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List Volume 13

  1. UN: Israel used precision bomb to hit UN officers
  2. Russia Goes on the Defensive (re Georgia)
  3. Worlds Largest Rice Company Halts All Imports from USA (READ)
  4. Agent Orange study findings called flawed (a flaw called "government science")
  5. Total curfew declared in Baghdad
  6. Fierce clashes in Baghdad; government imposes curfew.
  7. The Franklin Coverup Scandal The Child sex ring that reached Bush/Reagan Whitehouse (REMEMBER?)
  8. franklin coverup child sex ring - Google Search
  9. I won't say "Republican pedophile ring" but feel free to think it..
  10. US warns charities on any links to terror groups (like the terrorist US corpagov?)
  11. Vote Summary (The record of a barbaric, terrorist and illegal government)
  12. Diebold Added Secret Patch to Georgia E-Voting Systems in 2002, Whistleblowers Say
  13. Bush Hails 'Free' Kazakhstan (When war criminals become clowns)
  14. The CIA: Back to Somalia (Speaking of clowns)
  15. War clouds gather in Georgian spy crisis (Naah! This is to much of a silly diversion)
  16. Russian Defense Chief Accuses NATO of Selling Soviet Arms to Georgia (O, and it's probably true as diversion creation)
  17. Israel guilty of collective punishment in Gaza: UN (and the sun will rise tomorrow)
  18. US boosts Israel aid by half a billion (from US citizen cash cows, whether they like supporting war criminals or not)
  19. As Kurd and Arab clashes surge, a third war is looming in Iraq
  20. Bush Says War Critics Embrace Propaganda (W says a lot of things; so do parrots)
  21. Nato unable to find Afghanistan reinforcements (Tough nuggies; go home)
  22. Bush hails liberation of Afghanistan as a `great achievement' (ROTFL)
  23. Bush faces wave of challenges to terror law
  24. Syria threat over Golan puts Israel on war alert (Another of Israel's famous false flag ops?)
  25. Not Worth a Camel (You should know all this now - by heart)
  26. Post-election Recession &#-11;&#-11; More Republican Chicanery
  28. Depleted Uranium: Far Worse Than 9/11
  29. New molestation allegation dogs arrested conservative activist
  30. Bring out the nails (READ)
  31. On Friday, September 29, It's Mourning in America ("and the Torture for which it Stands")
  32. STATE OF DENIAL (Nothing new: They lie about everything)
  33. The European Counterweight (I once thought so)
  34. Torturing Democracy
  35. Russian Daily Says U.S. Interfering in Russia-Georgia Relations (That would be normal US behavior)
  36. Democrats Who Back Terror Bill Get Cover, Democrats Who Support President Bush Terror Bill Get Political Cove (Throw the treasoners out)
  37. 38 Days and a Dear George Letter
  38. Legislating Violations of the Constitution (Congress does it all the time)
  39. Washington Post Changes Boehner Quote on Foley
  40. Stung by criticism, Bush calls for offensive 'across the world' (Beyond straightjacket time)
  41. Senate passes Iran sanctions bill (Treasonous Congress)
  42. Accessories to Torture (Treasonous Congress)
  43. Roll call vote for Senate on Defense Spending
  46. What if "Daddy Warbucks" Came Clean? (READ)
  47. The Brownie-ization of Iraq (READ)
  48. The Antifederalists Were Right
  49. The Voice of the White House for September 29th 2006 (READ)
  50. SC Republican Councilman Calls for the Sterilization of Parents with Bad Kids (I vote we sterilize Congress!)
  51. Pakistan spy agency behind Mumbai bombs - police
  52. France: Immigrant hunger strikers in a critical condition
  53. Amid mounting tensions India and Pakistan agree to resume "composite dialogue" (That's going to be a little difficult now)
  54. Bolivia: class tensions rise as Morales bows to landowners, energy transnationals (Ooops)
  55. Australian government rejects limits on sedition powers
  56. Behind the rift between the Afghan and Pakistani presidents
  57. US Senate votes 100-0 for $70 billion more in war spending
  58. Fake Green: Top 10 Ways Politicians Pretend to be Environmentalists
  59. Hewlett Packard and the Erosion of Privacy
  60. The Housing Bust: Excess Investment and Its Discontents
  61. Mike Whitney: The Breaking Point (Iraq)
  62. Torturer-in-Chief
  63. A Dismal and Chaotic Place: Iraq According to Patrick Cockburn
  64. Rounding Up US Citizens: a Consitutional Shredding (The Camps are waiting)
  65. Paul Craig Roberts: The New Face of Class War in America
  66. Did I Say That? No, Not Really, Maybe, Sort Of
  67. White House in crisis over 'Iraq lies' claims (Which of myriad lies, we wonders?)
  68. plot to fire Rumsfeld (Plot? LOL)
  69. FACTBOX-Key points in Bob Woodward's book
  70. Tenet Warned Rice of Threat Before Sept. 11, Woodward Book Says (Book babbling)
  71. US war within: Bob Woodward book tells all (Not even close)
  72. New book attacks Rumsfeld (but never gets to any core truths)
  73. Ex-presidential aide confirms accounts in new book (Supporting WH mythological realities)
  74. White House bashes Woodward's Iraq book (Diversion)
  75. Pakistan asks for Mumbai blasts' evidence
  76. Israel approves military withdrawal from Lebanon by Sunday evening (Watch what actually happens)
  77. To survive, our nation must be united (Yes, against this entire criminal government)
  78. Government [Mexico] to protest over US border fence
  79. US Stocks Drop as Economic Data Shows Fed May Not Cut Rates (Whimsy and the PPT)
  80. Armando Iannucci: There is a Papal bull and then there is papal bull (Actually, they're the same as any other taurine excrement)
  81. The laughing 9/11 bombers (ROTFL - Al-CIAda Productions is slow: 5 years?)
  82. Judge rejects feds' request to delay Abramoff prison sentence
  83. Reid fights to end torture shield for terror suspects (Poodle see, poodle doo)
  84. Report says CIA rendition flight was likely (Leaked report, of course)
  85. At last, those memos they didn't want you to see (It's hard to know who the real clowns are)
  86. Foley's secret confounds friends: Ex-congressman, said to be an emotional wreck, loses GOP support
  87. Bush Says Fighting in Iraq Isn't Making Americans Less Secure (How about more hated and rather poorer?)
  88. Venezuela makes small cut in oil output
  89. All he was saying was, please Feds, get off my back (John Lennon)
  90. Bush vows Osama bin Laden will be captured (LOL How do you capture a decayed body?)
  91. The Raw Story | Brazil goes to the polls after corruption-centred campaign
  92. Thai king approves interim constitution
  93. Thailand awaits king to approve new prime minister
  94. Connor's Conundrums | Steven Jones and the 9/11 Cover-Up
  95. 9/11 war games before and during the attacks (In case you forgot)
  96. The British 9/11 Truth Campaign
  97. At Final Count 83% Support Sheen on 9/11
  98. The New York Times puts 9-11 questions in the grave, not
  99. Prof, Steven E. Jones, &#-11;&#-11;&#-11;Why Indeed did the WTC Buildings Collapse?,&#-11;&#-11;&#-11; The Hidden History of 9-11
  100. GOP Leader Rebuts Hastert on Foley
  101. Agencies consider whether Foley should face charges (But US corpagov multiple genocides and economic destruction and Nazification of US is somehow trivial?!)
  102. U.S. Government Caught Red-Handed Releasing Staged Al-Qaeda Videos (READwhat has been long obvious)
  103. Hunt for Anthrax Killer Still Going On (Why, when answers are well known there too?)
  104. Online ads to overtake national press this year
  105. Reynolds aide tried to block Foley story
  106. Preachers watch for Foley fallout (for neither are they safe)
  107. Condi's Conundrum - by Justin Raimondo (She always lies)
  108. States of Denial - by Justin Raimondo
  109. Lunch in Damascus - by Uri Avnery (READ)
  110. Congressional cop-out (It is a treasonous congress)
  111. Men And Women Of Faith: Sweep Out Morally Corrupted Republican Congress (and sweep out the cowardly and corrupted Democrats also while you're at it)
  112. In Bill's Fine Print, Millions to Celebrate Victory (This is the level of sickness)
  113. Cheating the machine / The perils of electronic voting go on display
  114. Protesters, supporters gather as president visits Stockton
  115. Those IMs Aren't as Private as You Think
  116. Twenty-one reasons Iraq is not working (only 21?!)
  117. World Prout Assembly: Photostory: Ramallah to Rice: Screw your 'New Middle East'!
  118. Rice hopes to exploit the Arab-Iran divide (by lying)
  119. The Truth Will Set You Free: something wicked this way comes
  120. Bill OReilly labels Rep. Foley a Democrat (LOL)
  121. lawmaker forgets to disclose free trip to Israel (Karen Minnis)
  122. Abramoff knew about war on Iraq a year before it happened (Of course)
  124. Bush backs Hastert to keep job (Of course)
  125. Buggergate (The "distinctly criminal class" called congress)
  126. Dana's Got Another Secret (why is it always the "holier than thous"?_
  127. A 1946 classic educational film that applies more today then ever
  128. LAPD Arrests Skid Row Campers
  129. Kremlin attack dog vows to take on Shell in the battle of Sakhalin (READ)
  130. More signs of slowing US economy (The first stages of plummeting)
  131. Hypocrite Foley on AMW: "If I were one of these sickos..."
  132. In pictures: Katrina's trailer park refugees (i.e., US citizens being tortured by their criminal corpagov)
  133. Tony Judt Speech Shut Down by ADL (Intolerable)
  134. Scholars Land Book Deal for Attack on Israel Lobby (Be very afraid of assassination)
  135. Legal definition of "terrorist" starts to expand (to Humpty Dumpty version)
  136. Court temporarily OKs domestic spying (temporarily? on what grounds?)
  137. Google boss warns politicians about Internet power
  138. Awaiting the Rebellion (READ)
  139. Poll: Democrats have a shot at capturing the Senate (With Diebold still active?)
  140. Inadequate equipment, health problems face Iraq, Afghanistan veterans: poll (Criminal corpagov)
  141. Sank Heffen for Leedle Boyz- 33 Days and a Wakeup
  142. British Find No Evidence Of Arms Traffic From Iran (Not all lies are sustainable)
  143. Tom Davis (VA-11) Refuses to State What He Knew About Foley!
  144. Is it Time for a Bloodless Revolution? (Long past time)
  145. Time Warner Gives Bush-Bashing Comic the Hook (That's CORPAgov)
  146. Comverse CEO arrested in Namibia, pays 10 Million in bail! (READ)
  147. Hastert dodges Foley heat, denies report of repeated warnings (and will get caught in his lies very soon now)
  148. Dutch Blackbox Voting Problem (Vote Rigging, a game all corpagovs play)
  149. Hastert: I'll resign if it helps the Republicans (and they pay him enough)
  150. Lieberman Assails Lamont Over Commitment to Israel (Lieberbush should be being slapped stupider than he already is over this)
  151. US issues stark warning to North Korea (or what?)
  152. Peretz: In Israel's interests to ease [create appearances] conditions in PA
  153. The Siege Of Gaza Goes On (Continuing genocide of over 60 years)
  154. Extremism is no vice not any longer (Putting upon the opposition your own crimes & guilt)
  155. Adding insult to injury? Wounded soldiers have pay cut (and in Canada also)
  156. US denies claims al-Qaida in Iraq leader is dead (They make this shit up daily)
  157. Business license lapse for owner of alleged CIA jet (perfectly epected)
  158. Outrage as Misdirection: The Real Scandal Isn't Foley (But. USians are too stupid to know what habeous corpus means or is)
  159. U.S. Building Sunni Militias? (Iraqis cooperating in their own anihilation)
  160. Israelis Crank Up Volume on Total War Mantra
  161. Anti-Neocons.com 911 theory (READ)
  162. The March to War: Naval build-up in the Persian Gulf and the Eastern Mediterranean. (READ)
  163. The BRAD BLOG : Now Associated Press Labels Foley as a Democrat! (Wonderland by fiat)
  164. Palestinian rivals on brink of civil war, Abbas aide says (IL engineering)
  165. Ex-Leader of H.P. Is Charged in California (I thought spying was good?)
  166. Think Progress &#-11;&#-11; Hastert No-Shows Major Interview; Anonymous Hastert Staffer Falsely Claims Interview Was Never Booked (The lying escalates)
  167. American troops doing some "humanitarian" work in Paraguay, killing people
  168. October Surprise? (The sicker, the more probable with this gang)
  169. US uranium deadline for Iran (Such nonsense)
  170. Paraguay to stop giving US troops immunity (until sifficiently threatened)
  171. Mishandled luggage hits record in Aug. (Insane corpagov fucks up everything it touches - which is everything)
  172. Comverse chief tried to bribe colleague to take blame, US says
  173. 9/11/2006: Family Members To Call For A New 9/11 Investigation (by whom?)
  174. CyberCast News Service (Guns are not the issue, a sick nation is)
  175. Police State Reaches New Low (Make *everyone* a criminal)
  176. Bush Opposed to Israeli Withdrawal from the Golan (i.e., opposed to returning stolen goods)
  177. Fallout from Capitol Hill sex scandal widens to include more Republicans(Treasons and genocides don't count)
  178. Voters Say Scandals Will Affect Votes (Treasons and genocides still don't count)
  179. Banks' $7 Billion Tax-Exempt Bond Ruse Yields Nothing for Needy (The "looting industries" of criminal corpagov)
  180. Al Qaeda Tapes: Direct Link To Military Psyops And Donald Rumsfeld (ObL and Hijerker phantoms)
  181. West Point Male Military Cadets Drop Giant Water Balloon on Female Cadet in Porta-Potty (It really is a very sick nation)
  182. Unlikely Terrorists On No-Fly List (Purely an instrument of State Terrorism)\
  183. Terror tactics return in Argentina
  184. US set to cut deal with Taliban (The sicker, the more probable)
  185. Police 'had role in' Bali blasts
  186. MOUSSAOUI COURT DOCUMENTS SHOW FBI WITHHELD EVIDENCE IN 9/11 COVER-UP (as, Mohammed Atta on Abramoff's casino ship)
  187. Security Council set to weigh sanctions against Iran next week -- British envoy (An idea of dimwits)
  188. Roll Call: Ex-FBI Chief to Head Page Probe (Hard to tell foxes from the hens)
  189. Now That You Could be Labeled an Enemy Combatant...
  190. Sibel Edmonds: Freeh Investigated Hastert (Foxes in hens clothing)
  191. The Capital Times (Yes, yes - but US, UK and IL ARE the world's greatest terrorists)
  192. Russia slams US "unilateral" move on Iran (with a substrate message)
  193. Steelworkers Strike Goodyear Tire (There's only way: figure it out)
  194. Attacks in Baghdad Kill 13 U.S. Soldiers in 3 Days
  195. Rally shuts down part of Market Street
  196. Closeted Gay Republicans and a Party in Political Free-Fall
  198. Fox had Foley emails, chose not to run
  199. Bush cites authority to bypass FEMA law (the sicker, the more probable)
  200. War or Rumors of War? (READ)
  201. UN food expert: ICC should probe Israel (What's the probability?)
  202. New lawsuits challenge Congress's detainee act (Testing USSC sickness)
  203. Waterboarding Republic
  204. Software Being Developed to Monitor Opinions of U.S. (About as foolish as economic measurements: they will say what they are wanted to say)
  205. Deeper and Deeper (A nation of debtors and criminals by design)
  206. Congress' shameful retreat from American values (Retreat?! Congress has always been a criminal sham)
  207. Israelis Win Contract To Secure US Borders (ROTFL: United States of Israel)
  208. Annals of Liberation: The End of Education in Iraq (READ continuing genocide)
  209. Mystery illness kills at least six in Panama ("government scientists" atr work?)
  210. Dow surges to new closing high (PPT to the resucue)
  211. Miami Herald chief quits over Cuba revelations
  212. British documentary alleges pope linked to child abuse cover-up (Weknewthat of papanazi)
  213. Attorney: Foley Was Molested as a Teen by a Clergyman (by whom, exactly? Somebody conveniently dead?)
  214. Hastert Fights to Save His Job in Page Scandal (LOL)
  215. Ex-page threatened over role in Foley flap
  216. New Foley Instant Messages; Had Internet Sex While Awaiting House Vote (It's a wonder he had time for anything else)
  217. N Korea ready to test first nuclear bomb (and needs a little attention)
  218. Rice Offered to Resign Following Bush's 2004 Re-Selection (She lies and she babbles)
  219. Atta's Father Accuses Israel and U.S. of Planning 9/11 (progress)
  220. 5,700 US troops coming for war exercises in Luzon (Hasn't US done ENOUGH to the Philippines?)
  221. Rumsfeld defends war on terrorism, rejects talks (speaking of lying and babbling)
  222. Up to 90,000 Afghans said displaced by war
  223. Fatal Vision: The Deeper Evil Behind the Detainee Bill - Chris Floyd
  224. UK 'turned down Guantanamo offer' (Almost bizarre)
  225. Britain to US: we don't want Guant&#-11;&#-11;namo nine back
  226. Iraqi Journalists Add Laws to List of Dangers
  227. Washington scrubs NSA wiretapping inquiry
  228. Judge: Patriot Act challenge can proceed
  229. U.S. to stop seizing Canadian drug imports (Um - just before elections)
  230. US House control in Democrats' reach -Reuters poll (but for "GOP axis of election rigging")
  231. Lobbyists: Sports Tickets and Springsteen The E-Mail Trail (More Abramoff and Rove turds)
  232. Ned Lamont on Joe Lieberman's Defense of Dennis Hastert
  233. Report: Interior workers spend hours on Web
  234. Lewis cancels fundraiser with Hastert, cites page scandal
  235. More heads may roll as Foley sex scandal widens (GOP falling for all the wrong reasons)
  236. CIA 'did warn Rice of 9/11 terror plots'
  237. Arrest over Cheney barb triggers lawsuit
  238. Display of Banned Books Removed at Harrisonburg High School (Banning them again: a very sick nation)
  239. More Police Cameras Coming In Chicago (sickness approaching morbidity)
  240. Illinois State Police unit to focus on online crimes (Rapes, murders and robberies taking a backseat)
  241. Bush Signs Homeland Security Bill (and sicker)
  242. Sheridan claims to be 'victim of MI5 plot' (perfectly believable)
  243. US 'cannot allow' nuclear N Korea (LOL)
  244. Kangaroo Selected as New Hussein Judge
  245. Paraguay refuses diplomatic immunity for U.S. troops
  246. Ex-Guantanamo inmate says German soldiers abused him (Hmmm - or mercenaries?)
  247. Two Marines plead not guilty to Hamdania murder
  248. GOP lawmaker calls for Rumsfeld to quit (BFD)
  249. US war costs since September 11 exceed $500bn
  250. Lie by Lie: Chronicle of a War Foretold: August 1990 to March 2003 (READ)
  251. Iraqi police unit linked to militias
  252. Iraqi police brigade accused of letting [USUKIL] death squads 'move freely'
  253. Iraq police brigade linked to death squads
  254. Marijuana may help stave off Alzheimer's (But pharmas want to sell you expensive pills!)
  255. Hastert blames Democrats, ABC News (? :-)
  256. Court blocks Arizona voter ID law enforcement
  257. Vote recount regulation changed (We don't want those rigged elections recounted)
  258. Livingstone suspension overturned (Good show!)
  259. Oaxaca Protesters on Red Alert
  260. Thousands Nationwide Protest Bush (Only "thousands"?)
  261. Anti-Bush Ad, Call for Ouster 'Treasonous,' Says Bauer (Oh, really?!)
  262. Chicago Plans to Add 100 Stealth Cameras (They've been proven useless)
  263. Official says U.S. bird flu plans near "state of the art" (Getting ready to introduce the reconstructed 1918 flu?)
  264. Tories not concerned about FBI in Canada (Bizarre)
  265. UN offices get terror warning (An attack of irrelevancy?)
  266. A special comment about lying (i.e., our always mendacious p-resident)
  267. Torture, By Any Other Name
  268. Profile: 'Forgotten' Cuba detainees
  269. US 'made it impossible' to free Guantanamo inmates
  270. US in Iraq (READ)
  271. Iraq's universities and schools near collapse as teachers and pupils flee
  272. CBS: Death Squads In Iraqi Hospitals
  273. Iraq suspends 1200 police for ties to abductions, murders
  274. Cuba sees hypocritical US freeing CIA-linked bomber
  275. Firm with alleged CIA ties exits Oregon
  276. Sacramento man indicted for making threats against Bush (who has never been the president)
  277. Bush signings called effort to expand power
  278. Bush says he can edit security reports (and anything else he wants, damnit!)
  279. No Bush Left Behind
  280. Voter registrations faked in GOP drive (But of course; you ain't nuthin' yet)
  281. In pictures: US chemical blast
  282. Thousands Evacuated From N.C. Town
  283. Straw: I'd rather no one wore veils
  284. Israeli Bomblets Plague Lebanon (and will for a long time)
  285. Anti-war protesters gather in New York, elsewhere, bash Bush
  286. Leading Republican offers dismal view of Iraq
  287. AP learns Guantanamo guards brag of beatings
  288. US medic in Iraq kidnap plea deal
  289. U.S. Navy medic admits role in Iraqi murder case
  290. Lloyd shot dead by US troops, inquest told (READ)
  291. US: Millions of Medicare beneficiaries to be left without drug coverage
  292. Canberra's dirty tricks ahead of Solomon Islands no-confidence vote
  293. Hewlett-Packard spying scandal sheds new light on US corporate "ethics"
  294. The National Intelligence Estimate-a phony debate between two pro-war parties (READ)
  295. WSWS holds public meeting in Wellington, New Zealand
  296. Canada: RCMP chief "accepts" Arar commission findings, the better to reject them
  297. Human rights groups condemn US law on military commissions
  298. Thailand's military junta tightens its hold on power
  299. Britain: Observer claims threats by Washington prompted Heathrow terror raids (Prattle)
  300. China sends more troops to Lebanon (Interesting)
  301. Campaign against Muslims in Germany generates Mozart opera controversy (Not yet finished with this nonsense)
  302. The multi-billion dollar demise of hedge fund Amaranth (Ooops)
  303. Why Hillary Clinton voted for the anti-immigrant wall
  304. The Foley affair: A snapshot of the depraved state of American politics
  305. Despite talk of peace, Sri Lankan military continues offensive
  306. Hungary: Rightist parties seek to topple government following election
  307. Maher Arar's ordeal, the Harper government, and the assault on democratic rights
  308. Montreal bridge collapse: A case of criminal neglect
  309. Behind Georgia's spy scandal: Growing conflicts between Russia and the US
  310. Washington threatens North Korea over announced nuclear test (yeah-yeah-yeah)
  311. US casualties soar as military intensifies violence in Baghdad
  312. Paula J. Caplan: How the Supreme Court Mangled My Research (READ)
  313. Arthur Neslen: Lie Less in Gaza (Israel has never wanted peace w/ palestinians; it wants their deaths)
  314. Assaf Kfoury: Meeting Nasrallah (READ)
  315. American Narcissism and Iraq
  316. Bloodbath on 60 Minutes: Court Stenographer Finally Comes Clean (YES)
  317. Roadmap to Nowhere: an Interview with Tanya Reinhart on Israel/Palestine since 2003 (READ)
  318. Gary Leupp: Foley's Follies (READ)
  319. Know Your Farmer, Know Your Food: the Risks of Convenience and Consolidation (READ)
  320. Big Pharma Takes a Hit: Alaska's Supreme Court Outlaws Forced Drugging
  321. Niranjan Ramakrishnan: How Empires Die (READ)
  322. Real Bad ID: a National Driver's License and the Fading Right of Anonymity
  323. The Infallible Empire: Junking Habeas Corpus
  324. Sara Roy: The Economy of Gaza (Genocide has many faces)
  325. Felice Pace: Revoking 1776 (Legacy of an entirely treasonous government)
  326. Democrats: Yes to War, No to Pedophilia
  327. For Sale: Iraqi Kurdistan
  328. Outrage as Misdirection: The Real Scandal isn't Foley (READ)
  329. The Mushy Rebellion: Pakistan Under Musharraf
  330. Breaking Away: the First North American Secessionist Conference
  331. Removing Hamas: Brinksmanship or Coup d'Etat?
  332. Waterboarding the Constitution: After Torture, What's Next?
  333. The Truth About the Embargo of Cuba
  334. Paul Craig Roberts: Will November Bring Hope or Another Stolen Election?
  335. Carol Norris: The Radical Right, the Myth of the Gay Child Abuser and You
  336. John Walsh: Turn the Page (Screw this circus! Send bread!)
  337. Jonathan Cook: The Struggle for Palestine's Soul (not to mention physical existence)
  338. Brynne Keith-Jennings: Dan Burton in Nicaragua (US as bully of the world)
  339. Christopher Brauchli: Dining with Bush (Do we believe this to be dining?)
  340. Juan Antonio Montecino: Cleaving a False Divide in Latin America (READ)
  341. Juan Antonio Montecino: Cleaving a False Divide in Latin America (READ)
  342. Corporate Crime Reporter: Guess Who's Behind "37 Reasons" to Vote for Big Business? (LOL)
  343. Lieberman Says He Has Been Promised Seniority (Senior Shmuck?)
  344. World Bank's Dirty Power Plan (READ)
  345. Both Republicans on Ethics Panel Have Money Ties to Hastert
  346. Airline Passenger Data: Washington Always Wants More
  347. White House Aide to Rove Resigns
  348. Rights group claims US used German military base for renditions
  349. Japan PM says WWII leaders not war criminals (So, there it is)
  350. Democrat Ads Attack GOP Over Scandal (But not over its Treason, Genocide, and national Looting?)
  351. Republicans circle their wagons around House Speaker Hastert (Maybe they'all alldie)
  352. Frantic diplomacy as North Korea nears nuclear moment (Oh spare me the garbage)
  353. Snack Food Producers to Provide More Nutritious Foods to Schools (LMAO)
  354. Nations to Pursue Sanctions Against Iran (Oh really?)
  355. 'I can't believe he should say this' (Straw: Eternal asshole)
  356. Sailor Pleads Guilty in War Abuse Case (when US criminal corpagov is the real horror)
  357. Dismal Marriage Decision Opens Up Opportunities - Oct 06 (Make love, not genocide?)
  358. GOP Senator: Iraqi Government Not Meeting 'Basic Responsibilities' (LOL! - and US criminal corpagov?)
  359. Warner: Iraq `drifting sideways' (US going down toilet)
  360. OPEC president seeks oil supply cut deal by Monday
  361. Google hits rivals and publishers with book scan subpoenas (Hmmm)
  362. Clinton deal would put healthier snacks in schools (Get a life Bill! Wwe have enough Nazis already)
  363. Cola Causes Bone Loss (or not)
  364. Cola Raises Women's Osteoporosis Risk (or not)
  365. Cola 'bad' for bones in women (or not)
  366. Feds investigate spinach plants (haven't quite figured out what they are yet)
  367. US hails EU passenger data deal (so you know it's for shit)
  368. US, EU Agree To Share Air Passenger Data (Totalitarian shit, specifically)
  369. U.S. Nuclear Accidents (READ)
  370. Deadly virus spreads to Prime Minister's home (Hmmmm)
  371. Keith Olberman: "Bush would sell America out to preserve GOP power" (He did, years ago)
  372. Ex-Page's Lawyer: Drudge's "Prank" Story "A Piece of Fiction"
  373. PNAC ring leader William Kristol confronted on 9/11 (That should be fun)
  374. Remember, remember (the 11th of September, the thermate and treason plot)
  375. Documentaries.WS: News
  376. President Fox has moved the Mexican Marines and tanks into Oaxaca.
  377. Democrats say 2004 election data was altered (as if there were somehow "news"?)
  378. Cousin of White House Chief of Staff Tells How Illegally Jailed by Bush administration
  379. The gay problem in the Congress (READ)
  380. Office workers who leave computers on all night 'add to global warming' (so does breathing all night, and noctural mouse "emissions" - Get a grip, asshole!)
  381. Tight U.S. security turning off tourists (Who, in their right mind, would come near this insane asylum?)
  382. 'Monster' fossil found in Jurassic graveyard (A Cheney ancenstor)
  383. Voter registrations faked in GOP drive
  384. Experts warn of an accidental atomic war / Nuclear missile modified for conventional attack on Iran could set off alarm in Russia (The joke being on whom?)
  385. Venezuela Official Calls Bush 'Monster' (That's all? LOL)
  386. Army 'held back information' over death of ITN journalist (Murdering jouranists is a US Army hobby)
  387. Sailor: I watched Marines kill Iraqi civilian
  388. Afghanistan five years later: poverty, violence, misery
  389. North Korea's missile programme (Hit them, they can hit you back)
  390. Pentagon Confirms China's Anti-Satellite Laser Test
  391. Bush removal ended Guam investigation (Remember?)
  392. Existence of "Al-Qaeda" Is Crap; Quite Literally
  393. U.S. defends arrest, detention of witness in Idaho computer-terrorism case(There's just no end to the crap of this criminal government)
  394. Secret Papers Could Halt CIA Case (Libby is engaged in blackmail. What's strange about that?)
  395. Bush: "You Can't Kick 12,000,000 People Out Of Your Country" (Israel disagrees)
  396. Thousands Wrongly on Terror List (People who don't exist are on Terror List)
  397. Media Matters - Media largely ignored two polls showing decline in Bush approval, after touting two polls showing Bush increase(MSM is euphemism for Corpagov Whores - weknewthat)
  398. Voters Say Scandals will Affect their Vote in Midterm Elections (But their votes are irrelevant)
  399. The Emerging Russian Giant Plays its Cards Strategically (READ)
  400. Rove aide quits -- she took gifts, gave Abramoff inside information (READ)
  401. Fear the Penis (Wanton Willies are always a good diversion from serious matters)
  402. "Cold War Shivers": War Preparations in the Middle East and Central Asia (READ)
  403. Meet the "Whack Iran" Lobby (Yes, US wackos are this crazy, and US citizens will not stand up to their insanity)
  404. An Open Letter to the Teens in the Restored Church of God
  405. Bush Has 'Worst Job Growth of the Last 40 Years' (This is news?!)
  406. I Ain&#-11;&#-11;&#-11;t Paying for That! by Tom Chartier
  407. The Cost of War: Hidden from Purview (National Security: If we knew, we'd wring all these scumsuckers' necks?)
  408. Atlanta World Can't Wait demonstration photos.
  409. So who proposed bill 6166? Dirt on them all
  410. Jeb Bush chased out of Pittsburgh by steelworkers Friday (Bravi tutti!)
  411. German "holocaust" denier demands summoning Iran's President (World control by totalitarian zionists)
  412. Why They Hate Us: Bringing Regime Change and Democracy to Iran
  413. Is Condi Rice Being Drug Tested?
  414. Return of the War Criminal (Kissinger "the Kanker")
  415. Radio Waves Incite Rebellion in Oaxaca (The state is always the greatest enemy)
  416. Six Flags over Neo-Nuremberg: Bush, Oprah, the San Diego Chicken and a proto-fascist panopticon of the mind (Pay attention now)
  417. Harris Campaigns On Ousting IRS (She's a lying thieving treasonous whore, so you know it's a scam)
  418. To End Iran Standoff, Plan for War (Zionist wacko from neocon propagandaville)
  419. Predators in Congress? More than one (All predatory criminals)
  420. Who is Scott Palmer? (Interesting. Every day it gets funnier)
  421. Taliban Back, Using Iraq-Style Violence (word gets around)
  422. Don't Worry, Democrats Won't Impeach Bush, Democrat Says (They share all the guilt)
  423. Report rips TSA's plans for crisis (no "crisis" ever for it to address)
  424. Parents of soldier who refused deployment to Iraq speak in California
  425. The death of crocodile hunter Steve Irwin and the promotion of an Australian mythology(Fucking, goddamned shameless & utterly useless politicians can exploit anything)
  426. Italy: Prodi government submits austerity budget
  427. Britain: Jack Straw's anti-Muslim provocation
  428. As Washington focuses on Foley scandal Condoleezza Rice evades charges over 9/11 (How easily diversion works)
  429. Revisiting Korematsu: Denying Civil Rights Based on National Origin
  430. Jackson Thoreau: Enter Newt (Refuting Newt, by the numbers)
  431. Blame the Page: Grand Old Perverts Go on Offensive
  432. David Green: The US, Israel and Lebanon (READ)
  433. Governmental Derelicts: Moral Meltdown in America
  434. Peter Bosshard: World Bank Shuts Out Dissident Voices
  435. Dave Lindorff: Philly's Police Snoops (READ: Nazi Nation)
  436. Mark Donham: What Cynthia McKinney Means to Me
  437. Peter Kwong: The Chinese Face of Neoliberalism (READ)
  438. Contractors in Afghanistan Are Making Big Money for Bad Work
  439. House Staffer Says Hastert Knew Far Earlier
  440. Russian journalist and Chechnya war critic shot to death
  441. Prominent Russian journalist Politkovskaya killed in Moscow
  442. Bushes celebrate christening of carrier (If there is justice, it will sink)
  443. Journalists killed in Afghanistan
  444. Protesters corner Jeb Bush in Pa. (People should not be afraid of their governments; governments should be afraid of their people - very afraid - make it so)
  445. Same song, different scandal (READ)
  446. Curfew "until further notice'' ordered in Kirkuk (Democracy!)
  447. 'Bomb plotter' quizzed in Belgium (Yet ANOTHER fabricated hoax?! Is this getting boring or what?)
  448. Italian prosecutors wrap up CIA kidnap case (Bravi!)
  449. U.S. must follow Nuremberg code (You're joking, right?)
  450. Troubled Ethics Panel Tackles Scandal (Yeah - right!)
  451. Russian Journalist Anna Politkovskaya, Putin Critic, Shot Dead
  452. Can Opec stop the oil price dropping? (Yes, next question?)
  453. Busted! The Family Research Council knew about Foley. (How funny can this get?!)
  454. US [maximal global terrorist] claims Guantanamo 'saved lives'
  455. Robert Fisk: The Age of Terror - a landmark report (But, he's still utterly ignorant of 9/11)
  456. US Marines 'murdered innocent Iraqi out of frustration' (FRUSTRATION?!)
  457. Operation Sinbad: Mission failure casts doubt on entire British presence in Iraq (It's about time)
  458. "UK tried to stop Iraq war" (What a joke)
  459. Afghans enjoy freedom despite growing fear (Too stupid for comment)
  460. UNSC to move forward on Iran sanctions (If zionist nazis can force it)
  461. Rice wraps up snag-filled trip to Middle East and London (Fermented Fried Rice)
  462. Moscow Says Force Against Iran Unacceptable
  463. Khaleej Times Online - Palestinian militant killed by Israeli army in West Bank (Yet another daily extraterritorial murder)
  464. India to purchase Israeli-made anti-aircraft missile systems(Hmmm)
  465. Olmert to convene panel of top officials to discuss Iran (How best to murder its people)
  466. PM's circle: Lieberman is desirable partner (in the United States of Israel)
  467. Ex-Enron VP gets reduced sentence for insider trading
  468. Turkey threatens legislative retaliation if France passes Armenian genocide law (Guess who started this sick bullshit?)
  469. Challenging the Military Commissions Act
  470. Cheney Back Delivering the Grim Campaign Speech (Cheney is a major cause of death sorrow, grief and destruction all over the earth)
  471. U.S. Casualties in Iraq Rise Sharply (i.e., even further, per US design)
  472. Rice's Baffling Mideast Trip (You do know what a pathalogical liar is, right?)
  473. Guant&#-11;&#-11;namo defense lawyer forced out of Navy (It the US of Corruption and Perversion)
  474. Assad: Syrian military preparing for war with Israel (Syrians have certainly been threatened enough)
  475. UK to probe alleged data theft in Indian call-centres (Unavoidable with all this useless data collection)
  476. Qaeda leader [or just somebody] may have been held in Germany: lawyers
  477. America ponders cutting Iraq in three (an original Orwellian intent)
  478. Troops 'spread superbug' (How clever: it isn't just 1918 anymore)
  479. US agency under Chinese hack attack (Do we believe any of this?)
  480. Military recruiters work hard to leave no child off their lists (READ)
  481. 9/11, Our Satyagraha (Message to the Anti-war Movement)
  482. Russian war critic writer murdered
  483. Duma ratifies withdrawal of army bases from Georgia
  484. Britain's Prince Harry banned from fighting in Afghanistan (Blood thirsty little savage)
  485. How the NY Times Misreports
  486. A Strategy for Israel in the Nineteen Eighties, by Oded Yinon, translated by Israel Shahak (Now connect this with 19th century zionist strategy, talmudic asserted intents, and understand)
  487. US backed candidate in Georgia accused of rigging elections (Surrounded by "American Democracy"!)
  488. 55 minutes from Tel Aviv (READ)
  489. Guards describe Guantanamo prisoner abuse (What do you expect from a nation of sickos?)
  490. Taliban official warns of Ramazan attack on US (Think of Karl Rove wearing a turban)
  491. Israel's Lebanese Allies At Risk (and in a pickle)
  492. A Rush to Medicate Young Minds (READ)
  493. Is $10 trillion bubble ready to burst?
  494. NEWSWEEK Poll: GOP in Meltdown (They'll need to do 9/11 again, and invade or bomb someplace - anyplace)
  495. Hidden victims of a brutal conflict: Iraq's women
  496. TvNewsLIES.org &#-11;&#-11; Archive &#-11;&#-11; Bush&#-11;&#-11;&#-11;s America Had Been Telling the World to F#%K OFF. The American News Media &#-11;&#-11;&#-11;Forgot&#-11;&#-11;&#-11; to Mention This to You!
  497. Under the Radar = Intentional Blatant Media Deception! (READ)
  498. Europe's Roma Ask U.N. To Recognize Them As Holocaust Victims (This will infuriate the zionists: only THEY are allowed to be victims)
  499. White terrorists don't make news in the UK (Blair, e.g.)
  500. Panama recalls medicine after mystery deaths
  501. Israeli agents want disguises to testify at Miami trial(Their old 9/11 hijerker disguises?)
  502. Iraq For Sale: The War Profiteers (READ)
  503. Marine Scientists Report Massive "Dead Zones"
  504. Film on Pedophile Priest Revives Focus on Cardinal
  505. Sleaze row engulfs Republican hopefuls (The more, the merrier)
  506. Distraught Republicans lambasting one another (Criminal congress)
  507. The Worrying Housing Bust
  508. Blair more hated than Thatcher (and Bush most hated of any living creature that ever existed)
  509. Congress Wants To Know If Theyve Molested You (Every minute of every day, in every way - next question?)
  510. Study Finds Lack of Balance, Diversity, Public at PBS NewsHour (Licking the hand that feeds it)
  511. Lieberman Queries Lamont Over Commitment to Israel (They should all die, and decrease cosmic pollution)
  512. On Indias Farms, a Plague of Suicide (Murder by Monsanto, actually)
  513. The Truth behind 9/11: Who Is Osama Bin Laden? (READ)
  514. Rabbit Hole Of Elitist Perversion Far Deeper Than Foley (READ)
  515. Allen didn't disclose stock options
  516. A Note On Wikipedia Vandalism - Kurt Nimmo
  517. Japan and China in historic talks
  518. China, Japan oppose N Korea nuke test
  519. Blair, Rice discuss sanctions on Iran (Ahh - the geniuses)
  520. Leading powers agree to discuss Iran sanctions (meaning exactly nothing)
  521. Endgame on Iran (Either US or IL will attack, no matter what)
  522. Republicans, Democrats joust over sex scandal (Watch the squirming)
  523. Report: Ex-Page Claims Foley Had Sex with Him (Ooops - at least it was legal)
  524. OPEC expected back crude supply cut (To keep the price up, of course)
  525. Snack Makers Strike Deal To Alter School Offerings (LOL Let them eat carrots!)
  526. ISCID - International Society for Complexity Information and Design (Intelligent design crap)
  527. NATO Chief Warns of Afghan Tipping Point
  528. North Korean Nuclear Test - Breaking News (All the little boys will be upset)
  529. Rummy's North Korea Connection What did Donald Rumsfeld know about ABB's deal to build nuclear reactors there? And why won't he talk about it? - May 12, 2003 (Remember, remember ...)
  530. A Brief Tax History of America
  531. Lawmaker Saw Foley Messages In 2000
  532. Australia PM says troops will stay in Iraq despite poll showing Australians want them out
  533. Blunkett: Cabinet was riddled with animosity
  534. US casualty rate in Iraq worst since Fallujah
  535. Hundreds of Iraq Police Sick From Poison
  536. North Korea in nuclear test claim
  537. North Korea says it conducted successful nuclear weapons test
  538. N. Korea Claims Nuclear Test
  539. OPEC supply cut and N.Korea test boosts oil
  540. Thai King approves Cabinet
  541. France Bans Smoking in Many Public Areas (Can it get enforced?)
  542. U.S. Rules Allow the Sale of Products Others Ban (The least of corpagov's murderous crimes)
  543. 'Committed' Blair stuns defence chiefs with Sudan troops plan (Who is really behind Blair, Bush & Howard?)
  544. Nearly 800 US soldiers wounded in Iraq in September (US crimes against its people)
  545. Rolling Blunder (WMDs are irrelevant)
  546. U.S. project could start atomic war, experts warn (Nonsense and twaddle)
  547. Khan 'gave N Korea centrifuges'
  548. Preacher says GOP delaying 2nd coming (Deranged)
  549. Bush's Secret Advisor has BLOODY PAST (Kissinger, reprobate war criminalzionist)
  550. Iraq's Partition (US engineering)
  551. North Korea; another foreign policy meltdown
  552. GOP aide busted for fake blog posts on liberal sites (READ)
  553. DC Gays Say Hastert Had Sex With Young 'Men For Hire'? (First class sicko hypocrite)
  554. How NK outsmarted US (READ)
  555. Police 'exaggerated evidence' against British 9/11 suspect (A Hoax to begin with)
  556. Postal Worker Becomes Third Case of Legionaires In Conn.
  557. Bird flu found in pigs in Indonesia's Bali (or not)
  558. Medicare and Medicaid Security Gaps Are Found (READ)
  559. Border Fence - Republicans Lied!!! (again)
  560. In Border Fence's Path, Congressional Roadblocks
  561. What's Wrong With Washington: Exhibit A (superficial)
  562. Republicans Say They Can Still Win (Diebold forever!)
  563. Alaska: 2004 Electronic Election Data Was Changed in 2006 (GOP can do this again)
  564. Arrests made after anti-Bush protest in downtown Portland
  565. Olbermann News Commentaries Target Bush (READ)
  566. Afghans 'may swing to Taliban' says Nato commander (Why would that be?)
  567. Next six months always 'critical' in Iraq debate (In truth, there is no debate)
  568. Tigris River yielding corpses
  569. Republicans stand to profit from nuclear test 'fear factor' (How a bout stupid and liar factors?)
  570. North Korea test "provocative," "unprovoked": WHouse (Sorta like what US does every day)
  571. U.N. council rebukes N. Korea over nuke claim (yadda-yadda-yadda-...)
  572. Way Radical, Dude (For gamers only?)
  573. Suing Over the CIA's Red Pen
  574. US push for air strikes (Just rife with potentially lethal idiocies)
  575. Eisenhower Carrier Group Sails for Iran Theater
  576. Australian government demands hand-over of Solomon Islands' attorney general
  577. Sri Lankan Supreme Court overrules appeals to international human rights body
  578. Australian attorney-general insists sleep deprivation is not torture (Definitions by criminal government fiat)
  579. Home foreclosures soar in US
  580. Saul Landau: Post-Castro Cuba (READ)
  581. Walter Brasch: Sex, Lies and Family Values (READ - only US perpetration of 9/11 is missing)
  582. Gideon Levy: The Mystery of America (Clueless, but READ. It's the Banks, Stupid!)
  583. Ron Jacobs: The Booom Heard Around the World (READ)
  584. Norman Solomon: Welcome to the Nuclear Club!
  585. Contractors in Afghanistan Are Making Big Money for Bad Work
  586. UK Official Says British Govt Warned US on Iraq (Oh, get stuffed)
  587. White House Official Is First Casualty of Abramoff (Lock the whole criminal government up; use one of its own death camps)
  588. Guards Describe Guantanamo Prisoner Abuse (Terrorist corpagov)
  589. Picking Up the Pieces of Slain Troops' Lives (How's it make all the GOPaedophiles feel?)
  590. A Political Limbo: How Low Can the Republicans Go? (So not even Diebold can save them?)
  591. FEMA Pays for Puppets, Bingo and Yoga (How sick is corpagov?)
  592. Foley, Hastert And The Putrid Body Politic
  593. Bush Urges Quick Action on North Korea ("Bomb it! Bomb everything! Bomb the Moon! Bomb Mars!")
  594. YouTube 'a good fit for Google'
  595. Pediatricians urge more free playtime for kids (Just figuring this out, are we? What idiots)
  596. White House says Iraq policy constantly adjusted (to maximize genocidal effect)
  597. It's Worth A Mention: Call it What it is (Verily)
  598. Four top doctors arrested over illegal human experimentation (Israel - like US and Nazi Germany)
  599. 'N. Korea nuke test should worry Israel' (Lying, arrogant, paranoid psychotic, genocidal shits who're not NPT signators)
  600. Iran blames U.S. for N. Korea nuke test (Actually, that's about right)
  601. IDF prepares for possible Syrian attack (i.e., engineered attack on Syria)
  602. In N.Y., Sparks Fly Over Israel Criticism (Israel should not exist, nor ADL, AJC ...: they are all major terrorist entities)
  603. Historian's Voice Silenced
  604. The Dow's Phony New High
  605. Ailing war vet dies after VA hospital calls 911 for help (Utterly bizarre)
  606. Democratic candidates open large lead in congressional races (A job for Diebold!)
  607. All Nine Nuclear Powers Are Violating Non-Proliferation Treaty (Not IL: it doesn't acknowledge, and hasn't signed NPT)
  608. Nuclear blackmail
  609. Dismal 3Q Earnings Expected for Newspaper Sector (Who wants to read idiocies and lies?)
  610. 3rd sibling of Sunni official is slain
  611. President Assad's Interview to BBC (Asshole interviewer Simpson v. Astute Assad)
  612. Security Council chooses Ban Ki-Moon as next UN chief
  613. North Korea Calls the U.S. Bluff
  614. Assad: U.S. lacks will to pursue peace (Deftly put)
  615. Merkel to press Putin on rights (or else what?)
  616. Iran calls for a world free of nuclear weapons (Ooops - Israel is not going to like that)
  617. Towards a Comprehensive Settlement of the Arab-Israeli Conflict (Only one is possible, and this is not it)
  618. Druze resident of Golan Heights arrested for praising Hezbollah while in Syria(Nazi Israel)
  619. Muslims angry at new Danish cartoons scandal (Oh, give it a rest - and draw Olmert playing hide the salami with papanazi)
  620. Videos mocking Muhammad pulled (Shucks! We like videos mocking everything imaginable)
  621. Lebanese president condemns Israeli occupation in Ghajar
  622. North Korea defies the world (Get over yourself, dickhead)
  623. Rummy's North Korea Connection (Its nuclear reactors)
  624. Crafting a Collective Response (Prattle)
  625. Threat to strategic balance of power (Hoseshit)
  626. Japan 'could develop' nuclear weapons (So what?)
  627. Nuclear test by North Korea unites world's leaders in condemnation (They all need to get both brains and real jobs)
  628. Clark says UN action needed on North Korea (Get stuffed)
  629. U.N. weighs sanctions against N. Korea (LOL)
  630. 'Happy bomb' kills ideas of regime change (ROTFL)
  631. U.S. [Zionist Nazi Genocidalists] circulates draft resolution to condemn North Korean nuclear test and impose tough sanctions
  632. Nuke tests may have been 'faked' (Now, that would REALLY be funny)
  633. US has few options for dealing with North Korean [ridiculous] threat
  634. Worldwide censure for N Korea following nuclear test (that may have not even existed - twittering nitwits)
  635. Korean crisis takes a seismic shift (Now, it's become a fucking crisis?! LMAO)
  636. Global fury at N Korea nuclear test claim (Global fury?! Oh, wow! Holy guanos, Batman!)
  637. US leads nuclear fury (We could hope for deaths by apoplectic fit?)
  638. Norths test seen as failure for Chinas Korea policy (The Punditos are all atwitter)
  639. 'Everybody is shocked' (Hilarious)
  640. Congratulations to new UNSG Ban Ki Moon (Ditto - but he will regret this)
  641. Blair and Bush call for Kremlin inquiry into journalists murder (Getting funnier; I prefer Laurel & Hardy)
  642. Voters turn against Republicans over Foley sex scandal (but they didn't mind genocide and economic destruction)
  643. Democrats quick to pounce on N. Korean test (They don't want to be left out of being morons)
  644. At 0135 GMT A Seismic Event Consistent with an Atomic Test Was Registered (OK - so something exploded)
  645. Democrats assail Bush's N. Korea policy (Shooting fish in a barrel)
  646. Bush says North Korea giving missile technology to Iran, Syria (Olmert told him so)
  647. News Analysis: A massive failure of US diplomacy (Um - what diplomacy?!)
  648. Editorial: North Koreas Deterrent (READ)
  649. America Crosses Line With Standard of Horror (and is itself, a genocidal, terrorist horror)
  650. A Recipe for Continuing Conflict With Palestinians (READ)
  651. Bush's Direct-to-the-People Diplomacy: "We Cut Out the Middleman!" (and funnier)
  652. Nobel Prize for critic of post-war economic policy
  653. Saddams troops buried prisoners alive (Wow! Just like what US troops did in Gulf War I!)
  654. Hardblogger: Fake news gets real
  655. How Foley Scandal Could Cost Bush Congress (for all the wrong reasons in a very sick nation)
  656. Doubts raised about North Korea's nuclear test
  657. NYTimes/CBS poll: Bush has 34% approval; 83% think he's "hiding something or mostly lying" about Iraq
  658. Baker Panel Preparing Iraq Alternatives
  659. Past comes back to haunt us in form of Kissinger
  660. Hu, Bush discuss N. Korean nuclear moves by phone (diversionary nonsense)
  661. Wars and propaganda machines
  663. Bye-Bye, Civil Liberties (READ - and try an attention span longer than a flea's)
  664. Wave of Party Switchers Hits Republicans (It won't really help)
  665. Vicious Attacks on Anti-Bush Demonstrators in Portland
  666. Neo-Cons Spin Dud Test To Hide Nuclear Hypocrisy
  667. Sean Hannity is a Big, Fat Lying Hypocritical Repuglican Blowhard (LOL - OK)
  668. Have you heard . . . (about a real axis of evil - READ)
  669. Hastert Backs Out of Pa. Fundraiser (It's like they ALL have the plague)
  670. Foley was ready to leave House until he was talked into running again
  671. book reception canceled after author criticizes Israel (Isn't this just normal?)
  672. A holy war in the Horn?
  673. Strong Resistance Erupts In 'Unknown' Iraq City
  674. Smart Money Is On Clint Curtis To Beat Tom Feeney
  675. Man Sentenced To 8 Years In Prison For French Kissing 10-Year-Old (Maybe, just a tad stupidly harsh?)
  676. Fox News Makes Another "Mistake" (Sly Fox with Faux News as usual)
  677. Army Introducing New Slogan (and the sniveling dipshit point would be?)
  678. Flight 93 'was shot down' claims book (Well - yes, of course, now what?)
  679. Save the USA &#-11;&#-11; Kucinich to Hold Congressional Briefing on October Surprise &#-11;&#-11;&#-11;Is the Administration Ramping Up For A War Against Iran?&#-11;&#-11;&#-11;
  680. Of Faux Democracy, Petty Tyrants, & Painful Realities
  681. Federal Legislation Labels Activism As "Terrorism"
  682. Olmert: Syria peace overtures are a ploy (Israel is a fraud)
  683. On Borrowed Time (and Money) Lost Wars and a Lost Economy
  684. Dispatch from the State of Delusion: exposing the myth of the American "mission" in Iraq
  685. Elections in the USA: Justice and Perversion and the Perversion of Justice
  686. Making [Stealing] Water From Thin Air
  687. More than 300,000 Iraqis have fled
  688. Bombing at Iraq Bakery Kills at Least 11
  689. Barrage of blasts rock Baghdad
  690. Fire breaks out at U.S. base in Baghdad
  691. Police find 60 bodies across Baghdad in 24 hours
  692. Iraqi kidnapped journalist found dead
  693. Illegal detention of ex-Guantanamo prisoner (READ: Rogue US)
  694. US inquiry into jail abuse a cover-up: Hicks lawyer
  695. N.C. House Members Call for Investigation of 'Torture Taxi' Company
  696. German Tells Court CIA Kidnapped Him
  697. CIA kidnap victim tells of torture
  698. Bankruptcy Judge Denounces U.S. Policy (Some good judges remain)
  699. U.S. court backs fine for Iraq humanitarian visits (though most are criminals)
  700. Report: N. Korea may have done 2nd nuke test (or not - but keep stiring the pot)
  701. Australian coroner: Police killed Aboriginal prisoner on Palm Island
  702. France: Immigrant squatters pressured into accepting dispersal
  703. Anti-Putin journalist murdered in Moscow
  704. Bush administration leads chorus of denunciations against North Korea's nuclear test (Mor Boring Bush Bullshit)
  705. David Rosen: Mark Foley and the Politics of Sex in America (Getting real in an insane and sick nation)
  706. Bush and North Korea: Bumbling Toward Disaster (Lunatics running the asylum)
  707. Big Ag in the Heartland: the Future of Nebraska's Family Farms (annihilation, of course)
  708. Dave Lindorff: Free the Press! Free Linda Greenhouse! (The Goddamned NY Fucking Criminal Times)
  709. Robert Robideau: The Myth Keepers of Columbus (READ: accepted history is mostly sick bullshit - real history is sicker yet)
  710. Taliban Put Pakistan on Notice
  711. Treasury Secretary Paulson Aims to Protect Corporate Criminals (Of course)
  712. Working Families Under Attack
  713. Attack Dogs Used Against Prisoners in US (Sick Nazi Amerika)
  714. Lower Standards Help Army Recruit Troubled Children
  715. An Urgent Call by Scientists to ... Defend Science (It could have been written far better)
  716. The King of the Jungle
  717. China: N.Korea Must Be Punished for Test (We shall see)
  718. Kerry blasts Bush NKorea policy at Nevada campaign stop (He is useless)
  719. Microsoft Fixes 26 Security Flaws, But Update Service Fails (It's thieved material turned to shit and has always been shit)
  720. Microsoft has Patchy day with record 26 flaws
  721. Microsoft warns of 5 "critical" security holes
  722. Psoriasis Linked to Higher Risk of Heart Attack (or not)
  723. Rushdie says Muslim face veils 'suck' (LOL)
  724. North Korea Threatens War Against U.S. (How boring!)
  725. 1 in 4 Veterans of the war on terror claim disability. (as in they ARE disabled)
  726. Lieberman pushing Israeli politics to the rights (No, not that one: another sick SOB)
  727. Americans Still Peeved at Iraq WMD Reports (Peeved?! LOL)
  728. World War W (DLC are zionist/neocons who will continue the genocides and economic destruction - no news in that)
  729. Italian probe: Israel used new weapon prototype in Gaza Strip
  730. The Republic's Nemesis: 2-Party Addiction
  731. The Dear Leader vs. the War President (Too true to be truly funny)
  732. US free speech row grows as author says Jewish complaints stopped launch party (In US Jewish complaints can and do stop anything and everything)
  733. Pyongyang 1, Bush 0
  734. Smart operator Kim working to a plan (READ)
  735. FIR against Fernandes, Jaya, ex-Navy chief
  736. Gannett reports lower third-quarter profit (MSM confidence plummets)
  737. Iraqi parliament passes federalism bill (US design plan: divide and weaken)
  738. Dobbs: Middle class needs to fight back now (Lots of luck)
  739. Rocket launcher found at dentists house (Maybe he's jusr a collector)
  740. Army: Troops to Stay in Iraq Until 2010 (or until dead by DU poisoning)
  741. American Traitor? (POS: who is Adam Gadahn? Besides, we have an entire government full of larcenous, genocidal traitors)
  742. Closeted Homosexual Republicans Target of Blog-Activist -- 10/11/2006 (More like closeted, deranged hipocrites and liars)
  743. Syrian President's 'Peace' Overtures Dismissed (Israel wants to bomb and invade Syria, that's why; peace of any sort is the last thing that Israel wants)
  744. Israel Targets [alleged] Gaza Weapons Depot (and anything and anybody it fucking feels like)
  745. Wash Post: Economic Woes Boost Ohio Democrats (who will continue the war crimes thay've already sanctioned)
  746. Reid Got $1 Million for Land He Hadn't Owned for 3 Years
  747. Falling Gas Prices Not a Conspiracy, Analysts Say (LMAO!)
  748. Bush Blames North Korean 'Intransigence' (Now have him spell it)
  749. First US Citizen Indicted for Treason Since WWII Era -- 10/11/2006 (Now indict this entire goddamn criminal excuse for a government)
  750. Los Alamos Missing Plutonium for 150 Nuclear Bombs (Ooops - gone to Israel, along with Zackheim's $US 3 million)
  751. Will Israel bomb Iran? (These war criminals and thugs are capable of anything)
  752. Will it be a 51-49 Democratic Senate? (Red or Blue fucking criminals; it just doesn't matter)
  753. Pacifica lectures decried as anti-Semitic (Some are fed up with zionist nazis)
  754. Suspect voter registration cards are found (beginning the vote fraud)
  755. Jury Awards $11 Million Over Defamatory Internet Posts (Juries are just so fucking wondreful - in this stupid and insane nation)
  756. Italian probe: Israel used new weapon prototype in Gaza Strip
  757. Instructor who doubts 9/11 compares Bush to Hitler (and also contrasts)
  758. Rice [a national joke] says U.S. will not invade N. Korea
  759. Italian TV show on drug-taking MPs pulled from schedules
  760. Diocese in Iowa files for bankruptcy
  761. 5,100 voters get flawed absentee ballots
  762. conspiracy of silence (good quality version VIDEO)
  763. September foreclosures up 19 percent
  764. Pope set to bring back Latin Mass that divided the Church (The every charming Papanazi)
  765. Dubya-expelled Aussie receives top science award (It all fits together, doesn't it?)
  766. Political consultant sentenced for imprisoning students (and who is this "political consultant"? READ)
  767. Enormous death toll of Iraq invasion revealed (President serial genocidalist)
  768. Al Qaeda Suspect: U.S. Government Gave Me LSD (Just like old times)
  769. Jose Padilla claims US agents tortured him
  770. Baghdad death toll: 110 in two days
  771. Britain forced to use private helicopters in Afghanistan
  772. Bush Says North Korea Faces 'Serious Repercussions' (like what exactly?)
  773. Quake off Japan said source of false nuke test report (Hello?)
  774. New Bush Space Policy Unveiled, Stresses U.S. Freedom of Action (The insanity of "government science")
  775. Letter From Space Journalists to NASA Administrator Griffin Regarding Recent Security Policy Changes at NASA Headquarters | SpaceRef - Space News as it Happens
  776. Bush administration hopes idea-sharing will help quell school violence ("Idea sharing" = "being spy and informant" in the ever escalating national mental illness)
  777. Officer Shows Up to School Because of 8-Year-Old's Overdue Books (and sicker, and sicker, and sicker, and ...)
  778. Guardsmen on patrol in New Orleans shoot man (and sicker, and ...)
  779. Pennsylvania Officer Shoots, Kills Man (and sicker, and sicker, and ...)
  780. Brown says Britain must stand firm with US in fight against terror (Git!)
  781. FBI Agents Still Lacking Arabic Skills (and stupider, and ...)
  782. 9/11 Politics Turns Bizarre (turns? The truth is NOT a political matter)
  783. Plane crash in New York triggers air defence (Almost too funny considering 9/11)
  784. 'Vaccinate 11-year-olds against sex virus' (and crazier, and ...)
  785. New voter registration laws leave thousands off the rolls (and more criminal, and ...)
  786. Egypt detects new human H5N1 bird flu case (or not)
  787. Germany: Insolvency of former Siemens division threatens 3,000 jobs
  788. Australian Wheat Board "oil for food" inquiry ends with threats of terrorism charges
  789. Canada and the supposed struggle for democracy in Afghanistan
  790. Provocative US attack on Shiite militia in Iraq
  791. Sleepless on Skid Row: Guilty of Being Homeless in America
  792. Ken Couesbouc: The New Witchcraft (READ)
  793. April Howard and Benjamin Dangl: Tin War in Bolivia
  794. Dave Lindorff: A Killing Occupation (Continuing genocide)
  795. Ali Eteraz: Corporate Torture in Iraq (The disgusting nature of US citizens; may they really do deserve the so called government that they have)
  796. Ali al-Fadhily and Dahr Jamail | US Military "Turns Blind Eye to Killings"
  797. Records Suggest Abramoff-Pombo Lobbying Contacts
  798. House Panel Says BP May Have Withheld Alaska Info (No?! Really?)
  799. The Ground Truth: "Cinematic Call to Arms" (READ)
  800. Vast Costs Loom in Iraq War Disability Claims (Make Hallibuton pay)
  801. Gaza Sliding Into Civil War (as Israel escalates its genocide of the Palestinians)
  802. Thom Hartmann's New Book Screwed: The Undeclared War Against the Middle Class - Signs of the Times - Wed, 11 Oct, 2006(READ)
  803. Bush: Defeat in Iraq Would Embolden Terrorists (What terrorists?)
  804. Al Qaeda's Great Escape: Too Good to Be True? (LOL More Al-CIAda fiction)
  805. Afghanistan: NATO Commander Denies Pakistan Visit Aimed At Pressuring Musharraf(Just in case you doubted that it was true)
  806. Is the British military underfunded, or just spending badly?
  807. Backgrounder: The ISI and Terrorism: Behind the Accusations (READ - not the half of it)
  808. Major powers fail to agree on Iran sanctions, send dossier to UN(The nonsense just continues)
  809. No greater legacy for America than a Palestinian state: Rice (which Israel will never allow)
  810. Naval interdiction exercise said planned for Gulf(US [lans to enter the Pirate Business)
  811. Poll: Support sinks for trading Golan (Life in some alternate universe)
  812. Rice says U.S. wants end to Palestinian "humiliation"(talking to Palestinians: this isn't what she tells Olmert :-)
  813. Rights group: Shin Bet denies vital treatment to Palestinians (Humiliation like this?)
  814. Israeli Troops Kill Two Palestinians (a normal daily event)
  815. U.S. Neo-Cons Call For Japanese Nukes, Regime Change (Neocrazies at work)
  816. ABC News: The Missing Israeli Soldier (Oh, no biases here - move on LOL)
  817. Israeli fence unleashes Lebanese anger
  818. Sadat nephew faces Egypt military court after assassination allegations (stinking to high heavens)
  819. UK top court rules media should not face libel charges for fair reporting
  820. Padilla and outrageous government conduct
  821. China Reluctant to Back Korea Sanctions (Unsurprising)
  822. Olmert urges action against Iran (When has he not?)
  823. New pro-Israel lobby as alternative to AIPAC (and its whiney difference would be what?)
  824. South Park Episode Equates 9/11 Truth with Anti-Semitism, Numerology and Cartman(It's a cartoon, bro!)
  825. Habeas Corpus: The Lynchpin of Freedom (and Congress just killed it)
  826. Commandant-in-Chief (READ)
  827. NEWS BELLAMY CLAIMS 9/11 WAS AN INSIDE JOB Music, movie & Entertainment News
  828. Data Suggests Vast Costs Loom in Disability Claims (Sort of obvious)
  829. The IgnoramUS | BaltimoreChronicle.com (READ)
  830. The Mushroom Cloud over the U.N.
  831. 'Al-Qaeda In Palestine' Makes Its Presence Felt (The Israeli branch, that is)
  832. Home Price Drop Largest in 13 Years
  833. Drugs Slip Past FDA, Sell Unapproved by the Millions (FDA isa useless pharma tool anyhow)
  834. Gold Rush Plunges Undersea as Miners Scour Pacific (with possibly more than interesting consequences)
  835. Olbermann to America - kiss your freedom goodbye (also various parts of your anatomy)
  836. In N.Y., Sparks Fly Over Israel Criticism (which is damn near illegal)
  837. Anthrax suspect remains as elusive as bin Laden (Horseshit)
  838. Congress Members 'furious' at FBI for 'blackout' of 2001 anthrax attacks probe (Our criminal congress?!)
  839. Censored Stories (READ)
  840. Foley Case Snags House Incumbent in Ohio (But, Kilroy also undoubtedly wants to perpetuate US genocides and economic destruction of the US)
  841. Trade Deficit Hits New Record High (Speaking of part of that destruction: Up and up she goes)
  842. Fraud, misconduct at EPA water quality analysis labs has 'put all of us at risk' (and there's this)
  843. If You Are Not Afraid... (Prep of attack on Iran)
  844. Overflights by Israel Said to Violate Truce (Hello? They been doing this every day for years. Guess who's paying for the fuel?)
  845. Will Israel bomb Iran? (That's the most convenient scenario)
  846. BBC guilty of venality in its misreporting on Venezuela (It's told what to say and not say)
  847. Breaking: Sensational Statement by UK Head of Army (Peace is not ever what was desired or arranged)
  848. UK troops worsen problems in Iraq: army head
  849. Massive Outing Coming Soon! (Yes, [yawn], we're surrounded with frauds)
  850. Opening the Kimono (You are the enenmy)
  851. Bush Predicts GOP Victories in November. (LOL It doesn't matter: DLC is pure neocon, "neoliberal" serial genocidalists as well)
  852. Iraqi Resistance Report for events of Tuesday, 10 October 2006 (Ooops)
  853. Investigating escargots that glow? (US poisoning is nothing new)
  854. Wal-Mart faces at least $62M in damages
  855. Over 50 Orgs, Leaders Write States Urging Emergency Paper Ballots (Will it matter? What does matter?)
  856. AP, networks sue over Fla., Nev. exit poll laws (Voting frauds engineered by government)
  857. Book says Bush just using Christians (This is news?)
  858. Senate Report: Five Nonprofit Groups Sold Clout to Abramoff
  859. UN envoys move closer to deal on N Korea (Oh, right, sure)
  860. Afghanistan Clashes Leave Up to 20 [civilians] Dead
  861. Guantanamo Detainees Go to Afghanistan (Criminal game of musical chairs)
  862. Beckett says Guantanamo Bay "unacceptable" (Does anyone care?)
  863. 'Unacceptable' Guantanamo should close, says Beckett
  864. Iraqi parliament approves federal law (The long US sought partitioning)
  865. Pentagon moves to buttress U.S. troop levels in Iraq (Get them killed and bring in more corpagov mercenaries: a private army)
  866. Gunmen storm Iraqi TV station, killing 11 (Now, who might those gunmen be?)
  867. UK minister [Blunkett] urged Aljazeera bombing
  868. UK troops worsen problems in Iraq - army head
  869. Army chief declares war on Blair: 'We must quit Iraq soon' (Will it matter?)
  870. Baker's Panel Rules Out Iraq Victory (Does it matter what they say?)
  871. Australian state government speeds up dismissal procedures for teachers
  872. Spain: Government seeks European clampdown on Canary Islands boat people
  873. Austria: Massive losses for the governing People's Party (They could hire Diebold)
  874. North Korean nuclear test poses dilemmas for China (Not really)
  875. Why is the American press silent on the report of 655,000 Iraqi deaths? (Guess!)
  876. The South Turns Against the War (Not so stupid as the neocrazies thought)
  877. William S. Lind: Why Do We Still Fight a Lost War? (Cute story, but it's the banks)
  878. Charles Sullivan: Assassins of Truth (The corpagov MSM is owned by whom?)
  879. How Hezbollah Defeated Israel: Part One, Winning the Intelligence War (Chess games are lost by the one making the worst mistakes)
  880. Carl Gelderloos: Images of Occupation: Teaching in Nablus
  881. Paul Craig Roberts: Can We Call It Genocide Now? (How about serial genocide?)
  882. M. Shahid Alam: On Colonialism and Colleagues
  883. Norman Solomon: The Pundit Path to Death in Iraq
  884. Jonathan Cook: Israel's Plan for a Military Strike on Iran (READ)
  885. 11,000 Congo Children Still Armed, Used as Sex Slaves
  886. Turk who defied official history wins Nobel Prize
  887. Nobel prize for Turkish author who divided nation over massacres
  888. 'Dirty bomb' mastermind plotted wave of atrocities (How high did voltage on his genitals have to go?)
  889. French in Armenia 'genocide' row (More truth by government fiat)
  890. Warner won't run for presidency in '08 (Anybody who would has to be insane)
  891. President Praises Hastert at GOP Fundraiser in Chicago (Cruising to lose? Dump the mess on Dems)
  892. AT&T Purchase Prompts Claim US Tries to Avoid Court Review
  893. Fed Reports Resilience in Economy (LMAO)
  894. Williams for president? Probably not this year (We could do FAR worse - and have - regularly)
  895. Big breakthrough? E. coli in spinach linked to manure (or Congress)
  896. Aggression drugs little help in Alzheimers (there's always Thorazine)
  897. Israelis kill 8 Palestinians in Gaza (The daily events of genocide)
  898. Bush Confounded by the 'Unacceptable'
  899. Abramoff fallout: Ney to resign; Prosecutors seek 30 to 37 months for ex-Bush aide Safavian (That's all?)
  900. Pentagon shows anti-war database's scope (Are you afraid yet? You should be)
  901. Revolt of American generals and call for US talk with Iran
  902. China's Foreign Currency Reserves Surge to Almost $1 Trillion (A dicey position)
  903. US 'unlawfully killed' ITN journalist (It's called MURDER)
  904. Israel may prepare for large-scale operation into Gaza (Genocide over all)
  905. Man files suit over Cheney encounter (Not that it will matter)
  906. Foreign Ministry slams Israeli Ambassador's racist comments. (It's a racist country - even with no race)
  907. IDF: Only US operation can stop Iran (Incitement to genocide)
  908. Bush's Approval Ratings Slip (Does anybody care?)
  909. Gov't workers got fake diplomas (US corpagov is an intrinsic fraud)
  910. Canada troops battle 10-ft Afghan marijuana plants (Use therimte! You remember that!)
  911. U.S. Offers N. Korea Resolution At UN, Ruling Out Military Sanctions (An illogical joke)
  912. Foreign Ministry slams envoy's comments about 'yellow race' (Israel being blatant yet again)
  913. U.S. agents question teen: Girl ran anti-Bush page on MySpace (Is that who's kicking my door in?!)
  914. Reaping the Fruits of Bush's North Korea Policy (Decent US has always been a joke: read your fucking history)
  916. PM ready to send navy to cut off N Korea (Aussie corpagov needs to get a life - on some other planet)
  917. Asia Times Online :: South Asia news - Pakistan foils coup plot (and thenext time? That could be interesting)
  918. Russian energy: Europe's pride, US's envy (READ)
  919. Shays defends comments on Abu Ghraib (Bizarro Mondo)
  920. Price of a broken deal (All a joke, but READ anyhow)
  921. Grain stockpiles at lowest for 25 years (US goes to cesspool from all directions)
  922. Bush Is Said to Have No Plan if GOP Loses (Take your pick: Redshit or Blueshit)
  923. Nobel prize links poverty reduction to peace (People don't wage war, corpagov's do: grow up!)
  924. Five Scandals that Could Put Republicans in Jail (Entire corpagov in jail would be better)
  925. Emails Suggest White House Political Concern Over Foley In 2004
  926. Feds probe trip that Kolbe made with pages (Are we maybe going too far?)
  927. Abramoff Ties May Jeopardize Nonprofits' Tax Status
  928. Ney Pleads Guilty Over Abramoff Bribes
  929. Jeb Bush: I Wasn't Hiding in the Closet (LOL)
  930. Letters on voter ID under fire (Ah - the usual Lying MSM)
  931. F.A.A. Tightens Rules for Planes Along East River (Why don't we just merder all US citizens and get it over with?)
  932. Navy Officer Tapped to Head L.A. Schools (All schools to be militarized)
  933. Tech.gov: Real ID's Real Problems (READ: some of US corpagov idiocies)
  934. O'Reilly Sets Up Truthseekers to be Disappeared (READ twice)
  935. Report: second mole helped in T.O. terrorism case
  936. Second mole revealed in terror arrests
  937. U.S. may charge alleged 9/11 leader with the death of Daniel Pearl (So, you can bet it's a crock of shit)
  938. Omar Sheikh is MI6 agent: Musharraf (M. is going to be Wellstoned)
  939. Pentagon admits error on 'threat' (Seriously deranged US)
  940. U.S. Hits Obstacle in Getting a Vote on North Korea (This is somehow surprising?!)
  941. General: U.S. Has Troops to Fight N. Korea (Oh, way cool!)
  942. Lebanon: We'll fire at Israeli planes (Destrying them is better)
  943. British MP: Israel employed Nazi tactics in Lebanon (This is surprising?!)
  944. Private equity fund CDC enters strife-torn Afghanistan (Do we believe anythig?)
  945. US sowing Iraq strife, says Iran (No?! You're kidding. Really?)
  946. Baghdad: Gunmen kill 8 women; kidnap 2 teens (and the "gunmaen" are?)
  947. Key Iraqi Colonel Is Killed At Office (Shit happens?)
  948. Coroner seeks trial for US troops who killed TV man (Lots of luck)
  949. For their eyes only (and you actually llow this criminal corpagov to live?)
  950. Inside the CIA's Secret Prisons Program (Speaking of which)
  951. Shays says Abu Ghraib abuses were more about sex, not torture (Um sexual torture?)
  952. Pentagon inspector general orders Guantanamo probe (As if it means dick)
  953. U.S. govt appeals court's NSA wiretapping decision (Standard Hitlerian move)
  954. Statement by SEP Illinois state Senate candidate Electricity rate increase: a calculated assault on working class living standards
  955. Michigan SEP candidate calls for emergency action to halt home foreclosures (Lots of luck)
  956. Solomon Islands PM condemns Australian "re-colonisation"
  957. Following Senate elections: SPD and Left Party-PDS seek to continue Berlin coalition
  958. Britain's liberal media lines up behind government's anti-Muslim offensive ("Liberal" as in Attila the Hun)
  959. Behind the Foley scandal: A bitter struggle within the US ruling elite (or?)
  960. Return to Afghanistan: Where the Rhetoric Doesn't Match the Reality
  961. The Death Penalty's Invisible Victims (It's called government murder)
  962. Journalism Then and Now (Like government, it's always been shit)
  963. How Hezbollah Defeated Israel: Part Two, Winning the Ground War (and on and on)
  964. Senate Report: Abramoff, Norquist "Perpetrated a Fraud" on Taxpayers
  965. Iraq for Sale: As Not Seen on TV
  966. The Final Dispatch of a Reporter Murdered for Telling the Truth
  967. Russia raises last minute questions on North Korea sanctions (LOL - of course)
  968. Rice heading to Tokyo, Seoul and Beijing for talks on North Korea (Who's paying for this asshole bitch's expensive vacations?!)
  969. E. coli link promising find but source uncertain (Kindasleazy Rice?)
  970. Iraq policy a huge failure, says Labor (Oh no! You're joking, right?)
  971. An Irony of Fate (Turks need to address reality)
  972. Winter sweeps in early to parts of northern US (EWxpect no help from fucking shrublet)
  973. Tequila did the talking: Mel (Does anybody give a rat's ass?)
  974. Spinach contamination linked to cattle feces (or Dead Eye Dick)
  975. Pandemic flu prep needed now: experts (Oh - we're back with the fraudulent fucking pandemic again! Get a grip, guys!)
  976. Early shot may help beat flu (This puppy is not getting a shot of gaddamn genocidal corpagov anything)
  977. Blair and Ahern propose steps for N. Ireland deal (Blair only proposes poison)
  978. American indicted on US federal charges of aiding al-Qaeda (LMAO Al-CIAda?!)
  979. Army "Big Brother" Unit Targets Bloggers
  980. Spy Jonathan Pollard caught on tape
  981. We won't accept N Korea as nuke power: Bush admn. (We CREATE reality! I'm the DECIDER & DICYATOR! Now, shut up!)
  982. Rumsfeld Allies Launch Smear Campaign Against NATO General (Reptos eating reptos for lunch)
  983. PM's comment on Liberals disgraceful: Ignatieff (as are PMs generally)
  985. Former Weapons Inspector, Experts Warn Against Military Action Toward Iran (Somebody with a brain)
  986. UK NGOs call for Israel arms embargo (Go for it)
  987. Armenian genocide monument destroyed in France (Looks like a value judgment to me)
  988. Majority leader: Democrats endangered pages (Gasp! LMAO - What a lying fuck!)
  989. Gubernatorial Candidate Max Linn Recovering in Orlando Hospital After Emergency Aircraft Landing on Interstate (A wellstoning that didn't quite work?)
  990. Category 5 Hurricane Heads for House GOP (We await the "something" to change things)
  991. U.S. Hits Obstacle in Getting a Vote on North Korea (The more obstacles generally, the better)
  992. First Openly Gay Congressman Dies (Hmmmm)
  993. Operation Founding Fathers (READ)
  994. Presidential Neglect
  995. Israeli ambassador calls Asia "the yellow race" Israel has always been racist)
  996. Hundreds of Palestinians riot over Temple Mount restrictions
  997. Americans Question Bush on 9/11 Intelligence (and still cn't reason their way out of a paper bag)
  998. Lebanese army to fire at Israeli warplane violating airspace (It's about fucking time)
  999. O'Reilly [The Rabid Mental Midget] Takes on 9/11 Conspiracy Theorist!
  1000. IDF sets up detention center [Death Camp] near Gaza
  1001. How the FBI protected Al Qaeda&#-11;&#-11;s 9/11 Hijacking Trainer (We've know about this for years)
  1002. Apig chief calls for suspension of spam judge (Judge is utterly bonkers)
  1003. Blair devastated as Army chief savages his approach to Iraq (Blair's suffering could never be enough)
  1004. Airport to tag passengers (Jesus Motherfucking Christ! The sheep are going to put up with this?!)
  1006. Soldiers take citizenship oath before deploying to Iraq (Mercenary army)
  1007. Israeli obstacles to free movement in Palestinian territories mount, UN reports (Hello? It's a 60 year long genocide!)
  1008. "The Children of the World Don't Deserve" The Case Against Depleted Uranium (READ)
  1009. Blair forced to claim Dannatt's criticisms are 'absolutely right' (Amazing that he didn't just lie as he always does)
  1010. Two dead as Israel renews Gaza pounding (More daily murders)
  1011. Al-Qaeda video tape evidence indicts Azzam the American[Adam Pearlman] but not bin Laden
  1012. Kim Thatcher people took down our 9-11 sign !
  1013. U.S. begins $42 million program to bolster Hamas opponents (Hello-o?!)
  1014. Bill Christison: Stop Belittling the Theories About September 11
  1015. U.N. Adopts Resolution Against N. Korea (A gasbag extravaganza)
  1016. California teen questioned over threats to Bush posted on MySpace (Government inflicted terror)
  1017. O'Reilly [Repug Pit Bull] Equates 9/11 Scholars With Terrorists
  1018. Swiss Official Says Banks Broke Law by Supplying Data to CIA (Breaking laws is always what CIA is about: official governmental racketeers)
  1019. Italian kidnapped in Afghanistan (by whom?)
  1020. Two NATO soldiers killed in Afghanistan
  1021. Military lines up to back general on Iraq (Tony the Tramp's Legacy)
  1022. Attacks on U.S. troops in Iraq up sharply (Is it any wonder?)
  1023. Baghdad police find seven decapitated bodies (USUKIL death squads' work)
  1024. Official: Guard Force Is Behind [USUKIL] Death Squads
  1025. Expecting U.S. Help, Sent to Guant&#-11;&#-11;namo (US family values)
  1026. Guantanamo probe over guards' beatings boasts (and who would believe a word from the Pathalogical Pentagon?)
  1027. Lawyers gagged over Guantanamo abuse claims
  1028. Reporter's killing in '03 ruled 'unlawful' (Murder usually is; governmental serial genocide is not)
  1029. Lloyd's death was a 'war crime' (More truthful)
  1030. Iraqis call for five-man junta to topple the government (why would this be any different from Saddam Hussein?)
  1031. Shouting "No One is Illegal" in a Crowded Theater (READ)
  1032. What Bush Means By Tolerable Violence in Iraq
  1033. North Korea's Bomb: Still 1,126 Nuke Tests Behind the US (READ)
  1034. The Spent Milk of Human Foley
  1035. Mark Weisbrot: Correcting the Facts on US/Venezuela Relations (READ)
  1036. Jennifer Van Bergen: Bush's Military Commissions Act and the Future of America (READ twice)
  1037. Jean Bricmont: A Fable About Palestine (READ twice)
  1038. John Walsh: Election 2006, the Fix is Aleady In (Why and how both Red & Blue are both abominations)
  1039. FBI Probes Whether GOP Rep. Weldon Secured Deals for Daughter (The usual wheelspinning)
  1040. Aide Says White House Mocked Evangelicals (Surprised?)
  1041. GOP Congressman Pleads Guilty but Will Not Resign (Our own national convention of genetic defectives)
  1042. Cheney Still at Forefront of CIA Leak Case (It doesn't matter)
  1043. Iraqis "Fleeing Rising Violence" (or submit to the genocidal plans)
  1044. Saddam's hostages in 'trojan horse' claim (READ)
  1045. How army chief staged No 10 ambush (How difficult speaking the truth has become)
  1046. It's time to say sorry for Iraq's agony (How do you say that to the deadand maimed?)
  1047. Profile: General Sir Richard Dannatt
  1048. The no-nonsense Christian soldier (Obviously a rather brave man)
  1049. This crisis could change our relationship the US (and this would be bad?!)
  1050. 1 man still locked up from 9/11 sweeps (Ali Partovi in the land of the free)
  1051. Palestinians, Israeli troops clash at barrier
  1052. Tensions despite Israeli PM pageantry in Russia
  1053. Isolation of Hamas [and economic strangulation of Palestinian government] Yields No Results
  1054. EU decries passage of French bill on Armenian 'genocide' denial
  1055. The US-Mexico border fence will not work (No shit!)
  1056. Britain 'held hostage' by US policy
  1057. FAA tightens flight rules over East River corridor (Get a life)
  1058. Dow 12,000 Is Just a Step Away (Numbers in whimworld)
  1059. Eisenhower Carrier Group Sails for Iran Theate
  1060. Escape to Paraguay? Rumors of Bush Land Deal
  1061. Clinton Equivocates on Torture (Perfectly charming)
  1062. Padilla Update: Bush has been Torturing American Citizens since 2002
  1063. Bush aims to help embattled GOP incumbents (Fall on your sword on TV)
  1064. London bomber's suicide video is 'linked to traitor' Can we spell MOSSAD?)
  1065. Bush Keeps Revising War Justification (It's just a habit, an addiction)
  1066. Britons back army chief on pulling out of Iraq-poll (So, it's the pain amplifier for very bad Tony)
  1067. Displease a Lobbyist, Get Fired (So, Who is actually running the US?)
  1068. Scientific Poll: 84% Say 9/11 Is A Cover Up (Is it revolution yet?)
  1069. Judge: Jurors need not see evidence, must take FBI suspicions "on faith". (The Law is a fiction and Judges are frauds, the rest are racketeers)
  1070. White House upbeat about GOP prospects (All the hit contracts are in place)
  1071. "You Shall Not Kill" Has No Meaning In the Real World of Religion (which why none of them are any damn good)
  1072. Poll: Democrat Leads in Foley's District (It doesn't matter)
  1073. GOP Chief Denies Helping Abramoff (so, you know it's true)
  1074. Seoul says no radiation detected after NKorean nuclear blast
  1075. MoD forced to hire civilian helicopters in Afghanistan (the troops being civilian mercenaries)
  1076. New speed cameras could be ruled illegal (or not)
  1077. British police want spy planes to fight anti-social behaviour (Make them beg, and forfeit all their children's lives)
  1078. U.S. military gags Khadr's lawyer (Criminal corpagovs have no right to exist)
  1079. Police say President should face rape charge (Diito)
  1080. Police accuse Israeli president of rape
  1081. Ecuador set to join 'pink tide' washing across Latin America (Pink is a better color than Fascist Feces)
  1082. Noboa wins first round of Ecuadorean presidential elections
  1083. Ecuador's Correa, Noboa tied in early quick count (Is a tie believable?)
  1084. Ecuador Race Appears Headed to Runoff (and paid for rigging?)
  1085. Breast cancer rates double in 20 years (What is Aussie fascist corpagov doing to cause this?)
  1086. US expects China to act against N Korea (Don't bet on it)
  1087. UN plans for blockade in disarray (NKorea)
  1088. Japan looks to tighten screws on Pyongyang (rather than looking at its own economy)
  1089. Minister calls for veil teacher to be sacked (All these people need to get brains. Try Harrods)
  1090. GOP seeks gain in state (Welcome to Drazi Homeworld; purple hates green)
  1091. Chief Executive at Health Insurer Is Forced Out in Options Inquiry (It doesn't matter: they're all crooks)
  1092. Get 'Red' and help fight AIDS (The mother of lost causes [sigh])
  1093. Human Rights Group Tries to Halt Madonna's Adoption (Insanity is no short supply these days)
  1094. Freed medical pot advocate is indicted again (Racketeering government at work)
  1095. Spinach Scare Threatens Farm, Ranch Practices (Oh well, just another edible down the toilet)
  1096. Spinach Contamination Linked to Cattle Ranch (There's no end to this shit)
  1097. Rifts over veil threaten British race relations (It IS purposely invented you know)
  1098. Nun from US frontier is canonized (Who cares?)
  1099. Pope proclaims 4 new saints (and his own papnazi sanity by papal infallibility)
  1100. The Great Experiment (It isn't submission being required: it's death)
  1101. Saddam verdict due 2 days before US election (So Bush can don a phoney uniform and put a booted foot on his head)
  1102. Scientific Poll: 84% Reject Official 9/11 Story (The idiot ratio is still enormous)
  1103. Militarism (READ)
  1104. Even Esquire Magazine Calls for a Democratic Senate (It will do no good: we are all as good a s dead)
  1105. Planespotting (One can't help but admire them)
  1106. The Democrats Have Lost Their Minds (Yes, but the author of this articleis ignorant lunatic)
  1107. When Freedom of Speech Goes Too Far (It's time for O'Rielly's Thorazine shot - make it a double, and keep his straightjacket handy)
  1108. Nuclear Strike on Iran Is Still on the Agenda (Of course [sigh])
  1109. In Final Weeks, G.O.P. Focuses on Best Bets (Mass suicides would be good)
  1110. Intelligence laundry: To Paris again (Yes, this has been going on for decades)
  1112. What happens if Saddam Hussein is acquitted? (The world will rack with laughter at W - and then S will have an unfortunate accident)
  1113. Limbaugh [Loudmouth Deranged Addict Repug Imbecile] Attacks "Democrat Kook" Alex Jones On Plane Crash Story
  1114. GNN Is A Psy-Op?
  1115. Iraq cancels reconciliation summit as scores more die in sectarian strife
  1116. TSA Screener Faces Theft Charge (The fundamental nature of all governments)
  1117. Raw obtains CENTCOM email to bloggers
  1118. Attorney gets 28 months for aiding terrorists (Outrageous)
  1119. Teachers asked to root out Islamic extremists ("extremists"? the new nonsense word - Nazi UK)
  1120. Lynndie England reveals a culture of warped violence
  1121. U.S. Firing Plans for Great Lakes Raise Concerns (Old news)
  1122. Simmons says CIA doesn't use torture, but defends vote on detainee bill (and you are supposed to believe this lying fuckwad)
  1123. 2nd warning for Muslims to leave U.S. before attack (Rove must have the ordnance all set up)
  1124. Bush pledges to keep U.S. troops in Iraq (as if this were a good thing. - what, now "vowing"? Is a pledge as good as a vow?)
  1125. Much of Iraq still in ruin as U.S. builders leave (Building was NOT their job)
  1126. UK's Afghanistan mission "could take another 20 years," says MP (Deranged)
  1127. Videotape Released Showing Taliban Beheading Two British Soldiers (Al-CIAda Productions Inc in cooperation with Al-MOSSADA-kosomok)
  1128. German Army vehicles in Afghanistan attacked (They should have been elsewhere)
  1129. Goff pushes for NZ soldiers to stay on in Afghanistan (Moron)
  1130. Seoul says no radiation detected after NKorean nuclear blast
  1131. U.S. confirms N. Korea blast was radioactive (or not)
  1132. Anthrax Vaccine Immunization Program (They're just trying to scare the shit out of you - again)
  1133. Scientists look to place a pro-science president (LMFAO! - He'd be assassinated in 2 seconds!)
  1134. Insurers Pile Up Record Profits (Don't they always? Yes, they do)
  1135. Bird flu's spread around the globe (So has Mossad, creating many more fatalities)
  1136. A nine-figure fortune won't get you much mention these days Forbes publishes list of 400 richest Americans (READ on GREED)
  1137. Australian [terrorist] government steps up threats against PNG, Solomon Islands
  1138. NATO warns Pakistan's Musharraf to end covert support for Taliban (or else what, exactly? Attack a nuclear nation?)
  1139. Why is the New York Times silent on massive Iraq death toll? A question for Bill Keller (3 guesses, and 1st 2 don't count)
  1140. Britain: Court finds ITN journalist Terry Lloyd murdered by US forces (So, now what?)
  1141. US pushes through UN resolution against North Korea (It's the US way!)
  1142. Sugar Daddy Politics: Was Foley Blackmailed to Secure His Vote on CAFTA?
  1143. Robert Fisk: Confronting Turkey's Armenian Genocide (Truth, however, cannot be enforced; to attempt that is worse than a mistake)
  1144. Where Have All the Doctors Gone?: the Collapse of Iraq's Health Care Services (Murdered by US and fled in fear of their murder. Is this a difficult question?)
  1145. General Mutinies Against Blair (The more the better: Jail the genocidal bastard)
  1146. Gary Leupp: North Korea as a Religious State (READ, and be enlightened)
  1147. Expected as US Votes (Does W get his thieved pind of flesh?)
  1148. Officer's Refusal to Fight Sparks Debate
  1149. Thomas D. Williams | Who Is Judging the Judge?
  1150. Pombo's Energy Bill a Boon to Oil Companies
  1151. A Revolt of the Generals?
  1152. Time For The Sleeping 9/11 Giant To Awaken (Long beyond the point of no return: we are all as good as dead already)
  1153. Lecturers asked to keep eye on 'radical' Muslim students (How about deranged Repug Nazi professors and administration?)
  1154. DoD Resumes Mandatory Anthrax Vaccinations (murdering more servicemembers)
  1155. Web could be terror training camp in U.S., politician says(Congress, US military bases, WH, P, US Gulag torture houses, ...)
  1156. Alaska Dems Battle State Over E-voting (Will it matter?)
  1157. Mo. High Court Strikes Down Voter ID Law
  1158. Lieberman gains from drug industry (Lieberslut to the gulag that he supports)
  1159. Ex-FDA chief to plead guilty in stock case (Completely criminal US corpagov)
  1160. O'Reilly falsely claimed that a pregnant woman's life could "never" be "in danger" from pregnancy complication (Not only criminally insane, but ignorant and stupid)
  1161. Rice Seeks to Rally Asian Powers Behind North Korea Resolution (Wicked Bitch of the West Takes to Her Broomstick)
  1162. Venezuela Slips in Voting for Seat on the Security Council (Has the fat lady sung yet?)
  1163. US Intervention in Venezuela and in Latin America (Where doesn't the fucking criminal US corpagfov intervene?)
  1164. Rape Allegations Deepen Israel's Political Woes (The more woes the better)
  1165. Israeli president skips parliament open (Could it possibly be shame?!)
  1166. Hawaiians Check for Quake Damage (that insurers will refuse to cover)
  1167. Lawyer gets prison term for aiding jailed terrorist (Still absolutely outrageous)
  1168. FBI raids home of (R-Pa) Rep. Weldon's daughter
  1169. FBI operation deals new blow to Republican hopes
  1170. Thames Water sold for &#-11;&#-11;8bn to Australian bank Macquarie (Privatisation scam)
  1171. Bird flu toll at 55 (This what the global morons call a fucking Pandemic- assuming that there is even a word of tryth to any of it)
  1172. US Hospital Outcomes Vary Widely (and what gov-corpa is doing the juding on what basis? Who believes lying corpas or govs? or MSM puke?)
  1173. Fresh Korean N-test feared (Booga-booga-booga!!!)
  1174. Bush Tells Iraq PM: Ignore Deadline Talk (The amazing shithead speaks)
  1175. Amateur 'video bloggers' under threat from EU broadcast rules (Fascism and Totalitarianism from all directions Fuck the EU)
  1176. Cheney: US forces winning support from Iraqis (LMAO!)
  1177. 91 die in violence in [US genocide in] Iraq
  1178. US Waging Dirty War Against Venezuela at UN, Says Chavez (Of course)
  1179. U.S. Marines train Philippine troops (in how to commit genocide and win friends)
  1180. Able Danger adds twist to 9/11 (Are we getting closer to the truth?)
  1181. Trying to salvage the Army from destruction (Any salvaging will be minimal - mercenaries are what's wanted)
  1182. Woman Sues Over Ticket for Anti-Bush Bumper Sticker
  1183. Gaza fisherman killed by Israeli fire (just for target prectice)
  1184. Much of Iraq still in ruin as U.S. builders leave (What idiot would be surprized?)
  1185. Saddam: Kurds dividing Iraq for Israeli benefit (According to original design)
  1186. Nukes: Iran and North Korea are not the problem
  1187. Internal Security Minister repeats call to give Golan back to Syria for peace (Only Osrael's dismantling will give peace)
  1188. Bush signs law authorizing harsh interrogation (aka. torture)
  1189. If it comes to a shooting war ... )Nothing should be put past US neoloonies)
  1190. The Ultimate Democratic Campaign Commercial (Continue the serial genocide!)
  1191. Actor Wesley Snipes accused of tax fraud (Did he visit VZ or something)
  1192. White House advisers ready to back Iraq withdrawal (coming to nothing)
  1193. Don't mention the president: how Republicans hope to stay in power (Throw anyone in, out!)
  1194. 9/11 - ALL THE PROOF YOU NEED! (What a stupid clown)
  1195. Talk radio bootlickers kiss up to Lord Bush (Let's watch them really lick ass on TV - they're all into it)
  1196. Federal judge vacates conviction against Enron's Ken Lay
  1197. Kenneth Lay's Conviction Erased From Record (i.e., Destroy the evidence)
  1198. Michigan budget crisis looms over gubernatorial election
  1199. Marbella construction scandal exposes endemic criminality of Spanish[Crony] capitalism
  1200. NLRB ruling could deprive millions of US workers of bargaining rights
  1201. Escalating political murders in the Philippines
  1202. The US Supreme Court minority in Hamdan: executive rule in the "state of exception" Part 1 (READ)
  1203. Mexico: Government ultimatum against striking teachers
  1204. The Iraq Study Group: a bipartisan conspiracy against the American and Iraqi people
  1205. Desirable Duds: Israeli / US Cluster Bombs Litter Lebanon
  1206. NY's Iraq Veterans Against the War Needs Your Help ... Now!
  1207. Sharon Smith: Afghanisan Reconsidered
  1208. The Interrogation of Julia Wilson: Secret Service Grills 14 Year-Old Artist
  1209. Manuel Garcia, Jr.: Nuclear Test, Political Flare
  1210. Pombo's Energy Bill a Boon to Oil Companies
  1211. Keith Olbermann Goes On the Attack Against President Bush (Keith, remember Wellstone!)
  1212. Post-9/11 Security Standards Not Being Met at Uranium Facility (Because no security threat actually exists)
  1213. Associate of Abramoff Had 12 Meetings With Bush Staff
  1214. Part I: Bush's Petro-Cartel Almost Has Iraq's Oil
  1215. Abandon Hope, All Who Enter Here (READ)
  1216. David Swanson | A Blue District Gone Red, Coming Back (But it won't matter: we all still as good as dead)
  1217. Dark Days Ahead (Too little, too late obviousness)
  1218. Ex-FDA Chief to Plead Guilty of Violating Federal Conflict-of-Interest Laws
  1219. Chris Floyd | Academia Signs Up to Track Down Dissent (READ - education?What a joke!)
  1220. Note Intimidates California Hispanic Voters
  1221. Republican Congressman Doolittle Paid Lawyer to Talk to Agency
  1222. UK, US Envoys Employ Quiet Diplomacy in Khartoum (Diversion & Disinformation)
  1223. North Korea Calls Sanctions a Declaration of War (Interesting point of view)
  1224. Unacceptable indeed - Signs of the Times - Tue, 17 Oct, 2006
  1225. Skirmish for UN seat of power (LOL Love it!)
  1226. Ethiopia: Traders Object to Scrap Metal Export Ban
  1227. Could an "October surprise" shape the midterm election?(This is a question?!)
  1228. Fineman: My dinner with Ken Mehlman (The insanity must have caused indigestion)
  1229. Talabani backs 'Iran-Syria plan' (To work, must exclude USUKIL utterly)
  1230. Safia Amajan (murdered by "Taliban", really?)
  1231. Israel threatens massive Gaza ground assault (Just for the usual arbitrary sport)
  1232. Millions around globe stand up against poverty: U.N.(Only millions?!)
  1233. ANN/Groong -- ANKARA: Syrian Armenians Disapprove Of French Bill (which is after all lunatic on the face of it)
  1234. Hate crimes down in 2005: FBI report (why they have to fabricated by zionists)
  1235. Music industry sues 8,000 worldwide for illegal file-sharing (They sure can afford a lot of lawyers)
  1236. Rice Tries to Head Off Nuclear Arms Race (Kindasleezy Wicked Bitch of the West to the Rescue?)
  1237. Guatemala holds onto lead for council seat (May it prevail)
  1238. Analysis: No Results From Hamas Boycott
  1239. Palestinian president calls for formation of new government (He needs to get a real job)
  1240. Hawaii quake caused more than $40 million damage (which insurers will refuse to pay for - and still cheat every penny of the way)
  1241. Lynne Stewart Gets 26-Month Sentence (So, you lawyers defending alleged "terr'ists" had better shut the fuck up!)
  1242. Papa, don't preach (SOMEBODY re Madonna's latest adoption, has a brain READ, and then leave the hell alone, sick, ignorant assholes!)
  1243. Diagnosing eating disorders from hair (Only about 40 years old news)
  1244. Eat more fish, study urges, despite toxin risk (Who believes lying corpagov reptos?)
  1245. Seafood benefits outweigh mercury risks (or not)
  1246. US population hits 300,000,000 (or not - it's your ever lying illegal serial genocidal government at work)
  1247. General Says Afghan Development Must Come This Winter (Worse than mere babbling)
  1248. British leave after 'tactical defeat' of Taleban (whatever that really means)
  1249. Northern Ireland's lessons knock again (Brits, stop occupying, after your genocide failed. It wasn't a "potato famine"; it deliberate starvation!)
  1250. And the Winner Is ... Me (Blackwell OH-R)
  1251. Anti-terror training in the Great Lakes suspended
  1252. Israeli president lies low after rape claim
  1253. Gaza doctors say patients suffering mystery injuries after Israeli attacks(Genocide and torture)
  1254. NATO Commander: Coalition Dropped the Ball in Afghanistan
  1255. Iraq Removes Leaders of Special Police
  1256. 'Consigliere' draws up routes out of Iraq for embattled President
  1257. Bali suspect turns up in Guantanamo
  1258. Bush Signs 2007 Defense Authorization Act
  1259. Bush signs terror 'torture', trials bill
  1260. The death of habeas corpus (READ)
  1261. Military Commissions Act of 2006 (READ it)
  1262. Rice worried about possible arms race (Hello-o? Do we have any adults left, someplace?)
  1263. Bush Signs Detainee Legislation (US is serial genocidalist, torturer and racketeer - why not be honest about it?)
  1264. FBI probes Weldon links to Russian groups (and these are connected to whom?)
  1265. In UN political drama, it's all about the US (Of course it is; why everbody knows that. Goodness gracious, what ever else could possibly be of any importance?)
  1266. Spencer: Is Weldons political career starting to list? (Can we spell "plummet"?)
  1267. Weldon's Ties to Serbian Businessman Part of Probe
  1268. Corruption report adds more details in Cunningham scandal (Ooops!)
  1269. Probe: Many hands helped lawmaker gain bribes
  1270. Blair: 'Veils are mark of separation and make others uncomfortable' (Blair, without a veil sure makes me uncomfortable)
  1271. Wesley Snipes Accused of Tax Fraud (Indicted, but "they don't know wherehe is"?!)
  1272. Wesley Snipes wanted for tax evasion (Be in Venezuela!)
  1273. Symantec: MS Making Vista Insecure (M$: get over its garbage)
  1274. Brooklyn-Born Rapper Is Arrested After Being Shot (In US, that figures)
  1275. 'Little Eva' Held Title of Spiritual Leader of the Nation
  1276. Violence overshadows reburial of former Argentine caudillo Peron - iht,america,Argentina Peron's Bones
  1277. Ashcroft: Bush should be trusted not to abuse new powers (Is this chimpfucker joking?!)
  1278. Bush Sets Defense As Space Priority (It used to be called paranoia)
  1279. Indonesia Pushes for Geothermal Renewal
  1280. South American oil minnow Chaco is worth exploring (More than the obvious - Bushes - remember how IL bought and murdered its way into existence)
  1281. Russia warns US over missile system (Almost every is sick & tired of USUKIL)
  1282. Bush Seeks to Block Enemies From Space (Is used to be called psychosis)
  1283. French forces: Stop Lebanon overflights or we'll open fire (It would be long past fucking time)
  1284. C. difficile found in variety of Canada, U.S. meat products (US criminal corpagov assiduously making us all so much safer, purposely putting everyone in harm's way)
  1285. US death toll in Iraq - higher than you think (All governments are evil, and lie about it constantly)
  1286. Blackwell purged Ohio Voter Rolls Oct 1st.- Vote Early.
  1287. The blue wave of the future is clear (and it is equally cancerous and lethal)
  1288. Court Rules Against Israeli Extremists (Finally acknowledging Israelis as terrorists? I hope Judge remembers Wellstone)
  1289. Why people believe 9-11? (READ)
  1290. Shame on Us All (actually for over 150 years, shame on us all)
  1291. Bush signs terror bill in victory for White House (for the the most potent evil this planet has ever known)
  1292. U.S. Confidence in War on Terror Falls to 31% (There is always great confidence in sick fairy tales)
  1293. Battlefield 2142 comes with spyware (It's corpagov, and I say the hell with it all)
  1294. Some Apple iPods Infected With Windows Virus
  1295. God Bless Amerika and knock, knock, who's there? (Requiescat in Bellum)
  1296. A loaves & fishes/Holy Ghost victory for the GOP in November? (Manging miracles accordin to their natures)
  1297. Cheney: General Overall Situation In Iraq Is Going Remarkably Well (ROTFLMFAO! - Well -- I suppose, in genocidal terms, ... )
  1298. Iraq reality check: The cost in lives lost (Clearly, all these dead bodies, no matter how many, are "worth it", in the cause of genocide)
  1299. French UNIFIL commanders say will shoot at IAF overflights (Yeah!)
  1300. Michigan Workers, Pushed Out of Auto Jobs, Lose Houses, Too (The many faces and modes of genocide)
  1301. Red wine can help prevent stroke damage: study (or not - it's the alcohols stupid, and that "news" is a few decades old)
  1302. Judge Finds NYC and Silverstein Must Answer To Sending Workers Into Toxic Environments (and how long will this judge be permitted to live?)
  1303. November Surprise? (There are so many possibilities)
  1304. N. Korea informs China of plan to conduct 3 more nuke tests
  1305. Santorum defends Iraq war (Confine this living excrement to a pain amplifier of his own "blessing")
  1306. Israeli troops push into Gaza (This genocide will not be stopped?)
  1307. Rice, in Asia, urges 'swift' enforcement of NKorea sanctions Wicked Bitch of the West has only unnatural urges)
  1308. 1040 Checkmate? (Successfully battering the thieving bastards with weapons of their own making READ)
  1309. Iraq plan ignites Burns-Tester debate (The plan is genocide, no matter the cost)
  1310. Rumsfeld OKs Plan to Recall Battalions (The plan is genocide, no matter the cost)
  1311. True - Bush Declares 'National Character Counts Week' (Insane hubris unchained; this thing needs that leak under his proboscis vulcanized)
  1312. FDA Is Set To Approve Milk, Meat From Clones (or is that "Clowns"?)
  1313. US says troop deaths in Iraq are price of victory (in genocide)
  1314. Foreign students begin to look away from US (Gee - I wonder why?!)
  1315. US court-martial ordered in Iraq rape/murder case (How about the admin officials who actually ordered all of this?)
  1316. Terror Threat Against NFL Stadiums (US corpagov at work)
  1317. Officials skeptical of threat against NFL stadiums (Put nothing past this evil corpagov)
  1318. Baghdad Express (The Future - and so it begins)
  1319. Message to US troops by SEP candidate for US Senate from New York For an immediate end to the Iraq occupation bring the troops home now!
  1320. The US Supreme Court minority in Hamdan: executive rule in the "state of exception" Part 2
  1321. Anti-Islam campaign in France: the background to the Redeker affair
  1322. French National Assembly makes denial of the Armenian genocide a punishable (How about the slaughter of the French National Assembly?)
  1323. Abe's visit to Beijing: a tentative rapprochement with China (or not)
  1324. A sign of crisis: two major Sri Lankan parties to form a grand coalition
  1325. Citing torture, lawyers for Jose Padilla argue case should be dismissed (It should never have existed)
  1326. Bush signs Military Commissions Act authorizing police-state tribunals (The construction of Nazi Amerika is now complete)
  1327. Kate Doyle: The Dead of Tlatelolco (READ)
  1328. The Root Problems in American Agriculture (US criminal corpagov - what else?)
  1329. When Cochabamba Said "Enough!": Bolivia's Blow to Neoliberalism
  1330. Loveless Among the Ruins: Even Repubs Flee Bush's Failed Middle East Policy (Nothing now will avail anybody)
  1331. The Politics of Fear (is all there is left)
  1332. Bush's Foley: Will the Dems Blow It? (If they can)
  1333. Slandering Sound Science: Bush's Attack on the Lancet Iraq War Death Study
  1334. Cindy Sheehan's Lesser Evilism: Democrats or Bust? (She's wrong, of course - destroy both and you still not not survive prior ignorance and stupidity)
  1335. Report Spells Out Abuses by Former Congressman (They are all criminals. What do you expect?)
  1336. Is War With [Unwarranted Attack On] Iran Inevitable? (Yes, next queestion?)
  1337. Baker: Iraq a Helluva Mess (Genius master of the obvious)
  1338. Elections May Leave Bush an Early Lame Duck (but, his "truth" goes on like a fucking tank)
  1339. Defenders of Civil Liberties Attack George W. Bush (Why ever would they do that?!)
  1340. Questions on Rep. Kolbe and Pages Referred to Ethics Panel
  1341. Bush's Former Elections Chair: E-Voting Ripe for Fraud (This entire corpagov is a complete fraud)
  1342. Clinton Urges Dems to Question Criticism (Could both of them be just kept bound and gagged - surely that is now legal)
  1343. Ex-Commander Talks at Abu Ghraib Hearing (All right!! Isn't it all yet obvious enough? Arrest the entire administration)
  1344. Clearly the lessons of Suez were lost on the Americans
  1345. NBC/WSJ poll: Public sour on GOP
  1346. Iraqi PM hopes for Saddam death sentence soon (Be careful what you wish for)
  1347. Heated debate over use of torture (READ)
  1348. We won't provoke Iraqis by staying too long, says Blair (Mealymouthed liar)
  1349. Canada presses NATO to do more in Afghanistan
  1350. Israeli PM finds little reassurances over Iran in Moscow (Why should he?)
  1351. Iran atomic aide warns of retaliation to sanctions
  1352. Iran cuts Internet speeds to homes, cafes
  1353. Former top aide may offer Bush way out of Iraq (LOL - a deep concept called "getout!")
  1354. Court presses Israeli army on ban
  1355. Britain 'is blocking' cluster bomb ban
  1356. A symbol of failure: The unholy state of the River Jordan
  1357. Iran must be intimidated, says Israeli leader (Most of the world would rather kick Israel's nuts. I wonder why?)
  1358. Iran nuclear crisis tops Israeli PM's Kremlin (while Russia knows it's a load of lying shit)
  1359. 'Beginning of the end of America' (It's already over)
  1360. School bans tag during recess (Nutty)
  1361. OPEC meets to discuss production cut
  1362. Bush issues doctrine for US control of space
  1363. Popular Anti-Aging Supplement Found Useless (or not)
  1364. Additional sanctions may be imposed against North Korea (All they have ever done is kill babies, starve people, and piss a LOT of people off)
  1365. Israelis love their torture (This is not exactly news)
  1366. 'Ill-equipped' states brace for Election Day chaos (But, this is the designed effect)
  1367. Bush says he may ignore new war-funding law (or any other inconvenient law)
  1368. Many killed in Iraq bomb blasts (What?! No flowers and kisses?)
  1369. Mehlman: Democrats have "concern for terrorist civil liberties" (Let's have no concern for Mehlman's civil liberties then)
  1370. Pentagon Monitoring Peace Activists' E-Mails (If they're opposed to genocide, they must be terr'ists?)
  1371. NBC to cut 700 jobs in overhaul (How many to cover ditching Olberman?)
  1372. Gaza in Crisis: As Military Siege Enters Fifth Month, Israel Threatens New Military Offensive (advancing the long genocide)
  1373. This election just gets more fun by the minute (GOP grasping vicious straws)
  1374. TUS has lost control in Iraq, says military strategist (READ: He's right)
  1375. Republican Reptilian Group Chides Democrats With Abortion Ads
  1376. Europe Moves To Kill Internet (No, it is NOT just like TV)
  1377. How to Make a Power Grab 'Mundane'
  1378. "A Government more dangerous to our liberties than the enemy it claims to protect us from." (The REAL bottom line)
  1379. Poll: How much of a factor was the Israel Lobby in taking the U.S. to war in Iraq and in its current confrontation with Iran? (The people are actually beginning to understand some truth?!)
  1380. North Korea heads toward hunger (or not - csmonitor spews a good amount of corpagov garbage)
  1381. Olmert fails to win Russian pledge for anti-Iran stance (Big O didn't know? First class asshole)
  1382. Vaccine protects mice against deadly 1918 virus ("corpagov scientists" lie a lot, so who knows about this from any of their other fairytales)
  1383. The limits of liberty: We're all suspects now (all except the criminal govs of the world - all of them)
  1384. N Korea faces build-up of [deranged] naval power
  1385. Ernst Zundel's Latest Letter From the Gulag
  1386. Catholic Priest Claims Relationship With Foley (ROTFL)
  1387. Jonah Goldberg: Iraq Was a Worthy Mistake (It can get crazier)
  1388. Bush sees possible Iraq-Vietnam parallel (in his usual warped way)
  1389. America, Welcome to Martial Law? (What else can the reptos do?)
  1390. Still dancing to Ollie's tune (READ)
  1391. Judge Orders Cheney Visitor Logs Opened (Ooops?)
  1392. Olmert in Moscow / Sowing the seeds of a preemptive strike (Trying to, anyhow)
  1393. A Dangerous New Order
  1394. Judge: American to go to Iraq, his death
  1395. Football stadium threat a hoax, FBI says
  1396. Calif. [Republican] candidate urged to exit race
  1397. Top US general says Rumsfeld is inspired by God (and insane generals to boot - we're all doomed)
  1398. Turkey: A new military intervention in the making
  1399. Debate over mass poverty in Germany A devastating indictment of the former SPD-Green government
  1400. WSWS interviews: Sri Lankan soldiers oppose return to war
  1401. Blair joins the attack on Britain's Muslims (His plan to start with!)
  1402. A Gathering of Water Buffaloes: Feds Celebrate Death of the Colorado River
  1403. Eric Holt-Gimenez: Poison and Famine in the Fields
  1404. Wal-Mart Tightens the Squeeze on Workers
  1405. North Korea's Nuclear Test: a Q & A
  1406. The Bush Administration's Assault on Defense Lawyers
  1407. New Laws and Machines May Spell Voting Woes (Their very purpose)
  1408. Bob Ney, Guilty but Still at Capitol (Criminal, just like the rest of them)
  1409. Ohio Lawsuit to Reinstate Hundreds of Thousands of Purged Democratic Voters
  1410. Moderates in Kansas Decide They're Not in GOP Anymore
  1411. NATO Airstrikes Kill 9 Afghan Civilians (Kill civilians: it's what they do)
  1412. NOW | Votes for Sale? (Haven't they always been?!)
  1413. About 100 NGOs Suspended in Russia
  1414. Rice Says North Korea Must Return to Six-Nation Nuclear Talks (Even an enema could not help her)
  1415. Rice to push for strict UN sanctions on N Korea (Nice cup of oleander tea perhaps?)
  1416. N Korean test 'serious provocation': Rice (or hemlock?)
  1417. Tet memories underscore woes in Iraq
  1418. SFGate: World Views : Bush finally utters the "V" word as Iraq "mission" deteriorates, unaccomplished ("Vanquished"?)
  1419. US Rethinks Strategy to Cut Iraqi Violence (Nonsense: the violence is part of the genocidal plan)
  1420. US Says Violence in Baghdad Rises, Foiling Campaign (as designed)
  1421. Bloody month saps US morale (The troops never did matter)
  1422. Putin on alleged rapist Israel President: "We all envy him" (Erstwhile Putiputi has a cool sense of humor; Olmert no doubt was not amused)
  1423. Regime Change Only Solution for Iran, Israeli Expert Says (Fuckwads also have freedom of speech)
  1424. Israel says Iran must pay if no nuclear deal agreed (Let IL pay for Lebanon first)
  1425. Bush Makes House Calls on 2 Ailing GOP Candidates (Entirely too too precious)
  1426. Priest Denies Having Sex With Foley (Circus, no bread or wine)
  1427. Foley Priest-Lover Comes Forward (Circus II, moldy bread)
  1428. Priest Details Relationship With Foley (No circus; wine turns to vinegar)
  1429. Majority Leader Testifies in Foley Case (Punchline?)
  1430. Boehner, former House clerk testify in Foley investigation (Electrodes on their testicals is OK now)
  1431. OPEC Cuts Production 4% to Prop Up Prices
  1432. Court: Religious social service groups must cover contraceptives (until criminal congress passes yet another unsonstitutional law)
  1433. Flaw found in new Microsoft browser (Deja vu, all over again)
  1434. Microsoft's browser gets upgraded (with new flaws!)
  1435. A real invisibility cloak? Wizard! (Journalists never understand)
  1436. Nurture can cause a struggle with maths (Never misunderestimate the placebo effect; statistics cannot predict for individuals)
  1437. Study suggests expectations key to math ability (No it doesn't)
  1438. Somali Islamists 'under al-Qaeda' (Al-CIAda?! Al-MI6a? or Al-Mossada?)
  1439. Eritrea accused of attacks (They do that; NOYB)
  1440. Pa. House shuts down immediate access to roll calls (Secretive criminal corpagov)
  1441. Republican ad refers to black women as "ho's" (Lovely, simply charming)
  1442. Canada supports Israel: PM (so, clearly, also genocide)
  1443. Congresswoman on page board buried file on husband's child abuse allegation (All Congress is criminal and deranged)
  1444. FBI Investigating SoCal Boeing Scientist (undoubtedly using "government science")
  1445. More Homeowners Going Into Default (Completely expected)
  1446. Medics beg for help as Iraqis die needlessly
  1447. Court Told It Lacks Power in Detainee Cases (Law? What law? Criminal Congress Fucks Constitution)
  1448. GOP to Air Ad Warning of Terror Attacks (by GOP)
  1449. Terror Suspect Says CIA Recruited Him (That's A-CIAda to you)
  1450. Former delegate gets purported Diebold code (Do we verify this?)
  1451. Robert Steele Concludes There is Sufficient Evidence to Indict Dick Cheney and Karl Rove of a Neo-Conservative Neo-Nazi Coup D&#-11;&#-11;&#-11;etat (READ)
  1452. US: Israel discriminating against Arab-Americans (Ah - they are mistaken for Arab-Israelis who ARE second class citizens)
  1453. Modern Moles
  1454. No First Amendment Rights in America's Classrooms: Teacher loses job for saying peace (READ)
  1455. Shiite militia takes over Iraqi city (READ)
  1456. Carter Book Slaps Israel With Apartheid Tag (The foo does shit)
  1457. Scientists tracking health of 9/11 search dogs
  1458. Air controllers saw nightmare coming (9/11)
  1459. Sean Hannity Tells Voters to Stay Home on Election Day
  1460. Egypt frees Brotherhood members
  1461. 43% of outposts on private Palestinian land (READ)
  1462. Australian Treasurer Seeks Orderly Withdrawal From U.S. Dollar (READ)
  1463. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. -- Will The Next Election Be Hacked?
  1464. Make AIPAC an agent of a foreign government....
  1465. Shiite Militia Seizes Control of City in Iraq
  1466. Iran 'blocks Israel soldier (So quoth the lying Israeli Ambassador)
  1467. NewsTrack - Most of U.S. spending monitors sacked (Didn't give the truththat was a lie)
  1468. Iraq 'hiding true casualty figures' (US is keeping secrets, not Iraq)
  1469. Pollard to PM: Your silence is costing me my life (Bizarre)
  1470. After Pat Tillman's Birthday
  1471. Endgame coming, ready or not (READ)
  1472. Democratic House staffer suspended over Iraq leak
  1473. UNHCR alarmed by increased violence against Palestinians in Iraq (Who wants them all dead?)
  1474. Debt holds U.S. troops back from overseas duty (Well paid mercenaries are what is wanted)
  1475. Words of war: Understanding military jargon
  1476. Medicare Drug Aid No Longer Automatic (READ)
  1477. Racists on the Ballot: Hard-Right Radicals Run in 2006 (READ)
  1478. Judge Doubts Legality of Exit Poll Law
  1479. Greenland ice sheet shrinking fast: NASA (or not)
  1480. Ozone Hole at Record Size (or not)
  1481. Bush's Paraguay Land Grab: Hideout or Water Raid?
  1482. Shame on You, Dr. Warf!: Hail the Epidemiologist in Chief! (A breath of Fall satire)
  1483. Lee Sustar: A Bipartisan Border Wall
  1484. Alan Maass: Standing Up Against Racism at Columbia
  1485. The Second Palestinian Intifada: History of a Struggle for Survival (against the century old zionist plot for their complete extermination)
  1486. How to Stay Out of Gitmo (We do like satire)
  1487. Corporate Drugs Useless Against Alzheimer's
  1488. GOP Death Slide: Is the Party Really Over? (The sad truth)
  1489. The Mad Logic of Pentagon Spending: As Costs Rise, Readiness Declines
  1490. The Cronies' War
  1491. Don't Look Back: Who Said Clinton Didn't Kill Anybody?
  1492. Pat Tillman's Brother Breaks His Silence
  1493. Gary Leupp: How the US Declare War on North Korea
  1494. GOP Banks on Terror Down the Stretch (No, banks on its ownsick terrorizing lies)
  1495. Tables Turned for the GOP Over Iraq Issue (It's a false Hegelian conflict with only one resolution)
  1496. US Reviews Baghdad Strategy as Troop Deaths Mount (Joining reality is too much to hope for)
  1497. Troops With Stress Disorders Being Redeployed (Killing the troops is part of BushCo Plan)
  1498. French Defense Minister Gives US a Lesson on Friendship (Good, now how about one in sanity.)
  1499. US Anti-Terror Law Concerns Red Cross (as it should concern anyone with a brain)
  1500. Canadian Court Ruling Upholds Freedom of the Press (then why is Zundel in jail?)
  1501. General Concedes Failure in Baghdad (This doesn't mean that he is not crazy)
  1502. GOP House Appropriations Chair Lewis Fires 60 Staffers Investigating Corruption(Why, we wonders?)
  1503. Support ebbing for Bush strategy in Iraq (The only "strategy" is genocide)
  1504. Iranian President Calls Israel 'Terrorists' (which it has always been) and maligns U.N. Security Council (an instrument of serial murders, by its history)
  1505. The week the war unravelled: Bush to 'refocus' Iraq strategy (Babbling nonsense)
  1506. Clare Short says threats led her to quit Labour whip (Threats and murdes are the order of the day. She grew, learned, and has integrity, unlike the congenital crminals who revile her)
  1507. Rumsfeld Reaffirms U.S. Promise to Republic of Korea (to be first bully of the planet)
  1508. Hungary supports NATO enlargement (a pitiable weakness)
  1509. Turkish Troops Join Beirut Peacekeepers
  1510. Pakistan facing umpteen problems in finalising gas projects(many more can be expected)
  1511. What about their right to choose? (Islamophobia: a calculated construction that serves whom?)
  1512. Plan to cut Opec supply will come (Concentrating world wealth further incorpagov and engines of war and theft)
  1513. Ahmadinejad warns Europe it will pay for backing Israel (which it will, of course)
  1514. POLITICS: What to Do With the World's Nuclear Arsenal (Guess!)
  1515. POLITICS-US: Public Wants "New Approach" on Foreign Policy (What Foreign Policy?)
  1516. New Iranian Threats Set Off Alarm Bells in Israel (VOA: density of lies here is breathtaking)
  1517. Israeli forces kill Palestinian in Gaza raid (The daily Israeli murders)
  1518. Israeli billionaire's investment plan raises fears of hidden agenda (New tactics advancing Israeli genocide of Palestinians)
  1519. Zahar: Kidnapping IDF troops still a viable option (How many options do Palenstinians have?)
  1520. N. Korea, Mideast states, refuse chemical arms bans (Hyperbolic Hoopla)
  1521. Palestinian leader's convoy attacked (by whom, really?)
  1522. Israeli planes steering clear of Lebanon: France(or not)
  1523. The Dark Side of Democracy: An Interview with Michael Mann (Democracies don't really exist: they are fabricated illusions)
  1524. France calls IAF overflights in Lebanon 'extremely dangerous (Another master of the obvious)
  1525. US court debates Hamas legitimacy (The court has no jurisdiction: 12b dismissal)
  1526. White House resists major course change in Iraq (Genocide is genocide, no matter the phrasing of it)
  1527. Analysis: Is Hezbollah Rearming? (Crazy not to)
  1528. Russia arms & Hizbollah (Russia has a vested interest)
  1529. Russia says Hizbullah used US arms (undoubtedly true)
  1530. DOJ tells federal courts they lack jurisdiction over detainee habeas claims (i.e., no jurisdiction in constitutional matters)
  1531. Australia justice minister denounces US detention of Hicks without trial(But AU corpagov is a poodle)
  1532. Bush asserts US right to protect interests in space (or - fill in the blank)
  1533. Texas death row inmate commits suicide hours before execution (depriving the State of its asserted absolute tyranny)
  1534. Rice, Chinese foreign minister trade human rights concerns (as if either of them actually had any)
  1535. Iran preemptively denounces Security Council nuclear sanctions (Preemption?!)
  1536. UN Nepal rights office urges political groups to respect obligations (The usual vacuuous babbling)
  1537. The Mystic vs Hitler - Signs of the Times - Fri, 20 Oct, 2006 (Long, but READ anyhow)
  1538. Asia Goal Proving Elusive for Rice (as does any simple syllogism)
  1539. EU leaders wine and dine Putin over energy deals (How about chocolates?)
  1540. PM seeks fair play on Russian energy (Tony, shut up and go to your room)
  1541. Putin rejects EU demand to open up gas supplies (LOL)
  1542. Iraq threatens to derail Republicans (LOL - it doesn't matter)
  1543. Ahmadinejad offers to sell West half-price uranium from Iran (LMAO! He LOVES fucking with their excuses for heads!)
  1544. Israel will soon disappear (Soon? How soon just depends on its level of blood red arrogance)
  1545. Shi'ite militia in show of strength
  1546. Militias are spiraling into chaos (or cohesion)
  1547. Church probe curbs priest (Ooops!)
  1548. Republicans Are Forced to Explain Iraq Position (ROTF)
  1549. Report: US immigrants will send $45 billion to Latin America (Isn't this "free trade" - or something?)
  1550. Latin immigrants in Illinois send billions back (Purpose of US corpagov is to destroy US. They designed this)
  1551. Suit Targets Money Transfer Seizures (Are we having fun yet?)
  1552. Health Law Requiring Plans To Offer Birth Control Upheld (What a tangled web we weave when first we learn to decieve)
  1553. Review: Just Say Yes to Internet Explorer 7 (I don't think so)
  1554. Marie Antoinette (It's an imperfect universe)
  1555. Bread-Heavy Diet Linked to Kidney Cancer (or not LOL - so much for all those starchy carbs!)
  1556. Drug Induced Labor Raises Risk Of Amniotic-fluid Embolism (Ooops! - or not)
  1557. Bush to consider change in tactics (I wouldn't even touch this one)
  1558. Georgian minister: Europe must not stay silent over Georgian-Russian dispute (or not)
  1559. Russia liberals alter names amid anti-Georgia moves (No one can spell the properly?)
  1560. 'We have liberated Amara from the British. Basra next'
  1561. We've lost battle for Baghdad, US admits (until tomorrow)
  1562. Blair: troops may quit Iraq in 10-16 months (or not)
  1563. Iraq mayhem triggers hunt for exit strategy in US and UK (which will not be found)
  1564. Israel and U.S. agree: Now is not the time for talks with Syria (Israel agrees, anyhow)
  1565. Final Military Com Act Applies To US Citizens (?)
  1566. A U.S. Fortress Rises in Baghdad: Asian Workers Trafficked to Build World's Largest Embassy
  1567. Bush says Iraq attacks are propaganda (and many other ridiculous things)
  1568. Parts of Canada Secrecy Law Struck Down
  1569. Pentagon Admits Keeping Database on US Civilians Deemed Suspicious (and so that we are all its enemy)
  1570. Another Disastrous Coverup: Ammo dump explosion may have killed hundreds of US soldiers
  1571. Many GOP Donors Pitch In For Joe (Zionist cabal at work)
  1572. Essential ally (US serves Israel; Israel sullies US)
  1573. Exclusive: Feds Probe a Top Democrat's Relationship with AIPAC (Agents of a foreign government)
  1574. Deadly clashes erupt in second Iraq town
  1576. Fire damages Fort Meade office building (destroying evience?)
  1577. Germany Extends License Fees to Computers, Mobile Phones (It's a strange license fee to begin with)
  1578. New Israeli settlement outpost established on Palestinian lands
  1579. Troops in debt can't go overseas
  1580. Helping the hungry on base (READ what the troops are "defending")
  1581. Officials Probing Possible Theft of Voting Software in Md.
  1582. Sex scandals dominate midterm elections (Economic destruction a no show)
  1583. Conservative pundit settles case over promoting US propaganda
  1584. Oct. Toll at 78 for U.S. Troops in Iraq
  1585. Expert Warns Iraq In A "State of Almost Full Collapse" (So is US)
  1586. Lawmaker calls for Pentagon to oust any CNN reporters embedded in Iraq (Cazier every day)
  1587. US Republicans launch terror ad
  1588. Report: CIA flights land at Danish airports regularly
  1589. Australian police raid office of Solomon Islands PM
  1590. In response to intensifying class antagonisms India's Congress Party revives discredited "Garibi Hatao" slogan (But, it is a complete lie, being the very opposite of neoliberal realities)
  1591. India's prime minister pledges to accelerate neo-liberal "reform" (Hope that he is lying)
  1592. Bill Keller at the University of Michigan New York Times editor touts role of establishment press in "war on terror" (In fact, NYT was a chief cheerleader in runups to genocidal invasions of Afghanistand and Iraq)
  1593. Thus Spake Zarabushtra (The grievous mistake is that it was "elected")
  1594. Iraq strategy checked every day; rebuffs attack videos (Wrong: only "tactics" might be checked every day)
  1595. Analysis: Is Kim Remorseful ("Remorseful"?!! - LMAO)
  1596. N Korea apologises to Chinese allies (Oh, my stars and garters! LOL)
  1597. Making peace from victory over poverty (Nobel Peace Prize has always been a farce)
  1598. Experts: Abusers think they're innocent (So does the entire US corpagov)
  1599. 'Poverty Is Relative' (READ)
  1600. Oil Falls on Skepticism OPEC Will Make Reductions in Production
  1601. OPEC output cut bigger than expected
  1602. OPEC's Cuts Signal Pricing Worries
  1603. Court: Religious social service groups must cover contraceptives
  1604. Attacks, Flaw Reports Mar IE 7 Release (Forever garbage)
  1605. U.S. to Hand Iraq a New Timetable on Security Role (or not)
  1606. At White House Meeting, No Big Changes on Iraq (or not)
  1607. US in secret truce talks with insurgency chiefs (or not)
  1608. 'US has shown arrogance and stupidity in Iraq' (So all you alleged insurgents, come talk with us stupid, arrogant people! Bring 'em on!)
  1609. Abbas seeks to curb Hamas in West Bank (Maybe he should get a life)
  1610. Gunmen kill Palestinian Fatah official (Is Israel's daily murder quota filled?)
  1611. More remains found at World Trade Center site (Cheney's lunch?)
  1612. Israel insists on Lebanon overflights (Maybe, somebody will insist on blowing them out of the sky, as should be done)
  1613. The End of Maliki? (Maybe not: he's still being perfectly useless)
  1614. Putin to [Israeli] PM: Using force against Iran could end in disaster
  1615. Israel admits using phosphorus bombs during war in Lebanon (Now, about Gaza?)
  1616. Forced labor for Palestinian children in Israeli prison
  1617. This is the moment for Europe to dismantle taboos, not erect them (YES - but that would enrage you know who)
  1618. Blowing in the Wind (None of this prattling matters)
  1619. Bush lied today saying "We've never been 'stay the course'" (He lies allthe time, as do all his handlers and thugs)
  1620. Iran still poses biggest threat to U.S. (because it has all that oil, and has borders with everything)
  1621. Diplomat Cites U.S. 'Stupidity' in Iraq (He got that right)
  1622. US helicopter bombs Al-Sadr's office South of Baghdad
  1623. Defeat looms for embattled Bush (It doesn't matter unless he is jailed for live)
  1624. The David Kelly "Dead in the Woods" PSYOP (READ)
  1625. BYU professor in dispute over 9/11 will retire
  1626. BYU Scholar, Sept. 11 Theorist, Resigns
  1627. US Republicans (The global terrorists) launch terror ad
  1628. US warns of potential threat to Saudi oil Facilities (Now, who would do that?)
  1629. False-detention stories come out of Guantanamo amid legal fight
  1630. Londoner was victim of secret CIA rendition
  1631. Bush's family profits from 'No Child' act
  1632. Millions Stolen From Iraq's Treasury (So, where is rabbi dov zackheim?)
  1633. Israelis threaten to retake Gaza-Egypt border (Their genocide of Palestinians is a century old imperitive; there is only one way to put an end to it)
  1634. Electronic Voting Machines Could Skew Elections (Could?! HAVE STOLEN!)
  1635. Confusion over Kim's promise to stay second test (All irrelevant)
  1636. US Doubts Kim Jong-ils Remark (Everybody knows US as liar)
  1637. Rice in talks on slain journalist (off on her new broomstick?)
  1638. Diebold source code leaked again
  1639. Panic following deaths linked to flu vaccines
  1640. Israelis dropped phosphorous bombs in war
  1641. Boy killed by Israeli cluster bomb in Lebanon
  1642. Fifty years on from the Hungarian Revolution
  1643. Jewish political partisans in U.S. engaged in pre-election outreach (You would think that Jews were actually of some importance or interest other than being annoying. Suppose it said Belgian instead?)
  1644. We will not accept a nuclear North Korea: Rice (Where is Monty Python when we need them?)
  1645. Russia will block UN sanctions on Iran (Is the somehow a new realization?!)
  1646. US 'cannot stay course' in Iraq (Sure can, and that spells genocide)
  1647. Poll: How much of a factor was the Israel Lobby in taking the U.S. to war in Iraq and in its current confrontation with Iran?
  1648. Somalia's Islamic leader dares Ethiopia to attack amid fears of regional conflict
  1649. Nancy Pelosi:  No Impeachment (Ditch the Bitch!)
  1650. *WHO* REALLY IS TO BE BLAMED FOR THE CAMP FALCON EXPLOSION? (Who's amok murdering people? I ain't Iraqis; it's black ops USUKIL)
  1651. Israel jets fly over Lebanon despite French appeal (Shoot them out of the sky)
  1652. The Lobby, Unmasked - by Justin Raimondo (READ)
  1653. Time for the neocons (and entire corpagovs of USUKIL) to admit that the Iraq war was wrong from the start
  1654. Lugar, Dems urge U.S.-N. Korean talks (It's a US manufactured proble to which no solution is desired by US)
  1655. Study: Some preschoolers can use Ritalin (risking only permanent brain damage; it's ANOTHER lying (by definition) fucking government "study")
  1656. Investing in Fear on Fox (Believe it)
  1657. Putin Gets Mugged in Finland (READ. Yes Virginia, both politics and history are essentially conspiratorial in nature, and always have been)
  1658. America may penalise Iraq if it fails to stop the violence (An idea sick beyond words)
  1659. Ford posts loss of $5.8 billion
  1660. Obama says he's mulling a White House run (Delusions of competence)
  1661. Bush faces political nightmare if Democrats win(Life in a pain amplifier?)
  1662. President Plays Down Father's Concerns Over Upcoming Elections (The Dems all bought by and for Israel. Who cares?)
  1663. Voters Over 50 Favor Democrats (Their brains haven't been so rotted by corpagov)
  1664. Judge sentences Enron's Skilling to 24 years in prison (but he'll get in 3 days for good behavior?)
  1665. Lieberman failed to account for $387,000 in petty cash disbursements (Lieberbush ueber alles!)
  1666. Lamont camp presses complaints over Lieberman 'slush fund'
  1667. In Deregulation, Plants Turn Into Blue Chips (PAY ATTENTION: it's the banks, stupid!)
  1668. Paraguay in a spin about Bush's alleged 100,000 acre hideaway
  1669. Venezuelan detained near U.S. embassy (Al-CIAMI6aMOSSADa troglodyte)
  1670. Halliburton's 3Q Income Rises 22 Percent (Things go better with corpagov)
  1671. Active-Duty Troops Launch Campaign to Press Congress to End U.S. Occupation of Iraq
  1672. U.S. says has set no deadlines for Iraq (How many thousand times needit be said?)
  1673. US diplomat apologises for calling America 'arrogant' (He meant "GoddamnFucking Arrogant")
  1674. 'Arrogant' US has failed, says spin doctor (He hasn't had to apologize for "stupid" yet?)
  1675. Former CIA insider blasts Bush (Ray McGovern)
  1676. UK warned against Iraq invasion (Bizarre nonsense)
  1677. US offers amnesty in secret talks (or this is all a load of standard issue bullshit)
  1678. Bush Regains Powers of Monarch (We know what happens to monarchs)
  1679. Belgium: Losses for ruling coalition as far right make gains (like everyplace else. Diebold must be making a fortune)
  1680. North Korean nuclear test opens up political divisions in South Korea (Shit Happens)
  1681. The case of Curt Weldon: Republican congressman targeted after criticizing 9/11 cover-up (mixed with disinformation)
  1682. Demands for Iraq "course change" grow louder in Washington
  1683. Gilad Atzmon: Surviving the Board of Deputies (What "lobbying" is all about)
  1684. The Socialist, the Columnist, His Wife and the Prostitute (News v. Fiction)
  1685. Canadians in Afghanistan: Bloody, Unbowed, Stoned?
  1686. Punditry Without Consequences: Channeling Thomas Friedman (Now, go wash that filth from your head)
  1687. The End of Habeas Corpus and the Belligerent Despot-in-Chief
  1688. Israel's Cluster Bomb War: "What We Did Was Insane and Monstrous"
  1689. Republican Edge on Security Wanes as Elections Near (Our Diebold who art well paid, hallowed be our thane, ...)
  1690. US Questioned About Arar Torture Case (Actually expecting something other than lies?!)
  1691. US Plan for New Nuclear Weapons Advances (Oh, rapture!)
  1692. Iraq Mayhem Triggers Hunt for Exit Strategy (No, it doesn't)
  1693. Carter Says Bush Partly to Blame for North Korea Test (He only seems to be a gentle pussycat)
  1694. Downsized but Not Out (READ - unless you've left the dwindling realist community)
  1695. Guardedly, Democrats Are Daring to Believe (Put up Denis Kucinich, and THEN I'll believe Dems are not also all Megashits)
  1696. Chris Floyd | Long Black Veil: Tony Blair's Dangerous Game of Muslim-Bashing (READ)
  1697. The Netherlands Wants to Prohibit Burqa-Wearing (We're surrounded with imbeciles)
  1698. Grim New Turn May Harden Darfur Conflict (that USUKIL so evilly desires)
  1699. CBS: Corrupt Arms Deals Cost Iraq $800 Million (Theft is part of the genocide)
  1700. Break-Up of Iraq Threatens Mideast Stability(It was designed for that consequence by the neotoad robbers who are doing well in their genocidal enterprise)
  1701. At Least Get The Kids Out (READ)
  1702. New coalition partner takes Israel to right (Corpagovs go R, and the people go L; corpagovs may REALLY lose the heads)
  1703. UN nuclear chief urges talks with North Korea, Iran (US wants neither, and they won't happen)
  1704. Far-right party joins Israeli coalition (approaching its death even more quickly)
  1705. Far away from Darfur's agony, Khartoum is booming
  1706. Iranians expanding enrichment, diplomats say (Yes, and why shouldn't they?)
  1707. Pakistan tries to shed Khan proliferation stigma (PR does not always work)
  1708. ElBaradei warns on sanctions on N.Korea, Iran (Smart guy, but his logic is not the neorepto's logic)
  1709. Defying U.N. [capriciouss, arbitrary, unwarranted extortionate diktat], Iran Continues [its perfectly legal and reasonable] Testing Uranium Enrichment Equipment
  1710. Majlis speaker: Iran and Egypt are two wings of the Islamic world(We hope Egypt is listening)
  1711. Bhutan's draft constitution lays down electoral eligibility (Bhutan's reptos have already usurped power and created a horror against the wishes of three generations of kings who fostered the transition)
  1712. Gov't spokesman predicts bright future for Iran (USUKIL will all die soon enough)
  1713. Israel's Olmert agrees to alliance with hard-liner (Insufferability of IL will now increase, if that it is even conceptually possible)
  1714. Hamas exiled leader to visit Egypt: report (Good move)
  1715. Israel defies France on Lebanon flights (IL defies every thing, always and ever has - and gets away with it. Why?! It the banks, stupid!)
  1716. Israelis kill 7 in Gaza raid, Palestinians say (Are the up to the genocidal daily quota?)
  1717. Botswana: Inflation Rate Slides, Cost of Living Climbs (Hmmm - one of the few nations having the sense to tell IMF to go fuck itself)
  1718. Venezuela stops visas for Israelis (Smart move: Chavez knows about AU and NZ affairs)
  1719. Hawkish party to join Israel gov't (Good: they will get Israel annihilated faster)
  1720. Economist: Is The West Losing Turkey? (Government no, People yes - Hatred of US corpagov globally, is monumental - and with good cause)
  1721. IAF jets fly over Lebanon despite French warnings (Destroy them)
  1722. Halutz makes surprise visit to Golan (Moron should be hiding in his own grave)
  1723. Reform in Pacific essential, says Howard (Speaking of arrogant morons)
  1724. Pacific attack on Australia goes on (Just slightly backwards here?)
  1725. Madonna to appear on Oprah (Immediately on my "must miss" list)
  1726. Tank protest in echo of uprising
  1727. Hungary riots mar commemoration ("mar"?)
  1728. IOL: UN supports booted envoy Pronk
  1729. PM (Howard, the psycho shithole) backs Iraqi deputy PM on withdrawal
  1730. Iraq: the people have their say. And it's bad news for Tony Blair (Reality is always bad for fucking slime like Blair)
  1731. Official: Coalition Must Not Cut and Run (Get stuffed)
  1732. Rising Star (pouting, well fucked asshole) in Democrat Party Considers US Presidential Run
  1733. Obama considering '08 presidential run (Of what value is this pretensious thing?)
  1734. How this US election may help Iraq (A stupidity of epic proportions)
  1735. Minimum wage, war top Democrats' plans (As if! Top concern is fucking Israel)
  1736. Bush adviser: Iraq policy more than 'stay the course' (Right! It's "kill them all!")
  1737. Skilling Faces Enron Victims Before Judge Delivers Sentence (Death byslow vivesection might have been more appropriate - Hey! Torture is the IN thing now)
  1738. Cloud over Jaguar and Land Rover as Fords losses grow (Nothing of value may be allowed to be produced! - otherewise you won't accept paying too much for poisonous shit)
  1739. Crude Oil Is Little Changed After Falling on Rising Stockpiles (Um - little changed from WHEN, shithead?)
  1740. Oil Prices Slide Below $59 a Barrel (We ARE close to elections)
  1741. Academic life brings knowledge and weight gain! (Pseudo medico shit for brains garbage: medical standard issue)
  1742. New genomic tests guide choice of chemotherapy in cancer patients (probably, guide badly)
  1743. Researchers: Genes Can Predict Effective Cancer Treatments (or not)
  1744. US official retracts Iraq 'stupidity' remark (Finally! Yes, even the stupidity goes, letting you know that both arrogant and stupidity are part of the US character - consistent with its Jewish control)
  1745. Diplomat 'mispoke' on US arrogance in Iraq (LOL An "unfortunate choice of words"? ROTFL)
  1746. Bush Does Away With Stay The Course (Well - the words, anyhow)
  1747. Political differences GOPs failures (Dems will give no breath of fresh air - just the same miasmic pollution of reptilian brains)
  1748. Bush reviews Iraq war tactics with generals (As if he were even capable of the words!)
  1749. Iraq: voters want British troops home by end of year
  1750. Iraq war could be judged a disaster, Beckett admits (It is in fact a War Crime)
  1751. MoD bans TV news access to warzones (UK)
  1752. Scots Muslim charged for alleged 'terror' websites (The State terrorizing citizens)
  1753. Judge Orders Release of Abu Ghraib Child Rape Photos(USUKIL: consortium of nations of depraved genocidal torturers, the true Axis of Psychos)
  1754. AP News Analysis: GOP Fears War Fallout (How fast can they make another 9/11?)
  1755. U.N. envoy to exit Sudan
  1756. N. Korea weapons tests reduce food aid -U.N. (Senseless, as usual)
  1757. France fears upswing of violence
  1758. Australia is accused of violation of sovereignty
  1759. Howard rejects Pacific 'bully' label (because it's true)
  1760. Why There Almost Certainly Is No God
  1761. Kenneth Lay alive? Maybe
  1762. Encrypted credit cards harbor security flaws
  1763. How to Avoid Debt Slavery (READ)
  1764. Rumsfeld urged to alter Afghan drug trade policy (What?! and destroy CIA MI6 Mossad income?!)
  1765. Never Wrong - No One Is Ever Wrong (Sure sign of a sociopath)
  1766. U.S. Nukes to Return to South Korea (for a vacation?)
  1767. Idiotic Hannity Polling Ignores Iraq War
  1768. ABC News: Chicago Voter Database Hacked
  1769. Life in Gaza steadily worsens (Continuing genocide does that)
  1770. Jack off Missile Jonny and the Glass Parking lot crowd (READ)
  1771. Cook Political Report : Devastating Tidal Wave looms (Repugs still have 9/11 #2 and vote rigging in their favor, just like before)
  1772. Student admits bomb hoax in bid to delay flight
  1773. Voting Irregularities Discovered in Ward 5 Primary Election Results in Washington D.C. (No end to vote rigging)
  1774. Settlements grow on Arab land, despite promises made to U.S. (What would expect from long time terrorists?)
  1775. Coup against Maliki reported in the making (Is the designed boredom getting to you?)
  1776. The Military Commissions Act: Question and Answers (PDF) (READ)
  1777. Day of Shame (in Hungary)
  1778. ABC News: Midterm Election: Referendum on War
  1779. GOP Senator demands FBI brief Congress on its probe of 2001 anthrax attacks before Thanksgiving ([Yawn])
  1780. Gulf Arab states are giving up on America (It's a bout time)
  1781. Turmoil in Hastert's Office as Key Staff Testifies
  1782. Moves toward War with Iran: Part 2 (Insanity)
  1783. Ethnic cleansing comes (further) out of the closet in Israel (It's still the long planned genocide)
  1784. Military Build-up in the Eastern Mediterranean and the Persian Gulf: Israel and NATO sign Framework Agreement (NATO to support Israel genocide of Palestinians)
  1785. Nancy Pelosi Gives the Neocons a Get Out of Jail Card (She should also be arrested and tried for War Crimes)
  1786. George Bush, the Pseudo-Conservative By Curt Maynard
  1787. Bush officials: No big move in Iraq plan (or not, or until tomorrow, or ...)
  1788. Hariri assassinated by Mossad (Old news: it was clear then)
  1789. NSA aims ads at 'Lost' and 'CSI' fans (and crazier, every day)
  1790. The Mother Of All Heists (Dove Zackheim and the Thre Trillion $US beats this)
  1791. POLL: Should President Bush Face Impeachment? (Isn't torture an option?)
  1793. The Military Commissions Act - Question And Answers (READ)
  1794. Mind games, part 1: The things they carry (READ)
  1795. America's Middle Class Has Become Globalization's Loser (which is why it's being systematically destroyed)
  1796. Report: AIPAC focus of fresh FBI probe (yeah - right!)
  1797. Israel's Olmert faces suspicion over bank sale ("bank"? Does this ring bells?)
  1798. Suit Filed Against Ohio Voter ID Law
  1799. Judge Throws Out Fla. Exit Poll Limit
  1800. Lamont Compares Lieberman to Nixon (We can think of better comparisons)
  1801. Anger at Washington boosts Democrat in swing state (Missouri) (Diebold, USSC and thugs to the rescue)
  1802. Hastert testifies in sex scandal probe (Odds that he'll be lying a lot?)
  1803. Tennessee ad ignites internal GOP squabbling)
  1804. AP: Whites Got Better Katrina Insurance Payouts (It has to do with ability to fight back)
  1805. Young Marines Promote Healthy, Drug-Free Lifestyles (LMFAO!)
  1806. U.S. blames Iran, Syria for Iraq violence (Do we have any little gray cells left?)
  1807. Iraq: the people have their say. And it's bad news for Tony Blair (Woulda sound public spanking stimulate his brain?)
  1808. Britain puts break-up of Iraq on agenda (It always was on the "agenda")
  1809. Four Killed In Iraq (W will just send four more to be killed)
  1810. US death toll in Iraq for October hits 91
  1811. Rebels stage military parade in Ramadi (They really want their country back)
  1812. Blair calls for everyone to record DNA on databases (Unbounded derangement)
  1813. Terror suspect's lawyers denied papers (That figures)
  1814. Extend terror laws: MP's (further drangement in Canada)
  1815. Part of anti-terror law struck down (The MP's don't care)
  1816. Advertising terrorism (READ)
  1817. Olbermann: GOP is 'leading terrorist group in this country' (He's got that right)
  1818. US embarrassed by terror suspect (Embarrassed?! What could be more embarrassing that the US corpagov itself?)
  1819. One of FBI's 'Most Wanted Terrorists' confirmed dead (Oh - sure - right)
  1820. U.S. Rank on Press Freedom Slides Lower (Why no link to the index itself?)
  1821. Reporters Without Borders - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  1822. Many Follow U.S. Example on Detainees (Global terrorism by corporate governments)
  1823. General May Call for Increase in U.S. Troop Levels in Baghdad (Let's get our troops killed!)
  1824. The Netherlands Wants to Prohibit Burqa-Wearing
  1825. CBS: Corrupt Arms Deals Cost Iraq $800 Million
  1826. BushCo Bid for Chicago Tribune, LA Times
  1827. Rep. John Conyers | George W. Bush v. The US Constitution (READ)
  1828. Bush Foes Wield Unlikely Election-Year Weapon: Bush
  1829. Task Force Warned Pentagon in Early 2002 to Stop Prison Camp Torture
  1830. The CIA's Torture Flight Travel Agent
  1831. Virus may affect memory decades later, study finds (True, or just another corpagov act of terrorism)
  1832. The limits of liberty: We're all suspects now
  1833. Misogyny and fascism (Cultural misogyny begins around 2400 BCE)
  1834. Iran, Syria under fire for Iraq carnage (Utterly bonkers)
  1835. UK announces immigration restrictions
  1836. UK seeks to stem tide of EU migrants
  1837. Limbaugh: Fox is 'acting' ill (Rush is on his nasty pills again, making things up - still)
  1838. White House changes Iraq mantra
  1839. Fed Expected to Keep Rates Unchanged (until tomorrow)
  1840. Gateway Recalls 35,000 Sony Batteries (Where were they made?)
  1841. Madonna Blames Media for Adopt Firestorm (She's right: this is far more important than multiple governmental genocides!)
  1842. Phone radiation could be bad for sperm (or not - but maybe not too good for pacemakers though)
  1843. Vegetables But Not Fruit Said to Preserve the Aging Brain (Aha! - There it is! The latest in medical monkeys computing correlation coefficients)
  1844. Vegetables May Fight Senility (So does turning off that damn TV)
  1845. Vegetables - they make you think (unlike reading alleged medical news)
  1846. Study: Veggies could stem mental decline (or not)
  1847. Vegetables may help keep brains young (or promote diarrhea!)
  1848. 'Vegetables slow memory loss in old age' (Ah! Now it's suddenly become a matter of absolute causation!)
  1849. Veggies best to fight mental decline in old age (These mentals have already declined. How can you trust them?)
  1850. Study: Vegetable Diet Keeps The Mind Sharp (So does knowing bullshit when you read it)
  1851. Help keep your brain young by eating lots of vegetables (There's that absolute causality again)
  1852. Vegetables linked to good mental health (Ooops - now back to "linked", i.e. correlated, which does not imply causality)
  1853. Study Proves Vegetables Keep Brains Young (Yikes! Now, it's even PROVED - something that such science cannot, in fact do)
  1854. Veggies may slow loss of memory (Is your brain fucked by shit news yet?)
  1855. Study finds flu shots are safe for kids (Thimeresol - mercury salt - is GOOD for them!)
  1856. Study Finds Flu Vaccine Safe For Toddlers (Great! Shoot your kids up with several vaccines!)
  1857. Researchers believe children should get the flu vaccine (Wonderful! True Believers!)
  1858. Flu vaccine safe for kids (We love government science, don't we dear?)
  1859. Tehran Watches As North Korea Tests Global Resolve (You forgot the laughing part)
  1860. Looming standards war in China
  1861. Switzerlands justice minister calls for repeal of 'Holocaust Denial' law (Somebody sees its totalitarian stupidity)
  1862. How does the US Dollar Defy the Law of Gravity? (It's still the major reserve curremcy)
  1863. The Failure of Jeff Skilling's Deregulation (Corpagov Justice: Skilling & California have the loot - the people are screwed)
  1864. Skull scandal 'disgusts' Germany (Troops do strange things went sent offon genocide missions)
  1865. The Truth behind 9/11: Who Is Osama Bin Laden? (READ)
  1866. The T-shirt they say is a threat
  1867. O'Brien Underfire for Asking for 9/11 Muslim Apology (All Cardinals are cracked - it's a prerequisite, you see; I'm not sure about being a child molester)
  1868. Desperate GOP starts waving Al-CIAda "nukular" bombs around (GOP has already made fantasy nightmares come true)
  1869. Terrorists: Major attacks against Israel on their way (Um - Israel will be doing the attacking, as usual)
  1870. Experiments on elderly echo Nazis (It's Israel, and this shit has been going on before 1948 - and in the US and Japan as well - don't be so surprised)
  1871. Congress, FBI battle over anthrax investigation (Shall we suggest one Dr. Philip Zack, yet again?)
  1872. Report: Syria ups military alert level (as in who is really to attack whom?)
  1873. US naval war games off the Iranian coastline: A provocation which could lead (With about half the US fleet trapped in the Persian Gulf? That would be clever. Rummy think it up?)
  1874. Election Fraud 2006 Quantifying The Risk (Vote for ANYONE who is neitherD nor R)
  1875. The Importance of Understanding Polls, Lying 101 (READ)
  1876. Defiant Iraqi PM disavows timetable (Who will arrange the accident?)
  1877. 'US withdrawal from Iraq would be disastrous for Israel' (ROTFLMAO! - and there it is! The reason of all reasons)
  1878. It's the GOP That's Come Unglued Over Iraq (Unglued isn't enough: it must die and remain dead)
  1879. Europeans move Iran resolution without U.S (Moronic dancing about: there will be no significant sanctions against Iran)
  1880. The Disneyfication of war allows us to ignore its real savagery (These are not wars, they're genocides)
  1881. Support for Labour crashes to lowest level in almost 20 years (That New Labour isn't worth the shit it spews daily)
  1882. 911, Iraq, PNAC , All roads lead to Israel (READ)
  1883. Pentagon robo-racers to receive trophies, not cash, due to obscure law signed last week (Dragon sits on its pile of gold)
  1884. Voter chaos predicted at US polls (Plently of paid GOP goons to create violence)
  1885. U.S. Considers More Troops in Iraq (Not troops: mercenaries beholden only to the illegal corpagov holding US in thrall)
  1886. Constitution, Schmonstitution, Legal Analyst Andrew Cohen Looks At Suggestions For Dumping The Document(Put back the Articles of Confederation and burn all Federal Law completely)
  1887. Mystery buyers (PPT is ALWAYS at it)
  1888. The Voice of the White House for October 23rd 2006 (READ)
  1889. Gore Vidal Assured Military Would Prevent Staged Terror (READ)
  1890. US will have to fight 'dirty' in new wars (as in current "wars": genocide is always dirty)
  1891. Cash could be electoral ace up Bush's sleeve (as in buying votes? LOL)
  1892. Electronic voting blamed for Quebec municipal election 'disaster' (Are we paying attention, class?)
  1893. Stealing the Midterms and the Power of Myth (READ)
  1894. It's all about Israel ... and only about Israel; nothing else is of any importance - just ask them!
  1895. Housing slowdown costs jobs (cost even yet more jobs)
  1896. Sales of Existing Homes Fall (Yes, what were you expecting?)
  1897. Russian Nuclear Project in Iran Faces Technical Delay (Hmmm)
  1898. Russo Film Exposes Criminal Banking Syndicate That Rules America (READ)
  1899. Israeli jets clash with German ship near Lebanon(It's what they do - to anybody)
  1900. Antonin Scalia holds you and me in contempt (Of course he does; that's nothing new)
  1901. One earth, three planets' worth of damage
  1902. Giuliani hires Rove aide as fund-raiser (reptos of a claw)
  1903. Pennsylvania Greens Take GOP Donations in Ballot Drive (Hmmmm)
  1904. Absentee votes may delay results (They are lying, of course)
  1905. Some Voting Machines Chop Off Candidates' Names (Cute)
  1906. G6 leaders to discuss anti-terror measures (If they all just opened up their own major arteries, ...)
  1907. Gonzales praises new U.S. military law (So, you know that it's terrorizing and criminal)
  1908. Military members' war protest gaining steam
  1909. Iraqi leader disavows timetable report
  1910. Idle Contractors Add Millions to Iraq 'Rebuilding'
  1911. Sri Lanka's state-owned television censors drama series
  1912. Canberra presses its agenda at Pacific Islands Forum
  1913. Toxic waste dumping in Ivory Coast
  1914. Israel used chemical weapons in Lebanon and Gaza (Of course: it's genocide times two)
  1915. Germany: Mass demonstrations against social and welfare cuts
  1916. Brother of Pat Tillman denounces Iraq War and Bush administration
  1917. New York Times "military analysis" foreshadows US bloodbath in Baghdad (We should ship our entire government to experience the consequences of its actions - from Abu Ghraib)
  1918. Australian Labor leader spells out pro-business agenda (The irony of it)
  1919. Former British home secretary admits calling for bombing of Al-Jazeera UK government suppresses evidence that Bush did the same(Proof of the obvious is always good to have)
  1920. Germany: Court ruling on Berlin budget deepens social divisions
  1921. Hungary 1956: A revolution against Stalinism--Part one
  1922. New York's Clinton-Spencer debates-a reactionary charade Two candidates for war and repression (On the one hand cow shit, and on the other bull shit; at least there is symmetry)
  1923. Rice returns empty-handed from North East Asia (No, the wicked bitch of the west is still raking in her stolen loot)
  1924. Baghdad press conference outlines plans for intensified US war (i.e., Genocide)
  1925. The Story of My Kidnapping in Nablus: "I Never Feared for My Life"
  1926. The Silence at Home, as America Eats Her Young
  1927. The Book of Rahm: Emanuel's War Plan for Democrats (Not all Genocidal, Lying Criminals are Repuglicans: the other half are Damnocrats, DLC)
  1928. Hastert Goes Before Congressional Panel (Signifying nothing)
  1929. Voting Machines Will Not Display Virginia Democrat Webb's Name (A new method of stealing elections)
  1930. Some Ohio Counties Won't Post Voting Results in Each Precinct (It's a secret: more unverifiable election (fabrication) results)
  1931. Troops Petition Congress for Pullout From Iraq (Can Congress undeclare a nonexistent war?)
  1932. 9/11 Widows Want Rice/Tenet Documents Released (Rice/Tenet jailed would be more useful)
  1933. Gabor Steingart: America and the Dollar Illusion (READ)
  1934. Frist (The Ostrich Cat Torturer) to GOP Hopefuls: Don't Stress Iraq
  1935. Thomas D. Williams | Cunningham Successor Faces Legal Controversy, Too
  1936. U.S. Congress Election Campaigns To Cost $2.6 Bln (For a pork barrel of pure shit)
  1937. Cheney Favors Hilary Clinton For 2008 Presidential Run (ROTFL)
  1938. Latest Poll: Voters Doubt Republicans Or Democrats Have Plan For U.S. (Good thinking)
  1939. NATO Lauds Partnership With Israel (Genocide! A game all countries can play!)
  1940. White House Hosts "Radio Day" For Media (Oh stuffit!)
  1941. Hillary Clinton And Opponent Get "Ugly" In New York Race (Hillary is still ugly)
  1942. U.S. Army Translator Missing In Baghdad (Losing one translator is a major headline?)
  1943. President Bush To Visit Vietnam In November To Attend APEC (Imagine the warmth in his reception)
  1944. "Allen Has Bounced Off The Bottom" To Regain Lead In Virginia (or not)
  1945. Ned Lamont Files Complaint With FEC Against Lieberman
  1946. Rocky Mountain High? Pot Issue On Ballot In Colorado (Doesn't matter: federal GESTAPO will raid you anyhow)
  1947. President Bush To Discuss Economy Over Next Few Days (He doesn't know what an economy is!)
  1948. Ahmadinejad Claims Iran's Nuke Capability Up (He loves fucking with their stupid heads)
  1949. Columnist Settles Case Over Promoting Education Act (News is Corpagov propaganda)
  1950. Clinton Says She's Thought of Presidential Run (The Wicked Bitch of the East?!)
  1951. Nelson Still Cruising To Victory Over Harris (What crime can Harris still pull? Wicked Bitch of the South)
  1952. CIA tried to silence EU on rendition (Criminals try to cover their crimes - is this difficult to understand?)
  1953. European plans for arms sanctions against Iran are too weak, says US (Actually, they are essentiall nonexistent - and Fuck You Very Much US)
  1954. Will Sanctions Work Against Iran? (What sanctions, idiot?)
  1955. Terror attack foiled at Karni crossing (and other fairytales)
  1956. Israel, Germany at odds over Lebanon air incident (OK - so how about Germany bombing Israel back to the Stone Age?)
  1957. Palestine banks walking an economic tightrope (forced to, by Israel)
  1958. Israeli army denies shooting at German vessel in Lebanon (being the olympic liars that they are)
  1959. Iran launches 2nd nuclear centrifuge (LOL - They need many thousands for weapons production)
  1960. Iran charged over Argentina bomb (How much did US pay on IL's behalf for this egregious excrement?)
  1961. Former Iran leader sought in bombing, say zionists who actually did it
  1962. Torture: No Clear Government Definition (Then I guess there's no law against it. Let's torture all Repuglicans!)
  1963. Former Iran Leader Wanted in Argentina (and the prosecutors just happen to be zionists using a fabricated politically convenient accusation?)
  1964. AMIA Bombing - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  1965. Bush Reveals Real Iraq Policy: Mass Slaughter Of Iraqi Civilians (Genocide)
  1966. World silent as fascists join Israel government (Fascists upon Nazis)
  1967. 'Winning' in Iraq, despite setbacks (Too stupid for words)
  1968. Conceding Missteps, Bush Urges Patience on Iraq (Speaking of stupid, that NYT could even take this crap seriously)
  1969. Success in Iraq vital, says Bush (Moron)
  1970. Bolivia put forward for UN council as deadlock reached
  1971. Stem Cell Opponents Release Ad In Response To Michael J. Fox Spot
  1972. Actor accused of faking ad
  1973. On Point: It's Limbaugh who 'is really shameless' (as the moronrepto has always been)
  1974. Cheney confirms that detainees were subjected to water-boarding
  1975. Army testing Afghanistan-bound soldiers for drugs (Once there, plenty will be available)
  1976. Army sets out hopes for Iraq pull-out - AU (or not)
  1977. U.S. generals call for Democratic takeover (Better vote socialist or communist! Dems are all gung ho genocide for Israel)
  1978. Idle Contractors Add Millions to Iraq 'Rebuilding' (and THAT is extent of the so called "economic" boom horseshit)
  1979. Halliburton Cited For Iraq Overhead (and they will still toddle away with stolen billions)
  1980. Dow hits new high, as Altria's gain mutes GM, Boeing weakness (Fantasyland!)
  1981. Time for the US and Iran to start talking (Why would Iran give a rat's ass about talking to US?)
  1982. US Splits With Europeans Over UN Resolution Sanctioning Iran (Tough shit)
  1983. Baghdad raids hit death squads (BS! Deathsquads are USUKIL mercenaries)
  1984. Radio host accuses Fox of faking Parkinson's (Let's torture "pills" Limbaugh! Torture is our friend because he will then tell the truth - about everything)
  1985. U.S. campaign ad critical of Canada yanked
  1986. Americans expect big changes if Dems win Nov. 7 (They're delusional: US destruction is unavoidable)
  1987. Democrat win 'would mean higher taxes and spending' (No it wouldn't - not for people)
  1988. Fed Confident of Extending Expansion, More Optimistic on Prices (Don't believe a word of it)
  1989. Oil prices rise after report shows U.S. inventories dropped last week - iht,business,world markets,currencies,Oil Price
  1990. Boeing Profit Falls 31% on Cost to Scrap Web Service (Update4)
  1991. Mobile phones are damaging men's sperm production (or not)
  1992. Ky. House Incumbent: Rumsfeld Should Go (to jail?)
  1993. Severe Election Problems Seen in 10 States
  1994. Recipe for a Cooked Election
  1995. Rice Urges UN Security Council to Impose Iran Sanctions Now (What will cure her diarrhea?)
  1996. Starbucks, the coffee beans and the copyright row that cost Ethiopia &#-11;&#-11;4
  1997. South Korea takes first step in sanctions on North (Hoisting their R hands and extending their middle fingers)
  1999. Olmert's dangerous choice (Doesn't matter: Israel is already dead)
  2000. Jewish Billionaires versus AIPAC (The standard zionist perversions of everything: by whining genocidalist)
  2001. Fears of all-out war fuelled in Somalia
  2002. L'Allemagne enqu&#-11;&#-11;te sur des tirs de sommation pr&#-11;&#-11;sum&#-11;&#-11;s isra&#-11;&#-11;liens &#-11;&#-11; proximit&#-11;&#-11; d'un de ses navires au large du Liban - Yahoo! Actualit&#-11;&#-11;s
  2003. Nicaragua Snubs US Election Warning - Prensa Latina (READ: such things are said for VERY good reasons)
  2004. Radio giant Clear Channel considers offering itself for sale
  2005. The Jackal's Feast Goes On by Chris Floyd (READ)
  2006. USA Spinning Truth & Elections Here, There and Everywhere!
  2008. Bolton: sanctions help regime change (Bonkers Bolton's Babbling Bullshit)
  2009. Help stop election fraud in the US (Video the vote, and make it public)
  2010. More Republican Candidates Distance Themselves From Bush on War
  2011. Charnel House (READ)
  2012. Carlyle Group buying newspapers?
  2013. General Peter Pace and His Dumb Bombs (READ)
  2014. Home Price Drop Is Largest in 35 Years (It could be seen as a correction)
  2015. U.S. nuclear secrets feared on stolen disk (Babbling)
  2016. The Black House On Pennsylvania Avenue
  2017. Election fears force Bush into damage control
  2018. Election fears force Bush into damage control (How about forcing the criminal into jail?)
  2019. Afghan president appoints team after 60 said killed in NATO (North Atlantic Terrorist Organization) strikes
  2020. 'Stability first': Newspeak for rape of Iraq (READ)
  2021. Now Europe Targets Bloggers As Terrorists (READ)
  2022. Olbermann Gives Us The Visual To Limbaughs Attack On Michael J. Fox
  2023. Anger as rabbis demand boy be recircumcised (Defining "devolution")
  2024. Message from concerned Diebold voter
  2025. Minnesota truckers have run out of gas
  2026. Israeli warplanes keep overflying southern Lebanon
  2027. Bush Signs New Border Fence Into Law
  2028. UK 'number one al-Qaeda target' (in som alternate universe)
  2029. Man Linked to Miami Terror Plot Pleads Guilty In Weapons Case (How high was the voltage on his testicles?)
  2030. NATO bombs kill scores of Afghan civilians-officials (Al-Qaeda is a fiction, and they have bomb someone!)
  2031. Police say fighting kills 30 in Iraq (and this is called progress!)
  2032. Military members' war protest gaining steam
  2033. Iraqi Premier Denies U.S. Assertion He Agreed to Timelines (Who would you believe?)
  2034. Journalist, his wife found dead in their house west of Baghdad (USUKIL death squads)
  2035. Pentagon defends detention of AP photographer in Iraq (can never do any wrong - except maybe genocide)
  2036. AP's Curley: Government's 'Overt Effort to Stifle a Free Press' (in a Totalitarian, Terrorist, Nazi State)
  2037. Germany tight-lipped on CIA secret deal report
  2038. German ministers 'knew about CIA torture cells'
  2039. Book tells of CIA bid to hush up torture
  2040. Hungary 1956: A revolution against Stalinism--Part two
  2041. Australian government revives book banning (Speaking of Nazi States)
  2042. Australian government gets its way at Pacific leaders' summit (only for now)
  2043. Spain: new capitulation by the Socialist Party to the Catholic Church (Our Global Nazi Monarchy)
  2044. Active-duty US troops voice opposition to the Iraq war (They could be tortured to death by Nazi corpagov secret edict)
  2045. New York Times calls for more troops in Iraq Useless NYT has needed death for too long)
  2046. Israel's Minister of Strategic Threats
  2047. Uribe's Failure to Learn from Colombia's Past
  2048. Elie Wiesel for Israeli President? (Israel has always had a weasel and terrorist for that)
  2049. Space Cowboy: Bush's War on Heaven
  2050. Johnny Barber: Drinking Tea with Hizbullah
  2051. Robert Jensen: Academic Freedom on the Rocks
  2052. Hunting Hugo: When It's About Oil Nothing is Off the Table--Not Even Assassination (which has long been a part of US "foreign policy" anyhow)
  2053. John Ross: Upheaval from the Bottom (Obrador in Mexico)
  2054. The Vindication of Sibel Edmonds
  2055. BrickBurner.org: Open Letter to The Nation Magazine (Why going Dem is Idiocy)
  2056. From "Mission Accomplished" to "Mission Impossible" in Iraq
  2057. Paul Craig Roberts: The Crimes of Greed vs. the Crimes of Government
  2058. Carlos Zorrilla: The Police Raid on My House
  2059. Islamic Fascism?: Inflammatory Ironies
  2060. Pull the Plug on E-Voting
  2061. Halliburton Billed Gov't $163 Million for Administrative Costs in Iraq
  2062. In Syria, Iraq's Fate Silences Rights Activists
  2063. Halliburton, Kuwait Operation Violate US Labor Laws (What laws!?)
  2064. Another Stolen Election Headed Our Way?
  2065. Exxon Mobil Posts Second Highest Profit in History
  2066. Graph Rigidity and Distributed Formation Stabilization of Multi-Vehicle Systems (Maybe interesting)
  2067. White House Denies Cheney OK'd Torture (but since all are pathological liars, ...)
  2069. Why Is No One Talking About The 400-600 Israeli Nukes ?
  2070. US warned of ballot box chaos as elections near
  2071. Russia may abandon WTO talks with US, newspaper says
  2072. China insists on diplomatic settlement of Iran's nuclear case
  2073. Can the 20th hijacker of Sept. 11 stand trial? (Now, how about the whole truth?)
  2074. Martyrs of the web (READ)
  2075. Warships deploy to protect Arab oil facilities (or to do something else)
  2076. Iraq pullout resolution on ballot (if a ballot is even allowed)
  2077. "Listening devices" found in Memphis homeland security office (Criminal government and its coverups)
  2078. Lieberman Is Not an Israeli 'Internal Affair'
  2079. NBC refuses ads for Dixie Chicks movie (Refuse all NBC stuff)
  2080. Bush remains 'eternal optimist" despite polls (What will be the 9/11 #2 ?)
  2081. Activists fear they've become FBI targets (That's why the FBI exists - other than that, it's just sick joke, just like MI5)
  2082. US will try dozens of Guantanamo detainees (if US even lives long enough)
  2083. Total Information Lives Again (not again, yet)
  2084. 'Mr. Secretary, What'd You Have Torched At Ft. Meade's 902nd Military Intel Group?' (as I said, destroying the evidence)
  2085. Bush's Absolute Power Grab (READ - TWICE, and the depth of fabrications is still not exposed)
  2086. Rumsfeld tells war critics to 'back off' (Rumsfeld, piss off)
  2087. AlterNet: The Bottled Water Lie (You can't believe anybody, including EPA)
  2088. Don't mention the war: Israel seeks image makeover
  2089. Alia Ansari (Why?)
  2090. Tribal chiefs call for return of Saddam while Kurds eye a new federal state (So much is the US so properly loved)
  2091. Bush Among Friends (scary)
  2092. U.S. to Take Separate Sanctions Against N.Korea (Wicked Bitch of the West has been at the Magic Mushrooms again)
  2093. Iraqis Were Better Off Under Saddam, Says Former Weapons Inspector (Their lives were never supposed to be improved by US)
  2094. Bush's Shiite relationship on the rocks; Who will be his next partner?
  2095. Olympia Linux Users Group :: Open Forum :: Israelis Hold Keys to NSA and U.S. Government Computers(READ)
  2096. FBI In Expanded Aipac Probe (What do you expect from the Joke of an FBI?)
  2097. Clean Nukes Go Public (or not)
  2098. Bloomberg Sends Troops to Help Lieberman (Neocon Zionists - and whatever else you want to call them)
  2099. Former White House Aide Gets 18-Month Sentence (Hardly worth the effort)
  2100. Compounding a Political Outrage (The outrages come faster than you can begin to know them)
  2101. The Supreme Court's Crusade: Fairness for the Powerful (Verily! READ)
  2102. TV show confirms warnings given BP (corpagov READ)
  2103. Gov't Gives $450M to Coal Research (Government purpose: destruction)
  2104. High Court approves route of fence around W. Bank enclave (in continued genocidal plan)
  2105. U.N. panel backs new treaty on global arms trade (US being ONLY dissenting vote)
  2106. Chavez Leads Rival by 35 Points, Zogby Poll Shows (Unsurprising)
  2107. UN Tramples US-Cuba Blockade United Nations (This should be fun)
  2108. Peretz: We didn't fire at German naval vessel (He's lying)
  2109. McCain: Send 20,000 more troops to Iraq (Give this infant a new brain)
  2110. Clashes between police, rebels claim 43 lives in Iraq (in continuing planned genocide)
  2111. Iraqi city imposes vehicle ban (This will REALLY help)
  2112. Rove: Military Must Be Flexible With Its Tactics In Iraq (Turdbrain speaks)
  2113. Halliburton caught 'hindering competition and oversight' by routinely hiding information (It's a racketeering operation)
  2114. Report Says Iraq KBR Is Hiding Data From U.S. (US is a racketeering operation)
  2115. Some 200 human remains found at NY Ground Zero (Expect some monumental lies to come from this)
  2116. Biometric scans served up with school meals (I would rather have starved)
  2117. Investigators Say Speaker's Aide Hindered Inquiry of Hill Security Contracts (Repugs, of course)
  2118. ACLU Drops Patriot Act Challenge (WHAT?! AIPAC in back of this?)
  2119. U.S. revives terror data mining (It's no revival, just continuation)
  2120. Federal court denies government's seal request in terror case (Supreme Whores will overrule)
  2121. EU announces launch of anti-terror project (i.e., superstate terrorism in place)
  2122. CIA Contractor Retains Conviction (Supreme Whores will overrule - or he's simply dispensable)
  2123. CIA luxury on terror transfers (READ - Nazis were pussycats next to USUKIL "axis of psychopaths")
  2124. European Complicity in Renditions? (Is there any doubt?)
  2125. Furor Over Cheney Remark on Tactics for Terror Suspects (Furor does no good; arrest and enema might help)
  2126. US terror law 'could violate international treaties' (the constitution, and more laws than you can count)
  2127. Confession that formed base of Iraq war was acquired under torture: journalist (The base of the US INVASION, not war, was what exactly?)
  2128. From anti-war to a party of war Rifondazione Comunista mobilizes for Italy's military intervention in Lebanon
  2129. Hungary: The controversy over the heritage of the 1956 Revolution
  2130. Protests demand Canadian troops out of Afghanistan The political issues in the fight against war
  2131. Two parties of war and reaction Hillary Clinton, Dick Cheney champion torture on eve of election (US as War Criminal)
  2132. Rogue President: Midterm Meltdown (Criminal Red to Criminal Blue?)
  2133. Social Security: the Distortions of Sebastian Mallaby
  2134. Of Peters and Principles: Learning About Sex and Hypocrisy from the GOP
  2135. Pushing India Toward a "Dollar Democracy" (Ooops)
  2136. The Wages of Whistleblowing: Why Bunny Greenhouse Sits in a Corner
  2137. Veiled Threats: the Global War on Fashion
  2138. Hauba Hanu: Oppression Affects All People
  2139. Why Nancy Pelosi is Wrong (Not wrong, criminal zionist neocon fascist piggess)
  2140. Democrats By Default? (We hope not - accept the obvious)
  2141. Fear and Loathing in the North: an Apartheid Fence in America?
  2142. Gregory Elich: Why Bush is Seeking Confrontation with North Korea (READ, carefully)
  2143. Perversions of Power: Mark Foley and the Bush Administration
  2144. The Horrors of Extraordinary Rendition: a Personal Account
  2145. Hogwash: Fecal Factories in the Heartland (READ - but not near eating time)
  2146. Rove Protege Behind Racy Tennessee Ad
  2147. Part II: Pull the Plug on E-Voting
  2148. Jason Leopold | Administration Officials Billed Taxpayers $1.5 Million for Private Air Travel
  2149. It's Not "Unnatural" (Just the beginnings of history and reality)
  2150. Pentagon expands war-funding push
  2151. Soldiers 'hit Iraqis if they forgot nicknames' (Sick fuck "soldiers")
  2152. Globalisation 'must embrace Greater Mideast' (in order that it be murdred)
  2153. Pipeline is given to Russians in nice package
  2154. High radiation level found after Israeli bombing in Lebanon (DU of course)
  2155. Abbas to quit coalition talks in 2-weeks (under Israel's direction)
  2156. Rice: Hizbullah must choose between terror and politics (Mother of Insanity and Lies Speaks - still)
  2157. World takes little note of U.S. election (They all know it heralds no change, no matter what happens)
  2158. Robert Fisk: Mystery of Israel's secret uranium bomb (Yes, of course, Israel bombed Lebanon with DU. This is news?!)
  2159. Cheney condemned for backing water torture (This is the least of his crimes)
  2160. UN humanitarian chief: Sectarian killing out of control in Ira (Wrong! It's USUKIL death squads)
  2161. JURIST - Paper Chase: UN rights investigator fears US interrogation law will lower standards worldwide (US has lowered all standards of decent everything)
  2162. Wild Boar May Have Caused Tainted Spinach Outbreak (not corpagov greed - LOL!)
  2163. Iran Doubles Nuke Enrichment Capacity (as if this were somehow significant? What's double the .02% necessary - grow up and get a brain, assholes)
  2164. Bush condemns Iran nuclear move (Ooooooooooo - Opinion by the National Moron)
  2165. Bush: Int'l community must 'double' efforts against Iran nukes (say's Ziponist Genocidalists)
  2166. Coming to the end of options (Babbling)
  2167. Doubts Grow Over Iraq's Prime Minister (More babbling)
  2168. 'NOT AMERICA'S MAN IN IRAQ,' PREMIER SAYS (Yet more babbling in fantasyland)
  2169. Human Rights Watch asks NATO to compensate Afghan civilian victims (Must be joking!)
  2170. Mexico shootouts kill journalist (Viva Oaxaca!)
  2171. Growth rate is weakest since first quarter of 2003 (since it can only be measured in negative numbers)
  2172. Housing slump hits US economy growth (Oh, giant surprise)
  2173. Housing market slows economy (Stupendous surprise)
  2174. Chevron Profit Jumps 40% After Prices, Output Climb (Update4)
  2175. China bank surges 15% on its first trading day (Are we paying attention?)
  2176. Hubble repair mission looks likely (Despite imbecile pResident?!)
  2177. Flu Vaccines 'Less Effective Than Thought' (Causing deaths, are they?)
  2178. Study Questions Value of Flu Shots (Their GREAT for population control!)
  2179. Cheney says he didn't endorse waterboarding (but then he is always lying)
  2180. Snow: Cheney doesnt support water boarding (and he's paid to lie)
  2181. All-out war possible in Sri Lanka if talks fail (maybe they really need a war)
  2182. Republican "People of the Lie" must disgorge the Abu Ghraib child rape photos, videos, Judge rule
  2183. DU Death Toll Tops 11,000 (Depleted, perfectly safe according to US criminal, lying corpagov)
  2184. News about Oaxaca, Mexico - a photograper of indymedia was killed
  2185. Does &#-11;&#-11;&#-11;Mister Tom&#-11;&#-11;&#-11; have to now leave Switzerland? - Switzerland - news - view on-line one
  2186. "Trailing in Polls, GOP Senator Reaches Out to Jews (Santorum is a sick, lying, Nazi shit)
  2187. How the Bush Family Makes a Killing from George's Presidency
  2188. Bringing a health issue to the table (Another moron)
  2189. 9/11 incident, a make-believe: Iranian official (He's got THAT right)
  2190. Prosecutor Yet to Interview Rape Accuser (Bizarre legal doings)
  2191. Homeland Security chief suspended amid bugging flap
  2192. Atlantic current came to halt for 10 days in 2004 (It's still lying "government science", and I say it sucks the big one)
  2193. Ohio County Defies Blackwell, Will Begin Early Scanning of Absentee Ballots (Some people are sick and tired of obvious criminal government?!)
  2194. GAO chief warns economic disaster looms (Morons are just figuring out the obvious; they are entirely too late)
  2195. T.O. rally demands Afghanistan troop withdrawal
  2196. Roadside blast kills 14 in Afghanistan (another continuing US perpetraded genocide)
  2197. More civilians die in Afghanistan; UN expresses concern (Isn't that just fucking sweet?)
  2198. NATO Massacres 80 During Ramadan Holiday (That's what it's there for)
  2199. Sept. 11 [Alleged] Plotter Asks Court for Lawyer, Trial (Can you possibly believe even a word of this? If so, time for a hard hitting shrink)
  2200. Regular CT scaning may detect lung cancer at earliest stage (or cause it)
  2201. Demand for end to Mexico protest (Talk about stupid)
  2202. Mexico's Fox Gambles on a Crackdown (An idiot's tale told by an idiot)
  2203. Fox sends federal police to Mexico's Oaxaca crisis (Possibly another zionist necon will be properly punished)
  2204. Limbaugh Outfoxed (It's long past time for Limbaugh to die)
  2205. US Voters Angry of Iraq War (It's long past time for the entire US criminal corpagov to die)
  2206. Midterm Senate race boils down to 4 key races (that will be rigged by the NYT?)
  2207. Negative Publicity Is the New Hot Hype (Oh, Cool!)
  2208. Tests appear to save smokers' lives (or make their deaths self fulfilling prophecies: can't trust a word these lying fuckers say)
  2209. Spinach probe most thorough ever, but no clear answers yet (until political scum decide on one)
  2210. E. Coli on Calif. Ranch Matches Outbreak Strain (or not. Who the fuck know anything? They are all lying through their teeth)
  2211. Specimens tied to E. coli (or not: causality is not involved. Grow up!)
  2212. Reward for arson arrest in California wildfire grows to $500,000 (Bush did it, and he'll collect the the reward as well)
  2213. Cheney says he didn't endorse waterboarding (i.e., he didn't exactly say the words "I endorse")
  2214. Forest Gate suspect cleared of porn charges (Corpagov frameups are standard operating procedures: they are racketeering operations, as criminal as any "mob")
  2215. Airport screeners fail to see most test bombs (They are all scams an frauds to begin with: corpagovs ARE the real terrorists)
  2216. Ethics Rules Send NIH Scientists Packing ("Government Science", continuing the spawn of frauds)
  2217. Poison Pill - Barbara T. Dreyfuss (The real poison pill is the vast US corpagov)
  2218. Katherine 'Offal' Harris - "We're all . . . Jewish wannabes" (She already needs to be in jail for treason and war crimes - and now this?)
  2219. anti-semitism and the boy who cried wolf
  2220. Childen Visit Dads in Prison. Families Can't. (VIDEO)
  2221. Dying to Save the G.O.P. Congress (The corpagov lies are endless)
  2222. Tipping Point for War's Supporters? (Dov Zackhein, where are those Three Trillion $US?!)
  2223. A Holocaust Revisionist Critique of the Thinking of Deborah Lipstadt
  2224. UN AGENCIES EXPRESS OPPOSITION TO US BLOCKADE OF CUBA (The Blockade is the coverup of US longterm criminality)
  2225. GAO chief warns economic disaster looms (and is also unavoidable)
  2226. Bushs Martial Law Act of 2007 (It's been Nazi Amerika for some years now; you've just been to stupid to bother to notice)
  2227. Republicans bank on money and 'voter-turnout machine' (Not to mention Diebold and a thug Brown Shirt population)
  2228. Is this the dirtiest election ever? Republicans fear landslide defeat (making them the most dangerous reptos ever)
  2229. Police surround besieged Mexican city after shooting deaths
  2230. Brazil's leftist president re-elected in landslide (Not so "leftist" as is said)
  2231. 'Star Wars' becomes reality as US unveils laser-equipped 747 (US: meanest genocidal SOB in the valley)
  2232. Blair accused of trying to 'privatise' war in Iraq (Accusation is accurate - as too for US)
  2233. UN investigates Israel's 'uranium weapons' (LOL - it won't be allowed)
  2234. Operation enduring chaos: The retreat of the coalition & rise of the malitias (Genocide by poisoning, starvation, bombing, lies, black ops, ...)
  2235. Warships deploy around S. Arabia oil facilities (Arabia also to be invaded?)
  2236. Israel may bomb along border with Egypt (Egypt as well?)
  2237. Iran says U.S., Israel ordered September 11 attacks (About right - but don't forget the banks that bind them)
  2238. So..... if Bush loses the Congress, will he blame it on Hugo Chavez? (Losing is not losing: it has just been made to seem that way)
  2239. Send your elected officials our free PDF guide to hacking the vote (It doesn't matter, and the sheeple will obey their lords and masters)
  2240. Hussein Verdict: News at 11 (It is all too late, and useless)
  2241. This is Baghdad. What could be worse? (The US; just wait and watch with more horror than you can imagine)
  2242. Iraqi TV anchor among bodies found in Baghdad (Terrorists or patriots?)
  2244. ISRAEL - The Delusion Of Total Support (Wrong: the impasse will be broken, and soon)
  2245. Venezuelan police foil another "false flag" attack (It was, of course, exactly that)
  2246. Bin Laden of the Sahara captured in Chad (Smothering in an avalanche of disinformational garbage)
  2247. Congress battle sinks into the dirt (Umm - Congress has long been nothing but dirt and filth)
  2248. Thousands march in California against Iraq war (and will not matter at all)
  2249. America Did Not Make Iraqs Violence Worse; We Made it Happen! (Exactly!)
  2250. Israeli Jets Trouble German Troops on UN Mission (Again!)
  2251. No fast U.S. shift on Iraq if Democrats win -Dean (Believe it, and pick another color)
  2252. Police: Hate crime never happened (just like all the other fabrication and black ops perpetrated by whom?)
  2253. Israeli attack on Germany
  2254. Saddam verdict may be delayed: prosecutor (or not)
  2255. PoughkeepsieJournal.com - Valley's dead cast their votes
  2256. Secret Cabinet memo admits Iraq is fuelling UK terror (Horseshit: UK is itself the terrorist, even in UK)
  2257. Climate at 'tipping point': Blair (BS! World economy is at tipping point, and Blair is a major culprit)
  2258. Mexican police seize center of Oaxaca (With luck, they will pay dearly)
  2259. Iran criticizes U.S.-led nuke 'exercise'
  2260. Australians face terror charges (Terrorist corpagov frameups)
  2261. Pakistan strikes al-Qaida-linked group(Think of cartoons, comic books and the nightly nonnews)
  2262. Security firms abusing Iraqis (It's what they do)
  2263. U.S. Is Said to Fail in Tracking Hundreds of Thousands of Weapons for Iraqis (for USUKIL death squads)
  2264. Australia: Management ignored danger warnings at Beaconsfield gold mine (Racketeering corpagov)
  2265. Protests demand immediate withdrawal of Canadian troops from Afghanistan (It will no good: racketeering crorpagov)
  2266. Russia moves toward military conflict with Georgia (inevitable)
  2267. Republican "Attack Ad" Pulled Over Racial Slur
  2268. Reports Shed Light on Ties Between Weldon, Businesses
  2269. Top Government Official Says US on Verge of Economic Disaster (Of course, and so is the world: it's been engineered)
  2270. US Investigates Voting Machines' Venezuela Ties (ROTFL! These creeps are inventive in their lies)
  2271. The Cost of Citizenship May Go Up (It's already too high in simple embarrassment)
  2272. 11 Charged in GOP Vote Fraud (Only 11?!)
  2273. Iraqi Prime Minister Using US Angst Against Bush
  2274. "The President Knows More Than He Lets On" (Define "knows")
  2275. Bomb kills 25, wounds 60 in Baghdad's Sadr City (More genocide by USUKIL death squads)
  2276. British Government Report Calls for Broad Effort on Climate Issues (Garbage, top to bottom)
  2277. If You Carry a Big Stick, May as Well Start Swinging It (Antiwisdom of millennia)
  2278. Can Angelides terminate Schwarzenegger? (Not according to Diebold)
  2279. Smoking in parks: City Council should consider unintended effects (The world collapses into shit while assholes contemplate their own mental excrement)
  2280. US debates 'hidden' food fats ban (Government science imbecile whores debate what?)
  2281. Two movies take shots at Bush (It still doesn't matter)
  2282. GlaxoSmithKline talking to UK govt about bird flu vaccine - report (Bird shit)
  2283. Pakistan air strike destroys militant training camp - army (or not)
  2284. Congo Votes, Peacefully
  2285. British to evacuate consulate in Basra after mortar attacks (How about leaving Iraq altogether?)
  2286. Midterm Vote May Define Rove's Legacy (Backing up another coup)
  2287. Israel claims attacks on Germans result of "miscommunication". (after claiming they didn't happen)
  2288. Jane Pauley Sues the NYT for Duping Her into an Advertorial
  2289. School Safety Drill Upsets Some Parents (for terrorizing their children)
  2290. Backers hail 9/11 theorist's speech (READ)
  2291. Biggest Foreign Policy Blunder Since the End of World War II
  2292. Glitches cited in early voting (and you expected what?!)
  2293. U.S. digs for vote-machine links to Hugo Chavez (just like digging for Iraqi WMD)
  2294. 'The Plan' gets handed to Dems (who have been part of it all along)
  2295. A Most Violent Month, and Many Final Farewells
  2296. The War in Iraq IS the ECONOMY; Stupid! (and the banks are behind it, as always)
  2297. Stock Futures Down on Economic Woes
  2298. Participate in My Vote was Switched video archive
  2299. Holocaust Now: What does Republican pederasty have to do with the war on drugs? (READ)
  2300. Saddam's Defense Lawyer Walks Out (Is this the 12th? I've lost count)
  2301. WMD intercept exercise set to begin in the Gulf (US to intercept Israel?!)
  2302. Canada: Israel's new friend in North America (Know rapture)
  2303. Can This Machine Be Trusted? (No, next question?)
  2304. Speed camera fines used to buy plasma TVs and T-shirts
  2305. Israeli "false flag" attack on the British Gulf Fleet on 3 November (or not?)
  2306. Over 300 may never leave Guantanamo (Who will escape US?)
  2307. PM Olmert: Israel to expand military operations in Gaza Strip (Of course)
  2308. Shaped Charges and the World Trade Center Collapses (READ)
  2309. mparent7777: Newsweek: Karl Rove's, er , Al-Qaeda's plan for 'October surprise' (Indeed)
  2310. Hemp For Victory (More blatantly lying corpagov)
  2311. Spiritual leader of Muslims dies in Nigerian plane crash (Wellstoned?)
  2312. Big Metros Show Severe Declines in Latest Circ Report (Spwing shit may not work)
  2313. Why Today's Income Taxes as Applied are Illegal!
  2314. Videotapes exist in Gibbons alleged assault case (Um - OK)
  2315. Cheney Warns Iraq Terrorists Trying to Sway U.S. Election (?What?!)
  2316. George Bush Admits Demolitions!!
  2317. Circulation Plunges at Major Newspapers (BS futures plummet)
  2318. United Stated National Debt
  2319. Ex-Hussein political adviser claims Iraq accepted Bush's ultimatum before invasion (It didn't matter then; it doesn't matter now)
  2320. Vaccine-Resistant Bird Flu Spreading in Asia (or not)
  2321. Swedes think US 'greatest threat to peace' (About right - but they wouldn't dare mention Israel)
  2322. Baghdad Shi'ites protest "U.S. siege" of stronghold
  2323. US force in Iraq swells to 150,000: Pentagon
  2324. Bush: If Democrats win, terrorists win (ROTFL)
  2325. Pentagon mounts media campaign to defend Rumsfeld
  2326. Pentagon boosts 'media war' unit
  2327. Mill closures devastate Canada's forest industry
  2328. Mass abstention in Bulgaria's presidential election
  2329. Tense takeover battle for Spain's Endesa energy company
  2330. Sri Lankan peace talks collapse amid intensifying civil war
  2331. The bitter price of militarism: US casualties mount in Iraq and Afghanistan
  2332. Amidst reports of US coup preparations in Iraq Prime Minister Maliki vents grievances against Washington
  2333. Mexican government launches bloody assault on Oaxaca protesters (for which they will pay)
  2334. Evil in the Valley: Civilian Massacres, From Vietnam to Iraq
  2335. Lieberman: Making Haider Look Good
  2336. The Death of Empathy
  2337. European Islamophobia: Fanning the Flames of Hate
  2338. The Veil and the British Male Elite
  2339. Liberal Doormats: Tread on Us
  2340. Norman Solomon: I Was Wrong About Thomas Friedman (READ)
  2341. Normalizing Torture
  2342. Dirty Bombs Over Lebanon: Did Israel Use Uranium Weapons? (Yes)
  2343. Two kicked out of Bush event win court order
  2344. Official Transcript: President Bush admits bombs were in World Trade Towers.
  2345. Active Duty Troops Appeal for Redress up to 713: Corporate Media Desperate
  2346. N. Korea agrees to return to six-party nuke talks (until what?)
  2347. BBC NEWS | Politics | Iraq inquiry call rejected by MPs (Ostrich Commons)
  2348. America's Adrianople by William S. Lind
  2349. Anthrax probe's pace questioned, FBI agent says he wanted transfer (Looking for love in all the wrong places)
  2350. Israeli planes stage mock raids over Hezbollah strongholds (They should have been blown out of the sky)
  2351. The Republican Nightmare
  2352. Under Fire, Soldiers Kill Blogs
  2353. Remember to Vote, Hope It Counts (Don't hold your breath)
  2354. Orange County charges 11 with phony voter registration
  2355. EU to Israel: Mock raids could encourage cease-fire violations (They should demand the planes' destruction)
  2356. Pentagon memo reveals launch of new PR war (Governments lie; it's all they ever do)
  2357. Lieberman already set to visit (US welcomes kindred genocidalist)
  2358. New Zogby Poll: Lamont within 4 points
  2359. The Plunge Protection Team is back (It was never away)
  2360. The Dollar's Full-System Meltdown (READ how the design works, and what it's for. But, as always, it's the banks, stupid!)
  2361. Puberty Hitting Girls as Young as 4 Years Old (Corpagov at work)
  2362. Shredding with Dick (READ)
  2363. The Nedap reverse engineering project (READ)
  2364. Mind Game III - Full Metal Lockout: The myth of accessible health care
  2365. US's Afghan policies going up in smoke
  2366. Air Force said to seek $50 bln emergency funds (It just doesn't matter)
  2367. Hewlett Packard blacklists "Air America" radio (as do: banks, insurers, securities, multinationals, all those you might expect - just check AEI members)
  2368. Vaccine-Resistant Bird Flu Spreading in Asia (Idiot horseshit)
  2369. Witness says Noe moved $11.2M just before search
  2370. U.S. Drops Bid Over Royalties From Chevron (Corpagov thievery is unbounded)
  2371. Congresswoman has no-fly list troubles (That's only because she is not a Repug)
  2372. Over 40 Iraqis kidnapped north of Baghdad - police (Ambushers being who, exactly?)
  2373. Car bomb at wedding procession kills at least 15 (USUKIL enforcing its family values)
  2374. 103 U.S. Troops Killed This Month In Iraq
  2375. US force in Iraq swells to 150,000: Pentagon (They are all as good as dead)
  2376. Baghdad Shi'ites protest "U.S. siege" of stronghold (Mostly a jumble of fabrications)
  2377. Iraq PM ends US blockade of militia bastion (Hmmm - a start?)
  2378. Bush: If Democrats win, terrorists win (i.e., repto Repugs win anyhow, and it matters not. Vote Socialist!)
  2379. Pentagon mounts media campaign to defend [the indensible] Rumsfeld
  2380. Pentagon boosts 'media war' unit (Advanced lying on fast track)
  2381. Kerry draws Republican fire (That idiot hypocrite needs to disappear)
  2382. Read what people are saying about the Park's proposal (Corpagov science has nothing to do with science)
  2383. Sharon Smith: Those Damned Democrats (The bastards are bought, lock stock and barrel - vot socialist!)
  2384. Niranjan Ramakrishnan: Vote for James H. 'Jim' (J. Webb apparntly no option as to how his name appeard on the Ballot?!)
  2385. Subcomandante Marcos: Freedom to the Detained; Punishment for the Assassins(i.e., Oaxaca delicines the Federales' invitation to its own enslavement)
  2386. Roger Burbach: The Meaning of Lula's Victory (The Brazilians have been fucked - again)
  2387. Nine Words: America's Disservice to Veterans
  2388. Targeting Nicaraguans' Stomachs: 11th Hour Election Meddling by the US
  2389. A No-Win Election for Women
  2390. Corporations Win Again!: Bush Opens National Parks to Bio-Prospecting
  2391. Uri Avnery: Who's Afraid of an Iranian Bomb? (Always READ Avnery: few surpass him, if any, in knowledge, intellect and wisdom - except in global economics)
  2392. Dem Candidate's Wife Urges Cindy Sheehan Not to Protest Iraq War (WHAT?!)
  2393. Bush's Anti-Terrorism Record: Don't Look Too Close
  2394. Peter Rost, MD: Panic in Big Pharma (READ)
  2395. Cheerleading the Massacre in Oaxaca: an Open Letter to the Washington Post
  2396. Party in a Cage: Snake Oil and the Midterm Elections
  2397. The Collapse of Hip Capitalism: How Tower Records Committed Suicide
  2398. Walden Bello: Chain Gang Economics (READ)
  2399. Hell is Rising in Oaxaca: interview with a Oaxacan Rebel
  2400. Blair Risks Humiliating Defeat as Opponents Demand Iraq Inquiry
  2401. US Drops Bid Over Royalties From Chevron
  2402. Civilian Deaths Turn Afghans Against NATO: Human Rights Watch
  2403. GOP Congressman Has Close Ties to Arms Contractor (Weldon)
  2404. Planes Known to Carry CIA Terror Suspects Landed in Tel Aviv (Utterly unsurprising)
  2405. Senator Allen's Staff Tackles Blogger
  2406. IRAQ: U.S. Military Adopts Desperate Tactics
  2407. Intelligence czar unveils spy version of Wikipedia
  2408. Blair dodges defeat in vote on Iraq war inquiry
  2409. Qatar to host visit by high-level Israeli official (Livni)
  2410. Russia says believes Iran's nuke program peacefl
  2411. Israeli air strikes kills Palestinian, wounds 20 (The daily pattern of genocide)
  2412. Peretz balks at IDF plans to expand Gaza operation [Genocide] (They'll do it anyhow)
  2413. Israeli armored vehicles mass near Gaza: witnesse
  2414. Blair aide meets Assad on secret trip to Syria
  2415. Israel may follow Lebanese example and flout UN 1701 (Follow example?! LMAO)
  2416. Iran, Venezuela, Syria sign MoU on Syrian oil refinery project
  2417. Israeli warplanes fly low over Beirut, suburbs(as of this were unusual)
  2418. America's Darkest Secret - Signs of the Times - Tue, 31 Oct, 2006
  2419. Texas Versus Tel Aviv: US Policy in the Middle East - Signs of the Times - Tue, 31 Oct, 2006
  2420. Sweatshops, made in the good, old U.S.A.
  2421. China-Pak fighter deal under threat
  2422. US warns Fiji military against attempting a coup (What scam is being protected?)
  2423. Iraq PM orders US away from his allies
  2424. Is John Kerry The Gift That Keeps On Giving For Bush And The GOP? (Yes, next question?)
  2425. Beijing's race for Africa
  2426. Anti-war protesters mass to send message to Commons
  2427. MPs attack Blair for 'vainglorious' approach to the conflict in Iraq
  2428. Baghdad is under siege (Criminally calculated results)
  2429. Military Charts Movement of Conflict in Iraq Toward Chaos (That's where is has long been wanted: mission accomplished)
  2430. Ambassador Ayalon: Bush letter - historic (READ)
  2431. Iran to start "extensive" military maneuvers in Gulf Thursday
  2432. Former 'enemy combatant' claims torture
  2433. Diebold demands that HBO cancel documentary on voting machines (It's called hubris)
  2434. US judge caps insurance payout for 9/11 WTC attack (Roiling wrangle of reptos)
  2435. US divided on existence of God (also toothfairy, bigfoot, UFOs, US Constitution, and honest politicial, whether genocide and torture are good things and where Liechtenstein is)
  2436. Olmert to discuss Iran with Bush (bgringing greetings from financial world expecting to make a killing - or serveral)
  2437. Lieberman: Treat Gaza like Chechnya (Lieberman is sure about genocide)
  2438. ABC News: House control in range for Democrats: Reuters poll
  2439. Liebermans Electoral Fate Tests Power of [AIPAC Zionist] Wirepullers
  2440. Rising threat of new media (Reality is process, not invariant things)
  2441. The Secret Service at work ... (or Cheney finds weakness for odd sweet READ)
  2442. Bush still wants to conquer the world (But W is only the pawn)
  2443. Iraqi PM hands Sadr victory over US blockade
  2444. Hubble telescope will get upgrade (Sometimes news is good)
  2445. Bush "Future Tax Shock" will hit upper middle, but not multimillionaires (The truth is that his economic destruction is beyond all help)
  2446. US Diplomat: Taleban Not Strategic Threat to Afghanistan (Babbling)
  2448. Central Banks Caught In Gold Squeeze May Crush Dollar (READ)
  2449. BREAKING: US Attorney Sitting on Renzi Indictment Until After Election!
  2450. Where did the weapons U.S. transferred to Iraq go? (Where else?)
  2451. Fool Me Thrice, an apology
  2452. Florida ballot terminals favor Republicans (READ)
  2453. Depleted uranium risk 'ignored'
  2455. Too many people are tuning out of the news (no, abandoning manipulative bullshit)
  2456. Wave of change likely to wash away pro-Israel politicians (Such optimism!)
  2457. The Next Phase of the Middle East War (Easily to have disastrous consequences all over)
  2458. Bush Moves Toward Martial Law
  2459. ABC News: The Note: A Ballet Being Fought Out in the Alley (NO EXIT POLLS?!! READ)
  2460. Public Opinion Strategies (It ain't just Diebold to fear)
  2461. Quebec puts the brakes on electronic voting
  2462. Copley Looks to Sell Fleet to Save Flagship Newspaper (Result of unintended consequences)
  2463. KNAU: Alyssa Peterson Suicide (2006-10-31) (Need to be a fool to believe suicide)
  2464. Florida Diebold machines help you pick the right candidate (Another robostolen election?! Or do we get to lock the treasonors up?)
  2465. Israel launches major Gaza raid (How about a terminal Tel-Avib raid?)
  2466. Bomb Explodes At eBay PayPal HQ In SJ On Halloween (Who doesn't like eBay-PayPal? That should be easy)
  2467. How to rig a voting machine (VIDEO)
  2468. Are Israelis gearing up to bomb Iran? (Yes, next question?)
  2469. Rumsfeld: Terrorists Plan Attacks to Manipulate U.S. Media (Psychocriminal gets funnier every day)
  2470. London: Students protest huge hike in tuition fees
  2471. Two sedition prosecutions for criticising the Indonesian government (another democratic republic)
  2472. NATO forces carry out massacre of Afghan civilians (Continuing the planned genocide)
  2473. Zionists seek (racist, genocidalists) to silence critics of US policy toward Israel (This is unusual?!)
  2474. Missile strike on Pakistani Islamic school slaughters 80 (USUKIL death squads continuing the genocide)
  2475. Australia: a socialist alternative in the Victorian state election Support the SEP campaign
  2476. Election campaign reveals Democrats' lurch to the right (READ)
  2477. Running on Hype: the Real Scoop on Biofuels (The irrational and stupid species, made in the image of its selfmade gods attempts to run but a Small Planet Earth. Are there enough allusions there?)
  2478. Alan Dershowitz and Bruce Jackson: On Torture (Which one is the nonhuman?)
  2479. The SEC's Probe of Halliburton: Is Cheney Being Fitted for a Striped Jumpsuit? (No: SEC is a major fraud; next question?)
  2480. Recharging the Anti-War Movement (Lots of luck)
  2481. Smearing Harold Ford in Black Face
  2482. The Lovable Man? Lieberman and the Decline of Israeli Democracy (Always READ Avnery)
  2483. Iraq Says It Needs $100 Billion in Aid (Who can counter all the destruction? No one)
  2484. Resistance to Deadlines for Iraq Is Weakening (Babbling)
  2485. Abramoff Friend Describes Handouts to Senator Burns's Staff
  2486. Proposition 89: Clean Elections or Power Grab? (In cat and mouse games, fat cats always win)
  2487. More Than Ever, Insurgents Are Targeting US Forces (Actually, real insurgents finally outpower the USUKIL death squads)
  2488. Hillary Goes Against the Tide (Rabid bitch of the South)
  2489. Hispanic, Asian, Native Citizens Face Voting Barriers (I'll bet they do)
  2490. Israeli Strikes Kill Eight Palestinians, Soldier (A low kill day for the genocidalists)
  2491. Iraqi Data Suggests Civilian Deaths Still Rising (More are enraged at the genocide)
  2492. US Soldier Killed Herself After Objecting to Interrogation Techniques (Suicide?! Gimme a fucking break; murdered)
  2493. Iran fires ballistic missiles in war games
  2494. Drink to this: red wine may help you live longer (or not)
  2495. Panama agreement ends UN seat row
  2496. AP Enterprise: Schwarzenegger donations top $113 million
  2497. New flu strain revives pandemic fear (Stuff it!)
  2498. President Bush Warns Syria Against Interfering In Lebanon (More Bushco BS)
  2499. US accuses Syria, Iran of Lebanon plot (in midst of USUKIL multiple genocides)
  2500. Bush 'would understand' attack on Iran (by Israel - and what would happen in consequence?)
  2501. Cabinet tells IDF: Keep pressure on Hamas and ready for Gaza operation Of course, the genocide was never in question)
  2502. Vermont poised to elect America's first socialist senator
  2503. Pay and sex bias rows hit Pope's TV station (Cool!)
  2504. Crooks and Liars &#-11;&#-11; Olbermann&#-11;&#-11;&#-11;s Special Comment : There is no line this President has not crossed &#-11;&#-11;&#-11; nor will not cross &#-11;&#-11;&#-11; to keep one political party, in pow
  2505. After President Meets Reporters, Sullivan -- Once a Bush Backer -- Now Suggests He May Have 'Lost His Mind' (NOW he figures this out?!)
  2506. De Menezes officers in new fatal shooting (Murder/Assassination is their job)
  2507. WSJ: Gibbons Does the Donor-Favor Two-Step
  2508. Manufacturing sputters as housing slump spreads (It wasn't exactly cruising to start)
  2509. Ann Coulter voting case could go to prosecutors (Madness)
  2510. Bush: US Must Stay in Middle East to Keep Oil Available (and will induce the opposite effect)
  2511. Presidents Inaction May Equal Pocket Veto (READ!)
  2512. Mind Games Part II - To Hell and Back: Spinning the Downward Spiral
  2513. Election Judges Report Getting Mysterious Calls
  2514. Joint Anglo-American project to check Internet "misuse" (Corpagov fundedfor corpagov results)
  2515. Wal-Mart sees Nov same-store sales flat
  2516. Productivity slows to a standstill (What productivity? Paperpushing?)
  2517. News Networks Install "Quarantine Room" For Election Night: No One Gets Out With Exit Pole Info...(Big Plans to Fuckus yet Again)
  2518. ABC News: Diebold Quietly Repaired Voting Machines (ROTFLMAO)
  2519. Diebold Fumbles Attempt to Stop HBO Airing of 'Hacking Democracy'!
  2520. U.S. near the bottom in privacy study
  2521. Iraq War Frames 06 Vote in Last Poll Before Election
  2522. Kidnapping of Egyptian in Italy shines light on U.S. "extraordinary renditions"
  2523. GOP smear tactics backfire (One can only hope so)
  2524. Bush Names Exxon Chief to Chart America's Energy Future
  2525. U.S. Agency to Review Oil Royalties (To make sure they're effectively zero)
  2526. Doughnut hole to get bigger next year, study of Medicare Part D finds
  2527. Coulter Refuses to Cooperate in Voting Probe (Wicked Bitch of the East'sfamiliar)
  2528. Big Brother Britain 2006: 'We are waking up to a surveillance society allaround us' (Just figuring this out are we?)
  2529. Cluster bomb victims 'mostly civilians'
  2530. Israeli killings [Genoocide] resume in Gaza Strip
  2531. US issues Lebanon 'plot' warning (with nonexistent WMDs)
  2532. Syria denies Lebanon 'plot' claim (Because it's yet another lie?)
  2533. Minister's doubts over Guantanamo (One gray cell within AU corpagov)
  2534. Hicks refused visit for fear of punishment: lawyer
  2535. Bush chides Democrats as soft on terror (that his thugs create)
  2536. Bush owes troops an apology, not Kerry
  2537. 29 percent of Americans approve of Bush's handling of Iraq war (So, we stil have 30% moron population)
  2538. Rumsfeld OKs Increase in Iraqi Forces (i.e., overpaid mercenaries)
  2539. Hunt for 'super-snipers' who uses US tactics (i.e., USUKIL death squads)
  2540. Military Charts Movement of Conflict in Iraq Toward Chaos (as if they were even capable)
  2541. Pentagon Looking Into Leak of Classified Intel to New York Times (Intel of corpagov criminality)
  2542. 3 More Years (Babbling)
  2543. Halliburton agrees to extend SEC probe (It has to agree?!)
  2544. Feds stall Halliburton bribe probe (We don't wonder why)
  2545. "This is not an election anymore, it's an intervention."
  2546. Police arrest 10,733 'fugitives' in U.S.-led sweep (Think Nazi Amerika)
  2547. Another five US coal mine deaths in October Bush appoints mine safety head during Senate recess (Another corpagov farce)
  2548. The case of Murat Kurnaz: German complicity in US war crimes
  2549. Australian media seizes upon Muslim cleric's comments to whip up xenophobia
  2550. Coup threat in Fiji as confrontation between army and government intensifies
  2551. Relations between US and Iraq government at breaking point (Is this even meaningful?)
  2552. Drug Profits and PACs: Why Big Pharma Pushes the GOP (READ)
  2553. Kerry Out: the Joke's Still on Us
  2554. Paul Craig Roberts: Evil is as Evil Does (Answer: "law" doesn't in fact exist: it's as much a total fraud as the corpagovs the enforce their whims)
  2555. The US Body Count in Iraq: an Analysis of Who is Dying and How (READ)
  2556. Hillary Goes Against the Tide (Lying, thieving, oppotunistic bitch)
  2557. Israeli Strikes Kill Eight Palestinians, Soldier (Genocide)
  2558. Is There a Scandal in the House? (Beyond counting them)
  2559. Inside the Shocking HBO Diebold Film (READ)
  2560. The (very expendable) Soldiers Speak Out
  2561. Another GOP Lawmaker Resigns After Scandal (Ralph Arza)
  2562. NYC To Hire More Forensic Anthropologists In Human Remains Search At WTC (and the corpagov lies will accumulate)
  2563. Three Bodies Found In South Carolina Ditch (Politicians?)
  2564. 10 People Shot During A San Francisco Halloween Party In The Castro District (Now, we have Bushco induced hate crimes)
  2565. Tobacco Industry Wins Delay On Ban Against "Light" Cigarettes (But it was never a good idea)
  2566. Home Of Muslim Canadian Congress Leader Vandalized
  2567. Health Group Urging Ohio Residents To Vote No To Issue 4 And Yes To Issue 5 (by bough and paid for AMA)
  2568. Poll: Key Senate Races Too Close To Call (False fodder for more stolen elections)
  2569. Reverend Al Sharpton Faults Christian Right For Avoiding The Broader Moral Isues
  2570. Democrats Counter Bush Attack With Iraq TV Ads (Hmmm)
  2571. Pentagon Beefs Up PR Efforts (Truth is of no avail)
  2572. "Surprised" New York Post Endorses Hillary Clinton's Senate Campaign (NYP is as good as dead)
  2573. President Bush Continues National Emergency Over Nuclear Weapons (Babbling upon babbling)
  2574. 'Abuse diary' of Iraqis was kept by British soldier
  2575. Diary boast of soldiers who abused detainees
  2576. Torture film is risk to troops, says MoD (More risk to utterly evil government)
  2577. Just rocks and hard places for Musharraf: Report
  2578. Six major powers to resume talks on Iran sanctions Friday (Mor babbling and waste of time)
  2579. Iran 'sending funds to Hezbollah' (Bravo Iran!)
  2580. Tehran begins more war games (Don't waste what you'll need)
  2581. Threat [from Israel] Deepens Lebanon Political Crisis
  2582. Moscow Fumes at U.S. Warning (as well it might)
  2583. Iranian companies pay the price for Tehran's defiance (of larcenous threats)
  2584. US Affairs: Who's good for the Jews? (In case you were actually wondering who really is controlling US)
  2585. Fresh airstrikes on northern Gaza kill four militants
  2586. Death toll mounts as Israel presses Gaza incursion (and who the genocidalists are)
  2587. Arab states step up boycott activity against Israel (as they should have long a go)
  2588. NY rabbi seeks Muslim aid on gay parade (heralding a Judenhass from which none of them may survive, to prevent the zionization of the world)
  2589. British believe Bush more dangerous than Kim Jong-il (A no brainer)
  2590. ANN/Groong -- Antelias: His Holiness Aram I meets with EU High Commissa
  2591. ANN/Groong -- Piece on French Armenian Genocide Denial Bill in Beirut Daily Star
  2592. Hirsh: Has America Lost Its Luck? (No modern "golden age" has lasted more than 50 years)
  2593. Samuelson: Does it Matter Which Party Wins?
  2594. US Concerned Somalia Conflict Could Spread (and certain natural resources might be unavailable)
  2595. US diplomats to prepare ground for six-party talks (For what, exactly?)
  2596. UN sanctions are 'sticks' in negotiating with North Korea: Rice (Wicked Bitch of East uses her broom)
  2597. Braley cancels meeting with Senator Kerry (Who needs that idiot?)
  2598. NEWS ANALYSIS 'Botched joke' feeds a frenzy among Dems, GOP and ... (Babbling)
  2599. Kerry apologizes for Iraq remark (Who cares?)
  2600. Evangelical leader accused of gay affair (Well - that's how they all ar, including the sanctimonious rabbis)
  2601. Former CA CEO Sanjay Kumar gets 12 years in prison (Pocket change, whileBushco, Blairco, Olmertco Howardco are all guilty of serial genocide)
  2602. US Economy: Productivity Stalls, Pushing Labor Costs Higher (Confused babbling)
  2603. Microsoft follows Oracle into Linux market (to turn it to M$ Shit)
  2604. Seafood, other ocean life threatened by overfishing, pollution (Just catching up with this are we?)
  2605. Ocean study predicts the collapse of all seafood fisheries by 2050 (2050?! Think again assholes)
  2606. Google mail goes mobile (I'm fucking thrilled)
  2607. Tom Cruise to run United Artists (LOL)
  2608. Madonna May Adopt Again (Madonna, Madonna 24/7, all the time - over nothing as the world disintegrates to shit)
  2609. If Borat has offended ... then he's done his job (Problem: Jewish-Zionist-Israeli Genocides are now so viciously blatant that no comedic desperation can spin it out of its reality)
  2610. Borat blurs boundaries between reality and fiction (But torture and genocide are simply not funny)
  2611. Kazakh minister says can't laugh at Borat's jokes (Because Kazakhstan has nothing to do it)
  2612. Borat: The new Hollywood darling (Megapuke)
  2613. China Accused Of Not Sharing New Bird Flu Strain Samples (Possibly because they don't exist)
  2614. What it all means for America as voters veer to the Democrats (Babbling Punditos)
  2615. Laura Bush cautions Americans to speak carefully when debating Iraq (Shut Up!)
  2616. Somalia braces for all-out war after peace talks collapse
  2618. 9/11 Pentagon Attack (READ)
  2619. CNN's Lou Dobb's: Early Voting Troubles in Florida (Riggings, Frauds, Hoaxes and Treason)
  2620. Medicare Cuts Payments For Many Services 5%
  2621. GOP Complaints Nix Flu Shots at Polls
  2622. GOP mayor stops free flu shots for poor at polling places
  2623. Button on e-voting machine allows multiple votes (READ)
  2624. Abu Ghraib Offender Heads Back to Iraq (Unbounded US corpagov criminal insanity)
  2625. Enron&#-11;&#-11;&#-11;s Skilling Sentenced; Bush Walks Greg Palast
  2626. Recipe for a Cooked Election Greg Palast
  2627. Cowardice in Journalism Award for Newsweek Goebbels Award for Condi Greg Palast
  2628. Bush Didn&#-11;&#-11;&#-11;t Bungle Iraq, You Fools: The Mission Was Indeed Accomplished
  2629. Officials See Military Trials Using New Law in 2007
  2630. State Department screened speakers for possible dissent
  2631. U.S. Web Archive Is Said to Reveal a Nuclear Guide (Common scientific knowledge among nuclear physicists - physicist here - and almost everybody is incapable of reading them)
  2632. Washington bid to take over UN forces
  2633. Totalitarian threat looms (READ)
  2634. Antisemitism is a good thing (READ)
  2635. Israeli tank opens fire on group of women (Isn't this normal?!)
  2636. It's 2004 All Over Again.. (Destroy the D Party)
  2637. FOX News rearranging weekend line-up to air terror film, scare jaded voters to polls
  2638. Swiss Investigate Suspected CIA Spying on Trade Union Members
  2639. Primary and early e-voting problems point to gathering storm
  2640. E-Mail Ballots for Military Questioned
  2641. Shopping giants add to US gloom
  2642. We're All Prisoners, Now: US Citizens to be Required ''Clearance'' to Leave USA (Nazi Amerika READ)
  2643. US vs. AIPAC (READ)
  2644. Lab Breach Bigger Than Thought (Just silliness)
  2645. Cabinet tells IDF: Keep pressure on Hamas and ready for Gaza operation
  2646. There's something happening here (Not near enough)
  2647. Barring massive vote fraud, the GOP is TOAST! (and it will not matter one bit)
  2648. Tibi in Cairo: Israel committing war crimes in Gaza (for half a century)
  2649. Poverty-stricken Palestinians desperate to profit from West Bank olive harvest
  2650. Guantanamo mission to explain may be hopeless (Explaining corpagov criminal insanity is not helpful)
  2651. America fights to take charge of UN peacekeepers around world (for genocidal purposes)
  2652. Congress Tells Auditor in Iraq to Close Office (Nazi Amerika)
  2653. America's last chance (is long past)
  2654. Zimbabwe: Government Intensifies Crackdown on Dissent (Just like US)
  2655. US force storms Allawi's Home (Criminal US)
  2656. Mass arrests of men of Beit Hanoun; taken away in trucks to unknown destinations
  2657. Tangram: Son of Total Information Awareness
  2658. Iraq: Bush has a plan, and it's working (Indeed, in chaos there is the planned genocide)
  2659. Congress Tells Auditor in Iraq to Close Office
  2660. Md. Democrats Say GOP Plans to Block Voters
  2661. U.S. speeds attack plans for North Korea
  2662. Attorney General Proves Steadfast in the Art of Evasion -
  2663. Russia preparing "asymmetric response" to U.S. missile defense
  2664. Iraq on alert ahead of Saddam verdict (More chaos since some, reasonably, would rather have him back)
  2665. Baptist Convention told: Muslims 'are here to take over our country' (Another Bedlam heard from)
  2666. BREAKING: Lieberman Thugs Threaten Lamont, Again (It's a zionist thing; they do that)
  2667. Test Spits Out Wrong Results At Board Of Elections (preping for the upcoming frauds)
  2668. Former Agent Says Google and CIA in Partnership
  2669. America's Point of No Return
  2670. Voting machines vulnerable, says report by UConn faculty
  2671. Button on e-voting machine allows multiple votes (fraud machines)
  2672. 12 Smartcards Go Missing In Tennessee; Control Electronic Voting Machines
  2673. The Exit Pollsters: An Election Night Quarantine
  2674. Key Evangelical quits amid gay sex claim
  2675. Evangelical Leader and Gay Marriage Opponent Admits to Meth and Massage
  2676. Foreign Lobbies Took the Guise of Nonprofits
  2677. BA's terror alert bill hits &#-11;&#-11;100m (British Air)
  2678. 2-yr old Palestinian released from Israeli prison!
  2679. Two Palestinian protestors shot dead (The daily murders)
  2680. Bomb cookbook website shut down (More absurdities)
  2681. Military tribunals expected next year
  2682. Madrassa not a terror camp, say survivors
  2683. Kroll pulls security team out of Iraq
  2684. U.N.: Nearly 100,000 flee Iraq monthly
  2685. Iraq a 'work of art in progress' says US general after 49 die (Are the hairs on the back of your neck raised yet? Wait!)
  2686. Washington bid to take over UN forces
  2687. US stops audit of Iraq rebuilding
  2688. Rep. Ney of Ohio resigns from Congress
  2689. Baghdad police: 56 bodies found in 24 hours (War criminal Negroponte at work)
  2690. Iraq's New Secret Police
  2691. Ex-Judges: Detainee Law Unconstitutional (Like much "Federal Law")
  2692. Why is the New York Times covering up the torture of Jose Padilla?
  2693. The Kerry apology: Democrats cower before Bush and military
  2694. Beatings and Sugar Plums: New Labor's War on the Kurds
  2695. Joshua Frank: DNC Deja Vu (READ)
  2696. Mike Whitney: Baghdad is Surrounded
  2697. "Victory in Iraq:" The PR Machine Behind Bush's Favorite Slogan (READ)
  2698. Day of the Dead in Oaxaca (READ)
  2699. Jumble of State Laws Could Disenfranchise Voters
  2700. TO Election Report: On the Ground in Missouri
  2701. GOP Congress Closes Oversite Office After Scandals Exposed
  2702. Bush Administration Published Nuclear Secrets in Arabic on Web (Right! It would have been funnier if it was in Farsi)
  2703. November Off to Bloody Start in Iraq (Genocide doesn't distinguish months)
  2704. Democrats Predict Voter ID Problems at Polls (Now why would that be?)
  2705. Israeli Troops Open Fire on Women Outside Mosque (Misogyny - or were they just feeling tense and frustrated?)
  2706. Haggard Case Fuels Debate Over Hypocrisy (It's here to stay)
  2707. Ted Haggard: Frequently Asked Questions (Is he remotely sane?)
  2708. Israeli "Cloud of Autumn" operation expands, 23 killed (upping the daily quota)
  2709. Study: 90% of the ocean's edible species may be gone by 2048 (and they haven't even been attacked by Monsanto - yet)
  2710. Russia Demands Revisions to Proposed UN Sanctions on Iran
  2711. Somalia says al-Qa'ida is provoking all-out war (Who?!)
  2712. Microsoft-Novell: Bad Omen For Open Source Linux
  2713. I'ma doer, says Bush in a final plea to voters (El Destructo)
  2714. U.S. Seeks Silence on CIA Prisons (i.e., blatant coverup of blatant criminality)
  2715. China and Africa work on closer ties (That should be fun)
  2716. China to train 15,000 African professionals (even more fun)
  2717. Employment picture rosier as voters head to the polls (What a lie!)
  2718. Democratic win may prod Bush on Iraq (to continue the genocide)
  2719. Ohio congressman linked to Abramoff resigns
  2720. Congressman resigns after guilty plea in lobbyist scandal
  2721. State-Controlled Russian Gas Firm Announces Plan to Double Price (speaking of interesting)
  2722. 3rd-quarter profit soars to $2.77 billion (Insurance racketeering)
  2723. Berkshire Insurance Units Fuel Profit, Rebounding From Katrina (more racketeering)
  2724. Red wine frenzy (BS that will raise prices)
  2725. Tight security ahead of Hussein verdict (Believe it)
  2726. Taiwanese president named graft suspect (Ah corpagov)
  2727. Rice Bucks Tradition With Pre-Election Appearances
  2728. Neocons turn on Bush for incompetence over Iraq war (i.e., not completing the genocide on time)
  2729. Homeland Security Tightens Grip on International Travel
  2730. Army Times: "Time for Rumsfeld to go"
  2731. GOP Laying Grounds to Declare Fraud in Tennessee Election
  2732. Court halts release of Cheney visitor logs (and we now know exactly why)
  2733. Anthrax (fraud, scam, charade) investigation slows
  2734. Neo Culpa (Why is a group of criminal stupid lying zionists dignified as "neocons"?)
  2735. Past Peak: Those Damned Machines: Cui Bono? (READ)
  2736. Exit poll analysts going to great lengths to get it righ (LMAO - and who is batty enough to believe the LYING PRESS?)
  2737. Use of electronic voting machines suspended (Guam)
  2738. Cameras Show Army Recruiters Misleading Students
  2739. The Battle of Ciudad Universitaria (Oaxaca)
  2740. Six Arab states join rush to go nuclear
  2741. ABC News: Cheney: 'Full Speed Ahead' on Iraq (Genocide)
  2742. I WANT TO HURT SOMEBODY - Greg Palast
  2743. US Congress on alert in face of resurgent Russia
  2745. Rice Says Iraqis to Split Oil Money in Unity Move (What Iraquis? What Oil Money?)
  2746. Russia Reacts Angrily to U.S. Warnings over Baltic Sea Gas Pipeline
  2747. Gaza deaths 'self-defence', says US (WTF?!)
  2748. TSA Insanity - The False Authority Syndrome
  2749. Israel bombards Gaza with deadly air strikes (Again!)
  2750. What to Do Before Tehran Gets the Bomb (Make cookies?)
  2751. How To Bankrupt the War Machine (It's already bankrupt, and it doesn't matter)
  2752. American Prison Planet The Bush Administration as Global Jailor
  2753. "Depleted Uranium Weapons: an investigation (READ)
  2754. The Great Nigerian Terror Scam and Diebold Double Squeeze
  2755. Hate Crime Charges Filed Against Five Jewish Teenagers in Brooklyn
  2756. Military publications: 'Rumsfeld must go'
  2757. Australian Broadcasting Corporation adopts new "bias" rules
  2758. Wal-Mart opens its doors to state-run unions in China
  2759. Arar "rendition" case: Canadian government accepts non-apology from Bush administration
  2760. The Democrats in the 2006 elections: the second party of reaction and war Part one
  2761. The Beastly Bombing
  2762. John Holt: Silk Road to Ruin
  2763. Michael Dickinson: Watching the Guards
  2764. The Left and the Environment: Notes on the Ecological Dimension (READ)
  2765. Ohio Redux: Mr. Blackwell and the Henhouse (READ)
  2766. How the US Lost Latin America
  2767. Is Another Recession Looming? (It's called economic collapse, not recession)
  2768. Babies and Banks: Celebrity Colonialism in Africa (Too philosophically stupid to be read)
  2769. Shepherd Bliss: Torture Memories (READ)
  2770. Lee Sustar: The Obama Myth (READ)
  2771. Ralph Nader: Failure Across All Fronts (He just doesn't know the goals)
  2772. As Vote Nears, Parties Prepare for Legal Fights
  2773. Supreme Court to Hear Major Abortion Case Next Week
  2774. GOP Zeroing In on Senate Races
  2775. Contractors Rarely Held Responsible for Misdeeds in Iraq
  2776. Saddam Hussein Verdict Is Near
  2777. The Bushes and The Lost King
  2778. 1999 war games foresaw problems in Iraq (The goal has always been genocide)
  2779. WorldNetDaily: The 'bombing' of TWA Flight 800 (Remember, remember)
  2780. Beit Hanoun: "They shoot at anything that moves"
  2781. Al Qaeda Leader: Materials Smuggled Across Border (Corpagov Whimworld)
  2782. Saddam verdict date 'rigged' for Bush (READ)
  2783. [War Criminal] Kissinger powwows with Jewish leaders on Iranian threat to Isral
  2784. Anthrax Vaccine Testing Called Off (Anthrax, E. Coli, anthrax, bird flu, Salmonella, anthrax, bird flu, terrorist, bird flu, Al-Qaeda, Iran, brid flu, anthrax , ...)
  2785. White powder found at US senator's office (Charade)
  2786. White powder at Clinton office found non-toxic (Farce)
  2787. Evangelical Dumped for Alleged 'Immoral Conduct' (Ooops!)
  2788. The American coup 2006 is growing exponentially
  2789. Salmonella Outbreak Traced to Tomatoes in Restaurants
  2790. Deafening silence (and Israeli Genocide of Palestinians)
  2791. Israel targets top Hamas rocketmaker (and any other fiction it invents)
  2792. Israeli snipers continue Gaza assault
  2793. Palestinians said near unity government, Israel presses ahead with Gaza offensive - iht,africa,Israel Palestinians
  2794. Israelis 'could kill Shalit' (Irony)
  2795. Israelis kill more than 40 in Gaza, while Palestinian groups edge closer to coalition(We wouldn't want unity now, would we?)
  2796. Egypt says dismayed over Israeli actions in Gaza (Dismay is hardly sufficient)
  2797. Progress reported on key Palestinian-Israeli issues, but breakthrough remains elusive(Babbling joke)
  2798. Jonathan Chait: GOP wants election to be about Kerry (Who?!)
  2799. Kerry plays the Manchurian Candidate
  2800. Breaking News: A New (and Important) Call for Rumsfelds Ouster
  2801. White House dismisses newspapers' call for Rumsfeld's resignation
  2802. Russian electricity market: Sell-off in a cold climate
  2803. Jobless Rate Falls to 4.4 Percent, Lowest in 5 Years (Lying joke of the year)
  2804. US unemployment drops to 5-year low (Horseshit)
  2805. US Consumers Turn Thrifty (because they're starving and in debt up to their eyeballs)
  2806. Microsoft patent peace--or patent war? (M$ has always been a racketeering op)
  2807. Microsoft and Novell in Landmark Partnership
  2808. Fish may become a rare delicacy by 2048 (Israel will just raise Palestinians as food animals)
  2809. Bush Says U.S. Pullout Would Let Iraq Radicals Use Oil as a Weapon (and US wants to use it as a weapon)
  2810. Possible Iraq Deployments Would Stretch Reserve Force.
  2811. Iran says would consider talks with U.S. on Iraq
  2812. PM: Lieberman's views on Arabs are not my own (But, then Olmert is a liar)
  2813. Weak Economic Numbers Trip Up Stock Market (They're two different fantasy lands)
  2814. Neocons Make Excuses for Mass Murder (They're all zionists first, and fundamental genocidalists)
  2815. Israel mounts air strikes in Gaza (Is this again or yet?)
  2816. Lieberman: Israeli Arabs are 'problem,' require 'separation' (as separation from their lives)
  2817. Throw the Truthiness Bums Out: FRANK RICH - Fiction vs. Reality (READ - you need the humor)
  2818. Pentagon targets Kim's nuclear sites (The World's Bully finds a new kid to kick)
  2819. Perchlorate: report on widespread rocket fuel in nation's food and water
  2820. Fighting erupts in Baghdad after verdict (Saddam Husein knows too much to be allowed to live)
  2821. 911 Dutch Treat? (READ)
  2822. Jewish teens assault Muslim, scream Jews rule this country!
  2823. Fourteen Senators Face Voters for the First Time since Authorizing Iraq War
  2824. Another Hamas Peace Plan Ignored
  2825. (DV) Bakhtiar: US vs. AIPAC (READ)
  2826. End of the Neo-Cons (the rest of the zionists and Israel)
  2827. Could it be this bad for the GOP? (One could hope both parties would drop dead)
  2828. Baghdad is Surrounded: The American Era in the Middle East has ended
  2829. Ledeen rats out Lieberman?
  2830. Iraq hawk perle leaves the flock
  2831. Iran: The Next War
  2832. GOP Must Go
  2833. 3 Calif. schools to fingerprint students (Have the school board arrested)
  2834. FBI willing to go undercover in Congress if necessary (One should trust FBI??!!)
  2835. Fury at Goldsmith vow to advise on Blair loan charge
  2836. Killer e-mail sends Blair into panic over cash for honours row
  2837. Israeli official wants homogenous nation (Genocidalist)
  2838. C.I.A. Review Highlights Afghan Leader's Woes (Needs a more nazified corpagov)
  2839. Saddam Hussein sentenced to death by hanging
  2840. Hussein and 2 co-defendants sentenced to hang
  2841. U.S. Plans to Screen All Who Enter, Leave Country
  2842. Democrats, on the Offensive, Could Gain Both Houses (AIPAC runs both parties, so it matters not)
  2843. Iraq War Will Cost More Than $2 Trillion
  2844. Iraq's revenge: Saddam Hussein to hang (US shutting his mouth)
  2845. Israelis to Pursue Offensive in Gaza Strip (until genocide is complete)
  2846. Africa nations and China sign $1.9 billion in deals (IMF is furious)
  2847. Rumsfeld has to go, urges military press
  2848. US primary care lags other Western nations
  2849. Global health study grades Canada low
  2850. Businesses May Move Health Care Overseas (Bizarre)
  2851. Whistleblowers Compendium: The Court Cases...
  2852. On 9/11 Pseudo Debunking
  2854. War simulation in 1999 pointed out Iraq invasion problems (If you knew history and reality, they were obvious)
  2855. Full-Page NY Times Ad: "Congress is in Thrall to the Israel Lobby" (Yes, we know this)
  2856. Amnesty condemns Saddam trial, death sentences
  2857. Cheating possible on vote machine
  2858. Has America finally lost faith in Bush? (I certainly hope so, but the others are no salvation)
  2859. Saddam sentence: Justice or travesty?
  2860. More GOP dirty phone tricks in New Hampshire
  2861. Cheney to go hunting on Election Day ("Dead Eye Dick" shoots whom, this time?)
  2862. Blair aide to be questioned again over loans
  2863. Call to oppose Hussein hanging (With his mouth tattling?)
  2864. Iraq shuts down 2 Sunni TV stations
  2865. US 'breeding extremism' in Iraq ("inventing" all over the globe)
  2866. Military services seek $160 billion extra to cover war costs (For troopsarmor and medical treatment? Surely not)
  2867. Report: Feds Refusing FBI Terror Cases (Do you believe a word of this?)
  2868. Europe calls for death penalty (of Saddam Hussein) to be commuted
  2869. Lieberman On Lieberman By David Truskoff (READ)
  2870. Prosecutors reject 87% of FBI's terror cases
  2871. Deaths mount in Gazan offensive (That's how genocide works)
  2872. Mud-slinging shows GOP's desperation (or is it all an act?)
  2873. AIPAC and AJC Take Note: Ohio's Jewish Community Goes Dem
  2874. The BRAD BLOG : New Mexico Dirty Tricks: GOP Targets Voters With Hispanic Surnames, Emergency Ruling by Judge Injoins GOP to Stop Phonecalls to Non-Republican Voters
  2875. Republican "fake phone call" scandal spreads - now in Philly too
  2876. This was a guilty verdict on America as well
  2877. Congressional candidates cry foul play
  2878. Voting problems start to pile up (READ)
  2879. Steal Back Your Vote Greg Palast
  2881. Would open source make elections fair? (No: fat cats always eat the mice)
  2882. ElectIons or ElectRons By Dom Stasi :: Choice Changes :: Conscious Choices for a better world
  2883. The Mighty Texas Strike Force (READ)
  2884. What GOP Surge?
  2885. Terror suspect 'could reveal CIA secrets if given civilian attorney'
  2886. Poll: Democrats boost advantage in races for Congress
  2887. Republicans prepare for the worst as disaster looms in midterm elections (or the theft is already had)
  2888. The "GOP Surge" evaporates
  2889. You Should Not Vote If...
  2890. Al Qaeda Briton plotted massive blasts: prosecutor (Junk)
  2891. Saddam will be hanged 'by end-January'
  2892. The slide into poverty-an increasing likelihood for workers in Detroit's suburbs (and everyplace else in US)
  2893. Political crisis in Poland: the twists and turns of the Kaczynski government (Degeneracy and corruption all around)
  2894. Papua New Guinea government threatens sanctions against Canberra
  2895. The Democrats in the 2006 elections: the second party of reaction and war Part two
  2896. Saddam Hussein's death sentence: a travesty of justice
  2897. When Does Incompetence Become a Crime?
  2898. The Genocide Election: When a Life Saving Industry Cheats, People Die (READ)
  2899. Bush's Carnival of Blood
  2900. The Progress in Bolivia: Morales' Stunning Victory Over Big Oil
  2901. Nikolas Kozloff: The Venezuela Factor ("First, kill all the Dems - also")
  2902. The Goose and the Gander: Is Bush Next? (along with all those thugs and henchmen)
  2903. The Banana Election: From Hanging Chads to Hanging Saddam
  2904. A Guilty Verdict on America, as Well
  2905. Saddam's Unindicted Co-Conspirator: Donald Rumsfeld
  2906. New Hampshire Makes GOP Stop Some Automated Calls
  2907. History in the Making in Tennessee
  2908. Iraq Vets Target Congressional Races (First, kill the DLC completely)
  2909. Iraq Foes Would Head Democrat War-Spending Panels (We hope they could not be made offers that they can't refuse by AIPAC)
  2910. Virginia State Board of Elections Secretary Finds Widespread Incidents of Voter Suppression(There is more than one way to steal elections, and GOP knows all of them)
  2911. Investors regroup as swaps panic hits
  2912. Angry Campaigns End on an Angrier Note
  2913. Primary Bugs, New Glitches Fueling Jitters In Md. and Va.
  2914. Tajik president wins re-election with 79.3 percent of vote, preliminary results show - iht,asia,Tajikistan Election
  2915. Ortega Seen Winning Nicaragua Election
  2916. The nine lives of Nicaragua's Ortega
  2917. Saddams guilt is sure. So is our hypocrisy
  2918. Commodities: Crude oil climbs over $60 as OPEC weighs reduction
  2919. Saudi may cut oil output to stabilise prices: minister
  2920. Israeli army leaves Beit Hanoun
  2921. British terrorist plotted wave of attacks to emulate 11 September (Believable?)
  2922. Explosions damage offices in Mexico City
  2923. Red Cross Descries Shooting of Medics
  2924. Is George W. Bush Clinically Insane?
  2925. 72 people found dead across Iraq by daybreak
  2926. Cost of Taking Fuel to Iraq Is Questioned
  2927. EU to investigate secret CIA jails in Poland
  2928. Swift justice, then Swift booted (READ)
  2929. Judge Rejects ACLU Lawsuit Over Absentee Ballots
  2930. Election Fixing Charges Fly in Utah County
  2931. NRCC Robo-Calls Hitting 20 Districts
  2932. Second GOP Firm Tied to Harassing Robo-Calls
  2933. Senior Dems Call for Probe of GOP Robo-Calls
  2934. This is a test of the Emergency Alert System: Vote for Dick Mountjoy!
  2935. Housing Vampires Walk Streets After Halloween
  2936. Rakhmonov wins re-election as Tajik president
  2937. Kyrgyz political crisis deepens
  2938. Political crisis in Kyrgyzstan
  2939. Pressure grows on President of Kyrgyzstan
  2940. Hussein back in court for genocide trial
  2941. New audit hunts Iraq's lost millions
  2942. Jakarta ready to boost ties with Tehran: Indonesian FM
  2943. Economic Prognosis - Kommersant Moscow
  2944. U.S./IRAQ: A Convenient Verdict?
  2945. MPs denounce Zionists' crimes in Palestine
  2946. The Arms Market and the Arms Race
  2947. ARE YOU A SLAVE?
  2948. Voter Suppression in Midterm Elections: Robocalls, ID Confusion, Voter Roll Purges
  2949. People For the American Way - Glitches, SNAFUs, and Skullduggery: A roundup of problems already documented and issues that may suppress the '06 vote
  2950. Inside the Worst Congress Ever (READ)
  2951. CBS4 Investigates Electronic Voting Machines
  2952. ID rules, machines early voting problems
  2953. America's Slide to Totalitarianism
  2954. Local Polling Places Report Some Problems (that should never have been)
  2955. Diebold could be big loser in today's elections
  2956. GOP already trying to spin the exit polls
  2957. Whose Polls Are Problematic?
  2958. Poll workers struggle with vote machines
  2959. Perry believes non-Christians doomed
  2960. U.S.: Today is either an Election Day or a Selection Day
  2961. What to expect -- and look for -- in the 2006 election
  2962. Mo. elections chief in election dispute
  2963. Delhi braces for traders-government showdown
  2964. Something's rotten in Israel (Like all their rulers have always been certified murderers and terrorists?)
  2965. Down phone lines might affect Election Day
  2966. Secret Existence (Take my government, please!)
  2967. Problems during early voting on the Suncoast
  2968. Tragedy, Farce, and Worse
  2969. Season of bitter verdicts is upon US
  2970. Stunned and Amazed
  2971. Bombings shake up Mexico
  2972. Analysts outraged over U.S. adjustments of employment data (Hell-o? This nonsense started several years ago!)
  2973. IDF girds (cruises) for possibility of war with Syria, Hezbollah in 2007
  2974. Several Reports Say New Voting Machines Not Working
  2975. Problems Reported With Voting Machines by Microvote
  2976. Taliban support on rise in Afghanistan (Ooops!)
  2977. Iran-Russia railroads to connect
  2978. Syria Ready for Peace Talks With Israel (It doesn't matter)
  2979. 2 Major Homebuilders See Orders Dive
  2980. Some voting poll locations reporting problems
  2981. Long lines, problems with voting machines reported across Ohio
  2982. Republicans See Edge From Early Voting (The grand theft - again?!)
  2983. Long Lines, Voting Machine Problems Reported Across State (Ohio)
  2984. FBI looking into possible Va. voter intimidation
  2985. FLASHBACK: US voting machines: Will 2004 elections be electronically rigged?
  2986. Ky. Poll Worker Charged With Assault
  2987. Reporters Without Borders lists 13 "enemies of the Internet"
  2988. Polling places turn to paper ballots after glitches (Indiana, Ohio, Florida)
  2989. James & Kenneth Collier: Votescam: Contents (READ)
  2990. GOP Spins Exit Polls Ahead Of Vote Fraud
  2991. Voting nightmare: Democrats seek extension (Denver)
  2992. US ready to face the (ruined) world anew
  2993. Dollar poised for a dip
  2994. More problems in Ohio
  2995. VotersUnite! Election Problem Log
  2996. Voting in a neck-and-neck nation (Is it neck and neck?)
  2997. Some Glitches as Utah Voters Head to the Polls
  2998. The BRAD BLOG : MELTDOWN '06: Missouri Election Integrity Org Says More Reports of Touch-Screen Vote Flipping&#-11;&#-11;&#-11;
  2999. Burns Campaign Punishes Newspaper For Writing About Poll
  3000. Some county voters face glitchy machines, resort to voting on paper (California)
  3001. Towards a Police State in America: Will the "October Surprise" Come on November 7th?
  3002. Rebel Maoists to join Nepal government in landmark peace deal
  3003. Right wing/GOP pundit Laura Ingraham tries to jam DNC voter protection line
  3004. Voting Machines Woes Cause Early Delays
  3005. Election Day Brings Scattered Reports of Lines, Machine Errors
  3006. Iraq charges 100 over prison torture
  3007. Shanghai corruption scandal exposes crisis of China's pension system
  3008. French government uses Marseille bus burning to step up state repression
  3009. Saddam Hussein verdict: US politicians, media applaud the gallows and the noose
  3010. On the eve of the 2006 midterm election US faces stepped-up war abroad, social conflict at home
  3011. Election Day 2006: The crisis facing American working people
  3012. Is Fabulous President George W. Bush a Fabulous Homosexual? Baptists Are Saving Homosexuals asks what conservative Christians demand to know
  3013. Dick J. Reavis: The Immateriality of the Working Class (READ)
  3014. Felice Pace: Pumping the Klamath Dry
  3015. Nikolas Kozloff: In Nicaragua, a Chavez Wave?
  3016. Saddam Must Die: A Pre-Ordained Verdict
  3017. It's a Candidate Calling. Again.
  3018. In Missouri, a Forecast for Voter Misery
  3019. US Sends Poll Watchers to 69 Jurisdictions (But, since US is a racketeering operation, ...)
  3020. Military Families, Iraq Veterans Protest Pentagon's Plan to Rush Reserve Call-Ups
  3021. New Rules, Machines Frazzle Poll Workers
  3022. Maryland GOP Recruits Homeless to Distribute Misleading Fliers on Dems
  3023. Nationwide Problems With E-Voting Machines, Volunteers Report
  3024. Iraq on the minds of Hoosier voters
  3025. The Anti-War Wave
  3026. British terrorist planned mass carnage (Blair planned it, and did it)
  3027. US fails in effort to derail Ortega presidential bid
  3028. Israeli Forces End Gaza Strip Offensive (No enough babies left to murder?)
  3029. Burger King sued over marijuana in police officers' burgers (Just plain stupid)
  3030. The reverse of Holocaust: The Nazis' chosen
  3031. Spain digs for its once-hidden Jewish heritage (i.e., Jews attempt to steal the Islamic history and culture of Iberia)
  3032. Israel's scandalous siege of Gaza
  3033. New headaches for the voters
  3034. Voting machines woes cause early delays
  3035. Candidate a no-show at Bush rally (Repto infighting)
  3036. Australia Bank Raises Interest Rate
  3037. Lloyd Webber can sell Picasso 'sold under pressure from Nazis
  3038. Kyrgyzstan lawmakers agree on compromise
  3039. Voter smashes touch-screen machine in Allentown
  3040. Here's how the 2006 mid-term election was stolen.
  3041. First exit polls show bad news for GOP
  3042. White House Caught Allegedly Doctoring "Mission Accomplished" Video...
  3043. Voting Problems In West Hartford
  3044. Sample Ballots in Pr. George's Misidentify Candidates (Unending GOP fraud)
  3045. Voting Expert: Widespread Election Fraud Again (But enough?)
  3046. Ken Blackwell Outsources Ohio Election Results to GOP Internet Operatives, Again
  3047. NBC5 Viewers Report Voting Problems (READ)
  3048. Common Cause reports e-voting snafus nationwide
  3049. Computer glitches disrupt voting
  3050. Lawyers poised as US vote hit by technical glitches
  3051. FBI launches probe of Virginia pre-election calls
  3052. How Daniel Ortega finally managed to win an election
  3053. Forty-year jail term for British al-Qa'ida terrorist (Now he will simply disappear in a poof of orange smoke)
  3054. Voting Irregularities, Dirty Tricks, Mechanical Problems Stymie Vote
  3055. Associated Press Projects Gov. M. Jodi Rell Wins
  3056. Napolitano cruises to easy re-election
  3057. Strickland vows 'rebirth'
  3058. Clinton Retains New York Senate Seat
  3059. Spitzer Leads Historic Sweep in N.Y. by Democrats
  3060. Republican Senators Ousted in Pa., Ohio
  3061. Senate's No. 3 Republican Santorum Loses
  3062. G.O.P. Loses Senate Seats in 3 States
  3063. Democrats scoring gains in Senate, House
  3064. Democrats Take Majority in House
  3065. 5th Grader Disciplined for Visiting 9/11 Website (Texas)
  3066. Democrats Take Majority in House; Pelosi Poised to Become Speaker (She, being an Israel firster is not an improvement)
  3067. Democrats seize House in major blow to Bush (Now could we have real Dems who kill the DLC?)
  3068. Students react to Democratic wins (Rahm Emanuel is the first who needs to be gotten rid of)
  3069. Wounded Gaza teenager mourns 13 family members (and this is why)
  3070. Israel Declares End to Gaza Mission, but Firing Continues (Israel lies a lot)
  3071. Palestinian leader condemns attack
  3072. `Dedicated terrorist' jailed for life (It's a charade)
  3073. Bird flu expert set to lead WHO (Another bought idiot whore)
  3074. Chinese bird flu expert wins nomination to head UN health body (An expert at lying)
  3075. Anti-Bush sentiment fueled state Democrats' wins
  3076. 'The reality is that everything is made of chemicals' (Duh!?)
  3077. World sees Dems' win as a Bush rejection
  3078. Hamas chief: Truce with Israel is over (What truce?)
  3079. Nation watches Virginia Allen-Webb race could help tilt control of U.S. Senate
  3080. Faults and dirty tricks hit results
  3081. MoveOn offering $250k for evidence of voter fraud
  3082. Will Some Red State Republicans Be Wearing Prison Blue? (There is always hope)
  3083. GOP distributing false sample ballots in Maryland
  3084. Across U.S., voters' loud message: It's time for change (But, will anything change?)
  3085. Political reaction to Democrats' gains
  3086. America has spoken
  3087. FBI Investigating Misleading Calls to Voters
  3088. Voting Expert: Widespread Election Fraud Again (Now about those caught redhanded)
  3089. Palestinians: Israelis kill 19 in Gaza (Why is this surprising, day after every day, year after year?)
  3090. EU voices "shock" at Israel artillery strikes in Gaza (Have they all been deaf and blind?)
  3091. United Nations ! The Sight Inside Biet Hanoun Reveal Unimaginable Horror (Hell-o?! Wake up! Israel has been doing this ALL THE TIME FOR OVER 50 FUCKING YEARS!)
  3092. Historic Democratic Victory
  3093. Senate Results Are Harshest Rebuke to Bush
  3094. Bush announces resignation of Rumsfeld
  3095. Record Number of Gays Elected to Office
  3096. Rejected measures: Arizona gay marriage ban, South Dakota abortion ban
  3097. Conservative consolation prize in US election: gay marriage ban
  3098. Analysts outraged over U.S. adjustments of employment data (Um - all the economic data is fabricated crap. Haven't they been paying attention?)
  3099. DHS Plans to Screen All Who Enter, Leave U.S.
  3100. Dems' Wins in U.S. Races Concern Israel (LOL - yes, the gravy train)
  3101. Superbug brought back by Iraq war casualties
  3102. Prosecutor: Marine accused in Iraqi murder 'key player'
  3103. U2 wants Hicks out of Guantanamo
  3104. Prosecutors renew extradition request for Americans in alleged CIA kidnapping
  3105. CIA aircraft made 80 flights in UK air space, claims MP
  3106. Iraq exit the No 1 priority for Rumsfeld successor (Robert Gates)
  3107. Ex-CIA Chief Robert Gates to replace Rumsfeld: AP
  3108. Rumsfeld resigns in poll fallout
  3109. Donald Rumsfeld steps down (Now, arrest the bugger)
  3110. Recount Triggered In Tight 2nd Congressional District Race
  3111. Democrats edge closer to control of Senate
  3112. India: Vidarbha farmers face health disaster A further indictment of the state of public health
  3113. Sri Lankan Supreme Court ruling undermines basis for peace talks
  3114. Behind Lula's reelection: Brazil's crisis deepens
  3115. Former German Chancellor Schr&#-11;&#-11;der's right-wing offensive
  3116. The crisis of US imperialism in historical perspective
  3117. As Hussein sentenced to death, US pushes to rehabilitate his functionaries
  3118. US midterm elections: An overwhelming repudiation of the war in Iraq
  3119. The crisis of US imperialism in historical perspective (READ)
  3120. abc7.com: Webb Wins in Virginia; Democrats Take Control of Senate
  3121. Subpoena Envy: The Dems Have the Power, But Will They Use It?
  3122. Voting in the Absence of Choice
  3123. The Corporate Food System is Broken
  3124. Another Tragic Day in Palestine
  3125. Election Post-Mortem: What's Next?
  3126. Anti-Semitism? Mr. Dershowitz, You Just Don't Like What I Say
  3127. What's Next for the Peace Movement?: Confront the Democrats, Now! (Yes!)
  3128. Robert Gates and Iran/Contra: Lies, Cover Ups and Slanted Intelligence
  3129. Gates Has History of Manipulating Intelligence
  3130. Stem Cells Win, Abortion Ban Defeated
  3131. 42 Die in Attack at Pakistan Army Camp
  3132. Lawyers Fight for Habeas Rights
  3133. Meet The New Boss, Same As The Old Boss (READ)
  3134. French UN troops 'seconds' away from firing at Israeli aircraft over Lebano
  3135. Physicians for Human Rights-Israel Response to Beit Hanoun Tragedy
  3136. Dark Autumn Clouds Raining Blood over Beit Hanoun, a report by Yousef Alhelou
  3137. Daily Kos: Very wierd result in the CT race. Lamont loses with EXACT number that republican did in 2000
  3138. The Antiwar Wave - by Justin Raimondo (READ)
  3139. Peace mom Sheehan arrested in Washington (The only thing this government seems to be able to do: arrest, murder and thieve)
  3140. Rumsfeld's exit ushers in hope for Iraq policy shift (No, just a change of major tactics)
  3141. Allen, Webb prepare for possible recount (Will that raise the issues of GOP's dirty tricks even more?)
  3142. Israeli Aircraft Attack Hamas Rocket Chief in Gaza (Update1)
  3143. Israel kills 18 civilians in Gaza shelling (Daily genocide)
  3144. EU threatens Turkey with possible action over Cyprus
  3145. Dems Pin Hopes on Senate Victory in Va. (Then these whining, complicit criminal mutants will do what, exactly?)
  3146. Pelosi looks set to become first woman speaker (Yes, Speaker of the Kesset)
  3147. In Statehouses, Too, Democrats Post Sizable Gains
  3148. Justices Have Pointed Abortion Discourse USSC
  3149. Justices engage in sharp questioning with both sides in abortion arguments - iht,america,US Supreme Court Abortio
  3150. Picasso out of NY auction amid ownership claims (Suing the lying bastard back is probably better than simply burning it)
  3151. Have toxins damaged millions of children? (Probably)
  3152. Nepal's decade of war draws to a close (Maybe)
  3153. European Reaction: "End of a Six Year Nightmare"
  3154. White House attempts to confirm Bolton before Dems take power
  3155. No tears for Rumsfeld, and a touch of glee from the left
  3156. Thank you, America | Special reports | Guardian Unlimited
  3157. Profile: Nancy Pelosi (Someone who needs to be ditched)
  3158. The Old Zionist Smear Machine
  3159. Vatican urges Israel to ban Jerusalem gay parade (Kiss my ass)
  3160. Just how cozy is Pelosi with AIPAC? (Her tongue is up its ass)
  3161. France demands independent probe of Beit Hanoun incident (But US remains Israel's poodle)
  3162. US was warned of Iraq chaos, says ex-diplomat
  3163. Allen to concede in Va. Senate race (or GOP vote frauds will gain attention)
  3164. Survivors tell harrowing tales of Israeli barrage
  3165. UN meets to address israeli paranoia
  3166. Terror groups call for attacks against US interests (with a valid point)
  3167. John Bolton Likely to Depart U.N. (and put in a place to do even more damage?)
  3168. Pryce says she won; Kilroy not so sure
  3169. The Accident At Beit Hanun And The Logic Of Unilateralism (READ)
  3170. The countdown begins at Antony Loewenstein (READ)
  3171. IMPEACH THE PRESIDENT AND VICE-PRESIDENT (Treason, Malfeasance, War Crimes & Genocide isn't enough?!)
  3172. Editor of 'Inquirer' to leave
  3173. Impeach the Terrorist
  3174. Gates CIA Past Could Haunt Him in Confirmation Hearings
  3175. Youth turnout in election biggest in 20 years
  3176. A brutal taste of the future
  3177. William Rivers Pitt: A Deep, Deep Breath (READ)
  3178. Sarasota voters report touch-screen woes (READ)
  3179. Dist. 13 voting analysis shows broad problem
  3180. The Anti-War Movement Sourced the Democrats Victory! (and they had damn well better be paying attention to that)
  3181. Howard Dean Says No Impeachment Of Bush (Then get rid of the SOB)
  3182. Olmert: Sorry for civilian deaths in Gaza (and he's also a liar)
  3183. Author of "Dodgy Dossier" identified. (Finally!)
  3184. Egyptian cleric allegedly abducted by CIA recounts torture in Egypt
  3185. Somalia: US troops operate at Somalia Kenya border
  3186. U.S. plans to veto proposed UN resolution on Beit Hanun deaths (US: Israel's Whore)
  3187. Two years after U.S. assault on it, Fallujah returns to insurgent hands
  3189. Like Cornered Rats, GOP Losers More Dangerous Than Ever (READ)
  3190. Rummy Out But Dont Start Cheering Just Yet
  3191. Pelosi Revisited (Isreal's bitch & US Speaker of the Knesset)
  3192. The Lieberman conspiracy
  3193. Republican defeat means the Iraqi insurgency has won (Nope, not over by a long shot)
  3195. Religious Leaders Take Stand on Torture (What planet have they been living on?)
  3196. Saddam wins mid-terms in USA
  3197. FLASHBACK: Pelosi Attacks Iraq's Prime Minister For Not Supporting Israel's Destruction of Lebanon (Remember?)
  3198. Bushs Chernobyl Economy; hard times are on the way
  3199. Rumsfeld replacement (Robert Gates) was director of voting company
  3200. The Stephen Heller Legal Defense Fund (READ)
  3201. IRS Enjoined For Violating US Court of Appeals Order
  3202. While You Voted, Israel Murdered More Palestinian Children
  3203. Republican Losses to Spur Lame-Duck Push for Senate Offshore Drilling Plan
  3204. 2 students out of jail after DA intervenes
  3205. Rumsfeld replacement (Robert Gates) was director of voting company
  3206. Iraqis skeptical Democrat gains will bring change (showing good sense)
  3207. Troops in Iraq must stay - Beckett (She'd look good with a gag in her mouth)
  3208. Iraq policy won't change, says Howard
  3209. Montana's Tester Squeaks by GOP Rival
  3210. Sen. Burns concedes Montana race
  3211. Source: Allen to concede in Va. Senate race
  3212. US Court grants AT&T, govt. appeal in spy case
  3213. Australia: Media promotes vigilantism and "bush justice"
  3214. Australian government provocations heighten political crisis in Fiji
  3215. Right-wing Popular Party attacks Spain's leading judge
  3216. Germany's role in illegal US "anti-terror" activities
  3217. The Robert Gates Files
  3218. Between Resistance and Deception in Palestine
  3219. John Chuckman: As I Lay Dying (READ)
  3220. Saddam's Trial in Context
  3221. Blood on the Tracks: the Elections and the Coming Train Wreck
  3222. Bush's Chernobyl Economy
  3223. Manuel Garcia, Jr.: The Roots of Corruption (READ)
  3224. Will Democrats Become Part of the Problem? (They already are)
  3225. Patrick Cockburn: The War of the Snipers
  3226. Jennifer Loewenstein: How Gaza Offends Us All
  3227. Ballot Measure Losses Stagger the Religious Right (They are not very bright to begin with)
  3228. Robert Parry | The Secret World of Robert Gates
  3229. Startling Findings in Pat Tillman Probe
  3230. Bolton unlikely to win Senate approval (and during recess ...)
  3231. IRAQ: Bechtel Departure Removes More Illusions (READ)
  3232. Mubarak warns on Saddam hanging
  3233. US 'delayed Saddam trial verdict'
  3234. POLITICS-US: Iran Is Key to Course Change on Iraq
  3235. Afghanistan Expects No Changes With U.S.
  3236. Secret CIA jails in Poland "elusive like UFOs"
  3237. IAF negotiates purchase of 100 F-35 fighter jets in $5 billion dea (With whose money?)
  3238. Israel accused of 'state terrorism' (By someone othan than me?!)
  3239. Mourning crowds call for revenge over civilian 'massacre'
  3240. Tears, anger as Gaza buries its dead
  3241. Bush, Pelosi try to work together (She's as criminal as he is)
  3242. A timeline of events involving gay marriage in Massachusetts
  3243. Study finds low-carb diets OK for heart (Obvious for many years)
  3244. Sen. Reid Backs Lieberman for Homeland Security Chairmanship
  3245. Britain 'not tough' enough with US
  3247. Iraqi Official: 150,000 Civilians Dead
  3248. MI5 head's warning on terrorism (Can we spell "LIAR"?)
  3249. MI5: 30 terror plots being planned in UK (Because she says so)
  3250. Bush resubmits Bolton (The evil is not near dead yet)
  3251. Japan, U.S. plan joint air, naval drills from Thursday
  3252. Prime Minister (Fucking Olmert) warns against hasty U.S. withdrawal from Iraq
  3253. With Hand on Heart: Pelosi Admits Israel Comes First (and this criminal is going to sit in US House)
  3254. War Without End :: View topic - Bush OK's Israel Attack on Iran
  3255. Do you believe President Bush's actions justify impeachment? (conviction and execution)
  3256. PDA to Join National Groups to Announce Movement for Accountability and Impeachment - Progressive Democrats of America
  3257. R.I. Senator May Leave Republican Party (Chafee)
  3258. Handover to Iraqi Army 'set for the end of next year' (or not)
  3259. Deputy Defense Minister: Israel must be ready to stop Iranian nuclear program 'at all costs'(Destroying Israel at all costs would be a better idea)
  3260. OK Democrats, Prove Yourselves: Investigate Cheneys Energy Meetings!
  3261. Will Cheney be next to go? (Babbling)
  3262. In Florida, Echoes of 2000 as Vote Questions Emerge
  3263. Three U.S. troops killed in Iraq (That's why they're there)
  3264. Bush quietly resumes training Latin American militaries
  3265. Blair backs MI5 terrorism warning (Just can't avoid a big lie, and has to tell it; it's a compulsion)
  3266. Purported Iraq al Qaeda tape to US: Jihad not over (Al-CIAda Productions is in full swing)
  3267. Al-Qaida: We'll blow up the White House (LOL - of sure! - and kill Rummy's cat!)
  3268. UK's 'serious' terror threat linked to Pak (It gets funnier by the minute)
  3269. US, Russia Agree on Terms for Russia to Join WTO (or not)
  3270. Israel Gay Pride Parade Canceled
  3271. Israeli gay event goes ahead despite protests
  3272. Iran warns IAEA over resolution
  3273. Iran could review IAEA ties over UN draft: Larijani
  3274. Palestinians inch towards unity government (Israel will stop it)
  3275. Allen Concedes, Democrats win control of Senate
  3276. America turns
  3277. Bush 'open to any idea' for addressing war in Iraq (having made the situation solutionless)
  3278. Low And High Carb Diets Have Same Heart Risks (Why bother listening to these fucking morons?)
  3279. Enter Bush the elder's statesman, to relief all round (On "anything's better than W" theory)
  3280. Gates expected to push Israel-Palestinian talks (Oh sure - right - absolutely)
  3281. Wrong man to replace Rumsfeld (Of course)
  3282. Democrats are set to subpoena
  3283. Waxman Set to Probe Areas of Bush Gov't
  3284. Florida 'Missing' 18,000 E-Votes in Close Race
  3285. In Florida, Echoes of 2000 as Vote Questions Emerge
  3286. Ch&#-11;&#-11;vez attacks Bush as a 'genocidal' leader (He's got that right)
  3287. Iran vows to hit back if Israel attacks
  3288. USA to try and halt condemnation of Israel at the UN
  3289. Iran complains to UN Security Council over Sneh comment
  3290. Israeli military strike on Iran possible, official says
  3291. French troops almost fired at Israel jets: minister
  3292. McGovern to meet with Congress on war
  3293. Blair to discuss Iraq with U.S. panel
  3294. U.S. offers $50,000 for soldier kidnapped in Iraq (All of a sudden they're interested?)
  3295. Four Servicemembers Die in Iraq
  3296. Nat'l Guard Units Face 2nd Tours in Iraq
  3297. Universities move to hide work from U.S. eyes (Canada)
  3298. Judge rejects claim of warrantless eavesdropping in al-Qaida case
  3299. Al Qaeda internet audio clip boasts of 12,000 terror 'troops' (Oh, right, sure, ...)
  3300. U.K. spymaster raises alarm (All the terrorists are in the government)
  3301. British public warned terror attack "inevitable" (Terror attack by government is already in full swing)
  3302. Blair [The prime terrorist] Says Homegrown Terrorism Is Generation-Long Struggle
  3303. Poland criticised over CIA probe
  3304. Sweden Violated Torture Ban in CIA Rendition
  3305. I was tortured in cell after kidnap by CIA, says Muslim cleric
  3306. Egyptian claims torture after CIA kidnap in Italy
  3307. Charges Sought Against Rumsfeld Over Prison Abuse
  3308. Rumsfeld sued for 'torture'
  3309. Bush quietly resumes training Latin American militaries
  3310. Mayoral Candidate in East Arkansas Disputes Tally of Zero Votes
  3311. 18,000 votes in U.S. House race may be lost
  3312. E-voting woes surface in Florida
  3313. Frustration Grows at Carousel as More Baggage Goes Astray
  3314. Bush stands by his man for U.N. envoy (on orders from Israel)
  3315. Gates' old enemy (READ)
  3316. Gates' role in Iran-Contra scandal still debated
  3317. 'Gates will uphold solid US-Israel ties' (But, of course)
  3318. White House (Torture and terror center of the world) calls Iran, Hezbollah a `global nexus of terrorism
  3319. Olmert heads to U.S. to gauge post-election policy (i.e., to set its poodle's policy)
  3320. Israel's Olmert says Iran should "pay dearly" if it continues its nuclear program (and Israel should be exterminated for its ongoing genocides)
  3321. How Israel put Gaza civilians in firing line (continuing genocide)
  3322. US vetoes UN resolution condemning Israel on Gaza (Poodles will be poodles)
  3323. 'Friendly fire' death in Afghanistan raises disturbing questions
  3324. [US] Gunmen Kill 10, Kidnap 50 In Iraq
  3325. Clark: Iraq a "Hopeless, Spiraling Failure" (or success, depending on the intents and desires)
  3326. Troops to stay in Iraq, says Downer (Another Israeli Poodle Barks the Chant)
  3327. Despite Billions Spent, Rebuilding Incomplete (Rebuilding was never intended)
  3328. Democrats Aim to Save Inquiry on Work in Iraq (and simply fail to do so?)
  3329. Threat to Blair as Democrats pledge inquiry on Iraq (yet another congressional farce)
  3330. Rumsfeld faces threat of lawsuit over 'war crime' (that will be dismissed one way or another)
  3331. Morocco jails 3 ex-Guantanamo detainees
  3332. Despite US Confession, Europe Insists on Hiding CIA Bases (on orders from Israel)
  3333. Imams sent to high-security prisons to convert 'radicals' (Shades of Soviet 'psychiatry')
  3334. Brown (Grand High Fraudster) says no to calls for terrorism minister
  3335. Brown backs stronger anti-terrorism powers (to fight corpagov's smoke and mirrors)
  3336. Britain monitoring hundreds who plot "active terrorism" (Smoke and mirrors)
  3337. Beware: George Bush's secret agents can now arrest us in our own country
  3338. Outrage at London sting by US spies (who are working for Israel)
  3339. Feingold Rules out Presidential Run
  3340. The Lexington Comair Crash (READ)
  3341. ISRAEL LOBBY SAYS PENTAGON INFILTRATED (Pentagon is Israeli Poodle)
  3342. Chancellor [Brown Nose] signals support for Bush
  3343. Labour drafts in US election architect for 'our midterms'(Howard Dean is doing WHAT?!)
  3344. International poll ranks Bush a threat to world peace (still)
  3345. Ostrovsky on ADL and "labeling" people (READ)
  3346. 49 Million U.S. Adults Notified Of Data Breaches
  3347. BBC reopens Kelly case with new film (He was murdered by UK government)
  3348. Lockerbie trial was a CIA fix, US intelligence insider claims
  3349. Israelis guilty of the Beit Hanoun massacre.
  3350. A Tale of TWO Terrorists (READ)
  3351. Army (of US terrorists) moves forward with court martial of Lt. Ehren Watada
  3352. Courage to Resist
  3353. Impeachment Call Echoes Near Independence Hall
  3354. Devvy Kidd -- NWVs servers hacked - why?
  3355. Forget democracy and bring home troops, Bush will hear (article avoids entirely the real purpose of Iraq invasion)
  3356. Judicial Watch Obtains Documents from Army Related to Halliburton Subsidiarys No-Bid Iraq Contract
  3357. Arab to lift financial blockade on Palestinians (Why have they ever cooperated with this affront?)
  3358. Lifting the Fog on 9/11: Experts Present Scientific Evidence at UC Berkeley (READ)
  3359. In honor of our veterans, we call for truth (READ)
  3360. Lieberman (Repug mole) refuses to close door on switching parties
  3361. Israel warned off nuclear 'folly'
  3362. 'Israeli Forces shoot indiscriminately at Palestinian Women and Children'
  3363. Mortars hit U.S. office in Iraq - Conflict in Iraq - MSNBC.com (Will this link also disappear?)
  3364. Eglin hospital administrator faces rape charges (A very sick nation)
  3365. Iran TV broadcasts 'US ship spy plane footage'
  3366. Pelosi, AIPAC and Google
  3367. Florida Recount, 2006-Style
  3368. Israeli Warplanes Fly Over Southern, Eastern Lebanon (Hello-o? This is a daily occurance)
  3369. CNN editors pull Palestinian quotes, replace with US
  3371. Saudi Official Blasts West's Double Standards
  3372. Impeachment and the Table (READ)
  3373. Suicide bomber kills 10 on Baghdad bus (or not)
  3374. Saddam Hussein 's Trial and Final Verdict.
  3375. Chinese submarine stalks US carrier: report (Interesting implications)
  3376. Save the USA &#-11;&#-11; Demand Action From Congress: 500,000 Impeachment Letters to Pelosi by Jan. 3
  3377. Open Letter to Reps Pelosi and Conyers: We the People are Setting the Table Now
  3378. Israel will 'not tolerate' a nuclear Iran: Olmert (Arrogant fuckwad)
  3379. Nancy Pelosi (Whore Mossad Agent) to the White Courtesy Phone
  3380. Arabs vow to 'break' aid blockade on Palestinians
  3381. Pelosi (Olmert's Whore) Delivers Speech to American Israel Public Affairs Committee
  3382. KEEP IT UNDER YOUR HAT: CIA IS RECRUITING SPIES (Bizarre Nation of Morons)
  3383. Slaying near Pentagon remains unsolved (Zeller)
  3384. Iran says ready to consider any U.S. offer to talk (Which Israel doen't want)
  3385. MI6 link to Lockerbie briefings (Terrorist government)
  3386. 'Israel must prepare for full-scale war' (and its annihilation)
  3387. No one is guilty in Israel (READ)
  3388. Fury as Israelis damage war cemetery
  3389. Jesus Appears on Backside of Beloved Pet! (He is everywhere)
  3390. Hamas accepts peace conference proposal (But Israel wants them all dead)
  3391. "V for Vendetta" Sequel Planned
  3392. Kirwan - An Open Letter To Nancy Pelosi
  3394. Feds Probe a Top Democrat's Relationship with AIPAC (Jane Harman)
  3395. Insurgent activity rising in Afghanistan
  3396. Former Republican Congressman Questions Pro-Israel Foreign Policy (Findley)
  3397. Why speculating on what "we" can do to Fix Iraq is meaningless
  3398. d&#-11;&#-11;j&#-11;&#-11; vu - israel does it again, at a cost of $50m
  3399. Olmert Met in Washington With Rice (to set US State Department policy)
  3400. DU behind the surge in Cancer rates in Iraq (Yes, been obious for a long time)
  3401. Israel Detonated a Radioactive Bunker Buster Bomb in Lebanon
  3402. Your Smart Phone's data belong us, says US (Purpose of corpagov terrorism is terrorism)
  3403. No Fluoride for Infants, Say Dentists
  3404. Government-allied Somali militia poised to attack advancing Islamists
  3405. Tamiflu takers: Watch out for bizarre behavior (READ)
  3406. Jewish JINSA/PNAC Neocons Want Iran to be Bombed Next
  3407. Noe guilty of 29 felony counts
  3408. Roche's Tamiflu to Add Warning on Psychiatric Risks (as it fails to curean illusory disease)
  3409. Home Buyers Back Out Of Deals in Record Numbers
  3410. Administration: Detainees Have No Rights
  3411. Immigrants May Be Held Indefinitely
  3412. CNN Exposed Review: CNN adds Palestinian remarks to US veto story, two days later
  3413. Ethnic cleansing's friend in Israel
  3414. Iraqi I.E.D.s track back to the US? (READ)
  3415. Listen Up, You Congressional Morons! (verily)
  3416. Breast Cancer Risk Linked To Red Meat, Study Finds (Products of Monsanto Farming?)
  3417. For Evangelicals, Supporting Israel Is 'God's Foreign Policy' (Nation of lunatics)
  3418. Rudolph Giuliani Got Warning WTC Towers Were Going To Collapse
  3419. FEMA in the Big Apple (Remember)
  3420. Argentine Report Casts Doubt on Iran Role in '94 Bomb
  3421. Long Debunked Rumor Validated by Giuliani
  3422. Netanyahu: It's 1938 and Iran is Germany; Ahmadinejad is preparing another Holocaus (Would that he were right)
  3423. Bush to Olmert: No international peace convention (That's what Olmert told him to say)
  3424. Shin Bet chief warns of large-scale confrontation in Gaza (i.e., genocidal assault by Israel - bigger than before)
  3425. Why the FBI Is Coming After Me
  3426. FBI: Pollard passed info to Pakistan and Australia
  3427. Israel denies shooting unarmed suspects
  3428. Rangel Backs Hoyer for Leader In a Break With Nancy Pelosi
  3429. Where the Bombs Are (Best guesses, anyhow)
  3430. Iran cuts dollar-based transactions to 'minimum'
  3431. Mother Tells All About White House Sex Slave Ring And Son's Kidnapping (More interesting than you might think)
  3432. UN rights body to hold special session on Gaza
  3433. Stop yawning at Bush's lies
  3434. Are Democrats Turning A Blind Eye to Civil Liberty? (Yes, next question?)
  3435. North Korean Sanctions: A Cruel Mirage
  3436. Blair wants shunned nations to help solve Iraq fiasco (No, he doesn't)
  3437. Budget-saving, American-made cluster bombs left vicious legacy in Lebanons
  3438. Ohio's 2006 vote count now includes a higher percentage of uncounted ballots than in 2004, and a statistically impossible swing to the Republicans
  3439. 911 Bomb Explosion Noise - Google Video
  3440. Senate to investigate rendition abuses (like it investigates anything else)
  3441. The Raw Story | CIA acknowledges existence of presidential order authorizing it to detain, interrogate terror suspects overseas
  3442. Greece: Sellout of teachers' strike paves way for massive government attacks
  3443. Israel: Olmert brings Lieberman's far-right party into government
  3444. Grand coalition government submits White Paper New role for German Army
  3445. Washington debate sets stage for escalation of violence in Iraq
  3446. War, social inequality and the crisis of American democracy--Part one
  3447. The Trial of Saddam: Who Will Pass Judgment on the Judges?
  3448. The War Crimes Case Against Rumsfeld
  3449. A Dissenting Note on the Balfour Declaration of November 2, 1917
  3450. Joshua Frank: Post-Electoral Deliriums
  3451. Mike Whitney: Cheney in a Box
  3452. East Timor: 15 Years After the Massacre
  3453. The Return of Tom Lantos: Beware Venezuela, Here Come the Democratic Hawks
  3454. Gary Leupp: Democrats Can Be NeoCons, Too
  3455. The Ills of War: Shafting the Vets
  3456. Al Krebs: Be Careful What You Wish For (READ)
  3457. Barucha Calamity Peller: Oaxaca at Any Cost
  3458. John Walsh: Rahm's Losers (READ)
  3459. The Pentagon's Revolving Gates: Out with the Old, In with the Old
  3460. Robin Hood in Reverse: the Corporate Looting of the Gulf Coast
  3461. Screw the Palestinians, Full Steam Ahead
  3462. Laura Carlsen: Oaxaca Fights Back
  3463. Democrats, Born to Compromise (It's not compromise; it's complicity)
  3464. Beltway Bromo-Seltzer: a Sneak Peak at the Baker Report
  3465. A Staggering New Bill For Iraq?
  3466. McCain to Launch 2008 Presidential Bid (Weasel bastard)
  3467. Democrats, Engaging Bush, Vow Early Action Over Iraq (we'll see)
  3468. Eight Dead as Bombs Hit Baghdad
  3469. Anti-Corruption Official in Iraq Accused of Fraud (Sounds perfectly normal)
  3470. Pelosi Backs Murtha for Majority Leader
  3471. Democrats Push for Troop Cuts Within Months
  3472. Oil Revenues Fuel Resistance to US (READ)
  3473. US Is Top Purveyor on Weapons Sales List (Death is our most important product)
  3474. Up to 150 People Kidnapped From Baghdad Institute (US death squads)
  3475. Catholic Bishops Call for Iraq Withdrawal (in a political farce)
  3476. Top Marine: No Plan for Post-Saddam Iraq
  3477. Bush (1-man legislature): Guantanamo Detainees Have No Rights in US Courts
  3478. Bechtel Bails on Iraq (Corpagov looting)
  3479. George and Nancy Make Nice
  3480. The Video Pelosi and AIPAC Don't Want You to See
  3481. Perle says he should not have backed Iraq war (LMAO)
  3482. New Faces, Same Agenda (as was obvious long ago)
  3483. Hamas says new government won't recognize Israel (Why should it?)
  3484. Bush says China saving 'too much' money (Actually, that caused a Japanese stagflation - who told him to say that, and why?)
  3485. Designer drug to blame for disintegrating euro notes
  3486. Democrats Select Reid to Lead Senate
  3487. South Africa approves same-sex marriage bill, first for Africa
  3488. Now Daddy Bush Slams Bloggers
  3489. Israels Scandalous Siege of Gaza
  3490. The Lethal Legacy of George W. Bush!
  3491. Mid-flight sexual play lands US couple afoul of anti-terrorism law (Existence in an utterly insane nation)
  3492. The Voice of the White House for November 13th 2006 (READ)
  3493. In Vietnam, Old Foes Take Aim at War's Toxic Legacy
  3494. Cheney, Libby ask dismissal of civil complaint (on grounds that do not exist)
  3495. U.S. top arms supplier to developing world (READ)
  3496. Now Romanians Say 'Borat' Misled Them
  3498. Al-Qaida plotting nuclear attack on UK, officials warn (uh-huh, you betcha!)
  3499. 'Al-Qaeda' is a Manufactured Intelligence Front (Putting things in proper perspective)
  3500. Blair urges White House to shift focus to Israel-Palestine conflict (and murder all the Palestinians)
  3501. Bush Initiates Iraq Policy Review Separate From Baker Group's (wants different answers, shops for them)
  3502. CIA Acknowledges 2 Interrogation Memos
  3503. Downie Announces Major Shifts at 'Wash Post' (Not lying?!)
  3504. The New US Embassy Compound: A Shrub Grows in War Torn Baghdad
  3505. U.S. Troops in Iraq: 72% Say End War in 2006
  3506. Halliburton Whistleblower Demoted
  3507. 62 GOP-held House seats: Actual results vs. Forecast Model (The election stealing just wasn't enough)
  3508. Ten Spammers Create 80 Percent Of Spam
  3509. Bush, Putin give go-ahead for WTO deal (or not?)
  3510. To the Victors Belongs Impunity
  3511. Lockerbie trial was a CIA fix, US intelligence insider claims
  3512. Bibi Woos Techies, Demands Bombing of Iran
  3513. The show must go on *Hussein's show trial)
  3514. Congo faces danger of new civil war as opposition rejects election result
  3515. Plame Attorney to Use Paula Jones Precedent to Force Cheney to Testify
  3516. Trent Lott wins back leadership slot
  3517. Judith Miller: Times reporter who pushed Iraq War worried about blogger standards (LOL)
  3518. Nuclear Spent Fuel Pools Vulnerable
  3519. FDA Threatens To Raid Cherry Orchards ([sigh])
  3520. Housing slide may deepen ("may"?)
  3521. A Republican Defeat, Not a Democratic Victory
  3522. Bushs approval reaches a new low (31% seems a bit high to me)
  3524. Bush will not hesitate to use force in Iran: Israeli ambassador (Woof! Woof! Yes master!)
  3525. Another Smoking Gun Indicating Bush Guilt; Another Smoking Gun Indicating Media Conspiracy
  3526. President Authorized Abu Ghraib Torture, FBI Email Says
  3527. Steven Jones: Thermate at WTC
  3528. Senate to Take Up Biological Threats (Dummies Inc. is in charge of what?)
  3529. Recount Gives Courtney Win In 2nd
  3530. DOJ: Abramoff Will Still Cooperate From Prison
  3531. HHS Chief Opposes Negotiation of Medicare Drug Prices
  3532. Fox News Internal Memo: (READ)
  3533. Press freedom being eaten away, says watchdog chief
  3534. Australian fined for saying 'bomb' on Singapore flight
  3535. CIA acknowledges Bush signed secret directive on interrogating terror suspects
  3536. Playing With Fire: America and the Dollar Illusion - International - SPIEGEL ONLIN
  3537. America's Middle Class Has Become Globalization's Loser
  3538. How Globalization Drives Down Western Wages
  3539. A New English Voice: Al- Jazeera Launches Satellite News Channel
  3540. How Globalization Is Creating a New European Underclass
  3541. Job Cuts Begin at NBC News, Telemundo
  3542. Senior police held over mass Iraq kidnap
  3543. Pell Grants cut, tuition fees rise US: Higher education costs increase for the most needy (Should a design feature be unexpected?)
  3544. China steps up trade and investment in Africa
  3545. US election result reverberates in Australia
  3546. Europa reagiert mit wachsendem Militarismus auf Bushs Wahlniederlage
  3547. European reaction to Bush's election defeat: increasing militarism
  3548. War, social inequality and the crisis of American democracy--Part Two
  3549. Britain: New terror warnings issued to justify policies of war and repression
  3550. James Rothenberg: Unimpeachable (Only because the crimes are so widespread and so unimaginably egregious)
  3551. Yitzhak Laor: This Merchandise, Security
  3552. Iraq After November 7: New Challenges for the AntiWar Movement
  3553. Ashley Smith: A Socialist in the Senate? (Nothing, of course, is as it seems or as it is called)
  3554. David Rosen: Rev. Ted Haggard and the Eclipse of Evangelical Fury
  3555. She Survived Iraq - Then Shot Herself at Home
  3556. Bush's Power to Shape Judiciary "Over" Because of Election Loss (He's done enough damage to fuck everything in sight)
  3557. Richard Haass | "Iraq Is Not Winnable" (But, it IS genocidable)
  3558. Rare Bipartisan Support to Keep Iraq Watchdog Agency Alive
  3559. Desperate Search After Mass-Kidnapping of Sunnis Ends With Hostages Found Alive
  3560. Abramoff Is to Begin Sentence Today (Is the pain amplifier prepared?)
  3561. Oil Strengthens the Sudanese Government
  3562. Project Censored: Media Accountability Conference
  3563. House Member Wants E-Voting Paper Trail (How daring!)
  3564. US General Says Troop Adjustments Won't Solve Iraq Violence (Aha! Somebody with a brain, but - alas - he misses the intent altogether)
  3565. John F. Kennedy and the Psychopathology of Politics - Signs of the Times - Wed, 15 Nov, 2006
  3566. US plans last big push in Iraq
  3567. Falling In Line On Israel
  3568. Clear Channel agrees to $18.7B buyout
  3569. First US reviews laud Honda's hydrogen car (But, it's an energetic fraud)
  3570. New Specter NSA Bill: November Surprise?
  3571. Pentagon boosts 'media war' unit
  3572. Anti-American sentiment up sharply in Greece-survey
  3573. Israeli Snipers Killing U.S. Troops in Iraq?
  3574. Putting a Pretty Face on an Ugly Picture &#-11;&#-11;
  3575. 0-for-3 israel loses again
  3576. Gitmo Captives Say Medical Personnel Approved, Participated in Abuses
  3577. Bush gives go-ahead for building 'Bush Center' in Israel (Too sick even to be remotely amusing)
  3578. US is fully committed to Asia: President Bush (Heaven help Asia)
  3579. Cop who ordered women to lift skirts gets probation
  3580. Counting the Vote, Badly
  3581. No Oil? No Israel? No Stability? No Problem!
  3582. Tommy Thompson wants to be President?
  3583. Defeated Sheriff Accuses Reps Of Stuffing Polls
  3584. Ayalon: We'll build Bush institute in Israel
  3585. Banks warned of 'end to the good times' (They have caused it)
  3586. US argues harsh treatment shouldn't undercut Padilla case
  3587. Criminal Offense: Removal Of Forensic Evidence on 9/11
  3588. Jewish 'American' AIPAC diplomat with Iraq after Iran/Syria
  3589. The neocons' last stand
  3590. We do not want Democrats, we just hate the Republicans (Verily!)
  3591. Israel lobby wants Pentagon purged of anti-zionists (Just like Congress!)
  3592. From ethical champion to rogue interloper - BP's American nightmare
  3593. US soldier admits killing family after raping girl
  3594. Venezuela Halts Issuing Visas to Israelis (Smart move)
  3595. Afghan violence 'likely to rise'
  3596. UCLA Police Taser Student For Not Showing ID (A criminally insane nation)
  3597. Steven Hatfill Demands Fines for N.Y. Times
  3598. AlterNet: Blogs: Lindsay Beyerstein: CNN host to first-ever Muslim congressman: "Prove to me that you're not working with our enemies.
  3599. The Corporate Looting Of The Gulf Coast
  3600. Palestinian rockets strike Israel, planes hit Gaza
  3601. ABC News: Judge Delays Voting Audit in Florida
  3602. Best Buy Repeats Past Attempts At Unfairly Forcing Black Friday Prices Off The Web (Corpas are more equal)
  3603. Cracked it! (So much for UK new high-tech passport)
  3604. Shoot me now (READ)
  3605. This Is Why The Iraqis Hate Us
  3606. Pentagon wants to build mini-city for terror trials (Crazier by the hour)
  3607. The New Media Offensive Against Withdrawal (READ)
  3608. Bush compares U.S. wars in Vietnam, Iraq (As if he ...)
  3609. Homeland Security Watchdog Ups Estimates for Virtual Border Fence
  3610. Dems Tell Pelosi She Needs to Follow, Not Just Lead (Ditch her)
  3611. The Next "Perle" Harbor: Here They Neo-come Again
  3612. USDA: You are no longer hungry. You are 'food insecure'.
  3613. Details Emerge about the New Palestinian Cabinet
  3614. German academics: Stop treating Israel as special (Boy, are THEY in trouble)
  3615. How Did Israel Manipulate the US Into Attacking Iraq And Declaring A "War On Terrorism"?
  3616. Israel dismisses new peace plan (What were you expecting?)
  3617. Web 'fuelling crisis in politics' (You fucking betcha!)
  3618. Al-Qaida 'planted information to encourage US invasion' (Making shit up for sport)
  3619. Housing construction plunges in October
  3620. Pelosi drops the ball - AIPAC takes all (READ)
  3621. Pelosi's early setback has her party on alert
  3622. Military may ask $127B for wars (Wars, any wars - we WANT whores!)
  3623. Bush: Vietnam war offered lessons for Iraq (Duh-uh!)
  3624. "Olmert Hugs Bush, Praises Iraq War" (Can I vomit now?)
  3625. Gaza amenities crippled, illness on rise-aid group (amenities?!)
  3626. Hoyer wins leadership (AIPAC had to approve)
  3627. Neocons to "Forget about the democracy crap" in Iraq
  3628. Hospital Infections Kill More Than Cars, AIDS, Breast Cancer
  3629. Blackmail & Bobby Gates (READ)
  3630. US army 'seized Iraqi homes' (having learned from Israel)
  3631. Rosy picture of Afghanistan hides grim truth
  3632. Political Blogging as Hate Crime (When thought and language is replaced with blathering slogans)
  3633. Hey, Corporate Media: Dictatorship is NOT Democracy.
  3634. Clear Evidence 2006 Congressional Elections Hacked
  3635. Video Shows UCLA Police Using Stun Gun On Student
  3636. Why Are There Four Carriers In The Persian Gulf?
  3637. Top 10 data loss disasters
  3638. GOP Definition of Insanity - Keep the Same Leaders and Expect Different Results
  3639. Blunt wins GOP vote to become House minority whip in January
  3640. GOP Chooses Boehner as Minority Leader
  3641. Voodoo practitioner tries to jinx Bush (There's an idea)
  3642. U.S. Airstrikes Climb Sharply in Afghanistan
  3643. Minister says Iraq was Blair's "mistake"
  3644. Taser Incident in UCLA Library Sparks Outrage, Investigation
  3645. UCLA student stunned by Taser plans suit
  3646. Bush Revives Espionage Act
  3647. Group Will Sort Terrorism Alerts for Local Governments (Mindboggling)
  3648. Head of Military Commissions Quits
  3649. Some Think Rove's Days Are Numbered In Weeks, Not Months (A victim of his own voodoo?)
  3650. Mexican government steps up repression in Oaxaca
  3651. After the US elections: Renewed pro-war consensus emerges in Washington (Exactly as expected)
  3652. Michigan: Mentally ill inmate dies after five days of abuse
  3653. Thousands protest in Colombo against killing of Tamil MP
  3654. Supreme Court inaugurates new term with reactionary death penalty ruling
  3655. US hearings on Iraq set course for intensified conflict
  3656. Wal-Mart Charged with Selling Non-Organic Food as "Organic" (But - lyingis now OK, and all the rage)
  3657. Operation Last Resort: the Media Offensive to Prolong the Iraq War
  3658. Thanks for the False Memories (Surfaces in an ocean of lies)
  3659. What James Webb Knows (READ)
  3660. David Swanson: Last Chance for the Democrats?
  3661. WMDs Protected!: Blood-Pouring Anti-Nuke Clowns Sent to Prison
  3662. Gideon Levy: After the Rain of Death (Genocidal Israel)
  3663. Pinochet in Palestine: Fateh's Unholy Alliance
  3664. The Road from Serfdom: Milton Friedman and the Economics of Empire (The death of another shit is no loss)
  3665. Canada takes pro-Israel stance at UN (Another nation Poodle of Israel)
  3666. UN panel censures Israel for Gaza attack
  3667. Bizarre Ingredients In Tamiflu
  3668. Syrian Officials and Iraq Study Group Met, Envoy Says
  3669. Iraq is a 'disaster' admits Blair (Blair is the primary poodle disaster)
  3670. India Praises US Senate Vote on Nuclear Cooperation
  3671. Vote ushers India closer to being nuclear superpower
  3672. Violence near the Iraq-Kuwait border worsens
  3673. Iraq police hunt foreign hostages still missing
  3674. Fresh Troops Ordered For Iraq Deployment
  3675. Marc Sandalow: What was Pelosi thinking? (Think? She obeys Israel)
  3676. Election-minded Dutch leaders pledge to ban burqas
  3677. Dutch government proposes public burqa ban
  3678. As Bush Goes To Vietnam, White House Website Displays The Wrong Flag
  3679. Intervention in Iraq 'pretty much of a disaster' admits Blair, as minister calls it his 'big mistake (Better that saying, "this is exactly the result we wanted")
  3680. French UN troops prepare guns against Israeli jets in Lebanon (Sick & tired of the bastards yet?)
  3681. Take Back Gaza, Israeli Official Says (It was never gone)
  3682. Cheney and Neo-Cons Plotting More Wars
  3683. Anti-Zionist Orthodox Jews Protest Outside "Israeli" Consulate, NYC on November 9, 2006
  3684. Only in New York: Get your pot order delivered (What no sales tax? THAT makes the rulers angry)
  3685. Islamic states see sympathy turning against Israel (They need thicker glasses)
  3686. Dollar drops on weak housing data and hedge fund troubles
  3687. derivatives Trading Soars to $370 Trillion it will be the root cause for global depression (Derivatives have always been a scam)
  3688. Chertoff says U.S. threatened by international law (Planet threatened by Chertoff, official Mossad agent in US)
  3689. Rahm Emanuel's Dirty Secret (Mossad agent rules Dems)
  3690. The Stab in the Back - by Justin Raimondo (For whom genocide is essential)
  3691. Israeli envoy walks out of U.N. session
  3692. New Statesman - A kosher conspiracy? (READ)
  3693. Bolton in extraordinary outburst against United Nations (The Mossad ambassador to UN)
  3694. OJ 'confession': now US turns on Murdoch (Bizarre)
  3695. Hemophilia drug used on GIs labeled risk (READ)
  3696. American Middle Class: Endangered Species (It's already dead)
  3697. Report: Olmert orders targeting of Hamas leadership (From before its existence, Israel has been a world class terrorist)
  3698. Katrina's Purgatory
  3699. Not family-friendly (READ - a government worthy of annihilation)
  3700. Bizarre Ingredients In Tamiflu
  3701. Another Republican blocks Bush pick to lead US FDA
  3702. Democrats Warned Not to Block Bush's Judges (or Wellstoning is their fate)
  3703. Ultra-liberals rise on moderate wings (This is bullshit. Pelosi is 1st class Nazi)
  3704. Employers May Get Access to Applicants' Minor 'Offenses' (Nazi Amerika)
  3705. UCLA orders outside probe of Taser arrest (Land of the Tortured)
  3706. Activists to Question NSA Surveillance
  3707. Indonesia cannot rule out terrorism for Bush visit
  3708. Official says U.S. may mull pre-emptive Iran strike
  3709. Syrian Officials and Iraq Study Group Met, Envoy Says (Irrelevant)
  3710. Israeli firm gets Mexico border wall contract (Ah - the irony of it all)
  3711. Bolton in extraordinary outburst against United Nations (He need s to be put down)
  3712. U.N. Condemns Israeli Offensive
  3713. Israeli minister wants partial recapture of Gaza
  3714. Israel developing anti-militant 'bionic hornet' (How a bout nuking Tel-Aviv?)
  3715. UN chief: Nato cannot defeat Taliban by force (Smart guy)
  3716. Afghan 'threat to wider region' (When it's actually USUKIL)
  3717. NATO Trains ISAF for Possible Nuclear Attack in Afghanistan (Crazier by the hour)
  3718. Brown reveals &#-11;&#-11;100m aid for Iraq (i.e., for reconstruction corpas who don't)
  3719. (US) Gunmen kill leading Iraqi Shi'ite politician, wife
  3720. Kidnapping of Americans Linked to al Sadr (Turning reality on its head, as usual)
  3721. Major battle in Iraq's Baqouba kills 18
  3722. Power lines sabotaged South Baghdad
  3723. Storm over Blair 'Iraq disaster' remarks (In fact, it's exactly what USUKIL wanted to happen)
  3724. Iraq is a 'disaster' admits Blair ("Poor us, aren't we stupid?")
  3725. Cheney says no troops withdrawal from Iraq (More death and violence is needed)
  3726. Padilla Case's Troubles Raise Questions on Anti-Terror Tactics (US Terror State)
  3727. Calif. Company Said to Plan Alleged CIA Terror Flights
  3728. Arrests as anti-G20 turns violent (Nazi Australia)
  3729. Israeli soldiers kill 2 Palestinians in Gaza (Only 2?!)
  3730. Plea deals pile up in Iraq murder cases - Conflict in Iraq
  3731. ACLU seeks FBI records on monitoring of Islamic groups
  3732. Gonzales Blasts Surveillance Critics (Son of a pig)
  3733. Judge won't halt AT&T wiretapping lawsuit
  3734. Giuliani prepares US presidential bid&#-11;&#-11;&#-11;a new phase in 9/11 mythmaking (No more mad dog G.)
  3735. Spain: Popular Party attempts to wreck ETA ceasefire
  3736. France: Socialist Party chooses a Blairite presidential candidate (Fairly sick)
  3737. Victorian state election Australian Greens pitch election campaign to political and media establishment
  3738. Civil rights groups file war crimes complaint in Germany against top US officials
  3739. University Unity: California's Professors and Students Unite
  3740. Martha Rosenberg: We're Drinking What? (READ - for starters)
  3741. The Credit Card Trap
  3742. The Fall of Donald Rumsfeld: Architect of a Disaster
  3743. Ghosts of Dictatorships Past: the School of the America's and Memory in Latin America
  3744. The Weapons Bonanza: a Perfect Storm of Profit (Where has all the money gone?)
  3745. The Albatross: Why the Democrats Should Cut Loose Joe Lieberman
  3746. Halliburton Wrecks Mexico
  3747. Who Will Live on in the Oaxaca Uprising?
  3748. Top Dems to Voters: "Shut Up! We've Got a War to Run!"
  3749. Jason Leopold | Plame Wilson v. White House: Round 1
  3750. Insurgent Attacks in Afghanistan Doubled in 2006
  3751. Bush to Renominate Blocked Judicial Candidates
  3752. House Passes "Terrorism" Act Against Animal Activists (How about a terrorism act against US corpagov?)
  3753. Former Guantanamo Prisoner Reveals Extent of Torture
  3754. Former Enron Accountant Gets 5 1/2 Years for Fraud (That's it?!)
  3755. Economist Milton Friedman Dies at 94 (Not near soon enough)
  3756. Pakistan Tests Nuclear-Capable Missile (Way cool)
  3757. Democrats Join Forces to Raise Minimum Wage (Useless)
  3758. Bush's India US Nuclear Deal Seen as "Horrible Mistake" (W's existence also)
  3759. AP Gets Shocking New Report on Gitmo
  3760. Georgia-Based Army Unit to Serve Third Tour in Iraq
  3761. Clear Evidence 2006 Congressional Elections Hacked
  3762. Hersh: CIA Analysis Finds Iran Not Developing Nuclear Weapons
  3763. Democrats Aim to Repeal Tax Breaks for Big Oil (Not likely)
  3764. OJ 'confession': now US turns on Murdoch
  3765. American Middle Class: Endangered Species
  3766. Some things to keep in mind while watching Borat (Somebody finally understands the purpose of the alleged comedy)
  3767. Jesus Camp is church and state sanctioned ritual child abuse
  3768. Leading Russian critic of Putin's regime is poisoned in London
  3769. 1996. Neocons deliver report to Israel: Remove Saddam
  3770. Microsoft Vista cracked (M$ is still a racketeering organization)
  3771. Palestinians form human shield
  3772. Israelis 'using Kurds to build power base'
  3773. FLASHBACK: After Iraq, Bush Will Attack His Real Target
  3774. CIA analysis finds no Iranian nuclear weapons drive: report
  3775. Is Honoring Mumia a Crime? (Peter J. Wirs, about to become known as the living bad joke that he is)
  3776. Republicans plot to bring down Pelosi ... and Clinton with her (Wow! Thanks, guys)
  3777. Most callers report voting problems
  3778. Human shield deters Israel strike (Israel delenda est)
  3779. Lieberman stands firm on Iraq war (sink in the quicksand, criminal)
  3780. Gonzales attacks ruling against domestic spying (Fuckhim)
  3781. Embittered Insiders Turn Against Bush (Not enough)
  3782. Ford, GM down - banks move in for the kill
  3783. Gillerman calls Bolton israels secret weapon (Bolton is Mossad)
  3784. Israeli Ambassador: Olmert advised to ignore UN (as always, unless they are whining to get something)
  3785. Powerful 9/11 Information Makes Television for First Time (READ)
  3786. Criminalizing Compassion in the "War on Terror"
  3787. WHEN HISTORY BECOMES CHOPPED LIVER (READ - "history" has mostly always been smeared shit)
  3788. Senior Democrat renews call for military draft (That would undercut the emerging mercenary, privatized army)
  3789. Kissinger: Iraq Military Win Impossible (War criminal master of the obvious)
  3790. Gaddafi: Oil behind Darfur crisis
  3791. Russia, U.S. sign WTO trade deal (Hmmmmm - finally?)
  3792. Ambos anger at 'disgusting' protests (and so it begins)
  3793. Police probe ex-KGB officer's 'poisoning'
  3794. Russian defector poisoned in London 'on orders of Moscow'
  3795. APEC, Struggling to Promote Trade, May Seek New Agenda in 2007 (May they all die)
  3796. Blair says West fighting terrorism properly now (Blair, being a major terrorist, ...)
  3797. Palestinian human shields give Israel pause (but not for long - they're geonocidal, for heaven's sake!)
  3798. Hamas militants survive Israeli air strike
  3799. Israeli aircraft strikes Gaza
  3800. In Australia, G20 warn of global inflation (Try global economic collapse)
  3801. Finance Ministers Hone In On IMF Reform (This should be pretty funny)
  3802. The Senate's "Horrible Mistake" (Nothing compared to its myriad crimes)
  3803. Rice Compares Vietnam, Iraq Economies (Kindasleezy babbles again)
  3804. Time for a Constitutional Convention (after the new French Revolution)
  3805. Spam, spam, spam, spam... youve got mail (Why is Inet not regulating itself?)
  3806. How to Talk About Israel
  3807. TSA issues last minute Holiday Travel security guidelines reminder. (OTOH - drive, or stay home)
  3808. Move It Back Into the Streets--Stop the War Now!
  3809. IRAQ'S MYSTERY TERRORISTS (are USUKIL in origin)
  3810. Gonzales attacks critics of spy program (Gonzales is a pestilence)
  3811. Rights group: Saddam verdict questionable (You betcha!)
  3812. Four Were Framed With The FBI's Help (It's what FBI does best)
  3813. Clintons neighbors shot while driving home
  3814. Bush: I would understand if Israel chose to attack Iran (Rabid dogs are rabid dogs)
  3815. 9/11 autopsy guidelines exclude probe of link to Ground Zero air (Criminal corpagov desperately covering its ass)
  3816. U.S. Sets Up a Perch in Dubai to Keep an Eye on Iran (Foxes eye the chickens)
  3817. Germany: Aircraft bomb plot foiled (Who are these alleged terrorists?)
  3818. Divine Strake back in Nevada
  3819. Anti-Bush bomb plot fears
  3821. Global Hawk to fly 1st mission over U.S. (READ)
  3822. New US Treasury Secretary Paulson Concerned About Protectionism But Finds Nothing Wrong With The US Trade Deficit (READ)
  3823. Fury at American contempt for British war dead
  3824. Is a damaged Administration less likely to attack Iran, or more? (A meaningless question?)
  3825. Video stores hit hard by changing times
  3826. Homeland Security Tightens Grip on International Travel
  3827. Korea Tells US Military to Lay off
  3828. Bush Arrives to Angry Crowds in Indonesia
  3829. USA Disses UN Human Food Rights
  3830. Israeli spies in Iran told of test of nuclear bomb triggers (What sane person would believe them?!)
  3831. Use of human shields continues in Gaza (They will all be murdered)
  3832. Rights Group Criticizes Saddam Trial
  3833. Good Riddance To The Gingrichites (They are not at all gone)
  3834. White House dismisses Hersh article (So, you know it's all true)
  3835. IRAQ: Children have been the main victims of war (as part of the genocide)
  3836. Condo owners lose right to smoke in own home
  3837. Outsourcing hits a new class of workers: Journalists
  3838. Did the CIA kill Bobby Kennedy?
  3839. Report reveals reasons for WTC collapse (that defy all evidence)
  3840. Iran Urges Summit With Iraq and Syria (Who's going to have an accident?)
  3841. Iran probably has germ weapons, possibly N.Korea-US (also eggplants and pommegranates)
  3842. Plans For 9/11 Responder Autopsies Scrapped (Criminal corpagov)
  3843. Noe is sentenced to 18 years in state prison (Why hasn't he lots of company?)
  3844. Richard M. Nixon will appear on one dollar coin in 2016 (US family values)
  3845. Swedish human rights worker viciously attacked by Jewish extremists in Hebron)
  3846. The danger of a 'dignified' exit from Iraq (The intent has always been genocide)
  3847. US rides weapons wave (READ)
  3848. Students Dropping Out of High School Reaches Epidemic Levels (Soare shit schools)
  3849. Hard US lessons, harder landings
  3850. Jumblatt: Lebanon on verge of coup by Hezbollah and allies (Israel preps for another genocidal invasion)
  3851. IRAQ SPIRALLING OUT OF CONTROL.... (as designed)
  3852. Olmert Counting on Jewish Lobby to foil Baker-Hamilton (Who rules US?)
  3853. Kill Bill - Neutering Bush's Torture Law
  3854. Big Brother To Decide If You Drive (It's worse than that)
  3855. New Bond Film Highlights 9/11 Insider Trading
  3856. UK demands Halliburton drop KBR float
  3857. Top House Democrats to bar military draft plan
  3858. At least 700 Iraqis die in 8 days of unrelenting violence
  3859. Iraq death toll hits 1,370 for November
  3860. Britain: Farepak collapse ruins Christmas for tens of thousands
  3861. Living Within Limits
  3862. Housing Bubble Smack Down: Alan Greenspan, Homewrecker
  3863. America's Progressive Nightmare: Here Come the Armani Democrats
  3864. Robert Jensen: Opportunities Lost (READ)
  3865. Dave Himmelstein: Netanyahu and the End Times (READ)
  3866. Katherine Hughes: Compassion on Trial (READ)
  3867. American Anthropologists Stand Up Against Torture and the Occupation of Iraq
  3868. Col. Dan Smith: Usurpation of Power (The tedious US details)
  3869. Seymour Hersh | Iran: The Next Act
  3870. Thomas D. Williams | The Decline of Journalism
  3871. Missing Presumed Tortured
  3872. Lawyer in the Hell of Guantanamo (READ)
  3873. Asian Leaders Reject Bush's North Korea Strategy
  3874. Ahdaf Soueif: A project of dispossession can never be a noble caus
  3875. Israel ups the stakes in the propaganda war (um - by calculated lying)
  3876. The Israeli army are staging night raids on refugee camps in Nablus
  3877. Belmont to be first U.S. city to ban all smoking (Nazi Amerika)
  3878. FLASHBACK: German Minister's Newspaper Interview Rips Open 9-11 Official Lies
  3879. The Von B&#-11;&#-11;low Interview
  3880. Blair calls for Afghanistan reinforcements (The simply will not stop)
  3881. 800-year-old Um An-Nasr Mosque in Beit Hanoun Destroyed by the Israeli Forces, a report by Yousef Alhelou
  3882. Conflict in the Caucasus - by Justin Raimondo
  3883. Gaza suffering "massive" rights violations - U.N. (like genocide)
  3884. IDF admits targeting civilian areas in Lebanon with cluster bombss
  3885. Iraq says to restore full ties with Syria
  3886. Obama calls for troop withdrawal in 6 months
  3887. War on [illusory] terror could last 30 years: report
  3888. A Nuclear Australia By 2020 (if they live that long)
  3889. Mindless Escalation In Iraq (Genocidal escalation)
  3890. President Considering Options For Iraq War (No, he's not)
  3891. Condition of former KGB spy worsens
  3892. Telegraph | News | Two Russians and a hotel meeting: was this when the poison trap was sprung?
  3893. Blair Will Fight 'As Long as It Takes' (to kill them all)
  3894. Blair Vows Ongoing Support to Afghanistan (Support?!)
  3895. MADD Pushes For Hi-Tech Drunk Driving Devices (Insurer cartel front)
  3896. MADD teaming with Federal government on new campaign (Nazi corpagov agents)
  3897. As H5N1 Virus Concern Grows, US Buys Additional Influenza Vaccine (No end to the charade)
  3898. US orders more bird flu vaccine (booting Rummy's scamming portfolio)
  3899. Sino-India bilateral ties get a push
  3900. China and India aim to heal old wounds
  3901. China's President Hu visits India
  3902. allAfrica.com: Sudan: 4 Million People in Darfur Now Need Humanitarian Aid - Top UN Official
  3903. Lopez Obrador to Declare Self Mexico's `Legitimate' President
  3904. Mexican leftist Lopez Obrador to swear self in as head of parallel government
  3905. The Israeli Torture Template (READ)
  3906. Web sites not liable for posts by others
  3907. US is unfriendly to visitors: survey (Surprising?)
  3908. Jewish Settlements Built on Palestinian Property
  3909. Israeli Map Says West Bank Posts Sit on Arab Land
  3910. Lebanese Christian politician killed (Mossad, of course)
  3911. North Korea may face famine with aid cuts following nuclear test: aid worker
  3912. Iraq: Unwinnable and Unsolvable And Exactly As Planned. (as I've been saying for years)
  3913. Military Documents Hold Tips on Antiwar Activities (Peacefulness threatens criminal US corpagov)
  3914. Dual Loyalty and the Israel Lobby (READ)
  3915. My Half-Year of Hell With Christian Fundamentalists
  3916. El Al bomb-plot foiled, but plotters go free (Hmmm)
  3917. Selective Service: Ready for a draft (A mercenary corpagov army is what is wanted)
  3918. Popular Comedian Murdered (Humor can be so subjective)
  3919. Former VP Of Technology Charged With Hacking Corporate Network (OMG! Anticorpagov - 'cuz he got screwed)
  3920. Israels Domestic Political Game Raises the Danger of a U.S.-Iran War (READ)
  3922. Homeowners warned to expect price falls next year
  3923. Troops patrol Tongan capital
  3924. Trapped in Lies and Delusions
  3925. Democrats seek accommodation with Bush administration to continue Iraq occupation (exactly as expected)
  3926. BREAKING: DIEBOLD WHISTLEBLOWER STRIKES PLEA DEAL ON FELONY CHARGES (It is now illegal and self destructive to blow whistle on treasonors)
  3927. Belgian Holocaust denier jailed (The living atrocity and war crime of zionism pollutes the world)
  3928. Reid cant afford not to [support israel]
  3929. U.S. Government Official Insults Americans (Who is resopnisble for the alleged "educational system"?)
  3930. Iraq: over 3,700 civilians killed in October in new monthly high, UN reports
  3931. Russia attacks the West's Achilles' heel (Um - the US is NOT supposed to survive its treasonous corpagov)
  3932. Nepal's civil war ends as Maoists, government ink peace deal
  3933. Mother Wallops TeenScreen right between the eyes (READ)
  3934. NASA looks at plan to blot out Sun ("People" out of their fucked up minds)
  3935. No class-action allowed against Monsanto (Naturally: it's CORPAGOV!)
  3936. US journalists afraid their jobs will be outsourced (Fuck 'em: too late paying attention; they're not worth shit to begin with)
  3937. Winner declared in Florida House race (but will still be challenged)
  3938. Unelected Mexican leftist claims office (Fuckyou - as well he should)
  3939. Reno Files Challenge to Terror Law (THAT criminal bitch?!)
  3940. Chemical weapons' disposal delayed (Shit! Tjhe only fucking terrorists are the ones already possessing the weapons)
  3941. U.S. citizen charged with terrorism in Uganda after being found with unlicensed guns - iht,africa,Uganda American Arrested (Governments are the only true terrorists)
  3942. UN condemns murder of Lebanon minister (Pro forma - as if it actuallygives a rat's ass)
  3943. Syria, Iraq restore ties to combat militants (Reality is a little different)
  3944. Kucinich Calls for Cutting Off Iraq War Funds (as close as they come to being my hero)
  3945. UN chief says U.S. is 'trapped in Iraq' (yes, the consequences being?)
  3946. U.S. troops blow up cars in Baghdad (Been doing that all along as death squads)
  3947. Ireland: "Bertiegate" corruption allegations against Taoiseach Ahern
  3948. California: UCLA student victim of police brutality
  3949. Victorian election Will Marshall exposes Labor and Greens at Broadmeadows election forum
  3950. Another Pacific intervention: Australia, New Zealand dispatch troops to Tonga
  3951. Milton Friedman 1912-2006: "Free market" architect of social reaction
  3952. Here Come the Democrats ... So?
  3953. Reason in an Age of Folly (and Felony)
  3954. Drug Your Fetus: How Big Pharma Hits on Pregnant Women
  3955. Rules of the Game: How Big Corporations Avoid Paying Their Taxes
  3956. Lessons from the Teachers of Oaxaca
  3957. The Ongoing Myth of Energy Independence
  3958. John V. Walsh: Spoilers of the World Unite!
  3959. Iraq to Restore Long-Severed Relations With Neighbor Syria
  3960. US Considers Large, Temporary Troop Increase in Iraq (Multiple demials of reality)
  3961. Iraq to Restore Long-Severed Relations With Neighbor Syria
  3962. FBI Ordered to Disclose Details of 9/11 bin Laden Family Evacuation (The criminal FBI?!)
  3963. 35 Nations Near Deal Over Iran Reactor (Every one needs commitment to an insane asylum)
  3964. Launch Raids in Gaza (But this continuing genocide is somehow OK?!)
  3965. Justice Department Quashes Wiretapping Inquiries (Criminal corpagov at work)
  3966. GOP Dumps Unfinished Spending Bills on Democrats ("Dumps" is the key word of both strategy and tactics)
  3967. Military Officers Say Efforts to Train Iraqi Forces "Rife With Problems" (that have been deliberately created)
  3968. Bush to meet Iraqi PM in Jordan (to convey Iraeli dictates)
  3969. World leaders join to condemn attack (concentrated hoseshit)
  3970. ABC News: Security Council OKs Hariri Tribunal (More delusionalWhoreshit)
  3971. 'Syria foiling efforts to free Shalit' (He should have been killed ages ago)
  3972. Fresh crisis in Lebanon
  3973. Annan says U.S. "trapped" in Iraq (Master of the obvious)
  3974. US could bomb Iran nuclear sites in 2007: analysts (US could be dead by then)
  3975. IRAQ: Thousands forced out by floods (as if US genocide wasn't enough horror)
  3976. U.S. war on terror increasingly expensive (US is already utterly bankrupt)
  3977. Peretz considers retaking parts of Gaza Strip (Oh, how perfectly unexpected)
  3978. UN official: negotiations the only way out in Mideast crisis (wrong!)
  3979. Palestinians 'own 40%' of Israeli West Bank settlements
  3980. 'Apartheid road system' cemented with new regulations on driving
  3981. Thousands of Iraqis displaced by sectarian rage that is destroying multi-ethnic communities(Genocide has many faces)
  3982. Report: 101 Palestinians killed during November by Israeli attacks on Gaza
  3983. Aids pandemic gains renewed strength (a genuine corpagov pandemic)
  3984. Nations sign pact to make fusion reactor (more than a bit late)
  3985. Exact Cause of Ex-KGB Agents Illness Eludes Poison Experts (That's telling)
  3986. China willing to offer civilian nuke technology to India
  3987. No queries please, were Chinese
  3988. The Draft And Congressional Games
  3989. Turning point for HIV infection rate in Africa (Statistical nonsense)
  3990. Surgery or exercise for bad back debated in study (as in these people have no idea of what they're talking about)
  3991. Peace Now report targets settlements
  3992. Time running out on peace process (Um - WHAT peace process?)
  3993. [AU] PM to receive B'nai Brith's top honor (Another poster poodlet for genocide and torture)
  3994. Liberty Dollars Not Legal Tender, United States Mint Warns Consumers ($US is what, exactly, besides being a fraud?)
  3995. First Daughter Barbara Robbed in Argentina (Should anyone actually care?)
  3996. Bomb Aimed at Iraqi Speaker Hits Green Zone
  3997. Chertoff Praises Biometric Fingerprint System, 10 Point Capture is Next (Pray for Chertoff, et al. to go to heaven - immediately)
  3998. U.S. to Require Passports for Nearly All (Nazi Amerika under Israel)
  3999. Your Papers Please
  4000. Top-Secret Torture (Would you want to advertize your criminal psychopathology?)
  4001. John F. Kennedy and the Psychopathology of Politics - Signs of the Times - Wed, 15 Nov, 2006
  4002. Pierre Gemayel Assassinated. Cui Bono?
  4003. Going Long In Iraq
  4004. Blair is wildly exaggerating the threat posed by terrorism (He's just a plain liar)
  4005. Rumsfeld and a mountain of misery
  4006. US proposes doubling Afghanistan troops
  4007. Indonesia aims to halve civil servant numbers
  4008. Israeli troops advance into northern Gaza towns; Red Cross suspends activities
  4009. Blockades Close Chiapas in Defense of Oaxaca
  4010. Japan may review ban on using missile defense system to aid allies
  4011. NC Blockades in Support of Oaxaca Rebellion
  4012. Bush's Only Real Victory
  4013. Peretz's office admits 'irregularities' in use of cluster bombs during war
  4014. Blair aides may have to resign after cash-for-peerages report published (while the Lord High Terrorist remains)
  4015. No Peace, No Place For Palestine (READ)
  4016. CACI: Torture in Iraq, Intimidation at Home (READ)
  4017. George W. Bush Spreads Trademark Chaos In Hawaii
  4018. Iraq: Kissinger's 'decent interval', take two
  4019. Losing Sarasota Democrat denied voting machine access
  4020. Woman, 92, killed in police shootout (Good Ole USA)
  4021. The 'Real' McCain - by Justin Raimondo (READ)
  4022. Israel opts for MAJOR war in Gaza (READ)
  4023. Investigation of 'Fraudulent Activity' at Siemens Widens
  4024. James Petras' New Book: The Power of Israel in the United States
  4025. Woman, 92, dies in shootout with police
  4026. Analysis: Ballots favored Dems (READ)
  4027. Israeli forces move into two Gaza towns
  4028. The news not in the news: Baghdad is surrounded...
  4029. Housing Bubble Smack-Down
  4030. The Great Thanksgiving Hoax (Will the real conspiracy theories please stand up)
  4031. Bush appoints "choose life" conservative to head family-planning programs
  4032. A terrible consequence of social polarisation and militarism School shooting and suicide in Germany
  4033. Canberra maintains aggressive stance toward Solomon Islands government
  4034. Australia: Labor Party and unions stifle opposition to Ford job cuts
  4035. UK military faces recruitment and retention crisis (Mercenaries to the rescue)
  4036. Palestinian Solidarity in a Time of Massacres
  4037. Why the World Needs Trade Unions Now More Than Ever
  4038. Up From Chiapas: Giving Thanks to Women's Revolution
  4039. Dave Lindorff: The First Task of the New Congress (wishful thinking)
  4040. Bush's Lone Victory: Defeating the Bill of Rights
  4041. Kathleen Christison: The Massacre at Beit Hanoun
  4042. Oregon, your check is not in the mail (Fucking Federal Felons)
  4043. H5N1 Influenza Continuing Evolution and Spread (or it's all horseshit)
  4044. Motorists to give fingerprints at roadside (Totalitarian State)
  4045. Federal judge rejects request for NSA wiretapping records
  4046. ACLU files new briefs in NSA case
  4047. U.S. plans to boost military aid for Lebanon (Leb. corpagov must then be a poodle)
  4048. Poll: Most Americans Now Say Iraq War Similar to Vietnam Conflict (What the hell do they know about anthing?)
  4049. UK could hand Basra to Iraq in early 2007 (Hello-o? It's their to begin with!)
  4050. Scores of Suspected 'Terrorists' Detained in Iraq Operations (International terrorism by terrorist government)
  4051. U.N.: 3,709 Iraqis slain in Oct.; highest toll yet
  4052. Flugge knew invasion plans (READ)
  4053. U.S. judge denies Guantanamo prisoner request (Beyond kangaroo courts)
  4054. Guantanamo prisoner alleges botched medical procedures - iht,news,Guantanamo Heart Procedure(US Mengele Inc.)
  4055. US soldiers taunt Iraqi children with bottle of water [VIDEO]
  4056. UN to help Lebanon investigate Gemayel murder (USUKIL will get to enforce its patterns of lies?)
  4057. Christian dynasty loses rising star
  4058. Anti-Syrian Druze Leader Says He Expects More Assassinations
  4059. High-Tech Gadget Helps Stop Drunk Drivers (No it doesn't)
  4060. Oil Trades Near $59 After Falling (from $60) on Jump in US Inventories
  4061. US crude oil supply soars (or not)
  4062. Linux users to Microsoft: What 'balance sheet liability'? (M$, always thief and racketeer)
  4063. Iraqis dying in record numbers, fleeing: UN
  4065. LBJ Night Before JFK Assassination: "Those SOB's Will Never Embarrass Me Again"
  4066. As Long As You're Not Doing Anything Wrong, You Have Nothing To Worry About (??)
  4067. U.S. Copyright Office Issues New Rights: Financial New
  4068. Private spies track extremists across world
  4069. Poisoned Russian 'clinging on' after heart failure
  4070. Even fruitcake could slow you down at Sea-Tac today (Fruitcake corpagov technology)
  4071. Two U.S. men charged with broadcasting Hezbollah TV (Land of the Free, my ass)
  4072. Police target anti-war protester and make off with banners
  4073. Intel Post Fuels New Dem Fight In Congress
  4075. Biotech firm blames farmers, act of God for rice contamination (READ)
  4076. Isn't Germany sick of the Holocaust?
  4077. France okays firing at IAF over Lebanon (Good)
  4078. Another way to get war going with Syria and Iran for Israel (READ)
  4079. Bitter winter for Iraq's swelling refugee camps
  4080. Ethiopian deaths spark fears of devastating war
  4081. Bomb Iran - Los Angeles Times (Lying and blathering from the American Enterprise Institute)
  4082. Olmert and the Baker Boys (READ)
  4083. Bring the Troops Home: Impeach
  4084. VDARE.com: 11/14/06 - Heidi Does Long Beach: The SPLC vs. Academic Freedom (READ)
  4085. Iraq war was good for Israel: Olmert (Occupation and genocide is even better!)
  4086. The Snooping Goes Beyond Phone Calls (READ)
  4087. Jury finds Net pharmacy kingpin guilty (Then how come my crapmail has multiplied?)
  4088. He Knew of Pearl Harbour Attack - The Churchill Centre
  4089. Hicks was tortured says Guantanamo inmate
  4090. Guantanamo film subject barred by Australian authorities
  4091. Bush snr jeered for saying 'my son is honest'
  4092. Explosion heard more than 20 miles away destroys homes in Danvers
  4093. CIA role claim in Kennedy killing (For how long has it been obvious?)
  4094. Email Purgatory
  4095. Sacramento anti-war leader accuses federal government of withholding surveillance information of his group
  4096. Briton wins libel payout over terrorism plot gaffe
  4097. NYPD Installs "Sky Watch" In Harlem Neighborhood (Concentraction camp tower)
  4098. Blair 'overriding cabinet' on renewal of Trident
  4099. Afghanistan Will Become Failed State Without Support, UN Says (That was the general idea)
  4100. Bombs kill 133 in Baghdad, gunmen storm ministry
  4101. 3 suicide car bombs, 2 mortar attacks kill 145 Iraqis, wound 238 in Baghdad
  4102. Indefinite curfew slapped on Baghdad
  4103. In the name of the "fight against crime" Canada's Conservative government increases state's repressive powers
  4104. Strike and occupation at Volkswagen works in Belgium
  4105. Bush's visit to Asia dogged by US disaster in Iraq
  4106. Without evidence or logic Bush administration and US media blame Syria for Gemayel assassination (So you now know it was a USUKIL operation)
  4107. Democrats Unlikely to Block Gates Nomination for Pentagon (Poodles)
  4108. Uranium Mining Firms Again Eyeing Navajo Land
  4109. Nager Looked to Abramoff for Judgeship
  4110. Missing Votes in FL-13 Favored Dems
  4111. New Democratic Majority Roils Lobbying Industry
  4112. Attack on Baghdad Shiite Slum Kills 157
  4113. BBC Claims CIA Involvement in RFK Assassination
  4114. Giving Thanks in the Shadow of the Terror War - The Smirking Chimp
  4115. I heard you, Malachi (READ)
  4116. Airport shut at end of bloody day in Iraq
  4117. Creation vs. Darwin takes Muslim twist in Turkey (CIA shit would be funny if not so utterly sick)
  4118. U.S. Fights [its own] Highly Trained Militants in Iraq
  4119. Baghdad locked down (It's "operation Iraqi freedom" doing its finest work)
  4120. Nato set to expand role to tackle WMD and terrorism (and other things that go bump in the night)
  4121. US hawk judges 'war on terror' a mistake (It's not a mistake; it's a fraud)
  4122. Germany's Schily Tells Inquiry He Didn't Know of CIA Abduction
  4123. Iraq Seals Borders as at Least 160 Die in Bomb Attacks
  4124. Mystery Grows as Former Russian Spy Dies
  4125. Ailing former Russian spy dies in London hospital
  4126. Probe as former Russian spy dies
  4127. Lebanon puts wheels in motion for tribunal
  4128. Thousands bid farewell to Gemayel
  4129. 68-year-old female bomber attacks Israeli troops on northern Gaza
  4130. Israel Attacks Gaza After Ministers Clear Operations (Update2)
  4131. 'The death of decency'
  4132. Musharraf, Hu Pledge to Boost Pakistan-China Ties, Security
  4133. S.J. Marine seeks objector discharge (Corpagov kidnapping)
  4134. Dollar loses ground against euro (expect more)
  4135. 'State secrets privilege' blocks fired translator from suing FBI (Edmonds)
  4136. FLASHBACK: Iraq and the El Salvador 'Option' - by Justin Raimondo (The USUKIL death squads in Iraq are quite real)
  4137. Ethiopian troops off to Somalia
  4138. United Press International - Intl. Intelligence - Analysis: Israel ponders Gaza escalation (Why? What CAN'T they get away with?)
  4139. Syria: Convenient but Unlikely Fall Guy for Gemayel's Death
  4140. Who Decides on War With Iran?
  4141. British troops were 'supplied with defective ammunition' (by defective corpagov)
  4142. Teens Frustrate Military Recruiter's ASVAB Scam (to help protect their younger comrads)
  4143. V Makes A Mark In DC (READ)
  4144. When Votes Disappear (legality of corpagov disappears)
  4145. Nato goals reduced as Afghan woes grow (or not)
  4146. Defense official: Russia has begun air defense missile system deliveries to Iran (Are we paying attention)
  4147. Bush's Mysterious 'New Programs' (Yet more concentration camps are being built - that's no secret)
  4148. Israel rejects Palestinian offer to halt rocket fire (Israel demands right to genocide)
  4149. These are what Russia is supplying Iran with.
  4151. Russia Said to Deliver Arms to Iran
  4152. Gates & the Iran Arms Sales
  4153. S. African Jewish paper causes storm
  4154. Bones of contention (A very expensive joke)
  4155. Judge to rule on landmark Internet porn law
  4156. Ex-Russian spy poisoned by radiation, risk to others being assessed (actually, heavy metal poisoning)
  4157. 'Shiites' [USUKIL agents] burn six Sunni worshippers alive
  4158. Shiite group warns Iraqi PM not to meet Bush
  4159. Germany: Election Alternative prepares for merger with Left Party An exemplary case of political opportunism
  4160. Australia: Labor makes cynical promise on public education in Victorian election
  4161. Britain: Blair's overseas diplomacy highlights military crisis in Afghanistan
  4162. The New York Times and the Gemayel assassination (READ)
  4163. Sky News: Radioactive Link To Dead Spy (or not)
  4164. Putin's new secret weapon
  4165. Australian Company AWB 'knew Iraq plans a year before'
  4166. Fanfare for the common man (Hmmm)
  4167. Gemayel's mourners know that in Lebanon nothing is what it seems
  4168. Sen. Russ Feingold does not support impeachment even though he believes 'the president has probabaly committed an [sic] impeachable offence' (Have we gone bonkers?)
  4169. The UN Fails Haiti, Again
  4170. Native Resurgence Spurs Hope: Giving Thanks to America's Indians (READ)
  4171. Build a Fire on Main Street: Stop the War, Now!
  4172. Jonathan Cook: Syria as Fallguy (More like object of false flag ops)
  4173. Gideon Levy: A Prayer in Paradise (READ)
  4174. Prescription Drug Battle Looms for Next Congress
  4175. 16,000 Single Mothers Serving in Iraq
  4176. Bush Visit Threatens to Fracture Iraqi Government (Genocide and perpetual chaos)
  4177. "Bipartisanship" Hides the Real Power Equation That No One Talks About(READ)
  4178. A sushi stop, a cup of tea? Investigators trace last steps of former Russian spy for answers in poisoning deat
  4179. Carlyle set for $6.4bn ASE deal
  4180. Carlyle Group to bid $5.5B on chip packaging giant
  4181. China, Pakistan sign pacts on AWACS, FTA
  4182. FACTBOX-Key facts about strained Rwanda-France ties
  4183. Jesse Jackson | More of the Same? Not This Congress (Do we believe in Congress?)
  4184. Frank Rich | It's Not the Democrats Who Are Divided
  4185. Ron Suskind | Send in the Subpoenas
  4186. How Long Is Long Enough?
  4187. David Bacon | The Other Face of Globalization (READ)
  4188. Spinning Science (READ)
  4189. Mark Danner | Iraq: The War of the Imagination
  4190. Nat Parry | Chertoff's "Chilling Vision" (READ)
  4191. John Brown and Ray McGovern | Washington's Iraq Chimeras
  4192. Dean Baker | Free Trade Arithmetic for Progressives (Real intents and consequences of the fraud)
  4193. Jeff Stein | A Senate Mystery Keeps Torture Alive - and Its Practitioners Free(Never trust Congress)
  4194. Is Alan Greenspan "DBCB"? (BS from all sides with zeroconcept of reality)
  4195. Iraq descends towards civil war (It started when USUKIL invaded)
  4196. Iraq extends Baghdad curfew into Saturday
  4197. Death toll in Sadr City rises to 202 (Genocide)
  4198. Doctors Are Reportedly Fleeing Iraq (Again and yet)
  4199. Israeli troops kill 10-yr-old boy in Jabalya (It's what they do)
  4200. Ex-Guantanamo prisoner said his CIA evidence was the reason he was jailed
  4201. 'They treat a whistle-blower like a virus'
  4202. Iran Says It Will Build Heavy-Water Reactor Without Agency's Help (as in "fuck you" and who but a moron could blame them?)
  4203. Reid wary of phone tap data as evidence
  4204. Couple plans to sue RCMP over 911 reaction (Canada corpagov just as wako)
  4205. Drug Industry Is on Defensive as Power Shifts (The thieving lying criminals - you betcha!)
  4206. The Spoils of Defeat (Repug utter destruction of US; impeachment? No, firing squad for treasonors)
  4207. Family Planning Farce (Religious corpagov is a psychopathic joke, fraud and crime)
  4208. NASA okays the polluting of outer space with space station waste
  4209. Nuclear waste dump faces new roadblocks
  4210. Counter-terrorist experts probe death of ex-KGB agent (We just LOVE "experts", don't we?)
  4211. Tories announce national cancer strategy (Ah - more experts!)
  4212. Syria May Not Cooperate With Tribunal (Shit happens!)
  4213. Cloud of suspicion hangs over Damascus (or Tel-Aviv?)
  4214. Israel rejects ceasefire proposal (Viscious mental midgets)
  4215. Mitt Romney and Same-Sex Marriage (Creepy, sleazy bastard)
  4216. Breakthrough in genetics sows better wheat seed (or it's really poisonous, and probably tastes like shit)
  4217. Canada unveils national cancer control strategy (Ah - more fucking experts!)
  4218. Researchers: Folic acid may reduce heart attack risk (or not)
  4219. Folic acid 'reduces stroke risk' (No one has shown that, moron; get a brain)
  4220. Rwanda recalls ambassador from France
  4221. Did you know? (News never appeared on CNN)
  4222. On Alcatraz, American Indians and Palestinians Offer Thanks
  4223. Gates Advocated Air Strikes on Nicaragua
  4224. Daily Kos: Articles of Impeachment against Bush and Cheney
  4225. US interference 'allowed terror gang to escape' (letting you know who they were working for)
  4226. Markets rocked by sharp slide in dollar (expect much more of this)
  4227. Cheney meets with Saudi Arabia's king as several regional crisis threaten to worsen ( That should be interesting)
  4228. Freiheit f&#-11;&#-11;r Mumia Abu-Jamal! (READ)
  4229. KSBY - Secret Pentagon Documents Classify Central Coast Group as a "Threat" (Who is the real threat to the planet and all life?)
  4230. The Death Of Newspapers
  4231. North Korea Arms Talks May Stumble on U.S. Financial Crackdown (Another planned destruction)
  4232. 'In Saddam's time I never saw a friend killed in front of my eyes. I never saw neighbours driven out of their homes just for their sect. And I never saw entire families being slaughtered and killed
  4233. Ex-SAS officer hits out at Iraq war 'sham'
  4234. Iraq a moral blunder, says war hero (It was & is a plan, no blunder)
  4235. Owning The Torture Society (READ)
  4237. Litvinenko - By Way Of Deception
  4238. "America's moment in the Middle East is about to end" (We always have hope)
  4239. Another Myth Shattered (Israel against invading Iraq? When?)
  4240. Boogeymongering - by Charley Reese
  4241. Iraq Is Beyond Repair: Rosa Brooks (Yes: that was the original intent)
  4242. Bonkers Diplomacy by Gordon Prather
  4243. CIA role claim in Kennedy killing
  4244. Robert Kennedy Assassination: The Enyart Photos
  4245. Civil war could ripple outward
  4246. The Democrats and the Slaughterhouse
  4247. Gangsters hijack home PCs to choke internet with spam (READ)
  4248. Wal-Mart sees weak sales as holiday season starts (Committing genocide may dampen your holiday spirit)
  4249. When a wave of torture and murder staggered a small U.S. ally, truth was a casualty
  4250. Dead Russian Spy was israeli Double Agent (Beginning to make sense)
  4251. Are We There Yet? (READ: $US critical point)
  4252. FLASHBACK: El Salvador-style 'death squads' to be deployed by US against Iraq Militants (And, so it is still being done by USUKIL)
  4253. Gunmen massacre Shi'ite family in Iraq village (as here, e.g.)
  4254. Germans reconsider special relationship with israel (Past due)
  4255. Bayer's GMO rice safe without oversight, USDA says (LMAO!)
  4256. At CIA, Robert Gates advocated air strikes against Nicaragua in 1984, documents sy
  4257. Rumsfeld okayed abuses says former US army general
  4258. Mosques hit amid Baghdad clashes
  4259. Iraq-Iran summit delayed again by curfew
  4260. Iraq [again] extends curfew amid violence
  4261. Honduras fines U.S. company subsidiary, saying it illegally trained mercenaries to work in Iraq(Mercenary corpa army that will occupy the US)
  4262. U.S. Finds Iraq Insurgency has Funds to Sustain Itself (USUKIL death squads always have funding)
  4263. Australian High Court sanctions wholesale assault on working conditions
  4264. Canada: Ruling in O'Neill case underlines threat to democratic rights
  4265. Belgian Volkswagen factory occupied It is high time to wake up and become political
  4266. More than 200 dead in Baghdad's deadliest day of bombings
  4267. Ramzy Baroud: Reclaiming America (is dubious)
  4268. A Letter to the Judge Who Sentenced My Husband to Federal Prison for Protesting Nuclear Weapons
  4269. The Rout and the Honeymoon: In and Out of Bed with Bush (READ)
  4270. Julian Assange: The Curious Origins of Political Hacktivism (READ)
  4271. The Washington Post's War on Social Security
  4272. Contingency and Counter-Contingency in Venezuela
  4273. Censorship in Colombia: the Arrest of Freddie Mu&#-11;&#-11;oz
  4274. Pitting the West Against Islam
  4275. New Congress, Same Quagmire (READ)
  4276. Republic of the Repressed (READ)
  4277. Gabriel Kolko: Factors in Our Colossal Mess (READ)
  4278. Wal-Mart's weak sales dampen holiday season hopes (Who has to spend?)
  4279. President Hu proposes 5 steps to enhance Sino-Pakistan ties
  4280. Turkey prepares clampdown ahead of pope
  4281. Iraq solution may ride on US foes (Wrecked if Iran is invaded)
  4282. Palestinians, Israel agree to Gaza cease-fire (but will never abide - just wait)
  4283. Britain&#-11;&#-11;&#-11;s Spy Mystery: A Slow Death by Poison - New York Times
  4284. UK detectives trace former spy's final steps
  4285. Report: Poisoned ex-spy feared alleged agent
  4286. S. Korea scurries to stem spread of highly virulent bird flu (BS, or the"panish flu" has finally been released)
  4287. Boys among latest Iraqi casualties
  4288. Marriage vote suit delivered to SJC
  4289. Gov. sues over vote on gay unions (while more than Rome burns)
  4290. Carlyle Jumps Into Taiwan
  4291. Is this what the final frontier has become? A golf course? (Yes - alas)
  4292. Turkish Muslims skeptical about the Pope's impending visit
  4293. Death threats put Turkey on high alert for Pope's visit (He's a stupid pig; just ignore him)
  4294. US tries to rope in Saudis to help in Iraq
  4295. US carried out madrasah bombing (READ)
  4296. Al-Sadr loyalists take over Iraqi television station
  4297. Ferocity of Iraq attacks leaves US troops helpless
  4298. Guantanamo Bay inmate reveals all
  4299. Israeli military chief may quit over failed campaign (expected: he's an idiot)
  4300. Police, Protesters Clash in Mexican City
  4301. Experts Concerned as Ballot Problems Persist
  4302. Australians urged to pray for rain (speaking of idiots)
  4303. Ex-employee says FAA warned before 9/11
  4304. Paging William Wallace (READ)
  4305. Running out of Lifeboats: A Titanic Disaster
  4306. California Legislature Votes to Kill the Health Insurance Industry (READ)
  4307. US dollar 'will keep falling' (There is no way out; it has been planne that way)
  4308. Absurd Atrocity By YvonneRidley (READ)
  4309. Hack away at journalists, but don't go too far
  4310. OKay, so where the heck IS he? (Cheney hiding yet again)
  4311. Vigil Exposed
  4312. Private Spies Stalk The Internet (READ)
  4313. Nato runs critically short of combat troops to keep Taliban at bay
  4314. US man allegedly spied for Israel (Noshir Gowadia)
  4315. U.N. mine group: Israeli forces laid mines in Lebanon during summer war
  4316. Word on the street ... theyre listening (READ)
  4317. Al-Sadr loyalists take over Iraqi television station
  4318. Anti-war Democrat has ties to U.S.' prewar Iraq claims (Chris Carney)
  4319. 911, Iraq, PNAC , All roads lead to Israel (READ)
  4320. Iraq's Palestinians in bull's-eye (READ)
  4321. Democrats Blame Iraqis for U.S. Induced Misery (What?!)
  4322. How many more were poisoned? (READ - THINK)
  4323. The Voice of the White House for November 24th 2006 (READ)
  4324. The Coming Collapse in Housing
  4325. How Rent Makes Poverty
  4326. Bombing a Mosque
  4327. AP Analysis: Firms Crimping Oil Supplies (READ)
  4328. Democrat pledges array of investigations (Ho-hum)
  4329. Detainee dies at Camp Bucca
  4330. Jordan King: 3 Mideast Civil Wars Possible in 2007
  4331. Bombings push Iraq closer to abyss
  4332. Iraq In Top 5 U.S. Wars
  4333. Mortars Set Fire to U.S. Base in Iraq
  4334. Crowd stones Iraq PM's motorcade
  4335. Nothing to hide on AWB, says PM (AU Howard: another fucking liar)
  4336. Feds plan redo of weapon sites (More waste of billions to destroy the US)
  4337. ABC News: U.S. Military Wanted to Provoke War With Cuba (It's not "reportedly": it's detailed in certified US documents)
  4338. Opium is making Afghanistan go up in smoke (The opium is the CIA's lifeline)
  4339. Detainee dies at Camp Bucca
  4340. Two Marines, Soldier Killed in Iraq (Does any one care?)
  4341. Officer Who Opened Fire Suspected (By divine inspiration?) Men in Car Had a Gun
  4342. Outrage, Questions in Cops' Shooting of Groom ("People should not be afraid of their government, their government should be ....)
  4343. Good, bad, ugly of Irish (suffering genocide for centuries)
  4344. Mid-East leaders commit to truce (or not)
  4345. Palestinian Rocket Fire Dies Amid Truce (That's a mistake)
  4346. Leftwinger on course to win Ecuador's presidential run-off
  4347. Turks protest over visit by Pope (who needs the ignorant pig?)
  4348. Honolulu police officer injured during President Bush's visit dies (another useless death paying for a less than useless life)
  4349. GOP may have to alter strategy in '07 session(in methods of crime)
  4350. US Retailers give thanks for booming Thanksgiving sales (Didn't spend a cent)
  4351. India's Finance Minister Accuses OPEC of Rigging Oil Prices (Oh, he must be kidding, right?)
  4352. Sadr group threatens to quit if PM meets Bush
  4353. Inquest due into ex-spy's death
  4354. Why Would Putin Order Litvinenko's Assassination? (READ)
  4355. Bird flu scare returns, SKorea culls 96,000 chickens (Chicken has gotten too cheap)
  4356. Meshal, en route to victory (READ)
  4357. Truce in Gaza raises Israeli hopes for long-term peace (What a joke)
  4358. Israel to display patience and restraint: PM (speaking of jokes)
  4359. Hamas must not give Israel cause to attack ("Peace in our time")
  4360. Bloody and wasted, both sides hope Gaza withdrawal may lead to peace(Hello-? Only Gaza is bloody and wasted)
  4361. Pope facing protests from Muslims (Turn your backs to the pig)
  4362. N.Y. rally condemns police shooting
  4363. Leftist Economist Wins Ecuador Election
  4364. Vermont judge rejects U.S. Supreme Court search ruling
  4365. Dems Rebut Carter on Israeli 'Apartheid' (Know whose political life to destroy)
  4366. Judge acquits N.B. blogger on obstruction charge (Canadian terrorist state)
  4367. Not a word about Sderot (Whining half truths)
  4368. Reporter: Pentagon Is Developing Alternative To Iraq Study Group Findings "To Give The President An Out (There are none; there are only disasters)
  4369. Poisoned spy visited Israel with oil dossier
  4370. President Bush's Bad Reputation, Around The World, People See The President As An Extension Of America's Arroganc
  4371. Iran and China poised to sign pact on oil field
  4372. Somalia Conflict Risk Alert
  4373. Dollar's downward slide continues
  4374. Beware the lure of 'phased withdrawal'
  4375. israel wants bigger slice of Holocaust Pie (To fund genocide of Palestinians)
  4376. &#-11;&#-11;&#-11;Who will defend US from israel?&#-11;&#-11;&#-11; The israeli Spy-Ring and 9
  4377. Blix vs Blair (but this time it is over our weapons of mass destruction)
  4378. Neighborhood by neighborhood, Baghdad descends into civil war
  4379. Iraq: A Job Well Done
  4380. Impeachment Now
  4381. Documentary Films Rattle Business World
  4382. They lied their way into Iraq. Now they are trying to lie their way out
  4383. The Saudis strike back at Iran (READ)
  4384. Army Game Proves U.S. Can't Lose (Nope)
  4385. Bush library in record book (Imagine the coloring book collection! the section on economic destruction, the section on genocides and war crimes, ...)
  4386. Gunned down on his wedding day: the groom who died in a hail of police bullets
  4387. Radioactive death ignites British health scare (an alternative to bird flu, ricin and anthrax)
  4388. Radiation found at more London sites (Traces; define traces)
  4389. Democrat pledges array of investigations (Dingell)
  4390. W library in record book $500M center would be priciest for a Prez (Amazing, isn't it?)
  4391. The gloves come off (Keith Olbermann)
  4392. Subdivision bans Christmas wreath with peace sign
  4393. Subdivision bans Christmas wreath with peace sign (loonies)
  4394. Police Investigate Threatening Letter, Substance at Lincoln Memorial (What can you believe in an asylum?)
  4395. Authorities close Lincoln Memorial after finding suspicious bottle, note (Nation of jerks)
  4396. Police Detain 160 Uprising Leaders in Oaxaca, Tens of Thousands Protest Governor Ruiz
  4397. Chavez vows to 'defeat the most powerful empire on earth' (Is he having fun yet?)
  4398. Assassination tribunal OKd, igniting anger (Howard)
  4399. Assassination tribunal OKd, igniting anger (PS: it wasn't Syrians)
  4400. Britain to Downgrade Commitment to Iraq (or not)
  4401. U.S. F-16 Crashes Near Baghdad
  4402. U.S. military spokesman says Iraq is not having a civil war (USUKIL death squads are creating all the violence)
  4403. NBC calls Iraq conflict civil war, at odds with White House (or not)
  4404. NBC Deems Iraq to Be In 'Civil War' (Does it matter what you call it?)
  4405. Annan: Iraqis 'almost' in civil war
  4406. Justice Department Launches Internal Probe of Role in NSA's Domestic Wiretap Program (talk about meaningless)
  4407. We Must Do What? by Karen Kwiatkowski (READ - and be afraid)
  4408. U.S. Military Deaths in Iraq Hit 2,875 (not covering the maimed and destroyed and DU poisoned)
  4409. Web Tool Said to Offer Way Past the Government Censor
  4410. Colorado Homeowner To Be Fined For Peace-Sign Wreath (Fascist Nation)
  4411. ZOG, again (READ)
  4412. Ford Raises $18 Billion in Financing
  4413. GPS Surveillance Creeps into Daily Life
  4414. A riot in China over deteriorating public health care
  4415. German parliament extends participation in the "war on terror"
  4416. European powers seeks to benefit from Bush's Middle East setbacks
  4417. Victorian election: Labor government returned to power with big business and media backing
  4418. Lebanese regime approves US-backed tribunal directed [falsely] against Syria
  4419. Freedom Air: Keeping the Skies Safe from Nipples and Muslims
  4420. The Rise of Rafael Correa: Ecuador and the Contradictions of Chavismo
  4421. Uri Avnery: An Evening in Jounieh (READ)
  4422. Genocide or Erasure of Palestinians: Does It Matter What You Call It?
  4423. Waxman Has Bush Administration in Sights (I hope he remembers Wellstone)
  4424. NATO Urged to Plan Afghanistan Exit as Violence Soars (Don't hold your breath)
  4425. School of the Americas Opponents Seek New Vote
  4426. Lawmakers Lose Patience With Iraq Government (They are silly things)
  4427. Cheney's Quest to Expand Presidential Powers
  4428. Howard Zinn | The Uses of History and the War on Terrorism (PAY ATTENTION)
  4429. War Protestor's Public Suicide in Chicago Unnoticed by Media
  4430. Litvinenko - By Way Of Deception - Part 2
  4431. Carlos the Jackal faces new trial
  4432. NZ hosting talks to prevent Fiji coup
  4433. More radiation found in spy case
  4434. Olmert says ready to free Palestinian prisoners (But, will he stop Israel's genocide?)
  4435. Lincoln Memorial closed; liquid reported (Cat pee?)
  4436. Oil prices rise [to $60.47] on suggestions of further OPEC cuts
  4437. Cull Of Cats And Dogs Planned In South Korea To Stem Bird Flu Spread (Cat and dog prices have dropped?)
  4438. Tamil independence is only option, says rebel leader
  4439. NY police shooting of unarmed groom sparks outrage
  4440. 9/11 and Iraq The Concealed Connection! (READ)
  4441. Six New York City Hospitals Slated For Closure
  4442. 'We are just watching things get worse' (Things are beyond redemption)
  4443. NY State hemorrhages factory jobs
  4444. Fowl raisers oppose bird flu vaccine plan (Thailand)
  4445. Radioactive traces found at Berezovsky's office
  4446. Slain former spy took Yukos dossier to Israel
  4447. Embassy denies asking Bush twins to leave Argentina (So, you know it's true)
  4448. Justice Department Eyes Spy Program (Farce)
  4449. Zelikow to resign from State Department
  4450. Officers to blame for friendly fire death of Marine (Maybe Gallipoli comes to mind)
  4451. It is strange how in Iraq slaughter soon seems to be part of normal life
  4452. U.S. Intelligence Agency Seeks To Expand Intelligence Ties With India
  4453. US official says Hezbollah is aiding Iraqi Shiite militia (Maybe. So what?!)
  4454. Georgian Prime Minister Insists on Purchase of Iranian Gas Despite U.S. Disconten
  4455. Iran backs Venezuela car factory
  4456. Shell eyes Iran stake
  4457. NBC: Nuclear data readily available (Idiots getting their knickers in a bunch over nothing)
  4458. Stockpile in case of Venezuela vote chaos, U.S. says (Any rioting will be US orchestrated)
  4459. Impeachment Hearings for Bush & Co.? How about War Crimes Tribunals (Words from my own mouth)
  4460. Yasser Salihee's Final Report From Iraq (READ)
  4461. Leaving Iraq, Honorably (Impossible)
  4462. US Military Still Runs With Dreaded Wolf Brigade (and pays it)
  4463. Khamenei says U.S. is destabilizing Iraq (O Master of the Obvious)
  4464. Orders for manufactured goods plunge (as expected here)
  4465. 'State of Denial': Chapter ... how many are we up to now? (READ)
  4466. Marines Employ Iraqi Mercenary Force to Crush Rebellion (i.e., Pay Mercenaries)
  4467. Few Signs of Infiltration by Foreign Fighters in Iraq (Never were)
  4468. Bush Blames Al Qaeda for Rising Iraq Violence (blames Al-CIAda for everything - and he has a point , if you understanf it for what it is)
  4469. Gingrich: US may be forced to reexamine freedom of speech (A lying totalitarian fascist, as ever)
  4470. Struggling U.S. dollar triggers currency concerns (which will increase)
  4471. Bush rules out talks with Iran until it stops nuclear program (He wants to harm Iran, period)
  4472. Bush says U.S. won't pull out of Iraq (All Iraqis must die)
  4473. World economy switches engines as US shudders (The house that Bush built)
  4474. DOJ Probes NSA Spying, Democrats Suspicious (It's either suspicious or cretin)
  4475. Gates may take Pentagon job in December (What new horrors will Dec. bring?)
  4476. Carter blames Israel for Mideast conflict (and the people who created the Crime called Israel?)
  4477. Unhappy U.K. companies prefer relocation in Europe over U.S. (I wonder why?)
  4478. 'Anti-Jewish' Turkish film pulled from US theaters | Jerusalem Post (Jews censor entire US)
  4479. U.S. and Georgia investigate S. Ossetia counterfeiters (A circus)
  4480. Osmium's 15 minutes of fame (Governments and MSM lie a lot, an stupidly)
  4481. Congress to Ponder Conscription? - by Ron Paul (Will this be enough of an affront?)
  4482. Depleted Uranium Situation Worsens (It certainly won't get better)
  4483. Why a national service program is a bad idea (READ)
  4484. The Iraq Study Group: Official damage control and cover-up
  4485. FLASHBACK: LDS Judge Jay Bybee and Donald Rumsfield Justifies Child Sex, Abuse & Torture in Iraq!
  4486. Iraqi Resistance shoots down US F-16 jet fighter with Strela rockets after it dropped Cluster Bombs of Resistance positions near al-fallujah midday Monday
  4487. Bring back Saddam Hussein
  4488. CIA: No Evidence for Iranian Nuclear Weapons Program
  4489. BBC Footage 9/11:The Twin Towers Shows Positive Proof of Explosives (READ)
  4490. IHOP changes policy of asking for IDs (Nation of evil and lunatics)
  4491. DEBKAfile - Murdered Russian ex-spy Alexander Litvinenko passed documents to former Yukos CEO in Israel months before his deat
  4492. Bush berates hesitant Nato allies (Emperor Ming speaks!)
  4493. UK Police Adorn Nazi Chic
  4494. New York Times Is Handed A Defeat in Charity Probe Case
  4495. What Will You Do When the Government Demands Your Laptop? (Get the fuck out of this goddamned country one way or another, and stay out)
  4496. American Civil Liberties Union : Khaled El-Masri, Victim of CIA Kidnapping and Abuse, Seeks Acknowledgement, Explanation and Apology (I'd want a helluva lot more than that)
  4497. Released German Terror Suspect Sues CIA For Damages
  4498. Report assails collusion in Europe with CIA
  4499. 11 EU governments knew of secret CIA prisons (Conspiracies of evil governments are quite real)
  4500. Nato urged to plan Afghanistan exit strategy as violence soars
  4501. Iran: US exit key to Iraq peace
  4502. Hidden costs wait to surface from Iraq war's depths
  4503. Judge reinstates wrongful death lawsuit for Iraq contractors
  4504. US military trains 'air force' of bomb-sniffing bees (Everything in existence is weapon for these murderous jerks)
  4505. UN renews mandate for Iraq troops
  4506. Bush Wants More Troops for Afghanistan (and I want a legal government)
  4507. US Air Force seeks $33.4 bln in extra 2007 funds (MORE?!)
  4508. China woos India to parry US containment strategy
  4509. British Airways and the Christian cross controversy (Boring!)
  4510. New York police kill unarmed man, wound two others (People should be afraid of their government, ....)
  4511. What the New York Times has learned from Iraq (Not very much, actuall; somebody might actually have read its history)
  4512. Lucinda Marshall: War Chic (The profound sickness of US population in a nutshell)
  4513. Big Pharma and "the Pill": Profits, Branding and Experimentation on Women
  4514. John Ross: The War on Rebel Journalists (Sicker, and sicker, and sicker, and ...)
  4515. The War Crimes Case Against Rumsfeld: a Q&A
  4516. Winslow T. Wheeler: SASC-ing Robert Gates (and sicker, and more meaningless & disgusting a species so unworthy of existence has ever lived)
  4517. Iraq Nears the "Saigon Moment"
  4518. Neighborhood by Neighborhood, Baghdad Descends Into Civil War (A genocidal gift carefully constructed by USUKIL)
  4519. Democrats Win Control of Pennsylvania House After 12 Years in Minority
  4520. Iraq Lawmakers Extend State of Emergency
  4521. NATO allies offer minor concessions (They should be miniscule)
  4522. Bernanke raises inflation concern (Babbling idiot)
  4523. Was Mom wrong? Study says you shouldn't sit up straight (Yes, as she often is in matters beyond her knowledge)
  4524. The Pope Tones Down His Act in Turkey (and it is ALL an act)
  4525. Pope decries religious violence (unless the Vatican is the perpetrator; cf. history and genocides)
  4526. Israel PM threatens to react to rocket attacks (What? Nuke Gaza?)
  4527. Fijian PM, army chief meet over ultimatum
  4528. Pelosi rejects Hastings bid (Pelosi: the zionist bitch pit bull)
  4529. Will Supreme Court Inflict More Rust on Rustbelt? (READ)
  4530. Poll: Giuliani Is Most Popular Politician (In kingdom the sick, the psychopath is king)
  4531. Likeability poll bad news for Kerry (the jellyfish)
  4532. Global liquidity remains high despite rate rises, says OECD (Meaningless babble)
  4533. Borat splits Rock and Anderson: friend (MSM "Major News Piece" - Duh-uh!)
  4534. Activists urge boycott of the `N-word' (Fuck them!)
  4535. AIDS deaths can be cut by 28m (But the ruling elie doesn't want them cut)
  4536. Tobacco-related diseases to take high toll--study (or not)
  4537. Bollywood star found guilty on weapons charge (Not the only crazy nation- the species itself is fundamentally insane)
  4538. Analysis: Olmert tries to woo Palestinians (Circus)
  4539. Signs of the Economic Apocalypse: Signs of the Economic Apocalypse, 11-27-06 (pulling several quite real economic threads together READ)
  4540. Son also rises in testy Webb-Bush exchange (It's a very strange species)
  4541. Your details could be logged at the till (Australia also nuts)
  4542. Are George W. Bush lovers certifiable? (Probably)
  4543. RIAA Legal Ruling Could Shut Down The Internet (Not likely)
  4544. Mission's accomplished, all right (READ)
  4545. p m carpenter's commentary: I spy nincompoops (READ: yes, it is like this)
  4546. Dollar falls sharply as US slows (Mission being accomplished)
  4547. Pentagon Considers Moving Troops From al-Anbar Province to Baghdad (also doing the hokey-pokey that will be about as useful, but less dangerous)
  4548. Accept defeat by Taliban, Pakistan tells Nato (Sound advice)
  4549. Bush can't designate groups as terrorists (Oh, yes he can)
  4550. Turning on the Puppet (READ)
  4551. Judge Strikes Down Bush on Terror Groups
  4552. Gingrich: Free Speech Should Be Curtailed To Fight Terrorism (Would an enema help him?)
  4553. Saudi will intervene in Iraq if US withdraws-aide (Gonzo economics based on fabricated realities)
  4554. Hastings, Harman Rejected for Chairmanship
  4555. US Military Predicts Surge in Violence in Iraq (Because they intend to create it)
  4556. Are the 70,000 Pentagon Mercs in Iraq killing Shias, Sunnis? (YES! The source of the great violence READ)
  4557. Debt-ridden Labour admits to acute cash-flow problems
  4558. US setbacks see dollar plunge to near 15-year low (Intrinsically, it's valueless anyhow)
  4559. Kelly's Killer Koppers (KKK) Kill Again (NYC)
  4560. HALF TAKE FORD BUYOUT (idiocy on the cusp of desperation)
  4561. Federal government launches marketing campaign for psychiatric industry (READ What's worse than a nation of morons? A nation of drugged up morons become homicidal and suicidal Also read novel "Blind Reason")
  4562. 9/11 and the coming collapse of America's Real Estate market
  4563. THE PLOT THICKENS! (Litvinenko, Berezovsky - and Neil Bush!)
  4564. The Litvinenko Mystery - by Justin Raimondo
  4565. The Abominables of The New Republic - by Arthur Silber
  4566. Who Makes the Middle East? - by Ran HaCohen (READ)
  4567. Pro-Peace Symbol Forces Win Battle in Colorado Town
  4568. McDonald's to patent . . . THE SANDWICH (Fuck the, and clown they rode in on)
  4569. Radiation grounds British airliners (Traces from his sweating)
  4570. FEMA Ordered to Resume Katrina Payments
  4571. Judge rules insurance covers New Orleans homeowners
  4572. Pressure at OSHA to alter warning (Criminal corpagov at work, as always)
  4573. Report: Bad cops protected (Criminal corpagov at work, as always)
  4574. Prison population at record 80,000 (UK)
  4575. Analysis of Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act (Corpagov State Terrorism)
  4576. Animal Terrorism Act Signed Into Law
  4577. Judge strikes down part of Bush anti-terror order
  4578. New Orleans Police Ask Governor to Extend Tours of National Guard
  4579. Mexico leftists camp in Congress to stop Calderon (Mexicans doing what USians should have done long ago)
  4580. UN says Israel laid anti-personnel mines in Lebanon (and UN intends to do what, exactly?)
  4581. UN: Afghan government officials protecting opium trade (But, it's al-CIAdaMI6aMOSSADa that makes all the money from it)
  4582. Iraq one of greatest presidential blunders: Carter (The genocide might not go through?)
  4583. Gingrich calls Iraq war a 'failure' (Gingrich is a failure)
  4584. Powell says world should recognize Iraq at civil war (The Shameless Lying Whore still speaks?)
  4585. While Iraq Descends Into Flames, Bush Stands Increasingly Alone
  4586. US-led forces to remain in Iraq another year (unless they are murdered or routed)
  4587. Iraq Study Group to unveil report on Dec. 6 (That should be amusing)
  4588. Fighting shuts down Iraqi city as Iraqi PM's meeting with Bush delayed
  4589. MSNBC's Keith Olbermann smashes Newt Gingrich: (Somebody needs to do it)
  4590. 'Countdown with Keith Olbermann' for Nov. 28
  4591. Gingrich wants to restrict freedom of speech?
  4592. AP: Feds collect giant rats in Florida (Ooops corpagov has yet another weapon to kill us and terrorize us)
  4593. Hillside crosses marking fallen soldiers stir debate (No, numbnuts: it'sthe sign)
  4594. Suspected bomb found on Ohio highway (or not)
  4595. Radioactive planes discovered (Get real, asshole)
  4596. U.S. Apologizes to Mistaken Terrorism Suspect
  4597. Apology Note
  4598. British security forces 'colluded in international terrorism' (Corpagov State Terrorism is no Conspiracy Theory)
  4599. 1,245 Secret CIA Flights Revealed by European Parliament
  4600. Demise of US rail system highlighted by DC-area bridge fault (Nothing in US is NOT falling apart; it's a dying nation)
  4601. Canberra prepares for possible military intervention in Fiji
  4602. Australia: Union protests provide no way forward against industrial relations laws
  4603. US Senate endorses Bush's nuclear accord with India (after using its collective brain of a titmouse)
  4604. Bush visits Middle East to intensify Iraq war (Exactly)
  4605. Sibel Edmonds: Auctioning Off Former Statesmen and Dime-a-Dozen Generals (Some Details of the Criminal Corpagov)
  4606. Christopher Fons: Bush's Night on the Town in Riga (READ of designed consequences)
  4607. From Norman Morrison to Malachai Ritscher: Self-Immolation as Anti-War Protest (READ)
  4608. Gary Leupp: CIA Report on Iran's Nuclear Program
  4609. Peter Rost, MD: Pfizer's Shell Game
  4610. Norman G. Finkelstein: HRW Must Retract Its Shameful Press Release on Palestine (HRW has long been a US poodle)
  4611. Manuel Garcia, Jr: The Physics of 9/11 (Not even a good fairytale. What can you expect from a corpagov poodle? Others of us actually do have PhDs in physics. Funny how Steven Jones never even gets mentioned)
  4612. Dispatch from Oaxaca: Where Murderers Still Stalk the Streets, Protected by Police
  4613. Barack Obama and the Winds of War (A man to be avoided)
  4614. European Report Details Flights by CIA Aircraft - Polish, Romanian Facilities Cited
  4615. Report: US Still Manipulating Iraq Intelligence
  4616. As Iraq Deteriorates, Iraqis Get More Blame (Who believes such shit?)
  4617. Vote Disparity a Mystery in Florida Election For Congress (It's no fucking mystery)
  4618. US, Iraq Summit Delayed Amid Turmoil Over War (Oh - well - that makes perfect sense)
  4619. Controversy Over Pentagon's War-Spending Plan (arrising only a half a decade too late)
  4620. Feds to Toughen E-Voting Standards? (Neither can one trust the lying whores at NIST who make up fairytales about 9/11)
  4621. White House insists Maliki has US support (until tomorrow, or whenever)
  4622. Sadrs party boycotts Iraq government (He said he would)
  4623. NH first to offer cancer vaccine to all girls (Bad idea)
  4624. Pope and Patriarch pray together in Turkey (I'm so happy, I could shit)
  4625. Scotsman.com News - UK - 33,000 caught in radiation scare (Get brains, people!)
  4626. Alexander Litvinenko timeline (So you don't look at what's happening to Afghanis, Palestinians and Iraqis)
  4627. Two BA airliners contaminated with traces of radiation (Get a fucking grip!)
  4628. Radioactivity on British Planes Tied to Spys Death (New Yorking Moron Times)
  4629. Forensic tests on three Boeing 767 aircraft ("very low traces" Can we read and understand bloody English, you twits?)
  4630. GOP's Frist won't seek presidency (For his next trick, the cat torturer kills himself?)
  4631. Morales Pushes Through Radical Land Reform Bill
  4632. Bolivian president's ambitious land reform plan faces challenges
  4633. Bolivian Senate OKs Oil Nationalization
  4634. Bolivian Senate OKs military pact with Venezuela, approves ...
  4635. More US Troops Moving Into Baghdad (to be killed)
  4636. Chadian president asks for Iran's help to solve crisis
  4637. Blair: Nato is winning Afghan war (Not even a high colonic would help him)
  4638. Iraq violence strains US-Saudi relations
  4639. Israel warns losing patience over truce violations (another sick joke)
  4640. New dam threatens agriculture and marshland (of Iraq)
  4641. Sahar Ahmed, Iraq "We need to leave this country as soon as possible"
  4642. Singing the devils music will get you killed (Iraq)
  4643. Mental Patient Who Threatened Bush With Castration Released (in a mentally deranged nation)
  4644. Chicago Boots "Nativity Story" Ads From City Festival (Get a grip)
  4645. 8 Charged In Death Of Teen At Florida Boot Camp (criminally psychopathicnation)
  4646. Update: Informant Says Cops Told Him To Lie About Shooting Of Elderly Atlanta Woman - November 30, 2006 (What US gestapo does every day)
  4647. Rice To Meet Israeli PM On Thursday (to get her marching orders)
  4648. Sen. Biden Blames Immigration, Drug Problems On Mexico (and not al-CIAMOSSADA)
  4649. Canada parliament set to revive debate on same-sex marriage law (That avoids attention to their participation and support of genocides)
  4650. Halliburton subsidiary settles Kosovo fraud allegations
  4651. Arbour warns against 'impunity' for violations of Palestinian rights (Calling on Israel to do anything decent is a waste of time and energy)
  4652. UN divided Palestine between Arabs and Jews (READ)
  4653. Litvinenko And The Apartheid State Of Israel - Signs of the Times - Wed, 29 Nov, 2006
  4654. Fiji government agrees to demands of military leader
  4655. Bush-Maliki dinner halted at last minute
  4656. Video Game Violence Goes Straight to Kids' Heads (So does the Nightly NonNews)
  4657. Violent Video Games Fire Up Kids' Brains (After a day in "school", some need to be fired up)
  4659. Iraq Panel To Recommend Pullback Of Combat Troops...
  4660. Schiff: Worse Than Holding Dollars Is Holding Bonds; $ 'will keep falling'; Death Knell ...
  4661. Anti-Neocons :: View topic - Letter to my anti-war senator
  4662. Yet another Republican Christianist pedophile (though not yet in rehab
  4663. Mystery surrounds F-16, pilot in Iraq crash (who was flying the plane?)
  4664. FLASHBACK: Seen through a Syrian lens, 'unknown Americans' are provoking civil war in Iraq
  4665. 94% Say Bush Misled Nation To War
  4666. Iraq panel to recommend troop pullback
  4667. 7M in U.S. jails, on probation or parole (Highest pop. % of any country)
  4668. Navy submariner to plead guilty in espionage case (Weinmann)
  4669. Showdown Over Padilla
  4670. Ya'alon leaves New Zealand in wake of arrest warrant for war crimes (I can hear the infernal whining now.)
  4671. NATO rebuffs Bush on troop restrictions in Afghanistan
  4672. Bush 'Offered to Sign End to Korean War With Kim Jong-il' (Transparent babbling)
  4673. Bush Seems Determined to Stay the Course (The general destruction all round is not yet sufficient)
  4674. Hadley part of the liars that started the Iraq war
  4675. Learning to Live With the Ayatollahs
  4676. The Bush way: As Iraq scene worsens, just blame the victims
  4677. Bush Kneecaps Iraq Study Group: There Will Be No Graceful Exit From Iraq (It's impossible anyhow)
  4678. Behind The Cheney Trip To Riyadh (Another brainless wonder at work)
  4679. Citizenship Agency Lost 111,000 Files (Is there anything this alleged corpagov doesn't lose? No gov can be trusted, but this is absurd)
  4680. ABC News: EXCLUSIVE: Iranian Weapons Arm Iraqi Militia (Manifest horseshit)
  4681. Another Spy Story Suppressed to Save Israel (READ)
  4682. Bush dismisses call for troop withdrawal (Dismiss Bush - all of them)
  4683. Jewish Groups To Challenge Ethics Reform (Jews are opposed to ethics? That would figure)
  4684. British baroness chastised for 'pro-Israel lobby' comments
  4685. Was the use of polonium to kill Litvinenko a clue to the identity of the killer or killers?
  4686. &#-11;&#-11;&#-11;Who will defend US from israel?&#-11;&#-11;&#-11; The israeli Spy-Ring and 9/11
  4687. CNN demands Rep. Ellison (D.) prove he's NOT 'enemy combatant' (??!)
  4688. IOL: 'Israel knew Iraq had no nuclear weapons'
  4689. US troops teach Iraqi civilians how justice 'works' (READ)
  4690. US Dollar can fall a lot further. Isn't it time for the US Federal Reserve to be Nationalized? (How comically impossible)
  4691. Threats To Internet Freedom All Too Real
  4692. Government overrules war-crimes arrest order - 01 Dec 2006 - National News(NZ)
  4693. Litvinenko: Case closed (or not)
  4694. Gore takes a swipe at Justice Scalia on 'Jay Leno'
  4695. Under video review: Re-enacted voting (Figure it out)
  4696. GOP digs in, won't concede House (Trys to BUY Dems outright rather than covertly)
  4697. Schumer presses for inquiry of GOP tactics
  4698. Indiana May Turn Over Welfare System to IBM Under $1.6 Billion Outsourcing Deal (Bizarre)
  4699. Panel Urges Overhaul of Wall St. Regulations (to make corpas immune to legal action for crimes)
  4700. DHS Official Admits Aiding Immigrants for Bribes
  4701. UK terror suspects lose extradition battle (Poodle politics - not law)
  4702. 'Ex-Russian PM Poisoned' (A long term circus is in town?)
  4703. UK monitoring planes for radiation (Ah - radiation circus! That which is irradiated does NOT become radioactive)
  4704. Australia: Police report reveals real instigators of Cronulla race riots Part 1
  4705. New York City mayor seeks to quell outrage over police slaying (Why would/should he do that?)
  4706. International report documents repression in Indian-controlled Kashmir
  4707. Nicaraguan election: Ortega's victory and the dead-end of Sandinismo
  4708. Bush to deliver ultimatum to Iraqi prime minister at Jordan summit (or not)
  4709. The Arrest of Gerardo Bonilla: Muralist Among Oaxaca's Disappeared
  4710. Equatorial Guinea: So Close to the West, So Far From Democracy (READ)
  4711. Fidel Castro Ruiz: It is Our Duty to Save Our Species (Lots of luck)
  4712. Ray McGovern: Gates is Rumsfeld Lite
  4713. More Troops Into a Lost War? (Yes, the object is maximal destruction, not "victory")
  4714. Manuel Garcia, Jr: The Thermodynamics of 9/11 (He relies on the fictional NIST report - and still Jones is not even mentioned - I'd still like to know how much this corpagov creep has been paid)
  4715. Axis of Hope: Venezuela and the Bolivarian Dream (READ)
  4716. Palestinians Are Being Denied the Right of Non-Violent Resistance (among a thousand other things)
  4717. Iraq's Premier Abruptly Skips a Meeting With Bush
  4718. The End of the West's Strategic Supremacy
  4719. US vows to finish job in Iraq (the job being annihilation and genocide)
  4720. NZ's Clark warns of serious consequences - Fiji Times Online
  4721. Unnatural products blamed in Gaidar illness
  4722. Dem Vilsack Enters 2008 White House Race (stay off planes and get a food taster)
  4723. BostonHerald.com - International: Hezbollah and allies call for mass protest in Beirut to bring down government
  4724. Lebanese prime minister: There will be no coup (or not: he has little say in the matter)
  4725. Ramzy Baroud: Ethnic Cleansing and Israels Racist Discourse
  4726. White House Fears ACLU Campaign
  4727. Pound hits 14-year dollar high
  4728. U.S. warns of possible Qaeda financial cyber attack ($US fucked good by Bushco, and it wants to blame the fictional Al-Qaeda for the inevitable consequences? LMAO - Die!)
  4729. Feds Collect Giant Rats in Florida (Spawn of Bushco)
  4730. White House warned on air ownership plan (It's all over anyhow. What the hell? There's nothing left worth caring about)
  4731. Democrats Reject Key 9/11 Panel Suggestion (Good move)
  4732. FBI joins in Russian spy death probe (A 3 ring circus!)
  4733. Ban on CIA's 'Guantanamo Express' from Irish Airports
  4734. U.S. government quietly rates millions of travellers for terrorism potential
  4735. Australia: no military intervention in Fiji
  4736. US prison numbers hit record
  4737. Pope turns to Mecca at Istanbul
  4738. Kerkorian Sells His Remaining GM Holdings, Person Familiar Says
  4739. Kerkorian dumps more GM shares
  4740. Abortion Pill Thwarts Breast Cancer Gene (This'll really piss the pope off)
  4741. Studies say chemotherapy causes brain damage (No, they don't say that at all)
  4742. The Big Question: What do we really know about Aids?
  4743. Iraq can take back control by June: PM (But IL will not like that)
  4744. Mexico's Calderon takes power, faces protests
  4745. Mexico...s Besieged New Leaders Face Tough Challenges Following Election - The Tech
  4746. Let them eat cake (or a Yule log or cookies shaped like Barney)
  4747. New rules make firms track e-mails, IMs - Tech News & Review
  4748. Security of electronic voting is condemned (This was obvious HOW long a go?)
  4749. Why Did They Flinch? (They aren't finished yet)
  4750. Nasa looks to a new frontier by building telescope on the Moon (or not)
  4751. Iraq: Civil War or Divide and Conquer
  4752. Iran accuses Canadian embassy of spy activity
  4753. Bush's Body Language Says "I'm Afraid"
  4754. Should Children be protected from violent video/computer games? (or their genocidal corpagov?)
  4755. Egypt - World Press Network - British State Terrorism
  4756. U.S. volunteer charged with terrorism in Uganda
  4757. Illegal immigrants toiled for governor (Romney)
  4758. Move to new planet, says Hawking (It's easier to make all governments into fishfood)
  4759. Indicting Bush - by Elizabeth de la Vega and Tom Engelhardt
  4760. British Pseudo-Gang Terrorists Exposed in Basra (The USUKIL death squads are quite real)
  4761. FLASHBACK: British military investigator found hung in Basra(USUKIL death squads)
  4762. Analysis: High bar set in AIPAC case (which is selective, capricious and arbitrary)
  4763. SAS men get &#-11;&#-11;100,000 to bribe Iraqi fighters (That could lead to great mischief)
  4764. Iraq panel's real agenda: damage control (Indeed)
  4765. Brawl breaks out in Mexico Congress (over election fraud and its coverup)
  4766. Iranian Weapons In Iraq - Deja Vu All Over Again (They come with nice little "Made in Iran" smilies pasted on)
  4767. Idea of Rapid Withdrawal From Iraq Seems to Fade (as the US itself fades)
  4768. Malikis snub reverberates through Middle East
  4769. Like Hitler and Brezhnev, Bush is in denial (the least of psyopathologies)
  4771. Even Scarborough Beats Up on O'Reilly Now (LOL - reptos eating each other for lunch)
  4772. Showdown? (over Padilla)
  4773. Gun ornament draws fire (Humor is so subjective)
  4774. Economics and the Al-Qaeda attack lie (Ah - some one else sees the idiocy)
  4775. Huge Hezbollah-led rally demands US-backed Lebanon govt quit (It did nothing when Israel savaged Lebanon)
  4776. Huge Beirut rally demands change
  4777. US manufacturing shrinks for 1st time in 3-1/2 yrs ("manufacturing" means "import it from China")
  4778. Pelosi taps Reyes to head intelligence committee (What do you call a USian with an IQ of 17? "Honorable")
  4779. Portland City Council passes resolution against Iraq war
  4780. A one-sided U.S. policy toward Israel endangers both countries interests.
  4781. Phoenix Airport to Test X-Ray Screening (Destructive testing by criminal corpagov)
  4782. U.S. legislator warns of Bush plot to merge Canada, the U.S. and Mexico
  4784. Dollar Fall Is Catalyst For Predatory Global Government
  4785. The Move To Label All Civil Disobedience "Terrorism"
  4786. AIPAC Spies Likely to Walk: Surprise?
  4787. Natural gas prices rise
  4788. U.S. Marine lawyer fights for Australian stranded at Guant&#-11;&#-11;namo Bay
  4789. 'Backscatter' nudity and traveler threat scores bring TSA controversy
  4790. TSA's revealing X-ray screening raises privacy concerns
  4791. Australia: Police report reveals real instigators of Cronulla race riots Part 2
  4792. Spain: Amnesty International details abuse of migrants
  4793. Washington meeting gives green light for Sri Lankan military offensive
  4794. Workers speak out against Australian industrial relations laws
  4795. Australia: national protests against Howard government's industrial laws
  4796. Canada's Liberal leadership contest&#-11;&#-11;&#-11;a race to the right
  4797. NATO summit in Riga: Sharp conflicts over Afghanistan
  4798. Bush-Maliki summit: White House rejects any withdrawal from Iraq (Whose country is it anyhow?)
  4799. Manuel Garcia, Jr: The Fall of WTC 7 (Return of the corpagov troll)
  4800. Hideous Kinky: Thomas Friedman Comes Undone
  4801. The Montana Formula: Jon Tester's Neopopulism (READ)
  4802. Sleeping with the Enemy: At Home with the Anti-Chavistas
  4803. The Mumia Case After 25 Years: Still More Keystone Kops Antics
  4804. Midnight in Mexico: Calder&#-11;&#-11;n's Inauguration Behind Closed Doors
  4805. Dodd Proposes Restoring Rights for Terrorism Suspects
  4806. Socialist Senator to Push Congress From Left
  4807. Outcry Over Congressional Pensions for Convicted Members
  4808. GSA Chief Seeks Cuts For Contract Oversight (corpagov troll)
  4809. U.S. eyes tighter security for visa-free travelers (Totalitarian corpaov)
  4810. Armed vigilantes roam Baghdad streets (USUKIL death squads)
  4811. Woman being used as 'human shield' shot by U.S. forces (USUKIL death squads)
  4812. Afghanistan Opium Crop Sets Record (Al-CIAdaMOSSADA bumper crop)
  4813. Rumsfeld honored for citizenship amid protests (how about for genocide and other war crimes?)
  4814. Stephen A. Cambone to Resign
  4815. FBI joins in Russian spy death probe (Kriminal Keystone Kops)
  4816. Italian academic contaminated with polonium-210 (circus continues)
  4817. Former spy's wife tests positive for radiation
  4818. Democracy Now! | Facing Fierce Protest, Mexico's Calderon Takes Power in Unprecedented Midnight Ceremony; Opposition Lawmakers Vow to Block Inauguration
  4819. Judge says Dems can seek more than just phone costs in jam case
  4820. Genetically modified potatoes to be grown in British trials
  4821. Calderon sworn in as Mexican president (i.e., thrust down Mexico's throat)
  4822. Vista's Many Turnoffs (M$ software has always been shit)
  4823. Cuba summons troops, citizen soldiers
  4824. Dollar falls further on fears of downturn in America (That's a safe bet)
  4825. Is President Bush Sane?
  4826. The Lessons of Iraq, Gates-style (Is Gates sane? Are any of them?)
  4827. In U.S., fear and distrust of Muslims runs deep (Are USians insane? Are they ignorant and stupid?)
  4828. North and south (Israel intends to attack Lebanon again, along with Syria.)
  4829. Debate on US Troop Withdrawal fails to Acknowledge War Crimes & Violation of Iraq's Sovereignty Opportunity for the Peace Movement
  4830. Travel only if you don't mind being seen NAKED
  4831. Newt World Order (The truth, and it ain't pleasant)
  4832. FBI taps cell phone mic as eavesdropping tool (Pay Attention)
  4833. Time is on the Taliban's side
  4834. Corruption: the 'second insurgency' costing $4bn a year
  4835. DHS official admits taking bribes to fake documents
  4836. New UN resolutions back Palestinian right to a state (but Israel has always refused)
  4837. Huge Beirut rally demands change (We need one of these)
  4838. US furious at official's shame over Bush and Blair (Maybe they will all shoot each other)
  4839. Officials Expect No Big Changes, No Matter What Panel Advises (I sure don't)
  4840. Was The "Spanish Flu" Epidemic Man-made? ("Bird flu" certainly was)
  4841. christian busted for trying to blow up congress- gets 30 years- no media coverage
  4842. Huge war spending bill to test Democrats (They have already failed)
  4843. Police admit planting evidence (it's what they do in utterly corrupt nations)
  4844. UN suggests israel PAY for its crimes (Surely, you jest!)
  4845. Nike+ IPod = Surveillance (Pay Attention)
  4846. Dwight D. Eisenhower: The Chance for Peace (now destroyed by corrupt and lying media)
  4847. Hezbollah tent city rises in Beirut in mass Siniora protest
  4848. Stealing Green (READ)
  4849. Botched Paramilitary Police Raids
  4850. Bolton not amused by Hezbolla's western-style protest (Up his, with a meat hook)
  4851. Isotope linked to death available online
  4852. Scaramella 'shows no sign of radiation poisoning' (Gottcha!)
  4853. High Court to Hear Free Speech Case (Ooops)
  4854. Bob Gates & Locking You Up Forever
  4855. Pa. protesters rally over Rumsfeld award
  4856. Canadian tanks deployed in Afghanistan combat
  4857. Helicopter missing in south Afghanistan
  4858. Triple Baghdad Bombing Kills at Least 91
  4859. Joe Allen: RFK and Hollywood Mythmaking (READ)
  4860. Shadow Trout: Why Hatchery Fish Aren't Real
  4861. Fighting La Choya: the Secret Toxic Dump on the Border
  4862. Ron Jacobs: The New Pirates of the Caribbean (READ)
  4863. Made in China: the Global Trade in Sex Toys
  4864. Yifat Susskind: Greed, Dogma and AIDS
  4865. US Prison Nation: Locking Up Surplus Labor
  4866. Maliki's Monopoly of Power
  4867. Committee of Enablers: Is Gates Fit to Serve? Are the Senators? (None are fit)
  4868. The Big Boys of Financial Crime
  4869. Is Bush Sane?: When Denial Goes Pathological
  4870. The Dirty War of Oaxaca
  4871. Rumsfeld Memo Proposed 'Major Adjustment' in Iraq (A creepy evil slug crawling from the pool of his own slime)
  4872. Focus: Cracking the code of the nuclear assassin (There are no conspiracies? No, just jokes in bad taste)
  4873. No sign of Fidel as Cuba's other Castro calls for US dialogue
  4874. Full text: Raul Castro speech
  4875. Protesters in Beirut Press Demand for Government to Resign (We need thisas well)
  4876. Donald Rumsfeld, Casualty of War (Would that he were)
  4877. Reyes to Head House Intelligence Panel (and has zero knowledge)
  4878. Angry protesters confront New York cops after burial of man shot last week
  4879. Kerkorian impact on GM under debate by observers
  4880. Activist Kerkorian moves to unload entire GM stake
  4881. Pope performs a PR miracle (only if you are an asshole)
  4882. BBSNews - World AIDS Day Report Card Blasts Bush Homophobic Outreach at Expense of Victims (That's really "homo" as in "homo sapiens sapiens")
  4883. Chavez faces challenger in final vote
  4884. Top Sunni And Shiite To Meet With Bush (Why bother?)
  4885. U.S. military frequency jams hundreds of garage doors (Who's really important?)
  4886. GOP Pays $135K in N.H. Call Jamming Suit (Not near enough - and why are the perps no jailed as terrorists?)
  4887. Quite a haul (READ twice)
  4888. Police arrest left-wing activist during Tel Aviv rally
  4889. Has He Started Talking to the Walls? : FRANK RICH - Bushs Unreality
  4890. Commercial Insurance leaving New Orleans
  4891. The Secret Relationship Between Israel and Oil: What the US Media Hides
  4892. The Secret Relationship Between Israel and Oil: What the US Media Hides (READ)
  4893. Lantos: "We'll be rid of the bastard soon enough. And in his place we'll install a pro-Western dictator" (READ)
  4894. Newsweek: Gov't. motion to silence Padilla defense
  4895. Europe Calmly Looks at Sliding Dollar
  4896. IDF soldier gets two weeks for shooting Palestinian (and laughing slap on the wrist)
  4897. US tells banks to shut down Iran operations (reactions, or lack of them will be telling)
  4898. Unseen Photos of Bohemian Grove Found
  4899. Russia says six-party Iran talks to be held Tuesday (Waste of time)
  4900. End is near in Babylon
  4901. Corporate Media Uses Fuzzy Math to Minimize Size of Lebanese Demonstrations
  4902. Media Cranks Up Hard Sell of Biometric and RFID Microchipped Future (that have already proven to be hideous disasters)
  4903. Close-Up of WTC-7 Collapse Footage Shows Unmistakable Demolition Charges
  4904. Powderkeg
  4905. NEW 9/11 Pentagon Video released from hotel
  4906. Interesting Picture of TSA display (or would that be warning?) to Louisville Travelers
  4907. Is the United States bankrupt? (Yes, in more ways than the obvious)
  4908. israel destroys water well in Bethlehem (There is just end to their shit)
  4909. On Tape: An 'Enemy' Interrogation
  4910. Five Tons of C4 Explosives Stolen in Iraq
  4911. The Pryce of democracy in Ohio's 15th Congressional District (READ)
  4912. Well-known GOP activist held in sex-predator sting
  4913. $10M CDC deal raises questions (Hello-o? It's a corpagov agency)
  4914. Mideast allies near a state of panic (READ)
  4915. Saudis and Iran prepare to do battle over corpse of Iraq
  4916. Chavez Reelected President of Venezuela: 61.4% of Vote
  4917. Australia: Police report reveals real instigators of Cronulla race riots Part 3
  4918. Britain's prison population reaches record high
  4919. Australian Labor Party's latest leadership crisis comes to a head
  4920. Blowing the Whistle on Big Oil
  4921. Adviser: Clinton Actively Weighs '08 Bid (Hillary Zionist Clinton?)
  4922. The Global Elite: Who are they? - Signs of the Times - Fri, 01 Dec, 2006 (READ)
  4923. How Safe Are Drug Coated Stents?
  4924. BostonHerald.com - Around the Nation: FDA to study safety of popular heart stents; patients put on anti-clotting drugs
  4925. FDA Probes Safety of Popular Heart Stent
  4926. FDA Stent Experts Have Financial Ties to J&J, Boston Scientific
  4927. Ex-KGB agent says he named spy suspect
  4928. Spy probe police head to Moscow
  4929. Britain broadens probe into death of ex-Russian spy
  4930. Scrutiny of Other Heart Drugs Could Grow After Failed Trial (The drugs are dangerous poisons)
  4931. Pfizer Ends Trial of Heart Drug After Patient Deaths
  4932. New heart drug dropped after patients die
  4933. Trial collapse is a big setback (especially for the dead patients)
  4934. Oil prices inch up amid concerns OPEC may cut output
  4935. Iran says further OPEC output cut necessary
  4936. Venezuela Says OPEC to Address Cuts at its Nigeria Meeting
  4937. NASA trimming moon project costs (Trim it to 0; it's a waste)
  4938. South Africa: US Judges Grapple With Global Warming (Maybe they can just make it illegal, and it will go away?)
  4939. Fast food at kids' hospitals causing worry (You should try the slow food at adult hospitals!)
  4940. Fiji troops 'disarming police'
  4941. Fiji military sets up roadblock
  4942. Annan interview: Full text
  4943. Abolish the Federal Reserve - Ron Paul
  4944. Bolton quits as U.N. ambassador (to do what?)
  4945. Video Is a Window Into a Terror Suspect's Isolation
  4946. U.S. Report Finds Fault in Training of Afghan Polices
  4947. Israel creates new ministry to deal with Iran threat (What threat?)
  4948. Iran: Parliament shortens Ahmadinejad's term
  4949. Mister Death Squad Goes to Washington
  4950. Dem judiciary leader seeks torture documents (Patrick Leahy)
  4951. Lantos and the 1990 "incubator" story (READ)
  4952. Jews and Arabs can never live together, says Israel's vice PM (An interesting POV, w/ unpleasant consequences for IL)
  4953. Anger at UN chief's Iraq comments (Some really hate the truth)
  4954. Possible takeover of Lebanon by Syria supporters bad news for Israel (ergo, good for the rest of the world)
  4955. Katherine Harris contributor indicted for sending white powder, threats to liberals, while our famously free press yawn
  4956. Illegal settlers in Gaza were also paid millions to evacuate (in US "foreign aid")
  4957. Navy submariner pleads guilty to trying to sell classified data (to Russia and Israel)
  4958. Two More Sites Checked
  4959. Warning over 'playing politics' with the threat
  4960. Home Office mulls plan for dedicated team of judges (Terror judges!)
  4961. Secret Scottish base training anti-terror squads
  4962. Citigroup Laundering Saudi Cash Used to Fund Jihadist Terrorism (READ)
  4963. Egypt arrests American, others in terror plot (Everybody has to get into the act)
  4964. Helicopter Crash Kills Marine; Five Other Servicemembers Die in Operations
  4965. IT Caught Off Guard by Flu Pandemic Warning (Birdflubirdflubirdflu...)
  4966. NRC: News Release - 2006-147 - NRC Releases Plan for Continued Mission-Essential Operations During an Avian Flu Pandemic (More prep for release of 1918 flu using "birdflu" as cover)
  4967. Interrogations of Terror Suspect Included Hooding, "Truth Serums"
  4968. Sri Lankan government brings down a war budget
  4969. Fijian political crisis intensifies amid continuing threats of a coup
  4970. US seeks Shiite collaboration in attack on Moqtada al-Sadr
  4971. Spain: Socialist Party government betrays victims of Franco's dictatorship
  4972. Congress held in Madrid on 70th anniversary of Spanish Civil War
  4973. The 2006 elections and the US two-party system Bush, Democrats disenfranchise antiwar voters
  4974. Pfizer's Clueless Executives
  4975. Hurricane Milton: Friedman, Bayonets and Markets
  4976. John Ross: Repression on the Menu in Mexico
  4977. Lame Ducks, Hold That Nomination!: a CIA Insider's Take on Gates
  4978. Chavez Claims Victory in Venezuela
  4979. White House Under Fire Over Iraq Memos
  4980. The House of Death (READ)
  4981. Democrats Who Opposed War Move Into Key Positions (and who will do what, exactly?)
  4982. US Rendition Foiled in Norway
  4983. Justice Breyer: Justices Must Protect Minorities' Rights
  4984. Brown vs. Board of Education Could Be in Jeopardy
  4985. Fiji parliament dissolved, says New Zealand PM
  4986. Fiji PM likens military lockdown to coup
  4987. Survey finds: Work is taking up more free time (AU)
  4988. Australians told to leave Fiji
  4989. Blair Seeks Nuclear Subs to Counter Global Terror (Asshole waste)
  4990. Padilla defense documents 'outrageous government conduct'
  4991. Blue Bayou: Don't know much about history (Prager idiot)
  4992. US plans permanent base on Moon (idiot project)
  4993. Feds Charge Alzheimer's Researcher (corpagov)
  4994. US marine guilty of raping Filipina

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