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List Volume 07

  1. Journalism is in terrible trouble a large amount of it is repetitive garbage
  2. Drone crashes in Iran
  3. Iraq's draft constitution signed
  4. Arrests, rhetoric highlight protests
  5. Intelligent design - coming to a school near you
  6. Ariel Sharon's Son Indicted
  7. Israel PM's son charged with corruption
  8. ROBERTSON, CHAVEZ AND BUSH - An unholy trinity
  9. Uzbek parliament backs government decision to evict US troops
  10. The US vs The UN (Bolton on rampage)
  11. Galloway to go on anti-war tour of US with Jane Fonda
  12. The Strange Relationship of National Alliance and the ADL
  13. Cindy Sheehan Electrified The Consciousness Of The Nation
  14. Shiites Cut Off Talks on Charter
  15. On the Heels Of Death Threats Coming Out Of Washington, WTC Janitor Has Jersey City Apartment Burglarized
  16. In West Bank, Israel Sees Room to Grow (and continuing)
  17. Where has all the money gone?
  18. British Army Gay Recruitment Drive Launched (extension of the "Poofy Jdges" skit?)
  19. The Theory of Unintelligent Design
  21. Iran explores oil for Syria and Iraq (LOL)
  22. US Army commander warns blogs are a security risk (so is his ass)
  23. Britain's elite get pills to survive bird flu (So they'll have to clean their own toilets?)
  24. Bomb hits Israeli bus station (Dress 'em up as Palestinians, and play itagain Ari)
  25. Don't mention the J word
  26. Two U.S. Senators Held at Russian Airport for Several Hours, Released (Terrorists)
  27. Talmud teacher convicted of sodomy (A religious practice no doubt)
  28. Iraqi activist taken up by Bush recants her views
  29. Katrina Targeting U.S. Oil Operations (and bible belt)
  30. Creationist Terror in American Classrooms
  31. The Education of the Vulgar
  32. Iraq at a Glantz: U.S. Doesn't Get It
  33. Countdown To Next Bush Terrorist Act
  34. Potomac Fever: Leach joins Democrats in backing memo bill
  35. Our Arrogance Will be the End of Us
  36. Katrina swells to Category 5 status on approach to Gulf Coast
  37. U.S. oil surges $4, to record above $70, on hurricane
  38. Police chief- Lockerbie evidence was faked (by CIA that is)
  39. The fateful cover up (of Isreali war crimes)
  40. Draft Iraqi charter accepted over Sunni objections
  41. Sharpton Adds Voice to Antiwar Protest
  42. On Tap for the Next Fed Chief: Trouble
  43. The real power guys -- Greenspan decipherers
  44. What I learned from Alan Greenspan (On learning what should be obvious)
  45. Blair and bush urge all Iraqis to support new constitution (So you *know* it's a rotten thing)
  46. US Property Bubble Begins to Burst - Median Home Prices Down 15.9% in 3 Months
  47. First Person: Moral drift
  48. Halliburton critic is demoted in Army Corps
  49. New Orleans district of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers faces cuts. (?!)
  50. Muslims in Lodi believe mystery man who spoke of jihad was a federal mole in terror investigation
  51. Rebels fight U.S. to Iraq standoff
  52. Counteroffensive: Bush Launches 'Operation Cindy Sheehan'
  53. Hurricane Dubya
  54. Martin Sheen, Rev. Al Sharpton Visit Iraq Mom In Crawford
  55. Bilious Falwell Jumps on the Attack Cindy Bandwagon (He isn't dead yet?)
  56. The GOP starts eating its own (So very repto)
  57. Venezuela to Provide Discounted Heating Oil and Free Eye Operations to U.S. Poor
  58. U.S. Studies Report Its Soldiers Killed Journalist (yeah - right!)
  59. ACLU reveals FBI labeled peace, affirmative action group 'terrorist'
  60. Justice Stevens has "second thoughts" on recent landmark cases
  61. Katrina shows misplaced Bush priorities
  62. Support our troops by keeping them out of war
  63. Zalmay Khalilzad and the Bush Agenda
  65. US 'harming' Uganda's Aids battle (The intention of long)
  66. Anti-war band win MTV awards
  67. Syngenta, the Biotech Giant, Wants to Own Our Food
  68. Destroying the National Parks
  69. Gov. Bush warns residents of gas shortages
  70. Rowland may face state charges
  71. Gathering holds "funeral" for Medicaid as cuts loom
  72. Group: Law could mean death penalty for doctors
  73. Dems to Question Roberts on Torture Memo
  74. Venezuela to seek legal action against Robertson
  75. Call for anti-terror law ban on US evangelist
  76. Rell: Connecticut to Sue BRAC, Rumsfeld Over Air Guard
  77. CIA told not to use Danish airspace
  78. Irish smallholders jailed for opposing gas pipeline
  79. Democratic governor in Tennessee oversees drastic Medicaid cuts
  80. Hurricane Katrina hits southern US
  81. Iraq's draft constitution: a recipe for neo-colonial rule
  82. Does Anyone Know What We're Doing in Iraq?
  83. Charles Sullivan: Nation of Fools
  84. Pat Robertson, Big Oil's Televangelist
  85. IEM Team to Develop Catastrophic Hurricane Disaster[Criminal] Plan for New Orleans & Southeast Louisiana
  86. Levee breaks flood New Orleans
  87. Martial Law Declared: Situation Deteriorating
  88. Israel's Netanyahu announces bid to oust Sharon (eh?)
  89. Bush promises victims extensive federal aid (Insurers will destroy them first)
  90. Zarqawi replaces Osama as terror world Numero Uno: (dead bogeyman turnover)
  91. Struggling Ford to fire 400 managers
  92. Did Time intentionally deceive its readers in Plame case? (Yes - next question!)
  93. US warplanes destroyed three buildings near Syrian border (feeling like it becauzze god said so?)
  94. 911 Suspects Hiding in Israel (July 21, 2002)
  95. Was Joe Vialls really Ari Ben-Menashe?
  97. Anti-War Group Suspects it May be Victim of 'Infiltrators' (COINTELPRO REDUX)
  98. Judge: Bush Plot Case Evidence Classified
  99. Poverty Rate Rises to 12.7 Percent (US)
  100. 'A New Label on a Bottle of Poison' (School of Americas is still a school for terrorists)
  101. Prosecutors: Cunningham demanded bribe
  102. Rumsfeld: U.S. Won't Lose in Iraq (psycho)
  103. Bush 'very optimistic' about Iraq. (liar/moron)
  104. Heavy Fighting Reportedly Erupts in Western Iraq (reality)
  105. Messing With Mother Nature
  106. Voice of the White House August 28, 2005
  107. Superdome of Shame
  108. Top Ten Reasons to Undo Iraq in Due Haste
  109. A War-Weary Nation is Finally Realizing that the Emperor Has No Clothes
  110. 9/11 was an INSIDE JOB : Everything else is a Distraction, The BRAINWASHING of the American [USian] People
  111. The MSM as the presidents enabler
  112. Palestinian Authority's US assets are frozen (Kick 'em again!)
  113. Dumping of US dollar could trigger 'economic September 11' (yes)
  114. Why Do Israelis Keep Posing as Arab Terrorists?
  115. Gonzales Comes Out For Civil Liberty Restrictions In New Patriot Act...
  116. Here's the Funny Part (Not so funny as pathetically psychotic)
  117. Michael Jackson surfaces in Dubai (Good for him. Why stay here?)
  118. Bush returning to Washington to monitor hurricane effort (to fuck everone possible is more like it)
  119. GM Recalling 800,000 Pickups, SUVs (US technology at its finest)
  120. Roger Morris: the War for the Future (But, the damage and corruption is already beyond redemption; only personal honor in hell is left)
  121. Gary Leupp: Venezuela: a Launch Pad for Muslim Extremism? (READ)
  122. The Woman Who Blew the Whistle on Halliburton Gets Canned
  123. U.S., Canada Breast Milk Holds Toxins (Corpagov kills)
  124. Teen bashed for not attending church (Newtime Religion from Dark Ages)
  125. Oil prices hit another record
  126. NY Times Skews the News Again
  127. More than 95 percent of Gulf oil production lost
  128. When the levee breaks
  129. Entire City Will Soon Be Underwater (New Orleans)
  130. FBI document links former Green Beret to McVeigh, bombing
  131. Twenty Things We Now Know Four Years After 9/11 (READ)
  132. EMT held hostage on New Orleans
  133. Martial Law Declared: Situation Deteriorating
  134. US poverty rate continues to rise
  135. AP: FBI to Do Prisoner 'Threat Assessment' (Need a corpagov threat assessment)
  136. Bush is the real threat
  137. US weapons sales top $49 billion
  138. US Offered USD 75 Million to Iraqi Sunnis for Signature under Constitution
  139. Be ruthless with looters, police and National Guard told
  140. State Police send troopers to region (the drowning to fend for themselves)
  141. Race to find living as Katrina slams
  142. Venezuela offers fuel, food to hurricane-hit US
  143. Bush strums guitar while New Orleans floods
  144. Hurricane Katrina: A calamity compounded by poverty and neglect
  145. Search-and-rescue effort continues in Miss.
  146. New Orleans flooded, hundreds feared dead
  147. Security personnel held in Hariri slaying
  148. Scores reported killed in Iraq air strikes
  149. US poverty rate rises 4th straight year
  150. Insults fly as Netanyahu moves to oust Sharon (who will win and promptly invade Gaza)
  151. Symmetric Presentations (Groups)
  152. How Bush's policies doomed New Orleans (Bush has just about doomed the e ntire fucking planet)
  153. More Americans lack cover for ill-health (and more, and more, and more, ...)
  154. US second quarter growth revised down (The operative word is "death", not growth)
  155. A crippling blow to U.S. oil industry (The "industry" (corpagov) *needs* to be annihilated)
  156. Reuters cameraman to be held in Abu Ghraib (like anyone else)
  157. WSJ.com - Blogger Faces Lawsuit Over Comments Posted by Readers (Speakinof needs)
  158. TrafficPowerSucks.com
  159. Arab victims of attack by extremist Jew not recognized as terror victims
  160. Bush To Head New Orleans Rescue- Weren't Things Bad Enough? (Nothing is *so* bad that a Bush cannot make it worse)
  161. White House ignores pleas to save New Orleans; helicopters diverted
  162. Free-for-all as looters lose scruples and grab what they can (A nation driven beyond sanity and civilization)
  163. If hydrocarbons are renewable- then is "Peak Oil" a fraud? (The problem: surrounded by morons and liars)
  164. New Orleans must be abandoned, governor says (?!)
  165. Decorated veteran, and lifelong Republican, says new Abu Ghraib photos must be released
  166. Leave Iraq to the Iraqis (Bush intends genocide)
  167. Muddy Waters Keep On A Rising!
  168. President Nero (News? - or somepeople waking up to the obvious)
  169. Teacher and war mom fired for discussing protest crusades for vets
  170. A Revealing Look at Iraqs Constitution
  171. Katrina - The fist of God? (I think I'll just puke - all over Israel)
  172. MSM Refuses to Poll on Impeachment (Gee - I wonder why?)
  173. Bush gives new reason for Iraq war (Not *another* piece of lying shit?)
  174. Jewish Woman Charged In Swastika Graffiti Spree--20 of them (What has this repeated scenario taught us, class?)
  175. The Hurricane President (Scourge of the earth, horror of the soul, anathema of intellect, the antihuman.)
  176. Bible-bangers blame New Orleans disaster on the gays (LMFAO! How about psycho christer morons?)
  177. Cant Happen Here (Oooops - it has happened!)
  178. Mayor: Katrina May Have Killed Thousands (No, it's Bush and neocons, and they've murdered millions, not thousands)
  179. Breaking: Thousands dead in New Orleans (Murdered by Bush)
  180. Mayor blasts failure to patch levee breaches (Why would that be?)
  181. Carriers Are Stricken by Cancellations and Lack of Fuel (Ooops - so muchfor existing private airlines)
  182. DANGER AND CHAOS RUN RAMPANT! (Answerability only matters when you actually have the balls to ask your fascist corpagov)
  183. FIND THE LOWEST GAS PRICES IN YOUR AREA (What gas? We have none!)
  184. 12-Hour Party People (GESTAPO Utah Police)
  185. Public health emergency declared in Gulf Coast
  186. Officials to Move 25,000 People
  187. Frustration at slow emergency response grows on Mississippi coast
  188. 'Cowboy' Bush failed in Katrina evacuation - Chavez (Chavez for US President!)
  189. "Hey, Shoot that Black Guy Running Off with the Bottled Water!"
  190. The National Guard Belongs in New Orleans, Not Baghdad
  191. Bush Economy: Incomes Down; Poverty Up! (That's exactly what it's supposed to be)
  192. Democrats and the War (Is there a difference?)
  193. Paul Craig Roberts: How New Orleans Was Lost (Sequel: how the US was annihilated)
  194. Whining American eBays 'devil doll' (Desperately in need of brain transplants)
  195. How New Orleans Was Lost
  196. Carriers [airlines] Are Stricken by Cancellations and Lack of Fuel
  197. Waiting for a Leader (in a land of scavenging hyenas)
  198. Experts: $4 a gallon gas coming soon (Just arounfd the corner, and then?)
  199. Stop the Death Machine in Iraq! Throw out All Military Recruiters!
  200. $4 a gallon
  201. Who Opened the New Orleans Floodgates?
  202. JUDGE ALL WA$HED UP (Nassau, Long Island NY David A Gross)
  203. Release of oil reserves has little effect (It was only a small gestural release)
  204. Pope tells Catholics to multiply (Lobotomy candidate)
  205. Did New Orleans Catastrophe Have to Happen? (I love easy ones)
  206. Bu$hCo's flood for oil - leaky levees and offshore looting
  207. Homeland Disaster: Natl. Guard Watches Helplessly from Afar
  208. "No one can say they didn't see it coming"
  209. 'Engineering nightmare': Water keeps rising in New Orleans
  210. New Orleans Is Now Off Limits; Pentagon Joins in Relief Effort (Pentafuckinggon?! "The Supreme Fuckup"?!)
  211. Body-strewn waters threaten residents
  212. From Superdome to Astrodome
  213. Refugees may live in tent cities or on barges (work camps, concentraltion - oops - relocation camps)
  214. Secret Tribunal Orders Journalist Held Without Charge at Abu Ghraib
  215. ACLU wants gag order lifted in Patriot Act case
  216. U.S. Patriot Act faces legal challenge in Connecticut (should be in all States)
  217. Lake New Orleans is Bush's Fault & I Can Prove It
  218. Utah May House 1,000 Hurricane Refugees (Who would want to live in Utah?)
  219. Officials to Move 25,000 People (As weird as Amerika is)
  220. Mississippi coast now a stretch of rubble
  221. Frustration at slow emergency response grows on Mississippi coast
  222. Urgent plea from St. Bernard Parish
  223. South Mississippi needs your help (Must be god's revenge for willfull stupidity)
  224. Changes in FEMA's role will be disastrous (disasters don't exist, but bogeymen do)
  225. Some New Orleanians resisting FEMA police state
  226. Unrest Intensifies at Superdome 'Shelter'
  227. Reported Gunfire Disrupts Evacuation
  228. Nagin declares Martial Law in New Orleans
  229. New Orleans police ordered to stop saving lives and start saving property
  230. Nagin orders police to stop looking for survivors
  231. New Orleans Mayor Issues 'Desperate SOS'
  232. House Speaker: Rebuilding N.O. doesn't make sense (A national reptonazi speaks)
  233. 'Cowboy' Bush failed in Katrina evacuation - Chavez (Chavez for President!)
  234. Australia: another Senate committee whitewash of government lies on Iraq
  235. Studies link CEO compensation to fraud, mismanagement
  236. A million more Americans living in poverty
  237. Letter from New Orleans: tragedy at stranded hospital
  238. Crackdown on looting New Orleans police ordered to stop saving lives and start saving property
  239. Bush rules out significant federal aid to hurricane victims (That's whathe's there for, you fools)
  240. The Cindy Spark: Mainstream America Stirs (Not near soon enough, if eventually at all)
  241. The Real Disaster: Bush and the Democrats
  242. Left Behind to Drown: the Poor and Hurricane Katrina
  243. Hurricane Donald: How Rumsfeld Smashed the National Guard
  244. Dr. Greg Henderson, MD: a Doctor in the Flood
  245. Parasites brainwash grasshoppers into death dive (Great ingection for corpagovs - but guess what they're thinking)
  246. Unrest Intensifies at Superdome Shelter
  247. Explosions Fill New Orleans Sky With Smoke
  248. Katrina, Iraq, and the Know-It-All Syndrome - by Justin Raimondo
  249. FEMA Directing Donations To Rev. Pat Robertson (What?!)
  250. Want to End Terrorism? End Foreign Occupations.
  251. Lake George (aka New Orleans)
  252. Oh, One More Thing, America...
  253. 'Casual to the point of careless' - Bush under fire for slow reaction
  254. Bush criticized over storm response
  255. Dream Weaver - Chris Floyd
  256. Waiting for a Leader - New York Times
  257. Congress Rushes Hurricane Aid to Bush (for disaster that they both "allowed to happen")
  258. Bush Taps Father, Clinton for Relief Help (Pukesville)
  259. Bush, Blair, and Sharon: The Trio of Disaster
  260. Waiting For the Outside World
  261. President Bush took my flood control funds to Iraq
  262. The humbling of a superpower
  263. New Orleans rocked by huge blasts
  264. Blanco demands apology from Hastert
  265. Bush Strafes New Orleans. Where is Our Huey Long?
  266. FEMA blames the victims
  267. Katrina Aftermath Raises Questions of Race
  268. Prominent Mideast analyst associated with AIPAC espionage
  269. Airboaters stalled by FEMA
  270. US won't let Canada help Katrina victims
  271. Think Progress &#-11;&#-11; BREAKING: McClellan Refuses To Answer Questions About Levee Funding
  272. Could the people in charge of managing the catastrophe in New Orleans possibly be more clueless? (It's all quite deliberate)
  273. Don't Give Your Hurricane Donations to the Red Cross (Remember 9/11?)
  274. Airlines Cancel More Flights, Prepare for Possible Fuel Shortages
  275. The Disastrous Proof of a Failed Foreign Policy: The Specter of New Orleans
  276. Oil, Gasoline Fall as Schroeder Says IEA May Release Reserves (Will US allow this?)
  277. Europe's offer of petrol places Bush in quandary
  278. Mayor to feds: 'Get off your asses'
  279. Who is jamming communications in New Orleans?
  280. Storm disaster fuels doubts over US terror plans
  281. George W. Bush abandons Americans (It was designed, and has been being implemented for years)
  282. Ending the Impunity of the Bush White House (One could hope)
  283. Bush Says Relief Results 'Not Acceptable' (Neither is Bush)
  284. Bush, lawmakers accused of shortchanging projects
  285. Pentagon Finds More Who Recall Atta Intel (but not wherethe qactor is currently living)
  286. The Blood of New Orleans.....
  287. the REAL news from NO
  288. Starting to doubt that reports of shots fired at New Orleans rescuers
  289. Forget Prayer: God Ain't Listening
  290. London bomber video aired on TV (shortly after MI6 manufactured it)
  291. Budget cuts delayed New Orleans flood control work
  292. Second Navy Hospital Ship Will Head to Gulf Coast (From San Diego?!)
  293. Big Oil Spill Spotted Near Tanks on Miss.
  294. Taiwan donates $US2m for relief to US
  295. Halliburton hired for storm cleanup (Enough to make you start screaming?)
  296. Barbara Lee Blames War for Slow Response to Katrina (It's much more than that)
  297. Blackwater Security Joins Hurricane Katrina Relief Effort (Screaming twice at the same time?)
  298. Death toll in Louisiana could be above 10,000: US Senator
  299. Horrible scenes at New Orleans airport
  300. Planning, Response Are Faulted
  301. Hotels to evacuees: Go before big game
  302. My hero is a bus thief
  303. Looters denounced, but also called 'heroes'
  304. Democrats and Others Criticize White House's Response to Disaster
  305. Conn. Schools Offer Classes to Displaced Students
  306. Countries Pledge Hurricane Aid to U.S.
  307. Canadian warships to sail to Louisiana
  308. Australia donates $10m
  309. Bush warns of gasoline problem this holiday weekend
  310. Petrol to hit &#-11;&#-11;1 a litre after US buys up supplies
  311. Hicks may face more trial delays
  312. ACLU Alleges Ga. Hiked Voter ID Card
  313. Voters Approve Limits On Eminent Domain
  314. Researchers link human remains in cattle feed to mad cow disease (Lovel, simply lovely)
  315. Federal response called 'a national disgrace'
  316. US military sniper kills Reuters soundman in Baghdad
  317. Bush White House suppresses information, whistle blowing
  318. One-third of Detroit's population lives below poverty line
  319. Close to 1,000 dead in Baghdad tragedy
  320. Washington tries to evade political responsibility for Katrina's devastating impact
  321. Hurricane's victims left to die on New Orleans streets
  322. Hurricane Katrina's aftermath: from natural disaster to national humiliation
  323. Bush to New Orleans: Drop Dead
  324. Onward Christian Assassins
  325. How Bush Deals with a Disaster He Helped Create: Blame the Looters
  326. The Smirk of a Killer: Ending the Impunity of the Bush White House
  327. How Good is Your Levee? Frankly, Scarlet I Don't Think He Gives a Damn
  328. Katrina and the Corps of Engineers: Manufacturing Disaster
  329. Notes from Inside New Orleans
  330. Experts analyse bomber videotape (Give me a break)
  331. Iran Has Gas Type Used in Atom Bombs, Report Says (Update1) (Oh, stuff it!)
  332. Iran clings to atomic secrets, says UN report (babbling)
  333. Donations pour in for Katrina relief (Halliburton to get it all)
  334. Agency felt New Orleans was safe for 200-300 years ("government experts")
  335. Nations to release 60M barrels of oil, gas
  336. Microsoft Blasts Massachusetts' New XML Policy (LOL)
  337. Lights out in Massachusetts for Microsoft (Small favors gratefullt accepted)
  338. Massachusetts to adopt 'open' desktop
  339. Is there a risk of storm disease? (Yes, actually)
  340. Flying Spaghetti Monsterism (Another faithe heard from)
  341. Neocon Goldberg Mocks Victims of Katrina
  342. Sonic 'Lasers' Head to Flood Zone (??! - a war zone?)
  343. The questions a shocked America is asking its President (Useless)
  344. Bush Equates War In Iraq To WWII (Well beyond dopey)
  345. Jewish gunman was no terrorist, Israel rules (making its racism clear and absolute)
  346. It's About People, Not Politics (It knows the difference, and the people *are* its enemy)
  347. A Can't-Do Government (No! A will *not* do corpagov.)
  348. Lobbying against America (CNN actually understands corpagov?!)
  349. The big disconnect on New Orleans (Also understands systematic lying about everything?!)
  350. NOLA.com: Everything New Orleans (READ)
  351. Ex-officials say weakened FEMA botched response (FEMA functions now in Homelandsuckurety - just another Bush shell game)
  352. Hurricane Katrina: Why is the Red Cross not in New Orleans? (Remember them at 9/11? Want them to do it again?)
  353. Israeli minister calls Barenboim an 'anti-Semite' after army snub (Minister needs electroconvulsive therapy to unscramble his excuse for a brain)
  354. Education minister vows to undo 'post-Zionist' critique (It's theft being excused by racism)
  355. NY Times reprinted without contradiction Bush's false claim that nobody "anticipated the breach of the leeves"
  356. Homeland Security won't let Red Cross deliver food (But *don't let them collect money)
  357. Daley 'shocked' as feds reject aid (Police state, area by area)
  358. Jewish housing project frozen, Israel confirms (say and do are different)
  359. Laura arrives just in time to make hungry evacuees wait for lunch (Such a darling humanitarian xtian)
  360. How Does Bush Sleep At Night? Delusions Under Siege (lots of meds?)
  361. Thy Will be Done, On Earth as It is in Texas (The sickest of the sick: except they are genetically aberrant)
  362. CNN says Bush visit to hurricane is nothing but a political photo op (What else *could* it be?)
  363. Louisiana asked for help four days before Bush ended his vacation. (PDF)
  364. National Guard not allowing aid into the city
  365. Troops begin combat operations in New Orleans (Another illegal invasion?!)
  367. Bush says US can handle Iraq, Katrina ("say" = "puke" or "defecate")
  368. Craig Roberts: Something is NOT right! (Matrix of illusions v. Reality)
  369. Conyers readies gas price gouging, hurricane bankruptcy bills (Piddlyshit)
  370. Superdome Evacuations Temporarily Halted
  371. United States of Shame (Annihilation follows at 11)
  372. Across U.S., Outrage at Response (Revolution is long past due)
  373. U.S. to acknowledge Russia's offer of hurricane assistance (but will refuse or give it to Halliburton)
  374. Homeland Security won't let Red Cross deliver food (Never trust tbe Red Cross)
  375. Troops begin combat operations in New Orleans (Infuckingsurgency?!!!!)
  376. PHOTOS START TO LEAK OUT FROM NEW ORLEANS (of what US troops are doing to citizens?)
  377. Gallup Refuses To Run Poll Asking Americans If Bush Should Be Impeached (Gallup polls have *always* been frauds and lies)
  378. US wants Iran referred to UN (for Israel, of course!)
  379. Pro-Israel PAC Contributions to 2004 Congressional Candidates
  380. Bush's Response to Katrina's Victims:
  381. Cargo vessels stranded by closure of Mississippi (Another bomb aimed at economic destruction)
  382. Don't Blame Bush For The Flood?
  383. 200,000 - 300,000 dead? (New Orleans)
  384. Don't Give Your Hurricane Donations to the Red Cross
  385. Venezuela Preparing to Repel U.S. Invasion if Necessary, Chavez Says
  386. Pentagon watchdog to join defense contractor
  387. 300 US airmen bound from Iraq, Afghan to Mississippi (for another invasion)
  388. Why Are Oil Stocks Up 5% This Week?
  389. Bush strums guitar while New Orleans floods (But it is *purposeful*)
  390. Bush seen as doing too little, too late
  391. Hastert AWOL During House Katrina Vote
  392. New Orleans Left to the Dead and Dying
  393. Homeland Security won't let Red Cross deliver food
  394. Landrieu Implores President to "Relieve Unmitigated Suffering;" End FEMA's"Abject Failures" (But infliction of suffering is a Bush family hobby)
  395. Jailed for saving lives (New Amerikan Moralz)
  396. Retired Scottish police official says Lockerbie evidence was planted (Yes, CIA - again!)
  397. Lockout at the CBC--"Canada's public broadcaster"
  398. Egypt: President Mubarak dominates fake election campaign
  399. An angry letter from New Orleans
  400. Shock, disbelief and anger Europe reacts to US hurricane disaster
  401. Bush postures while hurricane death toll skyrockets
  402. New Orleans and Baghdad--two sides of the same policy (genocide)
  403. Mark Donham: Where' Karl Rove? (Black Ops - where else?)
  404. Hurricane Katrina Exposes the True Face of Capitalism (But it's *NOT* capitalism: it's Plutocratic Fascism with phoney elections)
  405. Ben Tripp: the Big Easy Takes a Bath (Bemused overview of national insanity and idiocy)
  406. Bush's Demented Priorities: the State of Marriage Over the State of Louisiana
  407. Cynthia McKinney: Shame on the Bush Administration
  408. Waiting on the Outside World: Who Will Rescue America? (With luck, no one. Why, after all should they resuce the greatest terrorist ever?)
  409. The Superdome: the Earth's Most Damnable Homeless Shelter
  410. People of the Dome: "Let Them Eat Shit..."
  411. In the Name of the Lord: "Those Looters Should be Shot" (More national insanity)
  412. The Cuban 5: In Prison for Fighting Terrorism
  413. From Iraq to New Orleans: the U.S. as a "Failed State"
  414. Time for the U.S. to Start Over (First a revolution - *without* fucking Alexander Hamilton and his goddamn bankers)
  415. Profiteering from Disaster: the Real Looters Wear Pinstripes
  416. Gary Leupp: New Orleans and the System that Destroyed It
  417. Gary Leupp: New Orleans and the System that Destroyed It
  418. Paul Craig Roberts: Impeach Bush Now, Before More Die (The tipping point is in the past, and US survival is *not* an objective)
  419. Alexander Cockburn: From Mitch to Katrina, Nature is Politics (Thoughtful considerations)
  420. Food, water arrives amid chaos (as people die by US corpagov design)
  421. Five Days After Katrina, Refugees Waiting
  422. Sen. Frist Becomes Medical Volunteer (First kill all the cats! - Shades of the Black Death)
  423. Major Developments in Katrina's Aftermath ( US: "relief efforts" = "shooting people")
  424. Tape links Al-Qaeda to London (Fabrication)
  425. London bombers 'recorded video in Pakistan' with help of al-Qaeda=al-MOSSADA,al-CIAda,al-MI6a
  426. Secrets of bomber's death tape (As in, it's another hoax?)
  427. Hoping to Buttress Sharon, US Urges Allies' Restraint (US corpagov bought and paid for)
  428. Barrier encircles West Bank towns
  429. State firms step up to plate to help victims of hurricane (at what price?)
  430. IEA chief warns of worldwide energy crisis (as if this were actually news)
  431. Oil near record as US runs short of fuel
  432. Chimps' DNA mapped,compared to humans' (explaining neocons & fundamentalists)
  433. DNA comparison offers a glimpse into 'evolution's lab notebook'
  434. Big Differences In Duplicated DNA Distinguish Chimp And Human ...
  435. Man, chimps share genes (World's most understated headline)
  436. Researchers: Chimp is man's closest living relative
  437. Man, Chimp Separated by Dab of DNA (Bush family missed dab)
  438. Syria invites UN al-Hariri investigation
  439. t r u t h o u t - Across US, Outrage at Response
  440. Criticism of Bush mounts as more than 10,000 feared dead
  441. Guardsmen 'played cards' amid New Orleans chaos: police official
  442. Bush faked levee repair for photo op yesterday
  443. More Bush Fakery
  444. Congressman can't get Bush on the line
  445. FEMA Head FIRED From Horse Association in 2001
  446. Helicopters for the hungry stayed put so Bush could smirk!
  447. National Guard not allowing aid into the city
  448. The Military Is Frisking Little Children Before Rescuing Them
  449. Chief Justice Rehnquist dies
  450. Conway polynomials (Frank Luebeck)
  451. Hurricane relief may cut into U.S. pullout aid for Israel (But, we al know that Israel has top political priority)
  452. Met by Despair, Not Violence (In other words, US media corpagov has been making up yet another web of lies to attempt to justify its unending viciousness)
  453. 50 countries offer US aid after Katrina (None permitted)
  454. Iran furious after US denies visa to top MP (US was lying when saying it would not)
  455. Australia expresses frustration at lack of access to New Orleans
  456. Qatar gives 100 million dollars for US hurricane relief (and will be collected by Bush, Halliburton and Israel)
  457. Bush Suspends Posse Comitatus, Active Military Pour into New Orleans (US is already DEAD)
  458. The Boy Emperor's Waterloo at Lake New Orleans (It doesn't matter: few know the truth about anything)
  459. Bush Sends More Troops; Thousands Still Stranded (Thousands to be murdered)
  460. Report: Gov't Secrecy Grows, Costs More
  461. WMD existed in "virtual reality" (i.e., as insubstantial facbrication: lies)
  462. The Rebellion of the Talking Heads
  463. 5,000 U.S. and Iraqi Troops Sweep Into City of Tall Afar (Everything a diversion from everything else)
  464. FEMA Outsourced N.O. Disaster Plans To Politcal Cronies/Donors (What *were* you expecting?)
  465. Why we couldnt save the people of New Orleans (the words should be "did not")
  466. As White House Anxiety Grows, Bush Tries to Quell Political Crisis (Am I supposed to care?)
  467. Pentagon Investigator Resigning (Bring in a different stooge)
  468. Remember: September is National Preparedness Month! (Gov = asylum for criminally deranged)
  469. The president from Mars
  470. Nagin's Failure
  471. Uniforms among the looters
  472. Warnings went ignored as Bush slashed flood defence budget to pay for wars
  473. Insurers face $40bn claims after Katrina (Mobsters collect; not in business to pay claims)
  474. The Two Americas
  475. Provacateur forces in New Orleans? The case builds
  476. Our poor, our brothers and sisters, versus Hurricane George
  477. German correspondent shocked about staged Biloxi events
  478. Hurricane Katrina, and A Partial List of Related Mistakes, Evasions, and Deceptions
  479. New Orleans: A Geopolitical Prize (The point has always been to *detsroy* US economy)
  480. Babes in Warland (Read if you like to barf)
  481. The Israelis get a wall and New Orleans gets flooded
  482. U.S. Aid Effort Criticized in New Orleans (Why would that be?)
  483. Aaron Broussard breaks down on MTP
  484. IRS agent arrested for stealing (LMAO)
  485. New Orl&#-11;&#-11;ans Funds Pre-Spent
  486. Louisiana Senator Threatens President Bush (What "pResident" is that?)
  487. Bush's Staged New Orleans Photo Ops
  488. New Orleans: Destroyed by Presidential Negligence (No, *design*)
  489. Why the American dream is one of the biggest lies
  490. What the @#$% is FEMA thinking? (You would be terrified to know the truth)\
  491. For a week's worth of elite looting a city dies
  492. Cargill Says Grain Exports Halted on Mississippi After Katrina (Yes, and that's just for starters; wait)
  493. What Will It Take America? (An interesting question that becomes increasingly moot with every passing hour)
  494. GOP bigs hope W isn't sunk (Babbling bullshit)
  495. Nobody expects the Jewish Inquisition! (Only if he's an idiot)
  496. Crisis threatens to swamp Bush White House (Let's go for entire US corpagov)
  497. New Orleans Cops Shoot Eight Gunmen (who were not gunmen, but it's convenient to lie about that)
  498. Story of men on bridge changes (Ooops)
  499. Yet another variation on the bridge story
  500. New Orleans Death Toll May Soar; Survivors Desperate; Looters Brazen (Military with machine guns on the loose, crazed on drugs)
  501. Despite Warnings, Washington Failed to Fund Levee Projects
  502. Homeland Security won't let Red Cross deliver food (Did they not add the poison?)
  503. Five dead 'were army workers'
  504. HSBC sued over credit card 'cartel'
  505. Where are gas profits going? (Would you like to guess?)
  506. Chief Justice Rehnquist dies (Any escuse for a celebration)
  507. Bush: prompt action needed on court vacancies (How typically psychotic)
  508. Iraq announces new rule for private cars (*Now* do you understand New Orleans?!)
  509. U.S. Troops Cordon Part of Iraqi Town to Trap Resistance Fighters (Also New Prleans)
  510. Oregon will shelter 1,000 people from disaster zone
  511. Australian experts sent to US disaster zone (to be either ignored or murdered)
  512. Venezuela Increases its Aid to U.S. by Another $1 Million
  513. Venezuela donates 1 million barrels of oil to the United States of America (We wonder how corpagov will steal it)
  514. Haven from fury Mercy Flight Brings Evacuees to ET (Hmmmm - trust nopolitician)
  515. 'My Pet Goat' -- The Sequel
  516. Killed By Contempt - Paul Krugman
  517. United States of Shame - Maureen Dowd
  518. Bush's reaction a 'disgrace' (and a quite deliberate one)
  519. Transcript of NBC's 'Meet the Press' (Chertoff and Hell on Earth)
  520. Chertoff: Katrina scenario did not exist (Constipation of Brain & Diarrhea of Mouth)
  521. Living Paycheck to Paycheck Made Leaving Impossible
  522. New Orleans police kill four 'looters' (It's called murder)
  523. 'Five shot dead' by police in New Orleans (hello?)
  524. HHS Chief: Katrina Death Toll in Thousands (Federal "officials" are apriori liars)
  525. Editorial blasts federal response
  526. FEMA puts Nevada convoy to Gulf region on hold at last minute (Need to give them the right muder instructions)
  527. FEMA Sends Anthrax Drugs Instead of Necessary Supplies (Why not just sens the anthrax like the last time?)
  528. Navy ship nearby underused (How perfectly surprising)
  529. Doctors Hamstrung in Relief Efforts (Oooops - another "mistake")
  530. Louisiana official haunted by drowned woman
  531. Britain: "Fear on the Streets" art installation removed from Selfridges's
  532. Report from final days of &#-11;&#-11;&#-11;Camp Casey&#-11;&#-11;&#-11;: Soldier returned from Iraq: &#-11;&#-11;&#-11;The rich don&#-11;&#-11;&#-11;t fight wars in America&#-11;&#-11;&#-11;
  533. As hurricane disaster mounts, Bush scapegoats state, local officials
  534. Egypt prepares for first multi-candidate polls (Another election fraud)
  535. Katrina: No more room in Texas (TX is this small?!)
  536. Troops enter as evacuees exit disaster area (to grab it and give it to Halliburton?)
  537. LA Times slams NBC`s censoring of Kanye West
  538. Kanye West criticizes Bush on TV benefit show
  539. Rapper Kanye West Blasts Media for Irresponsible Reporting
  540. Scientists guilty of 'hyping' benefits of gene research (Ah, more "government science")
  541. Stem cell hopes distorted by 'arrogance and spin' (Just like all government)
  542. Benefits of stem cell research oversold, says expert (The word is LIED)
  543. Drug switch 'cuts heart attacks by half' (Believe that, and they'll tell you another one)
  544. Disease warning as dysentery cases reported (Predictable (but not by government science) and inevitable, ergo: corpagov is again taken by surprise - oh dear, oh dear)
  545. Yen Gains as Poll Suggests Koizumi's Party May Expand Majority
  546. The President White House Enacts a Plan to Ease Political Damage (Hell hath plans for all our future torment, pain and misery)
  547. Officials Deal With Political Fallout by Pointing Fingers (as if this were somehow unusual)
  548. Bush strikes somber tone in face of storm crisis (Give that man a pretzel!)
  549. Senator Frist calls for hearings... (The man is waste of life)
  550. Gulf Coast poisoned? (possibly)
  551. Forbes warns of oil bubble
  552. Bush Nominates Roberts to Replace Chief Justice Rehnquist (Raven Corpacongress will do what?!)
  553. The Lies To Hike The Price Of Oil
  554. U.S. the new Saddam (Idiot, "indefinite" occupation was intended from start)
  555. U.S. Sub Collides With Cargo Ship in Gulf
  556. Public Reaction to the disaster (He is both idiot *and* liar)
  557. Germany now exports more products than the US
  558. Rice Defends Bush's Katrina Response (Rice defines Human Waste)
  559. New Orleans police to be pulled off streets (and replaced with more murderous military)
  560. What's Next, Mr. War President?
  561. Jew spits at Greek Orthodox Priests in Jerusalem
  562. Insurgents Seize Key Town in Iraq (Whose country is it?)
  563. Ethnic cleansing in the USA
  564. Thank God for George W. Bushs Freedoms (of genocide and plunder)
  565. Fake sympathy and fake relief efforts
  566. Impeach Bush Now, Before More Die (Jail the entire fucking corpagov)
  567. Bush Administration Puts Katrina PR Campaign Into Overdrive (Lia, liar, pants on fire - Bushit)
  568. Doctors Hamstrung in Relief Efforts
  569. Prospects for a fast rebound are poor (US will have *no* rebound: it's DEAD)
  570. Israel to accelerate West Bank barrier ("run like a thief")
  571. Professor describes scene at New Orleans hospital
  572. Bush Against the Ropes; US Democrats ought to be able to put him away (Dems are BOUGHT. Grow up!)
  573. Hillary Clinton calls for 9/11-type 'Katrina Commission' (Brain transplant, H.?)
  574. Israeli hackers deface Jordanian gov't website (That's normal)
  575. Tracinski: activist with negative intellect
  576. Corzine hit with ethics complaint (It's what corpagov *is* - and SOP in NJ)
  577. Claims of Saddam's Genocide Far from Proven (unlike Bush, Blair and Sharon)
  578. Menendez not ready to endorse U.S. aid for disengagement (Somebody's gonna whip *his* ass)
  579. Katrina's Victims Poorer Than U.S. Average (which *damn* poor to begin with)
  580. Louisiana Senator Threatens pResident Bush (to punch him? Oh grow up!)
  581. Leak at Murphy Oil (New Orleans)
  582. Bush criticised over hurricane response
  583. Fidel Castro: What Cuba Has Offered the People of the Gulf Coast
  584. The Battle of New Orleans:It's Looking a Lot Like Fallujah
  585. Paul Craig Roberts: Resurrecting Karl Marx
  586. How to Identify Misinformation - US Department of State (LMAO! Look who's talking!)
  587. Bush, Clinton Announce Hurricane Fund (I think I'll puke)
  588. International Oil Contributions Pull the Prices Down (so it will be bought up by price gouging thieves)
  589. Schr&#-11;&#-11;der has been a disaster, so I'm rooting for Merkel (The greater disaster)
  590. Polls Show Schr&oumlder Won TV Debate With Merkel (Hope that means something)
  591. No big bang - Merkel likely to seek gradual economic reform The (German Thatcher)
  592. Bush vows massive relief effort (for Halliburton)
  593. Lewis Raises $55.9M for MDA, Storm Victims
  594. Hurricane Center Director Tells Paper He Briefed Brown and Chertoff on Danger of Severe Flooding
  595. Washington's evil and sinister foreign policy
  596. Katrina is to undermine Bush's authority
  597. Hurricane Katrina Blows Bush Away (and into jail where he belongs?)
  598. Bush seen as doing too little, too late (just as planned)
  599. Barbara Bush: "So Many Of The People In The Arena... Were Underprivileged Anyway, So This Is Working Very Well For Them"..
  600. Annan: Iraq Is Now Center for Terrorism
  601. Invasion of Iraq turned country into hub of terrorism (US, being the world's greatest ever terrorist ...)
  602. Glossary of Terms (geometrical, topological, homological for previous)
  603. Militants Attack Iraq's Interior Ministry
  604. The Clinton-Bush Hurricane Fund Public Relations Scam
  605. The city where the dead are left lying on the streets
  606. Olbermann Lambasts Government Handling of Hurricane Katrina
  607. Photojournalists Covering Katrina Fall Victim To Growing Violence, Chaos
  608. The diagram that caused the fuss (Corpagov total insanity - clear and present danger to all)
  609. Israel should defy US on settlement blocs-minister (And then give *ALL* the money back, *N OW*!)
  610. Katrina's ill wind hits commodities (Is this a surprise or secret?)
  611. Murder and rape - fact or fiction? (Rather not say?)
  612. Fed May Raise Rates Even After Hurricane Katrina
  613. Bush Says He'll Find Out What Went Wrong (LOL)
  614. Storm Survivors Told To 'Expose Themselves'
  615. Venezuelan State Governor Seizes Heinz Tomato Plant, Saying It Has Been Inactive for Years
  616. Houston Finds Business Boon After Katrina
  617. Haaretz - Israel News - Haifa court jails would-be Jewish terrorist for four years (That's it?)
  618. UNDER WATER (Bush accumulating even more failures. Are we surprised?)
  619. SHAMING THE DEVIL (is hard to do)
  620. Israeli troops say they were given shoot-to-kill order (Modern Military Sport)
  621. Israel Conducts 'Silent' Enlargement Plan
  622. Penn accuses Bush amid rescue chaos
  623. US jets hit Iraqi bridges near Syria (to be revuilt by Halliburton)
  624. 'Times-Picayune' Editor Says President Bush Bears Ultimate Blame for Weak Response to Hurricane Disaster
  625. New Orleans catastrophe down to privatisation (Value of corpagove measurable only in negative numbers)
  626. Judgment
  627. Bush fails to stem anger
  628. Bush Family Funds the Third Reich (Not exactly new news)
  629. White House Tries the Theological Spin ([sigh])
  630. 'Wash Post' Runs A Key Katrina Correction (of indefensible lie)
  631. Funeral director deploys to hurricane region (expect 40,000 bodies)
  632. Government Intervention in Stock Market is Detailed by New Report, GATA Says(It's called the Plunge Protection Team PPT - and it's quite real)
  633. Tragic costs of Bushs Iraq obsession (i.e., insanity)
  634. To Those Who Voted for Bush: Do You Get It Now? (They were morons to start, and they're still morons)
  635. The Bell Tolls For The Dollar (Also part of the plan; it's no accident)
  636. New Orleans: Destroyed by Presidential Negligence (Deliberate)
  637. Bodies found piled in freezer at Convention Center
  638. U.S. agency blocks photos of New Orleans dead
  639. Bacteria and Disease Running Rampant Through New Orleans
  640. Refugees from New Orleans behind barbed wire in Utah (BushAmerikan way)
  641. I just got back from a FEMA Detainment Camp
  642. Storm Survivors Told to 'Expose Themselves'
  643. Frustrated: Fire crews to hand out fliers for FEMA
  644. Governor not told of Bush's latest visit
  645. Cheney called in as Bush says he will lead his own inquiry into Katrina (ROTFLMAO)
  646. Clinton Legislation to Restore Independence to FEMA (Hillary, the bought and sold bitch)
  647. Halliburton Stock Reaches All-Time High In Mid-Day Trading
  648. Halliburton Subsidiary Gets Katrina Repair Contracts
  649. Venezuela's Citgo sets up hurricane relief centers
  650. Clarke confronts judges on terror law
  651. Report: Armstrong Williams Not the Only DOE-Paid Pundit
  652. Prison population in Britain reaches record levels
  653. Chinese government preparing for greater social unrest
  654. William Rehnquist (1924-2005): Key figure in Washington's rightward trajectory dies at 80(not near soon enough)
  655. Eyewitness to the New Orleans disaster: report from a WSWS reader
  656. Hurricane Katrina disaster shows the failure of the profit system
  657. Why Rehnquist Doesn't Deserve to be Buried on US Soil
  658. Edward Said vs. Orwell and Hitchens: "It's Racism at the Bottom"
  659. Thank God There's No One to Bomb in Retaliation (But there is)
  660. Hell No We Ain't Alright
  661. Trapped in New Orleans: First By Floods, Then By Martial Law
  662. Katrina: State (make that *species*) Failure and Human Solidarity
  663. Our Birmingham: Did Katrina Blow Off the White Sheets of American Racism?
  664. Israel blames Katrina on US support of Gaza pullout (Genetic defectives)
  665. Former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury on New Orleans: "Americans Are Being Brainwashed". Mentality is "like that of Brown Shirts who followed Hitler"
  666. Offers of Aid Immediate, but U.S. Approval Delayed for Days (Scenario of national annihilation)
  667. FEMA Chief Waited Until After Storm Hit (Scenario of national annihilation)
  668. FEMA Wants No Photos of Dead (Scenario needs lying about)
  669. Some lawmakers question Bush's inquiry plan (What to do with a mentally defective government?)
  670. The disaster at FEMA
  671. Emergency Agency Called A Disaster
  672. Governor Bush defends FEMA response (But, of *course* he does, dear!)
  673. FEMA director waited to seek Homeland help
  674. EPA: Contaminated Flood Waters Dangerous
  675. Poisoned water threatens thousands
  676. CDC says 5 die from bacteria after Katrina
  677. Carnival gets $236M from FEMA (What! Where's Halliburton in this?)
  678. Border "crisis" targets immigrants State of emergency declared in Arizona and New Mexico
  679. The crisis of the Lula government: the end of an era in Brazil
  680. German elections: Conservative opposition meets in Dortmund A repulsive and reactionary spectacle
  681. Astrodome refugees report hellish conditions in New Orleans
  682. After New Orleans disaster: human misery and the profit principle
  683. As Katrina's toll emerges US ruling elite rejects policy shift to confront disaster
  684. Charmaine Neville: How We Survived the Flood
  685. Kevin Zeese: Kucinich Speaks "Democratic Leadership Needs to Get Out of the Way"
  686. Commander-in-Zilch Fails New Orleans
  687. Gary Leupp: the Prachanda Path Towards Urban Insurrection (which is exactly what is needed)
  688. Idiot Wind: Haley Barbour, Katrina and Hiroshima
  689. Clueless in Crawford; Witless in Washington
  690. Cassandra, Apollo and the Red Queen
  691. The Rich and the Dead
  692. Chris Floyd: No Direction Home
  693. Werther: Victor Davis Hanson, Bard of the Booboisie
  694. Residents of New Orleans zoo emerge from Katrina
  695. Charges of Fraud Mar Egyptian Election (Welcome to the club)
  696. Brits driving Austrians bonkers over rude village name
  697. U.S. Rejects Iranian Offer to Send Oil (and any other offer)
  698. Former Head of Gaza Security Shot Dead
  699. Iraq leader says Saddam "confesses" to killings
  700. Bush Seeks As Much As $50B in Katrina Aid (for cor[agov terrorists like Halliburton)
  701. Ford, Toyota recall trucks, SUVs (OOoops)
  702. Analysis: No surprise as Mubarak wins (Just like Nazi Amerika)
  703. Annan shoulders Iraq oil-for-food rap (Wrongly, of course)
  704. Top Gaza figure assassinated (um - by whom - really?)
  705. UN delivers world poverty warning (but, against the long term plan of world economic destruction?)
  706. Chief Justice Remembered for His Intellect and Zest for Life (and exceedingly disturbed mind?)
  707. US Offers Katrina Survivors $2,000 Each (To shut up? - and that's all?!!)
  708. 2 Airlines Race Against Bankruptcy (and they've both always been excrement)
  709. Blair drums up UN support for anti-terror move (Blair *being* a primary terrorist ...)
  710. Rehnquist lies in repose (should have been several deacades ago to save the lives actually worth saving: good riddence to bad rubbish)
  711. Alleged would-be Bush assassin indicted (Oh, stuffit!)
  712. Georgian man charged in US for trying to kill Bush (He was just pissed, like the rest of the world) On the same grounds, the entire US corpagov which murders thousands every day should spend remainder of their lives in a pain amplifier, listening to each others' screams of agony.
  713. Chertoff's wife Meryl worked for FEMA
  714. Republicans block efforts to amend relief bill, hold vote without providing copy of bill
  715. Bush uses Firemen as props for a photo op.
  716. Haunted by Hesitation - Maureen Dowd
  717. The disaster at FEMA
  718. Emergency Agency Called A Disaster
  719. FEMA packed with W's pals
  720. U.S. Military Smuggled Vacationers Out of Superdome Under Cover of Darkness
  721. Macabre Reminder: The Corpse on Union Street
  722. Six evacuee deaths reported
  723. Media groups say FEMA censors search for bodies
  724. Hurricane evacuee arrested in Atlanta for panhandling
  725. Customs Tells Workers to Stop Helping FEMA
  726. libXxf86vm.so.1 (needed for openglean)
  727. Katrina: an unnatural disaster
  728. Chertoff Draws Fire on Briefing
  729. America the Betrayer (Redefining unmitigated gall)
  730. KATRINA TIMELINE: What did Bush know and when did he know it?
  731. FEMA's Blocking Relief Efforts - An Amazing List
  733. Listening to Your Neighbors Die
  734. FEMA Made 1,000 Firefighters Take 'Sexual Harrassment' Class While New Orleans Drowned
  735. Bush's Second Gulf Disaster
  736. The Israeli government and military receive $15,139,178* from the U.S. every day
  737. WSJ: White rich elude Orleans chaos, don't want poor blacks back
  738. Bush orders FEMA to protect Upsidedownland
  739. Two Bush 2000 Florida recount aides were rewarded with top FEMA posts
  740. Canadians beat U.S. Army to New Orleans suburb
  741. San Diego hospital closed to accommodate Bush visit; No chemo
  742. UofL student's Web posting brings out Secret Service
  743. The New Katrina Express Debit Card: It's Everywhere You Don't Want To Be
  744. Minister: Bush must be 'shot down' (Insanity spreads to Germany)
  745. Court Says Lying in Political Ads is OK (LOL)
  746. Storm's Devastation Fans Antiwar Flame
  747. The Black Commentator - Think Piece: Blasphemy About New Orleans - Issue 149 - September 8 2005
  748. Memos Show Oil Companies Closed Refineries To Hike Profits (Courts will say that's OK too)
  749. Daily Kos: UPDATE 8: "Go Fuck Yourself, Mr. Cheney!" - Daily Show has it!
  750. Euro Rises on Signs Germany's Economic Growth Is Picking Up
  751. Barbara Bush: It's Good Enough for the Poor
  752. The Gaelic Starover: No, this ain&#-11;&#-11;t football!
  753. I just got back from a FEMA Detainment Camp
  754. Katrina: Astrodome Lockdown Report From Blogger Volunteer
  755. No Paper Trail Left Behind: The Theft of the 2004 Presidential Election
  756. Is FEMA Ready For Bay Area Earthquake?
  757. Locals - Loose Barge Broke The New Orleans Levee
  758. The Wall That Israel's Getting Vs. The Wall That New Orleans Didn't
  759. New Orleans Begins Confiscating Firearms as Water Recedes (Occupation of US by illegal government)
  760. Space station dumps ton of trash into Pacific
  761. U.S. Censoring Katrina Coverage, Groups Say
  762. Former FEMA Chief Is at Work on Gulf Coast
  763. Former FEMA head and Halliburton lobbyist visits Louisiana for deals
  764. New Orleans becomes a war zone
  765. White House Considered Invoking Insurrection Act (US martial law to follow)
  766. New York City police continue arrests of bicyclists
  767. Report documents runaway American CEO pay and war profiteering
  768. British media fears political consequences of Hurricane Katrina
  769. Bush administration snubs Cuban hurricane relief offer (expected)
  770. The politics of the "blame game" Bush rejects responsibility in Hurricane Katrina disaster
  771. Relative of 9/11 victim: "The Bush administration is only concerned with empire, oil and corporate profits"
  772. Is the US military preparing another massacre in Tal Afar?
  773. New Orleans becomes a war zone A dress rehearsal for martial law?
  774. Rehnquist: the Chief Injustice
  775. John Chuckman: Lessons from Hell
  776. Ukraine's president sacks squabbling government
  777. Doctors disagree on death of Arafat (Untraceable poisons have been used by governments for 50 years - at least)
  778. House approves $51.8 billion relief for Katrina (Only corpas will benefit)
  779. Rolling Stone prints Hunter's suicide note
  780. Human Brain Still Evolving (or in some cases devolving)
  781. Stress May Reduce Women's Risk of Breast Cancer (Brain transplant may reduce some scientists' stupidity)
  782. Schr&#-11;&#-11;der pipeline deal angers Poles
  783. Fire Forces Evacuation of Penn Station (it's unmaintained infrastructure, stupid)
  784. Bush's response to disaster all too typical
  785. US runs out of reconstruction money in Iraq (Halliburton will buy Iraq?)
  786. Bush suspends minimum wage (Only thing unsuspended is his mouth)
  787. Searching for failure? Try George W. Bush
  788. More shameless Bush propaganda
  789. A Time for Action - by Justin Raimondo
  790. UN raises alarm on death squads and torture in Iraq
  791. Military Occupation in America and the Prospects for Liberty
  792. Where is media outrage over purported government attempts to restrict Katrina coverage?
  793. Comparison: USA v. USSR: Is the federal government poised for a Soviet-style collapse?(sooner the better - "first kill all the politicians")
  794. Wife Says Criticism of Bush 'Disgusting' (Entire family is subhuman droolers)
  795. New plan aims to improve U.S. image (and speaking of subhuman droolers)
  796. Paying the Price for Katrina and Americas Shadow Government
  797. Tight Constraints on Pentagon's Freedom Walk (Enough to kill it?)
  798. Katrina Head-scratchers (No head scratching if you understand the obvious reality)
  799. Top Politicians, Economists, Other Leaders State 9/11 Possibly an Inside Job (Only "possibly"?! How about "obviously"?)
  800. La. lawmaker rebukes federal disaster response (A lot of good that will do)
  801. The Judy File: Is Miller Getting Ready to Sing?
  802. Hiding Bodies Won't Hide the Truth
  803. Cash donations sought for hurricane victims
  804. Eight Big Lies About Katrina
  805. US court upholds enemy combatant's detention (finally and formally making all citizens and noncitizens in US enemies of US, also making US corpagov the enemy of all)
  806. UN hits back at US in report saying parts of America are as poor as Third World
  807. Bush To Lead Investigation of Bush (whoppersville is coming, but Jon Stewart is much funnier)
  808. Have You No Shame?
  809. Congressman: Hurricane 'finally cleaned out public housing in New Orleans'(More subhuman droolers)
  810. Philly radio host calls hurricane survivors "scumbags" (permanent psychological transference)
  811. Flood survivors cuffed as evacuation begins
  812. Cindy Sheehan-ing Katrina
  813. Crude oil supplies overwhelm refineries
  814. Iraq rebuilding under threat as US runs out of money
  815. Heavy Spin Control Continues -
  816. FEMA director Brown relieved of hurricane responsibilities (and still being paid?)
  817. Walkout over 'terrorist UK' speech (being true and accurate)
  818. Impeaching Bush is every Americans business! (So is jailing the entire congress)
  819. Dubya vows to get to the bottom of of what went wrong on Katrina (LMAO)
  820. Keeping a secure Israel on Congress's agend
  821. FEMA Nixes Grassroots Radio Station for Hurricane Evacuees
  822. Summary: Bush Administration Negligence in New Orleans
  823. Police made their storm misery worse
  824. Physician who told off Cheney lost his home in Katrina, arrested by Cheney's M-16-Carrying Goons
  825. DeLay's state PAC indicted
  826. Should Congress Investigate the Bush Administration's Iraq War Lies? (Entire corpagov should be locked up for life in Abu Ghraib)
  827. Inside FEMA: Leaders Lacking Disaster Experience (Politicos have no brains to start with)
  828. A select few get FEMA debit cards
  829. Police trapped survivors in New Orleans
  830. Police trapped survivors in New Orleans
  831. Gulf War III: Why is Blackwater USA patrolling New Orleans with M-16s?
  832. The Great New Orleans Land Grab
  833. Poor turnout as Mubarak wins fifth term as president
  834. Egypt's Opposition Sees Democracy Hope (Illusions Inc.)
  835. Ukraine's Ex-PM to Join the Opposition
  836. Former PM not to back Yushchenko
  837. US senator calls for Annan's resignation (The repto repug who supplanted murdered Wellstone)
  838. Beseiged FEMA head removed from Katrina relief (As if this cosmetic BS means something)
  839. Why Not Scalia (His Opus Dei, Santanic Majesty?)
  840. Local relief pouring into hurricane-ravaged region (Corpagov likely to assassinate them)
  841. UK security firm shuts airport over payment row (Ah - corpagov obviousness)
  842. Legal answers for New Orleans residents
  843. Right-To-Petition Case Decided (i.e., the corpagov is utterly invalid)
  844. Insurers may be Katrina's next victims as credit ratings slide (Insurers are racketeers, murderers, guilty of every definable crime, but are *never* victims)
  845. Capitol Hill Blue: A Very, Very Good Idea (No Repug hypocrisy is ever enough)
  846. DeLay to evacuees: 'Is this kind of fun?' (Sickest of the sick)
  847. Cronyism Kills
  848. The Blame Game
  849. New Orleans Begins Confiscating Firearms as Water Recedes
  850. Judge supports CNN request to cover Katrina's toll
  851. Would losing some civil liberties be a price worth paying for greater security? (An inoperative and perfectly stupid question. Ans: *NEVER*!)
  852. Amtrack and Greyhound: Refused Transportation Services for New Orleans-area
  853. Quiet Port Wants Back In Business
  854. A Look at the Refugee Situation Around the Country
  855. Tal Afar Residents Send Out SOS
  856. Powell regrets Iraq invasion speech (Colin, drop dead.)
  857. Defeating terror may mean giving up rights, MI5 warns (or giving up criminal governments?)
  858. Power to the victims of New Orleans
  859. Federal judge hesitant to release Abu Ghraib photos
  860. US warplane bombs home, killing a family of seven in al-Qaim. Man, wife, 2 girls, 2 elderly wome
  861. THE NEWSROOM: EXCLUSIVE!!! FEMA Chief Brown Paid Millions in False Claims to Help Bush Win Fla. Votes in '04
  862. Bush 'damage control' can't gloss travesty
  863. George W. Bush Still Rocks! / Stop criticizing! The rich man's CEO president is executing his job requirements perfectly- Morford
  864. Not Just a Bunch of Morons -- Outright Liars, Too
  865. What Kind of Extremist Will You Be? by Cindy Sheehan
  866. Iraq hurt Katrina response, general says (No, US corpagov did)
  867. Iraqi Red Crescent doctor: US used poisoned gas, chemical bombs against Resistance in Tall Afar
  869. Israel continues to flout US-backed peace plan to freeze expansion (This was somehow unexpected?!)
  870. Firms with Bush ties snag Katrina deals (Surprise!)
  871. German Plane With Katrina Aid Turned Back
  872. After Katrina fiasco, time for Bush to go (to jail until he dies?)
  873. Sun Unleashes 5 Major Flares, Earth May Soon Get Pounded (Even the sun is fed up with US corpagov?)
  874. CIA Analysis of the 1967 Arab-Israeli War (Verifiable history, and no surprise)
  875. UT peace display vandalized
  876. Feds approve plan to store waste on reservation
  878. When the Neo-Conservatives came into power...
  879. Former Malaysian PM calls Britain 'state terrorist' (which it has been for well over 150 years)
  880. Anti-Terror Strategy in Doubt on 9/11 Anniversary
  881. Bush Still Trying to Cut Funding for Agencies That Deal With Hurricanes
  882. ASPARTAME (revisted)
  883. United Flight 93 Secondary Debris Field
  884. People sense president's soulless sensibility (Soulessness is not obvious to the souless)
  885. Senator Will Not Ask Roberts to Take a Stand on Abortion
  886. Texas Fires Lawyer After Story on Rove
  887. 9/11: Cold Case (Proof beyond reasonable doubt is already available)
  888. Military exchanges want a piece of the lottery pie
  889. Soldier Not Killed in Action; Kin Not Told
  890. US activist arrested after visa revoked (Australia)
  891. Court upholds indefinite jail with no charge
  892. MI5 head warns of liberties trade-off to fight terror
  893. Neigh to Cronies
  894. Let the People Rebuild New Orleans
  895. Insurers balk at paying out to 1 million Katrina flood victims (Insurers*always* balk at and refuse to pay)
  896. Police in Suburbs Blocked Evacuees, Witnesses Report
  897. 'Racist' police blocked bridge and forced evacuees back at gunpoint
  898. FBI opens secret files to check evacuees
  899. Firms with Bush ties snag Katrina deals
  900. Cover-up: toxic waters 'will make New Orleans unsafe for a decade'
  901. Mississippi guardsmen in Iraq refused leave time
  902. "War on terror" diverted US resources from disaster prevention: experts
  903. Pentagon document would alter nuclear weapons plan
  904. Pentagon Revises Nuclear Plan
  905. German government to privatize air traffic control (Mistake)
  906. World Bank President Wolfowitz pledges $9 billion in loans to India (Wisdom would refuse them)
  907. EU states downplay risk as bird flu spreads toward Western Europe (Ostrich flu?)
  908. Tory leadership challenger Ken Clarke lambasts Blair on Iraq and democratic rights(Better he should spank the little jerk's bottom on BBC)
  909. Israel: Gaza pullout paves way for further West Bank land grab (But, of course)
  910. Laura Bush takes umbrage: racism and the Republican Party (She actuall takes the cake, quite literally)
  911. New Orleans: the specter of military dictatorship (Everything has to start someplace)
  912. Dr. Susan Block: Katrina Speaks! (and says the sooth)
  913. The Posada Case: When Injustice is Justice
  914. War Pays: Douglas Feith's Platinum Parachute
  915. Confederacy of Dunces: Why FEMA Failed (Um - because it was supposed to?)
  916. William A. Cook: From New Orleans to Palestine
  917. Israeli Cabinet Votes to End Military Rule of Gaza - and continue genocide in the West Bank
  918. All eyes on Gaza's fragile future (as well they should be)
  919. US-led forces continue offensive against insurgents in Tal Afar (They want US terrorists out of their country - is this difficult to understand?)
  920. Iraqi troops sweep though Tal Afar (Murdering everyone in sight)
  921. Iraqi US forces begin house to house search in Tel Afar (To commit murder and mayhem - the theft is already done)
  922. Despite its flaws, Egyptian election offers some hope (Either it's honest, or it's US style)
  923. Haaretz - Israel News - Israel urges Ukraine to ban anti-Semite from parliamentary bid(Arrogance and stupidity in one efficient package)
  924. Haaretz - Israel News - Saudi Arabia will not enforce aspects of anti-Israel boycott(Infant throwing trantrum as usual)
  925. Bush the war flop
  926. 25 Mind-Numbingly Stupid Quotes About Hurricane Katrina And Its Aftermath(by guess which people?)
  927. 9/11 and Manipulation of the USA
  928. A Pilot Remembers (It is difficult to stalk and capture phantoms made ofthin air - or maybe even fat air)
  929. Israel General Decides not to land in UK for fear of arrest for war crimes(So he's not completely stupid)
  930. New Orleans | Patients put down (i.e., Physicians murder patients)
  931. Military recruiting of Katrina victims at Astrodome
  932. Yesterday it was announced that the US Air Force would begin spraying New Orleans for mosquitos today, Sunday 9/11/2005
  933. New US rules for first nuclear strike
  934. 'Al Qaeda' tape threatens LA and Melbourne (created by CIAMI56MOSSAD In.)
  935. Australia arrests US citizen for protesting Halliburton (and therefore being a "national security threat" to the international corpagov that is running the show)
  936. Fuel crisis: drivers face rationing (UK - coming soon to USUK)
  937. Wider Powers for U.S. Forces in Disasters Are Under Review (*ALWAYS* wider, greater and more vicious powers, until ...)
  938. Israel must decide whether to pursue U.S. aid in light of Katrina (One small political gesture will not mitigated decades of its atrocities and war crimes)
  939. FEMA mortuary move irritates volunteer
  940. Santorum criticizes Weather Service (Inspiration for the coming revolution)
  941. Japan PM Koizumi gets big reform mandate-now what? (Uh-ooh Um - Diebold rides again?)
  942. Al-Qaeda [Al-MOSSADA] video threatens Australia
  943. More than 150 insurgents [Freedom Fighters] killed in Tal Afar
  944. Brown blames OPEC for fuel price rises (Brain Death)
  945. Mubarak opponents take to streets, allege rigging
  946. Schroeder rides tailwind as German race tightens
  947. Mercenaries guard homes of the rich in New Orleans
  948. Hurricane Reality vs. Right-Wing Ideology
  949. WMD threat [fiction] could spark American nuclear strike (That's US corpagov intent anyhow)
  950. New York plans 9/11 observance (Some knowledge would be good)
  951. Australia to study video threatening attack (Will al-CIAda attack?!)
  952. Roberts Hearing a Test for Senate Democrats (corpagov, all bought and sold)
  953. New Orleans: The Real Costs of a Culture of Greed
  954. Ditch Holocaust day, advisers urge Blair
  955. Tape just a stunt, says expert (Yeah - a CIA stunt)
  956. EPA Scientists, Workers Call for End to Water Fluoridation Due to Cancer Risk
  957. US bars Cuba from attending New York conference
  958. Activists hold protests, question details of 9/11
  959. A Shameful Proclamation (by shameful excuse for illegal president)
  960. Rep McKinney Special Order Censored???
  961. Earwitness tells ABC explosives blew Industrial Canal levee
  962. Embattled FEMA Director Mike Brown Resigns (Now, for the rest of the corpagov)
  963. Bush picks Paulison as acting FEMA head
  964. Major power outage in part of Los Angeles
  965. High oil prices undermine Indonesian government
  966. Australian government unveils legal framework for police state (Perfectly expected)
  967. Bush suspends Davis-Bacon Act Wage-cutting and profit-gouging in the midst of the Katrina disaster(The essence of Team Bushit)
  968. Hurricane Katrina and the meaning of September 11 (Perpetration is not "unpreparedness")
  969. Paul Craig Roberts: Power Grab in New Orleans
  970. Carol Norris: Let Them Eat Toxins (Just another level of the long term systematic destruction)
  971. Rep. Cynthia McKinney: a Few Thoughts on the State of Our Nation
  972. Padilla and the Death of Personal Liberty
  973. Bill Simpich: Confronting Nancy Pelosi (Another bought weaselbitch)
  974. How Michael Brown Helped Bush Win Florida
  975. Tears of Rage in New Orleans
  976. FEMA Ice Truck Convoy Sent on Twisting, Weeklong Route to Hurricane Storage Depot (deliberate, not incomptent)
  977. Evacuee Dies In Muskogee Hospital After 30 Hour Bus Trip to Camp Gruber
  978. 45 Bodies Are Found in a New Orleans Hospital (deliberate)
  979. Bodies Found at New Orleans Hospital (deliberate murder)
  980. Peace activist may be black-listed (Australian-USUK Nazi totalitarianism)
  981. U.S. Envoy: Syria a Terrorist Hub for Iraq (USUKAU: global terrorist)
  982. US warns Syria that 'our patience is running out' (World warns USUKAU,our patience in ended)
  983. Army Expects to Miss Goals for Recruiting (Fuck Army)
  984. More than a year later, Army admits GI died in accident (Now incompetence - and lying corpagov fux to cover it)
  985. Iraq constitution faces new delay (A farce from beginning to end)
  986. Huge crackdown [murder] in Iraq
  987. $100 000 bounty on Iraqi PM (US corpaBS)
  988. US denies poison gas accusation by al Qaeda in Iraq (So, you now know damn well it's true)
  989. Eleven Children Found Caged in Ohio Home (A *very* SICK nation)
  990. FDA Was Aware of Short Circuit in Heart (FDA is a corpagov instrument ofmurder, period)
  991. Sound the alert on device defects
  992. FDA may withhold public information (May? It is a lying instrument of death)
  993. Rift over plans for Nato to tackle Afghan heroin trade (CIA want to make money)
  994. How the US wants the United Nations to reform (To condone US as global Nazi Bully and Genocidalist)
  995. Study: Vitamin C May Fight Cancer (and next week it will cause cancer)
  996. Third night of Belfast riots as loyalists test ceasefire
  997. Europeans Oppose US Plan for NATO in Afghanistan (will be coerced anyhow)
  998. 'People making decisions hesitated' (Forgot what a class 5 hurricane was- or its existence - where it was headed?)
  999. Heavy drinking on holiday may increase risk of a stroke (So does gettingirritated at truly stupid articles)
  1000. Bush Vows to Support Iraq's New Democracy (No that's scary)
  1001. Bush takes responsibility for Katrina blunders (Like he's going to pay?!)
  1002. Study: U.S. Losing Ground in Education (?? It was down the toilet decades ago)
  1003. WHAT'S LEFT? - Palast (READ)
  1004. Mystery surrounds floodwall breaches (Barge?)
  1005. America Is Bankrupt (Yes -- um - has been for years now; the body is rotting and smells)
  1006. Love Canal-type landfill submerged in New Orleans floodwaters
  1007. A War Over Meaning
  1008. Petrol panic begins to spread as oil prices rise
  1009. Bush Takes Responsibility for Blunders (When does he pay out of pocket?)
  1010. Anti-terror police told to target Asians
  1011. Cytations: Why Do Israelis Keep Posing as Arab Terrorists?
  1012. As bodies recovered, reporters are told 'no photos, no stories'
  1013. UK Filmmaker James Miller, Shot Dead by Israeli army, Wins 3 Posthumous Emmies
  1014. The Raw Story | FEMA, La. outsource Katrina body count to firm implicated in body-dumping scandals(Isn't this just the Amerikan way?)
  1015. One Million Reason to End The War in Iraq
  1016. Revised Sept. 11 commission report adds classified (and cherry-picked ) information
  1017. United for Peace : Saturday, September 24 Massive March, Rally & Festival
  1018. Bush, Iraqi leader: No pullout timetable (Never was, and never will be)
  1019. The Storm That Ate The GOP / Who will pity the soulless Republican Party now that Katrina is mauling their regime?
  1020. George Galloway MP: Elements Within Government Using Terror Provocation Tactics
  1021. Drowned in the Following Sea. (Well - yes)
  1022. Bush says Iran has right to civilian nuclear program (Babblebush)
  1023. Bush: 'We Will Not Waver' On Iraq (Stupid is forever; like it or lump it)
  1024. The Jews of Iraq
  1025. U.S. colonel says bin Laden ill (Is death an illness?!)
  1026. Ivanov: US to use nuclear weapons against suspected Qaeda bases (Only the suspected ones?)
  1027. Al-Qaeda threat appears authentic, says Govt (LMAO! Morons or Liars?)
  1028. The Israeli diskette, a memory erased (More truth of the convenient present second)
  1029. The Day Hell Froze Over
  1030. Police forcibly tackling elderly, confiscating firearms and dragging them out of their homes
  1031. Memory's Revenge
  1032. ABC News: Amid Katrina Chaos, Congressman Used National Guard to Visit Home
  1033. Chertoff delayed federal response, memo shows
  1034. U.S. schooling falls back in global ratings (Been headed down hill for over a century)
  1035. U.S. Deploys Slide Show to Press Case Against Iran (Like Colon Power's UN show of smoke an mirrors)
  1036. End of the Bush Era (Doesm't matter: their damage will last centuries)
  1037. Bracks voices concern over activist
  1038. Court upholds extradition of bombing suspect
  1039. 'Hundreds' may pose terror threat, says Clarke (There are more than hundreds in UK corpagov)
  1040. UK shoot-to-kill policy defended (So, who are the terrorists?)
  1041. British soldiers 'beat Iraqi taxi driver' (Who are the terrorists?)
  1042. Imprisonments anger Iraqis (Who are the terrorists?)
  1043. Wave of violence kills at least 92 in Baghdad ("A wave of violence"? A large fart perhaps?)
  1044. Gunmen round up and kill locals (Gunmen are Negroponte death squads)
  1045. What's FEMA's Crisis Plan For Indian Point? (Um - nothing?)
  1046. Space age plan to tame might of hurricanes (It's called HAARP - and it is a weapon of war)
  1047. The Whole World Is Watching
  1048. The Raw Story | Investigation finds Red Cross agreed to withhold Orleans aid, operates in tandem with Homeland Security(Ciminal orgs together)
  1049. Official Vows Investigation of No-Bid Relief Contracts ("official investigation" - oh how very reasuring!)
  1050. U.S. Lacks Unified Emergency Radio System (But does have several levels of mafia and GESTAPO)
  1051. Palestinian refugees donate 10,000 dollars to Katrina victims (Compassion for a psychopathic nation)
  1052. Katrina Displaces Thousands With HIV (who will now be persecuted by GOP)
  1053. Speed of Katrina body recovery ripped
  1054. Homicide charges filed in hurricane deaths (Criminality of government ignored - again, and yet)
  1055. Three FEMA contractors arrested for looting in Plaquemines Parish
  1056. Overkill: Feared Blackwater Mercenaries Deploy in New Orleans
  1057. Evacuees' stories are moving, but fence isn't (not say what they see and know)
  1058. Bush says he may need more power in disasters (With a straight face?!)
  1059. Power crews diverted, restoring pipeline came first
  1060. Senate Roll Call on Mercury Resolution (Figure it out)
  1061. U.S. Senate Upholds EPA's Power-Plant Mercury Rule (Who are the terrorists?)
  1062. Judge rules Pledge of Allegiance unconstitutional in public schools
  1063. States 'not run by people's will' (Maybe "the people" are just all stupid?)
  1064. Chavez Extends Oil Trade Deal to Caribbean
  1065. Britain now faces its own blowback (and will again and also lie its way through)
  1066. 9-Bombs, gunmen kill over 150 in Baghdad (More US death squads?)
  1067. A Fatal Incuriosity (Maureen Dowd)
  1068. KRT Wire | 09/09/2005 | Coiled razor wire separates people, beach areas
  1069. La. to pay Kenyon $119,000 a day for body recovery
  1070. Australian government to deport American antiwar activist
  1071. British MP Michael Meacher suggests Security Services are shielding July 7 bomb plotters(Because, who are the terrorists?)
  1072. The lessons of the July 7 London bombings and the state murder of Jean Charles de Menezes(Who are the terrorists?)
  1073. Hurricane Katrina evacuees in Michigan: "They ordered the evacuation, but there were no buses, nothing"
  1074. New Orleans and poverty: a damning admission from the New York Times
  1075. Forty-five bodies recovered at New Orleans hospital
  1076. The exploitation of Hurricane Katrina: remaking New Orleans for the rich (Who are the terrorists?)
  1077. The WJS's Flawed War on the Minimum Wage (Who?)
  1078. Iraqis to Bush: Where Did All Our Money Go? (The camel ate it?!)
  1079. Gary Leupp: Managing Perceptions of Presidential Ignorance
  1080. Telegraph | News | Jews and Freemasons controlled war on Iraq, says No 10 adviser
  1081. Guardian Unlimited | Special reports | The beauty products from the skin of executed Chinese prisoners
  1082. Tristram Hunt: How Britain helps China destroy Tibet
  1083. George Monbiot: It was claimed that the internet and satellite TV would topple dictators
  1084. Israel slams general arrest bid
  1085. Mahathir calls US, UK terrorist nations (The truth is rarely pleasant)
  1086. Freedom of Speech on Trial in France
  1087. Meanwhile, back on the road with Cindy
  1088. Baghdad: The bloodiest day (Busy day for Negroponte and Mossad)
  1089. US jobless claims at 10-year high
  1090. GOP lawmaker on Social Security reform: 'It's Over'
  1091. Sharon: Palestinians must show their desire for peace (Sharonpig almost as crazy as Bushit)
  1092. Supposed 'Dirty Bomb' Was Like Lead, says FAS' Oelrich
  1093. U.S. law professor proposes assassinating more suspected terrorists (Wacko Nation)
  1094. Mice Infected With Bubonic Plague Missing (Maybe they know where the missing: money, anthrax, nukes and reason for corpagov's existence went)
  1095. Mice infected with deadly plague are missing in N.J.
  1096. Senate Kills Bid for Katrina Commission (How obvious is obvious?)
  1097. Karl Rove in charge of $200 billion post-Katrina reconstruction effort (Our very own living plague: KR)
  1098. Gov't Credit Cards for Katrina Draw Fire
  1099. Report: Ex-FEMA director blames La.
  1100. Ex-FEMA Chief Tells of Frustration and Chaos
  1101. Chicago biggest city yet to call for bringing troops home
  1102. 'Has the place blown up?' (Bushit, the would be comedian)
  1103. Mystery surrounds floodwall breaches
  1104. Israeli soldiers reveal official "shoot to kill" policy towards Palestinian civilians(Oh, everyone's picking on Israel's little genocide again.)
  1105. Germany expands army presence in Afghanistan
  1106. Koizumi's "landslide" win in Japan's election (i.e., The Fall of Japan)
  1107. Britain: police chief insists "shoot-to-kill" policy remains in force (So, shoot to kill police chief?)
  1108. As death toll in New Orleans mounts: What is the meaning of Bush's "responsibility?"(Nothing, absolutely nothing: less than nothing)
  1109. Profit system, not nature, main obstacle to rebuilding New Orleans
  1110. Delta and Northwest airlines declare bankruptcy (Wellll - it's not *real* bankrupcy - like what US corpagov is really in)
  1111. Power gone, food low, doctors focused on life
  1112. They left us all to die, says nurse (It's US Corpagov!)
  1113. Barrier in West Bank Is Legal, Israel Court Rules (There's just no end to this)
  1114. Israeli court: Okay to fence settlements
  1115. Encore Archive: Eric Yoffie, Promoting Racism in Israel
  1117. Weldon: Atta Papers Destroyed on Orders
  1118. Who's in Charge? Karl Rove!
  1119. America Has Fallen to a Jacobin Coup
  1120. U.S. leads the world in sale of military goods
  1121. U.S. Agenda on Iran Lacking Key Support
  1122. Consumer confidence plunges to two-year low (How very surprising)
  1123. Chavez Frias: Venezuela and China advance in strategic economic alliance
  1124. The cost of Bush's WMD lie
  1125. U.S. Military in Paraguay Prepares to "Spread Democracy"
  1126. Norway election winner says will pull out of Iraq
  1127. Gold at 17-year peak in Europe (unsurprising)
  1128. Chinese less keen to hold US dollars
  1129. Is Urban Moving Systems chief back in US?
  1130. Little Progress In FBI Probe of Anthrax Attacks (There's no progress like no progress we know ...)
  1131. E-mail suggests government seeking to blame groups (All corpagov actions require blaming)
  1132. Crazy loans: Is this how the boom ends? (foreclosures!)
  1133. Gallup bucks trend, has Bush approval rising ... (So, who is the lying manipulator?)
  1134. Zarqawi is dead. His name is being used by the Occupiers of Iraq to maintain power
  1135. No Bankruptcy Relief for Katrina Victims (except corpas are more equal?)
  1137. Iraqis' right to life no longer protected -Annan
  1138. US House Republicans say sticking to tax cut plans (Thieves remain thieves)
  1139. Mississippi sues 5 insurers over Katrina claims (Always the creepy, slimey "uninsurance" industry)
  1140. Virtual martial law in the Big Easy
  1141. Firms cash in on Katrina windfall
  1142. Karl Rove in charge of $200 billion post-Katrina reconstruction effort (The fox given the hens outright)
  1143. Durbin writes Justice Department on Hilton, Dem hackings
  1144. Schwarzenegger Says He'll Seek Rerigged [S]election
  1145. Judge Orders Release of Jailed Grandmother (How sweet is "democracy")
  1146. 2 Terror Suspects Ordered Kept in Solitary Confinement
  1147. Chavez Takes Bush to Task Over Iraq War
  1148. Venezuelan leader lashes at US in UN speech (Yes, it is indeed a teoororist state)
  1149. House Republicans Block Bid for CIA Leak Data (LMAO - House Repug Turds!)
  1150. Cheney Slated for Surgery to Treat Aneurysm (Could they slip in a total lobotomy as a bonus?)
  1151. Anthrax Probe Growing Cold (Because we all know where that came from)
  1152. Follow the money for the real story
  1153. Not the New Deal - Paul Krugman
  1154. Gov't Increases Medicare Premiums Again (But, of course)
  1155. 44 oil spills found in southeast Louisiana
  1156. Displaced oil workers get new homes (hovels)
  1157. FEMA under fire as delays hit Katrina recovery (Will it matter at all?)
  1158. Katrina aid from Cuba? No thanks, says U.S. (But, of course)
  1159. Doctor says FEMA ordered him to stop treating hurricane victims
  1160. Bush Calls for Broader Military Disaster Response Role (No Comment)
  1161. U.S. rejects Syrian statement, threatens "serious consequences"
  1162. Big business agenda dominates New Zealand election campaign (Corpagov)
  1163. UN Human Development Report pleads for reform as poverty and misery deepen(On schedule)
  1164. Recovering New Orleans' dead subordinated to profit and politics (Surprise!)
  1165. Bush's vision for New Orleans: a profiteer's paradise
  1166. Sacrificial Murder by Texas: Frances Newton Died for Bush's Sins
  1167. The Profit-Driven War
  1168. Aquarium hurricane dolphins wait for rescue offshore (Incarcerated and made psychologically dependent by a very sick species)
  1169. Sexism May Shorten Men's Lives (Um - killed by women?)
  1170. Health threats still a concern as residents return to New Orleans
  1171. Evidence Grows That Canada Aided in Having Terrorism Suspects Interrogated in Syria
  1172. Plan to cut number of UK troops in Iraq is scrapped
  1173. UK denies scrapping Iraq withdrawal plans
  1174. Military May Play Bigger Relief Role (to run the concentration camps)
  1175. Bush Sees 'Bright Dawn' Emerging in Gulf (Creating new avenue for further economic destruction)
  1176. Bankruptcies: The threat to your pension
  1177. Analysis: German economy expect no change
  1178. Annan defends summit; Rice urges UN revolution (But it's US revolution that is needed to avoid its complete annihilation)
  1179. UN chief warns of nuclear spread (US is doing the selling)
  1180. The Way We Live Now The New Boss (Mafia style Boss)
  1181. US airlines face long haul back to solvency (Will not happen)
  1182. Stock futures aim higher (Fraud in play. What futures?)
  1183. US stocks up; Intel, Exxon, Bush's speech help (Sick manipulative games, nothing more)
  1184. More Heart Devices Malfunction (What happened to grand US technology?)
  1185. Palestinian security forces move to seal off Egypt border (?? oo weird)
  1186. How to Identify Misinformation - US Department of State
  1187. Katrina's Victims and the Minimum Wage
  1188. From Victims to Vandals: Katrina and the Mass Media
  1189. "This is Solidarity, Not Charity": a Student Report from Louisiana
  1190. One Big Sham: New Orleans as Potemkin Village
  1191. Katrina and Poverty: the Poor Have No Lobbyists
  1192. home
  1193. Next Stop: Syria (Could be: Iran is a bigger task)
  1194. N.M. Treasurer, Ex-Treasurer Arrested (US criminal class = government)
  1195. Sharon asks S. Africa to act against Iran
  1196. U.S., Israel lobby UN against Iranian nukes
  1197. "We Don't Need To Stay On A Course That's Heading Toward A Cliff"
  1198. Iran Leader's First U.N. Speech Has a Pretty Clear Target
  1199. A Frustrating Week at the U.N. for the White House Team
  1200. Sharon fears arrest if he visits London (Bloody hell - Blair isn't arrested yet.)
  1201. The PR campaign for Brand America (Rapture!)
  1202. US conservatives round on Bush over Katrina aid pledges (But Chimpo is being conservative)
  1203. Israel's High Court says section of barrier must be rerouted
  1204. Chavez Takes Bush to Task Over Iraq War (with thunderous applause)
  1205. Bodies, Tagged and Bagged
  1206. Doctor says FEMA ordered him to stop treating hurricane victims
  1207. Electricity Turned On In New Orleans Neighborhood For Bush, Turned Off When He Left
  1208. The Fed's Wild Imagination
  1209. How Long Can The Pentagon Lie About Depleted Uranium?
  1210. ACLU releases Iraq prisoner abuse report documents
  1211. India-US nuclear bonding may hit snag over Iran
  1212. We Must Take America Back
  1213. FEMA takes many workers off 'cane duty
  1214. I want all Arabs to be stripped naked and cavity-searched if they get within 100 yards of an airport (The product of US edu system)
  1215. The Coming Depression ("depression" being a vast understatement)
  1216. Hitchens vs Galloway: The big debate (Hitchens is a sick moron, so guess the results)
  1217. Money that Congress set aside for New Orleans evacuation plan went instead studying bridge
  1219. Many Iraqis believe suicide bombings done by US to start a civil war
  1220. Republican Jewish Coalition Applauds Senator Santorum for Urging UN Response to Anti-Semitism
  1221. Casey widens gap over Santorum to 14 points
  1222. Increasing quake activity in California and Alaska (actually, it's global and has been for some time)
  1223. British MP Galloway says Canada is complicit in Iraq war
  1224. Evidence Grows That Canada Aided in Having Terrorism Suspects Interrogated in Syria
  1225. Transcript: Hugo Chavez Interview
  1226. Exceptions in new EPA rules would allow testing pesticides on children
  1227. CDC: Oral Sex Common Among US Teens (A venerable practice for *many* millennia - get with the program)
  1228. Message: I Care About the Black Folks - Frank Rich
  1229. A disturbing view from inside FEMA
  1230. Tax burden pushes families to the brink (UScorpagov wants to destroy yo;submit or rebel)
  1231. Hinchey Leads Broad Congressional Coalition Calling For Expansion Of Plame Name Leak Investigation (Hot air babblng to be forgotten overnight)
  1232. US Ambassador To Iraq Predicts US Will Go Into Syria
  1233. 'I could have saved her life but was denied permission'
  1234. Files seized in Wecht investigation (Corpgov persecution for What?
  1235. County bans parking on roads near President Bushs ranch (We know why)
  1236. BTC News &#-11;&#-11;Bush: Well do for the Gulf Coast what we did for Iraq. (Genocide is what is expected)
  1237. Residents flee Iraq's Samara city (speaking of genocide)
  1238. Blair 'relished sending British forces to war' (and killing people)
  1239. Exit Poll: Germans Oust Schroeder's Party (Oooops - a big mistake)
  1240. New twist on Iraq aid: U.S. seeks donations (The sickness trumps comedy)
  1241. Frustrated U.S. Finds Few Willing to Join Anti-Chavez Coalition (Poor, stupid USians)
  1242. Iran calls on UN to probe how Israel acquired nuclear weapons ( l know! I know!)
  1243. Why the U.S. Must Stay in Iraq (Because stupid is forever?)
  1244. Columnist Who Condoned Arab Profiling Fired for Misleading Sources (Poor stupid Jillian)
  1245. In 4-Year Anthrax Hunt, F.B.I. Finds Itself Stymied, and Sued (All s known, othing told)
  1246. Ch&#-11;&#-11;vez gets a cheer in the Bronx
  1247. Former leader says Australia a US colony (Latham)
  1248. More UK troops 'ready for Iraq'
  1249. Mugabe hits out at 'hypocritical' nations
  1250. The Danziger Bridge incidents
  1251. Bush Helps Disaster Profiteers
  1252. Cheaters get 'easy money' from FEMA
  1253. US: courts deny right to challenge Medicaid violations
  1254. Iraq's libraries: what recovery from "a national disaster beyond imagination"?
  1255. German government bans Kurdish paper and Palestinian association
  1256. British media backs Merkel in German elections, but fears instability
  1257. The New York Times and Bush's New Orleans speech
  1258. British police cancel arrest warrant against retired IDF commander (Hello?)
  1259. Osama organizing Taliban: report (fabrications against the dead)
  1261. &#-11;&#-11; Should election software be open source?
  1262. U.S. Claims Success in Iraq Despite Onslaught (Just your typical lying)
  1263. Chris Hume Reports from the Freedom Walk in Washington, DC.
  1264. Media compliment emperor's new clothes
  1265. Nagin's CNN Katrina Warning Article Predicted Levee Failure "Nagin said the
  1266. Iran War Clouds On The Harvest Moon - Rumsfeld 10-12 Is Imminent
  1267. Covering the Tracks of the Anthrax Attacks
  1268. Poll Shows Americans Want Troops Brought Home; Top Dems Ignore the Public (Bought and sold)
  1269. Police Prepare for Upcoming Anti-War Protests (Hoping to kill a few)
  1270. Pentagon makes concrete plans as priorities shift east
  1271. U.S.-Europeans plot Iran strategy
  1272. Pentagon May Have Doubts on Preemptive Nuclear Moves (Um - sure)
  1273. Straw rules out war over Teheran's nuclear plan (until next week)
  1274. Katrina Exposes Government for What It Is (What doesn't expose it?)
  1275. What has happened to Iraq's missing $1bn?
  1276. Iraqi DEFMIN charged in Billion dollar theft
  1277. 'US will support Israeli retention of some settlements'
  1278. Tons of British aid donated to help Hurricane Katrina victims to be BURNED by Americans
  1279. Israel, the Holocaust, and Anti-Semitism, by Noam Chomsky (Excerpted from Chronicles of Dissent)
  1280. The Clusterfuck Nation Chronicle
  1281. Why people still support Bush. (Congenital idiocy?)
  1282. Two Britons held in Iraq for firing at police (Just that *these* frauds were caught)
  1283. State GOP: 4,755 deceased people cast ballots in November 2004 elections(Ooops)
  1284. Iraqi police detain two British soldiers in Basra
  1285. OPEC Ministers Worry About New Storm
  1286. 'Thousands' face forced treatment (UK)
  1287. Police forcibly break up Cindy Sheehan rally
  1288. NYPD Unplugs Cindy Sheehan
  1289. Jailers 'sadistic toward Muslims'
  1290. The day that Iraqi anger exploded in the face of the British occupiers
  1291. Two British soldiers detained by Iraqi police
  1292. Iraq War Radicalized Saudis 'Almost Exclusively': Study
  1293. New Orleans health care system destroyed
  1294. The US Government Did Not Fail Its Mission In the Wake of Hurricane Katrina
  1295. Up In Flames
  1296. Reporter Working for Times Abducted and Slain in Iraq
  1297. Catholic Church steps up campaign to oust Spanish government
  1298. Northern Ireland: loyalist riots point to unresolved social and political tensions
  1299. Mubarak wins Egypt's stage-managed presidential election
  1300. Northwest and Delta executives to make millions from bankruptcies (But, of course)
  1301. Bush reassures American ruling class Tax cuts to continue, social programs to be slashed in wake of Hurricane Katrina
  1302. Travels in Palestine: Horror Story
  1303. Anti-War Mvt. in Italy: Hunger Strike Against Censorship
  1304. The Anti-War Movement Goes on Trial
  1305. Padilla and the Death of the Republic: the Power to Hold Anyone
  1306. Their Patience and Ours: Khalilzad Threatens Syria
  1307. A la 'Matrix,' vocations recruitment poster shows priest as hero (How about genocidalist?)
  1308. BREAKING: Cindy Sheehan arrested in Manhattan
  1309. Police forcibly break up Cindy Sheehan rally
  1310. Jordan denies discussing Iraq pipeline
  1311. British tanks smash Iraqi jail to free UK soldiers
  1313. Why is George W. Bush Above the Law?
  1314. UK Troops On High Alert Over Basra Crisis (They should all expect to die)
  1315. Meltdown in Basra
  1316. Former (small fry) White House official (David Safavian) arrested
  1317. UK soldiers 'storm' Basra prison
  1318. About David Safavian
  1319. The Raw Story | Beyond Abramoff: Gambling lobbyist joined with anti-gambling congressman, derailed gambling bills
  1320. Bush aide arrested on corruption charges
  1321. Iran the suspect as militias step up Basra attacks - World - Times Online(The purest of manipulative bullshit)
  1322. Extended tours of some US military units eyed in Iraq: Pentagon
  1323. Many Iraqis believe suicide bombings done by US to start a civil war (I wonder why)
  1324. Immigration Nominee's Credentials Questioned
  1325. UK Soldiers Caught Dressed As Iraqis Killing Local Police
  1326. Galloway's Frankness Invigorates, Shocks Americans
  1327. While You Were Watching Katrina ... (Chimp hanky panky)
  1328. Mother of Scottish soldier killed in Iraq to join Washington anti-war protest
  1329. Was Pentagon Tracking Mohamed Atta Just Days Before 9.11 Attack?
  1330. Sharon raised illegal campaign funds in New York
  1331. TheWGALChannel.com - News - 25-Foot Pig Greets Returning Lawmakers (It does slander all pigs)
  1332. Merkel aides admit plagiarising Reagan speech
  1333. The occupation forces are the real perpetrators of bomb attacks in Iraq? (Finally, there is understanding)
  1334. Recruits Sought for Porn Squad (of less than useless corpagov)
  1335. Emotional Rather blasts 'new journalism order' (Bombastic hypocrite)
  1336. The war on Iraq: Conceived in Israel
  1337. Uncle Sam's rich uncles overseas (Less than half of the reality - and morbid consequences)
  1338. Bush Has No Exit Plan for Iraq, Say Americans (Hello? "No Exit" *is* the Plan)
  1339. Potential Bush-CIA crisis (Just standard reptoscrapping_
  1340. History will judge Blair as a defender of Bush's agenda above Britain's (and Israel's above both?)
  1341. Pentagon Pushes to Hide 9/11 Mistakes (.i.e, lies, fabrication and treasonaous guilt)
  1342. International, domestic economists divided over US' future (Cesspool or compost?)
  1343. Shunning
  1344. Who's Blowing Up Iraq? New evidence that bombs are being planted by British
  1345. Email from arrested White House official suggests powerful congressman lied about trip
  1346. Peace Activist Sheehan Hurt at Rally
  1347. WSJ's Taranto offered no backup to his claim that Bush's poll numbers are bouncing back (Reason: he's a fucking liar)
  1348. Mental Health Bill 'to cause thousands to be detained'
  1349. Galveston County orders mandatory evacuations
  1350. Rita Strengthens Into Category 2 Hurricane
  1351. Conyers Opposes Baker/Carter Commission Report
  1352. Pope immune from sexual abuse lawsuit
  1353. Peace activist's deportation probed
  1354. Hicks terror trial given green light
  1355. Report: Hurricane tax aid does more for wealthier survivors (As if the genocidal peaking of wealth were no yet sufficient)
  1356. Halliburton serves contaminated water to troops - whistleblower
  1357. U.S. Military Deaths Top 1,900 in Iraq (Now, count ruined lives)
  1358. New Zealand election stalemate exposes deep social divisions
  1359. Afghanistan election: a mockery of democracy
  1360. New storm threat forces resumed evacuation from New Orleans
  1361. German election: a clear rejection of right-wing policies
  1362. Paul Craig Roberts: Will Neocon Fanaticism Destroy America? (It is already beyond repair)
  1363. Winslow T. Wheeler: It's Not Rocket Science (The Econ Train Wreck)
  1364. George Galloway: Et Tu, Greg Palast?
  1365. Steve Breyman: Toxic Gumbo
  1366. Nemesis of escaped Nazis dies (Party time for and evil and proven liar)
  1367. Battle Lines Behind the Battle Lines
  1368. Briefly: War critic complains after police halt rally
  1369. Fed stays the course: Hikes rates another quarter point
  1370. Schizophrenia drugs work poorly, study suggests
  1371. Iraq, Britain Feud Over Rescue Incident
  1372. Water leaks at Indian Pt. (government science => government engineering)
  1373. Ignoring the Real Obscenities (Um - all 4 branches of crapocorpagov?)
  1374. GOVERNMENT CAUGHT DESTROYING MORE INDIAN RECORDS IN VIOLATION OF COURT ORDERS (Ooops - just another little corpagov incompetence?)
  1375. Iraq myths are cruelly exposed (Your daily dose of corpagovmedia shit)
  1376. Candlelight Vigil for Fouad Kaady 6:30 PM Wednesday 9/21/2005 (Some sanity in an utterly deranged nation)
  1377. The Neo-Cons Unfettered Access to Americas Secrets (also perpetrators of 9/11)
  1378. Pentagon nixes 9/11 hearing testimony (Ooops)
  1379. Israeli firm tossed out of UK fair (for what they do - which is also what UK has been doing for centuries)
  1380. Car bomb attack kills 16 in Basra (perpetrated by UK)
  1381. Vatican denies aiding war suspect (speaking of pathological liars)
  1382. Gossip Meets the G-Men in Vast FBI Files (A nation, sicko, for a very long time)
  1383. Military Judge Bars Release of Abu Ghraib Photos (The judge should not be released)
  1384. Choreography by the Scriptures for a struts-and-bull presidency (Close to the evil truth)
  1385. Tehran six months off nuclear arms ability: Israel (Israel sucks dead syphillitic bears)
  1387. Will the Fed go too far? (It is an independent corpa. What would you think?)
  1388. Too Many Smoking Guns to Ignore: Israel, American Jews, and the War on Iraq
  1389. Angry Iraqis Denounce British 'Aggression' (Killing all the British would be more effective than denouncing)
  1390. Plamegate: The John Bolton Connection
  1391. Rita may be 'national disaster': oil CEO (UScorpagov is *the* nationl disaster)
  1392. MPs use umbrellas in parliament (US design and engineering perhaps?)
  1393. Scandal Visits the White House (Scandal? Is treason scandalous?)
  1394. Leaders (the best part of whom dribblre down their fathers' legs) firm after Basra unrest
  1395. Iraq: Is there a way out of this mess? (Yes, but a few people will not like it)
  1396. Gaza evacuees plan to move to new West Bank settlement (Wasn't this obvious?!)
  1397. The failed mission to capture Iraqi oil (but dminish access to oil, globally)
  1398. Bush insiders: 'we're sunk' (Dead would be better)
  1399. 15&#-11;&#-11; per gallon
  1400. Congress Sells America Short (because it is a criminal and racketeering operation)
  1401. Rita could equal $5 gas (Yes, and it is purly corpagov theft from moronswho know nothing and anything)
  1402. Blame God, not me! (The Bushsnot)
  1403. UK 'Undercover Soldiers' Driving Booby-Trapped Car (like the British - like Mossad - Old news and perfectly obvious)
  1404. The Forged Niger Documents
  1405. In face of killer flu threat, Bush speech was for birds (The onject is to kill people: purpose of US cropagov)
  1406. As Its Coffers Swell, Red Cross Is Criticized on Gulf Coast Response (Has *anybody* been paying attention to these long term thieves?!)
  1407. Pentagon Nixes 9/11 Hearing Testimony (The criminality has gotten boring)
  1408. Don't interfere in south Iraq: Rumsfeld to Iran (Fuck Rumsfeld)
  1409. England pleads not guilty to prisoner abuse charges (Just do likewise to her)
  1410. Embassy Aide Among 9 Americans Killed in Resistance Attacks in Iraq
  1411. UTMB virus lab, South Texas nuclear plant are ready (In the hands of imbeciles)
  1412. Category 5 Rita intensifies (Headed for W's state - looks like god is shitting on his head. Could I watch?)
  1413. Mamdouh Habib, former Guant&#-11;&#-11;namo Bay prisoner, speaks with the WSWS
  1414. British troops in pitched battle in Basra
  1415. New York City police attack Cindy Sheehan at antiwar rally
  1416. The Struts and Bull Presidency
  1417. NYPD Unplugs Cindy Sheehan
  1418. Military Recruiters: Counselers or Salesmen? (Neither: pathological, lying fucks)
  1419. Psychopaths Could Be Best Financial Traders? (Nope - politicians)
  1420. Hoaxes :: Naples blood boils at miracle's 'debunking' (Fucking asshoes are ubiquitous)
  1421. US claims growing support against Iran (US pathological liars)
  1422. Toward Freedom - U.S. Military in Paraguay Prepares to "Spread Democracy" (Ooops)
  1423. Basra and the Playing fields of Armaggeddon
  1424. Basra to stop dealing with British forces
  1425. Bush says US has solemn duty to defeat terrorists (Bush has solemn duty to destroy US)
  1426. Early Warning by William M. Arkin - washingtonpost.com
  1427. ACLU sues Homeland Security for arresting, spying on vegans who protested ham
  1428. Abramoff Probe May Threaten Leading Republicans as It Expands
  1429. The Backdoor to Military Rule in America
  1430. 'Judge Dredd' powers for police urged
  1431. The Israeli lobby and the Iraq War
  1432. Troops describe shower of petrol bombs during riot
  1433. Blaming Islamic Extremists
  1434. Save the USA &#-11;&#-11; Air Force Col: Bush, Cheney, NeoCONs TREASONous
  1435. RITA: Storm May Be the Coup de Grace for the American Economy and Many of Us As Well
  1436. Senate Clears NASA to Buy Russian Spaceships (Does this tell you something?)
  1437. Wolfowitz Sends His Gal to State Dept. To Work With Cheney's Daughter
  1438. Hurricanes shut over 20 pct US refining
  1439. Mr.Blair, an explanation, please!! - PRAVDA.Ru
  1440. LSU storm expert rejects levee failure explanation
  1441. Pentagon Pulls Draft That Discusses Pre-Emptive Use Of Nukes From Website
  1442. US jobless claims hit two year high (and getting worse)
  1443. Russia, China warn against antagonizing Iran
  1444. Entire Text of President Chavez' speech at UN General Assembly, Thursday September 15, 2005
  1445. Russia Takes Over ISS Watch as Rita Threatens U.S. Space Center
  1446. Sony to cut 10,000 jobs
  1447. FTC investigates gas price profiteering
  1448. Half of Americans Think Bush Isnt Honest (and the other half are brain dead?)
  1449. Luntz Sells PR Firm to White House Propagandists
  1450. Senator Specter's "Super-Duper" Show
  1451. Why Won't Democrats Fight? (Bought and Sold)
  1452. British Forces 'Free Jailed Servicemen' Sky News (But, are they also Mossad agents?)
  1453. Israelis caught selling torture devices at London arms fair
  1454. Carter says Gore won 2000 election
  1455. Defense Spending Is Overstated, GAO Report Says
  1456. Straw apology on Israeli arrest (LOL)
  1457. Agents Provocateurs? (Well - are oceans wet?)
  1458. FEMA Employees Lynched for Looting in New Orleans (Hmmm?)
  1459. Jewish Defense League Member [Terrorist] Sentenced
  1460. JDL Leader Earl Krugel Sentenced to 20 Years for 2001 Terrorist Plot
  1461. UN Human Rights Body to Scrutinize U.S. Abuses
  1462. Top Democrats won't attend anti-war rally in Washington (Bought and SoldOffal)
  1463. VHeadline.com - Chavez Frias ships 1,000,000 barrels of petroleum to the United States
  1464. Bible Textbook for Public Schools Planned (??!!)
  1465. Nigerian resistance fighters storm U.S.-run oil platform
  1466. Katrina Survivors Demand Right of Return
  1467. U.S. deploys warfare unit to jam enemy satellites
  1468. Poll: Fewer than half think U.S. will win in Iraq (LOL Define 'win')
  1469. General Motors slashes jobs in Australia
  1470. British government announces new attacks on civil liberties
  1471. Canadian government defends intelligence extracted through torture
  1472. What next after the German election?
  1473. Iraqis: This Government has No Authority
  1474. Robert Pollin on the Global Economy
  1475. 9-11 crash victim Barbara Olson arrested in Europe
  1476. USA Bars Robert Fisk From Entering Country (He doesn't say what he's told to say)
  1477. British prison break and blown covert operation, exposes war on terrorism lie
  1478. War Pornography
  1479. Bush Says U.S. Expects New Insurgent Violence in Iraq (in response to his orchestrated genocide?)
  1480. Bush: 'Withdrawing Our Troops Would Make the World More Dangerous' (The existence of the Bushes make the world truly dangerous)
  1481. Oil pipelines on fire in northern Iraq after attack (How's the Israeli pipeline?)
  1482. Available Light - Chris Floyd
  1483. Join The Marines - The Few, The Proud, The Psychotic
  1484. Group opposed to new gun law targets tourists
  1485. Screw U(SA)
  1486. Most Disappointing Vote for John Roberts (So much for *any* Dem politician as well)
  1487. village voice > news > Blood Wrath by Joshua Hersh (US corpagov war onpeople)
  1488. No Way Out: Many Poor Stuck in Houston
  1489. Girl arrested over Bollocks to Blair shirt
  1490. Saudis warn region is on brink of war (Desired by whom?)
  1491. Taking a screwdriver to the truth - World - Times Online (As if this were something new)
  1492. Brazil to ask WTO to impose trade sanctions on US (Lots of luck!)
  1493. Egyptian-Saudi Arabian initiative to contain US pressures on Syria (A fraud to calm their populi)
  1494. Iran says sanctions could push oil to 100 usd/barrel
  1495. Report attacks 'myth' of foreign fighters
  1496. U.S. to Extend Soldiers' Tours in Iraq
  1497. Capitol Hill Blue: Dangers of a Drunk Dubya
  1498. Bus Carrying Storm Evacuees Explodes Near Dallas
  1499. You Can't Handle the Truth - Psy-ops propaganda goes mainstream. By Sharon Weinberger
  1500. UK Police Arrest Man Under Anti-Terror Law
  1501. Terror suspect tazered in airport arrest
  1502. Man held under Mental Health Act after airport alert
  1503. War protesters tried on federal conspiracy charges in New York
  1504. Blair and Murdoch defend Bush over Hurricane Katrina (LMAO)
  1505. Democrats cave on reactionary chief justice: Senate panel rubberstamps Roberts nomination(Now, you know you have no country left)
  1506. Robert Sandels: Militarizing the Market
  1507. Frist's HCA Stock Sale Being Investigated
  1508. Facing Opposition, U.S. and E.U. Backpedal on Iran Action
  1509. Pentagon extends Iraq duty for 9,400 soldiers
  1510. Website of ex-IDF soldiers
  1511. AIPAC Givers Sought To Fund Job For Fired Top Official
  1512. The anti-Bush storm
  1513. Fisk, which papers are not in order?
  1514. Patriotic Dissent
  1515. New Reports Surface About Detainee Abuse
  1516. Major Victory For Firearms Owners And Freedom In Louisiana
  1517. FOX - 911 The Israeli Connection (Spy Scandal, 4 Part Series) for BitTorrent
  1518. Anti-War Protesters March in D.C., London
  1519. Basra warrant for two UK soldiers
  1520. Army officer reveals new allegations of detainee mistreatment in Iraq and Afghanistan
  1521. As Protestors Arrive, Bush Runs and Hides
  1522. Anti-War Protesters March in Washington
  1523. Thousands stage anti-war protest (Numbers again deliberately underestimated by media)
  1524. Iraqi judge seeks arrest of British soldiers
  1525. AIPAC and the anti-war demo
  1526. Federal generosity comes with price tag
  1527. New DHS Medical Chief Seeking Volunteers
  1528. Credit card companies can keep data ID theft secret
  1529. Bush Heads To Colorado For Military Takeover Drill
  1530. The elderly as cargo
  1531. US army plans to bulk-buy anthrax (Their "letters" worked - sort of)
  1532. Report: U.S. Image in Bad Shape (Really? Anything to do with its criminal psychopathology)
  1533. No diversion of nuclear material found in Iraq
  1534. Soldier's chilling testimony fuels demonstrations against Iraq war
  1535. ABC News: Hurricane Rita roars into US refinery row
  1536. The 'myth' of Iraq's foreign fighters
  1537. Look Who's Talking 'Constitutional'
  1538. Tom Flocco for corrected details !!
  1539. DC Traffic Cams prove CNN is "fibbing" about only 2000 people showing up forthe Peace March
  1540. San Jose Mercury News, owned by Knight Ridder, cutting 60 jobs
  1541. Yeah, CNN, that looks like only 2000 people.
  1542. Israel continues to lobby the US to remain in Iraq
  1543. CNN revises their estimate of the crowd size in DC (After the lies are exposed)
  1544. Court case may determine how evolution is taught in US
  1545. Ga. Schools to Close Two Days to Save Gas
  1546. Health Emergency Declared for Texas, La.
  1547. Bill Frist now facing two investigations
  1548. Bush Waives Saudi Sex Trade, Slavery Sanctions
  1549. Woman held in probe into Tube shooting leak
  1550. BBC refuses to hand over videotapes
  1551. Iran accuses UK of 'colonialism' over nuke row
  1552. Antiwar Fervor Fills the Streets
  1553. 'You can't wash your hands when they're covered in blood'
  1554. 'US-Iraqi attacks on rebel towns are genocide'
  1555. So what were two undercover British soldiers up to in Basra?
  1556. Scrap Basra police and start again orders MoD
  1557. Britain to pull troops from Iraq as Blair says 'don't force me out' (Send him to the tower)
  1558. Navy Secretly Contracted Jets Used by CIA
  1559. Goss Plans To Expand CIA Spying And Analysis
  1560. Bill Would Permit DNA Collection From All Those Arrested
  1561. US forced to import bullets from Israel as troops use 250,000 for every "rebel" killed
  1562. 'Bush a greater threat than bin Laden'
  1563. US airlines follow bankruptcy filings with mass layoffs
  1564. Britain: asylum detainee commits suicide
  1565. Australian voters speak of concerns and discontent
  1566. Australia: NSW by-elections another sign of political volatility
  1567. Arrest of Bush official sheds light on corruption and cronyism
  1568. Abandoning party posts after election German Green leader clears way for collaboration with the right
  1569. Hurricane Rita slams Texas and Louisiana, reflooding New Orleans
  1570. The US Military and Torture: the View of a Former Interrogator
  1571. Kirkpatrick Sale and Thomas Naylor: The Middlebury Declaration (READ)
  1572. A Gusher Called Katrina: They Fix Oil Prices, Don't They?
  1573. When Man and Nature Conspire to Expose the Lies of the Powerful
  1574. America's Shame
  1575. Stealing the Moment: How Corporations Cashed in on Katrina
  1576. Polluting Palestine: Settlements & Sewage
  1577. Israel Launches Airstrikes Against Hamas
  1578. Four killed in Israeli airstrike on Hamas
  1579. The Disconnect Between Politics and Reality
  1580. Germanys world turns upside down
  1581. Frist recieved many updates from trustee
  1582. Bush's Choice for FDA Chief to Keep Other Job
  1583. The Roberts Converts
  1584. Hurricanes aside, Bush our biggest disaster
  1585. Oil could spark WWIII
  1586. North Korea denounces U.S. nuclear policy, claims to have &#-11;&#-11;deterrent&#-11;&#-11;
  1587. Chavez nails US again
  1588. Political Affairs Magazine - ABLE DANGER: WHAT LURKS BEHIND BUSH'S STONEWALL
  1589. Blair attacks BBC for 'anti-US bias' (Board up his mouth)
  1590. A policy of absolute barbarism? (Well - it's been that way all along)
  1591. Bush plea for cash to rebuild Iraq raises $600 ("ambivalence"?!!)
  1592. Sharon orders 'no let up' on Gaza (Now think of the 2 UK soldiers in Basra)
  1593. Whistleblower arrested in UK
  1594. UK tries to spin the arrested agents provocateurs as somehow Iran's fault.
  1595. Israel Bombs School As It Continues The Gaza Slaughter (Genocide has *always* been the goal)
  1596. When Rose met Cindy: The case against the war in Iraq
  1597. Why Basra is in revolt against occupation
  1598. Armed and dangerous - Flipper the firing dolphin let loose by Katrina (US sickness at its worst)
  1599. Killtown's: Was Bush complicit with the 9/11 attacks?
  1600. We Are The Majority: Impeach Bush
  1601. Big throng marches past White House
  1602. The Nazification of America
  1603. Today in DC: Commandos in the Streets?
  1604. Police: Suburbs Dropping Homeless in L.A.
  1605. Group Lists 13 'Most Corrupt' in Congress
  1606. People flee Baghdad district amid reports of imminent major attack
  1607. Antiwar San Francisco -- Tell Nancy Pelosi She'd Better Shape Up
  1608. Defiant PM says: I'll face down Iraq protesters (Off with his head)
  1609. Anti-War Protests Gather Storm in Europe & US
  1610. Rita damages two refineries but full impact seen as modest - Sep. 25, 2005
  1611. Another Zionist Propaganda Victory (READ)
  1612. Defenders of Iraq war counter-rally (Getting sicker by the day)
  1613. Rep McKinney Censored by the US Congress? (Yes)
  1614. Abuse of Iraqi prisoners 'was sport'
  1615. Israel Kills US Troops, AIPAC Spies on Investigators
  1616. Miltary: U.S. needs plan for [creating] disasters, terror attacks
  1617. Bible Textbooks in Public schools???!!
  1618. Racism in America
  1619. 100 people show up for pro-war rally in DC
  1620. Diverse Anti-war Protests Largest in DC Since Vietnam
  1621. Israel Kills Militant Chief in Offensive
  1622. Conservatives sweep to power as Poles vote for change (and death will be consequent)
  1623. Swiss give new EU citizens work rights
  1624. China sets new Net controls
  1625. Old-style media on the defensive
  1626. Guant&#-11;&#-11;namo inmate says US told him to spy on al-Jazeera
  1627. Labor propose lock down powers (AU)
  1628. British Basra bomb bull
  1629. Bush urges larger role for military (There be totalitarian method behind the madness)
  1630. Blackwater Down (Israeli mercenaries ops in US)
  1631. The Smirking Chimp
  1632. EU says don't confuse Islam with terrrorism (while AU IL & USUK fake islamic terr'ism to create the confusion)
  1633. Covert ops to overthrow Irans gov (as they've done before)
  1634. Osama Who? Media Begins the Protect bin Laden Campaign! (ObL is CIA, andthat explains a lot)
  1635. GI Janes in Iraq DIY smutfest
  1636. US Army goes shopping for anthrax
  1637. Is LibertyForum really going to censor/delete material starting Monday (09-26-05)? - Forums powered by Reason and Principle
  1638. Haroon Aswat FBI agent threatens former USDA federal agent, now staff
  1639. Media Flounders As Antiwar Movement Grows
  1640. Police blunder after 9/11 'destroyed pilot's career'
  1641. Saudi Prince Buys Large Share of Fox News (Hmmm - very interesting LOL)
  1643. U.S. Jew arrested for alleged Sharon plot
  1644. Peaceful Assault on the Epicenter of Evil
  1645. A Hawk Who Earned His Feathers Under Clinton
  1646. Entire 101st Airborne Deploying to Iraq (Iran, Syria?)
  1647. New Analyses Bolster Central Tenets of Evolution Theory
  1648. Britons want troops out of Iraq
  1649. From St. Petersburg to London, protesters unite
  1650. 25 Arrested at Pentagon Action
  1651. 9/11 = Inside Job! Contingent at SF Anti-War Rally
  1652. US soldier convicted of Iraq abuses
  1653. Bill would give Bush $50B more for wars
  1654. FEMA Rehires Michael Brown (Ya just can't win)
  1655. Paul Craig Roberts: America is Running Out of Time
  1656. Rep. Cynthia McKinney: They Can't Fool Us Anymore
  1657. Joshua Frank: Democrats Flee Peace Protests
  1658. Assassination in Puerto Rico: the FBI Murders a Legend
  1659. Blair revelations reiterate elite occult obsession
  1660. FEMA Plans to Reimburse Faith Groups for Aid
  1661. Occupational Hazards (and since Al-CIAda is mostly Mossad)
  1662. Cindy Sheehan Won't Pay Fine For "Demonstrating Without A Permit" (Treasonous US corpagov has not yet paid for its systematic genocide either_
  1663. FBI Assassinates Puerto Rican Nationalist Leader Filiberto Ojeda Rios
  1664. Sheehan Arrested During Anti-War Protest
  1665. The impending Cakewalk in Iran (Further lies from Israeli US corpamafia)
  1666. The Image of the Jews amongst the French: Towards a Deterioration?
  1667. Katrina relief contracts come under investigation (But the entire US corpagov is an utter fraud)
  1668. OPEN LETTER TO KANSAS SCHOOL BOARD (Multiple theories of "Intelligent Design" - Amen)
  1669. If it's freedom and success 'they' hate, why aren't 'they' attacking Norway?
  1670. Chinese Commission New Class of Warships (No new US boats? :-()
  1671. Russia to restrict foreign investments to defend its national interests (Just like Free Trade)
  1672. GREENSPAN: US GOVERNMENT HAS "LOST CONTROL" OF THE DEFICIT (*Now* a warning?! Spoo for barins has been where for last decade?)
  1673. White House shrugs off anti-war demos
  1674. Greenspan warns on mortgages (Elvis has left the building)
  1675. Israel pushing Palestinians out of Jerusalem -UN
  1676. Top Democrats Flee Peace Protests
  1677. A Victory for Dissent
  1678. 5 Russian Warships, Sub Moved Next To Iran/India
  1679. Sunday in the Park for George
  1681. EU To Apply 'Hate' Speech Laws To The Internet (Don't ya jus hate that?)
  1682. Two Undercover Agents Rescued by British May Have Been Israelis (Been waiting for this)
  1683. With Hand on Heart: Pelosi Admits Israel Comes First - by Joshua Frank
  1684. "Suppose...": Arguments for an Impeachment Resolution
  1686. Kissinger's 1974 Genocide Plan
  1687. Australian government rams through Telstra privatisation
  1688. California National Guard investigated for domestic spying
  1689. Liberating the wealthy : the legacy of New Zealand Labour leader David Lange
  1690. German court declares Iraq war violated international law
  1691. FBI murders Puerto Rican independence figure
  1692. In the wake of Katrina and Rita Bush administration to expand military powers, attack social programs
  1693. When the Truth Comes to Town: What You Can't Say About Israel in Australia
  1694. Bringing the War Home: Arrested at the Pentagon
  1695. Torture and Cowardice: Why are American Religious Leaders Silent?
  1696. Torture is US Policy, Not an Aberration
  1697. Pfc. England Gets 3 Years in Abuse Case (That's it?)
  1698. 'Al-Qaeda leader' killed in Baghdad (Um - sure - right)
  1699. Israel Presses Forward With Offensive (as usual)
  1700. Consumer confidence sinks in September (Is it "confidence" that should be being measured?)
  1701. Societies worse off 'when they have God on their side' (To Be Expected)
  1702. American foreign policy - mass murder in Iraq (It's reallygenocide)
  1703. Woman Ticketed for Sitting on a Playground Bench with No Kids (Intolerable, vicious government)
  1704. Sinister Events in a Cynical War - by John Pilger
  1705. Military Recruiters Showed Up Before FEMA, Red Cross (Priorities!)
  1706. Rep Conyers On The Arrest Of Antiwar Protesters
  1707. Iraq Burns; Dems Look on the Bright Side (John Fucking Kerry)
  1708. High Gasoline Prices Blamed for Record-High Past-Due Credit Card Payments (Babbling)
  1709. The presidents funk could be bad news (Then just lock him up)
  1710. Crime reports at Katrina sites were probably exaggerated
  1711. Bush breaks first commandment of governing (Wrong! Gov *always* steals the people's money: its reason to exist)
  1712. Deep Pockets, Small Government and the Man in the Middle
  1713. Russert gets tough -- on victims
  1714. Intelligent design tied to creationism in Dover trial
  1715. F.D.A. Chief Quit Over Financial Disclosure Form, His Wife's Brother Says
  1716. The buck stops with Lynndie
  1717. Israel dismisses Arab complaint about atom arsenal (Said 3 times, head in sand)
  1718. House Passes Bill Allowing Government-Funded Religious Discrimination
  1719. This is an act of censorship worthy of Joseph Goebbels
  1720. DeLay Indicted in Campaign Finance Probe (small piece of good news)
  1721. Spain's 9/11 trial called 'a failure'
  1722. Aides describe WH as "hellhole" & " insane asylum
  1723. Rita causes record damage to oil rigs
  1724. US new home sales decline 9.9% in August
  1725. Credit-card delinquencies hit record (Just wait)
  1726. 3 Charged in Killing Of Fla. Businessman (Abramoff connection)
  1727. Jack Abramoff - The friend Tom DeLay can't shake.
  1728. The Raw Story | Republicans dump gay leader, pick House Whip Blunt
  1729. Is Normal Now A Mental Illness?
  1730. Carter Reveals Begin Viewed Jews As The Master Race (Of course)
  1731. Israel: Stop 'nuclear threat' resolution (Morons)
  1732. Avian Influenza A (H5N1) Infection in Humans
  1733. HCC officials ask county for money to build biotech labs (Oooops)
  1734. Assaulting police to be a felony (Governmentus Fuctus)
  1735. LSU Has New 'Fraternity': the FBI (sonsequences are obvious)
  1736. Rita death toll makes dramatic jump
  1737. Negroponte Says Terror Database Is Working (Are all the government names in it, like his?)
  1738. Prisoner abuse wasn't a priority (no,no, it was accidental)
  1739. US military intensifies campaign of intimidation prior to Iraqi referendum
  1740. What was the British SAS [or whatever] doing in Basra?
  1741. White Affirmative Action: How John Roberts Got to the Top
  1742. New Orleans Prisoners Abandoned to Floodwaters
  1743. Sheehan and the Democrats: Anybody Home?
  1744. The Invention of Porno Torture
  1745. William A. Cook: Bush's Security Barrier
  1746. Letter from Gaza: What Disengagement Sounds Like
  1747. Wired News: Nun Terrorized by Terror Watch (Corpagov Reign of Terror)
  1748. Heckler, 82, who dared called Straw a liar is held under terrorist law (This is the reality, assholes!)
  1749. Republicans See Signs That Pentagon Is Evading Oversight (After 150 years, nitwits get something right)
  1750. Pentagon cautious on police powers for U.S. troops (This is the future, and Myers is a temporary aberration)
  1751. Venezuela Says U.S. 'Hypocritical' With Terrorism (Both US and "terrorism" are sick jokes)
  1752. Assaulting police to be a felony (Your fucking government *is* your lord and master: *get* used to it)
  1753. DeLay must appear in Austin on charge (BDF - abd you expect sonething like justice?)
  1754. Senate Poised to Confirm Roberts to Be 17th U.S. Chief Justice (The Invalid Injustice of US corpascumgov reigns! Praise Jesus!)
  1755. Saudis to get U.S. aid for 'war on terror' (to make more?)
  1756. High school project considered potential threat to Bush (Asses of Evil Straike Again)
  1757. Republicans See Signs That Pentagon Is Evading Oversight (morons, morons, ...)
  1758. U.S. general casts doubt on 2006 troop cut in Iraq (There will be no troop cut or pull out - Is *anyone* paying the slightest attention?)
  1759. Police infiltrators hold Basra in grip of terror
  1760. UK embassy in Iran pelted (Oh dear! Such violence!)
  1761. Egypt proposes nuclear-free-zone in Middle East (That covers Israel)
  1762. Commander now backs off troop pullout idea
  1763. Turkish women lecture U.S. envoy (Karen Kriminal Hughs. US scumgov not available)
  1764. Straw rules out military action against Iran (Straw is a professional liar and scumbag)
  1765. Council tax protest pensioners line up to go to jail (Send all protestors to jail - util they finally rip the bodies of your families apart)
  1766. Blood on the shop floor as retailers report sales falling at the fastest rate since records began
  1767. PM aide: If no progress with PA, gov't may annex part of W. Bank (which has been the objective all along)
  1768. US forces 'out of control', says Reuters chief (The US is out of control, period)
  1769. BREAKING: After Indictment, DeLay Grossly Distorts Role With TRMPAC
  1770. Pentagon Analyst to Plead Guilty to Leak (and that will be end of that)
  1771. Judge Orders Release of Abu Ghraib Photos
  1772. Crossing the Line to Save Lives
  1773. Jewish Groups Press for Iran Sanctions (Some people need killing)
  1774. George Bush in Hell
  1775. Ashcroft Ordered to Testify in Lawsuit over Detentions
  1776. Million-dollar refugee ships lying half empty
  1777. All Gulf oil output shut down
  1778. Top U.S. General Says Number of Capable Iraqi Battalions Drops to One
  1779. At Least 50 People Killed, 100 Wounded In Coordinated Car Bombs (Let's see, MI6 agents posing as Iraqis, but who are really Mossad?)
  1780. Bush's man confirmed as US chief justice
  1781. SEC Opens Full Probe Into Frist Stock Sale
  1782. Former Australian Labor leader's recriminations expose deep political decay
  1783. Court case hits attack on evolution in Pennsylvania (attack on all reason and sanity)
  1784. US and EU-3 make another provocative move against Iran
  1785. Posada Carriles to stay in US: Washington shields CIA terrorist from prosecution
  1786. House Republican leader indicted in campaign finance conspiracy
  1787. Getting Arrested with Cindy Sheehan
  1788. What Opposition Party?
  1789. Bush's Iraq War is Weakening America (That is what it was *supposed* to do, asshole)
  1790. Quality of Iran's Nuclear Fuel Sheds Doubt on Weapons Capabilities
  1791. Al-Qaeda cleric exposed as an MI5 double agent (LMAO! Of course!)
  1792. N.Y. Times Reporter Released From Jail (A Judith "The Whore" Miller Scam)
  1793. New Orleans Reopens to 170,000 Residents
  1794. A Sick, Dying Elephant (let's not forget Donkey with tertiary syphilis)
  1795. Israelis urge U.S. to stop Iran's nuke goals (needing large punch in nose)
  1796. Arab countries to press IAEC to condemn Israel (Does no good: Israel has the nuke collection)
  1797. Fear Factor Looms Large on Capitol Hill (Hubris will quell the fear)
  1798. Pentagon revokes 9/11 officer's clearance (Byt, of course they do)
  1799. British Terrorism in Iraq
  1800. Cindy Sheehan, Our Imploding President
  1801. Met chief tried to delay shooting probe (London)
  1802. Cindy Sheehan Expects Break In Republican Ranks Over The War
  1803. Homeland Security Act - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  1804. New Flu Vaccine is Loaded With Mercury
  1805. Brazilian Family: Tapes Prove Police Lied
  1806. Dutch Railways sorry for wartime behavior (That's WWII, and it's perfectly absurd)
  1807. Israeli lobby spy case suggests new push to keep leaks from reporters
  1808. 10 Mind-Numbingly Stupid Quotes by Tom DeLay
  1809. FDNY Chaplain Resigns After Remarks About 9/11 Conspiracy Theory (resigns under threat I bet)
  1810. US personal income and spending slips (designed and expected)
  1811. Attack on Iran would rocket oil prices to 400 dollars (more designed economic destruction)
  1812. Russia to supply Syria with ammunition, train officers (a good idea)
  1813. Pentagon Spying Slush Fund Exposed in Florida
  1814. AIPAC and Espionage: Guilty as Hell- by Justin Raimondo
  1815. U.S. Insists No Plans to Invade Venezuela (Bullshit)
  1817. $2,480 for less than two hours of work to cover each damaged roof in New Orleans
  1818. Captain Courageous - Chris Floyd
  1819. HUD chief foresees a 'whiter' Big Easy (Explaining the genocide by AIDS of subsaharan Africa)
  1820. American Graffiti: Signs of the Times
  1821. Army in Worst Recruiting Slump in Decades (They want paid foereign mercenaries who would be delighted to kill us all)
  1822. The 'Israeli Art Student' Files
  1823. FCC Releases Orders for Internet Backdoor Wiretap Access
  1824. In Kurdistan, Mossad Gets in Washington's Way
  1825. Bill Kristol, PNAC, 9/11 & The Media
  1826. Chavez: Venezuela Moves Reserves to Europe (Not just a symbolic move)
  1827. British hand over control of Basra
  1828. Bennett blasted for crime comment
  1829. Minutemen step up US border patrol; violence feared
  1830. N.Y. Times 'Reporter' Testi-Lies in CIA Leak Case (with prepared lies)
  1831. New charges filed against 2 Albany, NY Muslims
  1832. Justice Department Releases List of Pardons Granted by President Bush
  1833. Uzbeks Stop Working With U.S. Against Terrorism (Psoriasis and Hangnails)
  1834. California housing bubble: an impending disaster for working people
  1835. Elderly woman becomes another victim of Australian immigration policy
  1836. Tensions rising between Quebec government and public sector workers
  1837. Britain: Education Bill to extend privatisation of state schools
  1838. New Orleans prisoners left to drown after Katrina struck
  1839. New York Times' Friedman proposes "endgame" bloodbath in Iraq
  1840. We Can't Make It Here Anymore
  1841. Judith Miller's Strange Voluntary Jail Time
  1842. Paul Craig Roberts: Bush is Cooking Up Two New Wars
  1843. Societies worse off 'when they have God on their side'
  1844. Strange Odors Reported Across Washington DC (The stink of government?)
  1845. A CIA-Did-It Defense for Scooter in the Plame Leak Case?
  1846. Spending declines; confidence in a dive
  1847. American to cut flights; Continental may follow
  1848. Lilly Warns of Suicidal Thoughts With ADHD Drug (Update3)
  1849. Israel raids West Bank refugee camp
  1850. Signs of the Times - 2004-07-13
  1851. Archeologists make historic discovery (Odysseus tomb on real iland Ithaca)
  1852. FBI Admits to Making Mistakes in Wiretaps
  1853. Angela Merkel Attached by Members of Own Faction
  1854. Bush administration found involved in illegal 'covert propaganda' (Also found that oceans are wet, and fire is hot)
  1855. Hugo Young: Kelly didn't stand a chance
  1856. Buying of News by Bush's Aides Is Ruled Illegal
  1857. Can Bush Be Ousted? (Define "ousted")
  1858. Following Bill Gates' Linux Attack Money (READ ...curiouser and curiouser...)
  1859. Unknown News | I'm filing bankruptcy | Helen Highwate
  1860. In Kurdistan, Mossad Gets in Washington's Way
  1861. Israeli Advisors - Too Close For Comfort
  1862. Air sampler detected possible disease agent during protests
  1863. Retired general: Iraq invasion was 'strategic disaster' (a strategically designed disaster is more like it)
  1864. Deciphering Dov Zakheim
  1865. Bush signs stopgap bill to fund government
  1866. Arabs fail to win nuke denunciation
  1867. Lapid: Stay course in Iraq (Israel has signed its own death warrant repeatedly)
  1868. U.S. eight years behind on rent for embassy
  1869. Home grown Islamists may hit US: FBI chief (Police state! We need a lean mean police state!)
  1870. Bush threatens defense bill veto, warning on prisoners (Herr Bushitler has spoken)
  1871. Rice defends use of force (Stupid is forever)
  1872. The Insider - Israel instructs America to attack Iran and Syria
  1873. Bush administration to examine new measures against Syria (I wonder why?)
  1874. 'Israel will take out Iran's nuke facilities if US does not'
  1875. Galloway Blasts Israel (and is completely right in his history)
  1876. AAS Statement on the Teaching of Evolution
  1877. Texas mayors say FEMA didn't deliver on promise to do better
  1878. FEMA Sent $100 Million Ice Cubes on Trips to Nowhere
  1879. Arrest of Procurement Policy Chief Could Undercut Contracting-Out Agenda
  1880. Feingold Blasts Administration's Iraq Policy (Boring)
  1881. U.S. Troops Launch 'Operation Iron Fist' in Iraq (Followed by 'Operation shit in your pants')
  1882. Ethics cloud hangs over new House GOP leader (and who will care?)
  1883. Abramoff and Able Danger: Confirmed: US Intel told "hands off money laundering"
  1884. Russia May Refuse to Return U.S. Astronaut to Earth Free of Charge
  1885. As CIA leak probe passes Rove, Cheney is eyed, lawyer says
  1886. Revealed: British link to Bali bombs
  1887. Israeli ship captain denies collision with Japanese boat
  1888. Zionist Myth Of Islamic Jihad Against The West
  1889. Israel Was Warned Ahead of First [London] Blast
  1890. Israelis won't testify in AIPAC trial
  1891. Immoral Majority
  1892. Twenty percent of California high school seniors flunk graduation exam
  1893. Five-year-olds to be given careers advice (lunatic)
  1894. Lloyd's Names say Government will cause 20,000 bankruptcies
  1895. Worst. President. Ever.
  1896. Study: Sun's Changes to Blame for Part of Global Warming (Neither news nor surprising)
  1897. Real Republic &#-11;&#-11; Do You Smell What I Smell?
  1898. Shooting of reporter in Iraq was justified, U.S. report says (?!)
  1899. Vets Group Declares War on Protesters
  1900. "Israel will have to act." (and then be pummled into dust)
  1901. Employment Slumps, Manufacturing Slows: U.S. Economy Preview
  1902. Source to Stephanopoulos: President Bush Directly Involved In Leak Scandal
  1903. Bill Would Give Cover to Pentagon Spies in U.S.
  1904. Source to Stephanopoulos: President Bush Directly Involved In Leak Scandal
  1907. Palestinian Police and Hamas Gunmen Clash in Gaza (Hamas being an Israeli invention)
  1908. Put the Hammer down
  1909. New Supreme Court nominee's ties to Bush's National Guard scandal
  1910. Why I No Longer Support The Military! They Have Betrayed Us!
  1911. DICTATOR (Nagin)
  1912. Mossad-Kurds ties threaten U.S. interests in Iraq
  1913. Prosecutor in Plame Case May Seek Conspiracy Charges
  1914. FrontPage magazine.com :: 9/11: An Inside Job in the White House? by MEMRI
  1915. Guardian Unlimited | World dispatch | Selective Memri
  1916. Torture of Iraqis was for stress relief, say US soldiers (??!!)
  1918. Deadly Bacteria Detected in US Capital During Anti-War March (Kill the resistors!)
  1919. Harriet Miers was the fixer for Bush's National Guard Records Purge
  1920. Florida city considers eminent domain
  1921. King Dick and Cardinal Scooter
  1922. Times Reporter Tried to Cut Earlier CIA Leak Deal
  1923. China's Web Watchers
  1924. Immediately Oppose the Outrageous Nomination of Harriet Miers
  1925. Global News Matrix - Could Rove, Libby, Cheney and Others in the White House Iraq Working Group be Charged with conspiracy?
  1926. Translator caught in web (Sibel Edmonds)
  1927. DeLay Peddles Interests of Foreign Countries in Congress for Free Vacations?
  1928. Israeli shipping company Zim admits hitting Japanese boat
  1929. Bush Dunnit
  1930. No heroine's welcome for reporter who spent her summer in jail (The Miller whore)
  1931. Bush to crank up message machine on dangers of Iraq withdrawal (Only after they are all dead)
  1932. Newsview: Economy Could Add to GOP Woes (Economy is purposely beyond repair)
  1933. Something stinks in America (K Street Project) (READ)
  1934. What I Learned In Louisiana
  1935. Holocaust Now: Judith Miller & Larry Franklin, sitting in a tree...
  1936. Is Israel planning Iran strike? (You didn't know?)
  1937. Ike Was Right About War Machine
  1938. Reid told Cheney to pick Miers; Relished fact she was never a judge
  1939. GOP Proposal to Increase Pentagon Surveillance of American Citizens
  1940. Over 600 held under terror act at Labour conference (UK)
  1941. Role of Rove, Libby in CIA Leak Case Clearer (Are we forgetting Cheney and Bush?)
  1942. 25 Questions About the Murder of New Orleans
  1943. Concern grows over secrecy at CDC
  1944. CDC locks up flu data (CDC has been a sleazy corpaop for decades - destroy it)
  1945. Five foreign men detained under expulsion powers (UK)
  1946. Five detained under anti-terrorism laws
  1947. Iraq's oil minister survives assassination attempt
  1948. U.S. helicopters fire on town in western Iraq (So how many children had their legs blown off?)
  1949. Making Faux Martyrdom Pay: Judy Miller Lands a Book Deal
  1950. Miers Gave $5000 to Bush-Cheney Recount Fund in 2000
  1951. Bush picks loyalist for Supreme Court
  1952. Longtime Confidante of Bush Has Never Been a Judge
  1953. Margaret Thatcher embroiled in US corruption probe (The more the merrier)
  1954. Young African workers killed in Spanish enclave
  1955. Ukraine: after the "Orange Revolution," power returns to the oligarchs
  1956. Behind the DeLay indictment: vicious infighting within the US ruling elite
  1957. William Bennett's 'hypothetical' on racial genocide: A spreading stench of fascism
  1958. Save America from Crime: Abort Every White Baby!
  1959. Abu Ghraib is a Command Responsibility
  1960. I Gave My Copy of the Constitution to a Pro-War Vet
  1961. Uri Avnery: Sharon's Victory
  1962. Paul Craig Roberts: Condi the Gunslinger
  1963. Vijay Prashad: Desperation at Holyoke (Violence in a nation gone berserk)
  1964. Bali - the perfect 'infidel' target
  1965. DeLay indicted on money laundering charge
  1966. 'Ten Commandments Judge' running for Alabama Governor (Moron)
  1967. Auto sales mixed as Ford drops 20%, Chrysler up 4%
  1968. New indictment against Bush ally
  1969. Second Indictment Issued Against DeLay
  1970. Palestinian Police Storm Parliament (Hamas is the invention of Israel)
  1971. White House Renews Call for Conservation (Galling at best)
  1972. Next-generation DVD format wars heat up (Wake me when the fix is in)
  1973. KRG, Kurdistan Regional Government - "There is no Iraq"
  1974. Bush's Stay out of Jail Card
  1975. DeLay Is Indicted on Two New Charges (Do I hear three? Seventy three?)
  1976. Daily Kos: Miers: Bush's Political CapitalOne Card is DECLINED
  1977. Bloomington native reports the news (Foxy Faux News All the Time)
  1978. Shia-Kurdish pact at risk over Kirkuk
  1979. 'Worse things took place at Abu Ghraib'
  1980. 21 Administration Officials Involved In Plame Leak
  1981. Miers Led Law Firm Repeatedly Forced to Pay Damages For Defrauding Investors
  1982. Top 10 Bad Reasons for "Staying the Course" in Iraq (and One Good One)
  1983. Understanding The Media's 'Patriotic' Narcolepsy
  1984. What was this man doing?
  1985. Packing the Supreme Court in Anticipation of a Constitutional Showdown
  1986. Who is Harriet Miers?
  1987. Did Bush administration attack peace movement with military grade biological bacteria?
  1988. Ex-Mayor Giuliani Meets Danish Demo
  1989. Taft Vows To Stay In Office (while having been convicted of a crime - it is an entirely criminal government anyhow)
  1990. Bush's Dilemma
  1991. Theologians Under Hitler
  1992. Loss of bodies adds to grief of many families (Louisiana)
  1993. Unknown News | Leaders and followers | Luke W
  1994. The Raw Story | Commerce Department tells National Weather Service media contacts must be pre-approved
  1995. Miers Briefed Bush on Bin Laden PDB, But Papers Handle Photo From That Day Quite Differently
  1996. The Plame Illusion
  1997. Five Develop Nerve Disorder After Receiving Meningitis Vaccine
  1998. Newsday Shields Long Island Readers From 9/11 Skeptics
  1999. US sees up to $2.1 bln arms sales to Saudi Arabia
  2000. Live Dangerously: Be a Scientist
  2001. Flu victim exhumed after 85 years
  2002. 1918 killer flu secrets revealed
  2003. Killer flu recreated in the lab
  2004. Coroner Wants to Shrink-Wrap Bodies
  2005. U.S. to create a bird flu virus mutation
  2006. Bush wants right to use military if bird flu hits
  2007. Australian government boosts profits of private childcare operators
  2008. Norway: Labour elected thanks to hostility to Conservatives
  2009. Germany: After Dresden by-election, chancellor question remains open
  2010. Sixty million Indian workers strike against government economic policies
  2011. US housing official: rebuilt New Orleans will have fewer poor blacks
  2012. An Earlier Empire's War on Iraq: a Lesson from Roman History
  2013. War Porn: What the Gruesome Images Say
  2014. The Scoop on Harriet Miers
  2015. Bush defends his Supreme Court choice, amid claims of cronyism
  2016. UN condemns rule change for Iraq's constitution vote
  2017. DeLay indicted on new, graver charges
  2018. US Stock Benchmarks Retreat on Exxon Drop, Dallas Fed Remarks
  2019. Fed eyes US inflation [that it created] and ready to act
  2020. Google and Sun Announce Strategic Alliance
  2021. Google tie-up piles pressure on Microsoft
  2022. Online Library in the Cards
  2023. Bush Considers Military Role in Flu Fight (in frenzied desrire to turn US into economically crippled totalitarian slave camp)
  2024. France hit by strikes against government
  2025. French strike hits transport system
  2026. Will Harriet Miers vote to overturn Bushs conspiracy conviction?
  2027. Redaction Alert!- by Justin Raimondo
  2028. New Orleans Mayor Lays Off 3,000 City Workers (??)
  2029. Hurricanes destroyed 109 oil platforms: US government
  2030. Call 'Depleted Uranium' what it is
  2031. Corporate profits at five-year high in UK
  2032. N.H. officials training for possible flu pandemic
  2033. Is the Government Ready for an Epidemic?
  2034. Catholic Church no longer swears by truth of the Bible(Too little honesty, *waay* to late)
  2035. USDC To Hear 16th Amendment Fraud Issue (What tax law?)
  2036. Growing Gulf Between Rich and Rest of US (Been being forced for decades)
  2038. Infiltrating al-Qaeda Cells Difficult (Looking for wrong people in wrong places)
  2039. Boycott threat to Iraq poll as voting rules are changed
  2040. New Rules on Iraqi Vote May Violate Standards, U.N. Says
  2041. Londoners think Iraq contributed to terror (Stupid)
  2042. Iraq cedes to UN on referendum
  2043. US Launches Another Major Assault in Western Iraq (in genocidal goal)
  2044. Reports: Toyota to buy Fuji Heavy stake
  2045. Toyota to buy 8.7 per cent of General Motors' shares in Fuji Heavy ...
  2046. Bush military bird flu role slammed
  2047. FDA to ban some cattle parts from animal feed
  2048. Home heating costs to break records in US
  2049. Australia: Labor premiers join hands with Howard at "anti-terror" summit (AU fucked again)
  2050. Israeli offensive in Gaza targets Hamas (Hamas being an Israeli invention)
  2051. Bush picks right-wing crony for Supreme Court
  2052. Who Murdered Arafat? - Uri Avnery
  2053. Israel&#-11;&#-11;&#-11;s nuclear puzzle resolved: but to what end?
  2054. Anti-war beyond anti-Bush :: Alternative Press Review :: Your Guide Beyond the Mainstream
  2055. Lets DO talk about religion and politics. The historical stupidity of War
  2056. Italy orders further CIA warrants (Ooops criminal CIA - what else is new?)
  2057. Spanish flu (Spanish fluu is not Spansih - and that's hardly news)
  2058. Can This Nomination Be Justified? (Depends on your sense perversion)
  2059. US 'aiming at Syria regime change' (This is news?!)
  2060. Billions for Israel, Nothing for Americans (S.O.P. - and Israel has still signed its death warrant: it's annihilation is just taking too long)
  2061. As the US lowers the nuclear threshold, debate is stifled (as always in a totalitarian asylum for thr criminally insane)
  2062. 90% Of Katrina Reconstruction Contracts Going To Companies Outside StatesAffected (It's called the reptilian international corpagov centered in banking)
  2063. Gay Community Divided Over 'Outing' of Public Figures (Really - who gives a flying fuck? DIVERSION)
  2064. US poverty: chronic ill, little hope for cure
  2065. Army takes control of Iran nukes
  2066. Nobel Peace Prize 2005: Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez makes the final list (Sweden throws bird to US criminal government)
  2067. Peace Group Calls for Open Refusal of Taxes for War (Total strike and refusal!)
  2068. Senate gives nod to recruiting older citizens (for cannon fodder Fuck thye goddamn Senatae and the fabricated elections they rode in on)
  2069. Scientists resurrect 1918 flu, study deadliness (with serious intent of lethal government sacience)
  2070. Posse and Harriet: The real reason that Bush picked Miers
  2071. National Security Study Memorandum 200
  2072. They blinded me (This is merely a kindness next to the truth)
  2073. HOW A US CURRENCY CRISIS COULD UNFOLD (Let me count the ways ... ooops, myriad, and they are alll merely contingency plans)
  2074. Preparing for the Next Pandemic (created by the corpagov with malice aforethought)
  2075. Australian Stockmarket plunges 100pts (Ooops - plunge protection team needed - as in USA)
  2076. MK: Zim's conduct in boat crash damaged Israel's reputation (Spare me te fucking idiocy)
  2077. Cracks begin to emerge in mantle of Republican majority (Majority of *what**?!! - moron!)
  2078. Torture Diminishes All of Us (As does the entire genocidal USA)
  2079. OKLAHOMA! - Where The Bombs Come Sweeping Down The Plains
  2080. Oregon woman kicked off flight in Reno over offensive shirt (Ooops - that will teach her to think!)
  2081. Soldier Reports More Abuses to Senator
  2082. Iran 'behind attacks on British' (LMFAO! - some reporters really do need killing)
  2083. Student Brutalized by Cops, Right-Wing Students, for Protesting Recruiters At George Mason University (Hey! It's the Akerkan way!)
  2084. AOL Time-Warner Censors Alex Jones Websites
  2085. Blunt Money Laundering; DeLay, Successor Swapped Donations
  2086. Rising bank fees hit consumers (Rip the Bankers shreds, and kill their spawn slimey!)
  2087. Espionage Case Breaches the White House (Babbling. The criminals will live to strike again)
  2088. Catastrophic flu virus of 1918 is decoded (US criminal corpagov can use it against all of us: the enemy)
  2089. Iran warns Israel against attacking nuclear sites (again, that is. Israel should have been wiped off the earth for the first time)
  2090. Anti-war group seeks an apology (Fuck federal - criminal - mandate)
  2091. Attorney General Abbott Shuts Down Debt Elimination Scheme Targeting Hurrican Evanuees (What's a goddamn fucking gummin't for?)
  2092. A Doozie of a Recession (Just wait! You ain't seen nothin' yet!)
  2093. Most Americans Upset with Bushs Iraq Policies (Oh? Really? I just can't imagine why.)
  2094. Asia buckles under Wall St losses; dlr, oil fall (That *is* the general idea - numbnuts!)
  2095. Euro rallies vs. dollar on ECB speculation (The $US is intended to be ruined - isn't mr. pResident?)
  2097. Bush: Radicals Seek to Intimidate World (Well - yeah - so news of lunatics is news? Hello-o?)
  2098. Threats leave no room for nuclear talks, says Iran (Like, just maybe, they've had enough fucking bullshit insanity?)
  2099. Israel denies activating US defense expert to pass classified data (Israel's best denial would be its criminal existence)
  2100. Blair says possible Iran links to Iraq bombs (Has he always been such alying asshole?)
  2101. The Deadliest Flu Virus in the World: Made in USA (Where else!?)
  2102. US teeters on the edge (What edge? It's already in the cesspool)
  2103. 9-11 scapegoats let off
  2104. Cheney warns of 'decades of war' (Cheney's major contribution to the universe will be his death)
  2105. God told me to invade Iraq, Bush tells Palestinian ministers (Yet the imbecile prattles)
  2106. Will Harriet Miers vote to overturn Bushs conspiracy conviction? (First kill all the what?)
  2107. Boomer Sooner [sigh]
  2108. Senate, House to Clash Over Military Bill (How about they both die, collectively?)
  2109. GOP Senators Cut Critical Aid To Children, Poor, Elderly (That's precisely what Senators are for! Quit your whining.)
  2110. Iran not interfering in Iraq-Iraqi prime minister
  2111. Bush says more sacrifice needed in war on terror (Good! Send his entirefucking famnily!)
  2112. Lockheed Martin to Cut Costs by Paring Benefits to New Workers (and parts manufactured)
  2113. AOL Buys Weblogs to Boost Blog Presence (Kill what?)
  2114. Bin Laden to surface after new attack on US soil: ex-CIA expert (Seriously deranged CIA)
  2115. 10 terrorist plots detected: Bush (#1 is the Bush family!)
  2116. Republicans defy Bush on prisoners (Moron v. Imbecile)
  2117. Michael Ray Aquino caper: 'Controlled leak' gone wrong? (Ah - controlled leaks: governmental fabrications masquerading as news)
  2118. Rove Said to Testify in CIA Leak Case (Testify?! On his vey own fucking balls? Or - the balls of the tooth fairy?)
  2119. CALL FOR A NATIONAL STRIKE NOVEMBER 2ND. (Let it last a few years)
  2120. Court Rules in Favor of Anonymous Blogger
  2121. Alleged Spy Worked Undetected At The White House For Almost Three Years...(I will not even burst out laughing)
  2122. Level 3 Peering Changes Causing Headaches
  2123. Why is Bush's jaw suddenly spasming, and/or teeth grinding uncontrollably?(Possibly also terminal idiocy - we can only hope for the terminal part, the other is a certainty)
  2124. "What It Means Is That There Is A Hole In White House Security"... (There is a hole in the WH, and it has a name)
  2125. Jury convicts man in purse-snatching murder of Holocaust survivor (Bullshit)
  2126. Pentagon Analyst Pleads Guilty in Spy Case (Israel Ueber Alles!)
  2127. Plane Carrying Viruses Crashes in Canada (CIA, FBI, MI5/6 or Mossad?)
  2128. 9/11 Security Courtesy of Marvin Bush (Ah yes - the Bushreptos in history)
  2129. Record low for home affordability in California (Coming to any town near you)
  2130. George Bushs Major Speech Resets the Terror Trap! (Maybe he will actually die or at least suffer terminal lockjaw?)
  2131. Fuel price hikes raise political tensions in Indonesia
  2132. New York Times reporter Judith Miller testifies on exposure of CIA agent (On her fictious balls)
  2133. One-day national strike in France: over a million march against Gaullist policies
  2134. New Orleans lays off half its workforce
  2135. Iraq's constitutional referendum makes a mockery of democracy
  2136. Is the Dollar Still Falling? (No reason for it not to - and it's besigned to fall)
  2137. Paul Craig Roberts: Blundering into Syria
  2138. When Antiwar Activists Get Mugged (Haven't they always been - in this land of the bogusly free?)
  2139. P. Sainath: "Take That, Tom Friedman" (Why bother acknowledging Friedman's existence? He's a silly ninny)
  2140. Watchdog tells church it can keep advertising miracles (and selling snake oil)
  2141. English towns subject of covert sex survey (England? Gotta be kidding)
  2142. Snake Expoldes after Gobling 'Gaitor (How Pythonesque)
  2143. The Daily Record - NEWS - RARE BIRD FLEW FROM US TO SHETLAND TO BE EATEN BY A CAT (It's a hazardous universe)
  2144. Earth Sinks Three Inches Under Weight Of Flooded Amazon (and 8 feet under the weight of US corpagov bullshit)
  2145. The mother of all potatoes (Another Barbara Bush joke?)
  2146. Cryptozoology Symposium at Bates College ("The Bush Family")
  2147. Son buried with embalmed mother (Cheney?!)
  2148. Brothers fined for keeping 'pet ghost' (Sorry. Even *my* sense of humor has limitations)
  2149. Subway security boosted in response to threat (Corpagov needs to terrorize the people)
  2150. FBI Examines Computers in Cheney's Office (Yeah - right: corruption investigating evil)
  2151. ElBaradei wins Nobel peace prize (Mightly micturating US corpagov)
  2152. U.S. Snags Letter From bin Laden Deputy to Zarqawi (forged by Mossad)
  2153. Landowners must yield to ballpark (Corpagov priorities)
  2154. Washington Insider: Subway Alert Is Fake Terror To Distract From Indictments(Distraction is one of the lab techniques)
  2155. White House denies 'God told me' claims (Yesterday's convenience is now inconvenient)
  2156. US 'lacks moral authority' in Iraq (or anyplace else for that matter)
  2157. Autoworkers' lives go from bad to worse (worse yet, coming up)
  2158. Bush claimed God told him to invade Iraq, Afghanistan: BBC
  2159. George Bush: 'God told me to end the tyranny in Iraq'
  2160. US forces bomb Iraq's Euphrates bridges (Bomb it, if moves - or doesn't!)
  2161. Senate Set to Give Bush More for War Fund (Ah, yes! The treasonous Senate is heard from again)
  2162. Huge change in Iraq (It's called annihilation and genocide)
  2163. Ch&#-11;&#-11;vez tax collectors shut down multinationals (Bucking for martyrdom)
  2164. DeLays Downfall Likely May Mar Pro-Israel Clout (It is devoauted hoped)
  2165. Bush's Satanic Verses - by Justin Raimondo
  2166. China predicts trade surplus to triple to US$100b this year (Detroit should just move to China?)
  2167. DefenseNews.com - Putin Will Try To Keep U.S. Military out of Tajikistan: Report - 10/06/05 12:29(Keeping the rogue locusts out of anyplace is a good idea)
  2168. Europe and Japan cannot again repair US deficits (They have been irreparable for some time now - and that has been designed)
  2169. U.S. House passes $30.8 bln domestic security bill (in its declared war on US citizens)
  2170. IN A RIGHT STATE (of UK corpagov's war on the British People)
  2171. Cheney: Prepare for Decades of Mass Murder (of all governments and rulers?!)
  2172. Bush vows to fight war on terrorism (that's *of* terrorism against all life on this planet)
  2173. Bush equates bin Laden with history's greatest tyrants (LMGDFAO!)
  2174. Study: Euthanizing Right-wing Pundits would Solve Global Warming (Hmm - he may have something going)
  2175. US 'intercepts al-Qaeda letter' (or something that may have actually been something, once)
  2176. White House denies Bush God claim (When a building speaks, can you trustit?)
  2177. Holocaust Creationism (READ)
  2178. Security fears as flu virus that killed 50 million is recreated (in order to be used)
  2179. BBC chickens out (Everybody but Bush lies - weknowthat)
  2180. Nepalese government is in danger of collapse (and Indian ocean is wet)
  2181. Bush predicts Miers will be confirmed to court (A Delphic oracle? No, a cheat)
  2182. Home fire kindles debate about rural fire protection (The general psychotic meanness of USians increases daily)
  2183. Signals of the End of the Dollar Standard (Yes, and the understanding of reality has even more dire consequences)
  2184. Bush Says War is Excuse for Hatred of U.S. (Super babble)
  2185. Troops stranded in Iraq by grounded planes (Killing off their "own" troops)
  2186. Aspartame Industry Seeks To Block NM Hearings (Corpagov maintains its "truth" by fiat - just like $US value)
  2187. Bush vows to never back down (classic moron bully)
  2188. Hastings says ethics panel won't investigate DeLay (Corpagov maintains its "truth")
  2189. Who Did You Torture During The War, Daddy?
  2190. Hackers jailed over global virus (Would you like to guess who hired the "hackers"? That was once an honored appelation, and meant something quite different and brilliant)
  2191. Pop Goes the Real Estate Bubble
  2192. Norway activist 'was Mossad spy'
  2193. Newspaper Companies' Quarter Weak (Why read prepackaged corpagov cowpies?)
  2194. Bush said God told him to invade Iraq, Arab leaders say / Palestinian
  2195. Bush and God: The spin
  2196. Desperate media attempt to win readership0 back from the internet (Lots of luck)
  2197. Rove backs off grand jury testifying; Fears indictments (Holy guanos, Batman! - The Joker is back in business - or is it Two-Face?)
  2198. Behind the Iraq Dossier Hoax: Intelligence Was Cooked in Israel
  2199. D.C. Police Evacuate Washington Monument (It needed an enema anyhow)
  2200. Bush warns of 'war on humanity' (and his corpagov is what is waging it)
  2201. FedEx Plane Carrying Flu Virus Crashes In Winnipeg (OOops)
  2202. Judge Strikes Merck Witness' Testimony
  2203. LA Mayor Slams Schwarzenegger 'Reforms'
  2204. ACLU Sues Over Conditions at La. Jail
  2205. Bush seizes on flu threat to press for martial law power (Bush seizes everything he can get his reptilian talons on)
  2206. Bird flu drugs are taking on second lives
  2207. NY Subway Threat Prompts Conn. to Increase Train Security (Remember A nice Brazilian in London? Hello? Are you paying even the least attention?)
  2208. Third man arrested, police hunting for possible fourth suspect in terrorplot (no terror - just fabriacated "terror plot" - no reality, just psychobullshit)
  2209. Bomb scare at New York's Penn Station (Get a life!)
  2210. How Bloomberg Benefits From the Latest Terror Threat
  2211. Gore: "It's almost as if America has entered 'an alternate universe''' (Now, he has said what should have been obvious since 2000!)
  2212. U.N. Nuclear Agency and Its Chief Win Nobel Prize for Peace (Were I he, I would say 'fuck this shit' and go an 20 year vacation)
  2213. Roadside Bomb Blasts Kill Six Marines in Iraq (Bomb blasts set by CIA, MI6 or Mossad?)
  2214. Senate bans degrading treatment of detainees (Diversionary babbling)
  2215. Senators vent frustration over Katrina aid bill (Like they acxtually care?)
  2216. Judiciary Will Hold Hearing on Flanigan's Ties to Abramoff (Yeah-yeah-yah-BS-BS-BS criminal Congress strikes again)
  2217. Outside Inquiry Sought on Prosecutor's Demotion
  2218. Leading Indian daily calls for suppression of strikes and unions (Totalitarian media corpagov)
  2219. Polish parliamentary elections: record abstentions and swing to right (Everything is swinging to the totalirarian global enslavement)
  2220. Bush White House declares torture vital to US security policy (Are you ready to start screaming yet?)
  2221. Bush seizes on flu threat to press for martial law power (Georgius Sizor! Ave Caesar Imperiator!)
  2222. FBI Witchhunt
  2223. Haiti's Children's Prison
  2224. Bird Flu: Evolution or Intelligent Design? (I'll bet on ID in this one)
  2225. Will Youmans: Why Do We Hate Our Freedom?
  2226. Larry Johnson: the Plame Case (chronology of fact by a CIA analyst)
  2227. Calls Continue for Strange Odors in Washington DC (It's not strange: it's the corpagov)
  2228. BBC NEWS | World | Europe | Calvi murder trial opens in Rome (Criminal Banking and the Vatican, a millennial old romance)
  2229. Book thrown at proponents of Intelligent Design (IDers proved to be conniving liars - oh, such a surprise)
  2230. US unemployment rate rises to 5.1 percent in Sept. (and that is a *very* fusged down number)
  2231. Schools may offer cervical cancer vaccination to all girls (that will probably induce it: government science and its essential purpose)
  2232. Bush God comments 'not literal' (Words mean exactly nothing; get used toit)
  2233. Merkel set to replace Schr&#-11;&#-11;der as German leader (Oh?)
  2234. Rove says he wasn't involved in CIA leak (so you now *know* that he was)
  2235. DeLay asks court to throw out indictment (please - pretty please - you know I'm a s guilty as shit, just name the crime, ...)
  2236. Global effort sought on Flu (The spread the laboatory creation far and wide)
  2237. 17 Die of Legionnaire's Disease in Canada (Are we paying attention?)
  2238. Bush says radicals want Iraq for empire (luniticker and lunaticker)
  2239. White House computers part of spy probe (and part of global genocide, racketeering, and any crime that has a name - and some new ones)
  2240. The Raw Story | Bedlam erupts in Congress over oil refinery vote; 'Shame,shame'
  2241. Quarantine call after Romania detects first bird flu cases
  2242. cashcowcalledIsrael
  2243. Promoting Fear and Guilt: Federally Funded Sex Education Programs Endanger Students, Violate First Amendment :: Alternative Press Review :: Your Guide Beyond the Mainstream
  2244. Reporter turns over notes in CIA leak case
  2245. Zoellick warns Brazil not to pursue sanctions (Maybe he's like to warn Chavez too)
  2246. Republicans Twist Arms on House Floor to Pass Energy Bill
  2247. Blair's honesty over Iran charges in doubt (Just always assume he's lying)
  2248. Ex-UN weapons inspector compares Blair and Bush to nazis
  2249. Bush Plan Shows U.S. Is Not Ready for Deadly Flu (so UScorpagov can spread it successfully)
  2250. Pentagon Seeks More Flexibility When Intelligence Agents Approach Americans (as in beating and torturing them for kicks)
  2251. Boozer Bush
  2252. Lethal Virus from 1918 Genetically Reconstructed (Now they can infect us all)
  2253. Global News Matrix - Rove-Gate and Jeffy/Jim Gannon/Guckert
  2254. Porn for gore webmaster charged with obscenity misdemeanors (for exposing crimes of the UScorpagov in Iraq)
  2255. Nuclear Arms Inspectors Get Peace Prize (Delightfully galling UScorpagov)
  2256. Anti-Neocons :: View topic - Why did Miller go to jail? I'll tell you.
  2257. Do you smell what I smell? (Pretty much)
  2258. Prosecutor in CIA case taking new tack, lawyers say
  2259. 2,000 turkeys dead from avian flu in Turkey: TV
  2260. Breaking America's grip on the net
  2261. Iraq Announces New Security [Repressive] Measures
  2262. Ten Men Arrested in Anti-Terrorism Raids in U.K. (Blair was passed over)
  2263. Bulletin: Beware of bloody Sunday (No one is safe from *THEM*!)
  2264. NYC officials defend terror threat disclosure
  2265. Turkey: trampling on free speech continues Novelist Orhan Pamuk faces jail terms
  2266. Foreign capital pours into China's banks
  2267. Parts supplier threatens bankruptcy, plant closings Delphi demands unprecedented wage cuts from US auto workers
  2268. Restrictive bankruptcy bill to remain in place for Hurricane Katrina victims
  2269. Terrorism speech in Washington Bush responds to political crisis with[more] lies and new war threats
  2270. The Leveethan Approach
  2271. Saul Landau: an Oily Religious Dream
  2272. House GOP Wins, by 2 Votes, Bill to Ease Refinery Building
  2273. Bush sees threat from 'imperialists of terror' (every time he looks in a mirror)
  2274. Chertoff's Sweetheart Deal for Israeli Carnival Corp.
  2275. Storm brewing in Portland (Some wising up is going on)
  2276. Wal-Mart Gives Teen's Anti-Bush Poster To Police (Nazi Corpagov)
  2277. New Torah For The Pentagon (Are we not completely thrilled?)
  2278. British police arrest 10 terror suspects (of specifically unspecified nationality - hmmm)
  2279. Top UK police officer could be charged over Brazilian's death (a scapegoat found for a berserker government)
  2280. City official: Bomber suspects credible threats (but city official is not at all credible)
  2281. Inquisition by the conservative ignorami
  2282. White House aide denies involvement in CIA leak (and we *know* what that means)
  2283. Energy bill OKd in raucous vote (and corpagov fucks the people yet agai!)
  2284. Gas-supply bill fuels outbursts in House (We could hope that they all kill each other)
  2285. Job losses seen limited to Gulf (So, it's OK then, right?)
  2286. Hurricane Katrina bruises economy
  2287. Found drugs 'were not Boy George's' (Police are really good at planting 'evidence')
  2288. Scientist says US flu drug stockpiles inadequate (They were never intended to be anything but another corpagov fraud)
  2289. Bush's risky flu pandemic plan (For plan, think it's antithesis)
  2290. Four Years Later, No Clear Winners In War On Terror (Part 1 of Babbling)
  2291. 3 Al-Qaeda strikes foiled in US since 9/11: Bush (Um - sure - right - a few more and we can fertilize all the farms)
  2292. Bush Likens War on Terror to Cold War (Hot Potatoes - or Warm Moist Cow Pies)
  2293. Philippines seeks US cooperation in espionage case (They're joking, right?)
  2294. US briefs on alleged Iranian nuclear warhead work (spreading lies like fertilizer)
  2295. The Economy, the Money Supply, and the Dow Industrials (and other lies and fabrications)
  2296. Unauthorized Reproduction bill has been drafted
  2297. Property grabs and the Gulf
  2298. 09-Oct-05 - Severe flooding One death in Unity; bridges and roads destroyed; Guard mobilized; Alstead, Keene, Hinsdale hit hard
  2299. TheStar.com - Why was 'God's banker' killed? (Roberto Calvi)
  2300. Treasongate and Jeff Gannon - Redux
  2301. Long an outlet for the GOP message, talk radio undergoes a shift
  2302. GM crop 'ruins fields for 15 years' (or forever, as in the Chiapas region)
  2303. UK forces 'destabilising Basra' (read "destroying")
  2304. Military team looks for proof of Iran's links with Iraq rebels (no matter the truth!)
  2305. The Truth, The (Less Than) Whole Truth, & (Almost) Nothing But The Truth About Harriet Miers
  2306. Romania And Turkey Report New Bird Flu Outbreaks
  2307. CIA Leak: Karl Rove and the Case of the Missing E-mail
  2308. Homeland security cant even secure the White House
  2309. THE WORKERS: Take a 63% cut in pay? First reaction is anger
  2310. Blackadder's revenge hits the hate bill
  2311. Iraq's September crude production falls 90,000 b/d: ministry data
  2312. Iran official says US incapable of going to war
  2313. Legislator drops controversial plan
  2314. Saddam may never come to trial
  2315. The War to End All Wars That Started Them All
  2316. US to move Marine HQ in Okinawa to Guam
  2317. The Meeting That Never Was: Pat Tillman and Noam Chomsky
  2318. US televangelist says Venezuela threatens US with nuke (telepsycho)
  2320. Invisible Ballots, Confirming Our Worst Fears About Democracy in Decline
  2321. Troubles abound in Florida prisons
  2322. IS THIS THE DEATH OF AMERICA? (Yes - and expect created calamity followed by martial law)
  2323. New Orleans police beating caught on tape
  2324. Fears of death squads swirl
  2325. Bush will veto anti-torture law after Senate revolt
  2326. Wilson: "This president has no credibility, he has failed us."
  2327. London police ask for more anti-terrorism funding
  2328. Goldsmith challenges Blair over terror laws
  2329. Ricin jurors attack new terror laws
  2330. The Police State Is Closer Than You Think
  2331. Teachers testify on refusal to promote intelligent design
  2332. Venezuelan Gasoline Arrives in Houston
  2333. Schwarzenegger May Face Other Side of Recall Challenge
  2334. Merkel closes in on leadership (This is *not* good for Germans)
  2335. TIME.com: The Two Knocks on Miers -- Oct. 17, 2005
  2336. Officials: NYC Terror Plot Uncorroborated (Fictional Terror Plot)
  2337. Russia halts rocket launches (A technology being lost altogether)
  2338. Satellite for studying global warming crashes into Arctic (Ooops!)
  2339. Schoolgirl called to account over money (UKcorpagov steals money from girl because they feel like it)
  2340. Another Cruel Vote By Senate Republicans (Hope a globally warmed winter)
  2341. Israeli supporters desperate to keep link between criticism of Israel and Anti-Semitism (You lose!)
  2343. T Is For Traitor NeoCons, Meet Your Accusers
  2344. Officials: Subway threat remains uncorroborated (and just as fabricated)
  2345. Despite Edit Cuts, Philly Papers Plans to Hire 'Dozens of Sales People' (Simply brilliant!)
  2346. 'Black Tuesday' Continues: NYT Co. Cutting 500 Jobs
  2347. Laying the Newspaper Gently Down to Die
  2349. Jews vandalize anti-Israel Orthodox shul
  2350. Rove Redux
  2351. Saddam may be executed on one charge (or no charge!)
  2352. Bush Goes on the PR Offensive (Start laughing now)
  2353. Work Hard, Earn Less?: Why the Rich Get Richer
  2354. Staggering blow: Delphi's bankruptcy ominous sign for fading auto industry(that has be obious for ages)
  2355. 77 per cent of Japanese oppose extending Iraqi mission: survey indicates
  2356. Thousands protest Iraq war in silence
  2357. The Case of the Missing Notebook
  2358. Sales to start before Christmas as retailers battle high street gloom (It's past wakeup time)
  2359. We Cant Let It Happen Here :: Alternative Press Review :: Your Guide Beyond the Mainstream
  2360. Iraqi puppet army spokesman: US River Gate Op a colossal failure cancelled due to heavy losse
  2361. EU on alert as bird flu hits Romania and Turkey
  2362. Devvy Kidd -- The Stark Reality of America's Financial Meltdown, Part 1
  2363. Wyoming Coal Price Surges to Record
  2364. Britain is blamed for vaccine delay as bird flu comes closer
  2365. Resurrecting the 1918 Flu Virus
  2366. Bush's Guard service may affect Miers nomination
  2367. New Orleans officers plead not guilty
  2368. New Orleans police caught attacking suspect
  2369. Terror Threats: MSNBC's Countdown Counts Thirteen Coincidences
  2370. Anti-terrorism laws 'an attack on personal freedoms'
  2371. 15 more groups face Terrorism Act ban
  2372. House GOP May Try to Weaken Detainee Rules
  2373. US 'seeks new Syrian leader' as pressure mounts (US needs entirely new government)
  2374. US weighed military strikes in Syria
  2375. More Scottish troops sent to Iraq
  2376. Iraqi violence hits new peak for British troops
  2377. US consulate hotel hit by mortar shell in Iraq
  2378. Australian government instigates move to jail journalists
  2379. Spanish court convicts 18 alleged Al Qaeda members (Al-CIAda!)
  2380. The Fight for Free Speech at Union Square
  2381. Washington's War Dems
  2382. Salaam or Salami - Uri Avnery
  2383. Four Years for Talking Without a Permit?
  2384. Christian Coalition leader molested his 3 daughters (surprise,surprise)
  2385. Tell Us Who Fabricated the Iraq Evidence
  2386. General Motors edges closer to bankruptcy
  2387. Ex-Iraqi Officials Sought in $1B Theft (How wonderfully American)
  2388. BUSH APPROVAL DIPS EVEN FURTHER (When does he hit pariah?)
  2390. Danish PM faces Iraq war lawsuit (Danes know how to do it)
  2391. Is the Bush presidency unraveling? (If 'twere well that it be ....)
  2392. New Orleans Man: I Wasn't Drunk
  2393. Al-Qaeda "planned'' Heathrow attack (or was it Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy?)
  2394. In the pursuit of safety, teeter-totters and swings are disappearing from playground (Utterly deranged nation)
  2395. Delphi proposes bonuses to executives for staying (It's beginning to sound a lot like Enron)
  2396. The Effects of Government-Issued Terror Warnings on Presidential ApprovalRatings (PDF)
  2397. The Federal Reserve is PRIVATELY OWNED (Yes - READ and understand reality)
  2398. Scope of Plots Bush Says Were Foiled Is Questioned
  2399. Why An Income Tax is NOT Necessary to Fund the U.S. Government
  2400. Stop &#-11;&#-11;6020 Regs Now!
  2401. Sources: Tip on N.Y. subway threat a hoax (hoax *by* government)
  2402. News Corp in $580m internet buy (which Murdoch will then also control)
  2403. Kristol: One or More Indictments in the Next Three Weeks
  2404. Hurricane Center Has One Name Left: Wilma
  2405. "Bird Flu" Similar to Deadly 1918 Flu, Gene Study Finds (Hmmmm)
  2406. Group Asks Calif. Gov. to Return Donation
  2407. Documents Show Miers's Close Ties to Bush
  2408. Gasoline costs will wipe out raises, study says (What raises? For CEOs?)
  2409. Cuts in Energy Spending May Prove Elusive
  2410. Liberal Hopes Ebb in Post-Storm Poverty Debate
  2411. Lobbyists Advise Katrina Relief
  2412. Police Shot Man Listed As Hurricane Victim
  2413. Shield Law Sponsor: Bloggers 'Probably Not' Considered Journalists
  2414. Explosives Found Near Georgia Tech Dorms (Al-CIAda)
  2415. No Nobel Prize For War President
  2416. Air Force Finds Itself in a Ground War
  2417. Poor Halliburton Migrants Work in Iraqi Netherworld
  2418. Cheney spokesman departs country as CIA leak investigation wraps up
  2419. Tracking Katrina Money Proving Difficult
  2420. Fabricated fear (Corpagov fabrication)
  2421. Iraqi 'informant' tip on N.Y. subway threat a hoax (LMAO)
  2422. UK agrees to pay Basra raid damages (In worthless $US?)
  2423. Iraq war now costing $6 billion a month
  2424. Cheney's Halliburton stock options rose 3,281% last year, senator finds
  2425. Homeland Security to take over during flu pandemic
  2426. Military May Propose an Active-Duty Force for Relief Efforts
  2427. Michigan bookstores host signings for The Crisis of American Democracy
  2428. Delphi outlines plant closings, wage-cutting in US bankruptcy filing
  2429. American Enterprise Institute conference Demoralization grips Iraq war's ideological architects(Would some hemlock help?)
  2430. Recruiters in Schools: No Lie Left Untried
  2431. Paul Craig Roberts: Natural Born Liars
  2432. New Orleans: Leaving the Poor Behind Again
  2433. Live from New Orleans: Abu Ghraib
  2434. Roger Morris and Steve Schmidt: Strategic Demands of the 21st Century
  2435. ADL to Outlaw Parts of Gospel as Hate
  2436. Netsukuku the Anarchical Parallel Internet
  2437. Companies have not been in such shape since the Depression
  2438. News Orgs Working On Story Tying Cheney Into Plamegate Developing
  2439. CNNNN discovers Americans support war on Kyrgyzstan, 'wherever it may be' (Truth in comedy)
  2440. Outing Plame Allowed the Mossad to Grab Russian Nukes
  2441. Man Says God Told Him To Murder Family (Unacceptable - but Bush Genoocide is acceptable?)
  2442. Government by Temper Tantrum (not to mention psychosis)
  2443. Frist Accumulated Stock outside Trusts
  2444. DHS and AOL: An Unholy Alliance
  2445. America's Ministry of Propaganda Exposed
  2446. Syrian minister 'commits suicide' (Oh? Really?!)
  2447. Bush Denies Staging Relief-Effort Photo Ops (Now, you know it's true)
  2448. Galloway libel judgment 'fundamentally flawed' (Oh? Really?!)
  2449. Trial forces Italy to relive shocking police brutality
  2450. Bush's Veil Over History
  2451. Iraq war now costing $6 billion a month (It's a persistant *invasion*, *not* a war)
  2452. Scandal rocks New York brokerage firm (Refco)
  2453. For President Under Duress, Body Language Speaks Volumes
  2454. Israel citing 'security' to limit Palestinian rights: UN
  2455. Republican Congressman Slams Bush On Militarized Police State Preparation
  2456. Parking ban near Bush ranch won't deter protestors
  2458. Britain accuses Iran of running training camps for bombers (Fantasy!)
  2459. BELLACIAO - Exit Polls vs Official Counts: Dr. Freeman and Mr. Mitofsky Face-Off in Election Fraud Debate - U.S. newswire - Collective Bellaciao
  2460. CBS News | Qaeda Letter Outlines Grand Plans | October 12, 2005 12:00:05(Oh, give me bucking freake!)
  2461. US panel mulls caps on tax deductions (Is your intended destruction clear yet?)
  2462. Libby Did Not Tell Grand Jury About Key Conversation
  2463. Miller Testifies Before Grand Jury For Second Time Wednesday
  2464. Focus of CIA Leak Probe Appears to Widen (The plot thiickens)
  2465. Rove-gate: Who Leaked to the Leakers? This isn't about Rove
  2466. portland imc - 2005.04.11 - ISRAELIS were 9-11 short sale stock buyers, betting on WTC terror strikes, story killed...
  2467. Unofficial US Navy Site
  2468. Mystery ship near Zambo (Ooops HSV-X1 Theater Supprt Vessel.)
  2469. Scientists warn of possibility of drug-resistant avian flu (Constructed by?)
  2470. Mystery stink hits Cardiff Bay (Hmm - Like Wash. DC? What gum'nt doesn't stink like cadaverine?)
  2471. Bird flu could be used as a weapon (No shit!)
  2472. FEMA to rebid four large contracts (blah, blah, blah ...)
  2473. Mobile Homes, Campers Wait at FEMA Sites (Ahem! Are we paying the slightest attention to reality here?)
  2474. Bush Panel May Curb Tax Breaks for Homeowners (Surprise, surprise: I see ruin in your future)
  2475. You're cool, court nominee told Bush in private letter (Enough said? Undoubtedly not)
  2476. Scalia Turns Journalists Away From Speech Wednesday (He's doing it again)
  2477. DARPA Autonomous Vehicle Race Proves What's Possible (in the way of methods to kill people)
  2478. U.S. airlines on guard for bird flu (Bridbrain flu has afflicted the governments of the world)
  2479. CIA faults Iraq prewar plans (talk about babbling)
  2480. Al Gore: (Isn't he just a little late?)
  2481. New York subway threat was a hoax, security sources admit (Obvious is obvious: it need not be "admitted" when caught in flagrante delicto. It's the nature of UScorpagov)
  2482. Indonesia promises terrorism review (Babbling!)
  2483. Terrorism bill 2005 (UK)
  2484. Blair unveils tough British anti-terrorism laws (Hasn't the criminal bastard been jailed yet?!)
  2485. Government publishes anti-terror bill (Government terrorism)
  2486. 400-500 gallons of acid spills from Halliburton truck onto highway 12 (Um - who will pay for this? Halliburton? LMFAO)
  2487. Halliburton gets another Hurricane Katrina contract for $33 million (Ooops - who profits? Who gets fucked?)
  2488. London's Tate gallery censors work citing fear of offending Muslims (Next week, or prior week, Jews, Catholics, Rastafarians, ...)
  2489. Interview with American Library Association leader: "This government stands completely exposed" (Not even close to the reality)
  2490. Britain: De Menezes family demands justice in police murder
  2491. Iraqi regime orders arrest of ex-officials in $1 billion theft (How Amerikan!)
  2492. The Australian media on the origins of terrorism (Easy: government!)
  2493. Germany: Grand Coalition under chancellor Merkel A government in defiance of the voters' will(Germans are fucked)
  2494. Columbus Day Lies
  2495. The IMF Has Lost Its Influence (IMF should die an ignominious death)
  2496. Srebrenica Revisited: Using War as an Excuse for War
  2497. William A. Cook: Voices from Behind the Entombment Wall
  2498. Britain and the Quake: Mean and Stingy (It's still a dead empire; what do you want?)
  2499. Academia Embraces Spooky Studies (Result of "government science")
  2500. Pat Robertson Again Preaching End of the World "Maybe" (Pray for him - that he goes to heaven - quickly!)
  2501. Colombian abortion law campaign is undermined by Washington
  2502. America has 2,000 young offenders serving life terms in jail
  2503. Madonna incurs the wrath of the rabbis LOL
  2504. Analysis: death of a Syrian minister (The alleged "news" is always a liar until proven that it is)
  2505. Rice Promises More US Aid for Pakistan (Rice is not worth one second of anyone's attention)
  2506. Seized letter outlines Al Qaeda's long-term goals (LMFAO - Morons!)
  2507. Americans' Cholesterol Levels Declining (Eating more protein and less carbs will do it)
  2508. US cuts cholesterol with (rhabdomyolysis inducing) drugs, not lifestyle-study (I have the bridge to sell in Brooklyn)
  2509. Missionaries Ordered to Leave Venezuela (Good for starters)
  2510. MEMRI TV (Egyptian TV: 9/11 was an inside job at the White House)
  2511. Australian Stocks sharply lower
  2512. Is Israel ready for peace? (No, obviously, and it never will be)
  2513. Recession Warning Over 'End of Brown Miracle'
  2514. The Coming Starvation In America
  2515. CIA Leak Scandal: Rove Defied Bush's Command?
  2516. Breaking: virus in Turkey is "highly pathogenic" H5N1
  2517. Bush: Syria may pose risk to 'peace in the Holy Land' (Bush does pose a risk to all life on this planet)
  2518. SEC Issues Subpoena To Frist, Sources Say
  2519. Proven oil reserves are not a measure of future supply of world petroleum. It is a well known fallacy in the petroleum industry to treat them in this way, and it has had serious political consequences.
  2520. US, UK journalists abducted (Incredibly stupid babbling)
  2521. Terror's media: war over the Web | csmonitor.com (When imbeciles write)
  2522. Uranium fallout
  2523. US war-planners assign $445 billion for defense despite huge economic problems (insurmountable problems deliberately created)
  2524. Military Dictatorship USA?
  2525. Iraqi Resistance Report for events of Wednesday, 12 October 2005
  2526. Terror tip for rich
  2527. Making the Middle East Safe for What? - by Leon Hadar
  2528. Pentagon Plans to Beef Up Domestic Rapid-Response Forces (Pitting armed forces against US citizens)
  2529. Filings soar before Monday's tough bankruptcy law takes effect
  2530. US says N Korea forged dollars (Why would they bother?)
  2531. Beyond Miller: Rove And Cheney
  2532. US to stay in Afghanistan as long as needed: Rice (meaning as long as possible)
  2533. GOP candidate calls for impeachment
  2534. When Will House Republicans Call for Bush's Impeachment?
  2535. The Nexus of Politics and Terror ("coincidences")
  2536. The Broader Conspiracy: What We Already Know About the White House Iraq Group
  2537. WorkingForChange-Naked and helpless
  2538. Sleepwalking into Slavery?
  2539. Chavez kicks out U.S. evangelists for spying
  2540. Straw: Stable Iraq to take 10 years (or whatever)
  2541. U.S., Iraqis Prepare to Enforce Curfew
  2542. "They're determined to have martial law."
  2543. Britain: Letters reveal police cover-up over Menezes shooting
  2544. Gary Leupp: Miller, Libby and the June Notes
  2545. Anis Memon: the Curious Case of Russ Feingold
  2546. Al Qaeda in Iraq: Letter to al-Zarqawi a fake
  2547. Iraq's al Qaeda denounces Zawahri letter as fake-Web (What Al-Qaeda?)
  2548. Kenaan's death is another unsolved political enigma
  2549. Doubt over gun death
  2550. Prosecutor Nears Decision in CIA Probe
  2551. CIA acquires new US clandestine leadership role (Just what the world needs)
  2552. Refco subsidiary freezes customer accounts
  2553. Farrakhan Makes Poverty a Focus of 'Millions More' Event
  2554. GAO calls Medicare video news releases illegal propaganda
  2555. t r u t h o u t - Cindy Sheehan: 1965
  2556. Hariri Reportedly Assassinated To Make Way For Large US Air Base In Lebanon
  2557. The Million Phone March To Impeach President Bush
  2558. Bush Teleconference With Soldiers Staged
  2559. Thatcher reveals her doubts over basis for Iraq war
  2560. Fitzgerald threatened
  2561. A question of spores
  2562. George W. Bush and the G-Word (About lying about lying, about ...)
  2563. The Judith Miller Story: Not Ready Yet (Speaking of lying)
  2564. Reversing the Intellectual Decline
  2565. The White House Attacks A Reporter (Was it something Helen Thomas said?)
  2566. Rice, French official warn Iran on nukes (Would an enema help her?)
  2567. 'Israel must concentrate on Arab media' (Our "truth" is not being believed!)
  2568. Danny Ayalon, A Spy? I'm Shocked! - by Justin Raimondo
  2569. NRO "Shocked" To Discover Brit Hume Smears For WH
  2570. Salaried jobs also may go at Delphi
  2571. Scandals Take Toll On Bush's 2nd Term (Imagine what real truth could do)
  2572. Bush looked past Iraq on spread of weapons
  2573. The Worm Turns
  2574. Almost a third of Britons want troops out of Iraq now (Only a third? Joking, right?)
  2575. Daily: Is Iran's `East-leaning' strategy working? - Irna
  2576. U.S. military to buy huge quantities of Anthrax
  2577. Pulp Non Fiction
  2578. Political Screening For All Park Service Managers (What?!)
  2579. Hospitals to treat avian flu epidemic same as terrorist attack (?!)
  2581. Norway's coalition to pull troops from Iraq
  2582. Delta subsidiary Comair to cut up to 1,000 jobs (A few thousand more gone every day adds up)
  2583. Times reporter in leak probe to be given award next Tuesday (Now, *that's* really sick)
  2584. U.S. gives up on upgrading missile defense
  2585. Beating the Rush: The Consequences of the New Bankruptcy Bill
  2586. Israeli FM: Syrians feel `noose tightening' (Oh? Just wait!)
  2587. Auditor: Detroit may go broke ("May"?)
  2588. Ugly iceberg of bigotry (Does Dershowitz need brain or tongue transplant?)
  2589. Nafta Frays as Canada, Mexico Accuse U.S. of Flouting Rules (Long past due)
  2590. World's hedge funds face crisis as Refco suspends trading
  2591. Consumer Prices Rise Sharply (and sales will decline even more)
  2592. White House fights anti-Miers bloggers (pathetic)
  2593. Summit backs Cuba against US
  2595. Israel says Syria regime change in world's interest (as it said about Iraq)
  2596. Survey: October U.S. Auto Sales Plummet (Economy->Toilet)
  2597. U.S. to Deal `Seriously' With Any Syrian Link to Hariri Killing (Hmm - it already *did*)
  2598. Turkey tests 9 for bird flu as experts meet
  2599. Reconstructed 1918 killer flu similar to H5N1 strain (Surprise!)
  2600. TV evangelist renews Chavez attacks
  2601. Parade Magazine's Chavez Smear
  2602. Poll: Bush Presidency Judged Unsuccessful (Assuming Intention was actually known?)
  2603. Downing Street Peace Camp
  2604. Dutch police arrest seven in anti-terror raids (Corpagov as terrorist, is frightened of retribution)
  2605. Rove faces grand jury for fourth time over CIA leak (I hope he's having fun)
  2606. Jitters at the White House Over the C.I.A. Leak Inquiry (Sufficient for another "terrorist attack"?)
  2607. Social inequality reaches new heights in California
  2608. Australia: high oil prices provoking protests and discontent
  2609. Polish presidential election: playoff between two right-wing candidates
  2610. White House, Congress press plans for major cuts in social programs
  2611. Nikolas Kozloff: Hugo Ch&#-11;&#-11;vez and the Politics of Race (READ)
  2612. Survival and Existence in El Alto - Bolivia
  2613. Bird Flu: Militarizing Health Care
  2614. USAID and Haiti: the Friendly Face of Imperialism?
  2615. US inflation flares on record surge in energy cost
  2616. Rice courts Russian support on Iran (LMAO - They would have to insane)
  2617. Bush's pick faces a revolt by the right (Maybe there is a god - and he's pissed?)
  2618. HP says recalls 135,000 notebook PC batteries (Ooops - looking only at bottom line, they forgot "product")
  2619. 007's dirty habit banned as new star confirmed (Priorities!)
  2620. Marijuana May Grow Neurons in the Brain (Wrong! This is only pharma bullshit for something they concocted)
  2621. New Synthetic Marijuana Like Drug, HU210, Increases Brain Cells (Pharma synthetic is the only reason this allowed to exist)
  2622. 3 more polio cases found in state (Your corpagov at work!)
  2623. Voters said to hunt for polling sites in west Iraq (The Amerikan way!)
  2624. Chinese workers in Israel sign no-sex contract (Is Israel racist?)
  2625. Bil'in residents: Undercover troops provoked stone-throwing (The continuing setup)
  2626. Rove faces grand jury for fourth time over CIA leak
  2627. US cannot explain suspicious Zawahri letter passage (Cutting out the tongues of liars may not be be a bad idea)
  2628. Hussein Lawyers Plan to Challenge Tribunal (Bush should like their argument)
  2629. KR Reporter Files Harrowing Account After Stint With Iraqi Military
  2630. Sabotage Blacks Out Baghdad On Eve of 'Election' (Sabotage by whom??)
  2631. G.I.'s and Syrians in Tense Clashes on Iraqi Border
  2632. U.S., Syria border clashes reported
  2633. Bush told Blair of 'going beyond Iraq' (As "invading Syria and Iran"?)
  2634. Terrorist laws to lock up objectors (Nazi State)
  2635. Report denounces "violation of human rights" Thousands of young offenders in US face life behind bars (Everybody in US faces extermination by government)
  2636. Bush video conference with troops in Iraq: poorly scripted, poorly performed
  2637. Ohio Delphi workers denounce company plan to halve wages and slash jobs (The deliberate economic destruction)
  2638. What is in Blair's anti-terror bill? (Wouldn't you like to know?)
  2639. Oppose Blair's police-state measures Statement of the Socialist Equality Party (Britain)
  2640. Iraqis to vote on neo-colonial constitution
  2641. Condoleezza Rice warns Iran on nukes (that don't exist - would that *she* were as fictional)
  2642. Karl Rove makes final Grand Jury appearance (Final? Or is this really yet *another* charade?)
  2643. Pentagon Denies Talk With Troops Was Staged (So ytou *know* it is true)
  2644. Double whammy: Prices up, wages lagging (You should see sales!)
  2645. Regulator limits trading at Refco as broker shuts securities arm
  2646. Japan Approves Postal Privatization (Ooops! - Mistake!)
  2647. Intercepted al-Qaeda letter may not be all it seems, say experts (LMAO)
  2648. US troops 'starve Iraqi citizens'
  2649. The pay's lousy, but the slop is free
  2650. The Broken Constitution
  2651. Money for Nothing
  2652. God's White House / Using government employees to talk about faith
  2653. US cannot explain suspicious Zawahri letter passage LOL
  2654. The Media Are Wrong Again The Emperor Has No Clothes!
  2655. Abrams and Novak and Rove? Oh My! (The list is much longer)
  2656. Canada to Increase Oil Exports to China, Minister McCallum Says
  2657. Israeli navy's unmanned boat takes to seas
  2659. Top US diplomat hits out at Iranian nuclear 'deceit'(Bolton having delusions of sanity)
  2660. Romanian Bird Flu Virus Is H5N1 Type, Minister Says
  2661. DeLay Uses Website to Attack Prosecutor
  2662. US 'private military contractors' already in-country to 'deal with' Chavez
  2663. Leaving New Orleans at Gunpoint
  2664. George W. Bush, the Honorius of Our Time
  2665. Notes on Current Reporting About Judith Miller
  2666. The Emperor Doesn't Disclose: the Fight Against Fake News
  2667. "Beyond Chutzpah": Exposing Grave Moral Distortions
  2668. US's Rice fails to win Russia backing on Iran (As if Missy birdbrain ...)
  2669. Kashmir quake toll nears 40,000; rain hits relief
  2670. Judges Asked to Calm Furor Over Miers Nodz
  2671. Political Affairs Magazine - Karl Rove, Leaks, and Intelligence Fabrications(READ)
  2672. Inflation skyrockets after hurricanes (Hurricanes don't cause inflation)
  2673. Bush confident in Fed addressing inflation (which Bush & Fed caused)
  2674. Rice slated to lecture at UA series on ethics (Ethics?!! LMFAO)
  2675. Large Turnout for Iraq Constitution Vote
  2676. Something Wicked This Way Comes
  2677. Sunni Arabs voted in surprisingly high numbers on Iraq's new constitution (Oh?)
  2678. Agony (and new chief justice Roberts)
  2679. Daily Kos: FRANK RICH: It's Bush-Cheney, Not Rove-Libby!!!!
  2680. New York Times: Miller Can't Recall Who Gave Her Valerie 'Flame' Name (and she also has a bridge to sell)
  2681. Moshe Adler: Poverty in New York City
  2682. Bin Ladin crushed to death in earthquake - Convenient, uh? (LOL)
  2683. Revealed: IRA bombs killed eight British soldiers in Iraq (So who's really bombing?)
  2684. Sunni Arabs Reject Constitution
  2685. Police state fears over terror laws
  2686. Prosecutor of N.Y. Times reporter wanted to know about Cheney
  2687. Traitorous Neo-Con Apparatus Forges Ahead With Military/Intel Putsch
  2688. The Raw Story | Vice President's role in outing of CIA agent under examination, sources close to prosecutor say
  2689. Captured SAS men 'spying on drill torturer' (Story: insult to intelligence)
  2690. Iran bomb blasts leave four dead (This is *Iran*, mind you)
  2691. What God *Really* Told Bush / Apparently, it wasn't just "invade Iraq and Afghanistan in my name." A special report
  2692. How a Lobbyist Stacked the Deck
  2693. Judges liken terror laws to Nazi Germany
  2694. U.S. asks Israel to keep out of efforts to pressure Syria (Is it piled high and deep enough?)
  2695. Israel confesses to its crimes
  2696. Court martial for British officer who rejected 'illegal' Iraq war (Clowns with straight faces)
  2697. Zarqawi sets up Al-Qaeda web in UK : HindustanTimes.com (fiction)
  2698. AIPAC case hampers 'freedom of press' says media group
  2699. SOCom bribery scandal widening
  2700. One victim's story
  2701. Gitmo detainees sue the American president
  2702. 'Moslem Terrorism' Is Fabricated By Intel Agencies
  2703. Seem like you're earning less? You aren't alone
  2704. Paying back our soldiers
  2705. Wholesale Costs Soar, Home Building Slows: U.S. Economy Preview
  2707. Why an exotic fruit is the world's only weapon against bird flu
  2708. Pharamas Seek Flu Vaccine Suit Shield
  2709. Iran blames UK for bombs - reports (correctly)
  2710. Iran Accuses British Agents for Khuzestan Bomb Blasts
  2711. Mercury 05 terror exercise today (AU)
  2712. Russia brushes aside critics of Iran nuclear support
  2713. Anger over hurricane response to be felt at Washington protest
  2714. Thousands attend Millions More Movement in US
  2715. Good cholesterol, bad cholesterol (No *idea* what they're talking about)
  2716. TIME.com: Contingency Plan -- Oct. 24, 2005 -- Page 1
  2717. Top Bush aide makes last bid to stave off indictment
  2718. 'Hidden Scandal' in Miller Story, Charges Former CBS Newsman
  2719. BBC NEWS | World | Middle East | Military police chief found dead
  2720. AOL News - Autopsy Set for Slain Wife of Defense Attorney
  2721. Sunni group disputes reports of constitution's likely passage
  2722. How the Land of the Free Became the Dinosaur in the Tar Pit - Maureen Farrell at BuzzFlash.com
  2723. Reporter, Times Are Criticized for Missteps
  2724. Abramoff investigation has GOP holding its breath
  2725. US strikes kill '70 Iraq rebels' (Yup - in quotes is more truthful)
  2726. Cheney May Be Entangled in CIA Leak Investigation, People Say (Bubba says what exactly?)
  2727. New Anti-Gun Control Law Set for Alaska (Quick! A diversion! So a few people get killed)
  2728. Cars stolen in US used in suicide attacks (only the blatancy might be surprising)
  2729. Israel Suspends Contacts With Palestinians (Anything to keep the antagonisms going)
  2730. Michael Ledeen on Iran on National Review Online (One the primary architects of global disaster)
  2731. Absurd level of election fraud in Iraq (Just like US)
  2732. An Angry America (But, those "mistakes" are deliberate, with malice aforethought)
  2733. Iraqi Vote - Worst Possible Outcome
  2734. Israel, Iran, and the US: Nuclear War, Here We Come (maybe not exactly like this)
  2735. Dozens killed (i.e., murdered) in Iraq [by US] airstrikes
  2736. Can New England be saved? (Unite and secede)
  2737. Miller's Security Clearance
  2738. The Good Americans
  2739. Ex-CIA officials criticize Israel, draw student protestors (Israel signed its death warrant in its inception, and continues to reiterate its desire for annihilation; so be it)
  2740. Revealed: Blair's nuclear bombshell (NWO subspecies has always been deranged)
  2741. Republican Congressman Slams Bush On Militarized Police State Preparation(Ron Paul, with total consistency)
  2742. Trade negotiations going badly for U.S.
  2743. US global influence is waning
  2744. U.S. Consumer Spending May Slump in a `Cold, Dark' Winter (Bet on it - and it's no accident)
  2745. Your TV On NeoCon Spin Cycle
  2746. White House sets up group to market war in Iraq in 2002
  2747. GM to cut 25000 jobs (That's General Motors, not the crap you're forced to eat)
  2748. Venezuela seeks nuclear technology (Bogey men *planted* under the bed)
  2749. Police 'had role in' Bali blasts (and so it continues)
  2750. Attytood: Clue: Was it Col. Cheney in the East Room with the lead pipe CIA leak?
  2751. Bush's Attack Puppy Nips at the Truth
  2752. 50 False News Stories By Bush Propaganda Machine
  2753. The Heart of the Matter (Rove-Bush-Cheney-Libby- ...-gate)
  2754. Key Evidence Missing in Tom DeLay Case (Ooops! Now how did that hppen?)
  2755. Michael Collins Piper alleges that the Zionists are engaged in a global, criminal conspiracy
  2756. Google Yahoo Out Of Censored Commerce Report
  2757. Vote Totals Under Inquiry in 12 Iraqi Provinces, Panel Says
  2758. Plamegate and Watergate (Actually, CIA-Neocon power struggle is a ruse)
  2759. Get Ready for G W Bush's Next Big Job
  2760. Woman countersues RIAA for fraud and deceptive business practices (Another corpagov exposure)
  2761. CIA leak probe 'widening to include use of intelligence' (Expect it all to come to a soggy fizzle)
  2762. The Gaelic Starover: The Wages of Sin
  2763. Greece tests bird for deadly flu strain
  2764. Report: Katrina spending lacked controls
  2765. Mugabe compares Bush, Blair to Hitler at UN event
  2766. Los Angeles: city of the stars becomes US homeless capital
  2767. Toledo, Ohio: Neo-Nazi march sparks riot
  2768. Washington, predictably, hails Iraq constitution vote
  2769. Harold Pinter: Torture and Misery in the Name of Freedom
  2770. Miller's Confession: Last Gasp Before Indictments?
  2771. Exorcist School (Day One) (This is taken seriously?)
  2772. Image of Pope Seen In Pancake (So is this; try to sell the dogpoo model)
  2773. Opus Dei Conspiracy: Spy Teams-Hit Squads in USA
  2774. Cheney's Office Is A Focus in Leak Case
  2775. Probe sheds light on Bush assault on critics
  2776. Iran says arrested British agent for twin bombings
  2777. Falsified Bush Biography Found on State Department Website (Approved by Harriet Miers?) - Opinion & Commentary News from Send2Press Newswire Mon, 17 Oct 2005
  2778. Bush Seeks to Alter Global Nuclear Pact
  2779. CIA leak probe 'widening to include use of intelligence'
  2780. Does Al Qaeda exist? - (Is that Al-CIAdaMossadMI6a?)
  2781. Memo: FEMA Had Problems Before Katrina Tuesday
  2782. Mining companies still paying 19th century prices
  2783. Lawmaker's Abramoff Ties Investigated
  2784. DeLay Was Offered Deal Before Indictment
  2785. Grandmothers Arrested at Iraq War Protest
  2786. Police defend terrorism arrest (UK)
  2787. Venezuela co.: Gas leak likely sabotage
  2788. Key CIA leak detail disputed as announcement nears
  2789. U.K. diplomat's Iraq book may be killed
  2790. Are British troops at breaking point in Iraq?
  2791. Biological alarm in Washington
  2792. Monitors in Iraq Review Votes Where 'Yes' Ballots Hit 90%
  2793. Producer prices biggest gain in 15 years
  2794. Refco collapse in US poses some troubling questions
  2795. US military massacres dozens in wake of Iraq referendum
  2796. Judith Miller and the New York Times--accomplices in a war based on lies
  2797. On the Eve of Saddam's Trial: a Divided Iraq
  2798. Ralph Nader: A New New Orleans
  2799. Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor: From DC to Toledo
  2800. Constellation of interests clouds Doha talks (Carving up the corpaworld)
  2801. Iraq polls authenticity questioned
  2802. Fraud claims as officials launch Iraq ballot probe
  2803. Mass. Town Evacuated Over Threatened Dam
  2804. US wholesale inflation jumps
  2805. Criminal charge is believed likely in CIA leak case (and then dismissed?)
  2806. EU says bird flu is 'global threat' (An engineered global threat)
  2807. Nearly 1,000 Connecticut National Guard Troops to Be Deployed (And they are needed *where*?)
  2808. Joseph Wilson calls CIA leak a defamation campaign ("against HE and his wife"? Learn English guys)
  2809. Israel redraws the roadmap, building quietly and quickly
  2810. Bush Refuses to Discuss CIA Leak Probe (5th Amendment?)
  2812. Abnormal brains wired for lies. 18/10/2005. ABC News Online (As in UScorpagov)
  2813. WW3 - World War 3 in Detail, showing Start Date and Timeline (Much left out, and there is much before, bugt OK)
  2814. Are we going to war with Iran? (If the banking powers have their way, yes)
  2815. Blair is a disaster for our country (and for the world, as are all te Bushclan)
  2817. Rove Cancels Appearance at Fundraiser for Kilgore
  2818. Cheney aide cooperating with CIA outing probe, sources say (can he be trusted?)
  2819. Cop faced 57 complaints alleging 89 on-the-job offenses over nine years before being fired
  2820. "TRAIL OF LIES" INCLUDES ISRAEL? (Youbetcha)
  2821. Recipe for Destruction (that has been cooked up)
  2822. Gephardt on Iraq: "I was wrong" (Gephardt is a bought asshole like the others - Wait!)
  2823. Curious numbers in Ninevah
  2824. White House shrugs off sinking Bush poll numbers (He's Der Fuehrer!)
  2825. The Grey Lady that did not bark in the night
  2826. Casualties of the Bush administration (How about the entire US corpagov?)
  2827. Republican Ignorance on Public Display at Freerepublic.com.
  2828. A New Tidbit on the Plame Affair
  2829. Israel Maintains Option To Strike Iran Nukes
  2830. Iran might cut ties with UK -
  2831. No Final Report Seen in Inquiry on C.I.A. Leak
  2832. The Pledge Revisited
  2833. Ney, Ney, Ney. Dirty, Dirty, Dirty. (Make a list of nonevil politicians;it's a short list writable in the palm of one hand)
  2834. Appeals Court Allows Hatfield to Sue Times
  2835. The Iraq War Runs Through It (But, it's *not* a war; it's invasion and occupation)
  2836. Niger Uranium Forgery Mystery Solved? - by Justin Raimondo (Don't get your hopes up J.)
  2837. Republicans Seek to Widen F.B.I. Powers (Power! Powers! Murder us in our beds! What's a gummint for?)
  2838. UAE: Israel's nuclear Arsenal threats stability
  2839. Sunni leaders: voting fraud casts shadow over poll
  2840. State tells insurer to pay
  2841. America's Middle Class: In the Tank!
  2842. Bush whacked Rove on CIA leak (So, W had nothing to do with it, huh?)
  2843. Moody's Set to Raise Russia's Credit Rating
  2844. Wall Street braces for Refco fallout
  2845. Hurricane Wilma now most intense Atlantic storm in history
  2846. France To Help Iran With Nuclear Technology
  2847. Why Can't the Left Face the Stolen Elections of 2004 & 2008?
  2848. Israel plans separate roads for West Bank Palestinians
  2849. Many Iraq projects may be dropped - US official (It's well planned geoncide)
  2850. Prez Iraq team fought to squelch war critics
  2851. Netherlands won't extradite terror suspect to U.S.
  2852. Bill Gates dumps dollar for euro (That's pretty smart)
  2853. Second Cheney aide cooperating in leak probe, those close to case say
  2854. History Proves That Israel Will Kill US Military Personnel
  2855. Rice Won't Rule Out Force on Syria, Iran (Here she implies the truth - for once)
  2856. Texas Court Issues Warrant for DeLay (It's a start. Now the rest of them?)
  2857. Bill would keep dogs safer in cars, no ears flapping in the wind (He gets paid for this crap)
  2858. Strongest ever storm churns toward US coast
  2859. Russia finds deadly strain of bird flu
  2860. UK population to be vaccinated against pandemic flu (with or without thimerisol?)
  2861. Alaska Refuge Drilling OK'd in Committee
  2862. Americans United: FEMA Plan To Rebuild Religious Schools And Other Religious Facilities Is Unconstitutional, Says Americans United
  2863. When Was the President Told?
  2864. Applause as Mugabe blames Britain and US for Zimbabwe collapse
  2865. Defence lawyer calls trial 'pure theatre' - Iraq
  2866. Returning US soldiers face financial, medical difficulties
  2867. 1 in 4 Iraq vets ailing on return (Like to know why?)
  2868. Guardian journalist missing in Iraq
  2869. Film rolls as US troops burn dead
  2870. AP: Rove, Libby Discussed Reporter Info
  2871. Cheney 'cabal' hijacked foreign policy (Ancient knowledge)
  2872. Return of Soares to politics shows depth of Portuguese crisis
  2873. New York's subway terror threat--was it a hoax? (Just like 9/11)
  2874. Australian government launches major assault on workers' conditions and rights
  2875. New Orleans: school staff face massive cuts in jobs, benefits
  2876. What can be expected from Germany's grand coalition? (Government by bankers - what should never be allowed)
  2877. Legal lynching of Saddam Hussein begins in Iraq
  2878. Bush and Avian Flu: the Excuses Begin to Fly
  2879. Miller was WHIG operative--CONFIRMED! (Surprised are we?)
  2880. Judith Miller is Unnamed Woman in AIPAC Spy Ring Indictment
  2881. Expanding Iraq War into Syria is lunacy (How long to say the obvious?)
  2882. Kristol brings case against Miers to town (Wow - even satan himself doesn't like her)
  2883. US Senators Demand More Responsive Answers From Nominee Miers (Criminals in a theater play reading their scripts)
  2884. Bush To Meet Palestinian Leader (Why would Abbas even bother?)
  2885. Bush has praise for Palestinian leader (Praise from the villiage idiot?)
  2886. Rumsfeld leaves China for SKorea (Leaves US for bottom of Atlantic?)
  2887. Rumsfeld warns China over military expansion (The moron is joking, right?)
  2888. State students get good "report card" (All of it, utter nonsense)
  2889. Chertoff: FEMA wasn't ready (We *know* who you are)
  2890. Publishers battle Google book index (They dislike free advertisement?)
  2891. Storms Deliver Allstate A $1.55 Billion Loss (But it's already stolen 20 Billion)
  2892. Oil guru says crude price could hit $190 this winter (Thank you Neocon Zionists)
  2893. Army Examining Report of Abuse (As if. Spare me the bullshit)
  2894. Grandmothers Arrested in Times Sq
  2895. Democrats Question Bush - Rove Meeting on CIA Leak
  2896. Congressman wants new Able Danger probe (Another Repug sham)
  2897. Waters Flowing Eastward (The Grand Chessboard on line)
  2898. Bored readers cutting off Globes circulation (Bored with lying garbage)
  2899. Amazon Indians Say Texaco Left Damage
  2900. The Report They Forgot
  2901. Cheney's Chickens Come Home to Roost (Maybe)
  2902. Senate Bill Would Blunt Property Ruling
  2903. The Slings and Arrows of George W. Bush's Outrageous Fortune
  2904. Jewish terrorists attack Al Aqsa mosque -
  2905. Dick Cheney's Covert Action
  2906. Indicators Slip for Third Straight Month (So bad, they can't even be faked anymore)
  2907. Daily Kos: Has Fitz Questioned the OTHER MILLER, Colin's firewall?
  2908. Cheney's Secrets
  2909. Estonian police confiscate 43 kilos of cocaine from five Israelis
  2910. Vote Figures for Crucial Province Don't Add Up
  2911. The Most Important Criminal Case in American History
  2912. Cindy Sheehan Pledges Civil Disobedience Campaign
  2913. The Judy Code
  2914. Bush calls domestic problems "background noise" (His sickness never ceases to astound)
  2915. Germar Rudolf arrested
  2916. Anne Frank
  2917. Ford to close plants after posting loss
  2918. Toledo firm to sell units, cut jobs, reduce benefits
  2919. Flag display leads to water cutoff
  2920. Saddam's Lawyer Kidnapped In Baghdad (Now, who would do that?)
  2921. Keith Idema's Operation Desert Fraud
  2922. 2.6 Trillion Missing from Pentagon prior to 9/11
  2923. Pigeons test positive to bird flu exposure (AU)
  2924. Congress Set to Pass Law Eliminating Liability For Vaccine Injuries
  2925. The Scandalous History of the Red Cross
  2926. Excerpts from FEMA officials' e-mails
  2927. DeLay turns himself in
  2928. Virginia oil firm admits kickbacks to Iraq
  2929. After New York governor bars "Freedom Center" Plans for World Trade Center site in disarray
  2930. Guant&#-11;&#-11;namo Bay hunger strike enters third month
  2931. Lack of government preparation for flu pandemic
  2932. Australia: Leaked "Anti-Terrorism" Bill details draconian police-state plans
  2933. German: Interior Minister Schily's parting shot--a blatant attack on freedom of the press
  2934. Bush vows crackdown on immigrant workers (Has he checked with god?)
  2935. Justine Davidson: Prosecuting Bush in Canada for Torture
  2936. Millions Would Lose Pay and Protections Under Enzi Amendment
  2937. Was the Iraqi Constitution Vote Fixed?
  2938. Saddam Refuses to Recognize Court (again)
  2939. Dave Lindorff: Impeachment Comes to NYC
  2940. Astrology is scientific theory, courtroom told (Just like ID)
  2941. UN probe links Syria to Hariri killing (Makes zero sense)
  2942. Kidnapped Irish journalist freed (Did not know who was responsible?!)
  2943. DeLay's co-defendants denounce prosecutor as ruthless, vindictive (They lie because they have no choice)
  2944. Kristol brings case against Miers to town (This is getting really weird)
  2945. Ford prepares fresh round of cost cutting as losses mount
  2946. Oil sinks below $61 (That's *futures* - *not* oil)
  2947. Scientists discover deadly bird flu began in Scotland (Morons!)
  2948. Panic and restrictions grow around world (21-Oct-05) (The point is fabricated nonsense as excuse for totalitarian power)
  2949. New Diabetes Drug Poses Danger to Patients, Cardiologists Say (Corpagov pseudoscience doing what it does best)
  2950. Catholic c (Continuing Zionist theft)
  2951. UN appeals for more aid to quake victims
  2952. Patrick Fitzgerald and the NeoCons
  2953. Cheney, Sock Puppets Ramp Spin Cycle To Overdrive
  2954. Key Players in the Plame Affair Compiled
  2955. Cover-Up Issue Is Seen as Focus in Leak Inquiry
  2956. Psych War in Afghanistan
  2957. Embarrassing setback for Bush's nominee (Miers)
  2958. Amazon Logging Twice as Heavy as Thought, Images Show
  2959. Jackson flees United States for new life in Arab state
  2960. Israel mulls segregating traffic
  2961. Hamas: Bush trying to bring war (Of course he is)
  2962. FEMA's Man on the Ground Criticizes Agency's Katrina Response
  2963. Israel redraws the roadmap, building quietly and quickly
  2964. Death Watch at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue (Let it be quickly)
  2965. Fitzgerald gossip straight from my inbox | AfterDowningStreet.org
  2966. Indonesians challenge US envoy in lively exchange
  2967. Australian government faces new charges of manipulating intelligence
  2968. The Men From JINSA and CSP
  2969. Indict Ledeen (sounds good to me)
  2970. Israeli fighter was captured in Iraq
  2971. Lawyer for Saddam Co-Defendant Found Dead
  2972. Washington Insider: White House Informed Of Indictment Outcome
  2973. Israeli officials call for changes in Syrian rule (as in Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, ...)
  2974. Torture valid as it saves lives, says MI5 (so would executing the entire government)
  2975. The Blog | Jane Hamsher: Patrick Fitzgerald and the NeoCons | The Huffington Post
  2976. Was Plame Outed by a Foreign Spy? - by Justin Raimondo
  2977. Former FEMA official charged with taking kickbacks in Miami-Dade
  2978. Blaming Media in Leak Case Not Working
  2979. A Palpable Silence at the White House (Maybe they all dropped dead?!)
  2980. Sorry, Judy... Everybody Didn't Get it Wrong on WMD (Miller is a charlatan and a liar)
  2981. Congress OKs Gun Industry Lawsuit Shield (Not everything this body ofthieves does is wrong)
  2982. Judith Miller's Unusual Relationship With Iraq Grp
  2983. Don't Play Innocent, Democrats (DLC is completely bought)
  2984. Goodwill envoy Hughes claims Saddam Hussein gassed 'hundreds of thousands' (Hughs needs to be hjailed for life as well)
  2985. Israel 'still expanding West Bank settlements' (Surprise, surprise)
  2986. The Pressure Mounts on Syria, but Israel May Still Pay the Price (Israel is the undead)
  2987. Labour fury as Blair fails to guarantee Trident vote
  2988. Arctic Map Vanishes, and Oil Area Expands
  2989. Secret Service Records Prompted Key Miller Testimony
  2990. Virginia asks SPC to investigate anthrax scare. (PDF) (So where is Rabbi Dov Zakheim?)
  2991. Flop Sweat (READ - Chris Floyd understands, as usual, and says it)
  2992. Security screener at JFK Airport charged with stealing $80,000 from checked bag (We have met the enemy, and it is us)
  2993. The #1 Most Buried Story: Halliburton pumping the oil thats not even metered(But where is that $3.5 trillion?)
  2994. Mordechai Vanunu Interviewed By Hesham Tillawi (Israel needs to be annihilated, quickly)
  2995. Tommy 'Martial Law' Franks is a Paid Bush Admin Patriot
  2996. Daryl Bradford Smith interviews Dr. Karen Kwiatkowski, Lt. Col, ret
  2997. Judith Miller is Unnamed Woman in AIPAC Spy Ring Indictment.
  2998. Settler saboteurs target Palestinian olive trees (It has always been genocide)
  2999. USA desperate to shift blame for Iraqi mess on Syria and Iran
  3000. Office of Special Counsel (We wait with baited breath)
  3001. White House Defense Shaky in CIA Leak Case
  3002. Senate bill cuts health spending by $10 billion (Your Criminal Congress, working for you?)
  3003. Where the Hell Is YOUR 9/11 Proof?
  3004. Controversy mires release of Mehlis report on Hariri killing (Not yet redacted)
  3006. 49 Congressmen War PA on Running of Hamas in Elections (who should flayed in public)
  3007. Bush National Guard Story Breaking?
  3008. Israel wants world pressure on Syria following UN report
  3009. Israeli companys role in scandal questioned
  3010. 'Plamegate' Reporters Discuss Blogs, Anonymous Sources
  3011. Former ambassador Joseph Wilson blasts Bush in SoCal speech
  3012. Cover-Up Issue Is Seen as Focus in Leak Inquiry
  3013. CIA Leak Queries Look at Disclosure of Classified Data
  3014. Cheney aide may have contacted reporters in leak case
  3015. Bush Critic Became Target of Libby, Former Aides Say
  3016. Bush's leaky boat edges nearer to the rocks
  3017. Bird Flu Seen in Parrot That Died in U.K. Quarantine
  3018. Homeland Security drops 'bubble' on Series (US of Amerika Nazi Corpagov)
  3019. Men questioned on package near Capitol (get a life)
  3020. Kidnapped Attorney of Hussein Codefendant Found Dead
  3021. Halliburton subcontractor hires illegal immigrants for Katrina work
  3022. Australia: Privatised road tunnel creates havoc in Sydney (What *were* ou expecting?)
  3023. British military investigator found hung in Basra (The just revolution against occupation)
  3024. US Senate rejects increase in minimum wage (Die fuckers!)
  3025. British Columbia teachers strike in grave danger (Canada also heade for toilet)
  3026. Germany's new parliament: democratic fig leaf of an authoritarian government(Ditto Germany)
  3027. The Asian tsunami, Hurricane Katrina and the Kashmiri earthquake: lessons for the working class
  3028. Spanish court orders arrest of US soldiers for war crime Warrant issued in killing of cameraman Jos&#-11;&#-11; Couso
  3029. Madis Senner: Abusing Katrina
  3030. Norman Solomon: 25 Years After Reagan's Triumph
  3031. Col. Dan Smith: the Destruction of the National Guard
  3032. Winslow T. Wheeler: Paying for Their Mistakes
  3033. Dave Lindorff: the Democrats' Abortion Hypocrisy
  3034. Dead man gets parking ticket from Australian cops (They're a little dim)
  3035. Deputy Allegedly Pulls Gun on Slow Golfers (Only in Amerika)
  3036. 'Plamegate' Reporters Discuss Blogs, Anonymous Sources (Who would care what a reporter thinks? They're paid liars)
  3037. Faster, Please!
  3038. 'The Greatest Strategic Disaster in U.S. History'
  3039. U.S. official: Israeli, PA road map obligations not equally important (Hello?)
  3040. Prosecutor in AIPAC affair is named new U.S. deputy AG
  3041. Putin's Credibility Rating At 76 Percent And Keeps Rising - Poll
  3042. US will prevail in war on terror: Bush (which he also said cannot be won)
  3043. Cytations: reform is happening: Judy in the Sky with Neocons
  3044. Congressman makes waves over cruise-ship housing
  3045. Legal Problems Dog Bush's Inner Circle
  3046. Powell Aide Wilkerson Says Bush Policymaking `Courts Disaster'
  3047. Bush Adviser Acknowledges Lack of Preparation for Katrina
  3048. The shorter Bill Keller: "Ask Pinch!" | CorrenteWire
  3049. Bush Urges U.N. Action Against Syria
  3050. Abbas basks in US limelight; leaves empty-handed
  3051. Dan Simpson: Invade Syria? Insane
  3052. Israeli leaders call for regime change in Syria after assassination report(or before, or during)
  3053. Pre-Emptive Pardons?
  3054. US stocks: The visible hand of Uncle Sam (Plunge Protection Team - PPT)
  3055. The Costs of War at Walter Reed
  3056. Central witness to Mehlis report revealed as a paid swindler (We knew the report was a crock from day one)
  3057. Fitzgerald Expands Probe to Prewar Intel
  3058. Police Raid Nepal Private Radio Station
  3059. US troops fighting losing battle for Sunni triangle
  3060. Plame plans to sue White House officials
  3061. American icon leaving Muskegon for Mexico
  3062. Blix says US misled itself, the world on Iraq (and some people LIED)
  3063. UN Gives Green Light for Israel, Syria, Iran War (Perverted Journalism of Inversion)
  3064. PA denied material to test bird flu (Israel is still intent on genocide)
  3065. No 10 attacks Short's war bill
  3066. Blairs New Tune on Iran (Ooops the wind has shifted - as expected)
  3067. Police Probe Wash. High School 'Hit List' (A malicious gummint setup)
  3068. CIA leak has always pointed to Cheney's office
  3069. The 9-11 short sellers were Israelis
  3070. Web snooping vital, spy agency boss says (CA)
  3071. Woman of Mass Destruction
  3072. Judy Miller, the Armstrong Williams of WMD
  3073. GAO Report Finds Flaws in Electronic Voting (Oh geeee! Really?)
  3074. Coulter Calls for 'Repression of Free Speech', Florida Republicans Applaud! (Psychobitch rides again)
  3075. Pivotal Witness in Mehlis Report is a Convicted Swindler
  3076. The Nobel Prize and Russerts Lies
  3077. Marching Judy Miller to the Gallows By Mike Whitney (Getting it right)
  3078. U.S. National Debt Clock (Debt breaks $8 Trillion)
  3079. CIA Leak Case About Selling The War
  3080. Invading Iran: Who Is to Stop Them? by Joshua Frank (Getting real about it)
  3081. Invading Iran: Who Is to Stop Them? by Joshua Frank (There is also Russia)
  3082. Parrot that died in UK quarantine diagnosed with avian flu
  3083. NEW YORK FIRE FIGHTERS PREPARE FOR POSSIBLE NUCLEAR ATTACKS (By hiding under their beds with lighted candles)
  3085. Jehovahs Witnesses file $100,000 suit in Canadian court to silence embarrassing whistle-blower we
  3086. US Agent Executed As Result Of White House CIA Leak?
  3087. China Cuts Income Tax for Low Wage Earners (There's a novel idea)
  3088. U.S. blocks Israeli arms sales to Venezuela
  3089. Holocaust denial (plausible questioning rather) earns fine in Germany
  3090. The clock ticks on economic collapse (It's been ticking for years)
  3091. E-voting won't be verified until 2006
  3092. Authorities say 10 illegal workers found at Navy base
  3093. Immigration detains Halliburton's illegal workers
  3094. Protest is criminalised and the huffers and puffers say nothing
  3095. There's no place like home for the new anti-terrorism laws
  3096. Terror laws 'open to abuse' (Open? They define abuse by government)
  3097. 80 face house arrest under new laws
  3098. DIA pressures 9/11 whistleblower
  3099. Fitzgerald Launches Web Site
  3100. US Department of Justice, Office of Special Counsel
  3101. Times: Miller Misled Paper About Role (Yeah - right)
  3102. Times Editor Expresses Regrets Over Handling of Leak Case (Liar)
  3103. Transcript: Colonel Wilkerson on US foreign policy
  3104. Bush and Rice Urge Action on Syria's Ties to Lebanon Killing (which are fictional and fabricated for the purpose)
  3105. Syria rejects U.N. report linking it to assassination (correctly)
  3106. Karzai Condemns Burning of Afghan Bodies (Prattle)
  3107. Kidnapped Attorney of Hussein Codefendant Found Dead
  3108. Lawyer Representing Defendant in Hussein Trial Is Found Dead
  3109. Iraqi police infiltrated by militia: journalist
  3110. Did global warming cause Katrina? (Babbling)
  3111. Russian MP Calls Bird Flu "American Provocation" (He's close)
  3112. Warning over 'unique' spread of avian flu (It's being deliberately distributed?)
  3113. 'Mouse journalism' is the only way we can report on Iraq Fisk
  3114. Secret MoD poll: Iraqis support attacks on British troops
  3115. Spain: refugees killed, survivors abandoned in Moroccan desert
  3116. Security guards attack striking San Francisco hospital workers
  3117. Canada: BC Federation of Labour moves to end teachers' strike: Union officials force vote on "facilitator's" report
  3118. The new German parliament shows its true face
  3119. US soldiers caught on film desecrating bodies of Afghans
  3120. US auto union goes to court against its own members
  3121. Manuel Garcia, Jr.: Disasters Are Us
  3122. China Bashing and the Loss of US Competitiveness
  3123. Murder of Saddam Trial Defense Lawyer
  3124. Lee Sustar: What the "War on Terror" is Really About (READ, verily)
  3125. Fred Gardner: Dershowitzed!
  3126. Diana Barahona: Venezuela's National Workers' Union
  3127. Brian Cloughley: Bush the Strategist
  3128. Behrooz Ghamari: Whose Justice Does Saddam's Trial Serve?
  3129. Saul Landau: Bush, an Assessment
  3130. Alexander Cockburn: When Divas Collide: Maureen Dowd vs. Judy Miller
  3131. When Divas Collide: Maureen Dowd v. Judy Miller
  3132. Firm Guilty Of Kickbacks In Oil-For-Food Program
  3133. Syria will pay for murder of Hariri, vow America and Britain (*That's* why it's an obvious setup by them)
  3134. Syria softens stance on UN inquiry into Hariri assassination
  3135. 'I stand by my words. And even more, I stand by my right to say them...'
  3136. Editor opens rift over CIA 'leak'
  3137. Migrants made to cross Sahara army minefield
  3138. Metrosexual man bows to red-blooded &#-11;&#-11;bersexuals (Prattle)
  3139. Syria hits out against Hariri murder claims
  3140. Lawmaker DeLay goes to court on finance charges
  3141. GLOBAL MARKETS-US stocks mixed, bonds, oil, dollar up
  3142. Britain urges EU clampdown on exotic bird trade
  3143. Palestinians may have deals with kidnappers
  3144. US says it will not dictate to Palestinians on Hamas (but will anyhow)
  3145. Muslims, police clash in Egypt over Christian play (A little irony)
  3146. * Scores arrested in Europe in crime network roundup
  3147. * US and European banks catch a case of China fever (But Chinese want gold, not worthless dollars)
  3148. The Madrid Codex (Mayan)
  3149. U.S. starts retreating from lofty Iraq goals (lofty what!?)
  3150. US state dept warns of bioterror attack (Condumsleazy Rice?)
  3151. Throwing Miller and Libby Overboard is Not Enough (Not even close)
  3152. TIME.com: An Unholy Alliance? -- Oct. 31, 2005
  3153. We need to be told (READ)
  3154. Bush motorcade leaves other folks fuming (Should stay under his rock)
  3155. Colonel quits as fears grow for the safety of his men
  3156. Australia: Leaked Anti-Terrorism Bill details draconian police-state plans
  3157. Viewpoint: The ploy of the Iraqi referendum (READ)
  3158. 'Cash for peerages' row as Blair honours top donors
  3159. Letter Shows Authority to Expand CIA Leak Probe Was Given in '04
  3160. Saddam trial is falling into chaos, claims barrister after defence lawyer found dead
  3161. The Dangerously Incomplete Hariri Report
  3162. Australia plans law to gag parents in child terror cases
  3163. Iraq Dispatches: CAUGHT IN THE CROSSFIRE (A film)
  3164. United Press International - Security & Terrorism - Old Bush vs. new
  3165. SyriaComment.com: NSC Chief Hadley asked Italy for a Bashar Replacement
  3168. War Without End :: View topic - Hariri killed by US and Israel?
  3169. Americans must start protesting the Bush regime's international terrorism
  3170. Will the French Indict Cheney?
  3171. Treasuries Poised for Worst Year Since 1999 as Fed Raises Rates (again)
  3172. After 'NY Times' Probe: Keller Should Fire Miller--and Apologize to Readers (How about ceasing its worthless existence)
  3173. 'We have proof UK bombed us' (Iran)
  3174. Thousands of Demolitions Are Likely in New Orleans (and they will look just like the WTC towers)
  3175. Schumer: Miers Lacks Vote to Be Confirmed
  3176. Terrorism laws in place 'before Xmas'
  3177. Three held in UK for 'terror probe'
  3178. White House List of Foiled Plots Puzzling
  3179. NY Times, Miller Fight Over CIA Leak Probe
  3180. Lawyers in CIA-leak case say charges possible this week (Not holding my breath)
  3181. Pentagon program costing taxpayers millions in inflated prices
  3182. Contractor Accused of Overbilling U.S.
  3183. Police to probe US 'torture flights' landing in Scotland
  3184. C.I.A. to Avoid Charges in Most Prisoner Deaths (What do expect from a criminal corpagov?)
  3185. Anti-war protester arrested in Clearwater for carrying sig
  3186. Fearful lawyers threaten boycott of Hussein trial
  3187. Colonel quits as troops are denied armoured land rovers in Iraq
  3188. Another Iraq war legacy: badly wounded U.S. troops
  3189. US hurricane review focuses on military use laws (Police State)
  3190. Howard seeks compromise on shoot-to-kill (Police State)
  3191. President's credibility rides on Miers' nomination (LMFAO)
  3192. Brazil Set to Reject Proposed Gun Ban (That's smart)
  3193. Missing links - The Boston Globe
  3194. Roche makes a killing (Killing us all, not so softly)
  3195. Early retirement wont boost your lifespan (How early? Asshole!)
  3196. Israelis backtrack on Hamas (Um - Hamas is an Israeli invention!)
  3197. Exit polls tip conservative Pole president (They're Fucked)
  3198. Text of e-mail sent by NYT executive ed..
  3199. "They are going to be executed"
  3200. Jumping From the Sinking Ship of Empire: Vermonters Move to Secede From USA
  3201. Kucinich Uses House Procedure To Demand Documents From White House Iraq Group (WHIG)
  3202. Myths About Gun Control
  3203. Freedom to Tinker &#-11;&#-11; Blog Archive &#-11;&#-11; Breathalyzers and Open Source
  3204. The Blog | Arianna Huffington: Memo to Bill Keller: The War in Iraq is NOT a "Loose End" | The Huffington Post
  3205. GOP senator links indictment, resignation
  3206. Rice, Straw Call for UN Action Against Syria (As they drool with greed)
  3207. New York Times ombudsman suggests review of Judith Miller (How about jailed for life?)
  3208. Times Endorses Bloomberg for Re-Election (Pimps fror Nazi)
  3209. GM in talks to sell Australian truck ops to Isuzu
  3210. Cast of characters grows in CIA leak drama
  3211. War, hurricanes and probe add up to slump for Bush (Now can we lock him up for good?)
  3212. FBI Papers Indicate Intelligence Violations
  3213. CIA Leak Scandal: Judy Miller and the Times Speak
  3214. An Urgent Message from Natan Sharansky (Both Jerusalem and Gaza were taken by force)
  3215. The Devil And Judy Miller (Miller and Novak)
  3216. The Tattered Coat &#-11;&#-11; Blog Archive &#-11;&#-11; Another Military Blogger Silenced
  3217. Army holds back new Humvees
  3218. Iraq war foes ready for 2,000th military death
  3219. Media, Democrats Complicit in Rush to War
  3220. Letters Show Frist Notified Of Stocks in 'Blind' Trusts
  3221. Let Justice Be Done - by Justin Raimondo
  3222. Right Wingers Getting Nervous as Miers' Role in Bush Corruption Unfolds
  3223. TIME.com -- Joe Klein: Searching for Saviors in Strange Places
  3224. Fate of Iraqi charter in balance
  3225. Brent Scowcroft "Breaks Ranks" with George W. Bush in Major New Yorker Article
  3227. Drinking the Kool-Aid (MUST READ)
  3228. Dems Tap Patrick Fitzgerald For Impeachment Probe
  3229. 3 huge bombs blow up outside Baghdad hotel
  3230. How Did Patrick Fitzgerald Become the U.S. Attorney in Charge of the TreasonGate Investigation?
  3231. TAX PLAN A CON
  3232. Big brother on campus
  3233. Walker's World: Bush at bay (The Niger forgeries)
  3234. Nadler: Fitzgerald Must Broaden Investigation
  3235. U.S. Ranks 44th in Worldwide Press Freedom Index
  3236. The $10.5 Billion REFCO Smoking Gun
  3237. A White House 'Hip-Deep' in Plame Scandal and Cover Up
  3238. When the votes don't add up (Stealing US elections)
  3239. Who decides what is hate and what isn't?
  3240. The United States Of America Has Gone Mad (Yes. This is news?)
  3241. What Happened to the Party of Lincoln? (It was never what i is assumed to be)
  3242. The Raw Story | Cheney aide passed Plame's name to Libby, Hadley, those close to leak investigation say
  3243. Kaminski: Can we trust Ritter?
  3244. Our Inscrutable Iraq Policy: Why We Did It, What To Do Now, and What Happens Next by Karen Kwiatkowski
  3245. Wurmser was member of OSP
  3246. US military denies American 'contractors' bodies were burned by mob (?!)
  3247. Bird Flu Scam to Cost Us Plenty
  3248. Land deal gets new scrutiny as Bush resists requests on Miers' work
  3249. Beattie warns terrorism laws 'unconstitutional'
  3250. Anti-terrorism laws lack UK-style safeguards: expert (AU)
  3251. Al Franken Jokes About Execution for Treason of Rove, Libby and Bush (It should be real, and no joke)
  3252. 20 killed by three explosions at Baghdad hotels (These people dead apparently don't matter)
  3253. 21 homicides among U.S. prisoners overseas (Ooops - nor these)
  3254. South Africa: nearly one million farmworkers evicted since 1993
  3255. Austrian state elections: a clear rebuff of government attacks on social welfare(some good news, with precious little available)
  3256. Rigging accusations surround Iraq referendum result
  3257. UAW-GM deal: a new stage in the corporate assault on American workers
  3258. Washington seizes on UN report to threaten Syria (a bogus report)
  3259. US Foreign Policy and Palestine
  3260. A Nation Stands on Trial
  3261. Shades of Iran/contra (which was relatively a child's game)
  3262. Revoke Judy Miller's Pulitzer (why revoke a badge of mediocrity?)
  3263. Chimp "Dinner Conversation" (Certain pResidents would feel at home)
  3264. Trained wasps may be used to detect bombs, bugs, bodies and more (corpahov pseudoscience)
  3265. People Republic of China is already here in Sierra Leone!: Sierra Leone News
  3266. Bush names new Federal Reserve chairman (But it is *not* the nation's central bank)
  3267. Bernanke Gets His Chance
  3268. Syria's leader still has ways out of his fix
  3269. UK MP denies new Iraq oil claims (Can Galloway sue congress?)
  3270. Conservatives Escalate Opposition to Miers
  3271. Cheney-Libby link to leak of CIA officer's name is disclosed
  3272. After suicide link, kids taking fewer antidepressants
  3273. Saddam's henchmen say they rewarded a 'friend' (and are being paid what to say it?)
  3274. Israel kills a top commander of Islamic Jihad; 'unprecedented' ...
  3275. Israel criticised over Gaza delay
  3276. Cheney blew Plame cover
  3277. CIA finally fed up with George W. Bush and the amateurs around him
  3278. Seditious opinion? Lock 'em up (AU)
  3279. Is "discrediting Joe Wilson" a red herring?
  3280. Cheney Plan Exempts CIA From Bill Barring Abuse of Detainees
  3281. CIA Leak Linked to Dispute Over Iraq Policy
  3282. Cheney Told Aide of C.I.A. Officer, Notes Show
  3283. Critics on Iraq Policy Come Out of the Woodwork Too Late: Newsroom: The Independent Institute
  3284. Cheney's Faulty Memory
  3285. Galloway faces Jail?!? (Sleazebucket Coleman at work)
  3286. Super-soldiers may get brain-chip (Scarier every damn day)
  3287. Syria is being Set Up to Fail: A Leaked Letter from Washington
  3288. Former UN Weapons Inspector: Don't Rule Out Staged Government Terror (It's already in full swing)
  3289. Hard times in New York
  3290. AlterNet: MediaCulture: The Top Nine Plamegate Lies (These are systematic perversions, not accidents)
  3291. Contract leaves Pentagon with poorly armored cars, little recourse
  3292. US detainees 'murdered' during interrogations
  3293. US death toll in Iraq hits 2,000
  3294. Frist memo blames spending on terrorism (BS)
  3295. The Raw Story | Cheney aide passed Plame's name to Libby, Hadley, those close to leak investigation say
  3296. Rumsfeld To Profit From Bird Flu Hoax
  3297. Security Council Split Over Resolution on Syria (Will Russia veto?)
  3298. White House Sidesteps Cheney Questions
  3299. The 4 Billion Year Crime (Use of genocidal DU)
  3300. Fitzgerald to tackle the yellowcake forgery?
  3301. Cheney Plots New Wars To Save His Hide
  3303. The Anti-Syria Scam by Paul Craig Roberts
  3304. Bush says military action against Syria "last resort" (Just as with Iraq?)
  3305. Another Iraq war legacy: badly wounded U.S. troops
  3306. Bushies take aim at probe
  3307. Talking Points Memo: by Joshua Micah Marshall October 25, 2005 (Niger)
  3308. La Repubblica's Scoop, Confirmed
  3309. To get away with crimes, pretend to be a crime fighter (READ)
  3310. Florida Medicaid privatization plan approved Major step in destruction of entitlement program
  3311. US military suppresses information on death of contractors in Iraq
  3312. Iraqi interior ministry accused of assassinating defence lawyer in Hussein trial
  3313. After the Kashmir earthquake, warnings of a second disaster
  3314. Barbara Bush: Poster Gorgon of the Houston Astros
  3315. Sleight of Hand: Iran, India and the US
  3316. Rebellious pumpkins threaten Venezuelan president (A WH pumpkin carving contest?)
  3317. Iraqi vote final, divide deepens
  3318. Israel launches fresh Gaza strikes
  3319. Islamic Jihad Leader Buried Amid Violence
  3320. The strange saga of Cheney and the "nuclear threat"
  3321. Pressure builds on Cheney as CIA leak engulfs White House
  3322. Jonathan Freedland: Plamegate may seem arcane, but we all have a stake in the outcome
  3323. Ban on imports, shows and fairs as Germans find 25 dead birds
  3324. Galloway challenges senators to press charges (Go for it George)
  3325. Galloway challenges US senators (The slimiest criminals in the world)
  3326. Galloway tells senator 'put up or shut up' over oil cash
  3327. Galloway: The senators scent blood (Repto criminal fucks that they all are)
  3328. Bombastic Brit Defies Senate to Charge Him With Perjury (Asshole criminal ABC speaks)
  3329. Rebel MP faces US penal charge (with what jurisdiction? Diplomatic immunity?)
  3330. US says it has new evidence British MP took bribes from Saddam (Like Niger and WND evidence?)
  3331. Briton accused of lying over Hussein funds (by Senator "motherfucker" Coleman?)
  3332. Saddam's henchmen say they rewarded a 'friend' (exactly as they were told to say)
  3333. Oil-for-Food [fabricated bogus] evidence coming
  3334. Bush Admin. Drops Plan for Bunker Buster (that's what the liars say, anyhow)
  3335. The Business Climate Hoax
  3336. UJC picks Republican operative key role in Washington (US gives UJC $5-7Billion?!)
  3337. Autopsy reports reveal homicides of detainees in U.S. custody
  3338. Government Documents on Torture
  3339. Cornell president condemns intelligent design
  3340. In New Orleans, landlords to begin evicting absent tenants
  3341. Iraq resistance fighters step up attacks, hit oil pipelines
  3342. WHY BUSH IS UNIMPEACHABLE - Yahoo! News (The compounded errors are even greater)
  3343. Remote Control Device 'Controls' Humans (A gleam in corpagov's eyes - a green gleam)
  3345. How to build a conspiracy (Goldstein: typical nonreality based neocon)
  3346. The Left, the Right, and the Wrong
  3347. Mother of All Protesters (Cindy Sheehan)
  3348. Panel Approves $10B Cut in Health Care (Your corpagov, working for you)
  3349. Iran Leader Calls for Israel's Destruction (So has Israel continuouslu since 1948)
  3350. Fitzgerald 'too clean' for GOP criticism to stick
  3351. America, the land of the free- minus the free
  3352. FEMA Reverses No Guns Policy Following SAF Whistleblowing, Says Second Amendment Foundation
  3353. Russia, Iran agree to solve nuclear issue within IAEA (Perfectly expected)
  3354. We, the People vs. Zionism
  3355. Americans' anger may threaten GOP control of Congress
  3356. U.S.: License to Abuse Would Put CIA Above the Law
  3357. Pentagon nominee aims for more positive Iraq stories (Desperate and pathetic)
  3358. Rosen and Weissman to call Israelis (This should be fun)
  3359. Israel spies clerical error in admission (LMAO - NZ proved it)
  3360. If You're a Christian, Muslim or Jew - You are Wrong (My as yet article would have longer and more detailed)
  3361. Govt out of control: Opposition (AU - sound famniliar?)
  3362. Israel still in control of Gaza, says envoy (and using umaned drones)
  3363. U.S. inroads into South America raise alarm (as they should)
  3364. Bush Says War in Iraq Isn't Cause of Rising Terrorism (Who cares what the national imbecile says?)
  3365. Russia is ready to expand cooperation with Iran (Very expected; they would be insane not to)
  3366. Russia says will defend Syria against UN sanctions (Yes, Chimpo, so invade at your perile)
  3367. Bill makes DHS secretary eligible for presidential succession (Constitution determines succession)
  3368. Background to Betrayal - by Justin Raimondo
  3369. Dozens of Abu Ghraibs? - by Gustavo Capdevila (and 400+ US concentration camps await)
  3370. Who Are We to Pick Syria's President?: Roberts
  3371. Powerful Government Accounting Office report confirms key 2004 stolen election findings (to appear in headline of the NYT - right? It needs to die.)
  3372. Ray McGovern chronolizes the events of Plamegate. - And he goes further than ever before on the subject of 9-11.
  3373. The real price of gold
  3374. Dole: 'No Timetable for Troop Withdrawal' (Dole whose family stole Hawai'i should die quickly)
  3375. Sic Semper Tyrannis 2005: Aides To Be Indicted, Probe to Continue (Let's hope this is right)
  3376. Dollar may slide on White House staff indictments (Rather on ops of Bush regime and private bank called "The Fed")
  3377. Protecting the Presidential Seal. No Joke. (US Nazi Corpagov on parade)
  3378. ConocoPhillips Profit Rises 89% to Record $3.8 Bln
  3379. Lawmakers vote to allow privatizing US food stamps (The Criminal Congress on Parade - already done, Quest PO Box 290, Milwaukee WI 53201-0290: another scam to skim residua)
  3380. New Orleans Security Opportunities (Paramilitary/corpa takeover)
  3381. Italy denies role in fake documents on Iraq (They lie)
  3382. US toll landmark in Iraq sets off peace rallies
  3383. Papers, Ignoring Pentagon Plea, Mark 2,000th U.S. Death in Iraq (The media has been told, and W&Co will go down)
  3384. New York Times Reporter Miller Is in Talks Over Her Job Status (Fire the neocon mole bitch - and eat shit)
  3385. Poll: Few doubt wrongdoing in CIA leak (Must be a conspiracy theory)
  3386. PBS film documents Rumsfeld's role in authorizing torture
  3387. Order broadens surveillance of Internet users (Kill this fast)
  3388. French workers demand justice over asbestos poisoning (We're not alone)
  3389. Bush names another "free market" ally of Wall Street to succeed Greenspan at the Federal Reserve(Free trade never has been anything but a monumental and destructive fraud)
  3390. George Galloway's Chicago Speech : Indymedia Radio (Give yourself a treat)
  3391. Joshua Frank: Fitzgerald vs. the Bush Administration (PAY ATTENTION)
  3392. Iraq: a Constitutionally Divided Nation (Divide and conquer was the planfrom the start)
  3393. War Crimes in Afghanistan
  3394. Mike Marqusee: Empire of Denial (and in back of it? Banks)
  3395. Gary Leupp: Dialectics of the Plame Affair
  3396. Kathy Kelly: For Whom They Toll
  3397. Jury Faults Port Authority in '93 WTC Bomb
  3398. FBI interviews CIA agent's neighbours over 'unmasking'
  3399. Syria sanctions threat opposed by Russia and Arab League
  3400. Islamic Jihad claims suicide bombing that killed five Israelis
  3401. Israel 'must be wiped from map'
  3402. Israel should be wiped off map, says Iran's president
  3403. Miers' 'do-over' due today
  3404. S. Florida could stay in the dark for weeks
  3405. South Florida victims lash out at FEMA effort
  3406. Arianna Huffington: The Democrats Blow It On Iraq&#-11;&#-11;&#-11; Agai(Because they are BOUGHT OFF)
  3407. Army mum arrested at White House (Cindy Sheehan)
  3408. The War & Democrats: Muddled middle
  3409. Protesters mark 2000th US death
  3410. President calls US to battle, but numbers are against him
  3411. Accident Brings US Toll in Iraq to 2,001
  3412. EU heads to discuss globalisation (Oh?)
  3413. Blair's EU presidency has failed to deliver thus far (except lots of dead bodies)
  3414. The ties that bind Cheney, Halliburton
  3415. Vice President for Torture
  3416. How toxic is your bathroom?
  3417. Harriet Miers Withdraws (Only a diversion from Roberts in the first place?)
  3418. Harriet Miers Withdraws Nomination
  3419. Whom Should I Believe? Victoria Toensing or My Own Lying Eyes?
  3420. (DV) Mills: The Intelligence Identities Protection Act and Why Karl Rove and Others Legitimately Face Prosecution Under It
  3421. Jobless Claims Up; Durable Goods Orders Dip (Sinking?)
  3422. Negroponte Unveils Intelligence Strategy (Another national war criminal weighs in)
  3423. Bird Flu Epidemic is a Hoax (But shoddy science is all that is left)
  3424. Still more leak investigation falsehoods (Media caught with its lying pants down)
  3425. Saddam lawyers suspend trial work
  3426. U.S. spends itself into mess (How very many modes of economic destruction)
  3427. In a Room Full of Dynamite, a Spark
  3428. Declaration of Dependence and the Fall of the American Empire
  3429. The Real Indictment of Dick Cheney
  3430. Congress keeps ducking Niger investigation
  3431. I call 'regime change' on you
  3432. Blogger's Scoop: New CBS News Boss Donated to Bush Re-Election Bid in 2004
  3433. USATODAY.com - Serb discusses 1999 downing of stealth
  3434. China, Russia Oppose U.S. Threat to Punish Syria Over Hariri (Ooops)
  3435. GM may be forced into Bankruptcy (perfectly expected)
  3436. The strange saga of Cheney and the "nuclear threat
  3437. PM nixes talks with Abbas until he acts against terror (Terminal Illness of Israel)
  3438. Project 112 Tests
  3439. The Italian Job Timeline (Serving up the Niger Documents)
  3440. Lawmakers Postpone Meat Origin Labels (Criminal Congress "working for you")
  3441. Senate panel backs $10 billion in health care cuts (Criminal Congress "working for you")
  3442. Senate Votes Down Heating Aid Increase (Criminal Congress "working for you")
  3443. Six more months of gasoline pain? (Criminal Congress "working for you")
  3444. ConocoPhillips profit soars 89 pct, beats forecasts (Creiminal corpagov "working for you")
  3445. ConocoPhillips Profit Rises 89% to Record $3.8 Bln
  3446. Delphi's demand: Take $9 an hour (Ditto)
  3447. Bush Administration Will Reinstate Prevailing Wages on Katrina Contracts(Criminal corpagov "working for you")
  3448. Katrina Survivors Storm Capitol
  3449. FEMA extends Brown's contract by 30 days (Criminal corpagov)
  3450. CIA invests in no-fuel power generators (government science)
  3451. Terrorism laws: states may prompt hold-up (devoutly to be desired)
  3452. Clarke signals concessions to Labour MPs over anti-terror laws
  3453. US military retreats over Japanese base after protests by islanders (One *can beat the bastards back)
  3454. US, Britain, France drum up support for resolution against Syria (There will be two vetoes: Russia and China)
  3455. US told to give data on Guantanamo hunger strikers (But US will refuse)
  3456. US toll landmark in Iraq sets off peace rallies
  3457. Papers, Ignoring Pentagon Plea, Mark 2,000th U.S. Death in Iraq
  3458. Bush at bay (Not yet he isn't)
  3459. Italy denies role in fake documents on Iraq (Of course they do; Berlusconi!)
  3460. Fabricated Links? (Why would new doubts even be necessary?)
  3461. The ties that bind Cheney, Halliburton
  3462. La. AG Subpoenas 73 in Hospital Deaths
  3463. ConocoPhillips Profit Rises 89% to Record $3.8 Bln
  3464. Exxon Mobil, Shell Post Record Profits (Surprise!)
  3465. Court Blocks Ga. Photo ID Requirement (one small, temporary victory)
  3466. Noe indicted in Bush money-laundering case
  3467. N.J. Students Ordered to Take Down Blogs (Sheep do *not* safely graze - Schafe koennen sicher weiden nicht)
  3468. Mother of slain US soldier arrested in Iraq war protest
  3469. US troops in Iraq hit record number (Sickest of the sick pervail)
  3470. Cheney, Libby Blocked Papers to Senate Intelligence Panel (Obstruction of Justice)
  3471. US colleges and universities increase tuition again
  3472. US Senate resumes attack on antiwar MP George Galloway
  3473. Following the elections The German Green Party: open to all offers
  3474. Germany's grand coalition leaders suppress internal party discussion
  3475. US and Britain seek UN backing for action against Syria (They will lose)
  3476. Iraq referendum produces a divisive and illegitimate result
  3477. Thomas Friedman and Iraq: A bad case of amnesia (not to mention severe brain damage)
  3478. Bush administration seeks legal sanction for torture (What did you expect?!)
  3479. White House in Meltdown
  3480. Look Who's Talking Now: the GOP on Perjury
  3481. Niranjan Ramakrishnan: Waiting for Fitzgerald
  3482. Ilan Pappe: the Last Moment of Hope
  3483. Lila Rajiva: License to Bill (READ)
  3484. Ingmar Lee: Stop the Troops!
  3485. Bono and Geldoff: "We Saved Africa" Oh No, They Didn't!
  3486. The Scandal Isn't the Leak, But the Illegal War (which is not a war, but invasion and occupation)
  3487. Navy distances itself from whale beaching (Becaue it is guilty)
  3488. White Soxs victory a ratings defeat for Fox (Too much Barbara fucking Bush)
  3489. Blair issues warning to Iran (Stuffit)
  3490. Iranian President's speech angers Blair (BFD - like who cares?)
  3491. Freedom Deferred: The Palestinian Quest to Break Away
  3492. Strong Profits Put Oil Giants on Defensive
  3493. MIT fires professor for falsifying data (How much more government science?)
  3494. Shipments of Flu Drug Suspended (Oops - useless anyhow)
  3495. Japan to host US nuclear carrier
  3496. UN team links more oil cash to Galloway wife's bank account (Bullshit lies)
  3497. More Galloway oil-for-food claims (More lying bullshit)
  3498. Galloway denies latest corruption claims
  3499. Iran 'six months' from nuclear bomb (More shit from Israel, a mjor export it seems)
  3500. Reports on Israeli assassin, spy ring confirmed (OK - Israel exports assassinations too, like Hariri?)
  3501. A Lebanese spying networking for Israel (An exported - um service?)
  3502. Israeli forces continue violations into Lebanese territories (Actually, Israel exports a lot)
  3503. Disarming Palestinians may mean civil war: Mubarak
  3504. Israeli Warplanes Bombard the Gaza Strip
  3505. Israeli jets, artillery target northern Gaza Strip
  3506. IOF attack civilian targets and maintain siege on the Gaza Strip
  3507. Summary of israeli War Crimes
  3508. EMHRN: The Gaza Strip is Still Occupied
  3509. 40,000 Residents Arrested during Al Aqsa Intifada Mostly were from W. bank
  3510. Israelis 'build like maniacs'
  3511. Abdel-Al Brothers of Ahbash Formally Charged in Hariri's Murder
  3512. Two charged over Hariri killing
  3513. France and US Cooperate on UN Draft Resolution Against Syria (So now Franch Fries will be OK with the wackos?)
  3514. Chirac urges Syria to cooperate on Hariri probe (While the Lebonese are solving the problem)
  3515. Syria Old whine, new bottle :: from www.uruknet.info :: news from occupied Ira
  3516. Assuming Innocence Still Stands
  3517. US to attack Syria
  3518. Syria's Existential Crisis
  3519. The Many Streams That Fed the River of Graft
  3520. 2,000 firms 'paid oil-for-food kickbacks'
  3521. UN: 2,200 cos. gave Iraq illicit funds
  3522. UN lists kickbacks paid for Iraqi oil - Africa & Middle East - International Herald Tribune
  3523. Sharon vows non-stop fight with militants (Resigning Israeli death warrant)
  3524. Israel targets Islamic Jihad
  3525. Israeli Missile Kills Seven Palestinians
  3526. Oil Industry Seeks to Cast Huge Profits as No Big Deal
  3527. Microsoft told it's too slow in carrying out antitrust pact (A racketeering operation)
  3528. Judge criticises Microsoft on project delay
  3529. Schr&#-11;&#-11;der and Chirac threaten to scupper PM's EU plans
  3530. Tens of thousands of Iranians stage anti-Israel protests
  3531. Iran stands firm on Israel remark
  3532. Israel kills Palestinian militants leaders
  3533. Israel raids West Bank and Gaza targets
  3534. Seven die in non-stop offensive
  3535. Shiites to Stay Together to Contest Ballot
  3536. Gun battle sees Iraq near civil war
  3537. Three Shiite Parties Announce Alliance
  3538. Fla.'s aggressive hurricane plan faltered (aggressive? Shooting more citizens?)
  3539. Bush tours Florida; large sections still lack power (The best government money can buy - but they've taken it all)
  3540. Exxon Mobil posts record profits, adopts defensive posture
  3541. Jury seeks DeLay associates' e-mail
  3542. George Galloway begins fight to clear his name (again - Norm fuckingf Coleman needs his ass whipped)
  3543. Lawmaker's Abramoff Ties Investigated
  3544. ATM fee for getting nothing
  3545. Vatican denounces statements denting right of Israel to exist (We won't talk about Cathars then)
  3546. Iran aims to soothe world fury at Israel remarks
  3547. Tehran's anti-Israel comment censured
  3548. Lawmaker's Abramoff Ties Investigated
  3549. 10 Mind-Numbing Quotes By Tom Delay
  3550. White House Braces for Indictment; Rove Said to Be Spared for Now
  3551. The Criminalization of Criminals
  3552. Gun owners to have storage facilities inspected. (AU)
  3553. Israeli troops mass outside Gaza (Reinvasion was the plan from the star)
  3554. Russia, China call for U.S. troops to go (Getting a little interesting)
  3555. U.S. stocks plunge on durable goods orders, earnings, GM troubles
  3556. Is US becoming hostile to science? (It always has been)
  3557. Plague-infected mice escape from Jersey lab (It would be NJ)
  3558. Watergate-style money laundering indictments stoke Ohio's stolen election fires
  3559. Net Busting Hate Bill Readied (Unconstitutional)
  3560. The Epic Crime That Dares Not Speak Its Name
  3561. Is Israel planning Iran strike?
  3562. 'Israel will take out Iran's nuke facilities if US does not'
  3563. Israelis urge U.S. to stop Iran's nuke goals
  3564. Israel urges harder int'l line towards Iran
  3565. Sharon Says US Should Also Disarm Iran, Libya and Syria
  3566. US Assures Israel That Syria And Iran Are Next
  3568. Israel instructs America to attack Iran and Syria
  3569. Sharon stirs up conflict with Syria and Iran
  3570. Iran the next nuclear threat
  3571. Israel warns on Iranian "nightmare"
  3572. Israel says Iran close to having a nuclear bomb
  3573. AIPAC spurring Congress to pass sanctions bill against Iran
  3574. AIPAC is pushing for the USA to attack Iran for Israel
  3575. No human bird flu cases-China
  3576. F.B.I. Is Still Seeking Source of Forged Uranium Reports
  3577. Blair hints at military action after Iran's 'disgraceful' taunt (Blair needs an enema - for his brain)
  3578. Public Sours on Government and Business (Gee - I can't imagine why)
  3579. A heap of trouble for George Bush (Not even close to justice)
  3580. DSM's Sequel: Roots of a Scandal
  3581. Retired Air Force Col: They lied to us about the war and about 9/11 itself
  3582. Vice President Dick Cheney's chief of staff Libby indicted
  3583. Bush heckled as he sets out war on terror policies
  3584. Reactions to the Libby indictment
  3585. Marc Rich's White House Mole: Lewis Libb
  3587. California mortgage defaults rise for first time in 3 years (Gee - I wonder why)
  3588. Noe indicted: GOP backer accused of laundering cash
  3589. Fort Lewis Update: The Current State of Affairs Regarding Kevin Benderman
  3590. Leak probe not over: prosecutor
  3591. Suddenly, area's housing market favors the buyers
  3592. Suddenly, area's housing market favors the buyers - The Boston Globe
  3593. BELLACIAO - Resolution of Inquiry to demand information on White House Iraq Group(WHIG) to be voted on by Nov
  3594. An Iran-Russia-China axis? (Yes - in a word, and long overdue)
  3595. German TV exposes CIA, Mossad links to 1986 Berlin disco bombing (Hello, USIsrael? Now, about Iran's president ...)
  3596. Sheehan heckled by man paid $60/hr by right-wing group
  3597. The Neocon Plumbers and The Conspiracy For War
  3598. Iranians hold anti-Israel street protests
  3599. Exxon-Mobil employees got fake flu shots
  3600. House panel votes $844 mln cut in food stamps
  3601. Bush goes judge shopping (He should be forbidden to affect anything)
  3602. Report details kickbacks for Iraq
  3603. CIA Leak Scandal is 'Especially Idiotic'
  3604. Indictment rocks Bush administration
  3605. Bush: leak investigation "serious"
  3606. Indictment reaction from Joseph Wilson
  3607. Canada: ex-ind&#-11;&#-11;pendantiste premier calls for intensified assault on working class
  3608. Indian migrant workers in Oman speak to the WSWS Unemployment and rising living costs forced us to seek jobs in the Gulf
  3609. Exhibition at International Center of Photography Images of El Salvador carnage reprised in light of Iraq war
  3610. Collapse of the Miers nomination: Bush administration bows to the ultra-right
  3611. Power outages, gas lines, hunger fuel Floridians' anger after Hurricane Wilma People had ample time to prepare,
  3612. The financial imbalances of a "bizarre world" (This was perfectly obious 20 years ago)
  3613. White House in Meltdowa (We can hope, anyhow)
  3614. Look Who's Talking Now: the GOP on Perjury
  3615. Waiting for Fitzgerald
  3616. The Last Moment of Hope (There is always hope, however misplaced it may be)
  3617. Stop the Troops!: No Glory or Honor in Iraq
  3618. Bono and Geldoff: "We Saved Africa" Oh No, They Didn't!
  3619. The Scandal Isn't the Leak, But the Illegal War
  3620. Suddenly, Bush Endorses Right of Fair Trials (??)
  3621. Fitzgerald Focuses on the Forgeries (It's through Michael Ledeen)
  3622. In the Name of Justice (Legalisms annihilate justice)
  3623. Is the US Really Against Torture? (Not at all - and quite obviously)
  3624. It's Mardi Graft Time!
  3625. Phil Gasper: the Race to Execute Tookie Williams (The purpose of govenment is theft and genocide)
  3626. Embracing the Anti-Aparthied Movement in Israel/Palestine
  3627. Inflation Up; Wages Down: Fastest Decline in Wages on Record
  3628. Mr. Libby's Indictment
  3629. No More Special Counsels (Idiots, Liars or both)
  3630. Journalists Treated as Eyewitnesses
  3631. A New Moment of Truth For a White House in Crisis
  3632. A Grave Indictment, but Grave Questions Remain
  3633. White House on the ropes - and a bigger fight ahead
  3634. Appellate Judges Cited as Focus of New Search (Let's see, some corpanazi from 4th Circuit?)
  3635. Israeli card comes in handy for Ahmadinejad
  3636. US economy grows at 3.8pc in Q3 (Believe that, and buy lunar green cheese)
  3637. US hoarding prompts flu pill maker to halt supply
  3638. Vote for Food: Confession and More Links
  3639. Russia says oil-for-food probe used fake documents (A rising method of intelligence: fabrication)
  3640. From Coffins to Coffers (More fabrication)
  3641. Iran Focus-News - Iran (General) - Iran fires 3 ambassadors, recalls 18 envoys after row over Israel
  3642. DeLay says conservative politics being criminalized (??!)
  3643. Grand jury issues new subpoenas in DeLay investigation
  3644. The Case Against Scooter Libby
  3645. Publisher: NYT Slow in Correcting Coverage
  3646. Leaker! The man they call Bush's Brain
  3647. Is Patrick Fitzgerald a Zealous "Independent" Prosecutor or Experienced Cover-up Artist? :: Awoken Research Group ::
  3648. Scientists aim to beat flu with genetically modified chickens (Oh sure - right - absolutely - "government engineering")
  3649. Fabricated Links? (Zarqawi's existence is a fiction)
  3650. The Death of an Iraqi Prisoner
  3651. The War Crimes Act of 1996: Bush, Rumsfeld could be indicted under US law
  3652. Anti-US platform unites Iraqi political parties
  3653. Police use stun grenades to keep Palestinians out of Jerusalem
  3654. Russia's Islamic rebirth adds tension
  3655. Anthrax drug could be dangerous (could be?)
  3656. Pentagon Plans Iran Attack Over Oil Euro Marker By Christmas 2005
  3657. China replaces US to be Australia's biggest import source (US manufactures what exactly?)
  3658. Assassinations in Lebanon, and the Mosul-Haifa Oil Pipeline (READ)
  3659. Syria: U.S. Troops Killed Syrian Soldier
  3660. True Jews hate Israel: Iran's Jewish MP (READ)
  3661. Thomas Paine's Corner: Let's not Forget to Expel Israel Too (READ)
  3663. ISRAEL LAUNCHES FRESH STRIKES (They have an inexhaustible supply of venom)
  3664. Furious Blair takes aim at Iran (Maybe he will just die of apoplexy)
  3665. Massive eBay fraud exposed (In a word, don't - let it all pass)
  3666. Gartmore warning sparks hedge fund fears (Rampant, fraud in financial instruments)
  3667. Rich Senators Defeat Minimum-Wage Hike
  3668. Tom Lantos 'outraged' at Iran's comments on Israel (Maybe he will die of apoplexy and rid the universe of his less than useless existence)
  3669. Russia, China insist Iran has right to nuclear fuel cycle: vice president(Who is to say otherwise? Israel?)
  3670. Bond prices fall: time to sell US Treasuries? (Past time)
  3671. US poor set to lose food stamps (Part of the inverted decimation plan)
  3672. Bush's imploding presidency (Not near fast enough - we are beyond redemption anyhow, your waking up is of doubtful value)
  3673. Bush calls Iran and Syria 'outlaw regimes' (The pot calling the kettle: who are they occupying?)
  3674. Patrick Fitzgerald Brings No Joy to Bushville Tonight (Oh poof! They will all get off scott free)
  3675. Al-Sistani said to weigh pullout demand (Tactics only)
  3676. Belgian revisionist to be extradited from Holland to Germany (Though police on parade)
  3677. UN's Mehlis report discredited :: International espionage over Syria? (Of course it's a piece of shit; I alreardy said that. Pay attention!)
  3678. General Strike Shuts Down Nepal Capital (no place is safe)
  3679. One million Iranians in anti-Israel protest (Ooops - is some truth leaking out?)
  3680. The Ringworm Children : How the Israeli Government Irradiated 100,000 Israeli Kids(Sephardim that is, at US corpagov behest)
  3681. House Panel OKs School Lunch Funding Cut (The purpose of the US corpagov)
  3682. Cheney Energy Task Force Case
  3683. Libby's Arraignment Judge: Reggie Walton (a bushit appointee)
  3684. Vietnam has two new suspected bird flu deaths - doctor (All the suspected cases have proved false: lesson?)
  3685. Army alert on bird flu (Corpagov engineering has not been good enough for "to human" transition)
  3686. Embrace the Darkness (Government is the darkness)
  3687. Rosa Parks to Lie in Honor at Capitol (But while she was alive, ...)
  3688. Phil Angelides for Governor (With Israeli acolyte Nancy Pelosi?! I don't think so. A pox on all their houses)
  3689. Company Wanted Out of Body Collection Job (Can't stand a little corruption?)
  3690. Senator orders probe into high energy prices (Fucking Frist?! LNAO)
  3691. US may need oil windfall tax: senator (Repug scam again)
  3692. Prosecutor Subpoenas MoveOn.org Director
  3693. DeLay goes judge shopping
  3694. Bush goes judge shopping
  3695. Next Nominee May Well Spark a Climactic Battle
  3696. Groups Balk at Teaching Intelligent Design (Reptos thieve anything)
  3697. Report details kickbacks for Iraq
  3698. Big oil groups implicated in oil-for-food scandal
  3699. Bush: leak investigation "serious" (Who cares what the national chimp says? He's lying, it's what he does)
  3700. I. Lewis 'Scooter' Libby Indictment (PDF)
  3701. Transcript of Special Counsel Fitzgerald's Press Conference
  3702. Kennedy on the Libby Indictment (and he's sneaking through his insidious "hate speech bill"? We are surrounded - kill them all)
  3703. Indictment reaction from Joseph Wilson
  3704. Statement of Ambassador Joseph Wilson with Respect to the Indictment
  3705. Wilson: There Have Been Threats
  3706. 'Official A' Stands Out in Indictment
  3707. Government to Unveil Super-Flu Strategy (It's called martial law without the law)
  3708. Lawmakers urge gas drilling in Fla. (How about drilling their asses?)
  3709. "Treat Them Like Dogs" (If you were wondering about US armed forces behavior)
  3710. Berlusconi says warned Bush against Iraq war (Simpering asshole)
  3711. Bush heckled as he sets out war on [of] terror policies
  3712. Aziz denies naming British MP in UN oil probe-lawyer (May Galloway cricify Norrrm fucking Coleman in court)
  3713. Libby indictment 'a sad time for the presidency'
  3714. Suddenly, Bush Embraces Right of Fair Trials (Oooops - the asshole turns)
  3715. Britain: attorney general prevents prosecution of police who killed Harry Stanley (Government is the darkness)
  3716. US passports to contain remotely readable computer chips (Leave now!)
  3717. Australia: jobs decline amid signs of economic downturn (Ooops - anybodyseeing a deliverately created pattern yet?)
  3718. Ibero-American summit criticises US policy (what "policy"? It's theft and genocide, just like Israel)
  3719. Poland: Lech Kaczynski elected president in low voter turnout (apathy and despondency)
  3720. Big business lobbies step up pressure on Germany's grand coalition (You betcha! Corpagov charges the blockhouse!)
  3721. Energy companies announce record profits amidst soaring prices for US consumers(What's wrong with this picture?)
  3722. Iraq war is the real "underlying crime" in the Libby indictment
  3723. Red State Update
  3724. Michael Dickinson: Insult Your Country
  3725. Tongue-Tied on Iraq: Why Aren't the Dems Screaming Bloody Murder? (Bought)
  3726. Karl's Great Escape: Did Rove Rat on Scooter?
  3727. Requiem for Bethlehem Steel? (Yes - it's been designed)
  3728. Let the PIRGs Begin!: Student Activism Thrives
  3729. Crack Down at Kent State
  3730. Israel and the Consequences of Uniqueness (and then some)
  3731. The Fifth Afghan War
  3732. Bushspeak: Dark and Garbled Words
  3733. Framing the Poor: Katrina, Conservative Myth-Making and the Media
  3734. The Libby Indictment: Gotterdammerung for the Bushies? (Don't count on it)
  3735. Stephen Schlesinger: A Pardon For Libby?
  3736. Cheney's office at center of CIA leak indictment
  3737. Bush aims to move past leak case (Look at the terr'ist with WMDs?)
  3738. Lies upon lies
  3739. Libby defence: I don't recall
  3740. Iran says not threatening attack on Israel (The essence of attack is surprise; why would they?)
  3741. US economy still growing at strong rate (Who makes this busllshit up?)
  3742. Israeli aircraft, artillery bombard northern Gaza
  3743. Palestinians urge end to Israeli raids
  3744. Syria sets up probe into killing of Hariri
  3745. TIME.com: Florida Left Powerless by Wilma
  3746. US, Japan sign new military agreements
  3747. U.S., Japan Announce Military Agreement
  3748. Hundreds of workers laid off (Dell Inc.)
  3749. Finally Medical Journal Admits the Truth (and the 1918 flu?)
  3750. Their clout rising, blogs are courted by Washington's elite
  3751. Endless sunset (Congress Patriotacted you again while you watched Fitzgerald; no conspiracies, huh?)
  3752. Threat to Westville property endangers dreams
  3753. Hey NY Times: Go to Hell You Criminal Bastards!
  3754. Ariel Sharon targets Mahmoud Abbas for elimination (This is ok, but a few rhetorical words from Ahmadinejad are not)
  3755. Recruiting American Jews for Israel
  3757. Almost 70 Percent Of U.S. Casualties In Iraq Under Age 30
  3758. We Have Been Warned - Ron Paul
  3759. Aziz denies naming British MP in oil probe (i.e., Norm fucking Coleman is a liar and a criminal and needs to be impeached, and then locked up)
  3760. President Bush: Iraq mission must be completed (as it is not accompliushed?)
  3761. US to attack Syria (Is this a surprise?)
  3762. Patriot Act developing decidedly un-American tilt (How about Grade A Fucking Nazi substance?)
  3763. Uri Avnery: Manufacturing Anti-Semites (Avnery understands very well)
  3764. Militia boasts of role in Sabra massacre
  3765. The Censored Article That Jewish Groups Had Pulled From A College Website
  3766. An ugly turn toward torture (It come directly from the POTUS)
  3767. TIME.com: Fall of a Vulcan -- Nov. 07, 2005 (READ)
  3768. SundayMirror.co.uk - News - OUR ENVOYS LOSE SAT PHONE, IRAQI REBELS FIND IT & RUN UP &#-11;&#-11;500,000 BILL CALLING AL-QAEDA IN YEMEN AND SAUDI ARABIA(Keystone Kops Redux)
  3769. The Voice of the White House October 26, 2005 (READ - Hariri Assassination unravels: Lipshitz did it, much as predicted here)
  3770. Anti-Israel? (READ)
  3771. O'Reilly: closing public schools for Muslim holiday "absurd in a Judeo-Christian country" (Bill-O has always been an ignorant idiot)
  3772. TomDispatch - Tomgram: De la Vega, Bush's War, a Case of Presidential Fraud?(and conspiracy to commit)
  3773. Demand for grave diggers and coffins soars in Baghdad
  3774. Atoll still scarred by tests (French Polynesia)
  3775. UN's Mehlis report discredited :: International espionage over Syria? (What did I say?)
  3776. Bush Fundraisers Rewarded (i.e., continue to be rewarded)
  3777. Kabbalah guru arrested for fraud
  3778. Israel slams Annan's planned visit to Iran
  3779. Syria accuses US of military raids *which happens to be true)
  3780. Damage has already been done to Tony Blair (Not near enough)
  3781. The Sound Of Silence
  3782. Syrians tense as Iraq war laps at border
  3783. Pentagon estimates Iraqi dead at 26,000 since January 2004
  3784. Scientists: 100,000 Iraqis have died since war
  3785. Mild Version of Avian Flu Has Already Hit Conn. (Nonnews)
  3786. Governor faults White House over rebuilding
  3787. House Bill Takes Aim At Voters of Color
  3788. Government misses dozens of security deadlines
  3789. U.S. opposes push to defend local languages, cultures (That would figur)
  3790. Military Recruiters, Parents Battle at High School
  3791. UN Council ministers brace for Syria sanctions vote (Though Lipshitz with US/Israeli citizenship did it?)
  3792. Bush's Kangaroo Court in Iraq
  3793. Bahrain formally demands probe into Gitmo torture
  3794. Cabinet Adviser, Trade Minister Among 11 Killed in Iraq (The government is a very unhealthy club to belong to)
  3795. More troops 'may go to Afghanistan'
  3796. Reassign NBC's Pete Williams
  3797. White House Ethics, Honesty Questioned (No?!! Really? Moron)
  3798. Noe Freed On $1 Million Bond In Bush Campaign Scandal
  3799. Report: Bush fundraisers got $1.2 billion in public funds (It's called fraud and conspiracy to commit)
  3800. Critics seek a shake-up of White House staff (annihilation, perhaps?)
  3801. Democrat offensive after CIA leak probe (Oh yeah - right - sure - also bought: Hegelian Engineering)
  3802. Bush urged to revamp White House (You jest, surely; he will just paint it black)
  3803. No irrational exuberance as Greenspan departs (Hello? He still has 3 months)
  3804. Violence Clouds Israel-Palestinians Deal (Israel creates it consistently)
  3805. Townhall.com :: Columns :: The good terrorists by Caroline B. Glick (Yeah, right: terr'ists with sense of humor blow up falfel stand)
  3806. Many Floridians at risk since Wilma cut power
  3807. World Bank and IMF warn French farmers to be flexible (Just bend over, and take your pants down; we're coming in)
  3808. EU's new trade offer is serious, WTO's Lamy says (Deadly serious, but whose death?)
  3809. AGL to split into two companies (What's the scam?)
  3810. Bush needs more money to cope with killer illness (His own psychopathology?)
  3811. Bush Is Expected To Outline Antiflu Plan (Is "outline" in his vocabulary?)
  3812. Bush set to reveal strategy to deal with flu (Nobody breathe!)
  3813. Rebels kill Iraqi VP's brother
  3814. Texas Pastor Electrocuted While Performing Baptism (when mystics flout physical reality)
  3815. What's Off Virginia? 'There's No Guarantee'
  3816. Plame Investigation Leaks (Documents from findlaw)
  3817. The Intelligence Identities Protection Act of 1982
  3818. UN to put more pressure on Syria over Hariri death (Are all these assholes not paying attention to the facts?)
  3819. Tougher international line on Syria (They must only watch Faux News)
  3820. Hype fanning bird flu fears: AMA (You betcha!)
  3821. Outing Valerie Plame put us all in Greater Danger
  3822. US unveils new prison in northern Iraq
  3823. IDF positions artillery near southern Gaza
  3824. Shooting Palestinians Like Fish in a Barrel
  3825. Shooting Palestinians Like Fish in a Barrel
  3826. Indo-U.S. deal: Negotiating the nuclear fine print
  3827. Whose Life Is It Anyway? (Totalitarian, Fascist State)
  3828. Is Avian Flu another Pentagon Hoax?
  3829. US says bombs Qaeda house, Iraqis say 40 dead
  3830. UN steps up pressure on Syrians (Based on lying hearsay?)
  3831. Profile: UN Security Council
  3832. 6 U.S. soldiers killed in Iraq (Why?)
  3833. U.N. Security Council OKs Syria Resolution (But Mehlis work is garbage)
  3834. Texas Leads Nation in Household Hunger
  3835. Syria accuses US of launching lethal raids over its borders (which of course it has)
  3836. Addington's Role In Cheney's Office Draws Fresh Attention
  3837. Bush: Treaty Outlawing Torture Doesn't Apply Beyond US Soil (We'll do whatever we want, Nya-nya!)
  3838. Online 'best revenue prospect for papers' (But - they lie, continuously)
  3839. What Libby's Indictment Means for the Jacobins - by Paul Craig Roberts
  3840. Hate Crime Laws: Criminalizing Free Speech
  3841. It Costs Nothing to be a Patriot
  3842. FBI had DNA samples of 9-11 terrorists before attack
  3843. Washington hid damaging Vietnam finding
  3844. Anti-war Protesters May Face 7 Years In Jail Under Australian Patriot Act(Totalitarian Fascist State)
  3845. Judge Who Gagged Edmonds Is Judge For Libby Case - Has Links To Republican Right
  3846. Aspartame Makers In A Tizzy
  3847. Big Election Theft in a Little Town
  3848. Big Election Theft in a Little Town
  3849. Antiwar protesters march on Common
  3850. Aspartame Gate: When Donald Rumsfeld was CEO of Searle
  3851. Impeach Bush for lies propelling U.S. to war
  3852. Rich Senators Defeat Minimum-Wage Hike
  3853. Bush - Nazi Dealings Continued Until 1951 - Federal Documents
  3854. Cheney-Staffer-Turned-Reporter Now Covering Libby Indictment for NBC News
  3855. Thomas Paine's Corner: Bush Regime Going Down in Plames (Just a little optimistic)
  3856. Israel's nuclear arsenal causes global crisis
  3857. Mighty Amazon close to running out of water
  3858. US court nominee Alito a conservative like Scalia
  3859. U.S. Ranks 44th in Worldwide Press Freedom Index
  3860. Reporters sans fronti&#-11;&#-11;res - Annual Worldwide Press Freedom Index - 2005
  3861. 20 killed in Bazra car bomb blast
  3862. UN envoys say must quiz Guantanamo detainees
  3863. U.S. Military Wants to Own the Weather (You didn't think HAARP was a fiction?)
  3864. Fed Plan on Protecting Ports Is Delayed
  3865. Republicans join call for Rove to resign
  3866. Cheney appoints Addington to replace Libby
  3867. Cheney appoints Addington to replace Libby
  3868. Cheney Promotes Individuals Named In Indictment
  3869. Bali Nine alleged drug traffickers set up for execution by Australian police
  3870. UK poverty report draws attention to widening inequalities
  3871. Interview with Mexican Committee of 68 member Students were the main targets of the dirty war
  3872. Mexican rights group exposes government's whitewash of student massacres
  3873. US judge orders release of Guant&#-11;&#-11;namo hunger strikers' medical records
  3874. The political implications of the Libby indictment
  3875. Libby defiant as Senate investigates Rove's role
  3876. Wilson Demands Rove's Sacking
  3877. Howard Dean: Indict Dick Cheney
  3878. Fight looms over court choice
  3879. law.com - Judicial Experience, Conservative Credentials Seen as Factors in Alito Nomination
  3880. Third day of clashes over Zanzibar election
  3881. Merkel Stays Focused on Grand Coalition Despite SPD Fiasco
  3882. White House spurns shake-up
  3883. NYPD defends subway bag searches (are body cavity searches next?)
  3884. Tokyo Stock Exchange embarrassed by system crash
  3885. Hubble sees possible new Pluto moons
  3886. Israel conducts mass arrest campaign
  3887. Gaza may turn into huge prison (Exactly as intended)
  3888. Israel Arrests Hamas Leader Accused of Planning Raids (not because it's true, of course)
  3889. Berlusconi: 'I tried to get Bush to not invade Iraq' (Um - sure - right - absolutely)
  3890. Berlusconi's outburst puts strain on relations with US (How very naughty, and selfserving of him)
  3891. Making light of those awkward differences
  3892. Breaking the Science: Misleading Stories
  3893. Unfinished Business
  3895. Former soldier wins landmark case over Gulf War Syndrome
  3896. Rumsfeld's growing stake in Tamiflu
  3897. After the Libby Indictment, the Press Is Acquitting Itself (and not well)
  3898. Trial Could Pit Libby's Interests Against Bush's (So it won't happen)
  3899. AP: Mysterious 'Official A' is Karl Rove (How very clever to figure that out)
  3900. Cytations: reform is happening: Are Israelis Retaliating for Indictments by Ambushing US Troops?
  3901. KR Washington Bureau | 10/31/2005 | Cheney's new security adviser linked to bogus information on Iraq
  3902. New Australia terror laws delayed
  3903. Bush Outlines Flu Remedies (A really brilliant asshole)
  3904. Clinton's Arkansas blood scandal
  3905. Forging the Case for War
  3906. Alternative Media Censorship
  3907. national journal: Has The End of USrael Tolled? The Economic Tsunami
  3908. Chinese Defense Minister Speech For WAR against the United States
  3909. Fed Boosts Key Interest Rate to 4 Percent
  3910. Congress to air concerns over Negroponte's office
  3911. Rumsfeld says no U.N. access to Guantanamo inmates
  3912. Bush aide says Iraq withdrawal bad for Israel
  3913. Bacteria On CDC's Bioterrorism List Detected In San Jose (or not: truth is out, lying is in)
  3914. Congress Set to Pass Law Eliminating Liability For Vaccine Injuries
  3915. Bush: $7.1B to Thwart Bird Flu (Right, sure - so far, it's a non threat)
  3916. Bush asks Congress for $70m for flu vaccine
  3917. Senate forced into unusual closed session over Iraq war
  3918. Indiadaily.com - Arab League sees ''the end of the foreign occupation'' as a necessary prerequisite to progress in Iraq
  3919. Breaking News - Dems Shut Down Senate
  3920. GOP furious at closed Senate session
  3921. Labor unions add muscle to anti-war push
  3922. Milwaukee Paper Apologizes for Accepting 'Cooked' WMD Evidence (Not duped; they lied)
  3923. Democrats detail times their efforts to examine intel were blocked (Lying little "victims")
  3924. The Snake Oil Merchants Who Sold Us A War!!
  3926. Australia Receives Threat of Terror Attack (What perfect timing!)
  3927. 'Devastating' winter ahead, says chemicals giant
  3928. Wal-Mart flexes, backs Schwarzenegger
  3929. Nominee's Reasoning Points to a Likely Vote Against Roe v. Wade (Alito)
  3930. Amnesty International on Blair's terror laws:
  3931. 'Shoot to kill' dumped from terror bill: Bracks
  3932. NSA article raises questions about Vietnam War
  3933. Congress to air concerns over Negroponte's office
  3934. Group organizes walkout by students to protest war
  3935. Bill "Shut Up" O'Reilly Takes on Bloggers
  3936. Time Reporter Says He Learned Agent's Identity From Rove
  3937. U.S. Discusses Invasion of Saudi Arabia
  3938. Arab League scuttled secret exile offer for Saddam: U.A.E. officials
  3939. Bush aide says Iraq withdrawal bad for Israel
  3940. Rumsfeld defends Guantanamo decision
  3941. Rumsfeld says no U.N. access to Guantanamo inmates
  3942. CIA Holds Terror Suspects in Secret Prisons
  3943. Dhafir Sentenced to 22 Years: Another Erosion of Civil Rights
  3944. Carry On, Patrick Fitzgerald
  3945. Libby's Lies
  3946. Kent State: Wise Up and Back Off
  3947. Bashing Syria: Another Trojan Horse from the UN?
  3948. Dave Lindorff: Thinking About Impeachment
  3949. Why Are They Making New Orleans a Ghost Town?
  3950. Gary Leupp: The Plame Affair Leads to Rome
  3951. Gary Leupp: The Plame Affair Leads to Rome
  3952. An Interview with Kent State's Dave Airhart
  3953. Chavez revokes agent immunity
  3954. For sale: Britain's underground city
  3955. Alito a Longtime Federalist Society Member
  3956. Democrats Signal Hesitance to Use Filibuster Against Alito (Bought)
  3957. Syria criticizes UN order to assist probe into Hariri's death
  3958. Israel Kills 2 Palestinian Radical Leaders in Airstrike
  3959. Texas judge removed from case vs. DeLay
  3960. Bush Administration Threatens Veto on Senate Medicare Drug Cuts
  3961. Fiscal Phonies
  3962. Saving pennies while spending big bucks
  3963. Bush panel supports new tax code
  3964. End of an era -- Big Three are no more
  3965. Big Drop in October for Detroit
  3966. Zanzibar President Karume re-inaugurated
  3967. Zanzibar to swear in president
  3968. German coalition doubts mount as Stoiber bows out
  3969. Political Crisis in Germany
  3970. The New Yorker: Scooter's Sex Shocker
  3971. Scooter Libby's deviant novel
  3972. Nice Try Harry (Reid) But it Was Too Little, Too Late
  3973. Indian professor supports Iran's anti-Zionist stand
  3974. Dying For Israels Oil Pipeline
  3975. Secretary of state quits (FL)
  3976. Diplomats: Iran Allows U.N. Nuclear Inspectors Return Visit to Secret Military Site (It doesn't matter)
  3977. Anti-Bush Protesters Gather in Argentine Resort Ahead of Americas Summit
  3978. Rabbi Zakheim Used Tax Trillions to Infest us with Israeli Traitors & Troop Killers
  3979. New 'NY Times' Pay Plan Cuts E-mailing of Columns (STOP Reading NYT; Ignore it)
  3980. WorldTribune.com: U.S. fears prospect of Saudi coup, weighs invasion plans
  3981. Cheney Taps Torture Memo Author to Replace Scooter Libby
  3982. Senators to Probe Lobbyist's Activities (Criminal Congress at work, trying to look sane)
  3983. Defend Antiwar Veteran at Kent State
  3984. SeeSawing Prices, Obscene Profits Prove Fuel Cost Manipulation
  3986. Our Greatest Criminals Are Never Charged With Their Greatest Crimes
  3987. US military massacres Iraqi civilians near Syrian border
  3988. Forced Inoculations Beginning of Bush's Bird Flu Plan
  3989. FBI fails to re-create anthrax production (All simply devoid of reality)
  3990. Judith Miller used to tip-off terror linked muslim charity
  3991. Russia tests Topol-M missile to subdue USA's $50-billion air defense
  3992. Rising prices put brakes on U.S. manufacturing (What manufacturing?!)
  3993. Hannity falsely claimed Ginsburg advocated legalizing prostitution, lowering the consent age to 12
  3994. The Raw Story | Senate Intelligence chairman quietly 'fixed' intelligence, and diverted blame from White House over Iraq
  3995. Nothing to Lose (It is all a giant ruse)
  3996. Anthrax (and Rummy's abusive vaccine)
  3997. Iran to process fresh batch of uranium: diplomats (Fictional)
  3998. Scooter Libby, Mob Lawyer
  3999. Students start walkout to protest war, recruiting
  4000. Joseph C. Wilson IV: Beyond the outing of Valerie
  4001. Most Offspring Died When Mother Rats Ate Genetically Engineered Soy
  4002. Howard deflects nation's gaze away from the ball
  4003. Police on standby for terror cell raids (Such an obvious crock)
  4004. Premiers give go-ahead to terrorism laws (Government is the terrorist)
  4005. Blair's bad day ends in terror bill climbdown (UK avoids government terrorism?)
  4006. London: demonstration demands end to shoot-to-kill policy
  4007. German minister employs Nazi vocabulary to describe long-term unemployed
  4008. Paris hit by anti-police riots (It's a start)
  4009. On eve of Americas Summit Bush faces mass protests, opposition to trade pact in Argentina(READ - the most hated man on the planet)
  4010. Iraq election to exacerbate slide toward civil war
  4011. To silence opposition to police-state measures Australian government declares [confabulates] "urgent" terrorist threat
  4012. US military massacres Iraqi civilians near Syrian border
  4013. Ramzy Baroud: Rolling Back Syria
  4014. The Philosophy of Mendacity: From Leo Strauss to Scooter Libby
  4015. Saving Rosa Parks from American Hypocrisy
  4016. Holy Alito!: Not as Crazy as Scalia, But Just as Bad
  4017. Riots roil suburbs of Paris for 7th day
  4018. Chirac Calls For Calm As Violence Spreads Beyond Paris
  4019. Bush heads into bandit country (Almost funny in what is not said)
  4020. Ethiopian clashes alarm AU and US (Why? They're not even close to Ethiopia)
  4021. Behind Libby's indictment | IndyStar.com
  4022. Ex-official denies link to lobbyist Abramoff (So what do you knpow for sure?)
  4023. AP: DeLay's staff tried to help Abramoff (Ooops)
  4024. US hurricane damage 'preventable' (How kind of you to notice)
  4025. Shortcuts alleged in building levees
  4026. Bush adviser says he misses friend Libby (I am going to start crying)
  4027. After jeers in New York, royals find cheers in D.C. (Who *are* these authors? Are they for real?)
  4028. US Economy May Be Failing Greenspan Test for Stable Prices (No?! Reall?)
  4029. A flu report gives worst-case scenario (Babblings)
  4030. Avian Flu Outbreak May Kill 1.9 Million Americans (Update1) (Further Babblings)
  4031. Pandemic Is Inevitable, Govt. Officials Say (Absolute babblings & Lies)
  4032. Tongue has built-in taste for fatty food (You betcha! Yummy!)
  4033. Fondness for Fatty Foods May Be Built In (Brain transplant candidates)
  4034. Timoney's son held on drug charges (Change the law)
  4035. Rebellion Against Abuse (Not near enough rebellion)
  4036. US would retrain N.Korea nuclear scientists (LMAO)
  4037. Bush critics conclude U.S. is losing war on terrorism (It *IS* the terrorist!)
  4038. Iraq Asks Return of Some Officers of Hussein Army (Fuck the NYT)
  4039. U.S. Circulates Resolution to Keep U.S.-Led Force in Iraq for Another Year
  4040. Experts dismiss scare over bird flu (Finally they speak out)
  4041. Bush to Confront New Troubles Abroad
  4042. Bush Faces Mass Protests And Opposition To Trade Impact In Argentina On The Eve Of Americas Summit(Yes)
  4043. Historic Vermont Meeting in State Capital Passes Resolution to Secede from the US
  4044. Anti-male bias in the public school system
  4045. Thanks to Bush, bad could get worse (are already worse)
  4046. Mortgage rates hit 18-month high
  4047. War by remote control (and fictional ending of Gaza occupation)
  4048. Springing a Leak (more of Niger fraud and coverup)
  4049. Blair's power drains away (rightly, but not near fast enough)
  4050. Iraq calls for former officers to rejoin army
  4051. Palestinians hit by sonic boom air raids
  4052. Carter: White House Manipulated Iraq Intel
  4053. Civil Rights in Germany
  4054. Media overlooked Sen. Roberts's conflicting statements about investigation into Bush Administration's use of intelligence before the Iraq [invasion] war (So many diversions)
  4055. Lautenberg's Rhetorical Missile (Calling legislation by what it is?! A novel idea)
  4056. Food Stamp Cuts Are On Table
  4057. 6 US servicemen accused of rape in Subic - INQ7.net (Support the troops)
  4058. Judy Miller and the AIPAC Spy Case
  4059. Why Did the Trade Center Skyscrapers Collapse? by Morgan Reynolds
  4060. Survival of the Fittest
  4061. Bush aide denies ties to fake Iraq-Niger documents
  4062. Australian Senate rushes anti-terror changes after attack warning (What do you expect from manipulative, lying filth?)
  4063. US asks Japan to bear huge relocation cost
  4064. Clashes expected at Americas summit (One can hope)
  4065. Israel and Consequences of Uniqueness (The history is good)
  4066. Hillary Clinton to visit Israel, meet with Sharon (Hillary needed to go ages ago)
  4067. Plaintiff alleges Alito conflict
  4068. Dirt Starting to Fly Around Alito's Supreme Court Nomination Saying He Is A "Mafia Friendly Insider"
  4069. Putin Praises International Court and Stresses Freedom of Internet
  4070. U.S. wants another UN resolution on Lebanon-Syria
  4071. Pre-Pandemic-Intelligence (Pandemic flu of mass nonexistence)
  4072. The Raw Story | Bolton's chief of staff gave information on outed agent to Libby, lawyers involved in leak case say
  4073. Two former Hilo Wal-Mart employees file suit against company
  4074. Italy Warned U.S. That Documents About Purported Iraq Uranium Deal Were Fake
  4075. The Gun is Smoking: Ohio Exit Poll Data Provides Virtually Irrefutable Evidence of Vote Miscount
  4076. These Stats Are a Crime by Paul Moses (Real Bloomberg)
  4077. Cyber crooks break into online accounts with ease (Banks will murder all of us)
  4078. Students roar against war
  4079. "Over Time, We'll Get it Right in Iraq" (Rummy "The Sick" Slavers)
  4080. Pay Gains Are Lagging Inflation: Just A Blip Or Enduring Trend? (Guess!)
  4081. No answer yet on what caused spill at nerve agent depot ("Government Engineering")
  4082. Bush's Increasing Mental Lapses and Temper Tantrums Worry White House Aides
  4083. Le Monde.fr : Le cabinet de Dick Cheney accus&#-11;&#-11; d'avoir autoris&#-11;&#-11; la tortureen Irak.
  4084. NRC: Radioactive Water Leaked From Connecticut Yankee (Government Engineering)
  4085. U.S. Senate backs oil drilling in Alaskan refuge
  4086. Senate Hearings for Alito to Begin Jan. 9
  4087. Rioting Spreads to 20 Towns Around Paris
  4088. French youths open fire on police
  4089. Terrorist laws toned down as MPs dig in (Destroy them and the reptos they rode in on)
  4090. GAO report upholds Ohio vote fraud claims (Now, to what end?)
  4091. Lewis Libby, Former Cheney Aide, Pleads Not Guilty (Meaning a trial?)
  4092. British troops cleared of murdering Iraqi as trial collapses (whitewash)
  4093. "I am a fashion god" (When is a government just an insane asylum?)
  4094. Australia signs military pact with the Philippines
  4095. Britain: Blunkett forced to resign from Cabinet
  4096. Bush bird flu plan includes windfall for pharmaceuticals giants (You betcha!)
  4097. Germany: SPD chairman resigns in midst of grand coalition talks (In every fucking country on earth this shit is going on)
  4098. New Delhi bomb blasts a heinous crime (But who really did it?)
  4099. Australia's "Anti-Terrorism" Bill: the framework for a police state (But, of course it is!)
  4100. Democrats complicit in Iraq war lies US Senate's closed session: The short, noisy reign of Harry Reid(Another "of course")
  4101. City Pages - The CIA leak investigation: Bigger fish, deeper water
  4102. Taxation or Racketeering? (Racketeering)
  4103. Sham Behind Closed Doors
  4104. Bang! Bang! You're Deaf! Sonic Weapons Over Palestine
  4105. Rep. Cynthia McKinney: an Occurrence at Gretna Bridge
  4106. Saul Landau: Torn Families and Shot Down Planes
  4107. James Petras: the Libby Affair and the Internal War (READ)
  4108. Mount St. Helens Recovery Slowed By Insect (theoretical ecologist = BS artist)
  4109. Iran :: Mannequins get cuffed for being alluring (Another national insane asylum)
  4110. Latin America prepares to 'say no to Bush' (Bravo!)
  4111. Analysts predict thorny reception for Bush at summit
  4112. Pressure on allies over CIA's 'al-Qaida camps'
  4113. EU ignorant of CIA secret prisons: commissioner (HaHaHaHaHaHa!)
  4114. UN fears tension in Ethiopia will turn into war (People are getting fed up with Repto Governments?)
  4115. Fourth day of unrest in Addis Ababa
  4116. Al-Qaida suspect killed as agents raid shop (So any kind of shot can be said)
  4117. Key al-Qaida figure reportedly captured (Why say that, Lying Asshole?)
  4118. Merck wins key court battle over painkiller (Ooops)
  4119. Greenspan warns US on budget deficits (It'a all become merely amusing in the face of inevitable global collapse)
  4120. Greenspan Says Growth `Firm,' Inflation `Uncertain' (Big G is also a liar)
  4121. Study of Sony Anti-Piracy Software Triggers Uproar
  4122. When Vendors Install Malware
  4123. Sony DRM is worse than you might think
  4124. Infection-control key to US flu plan (No, murdering people is key)
  4125. Avian Flu Outbreak May Kill 1.9 Million Americans (More babbling garbage from Bloomberg)
  4126. World Bank Sees Slower Asia Growth, Bird Flu Risk (Liars, just negate what you read)
  4127. US Lags Behind Other Nations in Health Care (Wow! Something true!)
  4128. US leads in medical errors -- study (Ooops)
  4129. US Health Care Costs Big Money
  4130. Morocco denounces threats of killing abducted nationals in Iraq
  4131. AIPAC judge keeps evidence classified (??!)
  4132. UK withholding alleged evidence against Iran (Because it's fabricated in Israel?)
  4133. The desperation behind Blair's half-baked banquet of ideas
  4134. Give up your guns, urges Toronto's top cop (so you can be murdered by cops easily)
  4135. Mystery signal blocking Ottawa door devices
  4136. U.S. senators say government's flu plan is too little, too late (But Rummy's wealth is nicely increased)
  4137. Bush's Popularity Reaches New Low (*Now* can we jail him?)
  4138. Mainstream Media to American Democracy: Drop Dead!
  4139. Bush Tries to Improve U.S. Image at Summit (Doing what exactly?)
  4140. Former CPB Chairman Ken Tomlinson Resigns (Good riddance to sick rubbish)
  4141. Can states afford Bush's flu plan? (The answer is no)
  4142. Protests swell as Bush meets American leaders
  4143. DeLay Asked Lobbyist [Abramoff] to Raise Money Through Charity
  4144. Fox News Paid for DeLay's Travel
  4145. Powell's ex-aide speaks of torture 'cabal'
  4146. Anti-Bush Protesters Take to the Streets (Argentina)
  4147. Iraq: The jewel in the Bush crown
  4148. Summit of the Americas opens as protesters rally against Bush, free trade
  4149. Moving towards a petroeuro system? Russia, Venezuela and some OPEC
  4150. Remarks by Stephen Hadley to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee National Summit 2005
  4151. Is Hal Turner trying to kick off race riots? (Waiting for Martial Law)
  4152. Time To Take Back America From The Democrats And The GOP (I'll drink to that)
  4153. Chavez 'Inspired' by Anti-Bush Protesters (Go Hugo!)
  4154. Washington Post Profit Slumps on Charges (and being liars and deserted for that)
  4155. A Cheney-Libby Conspiracy, Or Worse? Reading Between the Lines of the Libby Indictment
  4156. Smearing Fitzgerald - by Justin Raimondo
  4157. Capitol Hill Blue: GOP Leaders to Bush: 'Your Presidency is Effectively Over'
  4159. Legislation Killed By GOP Senate Defines Republicans
  4160. Americans support consideration of impeachment over Iraq, 51-45 percent
  4161. Bush Sidesteps Questions About CIA Leak
  4162. Iraq prisoner abuse witnesses 'disappear' in US custody
  4163. Someone is trying to fan race riots (as diversion)
  4164. Marine tells of 'carte blanche' to kill
  4165. Big Brother to vet your messages
  4166. Libby replacement linked to bogus intelligence
  4167. U.S. House delays vote on torture ban (criminal congress)
  4168. House Blocks Democrats' Iraq Resolution
  4169. Stop the Next War Before It Starts
  4170. SCANDAL OF THE LOBBY ZIONIST AIPAC: A PERFUME OF WATERGATE (Chalabi, Brookes, Clarridge, Ledeen)
  4171. Philosopher's Stone
  4172. Niger Uranium Forgeries: Excavating a Roman Mystery
  4173. Cellphones to help DOT track traffic (Big DOTTY Brother)
  4174. Possible U.S. and Israeli Connection in Assassination of Rafiq Harari, the Former Polular Lebanese Leader (Starting to get to the truth - not Syria)
  4175. Se&#-11;&#-11;n Garland - brian-vernon
  4176. Kerry Told Me He Now Thinks the Election Was Stolen (Go Away!)
  4177. Anti-Bush protests rage before summit
  4178. British government and security agencies seek to legitimise torture
  4179. Monsoon rains reveal social crisis in Bangalore, the city hyped as India's Silicon Valley
  4180. Italy: Berlusconi changes electoral law to remain in power
  4181. A silver lining for Rumsfeld in the bird flu threat
  4182. Australian legal experts condemn Anti-Terrorism Bill
  4183. France: widening anti-police riots provoke government crisis
  4184. The CIA's global gulag
  4185. Laurels for Negroponte?
  4186. Exit Strategy: You Can't Stay the Course in a Lost War
  4187. Katrina and Tax Breaks for the Very Rich
  4188. Phillip Cryan: Crackdown in Colombia
  4189. Blood on the Tundra, Betrayal in the Rotunda: Losing ANWR
  4190. Why Latin America Bashes Bush (Spun trash to burnish essential evil)
  4191. FT.com / World / Americas - Bolivian populist leads attack on the US
  4192. Thousands protest Bush in Argentina (That's Tens of Thousands)
  4193. Martin takes shot at Bush over softwood, urges more free trade in Americas(Insane, lying morons, every one of them, including the author)
  4194. Chavez calls Free Trade proposal scheme to subjugate the poor ... (which is *EXACTLY* correct)
  4195. Thousands turn out to protest President Bush's visit to Argentina (Millions don't want him here either)
  4196. Not One More Death... Not One More Dollar Letter
  4197. In Brazil, More Protests May Await Bush (The sun might rise too)
  4198. Cheney Pushes Senate For CIA Exemption to Torture Ban (The second most hated scum in all history)
  4199. Senior Democrats question Rove's security clearance
  4200. Iraq al-Qaida Threatens Attacks on Envoys (Which al-qaeda? CIA or Mossad?)
  4201. Iraq police: Bodies of torture victims found
  4202. French youths open fire on police
  4203. Man Gets Big Bill For Grandson's 4 Movie Downloads (Corgov attacks)
  4204. FBI: No Effort To Influence Policy In Forged Documents (How fucking stupid do these morons think we are?)
  4205. FBI: Financial Gain Drove Uranium Forgery (FBI is full of lying shit)
  4206. Chalabi Back to Court Washington's Favor (Hey! Wasn't he the guy that ...?)
  4207. Thousands protest Bush in Argentina (Free Trade = Free Corporate Looting)
  4208. Bush orders staff to attend ethics briefings (LMAO)
  4209. We Dont Need Them (No, but they need us - READ)
  4210. 11/04/2005 | Italy provided U.S. with faulty uranium intelligence, officials insist(and who else was involved with SISMI?)
  4211. Witnesses Describe Ballot Fraud in Nineveh (Now, *that's* 'murikan!)
  4212. Syria and the UN: Another polarizing double standard
  4213. "Don't be silenced" March, Sydney 5 November 05 (Off your asses, or rue the day)
  4214. Bin Laden Publicly Quiet for Long Time (Dead people are like that)
  4215. Voice of the White House November 4, 2005 (Not to be trusted)
  4216. Decades of dumping chemical arms leave a risky legacy
  4217. Guardsman re-enlists, Pentagon kills bonus (How perfectly stupid)
  4218. It's time to decide if torture is the U.S. way (US has been a terrorist for 150 years)
  4219. Rome within Iran missile range: Israeli FM (Israel is always cruisin for a bruisin)
  4220. UN Nuclear Watchdog Satisfied With Russia-Iran Nuclear Cooperation
  4221. An unsafe world for US companies (A bit of poetic irony)
  4222. Lawmaker From Ohio Subpoenaed in Abramoff Case
  4223. Bush Has Little to Say About Questions on Rove
  4224. US Senate again backs prisoner torture ban
  4225. House Delays Vote on U.S. Treatment of Terrorism Suspects
  4226. Cheney Pushes Senate For CIA Exemption to Torture Ban
  4227. Iraq war 'fuelled terrorism': ex-British ambassador (Yes, State Terrorism)
  4228. U.S. Should Repay Millions to Iraq For K.B.R. Contract Work: Audit (Um - how about Halliburton paying?)
  4229. US launches offensive near Syria (Operation red herring?)
  4230. GOP admits it erred in challenging some voters' registration (but, we'll keep doing it anyhow)
  4231. Suspects may have plotted to blow up White House, US landmarks: magazine (They also may have been flying to Jupiter)
  4232. Iran offers shares to the poor
  4233. Europe puts heat on US over camps (So it's not just a nasty conspiracy theory?)
  4234. US$85m '7-star' hotel set for Baghdad's Green Zone (Serious mental problems here)
  4235. US launches new offensive in Iraq (More Operation Red Herring)
  4236. Record numbers in US prisons Women, children and immigrants top incarceration increases
  4237. An inside job--US Labor Department and Wal-Mart's secret agreement on child labor
  4238. Unanswered questions about Australia's "terrorist" alert
  4239. Eyewitness to Paris riots charges police with deliberate provocation
  4240. Bush's visit sparks upheavals in Argentina
  4241. Ben Tripp: Beginning of the End?
  4242. Reza Fiyouzat: Structural Problems in the Democratic Party
  4243. Bush-Cheney and Big Oil's Big Summer
  4244. Bird Flu and the Posse Comitatus Act
  4245. Juliano Mer-Khamis: They Shoot at Children, Too
  4246. Will Big Business Turn On Bush?: the Economic Nightmare Unfolds (If Bushis survived, Clintonian globalization won't look so bad)
  4247. Globalizing Sadism: the United States of Torture
  4248. The Zapatistas' Otra Campaign for Mexico's Presidential Elections
  4249. Lying, Law Schools and Executive Power: What Senators Should Ask Alito
  4250. Storm Over Brockes' Fakery: Guardian Fabricates Chomsky Quotes
  4251. Rioters shatter Bush's hopes of forging free trade coup
  4252. Americas Summit successful, says Argentine FM
  4253. Showdown: Bush, Chavez defend their corners
  4254. Charles meets the queens of San Francisco
  4255. Hundres of vehicles torched overnight in France Violence
  4256. Riots Spread Across France; 250 Arrested
  4257. EU accepts denials of 2 members on CIA prisons (LMAO - tell us what we want to hear!)
  4258. EU to investigate allegations of CIA jails (Investigate? Yewah - right!)
  4259. Senate Preparing to Question Latest Supreme Court Nomination (Congress will do as it's told. Remember Wellstone?)
  4260. US October Payrolls Rise 56,000, Trailing Forecast (Update5) (Smoke & Mirrors)
  4261. A Wal-Mart-Brand Symposium (Ra ta ta ta Rata - Ta Ra ta ta ta Rata ...)
  4262. Judge Weighs Evolution Arguments in Pa. (Jurisdiction?)
  4263. States plot their strategies for battling bird flu (How about the bird flu hoax?)
  4264. Officials defend new US bird flu plan (for nonexistent disease)
  4265. US pandemic flu plan includes rationing of medicines (for nonexistent disease)
  4266. Roche restricts Tamiflu supply to Hong Kong (Good for HK)
  4267. Generic Tamiflu is made in Asia (Is there a cure for Tamiflu?)
  4268. Pirates fire at luxury liner (Captain Jack Sparrow, no doubt)
  4269. Passengers tell of pirate attack in two rubber dinghies
  4270. PM [Singh] holds strategy meetings on Volcker report
  4271. Indian minister braves storm over UN's Iraq report
  4272. West expects flawed Azerbaijan poll, rulers to win
  4273. Palestinian boy shot by IDF dies
  4274. Iraq offensive meets resistance (Well - that is sure surprising)
  4275. U.S Christian leaders warn Candian churches against Divestment from Israel (Speaking of severe mental disturbances)
  4276. AIPAC trial postponed to April 25 (well after election time)
  4277. Smoking Gun on Manipulation of Iraq Intelligence? 'NY Times' Cites New Document(It's those nasty al-CIAda people again)
  4278. Indonesia confirms bird flu death (maybe)
  4279. Moonies leader returns to Britain
  4280. JDL Member Imprisoned in Bomb Plot Killed (and forever silenced)
  4281. The FBI's Secret Scrutiny
  4282. Weapon of mass attraction?
  4283. 10th straight night of destruction in France
  4284. France burns with anger
  4285. French riots defy crackdown
  4286. Friends of Liberty - America Online (AOL): Made in Langley, VA
  4287. Frist urges germ spies | ajc.com
  4288. Bird Flu Scam to Cost Us Plenty (Indeed, but Rummy will do very well)
  4289. Fuel's paradise? Power source that turns physics on its head(If it seems to be too good to be true, it is)
  4290. Bush bruised, not beaten in talks (Que lastima!)
  4291. Bush opposed both inside and out at summit
  4292. California's love affair with Arnie is terminated
  4293. No sequel for Arnold, sez poll
  4294. Gov. Schwarzenegger Trolls for Votes
  4295. Briefly: Polled responses cool to Schwarzenegger
  4296. Voters turn against Schwarzenegger
  4297. Congress slams NDA govt, says 'we may sue Volcker'
  4298. Report bullshit: Natwar puts foot in denial mouth - Newindpress.com
  4299. MPs unite for inquiry into Blairs conduct over Iraq (Isn't this a little late?)
  4300. Taxman goes after girl, 12 (Canada)
  4301. Audit says US should repay Iraq (Paying for Halliburton twice?!)
  4302. Actor Beatty shadows California's Schwarzenegger
  4303. Panama angry over US weapons left along canal
  4304. 'WSJ' Seeks 8 Pages of Redacted Info in Judith Miller Case
  4305. Panicky Bush slinks away from Chavez (Knows he would be toast)
  4307. Torture It's the new American way
  4308. The Consequences of Covering Up - Washington Post withholds info on secret prisons at government request (READ)
  4309. Kissinger Discourages Exiting Iraq Early (A national war criminal speaks- again)
  4310. Who Are these Snipers Killing Marines In Iraq?
  4311. Axis of Hardliners, From Tehran to Washington
  4312. The Mysterious Death of Pat Tillman (and the gummint that needs to be taken out)
  4313. Venezuela On The Road to Eliminating Homelessness
  4314. Bush avoids direct battle with Venezuela's Chavez and (spontaneous combustion for W)
  4315. Summit of Americas ends in deadlock
  4316. Mike [Bloomberg] can't put price on dignity
  4317. Republicans Still Keeping Secret Evidence Administration Used Reports They Knew Were False to Bring US to War
  4318. Syria prepares for Western economic sanctions (by aligning with Russia and China)
  4319. Irans military says ready to counter U.S. assault
  4320. Demons in the skies of the Gaza Strip
  4321. Damning report could soon force Israel's U.S. envoy to quit
  4322. House Speaker Rep. Dennis Hastert Caught In Lobbyist Abramoff's Scandal?...
  4323. Beneath Spy `Outing' Lies Story of Lies About Iraq
  4324. Israel and the Neocons
  4325. Sweet Dreams for America's Ruling Elite and their Sycophantic Loyalists
  4326. Lied to FBI, Committed Perjury, Obstructed Justice
  4327. 20 Amazing Facts about Voting in the USA
  4328. House to house fighting reported during major US-led offensive in Iraq
  4329. U.S. DISCUSSES INVASION OF SAUDI ARABIA (Can we lok up the government now?)
  4330. What Do You Know -- Bogus Intel Got Us Into Another War (This makes *every* so called war, WWI and WWII, Spanish-American War, Name it)
  4331. New Fed Boss Called 'Insane Fan Of Inflation' (Are you afarid yet?)
  4332. Newsday Does 9/11
  4333. March demands accountability of Gretna police action
  4334. Sedition gag is no joke, say satirists (AU - Totalitarian State)
  4335. Beware alarmist rubbish, says Beattie (AU - This imminent threat *is* John Howard)
  4336. 'Raids planned' on terror suspects (John Howard?!)
  4337. FBI Patriot Act Plan Concerns Lawmakers
  4338. Homeland Security rights chief urges Muslim fliers to register (Love thereasoning of liars)
  4339. A Cheney-Libby Conspiracy, Or Worse?
  4340. Agents 'shielded' from torture charges
  4341. Governors Balk at Bigger Role for Military
  4342. Bush Advocates Free Trade (Corporate Looting) Throughout Americas
  4343. Intelligent design case now in judge's hands
  4344. Iran opens military base, returns to negotiation table (It won't matter)
  4345. Biden: Alito Filibuster Seems Unlikely (Bought)
  4346. Governor about to get answer on what voters think of agenda (Elections will have to be rigged, again)
  4347. Farm breakthrough key to saving Doha Round
  4348. Five dead as Somali PM escapes blast
  4349. Dayal to hold probe into Volcker charge
  4350. Asian car brands take record US market share as GM and Ford plunge
  4351. A vulnerable natural-gas supply
  4352. Trinidad police detain Israeli; may be linked to bombings
  4353. The reality of Britain's reliance on torture
  4354. No Tinfoil Hat Required
  4355. Libby the PNAC Connection to WHIG
  4356. Army plan causing 'unnecessary alarm' (AU - Dialectical Diversion)
  4357. Rove linked to investigation of conservative broadcaster
  4358. Bitter Blair accepts defeat over plan to hold terrorism suspects for 90 days
  4359. FBI Use of Patriot Act Concerns Lawmakers
  4360. US vastly increases surveillance of foreigners under Patriot Act
  4361. Terrified Residents Flee Iraq Fighting
  4362. Warplane assault on resistance stronghold (i.e., a family dinner)
  4363. Iraqi politicians condemn US offensive
  4364. US intel on Iraq-Qaeda ties 'intentionally misleading': document
  4365. UK's Blair "seduced" by U.S. before Iraq war - ex-diplomat
  4366. U.S.'s $1.3 billion for Afghanistan rebuilding seen as wasteful
  4367. Flu Plan Counts on Public Cooperation (in accepting a ruse)
  4368. Long-Predicted Flu Finally Tops National Agenda (and it all stinks olies)
  4369. Watch That Pea: What the administration is doing while you're watching Scooter & Sammy
  4370. US Iraq offensive goes house-to-house
  4371. Americas fail to bury the free trade hatchet- The Economic Times
  4372. Document counters claims that Al Qaeda got training in Iraq
  4374. US saw Qaeda-Iraq informant as likely liar in 2002 (We know that)
  4375. Document in 2002 warned of faulty intelligence on Iraq
  4376. Source of Iraq-Qaeda link suspected liar -NY Times (Ah! NYT, speaking of liars)
  4377. US relied heavily on shady informant, new report says (Um - why?)
  4378. Selective intelligence: Building the case for war in Iraq
  4379. Al-Libi and an al-Lie
  4380. Republicans Still Keeping Secret Evidence Administration Used ...
  4381. Free trade will help Americas compete with China, India: Bush (Moron/liar)
  4382. Volcker report is 'dead' for Natwar; probe to be made public
  4383. West poised to give verdict in Azerbaijan poll (West surelu knows about rigged elections)
  4384. Guardian Unlimited | Special reports | Palestine and the Jews (Nov. 7, 1917)
  4385. Cheney Fights for Detainee Policy (and will become the victim of his own evil)
  4386. If Cheney's for torture, why not use it on Scooter? (Cheney, W, Rove, Rummy, ...)
  4387. Capitol Hill Blue: An Enemy of The State (Totalitarian State - READ)
  4388. 9/11, Iraq & PNAC - The Connection is Clear & Undeniable (and Israel?)
  4389. Sharon Says No to Negotiations with Syria (No talk, just bomb)
  4390. Neo-Con/Fascist Provocateurs Behind French Riots?
  4391. Urgent - News alert ! The US blood thirsty invaders at it again : Using prohibited weapons against Iraqi civilians!
  4392. Former top diplomat to US to make further revelations
  4393. Censored! Project Censored presents the 10 biggest stories the mainstream media ignored over the past year
  4394. Prisoner Accounts Suggest Detention At Secret Facilities
  4395. Democrats: Deceit made us back war (Oh - yeah, sure LMAO! Bought!)
  4396. No Evidence of Pressure on Iraq Data, Senator Says (Senator "Liar, liar, pants on fire" Roberts)
  4397. IRS Targeting Pro-Peace Churches; Pro War, No Problemo
  4398. Russian Company to Build Two Billion Dollar Oil Refinery in Syria
  4399. Israel strives for image makeover on Arabic media (Now, *that's* funny)
  4400. Sharon: Hamas out of election (Israeli nonexistent democracy in action)
  4401. Russian envoy underscores deepening of Iran-Russia relations
  4402. Russia, China to Jointly Explore Moon and Mars
  4403. Bush Declares: 'We Do Not Torture' (Can the lying get worse?)
  4405. ICRC hits US over secret terror detainees
  4406. An unsafe world for US companies (That's what CIA was invented to prevent)
  4407. Italian Satellite TV to Broadcast Evidence of US Use of Chemical Weapons on Civilians
  4408. The Suppression of Dissent
  4409. Who Owns the Rights on Tamiflu: Rumsfeld To Profit From Bird Flu Hoax
  4410. Iran Says Contracts With Russia Could Reach $10Bln
  4411. Another Thunderbolt from Wilkerson (Cheney The Impaler)
  4412. Neo-conservatism: The Cult of American Ascendancy or Moral Bankruptcy?
  4413. Palestinians donate son's kidney for Israeli boy
  4414. Clusterfuck Nation
  4415. Abramoff fire hits DoI
  4416. Ishihara says U.S. can't win war with China, calls U.S forces incompetent(Yep)
  4417. Insiders say Rove may leave White House (and go underground, like Ledeen and Perle)
  4418. US wont yield Gis to RP government (US has no business there, to begin with)
  4419. FRANCE: Riots Spread Into Rebellion (So, who's orchestrating this?)
  4420. Vet: "Bodies Melted Away Before Us."TV to Broadcast Evidence of US Use of Chem Weapons on Civilians (The US *is* an atrocity, top to bottom)
  4421. Top advisor to Bush may be charged with lying (That's it?!)
  4422. Rove under cloud of suspicion but still privy to top-secret data
  4423. English version of Italian program on US' use of chemical weapons against civilians in Fallujah
  4424. Italian News Org. To Broadcast Evidence Of US Use Of Chemical Weapons On Iraqi Civilians
  4425. Evolution in the bible, says Vatican (from the people who fabricated the Bible)
  4426. Emeutes de Clichy-sous-bois les jeunes accusent la police : Entre provocations et r&#-11;&#-11;pressions polici&#-11;&#-11;r
  4427. Workers face paycheck pinch (And so it begins)
  4428. Jewish extremist killed in jail (Not allowed to label as terrorist?)
  4429. Nuclear Inspector to Test Connecticut Yankee Power Plant (and promptly lie about it)
  4430. World's energy policy is not sustainable (This is news?!)
  4431. Greenhouse gas 'to rise by 52%' (Assholes have *NO IDEA* what they're talking about)
  4432. Flu pandemic now just a matter of time, conference told (Oh is the 1918 reconstituted flu ready to be deployed?)
  4433. Pa. High Court Justices Face Angry Voters (A giant inflatable pig, filled with hot air, should replace the eagle symbol)
  4434. France: Riots 'out of control' (Who's orchestrating?)
  4435. French to Impose Curfews, Deploy Forces (Forced Totalitarian State in the traditional way)
  4436. UK cans 90-day detention plan (Fuck Blair and the Bush he rides on)
  4437. Army shoot-to-kill on top of new laws (Australians should have kept their guns?)
  4438. Australian Police Arrest 15 People in Anti-Terrorism Raids of Terrorism
  4439. U.S. Supreme Court Will Review Guantanamo Military Tribunals (Um - sure - right - US Surpremely Corrupt Court)
  4440. Five US soldiers charged with abuse (Cheney charged with genocide? - don't hold your breath)
  4441. US spy drones crashed on its territory, Iran says (They were just looking - ooops)
  4442. British Official Warns Iran Not to Meddle in Iraq (Hello?)
  4443. 92,000 US troops told to prepare for Iraq rotation (Anybody paying the slightest attention?)
  4444. U.S. soldiers killed in spate of Iraq bombings (Line up and get killed)
  4445. US troops kill Iraqi civilian in Baghdad (Kill the easy shots)
  4446. Italian TV Alleges U.S. Used Chemical Weapons In Fallujah
  4447. Britain's Railtrack: shareholders flex their muscles against government
  4448. Right-wing initiatives dominate California special election
  4449. Unanimous backing for Howard's emergency anti-terror laws A revealing line-up in the Australian Senate (like US criminal Congress)
  4450. No deal in Argentina Americas summit ends in debacle for Bush (Would that it really did)
  4451. As protests against police violence spreads High court declares Marseilles transport workers strike illegal(The beginning of the end?)
  4452. After 11 days of clashes between youth and police French government and opposition back intensified repression(Repression is the point and purpose)
  4453. Bush sinks in opinion polls, but Democrats offer no alternative (Bought!)
  4454. Israel as an Extension of American Empire
  4455. Naima Bouteldja: Paris is Burning (Sarkozy: Nazi Neocon Filth)
  4456. Paris Uprising: a Rebellion in Real Time
  4457. M. Junaid Alam: an Interview with Stan Goff (READ - but Stan just doesn't know global econ history)
  4458. Jeff Halper: Israel as an Extension of American Empire (READ - Part of what Stan doesn't know or understand. There's much more in banking history)
  4459. The Bush-Cheney Ethics Refresher Course: a Syllabus
  4460. A Tale of Two Generals: the Lies of Colin Powell
  4461. What Country was Bush Talking About? (The nature of true insanity)
  4462. Cheney and the Cover Up: the Vice President Lied (no, has been lying along: it's what he does)
  4463. Dick J. Reavis: the Origins of Mr. Danger
  4464. Decades of Dumping Chemical Weapons Legacy
  4465. Scientists Show How Thinking Can Harm Brain Cells (Government Science)
  4466. 'Iceman Curse' Claims Another Victim? (No curse. Another molecular biologist)
  4467. Cow-tipping myth hasn't got a leg to stand on (New science of the long obvious)
  4468. Australia foils terrorist attack (Yeah - right!)
  4469. Indian Official Demoted Over Oil-For-Food
  4470. Founding principle called into question
  4471. CNN.com - Cruise ship 'used sonic weapon' - Nov 7, 2005
  4472. Fallujah - The Hidden Massacre
  4473. FALLUJAH VIDEO of US Atrocities
  4474. Boston Globe to report U.S. cutting diplomatic ties with Syria
  4475. French Jews remain largely untargeted (A rather amazing coincidence)
  4476. So Iraq Was About the Oil
  4477. The FBI's Secret Scrutiny
  4478. Timeline: France riots
  4479. Timeline: France riots
  4480. $5,000 for loss of wife and son: how US prices death
  4481. Bushs legacy will haunt U.S. for years to come (centuries, if it lasts that long)
  4482. Enforcing the Holocaust Belief: The Third Z&#-11;&#-11;ndel Trial begins on 8 November 2005, at Mannheim, Germany
  4483. Budget for U.S. spying slips out $44 billion
  4484. US forces 'used chemical weapons' during assault on city of Fallujah
  4485. Another lawyer in Saddam trial shot dead
  4486. Iran oil bourse:a threat to the petrodollar?
  4487. Ahmed Chalabi to meet Cheney (Thieves in the Night)
  4488. Wider Scope in Prewar Probe Sought
  4489. US Used Chemical WMD in Fallujah-- video; US GI witness being swiftboated.
  4490. UN VIP searched at airport (This wacko nation is fucking amazing)
  4491. Ney sets up defense fund on Abramoff (?!!!)
  4493. Widespread Iraq violence leaves swath of casualties
  4494. The Lie Factory
  4495. U.S. severs most contacts with Syria, officials say / Washington debate reported over idea of 'regime change'
  4496. White House keeps dossiers on more than 10,000 'political enemies''
  4497. A history of the Iraq war, told entirely in lies
  4498. FBI called in on Hill
  4499. The Raw Story | Letter calls for inquiry into Washington Post story on CIA jails
  4500. Incinerating Iraqis; the napalm cover up
  4501. US lied to Britain over use of napalm in Iraq war
  4502. The media are minimising US and British war crimes in Iraq (All are bought)
  4503. "Fosforo bianco contro i civili" Cos&#-11;&#-11; gli Usa hanno preso Falluja
  4504. A tale of two generals (Colin Powell is a murdering fuck, and always has been)
  4505. Machines indicate GOP vote instead of intended Dem vote in Roanoke Co.
  4506. U.K.'s Clarke Offers 'Sunset Clause' Concession on Terror Bill (Drop Dead)
  4507. France introduces emergency laws (Ooops - that's what provoked riots are for)
  4508. Senators to set Iraq inquiry timetable (Yeah, right - the Completely Criminal Congress)
  4509. Democrats push prisoner abuse probe (BS)
  4510. GOP Congressional Leaders Seek Leak Probe (More BS)
  4511. Intelligence Center Is Created for Unclassified Information
  4512. US denies using white phosphorus on Iraqi civilians (Criminal US speaks)
  4513. Kansas State Board Votes to Teach Intelligent Design in Schools (Sciencenow becomes nonscientific insanity)
  4514. Improved quality of life for whom? The New York Times endorses Mayor Bloomberg for re-election(Fuck the NYT)
  4515. Former US public broadcasting chairman resigns in disgrace (He was always a disgrace)
  4516. As Congress prepares to expand Patriot Act Report documents stepped-up FBI surveillance of ordinary Americans(Totalitarian State of Pure Evil)
  4517. Socialist Equality Party meetings in Sydney and Melbourne Australia's "Anti-Terrorism" Bill: the framework for a police state
  4518. Within days of Howard's terror "alert" Australian government seeks expanded powers to call out troops
  4519. France: "far-left" LCR refuses to take a stand on police repression
  4520. "Steel curtain" in Iraq--another US war crime
  4521. Jimmy Massey, Ron Harris, and Ambush Journalism
  4522. David Bloom: McCain, Israel and Torture
  4523. Voter Beware: a Cautionary Tale for Election Day
  4524. Bush v. Chavez: the Imperial President Meets the Bolivarian Democrat
  4525. Paul Craig Roberts: Still No Jobs
  4526. GOP's Best Friend Could Be Its Nightmare (READ: Jack Abramoff - again)
  4527. Backbenchers vent anger at Blair as he gambles on Tory votes to win (Themore the merrier for humans)
  4528. France declares state of emergency (That's what it was all about to begin with - French Reichstag Fire)
  4529. Arrests in Australia foil 'catastrophic act of terror' (Yeah - right!!)
  4530. Mugabe tells US ambassador to 'go to hell' (Sounds good to me)
  4531. Second Lawyer in Saddam Trial Assassinated
  4532. Poll: Libby indictment hits major nerve (Ooops)
  4533. US Democrats call for rejection of presidential pardon for White House aide(Fuck DLC)
  4534. Libby Establishes a Fund to Help Pay Legal Bills (The book rights?)
  4535. C.I.A. Asks Criminal Inquiry Over Secret-Prison Article (Criminal Fuckers that they've always been)
  4536. GOP Congressional Leaders Seek 'Black Sites' Leak Probe (Criminal Congress in Action)
  4537. Democrats push prisoner abuse probe (Oh - give me a break!)
  4538. Report Warned on C.I.A.'s Tactics in Interrogation (NYT in act of Israeli contrition?)
  4539. US denies using white phosphorus on Iraqi civilians (IT LIES - It's what it does)
  4540. Kansas State Board Votes to Teach Intelligent Design in Schools (Aha! Really 'murikan - duhhh)
  4541. California voters reject Schwarzenegger measures in key referendum (NaziFuck going down)
  4542. Voters rejecting Schwarzeneggers bid to remake state government
  4543. Schwarzenegger Suffers Defeat as Ballot Initiatives Fail (All the way!)
  4544. Inside UN's pandemic disease command post (Brain transplant candidates)
  4545. A Slain Saddam Trial Lawyer's Final Interview
  4546. Egyptians go to the polls amid presidential vows of transparency (Scam)
  4547. Bloomberg wins by a KO (Then they deserve whatever they get - or - again, it's been stolen)
  4548. Justice Dept. Mulls Probe Into CIA Leak (To trump the treasonous administration?)
  4549. Democrats seek answers from Alito on Vanguard case
  4550. US and Beijing Sign Agreement to Limit Chinese Textile Exports (:-)
  4551. US oil bosses face grilling over huge profits (Criminal Lying Congress at Work)
  4552. Kansas, Where "Ignorant" is the New "Educated" (Increasingly creepy sciam gets something right)
  4553. Cities see rise of STDs (also see rise of totalitarian Gummint, which is to be ignored)
  4554. Cola, not coffee, linked to blood pressure (Brain transplant candidates:monkeys calculate correlation coefficients)
  4555. Russia Criticized in US Religious Freedom Report (ROTFL - extraneous BS)
  4556. North Korea Rushes To Finish Reactor (Ooops - let's bomb 'em!)
  4557. US Embassy in Beijing Warns of Possible Attacks (Update3) (So, who is in league with totalitarian globalists?)
  4558. Bush & Cheney - Dumb & Dumber
  4559. Microwave gun to be used by US troops on Iraq rioters
  4560. More on Bushs Eminent Domain $14 Mil Windfall
  4561. Douglas Feith, radical Zionist
  4562. Fallujah - the hidden massacre Photo gallery
  4563. MEASURES: Voters take stand against guns, recruiting at schools (SF)
  4564. Evolution Slate Outpolls Rivals
  4565. Chalabi At AEI Gathering Of Israel Firsters In DC
  4566. Fallujah - The Hidden Massacre
  4567. Shut-R-Down (Indeed)
  4568. French bloggers held after Paris riots
  4569. Silvio Says Arrivederci - by Ann Berg
  4570. A Politically Deflated Bush Faces a Resistant World - by Leon Hadar
  4571. Cheney wants to give free rein to prison interrogators (also wants to strangle,knife and lynch whenever he feels like it)
  4572. Bolton Rebukes UN Vote Against Cuba Embargo for `Irrelevancy' (Maybe Cheney would like to torture him?)
  4573. Syria invites U.N. investigator on Hariri (It won't matter: US has voted)
  4574. Senate asks Pentagon to probe Feith role on Iraq
  4575. Voters oust US school board that backed intelligent design
  4576. 'Terror tape' given out at mosque (Um - by whom? If real, how stupid would this be?)
  4577. Schwarzenegger's Entire Agenda Is Rejected by California Voters
  4578. Blair defeated over terror laws (not near enough)
  4579. Federal Hate Bill Now Virtually Dead Senator Frist says he wo't let Senator Kennedy reintroduce it! (Even psychopaths do somethings right)
  4580. Bushs Syrian Mass Murder Campaign Inches Forward
  4581. Bush Borrowed More Than All Previous Presidents Combined, Group Says
  4582. U.S. chemical weapons found in Delaware driveway pavement (Some things need to be destroyed: anything that does this)
  4583. "Muslim: Riots only hitting countries that opposed Iraq war
  4584. Schwarzenegger bloodied by election defeat
  4585. Big Oil On The Hot Seat
  4586. Congress May Curb Some Patriot Act Powers (Kill it, utterly)
  4587. Law waves goodbye to 12 angry men (Genocidal gummint aims at citizens)
  4588. Bombs at 3 Jordan hotels kill at least 23
  4589. Chalabi US trip stirs controversy (retching and puking)
  4590. Judith Miller to leave New York Times (Window or door?)
  4591. Halliburton's KBR Gets $15M to Repair Houses In Florida (There's n end to it!)
  4592. St. Louis: 'urban revitalization' targets the homeless (It's gentrification - with no gentry)
  4593. After the deaths in Ceuta and Melilla European Union agrees to set up holding camps for refugees Part 1
  4594. Britain: Iraq murder court-martial collapses (OK - now, to the dungeon with Blair)
  4595. Why US big business is pleased with Alito's nomination to the Supreme Court
  4596. Bush: "We don't torture"--but don't put it in writing
  4597. Howard's terrorist "alert" leads to Politically manipulated police raids in Australia(But, of course)
  4598. Oppose the state of emergency in France!
  4599. The Shocking Trial of an American Citizen: the Case of Ahmed Abu Ali
  4600. Gary Leupp: the Niger Uranium Deception and Plame Affair, a Chronology
  4601. Al-Qaida accused after suicide bombers attack hotels in Jordan, killing atleast 57 (Yup, Al-CIAda and Al-Mossada)
  4602. 'We don't need al-Qaida' (Nobody needs Al-CIAda, except drooling ruling reptos)
  4603. Ten al-Qaida plots foiled since 9/11 (Says who?)
  4604. Democrats hail poll victories as sign of turning political tide (It is *not* that they are not despised as criminals also)
  4605. Elections raise GOP worries about Bush, values, exurbs (Maybe they will all just die)
  4606. Oil majors retaliate over charges of profiteering (Repto Repugs on Parade)
  4607. Saddam's lawyers quit court after second death
  4608. Zimbabwe Foreign Minister Chastises US Ambassador
  4609. 'Two years to sort out your human rights'
  4610. Israelis evacuated from Amman hotel hours before bombings (Such convenience)
  4611. Panic in Paris (not quite what you may have been told)
  4612. CDC May Distribute 1918 Killer Flu (Planned pandemic by "accident")
  4613. Amman blasts bear al-Qaeda hallmark (Yup, Al-Mossada)
  4614. IDF using phosphorus shells in populated areas
  4615. Attacks at U.S.-Based Hotels in Amman Were Minutes Apart (Like London)
  4616. Racial divide evident in military
  4617. Central Torture Agency?
  4618. The Dark Heart of Dick Cheney
  4619. A name that lives in infamy (Fallujah)
  4620. Bush, GOP mired in political quicksand (What will they pull now?)
  4621. Lobbyist Sought $9 Million to Set Bush Meeting
  4622. CDC Will Allow 1918 Killer Flu Off Campus
  4623. Jordan: Al-Zarqawi did it (A very active dead man)
  4624. WTO talks break up in failure on blueprint (This is a *good* thing)
  4625. Gay Sex Called Key to Rise in Syphilis (Government "Science")
  4626. Arnold Terminates Himself
  4627. It's your duty to vote for bill, Blair warns MPs (Arrogant prick)
  4628. Dr Death sparks US calls for reform
  4629. Tests show harmful chemicals in Winnipegger's body
  4630. Reporter ohne Grenzen erfolgreich gegen Zensur im Internet
  4631. EXCLUSIVE: the BBC is WRONG!!!
  4632. Haaretz - Israel News - No truth to report of Israeli evacuations before Amman bombs(The Adulterated Truth)
  4633. Scores dead in three Amman hotel bombings; Israelis evacuated before attack
  4634. China calls hotel terror warning 'a sham'
  4635. Robert Fisk on Torture: "We Have Become the Criminals...We Have No Further Moral Cause To Fight For."
  4636. Palestinian spy chief killed in blast (Now, who would want to murder Palestinians?)
  4637. Sen. Graham Introduces Amendment to End Habeas for Detainees (Send him to Abu Ghraib)
  4638. Israelis evacuated before the bombing
  4639. OK CITY BOMBING: Judge sealed testimony that ATF was warned before bombing
  4640. FBI and CIA identified as helping Plan Venezuelan Prosecutor's Murder
  4641. Fitch Cuts General Motors' Credit Rating
  4642. Where does the wonderful friendship end?
  4643. CNN.com - U.S., EU 'to approve Iran N-plan' - Nov 10, 2005 (Iran thinks it shits)
  4644. U.S. House Leaders Strip Alaska Oil Drilling From Budget Plan
  4645. Remember Bush's "War on Poverty Speech" last month?
  4646. VDARE.com: 11/05/05 - &#-11;&#-11;&#-11;Stalin&#-11;&#-11;&#-11;s Willing Executioners&#-11;&#-11;&#-11;?
  4647. Americans, Europeans Ready to Accept Nuclear Activities by Iran That They Previously Rejected, Say Officials
  4648. Rumsfeld can override Pentagon policy barring torture
  4649. Bomb in ceiling caused Jordan hotel blast
  4650. Sony hit by lawsuits over root kit
  4651. George W. Bush signs bill to regulate coloured contact lenses
  4652. Rove aide called back to testify as inquiry into Rove's role wraps up, lawyers say
  4653. The Last Lie of the Iraq War Exposed
  4655. Computer Glitch Delays Norwalk Election Results
  4656. House GOP Leaders Scuttle Budget-Cut Vote
  4657. Televangelist Robertson warns town of God's wrath (God's wrath is Robertson's existence)
  4658. UK foreign policy 'drives terrorism'
  4659. Frist worried about leak, not prisons (Good, now can we put him in ironsand gag his mouth?)
  4660. Diplomat Says 'The Press Was Set Up'
  4661. As jobs and wages decline Wall Street bonuses expected to soar again in 2005
  4662. US Senate feigns outrage over big oil's windfall profits
  4663. Anger mounts over Australia's anti-terror laws (Keep it going)
  4664. California Special Election: voters reject right-wing measures
  4665. US: off-year elections deal losses to Republicans
  4666. Second defence lawyer assassinated More accusations of US-backed death squads in Iraq
  4667. France: state of emergency escalates attacks on the rights of youth and workers
  4668. Syria in the Crosshairs
  4669. Haiti: Insanity Takes Over
  4670. Bush Crony Targets Indiana's Forests: 400% Hike in Logging
  4671. New York police tighten hotel security following Jordan bombings (The Totalitarian Brain Dead)
  4672. Jordan strike: An export from Al Qaeda in Iraq? (Yeah - right! Get a fucking brain)
  4673. Al-Qaeda says it unleashed Amman bombers (Fuckin' big Al! Who? Fu Manchu and the Bogey Man)
  4674. Bloodied kingdom (Even the goddamn Guardian needs to be killed)
  4675. Is time running out for 'Teflon' Tony Blair? (Not if the Guardian is still prattling BS)
  4676. Cabinet ministers rally around Blair (Protecting the poor baby from terr'ist snipers no doubt)
  4677. Introspection time for Tony Blair (Don't bet on it)
  4678. US trade deficit hits record after Boeing strike and hurricanes (As if they have anything to do it with it)
  4679. EU may allow Iran to partly keep atomic fuel yields (Allow?)
  4680. Iran must come clean about nuclear plans - Germany (US must come clean on 9/11?)
  4681. Syria president expects UN showdown over murder inquiry (also expects sun to rise tomorrow)
  4682. House Leaders Postpone Vote on Budget Bill (Maybe they'll all die?)
  4683. Schwarzenegger Takes the Blame in Vote (Good - now fall on your sword and spare us all your psychopathic idiocy)
  4684. High-court nominee denies conflicts of interest (So you know it's true)
  4685. Hurricanes lift US trade deficit to record $66bn (Hurricanes have nothing to do with it, liars)
  4686. Man Group wins Refco auction with $282M bid
  4687. Scientists Find the T-Rex of Crocodiles (all in US gummint)
  4688. McCain urges changes in Bush's Iraq strategy (McCain suck dead, syphylitic bears)
  4689. Guarding against bird flu (Don't kiss parrots)
  4690. Bird flu 'lung damage danger' (Just think of what gummi nt damages)
  4691. BMD Watch: Nuke SCUD Threat To U.S. (Shit for brains)
  4692. Suspects Snared In Jordan Attacks (How the fuck do you arrest people who have blown themselves up?! MORON!)
  4693. GOP memo touts new terror attack as way to reverse party's decline (Justblow the entire GOP to hell)
  4694. Justice Rubinstein: U.S. should free convicted spy Pollard (Rubenstein? Oh Puhleeze - Justice in Israel?)
  4695. Suicide Attacks Kill at Least 57 at 3 Hotels in Jordan's Capital (LMAO - you can't have it both ways)
  4696. Jordan Attacks Claim 17 From One Family (Palestinian family; now who would do that?)
  4697. Any Soldier Will Do
  4698. Senate demands report on CIA prisons (Criminal Congress Dissembles - as usual)
  4699. Rumsfeld, deputy can override new "humane" interrogation directive
  4700. Senate Votes to Limit Detainee Access to Courts
  4701. Senate Denies Habeas Corpus Rights of U.S. Detainees (An entire government that needs to be crushed into dust along with all its spawn)
  4702. Iraqis find 27 bodies near border with Iran
  4703. Rove Addresses Federalist Society
  4704. Rise of the Center (In need of reality therapy)
  4705. McCain calls for 10,000 extra troops for Iraq (Moree cannon fodder? For what?! Thieving asshole)
  4706. Estrada Says He Was Given U.S. Document (Estrada and Abramoff)
  4707. US Soldiers in St. Louis Admit to Rape and Murder in Iraq
  4708. BYU professor thinks bombs, not planes, toppled WTC (I said thatwhen it happened)
  4709. Why Indeed Did the WTC Buildings Collapse?
  4710. Case casts shadow over aide (Abramoff again - horseshit at a race track)
  4711. GOP memo touts new terror attack as way to reverse party's decline (Just like 9/11 - been waiting for them to do it again anyhow)
  4712. The US of Z (It's the Bankers, stupid)
  4713. Housing Market Cooling, Data Say (How about plummeting?)
  4714. US tells Syria to drop conditions
  4715. Airport Security Screeners Carrying Weapons at JFK
  4716. Russian Nuclear Chief Says Cooperation With Iran Completely Legal
  4717. Attorney Offers Document On Oklahoma City Bombing (Criminal Government)
  4718. WHIG Resolution of Inquiry defeated by two democratic no shows (Criminal Government)
  4719. Talk host's towering rant: S.F. not worth saving (Board up his mouth)
  4720. "GRAHAM AMENDMENT PASSES: HABEAS CORPUS SUSPENDED (Criminal and Unconstiutional Government)
  4721. Trojan horse exploits Sony DRM copy protection vulnerability
  4722. US won't deal on nuclear fuel (Creating excuses for invasion)
  4723. The Coming Disaster in the Derivatives Market (For how many years has this been obvious?)
  4724. House to Probe CIA Prisons Leak (Criminal Government)
  4725. Senate demands report on CIA prisons (Criminal Government)
  4726. Rumsfeld, deputy can override new "humane" interrogation directive (Criminal Goernment)
  4727. Five more terror suspects at Guantanamo Bay charged (Criminal Government)
  4728. Poll: Most Don't Think Bush Is Honest, Ethical (Their waking up is of doubtful value)
  4729. Did U.S. government lie about deadly virus? (When US government speaks, it lies)
  4730. No-Bid Contract to Replace Schools After Katrina Is Faulted
  4731. Bush says war critics rewrite history (Absolutely psychopathic)
  4732. Police seek to censor painting from Brixton Riots exhibition
  4733. A revealing episode in the Sri Lankan election: troops deployed against striking workers
  4734. Thirty years since the "Canberra Coup"
  4735. Film documents American use of chemical weapons in Iraq
  4736. Burying the lies on Iraq war Judith Miller and the New York Times make a deal
  4737. US: Senate Republicans demand probe into leak on CIA's gulag
  4738. Answer British Terrorism Bill with a class-based defence of democratic rights
  4739. Another Monkey Trial?
  4740. Joe Allen: Who Killed Gilberto Soto?
  4741. Michael Donnelly: Hypocrisy Watch
  4742. Dover Bitch: the Curses of Pat Robertson
  4743. Brian Cloughley: Sleaze, Deceit and Torture
  4744. Alexander Cockburn: First the Lying, Then the Pardons
  4745. Patent issued for anti-gravity device (Government pseudoscience)
  4746. Finding Said to Boost Proof of Goliath (Horse Twaddle)
  4747. Bush Forcefully Attacks Critics of His Strategy in Iraq (With or withoutflightsuit?)
  4748. A chastened Schwarzenegger sets new tone (Leopards and spots?)
  4749. Alito denies conflicts of interest (So - you know it's true)
  4750. Daimler sells MMC stake to Goldman Sachs
  4751. Korean nuclear talks back to stalemate (Boring! Nonsense!)
  4752. ABC News: Reports: Top-Level Aide to Saddam Is Dead (Do we believe any of this happy horseshit?)
  4753. Opium gold unites US friends and foes (and enriches CIA)
  4754. Follow the drugs: US shown the way
  4755. Who died, and who didn't, in Jordan
  4756. Feds' Net-wiretap order set to kick in (Totalitarian State)
  4757. E-mails show link between Cornyn, Abramoff under investigation
  4758. Iraqis attacked hotels in Jordan, group says (Make up another one)
  4759. Many seniors say Medicare drug plan will not help them (It was never intended to)
  4760. Confusion Reigns as Medicare Drug Benefit Approaches
  4761. SAARC to fight terror unitedly (Joining the real axis of evil)
  4762. A Legal US Nuclear Attack Against Iran
  4763. Martial Law
  4764. Russia denies Iran nuclear deal
  4765. Hedge fund threat to boycott US over new SEC rules
  4766. Outcry over diplomatic memoirs (UK)
  4767. FEMA Fails To Re-Open No-Bid Contracts Despite Pledge
  4768. Defendant pleads guilty in FBI insider trading case
  4769. Feds' Net-wiretap order set to kick in
  4770. Global News Matrix - Muhammad Ali Gestures to Bush that he's Nuts while Receiving Medal
  4771. President Relies on Forged Letter in Today's Speech
  4772. Methodist Bishops Repent Iraq War 'Complicity' (Toolate!)
  4773. Voice of the White House November 11, 2005 (Invade Syria for whom?)
  4774. Liberal Fascism Author Jonah Goldberg Now L.A. Times Op-Ed Columnist
  4775. Scheer responds
  4776. Many in Jordan See Old Enemy in Attack: Israel
  4777. Media Tangled in Lobbyist Case
  4778. Asterisks Dot White House's Iraq Argument (Garbage)
  4779. U.S. 'can't maintain Iraq troop levels' (without mercenaries)
  4780. ReliefWeb &#-11;&#-11; Document Preview &#-11;&#-11; Weekly report on Israeli human rights violations in the Occupied Palestinian Territories 27 Oct - 9 Nov 2005
  4781. Tamiflu linked to deaths of 2 teens
  4782. UN clears man sacked in scandal
  4783. Heros survivors rue war: Mom says son ill-equipped
  4784. No compromise on Iran nuclear activities, says US (We wanna invade!)
  4785. Dems Didn't Know What Bush Knew. (Bullshit! They're bought)
  4786. 'Israelis Evacuated' Story Ordered Quashed?
  4787. America's Exploding Education And Job Nightmare
  4788. Is time running out for 'Teflon' Tony Blair?
  4789. Rove: Conservatives 'will win' debate over judges (Scott Free)
  4790. Scores dead in three Amman hotel bombings; Israelis evacuated before attack
  4791. Let them eat pork (Drooling Ruling Repto Criminal Congress)
  4792. Iraq War Vets Detail Calamitous Torture Blowback (Foreign nationals - as in Israelis)
  4793. Advice For Prof. Jones, in for Whirlwind 9/11 Ride, after Claiming WTC Was a Controlled Demolition
  4794. Alaska Governor Gets Jet Over Public Objections
  4795. O'Reilly Blasted for Coit Tower Comments
  4796. Budget Package Includes Worst Land Grab in American History
  4797. Britain: defence argues Spanish extradition could lead to human rights abuses (with which we are already inundated)
  4798. Bush administration retreats from probe of veterans' benefits
  4799. A grand ceremony for Confucius: Beijing turns to the old imperial ideology
  4800. Kansas school board passes anti-evolution science standards
  4801. Sri Lankan budget: a brazen exercise in electioneering
  4802. France's state of emergency--Sarkozy threatens mass deportations
  4803. Legislating a war crime US Senate moves to ban court review of Guant&#-11;&#-11;namo detentions
  4804. Jordan a Target Because of Links to US (Bullshit)
  4805. Jordan declares al Qaeda behind hotel blasts (Bullshit)
  4806. Amman bombers spoke with Iraqi accent: police (Bullshit)
  4807. Governor drops fight with nurses on staffing (and has outlived his usefulness)
  4808. Wis. Man Charged With Weapons Violation (Totalitarian State)
  4809. Rice in Jeddah for First US-Saudi Strategic Dialogue (If we're lucky, she'll drop dead)
  4810. Iran Rules Out Uranium Enrichment Proposal (All a time buying ruse)
  4811. Al-Qaeda on defensive as bombs begin to backfire (Big Al is a fictional front for CIA/MI6/MOSSAD: give me a fucking break)
  4812. President steps up attack on war critics (Utter lunatic that he and US population are)
  4813. President fires back at critics of Iraq war (The Gummint that *needs* desperately to die)
  4814. Police, Rioting Youths Clash in Central Lyon (So, who's really sponsering this?)
  4815. Rioters back on rampage in France
  4816. An Opening for Democrats, However Slim (The Mendactious NYT)
  4817. Moderates Unhappy but Sticking With GOP for Now (Lunatics)
  4818. &#-11;&#-11;&#-11;New Bill&#-11;&#-11;&#-11; emerges to thwart Hillary (Kill them all; even god won't have them)
  4819. Schwarzenegger drops nurse-staffing fight (Idiot)
  4820. Kamal Nath Says India-US Trade to Double to $40 Bln (Update2)
  4821. GM's health cuts not enough: analysts (How many times can you get raped, and still live?)
  4822. Super-rocket flight postponed (Truly, who gives a rat's ass?)
  4823. Space probe rehearses landing dance with asteroid (What? Not blowing it up, for sport?)
  4824. Syrian director Akkad arrives home for burial (Possible target all alongby - um - whom?)
  4825. Amman bombing claims director of epic Arab films
  4826. Moustapha Akkad
  4827. UN chief in surprise Iraq visit
  4828. UN chief in Iraq for first post-Saddam visit
  4829. Revealed: UK wartime torture camp
  4830. Ellsberg Warns Iraq Is Similar to Vietnam
  4831. Jimmy Carter: Bush not in line with American Values (Mr. Genocide himself speaks)
  4832. The Right Way in Iraq - John Edwards (He's a fucking lying weasel of theinsurance racketeers)
  4833. Jordan's king demands anti-terror push (Signing on for the grand Merde)
  4834. French unrest now worst in the provinces: police
  4835. Iron Lady picks rival Weah for power team (smart)
  4836. Bush renews vow to complete mission (Theft and genocide is the mission)
  4837. Police Shoot Man Who Drove Into Courthouse (You'll see more and more of this)
  4838. Free Trade, Security Top Agenda Of Apec Summit (Because they are *NOT* the good guys, and they know it)
  4839. 'Halloween' filmmaker killed in bombing
  4840. German parties agree on "grand coalition"
  4841. The Making of the Arab Menace
  4842. Bush May Stay in US Aircraft Carrier
  4843. No Place for a Poet at a Banquet of Shame
  4844. Jordan Captures Wife of Suicide Bomber (also his second cousin)
  4845. Report: Jordanian spy agency replaces Mossad as key CIA ally (Oh, right, sure, whatever you say)
  4846. Kuwait's biggest field starts to run out of oil
  4847. The Reason Bush Is Pushing For Syria's Invasion
  4848. Missing Trillions? Rumsfeld Buries Admission of Missing 2+ Trillion Dollars in 9/10/01 Press Conference.
  4849. Blair faces new inquiry into Iraq war
  4850. Netanyahu testifies before congress on Iraq (Sept. 12, 2002)
  4851. US Torture Debate: Is America above the Geneva Conventions?
  4852. Foreign Investors Lose Appetite for Treasuries as Deficit Rises
  4853. Heart-Rending Discoveries as Digging Continues in Lower Manhattan (which doesn't match the government's confabulations)
  4854. Neocon Journalist excited by recreation of 1918 Killer Flu virus
  4855. Relying on Computer, U.S. Seeks to Prove Iran's Nuclear Aims (by fabricating evidence)
  4856. Electric bills set to shock (46% higher)
  4857. Inquiry reopening debate about run-up to war (Obvious is still obvious)
  4858. The President Betrayed Us (Yes. What's your point?)
  4859. You can't hide [from Howard's Fascism]: net closing on new suspects
  4860. Bush, in Japan, Will Seek to Bridge Tokyo-Beijing Divisions (Aha! The USgenius politiciaa, statesman and diplomat)
  4861. Schwarzenegger to Visit China (Our other genius statesman)
  4862. Governor heads to China on sales trip (only slightly more real)
  4863. Blair to pledge 'monumental struggle' on trade (Pure BS)
  4864. PM focuses on trade in new global initiative (Kill it!)
  4865. Backlash sweeps school board
  4866. Evolutionary Voting
  4867. Schoolboy voted in as America's youngest mayor (The beginning of the end of bought and paid for Repugs and Damncrats? One could hope)
  4868. Bad apples on Brooklyn bench (Been that way for over 100 years)
  4869. Sedition laws breach free speech: Beattie
  4870. Students rebuffing military recruiters
  4871. Firm helps U.S. mold news abroad
  4872. A War Without Borders (Written by Pentagon stooges)
  4873. IDF choppers in service of drug cartel (in Columbia? Ooops! LOL)
  4874. Sharon blasts Syria-Iran 'axis of evil' (Tiresome genocidalist)
  4876. Iraq Dispatches: Fallujah Revisited
  4878. U.S. Had Iraqi With Same Name As Bomber (Not a coincidence)
  4879. More Miraculous Or Perhaps Planted 9/11 Evidence Uncovered (Perhaps?!)
  4880. Iraqi Patsy Confesses on TV
  4881. Bush adviser: Intelligence accusations 'flat wrong' (They all lied continuously, and it's provable)
  4882. Discontinuance of M3 (To hide the ongoing inflationary measures)
  4883. Church leader accuses Israel of theft (How naive)
  4884. 'Zionist links to Amman blasts' (Well - of course)
  4885. Oil firms see tax rates fall
  4886. Willis offers $1 million to fight terrorism (A fool and his money are soon parted?)
  4887. Belgian firm unveils 'miracle' malaria cure (They'll be punished for this)
  4888. Groups Propose Alternative to E.P.A. Rules on Mercury
  4889. Blackwater USA and the American Red Cross Announce Hurricane Reluef Fundraiser (Reasonably sick)
  4890. Has American Democracy died an electronic death in Ohio 2005's referenda defeats?
  4891. Alito rejected abortion as a right
  4892. Democrats urged to keep option of blocking Alito (They'll do as they're told)
  4893. Political Web Sites Take On Shays Over Campaign Finance Bill
  4894. Feds Using ISPs to Spy on Internet Users
  4895. Bush backer fears terrorism becoming Iraq's big export (USUK and Israel are the terr'ists)
  4896. White Phosphorous, Daisy Cutters, Depleted Uranium, Thermobaric bombs, Clusterbombs, Napalm...The US uses WMD against civilians.
  4897. CIA Accused of Using Airport in Mallorca
  4898. Spain opens inquiry into CIA operation
  4899. European courts may challenge US terror renditions
  4900. Physicians' role in interrogation debated
  4901. Haunted by "The Iceman"
  4902. CIA allegedly hid evidence of detainee torture - report
  4903. White House declines to rule out torture (Why would that be?)
  4904. U.S. Prepares for Bioterrorism (USUK Israel are the terr'ists)
  4905. Livermore Lab's future tied to risky laser project (Government science)
  4906. Chavez and Fox recall ambassadors ("Fox, puppy of US imperialism" finds saying so offensive. LOL
  4907. U.S. calls medics to Iraq police detention center
  4908. Australian Wheat Board implicated in "oil-for-food scandal"
  4909. Canada: Social democrats withdraw support for Liberal government
  4910. Wall Street Journal defends torture (Why not? It's the 'murkin way)
  4911. Ban on gatherings in Paris (Republic disappearing)
  4912. Bush's counteroffensive on Iraqi WMD A new wave of lies and intimidation(It's worked well so far)
  4913. The Persistence of Racism in Koizumi's Japan
  4914. Off She Goes: Hillary in Israel
  4915. Provoking Syria: Cambodia All Over Again?
  4916. Paul Craig Roberts: Power Uber Alles (READ)
  4917. Evangelist says voters reject God (Psycho Robertson again)
  4918. Mobile phones making a monkey out of Japanese (and who else?)
  4919. Unsolved cases in tiny Alaskan village attracts FBI (READ)
  4920. 'Horse whisperer' struggles to understand slasher psychology
  4921. Merkel clears last hurdle to German chancellorship
  4922. Israeli envoy to U.K. questioned in money-laundering probe
  4923. No holiday bonus at 60% of companies
  4924. Battle over the Nets future begins Wednesday (To no good end)
  4925. Economists expect sharp recession after real-estate bubble bursts (Yes)
  4926. Disneys launch $125 million fund to invest in Israel (All in banking and related)
  4927. Another Set of Scare Tactics
  4928. Libby Indictment May Open Door to Broader Iraq War Deceptions
  4929. Israelis and Palestinians 'on verge of Gaza deal' (which Israel will promptly destroy, blaming it on Palestinians)
  4930. NBC not happy with `Apprentice` complaints (and resorts to threats)
  4931. The trouble with heart drug studies (shitscience)
  4932. UN Warns on Iraq Environment Fate
  4933. Bush Cabinet Threatened with Subpoenas
  4934. Vegan Commune Falls Victim to Profiling (not to mention government terrorism)
  4935. Justice Dept. Purging Civil Rights Lawyers
  4936. Cornyn Tied to Reed and Abramoff in Casino Scam
  4937. U.S. killed confessed bomber's brothers, friends say (Diversion/Confusion?)
  4938. Supergrass 'tipped off spies' (Concoction/Fabrication)
  4939. Senate Republicans Pushing for a Plan on Ending the War in Iraq (Purely political)
  4940. Former Iraqi Detainees Allege Torture by U.S. Troops (expressing US moral values)
  4941. Capitol Hill Blue: Burn in hell, Mr. President (Sounds about right)
  4942. GOP memo touts new terror attack as way to reverse party's decline (The've pulled it off three times before)
  4943. Has American Democracy died an electronic death in Ohio 2005's referenda defeats? (It was dead long ago)
  4944. The US used chemical weapons in Iraq - and then lied about it (What else is new?)
  4945. Ex-intel Official: Bush Admin Will Restrict Liberties After Next Terror Attack that they already have well planned.
  4946. 911 Dutch Treat? (who owns ICTS-International running airport security)
  4947. Tracking the 19 Hijackers - web of lies (READ)
  4948. Voices - Here we go again: Hugo Ch&#-11;&#-11;vez allegedly an &#-11;&#-11;&#-11;anti-Semite&#-11;&#-11;&#-11;! They must be at their wits (LOL)
  4950. Video of the hidden Fallujah massacre
  4951. Decoding Mr. Bush's Denials (NYT as if Judy "The Whore" Miller didn't exist)
  4952. Saddam trial lawyer flees Iraq after attack
  4953. Philosophers Notwithstanding, Kansas School Board Redefines Science (Truth & Reality by political fiat, exactly like Bushco, defines insanity)
  4954. AIPAC judge: I'll decide what's harmful (The treason is deeper than willbe revealed)
  4955. 'I treated people who had their skin melted'
  4956. Trial of Holocaust denier Zundel halted after judge fires defence lawyer (All of this is utterly intolerable persecution by people who have become their alleged enemy)
  4957. Sharon's son guilty in funds scandal (Will *he* be persecuted?)
  4958. Chavez and Fox recall ambassadors (Over Fox, "puppy of US imperialism")
  4959. Space station research faces axe as Nasa cuts $344m to save Moon and Mars quest (NASA worth the value of $US)
  4960. Secrecy order in CIA leak case challenged by media
  4961. Mistrial Declared In Ernst Zundel's Holocaust 'Heresy' Trial (So he can be subjected to prolonged persecution)
  4962. Iraq on the Record (Database of the vast web of Bushco Lies)
  4963. EPA Proposes Testing Chemicals and Pesticides On Orphans & Mentally Handicapped Children
  4964. French farmer sentenced to prison for ripping up GMO crop (No good deed goes unpunished)
  4965. Judge Halts Calif. Sequoia Logging Project Tuesday
  4966. Rate Hike to Decommission Nuclear Plant Called 'Outrageous'
  4967. Radioactive Tank No. 9 comes limping home
  4968. Court lets stand law denying felons a vote (US Supremely Corrupt)
  4969. DeLay's Lawyer to Ask Court for Early December
  4970. Bowl security is supersized (Why does this bullshit exist?)
  4971. 15 Uzbeks jailed for 'terrorism'
  4972. Poll: Bush approval mark at all-time low (What does a psychopathic dictator care?)
  4973. Vice pResident heckled by anti-war protesters in Tenn.
  4974. Bush takes fresh shots at Iraq war critics (and looks even crazier that could possibly be believed)
  4975. Senate approves $491 billion defense bill 26 minutes ago (Criminal thieving congress at work)
  4976. U.S. routinely using attack drones to protect convoys (about that drone control system ...)
  4977. Libby's secret defense fund
  4978. Afghanistan: The war with no end
  4979. Senate Republicans Block Iraq Timetable
  4980. Senators Agree on Detainee [Lack of] Rights (Criminal congress lies, attempts to covers its lies as usual)
  4981. Hicks's lawyers win trial delay (More gummint persecution for sport)
  4982. EU says states could face sanctions for CIA jails
  4983. Iraqi detainees claim they were put into cage of lions
  4984. US arrests in Iraq outstrip pace of rights reviews
  4985. Simon Wiesenthal: Nazi-hunter dead at 96--part 1 Only a regime which admits to historical truth can learn from the past
  4986. Simon Wiesenthal: Nazi-hunter dead at 96--part 2 Only a regime which admits to historical truth can learn from the past
  4987. Australian government rams through parliament draconian new workplace laws(Totalitarian State)
  4988. A soldier's story Fugitive GI speaks to WSWS on Iraq war
  4989. Sri Lankan elections: a conspiracy to prevent Tamils from voting
  4990. The terrorist bombings in Jordan A byproduct of US aggression (No, a direct governmental perpetration)
  4991. Logging Lackies vs. Canada's Most Endangered Species
  4992. Secret CIA Testimony: Iraq Posed No Threat
  4993. Bush-Linked Judge Bows Out: Another Mistrial in Irish Ploughshares Case
  4994. My Evening in the No Spin Zone; Or Why Bill O'Reilly Hates San Francisco
  4995. Defense Tech: Marines Quiet About Brutal New Weapon (Explains a bit of the Kafkaesque horror of Fallujah)

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