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List Volume 05

  1. Police hunt poo protesters (Bayreuth police need to get a life)
  2. Boys arrested for stick figure drawings (US: Nazi State)
  3. SBC, AT&T in Acquisition Discussions
  4. Monsanto has GM crop plans for seed firm with GM in mind (Monsanto need to be torn apart)
  5. AP: Gitmo Soldier Details Abusive Tactics
  6. Iraq: This election is a sham (No?! Really?)
  7. Kennedy calls for troop withdrawal, says military is fueling insurgents
  8. The Ultimate War Crime: Breaking the Agricultural Cycle
  9. Citizens for Legitimate Government, Bush Election Coup 2000 2K anti political action liberties peace activist(Michael McManus)
  10. Voters in Mosul Need a Shield of Snipers
  11. Ignacio Chapela and John F. Garc&#-11;&#-11;a: The Laws of Nature (In th GM food horror, all eyes are on Mexico)
  12. Seymour Hersh: We've Been Taken Over By a Cult
  13. Dr. Teresa Whitehurst: The Intolerance of Christian Conservatives (Part One)
  14. Dr. Teresa Whitehurst: Why Conservative Christians Fear Tolerance (Part Two)
  15. Britain 'sliding into police state'
  16. New passive smoking warning (The subject creates government scientists without brains)
  17. Turkey says Iraq vote undemocratic &#-11;&#-11;&#-11;
  18. Quit smoking or quit your job, says company owner &#-11;&#-11;&#-11;
  19. Britons who returned from Guantanamo were trained by Al-Qaeda: report (They're CIA agents?!)
  20. Table of Genocides and Politicides, Both Current and Over Time
  21. Feith May Be Charged With Leaking Intelligence
  22. Sexual tactics used to weaken detainees
  23. While the leaders at Auschwitz photo op, another hundred die in Darfur
  24. Hamas Wins Major Victory in Gaza Local Elections (and Hamas is an Israeli invention)
  25. Bush administration will not appeal media ownership rules to Supreme Court(Media is already obedient servants)
  26. Former Marine gets 20-year prison term for killing bartender over Iraq remarks: South Florida Sun-Sentinel(A mind that has been deliberately warped by whom?)
  27. Seymour Hersh Is On Fire
  28. Assad warns Middle East states face break-up threat
  29. U.S. Apparently Underestimated Size of Insurgency, Top Commander Says (Babbling)
  30. Ashes to Ashes
  31. Returning veterans paint grim picture of war's toll
  33. Researchers Who Rushed Into Print a Study of Iraqi Civilian Deaths Now Wonder Why It Was Ignore
  34. Third Columnist paid by Bush Administration
  35. Russian officers 'helped in plot to seize Beslan school' (A mini Russian 9/11)
  36. What is the International Solidarity Movement?
  37. Shilling for Bush
  38. 'They can't throw us all in jail' (?? There are those 400+ concentration camps)
  39. Bush Says Iraqi Leaders Will Want U.S. Forces to Stay to Help, and will stand in the corner for paper inspections
  40. Jailed for using a nonstandard browser
  41. Falsification of the Holocaust by Prof. Israel Shahak
  42. Andaman quakes leave seismologists worried (looks like foreshocks of an erruption)
  43. All those tax cuts and the economy slowed... are the rich hoarding??
  44. Is the world safer now? (Surely you jest!)
  45. In Armored Vehicles, Troops Tell Iraqis to Vote (Bizarre)
  46. What If? - Ron Paul
  47. The China Syndrome
  48. Auschwitz formalities rile Israeli press (Futuaris non irresus ridebis I always say)
  49. Cheney's Auschwitz outfit raises eyebrows (He *was* more concerned with his own comfort - and being a pig - oink)
  50. US prepares invasion of Venezuela: Venezuelan ambassador
  51. Details Of Resistance Victory In Hit, 14 American Soldiers Reported Killed
  52. Feith Resigns Under Pressure of Investigations
  53. U.S. Army Helicopter Crashes in Baghdad (It just fell over!)
  55. Serious Delay in Delivery of International Mail
  56. Monkeys will pay to look at porn (So will Republicans)
  57. Lockheed Martin Wins $1.6 Billion Marine One Contract (Platinum plated?)
  58. Iraq Arrests 3 More Terror Leaders (3 aides to a dead guy)
  59. Bird flu 'passed between humans'
  60. DOE unveils plan [sic] for aboveground nuclear waste storage
  61. Arctic ozone may drop to new low (more government science)
  62. Police alert over vote-rigging UK - it's the hottest national game
  63. Lawyers Defend Challenge to Ohio Vote (It doesn't matter: the reptos voted)
  64. U.S.-Cuba Spat Spills Into the New Year (Good to hear it)
  65. Harris gifts tied to controversial fundraiser
  66. GAO to Probe Payment to Armstrong Williams (and something will come of this babbling?!)
  67. Bush payola scandal deepens as third columnist admits being paid (Bush says "So what?" So sue me!)
  68. Dick Cheney, Dressing Down (His being a doofus is the least of it)
  69. Feds look for caller who threatened Bush ([sigh] Get a life!)
  70. Released but not free, Algerian is now a prisoner in his own home
  71. Four years in Belmarsh takes toll on mental state
  72. Security Nominee Gave Advice to the C.I.A. on Torture Laws (A littl late for being 'news', isn't it?)
  73. Halliburton to wind down Iran operations, reports smaller loss for Q4 (Um - oh yeah, sure)
  74. U.S. Warns EU Firms to Stay Away from Iran-Diplomats (LOL)
  75. War Party's Atrocity Porn
  76. BBC obtains Iraq casualty figures (which may or may not be just a giant lie)
  77. Three in four Sunnis won't vote in Iraq's 'elections': poll
  78. Shiite Faction Ready to Shun Sunday's Election in Iraq
  79. In Armored Vehicles, U.S. Troops Tell Iraqis to Vote (Gave a poll, and nobody came?)
  80. U.S. Forces Intensify Preparations for Iraq 'Vote' Sham
  81. Iraq Sets Dusk-To-Dawn Curfew Before 'Vote' Farce
  82. US troops likely to stay in Iraq after 'election': Bush (No shit?)
  83. MPs plan revolt against house arrest plan
  84. Australia's tsunami aid package: neo-colonialism laced with hypocrisy (Aperc of poodledom)
  85. Court martial of British soldiers hears allegations of abuse orders
  86. Report documents torture by US-backed Iraqi police
  87. Rumsfeld charged with war crimes in Germany May skip Munich conference
  88. Congressional Democrats line up behind Bush request for $80 billion in war spending(exactly like paid for poodles)
  89. Karyn Strickler: Time for a Corporate Death Penalty Act (Finally! A REALLY GOOD IDEA)
  90. Iraq's Non-Election
  91. Tsunami Aid By the Numbers: the US Really is a Miser
  92. Chemical May Cause Whale Hearing Loss (Corpagov media reports corpagov pseudoscience)
  93. Jan. 29, 11:25 am: Ed. department enters the "Twilight Zone" (Margaret Spellings is seriously deranged and should be institutionalized)
  94. Sweet 'Buster' is far from radical
  95. Eufaula Tribune - News - 01/25/2005 - Dr. Moorer continues late brother's crusade(Israel attack on USS Liberty)
  96. Crewman recalls attack on USS Liberty
  98. Irish students declare war on their US rite of passage (The most hated nation in earth)
  99. U.S. Warns EU Firms to Stay Away from Iran (Mine! All mine, my precioussss!)
  100. Emerging Splits Over Occupation Policy Give Hope to Antiwar Activists (How much more can US corpagov do?!)
  101. Police uniforms go missing in Iraq
  102. Israeli troops kill Palestinian in Gaza (? They do this continuously)
  103. Iraqi forces expected to do little to stop election day violence (ordered creation of excuse for US continued occupation)
  104. Insurgents are domestic, Sunni and nationalist (i.e., the PROPLE of Iraq)
  105. U.S. seeks any sign of success in Iraq poll (Success will be fabricated)
  106. Zionism today is the real enemy of the Jews (A truth too long in coming)
  107. Americana Mindless (That's a tautology)
  108. Gore Vidal: Iran next, then who? (But - 9/11 *was* asn attack by corpagov on US)
  109. Israel, Palestinians Prepare for Summit (Israeli delay tactic; stalemate will result)
  110. U.N. Sees Drop in Afghan Opium Growing (US lies - a lot)
  111. Oil Detected in Louisville Water Intakes )Cor[agov killing us all)
  112. Dutch court to free 'Saddam's chemical fixer' (Um - Iranians gassed the Kurds, not S.H.)
  113. Playing the Holocaust Card (Amazing the the utterly obvious should be said)
  114. Heavy Gunbattle Heard in Baghdad
  115. USAF playing cat and mouse game over Iran (Manufactured excuses for *another* invasion - morons)
  116. Boy Scouts Suspected of Inflating Rolls (No innocence left, just repto greed)
  117. Straw Fears UK Being Sucked Into Another US War (Idiot Straw should grow up)
  118. Springer Helps Boost Liberal Talk Radio (Better than not)
  119. Two Milwaukee men await trial on fraud charges here (vote fraud)
  120. Bill Gates, World's Richest Man, Bets Against Dollar
  121. Fed's yen for bovine policies (Deeper than you might think)
  122. Two Americans Dead in U.S. Embassy Bombing
  123. US and Allies 'Kill Most Iraqis'
  124. Baghdad feels like a city preparing for war
  125. 'It will take years for my country to be put right' (US, however, hasn't a chance in hell)
  126. Jewish Officials 'Miffed' by Putin's speech at Auschwitz (Infantilism as Israeli disease)
  127. Loggers Going Into Ore. Old Growth Reserve
  128. White House Has High Stake in Iraqi Vote (No?! Really? It's in the bg)
  129. Glaciers Shrinking in a Warming World (government science)
  130. 'Dangerous' Global Warming Possible by 2026 - WWF (More corpagov science)
  131. Action governor setting stage for cataclysmic political showdown (Girleygov speaks)
  132. Ohio chamber reveals contributors
  133. Shell to make history with $18bn profit (That's oil profits)
  134. C.I.A. Said to Rebuff Congress on Nazi Files (Bush family connections)
  135. Blue State Burned on Outsourced Presidential Copter Contract
  136. US Copter Downed By Surface-To-Air Missile - Witnesses (But US corpagov said not - [whine])
  137. Reservist Ordered to Attend Bush Inauguration Event and Pay His Own Way
  138. Deadline for Troop Withdrawal Ruled Out (withdrawl was *never* intended)
  139. Several bomb attacks as polls open
  140. Chemical Industry: Deceit and Denial
  141. Mark Gaffney: Why Velikovsky Matters
  142. Luiz Gomez: Power and Autonomy in Bolivia
  143. Gilad Atzmon: The Politics of Auschwitz
  144. Behold, the Head of a Neo-Con!
  145. The Death Train of the WTO
  146. Israel's Assassination Policy: the Trigger for Suicide Bombings?
  147. Lenni Brenner: Holocaust History, Beyond the UN's Rhetoric
  148. Kurt Nimmo: Condi Rice and the Neocon Plan for the Palestinians
  149. Tom Reeves: How Bush Brings Freedom to the World, the Case of Haiti
  150. Sister Dianna Ortiz: Stop the Torture
  151. Brian Cloughley: Iraq's Civilian Dead (Only just begun)
  152. Gary Leupp: Bush's New Education Secretary vs. Vermont's Lesbians
  153. Bernard Chazelle: Why the Children in Iraq Make No Sound When They Fall
  154. This Election Will Change the World, But Not as the US Wanted
  155. Baghdad: City of Empty Streets
  156. Gabriel Kolko: Wilsonian and Neoconservative Myths
  157. Polls to close an hour early in Iraq
  158. Terrorism And Excessive Law Enforcement Or, Two Sides Of The Same Coin
  159. Radiation scare tests plans in West Palm Beach (Induced psychosis and aranoia, a game the whole nation can play)
  160. Telegraph | News | Suicide bombers will reach polling stations in Iraq's election-day battle, admits general(Our very own Nostradamus)
  161. Jeb, Marvin & Neil - 3 Profiteering Bush Brothers
  162. Chinese VP in Caracas to sign deals (Boing! Neocondoms are not going to like this)
  163. Parents fight to learn why Israeli sniper shot their son
  164. Allied &#-11;&#-11;&#-11;holocaust&#-11;&#-11;&#-11; sparks German row
  165. Where there&#-11;&#-11;&#-11;s smoke, you&#-11;&#-11;&#-11;re fired
  166. US troops will never overcome insurgents, warns senior officer (requiring no genius to figure)
  167. Deadline for Troop Withdrawal Ruled Out (What withdrawl?)
  168. The Emergence of the Homeland Security State
  169. Israel Border police to demolish Arab neighborhood in Jerusalem to protectfence (I just *knew* there was a good reason)
  170. Counties inconsistent in provisional-vote rules (US vote fraud by GOP)
  171. A Brief Guide to the Iraqi Elections
  172. Fighting kills 135 children (It's called systematic genocide)
  173. BBC backs off report that US killing more covilians than the insurgents (made an offer it can't refuse: being allowed to live)
  174. Boeing inks China sale, renames jet 787
  175. 20 hurt as Fatah, Hamas activists clash in Gaza
  176. Irak: Internationale Brigade in Zivil soll Wahlen sch&#-11;&#-11;tzen - Politik - SPIEGEL ONLINE
  177. Lib Dems could win election, poll shows (Elections will be stolen by Labour)
  178. Italy to air pogoing Pope cartoon shelved by BBC
  179. PNAC starts hinting at a draft
  180. Losing Feith, by Jim Lobe
  181. DRAFT LOOMS - Now That Election Is Over, Expect To See Conscription
  182. The Russians Are Coming and the Israelis are here and protected
  183. 'If you don't take a job as a prostitute, we can stop your benefits' (DE)
  184. Top Bush advisor admits that Iraq war was fought to protect Israel
  185. Iraqi election watch
  186. StarTek - Capitalism Without Conscience
  187. British Military Plane Crashes in Iraq (Shot down)
  188. US keeps Iran in its sights (Naturally: Iran is a plum, for oil and geopolitically)
  189. Asia wary of new Bush doctrine (Asia should be wary of US, period)
  190. 'What a bloody charade' (Iraq "elections")
  191. Activists plug free, open-source software (still truckin)
  192. Guilty until proven guiltier (Remember Galileo?)
  193. Big brother or the mark of the beast? (corpagov technology)
  194. Lie tests plan for benefits (Good idea for politicians)
  195. Freedom in Wonderland (or Wackoworld)
  196. US prepares invasion of Venezuela: Venezuelan ambassador (But, of course)
  197. U.S. Court of Appeals Rules IRS Cannot Apply Force Against A Tax Payer Without a Court Order
  198. Lip implant tissue link with mad cow disease (More corpagov pseudoscience)
  199. Iraq Electoral Commission backtracks on turnout (In hoax, it matters not)
  200. A Mixed Story (Yup - just like US elections. Rigging is S.O.P.)
  201. Assyrian Christians Say Kurds Wouldn't Let Them Vote
  202. More on PNAC and that Bullet-Stopper Slavery Letter (about the Draft)
  203. Sham Recount Process on Diebold E-voting Machines (Expected)
  204. Telegraph speculates C-130 "shoot down" (that is obvious)
  205. Turkey Calls for Withdrawal of Foreign Troops from Iraq
  206. Australia abandons Baghdad embassy
  207. 232 civilians die working for US in Iraq
  208. Bush: Iraqi poll won't end U.S. occupation (weknewthat)
  209. Shell to make history with $18bn profit
  210. US oil companies return to Libya
  211. DOD seized 60TB in search for Iraq battle plan leak
  212. U.S. Did Not Safeguard $8.8 Bln of Iraq Money so it could steal it
  213. Audit: $9 Billion Unaccounted for in Iraq (exactly what Israel was demanding)
  214. Israel, United States say Iran an imminent threat (just like Iraq was)
  215. U.S. Navy surveying waters near tsunami epicenter (What are they really up to?)
  216. Israel Prepares to Pull Out of Some Palestinian Areas (A convenient "atack" coming up)
  217. High turnout a win for White House (Weapon of mass barfing)
  218. Israeli Professor: Shoot Arabs in the Head (Ah - civilization, the unknown country)
  219. Europeans turning against Israel (Rabid zionism rests ob complet fiction)
  220. Then, They Came For Iraq's Sunni
  221. The Iraqi Ballot, Translated (Reality becomes comical by it incongruous)
  222. The Best Damn Embassy Ever! (Better: go home, tail between legs, cur.)
  223. Palestinian Child Attending School Killed By Bullet In Head
  224. Israeli Apartheid Week at University of Toronto
  225. Israeli Apartheid Week at University of Toronto
  227. Expert View: Be very afraid if Bush takes the war on terror to Iran
  228. U.S. Rebuffs Europe on Iran Nuke Talks
  229. Nasa's mission to the edge of the solar system, and beyond to enforce the truths of government pseudoscience
  230. DRAFT LOOMS - Now That Election Is Over, Expect To See Conscription
  231. Iraq voter turnout lowered
  232. "A Nation Rocked to Sleep"
  233. After such respect, such humiliation
  234. Woman sells hundreds of Russian girls to sex slavery in Tel Aviv
  235. benfrank.net - 911: Official Explanations + Basic Logic Expose the Big Lie
  236. The Legacy of George W. Bush
  237. Some Just Voted for Food
  238. GOP Funded Pataki Servant
  239. Schwarzenegger sees his ratings dip
  240. House Panel (of Criminal Congress) to Vote on Alaska Refuge Drilling
  241. GOP drafts 104-page playbook, "Saving Social Security" (Comic book)
  242. State chairs back Dean for DNC leader (Voyage to the Unknown)
  243. U.S. students say press freedoms go too far (Educating Nazis)
  244. Natural Gas Pipeline project with Pakistan, India, Iran on (Hmmmm)
  245. US sees rising civilian toll in Iraq
  246. Chief Senate Dem to request Iraq exit plan
  247. Guantanamo tribunals ruled unconstitutional
  248. Guantanamo Bay Tribunals Ruled Illegal
  249. Senator Clinton Recovers After Collapsing
  250. State chairs back Dean for DNC leader (Think this will happen?)
  251. Feds: Enron made more than $1.6 billion on Western energy crisis
  252. Exxon makes $25bn profit
  253. House Panel to Vote on Alaska Refuge Drilling
  254. Evolution Takes a Back Seat in U.S. Classes
  255. 4 Networks Reject Ad Opposing Bush on Lawsuits
  256. NAACP Resists IRS Investigation
  257. Amid Praise, Doubts About Chertoff's Post-9/11 Role
  258. Justice Dept. to Charge $373K for Records
  259. US sees rising civilian toll in Iraq
  260. Chief Senate Dem to request Iraq exit plan (Paid troll: it amount's to nothing)
  261. US to spend $1.5bn on new Iraq embassy (Old news, may it distintegrate)
  262. Train wreck of an election
  263. British MP George Galloway: Elections in Occupied Iraq "Flawed Beyond redemption" (which is about right)
  264. Rumsfeld Seeks to Revive Burrowing Nuclear Bomb (The National Fuc Ware Criminal Rides Again)
  265. Report reveals wide social division in UK higher education
  266. US military covers up suicide protest at Guant&#-11;&#-11;namo Bay
  267. Kerry rejects call for Iraq troop withdrawal Defeated Democratic candidate on "Meet the Press"(Kerry is prime meat whore, and always has beem)
  268. The historic decline of US imperialism and the prospects for socialism Part One(First kill all the reptos)
  269. The Real Scandals of the Texas Election
  270. Gonzales: Chief Prosecutor of Porn? (Difficult when he *is* Porn)
  271. Dave Zirin: New Republic Writer Calls for Death of Arundhati Roy (Tom Frank need to be in Abu Ghraib for life, and New Republic needs to be annihilated utterly)
  272. Robert Fisk: Amid Tragedy, Defiance
  273. Study Bolsters Greenhouse Effect Theory, Solves Ice Age Mystery(government bullshit)
  274. Cholesterol-Fighting Chips (But people need brains)
  275. Pope's Peace Doves Give Bad Omens (So many bodies, so few brains)
  276. Texan held for cutting pacemaker from mother's body (You're fucked, and the criminals get off: It's the 'murikan way dumbo)
  277. Six men jailed for exhuming a 'vampire' to eat his heart (Courts and judges need to lighten up and get real)
  278. Cheese triangles shed light on hobbits (and government archeology [sigh])
  279. High-Risk Women Not Lowering Cholesterol Enough (Government pseudomedicine)
  280. Study finds doctors fail to treat women for heart disease (Government study)
  281. Women Missing Out on Heart Disease Diagnoses, Treatments (also missing out on rhabdomyolysis!)
  282. Scans for burst-artery risk urged for older male smokers (government shitmedicine)
  283. Aneurysm test prescribed for older men who smoked (somebody needs the money)
  284. Pentagon Backs Bigger Military Death Benefits (You get one quarter more;$0.25 that is)
  285. Iraq rules out US troop pullout (What did you expect from a puppet terrorist?)
  286. Terrorist explosive blows up without flames (A government material, and they're the terrorists all right)
  287. Video of Hercules air attack is 'bogus' (say government experts who lir like rugs)
  288. Videotape appears to show Hercules missile hit
  289. Video allegedly shows missile fired at U.K. plane
  290. U.S. students say press freedoms go too far (About 85% were found to have no neocortex)
  291. Guantanamo Bay Military Reviews Ruled Illegal
  292. PRESS RELEASE: Prominent Statisticians Refute 'Explanation' of 2004 U.S. Exit Poll Discrepancies in New Edison/Mitofsky Report and Urge Investigation of U.S. Presidential Election Results
  293. US officials misplace $11.4bn (This getting to be a habit)
  294. DJ Paul Edge Blog: Another example of how elections don`t ever change anything.
  295. Corporate Insider Selling... Just How Bad is it? ...
  296. US Troops Kill 4 Iraqis in Prison Riot
  297. Girl's death strains ceasefire (which was the pirpose and intent)
  298. Iraq elections: Success or worst case scenario?
  299. Israel To Launch Two Military Satellites
  300. Iran, Russia Sign 'Zohreh' Satellite Deal
  301. Russia upgrades missile defenses (I hope the peabrains of corpagov have attention spans long enough to notice)
  302. U.S., Gulf states aim to reduce nuke threat (Lunacy by lunatic idiots - and liars)
  303. The Inquisition Strikes Back (But - does it matter in the least?)
  304. Photoshopped Propaganda (It's normal Repto behavior)
  305. More Texans turn to food stamps (You ain't seen nothin yet)
  306. Stop these fascists!
  307. Kucinich Demands Broad Investigation Of Missing $9 Billion In Iraq (Odds of him just being ignored?)
  308. State of emergency as Nepalese king fires ministers
  309. The Vietnam turnout was good as well
  310. Jerusalem land seizures 'illegal' (Sharon doesn't give a rat's ass)
  311. Israeli Troops 'Shot 10-Year-Old Girl In Face' (It's what they do)
  312. Gorbachev Calls Iraqi Elections Fake
  313. Justice and 9-11 (Interesting)
  314. Challenging a Sacred Cow
  315. If China Shuns Dollar, Look Out U.S. Bonds
  316. Let Them Eat Rocket Fuel
  317. Evidence Bush Administration Used Trust Fund Dollars to Promote Social Security Private investments Accounts
  318. CIA urged to release Nazi records
  319. MPs: Hercules was engaged in operations along Iranian border
  320. Together, Again (Judith "The Whore" Miller & Ahmed "The Embezzeler" Chalabi: what a pair)
  321. Paul Craig Roberts: American Police State
  322. Alison Weir: Making America as "Secure" as Israel
  323. Uri Avnery: The Stalement
  324. Robert Fisk: "Free" Iraqis Still Waiting on the Winds of Change
  325. Patrick Cockburn: New Doubts About Allawi
  326. Joshua L. Dratel: The Torture Memos
  327. Maxwell's equations - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  328. Iran's patience running thin
  329. Vote is at risk of inflaming, not taming, the region (Exactly!)
  330. Was 'Abducted' U.S. Soldier a Toy? (On a CIA created website?)
  331. Iraqi officials admit vote irregularities (How utterly surprising)
  332. Why the US will not leave Iraq (It is not abandoning that oil)
  333. Half of Bankruptcy Due to Medical Bills -- U.S. Study (Refused payment by insurers)
  334. What I Heard about Iraq (The liars put on parade)
  335. Fed Expected to Keep Raising Interest Rates at Measured Pace
  336. Haaretz - Israel News - Pines-Paz blasts racist citizenship legislation
  337. Israel arrests US peace activist
  338. SBC says 13,000 jobs will be cut
  339. settlers still building in outposts
  340. Sunni Clerics: Iraqi Vote Illegitimate
  341. The government is keen to deploy e-voting despite evidence of ballot rigging("despite"? Because!)
  342. America - The New Heart Of Darkness Our creature comforts have made silent cowards of us all.
  343. Prosecutors in on Citigroup bonds deal
  344. Citigroup planned larger contentious bond deal
  345. CIA revises Iraq arms reports
  346. Canada University Forum Denounced As Anti-Semitic
  347. We Israeli Military Reservists REFUSE To Abuse, Starve, Maim And Kill Palestinians
  348. Pearl Harbor Redux
  349. Man Sees Image Of Jesus In Frying Pan [Sigh]
  350. US guards 'filmed beatings' at terror camp
  351. AP: Videos Show Guantanamo Prisoner Abuse
  352. Confirmation of Gonzales' Role in Abu Ghraib Torture
  353. CIA report: Baghdad ended its chemical weapons program in '91
  354. Dramatic change in West Antarctic ice could produce 16ft rise in sea levels (Without mention of probabilities, it's garbage, i.e., typical government nonscience)
  355. Southland not getting storm aid
  356. Bush Plan Won't Affect 55 and Up (Everybody else, the majority, gets screwed)
  357. Helms Pleads to Keep Clinton Out of U.N. (Another phoney Hegelian battle)
  358. Steelworkers Endorse Howard Dean for DNC Chair (Hmmmm)
  359. AP Wire | 02/01/2005 | Castro calls Bush 'deranged,' says Cuba is 'heaven'
  360. How The Bush Family Made Its Fortune From The Nazis The Dutch Connection
  361. Senator to Ask C.I.A. to Explain Nazi-File Stance
  362. Alberto Gonzales: A Record of Injustice
  363. Abu Ghraib Guards Plead Guilty
  364. House Urges Recruiting Decision Reversal
  365. Fraud Rife In Baghdad Elections; Israeli Reporters Allowed to Vote
  366. White House-friendly reporter under scrutiny
  367. Britain: Labour and Tories target immigrants in run-up to election
  368. Detroit mayor rides in luxury as city decays
  369. The American media and the Iraq election
  370. Nina Hartley: Feminists for Porn
  371. Dave Lindorff: A History Lesson from the New York Times
  372. Joshua Frank: The Suckering of Howard Dean (Maybe ... maybe not)
  373. Noam Chomsky: Iraq After the Election (Hence a corpagov private army of mercenaries)
  374. David Domke and Kevin Coe: Bush's Brand of Christianity (God has always been merely a political device)
  375. The Seattle Times: Nation & World: Hypnotism in Russia a street-crime weapon?
  376. the Mahoney Case - Credit River Decision (Federal Reserve Act held unconstitutional and Void)
  377. CIA forced to disclose prisoner records
  378. CIA Is Ordered to Release Detainee-Abuse Files
  379. Force Protection, Inc. to Provide Armored Vehicle for Transport by Blackwater USA
  380. New book says U.S. has five secret military bases in Israel
  381. Documents: U.S. condoned Iraq oil smuggling
  382. Army Considers Extending Reserve
  383. Utopian cul-de-sac
  384. Bush warns Syria and Iran over terror
  385. Confirmation of Gonzales' Role in Abu Ghraib Torture
  386. Bush Sells Plan to Remake Social Security (i.e., to destroy it)
  387. Bush Unveils Details of Soc. Sec. Plan
  388. Nepal Govt Wants Peace, Maoists Call Strike
  389. Maoist strike call reported largely ignored in Nepal's capital
  390. Update 17: Fed Boosts Interest Rates by Quarter-Point
  391. Chickenpox Vaccine Cuts Deaths but Raises Questions on Shingles
  392. Georgian prime minister killed by apparent gas leak (Hmmmm)
  393. WorldNetDaily: Gates, Buffett, China 'run from dollar'
  394. Bush Plan to Limit Lawsuits Moving Fast
  395. CIA Ordered to Turn Over Prisoner Records (or maybe not)
  396. Lawmaker: Ukraine sold Iran, China nukes (Um what does "nuclear capable" mean?)
  397. Sharon: Iran Next on War List (I guess we know who US hits next then)
  398. Sunshine might stop skin cancers (With government science, ya never know)
  399. Fear rabbi gave tots herpes
  400. 20 killed in new Iraq violence
  401. 963 Palestinians killed in 2004
  402. Firefighters disciplined for photo shoot with nude women (Why, exactly?)
  403. Bush: More arrogance, more belligerence, more chauvinism (what else?)
  404. Odd Coincidence or Conspiracy? (Daniel C. Lewin)
  405. Jewish Defense League Against Zundel Rally
  406. Marine General's Blunt Comments Draw Fire (and 'murikans applaud psychopaths)
  407. No Arabs on Flight 77: Part II -The Passengers(Lest we forget what has been obvious for years)
  408. You know those "private" Social Security accounts? (Surprise!)
  410. Hitting the Tax-Break Jackpot (It's a corpagov, stupid!)
  411. US Gun Statistics (Truth is funnier than W, Cheney and Rumsfeld put together)
  412. IRAN REPORTS DEFENSE TIES WITH RUSSIA (Putting a crimp in Shron's Nazidick)
  413. US Invokes Secrets Privilege in Torture Lawsuit
  414. Canada to counter Patriot Act
  415. GE halts new business orders in Iran (Waiting for Sharon?)
  416. US states braced for cuts to federal contributions (To whom is this fraud of a union of value?)
  417. White House-friendly reporter under scrutiny
  420. Are bloggers journalists? Do they deserve press protections? (Yes)
  421. Iran's Supreme Leader Hits Back at Bush Speech
  422. States Sees High Levels of Air Pollution
  423. Participants Would Lose Some Profits From Accounts (i.e., be screwe by W& Co.)
  424. State of the Union: Instant Analysis
  425. Chertoff Apt to Face Questions on Ethics
  426. Gonzales Added to War Crimes Complaint In Germany
  427. Come See Our Brutal Democracy Freedom rings in Iraq!
  428. Senate confirms Gonzales as attorney general (... no native American criminal class except Congress)
  429. GOP fundraiser for 'Adopt a Sniper' shut down at college (Nation of psychos)
  430. Facts and myths about Bush's plan for Social Security privatization
  431. Bush's state of delusion: speech to Congress ignores crises at home and abroad
  432. The Assault on Social Security: a New Campaign of Lies
  433. Police's icy response to child's snowball (Welcome to Naziworld!)
  434. Greenhouse gas turning oceans acid, scientists warn &#-11;&#-11;&#-11;&#-11;(Government nonscience)
  435. USA Infant Death Rate Highest in 40 Years
  436. Health Chief Sees Changes in Aid for Poor (Understatement)
  437. Toward an 'Ownership Society' (As if it has any meaning)
  438. Red states won - now the red ink (Now?!)
  439. Palestinian loss of land 1946 to 2000
  440. Only huge emissions cuts will curb climate change (Absurd idiocy)
  441. Rice signals harder line on Iran
  442. Gregoire receives death threat
  443. GOP fundraiser for 'Adopt a Sniper' shut down at college
  444. Gambling With Your Retirement - Paul Krugman
  445. Some Barred From Bush's North Dakota Speech ("Bush Blacklist")
  446. Judge allows GOP challenge to Washington state governor's race to go forward
  447. US appeals Guantanamo decision
  448. Bush to Seek $419.3 Billion for 'Defense' (!!?)
  449. Rumsfeld says he offered to resign (Cute, so very cute)
  450. FOX Sics its Dogs on "Un-American" Professors
  451. Presbyterians to justify Israel divestment (Justify? Don't like it then fuck off)
  452. Presbyterian: Muslims easier to deal with than Jews (and Jews are tiresomely and arrogantly outraged, as usual)
  453. Episcopal Church next to shun Israel?
  454. Officials Back Away from Early Estimates of Iraqi Voter Turnout
  455. New York man charged with mailing threatening letter to Presbyterian Church (More of them should send threatening letters, and increase the abject hatred of them)
  457. Iran approaches a flashpoint (But there was no Ali Baba & 19 Hijerkers, fool!)
  458. Iraqi security, US forces suffer losses
  459. 'The Forces of Freedom' vs. 10 Million Martyrs (Don't forget why this is all being done)
  461. Master list of dead scientists and microbiologists
  462. Iran sentences alleged Israeli spy to 10 years
  463. Gay vets benefits at risk? (Guess)
  464. A Culture of Secrecy (and then some)
  465. Bush's 'Perception Management' Plan
  466. Enron Schemes Caught On Tape
  467. Allawi faces defeat as Iraqi cleric's team leads the polls
  468. Record Shell profit spurs windfall tax calls (Surely they jest!)
  469. Criminal World (Looted Nation, Illegal Government, Genocidal Administration, ...)
  470. Matthews: White House Staged Slain Marine Mom's Hug
  471. State Of The Union 2005: A Public Declaration Of War
  472. Wolfowitz Says No Iraq Nationalist Insurgency (Brain transplant!)
  473. World Tribune.com -- New non-lethal weapon lets troops microwave hostile crowds(Torquemada this!)
  474. Ministers defend right to confiscate E. Jerusalem property
  475. Senators Lieberman, Salazar break with Democrats and support Gonzales
  476. Expulsion of Israeli envoy covered up (AU)
  477. Principal bans 'anti-military,' 'anti-American' materials (Principlal needs to be banned)
  478. We've Been Warned - The state of our union:perpetual war (Remembe PNAC)
  479. In Colorado, the exit polls were spot on for the Senate race. Only Bush's results shifted.
  480. U.S. Soldiers Head North To Seek Asylum
  481. Yukos Fugitives Feted in U.S.
  482. Bush-Lieberman hug after speech a puzzler and reptilian anomaly
  483. Palestinian-Israeli talks hit snag (It's called Israeli hubris)
  484. Palestinians Criticize Prisoner Release
  485. Bush tells CBC he's 'unfamiliar' with Voting Rights Act (Duuhhh)
  486. Government won't withhold payments to Halliburton
  487. First Artificial Neon Sky Show Created (Some realities of HAARP)
  488. U.S. 'in for a shock' / In early election results, Shiite cleric's alliance trouncing Washington's favorite
  489. Santorum: Greasing the Skids for Mass Murdering Iranians
  490. The Nevada Jobs Machine
  491. 'U.S. should be open to God's priorities' (Sick motherfucker)
  492. Rice: US Seeks European Aid in Helping to Force Change in Iran (Usual babbling)
  493. TheInsider.org - Israel instructs America to attack Iran and Syria
  494. Bush cites Iran as the 'primary state sponsor of global terror' when it's really US and Israel
  495. Israeli forces bulldoze Palestinian lands in Negev desert (It's what they do)
  496. Shiite Ticket Leads Allawi in Iraq Vote
  497. Moving Company Owner Sentenced
  498. Movers and fakers get rich in S. Florida
  499. No repercussions yet for Bush's misinformation
  500. Sharon says U.S. should also disarm Iran, Libya and Syria
  501. Mossad sources admit 911 link
  502. Does Your Vehicle Have An ' Event Data Recorder' On Board?
  503. Girls sued for delivering cookies (Nation of lunatics, idiots, ...)
  504. Ward Churchill's Essay and Statement: Updated...Again (and the 19 bogus hijerkers are invoked...again)
  505. The Emperor's New Hump
  506. Post seeks access to sealed papers in GI trials
  507. Russians sue U.S. government for torturing them at Guantanamo camp
  508. New York subway fire exposes city's social and political crises (symbolic of a decaying nation)
  509. Elaine Cassel: Did Zoloft Make Him Do It?
  510. news @ nature.com - Minority rule works for animals - Algorithm shows how honeybees and fish follow a lead.(Thus explaining political parties)
  511. Company Said to Stop Making 'Crazy' Bear (Oh Grow up!)
  512. votetheft
  513. Political Associate of Dead Georgian Prime Minister Commits Suicide (???)
  514. The American Dream - Jumana Hanna's lies about Saddam's Iraq
  515. Early election results: Shiite coalition leads (US to murder Sistani)
  516. The Coming Israeli Attack on Iran, and its Consequences: Pearl Harbor Redux
  517. Are The World's Top Microbiologists Being Murdered?
  518. Stop the Hawks Now (Nazi Amerika)
  519. The "Dollar" Crisis, and Us
  520. Author Now Suspects 'Deep Throat' Was -- Drumroll, Please -- George H.W. Bush
  521. Israel's supporters in Australia kick up a fuss about expulsion of diplomat
  522. Supporters of Zundel protest outside LA Canadian consulate
  523. Early returns show Shiites way ahead
  524. FBI probes Jewish sway on Bush government
  525. Rice lavishes praise on Britain - but attacks 'loathed' Iran
  526. Put Hannity, Rush on the front lines (Sounds fair to me)
  527. Sistani's Shia coalition takes commanding poll position
  528. Bush Plan Would Up Defense, Cut Farm Funds (Ot's at least destructively consistent)
  529. Smiles mask the steel as Rice gets tough on Iranian nuclear threat (Not steel, juts repto venom)
  530. Rice talks language of diplomacy - but it has alarming echoes (She's a repto moron. What did you expect?)
  531. Cdn. consulate in L.A. target of Zundel protest
  532. Iraq Shi'ite Bloc Says to Demand Prime Ministership
  533. Iran said to allow UN agency inspection (Better prepare for lightning retaliation against the impending Israeli attack)
  534. Rice's European trip clouded by Iran (and her own excuse for a brain)
  535. Al-Qaeda plot against London 'inevitable' (CIA-Mossad to attack London)
  536. Russia ends de facto dollar peg and moves to align rouble with euro
  537. Civil war: a new excuse for the war? (A point was genocide, all along)
  538. Will Iran get "Liberty-ized"? (Yup, with Israel attacking first)
  539. United States Divided: How much do some Pro-Bush crazies hate those who oppose the war?
  540. U.S. Dept Defense plans more internet sites with fake journalists for propaganda
  541. Iraq Sunnis demand US exit timetable as price for rejoining mainstream
  542. Terror Gang Attacks Zundel Protestors (Canadian Brown Shirts In Action)
  543. Rice Seeks Russian Democracy Commitment (and lives in Wackoworld of pure Arrogance abd delusions of grandeur)
  544. US agents kidnapped militant for torture in Egypt
  545. Judge allows GOP challenge to Washington state governor's race to go forward
  546. Judge Rules There Will Be No Revote
  547. Secretary of State Kevin Shelley resigns amid investigations
  548. Canadians Fight for Privacy
  549. CU professor refuses to apologize for 'little Eichmanns' 9/11 comments
  550. School May Fire Professor for 9/11 Comment
  551. FBI visits Green Party official
  552. U.S. Probes Military-Sponsored Web Sites
  553. U.S. Drops Criminal Inquiry of C.I.A. Antidrug Effort in Peru
  554. CIA Escapes Charges in Peru Plane Downing
  555. Troops given anthrax shots after judge banned them
  556. Gonzales confirmed: war criminal to head US Justice Department
  557. Revealed: Britain's role in Guantanamo abduction
  558. Army probes 160 Iraq abuse cases (and will find little wrong)
  559. U.S. Drops One Charge Against Abu Ghraib Defendant
  560. 3 Guantanamo Detainees Ordered Released (3, only 3)
  561. U.N.: Detainees May Develop Psychosis
  562. US appeals Guantanamo decision
  563. Post seeks access to sealed papers in GI trials
  564. Army Refuses to Allow Lawyers to See Classified Evidence
  565. Iraqi oil pipeline sabotaged
  566. Abducted journalist calls colleague (abducted by US forces that is)
  567. Attacks Kill Three U.S. Troops, 33 Iraqis
  568. US troops pledged in case of Korean war (man a slip twixt ...)
  569. U.S. questions Assad's control in Syria (Wolfowitz dummy speaks)
  570. Bush to Boost Military Budget by 4.8%
  571. America will not rest until war on [of] terror is won, says Bush's wanton mouth
  572. Germany: 5 million unemployed--worst since World War II
  573. More British troops face court martial: seven accused of Iraqi civilian murder
  574. Gonzales confirmed: war criminal to head US Justice Department
  575. French workers need a new political perspective Political issues in the fight against the attacks of Chirac and Raffarin
  576. Vietnam 1967 & Iraq 2005: using elections to justify criminal wars
  577. Iraq election sets stage for escalating political turmoil
  578. The "State" of the Union: More War and a Ban on Love
  579. Roger Burbach: World Social Forum, the Tale of Two Presidents
  580. A Threatened UN in King George's Court
  581. Pamela Olson: A West Bank Story
  582. How the NYT Killed the Bush Bulge Story
  583. Bush, Rice and Latin America
  584. Liberals Trash Ward Churchill (showing that are not, and phoney)
  585. A Ward Churchill Kind of Day
  586. Ward Churchill and the Mad Dogs
  587. Togo Chief Dies After 38 Years in Power
  588. US cash threat to Aids war
  589. The defiant UN starts fightback
  590. Spain to test cannabis as aid for patients
  591. Catholic hero now faces Vatican inquiry (Mexico)
  592. Global fishing crisis
  593. Thaksin Heads for Unprecedented 2nd Term, Polls Show (Update2)
  594. Thai PM claims victory in polls
  595. Thais Elect New Government; Major Win Projected for Prime Minister ...
  596. Thaksin Expected to Win Thailand Election (Hmmmm - ooops?)
  597. Mike favors gay nups - & appeal (Is this an ooops?)
  598. Pressure builds on Beijing to unpeg the yuan from US dollar (That would be smart)
  599. Deficit will stabilise - Greenspan (Lia, liar, pants on fire!)
  600. Get out a hankie; Hubble as we know it is a goner (Government nonscience)
  601. Halftime, ads checked to shed toilet bowl risk (Grow Up, assholes!)
  602. Celebrex lessons (Pharmas are liars. What's simpler and truer?)
  603. Studies: Few receive stroke drug (The problem is called government)
  604. Study finds medical woes at root of many bankruptcies (Insurers don't pay; Isurer = Abu Ghraib)
  605. Medically Induced Bankruptcy?
  606. Bankruptcy and Pro-Longed illness Connection in United States
  607. G7 ready to provide full debt relief for poor nations (What's the scam? IMF?)
  608. Press Action ::: What Ward Churchill Didn't Say: (It's the Singer...Not the Song)
  609. "We the People Do Not Concede"
  610. The Secret is Out: The Iraqi Insurgency according to CIA "Intelligence"
  611. Don't mention Fallujah: Another unembedded journalist disappears in Iraq
  612. WMD absence 'makes public doubt terror threat' (The public isn't that smart)
  613. Promise wanted from Mr Blair about Iran
  615. Results of Landmark Iraq Election Delayed
  616. India Daily Russia and China announce strategic partnership in a bid to counter expanding Western military and fiscal influences
  617. Bush: Holding Three Jobs 'Uniquely American'
  618. US Held Responsible For KAM AIR Disaster
  619. CNN.com - Bill sets fine for low-riding pants - Feb 9, 2005 (Nazi Virginia)
  620. US has more nuclear weapons in Europe than thought: report (Missing WMDs!)
  621. Blair refuses to rule out joining any US action against Iran
  622. Ann Coulter Sticks Her Entire Leg in Her Mouth (maybe she'll choked to death)
  623. With America at war, Hollywood follows
  624. New Stories Emerge From Fallujah
  625. Final results of Iraqs elections delayed
  626. Coulter on Canada
  627. TheStar.com - Montreal terrorist suspect testifies
  628. Rice: Iran must halt nuclear program
  629. Alleged Kuwaiti Terror Group Leader Dies (by accident, of course)
  630. Bush's so-called "PERSONAL RETIREMENT ACCOUNTS are ACTUALLY Chinese Communist Party Loans
  631. Free Republic named in smear campaign!
  632. FreeRepublic Used to Smear Political Rival?
  633. Bush's Poodle (Tony Blair) Echoes Bush's Neocon Line on Iran
  635. US still has 110 nuclear weapons in UK
  636. Warning To The World About The New America
  637. Bush press pal quits over gay prostie link
  638. New White House Estimate Lifts Drug Benefit Cost to $720 Billion
  639. Iraq War Vet Arrested After Standoff With Police
  640. Detainees Accuse Female Interrogators
  641. JINSA Neocon Ledeen Admits Ukraine Election Meddling (There too)
  642. Lynne Stewart threatened by militant Jewish Defense Org
  643. George Bushs Moby Dick
  644. Mall kiosk probe ends in Israelis' deportation
  645. Palestinian shot day after ceasefire
  646. The Raw Story | A rational voice &#-11;&#-11; Fox News seeks staff for new &#-11;&#-11;&#-11;Fair and Balanced Radio Netwo
  647. U.S. campaign putting pressure on Canadian MPs over same-sex vote
  648. Army uniforms get first redesign in 2 decades (Spend it all! It's not ours!)
  649. The Israeli Palestinian Conflict and the spread of Empire and Desolation
  650. Palestinians Attack Israeli Settlements (So, um, who broke cease fire?)
  651. PresidentKhatami: Iran will turn into `burning hell` if attacked
  652. White House reporter's credentials questioned
  653. General: Plane downed by hostile action
  654. American Defeat in Iraq
  655. Was White House 'reporter' paid?
  656. At What Cost?
  657. How to Protect Your Child from the Coming Draft
  658. No-Shows Annoy Group Probing 2004 Election (:-)
  659. By the company they keep...
  660. Students ordered to wear tracking tags (Nazi Amerika)
  661. "Israeli measures to silence the voices of truth"
  662. Woman admits Iraq heroism story was hoax
  663. Newsday: Court to decide access to 9/11 tapes
  664. "Pod People" try to take over 9/11 truth movement
  665. On Handcuffed and Felonious Children (Nazi Amerika)
  666. 'Popular Mechanics' readies major hit piece against 9/11 skeptics
  667. Bush budget scraps 9,790 border patrol agents / President uses law's escape clause to drop funding for new homeland security force
  668. Israeli consul in Australia suspected of sexual harassment (or ...)
  669. Loose 'Gannon'
  670. U.S. Trade Deficit Hits All-Time High In 2004
  671. Senator Calls for Release of Comments by CNN News Chief (Senator Nutzy Loopo?)
  672. Woolsey Calls for Hearings: Support Troops by Bringing Them Home
  673. Netanyahu attempts to scuttle Holocaust restitution bill
  674. Second Palestinian killed after summit
  675. RollingStone.com: Beyond 'Fair and Balanced' : Politics
  676. Bush Administration Blocked The Public Release Of A New 9/11 Report For More
  677. Rumsfeld Company Sold Nuclear Weapon Equipment to North Korea (Articles) Craig Cox
  678. Israel scraps peace talks after mortar attack setup
  679. Bush Is Leading America Into War and Disaster
  680. Analysis: Hamas history tied to Israel (providing those convenient attacks)
  681. Rabbi: Tsunami punishment for pullout (Studied under Daffy Duck)
  682. Continuing FBI Investigations Mean Potentially Serious Trouble for Israel (Expect them to be stopped)
  683. The coming showdown in Iran (A possible sequence)
  684. US Chinook Downed Kills 14, Clashes In Ramadi Kills More
  685. 2004 Trade Deficit Hits All-Time High
  686. US killed detainees
  687. The Power of the New Media, Jeff Gannon Dispatched Into Irrelevancy
  688. Mother Lode (oil, that is)
  689. U.S. snares patient's drug from Canada
  690. Unqualified medics 'did amputations'
  691. Bush Proposes Cuts to Scores of Programs
  692. Religious right fights science for the heart of America
  693. Plum assignment awaits Harris
  694. C.I.A. Defers to Congress, Agreeing to Disclose Nazi Records
  695. CIA Chiefs Quash Revealing Report Pointing Fingers For September 11 (Red Herring)
  696. The Right has a License to Write Anything
  697. Paranoia grips the U.S. capital
  698. Chemical spray used on students
  699. What You Don't Know About The Joint Terrorism Task Force (Portland)
  700. Met chief wants ban lifted on terrorism reporting
  701. Lapierre worried about helping keep U.S. secure
  702. U.S. Redesigning Atomic Weapons
  703. US main supporter of terrorism: Iran
  704. Homeless vets wait years for aid
  705. No plan yet to deploy troops to Iraq: Pettigrew (Canada)
  706. 4 Egyptians in Iraq ambushed, kidnapped
  707. U.S. snares patient's drug from Canada
  708. Asbestos Bill Delayed at Republicans' Request
  709. Middle Class Hurt by Bush's Values - Howard Dean
  710. Bush Budget Raises Drug Prices for Many Veterans
  711. Budget proposal calls for Marine Corps Restructuring
  712. Bush budget calls for big cuts (guess where)
  713. Bush Proposes Steep Cuts in $2.57T Budget
  714. Judge to Inquire Into Secret Tapes of Terrorism Case Witness
  715. Big Rise for F.B.I. in Antiterror War
  716. Passport racket blows hole in Baghdad's security net
  717. Iraq oil pipeline ablaze after fresh sabotage
  718. Gitmo Detainees: U.S. Troops Abused Them
  719. Lawyer Says U.S. Forces Abused Kuwaiti Prisoners
  720. Kuwaitis Allege Torture by U.S. Forces
  721. CIA Renditions of Terror Suspects Are 'Out of Control:' Report
  722. German carnival pokes fun at Bush
  723. W.R. Grace indicted in Libby asbestos deaths
  724. Senate Bill Would Hobble Citizen Lawsuits vs. Polluters
  725. Judge demands appearance by Gale Norton
  726. GOP Consultant Sentenced in Phone Jamming
  727. Ohio Officials Begin Voting Machine Fight
  728. Rove finally given title in US government
  729. Rove Is Promoted to Deputy Staff Chief
  730. Protesters challenge NYC arrests
  731. LA police kill 13-year-old suspected car thief
  732. Key West Man Dies After Being Pepper Sprayed By Police
  733. Homeland Security Budget Jumps, So Do Public Fees
  734. Alert: GOP Bill to Suspend Laws Is Moving!
  735. U.S. and allied forces staging space warfare games in Nevada
  736. Venezuela calls US official "impertinent" (That's all?!)
  737. Back from Iraq - and suddenly out on the streets
  738. Fraud and corruption (US style)
  739. US set to free last French Guantanamo Bay detainees
  740. 'Torture jet' flies back to Scotland
  741. Tanks, officers impose order in Fallujah
  742. Anger at U.S.scientists designing of new nuclear weapons
  743. US scientists designing new generation of nuclear arms
  744. Mossad and U.S. forces in Iraq spy on Iran
  745. Pentagon to broadcast to millions of U.S. homes (?!)
  746. Minn. Dems Won't Name Building for Reagan (The little good news available)
  747. Wal-Mart Shuts Unionizing Store
  748. Plan could require all in state to have health insurance (not to have it, just *pay* for it)
  749. New White House Estimate Lifts Drug Benefit Cost to $720 Billion
  750. Senate Refuses Change to Class-Action Bill
  751. Leg. Protecting Vaccine Mfrs. from Liability Under Guise of Protecting Americans from Terror
  752. White House Reporter "Jeff Gannon" Admits He Used Fake Name
  753. Rove's New Position Will Involve Policy
  754. Judges Dissolve Ohio Vote Machine Deadline
  755. Bush budget scraps 9,790 border patrol agents
  756. Diplomats: US lobbying to oust ElBaradei from IAEA
  757. Lawyers for Omar Khadr allege Canadian teen abused in U.S. prison camp
  758. Bush Seeks $400 Million to Reward Allies
  759. Washington warns Iran that its patience will not last forever
  760. N. Korea Says Made Nuke Weapons, Shuns 6 - Way Talks
  761. N. Korea admits having nuclear weapons
  762. 9/11 Report Cites Many Warnings About Hijackings
  763. Bush EPA Planning Two-Year Amnesty for Factory Farm Polluters
  764. Canada backs terminator seeds (!)
  765. RNC challenges ads criticizing Bush's Social Security plan
  766. U.S. Scientists Say They Are Told to Alter Findings
  767. Parents protest kiddie tags
  768. Students ordered to wear tracking tags
  769. In Harm's Way (What the US corpagov does)
  770. OIF, OEF Veterans Wanted As Special Recruiters
  771. Iran to take control of world's oil trade in 2005
  772. Pentagon regularly reviews war plans against Iran: Centcom
  773. U.S. Military Advisers 'Embed' in Iraqi Units
  774. German Prosecutor Won't Pursue Rumsfeld Case (Damn!)
  775. Lawyer Convicted of Helping Terrorists (an outrage)
  776. The Left Coaster: Yesterday's Gallup Poll Showing Bush Approval At 57% Had 9% More Republicans Than Democrats(Polls are paid for propaganda - sorta like news)
  777. White House asked to explain role of Web site reporter at briefings
  778. Britain accused over CIA's secret torture flights
  779. Patriot Act strikes Marshall Islands bank
  780. Australian government persecutes released Guant&#-11;&#-11;namo prisoner
  781. UK government pushes ahead with privatisation of healthcare
  782. Jobs and wages picture remains bleak for millions in US
  783. Amid sweeping cuts in US budget Bush plans renewed assault on Medicaid
  784. Medical bills cause more than half of US personal bankruptcies
  785. New evidence of Enron's criminal role in California's energy crisis
  786. Australian woman imprisoned for 10 months as an illegal immigrant
  787. Germany welcomes conference of war criminals, witch-hunts their opponents
  788. France: half-million-strong protest against government attacks
  789. US budget slashes social spending to pay for war and repression
  790. Bush's budget: government by fraud and lies
  791. New York's public schools marred by corporate model, police repression
  792. Poor, distraught and desperate: Oregon man threatens suicide on floor of state Senate
  793. Thailand's right-wing populist wins national elections
  794. Australia: recycled Labor leader says he will act for the wealthy
  795. Elliot Abrams: defender of death squads to direct US "democracy" crusade
  796. Tariq Ali: Imperial Delusion (yes)
  797. Carolyn Baker: Ward Churchill and the Attack on Higher Education
  798. Paul Craig Roberts: More Bad News on the Jobs Front
  799. David Smith-Ferri: Sanctions and the Health Crisis in Iraq
  800. Harry Browne: Soldiers Seek Asylum in Ireland
  801. Against the Selfishness of the "Ownership Society"
  802. Tim Wise: Reflections on Empire and Uppity Indians
  803. Steen Sohn: Danish PM Says It's OK for Israel to Violate UN Resolutions
  804. Patrick Cockburn: Sistani's Vision for Iraq
  805. The Coup in Nepal: Nursing the Pinion
  806. Ambassador of Lies: Elliott Abrams, the Neocon's Neocon
  807. What Academic Freedom?
  808. Jeffrey St. Clair: Bunker Busters and City Levellers
  809. Feb. 11: Protest The New Republic's Sadistic Fantasies on the Torture & Arunghati Roy and Stan Goff
  810. FALLOUT (US Navy covert and incompetent nuclear "research")
  811. Iran nuclear row could spiral out of control (No!? Really?)
  812. Report questions why nuclear material went missing
  813. Army Agrees To Pay Halliburton $2 Billion For Imaginary Work
  814. Haaretz - Nazi soap stories `invention'
  815. Critics Want Full Report of 9/11 Panel (Lot's of luck)
  816. Spearing the Beast - Paul Krugman
  817. While the United States Makes Demands on Iran
  818. US N-strategy calls for outsourcing strikes
  819. Iran to take control of world's oil trade in 2005
  820. Experts doubt United States intelligence on Tehran (Fool me once?)
  821. U.S. Might Face "Ultimate Nightmare" in Middle East Where Shiites Control Most of the World's Oil
  822. The Return of the Draft
  823. CNN.com - Official says hundreds of U.S. citizens likely died in gulags - Feb 11, 2005
  824. Hunger for Dictatorship (not may wreck, but has wrecked US democracy already)
  825. Propaganda-Gate; Jeff/Jim Gannon/Guckert Still Does Not Get It
  826. Conviction of Lynne Stewart is a Travesty of Justice
  827. Popular Mechanics Does 9/11
  828. Israelis Caught Faking Hezbollah Rocket Attack (Again?!)
  829. Bush plan could lift electricity rates 20%
  830. House backs major shift to electronic IDs (What did you expect?)
  831. Russian State Television Denounces World Jewry (Hmmm)
  832. The Evolution of Revolution
  833. Instruments of doom (A Must Read)
  834. All-out push for commercialisation of Sterile Seed Technology
  835. What They're Not Telling You About the "Election"
  836. Report: Thousands wrongly convicted each year
  837. Election results in Southwestern Ohio
  838. Lessons from Utah (re radioactive waste and contamination)
  839. Not so "Free Republic": The Shot Heard Around the Net (It's just a repto hangout)
  840. Russia Says It's Ready to Arm Saudi Arabia
  841. NYC Health Officials Find New, Virulent HIV Strain
  842. 'A Clean Break' (from James Bamford's 'A Pretext for War')
  843. Taxing us all - literally - to death (Then there is poisoning, starving,disease creation and oh yes - unending war)
  844. Record Deficit Challenges Free Trade Assumptions (Um - what free trade?!)
  845. IRAQ'S DODGY ELECTION (There's been a lot of dodginess going around)
  846. War on WMD backfires (Oh? Wait!)
  847. Dem Says He's Open to Private Soc. Sec. (How much was Tom Carper oaid?)
  848. Flu Claims Another Student's Life
  849. Rare and Aggressive H.I.V. Reported in New York
  850. Health Canada pulls ADHD drug off the market
  851. FDA Won't Ban Drug For ADHD
  852. Drug Regulators Are Trying to Quash Study, Senator Says
  853. Bush's Class-War Budget
  854. Bush Threatens to Veto Medicare Changes
  855. Howard Dean Sets Stage to Lead Democrats (I don't think so)
  856. Two Wal-Mart stores in Gatineau, Que., receive bomb threats; one reopens
  857. NDP accuses Wal-Mart of "economic terrorism"
  858. Judge Questions Gov't Response to Detainee
  859. New Sept. 11 report shows U.S. blunders (disinformational garbage)
  860. New Memo Shows Expert Warned of Al-Qaeda in 2001 (More disinformational garbage)
  861. Pentagon Uses BioShield Act to Revive Anthrax Vaccinations
  862. U.S. Refuses One-On-One North Korea Talks
  863. CIA Debacle in Iran Cost Spies' Lives
  864. CNN Executive Jordan Quits Over Iraq Remarks
  865. Iraq Car Bomb Explodes in Balad Ruz Hours After Rumsfeld's Visit to Mosul (Misseed!)
  866. Torture, American Style
  867. C.I.A. Interrogator's Defense to Cite Bush at Brutality Trial
  868. Suit Filed for 500 Guantanamo Detainees
  869. More evidence of US government's torture by proxy
  870. The further hemorrhaging of Detroit--city to shut 34 public schools
  871. SBC buying AT&T for $16 billion--25,000 telecommunications jobs to go
  872. Sharon government continues land grab in East Jerusalem, West Bank and Gaza
  873. The new McCarthyism: the witch-hunting of Ward Churchill
  874. US Army National Guard faces recruitment crisis (Mercenaries coming up)
  875. US judge rejects claim that Guant&#-11;&#-11;namo detainees have no rights
  876. Lynne Stewart's Conviction Hurts Us All
  877. Bush's State of Delusion
  878. War is Peace; Slavery is Freedom: Democracy According to Elliott Abrams
  879. Kurt Nimmo: The Racism of Ann Coulter
  880. AIDS News Causes Alarm, but Little Surprise (CIA has done it again?)
  881. Health chiefs under fire for pulling drug (Adderall)
  882. Bush cuts hit Democratic states, analysis finds (You can't say he's not vicious)
  883. Losing Three Trillion Smackeroos (Dov Zackheim)
  884. Dov Zakheim, called for a 'Pearl Harbor'
  885. CNN Exec who suggested reporters were deliberately killed by coalition forces forced to resign
  886. The Truth Seeker - Voice of the White House February 6, 2005
  887. Proposal to Brown University to Divest from Israel/a>
  888. Rumsfeld chased out of Mosul by barrage by Iraqi Resistance(Can't we do that?)
  889. InfoManage Forums - Israel gave major to aid to Hamas
  890. University to shut maths department (The continuing trend)
  891. Washington campaigns to frustrate sale of Russian weapons to Venezuela
  892. ADHD Drug Pulled Off Market In Canada; US Sales Continue]
  893. Lawyer guilty of aiding terrorists faces 20 years in jail (a national war crime)
  894. Could Bush Possibly Make the Same Mistake Twice? Yeah. (Not mistakes, but sacrifices - and not his, yours)
  895. Analysis: U.S., Iran face off in Munich
  896. US succeeds in dumping Afghanistan on NATO
  897. Lasers warn pilots of restricted airspace (Why innocent people were arrested)
  898. Former CIA Director George Tenet Presented With ADL'S Highest Honor (Spies reward their poodle)
  899. JDO sought to influence jurors in Stewart trial
  900. The Advertiser: Sex spy ring bust [13feb05] (Israel, a blight second only to US in virulence)
  901. Concern spreads over drug given to troops (a little late)
  902. Meet the Stenographers (Welcome to WackoWorld!)
  903. Israeli Spying in America
  904. Expelled diplomat linked to US secrets ($9 Billion is not enough: even pitbulls don't bite the hand that feeds)
  905. The Pentagon's 'NATO Option' (and creating illusory insurgency, i.e., lying for fun and profit)
  906. The Fox News Synthetic Bovine lawsuit
  907. The Armageddon Network, reviewed by Richard H. Curtiss, Nov. 26, 1984
  908. Waxman calls for hearings on new 911 evidence (As if ...)
  909. Merck under fire again over mercury in vaccines
  910. AlterNet: Bush's Covert Propaganda Machine
  911. Vaccine findings confirm fears
  913. Sorry George, but Iraq has given you the purple finger (and this is desperate)
  914. From Aqaba to Sharm: Fake Peace Festivals (yes)
  915. Lebanese official: Why is Israel never pressured to apply international resolutions?
  916. Bush Used Tax Dollars for Propaganda
  917. U.S. Lawmakers Seek to Block Start of Canadian Cattle Imports
  918. Up to 70% interest - credit card aimed at the poor (Usury once meant charging *any* interest - and it was both repugnant and illegal)
  919. U.S. Intelligence Reviewing Assessments on Iran (Reviewing whims and fabrications)
  920. Ohio Mulls Academic 'Bill of Rights' (Accelerated Nazification)
  921. Texas GOP Trying to Gut Ethics Inquiry, Critics Say (More Nazification)
  922. Neo-Nazis Aim to Upgrade PR
  923. Schwarzenegger Calls Democrats 'Addicts' (GOP = Nazi Party)
  924. ABC News: CNN News Executive Eason Jordan Quits (What he didn't "intend" is of course, true)
  925. Trapped in America (Scourge of world)
  926. Fake White House correspondent unmasked by bloggers
  927. Pentagon covers up failure to train and recruit local security forces
  928. Shia bloc wins Iraq polls, Sunnis marginalised
  929. Shiites Dominate Iraq Election; Kurds 2nd
  930. Mossad 'Diplomat' Spy Expelled From Oz, Thought to be After US Secrets
  931. Fire Ravages Madrid Sky Scraper, No Injuries (Unlike the demolition work at WTC)
  932. Israeli consul in nude picture storm
  933. Madrid's Biggest Fire Destroys Skyscraper
  934. Florida food stamp system sees 53% jump from 2000
  935. Iraqi Shiite Muslim Coalition Wins Most Votes in Poll
  936. US drones probing Iran's air defenses (Iran should be shooting them down)
  937. Shiites and Kurds the main winners in Iraq elections
  938. Photo of the Madrid Skyscraper fire (A real fire! - and still standing)
  939. Four Israelis arrested for trying to sell Palestinian land (The sickness is almost funny)
  940. Suspicion surrounds missing Bay Area man / His fellow military contract worker pointed to kickback schemes -- and then was killed
  941. The Jew Who Fled Rio (pedophile, Arie Scher has surfaced
  942. On Bush's budget
  943. Neocons Concentrate on Promoting U.S.-Iran War
  944. Me, My Mother, and The NWO (A slice of real life in some palatable syrup)
  945. Dead-End for War Crimes Accusations: German Prosecutor Won't Pursue Rumsfeld Case - International - SPIEGEL ONLINE
  946. Pullback supporters receive death threats (True colors of criminal "settlers")
  947. Worry Spreads Over GI Drug Side Effects (that were ignored)
  948. Sharon Orders Jewish Extremist Crackdown (The pathological liar speaks)
  949. 500 Palestinian prisoners to be released (or not)
  950. Norway's PM embarrasses Sharon (No, Sharonscum is perfectly shameless)
  951. U.S. Eyes Iran Via Drones Launched From Iraq (What would happen to Irani drones over Fortress DC?)
  952. Detainee Says He Was Tortured in U.S. Custody
  953. Senate May Open Inquiry Into C.I.A.'s Handling of Suspects (Oh sure - blahblahblahblah...)
  954. U.S. told two years ago North Korea had nuclear weapons (Oh that's just historical - condiscum)
  955. Castro says U.S. to blame if Chavez assassinated (Well - who else would do it?)
  956. Castro Warns of Threat Against Chavez (Warning of the obvious)
  957. Iran Warns U.S. Not to Play with Nuclear 'Fire'
  958. I'm no terrorist, but I won't say why I was there
  959. Fresh Guantanamo torture claims (endless as the deeds themselves)
  960. U.S. Said to Pay Iraq Contractors in Cash (Like mafia payments)
  961. Chalabi nominated for Iraq PM (Have *got* to be joking)
  962. FM to push UK to class Hizbullah as terror org (= anti genocidalzionist)
  963. Iran starts production of torpedoes (Good thinking)
  964. Two Americas? (Yup: humans and reptos - simple as that)
  965. First Bush Memo on al-Qaeda Declassified
  966. Turkey suspects foul play in Iraq elections (Good thinking)
  967. Former Lebanese PM Hariri killed by bomb (guess who did it)
  968. In 1 of greatest ironies of US intervention, Iraqis elected religion based gov't sympathetic to Iran
  969. Blogs now among the important mix of communication tools (Because the media lying becomes ever more clear)
  970. Down With Murder, Incorporated (Dov Zakheim)
  971. Vaccine findings confirm fears (thimerisol)
  972. Putin Urges Early Repayment of Russias Whole External Debt
  973. Chavez: US is a terrorist state
  974. Castro Warns Of Venezuela Plot
  975. CIA Operation in Iran Failed When Spies Were Exposed
  976. Horror of Dresden bombing divides nation
  977. How Democracy Will Destroy Israel
  978. The View From Palestine
  979. AMS: Iraq election lacked legitimacy
  980. Why is everyone mad at the mainstream media? (Continuous lying?)
  981. Iraq winners more than U.S. bargained for
  982. Their Objections to War Lead Activists To Do Battle with IRS
  983. Iraq's Allawi, Mahdi May Gain After Assembly Election (??)
  984. Weapons inspector says Iraq report censored
  985. Britain Wanted A 'Sexier' Iraqi Weapons Report Claims Scientist
  987. Montserrat volcano victims get the heave-ho from the U.S.
  988. Lies, Damned Lies And Rice
  989. Israel and/or America Implicated in Killing of Rafik Harriri (No!? Really?)
  990. Water Treatment Plant Death Ruled Homicide (Chemists now too?!)
  991. US fights back against 'rule by clerics'
  992. Israel Delays Transfer of Jericho to PNA
  993. The Raw Story | A rational voice &#-11;&#-11; Reporter with prostitution links and false name got access to Bush; Questions surface on relationship with White House staff
  994. U.S. Missile Defense System Flunks Test
  995. The Liars' Den
  996. DRAFT THE MEDIA!! - THEY SOLD WAR, LET THEM FIGHT IT! (Sounds good to me!)
  997. BUSTED! CNN uses same photo of "nuclear facility" for both North Korea and Iran
  998. Israel and/or America Implicated in Killing of Rafik Harrir
  999. Late Hariri`sconsultant: Hariri`s assassination by Mossad aimed
  1000. Lebanon - Mossad Hit-Team Strikes Again
  1001. Israel renegs on Jericho handover
  1002. White House Turns Tables on Former American POWs
  1003. The Kidnapping of Giuliana Sgrena: Defaming the Iraqi Resistance is the Name of the Game
  1004. Protesters against Iraq war due to rally across the country
  1005. 'My Name Is Giuliana Sgrena: I Write for a Newspaper Which Opposed the Sanctions and the War Against Iraq'*
  1006. Flawed history curriculum 'too focused on Hitler' (UK)
  1007. Kerry calls for 40,000 new troops, more help for military families (Kerry sucks dead bears)
  1008. Who killed Rafiq al-Hariri? (Oh - now - let me think - hmmm ...)
  1009. DEATH BEFORE DISHONOR (and military zombie killing machines)
  1011. Israel Plans New W.Bank Settlement After Gaza Exit (Typical and expected)
  1012. US missile defence test flounders again (It's all a stinking fake and fraud)
  1013. Armageddon Online - $300,000,000,000 for War
  1015. Shia victory is blow to US line on Iran's N-arms
  1016. Database giant gives access to fake firms (Paying attention?)
  1017. The Smoking Gun in the White House (Many of them)
  1018. The Raw Story | A rational voice &#-11;&#-11; Congressmembers to file Freedom of Information Act request with Homeland Security, White House on discredited &#-11;&#-11;&#-11;Gannon&#-11;&#-11;&#-11;
  1019. Madrid's Burning Building Stands - World Trade Center Falls
  1020. U.S. Withdraws Ambassador From Syria
  1021. IRmep Policy Brief: 'Clean Break' or Dirty War? (Read and follow along)
  1022. Russia Tells Israel That Syrian Weapons Deal To Go Ahead: Sharon
  1023. Solana: No Need to Change EU-Syria Ties (i.e., it's known who really didthe assassination)
  1024. Secret US nuclear weapons: targets on bases in Europe
  1025. Shias heading for absolute majority
  1026. Toll to drive downtown? (More Nazi Amerika)
  1027. Yahoo! News - Cheney Daughter Also Rises -- at State Department (Credentials?!)
  1028. Singer Cat Stevens Says Awarded Libel Damages
  1029. Syria accuses Israel of killing Al Hariri (Finally! Getting to truth)
  1030. Tsunami victims to sue U.S. forecasters
  1031. Calif. GOP Changes Rule to Back Governor
  1032. New York GOP leader attacks Dean while drooling an foaming at the mouth
  1033. States fall behind on voting-system improvements
  1034. Flu Shots May Not Save Lives - U.S. Study (government science - who knows?)
  1035. Verizon to Acquire MCI for $6.75 Billion (monopoly building continues)
  1036. Wal-Mart settles child labor cases (Multinational Economic Terrorist)
  1037. Wal-Mart assailed in Parliament for 'economic terrorism'
  1038. A Personal Burden (On privatized pension systems - result is obvious)
  1039. After Bush Leaves Office, His Budget's Costs Balloon
  1040. Slaughter Spearheads Investigations Into Phony White House 'Journalist'
  1041. Madrid Fire Re-opens 9/11 Questions: Why did the twin towers fall so fast?(Demolitions - more questions?)
  1042. Clarke firm on house arrests (The UK Inquisition)
  1043. Number 10 defends 'house arrest'
  1044. Blair Backs Plans to Put Terror Suspects under House Arrest
  1045. FEC May Tighten Restrictions On Internet Political Activity (Uh-oh)
  1046. US accuses British charity of 'financing terrorism'
  1047. Gonzales Steps Aside From CIA Leak Probe
  1048. A Newly Meaningful Relationship? (Fucking Lieberman?!)
  1049. U.S. Is Shaping Plan to Pressure North Koreans
  1050. Ch&#-11;&#-11;vez arming to fight attack by U.S.
  1051. CIA Operation in Iran Failed When Spies Were Exposed
  1052. "Rendition" Case Takes a New Twist
  1053. Spy: Australians questioned held Iraqis
  1054. Australian terror suspect says he was beaten, sexually humiliated
  1055. Iraq 'election' results fail to stem violence
  1056. Insurgents (Freedom Fighters) target oil in Baghdad blast
  1057. Private firms lure UK troops in Iraq (Mercenaries - call 'em what they are)
  1058. Bush Sending $82 Bln Package to Congress (Great! Let him pay!)
  1059. Ex-U.S. Official in Iraq Says CPA Was 'Wild West'
  1060. Court: Activists Didn't Get Fair Trial
  1061. Reporter with prostitution links and false name got access to Bush
  1062. Bush Renominates 20 Failed Judicial Nominees ([sigh])
  1063. US multinationals awarded huge tax break on foreign earnings (The Corpagov)
  1064. Budget cuts FDA safety checks (as if FDA isn't corrupt enough)
  1065. Ex-Aide Questions Bush Vow to Back Faith-Based Efforts (Nonissue)
  1066. Va. school board OKs keeping Bible classes (Constitution? What Constitution?)
  1067. Ban on Matches, Lighters Vexes Airports (Shoes, socks and undepants are next)
  1068. NSA May Be 'Traffic Cop' for U.S. Networks (Nazi Amerika)
  1069. Public denied access to CIA's decades-old budget information
  1070. Bush Renews Call to Extend Patriot Act (Nazi Amerika)
  1071. Appeals Court Says 'Reporters' Must Testify or Go to Jail
  1072. Court: 'Reporters' Must Testify in CIA Leak Case
  1073. Court: 'Reporters' Must Testify in CIA Leak Case
  1074. Border talks called 'disturbing'
  1075. Global warming as bad as terrorism: ALP (Yup - all are phoney as hell)
  1076. Anti-war display a flash point (Nazi Amerika)
  1077. Display Stirs Controversy In Land Park
  1078. Lawyers call for release of Australian held in Iraq
  1079. Pentagon Is Investigating Another 8 Air Force Contracts (Oh yeah - sure - wake me when the bullshit is over)
  1080. Lawmakers Told About Contract Abuse in Iraq (Oh? Well, so what?)
  1081. US preparing strategy against North Korea (Ooops - that's what provoked Pearl Harbor)
  1082. U.S. Seems Sure of the Hand of Syria, Hinting at Penalties (Morons)
  1083. U.S. Ambassador in Syria Summoned Home
  1084. US accused of plan to muzzle al-Jazeera through privatisation
  1085. Sources: FBI Conducting Operations Abroad (That ain't news)
  1086. Rove Met With Saudis Three Months After 9/11
  1087. Chertoff Approved by Senate as U.S. Homeland Security Secretary (Another criminal)
  1088. US secretary of state offers Europe a "partnership" (Condicunt the Liar at work)
  1089. Howard Dean named Democratic chairman: cosmetic change for a right-wing party(Exactly!)
  1090. Gary Leupp: Post-Election Iraq, Some Preliminary Questions for Consideration
  1091. Outcome of the Iraqi Elections: Shortages, Corruption, Guerrilla War
  1092. Kuwait's Freedom, Bush-style
  1093. Paul Craig Roberts: The Great American Job Sell Out
  1094. Nadia Martinez: Ending World Poverty (Badia lives in lala land)
  1095. Stan Cox: Fighting Big Pharma in Little Digwal
  1096. Uri Avnery: "Sharm-al-Sheikh, We Have Come Back Again"
  1097. Robert Fisk: The Killing of Mr. Lebanon
  1098. CounterPunch News Service: Dean a "Safe" Moderate, Says NYT Citing CounterPunch
  1099. Paris cigarette ban goes up in smoke (Yea!)
  1100. Yushchenko targets privatisation 'theft' (Yea!)
  1101. Sharon firm on West Bank sites (Sharonscum still at it)
  1102. Droning on about Iranian UFOs
  1103. Angry citizens storm Lebanon's streets (against Syria?!)
  1104. Anti-Syrian protest at Hariri funeral (A put up protest)
  1105. Syrians feel heat from US (This is why the putup protest)
  1106. Pressure mounts against Lebanon, Syria over Hariri killing (Makes no sense at all - except as media fabricated lead in to invding Syria)
  1107. The Daily Star - Opinion Articles - The ramifications of Hariri's assassination
  1108. Rafik Hariri
  1109. Aljazeera.Net - Grief-stricken Lebanese point fingers
  1110. Pentagon spending more per soldier than during any previous war (???? Paying for *what* exactly? No lying allowed)
  1111. Gov to delay aid owed to schools
  1112. Israel Fears Russian Missiles to Syria Could Fall Into Terrorists Hands (Arrogant liars)
  1113. TomPaine.com - Axis Of Spies (A piece of reality)
  1114. CIA seizes Sen. Jackson papers
  1115. CNN Executive Says G.I.s in Iraq Target Journalists
  1116. Poland's Communist informers caught red-handed on the Net (A deliberate repto plant)
  1117. German visa scandal rattles foreign minister (Another repto plant)
  1118. Schr&#-11;&#-11;der races to halt neo-Nazi 'funeral march' in Dresden
  1119. Press review: The far right casts a shadow over Dresden
  1120. Neo-Nazis upstage Dresden memorial
  1121. Why are US military nurses being moved from Walter Reed to Iraq?
  1122. You didn't think they would stop with Iraq, did you? (Not for a minute)
  1123. Congress Moves To Destroy Netroots
  1124. Netanyahu incident staged for the press (Expect anything to be staged - just like 9/11)
  1125. Australian Government keeping secret database of people who criticise policies
  1126. The road the U.S. traveled to Baghdad was paved by 'Scoop'
  1127. Hariri Killing Sure to Bolster US Hawks (One of its purposes)
  1128. Conservative Sycophants Lose Credibility
  1129. The Anti-Zionist Death Ray: a public service announcement
  1130. Iran: U.S. Spy Drones Fly Over Nuke Sites
  1131. Scientist Arrested on Sex Abuse Charges (Hmmmm - framed scientist?)
  1132. Soap said made from Jews in Holocaust found in Israel (but is nonsense)
  1133. At least six challenges lodged against Iraq election results
  1134. Frictions between Japan and China surge
  1135. Blast reported in southern Iran (Oh?)
  1136. Blast Reported near Iranian Nuclear Plant
  1137. Unknown plane fires missile at Irans nuclear reactor
  1138. Iran to aid Syria against threats
  1139. Robert Fisk: Busharon has Syria in its Sights (for Israel)
  1140. Official denies attack on Iran`s nuclear, oil facilities (But, of course!)
  1141. USGS Earthquake Hazards Program: Earthquake Report: SOUTHERN MID-ATLANTIC RIDG
  1142. CTV.ca | Student's question curtails Rideau Hall visit
  1143. Israeli journalist: IDF goad Palestinians, then kill them
  1144. Group Awarded AIDS Grant Despite Negative Appraisal
  1145. Request to Edit Title of Talk On Gays, Suicide Stirs Ire
  1146. Kyoto Global Warming Treaty Takes Effect (Absolutely useless nonsense)
  1147. James Roosevelt Jr: Hume's "outrageous distorti ... [Media Matters for America]
  1148. Broadcast Decency Enforcement Act Passes (All government is indecent)
  1149. Asked to Resign, 3 at CBS Hire Lawyers Instead (How corrupt are the courts?)
  1150. Fake Passports for Exhibit Seized in Ohio (Fools and Idiots reign)
  1151. Chertoff Approved by Senate as U.S. Homeland Security Secretary (Another criminal onboard)
  1152. ID checks to toughen for Americans re-entering country (There's too much damn freedom)
  1153. Goss Plan to Strengthen CIA Is Ready (like maybe actually having translators?)
  1154. Witness falters in Sydney terrorism case (Because he was lying)
  1155. Energy secretary pushes to ramp up U.S. ability to test nuclear bombs (Brilliant! Just the the world needs)
  1156. Democrats Want More Accountability for Iraq Spending (Ya can't have it! Nyanya!)
  1157. E-Mail Shows Jordan Seeking U.S. Approval on Oil
  1158. ACLU Urges Investigation of Detainee Abuse (Investigation? Sorry, we only do bullshitting)
  1159. Six bodies, six grieving families, more accusations against troops
  1160. British troops face new charges as bodies of Iraqi civilians are exhumed
  1161. Iraq Abuse Court Martial Case Draws to Close (How about the commander in thief?)
  1162. U.S. troops sweep for insurgents across Iraq (Winning even more minds and hearts)
  1163. Interim Iraqi VP crops up as prime minister contender (The grand farce is still in progress, a littered with hilarious punchlines)
  1164. Syrian FM hopes to convey stances directly to US administration
  1165. Syria Denies Involvement In Lebanon Assassination (Um - who *does* benefit?)
  1166. Iran Threatens to Shoot Down U.S. Drones
  1167. Conflicting Stories Given for Iran Blast
  1168. Bush Set for Fence-Mending Trip to Europe (That's a joke, right?)
  1169. Conflicting Stories Given for Iran Blast
  1170. Unknown plane fires missile at Iran's nuclear reactor Report
  1171. IAEA Head Disputes Claims on Iran Arms
  1172. CIA, FBI Warn Panel on Top Threats to U.S.: executive, legislative and judicial branches
  1173. Iran to aid Syria against threats
  1174. Syria and Iran to form "common front"
  1175. Syria and Iran vow 'united front' against foreign threats
  1176. Border talks called 'disturbing'
  1177. SOA protesters headed for prison
  1178. Harvard president threatened with academic revolt (Faculty needs a good spanking for being morons)
  1179. House panel approves measure to make abortion a felony
  1180. Rep. Ford will run for Frist's seat
  1181. Pataki Decries Remarks by N.Y. GOP Chief (Big useless bark from toothless dog)
  1182. Dean: New York GOP chairman must apologize or resign (yadauadayada ...)
  1183. Online Nude Photos Are Latest Chapter In Jeff Gannon Saga (How juicey - and silly)
  1184. Statute of Limitations Targeted in Abuse Cases (Lots of luck)
  1185. Co. Pulls Out of Deal to Track Students (Time isn't quite right?)
  1186. Ecstasy trials for combat stress (Why not? CIA has been drug trafficking for decades)
  1187. Corpses, bombs turn up around Iraq (It's how genocide goes)
  1188. Terrorists 'recalibrating,' Rumsfeld says (Something that idiot is incapable of)
  1189. War Helps Recruit Terrorists, Intelligence Officials Say (No?! Really? Never woulda guessed)
  1190. New evidence of over-marketing of Vioxx and other anti-inflammatory drugs
  1191. Two mysterious deaths in the Georgia's "Rose Revolution" regime
  1192. House passes "Real ID Act" US legislation targets immigrants, refugees in "terror war"
  1193. Iraq election results reflect broad hostility to US occupation (I wonder why?)
  1194. US engineers provocation following assassination in Lebanon (by Al-Mossada-CIAda)
  1195. Bill Christison: US Foreign Policy Dangerously Slanted Toward Israel (The sun will also be rising tomorrow)
  1196. Houston, You've Got a Problem: Documenting Voting Irregularities in Texas
  1197. Robert Fisk: Lebanon, a Battlefield for the Wars of Others
  1198. Gary Leupp: Meanwhile, in Nepal...
  1199. Man 'blinded at Guantanamo'
  1200. Iraqi politician seized, police killed
  1201. Corpses, bombs turn up around Iraq
  1202. Stop Human Rights Obstructer John Negroponte
  1203. Bush Names Negroponte New Intelligence Chief
  1204. Goss fears WMD attack in U.S. 'a matter of time' (When has he plannedit for?)
  1205. Officials Warn of Future Terror Attacks (They've planned them together)
  1206. Iran calls blast scare "psychological warfare"
  1207. Bush says US will support Israel against Iranian threat
  1208. Iran Calls for Alliance to Combat U.S. and Israel
  1209. Plague outbreak kills 60 in Congo
  1210. CNN.com - Dallas settles with 16 in fake drug frame-ups - Feb 18, 2005
  1211. Denver Cops provoke a confrontation with CO AIM
  1212. Bush Signs Law Curbing Class-Action Lawsuits
  1213. Big Brother Lives! States Considering Monitoring, Taxing Motorists With GPS Units
  1214. Court: No right to licenses for illegals
  1215. DILG chief pushes national ID system against terrorism (Phillipines)
  1216. FAA may close BIA tower for 5 hours a night (Absolutely nuts)
  1217. U.S. Pledges $1.6 Million For OAS Counter-Terrorism Efforts (For a Halliburton contract?)
  1218. Critics attack new spy tsar for blind eye
  1219. Protester throws shoe at Richard Perle (We could think of better things to throw)
  1220. Pentagon watching Chinese military
  1221. Rice urges Syria to stop its support for terrorism (World urges Rice to suicide)
  1222. 12 Australians wanted over Hariri's murder (Real Australians?)
  1223. Putin: Iran not developing nukes
  1224. 'America would back Israel attack on Iran'
  1225. US 'kidnap' probed by Germans
  1226. How the British provided the precedent for legalised torture
  1227. CIA interrogation killed Iraqi prisoner
  1228. Files Show New Abuse Cases in Afghan and Iraqi Prisons
  1229. Reports link US troops to new abuses of prisoners (and on and on ...)
  1230. Army destroyed mock Afghan execution pics
  1231. Third N.C.-Based Soldier Dies After Exhibiting Flu-Like Symptoms
  1232. Rumsfeld plays down Iraqi fighter log (Could tend to expose his idiocy)
  1233. Iraq Insurgents Can Conduct 60 Strikes Daily -Pentagon
  1234. 'Chalabi set to become Iraq's PM' (After all that! ROTFL)
  1235. Bush's Barberini Faun - M. Dowd
  1236. Lawmaker presses White House on 'Jeff Gannon'
  1237. Doubts About White House Reporter Recalled
  1238. Gannon reportedly knew about Iraq attack four hours before it happened
  1239. (Jeb) Bush election proposal meets resistance
  1240. Jeb Bush wants to tighten state's grip on election laws
  1241. CBS Speculates That Karl Rove Was Jeff Gannon's Contact Inside the White House
  1242. Rove-Gannon Connection?
  1243. Washington coroner seeks big shrink-wrap machine
  1244. Experts see military draft as inevitable (It was inevitable ages ago. Send everybody who supports the premeditated genocide.)
  1245. Iran reports U.S. spy planes
  1246. Fibbing It Up at Fox by Dale Steinreich
  1247. The Franklin Coverup Scandal The Child sex ring that reached Bush/Reagan Whitehouse
  1248. British plant missing 30 kilograms of plutonium
  1249. Rebel Attacks in Baghdad Leave at Least 19 Dead and 48 Wounded
  1250. WTO Rejects Iran Again
  1251. PBS warns stations they may be fined for 'raw' Iraq show
  1252. A clean break for Israel (Israeli-Kurdish relationships)
  1253. Bali group, Indonesian army had 'curious link' (Hegelian engineering at play)
  1254. Clear Channel adopts liberal programming on growing number of stations (Where's the catch?)
  1255. Senators Clinton and Boxer, Representative Tubbs Jones and Others to Unveil Major Election Reform Bill(Major useless red herring)
  1256. Spy offered sex for secrets
  1257. CFR Publications: Winning or Losing? An Inside Look at the War on Terror
  1258. Bush to Sign Bill Curbing Lawsuits and absolving corpas of all guilt
  1259. Globalists Created Wahhabi Terrorism to Destroy Islam and Justify a Global State(You're on your own to check facts)
  1260. Israeli Apprehension Over Iran Justified - Bush
  1261. Iraqi Died While Hung From Wrists
  1262. Russia to Cooperate on Iran Nuke Program
  1263. The Bear Is Back
  1264. Bush orders Syrians out of Lebanon (God speaks - and he is a lunatic)
  1265. New allegations of prisoner abuse by U.S. soldiers (Are you getting numbed by this headline being repeated interminably? That's the point)
  1266. The Second Wave: New books, new groups fuel smoldering resurgence of 9/11 skeptics movemen
  1267. A hireling, a fraud and a prostitute
  1268. A hireling, a fraud and a prostitute ("Gannon")
  1269. Treasury's Role in Illicit Iraq Oil Sales Cited
  1270. 'America would back Israel attack on Iran' (There's the plan)
  1271. Madrid's Towering Inferno & The 9/11 Building Collapse Cover-Up
  1272. Kidney trade probe moves to Israel
  1273. Sharon's son charged in corruption case (but not daddy)
  1274. America would back Israel attack on Iran
  1275. U.S. may use a proxy to attack Iran (Hmmmm - guess who)
  1276. Palestinian gives birth at checkpoint
  1277. ASIO clears Aussies of Hariri killing
  1278. A list of UN Resolutions against "Israel"
  1279. Protester Throws Shoe at Richard Perle
  1280. Smith Barney Lays Off Entire US Technical Analysis Team
  1281. Screw the Children
  1282. WorldNetDaily: Iraq's election nightmare
  1283. WorldNetDaily: Bill Maher: Christians have neurological disorder
  1284. 1,092 new allegations of sexual abuse against at least 756 Catholic priests
  1285. Nations largest newspapers play down a thousand pages of evidence of new torture
  1286. Released Guant&#-11;&#-11;namo inmate speaks out Mamdouh Habib indicts Australian government
  1287. CNN news chief steps down: right-wing purge continues in US media
  1288. Munich Security Conference Schr&#-11;&#-11;der demands role for Germany as world power
  1289. Bush names Negroponte as national intelligence director A veteran of US subversion and dirty wars
  1290. 30 years in prison for crime committed by 12-year-old US society punishes its most vulnerable
  1291. Canada: Martin and Chr&#-11;&#-11;tien testify in corruption scandal
  1292. Kerry proposes 40,000 more troops, as Democrats back Bush war spending (Unbelievable criminals)
  1293. US intelligence officials play the terrorism scare card, and make a damning admission
  1294. Whose National Security Are We Talking About?
  1295. Shock and Awe on Civil Liberties: From Lynne Stewart to Ward Churchill
  1296. The Future of Colombia's Paramilitary Death Squads
  1297. N, Korea's Phantom Nukes and the US's Subversion of Diplomacy
  1298. Negroponte: a Resume of Death Squads, Deceptions and Bribery
  1299. The Scum Also Rises: the Bloody Career of John Negroponte
  1300. Ben Moxham: In East Timor the Nightmare Continues
  1301. Defense Tech: SPACE CHIEF: THINK ATTACK FIRST (Wackoworld)
  1302. Pentagon Starts Space War Training
  1303. Canberra's doomsday plan
  1304. Syria Likely to Defy Calls For Pullout From Lebanon
  1305. Lebanese protesters call for anti-Syria 'uprising'
  1306. Lebanon oppn says its time for uprising
  1307. Wholesale Prices Increase 0.3%
  1308. Inflation Gets a Big Headstart
  1309. Oil prices rise on Opec production cut worries
  1310. Science: Greenhouse gases 'do warm oceans' (Bullshit: correlation does not imply causality)
  1311. WHO Reports 61 Deaths From Rare Plague Type
  1312. Japan Said to Support US on Security of Taiwan
  1313. Diplomacy comes first, Bush assures Europe ROTFL
  1314. Bush: US Not Planning to Attack Iran (Um - sure - let Israel do it)
  1315. 'Fallujah: truth at last'
  1316. Sword Play And Operation Gladio
  1317. NATOs secret armies linked to terrorism? (Gladio)
  1318. The Pentagon's 'NATO Option' (Gladio)
  1319. Gladio: The Secret U.S. War to Subvert Italian Democracy (German)
  1320. Debate rages over Andreotti case - BBC 10/99
  1321. CIA to Cede President's Brief to Negroponte so he can invent it properly
  1322. Charges Reduced Against Abu Ghraib Guard England (scrubbing all clean)
  1323. Va. House Panel Cites 'Liberty' In Yanking Red-Light Cameras (Don't get all hopeful)
  1324. Axis Power, the United States, Chooses Israeli National to Head Secret Police, Forces Prepare for Further Conquest
  1325. "Pledging Multiple Allegiances" - article on dual-citizenship
  1326. The New Boxer Rebellion: Democrats, Take a Lesson!
  1327. Intelligence Nominee Comes Under Renewed Scrutiny on Human Rights
  1328. Time for an Accounting
  1329. Who benefits from al-Hariri's death?
  1330. If some recent events are put together the finger pointing at Israel and the U.S. for Hariris assassination will be more justified ... -
  1331. Clash over 'Kurdish veto' looms in Iraq
  1332. Gannongate threatens to expose a huge GOP pedophile and male prostitution ring(That's nice - but it won't matter one bit)
  1333. Blindly Backing Israel Against Iran
  1334. Deaths by AIDS in South Africa rise by a staggering 57 percent
  1335. When real news debunks fake news that is really unusual news
  1336. Mexico Suspends Permits for U.S. Vessel
  1337. The Objector: Home of the Central Committee for Conscientious Objectors
  1338. 50 Dead in Eight Iraq Suicide Bombings (Gladio?)
  1339. Schwarzenegger 'damages Austria' (and other places)
  1340. Best European Film Prize in Berlin goes to Hany Abu Assad's Paradise Now
  1341. Debunking conspiracy theorists
  1342. Madrid stands and the WTC falls
  1343. The Blockbuster Latefee Scam (Needs a new asshole to to be ripped)
  1344. Dennis Hans: When Negroponte Was Mullah Omar
  1345. The missing link? Partner of GOPUSA founder has checkered past as Republican moneyman
  1346. When Negroponte Raised His Hand, US Credibility Sunk to New Low
  1347. 'Chalabi set to become Iraq's PM' (Wasn't he just being hunted down and arrested?!)
  1348. Alcoa set to rape Iceland
  1349. More sinister reasons for diplomat's expulsion (Australia)
  1350. Mystery Deepens Over Hariri's Killer (No suicide bomber?)
  1351. Madrid fire heats up 9-11 debate
  1352. Iran readies for feared attack by U.S.
  1353. 55 Killed in Eight Iraq Suicide Bombings (Gladio?)
  1354. Passenger detained, suitcase blown up after bomb comment (Wackoworld)
  1355. Treasuries Sink, Inflation Unnerves Bulls
  1356. U.S. Says Pharmaceutical Price Controls Inhibit Research (Who actually does that research?!)
  1357. Rage in wake of LAPD shooting
  1358. Global Warming Could Worsen U.S. Pollution: Report (Global Bullshit)
  1359. 5 Marines Suspended After Recruit's Death
  1360. Australia to take up new Iraq role
  1361. The Franklin Coverup Scandal
  1362. Bush In Secretly Taped Conversations: "It's me versus the world."
  1363. Former Boeing CFO Sentenced to Four Months in Jail (The Revolving Door)
  1364. US warns of "other measures" if N Korea doesn't return to talks (Sarcasm? Irony? Metaphor?)
  1365. No shortage of plans to fix Social Security (or cure other nonexistent diseases)
  1366. Thousands flee Congo plague outbreak
  1367. Scotsman.com News - Opinion - Bush's charm offensive d&#-11;&#-11;j&#-11;&#-11;-vu
  1368. John Negroponte: Dirty Warrior
  1369. Self-Hating Gays: Welcome to the White House & Welcome to Commit Suicide
  1370. Sex, Lies, and Jeff Gannon - by Justin Raimondo (Don't miss it)
  1371. AMERICAblog: Because a great nation deserves the truth (Meet Real Jeff Gannon)
  1372. Russia to oust US dollar from nation's financial policy
  1373. The Brambled Bush Begins To Burn (Revived Israeli war plans)
  1374. Pentagon Prepares To Build $130bn Robot Army (*They* will obey orders)
  1375. More recall warnings over rogue sauce dye
  1376. Windfalls of War - The Center for Public Integrity
  1377. Job cuts at NASA still up in the air
  1378. Stop Bush! Protests against President Bush's visit to Belgium!
  1379. The Voice of the White House
  1380. American Enterprise Institute published "Jeff Gannon"
  1381. Intifada III (Israel's fundamentalists)
  1382. Why Bush will fail in Europe (Because he's a psychopathic liar?)
  1383. Bush's Iraq coalition shrinking
  1384. Karl Rove and the Gay Republican Mafia (Gay is not the point; the vicious lying hypocricy is)
  1385. Karl Rove: Did He Leak Plame Memo to Jeff Gannon?
  1386. Where Are All the Resignations of Editors Who Ran Bush Propaganda? (The rest of the whores)
  1387. Senators demand G8 suspend Russia (Senators is serious need of brain transplants)
  1388. Mainstream press picks up pace on Gannon; New Yorker gets into the game
  1389. Neo-Cons, Israeli Lobby Declare War on Putin
  1390. Iranians unite over nuclear row
  1391. Gunmen storm Haiti jail holding ex-prime minister (Aristide)
  1392. Demising US dollar gives way to euro cash in Russia
  1393. Bird flu 'has pandemic potential' as useful weapon of US empire
  1394. No Knife Charges for PA Justice
  1395. Fort Bragg Special Forces Captain Dies Of Mysterious Infection
  1396. State Investigates Possible Connection In Flu-Like Army Deaths (What flu? 1918 flu?)
  1397. Third N.C.-Based Soldier Dies After Exhibiting Flu-Like Symptoms
  1398. This war is about money. The money is only making the rich man richer.
  1399. Syria slams US, Israel
  1400. Gannon's Enemies List (Grasping at straws)
  1401. 19 yr old that Wanted Out of the Marines, Drowns at Boot Camp
  1402. MISTRUTH: Bloggers Will Obstruct the Work of "Real" Journalists which is disinformation and outright lying as corpagov whores
  1403. Possible Hate Crime at SCC (Certain insanity of nonsense mongers)
  1404. Swine Flu Expose by Eleanora I. McBean, Ph.D., N.D. (Read with care and appropriate skepticism)
  1405. US and Iraqi troops move on Ramadi
  1406. Spain voters approve EU charter (A mistake - if the voting was legit)
  1407. At plant, a chilling idea: Killer still on site
  1408. Murdered Chemist Linked To 'Law And Order' TV Show
  1409. H5N1 Bird Flu and 1918 Pandemic Flu Similarities (Verrry Interresssting)
  1410. Mysterious Deaths Of Pigs, People & Peacocks In India (H5N1 avian influenza?)
  1411. The Coming Influenza Pandemic?: Feburary 17 Flu Update--Has everything changed?
  1412. Cluster of Student Flu Deaths in Eastern Pennsylvania
  1413. The US primes Israel to attack Iran and Syria
  1414. Angry reception for Bush (Belgium)
  1415. Chavez to suspend oil exports to US in case of assassination attempt
  1416. Russia Says Ukraine, Georgia Are Sovereign (intereting)
  1417. John Pilger finds our children learning lies (and that the sea is WET!?)
  1418. Eason Jordan's downfall at CNN ignites debate over what bloggers mean to journalism (Um - to expose their whoring lies?)
  1419. U.S. in Secret Talks with Iraqi Insurgents (Welcome to Wackoworld)
  1421. New strains of superbug can kill in 24 hours (CA-MRSA)
  1422. Risk of deadly global epidemic as bid to halt spread of bird flu is foiled (There are just *too* many asshole "experts" agreeing here, i.e., it's all a crock of typical journalistic babbling shit)
  1423. EPA Making Illegal, Secret Agreements With Pesticide Makers, Threatening Public Health, Lawsuit Charges (Isn't this the purpose of EPA?!)
  1424. NAACP Critical of Administration's Social Security Plan (How about that it screws everybody in sight to fix a nonexistent problem)
  1425. Web Site Owner Says He Knew of Reporter's 2 Identities
  1426. Texas Ethics Bill Could Allow Appointees to Bar Prosecutions
  1427. Psychiatrists devise 'depravity rating' to help courts decide on death sentences for all members of government
  1428. Ark. Votes Against Church-State Proposal and in favor of insanity and genocide as the law of the land - Praise Jesus!
  1429. Audit Faults U.S. for Its Spending on Port Defense (But the object was to steal the money, not *usu it!)
  1430. Al-Qaeda number two warns West it faces thousands of dead, economic collapse (Utterly Fictional)
  1431. CTV.ca | Bush chided Harper on missile defence: CP report (Nothing is too outrageously amazing)
  1432. 88 groups to protest Bush's Brussels Visit
  1433. 'Brooklyn's Abu Ghraib'
  1434. CIA Contractor Facing Charges Over Beating
  1435. Army knew of Abu Ghraib months before PM was told (weknewthat)
  1436. UK link to torture jail's rules
  1437. Iraq Withdrawal Date Would Be Mistake-Sen. Clinton who is the same arrogant whore she's always been
  1438. U.S. Lawmakers (speaking of bought arrogant whoses) Say No Quick End to Military Involvement in Iraq
  1439. Inside the Secret Dialogue Between the U.S. and Insurgents In Iraq
  1440. Report: U.S. in secret talks with Iraq insurgents
  1441. Marines try to 'secure' Ramadi
  1442. Bush In Secretly Taped Conversations: "It's me versus the world."
  1443. Connecticut Questions Federal Wal-Mart Deal
  1444. Prepackaged News Gets GAO Rebuke
  1445. A New Target for Advisers to Swift Vets
  1446. Panelists Decry Bush Science Policies
  1447. Israel OKs Gaza Pullout in Historic Vote (Historic Sick Joke)
  1448. Blogs vs. Mainstream: Let the Battle Begin
  1449. The Nashua Advocate: Credible Evidence Emerges That Jeff Gannon Coordinated With the G.O.P. to Bring Down Former Senate Minority Leader Tom Daschle (D-SD) in 2004 Election
  1450. Bird flu could be 'world's deadliest virus'
  1451. Web masters targeted
  1452. Dahr Jamail's Iraq Dispatches
  1453. Turnout mars big Spanish vote for EU treaty
  1454. Army Having Difficulty Meeting Goals In Recruiting (Population not quite stupid enough)
  1455. Mystery illness hits airport (Australia)
  1456. Portugal's Socialists Win Absolute Majority
  1457. Purported Zawahiri Tape Condemns US 'Reforms'
  1458. Egyptian government suppresses opposition while US turns blind eye
  1459. Trans-Atlantic tensions over EU plan to lift arms embargo on China
  1460. Extraordinary security measures for Bush visit to Germany
  1461. Weather Service Memo Says Cuts Could Curtail Lifesaving Warnings
  1462. Panelists Decry Bush Science Policies (The voice of all reason has been made impotent)
  1463. Europe's leaders are awarded topics for their presidential chat (Imperial Arrogance on the march)
  1464. Slavery and drudgery: The Reality of Childhood
  1465. School dinners: Recipe for Disaster? (Though the scientific knowledge actually exists, its opposite will be continuously enforced as truth and reason)
  1466. Prisoner Uprising In Iraq Exposes New Risk for U.S. (Good! It needs more risks than it can physically bear)
  1467. IAEA head alleges smear campaign against him (which is simply saying the obvious)
  1468. World Council of Churches gives nod to Israeli divestment proposal
  1469. Britain: radio programme exposes corruption and theft in Iraq
  1470. Bush signs bipartisan bill to curb class action lawsuits
  1471. NAACP resists investigation by IRS, charges political motivation
  1472. Bush in Europe: tensions boil beneath talk of transatlantic unity
  1473. Dave Lindorff: All the News That's Fit to Fake
  1474. Fighting for a Living Wage, State by State
  1475. Dr. Teresa Whitehurst: Military Recruiting on Channel One
  1476. Ward Churchill: What Did I Really Say? And Why Did I Say It?
  1477. John Ross: Mexico: the Pentagon's Proxy Army in Iraq (why illegal immigrants are welcomed)
  1478. Hunter S. Thompson: "He Was a Crook"
  1480. USA Sets Limits on Rocket Fuel in Drinking Water (Gee - we do need *some* limits)
  1481. Da Vinci Code on trial (These people are all total lunatics)
  1482. Man 'wore slain mother's skin as clothing' (Religious mania - aren't they all?)
  1483. Egyptian Doctors Remove Baby's Second Head (There are a few adults we could suggest)
  1484. Children 'harmed' by vegan diets (No - harmed by really stupid adults)
  1485. Syria to start withdrawing troops from Lebanon soon &#-11;&#-11;&#-11;
  1486. Israeli spy case (AU and NZ collection of links to articles)
  1487. Israelis' 'regret' not good enough (for NZ)
  1488. Bill Moyers: There is no tomorrow (True - but a diversion from the rulers' intents)
  1489. Israeli air force training for long-range bombing missions
  1490. Thrown to the Wolves (Arar)
  1491. Brainwashing America
  1492. The Zundelsite
  1493. Israeli Terror
  1494. Joel Hayward's Website: Joel Hayward, ZDaF, BA, MA Hons, PhD
  1495. OfficialWire: German Police arrest Ernst Zundel
  1496. Ernst Zundel denied basic rights to fairness and justice
  1497. Israeli Foreknowledge of the Bombing of US Marines In Beirut, 1983
  1498. 70 rebels killed in Nepal clash as minister warns of communist takeover
  1499. Surf Aid International - Tsunami Aid for the Outlying Islands
  1500. t r u t h o u t || BREAKING: Blackwell Seeks Depositions of Kerry and Edwards(This takes balls)
  1501. U.S. gives Israel go-ahead to strike Syria
  1502. Maximum pain is aim of new US weapon (and US corpagov, generally)
  1503. OZONE SUFFERS HUGE DEPLETION (not from spray cans?! LMAO - morons)
  1504. All Hail The Death Of Radio / Clear Channel suffers and rock radio is gasping its last and, more importantly, does anyone care?
  1505. War Without End :: View topic - How the Zionist Neocons 'Cooked' Intel for war for Israel
  1506. US Steps Up Threats Of Wider Mideast War
  1507. Israel 'disappointed' by Palestinian summit (Poor genocidal babies)
  1508. The Zionist Empire Is Sacrificing Its American Colony
  1509. Republicans vote down military exemption to bankruptcy bill, add loopholesfor rich
  1510. HHS vaccine contract was 'suspect,' says Sen. Grassley
  1511. Greenback account is not worth the weight in dollars
  1512. Bush Keeps Fueling the Fire
  1514. America by the numbers (Amerika is not #1 in anything worthwhile)
  1515. Taiwan alarmed at China's treason law
  1516. BBC NEWS | Magazine | When walls have ears...
  1517. Neoconservatives push internment for American Muslims
  1518. Attacking Iran: I Know It Sounds Crazy, But...
  1519. Dozens of dolphins become stranded off Florida Keys (US Navy playing with its toys again)
  1520. Greenspan Touts Idea of a Consumption Tax (and who owns the Fed?)
  1521. Yahoo! News - House OKs Bill on Faith-Based Jobs
  1522. Why Go To College, When You Can Be Cannon Fodder? Do You Know What Your Kids Are Watching On 'Educational' TV At School?
  1523. U.S. economic collapse looming for 2005 (They'll float it a while longer)
  1524. 10 Ways to Protect Your Child From the ASVAB
  1525. US orders Syrians to get out of Lebanon (orders?)
  1526. Al-Qaida plan to bomb Grand Central station (Get a brain!)
  1527. Halliburton Bribery Investigation Expands (and will come to exactly nothing)
  1528. Letters In Response To The Ernst Zundel Deportation From Ingrid Rimland irimland@mail.bellsouth.net 3-2-5 Update on the Zundel-Saga
  1529. Authorities Bust A Statewide Identity Theft Ring
  1530. Bush wielding secrecy privilege to end suits
  1531. Greenspan sounds U.S. deficit warning (Um - after he printed all those bogus bills?)
  1532. 33 Things You Should Know About the Middle East and America :: from www.uruknet.info :: news from occupied Iraq
  1533. The coming crackdown on blogging (The neocon plague of insanity)
  1534. The Hunter Thompson case just gets weirder and weirder
  1535. NYPD chief confirms Madrid bomb suspect had Grand Central sketch (Uh-huh- Um sure)
  1536. Holocaust Survivor Memoir Exposed As Total Fraud
  1537. Missing Pentagon Unobstructed Citgo Videos (I wonder why?)
  1538. London mayor brands Sharon a war criminal (Good ole Livingston!)
  1539. Cure to all diseases may lie in human cell reprogramming (Don't bet on it)
  1540. Australian economic slowdown undermines Howard government
  1541. Australia: Sydney suburb remains tense following four days of conflict
  1542. Germany: 15,000 demonstrate in Mainz against Bush visit
  1543. Torture charged in US case alleging plot against Bush (It's the Amerikan way!)
  1544. British court martial whitewashes abuse of Iraqis (Of course)
  1545. Australia: former leading intelligence official exposes government lies
  1546. Germany: expansion of DNA testing--a step towards genetic registration
  1547. Michigan artist sentenced to jail over mural nudity (Amerikan morbidity)
  1548. Further opposition to Australia's takeover in the Solomon Islands
  1549. Kirkpatrick Sale: the Collapse of the American Empire
  1550. The Economy of Hunger: Starvation is Part of the Economic Plan
  1551. A Salvador Option for Iraq? How Negroponte Changes the Ground Rules
  1552. The Poisoned Well: What the CIA's Nazi Files Can Tell Us About Iraq
  1553. Kurt Nimmo: Conclave of the Brats
  1554. Roger Burbach: Murder in the Amazon
  1555. Gary Leupp: Bush and Camus on Freedom
  1556. Paul de Rooij: Why Ted Honderich is Wrong on All Counts
  1557. Gary Leupp: A June Attack on Iran?
  1558. Paul Craig Roberts: The Coming End of the American Superpower
  1559. Joseph Pietri: the Drug Trail Ends in Kathmandu
  1560. USA Next: the Industry Front Group to Privatize Social Security
  1561. Texas Congressman Calls for "Nuking Syria"
  1562. M. Junaid Alam: Columbia University and the New Anti-Semitism
  1563. The State of Oregon vs. Mike Roselle: Criminalizing Environmental Dissent
  1564. Mexico's Fox Schemes to Jail Front-Running Leftist
  1565. Moses Didn't Write The Constitution
  1566. Israeli Air Force Training for Urban Bombing
  1567. Israeli Air Force Training for Long-Range Bombing Missions
  1568. Iran Time Bomb: Ticking, Ticking
  1569. Palestinian population exceeds Jewish population says U.S. government
  1570. Syria to pull out: Minister
  1571. Padilla's indefinite detention puts your rights at risk
  1572. Full text of Human Rights Record of the US in 2004
  1573. Four Israelis held for allegedly attacking French comedian
  1574. The illness: breast cancer; Cause of death: the occupation
  1575. Ex-Ukraine minister 'kills self' (Um - really? Another one?)
  1576. DOD shy $574M for 2006 Iraq death benefit (Your corpagov, working for you)
  1577. Emergency War Funding Wins Backing (War on Emergencies)
  1578. Iran building tunnels for arms (I'd be collecting nukes with plans to use every one)
  1579. Iran the next nuclear threat (Israel in WackoWorld)
  1580. One in Four Americans Would Use Nukes Against Terrorists, Gallup Finds (Polls: Fabricated Lies With Pretenses of Meaning)
  1581. WTO judges declare US cotton subsidies illegal (Ho Hum - [yawn])
  1582. Iraq war a HUGE success! (What happened was exactly what was desired and planned for - think on that)
  1583. GOP Congressman Seeks to 'Restore Free Speech' in Churches (and destroy it elsewhere)
  1584. Ken Livingstone: This is about Israel, not anti-semitism
  1585. Sen. Clinton urges punishment for Syria (Repto Bitches are still Repto Bitches)
  1586. french black comic attacked by 4 jews, two with israeli passport
  1587. Bush makes rare mention of bin Laden in stark warning (Bushitler in WackoWorld)
  1588. Pentagon report on general who disparaged Islam is muted; Cites good faith
  1589. Progressivism and Free Speech for All
  1590. Action Alert: Pro-Israel Racists, Witch-hunters Arriving at Columbia
  1591. A Fascist America- by Justin Raimondo
  1592. Hunter Thompson friend confirms was working on White House callboy story
  1593. Venezuela detects several US battleships near its coasts
  1594. Zundel: His Freedom Is Our Freedom
  1595. Blair's Bloody Hands
  1596. Four Mounties die in shootout (where they never should have been)
  1597. Iraq insurgents seize initiative
  1598. O, Canada!
  1599. Is the Potential AIPAC/Neocon Scandal About to "Blow Up"? (We live in hope of reality being recognized as such)
  1600. Moses Didn't Write The Constitution
  1601. Ritalin 'Linked To Chromosome Abnormalities'
  1602. Bush: Laden Could be Caught in a Minute (Dead bodies are easy)
  1603. Jailed Nun Won't Pay Missile Silo Fine
  1604. The First Statist
  1605. Wake up and smell the fascism
  1606. Nepal Extends Detention of Political Leaders
  1607. Michael C. Ruppert: Israel Did Not Perpetrate 9-11 Attacks(Doesn't mean they were not involved, which they decidedly were)
  1609. Take No Prisoners
  1610. Republican media adviser found dead (Hmmm)
  1611. Loss for online publishers
  1612. Real History and Ernst Z&#-11;&#-11;ndel deportation
  1613. Voting glitches haunt statistician
  1614. "Big Chill" Hitting European Travel And Wallets
  1615. Petroleum prices may top $60 or more: analysts:
  1616. Ukrainian former interior minister found dead
  1617. Ukrainian Suspected in Journalist's Murder Found Dead
  1618. If Syria Is Expected To Withdraw from Lebanon, Shouldn&#-11;&#-11;&#-11;t Israel Withdraw From the Occupied Territories?
  1619. John McLean argues that the predictions of global warming could be quite wrong. - On Line Opinion - 4/3/2005
  1620. John McLean argues that the predictions of global warming could be quite wrong. - On Line Opinion - 4/3/2005
  1622. Number of black Army recruits declining
  1623. Several ceasefire violations by Israeli forces
  1624. Jihad denies leadership involved in Tel Aviv bombing
  1625. Syria will soon announce its Lebanon pullout plan -
  1626. More Palestinian land in Jerusalem to be confiscated by Israel
  1627. US attack against Italians in Baghdad was deliberate: companion
  1628. US Military: Only a Desperate Idiot Would Join
  1629. Taysir Doesn't Deserve This
  1630. Christian Right Regroups for a New Attack
  1631. Byrd Compares Proposal to Nazi Germany
  1632. French far-right MP suspended from teaching
  1633. French professor suspended for doubting Holocaust
  1634. Lebanese sources: Army foils bid to fire rockets at Israel
  1635. Israel cranks up the bullshit on Iran
  1636. The Outrage in Ohio
  1637. Murdered banker was 'wearing a latex suit' (Um - is this now illegal?)
  1638. Relatives in protest over Abu Ghraib overcrowding
  1639. Bush changes tack as support for pension plans declines (plans need to be killed)
  1640. Howard condemns rioters (Howard is a repto asshole, and allways has been)
  1641. Congressman Says Syria Nuke Comment a Joke ("Bad judgement" ot just another neocon repto asshole?)
  1642. 1,200 Pages on Prison Scandal Released
  1643. Top Glaxo drugs seized in US swoop
  1644. 3.5 Years...No 'Terror' Attacks - Get The Picture?
  1645. Israeli Nuclear Terrorism
  1646. German Free Speech Supporters Protest For Zundel
  1647. The White House Stage Manages the Get Syria Move
  1648. Did Israel Attack America On Sept. 11?
  1649. Welcome to Doomsday
  1650. London Mayor Assails Israeli Leader
  1651. Rabbi: Those who believe in Jesus are anti-Semites (And all jews are genocidal fucks?)
  1652. Russia says Syria will quit Lebanon
  1653. Giuliana Sgrena: 'Voice of weakest'
  1654. Likud approves referendum on Gaza pullout
  1655. Hale's Parents Blames Government or JDL for Slayings
  1656. Bloggers' rights in jeopardy
  1657. All Arab countries are targets
  1658. Bush Sets Up Social Security 'War Room'
  1659. Kidnapping of Giuliana Sgrena
  1660. The Italian journalist affirms that they were reached in "a fire rain"
  1661. U.S. Commander-in-Chief in Europe: Caucasus is vital for U.S.
  1662. The rescue of Giuliana Sgrena runs afoul of US military shooters
  1663. Briton 'may face execution' for running website
  1664. Censorship and democracy don't mix
  1665. My jury duty questionnaire: "Do you agree that a corporation is a person?"(NO!)
  1666. Wash. GOP Releases List in Voter Challenge
  1667. Freed Italian Hostage Recalls U.S. Shooting
  1668. Soldier Who Reported Abuse Was Sent to Psychiatrist
  1669. Missile Counter-Attack
  1670. The Syrian Hoax
  1671. 62% of Israelis think Prime Minister Sharon is corrupt (An underestimate)
  1672. Pentagon Favors Air Strikes on Syria to Overthrow Assad, Free Lebanon
  1673. Blair still took us to war on a lie (This is news?! Hello?)
  1676. Arar fights for right to see secret evidence
  1677. Freed Italian hostage survives likely assassination bid by US Special Forces
  1678. A History of the Bush Administration in One Sentence
  1679. THEY WOULDN'T... WOULD THEY? (Yep)
  1680. Venezuela threatens to cut off oil to U.S.
  1681. How to track a PC anywhere it connects to the Net (Hmm - interesting)
  1682. Is America going broke? (It *is* broke, by any reasonable definition)
  1684. Attack on Sregna was Intentional, says Italian Eyewitness
  1685. Afghanistan now nearly 'a narcotics state' (CIA must be happy)
  1686. Syria Ignores Demand to Withdraw Troops (But article says exactly the opposite)
  1687. Have a blog, lose your job?
  1688. Pending Draft Legislation Targeted for Spring 2005 Get your children safely out)
  1689. U.S.: Syria Pledge Not Enough
  1690. U.S. Used Mustard gas, Nerve gas, and Burning Chemicals on Iraqis in Fallujah
  1691. Wounded Italian Hostage Arrives Home, Speaks With Prosecutors
  1692. Wells Fargo Web-enables 6,200 ATMs (Hmmmm)
  1693. "The Case for the Draft" by Phillip Carter and Paul Glastris (Eat shit and die)
  1694. Was Judge Lefkow connected to the Valeria Plame case?
  1695. SHARON: Partial Syrian pullout not enough (Did someone ask Sharonpig?)
  1696. Outrage as US soldiers kill hostage rescue hero
  1697. Hostage recalls 'hail of gunfire'
  1698. What does Italian journalist Giuliana Sgrena know and why did the U.S. want to kill her?
  1699. Ozone layer could develop hole over Britain, scientists warn (Get a life!)
  1700. 'Nuclear Cowboys' Caused Dounreay 'Disaster' - Claim
  1701. Health Study Shows Taxpayers Fund Companies' Health Care (This is bews?!)
  1702. Democrats Assail Bush's Budget, Deficit (Well - they whined anyhow)
  1703. Credit Card Penalties, Fees Bury Debtors (News? It's called USURY)
  1704. Homeland Security picks up missing-kid tech
  1705. Outrage as US soldiers kill hostage rescue hero
  1706. Italian journalist says car she was in was not speeding
  1707. Sgrena's Car Disappears From U.S. Military Custody (Like all 9/11 forensic evidence)
  1708. U.S. Adopts Preemptive Counterintelligence Strategy
  1709. Bush Gave CIA Expansive Interrogation Power-Paper
  1710. Rule Change Lets C.I.A. Freely Send Suspects Abroad to Jails
  1711. The Meltdown at the World Jewish Council
  1712. 'Washington Post' Reconsiders 'Postwar' Label (How charming)
  1713. US Tortures to Prisoners Continue
  1714. Lies Military Recruiters Tell
  1715. When the news is literally the party line
  1716. BBC NEWS | UK | Al-Qaeda 'has 200 on UK streets' (Get a brain!)
  1717. Notorious Earth-Centered Solar System Denier is Arrested!
  1718. Hubble's death sentence alarms space scientists
  1719. Back off or suffer oil shock: Tehran (Good show)
  1720. Sgrena: I was an American target
  1721. Italy wants answers on shot agent (Until it's inconvenient)
  1722. Wounded Italian Reporter Recalls Ordeal
  1723. Powell: Diplomacy rather than military action on Iran - (Lying repto on parade)
  1724. Mossad plotted to assassinate Palestinian exile in Dublin -
  1725. Giuliana Sgrena : Means, Motive and Murder
  1726. 1982 - Dr. Beter Knew before hand that the Marines would be killed by the MOSSA
  1727. China, Korea reducing Dollar holdings
  1728. US troops 'may have opened fire deliberately' (May?)
  1729. 'Reckless' Nuclear Plant Dumps Waste on Beaches
  1730. How the CIA created Osama bin Laden
  1731. Clarke to defy high court ruling (Filth in the defense of Nazism is no vice?)
  1732. Taiwan experiences double whammy of quakes (Manufactured?)
  1733. Neocons create Brave New World
  1734. Footage said to show Gaza girl could have posed threat (??)
  1735. Hunter S Thompson on 911
  1736. Wolves in Sheeps Clothing at Columbia
  1737. Protecting A Regime With Blood On Its Hands
  1738. Creationism, pluralism and the compromising of science (What science? Goevernment science?)
  1739. Dolphin Beaching Came After Sub Exercise (Oh - surprise, surprise)
  1740. Liars and Cheats
  1741. Giuliana Told US Wouldn't Let Her Return Home Alive
  1742. Alabama bans dildos (as WMDs, no doubt - brainless State)
  1743. Man Tazered 9 Times Over 3 Hour Period Dies
  1744. Art Bell Calls 9/11 Skeptics 'Wingnuts' - Tells Them To Leave (So much for Art Bell Asshole)
  1745. Israel Demands Withdrawal of Iranian Guard From Lebanon
  1746. Israeli authorities to confiscate more Palestinian lands in Jerusalem
  1747. Bird flu would reach Scotland 'within weeks' (Assholes)
  1748. Visa scandal threatens the Fischer king
  1749. German Engineers and 9-11 (But nobody will look: reality too scary)
  1750. BBC NEWS | Asia-Pacific | China's influence seen positive (Lesser of all outrageous evils?)
  1751. Bush Administration Used Fake Torture Story to Influence Public
  1752. Botched Sgrena Hit Does Not Bode Well for Bush and Berlusconi
  1753. What does Italian journalist Giuliana Sgrena know and why did the U.S. want to kill her?
  1754. Two thousand victims in Fallujah by Giuliana Sgrena
  1755. Napalm Raid on Falluja? by GIULIANA SGRENA
  1756. SYRIAN TROOP WITHDRAWAL BEGINS TOMORROW (Bushitler will attack anyhow)
  1757. South Dakota Paper Probes Senator's Link to Jeff Gannon
  1758. SYRIA: The Shadow of Another Iraq
  1759. Is the Bushraeli administation about to stage another terror attack?
  1760. White House Defends Interrogations (It defends shipwrecks and its genocides)
  1761. Botched Sgrena Hit Does Not Bode Well for Bush and Berlusconi
  1762. Israeli bank 'in laundering scam'
  1763. My truth By Giuliana Sgrena
  1764. US sent hundreds of terror suspects to foreign prisons
  1765. Bush set ball rolling for overseas torture
  1766. Canada-US frictions intensify after Ottawa balks at joining missile defence
  1767. Macquarie Fields residents speak out Australia: working class suburb under police siege
  1768. Did the US military target Italian journalist Guiliana Sgrena in Iraq? (This is a question?!)
  1769. US rejects Assad's concessions and steps up threats against Syria (What would you expect?)
  1770. Joseph Pietri: Murder in the Palace (Nepal and US courtesies)
  1771. The Fall of Saigon: 30 Years Later
  1772. Double Standards on S. Africa and Israel: an Open Letter to UNESCO
  1773. Negroponte: Intel Czar or Policy Hack?
  1774. Gary Leupp: An Interview with Fadi K. Agha on Lebanon
  1776. Air Jesus: With The Evangelical Air Force (and other insanities)
  1777. Historians vs. George W. Bush
  1778. Berlusconi told to face up to US over shooting
  1779. Italy's relations with US soured by attack on hostage
  1780. Mother whose teenage son was shocked 16 times by police plans to sue
  1781. The Empire Strikes Back: Bloggers Under Fire
  1782. Russian-Israeli press magnate implicated in money laundering scam
  1783. French charity 'funding' Hamas, claims Israel
  1784. Israel funds HAMAS
  1785. Is there more to the abduction of Italian journalist Giuliana Sgrena than meets the eye? (Gladio)
  1786. White House Approves Pass for Blogger
  1787. Rigorous Intuition: The Benefit of the Dumb
  1788. Italian hostage accuses US of trying to kill her as thousands mourn her rescuer
  1789. New York Times Continues to Stereotype Bloggers
  1790. French professor's Holocaust query draws suspension
  1791. The Unfortunate Incident Protocol - by Dr. Teresa Whitehurst
  1792. Terror Suspects Buying Firearms, U.S. Report Finds (Hotlerian gun laws soon)
  1793. JFK & 911 - Smoking Guns Galore
  1794. Fresh evidence of CIA torture network
  1795. Report by House Democrats Alleges GOP Abuse of Power
  1796. Sanford man dies when tasered by police
  1797. White House Damage Control Rejected Out Of Hand
  1798. Eliminating Truth: The Development Of War Propaganda
  1800. Another reporter researching Fallujah massacre "kidnapped"
  1801. U.S. Shootings Strain Ties with Iraq Allies
  1802. US: bonuses for CEOs soared in 2004
  1803. Afghan and Iraqi prisoners detail abuse by US torturers
  1804. Federal suit charges Rumsfeld authorized detainee torture
  1805. Uri Avnery: the Next Crusades
  1806. John Chuckman: The Creature Walks Among Us
  1807. Brian Cloughley: More War Crimes
  1808. Student Arrested For Terroristic Threatening Says Incident A Misunderstanding(Wackogovernment)
  1809. US Govt finds way to almost kill rioters 'safely' (Isn't government science wonderful?!)
  1810. EXPOS&#-11;&#-11;: THE &#-11;&#-11;&#-11;CHRISTIAN&#-11;&#-11;&#-11; MAFIA
  1811. Intelligence, Inc. (where the money goes)
  1812. End of suburbia draws nigh
  1813. Praise God and pass the propaganda
  1814. Pacific NW undersea quakes intrigue scientists
  1815. Carter comment exposes Bush administration's "big lie" against Cuba
  1816. Mirror.co.uk - THE BIG LIE
  1817. Italy Says Doubts U.S. Version of Iraq Shooting (Diplomats don't say 'crock of shit')
  1818. Peter Kosminsky drama and David Kelly Affair=assassination
  1819. Open season, nine times over (Interficiamus felicaes?)
  1820. Chertoff & Chertoff: New power couple of Israeli agents
  1821. Lobbyists so powerful in Legislature that they sometimes write bills themselves (The best government money can buy)
  1822. China steps up pressure on Taiwan with anti-secession law, warns outsiders not to interfere (China wants Taiwan, and will not leave it alone)
  1823. The World Bank vs. the Worlds Poor (It's what WB/IMF is all about)
  1824. Police have eye on second suspect bank (Israel)
  1825. It's frightening, what theyre doing to us . . . (UK - but it's no different anyplace else)
  1826. Il Manifesto Founder on Sgrena Shooting: This Was an Attack on Unembedded Journalism
  1827. Jewish rabbi allows settlers to steal Palestinians crops (under ordinary Jewish law)
  1828. Israel uses truce to expand settlements (also under ordinary Jewish law)
  1829. Pro-Syria protests to take to the streets of Beirut
  1830. Putting Israel First
  1831. Peers inflict defeat on anti-terror bill (This is a defeat?!)
  1832. The sun revolves around the Earth and George W. Bush won the election in Ohio
  1833. Explain to me how you lose 9 billion dollars?
  1834. U.S. fears terrorists are trying to find work at spy networks (US just keeps making it up)
  1835. Al-Qaida may have tried to infiltrate spy agencies from which it originated
  1836. Terror suspect 'spied for ASIO' (Terrorists = Government Agents)
  1837. ei: Call for US investigation into lethal Israeli assault against Palestinian-American family(US corpagov investigate Israel?! That's a joke, right?)
  1838. Video Shows U.S. Soldiers in 'Ramadi Madness' Abuse
  1839. Film claims Gilligan altered his notes after meeting Kelly
  1841. Fox News Analyst Bevelacqua calls Italian Journalist's Release 'Unfortunate'(Only on Faux News)
  1842. U.S. used banned weapons in Fallujah Health ministry
  1843. 'Counter-recruiters' shadowing the military
  1844. VDARE.com: 03/07/05 - Bush Plunging Into Syrian Swamp
  1845. Weapons of Mass Destruction Employed by US to Imolate Falluja: White Phosphorus is a Chemical Weapon :: from www.uruknet.info :: news from occupied Iraq
  1846. Hunter Thompson friend confirms journalist was on to White House callboy story
  1847. Army report: U.S. lost control in Iraq three months after invasion
  1848. ei: AIPAC Losing this Fight
  1849. Sgrena Must Be Lying Because The Government Has Never Done Anything Corrupt(ROTFLMAO)
  1850. No Trust Left, In America or In the World, for the Bush Administration
  1851. Giuliana Sgrena's Blood Libel Against the US
  1852. Probe Ordered in Death of Italian Agent (Um yeah - right)
  1853. Israeli President Says Iran Next Nuclear Threat (Polly want a cracker?)
  1854. Secret Service: Gannon approved appropriately...
  1855. Experts fear lethal bird flu can now jump from human to human (So, the mnipulations were successful?)
  1856. Dollar Drops to Two-Month Low Against Euro, Weakens Versus Yen (and falling)
  1857. Pentagon Memo Blames Italians For Iraq Shooting (or aliens from Sirius)
  1858. Anti-Monarchy Protest Launched in Nepal
  1859. Imagine you're Ernst Zundel
  1860. U.S. pressure on Syria, Lebanon only benefits Israel: Lebanese MP (The bottom logical line)
  1861. Settler Leaders Contradict Israel Claims
  1862. Right-Wing Bloggers' Fake Sgrena Car Photo
  1863. Thousands Answer Hezbollah Call in Beirut
  1864. USATODAY.com - Freewheeling 'bloggers' are rewriting rules of journalism
  1866. Jacko Accuser's Bro Admits Lying
  1867. Study: Cholesterol Drugs Can Help Hearts (Bullshit!)
  1868. Giant swastika carved near Berlin airport (Indiced irrational fear of symbols made law)
  1869. Slain agent had informed US contacts in Baghdad: minister
  1870. Hospitals can end life support - Decision hinges on patient's ability topay ... (You knew corpagov has the power and life and death over you - and *owns* you)
  1871. Raining hydrocarbons in the Gulf (Re "Fossil Fuel" fairy tale)
  1872. Senate Defeats Minimum Wage Increase (Creating the extended Weimar scenario)
  1873. War Tax Resistance Grows
  1874. Another Jackson in court (Peter Jackson sure New Line Cinema)
  1875. The Collapse of WTC 1: Madrid Exposes a Fundamental Flaw (So does all the other evidence)
  1876. Pentagon faces PR disaster
  1877. Senior Iraqi official slain, 15 headless corpses found
  1878. one and one half MILLION people demonstrate against American interference inBeirut (calling the artificial 'demonstration' with English signs into question)
  1879. Bay judge weighs rights of bloggers / Journalists' shield claimed in response to Apple's lawsuit
  1880. In The Northwest: Teresa Heinz Kerry hasn't lost her outspoken way
  1881. The Debt-Peonage Society (creating the extended Weimar scenario)
  1882. Spy Agencies Fear Some Applicants Are Terrorists (They *are* CIA and Mossad employees)
  1883. Disabled veterans' battle for benefits
  1884. Army: Recruiting Young Blacks Tougher Now
  1885. Bush warns 'rogue states' (The pot warning the kettles)
  1886. Military intelligence warns that avian flu could be used as weapon: report (by Military 'Intelligence')
  1887. Elaine Cassel: The Appalling Case of Ahmed Omar Abu Ali
  1888. Giuliana Sgrena: My Truth: "The Americans Don't Want You to Return"
  1889. Neil Bush and Crest: Another Profiteering Scheme
  1890. home
  1891. Robert Fisk: Lebanon's Nightmare
  1892. Paul Craig Roberts: Bush's Syrian Delusion
  1893. Drivers - Rage3D Discussion Area
  1894. Laughter Is Good For The Heart (Good - then we should all survice the fucking Nazi Bush regime)
  1895. Amid lingering questions, US orders 2nd probe into Italian's death (Oh - spare me the bullshit)
  1896. Huge pro-Syria rally clogs Beirut square (US sucks - big time)
  1897. Cold case: King Tut (Bullshit - and not at all so)
  1898. GAO: Terror Suspects Bought Guns in U.S. (But they were CIA and Mossd agents!)
  1899. Mount St. Helens Spews Steam, Ash in New Eruption
  1900. Al Qaeda May Have Targeted Oscar-Winner Crowe (Russell, get a grip!)
  1901. Smoking in Pregnancy Damages Baby's Chromosomes (You get a grip too)
  1902. 104yo woman can stay, says Vanstone (Damn white of them)
  1903. Scientists to make 'Stuart Little' mouse with the brain of a human (Humans with mouse brains are called Senator)
  1904. Internet Becomes A Major Political News Source
  1905. US threatens to take actions against Iran - and Syria, and Lebanon, and Libya and ...
  1906. Proceedings of the Estonian Academy of Sciences (Measurement of time)
  1907. 3 Key Questions about xomplex systems
  1908. Roberts, Leibniz on Force and Absolute Motion
  1909. ife18 (Democritus' Cosmology and Modern Physics)
  1910. GRG Golden Oldies (General Relativity and Gravitation)
  1911. Dr. Sinner's Blog (Time, Goedel, Yourgram)
  1912. Topics in Loop Quantum Gravity (PhD Thesis)
  1913. Gun control advocate found with illegal gun
  1914. 20 Amazing Facts about Voting in the USA
  1915. House of Lords tears into the Terrorism Bill
  1916. US to pay up for stolen Jewish loot (Hmmmm?)
  1917. Israel 'funded illegal outposts'
  1918. The Heroic Death of Nicoli Calipari
  1919. Half a million gather for pro-Syrian rally to defy vision of US
  1920. Credit Information Stolen From DSW Stores
  1921. Intelligence about Iran for Bush is called weak
  1922. Aggression against Venezuela would lead to crude price rise
  1923. Gun ban' utopia creates violent crime increase
  1924. Colleagues under fire but U.S. media mute
  1925. Another hate-crime hoax
  1926. Ex-Marine Says Public Version of Saddam Capture Fiction
  1927. Seeing beyond blind faith to a dire revelation
  1928. Polar history shows melting ice-cap may be a natural cycle
  1929. Slain Italian agent had U.S. operation permission
  1930. U.S. 'knew agent going to airport'
  1931. Berlusconi: U.S. Given Advance Notice of Sgrena Rescue
  1933. Israeli army will not indict soldier in death of British filmmaker
  1934. Israel's aid to illegal settlers
  1935. Iraqi cancer rates skyrocketing new German study finds (How many tons of DU?)
  1936. Transcript: Giuliana Sgrena interview
  1937. Holocaust Denial: Ernst Zundel: Modern-Day GalileoErnst Zundel: Modern-Day Galileo
  1938. US Infrastructure crumbling
  1939. London Mayor continues anti-Israel line
  1940. Sharon is the midwife of Hizbullah says Uri Avnery an Israeli writer...
  1941. Lebanon May Reinstate Pro-Syria PM
  1942. 2005 Bird Flu Parallels With the 1918 Flu Pandemic
  1944. U.S. Citizens' Data Possibly Compromised
  1945. More Bad News On The Jobs Front
  1946. Why the Dollar is Falling
  1947. Alex Jones Responds To Ben Chertoff, Popular Mechanics 9/11 Debunking Campaign
  1948. Jewish Srttlers Plan to Storm Al-Aqsa
  1949. Dollar Suffers Heavy Selling
  1950. Dollar Hits Two-Month Low Vs Euro
  1951. Israel guilty of funding illegal outposts
  1952. The two faces of Ariel Sharon need to be scrutinised
  1953. Patriot crews heading to exercise in Israel
  1954. Heavily armed duo in no position to lay down law on proliferation
  1955. The torture time bomb
  1956. The growing class divide in New Zealand's education system
  1957. US Senate clears last obstacle for bill to punish bankrupt debtors
  1958. As Bush tells Lebanese "we are with you" Massive rally in Beirut rejects US intervention
  1959. Sharon's cellmate (Could we add a few more?)
  1960. When state police aren't really state police
  1961. US leaders clear themselves of any wrongdoing in torture scandal (So did Caligula)
  1962. Pro-Syrian Lebanese Leader Is Reappointed (So much for the "occupation")
  1963. Polish officers in Iraq bribe inquiry
  1964. Journalists Push for Government Openness (Too late idiots; you've blown it)
  1965. Wisconsin death has Lefkow tie
  1966. U.S. Quits Agreement on Access to Diplomats
  1967. Blair on thin ice
  1968. Syria rallies to Assad's defence
  1969. The Cost of Israel to U.S. Taxpayers: True Lies About U.S. Aid to Israel
  1970. The enemy within (Bolton, another gun moll in the soup)
  1971. Syria's Jews
  1972. Foreign leader tied to bank scandal (BCCI is greatly missed)
  1973. Tax collector employs technology to snare deadbeats (who have not been properly looted)
  1974. Weak Dollar Getting Pommelled (Fictions are weak; Reality is strong)
  1975. Bush's revenge on Canada (Drugs to be CIA monopoly)
  1976. 9/11 Lawyer Bolsters Hamburg Defendant's Alibi (Who hijacked the four airliners?!)
  1977. The Senate Opens Fire on U.S. Consumers
  1978. Pigs Hold Clues to Man-Made Flu
  1979. Recent bird flu is reminiscent of the 1918 worldwide epidemic (Well, I wonder why that might be?)
  1980. 2 More Companies Reveal Data Thefts
  1981. When the anti-Israel sentiment comes from within
  1982. Sweating In An Airport? You Could Be A Terrorist
  1983. The Debt-Peonage Society - Forums powered by Reason and Principle
  1984. The invisible wounded
  1985. Slavery is Legal in the U.S., did you know that?
  1986. Israeli Communications Priorities 2003
  1987. (POL 495) 911 The Road to Tyranny (with a good reading list)
  1988. Be careful what you call 'diversity' - The Daily Texan - Opinion
  1990. ADL propaganda pours into elementary schools
  1991. Dollar Under Fire from All Sides
  1992. BBC NEWS | UK | Terror suspect released on bail
  1993. Troops in Journalist's Shooting Were for Negroponte
  1994. Egyptian Diplomat Rebuts Bush's Views on Mideast
  1995. Jobless Claims Climb to Two-Month High
  1996. Some state Dems talking up a Lieberman challenge (Ditch the bitch)
  1997. Which way will Lebanon go next? | csmonitor.com
  1998. Agent Orange Case for Millions of Vietnamese Is Dismissed
  1999. US Gives Nod to IBM-Lenovo Deal
  2000. Islet Cell Transplants 'Cure' British Diabetic
  2001. Pentagon Says Policies Did Not Cause Prison Abuses (Um - sure - right - absolutely)
  2002. Army frowns on Dungeons and Dragons (Psychopathic IDF)
  2003. Arm wrestling robots beaten by a teenaged girl (Government science)
  2004. Chess ace may soon be free
  2005. Necrophilia among ducks ruffles research feathers
  2006. Meteor Crater Mystery Solved (Barringer)
  2007. The Latest Iraq Horror
  2008. Smearing Giuliana
  2009. Prisoners at Abu Ghraib Said Included Kids
  2010. MoveOn.org: Making Peace With the War in Iraq (Remember where it came from)
  2011. Unarmed Iranians Stage Protest on Plane
  2012. Forfeiture Endangers American Rights (F.E.A.R.) Home Page
  2014. Dollar Slips on U.S. Trade Data
  2015. Top U.N. Envoy to Present Syria With Ultimatum
  2016. Israelis Kill Militant, Raising Questions About Truce
  2017. Schwarzenegger Latest To Fake News Stories
  2018. UK interrogators not told of banned methods
  2019. Straw: Britain cannot ignore evidence obtained by torture (Oh yes it can)
  2020. Annan hints US handing victory to terrorists
  2021. U.S. Court to Hear Pollard Appeal
  2022. Aznar 'purged all records in Madrid bombings cover-up'
  2023. President of Chechnya killed
  2024. Report: China's Foreign Reserves Fall
  2025. Israeli Textbooks Incite Racism, Hatred
  2026. Geriatric hospital suspected of illegal human experiments
  2027. Dollar tumbles as Japan's Premier hints at sell-off
  2028. Iraq war stories play tricks on the mind
  2029. Blair's New Anti-Terror Law Wins Approval
  2030. Doctors' Group Demands U.S., Britian Count Iraqi Civilian Dead
  2031. US troops get training to avoid friendly-fire attacks on British
  2032. How Clarke Can Use Control Orders
  2033. Blair's New Anti-Terror Law Wins Approval
  2034. Lords block Blair from imposing Bush anti-terror Bill in UK! (For now)
  2035. Senators Question Absence of Blame in Abuse Report
  2036. U.S. Gaining World's Respect From Wars, Delusional Rumsfeld Asserts
  2037. Global sheriff is slowly gaining on the US and its cavalier way with the law
  2038. Israel to ban hiring of Palestinians
  2039. Senate OKs bill requiring Ohioans to reveal identity (Government Terror)
  2040. S. Korean Group Sponsored DeLay Trip
  2041. Hughes Is Set to Rejoin White House Team
  2042. Alaska drilling big mistake: Canada
  2043. Congressman questions use of subpoena powers
  2044. Iraq war revelation: There was no full legal advice (but plenty of weasel advice)
  2045. UK interrogators not told of banned methods (of usable methods?)
  2046. Senate Intelligence Chief Defends CIA on Torture (Torture is actually good for you)
  2047. Washington resumes officer training for the Indonesian military
  2048. Bush administration repudiates World Court jurisdiction in death penalty cases
  2049. An appeal to students who oppose the war in Iraq
  2050. Bernice Powell Jackson: Turning Our Back on the Marshall Islands, Again (US always uses human guinea pigs)
  2051. Robert Fisk: A Half Million March for Syria
  2052. Ward Churchill: Who's the Terrorist?
  2053. Uri Avnery: Bush's Guru, Natan Sharansky
  2054. Whatever Happened to the Social Security Trust Fund?
  2055. The Pathological John Bolton
  2056. Paul Craig Roberts: So Much for the New Bush Economy
  2057. Mike Whitney: Saddam's Capture, Another Bush Lie? (We knew that at the time. Ripe dates anyone?)
  2058. William James Martin: Who is Pushing Whom into the Sea? (Reality corrects manipulative fraud)
  2059. Dave Lindorff: America's Magical Kingdom
  2060. Jerry Fresia: Targeting Guiliana
  2061. China, Greenspan rub salt in dollar wound
  2062. Army, CIA Agreed on 'Ghost' Prisoners
  2063. Arab American Publisher Says Bush Told Him in May 2000 He Planned to "Take Out" Iraq
  2064. Argentine president calls for a national boycott against Shell Oil company
  2065. Last Syrian troops leave northern Lebanon
  2066. Indian "nymphomaniac" paraded by mob; witchcraft alleged (Wackoworld)
  2067. US Patriot crews heading to exercise in Israel (ROTFLMFAO)
  2068. The Wonderful Wizard of Washington (Veritas)
  2069. Broadcast Journalists Fire Back (Simply dying of terminal uselessness would be more appropriate)
  2070. 4 investigated for Gitmo sex misconduct ( simply bizarre)
  2071. Congress May Cut Food Aid, Not Farm Aid (Um - the Farm Aid is to Agrabiz, not to real farmers)
  2072. Iran dismisses U.S. policy shift (The entire world should dismiss the US)
  2073. Karen Hughes To Work on The World's View of U.S. (But Darling, *everybody* knows you are a sick lying fuck)
  2074. Chavez: Iran has right to atomic energy (But, of course, it does)
  2075. US Says It Has Withdrawn From World Judicial Body (Can't deal with ethics)
  2076. Rumsfeld cleared in prison abuse scandal; activists decry finding (Nazisclear Hitler)
  2077. Vietnamese Victims of Agent Orange Decry US Dismissal of Lawsuit
  2078. Mideast Duty For US Troops May Include Israel, the Other Genocidalist
  2079. JINSA Reports: 'The Hon. John Bolton' (From mouths of Zionist Nazis, unwitting truth)
  2080. Hariri reportedly assassinated to make way for large US air base in Lebanon
  2081. CNN poll declares blogs unimportant (LOL)
  2082. BBC says sorry to Israel (NZ demanded apology from Isreal, which it has never recieved)
  2083. Reply to Popular Mechanics re 9/11
  2084. Calif. Gov. 'News' Videos Cause a Stir (It's called LYING)
  2085. Apple Wins Order Forcing Bloggers to Reveal Sources; Appeal Likely
  2086. US stocks, bonds, dollar fall after trade data
  2087. Eavesdropping Agency Warned Bush of Need to Monitor Networks Used by Americans
  2088. U.S. Customs Agent Found Dead in Atlanta (Hmmmmm)
  2089. Move Up the Date For Armageddon
  2090. The world turns the US dollar down to the benefit of the euro
  2091. Israel warns on Iranian "nightmare" (Israel says, warns, but always lies)
  2092. Israel says Iran close to having a nuclear bomb
  2093. Dollar Has Biggest Weekly Drop Since December; Trade Gap Widens
  2094. Indiadaily.com - Converging U.S. Navy aircraft carrier groups in Middle East send strong message[threat] to Iran and Syria
  2095. Personal information taken in Nevada DMV office break-in
  2096. Online Bank Users Locked Out (NZ)
  2097. Dollar catching Asian flu
  2098. Gambling Interests Funded DeLay Trip
  2099. Former Biden staffer sentenced to prison for campaign-fund theft
  2100. Egypt Aided Iraq's 1980s Weapons Program (Ready to invade Egypt too!?)
  2101. "Outing" the Neocons: The Office of Special Plans
  2102. People more dependant on Internet for news (Lying corpagov media)
  2103. Revealed: Israel plans strike on Iranian nuclear plant (Obvious for a long time)
  2104. Voting Bill Leads to Walkout in Ga. Senate
  2105. Tax bill would benefit richest Texans, analysis finds (Accident, surely)
  2106. Anger at MSPs' priority for life-saving flu drug (Hey, maybe it's poisonous)
  2107. Asa Hutchinson (psychopath) to Run for Ark. Governor
  2108. Ten receive "terrorism" control orders under new British rules
  2109. Report highlights costs of occupation for Israeli society and unwilling US citizens
  2110. Haiti: the forgotten milestone in Bush's crusade for "freedom"
  2111. Nazi Tactics
  2112. CIA Role in Abductions Probed
  2113. Europeans Probe CIA Role in Detentions -Report
  2114. Judge Blocks the Transfer of 13 Detainees From Guant&#-11;&#-11;namo
  2115. Looting at Weapons Plants Was Systematic, Iraqi Says
  2116. US Soldiers Tortured Afghan Prisoners to Death
  2117. 'EU not calling for Iran abandoning enrichment'
  2118. Potential challenger to Mubarak's office freed on bail in Cairo
  2119. Israel to destroy 20,000 Palestinian homes in Jerusalem -
  2120. A Breeding Ground For Tyrants (US)
  2121. Johnny Depp to produce 'The Bomb in my Garden'!
  2122. Fight for information growing harder to win
  2124. Chaos as first terror orders are used (UK)
  2125. Giuliana: I know they were out to get me
  2126. Freed Italian told to mind 'careless' talk (Sgrena)
  2127. What are they trying to hide?
  2128. Elie Wiesel - A Fraud
  2129. Asian FX reserves: a $2.46 trillion question (The inevitable is no choice)
  2130. The Gaelic Starover: Evil Unspeakeable
  2131. Internet fuels hunger for information
  2132. President Hugo Chavez waiting for USA to announce that Venezuela has WMD
  2133. Annan to hold talks with Israeli PM (Pretty much of a joke)
  2134. Talks on Forming Iraqi Government Collapse
  2135. Yahoo! News - Reporter's FOIA Request Dates to 1981 (What FOIA?)
  2136. The Roots of the Federal Debt
  2137. Wisc. Sect Focused on 'End Time' Prophecy
  2138. There Is No 'Peace Process' - There Never Was A Midnight Rant About Israel And Palestine
  2139. Did a federal agent ban anti-Bush signs in downtown storefronts? (Isn't that the Amerikan way?)
  2140. The USA oppressors have left us with no choice but to fight them.
  2141. Zundel: I am sad but not heart-broken for I believe in a higher destiny
  2142. E.P.A. Nominee Supports Testing of Chemicals on Human Subjects It's been US policy for decades)
  2143. Money: So Where Did It Go? (more disappearing money)
  2144. China's President Tells Army to Be Prepared for War
  2145. Limits on military recruiting proposed (What's the probability?)
  2146. Dropout recruits raise Army quality concerns (It is *exactly* who they went after)
  2147. Five Iraqi civilians wounded in US chopper attack
  2148. Two U.S. 'security contractors' killed in Iraq (Two down)
  2149. Secret FBI report doubts al-Qa'ida can stage 9/11-type strikes in US (Itnever did)
  2150. Bird flu greater risk than terrorists, says Livingstone
  2151. Flu bigger threat than 9/11 (With corpagov deploying both?)
  2152. Law 'could create more terrorism' (which is exactly the point)
  2153. Zarqawi Planning U.S. Hit? (Dead Guy Plans Hit?)
  2154. Qaeda Ally May Target U.S. Theaters, Schools -Report (Attack of the Zombies?)
  2155. Michael Leonardi: Lifting the Veil on the Sgrena / Calipari Incident
  2156. Valentina Nicoli: The Game of Role-Playing and the Ambush of Giuliana Sgrena
  2157. The CIA's Campus Spies
  2158. Stan Goff: On Revolutionary Optimism (YES)
  2159. China's Parliament Passes Taiwan Anti-Secession Law (Update2)
  2160. Israel vows to dismantle outposts (and continues to lie through its teeth)
  2161. Police Search for Motive in Wisconsin Slayings (Um - religious wacko)
  2162. Rice on a Run For President: No, Nyet, Nein (How about Granny D?!)
  2163. Eisner Takes a Bow Without the Curtain Call
  2164. Lufthansa Negotiates Takeover of Swiss Air (Bottom line: Swiss Franc must be destroyed)
  2165. Opec to continue pumping above quota (Floating the Grand Casino of Derivatives)
  2166. Jackson's accuser learns to fend for himself (Fabricated answers as national diversion)
  2167. Health Canada: Cough syrup may cause seizures (Personally we prefer snake oil)
  2168. The Jewish Agency's time has passed
  2169. Photographer for White House child sex ring arrested after Thompson suicide
  2170. Did Irv Rubin Firebomb Ernst Zundel's House?
  2172. Spain 'cracks $300m money racket'
  2173. IRAQ: US used chemical weapons in Fallujah assault
  2174. They shoot reporters, don't they?
  2175. Peace Groups Continue To Miss The Real Issue Day Of Demonstrations Guaranteed To Accomplish Absolutely Nothin
  2176. The Spoils of War
  2177. Conspiracy Theory Made Easy
  2178. Gas Price at Second Highest Level Ever -Govt
  2179. Paying by Fingerprint at the Supermarket (Money that isn't money)
  2180. Homeland Security taps Arizona for bioterrorism drill (Drills were goingon at WTC & P on 9/11)
  2181. 9/11 panel to hit loose ID controls ("expert on terrorist travel"?!)
  2182. 'The politics of the bear pit'
  2183. British anti-terrorism law permits curfews
  2184. Hazardous Materials Teams Investigating Pentagon Alarm (BS)
  2185. Pentagon checked for chemical agents (More BS)
  2186. Positive Initial Detection for Anthrax at Pentagon (The 'stolen' government anthrax?)
  2187. Alleged Bush assassin claims torture
  2188. Journalism Becomes More Hazardous in 2004
  2189. Iraq Elections And The Liberal Elites: A Response To Noam Chomsky
  2190. Pentagon Data on Iraq Security Forces Unreliable -GAO
  2191. Army Failed to Act on Warnings
  2192. Pentagon Auditors Conclude Halliburton Overcharged $100 Million
  2193. Pentagon Sees $108 Million in Overcharges by Halliburton (That's all?!)
  2194. Deregulation leads to Britain's largest ever food recall
  2195. Pentagon plans rendition of Guant&#-11;&#-11;namo prisoners Detainees face torture in Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Yemen
  2196. David Miller: Did the BBC Broadcast Fake News Reports?
  2197. Madrid plotter used ID stolen from Spanish mint, say police (Gov Op)
  2198. At least four ethics group will hold press conference on widening DeLay ethics scandal (Meaningless and useless)
  2199. Americans talking to themselves in Fallujah
  2200. UN finds evidence of official cover-up in Hariri assassination
  2201. Dirty-Money Scandal Points to Sharon, Mega
  2202. Massive Anti-U.S. Protests Outside Embassy In Beirut (No candy, flowers and kisses?!)
  2203. Retrieved from the Memory Hole - David Steiner's Resignation as AIPAC President in 1992
  2204. Bahrain frees internet activists
  2205. S Korean scientists say kimchi could cure bird flu ("scientists"??!)
  2206. Italy 'to pull troops from Iraq'
  2207. Digging In (Pulling out was *never* the plan)
  2208. Bush administration clears US troops in slaying of Calipari and wounding of Sgrena (Hitler clears Himmler)
  2209. U.S. Charge 18 in Weapons-Smuggling Plot (Only corpagov monopoly please)
  2210. Reply to Popular Mechanics re 9/11
  2211. Brit anti-war coalition's appeal:'Help Get Ritter to London'
  2212. Many underwater volcanoes erupting simultaneously all over the world
  2213. Autopsy: No Arabs on Flight 77 (911)
  2214. Congress' approval rating on the slide (Amerika's Criminal Class)
  2215. Iraqi general shot dead by US troops at checkpoint west of Ramadi: police
  2216. Jewish community lines up to blunt message of anti-Zionist author
  2217. Church fights Da Vinci Code novel (Don Quixote fought windmills; samething)
  2218. Dangerous chemicals in personal care products compromise health (Still going on)
  2219. EPA's mercury regulations raising a ruckus
  2220. WHO fears bird flu will be the next pandemic (Because it will be deliberately spread)
  2221. The $600 Billion Man (More deliberate Bushlies)
  2222. Fed chief: Expect Social Security cuts (But not because they are necessary)
  2223. Group tied to Norton says it is tax exempt
  2224. Biological Alarm Shuts Down Second DoD Facility (Anthrax anthrax anthrax anthrax anthrax - and rutabagas)
  2225. Top US General Predicts Surge in Iraq Violence (No?! Really?)
  2226. Army Documents Raise Fresh Concerns of Abuse by Navy SEALs (But, we absolve you)
  2227. Nations leaving Iraq amid anti-war gains (Leaving US corpagov entrenched and in charge of the genocide)
  2228. Pentagon 'hid' damning Halliburton audit (I wonder why)
  2229. Britain: government to expand privately-run state schools (more disaster)
  2230. Berlusconi government in predicament over US shooting of Italian journalist
  2231. Bush's Blurred Vision of America
  2232. WANTED: 250,000 Americans to Fight Fake News & Government Propaganda
  2233. For Rachel... (Corrie)
  2234. New York Daily News - Home - Daily News Exclusive: Gitmo taunter teaches tactics
  2235. Dalloul accuses government of knowing who killed Hariri
  2236. U.S. detainee deaths may be homicides (Oh no no - just coincidence)
  2237. Draft plan for terror scenarios accidentally posted to Hawaii State Government site
  2238. Vatican appoints official Da Vinci Code debunker (Never known for its intelligence or sanity)
  2239. Don't read Da Vinci Code, says cardinal (Welcome to the Dark Ages)
  2240. Toronto Sun Columnist: Eric Margolis - Paranoia grips the U.S. capital
  2241. Shipping was extra a lot extra (for Halliburton)
  2242. U.S. Senate Supports Identity Theft
  2243. The Witchhunts Continue: Columbia University and the New Anti-Semitis
  2244. Knesset resolution demands Pollard's release (Demand, do we?)
  2245. Israel surprised at banning (Unbounded hubris)
  2246. Hearings Focus on $100 Billion Army Plan (Corpagov steals the wealth)
  2247. American Jews tour Gaza settlements in solidarity against pullout (How to create Judenhass)
  2248. The Trials of Tony Blair
  2249. 10,000 Jews to ascend Temple Mount (Historical fraud abounds)
  2250. Harvard Chief Loses Faculty Confidence Vote (Harvard goes both loony and stupid)
  2251. Pinochet hid cash in Miami banks, other U.S. havens
  2252. Trade Deficit at All-Time High of $665.9B
  2253. Senate Votes for Oil Drilling in Alaskan Refuge (The best government money can buy)
  2254. Bush Defends Packaged News Stories from Government (But Bushies have no concept of "fact")
  2255. Senate bill aims to limit homeland security secrecy (Good try by Leahy; probability?)
  2256. Release of Terror Strike Report a Mistake
  2257. Former CIA Agent Affirms Possibility of Chavez's Assassination in Venezuela
  2258. Bush Recommends Wolfowitz for World Bank (The comblicking birdbrain?)
  2259. Bush Chooses a Top Pentagon Aide to Head the World Bank (Wiley Coyote?)
  2260. Myers: U.S. Weighs Long-Term Afghan Bases (Weighs? There was never doubt)
  2261. Bush: No Timetable for Troops Coming Home (There never was, and never will be)
  2262. Britain: BBC documentary exposes abuse of asylum seekers
  2263. Kosovo prime minister charged with war crimes US-backed ex-militia leader on trial
  2264. Werriwa by-election: Iraq, Macquarie Fields and Australia&#-11;&#-11;&#-11;s &#-11;&#-11;&#-11;History
  2265. An epidemic of murder-suicide in the US
  2266. Violent eruptions in Wisconsin and Georgia: the pathology of a society in crisis
  2267. Cabbage helps prevent bird flu (Pigs whistle, and meatballs bounce)
  2268. Attorney accidentally sues himself (A case of poetic justice)
  2269. Hitler 'tested small atom bomb' (BS news; he did not)
  2270. Effect of fluoridation of water on teeth, study
  2271. Marmite ads 'terrified' children (LMAO! They should be terrified of government, news, religion, ...)
  2272. Teens 'shocked' by alcohol dolls (Pathological psychological engineering)
  2273. [email.gif] (And mainstream news does what, exactly?)
  2274. Reported Abuse Cases Fell After Abu Ghraib (And dolts make causal connections)
  2275. $2B deal in WorldCom suit
  2276. Men are from Mars and women from Venus, because of their genes!:- (Tell it to the Moron Harvard Faculty)
  2277. Vitamin E might contribute to heart failure: (Get a brain)
  2278. Syria Completes First Phase of Lebanon Pullout (Do the Lebanese have a say?)
  2279. Evelyn Pringle: Labeling Kids Mentally Ill for Profit
  2280. Gary Leupp: The Plan is Still on Track
  2281. Paul Craig Roberts: America's Has-Been Economy
  2282. Alan Maass: Bush's Class War Budget
  2283. William A. Cook: Resurrecting the Neo-Con Failures (But 9/11 has been a success)
  2284. Tiny School Gets No-Bid Work From Homeland Security
  2285. US plans for plague, flu and nuclear bomb attack
  2286. FBI Whistleblower Edmonds Files New Lawsuit
  2287. Doomsday plan for London revealed
  2288. Four Honolulu airport screeners put on leave (unending corpagov thievery)
  2289. Wolfowitz To Rule the World Bank (Replacing more incompetence)
  2290. Israel's Broken Record - Attack Iran
  2291. Auditors Find IRS Employees Vulnerable to Hackers Posing as Information (Treasury = Terrorist)
  2292. Bush's choice of Wolfowitz for World Bank risks outcry (Like - who cares?)
  2293. Israel pleased with choice of Wolfowitz (I was so worried what their reaction might be)
  2294. JIM GIBBONS: Lawmaker gave job to radio reporter
  2295. WWE's Batista used to get recruits for Army National Guard
  2296. CIA's Assurances On Transferred Suspects Doubted (When CIA assures, we doubt)
  2297. Update on America's Criminal Class (Twain was not joking)
  2298. Millions for a museum, but what of the survivors? (Preserving the lies and frauds)
  2299. Syrian military split on pullback; Opposition reports Assad has fled
  2300. Yeshiva students attack Palestinians, wound at least five
  2301. US soldier jailed over assaults (For 45 days? Oh let's make it 3)
  2302. US detainee death toll 'hits 108' (They just fell over!)
  2303. Wolfowitz to spread neo-con gospel (HH, the Most Rev. Wolfy?)
  2304. Israeli Whistleblower Vanunu Indicted (He needs to get out of tha loony bin)
  2305. Serene Outlaw: Henry David Thoreau in His Second Century
  2306. Yoshie Furuhashi, "Did Bush Sacrifice Nick Berg?" (CIA Black op)
  2307. China tests 'D-Day invasion' of Taiwan
  2308. Russian Army Chief Arrives in China Ahead of Joint War Games
  2309. Ernst Zundel's first letter from Mannheim jail
  2310. Sex, Lies and Call Girls: Why the U.S. Media Is a Whore
  2311. Yucca Mountain Papers May Have Been False
  2312. 'Someone Knows' Avian Pandemic Is Coming
  2313. House Judiciary Committee quashes Gannon inquiry (How utterly surprising!)
  2314. British MP removed from parliament after claiming Blair misled lawmakers over Iraq (I guess that will shut him up)
  2315. Popular Mechanics Attacks the "9/11 LIES" Straw Man
  2316. Popular Mechanics Does 9/11
  2317. US Army asks for longer enlistments as recruitment numbers fall
  2318. White House Press Corps Dismisses "Gannongate"
  2319. Annan's Bow at Arafat's Grave Sparks Outrage in City (But what do *real* people think?)
  2320. TSA Does Not Allow Military Personnel to Get Off the Plane at SFO
  2321. No Convictions Among Guantanamo Suspects Sent Home
  2322. Australian government appoints Murdoch hack to ABC board
  2323. Australia strong-arms East Timor over new oil and gas plan
  2324. Sharon regime finalises West Bank land seizure plan Israeli security wall to encircle East Jerusalem
  2325. Bush administration defends use of covert propaganda in US as well as torture, genocide and looting the nation: it's for your own good.
  2326. White House press conference Bush defends rendition of detainees to torture regimes
  2327. Canada joins US, Britain in major terror response drill (Resistance is Futile - and not be expected)
  2328. Iran, Syria Undermine Efforts in Iraq, U.S. Officials Another laughable excuse to invade them too)
  2329. Ex-Halliburton Worker Indicted for Fraud (And Cheney laughs)
  2330. Palestinian Factions Agree to Extend Truce With Israel (Why?)
  2331. Palestinian attacks on Israel to stop until end of year, but not Israel's genocide of Palestinians
  2332. Wolfowitz insists: World Bank will be safe with me (Define 'safe')
  2333. Wolfowitz Discusses World Bank Mission with Bono (His intellectual mentor)
  2334. Bush Digs Dry Well in Alaska (his history repeats itself)
  2335. As Oil Hits New Highs, OPEC Struggles to Bring Down Prices (So it can lose money)
  2336. Group to acquire Toys R Us in $6.6B deal (The Pentagon Group?)
  2337. Gyroscope Problem on Space Station No Threat :NASA (which means, of course, that it is)
  2338. Lawmakers Grill Baseball Over Steroid Use, While Looting the US People
  2339. Federal Court Finds Rapper Lil' Kim Guilty of Perjury (for saying "Bush is good guy"?)
  2340. Obesity Epidemic Threatens To Cut Life Expectancy ("Scientists" who need brain transplants)
  2341. Lawmakers push for FDA tobacco regulation (Criminal Class On Parade)
  2342. Bush, Republicans in Congress, Call for Keeping Schiavo Alive (We do not call for keeping Bush or Republicans alive)
  2343. Codex - Codex Gets One Step Closer To Control (Codex Alimentarius)
  2344. Daily Kos :: WTO: Could using Vitamin C send you to jail?
  2345. Will CODEX Harmonization End Health Freedom Worldwide?
  2346. Codex Committee To Meet In Germany To Finalize Supplements Guidelines - Health Supreme
  2347. Positively Healthy UK - Gay Men's 360&#-11;&#-11; Health - Vitamin Ban
  2348. MayDay: Codex Guidelines for Vitamins and Minerals (Denmark)
  2349. Friends of Freedom "Avout the Pharmacartek & Your Vitamins"
  2350. AMA threatens health supplements
  2351. BioNatural - Who benefits from the TGA and Codex?
  2352. The New Zealand Herald "Conventional medicine far riskier than supplements"
  2353. A-list message, [A-List] Codex Alimentarius
  2354. Alliance of Natural Health Suppliers Inc. (And many related articles)
  2355. Jewish Settlers beat Palestinians
  2356. Israel to curb Gaza media access (Genocide is not generally public sport)
  2357. Two AIPAC officials take paid leave over spy probe
  2358. WorldNetDaily: Moonbats on parade (i.e., writers of this "opinion")
  2359. Yemen opposition accuded of causing chaos (All rulers to prison where they belong)
  2360. No Convictions Among Guantanamo Suspects Sent Home (i.e., torturing deainees was not even arbitrary and capricious)
  2361. Journalists tell of US Falluja killings
  2362. Dutchman in Iraq genocide charges (But - those Kurds were gassed by Ira, numbnuts)
  2363. Dossier: Michel Aoun (January 2001) Lebanon
  2364. Israel reveals new plans to re-occupy Gaza Strip (You knew this was coming, right?)
  2365. The Zundel Case - Freedom of Thought and Expression Under Attack in Canada, USA
  2366. How To Save The Internet - SECURITY - CIO Magazine Mar 15, 2005
  2367. Two years of thefts suspected at airport (Honolulu)
  2368. Bulgaria Latest U.S. Ally Seeking Iraq Pullout
  2369. Jewish 'plot over Temple Mount'
  2370. Secret US plans for Iraq's oil
  2371. Israelis believed behind vast robbery attempt in Britain
  2372. Italy ridicules PM's 'withdrawal of withdrawal'
  2373. Bush to Host Sharon in Texas for Mideast Talks (Planning the 9/11 followup)
  2374. The 2001 anthrax mystery lingers (in coverup)
  2375. Iraq as the world's biggest cash cow
  2376. Williams Cabinet Member Is Slain (washingtonpost.com)
  2377. Italian troops to stay, after all
  2378. Sue Israel, not the bulldozer maker
  2379. Wolfowitz wont impose US line at World Bank (When liars speak)
  2380. 'Israel armed itself with nuclear option 40 years ago'
  2381. CIA, White House Defend Transfers of Terror Suspects (When liars speak)
  2382. Web to have 'terror watch' team (The "ter'ists" are the governments)
  2383. Malibu Gas Station Already Charging More Than $3 A Gallon ::: Supreme Unleaded At $3.15 A Gallo
  2384. Angola: Death toll from mystery fever rises to 77
  2385. Humvee crashes perplex Army (That's Army Intelligence?)
  2386. More UK troops set for Iraq tour
  2387. Fake Cable Labeled Writer a Spy for Iraq
  2388. French referendum on European constitution set for May 29
  2389. Ebbers found guilty in WorldCom fraud: a case study of US corporate criminality
  2390. GM announces sharply lower profit figures Decline of auto giant highlights crisis of US manufacturing
  2391. John Ross: Wal-Mart Invades Mexico
  2392. Confessions of an Economic Hit Man (Banks really are behind it all - oh shock and surprise)
  2393. Christopher Brauchli: The Etymology of Torture
  2394. Russell Mokhiber and Robert Weissman: Global Bully Goes to Guatemala
  2395. US denies visa to Gujarat CM
  2396. The ugly American bank
  2397. Connecticut Ex-Governor Rowland Sentenced to Prison (Update2)
  2398. Bank of Ireland shuts down fraudulent internet service
  2399. White House Heavily Redacts Clinton Papers
  2400. Halliburton exec on fraud charges
  2401. Iceland to Grant Ex-Chess Champ Fischer Citizenship
  2402. Church secretly sells Arab Jerusalem properties to Zionists
  2403. Third man bolted to Israel
  2404. Vanunu faces new jail term
  2405. A victim of Israel's nuclear taboo
  2406. The Perfect Terrorist Plan To Level The Twin Towers Created In 1976 (by US Army)
  2407. Israeli forces invade West Bank towns
  2408. Huge explosion rocks Beirut
  2409. 'One huge US jail' (Afghanistan)
  2410. The Hidden Hand Of The CIA, 911 And Popular Mechanics
  2411. British troops may replace Italians in Iraq (Fodder is fodder)
  2412. Lloyd's ~ The Cancer that Rots, and, Eats the Members of UK Parliament
  2413. Oil's not well
  2414. Widow recounts Hunter Thompson's final day (fabrication?)
  2415. Israeli forces strafing Lebanese border areas
  2416. Fake Cable Labeled Writer a Spy for Iraq
  2417. March 18-20: The World Says End the War!
  2418. Over 725 Protests Planned to Mark Second Anniversary of Iraq Invasion
  2419. March 19, 2005 -- Anniversary of a lie
  2420. 9/11 tragedy considered Israel's "Hannukah miracle"
  2421. Candidate to Lead World Bank Gets Thumbs Down in Europe
  2422. Some 100,000 to protest in London two years after Iraq invasion
  2423. New U.S. policy supports more military intervention
  2424. Congress Ready to Approve Bill in Schiavo Case (The US Criminal Class speaks)
  2425. Don't deposit Wolfowitz with us, plead World Bank workers
  2426. Governor vetoes eco-terrorism bill
  2427. Homeland security funds often spent to meet political needs
  2428. Iraq veterans sue over war trauma
  2429. One U.S. Soldier Killed; 51 'Terror' Suspects Detained
  2430. British troops 'were supplied with blank ammunition'
  2431. US frees Iraqi kidnappers so they can spy on insurgents
  2432. Blair 'Could Not Be Honest About Iraq War'
  2433. U.S. Misled Allies About Nuclear Export
  2434. Washington's criminal war against Iraq enters its third year
  2435. Why the Queen Should Chop Off Tony Blair's Head for Treason
  2436. The World Bank: a Bigger Problem Than Wolfowitz
  2437. David Green: The Holocaust Industry Comes to the University of Illinois
  2438. Making Bankruptcy a Life Sentence
  2439. Exposing the Coming Draft: a Draft by Any Other Name is Still Wrong
  2440. Three-Card Monte and the One-Party State
  2441. Congress Reaches Deal in Schiavo Case (The Most Meddlsome Cingress Ever)
  2442. Anti-Occupation/War Protests - Dublin Anti-War - Indymedia Ireland
  2443. Photos from March 19th Anti War rally in Hollywood
  2444. The Corpse Of American Culture
  2445. Behind the Iraq Lies: Israeli Communications Priorities
  2446. Pentagon: Unilateral, Preemptive Strikes Now US Policy
  2447. China, Greenspan rub salt in dollar wound
  2448. The beast that slouches toward democracy (Lebanon)
  2449. Militarism and the war on drugs
  2450. The real 'China threat'
  2451. 'Tourists beware' when visiting Scotland (and France, US, ...?)
  2452. Turmoil at the UN: Kofi's New Tack
  2453. ABC News: DeLay Says He's Not Giving Up Schiavo Fight (Another convenient distraction)
  2454. Peak Oil Presentation in the US Congress (But precretaceous oil is not mentioned)
  2455. The Globe and Mail: Protesters mark anniversary of Iraq war
  2456. EPA Nominee Advocates Human Guinea Pigs (Mengele Inc.)
  2457. Bush's Bureaucracy Stiffs Wounded Vets (Still, yet from the beginning)
  2458. The Vatican - Official apologies demanded (What, no reparations?)
  2459. The Assassination Of General George Patton
  2460. Jowell's husband 'misled' inquiry
  2461. Greece in revolt as scandals sweep the Orthodox church
  2462. NESARA/ Dove/ Omega Scam Yields Millions
  2463. Aerial photos show extensive building in settlements (Israel)
  2464. Sydney, 20 March 2005, International Day of Action Against the War in Iraq
  2465. A day that will live in infamy (March 19, 2003)
  2466. Newport Beach Wall Streeter thinks youre not poor enough
  2467. Bill would OK use of cameras to track red-lights runners
  2468. Blair was told US 'fixed' case for war
  2469. Iraqi minister kidnapped south of Baghdad
  2470. Weak choice / The World Bank deserves better than Wolfowitz (Who profits?)
  2471. UN in dramatic climbdown after American pressure
  2472. Airline Crash 'Drill/Exercise' In DC Area Set For April 23, 2005 (Like 9/11 "drills"?)
  2473. Israeli photographs show extensive new illegal settlements
  2474. The assassination of Sergei Kirov: A tale for our times
  2475. Have hackers recruited your PC? (Why does essential vulnerability of MS Windows persist? Hmm?)
  2476. Iran plans secret 'nuclear university' to train scientists (It is being threatened, isn't it?)
  2477. America Smells the Coffee (Alas, it does not)
  2478. Choosing Wolfowitz definitely benefits Israel
  2479. Demand a Senate Filibuster of the Bankruptcy Slavery Bill (of farcical Democrats?!)
  2480. The Flat Tax May Spread to Poland Sooner than Expected
  2481. West Bank handover talks hit snag (won't it always)
  2482. Jewish settlers beat Palestinians (Again, or still?)
  2483. Israel confirms settlement growth (flaunting its criminality)
  2484. What made an Airbus rudder snap in mid-air?
  2485. Dirty Tricks Revisited- by Justin Raimondo
  2486. Bay Area Housing Crash Continues
  2487. Albert Einstein Was Not a Zionist
  2488. Stiglitz warns of violence if Wolfowitz goes to World Bank
  2489. G-20 demands end to farm subsidies
  2490. U.S. Infrastructure: Increasingly Unsafe
  2491. Secret US plans for Iraq's oil
  2492. Who will prevent the pogrom?
  2493. Israeli plan for new West Bank homes angers Palestinians
  2494. GM to Cut N.American White-Collar Workers
  2495. The Death of the Dollar
  2496. NASA's culture still poses danger, ex-astronauts say
  2497. Marines bad news wont be dress blue
  2498. Russian Intelligence Chief Says Al-Qaeda a Myth (He's got that right)
  2499. Pentagon anthrax found was the same genetic strain used in the 2001 attacks.(I did call it)
  2500. El Al 'planted gun on passenger'
  2501. Blair manipulated intelligence to justify war, says BBC film (and his punishment will be?)
  2502. Israeli linked to major UK theft attempt
  2503. Thousands rebel against election fraud in Kyrgyzstan (Very unamerikan courage)
  2504. Arthur R. Butz on Binjamin Wilkomirski
  2505. Paul Craig Roberts: a Threat Greater Than Terrorism
  2506. Guantanamo Bay abuse 'videotaped'
  2507. Boston Red Sox Torture Jet
  2508. Health care shortages could feed a flu pandemic (decreasing surplus population?)
  2509. The end for GM crops: Final British trial confirms threat to wildlife (No end at all)
  2510. Doctors in Congress Criticized on Schiavo
  2511. Poll: Most Think Congress Wrong on Schiavo Case (What do criminal congresstoads care?)
  2512. Analysts: GOP May Be Out of Step With Public (Moreso than usual)
  2513. GOP Governors Cut State Workers' Rights
  2514. Cities, agencies seek right to sue (NC)
  2515. US stocks tumble on oil, rates
  2516. New EPA Mercury Rule Omits Conflicting Data (Truth has nothing to do with anything)
  2517. Court Denies Moussaoui Access to Alleged Al Qaeda Figures (Justice has nothing to do with anything)
  2518. Rumsfeld Warns Nicaragua on Anti-Aircraft Missiles (War criminals do matter, however)
  2519. Wolfowitz Closing In On Bank Post (Morons also matter)
  2520. Unocal settlement with Myanmar villagers finalised (No matter what, th villagers lose)
  2521. U.S. Using Anti-Terror War to Gain World Oil Reserves &#-11;&#-11;&#-11; Soviet Intelligence Chi(He's just figured this out?!)
  2522. Rice Hints at Sanctions for North Korea (Babblers also count)
  2523. Rumsfeld details big military shift in new document (With this asshole, no news is good news)
  2524. Army Raises Enlistment Age for Reservists to 39 (What's the scam?)
  2525. Lawyer was paid &#-11;&#-11;50,000 to give advice on Iraq invasion
  2526. Negroponte's $181 Million Welcome (Just a trifle extravagent?)
  2527. FBI Report Questions Guantanamo Tactics (questions?!)
  2528. CIA uses [torture] jet, Red Sox partner confirms
  2529. Feds spied on the CIA
  2530. Two labs confirmed Pentagon anthrax
  2531. Australia: economic slowdown threatens to push up unemployment
  2532. Britain: government issues first "control orders" imposing house arrest
  2533. The dysfunctional society: US billionaires on the rise--roads, bridges indecay
  2534. Diana crash - why she switched cars
  2535. Cow-dung becomes a cure-all in India (So does Bull-Shit also work?)
  2536. Laser-Firing Hummer in Iraq
  2537. Couple Sells Candles That Smell Like Jesus (Oh - whyyyy not?)
  2538. Calif. University Says 59,000 Affected by Hackers (Pretty powerful "hackers", yes?)
  2539. Miscovering Anti-War Protests (Again)
  2540. Airport Security a Joke (So are terrorists; corpagov knows that since it is the terrorist)
  2541. Recruiter-turned-peacenik hits nerve in N.C.
  2542. Israel's 'Generous Offer' was not really all that Generous
  2543. Annan Seeks Approval for Sweeping Changes
  2544. The Curse of the Gulf War Babies (Anthrax vaxccine? How about DU?)
  2545. Supreme Court blocks al-Qa'ida witnesses
  2546. Be Proud of What You've Achieved
  2547. The National Defense Strategy of The United States of America (Finding substance in a sea of glittering generalities is difficult)
  2548. Economists: Federal deficit a bigger risk than terrorism (Risk for Bushco?)
  2549. US Demands Israeli End To Settlement Activities (Israel says, up yours)
  2550. LP: The Castro Obsession: Cuban exiles, the CIA & a secret war: A new book focuses on a post-Bay of Pigs
  2551. Ukraine Probes Sales of Missiles to Iran, China
  2552. LP: Top Ten Signs You're a Fundamentalist Christian
  2553. Rare Marburg virus blamed for 96 deaths in Angola
  2554. LP: House Sets Limits on Palestinian Aid As DeLay Defies Calls of Bush, Rice
  2555. LP: US, Germany, France, UK face junk debt status
  2556. Exonerations in California (Justice has little to do with law)
  2557. Nudist pastor to hold naked services (Whatever floats your boat)
  2558. Red Lake Tribe Wary Of Casino Plan
  2559. Stomping on the Bill of Rights (AU)
  2560. 'O.C. Register' First Major Paper to Call for U.S. Pullout in Iraq
  2561. The 9/11 WTC Collapses - An Audio-Video Analysis
  2562. Teen who killed 9 reportedly admired Hitler (fabrication)
  2563. Autistic Teenager Is Beaten by Deputies After Being Mistaken for a Prowler
  2564. Clear Channel Told to Pay Rival Promoter
  2566. Navy SEALs Sue AP Over Detainee Photos (Helooo?)
  2567. Farmers Inadvertently Receive Biotech Corn (Another "mistake" surely)
  2568. Bird Flu Pandemic Coming, U.S. Not Prepared, Infectious Diseases Society ofAmerica (and the sky is falling too)
  2569. Fed Raises Interest Rate to 2.75 Percent
  2570. Santorum rethinks death penalty stance (?? has not yet had the experience)
  2571. Court upholds law requiring people on probation to submit DNA (Totalitarian state)
  2572. Big names get behind NBC's 9/11 miniseries (Sick Farce)
  2573. Most terrorism suspects 'remain free' (US, UK and AU governments?)
  2574. Federal Judge Apologizes to Former Detroit Terrorism Case Defendant for Prosecutorial Misconduct(Apology? That's it?!)
  2575. U.S. Is Faulted Over Algerian's Detention (How about not doing this any more?)
  2576. Detainee Interrogation Memo Redacted
  2577. Prime Minister Blair appeals for Muslim vote in wake of Iraq war (LMAO He's kidding, right?)
  2578. Iraq: Demonstrators defy eviction
  2579. Portugal: New Socialist Party government intensifies social attacks (nothing is real)
  2580. Indian budget: a balancing act that cannot long be sustained
  2581. Democrats complicit with Christian right, Republicans in Schiavo case
  2582. The Schiavo case: Bush and Congress trample on science and the Constitution
  2583. Dave Lindorff: Saving Schiavo; Killing the News
  2584. Rep. Cynthia McKinney: An Immoral and Illegal War
  2585. How the Democratic Party Fosters Conservatism
  2586. Anti-Empire Report: Democracy--or is it the US Military--on the March
  2587. Document: Bin Laden Evaded U.S. Forces (tortured bullshit)
  2588. Guardian Unlimited Books | News | Everyone loves a conspiracy (Da Vinci rides again!)
  2589. Gold Falls to 5-Week Low as Inflation Report Spurs Rate Concern (Econbabble)
  2590. More politicians write blogs to bypass mainstream media (Direct Lying)
  2591. Groups slam Indian passage of patent law (supporting pharma stranglehold)
  2592. Kyrgyzstan May Use Force to Restore Order (Rulers musr whip the ruled)
  2593. U.S. bars Italians from examining victims car (Why? - as if we didn't know)
  2594. 2 Years of Death and Destruction By George W Bush and Friends
  2595. Haaretz - Israel News - The Americans are going too far (dialectical diversion)
  2596. 5,000 women smuggled into Israel, sold into prostitution (It's center of the business)
  2597. Photographer for White House child sex ring arrested after Thompson suicide
  2598. IMAX Theaters Refuse To Show Film That Refers To Evolution (Psychotic)
  2599. The Sinking of Lloyd's of London (roped into the global corporate superstructure)
  2600. Ex-Lloyd's boss backs Names in legal case
  2601. The Death of the Dollar
  2602. The Amazing Hypocrites
  2603. Pull the Plug on Pandering
  2604. Showdown: Battle groups head for Mideast
  2605. Binladen Group Wins New Airport Projects
  2606. Judge is urged to start trial of 9/11 defendant (Moussaoui)
  2607. Israel's homeland spy agency runs Internet recruiting campaign (Still at it)
  2608. US rules out Iran security pledge (Invading Iran will be US death blow)
  2609. Texas summit to discuss extension of Nafta (It's not bad enough yet)
  2610. The real tragedy of Terri Schiavo
  2611. The Lie Factory (A contract involving illegality is void)
  2612. Syria accuses U.S. of inciting trouble in the Middle East (No?! Really?)
  2613. Blair Is Trying for New Spark Among Voters (Moron poodle speaks)
  2614. Historical Development of Modern Feudalism
  2615. RELIGION AND 9-11
  2616. Israel not a favoured business location
  2617. Perle, Ex-Pentagon Aide, May Face SEC Suit Over Hollinger Role
  2618. The Real Unemployment Rate is 23%
  2619. Explosion hits Texas petrochemical plant
  2620. How AFP killed an Online News Site by Suing Google
  2621. Consumer Prices Increase, Adding to Concerns on Inflation
  2622. Japan tests for modified corn from U.S.
  2623. Bush regime kept mum about unapproved modified corn sold
  2624. Pipeline Spills Oil in Los Angeles Area Lake
  2625. 14 Feared Dead in Texas Refinery Blast
  2626. Oakland County teen charged with threatening terrorism (Wacko Nation)
  2627. New Jersey Man Who Shone Laser Beam at Small Jet Indicted on Patriot ActCharge (Psycho Nation)
  2628. Capitol bill aims to control 'leftist' profs (Lunatic government)
  2629. U.S. and Argentina Fail to Renew Military Exercises
  2630. Army Orders Further Involuntary Troop Call-Up
  2631. Bush, Cheney lied about bin Laden escape from Tora Bora
  2632. Iraqi Legal Calls for Trying Bush, Blair
  2633. Afghan Detainee's Leg Was 'Pulpified,' Witness Says
  2634. Former Clinton aide and Kerry adviser hails choice of Wolfowitz for World Bank James Rubin lauds neo-conservative crusade for "democracy"(When is reality not real?)
  2635. Israel to build thousands more settler homes in West Bank (As night follows day)
  2636. Paul A. Moore: The Bush Bros. Racist Crackdown in Florida (Nazis, Naziss and more Nazis)
  2637. Bush is What Hypocrisy Looks Like
  2638. A New War? On Wolfowitz's World Bank
  2639. Classic maths puzzle cracked at last (partitions, rank, crank)
  2640. The CSI Effect (Can't have this; the show will be pulled)
  2641. Tourists here to see Filipinos crucify selves (The Ages of Reason and Enlightenment)
  2642. Flores: Fresh scandal over old bones (Moronic article on equally moronic modern science)
  2643. Noam Chomsky ... still furious at 76
  2644. United States Urges U.N. Human Rights Body Not To Target Israel (Umm ???)
  2645. To be Intimidated is to be an Accomplice
  2647. Insurgents control raided Iraq camp
  2648. Poison Pellets spread on hillside where Palestinian sheep graze (Who did that?)
  2649. America's Agenda for Global Military Domination
  2650. The battle for your mind
  2651. United Nations: Global governance
  2652. Was the Attorney General leant on to change his mind?
  2653. Blair: Nobody planning to attack Iran (??! ROTFL)
  2654. America Rules! (is certifiably preeminant in mental derangement)
  2655. GOP Lobbyist ODs: Scandal or Thriller?
  2656. Consumer prices rise; inflation picking up
  2657. UK minister's husband investigated over 'bribes to lie for Berlusconi'
  2658. Iraq war: The smoking gun? (UK)
  2659. War resignation letter censored (UK)
  2660. Critical dispute over Jerusalem real estate
  2661. Bush is protecting the bin Laden family as gratitude for past business dealings and for giving him the excuse to control the ME..
  2662. Israeli entrepreneurs train to enter U.S. homeland security market
  2663. Canada Set to Rule on U.S. Deserter's Refugee Claim
  2664. The USA's Tragic Withdrawal From the Rule of Law:
  2665. The Haunted Archives (9/11 Commission)
  2666. Guant&#-11;&#-11;namo Detainees Make Their Case
  2667. Reactor workers cannot blame cancer on radiation (Israel is the other wacko nation)
  2668. Fischer 'allowed' to move to Iceland
  2669. Demand a Senate Filibuster of the Bankruptcy Slavery Bill (from the bought Dems)
  2670. Ezra Levant: Good Priests, Bad Rabbis
  2671. NIST Has No Evidence of WTC 1,2 Core Columns Overheating
  2672. flight 77 dot info (maybe getting nicely fabricated videos? It's taken too long)
  2673. Arab League Offers Peace for 1967 Borders
  2674. Army officer is charged in abuse of recruits at Fort Knox
  2675. WARLORD KILLED IN CHECHNYA WAS EX-U.S. MARINE (School of the Americas graduate)
  2676. Accused School Shooter Was On Prozac (unsurprisingly)
  2677. The Battle for America's Youth
  2678. US warns on Venezuela weapons plans (No shooting back!)
  2679. US jobless claims rise against expectations (Whose expectations?)
  2680. We're all paranoid (No, you're just all either liars or stupid)
  2681. Wolfowitz Dating Muslim Woman Causes Stir (Dialectical diversion)
  2682. UK refuses records on Jenin death (Guess Israel has UK number too)
  2683. Pentagon Kills Investigation Into Case of Abused Reuters Workers
  2684. The Iranian Threat: The Bomb or the Euro? (Um, petrodollar to petroeuro is just Free Trade!)
  2685. Kyrgyz President Akayev Flees to Russian Airbase(Hmmm - wait and see)
  2686. Defense Tech: CITY-SNOOP PROGRAM RETURNS? (Better living through corpagov science)
  2687. Gas, oil futures higher on refinery explosion (Cruising for economic bruising)
  2688. Court to Hear Web Speech Censorship Case (The French "human rights groups" are Israeli pawns)
  2689. Diving Into falluja (Read)
  2690. Iranian Exile Says Uranium Enriched at Secret Site (Yeah, right - phoney)
  2691. Minnesota School Shooter Wore Bullet-Proof Vest (or this is a lie)
  2692. In letter to Sen. Lautenberg, FBI director says gun laws should be reviewed(Ahem - are we paying attention?)
  2693. Republicans Gone Wild
  2694. Report that group which filed DeLay ethics charge received Soros money false
  2695. Survivor: Teen Gunman Had 'Mean Face' ("Witnesses" are just sooo reliable)
  2696. His Own Private Abu Ghraib (Melvin Sembler)
  2697. Journalist Freed From Iraq Leaves Hospital (Sgrena)
  2699. Expert witness minimizes effect of priests' sex abuse (defone "sometimes")
  2700. Translated Foreign News Available NOWHERE Else In English
  2701. I seem to be at a loss for words! (US Economic Cesspool)
  2702. Canada denies refugee status to American (Now?!)
  2703. Student Reinstated After Principal Flap (Anything is excuse for doing anything to you)
  2704. FBI to Create Group to Study Gun Law (Weimar Scenario)
  2705. NO Military Service for Gannon/Guckert
  2706. IDF officer: Increase in violent acts carried out by settlers
  2707. Court Orders New York Fire Department To Release 9/11 Tapes
  2708. Claim of Anti-Semitic Attack Was Bogus
  2709. US starts bird flu vaccine test in humans (Government science)
  2710. Influenza vaccine uses insect cells to speed development (Government science)
  2711. Gene From 1918 Virus Proves Key to Virulent Influenza (to creating one: government science)
  2712. U.S. to create a bird flu virus mutation (Yes, making one)
  2713. DHS | Department of Homeland Security | U.S. Department of Homeland Security Awards Design Contract for the National Biodefense Analysis and Countermeasures Center(where the anthrax came from)
  2714. Cost-Cutting Medicare Law Is a Money Loser for States (re they surprised?)
  2715. IRS probes politics at church (Classic Bush grudge)
  2716. DeLay Goes on Offense in Ethics Battle (He didn't know the gun was loaded)
  2717. Options, and Time, Running Out for Schiavo Parents
  2718. Judge rejects Bush's Schiavo argument
  2719. Supreme Court Won't Hear Schiavo Case
  2720. EU requires new biometrical passports for Russia as a condition to join the world communit
  2721. E.P.A. Report Finds Lag in Monitoring Attacks
  2722. London "faces election terrorism threat" (babbling)
  2723. Pentagon Official: U.S. Needs Allies to Defeat Terrorism (Superbabble)
  2724. Court prevents release of most September 11 emergency calls (What said that no one should hear?)
  2725. Canadians Back Martin On Missile Defence rejection
  2726. Five Killed by Friendly Fire in Iraq
  2727. Doubts Surface On Iraq Raid (as in US lies yet again)
  2728. State records show Bush re-election concerns played part in FEMA aid
  2729. Germany: Interior Minister Schily bans Turkish newspaper
  2730. Deadly explosion at Texas oil refinery part of a broader pattern
  2731. US-EU deal on Iran: a step towards confrontation, not a negotiated settlement
  2732. Suzan Mazur: Peak Oil, Debate or Vendetta? (What's being said)
  2733. Sir Peter's taste for swan has him fall foul of law(There's tradition - and abject bureacratic stupidity)
  2734. Japan's schooling for scandal (It's not just the lunatic US corpgov)
  2735. Cracks may force shutdown of UK reactors (or not with this slimeball corpagov)
  2736. 'True Pope' Sect Leader Dies (Wackos galore)
  2737. Shareholders of Kmart, Sears approve merger - update 1
  2738. Faithful Feel Absence of Ailing Pope (Get a grip)
  2739. Ex-chess champ rips Bush, Japan, Israel and America (Go Bobby)
  2740. UN: Hariri Assassination Probe Flawed
  2741. 'I was kidnapped,' says chess genius as he rails against Japan and US
  2742. Regime torn down in Kyrgyzstan as the leader vanishes
  2743. Israel awaits an implosion as zionism fumbles
  2744. iraq vetrans against the war
  2745. Insurgents Control Raided 'Qaeda-Baath' Training Camp in Iraq
  2746. More Than 500 Historians Protest C-Span Broadcast of Holocaust- Denier
  2747. White slave trade now earns US$1 billion annually in Israel.
  2748. US envoy: Israel can keep big colonies and do as it pleases
  2749. FBI probe into leaked secrets takes aim at AIPAC
  2750. EU: Israel breaching road map (What else is new?)
  2751. Israel Asks U.S. For Disengagement Money that will be used for the opposite
  2752. No proof for claim Iraq killed 85 rebels / Government now says(meaning it lied) battle not a major incident
  2753. Israel can't use US equipment to violate Gaza residents' human rights (since when?)
  2754. Us "allows" Israel to keep West Bank and all other loot
  2755. "In Our Hands" (From 1996)
  2756. Bushs Napoleon Complex
  2757. North Korea threatens US with war (Babbling)
  2758. It's your turn to pull out, Syria tells US (Sounds fair to me)
  2759. Cuba to present nine counts against Washington in Human Rights Commission
  2760. Enraged protesters overthrow Kyrgyzstan's government and make president flee (If eventually, why not now?)
  2761. Bush, Sharon Meet To Plan Iran Attack
  2762. Mystery Hemorrhagic Fever, 93% Death Rate (CIA must be ecstatic)
  2763. U.S. Ambassador Says U.S. Will Recognize Israeli Control of Some Settlementsand also lick some boots
  2764. Anti-terror unit defeats backpack full of old clothes, one windmill and several dust bunnies
  2765. Sponsors 'manipulate' scientists (This is S.O.P. & has been for decades; it's government science)
  2766. Document suggests bin Laden escaped at Tora Bora (Babbling)
  2767. Blair Faced Lies (A litany of the moron poodle's lies)
  2768. Bush approval rating down to 45 percent (down to?)
  2769. Imagine -- no IRS (Imagine -- no terrorist corpagov)
  2770. As Green as a Neocon: Why Iraq hawks are driving Priuses
  2771. Not Mild-Mannered Enough (Clark Kent Ervin)
  2772. Kravchenko's death not a suicide - official (Oh - so very surprising)
  2773. Richard J. Jensen - "No Irish Need Apply": A Myth of Victimization - Journal of Social History 36:2(History is a sequence of hoaxes)
  2774. Guardian Unlimited | World dispatch | Selective Memri (Speaking of hoaxes)
  2775. 'Discovering the Network'
  2776. British MPs accuse U.S. of grave rights violations
  2777. Death threats rattling pols (threats by psycho repugs)
  2778. White House payments to columnist probed (blah blah blah - nothing will come of it)
  2779. A New Antiterror Agency Is Considered to wage war on the US corpagov
  2780. Bush's Approval Takes a Tumble (Babbling in all the wrong places)
  2781. Sex slavery rife in Israel
  2782. Britain: Conservative Party promotes racist campaign against gypsies
  2783. Rumsfeld's Latin American tour Pentagon chief escalates threats against Venezuela
  2784. Rahul Mahajan: Culture of Life or Culture of Living Death?
  2785. Yoshie Furuhashi: No Troops; No Wars (Original intent: genocide; it remains so)
  2786. Federal Court Rules Indiana Protester's Rights Violated During Cheney Visit
  2787. Bush Administration Probes Syria's Future With Assad's Opposition (Probes = meddles)
  2788. Army Probe Finds Abuse at Base Near Mosul
  2789. Russia steadfast on Iran Nuclears
  2790. The Missing WMD Report
  2791. Ambassador Dan Kurtzer: U.S. supports Israels West Bank settlement expansionand the geocide too
  2792. KRT Wire | 03/25/2005 | Texas Indian tribe at center of widening Washington scandal
  2793. Springer Talk Radio Show To Expand Nationwide
  2794. Teacher retirement $11 billion short (TX wouldn't you just know)
  2795. Naomi Klein: Sgrena's car shot from behind
  2796. Hersh speech blasts Bush and war policy
  2797. Over a Dozen Arrests at Good Friday Anti-War Protest
  2798. Pentagon Will Not Try 17 G.I.'s Implicated in Prisoners' Deaths Because They We're Following Orders Exactly
  2799. Little Reporting on Paranoia in High Places - by Norman Solomon
  2800. Yukos security chief is found guilty of murder
  2801. US steps up war on Afghan opium (and decrease CIA illicit income?!)
  2802. MI6, Jack Straw, defence staff: Blair ignored them all
  2803. Jeff Weise: Did meds play a role? (This is a question?)
  2804. Conservative Website FREE REPUBLIC Mutinies over Bush Comments!
  2805. Man Sells Device That Blocks Fox News (and gets death threats, from guess what?)
  2806. Golden Escape Pods
  2807. Reservist: Knee blows that killed 2 detainees were approved
  2808. Iran is quietly stockpiling high-tech small arms, military equipment (That's what I would be doing)
  2809. Energy Officials Call For Conservation (Translation: jacked prices)
  2810. Where's the outrage over energy prices? (So many sources of outrage)
  2811. Cracks may force shutdown of UK reactors
  2812. TSA misled public on passenger data (So might Nazi SS)
  2813. Bush administration clears US troops in slaying of Calipari and wounding of Sgrena (obeying orders exactly)
  2814. Five Israelis were seen filming as jet liners ploughed into the Twin Towers on September 11, 2001 ... - [Sunday Herald]
  2815. Media presence exacerbates culture clash on Red Lake
  2816. Immoral and Pathetically Perverted Fla. officials' attempt, fail to seize Schiavo
  2817. New city police cars will have cameras, microphones (Beyond pathological)
  2818. Monthly Minimum Payments Up On 2 Major Bank Credit Cards
  2819. From Hero To Homeless
  2820. US Army says prison deaths are homicides
  2821. American Civil Liberties Union : Armys Own Documents Acknowledge Evidence That Soldiers Used Torture
  2822. Super-rich hide trillions offshore (UK)
  2823. Italian agent Calipari: A target of opportunity for US assassins
  2824. Sympathy for liars, wackos and con artists?!
  2825. Fresh details emerge of Iraqis' abuse by American soldiers (It's what's been ordered - hello?)
  2826. Revolution that came too soon starts to fall apart in chaotic Kyrgyzstan
  2827. Iraqi doctor: US troops storm hospital
  2828. Body Double (Bush's "culture of life" is really one of torture and death)
  2829. Beirut bombing overshadows Easter
  2830. The Battle of Athens, Tennessee (Not your standard history)
  2831. Panel Ignored Evidence on Detainee (and lied)
  2832. Zealotry and its victims (What religion is all about)
  2833. AIPAC Probe / AIPAC works to preserve clout in U.S.
  2834. Scoop: UQ Wire: 9/11 In Never-Neverland
  2835. Ellen Mariani's RICO Suit against Bush et al.
  2836. How To Avoid the Draft Or National Service (maybe)
  2837. Ernest Zundel Guilty Of Thought Crimes
  2838. Tony Blair. You are charged with leading Britain into an illegal war... How do you plead
  2840. Despite law, banks foreclose on soldiers
  2841. Russian Scientists Say No Noahs Arc [sic] on Mount Ararat (Useless science)
  2842. British Attorney General under pressure over Iraq war advice
  2843. Blair clashes with Cabinet over Wolfowitz nomination
  2844. Pentagon denies mother's plea for photo
  2845. F.B.I. Gave Personal Escorts to Departing Saudis After 9/11
  2846. Emergency services plan for 750,000 deaths in flu pandemic (UK)
  2847. Video appears to show Hariri convoy before blast
  2848. Israel stalls transfer of Palestinian town
  2849. Did it really happen (It's all utter fiction)
  2850. Bush Spends Easter with Troops, Prays for Peace (Vomitting all over Mr. Floor)
  2851. Ebola-like virus death toll rises
  2852. Jackson to Jackson: Why I wore pyjamas
  2853. Prince should apologise to bride's former husband, says bishop (sanctimonious git)
  2854. Sharon: We can't expect explicit US OK to build in Settlements
  2855. Is America the SS Titanic?
  2856. Jerusalem Patriarch Offered to Buy Post (He is such a go getter)
  2857. Man Hatred OK At University Of New Hampshire (Growing up is hard to do)
  2858. NZZ: Brisante Wende im Fall Greta Bee rSchweiz 2005 03 27 03 04
  2859. Israeli forces raid Jenin
  2860. Storage of Nuclear Spent Fuel Criticized
  2861. 8.2 quake hits Asia
  2863. Our new nightmare: the United States of America
  2864. U.S. Secret Court Ignored Evidence on Detainee
  2865. Pharmacists' 'Rights' at Front of New Debate
  2866. Artists take aim at USA Patriot Act
  2867. Some Truckers to Undergo Background Checks
  2868. U.S.-Installed Iraqi Dictatorship Shoots Demonstrators
  2869. Dr. Teresa Whitehurst: We're Walking into a Trap
  2870. Sgrena Sets the Record Straight: "There was No Checkpoint; No Self-Defense"
  2871. Building the 3500 houses in Maalei Adumim will make Palestinian State impossible
  2872. Israel maintaining 'strangulation' policy in Gaza Strip
  2873. UK trebles military exports to China
  2874. Israel is among the holocaust deniers
  2875. WWII-era Jewish land in Poland now said to be worth $30 billion
  2876. UK banks bow to the Muslim pound
  2877. The dictator, the saint and the minister
  2878. G 59 American Ex-Diplomats Oppose Bolton (So what? Confirmed!)
  2879. Cashing in on the trade in women in Israel
  2880. FBI And Retailers Collaborate To Prevent Theft (Everyone defined as a criminal)
  2881. Oil prices spread to grapes, TVs, pizza (What did you expect?!)
  2882. RED LAKE SHOOTINGS: Arrest shocks region ( setup, and it stinks)
  2883. U.S. to create list of 'unstable' nations (Are there any not on the list?)
  2884. Resistance shelling drives US to abandon barracks near ar-Ramadi
  2885. American Jewish Congress Launches Campaign to Fight Divestment and Threats to Israel's Economy
  2886. Suppressing free speech
  2887. Effort to Form Iraqi Government Collapses
  2888. Blockbuster Settles 'No Late Fees' Claims (Some racketeering goes too far?)
  2889. Their best defence (It's no use: they've signed their own death warrant)
  2890. We need our money back (FEMA)
  2891. Stolen UC Laptop Held Personal Data On 100,000 Students (No privaacy allowed)
  2892. Complex Medicare Applications Sent to Low-Income Americans
  2893. TV reporter earned money from state (Vasilinda)
  2894. Feds get set for Net rules
  2895. Doubt over TSA air passenger screening system (A mere instrument of totalitarianism)
  2896. Man charged under Terrorism Act; suspect 'had soldier's address' (UK just as lunatic)
  2897. Mexicans Boo U.S. Anthem At World Cup Game
  2898. Illegal Nuclear Deals Alleged (Pakistan buys US)
  2899. Panel's Report Assails C.I.A. for Failure on Iraq Weapons (Get a grip)
  2900. Pentagon to Take Over Air Force Programs (We're takin' it all, see!)
  2901. Jerry Falwell in Critical Condition (May there is god - and she's finally about had it)
  2902. CDC kills fallout study (OOops - they know it's positive)
  2903. CDC sending team to Angola virus outbreak to aid their viral progeny
  2904. Nine States Sue Gov't Over Mercury Rules (Life is poison; get used to it)
  2905. Agencies Fight Over Report on Sensitive Atomic Wastes (Hyperbabble)
  2906. Three Claim 'Secret Service' Removed Them From Bush Rally (Isn't this normal?)
  2907. Homeland Security to add 500 new agents to Arizona border (I feel *so* much safer)
  2908. Terrorism drill to be first test of Homeland Security protocols (whatblack op will this cover?)
  2909. Suit by Detainee on Transfer to Syria Finds Support in Jet's Log (We know who the liars are here)
  2910. 38 GTMO prisoners not 'enemy combatants' (It was always arbitrary and capricious)
  2911. US admits killing Arab journalists in Iraq (But who gives a rat's ass, right?)
  2912. Canada denies asylum to US soldier who refused to serve in Iraq
  2913. Christian right zealots incite violence: North Carolina man arrested for soliciting Michael Schiavo's murder
  2914. The fraud of US democracy crusade American media silent over mass protest in Bahrain
  2915. Government crisis in Poland--prime minister to resign
  2916. US increases pressure on Lebanon amid growing instability
  2917. New documents confirm widespread US abuse of Iraqi prisoners, implicate top general (and where does the buck stop?)
  2918. The Subversive Commandments (Nice polemic, but omitted history contradicts)
  2919. China's Report on Human Rights in US is No Cariacture
  2920. Sonia Cardenas: The Geneva Trap (as well the trap of all law)
  2921. Terri Schiavo's Death and the Birth of an "Elected" Iraqi Government (clarity)
  2922. Ralph Nader: Is the End of the Iraq War / Occupation Near? (Cockeyed optimist)
  2923. Hollywood actress fined for bringing fruit into NZ &#-11;&#-11;&#-11;&#-11;(Wacko nation)
  2924. Rice alarms reformist Arabs with stability remarks &#-11;&#-11;&#-11;&#-11;("chaos and instability" isexactly right)
  2925. Reading Red: Native Americans in the News
  2926. Sleepwalking to disaster in Iran
  2927. Church land deal enrages Palestinians
  2928. Manhattan's Friends of the Israel Defense Forces
  2929. IDF fires outlawed Flachette shells in Gaza
  2930. Nuke the Holy Land--For World Peace
  2931. Social Psychology, Religious Belief, Censorship and the Holocaust (Read)
  2932. New memo indicates Gen. Sanchez signed off on Abu Ghraib abuses, perjured himself before Congress
  2933. Visit by pro-Israeli prof causes uproar at UofT
  2934. Research | Library | Bibliographies - Nazi Racial Science
  2935. Curing Obesity through Sterility: California 's Controversial Program Under the Microscope (US Eugenics Program Redux)
  2936. American United States eugenics program
  2937. Google Search: united states eugenics program history
  2938. The History of the Development of AIDS
  2939. NEWS Releases: Dr. Boyd E. Graves / Archives 1999 - 2003
  2940. Future Generations (A Eugenics Site - alas all based on pseudoscience)
  2941. Eugenics Archive (Eugenics looked at scientifically)
  2942. Genetics and Society: Resources: Items: "Breeding Only the Best"
  2943. GCC Currency in 2010: Al-Assaf (Not soon enough - Now would be good)
  2944. RFID Cards Get Spin Treatment (Totalitarianism on the march)
  2945. [Israeli] Ambassador to Ethiopia found shot at home in Addis Ababa
  2946. Ambulances transport Israeli troop
  2947. Israel Again Yanks The Leash On Congress
  2948. AIG Says Net Worth May Be $1.7 Bln Inflated by Errors (billion?!: insurance accounting=black magic)
  2949. Armed Volunteers Plan to Patrol the Mexican Border; Some Fear Bloodshed (Bonvoyage!)
  2950. Reporters Visit "Secret" Iran Nuclear Plant
  2951. Federal agency says state owes $30.4 million (FEMA again, wanting money back)
  2952. Two-thirds of world's resources 'used up' (That's not even wrong)
  2953. Ind. Business Told to Hide Nude Statues (Wacko Nathion)
  2954. Earlham student hits pundit with pie (and he wasn't even arrested and tortured to death?)
  2955. Pa. Lawmaker Charged in White Powder Hoax (How about Frist's powder hoax?)
  2956. Bush Shows No Remorse for Fake Newscasts (Psychos do as psychos are)
  2957. Germany: parliament curbs freedom of speech and assembly (here we go again)
  2958. New malaria study reveals huge underestimation of disease
  2959. US Secretary of State presses India and Pakistan to abandon Iranian gas pipeline(It's mob style bullying)
  2960. Iraqi puppet parliament adjourns in disarray
  2961. Help! Nicaraguan Workers Are Being Poisoned (Nemagon)
  2962. Ahmad Faruqui: Much Ado About F-16s
  2963. Wolfowitz's Career Move: From Failed Warrior to Humanitarian Banker
  2964. Gary Leupp: Curing Those People of Their Hatred
  2965. The unsung role of Kung Fu in the Kyrgyz revolution
  2966. Panel: Agencies 'Dead Wrong' on Iraq WMDs (Panel either needs a brain or to have their tongues cut out for treasonous perjury)
  2967. Iran War in June 2005
  2968. Ind. Business Told to Hide Nude Statues
  2969. Afghan jail term for US convicts cut
  2970. Mr. Magoo Flying America into Disaster :: Intervention Magazine :: War, Politics, Culture
  2971. EU proposes 15% duty on US goods (only hurts the corpagov - go for it)
  2972. Freddie Mac Profit Falls More Than 40 Pct (econbabble)
  2973. With Iraq tying up manpower, two analysts raise specter of draft (a done deal - long ago)
  2974. Many Guard returnees jobless (Assholes were not paying attention)
  2975. Electronic voting problems discovered in Miami-Dade (Gee? Really?)
  2976. Scientific Analysis Suggests US Presidential Vote Counts May Have Been Altered (No? You don't say!?)
  2977. Why World War IV Can't Sell (Alas, selling has little to do with it)
  2978. With polls in sight 17 Labour MPs "rebel" over Iraq (Lying hypocrites?)
  2979. Jewish Defense League feud (within a patent terrorist organization: bombing congressment?)
  2980. Dollar Drops Versus Euro, Yen After U.S. Jobless Claims Rise
  2981. FBI at crossroads in probe of pro-Israel lobby group AIPAC *Diversionary setuo)
  2982. Child hunger in Iraq said about double
  2983. Zap! 68-year-old man gets shock of a lifetime when Cheney comes to town (Nazi Nation)
  2984. Oil Surges $2 on 'Super-Spike' Prediction (Designedly selffulfilling prophecy)
  2985. Microsoft Files 117 Suits That Target 'Phishing' (With the stolen software it sells? Hello kettle, meet pot)
  2986. Columbia Finds No Anti-Semitic Remarks
  2987. Bush administration chastised as 'dead wrong' by panel on prewar intelligence on Iraq (How about being liars and fabricators of a planet's worth of bullshit?)
  2988. Veterans Group Calls on Congress to Impeach George W. Bush and Richard (What do you call the entire US government as the bottom of the ocean?)
  2989. Gun-control measures before the Illinois General Assembly (The Nazi gun laws will be clamormed for - by criminals)
  2990. Pope given Last Rites (Who does watch the watchers?)
  2991. North Dakota Senate backs restoring Roger Maris' home run record (I a just *so* fucking relieved!)
  2992. U.S. Military Dismisses Convicted Soldier (This is how you get out?!)
  2993. Bush nominates England as Rumsfeld deputy (commensurate with all other nominations: another criminal)
  2994. Is the Housing Market Going to Crash? (Um - yeah - but first, define crash)
  2995. US military 'recognizes' its own regulations on DU (Phooey - logical consistency is just historicalatiousness or something)
  2996. Father, Shuman guards charged (Nation of the criminally insane)
  2997. Israel Honors Jewish Terrorists Who Attacked America (No - it's not a joke)
  2998. US calls Iran tour a media stunt (What does US call its war crimes, genocide and faliled democracy?)
  2999. Dollar Headed For Collapse - Mahathir (No shit? Must be god's will, huh?)
  3000. Al-Qaeda 'making Agent X advances' (LMAO - don't nsult my intelligence)
  3001. Little Brother may also be watching soon (Call exterminators for both big and little brothers)
  3002. 'Dead Wrong' or Outright Deception? (Justin calls it)
  3003. No feelgood factor as house prices suffer worst fall in 10 years (UK)
  3004. Democracy Now! | Exclusive: Halliburton Employee Says He Was Gang-Beaten By Co-Workers at Baghdad Airport(Criminal Nation)
  3005. Judge refuses request for FBI records on 1996 Flight 800 crash (because it was shot down by corpagov)
  3006. EU Mulls Compromise with Iran
  3007. Horowitz, Plaut, Whois, and a Mountain of Lies and Bile
  3008. The gates of hell are open in Iraq
  3009. Who Was Right About Iraqi WMDs? Why? What Now?
  3010. To Sit In The Dark (with tragic and pathetic consequences)
  3011. Millionaire Cuts Plea Deal On Child Rape Charges (and insurers commit murder every day - it's US justice at work for you, what you are paying for)
  3012. US plans for plague, flu and nuclear bomb attack as well as vampires, werewolves and tribbles
  3013. Pat Buchanan doused with salad dressing (salad dressing? Maybe he looked like an artichoke. BFD)
  3014. Screened Audiences, Fake News Promote Bush Agenda - Helen Thomas
  3015. Israel wants to seize New Areas of Palestine&#-11;&#-11;s West Bank (Why should this be surprising?)
  3016. Sharon builds border blueprint for Israel (until he attacks yet again)
  3017. Analysis points to election `corruption' (It did in Rome too -alea iacta est)
  3018. A Deadly Coincidence: School Shootings and Drugged Students (Some is catching on to reality)
  3019. AIPAC Staffers Go to Grand Jury (Better to see all in public)
  3020. Israel honors Egyptian spies 50 years after fiasco
  3021. Papal Candidate Gives Pro-Zionist Talk
  3022. Doubts on Weapons Were Dismissed (Old news)
  3023. Churches warn Israel over Jerusalem
  3024. NYT & WMD: Profiles In Timidity
  3025. Religious Charities in 10 States Get $1B
  3026. Dollar "catastrophe" prompts call to replace George W Bush (Thankyou, but the catastrophe has been planned)
  3027. For F.B.I., Not Enough Progress in Combating Terrorism Committed by US Corpagov
  3028. Bush Names Cheney's Son-in-law to Homeland Security GC
  3029. Afghan 'Court' Lowers 3 Convicts' Sentences
  3030. Wolfowitz confirmed as next World Bank president (A shoein for criminals)
  3031. Armed neighborhood militias spring up as ethnic tensions worsen (The Negroponte Effect)
  3032. Children starving in Monsanto's Iraq
  3033. UN rights expert charges US using food access as military tactic
  3034. Yucca scientist investigated over e-mails
  3035. Sen. Lautenberg rebukes DeLay over Schiavo remarks
  3036. Study: Malpractice rates not tied to big awards (Nope, tied to insurer racketeering)
  3037. High Fuel Prices Hitting City Emergency Vehicle Fleets
  3038. One-in-959,000 chance exit polls wrong in predicting '04 vote
  3039. Bush event exclusions ripped
  3040. Judge Tells City to Release Much of 9/11 Oral History
  3041. Feds fingerprint departing foreign visitors
  3042. Record Number of Terror Warrants Approved (Everyone except corpagov goons is terr'ist and criminal, by definition)
  3043. Bush Nominates Cheney's Son-in-Law (To prove who terr'ists are)
  3044. World Bank may tighten security under Wolfowitz
  3045. UN Panel Approves Anti-Nuclear Terrorism Treaty
  3046. Ex-CIA Chiefs Rebut Bush Panel Conclusions
  3047. Former CIA Chief Disputes Warning Over Iraq Data (Whom cares?)
  3048. We Can't Remain Silent
  3049. The Pentagon's Secret Stash of Torture Porno
  3050. U.S. Soldier Convicted of Killing Iraqi Walks Free (Isn't yhis just US justice?)
  3051. Banned by the Feds!
  3052. Gatas Parlament
  3053. Bush Order Allows Isolation of Those with Bird Flu (or any other excuse)
  3054. Fuehrer Bush Authorizes Use of Quarantine Powers in Cases of Bird Flu
  3055. Bush-appointed intelligence commission whitewashes war based on lies
  3056. Bush critics barred from "town hall" meetings on Social Security
  3057. After Terri Schiavo's death: new threats against democratic and constitutional rights
  3058. Mitchell Zimmerman: The Bizarre Legal Philosophy of Justice Janice Rogers Brown
  3059. Cartoon Capers: Turkey's War on Political Cartoonists
  3060. British Elections: Punish the Warmongers
  3061. Iraq Reconstruction Funds Invested on Wall Street
  3062. Michael Dickinson: Shut Your Mouth or Go to Prison! (Turkish law against journalists)
  3063. Dancing with Wolfowitz
  3064. Michael Chertoff: Legal Storm Trooper
  3065. The Health Care Blog: POLICY: Florida HIV mystery raises questions, by John Pluenneke
  3066. UN Votes to Send Any Sudan War Crime Suspects to World Court
  3067. US scatters bases to control Eurasia
  3068. Golan elephant and the Lebanese crisis
  3069. Oil hits new highs as market frets over refining capacity
  3070. Save Jerusalem Conference Slams Biased US Policy
  3071. Dugway expansion a mystery
  3072. Marburg Fatality Rate in Angola At 100%? (Has help in becoming more lethal?)
  3073. Alleged Pentagon Mole For Israel 'Quietly Rehired' (Larry Franklin)
  3074. The Australian: Shaky faultline raises the threat of a super-volcano [April 01, 2005]
  3075. WTC7.net the hidden story of Building 7
  3076. TV Ads Warn of Iran Nuke Attack :: Major U.S. Cities Threatend (Reichstag burning #2 coming up)
  3077. Government wiretaps, searches up 75 percent
  3078. Paul Wolfowitz [lauded by] American Jewish Congress Israel
  3079. 'Broad conspiracy' behind nun's killing in Brazil
  3080. Belgium red-faced over Bush chimpanzee photos
  3081. Why American neocons are out for Kofi Annan's blood
  3082. Israel Said to Adopt About 6,000 Indians
  3084. Israeli rampage (1947 revisited)
  3085. Europeans will need visas for travel to US (Why would they want to?)
  3086. Data Indicates a Massive 2004 Exit Poll Whitewash
  3087. FBI finds explosives in Nichols home (We're supposed to believe this?)
  3088. The Digital Imprimatur
  3089. Seventeen Techniques for Truth Suppression
  3090. U.S. Soldiers Accused Of Raping Iraqi Women Escape Prosecution
  3091. Forgeries and Anthrax
  3092. Attack Iran the day Iraq war ends, demands Israel (always big on demanding)
  3093. a war in a (Consequences of "government science")
  3094. Holocaust victim sues TriMet (Get a life, or die)
  3095. 20 U.S. Soldiers Hurt in Abu Ghraib Attack
  3096. Sanchez Orchestrated Torture Tactics in Iraq
  3097. US General Approved 'Extreme' Interrogation Methods
  3098. Rights group seeks probe of general's statements
  3099. Lautenberg Cites Criminal Laws DeLay May Have Broken in Threat Against Federal Judges
  3100. DeLay Comments "irresponsible and reprehensible" - Senator and Criminal
  3101. Calif. Retail Gasoline Prices Rise to Record
  3102. Florida wants to ease U.S. school standards
  3103. Mitchell Decries GOP Filibuster Plan
  3104. Rights group seeks probe of general's statements
  3105. US General Approved 'Extreme' Interrogation Methods
  3106. Sanchez Orchestrated Torture Tactics in Iraq
  3107. 20 U.S. Soldiers Hurt in Abu Ghraib Attack
  3108. Lee Sustar: Off the Script in Kyrgyzstan (repto v. repto: another farce)
  3109. Pentagon Greenlights Murder in Iraq (and everywhere else)
  3110. Kurt Nimmo: Wolfowitz, Neocon Babe Magnet and Loan Shark Mafia Don
  3111. The Economics of Global Poverty: an Interview with Jeffrey Sachs (Hello?Just *destroy* WB/IMF)
  3112. Stan Goff: A Trojan Jackass for the Anti-War Movement
  3113. Alexander Cockburn: Death, Depression and Prozac
  3114. S. Florida reacts to death of Pope (Now the Black Pope becomes the Pope)
  3115. Bush Leads Nation in Mourning Pope (What? No feeding tubes?!)
  3116. Bush Hails Late Pope as Champion of Freedom (*That* doesn't say much for him)
  3117. Bush Hails Pope as 'Hero for the Ages' (The Dark Ages?)
  3118. Quotes about pope from US politicians (Senile asshole?)
  3119. Bush calls pope 'a champion of human dignity' (ROTFLMFAO)
  3120. President and first lady pray for pope (How utterly politically touched)
  3121. US political leaders react to death of pope (But is it good for Israel?)
  3122. President and first lady pray for pope (That's pretty funny)
  3123. World Bank president says poverty remains top issue (That which it deliberately creates)
  3124. Is Marburg Virus in Angola a Recombinant?
  3125. Terri Schiavo Cremated Amid Family Feud (The diversion constinues)
  3126. Comparing Hospital Quality Online Now Possible
  3127. ABC News: Berger Pleads Guilty to Taking Materials
  3128. US relied on 'drunken liar' to justify war
  3129. Rigorous Intuition: "My God - they killed him!"
  3130. U.S. says Israel must give up nukes (feint)
  3131. Pentagon Chief Escalates Threats against Venezuela
  3132. Fury at 'shoot for fun' memo
  3133. Are You A Slave? (Part of the extended Weimar scenario)
  3134. DU Death Toll Tops 11,000
  3135. DEA supervisor exposes cover-up of U.S. agents' role in mass murder in Mexico
  3136. Venezuela's Media Minister Andres Izarra replies to the Washington Post
  3137. Jerusalem Post | Breaking News from Israel, the Middle East and the Jewish World
  3138. Iraq War Vet's Case Decided ( good thing - but small thing)
  3139. Britain to pull 5,500 troops out of Iraq (another feint)
  3140. Canadian Intelligence Agencies on a rampage of arrest and torture
  3141. U.S. using exiled Iranian groups for nuclear intelligence (Hello? Remember Chalabi?)
  3142. Green light for Iraqi prison abuse came right from the top (weknewthat)
  3143. "My Name is Rachel Corrie", on the London Royal Court Theatre
  3144. Did Bolton Try to Intimidate Spies? (Guess)
  3145. Israel Boycotts Peace Conference; Mainstream Media Mum on Meeting
  3146. Panel: U.S. Ignored Work of U.N. Arms Inspectors
  3147. U.S.: Rights abusers do not belong on U.N. human rights panel (Arrogance, hubris, or just incredible?)
  3148. Election could bring terror risk (or brain rotting)
  3149. Hezbollah says blasts serve Israel
  3150. 'Red State' Montana Says NO! to the Patriot Act
  3151. Iran offers cash for bombs to break Palestinian truce(Marie Colvin: liar, or brain transplant candidate)
  3152. Science proves that vote fraud is real!
  3153. BUILT TO BLAST (Mistral Fraud)
  3154. Falwell does not suffer from congestive heart failure, son says (pity)
  3155. Egypt astonished at Israeli awards for ``terrorism``
  3156. IDF gets world's best choppers (genocide is hard work)
  3157. Censoring Thought Home
  3158. Why media ownership matters
  3159. WorldNetDaily: Letter implicates NSA in TWA 800 cover-up
  3160. Canada to put trade surtax on U.S. goods
  3161. Connecticut Closer to Approving Civil Unions
  3162. U.S. Is Asked to Close Site on Sex Issues
  3163. Migrant Stumbles Into U.S. Militia 'Hornet's Nest'
  3164. Privacy Advocates Criticize Plan to Embed ID Chips in Passports
  3165. Corporate Assassin
  3166. Shameless/Speechless
  3167. 50,000 Public Figures in Russia Seek Ban on Jewish Groups &#-11;&#-11;&#-11; Paper - NEWS - MOSNEWS.COM
  3168. Stone-age figurines depicting what could be the oldest pornographic scene in the world have been unearthed in Germany (Porno? Get a life)
  3169. FrontPage magazine.com :: Jihad Jane and the Jews by Mike Adams (Adams needs to get out more, and start reality therapy)
  3170. Poll: Most Jewish Israelis favor emigration of Israeli Arabs (Sauce for the goose, but none for the gander?)
  3171. Judge upholds vote-rigging claims (Invite him to the US)
  3172. Medford hotel owners say Bush Admin. left them with unpaid bills (Corpagov racketeering)
  3173. A top insurance company as the new Enron? (Insurers have been at it for 50 years!)
  3174. Israel's Next War?
  3175. Net Aids Access to Sensitive ID Data
  3176. US in race to unlock new energy source (methane hydrates)
  3177. Salmon farms teeming with lice threaten wild fish (Corpagov science at work)
  3178. CO2 rise forces energy rethink (Not even pseudoscience)
  3179. Chief Rabbi of Russia Meets With Prosecutor on Anti-Semitism
  3180. THE &#-11;&#-11;5483 SW SCOTLAND ELECTION CHALLENGE (Not about to have to pay out)
  3181. Oil Prices Surpass $58 a Barrel Mark (we knew this was planned and inevitable)
  3182. Bush: U.S. [people] to Bear Burden of Iraq [corpagov] Costs
  3183. Miller's UN Reporting (Judith "the whore" Miller)
  3184. Possible Patriot Act renewal draws protesters
  3185. Border Patrol Complains That Volunteers Are Tripping Sensors Used to Detect Illegal Crossovers (The Keystone Kops)
  3186. Conn. officials scramble during simulated chemical attack (Sick Sick Sick)
  3187. Uri Avnery: Djinn in the Box
  3188. Michael Dickinson: It's Too Late Now for John Paul II to Repent
  3189. Larry Birns: Bush's Arms Sales Hypocrisy
  3190. Paul Craig Roberts: American Rot; When Opposing Voices Do Not Oppose
  3191. Stripping Hoax (and this costs 16 years in jail?!)
  3192. New chief admits AIG staff tried to destroy documents
  3193. Tax Abuse Rampant in Nonprofits, IRS Says (Abuse by IRS rmpant we say)
  3194. US envoy says pope considered Iraq war 'defeat for humanity' (Even da pope?!)
  3195. Democrats ready stinging dissent on inaction over Jeff Gannon, other scandals (Invective, wit, irony and sarcasm that is less than entertaining)
  3196. Iran: Nuclear programme stays (We *all* know about the invasion to come)
  3197. Soldier of Fortune? (Ward Churchill?)
  3198. Ahenakew: Didn't Know He Was Being Taped When He Called Jews A "Disease"(Canadian Thought Police & Their Pimps)
  3199. GOP Senator John Cornyn (R-TX) says violence against judges is understandable (Well - it is)
  3200. Car Rental Company Told to Stop Overcharging Speeding Customers (It's called theft and racketeering)
  3201. Huge Tax Protest in Pennsylvania Be There: Wednesday, April 13
  3202. Lecturers may boycott Israeli academics (UK)
  3203. Panic in Pakistan, World Next? (Air Tulips)
  3204. CBC News:Secret Gomery testimony threatens Liberals
  3205. A Note on the U,.N. Report on the Beirut bombing, February 14th, 2005
  3206. Anomolous Deadly Marburg Virus Outbreak Spreading
  3207. Berlusconi scorched by regional election defeat (He needs a "terrorist attack" [wink wink])
  3208. Key lawmaker calls for criminalizing TV indecency (Corpagov "news" broadcasts?)
  3209. Lurching toward theocracy
  3210. CNN.com - Investigators believe embattled judge committed suicide - Apr 5, 2005 (Hmmm)
  3211. GM Debt Ratings Downgraded by Moody's; Ford Motor Under Review
  3212. Bush Approval Rating Lowest Ever for 2nd-Term Prez at this Point (When elections are rigged, does it matter?)
  3213. Cameraman for CBS Wounded by U.S. Troops in Iraq
  3214. Study puts Oakland dropout rate at 52% / Mayor decries crisis -- district questions research accuracy(Pubic education scam)
  3216. Councillors thrown out over vote-rigging
  3217. Councillors guilty of postal votes fraud that would 'shame a banana rpublic'
  3218. Rumours sweep Rome death was kept hidden
  3219. North Korean bird flu outbreak not the feared strain (That can be fixed)
  3220. Connecticut Prepares to Sue U.S. Over Bush Education Law
  3221. Conn. to OK Civil Unions?
  3222. Senate thwarts gay-rights bill
  3223. Kansas Voters Approve Ban on Gay Unions
  3224. Governor says he will sign 'meet force with force' bill
  3225. Lawmakers In Fla. Back Public Use of Deadly Force (Against corpagov?!)
  3226. Political Groups Paid Two Relatives of House Leader
  3227. A 3rd DeLay Trip Under Scrutiny
  3228. Reid Accuses GOP of Arrogance on Courts
  3229. House Panel Revives Energy Bill (Energy Corp Giveaway)
  3230. Fireproofing Blown Off Twin Towers (That's the funniest yet)
  3231. Terrorism drills come to suburbs
  3232. Reacting to new U.S. measure, Canada says it may require passports of Americans)
  3233. U.S. Will Tighten Passport Rules
  3234. Senate bill would cut powers of Patriot Act (Probability of passage?)
  3235. Antiterrorism Law Defended as Hearings Start (Enabling Acts)
  3236. Congress Urged to Renew Patriot Act (The Rubber Stamp Congress?)
  3237. Feds Want Private-Sector Security Data (In a military totalitarian fascist police state - sure, why not?)
  3238. Israel to dump 10,000 tons of garbage a month in the West Bank (Nuclear waste perhaps; it's in keeping)
  3239. Army comes up short of recruiting goals for second consecutive month (I wonder why)
  3240. 'Iraq parliament' taps Kurd for presidency (Ooops)
  3241. Survey: U.S. media censors Iraq reporting (No?! Really?)
  3242. Army pays Halliburton $1.18 billion for dining services (Who exactly is dining?)
  3243. Bush Says Social Security Trust Fund a Fiction (His Presidency isthe fiction)
  3244. Lawmaker wants list of companies exporting US oil (No information allowed)
  3245. March jobs report shows US "recovery" offers no relief for workers
  3246. Oil-for-food scandal: Washington's preemptive strike on the UN
  3247. Nevada: Yucca Mountain Nuclear Waste Repository stalled Government altered data on environmental dangers
  3248. The US media and the pope--an assault on the separation of church and state
  3249. Pope John Paul II: a political obituary
  3250. John Paul II's Economic Ethics: Moral Values and Global Capitalism
  3251. Dan Smith: Riding the Dragon, Soaring on the Eagle
  3252. Paul Craig Roberts: "Partnering" the Destruction of the American Economy
  3253. Jim Connolly: An American Catholic Reflects on the Papacy of John Paul II
  3254. Gary Leupp: The Bombing of the Malwiya Minaret (The "Glory" of America)
  3255. CBS News | Who Will Succeed John Paul II? | April 5, 2005 17:00:15
  3256. Photos from explosion site published on Web
  3257. Attorneys Attack Church's Wall Of Secrecy
  3258. 'Trust fund' is locked in filing cabinet (Meaning Bushitler is lying)
  3259. Capitol Hill Blue: Sieg Heil! (You will reauthorize Patriot Act - and you *will* like it!)
  3260. Berlusconi "massacred" in regional elections (Diebold machines didn't get there)
  3261. Large Blast Hits Bus Carrying Iraqi Soldiers
  3262. Talabani to be new president of Iraq
  3263. When honesty is no longer the preferred policy (For *how* long has this been obvious?)
  3264. Is the Housing Market Going to Crash? (Whatever goes up ...)
  3265. Closing frontiers of imagination has lead to a nation of narcissists
  3266. New US passport rules 'threaten business relations'
  3267. Israeli Minister Acknowledges U.S. Rift (Just a little internal repto squabble)
  3268. Warning of terror attack as poll looms (Corpagov plays this card endlessly)
  3269. 601 pages that aren't worth reading (That's just *another* 601 pages)
  3270. Dont drink the water or Buy A House Near San Francisco Bay
  3271. Aljazeera.Net - US to block IMF gold sale
  3272. Judge overrules Brussels ban on vitamins (The Evil Codex Alimentarius)
  3273. Some Asian Bankers Worry About the Economic Toll From Bird Flu (They would, wouldn't they?)
  3274. WHO Expert: Bird Flu Strains Could Combine (Is that fix already in?)
  3275. Study: Drug-Resistant Staph Cases Rising
  3276. Gov't Proposes Moving Nuke Waste in Utah
  3277. GOP's moral agenda doubted (Well I wonder why)
  3278. Nuclear Plants in 31 States Said Prone to Terrorist Attacks (Prone? More terrorizing idiocy)
  3279. Federal control of Pittsburgh police lifted
  3280. Passport needed for U.S. borders
  3281. New Special Forces unit will spy on the 'terrorists' (UK) (Who?! LMFAO)
  3282. Army, Marine recruiters shift focus to wary parents (and killing them?)
  3283. Pentagon's "stop-loss" policy on trial in Seattle
  3284. British soldier accused of killing Iraqi civilian has charges dropped (But, of course)
  3285. Half of Americans say Bush deliberately misled about Iraq (So the other half is half a nation of morons)
  3286. White House Has Tightly Restricted Oversight of C.I.A. Detentions As Well As Definition of What Is And What Is Not Real.
  3287. Don't make travel tougher (But that is *exactly* the point of it)
  3288. Fireproofing key to Twin Towers' collapse (LOL The FIREFAIRY did it!)
  3289. Fireproofing Blamed for Collapse of World Trade Centre (But, only by complete imbeciles)
  3290. Marijuana Chemical Fights Hardened Arteries (and a phucking pharma will make a pill of it with 20,000 lethal side effects for you)
  3291. HighWire -- Browse Journals - Coconut Oil
  3292. Delta giving passenger lists to government to prevent spread of diseases (sure)
  3293. Senate Votes to Cut US Dues to UN
  3294. World Bank: Global growth at 'turning point' (Politely put)
  3295. The Human Theater of the Absurd I - John Brand
  3296. The Human Theater of the Absurd II - John Brand
  3297. The Human Theater of the Absurd III - John Brand
  3298. The Human Theater of the Absurd IV - John Brand
  3299. Sky News : Missing Arms 'Mole': Body Found (David Kelly "had been taken to a safe house"?!)
  3300. American Politics Journal -- Germany In 1933: The Easy Slide Into Fascism
  3301. Spammer gets sentenced to nine years in prison (Who says there's no justice - now for the US covernment ...)
  3302. Jackson Testimony Turns To French Fries, Monkey Droppings
  3303. Macaulay Culkin, Corey Feldman To Testify In Jackson Case?
  3304. Duplicity, Greed and Dubious Characters Are on Parade at Jackson ...
  3305. NEWS ANALYSIS Mexican Standoff: Staying Power May Shape Election
  3306. Mexico City's mayor stripped of immunity
  3307. Schwarzenegger Praises Pope's Devotion to Exercise (Big guy pushes little guy through gates of heaven?)
  3308. JINSA Israel firsters: 'IRAQ DOWN, IRAN LEFT TO GO'
  3309. Eclipse on pope's funeral
  3310. Colombia 'will not try US troops'
  3311. South Dakota Paper Probes Senator's Link to Jeff Gannon
  3312. AP Calls Criticism of Pulitzer Win for Photos 'Deeply Offensive'
  3313. Former conservative blogger' to become Thune senior adviser
  3314. Papers Say Leak Probe Is Over (And a crime has simply committed itself - no worry)
  3315. Virus attacks up 50 per cent (Busy time from corpagov gremlins)
  3316. Labour tactics stir media unrest *Lessons from NaziRepublicans)
  3317. Life Without Health Insurance Gets Costly
  3318. Teen Girls Accused Of Planning Suicide Bombings In U.S. of the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy
  3319. Counsel to GOP Senator Wrote Memo On Schiavo
  3320. Bush won't raise thorny issues with PM Sharon in U.S. visit (Something finally that you can believe)
  3321. "The Invisible Hand (of the US Government) in Financial Markets (Fucking with books foor fun and profit)
  3322. Blair admits Iraq war has eroded public trust in him (Cart before the horses Ass)
  3323. Village mobs rise in war-wracked Nepal
  3324. Scoop: Israel Agents Send NZ Message Via Asian-Based NGOs
  3325. Israel Defends Settlement Plan in Face of Bush Demands (Who's in charge?!)
  3326. Medical Evacuations in Operation Iraqi Freedom
  3327. Jews held over Jerusalem 'bombs'
  3328. Mobiles to replace TV as prime ad medium (How blessed to be without one)
  3329. In Bushworld, Liars move up as straight shooters take the hits(This is news?)
  3330. Vatican Gives Cardinal Law (The Pimp & sacrificer of little boys) Role of Honor
  3331. China says U.S. should fix its own economic problems, stop blaming others(LOL - what is, is what was designed)
  3332. Israel probes poisoning of Palestinian sheep (suggests wolves did it)
  3333. Best Buy Has Customer Arrested For Using $2 Bills (or possibly just for breathing)
  3334. Sony Invention Beams Sights, Sounds Into Brain (Popup ads you can't refuse)
  3335. The Next Wave Of Offshoring
  3336. Not Guilty by Reason of the Presidency
  3337. Home Foreclosure Listings Surged in March, Study Shows (Is it avalanche yet?)
  3338. TSA Slated for Dismantling (Awww - that's too baaad - NOT!)
  3339. Onteora sees legal conflict in military recruitment
  3340. 60 days left before war with Iran
  3341. Time to Nail The Hammer. The Poster Child for Everything Wrong in Contemporary Politics Today. (Tom Delay)
  3342. Beware Monster.com
  3343. US unready for rising threat of 'moles' pretending to be human
  3344. The End of a Viable Palestinian State (Actually the inevitab;e death of Israel)
  3345. Israel Goes Extremist- by Justin Raimondo (Goes?!)
  3346. The Big Fix
  3347. Politics in red robes
  3348. CEOs return to days of runaway pay, perks
  3349. Public forums are no place for Bush's thought police
  3350. An Old U.S. Foe Rises Again in Iraq
  3351. We got it wrong on Iraq WMD, intelligence chiefs finally admit (Admit ou are a pack of liars)
  3352. As Texas judge, Gonzales heard donors' cases
  3353. Hail to the Robber Baron?
  3354. The New American Slavery
  3355. Devvy Kidd -- 78% Income Tax Rate Hike?
  3356. President John F.Kennedy, The Federal Reserve, And Executive Order 11110
  3357. Oil for dollars, and dollars for US deficit
  3358. Hunger-Based Lines Lengthen at the Faith-Based Soup Kitchens
  3359. Bush booed at Pope's funeral
  3360. Angola's neighbours put on Marburg alert
  3361. Marburg Virus Spreads to Zaire
  3362. Opus Dei's Secret Revealed: It Takes Spies in From the Cold
  3363. USA determined to restrain Russia's growing power at all costs
  3364. American taxpayers' money to be expended on Belarusian opposition
  3365. Group Says Pentagon's Plan Would Expand Its Enemy List
  3366. Criticize Israel? Why not?
  3367. Why Did Bill Clintons NSA fund BATF Research on ANFO Bombs?
  3368. UK 'sexed it up', admits intelligence chief (That's "lied")
  3370. From Trained Nuclear Killer to Peace Activist... (Commander Robert Green)
  3371. US mulls law labeling China a currency manipulator (LOL)
  3372. Russia to pursue new space shuttle
  3373. Marburg virus death toll hits 180
  3374. EPA Scraps Controversial Pesticide Testing Program
  3375. US troops 'tried to smuggle cocaine'
  3376. Iraqi cameraman for CBS detained
  3377. US lawmakers regret voting for Iraq war (Oh?)
  3378. Who Forged the Niger Documents?
  3379. Washington sought to suppress UN report on progress of democracy in Middle East
  3380. Israeli human rights groups condemn Sharon government's Gaza policies
  3381. New York Times joins witch-hunt of Columbia University professors
  3382. Bush's Potemkin Town Meetings
  3383. Yitzak Laor: Racism by Any Other Name
  3384. The DeLay Scandal Isn't a Partisan Issue
  3385. Opus Dei and John Paul II: a Profoundly Rightwing Pope
  3386. God's Shock Troops: the Religious Right and US Foreign Policy
  3387. The Economic Tsunami: Coming Sooner Than You Think
  3388. Hom Raj Acharya and Sally Acharya: The Elephant in Nepal's Parlor
  3389. CIA-trained Satanist Journalist? (Hmmmm)
  3390. The next Pope may be the last (What fun)
  3391. Ahenakew says he still believes Jews started Second World War
  3392. Ohio high court ignores Taft, won't lower flag to honor pope
  3393. Coughlin Says Cash Helped Wal-Mart
  3394. Sending condolences?
  3395. John Paul II's Balkan Legacy
  3396. The origin of the 9/11 mysterious 'melt down'?
  3398. Dutch apathy deals another blow to EU poll (Is it apathy - or sick of idiot nazis?)
  3399. G.O.P. Consultant Weds His Male Partner
  3400. Introducing Fascism
  3401. Rudolph Giuliani Got Warning WTC Towers Were Going To Collapse (by the button pusher)
  3402. Teachers and Classmates Express Outrage at Arrest of Girl, 16, as a Terrorist Threat (The Nazi SS will be at your door soon; No one is safe in the US from corpacov)
  3403. Former Museum Director Indicted in Theft of Space Artifacts
  3404. Lack of Marburg Virus Survivors Creates Civil Unrest in Angola
  3405. Three Teenagers Shot Dead in Gaza
  3406. GOP Heading Over Political Cliff (Already in criminal asylum)
  3407. Sharon-Bush summit to steer clear of trouble: Israelis (Just tea thankyou)
  3408. Air India crash frame-up fails
  3409. Whatever you do, don't mention the war
  3410. MG Rover falls into hands of administrators
  3411. AIG papers doctored
  3412. Same Committee, Same Combatants, Different Tune (Richard Fucking Perle)
  3413. Mainstream media still trying to keep the lid on the vote fraud scandal.
  3414. AP Hides Fact U.S. propagandists staged fall of Saddam Hussein statue
  3415. TV news buries Iraqi civilian deaths
  3416. Former Mossad head: There is a danger of a coup in Israel (because it needs one?)
  3417. Sharon casts aside 'road map' in bid to seal off Jerusalem's Arab areas
  3418. Reflections on the Zionist Game : SF Bay Area Indymedia
  3419. US 'smuggles wounded troops home' under cover of darkness
  3420. Iraqis protest American invasion
  3421. Japan,S.Korea say won't change FX reserves makeup (their funeral)
  3422. If the moon could talk, Intelligence Deception since Afghanistan! (synthetic terrorism)
  3423. U.S. gives democracy a bad name, speaker says
  3424. 3,000 police deployed at Temple Mount
  3425. U.S. Blocks Netherlands-Mexico Flight (policy=insanity)
  3426. Children's corpses in the hospital again
  3427. Tamihere sick of Holocaust
  3428. The final days of Rover: the bungles that drove our last car giant to the scrapheap]
  3429. U.S. Seeks Access to Bank Records to Deter [make more] Terror
  3430. Americans Increasingly Reject Bush
  3431. Marburg Airborne Transmission in Angola?
  3432. Mystery over Afghan black box
  3433. Jeep Cherokee 2.8 CRD: Jeep rubbish (corpgov engineering)
  3434. Daily Motor Gasoline (Conventional Regular Gasoline) Spot Prices
  3435. Per capita income in Israel to be among the highest
  3436. US will block Brown campaign to beat poverty with gold sale
  3437. Propaganda and Disinformation -- How the CIA Manufactures History
  3438. Marburg Seeding Linked to Childhood Vaccine Program?
  3439. Israel Termed A 'Nuclear Power' By US Officials (This is news?!)
  3440. Israeli media blast Tamihere
  3441. Sharon's Double-Dealing In The Middle East
  3442. 1975 WTC fire burned six floors for three hours
  3443. Wishart rubbishes Tamihere's 'off the record' claim
  3445. Angola Med-Aid Workers Attacked
  3446. Toll from Marburg virus nears 200
  3447. Average Gas Price at Record $2.29/gal
  3448. Kerry: Trickery Kept Voters From Polls (*NOW* is says something?!)
  3449. Prosecutor to probe Cuyahoga County recount
  3450. DeLay's Backers Launch Offense
  3451. Inquiries of Top Lobbyist Shine Unwelcome Light in Congress
  3452. Republicans Enlist History in Fight Against Filibusters
  3453. Handouts For the Homeland
  3454. Most Homeland Security Funding Goes Unspent
  3455. Senate Democrats hope to block confirmation of U.N. ambassador (small potatoes)
  3456. Pakistani Diplomat Kidnapped in Iraq
  3457. Iraqi 'President' Widens His Amnesty Proposal
  3458. Compensation for Fallujah residents slow - locals (eroding to nonexistent)
  3459. Record number of prisoners
  3460. Bill would allow "intelligent design" for science classes
  3461. New Zealand judge criticises violent police culture
  3462. Britain: opposition to Iraq war led to Labour vote-rigging in 2004 elections
  3463. French high school students continue their struggle
  3464. Baghdad protest demands an end to US occupation of Iraq
  3465. Cardinal disgraced in sex-abuse scandal plays prominent role in papal funeral rites
  3466. From Darfur to Iraq: Crime Without Punishment
  3467. From McCarthyism to COINTELPRO: the Ongoing War on the Left
  3468. Bush Rebuffed in Venezuela (Again)
  3469. Democracy Sinking in Mexico
  3470. Pope-a-Dope: John Paul 2, Death of a Reactionary
  3471. Janus at the State Dept.: Glossing Over Israel's Human Rights Abuses
  3472. Torture Air, Incorporated
  3473. Labour activists had 'vote-rigging factory' to hijack postal votes
  3475. Focus: Could the election be won by fraud? (Guess!)
  3476. Counting on change to stop the cheating
  3477. Britain: Opposition to Iraq war led to Labour vote-rigging in 2004 elections
  3478. LABOUR SURGE 5% AHEAD OF THE TORIES (distinct odor of mendacity)
  3479. Army reservist witnesses war crimes
  3480. Inquiries of Top Lobbyist Shine Unwelcome Light in Congress (The Racketeering US Congress?!)
  3481. Chicago Event Promoter Presents Anti-Trust Case Against Clear Channel to Jury
  3482. Atmosphere in Israel looks like eve of civil war (Israel is already dead)
  3483. Israeli expert: "Holocaust fatigue" is a mental illness
  3484. Secret Archives of the Vatican
  3485. Israeli occupation forces raid Nablus (It's what they do)
  3486. Laws weren't broken, but fraternity's still in trouble (Growing up is hard to do)
  3487. Crude Prices Slip, OPEC to Increase Output (Pundito babble)
  3488. Free Pollard Now (Um - why exactly?)
  3489. Early Church Fathers - Additional Works in English Translation unavailable elsewhere online
  3490. Did Vaccinations Give Fatal Marburg To Angolan Kids?
  3491. Local Party faithful back their man (Tamihere)
  3492. Tamihere to call Labour's bluff
  3493. Israel Trashes Truce, Continues Attacking Palestinians
  3494. Transcripts of tribunals detail stories of Guantanamo detainees
  3495. Man With Suitcases Captured at Capitol (Wacko nation runs amok)
  3496. Tracking the Marburg Virus - Are Animals The Source?
  3497. Worldwide Earthquake Activity in the Last Seven Days
  3498. Dollar falls as US trade data cautiously awaited (Is $US falling something new?)
  3499. Israel's shills uncork on Helen Clark
  3500. Jakarta pours troops into Papua amid signs of intensified repression
  3501. Global financial system faces growing risks as it heads for crapper)
  3502. Paul de Rooij: Horowitz's Corrosive Projects
  3503. Burning Professors: Resurrection of a Witchhunt
  3504. Scapegoated at Columbia: Smearing Joseph Massad
  3505. Mike Whitney: Pope TV and the New World Media
  3506. The Origin of AIDS: an Ethical Inquiry
  3507. Love for the Unborn and Brain Dead: Contempt for the Rest Us
  3508. Negroponte and the Eclipse of the CIA
  3509. Hole Drilled to Bottom of Earth's Crust
  3510. India, China agree on partnership
  3511. Japan Textbook an Insult, Say Chinese in Poll
  3512. Milk and Meat of Clones Seem Safe, Study Says (Seem?)
  3513. Bush opposed to settlement growth (So? Invade)
  3514. Analysis / Bush speaks his mind (??!)
  3515. "Of Polygraphs, Pulitzers, Patriots and Prevaricators..." (and vote rigging)
  3516. Tehran to take legal action against U.S. for funding Iran opposition
  3517. ISRAELIS were 9-11 short sale stock buyers, betting on WTC terror strikes,story killed ...
  3518. Secret Service visits art show at Columbia (No one is safe from the SS)
  3519. The Bush Family's Murky Dealings in Venezuela (July 02, 2002)
  3520. United Vegetative States of America
  3521. Trade Deficit Hits All-Time High in February (according to plan and design)
  3522. Canada pol in mob (The one great US export)
  3523. Canada's Liberals on brink of fall over scandal (corpagovs are the scandal)
  3524. Russia shocks BP with demand for $1bn in back tax from oil venture
  3525. High School To Pay Student Informants For Tips On Campus Crime (Hitlerjugend)
  3526. U.S. Audit Probes $212 Million in Halliburton Iraq Work
  3527. German ruling says Dresden was a holocaust
  3528. The new anti-Semitism? (The card play that just keeps giving)
  3529. Rumsfeld Makes Another Visit to Iraq
  3530. Sharon dismisses Bush Warning on Settlement Expansion (As in, fuck you dude)
  3531. Haaretz - Israel News - Diamond in the rough
  3532. UK TERROR TRIAL FINDS NO TERROR: Not guilty of conspiracy to poison Londonwith racin
  3533. India, China and Russia to create new alliance to challenge USA's supremacy
  3534. Initial Marburg Contamination in or through Children's Vaccine?
  3535. U.S. Has No Exit Strategy for Iraq, Rumsfeld Says (No exit was *ever* intended)
  3536. Onward Christian Soldiers . . . toward a theocratic judiciary
  3537. US appears to have fought war for oil and lost it
  3538. Thousands flee volcano's wrath (Mount Talang, Sumatra)
  3539. Quake site faces super volcano
  3540. Jesus, the talking doll version (How charming)
  3541. THE ORIGIN OF AIDS By Tom Curtis
  3542. Forbes.com: Ford, GM Bonds Flirt With Junk Status (The last US industry)
  3543. Citizen Video Undoes RNC Protest Prosecutions
  3544. The Stolen Election audio collection: Vote Fraud is Real- Wake Up America
  3545. Judge Found Dead Was Negotiating Plea Deal
  3546. How Tom DeLay sells his votes for campaign cash (Think he's alone?)
  3547. On the Wrong Side of History (The "media" screws itself, and whines about consequences)
  3548. The Korea Times : 'Former Spy Chief Murdered at Chicken Farm in France'
  3549. Judge warned for comparing Bush, Mussolini (on *ethical* grounds?!!)
  3550. Call Them What You Will, Bloggers Won't Shut Up
  3551. Sharon tried to discuss Iran military options with Bush ("Bomb them!" apoplectically)
  3552. Israel hands Bush documents of Iran nuclear sites (like the Iraq documents on WMDs)
  3553. 'Iran a step away from uranium enrichment' (So what?)
  3554. Flashback: John Bolton's Big Lie
  3555. The Cancer Clusters of Cape Coral: Toxics Trump Democracy in Florida
  3556. The Goddess of Immigrants: Aeschylus, Thucydides and the Patriot Act
  3557. Tales Emerge of Late Pope's Miracles (Give me a bucking freake!)
  3558. West Bank Jewish Settlements Continue
  3559. U.S. drug imports from Canada called terrorist threat (words used to have meanings)
  3560. Al Qaeda Preparing for Another Attack in U.S., WMD Use Probable (The Age of Lies in World of Illusions)
  3561. Recreated gene sheds light on lethality of 1918 flu virus (A Toy for the Wackogovs)
  3562. Destroy mislabelled pandemic flu samples, WHO tells labs
  3563. Patriot Act Being Used To Impliment Currency Controls
  3564. Canada's Liberals scramble to save government (contrived)
  3565. PM calls on Bush for more pressure against Iran (Weapons of Mass Delusion)
  3566. Legislators hear about possibility of a major flu outbreak (Methods of delivery needs to be decided)
  3567. Bolton accused of being 'serial abuser' of staff
  3568. Three Charged in Plot to Attack US Financial Centers (Pure Fiction)
  3569. US Asylum Sought by Cuban Tied to Terror Cases
  3570. Fidel Challenges Bush and Europe over Support for Terrorists
  3571. MCI, Verizon Move to Close $7.65 Billion Merger (closing the noose)
  3572. C-Span to Cover 9/11 Truth Talk at UW-Madison Monday!
  3573. Yeti originates from mentally unbalanced individuals (so does religion)
  3574. Being a Loser in America (Legal system of Injustice)
  3575. JINSA Israel firsters: 'IRAQ DOWN, IRAN LEFT TO GO'
  3576. Whose War?
  3577. Neoconservatism as a Jewish Movement
  3578. How the Jewish Neocons are Bleeding America to Death
  3580. KLM in showdown with US over privacy breach claims
  3581. Italian Journalist (Sgrena) : U.S. Lied (It's what's for dinner - lunch and breakfast)
  3582. "And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead" (Real Conspiracies)
  3583. Large Familial Marburg Cluster Signals Efficient Transmission
  3584. Cover the Insurgents, Go to Prison (or Worse)
  3585. March Retail Sales Weaker Than Expected (expected by whom?!)
  3586. DeLay Urges GOP to Blame Dems Over Ethics (Staggering levels of sickness)
  3587. Trade Gap Accelerates (No shit? - Um, what is US pretending to trade with?)
  3588. Jews Target Caterpillar Shareholder Effort (that unfairly chastises Israel for its patent genocidal efforts)
  3589. UN approves treaty to prevent nuclear terrorism (Incredibly busy Eric Rudolph)
  3590. Karzai to Ask Bush for Security Deal (Permanent US bases)
  3591. Iran becomes Germany's top trade partner in Mideast
  3592. Second volcano intensifies disaster alarm in Indonesia (Tangkuban Perahu)
  3593. CVO Menu - Indonesia Volcanoes and Volcanics
  3594. CVO Menu - South Pacific Volcanoes and Volcanics
  3595. Iran nuke commercial hits TV markets (Luntic mendacity that will be taken seriously)
  3596. Canberra's slavish support for US brings short-term pay-offs in Asia
  3597. Rumsfeld's mission to Baghdad: keeping Saddam's secret police in power
  3598. How Exxon Used the Guise of Homeland Security to Purge One of Louisiana's Environmental Champions (Pelican Brief Redux)
  3599. Jack McCarthy: Horowitz Comes to Tallahassee
  3600. Kurt Nimmo: Sharon Tries to Pawn Off Fake Photos of Iran's Nukes
  3601. Fighting Torture with Art: the Abu Ghraib Paintings of Fernando Botero
  3602. Bolton in the Western Sahara
  3603. Sharon Rules Out Attacking Iran Over Nukes (He's babbling and lying)
  3604. Sharon Tells CNN No Preemptive Strike Planned on Iranian Sites (Truth being the exact opposite)
  3605. Rice Defends UN Nominee from Bully Accusation (Tosspot defends the kettle?)
  3606. IMF Forecasts Economic Growth Slowdown (as in the one it's been creating)
  3607. What, Me Worry About ID Theft?
  3608. State Health Department Disposes Of Dangerous Flu Virus
  3609. Marburg still peaking - WHO
  3610. Man Convicted in British Ricin Case Death (fictional criminals are a majority)
  3611. Lebanon's Prime Minister Quits; US Urges Quick Vote (Update1)
  3612. Political soap opera that is now beyond a joke
  3613. Stranded dolphins get round-the-clock care (Nobody knows?!)
  3614. The ricin ring that never was (Corpagov designer terror du jour)
  3615. No action over journalist's killing (what did you expect?)
  3616. Another Day in the Empire &#-11;&#-11; Snake Oil Salesman Farah Sells Info on Terrorist Attacks(LOL)
  3617. How to End the Income Tax and the IRS
  3618. Al-Qaeda: a conspiracy of dunces? (Dunces who fabricated the fiction)
  3619. Peacekeepers knowingly gunned down civilians in Congo
  3620. Berlusconi plans new policies to avert early poll
  3621. President Bush Tells Reporters About His 'Walk With Christ' (to the rubber room?)
  3622. GIS CLEARED IN ITALIAN'S DEATH (Aren't they always when obeying kill orders)
  3623. UN commission slams Israel on settlements and violence (Israel laughs)
  3624. Buffett's Australian arm faces APRA probe (must be pissing some people off)
  3626. Mossad - The Israeli Connection To 911
  3627. US says Iran five years away from nuclear arms (US says a lot of things)
  3628. Was the Ricin plot organised by the security services?
  3629. The coming showdown in Iran
  3630. NYC prosecutors caught altering video in RNC protest case (corpagov justice)
  3631. North Korea to Boost 'Atomic Potential'
  3632. U.S. stocks hit 5-month low on economic slowdown fears (expected)
  3633. KELLY (Dr. David, who was quite obviously assassinted.)
  3634. :: Jack in the House :: How Jack Abramoff bought Congress ::
  3635. Australia, US against condemning Israel (Um - how come?)
  3636. Congress passes bankruptcy bill (Meaning you are *so* fucked)
  3637. Jews were target of UK poison plot ? another plot that wasn't there
  3638. Another Fake Terror Alert Is Exposed
  3639. Fraud fear as postal voting soars 500% in marginals
  3640. Legal move to halt postal voting in general election
  3641. Officials suspended over 'hidden' crate of postal ballots
  3642. Italy in row with US over shot spy
  3643. Jack Straw cant have it both ways on Iraq (Actually, he can: The Method of Confliction)
  3644. US Troops Take Position in Israel (Um - let me hear why again)
  3645. Tillman findings won't be revealed (The Age of Lies and Obscurantism)
  3646. Gun control measures OK'd by Senate committee (Just like Nazi Germany)
  3647. Israelis disguised as Arabs shoot militant in Nablus (Gee - that's normal)
  3648. Cisco CEO on U.S. Education: 'We're Losing the Battle' (Losing, lost, had already been lost)
  3649. Conservatives near lock on US courts
  3650. Radio Host Fired For Wondering If Pope Went to Heaven (LMAO)
  3651. Pharmacist penalty adds up to $20,000
  3652. Reichwing Pharmacists sue governor over rule
  3653. Bush will sign bankruptcy bill passed by Congress (was there a doubt?)
  3654. The NarcoSphere || Mercenaries to Play Greater Role in Future U.S.-Led Drug Interdiction, Crop Eradication Missions(*ALL* armed forced will be so privatized)
  3655. Texas Businessman Indicted in Iraq Oil-for-Food Program
  3656. Interrogator Says U.S. Approved Handling of Detainee Who Died
  3657. Suit Details Abuse Allegations at Guantanamo
  3658. Guantanamo Detainee Suing U.S. to Get Video of His Alleged Torture
  3659. Plotter's flat contained ricin ingredients 'for an attack on Jewish centre'that didn't exist
  3660. Police made 100 arrests to smash al-Qa'ida network of fabricated existence
  3661. Primate instincts (Morals are genetic? That explains Bushes, Blair, Hoard, ...)
  3662. Terror fear over lost poison (Lost? It never existed - there's an epidemic of that)
  3663. Cheney, Powell UK-Iraq Ricin Claims Were False
  3664. Senate Panel Approves Intel Chief Nominee (The bought and sold Senate whores approve war criminal Negroponte)
  3665. Frist Likely to Push for Ban on Filibusters
  3666. Local Hospitals Receive A Deadly Flu Virus
  3667. U.S. Seeks Cause of Flu Virus Mix-up (The cause is design. Next?)
  3668. Feds at Loss on How Flu Strain Got to Labs (The allegedly clueless wonders)
  3669. Wanted for jetliner bombing Bush silent as top terrorist seeks US asylum(His cousin?)
  3670. No pension crisis for US corporate bosses (You bet your bippy)
  3671. The orgy continues: American CEOs pocket billions more in pay and perks
  3672. Israel: government of provocateurs denounces settler provocation in Jerusalem
  3673. Senate panel debates Bolton nomination for UN ambassador post (What's to debate? A criminal idiot ambassdor is good)
  3674. Rumsfeld pushes for permanent US bases in Afghanistan (There's a surprise)
  3675. The Aussie Press Under the Empire of Murdoch
  3676. Jessice Pupovac: What You Should Know About Bank One's New Daddy (and where does JP Morgan come from?)
  3677. Area 51 appears on Google satellite maps
  3678. Cashing in on the Bush Doctrine
  3679. 911 Murder Triangle (demolitions does and demolitions is)
  3680. The stench of panic (Signed its own deathwarrant ages ago)
  3681. Parallel Universes In this world, lies are lucrative, but the truth doesn't pay much
  3682. America's finest rivers awash with raw sewage
  3683. Frist Set to Use Religious Stage on Judicial Issue
  3684. U.S. sets deadline for EU-Iran nuclear talks (Invasion set for July)
  3685. Iraqi refugees in mortal fear at home can't get entry into United States
  3686. IDF to probe infiltration of Fatah gunman from Syria (Hmmm)
  3687. Syrian gunman infiltrates IDF outpost on the Golan Heights (Double Hmmm - gun with blanks?)
  3688. Print crackdown on Gosch/Gannon Inquiry? (or ''Jeff Gannon'''s background)
  3689. Israeli shells found in south Lebanon
  3690. Speech by Rupert Murdoch to the American Society of Newspaper Editors
  3691. Berlusconi coalition starts to unravel
  3692. Asian Lab Worker Opened Flu Vial: Report (Oooops)
  3693. Labour campaign is worthy of Goebbels, claims Galloway speaking truth
  3694. Two-Thirds of Virus Shipments Destroyed (i.e., 1/3 has not!)
  3695. Blog censorship wins support (In US torture and concentration camps win support)
  3696. Vancouver lab mishap alerted world to flu pandemic risk
  3697. Judge Sentences Woman Accused Of Making Anti-Semitic Comments (Nazi Judge for Nazi Jews in Nazi Amerika)
  3698. Photographer for White House child sex ring arrested after Thompson suicide
  3699. Ex-Guantanamo Prisoner Didn't Know of 9/11
  3700. Greenspan incident fallout continues (anthrax, "antisemitic", al-qaeda, "antisemitic", terrorist, security, "antisemitic", ObL, Al-Zaqwari, "antisemitic" - and other worthless and stupid babblings)
  3701. Bloomberg Ally Stands by Her Remarks About Israel
  3702. Columbine Parents Seek More Documents
  3703. The Gorilla in the Room: Iran Freedom Foundation -- More Info
  3704. Has George Bush fallen into the same Israeli blackmail snare that caught hisfather? (Blackmail is the facile viewpoint)
  3705. U.S. Newswire : Releases : "AJC Calls on Leaders to Denounce AntiSemitic Comments"(AntiFreedomof Thought)
  3706. Dr. Gal Luft: Bin Ladens Out to Destroy U.S. Economy (Brain transplnt candidate)
  3708. The 2004 election was stolen will someone please tell the media?
  3709. 171 Florida Labs Received Samples Of Deadly Flu Virus
  3710. Snag in shooting probe (Sgrena)
  3711. G.M. and Ford Stuck in Neutral as Buyers Look Beyond Detroit
  3712. Pressure on Berlusconi as party quits cabinet (As if ...)
  3713. Covert diplomacy
  3714. French government orders police crackdown against high school protesters(Nazi France)
  3715. Japan stokes tensions with China
  3716. Bush's meeting with Sharon confirms US support for West Bank land grab
  3717. Bush's meeting with Sharon confirms US support for West Bank land grab
  3718. US Marshals, local police stage nationwide mass arrests
  3719. Viagra Cleared as Kosher for Passover (I'm absolutely thrilled)
  3720. Jewish community emerges from hiding in Portugal after 500 years (What had they done?)
  3721. Religious Man Wants to Rename Mt. Diablo (Get a goddamn grip!)
  3722. Scientific Conference Falls for Gibberish Prank (Exactly as I have been saying about the state of affairs)
  3723. Forbes.com: The Indicted American
  3724. Sharon might evacuate more settlements: report (He might also die)
  3725. Blair Seeks to Limit Damage as MG Rover Goes Under (Manufacturing Demise)
  3726. Most Samples Of Flu Strain Are Destroyed (15 of 19 is *not* very reassuring)
  3727. Sharansky Symbolizes Anti-Arab Hatred
  3728. Rep. Bob Filner, AIPAC, Iranian Exiles.... all connected....
  3729. 'Accidental' Virus Mailing Scandal Grows
  3730. VHeadline.com - Chavez rejects sectarianism; warns that CIA plans to stop him winning in 2006
  3731. United Way shifts focus, some funds (United Way has always been a scam)
  3732. 2004 Top Ten Career Recipients of Pro-Israel PAC Funds
  3733. OKC: Terry Nichols wants to talk... (But, he won't be allowed unless medicated)
  3734. Ricin: The plot that never was
  3735. Egyptian Parliament Sues Sharon After Mass Graves Discovered
  3736. US sent banned corn to Europe for four years
  3737. Fake letter stirs up clashes in southern Iran (Um - faked by whom?)
  3738. Did Israel Frame Qaddafi In 1986?
  3739. OKC: NSC Funded "Experiments" Building Home-made ANFO Truck Bombs in '94
  3740. Israel plans more lands seizure in Hebron - (Is this surprising?)
  3741. Fla. can't find 1,000 kids in state custody
  3742. The BBC: apologising to torturers
  3743. Pakistan Gets F-16s in Exchange for US Bases to Attack Iran
  3744. Sent to Rescue Shiite Hostages, Iraqi Troops Find None
  3745. Marburg Toll in Angola Balloons to 255
  3746. Iraq Kidnap Reports May Be Exaggerated (Um - "manufactured" the word?)
  3747. Iraqi troops call halt to Madain assault
  3748. Battlespace America (What the intention has been all along)
  3749. ArmsControlWonk | an arms control weblog: F*ck the Washington Post
  3750. Hundreds Flee as Comoros Volcano Erupts, Spews Ash
  3751. FPI 2005: U.S. government planting propaganda and misleading stories in the international media(LOL No kidding?! Really? When did you figure this out?)
  3752. Vanunu faces new prison term: will they bury him? Dan Ellsberg calls fellowwhistleblower "aprophet"
  3753. Berlusconi Facing Govt Collapse
  3754. More are believed involved in writing Schiavo talking points memo
  3755. Fischer (Joschka) warns of US-China confrontation
  3756. Cocaine Turns to Sugar in Police Custody (Transubstantiation!)
  3757. Russian Diplomat Expelled by Germany for Buying Military Secrets (Are there any left?)
  3758. Israel women trafficking soars
  3760. Bolton Often Blocked Information, Officials Say (But does that matter?)
  3761. Tokyo stocks drop 3.8 percent
  3762. Seoul Confirms Suspension of N. Korean Reactor (Whatever that means)
  3763. Israel's Sharon Considering Delaying Gaza Pullout (Just considering? LOL)
  3764. Holocaust Remembrance at Okla. Memorial (What the hell is this?!)
  3765. Reports blast 'double-dipping' by Wal-Mart
  3766. The Greatest Ever Speculative Bubble in Risk (Tulips for Sale!)
  3767. Israeli officer who emptied his gun into 13 year old girl awarded for valorand bravery (Hey! It's a cultural value - get over it)
  3768. Berlusconi to Resign, Form New Government, Buttiglione Says (exactly like the old one)
  3769. Report of mass kidnappings now doubted (Are lies getting found out faster? We have a giant backload of them)
  3770. Soldiers who killed Rafah youths didn't aim at legs (Um - what dis they aim at?)
  3771. U.S. Military's Elite Hacker Crew
  3772. Mysterious White Powder Forces IRS Evacuation (Is it Frists's?)
  3773. Egyptian MPs Sue Sharon
  3774. The Next American Revolution
  3775. When Media Dogs Don't Bark
  3776. Israel will ask the United States for $1.6 billion in assistance related toits Gaza Strip withdrawl (Ids this beyond the $9 billion?)
  3777. Bush regime eliminating 19-year-old international terrorism report
  3778. US launches probe into sales of unapproved transgenic corn (All US "probes" are meaningless)
  3779. Cancers from US nuclear testing set to double: study
  3780. Bank of America Posts Profit on Acquisition
  3781. US lawmakers pass bill allowing lawsuits against cartels (What a joke!)
  3782. Energy bill campaign set to roll out today
  3783. Bush Says Raising Retirement Age a Possibility (Raping people with hot pokers is also not out of the question)
  3784. High Court Considering Police Searches (They can do *anything* they want)
  3785. IRS Flaws Expose Taxpayers to Snooping, Study Finds (No end in sight)
  3786. Homeland Security a Cash Cow for Maine Departments
  3787. More bank data may not aid fight against terrorism (No shit!)
  3788. Elimination of terror report coincides with substantial increase
  3789. Secret FBI Report Highlights Domestic Terror (Committed by corpagov?)
  3790. Top police officer backs ID cards (Another out from under a rock)
  3791. Britain at 'Elevated' Risk of Terror Attack (Elevated govohype)
  3792. Terror risk up as UK vote (Sic 'em, Hugo)
  3793. Papal hopeful is a former Hitler Youth (It's RatZinger!)
  3794. Italian premier denies resigning to form new government
  3795. Republicans Moving to Advance Bolton to U.N. Post (With no end in sight)
  3796. Facing Global Sanctions, Iran Uses Oil Fields to Seek Alliances
  3797. Senate Asks Bush for Iraq War-Cost Estimates (Please - pretty please)
  3798. Iraq defence official assassinated (Fallujah)
  3799. US Censoring Letters Written By Children
  3800. U.S. forces abuse and torture female detainees in Iraq
  3801. The CIA's Kidnapping Ring
  3802. Detroit borrows $1.2 billion from Wall Street US cities face crushing debt burden
  3803. Videos expose false arrests at 2004 Republican Convention protests in New York
  3804. Australian media debates legalisation of torture
  3805. Democrats back Negroponte nomination as new documents detail role in contrawar (And what does this tell you, class?)
  3806. Debtors of the World Unite! How Dems Went to Bat for the Credit Industry
  3807. John Pardon: The High-Tech "Competiveness" Smokescreen
  3808. CAFTA will Further Depress US Wages (It is obvious exactly how and why)
  3809. The Killing of Nicola Calipari: a Math Lesson
  3810. Dow Chemical Buys Silence in Michigan
  3811. Linda Schade and Kevin Zeese: The Carter-Baker Commission on Elections (Another corpagov joke)
  3812. Rice Attacks Putin's Grip On Power (Mugabe atttacks Rice's Grip on Stupidity)
  3813. Ratzinger Elected Pope (Vatican Beer Hall Putsch By Pope-Nazi!)
  3814. Profile: the new Pope
  3815. Ratzinger in Charge of Doctrine Crackdowns
  3816. Cardinals Sing a Tough Tune (May they all suffer the consequences)
  3817. Archbishop: Pray for the new Pope (That he goes to heaven - *NOW*!)
  3818. Housing starts tumble (Inevitable, ages ago)
  3819. AP to Impose Online Licensing Fees
  3820. Pressure builds for US to brand China unfair partner (But where then to buy no longer cheap and *only* goods?)
  3821. Power of Nightmares on CBC (Truth on Fictional Terrorism)
  3822. General Motors Reports $1.1B Loss in 1Q (The last US industry)
  3823. Sudan says "abundant" oil found in war torn Darfur (There goes a US invasion of Darfur to bring them "democracy")
  3824. Rabbi, Man Wearing Swastika Trade Blows At Airport (Actually, Rabbi Attacks man without provocation)
  3825. The senseless death of the woman who fought George Bush
  3826. Laying the Groundwork for War With Iran
  3827. Wave of killings sweeps Iraq (Negroponte's Death Squads)
  3828. Rice to push democracy in Russia (Democarcy begins at home)
  3829. The New Anti-Semitism?
  3830. Big Brother wants to get even bigger (He always has)
  3831. Watchdogs With Eyes Wide Shut (No one was watching the Watchdogs)
  3832. Insurance Accounting Fraud by Lloyd's of London: Lloyd's Leather Jacket Thugs Department
  3833. FBI Tells 911 Rescue Worker To 'Shut Up' Over Finding Airplane 'Black Boxes'
  3834. GM must shrink to stop losses, analysts say (What about Homeland Suckyourity)
  3835. Israel extends Vanunu travel ban (They can do anything they want)
  3836. Four indicted over 1982 murder with links to Chicago archdiocese (Bishop Marcinkus and the Calvi Murder)
  3837. LexisNexis warns 280,000 of info breach (i.e., *they* compromise your credit cards)
  3838. Guantanamo detainees source for intelligence (through torture of course)
  3839. Oklahoma Bombling Cover-Up (A juicy link collection)
  3840. Oklahoma City Bombing Questions
  3841. OKC Bombshell Implicates Feds In Murrah Blast
  3842. PM (Sharon) plans to ask U.S. for aid that could top $10 billion (Yes, it was beyond the $9 billion)
  3843. Vatican told bishops to cover up sex abuse
  3844. U.S Forest Service looks for sites to close down
  3845. Wall Street Journal to reveal new economic worries in Wednesday roundup (Probably not at all new)
  3846. Back to the future with Joseph Ratzinger (In tune with modern medieval mind)
  3847. Extreme Homophobe Ratzinger Elected New Pope (Give him poisoned altar boy)
  3848. Former Hitler Youth, Nicknamed "God's Rottweiler," Selected As Next Pope
  3849. Iraqi Lawmaker Says U.S. Soldier Grabbed His Throat (Isn't this normal Amerikan behavior? It's a cultural difference, get over it)
  3850. Rice's Moscow Motorcade Diverts After Bomb Threat (Just another lie?)
  3851. Republicans Vote Down Bid to Delay Senate Panel Vote on Bolton (Gotta get the moron criminal in)
  3852. Rice: Russia Won't See Totalitarianism (But US *is* seeing it)
  3853. Mind Hacks: Everyday insanity: Psychosis and the mundane (Religion and the Official 9/11 story are equally fantastic)
  3854. Arnold & Buffett's 2002 Rothschild Rendezvous
  3855. Arnold Schwarzenegger - Is Arnold the running man?
  3856. (LF)Amendment to Allow Schwarzenegger to Run for President Gains Momentu
  3857. George W. Bush - Terrorist in the White House
  3858. Conspiracy Planet - Criminal Government - Arnold: The Rothschilds' Man in California
  3859. Kriegler, Rothschild and Willhite Are Named to Court of Appeal
  3860. As Gaza disengagement nears, Israel prepares to ask U.S. for aid (Aid - and *then* they attack)
  3861. CDC: Dangers of being overweight overstated (The evidence has been available for over 20 years!)
  3862. Another "Holy" wall (Give them thorazine)
  3863. Berlusconi ally threatens split
  3864. Donaldson: Network News Dead
  3865. Theologian calls for response to 9/11 (As in it's a hoax)
  3866. Oregon Bill Requires Drivers License Applicants To Register For Draft (What draft?)
  3867. Bush Hails Newly Elected Pope Benedict (Reigning because Bushitler haleshim?)
  3868. The New Pope is a Disaster for the World and for the Jews (Jews are, of course, not part of the world)
  3869. New pope intervened against Kerry in US 2004 election campaign
  3870. Aid worker uncovered America's secret tally of Iraqi civilian deaths
  3871. Iraqi officials find dozens of bodies in Tigris
  3872. Bodies of 50 Hostages Found in Iraq
  3873. New pope shelved sex abuse claim, accuser says
  3874. America's riotous real estate
  3875. Western Media Ignores Serb, US Memorials of Jasenovac Death Camp
  3876. Ameritrade loses customer account info
  3877. Israeli consul to The Hague arrested for selling passports (Um - NZ?)
  3878. US cities face crushing debt burden
  3879. Washington Post glorifies US military "ruthlessness" in Iraq
  3880. Australia: Victorian government forces young teacher to quit
  3881. Britain: trial finds no evidence of "ricin plot" Another Iraq war lie exposed
  3882. Israeli military court clears officer in killing of British filmmaker
  3883. From "grand inquisitor" to pope: Benedict XVI to head crusade vs. secularism, democracy
  3884. DSW Data Theft Much Larger Than Estimated
  3885. Moves in Japan 'could be explosive' (Oh why not)
  3886. US fronts Israel another $3 billion (Part of or beyond the $10.5 billion?)
  3887. 9/11 - All the Proof You Need
  3888. Oklahoma City -- A Decade Later
  3889. Suspected Marburg patient appears to have malaria
  3890. AIPAC staffers under investigation negotiate departures, severance pay
  3891. Rover cars to be made in China
  3892. Police beat woman having a diabetic reaction (Isn't that their purpose?)
  3894. Bombs, clashes shake Iraq
  3895. Ecuador president ousted, accused of abusing power
  3896. Iraq Prime Minister Escapes Assassination Attempt
  3897. Former Gitmo Detainees Warned Not to Talk
  3898. Passenger Lists Sought For Flights Over U.S.
  3899. Warning on spread of state surveillance
  3900. Moussaoui Scheduled to Offer Guilty Plea (??)
  3901. Muslims Detained at Border Sue U.S. Homeland Security
  3902. Iraq Chief Says a Mass Killing, Under Dispute, Did Take Place
  3903. "Diebold is holding the county hostage to try to extort money.''
  3904. Outsourcing the American Economy: a Greater Threat Than Terrorism
  3905. Monthy Python: The Spanish Inquisition (Now, that's *much* better)
  3906. Chemical Warfare Over Tennessee: Aerial Spraying of Deadly Pesticides
  3907. Eerie Prophecies Predicted Benedict XVI (Get a grip!)
  3908. MKULTRA: Bid to sue over LSD rejected
  3909. Israel to warn Russia on missiles (or what?)
  3910. Why China is growing so fast (US companies make things only in China?)
  3911. The normalization of war (armed forces of US will oppose the people - and that has long been designed)
  3912. ACLU Files Emergency Motion in Sibel Edmonds Case
  3913. 2 Brits nabbed with $3 trillion in fake US fed notes
  3915. Blair defends decision to go to war (Oh - just shut up!)
  3916. S.J.RES.14 (The Criminal Congress at work)
  3917. Senate Set to OK $81B War Spending Bill (Criminal Congress sucks Cash Cows Dry)
  3918. Feds' weather information could go dark
  3919. Senator aiming to nix federal weather forecasts enjoyed AccuWeather money (Psycho Santorum)
  3920. 10 Seattle schools targeted for closure
  3921. Officer On Toilet Accidentally Fires Gun (Infants with scalpels)
  3922. Army sergeant convicted in deadly grenade attack (This he can be guilty of; murdering ragheads is different)
  3923. The shadow Iraqi government
  3924. Senate Plans Vote on War Spending Bill
  3925. Neil Bush, Ratzinger co-founders
  3926. Senate Panel OKs Bush Judicial Nominee (Of course the did. Good poodles)
  3927. Negroponte Confirmed By Senate as First Intelligence Director (Of course they did. Good poodles)
  3928. FBI Protects Osama bin Laden's "Right to Privacy" In Document Release (ObL, the CIA agent?)
  3929. House approves energy bill allowing drilling in Alaska refuge (Of course they did. Good poodles)
  3930. Pancreatic Cancer Linked to Processed Meats (Death linked to Birth)
  3931. Ecuador Names New Cabinet, Ousted Leader Gets Asylum
  3932. Sharon vows to defy Bush over expansion of Israeli settlements (while threatening Russia)
  3933. As Gaza Strip withdrawal looms, Jewish settlers fall back on faith (and other general psychoses)
  3934. Pancreatic Cancer Linked to Processed Meat (Linked: monkey calculates dicey correlation coefficient)
  3935. Science wakes up to idea of human hibernation (Hmmm - for all governmenal everything)
  3936. Nobody's listening as Rice lectures Putin on power (I wonder why?)
  3937. 3,000 arrested, tortured after royal coup in Nepal: Amnesty
  3938. Powell Playing Quiet Role in Bolton Battle
  3939. Fake Hospital Inspectors Probed (CIA agents)
  3940. Air Marshal Sues Homeland Security Chief
  3941. USCWC -- Statistical Summary: America's Major Wars
  3942. Images of The Bodies of Hostages That Were Pulled From the Tigris (Warning: yuch)
  3943. US looks to tighten control over airspace (and just about everything else that can be thought of)
  3944. Greenspan issues warning on US economy (Now a Disney automatronics figure)
  3945. NASA Is Said to Loosen Risk Standards for Shuttle (Cruising to bruise - or vaporize others)
  3946. Shaking Up Israel's Spy Nest
  3947. US gives Israel billions upon billions, but Israeli elderly live in poverty(What WMDs is it spent on?)
  3948. The Secret's Out (on the Iraq invasion setup. This is a secret?!)
  3949. Nation's Leaders Head Off Course as Troubles Pile Higher (The "mess" has been deliberately created)
  3950. I'll gladly stay behind (and avoid the psychos)
  3951. Report: Japanese PM to Offer Apology (PC PM is AC/DC; Poor PM)
  3952. Gut Check (More Bushs' dirty laundry - as if more was needed)
  3953. Emails 'pose threat to IQ' (More likely, it's articles like this)
  3954. Hey Congress: Put a Cap on those Interest Rates, Now!
  3955. The muzzling of Nepalese radio
  3956. Report: Holocaust Damage Cost Up to $330B (Reality is not their forte)
  3957. ChoicePoint Division Changes Tack
  3958. British Government Ordered Shutdown Of Fake Ricin Story (What were you expecting?)
  3959. Refusing the 9/11 Evidence (The bottom line - and it's perfectly true)
  3961. IDF rabbi composes prayer for Pollard (chutzpah - or hubris?)
  3962. House Approves $8 Billion Energy Bill (Energy cartel relief bill)
  3963. House Approves Broad Energy Bill (Broad = Big Theft)
  3964. Senate GOP Sets Up Filibuster Showdown
  3965. White House to Enforce Abortion-Fetus Law (The Ghouls Live!)
  3966. Passing the Buck (One of Krugman's Best)
  3967. Bush Pushes 'Clear Skies' [sic] Bill (An antidiophore!)
  3968. Senators leery of oil deal (Aren't they just brilliant to have figured it out? Duuuh)
  3969. Cheney Says He'd Vote to End Filibusters (Until it was inconvenient. Only convenient filibusters, please)
  3970. Mayor wants Portland out of anti-terror task force
  3971. New Terrorism Response Plan Angers Fire Dept. (Hey guys! Competence is out; police state is in)
  3972. Rice Accused of Suppressing Terror Info (about herself)
  3973. Moussaoui Pleads Guilty in 9/11 Conspiracy (in a drug induced state?)
  3974. Judge Accepts Moussaoui's Guilty Plea
  3975. Army Clears Top Abu Ghraib Case Officers (A foregone conclusion)
  3976. Australian government bullies PNG over airport security incident
  3977. German government uses anti-terror laws to head off protests (It's a global epidemic of terror by governments)
  3978. Iraqi legislators denounce US assault on assembly member (an assassination is coming up)
  3979. Pope Benedict XVI's political resume: theocracy and social reaction (The Papanazi!)
  3980. God's Rottweiller: Pope Ratzinger's Pie-in-the-Sky for the Masses
  3981. The Church Picks Its Ashcroft for Pope: a Catholic Worker Response to theRise of Ratsinger
  3982. Halliburton: Poster Child of the War Profiteers
  3983. Uri Avnery: The 100 Days of Abu Mazen
  3984. Sharon's 92 Percent Solution: How the Misperceptions Roll On
  3985. Lee Sustar: The One-Sided Class War
  3986. Kevin Zeese: Dean Backs the Occupation of Iraq (Mean Dean the Lying Machine)
  3987. Saul Landau: Missionaries Forever (Their ilk tortured Hawaiians and stole their country. Fuck their morals)
  3988. Dutch Law Grad Gains Infamy With E-Mail (Life can still be strange and interesting)
  3989. A Law Dogs Would Write, if They Were Lawyers... (Italia pazzo anche)
  3990. Zoo Keeps Gorillas Kosher for Passover (Fershnicket!)
  3991. Blair Tells Voters: Choose Between Me and Howard (This is a choice?!)
  3992. More on Depleted Uranium and 9/11
  3993. Mossad: The Israeli Connection to 9/11
  3994. Kirche Eichede , Trauungen bis 1800, Familien S (Catharina Stormer etwa 1750, vh. um 1780)
  3995. British Union Bocotts Israel
  3996. DeLay's Grab for NASA
  3997. Poland Hunts Jewish Commandant For Crimes against Humanity
  3998. Netanyahu's aides say he'll run for PM
  3999. St. Petersburg 5-year-old cuffed after school outburst (National Psychopathology)
  4000. Israel Guns for Iran (been gunning for quite a while)
  4001. Bush's War on the Press
  4002. Government wants Moussaoui to die
  4003. Haaretz - Israel News - The coming Pax Americana
  4004. Pakistan will never allow IAEA to inspect nuclear facilities: Musharraf
  4005. Scandal looming in promised $425 million for Sir Lanka tsunami victims that never arrived?
  4006. U.S. Yields In Anthrax Lawsuit Standoff
  4007. Troubles mount in White House, Bush agenda bogged down (diversion coming up)
  4008. Lobbyist Target of Several Investigations (Abramoff)
  4009. Rice changed terrorism report
  4010. Rice changed terrorism report
  4011. E-Mail Exchanges Reveal More Bolton Battles
  4012. Berlusconi Sworn in As Italian Premier
  4013. One-Time GOP Insider Claims He Has Sept. 11 'Smoking Gun'
  4014. Medicare Change Will Limit Access to Claim Hearing
  4015. Chili Finger Origin A Mystery (Was it really a hoax? Trust no one! Believe nothing! It's the age of Lies)
  4016. Outrage over usage of HIV positive children as Guinea pigs
  4017. Moussaoui says he's guilty, but not for 9/11 / He tells court he was in a separate plot to fly into White House at another time
  4018. Venezuela bans US military instructors
  4019. Canada: Class Action Accuses Banks of Illegal Creation of Money (Just figuring this out?!)
  4020. Lecturers vote to boycott Israeli universities
  4021. Bush's Most Radical Plan Yet
  4022. In war's name, public loses information (It's been losing steadily)
  4023. DeLay Airfare Was Charged To Lobbyist's Credit Card
  4024. Denny Hastert's Late Payment
  4025. FEMA's inspectors included criminals
  4026. Rosen and Weissman Refuse to Take the Fall for AIPAC
  4028. Israeli army 'lied' about Miller death
  4029. Terrified US soldiers are still killing civilians with impunity, while thedead go uncounted
  4030. How Arabic text of WMD dossier was massaged by Downing St
  4031. Blair blow as secret war doubts revealed (The obvious takes longer?)
  4032. 36 States Face Perchlorate Contamination
  4033. Investigators Probing Abramoff's Finances Have Found That Some Money Meant for His Charity Went to Fight the Palestinian Intifada
  4034. 15 killed at least 57 wounded on Sunday in Iraq...
  4035. Blair senses a massive victory (only if it's rigged and US style scam)
  4036. Chavez Says Americans Detained For Taking Pictures of Venezuelan Military Facility, Refiner
  4037. BBC reporter's award stuns Israel psychopaths
  4038. Self proclaimed cyber cops try to censor the internet
  4039. Churchill for dummies
  4040. The twilight zone (and oil endtimes)
  4041. The Raw Story | Secret Service records raise new questions about discredited conservative reporter ("Gannon" again)
  4042. Police on weapon company payrolls
  4043. Israeli Universities call boycott shamefull blow to academic freedom (As in nonmythological "holocaust" studies?)
  4045. Lloyd's State Sponsored Fraud
  4046. "Jeff Gannon" is the Bush White House Lewinsky
  4047. Marines From Iraq Sound Off About Want of Armor and Men
  4048. UN investigator who exposed US army abuse forced out of his job
  4049. Jeff Gannon Exposed, in 'Doonesbury' and New Documents (Smell a rat?)
  4050. White House May Go to U.N. Over North Korean Shipments
  4051. The Two Faces of Bankruptcy
  4052. Plame Game Redux (Simple: it's Novak, or whoever informed him.)
  4053. Al-Qaeda threat to Trafalgar fleet (Israel is going to do it again?!)
  4054. Newspapers struggle to avoid their own obit (Hmm - how about cuttingout the lying shit??)
  4055. With May only days away, snow hits Midwest hard (Oh it's that *global* warming again)
  4056. A Scathing Chairman Dean Finds Republicans 'Evil,' 'Corrupt' and 'Brain-Dead'(An act to make him look cool)
  4057. Richardson troubled by Bolton nomination (That's one. Is there anybody else?)
  4058. Jury throws out charges in first Australian "terrorist" trial (Their real terr'st is government)
  4059. New York protest against Bush's cuts in adult literacy funding (Hey! It's only a "social" program)
  4060. Bush administration terrorist list excludes right-wing groups (Surprise, surprise)
  4061. Behind China-Japan tensions Washington fuels Japanese militarism Part One
  4062. Bush's Bully: the Career of John Bolton
  4063. A Liberation Theologist on Ratsinger: a Pope of Fear and Centralized Power?
  4064. The Okrent Perversions: How the NYT Minimizes Palestinian Deaths
  4065. Uri Avnery: the Persecution of Mordechai Vanunu
  4066. Child brides and vampire names: Bizarre the norm in mass murder trial (AGod Feaaring Christian)
  4067. Record crowds honour Anzacs (The monumental gov incompetence is forgotten?!)
  4068. Govt denies Christmas Island refugee plan(Gov't always sneaksy and tricksy)
  4069. Proof Blair was told war could be ruled illegal
  4070. In Show of Support, Bush to Give DeLay AF1 Flight
  4071. Christian Conservatives Take Aim at Filibusters
  4072. Rove: Bolton will be confirmed; judges deserve vote (he should know)
  4073. Democrats rally to protect power of the filibuster
  4074. Poll: Americans Oppose Rule Change in Senate (It doesn't matter)
  4075. Richardson troubled by Bolton nomination
  4076. Bush, Saudi Fail to Reach Deal to Lower Gas Prices (Why would they want that?)
  4077. Fuel protesters picket refinery (UK)
  4078. Chavez Explains End of Military Program
  4079. US prepares for nuclear stand-off with Pyongyang
  4080. Turkey agrees US base expansion (sigh)
  4081. Reports: Italy, U.S. Differ on Agent Death
  4082. US clears soldiers in Sgrena probe (Orders to murder at orders?)
  4083. Labour MP defects to Lib Dems over Iraq
  4084. Ministers braced to defend action if legal advice is leaked (Had enough yet?)
  4085. U.S. Weapons Inspector Finishes Iraq Work; Found Nothing [Yawn]
  4086. Report Finds No Evidence Syria Hid Iraqi Arms [Yawn #2]
  4087. Real ID Act likely to pass (Fascist 'murika)
  4088. Nader solidarizes himself with extreme right in Terri Schiavo case
  4089. Behind China-Japan tensions Washington fuels Japanese militarism Part Two
  4090. More evidence of US military's culture of torture in Iraq
  4091. Bush administration hails Moussaoui guilty plea-continues 9/11 cover-up
  4092. Brian Sedgemore: 'I urge everyone to give Blair a bloody nose at the election'
  4093. Ex-MP defects from 'tawdry' Labour
  4094. Postal vote applications triple (UK rigged elections, just like US)
  4095. Military channel reports for duty (Propaganda is not necessarily mendacious; this is)
  4096. U.S. study: 'Unlikely' Iraq shipped WMD to Syria (Weknewthat)
  4097. JINSA Online -- Satellite Photos Show Activity at Iraqi Bio Weapons Plant(Father of Lies)
  4098. Official say leading terrorist suspect eluded U-S military (Bush? Cheney? Rice? Perle? Bolton? ... Kissinger?)
  4099. U.S. Clears Self on Italian Agent's Death (How sweetly predictable)
  4100. Italy slams Iraq killing findings
  4101. Italian hostage decries US report
  4102. Diana Johnstone: the French are At It Again (i.e., revolution, and justly so)
  4103. Joshua Frank: Horowitz's Gang of Ghouls and Cowards
  4104. Greg Moses: the Senator and the Narc Pirates of Highway 281
  4105. Dave Lindorff: Sex Trumps Torture and Murder (Sober assessment)
  4106. Conspiracy theorists, gather round (Gates-Delay connection)
  4107. Real ID Act likely to pass
  4108. Costs of war quietly surpass $300 billion
  4109. U.S. Company Wants to Help Fight (GenoMed?!)
  4110. Climate change poses threat to food supply, scientists say (So does GM corpagov terrorism)
  4111. GAO: Government's Climate Data Inadequate (GAO knows this - the pseudoscientists do not)
  4112. Microsoft to add 'black box' to Windows (The reason is a crock of pureBS)
  4113. Manufacturers Praise Asbestos Bill (Pope praises Inquisition)
  4114. Microsoft paying Religious Right leader Ralph Reed $20,000 a month retainer
  4115. Gov. Bush signs 'force with force' bill (Significant of grand intent)
  4116. Bush Threatens Veto on Highway Bill (But corpagiveaway is OK)
  4117. Republicans Reject Offer On Judges (Sicker and sicker to the inevitable death)
  4118. Bush Backs Rep. DeLay Amid Ethics Allegations (Pimp backs whore)
  4119. Bush Puts a Criminal [in addition to himself] on Air Force One (Birds of a feather)
  4120. GOP to Reverse Ethics Rule [Thus] Blocking New DeLay Probe (Decriminalizing Criminal Behavior)
  4121. Across Nation, Students Getting Paid to Be Informants (Rats, Stoolies, Pimps & Whores, and all that is noble)
  4122. ACLU Urges Conferees to Remove "Real ID" From Funding Measure (Urging will hardly be enough - a sound thrashing might help)
  4123. Some fear law would create national ID card (It will - and all will be fucked by corpagov in yet *another* way)
  4124. EU Pledges to Protect Rights in Anti-Terror Fight (Chock full 'O' Shit)
  4125. Report Shows 2004 Rise in Terror Attacks (by Rabid Corpagov)
  4126. Committee Prepares Questions for Bolton (Margarine or butter?)
  4127. Senate Panel Is Widening Its Review on Nominee to U.N. (While Congress passes more hideous "laws" secretly)
  4128. Turkey and US sign $1.1b deal on warplanes (Corpagov sucks it in)
  4129. Syrian Forces Leave Lebanon After Three Decades (So Israel caan invade - AGAIN)
  4130. United States inching towards regime change in Syria (and this is simply accepted: sick)
  4131. Iraq: Contaminated flour taken out of bread basket
  4132. Schoolchildren jeer Tony Blair (Strained corpagov take is even funnier than the fact)
  4133. Blair forced on to defensive over Iraq (Don't call the liar a liar)
  4134. Blair warned: More to follow Sedgemore out of the party
  4135. Was PM trying to cover up his requests to Goldsmith?
  4136. Official say leading terrorist suspect eluded U-S military (Bush? Cheney? Rice? ...]
  4137. Italians Angry Over Inquiry on Iraq Death
  4138. Outrage in Italy as US clears troops who killed agent escorting freed
  4139. U.S.: Abu Ghraib Only the "Tip of the Iceberg"
  4140. The prime minister is a war criminal (UK and Phoney Tony the Bald Faced Liar)
  4141. Man convicted of missile plot (Ridiculous. Fu Manchu in disguise?)
  4142. Terrorist dodged US troops (Can't capture a dead man)
  4143. US confirms Zarqawi near-capture (yeah, right!)
  4144. Senate panel digs for more information about Bolton (What braind of vodka numbs his brain?)
  4145. Allied reveals new 'potential offer' (More mergers and centralizations)
  4146. Nokia to launch phone that stores 3,000 songs (Does it make breakfast too?)
  4147. Black Box To Unravel PC Crash Mysteries (It's just shitty programming!)
  4148. Ads influence prescriptions by docs, says study (Intelligence deficiency?)
  4149. Thousands [of murdering illegaa government placedl settlers] Protest Israel's Gaza Pullout
  4150. President Bush to Offer Proposals to Rein in High Energy Prices None of Which has an Icecube's Chance in Hell Of Working
  4151. Australia: school principal denounces removal of teacher
  4152. Britain: university student debt reaches record levels
  4153. Mutual concern over US militarism brings China and India closer
  4154. Canada: Using corruption scandal as a smokescreen, Tories prepare neo-conservative assault(It was ever only a matter of time)
  4155. US rights group calls for criminal probe of Rumsfeld (Only Rumsfeld?!)
  4156. The Bolton Affair: More Than Meets the Eye
  4157. DeLay, Abramoff and Israeli Militias
  4158. Pope Ratzo and the Hucksters of Death
  4159. Experts: Smallpox could be sent in mail (and the earth"could" hurtle itself into the sun)
  4160. 20 million US workers lack health insurance -study (underestimate - and what the others hve is an illusion)
  4161. House OKs Bill Toughening Abortion Consent (You are their slaves)
  4162. Anti-Castro Majority Leader Tom DeLay enjoys a fine Cuban cigar
  4163. Donations link DeLay, ethics panel
  4164. False Alarm Puts White House on Alert (hysterical bullshit)
  4165. Senate Panel Hears of Chemical Plant Risks (more hysterical bullshit)
  4166. 'Hello? Chavez Here, Imperialists Want Our Oil' (You bet your bippy)
  4167. Qatar draws up plan to sell off al-Jazeera (can't control it? Kill it)
  4168. Diplomats: U.S. Alone in Fight to Oust UN's ElBaradei
  4169. Iraqi MP gunned down (Was it something she said?)
  4170. US wants to sell Israel 'bunker-buster' bombs (Israel already has them)
  4171. IRAQ: Doctors warn of increasing deformities in newborn babies (It's calle Depleted Uranium)
  4172. Witness in Marine Case Taken Off Stand (Manipulation of legal system)
  4173. Berlusconi Pressured to Withdraw Troops (But will he?)
  4174. Blix: they should have listened (A waste of breath)
  4175. Tories accuse Blair of 'great deception' (But who wants *them*?)
  4176. Goldsmith's Iraq Advice 'Warned UK Troops Faced Prosecution'
  4177. Channel 4 News reveals legal advice on Iraq War
  4178. Interrogators 'botched hunt for Iraq's WMD' (It was a sham from the start)
  4179. This is our Guernica
  4180. FrontPage magazine.com :: Academic Insanity at North Carolina Wesleylan by Jon Sanders(Article author is the insane one)
  4181. Gannon sleepovers at the White House? (Everybody's got to sleep someplace)
  4182. Americans growing weary of Iraq war (Ooops - "Al Qaeda" op coming up)
  4183. A Bolton from the Bush
  4184. Gallup: 50% of Americans Now Say Bush Deliberately Misled Them on WMDs (and the other 50% is brain dead)
  4185. US Says Groups Aid al-Qaida Terrorists (speaking of which)
  4186. Terror threat to US called 'significant' (Bushes are still around)
  4187. Putin arrives in Israel for historic visit (A brave man)
  4188. One year on, public disquiet on Abu Ghraib reverberates
  4189. Bush Is Blowing Smoke on Energy (i.e., Lying again)
  4190. Moussaoui pleaded guilty despite death penalty
  4191. Pause in world economy's growth nothing extraordinary (Pause?)
  4192. Jackson's ex-wife says she willingly defended him
  4193. The Lone Star Iconoclast Online - Global Gulag
  4194. Wiretaps in U.S. Jump 19 Percent in 2004
  4195. Ahmad Chalabi Takes Over Iraq Oil Ministry LMAO
  4196. US-Destroyed Falluja New World Monument To Brutality
  4197. Defense Contractors Report Strong Earnings (No??!! Really?)
  4198. Annan warns against strike on Iran (peeing up an oily rope)
  4199. Admin seeks $82B supplimental funding for next 5 months of war (Is this the money for Israel?)
  4200. US house market boom set for bust? (Guess)
  4201. Leak lands liar label on Blair (Does it matter? He's been a liar all along)
  4202. Exposed: Blair is a serial liar (Oh - do tell)
  4203. Putin against steps to pre-determine Palestinian land status
  4204. Putin rejects Zionist instigating against Iran (How very rude of him)
  4205. Gun Control and Genocide by Gary North
  4206. Belgian Doctors Bill U.S. for Treating Iraqi Girl (knowing there will be no payment)
  4207. Holocaust controversy in Austria
  4208. A strange set of connections radiate outward from Gannon
  4209. Postal voting situation 'serious' (UK)
  4210. Putin fails to keep his sarcasm veiled (A bit of voditchka?)
  4211. State Department Keeps Report Under Wraps (not covering lies of course)
  4212. Israel's Sharon clashes with Putin (he clashes with my curtains too, and is most undecorous)
  4213. The blundering actions of a desperate man (Phoney Tony Baloney)
  4214. Try the truth next time, Tony (If there is a next time, why should he bother?)
  4215. Bush Cheney Regime: The Illegal US Government
  4216. Ebola Suspected in Equatorial Guinea (CIA? Mossad? KGB? CDC?)
  4217. Guardian pulls ricin terror debunk from website ("legal reasons"??)
  4218. I never lie, says Blair as new doubt is cast on war (of course not: he only prevaricates)
  4219. US Jewish Lobbyist Funded Settler Gangs with Swindled Indian Tribe Money (Isn't that just darling?)
  4220. New Flight 175 Footage: No Pod? (There is plenty of time for such "new" footage to have been manufactured)
  4221. FBI Probe Into Israeli Spies (and Israeli damage control)
  4222. The results are in: Bush sucks.
  4223. Bush Holds White House News Conference
  4224. Bush Bumped For Trump; Paris Hilton (Signaling the end?)
  4225. Exxon Mobil, Shell Profits Soar as Energy Prices Rise
  4226. Exxon Mobil posts 44% jump in profits
  4227. House Passes Budget That Cuts Medicaid
  4228. Bush Social Security Plan Would Cut Future Benefits
  4229. C-SPAN2 Book TV (What? Bush admin complicit?! Really? Who woulda thunk?)
  4230. Blow to Bush as Bolton panel widens its inquiry
  4231. North Korea capable of firing nuclear-armed missile at US: US official (Um sure - and pigs can fly)
  4232. Israelis using banned chemicals to poison Palestinian fields (Still at it)
  4233. Britain says no to U.S. Iranian strikes (Oh - you think? Wait)
  4234. Iraq Through the Eyes of Unemebedded, Independent Journalist Dahr Jamail
  4235. Reports: Berlusconi May Contradict U.S. (What will he say next week?)
  4236. Blair, on Defensive, Releases a Secret Memo on Iraq War
  4237. Ex-CIA chief eats humble pie (Bullkaka)
  4238. One-time Pentagon favorite gains key spot in Iraq's new government
  4239. Interrogations Faked at Guantanamo, Witness Says (Just like the Berg murder tape, ObL tapes, ...)
  4240. Pentagon Moves to Bar CIA 'Ghost' Detainees (Oh really? What will stop them exactly?)
  4241. George Will Revises the Vietnam War (along with rest of reality)
  4242. Abu Ghraib One Year Later: Have Those Responsible Gotten Off?
  4243. Blair Hopes to Put End to Iraq Questions (Hope away, Poodle)
  4244. Sergeant Sentenced to Death for Killing Two Officers in Iraq (and the 100,000 Iraqis?)
  4245. Experts utter nasty word, 'stagflation' (as if it were a surprise?)
  4246. Jackson's a great father, says ex
  4247. Ex-Wife Says Jackson Is a Good Man With Bad Friends
  4248. Dementia, weight connected (or government connected)
  4249. Putin Pledges Assistance to Palestinians
  4250. Horror Of Depleted Uranium Not Limited To Iraq
  4251. The Israeli origins of Bush II's war
  4252. A Story from Occupied Palestine: A moment that changed my life
  4253. China creating office to safeguard `energy security'?
  4254. Offshoring is "Psychologically Disturbing"
  4255. The End of the Days of Denial
  4256. High gas prices really sting low-wage workers (I never would have guessed)
  4257. Bush warns of US pensions crisis (created by Bush)
  4258. Putin pledges to help Palestinians
  4259. History lost in dust of war-torn Iraq (and continuing)
  4260. Bush-Backed Drug Marketing Schemes Rape Your Childrens' Minds
  4261. Bunker-Buster Bomb Plan Won't Work, Study Finds (It doesn't matter; government won't work either)
  4262. James Guckert - White House Access FOIA
  4263. How Far Will The Army Go?
  4264. "Franklin Cover Up" author John DeCamp to sue Barbara Hartwell for Libel
  4265. BBC's 'Doctor Who' Show Parodies 9/11 Inside Job
  4266. Zionist Hate Email Never Fails To Amaze - Kurt Nimmo
  4267. Osama still alive! (Boy! and the body is decomposed. He must look a sight)
  4268. Unocal Net Income Soars 69 Percent on Oil Prices
  4269. Superior Energy earnings rise sharply
  4270. Reliance's Q4 profit jumps 62 percent
  4271. Shell profit at &#-11;&#-11;1.6m an hour
  4272. BP strikes record profit and forecasts oil to stay firm untitled image
  4273. Exxon reports record earnings from record oil, petrol prices
  4274. Occidental Posts Record Profit as Oil Prices Rise
  4275. Hospitals' profits nearly double (Hmmm)
  4276. House GOP Plans Social Security Draft
  4277. Congress Passes Budget That Cuts Medicaid
  4278. US warns N Korea against nuclear test
  4279. Italy: a week-long government crisis in Rome
  4280. Iraqi cabinet announced under US pressure
  4281. The New Assault on Women's Rights: Why are the Democrats Silent? (Bought and paid for)
  4282. Rice in Colombia: Silence on the Death Squads?
  4283. Chinese offer an olive branch to Taiwan
  4284. Doubts on overtures to China
  4285. Putin backs under-fire Abbas and pledges aid
  4286. Venezulean leader: US citizens oppressed (He's got that right)
  4287. Al-Zarqawi Wants Attacks on US Troops, [bogus] Tape Says (He's dead!)
  4288. Hunk in leather & jock
  4289. Italy pursues criminal probe into agent's killing
  4290. Low Intake of Magnesium May Raise Heart Disease Risk (and tomorrow it will be the revere)
  4291. Forged Iraq memo to Blair exposed
  4292. School Mistakes Huge Burrito for a Weapon (No Comment)
  4293. Was Israel behind the 1997 "Massacre" at Luxor?
  4294. Unocal Net Income Soars 69 Percent on Oil Prices
  4295. THEN THEY CAME FOR THE CHILDREN - Feds arrest girls for teen snottiness
  4296. Scandal Stymies Israeli Effort to Pressure Tehran
  4297. Decriminalise prostitution, nurses urge
  4298. Police officer is convicted of fabricating drug charges
  4299. Flight 93 - Flight 93 = Y (Hmmmm)
  4300. Judge in Moussaoui Case Blocks Release of Sept. 11 Report
  4301. The Pentagon is getting desperate for your kids
  4302. TA group at UW backs anti-Israel resolution
  4303. Israel in row over American weapons for Palestinian police
  4304. Polls show Blair riding Iraq criticism (Are you incredulous?)
  4305. Saudis, Oil, Israel, & America
  4306. 10,000 Demonstrate in NYC Against Israel on April 28, 2005
  4308. 1 in every 138 Americans is behind bars
  4309. US set to turn centrally
  4310. Mossad: US Must Invade Syria, Saudi Arabia, Iran (Oh? Who runs the show)
  4311. 'It has led to a massive loss of trust' (But those UK polls!?)
  4312. IDF: Reservist killed by friendly fire, not by Palestinian taxi
  4314. Rumsfeld: Iran aids rebels (A National Liar Speaks)
  4315. Israel blacklisted by U.S.
  4316. Revealed: documents show Blair's secret plans for war
  4317. Israeli intelligence chief: Syrian president could be toppled -
  4318. Arctic Refuge Oil Drilling Is Near Fact, Backers Say
  4319. In the Name of Sibel Edmonds
  4320. N.C. Wesleyan Professor's Web Site, Course Draw Criticism
  4321. UK Muslims March Against Anti-Terror Laws
  4322. Joy in gallery as Portland quits FBI task force
  4323. Ore. Police to Withdraw From FBI-Led Team
  4324. Negroponte Takes Over Daily Briefings
  4325. N.Korea Says Bush Comments Show He Is a Philistine
  4326. Defense Department Invokes Geneva Conventions to Withhold Torture Photos(Only when convenient)
  4327. Italy pursues criminal probe into agent's killing
  4328. Secret Service Seeks Race of Media Party Guests (?)
  4329. Homeland Security to Limit Liability Suits
  4330. Missouri river at risk of drying to mere trickle
  4331. Cracks in decaying shell of Chernobyl reactor threaten second disaster
  4332. Bill Directs Compensation for Oil Leases (Bottom line: You Pay)
  4333. Alabama Bill Targets 'Gay' Books (Wacko Nation)
  4334. Civil Rights Commission Closes 2 Offices (Civil Rights ar nonexistent anyhow)
  4335. Strip-Searched Teachers Sue Over Arrest at Bush Rally
  4336. Colleges' Hottest New Major: Terror
  4337. Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty faces review
  4338. North Korea Labels Bush a 'Dictator' (Hmm - got that right)
  4339. Western officials secretly met with Arab opposition
  4340. Statement to the Human Rights Conference on Torture
  4341. U.S. Recruits Authoritarian State in War On [of] Terror
  4342. Inquiry Finds Abuses at Guant&#-11;&#-11;namo Bay
  4343. Iraq war sparks recruitment crisis
  4344. British military chief reveals new legal fears over Iraq war
  4345. Iraq, the secret US visit, and an angry military chief
  4346. Blair hit by new leak of secret war plan
  4347. Blair told war was illegal in 2002
  4348. Australian government poised to make sweeping industrial relations "reform"
  4349. Britain: Blair forced to publish legal advice on Iraq war
  4350. Christian fundamentalist bigotry reigns at US Air Force Academy
  4351. Bush demands deep cuts in Social Security benefits
  4352. With Bolton case, just who's dug in?
  4353. Religious right seeks judiciary that dissolves church-state separation
  4354. No checks, no questions asked: that's how easy it is to obtain 11 postal ballots
  4355. The gagging of dissent
  4356. Google To Implement Bias Towards Mainstream News (*Who* decides what's credible?)
  4357. Copy-and-Paste Reveals Classified U.S. Documents (We doubts it, preciousss)
  4358. Blair plays down new Iraq claims ("plays down" = "is embarrassed to try to deny the obvious")
  4359. Patriarch allegedly sold J'lem land to win state's approval (Coming out as a Comedie Noire)
  4360. The 9/11 Hijackers (Complete and Utter Fiction)
  4361. Pentagon Report On Abuse Has To Be Joke
  4362. N. Korea Fires Missile Into Sea of Japan
  4363. Iran issues nuclear warning to US ("US is arrogant, rude and deserves a punch in the mouth" - close enough)
  4364. Castro Hammers Bush on Terrorism at May Day Rally
  4365. U.S. military inching to resumption of executions (Kill!Kill!Kill!Kill!...)
  4366. Buffett Says Chastened Insurers Are Making Changes (yup - getting sneakier yet)
  4367. Charges not ruled out for US runaway bride (you can be arrested , prosecuted and tortured on government whim. That's Amerika!)
  4368. A Tonic for Bush's Ailing Second Term (Oleander te perhaps?)
  4369. Laura Bush: First lady of comedy? (A regulare barrel of monkeys)
  4370. Schoolkids On HIV Drugs After Being Pricked With Needle (False positive tests I'll bet)
  4371. Lonely People May Have Increased Heart Attack Risk (more riskynis living in the US)
  4372. 6 days at sea with no food or water, 2 boys rescued (Wait until they get the bill)
  4373. Rumsfeld offered to free Saddam: Report (A little desperate?)
  4374. MOSSAD: The Israeli Connection to 9/11
  4375. Brigadier shocks and awes: there is no war on terrorism
  4376. Traditional media eagerly eying blogs to boost revenues. (Who will read more corpagov trash?)
  4377. U.S. National Debt Clock (What time is it, kids?!)
  4378. Greenspan's Remarkable 1966 Admission About Gold (JFK wanted to return US to it, just before ....)
  4379. U.S. may allow nuke strikes over WMD (We know they will do it)
  4381. Lynndie England - American war heroine was "joking around"
  4382. Blair battles to shore up Labour vote in marginals (Why? It's rigged)
  4383. BBC NEWS | Middle East | Hijack 'suspects' alive and well (yes, yes - we've known about this for years)
  4384. Avian flu pandemic could be massive disaster and few are noticing (Crying "wolf" again?)
  4385. Mutated virus raises bird-flu danger level
  4386. Polio Detected in Indonesia, Indicating It Crossed an Ocean (Do you smell a rat?)
  4387. Tsunami Victims Face Land Grab
  4388. Governor Asks Hospitals to Cut $21 Million In Spending to Help Reduce (VT)
  4389. House cuts target Montana's poor (Think this will ever stop? It won't)
  4390. State increases Medicaid co-pays (KY)
  4391. DHHR plans to reshape Medicaid to cut costs (WV)
  4392. House-Senate committee agrees on Medicaid budget cuts (MI)
  4393. House approves Medicaid changes that would hit poor, disabled (FL)
  4394. Alexander Cockburn: Dr. Bill Frist, Moral Monster: He'd Do Anything for Pussy
  4395. Frist Protest at Princeton Is Lesson in Art of the Filibuster
  4396. GOP Wins Election Challenge in Washington (Now, about 2000, 2002 and 2004 ...)
  4397. Evolution on trial as Kansas debates Adam vs Darwin (Devolution in progress)
  4398. Congress May Require Closer Scrutiny to Get a Driver's License
  4399. Secret Service Searches Home of Protester
  4400. Cheney says al Qaeda is still 'very active' (The Dickie & Ari Gang?)
  4401. U.S. Called Unprepared For Nuclear Terrorism (Theater of the Absurd)
  4402. Venezuela's Chavez Vows to Fund Companies That Empower Workers
  4403. Chavez's Popularity at 70 Percent
  4404. O.A.S. to Pick Chile Socialist U.S. Opposed as Its Leader
  4405. 3 Ex-Officials Describe Bullying by Bolton
  4406. Rice to N. Korea: U.S. Can Defend Itself (Oh sit down and shut up)
  4407. Rice [Kondo-sleaza] warns North Korea of American might
  4408. North Korea Calls U.S. 'Kingpin' of Terrorism (That's about right)
  4409. Army Misses Its Recruiting Goal Again (Does this tell them something?)
  4410. New to Market: Alliant delivers weapon system to Army (Oh joy!)
  4411. Pentagon Says Iraq Effort Limits Ability to Fight Other Conflicts (Duuhhhh)
  4412. Dereliction of Duty Regarding Iraq
  4413. Italy Rebuts U.S. Report That Cleared G.I.'s in Killing
  4414. These are Blair's last days (Not with rigged elections they're not)
  4415. Bomb attacks on the rise as 'New Baath party' is born (Ooops - looks like trouble)
  4416. US steps up provocations against North Korea
  4417. May Day 2005: Sixty years since the end of World War II--Part two
  4418. A Short History of the 15th Congressional District of Pennsylvania
  4419. Kurt Nimmo: Putin Pussyfoots in Palestine
  4420. Mike Whitney: Another Mad Bush Press Conference
  4421. Fred Gardner: Washington State Doctor Harassed (You have no rights, even if you do)
  4422. Joshua Frank: a Bi-Partisan Assault on Teenage Girls
  4423. T.W. Croft: the Undiscovered Country
  4424. The Bush-DeLay Axis of Naked Power
  4425. City for Sale: Richard Daley's Chicago
  4426. Marla Ruzicka, Rachel Corrie and "Credibility"
  4427. Fresh protest in Mauritania ahead of Israeli visit
  4428. Bush Administration Bluster Exacerbates Nuclear Proliferation
  4429. Planned US-Israeli Attack on Iran
  4430. From 'gook' to 'raghead'
  4431. The State | 04/29/2005 | Counting error overstates votes
  4432. Father of slain soldier plots UK regime change
  4433. Microphones outside your homes (UK) (Cut noise pollution? Gag politicians)
  4434. Poll reveals fragility of Labour lead (If fragile, poll is a lie)
  4435. Reality Hurts The Ratings, Scares Away Advertisers, And Upsets The White House(As if life wasn't surreal enough)
  4436. UK 9-11 Skeptics Pay Tony Blair A Visit
  4437. Sen. Allen: Sell Your Home to Survive in Retirement (Speaking of surreal)
  4438. Scale of postal voting becomes clear (UK rigged elections)
  4439. The British Labour Party isn't an option (That's for sure)
  4440. Re-run of Griffin 9/11 Talk on C-Span Sat 5/7
  4441. Activists take over UH President's Office to end WMD Research on Campus
  4442. Jewish student expelled for anti-Semitic website (Not news, merely unverifiable inuendo: story with no substance)
  4443. Polio alarm as virus spreads to Indonesia (Another US aid)
  4444. Brazil spurns US terms for Aids help
  4445. Florida ends fight against abortion for 13-yr-old (You have no rights, even when you do)
  4446. Fed boosts rate target another quarter point to 3% (Squeezing harder)
  4447. Anti-DeLay billboards erected in Texas
  4448. GOP Operative Launches Anti-Hillary Clinton Site
  4449. My Election 2004 bad dream
  4450. Voting-machine maker sues Blackwell (Inter repto bickering)
  4451. Rove says GOP ready to keep power for years (They sure are)
  4452. Homeland Security chief seeks better liability protection for companies (Hello?)
  4453. Assault suspect dies after police use Taser (Protecting these things?)
  4454. Driver's license applicants could need 4 IDs (and DNA sample, and blood sample, and urine sample, and stool sample, and swab for gonorhea, HIV antibody test and ...)
  4455. Former GOP lawmaker urges scaleback of Patriot Act (Now there's a novel idea)
  4456. Ofcom may have to police internet content (Oh - *not* to hinder UK firms!)
  4457. US airport security 'still not improved' (puppy poop)
  4458. GAO: Nuke-Smuggling Security Lax (more puppy poop)
  4459. Millions of Tax Dollars Wasted on Exaggerated Threats of School Terrorism -Expert (and millions wasted by corpagov terrorizing students)
  4460. DoD to Resume Anthrax Vaccinations (Didn't reach their death quota?)
  4461. Governor fears calls monitored (Rightly so in a totalitarian state)
  4462. U.S. Urges Punishment For Iran Nuclear Work (and US genocidal work?)
  4463. Germany Pressures US Over Nuke Removal (But, US does as it damn well pleases)
  4464. SNP leader raises alarm over depleted uranium
  4465. Iraq: Depleted Uranium Causing Increase in Birth Defects
  4466. Insurgents Using U.S. Techniques (The worm turns)
  4467. US forced to back down on OAS presidency
  4468. Britain: the myth of Labour's economic success
  4469. US demands Iraq's new government repudiate "de-Baathification"
  4470. Chile's Man at the OAS: a Blow to Bush?
  4471. Towards Debtors' Prisons?
  4472. Death Squad Diplomacy: How Bolton Armed Haiti's Thugs and Killers
  4473. Halliburton's War Loot
  4474. Bush has Grasped the Third Rail, Now Turn on the Juice
  4475. Wyoming Men Cited For Making Snow Phallus (Wacko Nation)
  4476. Is Spanking a Religious Duty? (Nation of genuine perverts)
  4477. WITCHCRAFT NOT WELCOME (By the Fourth Fascist Repto Circuit)
  4478. Blair denies misleading country over war in Iraq (and the oceans are *not* wet!)
  4479. US defence budget will equal Rest of the World combined "within 12 months"
  4480. Saddam Hussein refuses to sell out Iraq
  4481. American Workers: Outsourced/Offshored To Death
  4482. Don't punish me over Iraq, Blair urges voters ("I'm only a poodle"?)
  4483. Texas House Bans 'Suggestive' Cheerleading (Brainless wonders)
  4484. Italy minister calls U.S. version of Iraq killing "a lie" (Ah - a bit of truth)
  4485. File your FCC complaint against Laura Bush...
  4486. Israel plans air strikes on Iran's nuclear sites (been obvious for ages)
  4487. Over 2,500 postal voters get two sets of papers (UK)
  4488. Straw's seat is a hot-spot of postal vote fraud claims (UK)
  4489. Second fraud arrest in postal vote probe
  4490. Scandal Stymies Israeli Effort to Pressure Tehran (AIPAC)
  4491. Viacom Execs get $100 million for on job training while stock fell 18%
  4492. Oops ... Fed Drops Key Sentence on Inflation From Its Statement
  4494. Ahead of polls, Blair majority melting away (What majority?)
  4495. The Larry Franklin / AIPAC Case -- A Memo To The Media
  4496. Nichols: Third Man Helped With Bombing
  4497. CNN.com - Abu Ghraib judge declares mistrial - May 4, 2005
  4498. Impeachment Time: "Facts Were Fixed." (Bushitler's Bane)
  4499. I must stand up to Blair for the sake of my Tom
  4500. Britain has no plans to invade Iran: Blair (The Liar speaks again?!)
  4501. Israeli Spy Ring Busted! Developing ...
  4502. Researchers Tested Drugs on Foster Kids
  4503. U.S. Treasury Says It May Reintroduce 30-Year Bond (The US can't even last that long)
  4504. Kucinich Introduces Gas Price Spike Act (Lot's of luck)
  4505. 59.5% Nationwide Call for Tom Delay's Resignation - Poll
  4506. Lobbyist Paid for Ireland Trip for 5 GOP Lawmakers
  4507. Italian website banned over 'Nazi' pope picture (Offensive is now criminal)
  4508. Lewd heckler arrested at conservative's Texas college lecture (Offenseive is now criminal)
  4509. New Fla. Drivers' Licenses to Feature 17 Layers of Security (Don't you feel safer now?)
  4510. Border 'Vigilantes' Pledge to Return (Oh joy)
  4511. US Eases Saudi Visa Restrictions (Al-CIAMOSSADA planning another hit with more Saudi fictionals)
  4512. Pentagon analyst accused of spying for Israel lobby
  4513. Nigeria: Oil giant admits aid policies helped fuel violence
  4514. Colombia arrests two US soldiers (It's what they're there for)
  4515. Army Withheld Details About Tillman's Death (Really?)
  4516. Report: Army Knew Details of Tillman Death
  4517. Turkey massing troops along Kurdish areas of Iraq border
  4518. Creating Reasons to Go to War - Congressman John Conyers
  4519. No Court-Martial in Iraq Mosque Shooting
  4520. U.S. Can't Account for $100M Spent in Iraq (Nothing next to the Billions unaccounted for)
  4521. U.S. Warns A.F.L.-C.I.O. on Protests About Social Security (A lot of "warning" going on)
  4522. State Department: "We don't know if top terrorist is in US" (Try Oval Office)
  4523. As Congress approves $82 billion more Wholesale corruption exposed in Iraqi contracts
  4524. Bolton's Proudest Moment: Breaking the UN's Anti-Zionist Resolution
  4525. Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty Poised to Fall Apart
  4526. Ann Coulter and the Police State: Heckle a Racist, Get Arrested
  4527. When the President Talks to God (video)
  4528. DHS Raid Liberal Blogger's Home!
  4529. Betty Cohen Named President and CEO of Lifetime Entertainment Services (Um - just a "few" conflicts here?)
  4530. Defense Tech: CURSE YOU, BLOGGERS! (Oh dear - a loose end that cannot be matrixed?)
  4531. Blasts at UK Consulate in NYC (As in staged Al-MossadaCIAda event)
  4532. Senate Probes Bolton's Pro-Israel Efforts (Two what real end?)
  4533. Real ID Act Suspends Habeas Corpus for Immigrants (and who else?)
  4534. Students Occupy Univ. of Hawaii Building to Protest Construction of Military Center
  4535. U.S. troops accused of arming Colombian death squads (Oh - gee - really?!)
  4536. Probe launched into postal votes (A US style "probe"? [winkwink, nudgenudge])
  4537. Spies in the Pentagon? (Al-Mossada)
  4538. Indymedia Italia Banned by Italian Government (Nazipope stuff still too naughty)
  4539. John Walsh: Al Franken is a Big Fat Phony
  4540. Blue Eyes a bagman? (Are you really surprised?)
  4541. Oklahoma plotter tells of 'third man' (The FBI agent?)
  4542. Report: Police arrest IDF soldier suspected of belonging to neo-Nazi group (LOL - oh why not?!)
  4543. Famous Israeli song "Jerusalem of Gold" was "unwittingly" plagiarized (?? How do your plagiarize unwittingly? It's an oxymoron)
  4545. Russian Military to Spend Largest Sum on Arms Since Collapse of Soviet Union
  4546. RFID-enabled pervasive employee monitoring - Engadget - www.engadget.cm
  4547. FBI Won't Re-Investigate OKC Bombing (Investigating theselves?)
  4548. 'Propaganda' bill nixed in House (That should be "Antipropaganda" Bill)
  4549. IBM Plans to Cut Up to 13,000 Jobs as Profit Trails
  4550. Neocons Lay Siege to the Ivory Towers
  4551. DHS chief floats idea of collecting private citizens' information (as in Farenheit 451)
  4552. Major WTC Insurance Company Questions Building 7 Collapse As Potential Fraud
  4553. U.S. Aide (Franklin) Arrested Amid Signs That Lobby Probe Widens
  4554. Money, Money, Money (wanted by criminal congress)
  4555. U.S. Tentatively Names Hardliner as N.K. Rights Point Man ([snort])
  4556. Report: Congress Gets 'Damaging' Info on Kofi Annan (Everybody has damaging info on US congress)
  4557. Stocks fall after S&P downgrades GM, Ford (exactly as designed and planned)
  4558. Hundreds wiped off vote register (Ooops! UK)
  4559. One quarter of voters uncertain as Labour sag at the final post (Fake votes! Fake an attack! Fake anything! Divert! Divert!)
  4560. 9/11 Suspect Claims Pressure to Implicate (it's an evil government)
  4561. David Hackworth, Vietnam vet and military analyst, dies at 74
  4562. New Rule Opens National Forest to Roads (destructive bastards rule)
  4563. Israel's Amen Corner silent on AIPAC-Franklin spy scandal
  4564. Lobbying scandal cloaked in religion
  4565. Voting fraud exposed in Bethnal Green and Bow
  4566. Officers Suspended After Boy, 5, Cuffed (Wacko Nation)
  4567. Fla. Lawmakers Approve Abortion Regulation (Nazi Nation)
  4568. Judge Blocks Md. School Health Program (Repto Nation)
  4569. Kan. Board of Ed Begins Evolution Hearings (Idiot Nation)
  4570. Darwin on trial: Evolution hearings open in Kansas (Decision by psychotic fiat)
  4571. Bush Opens National Forest to Logging, Mining, Roads (Fucked Nation)
  4572. Poll: Most Want No Social Security Cuts (Tough luck, shitheads)
  4573. Hill Leaders Often Take Corporate Jets (The corpagov!)
  4574. Bush Florida 2000 recount committee still owes lobbyist's former firm $314k (Criminal exec)
  4575. Terror Suspect Gets Bush Fundraiser Invite (Just kidding?)
  4576. Skepticism of Terrorism Alerts Cited (Manipulation by fabrications)
  4577. House cuts Homeland Security budget plan (yeah - right!)
  4578. Airlines to ask for personal information (fliers to say 'fuck yourself'?)
  4579. "Real ID" Tacked Onto Military Funding Measure Would Enact Broad Changes Without Congressional Review (Totalitarian State)
  4580. Biden Hints at Delaying Bolton Vote (Biden is another bought Pussy!)
  4581. U.S. Cites Signs of Korean Steps to Nuclear Test (SO?)
  4582. U.S. Rejects Idea of Ban on Nuclear Attack (Ooops - N.K. is OK - right? Assholes)
  4583. American troops accused of arms theft in Colombia ([sigh] yep - it's what they do when not selling them)
  4584. US 'forced' Shell and BASF to reject bid from Iran
  4585. Army Demotes General in Abu Ghraib Scandal (Um - demotes? - that's it?!)
  4586. Bush demotes US Army general in Abu Ghraib scandal (Chimpethics)
  4587. Briton's family sues over shooting (of Brit by Israeli army)
  4588. The secret Downing Street memo
  4589. Impeachment Time: "Facts Were Fixed."
  4590. Military postal ballots go AWOL (Ah - modern conveniences)
  4591. Voters' sit-in at polling station (Can we spell 'rigging'?)
  4592. George Galloway wins seat (Somebody slipped up)
  4593. Lawmaker Expelled From Labour Re-Elected (Bravo!)
  4594. Labour loses safest seat in Wales (Hmmm - too much to rig?)
  4595. Labour loses out in key marginals
  4596. Labour's dismal performance in London casts a shadow over win (Ooops: Tories are not an option either)
  4597. Blair secures his third term - but how long will he last at No 10? (The only rigging that counted: stolen)
  4598. House Approves $82B for 'Iraq, Afghanistan' (How many $82B are there fer christsake?!)
  4599. U.S. Officials Suspected of Embezzlement in Iraq (Oh no! Really? I'm shocked - just so shocked!)
  4600. Indonesia to vaccinate 5 million children against polio outbreak (That means a mess of dead or infected children)
  4601. Bird flu virus in Vietnam has not mutated yet: newspaper (The CDC's mutagenic hasn't been used then?)
  4602. 2 Blasts Before Dawn Shatter Windows and Close Third Avenue (CIA playing with its toys again?)
  4603. U.S. blacklists 7 countries for lax port security (Weren't you expecting this?!)
  4604. One year since the torture revelations at Abu Ghraib Mistrial in reservist's court martial
  4605. The Smoking Gun on White House Deceit (But who pays attention?)
  4606. Is There Any Hope for the Pope? (What about the planet? Fuck the repto pope)
  4607. Debate Over Evolution Becomes War of Words (When intelligence has devolved to primordial ooze)
  4608. Jesus Found in Ultrasound (also in dirty toilet)
  4609. Thief caught wearing stolen "Criminal" T-Shirt (Speaking of devolution)
  4610. Blair's Next War
  4611. Larry Franklin and the Axis of Espionage
  4612. Notes on Naor Gilon (Re Larry Franklin)
  4613. John Humphrys claims his postal vote was stolen
  4614. Taint in polls to mother of parliament
  4615. Iraq causing big trouble for Pentagon
  4616. Dissidents ditch Irenaios
  4617. How long can Bush spin big lies into truth on Iraq war?
  4618. Did you have problems voting? (UK)
  4619. Allawai Possibly Dead/Injured by Resistance Attack
  4620. Police ordered to stop investigating vote rigging in Blair's constituency
  4621. New postal vote safeguards urged (Babbling - but allowing the fraud)
  4622. Postal voting fraud is widespread, Straw told (why postal voting was invented)
  4624. Brown's in charge
  4625. Scotsman.com News - Politics - Postal vote to be probed (Yep - any year now)
  4626. THE PECULIAR STATE :: Alternative Press Review :: Your Guide Beyond the Mainstream
  4627. Maryland Hits Brakes on Fleeting Gasoline Price War
  4628. 20,000 missing votes heighten Birmingham postal fraud fears
  4629. Blair declared winner in Sedgefield amidst reports of fraud
  4630. Lobbyist (Abramoff) Had Close Contact With Bush Team
  4631. Wash. Mayor Denies Molesting Boys in '70s
  4632. Secret British Memo Shows Bush Tampered with Iraq Intelligence
  4633. STUDY FINDS DECLINE IN GLOBAL PRESS FREEDOM (A few studies can actually be trusted)
  4634. Bush Administration Claims Presidential Privilege for LBJ Documents (Filthy orcses)
  4635. The secret Downing Street memo
  4636. The Franklin Affair and the Terror Enigma
  4637. Supreme Court backs Bush against Gulf War POWs
  4638. Accused Sept. 11 plotter claims he was set up
  4639. Senate Probes Bolton's Pro-Israel Efforts (The criminal Senate?!)
  4640. U.S. Suspends Cooperation With Israel on Fighter Jet (Yeah right, sure - tell me another one)
  4641. Break Them Down
  4642. Ark. Woman Claims Nichols Has More to Say
  4643. Pentagon rushing 10,000 jammers to Iraq (Rumsfeld the Moron, font of BS)
  4644. North Carolina church EXCOMMUNICATES all Democrats!!! (Speaking of Morons)
  4645. US denies Somali terror landing (So then you know it's true)
  4646. Support accord could develop into Asian IMF'
  4647. India to ease business rules (Ooops)
  4648. Galloway takes 'safe' Labour seat in anti-war shock win
  4649. Blair opponent urges Iraq apology (Surely he jests)
  4650. Galloway Paxman clash
  4651. Voting fraud 'shattered' election
  4652. Haste Makes Waste (The unbearable criminality of government)
  4653. Real ID Act edges closer to passage (Nazi Government)
  4654. Mind Your Own Democracy, says President Putin
  4655. Apocalypse Soon
  4656. CIA Plans to Shift Work to Denver (?? What are they really up to?)
  4657. Hamas Emerging As Political Force (It's an Israeli creation and instrument)
  4658. Interrogation of Al Qaeda Leader Yields Captures (Um - sure - absolutely)
  4659. US Unemployment Holds at 5.2 Percent (?! Multiply by 3 or 4, asshole!)
  4660. Bush renews sanctions against Syria, accuses it of 'supporting terrorism'
  4661. U.S. beefs up military units in the Pacific
  4662. More troops en route to Iraq (Pullout was *never* ever intended)
  4663. British exit polls: Blair loses Sedgefield to Reg Keys
  4664. Student Suspended Over Call to Mom in Iraq (Psychopathic schools,teachers - nation)
  4665. American news industry a far cry from genuine journalism (Oh gee - really?)
  4666. Greek Orthodox Church in Jerusalem dismisses patriarch
  4667. Vatican sacked Catholic magazine editor (but the vatican is a moral affort to all that is human and intelligent)
  4668. The 4 Derivative U.S. Dictators: Secrets of The Plunge Protection Team (Remember PPT? It hasn't gone away)
  4669. U.S. says it upholds U.N. torture rules, critics object (US says shit more than anything else)
  4670. Satellites May Have Detected North Korean Test Site (Anorthe lying hoax is more like it)
  4671. U.S. beefs up military units in the Pacific
  4672. Iraq war batters Blair at ballot box (Oh? Isthe lying bastard fuck in jail?)
  4673. Slashed majority hamstrings re-elected British PM (They relected no one)
  4674. Blair 'was forced' to support Bush's war (Oh sure - woof woof lick droolslobber)
  4675. Australia stands firm as hostage deadline nears (Yeah! right - bring 'em on; it ain't our asses that get killed)
  4676. Unraveling Iraq's Secret Militias
  4677. Eighty-eight members ofCriminal and Treasonous Congress call on Bush for answers on secret IraqPlan
  4678. The Quagmire (that was obviously guaranteed to any thinking mind)
  4679. US imprisons Iraqi journalists without charges (Totalitarian State)
  4680. Canada-US frictions intensify after Ottawa balks at joining missile defence(Arrogantr Bullies)
  4681. Britain: Labour wins general election but suffers major losses (Are they all either dead or imprisoned yet?)
  4682. P. Saineth: India's Bloody Water Wars (Not just India)
  4683. Circus Trials of Abu Ghraib: When Even the Fall Girl Can't Plead Guilty
  4684. Erin Yoshioka: Why is Santo Reyes Facing Life in Prison? (Deranged Totalitarian Nazi State)
  4685. Brown ensconced as Blair's prime minister heir apparent (No improvement)
  4686. Bush begins European visit to spread his virulent psychopathology and general stupidity
  4687. President walking a diplomatic tightrope (maybe he'll trip and break his head?)
  4688. BUSH MEETS BALTIC LEADERS (But can't quite figure out where he is)
  4689. Bush goes on tour to wage democracy (nicely put)
  4690. Bush heads to Russia thinking of democracy ("thinking"?! You jest, surely)
  4691. Arrest of bin Laden associate leads to more terror suspects (booga-booga!)
  4692. Karpinski Busted Back for Abu Ghraib, Right? Wrong
  4693. Abu Ghraib general demoted for shoplifting (Murder & torture is OK)
  4694. Jobs growth surprisingly robust in April (LMFAO!)
  4695. KU students, faculty offer counterpoint (not dead between the ears)
  4696. Lawmakers mull $115.7 million in Medicaid cuts (ben bought and paid for, for a along time)
  4697. Boom Times For Federal Contractors (The Military Industrial Complex about which Ike warned half a century ago.)
  4698. Voice of the White House May 4, 2005 (Gannon: like horseshit at a racetrack)
  4699. Insurance Accounting Fraud by Lloyd's of London: UK Established Case-LawStood on its Head, by Judges (Wonder why? I don't wonder at all)
  4700. Stations Of The Cross (Your news with religious pickling)
  4701. NEOCONS Lay siege to Ivory towers...AGAIN.... (No, *yet*: any teacher with a brain should abandon the US: get out before you are murdered or jailed)
  4702. Mission Accomplished, Captain Queeg?
  4703. Sleepwalking to Disaster in Iran (Yes, invasion of Iran has long been planned also)
  4704. America's 'dwindling coalition' (and economy, sanity - and existence)
  4705. '$100m gap' in US Iraq spending (More chickfeed)
  4706. Personal bankruptcy hits record (That's even in UK - guess about US)
  4707. The Jerusalem Post Smears American and British Critics of Israel and Zionism(Isn't this normal?)
  4708. Blair win was fraud, says Zim TV (Is there any doubt?)
  4709. Bush Administration Lies (all it ever does) to Besmirch Iran
  4710. Row After Columnist's Article On Stolen 2004 Election (It's naughty to tell the truth)
  4711. CITIZENS IN THE RAIN (R. C. Koehler's article)
  4712. Robert C. Koehler | Common Wonders
  4713. US aid to Palestinians goes to Israel? (But, of course. What did you expect?)
  4714. Congress Channels US Aid to Palestine through Israel
  4715. Remember Free Markets? (No. I remember the laughably lying phrse though)
  4716. Labour's universe gets ready to turn Brown (It's not and improvement - just same old lying shit)
  4717. Proposal to supplement reservists' pay is dropped from budget (Corpagov says: "fuck you")
  4718. Pentagon Seeks Greater Immunity from Freedom of Information Act LMAO
  4719. Prayer 'important part' of public life, Bush says (Um - how about eating, asshole?)
  4720. FT.com / International economy - US carmakers extend currency campaign (US carmakers would be stupidly wrong - and they know it)
  4721. Secret British Memo Confirms WMD Lie
  4722. BILDERBERG SCARED (Morons playing with fire is never a good idea)
  4723. Idaho nuclear lab can't account for missing computers (Nonsense)
  4724. U.S. to Spend Billions More to Alter Security Systems (BFD and more scams and wastes of stolen wealth)
  4725. The 9/11 WTC Collapses: Questions the Media Won't Address
  4726. Andrew Aaron Weisburd of Internet Haganah: Cyber Terrorist
  4727. Regulated Resistance: Is it possible to change the system when you are the system? (It's called infiltration, and it's old as the hills)
  4728. Captured Al-Qaeda kingpin is case of mistaken identity (How about lie and fabrication?)
  4729. Spies Or/And Victims
  4730. Biology Prof. Resigns Over Gvt. Use of Plant Research
  4731. Under New Medicare Prescription Drug Plan, Food Stamps May Be Reduced (That's *will* be)
  4732. Drug Makers Reap Benefits of Tax Break (Guess where the money goes)
  4733. Minister ex-communicates members for not backing Bush (Minister needs brain enema)
  4734. Feds Bring Rare Vermont Death Penalty Case (In your face, every minute, every day)
  4735. Filibuster Fight Nears Showdown (Expect Repugs to use it anyhow)
  4736. Fight Over Judgeships Is New Front in Culture War (Wack nation die, and this one is overdue)
  4737. FBI Releases NYC Teens Detained for 6 Weeks (Speaking of Wacko Nation)
  4738. In N.M., Terror Town, U.S.A. (Corpagov induction of hyperpsychosis)
  4739. Meer foto's van de StopBush-demo in Amsterdam
  4740. In Venezuela, Chavez's Oil Revolution Pumps Money Into Programs for the Poor(There's a novel idea)
  4741. Senate Democrats May Extend Inquiry on Bolton (Bushhit, Busshit, Bushitler)
  4742. Belarus tells U.S. to keep out of its affairs (with wonderful effect, I'm sure)
  4743. Somaliland accuses US of illegal incursion (It's been US policy for 150 years fer godsake!)
  4744. Gonzales: Most detainee abuse reports don't qualify as torture (Ahh - well - there it is - of course - OK)
  4745. Colombian artist depicts Abu Ghraib torture (Ooops - nasty reality again)
  4746. 'Great Crime' at Abu Ghraib Enrages and Inspires an Artist
  4747. Galloway: Bring Blair Before the Hague (I think I could love this man)
  4748. I won't quit, vows Blair as cabinet rift opens (The boring mouth haven spoken, prattles on)
  4749. Labour MPs tell Blair to quit (That's fairly clear, no?)
  4750. US defence budget will equal ROW combined "within 12 months" (You think it doesn't already?)
  4751. Soldier lifts lid on Camp Delta (A government that doesn't deserve to live)
  4752. Those Patriotic Magnets
  4753. Colin Kalmbacher: Ann Coulter and the Texas Police State, Cont.
  4754. Hard Right Rage Against the Truth
  4755. The Peculiar State: "Criticism of Israel is a Form of Anti-Semitism"
  4756. Seeing Chile in Nepal
  4757. Pope Torquemada: Purges, Pedophiles and Cover-Ups
  4758. Gary Leupp: Biblical Prophecy and Christian Zionism
  4759. Truth drug fails to get al-Qa'eda No 3 to talk
  4760. On the Brink of 'Theocracy'
  4761. U.S. Newswire : Releases : "Explosive New Study on TV News Coverage..."
  4762. Freedom slips another notch
  4764. Bin Laden aide had ten-strong British network
  4765. New Questions About Real Identity of 9-11 Hijackers
  4766. Virgin Mary Image Restored on Underpass (Lunatics 'R' US)
  4767. Swish! - Horrific Media Spikes (Corpagov's missing dollars)
  4768. Galloway win causes alarm ("Journalism" making sow's ears from slik purses)
  4769. IndiaDaily - Dark side of outsourcing revealed CIA to establish front companies and closer ties with prominent international firms what is the impact on India?
  4770. Israel seeks PR help for image makeover (sow's ears to *appear* as silk purses)
  4771. 'Al Qaeda hit squad' arrested (Hello?)
  4772. A Zionist War
  4773. Third term opens with retail crash (UK - surprising?!)
  4774. McCarthyism Deja Vu: Zionist Thought Police On Campus
  4777. Day 3 of evolution trial sees lawyers wrangle (extended devolution)
  4778. Possible UK vote fraud? Some figures.
  4779. US tourism losing billions because of image (When a plan comes together)
  4780. portland imc - 2005.05.07 - New Study Of US Media Pro-Israel/Zionist Bias is Out
  4781. Huge radioactive leak closes Thorp nuclear plant (UK)
  4782. Secret papers reveal new nuclear building plan (UK)
  4783. States Propose Sweeping Changes to Cut Billions From Medicaid
  4784. Police nab activists seeking Bush's nuke suitcase
  4785. Welcome to the Christian Exodus (Ahh - Theocrazy)
  4786. Ashcroft sanctioned for violating gag order in Detroit terror trial
  4787. Venezuela to Investigate Oil Companies
  4788. Sudan: US rolls out red carpet for Darfur's executioner
  4789. Karzai's opponent opposes US military presence in Afghanistan
  4790. White House not on hit-list (Fictional message from fictional people)
  4791. Defective armor issued despite warnings
  4792. Amidst doubts, CIA hangs on to control of Iraqi intelligence service
  4793. Forbes reports bonanza for world's billionaires
  4794. Germany: Foreign Minister Fischer crawls before the right-wing opposition
  4795. Ford and GM debt reduced to junk bond status
  4796. US gas prices drop 3 cents (We are simply thrilled - not)
  4797. News Hounds: Once Again, We Prove Roger Ailes Divorced From Reality About FOX News' Fairness And Balance
  4798. QAEDA THUG PLANNED U.S. ELEX TERROR (Hello? It was a mistaken identity)
  4799. New calls for Blair to quit
  4800. New-Age Destroyers of the Temple Mount
  4801. Patriarch resists land-sale coup
  4803. Times Panel Proposes Steps to Build Credibility (Um - stop the lying?)
  4804. British Memo Indicates Bush Made Intelligence Fit Iraq Policy (Egads!)
  4805. US 'torpedoed Kursk nuclear sub' (maybe)
  4806. Captured Al-Qaeda kingpin is case of mistaken identity
  4807. Bloggers strike back
  4808. Fake Terror - Ricin Ring That Never Was (That's one in the long list)
  4809. Woman awarded $45,000 for cat killed by neighbor's dog (Wacko nation)
  4810. Politics Prompt Church Tax Questions (Long overdue, but unlikely to happen)
  4811. FM questions Gaza pullout if Hamas wins PA vote (No pullout was ever serious)
  4812. Iran Poses Dangerous Threat, Peres Tells ADL (Just like donald duck does)
  4813. The New Diebold Printers (De-engineering)
  4814. Gaza settler suspected of downing Palestinian electricity poles (Um - they cause cancer?)
  4815. Caspian oil set for fast flow to the West (Trumpets! Drum roll - for the unexpected)
  4816. Oil companies that don't pay taxes must leave Venezuela (sounds good to me)
  4817. US 'wasted billions on faulty terror equipment' (Ah - government science)
  4818. Internet Attack Called Broad and Long Lasting by Investigators (which government agency was it)
  4819. When your best friend spies on you
  4820. City weighs a 'fat tax' on fast food (How about closing down the government?)
  4821. Israel fired shell into Lebanon by mistake (Oooops??? Invasion by mistake too?)
  4822. Education bill could send sparks flying as legislative session ends (They've got a ton of these assaults on all of us)
  4823. The Final Insult - Paul Krugman
  4824. Bush May Destroy Social Security, Not Fix It (May? It's a sure thing)
  4825. U.S. Republicans demand votes on judicial nominees (instead of being imprisoned for treason)
  4826. Bush's Call for Vote on Judges Adds Urgency to Filibuster Battle
  4827. National security employees form whistleblowers coalition
  4828. U.S. Navy SEALs in Indonesia anti-terrorism drill (and what else?)
  4829. US's Snow promises terrorism insurance study soon (privatized noninsurance)
  4830. US radical right remains a threat
  4831. Bush Interviewed by Dutch Television in Advance of Europe Trip
  4832. Democrats, State Department wrangle over Bolton
  4833. Blair faces growing chorus to quit
  4834. Electoral reform: Why it's time for change (UK)
  4835. George W. Bush: An insult to our collective intelligence
  4836. Cuba calls United States the 'Fourth Reich'
  4837. North Korea has plutonium 'to make six nuclear bombs' (and Israel has how much?)
  4838. Blix: Washington's Nuclear Moves Lose It Support on Iran, North Korea
  4839. America's shame, two years on from 'Mission Accomplished'
  4840. U.S. troops launch attacks against villages along Euphrates
  4841. U.S.: 100 insurgents killed near Iraq-Syria border
  4842. Marines surprised by insurgent's preparation for attack
  4843. Israeli Spy Scandal: Bloggers in the Dock?
  4844. Unethical medical experiments in Israel (since the beginning, often at US behest)
  4845. Choice of biology class over gym cost student diploma (Wacko nation)
  4846. Nuclear leak enough to make 20 bombs (and Israel has how many?)
  4847. Report links Alaska rail to military
  4848. State secrets privilege upheld in whistleblower case (Wacko nation and lying judges)
  4849. Parents: The Anti-Recruiter
  4850. Bush White House in league with Israeli spies
  4851. Iran nuclear talks near collapse, UK warns (They are farce/sham to start with)
  4852. Pentagon urged to delay troop repatriation (??)
  4853. Concern at Israel Flights over Lebanese Airspace (Ooops accident, again)
  4854. Israel shuts Palestinian vote offices in Jerusalem
  4855. Readers complain, but Wash. Post ombudsman mum on lack of coverage of UK-Iraq memo
  4856. They lied to us
  4857. Canada PM faces resignation vote
  4858. Dallas fake drug scandal examined
  4859. US court dismisses Cheney energy task force case (Corrupt courts)
  4860. Venezuela tightens control over strategic oil resources
  4861. Police Taser Pregnant Driver (Evil nation)
  4862. Arrest of Pentagon Official May Help Unravel Neo-Conservative Cabal
  4863. Attytood: The conservative mole who's a Pittsburgh anchorman...and taught "Jeff Gannon"!
  4864. Ex-FBI translator plans appeal to Supreme Court (The Supreme Whore Court?!)
  4865. Soaring birth deformities and child cancer rates in Iraq
  4866. Pentagon analyst indicted for leaks to Israel: a subterranean power struggle in Washington
  4867. LA Deputies Fire 120 Rounds at Unarmed Suspect
  4868. The Biggest Story of Our Lives (Election stolen)
  4869. Appeals Court Backs Dismissal of Suit on F.B.I.
  4870. Last Chance to Stop National ID - Ron Paul
  4871. Report Backs Up Navy Whistle-Blower
  4872. This Is Not the First Time
  4873. New US laser weapon tested for Iraq
  4874. U.S. inventing threats to justify nuclear build-up
  4875. "More Powerful Than the US Army"
  4876. U.S. to Expand Prison Facilities in Iraq (Concentration camps like the ones at home)
  4877. Halliburton gets $72 million bonus for work in Iraq (Crime *does* pay)
  4878. State Dept. rebuffs call for more Bolton papers
  4879. Joshua Frank: Kerry Bashes Gay Marriage
  4880. Concientious Objection on Trial: the Court Martial of Keith Benderman
  4881. Robert Fisk: "Mission Accomplished"
  4882. Taking Direct Action Against Halliburton
  4883. The Imperial Mythology of WW II: an Ethical Blank Check
  4884. Chicken Ticketed for Crossing the Road (Wacko Chickenshit nation)
  4885. Blue Barrels Along Area Rivers Called a Hazard, Mystery - WTOP Radio
  4886. Officials Say Grenade Thrown at Bush in Georgia (More likely a student spitball)
  4887. Judge who exonerated Cheney is on payroll from Exxon
  4888. Bill to allow churches to be political & tax exempt? (Will no one rid us of these meddlesome priests?!)
  4889. Diocese selling its churches to pay abuse claims (Even in Canada - LMAO)
  4890. Give your Members of Congress Feedback on Key Privacy Vote (How about a swift kick in the butt?)
  4891. Working Hard to Draw Attention to Bush\Blair Lies (You can lean an asshole to water ....)
  4892. Real wages fall at fastest rate in 14 years (and *real* unemployment rates?)
  4893. Grading Accuracy in News Coverage of Israel and Palestine (measurable only in negative numbers)
  4894. Real wages fall at fastest rate in 14 years
  4895. United Gets OK To Ditch Pensions
  4896. Investigators find evidence of voter fraud in Milwaukee
  4897. L.A.s finest fire 120 rounds, score 4 hits (A small reassurance)
  4898. Ex-AIPAC man expects indictment
  4899. An Honest Tampa Tribune?
  4900. Nazi 'survivor' admits fiction
  4901. BBC NEWS | Americas | Cuba 'plane bomber' was CIA agent
  4902. King of Jordan to pardon Iraq's deputy PM over $300m bank fraud (LMAO)
  4903. Anti-Japanese Hostilities Move to the Internet
  4904. Foreign press reporting Zarqawi may be dead (and been dead for some time, idiots)
  4905. US declared high terror alerts without any real evidence (Oh - such a surprise)
  4906. Sarin Vapor Detected From Weapons Pile (US and more of its illegal weapons)
  4907. The war on paperclips (But Mossad connection is conveniently forgotten)
  4908. Agriculture Dept. paid journalist for favorable stories
  4909. Terror Suspect's Attorneys Link FBI to Alleged Torture by Saudis
  4910. US real wages fall at fastest rate in 14 years
  4911. US Economic Collapse: The Real Tipping Point? (US Military -> Corporate Mercenaries)
  4912. Germany has opened its first Holocaust memorial in Berlin, but is it giving the right message?
  4913. Iran: threats of SC over nuclear plans are "propaganda"
  4914. Israel Never Spies on the U.S...except when it's caught red-handed
  4915. Senate Passes Real ID: National ID Card On Its Way (Next, the tatooed concentration camp numbers)
  4916. Ominously, Army Recruiting Tumbles (US Military -> Corporate Mercenaries by "Privatization")
  4917. While world focuses on Gaza, Israel strengthened grasp on W. Bank
  4918. Columbine survivors blackmailed onto psych drugs (Orwell, Kafka, Huxley,...)
  4919. GM HEDGING HELPS STOCKS PLUNGE 103 (The designs are materializing)
  4920. White House and Capitol evacuated; war planes seen flying overhead (Continuing insanity)
  4921. Luis Posada Carriles - The Declassified Record
  4922. U.S. Believes Syria Supporting Terrorists (Syria is supporting US corpagov?!)
  4923. US 'sent detainees to Egypt' to be tortured
  4924. Ridge reveals clashes on alerts (Age of Lies, Fabrications, Illusions and General Insanity)
  4925. U.S. conservatives to rally around Tom DeLay (Criminal psychopaths supporting their guy)
  4926. United Gets OK to Dump Four Pension Plans (You just try that: Corpas have more personhood than persons)
  4927. US: states, federal government prepare massive Medicaid cuts
  4928. Dr. Teresa Whitehurst: Anti-Arabic Week in a Southern High School
  4929. God, Gays, and George Bernard Shaw (Never expect dingbats to be rational)
  4930. Carte Blanche for the Terror Cops: Senate Gives DHS Power to Waive All Laws
  4931. Coffee, Tea or Torture?: Non-stop to Uzbekistan
  4932. The Occupation Gets More Saddam-like Every Day
  4933. The Rise, Fall and Rise of Ahmed Chalabi: King of Jordan to Pardon His $300 Million Bank Swindle
  4934. Poverty affects health more than smoking, study suggests (More BS bites the dust)
  4935. USATODAY.com - Culkin denies Jackson molestation
  4936. Gastro, Antipsychotic Meds Linked to Cardiac Death
  4937. Grenade Near Bush Was 'Inactive' (How about fake, and a cheap stunt?)
  4938. George Galloway Denies Fresh Oil-for-Food Allegations (When will the evidence prove to be faked?)
  4939. Galloway faces renewed claims over Saddam oil (Norm Coleman: he who replaced in a riggelection the murdered Paul Wellstone)
  4940. Iran launches submarine production
  4941. U.S. In Caspian Region and Russia's Position
  4942. Abu Ghraib victim's statement barred at trial
  4943. U.S. army probes why troops go wild in Colombia (Following orders and just got caught)
  4944. Military judge convicts anti-war sailor (but torture and genocide is clearly good)
  4945. Former Army recruit says his life was threatened
  4946. 11 News Defenders report leads to nationwide Army stand-down
  4947. From Baghdad to Brasilia
  4948. Israeli threat to sue union over college boycott
  4949. Bush Mendacity Will Shock Historians
  4950. Compton residents outraged over shooting (Government is terrorist and enemy)
  4951. Court Tells EPA to Stop Tracking Solvent (Wackos think this activism is OK)
  4952. Agriculture Dept. paid journalist for favorable stories
  4953. Memo May Have Swayed Plan B Ruling
  4954. New Panel Will Study Medicaid With Eyes Toward Big Changes (The word is destruction)
  4955. Fairness of Taser study in question (i.e., it's abject fraud)
  4956. Live Dangerously: Be a Scientist (yet more scientists dying suspiciously)
  4957. U.S. scientists create self-replicating robot (Joy is the dirst one called Georgie?)
  4958. Google Answers: HEALTH VITAMINS A MINERALS IN FOOD (Black, Red, Green, Yellow, Emperor's, Forbidden, etc. rice info)
  4959. Rediff On The NeT: Seduction by Rice: A new book on rice cooking by Alford and Duguid
  4960. New Evidence Terror Alerts Were Used As Electoral Weapons
  4961. A Nuclear Blunder? (Nope Bolton knows NPT is worthless diversion)
  4962. Truth, History, and Honor Killing - by Th&#-11;&#-11;r&#-11;&#-11;se Taylor (Review of "Burned Alive")
  4963. Student rioters shot dead (Jalalabad)
  4964. ABC News: Pastor Accused of Running Out Dems Quits
  4965. Suspect in Madrid trial denies 9/11 role
  4966. Iran Threat Propaganda Heats Up (Iran threatens US! Iraq - um that's Iran, not Iraq)
  4967. Why Is There Anti-Semitism? (Good answers that are not vague fairytales)
  4968. Corporate News Media: Incompetent, Criminally Negligent or Complicit? (Complicit of course)
  4969. CNN.com - Bush asked to explain UK war memo - May 12, 2005 (When is the obvious obvious?)
  4970. Real History and saturation Holocaust coverage
  4971. The academic ban - Nazi connection (JP psychosis in action)
  4972. Was World War II Worth It? (History is *never* what you are taught - it never was)
  4973. Cessna pilot in White House scare campaigned for Bush (otherwise they would be in Guantanamo)
  4974. Voinovich Slams Bolton but OKs Senate Vote (But why?)
  4975. Bush Approves $82 Billion in Supplemental War Funding (Supplemental?!!)
  4976. Jordan considers (crumbling to) Iraqi (puppet) request to pardon Chalabi
  4977. What Is Depleted Uranium? (Why US as democratic republic is already deadand buried)
  4978. Sailor Who Refused to Ship Out for the Persian Gulf Sentenced to Hard Labor (But corpagov is allowed to live)
  4979. US soldier pleads not guilty to wiring Iraqi (and the victim's testimony has been refused)
  4980. Terror Suspects Sent to Egypt by the Dozens, Panel Reports
  4981. Ex-marine claims nuclear weapons stored at Nfld. base
  4982. 9/11 test flip-flop EPA to check 30 buildings for debris (Results will be fake)
  4983. Iris Scanning to Begin At Orlando International Airport (Good one to boycott)
  4984. FBI Nabs Troops, Officers in Drug Sting (and the CIA agents?)
  4985. CEOs paid to live in second homes as: Bush administration slashes funds for public housing
  4986. Australian budget bonanza for the wealthy (Monkey see, monkey do? - or long term collusion?)
  4987. Britain: military families take legal action against Blair government (as if it will do any good)
  4988. Iraq: US Congress approves $82 billion as colonial war grinds on
  4989. Bush denounces the Yalta Treaty of 1945 (if only he could conceive of what it was, and where Yalta was)
  4990. Douglas Feith Bares His Soul to Jeffrey Goldberg
  4991. Reality Gap: the Myth of US Invincibilty
  4992. The Politics of Dominionism: the New Religious Right in America
  4993. Pope-a-Dope: John Paul 2, Death of a Reactionary
  4994. Uri Avnery: Death of a Myth (His brilliance remains)
  4995. Paul Craig Roberts: America is Losing (for a long time; it's just becoming obvious as beyond redemption)
  4996. Centrifugal 'DREAD' Weapon Could Deliver Stealth Firepower (Oh joy!)
  4997. Witches Return to German Forests (cool)
  4998. The Religious Right: An Anti-American Terrorist Movement
  4999. Judge Won't Allow FBI To Quash FOIA Request In Oklahoma City Bombing
  5000. Iraq Falls Apart - Justin Raimondo

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