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List Volume 10

  1. Spain Indicts 29 in Bombing, Sees No al-Qaida Connection (How about al-CIAMI6MOSSADA?)
  2. Probe on US Marines Killing Iraqi Civilians (Whitewash for planned genocide)
  3. "Teledemocratic" Dictatorship
  4. Democrat Busby Wins Round One in Effort to Replace "Duke" Cunningham (Don't trust Damnocrats either)
  5. US Rule Demands Proof of Citizenship for Healthcare (Will no one rid us of these meddlsome priests of gummint?)
  6. Tehran to expand uranium enrichment on industrial scale (Crazy not to)
  7. Rice urges UN action on Iran (Babbling Liar Bitch)
  8. Berlusconi claims vote-rigging, Prodi tells him to 'go home'
  9. Prodi confirms withdrawal from Iraq
  10. Jury hears final [fabricated] mmoments of 9/11 flight
  11. White House Demands Apology from Media for 'Mobile Labs' Scoop (High hubris)
  12. Senator Frist should resign (along with the rest of the entire gummint)
  13. Petrol prices to rise as Iran crisis hits oil markets (Of course)
  14. Bush: Itsa good deal (So you know it's a thieving scam)
  15. PM denies seeing AWB cables (He's lying)
  16. Massachusetts Legislation on Insurance Becomes Law (Insurer's Welfare Act)
  17. Bush WMD Statements Based On Bad Intelligence (He's lying)
  18. Calif. Race to Replace Cunningham Not Over
  19. US trade deficit to China drops (A bit of manipulation)
  20. Autopsy ties death to 9-11 cleanup (Federal corpagov lied)
  21. WTC air doomed ex-cop (about which government lied)
  22. Parents say 9/11 rescue worker denied medical benefits
  24. Autopsy: dust at ground zero led to detective's death (Mercury poisoning?)
  25. Is the Pentagon Creating a Secret Police Force? (Yes)
  26. Rumsfeld Rebuked By Retired Generals
  27. British officer jailed for refusing to go to Iraq
  28. U.S. Economy Is Rising, But So Is Its Trade Deficit (The numbers are insanely defined)
  29. Warning as new anti-terror laws come into force (UK)
  30. Al-Qaeda no. 2: We must eliminate Israel (fabrication as excuse for Israel to bomb Iran)
  31. Levees to cost less, but Washington commits to only half (?!)
  32. AT&T Seeks to Hide Spy Docs (Evil corpagov)
  33. Sheehan Returns to Protest Near Bush Ranch
  34. NY Times Profit Falls in First Quarter
  35. Final poll results - 86% want Bush impeached
  36. Shocking Diebold conflict of interest revelations from Secretary of State further taint Ohio's elections credibility
  37. US on par with Nazis: RAF man
  38. Ariel Sharon's sons to disconnect their father from life-support system
  39. Hawk-Tied Democrats (No, Marching orders come from the troll bankers)
  40. Blair isolated on Iraq conflict as Berlusconi bows out
  41. New Italian PM to Pull Iraq Troops (How will Bushco punish him?)
  42. If ever there was a nation not to drive to extremes, it is Iran (Straw says something intelligent!)
  43. Rumsfeld rebuts critics, backs Iraq policy (Lying asshole)
  44. U.S. renegs on Chemical Weapons agreement
  45. How US fuelled myth of Zarqawi the mastermind (fictional and dead besides)
  46. TomPaine.com - The Al Qaeda Myth (Then there is also al-CIAMI6MOSSADA)
  47. Outsourcing saves less than claimed (The goal is economic destruction)
  48. Rumsfeld lies, AP covers it up
  49. 11 US Banks Sued Over 'Naked' Short Selling (Watch this disappear fast)
  50. McClellan: Media Should Publicly Apologize For Reporting On Mobile Weapons Lab Story (LMAO! What a simpleton)
  51. Libby Lawyers Want Access to More Evidence
  52. The Lobby and the Bulldozer: Mearsheimer, Walt and Corrie
  53. BBC NEWS | Middle East | US man made hoax execution video (How easy to make fakes)
  54. LRB Letters Re The Israel Lobby
  55. Terrorist 'lookalike' wins $27.5m
  56. China has carried off the world's largest reduction in poverty
  57. The Acorn: A US military base in Nepal?
  58. US not seeking to establish military base in Nepal (Oh?)
  59. Stop excessive use of force on agitators: UN to Nepal
  60. Israel Says US Should Take Lead in Dealing With Iran's Nuclear Program (And US will Obey!)
  61. The Raw Story | On Cheney, Rumsfeld order, US outsourcing special ops, intelligence to Iraq terror group, intelligence officials say
  62. Toxic Chinese mercury pollution travelling to US
  63. Budget deficit $85.47 bln, record for March
  64. Homeland Security refused to patch
  65. U.S. military data for sale
  66. Retired US Military Officer Joins Call for Rumsfeld's Resignation
  67. Desperate African immigrants risk crossing to Canary Islands
  68. Inquests find Israeli military guilty of killings of British civilians
  69. The Iraq war and the eruption of American imperialism Part One
  70. US threats against Iran--the specter of nuclear barbarism
  71. Synergism of the Neo-Cons: What's Going On In Iran?
  72. The Week the Bush Administration Fell Apart (READ)
  73. Not So Fast, Mr. Powell (READ)
  74. Bush and Freedom of Speech
  75. Time to Shake Up the Peace Movement (READ)
  76. Powell's "Bitch"? (Howling Irony; Galloway will enjoy this)
  77. Analysts Say a Nuclear Iran Is Years Away
  78. Armitage Urges Bush to Hold Talks With Iran (Babbling)
  79. General joins attack on Rumsfeld over Iraq war
  80. White House rebuffs generals' calls for Rumsfeld to resign (Repto WH on parade, as expected)
  81. Chad's president now facing insurgency
  82. Sudan hired coup rebels - Chad
  83. CHAD: All calm on the streets of the capital after dawn attack
  84. Nepal Troops Fire on Lawyers, 3 Wounded
  85. Nepal king pledges political talks (next century perhaps?)
  86. Nepal's king bows to pressure and promises elections (Sure he does)
  87. Skilling lashes out at the government (They are all innocent of theirtheft of billions, of course)
  88. US blocks UN draft pressing Israel to end attacks (Could it be otherwise?)
  89. President Bush's Easter Proclamation (How utterly grotesque)
  90. CNN.com - 'South Park' aims at censors, hits Bush, Jesus - Apr 13, 2006
  91. "Painwashing" the Moussaoui jury and us
  92. The Report They Forgot (Good questions)
  93. Roberts called out on delaying Phase II again; Whines and spins in response
  94. Oil man's half a billion dollar bye-bye (Exxon)
  95. Judge in Scooter Libby, Sibel Edmonds cases is redacted in action
  96. Judge in Libby case considers gag order for lawyers
  97. POLITICS-US: To Battle Stations! To Battle Stations! (READ)
  98. Generals clamor for Rumsfeld's ouster over Iraq war
  99. Iran Can Now Make glowing Mickey Mouse Watches (READ)
  100. Reinforcing The Official Lie (of 9/11)
  101. Trial Unnerves Some U.S. Jewish Leaders
  102. 9/11 conspiracy theorists: Scam artists and fools (Only to be read for laughs)
  103. Activism Photography (Reality v. Fabricated Reality)
  104. George W. Bush IS a Liar
  105. WaPo Recommends Lieberman Replace Rumsfeld! (What utter lunacy that would be!)
  106. Stolen military data for sale in Afghanistan (O Competence!)
  107. Bush said to be open to release of Israeli spy (for Israeli Lobby)
  108. US flayed over Muslim scholar's visa
  109. Larry Johnson: Bush "Tried To Cherry Pick Intelligence And Feed The Line To Gullible Reporter"
  111. Crunch weeks ahead for Europe's CIA probes
  112. US spy threatens to squeal (Pollard)
  113. Storm gathering in Iran
  114. Oil price breaks $70 mark as Iran nuke tension simmers
  115. Ex-head of FBI in El Paso indicted for lying (Only CIA can run drugs?!)
  116. The Human Costs of Bombing Iran
  117. Neocons Turn Up Heat for Iran Attack (Lunatics)
  118. The Death of British Freedom - by John Pilger
  119. Destroying Iraq's Heritage ... yet again (READ: it is utter genocide)
  120. Learning to Count: The Dead in Iraq
  121. Petrodollars return as destabilizing force: IMF (IMF manipulative as ever)
  122. Capitol Hill Blue - Nutcases on parade (Someone else not knowing reality or history)
  123. Godlike Productions -- to Doug Thompson, Capitol Hill Blue
  124. AIPAC's Complaint
  125. Hero from Katrina evacuation faces federal indictment
  126. Judge rules Allstate's policy exclusions "valid and enforceable" (You pay; insurers do not - the way they do business)
  127. Focus on terrorism left government unprepared for Katrina, report says (There is only government terrorism)
  128. ISP snooping gaining support (of the gummint terrorists)
  129. Blair urged to appoint terrorism minister (to coordinate government terror)
  130. CIA failed to warn of Indian N-tests: Secret documents
  131. Cheney Authorized Leak of CIA Report, Libby Says
  132. List of Defense Secretary's critics gets longer
  133. Bush Says Defense Chief Rumsfeld Has His Full Support (200%! - or is that 200 proof?)
  134. Four dead in Iraq mosque bombings
  135. U.S. building its largest embassy in Iraq (Iraqis will allow this? Let's see)
  136. Dead Cities - Chris Floyd (Continuing genocide)
  137. Sunnis accuse Iraqi forces of murdering 68
  138. Baghdad Morgue Overflowing Daily
  139. Papuan "crisis" sparks debate over Australian intervention
  140. Mexican workers fired for attending immigrant rights rally in Detroit
  141. The Iraq war and the eruption of American imperialism Part Two
  142. Canada bans LTTE under draconian anti-terrorist legislation
  143. France: Victim of smear campaign, worker injured in anti-CPE protest emerges from coma
  144. Leak investigation puts spotlight on Bush war lies
  145. Dwarves, Knives and Freedom: Bush, Jr. is No LBJ
  146. Bad Times for Bush's Buddies
  147. Hersh vs. Bush on Iran: Who Would You Believe? (READ)
  148. Candor or Career?: Why Few Top Military Officials Resign on Principle (READ)
  149. 9/11 Dust Is Called Fatal
  150. In 2005, Exxon CEO Raked In 190K a Day
  151. Prisoner of Conscience: RAF Doctor Who Refused Iraq Service Is Jailed
  152. Libby Filing: A Denial and a Mystery
  153. When the Tax Man Cometh, They Don't Answer the Bell
  154. Progress in Europe's CIA Probes
  155. Berlusconi at fever pitch as he wins game but loses war
  156. Berlusconi now looks for a deal
  157. US acts tough as Iran shuns UN request
  158. Muslim world urged to fund Hamas
  159. Palestinian prime minister: US leads 'unholy alliance'
  160. Bush's band of war-happy simpletons
  161. Army report on al-Qaida accuses Rumsfeld
  162. Britain took part in mock Iran invasion (Ah - but there are no plans?)
  163. Iran escapes UN ban on caviar exports (bizarro mondo)
  164. Appeals Court Slaps L.A. Over Arrests of Homeless
  165. Getting Rid of Rumsfeld: A Timeline | Bino's Blogaroni: Musings from Post columnist Frank Cerabino(Ya gotta have some yuma with all this insanity)
  166. Rumsfeld defends Iraq war, Guantanamo (and everything else indefensible)
  167. Nepal's Embattled King a Study in Aloofness (He really wants to keep hisright to steal)
  168. Teheran gives no ground to `decaying' West (And, there it is)
  169. Berlusconi's re-election hopes dashed (Some news is actually good!)
  170. Black cat has bad luck in New York deli (Man is the rational animal)
  171. Immigration Debate Splits Republican Politicians, Not Voters (Hmmm)
  172. Bush Pays $187,768 in 2005 Taxes; Cheney Gets Refund (Update1) (So, which is the dummy?)
  173. Mass. Leads Way in Health Care Coverage (The WRONG way)
  174. US bars business with Hamas (Not a good idea)
  175. Top Generals In Israel Warn Gaza Invasion Is Possible (The continuing bombing, terrorization and starvation is not enough?!)
  176. Nuclear Weapons Don't Work For Or Against Iran (READ)
  177. Attention 911 Truthseeker - Are You A 'Nutcase Wacko?'
  178. Bush and Cheney Directed Wilson-Plame Hit Squad
  179. The Credibility Chasm of George W. Bush (An abyss)
  180. Iran issues stark military warning to United States
  181. Behind the Military Revolt (But Colin is, and always been vriminal and liar)
  182. Attacks on US forces, Iraqi police soar
  183. Cheney Authorized Leak Of CIA Report, Libby Says
  184. Zarqawi, al Qaeda are heading out, U.S. general says (Yes, along with the tooth fairy)
  185. More Americans feel US should mind its own business: poll (What a noel idea!)
  186. Rumsfeld Sends MEK Terrorists into Iran (READ)
  187. Bush Told Us That Well All Be Dead. Remember? We Know Now That He Meant It! (READ)
  188. Rumsfeld Potentially Liable for Torture (Sauce for the goose is sauce ....)
  189. The Strange Case of Doug Thompson and Others
  190. Israel escalates threats to invade Gaza Strip (Invasion is its hobby)
  191. The Pentagon Preps for Iran (i.e., invasion/bombing, no matter how lunatic, is inevitable)
  192. Israel: The Dead Roach in America's Salad
  193. A Defiant Sheen Challenges Official 9/11 Fable on National TV
  194. Foreign military attaches dig in for US-led 'long war' on terror (More insane by the day)
  195. Beaten, burnt and bullied: the families hounded out by religious vigilantes
  196. Aid workers in Palestine fear America now sees them as terrorists (Good guess)
  197. "Dead Cities: will the U. S.use the 'Fallujah Option' on Bagdad?" - Chris Floyd
  198. Nine Eleven: A Response to Doubting Doug (READ)
  199. Police raid blog (First Amendment, darling)
  200. UNESCO seeks protection of Iraqi academics
  201. AlterNet: Permission to Speak Freely, Sir (READ)
  202. US Selecting Design For New Generation Of Nuclear Warheads (oh joy)
  203. Russian nuclear chief says Iran far from industrial-scale uranium enrichment
  204. Light at end of the tunnel over near death experiences (Wasn't that obvious?)
  205. How Many Deaths Until Congress Knows? (READ)
  206. Stop the madness (READ)
  207. Democracy Now! | Village Voice Shakeup: Top Investigative Journalist Fired, Prize-Winning Writers Resign Following Merger with New Times Media
  208. A Defiant Sheen Challenges Official 9/11 Fable on National TV
  209. Your future according to Rockefeller (READ - and who owns Reckellers?)
  210. The New Ozymandias
  211. Bush - Nazi Dealings Continued Until 1951 - Federal Documents
  212. Who owns Doug Thompson? Who owns congress? Is it AIPAC or Foxman?
  213. At lively hearing in AIPAC case, judge hints he could dismiss case (Why would that be?)
  214. Doug Thompson's "apology" - is it credible, or just diversionary and emotionally manipulative?
  215. Bush urges Congress to make tax cuts permanent
  216. US to deport ex-professor accused in terrorism case (bizarre)
  217. Spain's Supreme Court throws out convictions of three men in 9/11 terror case
  218. More time to quiz terror suspect (The Scots are just as insane)
  219. Scotsman.com News - UK - Terror suspect 'quizzed on laptop images'
  220. Venezuela nationalizes two oilfields
  221. 47 killed in major Afghan battle
  222. Baghdad Car Blast Kills 7 and Injures 24
  223. Milan Wants CIA Agents Extradited
  224. Boston Globe poll: (89.6% say boot him out)
  225. U.S. arming of Iraq cops skates close to legal line (after so very many lines are crossed here?)
  226. U.S. Plan For Flu Pandemic Revealed (Kill all those said to be [wink] infected?)
  227. Detroit mayor demands city's poor foot bill for garbage pick-up
  228. In wake of state elections German Greens, Conservatives draw closer together (not good)
  229. An American oligarch: Former Exxon CEO leaves company with massive payout
  230. Background to the recent events in France The "Lisbon Strategy" and the European trade unions(Time for Second Revolution?)
  231. Rumsfeld and the generals: Splits, recriminations over Iraq debacle
  232. When Even God Can't Follow His Own Commandments: the Timeless Scarcasm of Mark Twain
  233. The Sex Police State: Women as "Rapists" and "Pedophiles"?
  234. Stopping the Bush Juggernaut: a New Citizens Campaign (READ)
  235. Shooting Nasarin: a Story About a Little Girl
  236. Making It Plain About New Orleans
  237. An Israel Accountability Act
  238. Report: Rumsfeld Directed Sexual Degradation of Detainee (The kinda guy he is)
  239. Pentagon Planned Iran Invasion in 2004
  240. US Colonel Apologizes to Iraq for Devastation of Babylon (of what value when it is a devastation to all humans? The Col. babbles like a nitwit)
  241. E-Mails Link Abramoff, Bush Official (READ)
  242. Civilians Reign Over US Military by Tradition and Design (Any good intention can be perverted to evil)
  243. Rumsfeld Critics Tread A Line Rarely Crossed
  244. Brawler Berlusconi threatens to deliver knockout blow to Prodi
  245. Russia Stuck Between the West and Iran (Not really: chouce is clear and obvious)
  246. Iran now a powerful nation: President (Wellll - let's not go over the top)
  247. REGION: Iran rejects attack, sanction threats (Guess what gets wiped on the map?)
  248. Iran says sanction threats have 'no importance' (True: Iran can simply close the Strait of Hormuz)
  249. Iran firm as IAEA fights losing battle (which has no substance to begin with)
  250. Crisis developing in African nations (Several of them, if you're paying attention)
  251. U.S. and the Allies of Evils next target Iran (READ)
  252. Climate-monitoring satellites successfully launched into orbit (To be coordinated with HAARP?)
  253. Journalists beaten in Nepal protests
  254. Chinese mainland's GDP grows by 10.2% in first quarter
  255. Easter symbols have ancient roots (what a piece of historical garbage)
  256. 'Speak softly, don't argue and slow down' (Make your gummint look good, and not like the grasping genocidalist that it is)
  257. US plots &#-11;&#-11;&#-11;new liberation of Baghdad&#-11;&#-11;&#-11; (Genocide)
  258. The Bible's All Wrong, Again / The surprising Gospel of Judas proves you just can't be too sure about all that God stuff
  259. Retired colonel claims U.S. military operations are already 'underway' in Iran
  260. US government wants PayPal records (Is there anything it doesn't want?)
  261. Oil mogul on &#-11;&#-11;82,000 a day sparks anger
  262. U.S. strike on Iran could make Iraq look like a warm-up bout (Cost of inaction?! The author is a nitwit)
  263. Iran: the next war (Learning what "holocaust" *really* means)
  264. Silent Nuclear Submarines Add to Iran Tensions (The real danger to the world)
  265. D&#-11;&#-11;j&#-11;&#-11; Vu: Israel tells US to Sic 'Em
  266. News whiteout (BS has been being dished out knowingly all along)
  267. Who is this Israel, and what's all this talk of an "Israel Lobby"? (READ)
  268. The myth of the Jewish Lobby (Your eyes are getting *very* heavy ... and you will remember nothing)
  269. 'N.Y. Times' vs. 'Wash Post' in Editorial 'Leak' Battle
  270. Entire Bush team needs replacement (along with all of Congress and the supreme whores)
  271. "Pills" piles it on higher and deeper (Limbaugh is just a sick joke)
  272. US turns back the clock: racially segregated schools get OK
  273. Senator expects seven lawmakers to go to jail
  274. A Bad Leak
  275. Behind the Military Revolt
  276. General Reveals Rift with Rumsfeld on Insurgents
  277. Rumsfeld under renewed attack
  278. Law to Segregate Omaha Schools Divides Nebraska
  279. Ripples From Law Banning Abortion Spread Through South Dakota
  280. Gaza on Brink of Implosion, Aid Cutoff Strikes Deep
  281. CNN.com - An inside look at Opus Dei - Apr 16, 2006 (Don't forget the neocon, Israel connections, along with Vatican banks)
  282. Opus Dei Asks for 'Da Vinci Code' Disclaimer (LOL)
  283. Ex-Gen. Myers: Rumsfeld Should Stay (He's lying)
  284. Making Right Turn, McCain Embraces Falwell (McCain has always been a filthy whore)
  285. Iran pledges $50 million to Palestinians
  286. Easter Rising still stirring Irish blood (We won't bother mentioning British genocidal efforts in Eire)
  287. Last days of the (London Stock Exchange) LSE, whoever wins bid battle
  288. BAA rejects &#-11;&#-11;9.4bn Goldman offer
  289. Goldman Sachs Is Rejected in Second UK Takeover Attempt
  290. British airports operator rejects bid from Wall Street investment ...
  291. China Faces Yuan Appreciation Pressure as Economy Accelerates (Lots of luck)
  292. Update 4: Nepal Capital Short on Food and Fuel
  293. FDA Consumer: Losing Weight--More Than Counting Calories (This typical gov BS)
  294. General Reveals Rift with Rumsfeld on Insurgents
  295. Rights group urges French inquiry into alleged CIA rendition flights
  296. Europe, Too, Takes Harder Line in Handling Terrorism Suspects (Can we spell "conspiracy"? Yes, Virginia, there are ...)
  297. Spy Chief: CIA Detainees Will Be Held Indefinitely (Negroponte)
  298. Bush expected to approve dramatic pandemic flu response plan (It's dictatorial, how could he not?)
  299. Drama of what made war happen ("Stuff Happens", a docudrama READ)
  300. Tax time is upon us (with no money to pay in a "booming" economy)
  301. An Untenable Oath :: Choice Changes :: Conscious Choices for a better world
  302. Satellite images show reinforcement of Iran's nuclear sites (Crazy not to)
  303. Berlusconi 'trying to do deal to avoid prosecution'
  304. New voices weigh in on Iraq (that can be ignored utterly)
  305. Britain to double forces in Afghanistan (Tinkering Tony The Twit)
  306. The Revolt of the Generals - by Justin Raimondo (No, it is not near enough)
  307. Spanish Revisionist Publisher Re-Arrested (READ -Global Jewish Thought Police)
  308. Senators Urge Direct Diplomacy With Iran (Wimps could an end to it all)
  309. DEADLIEST SHIRT IN THE WORLD (From 9/11 READ and wonder)
  310. Dubya's Pet General (Gen. Richard Myers)
  311. Justices Reject Gitmo Detainees' Appeal (Sicker by the day)
  312. Bush Admin. Classifies Golf Traps, Man-Made Ponds As "Wetlands (Like redefining economic parameters so they look good and mean less than nothing)
  313. Bush's Latest Nuclear Gambit (All these people need to be committed)
  314. Tel Aviv attack sparks different Palestinian reactions (Just wait for when Iran is bombed)
  315. Dollar Falls Sharply in Asian Trading
  316. Mutiny at the Supreme Court (We live in interesting times)
  317. Pentagon Rewarding Defense Firms With Massive Fees Regardless Of Performanc (Corpagov)
  318. Human rights organizations: 'IDF playing Russian roulette in Gaza' (Israel has already lost at Russian Roulette)
  319. US allies are behind the death squads and ethnic cleansing (It's genocide - wasn't this obvious?!)
  320. Science, Humanity and the Iraq Holocaust :: from www.uruknet.info :: news from occupied Ira (There is NOTHING "passive" about this genocide! READ)
  321. An untold story of 9/11 - AM New York (LMAO! Such a crock of shit!)
  322. Avian flu: Worldwide catastrophe or 'fearmongering'? (How about bullshit?)
  323. Gaza: severe food shortage
  325. could the G.O.P phone jamming scandal be the next Watergate? (It is the least of Bushco crimes)
  326. The Many Parallels Between Watergate And N.H. Phone-Jamming Scandal
  327. The Raw Story | Democratic Congressmen ask Bush about reports of US military operations in Iran(How pathetic)
  328. Mass whale deaths tied to U.S. Navy sonar, report says (Happens all the time)
  329. Nepalese Forces Fire on Demonstrators (The king will die)
  330. The Dead Sea is 'dying' (Stupidity always trumps intelligence)
  331. Ryan, Ex-Illinois Governor, Convicted of Corruption (floating in a sea of lies)
  332. CIA CYA: Intelligence agencies classified their reclassifying (Sick nation)
  333. U.S. Solicits Border Surveillance Technology Proposals (Halliburton?)
  334. US-style terror alerts for UK (The real pandemic)
  335. Boeing Parts and Rules Bent, Whistle-Blowers Say
  336. Big Rewards for Defense Firms (Military Industrial Complex that IKE warned of)
  337. Generals advance on Rumsfeld (A military coup is almost necessary)
  338. The Pentagon Preps for Iran
  339. Pentagon declines comment on report of Iran strike plans
  340. Roadside bomb kills Royal Scots Dragoons lieutenant (Tough, they should go home)
  341. US military deaths rise in Iraq after 5-month fall
  342. Bullet-riddled bodies surface as Iraq political crisis deepens (as USUKIL genocide plods on)
  343. Army Activates First [1000th] Interrogation [Death Squad] Battalion
  344. Supreme Court rejects appeal from Guantanamo detainees (Damn their eyes!)
  345. Behind the Indian press's adulation of Sonia Gandhi
  346. The ETA ceasefire, the Catalan Statute and the fracturing of Spain--Part 1
  347. Germany: Social Democratic Party loses another chairman
  348. A Tale of Two Members of Congress and the Capitol Hill Police (READ)
  349. A Real Day Without Mexicans? (READ: corpagov trickery and lunacy)
  350. Why Won't Moveon.Org Oppose the Bombing of Iran? (Because it is a black op?)
  351. Olmert the Fox - Uri Avnery (READ)
  352. An Interview with the First Arab-American Senator: Jim Abourezk on Bush's Lies and Dems' Complicity
  353. US Charged With Killing Unarmed Worshipers
  354. Law to Segregate Omaha Schools Divides Nebraska
  355. On the Ground, It's a Civil War
  356. US Firms Suspected of Bilking Iraq Funds (No kidding!)
  357. Backers of Ads Skirt Rules on Disclosure (GOP, of course)
  358. Scientists Say They're Being Gagged by Bush (Bullshit! Reverse counter government science: more stupid diversion)
  359. US Kills Seven Afghan Civilians (Suprising that it isn't 7000)
  360. Millionaires and Middle-Class Now Pay Nearly Same Rate of Taxes (All illegal anyhow)
  361. Rumsfeld May Be Permanently Tainted by War in Iraq (How about strung up by his balls?)
  362. State Department Memo: '16 Words' Were False (Missing a good number of zeroes)
  363. Oil: Price ranges back over US$70
  364. With Chinese Visits Planned, Trade Deficit Is Front and Center (READ)
  365. Ford Says Replace Rumsfeld With Powell (Asshole!)
  366. Pentagon Will Continue To Stand Behind Secretary Rumsfeld (Assholes)
  367. Rumsfeld says of latest flap: "This too will pass" (Chief asshole)
  368. Senate Hearings on Bush, Now
  369. Depleted Uranium in Urine of Soldiers
  370. Former CIA Director Used Pentagon Ties to Introduce Iraqi Defector
  371. Indictment Doesn't Clear Up Mystery at Heart of CIA Leak Probe
  372. Lieberman: US could attack Iran's nukes (Oh board up the idiot's mouth)
  373. Report: Chernobyl Toll May Top 90,000
  374. Foreign group taking over Indiana Toll Road (and the Interstate Commerce Clause?!)
  375. Rumsfeld: US Media Manipulated By bin Laden and Zarqawi (LMAO, by phantoms?!)
  376. States Omit Minorities' Test Scores To Keep "No Child Left Behind" Funding
  377. No wonder Chavez makes Bush uneasy
  378. Who is behind "Al Qaeda in Iraq"? Pentagon acknowledges fabricating a "Zarqawi Legend"(acknowledges the obvious)
  379. U.S. invasion responsible deaths of over 250,000 civilians in Iraq
  380. OFF THE TABLE (But Bushco really wants escalation)
  381. Unanswerable Questions for Mike Ledeen
  382. Israel Warns of New 'Axis of Terror' (of which it is the prime member)
  383. Poll: Democrats have ten-point lead over Republicans (Don't want no stinking Dems either!)
  384. Death squad allegations threaten to derail Bush's last Latin ally (Good)
  385. Berlusconi's Men "Doctor" Niger Uranium Dossier
  386. 9/11 families to testify for Moussaoui
  387. An Embargo Is Not a Peaceful Alternative - by Ron Paul (Always READ Ron Paul: He's good)
  388. Bush won't rule out nuclear strike on Iran
  389. Fighting Words Belie Trade Reality (the econmic interdependency is created for political purpose)
  390. Israel may have to go it alone on Iran: right-wing leader (insuring its complete annihilation)
  391. THE REAL WMDS IN IRAQ - OURS (of course)
  392. Gold, Silver Futures Hit New Highs (only the real stuff matters)
  393. Sunni District in Baghdad Is Sealed Off ch
  394. Bill Maher's Advice To Dubya (Cute - but doesn't mention the raft of treason trials)
  395. US to Palestinians: Vote, then starve; democracy as instrument of mass control :: from www.uruknet.info :: news from occupied Ira
  396. US to call for freeze on Iran assets and visa curbs (Vetoed)
  397. As rhetoric builds, Democrats in Congress lay low on Iran (Bought, and still bought by Lobby)
  398. CDC Says Bird Flu Not Serious Threat to Humans (Assholes! That was obvious from the very beginning)
  400. Mugabe backs plan to take controlling stake in mines (Hmmmmm)
  401. The Raw Story | Group files FOIA for Justice Dept. findings on White House involvement in 'phone-jamming scandal'
  402. News Analysis: Would Someone Explain to Rumsfeld the Difference Between a Bowel Movement and Utter Failure?
  403. Trauma of jailed 'innocents' in Nepal
  404. Iraqi women's plight worsens
  405. Insurgents mount bold attacks in Baghdad, Ramadi
  406. Sunni District in Baghdad Is Sealed Off
  407. Energy stocks soar on $71 oil
  408. ABC News: Exxon Chairman's $400 Million Parachute
  409. PHEAA's secrets / The aid agency spurns the public on disclosure
  410. Sen. Santorum Banks $9M for Pa. Race
  411. Cheney Tax Return Shows Katrina Tax Benefits for Non-Katrina Charitable Contributions
  412. Bush Defector To Demolish 911 Lies On May 6 (READ If he has no "accidents")
  413. Morgan Reynolds - No More Games &#-11;&#-11;&#-11; Net (READ!)
  414. Bush death threat tied to Purdue University student (Sick nation)
  415. Chavez Begins Training Civilian Militia
  416. Big Brother is watching closer in NYC
  417. Chertoff: U.S. Still Plans Passport Rule (Totalitarian state)
  418. ACLU Challenges Ohio Patriot Act's Oath Requirement (Sick nation)
  419. The 'American Inquisition'
  420. UN torture panel presses US on detainees
  421. Aid agencies focus on children detainees
  422. Ministry copes with rising numbers of orphaned children
  423. On the ground, it's a civil war
  424. Baghdad street battle smacks of open civil war
  425. U.S. Envoy: Iran Sanctions Discussed
  426. Lock him away to stop the next war
  427. Bush: 'All Options on the Table' With Iran
  428. Threat of world war builds, Israel warns (and Israel is in back of it)
  429. New York City: random searches for public school students (Government Terrorization of children)
  430. Britain: Documentary reveals plan for coup against Wilson Labour government--Part 1
  431. The very rich in America: "The kind of money you cannot comprehend"
  432. The economics of militarism Hillary Clinton outlines Democrats' big business agenda (Hitler with lipstick returns)
  433. The FBI and the Jack Anderson Files (Government Terrorization)
  434. Is Hamas Being Forced to Collapse? (It has all always been genocide)
  435. The Zarqawi Gambit Revisited (READ)
  436. Washington Post vs. Venezuela (READ)
  437. How Safe is Your Job? - Paul Craig Roberts
  438. Drug Firms 'Gouge' Consumers After Taking Taxpayer Handouts (Nothing new)
  439. US Knew Shiite Militias Were a Threat but Took No Action (US Engineered genocide)
  440. Another Conviction, Another Blow to GOP (Dems are also crooks - it's what gummint has always been)
  441. Peace Activist Michael Berg Seeks Delaware House Seat (Bravo!)
  442. General to Testify in New Abu Ghraib Trial (Impressed?)
  443. End Smithsonian-Showtime Deal, Filmmakers and Historians Ask (Bizarre)
  444. Kyrgyzstan demands rent hike for U.S. use of military base
  445. Saudis to transfer $92 million to Palestinian Authority
  446. 'Make Ahmadinejad persona non grata' (Everybody must obey Jews; they *always* must get their way)
  447. IDF arrests father of TA suicide bomber
  448. 'Hex' on a plane lands woman in jail (Get a grip people)
  449. 'God made me cancel my own crucifixion' (You know how God is)
  450. First Goats With Human Gene Bear Kids (giving rise to politicians)
  451. Russian Lawmakers to Mull Ban on Using Word Dollar in Official Speech (If we don't say it, it will go away)
  452. Russian Envoy to South Korea Condemns Russian Textbooks Featuring Obscenities (LMAO)
  453. Special Forces Prevent Burning Scarecrows of Bush, Putin, Blair in Moscow (A pity)
  454. Israel rejects large-scale army response (Oh how perfectly sweet)
  455. Moscow talks end without Iran deal
  456. Iranians chain selves to Berlin embassy gate (charges of staging an illegal protest)
  457. Moussaoui 'schizophrenic' (Now they figure this out?)
  458. 9/11 conspirator mentally ill, defence expert says
  459. Moussaoui's Mental Health Debated in Court
  460. Curfew imposed in west Nepal
  461. Army turns blind eye as Nepal protests escalate
  462. Nepal police fire on protesters as more defy king's rule
  463. Passengers stranded on New York trams (Crumbling infrastructure)
  464. China's Hu meets Bill Gates as US trip begins (LOL)
  465. Impeach Bush - Neil Young (A good start)
  466. Mercury Fillings: Are They Safe? (Is it government science?)
  467. U.S. Contractor Admits Bribery For Jobs in Iraq
  468. Lebanon's Siniora Says Middle East `Less Stable' Since Iraq War
  469. The 2006 Pulitzers...and the death of local reporting
  470. 2 charged for Holocaust denial (intolerable)
  471. US firms suspected of bilking Iraq funds
  472. Some background on Dan Senor, another potential replacement for Scott McLellen
  473. U.S. Stalls on Human Trafficking
  474. courant.com | Swastika Sprayed On Holocaust Memorial Again (Labeling who's who?)
  475. History Ambushes the Bush Administration (READ)
  476. US army: Assault repelled in Ramadi
  477. The Pulitzer awards reflect discontent
  478. Helicopter Problem Grounds President (Should I care?)
  479. White House Spokesman Scott McClellan Resigns
  480. Java alert for rumbling volcano
  481. Peru volcano sends smoke into air, town evacuated
  482. Free Press uncovers evidence of ballot tampering in Warren County, Ohio
  483. Stop Us Before We Kill Again!
  484. New jobs will go to India, Bush warns US (?)
  485. High Court okays completion of separation fence around Jerusalem
  486. The much wider scope of the Israel lobby
  487. Sticks and Stones and Rubber Bullets
  488. The Truth About 9/11 Conspiracy Theories (Idiots have to write too you know)
  489. The Biggest, Most Successful and Most Dangerous Spin of All (History of Zionism)
  490. What We Have Going on Amidst the Generals -- Present and Former -- is a Mutiny. It's Not An Armed One, Not Yet.
  491. Bush rocked by resignations (Jailed would be better)
  492. America meets the new superpower (The inevitable China)
  493. Chavez begins turning off US oil taps after inking deal with India
  494. Bush Plan To Hide Data on 1.5M Lbs. of Toxic Chemicals in California
  495. 9/11 gets the comic book treatment (for vacuum brains)
  496. A Day in the Life of Muntasser Abdel Rahim, Ambulance Driver
  497. Mollohan targeted in phone campaign
  498. Bush: the Decider Dictator
  499. Iran sanctions push falls on deaf ears
  500. Sex and money bought Iraq contracts
  501. IMF (International Muh'fuhs) says dollar needs to depreciate significantly
  502. Baghdad Slipping Into Civil War
  503. Don't Impeach Bush - Commit Him
  504. Oil hits new high over $73 on Iran, US stocks (Bush & Cheney titter with glee)
  505. Woman Has Rare Case of Bubonic Plague (Who but terrorist gummint could plant this?)
  506. Source: McKinney fiasco shakes Capitol Police, officer knew her (and was hired by Rove?)
  507. Judge overturns West Palm's clinic buffer law (A federal fucking goddamn whore judge?!)
  508. Clinton war chest adds weight to rumours of 2008 White House bid (Exactly what this planet does *NOT* need)
  509. Bush's Approval Remains Low, Pessimism Grows, Poll Shows (35% of USians have no idea they are being raped)
  510. The Worst President in History? (Yep)
  511. Huge blast rocks Kabul, near U.S. Embassy (near? Nobody's perfect)
  512. Oil hits record $74 on Iran, US gasoline stocks
  513. Italian court confirms Prodi's election win (Thank heavens!)
  514. Suspicious device found at Atlanta airport (Was Frist seen?)
  515. Rumsfeld: No plan to resign (A spell in Abu Ghraib would be better)
  516. McClellan Out as White House Press Secretary
  517. Rove gets frontline role in Bush team shake-up
  518. Faux News Propagandist Among Possible White House Spokesman Candidates (Can it get more obvious?)
  519. Prominent U.S. Physicists Send Letter to President Bush on Iran
  520. "New urgency" to curb Iran: US (More urgency to curb US neoloonies)
  521. Rice: Expect more violence in Iraq (How about cutting her vocal cords?)
  522. Study faults US health effort in Iraq, Afghanistan (Health 0: Genocide 1)
  523. Wasted Funds? $190 Million Spent, Only 6 Iraq Health Centers Completed (Where do the trillions go?)
  524. UK fights to safeguard immunity of officials accused of torturing Britons(Does it get more bizarre?)
  525. Blair 'had early Iraq war tip-off' (For how many years have we known this?)
  526. 20,000 kidnapped in Iraq in 2006
  527. The Pulitzer Farce
  528. Secrets of the Garden of Bliss
  529. "We Defeated Berlusconi"
  530. The Massacre at Qana, 10 Years Later: Still No Justice
  531. When Justice Isn't Blind: Double Standards for the Rich and Poor in New York
  532. When Diplomacy Means War: Bait-and-Switch on Iran
  533. More Kids? Pay More for Your Water
  534. Durbin: Rumsfeld Should Go as Iraq Goes "From Bad to Terrible"
  535. White House Spokesman Scott McClellan Resigns (Good riddance to bad rubbish - next?)
  536. Ney's Role in Lobbying Scandal Casts Long Shadow Over Race
  537. Afghan Battles See Higher Toll for Civilians (It's always been genocide)
  538. US Faulted on Efforts to Rebuild Nations (Grow up and get real)
  539. Rumsfeld Linked to Guantanamo Torture (There was doubt?!)
  540. Freddie Mac Settles FEC Probe With Record Fine
  541. Will New Blood Mean a New Agenda? (Not unless bankers say so)
  542. Bush: 'I'm the decider' on Rumsfeld (He is, isn't he?)
  543. Bush names Portman White House budget director
  544. IMF sees strong global growth (also lies and thieves a lot too)
  545. Hu: US partly to blame for trade deficit
  546. Hu begins US charm offensive
  547. Group Says Yahoo's Help Led to Another Dissident's Arrest
  548. More involved in Oklahoma City bombing?
  549. Nepalis march to defy shoot-on-sight curfew
  550. Federal reserve orders TWO TRILLION dollars to be printed : SF Bay Area Indymedia
  551. In Rare Move, 2nd AIPAC Dismissal Hearing Set
  552. US prepared to go it alone over Iran
  553. Navy sailors get Army training at Fort Jackson
  554. Russia to Remain Neutral in Case of U.S-Iran Armed Conflict (Oh, really?!)
  555. Israel Fires 400 Rockets on Gaza in 2 Days (Continuing genocide)
  557. What is America's China problem? (Fictional Economics)
  559. Intelligence Director's Budget May Near $1 Billion, Report Finds (Paying thieved public money to the rich)
  560. Boston Archdiocese Audit Shows $46M in Red (Butr Vatican has more money than God!)
  561. 'Israeli envoy to UN: PA, Iran, Syria declaring war (More Israeli BS)
  562. Russia rejects US call to quit Iran power plant
  563. The Real First Casualty of War (READ)
  564. Bush Blunders Go Nuclear (Bushco "policies" and intent is destruction)
  565. Giant U.S. embassy rising in Baghdad (They should build it underground)
  566. Scott McClellan's Replacement?
  567. VA apologizes to nurse who wrote letter (Why apologize for truth?)
  568. Chronicle Forced To Issue Retraction On 9/11 Hit Piece (Bravo!)
  569. North Korea says it has "shocking evidence" of US plot (Tax dollars pay for black ops)
  570. Gold storms to new 25-yr high, silver surges (perfectly expected)
  571. Study: Health Insurers Are Near-Monopolies (Deliberately arranged by corpagov)
  572. Oil prices hit record highs again (yet, again)
  573. Hundreds seized in immigration raids (Any corpagov terrorism in a stom)
  574. The Billion-Dollar Baghdad Embassy (Paying attention to reality?)
  575. Bush's staff shuffle won't change much- Bush staff shuffles; policies unmoved (The picture understood)
  576. Gas Prices Too High? Blame The Middleman, NOT Iran
  577. Experts Defining Mental Disorders Are Linked to Drug Firms (LOL - Who wrote DSM IV? It's been obvious for years)
  578. When the Fake Press Gets Too Frisky
  579. Rocketing US war spending under fire (But, it's quite purposeful)
  580. FBI casts 'overly broad net' in war against terror (Intended totalitarian state)
  581. The CIA Wehrmacht
  582. A third of plant jobs evaporate in Mich. (Intended economic destruction)
  583. Pentagon Guantanamo List Angers Nations (But - who will do anything?)
  584. Oil scales fresh peak in London (Fictions push US pump prices well over 3$US/gallon)
  585. Oil Prices Set New Records (Corpagov robbery continues)
  586. Big business sees a chance for ethnic and class cleansing (paying attention?)
  587. Harris drops L-bomb on Sen. Nelson (Give Harris a dictionary - and brain transplant)
  588. New WH Policy Chief Was "Brooks Brothers" Rioter (New height of idiocy)
  589. Georgia OKs Bible Classes, Commandments (Insane nation)
  590. Creationist descends on Britain to take debate on evolution into the classroom (There is no end to lunacy)
  591. No one claims $500,000 stash in truck (Nor to 9/11 puts?)
  592. $500K Seized; Strange Situation Reported At Nuclear Plant
  593. Gov't Concedes No Moussaoui-Reid Evidence (Aha! - US gummint is constructed fraud?)
  594. Berlusconi silent after Prodi declared Italian election victor (Don't bet on it)
  595. Iraq PM Abandons Claim on Another Term
  596. Baghdad mosques become vigilante forts as sectarianism divides suburbs (Babbling)
  597. Robbery, not reconstruction, in Iraq (yes - this is news?!)
  598. Highly decorated U.S. military officer accused of wrongdoing with Iraq reconstriction (This is almost getting boring)
  599. Iraq corruption probe to expand (Yeah, right! Sure. Absolutely)
  600. Democrats: Army pays bonus to Halliburton despite overcharges (It's called looting, and that is exactly what was planned)
  601. Halliburton 1st-quarter earnings surge
  602. Spy Chief Says U.S. Intelligence Personnel Number 100,000
  603. Straw demands release of man with MI5 links from Guant&#-11;&#-11;namo (Ooops)
  604. Ex-ambassador says US, UK used testimony obtained under torture
  605. FBI detains Georgia Tech student, won't say why (In US NO ONE is safe from terrorist gummint)
  606. Ga. student indicted on terrorism charge (Everybody, just leave, while you can)
  607. In wake of mass immigrant protests US government arrests record numbers in factory raids
  608. More revelations of US profiteering and corruption in Iraq
  609. Australian troops dispatched to Solomon Islands to suppress local population(Totalitarian government)
  610. Shiite leader bows to US demands as Iraq slides further into civil war
  611. A Case for the Palestinan Government (Does it need a case?)
  612. The Authority to Kill
  613. Stop the War! Dump the Democrats! (Dump *all* ruling elite and start over)
  614. As Crisis Deepens, Is Labor Finally Showing Signs of a Comeback? (No! - another scam)
  615. Afghan Battles See Higher Toll for Civilians (That *is* the point)
  616. UN Security Council Remains Split on Iran (as it will remain)
  617. War Bill Grows With Extra Costs (Economic destruction is the goal)
  618. Grand Jury Hears Evidence Against Rove (lots of luck)
  619. IMF Sees US Budget, Trade Deficits as Risk Factors (Criminals telling the truth)
  620. Defying Senate, Bush Again Uses Recess Appointments (predicted, expected)
  621. New WH Policy Chief Was "GOP Rioter" During Bush-Gore Recount (Rewards to criminals under criminal gummint)
  622. Latin America's Populist Shift (A possible saving grace)
  623. Al-Jafari to Give Up Iraqi Prime Minister Post (An offer he couldn'trefuse?)
  624. Shadow of the cursed tombs (Man is the rational animal)
  625. New Scientist Tech - Breaking News - Game to turn pet hamsters into people-eaters (Science?)
  626. As Chaos Worsens in Nepal, India Tries to Broker a Deal (Um - how about minding your own damn business?)
  627. Protests Deepen Crisis in Nepal
  628. China and Its President Greeted by a Host of Indignities (A put up job)
  629. US to call for UN to cut tech N-assistance to Iran (Are we bored with the idiot dancing yet?)
  630. No Evidence of Moussaoui-Reid Hijack Plot, Jury Told (after all this time? Sham from day one)
  631. Negroponte [Israeli war criminal] Cites 'Innovations' in Integrating Intelligence
  632. Criticizing an Agent of Change for Failing to Adapt (Assholery is his defense?)
  633. Rice comes to defense of Rumsfeld (Speaking of lying asshole psychopaths)
  634. More than 1,000 arrested in illegal worker sting (Do they have the slightest idea what their status is?)
  635. The Uneasy US-Chinese Trade Relationship (Multinational-Banking wants to destroy sovereignty of both)
  636. Hu, Bush stress importance of enhanced cooperation (Babbling)
  637. GM puts brakes on major losses (Lots of luck)
  638. Is the worst over for General Motors? (You're kidding, right?)
  639. Thousands of overheating HP notebook batteries recalled (They burned too many guy's dicks)
  640. Agency says Medicare drug plan sign-ups exceed goal (Ooops - govfucked again)
  641. Mumps clinics planned (New industry)
  642. Mumps outbreak spreads to nine Midwest states (Planted by which US agency? Homesuckuerty?)
  643. Judge Rules Law Invalid for Teen Sex (*Somebody* gets some privacy in Kafkaland?)
  644. Israel won't let up on militant to head PA police (Does it ever give up?)
  645. Israel won't let up on militant to head PA police
  646. Israel to Pursue Wanted Militant Regardless PNA Appointment ("We'll murder anybody we want!")
  647. Israel Preparing to Retake Gaza Strip
  648. If Past Is Prologue, George Bush Is Becoming An Increasingly Dangerous President
  649. Drivers Turn To Pawn Shops For Gas Money
  650. Russia says no Iran sanctions without proof
  651. Pumps go dry at some gas stations
  652. U.S. makes plans for a hostile China (Loony nation)
  653. Dollar falls as Sweden slashes holdings in half
  654. Israel completes half of West Bank barrier (It's always been a land grab)
  655. Nepal's King 'returns power to people' (Tries to make it seem that way)
  656. Political climate unfriendly to ID devices, backers say
  657. Cheney Profits From Katrina
  659. A monarch willing to kill his own people to save his skin (Like some presidents)
  660. The Power Player Who Faces Charges for Talking
  661. Millions of migrants inundate the Russian society
  662. Here it comes (Iran Oil Bourse)
  663. US Ambassador to Azerbaijan recalled after prostitute scandal
  664. Damning Evidence of Big Oil Conspiracy To Limit Supply
  665. FOREX-Dollar falls vs euro after Russian's remarks
  666. Democrats Jump White House on Gas Price Gouging (That's the best can do?!)
  667. Iraq Costing Almost $10B A Month...
  668. The Genie is Out of the Bottle ("Holocaust Denial")
  669. In Pursuit of Anderson's Papers, FBI Says It Will Go to Prosecutors if Talks With Family Fail
  670. Latest on the Iran Oil Bourse and collapsing $ story
  671. Russia must freeze arms deals with Iran, says U.S. (or else what? No WTO for them?)
  672. Iran ready for full cooperation with IAEA: envoy (dancing and laughing)
  673. Does Iran's President Want Israel Wiped Of The Map - Does He Deny The Holocaust
  674. Oil Touches Record Above $75 a Barrel
  675. AIPAC cited in Anderson affair
  676. Secret Service Officers Remove CNN Producer from Hu Photo-Op For Asking Question (Nazi Amerika)
  677. Gonzales calls for mandatory Web labeling law (Lunatic Nazi)
  678. Let The AIPAC Spy Trial Begin
  679. WHO confirms 12 human cases of bird flu in Egypt (or not)
  680. Pandemic may mean less effective vaccine testing: specialist (A pandemic of stupidity and lying?)
  681. Rowland contractor seeks shorter prison sentence
  682. Energy drives higher Halliburton profit
  683. US to monitor Nigerian airports for terrorism (??!!)
  684. Second Man Held on Terrorism Charge in Georgia (Global terrorism by US)
  685. CIA Holds Terror Suspects in Secret Prisons
  686. CIA fires employee for alleged leak, contact with news media (after being instructed to do it?)
  687. BBC NEWS | Middle East | UN damns 'illegal' Iraq detention
  688. In wake of mass immigrant protests US government arrests record numbers in factory raids
  689. More revelations of US profiteering and corruption in Iraq
  690. Australian troops dispatched to Solomon Islands to suppress local population
  691. Shiite leader bows to US demands as Iraq slides further into civil war (Why?)
  692. Hunger Strike at U. of Miami
  693. Michael George Smith: This is What a Movement Looks Like (READ)
  694. Pure-and-Simple Revolutions in Nepal and Venezuela
  695. Christopher Brauchli: the Rich are Different
  696. Physical Courage, Moral Courage and American Generals
  697. The Sinister Meaning of Olmert's "Hitkansut": Deporting Hamas MPs
  698. New Orleans Election a Test of Democracy (What democracy)
  699. Latin America's Populist Shift (Somebody has noticed!)
  700. For Berlusconi, Defeat Isn't End of the Campaign ([sigh])
  701. Al-Jafari to Give Up Iraqi Prime Minister Post (An offer he could not refuse?)
  702. Nepal: Last Stand of a Monarchy
  703. "Cabal" Blocked 2003 Nuclear Talks With Iran (They wanted to invade)
  704. Getting Closer to the Top? (Criminals of government)
  705. The Business of Tragedy (Governmental determination to create it)
  706. Prosecutors Concede Doubts About Moussaoui's Story (*NOW*??!!)
  707. Katrina vanden Heuvel: The Media on Speed
  708. US Physicists: Use of Nuclear Weapons on Iran "Gravely Irresponsible" (To say the least)
  709. Iraq Cost Could Reach $1 Trillion (or more, deliberately, fool!)
  710. Seven CIA Flights Went Through France
  711. US Private Giving Far Outpaces Government Aid (Babbling figures by known liars)
  712. Sweden Learned a Lesson From Chernobyl (Watch for the Krona to fall)
  713. Louisiana Committee OKs Ban on Most Abortions (Nazi Nation)
  714. [2.nav.LTR_t_1.gif] (until next week)
  715. Guantanamo Detainee List Draws Wave of Complaints (to no avail)
  716. Condoleezza Rice Implicated in New Leak Scandal (Babbling Bitch of Babylon)
  717. Protester charged with harassing Chinese leader
  718. Former President Ford defends Rumsfeld (He never was very bright)
  719. Sen. Clinton wants anti-Rumsfeld generals to testify (Send her to the moon please)
  720. Oil barrels past $75 on rising world jitters (US criminal gov laughs)
  721. G7 demands oil producers act to increase output (LOL - or what?)
  722. IMF Chief Says It Should Be Faster in Meeting Financial Crises (To destroy national economies and currencies faster!)
  723. Ford loses $1.2 billion
  724. Marijuana For Medical Use Turned Down By FDA (in favor of pharma poisons)
  725. FDA Opposition to Medical Marijuana Fuels Controversy (because FDA is criminal)
  726. Syndrome not just a malingerers' complaint after all (Surprise! It's about insurers not wanting to pay)
  727. Genetic Basis Found for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (Insurers *still* won't pay)
  728. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Linked to Three Genes
  729. Solomon riots may have been planned (like 9/11)
  730. Berlusconi Pounds the Bully Pulpit, but More Softly Now (psycho)
  731. Nepal's king offers to turn over power (sure - right - uh-huh - before or after he loots the country and escapes to Florida?)
  732. Condoleezza Rice accused of leaking info to pro-Israel lobby
  734. 30 Percent Of Gitmo Cleared To Go But US Hasn't Arranged Travel Home(?)
  735. CIA Official: White House Ignored No-WMD Intel Before Iraq Invasion... "The Policy Was Set
  736. Members of anti-war `Granny Peace Brigade' reject plea deal
  738. Time is running out for Iran on nuke issue: US (Time running out for US existence)
  739. More muscle, with eye on China (US is bankrupt - in more ways than one)
  740. 'Diplomatic' Terrorism - by Justin Raimondo
  741. Deadly serious war games (How a nation goes mad)
  742. Feith and Franklin
  743. The Unravelling Of The Doctrine Of MAD In 2006 (READ)
  744. Ex - CIA Agent Says WMD Intelligence Ignored
  745. Hu heckler on harassment charge
  746. FBI is accused of 'trickery' in spy case - baltimoresun.com
  747. Hitler's Jewish Soldiers
  748. IRAN WINS AGAIN (The new US stoge in Iraq)
  749. Rice Allegedly Leaked Defense Info
  750. Army Suicides Hit Highest Level Since '93
  751. The One Certainty About Iraq: Spiraling Costs for Americans (Deliberate and designed)
  753. Rice hints at coalition of the willing to tackle Iran (Oh, stuffit, girl!)
  754. Swedish Central Bank Dumps Dollar
  755. Anthrax inventory doesn't add up at lab (Has Bird Flu lost its cache'?)
  756. Iraq says ready to negotiate oilfield contracts (Results might be interesting)
  757. White House knew there were no WMD: CIA
  758. Groups question US plan to detain, quarantine sick travelers (Government terrorism)
  759. Neil Young's protest album to go online
  760. 69 Vermont lawmakers sign Bush impeachment letter
  761. Iraqi Resistance Report for events of Friday, 21 April 2006
  762. Tide turns on Dubya's wreck (READ)
  763. White House knew there were no WMD: CIA
  764. A mea culpa on Iraq by pro-war journalist Johann Hari
  765. British military doctor court martialed for refusing to serve in Iraq (Amazing)
  766. Union faces millions in fines, jailing of president Reprisals against New York transit workers show need for a new political strategy
  767. White House shuffle: Bush shifts personnel but continues program of war and reaction
  768. Apr. 20, 2006 - Shadow Statistics (READ!)
  769. Apr. 11, 2006 - On the question of gold confiscation
  770. Nepal breaks power of the god-king
  771. Indian opposition party leader Pramod Mahajan shot by brother
  772. Abusive Sheen barred from wife (Trying to discredit a messenger)
  773. Diplomacy, not threats is the key to resolving Iran [nonexistent] nuclear crisis
  774. Iraqi Parliament Chooses Top Leaders
  775. Russia defies US call to shun Iran (defies? How about ignores?)
  776. Colleagues Say CIA Analyst Played by Rules
  777. Bush hails Iraqi PM nomination (until next week)
  778. IMF reforms under spotlight, some want stronger voice (Should be destroyed)
  779. swissinfo - Swiss take part in debate over IMF reform
  780. Protestor at US-China summit has no regrets
  781. China's leader vows trade changes (READ)
  782. Generals complaint arrives too late (All has been too little, too late)
  783. The 'Rumsfeld problem' - circa 1971 (But, the point now is genocide)
  784. It's about time we focus on the enemy (Who might that really be?)
  785. Metanexus Institute (Davies, Smolin, Zeh on loop gravity)
  786. Russia Warns Against Pressuring Iran (But neoloonies want war)
  787. How markets affect the value of gold
  788. In defense of the Hamas government
  789. The Left establishment's attack on 9/11 skeptics (READ)
  790. Rumsfeld Suggests bin Laden, Zarqawi Manipulating U.S. Press (LMAO! - 2 dead guys?!)
  791. The Missing Girls of Iraq
  792. War on Terror is Elite Mind Control (Yes, in fact)
  793. The Raw Story | TIME: Bush's five point plan to 'rescue' his presidency (No bound on lunacy?)
  794. Purported bin Laden tape denounces West's response to Hamas (Fu Manchu Returns)
  795. Is U.S. being transformed into a radical republic? (What republic?)
  796. Defiance in the land of the free (That's "free")
  797. New Plans Foresee Fighting Terrorism Beyond War Zones (and wherever thoughts roam free)
  798. Iraq on verge of a civil war: Russia (Verge?)
  799. Bush Meets Privately With Think Tank Promoting Military Strike On Iran (Loonies together)
  800. Jerusalem police stop Armenian pilgrims from attending Easter ceremony (Totalitarian state)
  801. US-Israel counter-terror plan proposed (Two greatest terrorists and genocidalists unite to fight illusory war on other nonexistent terror)
  802. Donald Rumsfeld Makes $5 Million Killing on Bird Flu Drug (Illusory drug that doesn't work on illusory disease)
  803. Strike Iran, Watch Pakistan and Turkey Fall (READ)
  804. Ex-CIA agent says WMD intelligence ignored
  805. "Iran deals two blows to U.S. at global oil talks"
  806. Flight 93 cockpit recording is a hoax (as were all alleged cellphone calls - and 93 was shot down)
  807. Virginia Judge allows defense in AIPAC trial to summon Rices (Circus, no bread)
  808. Play ('My Name is Rachel Corrie') pushed underground (in Toronto)
  809. Those Fat Little Lying Whores in their Spandex Hot Pants. (READ)
  811. Tainted blood victims allege official cover-up
  812. Former German Minister: "9/11 run by Bush Administration" (Andreas v. Blow)
  813. Iraqi Women Under Siege
  814. Hu builds on China's oil deals with Saudis
  815. Evidence of Thermite on Core Columns at WTC
  816. Oil fight in Nigeria reaches turning point
  817. The threat to a fistful of petrodollars
  818. Bush Impeachment - The Illinois State Legislature is Preparing to Drop a Bombshell
  819. US Homeland Security: Not ready for bird flu (What brid flu?)
  820. Bomb squad called in as protesters greet Bush in California
  821. Police follow money trail from nuke plant
  822. Two F-16s from Buckley AFB scrambled to escort suspect airliner
  823. Fidel ordered Ch&#-11;&#-11;vez's 'rescue'
  824. Italian court confirms victory for incoming PM Prodi
  825. Dalack offers own oath, rebuffed
  826. Iraq a disaster: Albright (Worthelss whore)
  827. Army pleads for more troops after Afghanistan firefight (More cannon fodder!)
  828. Purported Bin Laden [audio] Tape Aired On Arab TV Network
  829. Post: Rumsfeld approves anti-terror plan (i.e., terror plan against US people)
  830. Bin Laden's [fabricated] chilling call to arms
  831. Socialists win in Hungary (EU divergence from totalitarianism and Globaloney)
  832. IMF gains (i.e., usurps) new [fictional] mandate as world economic watchdog (to create yet more global economic havoc, as various countries wise up and kick their thieving asses out - article is lying crock of shit)
  833. Protesters plan final heave to rid Nepal of monarch
  834. New leader is greeted with death, defiance and doubt (Iraq, of course)
  835. Enrichment irreversible: Iran ("We double dare you" all missles aimed at???)
  836. Younger army officers also want Rumsfeld to step down
  837. Brown unveils major IMF shake-up (Yeah - right! Insider musical chairs game)
  838. Rabbinical sages exonerate father charged with killing son (WTF?!)
  839. Prominent US Physicists Send Letter to President Bush
  840. Ford's six year incarceration marks another Bush regime milestone (READ)
  841. White House Says Bin Laden Tape Appears Authentic (LMAO - um - sure - from beyond the grave)
  842. If You Are Democrat Or Republican, You Are A Fool Or A Wimp (Verily)
  843. Democrats Suggest Double Standard on Leaks (wimps and fools)
  844. Moves Signal Tighter Secrecy Within C.I.A. (polygraphs for executive branch?)
  845. Inspectors Find More Torture at Iraqi Jails (Did you expect it to stop?!)
  846. US military illiteracy
  847. Rumsfeld's not done just yet (What he's done can never be undone)
  848. Merger to Create Giant Operator of Toll Roads (Deadly Globaloney)
  849. Actor Charlie Sheen denies abuse charges by ex-wife (Still bashing a messenger)
  850. Alaskan boys 'planning school massacre' (How about these are fabrications in a delusional nation?)
  851. Blair faces increasingly rebellious parliament - 24 Apr 200 (Wake me when the lynch him)
  852. Reliance on supplemental funding draws bi-partisan attack
  853. Bush Brandishes Jail Time at Critics
  854. California Becomes Second State to Introduce Bush Impeachment
  855. Expert: Russia overtakes Saudi Arabia as world's largest oil and fuel exporter
  856. Israel raises alert for possible Iranian missile attacks (Israel plans to attack itself?)
  857. In Moscow, buzz over arms race II
  858. Protests force Bush to relocate Hoover meeting; three students detained
  859. Russia Tests New Missile Designed to Overcome U.S. Defenses
  860. Whistleblowing Past the Graveyard
  861. And We Think We Are Free
  862. Open Letter To Pentagon Employees
  863. Three explosions rock Egypt's Sinai resort city of Dahab, at least 22 kille
  864. Turkish military action in Iraq will take place if needed- Ozkok
  865. Thermite Identified As Culprit Of WTC Collapse (READ Yes, of course, it's true)
  866. Israeli crimes blanked out in UK, but...
  867. Bush says Blair had option to withdraw from Iraq invasion
  868. L.A. Times Editorial Calls for Cheney's Ouster
  869. Peppers call for Bush impeachment
  870. Democrats Say Lieberman Too Close to Bush (not mention AIPAC)
  871. US forces planning for the long haul in Iraq (The withdrawl that was never intended)
  872. An untold story of 9/11 (Fictional horseshit)
  873. Reconstruction (Iraq reconstruction was never intended either)
  874. Autopsy: No Arabs on Flight 77 (Are we completely unsurprised?)
  875. The madness of bombing Iran (READ to get the truth straight)
  876. The Raw Story | Retired chief justice for third circuit says Rumsfeld shows 'disregard' for military law
  877. Senate Vote Inquiry Widens as Democrats Probe White House Link (and we pay for this BS)
  878. Removing America's Blinders (Govs lie in order to thieve, which is theironly raison d'etre)
  879. REAL Nuclear Disarmament for the Middle East!
  880. Colonization of Palestine Precludes Peace (So obvious as to be boring)
  881. Terror threat puts U.S. Jewish community on alert (Fear of of consequences of Israeli genocide?)
  882. Congress tries to keep smaller parties down (Of course it does: it's all one bought collection of political whores)
  883. Letter to State Legislators (Do you think letters will help? Rigging elections they are not afraid)
  884. State Department: 'Iranians have put both feet on the accelerator' (i.e., they want to commit further genocide)
  885. Levees not fully ready for hurricane season (Why is that not surprising?)
  886. CHOKING ON GAS PRICES AND EXECUTIVE PAY (only economic collapse is posible)
  887. Nepal ruler restores parliament (Remember the Russian revolution)
  888. Israeli Chief of CIA's Investment Group Mysteriously Resigns - AGAIN!
  889. Russian MOD says missile sale to Iran to go ahead. (Deters insanity - as if Iran doesn't have a whole collection already)
  890. Chavez moves toward nationalizing Venezuela oil (predictable)
  891. Bulgaria OKs 3 bases for U.S. troops (Amazing)
  892. Support for Labour falls to 19-year low (Galloway!)
  893. Push to cut Benefits for Vets who get VA and Social Security Compensation(Do they get to take their pants down first?)
  894. 10 years later, survivors of Qana massacre still seeking justice
  895. Hero Iraq vet tossed from wheelchair in cop brawl
  896. Bush's approval ratings slide to new low (Are we to negative numbers yet?)
  897. Egyptian analyst: Can't rule out that Mossad was involved in attack (Is it ever not involved?)
  898. Bush Says He Tried to Avoid War 'To The Max,' Explains How God Shapes His Foreign Policy (and he gets away with this shit?!)
  899. War Without End :: View topic - Rice Pushes Security Council on Iran-for Israel, of course!
  900. Four months after Sydney's racial violence: government campaign continues against Middle Eastern youth
  901. Pension cuts and inequality wiping out retirement for American workers
  902. French Polynesian president faces deepening crisis over pro-independence comments
  903. Peru: Nationalist ex-officer Humala to face APRA's Garcia in runoff election
  904. Chinese president's visit underscores Washington-Beijing tensions
  905. Harriet Miers May Be Next in White House Shake-Up
  906. UN Tells US to Charge or Release Thousands of Iraqi Detainees
  907. Lobbyists' Lawyers Say Rice Leaked Information
  908. Activist: IMF Prescriptions Bad for Health
  909. Rumsfeld Plan Uses US Embassies for Staging of Covert Military Operations
  910. Pakistan Worried by US Designs on Iran
  911. Blasts Kill 18 in Egyptian Resort City
  912. Fired CIA Officer Denies Leak
  913. Top White House posts go to Jews (Denial is not an Egyptian river)
  914. Howard Wants Bin Laden Dead or Captured (Sometimes denial can be loopy)
  915. Gearing Up for '08? McCain Befriends Old Enemies (Corpagov whore)
  916. Moussaoui Prosecutors Show 9/11 Photos (emotional manipulation)
  917. US Demands Nepal's King Gyanendra Relinquish Political Power (That's rich)
  918. Wave of bombs hits Baghdad, Saddam trial resumes
  919. World Bank under fire over malaria work
  920. With diplomatic tussle over, battle now moves to home front
  921. Israelis Warned Before Blasts To Stay Away From Sinai (Like London and 9/11)
  922. Tehran insider tells of US black ops
  923. No, It's Not Anti-Semitic
  924. Hawkish Israeli Lobby Wants War with Iran!
  925. PNAC 101 - Rise Of The Neocons
  926. Someone Does Not Mean Anyone
  927. Halliburton collected $100,000 a day for a pipeline it never built
  928. Impeachment Talk Reaches The Mainstream
  929. Bush's Slide Deeper Than Any One Poll Shows
  930. US will go for other states after Iran and Iraq, says Margolis (Of course)
  931. Touching the third rail (READ)
  932. Top Rowland Aide, Contractor Each Receive 2 1/2 Years in Prison
  933. Oil Falls After Bush Says Gasoline Requirements May Be Waived
  934. VA wants DNA from veterans (Oh?)
  935. Greek Youths Protest Against Rice Visit
  936. Build your own Iraqi police squad for a little cash
  937. KBR's $75 mln pipeline project gone crazy
  938. Police kill strikers Mexico: Armed siege of steel mill reveals escalating class war
  939. Nepalese king bows to mass protests and offers to recall parliament
  940. Global growth rates rise, but the foundations are shaky
  941. Lutherans Betray Michigan's Loon Lake Wetlands for Pieces of Silver
  942. Preparing for the Economic Typhoon
  943. Is the US Waging Israel's Wars?: the Prophecy of Oded Yinon
  944. The World is Uniting Against the Bush Imperium - Paul Craig Roberts
  945. Wilkinson Speaks Out About the Coming War on Iran - Gary Leupp
  946. FEMA's Dirty Little Secret
  947. Test Blast in Nevada: A Nuclear Rehearsal
  948. Ohio Churches' Political Activities Challenged
  949. Tehran Insider Tells of US Black Ops
  950. Rebuilding of Iraqi Pipeline as Disaster Waiting to Happen
  951. World Bank Falsifies Malaria Data (and much of everything else)
  952. Senator Tim Johnson: Donate Trailers to Tribes
  953. In Deregulation of Electric Markets, a Consumer Pinch
  954. Interrogation Chief at Abu Ghraib to Face Charges
  955. Blackstar: the US space conspiracy that never was? | The Register
  956. 'Israel among worst human traffickers'
  957. Israeli satellite to spy on Iran
  958. Nuclear Showdown: Iran Ready to Share Technology (Dancing and double daring)
  959. Harvard author and novel she remember too well: extracts
  960. Kaavya's sorry for borrowing material (Why?! Borrowing inconsequential cliches is now scandalous?!)
  961. Indian author in trouble over plagiarism charge (It ain't plagiarism!)
  962. Smart girl accused of plagiarism (Let's just destroy writing altogether)
  963. Harvard Crimson uncovers plagiarism (No it does not)
  964. Nepal: Turbulent neighbourhood - The Times of India
  965. US man 'guilty of al-Qaeda links' (absurd)
  966. Fox News's Snow Tells Associates He's Taking White House Job (Eve cozier)
  967. World Trade Centre impasse may end
  968. Silverstein surrenders rights to Freedom Tower
  969. Star young author admits 'unconscious' plagiarism (Stupid)
  970. Iran offers to share nuclear technology
  971. West seeks to press Iran at UN (gets stupid and boringly so)
  972. GOP leader says Democrats, radical environmentalists to blame for gas prices (What?!)
  973. From That Pentagon Death Star, And The University That Poisoned The World (READ)
  974. Warner puts off hearings with Rumsfeld's critics (Illusory hearings?)
  975. More top brass blast Rumsfeld
  976. Media Matters - Media largely ignore ex-CIA official's disclosure that White House dismissed contrary prewar intelligence on Iraq's WMD
  977. World Council of Churches denounces settler attacks on Christian volunteers in Hebron
  978. Can we criticize Israel without being labeled anti-Semitic? (You betcha!)
  979. Many Israeli Holocaust survivors live in poverty
  980. Iran atom chief due at IAEA for 11th-hour talks (The attack on Iran is already decided)
  981. Cheney still profits from Halliburton ties
  982. TIME FOR BUSH FAMILY INTERVENTION (They have always been serial genocidalists)
  983. Think Progress &#-11;&#-11; Tony Snow On President Bush: &#-11;&#-11;&#-11;An Embarrassment,&#-11;&#-11;&#-11; &#-11;&#-11;&#-11;Impotent,&#-11;&#-11;&#-11; &#-11;&#-11;&#-11;Doesn&#-11;&#-11;&#-11;t Seem To Mean Wha(READ)
  984. Pentagon: Iraq Troop Reductions on the Way (scam)
  985. American Samizdat (READ)
  986. Stop Bush (READ)
  987. Washington Post whispers: Woodward to be kept on 'short leash'
  988. Sen. Roberts seeks delay of Intel probe (another meaningless one?)
  989. Polls Low, Bush Recasts Himself as the Next John Kennedy (Can it get more ridiculous?)
  990. Rove to Testify Again in CIA Leak Case (and lie his way through it)
  991. The latest twist in the AIPAC spies case (yes, it gets more ridiculous)
  992. Destroy Internet Explorer campaign gets tooled up (an interesting idea)
  993. Highway claims famed Rock Shop by eminent domain (Governmental destruction has no limit)
  994. Radioactive School Site is Tip of New Jersey Toxic Iceberg (Toxic Government)
  996. Eyeballing Voter Fraud In Ohio
  997. Can The Democrats Retake The House? - Maybe (Who cares?! Equally corrupt thieving bastard SOBs)
  998. The World Is Uniting Against The Bush Imperium (Too late!)
  999. Majority in Army Times poll think Rumsfeld should resign (Better: fall on his sword in shame)
  1000. Think Progress &#-11;&#-11; 60 Minutes: CIA Official Reveals Bush, Cheney, Rice Were Personally Told Iraq Had No WMD in Fall 2002
  1001. Murder and Plunder Mean Honors for Armitage
  1002. Chernobyl still poses a lethal danger to the environment
  1003. AlterNet: Impeaching Bush, State by State
  1004. Mercury preservative will continue in some flu vaccines
  1005. Cost of U.S. Military Shuffle Stuns Japan
  1006. Policy Is More Important Than Personnel
  1007. America's rags-to-riches dream an illusion: study
  1008. Foreclosures Soar 63 Percent over Last Year
  1009. Police probe building of West Bank settlement neighborhood
  1010. Iraqi commander discovered supplying army weapons to local insurgents (LOL)
  1011. Mixed Response to Rice and Rumsfeld's Iraq Visit (Mixed? For 2 psychopathic war criminals?)
  1012. Guantanamo Bay detainee boycotts trial
  1013. War Crimes Act of 1996 (READ)
  1014. KBR's $75 mln pipeline project gone crazy
  1015. Build your own Iraqi police squad for a little cash
  1016. Iraqi commander discovered supplying army weapons to local insurgents
  1017. 4 sentenced to jail for 'GOP' tire slashings (Oh, get a life!)
  1018. Senate Panel Demands Oil Co. Tax Records (LOL)
  1019. N.H. Leads Revolt Against Federal ID Rules
  1020. Egypt: Report on ferry disaster condemns official corruption
  1021. By-elections fail to end Thai political crisis
  1022. Union leader jailed for New York City transit strike
  1023. Gazprom threat increases tensions in Europe
  1024. Behind the installation of Jawad al-Maliki as Iraqi prime minister (READ)
  1025. Gary Leupp: the Neo-Cons and Iran
  1026. Joshua Frank: Kerry's War (Kerry is both idiot and whore)
  1027. Pratyush Chandra: Nepal, a Saga of Compromise and Struggle ("Kings is mostly rapscallions")
  1028. Sherry Wolf: Democrats and Abortion (Dems are indeed sick, filthy, bought whores)
  1029. Robin Philpot: the Rich Life of Jane Jacobs
  1030. GOP Blocks Tax Hikes on Oil Firm Profits (preferring to steal milk from babies)
  1031. Target Letter Drives Rove Back to Grand Jury
  1032. Neil Young Lets Loose a War Cry (READ)
  1033. Iraqi Strife Seeping Into Saudi Kingdom
  1034. [2.nav.LTR_t_1.gif] (Not at all likely)
  1035. A Mistrial for a Father, but a Son Is Guilty (While US terrorizes 5 nations)
  1036. Senate panel says abolish FEMA
  1037. Congressional Chairmen on intelligence won't hear out NSA whistleblower
  1038. House reverses course, supports expanded use of deadly force (to defend from government terrorism, perhaps?)
  1039. Report: U.S. Unprepared for Major Disaster (rather deliberately)
  1040. U.S. seeks to keep evidence from 9/11 families (for a good reason)
  1041. Wounded Soldiers Fight Off Bill Collectors at Home (US corpagov supports no one but itself)
  1042. CIA kidnapped terror suspects in the EU: lawmaker
  1043. 1,000 secret CIA flights revealed
  1044. Thousands flee Sri Lanka air raids
  1045. Lanka totters towards war
  1046. Rice and Rumsfeld visit Iraq, impressed by new PM (Not a good omen)
  1047. Mixed Reception for Rice, Rumsfeld on Trip to Iraq (Surprising they weren't both killed)
  1048. Sinai hit by fresh bombings (Mossad needs to make diversion)
  1049. US Senate adds $A2.55b [theft] to boost security (i.e., suckyourity)
  1050. Senate panel to seek disaster response overhaul (How aboutthieving corpagov overhaul?)
  1051. Update 10: Oil Prices Fall Below $72 a Barrel (Not for long)
  1052. South Korea seeks to arrest Hyundai Motor head
  1053. IE7 For XP Beta 2: Has Firefox Met Its Match? (In short, no)
  1054. Returning to the horror: Courage on a day of death (It's complete fiction)
  1055. September 11 movie opens New York's Tribeca Film Festival (An emotionally manipulative lie and utterly fraudulent film)
  1056. Aljazeera.Net - Sept 11 film opens in New York (It's still a lie and fabrication)
  1057. 9/11 hijacking film premieres in NYC (There were no hijerkers)
  1058. New York opening for United 93 film (British director hired by Bushco, or bankers?)
  1059. Flu pandemic prediction that shows Britain is not prepared (Corpagov terrorizing BS)
  1060. Only drugs and vaccines will deflect bird flu pandemic (or BS deflector)
  1061. Number of Middle-Income Uninsured Rising (What "middle-income"?)
  1062. Bacteria Render Beans Easier to Digest and More Nutritious (Lost respect for Sci. Amer. years ago: garbage corpagov propaganda)
  1063. Iraqi government condemns al-Zarqawi (the nonexistent one)
  1064. US air raid in Iraq kills 13
  1065. Iraq struggles with reform (I wonder why?)
  1066. Iran supreme leader warns US against attack (Take that very seriously)
  1067. The Home Office is a sick institution (So is the entire UK corpagov)
  1068. Oil price drives Exxon to $8.4bn profit
  1069. Why Indeed Did the WTC Buildings Collapse? (READ)
  1070. $20,000 bonus to official who agreed on nuke claim
  1071. Analysts Behind Iraq Intelligence Were Rewarded
  1072. Iran oil bourse next week
  1073. Freedom Tower Work Begins (Who can afford space in it?)
  1074. Could Rumsfeld court-martial the retired generals?
  1075. House panel rejects US-bound container inspection
  1076. US fears firms listing overseas (Exactly part of the plan)
  1077. Fla. Attn'y Gen. Wants Probe of Coroner
  1078. The Raw Story | Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman rebuffs attempts to interview Administration officials in pre-war Iraq probe
  1079. Russia ready to repay Paris Club all debts this year: Putin (and US is already bankrupt beyond saving)
  1080. Exxon Quarterly Profit Exceeds Annual GDP of UAE, Kuwait
  1081. Blair shaken after "Black Wednesday" (Cheer up: it will get worse)
  1082. Israel nixes Abbas's peace summit bid
  1083. Fed kills a key inflation gauge (with malice)
  1084. Turkey tells Rice it opposes military option
  1085. No open arms for Rice, Rumsfeld
  1086. Residents steer clear of their cars in effort to avoid high gas prices
  1087. Senators to push for $100 gas rebate checks (Another criminal Congress scam)
  1088. Pentagon says Iraq forces not ready (and never will be)
  1089. More working Americans go without health-care coverage
  1090. Mexico: Armed siege of steel mill reveals escalating class war
  1091. Projected Iraq War Costs Soar
  1092. Pakistan's pro-Taliban tribes unite against army
  1093. FREE SADDAM! :: from www.uruknet.info :: news from occupied Iraq
  1094. Israelis Warned Before Blasts To Stay Away From Sinai
  1095. Mexicans Plan &#-11;&#-11;&#-11;Nothing Gringo!&#-11;&#-11;&#-11; Boycott
  1096. Terrorist: Nice Guy Trying To Influence Social Policy
  1097. Alum Takes on the White House: Exclusive with Patrick J. Fitzgerald
  1098. House passes draconian intelligence bill (Power to punish anyone for any or no reason)
  1099. House votes 397-21 for Iran Freedom Support Act (US Criminal Congress)
  1100. Peace Takes Courage - Cindy Sheen
  1101. The FBI and Hollywood (READ)
  1102. World System on Weimar Collapse Curve (READ)
  1103. The housing bubble has popped
  1104. Long Live The 9/11 Conspiracy! / Anyone still care about the heap of disturbing, unsolved questions surrounding Our Great Tragedy?(READ)
  1105. May 1 immigrant boycott aims to 'close' cities (Response: martial law?)
  1106. Kevin Zeese: "Hawkish Israeli Lobby Wants War with Iran!" (READ)
  1107. At Long Last, Iran's Oil Bourse Has Arrived!
  1108. United States of Israel?
  1109. BREAKING: House Dems file lawsuit against illegal legislation
  1110. Thieves Reprogram Pumps To Steal Gas
  1111. New York court acquits "anti-war grannies" of disorderly conduct
  1112. Rice: U.N. Credibility at Stake on Iran (Lying Bitch of Babylon Speaks)
  1113. MSNBC reports Rove believes he is in legal jeopardy
  1114. Government plays down vote-rigging claims (UK)
  1115. Russia and China warn UN not to antagonise Iran (Are we clear on this?)
  1116. 911, Iraq, PNAC All roads lead to Israel (Scenario #5 - READ)
  1117. The questions that "United 93" can't answer
  1118. Subject to the Penalty of Death (READ: one of myriad aspects of genocide)
  1119. Police investigate 'postal vote theft on massive scale' (UK)
  1120. Guantanamo Bay prisoner 'tried to commit suicide a dozen times'
  1121. By the Numbers (US Gulag)
  1122. U.S.: More Than 600 Implicated in Detainee Abuse
  1123. Ten states sue EPA over power plant emissions
  1124. US: Chief Democrat on ethics panel hit by corruption charges
  1125. Bush courts Azerbaijani president as part of build-up against Iran
  1126. Open warfare erupts in Sri Lanka
  1127. Deal on US bases sought Rumsfeld, Rice fly to Baghdad to back new prime minister
  1128. Apr. 26, 2006 - Divergence of Place: Money and Mouth (READ!)
  1129. Apr. 15, 2006 - Why a (Looming) Bear Market Can Seem Like A Bull Market
  1130. Making America Safer: One Released War Crime Victim at a Time (The results were quite deliberate)
  1131. How Much is the War Costing? How Many US Troops are Really in Iraq?
  1132. Lay Loses His Cool on Stand
  1133. Republicans Pushing Weak Ethics Bill (Criminal Congress)
  1134. NOW | Evangelical Christians Are Preaching Politics in Ohio
  1135. Judge Won't Dismiss Case Against Libby
  1136. Senator Specter Threatens to Block NSA Funds(Hmmmm)
  1137. In Baghdad some killings get noticed, some don't
  1138. Grand old man of Nepal takes over
  1139. Talkshow host is next on Bush's frontline
  1140. Can George Bush win back the press? (Um - it's owned by military-industrial complex)
  1141. US Democrats bid to write "net neutrality" into law fails
  1142. Belarus opposition leader arrested at rally
  1143. Israels Kadima, Labour reach coalition deal
  1144. Olmert Close To Forming Ruling Coalition
  1145. New Iraqi Vice President's Sister Killed
  1146. US dollar falls against major currencies
  1147. Fed signals break from rate hikes
  1148. Publisher Decides to Recall Novel by Harvard Student (mistake)
  1149. Kaavya refuses to duck for cover (Good for her)
  1150. Reuell: Tell a lie, write a book, make money (Cruel - and a lie)
  1151. Chicken cull ordered as bird flu strain found (Chicken is too cheap; consumers need to be fleeced)
  1152. Bird flu one of many [fabricated] pandemic threats
  1153. New Fields Exhibitions (How to suck up cash like a hoover)
  1154. Booz Allen Hamilton (Nonsense fabricated as manipulative "truth")
  1155. Internet shut-down in two to four days during flu pandemic: Booz Allen
  1156. Universal Pictures :: View Forum - The Movie "United 93" (What people really think)
  1157. Esas im&#-11;&#-11;genes que los Estados Unidos no quieren ver [Voltaire]
  1158. The predator state
  1159. Iran Denounces Israel Election to UN Panel
  1160. Let Us Now Spit Upon The Earth / You can do it the old way, or you can do it like Bush -- with smirks, mountain bikes and oil
  1161. Postal ballots stockpiled at party worker's home (UK)
  1162. Israel: New Iran Missiles Can Hit Europe
  1163. Federal tax on gas should be shelved
  1164. THREE Stage Terror Drill to Take Place in Chicago: May 2-4
  1165. Iraq war set to be more expensive than Vietnam
  1166. False Flagg op called Rosetta Stone of 9/11 (READ)
  1167. Two-tiered Internet: Panel paves way for fees (Bad idea)
  1168. Taking the President to Court
  1169. Republicans Involved In Lobbyist Sex Scandal At The Watergate Hotel?
  1170. Osama Connected to 9/11? Not According to the F.B.I.
  1171. Mississippi governor helped implicated firm
  1172. Steppingstone to War - by Justin Raimondo
  1173. Police prepared with crowd control plan
  1174. 'Clear terror threat to UK' (from UK government)
  1175. NSA spying comes under legal, political attack
  1176. Prosecutor Weighs Charges Against Rove in Leak Case
  1177. GIs, Beware Radioactive Showers!
  1178. Iraq's new man
  1179. SOS over Iraqi scientists
  1180. Musharraf insists: I'm not George Bush's poodle (LOL)
  1181. Iraq VP warns Americans against striking Iran
  1182. Bush Set to Approve Takeover of 9 Military Plants by Dubai (diversion)
  1183. Diplomacy,the smokescreen for savagery (and perversions of language)
  1184. U.S. prepares to face U.N. on torture as Amnesty report blasts 'war crimes' (As USian as motherhood, apple pie and genocide)
  1185. Top Vatican Official Urges Protests And Boycotting Of Da Vinci Code Film. (Can you *not* go see it, now?)
  1186. Mexicans Issue CALL TO ARMS Inside USA (or not)
  1187. Katrina Report Rips the White House Anew (US destruction is goal of corpagov)
  1188. Mexico proposes decriminalizing pot and cocaine (Not the same as "legalizing")
  1189. Bush to proclaim designated month for Jewish history (April=Palestianian history month? June=Iraq history month? July=Afghanistan history month? Aug=Iran history month?)
  1190. "Pills" Limbaugh turns himself in! (Actually admits being a fraud?)
  1191. McCain warns Russia, China on Iran (The nitwit whore speaks)
  1192. Bush Rejects Calls for Tax on Oil Profits (Is wondering why understandable?)
  1193. Israel | Israeli Professor: 'We Could Destroy All European Capitals' (Your friend and ally)
  1194. Is the Zarqawi video a hoax? (Of course: he's dead! - or never existed)
  1195. Polls proving MOST of America is with US | 435 Patriots to Take Back Congress
  1196. FLASHBACK: Musharraf: bin Laden likely dead (Oh, wow! I never would have guessed!)
  1197. Juror alleges jury misconduct (Hamid Hayat)
  1198. CIA's Goss at Cunningham's Hooker Parties? (LOL)
  1199. Universal's Flight 93 'Hijacked' By Truth Seekers (Corpagov excrement gets harder to dump)
  1200. 1 in 5 pay more in Medicare Rx plan (What did you expect?!)
  1201. Union Leader, Out of Jail, Vows to Fight No-Strike Law
  1202. Chavez Announces 10 Pct. Minimum Wage Hike
  1203. Prostitution Alleged In Cunningham Case (What? Prostitution in Criminal Congress?! LOL)
  1204. Pentagon Halts Contractor Clearances
  1205. FBI secretly sought data on 3,501 people in 2005
  1206. CNN.com - Al-Zawahiri praises insurgents in video - Apr 28, 2006 (More words from the dead/nonexistent guy)
  1207. Did Flight 93 really happen as We were Told? (Um - no!)
  1208. Britain: Government faces rising anger over jobs cut in National Health Service
  1209. Canada: Bloc Qu&#-11;&#-11;b&#-11;&#-11;cois props up Conservative government
  1210. Amnesty International documents European complicity in secret US rendition programme Part 2: Collaborating with CIA kidnappers
  1211. Lies surround first death of an Australian soldier in Iraq
  1212. France: Government launches assault on immigrants
  1213. Apr. 28, 2006 - Behind closed doors
  1214. May 1st Immigrant Boycott Aims to "Close" US Cities (setup and fabricaed excuse for approach to martial law?)
  1215. Neil Young's "Living With War" Shows He Doesn't Like It
  1216. Lynn Woolsey: Ending the War in Iraq (It was an unproked genocidal invasion, never a war)
  1217. Prosecutors May Widen Congressional-Bribe Case
  1218. Chevron Earnings Soar 49 Percent to $4 Billion
  1219. Congress Members Arrested at Sudan Protest
  1220. Corruption Eroding Afghan Security (Another unproked genocidal invasion)
  1221. Bush Approves Dubai Defense Purchase (diversion)
  1222. Fitzgerald to Seek Indictment of Rove
  1223. Operation Canned Meat and Its Derivatives
  1224. Off With His Head!: But Rumsfeld's Shouldn't be the Only One That Rolls
  1225. Hamas' Impossible Mission
  1226. 'Iran failure to comply with UN, unacceptable' (German defense minister Steinmeier is liar, idiot or both)
  1227. Iran and the bomb. What's the world to do? (What bomb?)
  1228. West to seek UN action on Iranian bomb threat - World - Times Online (What threat?)
  1229. UNSC to consider resolution on Iran N-defiance (UNSC "demands" are illegal, capricious, abritrary US nonsense)
  1230. Iran nukes a cause for concern: Bush (What nukes - unless they've already bought the equivalent to Israel's hundreds of them. Maybe they have? Crazy not to have.)
  1231. Britain wants UN to up the pressure on Iran (Poodlespeak)
  1232. China fends off sanctions talk against Iran (A proper veto speaking)
  1233. IAEA report indicts Iran: Refusal to give up enrichment (which is within NPT specifics, and within Iran's treaty agreements)
  1234. Watchdog says Iran defies UN (Iran needs to "defy" the US cabaled illegal actions of UN)
  1235. Iran doesnt give a damn about UN resolution (as it should be)
  1236. International row looms over Iran nuclear program (babbling garbage)
  1237. IAEA reports Iran breaking law (That's too many levels of lies)
  1238. US Report Calls Iran "Most Active" State Sponsor of Terrorism (Fabricating another excuse to attack, when US is greatest terrorist ever known)
  1239. India hints a giftwrap of revival package (Interesting)
  1240. Sri Lanka inches back from brink of civil war
  1241. Mine mishaps put focus on respirator
  1242. US mine denies survivor's charge (but, of course it does)
  1243. End to rate hikes could end rally (Rally?!! LMAO)
  1244. The Tale of a Chick-Lit Plagiarist (She should be suing you, and a mess of others for defamation of character)
  1245. The Harvard Crimson :: Opinion :: One Week Later (Point missed: she "plagiarized" exactly NOTHING)
  1246. 'United 93' takes off (and crash lands as fabrication)
  1247. British farm hand infected by mild strain of bird flu (bird flu bird flu bird flu bird flu ...)
  1248. 'Don't panic' plea over bird flu (possibly because it's a fictional farce?)
  1249. Terror suspect evades Java raid (and Wash. DC raid?)
  1250. Zarqawi: the man, the image, the video star (The fiction!)
  1251. Italy Senate vote fiasco (Berlusconi at work)
  1252. Senate votes cast cloud over Prodi's hopes of running Italy (The cloud of Berlusconi news empire)
  1253. Scathing nuclear report as US brands Iran enemy No 1 (Get real, people)
  1254. In Zarqawi's home town, family talk with pride about their heroic cousin (Fiction)
  1255. Moussaoui Sentencing Jury Is Told Not to Do Its Own Research (Bizarre)
  1256. Senators: 'Bumbling' FEMA must go (Criminal Congress must go)
  1257. Army charges intelligence officer with cruelty in Abu Ghraib abuse (and might be even slapped on the wrist)
  1258. A comedy of outrage (READ)
  1259. Oil official defends large profits (We're entitled!)
  1260. Bookstores yank off Kaavyas novel (How stupid and slimey of them: the evidence of innocence is being removed)
  1261. Is it too soon for 9/11 movie? (Maybe - but way past time for stories that actually make sense)
  1262. China denies covering up human bird flu cases (because there were none?)
  1263. Vietnam Needs $400M-Plus to Fight Bird Flu (Me too!)
  1264. Bush's Imperial Presidency (Everybody forgets the Articles of Confederation)
  1265. 47 counties can use MicroVote in primary
  1266. U.S. Reaches Out to Some Oil-Rich [Despotic] Nations (That's the kind we like)
  1267. How dumb does Big Oil think you are? (Really want an answer?)
  1268. Former Oregon Prosecutor Claims Americans Need To Fight Judicial Corruption Or Freedom Will Turn Into Slavery
  1269. Ex-Head of FDA Under Investigation
  1270. Meet Bush's latest enemy in the war on Iraq: the Raging Grannies of Tucson, Arizona
  1271. Rush Limbaugh Arrested On Drug Charges
  1272. Scathing nuclear report as US brands Iran enemy No 1 'to Jews' (Confused babbling)
  1273. April Deadliest This Year for GIs in Iraq (Not counting DU poisoning)
  1274. Feds Move to Dismiss Domestic Spying Suit (in their pursuit of constitutional destruction and totalitarian state)
  1275. Olmert compares Ahmadinejad to Hitler (No, Hitler was a zionist collaborator)
  1276. Bush administration invokes "state secrets" in suit against NSA (Sicker by the day)
  1277. Rumsfeld 'thrilled' by Iraq developments (Rubs hands with glee at the genocide, poisoning, suffering, pain and destruction and "stuff")
  1278. Is Israel Our Friend? (LMAO - no one's friend)
  1279. Sarandon speaks of death threats after opposing Iraq war
  1280. Canadian dollar soars to 28-year high
  1281. Report Sets Stage For Action on Iran (Any and every excuse)
  1282. Generals trying to stop new fiasco
  1283. Feds Drop Bomb on EFF Lawsuit
  1284. U.S. Ambassador John Bolton Lies, Insists the U.S. Didn't Violate the UN Charter (Bolton is a congenital repto, liar, lunatic and criminal)
  1285. United Flight 93's Rightwing ad campaign
  1286. Truth Package Machine: The Columbine Massacre Unravels
  1287. Who's Trying To Take Our Guns Away?
  1288. Feds investigating claims that contractor provided call girls to congressman (It could prevent them from passing laws!)
  1289. Citing 'liberal' immigration laws, U.S. blasts Canada on terrorism (LMAO!)
  1290. McCain Issues Warning To Russia, China On Iran (What a simpleton!)
  1291. The Franklin Coverup Scandal
  1292. US woos Asian energy allies to thwart Russia (READ reality that is not fabricated)
  1293. China, Opec agree to boost energy tie-up in a big way (Maybe to hang criminal US gummint of occupation by its own rope?)
  1294. Bush Guarantees Aliyev Peaceful Iranian Solution (LOL!)
  1295. The United States, Israel, and the Possible Attack on Iran (READ!)
  1296. A Democratic Dictatorship (Democratic? That's a fraud)
  1297. Death Made In America (DU poisononing of the world)
  1298. U.S. invasion responsible deaths of over 250,000 civilians in Iraq (understated)
  1299. The story of the USS Liberty (again and still)
  1300. Hideous Kinky: Moral Nullity as Normality in Pentagon Plans (READ!)
  1301. Daryl Bradford Smith interviews James Ennis (USS Liberty)
  1302. Going to War with the Morons you have
  1303. Voting Fraud in the 2004 Presidential Election
  1304. In Leak Cases, New Pressure on Journalists - New York Times
  1305. China's Reserves Soar: NAM Says The Time Has Come For China To Re-Value Its Currency (China will do as it pleases)
  1306. Flight5 93: Three-minute discrepancy in tape
  1307. IAEA Finds no Proof of Iranian Nuclear Weapons Program
  1308. Iraqi oil gangs syphon off billions
  1309. Tower City shuts off band for anti-Bush T-shirts
  1310. 18 rich families pay for campaign to kill estate taxes
  1311. Arizona lawmaker pushes to end oil companies' royalty break (as if this actually matters)
  1312. New oil shock ahead as $100 spike looms
  1313. Citgo to Sell Asphalt Unit, Its Second U.S. Asset
  1314. Berlusconi Concedes Italy Defeat, Without Saying 'Concede'
  1315. Tens of thousands in NYC protest war
  1316. U.S. Reports a Surge in Global Terrorism (that it perpetrates)
  1317. Roadside bomb kills three Italian soldiers as violence continues
  1318. U.S. Pays for 150 Iraqi Clinics, and Manages to Build 20 (but none actually useful)
  1319. Cheney exempts his own office from reporting on classified material (The snarler also decides)
  1320. Corruption Reform in the Age of Abramoff: Not a Roar, But a Whimper (A criminal government of occupation)
  1321. Fred Gardner: Forgotten Memories, Personal and Political
  1322. Lee Sustar: Opening a New Movement
  1323. Robert Bryce: the Scandal of the V-22
  1324. US Death Toll in Iraq Reaches New High
  1325. Gonzales/DOJ Move to Thwart Bush Spying Suit
  1326. Leftist leaders reject U.S. trade plan
  1327. Iran agrees to allow intrusive inspections
  1328. Iran agrees to nuclear inspections (That won't matter, of course)
  1329. Chickens at two more British farms are found to have bird flu (or not)
  1330. Nepal's king swears in arch rival as new premier
  1331. &#-11;&#-11; Mexico has its own national anthem troubles
  1332. US Q1 econ growth strongest in 2/12 yrs (Complete nonsense - unless you only count oil)
  1333. Big Oil Profits From Big Prices Again
  1334. Soldier uses MySpace to tell friends goodbye
  1335. Al-Qaida calls for overthrow of Pakistan (Get real)
  1336. Blair expected to reshuffle Cabinet in bid to ease crisis (shuffle himself into the sea)
  1337. Justice Department plans single-faith prison program
  1338. Contractor's Plans Lie Among Ruins of Iraq - Los Angeles Times
  1339. Third World veto leaves UN in budget crisis (created by whom?)
  1340. Leftist trio seals Americas pact
  1341. Bush's Jewish Iraq Connection and Anti-Semitism on the Left
  1342. The Untold Story of Israel's Bomb (But for false claim of Iran NPT violation)
  1343. Congress may consider mandatory ISP snooping (Totalitarian state)
  1344. Bush challenges hundreds of laws (READ)
  1345. Turkey won't allow US to use its bases
  1346. U.S. rejects Iran inspection offer (How expected can things be?)
  1347. Attack Iran, Ignore the Constitution (It's done every day)
  1348. New oil shock ahead as $100 spike looms
  1349. Genocide by famine: Darfur aid halved (Cf. Palestine, Afghanistan and Iraq)
  1350. The unthinkable: A General Motors bankruptcy (No, the expected)
  1351. FBI agents lied about what they wanted from Jack Anderson's papers.
  1352. Rice: Iran Is 'Playing Games' With Offer (*Who's* playing games?!)
  1353. More families relying on food pantries for help, survey finds (speaking of famine)
  1354. Big Oil Has America Over A Barrel
  1355. Bush's Pathetic Comedy Act - The Joke's on US
  1356. Something Strange about Flight 93
  1357. Bush ends rule of law; Americans continue to shop, enjoy TV.
  1358. Europe as a Counterbalance to US Global Hegemony (Don't count on it)
  1359. Call a Spade a Spade (Palestine)
  1360. Oil 'will hit $100 by winter'
  1361. Hitler: Polish Troops attack German Radio Station (Historical reminder)
  1362. Why shouldn't Iran have nuclear weapons? Israel has American warheads ready to fire?
  1363. Tens of thousands in New York march against the war in Iraq (The usual underestimate)
  1364. Israel Lobby Nutjobs on the Loose
  1365. US allies behind Iraqs death squads and ethnic cleansing (Of course)
  1367. No one can prevent cooperation between Iran and China: envoy (It's been encouraged)
  1368. Stephen Colbert Speaks Truth to Power at the White House Correspondents dinner (Biting humor)
  1369. For the Silent Majority
  1370. A Disgrace To The FBI (Criminal FBI has always been a disgrace)
  1371. Activist tells supporters she will refuse test, go to jail
  1372. Sentencing Set for Accused Fla. Professor
  1373. Powell Says He Advised Bush to Invade Iraq With a Larger Force (Oh, sit down and shut up)
  1374. Pentagon Bills Injured Soldiers $1.2 Million (Support the Troops 'cause US corpagov won't)
  1375. Hizbollah sees Bush as top terrorist (so does almost everybody else)
  1376. Pentagon planning July war game with Iran (!)
  1377. US allowed Zarqawi to escape (fiction)
  1378. U.S. Says It Fears Detainee Abuse in Repatriation (Bizarre logic)
  1379. Report: Turkey won't let U.S. attack Iran from its land
  1380. Bush approves Dubai buying defense supplier
  1381. Nepal's new PM calls for Maoists to renounce violence
  1382. Clooney joins US rallies to demand an end to violence
  1383. FEMA 'beyond repair' (and liability in 9/11 truth)
  1384. High gasoline prices here to stay - Bodman
  1385. Bush Aide: No Silver Bullet for Gas Prices (Too angering for reply)
  1386. Peter Daou: Ignoring Colbert: A Small Taste of the Media's Power to Choose the New
  1387. Bush turned down chances to kill Zarqawi: ex-CIA spy (um - right -sure - absolutely)
  1388. Rice defends Iraq war planning (Shut up - and go to your room)
  1389. History seems to be catching up to GOP (The dirty tricks will be?)
  1390. Cheney won't tell how much he keeps secret
  1391. Typed too fast? Google profits from your typo (READ)
  1392. Strategy of dividing Iraq starting to make sense, some officers, analysts say
  1393. What About Darfur? - by Justin Raimondo
  1394. Ohio voters unhappy with Bush, poll shows
  1395. Biden: Split Iraq Into 3 Different Regions (old plan)
  1396. Bushite Neo-Cons Responsible For May Day Immigration Protests
  1397. 'unknown Americans' are provoking civil war in Iraq
  1398. IDF probes huge sex scandal
  1399. Dear Leader's prep plan for the upcoming hurricane season
  1400. "Flight 93" the movie, why? (READ)
  1401. Dwindling dollar: World may sneeze on US cold (READ)
  1402. 'RV' Passes 'United 93' to Win Box Office (LOL)
  1403. Bush Leverage With Russia, Iran, China Falls as Oil Prices Rise
  1404. Puerto Rico Closes Government Offices (Ran out of money)
  1405. `Sell in May' Strategy in U.S. Stocks Seen as Prudent This Year
  1406. The Jesuits, the Vatican, the Black Pope... (Hmmm What are the two biggest and tied together banking enties in the world?)
  1407. How Big Is Bush's Big Government?
  1408. Israeli forces ban Palestinian patients from treatment
  1409. U.S. General Predicts Intensified Attacks (and that Sun will rise tomorrow!)
  1410. High Gas Prices Will Last Years, Bush Aides Say (That's longer than the nation will last)
  1411. Rice: U.S. may press Iran not only via UN on nuclear issue (itching for it for years)
  1412. The Shadow Government
  1413. U.S. checking possibility of pumping oil from northern Iraq to Haifa, via Jordan - Haaretz - Israel News
  1414. Priests and imams to play ball in a game of two faiths (LOL)
  1415. The "New Totalitarianism" now defines a desperate neo-con end game (READ)
  1416. 'Taking Out' Iran's Nuclear Facilities: Not So Fast
  1417. Feds lay down the law on Cuba to travel agents
  1418. Dollar starts the big slide against major currencies
  1419. The media's missing links (Oh? US media *is* a corpagov conspiracy)
  1420. Ferment Over 'The Israel Lobby'
  1421. 3-Year-Old Child's Skull Crushed at Israeli Checkpoint
  1422. Chalabi involved US, Iran policy making again, current and former intelligence officials say
  1423. Mystery over 400 dead dolphins (US Navy and its infernal super sonar)
  1424. Bird Flu Kaka made for TV in new line of Corpagov Terrorism
  1425. Mild form of avian flu found in New Jersey (or not)
  1426. Conn. Governor Reassigns Official
  1427. Conn. Official Took Gifts, Now Holds State Job
  1428. Secret Service to turn over records of Abramoff's White House visits
  1429. Court overturns rule on evidence blaming others
  1430. Bolivia Leader Orders Army to Gas Fields
  1431. US escalating spy flights over North Korea
  1432. Why shouldn't Iran have nuclear weapons? Israel has American warheads ready to fire
  1433. Occupation kills 27 'militants' in Afghanistan
  1434. Denmark Reduces Number of Troops in Iraq
  1435. U.S.: Ramadi battle kills 100-plus 'insurgents'
  1436. Gang activity seen in U.S. troops in Iraq (Gang, or death squad?)
  1437. Connecticut exporter charged with illegal technology sale to Iraq (Getting sillier)
  1438. Oil-industry graft keeps Iraq unsteady, U.S. says
  1439. 'Ring of Steel' Encircles Iraqi Oil Platforms (Just for Halliburton)
  1440. Huge fraud exposed in Iraq contracts (Oh my, oh my, how so surprising)
  1441. Billions wasted in Iraq, says US audit (Not wasted: contractors got paid!)
  1442. Bush approves Dubai buying defense supplier (Boring)
  1443. Ex-professor gets over 4 years in Florida terror case (outrageous)
  1444. Madonna attacks Bush at festival (Cheeky lady :-)
  1445. Televised White House press briefings may end: Bolten (and end to hilarious lies?)
  1446. Examples of the president's signing statements
  1447. FBI issued over 9,000 national security letters in 2005: DOJ report
  1448. Government DNA databases expected to expand
  1449. Rent hikes to hit New York public housing tenants
  1450. Over 100,000 march in New York against Iraq war
  1451. As Big Oil posts record profits Washington warns no relief from soaring gas prices
  1452. Gold futures close above $660 for first time since late 1980
  1453. World on the Mend (Utterly insane babbling)
  1454. Alexander Cockburn: the War on Terror on the Lodi Front
  1455. Gilad Atzmon: Self-Haters Unite! (READ)
  1456. Mike Whitney: Take Back the Oil Companies!
  1457. Michael Donnelly: the War's Liberal Enablers
  1458. Christopher Reed: Mercury's Message, 50 Years On
  1459. The Israel Lobby: It's Not Either / Or (Then there is who really controls both)
  1460. 350,000 in New York March Against the War in Iraq
  1461. Economist John Kenneth Galbraith Dies at 97 (Farewell Sir)
  1462. Colbert Lampoons Bush at White House Correspondents Dinner
  1463. Juror Pressured to Convict Defendant of Terrorism
  1464. Sudanese Government Accepts Darfur Peace Deal
  1465. In Leak Cases, New Pressure on Journalists
  1466. Details of Patriot Act Spying Revealed
  1467. Bush Team Imposes Thick Veil of Secrecy
  1468. Sharp Reaction to GOP Plan on Gas Rebate
  1469. Families Hunt for Iraq's "Lost"
  1470. "Militants" Kill Kashmir Hindus
  1471. 'Zombism' Breakout in Cambodia (and Condumsleaza has to babble)
  1472. Iran-U.S. collision (Of course! Iran is playing games with morons)
  1473. Markets Learn a Lesson (The stupidest headline ever)
  1474. Medicare's Problems Growing Worse (and who did it?)
  1475. Medicare fund 12 years from running out: trustees (Not when W loots it)
  1476. Springsteen criticises Katrina response
  1477. Cull completed at bird flu farms (Millions of birds murdered for nothing)
  1478. The United States May Have to Live with a Nuclear Iran (that or world war)
  1479. America's Hitler (Guess who!)
  1480. MSNBC confirms: Outed CIA agent was working on Iran (*another* reason to shoot her down: she knew too much)
  1481. Records of Abramoff's White House Visits (READ)
  1482. Social Security, Medicare Trust Funds Sink (from Bushco THEFT)
  1483. US Social Security fund exhausted in 2040-trustees
  1484. Iranian envoy asks U.N. to stop U.S. threats
  1485. Palestinian professor sentenced for terrorism in US (When is Bushco sentenced for treason?)
  1486. US tops list of rogue states on congestion toll
  1487. Castro slams US terrorism charge
  1488. Bush Hails a 'Turning Point' in Iraq (Tipping point of US genocide?)
  1489. Iran Urges UN Action Against US (About time - but lots of luck)
  1490. Bolten: White House must regain its 'mojo' (while persisting in bad juju)
  1491. US stocks decline as interest rate fears resurface
  1492. New York markets close down
  1493. Oil: Iran nuke worries escalate (so the busllshit about thinks that don't exist)
  1494. Danger of bird flu leads to innumerable massacre! (of birds by bird brains)
  1495. US and Japan finalise troop consolidation deal
  1496. Who's buying cell phone records online? Cops
  1497. Why shouldn't Iran have nuclear weapons?
  1498. A doozy of a country - Haaretz - Israel News
  1499. Iraqi ambulance driver shot dead by security contractors
  1500. Iran will hit Israel if US does "evil" (Iknewthat)
  1501. Republican Revives Island Hunting Plan (No place left unkilled)
  1502. Martial Law 9/11 Now Available For Free Download
  1503. United 93, anti-war sentiment, and illegal CEOs
  1504. Does Iran's President Want Israel Wiped Of The Map - Does He Deny Te Holocaust? (READ)
  1505. Qatar Grants Millions in Aid to New Orleans
  1506. Fuel Costs Prompt School Closings in Tenn. (and so it begins)
  1507. Grandmother deployed to Iraq (The bizarre US)
  1508. Terrorist Attacks Rose Sharply in 2005, State Dept. Says (and terrorist attacks by US?)
  1509. What's The Problem? (Global totalitarianism)
  1511. The Truth Seeker - Voice of the White House April 29, 2006
  1512. U.S. predicts U.N. support for sanctions in Iran (Delusional)
  1514. Top CIA Official Under Investigation
  1515. Children of Abraham: Death in the Desert
  1516. The Internet is Dead, Long Live the Internet
  1517. Report: Colbert comedy skit angers Bush, aides (Bush's genocide skits anger very many)
  1518. The Raw Story | New Army documents reveal US knew of and approved torture before Abu Ghraib scandal
  1519. Voter smashes electronic voting machine
  1520. Evidence of Thermite Uncovered at World Trade Center
  1521. Most US young people can't find Iraq on map: study (unsurprising)
  1522. Foreclosure activity hits highest level in two years
  1523. 10 States to Sue Government Over Light-Truck Fuel Economy
  1524. Hanford cleanup cost soars to $11.3 billion ... if Congress will pay
  1525. Bush Losing About One Point per Month Since January 2005
  1526. 36 US House Reps Want Bush Impeachment Probe
  1527. Common Cause asks feds to investigate Harris
  1528. Secret Service to Release Logs on Abramoff Visits
  1529. Bushite Neo-Cons Responsible For May Day Immigration Protests
  1530. Massive immigration protests hit U.S.
  1531. US govt, ExxonMobil say looking at options after Bolivian nationalization
  1532. US embassy owes the Mayor &#-11;&#-11;271,000 (London)
  1533. Castro slams US terrorism charge
  1534. Loose Change (video on google connecting 9/11 with US corpagov)
  1535. Egypt finds 13th case of human bird flu (or not)
  1536. Flight curbs 'won't halt bird flu' (No? Really?!)
  1537. Rapid Containment Key to Preventing Bird Flu Pandemic (First class assholery)
  1538. U.S. Pandemic Draft: Federal Troops, National Guard to Maintain Order (Is the pattern clear yet?)
  1539. Did you know Corporate America may be helping George Bush illegally spy on you?
  1540. U.S. use of secret warrants climbed 18 pct in 2005
  1541. U.S. and Europe Draft U.N. Resolution on Iran (Waste of time)
  1542. UK troops 'doomed to fail' in Afghanistan
  1543. ExxonMobil gets $185M DoD contract for oil, gasoline
  1544. Report: Iraq oil production remains below prewar level
  1545. US general urged "outer limits" Iraq interrogation
  1546. Bush in 'ceaseless push for power'
  1547. Energy policies bringing Spain into conflict with European Commission
  1548. US dollar fall raises questions on global stability (Present and future were obviously inevitable 20 years ago)
  1549. Three years since Bush's "Mission Accomplished": Torture, corruption, growing resistance in Iraq(all consequences fully intended)
  1550. Bush administration demands UN action against Iran (Ongoing joke)
  1551. May 2, 2006 - Top Ten Signs of a Precious Metals Bubble
  1552. Anthony Papa: Rush Limbaugh and the Politics of Drug Addiction
  1553. Sen. Russell Feingold: Our Presence is Destabilizing Iraq
  1554. "Out of Iraq, Into Darfur?" (In addition to Iran?)
  1555. Paul Craig Roberts: Endgame for the Constitution
  1556. Evelyn Pringle: Will Big Oil Destroy the US Economy? (Not all alone)
  1557. Thousands Denounce Fox on Labor Day in Mexico City
  1558. Three Democrats Slam President Over Defying Statutes
  1559. Electronic Voting Switch Threatens Mass Confusion (More stolen elections)
  1560. Cantwell, Feinstein Press for Public Release of Enron Evidence
  1561. Terrorists' Unmanned Air Force (LOL - What a crock!)
  1562. Berlusconi Resigns, Vows to Be a Thorn (He's *always* been a thorn - and doesn't want to be in jail)
  1563. Bolivia defends gas industry takeover (Why should it have to?)
  1564. US says it won't yield on Iran (Wants to bomb and invade)
  1565. REGION: Iran confronts UN powers with nuclear fait accompli (Stupid nonsense)
  1566. French PM (Villepin) refuses to resign
  1567. States sue Bush on fuel economy standards
  1568. 10 states to sue government over light truck fuel economy rules
  1569. CORRECTED: $100 gas rebate "insulting", Boehner says (It's an insulting joke)
  1570. Bolivia's swoop for gas reserves stuns energy giants (We could only hope!)
  1571. New author faces more borrowing allegations (Now it's "borrowing" and not plagiarism? - such a crock)
  1572. Despite Warnings, Reid Hails 'Sound' Social Security System (Bushco is looting everything)
  1573. Americans Lag Far Behind English in Overall Health
  1574. Middle-Aged Americans Sicker Than British (Most fucked by insurers)
  1575. Business Plan for a Pandemic? (Assholes! - unless the 1918 flu is planted by US terrorist gummint)
  1576. US to outline another part of bird flu plan (Culling the human population?)
  1577. China Surpasses UN Goal to Beat Child Hunger (i.e., US does NOT)
  1578. Faulty Testimony Sent 2 to Death Row, Panel Finds (Criminal Corpagov)
  1579. Polls Stay Open Until 9:30 At Garden Valley (More criminal government and stolen votes)
  1580. U.S. Conducting Research Into Laser Weapon (Regime change necessary?)
  1581. Iraqi boy drowned after soldiers 'forced him to swim at gunpoint'
  1582. In the chaos of Iraq, one project is on target: a giant US embassy
  1583. Seen through a Syrian lens, 'unknown Americans' are provoking civil war in Iraq
  1584. Crashed plane was carrying 113 passengers
  1585. 113 killed in Black Sea plane crash (Was someone on board targeted?)
  1586. iPod relief for trapped miners (Food and water would be good)
  1587. For 'Opal Mehta,' End of Story, Publisher Says (A lie - and WP needs to be sued for billions)
  1588. Iran standoff at crisis point, says Pahad (Still, Iran has not violated NPT)
  1589. Europe puts sanctions at top of UN's Iran agenda (Iran has not violated NPT)
  1590. TIME.com: What's Behind Iran's Nuclear Bluster (Idiotic, propagandistic babblings)
  1591. Bush urges Sudan peace deal (NOYFB)
  1592. GOP Offers Optimism About Immigration Overhaul (GOP will die)
  1593. GOP looks for Plan B on gas prices (Next lying scam)
  1594. Kroc Family Donates Millions to Salvation Army Hawaii (Appalling)
  1595. Bolivia draws foreign heat (Chingase, gringo)
  1596. Enron's Lay Ends Testimony, Calls Character Witnesses (Update1)
  1597. Did Ken Lay Demonstrate Credibility? (LOL Are reptos ever credible?)
  1598. Amazon Search Finds Microsoft
  1599. Google questions Microsoft search
  1600. Another chapter of trouble for teenage writer (Mimicking and extensive "copying", i.e. irrefutable plagiarism are rather different, assholes)
  1601. Report finds US pays more for health, gets less (Surprise!)
  1602. Finances of Social Security and Medicare Deteriorate (It's called looting)
  1603. Rove's Unexplained Personal Wealth
  1604. Steve Colbert Everyone is Missing the Issue
  1605. Taliban resurgence as NATO troops replace US forces
  1607. Torture "widespread" under U.S. custody: Amnesty
  1608. Charlie Goes to Congress
  1609. The Stab in the Back - by Justin Raimondo (READ)
  1610. Gasoline prices a 'crisis': Bodman (More like disaster)
  1611. The country that wouldn't grow up - Haaretz (READ)
  1612. Cleveland Polling Place Delays Statewide Election Results
  1613. Confusion, delayed results mark first punch-card free election
  1614. Israel Marks Independence Day with $1.7 Billion Budget Surplus (So, it doesn't need aid from bankrupt US?)
  1615. Blackwell reports embarrassing buy of Diebold stock ("accidentally bought" ?? LOL)
  1616. (Minority Whip Steny) Hoyer: Bush deserves respect (re: Colbert) (Truth is not respectful?)
  1617. Wilkes was a mechanism by which public funds earmarked for national defense were funneled to G.O.P. candidates and causes
  1618. Mexico labor unrest could get worse -- maybe a lot worse, some warn
  1619. Be prepared for changes in N-deal, Rice tells India (i.e., we cheat all the time)
  1620. When the President Joked About Not Finding WMD
  1621. What Congress Can Do About Soaring Gas Prices - Ron Paul (READ)
  1622. Police probe into city postal vote fraud (UK)
  1623. Birmingham leader calls in police as claims of vote rigging increase
  1624. Colbert Reaction Shows Media Are Frightened Of Bush
  1625. Hollywood star Robbins blasts US media ignorance of 'high crimes' in Iraq
  1626. Depleted Uranium - Far Worse Than 9/11
  1627. Western aid cutoff ravages Gaza Strip
  1628. Irish MP slams EU "hypocrisy," calls for suspension of EU-Israel agreement
  1629. Illegal alien riots break out in California during the night! (after attacked by police)
  1630. Thank You Stephen Colbert. &#-11;&#-11; Blog Archive &#-11;&#-11; Thank You.
  1632. Q. What could this boarding pass tell an identity fraudster about you? A. Way too much
  1633. Hollywood star Robbins blasts US media ignorance of 'high crimes' in Iraq
  1634. Judge Doubts Moussaoui's Claims About 9/11
  1635. Exposing The Real Racists In The Immigration Debate
  1636. Universal shuts down message boards (LOL United 23 was not exactly popular?)
  1637. US Dollar Gets Flushed Down World Toilet (It has been long engineered)
  1638. Bush declined to meet Norway's PM: reports
  1639. US Seeks Binding UN Resolution on Iran, but No Early Sanctions (Interminable babbling)
  1640. Oil Fields Spawn African Genocide (READ)
  1641. The Decider Nominates Chief Polluter for the EPA
  1642. Russia, China Promise Not to Back Sanctions Against Iranian Nuclear Program
  1643. The PNAC Paper Trail
  1644. Brandeis pulls Palestinian art from exhibit
  1645. The Liberty, The Lobby & A Long List Of Lackeys
  1646. BulbCam (From when science and engineering were real, not servants of greedy corpagov)
  1647. Stop The Lie - Universal Pictures
  1648. New Red List paints bleak picture of extinction (and homo spiens sapiens?)
  1649. Beverage companies to stop selling non-diet soft drinks to schools (Poisoning trumps obesity)
  1650. Sheriff to Start Posse Patrols to Curb Illegal Immigration Flow (Imagine the death and maiming)
  1651. Secret Service records of Abramoff visits to White House will be incomplete (what would you expect?)
  1652. Bush Renews Call to Make Tax Cuts Permanent (Regurgitant treason)
  1653. Democrats introduce new Net neutrality bill
  1654. Jury sentences Zacarias Moussaoui to life in prison
  1655. No death penalty for Moussaoui
  1656. Blair Says Foreigners in U.K. Jails Must Be Deported (The screw loose poodle)
  1657. Terrorism threat still 'very high' (So long as USUK-IL-AU survives all life on Earth is threatened)
  1658. Implementation Plan for the National Strategy for Pandemic Influenza (PDF from Homeland Suckurity and fabricated BS storm)
  1659. National Strategy for Pandemic Influenza: Implementation Plan (Setup for martial law and release of 1918 flu)
  1660. U.S. outlines $7.1 billion flu pandemic plan
  1661. U.S. European, Northern, and Pacific Commands sponsored pandemic response excersizes: DoD (i.e., a "pandemic" will be created)
  1662. Investigate Big Dick (But it's a criminal congress)
  1663. Hearing vowed on Bush's powers (Yeah - right - sure)
  1664. U.S. Conducting Research Into Laser Weapon (kill,kill, murder, destroy what's a corpagov for?)
  1665. Theologians, faculty sign letter objecting to Rice BC honorary degree (A PhD in lying?)
  1666. UN Ambassador Bolton Refuses to Answer Kucinich's Questions on US TroopsOperating in Iran
  1667. Cut and Run? You Bet.
  1668. Taliban Threat Is Said to Grow in Afghan South
  1669. IEDs killing more despite armor upgrades
  1670. An Unqualified Judicial Nominee (We already have an utterly corrupt judiciary)
  1671. How the French government treats older workers from the colonies
  1672. Hungarian elections: Victory for a "socialist" millionaire
  1673. Medical emergency: Facilities and care in New Orleans in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina
  1674. Police gun down demonstrators in East Timor
  1675. Indian Stalinists take leading role in New Delhi's efforts to contain Nepal crisis
  1676. Washington renews demand for cuts to Social Security, Medicare (The "fuckyou" nation)
  1677. Evo Morales' Historic May Day: Bolivia Nationalizes Gas!
  1678. Joshua Frank: Challenging Hillary (ditch her)
  1679. David Bolton: the War on Drugs is a War on Ourselves
  1680. Democrats and Immigrants: the Grand Evasion
  1681. James Petras: The Rise of the Migrant Workers' Movement
  1682. Paul Craig Roberts: John Kenneth Galbraith, a Great American
  1683. Robert Bryce: the Self-Locking F-22 (When things just don't work)
  1684. Silence Broken, Pardons Granted 88 Years After Crimes of Sedition
  1685. Now White House Not Sure About Abramoff Logs (just in case lies are exposed)
  1686. Expiring Tax Cuts (and their reverse thievery)
  1687. Report Details Katrina Communications Fiasco (All amazing incomptence again, and nothing was by plan?)
  1688. Justice Ginsburg: Congress's Watchdog Plan "Scary"
  1689. Freedom of the Press Deteriorates Worldwide
  1690. Darfur Crisis Puts Sudan at Top of "Failed States" List (Where is US?)
  1691. Bush Economist: Gas Tax Cut Not the Answer (Called "economist" because loar or idiot wouldn't sell well)
  1692. Congress's Failure Spurs States to Tackle Illegal Immigration
  1693. "George W.'s Palace," A Giant Embassy in Iraq
  1694. In Brazil, Anger at Leader's Mild Response to Bolivia's Bold Move - New York Times
  1695. Under US Pressure, Mexico President Seeks Review of Drug Law
  1696. Now Fox won't sign law to decriminalise drugs
  1697. House OKs weakened overhauling of lobbying
  1698. Oil prices settle above $72 a barrel
  1699. PBS host Louis Rukeyser dead at 73
  1700. White House Warns Pandemic Flu (of corpagov creation) Could Limit Travel, Food, Water
  1701. Japan minister warns of nationalism in East Asia
  1702. Update 3: Nepal Urges Rebels to Join Peace Talks
  1703. Is Avian Flu another Pentagon Hoax? (Yes)
  1704. The Impossibility of Flying Heavy Aircraft Without Training
  1705. FOWL! Bird flu - What it's Really All About (READ)
  1706. The Bird Flu Pandemic Fiction - Another Case of the CIA Disinformation Program
  1707. Bird Flu Hoax Makes Donald Rumsfeld $1 Million Richer
  1708. Is the Bird Flu a HOAX? Or the New World Order?
  1709. How Kent State Could Happen Again
  1710. Universal Admits Defeat, Removes Flight 93 Forum
  1711. Recipients of Wilkes Corp/ADCS Inc PAC and Individual Donations, 1995-2005*
  1712. The Godfather USA
  1713. FLASHBACK: SPLC Morris Dees linked to the Oklahoma City Bombing
  1714. GOP's Ed Rollins: Hookergate is "Big"
  1715. Glitch hits Barry County voting machines (glitch?)
  1716. Contractor's deal was Harris priority, former staffers say
  1717. Cheney rebukes Russia on democracy (in grand arrogance)
  1718. Happy returns for acquitted tax accountant
  1719. US to form anti-Iran coalition if UN rejects sanctions: Envoy (With which idiots this time?)
  1720. Shah of Iran's Heir Plans Overthrow of Regime (On another planet)
  1721. Cheney chides Russia on democracy (Right! Bombs and genocide is the way to go!)
  1722. Beating about the bush? Certainly not with Hersh (READ)
  1723. School trips to Cuba face ban
  1724. Adolescents Rx Toxic Drug for Presumed Mental Illness They Do Not Have
  1725. Mark Honigsbaum: The cover-up of paedophile priests (READ)
  1726. Businessman pleads guilty to paying bribes to Jefferson
  1727. Struggle to execute US murderer
  1728. Condoleezza Rice wants Russia to acknowledge USA's interests on post-Soviet space(Without even dying of ironic laughter)
  1729. U.S. silent on China-Vatican rift
  1730. Bolivia to raise its prices for gas
  1731. FCC approves Net-wiretapping taxes (Crazier and more illegal by the day)
  1732. Trust in web news grows
  1733. Invisible in Plain Sight: CIA Torture Techniques Go Mainstream
  1734. Bush Rating on Iraq Falls to 30% in U.S. (About 90 million idiots?)
  1735. BBC NEWS | UK | UK Politics | 1945 war debt to US 'almost paid'
  1736. FBI goes fishing, casting a scary chill
  1737. Groups Urge Overhaul of Pentagon Budget - by Jim Lobe
  1738. China surpasses Japan in forex holding (READ)
  1739. US support of Isreal and how much it has cost the US (PDF)
  1740. Iran-Israel Linkage By Bush Seen As Threat (What is Israel's consistent song?)
  1741. Backpedaling in Egypt
  1742. Korea, China, Japan to Kickstart Single Asian Currency
  1743. UK presses India to send troops to Afghanistan
  1744. John Pilger detects the Salvador Option (Someone finally says it clearly)
  1745. Bull in a China Shop by Eric Margolis (But US is going down the toilet in every way possible)
  1746. U.S. Economy: Productivity Fails to Match Wage Gains (Realoty is tortured again)
  1747. Under Fire: US's misguided defense budget (The financial wreckage is deliberate)
  1748. White House rejects direct talks with Iran (Of course)
  1749. Cheney attacks on Russia "incomprehensible": Kremlin
  1750. Report Says NASA Lacks Research Money
  1751. Euro breaks above $1.27 as rally continues
  1752. Key Bush judge under ethics cloud (Of course)
  1753. Rummy called out in Atlanta!
  1754. Telecom's Secret Plan to Wire Entire Yellowstone Park
  1755. Voting machine warning issued in Penn. (Is it clear yet?)
  1756. Impeachment weighed again
  1757. Rep. Harris's Action Prompts Call for Probe
  1758. Santorum pushes for new rules, lives by old (Criminal congresscritter)
  1759. Las Vegas Passes Resolution Opposing the Patriot Act
  1760. Ridicule and contempt (READ)
  1761. Our monarch, above the law (READ)
  1762. Sen. Leahy calls for summit on privacy (Lots of luck)
  1763. Newstimeslive.com House gives final passage to shield bill (Conn.)
  1764. FCC keeps deadline for broadband wiretap access
  1765. After U.S. warning, Fox refuses to sign drug bill
  1766. Protesters, police clash over US base
  1767. Somali leader slams US on terror
  1768. Guantanamo Britons lose court battle
  1769. Appeal over Guantanamo Bay ruling
  1770. Celebrate Mission Accomplished Day!
  1771. 16 Police Recruits Killed in Iraq; 34 Other Bodies Found
  1772. Baghdad anger at Bush's undiplomatic palace (Let's see how angry)
  1773. US Senate passes $109B war-funds bill
  1774. US does not consider Taliban terrorists (Like ObL, CIA operatives)
  1775. US terror list does not mention Taliban
  1776. Duisburg-Essen University Germany: Students protest implementation of tuition fees
  1777. Britain: Leading Labourites play the race card
  1778. Australian police harass former Guant&#-11;&#-11;namo prisoner
  1779. Tony Swindell: "Our Descent into Hell has Begun"
  1780. Christopher Brauchli: Sen. Frist Without Clothes
  1781. Chris Dols: Colbert's Moment
  1782. Bolivia's Radical Realignment
  1783. Jonathan Cook: the Long Path Back to Umm al-Zinat (READ)
  1784. Will Potter: Green is the New Red (READ)
  1785. John F. Sugg: Sami al-Arian's Final Persecution
  1786. Palestinians Feel Pain of No Pay
  1787. Report: Rumsfeld, US Top Officials Sanctioned Torture
  1788. Populist Left in South America
  1789. Ex-CIA Analyst Condemns Bush 'Manipulation Campaign' on Iraq
  1790. Nixon, Wiretaps and Government Secrets
  1791. Olmert's team breaks Israeli military mould (Hmmm)
  1792. Summit fails to resolve Bolivia gas uncertainty
  1793. Ahmadinejad says Iran nuclear programme non-negotiable
  1794. Moscow the focus of Iran moves at UN
  1795. Companies win $1.3bn flu contracts
  1796. US awards $US1b in flu vaccine contracts
  1797. Brits Unhappy with Blair Government
  1798. Scandal-hit Blair government faces election test
  1799. Bush 'committed' to Israel security
  1800. Financial Bonanza behind the 9/11 Tragedy (READ)
  1801. Bush: US has powerful duty to ensure Israel's security
  1802. Three U.S. soldiers killed in Iraq blast
  1803. The Invisible M3 and Plumping Up the Economy (READ)
  1804. After Almost Five years, Team Bush Nails an al Qaeda Minor-Leaguer (And that's a fake too)
  1805. FLASHBACK: Bush removal ended Guam investigation
  1806. When George W. Bush Had Alex Jones Arrested For Asking A Question (READ)
  1807. BBC NEWS | UK | UK Politics | Labour suffers local poll losses
  1808. Watergate Subpoenaed in Hooker Probe
  1809. Spies Among Us (i.e., our local police)
  1810. Blair must go now (How long ago was this obvious?)
  1811. Pentagon wants US battle-injured soldiers settle their debts (Cruising for military insurrection?)
  1812. US denies terror suspect torture (So, you know it's true then)
  1813. Wired News: Feds' Watch List Eats Its Own (It's the induced insanity)
  1814. Bush 'committed' to Israel security (Pick up your rifle, and go to it boy!)
  1815. Letter from John Mearsheimer & Stephen Walt: The Israel Lobby
  1816. US survey shows autism very common
  1817. US economy firing on all cylinders: data (That "data" is fabricated clculated parameters, not data)
  1818. Wired News: Everyone Wants to 'Own' Your PC
  1819. New autopsy finds Fla. teen was suffocated
  1820. GOP Popularity Dips Among Conservatives (But DON'T take Dems in their place!)
  1821. Probe Targets Ex-Navy Official For Link to Disgraced Contractor
  1822. Microsoft's $1.6 Million Man: Ralph Reed Jr. (READ)
  1823. Bush Clears the Way for Corporate Domination (Been doing that all along)
  1824. Privacy falls victim to free market in US (READ)
  1825. Turkey: Iraq Should Not Allow PKK Terrorism (This should be fun)
  1826. Mexican Police Quash Uprising
  1827. CIA Director Goss resigns
  1828. TomPaine.com - Slouching Towards Tehran (Bombing and invading Iraq was also irrational)
  1829. US defends torture charges (repeatedly, badly - and it's boring)
  1830. Government 'secrets' expanding (UK)
  1831. Not One Drop
  1832. Goss GOES!
  1833. Russian media considers Cheney's speech to be first step towards new Cold War
  1834. FOXNews.com - Report: Bin Laden Already Dead - U.S. & World
  1835. U.S. vice president asks Kazakhstan for oil (Arogant little Dick, isn't he?)
  1836. Democracy Now! | Retired CIA Analyst Ray McGovern Takes on Rumsfeld Over Justification for Iraq Invasion
  1837. Principal bars Coral Springs student from singing anti-Bush song at talent show: South Florida Sun-Sentinel
  1838. Approval ratings of Bush, GOP-led Congress at 'dismal new lows'
  1839. $1 Billion Awarded For (useless) Flu Vaccine
  1840. 6 Arrested in Boston Big Dig Investigation
  1841. Report: Katrina Contractors Bilk Taxpayers
  1842. Iraqi police 'killed 14-year-old boy for being homosexual'
  1843. Australia's low jobless rate cloaks growing hardship
  1844. Canada: Conservative budget launches new assault on public and social services
  1845. Germany: "Election Alternative" defends policies of Berlin state government
  1846. Bush, US media respond to Stephen Colbert's comic assault: "We are not amused"
  1847. Egypt: Mubarak extends repressive Emergency Law
  1848. Morales's nationalization in Bolivia: Who got stabbed?
  1849. US government continues to escalate domestic spying
  1850. The Moussaoui verdict deals blow to Bush administration's 9/11 coverup
  1851. Costs of US Wars: Bush's GWOT Now Fifth Most Expensive in US History
  1852. They're Back!: The Looters of Social Security
  1853. John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt: Storm Over "the Israel Lobby"
  1854. Washington Post Writer Rushes to Rummy's Defense Against Ray McGovern
  1855. Sy Hersh versus the Bush Administration (and the DC Press Corps)
  1856. Vijay Prashad: the Charmless Inconveniences of the Bourgeoisie
  1857. The Innocence Project: Guilty Until Proven Innocent
  1858. US Secret Prisons Hurt Intelligence Efforts (But, what's the real purpose of "intelligence"?)
  1859. Senate Passes Emergency Spending Bill Loaded With Favors
  1860. UN Hears Evidence of US Violations of Ban on Torture Treaty
  1861. GOP $100 Rebate Ridiculed by Consumers (as it should be)
  1862. Senate: No Permanent Bases in Iraq (What a joke)
  1863. Tony Blair's at the End of the Race
  1864. It's Showdown Time in Pakistan
  1865. Peace talks stall as Darfur horror goes on
  1866. The Looming War Against Iran (MUST READ)
  1867. In image war, US shows video of bumbling Zarqawi (Who's the actor?!)
  1868. New Autopsy Reveals Florida Teen Died After Guards Suffocated Him
  1869. Rumsfeld Didn't Lie, But He Should Still Go (He always lies)
  1870. Stakes high in battle between Rumsfeld, generals
  1871. Buffet buying 80% of Iscar Metalworking for $5B (Hmmmm)
  1872. Microsoft Seals Massive Deal
  1873. US defends human rights record before UN committee in Geneva (Bizarre)
  1874. US begins defence at UN torture committee (Absurd)
  1875. US (greatest terrorist in all recorded history) defends treatment of foreign terrorism suspects
  1876. The Advertiser: PM's Timor troops vow [06may06]
  1878. IRS plan to use private tax collectors runs into snags (British East India Co. , revisited - Reads your history)
  1879. The Next Head of the CIA? (Some corpagov aasshole)
  1880. The fall and fall of Afghanistan
  1881. 400 million face famine as pollution pushes up temperatures (Morons have no idea what they are talking about)
  1882. Approval ratings of Bush, GOP-led Congress at 'dismal new lows' (Fuck Dems hard too!)
  1883. Book Deal for Ex-C.I.A. Officer (Good for her!)
  1884. US sends Chinese Guantanamo detainees to Albania (What a crock)
  1885. Senate opposes Iraq military bases (Oh, yeah, right, sure - cri minal bastards)
  1886. Bush administration refuses to talk directly with its main foes (Want to bomb, invade, kill, kill, thieve, thieve, - the 'murikan way!)
  1887. Cheney speech spurs new Cold War: Russian press (Brain already dead - now glue his lips together)
  1888. Annan calls on US to enter direct talks with Iran (Lots of luck, babe)
  1889. White House rejects direct talks with Iran (The Mikey of everything)
  1890. Ex-CIA analyst condemns Bush 'manipulation campaign' on Iraq (Could we condemn his mouth?)
  1891. Labour suffers local poll losses (Whatever, not near enough)
  1892. Clarke sacked, Shaw demoted in major cabinet reshuffle (Such BS garbage by BS garbage pretending to be be human)
  1893. Veto? Who Needs a Veto? (It's called "Dictator" assholes!)
  1894. 2 in Congress rip Bush on bypassing of laws (Two? That's it?! Hanger the rest)
  1895. Judges challenge Internet wiretap rules
  1896. The Next Head of the CIA? (Which pimp moron this time?)
  1897. Resignation of CIA chief sparks talk of scandal (CIA has always been a scandal)
  1898. Bush says fight against terror is 'World War III' (What is war against Bushes?)
  1899. Voting machine warning issued (READ)
  1900. Mexico: Atenco Under State of Siege, Zapatistas Declare Red Alert
  1901. Porter Goss links to the "Hookergate" scandal may be behind his sudden resignation
  1902. McCarthyism: Mary and Joe - by Ray McGovern (READ)
  1903. New research on uranium's effect on DNA
  1904. Bush says fight against terror is 'World War III' (Just you wait)
  1905. Threat of military action against Iran a joke: President (But he knows anyhow)
  1906. NSA Destroyed Evidence of Domestic Spying
  1907. The uproar over the Isreal lobby
  1908. The two crucial mistakes that cost Straw his job
  1909. "United 93": What Happened on the Planes?
  1910. The Liberty, The Lobby & A Long List Of Lackeys
  1911. WTC7.net the hidden story of Building 7
  1912. Flt 93 LANDED In Cleveland Morning Of 911 (or not?)
  1913. IRS plan to use private tax collectors runs into snags (crazier by the day)
  1914. Touch-screens fail security tests, Diebold retaliates (READ)
  1915. Where was Porter Goss on 9-11?
  1916. Iraqis Cheer Crash of British Helicopter (Unsurprising)
  1917. Hawks Looking for New and Bigger Enemies? (Bringing down US, and so global economy)
  1918. Russia's Aeroflot to choose Airbus planes over Boeing (unsurprising)
  1919. Russia, China dig in against West on Iran (predicted)
  1920. Mossad-poisoned sweets killed militant, book says
  1921. Turkey,Iran have same viewpoint on nuclear activity :Erdogan
  1922. No troops to Afghanistan: India
  1923. Bush's Wavering Halts Insurgent Peace Talks (Only peace to b genocide)
  1924. Iran Freedom Support Act to Pass US Senate with 21 Democratic Cosponsors :: from www.uruknet.inf
  1925. Iraq at the mercy of 'kingmaker' Muqtada
  1926. No sign of poison in Ansar camp (More old lies of Powell)
  1927. Most Americans Urge for Diplomacy with Iran (But also understand Iran violates nothing?)
  1928. Congo's tragedy: the war the world forgot
  1929. Living on borrowed dimes (READ)
  1930. Iraq Afghan Wars Cost 439 Billion So Far
  1931. US plans major Asian power grid (So stupid, it's funny)
  1932. CIA boss Goss is cooked
  1933. Congress cracking down on U.S. leaks (Looking for love in all the wrong places)
  1934. A Bush/Neocon/Zionist Atomic 'Incident' In The US? (If needed, you bet!)
  1935. Goss Leaves CIA; NSA Deputy Eyed for Job
  1936. Goss Was Told to Resign, Sources Say
  1937. Leaked Oil Industry Memo Suggests Bid to Curb Refinery Output
  1938. Chevron Memo Raises Suspicion
  1939. Livingstone to host lunch for Chavez (Bravo!)
  1940. Mayor is host as Ch&#-11;&#-11;vez snubs Blair (Bravo ancora!)
  1941. The Enron-isation of Afghanistan?
  1942. US chopper crashes in Afghanistan killing 10 on board
  1943. Swiss artists break into Guantanamo
  1944. DeLay Office Knew Abramoff Arranged Trip
  1945. CIA's Foggo under federal criminal investigation
  1946. CIA boss Goss is cooked
  1947. General Hayden Expected to Be CIA Nominee
  1948. U.S. visitors could face screening (Why would anyone come to the US?!)
  1949. Five men detained at Newark Airport (Nazi 'murika)
  1950. Feds detain 5 'suspicious' passengers on flight (Insane 'murika)
  1951. Germany: Election Alternative, the Socialist Alternative Group and Trotskyism
  1952. Corporate America's best and brightest: The "unwritten rules" of Raytheon's William Swanson (READ)
  1953. New Solomon Islands PM tries to placate discontent with Australian occupation
  1954. Left prop for Prodi Italy: Bertinotti voted speaker in the Italian parliament
  1955. Spelling freedom as O-I-L Cheney lectures Russia on "democracy"
  1956. Sri Lanka: Behind talk of peace, threat of full-scale war looms
  1957. Tony Blair reshuffles Cabinet after Labour's local election debacle (reshuffles is an especially right word)
  1958. Laray Polk: Homeland Security Spending, a Dallas Case Study (Storm Troopers on Parade)
  1959. James Ryan: Of West Point, War and Pizzas
  1960. Paul Cantor: Parody of a Protest (READ)
  1961. Trish Schuh: Islamophobia, a Retrospective (READ: how it is created)
  1962. Stephen Philion: Lessons from the Fordham 9 (READ: CIA-Vatican Connection)
  1963. Jeff Taylor: Democratic Masqueraders (READ - and know how Dems are NOT and alternative)
  1964. Fred Gardner: Steve Howe's Untold Story (READ)
  1965. Death Row at the "Castle": Inside the Military's Judicial System (READ)
  1966. Jeffrey St. Clair: the Rise and Possible Fall of Richard Pombo (Abramoff- yet again!)
  1967. Jeffrey St. Clair: the Rise and Possible Fall of Richard Pombo (How the US was won)
  1968. Moussaoui's Haunting Exchange With Victims' Families (The Fraud of 9/11 is reinforced by another mendacious stink)
  1969. Military Action Won't Solve Iran (What is there to "solve"?)
  1970. Katrina Contractors Bilk Taxpayers (Here's something to solve)
  1971. US Warns Russia to Act More Like a Democracy (It isn't enough of a tyrrany yet)
  1972. Libby Lawyer to Argue Bush's Role in Leak (Who will notice or care?)
  1973. How Morales Took On the Oil Giants - and Won His People Back
  1974. FBI Puts SOA Watch Under "Counterterrorism" Surveillances
  1975. Now It's Negroponte vs. Rumsfeld (With lucj, they will kill each other)
  1976. Bush CIA Pick, Domestic Spying Proponent
  1977. CIA Chief Will Face Critical Gaps in Iran Data
  1978. Criticism of UN Iran draft mounts (As in it's a US mounted fraud and bullying?)
  1979. For cheaper insurance, first make it more expensive (Thivery and raping, of course)
  1980. US markets near all-time high (Speaking of idiot jokes)
  1981. Technology stocks rise as Dow Jones nears peak (PPT at work)
  1982. Google faces child porn smear campaign (Not nazi compliant enough?)
  1983. Churches target Code (LOL)
  1984. Ripping 'The Da Vinci Code' (LMAO)
  1985. Jordan's Council of Churches urges government to ban 'The Da Vinci Code' from theaters - MSN-Mainichi Daily News(LOL)
  1986. English Catholic group opposes Da Vinci film boycott (They need to get lives)
  1987. Decoding the Da Vinci debate: Is it historical fiction? Hardly ... (TeeHee)
  1988. Bush Promotes Medical Benefit for the Elderly (which probably means poisoning them)
  1989. Cabinet Moves Fail to Satisfy the Dissidents in Blair's Party (So, they're not complete idiots?)
  1990. Blair cabinet shakeup may be good for Jerusalem (Whew - well, just so long as its good for Israel What else matters, after all?)
  1991. Blair makes a last stand (Last? One can only hope)
  1992. Israeli strikes on Gaza claim six more lives (Is there a day Israel *isn't* murdering civilian Palestinians?!)
  1993. Kurds Threaten Attacks on Iran (after being hoodwinked?)
  1994. More Questions Surface in the Wake of a Congressman's Bribery Case
  1995. Cheney has no regrets over Iraq invasion (Results are what were wanted)
  1996. Surveillance society: The DNA files (UK)
  1997. Mandate for ID Meets Resistance From States (US)
  1998. Negroponte's Porter
  1999. UN eyes vote next week on Iran nuclear demand
  2000. EDITORIAL: Talk to Iran! But... (Idiot: as for Iraq, demand to prove the negative)
  2001. Job Prospects Are Bright, Bush Tells Graduates (at McDingDongs, for a while)
  2002. Camp, decadent, cowardly (How to have fun with hysteria)
  2003. Church bans "The Da Vinci Code" (better than "Banned in Boston"!)
  2004. When Religion Steps on Science's Turf - Dawkins
  2005. 5 Freed After Questioning at N.J. Airport
  2006. The McLibel Interview
  2007. Black Box Voting: 2006 elections "irregularities" piling up
  2008. Bush and Repugs at Their Most Dangerous; Scorching the Earth Behind Them (But don't trust Dems: throuw them all out)
  2009. The Last Gasp of the Dollar; Iran bourse opens next week
  2010. Russian bombers flew undetected across Arctic
  2011. More Questions Surface in the Wake of a Congressman's Bribery Case
  2012. Basra on the brink of exploding
  2013. Opening the debate on Israel
  2014. Porter & 'the boys': Goss Made His "Bones" on CIA Hit Team
  2015. Panel Faults Pfizer in '96 Clinical Trial In Nigeria
  2016. USA supports Kurdistan Workers Party to strengthen Israel?
  2017. Beginning of the end for Blair? (sooner the better)
  2018. Oil giants' charm offensive as US politicians threaten action (READ)
  2019. They're all out to get me, swears Berlusconi (Poor, poor Silvio [sob])
  2020. Mainstream Media, Why the Blackout on Stephen Colbert?
  2021. Iran Threatens To Quit Nuclear Treaty (Justifiably)
  2022. Documentary about the Franklin Cover-up (READ)
  2023. Settlers stone Hebron schoolchildren (Sick)
  2024. Hamas sanctions squeeze the life out of West Bank (Israel committing genocide)
  2025. Currency Reserves Jump to $225Bln (Russia)
  2026. Rumsfeld developing revisionist habits (?! He's *always* been a liar)
  2027. Spot the rogue (US run up to striking Iran - READ)
  2028. The Drug of War (READ)
  2029. Michael Hayden's past misdeeds (READ)
  2030. Senate opposes Iraq military bases (Lots of luck)
  2031. Hillary Clinton: Too Much of a Clinton Democrat? (Ditch Hillary)
  2032. Colbert shakes up Bill Kristol over PNAC ties
  2033. Cardinal urges legal action against Da Vinci Code (LMAO - Mental Midgets Inc.)
  2034. Military PR flies friendly skies (READ - sneaky bastards)
  2035. Emperor Palpatine aka Darth Cheney Lectures Putin about Freedom
  2036. Creationism dismissed as 'a kind of paganism' by Vatican's astronomer (or court jester)
  2037. Computer ills hinder NSA (Anything hindering NSA is good)
  2038. Blair's MPs stage revolt (Gordon Brown would be an improvement?! How about Galloway?)
  2039. Cleveland's election system gets another black eye
  2040. Graphical Evidence Shows Vaccines Didn't Save Us
  2041. Chemtrails Coming Out of the Closet?
  2042. Chemtrails Are Over Las Vegas
  2043. Firms Harvesting Energy From Public Land May Owe U.S.
  2044. Patriot Act threatens our [Canada's] privacy
  2045. Venezuela Imposing New Oil Extraction Tax
  2046. Key Republican Airs Concerns on C.I.A. Pick
  2047. White House Set to Fight for Hayden (just another criminal)
  2048. Sniffer bees: New flying squad in war against terror ([gasp])
  2049. Star Trek shields in US trials (More Mad Science)
  2050. Terry Hicks asks PM for help (that's asking the shitpoodle for help)
  2051. Germany paid over $10 mln for Iraq hostages-report
  2052. Iraq says 100,000 have fled homes
  2053. Blair's terrible legacy: UK soldiers dig in after five killed
  2054. Targeted Killings Surge in Baghdad (Induction of genocide)
  2055. Rep. Kucincich Requests Death Squad Records (Good man; Dennic, have to met Hugo?)
  2056. Last Question Is Obstruction for Fitzgerald, Rove
  2057. Police Brutality in Mexico
  2058. South Dakota's Abortion Revolt (Sick and tired of meddlsome gummint)
  2059. Basra Erupts in Bloody Gun Battle
  2060. UK Attorney General Calls for Guantanamo to Close
  2061. Behind the Goss Toss
  2062. Politics in the CIA?! Of Course Not!
  2063. Key Republicans Wary on CIA Front-Runner
  2064. Darfur conflict seen continuing despite peace deal
  2065. Bush Advises Graduates on Technology (The voice wisdom and brilliance)
  2066. 1 in 200 Big Dig samples failed test
  2067. Charges from Big Dig can't be end of story
  2068. Pfizer Illegally Tested Unapproved Drug On Children In Nigeria
  2069. Mud-slinging defines new era of open warfare as Labour unravels
  2070. Labor Presses Blair To Set a Quit Date (Before tomorrow!)
  2071. Venezuela Could Leave Group of Three
  2072. Bush says he'd like to close Guantanamo (LOL)
  2073. Bush Taking Iran Threats 'Very Seriously' (With luck Iran is taking US threats seriously also)
  2074. Homeland Security Will Embed Reporters
  2075. Lawmakers Concerned About Putting CIA Under Military Leadership
  2076. Thai court rejects April elections
  2077. Russia says UN plan for Iran is 'first step to war'
  2078. Russia, China expected to oppose sanctions against Iran (Crazy not to)
  2079. Legislators expect fight if general is CIA pick
  2080. White House is warned against Bush nominee for head of CIA
  2081. Popping Off: Why Stephen Colbert is my hero
  2082. GOP Pollster: "This administration may be over!" (Quick! Do 9/11 again!)
  2083. Buffett keen on investments overseas (I wonder why)
  2084. Bernanke Attempts a Fed First: Perfect Landing for the Economy (Too funny for words)
  2085. Wrongly Blaming The FDA (Written by idiot, liar or both)
  2086. At least 41 killed in Iraq violence
  2087. Blair: Nuking Iran Would Be Absurd (Credo quia absurdum)
  2088. Been nice knowin' ya, America (It has not been nice for some time now)
  2089. Cunningham and MZM: The White House Connection
  2090. CIA Nominee Hayden Linked to MZM
  2091. Cuban, Venezuelan Aid Streams Into Bolivia (None need or wamt stinkig IMF or US criminals)
  2092. White House unaware of Iranian letter (WH is not reality based)
  2093. Republican Leaders Abandon Tax Cuts For Middle Class, Focus On Cuts For Uber-Rich, Wall Stree
  2094. WH Orders All Cabinet Members To Put Positive War On Terror Message Into All Their Speeche
  2095. Cronyism At Any Cost, Once Again!
  2096. Pentagon Is Winner Over CIA
  2097. Iran President Offers Bush `New Ways' to Ease Nuclear Tensions (that will be ignored)
  2098. America: from Freedom to Fascism
  2099. Southern Afghanistan is swarming with Taliban ahead of U.S. pullout
  2100. Potential Evidence Surfaces of Bush's Illegal Spying
  2101. US Veterans Being Ignored To Greatest Possible Extent
  2102. The RFID Hacking Underground (READ)
  2103. Police chief- Lockerbie evidence was faked (READ)
  2104. Brazil Unveils Uranium Enrichment Center
  2105. Conspiracy to commit Election Fraud: A whistleblower's story.
  2106. Flying robot attack 'unstoppable': experts
  2107. Upset vet gives back his medals
  2108. Congress Critters Clueless about Hayden
  2109. Russias Arms Orders To Go Up 20 Percent
  2110. America's Geopolitical Nightmare and Eurasian Strategic Energy Arrangements
  2111. Hungry Marines Asking Iraqis For Food (READ)
  2112. Brown pledges to regain trust as Labour support plummets
  2113. I will not be pushed out, says Blair (Go talk with Silvio)
  2114. Experts See a Strategy Behind CIA Shuffle
  2115. Ex-congressional aide pleads guilty in lobbying probe
  2116. Closer to Rep. Ney
  2117. Puerto Rican Leaders OK Fiscal Deal
  2118. Oil Rises Above $71 as US Rejects Iranian President's Letter
  2119. US Infant Mortality Rate Higher Than Most Industrialized Nations
  2120. Bush sends ships to Sudan for aid (aid? How likely is that?)
  2121. THE BIGGEST SCAM IN HISTORY (READ - if you don't know)
  2122. An Open Letter to the Class of 2006
  2123. The President's New Helicopter (Um - why?! at $6.1Billion?!)
  2124. Indymedia Milwaukee | Reynolds: &#-11;&#-11;&#-11;Come Out of the White House with Your Hands Up(READ!)
  2125. Congress For Sale: Who Else Was Bribed With Limos, Cash and Prostitutes?
  2126. Condoleezza Rice admits she responded to Iran letter before US had missive translated (Not into this "reality" stuff)
  2127. Roberts not ready to endorse CIA nominee
  2128. Vaccine makers helped write Frist-backed shield law (no surprise)
  2129. Chapel Hill council backs impeachment of Bush
  2130. Buried provision would raise debt ceiling to nearly $10 Trillion
  2131. U.S. tipping Mexico to 'Minutemen' patrols
  2132. Rove prepares 20 judges
  2133. Hawaii State Senate resolution to withdraw Hawaii's troops from Iraq
  2134. Blair to cut Iraq force (until next week)
  2135. U.S. to prohibit "water-boarding" (How about genocide?)
  2136. Gen. Hayden: "4th Amendment and wrong"
  2137. CIA Official Quits; FBI Probes Role in Defense Contracts
  2138. Hayden hearing may probe NSA wiretaps
  2139. EU Group Seeks Information on Secret CIA Prisons
  2140. Strike threats as 100,000 remain jobless Puerto Rico government-school shutdown enters second week
  2141. Asian growth rates rise but employment problems deepen
  2142. US Democrat Biden advocates the communal break-up of Iraq (Sooo brilliant)
  2143. Britain: the political issues behind Labour's factional warfare
  2144. Dave Lindorff: Pelosi is in for a November Surprise
  2145. Todd Chretien: Does It Really Matter Who Runs the CIA?
  2146. The Other War Heats Up: Fighting on Afghan Time
  2147. Beyond Populism: Natural Gas and Decolonization of the Bolivian Economy
  2148. Mayor Bloomberg: Even Worse Than Giuliani (Probably)
  2149. Ray McGovern: My Encounter with Rumsfeld (READ)
  2150. US Allocates $75 Million to Inspire Regime Change in Iran
  2151. Health Catastrophe Looms in Palestine (Aspect of genocide)
  2152. FBI Targets School of the Americas Activists
  2153. Bush Ignores Growing Opposition to Hayden
  2154. AP Wire | 05/09/2006 | U.S., allies agree to Palestinian aid (More fabricated disaster)
  2155. US gives in on Palestinian aid (What happened to aid from Arabia, Lybia, Egypt, Bahrain, ...?)
  2156. Britney Spears pregnant with baby No. 2 (I'm so thrilled I could shit)
  2157. Letter Shows Iran's President Seeking Bond (Where's the text of the letter?!)
  2158. If this is Ahmadinejad's bluff, it is bluff worth calling (Read last paragraph p.3: consequences are more than Jenkins imagines: Plenty wahalla)
  2159. Cuba wins seat on controversial new UN Human Rights Council
  2160. Canada elected to new UN Human Rights Council (The who deported Zundel?)
  2161. Republicans in survival mode: lawmaker (Dying, all of them, would be better)
  2162. Fictitious bird flu movie arouses panic in US public
  2163. Don't panic; bird flu movie can't hurt you
  2164. Infants Dying for Lack of Basics, Report Says (As in US which has highest infant mortality rate)
  2165. Report: Israel responsible for PA collapse (This is less than obvious?)
  2166. Blair has promised talks about handover of power, says Brown (or he's still lying)
  2167. BBC News | MIDDLE EAST | Israel 'may have 200 nuclear weapons'
  2168. NON-PROLIFERATION TREATY (The Text of it)
  2169. Letter From Tehran - by Justin Raimondo
  2170. Unclaimed Territory - by Glenn Greenwald: Avoiding judicial review
  2171. Unclaimed Territory - by Glenn Greenwald: Investigations are so very rude and distasteful
  2172. AlterNet: A Response to Critics of 'The Israel Lobby' (READ)
  2173. Sen. Clinton Says Bush Has Charm, Charisma (Reptos think reptos are great!)
  2174. Sex, Greed And Forced Abortions
  2175. Does George know Jack? Stonewall starts to crack (Records will be lost, refused and redacted)
  2176. Now Is the Time for a Left-Right Alliance - by Thomas R. Eddlem (READ)
  2177. Rupert Murdoch backs Hillary Clinton: by their friends you shall know them (Repto Alliance)
  2178. Iran president says West nuclear concern a "big lie"
  2179. Qaeda-linked network vows to hit Israel, US (Fabrication)
  2180. No `verify,' no trust (in US elections)
  2181. Under Hayden, NSA Went "Deaf," Spending Skyrocketed
  2182. William Rivers Pitt | An Open Letter to Richard Cohen
  2183. Whirlpool to close Maytag plants, cut 4,500 jobs - May. 10, 2006 (The continuing descent into hell)
  2184. 50-year mortgage hits the market (more lucritive foreclosures)
  2185. I Can Fix Your Teeth, But Itll Cost You An Arm And A Leg
  2186. FBI, DoD, NSA: All Spying on You (Yes)
  2187. Bush Backs Brother Jeb for White House (I've been waiting for this one)
  2188. Cunningham said to be uncooperative
  2189. Ray McGovern & Cindy Sheehan to lead March on the White House
  2190. Full text of President Ahmadinejad's letter to George Bush (The text is not complete)
  2191. Confronting the Israel Taboo
  2192. Zionism Is Nobody's Friend
  2193. Major New 9/11 Truth Symposium Coming To L.A.
  2195. THE PERFECT MARK (Population of greedy idiots is greater than you think)
  2196. The Best Little Whorehouse in Washington (Wash DC *is* whore city)
  2197. Bush says U.S. will keep diplomacy to solve Iran's nuclear dispute (Just like Iraq)
  2198. Israel seen as world's sixth nuclear power (Maybe needs to be taken down)
  2199. Zapatista leader warns of brewing rage in Mexico (This is long lived biggie)
  2200. Prosecutor: Mexico trying to dismantle Arizona smuggling law (Interesting)
  2201. WUSA9.com - Political Comedic Hot Potato (More censorship)
  2202. WUSA9.com - White House Responds To 9 News Exclusive (Bizarre!)
  2203. Reward Offered in Calif. Explosives Theft (?)
  2204. Congress For Sale: Who Else Was Bribed With Limos, Cash and Prostitutes?
  2205. Israel will hit Iran in the next few months: Israeli official (The it must accept its utter annihilation)
  2206. The Raw Story | GOP House Speaker taps Cheney, Goss for Congressional Distinguished Service Awards (Surely, a joke)
  2207. Another Possible Bump to the Debt Ceiling (US is already bankrupt)
  2208. Putin takes swipe at hungry America's 'Comrade Wolf' (READ)
  2209. The only hookers Fox WON'T cover ...
  2210. Court Pick Deflects Questions On White House Controversies
  2211. Another Possible Bump to the Debt Ceiling (in an endless succession to destruction)
  2212. Defending the Indefensible (Bizarre)
  2213. Baghdad sees 1,100 executions in one month (by US death squads)
  2214. Dems group accuses state GOP of hiding illegal donation in 2002 (That's all?!)
  2215. Iran's letter to America cuts no ice in nuclear crisis (Of course not, Iran is gonna get bombed)
  2216. Fresh fighting rocks Mogadishu as truce collapses
  2217. Why President Ahmadinejad is Right (READ)
  2218. Electrocuted, gassed, frozen, boiled alive (READ)
  2220. New security glitch found in Diebold system (Hint: it's no glitch, it's creationisn)
  2221. Bush's Death Factory
  2222. DBJ article prompts calls for resignation of HUD secretary, investigation
  2223. Energy crisis? Venezuela gas is cheaper than water
  2224. The Raw Story | Bush nominated Abramoff associate same day Abramoff visited the White House in 2001(Are we paying the least attention?)
  2226. Why are we enabling Israel?
  2227. Security Issue Kills Domestic Spying Probe (As expected in Superpigland)
  2228. Army Using Policy to Deny Reserve Officer Resignations
  2229. Olmert to ask US act against Iran (Isn't in whose interest this is yet!?)
  2230. China urged to quadruple gold reserves - paper (That's good thinking)
  2231. Priest Accused of Sexually Assaulting Girl (A change of pace?)
  2232. 669 file suit against State Farm for denying Katrina claims
  2233. Michael Brown's E-mails
  2234. ChoicePoint executives among Lieberman's biggest contributors (Isn't that Leiberman?)
  2235. Madness of King George Continues
  2236. HUD Official in Hot Water Over 'Story'
  2237. Research teams have reconstructed deadly 1918 flu virus (To be released using "Bird Flu" as cover; completely obvious)
  2238. Pentagon plans record-breaking explosion in Nevada desert (Gets sicker every day)
  2239. Blair to cut Iraq force (Just standard babbling)
  2240. Court nominee says didn't know of torture, spying (Oh - right)
  2241. CIA Official Quits; FBI Probes Role in Defense Contracts (Are we having fun yet?)
  2242. Rumsfeld backs Hayden, denies "power grab" (Runsfeld, being a pathological liar, ....)
  2243. Hastert Indicates He'll Oppose Hayden CIA Appointment (or not)
  2244. General who eavesdropped on public is new CIA chief (That would be normal, no?)
  2245. Hayden hearing may probe NSA wiretaps
  2246. Ex-NSA Chief Assails Bush Taps (READ)
  2247. Eleven bodies found in Tigris near Baghdad (US death squads at work)
  2248. Return of the Death Squads - Iraq's Hidden News
  2249. Fed Raises Key Rate to Highest Level in 5 Years
  2250. Bush faces an election disaster as voters turn Democrat (better turn anything but Repuglicrat)
  2251. Costly Words: 'I Don't Like President Bush'
  2252. Disarm the First Amendment? - Nat Hentoff
  2253. E-Mails Show Brown Disputed Levee Breach
  2254. Mushroom Cloud Blast in Nevada Delayed
  2255. President Ahmadinejad's letter to Dictator Bush (PDF text)
  2256. Slated for killing: More than 450 Iraqi intellectuals fear for their lives
  2257. Baghdad April death toll 'more than 1000'
  2258. Secret U.S. shipment of 200,000 AK47s to Iraq goes missing
  2259. Two-week U.S. Northern Command exercises for pandemic flu outbreak (Military deals with purely medical issue?)
  2260. Government Kills Domestic Spying Probe
  2261. Thousands of jobs axed at British car plants
  2262. Fijian elections could ignite social and political tinderbox
  2263. Relative of Sago miner, rescuer denounce whitewash
  2264. West Virginia hearing continues cover-up of Sago Mine disaster
  2265. Australian budget: a blatant appeal to the rich
  2266. Chinese leader's trip to Saudi Arabia and Africa highlights growing resource rivalry
  2267. Cheney's speech will deepen divisions in Europe over energy
  2268. Gold hits fresh 25-year peak, platinum sets record
  2269. Fed Succeeds in Lifting Borrowing Costs, Fails to Slow Economy (? *what* economy?)
  2270. Asia Is Getting Ready to Dump the Dollar Peg (Believe it)
  2271. Michael Donnelly: Nature Loses a Champion
  2272. Amira Hass: Hungry and Shell-Shocked (Palestine tortured)
  2273. Peter Rost vs. Goliath: an Ex-Pfizer VP Takes on Big Pharma
  2274. Peter Rost vs. Goliath: an Ex-Pfizer VP Takes on Big Pharma (READ)
  2275. The Corporate Takeover of Iraq's Economy (READ)
  2276. Iran and the US: Nuclear Standoff or Realpolitik?
  2277. Larry Birns and Michael Lettieri: Is Venezuela the New Niger?
  2278. Werther: the Axiom of Evil (READ)
  2279. Emails From the Edge of Disaster (Katrina)
  2280. John Edwards: "Poverty Is Personal" (Get lost)
  2281. Appeals Court Revives Native Voting Rights Lawsuit
  2282. Alarmed by Raids, Neighbors Stand Guard in Iraq
  2283. GOP Reaches Deal on Tax Cuts Mainly for Rich
  2284. US, Iran Standoff Grows More Tense
  2285. Teenage Prisoners Describe Hurricane Horrors
  2286. Puerto Rico, Bankrupt American Island (Entire US is bankrupt)
  2287. Keep Hamas in Power, Israeli Leader Demands (Guess he doesn't understand the genocide game)
  2288. Mogadishu Ceasefire Collapses, Nearly 100 Dead
  2289. Ex-Communist Elder Statesman Wins Italy Presidency
  2290. Putin Chastises US on Democratic Ideals
  2291. Letter says Yale club has Geronimo skul
  2292. Superheroes steal posh food for the poor (But the first thieves are always corpagovs)
  2293. UK farmer sells gallows to Africa (Genocidal UK has the gall to object)
  2294. U.S Embassy in Iraq a Fortress City Inside a War Zone (Begging to bepulverized)
  2295. Chicago Food Fight Turns Ugly Over Foie Gras (Totalimorons rule the earth)
  2296. Ahmadinejad unwelcome at World Cup
  2297. Academic boycott (of Israel) debate returns to UK
  2298. 'Fates of Europe, Israel connected' (Babbling idiot - I thought Finns were smarter)
  2299. Bahrain's Israel boycott to continue
  2300. High Court set to rule on Tal Law
  2301. Iran Leader Calls Israel an 'Evil' Regime (which it is)
  2302. UPDATE 1-Israel agrees to free Palestinian tax for aid use (Lovely to give what one thieves)
  2303. Prodi Clears Final Hurdle to Office as Deficit Pressures Mount
  2304. Update 1: Puerto Rican Leaders OK End to Shutdown (Lovely to give what is thieved)
  2305. Prominent federal judge resigns for position at Boeing (4th fucking circuit - yes, I know it well, may they all rot in hell)
  2306. US Treasury prices unchanged in Asia after Fed (Why would anyone want US bonds?!)
  2307. House Passes $69 Bln US Tax-Cut Measure; Senate to Vote Next (One reason perhaps)
  2308. Treasury Report on China Currency Policy Angers US Lawmakers (Congresscritters in need of brain transplants)
  2309. US rebukes China on slow renminbi progress (Too stupid for words)
  2310. Hollywood friends rally around Cruise (Um ? ? - who cares!?)
  2311. Experts Dismiss Bird Flu Film as Flight of Fancy ("Bird Flu" is a fucking hoax; end of story)
  2312. Google News
  2313. Hacker fears Guantanamo Bay as judge urges his extradition (He expects the Spanish Inquisition)
  2314. USATODAY.com - NSA has massive database of Americans' phone calls )or this is just more bogus corpagov terrorism)
  2316. Tony Blair: I Am Proud to Be a Friend of the Jewish People (Eternal Poodle)
  2317. PM to receive B'nai B'rith's top honour (Bought for a piece of gold)
  2318. San Diego Defense Contractor Linked to Company in 5.5 Ton Cocaine Bust
  2319. London Bombs - unanswered questions
  2320. The Israel Lobby?, by Noam Chomsky
  2321. Brazil Officially Starts First Uranium Enrichment Facility
  2322. Security issue kills domestic spying inquiry (Supralegal NSA)
  2323. The Welfare Kings
  2324. Court Pick Deflects Questions On White House Controversies
  2326. Lack of Resources (Old WH leaking)
  2327. Ray McGovern Is Going to Rumsfeld's House | AfterDowningStreet.org
  2328. Terror Expert: 7/7 Mastermind was working for British Intelligence, Group was used by Brits in Kosovo in the late 90s(A corpagov setup exactly as 9/11 was)
  2329. London bombers acted alone: official (official liar)
  2330. US flight security's sharp practices
  2331. Paper Reports NSA Collecting Phone Records
  2332. Students Torture Vietnam Vet
  2333. Wiretap Whistleblower's Statement
  2334. Taliban regrouping in southern Afghanistan
  2335. US should be aware of the risks of Bush's war talk (READ overview)
  2336. AlterNet: Bloggers Strike Back (READ)
  2337. Colleges Report Mystery Decline in SAT Scores (No particular nystery)
  2338. Many war vets' stress disorders go untreated
  2339. US presses China to toughen stance on Iran (or else what, exactly?)
  2340. How Iran will win a sanctions war (READ)
  2341. US Army Troop Build up on Iraq-Iran Borders
  2342. Bush defends NSA data collection program (Boring liar)
  2343. NSA has collected 'tens of millions' of phone records
  2344. Stephen Colbert: New American Hero (READ)
  2345. The Raw Story | US military, intelligence officials raise concern about possible preparations for Iran strike
  2346. Exodus of the Iraqi middle class Shia militias are driving out professionals in Baghdad
  2347. Homes piling up (The depression cometh)
  2348. US Oil Executive Murdered In NIgeria
  2349. Iranian President's Letter Highlights 9/11 Inside Job
  2350. Abramoff Linked to NSA Contracting Scandal
  2351. Abramoff's NSA and Domestic Spying Scandal
  2352. LOOK IN THE MIRROR (Understanding Iraq)
  2353. Senate leaders clear path for immigration bill (Good only for globalists)
  2354. NSA Whistleblower Alleges Illegal Spying
  2355. Turkish, Iranian armies build up forces along Iraq's only quiet area (Actions have consequences)
  2356. Developments in journalism's Internet frontier
  2357. Ann Coulter out of time (LOL)
  2358. Stocks take Thursday thumping
  2359. Enterprise Carrier Strike Group heads out to support the War on Terrorism
  2360. Diebold stock dips on inquiry
  2361. Diebold voting machine spurs security concerns (finally?)
  2362. The Case of Roberts's Missing Papers
  2363. Lewis Surfaces in Probe of Cunningham
  2364. E-mails reveal White House-Abramoff link
  2365. 7/7 survivors renew call for public inquiry
  2366. ISC report into London terrorist attacks on July 7 2005 (PDF)
  2367. Two London Bombers Known Before 2005 Suicide Attacks (fishy)
  2368. Two 7/7 bombers were under surveillance
  2369. CIA Won't Change -- Bush Is Still President
  2370. Don't Let the Right Remake America
  2371. The War of Internet Democracy
  2372. Sign Petition Opposing Attack on Iran
  2373. Army Interrogation Rules Put on Hold
  2374. US rejects Britain's call to close down Guantanamo Bay
  2375. Britons held at Guantanamo Bay win right to sue their captors
  2376. British Guantanamo detainees sue US for $10m
  2377. NSA kept domestic calls data: report
  2378. US spy agency 'monitoring calls'
  2379. Specter wants to know about NSA phone database
  2380. On-the-spot report from Honiara Australian occupation creates a "time-bomb" in Solomon Islands
  2381. Indian government connives with BJP in Gujarat following anti-Muslim
  2382. Democratic Congressman backs continuing military occupation of Iraq at California meeting(Adan Schiff)
  2383. Australian Wheat Board inquiry underscores real motivations behind Iraq war
  2384. Whirlpool layoffs latest in US corporate assault on jobs and wages
  2385. Following his attack on satirist Stephen Colbert Columnist Richard Cohen denounces his critics
  2386. As Bush's popularity sinks to new lows--a boost from Hillary Clinton
  2387. US Aggression-Time Once Again: Target Iran
  2388. The Missing Papers of John Roberts
  2389. Joshua Frank: Save Darfur? Not So Fast
  2390. The Royal Nepalese Army and the Imperialist Agency
  2391. Mike Whitney: Secretary of Lies (Rumsfeld)
  2392. High-Octane Rocket-Rattling Against Iran Won't Work
  2393. Jonathan Cook: a Short History of Unilateral Separation
  2394. Sunsara Taylor: Battle Cry for Theocracy! (Be afraid)
  2395. Washington&#-11;&#-11;&#-11;s next military crusade is beckoning
  2396. Kerry Sponsors Collective Punishment of Palestinians on Behalf of Israel
  2397. Foreign Scholars Denied Visas
  2398. Proposed Army Manual Permits Torture
  2399. Judge Delays "Divine Strake" Bomb Test
  2400. Bush Administration Offered Damage Control to Abramoff
  2401. The President of Iran's Letter to President Bush (TEXT)
  2402. Congress Wants to End Universality of the Internet (READ)
  2403. Army Using Policy to Make Reserve Service Permanent
  2404. Russia to Counter US With Bigger Arsenal
  2405. Israeli Supplier Cuts Gas to Palestinians
  2406. Egyptian Forces Beat Back Demonstration for Judges
  2407. [2.nav.LTR_t_1.gif] (Lots of luck)
  2408. More Da Vinci Code protests (How wonderful!)
  2409. New Da Vinci Code hoo-ha (So much fun!)
  2410. Panels Say Britain Underrated Threat Before July (MI6) Attacks
  2411. US 10-Year Treasury Notes Fall After $13 Billion Auction
  2412. Morales attacks Western pillagers at EU summit
  2413. Hate crimes measure dies in Senate
  2414. The ugly genius of A.M. Rosenthal (1922-2006) By Jack Shafer
  2415. Fed Raises Rates, Sends Mixed Signal
  2416. Senate passes final tax bill (Criminal Congress)
  2417. Analysis: Immigration Bill All but Assured (Criminal Congress)
  2418. Treasury Report on China Currency Policy Angers US Lawmakers
  2419. Treasury again says China isn't manipulating yuan's value
  2420. Very Few Combat Stress Vets Referred For Treatment Or Evaluation
  2421. Non-nicotine anti-smoking pill gains federal approval (Arsenic?)
  2422. Nigeria: Niger Delta militants strike again
  2423. Republicans for Hillary (No! No Hillary!)
  2424. Satellites may track ships to fight terrorism
  2425. Bombers slipped through net of watching MI5 (Uh-huh - sure)
  2426. Troops Hurt At Fort Sill Punished With Physical Abuse, Medical Neglect (Sick Nation)
  2427. Iraq to put Baghdad under unified security command
  2428. House Injects Prayer Into Defense Bill (Sick Nation)
  2429. Qwest Refuses to Give Customer Records to NSA (Bravo! When will they?)
  2430. US spy agency 'monitoring calls'
  2431. Anger grows over Bush surveillance report
  2432. Furor erupts over government collection of phone records
  2433. Afghan poppy farmers expect record opium crop and the Taliban will reap the rewards
  2434. Framework for a police state US government phone spying targets all Americans
  2435. UN hearings probe Washington's systematic use of torture at home and abroad
  2436. Helicopter downing in Basra underscores hostility to British occupation
  2437. Israel: Labour Party backs Kadima's austerity budget
  2438. Poland: Right-wing extremists officially join government
  2439. India: Maharashtra cotton farmers face destitution
  2440. United 93: Everything but how and why it happened (But it's also a crock of lies)
  2441. US Army Recruits Abused on US Soil (Fundamentally Abusive Corpagov)
  2442. Iran leader says attack on his country unlikely (Don't be unprepared)
  2443. Interference by US seen in vote on .xxx domain
  2444. Should pandemic vaccine skip kids, elderly? (What pandemic? What vaccine?)
  2445. Prosecutors charge disgraced cloning scientist (You should see what governments fake)
  2446. Reid: Bombers never blamed Iraq
  2447. Displaced Iraqis 'living like animals'
  2448. Rifle pointed at protesters in Florida during Bush visit
  2449. More Spying Revealed: American Government is Out of Control!
  2450. ABC News: Phone-Records Surveillance Is Broadly Acceptable to Public (Lying bullshit)
  2451. Spying on Americans and John Bolton
  2452. Was Christiane Amanpour spied on -- and more importantly, if so, why?
  2453. AlterNet: Reach Out and Track Someone
  2454. Stop ATT From Taking Your Web
  2455. Bush alters standard for firing in leak case / President says an aide would have had to commit a crime, not just be involved
  2456. Shotgun Wedding - Chris Floyd
  2457. Daily Kos: All About NSA's and AT&T's Big Brother Machine, the Narus 6400
  2458. Military action in Iran could make region 'explode': Russia (Without doubt)
  2459. Iran and Turkey fire salvos over Iraq (READ)
  2460. George W. Bush has a crowd of skeletons in his closet
  2461. US in secret gun deal
  2462. Groups to Bush: Drop Iran-Israel Linkage
  2463. Experts see new Diebold flaw
  2464. FOX News Doesn't Like The Fourth Amendment
  2465. US lawmakers threaten to block Russia's WTO bid (LOL!)
  2466. U.N. Concerned With Israel Flights (It's done all the time)
  2467. An Easy Call: Lying
  2468. US clears $663bn for defence policies (obscene)
  2469. Israeli rabbis awarded Japan peace prize
  2470. US missile plan alarms Kremlin
  2471. Jack Cashill steps up to defend the official story of 9-11 (Liar, simpleton or both?)
  2472. Trail of Deception: Remembering how we got here
  2473. Ahmadinejad: Is he John Locke or John Brown?
  2474. Crisis in Pacific: Australian warships sail north
  2475. Listen to what Colbert said
  2476. Gibson inspired by 'fear-mongering' Bush (Is this his apology?)
  2477. US must address Iran security concerns: IAEA
  2478. Grand Jury meets today (Could be exciting)
  2479. Iranian nukes not the real issue (Nonexistent nukes wouldn't be)
  2480. 122 die in battle for Somali capital
  2481. A New Gesture From Iran?
  2482. Federal agents raid home of CIA's former No. 3 boss
  2483. John Conyers (D-MI) asks Gonzales to Appoint Special Counsel to Investigate Phone Jamming
  2484. Bush to Speak About Immigration on Monday (Can he spell it?)
  2485. Home, office of outgoing CIA official searched
  2486. Indictment for Governor of Kentucky
  2487. Counties warned of security glitch in Diebold machines
  2488. Pentagon considers sending troops to border (illegal)
  2489. Bush Tops Nixon: the Most Despised President in History
  2490. Santorum vs. Santorum-Lite: In Pennsylvania, Abortion is Absent from the Debate
  2491. Dave Lindorff: What Fourth Amendment?
  2492. Death by Snitch: the Attempted Murder of Michael Morales
  2493. Toxic 100 Corporate Air Polluters Named
  2494. Did Gonzales Mislead Congress about NSA Program? (How about lying?)
  2495. Iran Nuclear Conflict Is About US Dominance (simplistic)
  2496. Diebold Voting Machine Security Flaw "Worst Ever" (It isn't a "flaw")
  2497. Rice, Rumsfeld Block Red Cross Access to Secret Detainees
  2498. Pentagon's Finance Management "An Embarrassment"
  2499. Bolivian president says oil nationals to sign gas deals May 18
  2500. Morales and Ch&#-11;&#-11;vez rebuked at EU summit (as if they care)
  2501. GAO: Few Troops Are Treated for Disorder
  2502. Iran denies 'uranium traces' report
  2503. Traces of uranium said found in Iran (Oh stuffit)
  2504. New Press Secretary Continues To Challenge Press (Twit)
  2506. House Votes to Allow Military to Assist Homeland Security Organizations (It is unconstitutional; send every one who voted for to Abu Ghraib)
  2507. The US dollar takes a pounding over deficit (You ain't nothin' yet)
  2508. Defense agency to use Microsoft Virtual Earth (Don't expect any end to this)
  2509. NSA set up secret shop next to AT&T hub to track Al Qaida (Al-CIAda and Fu Manchu)
  2510. Inspector General Probes HUD Chief Comment
  2511. Byelorussian president forbidden to visit Estonia (*Everybody* is getting cranky!)
  2512. Speaker ousted for Iran support (In Madagascar?! Absurd!)
  2513. 'Great Satan Park' planned (Irony and a sense of humor)
  2514. Clashes Erupt Between Two Iraqi Army Units
  2515. NSA Whistleblower Says "People Are Going To Be Shocked" By His Testimony Next Week..."This Is Only The Tip Of The Iceberg
  2516. Rove Informs White House He Will Be Indicted
  2517. McDermott slams bush for prosecuting AIPAC (Brain xplant material)
  2518. Majority of Israelis Want Gov&#-11;&#-11;t to Encourage Arabs to Leave
  2520. Administration cites state secrets in bid to derail spy lawsuit
  2521. Swiss, French Find no VX on Iraqi Weapons, Contrary to U.S. Findings ("government science")
  2522. mparent7777: I've had enough
  2523. Bush Blames Polls on 'Battle Fatigue' (LMAO)
  2524. 9/11 Opinion Lands Teacher in Hot Water. (Nazi Amerika)
  2525. Lewinsky Case's Prosecutor Accused Of Stalking Woman (Irony?)
  2526. Questions Raised for Phone Giants in Spy Data Furor
  2527. Phone tax could ring colleges bell: FCC idea may do number on students
  2528. Pentagon's Accounting a Shambles, Says Report
  2529. Iran: Euro to replace dollar as oil currency (A litle later than scheduled)
  2530. Aussie may catch $US next year, pundit says (It's the descent of $US)
  2531. Judge orders Pentagon to suspend trial of Saudi detainee
  2532. Tony Snow on His First Press Gaggle: "This is Just a Mess" (Circus, no bread)
  2533. 'Israel Lobby' bad for Israel, the U.S. (Only when it's exposed)
  2534. US Army Troop Build up on Iraq-Iran Borders
  2535. Verizon Sued for Giving NSA Phone Records
  2536. Whistle-Blower Outs NSA Spy Room
  2537. Bush says privacy maintained in spying (!!!?? LMAO)
  2538. Secrecy Privilege Invoked in Fighting Ex-Detainee's Lawsuit
  2539. Condoleezza Rice at Boston College? I quit.
  2540. Fiji: government and union assist Emperor Gold Mine to slash jobs
  2541. Tax change law 2007 German government fleeces low and average wage earners
  2542. NATO troops deploy to suppress growing resistance in Afghanistan
  2543. Major naval battle: Sri Lanka plunges toward open civil war
  2544. Britain: More official lies and evasions on London bombings
  2545. US Congress passes more tax cuts for the rich
  2546. US media, Democrats deflect opposition to government spying on Americans
  2547. May 12, 2006 - Some Horror Numbers Regarding the Trade and Current-Account Deficits
  2548. May 10, 2006 - Dollars on Sale, 30 Percent Off (READ)
  2549. Rove and Fitzgerald Play Monopoly
  2550. The Inescapable Beat: US Military Bases in Brazil
  2551. Kathy Kelly: Imagining Survival (READ)
  2552. Phone Companies Face Massive Lawsuits for Spying
  2553. 'Take Israel hostage if attacked' (Good advice)
  2554. Hamas minister, anti-Zionist rabbi meet
  2555. Chavez Criticizes Int?l Pressure on Palestinians
  2556. Voter Discontent Threatens Pa. Incumbents (Then there is the vote rigging)
  2557. World leaders rebuke Ch&#-11;&#-11;vez and Morales - Americas - International Herald Tribune
  2558. Controversial leaders steal the show in Vienna
  2559. New clue to Iran's nuclear aims cited (Crap, not news)
  2560. Bush might send troops to patrol border (In another illegality)
  2561. John McCain & Howard Dean Pander To Jerry Falwell & Pat Robertson
  2562. Sorry, Dow, no record this week
  2563. Religious leaders launch pre-emptive strike to educate Christians (LOL)
  2564. Pentagon Faults Report Questioning Veterans' Mental Health Care (Who are you going to believe?)
  2565. Glaxo Warns of Paxil Suicide Attempts in Young Adults (Update4) (after *how* many years?!)
  2566. GSK admits Paxil linked to suicide bids
  2567. Words of Mass Deception (Rod Barton)
  2568. A Democrat-controlled House wouldn't impeach, Pelosi says (Bought by whm?)
  2569. Israel Finds the Ammunition in Hawaii! (There's more than just "lobby" going on)
  2570. US urges judge to dismiss German's CIA abduction claim
  2571. The WAR On US Is Here (It's been here for decades)
  2572. FLASHBACK: Bush prepares for possible shutdown of GPS network in national crisis
  2573. Save American Democracy: Impeach Bush
  2574. Work to be heard, even without words (READ)
  2575. Foggo the focus of multiple investigations
  2576. This Time, It Really Is Orwellian (Orwell wasn't predicting: he was observing)
  2577. Support Bush's Impeachment
  2578. Revisiting 9/11 (Astounding *new* Bush lies!)
  2579. Spy Agency Watching Americans From Space
  2580. Halliburton wins concentration camp contract
  2581. "Fox News Host On NSA Story: Wall Street Won't Let A 'Puny Little Traitor' Take Down Our Market'" (Freaky Faux Noosers Loosing It)
  2582. Why did Bush revoke Executive Order 13011 today?
  2583. US feverishly works to frame Iran (READ)
  2584. Bush lied repeatedly about scope of NSA spying on Americans (READ)
  2585. Iraq WMD: The LIE That Won't Go Away
  2586. ABA Raises Fresh Concerns to Senate Regarding Domestic Surveillance
  2587. Data on Phone Calls Monitored
  2588. Cheney Pushed U.S. to Widen Eavesdropping
  2589. Karl Rove Indicted on Charges of Perjury, Lying to Investigators
  2590. W Post Slants Poll to Make it Appear Americans Support Domestic Spying
  2591. Call a spade a spade (Genocide of the Palestinians)
  2592. 55,000 dead or duplicate voters deleted from state database
  2593. Wilkes, Skyway, and more: The corruption converges
  2594. Times' Frank Rich: Any 'witch hunt' for traitors should begin in the White House
  2595. CIA Leak Court Filing Focuses on Cheney
  2596. Hand-written notes by Cheney surface in Fitzgerald probe
  2597. Former NSA officer alleges illegal activities under Hayden
  2598. Details of Two Surveillance Programs
  2599. Bush's words and deeds
  2600. Iran's President advises West not to be nervous (He's more fun, and far less crazy than Bush, Blair and Berlusconi packed together)
  2601. Iran not talking to countries that "hold bombs over our head"
  2602. At Falwell's University, McCain Defends the War in Iraq (Pray that they both go to heave n - quickly!)
  2603. Gas crisis hurts Brazil-Bolivia relations (A fiction)
  2604. Bush's CIA nominee designed spy plan, pushed its merits
  2605. Spy programs might up Bush's support (What asshole would figure that?!)
  2606. We will no longer tolerate your wars (This is not near enough)
  2607. Is Bush overreaching his constitutional authority? (question with its own answer)
  2608. White House Won't Confirm or Deny It Tried to Stop 'USA Today' Story
  2609. Al Qaeda escapee calls for attacks in Europe (Blair in his Big Al disguise)
  2610. US Iraq War Vets Decry Public Apathy
  2611. M15 INFILTRATED BY AL-QAEDA (Krockakaka!)
  2612. Spies hid bomber tape from MPs (7/7 was an MI5 job - what's so hard to understand?)
  2613. Ch&#-11;&#-11;vez is a threat because he offers the alternative of a decent society (So true)
  2614. Russia and US trade angry words over Iran at UN dinner (will somebody please throw rice out a window?)
  2615. Handwritten notes by the Vice President surface in the Fitzgerald probe
  2616. Germany's intel service spied on press
  2617. Film on U.S. military hospital 'extremely graphic'
  2618. I'll step down next summer, Blair tells cabinet ministers (will someone please throw poodle out a window?)
  2619. Ohio losing faith with President (Better late than never)
  2620. American Dominatrix - by Justin Raimondo (It's condumbsleaza again - how about down a toilet?)
  2621. How Zionists Spy On American Citizens Around The Clock
  2622. Laura Bush doesn't believe bad polls on husband (LOL!)
  2623. Media hide truth: 9/11 was inside job (READ)
  2624. In Kentucky Hills, a Homeland Security Bonanza (Harold Rogers Ky-R)
  2625. Phone snooping creates uproar
  2626. Will U.S., Iran Negotiate? (What is there to negotiate?)
  2627. US files motion to intervene in AT&T secrets case (Wouldn't you expect this of the criminal corpagov of occupation?)
  2628. Mentally Unfit, Forced To Fight (Criminal corpagov of occupation)
  2629. US counts the cost of illegal mass immigration (Goal of US corpagov is to destroy the nation)
  2630. Palestinians restricted from living with families in Israel (Good ole Israel)
  2631. Olmert advisors head to US ahead of PM's visit
  2632. US opposed to good Iran-Turkey ties: Ejevit (READ)
  2633. US Military Plans Joint Exercise in West Africa
  2634. Fear and Loathing at Philadelphia's BattleCry (READ)
  2635. National Guard Stretched Too Thin for Border Security Deployment
  2636. U.S. May Shift to Persian Gulf Air Bases (A maze of contradictions of reality)
  2637. Israel's Mossad remains in charge of Iran nuclear file
  2638. Resurgent Russia Is Unlikely to Heed U.S.
  2639. US Aggression-Time Once Again: Target Iran
  2640. Bush and CIA Director-Designate Hayden Rewrite the 4th Amendment
  2641. Iraq 'Insurgents' Bomb Holy Shiite Shrine (How probable is that?)
  2642. Report: Suicidal troops sent into combat
  2643. Ex-WMD Inspector: Politics Quashed Facts
  2644. Fired Officer Believed CIA Lied to Congress
  2645. Most Americans Oppose NSA Phone Data Program in Newsweek Poll
  2646. Newsweek Poll: Americans Wary of NSA Spying
  2647. Former NSA officer alleges illegal activities under Hayden
  2648. Experts say phone firms at law's edge
  2649. Experts say phone firms at law's edge | Chicago Tribune
  2650. Valentina Palma Novoa: "They Ordered Me to Lay My Head in a Pool of Blood"
  2651. Conn Hallinan: China, a Troubled Dragon
  2652. Stanley Heller: Is Another Mass Murder of Arabs in the Offing? (READ)
  2653. Saul Landau: Up the Mekong to Cambodia
  2654. Mike Roselle: the Fallacies of Greenpeace
  2655. Michael Neumann: the Stability and Value of Israel
  2656. Vijay Prashad: the Indian Road
  2657. Joan Roelofs: Why They Hate Our Kind Hearts, Too (READ about NGOs)
  2658. Karl Rove Indicted on Charges of Perjury, Lying to Investigators
  2659. Israeli raids kill seven Palestinians (still in genocidal pursuit)
  2660. 1984 is finally here
  2661. Iran to reject any EU offer to end atomic work
  2662. At least 52 dead in second wave of attacks by Brazilian gang
  2663. New twist in CIA outing inquiry puts focus on Cheney
  2664. McCain's Right Flank (Superwhore)
  2665. Things look grim for Lay, Skilling
  2666. Bird flu: going, going, gone? (It never was!)
  2667. Has Asia eliminated bird flu?
  2668. Herald Sun: Bird flu threat abates [15may06]
  2669. US Says UN is 'Right Forum' for Iran Nuclear Talks (until it isn't)
  2670. Sri Lankans celebrate, prepare for war
  2671. Notes Are Said to Reveal Close Cheney Interest in a Critic of Iraq Policy
  2673. Rove indictment: Will Pitt: 'I just got off the phone with Jason Leopold' | TPMCafe
  2674. Frisa (the kitty torturer) t: Guard troops the best short-term border fix
  2675. Move for unity Government in Iraq faces fresh hurdle (They're having a problem: the US criminal corpagov of occupation)
  2676. Crying Wolf: Who is Behind the Death Squads in Iraq? (The US corpagov of occupation, of course)
  2677. Hayden CIA bid hinges on spying role: senators (In irons with him)
  2678. Bush's security adviser defends phone data as 'within the law' (So much horseshit defending of criminality)
  2679. Anti-war mum urges Howard to quit Iraq (Howard is part of the multinational plot)
  2680. Over 30 die in day of carnage
  2681. Iraq Begins to Rein In [US genocidal] Paramilitary Force (Good luck!)
  2682. Bush Wants Military Border Patrol (I want a yacht!)
  2683. Border troops would be temporary, US tells Mexico (Oh right!)
  2684. Markets braced for the worst (Love that last econbabble paragraph)
  2685. Religious row fuels global Da Vinci Code social phenomenon (LMFAO! - Hope DB is having a drink and laughing his ass off)
  2686. Bush, Howard plant tree (A saccharin tree?)
  2687. Bush militarises Mexican border to appease Right
  2688. Northeast Floods Spark States of Emergency (Ooops - New Orleans II)
  2689. 'My back yard is an ocean' (Your government is shit)
  2690. Should a Military Man Run the CIA? (Oil CEO more appropriate?)
  2691. US helping Vietnam to join WTO (Another saccharin tree?)
  2692. Xstrata considers &#-11;&#-11;9.5bn takeover of Falconbridge (Watch this sneaky Pete)
  2693. Enron's hometown convinced Lay and Skilling deserve jail (Good - now, how about Bush, Cheney, Rice, Rumsfeld, ...)
  2694. Lessons learned from Enron (None)
  2695. Chinese science shaken by faked chip research ("Government science": a global phenomenon)
  2696. `Code' taps into hunger for knowledge (As opposed to systematic religious and governmental lies?)
  2697. Bird flu is taking a bit of a breather (Until forced back in order to cover the corpagov 1918 infection)
  2698. Calm since Preval's election brings optimism about Haiti's future (Watch for US meddling)
  2699. New Haiti president takes office
  2700. Sluggish (US fucked Iraqi) Parliament Frustrates Citizenry
  2701. China Defies Rome Over Bishop (Cool!)
  2702. Media Meltdown: The Jason Leopold Saga (Somebody is out to smear JL: he's too dead on READ, but expect a headache)
  2703. US sees Vietnam trade deal as a key to booming Southeast Asian ... (Sickly ironic)
  2704. Palestinians' lives crippled by checkpoints, restrictions (It's always been genocide)
  2705. 'Racist' marriage law upheld by Israel (Israel has always been a racist nation)
  2706. Mideast spotlight on EU for Iran, Palestinian moves (babbling)
  2707. EU may add to nuclear sweeteners for Iran (more babbling)
  2708. Iran Rejects Incentives to Halt Enrichment
  2709. Deadliest day this year in Iraq
  2710. Is Bush Ready to Fire Cheney?
  2711. Oil for no one if Iran attacked
  2712. US dollar weakness likely to crash global stocks (Just figuring this ou, are we?)
  2713. Will the major media finally cover the electronic election fraud issue?
  2714. McCain hates bloggers (Most corpagov whores do)
  2715. Italian Pay-off From Niger Forgery?
  2716. US stance against talks with Iran might be wavering (Don't bet on that)
  2717. Bush's snooping of phone records holds great peril for Americans
  2718. Bush's NSA Wiretaps are Highly Illegal (as is his very existence)
  2719. Cheney Said Questioned On CIA Leak (BFD - he'll just lie)
  2720. IMF acts to avoid markets meltdown (which is what it gewnerally works for - nope: it's PPT, assholes)
  2721. The BBC's latest star - a baffled cabbie (LOL - such is "news")
  2722. BLOCKING JUSTICE (US corpagov is always blocking justice by its being)
  2723. Federal Source to ABC News: We Know Who You're Calling
  2724. Reform bill to double immigration (The point has always been annihilation of US by its own government of occupation)
  2725. Did The National Guard Spy On 'Raging Grannies'? (Of course)
  2726. NSA Used City Police as Trackers (it's an especially evil government)
  2727. Government tracking major media phone numbers to root out confidential sources
  2728. The Times and USA Today have Missed the Bigger Story -- Again
  2729. Israeli Soldiers Shoot Two International Peace Activists In The Head at Bilin (It is what they have been doing for half a goddamn century, idiots!)
  2730. Veterans Surround Richard Perle, Demand Accountability for His Role in Launching Illegal War (I have a few other ideas as to what to do with him)
  2731. What is Wrong with our Republic? (Let me count the ways)
  2732. Telegraph | News | Death in the towering inferno (Fabricated "news" - but fighter jets in area, pre impact?)
  2733. Internet Archive: Details: TAKE BACK 911 (WATCH)
  2734. Campaign finance bill passes (READ)
  2735. EU to barter for civilian Iran nuclear programme (idiocy)
  2736. Revolt in the Ranks? Be VERY Careful, Neocon (Anybody remember Rome?)
  2737. US Bribes Way Into Kazakhstan?s Oil Wealth
  2738. Yet Another Bush Lie
  2739. Drone aircraft may prowl U.S. skies
  2740. US could access EU data retention information (Do you really think it's only the US?)
  2741. BREAKING NEWS: Senior federal source tells ABC that Bush is tracking theirphone calls to sources, doing same to NYT and WaPo
  2742. CNN: Alligators and the Duke rape case are bigger stories than Bush spying on America's media
  2743. Tor: An anonymous Internet communication system
  2744. U.S. Orders Ban of Arms Sales to Venezuela (BFD: there are other vendors)
  2745. ABC News Reports: Feds Monitoring Reporters' Calls
  2746. FLASHBACK: A Spy Machine of DARPA's Dreams
  2747. Even China cannot feed a permanent bull
  2748. Verizon stock takes hit on $50 billion lawsuit (READ)
  2749. Former intelligence chief warns of 'Jihad tsunami' (intelligence?)
  2750. Exposed: The Carlyle Group: Shocking documentary uncovers the subversion of Americas democracy.
  2751. Worries Raised on Handling of Funds in Iraq
  2752. Political News | Halliburton gets $72 million bonus for work in Iraq
  2753. Budget Cut Would Shutter EPA Libraries (Consistant destruction)
  2754. Justices Block Ohio Taxpayers' Lawsuit
  2755. Rove Blames Iraq War for Low Bush Numbers (Numbskull Turdblossom?)
  2756. Bush Spying On American Citizens Violates Our Guaranteed Freedoms
  2757. FBI Acknowledges: Journalists Phone Records are Fair Game (?!)
  2758. Federal Source to ABC News: We Know Who You're Calling
  2759. Official: Thousands of troops will head to border
  2760. Bush budget scraps 9,790 border patrol agents
  2761. KBR awarded Homeland Security contract worth up to $385M - MarketWatch
  2762. New Zealand government reinforces Solomons intervention
  2763. Britain: Sunday Times "Rich List" celebrates unprecedented wealth accumulation
  2764. NSA phone spying program: a blueprint for mass repression
  2765. Socialist Equality Party to contest state elections in Illinois, Maine, Oregon and Washington
  2766. Iraq War Images Uncensored | AfterDowningStreet.org
  2767. Is Impeachment Too Good for Bush? (yes)
  2768. Ken Livingstone: Welcome to London, President Chavez!
  2769. Tom Turnipseed: the Messianic Presidency (READ)
  2770. Now It's Shia Troops Versus Kurdish Troops in Iraq
  2771. Debra Schaffer Hubert: the Battle Cry of G.I. Jesus (READ - and be frightened of the insanity)
  2772. Gen. Hayden's Sedition Against the Consitution
  2773. Appealing to the US is Not Very Appealing
  2774. "You Can't Understand Unless You Were There" (READ)
  2775. Dean Baker: "The Conservative Nanny State" (READ)
  2776. NSA Thwarts Whistleblower
  2777. Secret Gov't Source Tells ABC News: "Get New Cellphones"
  2778. US Will Restore Diplomatic Links With the Libyans (Um - there be oil there)
  2779. Qwest Told NSA To Bug Off
  2780. Rove vs. Reality (READ)
  2781. US cuts arms sales to Venezuela (Does US think Hugo gives a shit?)
  2782. Chavez offers cheap heating oil to Britain's poor
  2783. Saddam refuses plea as defence opens
  2784. Russia ready to provide additional aid to Palestinians
  2785. Crack of Israeli bullets ends activists' protest against barrier (That's how Israelis always do it - They will all pay, eventually)
  2786. Builders say they're getting hammered by skyrocketing construction costs (surprising?)
  2787. U.S. Fights Redress for CIA Kidnapping "Mistake"
  2788. Pentagon releases promised list of prisoners being held at Guantanamo Bay (Do you believe it?)
  2789. CIA planes used emirates airports in covert global 'rendition' programme
  2790. EU to propose 'bold' Iran package (babbling)
  2791. BellSouth Denies Giving Phone-Call Records to NSA (as in, prove it!)
  2792. Officers Capture Alligator Suspected In Fatal Attack (Arrest it?)
  2793. An audience with Chavez, the man with the most powerful enemies in ... (READ)
  2794. San Bernardino to vote on illegal immigrant crackdown measure
  2795. Police lab tailored tests to theories, report says (Government science)
  2796. FBI To ABC News: Bush Admin. Makes It Much Easier To Go After Media&#-11;&#-11;&#-11;s Phone Recor
  2797. Pentagon Releases Gitmo Detainees' Names
  2798. Daily Kos: Hoekstra the Hypocrite Blows-off NSA Whistleblower
  2799. No One is Accountable in the Pentagon (Complete malfeasance of office)
  2800. Dollar Falls on Speculation Central Banks Are Reducing Holdings (It's no speculation: been going on for several years)
  2801. Germany orders end to press spies
  2802. The Declining Dollar Erodes Personal Savings by Ron Paul (READ)
  2803. Why did phone-records bill 'disappear'?
  2804. Iraq Sunnis accuse US of "atrocity" over raids (US Deathsquads at work)
  2805. US 'plans stealth shark spies' (Government "science")
  2806. Army: HBO documentary could trigger stress disorder
  2807. Lack of Surprise Greets Word of U.S.-Libya Ties
  2808. Pentagon plans cyber-insect army (More government "scienc")
  2809. US Tots Used As AntiPsychotic Drug Guinea Pigs?
  2810. Sorry George, cant help with the Iran business Behind John Howards Timor provocation
  2811. Why the Iranians will be Rebuffed Appealing to the United States is Not Very Appealing (READ)
  2812. Judicial Watch to Obtain September 11 Pentagon Video at 1 p.m. Today (One that can be well faked by now)
  2813. Lenders take notice as defaults are rising
  2814. Stocks slip as retailers' sales disappoint
  2815. Pension Deficit, Now $500 Billion, May Clobber Corporate Bonds
  2816. U.S. Housing Starts Fell 7.4% in April to 1.849 Million Rate
  2817. Lobbying on Iran, groups strive to play down the Jewish angle
  2818. Poisoning the Web - Internet as a Hate Tool (What a perfectly hateful site)
  2819. CNN to Show Footage Of Plane Hitting Pentagon
  2820. Iran says nuclear right 'irreversible', rejects EU plan
  2821. Release Of Pentagon Images Direct Assault On 9/11 Truth Movement (It's nothing of the kind)
  2822. Venezuela Weighs Selling U.S. Jets to Iran (Keep the jets, Hugo)
  2823. Shouting teen arrested at New York airport (Fabrication?)
  2824. Wired News: Pentagon Revives Memory Project
  2825. Iraq, Iran and the end of petrodollar: The waning influence of the USA in the Asian century
  2826. Total of unfunded Liabilities "staggering"
  2827. Ex-Congressional Aide to Testify in Safavian Case
  2828. House Resists Call for Papers in Bribery Case
  2829. Bush, Australian Leader Recall Earlier Meeting, Hail Common Values (of totalitarianism, murder & economic destruction)
  2830. $24.4M to Build a G-2 Intelligence HQ in Kabul, Afghanistan (Amazing!)
  2831. ABC Claims Government Traced Its Reporters' Calls
  2832. Cheney discovers U.S. is losing out to China
  2833. Ecuador cancels oil contract with US company (OXY)
  2834. Bush Gang Eyes Our 'Fiercely Protected' Privacy by Jack Kenny
  2835. As humanitarian crisis hits Palestinian territories US and Israel continue drive to overthrow Hamas-led government
  2836. Gunboat diplomacy: Australian warships deploy to East Timor
  2837. France: Thousands march in Paris against immigration bill
  2838. German hospital physicians expand strike Conservative-led states seek confrontation
  2839. US administration slams door on negotiations with Iran
  2840. Bush's immigration speech--an appeal to militarism and reaction
  2841. Copper, Gold Rebound as Investors Return to Metals
  2842. Harvey Wasserman: Why the Fundamentalists Are Freaking Out Over the Da Vinci Code(YES - READ)
  2843. A Sick, Hungry Well-Armed Nation
  2844. Paul Craig Roberts: the Ministry of Fear (READ)
  2845. The Moral Barbarism of Blair and Bush
  2846. As the Bombs Fall, Iraq's Kurds Have "No Friends but the Mountains"
  2847. GAO Reports Military Unprepared for Storm
  2848. A Word From the Islamic Army
  2849. Prosecutor: Lay, Skilling Committed Crimes
  2850. Bush's Border Folly
  2851. Europeans may offer Iran a reactor (It doesn't matter)
  2852. Wave of Violence in Brazil Claims 133
  2853. Pentagon releases September 11 video (But, it's nothing new_
  2854. Defense: Gov't manufactured Enron case (A fairly risable idea)
  2855. Occidental ratings unaffected by Ecuador move
  2856. Archbishop OKs 'The Da Vinci Code' for Catholics
  2857. Venezuela: US Ban Meant to Weaken Nation (Of course)
  2858. US Ban Sets Conditions for Attack, Venezuela Says (Update2)
  2859. US Cites Venezuelan Links to Iran, Cuba in Arms Sales Ban (Not to mention ObL and Fu Manchu)
  2860. Prodi appointed premier
  2861. Italy's Prodi asked to form government
  2862. US spells out plan to bomb Iran (Watch Israel reduced to rubble - wiped of the map)
  2863. Probes into CIA flights "stonewalled": UN official
  2864. Basra carnage escalates as one person killed every hour
  2865. Still lying about real Iraq deaths
  2866. Occupation Forces Watch Over Iraq's Oil Platforms (What a crock of fabricated shit)
  2867. Bush agrees to review of spy program (babbling)
  2868. Occupation Forces Watch Over Iraq's Oil Platforms (Oh sure!)
  2869. Bolivia unveils plan to distribute land to poor
  2870. Bush, Howard United in War on [of] Terrorism (Horseshit criminals)
  2871. C.I.A. Making Rapid Strides for Regrowth (Who, but corpas, have every needed this pestilence?)
  2872. Bush, Howard United in War on [of] Terrorism (Poodles of terror!)
  2873. Hawkish Israeli Lobby Wants War with Iran!
  2874. Rumsfeld Seeks Extra Funds for War Bills (Delusional)
  2875. Water industry comes under fire as 3.6 billion litres are lost every day (UK)
  2876. Bush Trade Strategy Backfires as Chances of Global Pact Recede
  2877. Israel Lobby: The NYT Confronts Mearsheimer and Walt--Not Quite Head On
  2878. Israel no longer our friend? | TPMCafe
  2879. Blair Government Falls to 22% in Britain
  2880. Bush Administration: Time to Face Traffic (Sick)
  2881. Venezuela to Replace U.S. F-16 Fighters With Russian Su-35s
  2882. USATODAY.com - Study guide for U.S. citizenship test omits freedom of press
  2884. U.S. reserves nearly 'broken,' says chief
  2885. 9/11 Commission report is a lie (Yes, so?)
  2886. US: Palestinian Government will collapse without aid (Isn't that thepoint?)
  2887. U.S. secretly backing Somali warlords
  2888. Iran says EU offer like 'candy for gold'
  2889. Charlie Sheen's Pentagon Questions Remain Unanswered
  2890. New York piano tuner defies US in Cuba
  2891. Pentagon launches Guantanamo PR campaign (demented)
  2892. BREAKING NEWS: 100 voting machines broken
  2893. Venezuela 'may swap oil currency'
  2894. ABC News: New Tape Stirs Up 9/11 Conspiracy Theories
  2895. Phila. Election Officials Vow Probe of Malfunctioning Machines (How naive)
  2896. Dow Plunges More Than 145 Pts. on CPI Data
  2897. U.S. stocks tumble; Nasdaq erases gain for year
  2898. Basra carnage escalates as one person killed every hour
  2899. FBI Withholding 84 More Tapes of Pentagon on 9/11
  2900. Da Vinci Code Actor: Bible Should Have 'Fiction' Disclaimer(LMAO)
  2901. Basra is exploding (a news roundup)
  2902. Devvy Kidd -- No More Pretense of Representation & New 9/11 Lawsuit, Part 1
  2903. Missing Pentagon Unobstructed Citgo Videos (READ "FBI was there within minutes")
  2904. Is the Bush Administration Planning a Nuclear Holocaust?
  2905. New Pentagon video shows no Boeing airliner
  2906. Telephone Records are just the Tip of NSA's Iceberg
  2907. Pentagon Tests Bio-Attack Response (Cover for real thing again?)
  2908. Full list of Guantanamo detainees
  2909. Senate votes for fence on southern U.S. border
  2910. FBI tracking reporters' phone calls in CIA leak investigation
  2911. John Negroponte and the Latin Americanization of US politics
  2912. William S. Lind: More Contradictions from the Iraq War
  2913. Compromise and Conquer? Inside the Senate Immigration Bill
  2914. Hugo Chavez: the London Sessions
  2915. Catching Rumsfeld Red-Handed: an Interview with Ray McGovern
  2916. Immigrant Scapegoats and the Manufacturing of a Crisis
  2917. Why US Restored Ties With Libya
  2918. Weakened Ethics Reform Being Ignored in House
  2919. The Scariest Predators in the Corporate Jungle
  2920. Hey Millennials, Debt Becomes You
  2921. More E-Voting Concerns Surface With State Primaries Under Way
  2922. Dow dives 214 points
  2923. Hamas invited to visit China
  2924. Ex-Opus Dei Members Decry Blind Obedience
  2925. Report: Thousands rounded up in Zimbabwe
  2926. Think Progress &#-11;&#-11; New Presidential Memorandum Permits Intelligence Director To Authorize Telcos To Lie Without Violating Securities Law
  2927. Deja vu - the search for Weapons of Mass Destruction this time in Iran
  2928. Protesters Arrested at Halliburton Meeting
  2929. Nepal lawmakers to propose curbs on royal powers
  2931. LA Parking Tickets (The purpose of government is theft)
  2932. Royal powers lost under Nepal's new law
  2933. Judicial Watch Says More Pentagon Tapes To Come
  2934. Jewish Press Exclusive - McCain: 'Proudly Pro-Israel' - Says Haaretz Article Left 'Serious Misimpressions' (Asswipe!)
  2935. Lawmaker: Marines deliberately killed Iraqis
  2936. Iran Nuclear Weapons (READ)
  2937. Monkeys to join police Swat teams? (Monkeys have always been in government)
  2938. Prodi: War in Iraq Was 'Grave' Mistake
  2939. Sears settles credit card lawsuit
  2940. Nepal puts off move to check king's powers
  2941. Bush backs down (Yeah - right!)
  2942. High School Teacher "Muzzled" And Suspended For Saying 911 Was An Inside Job
  2943. Films on Guant&#-11;&#-11;namo and Iraq face war of cuts
  2944. The 9/11 Story That Got Away
  2945. Senior Bush &#-11;&#-11;&#-11;04 Campaign Official Sent To Jail For Scheme To Keep Dems Away From Poll
  2946. Pentagon denying Israelis security clearances (About time?)
  2947. China, Russia won't support force against Iran (That was obvious long ago - any body into obvious reality>)
  2948. U.S. to use lasers on drivers in Iraq (and US citizens, and anybody else who gets in their demented way)
  2949. Back to the gold standard (Now, *there's* a good idea that will not happen in our lifetimes)
  2950. Dozens killed in Afghan fighting (Just like any other day)
  2951. Bowing to the Police State - by Ray McGovern
  2952. Global Food Supply Near the Breaking Point (Famine, Plague and War is how populationa has always been reduce - now it's also a matter of engineering by vicious corpagov)
  2953. US sailors jailed for drug smuggling (CIA agents?)
  2954. Couple Arrested For Asking For Directions (It's Nazi 'murika!)
  2956. This isn't Policy; its barbarism (It's USianism)
  2957. Iran, Bush & Nuremberg
  2958. ISA | China close to edge (Optimists)
  2959. Swiss Reporter Forced to Strip at Gaza Checkpoint
  2960. Entry Requirements for Mexico (are we having fun yet?)
  2961. The Iraqi resistance: 'Why we fight' (It should be fairly obvious: you (US) lose)
  2962. Dollar weakens as markets await Fed speakers ($US is doomed beyond redemtion - thanks to whom? Pay attention for once)
  2963. The Mother of All US bombs. (In either case can we suggest what is necssary?)
  2964. Bondbuyers Collect Billions in Interest, Americans Drown in Debt (Is this beyond the obvious?)
  2965. Should We Remove Our Criminal Media Yet? Or Do You Want to Bend Over and Tale More? (Personally, I prefer the former)
  2966. A dangerous shift of norms
  2967. US concerned over Iran gas pipeline (Is this the one Haifa?)
  2968. Former Bush campaign official sentenced to prison
  2969. Judith Miller: Headed Back to Jail? (AbuGhraib?!)
  2970. When Two Poor Countries Reclaim Oil Fields
  2971. Miller Attacks Libby in Latest Court Filing, Other Media Responses Now Filed (Miller is the Ann Coulter of news)
  2972. Champagne tax cuts: Congress extends Bush's gift to the wealthy
  2973. No Longer The Minority: 82% Plus Support Charlie Sheen
  2974. The Logic of 'Love It or Leave It'
  2975. Operation Northwoods: Justification for U.S. Military Intervention in Cuba, 3/13/62 (Let's just remember relaity)
  2976. Huge Bill for Public Retirees Hits Soon
  2977. Evidence of Thermite on Core Columns at WTC (Well - there was no other trick available)
  2978. 'Da Vinci Code' Called 'Real Danger' to Christians' Faith (Cool!)
  2979. Doubts over Iran nuclear capacity (But you should see their airfor and conventional weapons)
  2980. Leading Indicators Dip; Jobless Claims Up (You ain't seen nothin')
  2981. British Gas departure could cost [Israel's] economy billions of dollars (W could hope)
  2982. Civil war feared as Palestinian factions flex muscle (Israeli induce: Hamas is a child of Israel)
  2983. Commission may punish disabled Vets (Support the troops?)
  2984. Italian Leader Calls Iraq Occupation 'Grave Error' (This should be fun)
  2985. FLASHBACK: Hijackers' ex-landlord was FBI informant (Hijerkers were CIA agentsa)
  2986. AT&T Whistle-Blower's Evidence
  2987. AT&T and NSA : Their 'Secret Rooms'
  2988. Skeptics doubt new 9/11 Pentagon footage (Gee - I wonder why?)
  2989. New 9/11 footage shown (Crap)
  2990. UK And Australian Prime Ministers Both Knew There Were No WMDs
  2991. Europeans knew of CIA flights: US officials
  2992. CIA prisons in Europe, Asia, and Africa
  2993. EP committee says CIA carried out 50 secret renditions
  2994. NSA killed system that sifted phone data legally
  2995. CIA nominee under fire over wiretapping (That's the kind of guy he is)
  2996. In the Name of Israel's State Security
  2997. http://www.counterpunch.org/
  2998. The Carnage in Basra
  2999. Bush Agrees to Review of Spy Program (A joke by a puppet moron)
  3000. Will Jurors Send Enron's Lay, Skilling to Prison? (How about death?)
  3001. US Now Says Will Consider Peace With North Korea (until tomorrow - whom cares?)
  3002. Inflation's Rising Toll on Consumers (It's part of calculated genocial destriction of the US)
  3003. Bush's Tax Cuts Lose More Money Than They Generate (*Known* and obvious from the very beginning)
  3004. Hayden Insists NSA Surveillance Is Legal (Then, so is lynching the SOB)
  3005. Violence Escalates in Afghanistan (What else is enexpected?)
  3006. US Troops to Use Banned Laser Weapon in Iraq (Rogue Nation)
  3007. Bush Campaign Official Sentenced to Prison (Death would be better)
  3008. A New Election Lawsuit in Florida
  3009. Senators Clash Over Gay Marriage Amendment (All criminals, what does it matter?)
  3010. Ancient Mammals Fought with Venom (Sorta like politicians)
  3011. Teacher asks pupils who they would kill and how? (Interesting question)
  3012. Bears eat monkey, visitors shocked (Maybe he had it coming - or the bears were not properly fed?)
  3013. Michigan Farm Subject of Hoffa Search (Really - who cares?)
  3014. Update 19: Search for Hoffa Clues May Take Weeks (and cost millions of dollars for nothing)
  3015. American Marines 'killed Iraqis in cold blood' (It's the 'murikan way)
  3016. Scientists Feud Over 'Hobbit' People (Bipolar scientific "science")
  3017. The Da Vinci Code (12A) (by Anthony Quinn? I thought he was dead; maybe he is - at least between his ears)
  3018. Panel: Jury out on benefits of multivitamins (No *idea* what they are talking about - morons)
  3019. How Beneficial Are Multivitamins? We Don't Know (You haven't asked the right questions - idiots)
  3020. Are vitamins good for you? Jury's out, NIH panel says (No, crewtins are out)
  3021. WHO Investigating Human Bird Flu Cases in Indonesia (Fabricators of guano)
  3022. Nepal's King is stripped of political powers (we'll see)
  3023. Tijuana Border Crossing Shut Down After Driver Shot (Just like Iraq)
  3024. CIA 'torture' lawsuit thrown out
  3025. House budget sees $348 billion deficit
  3026. Report Says FAA Got 52 Warnings Before 9/11 (Right - sure)
  3027. Supreme Court Officially Emasculates Taxpayers
  3028. The ghost of Nixon smiles ...
  3029. Blackwater Down
  3030. U.N. Urges U.S. to Shut Guantanamo Prison (again)
  3031. In the Black(water)
  3032. US Reluctant to Approve EU Guarantee of Iranian Security (Why not, I wonder?)
  3033. U.N. Urges Closure of Guantanamo Dentention Facility
  3034. U.S. May Lose Kyrgyz Base Used for Afghan Operations
  3035. All About NSA's and AT&T's Big Brother Machine, the Narus 6400
  3036. Protests to greet Condoleezza Rice at Boston school
  3037. Rice rejects Kissinger call for talks with Iran (One war criminal to another)
  3038. Russian Army to get new weaponry in 2006 - Defense Ministry
  3039. Dollar slides as US tells China (It ain't China's problem)
  3040. UK: Soldiers to get life in jail for refusing to act as occupiers
  3041. San Diego Border Reopens After Shooting (READ)
  3042. Credible Lead in Hoffa Case, FBI Says (Diversion)
  3043. Inquiry Implies Civilian Deaths in Iraq Topped Initial Report
  3044. Europeans knew of CIA flights, say US officials
  3045. CIA 'torture' lawsuit thrown out
  3046. Mexico condemns U.S. decision to build border fences
  3047. A New Blacklist for "Excuse Makers" (advocated by Thoman Friedman: no blossom, just turd)
  3048. Narco News: Leaked Report: Drug Traffickers Obtained Classified DEA Documents from U.S. Embassy in Bogot&#-11;&#-11; &#-11;&#-11;&#-11;At Wi(READ Mena Redux)
  3049. US fumes as Iraq backs Israel boycott
  3050. AlterNet: Blogs: Joshua Holland: You got your damn war and it looks like "a mother and young child bent over as if in prayer, shot dead"
  3051. Rove, Hatfield, Leopold? (READ)
  3052. Sic Semper Tyrannis 2006: The Niger Forgeries
  3053. We Are the Deciders (READ)
  3054. Cairo gets brutal with opposition demonstrators
  3055. Say Goodbye To The Real Internet
  3056. Iraq: Rumsfeld Again Accuses Iran Of Interference
  3057. A nation&#-11;&#-11;s rot starts at the top
  3058. Gates of Eden (US prison population % by far greater than all nations)
  3059. The Irrelevance of America's Corporate-Owned Press
  3060. French MPs shelve 'genocide' vote (would really irritate Armenia)
  3061. Kingdom Coming: The Rise of Christian Nationalism
  3062. USDA downplays seriousness of mad cow disease found in Alabama cow
  3063. mparent7777: Congresswoman cuts off AIPAC
  3064. Hayden Says CIA Must Look Past Controversy (why?)
  3065. Israel should face sanctions
  3066. Oil Diplomacy
  3067. Hayden's 'Tap Phones To Catch Terrorists' Lie Doesn't Wash
  3068. Israeli fence is example for U.S.
  3069. Britain: Vauxhall axes 900 car jobs
  3070. In the face of mounting popular opposition Canada dramatically escalates its military intervention in Afghanistan
  3071. German secret service spies on journalists, employs Stasi methods
  3072. A turbulent week on global financial markets
  3073. Slaughter and ethnic cleansing accelerates in Iraq
  3074. Senate hearing on CIA nominee: Democrats rubberstamp Bush police-state spying (As usual)
  3075. Jonathan Cook: Marriage Ban Closes the Gates to Palestinians
  3076. The Marcos Factor: Mexico's Electoral Wildcard
  3077. Democrats and the Defense Budget: Just as Ruinous as the Republicans (There is no difference between them)
  3078. US Court Refuses to Hear CIA Torture Lawsuit
  3079. Senate Votes English US "National Language"
  3080. Cash smuggling case adds to Palestinian tension (Is it "cash smuggling"?)
  3081. Palestinians Take Hamas Official's Money (Has choice been left?)
  3082. US House to vote on ending offshore drilling ban
  3083. House upholds oil-drilling ban
  3084. Milberg Weiss fired by Ohio attorney general
  3085. Dow Ends Its Losing Streak (For how many days? PPT in action!)
  3086. Scientists Feud Over 'Hobbit' People (Which is the bogus government science?)
  3087. Theologians debunk 'Da Vinci Code' dogma (It's a movie assholes! Eat shit)
  3088. Indonesia reports more bird flu deaths (or not)
  3089. Human-To-Human Transmission Unlikely In Indonesian Bird Flu Cases (Nonexistent, actually)
  3090. Minister pledges to tackle school 'junk food rubbish' (BIG Babbling)
  3091. UN warns Darfur could get worse (and sun will rise tomorrow - duh!?)
  3092. N.Korea may be preparing missile launch-reports (Planning to blow up Japan are they? Get a fucking grip, morons
  3093. Times Leader | 05/18/2006 | A new meaning to dirty politics (profane language is approrpiate to any government)
  3094. AT&T Whistle-Blower's Evidence
  3095. Why the United States invaded Iraq, and now is thinking about invading Iran (There is a complex of reasons, in truth)
  3096. The Jews And The Concentration Camps: A Factual Appraisal By The Red Cross.
  3097. The missing facts in 'United 93' (So many more than the purported, unevidenced fictions)
  3098. Iran report of Holocaust-style badges questioned (It would be be pretty funny though)
  3099. Animals plan ahead (Only an idiot would think otherwise)
  3100. What Is The Real Purpose Of Bush's NSA Surveillance? (Wow! Psychological manipulation?)
  3101. "When will they round up the Bloggers...?" (Don't smirk)
  3102. Priest compares DaVinci Code with JFK movie, says both are "enjoyable fiction" (So is the priest fiction, but not so enjoyable)
  3103. Numbers (Read carfully - pay attention, if have an attention span)
  3104. Harper says Iran 'capable' of introducing Nazi-like clothing label (What boring fuscking idiocy)
  3105. Has Bush's Iran War Propaganda Begun? (Begun? You're joking, right?!)
  3106. Michael Savage: "Jimmy Carter is like Hitler" (Divirsionary nonsense - he's also a war criminal, OK?)
  3107. The Snooping Goes Beyond Phone Calls (Of course it does: this is a criminal government of occupation. What do you expect, assholes?)
  3108. The Iranian "badge" story: Neo-con propaganda? (Boring, nonsense)
  3109. 'Iraq War Conceived in Israel' author on Karen Kwiatkowski's show
  3110. One Step Closer to a Police State (Hello? We're there. Mossad controlled)
  3111. MP to investigate Dr Kelly's death (It was clear assassination, OK?)
  3112. Marine recruiter faces assault charges (It's what they were trained to do, OK?)
  3113. Tensions rise after Hamas aide caught with cash (Diversionary BS)
  3114. 'The Da Vinci Code' raising the hackles of local pastors (Good! Fuck 'em!)
  3115. Italy's new prime minister averts crisis
  3116. ElBaradei to meet Rice next week to discuss Iran (Why would he waste his time with this cretunous bitch?)
  3117. The Pope's Good Call on Sexual Abuse (Oh, give me break!)
  3118. Pope raps priest in sex abuse case (Yeah -sure)
  3119. The next CIA director (Haw about Ron Paul?)
  3120. Top US spy attacks Rumsfeld (maybe R will die?!)
  3121. Senate Votes to Raise Indecency Fines Against Broadcasters (Eat shit! Fuck you! ...)
  3122. Senate Votes to Raise Indecency Fees (Senate sucks dead syphillitic bears!)
  3123. US lawmaker says 24 Iraqis killed in 2005 incident (yeah - right, as if)
  3124. Pentagon Investigates Alleged Massacre in Iraq (Oh sure it does)
  3125. Stocks keep falling after 2-day plunge (Expect more, idiots)
  3126. FBI Told in 1976 of Possible Hoffa Site (Important? Who gives a shit?)
  3127. The film is just plain abuse! (So is all Christianity)
  3128. Theologians debunk 'Da Vinci Code' dogma (Yeah sure - um what dogma?!)
  3129. Cervical-cancer vaccine a 'wonderful step' (yeah, but it's unfortunately poisonous?)
  3130. How Did Seven Family Members Get Infected With Bird Flu? (All sucking bird's asses?)
  3131. Indonesia vows transparency over bird flu (Ooops - that means thy're lying)
  3132. FDA: High Levels Of Benzene In Drinks (Their own, which may explain a few things)
  3133. Nepal's king declared 'powerless' (not a bad thing)
  3134. Nepal rebels back move to curb king (Pooper scooper law?)
  3135. India-US crisis talks on N-deal in London next week (What crisis?)
  3136. US Proposes New Nuclear Pact (No matter what, it's a scam)
  3137. US State Department pulls China-made PCs from secure networks
  3138. Iran denies non-Muslim badge plan (Get Iran by fabricated smears - just like Iraq)
  3139. Homeless Veterans; Reagan Would Be Proud
  3140. Bush's Real Goal - Dissolve America Into The NAU (Only small part of intentions, and it ain't Bush)
  3141. More Troops Being Deployed to Iraq (Of course)
  3142. House panel boosts Bush plan to build new nuclear warheads / Many arms control experts say idea is huge waste of money
  3143. Im with Stupid
  3144. "Impeach Bush" Freeway Messages (US inventiveness is not dead!)
  3145. Congress bribery probe could deepen (Showing the Criminal Congress for what it is)
  3146. Fellow Americans, do you feel safer yet?
  3147. US Code, Title 18, Part 1, Chapter 118, &#-11;&#-11; 2441 (War Crimes)
  3148. Top priest told to retire as Pope toughens stand on child abuse (Yeah - right!)
  3149. Frist Decries "Televised Strip Tease[s]" As Congress Votes To Raise Broadcast-Indecency Fine (Maybe we could watch Frist torture a few kitties for us?)
  3150. Riot at Guantanamo as torture watchdog calls for its closure
  3151. 'Worst president in history' may force us to reclaim our principles
  3152. Why Are Gore and Kerry Polling Worse Than Bush? (Maybe because they are both bought, lying whores?)
  3153. Thousands Of Katrina Victims In FEMA Trailers Receive Eviction Notices
  3154. Documentary Highlights Growing Trend Of Homeless Iraq War Vets
  3155. The New York Review of Books: A LETTER TO AIPAC (READ!)
  3156. Four Peaceful Demonstrators Arrested On Rumsfelds Doorstep
  3157. Pentagon secret spending said at post-Cold War high
  3158. Relations With U.S. Lowest in 20 Years (Russia)
  3159. Clash over Police Pushes Palestine to Brink of Civil War (Goal: Genocide)
  3160. Japan 'looks at June Iraq withdrawal'
  3161. "Da Vinci Code" set to unlock box office riches
  3162. Fairy Tales (from the CIA is all that's allowed)
  3163. Reversing Policy, U.S. 'Froze' Iran Talks in March (Why does Iran egg on an attack?)
  3164. Bush's 'Big Brother' Blunder (More designed economic destruction)
  3165. Olmert denies humanitarian crisis in Gaza (Meaning, it's true)
  3166. New York Daily News - Home - Filmgoers angered by 'WTC' clip (and it's a giant lie besides)
  3167. Why is the Media Downplaying Our Voting Scandal? (Is it so hard to figure out?)
  3168. GREENSPAN: MEDICARE'S DANGEROUS (I thought we were rid of his evil)
  3169. Lawsuit Is Filed to Force FEMA to Continue Housing Vouchers
  3170. Graduates at New School Heckle Speech by McCain (The whore will not shut up)
  3171. McCain heckled at commencement speech
  3172. MP to investigate Dr Kelly's death (Assassination)
  3173. Cuts to NASA budget gut space research
  3174. Reports expose myth of upward social mobility in US
  3175. Prodi government takes power in Italy: a right-wing regime with a left fig leaf
  3176. Witnesses, video document massacre in Haditha US Marines killed Iraqi civilians "in cold blood"
  3177. Guant&#-11;&#-11;namo prisoners clash with guards after new rash of suicide attempts
  3178. US Senate declares English the "national language": a boost to chauvinism and racism
  3179. Social Security and Medicare: When Journalists Manufacture a Crisis
  3180. Missy Comley Beattie: Handling the Truth (READ a brief summation of facts)
  3181. P. Sainath: What Exactly is "Development"?
  3182. Greg Grandin: the NYT Versus Chavez (NY Corpagov Times)
  3183. Hugh O'Shaughnessy: Chavez Takes London
  3184. Kathy Kelly: Back to Iraq (READ)
  3185. Vote in House Seeks to Erase Oil Windfall (Lots of luck)
  3186. FBI Investigating $50 Million Air Force Contract (Ho-Hum)
  3187. White House Seeks Millions for Jailing Immigrants (Bizarre?: further economic destruction - more prisons and concentration camps for US citizens Arbeit macht Frei)
  3188. US Calls for Missile Defense Against Iran (Desperate and demented)
  3189. Ex-Deputy Secretary of State New Figure in CIA Leak Probe (Armitage)
  3190. Iraq Gets New Government as Bombs Kill 24
  3191. Israeli air strike kills 4 Palestinians in Gaza (No end to Israel's genocide)
  3192. Intelligence chief hurt in Gaza blast
  3193. Uprising at Guantanamo as 'armed' inmates attack guards (Hmmm)
  3194. West urged [by Israel] to halt Iran (always, and forever, this shitty little country)
  3195. Soft-Drink Makers Changing Recipes After FDA Tests Find Benzene (Cool idea!)
  3196. Bird flu threat ignored in Indonesia
  3197. Human-To-Human Transmission Unlikely In Indonesian Bird Flu Cases
  3198. Nepal Celebrates Cutting of King's Power
  3199. Taliban's new commander ready for a fight
  3200. IndiaDaily - Maoists want U.N. supervision of the Nepalese peace process
  3201. Independent Scientists Demand A Ban on GM Food & Feed while All GM Crops Are Tested
  3202. Congress Faces Multiple Criminal Probes (US Convention of genetic fectives)
  3203. DAVINCI the film gives the Ultimate Question (praise Goddess!) a radical answer (READ)
  3204. Afghanistan gripped by worst fighting since 2001
  3205. House panel boosts Bush plan to build new nuclear warheads / Many arms control experts say idea is huge waste of money
  3206. Hemingway papers link Cuba and US (Why would Fidel even bother to spit on US?)
  3207. Corporate Troll Nagin holds on to leadership of New Orleans
  3208. Democratic Rival Forces LieberBush Into a Primary (Fucking Gaddamn Lieberman!)
  3209. German to fight on after CIA torture lawsuit fails
  3210. Guantanamo Bay to remain despite UN anti-torture report (Of course:P US is a rogue state)
  3211. Soldiers to get life in jail for refusing to act as occupiers (What's wrong with this picture - and the genetically deficient government that forces it?)
  3212. U.S. to use lasers on drivers in Iraq (and mustard gas, and ...)
  3213. EU asks US to consider plane sales to Iran (Definition of pathetic)
  3214. Bush likes both language proposals (He's of two minds - a myriad, actually)
  3215. The Gospel on the code (LMAO -- and, if JC is an evil fiction?)
  3216. Al Gore finds his niche as an environmental warrior (I'm glad he may be good for something - but, he's stil a nitwit and coward)
  3217. I've no plans to stand for US presidency again, says Gore (Thank heaven!)
  3218. Breaking Pledge, Bush's New Bush Tax Cut Bill Triples Rates For Teens With College Fund (READ more of Bush's lies)
  3219. Bush wants to know Israeli leader's real plans
  3220. 1 in 7 Mexican workers migrates to US-- most send money home
  3221. 1 in 7 Mexican workers migrates to US-- most send money home
  3222. Split emerges in West's front against Iran: diplomats (Runup to the attack)
  3223. West urged[by Israel] to halt Iran
  3224. Bored? Build a nuke! (A HOW-TO that Iran, along with any bright HS student has possessed for many years - pssst! I't not a secret)
  3225. Olmert: Iran months from acquiring know-how to build nuclear bomb (Fundamental perceptual handicaps all around)
  3226. How Does President Bush Compare with Other Wartime Presidents With Respect to Free Speech Issues?
  3227. Bush's Base Betrayal
  3228. War on Iran a last resort: PM (The difficult problem is a complete fiction)
  3229. More PsyOps re: Iran: Two New DisInfo Stories
  3230. How the Right Stole the '60s (And Why We Should Get Them Back)
  3231. IMF in Iraq: The Second Invasion (Nobody expects the IMF!)
  3232. Voters want Blair in the dock over loan scandal (only over *that*?!)
  3233. US could prosecute reporters for leaks: Gonzales (and prosecuting Gonzoles?)
  3234. Revealed: hard drug culture among soldiers (CIA income has then risen)
  3235. Pope says low birth rates in Canada due to 'pervasive effects of secularism' (The great Nazi scientist speaks!)
  3236. War causes Bushs approval rating to plummet (what does genocide and economic destruction do?)
  3237. Bush governs in dictator style (This is news!?)
  3238. Illinois Legislators Introduce Bill for Bush Impeachment (We'll see)
  3239. Bush ratings drop among Hispanic voters (I wonder why?)
  3240. Conservatives snub Bush (Could be interesting)
  3241. Was Holocaust Survivor Viktor Frankl Gassed at Auschwitz?
  3243. In new 'X-Men' film, S.F.'s a digital mirage / Studios finding it's cheaper to use special effects(Such technology is in the hands of lying governments)
  3244. Israel expands settlements, yet again
  3245. Israel's Olmert wants US to 'deal with' (bomb!) Iran
  3246. Where is the global outcry at this continuing cruelty? (READ - a good question)
  3247. ADL admits Iranian dress code story is BS (and that they lied maliciously?)
  3248. Managing cruelty (Palestinians)
  3249. Border Patrol Agents Warn: Bush Plan is a Trojan Horse (READ)
  3250. The PUSHING continues.... (against a nonexistent threat from Iran)
  3251. Fireman: "bomb in the building start clearing out" (play google video)
  3252. Rough Summer Is on the Way for Air Travel (Stay home)
  3253. No Security Guarantee for Iran, Rice Says (No security guarantee for Rice rither)
  3254. The Secret Relationship Between Israel and Oil: What the US Media Hides
  3255. mparent7777: Ex -US soldier: 'If he didn't answer the way we liked, we would shoot his youngest kid in the head'
  3256. govenor pardons entire staff, upheld
  3257. Wikipedia has to block changes to their article on The Da Vinci Code
  3258. Lawmaker Shown on Tape Taking Money (Only one?!)
  3259. Markets are like 1987 crash (not quite to 1929 yet)
  3260. Edwards: Bush Worse than Nixon (and what about the invasion when it happened?)
  3261. U.S. report: 2.2 million now in prisons, jails
  3262. Think Progress &#-11;&#-11; ABC&#-11;&#-11;&#-11;s Ross: Surveillance of Journalists &#-11;&#-11;&#-11;Makes Me Feel&#-11;&#-11;&#-11;As If We Are Drug Dealers or Terror
  3263. Law and Disorder (Deliberate and purposeful)
  3264. An Interview With John Dean
  3265. Dangerous Levels of Formaldehyde in FEMA Trailers
  3266. Why Iraqis Aren't Cheering Their New Government
  3267. FBI Raids US House of Representatives Office
  3268. Re-Birth of the Religious Left (READ)
  3269. Nagin Wins Re-Election in New Orleans
  3270. Pro-Serb leader refuses to concede defeat in Montenegro independence referendum
  3271. 'Da Vinci Code' Defies Critics at Box Office (showing critics for thw ehores that they are)
  3272. Israel to free some Palestinian tax for hospitals (How very sweet of the thieves)
  3273. House immigration bill chaotic
  3274. A world-leading bourse in view, but merger party won't be over - Markets - Times Online
  3275. In the Northwest, Nuclear Power Takes a Hit
  3276. Dairy product tie to having twins (Correlation does NOT imply causality)
  3277. Bush hails 'new day' for Iraq (He's demented)
  3278. The Betrayal of Valerie Plame
  3279. LISTENING IN (If it isn't for the children, it's for Nattional Security)
  3280. The ATT/NARUS/NSA spy setup - The original whistleblower document (PDF)
  3281. Wired News: Why We Published the AT&T Docs (READ)
  3282. The New York Review of Books: The Storm over the Israel Lobby
  3283. Fugitive pleads with US to 'liberate' Iran(How about liberating US on basis of Gitmo?)
  3284. U.S. Pressure Yields Curbs on Iran in Europe (Consequences?)
  3285. Activist Sherman Skolnick Dies (and the world is diminished)
  3286. US crisis [with Israel] over warplane project
  3287. Collapse of the Petrodollar Looming (Russian bourse to trade oil in rubles)
  3288. Did Gonzales Kill Fitz's Rove Indictments?
  3289. China set to be largest economy (This requires a Delphic oracle?)
  3290. Ouch! How `Money-Driven Medicine,' Abuse Cost Us $1.8 Trillion
  3291. Israel frees (some) Palestinian funds (that it looted)
  3292. Britain: Blair pledges to override Human Rights Act
  3293. Israel to boycott racism conference (Almost funny)
  3294. U.S. stock futures slip, sell-off to continue
  3295. Big Oil cleared by FTC for price fixing They can do anything they want)
  3296. An Alpharetta attorney sues President Bush over domestic eavesdropping.
  3297. Rove: Was He or wasn't He?
  3298. Approaching 212 Degrees Farenheit: Amnesty Equals Anarchy
  3299. US sets up &#-11;&#-11;215m deal for Afghan arms - from Russia
  3300. The Administration That Won't Stop Lying - by Paul Craig Roberts
  3301. To Impeach or not to Impeach-That shouldnt even be a question!
  3302. Data on 26.5 million veterans stolen from home
  3303. Iran: Don't mention 'talks'
  3304. Rep. Murtha On Iraq: "It's Worse Than It Was Prewar"
  3305. Bush, Blair to announce 'phased withdrawal' from Iraq (or not)
  3306. Implementing Israel's Strategy
  3307. A Credibility 'Gap' (READ)
  3308. 2006 hurricane forecast: 8-10 storms
  3309. Category 6 Hurricanes? They've Already Happened
  3310. US court won't decide lethal injection challenge
  3311. Justices Allows Police to Enter Homes Without Warrant
  3312. US films at Cannes go Bush-whacking
  3313. Rove "Scoop" Remains Exclusive
  3314. Libby Prosecutor Focuses on CIA Officer's Status
  3315. Halliburton, Bechtel could be factors in 'border security' plan
  3316. AT&T Whistle-Blower's Evidence, Uncut
  3317. Official response to Aboriginal child sexual abuse in Australia: more law and order
  3318. Bush administration defends US military aid to Egypt
  3319. Kosovo "final status" talks break up without agreement
  3320. Putin's speech to the nation: Tensions increase between the US and Russia
  3321. Slaughter in US coal industry continues Five miners killed in Kentucky explosion
  3322. Alexander Cockburn: the Red Flag, from Berlin to West Bengal (READ)
  3323. Chris Floyd: Vexed to Nightmare
  3324. Stan Cox: Eat Your Lawn (Why not?)
  3325. Elaine C. Hagopian: It's Not Hamas Terror Israel Fears (READ)
  3326. William Blum: But What About the Marshall Plan? (What indeed? READ)
  3327. Freedom of the Press at Risk
  3328. Bush Using Iran to Justify New "Star Wars" Program
  3329. Pressed by US, European Banks Limit Iran Deals (There are other banks, assholes!)
  3330. Democrats Seek Security Plans (or secirity balnkeies for themselves?)
  3331. Will Your Vote Count in 2006? (Don't hold your breath!)
  3332. Katherine Harris Takes $32,000 in Illegal Campaign Contributions (surprising, even in the slightest?)
  3333. Defects in Levee Construction Point to Corps' Technical Incompetence (It's incompetence cover again for deliberate actions)
  3334. Shell Won't Pay Nigeria Environmental Damages Pending Appeal
  3335. One Out of 136 Americans in Jail (with many hundreds of concentration camps waithing for the rest of us)
  3336. Judge bars 'Guantanamo outfit'
  3337. School to get drugs sniffer dogs (Insane Fascism in UK as well)
  3338. Blair welcomes Iraq's 'new start' (Liar and moron)
  3339. Mass hysteria | Telling the truth to the terrified | Economist.com
  3340. Markets in retreat as shares plunge worldwide
  3341. Don't get trampled in the rush
  3342. '80 Taleban killed' in US assault on village
  3343. Civilians die in raid on Taleban
  3344. US Airstrike at Taliban Kills Civilians, Afghans Say
  3345. British troops in Iraq for another four years (or not: such crap is fabricated daily)
  3346. Senators Back Plan to Send Guard to Border (The club of mental defectives)
  3347. Madonna's giant cross 'offensive' (But USUKIL genocide is not)
  3348. Common painkillers may raise risk of heart failure (or not)
  3349. Driver killed as Gaza City turned into a war zone by feuding (cause being Israeli designed starvation)
  3350. US Uneasy About Israel's Plans for West Bank (but OK with its own Iraqi genocide)
  3351. Paying for Israel's makeover (More Israeli games, feints and genocide)
  3352. VOA News - German Leader Says China Agrees Iran Should Not Have Nuclear Weapons(Merkel is a liar, avoiding reality)
  3353. Siemens signs telco, power, medical, railway deals with China
  3354. Democrat Gives Early Support to Hayden (Congressional miscreants)
  3355. Save the USA &#-11;&#-11; Domestic Spying: NSA has backdoor key to ALL versions of Microsoft Windows
  3356. World Council of Churches slams Israel (I suppose they're just all anit-semitic?)
  3357. FORTUNE: Online scams create "Yahoo! millionaires" - May 29, 2006
  3358. Easily Dispensable: Iraq's Children (It's called genocide, and it's deliberate)
  3359. Israel's economy leaving Palestinians far behind
  3360. India on alert for suicides after stocks slide
  3361. Carnage returns to world markets
  3362. The circular reasoning scandal of HIV testing
  3363. The circular reasoning scandal of HIV testing
  3364. Out of Control (Harpers.org) (READ)
  3365. The Body Pro: Harper's Editor Discusses HIV/AIDS Advocates' Criticism of Article That Includes Doctor Who Believes HIV Does Not Cause AIDS
  3366. A Double Standard for People in Pain? (Yes)
  3367. Boom & Bust cycle officially in BUST mode (Pump and suck method)
  3368. Veterans on alert about ID theft
  3369. 2 in CIA to testify Libby lied on leak
  3370. Lieberman's In Trouble (Sleazebag)
  3371. Bush hatred endangers national security (lunatic)
  3372. How much longer should the United States underwrite the Israeli occupation of Palestinian Territories?
  3373. Press voices Iraq doubts
  3374. Lobbyist money...he's No. 1, he's No. 1! (Santorum, Specter, ...)
  3375. Fruit of the Poison Tree (READ)
  3376. Bush calls for Saddam execution (The world calls for Bush's execution)
  3377. Certain Victory Keeps U.S. in Iraq, Says Bush (Will he really use an insanity defense?)
  3378. The Snooping Goes Beyond Phone Calls
  3379. Boeing unveils lightweight bomb for urban combat (I'm so thrilled I could shit!)
  3380. US Military No Longer Planning For "Victory" In Iraq (But the stupid-in-chief is?)
  3381. OECD warns rebalancing of US deficit may drive dollar down sharply (Not exactly a secret)
  3382. ABC News polling director touted flawed language of poll on NSA spying (On the meanings of poll numbers)
  3383. Israel's UN ambassador slams Qatar, praises Bolton (B. is really an Israeli ambassador)
  3384. Amnesty slams Israel (and not a substantive peep from the UN)
  3385. reports | Amnesty attacks US 'disappearances'
  3386. House Votes to Cut Aid to Palestinians (WHAT!!?)
  3387. Iraq doctor brings evidence of US napalm at Fallujah
  3388. Olmert touches base during first Washington visit
  3389. State's foreclosure activity is rising
  3390. George W. Bush's policy takes the USA to financial collapse (as planned)
  3391. Iran deploys its war machine (Attack is fully expected)
  3392. "I Can't Believe It's Not Napalm!"
  3393. FCC says they cannot investigate NSA data mining
  3394. Iraq seeks security chiefs as violence surges
  3395. Winning-and Losing -the First Wired War
  3396. US keeps pushing Norway to buy Joint Strike Fighter jets
  3397. AIPAC speaks. The House obeys (Naturally)
  3398. National Protection Costing Local Taxpayers Money
  3399. 'Signed Hutton report raised funds'
  3400. Health trust withdraws cancer drug from patient (UK)
  3401. U.S. Says World Could Handle Loss of Iran Oil (World could also handle loss of US)
  3402. Captured Al-Qaeda kingpin is case of &#-11;&#-11;&#-11;mistaken identi
  3403. Australian government moves to abolish Aboriginal "land rights"
  3404. Why Canada's Conservative government chose to celebrate Australia's John Howard
  3405. New School University students protest commencement speech by John McCain
  3406. European governments cover up illegal CIA abductions
  3407. Patrick Cockburn: Which is the Real Iraq?
  3408. Kristen Ess: the Crisis for Palestinian Political Prisoners
  3409. Total Information Awareness for Whom? FOIA, the Press and the Spooks
  3410. Meet the New Christian Conquistadors: Ron Luce's Holy Warriors
  3411. Paul Craig Roberts: How Bush Brewed the Iran Crisis
  3412. FBI Raid on Jefferson's Office Is Questioned
  3413. Iraq War Provoking Terror: Amnesty International
  3414. Mortgage Giant Is Expected to Pay $400 Million in Settlement
  3415. Iran Target of Apparent US Disinformation Ploy
  3416. Verizon Refuses to Come Clean About Wiretapping
  3417. Bin Laden 'assigned' US attackers (The BS is getting real thick)
  3418. Tapes from Osama bin Laden since 9/11 (Um - alleged and putative ObLs)
  3419. Bin Laden tape: Moussaoui had nothing to do with 9/11 (Osama bin Cheney gets one of his actors off the hook)
  3420. House Approves Palestinian Sanctions Bill Opposed by Bush (LMAO - opposed?)
  3421. US Denies Torture of Detainees at Guantanamo (If we do it, it isn't torture)
  3422. Serb leader accepts Montenegro outcome (a smart person for a change)
  3423. Violence Goes Unreported in Some Schools, Audit Says (It is normal: the US is a pathologically violent, destructive and genocidal country)
  3424. State report shows flaws in school violence data
  3425. WHO probes bird flu spread (Oh, give it up, assholes!)
  3426. Few Tenants As WTC Building Reopens (Will the neocons blow this one up too?)
  3427. First Rebuilt Skyscraper at WTC Opens
  3428. Pentagon urges China to explain military buildup (LOL - China is bemused by the stupidity)
  3429. China 'potential threat to US' (US is already the greatest threat to all life on Earth)
  3430. Prosecutor: Soldier tormented detainees for fun
  3431. The Name of the Game in Somalia is Oil (The great economic weapon)
  3432. U.S. says Venezuela no longer ally in war on drugs (but, ....)
  3433. 'Flame' Plame Blame Game - by Justin Raimondo
  3434. US criticised for use of phosphorous in Fallujah raids (BFD)
  3435. Pharmacists, Doctors Prohibited From Giving Medical Advice
  3436. Iraq Election Spells Total Defeat for US (Wishful thinking)
  3437. Delhi court ban on errant monkeys (Actions have consequences?)
  3438. Iran and the jaws of a trap
  3439. Shameful appeasement (Ibeciles speak)
  3440. Company requires RFID injection
  3441. Priests clean up after Bush dogs (Only a Bush could pull this "shit" - being so full of it)
  3442. Blair refuses to back Iran strike (until tomorrow)
  3443. Quagmire and crisis (Iran has plenty of conventional weapons to do the job)
  3444. Governments alert to possible North Korean missile activity (Stupid)
  3445. WHO: Avian Flu Rapidly Spreading in Birds Around World (Horseshit!)
  3446. Bush Praises Israeli Plan for New Borders (Another scam)
  3447. Poor, Powerless Pay 'War on Terror' (Not horseshit)
  3448. Amnesty: Europe sacrifices rights for security (What security?! Government terror and enslavement?)
  3449. Karzai anger at civilian deaths (Oh sure, right!)
  3450. WHO probes possible human-to-human bird flu (as in it has never been observed)
  3451. Bush: U.S. would defend Israel from attack (or what's left of it, if Iran is attacked)
  3452. The Economic Fantasy may be unraveling
  3453. The dollar's evil twin: Exploring the Bush bureaucracy's private monetary system
  3454. Zoellick holds job talks with top banks
  3455. A Nation in Chains by Chris Floyd (READ)
  3456. Avoiding War With Iran (Leave Iran alone)
  3457. Not teaching evolution a matter of respect: school board (brain transplant candidates)
  3458. Amnesty compares Bush to Pinochet
  3459. FOREX-Dollar extends losses on soft US durables data
  3460. Congress leaders denounce FBI office raid (You would think they weren't all criminals!)
  3461. Trial begins for ex-Bush official tied to lobbyist
  3462. April durable goods orders tumble 4.8 percent
  3463. Waiting for a Convincing Pretext (READ)
  3464. How Often Did Abramoff Visit? The White House Won't Tell
  3465. Soldier was one of Abu Ghraib's "corrupt cops": US (and following Rummy's orders)
  3466. RTS bourse to start trading oil, oil products, gold on June 8 (Russian Oil Bourse)
  3468. Olmert: Bush and I are in full agreement on how to confront Iran (Bomb it?)
  3469. Bin Laden claims lead role in 9/11 attacks (Another or same phoney ObL)
  3470. MI6 Are The Lords Of The Global Drug Trade (along with CIA and Mossad)
  3471. Russia Has Asymmetric Response to U.S. Missile Defense Plans
  3472. OSAMA: A 757 Hit the Pentagon! (LOL)
  3473. Wiping Out the Middle Class
  3474. Mad Cows and Englishmen
  3475. Violence in Afghanistan: "It Will Be A Bloody Summer"
  3476. Verizon sued for giving NSA phone records
  3477. A Slow Motion Coup (READ)
  3478. Flight Of The Bumble Planes (READ)
  3479. Will Elena Benador Start World War III? (READ)
  3480. What is the rehabilitation for someone who will no longer participate in war?
  3481. Top Experts To Expose 9/11 Fraud At L.A. Conference
  3482. Bush, Congress tell working folk to go to hell
  3483. The Hindu : International : Land the world forgot
  3484. Israel is now booming as a result of shutting down its competition, the Palestinian economy
  3485. U.S. Urged to Stop Paying Iraqi Reporters to Produce Positive Stories
  3486. Three Americans Arrested in Congo Coup Plot
  3487. Violence in Afghanistan surges as Taliban appears more organised
  3488. Official Secrets (READ)
  3489. Intelligence Czar Can Waive SEC Rules
  3490. Mayor: FBI was trying to spy on Portland government
  3491. Terror bill would limit Florida scholars' travels
  3492. Olmert says Israel will draw own borders (i.e., do as it damn well pleases, as usual)
  3493. Olmert tells US Congress world must confront Iranian threat (What threat?)
  3494. U.S. Public Widely Distrusts Its Leaders (I wonder why?)
  3495. US, Russia fail to agree Iran stance (As that could ever happen)
  3496. Bush Resorts To Blackmail To Pressure Iran - Report (READ)
  3497. Republicans, incumbents receive large majority of oil lobby cash
  3498. Teenscreen: Adolescent suicide and mental health screening programs (READ)
  3499. UK: Police target anti-war protester and make off with banners
  3500. World's largest steelmaker in $33 billion takeover bid for the second largest
  3501. IMF cuts off credit to Bolivia (More about how IMF causes disasters)
  3502. Britain's "Euston Manifesto": Ex-liberals for imperialism and war
  3503. Fractured new Iraqi regime: a prelude to deepening sectarian violence
  3504. FBI stages unprecedented raid on congressman's office
  3505. Why Does the NSA Engage in Mass Surveillanc of Americans?
  3506. Pratyush Chandra: Angels and Demons in Nepal
  3507. Heather Gray: Land Reform and American Agriculture
  3508. Dave Lindorff: a Winning Impeachment Argument
  3509. Involuntary Motherhood: the Cacophony Over RU 486
  3510. Why the US May Have to Quit Iraq Sooner Than It Planned (It plannned never to leave)
  3511. Operation Backfire: Criminalizing Eco-Dissent
  3512. Moscow Angered by US Plan for "Star Wars" Bases in Europe
  3513. House Speaker Criticizes Bush on FBI Raid
  3514. Iran Again Presses for Talks With US (knowing US wants only to bomb)
  3515. Groups Armed by US Propel Iraq Toward Chaos
  3516. NSA-Compliant Phone Companies Brace for Massive Lawsuits
  3517. Turkish Army Calls for Secular Vigilance (Army may sieze the government - yet again)
  3518. Deputy Secretary of State May Quit: Officials (Zoellick)
  3519. US Capitol Infested With Mystery Bills: Who You Gonna Call? (READ)
  3520. Immigration Bill Advances in Senate
  3521. East Timor asks NZ to send troops
  3522. Feds dismantle barn in the latest search for Hoffa (Bizarre)
  3523. Frankfurt exchange left alone
  3524. Pot's low cancer risk a surprise finding (News known many years ago)
  3525. US: Usama Bin Laden Tape Authentic (BS Faux News)
  3526. A dozen Marines may face courts-martial for alleged Iraq massacre
  3527. Bizarre Wash Post suck-up story on Bill Frist (Completely hilarious)
  3528. ABC viewers respond to latest Osama tape (LOL)
  3529. ABCNews: Abramoff fingers Hastert! (Aha! Pretty soon we'll have the entire congress for the criminals they are)
  3530. Mexican stocks plummet, peso hit hard (punishment by whom, for what?)
  3531. "The Highest Levels?" (Corpagov of occupation)
  3532. Iran Freedom and Regime Change Politics
  3533. National Post apologizes for anti-Iran story (A little responsibility and truth)
  3534. House Speaker Hastert under investigation: ABC
  3535. Special counsel: Cheney may be called to testify (and then there's the criminal executive branch created by the criminal USSC)
  3536. Daylight Raid in West Bank Leads to Deadly Riot (Continuing genocide)
  3537. Olmert gets words not actions in US
  3538. What do we know about the Enron jury?
  3539. People's Daily Online -- U.S. new home sales rise by 4.9 percent in April(Numbers by black magic)
  3540. The Da Vinci Code--Running Away From Importance (Amazing assholes as critics)
  3541. Saddam Cohort Says Shiite Party Tried to Kill Him
  3542. Hastert, ABC spar over investigation report
  3543. House Leaders Demand Return of Seized Files (I thought liked spying?)
  3544. U-turn by White House as it blocks direct talks with Iran (A U-turn?!!)
  3545. Iran Offered Recognition of Israel, Nuclear Cooperation Bush: "How dare you!"
  3546. Democrat Congressman Likens AIPAC to Taliban
  3547. UNRWA Commissioner-General AbuZayd holds Israel and int'l community responsible for current crisis
  3548. Neo-Cons planted the Iran story
  3549. Paradise Lost (and Abramoff in the middle yet again)
  3550. Russia cools to dollar as it invests stability fund
  3551. Further deadlock looms over UK meeting on Iran (A complete waste of time and effort)
  3552. AlterNet: Ahmadinejad: Not Hitler After All (READ)
  3553. The Blog | Bill Scher: The Rohani Letter | The Huffington Post (READ - the letter not being mentioned)
  3554. Bush backs VA secretary after massive data theft (Bush probably ordered the theft)
  3555. Osama bin Laden Denies Involvement in the 9/11/01 Attacks (Remember?)
  3556. BREAKING: Lay, Skilling convicted in Enron collapse
  3557. Former Nazi removed from Space Hall of Fame
  3558. Capitol Police Visit Santorum's Penn Hills Home (Bizarre)
  3559. The Truth Seeker - Voice of the White House May 21, 2006 (Mossadegh)
  3560. Blair heads to US for Bush talks (The evil twins)
  3561. Cheney 'may testify' in leak case
  3562. Fitzgerald Implying Cheney Ordered the Plame Outing?
  3563. 2 Teens Charged With MySpace.com Extortion (Oh, so clever - so amazingly stupid)
  3564. NATIONAL JOURNAL: Justice Department Probe Foiled (5/25/2006)
  3565. The Bush-Lay Letters - July 8, 2004 (READ and remember)
  3566. Olmert gets standing ovations in both Houses of Congress
  3567. Lay, Skilling found guilty at Enron trial
  3568. Lay, Skilling Convicted of Fraud That Doomed Enron
  3569. Enron founders guilty of fraud
  3570. Rove-Novak Call Was Concern to Leak Investigators
  3571. Clark: Begin troop withdrawals (This is very sweet of him, but ...)
  3572. Attorney General told to reveal Iraq advice information
  3573. Secret FEMA Plan to Use Pastors as Pacifiers in Preparation For Martial Law
  3574. Chicago Police Plan to Flood High-Crime Areas In 'Battle Dress' (GEheimnisSTaatsPolizei)
  3575. Bush Orders FBI-Congress Documents Sealed
  3576. Treasury's Snow reportedly to leave in June
  3577. Senate Approves Immigration Bill
  3578. The crisis in Australia's Aboriginal communities How right-wing ideologues stand reality on its head
  3579. German cabinet agrees on military operation in the Congo
  3580. Israel: Bush endorses Olmert's West Bank land grab (He's damn well better!)
  3581. Caste-ism vs. 'Merit': India's toilers should reject framework of reservation debate
  3582. Sri Lankan government drafts new Patriotic Act in preparation for war
  3583. Australian troops deployed to occupy East Timor
  3584. US military massacres 80 villagers in Afghanistan
  3585. Democrats ensure confirmation of NSA spy chief to head CIA
  3586. Bob Wing: Finding Common Ground in New Orleans
  3587. Dave Lindorff: Bombing Without Regrets
  3588. Jeff Halper: Countdown to Apartheid (READ and understand the continual genocide)
  3589. Les AuCoin: Faith-Based Missile Defense (READ about more "government science")
  3590. ABC Sticks by Hastert Probe Story
  3591. Has Poverty in Venezuela Fallen or Risen Under President Hugo Chavez? (fallen)
  3592. Sadr's Militia Tightens Grip on Healthcare
  3593. Abbas Gives Hamas 10 Days to Recognize Israel (As if - um - Israel has *never* recognized that Palestine exists)
  3594. Gonzales's Rationale on Phone Data Is Disputed
  3595. Iraqization of Afghanistan Worries the French Army
  3596. Top FDA Staff Left Out of Contraceptive Ruling
  3597. Ex-Bush Official Hid Ties to Abramoff
  3598. House Again Votes for Drilling in Arctic Refuge
  3599. Update 9: Bush and Blair Acknowledge Iraq 'Setbacks' (Evil twins have a twisted sense of humor)
  3600. Bush would consider incentives if Iran halts nuclear moves (Hoseshit!)
  3601. US debates carrots, sticks for Iran's nuclear program (US is fucking moron)
  3602. Deadline for Hamas, Fatah to end rivalry (Abbas will be ditched)
  3603. Abbas gives Hamas ultimatum on peace (Oh, that's always the way to do it- cretin!)
  3604. Battle of Mogadishu intensifies (Somalia)
  3605. Senate bill sails through (They, as usual, haven't read it, and wouldn't understand it if they did: criminal assholes)
  3606. Senate Passes Sweeping Immigration-Reform Package
  3607. Bush seeks to defuse conflict with House over seized documents
  3608. Raid on Jefferson's Office Prompts Hearing
  3609. Hastert: Justice Dept. trying to intimidate (Criminals fighting criminals)
  3610. Update 7: Power Outage Snarls Northeast Rail Service (Just trains? Isn't that interesting?)
  3611. Lessons From an Era That Was Out of Control (Um - "Was" - Is anybody paying the slightest attention?)
  3612. Yahoo! and eBay join forces to fight Google's dominance (We love a good fight. Now, what about fucking goddamn Microsoft racketeering?)
  3613. The pop idol with more votes than any president (in an already dead excuse for a culture)
  3614. Scientists Confirm AIDS Originated in Wild African Chimpanzees (Horseshit!)
  3615. Source of HIV virus traced to chimps from Cameroon (um - sure)
  3616. Scientists Confirm Origins of HIV (Now? Meaning it's government science - like a popup ObL)
  3617. Lack of Sleep Linked to Weight Gain (More old science that was known very many years ago; it's still merely correlation, not causality)
  3618. Centre mulls self-rule in J&K (An obviousness that has existed for decades)
  3619. Testimony: Visiting General Urged Dogs' Use (and Rummy and Cheney?)
  3620. Harsher Abu Ghraib methods condoned: witness
  3621. Olmert, Bush agree on Iran deadline (How about a deadline for locking them both up?)
  3622. Study Alleging Dominant Influence of Israeli Lobby Sparks Heated Fallout
  3623. Information Security News: Israeli spies tapped Clinton e-mail
  3624. Iraqis say US forces "besiege" town, military deny (Who does this to Palestinians?)
  3625. US says gov't, not court, should judge spy secrets (?!!)
  3626. Top 10 Signs of the Impending U.S. Police State
  3627. U.S. is world leader in avoiding human rights accountability: Says Amnesty International report
  3628. The nature of the beast
  3629. Enough Is Enough - by Justin Raimondo
  3630. Capitol Hill Blue: Bush tells Congress, FBI to 'cool it' (Bizarre)
  3631. US approves aid to Israel, Egypt (Why, we wonder?)
  3632. Potential Evidence Surfaces of Bush's Illegal Spying
  3633. Portland Showing Snoops the Boot (READ)
  3634. In Portland, Ore., a Bid to Pull Out of Terror Task Force
  3635. Is the FBI spying on Portland City Council?
  3636. "Victory"? Forget it
  3637. Another Staged Charade From The War Criminals
  3638. Rove sources confirm Novak conversation; Fitzgerald turns toward Cheney
  3639. Bleak House - Chris Floyd (READ)
  3640. Tony Blair Will Make Britain Look Like It Lost To The Nazis
  3641. U.S., Iraqi forces mired in stalemate
  3642. The threat of Depleted Uranium exposure: real, deadly ... and covered up by the Pentagon and United States Veterans Administration
  3643. New threat to Petrodollar
  3644. AMERICA: FREEDOM TO FASCISM gets standing ovation at Cannes
  3645. Officer cleared after Tasering student - gainesvilletimes.com (Kafkaesque)
  3646. Civilians face dilemma as violence rises in Afghanistan
  3647. Judge: Reporters must give Libby documents
  3648. Boeing unveils lightweight bomb for urban combat (Oh, joy!)
  3649. NYC Mayor Advocates U.S. Worker Database (Mr. Superfascist)
  3650. AT&T leaks sensitive info in NSA suit
  3651. Novak Told Rove He Wouldn't Identify Him, Person Familiar Says
  3652. Iraqi Oil Terminal Fire Burns Itself Out
  3653. UK attacked over rendition flights
  3654. Faculty's Chilly Welcome for Ex-Pentagon Official (Feith at Georgetown)
  3655. Official: Marines Unjustified in Killings of Iraqi Civilians (Was there a question ?)
  3656. Community of Nations Discusses Military Homeland Defense Role (They are going to kill us all?)
  3657. Police Check Sound of Shots in U.S. House Building (Testing the timing?)
  3658. Construction noise confused for gunshots in House Office Building
  3659. US lawmaker admits he gave erroneous tip that shut Congress (One of the genetic defectives)
  3660. Fiji's election results in unstable coalition government
  3661. Australia: Inquiry into Beaconsfield mine tragedy already smells of cover up
  3662. Germany: Christian Democrats and Greens form coalition government in Frankfurt
  3663. Constitutional crisis over FBI raid on US congressman
  3664. Bush Targets Chavez and Morales
  3665. Kona Lowell: Thank You, Fox News
  3666. Joe Allen: Redeeming the Magdalene (READ)
  3667. Mining Glaciers: Water or Gold?
  3668. Who Will Stand Up to Bush's Drive to Attack Iran?
  3669. British Attorney General Told to Reveal All
  3670. Justice Department Probe Foiled
  3671. Experts Says Cheney Can't Avoid Testifying
  3672. Testimony Focuses on Role of Commanders at Abu Ghraib
  3673. Bush Holds Guantanamo Detainees Despite Promise of Release
  3674. Policy Changes Threaten to Re-Displace Katrina Survivors
  3675. Secular Iraqis, "New Government Is Irrelevant"
  3676. Senate Confirms Kavanaugh to Appeals Court
  3677. Iraqi Minister Backs Iran on Nuclear Research
  3678. Klingon blade confiscated in Gloucester (Um - it's a collector's item you bloody assholes!)
  3679. Hamas discuss plan implying recognition of Israel (That would be a grave mistake)
  3680. Blair signals need for stronger UN (One that can tell USUKIL to go to hell?)
  3681. Bush stepped in to quell dispute over documents (Oh yes, the Brilliant Decider!)
  3682. Bush commends Senate on Hayden approval (Der fuehrer spricht!)
  3683. Pope visit brings booze ban in Poland (I never believed all those Polish jokes - but, *now* ...)
  3684. Pope urges Poles to stand firm (on what, exactly?)
  3685. The Haditha Scandal's Other Casualty (Absolutely bizarre!)
  3686. Vice President Refuses to Report Classification Activity
  3687. Rumsfeld: War's Sacrifices Tragic, But Necessary (hello?)
  3688. US urges Russia to reconsider missile export to Iran (Kidding, right?)
  3689. Breaking: Eyewitnesses to the Haditha massacre!!!
  3690. Italy to pull 1,100 troops from Iraq (will their be a boom in Italy?)
  3691. What May Come of the Haditha Massacre?
  3692. Nevada blast plan implodes
  3693. One Man's Constitutional Crisis ...
  3694. Why is Bush only going after Iran's nuclear program?
  3695. Hawkins Renews Call for Independent Investigation of 9/11 Following New Zogby Poll
  3696. Photos Indicate Civilians Slain Execution-Style
  3698. Bush Smirked After 'Admitting Mistakes'
  3699. As Bush admits making mistakes over Iraq, Blair offers a new world vision (i.e., a totalitarian nightmare)
  3700. Attorney General prepared to quit over Jefferson probe: NYT (What's the scam, this time?)
  3701. Government in a Cage- Hamas' Impossible Mission
  3702. Company: Hackers can crack top antivirus program (corpagov terror?)
  3703. Wrongly Detained? Too Bad
  3704. Mike Farrell's review of "Baghdad ER"
  3705. World is blind to real situation in Iraq: activists
  3706. Israel warns of World Cup terror (A strangely selffullfilling prophecy?)
  3707. Bloggers can shield sources, court rules / In setback for Apple, Internet journalists are protected by law
  3708. Will Your Vote Count in 2006?
  3709. Petrified of the ramifications, Americans adopt denial as primary strategy to ignore 9/11 Scam
  3710. Kommandos Project
  3711. Rumsfeld's growing stake in Tamiflu
  3712. WHO Says Bird Flu Drug Maker on Alert (for what, selling its useless potion?)
  3713. Senate Bill Would Require Intelligence Budget Disclosure (What's the probability of this happening?)
  3714. Bush: U.S. won't relent in war on [of] terror
  3715. Montenegro: Independence vote completes dismemberment of Yugoslavia
  3716. Canadian Prime Minister Harper attempts to muzzle the press
  3717. Australian military occupation of East Timor proceeds "full steam ahead"
  3718. US Senate passes Democratic-backed version of anti-immigrant legislation
  3719. Blair joins Bush to defend Iraq occupation and back preemptive action vs. Iran
  3720. God Has Sex, Makes Big Box Office (Good analysis)
  3721. Mexico After NAFTA: the Washington Post's Trouble with Numbers
  3722. Euston Manifesto: the Latest Gameplan from the Pro-Imperialist Left
  3723. Raymond Garcia: Michigan Teens as Political Scapegoats
  3724. Radioactive Troika: Bush, the Nuclear Power Industry and the New York Times
  3725. EPA Goes Lead Wild: Acceptable Levels of Poisoning
  3726. Freezing History: Iran and the Uses of "Preventive" War
  3727. Gary Leupp: the Latest Neocon Lie About Iran (READ)
  3728. The Moral Rot in Congress: a Constitutional Right to Graft? (READ)
  3729. The Abominable Dr. Ishii: the Pentagon and the Japanese Mengele (READ!)
  3730. Kathleen Christison: Surrender vs. the Right to Exist (READ!)
  3731. Bush Considers Old Crony for Treasury Post
  3732. Iraqis Shot "for Wearing Shorts"
  3733. Um, I Forgot 7 People Talked of Spy - Libby
  3734. Aung San Suu Kyi: The Lady's not for turning
  3735. Another year's detention for Burma's icon
  3736. At West Point, Bush Draws Parallels With Truman (tomorrow with Jesus)
  3737. 'Show us adviser's figures on Severstal'
  3738. Arcelor faces investor revolt over Russian deal
  3739. Arcelor, Severstal may purchase more steel assets
  3740. Income Rises, but So Does Inflation (NYT horseshit article)
  3741. Consumer prices mount, souring the mood
  3742. Low Consumer Spending Boosts Market (Bizarre)
  3743. Inflation Rises Above Fed Comfort Zone (Fed Created it)
  3744. Science ability drops in US high schools
  3745. Four bird flu cases found in Indonesia (Four! OMG, it's a pandemic!)
  3746. WHO tests show Indonesian girl died of bird flu (or not)
  3747. Blair says world must forget past and help Iraq (Blair, as usual, says shit)
  3748. House Leaders Concede FBI Right to Capitol Hill Searches (Now, what about Bushco being subject to law?)
  3749. Robertson Says He Leg-Pressed 2,000 Pounds (If the lying whore's god actually existed, he would have been struck dead ages ago)
  3750. ABC News: Murtha: New Scandal Worse Than Abu Ghraib
  3751. Christian Evangelicals and Israel: A Marriage of Convenience
  3752. Whither Elementary Morality?
  3753. Israeli jets strike Palestinian bases in Lebanon
  3754. The Method and the Madness of King George
  3755. The children of Guantanamo Bay
  3756. Israel attacks militant bases in Lebanon
  3757. Gonzales pressures ISPs on data retention
  3758. Justice Dept. Seeks to Block Suits on Spying
  3759. Police torture in Knoxville TN (What the US has become)
  3760. Cheney aide Adviser Addington seeks to protect Bush power
  3761. Blair links Wests security to change in Iran (Poodle babbles)
  3762. Revealed: how US marines massacred 24 (Haditha)
  3763. Congress reveals its double standard
  3764. Police sent 78 to quell lone protester (UK)
  3765. Safavian Jury Is Shown More Abramoff E-Mail
  3766. Hundreds rally at West Point gates as Bush addresses cadets
  3767. The Housing Bubble Blog
  3768. Iran open to enrichment cap. (That won't matter: the evil ones *still* to bomb and invade)
  3769. TorrentSpy Doesn't Like Being Spied on -- Sues Hollywood For Hacking
  3770. AIPAC Threatens to Defeat Minnesota Democrat (Why is AIPAC allowed to live?)
  3771. US scientists back autism link to MMR
  3772. Towering inferno on Doha Corniche (Will collapse in its own footprint?)
  3773. In Chicago, New Pay Law Is Considered for Big Stores
  3774. Threats led Bush to intervene in FBI fight
  3775. Blair beefed up his Iran speech to please Bush
  3776. America's shame (Which one?)
  3777. --Iraq Is the Republic of Fear
  3778. Iraqi Resistance Report
  3779. Oil shortages hit Iraq with onset of summer heat
  3780. Over 40 percent think 9/11 Commission Report is a cover-up: Poll
  3781. A Pope From Germany Prays at Auschwitz (I'm so thrilled I could shit)
  3782. Israel struck by Lebanese rockets (Oh? Really?)
  3783. Update 3: 2 Lebanese Militants Reported Killed
  3784. Bribery case muddies DC political waters
  3785. Former Enron employees shed no tears for Lay
  3786. Four Human Bird Flu Infection In Indonesia Confirmed (or not)
  3787. Pope asks why God was silent at Auschwitz (Because the vatican aided the Nazis? Meanwhile, Palestinians, Iraqis and Afghanis are all suffering genocide by Jews, and this arrogant papanazi S.O.B. inquisitional turd remains silent)
  3788. Pope humbled by Auschwitz visit ("Humbled"? This hubritic exrement?!)
  3789. Pope: How Could God 'Tolerate' Holocaust? (Da Vinci Code was better theology)
  3790. Uribe takes early lead in Colombia vote (Fascist US poodle)
  3791. Manatee: Keep eye on bird flu (Complete fiction)
  3792. Our laws apply to Congress as well (What laws? "Laws only of capricious convenience")
  3793. Mystery surrounds Michelin man's death on fishing trip off ...
  3794. Arcelor agrees merger with Russia's Severstal
  3795. Merged Arcelor-Severstal May Make Further Acquisitions - Mordashov
  3796. Few Drinks A Week May Lower Unborns IQ (or not - have no idea what they're talking about)
  3797. Lawmakers Suspect Cover Up in Iraqi Civilian Deaths (Oh no! Really?)
  3798. The Shame of Haditha
  3799. Bush worshippers are the real un-Americans
  3800. Analysis: U.S. Braces for Marine Scandal
  3801. New Bush appointee caught changing and distorting his own quotes
  3802. Rumors of Israeli Involvement in 9/11
  3803. Impeachment? No. Impalement! (This just about does it)
  3804. Paper fires reporter over Pulitzer letter (People are getting braver?)
  3805. Murtha: Iraq Killings May Hurt War Effort ("War Effort"?!! - Moron)
  3806. Second Abu Ghraib Scandal in Iraq (Iraq invasion is not a scandal, but a crime)
  3807. Indonesian bird flu victim likely to pass virus to relatives (Likely, on what basis of knowledge, idiots?)
  3808. Afghan protest over US accident (The US is no accident)
  3809. Poland takes a sharp right turn (What do you think the papanazi was doing there?)
  3810. Frist Dismisses Office Search Controversy (The cat torturer speaks)
  3811. Arcelor ties up with Severstal to halt Mittal
  3812. Summer brightens German consumer mood (Believe this?)
  3813. Bird flu kills family (Birdshit!)
  3814. Roche: Herceptin added to hormonal therapy shows benefit (or not)
  3815. Uribe's Second Term Is a First
  3816. VA adding more burial grounds (Why?)
  3817. VA Burial Grounds Expand to Fill Need For More Graves
  3818. Europe to take another year to consider a formal union (The people *DON'T* want it)
  3819. Indonesia announces epidemic law (What bird flu epidemic?)
  3820. Corporate America sitting on record cash stockpiles
  3821. Terror alert as Caspian oil pipeline opens
  3822. Chavez says US working for coup in Bolivia
  3823. Kerry's New Evidence
  3824. U.S. Urges Financial Sanctions On Iran (Surprise!)
  3825. Bill simplifies process for students to decline military recruiters' calls
  3826. Military desertions triple since invasion of Iraq
  3827. U.S. military convoy hits cars in Kabul
  3828. 24 children held at Guantanamo, many as adults: Time
  3829. 'US is an expert in killing'
  3830. Pentagon Seeks Nonnuclear Tip for Sub Missiles
  3831. Pentagon pressing for new rapid-strike weapon: report
  3832. Bush 'planted fake news stories on American TV'
  3833. Alternative religions: Paganism and prejudice
  3834. Impeachment, Dissent and the Demand for Justice
  3835. Canadian daily National Post apologizes for printing false story on Iran
  3836. Pentagon pressing for new rapid-strike weapon (Emelda Marco of Ordnance)
  3837. Iraq violence takes 46 lives
  3838. Afghans Riot After U.S. Truck Accident
  3839. 2 CBS News staff killed, 1 hurt in Iraq blast
  3840. PNAC Co-Founder Endorses Dems in '08 (READ)
  3841. Time to take the gloves are off with the agitprop purveyors at Daily Kos
  3842. A Few Years, and Then Another Bush?
  3843. Iraq Poised to Become Main Iranian Ally (Predictably)
  3844. Thomas Paine's Corner: OIL ON TROUBLED WATERS (READ)
  3845. In Memory of DU Deaths
  3846. U.S. plan calls for financial noose on Iran's leaders (with interesting consequences)
  3847. Canadian union votes to boycott apartheid Israel
  3848. Mexico to sustain easy flow over border
  3849. Somalia: Fighting in the Shadows
  3850. The Evil Is In Our Government by Paul Craig Roberts (READ)
  3851. Afghans Riot After U.S. Truck Accident
  3852. Iranian-backed militia groups take control of much of southern Iraq
  3853. Civilians Die as Taliban Fights US-Led Troops (Another "Mission Accomplished"?)
  3854. In Iowa Meat Plant, Kosher 'Jungle' Breeds Fear, Injury, Short Pay
  3855. The President Who Wants to Be King
  3856. Germans should stop feeling Holocaust guilt: Ahmadinejad (Agreed)
  3857. High-tech tags may track kids in TUSD (A Nation of obedient Fascists)
  3858. Memorial Day: Is it America the Republic? Or America the Police State?
  3859. Japan is proud home of Christ's tomb (Good a story as any)
  3860. Universal National Service Act of 2006 (HR 4752 IH) (READ)
  3861. Another Stumble for Ralph Reed's Beleaguered Campaign (Abramoff - again)
  3862. Donald Scott Memorial
  3863. How close are we to 'Sudden Disorderly Adjustment'? (READ)
  3864. World powers weigh nuclear 'guarantee' for Iran, Russia says (It doesn't matter)
  3865. Loach triumphs at Cannes with Irish movie echoing Iraq occupation
  3866. A Veteran Stays Home on Memorial Day
  3867. Easy-to-get loans cause thousands to lose homes
  3868. 'Monster' taxpayer lien: $510,678 per household ("Retirement benefits"?!! - Hardly)
  3869. Opponents of 'Divine Strake' Celebrate
  3870. DefenseLINK News: Aerial Spraying to Save Iraq's Wheat, Date Crops Concludes(What was sprayed?)
  3871. 'I Pretended to Be Dead.' (Haditha)
  3872. Gonzales Gone Wild - by Mark Anderson (READ)
  3873. Scottish Socialist Party leader jailed
  3874. Lopsided vote in US Senate to confirm NSA spy chief to head CIA Most Democrats back General Hayden (Have Dems become clear yet?)
  3875. US Marines to stand trial for massacre of Iraqi civilians in Haditha
  3876. The Enron verdicts: corruption and American capitalism
  3877. ETAN on the Current Violence in Timor-Leste
  3878. Kerry Pressing Swift Boat Case Long After Loss
  3879. Brent Wilkes: Man in the Middle
  3880. George W. Bush and Kenneth Lay
  3881. Iran says research on nuclear fusion progressing
  3882. Abramovich to join the battle to be Russias steel king
  3883. WHO ships Tamiflu to Indonesia just in case (Rumsfeld gets richer)
  3884. Grim echoes of Vietnam in Iraq massacre
  3885. Iraq victims 'were war veterans' (Bush -Blair victims)
  3886. Anti-US riots grip Afghan city (filth)
  3887. US keeps low profile in Kabul (Why might that be?)
  3888. EU puts Sri Lanka's Tamil rebels on terror list (Really, who gives a shit?)
  3889. Bush honors war dead, says to complete Iraq mission (A spanking is in order)
  3890. Bush Says US Must Honor War Dead (*HE* is responsible for them! Don't you fucking dare tell *me* "must", Grinch of Lies!)
  3891. Dennis Hastert. Nancy Pelosi & William Jefferson: Above the Law?
  3892. Congress misplaces its outrage (US Criminal Congress has *never* been capable of other than lining its own pockets)
  3893. Opec set to steady oil production (Reality #1)
  3894. Oil nations resist call for production cut (Reality #2)
  3895. OPEC Struggles to Boost Production as Prices Rise, Demand Gains (Reality #3)
  3896. Oil steady above $71 despite OPEC pledge (Oooops!)
  3897. Oil nations resist call for production cut (Are you confused yet?)
  3898. Study: global warming boosts poison ivy (An important, and brilliant concern, surely)
  3899. Patriots prevail at Cannes
  3900. Cannes films mirror a troubled world
  3901. WHO to focus on 'tobacco industry's lies' (Shall we begin with WHO's lies?)
  3902. Tobacco Is Deadly In Any Form Or Disguise - Who World No Tobacco Day, 31 May 2006:(Manipulative, Moronic Bullshit)
  3903. Blowing Smoke About Tobacco (Creating diversion, that it)
  3904. Survey: Tobacco use by teens common worldwide (It's a stimulant of mind, and NO government wants *that*)
  3905. VOA News - WHO Says Tobacco Use Is Rising (Lying WHO need to shut the fuck up and die)
  3906. No Life in a Puff of Smoke (Assholes know exactly nothing)
  3907. Deadly in any form (So is fucking government!)
  3908. More Asian Governments Declare War On Smoking (With luck they will allsuffer horrible deaths)
  3909. One Cigarette Leads to 3 Years of Cravings (Oh, poss off, cretin!)
  3910. CDC report: Teens' smoking common worldwide (All, such stinking horseshit)
  3911. WHO accuse tobacco industry of continuing misleading labels (Let's kill WHO instead)
  3912. More Asian Governments Declare War On Smoking (All governments are idiots by definition: incompetent thieves)
  3913. Israel kills six in raids to end rocket attacks (A normal day for Israel)
  3914. Israeli Naval Forces Will Join NATO Exercise for First Time (In the Black Sea? Why?)
  3915. Military Inquiry Said to Oppose Account of Raid (Invasion was unproked)
  3916. Cover up 'Nazi' statues, say Jewish activists (Mental defectives)
  3917. Net advertising 'to overtake national newspapers' (Newpapers first, *then* the Net)
  3918. RANGEL SALUTES JEWISH-AMERICANS (Great! Send all comers to fight the Israeli war)
  3919. Canada's largest union has voted to boycott Israel (lllegal in US)
  3920. VA official steps down after theft
  3921. Iran Bamboozler Invited to White House as "Expert" (READ)
  3922. Iraq PM orders state of emergency in Basra
  3923. Stolen VA data goes beyond initial reports
  3924. Dangerous Fantasies (Viz. also Mark Twain's War Prayer)
  3925. Latest Information on Veterans Affairs Data Security
  3927. Iran dismisses U.S. talks as propaganda move (which they are, quite obviously)
  3928. U.S. troops kill pregnant woman in Iraq (It's what they do)
  3929. Rumsfeld to grads: Your talents needed in war on terror (Vulcanize his mouth?)
  3930. A state of emergency (The existence of USUKIL?)
  3931. Cheney Starts New Cold War Over Oil (Speaking of vucalization)
  3932. Rice, Rumsfeld Block Access to Secret Detainees (Less than useful?)
  3933. Iran has weeks to decide nuclear course: US official (Oh, stuffit!)
  3934. How Mexico Treats Immigrants
  3935. Too Stupid for Citizenship (The USUKIL corpagov?)
  3936. Heinz Profit Falls, Plans 2,700 Job Cuts: Financial News (No more ketchup either?!!)
  3937. Wisconsin Bans Forced Human RFID Chipping (There is always *some* good news)
  3938. Chalabi And AEI: The Sequel (Paying attention, are we?)
  3939. Damage Is Done (I wonder if oral, manual rectal disimpaction would help Rice?)
  3940. Rice, Rumsfeld Block Access to Secret Detainees (Could the info be tortured from them?)
  3941. Iran has weeks to decide nuclear course: US official (It already has)
  3942. US to pursue sanctions if talks fail (As if ...)
  3943. Heinz Profit Falls, Plans 2,700 Job Cuts: Financial News
  3944. Chalabi And AEI: The Sequel
  3945. Damage Is Done (purposely in any Iran negotiations)
  3946. Dealing with the U.S. Devil (Surrender, Capitulate, and then we'll talk)
  3947. Coingate Fund-Raiser Admits Funneling Money to Bush Campaign
  3948. British war crimes lawyer denied entry (to Israel)
  3949. CUPE in Ontario votes to boycott Israel
  3950. Canadian Diplomat Found Dead in Italy (Valerie Plame connection)
  3951. Troops told Geneva rules don't apply to Taliban
  3952. Bush Floats Fantasy Talks with Iran
  3953. Michael Chertoff must be fired
  3954. 'Camouflaged' Man Shoots Motorist At Orlando Intersection (Campaign to disarm the public makes gummint feel safer)
  3955. US aid for Israel $2.46 billion in 2007
  3956. Private Company to Sponsor Security Cameras in Milwaukee
  3957. Fresno Police Department Has Begun Major Surveillance Project
  3958. Blair has been blinded by an imperialist illusion
  3959. Coin Dealer Admits Illegal Donations
  3960. My Lai on the Euphrates?
  3961. It will be a verdict on Bush and it looks bad. Very bad (Diebold to the rescue?)
  3962. Is the Mossad planning a "false flag" op at the World Cup?
  3963. Iran rebuffs U.S. demand on enrichment
  3964. Baffled and Befuddled (PPT and Goldman Sachs - READ)
  3966. New CIA director Hayden plans massive expansion of spying on Americans
  3967. Wired News: Crashing the Wiretapper's Ball (READ)
  3968. Osama Tape Appears Fake, Experts Conclude (You're kidding, right?)
  3969. Sun Microsystems to Cut Up to 5,000 Jobs
  3970. Anti-war group endorses Akaka
  3971. Pesticide Industry Plotted Bush Human Testing Policy
  3972. Snow's 18-Month Ordeal May Near End With Successor (a PPT honcho)
  3973. Block the Vote (READ)
  3974. Bolivian president accuses U.S. of assassination attempt
  3975. UAE diplomat freed by captors
  3976. Bloodiest month: UK suffers largest post-war losses
  3977. Pentagon report: Iraq violence hit new high in recent months
  3978. Relentless violence kills 54 in Iraq
  3979. Canadian troops told Geneva rules don't apply to Taliban
  3980. Afghanistan Wants U.S. Troops Prosecuted
  3981. Iraq PM impatient with US troops killing civilians (Well - gee - why?!)
  3982. Iraqi ambassador claims US Marines 'intentionally' killed cousin
  3983. U.S. to publish probe of Iraq civilian deaths (after heavy redaction)
  3984. Bush Learned of Haditha Deaths From Press (Bizarre lies)
  3985. The massacre and the Marines (and their real superiors?)
  3986. Gore: Bush is 'renegade rightwing extremist' (the kindest thing that could be said)
  3987. U.S. court rules no whistle-blower free-speech right (Oh? US Supreme Criminals )
  3988. Justices Set Limits on Public Employees' Speech Rights
  3989. New CIA Chief Gen. Michael Hayden Sworn In (Another nail in our coffin)
  3990. U.S. to keep getting data on Europeans
  3991. 'Super prison' to be unveiled (Australian concentration camps)
  3992. Terror Funds Mean Greater Threat (from gummint)
  3993. Man charged with possessing terrorism document (What?! or a bubble gum wrapper?)
  3994. House Holds Hearing on FBI's Capitol Raid
  3995. Terrorism invoked in ISP snooping proposal
  3996. Louisiana House OK's Ban on Most Abortions
  3997. Exxon Mobil Shareholders Defy Board
  3998. Bush Tops List As U.S. Voters Name Worst President: Quinnipiac Poll
  3999. DenverPost.com - Lawsuit over electronic voting threatened
  4000. States setting up homeland security panel (to protect us from the central gummint?)
  4001. Feds to city: drop dead (NYC)
  4002. US tightens security on New England-Canada border (Get a grip!)
  4003. ACLU files lawsuit over arrests at Santorum book signing
  4004. Stolen VA Data Goes Beyond Initial Reports
  4005. FBI adds uses for its DNA database (I'm sure they do)
  4006. U.S. asks Internet firms to save data (For 2 years?!)
  4007. Agency mulls NSA spy inquiry
  4008. Magistrate Rules That Government Must Reveal Monitoring
  4009. U.N., Swiss Call Small-Arms Meeting, U.S. Not Invited
  4010. Iran rejects US conditions for nuclear talks
  4011. 2 Iraqi women killed by occupation troops
  4012. Iraqi Resistance Report 30 May 2006
  4013. Basra under state of emergency as violence escalates
  4014. Countless My Lais in Iraq
  4015. Iraq massacre rocks US (First, they have to have learned of it)
  4016. Iraq Launches Own Probe of Haditha Deaths
  4017. Probe Into Iraq Deaths [War Crimes] Finds False Reports
  4018. Top general in Iraq orders 'values' training (*Now* it's ordered, and has to be?!)
  4019. Connecticut Guard Unit Heading South to the Border
  4020. Senate Bill Would Add 20 Million Legal Immigrants, Report Says
  4021. Fundraiser Admits Illegal Bush Donations
  4022. D.C. at Low Risk of Attack, Says Federal Agency (except by gummint)
  4023. Justice Dept. Is Criticized by Ex-Official [Asskkkroft!] on Subpoenas
  4024. FBI wants Internet records kept two years: source
  4025. Man Shot By Police During London Terror Raid (Naziworld)
  4026. American among 8 workers taken in Nigeria
  4027. Baghdad pet market bombed; 5 people dead (But, there is no Al-Zarqawi)
  4028. Guantanamo Bay Hunger Strike Grows
  4029. Reuters journalist released from Abu Ghraib prison (This should be interesting)
  4030. 'Marines are good at killing. Nothing else. They like it'(READ)
  4031. US forces face another probe over killings (It doesn't matter, and their is no outrage)
  4032. New 'Iraq massacre' tape emerges (Amount of evidence of the obvious doen't matter either)
  4033. Fresh claims over alleged massacre by US forces in Iraq
  4034. A 3rd Allegation of Iraq Civilian Deaths
  4035. Attorney: 7 Marines, sailor face murder charges (for which, wrist slapping)
  4036. Official Apologizes For Saying Bush Should Be Shot Between Eyes (*What* is between his eyes?)
  4037. Was the 2004 Election Stolen? (Yes - next question?)
  4038. Sri Lankan government bans local film Aksharaya (Letter of Fire)
  4039. Why Australia wants "regime change" in East Timor
  4040. Football World Cup 2006--a multibillion-euro business
  4041. Cindy Sheehan condemns Australian prime minister as an "illegal combatant"
  4042. Germany: Deportations increase as asylum applications plummet
  4043. Solomon Islands: Australia's neo-colonial "model" for East Timor?
  4044. Mass rioting reveals depth of Afghan opposition to US occupation
  4045. Les verdicts du proc&#-11;&#-11;s Enron: la corruption et le capitalisme am&#-11;&#-11;ricain
  4046. Unemployed youth clash with police in Paris suburbs
  4047. Amnesty International condemns human rights abuses committed in US-led "war on terror"
  4048. Europe's 'Green' militarists German Green Party campaigns for Congo mission
  4049. CBS journalists wounded, killed in Iraq: Where the responsibility lies
  4050. Oppose Australia's neo-colonial occupation of East Timor
  4051. China's middle-class dream shattered: millions of graduates face unemployment (and so already begins the end)
  4052. Political crisis mounts over FBI raid on Congress
  4053. Britain and South Africa accused of 'rendering' terror suspects
  4054. George Bush and the Haditha massacre
  4055. Ken Loach's History Lesson
  4056. Tim Wise: Of Immigrants and "Real Amurkans"
  4057. Zionist Democrats: the DLC and Israel
  4058. Silencing the Peace Protester of Parliament Square
  4059. Robert Jensen: the Four Fundamentalisms (READ)
  4060. Disappearing the Disappeared
  4061. Now Introducing, the Office of Iranian Affairs (READ)
  4062. Shin Bet and the Israeli Academy: Partners in Human Rights Abuses? (Yes)
  4063. Lee Ballinger: the Real Reason Rock the Vote is Falling Apart
  4064. The War on Nurses: a Joint Attack by US Senate and NLRB
  4065. On Palestinian Violence
  4066. Stop Saying This is a Nation of Immigrants!
  4067. Al Gore, Environmental Titan?: Some Inconvenient Truths About the Ozone Man
  4068. DNC Death Wish 2006: the Do Nothing Party
  4069. Return of the Petri Dish Warriors: a New Biowar Arms Race Begins in Maryland
  4070. Offers and Ultimatums: Endgaming Iran
  4071. Olmbert in DC: Bold Ideas and Ugly Intentions
  4072. Iran: a Manufactured Crisis
  4073. Haditha and the Farrago of Lies: War Crimes Start at the Top
  4074. Countdown to a Betrayal: Making Change Without Democrats
  4075. Don't Think Twice: Bush and Rumsfeld as Ethics Advisers
  4076. Alan Maass: "A Mercenary Army" (READ)
  4077. US Troops Kill Pregnant Woman in Iraq
  4078. Anger at Oil Chief's $400 Million Retirement Package
  4079. Iraqi Prime Minister: 'US Troops Attack Civilians Daily'
  4080. US Impedes Efforts to Curb Nuclear Weapons Worldwide, Says Blix
  4081. Gunter Grass, Nobel Laureate, Flays Bush
  4082. NOW | Who Owns the Internet Superhighway?
  4083. New Orleans Struggles to Restore Its Schools
  4084. Head of France's Nuclear Watchdog 'Lied Over Chernobyl Fallout'
  4085. Bush Administration Blocking International Deal Fighting AIDS (having created it in the first place)
  4086. Kerry Attacks Bush Over Iraq Policies (How utterly boring)
  4087. Blix warns against regime change
  4088. US rejects N Korea invitation
  4089. German magazine [Ser Spiegel] defies Holocaust hate laws
  4090. Endgame in Iran
  4091. Russia to Establish Naval Base in Syrian Port of Tartus
  4092. Book Review: American Theocracy :: Intervention Magazine :: War, Politics, Culture
  4093. The Unraveling of Bush's Political Narrative :: Intervention Magazine :: War, Politics, Culture
  4094. Turkey shelled Iraqi area -ruling Kurdistan party
  4095. Big power deal on Iran excludes use of force - Lavrov
  4096. US Offer to Iran of Nuclear Talks Widely Misunderstood
  4097. Indonesia wants US to stay away from Asias anti-terror fight
  4098. Britain rules out force against Iran (until tomorrow)
  4099. New Army documents reveal US knew of and approved torture before Abu Ghraib scandal
  4101. Blix warns of WMD vicious circle
  4102. As accusations mount, Iraq furor grows (It has always been designed genocide)
  4103. U.S. warships protecting Nigerian oil (from Nigerians?)
  4104. Israeli troops kill 2 Egyptian officers
  4105. Uncle Sam against anti-Semitism (Envoy for Criminal Congressional Censorship)
  4106. The Emperor has No Votes (2004 election also stolen - weknewthat)
  4107. Family irate after police raid home, killing their pit bull (Land of the Free)
  4108. Kazaa Sues Blogger Over Anonymous Comments
  4109. GIs at Ishaqi Cleared; Haditha Probe Open (Genocide is not misconduct)
  4110. Third claim of atrocity rocks US servicemen (Isn't the pattern clear enough yet?)
  4111. Congressman to probe 'CIA orgies' (irritated that he was not invited?)
  4112. Prostitute names pollie on air (LOL)
  4113. Rumsfeld: Iraqi Democracy Progressing Apace, but Still Long Process (Amazing moron)
  4114. 'Who'd swap places with today's overexamined, insecure, drug-tested, anti-depressant popping school children?'
  4115. Wal-Mart's mysterious Missouri data center
  4116. Massive terror attack [sprinkling of fertilizer] averted: RCMP
  4117. "Foreign looking" guys with video cameras "skulking around" (Get a grip)
  4118. From My Lai to Haditha - Chris Floyd
  4119. Gunmen ambush Russian diplomats in Baghdad (Who are the gunmen?)
  4120. Biotech boss slams GM-free Wales (Of course: it's Peterwurst Frankensteen)
  4121. The Line of Atrocity: From the White House to Haditha
  4122. How low will the dollar go?
  4123. Cleveland Woman Convicted Of Felony And Sentenced To 60 Days In Jail For Putting Up Anti-Bush Posters
  4124. Judge: Recounts a must for touch-screen machines
  4125. 'Mum factor' is hitting Army intake
  4126. Nervous informant who gave details of new terrorist device (Government fiction)
  4127. Rove harsh on critics of Iraq war (Who cares?)
  4128. What Does It Mean To Be An American? (Be sitting down)
  4129. Venezuela backs proposal to sell oil in euros instead of dollars (Iran and Russia also to abandon petrodollars)
  4130. Pope and Blair discuss how to combat terrorism (Two terrorists should know)
  4131. Search on 'chemical bomb plot' house continues (More fiction, more people shot)
  4132. Lacking a case, CSIS disrupted suspects' lives (governmental terrorism)
  4133. Putin Warns U.S. About NATO Expansion
  4134. "US government behind Pirate Bay raid"
  4135. Requiem for the Faith-based Greenback
  4136. Sham US Proposal to Iran Evokes Memories of Past Similar One
  4137. Israeli envoy slams Canadian union's move to boycott Israel (yes, well, there it is)
  4138. Who will teach the White House some core values?
  4139. U.N. for massive rise in Palestinian aid (then Israel's theft is in vain)
  4140. China, India will shape Asia: Lee
  4141. :: rogerebert.com :: Letters :: The missing facts in 'United 93'
  4142. Troops Respect Iraqis' Rights, Rumsfeld Says (BIG lies, and often enough)
  4143. Delegate pushes Bush, Cheney impeachment
  4144. Do Hadithans Hate Us for Our Freedoms?
  4145. New Home orders plunge 29%
  4146. The Raw Story | Graphic photographs show bodies of civilians killed in Ishaqi, Iraq
  4147. Soldiers Cleared in Ishaqi Incident
  4148. U.K. police hunt for 'dirty' bomb (More fiction)
  4149. Bombs Heard in the Twin Towers
  4150. Ex-clerk at center of machine politics
  4151. GOP "family values" candidate had two wives (That's a family value, no?)
  4152. Iowa Prison Ordered to Close Bible Program
  4153. Woman Refuses to Change Anti-Bush Shirt For Sentencing
  4154. DNA Libraries Raise Concerns (In Nazimurika, they should)
  4155. Who Divides Antiterror Money? That's a Secret
  4156. Online Privacy Again at Issue
  4157. Federal Judge Allows Lawsuit Against NSA
  4158. Spain court overturns conviction of 9/11 suspect
  4159. Canada Arrests 12 Men, 5 Youths in Bomb-Making Plot (fiction)
  4160. Vets Warned of Possible Virus Exposure (To cover DU poisoning?)
  4161. In Las Vegas a pilot pulls the trigger. In Iraq a Predator fires its missile
  4162. [Tens of] Thousands demonstrate against US in Somalia
  4163. 'Tens of Thousands' of Somalians Demonstrate Against U.S. Support for Militias
  4164. Libby to Get Limited Classified Info
  4165. State has 'melted,' leaving Basra in chaos
  4166. Car bomb kills 15, injures 30 in Iraq
  4167. Iraqi Resistance Report for events of Friday, 2 June 2006
  4168. Iraq rejects US probe clearing troops of killings
  4169. Initial Response to Marine Raid Draws Scrutiny
  4170. US commanders knew Haditha deaths from gunfire: paper
  4171. "I see two soldiers kicking the heads around like a soccer ball."
  4172. Families of coal miners killed in Kentucky disaster protest exclusion from hearing
  4173. US job growth falls in May, amid signs of slowing economy
  4174. India's Supreme Court intervenes in caste-reservation controversy
  4175. Australia continues its unrelenting campaign for "regime change" in East Timor
  4176. Another US atrocity in Iraq: Eleven civilians massacred in Ishaqi
  4177. Mike Whitney: Swan Song for the Greenback?
  4178. Sean Donahue: Atlantica, Mainers Won't Be Fooled Again
  4179. Eyes of Texas: Neocon Border with Mexico Begins Next Week
  4180. John Walsh: MoveOn Rigs Its Own Vote; Betrays Its Membership
  4181. Peter Montague: the System in Crisis (READ)
  4182. Harry Clark: Truman and Israel (READ)
  4183. "We Have No One to Talk To:" Israel's Targeted Assassination Policy
  4184. Robert Fisk: Liberators as Murderers
  4185. James Petras: Is Latin America Really Turning Left? (READ)
  4186. Iraqi PM: US rushed Ishaqi probe
  4187. Egyptian-born father of one of 17 terror suspects says arrests are crazy
  4188. Bush urges ban on gay marriage
  4189. Goldman Names Blankfein to Succeed Paulson as Chairman, CEO
  4190. India extends Da Vinci Code ban (Amazing)
  4191. Press Accounts Suggest Military 'Cover-up' in Ishagi Killings (Really?)
  4192. Pakistan bans 'Da Vinci Code' (Morons)
  4193. Iraqi Survivor Wants U.S. Troops Executed (and it will happen)
  4194. Venezuela Adds Troops to Colombian Border (Columbia being terrorist US puppet)
  4195. MILITARY LEADERS MUTINYING (If true, it's long past time)
  4196. Muslim Family Terrorized in Georgia (Sick nation)
  4197. A reminder that not all 'Canadian' terrorists are what they appear to be
  4198. Regarding Canadian Muslim Terrorists, Let's not forget...
  4199. Isahaqi, - Children of Abraham: Death in the Desert
  4200. RELEASE THE EVIDENCE - A Quest for July 7th Truth & Justice (READ)
  4201. Rumsfeld takes aim at Iran, Russia, China (Psychopathology incarnate)
  4202. Gov. Bush signs bill allowing dogs to eat outside at restaurants (We need a "bill" for this?!)
  4203. How Internet monitoring sparked a CSIS probe (Lunatic government)
  4204. IDs of Active Personnel on Stolen Laptop
  4205. Terror suspects protest innocence
  4206. Revealed: robot spyplanes to guard Europe's borders (Totalitarian planet- the point of all this, after all)
  4207. N.Y.ers a-maized by corn protection (It's all a crock, and the only danger is Homeland Suckurity)
  4208. A state of emergency (READ)
  4209. Bush: 'Activist courts' threaten definition of marriage (Bush continues to threaten all life on Earth)
  4210. Court Rejects Evangelical Prison Plan Over State Aid
  4211. Report: Restaurants Should Shrink Portions (only for politicians and their families)
  4212. A third of daily calories from meals prepared outside the home (for assholes like you, maybe)
  4213. Black Hawk Down Revisited (READ)
  4214. Rice says 'wait and see' on Iran oil threat hint (You can see after you bomb/invade)
  4215. 2 Kidnapped Oil Workers Freed in Nigeria
  4216. Bush selects a winning team for US economy (LMAO *What* economy?!)
  4217. Iran's Leader Warns of Disruption in Oil (There will more than that if Iran is attacked)
  4218. Bush and the pink herring
  4219. Olmert Will Meet Abbas to Discuss Peace (or assassinate him)
  4220. Tension high in Somalia as militia reposition
  4221. Jun. 2, 2006 - Not So Dynamic Duo (READ)
  4222. Mandatory Draft Bill Snuck In - To Be Debated 6-6-6
  4223. Bible Scholars Predict an 85 Percent Probability of a Nuclear Terrorist Attack on the UN Complex in Manhattan on June 9 or 10(Lunatic)
  4224. Baltimore Independent Media Center: Kevin Zeese: &#-11;&#-11;&#-11;Both Parties Selling Country to Highest Bidder!"
  4225. Officials admit doubts over chemical plot (as I was saying ...)
  4226. The raid that raised more questions than answers
  4227. The way Americans like their war (READ)
  4228. LA Weekly - Harman's Two-Front War (Get rid of her!)
  4229. BACK TO THE BUNKER (What will this be the confusing cover for?)
  4230. U.S. to drop Geneva rule, officials say (Happens to be unconstitutional)
  4231. Bankruptcy Law in Shambles
  4232. Fears of civil war as Hamas rulers reject Abbas peace plan ultimatum (Do moderates deliver ultimata?)
  4233. Islamic militia says it captured Somalia capital
  4234. Israel Jails Hundreds of Sudanese Refugees (Sounding familiar?)
  4235. US military kill 3 Iraqi civilians during training exercise (Practice makes perfect)
  4236. Afghanistan, NATO forces face 'difficult' summer: US ambassador (and theSun will rise tomorrow)
  4237. Dying for Peace and Freedom? (READ)
  4238. Hyped Terror Raid Proves To Be Paper Tiger
  4239. Stocks fall as crude climbs, energy stocks up ($US plummets)
  4240. Treasuries extend losses after May ISM services
  4241. Bar group will review Bush's legal challenges (This is debatable?! Reading the Constitution would help)
  4242. Wiesenthal Center [a center of global terrorism and lies] official: Internet co-opted by terrorist groups
  4244. Syrian exiles planning regime change (Sound familiar? ask all the obvious questions)
  4245. Oil prices rise on Iran's warning
  4246. 9/11: Wild Conspiracies and Rational Concerns
  4247. USA out-flanked in Eurasia Energy Politics?
  4248. The Toronto 17 (and the setup and framing)
  4250. Our Terrorism, and Theirs - by Justin Raimondo
  4251. Antiwar.com Blog &#-11;&#-11; Kristol: Bush for Supreme Leader
  4252. Marine's wife paints portrait of US troops out of control in Haditha
  4253. Stooping to New Lows to Sabotage the Antiwar Movement
  4254. My Lai to Haditha, wars' turning points
  4255. Police fear bomb has been moved (Yeah - right! Hoax, setup, frame, scam)
  4256. Israeli report will rank Iran nuke program as graver security threat than militants (Go for it Israel! Nuke Iran, and then be wiped of the map)
  4257. 'US risking another fiasco in Somalia' (Genuine stupidity knows no nadir)
  4258. US administration can be behind recent attack against Russian diplomats in Baghdad (and most assuredly are)
  4259. By-election defeat could signal disaster for Bush (But, the bankers have bought both sides)
  4260. A diversionary crisis of Bush's gay contrivance
  4261. Bush team blocks suits with state secrets claim
  4262. TheStar.com - Police put on a `good spectacle' (Hoax, setup and general lie)
  4263. More family values (Your typical Repug Fundie)
  4264. The Gay Marriage Amendment - Nazi Ideology with Neocon Spin
  4265. Spate of lawsuits target e-voting
  4266. Bernanke voices inflation fears (inevitable part of the pump and suck)
  4267. Is America a strategic liability? (Amazingly stupid)
  4268. U.S. stocks sink after Bernanke warns on inflation
  4269. FCC Is Set to Take Fresh Look At Media Ownership (Oh - sure - right)
  4270. Reporters lose high court appeal over protecting confidential sources
  4271. Utah Guard Unit Patrol U.S.-Mexico Border
  4272. Journey to the heart of Bushlandia (Heart of the US)
  4273. More Democrats want their leaders to stand up against Bush, war (Lots of luck; find another party)
  4274. More arrests could be coming, says RCMP (OH?!)
  4275. US suspects linked to Canada terrorism case through web chats
  4276. Mounties delivered explosives as part of sting
  4277. RCMP behind bomb material
  4278. Biden: White House has no plan to 'win Iraq' (Babbling)
  4279. Gunmen [US death squads] seize at least 50 at Iraq bus stops
  4280. More than 6,000 corpses found in Iraq in five months
  4281. Baghdad Morgue Reports Record Figures for May
  4282. Army Manual to Skip Geneva Detainee Rule
  4283. Lieberman faces showdown over Iraq (Ditch the filthy bastard)
  4284. New Zealand: CEO pay skyrockets as workers' living standards fall
  4285. US prison population continues to soar in 2005
  4286. US Supreme Court rules against government employees who report misconduct
  4287. Britain: Man shot in police "terror raid"
  4288. Bush administration reverses US ban on talks with Iran (until tomorrow)
  4289. William Hughes: Bipartisan War Profiteers
  4290. Jewish Opposition to Zionism
  4291. Bruce Jackson: Why Haditha Happened (READ)
  4292. In California, Democrats Try First Step to Win Back House (Who wants useless Dems?)
  4293. US Lawmakers: Haditha Probe Must Go to Top (yeah - sure - absolutely)
  4294. Kyoto, Afghanistan - The Conservative Strategy Has Little Support (Canada)
  4295. For Deals, Jefferson Built Web of Firms
  4296. Most Democrats Want Progressive Candidates (Time yet to launch Kucinich?)
  4297. Wal-Mart's data center remains mystery
  4298. Party in Hell for 6/6/06 (That's the spirit)
  4299. Peru's Garcia may buck leftist wave
  4300. Disgraced leader beats ex-soldier in Peruvian presidential election
  4301. Disgraced former president wins election (Hmmmm)
  4302. Stocks plunge nearly 200 points on inflation fears
  4303. IATA says global airline industry will lose $3 billion in 2006
  4304. US warns Germany about prostitution dangers at World Cup soccer (How come Israel isn't mentioned?)
  4305. Tel Aviv police arrest 3 for smuggling women into prostitution abroad (Ooops)
  4306. Report on London Bombs Blames Crisis Plan (Not MI5?)
  4307. Holes begin to appear in Canadian terrorism case (The way with all such "cases")
  4308. AP: U.S. to give Iran nuclear technology (What will Israel do?)
  4309. 9/11 conspiracy movie taken off the web
  4310. World could handle Iranian oil cutoff: Energy Sec (as well as having its throat slit)
  4311. Another Terrorist Attack Coming Soon? (In time for the rigged elections?)
  4312. How dumb does Bush think we are? (Pretty dumb - and mostly, guess what?)
  4313. Blackwell gets brunt of registrants' anger
  4314. Justice Department's Black Site
  4315. All DeLay's Children
  4316. Pentagon endorses force-feeding hunger strikers
  4317. Chill out over global warming (READ)
  4318. Iraq becomes second Vietnam for USA
  4319. Saddam Hussein's lawyer say Americans are in full control of court
  4320. US administration can be behind recent attack against Russian diplomats in Baghda
  4321. Russian Exchange Stabilization Fund From Rubles to foreign currencies to gold?
  4322. Iran sticks to US$ for oil
  4323. Distracter in Chief (Guess who?)
  4324. Conn. City Leaders OK Riverfront Evictions
  4325. Report: Trips buy 'access that you and I can't get' (It's a corpagov)
  4326. Diebold machines pressed into service (Absurdly amazing!)
  4327. Half a dozen large storms out to sea, and New Orleans is already sinking
  4328. Blanco expected to sign strict abortion into law soon
  4329. Number of Florida foster kids, who are vanishing, is skyrocketing (Selling them to the RC church?)
  4330. Documents Shed Light on C.I.A.'s Use of Ex-Nazis
  4331. Back to the Bunker (You *know* they will do it again)
  4332. Undertow &#-11;&#-11; Homegrown terrorists or victims of Project Thread II
  4333. Canadian terror probe expands to 7 nations (in order to magnify its idiocy)
  4334. Lawyer condemns 'wild west' police raid (READ)
  4335. Intelligence behind raid was wrong, officials say (What "intelligence"?)
  4336. Congress, courts push back against Bush's assertions of presidential power (Sure - and where have their excuses for brains been for the past 6 years?!)
  4337. Creating the Inevitable (READ)
  4338. Officer likely to refuse Iraq call (He'll be jailed for 20 years)
  4339. More severed heads found in Iraq (US death squads doing what it does so well)
  4340. Iraq police find 9 heads in fruit boxes (Truth will emerge - eventually)
  4341. Haditha: the worst US atrocity since Vietnam
  4342. Troops cleared of killing Iraqi teenager (Why?)
  4343. In Brazen Roundup, 56 Vanish From Baghdad
  4344. Special forces to use strap-on 'stealth wings' (Isn't technology wonderful?)
  4345. The Gay Marriage Amendment - Nazi Ideology with Neocon Spin
  4346. Reading, Writing, Arithmetic (100 years of deliberate dumbing down)
  4347. The worst bill youve never heard of (Lunatic Nation)
  4348. Gulf widens between US and sheikhdoms
  4349. Victim's Brother Speaks: New Evidence Undermines U.S. Iraq Claims
  4350. America, the Psychopath? (That's what corpagov is)
  4351. Coulter on the Today Show: Attacks 9/11 Widows (She was born mentally defective - and unpleasant besides)
  4352. Use of Antipsychotics by the Young Rose Fivefold (READ)
  4353. Private Company to Pipe In Ads on School Buses (Sicko Nation)
  4354. Security cuts for New York and Washington underline fraud of war on terror (and what an utter fraud it is)
  4355. France: Amiens meeting discusses lessons of struggle against "New Job Contract"
  4356. US Supreme Court refuses to hear ballot access case brought by SEP
  4357. US Army clears troops in Ishaqi massacre (and the planned genocide in general)
  4358. Australia, Timor and oil: the record
  4359. US military moves to condone "humiliating and degrading" treatment of prisoners (It's the Murikan way! - a centuries long tradition)
  4360. Bloodbath Beyond the Green Zone
  4361. Subcomandante Marcos: A Plan for Action
  4362. Manuel Garcia, Jr.: Blacks, Hispanics and Immigrant Bashing for Colonial Control
  4363. The Urbanity of Evil: Tariq Aziz and Bush's Enablers
  4364. Paul Craig Roberts: the Death of US Engineering (and science and arts, and ...)
  4365. Negatives: Torture, Massacres and Denial
  4366. Indonesia to Rumsfeld: Let Nations Decide How to Fight Terrorism
  4367. US, South Korea Kick Off Trade Talks Amid Protests
  4368. Ex-Official Testifies He Provided "Insight and Advice" to Abramoff
  4369. Congress's Free Trips Add Up to Almost $50 Million
  4370. An Increasingly Deadly Trail
  4371. Senate Wants FBI to Explain Spying on Journalists
  4372. "Arab Spring" Fades in the Face of Authoritarian Regimes
  4373. Prayer vigil targets 666 Devil's Day (Assholes)
  4374. The "rules of engagement"
  4375. Specter Won't Subpoena Telecom Executives (Useless turd)
  4376. Canadian Fertilizer Terrorists (or just fertilizer)
  4377. Islamists beat 'US' warlords (Comic book material)
  4378. Iraq PM Says 2,500 Detainees Will Be Freed (Bizarre)
  4379. Riley tops Moore in Alabama GOP race for governor
  4380. FACTBOX- Key facts about primaries in 8 US states
  4381. Road rage more prevalent than originally thought (USians are being enraged by corpagov, every minute of every day)
  4382. Canadian suspect 'planned to behead the Prime Minister' (What head?)
  4383. Gay marriage amendment likely to fail, but debate still rages (Rage is exactly the point, isn't it?)
  4384. Feingold Statement on FMA
  4385. Hewlett-Packard recalls digital cameras (US current engineering)
  4386. Anger syndrome not just bouts of bad behaviour (A governmentally caused disease)
  4387. Harvard funds human cloning
  4388. Data Theft Affected Most in Military
  4389. Officer at Fort Lewis calls Iraq war illegal, refuses order to go
  4390. The Toronto "Terrorist" Arrests (More on the hoax)
  4391. Russia to Have World's Third Largest Gold and Forex Reserves in 2006
  4392. Recession redux (READ)
  4393. Pentagon Limits Medical Role in Questioning (Wonderful!)
  4394. Canada says terror suspects spoke of beheading prime minister (puerile)
  4395. Florida woman reported to FBI for quoting Thomas Jefferson (READ: We are the enemy of our government of occupation)
  4396. Operation Opera - 25 years ago today (READ)
  4397. Afghanistan's Second Intifada (READ)
  4398. Top 10 Signs of the Impending U.S. Police State
  4399. Time for gamblers to fold (Speaking of portents and omens)
  4400. Haditha, Bush & Nuremberg's Law
  4401. So many possibilities . . . for courts (The fabrication of terrorists)
  4402. Don't Try This at Home (It *is* a police state, already)
  4403. Cementing the plans for an assault (on Iran)
  4404. Iranian Oil Bourse nearly ready to open
  4405. 911 was a Mossad opperation
  4406. Yields throw the Fed a curve
  4407. FBI says, "No hard evidence connecting Bin Laden to 9/11"
  4408. The Courage of Lieutenant Watada
  4409. Senate to consider letting Hawaiians pursue sovereignty (Hawai'i has never legally been US)
  4410. US f*cks up yet again in Somalia
  4411. Did the US &#-11;&#-11;&#-11;help&#-11;&#-11;&#-11; Garcia win Peru&#-11;&#-11;&#-11;s election?
  4412. Citibank-Always Screwing People Over, Always!
  4413. Anthrax Alert At Commons (Borrowed "white powder" from Frist)
  4414. White House cancels classified Iraq 'progress' briefing with senators
  4415. Voting Glitches In Alameda, San Joaquin Counties
  4416. LA to use drone aircraft
  4417. Italian Minister Confirms Iraq Troop Withdrawal
  4418. Commons lock-down over 'powder' (Cornstarch?)
  4420. US surge in unsold homes may herald cooling market (No shit?)
  4421. Bolton enraged at speech by UN official (Hope for lethal apoplexy)
  4422. Middle East Wars Flare Up At Yale (over Juan Cole)
  4423. The War They Wanted, The Lies They Needed
  4424. Australia: Riot squad called to shut down Aboriginal community
  4425. Germany: Public service union functions as agency of the state
  4426. Australian foreign minister unveils plans for the colonial occupation of East Timor
  4427. Canadian government, media use alleged terrorist plot to push right-wing agenda(Sound familiar?)
  4428. The Israeli Boycott of Palestinian Education
  4429. Gagging Public Employees
  4430. The Iraq Money Trail: the Case of the Missing $21 Billion
  4431. Flunking the Art of War: Master Sun-Tzu, President Hu and Bush
  4432. Veterans' Groups Sue Government Over Records Theft
  4433. Europe Colluded in CIA Prisoner "Spider's Web"
  4434. Senate Panel: No Probe of Phone Companies in Spying Probe
  4435. Cheney's Office Declares Exemption From Secrecy Oversight
  4436. Mogadishu Is Not Kabul - Or Even Somalia
  4437. Fear and Mistrust as People of Darfur Turn Against Peacekeepers
  4438. Psychologists and Physicians Involved in Torture at Guantanamo
  4439. Silence About Spying on Journalists Angers Judiciary Panel
  4440. US House Passes Bill to Boost On-Air Indecency Fines 10-Fold (Nanny goats)
  4441. Bush envoy's fury over 'insult' to US by British UN chief (Bolton was born a liar)
  4442. UN comments trigger row with US (BFD diversion)
  4443. Cell planned to behead PM (Right - sure - absolutely)
  4444. Bush Says Immigrants Must Learn English (It would be a nice idea)
  4445. US Stocks Fall to Four-Month Lows; Dow Drops Below 11,000
  4446. World: Experts Worried About Increasing Internet Restrictions
  4447. Senate Rejects Amendment on Gay Marriage (How about, it's unconstitutional - but, then so is the fed, income tax, ...)
  4448. Report Faults Europe in CIA Detainee 'Web'
  4449. Europeans 'assisted CIA renditions' (This is news?!)
  4450. Why on earth would I want an online spreadsheet? (A good question)
  4451. Iran wins major concession on its nuclear program: diplomats (Have the assholes finnally figured the consequences of their idiocy?!)
  4452. UN official's speech infuriates US delegation (Fuck the US delegation, and Bolton in particular)
  4453. Canadian Suspect Had Military Training (It was a fabricated hoax, OK?)
  4454. Narrow Victory by GOP Signals Fall Problems (Rigged election)
  4455. Schwarzenegger Hits Campaign Trail (Hit the road, Jack)
  4456. Depressing history lesson for Oops I Did It Again Ben
  4457. Get used to volatile markets (Have we not been paying attention for a few years?)
  4458. Shooting adds twist to Mexican elections
  4459. World powers give Iran enrichment leeway
  4460. Why the Boycott of Israel is Justified
  4461. High hopes for drone in LA skies (Oh?)
  4462. Wake up: the American Dream is over
  4463. Estate Tax Pyramid Scheme
  4465. Zarqawi Dead (Iraqi puppets claim elimination of dead guy!)
  4466. For the women of Iraq, the war is just beginning
  4467. mparent7777: Al-Zarqawi killed in air raid (Sure)
  4468. Pentagon Jettisons US Agent Provocateur Al-Zarqawi
  4469. Toronto Terrorist Ringleader Has Military Connections
  4470. The Vela Incident: Nuclear Test or Meteorite?
  4471. Zarqawi killed - WANTED: new mascot for War on Terror
  4472. Marines in Haditha totally tweaked out on speed
  4473. Bush's televised gloating over Zarqawi backfires
  4475. Halliburton sees earnings doubling in coming years (No shit?)
  4476. Swiss 'foiled hit on Israeli jet' (?)
  4477. God Has Got to Go
  4478. Israeli Sex slaves sold to Canada?
  4479. Efforts by C.I.A. Fail in Somalia, Officials Charge
  4480. Why does Pentagon need nonnuclear warheads?
  4481. Pentagon holds brain injury data
  4482. Report details failure of U.S. prison system
  4483. Poker Face Reports of Another Raid
  4484. Homeland security unveils $835,000 RV (Oh Super!)
  4485. Quinnipiac Poll Shows LieberBush Challenger Gaining Ground
  4486. Lebanon 'Mass Grave' Said to Be a Cemetery
  4487. Iraq militants claim al-Zarqawi is dead (But - on the third day, ...)
  4488. Posada Crony Runs Iraq Death Squads
  4489. TShameless, But the Real Shame Is If We Don't Act (Kerry and Coulter burned at adjoining stakes? Both less than useless)
  4490. Somalia must not become a haven for al-Qa'ida militants, Bush warns (Oral diarrhea)
  4491. Army has to turn over Halliburton docs (or not)
  4492. US still trying to find a way to kill off any chance for peace with Iran (Naturally)
  4493. Thompson Trial: Hearing: Day of motions is full of emotion (presumably his actions at least kept him awake)
  4494. Poll: U.S. disapproves of war in Iraq (No shit?)
  4495. Granite Status: Democrats call for Bush impeachment
  4496. Jesus Loves A Machine Gun
  4497. U.S. shows video of [faked] Zarqawi killing
  4498. FBI confidential informant also said to be provocateur
  4499. Australia: Howard's reception for the Beaconsfield miners--a cynical charade
  4500. Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and the putrefaction of official Israeli politics
  4501. New Zealand joins Australia's military occupation of East Timor
  4502. Proviing the Case: What Bush Wants is More War
  4503. Ann Coulter's Blood Lust
  4504. Ann Coulter and Rev. Fred Phelps: a Romance
  4505. From Bush to Hillary: Holding the War Parties Accountable
  4506. The Power of Weakness, Again: Haditha, 4GW and the Abu Ghraib Precedent
  4507. Hubub in Hibhib: the Timely Death of [the nonexistent] al-Zarqawi
  4508. Coulter Calls 9/11 Widows "Witches"
  4509. Ex-Ohio Official Pleads Guilty to Charges
  4510. Freedom Not Extended to Women in New Iraq
  4511. Father of Beheaded Man Blames Bush, Not Zarqawi (Berg)
  4512. Retirement Account of DeLay's Wife Traced
  4513. Bush's Elimination of Income Survey Avoids Awareness of Poverty Levels
  4514. Cheney Cuts Senator Out of Democratic Process
  4515. GOP Takes Aim at PBS Funding
  4516. GOP Corruption Found in Financial Link to Contractor
  4517. Sarah Olson | First Officer Publicly Resisting War Gains National Support
  4518. No Tolls on The Internet
  4519. Congress to hold hearings into OKC bombing (Hmmm - why now?)
  4520. Alex Jones Detained Before Bilderberg Meeting In Canada
  4521. Agency chief: Data on stolen VA laptop may have been erased (Hello?)
  4522. Apologise or we'll cut your funding, US envoy tells UN (NormalUS bullying)
  4523. Zarqawi death hailed as 'victory for war on terror' (What a joke)
  4524. Rumsfeld sees "stunning shock" to al Qaeda network (3 jokes in one short headline)
  4525. Nation more accepting of gay marriage
  4526. European Central Bank Raises Interest Rates
  4527. GOP Fails in Attempt to Repeal Estate Tax
  4528. Senate rejects effort to cut estate tax
  4529. Oil Ends Lower On Zarqawi Death (Assholery)
  4530. Native Hawaiians' hope dashed by [Criminal] Senate
  4531. C.U.N.T Watch: The Real Problem With Ann Coulter
  4532. House rejects Net neutrality rules
  4533. Everybody Knows - Chris Floyd (The stuff of the genocide)
  4534. UNREPORTED: THE ZARQAWI INVITATION - Greg Palast (The plan of the genocide)
  4535. Malaysia's Mahathir warns World War 4 looming (READ)
  4536. Defeat for net neutrality backers
  4537. USS Liberty Captain Honored on Palm Springs Walk of Fame
  4538. 39th anniversary of Israel's bloody attack on USS Liberty
  4539. Columbine's Third Shooter
  4540. Abramoff Ex-Partner Knew of Slaying (Oh? Convenient and unverifiable story)
  4541. Stocks Tumble in Asian, European Markets
  4542. Enough about Ann Coulter: Answer the Jersey Girls questions about 9/11!
  4543. Scoop: Richard Perle reveals US War Plans in the Iran
  4544. Specter 'compromise' gives Bush amnesty for wiretaps (WTF?!)
  4545. Iran has until July to consider atomic offer: Austria (Or what? Either nothing or a world war)
  4546. Fears of 'regime change' policy after US cancels Palestinian pay talks
  4547. Fitch drives Ford deeper into junk-land
  4548. Urals Oil Futures Begin Trading on RTS (Nobody in his right mind would participate in this Enronesque "intrument")
  4549. Russia Shifts Part of Its Forex Reserves from Dollars to Euros
  4550. China Probably Had Record $12 Billion Trade Surplus
  4551. Iran Starts New Uranium Enrichment (only reactor level) Cycle After Offer
  4552. TSA tries to classify report (Bizarre)
  4553. President Abbas Describes Israel's Massacres in Gaza "Annihilation War" (Israel has been commiting systematic genocide from the beginning)
  4554. Voters oust veteran LA judge, replace her with bagel shop owner (Hmm - more than meets the eye?)
  4555. War Criminal Nation
  4556. The Sun Never Sets on AIPAC.
  4557. Navies engage in Pacific exercises
  4558. U.S. Airstrikes on Afghanistan Top 750 for May
  4559. No Permanent Bases: Passed Both Houses, Removed in Conference Committee (READ: Criminal Congress)
  4560. Halliburton sees earnings doubling in coming years
  4561. Australia: Howard abandons Snowy Hydro sale to save the National Party
  4562. Republicans' anti-gay marriage amendment: a cynical and reactionary maneuver
  4563. Council of Europe says 14 governments complicit in CIA renditions
  4564. US Senate majority backs windfall for the rich through repeal of estate tax
  4565. The Bush administration and the killing of Zarqawi (The killing of a US fiction)
  4566. The Short, Strange Career of [fictional] Abu Masab al-Zarqawi
  4567. Evelyn Pringle: Was the Ohio Vote Rigged? (Yes - next question?)
  4568. Police Torture in America: the Chicago Files
  4569. Bush and The Iran Deal: Come Down or Set Up? - Garry Leupp (READ)
  4570. Make-Up for a Corpse!: In a Month Zarqawi will be Forgotten and the War Will Rage On
  4571. US Prison Study Faults System and the Public
  4572. Soldiers Quit Army in Protest After Acquittal on Boy's Death
  4573. DeLay Bids the House a Torrid Goodbye
  4574. Bush Imposes Federal Law on States (READ)
  4575. A Dying Al-Zarqawi Tried to Get Away (Oh, knock off the fiction)
  4576. Israeli fire rakes Gaza beach killing 14 people
  4577. Killing of al-Zarqawi could be pivotal turning point -- or not
  4578. DeLay leaves House unbowed (Shameless, as always)
  4579. Delphi reaches deal with workers (Hmmm)
  4580. US April trade deficit rises to $63.4B
  4581. More US Teens Are Shunning Risky Behaviors (A rather pathetic trend, if true)
  4582. Teens living risky lives (Ooops, maybe no so pathetic afterall?)
  4583. What's wrong with today's youth? Not a lot, but they won't eat their greens(How very sad a life they must all lead)
  4584. Democratic Leadership Battle? Murtha May Seek Majority Leader Post (Who cares?!)
  4585. Los Angeles Foreclosures Increase Dramatically in the First Quarter Of 2006
  4586. THE BRAD BLOG: "Op-Scan Voting Machines Miscount Ballots in Iowa Republican Primary! Hand Count Reveals Other Candidate Leads By Far!"
  4587. THE BRAD BLOG: "BUSBY/BILBRAY ELECTION IN DOUBT: The Diebold Machine Sleepovers at Poll Workers Houses..."
  4588. Somali warlords gird for new clashes with Islamists
  4589. DOE computers hacked; Info on 1,500 taken (or not)
  4590. Pentagon sets its sights on social networking websites
  4591. Iraq war bill deletes US military base prohibition (as expected)
  4592. Lewis Aide Got Buyout From Lobby Firm
  4593. Israelis Fear Spread Of War Crimes Cases (Israel *is* war crime)
  4594. Hey NSA, spy on THIS!
  4595. Sagging Job Approval Numbers no Bush Boost even if Bin Laden Captured (Who?!)
  4596. Questions after raid pair release (UK is a rogue, terrorist, police state)
  4597. Iraqi raises questions on al-Zarqawi death (as in did he ever exist)
  4598. Women's clothing found in Zarqawi house (A transvesite too?!)
  4599. New Schwarzenegger attack ad distorts California history on taxes (Lying is thievery carried on by othe means)
  4600. Mother wants Blair to answer for loss of son (But, courts exist to protect corpagov)
  4601. Dow has worst week in over a year
  4602. State Democrats call for Bush impeachment
  4603. Appeals Court Sides With White House on Wiretaps (Courts exist to protect corpagov)
  4604. Europe's first video-game addiction clinic opens (A whole new industry of fakery!)
  4605. Two brothers held in armed raid on home released without charge (Police are mere instruments of terror)
  4606. Palestinians killed on Gaza beach by Israeli gunboats
  4607. Babies die as artillery barrage hits families on picnic beach (We thought they were landmines?)
  4608. US approves annual aid to Israel (to annihilate more Palestinians)
  4609. 1040 Checkmate? (READ)
  4610. The Columbine Massacre Unravels
  4611. Fall of Mogadishu leaves US policy in ruins
  4612. Russian Ministry shocked by U.S. comments on Russia's position on Iran
  4613. Bush to Hu: No Pyongyang Trip for Hill
  4614. Iran to Counteroffer Western Proposal
  4615. Big Microsoft Brother (READ)
  4616. Iran given June 29 deadline to respond to anti-nuke offer
  4617. New optical scans cited in late count
  4618. Trapping Iran with a Tripwire (READ)
  4619. Zarqawi Down, Bin Laden and al-Masri to Go (Also Xander Draxx and Fu Manchu)
  4620. Israel calls killing of beachgoers a "work accident". (What?!)
  4621. US evangelists are twisting the Bible to say that beating the young is a Christian Doctrine (So is rape, torture, theft and genocide)
  4622. Associate Publisher: Public interest in news topics beyond control of mainstream media
  4623. FrontPageMag columnist convicted of libel
  4624. Thailand's political crisis continues to fester
  4625. Britain: Soldiers refusing to serve in Iraq face possible life sentence
  4626. France: Likely Socialist Party presidential candidate wants unruly youth drafted into the military (As brillian as a sausage)
  4627. On the official US response to the killing of Zarqawi (especially since al-Z. is a fiction)
  4628. Why did Canada's security agencies allow the alleged terror plot to grow?
  4629. A Father's Day Message: Both Parties Have Betrayed America
  4630. Grocery Chains and Bush's Ownership Society: Profits Fall, Stores Close
  4631. The Gaza Air Strikes: Begging for a Response
  4632. Israeli Court Finds Mad-Dog US Prof Libeled CounterPuncher Neve Gordon
  4633. Bachelet in DC: Chilean President Refuses to Back Down to Bush
  4634. Terror in Toronto or Tempest in a Teapot?
  4635. Militarizing the Border: Why Operation Jump Start Worries Me
  4636. Death is Patriotic: Necro-Porn, Live on CNN
  4637. Dave Zirin and John Cox: Will Racism Spoil the World Cup?
  4638. Dave Lindorff: Nothing New About Haditha (READ)
  4639. Fred Gardner: Tylenol Toxicity Terror (genuine corpagov terror)
  4640. The American Way of Atrocities: Marine Corps' Killer Virtues
  4641. Slaying of Family Re-Ignites Israeli, Palestinian Violence
  4642. US Made al-Zarqawi an "Enemy to America's Liking" (and a fiction)
  4643. Republicans Sneak In War Bill Allowing US Military Bases in Iraq
  4644. FEMA E-Mail Embarrasses White House
  4645. Count All the Votes in the 50th
  4646. Forensic Specialists to Examine al-Zarqawi (The nameless body)
  4647. Al-Zarqawi alive when Americans found him (?)
  4648. Three Guantanamo detainees die in suicides - US army (or were murdered)
  4649. Funerals for Gaza beach victims
  4650. Tipping Point: Hamas Ends Truce After Israeli Strike
  4651. Abbas Calls July 26 Referendum on Creating Palestinian State
  4652. Police criticised over "chemical bomb" raid
  4653. British police apologise for raid on home (How utterly charming of them)
  4654. Iran confirms expansion of uranium enrichment
  4655. Bush Praises Death of Terrorist Al-Zarqawi (President Sociopath)
  4656. Data Theft at Energy Dept. Undisclosed for Months
  4657. Delphi Buyout Deal Is Reached
  4658. Somalia's Future Hinges on Victors' Laws
  4659. Myanmar opposition leader's health remains a mystery
  4660. Brigadier General Says Israel is the problem not Iraq
  4661. BofA: Train your replacement, or no severance pay for you
  4662. PM's daughter protests Gaza killings - News from Israel, Ynetnews
  4663. Hundreds Of Iraqi Soldiers Deserting
  4664. The tide has turned: Taliban have retaken control of southern Afghanistan
  4665. But Which Books Are 'Suspicious'?
  4666. E-mail shows Bush glad FEMA took Katrina flak
  4667. Diebold Lobbyist Donates $10,000 to Blackwell Campaign
  4668. ABC News: 9/11 Commissioner Criticizes Coulter
  4669. Wind-Power Projects Halted By DoD
  4670. Abu Musab al-Zarqawi is re-killed!
  4671. Specter unappeased by Cheney's response on committee contact
  4672. Report implicates 20 nations in 'spider's web' of CIA abductions
  4673. DOJ to seek dismissal of multiple NSA phone records suits on secrecy grounds
  4674. Pentagon sets its sights on social networking websites
  4675. COMPREHENSIVE MORAL SQUALOR (of the Criminal Congress)
  4676. [Israeli] Army apologizes after killing 10 civilians, including two infants (Ooops! Sorry!)
  4677. Prominent diplomat, publisher missing (Philip Merrill)
  4678. Introducing the New C Word: Coulter!
  4679. Feminism Killed Courtship on Campus
  4680. Germany urged to bar Iran leader (Again and yet: genocide is OK, words are not)
  4681. Ralph Nader: Americans Need Moral Courage!
  4682. Fear of Big Battle Panics Iraqi City (Ramadi)
  4683. Guantanamo suicides 'acts of war' (or US murders)
  4684. Camp suicides 'hard to believe' (I'll say they are)
  4686. U.S. Seeking New Strategy for Buttressing Iraq's Governments Intent has always been genocide)
  4687. Denver Election Office Loses Voter Information
  4688. Commentary: Upgrading the 'creaky' Internet (Fairytales v. Fairytales)
  4689. Iran team face mass protest (while US and Israel are actively engaged in genocide?)
  4690. AP Wire | 06/11/2006 | Mad cow cases in Texas, Alabama appear to be mysterious strain
  4691. U.S. Denies Political Motives in Blocking Russia's WTO bid (This is supposed to be believable?)
  4692. Guantanamo's First Suicides [or Murders] Pressure U.S.
  4693. Peretz: Gaza beach blast may have internal Palestinian cause (WTF?!!)
  4694. Israel's Ongoing Air Strikes on Gaza
  4695. Israel introduces new travel restrictions
  4696. The fax that reveals the US is flying terror suspects to Europe's secret jails
  4697. A Warning to Africa: The New U.S. Imperial Grand Strategy
  4698. Neocon Prince of Darkness Sighted at Bilderberg Meeting (Richard Perle, of course)
  4699. US backs Israel's right to kill children
  4700. U.S. Mad Cow Cases Are Mysterious Strain
  4701. Uh Oh; The Bugs Are Eating Those "Pest Killing" Crops (READ)
  4702. Federal appeals court lets anti-abortion groups join funding lawsuit in California (Bizarre)
  4703. Bon App&#-11;&#-11;tit, America
  4704. Castro: Al-Zarqawi Killing a 'Barbarity' (even if Z is a fiction)
  4705. British Troops, Insurgents Battle in Iraq
  4706. Specter Ready for Fight Over Spy Program
  4707. Sun.Star Manila - Congress can look into hiring of Pinoy 'mercenaries' to Iraq: Palace
  4708. 'Al Qaeda' in Iraq threatens large scale attacks (by US Death Squads)
  4709. U.S. May import prices rose 1.6%
  4710. Jun. 9, 2006 - What if you can't sell your property
  4711. US Specialists Finish Al-Zarqawi Autopsy (maybe even on a real body of some sort)
  4712. Guantanamo prisoners hang themselves (Right - sure)
  4713. Guantanamo suicides 'a warfare strategy' (Get a grip)
  4714. Israel kills Hamas militants; rockets hit Israelis (Fictionalized account)
  4715. Iran sees problems in nuclear offer (Still dancing around US illegal nonsense)
  4716. ABC News: Politicians Court Bloggers in Vegas
  4717. G-8 Ministers Say Global Economy Strong (They lie a lot)
  4718. Al-Zarqawi's Death May Not Stop Civil War (Why expect it would?)
  4719. China says it contains bird flu outbreak (One possible case is and "outbreak"?)
  4720. Israel denies firing shell that killed Palestinians (No end to their horseshit)
  4721. Zarqawi autopsy over, results withheld (Of course: it's yet another fraud, hoax and lie)
  4722. Dozens have attempted suicide at Guantanamo
  4723. Saudis doubt nationals were suicides at Guant&#-11;&#-11;namo (Shows good sense)
  4724. US 'planning to keep 50,000 troops in Iraq for many years' (To complete the genocide and theft)
  4725. US Commander to Turn Up Pressure, Draw Down Troops (Horseshit)
  4726. Israeli PM voices sorrow over beach deaths (Crocadile tears)
  4727. Israeli Airstrike Kills (i.e., murders) 2 Hamas Militants
  4728. World Cup: Jews demonstrate against Iran regime (as Israel continues its genocide of Palestinians)
  4729. Threat of gas crisis recedes as Russia pledges supplies (Everything is then just peachy keen, right?)
  4730. Currency Strategists: Deutsche Bank Says to Buy Yen on BOJ Move
  4731. A Yellow Light For The Internet (with obvious interesting consequences)
  4732. Spacewalking Briton aims to restore Nasa's reputation (As if ...)
  4733. The Courage to Resist: A US Lieutenant Refuses Deployment to Iraq
  4734. Qaeda announces Zarqawi successor (Al-CIAda needs a new boggeyman)
  4735. Kommersant: Americans Leave Crimea with Nothing (They do *not* hate us for freedoms they have and they have lost)
  4736. The day the US took a beating over Iran (and needs many more beatings)
  4737. Bush Administration Quietly Plans NAFTA Super Highway (So sick, it's almost funny)
  4738. When [Alleged] Suicide becomes Resistance
  4739. Missing publisher Philip Merrill sworn in as head of Ex-Im bankby Dick Cheney
  4740. Export-Import bank key player in flow of cash to Halliburton
  4741. Bush domestic spying program to be tested in fed court in Detroit
  4742. Bobby Kennedy Jr. Has Evidence White House Stole Election in 2004 (Stay off planes!)
  4743. Global military spend hits $1.12 trillion: report
  4744. NSA Train Wreck (READ)
  4745. Defense lawyers shut out as war on terror spawns courtroom secrecy (READ)
  4746. US outdoes Israel in response to Guantanamo (READ)
  4747. Israel steps up threats against Palestinian PM
  4748. Thank You Lt. Ehren Watada - Home
  4749. Israel plans new homes in West Bank settlement (in its continuing genocide)
  4750. Oil Rises as Iran Says Enrichment Continues, Gulf Storm Arises
  4751. Add-on armor causing Humvees to roll over! (Pentagon brilliance)
  4752. Dead detainee 'was to be freed' (or alternatively freed of his life)
  4753. Ward Churchill: Summary of Fallacies in the University of Colorado Report
  4754. How much is that blogger in the window? | Salon News
  4755. The Blogfather
  4756. AlterNet: Movie Mix: Using Children as 'God's Army' (Truly scary psychopathology)
  4757. Judge: Suit against Vatican can proceed
  4758. Homeland Security accepts fake ID
  4759. Mass Murder Has Cost Us More Than They Promised
  4760. Warner On Iraq...Sounds Like HRC On Iraq (Ignore Warner)
  4761. U.S. Military Revealed that Brig. Gen. Mark Kimmett Concluded... "The Zarqawi Psyop Program was the Most Successful."
  4762. "11" 911 Smoking Guns" Wake Up America!!
  4763. Republican Nazification & The Right-wing-menace
  4764. Employee verification system would affect all workers, privacy experts say
  4765. EPA quietly attempts to radically change pollution rules
  4766. Iran welcome in China's new sphere
  4767. Bad Apples Keep Bobbing Up: Newsroom: The Independent Institute
  4769. Former Saddam aide dragged from court (A sadistic circus - grande guignol)
  4770. Fatah Gunmen Attack Palestinian Parliament
  4771. Al-Zarqaqi, International Man of Mystery (READ: phantom of mesopotamia)
  4772. Is Russia a homophobic country? (Would you like to guess?)
  4773. Will Iraqis ever enjoy peace in their country? (Yes, when they hav all suffered US genocide)
  4774. Zionist massacre isolates Israel (Not near enough)
  4775. NYT's Herbert: Kerry 'almost certainly' won Ohio in 2004
  4776. NYT's Herbert: Kerry 'almost certainly' won Ohio in 2004
  4777. A greek speculator's journal: Oil to $386.57 per barrel! (READ: A Greenspan legacy)
  4778. Looking for Iraq Support: Germany Says No to Rumsfeld Request for Help
  4779. The Owners Of War
  4780. Iraqis in Al Anbar province leaving army in droves
  4781. A Note on the [alleged] Death of [putative] Abu Museb Al-Zarqaawi
  4782. Think Progress &#-11;&#-11; NSA Blocking Whistleblower From Telling Committee About Shocking, Illegal Activities
  4783. Rove headlining GOP fund-raiser
  4784. Judge tosses lawsuit over Pa. lawmaker pay
  4785. NSA's wiretapping program goes before federal judge today
  4786. Canada suspects have no chance of fair trial: lawyer
  4787. Romanian Politicians "Aware of CIA Secret Flights"
  4788. Spain's National Court to investigate CIA use of Mallorca airport
  4789. Al-Zarqawi Lived for 52 Mins. After Strike (Constructing mythology from thin air)
  4790. US air strike kills nine in Iraq (Continuing genocide)
  4791. Afghanistan considers rearming warlords
  4792. Debt and social misery: the flipside of Britain's financial services boom
  4793. Australian government steps up campaign to oust East Timor's prime minister Mari Alkatiri
  4794. Seven Palestinian civilians killed on Gaza beach The political calculations behind Israel's latest atrocity
  4795. Three prisoners commit suicide in Guant&#-11;&#-11;namo gulag (or not)
  4796. Jennifer Loewenstein: Setting the Record Straight on Hamas (READ)
  4797. NPR's Warped Covereage of the MIddle East
  4798. Has Racism Invaded Canada? (Yes)
  4799. The US Already Misses Zarqawi (Ah - but a new phantom is already being fabricated)
  4800. Paul Craig Roberts: Bush's Armageddon Wish (READ)
  4801. US Made al-Zarqawi an "Enemy to America's Liking"
  4802. FEMA E-Mail Embarrasses White House (incriminates?)
  4803. Afghan Violence Kills More Than 500 (Continuing genocide)
  4804. Data on Nuclear Agency Workers Hacked
  4805. Democrats Closing Fundraising Gap With Republicans
  4806. Diebold Lobbyist Donates $10,000 to Blackwell Campaign
  4807. Fallujah II, US Takes Aim at Ramadi (Continuing genocide)
  4808. Sealed vs. Sealed (READ)
  4809. Libby Faces Pre-Trial Status Hearing Today
  4810. First Abramoff Trial Draws to a Close
  4811. The Pursuit of Indecency Escalates on American Radio and Television (US corpagov is an indecency)
  4812. Smoke of Iraq War "Drifting Over Lebanon"
  4813. For Youth, Advice on Military, and Dissent
  4814. Florida Candidate Arrested While Investigating Voter Fraud (READ)
  4815. Blast Injuries to Lungs Killed Zarqawi, Autopsy Finds (in bogus body)
  4816. Fed's Bernanke says Basel II "work in progress" (Babbling indication of bad news)
  4817. Fatah militants torch parliament, cabinet offices (Israel gloats)
  4818. Turkey EU entry talks start after Cyprus deal
  4819. European Union Takes First Steps to Include Turkey and Croatia
  4820. Blair insists on negotiated settlement (Speaking of babbling)
  4821. Blair risks Arab anger by backing Israeli plan to impose new ... (Cut off his oil)
  4822. Turbulence in markets unnerves Bank and Fed officials (Um - they are in back of it)
  4823. Arcelor valuation still an issue for Mittal
  4824. Arcelor Still Rejects Mittal
  4825. Bush: US Ready to Help New Iraq Gov't (Does babbling get worse?)
  4826. Guantanamo suicides 'not PR move' (Right: murders)
  4827. Leader of Islamic forces in Somalia seeks `understanding' with US (Why?)
  4828. Bernanke Can Thank Greenspan for His Troubles
  4829. Apr. 11, 2006 - On the question of gold confiscation
  4830. Jun. 8, 2006 - Gold and Silver beat paper
  4832. WHO IS "MEGA" and Where is "DOV" ZAKHEIM
  4833. London is World Terror Headquarters - Talkgold HYIP Investment Forum
  4834. Verizon Launches Child Locator Service (psychopathic)
  4835. U.S. mum on strength of Iraqi troops (number diminishes daily, that's why)
  4836. Another US Cover-Up Surfaces in Iraq (and there are many many more)
  4837. More children killed in Iraq after US raids
  4838. No charges for Rove in CIA leak case (expected)
  4839. 75,000 Forces to Be Deployed in Baghdad (continuing genocide)
  4840. Poll: Zarqawi Death Has Little Impact, Most Americans Still Say War's Going Badly; Bush's Ratings Remain Low - CBS New
  4841. Bush says US troops to remain in Iraq indefinitely (A murder machine for Iraqis and US troops)
  4842. U.S. doctors forbid roles in harsh interrogations (and this will do what?)
  4843. Safe Haven | Asset Deflation Takes Hold (READ)
  4844. Another day of distractions (by US mendacious corpagov)
  4845. US insists on right to develop arms for outer space (Nazi nutsos on parade)
  4846. AMA wants food warning labels to get Americans to eat less (Soon they will not have the food or money to buy it)
  4847. The Big Question: Why are British troops back in Afghanistan five years after the war?
  4848. At the U.N., Bluster Backfires
  4849. Supreme Court skirts Holocaust dispute (All news is not horrible)
  4850. Two Presumed Dead in Blast at Iowa Plant
  4851. Japan stock market takes big 1-day tumble
  4852. Farewell to the flippers: Home prices are falling (READ)
  4853. Car buyers stymied by negative equity
  4855. China and Russia reject joint statement on Iran nuclear program (of course)
  4856. America may be ready for a new political party. (Has been for many years)
  4857. Rhode Island police seek open access to Internet, phone records
  4858. Labs compete to make new nuclear bomb (Lovely, simply lovely)
  4859. Drug Warriors Push Eye-Eating Fungus (READ)
  4860. No Deal for Karl Rove
  4861. Book links Begin to 1952 plot to kill then-German Chancellor Adenauer (He murdered before that)
  4862. MoD ignores ruling on Gulf war syndrome (of course)
  4863. NOAA Blocks Moving Pacific ("Government science" will kill all yet)
  4864. Israel blames Hamas mine for beach blast (But, of course)
  4865. Apple software logs out of India (Hmmmm)
  4866. Stocks tumble as rate worries persist
  4867. Microsoft warns of 8 "critical" security flaws (Are you bored yet?)
  4868. Yard told MI5 of terror tip doubt
  4869. Apologise or we'll cut your funding, US envoy tells UN
  4870. Five car bombs explode in Kirkuk
  4871. Bush Makes Surprise Visit to Iraq (Arriving at the scene of his crimes)
  4872. American Accomplice of Terrorist Linked to Death Squads in Iraq (US Death squads pretending to me "insurgents")
  4873. Statement of Christopher Wolf, Proskauer Rose LLP
  4874. Poland: Health care crisis provokes strikes and protests
  4875. UN-backed report indicts Indonesia, Australia and US for Timor atrocities
  4876. Incriminating documents looted in East Timor
  4877. Canada's corporate media incites public panic over alleged terror plot
  4878. Britain: Lessons of the Forest Gate anti-terror raid
  4879. Yitzhak Laor: the Secret of Authority
  4880. Venezuela and Drug Trafficking: Bush Bashes Chavez Despite Positive Results
  4881. Paul D'Amato: the Meaning of Haditha
  4882. The Evil of Banality: the General, the New York Times and the Gitmo Suicides
  4883. Take Back America Suppresses Anti-War Dissenters at HRC Speech
  4884. Take Back America Suppresses Anti-War Dissenters at HRC Speech
  4885. Nonaligned Nations Prepare to Back Iran
  4886. Congress to Debate Iraq This Week (as in whether it is itself criminally complicit?)
  4887. 5 States Hold Votes; Dems Battle in Virginia
  4888. Oil, Politics and Bloodshed Corrupt an Iraqi City
  4889. State Department Tries to Distance Itself From Guantanamo Remark
  4890. Attacks Aimed at Iraqi Civilians Kill 27
  4891. Bush Flies Out After Surprise Visit (Beating a hasty retreat)
  4892. 12 Microsoft Patches Plug 20 Security Holes (Why pay for this shit?)
  4893. I feared they were going to kill us all, says man shot by police
  4894. I was kicked after being shot, says terror raid Muslim
  4895. Pentagon won't hide interrogation tactics (No? LMAO)
  4896. Spain Probes Alleged CIA Use of Airport
  4897. EU-U.S. "partners in crime" on CIA flights
  4898. US 'biggest global peace threat'
  4899. US opens new war front in North Africa (Why not just invade China and Russia as well?!)
  4900. Foreign Ministry launches PR blitz | Jerusalem Post (and that's all it is)
  4901. Abbas accuses Israel of state terrorism (Is this something new?!)
  4902. Analysis: Telling FBI the Truth Saved Rove (LMAO!)
  4903. Oil could drop to $40 a barrel says BP boss (?!)
  4904. GAO finds mismanagement of hurricane aid (Its a stupid corpagov)
  4905. FEMA relief rife with abuse, fraud, report says (It's also criminal)
  4906. Crackdown on Baghdad begins
  4907. Regarding Mr. Luskin's Statements
  4908. FEMA funded sex-change, divorce, vacations and more
  4909. Think Progress &#-11;&#-11; EXCLUSIVE: Majority Leader Boehner&#-11;&#-11;&#-11;s Confidential Strategy Memo For Thursday&#-11;&#-11;&#-11;s Iraq Debate
  4910. Rove Outlines Busheviks' Iraq Strategy to Win Midterms: Lie Again About Dems Beeing Weak on Terrorrism
  4911. Ambassodor John Bolton: Either Iran will acquiesce or it will face dire consequences(Board his mouth up?)
  4912. USA cuts nuclear weapons and builds extra-strong A-bombs at the same time
  4913. CNN.com - Web site: Al Qaeda IDs 20th 9/11 hijacker - Jun 13, 2006 (Oh, get a brain!)
  4914. Violent Crime Rises In U.S. (Product of a vile, violent and criminal corpagov)
  4915. CAIR: 'Marines' Cheer Song About Killing Iraqi Civilians
  4916. FLASHBACK: Iraq Was Awash in Cash. We Played Football with Bricks of $100 Bills
  4917. The Case of the Missing $21 Billion
  4918. Yellow steel gates block old roads between Palestinian villages. (Israel's terrorist State)
  4919. The unresolved role of Mossad in 9-11
  4920. Telegraph | News | Civil servants 'jumped naked off filing cabinets'
  4921. Activists Jeer Clinton Over Iraq Stance
  4922. Israelis Fear Spread Of War Crimes Cases (Because they are guilty)
  4923. Rachel Corrie: Will Americans Get to Hear The Voice of an American Anne Frank? (The difference is that Corrie was no fake)
  4924. Israeli spy network in Lebanon uncovered
  4925. Rumsfeld expels US media from Guantanamo Bay
  4926. Bush says Iraq trip inspiring (Now, *that's scary)
  4927. Good news buoys Bush on Iraq visit (Meaning it was bad news)
  4928. Analysis: Salt in AMA crosshairs (Idiocy)
  4929. Hurricane funds 'spent on holidays and champagne'
  4930. More Than $1 Billion In FEMA Hurricane Aid Spent On Diamonds ...
  4931. Bogus hurricane aid hit $1.4 billion, GAO says
  4932. Coffee may reduce liver disease (Monkeys calculate correlation coefficients)
  4933. US continues global market slump
  4934. Flying a Plane Into the World Trade Center? Why Not Fly Out of LaGuardia?
  4935. House Lawmakers Accept $3,300 Pay Hike (Do you believe this?)
  4936. Congress Gives Itself 7th Straight Pay Raise
  4937. George Bush's War on Language
  4938. Russia Will Not Discuss its Nuclear Weapons With U.S
  4939. Revealed: the shrapnel evidence that points to Israel's guilt
  4940. Do mention the war
  4941. Bush's Armageddon Wish
  4942. Rove's Pass: A Window on the Real World
  4943. US to hit back if NKorea tests missile: US envoy (reasonably stupid)
  4944. War Without End :: View topic - MSNBC's Olbermann won't address Mearsheimer/Walt on air
  4945. 'Hadji Girl' Marine Apologizes To Muslims (Mind boggling)
  4946. Nightmare Scenario
  4947. Ford to invest up to $9.2 bln in Mexico: report
  4948. UN Secretary general Kofi Annan is sending a special investigator to Gaza (This should be interesting)
  4949. Standing Down on the Rove Matter
  4950. Warcrimes court finds multiple Darfur massacres
  4951. rebuilding 'could cost $90bn' (underestimate)
  4952. Heat on PM over nuclear gas leak (AU)
  4953. Pipe ruptures at nuclear reactor
  4954. R.J. Reynolds behind push to water down Arizona smoking ban (Good for them)
  4955. EPA Rule Loosened After Oil Chief's Letter to Rove - Los Angeles Times
  4956. Lawsuit: CIA defines who's a news outlet (READ)
  4957. Vendors sync up IP wiretapping tools
  4958. 'Torture' Britons lose bid to sue Saudis (Doesn't it figure)
  4959. Mohammed Abdulkahar tells the story of terror raid that backfired
  4960. US prisoner flight angers Ireland
  4961. A tunnel without end (How about the obvious that they were murdered)
  4962. Journalists ordered out of Guant&#-11;&#-11;namo (Don't want them finding suicides are murders)
  4963. Desperate Bush administration ends already blown Zarqawi deception (Ye, indeed)
  4964. Unanswered questions in the killing of Zarqawi (like his existence?)
  4965. 30 die in Afghan fighting before offensive
  4966. Afghan province to provide one-third of world's heroin (and sold throughCIA, MI6 and Mossad)
  4967. California gubernatorial primary reflects alienation from US two-party system
  4968. Bush in Baghdad
  4969. Bolton at Oxford: Jeered and Taunted
  4970. Joseph Schechla: Bulldozing Palestine
  4971. Jonathan Cook: Israeli Law and Order
  4972. "They Want the Fear Level at a High Pitch": An Interview with Lawyer Lynne Stewart
  4973. Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Threatens to Explode
  4974. Reinventing Globalization
  4975. Fraudulent Katrina and Rita Claims Top $1 Billion
  4976. ACLU Sues Pentagon Over Anti-War Group Monitoring
  4977. Suicide by Pseudoscience (Scientists discover corpagov pseudoscience)
  4978. US Military Investigated Gay Bomb (speaking of which - a smallest piece of what these morons have been doing for decades)
  4979. Bush sets goal of getting Iraqi oil to market (Oh?!)
  4980. Bush to Create Largest Marine Sanctuary (What's the scam?)
  4981. Bush making Hawaiian archipelago world's largest marine sanctuary
  4982. Storm victims are denied help as frauds get aid
  4983. Poll: Illinoisans oppose gay marriage ban (meaning nothing to gummint run amok)
  4984. Death Toll in Iraq Reaches 2,500 U.S. Military, Pentagon Says
  4985. Principles Keith can swear by
  4986. Judge Rules That U.S. Has Broad Powers to Detain Noncitizens Indefinitely (Hitler's first corruption was of the judiciary)
  4987. Putin: Iran Ready to Enter Negotiations (More dancing)
  4988. Text of al-Zarqawi safe-house document (What "gov found" documents are *not* fabrications?)
  4989. Federal Gov't Sues State Officials (to suppress investigation of its criminality)
  4990. Public Money in the Pipeline (READ)
  4991. Congress keeps itself, public in the dark on surveillance (Nation in Terror of its Dictatorship)
  4992. Palestinian territories: UN health agency warns of looming crisis due to funds cut-off
  4993. Each American citizen owes the world one million dollars
  4994. Iran grants Lukoil rights on oilfield exploitation
  4995. Russia needs to stop the USA from launching offensive weapons into space
  4996. Iraq exodus drives growth of world refugee population
  4997. U.S. Troop Cutbacks in Iraq Not Likely Soon (until lied about tomorrow)
  4998. CNN.com - U.S. reveals face of alleged new terror chief - Jun 15, 2006 (The very latest in fake menaces)
  4999. Why the Dollar Bubble is about to Burst
  5000. Crow Nation settles federal land case
  5001. The Zionist Hate Machine : SF Indymedia
  5002. In Palestine, a War on Children (The essence of continuing genocide)
  5003. Depleted Uranium - An American War Crime That Has No End
  5004. Google's not-so-very-secret weapo
  5005. Inkwell Insurgency &#-11;&#-11; Blog Archive &#-11;&#-11; Stop Stretching My Sack, Mr. *President
  5006. United Airlines eliminating 1,000 jobs
  5007. Anti-Neocons :: View topic - Reconciling theories (READ)
  5008. Keeping Iraq's Oil In the Ground (READ)
  5009. Pentagon confirms Iranian directorate as officials raise new concerns about war (READ)
  5010. Flying A Plane Into The World Trade Center? (READ)
  5011. Government Increasingly Turning to Data Mining
  5012. Ledeen goes to Rome (READ)
  5013. Annan retracts remarks on IDF's Gaza blast probe (Why? Under what threat?)
  5014. First US Female Conscientious Objector Sentenced
  5015. Lebanese man confesses to killings on behalf of Israel
  5016. A Mountain of Riches on Capitol Hill
  5017. 5,000 Public Housing Units in New Orleans Are to Be Razed
  5018. Flag-burning amendment heads to Senate floor (Idiot crminals at play)
  5019. Bush signs broadcast 'decency' law (Define decency)
  5020. Maine soldier dies from apparent heart attack in Afghanistan (or not)
  5021. More UK Troops to Be Sent to Afghanistan
  5022. Senate rejects U.S. troop pullout in Iraq (Criminals and genocidalists)
  5023. Senate approves $94.5 billion emergency bill (Congress approves of all things criminal)
  5024. New documents suggest Pentagon lied about Cheney's role in awarding no-bid contract to Halliburton in 2003
  5025. War on terror called failure (depends on your viewpoint)
  5026. United Nations 'army' proposed (that will be obedient to Israel, just like Amman?)
  5027. US court: evidence allowed despite police violation (US Supremely Criminal Court)
  5028. Japan plans aggressive global energy strategy
  5029. The social movements in France: Political lessons from the last 10 years Part two
  5030. Britain: Did police shoot to kill in Forest Gate anti-terror raid?
  5031. As IDF denies shelling of Gaza beach Israeli air strike kills ten (Perfectly typical)
  5032. US auto union signals its capitulation on wages, benefits and jobs
  5033. Death Squads in Colombia Universities
  5034. Ramzy Baroud: Time is Running Out for Palestinians (Isreal's run up to its "Final Solution", completion of its ethnic cleansing)
  5035. Cover Up on Gaza Beach
  5036. Premature Triangulation: Hillary's Big Problem (Being hated is one)
  5037. Iraq Conflict Fuels Rise in Global Refugees to 12 Million
  5038. "Close Guantanamo," Europeans Demand
  5039. Democrats Call Iraq War a "Grotesque Mistake" in House Debate (Mistake?!It is a monumental crime of which they are also guilty)
  5040. Speculation over the latest Bilderberg meeting
  5041. Iran, Pakistan seek to join Shanghai Cooperation Organization
  5042. China hosts summit to rival US
  5043. Hoyer Calls Republican Resolution on "Global War on Terror" a "Charade" (To say the very least)

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