3156. Summary of Charges Against Abramoff
  3157. Book describes how CIA discounted Iraq intelligence (Smokscreen)
  3158. Book describes how CIA discounted Iraq intelligence (Countersmokescreen)
  3159. Anger at refusal to reveal legal advice on possible torture flights (Collusion)
  3160. New Device Will Sense Through Concrete Walls (Delerious joy!)
  3161. Homeland Security Re-Prioritizing Grants (Shuffling the marked cards)
  3162. Homeland Security Opened Kansas University Professor's Mail (Terrorist Corpagov)
  3163. Alert: EPA to Allow Pesticide Testing On Orphans & Mentally Handicapped CHildren (US Genocidal ethnic cleasing)
  3164. Windows PCs face 'huge' virus threat (That's what WINSHIT was designed for)
  3165. Large vote against union-backed concessions at Ford
  3166. The Bush administration and the Padilla case: White House caught in its own lies (continuously)
  3167. Paul de Rooij: a Glossary of Dispossession (READ - behind the smokescreens)
  3168. Missy Comley Beattie: How My Mother Went from a Republican to a Screaming Progressive
  3169. Inside Rafah: Collective Punishment as Normalcy
  3170. Hillary Clinton, AIPAC and Iran (The Israeli States of Amerika)
  3171. Border Walls: the View from Mexico
  3172. Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and 9/11: How Much Did the Bush Administration Know?(Diversion: They knew *everything*)
  3173. Zapatistas Aim to Reshape Mexican Politics
  3174. Iraq's Oil Exports Hit Lowest Level since War (Designed)
  3175. Looks Like Bush Knew Wiretaps Were Wrong (There was doubt?)
  3176. US Abandons Iraqi Reconstruction (It never existed)
  3177. Manufacturing sector grows at slower pace (What manufacturing sctor?)
  3178. Alcohol ads 'make teenagers drink more' (Nightly Nonnews and government is enough to drive anybody to drink)
  3179. Sharon to Transfer Power Temporarily (What's the scam?)
  3180. Famous Rock Star Faces 26 Year Prison Sentence
  3181. Abramoff makes plea deal, will cooperate
  3182. Abramoff: The House That Jack Built
  3183. US air strike hits Iraqi family
  3184. EXCLUSIVE: BILLION DOLLAR BUNKER (Seal the entire US corpagov in it, forever)
  3185. Secret services say Iran is trying to assemble a nuclear missile (These morons need real jobs in a real world)
  3186. In 2006, Voting Fraud is the Keystone Issue
  3187. Dyncorp and Halliburton Sex Slave Scandal Won't Go Away
  3188. BofA completes merger with MBNA
  3189. Tinker, Tailor, Miner, Spy - Why the NSA's snooping is unprecedented in scale and scope. By Shane Harris and Tim Naftali
  3190. The $4bn industry that is America's guilty secret
  3191. Rights group urges US to cut Israel aid
  3192. Police suspect Sharon took bribe
  3193. Chalabi takes over Iraq Oil Ministry
  3194. Hold on to your lugnuts, ES&S and Sequoia may risk Hursti-style hack
  3195. It's Not Personal, Jack, It's Strictly Business
  3196. Proof claim in Sharon bribery
  3198. US threatens action if Iran resumes N-fuel works
  3199. America's nuclear ticking bomb
  3200. Dollar sees largest one day slide in four years
  3201. Poll: Half believe Congress is dirty (Half of what, congress? The half that also lies?)
  3202. Bush could bypass new torture ban
  3203. Increasing Calls for PM Sharon to Step Down
  3204. Top forecaster sees U.S. recession (A veritable genius!)
  3205. Ruler of Dubai Dies While in Australia
  3206. Hastert donates Abramoff-linked money
  3207. Anthrax? Hello? Anybody Home? Hello? - The Bulldog Manifesto
  3208. Dollar losses deepen after earthquake reports
  3209. In the darkness of the mines of west virginia
  3210. SWAT team, state police were positioned near W. Va. church
  3211. Twelve of 13 miners found dead after false rescue report
  3212. The Wall Street Journal responds with venom to Spielberg's Munich
  3213. US: low-fare Independence Air to shut down
  3214. London Underground workers strike over new working patterns
  3215. Reports document growing social inequality in Australia
  3216. Tsunami survivors left to suffer on Andaman and Nicobar islands
  3217. Bolivia's "socialist" president-elect Morales guarantees private property
  3218. WANTED: Citizen Journalists To Bust More Jack Abramoffs - Center for Media and Democracy
  3219. James Petras: Evo Morales, All Growl, No Claws?
  3220. Abramoff Was Central to GOP's Political Strategy
  3221. Dover Board Rescinds 'Intelligent Design' Policy (Sue the runamok prior board members to pay court costs)
  3222. Lobbyist to Reveal All in Congress Bribes Scandal (Oh, sure, right, absolutely)
  3223. Bush Prepares to Bypass New Torture Ban (Hello? Look again: that was no ban!)
  3224. Abramoff Enters New Guilty Plea in Florida (Just admitted to RICO violation - who will notice?)
  3225. Sharon Has Massive Stroke (Was it those pins in the doll?!)
  3226. Religion loses out to belief in paranormal (Religion *is* paranormal - duhhh)
  3227. Feds Issue Clean-Up Guidelines For Dirty Bomb That Allow Significant Radiation (FauxNews: as this fucking government is going to clean up anything but the value it is looting)
  3228. Bush Administration Neglected Coal Mining Safety (Neglect and looting is its very nature)
  3229. Supreme Court Allows Transfer of Padilla to Civilian Court (Lovely)
  3230. Disgruntled Dems Consider Challenge to Lieberman (a la David Kelly?)
  3231. UK says it's 'showtime' for Syria (and well past time for USUK)
  3232. Doctors: Sharon stroke caused by bleeding in the brain (Hello? What the fuck do think a "stroke" *is*, morons?)
  3233. Dubai's formidable new ruler
  3234. Bush, Cheney stump seeking public support (From the people they have fucked and thieved from?)
  3235. Bush, Cheney lash out at administration critics
  3236. Bush, Cheney Fight for Patriot Act Renewal
  3237. Alito gets high marks from bar association (So much for criminal bar association)
  3238. Liberal Groups to Release Ads Attacking Court Pick (They will simply be refused)
  3239. Dollar Gains as Jobs, Services Reports May Flag Higher Rates (Lying bullshit)
  3240. US Retailers' Sales Rise 2.9% in the Final Week of December (What is 2.9% of 0?)
  3241. Install bootleg patch, Windows users urged (LOL)
  3242. Dead Turkish boy had bird flu (or it's a deliberate lie)
  3243. Treatment Is Found to Extend Life of Ovarian Cancer Patients (Monkeys calculating correlation coefficients do not establish causality)
  3244. Bush details Iraq troop reductions (i.e., lies about them)
  3245. t r u t h o u t - William Rivers Pitt | Incoming (Abramoff debris)
  3246. Running For Cover: Bush, Frist, Hastert, House Maj. Leader Blunt, Former Leader DeLay...(Odds that it all fizzles to nothing? All major crimes do)
  3247. Volunteers fed up with feeding rules (and criminal government they rode in on)
  3248. Media exposed as joy becomes despair (just got *caught* fabricating "the news"; it's done all the time)
  3249. Report that Sharon has died (Now that would be good news)
  3250. CONFIRMED: PM ARIEL SHARON IS (AT LEAST CLINICALLY) DEAD (How many celebrations can I get out of this?)
  3251. Kerry Packer (1937-2005) Why the endless eulogies for Australia's richest man? (There are Bush Families all over)
  3252. Britain: police given unprecedented arrest and surveillance powers
  3253. The gas conflict between Russia and Ukraine
  3254. Top Republican lobbyist turns state's evidence in Washington corruption scandal(Now, reread Greg Palast)
  3255. Kathleen and Bill Christison: What Hillary Clinton Doesn't Know About Palestine(READ)
  3256. Gilad Atzmon: Sharon Meets His Maker (a genocidalist is dead; good riddance to bad rubbish)
  3257. The Sham of Homeland Security: a West Virginia Parable
  3258. Scott Boehm: Bulldozing the Dead in New Orleans
  3259. Jason Leopold | NSA Destroyed Evidence of Domestic Spying
  3260. Abramoff-Bush: Ties That Bind?
  3261. NOW | Death Penalty (In a broken and utterly corrupt nation)
  3262. Anti-War Activist Cindy Sheehan Cheered (in Hawai'i)
  3263. US Plans Afghan Jail for Terror Suspects
  3264. Lobbyist Ties Could Keep DeLay out of Leadership (Will Abramoff have an "accident"?)
  3265. Bush Looking to Bypass NATO (not to mention reality)
  3266. t r u t h o u t - Sharon in 'Induced Coma' (A popup diversion for anything that could be useful for years!)
  3267. BBC NEWS | Americas | JFK assassination 'was Cuba plot' (Taurine Excrement!)
  3268. Arabs shed no tears for Sharon (I wonder why)
  3269. Iran scuppers deal with west on uranium tests
  3270. Iranian delegation misses IAEA meeting
  3271. Follow the Money (Abramoff, Abramoff & Abramoff)
  3272. Get rid of it all!! (Yes! The entire damned thieving, criminal gummint)
  3273. Lawmakers dump contributions given by former lobbyist (Watch where they dump)
  3274. IBM Halts Pensions in Favor of 401(k)s
  3275. Iranian leader hopes for Sharon's death (He's far from alone)
  3276. Linux and Unix 'had more vulnerabilities than Windows' (says lying US corpagov)
  3277. Reid to keep donations from Abramoff clients
  3278. Anger as Britain admits it was wrong to blame Iran for deaths in Iraq (Lying UK corpagov)
  3279. Man nabbed with 'suicide bomber' in journal (Very sick nation)
  3280. Government Accountability Office report confirms key 2004 stolen election findings (PDF file)
  3281. 'Irving? Let the guy go home' (An article with as many fabrications as words)
  3282. China hints at shift away from dollar (That would be smart, as it is collecting gold)
  3283. Nuclear War against Iran
  3284. U.S. puts Sunni clerics on the payroll
  3285. New Statesman - The death of freedom (The very mission of the USUK corpagov READ)
  3286. IRS tracked taxpayers political affiliation (IRS as instrument of terror)
  3287. Hugo Chavez Accused of Anti-Semitism (?? I think he actually likes Arabs)
  3288. Bush Guilty Of Treasonably Impeachable Offense
  3289. Congressmembers write White House to ask if reporters were bugged
  3290. Wal-Mart monkey biz (Very Sick Nation)
  3291. Libby, Franklin, the OSP and Sibel Edmonds - What's It All About?
  3292. Gov. Warner Orders DNA Test for Executed Man
  3293. Blair Criminalizes His Critics
  3294. Lobbyist was only doing what came naturally (with a bought whorish corpagov)
  3295. Justice Dept asks court to abandon US system of justice
  3296. Jack Abramoff, Super Zionist
  3297. Falwell Confirms Lewinsky Affair Linked to Israeli Lobby Intrigue
  3298. New Job Opportunities In America (READ)
  3299. Mine had hundreds of violations
  3300. washingtonpost.com: Appalachia Is Paying Price for White House Rule Change
  3301. Trapped Miners&#-11;&#-11;&#-11; Employer, Feds Left Worksite Unsafe
  3302. Think Progress &#-11;&#-11; Administration Neglected Coal Mining Safety
  3303. Feds issue dirty bomb cleanup standards that allow significant radiation
  3304. Bush's war on professionals
  3305. 'DeLay Inc.' Lobbying Firm Has Links to Three Capital Scandals
  3306. Court orders tuition vouchers halted
  3307. God license plate gets initial nod (Sick Nation)
  3308. Bush Recess Appointments Meet With Protest
  3309. Sharon returns to operating theatre after health worsens (beyond brain dead? The popup Ari as diversion!)
  3310. 11 U.S. Troops Killed in One Day in Iraq
  3311. Terror Ruling Favors the U.S.
  3312. Bush bypasses Congress to appoint Negroponte aide
  3313. 3 GOP senators blast Bush bid to bypass torture ban (The ban is no ban)
  3314. Congress' hands caught in the cookie jar
  3315. Government Web sites are keeping an eye on you
  3316. Congressional Report Questions Legal Justification for Wiretaps
  3317. NSA whistleblower asks to testify
  3318. Report: Whistle-Blower to Testify Against NSA
  3319. Australia: Child's death exposes impact of privatisation of refugee services
  3320. Deposed deputy prime minister back on the Malaysian political stage
  3321. Bush administration seeks dismissal of Guant&#-11;&#-11;namo habeas corpus suits
  3322. Another war crime: US air raid kills Iraqi family
  3323. West Virginia towns mourn deaths of 12 coal miners
  3324. Israel: Sharon's stroke plunges Israel into political turmoil
  3325. Robert Pollin: Remembering Harry Magdoff (READ)
  3326. Jason Leopold: Snoop and Shred (NSA in essence)
  3327. A Former NSA Officer on Snoopgate: the Squawkers Should be Congratulated
  3328. Winslow T. Wheeler: Huge Defense Budget, Lousy Equipment (but, *who* is making it, and a delightful fortune selling shit for high bucks?)
  3329. Joe Allen: Gary Freeman's Struggle
  3330. Jos&#-11;&#-11; Pertierra: Posada Carriles May Soon Hit the Streets (Criminal & Lunatic US corpagov)
  3331. Doctors Say Sharon Has Only Slim Chance (But really good chance of being a continuing diversionary popup puppet)
  3332. Tyco Acknowledges $1.6M Link to Abramoff (Horseshit at a racetrack - and all the horsemen knew 'er)
  3333. Did Jesus exist? Italian court to decide (Ontology by fiat - or judicial idiocy)
  3334. Around the universe in 80 days (A hideous thought that it could work - and the evil US corpagov has it)
  3335. Navy's Insurgent-Predicting Software (Evil - and most certainly delusional)
  3336. Trial bid to stop belching cows (and about that infernal farting that causes most of global warming?)
  3337. Update 5: Experts: Complications Endanger Sharon (The popup Arik goes for another round!)
  3338. Doctors forced to defend Sharon treatment (Is this an S&M thing?)
  3339. Researchers Head to Turkey to Study Bird Flu Outbreak (Who pays their vacation hotel bills?)
  3340. News Analysis: Abrupt end to audacious move (Um - by deceit, fraud and theft?)
  3341. After Sharon (Even worse than a first hand genocidalist?)
  3342. Moscow rejects Rice accusation over gas deal (This is a do-it-yourself joke)
  3343. Russia reacts angrily to sharp US criticism over gas dispute (Rice passing gas again: it's her mouth)
  3344. DeLay a casualty of lobbyist's plea (Could we hope for the whole fucking corrupt government to be a casualty - buried with all its spawn for eternity?)
  3345. Sympathy for West Virginia found in Scotland, Wales, elsewhere (How about outrage at their being murdered?)
  3346. Airlines seek gain from carrier's demise (The Pak'ma'ra on parade!)
  3347. Patched Windows Bug Will Be Danger For Months (LOL - fuck you!)
  3348. WHO probes bird flu deaths in Turkey (Dr. WHO?)
  3349. Armor Pentagon Declined to Supply Could Have Saved Many Lives: Study (Is it time to kill this entire gummint?)
  3350. Anxious wait for Sharon prognosis (More popup poppet Ari - this will go on and on and on and ...)
  3351. 'He is a war criminal and he should die violently' (Justice is rarely served)
  3352. Casino Jack reveals Washington for sale (LOL! Assholes! Check with Greg Palast)
  3353. US attacks TV host on Sharon slur (cortically deficient Reptos biting each other)
  3354. Pat Robertson Imagines God as a Petty, Clownish Thug (God made in the image and likness of Pat Robertson; have a nice day)
  3355. Duo says Sharon's illness is deserved (Robertson figures Sharon's thieving, murderous and genocidal life was not near up to snuff)
  3356. US appeals court upholds Martha Stewart conviction (Criminal government is still in torture mode)
  3357. Jon Stewart to host Oscars (will the broadcast be time delayed?)
  3358. Britons are drinking themselves to death (With their fucking goddamned gummint, who could blame them?)
  3359. Drink linked to rise in deaths (Ah! Monkeys calculating stupid correlation coefficients again! "Government science", i.e. fucking bullshit)
  3360. Update 26: Sharon Doctor: Survival Prospects Good (Sharon poppet can be dragged out anytime)
  3361. CASINO JACK'S MISSING $100,000 (You just knew Busho got more than he was saying)
  3362. Grab your camera To Protect the Integrity of the Vote
  3363. Israel Is Spying In And On The U.S.? Part 1
  3364. Ariel Sharon - by Robert Fisk (READ)
  3365. Homeland Security opening private mail (We live in a Nazi State. What do you expect, idiot?)
  3366. (DV) Leupp: Revisiting the Dream Memo -- The Niger Uranium Forgery of Dec. 2003
  3367. George Bush Hosts a Tea Party (in Wonderland, of course)
  3368. Schulz Faces Foreclosure In Right-To-Petition Battle
  3369. The lie detector you'll never know is there (What they really want is everyone under thumb, and not moving about)
  3370. HISTORYS WORST MILITARY BLUNDER (It was NO blunder; the results are exactly what were desired)
  3371. Netanyahu waiting in the wings...with bombs for Iran
  3372. The Pimping of the President, (for the president and by the president)
  3373. Costly Withdrawal Is the Price To Be Paid for a Foolish War (It isn't costing the repto brigade one fucking cent. Get it?)
  3374. Nazi worm author prepares Net meltdown (Who routinely covers their crimes by blaming them all on Nazis and Arab "terrorists"?)
  3375. Pastor who preached against gays arrested on lewdness charge (Typical repto behavior)
  3376. 'Friends' of Jack Abramoff
  3377. Disgraced Congressman 'Wore a Wire'
  3378. Prosecutor Broadens DeLay Inquiry
  3379. Republican Lawmaker DeLay Says He's Quitting as Majority Leader
  3380. DeLay relinquishes House majority leader post (Will someone give him a gun?)
  3381. Arcata calls for impeachment
  3382. Lawsuit leveled at electronic voting
  3383. Kin blame 9/11 debris for death of NYPD detective
  3384. Venezuela to Expand Fuel Discounts to U.S.
  3385. Haiti UN mission chief found dead (Unsurprising, and probably deserved)
  3386. Al-Qaeda 'recruiting in Australia' (The CIA/Mossad is everywhere)
  3387. Terrorism threat worse in wake of Iraq war: Rudd (With AUUSUK combined genocidal terror in full swing, you bet!)
  3388. Torture (torture amd more torture: one the major functions of government)
  3389. All four British Foreign Office documents
  3390. VeriChip files IPO to fund RFID chips for humans (A terrorist org, and probably a CIA front)
  3391. MSNBC Poll: (This is Nazi State - and who gives a rat's ass what people actually think or feel?)
  3392. Unpatriotic Spying
  3393. Report Rebuts Bush on Spying (As if Chimpo's lying was something new?)
  3394. Sharon's chances of survival slim, say doctors (Energizer popup poppet)
  3395. 'Iran Could be Stopped with Sanctions' (Economic genocide first - then bomb the shit out of them - no meds - throw DU all over - poison water - bury them alive with bulldozers - ...)
  3396. Germany's Merkel says Guantanamo should be shut (OK - that's her onlybrownie point so far)
  3397. US journalist seized in Iraq (By US mercenaries, of course)
  3398. US officials in talks with Iraqi insurgents: NYT (Typical bag of NYT horseshit)
  3399. Fake al-Qaeda video again? (Since Al-Qaeda is itself a fabrication, with its alleged characters bogus or dead, what would you think?)
  3400. 18-year-old shot by Border Patrol Killing fuels Mexican anger over US immigration policy
  3401. Sri Lankan security forces conduct massive sweep of Tamils in Colombo
  3402. More revelations of illegal spying by US government (Cartago Delenda Est)
  3403. Bush meets the "wise men": A cynical charade to legitimize Iraq war (The Mad Hatter)
  3404. Abramoff Family Values: the Lobbyist Who Screwed Us All
  3405. Idaho Timber Industry Leader Advocates Violence Against Green's Mom
  3406. Neve Gordon: Images of Real Eco-Terrorism in Twaneh
  3407. Inherit the Wind: the Global Spread of GMO Crops
  3408. William Cook: the Rape of Palestine (mirrors the rape of the US)
  3409. Andrew Wilson: the Dying of Ariel Sharon (a subjunctive peroration on morality and karma)
  3410. The Dead Miners in Sago (as corpagov murder)
  3411. Racism and Injustice in Alabama's Courts (judicial corpagov)
  3412. The NYT's Unconscionable Decision to Sit on the NSA Story for a Year
  3413. James Petras: AIPAC on Trial (READ the runup)
  3414. Fight Grows in New Orleans on [corpagov] Demolition and Rebuilding
  3415. Sharon has 'very high' chance of survival (as displayable diversionary poppet of emotional manipulation - a Stalin like mausoleum?)
  3416. Major stock indexes close at four-year high (ROTFLMFAO!)
  3417. Forward Newspaper Online: Costly Withdrawal Is the Price To Be Paid for a Foolish War(But the object is to destroy the US)
  3418. Iran eyes atomic research (Give up the idiocy: this stuff is 60 year old well known technology)
  3419. Robertson: God punished Sharon (If there were a god, he would kill the whole lot of these fucking bastards)
  3420. Bush: US Economy Strong (and nonexistent)
  3421. December job growth slows, 2005 robust (oxymoronic kaka)
  3422. Job growth is weak in December (Do you know the word "plummet"?)
  3423. High-Def Is the Word at Electronics Show (Hi-Def H-Def everywhere, and not a $ to buy it)
  3424. Age ban on Stones fans is lifted (?? Too weird. Does anyone really care?)
  3425. High pathogenic type H5N1 confirmed in Turky (yeah - right - uh-huh - sure - stuffit)
  3426. Turkey's suspect bird flu cases hit 32 (32 suspects and 19 hijerkers - sure - right)
  3427. Druggists overwhelmed (Now, tell me this is surprising, and not a design feature)
  3428. US farmers to begin testing most chicken flocks for flu (Imagine the cost, who's making the money on fabricated bullshit)
  3429. 'I want to be better so I can enjoy my child' (For such bullshit he resigns, and genocidalist war criminal Blair sits in his arrogant shit)
  3430. Death of UN commander in Haiti seen possible suicide (Ah - now you know it was murder)
  3431. Cynthia Mckinney: Release the Tupac Shakur Files
  3432. 9/11 was a Hoax: The American government killed its own people
  3433. Americans Target Of Largest Media Brainwashing Campaign In History
  3434. World Trade Center file
  3435. President Kennedy Assassination Details & Researched Discoveries by Donald Roberdeau (1975 to Present).... also Natalee Holloway Timeline (her disappearance in Aruba 2005)
  3436. FYI Privacy Activist
  3437. Democrats charge GOP has corrupted Congress (So have Dems, and both havemade the entire corpagov invalid)
  3438. Scottish Tories helped to convict US lobbyist Abramoff
  3439. British lawyers linked to $1m payment for favours at US Congress (It's been USUK, all the way)
  3440. Officials Focus on a 2nd Firm Tied to DeLay
  3441. The mystery of the London bomber and his secret wealth
  3442. Pentagon said to OK rocket-launch joint venture
  3443. Former German hostage in Iraq worked for German secret service
  3444. Bird flu plan for prisons draws civil liberty concerns ([sigh] ALL influenzas germinate in Asian birds, known for decades; this one is a hoax, a fabrication and sick joke only perpetrable on idiots)
  3445. Lock them up to die - prison bird flu plan (There will be no "epidemic" unless it is governmentally created)
  3448. Alito's Credibility Problem
  3449. How Christian and Jewish Zionists and terrorists undermined the US
  3450. Amir Taheri: Israel must claim victory over Palestine (Piddling nonsense)
  3451. Among Evangelicals, A Kinship With Jews (READ)
  3452. Ministers Say They Blessed Seats Ahead of Alito Hearing (??)
  3453. Ex-Wal-Mart No. 2 to plead guilty?
  3454. Jesus 'Healed Using Cannabis' (LOL)
  3455. Gates, Buffett, China 'run from dollar' (Old news)
  3456. The new Gilded Age (Someone has noticed)
  3457. JPEN Revealed (READ)
  3458. The Washington Post and the Coming Crash by Gracchus Jones January 4 (READ)
  3459. The War On Waste (It's not waste: it's calculated theft)
  3460. Reps Murtha and Moran dont know about Missing TRILLIONS
  3461. Settlers destroy 100 olive trees (That's 100 more than the many thousands so far)
  3462. FBI Evidence of Mossad Involvement In September 11 Attacks On The U.S.?!
  3463. The whitewashing of Ariel Sharon
  3464. Fanatic Netanyahu stands [slavering] waiting with a bomb for Iran
  3465. Economists say cost of war could top $2 trillion (yeah - like 70 Trillion $US)
  3466. Bush trying to round up all photos of President with Abramoff (This beats Sat. AM Cartoons!)
  3467. GOP Scrambling To Avoid Label "Party Of Corruption" (Too late now)
  3468. WHAT IF THE REVISIONISTS ARE RIGHT? (This is only metahaocaustdenial)
  3469. NASA strikes deal for Soyuz flights (because US no longer *has* any serious production)
  3470. "THE BIG FIX 2006: IS ABRAMOFF GETTING AWAY WITH MURDER? (Get ready! Get set! ...)
  3471. U.S. helicopter crash kills 12 in Iraq (wasn't even shot at)
  3472. John Yoo Says President Bush Can Legally Torture Children
  3473. Officials probe CIA denials on prisoner planes landing in Ireland
  3474. Swiss may have known about secret CIA prisons
  3475. Scandal of force-fed prisoners
  3476. Impeach Blair over Iraq: UK general
  3477. Republicans race to replace DeLay (with Daffy Duck)
  3478. The Bulldozer's mixed legacy (Nothing mixed about it: he a btcher and war criminal)
  3479. Iran ready to remove UN seals at nuclear sites (Boring!)
  3480. 'It's a dangerous world down there,' miners warn
  3481. Tests Show Three in Turkey Have Bird Flu (or not)
  3482. Human bird flu cases spread west in Turkey (Just a "slight" hyperbole?)
  3483. Earthquake shakes Greek capital
  3484. Deconstructing Cheney (with our bare hands?)
  3485. Karzai Invites Contact With Taliban Head and Taliban gives head)
  3486. Urgent Appeal to Save Iraq's Academics (from yet another aspect of the calculated genocide)
  3487. In Caracas, Belafonte Calls Bush Terrorist (and the sea wet)
  3488. The CIA Says, "Shhh..."
  3489. CIA Director Goss targeting leaks
  3490. IRS Said to Improperly Restrict Access
  3491. Advice From An Old Man: "Just Say No" to State-Sponsored Murder
  3492. Al-Qaeda's plot to infect troops with AIDS virus (LMAO! Yeah: CIA will fuck them to death)
  3493. NO TAX LEFT BEHIND (The confiscatory corpagov)
  3494. Feds Deceitful Stealth Katrina Plan Backfires
  3495. Feingold won't rule out Bush impeachment (That's it?! Useless swine)
  3496. Pakistan Protests to U.S. About Gunfire on Village (It was just target practice)
  3497. Day One - The War With Iran (Sounds about right; Day Two, Israel ceases to exist)
  3498. CIA 'Fact Book'? - Take A Closer Look
  3499. U.S. Military Seizes Iraqi Reporter for 'The Guardian' (US Nazi State)
  3500. GM: New study shows unborn babies could be harmed
  3501. David Rosenbaum, Reporter for Times Who Covered Politics, Dies at 63 (Assassination)
  3502. Fear and Loathing of Freedom in White House
  3503. Dick Cheney rushed to hospital (Couldn't take all Ari's press time)
  3505. Folks, our country is in peril (a misunderestimation)
  3506. Controversial lobbyist had close contact with Bush team (Bushie had drinks with Atta?)
  3507. Britain: Blair government refuses public inquiry into biggest fire in Europe
  3508. Australia: Police use new powers to "lock down" rural housing estate
  3509. Mine safety cuts hindered West Virginia rescue
  3510. Iraqi oil minister resigns amid protests and economic chaos
  3511. Army Begins Action to Discharge Reservists (More and more say fuck you to Nazi corpagov)
  3512. Surgeon: Sharon Will Survive (Many celebrations will be canceled)
  3513. Hugh Thompson, Hero at My Lai, Dead at 62
  3514. Jason Leopold | The NSA Spy Engine: Echelon
  3515. James Risen Book Gives Vital Background to Downing Street Memo
  3516. New Call to Impeach Blair over Iraq
  3517. MPs Leaked Bush Plan to Hit al-Jazeera
  3518. Egypt 'Has Proof' US Questioned Suspects in Romania
  3519. Bush-Authorized Spying Spills into Alito Hearings
  3520. Sharon tests 'encouraging' (To whom (^*o)?
  3521. Ariel Sharon has been a key player in the Mid-East peace process (Destruction and Illusion of it anyhow. Why are such pieces of clear lying garbage written?)
  3522. Iran 'not intimidated' ahead of breaking nuclear seals (USUKIL will attack Iran anyhow - you see, Iran now has *NOTHING* to lose. Think about that)
  3523. US: UN Council Warns Iran on Nukes (So fucking what?)
  3524. Bombers with security passes attack ministry (Is reality intruding enough yet into USUKIL pea brains?)
  3525. Cleric slams West for 'war against Islam' (Just figuring this out?!)
  3526. Cheney Scare a Reminder of Heart Ailments (Ari poppet and 'Dick' poppet - what a pair!)
  3527. Boehner, Blunt vie for GOP post (to be impaled upon)
  3528. GOP Mulls Life After DeLay (How about Death?)
  3529. Dow passes 11,000 milestone as 2006 starts strong (in Wonderland)
  3530. Dow Tops 11,000 Mark (US major industry is fabricating ficitious numbers)
  3531. Abbott to win big if Boston buys Guidant: analysts (This is not production, in case no one has noticed)
  3532. No evidence cough syrups work: panel (Think that's bad? Now try "statin drugs" for curing a nonexistent disease)
  3533. Update: Diamond Pet Food Recalled Due to Aflatoxin (There goes my snack food)
  3534. US paper names abducted reporter (abducted by fictitious terrorists - fronts for CIA, MI6, Mossad)
  3535. Officials Given Prison Sentences for Ferry Crash (and US corpagov marauds freely)
  3536. Senator Frank Church: The NSA could enable a dictator to impose total tyranny (It's good to know we have such smart senators who figure things out so quickly)
  3537. Rumsfelds Archipelago of Gulags (Rummy is changing his name to Stalin)
  3538. U.S. Newswire : Releases : "Citizen's Tribunal Indicts Bush Administration for War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity..."
  3539. Appeals Court Upholds 55 Year Mandatory Sentence (Yet more judicial insanity)
  3540. Medical Condition Suspected at First In Journalist's Fall (It's still an assassination)
  3541. Dollar Imperialism (READ)
  3542. Media's War Images Delude Instead of Inform
  3543. Impeach Blair on Iraq, says general
  3544. Battlefield Florida
  3545. Health care spending up 7.9 percent in 2004
  3546. Global oil prices 'to stay high'
  3547. Illinois Lawmakers Urge Chicago to Accept Venezuela's Discounted CITGO
  3548. FEMA's 'Crazy' Generators
  3549. Report: TSA Screener Spending Uncontrolled
  3550. Bush nominee 'believes in an all-powerful presidency'
  3551. Few Americans Expect bin Laden's Capture in 2006 (A dead CIA agent?)
  3552. US sees Iraqi oil production choked for years (and it will be kept that way)
  3553. U.S. troops build wall of sand around Iraqi town (What genius!)
  3554. Pulling out troops 'catastrophic' (Aussie puppets)
  3555. Jailed for 30 years for criticising 'free' Iraq
  3556. Two men face trial over "Jazeera bombing" leak (Bizarre)
  3557. New inquest opens into CIA leak
  3558. Swiss military probes alleged CIA prisons in Europe
  3559. CIA faces new secret jails claim
  3560. USA: Guant&#-11;&#-11;namo Bay, New torture testimony released as fourth anniversary of illegal detentions marked
  3561. Military Tribunals Proceedings to Resume This Week at Guantanamo Bay
  3562. Military trial panel for Khadr criticized
  3563. Guantanamo prison camp off limits during hearing for Khadr
  3564. Prosecutor says teen should be tried by military tribunal (Witless)
  3565. Australia: 1975 documents underscore right-wing character of Whitlam government
  3566. British journalist seized by US troops while investigating corruption in Iraq
  3567. Britain: former top general calls for Blair's impeachment over Iraq war
  3568. After the West Virginia mine disaster, the official whitewash begins
  3569. Canadian party leaders' debate--populist posturing and lies
  3570. Republican Party crisis deepens: DeLay forced out of congressional leadership(Some good news for a change)
  3571. How Many Iraqis Have Died Since the US Invasion in 2003? (and doing statistics correctly)
  3572. How the US Press Squelches Bush Impeachment Drive
  3573. US Aid to Israel is Out of Hand
  3574. Who is to Blame for the Deaths of the Sudanese Refugees?
  3575. Bush's Con Jobs
  3576. Ronan Sheehan: an Interview with Cindy Sheehan
  3577. Playing with Fire: Congress and Executive Power
  3578. Saul Landau: Different Americas
  3579. Uri Avnery: the Post-Sharon Landscape
  3580. IRS Concealing Corporate/Wealthy Tax Data
  3581. In Abramoff Case, Most See Evidence of Wider Problem
  3582. Blunt, Boehner Share Broad Network of Lobbyist Ties with DeLay
  3583. IRS Froze Refunds without Informing Taxpayers
  3584. US backs Australia's uranium plan
  3585. Iran breaks seals at nuclear site, set to begin fuel research
  3586. Lobbying Colors GOP Contest
  3587. Mine safety fails to make strides
  3588. Curse of the shock jock returns as Stern escapes regulators (LOL)
  3589. Real-life bestsellers accused of being nothing but fiction (Now, consider that "news" you watch and listen to)
  3590. Schwarzenegger Has No Motorcycle License (Ooops!)
  3591. Ukraine MPs vote to sack cabinet over 'traitorous' gas price deal ... (an interesting concept)
  3592. The Fed's Money Supply Armament is Underway (Fed has been trouble since 1913)
  3593. In Dec. of 2000 the NSA lobbied the Bush administration to ignore 4th Amendment restrictions on it
  3594. Israel shuns Pat Robertson
  3595. Toys "R" Us to close 75 stores, cut 3,000 jobs
  3596. First real evidence on CIA secret jails
  3597. Calls for impeachment of Blair over Iraq war
  3598. Not a Man of Peace (Sharon the genocodalist)
  3599. WhirlyBen, the Globo and the Great American Gold Grab
  3600. More Mischief from Abramoff
  3601. Abramoff and the Israeli Connection
  3602. CIA document 'must be followed up'
  3603. Where Spying Starts and Stops: Tracking an Embattled C.I.A. and a President at War
  3604. Mexico Demands U.S. Allow More Immigration (ro supply more canon fodder?!)
  3605. Iran risking nuclear escalation: US (Nope: US us risking another false flag invasion)
  3606. Abramoff fallout: Government for sale at all levels (Tear it *all* down, and imprison them all for life)
  3607. Michigan bishop tells paper he was once abused by priest (a little irony?)
  3608. Bids, Bribes And Lies
  3609. Ch&#-11;&#-11;vez slams U.S. over planes
  3610. Case Dropped Against U.S. Officer in Beating Deaths of Afghan Inmates (They just don't count as humans)
  3611. Connecting the Dots: Abramoff and Rove
  3612. Weird Bush-Alito Press Conference
  3613. Under Bush, mine-safety enforcement eased
  3615. Blair: 'We don't rule out any measures at all' against Iran ("We have not even the smallest shred of moral fiber, and are in fact serial genocidalists; nobody's perfect")
  3616. The Raw Story | National Security Agency mounted massive spy op on Baltimore peace group, documents show
  3617. Alito and His Coaches
  3618. I.R.S. Move Said to Hurt the Poor (Confiscatory and criminal government)
  3619. Channel 13 pulls TV ad linking DeLay, lobbyist
  3620. War on terror: Colossal failure (US is the greatest terrorist in all history)
  3621. xymphora: Osama and the odd Israelis
  3622. Bankruptcy Filings Hit Record 2M in 2005
  3623. Neocons Considered Planting WMD Evidence in Iraq? (Is the ocean wet?)
  3624. OfficeMax Closing 110 U.S. Retail Stores
  3625. Frog Killer Is Linked to Global Warming (Shit happens - it really does)
  3626. Bird flu 'spiralling out of control' (Yeah right! How about the fucking global economy, morons?)
  3627. Numerous faulty safety checks found Sago
  3628. Sago mine where 12 died last week collected many safety citations
  3629. Blumenthal demands FERC documents regulators say are already public
  3630. New Orleans Residents Show Anger at Forum (at more corpagov thievery)
  3631. New Orleans unveils controversial rebuilding plan
  3632. Head of SEC Finance Division Resigns (The revolving door of corpagov immunity)
  3633. Blunt, DeLay Share Abramoff Connections
  3634. Sources: Two lawmakers could face charges in Abramoff probe
  3635. Graham's Behind-the-Scenes Coaching of Alito Could Violate Senate Ethics Rules
  3636. Sen. Schumer: Alito would vote to overturn Roe (as if he gives a rat's ass)
  3637. Democrats Attack Alito's Refusal to Disavow 1985 Abortion Memo (We are going down the toilet here guys; this is bullshit)
  3638. Alito denies involvement in Princeton alumni group (So now you know it's true; deal with it)
  3639. Other counties look at all-mail voting
  3640. Florida investigating boot-camp death ("Florida" investigation of anything is bullcrap)
  3641. Police arrest 20 accused of recruiting fighters for Iraq (So what about Zapatero? Not so good, so far)
  3642. Georgian sentenced to life for Bush grenade attack (With no medals of distinguished service?)
  3643. Missile Defense Program Moves Forward (Offense, and genocide)
  3644. Two DynCorp International Mercenaries Among 12 Killed in Iraq Black Hawk Crash
  3645. Secrets and Lies: How Secret Bidding and the Shut-Out of Foreign Corporations in Iraqi Reconstruction Violates International Trade Principles (Problem being that "Iraqi Reconstruction" is a complete farce)
  3646. U.S. Says No Choice but to Consider Sanctions on Iran (Invade! Kill! Maim! - It's what we've wanted for years! Fuck truth! Fuck reality! Fuck Iran!)
  3647. Israelis plan pre-emptive strike on Iran (Now that's really to the poin, exactly!)
  3648. NSA Whistleblower Alleges Illegal Spying
  3649. Swiss govt says CIA prisons press leak was a crime (Then so is the Swiss gummint)
  3650. CIA document 'must be followed up' (Oh sure - right - right away!)
  3651. EU parliament to launch CIA probe: lawmaker (Oh Sure - babble, babble, babble, ...)
  3652. Guantanamo Detainee Says Will Boycott Hearing (He'll just have an "accident" falling down the stairs - ooops!)
  3653. Guantanamo detainee taken before US military tribunal
  3654. Guantanamo military Kangaroo trials resume
  3655. 500 detainees at Guant&#-11;&#-11;namo four years on
  3656. Imperialist apologetics from Johann Hari Independent journalist who attacked Harold Pinter turns on World Socialist Web Site
  3657. Death toll continues to rise in US coal mines Kentucky miner crushed to death in roof collapse
  3658. Senate Democrats prostrate as Alito confirmation hearings get under way (Isn't that "prostitute"?)
  3659. "Eating Palestine for Breakfast": the Real Sharon (Now, that's our favorite SOB genocidalist)
  3660. MoveOn Surrenders to Hillary (and all the horsemen knew'er)
  3661. Politics of Chaos: Gaza's Turmoil in Context (diversion from the west bank thievery)
  3662. Abramoff's Kind of Big Government
  3663. Snatching at King's Legacy: Mythmaking, Profiteering & Outright Distortions
  3664. Schwarzenegger's Hit List: Smearing Mandela, Killing Tookie (That's what the motherfucker is)
  3665. Ray McGovern: The Big Wiretap
  3666. Kevin Zeese: NSA Spied on Baltimore Peace Group (Criminal is just soooo - US gummint: always has been)
  3667. Amnesty Releases New Gitmo Torture Testimony
  3668. Abramoff Scandal Threatens to Derail Reed's Political Ambitions(once could hope)
  3669. NSA Whistleblower: Millions of Americans' Phone Calls Tapped by NSA(The function of a criminal corpagov)
  3670. British Men Face Trial over "Jazeera Bombing" Leak (Still fucking bizarre UK needs a destroyed gummint)
  3671. US Air Strikes in Iraq Could Intensify (Considering the genocidal intent, ...)
  3672. US to Try 15 Year Old Gitmo Detainee (We call this "civilized")
  3673. t r u t h o u t - Pinochet Stripped of Legal Immunity (Now, about Bush, ..., Blair, ..., Howard, ...)
  3674. Alito on the Issues
  3675. The Alito spectacle: Nominee
  3676. Howard backs 'clean air' projects (Howard is a lying fucking Nazi SOB bastard - and nothing else be known)
  3677. UN fears endemic bird flu in Turkey (Yeah, right!)
  3678. Britains Blair criticizes Irans nuke program (Blair needs to die)
  3679. Ministers to call for emergency talks on Iran's nuclear plan (Oh dear, oh dear, what shall we do? How about fuck off?)
  3680. One of his doctors says Sharon's life still in danger (There's a note of joy!)
  3681. The latest on Ariel Sharon, as of January 11: (The energizer poppet)
  3682. Hostility Greets Katrina Recovery Plan (Oh gee - I wonder why?)
  3683. Army Sending Added Armor to Iraq Units (or not - and it will be lied about; now that would be normal from this criminal government)
  3684. House Republicans outline lobbying reform ideas (ROTFLMFAO!)
  3685. Oil rally pushes ahead on Iran nuclear jitters (So all are shitting in their pants over nothing? Same old shit)
  3686. Oil Rises a Second Day on Concern Iran Dispute May Cut Supplies (Nope Fucking Cheney needs a new pair of expensive shoes)
  3687. Speculators bid up energy futures (What future?!)
  3688. Stocks advance after inflation remarks (LOL - morons!)
  3689. Warming trend causing frogs demise (correlation does *NOT* impliy causality - beyond morons)
  3690. Giant strides for music fans (as in like we get *real* music instead of sonic puke?)
  3691. Lethality of Bird Flu Appears to Vary (or not exist?)
  3692. Israel keeps close eye on Turkish bird flu (In that case we could hope it was real)
  3693. Wake up! Grogginess as dangerous as drunk driving (Then stay in bed until you are finished sleeping dumbdumb)
  3694. US emergency rooms barely ready, report finds (US is barely ready for anything - and that is perfectly well designed by its criminal bought government)
  3695. Kims mystery tour to Shanghai (OOOOOOOOOooooooo - none your business, buddy)
  3696. Bird flu stoppable, says WHO (?? human to human contagion has never been shown)
  3697. Bank tape lost with data on 90,000 customers (Ooops! Again?)
  3698. Tom DeLay's House of Scandal
  3699. Beam weapons almost ready for battle (Problem is thatpesky power source)
  3700. Command Responsibility?
  3701. The murdered New York Times reporter and the Alito connection
  3702. Alito & the Ken Lay Factor
  3703. Hoffmania!: Not Buying the Sob Story (and the Alito Circus)
  3704. The Truth Will Set You Free: Fool me once... (Setting up Iran for invasion)
  3705. Pants on Fire (Alito and other liars)
  3706. Abramoff "hearts" Delay
  3707. Visteon shifts resources offshore-Company will close factories in Mexico, Puerto Rico and Buffalo, N.Y., put six other plants up for sale.
  3708. FT.com / World / US - Bush adviser says war on terror top priority (Not only lying, but utterly lunatic Andrew Card)
  3709. "It is this kind of disrespect...." :: from www.uruknet.info :: news from occupied Iraq - it
  3710. Headline Suggests Opponents of Military Recruiting are Child Rapists
  3711. NSA: Free Speech is a Weapon of Mass Destruction
  3712. US army in Iraq institutionally racist, claims British officer
  3713. U.S. Stocks Retreat From Four-Year Highs as Oil Prices Rise
  3714. 'Zero experience' (Alito)
  3715. Sen. Biden Suggests Scrapping Hearings (How about scrapping the whole corrupt government?)
  3716. AMERICAblog just bought General Wesley Clark's cell phone records for $89.95
  3717. Huge anti-king protest in Nepal
  3718. US opens Alaskan area to oil leases
  3719. Interior Department to Open Alaskan Land to Oil Drilling
  3720. FBI checking prints in death row cases (and will then lie about the results)
  3721. ACLU Opposes Nomination of Judge Alito
  3722. Judge Alito, in His Own Words
  3723. Alito Leaves Door Open to Reverse Roe v. Wade
  3724. DeLay Faces Viable Republican Challenger
  3725. Houston TV stations withhold ads attacking DeLay (But "Swiftboating" was allowed)
  3726. Pelosi wants probe of 'corrupt Congress' (But wait until we get to its Israeli nature)
  3727. Protest to greet Bush at New Orleans visit
  3728. Blacks accuse city elite of land grab - World - smh.com.au
  3729. U.S. Supreme Court to Decide if Police Can Barge in Unannounced
  3730. ACLU Opposes Patriot Act Provision
  3731. Bush to criminalize protesters under Patriot Act as "disruptors"
  3732. Labour peers will try to extend terror detention limit to 60 days
  3733. Former Pinochet henchman takes over "peacekeeping" operation in Haiti
  3734. Former 'Enemy Combatant' Pleads Not Guilty (Padilla)
  3735. Guantanamo Detainee Set to Boycott Tribunals
  3736. Guantanamo Hearing Opens Amid Legal Issues
  3737. Iraqi found guilty in Germany of recruiting insurgents (More "anti-terror law" shit)
  3738. US military expects surge in Iraqi rebel attacks (Want their country back; not hard to figure out)
  3739. US Army its own worst enemy: British officer
  3740. General Asserts Right On Self-Incrimination In Iraq Abuse Cases
  3741. Ex-CIA Lawyer: No Legal Basis for NSA Spying
  3742. EU Parliament to investigate CIA allegations (Yeah, right!)
  3743. Swiss paper claims proof of secret US torture camps
  3744. Florida college professor and wife arrested as Cuban spies Covering up for US-backed terror
  3745. Australian terrorist trials face lengthy delays
  3746. Death toll continues to rise in US coal mines Kentucky miner crushed to death in roof collapse
  3747. Senate Democrats prostrate as Alito confirmation hearings get under way (Purchased Prostration of Prostitutes)
  3748. New Horizons in Space, New Lows in Government
  3749. Jared Bernstein: the Wage Doldrums (But - but - the economic figures are fictions!)
  3750. Alito Refuses to Answer Fundamental Questions
  3751. The Unitary Executive: Why the Bush Doctrine Violates the Constitution
  3752. t r u t h o u t - US and EU to Set Stage for UN Sanctions on Iran (as done genocidally to Iraq)
  3753. Taiwan breeds green-glowing pigs (When they also fly, let me know)
  3754. Indonesians make ATM sacrifices (Anyone sense a scam here?)
  3755. Henan Man Impossible to Photograph (Quite obviously, he's a vampire!)
  3756. Sharon's stroke blood 'drained' (Sharon poppet)
  3757. Tapping into the sun (Who will rake off billions?)
  3758. The mother of all babies (Is it time to puke yet?)
  3759. Clinton expands program for cheaper AIDS drugs (Great Round Table Clinton who gave NAFTA)
  3760. Israel remains 'outraged,' despite Robertson apology (Israel is always outraged, while the rest of the world should be outraged at its existence)
  3761. Merkel heads for talks with Bush (Shock and Awe)
  3762. Merkel will play a pragmatic hand in America (Hmmm - an interesting thought that gives no peace or solace)
  3763. Cleric kept 'terror manual' (Copied from the Mossad/MI6/CIA manual?)
  3764. WHO warns army may be needed to fight bird flu (Oh fucking really?! To fight *another* goddamn fraud?)
  3765. Maryland Senate Overrides Governor's Veto of 'Wal-Mart Bill'
  3766. Political "Interests" Saved Kosovo's Thugs
  3767. Bush Authorized Domestic Spying before 9/11 (as insurance *for* 9/11)
  3768. Top Senate Democrat Supports Outsourcing (How about outsourcing the entire government?)
  3769. National ID a 'Nightmare' for States (Just say "NO")
  3770. Doctors 'failing to wake Ariel Sharon from coma' (Sharon poppet again)
  3771. Viisage Buys Identix for $770M
  3772. GM Working to Achieve $4B in 2006 Savings (More jobs and factories down the toilet)
  3773. Enron jury won't hear some tapes (The ones with the evidence)
  3774. We found Padilla's al Qaeda application, U.S. says (??!! LMFAOROTFL - um - sure -right!)
  3775. Gag Reflex - Chris Floyd
  3776. Pentagon to Families: Go Ahead, Laugh (No nadir of this governments pathology)
  3777. Israel Wants West to Deal More Urgently With Iran (as in bombing and invading and genocide)
  3778. New hardliners in Likud poll list
  3779. Condoleezza Rice's anti-Russian stance based on sexual problems(not to mention mental balance and intelligence)
  3780. Pogo was right! "We have met the enemy - and it is US!"
  3781. Study: Most Ashkenazi Jews From Four Women (i.e., genetic Khazars)
  3782. ABC News: EXCLUSIVE: Pakistani Military Sources Say Zawahiri May Be Dead(Ha! - and for long has this be utterly obvious?)
  3783. Stupid in America (OK - it's only Stossel, but still: "educators" and education in US has been in descent for about 200 years)
  3784. NYC Outraged Over Girl Tortured, Beaten to Death (The second horror is that "law" and "social workers" are every bit as evil and sick)
  3785. FindLaw's Writ - Dean: The Problem with Presidential Signing Statements Their Use and Misuse by the Bush Administration
  3786. ABC News: Surge in Sale of Disposable Cell Phones May Have Terror Link (Everything has a terror link that is even remotely attached to the terrorist US government)
  3787. Backdoor Draft, Back Again
  3788. Pentagon grilled over database on war critics (How about throwing them all on the Barbie?)
  3789. The Bush Who Cried Wolf
  3790. U.S. Emergency Medicine System Near Breaking Point (That US has been made bankrupt in every way might have something to do with this?)
  3791. GOP Governors Trying To Make Dirty Abramoff Money Clean... (State Farm Insurance does this all the time)
  3792. Bush Admin. Launched Secret Smear Campaign Against Murtha... (S.O.P.)
  3793. White House sees 2006 budget gap over $400 billion (and the total debt?)
  3794. Bush could seize absolute control of U.S. government (could? Martial Law is already declared in Florida)
  3795. Tareq Aziz has less than month to live: lawyer.
  3796. Why I am getting out of the Marines
  3797. War, Lies, and Videotape - by Justin Raimondo (J. does the obious particulars)
  3798. Starbucks 'bomb' was only a flashlight (Wacko Nation)
  3799. The Forward Newspaper Online: The Neoconservative Persuasion (Difficult, but READ anyhow, though it misses the point: the only existential threat to the US people is the US government and the Kabbahl that has usurped it.)
  3800. AIPAC horseshit; slaverers for your children's lives to be sacrificed on the altar of their psychopathic greed.
  3801. CODEWORD: CABLESPLICE (Typical S&B War, dialectically fabricated)
  3802. Members of Congress arrive in Jamaica for five-day trip (paid for by whom, and for what sensible purpose - these are morons who understand nothing but their wallets)
  3803. Bird flu mutation raises threat to humans (So the 'threat' was a lie allalong; that was obvious from the start of this pack of lies)
  3804. USDA Using Satellites to Monitor Farmers (Remember Orwell?)
  3805. Democrats May Delay Alito Nomination Vote (Don't hold your breath for a performance from these purchased swine - apologies to all swine)
  3806. Did someone in FBI want 9/11 attacks? (Are you breathing air?)
  3807. Hussein trial judge plans to quit (His assassination by US does not appeal to him)
  3808. Heat rises on German spies in Iraq, CIA activities (If you think it's just the US repto corpagov, you would be greatly mistaken)
  3809. Berlin admits giving US bombing targets in Iraq
  3810. George Bush's rough justice (READ!)
  3811. Calls for commuters to help with police's anti-terrorism campaign (Remain alert to the lies & crimes of your deranged government)
  3812. SWAT Team Shoots 'Armed' Fla. 8th-Grader (Criminal, rogue nation of psychopaths)
  3813. LAPD turns to data analysis to fight terrorism (Scalpels in the hands ofinfants)
  3814. NSA's Web Site Rendered Inaccessible (No point in guesses yet on this one)
  3815. Gonzales to testify on domestic spying program ("Testify" = "Lie", in this case)
  3816. Al Gore to Attack Bush 'Police State' (*NOW*???!!! - you fucking pig bastard!)
  3817. Bush Rejects Call to Shut Guantanamo Prison (Angela, baby! What *were* you thinking?!)
  3818. Defense Team Outnumbered in Guantanamo Trials (Can we spell "kangaroo"?)
  3819. MEPs to study CIA jails claim (while they also are guilty as hell?)
  3820. Europe 'complicit over CIA jails' (as in this)
  3821. U.S. anti-terror policies 'contravening human rights law': investigator (Um - all of a sudden, after years of this shit, this is *news*?!)
  3822. U.S. pays millions to Halliburton for excess trucks sitting idle in Iraq(and you were expecting what, exactly?)
  3823. Political victimisation of an Australian academic
  3824. German media reports on collusion of German intelligence agents in Iraq war
  3825. German Chancellor Merkel in Washington (A Fucking circus)
  3826. Wall Street grabs $21.5 billion in bonuses (Now try banks, insurers and confiscatory government)
  3827. US, EU set to refer Iran to the UN Security Council (Yes! Let's deprive infants of treatment *again*, and let them die agonizing deaths)
  3828. How the FBI Spied on Edward Said
  3829. Countdown to War with Iran?
  3830. Eight Who Dared: a (Short) Congressional Honor Roll
  3831. Alito and the Democrats
  3832. Prisoners in Their Own Land: 800,000 Palestinians Sealed Off by IDF in West Bank
  3833. The Singular Story of the Cuban Five
  3834. China and India Forge Alliance on Oil
  3835. Few Glimmers of How Conservative Judge Alito Is
  3836. Gaming of Energy Market Excluded in Enron Trial
  3837. Victim of Pinochet, She's Chile's Next President
  3838. Bush Administration Seeks to Avoid Detainee Ruling
  3839. Tyco International to split into three companies (Should one laugh or cry?)
  3840. What's Online What Is the Value of Truth? (From the lying NYT?)
  3841. States Step In As Medicare Falters (Secession really is perfectly legal)
  3842. Clinton expands program for cheaper AIDS drugs (He knows the farce of it)
  3843. US and Germany Promise to Press Iran on Uranium ([yawn])
  3844. US Airstrike Targets Al Qaeda's Zawahiri (who is known to be long dead - or a fiction in the first place)
  3845. US Bars Spain's Sale of Planes to 'Antidemocratic' Venezuela (Gets more bizarre by the day)
  3846. Spain-Venezuela deal barred by US (Now, how about the truth instead of taurine excrement?)
  3847. US may extend soldier's military service: court
  3848. Speaker Pressures Rep. Ney to Resign His Chairmanship
  3849. More Stories Rolling In About Levees Being Blown In New Orleans
  3850. Venezuela's Jews Defend Leftist President in Flap Over Remarks
  3851. Give Me Some Answers and I will Change my Mind
  3853. Ad in "The Nation" Maligns Palestinians
  3856. Sudan says Western forces in Darfur unwelcome
  3857. Sharon in 'frightening' state (Who is he frightening , now!)
  3858. Schools get Homeland Security funds for surveillance equipment (Sickness)
  3859. Proof Bush Deceived America
  3860. Iraq, the mother of all budget busters
  3861. Iran Air Strikes 'Under Consideration' (Well - of course)
  3862. China map lays claim to Americas
  3863. Russia to continue construction at Iran's Bushehr nuclear plant
  3864. NSA Used City Police to Track Peace Activists
  3865. Bush Calls Iran Grave Threat, Surprises Staff (Bush gets loonier by the day)
  3866. A Protest, a Spy Program and a Campus in an Uproar (Bizarre country)
  3867. NSA's Web Site Rendered Inaccessible
  3868. Web Site Attacks Critic of War
  3869. The dollar may fall this March
  3870. Tehran has Washington by the cojones (READ)
  3871. Cingular Wireless caught lying to media over cell phone records sale scandal (Ooops!)
  3872. 103 Congress members to Israel in 2005 (This is not disturbing? How many were in France?)
  3873. Serious questions remain concerning Col. Westhusing's "suicide" in Iraq.
  3874. Grassroots International Protection For The Palestinian People
  3875. Condi Rice: Christian-Zionist Pit Bull
  3876. Brown: Remembrance Sunday should become 'British Day' (How a bout calling it Israel Day?)
  3877. City residents denounce "Bring New Orleans Back" rebuilding plan
  3878. Dems Ready Proposal on Code of Conduct (Just lock them all up)
  3879. Protesters Win Ruling on D.C. Arrests
  3880. Lawyer: Authorities were told student's gun was fake
  3881. Fla. boy shot by police unlikely to live -reports
  3882. Left-Leaning Candidate Surges in Peru
  3883. Intelligence sources warn Venezuela's Chavez: Beware the Ides of January!
  3884. UPI Intelligence Watch
  3885. Carlyle 'given sweetener' in Qinetiq deal
  3886. Foreign fighters flood into Afghanistan (Or not)
  3887. Bush Warns Against Nuclear-Armed Iran (also ferret fever and tooth fairy flu)
  3888. Pakistan Condemns Deadly U.S. Airstrike
  3889. Pakistan furious over US air strikes
  3890. Bush could seize absolute control of U.S. government (Um - guess what?)
  3891. Guantanamo prisoner records horrors of detention
  3892. MI5 will get new powers to bug MPs (MI6 to bug MI5, but who to bug MI6 Ah! The Pope!)
  3893. Missy Comley Beattie: the Stepford Hearings of Samuel Alito
  3894. Senator as Illusionist: the Hypocrisies of John McCain
  3895. Nicole Colson: the House Jack Built (Abramoff again - who else?)
  3896. Peeping Tom in the Bush: Nonconsenual Voyeurism and the NSA
  3897. Gary Leupp: a Neocon Plan to Plant WMDs?
  3898. Flavia Alaya: Victory at Passaic County Jail
  3899. Fred Gardner: A Last, Desperate Plea to Stay in Canada
  3900. Bush on Torture Echoes Charles I on Arbitrary Imprisonment
  3901. Fly Boys and Lie Boys: Smart-Bombing Iraqi Families While They Sleep
  3902. The State of the Empire, 2006
  3903. What the FBI Repairman Wore When He Tried to Bug Edward Said
  3904. Documents Tie Shadowy US Unit to Inmate Abuse Case
  3905. Army Does Not Criminally Charge Abusers for Torture (Why not is obvious)
  3906. A Protest, a Spy Program and a Campus in an Uproar
  3907. Alito Pushes Unprecedented Presidential Power
  3908. Sparks Fly over Flyover at MLK March
  3909. Pakistan condemns deadly strike targeting Al Qaeda No. 2 (targeting a dead man in a fictional group?!)
  3910. For Alito, shift by court seen as certain (Fucking Nazi Disaster)
  3911. Shuffling nominees, Bush may hit jackpot (or trifecta?)
  3912. Still-sleeping Sharon worries docs (The world remains a little safer)
  3913. Update 15: Volcano in Alaska Erupts for Third Day
  3914. Feinstein: 'Major health emergency' in Calif. from drug plan (actually from US federal gummint)
  3915. Nepal fears martial law after attacks (King doesn't know it's over)
  3916. Israel, Let Me Count The Ways (The outrage is that it's all true)
  3917. Bush: Israel threatened by Iran (so, you know that it is not)
  3918. Blair okays phone tapping of MPs (and killing their little dogs too)
  3919. Saddam Trial judge Resigns In protest Over Pressure From Iraqi Govt.
  3920. Knight Ridder's Alito story: Factual and fair
  3921. Anti-war activists take Pelosi to task
  3922. Top FTSE companies avoid paying tax to tune of &#-11;&#-11;20bn
  3923. Iran Air Strikes (for Israel) 'Under Consideration'
  3924. Land Seized for Animal Shelter May Be Sold to Developer-Donor
  3925. Laundering Casino Cash For NeoCon Politicians
  3926. Abramoff Scandal Could End Netanyahu's Likud Takeover
  3927. Mossad works with German passports (In German)
  3928. Mossad works with German passports
  3929. BELLACIAO - Flashback: July 5, 1987 - REAGAN AIDES AND THE SECRET GOVERNMENT - Alfonso Chardy - Collective Bellaciao
  3930. Iran declares WAR on History (Wellll - on fake history, anyhow)
  3931. Iran says sanctions could drive up oil price
  3932. Speedboat attack on Nigeria oil rig
  3933. Americans Support Impeaching Bush for Wiretapping
  3934. Alumnus slams Alito's 'insensitivity'
  3935. The drone, the CIA and a botched attempt to kill bin Laden's deputy (who is already long dead - if he ever even existed)
  3936. US military frees two Reuters journalists in Iraq
  3937. Senators: Military last option on Iran (Bird Brains & Senator Flu)
  3938. Ashcroft Stakes Out Lucrative New Ground
  3939. Court: Bush Can Be Sued on Faith Based Initiative
  3940. Chomsky: 'There Is No War on Terror'
  3941. Bachelet wins Chile presidential election (When will US invade or have her assassinated?)
  3942. US Officials Believe Qaeda Agents Killed in Pakistan Strike (No they don't; they are just lying again)
  3943. Russia and China caught on the Iranian issue (Only if they believe U/Israeli fictions - which is not likely)
  3944. Senate Democrats Emphasizing Ethics (as if they would have the slightest notion)
  3945. Bird flu suspected in Turkey death Suspected? Remember anthrax-anthrax-anthrax-...?)
  3946. Scotsman.com News - Latest News - Bird flu: Girl tests negative (Ooops!)
  3947. Belgium to stage large-scale pandemic simulation exercise (Must be getting ready to release the *real* 1918 flu)
  3948. Medicare Official Acknowledges Problems (A fucking disaster - exactly as it was intended to be)
  3949. Hamas banned from Jerusalem (an occupied city) campaigning
  3951. Palestinians get Israeli nod to vote in Jerusalem (to vote for what?!)
  3952. EU welcomes decision to allow PA vote in e. J'lem (This is a joke, right?)
  3953. Nigeria reports new attack on oil platform (to stop corporate theft)
  3954. Tulane's Engineering Students Strive to Save Their School - New York Times
    "One of the pumps designed for New Orleans by Albert Baldwin Wood. Almost a century old, some of them kept working as newer ones failed."
  3955. US Must Be Willing to Take Military Action Against Iran: McCain (The best part of McCain dribbled down his father's leg)
  3956. British firms form bird flu plans (to combat a fiction that is a cover for a real 1918 flu redux)
  3957. Bush job approval dips again to 39% (Speaking of misunderestimation)
  3958. Silent Holocaust Among Us (Now, also check what Israelis did to Yemeni children)
  3959. Several states declared public health (Did I not say fucking disaster, and that it was intended?)
  3960. Specter says no 'blank check' for Bush on spying (The paid fucknose will crumble)
  3961. Terror Conviction Questioned (Possibly because it's a crock of fabricated shit?)
  3962. Swiss want Berne protest over alleged CIA flights (Lots of luck)
  3963. Missile attack is a warning from CIA (that Al-Qaeda's #2 is as fictional as Al-Qaeda itself)
  3964. Cronkite: Time for U.S. to leave Iraq (Let's remember that Mr. C. is CR)
  3965. 2,000 More M.P.'s Will Help Train the Iraqi Police (Babbling garbage)
  3966. Iran issues stark warning on oil price (Ha! Wait for Iranian Oil Bourse and $US to EU conversion)
  3967. Fiji remains tense after new coup threat
  3968. Spain: General calls for military intervention over Catalonia
  3969. Kashmir earthquake survivors abandoned to freezing winter
  3970. US living standards in 2005 continued downward trend (The economic obliteration is already determined)
  3971. Collaboration with CIA renditions highlights France's assault on democratic rights
  3972. US bombing in northern Pakistan: an act of imperialist recklessness
  3973. Why an Economic Boycott of Israel is Justified
  3974. Rise in mental illness linked to unhealthy diets, say studies (not to mention being driven nuts and terrorized by governments)
  3975. USA threats after boycott (of Israel) support - Aftenposten.no
  3976. Fitzgerald Maintains Focus on Rove
  3977. Asking the Wrong Questions about Alito and CAP
  3978. Stupid in America (A stupidity that has been deliberately created)
  3979. Scientists question trees' role in global warming (But simpletons all know the answers already)
  3980. More Lies about Iran
  3981. Bush's Unlikely Co-conspirators (Dems are not unlikely: they are bought)
  3982. The Swift Boating of John Murtha
  3983. Supreme Court Rejects Pollard&#-11;&#-11;s Plea to be Prisoner of Zion
  3984. New Method for Flagging Vote Miscount Released -- Specific Type of Statistical Analysis Can Indicate Vote Count Errors in Past and Future Elections
  3985. Samuel Untermyer's speech (1933)
  3986. Planting WMD In Iraq To Justify The Illegal Invasion
  3987. Fla. boy`s family: Police told gun was toy
  3988. Fifteen Years of War -- And Who's Better Off?
  3989. Documents prove NSA spies on anti-war groups
  3990. Swiss Holocaust cash revealed to be myth
  3991. Another US Army Scandal
  3992. In Ga., Abramoff Scandal Threatens a Political Ascendancy (Ralph Reed)
  3993. US senators say military strike on Iran must be option (Then go to it yourselves, and bring your who damn families with you)
  3994. McCain: Oil Prices Can't Stop U.S. From Pressing Iran (Why, exactly, Mr.Murderer?)
  3995. Bush's new health plan: American companies should stop paying for employee health care
  3996. David Duke: "Have The Leaders Of America Lost Their Minds?"(Yes, and so have most USians)
  3997. Russia's SS-27 Makes Bush's Missile Defense A Fantasy
  3998. Congressman sends letter to IRS over Pasadena church probe
  3999. Dusting off the Brown-shirts and Jackboots (gold spiking, $US sinking, marching into fascism by government's terror tactics)
  4000. Police Department gives officer medal for shooting black teen in the back of the head (Not only Crazy, but Criminal Nation)
  4001. Face it, the pols again proved they don't need you; they control the voting machines
  4002. Laura Bush Defends Domestic Spying Program (Who cares what she allegedly thinks?)
  4004. All eyes are on Feingold as senator's all ears again (Crawl back under your rock, Russ)
  4006. How the West and the West Bank Were Won (READ)
  4007. Boardwalk and Park Place with Five Hotels (READ: not as amusing as it seems)
  4008. CNN banned in Iran for translation gaffe (LMAO Perhaps I missed the matching Iranian news broadcasts in the US?)
  4009. IRS MAKES CHILLING PROCLAMATION (Insane totalitarian state)
  4010. The Opposite of Good Is Apathy (Mrs. Sheehan)
  4011. Israel prepares to launch attack on Iran nuclear sites (and with luck will then be wiped from earth)
  4012. Holocaust denier given 15 months in Czech prison (an outrage that willcause a violent antijewish backlash)
  4013. Oklahoma City bombing: New evidence renews conspiracy debate
  4014. Articles On The M.L. King Murder
  4015. Paul Craig Roberts: Bush Crosses the Rubicon (His only error is that the McCain Amendment is *no* such ban)
  4016. Norman Solomon: Ted Koppel, NPR and Henry Kissinger
  4017. Roger Burbach: Bachelet's Victory
  4018. Black Students Under Fire: Racial Profiling in Public Schools
  4019. Tears of a Neocon: The Good News from Daniel Pipes
  4020. Iraq, the Mother of All Budget Busters (It is designedto be)
  4021. The Strain with Spain is Mainly over Planes
  4022. Lobbying: The Web Widens
  4023. Soldiers Ordered to Shed Armor or Face Losing Benefits (US corpagov wants the US troops DEAD: much cheaper that way)
  4024. Vampire goes for Governor (Republican v. Wacko Vampire. Is there a difference?)
  4025. Electric light linked to breast cancer (also fucking global warming [sigh])
  4026. Stem cell experts seek rabbit-human embryo (The WH is full of them!)
  4027. Bird flu in Turkey could be adapting to humans (LMAO! What the hell does that mean?!)
  4028. Pastor is arrested over 'child witch' cruelty claims (It's a very sick species)
  4029. Liberia's 'iron lady' pledges reform (The Black M. Thatcher? Oh Shit!)
  4030. White House Congratulates Chile Socialist (LOL)
  4031. Gore Wants Special Counsel to Investigate Bush (He needs to get a life)
  4032. Oprah Winfrey picks `Night` for Book Club (Selection errors with Eli Weasel)
  4033. When fiction masquerades as truth (9/11 cemented the process in US culture)
  4034. Adults can take steps to delay Alzheimer`s (Avoid Faux New and US corpagov)
  4035. Regular exercise helps delay dementia: study (What if your body has been destroyed by your goddamn corpagov?)
  4036. White House acts over gaps in Medicare reform (Um - sure - this ought togood additional fraud)
  4037. Former president Ford admitted to hospital (He's has a long life, and been well rewarded for his 'deeds')
  4038. ImpeachBush / VoteToImpeach:
  4040. Spy Agency Data After Sept. 11 Led F.B.I. to Dead Ends
  4041. The latest Bush mega-catastrophe is now pharmaceuticals (READ)
  4042. The Washington Post's watchdog needs a watchdog
  4043. Al Qaeda takes aim at Israel (and tooth fairy attacks santa claus)
  4044. For Senate Democrats, a last stand on Alito
  4045. Israel tries to make Russia approve sanctions against Iran ("to make"? LOL)
  4046. Iran threat grossly exaggerated, say 70 percent of Britons (How about nonexistent?)
  4047. Iran breakthrough may be in sight (How deliciously clever)
  4048. Gold Trades Near 25-Year High in London on Iran Dispute Concern ($US 562+)
  4049. Oil Surpasses $65, Reaching Three-Month High, on Nigeria, Iran
  4050. Al-Jazeera asks to see Bush 'bombing' transcript (LOL)
  4051. Worry as Chinese reserves poised to touch historic US$1 trillion level - 17 Jan 2006 - Business(keeping $US reserves is suicidal)
  4052. Olmert: We can't allow a foe like Iran to hold WMDs (that they don't have, but you do? Go have a stroke)
  4053. Outsourcing the American dream for nightmare
  4054. U.S.: 'Very high' chance of WMD terror strike (Bushco needs to create another one to declare martial law)
  4055. Al Gore's speech not covered by News
  4056. George Clooney thanks Jack Abramoff at the Golden Globes
  4057. What Is the I.R.S. Trying to Hide? (That it is utterly illegal)
  4058. What Makes Americans Susceptible to Manipulation (Being stupid, ignorant and terrorized by their government)
  4059. Republicans lose second big scalp in sleaze affair
  4060. Al Gore: 'America's Constitution Is in Grave Danger' (Took too long to figure out the obvious)
  4061. Nepal parties reject rally ban
  4062. U.S. Helicopter Crashes North of Baghdad (But this happens so often, they'll run out of helicopters)
  4063. Uranium revelation upsets isle activists (Governments *always* lie)
  4064. Are US and Israel planning War against Iran for late March? (Sounds about right)
  4065. The Raw Story | American who advised Pentagon says he wrote for magazine that found forged Niger documents(Michael Ledeen, of course)
  4066. Two Groups Planning to Sue Over Federal Eavesdropping
  4067. Gore Wants Special Counsel to Investigate Bush Spy Power
  4068. Gore Says Bush Wiretapping Could be Impeachable Offense
  4069. Supreme Court upholds Ore. suicide law
  4070. Lotts fourth term bid fuels leadership speculation
  4071. Sen. Clinton: House 'has been run like a plantation' (NO MORE HILLARY!)
  4072. Nigerian freedom fighters threaten new oil attacks
  4073. Jazeera airs video of kidnapped journalist
  4074. Lords defeat for 'glorifying terror' offence
  4075. Peers vote against 'glorifying terrorism' law (How far can they go in their new Nazi State?)
  4076. ACLU Sues to Stop Illegal Spying on Americans, Saying President Is Not Above
  4077. ACLU Seeks to Block NSA Domestic Spying
  4078. Billions in Iraq Rebuilding Funds Go Missing
  4079. Beijing abolishes centuries-old agricultural tax
  4080. California governor denies clemency--76-year-old dies by lethal injection
  4081. The Canadian elections and the phony gun-crime epidemic (This crap also works in the US)
  4082. US coal miners denounce deadly conditions The government is giving a green light to the coal operators to violate safety
  4083. Memorial service for Sago miners preaches preach fatalism and submission
  4084. Alito's CAP: Either He Lied on His Resum&#-11;&#-11; or There's a Cover-Up
  4085. No Child Left Unharassed: the Obstacle Course to School in Palestine
  4086. Tariq Ali: God, Blood, Oil and Iraq
  4087. M. Shahid Alam: Real Men Go to Tehran (Entirely superficial history)
  4088. John Ross: Latin America's Indians on the Move--in Different Directions (Not at all superficial)
  4089. FBI Complained of NSA Spying on Innocent Americans (Fabricated Hegelian War)
  4090. Iraq War's Stunning Price Tag (but hardly surprising)
  4091. Jason Leopold | NSA Spying Evolved Pre-9/11 (Speaking of unsurprising)
  4092. Iraq's Oil Shock (READ where the oil is going, besides to Israel)
  4093. Bush Seeks His Enemies' Help in Iraq (A daring and desperate move, but reasonably stupid)
  4094. Mining for Kids: Pentagon's Recruitment Database (The purpose is to kill them, with plausible deniability)
  4095. Remember Afghanistan? Insurgency on the Rise (The faceof human despair & desperation against reptilian government)
  4096. Gore, White House Trade Jabs (More fabricated HegelianWars that do not exist)
  4097. UK backs down over nuclear sanctions on Iran (LOL)
  4098. Europeans, US will refer Iran to Security Council (and will be defeated)
  4099. A new golden age of space exploration (Sure - right!)
  4100. Cheney Plays the Egypt Card
  4101. Cheney holds talks on Syrian crisis (What crisis?)
  4102. Israeli leader speaks as dove and hawk ("out of both sides of his mouth": Lying)
  4103. Hamas support grows after Israelis shoot militant leader (Now,why would that be?)
  4104. Israeli acting PM demands Hamas be disarmed (rather than Israel be wiped off the map?)
  4105. Loophole in Lobbying Bill Leaves Wiggle Room (Hilarious and Comical Corpagov)
  4106. Alito's expected confirmation challenges conventional wisdom (But, not in a Nazi State)
  4107. Golden Globe winners spark righteous (stupid, ignorant and psychopathic)anger
  4108. A Favor From a Fabricator (Everything is fiction)
  4109. US passport plan ditched in favour of new security card at border
  4110. US eases passport requirement for some travelers to Canada, Mexico
  4111. Shame, not sanctions, initial UN goal for Iran (Shame?! And, about USUKIL?!)
  4112. Sharon's breathing tube replaced (Brain transplant?)
  4113. Katrina showed God was mad at America, says New Orleans mayor(US Wackoworld)
  4114. Democrats Offer Solutions to Lobby Scandal (Give the money to us?)
  4115. 2002 Memo Doubted Uranium Sale Claim (So we know they all lied)
  4116. Missile brought down US chopper in Iraq
  4117. The silencing of college presidents
  4118. A Soldier For Truth Has Fallen:
  4119. 43% of first-time home buyers put no money down
  4120. Stocks fall; Nasdaq at two-week low
  4121. White House Silent on Abramoff Meetings
  4122. Another Undeclared War? - by Pat Buchanan (READ)
  4123. Rice Rejects Renewal of Talks With Iran (We'll invade Iran for Israel)
  4124. Technology sector slide leads Wall Street lower
  4125. The Franklin Coverup Scandal The Child sex ring that reached Bush/Reagan Whitehouse
  4126. Israel | A Jewish Defector Warns America: Benjamin Freedman speaks
  4127. INSIDER INFO: 6 Million Wiretapped Conversations Per Month
  4128. New citizenship tests Germany: spying and discrimination against Muslims
  4129. A year after the Hacienda Luisita massacre in the Philippines-no one charged
  4130. European-wide dock workers strike against port deregulation
  4131. Bush administration domestic spying provokes lawsuits, calls for impeachment
  4132. Ariel Sharon: a political assessment Part one
  4133. Norman Finkelstein: Why an Economic Boycott of Israel is Justified
  4134. Jonathan M. Feldman: the System Doesn't Work Anymore (READ)
  4135. Paul Craig Roberts: a Challenge that Cannot be Ignored (READ)
  4136. Supreme Court Avoids Major Abortion Ruling
  4137. Dems Unveil Plan to End "Culture of Corruption" (Bullfuckingshit)
  4138. Irans FM mocks EU threat of Security Council action (only one veto is needed: figure it out)
  4139. Rice: Countries United in Mistrust of Iran (and perfect trust in USUKIL criminality)
  4140. World not prepared to combat (illusory) bird flu: Annan
  4141. Power struggles fuel Ivorian unrest
  4142. Five killed as UN peacekeepers (?) fire on Ivory Coast mob
  4143. Nelson Only Democrat to Vow Vote for Alito
  4144. $1.9 Billion Is Pledged for (fraud) Bird Flu
  4145. Aspirin Prevents Stroke in Women and Heart Attack in Men (or not)
  4146. UMass grad will die if (women) Iraqis arent freed
  4147. US says plans to shift diplomats from Europe (Idiocy increases every day)
  4148. EU to probe CIA 'black prisons'
  4149. Human rights in Iraq 'much worse'
  4151. Israel's 'Use' Of Its Nuclear Weapons Against US
  4152. Arab-Israeli Politics Bibliography Archive 1996: Head Of Mossad/Biblio (Shavit)
  4153. Letter of Abbe Pierre to Roger Garaudy (Shavit)
  4154. The Founding Myths of Israeli Politics, Introduction
  4155. The New Yorker: Fact "No Man's Land" - Ari Shavit (2002-12-02)
  4156. Lovearth.net - A Look At The 'Powerful Jewish Lobby'
  4157. Wired News: The New Market Bubble Theory (It fits the design)
  4158. Will The Neocon-Christian-Israeli Axis Push Bush into War on Iran?
  4159. Pharisee Nation
  4160. Rightwing group offers students $100 to spy on professors
  4161. FO paper reveals British knowledge of torture flights
  4162. Torture flights: what No 10 knew and tried to cover up
  4163. Breaking: Daytraders in Frist and Delay's offices
  4164. Cheney and Netanyahu Pushing : For War Against Syria
  4165. FDA Tries to Limit Drug Suits in State Courts
  4166. Top Democrat on Judiciary Panel Opposes U.S. Supreme Court Pick
  4167. France defends right to nuclear reply to terrorism (oh wonderful)
  4168. France hints at nuclear riposte to terrorism attack
  4169. 'Bin Laden' tape threatens new attacks on US (Can the USUKIL axis pull yet another one off?!)
  4170. Sen. Clinton Calls for Iran Sanctions (Oh, sit down Hillary, and shut up)
  4171. US Army raises enlistment age to 40 (Hey, why not 80?)
  4172. US denies prisoner release plan (ergo dead hostages)
  4173. US forces admit holding Iraqi women prisoners
  4174. Report says Britain doubts legality of CIA flights
  4175. Extent of soldiers' injuries in Iraq 'hidden by MoD'
  4176. Veteran reporter says 3,000-4,000 Iraqis killed every month
  4177. Senate candidate unapologetic for saying GOP hijacked by fanatics (good for him)
  4178. Advisor Quits UCLA Alumni Group
  4179. US government wants Google's search records
  4180. Justice Department to declare warrantless wiretaps legal
  4181. Bush Administration Briefings on Surveillance 'Inconsistent with the Law' -
  4182. Community Colleges snubbed by Michigan Governor and state legislature
  4183. Thousands of Tamils flee from government-controlled areas in Sri Lanka
  4184. Ariel Sharon: a political assessment-Part Two
  4185. Pakistan: anger mounts against Musharraf in wake of US air strike
  4186. Rot at the Top: If the Democrats Really Want to Stop Bush, They Need NewLeadership (But, they don't want)
  4187. Bill Simpich: To End This War, Don't Ask for What You Don't Want
  4188. Paul Craig Roberts: Was the 2004 Election Fixed? (In three letters)
  4189. Winslow T. Wheeler: Just How Big is the Defense Budget?
  4190. Italy to Begin Iraq Troop Withdrawal
  4191. Bin Laden Threatens Attacks, Offers Truce (So does Fu Mancu)
  4192. Israel Preparing to Attack Iran
  4193. Feds After Google Data
  4194. Wall St rebounds despite Bin Laden tape (Do they know it's CIA blackops?)
  4195. Peacekeepers die in air crash (Wellstoned?)
  4196. Russia to be guided by IAEA assessment on Iran, says FM
  4197. ElBaradei rejects EUs request to condemn Iran
  4198. CIA believes terror tape voice is bin Laden's (So, you can bet it isn't)
  4199. Democrats answer GOP with own ethics plan (So sick, all of them die)
  4200. Crude Oil Trading Above $67 on Iran's Atomic Research Program
  4201. Feds Seek Google Search Records In Porn Investigation (what a crock)
  4202. Nepal Imposes Curfew in Kathmandu as Opposition Plans Protest
  4203. Nepal crackdown worries
  4204. The Proposed Iranian Oil Bourse (Petro $ -> Petro EU)
  4205. Jewish lobbying groups now beating the war drums for Iran
  4206. Insider Trading in Frist and Delay's Office: Story Growing
  4207. Military Attack against Iran Now Imminent
  4208. Syria, Iran Close Ranks: If WMD Is The Pretext of The West, Then It Should Start With Israe
  4209. The New Lord Protector
  4210. Chain of Fools - Chris Floyd
  4211. Why did it take so long?
  4212. Justice Department to declare warrantless wiretaps legal
  4213. GPS gamers identified as terrorists (Wack Nation)
  4214. Test Failures Slow U.S. Missile Defense (Can we spell "useless"?)
  4215. The Vatican Newspaper On Intelligent Design: "It Is Not Correct To Stray From The Field Of Science While Pretending To Do Science
  4216. Disney In Serious Talks To Buy Pixar, Would Make Apple CEO Steve Jobs Disney's Biggest Shareholde
  4217. Japan Bans U.S. Beef Imports Again
  4218. 11 People Indicted in Ecoterrorism Plot - Yahoo! News
  4219. Blackhawk Helicopters Seen Over Seattle
  4220. Bush wants to be nation's 'sole organ' for foreign affairs
  4221. ID Cards: A Titanic project waiting for its iceberg
  4222. Google Rebuffs Feds on Search Request
  4223. Yahoo Gave Search Data to Bush Administration Lawyers
  4224. Supremes uphold conviction in landmark free speech case
  4225. Ominous sign - the president's growing disregard for the law
  4226. More evidence of European collaboration with CIA torture flights and prisons
  4227. Hourly Wages Have Fallen in 18 of the Last 20 Months
  4228. Imperial Mongers: From Gladstone to "King George"
  4229. Israel and US Threats Against Iran
  4230. Revolution in the Andes
  4231. What Kind of War Doesn't Allow for a Truce?
  4232. New Torture Tactic Revealed at Trial
  4233. Larry Wilkerson: Breaking Ranks
  4234. Iran Moves Foreign Assets amid Sanction Threat
  4235. Bush Administration 'Justifies' Spying ("We WANNA!")
  4236. Iran shift of foreign reserves not seen hurting Europe
  4237. Fire erupts in West Virginia mine; two miners missing
  4238. Oil Prices Surge to 4-Month High; Stocks Fall Sharply
  4239. Crude-oil prices head toward $69 a barrel
  4240. Controversial Study Questions Effectiveness of Tamiflu
  4241. Pentagon man [Larry Franklin] jailed over spying
  4242. Bin Laden's No. 2 releases poetry tape (Pure fiction)
  4243. Bin Laden Tape Probably Faked by CIA (Welll - of course)
  4244. Public Citizen | Press Room - FDAs Drug Label Rule Fails to Guarantee Access to Vital Information and Includes Sneak Attack on Patients Legal Rights
  4245. China, a Trade Superstar, Accumulates Foreign Currency (and Anxiety)
  4246. Google sees its largest 1-day loss ever (Who got rich short-selling)
  4247. FBI evidence of Mossad involvement in September 11 attacks on the U.S. (and FBI was involved?!)
  4248. Police chief's home torched after man dies in custody (and so it begins)
  4249. UCLA students urged to expose 'radical' professors
  4250. Latest Bin Laden Tape: Another of the NeoCons' "Greatest Hits"
  4251. Paul Wolfowitz Busy Neo-Conning the World Bank: Staff Rebellion Brewing
  4252. Thousands Challenge Israeli Apartheid in Bilin
  4253. Ex-Pentagon man gets 12 years in AIPAC case
  4254. US Troops told to ignore Opium Crop that is now more than 1/2 Afghan GDP
  4255. Real Reasons Why The United States Makes War (The invariant reason: theft)
  4256. Fourth Reich News
  4257. WaPo Lies (Lies and Manipulations of Washington Post)
  4258. SHNS Drops Fumento in Latest Paid Pundit Scandal (Takes Monsanto payola)
  4259. What do they know that they are not telling us? (a number of things, some obvious)
  4260. Not. Backing. Hillary. (What would be worth backing there? She is less than nothing)
  4261. Collapse of U.S. Economy Imminent (Not just US; pattern of destruction far bigger)
  4262. Wending Toward the Insanity of Total War
  4263. BELLACIAO - How Iran will fight back - Kaveh L Afrasiabi - Collective Bellaciao
  4264. Currency War - by Gordon Prather (Think global currency under totalitarian government must be fiat currency)
  4265. The return of "Duck and Cover" (Hitlerjugend)
  4266. Iran will be taught a lesson: Burns (Not if they follow a scorched policy; it has been done before, and successfully)
  4267. Army signs emergency body armor contract (Meaning Shoddy - and it will just fall apart)
  4268. Pentagon enlists Sesame Street to help war families (You thought Ludwig and Ivan were mad?!)
  4269. Closure leaves thousands out of pocket
  4270. U.S.: Venezuela Overspending on Military (Um - Chavez correctly expects a US invasion/attack/bombing)
  4271. The War on Dissent Gets Creepy (It's much more than creepy)
  4272. FBI tracking your every click (Overload them with randon clicks)
  4273. Are You Ready to Be Bugged and Tortured By George W. Bush?
  4274. Rove tells Republicans to run on Bush's record (They *like* being tortured to death?)
  4275. Convicted Sex Offender Employed at the Hawaii State Legislature - Again
  4276. Voice of the White House January 20, 2006 CIA agent O bin Laden died in august 2002)
  4277. Mystery firm linked to US lobbyist scandal (Rose Garden Holdings)
  4278. Nepal Blocks Protest Rally With Arrests and Curfew
  4279. US will help Israel in case of war with Iran (US, being controlled by Israel, ...)
  4280. Conn. plant closing to silence Winchester rifle
  4281. TRAILER CASH (How Corpagov thieves)
  4282. Franklin's fate (doesn't really go to jail at all?)
  4283. Doctors and "blogs" (CIA/Mossad spreading of AIDS)
  4284. Bush launching aggressive defense of (indefensible) eavesdropping
  4285. Democrats scold White House over spying (BFD)
  4286. U.S. accused of spying on those who disagree with Bush policies
  4287. Retired military officers push Bush on torture ban (It is *not* a ban: read it!)
  4288. US charges 10th Guantanamo prisoner (Is this the 6 yo girl?)
  4289. Homeland Security to launch preparedness program for kids (Still Hitlerjugend)
  4290. Al Qaeda' May Already Be in U.S., Security Officials Warn (As in CIA/FBI/Mossad/MI6)
  4291. Bin Laden threats may boost Bush (That was the hope in faking it)
  4292. ACLU to protest monitoring (They have too much name for doing too little)
  4293. Osama's New Threat (The faking just gets worse and sloppier)
  4294. Zarqawi 'sleeps in suicide belt' (Sleep - as in DEAD)
  4295. Belafonte: Bush administration backs Gestapo tactics
  4296. Bush administration uses Gulf Coast reconstruction to push for dismantling of public education(Perfectly expected from criminal corpagov)
  4297. Germany: Finance Minister Steinbr&#-11;&#-11;ck's tirade against the welfare state(As expected, and surely gummint lives only to thieve, torture, destroy everything in sight, to wage war and kill! Fuck Welfare!)
  4298. Britain: Report into death of Jean Charles de Menezes handed to Crown Prosecution Service(A Lying Farce - as would be expected from the UK den of carnivorous reptoids)
  4299. Two missing in fire at West Virginia coal mine
  4300. US government demands Google hand over Internet search data
  4301. Canadian elections herald a dramatic intensification of class conflict (One way of looking at it)
  4302. French president Chirac threatens nuclear retaliation in the event of terrorist attacks(Suddenly all the slavering skinks have big nuclear dicks)
  4303. Joanne Mariner: Security, Terrorism and Human Rights (Hilariously boring jargonese for the obvious)
  4304. Becky Akers: Debunking Democracy (READ)
  4305. Betting on Biscuit: Does Post-Fire Logging Make Ecological (or Economic)(It's all a matter of corpagov lies for purpose of theft)
  4306. How Cheney Used the NSA to Spy on Americans Prior to 9/11
  4307. Fred Gardner: "Metabolic Syndrome" is to "Clinical Depression" as Acomplia is Prozac(Science v. criminal corpagov pseudoscience)
  4308. Brian Cloughley: CIA Bombs Pakistan, Hits America (But, Israel *wants* a global and real holocaust, and US obeys)
  4309. Tim Shorrock: Bush-Linked Florida Company and the Katrina Evacuation Fiasco
  4310. Activists Vow to Shut Down Army Recruiting Sites
  4311. Iraq: Power Shortages Continue to Affect Millions (as do other "shortages")
  4312. Iraqi Criticizes Secret US Contacts with Insurgents (Mistake? First consider the intent)
  4313. Frist Calls Alito Democrats' 'Nightmare' (Frist is a fucking nightmare, as are all necon reptoids)
  4314. A Town Becomes a Prison (Walled in by US psychopaths)
  4315. Iran Denies Shifting Assets from Europe (They'd have to be crazy not to)
  4316. Why Isn't Bin Laden Caught 'Dead or Alive?' (Because he's a dead CIA agent, numbnuts)
  4317. 11 Indicted in Cases of Environmental Sabotage (For that, lock up the whole corpagov)
  4318. Wall St. biggest loss in 3 years (How long can it all be lied about?)
  4319. Stocks Dive on Fears of a Faltering Economy (Faltering? How about plummeting?)
  4320. Child bird flu deaths confirmed (or not - 2 per week in 6 contries; it must be a pandemic! Get a grip!)
  4321. FDA to consider over-the-counter sales of fat-blocking pill (Dangerous corpagov idiotscience)
  4322. U.S. Funds Enter Fray (covertly) In Palestinian Elections (to facilitate Israel's continued genocide)
  4323. Hamas poised for big showing in vote (Wait for atrocities against Palestinians, or ? as diversion)
  4324. US Farm Officials to Begin Talks Monday on Beef Imports
  4325. Japanese stores pull US beef off shelves
  4326. End of the Wests economic arrogance (Alas! Such unmitigated arrogance is to the death)
  4327. BLACK HEBREW ISRAELITES (Is the time right?)
  4328. Other Issues (Israel/Palestine - READ)
  4329. Israel Tries Mending Eroded Alliance With Turkey By K. Gajendra Singh
  4330. Christianism - Additions 17 (*real* fabricated garbage)
  4331. Legends of Jesus (Legends indeed; get a life!)
  4332. Stars accept pay cuts as Hollywood profits dip
  4333. Bin Laden expert skeptical about latest purported bin Laden tape
  4334. United Press International - Intl. Intelligence - Iran faces 'destruction' - Israel warns (Oh, Mr. Snotnose?!)
  4335. Iran's Bomb - by Charley Reese
  4336. The Anthrax Mystery: Solved
  4337. Israeli Hints at Preparation to Stop Iran
  4338. Israeli links to 9/11?
  4339. All's Not Quiet on the Military Supply Front
  4340. Nepal political parties call for nationwide strike
  4341. Reynolds asks Elections Canada to investigate Edmonton Centre
  4342. Bin Laden: Where is he? Who's protecting him? Why can't we find him? (Stupid, lying drivel)
  4343. British embassy in Israel stung for &#-11;&#-11;1m (by Israeli)
  4344. Tehran Plans A Nuclear Weapons Test Before March 20, 2006 : Shahab-3 (LOL - or it will be made to look that way, or just lied about!)
  4345. Walker's World: Iran's Really Big Weapon (Coming up, will prematurely savage $US)
  4346. What's not right about the Osama Bin Laden audio tape.
  4347. Time: Bush-Abramoff Photos "Suggest A Level Of Contact Between Them That Bush's Aides Have Downplayed"..
  4348. The Other Big Brother
  4349. Jewish Groups Monitor US Lawmakers' Lobby-Sponsored Trips To Israel
  4350. New Mexico Begins Legislative Process To Ban Aspartame (Rumsfeld's Disease")
  4351. I, Greenspan
  4352. Chirac's atomic bombshell (who would create terrorism in France?)
  4353. ADL, Zionist Policies Causing Rise In anti-Jewish Sentiment (READ)
  4354. Bush Warns Iran Again - This Time About A Pipeline! (Is truth tending to itself?)
  4355. Isle (Oahu) losing medevac transport to Iraq war
  4356. When Seeing and Hearing Isn't Believing (Watch that news again)
  4357. Uproar Over Spying On Americans Not Dying Down
  4358. As Profits Soar, Companies Pay U.S. Less for Gas Rights
  4359. Halliburton Cited in Iraq Contamination
  4360. Aerospace Defense Training Planned Over Potomac (Ooops! the 9/11 scenario! Duck!)
  4361. Iran Sanctions Could Drive Oil Past $100 a Barrel (The least of it)
  4362. Twain's Ghost: The CAMERA Never Lies, unless it is ...
  4363. Shuttle a deathtrap, says astronaut
  4364. U.S. troops exposed to contaminated water in Iraq, Halliburton documents say
  4365. When George Met Jack (READ)
  4366. Turkish Court Drops Charges Against Pamuk
  4367. UK accused of spying by Russians
  4368. Cold snap politics as pipeline blows
  4369. IDF halts operations in PA (That would be a novelty)
  4370. Jailed firebrand is given airtime to woo Hamas (Constructive fraud)
  4371. Update 4: Plant Closings, Job Cuts Loom at Ford
  4372. Google's reputation at stake in fight with government
  4373. Japan Says US Must Prevent Repeating Beef Mistake (Update5)
  4374. Wacko McCain Calls Chavez a Wacko
  4375. Tre Arrow and the Earth Liberation Front
  4376. Fitzgerald Eyes Plame-Niger Conspiracy
  4377. Another Lost Poll: Used Car Salesmen More Ethical Than Members of Congress (That wouldn't be surprising)
  4378. NYC Faces the beginning of its confiscatory scheme
  4379. Hollywood to Produce Significantly Fewer Films Over the Next Few Years (Who will be affording to see them?)
  4380. Collapse of U.S. Economy Imminent (Probably a few more years than he thinks - but not much)
  4381. More details emerge on Col. Ted Westhusing's "suiciding" in Iraq.
  4382. International Terrorism Does Not Exist (READ)
  4383. Bush nominee broke federal laws (um many times: not a single "ooops")
  4384. White House in overdrive to sell their illegal domestic spying program
  4385. Irans Oil Exchange threatens the Greenback (You betcha!)
  4386. Iran: The New Improved Iraq
  4387. US likely to reschedule Israeli weapons payments (He-ello??)
  4389. US thought control of Middle East studies (along with everything else)
  4390. THE BRAD BLOG: "Washington Post Reports on Hacked Diebold Machines and Other Electile Dysfunctions in Sunday Paper!"
  4391. Joe Lieberman: U.S. Prepared For Iran Strike (Fucking Filth)
  4392. ADL chief: Franklin affair could pose threat to Jewish lobbyists (You don't say?)
  4393. Priest suspended over sex claims
  4394. Saddam's lawyers to launch legal bid against illegal foreign invasion
  4395. Ford to drop 1,700 suppliers, keep 800 (and those 1700 supliers will drop ...)
  4396. AIPAC/Franklin Spy Scandal Spreads to The Whitehouse (Fucking Michael Ledeen again - or is that yet?)
  4397. Archbishop of Westminster Labels Holocaust Denial As "Sacrilege" (Brain transplant material)
  4398. Argentina Breaks Plutocrat, Banker Stranglehold (Bravo! READ)
  4399. oudaily.com - Event looks into OKC bombing corruption
  4400. Iceland The First Country To Try Abandoning Gasoline
  4401. Ohio, Indiana Consider Complete Abortion Bans
  4402. 'Lolita' Could Be Pulled From Library's Shelves (Stupid Nation)
  4403. 'Year of targeting and tragedy' claims 150 journalists
  4404. Journalist deaths hit record in 2005 - IFJ
  4406. California Democrats rally behind Republican Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger (Watch them get fucked)
  4407. Palestinian election reveals widespread hostility to Abbas (The puppet?)
  4408. Defying the political establishment and trade union leaders: New York City transit workers reject contract
  4409. Bush administration report defends spying, unconstrained executive powers (theft, torture and genocide)
  4410. New accident claims two more West Virginia coal miners
  4411. Paul Craig Roberts: Just How Dumb Do They Think We Are? (READ)
  4412. Jackie Corr: Marc Racicot and the Burlington Northern
  4413. Norman Solomon: Classified Leaks and Journalists
  4414. Chris FLoyd: the Goon Show (READ)
  4415. Christopher Brauchli: Bush's IRS Squeezes the Poor
  4416. Diebold in Florida: "I Saw It Hacked"
  4417. Uri Avnery: Israel, Hamas and the Palestinian Elections (READ)
  4418. TIME Says Abramoff-Bush Photos Exist
  4419. Ex-MP Blames Top Brass for Prisoner Torture
  4420. Morales Vows to Nationalize Bolivian Natural Gas
  4421. Ney Is More Than Cozy with Abramoff
  4422. In Test, Diebold Machines Hacked in Florida
  4423. CIA Is a 'Ghost' in Iraqi Torture
  4424. British spies caught 'red-handed' with rock: Russia
  4425. Iran Threatens Full-Scale Enrichment
  4426. Iran calls for more nuclear talks, rejects threats
  4427. Middle East dispatch Royal hush
  4428. Kuwait's royal succession crisis hits new level
  4429. New judge is named to lead Saddam trial
  4430. Expert raises doubts over Saddam trial
  4431. Homeland Security To Confiscate Bank Safe Deposit Box Contents
  4432. Investigation of CIA focuses on secret flights
  4433. Europe 'ignored detention of prisoners by the CIA'
  4434. Ford to shut 14 American plants
  4435. Keeping Secrets - A simple prescription for keeping Google's records out of government hands. By Tim Wu
  4436. Swing Time - Anthony Kennedy&#-11;&#-11;&#-11;the new Sandra Day O'Connor. By Dahlia Lithwick
  4437. Confirmation Report - The breathtaking hubris of the "open mind." By Dahlia Lithwick
  4438. Bolton: Bush won't tolerate nuclear Iran (Bolton "the fetid")
  4439. Rice says Iran to be referred to UNSC (Rice doesn't "say", she just gets diarrhea of the mouth)
  4440. Bush tells abortion foes, 'We will prevail' (Has *any* US president actually elected said such a thing?)
  4441. US eavesdropping only for al-Qaeda associates (I feel so much safer now - wow!)
  4442. A Diet Pill With Some Nasty Drawbacks (The usual Pharma Poison)
  4443. WHO Says Possible Bird Flu Pandemic Not Exaggerated (Just so you know an utter evil the UN really is)
  4444. Bird flu virus mutations found in Turkey (or not)
  4445. WHO denies exaggerating bird flu threat (There are *NO* human to human transmissions!)
  4446. French Confuses 'Winter' flu with 'Bird' Flu Tested Negative (Ooops!)
  4447. French Woman tests negative for bird flu (Ooops!)
  4448. Turkish authorities optimistic about bird flu (Should be since it'sa sick farce and fraud)
  4449. Arabs' bird-flu fears spur new caution (Bullshit)
  4450. Bird flu virus mutations found in Turkish sample (Um - sure - right - absofragginglutely)
  4451. France: Bird flu fears allayed (Nonexistence - but a good cover for deliberately spread 1918 flu recently resucitated from graves)
  4452. US says it intervened in Georgia gas crisis (Meddlsome priests of evil)
  4453. Georgia finds fault with Russia in blasts
  4454. Blasts cut Georgia's gas supply
  4455. Military Action Against Iran? (READ)
  4456. The Raw Story | Photograph shows Bush meeting now-Governor of Marianas Islands, who helped Abramoff get millions
  4457. An American Hitler and his Gestapo
  4458. Who is messing with your head?
  4459. Photos of Bush With Disgraced Lobbyist Are Confirmed
  4460. Bush Administration Seeks to Squelch State of the Union Protest at Capitol on January 31 - World Can't Wait - Collective Bellaciao
  4461. Impeachment hearings: The White House prepares for the worst
  4462. Airline captain adds NSA to TWA Flight 800 case
  4463. Probe 'to confirm CIA abductions'
  4464. Judge Orders Release of Guantanamo Detainee IDs
  4465. Judge Orders U.S. to Supply Prisoner Names
  4466. US military issues new execution regulations for courts-martial, military tribunals
  4467. Supreme Ethics Problem?
  4468. Schumer votes no on Alito's nomination
  4469. Senate Judiciary Committee endorses Alito
  4470. Alito's Supreme Court Nomination Clears U.S. Senate Committee
  4471. Photos of Bush With Abramoff Are Withheld
  4472. Alaska rebuffs raw vote demand
  4473. Closed-Door Deal Makes $22 Billion Difference (in your Health Care)
  4474. White House Was Told Hurricane Posed Danger
  4475. Gunmen kill nine in attack on Nigerian oil complex
  4476. Iraq 'Rebuilding' Badly Hobbled, U.S. Report Finds (Bsince the rebuilding is a fraud)
  4477. Ordinary Iraqis feel pinch of predatory capitalism
  4478. U.S. 'outsourced' torture, investigator says
  4479. Pakistanis Stopped From Protesting U.S.
  4480. Sympathy for al-Qaeda rises after U.S. airstrike
  4481. New US Army code hints executions at Guantanamo
  4482. KBR awarded $385M Homeland Security contract for U.S. detention centers (i.e., the 400+ Concentration Camps)
  4483. China's growing trade with Africa indicative of Sino-Western energy conflicts
  4484. Ford to cut 30,000 jobs in North America
  4485. Big Brother Watch
  4486. Noam Chomsky: the Terrorist in the Mirror
  4487. Roger Burbach: Bolivia's Evo Morales
  4488. Will Youmans and Nadeem Muaddi: the Growing Israel Divestment Movement
  4489. Winslow T. Wheeler: Smoke and Mirrors in the Defense Budget
  4490. Paul Craig Roberts: the Patriot Police (READ!)
  4491. Army Interrogator Is Convicted of Negligent Homicide (That's it?)
  4492. FirstEnergy Admits to Nuclear Power Plant Cover-Up
  4493. Halliburton Knew Its Water Was Foul (Well - of course)
  4494. Democrats Denounce Bush's Human Pesticide Testing Plan(Are the cobwebs clearing out?)
  4495. Republicans Criticized for $22 Billion to Benefit HMOs
  4496. Pentagon Plan Seeks Thousands More Elite Forces (P's own private little army)
  4497. Council of Europe Finds US Rendition Flights Illegal
  4498. Group Presses US Military on Jailed Journalists
  4499. Senator Reid | The Real State of Our Union (But will not admit the fraud of 9/11)
  4500. Palestinians Head for Coalition Government
  4501. Israeli UN ambassador: Iran is 'lunatic regime'
  4502. 'Fiendish' events continue to plague village in North (Salem Redux)
  4503. Lib Dem crisis deepens as candidate defects to Tories (Bad News)
  4504. CIA flights likened to the work of gangsters (Well - they always have been)
  4505. Police stop and search 100 people a day under new anti-terror laws (UK)
  4506. Doctors are told to prescribe statins (UK Curing a nondisease with clear poisons)
  4507. How Pakistan Is Picking Itself Up
  4508. Report on CIA says 'gangster' methods used
  4509. White House Declines to Provide Storm Papers
  4510. Pre-Katrina warnings not heeded
  4511. Daimler plans to cut 6,000 office jobs
  4512. 'We're the end of the American dream' (You ain't seen nuthin' yet)
  4513. Microsoft Defends Handing Over Search Data (Of course, it does)
  4514. Bush commits US to defence of Israel in face of Iran threat (Um - what threat?)
  4515. 'I have a dream' becomes Castro's nightmare in cultural war with US (LOL- not Castro's nightmare)
  4516. Blair insists nothing to hide on rendition (LMAO)
  4517. Vote against Tehran or N-deal will die: US (IN could alwats turn to RU)
  4518. City demands warrant in FBI investigation
  4519. Bush the Incompetent
  4520. Brown Was Paid To Aid Investigation Of Katrina Response, Now Refuses To Cooperate
  4521. Whistleblower suspended by Pentagon oversight committee
  4522. Audit Describes Misuse of Funds in Iraq Projects
  4523. Harry Belafonte Lashes Out
  4524. 2.6 Trillion Missing from Pentagon prior to 9/11 (Dov Zakheim)
  4525. A tale of two sentences
  4526. Depleted uranium: Dirty bombs, dirty missiles, dirty bullets (READ)
  4527. Iran accuses Britain over bombing
  4528. Should President Bush Face Censure or Impeachment? (Life in a pain amplifier)
  4529. The criminal conspiracy that destroys America
  4530. The Gaelic Starover: Gearing Up (for impeachment - If 'twere that it be done ...)
  4531. RFID-MANIA, PART 666: "FISH 'N' CHIPS"...
  4532. Holocaust is a religion of Zionism for gentiles
  4533. Bush's Dilemma: Iran vs. Israel - by Pat Buchanan (perceptive)
  4534. US Orders Syria to Do the Impossible - by Paul Craig Roberts
  4535. Container Ship Still Aground in Ensenada, Mexico (Hmmmm)
  4536. Spy With a Heart of Gold? - by Justin Raimondo
  4537. New Woes at the House of Hucksters
  4538. What were SPLA Rebels doing on 9/11 ?
  4539. It May Look Authentic; Here's How to Tell It Isn't
  4540. Capitol Hill Blue: Grounded along with other fellow terrorists
  4541. The End of 'Unalienable Rights' (and end of validity of US corpagov)
  4542. Diebold Blocks Alaska Voters From Viewing Election 2004 Results, Data!
  4543. US pressuring Japan over beef ban (Perception of truth is negotiable)
  4544. Banned spinal material found in US beef supply
  4545. GOP group wants death count list removed
  4546. Venezuela tells McCain "go to hell" for wackos jibe (Viva Chávez!)
  4547. U.S. threatens India over backing for Iran nukes
  4548. Coalition objects to RFID chips for driver's licenses (Nazi State)
  4549. You've got jail!
  4550. Super Bowl; Super Security (Just say "no": don't go!)
  4551. England and Wales lead Europe in imprisonment
  4552. Canada&#-11;&#-11;&#-11;s new Conservative government will intensify assault on workers&#-11;&#-11;&#-11;
  4553. Bush administration launches campaign of lies in defense of government spying
  4554. Joan Roelofs: Military Contractor Philanthropy (YES!)
  4555. Bush War Economy: Exporting Jobs and Security
  4556. Alison Weir: Anatomy of a Cover-Up (Aspects of a long term genocidal design)
  4557. Lawrence R. Velvel: Alito and Roberts' Self-Gag Rule is a Phony
  4558. Is Chile's Bachelet Washington's Best New Ally?
  4559. Domestic Spying, Now and Then: When Hoover Bugged Phone Calls with My Father
  4560. Earle Probes Possible Cunningham-DeLay Tie
  4561. AG's Memo Raises Questions on Patriot Act
  4562. Mild Penalties in Military Abuse Cases
  4563. British Soldiers Take MoD to Court over 'Medical Negligence'
  4564. Organization to Promote Democratic Agenda (WHAT Democratic agenda?!)
  4565. Palestinians Turn Out to Vote for Parliament
  4566. Medicare Drug Bill Tied to Abramoff
  4567. Chimp DNA: Closer to man than ape (Um - we knew this)
  4568. EPA set to accept pesticide tests on humans
  4569. Hamas takes count to the wire
  4570. Jubilant air as Palestinians go to polls
  4571. Bush Meets With Alito's Clerks (Why?!)
  4572. Annan doubts West can make Iran decision in Feb (or at all?)
  4573. Pope Benedict puts body and soul into declaration of love (is the struck dead by lightning?)
  4574. Pope: Church Duty Is to Influence Leaders (It's called meddling in secular affairs)
  4575. US military stretched to breaking point (has been for a year now - Hel-lo?)
  4576. Rumsfeld says US forces not overstretched (National Pathological Liar)
  4577. Distance Sought Between Doctors and Drug Industry (That's a bit late)
  4578. Indonesia reports new case of bird flu (or not)
  4579. Jakarta chicken vendor has bird flu (Stop fucking the chickens!)
  4580. US Officials Detain Pinochet's Daughter (Almost too funny)
  4581. Spying row justifies crackdown on rights groups, claims Putin (Sound familiar?)
  4582. 'Conspiracy Theories' and Clandestine Politics
  4583. Getting it right: the security agencies in modern society
  4584. Davos chair apologizes for magazine's Israel boycott call (Apologizes?!!)
  4585. Protesters Sue for Speech Spot
  4586. Congressional Hearing Spells Out Clear Case For Impeachment
  4587. Israeli Government Destroys more Houses in the Unrecognized Villages of the Naqab
  4589. Hamas Claims Victory in Palestinian Elections
  4590. Why dont we know what is going on in Israel & Palestine?
  4591. Lawmakers concerned about lobbying reform (reduced trips to Israel?)
  4592. ACLU Releases Government Photos (Vegans are terrorist suspects! - Wacko Nation)
  4593. Wing TV - Connect The Dots - Daryl Bradford Smith, Ten Questions
  4594. Will Israel Pull America Into Another Quagmire In Iran? (Yes)
  4595. Analysis: Hamas history tied to Israel
  4596. Nepal riot police out in force as parties launch national strike
  4597. Whats Hurting the Middle Class (READ: how fiction becomes effective truth)
  4598. Programmer Jeff Dean had ties to chief of White House Plumbers unit
  4599. Are Concentration Camps Coming to U.S.? (They are very much already here!)
  4600. 'Suicide Seeds' Could Spell Death of Peasant Agriculture, UN Meeting Told(As if this GM poison wasn't bad enough)
  4601. Aren't all death threats equal?
  4602. Bush commits US to defence of Israel in face of Iran threat (Is that formal enough? When will he deny having said it?)
  4603. Update on the AIPAC spy ring case (READ)
  4604. Bush says takes threats from bin Laden seriously (Bush intend making them come true?)
  4605. World Can't Wait | Drive Out the Bush Regime - January 31 Convergences
  4606. The Raw Story | No tomorrow (Indeed, likely none for US republic)
  4607. American owns up to hijacking PCs
  4608. Zionist Thugs Threaten Another Rense.com Writer And Program Guest (READ)
  4609. U.K. to Send 3,300 Troops for Afghanistan Drugs 'Fight' (To help CIA bag it?)
  4610. UK to deploy 4,150 extra troops to Afghanistan
  4611. US general: Forces in Iraq 'stretched'
  4612. U.S. Must Submit Papers to Moussaoui Team (This should be fun)
  4613. Sen. Kerry calls for filibuster of Alito (Useless traitor)
  4614. Protests against UN and French occupation of Ivory Coast
  4615. Australian corporate executives rake in millions
  4616. US: New Medicare plan triggers health crisis for thousands (as intended)
  4617. France: Judge Brugui&#-11;&#-11;re--utilising anti-terrorism as a political instrument(which is what these frauds are intended for)
  4618. German government blocking inquiry into secret aid provided for Iraq invasion(I.e., German Corpagov has been in on it all along, and lied about it)
  4619. What Al Gore's speech reveals about the state of US politics
  4620. Michael Neumann: the Core of Zionism (READ)
  4621. Joshua Frank: Iran, Nukes and Oil
  4622. Jason Leopold: Fitzgerald Probes Niger Forgeries (READ)
  4623. Gilad Atzmon: Hamas' Victory
  4624. Hamas Claims Victory in Palestinian Elections
  4625. Economists: Bernanke May Be Wrong for Fed (Fed *is* wrong for US)
  4626. Angry UK Soldiers Demand 'Trade' Federation
  4627. GOP Freezes Jobs List, a Vestige of the K Street Project
  4628. Defense Tech: These Cameras Don't Forget a Face (READ)
  4629. Democrat support for Alito likely dooms Kerry filibuster threat (Wouldn't you know it?)
  4630. Two More Democrats (Bought) to Support Alito for High Court (Update2)
  4631. Bush, Asked About Abramoff Photos, Says `I Don't Know Him' (Remember those words)
  4632. Commonly Used Drug in Heart Surgery May Increase Risk of Death (Pharma poisons 'R' Us)
  4633. Study Finds Risk to Kidneys In Drug That Limits Bleeding
  4634. Bayer's Trasylol may cause kidney failure
  4635. Britain commits to sending some 4,000 extra troops to Afghanistan
  4636. Nazi Tactics
  4637. Government to Unveil Super-Flu Strategy (We're all fucked)
  4638. Saudis recall envoy in Danish row (Imitating Zionists is not helpful)
  4639. Bush once again playing on fears of U.S. public
  4640. Studio that scrubbed Abramoff/Bush photo earned $140,000 from 2004 campaign
  4641. Venezuelan General Links U.S. Embassy to Spy Case
  4642. Hamas, Son of Israel - by Justin Raimondo
  4643. Special - New Facts Emerge On 911 Financing (Do you understand *now*?)
  4644. Getting the kids used to the cashless society
  4645. U.S. posts wrong photo of al-Qaida operative (Ooops! Wrong theft of identity!)
  4646. India Protests U.S. Nuke Statement
  4647. A clear and present danger to America (Guess who?)
  4648. Iran Proposes Resuming Direct U.S. Flights (LOL)
  4649. Hold the Good News
  4650. U.S. President Backs Russian Plan for Irans Uranium Enrichment (He plans to invade come what may)
  4651. Taking the People's Demand to Capitol Hill
  4652. Bolivia leader halves his own pay (Now let's see about Bushiegov)
  4653. Sharon's Terror Child (Hamas)
  4654. Iran Says UN Is Being `Manipulated' in Holocaust Observance (The Punch & Judy Show is on)
  4655. New Jersey jews win battle to place religious symbols on utility poles ([sigh])
  4656. Election Theft Emergency
  4657. Prosecutor Will Step Down From Lobbyist Case (What's the scam?)
  4658. Coulter Jokes About Poisoning Supreme Court Justice (Terrorist!)
  4659. Spineless DemocRATs give cool response to Kerry's call to filibuster Alito
  4660. State deems second-hand smoke 'toxic' (on airhead whim)
  4661. EPA to accept pesticide tests on humans
  4662. Cost-of-gas charge gets expanded role
  4663. Pa. Families Latest to Get Venezuelan Oil
  4664. New Bolivian Leader Cuts Salary in Half
  4665. Chevron 4th-Quarter Profit Rises to $4.14 Bln as Prices Soar
  4666. Hamas Sweeps Palestinian Elections (No Diebold?)
  4667. Halliburton to spin off KBR
  4668. McCain Still Concerned About Guantanamo (Lying creep)
  4669. Report finds evidence of "rendition" system
  4670. Europe Pretended to be Unaware of CIA's Torture Prisons
  4671. Govts knew of CIA terror
  4672. MEPs want face-to-face with Cheney and Rumsfeld over torture (Lots of luck)
  4673. Documents Show U.S. Army Seized Wives As Tactic
  4674. Bush mine safety official walks out of Senate hearing into Sago disaster
  4675. King of the Hill: Sen. Ted Steven's Empire of Corruption
  4676. A New Political Landscape in Palestine (Yet to be seen)
  4677. Hamas's Victory: "the Power of Democracy"
  4678. Uri Avnery: To Talk with Hamas
  4679. The Cold Hard Truth: Marching Backwards on Civil Rights
  4680. The NYT and Alito: Journalistic Schizophrenia
  4681. Making the World Safe for Nuclear Violence, Again
  4682. US Economy Grows at Slowest Pace in Three Years (The"growth" is a fraud)
  4683. Pentagon Plan Calls for New WMD Task Force (and a Nazi State)
  4684. K Street's New Ways Spawn More Pork
  4685. US Propaganda Aimed at Foreigners Reaches Public (Bizarre)
  4686. ACLU Accuses FBI, DHS of Spying on Citizens (Isn't this common knowledge?)
  4687. Torture School Protesters Face Six Months in Prison (Typical US "justice")
  4688. US to Shun Iranians at Afghan Donor Conference
  4689. Top Senate Democrat says can't block Alito (That's "won't")
  4690. Bush: Spy program legal, necessary (In a Nazi Sate, sure)
  4691. Bush: 'No doubt' NSA surveillance is legal (Our legal scholar speaks)
  4692. Mittal in hostile &#-11;&#-11;12bn bid for rival
  4693. Will Google tell George Bush about my web searches?
  4694. Deer muscle may carry brain-wasting prions: study
  4695. Bird Flu Solution? Immunize the Chickens
  4696. Saudi exec: Oil prices unlikely to drop
  4697. Cuba Cannot Be Conquered nor Dominated
  4698. Chirac tops US warmongering against Iran
  4699. Hamas history tied to Israel
  4700. Confessions of an Economic Hit Man (The hitting continues)
  4701. Most polled see bribery as way of life in Washington
  4702. Antiwar Group Infiltrated by the FBI (Now think Germany, 1930s)
  4703. British troops in Basra losing control of the area (Iraq isn't free yet?!)
  4704. Chevron 4Q Profit Up 20 Percent to $4.14B
  4705. Broadcaster says serious news at risk (On TV it's been dead for decades)
  4706. India changes tune, defends Iran (Ooops!)
  4707. Exalting Sharon: A Dire Case of Collective Amnesia
  4708. Catastrophe Looms (It's worse than Lew lets on)
  4709. BYU professor's group accuses U.S. officials of lying about 9/11 (Just a few years too late)
  4710. FEMA Workers Accused of Bribery
  4711. The Blog | Arianna Huffington: NBC News PR Department Gets Down and Dirt - Valerie Plame
  4712. BELLACIAO - 9/10/01 : ON THE EVE OF DESTRUCTION - Son of A Bush - Collective Bellaciao (LOTS of Creatures Stirring)
  4713. Breathtaking Power Grab (Germany 1933 Redux)
  4714. TheStar.com - Tribunals' holy terror (The Inquisition)
  4715. US diplomat flees Venezuela rather than face charges of CIA espionage
  4716. Save the USA &#-11;&#-11; Screw the Photos: Bush, Abramoff Smoking Gun is W Removing Prosecutor Twice
  4717. Gaining faith in federal money?
  4718. The Alito 48
  4719. Hurricane Investigators See 'Fog of War' at White House (Simpering Kaka)
  4720. Spain: More military threats against Zapatero government
  4721. White House stonewalls official Hurricane Katrina inquiry
  4722. General Motors lost $8.6 billion in 2005
  4723. Dr. Susan Block: America Wants a Divorce (Yea, verily!)
  4724. The Medicare Disaster (Designed)
  4725. Bernard Chazelle: France's Colonial Blowback (READ)
  4726. Christopher Reed: North Korean Forgeries (READ)
  4727. Blind Ignorance: Polls Show Many Americans Simply Dumber Than Bush - Paul Craig Roberts
  4728. Alexander Cockburn: Nicholas Kristof's Brothel Problem
  4729. Hunger Strikers Close to Death
  4730. Deptartment of Interior Linked to Abramoff (Anybody who isn't, please raise your hand?)
  4731. Lieberman Could Face Primary Challenge (How about a good smack in the face?)
  4732. Groups Fault US Vote in UN on Gays
  4733. Kerry Makes Case against Alito
  4734. Hamas floats Palestinian 'army' (Israel threatens to murder them all)
  4735. Kidnappers of peace activists in Iraq issue 'last chance' warning ...
  4736. Russia, Iran reach partial agreement on uranium enrichment
  4737. Iran to resume nuclear negotiations with EU trio
  4738. Democrats Squabble Over Alito Filibuster (Just DO it)
  4739. Economic Report GDP slows to 1.1% in fourth quarter (Babbling)
  4740. Firm recalls teethers due to bacteria risk (What CAN you trust?)
  4741. Hamas victory rattles Arab world
  4742. US warns it may cut aid to Palestinians (A typical Bushista response)
  4743. Georgians shiver as gas supplies rushed from Iran
  4744. Abramoff and His Vanishing Friends
  4745. Abramoff Scandal Threatens GOP But Media Runs Interference (That's what it's paid to do!)
  4746. U.S. Says Abramoff Tipped Tyco to GSA Move
  4747. Halliburton's CEO Exercising Stock Options
  4748. Cindy Sheehan Considers Challenging Feinstein For Senate Seat (Finally! A real choice!)
  4749. Bush Approval Falls Back to 36% in U.S. (How can it even be *that* high?)
  4750. London police 'faked evidence' on shot Brazilian: report (what did ytou already know?)
  4751. Activists plan mock Bush, Blair trial
  4752. Saddam walks out amid trial chaos
  4753. Saddam plans to sue Bush, Blair
  4754. Activists plan mock Bush, Blair trial
  4755. Army forces 50,000 soldiers into extended duty
  4756. A Statement from Jews Against Genocide (at Ramallah)
  4757. Berlusconi: No sex until election (I recommend a penectomy)
  4758. Blair and Bush 'conspired to go to war regardless of United Nations' (This is news?)
  4759. And Down Will Come Baby, Cradle and All.
  4760. 100% of Blacks Oppose Alito and Think Iraq War Unjustified
  4761. Why is it so HARD to find a JOB? (READ! - there is more techy stuff to it of course)
  4762. Beating Around the Bush By the Bourse (Pay Attention Now!)
  4763. Beating Around the Bush By the Bourse (READ! - another aspect of the monetary fraud)
  4764. Horst Mahler 2006 Surprise: Passport confiscated
  4765. Spies, Lies and Wiretaps (My, my - even the NYT!)
  4766. The Gorilla in the Room is US Support for Israel.
  4767. North Korean Counterfeiting Complicates Nuclear Crisis (Convenient and erroneous scape goat)
  4768. Abramoff and al-Arian: Lobbyist's "Charity" a Front for Terrorism (a *very* busy little bee with a big stinger)
  4769. Nepal under reign of terror as king unleashes army to crush revolt
  4770. U.S. IN TECHNICAL DEFAULT (also irretrievably bankrupt)
  4771. Demo: Cloning a Verichip
  4772. Ex-Israeli spy chief: Hamas ministers may be hunted (Israel assassinates anybody, anytime, anyplace - speaking of rogue terrorist states)
  4773. UN may use 'flu-casters' if pandemic hits ('flu-casters' to create illusory pandemic?)
  4774. U.S. Jewish leaders consider financially assisting fired AIPAC officials(Yes, help your own spies)
  4775. Police 'faked Tube death log'
  4776. ID cards 'will not stop terrorism' (Govm'ts being the major terrorists, terror will be enhanced)
  4777. Iran vows missile retaliation to any attack
  4778. ABC News' Bob Woodruff and Cameraman Injured in Iraq (The price of embedding)
  4779. Audit: U.S.-Led Occupation Squandered Aid (So?)
  4780. CIA unlikely to back off al Qaeda attacks in Pakistan (But don't hit the poppy fields; that's CIA cash)
  4781. U.S. expands 'targeted killing' (How perfectly Israeli)
  4782. Pentagon Can Now Fund Foreign Militaries (Oh cool!)
  4783. US plans to 'fight the net' revealed (Usual lying shit is not sufficient, and they are out to get everyone, it's not just you)
  4784. Shell and Exxon to smash transatlantic profit records (surprise,surprise)
  4785. Domestic Spying Foes Pushed Out of Bush Admin.
  4786. Feds Tip Abramoff on Client's Case
  4787. Justice Dept. Tried to Legalize Spy Program in 2003
  4788. US Aid to Palestinian Government in Question
  4789. Hamas proving it's politically shrewd
  4790. Despite new judge, chaos erupts again at Saddam's trial
  4791. Enron's Lay: Trial will turn out 'fine' (Circus)
  4792. UN Security Council powers meet on Iran atomic case (Should be pretty funny - or annoying)
  4793. Bush speech to offer vision of world leadership (like Hitler and Stalin)
  4794. Enron Super Bowl fraud trial set to begin
  4795. Bernanke to take hold of economy's levers (Wizard of Oz?)
  4796. Update 2: Kuwait's New Emir Takes Oath of Office
  4797. Saddam storms out leaving new judge presiding over empty court
  4798. Israel says no negotiations with Hamas government (I was waiting for this inevitable Israeli shit)
  4799. Hamas: US not enemy (Oh yes it is)
  4800. Israel seeks world support over Hamas (but continues to violate every UN directive given it)
  4801. Most of us didn't pay attention (USSC was a piece of vomit, now it will be pure shit)
  4802. The world after Greenspan (will be only worse for his being and leaving)
  4803. USA threatens Norway over Israeli boycott support (Condomsleaza wants to invade Norway?)
  4804. Al Qaeda Detainee's Mysterious Release (Do you believe any of this?)
  4805. Blair in secret plot with Bush to dupe U.N. (The details might be interesting)
  4806. EU mulls Palestinian aid cut after Hamas victory (Goaded by whom?)
  4807. SA, Malaysia and Cuba back Iran in standoff
  4808. Iran in last-ditch talks to avert crisis (Real crisis Bourse opening March 20)
  4809. West tries to close ranks with Russia & China (LOL)
  4810. Iran, Russia Expand Nuclear List (Iranians prove to be *great* dancers)
  4811. State of the Union address: A meshing of many ideas (outright lies, halftruths and genuine insanity)
  4812. Chavez hails activist Sheehan in Bush protest
  4813. Chavez Backs Sheehan Plan for Bush Protest
  4814. Chavez, Sheehan, Mitterrand Meet
  4815. Crude Oil Prices Rise Above $68 a Barrel
  4816. Nigerian oil sites under siege
  4817. Stolen Youth Revisited: Israel's War on Palestine's Children Intensifies
  4818. How the West and the West Bank Were Won
  4819. Iran, Poland discuss bilateral ties
  4820. Torture Titan (Guess who?)
  4821. Hamas victory redraws political map of Middle East
  4822. March 18 & 19 - International Days of Action Against the War
  4823. Tax Breaks for the Wealthy (as economy goes to toilet)
  4824. Halliburton Swings to $1.1 Billion Profit
  4825. George Bush and Cheney have committed high crimes including treason... (Obvious for how long?)
  4826. Torture The Innocent, Release the Most Wanted (to do more dirty work)
  4827. Bush: 'L'etat, c'est moi'
  4828. Iran invites Blair to anti-Holocaust conference (a slick sense of humor)
  4829. Exxon profit tops $10 billion, capping record year
  4830. Bipartisan Message In New York Times Tomorrow Designed to Scare (No signers who I would even bother pissing on)
  4831. Palace Revolt
  4832. The race to Iran is against the AIPAC trial
  4833. Rice: Countries Should Cut Off Aid For Hamas (The *other* little Miss Run Amok)
  4834. Shell and Exxon to smash transatlantic profit records
  4835. Enron trial opens in new test for US corporate governance
  4836. GOP lawmakers: Bush should disclose Abramoff contacts (Ooops!: He's beenlying again - or is that still?)
  4837. Dell to hire 5,000 people... in India
  4838. Savings Rate at Lowest Level since 1933
  4839. Corporate Wealth Share Rises for Top-Income Americans
  4840. Army's Rising Promotion Rate Called Ominous
  4841. Iran crisis 'could drive oil over $90'
  4842. Straw rules out threat of military action against Iran (But Straw, beinga confirmed lying bastard, ...)
  4843. Radiation Leak In Jacksonville Building Prompts Evacuations (Bisarrely stupid)
  4844. Al Qaeda Detainee's Mysterious Release
  4845. Al-Zawahri in first video since failed U.S. strike (The dead man speaks yet again)
  4846. KUTV: Al-Zawahri Calls Bush A 'Butcher' In Video ("The Butcher of Washington" - hmm - there have been so many)
  4847. Officials Confirm Bird Flu Death of Iraqi (Now start looking for 1918 variant, for which stupid "Bird Flu" is the cover)
  4848. Deadly bird flu in Iraq (Oh - it's a lying UN "official", unnamed, of course)
  4849. Iraqi Teenager's Death of Bird Flu Suggests Rapid Spread (Bullfuckingshit!)
  4850. Iraq confirms first case of bird flu (Babbling fabrications that are uncheckable)
  4851. Finally Some Good News From Haiti
  4852. The Question Journalists Refuse to Ask Bush
  4853. Michael Carmichael: Alito and Opus Dei (USSC Vatican Court and the Papanazi - READ)
  4854. Gideon Levy: the Good News About Hamas' Win
  4855. Swindling the Sick: the IMF Debt Relief Sham
  4856. Message to Democrats: the Case Against Pre-War Lying is a Slam Dunk, Stupid
  4857. "The Real Threat is from Imperial Fundamentalism": an Interview with Tariq Ali
  4858. Inside the Pork Shop: the Defense Budget and Congressional Earmarks
  4859. Paul Craig Roberts: Coming War with Iran
  4860. Kraft Foods to Eliminate 8,000 Jobs
  4861. U.S. Official Seeks Billions in Iraq 'Rebuilding' Funds
  4862. Bush administration pays Halliburton $199 million in Iraq overcharges (Continuing to loot the nation)
  4863. Deal struck to build detention centers
  4864. Halliburton unit's detention center contract is repeat deal (400+ Concentration Camps in the US are already fully operational. Are you worried yet, stupid?)
  4865. Is Iran a nuclear threat? (No. Gee, that was an easy one. Try another, and make it harder)
  4866. Iran angry at UN council move (Dancing: Both China and Russia have veto power in the security council)
  4867. A step towards UN sanctions against Iran (unlikely to happen)
  4868. Islamic rage at Denmark growing (Who do they think they are, Jews?)
  4869. Many Palestinians fret about threatened aid cut off (Maybe best not to have it?)
  4870. British army faces strain if missions run on (Overthrow your government?)
  4871. Alito confirmation expected today (Flags at half mast, please)
  4872. Ex-employee kills 6, wounds 1, commits suicide at Goleta plant (maybe, or a staged event)
  4873. Jury selected for trial of Enron's Lay, Skilling
  4874. Exxon profits hit record $36 billion
  4875. WHO help urged in Iraq bird flu (These people *have* to stop lying)
  4876. A hidden (global) epidemic of birth defects
  4877. Birth Defects Affect More Than 8 Million Children Annually
  4878. UPDATE 1-Putin says Russia to repay debts early, cut taxes
  4879. Al-Zawahiri: I am Alive; Bush is a Curse on the US (That's half right)
  4880. Putin boasts of defence-piercing missiles
  4881. What's at stake is the right to insult and cause offence (UK)
  4882. Caught between science and God (USA 75% idiot-psychotic?)
  4883. Senate Confirms Alito to Supreme Court (The Criminal Congress)
  4884. Coretta Scott King Dies at 78 (The second bad thing in one day)
  4885. Bush Speech to Seek to Restore Confidence (and then there will be The Blathering)
  4886. Cattle drug blamed as India's vultures near extinction (Nobody learns anything)
  4887. Zapatero's smoke-filled room causes a stink (The Global Lunatic Asylum)
  4888. $60m grant for Nepal under fire
  4889. Experts Claim Official 9/11 Story is a Hoax (Just figuring this out?!)
  4890. 20 reasons to question the official story of 9/11
  4891. Gonzales Is Challenged on Wiretaps
  4892. AG Gonzales lied during his confirmation hearings
  4893. Israel's shooting of young girl highlights international hypocrisy, say Palestinians
  4894. Oil execs refuse to testify at U.S. Senate hearing
  4895. UK police armed Irish terrorists
  4896. Casualty figures are 'wrong', admits Reid (i.e., they lied)
  4897. MOD accused of hiding real cost of Iraq war
  4898. Alito confirmed 58-42
  4899. Alito sworn in as member of Supreme Court
  4900. Australian state government set to dredge Melbourne's bay despite opposition(Criminal corpagov at work)
  4901. US military recruiters target rural and depressed areas
  4902. China and India manoeuvre to secure energy supplies
  4903. Hussein trial descends into a legal farce
  4904. Privatizing Health Care: the Poor Pay the Price (which is the point)
  4905. Canada: a Chilling Echo of Bush's Republicans
  4906. Pentagon Pork: What is It? Who Cooks It Up?
  4907. Dave Lindorff: the Democrats' Alito Debacle (Throw them all out)
  4908. US Prods Lebanon Towards Civil War
  4909. Bush Ignored 9/11 Warnings (Bullshit)
  4910. US Raid Leaves Zawahiri Alive, Vengeful (Bullshit)
  4911. TIME.com: Off Abramoff's Case -- Feb. 06, 2006
  4912. ISN Security Watch - Iran faces UN nuclear referral
  4913. Campaign for the Supreme Court - The Politics of the Nomination of Samuel A. Alito Jr.
  4914. The Chronicle: Daily news: 01/31/2006 -- 01 (Insane Nazi State - filled with Inasane Nazis, of course)
  4915. With the help of the Democrats, Alito to be confirmed as US Supreme Court Justice
  4916. Cindy Sheehan | What Really Happened
  4917. Ahmadinejad Vows to Resist 'Bully' Nations
  4918. What an Idiot! Bush Jumpstarts the Alternative Energy Movement...
  4919. Court told of servicemans death at hands of the state. (UK)
  4920. Israel halts tax payments to Palestinians (But, it's in principle, their money)
  4922. Egyptian Parliament refuses to observe "holocaust."
  4923. Police remove Sheehan from Bush speech
  4924. The Anti-Semitic Club and the Dead Children
  4925. US activist arrested for anti-war shirt
  4926. SOTU: How the Bush Administration Changes the Tone
  4927. Iran condemns nuclear 'bullying'
  4928. The Crack of Doom (Threats by the serial genocidalist)
  4929. Police arrest Sheehan, lawmaker's wife (C.W. Bill Young's wife)
  4930. Blair refuses to be swayed by death of 100th British soldier
  4931. Standard & Poor's specialists predict global economic Armageddo
  4932. Empty Rhetoric from a Vacuous Presidency
  4933. 2,245 Dead How Many More??
  4934. U.S. forces fire on Canadian vehicle in Iraq
  4935. US Troops Shoot at Canadian Diplomats
  4936. Official: Army Has Authority to Spy on Americans
  4937. US tax agency targets poor
  4938. Oregon Democrats, GOP join forces against independent candidates
  4939. The legacy of US Fed chairman Greenspan
  4940. The State of the Union speech: Bush repeats litany of lies on Iraq war
  4941. Paul Craig Roberts: the True State of the Union
  4942. "God Given Rights": Palestine and Native America
  4943. Life After Roe. v. Wade
  4944. Joseph Grosso: Oprah and Elie Wiesel
  4945. Getting Busted at the State of the Union: What Really Happened
  4946. Enron and the Bush Administration
  4947. The Bluff and Bluster Dems: Alito and the Faux Filibuster
  4948. Wolfowitz Accused on Cronyism and Illegal Hiring at World Bank (and you expected what, exactly?)
  4949. Feingold: Gonzales Misled Congress on Domestic Spying
  4950. Most Iraqis Doubt US Will Ever Leave (Not voluntarily)
  4951. Enron Prosecutor Tells of 'Lies and Choices'
  4952. Straw: Iran has last chance to comply (What then, moron?)
  4953. Bernanke Sworn in As Fed Reserve Chairman
  4954. CORRECTED: Israel halts tax payments to Palestinians
  4955. Bush's course: bold abroad, humble at home (How much was CSM paid for this drivel?)
  4956. Bernanke Sworn in As Fed Reserve Chairman
  4957. Tech Firms Snub Feds
  4958. US telco sued over surveillance programme
  4959. EFF sues AT&T over US wiretapping program
  4960. WHO: Bird Flu Cases in Turkey are Overblown (A little late for the obvious, isn't it?)
  4961. Hamas pressured to accept Israel (How about Israel accepting Hamas, its own child?)
  4962. Pentagon investigation of Iraq war hawk stalling Senate inqiry into Pre-War Iraq Intelligence
  4963. "Americans, the beatings will continue until morale improves"
  4964. CNN.com - Federal borrowing raised to record level - Jan 30, 2006
  4965. Sen. Specter weighs action against big oil (Yeah, right!)
  4966. Official: Army Has Authority to Spy on Americans
  4967. DefenseLINK News: NORTHCOM Prepares for Possible Pandemic (Ready to release the 1918, using "Bird Flu" as cover)
  4968. Tale of Two Presidents (in one)
  4969. Bush Stretches to Defend Surveillance
  4970. Democrats in Disarray despite Bush Difficulties (It's not disarry; it's complicity)
  4971. Concern over 'spare part' babies (There was a horror flick with this plot)
  4972. Israeli army kills militants
  4973. Straw hinting at Iraq withdrawal (He just babbles; pay him no mind)
  4974. Are Concentration Camps Coming to U.S.? (There are already 400+ of them ready, asshole!)
  4975. Bush: US would defend Israel against Iran (Who controls US?)
  4976. House sends budget cut bill to Bushs desk
  4977. Pentagon Now Prepares to Fight Long War (Military-Idustrial Complex, what IKE warned of)
  4978. Administration backs off Bush's vow to reduce Mideast oil imports (He babbles; they all bable, and you haven't a clue: you're not supposed to)
  4979. Rowland Back In Prison After Grand Jury Testimony
  4980. House approves $39 billion cut to Medicaid, student loans
  4981. Police Apologize, Drop Charge Vs. Sheehan (?)
  4982. U.K. Lords Seek More Limits on Blair's Anti-Terrorism Laws
  4983. House Extends Patriot Act Another 5 Weeks
  4984. AG's memo suggests Patriot Act not needed for domestic spying (A dictator can do anything)
  4985. Illinois governor outlines continued assault on working class
  4986. Council of Europe report reveals European collusion with US torture flights
  4987. US machinations in Iraq delay formation of government
  4988. After the Hamas election win Daniel Pipes denounces democracy for Muslims(in frenzied attempt to twist the head off all logic and reason)
  4989. At Bush's State of the Union: Cindy Sheehan arrested for wearing antiwar message
  4990. Bush's State of the Union address ignores social crisis in America
  4991. Why freedom of expression defence is questionable in the Muslim dispute with a Danish publication.
  4992. Violent West Bank evacuation
  4993. Call made for atomic agency to act on Iran - Africa & Middle East - International Herald Tribune
  4994. The great T-shirt threat
  4995. Erosion of our freedom speech part 2 | Progressive U
  4996. Judge adjourns trial boycotted by Saddam
  4997. Palestinian budget crisis deepens
  4998. ABC News: Sheehan Not Only One Kicked Out of Speech
  4999. US Intel Chief Doubts Iran Has Nukes (Someone actually has a brain)
  5000. New vaccine offers hope against H5N1 (Babbling)
  5001. THE STATE OF THE UNION Energy Proposals A new world of power (He was just babbling)
  5002. Intel Chief Says al-Qaida 'Top Concern' (Fabricated Fantasy)
  5003. Open Letter To The Daily Lobo
  5004. The US has become a rogue nation.
  5005. Airline CEO Latest Victim Of Airport Gestapo
  5006. The End of the Internet?
  5007. Two charged in Iraq contracts
  5008. Senate Panel Rebuffed on Documents on U.S. Spying - New York Times
  5009. $13bn: Amount wiped off Google shares
  5010. Revealed: how Blair's 12-point plan to combat terrorism now lies in tatters
  5011. UC Congressional staffers trying to rewrite history via Wikipedia
  5012. ABC News: 'Nightline' Investigation: Wounded Soldiers Told They Owe Money to Army
  5013. Gold Reaches 25-Year High as Oil Gains Renew Inflation Concerns
  5014. Fitzgerald Hints White House Records Lost (Shall we put "lost" in quotes?)
  5015. U.S. fired on Canadian diplomats without warning, envoy says
  5016. Court filings shed more light on CIA leak investigation
  5017. Senate Panel Rebuffed on Documents on U.S. Spying
  5018. IAEA chief says Iran dispute is not crisis situation
  5019. Bush and Blair discussed using American Spyplane in UN colours to lure Saddam into war
  5020. Veterans Call on Beauprez to Apologize
  5021. Bush told Blair we're going to war, memo reveals
  5022. Election Update: Do-Over on First Ballot (Vote rigging in the Criminal Congress as well)
  5023. Tape suggests deputy shot airman despite his compliance
  5024. Driver In Pursuit That Led To Shooting Speaks With Victim

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