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List Volume 09

  1. Afghanistan Five Years Later: Buildings Down, Heroin Up
  2. Danes (Finally) Apologize to Muslims (For the Wrong Reasons)
  3. Akhnaten as the founder of Jewish Monotheism (Nonsense)
  4. Canberra 'knew' of kickbacks
  5. Former U.S. Official in Iraq to Plead Guilty to Corruption
  6. Voting Systems Lawsuit Reaches U.S. Supreme Court
  7. NAACP chairman compares GOP to Nazis (Been doing that for some time now)
  8. US official admits he smuggled $2m of aid meant for Iraq
  9. Bush Wants $120 Billion More For Wars (That's *more*, mind you!)
  10. In Another Threat, Iran Warns It May Ban All Inspectors (It's what I would do)
  11. Showdown looms with Iran (Bushistas are determined to invade. Waterloo anyone?)
  12. Storm grows over Muhammad cartoons (Boring!)
  13. Saddam trial postponed again (A fucking farce)
  14. Boehner elected US House majority leader (Oh fucking joy! Throw all GOP to a volcano god someplace, follow with all Dems)
  15. US Intelligence Official: Al-Qaida Remains Top Threat (Speaking of volcanos)
  16. GM to Spend Up to $15 Billion on Information Technology (No more GM autos, trucks, etc.)
  17. Witness: Skilling Misled Wall St. Analysts
  18. Enron Prosecutors Play Alleged Obscene Skilling Tape (Oh, grow up!)
  19. "Potter," "Narnia" Set for Sequels (We are thrilled - really - for sure)
  20. Common cold link to bird flu vaccine (Now can cure birds of the common cold?)
  21. US Scientists Create Bird Flu Vaccine That Thwarts Deadly Strain (So much bullshit, it's incredible)
  22. Bush touts health savings accounts (so you know it's a scam)
  23. Bush to Request $439.3B Defense Budget (Can he even count that high?!)
  24. Blair, Bush set for war in '03
  25. Avoiding the hard questions (that some of us were asking loudly 5 years ago!)
  26. Bush approved multi-agency program to spy on Americans
  27. Democrats Call for Special Prosecutor in Abramoff Case
  28. Federal Judge Calls Fmr. EPA Chief &#-11;&#-11;&#-11;Conscience-Shocking&#-11;&#-11;&#-11; For Assuring The Air Was Safe Around Ground Zero&#-11;(Former Pig Governor of NJ)
  29. "Greek Watergate" scandal sends political shockwaves
  30. Bed-bug epidemic bites at Australian tourism (but is actually global)
  31. Pregnancy test may lie behind deadly frog fungus
  33. The Bright Side of Bush's First Five (Reminder: they are ALL rotters)
  34. Bush's Brezhnev period (The tedious analysis of meaningless drivel)
  35. Venezuela expels US naval 'spy'
  36. Confirmed: Israelis kill 15-year-old inside Lebanon
  37. Evangelicals To Launch 'Christian AIPAC' (to lobby for mayhem, murder, genocide, and those those old Christian values)
  38. Arab states to aid Palestinians (in wake of Israel's theft)
  39. AIPAC espionage case points to larger spy scandal
  40. AIPAC espionage case points to larger spy scandal (Israel has already hijacked the entire US)
  41. Rumsfeld Offers Strategies for Current War (A legend in his own mind)
  42. War Without End :: View topic - Jewish contractors found guilty of Iraq corruption...
  43. Del Monte stops pineapple growing in Hawaii
  44. Will County chairman calls for federal, state probes of radioactive leak
  45. Senate RollVote Taxes (Criminal Congress doing what it does best)
  46. Medicaid cuts to affect 13 million
  47. Jeb shredding state records?
  48. Prosecutor Seeks Texas GOP Bank Records
  49. High-security centre to house terror suspects (for Canada, who is now in the torture game)
  50. Navy Commissions Anti[Pro]-Terror Force Unit
  51. Security for Super Bowl called into question (Is9/11 Redux planned?)
  52. White House e-mails missing in CIA name case (How - um - inconvenient)
  53. Trial for Ex-Aide to Cheney Is Set for January 2007 (Libby)
  54. Reservist, 32, sues Army to leave service
  55. Pentagon Announces Sweeping Defense Review (Oh rapture!)
  56. Bush 'plotted to lure Saddam into war with fake UN plane'
  57. With cabinet shuffle, India's UPA government tilts still closer to Washington ([sigh])
  58. Australia: Howard's ministerial reshuffle ignites Coalition tensions
  59. US budget slashes social spending to fund war and tax cuts for the rich
  60. Robert Bryce: the Problem with Cutting US Oil Imports from the Mid East (Bryce assumes reality and sanity)
  61. Detroit: Super Bowl City on the Brink
  62. The World Can't Wait: Invitation to a Demonstration
  63. Rumsfeld and Negroponte Amp Up Hositility Toward Venezuela
  64. Conn Hallinan: Nuclear Proliferation, the Gathering Storm (READ: a reality lesson)
  65. Racism, Neo-Confederacy and the Raising of Historical Illiterates
  66. Toufic Haddad: a (Palestinian) Parliament of Prisoners
  67. Joint Chiefs Fire At Toles Cartoon on Strained Army (Joint chiefs attempt to turn reality upsidedown)
  68. A City Fears for Its Soul (as the nation has lost its own)
  69. Police Officers Sue over Police Surveillance of Their Protests (The watchers watch the watchers)
  70. Senate Hearing Erupts over Illegal NSA Wiretaps
  71. Indian Nations Address Focuses on "Four Great Steps"
  72. NASA's Inspector General Probed
  73. IAEA Delays Vote to Send Iran to Security Council
  74. Rafsanjani says reporting Iran to UN would be a serious mistake
  75. War Tab Likely to Swell Again (US is already insolvent)
  76. New England fisherman again face cuts
  77. Unemployment rate drops to 4 1/2-year low (What a crock of shit!)
  78. Senate Rejects Medicare Deadline Extension (The Criminal "Fuck You!" Congress)
  79. Defense Secretary Says Terrorism Battle Could Last Decades (Forever when you're fighting your own denied insanity)
  80. US Orders Venezuelan Diplomat Out Within 72 Hours (US children play viciously)
  81. The Religious Policeman (Prophetic Cartoons and the truth in manupulations)
  82. Clash Over Cartoons Is a Caricature Of Civilization (But, it was a media fabrication and hype)
  83. US Says It Also Finds Cartoons of Muhammad Offensive (OTOH, the US itself is offesnsive)
  84. Bush to Request $120 Billion More for Wars
  85. Bush to Ask $439.3 Bln for Defense in 2007; Weapons Funding Cut
  86. $70 Billion More Is Sought for Military in War Zones (WTF?)
  87. Broad Rise in Hiring Last Month (LMFAO - Fake!)
  88. Bush Urges Study of Math and Science (It gets funnier?)
  89. Rumsfeld ups rhetoric on Iranian regime (Genocidalist in Chief speaks)
  90. Tit for tat: US and Venezuela trade expulsions and slurs
  91. Bush extends terror war to all tyranny (to Himself?!)
  92. Rumsfeld Names Iran World's Top Sponsor Of Terrorism (Wrong: US has been the world's top terrorist for 150 years!)
  93. POSSIBLE DETROIT "SUPER BOWL" TERRORIST ATTACK? (Not unless Bushco has planned to make it happen)
  94. The Coming Abramoff Storm (but will it come too late? That's the pattern)
  95. Ynetnews - News - U.S. agrees to 'Mideast nuclear-free zone' (Babbling)
  96. Straw welcomes decision over Iran (Straw is a moron)
  97. Child investigated for homework threat to Bush (Insane Nation)
  98. Potent Firepower for Weapons Lab (Wacko Nation)
  99. New Details Revealed on C.I.A. Leak Case
  100. More Allegations of Libby Lies Revealed
  101. Bush signs extension of anti-terrorism law (Pro government terrorism)
  102. U.N. Nuclear Agency Reports Iran to Security Council (Only worldwide unease is Israel controling USUK and USUK controling UN; Iran is the mouse the cat wants to eat)
  103. US and allies win vote to report Iran to UN (Iran has its own war against terrorism)
  104. Iran nuclear situation intensifies (Will China or Russia veto? I'll bet yes)
  105. Spain: Ban on Basque separatist party extended
  106. Another exposure of Australian government involvement in citizen's torture
  107. French Ligue Communiste R&#-11;&#-11;volutionnaire turns further to the right
  108. European media publish anti-Muslim cartoons: An ugly and calculated provocation(designed to facilitate "antihate" laws which are nothing but curtailments of speech, and the artificial creation of "criminals")
  109. Pentagon Database Leaves No Kid Alone
  110. James Petras: a Bizarre Beginning in Bolivia (with sad implications)
  111. Pentagon Lays Out 'Long War' Strategy ("Empire by continuous force of arms" - Study Trajan to see the obvious stupidity)
  112. Libby Implicates Cheney in CIA Leak
  113. IOL: Iran threatens to cancel European contracts in cartoons row (*Now*, they're being lunatics)
  114. Boehner Gives GOP Fresh Face (with same shit on it)
  115. Cost of wars soars to $440bn for US (Ooops! Who pays?)
  116. Enron CEO 'failed to mention $US725 million losses'
  117. Man charged with sending hoax letters, including to Bush (anthrax is NOT a WMD)
  118. China not to support sanctions against Iran : HindustanTimes.com (predicted)
  119. Robertson again calls for Chavez's assassination (The world safer if Robertson's mouth were boarded up)
  120. British lawmaker barred from Egypt for mock trial of Bush, Blair (Galloway?)
  121. CALIFORNIA / Bush gets bill slashing foster care aid / State, 8 others in West affected by federal cutback
  122. Iraq the Disaster, Officially Speaking (and officially designed)
  123. Blair 'made secret US Iraq pact'
  124. Military Medicine on Trial - by David DeBatto
  125. we're F*CKED (in more ways than you can imagine)
  126. World Peace Herald (Lying nonsense)
  127. Red Sea ferry survivors say captain fled
  128. More Rummy lies to start war in Iran (It's what he does)
  129. The High Cost of a Rush to Security (was intended, as the security is not security and was never intended to be)
  130. UK considers curbing citizens' right to arrest alleged war criminals (Israeli war criminals, that is)
  131. Iran nuclear standoff nears U.N. referral (and the UN will become irrelevant once again)
  132. Homeland Security campaign schools kids in preparedness (No, the illusion thereof)
  133. Dispute Over Israel Delays Vote on Iran Nuclear Resolution (Egypt has noticed)
  134. Gallup: More Than Half of Americans Feel Bush Deliberately Misled Country on WMD (They just *feel* it?!)
  135. If There is a Superbowl Terror Attack, It Ain't Arabs
  136. Time to Scrap the NPT
  137. Whose Nuke is Coming?
  138. Iran threatens to close Hormuz in retaliation (Iran remembers Iraq)
  139. More Allegations of Libby Lies Revealed
  140. Iran Resumes Uranium Enrichment, Blocks Nuclear Inspections...
  141. New Details Revealed on CIA Leak Case (i.e., Cheney was involved too)
  142. Bush signs extension of anti-terrorism law
  143. Fighter jets force down small plane flying too close to Bush ranch
  144. UK was warned of July suicide attacks (So Blair has set them up)
  145. Rice: "world will not stand by" over nuclear Iran (Shouldn't be standing by over her)
  146. Revealed: secret plan to keep UK troops permanently in Iraq (Of course; this should not even be news)
  147. Friends Raise $2 Million for Libby Defense (How perfectly sweet)
  148. Chavez makes call to arms (Good thinking)
  149. Iran Vows Enrichment After UN Referral
  150. Iran defies UN over nuclear plan (Israel does it all the time)
  151. Furore over Prophet images grows, embassies torched (*Now*, they're totally loony)
  152. Update 10: Syrians Torch Embassies Over Caricatures
  153. Merkel likens Iran threat to Nazis (WHAT?!! Stupid bitch)
  154. 'CIA behind Tsvangirai trip'
  155. 'In Less than Three Years : The clich&#-11;&#-11; of US sponsored democracy to justify invasion and mass murder
  156. Marine Corps Reservists plan downtown exercises ("routine exercises??!!)
  157. Super-tight security for Superbowl (Is it worth going?)
  158. Danish Embassy Burned, Protestors Dispersed (Asshole arsonists, errupt over trivia, after cowardly silence in the face of genocide)
  159. Damascus: Embassies set on fire (All the mental midgets need to speak)
  160. 'Cartoons reflect Europe's Islamophobia' (fabricated over the last 6 years)
  161. Suspect in gay bar attacks dies (Hmmmm)
  162. Bernanke sheds Fed straitjacket (Only a liar or a moron could write this)
  163. AOL and Yahoo put price on e-mail (greedy idiots)
  164. FBI: Man mailed threats of anthrax
  165. US agency cites transplant risk from tissue collector (Who owns Biomedical Tissue Services?)
  166. LifeCell stock price takes on dive on bad news. - Oct. 7, 2005
  167. In Wake Of National Body Part Transplant Scandal, Schumer To Unveil Critical Legislation To Regulate Tissue Transplants
  168. Reform, Washington Style (Criminal Corpagov Forever)
  169. Iran leading terror sponsor: Rumsfeld (USUKIL, leading terrorist)
  170. Bush Cuts Domestic Programs To Fund Wars
  171. 'Hitler a baby next to Bush'
  172. MPACUK :: EXPOSED: UPDATE - MPACUK Digs & Finds Israeli Zionist Axel Owns German Newspaper!
  173. Cartoons are a purposeful provocation
  174. U.S. is back in assassination business
  175. NSA Snoop Program Toll: One FBI Patsy (Governmental Terrorization)
  176. The Truth Will Set You Free: a PICTURE says a THOUSAND words
  177. USS Cole Attack Planner Escapes (I wonder how that happened)
  178. Traces of poison (Genocidal Zionists)
  179. Clash of civilisations - manipulation by the media.
  180. Nuclear Iran feared (That's the excuse, anyhow)
  181. "Shall We Not Revenge?" -Uri Avnery (READ ALL OF IT)
  182. Why Russia caved-in on Iran (Russia has not given up its ultimate veto, and would be crazy not to defend Iran)
  183. Voting machine firm's past questioned (Stupid or Corrupt Pittsburgh)
  184. After delay, Israel agrees to transfer millions to Palestinians (For that Israeli embassies might have been burned down)
  185. Israeli air strike kills (i.e., murders) top Islamic Jihad bombmaker
  186. NATO planning strikes on Iranian nuclear sites (for Israel)
  187. Exclusive: Can the President Order a Killing on U.S. Soil?
  188. Use of force against Iran is on agenda, warns bullish Rumsfeld (that's Bullshit Rumsfeld)
  189. was it WORTH it? (silly article that misses what this was about, who acxtually is responsible, and why they did it)
  190. Petition Filed Against US as Haiti Approaches Elections
  191. Specter Says Surveillance Program Violated the Law
  192. The hidden stakes in the Iran crisis (READ and accurate assessment of reality)
  193. 40 States Re-Examining Eminent Domain
  194. Toshiba to Pay $5.4 Billion for Westinghouse
  195. Worlds apart (Israel and its purported "democracy")
  196. For Some, Spying Controversy Recalls a Past Drama (i.e., COINTELPRO)
  197. Pro-democracy activists tortured in Nepal
  198. Europe's Defamation of the Prophet (Time to end all the bullshit?)
  199. L.A.'s future is up in the air (Bushco will fix the overpopulation, you can be certain)
  200. The misplaced defense of free speech (READ: long but very thoughtful)
  202. St. Petersburg Times Online: World and Nation (This is the *first* time)
  203. 'Cole' Attack Planner Escapes Yemen Prison (The *second* time)
  204. Halliburton bills U.S. taxpayers $50 for $5 labor in Iraq
  205. Full Text: The 2007 Budget
  206. Bush's $2.77 Trillion Budget Plan Calls for Medicare Cuts (?!)
  207. Bush proposes record $439.3 bln 'defense' budget
  208. Bush budget seeks to recycle spent nuclear fuel
  209. The CIA Leak: Plame Was Still Covert
  210. Interpol Launches Global Alert for Escaped Terrorists (Look in Cheney's office)
  211. Servicemember Killed in Afghanistan (It's still on, in case you might have forgotten)
  212. Iraq's Sadr says US spreading strife among Arabs
  213. Iraqi detainee dies in Abu Ghraib prison (Also still going on)
  214. Amnesty's appeal for 'forgotten prisoners'
  215. Europe, U.S. Governments At Risk Over CIA Flights (Should be torn to shreds over ...)
  216. Telecoms let NSA spy on calls ("Corpagov" has a meaning!)
  217. Senators Have Tough Questions for Gonzales (Bullshit, bullshit, bullshit)
  218. Turkey: Court drops prosecution of writer Orhan Pamuk
  219. Cut-throat wheat war behind Australian "oil-for-food" scandal
  220. Fight vs. CPE requires independent political struggle by French workers
  221. Survivors speak of horrific events leading to Egyptian ferry sinking
  222. US Senate hearings set to cover up domestic spying
  223. US bullies IAEA into reporting Iran to the UN Security Council
  224. "Lights Out in Tehran": McCain Starts Bombing Run
  225. Paul Craig Roberts: Who Will Save America? (READ: he understands the reality)
  226. Judge Slams EPA for Lying About 9/11's Toxic Air
  227. Don't Be Fooled: This Isn't About Islam vs. Secularism
  228. Spilling Blood: Two Sentences
  229. Libby Implicates Cheney in CIA Leak
  230. US Eyes China as Military Rival (No?! Really?)
  231. On Capitol Hill, Playing WikiPolitics (Who are the players?)
  232. Scarred beneath the Skin (Realities of shrapnel)
  233. US Official Admits Iraq Aid Theft (With what other country is he associated?)
  234. Libby Facing New Obstruction Allegations
  235. US Military to Free 50 Iraqi Detainees (out of how many?)
  236. Rumsfeld, Cheney Wanted Warrantless Wiretaps in 70's (Rats ratting?)
  237. Displaced Gypsies at Risk from Lead in Kosovo Camps
  238. 2007 Budget Favors Defense Not Medicare (and it has nothing to do with defense, either)
  239. Big Mountain Resister's Life Belongs to the Land
  240. Chavez Bloc Races with Oil Cartel to Grid the Continent (READ)
  241. Conservatives Break with Bush on Spying
  242. Handful of Races May Tip Control of Congress
  243. Britain Defies US with Funding to Boost Safe Abortion Services (Defies? LOL)
  244. Defense of Eavesdropping Is Met with Skepticism in Senate (A few brains in the criminal congress?!!)
  245. Halliburton building Concentration Camps in the U.S.? (Yes, over and above the existing 400+ of them)
  246. Bush budget plan a headache for Congress (Hint: Im peaching and convicting would be easier)
  247. Bush proposes $2.7 trillion budget (and you don't think this is lunatic?)
  248. Stones are still too blue for Americans (Only in sick 'murika)
  249. Oil Prices Slide As Traders Take Profits
  250. Iran's shadow over India: Threat of oil crisis
  251. Inspectors due in Iran to oversee enrichment start (Continuing to dance nicely)
  252. Crowd trashes Egypt ferry office (Getting into the necessary spirit of the future?)
  253. Gonzales defends wiretaps (as paid liar)
  254. GM Names Kerkorian Adviser to Its Board
  255. Hilter's Rise to Power, a Mini History
  256. Lab officials excited by new H-bomb project (Oh, how deathly exciting!)
  257. Danish paper rejected Jesus cartoons (Oooops Oh?)
  259. Iran and the jaws of a trap
  260. This Presentation May Be Too Graphic
  261. U.S. may have to go it alone in Iran
  262. FEMA CONCENTRATION CAMPS: Locations and Executive Orders
  263. Bush's Tyranny For A Bankrupt Nation
  264. "Just As 'Legal' As Hitler was in 1933"
  265. US proposes hike in air passenger security fee (Personal mobility is to be annihilated)
  266. US Treasury says extending tax cuts would cost blns (Yes, so?)
  267. Bush's $2.77 Trillion Budget Plan Calls for Medicare Cuts
  268. Bush seeks defence spending rise
  269. USATODAY.com - Election officials fear '06 season of the glitch (These will be fabricated also)
  270. Iran paper plans Holocaust cartoons (That should be pretty funny; being 'em on - the more the merrier)
  271. Severe water shortage hits Baghdad suburbs
  272. Guant&#-11;&#-11;namo: A life sentence of suffering and stigmatization
  273. Europe, U.S. Governments At Risk Over CIA Flights (Couldn't they all just be annihilated?)
  274. Rove counting heads on the Senate Judiciary Committee
  275. Gonzales: NSA may tap 'ordinary' Americans' e-mail (Government Terrorizing its citizens. Why is it permitted to exist?)
  276. An American tragedy--the plight of the US war wounded
  277. Senate wiretapping hearing: Democrats bow to police state threat (That's what they were bought to do)
  278. Gonzales defends the indefensible
  279. World's WMDs must be accounted for: US Senator (Richard Lugar, a nitwit Repug, needs to grow up)
  280. Australia snubs 'premium spam' plan (Cool)
  281. Rolling Stones signed off on Super censoring
  282. Calcium, exercise vital for kids' bones (Morons are just now figuring this out?!)
  283. Oil prices fall below $65 a barrel (A minor excuse for "good new"; watch for next week)
  284. ISRAEL: Iran is world's most serious threat since WWII (I'll go for USUKIL)
  285. Russian Ultranationalist Leader Expects U.S. to Attack Iran in Late March (That sounds about right)
  286. Senate Republicans Screw Veterans Again
  287. Rove threatens blacklist
  288. Juggernaut Gathering Momentum, Headed For Iran
  289. As 'Neocons' Leave, Bush Foreign Policy Takes Softer Line (WSJ entering alternative universe)
  290. Hawks have warplanes ready if the nuclear diplomacy fail (Attack Iran and insure Israel's obliteration)
  291. Muslim Cartoons (The actual cartoons)
  292. Soldier pays for armor
  293. Ex-President Carter: Eavesdropping Illegal
  295. Young and old losers in President's budget
  296. Gonzales Highlights and Lowlights
  297. Bush 2007 budget quietly omits impact of policies on deficit
  298. Woodwards Work
  299. Chief of CIA's Counter-Terror Center Ousted
  300. Rumsfeld's Enforcer: the Secret World of Stephen Cambone
  301. Peter Montague: the Problem with Mercury (and intrinsically evil government)
  302. The Hillary and George Show: Partners in War
  303. Neve Gordon: Why Hamas Won
  304. Paul Craig Roberts: Colin Powell's Career as a "Yes Man"
  305. Robert Fisk - The Fury: Now Lebanon is Burning
  306. Stability of Mentally Ill Shaken by Medicare Drug Plan Problems
  307. New Orleans Will Seek Foreign Aid (Perhaps it needs to secede)
  308. Carter: Spying "Disgraceful and Illegal"
  309. Gonzales Also Ends Up Defending His Credibility (or attempting to)
  310. Military Starts New H-Bomb Project (Neocrazies in the sandbox)
  311. Gonzales says "Just Trust Us" (LMFAO)
  312. Will Iran dispute push oil to $130?
  313. Childhood dental problems epidemic
  314. Bush Budget Plan for $2.77 Trillion Stresses Security (and impoverishment)
  315. Bush slashes domestic programs (as unemployment soars)
  316. More Fluoridated Water Needed, Officials Say (Arrrrrggggghhhhhhh!!!!)
  317. With Tribute To King, Bush Reaches Out (Joke - he's an inhuman fuck, like the rest of of his hideous family)
  318. Massive turnout from Haitian voters (But, do thry actually have any choice?)
  319. Low-Fat Diet Does Not Cut Health Risks, Report Says (No shit - goddaman lying morons, have been pushing this garbage for decades as a fabrication of of corpagov)
  320. West Begining to See Wide Islamic Protests as Sign of Deep Gulf (This is nothing; just wait)
  321. Radical Cleric Sentenced to Seven Years (Bush and Blair are not radical", of course)
  322. Royal command falls on deaf ears (Nepal - it's the inevitable response to filth)
  323. Maoists call for parallel govt in Nepal
  324. Deficits aren't leaving soon (because they are now impossible to pay off)
  325. Microsoft to Unveil Paid Security Service (Payig for what you already paid for? M$ is a thief, and was from the beginning)
  326. Stones blast Super Bowl censorship
  327. Hollywood celebrity detective indicted for racketeering (but not the entire "insurance industry"?)
  328. Low-Fat Diet Does Not Cut Health Risks, Report Says (How come I knew the biochemistry to know it was all bullshit deacdes ago?)
  329. Cutting fat alone isn't enough, women advised (That is *HARDLY* the fucking point, twits!)
  330. Low-Fat Diet's Benefits Rejected (Because it has always been lyingcorpagov death causing)
  331. Australian Company Intends to Sell a Flu Vaccine in US (Not to me it won't)
  332. Israeli leader outlines West Bank withdrawal plan (*Then* bomb it into oblivion)
  333. Update 6: Israeli PM Discloses Separation Plan (Yeah - right!)
  334. Russian MP Says US To Attack Iran Late March
  335. Reflection on What Leaks from Turd Blossom
  336. Standing Ovation In Front Of Pres. Bush After Rev. Says "We Know Now There Were No WMD"... | The Huffington Post
  337. Nuclear Iran?
  338. A Young Bush Appointee Resigns His Post at NASA
  339. Sweden plans to be world's first oil-free economy
  340. BLAIR: 'BRITISH TROOPS IN IRAN? WE CAN NEVER SAY NEVER' (But we can always lie a lot)
  341. Who's the Bigger Hawk, George or Hillary?
  342. State Department sees exodus of weapons experts
  343. Flu Shots and Alzheimer's (Hmmm)
  344. Flemming Rose and the Straussian Art of Provocation
  345. Abramoff Investigation "Is Now In The White House"...
  346. Rove Threatens Republican Senators... Support The President On Wiretapping Or Else...
  347. GOP Rep. Overseeing NSA Breaks From Bush To Call For Full Investigation Into Domestic Spying&#-11;
  348. Election officials fear '06 season of the glitch (as well they should)
  349. Hamas deserves a chance (Getting brave to tell such truths?)
  350. Strong Leads and Dead Ends in Nuclear Case Against Iran (Intense babbling)
  351. World's first Sept 11 convict released in Germany
  352. An American tragedy the plight of the US war wounde
  353. Globes [online] - $2.5b aid for Israel in Bush 2007 budget
  354. City Chatter: The Terrorists of Tiny Town: Homeland security keeping our country safe from kindergarteners (hey, they could be Al Qaeda...) :: The Cleveland Free Times
  355. 86 Evangelical Leaders Join to Fight Global Warming (Figure prayer will work?)
  356. Europe's Biotech-Seed Rules Ruled Illegal by WTO, U.S. Says
  357. WMass asbestos victims condemn bill
  358. Senate Votes to Debate Bill for Asbestos Victims' Fund
  359. Way clear for electronic 'voting' machines (Pittsburgh)
  360. Bush Gets an Earful at Coretta King's Funeral
  361. Thousands of Katrina Victims Evicted
  362. Teachers, doctors protest budget cuts
  363. Bush Plan Would Eliminate Survivor Benefits
  364. Bush Budget Pumps Propaganda, Slashes PBS
  365. Ex-U .N. inspector: Iran's next (Scott Ritter)
  366. Navy to increase numbers inside Iraq
  367. Millions wasted in Iraq cash orgy
  368. US audit finds 'spectacular' waste of funds in Iraq
  369. Lawyers: Many Gitmo Detainees Not Accused
  370. Cheney resists changing U.S. spy program
  371. Is CIA Leak Probe a 'Witch Hunt'? (This is a question?!)
  372. U.S. Initiates Legal Processes Against Christian Group that Marched to Guantánamo
  373. World has 7 years for key climate decisions: Blair (and less to lock up Bush, Blair, Howard, Berlusconi, ...)
  374. 'Highly pathogenic' bird flu found in Nigeria (Has the 1918 now been planted?)
  375. GM 'food' must be allowed into Europe, WTO rules
  376. Bush seeks to slash public broadcast funds
  377. Reverend Dr. Joseph Lowery: No WMD's and no help for the poor
  378. Bush squirms as policies denounced at King funeral
  379. Taliban bomber kills 13 as British troops prepare for Afghan mission
  380. Military resister to highlight Vermont anti-war rally
  381. Lawmakers say U.S. failing Iraq (but not failing Halliburton)
  382. Rumsfeld says force is an option against Iran (Is it an option agains the more dangerous Runsfeld?)
  383. Saudi Arabia alerted Britain of terror attack prior to London bombings (Unlikely)
  384. Ford job cuts will devastate working class communities (Very likely)
  385. Canada: Harper's Conservative cabinet--a roster of reaction
  386. Hypocrisy from Bush, Clinton at funeral of Coretta Scott King (What else?)
  387. Munich Security Conference: Imperialists close ranks
  388. Death toll mounts in worldwide protests against anti-Muslim cartoons (Whipping it into a diversionary frenzy)
  389. Chill Out Jihadis: They're Just Cartoons!
  390. Niranjan Ramakrishnan: Gonzales Channels Mark Twain
  391. Rep. Cynthia McKinney: Bush Should Have Wiretapped FEMA
  392. Why Bush's Wiretapping Program is Illegal and Unconstitutional
  393. Stan Cox: Making and Unmaking History with General Myers
  394. The Privilege of American Debt (READ)
  395. Abramoff's Grand Aims Came Early
  396. New Orleans: Misery on Every Corner
  397. US General Admits Troops Are Destabilizing Middle East (as intended)
  398. Israeli PM Discloses Separation (Incarceration) Plan
  399. Haitians Outraged by Voting Glitches
  400. Democratic Veterans Plan Assault on House
  401. Thousands of Katrina Victims Evicted
  402. A Eulogy for King, a Scolding for Bush
  403. Senate Toughens Scrutiny of Wiretapping
  404. New GOP Leader Rents Apartment from Lobbyist
  405. Congress Has Lost Its Way (Criminal Terrorists)
  406. Belgian town bans 'Saddam shark' (Only comforting art please)
  407. Nepalese voters heed call to boycott poll
  408. Lazard Earnings Let Wasserstein Shine Again
  409. Low-Fat Diets Disappoint for Cancer and Heart Disease (It has always been fabricated pseudoscience)
  410. Israel urges world to isolate a Hamas government (Why?)
  411. Nerve Agent Scare Clears Senate Building (Fabricated fucking corpagov bullshit: we should be so lucky)
  412. Nepal poll reduced to farce (Just like the US)
  413. EU denies it had GMO moratorium (Helo-o?)
  414. Security committee to check Hamza links to Tube bombers (Oh sure - babbling and fiction)
  415. Governor: Church fires seem linked (Bushcolinked)
  416. Medicaid, Medicare Growth to Slow (Annihilation is indeed a "slow growth", lying bastards)
  417. Microsoft to fend off PC viruses for $49.95 (LMFAO: M$, the eternal thief and racketeer)
  418. Baby, you can drive my car: Brit shows no restraint (Who gives a flying fuck?)
  419. Antidepressant poses risk to baby (They all pose poisonous risks to everyone)
  420. Differing Tacks on Hamas Dilemma (Babbling: who gives a flying fuck?)
  421. Israel urges world to isolate a Hamas government (It would, wouldn't it?)
  422. US leadership essential for Israeli-Palestinian peace (Babbling)
  423. US Senate Evacuated After False `Nerve Agent' Alarm (More corpagov bullshit)
  424. Early Nepal vote favors government (LOL)
  425. Bank of Japan votes to leave ultra-loose monetary policy unchanged (OOps!)
  426. Low-Fat Diets Flub a Test (and should have deacdes ago)
  427. Eating Lean Doesn't Cut Risk (The lesson is that corpahove creates pseudoscience, and lies a lot)
  428. Factfile on bird flu (Not bad - but READ between the lines, and carefully)
  429. Mom's Antidepressant Use Raises Newborn's Risk for Lung Condition (Now, look at the poisonous statins used to treat a nonexistent disease)
  430. EU calls for lifting job barriers to newcomers (Looks humane, but watch details)
  431. Bush condemns violence as rioting turns deadly (He who is instrumental?)
  432. The Real Story of Galileo (EU GPS system)
  433. Women soldiers died from dehydration :: Choice Changes :: Conscious Choices for a better world (Joys of being USian)
  434. US plans massive data sweep (as part of its terrorization campaign)
  435. So They Want To Read Your E-Mail? Give Them Something Good To Read!
  436. Trapped Like a Rat
  437. Israel plans to build 'museum of tolerance' on Muslim graves (What?!!!)
  438. Soldiers Face Debilitating Diseases
  439. 'Generation Debt' is going deep into the red
  440. Veteran Unemployment Rate Jumps to 15% (at least)
  441. Iran daily to sponsor Holocaust cartoons; Israeli News Agency responds witha contest of its own
  442. Zionist neocon 'clash of civilizations' behind Mohammed Cartoon....
  443. New Fields Exhibitions (Bird Flu Summit?)
  444. Russian gas supplies resume, but relations with Georgia and Armenia remain tense
  445. Australia: Labor attacks Howard from the right over "oil-for-food" scandal
  446. Germany: Biggest public service strike for 14 years
  447. Pentagon spells out strategy for global military aggression
  448. The New Robber Barons
  449. Bush Sneaks Social Security Plan into Budget (Sneaking and lying, lying and sneaking)
  450. Unholy Trinity: Katrina, Allbaugh and Brown
  451. DeLay Lands Coveted Appropriations Spot (The Criminal Congress)
  452. Guards Force-Feeding Prisoners at Guantanamo
  453. Secret Court's Judges Were Warned about NSA Spy Data
  454. Jason Leopold | Cheney Spearheaded Effort to Discredit Wilson
  455. Cindy Sheehan: "I Have Decided Not to Run"
  456. Defense Tech: Air Force Aims for Weather Control (Son of HAARP)
  457. The president, the stripper and the attorney general
  458. US thwarted terror attack on LA (Um -sure - absolutely)
  459. Chicago Tribune | The perspective of a Western Muslim (Proper sanity and understanding)
  460. Russia to meet Hamas leaders to prevent Mideast escalation
  461. AIG settlement targets investor suits
  462. AIG settlement targets investor suits
  463. AIG to Pay $1.6 Billion to Settle Fraud and Other Charges
  464. Tsunami warning issued for Alaska by mistake (Homeland Suckurity?)
  465. Alaska gets tsunami warning by mistake
  466. FDA: 25 died while using hyperactivity drugs (Now, this is your corpagov in action)
  467. In US Cancer Deaths, A Minus May Be a Plus (Stupid and insignificant)
  468. That low-fat diet may not protect you from cancer (no more than flapping your bed linens will change the aurora borealis)
  469. Computer crime costs $67 billion, FBI says (Probably, but since FBI lies a lot, who knows?)
  470. Republican Reform Initiative...DeLay Given Seat On Subcommittee Overseeing Justice Dept.'s Handling Of Abramoff Investigation.. (The Criminal Corpagov in action)
  471. 'Generation Debt' is going deep into the red (Just default: you have no other choice left)
  472. Zionist neocon 'clash of civilizations' behind Mohammed Cartoon....
  473. BELLACIAO - Ex-U.N. Inspector: Decision Already Made To Attack Iran - fidelista - Collective Bellaciao (But, of course; as Iraq, so now Iran)
  474. Russia confirms missile defence contract with Iran (Are the neocrazies paying attention?)
  475. The Raw Story | Educators face blowback for protesting Iraq war in schools(Moribund Nation)
  476. Bush faces Republican revolt over spying (Maybe - maybe yet another Hegelian farce)
  477. Senate GOP Reaches Deal on Patriot Act (Whatever it is, it ain't good)
  478. Florida officials outraged as U.S. proposes oil drilling 100 miles from state (LOL You wanted him, you got him, puke for brains)
  479. Abramoff says he met Bush "almost a dozen" times
  480. Paper: White House Knew About Levees Early
  481. Nerve gas warning proves false alarm (Of course. Remember Frist's "white powder". What was is, talcum or corn starch? Same shit, same people, same reason - just different day)
  482. Romania 'unsure on CIA flights' ("Unsure"?! LOL - sure, absolutely)
  483. Italy may put CIA agents on trial in absentia (Berlusconi will receive phone calls)
  484. Ex-CIA Official Faults Use of Data on Iraq (We know all of this)
  485. Australia: New laws to disenfranchise voters and boost corporate donations
  486. India's role in US-led gang-up against Iran inflames debate over Indo-US ties
  487. France: Hundreds of thousands protest against the CPE
  488. Trial of top Enron officials begins in Houston
  489. Denmark and Jyllands-Posten: The background to a provocation (READ)
  490. Church of England Votes to Divest from Israel
  491. Rumsfeld the Maximalist: the Long War
  492. Peter Phillips: Inside the Global Dominance Group (READ)
  493. Paul Craig Roberts: How Conservatives Went Crazy
  494. Mike Marqusee: the Human Majority was Right About Iraq
  495. Bush and Yamashita: War Crimes and Commanders-in-Chief
  496. Saree Makdisi: Tempest Over the Hamas Charter (READ)
  497. Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz: How Did Evo Morales Get to Power (READ)
  498. Carl G. Estabrook: a U.S. War Plan for Khurgestan? (Of course)
  499. US Suspected of Tapping Greek Leaders' Phones
  500. Many Guantanamo Detainees Not Tied to 'Hostile Acts'
  501. New Orleans: Stuck in Limbo
  502. White House Can't Sweep Aside Abramoff
  503. Abramoff Paid for Aide to Rep. Doolittle's Trip, Records Show
  504. Hastert, Frist Said to Rig Bill for Drug Firms
  505. Cheney 'Authorized' Libby to Leak Classified Information
  506. 10News.com - Men's Health - Controlling Cholesterol Counts (Bullshit pseudoscience, but stress caused by idiots does count)
  507. Holy Chip! Local woman sees Mary (Yes, and I have an image of Jesus Christ on my dick! He's smiling)
  508. CALIFORNIA / Death row appeal statement forged, D.A. says / Morales' roommate says she did not withdraw testimony(Are you ready to puke yet?)
  509. America's trade deficit hits all-time high - Stocks & Economy - MSNBC.com (That high will simply increase)
  510. Intel pros say Bush is lying about foiling 2002 terror attack (That is exactly, and only what the drunken psychopath does, lie)
  511. Defense Spending approaching Cold War high (already exceeded)
  512. Twenty-Three Intel Experts Say LA Terror Plot a Sham (Of course it is. Didi I not say that?!)
  513. Libby claims Cheney approved classified media leaks (Are you surprised?)
  514. Lobbyist Told Reporter of Nearly a Dozen Contacts With Bush (That's Abramoff, in case your idiot excuse for a mind was wondering)
  515. One-Third of Iraq Vets Suffer From Post-Traumatic Stress (Surprised? It's the understanding of the fraud of corpagov, you see)
  516. Domestic Surveillance: It's the Local Calls, Stupid!
  517. Bush's War Plan includes the Use of Nuclear Weapons (Of course: he's the greatest threat to all live on this planet)
  518. FLASHBACK: Bush refused to fund New Orleans flood and hurricane protection last February - NOLAJBS.net
  519. Political bias affects brain activity, study finds (No brains,; these are mere primitive ganglia. CF. planaria)
  520. Israel-Our Dangerous Parasite
  521. Ex-FEMA Chief Brown Blames DHS (He *has* to blame *somebody*)
  522. Missionaries obey order to leave Venezuelan jungle (espionage for whom)
  523. The Bushlings Next War (Iran)
  524. Poll rout piles pressure on Blair (Blair's demise would be a joy for the world)
  525. L.A. Mayor Blindsided by Terror Info (That was pure fabrication to begin with)
  526. How Many More Dead/Maimed For Life Troops Will It Take? (Question not operative)
  527. Currency Strategists: Goldman Says Dollar Has Reached `Peak' (Babbling)
  528. Israel fumes over Putin 'knife in back' (How fucking stupid *are* they?!)
  529. Canadian dollar parity with US dollar looms
  530. Hand back Falklands, Venezuela tells Blair (LOL)
  531. Privacy fears hit Google search
  532. Intel pros say Bush is lying about foiling 2002 terror attack (D these gangsters ever not lie?)
  533. Do We Have To Arrest Bush & Company Ourselves?
  534. President Bush Forever! (Ahriman has won)
  535. National Security Whistleblowers Hearing
  536. Some BofA clients find debit cards canceled (Refuse to pay forever)
  537. Photos Of Bush And Abramoff
  538. VA nurse investigated for "sedition" (??!! Lunatic Nation)
  539. A Jewish Perspective on GW Bush (READ!)
  540. Americans say president shouldn't suspend rights (and about puttong ther money where their stupid fucking mouths are?)
  541. Patriot Act Compromise Clears Way for Senate Vote (The Utterly Treasonous Congress doing what it does best)
  542. Mutual incomprehension, mutual outrage (YThis nothing to do with any reality)
  543. Muslim Fury Over Cartoons Unabated Amid Calls for Calm (Because you are whipping stupidity into a frenzy)
  544. US queries Putin on Hamas (How about, non of your fucking business?)
  545. Israeli fury as Moscow plans talks with Hamas (Fuck them, especially)
  546. Cartoon anger unabated (perhaps, if media could manage to shut their stupid mouths)
  547. Celebrations as ex-president of Haiti heads for election victory (and?)
  548. Last 100 years warmest since 9th century, say British researchers (Um - we're at the end of a millennia long ice age? Hello-o, morons?)
  549. Current Warming Period Is Longest in 1,200 Years, Study Says (Yes - so?)
  550. Expert sees grounds for hope on bird flu (for discovering that it's a fuclking fraud?)
  551. Panic, woes as bird flu ravages poultry (and a handful of humans who had the bad luck to fuck chickens)
  552. Warning Urged for ADHD Drugs (Like most pharma drugs, their poisons)
  553. FDA report details 25 deaths in people given ADHD drugs (Ooops, now try statins)
  554. American reporter appeals for help (Was she "embedded"?)
  555. US Interests and Israel/Palestine (are not at all mutual)
  556. Danish paper cancels plans to republish cartoons about Israel
  557. Football and pizza point to US staying for long haul (in Iraq)
  558. More Guard Units Going To Iraq
  559. Whistleblowers Are Not Protected, Mr. Gos
  560. United Press International - Security & Terrorism - BMD Focus:(delusional) Rumsfeld's first strike vision
  561. Three More Lawmakers Linked to Abramoff (Patience: they all will be shown) to be)
  562. Building scams soar in Japan
  563. Ch&#-11;&#-11;vez hits back at 'pawn of imperialism' Blair
  564. Brazil poised to join the world's nuclear elite (Ooops!)
  565. Turkish rush to embrace anti-US film
  566. Kurtlar vadisi - Irak (2006)
  567. Iran plant 'has restarted its nuclear bomb-making equipment' (Lying media is so much fun)
  568. Congress Attempts to Kill the "Third-Party Threat" (Criminal Congress)
  569. Why would Iran start an arms race in the Middle East? -
  572. CALIFORNIA / Death Row inmate's lawyers accused / Statements believed to be from jurors are alleged forgeries(Bizarre)
  573. France secretly upgrades capacity of nuclear arsenal
  574. 7 parties to oppose Bush's India visit
  575. Venezuela's Chavez Calls Bush 'Madman'
  576. Spread of Bird Flu Boosts Pandemic Chances (This is lunatic)
  577. Several wild birds killed by H5N1 flu in Italy (several wild birds?!!)
  578. detention centers (Bird Flu as cover for such and release of the 1918)
  579. Military's Role in a Flu Pandemic (enforced quarantines)
  580. Ind. Proposal: Life Starts at Conception
  581. South Dakota House Approves Abortion Ban
  582. Heights crowd steps up for anti-Bush activist
  583. Delphi wins court OK on executive salaries
  584. Abramoff Pressed GSA Contact on Getting Land
  585. Abramoff says Bush met, even joked, with him
  586. Bush's Budget Cuts Elderly Nutrition Plan
  587. Bush administration moves to sell national forest land
  588. Large Sale of Forest Planned
  589. More than $16 million in fines against mine operators are unpaid
  590. Auditors Find Huge Fraud in FEMA Aid
  591. Halliburton gets another $33 million for Hurricane Katrina clean-up
  592. Death toll from Katrina likely higher than 1,300
  593. Bush inaction 'delayed' Katrina aid
  594. Brown warned White House before Katrina struck
  595. Censorship Is Alleged at NOAA
  596. Drug Smuggling Air Marshals (What else could trhey be doing besides shooting people?)
  597. U.S. Concludes 'Cyber Storm' Mock Attacks (??!!)
  598. Police blotter: Patriot Act e-mail spying approved
  599. Patriot Act Compromise Clears Way for Senate Vote (Criminal Congress)
  600. Compromise on Patriot Act clears way for a Senate vote
  601. Some Doubt Seriousness of Terror Scheme Described By Bush (No?!! Really?)
  602. FBI says imam has links to terrorism (Um - sure - if you say so)
  603. Bail Denied for Brooklyn Bookseller Accused of Financing Terrorism
  604. A 'long war' designed to perpetuate itself
  605. Testimony at Senate hearing Former FEMA head says White House had early knowledge of Katrina's devastation
  606. US right responds to anti-Muslim cartoon controversy New York Times columnist David Brooks proposes the 'good crusade'
  607. Saul Landau: From Munich to Hamas
  608. John Boehner's Dirty Little Secret: Flying Lobbyist Air at $4,000 a Junket
  609. Paul Craig Roberts: Nuking the Economy (Corrected unemployment numbers)
  610. Bringing Democracy to the Federal Reserve (Darling! It's a private bank!)
  611. Alexander Cockburn: How Not to Spot a Terrorist
  612. Army Effort to Enlist Hispanics Draws Recruits, and Criticism
  613. 'New Populists' vs. the West
  614. Conservative Official Resigns Public Television Post (Some conservatives do know that they are frauds)
  615. Hits All-Time High (Wait until tomorrow)
  616. Consensus Grows for Curbs on Surveillance
  617. Stuck near Bottom (Should be measured in negative numbers)
  618. Ex-FEMA Chief Blames Homeland Security Officials (Clarity in truth is never simple)
  619. Republicans Challenge Wiretaps (only because *they* are being tapped)
  620. Attention in NSA Debate Turns to Telecom Industry
  621. Sharon's Emergency Operation 'a Success' (One wonderds how real *any* of this is)
  622. The Land of 10,770 Empty FEMA Trailers
  623. Abramoff's Charity Began at Home
  624. Sharon Undergoes Intestinal Surgery (when soul surgery is desperately needed)
  625. Sharon condition serious but stable after surgery (But, he's in a coma?
  626. US trade deficit soars to new high for fourth consecutive year
  627. Bird Flu Detected in Greece, Italy and Bulgaria (and still just as much a hoax)
  628. Update 2: Iran Leader Threatens New Nuclear Policy (Maybe they've had it with fucking US bullshit?)
  629. Iran warns may reconsider membership of atomic NPT
  630. Iran threat to revise nuke policy
  631. Katrina Report Spreads Blame (and confuses the obvious)
  632. Government wants to sell thousands of acres (not to mewntion hundreds of millions of US citizens)
  633. Stocks Dip on Trade Gap, Pfizer Outlook (That they should all die is too much to hope for)
  634. Luxembourg legislates to thwart Mittal
  635. Starving polar bears shame Bush to act (*nothing* shames the repto bastard)
  636. Churches to mark Darwin's birthday (All are not wacko)
  637. Compromise between Darwin and God -- Newsday.com
  638. Feds Recommend Warnings on ADHD Drugs (How about warnings on the feds?)
  639. 'Compulsive Hoarders' Can't Throw Things Away (like feds and their psychpathic lies)
  640. Bush Details Foiled 2002 Terror Plot (He's lying)
  641. France backs Russian policy on Hamas (Poor, poor poor, fucking genocidal Israelis)
  642. Ahmadinejad: Israel 'will be removed' (It is just a matter of time)
  643. Europe Can Take Pride in Defending Cartoons (NYT needs brain trnsplant for understanding exactlty nothing)
  644. Europe's cartoon battle lines are drawn in shades of grey, not ... (More babbling)
  645. Islam-West divide 'grows deeper' (Few will say Israel is at its heart)
  646. Scope of Los Angeles Terror Plot Remains Murky (Because it does not exist, and is a lie to begin with)
  647. Bush Says US Stopped Plot to Attack Los Angeles (Update4) (Bush says many things; he is a liar)
  648. Judge Dismisses Penultimate Ohio Lawsuit (Criminal Judiciary)
  649. U.S. Used 'Most Brutal and Inhumane' Methods In Hunger Strike at Guant&#-11;&#-11;namo(NYT occasionally has something that isn't a lie)
  650. US prepares military blitz against Iran's nuclear sites (or anything Iranian: the neocrazies *WANT* it)
  651. President Ahmadinejad's trap (READ)
  653. Intelligence, Policy,and the War in Iraq
  654. Iran is prepared to retaliate, experts warn - The Boston Globe
  655. CIA chief sacked for opposing torture - Sunday Times - Times Online
  656. Revealed: the terror prison US is helping build in Morocco - Sunday Times - Times Online(Outsourcing?)
  657. House Committee Kills Torture Inquiries :: from www.uruknet.info :: news from occupied Ira
  658. 'US plans military blitz against Iran's nuke sites'
  659. The Lowdown on Sweet?
  660. Wikipedia Vandalism An Internet dream is hacked to pieces (How your government works for you)
  661. "Killing One Person Is Murder: Killing Thousands At 9/11 Is Domestic Policy": This bumber sticker slogan on Seattle resident's car has lead to MKULTRA tactics being used against her.
  662. $521,000: The average pay of Goldman Sachs employees and that includes secretaries
  663. AETNA Loses Major Dental Case in Fed Court - Is This Their Demise?...
  664. White House Acknowledges Abramoff Photo (Oh, yeah - him)
  665. Annan prepares for privatisation of UN (Who gets the contracts? Let me guess)
  666. 'Cyber Storm' tests US defences
  667. The secret of Israel's Kadima party - Uri Avnery
  668. Irans Oil Exchange Threatens The Greenback (It does indeed, but at a most inconvenient time)
  669. The art of deception: Is it war for oil or war to save the dollar? (Both and more)
  670. Blair promises Iraq 'abuse' probe (and lies as usual)
  671. Exclusive: Brutal & British caught on video
  672. Google Copies Your Hard Drive - Government Smiles in Anticipation (would you be that stupid?)
  673. Nuclear War against Iran
  674. aangirfan: Video shows British troops brutally beating Iraqi children inside military compound. Video shows corpse.
  675. Britain's Breaking Abu Ghraib Scandal
  676. NY Times: Bush Is "Striking At The Civil Liberties, Due Process And BalanceOf Powers that are The Heart of American Democracy (NYT discovers reality, and how long can they hold on to it?)
  677. Fair and Balanced?: Death Threats Hit Prominent Political Columnists
  678. Berlusconi: I'm Christ of politics (just a tad unhinged)
  679. Nor'easter Dumps Nearly Two Feet of Snow
  680. Bush Administration Details $1B Land Sales
  681. Judge Dismisses Penultimate Ohio Lawsuit
  682. Hurricane victims losing hotel rooms
  683. White House Faces Opposition to User Fees
  684. Air Force Eases Rules on Religion
  685. The Line Has Crossed Us All: &#-11;&#-11;&#-11;Aiding and Abetting&#-11;&#-11;&#-11; Conviction Brings Six-Month Prison Sentence in SOA Trials
  686. Brown pledges new action on terror laws when he takes over (Oh joy!)
  687. Inquiry Into Wiretapping Article Widens
  688. Iran's really big weapon (Bourse)
  689. Iraqis Remain Starved of Electricity
  690. Bomb Buster for Iraq Hits Pentagon Snag (Hmm)
  691. U.S. Used 'Most Brutal and Inhumane' Methods In Hunger Strike at Guant&#-11;&#-11;namo
  692. Book Casts Doubt on Case for War
  693. Senators: Cheney Should Be Probed in Leak
  694. Cheney shoots man in hunt error (Hmmm)
  695. Random Walk: Economic Dark Matter may be more alchemy than physics
  696. Cartoon controversy could spin out of control: Rice (She is just so fucking brilliant, I can hardly stand it)
  697. Army's image in Iraq under the spotlight (again - and yet)
  698. Can Shiite Jaafari unify the new Iraq? (Not if US can wiggle it otherwise)
  699. Haiti Joins 'Left Wing' in Latin America
  700. Sharon in stable condition after emergency operation (Um - but his brain is dead?)
  701. G8 tells Russia: Break gas monopoly (I guess that told them!)
  702. Security Fixes Come Faster With Mozilla (This is news?!)
  703. US advisers criticize FDA drug safety board (It's corpagov!)
  704. In Algeria, Rumsfeld Welcomes Counter-Terrorism Cooperation (Uh-oh!)
  705. I Led Three Lives - Wikipedia (They have always been here)
  706. Medical Informatics Student Blog (The level of knowledge and intelligence of medical students is truly scary)
  707. UN inquiry demands immediate closure of Guantanamo (LOL - yeah right)
  708. Revealed: the terror prison US is helping build in Morocco
  709. US prepares military blitz against Iran's nuclear sites
  710. '10,000 would die' in A-plant attack on Iran
  711. Arab firm to oversee 6 U.S. ports (LMAO - Bush sets up next 9/11)
  712. US Northeast Residents to Face Messy Commute After Blizzard (How abouta fuck you, and staying home?)
  713. Hunting-related accidents rare, state data show (Not when a lunatic Cheney is involved)
  714. Scots troops' anger over Iraqi beating footage
  715. Republicans brand Katrina response a national failure (which is to say Republican failure - not that Dems are anything worth keeping alive)
  716. At Churches Nationwide, Good Words for Evolution
  717. Iran Calls on Rice, Denmark to Apologize Over Cartoon Dispute (Knowing full well that neither will)
  718. The Blog | Karen Kwiatkowski: Why We Fight | The Huffington Post (READ!)
  719. Nepal's king faces exile or execution: Maoist chief
  720. U.S. Trade Deficit Widened to $65.7 Billion in December
  721. Salt Lake Tribune - Opinion
  722. Record Sales of Sleeping Pills Are Causing Worries (It's the other way around, stupid)
  723. Russias Communist Leader Calls Cartoon Scandal US Provocation
  724. U.S. support has allowed Israel to violate Palestinian rights repeatedly | www.azstarnet.com &#-11;&#-11;
  725. A 'long war' designed to perpetuate itself
  726. Consumer debt level beats UK output
  727. Enron execs face evidence
  728. What is it with the US Secretaries of State?
  729. Report: U.S. Is Abusing Captives (Who does it not abuse?)
  730. Every move you make ... they'll be watching you
  731. The top two Republicans in Congress caught in an outright lie
  732. Conservative Ann Coulter describes Muslims as ragheads (and we still call her "conservative"?)
  733. Outed CIA officer was working on Iran, intelligence sources say (That isinteresting, isn't it?)
  734. Huge oil profits skew earnings picture
  735. WTO Rules U.S. Tax Breaks Illegal; EU to Retaliate
  736. Bush Admin. spent over $1.6 Billion on advertising and P.R. since 2003, GAO finds
  737. Global warming: passing the 'tipping point' (Babbling)
  738. AT&T sued over alleged role in NSA surveillance program
  739. Pennsylvania man accused of terrorist plot: report (bizarre)
  740. Intel pros say Bush is lying about foiling 2002 terror attack (Of course, he's lying)
  741. Who orchestrated leak of CIA agent's identity?
  742. Military Police Make Arrest in Beating of Iraqis, U.K. Says (and it will be forgotten under a mountain of yet more atrocities)
  743. Gore accuses U.S. of 'terrible abuses' (squeak, squeak, squeak, ...)
  744. Revealed: the terror prison US is helping build in Morocco
  745. Into the valley of death: UK troops head into Afghan war zone
  746. Lights Out: 30-Day Electricity Fast Begins
  747. Billions Wasted In Iraq? (Um - yes - haven't figured this out yet?!)
  748. More Questions Raised About Delay in Reporting Cheney Misfire
  749. Cheney hunts quail and everyone else ducks
  750. Duck! Cheney blasts pal
  751. Cheney bags a lawyer on Shooting Trip
  752. White House under fire over Cheney shooting
  753. Yanks Cock Up the Right to Free Speech
  754. Study: Estrogen-Only Hormone Therapy Is Safe (the wandering truthvalues of pseudoscience)
  755. Iran Attack: Turning America into a Straussian Totalitarian State
  756. Syria switches to euro amid confrontation with US
  757. Air marshals face smuggling charges
  758. Bush nominates Lambright head Export-Import Bank
  759. Israel, We Bless Thee
  760. Blair wins key vote on ID cards
  761. U.S. agency pushes electronic biosurveillance project
  762. U.S. Royalty Plan to Give Windfall to Oil Companies
  763. FBI stages violent raids in Puerto Rico
  764. Video shows British Army brutality in Iraq
  765. US trade gap hits another record
  766. Cheney's hunting accident: a bizarre and sinister episode
  767. Haiti: mass protests erupt over vote count
  768. Pentagon prepares for military strikes against Iran
  769. Congressional report condemns government response to Hurricane Katrina
  770. Mike Whitney: Riding High With Hugo Chavez
  771. Deadeye Dick: If Stupidity Were Impeachable, Cheney Would Be History
  772. Whistleblowers and Witch Hunters: the Bush Inquisition
  773. Axis of Child Abusers: UK Troops Beat Up Barefoot Iraqi Teens
  774. First Photo of Bush and Abramoff
  775. War Profiteering Trial Begins Tomorrow
  776. Voodoo head found in air luggage (Hazaradous material? Get a brain)
  777. Thousands of child 'witches' turned on to the streets to starve (Ahh Christianity)
  778. Envoys Say Iran Has Begun Nuclear Work (Yeah - so?)
  779. Iran: Pushing the Limits on Nuclear Power (Asshole)
  780. EU says will retaliate if US ignores WTO ruling (US started this shit)
  781. Hussein throws tantrum in court (He's entitled)
  782. Hussein Returns to Trial After Boycott (farce)
  783. Gun safety curbs accidents (But C. is an infabt with scalpels)
  784. Chertoff vows to fix response to disasters (LOL - sure, positively!)
  785. EU: US must comply with tax ruling (Wishful thinking)
  786. Bald eagle closer to coming off endangered species list (and humans?)
  787. Belgium finds no sign of bird flu in dead swan (Ooops! More lies for the fraud)
  788. Estrogen Therapy Could Have Some Heart Benefits (or not - idiots!)
  789. MPs to march in protest against cartoons today (Economic dissolution is irrelevant: MPs *are* a cartoon, and an evil one)
  790. Bush Tags Bloggers As Terrorists (inevitable)
  791. U.S., Israel Consider Plan to Starve Hamas (Bizarre)
  792. Under Fire for Plame Leak, Cheney Builds NSA Stone Wall
  793. Assorted Musings on "Dead Eye" Dick Cheney (with disappearing webpages)
  794. The Truth About George W. Bush
  795. The Pentagons War on the Internet
  796. Scotsman.com News - Opinion - Blair looking at legacy of disaster in Muslim (and why has he not been gotten rid of?)
  797. Israel 'has annexed Jordan Valley and shut out Palestinians'
  798. Clearing the air: MPs to call time on smoking in all pubs (How come they *all* have not been gotten rid of?)
  799. The Terrance Yeakey Cover-Up (OKC bombing)
  800. NSA HIRES NEWS AGENCIES (to spread out their manure)
  801. Former Official Backs Lobbyists in Leak Case (More interesting than it looks)
  802. The photos America doesn't want seen - World - smh.com.au
  803. Goodbye Iraq, hello Afghanistan - pepe escobar
  804. Abramoff Said to Claim Close Ties to Rove
  805. Soldier arrested over abuse of Iraqis
  806. nbc30.com - News - Man Shot By Dick Cheney Has 'Minor' Heart Attack
  807. Cheney not licensed to shoot birds (or friends)
  808. Cheney issued a warning for breaking Texas hunting law (Any of us, however, would be tortured)
  809. John Ross: Bush's Mexican Poodle
  810. Ray McGovern: Who Will Blow the Whistle About Iran?
  811. William A. Cook: Palestinian Ballots vs. Israeli Bullets
  812. Don Santina: DiFi and the Royal Democrats
  813. John Sugg: Daniel Pipes and the Danish Editor (READ)
  814. 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' Costs More Than Expected
  815. Years after Two Afghans Died, Abuse Case Falters (Unsurprising)
  816. Abramoff Said to Claim Close Ties to Rove
  817. Haitians Angry over Election Take to Streets (More guts that you know who)
  818. US Faces New Threat of EU Trade Sanctions
  819. Bush Royalty Plan Biggest Oil and Gas Giveaway in History
  820. Clients' Rewards Keep K Street Lobbyists Thriving
  821. Pombo on Defensive over Ties to Abramoff
  822. Cheneys response a concern to GOP
  823. US Justice Department confirms airline price-fixing investigation
  824. US and Israel 'trying to destabilise Hamas'
  825. Mashaal: Palestinians 'ready to starve' rather than submit
  826. Asbestos Bill Is Sidelined by the Senate (Criminal Congress)
  827. Actor Penn's death 'an accident'
  828. Cheney victim suffers setback
  829. Moscow to Tehran: Don't test our patience (Political babbling by Turks)
  830. Asbestos fund fails in Senate (Criminal Congress)
  831. Dow cracks 11,000; oil plunges (Minor economic riot)
  832. Gates outlines computer security efforts (Babbling)
  833. Europe suprised to see H5N1-hit dead swans (that is a fiction )
  834. Wal-Mart Forced To Stock Contraceptive (More bisarre shit from orpagov)
  835. Judge banishes 9/11 figure from court during jury selection (speaking of kafkaesque bizarre)
  836. Abu Ghraib- New Horrors Revealed
  837. The photos America doesn't want seen
  838. Bernanke says higher US rates may be needed
  839. HHS Awards BioShield Contract for Two Additional Medical Countermeasures for Radiological or Nuclear Incidents (??!)
  840. Doctors won't risk surgery to remove pellet in Cheney shooting victim
  841. Abu Ghraib a terrorist training ground, say army chiefs
  842. More snaps from Abu Ghraib
  843. Weldon: 'Able Danger' identified Atta 13 times
  844. U.S. Rep.: 9/11 Leader ID'd Repeatedly Before Attack
  845. Hunter shot by Cheney suffers heart attack, remains at risk (if he dies of heart attack, Bigus Dickus won't be arrested and stuff)
  846. MSNBC Scrubbing Cheney Alcohol Connection?
  847. 2 Major Construction Unions Plan to Leave A.F.L.-C.I.O.
  848. The politics of fear (or how Tony Blair misled us over the war on terror)
  849. China Says Web Controls Follow the West's Lead
  850. Poll: Americans fear Iran will develop, use nukes (Babbling corpagov bullshit)
  851. Tiny island that's ready to stop Europe in its tracks (The EU sucks, big time)
  852. Terror threat: The great deception
  853. Hunter shot by Cheney has heart attack (or not)
  854. Bin Laden tapes are as phony as Sept. 11's connection to Islam
  855. Ricin plot: London and Washington used plot to strengthen Iraq war push
  856. Secret Service stalls and delays for Cheney
  857. Congressional Probe of NSA Spying Is in Doubt (What would it amount to?)
  858. Secret Saddam WMD Tapes Subject of ABC Nightline Special -- 02/15/2006 (More government fabricated bullshit)
  859. OfficialWire: Editorial: Jew Gotta' Friend At Google
  860. Media Ignores Cheney 'Smoking Gun'
  861. Los Angeles Times: Army Accepting More Recruits With Criminal, Drug Histories
  862. U.S. Money Aids World&#-11;&#-11;&#-11;s Worst Dictators: Newsroom: The Independent Institute
  863. BBC NEWS | Programmes | File on 4 | Hidden history of US germ testing
  864. US to promote democracy in Iran: Rice : HindustanTimes.com (Hello-o?!)
  865. New attack on freedom of expression Australian police seize artwork from gallery
  866. Bush appointees censor scientists at government agencies
  867. Britain: Parliament agrees to compulsory ID cards (Off with their heads)
  868. In their own words: the politics behind the anti-Muslim cartoons
  869. "Made in the USA" election crisis in Haiti (Oh - I am *so* surprised!)
  870. The United States of Enron
  871. Winter of Discontent: a 34-Day Fast Against the War
  872. Down the Expulsion Highway
  873. The Rhetorical Gore
  874. Saree Makdisi: Israeli Ultiimatums
  875. Democrats Shoot Their Own, Too (They're paid to)
  876. Haiti's Elections: Chaos, Supression and Fraud
  877. Hackett Says 'Betrayed' by Democratic Party (It's a loathsome dung pile)
  878. Man Shot by Cheney Has Mild Heart Attack (as a convenience so Cheney will not be convicted to either manslaughter or gross stupidity, drunkenness, ...)
  879. US and Israel Deny Plans to Drive Hamas from Power (But, of course they do: it's what liars do)
  880. More Abu Ghraib Torture Pictures Published (How much *more* can there be!?)
  881. Jason Leopold | Gonzales Withholding Plame Emails (G. is a criminal, just like the rest)
  882. Quick Rise for Purveyors of Propaganda in Iraq (What Bushco is spending your bucks on)
  883. Haitian Front-Runner Breaks Silence; Charges Fraud (and now has the goods)
  884. EU Seeks CIA Info on Secret Prisons (Info? Surely you jest)
  885. Chertoff Chastised by Senate Committee on Katrina (Hanging hin sounds good)
  886. Whistleblower Alleges Second Wiretap Program (Would you believe *Three*?)
  887. Enron's 'Goofy' Accounting (Try "Insurer Accounting"!)
  888. Iraq images show 'more depravity'
  889. 325,000 Names on Terrorism List (Are there that many corpagov officials?)
  890. When will you Boomers die? Take this test (Then check with Madame Zenobia)
  891. Bush plans huge propaganda campaign in Iran (LMAO)
  892. Rice Is Seeking Millions to Prod Changes in Iran (after her brain transplant?)
  893. British Lawmakers Vote to Ban 'Glorifying' Terrorism (which means what, exactly? Glorifying USUKIL?)
  894. Civil liberties fear as US terror suspect list rises to 325,000
  895. Bill would put flags in all Ariz. classrooms by 2007 (Um - why?)
  896. White House Eyes Atomic Illness Cost Cap
  897. Democrats seek to repeal US vaccine liability law (Yeah - right!)
  898. Public Readiness and Emergency Preparedness Act (Criminal Congress)
  899. Hastert, Frist said to rig bill for drug firms
  900. Bird flu could kill 214,000 Aussies (Hoax)
  901. Bird flu pandemic would 'kill millions, shut down economy' (Cover for deliberate 1918 infection)
  902. Chertoff Admits Katrina Response Fumbled (and when the next garbage "news" arrives, who will notice?)
  903. El Al Airlines installs anti-missile systems on passenger aircraft
  904. Gonzales says he's independent, but still a policy advocate for Bush(Hello-o?)
  905. Media Ignores Cheney 'Smoking Gun' (What do you expect?)
  906. Man Shot by Cheney to Remain Hospitalized
  907. Cheney Could Face Charges in Shooting (Yeah - right!)
  908. Cheney Says He Can't Discuss CIA Leak Case (It's a secret)
  909. Cheney may be witness in CIA case (As if)
  910. Hussein Reportedly Warned U.S. of Terrorism (It's a fucking circus!)
  911. UN disturbed by abuse photos (As if)
  912. More Abu Ghraib Images Could Harm Troops, Official Says (Before, or after his brain transplant?)
  913. Latest Abu Ghraib photos authentic, says official (They don't really show much, and are disinformative)
  914. New Abu Ghraib photos linked to earlier abuses (and are posed)
  915. Feingold Again Tries to Block Patriot Act (I still don't trust him)
  916. Congressional Probe of NSA Spying Is in Doubt (The Congress is in doubt)
  917. Whistleblower says NSA violations bigger (than what?)
  918. Gonzales Withholding Plame Emails
  919. U.S. Embassy ready to evacuate as nepal'e king prepares for exile (What happens with US military bases there?)
  920. Oscar organizers deny pressure on Palestinian film (I.e., they're lying)
  921. US row leads Syria to snub dollar (This should be fun)
  922. E-tracking through your cell phone (Don't use them)
  923. Israel lobbies against "Palestine" tag at Oscars
  924. Unresolved questions in the Cheney shooting incident
  925. Frist Pushes Investor Tax Cut Extension (Wouldn't he just)
  926. Bush Promotes Health Accounts at Wendy's (Emergency brain transplant!)
  927. Iraq Death Squad Claims to Be Investigated (There's no end in sight)
  928. US launches diplomatic offensive against Iran (Morons on the march)
  929. CNN Blames the Photos, Not the Torture - by Jeremy Scahill (Why should anyone watch CNN?)
  930. Saddam is to have warned the USA (Um almost 20 years ago?)
  931. The Dollar Dumped
  932. Mexico admits hostage rescue was staged for TV
  933. Simon Tisdall: Africa's forgotten crises
  934. Another More Secret Wiretapping Program
  935. An Arrogance of Power
  936. Yet more Abu Ghraib
  937. Iraqi government denounces Abu Ghraib abuse
  938. Reigniting Spanish flu (using bird flu as cover)
  939. Ehrlich wary of voting method
  940. Senate aide's spouse gets a windfall (Arlen Specter)
  941. Telegraph concedes to Galloway (Bravo George)
  942. US troops arrest Iraq police death squad (Um - sure)
  943. Iraq calls on US to hand over Iraqi detainees
  944. Iraq seethes after new prisoner abuse footage
  945. New pictures reveal extent of abuse at Abu Ghraib jail
  946. Salon's Abu Ghraib Photo Gallery
  947. The Abu Ghraib files
  948. Cheney Mishap Takes Focus Off CIA Leak (Mishap?! Victim is still in hospital)
  949. Farcical municipal elections intensify political instability in Nepal
  950. Britain: Why did it take so long to bring Abu Hamza to trial?
  951. Warning of new Haiti intervention US troop deployment sparks protests in Dominican Republic
  952. Australian TV airs more photos of US torture at Abu Ghraib
  953. Unresolved questions in the Cheney shooting incident
  954. Paul Craig Roberts: Their Own Economic Reality
  955. Norman Solomon: Dick Cheney's Fox Trot (responsibility, and other frauds)
  956. Lila Rajiva: Pictures That Didn't Make the Exhibition
  957. Abramoff Bragged of Ties to Rove
  958. Amid China Threat, US to Hold Mammoth Naval Operations in Pacific
  959. Iraq 'Death Squad Caught in Act' (or?)
  960. Toxic toads 'threaten disaster' (Another created ecological nightmare for AU)
  961. Turkey Recipes
  962. The Raw Story | Documents show Maryland held election, primary on uncertified, illegal Diebold voting machines
  963. FT.com / Middle East & Africa / Iraq - Iraq economy falls below pre-war levels(Rice lies, and that's all she does)
  964. Flamethrowers - Chris Floyd (READ)
  965. Bush Approves Cheney's Handling of Mishap
  966. Lonely Defenders of Civil Liberties
  967. Senate easily cuts off Feingold Patriot Act filibuster (Criminal Congress)
  968. Renewal of Patriot Act Clears Hurdle in U.S. Senate (Criminal Congress)
  969. Accord in House to Hold Inquiry on Surveillance (BFD)
  970. Justice Dept. Role in Eavesdropping Decision Under Review (BFD)
  971. U.S. must release domestic spying documents (will simply refuse)
  972. White House Ordered to Release Spy Papers (will simply refuse)
  973. Police clear Cheney in mishap (Would they dare not?)
  974. Abu Ghraib leaked report reveals full extent of abuse
  975. Israel may brand PA a 'terror entity' (Israel remaining the genocidal entity)
  976. Senate Rejects Wiretapping Probe (Criminal Congress)
  977. Treasury notes climb on Bernanke remarks (What moron would buy them?)
  978. White House Defends Sale of Port Operations to Arab Firm
  979. See No Evil, Become That Evil: Supporting the War As An Act of Unpatriotic Cowardice
  980. The Seattle Times: Opinion: Orwell wrote Bush's script (A little late figuring this out?)
  981. War threats follow Countries dumping US dollar: Syria, Iran, Iraq, Venezuela
  982. Likud election ad angers Russia
  983. Kassams at Ashkelon pose grave threat (Hmmmm?)
  984. Pakistan: Rioters set McDonald's ablaze
  985. Three Journalists Face Jail For Revealing Existence Of CIA Prisons In Europ
  986. Half of America thinks Bush broke the law
  987. The Long War
  989. U.S. Rejects U.N. Report on Gitmo (customary childishness)
  990. Chertoff's Sweetheart Deal For Israeli-Owned Carnival Cruise Cruise Line
  991. Bush may be crossing the Rubicon from republic to dictatorship
  993. Sea levels likely to rise much faster than was predicted (or not)
  994. Global warming '30 times quicker than it used to be' (Bizarr nonsequitur)
  995. Reports: China, Iran Near Huge Oil Deal
  996. Senate Rejects Wiretapping Probe
  997. Democrats plan bill to block Dubai-US port deal
  998. Police chief wants Surveillance Cameras in Houston Apartments (?!)
  999. Guantanamo Britons win court victory (US as berzerker nation)
  1000. Abu Ghraib leaked report reveals full extent of abuse
  1001. Diagram in Cheney's accident report wrong
  1002. Pregnant immigrant miscarries after being abused by federal agents
  1003. Bankruptcy court approves Delphi executive bonuses
  1004. US auto union pressures Delphi workers to accept concessions deal
  1005. Britain: Parliament approves police state measures in Terrorism Bill
  1006. Intrigues continue to stall new Iraqi government
  1007. UN report denounces US torture and calls for closure of Guant&#-11;&#-11;namo prison camp
  1008. The Abu Ghraib photos and the anti-Muslim "free speech" fraud
  1009. ABC's Primetime "Teen Sex Slaves" Scam
  1010. Deadeye Dick: Who Dares Call Him Chickenhawk Now?
  1011. Apartheid Gates: IDF Establishes "Israeli Only" Crossings
  1012. Ramzy Baroud: Weathering the Globalization Storm
  1013. Gary Leupp: The Mad is No Longer Out of the Question
  1014. FBI Home Invasions in Puerto Rico
  1015. Secret War Plans and the Malady of American Militarism
  1016. Niger Uranium Rumors Kept Alive by White House, DoD
  1017. Haitians Dance for Joy as Preval Is Declared Winner
  1018. His Star Fallen, DeLay Sees His Pet (Pork) Project Fade
  1019. Rice: US Pursues 'Inoculation' Strategy to Curb Chavez (Bitch is desperate, and desperately stupid)
  1020. White House Defends Sale of Six Major American Ports to Arab Company
  1021. Israel | Rothschild-Israel Connection
  1022. China Rushes to Complete $100B Deal With Iran
  1023. Phony War for Perpetual War (Obvious for how many years?)
  1024. US intelligence rattled once more
  1025. U.S.: Ex-CIA Official Publicly Challenges Pre-War Iraq Assessment
  1026. Rumsfeld Says U.S. Will Not Close Guantanamo (What were you expecting?)
  1027. Blair admits Guant&#-11;&#-11;namo Bay is 'anomaly' but sidesteps closure calls (It is *NOt* an anomaly)
  1028. Judge's anger at US torture
  1029. First cases of H5N1 bird flu reported in Egypt (Chinese continue the propagation of bullshit)
  1030. French bird flu sparks UK worries (More bullshit)
  1031. Bird flu reaches France for first time (No human to human transmission has ever been asserted - or found)
  1032. Now France confirms bird flu as deadly virus spreads across Europe (More terrorizing bullshit)
  1033. Bird flu strain is now within 400 miles of Britain's shores (and more yet)
  1034. KBR's detention centers (which is exactly what has been planned)
  1035. Bird flu could hit Florida first (How convenient for the dictitorial state)
  1036. Hamas set to lead Palestinian parliament
  1037. Uproar over Iraq abuse: Dont blame the photos
  1038. FEMA needs independence, former chief says (Yeah - right!)
  1039. January wholesale prices rise more than expected (More than *who* expected?)
  1040. Dollar up after US PPI, Japan GDP (Bullshit)
  1041. Q&A: Congressman Tom Lantos (asshole)
  1042. Migration increases fears over bird flu (A fraud)
  1043. Birds test negative for deadly virus
  1044. World has wrong image of our group: Hamas leader (as it's an Israeli construction?_)
  1045. 'It will be tough to get UN sanctions against Iran' (Indeed)
  1046. Rice slams Iran nuclear plans (Rice needs a mouth implant)
  1047. Promoting American democracy in Iran?
  1048. At least nine killed in Libya as cartoon protests escalate
  1049. Cutting Off US Aid to Palestinians Not Easy
  1050. Hamas parliament set to meet
  1051. US Stiffens Rules on Beef Exports in Effort to Placate Japan (?)
  1052. US Assets Safe in China, Fed Chief Says (Hmm: China assests are in US, not the reverse)
  1053. Sweden stuns US women in shootout (Um - realtively speaking, who cares?)
  1054. Migration increases fears over bird flu (anthrax, anthrax, anthrax .... same thing)
  1055. Against undue reflection (LMFGDAO!)
  1056. I think, therefore I stuff it all up (LOL - missin the point entirely, of course, for corpagov excrement)
  1057. Infiltrating Iran
  1058. US Military Adding New Construction at Guantanamo
  1059. The Dangers of a Middle East Nuclear War
  1060. 'The Americans are breaking international law... it is a society headingtoward Animal Farm' - Archbishop Sentamu
  1061. Record number of Britons move abroad for better life
  1063. How the Dems Kill Their Own: Remembering Howard Dean
  1064. Fired Editors of Chinese Journal Call for Free Speech in Public Letter
  1065. Impeaching Bush Is 'Cause Worth Fighting for,' Actor Says
  1066. What Bush Is Up To - by Charley Reese (This is some of it, but near all)
  1067. State Department sends Hughes to salve Islamic ire (How stupid can you get?)
  1068. War Dead (The list)
  1069. ..: When Your Home is Converted into a Jail :..
  1070. Karen Hughes - A Chilling Tale of Propaganda
  1071. Iran was on edge; now it's on top
  1072. The Truth about Torture
  1073. Selling War against Iran
  1074. Poland will not let Iran "research" Holocaust
  1075. Losing our values in the war on terror
  1076. Palestinians ordered to return US aid (?!)
  1077. US Military Adding New Construction at Guantanamo
  1078. Supervisors committee recommends Bush impeachment
  1079. In N.C., GOP Requests Church Directories (?!)
  1080. Red State, Meet Police State
  1081. Libby's Bid for Classified Documents Opposed
  1082. VP Accident Tale Filled With Discrepancies
  1083. University of Illinois student newspaper publishes anti-Muslim cartoons Students for Social Equality holding public meeting on controversy
  1084. Verdi trade union expands labour dispute German public service strike grows into confrontation with the grand coalition
  1085. Indian Supreme Court imposes sweeping ban on public debate on toxic warship(Bizarre)
  1086. US and Israel plot overthrow of Hamas-led Palestinian Authority
  1087. Cheney "takes responsibility"--without accountability or consequences
  1088. Hurricane Katrina and the "war on terrorism"
  1089. Bush administration seeks funds for regime change in Iran
  1090. Chan Chee Khoon: Privatizing the World Bank?
  1091. Brian Tokar: WTO vs. Europe
  1092. Health Savings Accounts: a Boon for the Bosses
  1093. Paul Craig Roberts: From Conservatives to Brownshirts
  1094. Edward F. Mooney: Is Liberalism a Failing Religion?
  1095. Joe DeRaymond: A Case of Injustice in Pennsylvania
  1096. A Half-Dozen Questions About 9/11 They Don't Want You to Ask
  1097. Usma Aslam Khan: Watching with Glee (READ)
  1098. Gonzales Won't Step Aside in Abramoff Case
  1099. Prosecutors Seek 10 Years for Cunningham (in a flurry of hypocrisy)
  1100. Three Plead Not Guilty to New NY Terror Indictment
  1101. White House Joins Texas Redistricting Case (Criminal Corpagov)
  1102. Chavez Threatens to Cut Off Oil Exports to U.S.
  1103. One Half of U.S. Presidents Were Mentally Ill (*That* isn't difficult to believe)
  1104. RadioShack Profit Falls; Store Closures Planned (But Halliburton is doing just great!)
  1105. Wholesale prices rise in Jan, rate hikes seen (i.e., you are fucked)
  1106. Bosnian rape drama 'Grbavica' wins Berlin's Golden Bear top prize
  1107. McDonald's Goofs Again: French Fries Aren't Gluten-Free After All! (Nothing is as it appears or claims to be)
  1108. Rice on Foreign Affairs (The Lying Moron speaks, and having puked, moves on)
  1109. Haitis Future : Democracy or Mobocracy ? (We'll just have to see)
  1110. Guantanamo camp 'an anomaly' says Blair (When was Blair not a liar?)
  1111. Europe stands firm on GM food despite WTO (May it stay firm)
  1112. WWIII or Bust: Implications of a US Attack on Iran
  1113. Lets indeed talk about Iraq Losing its innocents
  1114. Not terribly pro-life, is it Mr President?
  1115. 37 million poor hidden in the land of plent
  1116. Was Cheney Close To Turning An Accident Into Murder?
  1117. There is no war on terrorism
  1118. Harvard study blasts Bush education policy - Jason Sze
  1119. Jewish group: Try Ahmadinejad for incitement to genocide (Israel actually committing genocide is clearly of no importance)
  1120. Masters of Deception - by Justin Raimondo
  1121. Who Will Blow the Whistle Before We Attack Iran?
  1122. Blunder left trail of lethal radiation (UK)
  1123. Neturei Karta - Orthodox Jews United Against Zionism
  1124. Lockerbie - new forensic tests suggest evidence was planted by the CIA
  1125. Capitol Hill Blue: This dog don't hunt
  1126. Leaks found at two more Illinois nuclear plants
  1127. The Shot Heard Round the World
  1128. Colombia Activist Flays US Rice (almost warms my cockles)
  1129. Truth About Iraqis: Saddam's lawyer says Iran tried to bribe him not to reveal evidence implicating it in Halabja bombing
  1130. Six bodies found in wreck of small plane in Iraq
  1131. UK radiation jump blamed on Iraq shells
  1132. The Shame of the Prisons
  1133. Shameful: This is the world's view on Guantanamo. But Tony Blair still calls it 'an anomaly'
  1134. Report: Pentagon Warned on Torture, Abuse
  1135. Torture flights landed in UK, admit air controllers
  1136. Abbas calls aid restrictions 'financial crisis' (as intended)
  1137. US Marines Join Search for Landslide Survivors (and not murder them?!)
  1138. Briefs: Militants threaten to attack oil tankers
  1139. Iran will consider nuclear offer
  1140. Iran: No preconditions in N-talks with Russia
  1141. Senator Lieberman Says US Should `Dissolve' Embattled FEMA (Babbling idiot)
  1142. Bush Didn't Need to Get Court Approval for Wiretaps, Frist Says (Another babbling idiot)
  1143. Bernanke Enthralls Economists, Investors (Bad omen)
  1144. McDonald's sued over french fry ingredients (Nothing is what it pretends to be)
  1145. Chirac launches European bird flu action plan (Get a grip, babe!)
  1146. Update 6: Nigerian Militants Threaten Oil Tankers
  1147. Cartoon riots kill 16 in Nigeria (crazier and crazier)
  1148. Israel Stops Payments to Palestinians (Again?)
  1149. India kills mass of chickens after bird flu case reported - report (This is beyond ridiculous lying)
  1150. Russia hosts Iranians for key talks on nuclear row
  1151. Muslim protesters throw eggs at US Embassy in Indonesia (Why waste the eggs?)
  1152. How to shoot yourself in the foot ("Dead eye Dick" again)
  1153. US Firms Balance Morality, Commerce (Balance?! What kind of idiocy is that?)
  1154. The Internet and free speech don't click in China (This is news?)
  1155. Gay cowboy film scoops four Baftas (So now alleged "global warming" willbe god's retribution?)
  1156. Nepal bans Indian poultry products on bird flu fears (You would think they have some important reality to deal with)
  1157. Britain lets poultry run free despite bird flu fear (Do they know something?)
  1158. Data Mining 101: Finding Subversives with Amazon Wishlists
  1159. Bin Laden vows never to be captured alive (Would a dead CIA agent be captured alive)
  1160. FDA Is Urged to Ban Carbon-Monoxide-Treated Meat
  1161. Advocates threaten lawsuits to curb food marketing
  1162. AP Recycles Old Bin Laden Tape For New Propaganda
  1163. Israeli politics, anti-semitism, Zionism, and the occupation
  1164. US may declare China a currency manipulator; China needs to create 25 million new jobs annually but current level only at 11 million(Designed lose-lose situation)
  1165. Russia to Begin Monumental Nuclear Talks with Iran - NEWS - MOSNEWS.COM
  1166. BUSH'S HOUSE OF CARDS COLLAPSING (Six years far too late)
  1167. NSC, Cheney Aides Conspired to Out CIA Operative (Why are they not all jailed?)
  1168. Imminent failure for Washingtons campaign to isolate Hamas
  1169. Cytations: reform is happening: Zionists Admit Defeat in Information War
  1170. The Star-Spangled Double Wide White Trash Heaven
  1171. Muslim charity calls for fairness Inquiry found no link to terrorism
  1172. Comic book hero takes on al-Qaeda (It *is* a comic book, a fiction and sick joke)
  1173. US seeks Georgian help for Iran strike (They would have to be insane)
  1174. US style of human rights based on torture: Iran
  1175. Less Butter, More Guns (Speaking of insanity)
  1176. Joel Hayward's Website: Joel Hayward, ZDaF, BA, MA Hons, PhD
  1177. U.S.-German Flare-Up Over Vast Nazi Camp Archives (Interesting timing)
  1178. Taking Stock / Hard times for 'ugly Israel'
  1179. Battlescape shoots for profit (READ)
  1180. States sue the federal government over the Bush drug benefit program
  1181. ACTION AGENDA - Oppose Cyber Storm
  1182. Saddam Tapes Tainted by Cherney Foundation
  1183. Irving Sentenced to 3 Years in Vienna (An outrage with a long history)
  1184. Silence the War Drums by Ron Paul
  1185. United Press International - Intl. Intelligence - Commentary: Iraq, Iran unintended results
  1186. TomPaine.com - Rumsfeld's Pet Tyrants
  1187. I confessed to escape Guantanamo torture | the Daily Mail
  1188. Privacy Guardian Is Still a Paper Tiger - Los Angeles Times
  1189. The Memory Hole > The Educational System Was Designed to Keep Us Uneducated and Docile
  1190. 'Open skies' air treaty threat (Bizarre)
  1191. Bush Would Export Nuclear Fuel, Power Plants to Developing Nations (Bizarre)
  1192. Oil prices surge on fresh wave of Nigerian sabotage (Any excuse will do)
  1193. Congress: Halliburton's war contracts could have helped Katrina victims (Bizarre)
  1194. U.S. Church Alliance Denounces Iraq War
  1195. Trial may shed light on CIA's detainee tactics
  1196. Close Guantanamo Bay
  1197. NZ investigator stands by scathing Guantanamo Bay report
  1198. Germans Looking Into Complicity in Seizure by U.S.
  1199. Inquiry into alleged CIA flight over Belgium
  1200. US military planes criss-cross Europe using bogus call sign
  1201. Three journalists face prison for revealing existence of secret CIA prisons in Europe (Most Bizarre)
  1202. Emergency war supplemental hides millions for NSA facilities (Governments always lie and always thieve)
  1203. Racism, religious obscurantism and hypocrisy Australian parliament's "vote of conscience" on RU486(Bizarre - that this tolerated)
  1204. IMF measures wreak havoc on Iraqi people (and anything it touches)
  1205. 2005: The Year for Africa--Results and Prospects
  1206. Palestinian parliament sworn in as US and Israel step up destabilisation drive
  1207. Alexander Cockburn: the FBI and the Mytb of Fingerprints
  1208. Bubblicious: the US Real Estate Market
  1209. Pratyush Chandra: What the US Ambassador Taught Nepalis (democracy is bad)
  1210. The Challenges and Opportunities Confronting Evo Morales
  1211. Joshua Frank: Cindy Sheehan's Message to the Democrats
  1212. Gideon Levy: As Israel's Hamas Team Laughs
  1213. The Bigoted Wombat: John Howard Does Abu Ghraib
  1214. Jennifer Van Bergen: Sexual Humiliation and Mother Murder in the War on Terror
  1215. Abramoff Ties Hurt Conrad Burns
  1216. Israeli Cabinet OKs Economic Sanctions
  1217. Dahr Jamail |Torture and Abuse of Iraqis (Source material)
  1218. Bush Administration Shielding Big Businesses
  1219. White House Working to Avoid Wiretap Probe
  1220. Senior Lawyer at Pentagon Broke Ranks on Torture
  1221. New Clerk for Alito Has a Long Paper Trail
  1222. At a Scientific Gathering, US Policies Are Lamented (READ)
  1223. European Diplomats Call for Guantanamo Closure
  1224. Democrats May Unite on Plan to Pull Troops (Bullshit!)
  1225. White House Civil Liberties Board Has Never Met (Why is this not surprising?)
  1226. Clark offended by Virgin Mary TV cartoon (and hasn't seen it)
  1227. Nepalese struggle to save a dwindling vital resource (living forests)
  1228. Beauty queen backs Holocaust denie
  1229. New Orleans rebuilding plan takes shape
  1230. EU Considers Europe-Wide Bird Flu Plan (Give it a rest)
  1231. US envoy claims Iran is stirring Iraqi strife (and US is not?!)
  1232. Change stance or lose funding, Canada tells Hamas (Et tu Canada?)
  1233. Three journalists face prison for revealing existence of secret CIA prisons
  1234. US removing documents from public access: report (Secret totalitarian corpagov)
  1235. U.S. Reclassifies Many Documents in Secret Review (More secret totalitarian corpagov: Nazi 'murika)
  1236. Flush With Cash, States Make Pricey Plans (Freaky Fabrication and Fiction)
  1237. One Thousand A Month Tortured To Death In Iraq
  1238. Big Pharma 'Miracle Cure' For Holocaust Denial Syndrome
  1239. ESPN.com - Fear & Loathing in America - Hunter S. Thompson 9/12/2001
  1240. UK police detain actors playing al-Qaeda suspects (Are their meds to up police intelligence?)
  1241. TvNewsLIES.org &#-11;&#-11; Blog Archive &#-11;&#-11; Deny Anything, Like Evolution or 9/11 Bushco Complicity; But You Can&#-11;&#-11;&#-11;t Deny the Holocaust!
  1242. Fee paid to meet Bush
  1243. W aides' biz ties to Arab firm (READ)
  1244. Bring it On! &#-11;&#-11; Blog Archive &#-11;&#-11; Biowar for Dummies
  1245. BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Guantanamo actors held at airport
  1246. US threatens to cut aid to Iraq if new government is sectarian
  1247. U.S. Reclassifies Many Documents in Secret Review - New York Times
  1248. 'President's gone insane' - 9/11 dad (The planning of 9/11-2)
  1249. Showdown Over US Port Security... | The Huffington Post
  1250. Harrop: Guess who the big loser is under Bush health plan (READ)
  1251. Consortiumnews.com: Bush's Mysterious "New Programs"
  1252. Emergency war supplemental hides millions
  1253. Give law a chance
  1254. Oscars mull change to 'Palestine' movie tag amid outcry (There is still no Palestine, nor Palestinians?)
  1255. Solutions and Mixtures (Formaldehyde evaporation)
  1256. Got Pizza Hut? Got Silicone! (Got Formaldehyde)
  1257. Is Anyone Listening? :: from www.uruknet.info :: news from occupied Ira
  1258. Don't Punish the Palestinians (But, USUKIL *wants* an excuse for war)
  1259. Holocaust Now: David Irving goes to prison (along with truth)
  1260. ACLU Georgia Uncovers FBI Spy Files for Vegans, Protest Medics, & the G8 Protest
  1261. US Congress Votes to Provoke Iran (and provide an excuse to bomb the shit out of it)
  1262. A FACTUAL APPRAISAL OF THE "HOLOCAUST" BY THE RED CROSS. (An "inconvenient" document)
  1263. Consumer complaints about Ford engine fires
  1264. Rumsfeld calls for US-controlled worldwide propaganda networks (People used to be ashamed of lying)
  1265. U.S. Still Planting Stories in Iraq Media - Yahoo! News
  1266. Harvard President Summers Quits, Ends Faculty Clashes
  1267. Supreme Court to Consider Law Banning 'Late-Term' Abortions (Here the supremely criminal court starts)
  1268. Bush Says Arab Co. Port Deal to Proceed (Patsies for next government terror attack)
  1269. The Dems' Latest Stall Strategy: "Strategic Redeployment"
  1270. Alevtina Rea: Morals, Ethics and Empire (On waking up to reality, or not)
  1271. Dave Lindorff: Chasing Cheney in the Ambulance (READ)
  1272. Franklin Spinney: Arab Democracy American-Style (READ)
  1273. Paul Craig Roberts: Would Someone Please Interfere in Our Elections? (N, Mr Roberts, pResident Bush's M.E. policies are *not* without rhyme or reason: check your premises)
  1274. State Department Reorganization Stifles Dissenting Views (So very surprising)
  1275. Millions Not Joining Medicare Drug Plan (READ)
  1276. to (US created and controled) Death Squads
  1277. Struggling for Recruits, Army Relaxes Its Rules (even accepts members ofthe three branches)
  1278. Arm Severed In Car Crash Found Still Clutching Cell Phone (You figure it out)
  1279. Tower's ravens are kept indoors (Ravens of the night - and what a mess they make)
  1280. Churches urged to back evolution (and oppose genocide?)
  1281. EDP24 - Strange happenings near radar dome (No government should ever be trusted in any way)
  1282. Report Draws Apocalyptic Panorama For The Year 3000 (Babblings of idiots)
  1283. Pimp My Life (Absolutely bizarre)
  1284. Russians See Iran as Stalling for Time (So are Russians: it is not March 20, yet)
  1285. Russia's nuclear initiative fails (A pause in the tango - get real)
  1286. Bush says Arab co. port deal to proceed (and he's the dictator)
  1287. Suspected terrorists arrested in Ohio (Not in Wash DC?)
  1288. Strife deepens over port security (This is a manipulative and diversionary game)
  1289. Spanish PM tells E.ON he opposes Endesa deal-reports (Hmmmm - more to this than is obvious)
  1290. Shares in UK utilities set alight by E.On's 29 bn Spanish bid
  1291. E.ON snubs Brussels warning with 55bn bid for Endesa
  1292. Gum Chewing May Reduce Ileus After Colectomy (more pseudoscience)
  1293. US presses NATO for greater Darfur presence (*everybody* gets bombed toshit)
  1294. Prosecution seeks longer prison term for Holocaust denier Irving (Kill the proscution)
  1295. Not-So-Free Speech in Europe (No shit - assholes!)
  1296. Austria gives Holocaust denier 3 yrs. (Needs a good whipping)
  1297. Prosecutors appeal to have Irving's jail term increased (Sick, beyond tolerance)
  1298. Iran: Holocaust denier's prison sentence shows 'Western paradox' (not paradox, blatant lying hypocrisy)
  1299. High Court's Newbie Rounds the Learning Curve (Even criminals and stupid journalists can be funny)
  1300. Bush Threatens to Veto Any Attempt to Block Port Deal
  1301. US: port takeover by Dubai firm in hot waters
  1302. Q&A: Your bird flu concerns (Mostly nonsense)
  1303. Vaccination: Gravy Train to Lifelong Sickness
  1304. Ark. Can't Sue Okla. Over Water Pollution (Oh?)
  1305. Proposals Aimed At High Cost of Electricity
  1306. Dover, Pa., School Board to Pay $1M
  1307. CIA withdraws 55,000 pages from open view
  1308. House Democrat says White House nixed NSA briefing
  1309. Why there WILL be a war on Iran: Bush's daddy will pay for it
  1310. Neocon architect says: 'Pull it down' (Hmm - and build something even more criminal?)
  1311. US accused of blowing chance for Iran deal (Neocrazies *want* war)
  1312. Blast Destroys Dome of Shiite Shrine
  1313. U.S. Still Planting Stories in Iraq Media
  1314. CIA abductee points to German link
  1315. Germans investigate CIA kidnap of innocent citizen
  1316. Horrors of Camp Delta are exposed by British victims
  1317. Religious charities accuse US of interfering in their work
  1318. Report says 98 dead in US custody in Iraq, Afghanistan
  1319. Iran finds Russian nuclear proposal 'unacceptable'
  1320. Harvard chief resigns amid rifts and rebellion (ridiculous state of so called "education")
  1321. Bush says DP World deal will stand despite security complaints (Hey! He's the Great Dictator)
  1322. Google Stung by Porn Ruling (More serious and nefarious that it looks)
  1323. Rotavirus Vaccine Urged for Babies (With or without thimerisol?)
  1324. Analysts: Health care costs to keep rising (as designed)
  1325. In the Middle East, a serving of boiled Rice (Could we hope for boiled in oil?)
  1326. Egypt Says Money to Hamas Must Continue to Flow
  1327. Secret Service agents say Cheney was drunk when he shot lawyer
  1328. ADL Protests Free Speech At Air Force Academy
  1329. Handcuffed to the memory of Hitler
  1330. Arab Port Deal - Setting Up The Patsy
  1331. The New McCarthyism
  1332. The Seekers
  1334. Al-Arian reflects on past three years
  1335. THE WAR ON HYPE / America's fleecing in the name of security
  1336. American Prospect Online - Bush vs. Constitution
  1337. DU Scandal Explodes - Horrendous US Casualties
  1338. Death-squad democracy in Iraq Violence and death under U.S. occupation
  1340. J'accuse Facilitating Fascis
  1341. Al Qaeda's Road Paved With Gold
  1342. CBS Correspondent Killed Story At Pentagon's Request
  1343. Press Can Be Prosecuted for Having Secret Files, U.S. Says
  1344. Reports: Drug prices rise under US Medicare Plan (as designed)
  1345. Australia: former minister fans anti-Muslim prejudice and racism
  1346. French government forced to recall ship laden with toxic waste
  1347. Indian government opens retail sector to foreign corporations
  1348. Spain: 1981 coup leader accuses Socialist Party government of national betrayal(So it begins in Spain too)
  1349. Right-wing posturing from Congress on Arab firm's role at US ports
  1350. The Pentagon's Media Contracts: the Wages of Spin
  1351. Niranjan Ramakrishnan: Could You Please Pass the Port?
  1352. Sam Smith: Real Holocaust Denial
  1353. Howard's End?: Trouble Down Under (One could hope for Howard's End)
  1354. Memo to the Dems: Doesn Anyone Give a Damn? (Actually, yes, but the opposite of what you're expecting)
  1355. How to Pay for War and Cut Taxes for the Rich: Sell Off the Public Lands
  1356. Reaganomics Revisited: Beyond the Glow of Nostalgia (READ)
  1357. Egypt Rejects Rice's Demand to Cut Off Aid to Hamas
  1358. UAE Would Control Shipments of Military Equipment for US Army
  1359. Report: Nearly 100 Dead in US Custody in Iraq, Afghanistan
  1360. Attack on Shia Shrine Could Trigger Civil War (and who would want this to happen?)
  1361. White House Has Ties to Dubai Firm Taking Over Ports
  1362. In the Middle East, a serving of boiled Rice
  1363. Put civil N-plan under IAEA, Bush tells India (typical arrogance)
  1364. Haiti's Preval Says Aristide Can Return
  1365. The Raw Story | Former Senate chief Dole hired to lobby for Dubai port deal
  1366. Think Progress &#-11;&#-11; Administration Failed To Conduct Legally Required Investigation Before Approving UAE Port Deal (Miadministration is utterly illegal in every way to begin with; let's start with genuine treason ...)
  1367. Bush Unaware of Ports Deal Before Approval (G. Tenet is a bought pathological liar who is no witness to anything - shal we go for idiot, besides)
  1368. Congressional delegation demands stop to ports deal (All moron bullies do is threaten)
  1369. L.A.'s Counter-Terrorism Team May Get Permanent Status (Speaking of criminals, thieves and pathalogical liars)
  1370. Bush's budget at odds with new emphasis on alternative energy (Pathological liar)
  1371. Is The GOP "Shock-The-Vote Gang" Planning to Heist California? (Corpagov Mafia)
  1372. S. Dakota legislature passes abortion ban (vieing with Kansas and Missssippi as most densely drooling State)
  1373. Congressional delegation demands stop to ports deal (Yeah - right!)
  1374. Bush Unaware of Ports Deal Before Approval (Duuuuhhh!)
  1375. Bird flu scare: Navapur to be sealed off (People need to get brains)
  1376. Second duck in France found to have H5N1 bird flu (OMG! That 2 fucking ducks in France - out of how many?)
  1377. 'Europe has no hope of eradicating bird flu' (especially when it hardly exists)
  1378. More than six dozen CIA-linked landings in Canada: declassified memos (Are we getting bored with the fucking lies yet?)
  1379. MPs recall Straw as air traffic controllers confirm 200 CIA flights (Best part of Straw went down his father's leg)
  1380. Court Documents: Hospital Gave Lethal Injections to Patients During Hurricane Katrina(Do youthink this is unusual, moron?!)
  1381. Bank of England Orders Security Review After $43.6 Million Raid (Strange - or perhaps *too* strange?)
  1382. Google in court for copying porno (Just a tad misstated?)
  1383. France and Netherlands win right to vaccinate birds (I'm *thrilled* for them; bold shou,d consider Brain Flu vaccinations as well)
  1384. Saudis join Egypt in support for Hamas (and so it grows?)
  1385. Iran comes to Hamas's aid, as Egypt refuses to back Washington
  1386. Summers' resignation divides Harvard (How about just killing it?)
  1387. Bird flu vaccine is ordered for Britain as the infection spreads (Hilarious in the stupidity of it all)
  1388. India: Human bird flu case possible (Ooops - out how many millions, you actually just might be able to abricate one?)
  1389. NYC Man in Pa. Said Infected With Anthrax (OMG: isn't the Bird Flu shi and the ObL and WMD horseshit enough lying garbage?)
  1390. US Health-Care Costs to Go Up -- Way Up (That's UNADFFORDABLE)
  1391. Health Care Spending for US May Double to $4 Trillion by 2015 (If 2015 will exist for any of us)
  1392. Steep Rise Projected for Health Spending (As in, you are *sooo* fucked)
  1393. India must separate civil, military N-facilities (So says the global great imbecile)
  1394. Writings Put Charles in The Spotlight
  1395. Ex-aide: Charles eyes dissident role
  1396. Prince Charles and his discontents
  1397. Force-Feeding at Guant&#-11;&#-11;namo Is Now Acknowledged
  1398. Straw says US Guantanamo Bay is 'no gulag' (Another lying poddle idiot speaks)
  1399. America's Shame Torture in the Name of Freedom (There are more shames than can be counted)
  1400. Venezuela debates home guard bill (to protect against USUKIL)
  1401. Al Qaeda answers CIA's hiring call (LMAO! Big Al *is* a thing of CIA/MI6/Mossad)
  1402. Dubai Harbored Hijackers? Big Deal, Bush Says (A question of how manycontradictory lies can you tell)
  1403. Where's common sense? (Good question with moronic answers by idiots)
  1404. Critics say president is tone deaf to controversy (The least of anyone's problem)
  1405. Port deal reportedly set sail without Bush (Bullshit)
  1406. Bush insists Dubai firm is safe to run US ports (It's better than Mossad)
  1407. SD Abortion Bill Takes Aim at 'Roe' (Let's see how the "jail" crowd deals with this, if at all)
  1408. Fed vice chair quits; Bush to fill opening
  1409. Vice chairman of Federal Reserve stands down
  1410. Ferguson's Exit May Ease Bernanke's Path to Fed Inflation Goal
  1411. Popular diet aids don't ease arthritis, study suggests (No shit)
  1412. Box: Supplements Fail to Ease Arthritis ("government science" an oxymoron)
  1413. India, US hope for compromise on nuclear deal (Oh stuff it! Who cares?)
  1414. Bush Urges India to Split Civilian-Military Nuclear Plants (Now it's "urges"?)
  1415. Iraq's unity teeters after blast at shrine (Designed by whom?)
  1416. South Dakota Senate Passes Abortion Ban
  1417. Request 4 War Crimes Report on the Attack-USS Liberty
  1418. Israeli army destroys US-funded public park in West Bank
  1419. Peace groups under watch
  1420. Arab Co., White House Had Secret Agreement - Yahoo! News
  1422. CBS records $9B loss on TV, radio charges
  1423. Shrine Bombing: A new plot to divide Muslims
  1425. 'Leninists!' Cries Neocon Nabob, Suing for Divorce
  1426. 911 / An Inside Job
  1427. Sunni party quits Iraq government talks after mosque bombing
  1428. They're Willing to Cooperate ... ?
  1429. Cheney was 'drunk'
  1430. The Raw Story | ACLU: New documents show senior officials approved Gitmo abuse
  1431. Food Bank Network Served Over 25M in '05 (In this booming economy)
  1432. NATO will be in Afghan for years: Military chief : HindustanTimes.com
  1433. Rutgers bars band after critics object | Home News Tribune Online
  1434. Deja Vu All Over Again :: from www.uruknet.info :: news from occupied Ira
  1435. US, UK and India aggravating Nepal situation: Amnesty
  1436. A Coverup Under Two Presidents: The Unsolved Mystery of the Oklahoma City Bombing
  1437. Truthdig - Reports - In Defense of Free Thought
  1438. Israely Anti-Semitic Cartoons Contest (Eh - so)
  1439. Google Censors Revisionist Videos
  1440. Iran leader faces Holocaust case (Oh fuck off)
  1441. Hamid Hayat: Did he confess to agents?
  1442. 4um: Haaretz: Questioning holocaust "is tantamount to saying that the Jews have led the world astray"
  1443. Homeland Security Nazis Seizing More Senior Citizens' Medicines
  1444. Mexico leftist holds lead in new presidential poll (Bushistas will have to do something about that)
  1445. Leading female Arab TV reporter killed with crew (Who profits?)
  1446. US military denies Iraq on brink of civil war (meaning, it is true, by definition)
  1447. Iraq on brink as sectarian violence kills 130
  1448. NSA fights document reclassifcation (Berzerker government will kill us all)
  1449. Dubai Harbored Hijackers? Big Deal, Bush Says (He know the Hijerkers are a fiction)
  1450. Port Authority: We're suing to stop sale to Dubai firm (sale?!)
  1451. UAE Co., White House Had Secret Agreement
  1452. Dubai wants IT business as well as U.S. ports
  1453. Military Has Tools to Respond to Domestic Disasters (insurrection against utterly invalid and criminal government), Report Says
  1454. Katrina review suggests bigger role for US military (The came is in the tent, and the elephant is in the livingroom)
  1455. Italian election campaign begins with anti-Berlusconi opposition backing austerity candidate
  1456. Zionists witch-hunt Australia's leading cartoonist
  1457. Canada to greatly expand its military presence in the Arctic
  1458. Millions facing drought and famine throughout Africa
  1459. Pakistani protests over anti-Muslim cartoons threaten Musharraf's rule
  1460. Human Rights First report documents deaths of Iraqis and Afghans in US custody
  1461. Is the Pentagon Making an Anthrax Bomb in Utah?
  1462. Japan's Neo-Militarists
  1463. The Unreal Death of Journalism
  1464. Samah Sabawi: Hamas and the Missing Video
  1465. Joshua Frank: the Democrats' Pull Out Method (Dems are complicity in the destructio n)
  1466. Dubaigate Deconstructed
  1467. Chet Richards: Rumsfeld's New Model Military
  1468. Ohio Democrats Shying Away from Ney Race
  1469. Watchdogs Urge Full Probe of Bush Propaganda Spending
  1470. Eyewitness: Guantanamo
  1471. Abramoff Ties to Russians Probed
  1472. Saudis Reject US Request to Cut Off Aid to Hamas
  1473. Iran Ready to Aid a Hamas Government Financially
  1474. Medicare Numbers at Odds with US Claims
  1475. Americans work more, seem to accomplish less (earn less, enjoy less, live less, ...)
  1476. "Death to Yankees" senator loses US visa (You *know* how the US really is)
  1477. Roof Collapse in Moscow Kills at Least 56 (A concave roof?! Imbeciles!)
  1478. Economy 'may be damaged' if ports sell-off is blocked (National ashhole speaks)
  1479. Average American Family Income Declines (No?! Really? Just figuring this out, are we?)
  1480. Growth in US household incomes slows (What?! Liars!)
  1481. Why consumer pocketbooks had a rough start this millennium (CSM has become pure excrement)
  1482. Indian bird flu tests 'negative' (Just fabricated to whack your nuts)
  1483. India expands culling to halt bird flu (But - the reality doesn't matter)
  1484. Arthritis supplements show no benefit in study (Maybe, now the price will come down)
  1485. 'Anti-Semitic killer' returned to France (Murder is just murder, but murdering a jew is a global crime against humanity that deserves the most severe punishments possible. Hello-o?)
  1486. The prince's diaries - trouble for the heir to the British throne (All stinking horseshit that is *too* boring - so last year!)
  1487. Charles gets support at a difficult time (I would so)
  1488. Blair has 'no problem' with lobbying prince (Blair has no difficulty with *any* crime)
  1489. Israeli troops kill five Palestinians in refugee camp (It's what they do!)
  1490. At least six Palestinians killed in Israeli raid on Nablus (What? Again?!)
  1491. Newropeans Magazine - March 20 to 26, 2006: Iran-USA, beginning of a major world crisis (READ)
  1492. Norwegian Bourse Director wants oil bourse - priced in euros
  1493. Man's shirt erupts in flames after he is shot with Taser
  1494. Mayor is suspended over Nazi jibe (Utterly absurd and outrageous)
  1495. Scrapbook Confessional: Bush Admin Planned Iraq Attack on 9/11
  1496. UAE terminal takeover extends to 21 ports
  1497. Watchdogs Urge Full Probe of Bush Propaganda Spending
  1498. Big Brother Watching Americans' Email, Computer Data
  1499. Dubai 'poised to make &#-11;&#-11;3b buyout bid for P&O ports'
  1500. President Bush On U.S. Ports: 'People Don't Need To Worry About Security' [sigh]
  1501. Pentagon: Ports uproar may pose security risk (?!)
  1502. Memos Detail 74 CIA Landings in Canada
  1503. Blair condones Amin-style tactics against terrorism, says Archbishop
  1504. Files show military rebuffs FBI Guantanamo worries
  1505. Pentagon Told to Release Guantanamo Transcripts
  1506. DOD secretly continued intel program
  1507. 60 percent of Americans worried about bird flu
  1508. Lawmaker's proposal: Bar Republicans from adopting
  1509. S.D. House Approves Abortion Ban Bill
  1510. Frustrated council gets voting machines but no paper trail
  1511. Cheney's vice-like grip
  1512. Drinks query revives Cheney row
  1513. Ex-White House aide says CIA has records he needs
  1514. Target Missile Test-Launched From Alaska
  1515. Attack At Saudi Oil Plant
  1516. Oil Futures Jump $2 on Thwarted Attack
  1517. Exit without a strategy (READ)
  1518. The night before the bombing: Two eyewitnesses
  1519. Iraq: Holy Shi'ite tomb attacked with rockets (rockets?)
  1520. Baghdad daytime curfew ordered
  1521. Iraq Regime Orders Daytime Curfews
  1522. Iraq Curfew Extended for Second Day
  1523. EU governments 'ignored evidence of CIA flights'
  1524. Soldier Acquitted in Afghan Prisoner Abuse
  1525. Senior Lawyer at Pentagon Broke Ranks on Detainees
  1526. FBI objected to aggressive methods at Guantanamo (Good cop, Bad cop)
  1527. TIA Lives On (and why would it not?)
  1528. Australian parliament rubberstamps new military callout powers
  1529. Financial Times columnist warns about social inequality in US (*Now* he warns?!)
  1530. Jennifer Loewenstein: Watching the Dissolution of Palestine (How the genocide works)
  1531. How Costly is Too Costly?: Finding the Budgetary Tipping Point for Iraq
  1532. Bush's Port Deal: Who's the Dummy? (Make a list? Start with author who still believes in the 19 hijerkers and probably the tooth fairy)
  1533. Dave Lindorff: a Whig's Worth of Difference? (YES - READ)
  1534. Alan Maass: War Crimes and Hunting Misdemeanors
  1535. US to Pay Big Corporations Billions for Retiree Health Plans
  1536. Violent Cycle of Revenge Stuns Iraqis
  1537. CIA Using Canadian Airstrips
  1538. Jason Leopold | Plame Whistleblowers Targeted by Administration
  1539. Five Days of Violence by Nigerian Christians and Muslims Kill 150 (Crazies)
  1540. ICG Proposes to Allow Teheran to Enrich Its Own Uranium (Lots of luck)
  1541. US Marines Probe Tensions among Iran's Minorities (This is a joke, rght?)
  1542. UAE Gave $1 Million to Bush Library (WTF? Library? LMAO - also to the secret Nazi archives)
  1543. Jason Leopold | White House 'Discovers&#-11;&#-11;&#-11; 250 Emails Related to Plame Leak(and that's just the beginning)
  1544. MI6 payouts over secret LSD tests
  1545. Silvio Berlusconi visits U.S.: he seeks support in elections? LOL
  1546. Romanian bakers shave their heads to look like fresh hot loaves of bread (Everybody needs a hobby)
  1547. Chinese homosexuals exist!!! (LOL)
  1548. Aliens live in human brain (US Congress, e.g.)
  1549. Dark Brown Snow Falls in Colorado (Fallout from Wash. DC?)
  1550. Philippine Police Arrest Opposition Congressman (Update1)
  1551. France confirms case of H5N1 bird flu (denial scheduled for next week)
  1552. Mayor may appeal over suspension (Ken, just a take a vacation and laugh)
  1553. H5N1 strain of bird flu confirmed at Gujarat poultry farm (denial scheduled for next month)
  1554. State asks to exhume teen's body (probably beaten to death: it's US way)
  1555. Shell told to pay $1.5 bln damages (What are the odds they will pay?)
  1556. Prison Sentence for Irving is Outrageous
  1557. Hijackers were patsies, the evidence
  1558. Golden Mosque Bombing - Who Benefits?
  1559. The CIA's 'Black Sites'
  1560. Network Neutrality: Dead on Arrival?
  1561. Incredibly Bad Press for Diebold...From Coast to Coast...
  1562. Pensito Review: Politics & Media &#-11;&#-11; Pentagon Chief Says If You Speak Out About the Port Deal, You&#-11;&#-11;&#-11;re Threatening National Security(Under gummint of occupation, what does NS mean?)
  1563. Defense contractor pleads guilty to bribing lawmaker
  1564. Refusing To Fly The Flag (AU and David Hicks)
  1565. Rumsfeld Zeros in on the Internet (as the night follows the day in loppyland)
  1566. Where's the Washington Post article with the charge that Bush's foreign policy based on "geopolitical fantasy"?
  1567. Iranian advisor: We'll strike Dimona in response to U.S. attack (Believe it)
  1568. Whose Bombs were They (Al-Askariya)
  1569. IDF opens fire on medical team wounding many
  1570. NO, YES, NO: Alaska Now Refuses Release of 2004 Election Data Citing Security Concerns (under occupation)
  1571. Blogs are vital alternative media sources
  1572. US conducts subcritical nuclear test. 24/02/2006. ABC News Online
  1573. Harris Got Illegal Donations
  1574. Cancelled home orders: Latest bubble prick?
  1575. U.S. Military DU Movie
  1576. Verizon Faces New $20B Suit over NSA Spying Complicity
  1577. Satellite films North Korea dollar factory (LOL - yeah, like all the Iraq WMD photos)
  1578. The 1975 World Trade Center Fire
  1579. Blair faces torrent of criticism on human rights (Should have been out on his criminal ass ages ago)
  1580. US 'aware' of Iraq torture (No?! Really?)
  1581. Army Regulation 210-35 dated Jan 14, 2005
  1582. 17 Counter-Demonstrators Arrested at Florida Neo-Nazi Rally
  1583. Harris Uses 2000 Election to Raise Cash
  1584. More Tests Needed in Texas Ricin Scare (Is Frist at it again?! Let's see- corn starch?)
  1585. Bolton Blasts 'Sex and Corruption' at U.N. (It started when he got thre)
  1586. Don't mention the war: BBC plan for surviving nuclear armageddon
  1587. Iraq Now Has No Units Able to Stand Alone (Mission accomplished)
  1588. Gov't Bans Traffic in Baghdad, Suburbs
  1589. Iraq's death squads: On the brink of civil war
  1590. Iraqis tortured by government death squads
  1591. Ford Motor charged as accomplice in Argentina's "dirty war"
  1592. Bush administration shields corporations from safety rules, lawsuits
  1593. Israel's confiscation of Palestinian revenues: a brazen violation of international law(Standard Operating Procedure)
  1594. White House report on Katrina: no blame, no accountability for hurricane disaster
  1595. What the ports controversy says about Washington's "war on terror"
  1596. Mike Marqusee: the Marchers Were Right
  1597. Snow Job: the Privatization of US Ports
  1598. Gilad Atzmon: In Support of My Mayor
  1599. Cheney Exposed?: New Emails in Plame Case Point to Veep's Role
  1600. Bush Hides Behind Supply-Side Economics to Reward His Cronies
  1601. Justin E.H. Smith: David Horowitz's Odd Gripe (READ)
  1602. Lee Sustar: Target: Iran
  1603. Lila Rajiva: Chertoff Strikes Again
  1604. Florida Votes Time-Date-Stamped Two Weeks before Election
  1605. Clinton Campaign Ready for More Than 2006 (Oh joy!)
  1606. IRS Finds Sharp Increase in Illegal Political Activity
  1607. Dahr Jamail and Arkan Hamed | Mosque Outrage Also Brings Solidarity
  1608. Judge: Keep CIA Operative's Identity from Libby
  1609. Critics speak up as Arroyo weeds out opponents
  1610. A collision of free trade and fear (that was a setup)
  1611. Venezuela Delays Suspension of US Flights Until March 30
  1612. Beijing Warns of Bird Flu; Chirac Urges Calm (Why are all these people lying?)
  1613. Palestinian PM lists conditions for Israel recognition (As if Israel will ever acknowledge Palestine)
  1614. Iran Proposal for Shoah Probe Rebuffed by Europeans (Our alleged minds are made up; don't confuse us with facts)
  1615. America Beware! (Well - that's about the size of it)
  1616. After Askariya
  1617. Outcry in Germany as anti-Semitic film sells out
  1618. Is used nuclear reactor fuel headed for the reservation?
  1619. Witnesses say they funneled donations
  1620. Setting sail away from America: The world finds it's too hard to do business with the US
  1621. Iran's nuclear facility could be bombed in one night - Edward Luttwak (How long to level Israel?)
  1622. Ahmadinejad: Israel 'will be removed'
  1623. Iran and Russia strike nuclear deal (maybe - for today)
  1624. Two killed, including a child, in Israeli re-invasion of Balata Refugee Camp
  1625. Balata refugee camp under attack
  1626. Verizon Faces New $20 Billion Suit over NSA Spying Complicity
  1627. PNP chief warns media - INQ7.net
  1628. Rice is dragging US into Israel's war of attrition and genocide against the Palestinians (by Anisa Abd el Fattah)
  1629. Voices - WARNING: Bushites Suppressing Dissent, Retaliating Against Whistleblowers, Shredding the Constitution. Ask Yourself: Where Does This Road Lead?
  1630. Protecting The Rights Of A Holocaust Denier Ultimately Protects Us All
  1631. Suspending Ken Livingstone is an affront to democracy
  1632. U.S. Defends Conditions at Bagram Prison (torture, genocide, Condomsleaza Rice, etc.)
  1633. Russia, Iran agree to set up enrichment venture - vice president
  1634. Bush's 'fine' economy sees millions go hungry
  1635. Who's Trying To Take Our Guns Away?
  1636. Orders to U.S. factories for manufactured goods fall by largest amount in 5.5 years
  1637. ohio voting fraud
  1638. Former CIA Analyst: Western Intelligence May Be Behind Mosque Bombing (May?)
  1639. Venezuela Prepared to Stop U.S. Exports
  1640. [US engineered] Iraq violence clouds [nonexistent] US exit strategy
  1641. Marines take to streets of Manila (Ooops)
  1642. Al-Qaeda militants seize control of Kabul prison wing
  1643. Standoff at Afghan Prison Continues
  1644. [Arrogant] Israeli Official says Abbas 'No Longer Relevant'
  1645. Incoming Hamas Chief Wants Political Truce
  1646. Moscow disputes Tehran claim of nuclear deal (still dancing)
  1647. Marines' rebellion loosens Arroyo's grip on power
  1648. Hamas denies suggesting it may recognise Israel (yes,no,yes,no,yes,...)
  1649. Blasts Rattle Iraq Despite Curfew; 29 Dead
  1650. For Arab nations, ominous signs
  1651. Israeli company stops petroleum supplies to Palestinian lands
  1652. Kuwait offers 10 million dollars for Iraq (actually that's "to Iraq")
  1653. Moussa and other Arab Parliamentarians call for Arab solidarity
  1654. Defeat is victory. Death is life - Robert Fisk
  1655. The Case for Impeachment (Harpers.org)
  1656. DU: Washington's Secret Nuclear War SHAHEEN CHUGATAI / Aljazeera (Doha) 14sep04
  1657. Power Hour Productions Presents Beyond Treason
  1658. The Queen's Death Star (DU Poisons UK)
  1660. Watchdog Group Questions 2004 Fla. Vote
  1661. FBI memos reveal allegations of abusive interrogation techniques (An Israeli flag?!)
  1662. Lies, Damn Lies and Poverty Statistics -- In These Times
  1663. US-run jail in Afghanistan 'worse than Guantanamo'
  1664. Da Vinci Code court battle begins (LOL All to make out on the publicity)
  1665. Senator Feinstein's War-Profiteering
  1666. Army Pays for Halliburton Unit Costs Disputed by Audit
  1667. Deibold Whistleblower charged with 3 Felonies
  1668. Number of Unsold Homes Hits Record High: Financial New
  1669. Philippine president imposes state of emergency after alleged coup attempt
  1670. Britain: Special Branch detain documentary actors and former Guant&#-11;&#-11;namo prisoners
  1671. Lila Rajiva: Double Standards on Foreign Owners (READ)
  1672. Pat Wolff: Sleeper Cells in South Dakota?
  1673. Bush's Bunker Days (Maybe - maybe not)
  1674. Justice Department Rejects Google's Privacy Issues (along with Constitution, generally)
  1675. Why Can't We Find Osama? (No, because he's a dead CIA agent)
  1676. Serbia to Be First Nation Charged with Genocide (Utterly bizarre)
  1677. DeLay's Assault on Non-Profit Fails (There is still some good in the world)
  1678. Sunni-Shia Schism 'Threatening to Tear Iraq Apart' (That *was* the plan)
  1679. Venezuela Cautions US It May Curtail Oil Exports
  1680. Analysts See Lebanon-ization of Iraq in Crystal Ball (The genocidal planin action)
  1681. Palestinians Face Financial Collapse (Israeli Criminality)
  1682. Baghdad Curfew Ends but Fears Remain
  1683. Hens' Teeth Not So Rare After All (Scary things in the hands of gummint, and other infants)
  1684. Poodunnit: UK uses DNA to fight dog poo mess (More glorious technology to the rescue)
  1685. Iran, Russia to resume nuclear talks (More dancing)
  1686. Europeans try to fill Palestinian funds gap (arisen by Israeli robbery and genocide)
  1687. Bush calms some governors on Nat'l Guard (Oh, you think so? Using what, Thorazine?)
  1688. House Leaders to Lead Trip to Gulf Coast (*Another* paid vacation for Cirminal Congress?!)
  1689. Bush Is Losing Friends And Influence (among those he doesn't give a shit about)
  1690. Gaz de France and Suez set merger
  1691. Mittal launches charm offensive on Arcelor :-)
  1692. DOJ: Google Shouldnt Worry (Oh, trust us, we're from your government, and we're here to help you!)
  1693. French farmer tells of shock at bird flu deaths (Um - maybe it was DU poisoning? What do you know numbnuts?)
  1694. Chocolate Linked to Lower Blood Pressure (You should see what *real* cocoa does)
  1695. US, India to cooperate even if nuclear deal falters (for today, anyhow)
  1696. China says end of Taiwan unification body provocative (It's a little bitty island; leave it alone!)
  1697. Israeli anger at Europe's aid for Palestinians (Just the usual unbridled arrogance)
  1698. Armed forces are put on standby to tackle threat of wars over water (Any excuse to create global terrorist government)
  1699. 9/11 Revisited - Were explosives used? (video)
  1700. Cheney seen retiring after midterm elections (to create more hell onEarth)
  1701. Reichstag Fire Anniversary: A Precedent ?
  1702. Specter Proposes NSA Surveillance Rules (It makes him look busy)
  1703. Democrats Seek Special Counsel to Investigate NSA's Eavesdropping (As if ...)
  1704. White House Rejects Special Counsel (The dictatorial building speaks)
  1705. Taiwan's president abolishes China reunification committee
  1706. Arroyo's emergency order faces legal challenge
  1707. Niger confirms bird flu cases (until tomnorrow)
  1708. IAEA: Iran Advancing Uranium Enrichment (Iran alreay announced that)
  1709. Iran, Russia to resume nuclear talks (again, or yet?)
  1710. Iran has 1-week 'opportunity' to defuse standoff (Does Iran care?)
  1711. IAEA: Questions remain about Iran nuke plan (What "nuke plan"?)
  1712. US 'skeptical' of Iran nuclear compromise (World skeptical of US everything)
  1713. Diplomacy Helped Turn Chaos to Calm (You are joking, right?)
  1714. Governors Lobby Bush About Guard (thinking of hiring Abramoff)
  1715. Clinton: Rove obsesses about me (LMAO)
  1716. Skepticism Puts Port Deal with United Arab Emirates on Hold (But, OK for China to run US ports, which it does - get a brain)
  1717. Angry Italy protests over French energy deal (Global testosterone poisoning?)
  1718. Dan Brown stars in High Court tale of treachery (Are we having fun yet?)
  1719. New Scientist Eating chocolate may halve risk of dying (So, if I eat twice as much chocolate, I'll be immortal?)
  1720. Bush job rating falls to all-time low: poll (Less popular than Idi Amin?)
  1721. Veterans To Suffer Major Health Care Cuts Under Bush Budget
  1722. Homicide Unpunished (in completely illegal and criminal government)
  1723. Blair Approval Rating Falls to 28% in Britain (optimist)
  1724. Blair vetoes independent regulator
  1726. The parallells between Nixon and Bush
  1727. New Cancer Study Obligates FDA To Recall Aspartame
  1728. US sees decline in housing sales
  1729. The World That Dick Built (That's "Dead Eye Dick")
  1730. Miscreants, Murderers, and Malefactors: Imperial Conquest, Torture, and a Little Matter of Genocide
  1731. Global Credit Ocean Dries Up (READ)
  1732. Even the Most Trained Firearms Professionals Are Not Granted a Permit for Concealed Carry in Hawaii
  1733. Former Top German Minister Rejects Official Story Of 911 Attacks, 1/15/02
  1734. Writings of a Finnish Military Expert on 9/11
  1735. Mutant Algae Is Hydrogen Factory (scalpels in the hands of infants)
  1736. Microsoft could be teaching police to hack Vista
  1737. Iraq: The Wages of Chaos
  1738. Congress Bill Takes [Away] Rights To Know What's In Your Food
  1739. Almost 90% of US soldiers in Iraq think war is retaliation for Saddams role in 9/11 (So their average IQ is about 50?)
  1740. Just Say No to Israel in NATO
  1741. German Constitutional Court strikes down Aviation Security Act (Life has good moments)
  1742. The Australian Wheat Board scandal and the Iraq war
  1743. Iraq occupation makes possible record profits for British private military contractor
  1744. Ahead of Bush's visit, Chirac pushes French interests in India
  1745. Bush travels to South Asia in pursuit of key strategic "partnership" with India (by being stupid and insulting)
  1746. Mike Ferner: Seven Arrested at White House Protest
  1747. Norman Solomon: Mahatma Bush (US the most dangerous and violent on the planet)
  1748. Bolivian Human Rights Leader Barred from Entering the US (Human Rights are anathema to US)
  1749. Aziz Haniffa: Why India Should Choose Iran, Not the US (The first is sane, the second would be insane)
  1750. Joshua Frank: the Mansion the War Bought (Is the reality of doom sinking in?)
  1751. Ralph Nader: the Dark Age of the Auto Industry (He is one of its creators)
  1752. Sen. Russell Feingold: Renewing the Patriot Act (No Russ, it all needs to be destroyed utterly)
  1753. Jason Leopold | Enron Trial Avoids the Real Rip-Off (This is how it all really does work)
  1754. Halliburton to Get Paid Most of Disputed Funds (The point is that the US people are being systematically looted)
  1755. Veterans May Face Health Care Cuts in 2008 (They have been facing healthcare deprivation for years now - looting from the defenceless)
  1756. Iraq Vets and Family Members to Testify Before [a deaf] Congress
  1757. Climate Change May Spark Conflict between Nations (The way stupidities of every sort are being whipped up, anything could happen)
  1758. Incomes Fall, Hunger Worsens as Bush Says 'We're Doing Fine' (He has a pedigree of pathological liars, sociopaths and psychotics, and you expect what, exactly?)
  1759. Guantanamo, Fortress of the Absurd (The entire US has become an absurdity)
  1760. Ports of Profit: Dubai Does Brisk War Business (The Joy of Globalization and what it really means)
  1761. Official U.S. history of atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki is more fiction than fact
  1762. Bird Flu, Spreading in Africa, May Touch Off Pandemic (Is it Bird Flu?)
  1763. Group sues to get White House visitor logs
  1764. Play About Demonstrator's Death Is Delayed (truth is often most inconvenient)
  1765. Dubai ports firm enforces Israel boycott (That's one good thing)
  1766. Burns says president's skull is "solid granite"
  1767. Let history judge - Scott Ritter (READ)
  1768. Spy chief calls threat from port deal low (Negroponte - another neocrazy criminal)
  1769. German cat dies of bird flu, virus spreads (until tomorrow and denied)
  1770. Veterans Report Mental Distress (I wonder why)
  1771. US government to pay &#-11;&#-11;171,000 to Egyptian man held after 9/11
  1772. Visiting US, Berlusconi gets a warm endorsement from Bush (Figures)
  1773. Arab nations urged to seek UN ban on slandering religion (Just what we all need)
  1774. Plan to show Danish prophet cartoons riles UC Irvine campus (They're just shitty little cartoons, badly done, and not very funny)
  1775. Bush confident bin Laden will be caught (LMFGDAO!)
  1776. 'Iran must not have a nuclear weapon' (Israel must not have nuclear weapons)
  1777. Iran to be flexible in talks with Russia over nuke deal (How about, Iran will do whatever the fuck it feels necessary?)
  1778. Indian groups preparing to protest over Bush visit
  1779. Alan Rickman slams 'censorship' of play about US Gaza activist
  1780. Bush ride: six doors, missile-proof (Does he feel the fear, every minute? :-)
  1781. ADL to U.S.: Freeze seaport contract with UAE (Will no one rid us of these meddlesome rebbis?)
  1782. Negroponte: Iraq May Spark Regional Fight (Exactly what N is working on)
  1783. Bush denies Iraq heading toward civil war (No, it's already there)
  1784. Gulags For American Citizens In Final Planning Stages
  1785. www.GovExec.com - Expansion of FBI database holding DNA profiles debated (2/28/06)
  1786. Has America's conscience fallen victim to 9/11? (along with everything else)
  1787. Bush arrives to Indian protests
  1788. BIN LADEN AIDS BUSH (He was always glad to be of service)
  1789. Soldiers in Iraq know they are fighting and dying for a lie
  1790. Study: Few Americans know 1st Amendment (Why isn't *that* surprising?)
  1791. Gonzales Seeks to Clarify Testimony on Spying (Babbling)
  1792. Tony Blair is ignoring us, grieving families say
  1793. Curtains for 'Rachel Corrie' (who, exactly, is in back of the diallowance - or can't *that* be said either)
  1794. Gulf War Veteran Gets Placebos Instead Of Real Medicine
  1795. Israeli Sub fleet chief: We can hit targets overseas (and we also have hundreds of nukes)
  1796. Rickman Slams 'Censorship' of Play about US Gaza Activist
  1797. Fast Food Ice Dirtier Than Toilet Water! (The Decline and Fall ...)
  1798. Concentration Camps in America - Are They For You? (You betcha!)
  1799. Bush Voodoo Doll (Ah what a relief it is)
  1800. Shays Endorsing Lieberman (Deport Lieberman to Israel)
  1801. Germany put on alert as cat dies of bird flu (or not)
  1802. Bush: Media had more details on Katrina than gov't (?! Is NOAA dead?)
  1803. Jeb Bush Asked to Explain Cruise Ship Deal
  1804. Vivienne Westwood spices up Paris fashion week
  1805. Arroyo Sticks to Emergency as [Fictional] Coup Threats Linger
  1806. Dubai ports firm enforces Israel boycott (with luck, they will continue)
  1807. Bush Named As A Defendant In Wiretapping Lawsuit
  1808. Libby knew CIA spy by name before it was published, filing shows
  1809. Tortured Logic
  1810. European investigator to unveil countries' responses to CIA inquiry (The obvious is getting boring)
  1811. Who will extinguish the fires of this warfare? (Chimp's true legacy is worse than Caligula's)
  1812. Iraq situation "very tenuous": US military intelligence chief
  1813. Iraq Bomb Attacks Kill at Least 76 (Oh - just tenuous.)
  1814. Toll in Iraq's Deadly Surge: 1,300
  1815. Shiites Told: Leave Home Or Be Killed (Can it be believed?)
  1816. Intelligence agencies warned about growing local insurgency in late 2003 (Babbling)
  1817. Insurgent Violence Threatens Afghan Government (So?)
  1818. Byrd says Patriot Act still gives government too much power (Thank you Senator)
  1819. Patriot Act Renewal Clears Final Hurdle (Utterly Criminal, Illegal and Invalid Corpagov)
  1820. Extent of Eavesdropping May Go Beyond NSA Work (No shit!)
  1821. Australian jury dismisses main charges in Melbourne "terrorism" case
  1822. British defence secretary offers a rationalisation for war crimes (Wouldn't he just - boring bastard)
  1823. Pentagon whitewash for Halliburton corruption in Iraq (soooo unexpected)
  1824. Protests against Bush in India: For an international socialist strategy to fight imperialism
  1825. Bush administration drags Iraq towards the abyss of civil war
  1826. Haitian Election Aftermath
  1827. John Ryan: Canada and the American Empire (READ)
  1828. Sudan: Beware Bolton's Sudden Humanitarianism (Beware Bolton always - and make sure about placing the wooden stake)
  1829. The Charge to Overturn Roe Has Begun
  1830. Spinning Us to War with Iran: an Aussie Perspective
  1831. Faheem Hussain: Bush in Pakistan (READ)
  1832. Niranjan Ramakrishnan: the India That Can No Longer Say No
  1833. Mairead Corrigan Maguire: the Human Right to a Nuclear Free World (There is always hope)
  1834. Jane Mayer: The Memo
  1835. Waxman Challenges Jeb Bush on Katrina Cruise Contracts
  1836. US Post-War Planning for Iraq Almost Nonexistent (It *never* involved withdrawing)
  1837. US Obstructing UN Rights Council (Right on course)
  1838. Jason Leopold | Details Emerge in Latest Plame Emails
  1839. DeLay's Texas Voting Map Raises Partisanship Issue (How obvious does it have to be?)
  1840. Veterans Report Mental Distress (So does every US man, woman and child)
  1841. In Iraq "Reconstruction" Means New Prisons (Perfectly telling for what the world is in for)
  1842. Tens of Thousands Protest Bush India Visit (The most hated man in all history)
  1843. Republicans Considering Endorsing Lieberman (He has *always* been their bought pig)
  1844. Iraq War Veteran Garett Reppenhagen | 'I Trusted My Country' (No, you made the mistake of trusting your dogdamned corpagov)
  1845. Video: Bush, Chertoff Warned before Katrina
  1846. Chihuahua Becomes Drug Deputy (Chimp became pResident)
  1847. Bird Killings Feared To Be Satanic Ritual (W Satanic rituals have sacrificed how many lives? He is not even arrested)
  1848. Sheet metal Messiah for sale on eBay (more durable than on half eaten sandwiches)
  1849. Video shows Bush Katrina warning
  1850. 'Liberator' Bush makes first trip to Kabul
  1851. India, US upbeat over Bush visit (Why?)
  1852. Thank you, Mr President (Babbling)
  1853. Senate approves curbs on Patriot Act powers (Not good enough: Kill it!)
  1854. American automakers don't fare well in Consumer Reports survey
  1855. Asian autos score clean sweep over US rivals
  1856. Report suggests autos may have hit a reliability threshold (How quaint
  1857. Cat owners ordered to keep pets indoors (Fictitious Bird Flu now becomes fictitious Cat Flu - get a brain)
  1858. Suspended drug may be new hope for multiple sclerosis patients (or not)
  1859. Iraq Vets Bringing Home Mental Health Needs at High Rate (US corpagov, being totally insane, is enough to drive anybody nuts)
  1860. Saddam Asks: 'Where Is the Crime?' (Same thing US keeps asking of its criminal actions)
  1861. Fox criticizes closure order for US-owned hotel (bizarre)
  1862. DoD Officials Prepare for Possible [Fabricated] Pandemic
  1863. U.S. to create a bird flu virus mutation (hoping to mimic and desseminate a 1918 redux)
  1864. Calls for bird flu military labs I(to help desseminate and spread the really lethal virus)
  1865. Reigniting Spanish flu
  1866. Gene From 1918 Virus Proves Key to Virulent Influenza
  1868. Canada tightens borders to halt bird flu
  1869. FIFA chief warns of bird flu threat to World Cup finals (Babbling)
  1870. Tape: Bush, Chertoff Warned Before Katrina
  1871. In Afghan visit, Bush strikes confident note (because he has no idea where it is)
  1872. Bush lands, 'N-deal in the making' (Babbling)
  1873. Russia, Iran Talks End Without Nuclear Deal (still dancing while March 20 looms)
  1874. Lionel Tate pleads guilty to pizza robbery, faces lengthy sentence (What drugs has he been being prescribed?)
  1875. EU veterinarian experts say cat with bird flu poses no threat to ... (It's just more corpagov terrorism)
  1876. Vanguard - Headlines : My abductors called me Papa&#-11;&#-11;freed hostage
  1877. Feingold reads constitution on Senate floor
  1878. GOP Senators Move to Advance Patriot Act
  1879. Saudi Group Alleges Wiretapping by U.S.
  1880. Republicans struggle to find ways to make domestic spying legal
  1881. 4 Dead, Dozens Wounded in Karachi Blast
  1882. Explosions rock centre of Karachi
  1883. Europeans to Meet With Iran on Nuclear Impasse (Dancing)
  1884. Russia, Iran Talks End Without Nuclear Deal (More dancing)
  1885. Reliability, Sales Suffer Among US Auto Brands
  1886. Studies Suggest Controversial Multiple Sclerosis Drug Is Safe (or not)
  1887. Potholes appear in road to gender equality at work
  1888. Bush Admin. Decreasing Major Fines For Mine Safety Violations
  1889. $3B In Cuts To NASA, Major Projects To Be Shelve
  1890. WorldNetDaily: How to create conflict (Words do have meanings)
  1891. Ghosts who own Duke's estate - (How things work)
  1892. Israeli ruler-in-waiting plans to starve Hamas
  1893. Iran says US pressure wrecking Russian offer
  1894. 10-Year U.S. Strategic Plan For Detention Camps Revives Proposals From Oliver North
  1895. BBC NEWS | World | Europe | Irving expands on Holocaust views
  1896. BrickBurner.org: Call Him Senator Con Job Burns (R-Montana)
  1897. Group with White House ties launches ads to bolster war support
  1898. How did the Washington Post miss the levees in their new story about the Katrina video?
  1899. Dubai funds Neil Bushs company
  1900. Israel gives military free rein (When has it ever been "reined"?)
  1901. What Portion of Our FY05 Federal Taxes Supports Current and Past Military Activities?
  1902. Chris Floyd - Empire Burlesque - High Crimes and Low Comedy in the Bush Imperium - The Pentagon Archipelago
  1903. School Board Suspends Teacher for Anti-Bush Class
  1904. Where Are the Good Americans?
  1905. Robert Fisk shares his Middle East knowledge
  1906. Error may have cost U.S. $7B in royalties
  1907. FT.com / World / Americas - Data trigger long dollar sell-off
  1908. War on Terrorism The Real Criminals Remain at Large (READ)
  1909. Pay too much and you could raise the alarm (READ)
  1910. David Irving has a right to free speech, too
  1911. Israeli Defense Minister: Israel will take 20% of remaining Palestinian land (?!)
  1912. Israelis ask Oscars to drop suicide bomb film
  1913. Video shows Bush Katrina warning
  1914. Social Security info on Blackwell Web site (READ)
  1915. Experts Call for Release of 9/11 Evidence
  1916. When a stranger calls, Caller ID may not be trustworthy (Oh shit!)
  1917. Bush is done for (This entire government should be done for)
  1918. "My Name is Rachel Corrie" postponed?
  1919. The Civilian Inmate Labor Program (PDF document)
  1920. More Shocking Information Reveals Georgia Voters Must Be Vigilant
  1921. Willis Is Mad As Hell... (Good for Bruce)
  1922. U.S. signs $38 million deal for depleted uranium tank shells(More? Oh joy!)
  1923. Garofolo: '9/11 was an inside job' (No kidding)
  1924. Nepal devastated by Maoist attack, 41 killed
  1925. Phones stolen in Iraq used for sex chatlines (Everybody needs a hobby)
  1926. Baghdad official who exposed executions flees
  1927. Crude spills from Alaska's Prudhoe Bay pipeline
  1928. U.S. Intel: Qaeda Plotting 'Big Bang' (Right - Al-CIAMI6MOSSADA is plotting)
  1929. Debate over censorship emerges in China
  1930. Israel conducts military offensive in the West Bank and Gaza (Continues to conduct its genocidal program)
  1931. After deadly blast, Mexican miners launch strikes to demand safe conditions
  1932. Federal Reserve report documents widening inequality in US
  1933. With bipartisan support, US Senate agrees to Patriot Act renewal (Criminal Corpacongress)
  1934. Norman Finkelstein: the Attacks on Beyond Chutzpah
  1935. Roadless and Clueless: Wilderness Logging Greenwashed by Enviro Groups
  1936. Berlusconi on Capitol Hill: "I Am Italy!"
  1937. Saul Landau: Halfway Down the Road to Hell (and living in whimworld)
  1938. Ramzy Baroud: the Hamas Factor (READ)
  1939. Troops to Bush: Get Us Out of Here!
  1940. Paul Craig Roberts: How the Economic News is Spun (MUST READ: How economic numbers are fabricated and mean nothing)
  1941. How Santorum Got $8.5 Million for His Charity's Largest Donor (Criminal)
  1942. Americans' "Internal Enemy" (Government and its lying program of terrorization)
  1943. Burying the Lancet Report (Truth, but only when politically convenient)
  1944. Bush Seeking to Outsource Tax Collecting (Think British East India Corp)
  1945. Al-Qaeda Infiltrated UAE Government (Babbling nonsense)
  1946. Murray Waas | What Bush Was Told About Iraq (Telling is one thing; understanding is another)
  1947. Beijing clamps down on spitting (I am *so* relieved!)
  1948. In Congo, Pygmies ill-prepared to fight for their forests (The need WMDs)
  1949. High-Tech Firms Low On Future Engineers (US "educational" system and the death of everything)
  1950. Habitat Destruction At Lewisville Lake (genius at work)
  1951. Domino's Pizza founder to build porn-free town (How about Domino's (pizza swill) free town?)
  1952. Indo-US nuke pact "historic": Bush (or not)
  1953. American diplomat killed by car bomber (And so it begins?)
  1954. Animal rights activists convicted in New Jersey (and the corpagov runs free to terrorize still)
  1955. ECB rate hike puts borrowers under more pressure (looting)
  1956. NASA has new plan to complete space station (Corpagovs are entirely too evil to be allowed)
  1957. Antarctic Ice Sheet Shrinking (or, it's just another lie)
  1958. Report Warns Malnutrition Begins in Cradle (and is corpagov induced)
  1959. Police in Kenya Raid Major Media Firm
  1960. Mixed reaction to US-India deal
  1961. Philippine president ends state of emergency
  1962. Serbia reports cases of bird flu (or not)
  1963. Better Nutrition Means Better Economic Growth, says World Bank (a major global thief who has it backwards)
  1964. Hamas, before Moscow talks, says won't recognize Israel (or not)
  1965. Iran Says UN Nuclear Watchdog Is Biased (which it is)
  1966. Visiting Iranian president says bullying Western powers will fall (as they will - eventually)
  1967. U.S. Cites Exception in Torture Ban (We can torture whenever we fucking well fell like it!)
  1968. GOP to Hold Seminar on Mastering the Blogosphere (Oh really? They haven't the IQ)
  1969. Teacher Probed Over Bush Remarks
  1970. The bungling Bush presidency is falling apart (The destruction is purposefully designed)
  1971. Republican Congressman Predicts Bush Impeachment (The only Rep. deserving of life)
  1972. US censors websites
  1973. ABC News: Vargas Interview: The Personal Side of President Bush (on some other planet)
  1974. Mr Blair, you sent my son to die in a war based on lies
  1975. Party Hacks - Chris Floyd
  1976. U.S. Cites Exception in Torture Ban (McCain's crap was a fraud to start)
  1977. Arrow can block 'any Iranian missile' (Oh, really? LOL)
  1978. Fmr. UN Official: Human Rights Abuses Worse Now Than Under Sadda
  1979. Katherine Harris Caught Up in Bribery Scandal (Consistent Criminal)
  1980. Scum-sucking traitors to their country (Every one. Color me eliminarian)
  1981. 'War on terror' trials could allow evidence obtained through torture (at least there is symmetry)
  1982. Marzel to beauty queen: Don't marry a goy (Racism?! Naah - can't be)
  1983. Rumsfeld: Today&#-11;&#-11;&#-11;s weapons of war include e-mail, Blackberries, instant messaging, cameras & blogs (I guess the lying mainstream media is losing its influence LOL)
  1984. Terrorist [freedom fighter] growth overtakes U.S. efforts
  1985. Ethics Office For Hill Rejected (We don't need no stinking ethics!)
  1986. I Do Not Wish to Be Associated With Torture - by Ray McGovern
  1987. A Fearful Master - by Justin Raimondo
  1988. The Golden Caliphate - by Ann Berg
  1989. DefenseLINK News: CENTCOM Team Engages 'Bloggers' (Stop at nothing LMAO)
  1990. Let Them Starve
  1991. United for Peace : Events "Storm the Whitehouse"
  1992. Midwest Oil fined for selling gas too cheaply (Hello-o?)
  1993. The Iranian Threat: The Bomb or the Euro? (Euro, of course)
  1994. FEMA critic's shirt gets him tangled up in ticket (Totalitarian state. Law? We just make that up along with the "facts")
  1995. Aljazeera.Net - Syria flays Israel for 'nuclear dumping' (bet that it's true)
  1996. Controlling the Future of the Internet (The Evil of Corpagov)
  1997. U.S. Commander Says Iraq Crisis Has Passed (Yes, US has created anarchy)
  1998. Anti-US Protests Erupt Around Pakistan Before Bush's Visit... Crowds March On US Consulte, Flag Burning, "Death To America" Chant
  1999. US lawmaker vows to scuttle port deal (It doesn't matter!)
  2000. Kurt Vonnegut's "Stardust Memory" (READ - a real genius speaks)
  2001. Auto Supplier Dana Files for Bankruptcy Protection
  2002. Blair tries to shift the blame (Doesn't he always: pathological liar)
  2003. Congressman to be sentenced for unparalleled corruption (Now, for the rest of them?)
  2004. O'Reilly threatens caller (audio)
  2005. Ex-officers charged in robbing drug houses
  2006. Unrest after Israel church attack
  2007. Jew throws firecrackers inside Nazareth church
  2008. Lethal flying gunships returning to Iraq
  2009. Israel threatens to assassinate the future Palestinian Authority prime minister (How typically Israeli - kill it)
  2010. Resolution to Impeach Bush-Cheney Passes 7-3 (A start)
  2011. Israeli Couple Attacks Christian Shrine
  2012. Rumsfeld Sept 10, 2001: The Pentagon cannot account for $2.3 TRILLION (Is this the same 2.3 trillion, or yet another?)
  2013. Chertoff Has 'Few Days Left,' Sources Say (A small favor)
  2014. Tahitian parliamentary report: France covered up nuclear test fallout
  2015. Capitulation to Zionist censors Play on Rachel Corrie canceled by NewYork theater group
  2016. Iraq: violence continues and sectarian divide widens (as planned)
  2017. US tries to use Saddam Hussein trial to justify its own crimes (That's US logic)
  2018. Hundreds of thousands protest Bush's visit to India (Not millions?)
  2019. Bush secures nuclear accord with India (We will see)
  2020. Bush in India: Dinner with George and Manmohan (Count me out)
  2021. Wolfowitz at the World Bank: Cronyism and Corruption
  2022. The Monolith Crumbles: Reality and Revisionism About Iran
  2023. Mexico: the Power of Corruption and the Corruption of Power
  2024. New Leadership Crisis as Iraq Descends Into Anarchy
  2025. House to Expand Inquiry Into Domestic Spying (Yeah, right: Criminal Congress)
  2026. Mike Ferner | Fifteen Arrested at White House Protesting US Torture (Howperfectly telling of reality)
  2027. Tia Steele | The Soul of This Country Is Being Eaten Away (The past tense is more accurate)
  2028. In India, Bush Urges Americans to Embrace Outsourcing (Insanity)
  2029. US, India Agree on Broad Weapons Proliferation (Sure: they both have them)
  2030. Pentagon Intelligence Agency Reviewed for Corruption (It *is* utter corription)
  2031. Free Speech TV | Enemies of the Environment
  2032. GOP Growing Increasingly Angry, Frightened by Bush's Missteps (Are the cretins even remotely capable of paying attention to anything until it is strangling them to death? Their death, and death of all their spawn is to be hoped for)
  2033. 2102 space rock to give Earth its closest shave (Nothing is forever)
  2034. Pentagon develops brain implants to turn sharks into military spies
  2035. Haunted father killed himself in fire (The utter sickness of this entire species: it needs to die)
  2036. Bush opens security-tense Pakistan visit to show solidarity with ...
  2037. Islamists promise protests as Bush meets Musharraf
  2038. Spousal Spats: Bad for the Heart? (Only a moron would not know that)
  2039. Europe sees hope of compromise in Iran nuclear talks (Idiots. It's the Oil Bourse, stupids!)
  2040. Democrats and Republicans show little sympathy for Cunningham (They are all lying, treasonous thieves)
  2041. True altruism lies in babies' helping hands: experiment (except for Republicans and other Zionists and Nazis)
  2042. Infants show early signs of altruism (except in the drooling ruling repto families)
  2043. Studies Show Chimps to Be Collaborative and Altruistic (but not our Chimp)
  2044. WHITE HOUSE DELAYS RELEASE OF STUDY SHOWING TOXIC ROCKET FUEL IN MOST AMERICANS (It's not paranoia when your already criminal government really is out poison you, and then deny it)
  2045. "There are 50,000 professors ... [who] identify with the terrorists" (David "Goebbels" Horowitz with an IQ of 25)
  2046. Pakistan Braces as Bush Starts Visit (Any country must brace itself for its presence)
  2047. Tory chief insists party can offer fresh ideas (all of them gory and degrading)
  2048. Hamas Refuses to Yield (Will someone manage to urge Israel to recognize Palestine - or even report that it never has?)
  2049. Hamas for talks with Israel
  2050. Hamas: We won't negotiate with Israel (?)
  2051. Senate Approves Patriot Act Renewal (The Treasonous Congress? Of course it does)
  2052. Chimps Display a Hallmark of Human Behavior: Cooperation (A concept destroyed by US corpachimpz)
  2053. Twenty Students Suspended In Latest Round Of MySpace-Related Busts (Nazination whips its slaves into submission)
  2054. Idaho Observer: KAMIAH, IdahoCarol Asher, a 66-year old retired nun and school teacher faces the possibility of 14 years in prison for exercising her right to free speech in the privacy and sanctity of the jury deliberation room.
  2055. Bush Plan Would Raise Deficit by $1.2 Trillion, Budget Office Say
  2056. Peace Hugs: Is There a Case for Impeachment?
  2057. Future Nobel Peace Prize Winner- Nonie Darwish tells it like it is (Satire can be thinly divided from truth)
  2058. Vermont Losing Prized Resource as Young Depart
  2059. On "Serving One Flag"
  2060. US signals abandonment of nuclear disarmament (This isn't exactly news)
  2061. Calling Bush "Hitler" Is A No No In Colorado High School, As Patriot Act Violations Mount Across the Country
  2062. General won't end practice of planting paid-for stories
  2063. Its Real: Prison Labor for the Military
  2064. Names Offer Glimpse Into Top-Secret Prison
  2065. Congress raises broadcast flag for audio (Still Criminal Congress)
  2066. PM attacked on Iraq 'God' remarks ("God" is the last scapegoat of criminals)
  2067. Media Matters - O'Reilly threatened radio show caller with "a little visit" from "Fox security" for mentioning Olbermann's name on the air(psychopath)
  2068. Journal axes gene research on Jews and Palestinians (Reminder on politicized science)
  2069. Iran official says U.S. behind al-Qaeda attacks (Got that right)
  2070. Unclaimed Territory - by Glenn Greenwald: Bill Frist threatens to re-structure the Intelligence Committee in order to block NSA hearings(Evil, with a chip on his shoulder; think of what Acton said about power)
  2071. War, Never Been So Much Fun! (Like apple pie, motherhood and imhuman derangement)
  2072. Navy to ground all aircraft for safety review
  2073. Pro-Israel Lobbying Group Roiled by Prosecution of Two Ex-Officials
  2074. The Art of Politics (and the Politics of Arts: Arts and Sciences demoished)
  2076. US to present Iran with 30-day ultimatum (Just itching to invade/bomb with fictitious excuses - again)
  2077. US nuclear plant leaks fuel health concerns (Even technology demolished)
  2078. Head of Fox Security called me re: phone call to O'Reilly today
  2079. U.S. Food Imports on the Rise (Economy and agriculture demolished)
  2080. Earth Is Melting at Both Ends (Not in ice, not in fire, but in water? Maybe the dolphins and whales will be safe again)
  2081. Promised tests remain undone for many FDA-approved drugs (S.O.P.)
  2082. Pizza Magnate Modifies Plans for Fla. Town (Sick puppy loser)
  2083. Study: Few Americans Know 1st Amendment (or much else)
  2084. Lee's call for NSA spying info rebuffed (Criminal, and bought "Democratic Party")
  2085. White House Seeks to Plug Leaks (How about its own mouth?)
  2086. Army to open criminal probe of Tillman death
  2087. Fate Worse Than Guantanamo? (It's called "outsourcing")
  2088. Documents Reveal the Stories of Prisoners at Guantanamo Bay
  2089. Guantanamo Bay: The testimony
  2090. Harkin calls for troop pullout in Iraq
  2091. Iraqi President: U.S. [corpagov] to Stay As Needed
  2092. US pumps cash into prisons as Iraq crumbles
  2093. An act of social cruelty: South Dakota bars abortions for victims of rape and incest
  2094. Bird flu in India: profits override public health concerns
  2095. Britain: Behind the suspension of London Mayor Ken Livingstone
  2096. The Clintons, the Doles and the Dubai port deal: political duplicity and class interest
  2097. Bush visit to Pakistan will intensify Musharraf's crisis (Bushco salivates)
  2098. The US / India Nuclear Pact: a Bad and Dangerous Deal
  2099. Destroying the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty
  2100. Colin Asher: Goodbye, Dubai
  2101. Winslow T. Wheeler: The Generals, the Legislators and the Gulfstream VIP Transports
  2102. Steven Higgs: Dying for Their Work
  2103. Bush's NSA Spying Program Violates the Law
  2104. The Dubai Ports Purchase: National Insecurity, Imported or Homegrown?
  2105. Bush Punishes Representative Who Opposes Dubai Port Deal
  2106. Robert M. Sapolsky | A Natural History of Peace (READ)
  2107. Hamas Meets a Stern Putin in Moscow
  2108. Brazil President Wants Bush, Chavez Chat (LOL)
  2109. Over 7,000 Killed by Iraq Death Squads (created by whom?)
  2110. Pakistan Is Tense as Bush Arrives
  2111. Bush rules out civilian nuclear technology for Pakistan
  2112. In Russia visit, Hamas stands firm on anti-Israel positions
  2113. China Promises More Rural Spending (and looking so very western)
  2114. Antarctica's ice melts faster than snowfall can replace it
  2115. Five States Sue Government Over Medicare
  2116. In Guantanamo Bay Documents, Prisoners Plead for Release
  2117. 62 Pakistanis listed on Guantanamo roster
  2118. Silvio Berlusconi: The laughing Cavalier
  2119. Al Qaida deputy condemns cartoons (LOL The dead speak)
  2120. Auto-parts supplier Dana files for bankruptcy protection
  2121. Bird flu what you need to know (or it's BS)
  2122. New Drugs Hit the Market, but Promised Trials Go Undone (or being lied about)
  2123. FDA: Drug Companies Drop Ball on Studies (Ooops)
  2124. Bush may be history, but sadly his work will outlast him - [Sunday Herald]
  2125. Bill Frist Threatens Mini-Nuclear Option To Block NSA Hearings
  2126. White House Trains Efforts on Media Leaks
  2127. Senator wants to ban 'fast lane' for Web
  2128. Buffett loses faith in US (already went for euros v. $US)
  2129. David Mills
  2130. Boy Blunder Strikes Again
  2131. Depleted Uranium in Urine of Soldiers
  2132. John Cory | Twilight's Last Gleaming (YES)
  2133. Staged attack to precede war against Iran (READ)
  2134. Jewish plot to kill Bevin in London
  2135. New allegations emerge as 'hurt' Jowell leaves husband (David Mills)
  2136. How we move ever closer to becoming a totalitarian state
  2137. The Hiroshima Cover-Up
  2139. UK, US to withdraw Iraq forces by early '07 (Um - sure - and send in the tooth fairy)
  2140. Military denies withdrawal plan
  2141. America Anesthetized
  2142. New Mexico leads back to Paper Ballots
  2143. Hello Iran, Bye Iraq; US GIs on Video; Drilling USA; Talabani woos Sadr; "Smoking" Iraqis
  2144. Daniel Pipes - Civil War in Iraq would not be that bad for our interests
  2146. U.S. warns Iran of 'painful consequences' - Mideast/N. Africa - MSNBC.com
  2147. Ex-CIA worker sues over book deletions
  2148. Bush visit: Pak leaders disappointed
  2149. AT&T buys BellSouth for $67 billion
  2150. China steps up arms budget despite severe domestic problems
  2151. Israel: Russia vows not to harm our security (How about crushing you into dust?)
  2152. 'Hamas Should not be Forced to Acknowledge Israel'
  2153. Zacarias Moussaoui fights for his life
  2154. Man in southern China dies of deadly H5N1 bird flu (or not)
  2155. Poland confirms bird flu cases (or not)
  2156. Israel 'to make more [phoney] withdrawals'
  2157. US nets plenty of [innocent] small fry in war on terror
  2158. IMDb user comments for Brokeback Mountain (2005) (Art and science are the touchstones of the soul of any civilization. Does the US have one? The people do, but the government does not and needs to be annihilated, completely)
  2159. Iran: Helmut Kohl agrees with Ahmadinejad on Holocaust
  2160. Feds shroud many cases in secrecy
  2161. Consolidation and lay-offs hit mortgage industry
  2162. Mass. home sales plummet 21%
  2163. California home sales drop 24% in January
  2164. State's Housing Permits Decline 10% in January
  2165. 48% home sales drop leads state
  2166. US mortgage bonds face risk if house prices fall
  2167. How a housing downturn could roil economy (Noshit!)
  2169. There are Still 250,000 Homeless Veterans
  2170. Bones halt plans for tolerance museum (Diversionary nonsense)
  2171. Priests clean up after Bush dogs (Nobody should put up with this idiot)
  2172. Watchdog Optimistic About an Iran Deal
  2173. Hindus dog Bush over cat's name (Puppy? How about a baboon?)
  2174. Bush declares war on freedom of the press
  2175. West spreading fear 'better than Osama'
  2176. Another War for Israel - by Justin Raimondo
  2177. Bush Can Be Stopped
  2178. Ex-Milosevic ally kills himself
  2179. Bolton: World Must Confront Iran (Living in whimworld)
  2181. US envoy hints at strike to stop Iran (Bolton belongs in cage)
  2182. '14,000 detained without trial in Iraq'
  2183. UK: Solution to war crime lawsuits near (How to make laws meaningless)
  2184. Georgetown Law Students Turn Backs To Gonzales (Bravi tutti!)
  2185. Dubai and the Straits of Hormuz :: from www.uruknet.info
  2186. Treasury Dept. Moves to Avoid Debt Limit (Isn't magic wonderful?)
  2187. Judge Rejects Long Delay in Abramoff Case
  2188. Industry caused the flu; why blame wild birds? (READ)
  2189. Ministers back 'terminator' GM crops (Criminal government)
  2190. Huge Phone Deal Seeks to Thwart Smaller Rivals
  2191. Max Cleland calls Bush a "disaster"
  2192. Chavez instructs military, civilians to repel invasion
  2193. U.S. alleges Iran has a nuke blueprint (makes cartoons, says naughty things and doesn't like US very much)
  2194. Everything is on table, Iran warned (I suggest all Palestinians visit relatives in Lebanon, Egypt, Syria and Jordan - very soon!)
  2195. Iran and Qaeda benefit from US in Iraq: congressman (Murtha, clueless in Congress)
  2196. Where's All the War Dough?
  2197. Amnesty: Torture of Iraq detainees continues
  2198. Guant&#-11;&#-11;namo detainee told Geneva rights 'irrelevant'
  2199. Ex-CIA worker sues over book deletions
  2200. CIA trainee sues agency over right to free speech
  2201. AT&T: BellSouth Deal Would Lead to 10,000 Job Cuts (Ooops)
  2202. S.D. governor signs abortion ban into law (fool)
  2203. Supreme Court Upholds College Military Recruiting Law
  2204. Australian Treasurer Peter Costello joins anti-Muslim bandwagon [sigh]
  2205. France: Ilan Halimi tortured and murdered for money
  2206. India's "pro-poor" budget boosts military spending and market reforms (Figures)
  2207. Hundreds of Iraqi academics and professionals assassinated by death squads(It's a genocidal plan)
  2208. Paul Craig Roberts: America's Bleak Jobs Future (He's got that right)
  2209. Joshua Frank: the Mysterious Case of David Cobb
  2210. Theater, Ideology and the Censorship of "My Name is Rachel Corrie"
  2211. Vanessa Redgrave: Censorship of the Worst Kind (The Second Death of Rachel Corrie)
  2212. Why Did Pat Tillman Die? an Investigation Reopens
  2213. Cindy Sheehan Arrested at UN (Nazination)
  2214. 49 Killed in Pakistan Clashes
  2215. Veil of Secrecy at Guantanamo Lifting
  2216. Jason Leopold: CIA Leak Path: Cheney, Libby, Woodward
  2217. Bush to Ask Congress for Line-Item Veto Power (and Criminal Congress will surrender)
  2218. Wall Street Journal Uses I Word: Graphic Tells the Story
  2219. The Court-Martial of Willie Brand
  2220. Nuclear Pact With India Seen as Surrender
  2221. America's model housewife turns feminist as husband abandons her (BooHoo- the stupids part)
  2222. Capitol Hill's dirty secrets laid bare in lobby scandal
  2223. Iran's own Eminem raps for Islam
  2224. Venice for sale to highest bidder
  2225. Indian cult kills children for goddess
  2226. Manila stifles people power
  2227. Booming India finds that America wants to be its new best friend (With friends like this, you don't need enemies)
  2228. Jailed killer's magic books ban (Berzerker government)
  2229. Moussaoui Knew Terror Plot Was `About to Unfold,' Jury Is Told (A CIA agent?!)
  2230. Spread of bird flu unprecedented (Get over your stupidity, Mary!)
  2231. Election losers stage Palestinian parliament walkout (walkout bad - sit in good - idiots!)
  2232. Date set for Iraqi Parliament's first sitting (Sitting in - or sitting out?)
  2233. When is an Abortion Not an Abortion? (When you don't know that words have meanings)
  2234. US [arrogant] state [fuckgov] tightens abortion laws
  2235. Macular Degeneration Tied to Immune System Genes (pseudoscience and jorurnalistic infantilism)
  2236. Genes May Hold Key to Elderly Vision Loss (or not - moron)
  2237. Fading eyesight 'caused by genes' (Fucking Bullshit)
  2238. Hooray for Bollywood as PM hits Mumbai (Howard needs to die)
  2239. House Ways and Means Chairman Thomas Retires (Who cares?)
  2240. Pakistani Leader Lashes Out at Afghan's 'Bad-Mouthing' (Cool!)
  2241. Media Matters - Horowitz admonished by MSNBC host for "call[ing] guests names on the air"(But I will: David Horowitz is a treasonous, psychopathic liar)
  2242. Media Matters - Horowitz admonished by MSNBC host for "call[ing] guests names on the air"
  2243. Russia and West Split on Iran Nuclear Issue (Russia would be crazy not to)
  2244. US urges action to stop Iran from getting nuclear arms (Continuing lying farce)
  2245. Moussaoui's lies 'led to 9/11 deaths' (US Corpagov lying garbage)
  2246. Prosecution Asks Jury for Death Sentence for Moussaoui (Completely insane)
  2247. How did 'Crash' cash in? (Corruption of everything)
  2248. Iraqi President Loses Call for Parliament
  2249. Hamas Picks a First-Day Fight
  2250. Palestinians Vote to Strip Abbas of Powers
  2251. NBC Universal picks up women's internet group for &#-11;&#-11;340m (Garotting, anyone?)
  2252. Rare disease linked to MS drug worries FDA
  2253. China`s big arms budget
  2254. Indian deal 'illogical' (Check your assumptions)
  2255. Gas prices continue to surge upward
  2256. Retired couple seen with $200,000 health need
  2257. Party Hacks - Chris Floyd
  2258. 18%? (Confidence for Cheney)
  2259. Negroponte Makes the Most of His Post as Minister Without Portfolio
  2260. New Jersey Bill Would Prohibit Anonymous Posts on Forums
  2261. The NSA's relationship with Reuters and AP
  2262. Archbishop of Canterbury speaks out against Guantanamo Bay detention
  2263. 8,000 desert [US military] during Iraq war
  2264. Top Iraqi general killed by sniper
  2265. Majority in U.S. Fears Iraq Civil War (But what do they really know about anything?)
  2266. Iranians Defend Nuclear Rights
  2267. Moussaoui could have stopped 9/11, jury told (LOL)
  2268. Israel: Hamas leaders not immune (Israel is willing to assassinate anybody)
  2269. Israel: Not even Palestine PM immune from pinpoint strikes (So which is the rogue state?)
  2271. Now Repeal the Ban (the "Solomon Amendement")
  2272. NBC Universal Takes an iVillage (A very bad event)
  2273. GM to sell much of its stake in Suzuki for $2B
  2274. Scientists Say Next Solar Cycle Will Be Strong but Delayed (or not)
  2275. New Model Predicts More Intense Solar Storms Ahead
  2276. The post-Oscars debate: Why Brokeback lost
  2277. Uneasy Hollywood chooses race relations over gay cowboy drama
  2278. The Australian: Lovers spurned by Oscar [March 07, 2006]
  2279. Group: 'Al-Qaeda chief in PA to appear soon' (bullshit)
  2280. Irish Oscar winning film's star tells of airport detention (Nazination)
  2281. Two killed, four wounded in Basra shooting; some victims reportedly Britons (Somebody playing Arabs - again?)
  2282. Amid AIPAC's Big Show, Straight Talk With a Noticeable Silence (Hubris amidst sea of Orwellian newspeak)
  2284. Human medical experimentation in the United States: The shocking true history of modern medicine and psychiatry (1833-1965)
  2285. USATODAY.com - Decades later, Marines hunt Vietnam-era deserters (another illegal invasion)
  2286. A Place That Is Rougher and Bleaker Than Guantanamo
  2287. Welcome to the United States of Duplicit
  2288. Borrowed Some Money? You May Be With Al-Qaeda(Nazi corpagov deliberately driving you crazy)
  2289. Iran faces consequences in nuclear dispute: Cheney (He shoots people - then he babbles)
  2290. ElBaradei's Swan Song? - by Gordon Prather (READ)
  2291. U.S. drawing lots of Mideast oil money (That's one strategy)
  2292. Minister admits 'rendition' planes used RAF bases
  2293. UK Admits CIA-run Rendition Flights: Report
  2294. Parsippany officials say H.S. mock trial of Bush crossed line (Joe Kyle)
  2295. California Sheriff admits spying on antiwar group
  2296. Japan: Koizumi's popularity slumps amid debate on social inequality
  2297. Taiwanese president stokes tensions with China
  2298. Britain: Culture secretary embroiled in Silvio Berlusconi bribery scandal
  2299. CBS&#-11;&#-11;&#-11; &#-11;&#-11;&#-11;60 Minutes&#-11;&#-11;&#-11; expose on killings in Afghanistan - Former aide to Powell: authorization for torture came from &#-11;&#-11;&#-11;the very top&#-11;&#-11;&#-11;
  2300. US holding thousands without trial Torture in Iraq worse since Abu Ghraib(Genocide planned long ago)
  2301. Hopeful Signs Across Latin America: an Interview with Noam Chomsky
  2302. Who is Afraid of Rachel Corrie?
  2303. No Immunity: Israel's Policy of Targeted Assassination
  2304. The Impeachment Groundswell and Bush's Last Hope: the Democrats
  2305. Dr. Strangelove is Our President: Global Peace Through Nuclear Weapons
  2306. Half a Trillion Dollars: It's an Awful Lot of Money to Make Us Less Safe and Less Free
  2307. Rumsfeld Pushes Gingrich Long War Strategy
  2308. Fastow Looms Large at Enron Trial
  2309. Taliban and Mafia Control the South of the Country
  2310. GOP Lawmakers Work to Limit Probe of Domestic Spying Program (You bet! - making the controls by Israel even more obvious)
  2311. Paul Kamen | Conduct Unbecoming of the Commander-In-Chief
  2312. Greenwald Announces Film on Tom DeLay
  2313. Fastow: Enron Executives Approved Deals to Hide Losses
  2314. House adds safeguards to Patriot Act (Um - sure - right - absolutely)
  2315. Russia denies Iran atom offer after Western rebuff (The technology is no secret)
  2316. Jurors riveted by Flight 11's last minutes (The 19 fictional hijerkers again)
  2317. US knew about al Qaeda in 1990s says FBI agent (Sure, since they invented it)
  2318. India blasts kill 15 in 'terrorist attack' (*Everything* is now a "terrorist attack")
  2319. Senate Republicans block investigation into eavesdropping (Everybody needs a hobby)
  2320. Gene determines heart attack risk from coffee-study (LOL: Nothing is actually true)
  2321. Bird-flu cats reject virus (Another lie, hoax farce bites the dust; that's what "news" is)
  2322. British woman loses European frozen embryo case
  2323. MSN Money - The numbers behind the lies (READ)
  2324. BBC NEWS | Middle East | No reason for optimism in Iraq (It is a planned genocide)
  2325. Republicans aim to legalize Bush's secret spy program
  2326. Bird Flu Spreads in Nigeria, Reaches Oil-Producing Delta Region (Bird Flu? Oh, really?)
  2327. Industry plan would raise power rates 12%
  2328. Warning Sounded About Levees
  2329. New York Puts Mental Patients in Homes Illegally, Groups Say
  2330. DeLay Claims Victory in Texas Congressional Primary Election (Figure it out)
  2331. Bush extends faith-based initiative to Homeland Security
  2332. G.O.P. Leaders Vowing to Block Ports Agreement (A continuing nonissue)
  2333. Tensions Increase Over Delay of a Play (Rachel Corrie)
  2334. U.S. drawing lots of Mideast oil money
  2335. Governor praises student who taped criticism of Bush (?!!!)
  2336. Student says he fears for safety (Yeah - sure)
  2337. The USS Ronald Reagan deployed in the Persian Gulf
  2338. US envoy to Iraq: 'We have opened the Pandora's box' (and in the US?)
  2339. Libby Defense Request Strongly Resisted by CIA
  2340. C.I.A. Fights Effort by Libby's Lawyers for Bush Briefings
  2341. Minister admits 'rendition' planes used RAF bases
  2342. UK Admits CIA-run Rendition Flights: Report
  2343. US A-G defends Guantanamo Bay (also, torture, genocide and - whatever)
  2344. Minister says Guantanamo must close to save democracy
  2345. Annan: U.S. forces may be violating international law (may?!)
  2346. Elite Troops Get Expanded Role on Intelligence (murder and genocide)
  2347. G.O.P. Senators Say Accord Is Set on Wiretapping (with no choice)
  2348. Rice, Lavrov expose widening US-Russia rift (The more, the better)
  2349. US A-G defends Guantanamo Bay. 08/03/2006. (Lying through his teeth, as usual)
  2350. Our Military's Failure of Accountability
  2351. Russia gold and currency reserves increased to record-high.
  2352. Number of Illegal Immigrants Hits 12M (Figure the purpose for this to be arranged)
  2353. UN Nuclear Agency Cedes Action on Iranian Program to Council (Is that Iran or Iraq?)
  2354. Vermont Towns Vote to Impeach
  2355. Conservatives Are Jumping Ship: Bush Is Going Down (Too late: the damage is irreversible)
  2356. Election official hammered for telling the truth (In US? Of course)
  2357. Retirement Fund Tapped to Avoid National Debt Limit
  2358. Bulk Ammunition Shortages in USA (Bringing the dead troops home)
  2359. Teacher who compared Bush and Hitler put on leave (Which is maligned by the comparison?)
  2360. Biddle's Pivot - by Justin Raimondo
  2361. Recognizing Israel for what it is (READ)
  2362. US envoy to Iraq: 'We have opened the Pandora's box' (deliberately)
  2363. Al Qaeda Expert Offers Few Details at Moussaoui Trial (Farce of lies)
  2364. Iran will be stopped, Cheney vows to Israeli lobbyists (His bosses)
  2365. Kabuki Congress (Treasonous Congress)
  2366. Blaming the victims as Iraq disintegrates
  2367. The Last Patriot (YES)
  2368. Israel slaps the U.S. - and slaps again (We know who the bosses are, andso do they)
  2369. Police Re-Authorize Targeted Assassination on Streets Of Britain
  2370. U.N. Report: Jews are Terrorists, Not Palestinians
  2371. Israel will have to act on Iran if UN can't (?!)
  2372. Israel's mobsters grow more daring
  2373. Irans conference on Holocaust denial begins on Tuesday
  2374. U.S. Criticizes Arab Allies on Rights(If it weren't so sick and lying, it would be hilarious)
  2375. US Spending $5.9B In Iraq Per Month... | The Huffington Post
  2376. The White Rose: A Lesson in Dissent by Jacob G. Hornberger
  2377. Bird flu could hit Americas within a year: UN (More birds have been slaughtered than killed by it, the cat stuff was also a hoax, as are most if not all human cases - with NO example of human-human transmission. Pandemic?!!! Get a brain)
  2378. Sen. Clinton accuses GOP of trying to create police state with immigration bill (while this bitch has been doing just the same for decades)
  2379. Bush Orders DHS to Create Center for Faith-Based Aid (How much more, oh Lord?! De profundis, clamavi as te)
  2380. Ariz. Governor says she will veto GOP bill
  2381. Ariz. governor orders troops to border
  2382. House Republicans defy Bush on ports deal (a diversion to give you some hope before crushing it)
  2383. Senior officers: we knew wrong man was shot (Menezes)
  2384. Official says Moscow opposes Iran sanctions
  2385. Parliament probes alleged CIA activities in Europe (Oh - sure - ahem)
  2386. Graffiti computer game banned in Australia Bi-partisan censorship campaign targets youth
  2387. Right-wing campaign targets Colorado teacher for anti-Bush remarks
  2388. Britain: Government minister admits US "rendition" planes landed in UK
  2389. Guant&#-11;&#-11;namo files offer glimpse of Pentagon's kangaroo courts
  2390. US ambassador to UN warns of "painful consequences" for Iran (Bolton needs his nuts crushed)
  2391. Rachel Corrie: a Call to Action
  2392. Have You Ever Been Convicted of a Felony?
  2393. Pat Williams: Bush, the View from the Purple States (with no understanding that it is all deliberate)
  2394. Patrick Bond: Wolfowitz's Anti-Corruption Hoax at the World Bank (WB/IMF*is* purely a scam)
  2395. Brian Concannon, Jr.: Elusive Victories in Haiti (speaking of the thieving WB/IMF)
  2396. Disgraced DeLay Runs for Re-Election (It's just that kind of country)
  2397. At Conservative Forum on Bush, Everybody's a Critic
  2398. Filmmaker Gordon Parks Dies at 93
  2399. Moussaoui's Defense Scores Points (This is almost going to be funny)
  2400. Five Vermont Towns Endorse Move to Impeach (They are going to be punished)
  2401. Groups Counterattack Strict South Dakota Abortion Law
  2402. Abramoff Details Relationship With Bush, DeLay, Burns (a dangerous defense)
  2403. Enron Defense Lawyer Spars With Fastow
  2404. Dozens report seeing face of Jesus on cloth in Canadian church (Get a mind)
  2405. The Seattle Times: Local News: The cases your judges are hiding from you
  2406. Pravda: Behold the Bird Flu Apocalypse (Idiocy)
  2407. Nuke Defense: Sticky Foam (No plstic sheets and duck tape?!)
  2409. The USS Liberty Inquiry Forum
  2410. Internet overtakes TV in Britain
  2411. Fifth Ill. Hate Crimes Panelist Resigns (Only Jewhating is a crime)
  2412. Dick Cheney hangs out with Israel's spies
  2413. Why Iran? (Let me count the ways)
  2415. Reuters Claims US Military to Blame for Killing Reporters
  2416. Iran's Deadly EMP Weapon Latest Neo-Con War Fraud
  2417. Little Manchurian Candidates (READ - who determines the reading matter? I know. Do you?)
  2418. Little Manchurian Candidates (Bird Flu and Anthrax are nothing in comparison)
  2419. ARE YOU LISTENING, MR. PRESIDENT? (No - and really that is irrelevant)
  2420. 100 Dublin priests accused of abuse since 1940 (It's what they do!)
  2421. At last, the warmongers are prepared to face the facts and admit they were wrong (NO! The were fucking manipulative liars to begin with)
  2422. ADL to Southern Baptist Convention: Stop Efforts To Convert Jews (LOL - convert jews into what?)
  2423. People's Daily Online -- US has 727,304 homeless people nationwide: report (Vast underestimate)
  2424. FT.com / World / US - Trade gap widens to $68.5bn in the US
  2425. FT.com / Middle East & Africa / Iraq - US report blames weak Iraq rule for abuses ( Not the designed US genocide of Iraqis?!)
  2426. Bird flu 'heading for America' (Um "planted in" is the correct expression)
  2427. Trade gap widens in January to record $68.5 bln
  2428. Bomb Kills Nine As Dust Storm Hits Baghdad
  2429. US demands drastic action as Iran nuclear row escalates (So much fucking bullshit babbling! - How about cutting a few tongues and fingers of politicians and their whore "journalists")
  2430. Italy's National Memorial Day of the Exiles and Foibe: the significance of a neo-fascist commemoration
  2431. US Senate panel votes to sanction illegal spying Rubberstamp for police-state measures
  2432. White House Stands by Veto Threat (diversionary nonsense)
  2433. Iran rejects Western "bullying" (LOL - dancing)
  2434. Ahmadinejad will not back down (Of course not: it's his show, idiots)
  2435. UN's Jan Pronk facing death threats (That's life)
  2436. N Koreas missile tests likely to fuel tension (Learning from Chavez)
  2437. US warns NK over 'missile tests' (LOL - yeah, right! US Assholes!)
  2438. Church arson attacks a 'joke' (Well, that's amusing)
  2439. Putting a price on click fraud (Corpagov = Fraudgov)
  2440. US Trade Deficit Increased to $68.5 Billion in January (Now think abou 12 months?)
  2441. UN Predicts Bird Flu will Hit US Within a Year (or will be planted)
  2442. Expect H5N1 virus in North America soon: UN (also planted alng with 1918- what's a gummint for?)
  2443. Lung cancer is on rise for female nonsmokers (Being poisoned by corpagov)
  2444. Double Take On Tysabri (Oh?)
  2445. Top UN Bird Flu Expert Declares Crisis in Parts of West Africa (A lying idiot)
  2446. Ann Richards meets cancer fight 'head-on' (Wellstoned)
  2447. China lashes back at US over human rights (LOL)
  2448. Blair apology over shot Brazilian ("Oh dear, oh dear" - and why doesn't this meddlesome priest of evil just die?)
  2449. Dubai Company to Transfer U.S. Ports to American Company
  2450. US report blames weak Iraq rule for(Blame the victims so US can further its genocide)
  2451. Dubai Company to Transfer U.S. Ports to American Company (Silliness)
  2452. UK cited for 'obsessive' anti-Semitism (Maybe there's a good reason for this)
  2453. New Hampshire named most livable state (which isn't saying much: better leave for Venezuela)
  2454. Exporting Censorship (US becomes more of an absurdity every day)
  2455. Rumsfeld: Iraqis Would Deal With Civil War (Witless lying)
  2456. Depleted Uranium - US Lung Cancer Rates Soar (Guess who is murdering us?)
  2457. Gonzales: NSA Program Doesn't Need a Law (US people don't need this government either)
  2458. Trade gap widens in January to record $68.5 bln
  2459. House votes to remove food label warnings, bowing to pressure from companies
  2460. House votes to dump state food safety laws (corpagov)
  2461. Third elections worker indicted over presidential recount (B ut the phoney elections stay)
  2462. Dubai Port Company to Divest Itself of American Holdings
  2463. Dubai threat to hit back
  2464. White House sticks to ports veto threat
  2465. US demands drastic action as Iran nuclear row escalates (Invasion is our most important product)
  2466. Iran 'number one challenge to US' (Cuntosleazas mouth has diarrhea again)
  2467. Iraq executes 'insurgents' for the first time since Hussein ouster (Why?)
  2468. US says to close Abu Ghraib prison (Yeah - sure - right)
  2469. I was tortured, says Australian held in Iraq
  2470. At least two' secret CIA flights in Belgium
  2471. Woman sues for alleged firing over talk show bumper sticker (Wacko country)
  2472. Bush signs renewal of Patriot Act (Like, he wouldn't)
  2473. The Death of the Intelligence Panel
  2474. Bird flu 'heading for America' (probably on a CIA flight)
  2475. Bird Flu Found in Weasel-Like Animal (a politician?)
  2476. Inquiry into police killing at Ipperwash implicates Tory government
  2477. Deregulation of coal industry behind fatal accidents in US mines
  2478. Hunger in America: 25 million depend on emergency food aid
  2479. Divisions emerge in Germany's Left Party
  2480. US Senate panel votes to sanction illegal spying Rubberstamp for police-state measures
  2481. About Pace: Expelling Anti-War Students
  2482. Ex-State Department Security Officer Charges Pre-9/11 Cover-Up
  2483. Immigration and Jeffersonian Democracy: Free Borders Make Good Neighbors (Governments do not)
  2484. Scar Tissue: How the Bushes Brought Bedlam to Iraq - Chris Floyd
  2485. We All Live in Poletown Now: GM and the Corporate Uses of Eminent Domain
  2486. Leftwing Generals: the Dark Side of Liberal Imperialism (Nature of insanity and stupidity)
  2487. Neocon Daniel Pipes Advocates Civil War in Iraq as Strategic Policy (EXACTLY what was planned and has been executed)
  2488. Abramoff Details Relationship With Bush, DeLay, Burns
  2489. GOP Plan Allows Spying Without Warrants
  2490. Santorum Back in Company of Lobbyists (Filth is where filth goes)
  2491. Fastow Testifies Lay Knew of Enron's Problems
  2492. A Rebellion in the GOP on Security (Babbling)
  2493. Rice and Rumsfeld Press for $65 Billion for War (War against lying morons?)
  2494. Instant Runoff Voting Successful in Vermont
  2495. ACLU Asks Judge to End Domestic Spying
  2496. Lourdes wants to create new miracle category (Angels dancing on the head of a pin)
  2497. South Carolina board won't 'analyze' evolution
  2498. Hundreds of human genes still evolving (But then the devolving ruling drooling reptos)
  2499. Miracle Tree Sold on eBay to Online Casino (Wacko Nation)
  2500. Shark Cyborgs On DARPA Remote control (Sickest government garbage)
  2501. CAPITOL REPORT Bully pulpit comes up short (Diversionary kaka)
  2502. Iraqi Forces Would Handle Any Civil War, Rumsfeld Says (Not when US manipulated - liar)
  2503. World's billionaire population skyrockets (and the poor become destitute)
  2504. Rice admits Iran is the USs greatest challenge (Iran has not even vowed to assassinate her)
  2505. US to Abandon Abu Ghraib and Move Prisoners to a New Center (Same thing - but better torture, abuse and murder)
  2506. Japan scraps policy of monetary easing
  2507. BoJ switches policy and calls end to deflation
  2508. Tysabri Waltzes through FDA Advisory Panel by 12-0 Vote
  2509. China: Criticism of human rights record is 'hypocrisy'
  2510. Faith-based programs flourishing, Bush says (If he says it, it's a lie)
  2511. NORAD orders Web deletion of transcript
  2512. Security firm found guilty of bilking government in Iraq
  2513. U.S. Sets Plan for Iraq Civil War (which it is bound and determined to manufacture)
  2514. World rich list goes upscale
  2515. Bolton pushes for "vigorous" UN response to Iran (UN isn't "irrelevant" yet?)
  2516. In South Dakota, at least the pretense is finally ove
  2517. Breaking Down the Deficit
  2518. US trade deficit sets another record in January
  2519. Census Foresees an Older, and Wiser, America (LMAO! - Rubbish)
  2520. Bloodshed and beatings haunt polls in last outpost of tyranny (Belarus)
  2521. Israelis Want Aipac-Backed Bill Softened (Consequences of criminal greed)
  2522. Feds Order U.S. Banks to Sever Syria Ties (For Israel)
  2523. 'US Not Doing Enough To Stop Iran' (For Israel)
  2524. Dubai threat to hit back
  2525. G.O.P. Senators Say Accord Is Set on Wiretapping (Not near the first unconstitutional act by the criminal congress)
  2526. Another Day in the Empire (READ - and the intent to invade Iran)
  2527. Iran not keeping with obligations: British PM (who is still a pathological liar)
  2528. Britain still hopes diplomacy can solve Iran row (It does not)
  2529. $25,000 to Lobby Group Is Tied to Access to Bush
  2530. Daily Kos: BREAKING: Sandra Day O'Connor Speaks out and unbelievably says
  2531. Pentagon admits errors in spying on protesters (Errors?!!)
  2532. Moussaoui was a flight school washout
  2533. Soldiers Back From Iraq, Unable to Get Help They Need (and they never will)
  2534. Iraq's Sovereignty Vacuum
  2535. 'Washington Post' To Cut 80 Newsroom Jobs, Sources Say
  2536. The Antique Media's Internet Follies
  2537. GM Recalls About 900,000 Pickup Trucks (Ooops)
  2538. Berlusconi 'to be charged' (He will just make jokes)
  2539. U.S. Interior Secretary Gale Norton Will Resign (In a sane world she wouldn't have to resign)
  2540. German spy probe to include CIA kidnapping, flights
  2541. Bush making new push to bolster support for Iraq (Hardly a sane world)
  2542. Iraq won't use Abu Ghraib after US quits jail (Who do you trust?)
  2543. Doctors call for ban on Guantanamo Bay prisoner forcefeeding
  2544. US pushes for larger UN intervention in western Sudan
  2545. Former CFO testifies in Enron case
  2546. Germany: parliamentary panel to probe intelligence service's role in Iraq war
  2547. Returning to the scene of the crime: Bush visits New Orleans
  2548. An Interview with Subcomandate Marcos
  2549. How the Green Party Slays Their Own
  2550. FBI Grills US Professor Over Support for Venezuela
  2551. From Rachel Corrie to Richard Rogers: the Wall, the Javits Center and the Bullying of an Architect (Hubris before annihilation)
  2552. The Gitmo Documents: Miller, Boykin, Cambone and Feith
  2553. The Great Green Scare and the Fed's Case Against Rod Coronado: a War on the First Amendment
  2554. Abramoff Charged $25,000 for Access to Bush
  2555. Murtha to Receive Profile in Courage Award (He's still an idiot)
  2556. US More Intent on Blocking Chavez (and will be forcefed the consequences)
  2557. Abu Ghraib to Close in Shame (But reopening down the block)
  2558. Federal Plan for Changes in Child Care Draws Protest (Another football, another day)
  2559. Budgets Imperil Environmental Satellites
  2560. US Contractor Guilty of $3 Million Fraud in Iraq
  2561. Robert Parry | Oversight by Capitulation
  2562. Russia Wants to Talk More About Iran (Dancing)
  2563. Indictment is sought against Berlusconi
  2564. Tributes follow death of Profumo (So why has Blair not commited public suicide?)
  2565. Update 11: Olmert Lays Out Sweeping Plan for Israel
  2566. Border policy a 'war declaration' (as if it were not superfluous)
  2567. US House to vote on ports despite company promise (It's all nonsense)
  2568. Feds target gangs in crackdown (You are next)
  2569. Africans vote to keep UN force out of Darfur
  2570. Indonesia confirms 22nd human fatality from bird flu (or not)
  2571. First major Free Tibet protest in Kathmandu after more than a decade
  2572. Why Do Israelis Keep Posing as Arab Terrorists? (READ)
  2573. How Britain Secretly Helped Israel Build Its Nuclear Arsenal
  2574. Britain's dirty secret (Israeli nuclear weapons)
  2575. Security Council Considers Iran Proposals (The nonissue continues)
  2576. Israel deploys nuclear arms in submarines
  2577. Slobodan Milosevic Found Dead In Hague Jail Cel
  2578. Former Top Bush Aide Accused of Md. Thefts (Bizarre)
  2579. Venezuela expresses alarm: FBI terror agents question recognized US academic
  2580. China Won't Bow to U.S. (bullying) on Yuan Reform, Zhou Says
  2581. Britain gave Israel plutonium, files show
  2582. Neocon Advocates Civil War in Iraq as "Strategic" Policy (Goal: genocide)
  2583. Years of propaganda explodes in Zionist Rag
  2584. Alaska hit by 'massive' oil spill
  2585. More than 600 Ky. Guard members put on alert to go to Iraq
  2586. Ridge: War on terror will not end (All genuine newspeak)
  2587. Fox Security Threatens Disagreeing O'Reilly Callers (I hope they sue)
  2588. Lose your job for America
  2589. Documents reveal Labor-Likud plans for West Bank (READ)
  2590. The Setup To Destroy America
  2591. The Fed Officially Kicks Off the Next Recession
  2592. From AIPAC to Check Point
  2593. Gale Norton Resigns as Secretary of the Interior
  2594. Poison claim over Milosevic death
  2595. Claims Of Poisoning Raise Stakes Of Milosevic Autopsy
  2596. Poland: Winter of death for impoverished
  2597. France: A million protest against government attack on job security for young workers
  2598. Egypt: Mubarak regime cracks down on opposition (inevitable)
  2599. Britain: Liberal Democrats' new leader shifts party to the right (Galloway stands alone now in the circle of sanity)
  2600. Bush's public slap in the face to Pakistan's president
  2601. Abu Ghraib to close, abuse to continue (of course)
  2602. Washington's "democracy" in Iraq hangs 13 political prisoners
  2603. US drumbeat against Iran threatens new war of aggression
  2604. Who Will Stop Bush's Militant Militarists? (A rhetorical and unanswered question - but giving the "good" news)
  2605. Science Fiction's Black Oracle: the Genius and Courage of Octavia Butler
  2606. Why They Really Think They Must Defeat Iran (Exposing the barmy ideas of very sick people)
  2607. A Thousand Pages of Rage (READ)
  2608. Why "We" Fight "Their" Wars (READ)
  2609. Why Did Bush Destroy Iraq? (Genocide; Paul Craig Roberts understands neither US gov't of occupation, nor history of Iraq)
  2610. Democrats: When the War Was Lost (READ - and don't cheer Clinton neoliberalism)
  2611. The Dubai Deal You Don't Know About (READ)
  2612. 'Surveillance, Infiltration, and Harassment of Environmental Organizations'
  2613. Navy Man Returns His Wings
  2614. Iran Threatens to Use Oil in Nuke Standoff
  2615. Police in Paris Storm Sorbonne to Halt Protest
  2616. Tortured socialist becomes Chilean president
  2617. Rice Congratulates Chile's New President (while gritting her idiotic teeth - thoughts of poisoning)
  2618. Bush 'shocked' as ex-adviser is charged with shoplifting (Bush likesnation looting better)
  2619. Advisers Say Discontent Hasn't Discouraged Bush (Reality challenged)
  2620. Update 2: Bush Confident Iraq Will Avoid Civil War (But, will the US?)
  2621. JPMorgan (Rothschild) forced to step down from Nasdaq bid for LSE
  2622. WTO Ministers Say Their `Incremental' Progress Is Inadequate (like Stalin's unhappiness)
  2623. Sharks circle as trade talks threaten bloodshed
  2624. Supermarkets refuse to adopt 'traffic light' labels (ummint science is *always* bad for your health)
  2625. We want traffic lights (also genocidal gummint - and a brain transplant)
  2626. Business leaders decry Dubai decision (more diversionary BS)
  2627. Evo Morales, Condoleezza Rice meet in Chile (LOL - would like to be the fly on the wall)
  2628. US to transfer Abu Ghraib prisoners *to new institutions of torture and mayhem)
  2629. U.S. Agriculture Department Investigating Possible Mad Cow Case (How about Mad Government case?)
  2630. Pentagon says Halliburton may be overcharging for hurricane cleanup (Totalling government terrorization - does anybody give a rat's rectum?)
  2631. No comment by US on secret CIA flights
  2632. Revealed: UK develops secret nuclear warhead
  2633. Doctor says bird flu drug is 'useless'
  2634. Tamiflu found ineffective in bird flu treatment
  2635. Donald Rumsfeld makes $5m killing on bird flu drug
  2636. Rice may have to leave Morales' gift abroad (LOL)
  2637. Republicans Fret at GOP's Political Ills (Dome in by their greed, stupidity and moral filth)
  2638. Frist wins Republican straw poll (The cat torturer)
  2639. 1m litres of oil leaked in Alaska (Can't do anything right)
  2640. Breakthrough eludes G-6 trade parleys (It's about who gets to steal what)
  2641. US Says Employers Added 243,000 Jobs in February (Do you want fries with that?)
  2642. Jobs scene looks up (Liars)
  2643. Berlusconi lashes Jowell husband over corruption charges (Are we having fun yet?)
  2644. A secret history of the Iraq war, reliant on U.S. military documents
  2645. British soldier quits army in Iraq over "illegal" US tactics
  2646. US vows no permanent bases in Iraq (Believe that and they'll tell you another)
  2647. Telegraph | News | Iran builds a secret underground complex as nuclear tensions rise (Iran is doing nothing illicit)
  2648. Recruiting as a pyramid scheme
  2649. Milosevic might have committed suicide (Suicide?! LMAO)
  2650. They Will not go Gentle into that Good Night (READ)
  2651. Revealed: UK develops secret nuclear warhead (Gee - and they've already invaded us twice!)
  2652. JURY ACQUITS AGAINST JUDGE'S INSTRUCTIONS: State Retaliates With Perjury Charges (Vicious Government)
  2653. The 48 Hour Media-blitz for War with Iran
  2654. UN war crimes tribunal denies request for Milosevic autopsy in Moscow (Something to hide?)
  2655. FAUX NEWS Beats Lying Drums of War
  2656. ONN. Ohio News Now: Rove Says Troops Will Remain In Iraq (Iknewthat)
  2657. Train Wreck of the Week (READ)
  2658. Bush Warns Iran, Syria on Iraq Meddling (The daily drumbeat)
  2659. Tortured, shot, ambushed, victims are found dumped outside morgues. What is happening to Iraq's intellectuals is chilling
  2660. CCSU students protest
  2661. PIN Scandal "Worst Hack Ever;" Citibank Only The Start
  2662. De Menezes family furious over Met 'sex smear' on son
  2663. Wiesenthal Center May Move Muslim Graves
  2664. RECOVERED HISTORY: How the CIA fouled our literature
  2665. Capitol Hill Blue - Telling the 'approved' story
  2666. A shift from real firms to false front (READ - yes, it's the CIA or is that al-CIAda?)
  2667. Internet blows CIA cover (READ - and understand implications)
  2668. Recognising Israel 'is up to the people' (Interrresting Concept)
  2669. Clinton Quiet About Past Wal-Mart Ties (Corpagov bitch)
  2670. Of Lies and Men
  2671. Santa Barbara IMC: On March 18, Stop the war on terrorism by exposing the 911 Inside Job.
  2672. Israelis were warned on illegality of settlements in 1967 memo
  2673. Free Speech? Not When It Comes to State of Israel
  2674. The former U.N. inspector behind the Saddam Tapes says God revealed WMD sites to him. (Scary lunatics babbling)
  2675. 'Leprosy drug in Milosevic's blood' (?!)
  2676. Wisconsin senator proposes Bush censure over spying (Censure?! That's it?!)
  2677. Iran loses Russian backing after rejecting nuclear deal (off again)
  2678. Iranian Rejects Proposal, Angering Russia
  2679. Pakistan accused of Afghan terror attack
  2680. Frist Leads Informal GOP Poll for '08 (Disgusting Troll)
  2681. Studies Find B Vitamins Don't Prevent Heart Attacks (Who said they did?)
  2682. ACC: Hope Abandoned for Benefit to Lowering Homocysteine (corpagov science)
  2683. Palestinians, US Quakers mourn activist (Fox) killed in Iraq
  2684. Friends remember slain American hostage
  2685. Peace activists stage memorial for kidnapped American Quaker found murdered
  2686. Milosevic said doctors were killing him
  2687. Japan seeks US troop deal despite local 'No' vote
  2688. Report: McClatchy Buying Knight Ridder
  2689. Seven Palestinians, including five children killed this week
  2690. Israeli Soldiers Assault Family with Special Needs
  2691. A poignant atlas of Palestinian dispossession and exile
  2692. Israeli Government Threatens to Eliminate (i.e., murder) Haniya, Hamas Describes it as continuation of Israeli Mentality of Aggression
  2693. Preview of 'Vanity Fair' Article on Plamegate: Too Much of Nothing?
  2694. Feingold Moves to Censure Bush (BFD - where's the treason trial?)
  2695. Purim 5766 - And Still Going Strong (Deranged)
  2696. 10-year-old boy prisoner of Guantanamo Bay -- found innocent after two years of detainment(Deranged US)
  2697. Secret Synagogue Under Al Aqsa
  2698. Pentagon: No halt to forced feedings
  2699. Dictatorship is the danger
  2700. Former top judge says US risks edging near to dictatorship
  2701. Al Gore fires up crowd at West Palm Beach fund-raiser
  2702. 13 Convicted Insurgents Are Executed in Iraq (Sick)
  2703. The War Dividend: The British companies making a fortune out of conflict-riven Iraq
  2704. Bird flu spreads to Myanmar, likely in Afghanistan (Yeah - right)
  2705. Seventy years since the Spanish Civil War Right wing in Spain attempts to rehabilitate Franco-Part One
  2706. Political tensions continue after Philippine state of emergency ends
  2707. Bird flu threat grows in Europe and Africa (or not)
  2708. Media lies and hypocrisy in wake of Milosevic's death
  2709. Killing Off Milosevic: Was Serbia a Practice Run for Iraq?
  2710. Rest Easy, Bill Clinton: Slobo Can't Talk Any More
  2711. South Dakota's Taliban: the Fanatics are on the Loose
  2712. Extra, Extra! Media Reports on Censure Motion
  2713. The Missing Word - Uri Avnery
  2714. Professor's Academic Freedom Intruded on Over Venezuela Links
  2715. Dash to Baghdad Left Top US Generals Divided
  2716. Milosevic's Death Leaves Questions
  2717. More News Outlets, Fewer Stories: New Media 'Paradox'
  2718. Muslim Immigration Questioned
  2719. Army Guard Using Cash for Recruits
  2720. White House Focused on Regime Change in Iran
  2721. Ken Lay's Lawyer Assails Fastow
  2722. Judge Unexpectedly Halts Moussaoui Trial
  2723. CIA bought 'Animal Farm' movie rights
  2724. Pakistan nabs 1,000 for kite flying (Bizarre)
  2725. Bush blames Iran for some bombs in Iraq (Babbling)
  2726. Bush starts PR offensive on Iraq ("Offensive" is sure the right word)
  2727. McCain the maverick (liar and whore) changes tactics
  2728. Picking the next president )and rigging the vote for the fourth time in a row)
  2729. On Call in Hell (All for W & handler's greed and insanity)
  2730. Lawyer: Milosevic did not alter medication
  2731. Milosevic's son expected in The Hague to recover body for burial
  2732. Milosevic to be buried in Belgrade: Lawyer
  2733. High-dose statins reverse heart disease (Bullshit)
  2734. Tens of thousands surround Thai PM's office to demand he quit
  2735. No Support From China Or Russia on Iran Measure (expected sanity)
  2736. 'Moscow-Tehran N-talks to resume 'very soon"
  2737. China, Russia Reject Iran Nuke Statement
  2738. Will Iran play the oil card in its fight to develop nuclear ...
  2739. Democrats Beat Quick Retreat on Call to Censure President (Bought and paid for)
  2740. Capital One to buy North Fork for $14.6 billion
  2741. Judge may dismiss September 11 death penalty trial
  2742. Withdrawal of 800 troops from Iraq takes heat off Blair (Os he lying yet again?)
  2743. Engineers: 1985 Test Predicted Levee Break
  2744. ID cards survive new rebellion (UK)
  2745. CIA cited as worst freedom of information agency
  2746. Judge Calls Halt to Penalty Phase of Terror Trial
  2747. Magazine: Bradlee Knows Woodward's Source on Plame
  2748. 800 UK troops to leave Iraq but start of full pullout denied (if anything is true at all)
  2749. U.S. Spending Billions to Stop Iraq IEDs
  2750. Bush blames Iran for some bombs in Iraq (any port in a storm for chimpo)
  2751. US postwar Iraq strategy a mess, Blair was told
  2752. W.House, senators spar over move to censure Bush (boring and useless)
  2753. The Raw Story | US derails efforts for democracy in Iran
  2754. Judge tosses DeLay case subpoenas
  2755. US Monitoring Israel's Iran Options
  2756. Russia, China Refuse to Support Iran Measure
  2757. TvNewsLIES.org &#-11;&#-11; Blog Archive &#-11;&#-11; Open Letter to George W. Bush
  2758. AlterNet: Nigeria: The Next Quagmire?
  2759. When Propaganda Controls Americas Thinking (READ)
  2760. Arming Iraq and the Path to War
  2761. EU Warns of Sanctions on U.S. Goods
  2763. US Abuses, Sense of Irony Missing in Rights Report - by William Fisher
  2764. American arrested with arms in Iraq, official says (working for whom?)
  2765. Surprise! Dems pretty much wimp out on Feingold and censure. And NYT adopts GOP Talking Points
  2766. A license to cuddle (Nation of lies and fabrications)
  2767. Douglas County's attempt to muzzle press hits buzz saw of opposition
  2768. 'An unbelievable mess': Memo from John Sawer, Blair's special envoy to Iraq after Saddam's overthrow
  2769. Strong earthquake rocks Indonesia
  2770. Arab central banks move assets out of dollar (PAY ATTENTION)
  2771. Bush ready to initiate 'regime change' for the mullahs (US needs a regime change - just like Iraq got)
  2772. Rest Easy, Bill Clinton: Milosevic Can't Talk Anymore
  2774. Israeli Police Assaults Venezuelan's Ambassador at Al-Aqsa Mosque
  2775. 800 UK troops to leave Iraq but start of full pullout denied
  2776. 72 bodies found in fresh wave of Iraq killings
  2777. Seventy years since the Spanish Civil War Right wing in Spain attempts to rehabilitate Franco-Part Two
  2778. Former German Chancellor Schr&#-11;&#-11;der sings the praises of hedge funds
  2779. Bank of Japan policy shift will have global impact
  2780. France: riot police attack student protesters at the Sorbonne
  2781. Mystery deepens over Milosevic's death Sordid end to "international justice" charade
  2782. Pages from the Liberals' War (READ: Milosevic ++)
  2783. The Economics of Outsourcing (Academotechyspeak: understanding almost nothing)
  2784. Canada in Afghanistan: "We're Here Because We're Here"
  2785. Counting the Dead in Iraq: Why is the Left Understating the Carnage?
  2786. Divide and Rule in Iraq Gone Awry (Genocide is point, not simple divide and rule)
  2787. Is Rising US Public Debt Sustainable? (No! Next question)
  2788. William Fisher: Experts Question Credibility of US Human Rights Report (It's a lie and fabrication, just like any other US BS)
  2789. Bush Sets Target for Transition in Iraq (Um - sure - right - absolutely)
  2790. Blind to Globalization's Impact on Identity
  2791. Iraqis Try to Put an End to (CIA/MI6/MOSSAD) Death Squads
  2792. Democrats Abandon Feingold on Domestic Spying (Still being paid off)
  2793. Carlyle Group Explores Acquisition of Port Operations (Cry or laugh?)
  2794. Judge to Order Google to Release Data (Nazination)
  2795. Dubai Firm May Not Sell US Port Operations (Just laughable)
  2796. Preparing for a Pandemic (Pandemic of governmental bullshit)
  2797. Israeli attack on Jericho jail sparks uprising in Gaza and West Bank
  2798. British relations with Palestinians at breaking point (and of what possible use is Britain?)
  2799. Britain denies collusion with Israel in withdrawing of prison ... (So now you know it's true)
  2800. Foolish errors imperil trial (With the 19 hijerkers a lie, let's see ...)
  2801. Google Makes Deal with DoJ
  2802. Iran's Supreme Leader: No Retreat on Nukes (Lie: that is *not* what he said, or implied)
  2803. Iranian leader in nuclear hard line
  2804. Police find 85 bodies in 24 hours of people 'executed' in Baghdad
  2805. Feingold Blames Stalled Censure Motion on 'Cowering' Democrats (Paid Democrats)
  2806. Florida boot camp death not from sickle cell: doctor
  2807. New Autopsy in Boot Camp Death Completed
  2808. Update 12: Government to Scale Back Mad Cow Testing (What's a government for?)
  2809. Newspapers move US mad cow story off front pages (Who owns them?)
  2810. Consumer groups urge US not to cut mad cow tests
  2811. Judge to help feds against Google (But, of course)
  2812. Should we all be on statins? (If you like being poisoned to death)
  2813. Bird flu could hurt world economy, IMF warns (IMF, destroyer of ntions)
  2814. Bird flu and global economic impact of pandemia for IMF (Institute of Lies)
  2815. Pensioners outraged by government (All should be)
  2816. Ministers refuse to pay for lost pensions
  2817. Berlusconi and Prodi trade blows in TV debate
  2818. Judge faces charges of domestic violence (The least of it)
  2819. Lawdragon Web site will lift veil on judges: Financial New
  2820. Lawdragon: Your source for legal news and lawyer information
  2821. Switzerland confirms bird flu in wild ducks (not to mention Swiss "authorities")
  2822. Democrat to Face Lieberman for Nomination (It's about time Lieberkreep oes)
  2823. Senate panel to scrutinize Big Oil mergers, profits (LOL - yeah right: the bought corpacriminal congress)
  2824. Viruses can taint radio frequency ID tags (This is news?)
  2825. Google resists demand to hand over search records
  2826. FBI spied on Pittsburgh pacifists, papers show (Criminal corpagov)
  2827. Judge deals blow to Moussaoui death penalty case (There is no case)
  2828. Judge to consider testimony against CIA contractor
  2829. Dog Handler at Abu Ghraib on Trial
  2830. Australian Democrats petition for Guantanamo Bay closure
  2831. Top U.S. Military Official: No Evidence of Iran Involvement in Iraq
  2832. At Least 86 Found Shot Or Strangled In Baghdad
  2833. More U.S. Troops Moving Into Iraq
  2834. U.S. military plans to make insect cyborgs (We have them: they're called politicians)
  2835. Pentagon eyeing weapons in space (Wackos)
  2836. Palestinians lash back for 'provocation'
  2837. Study: Drug Reversed Heart Disease (bullshit)
  2838. UN Council powers still at odds on Iran crisis (as they are likely to remain)
  2839. Saddam to testify in his trial today
  2840. Thai PM hints at stepping aside
  2841. Boot camp teen verdict 'mistaken' (What is a "juvenile boot camp"? Abu Ghraib Lite?!)
  2842. New credit scoring system to be used ("Fuckyou" bankers at work)
  2843. Should humans be afraid of mad cow disease? (Should humans be terrorized by their governments?)
  2844. Strategy shift pays for Goldman Sachs (You betcha!)
  2845. Goldman's Golden Haul
  2846. Scientology the reason behind Chef`s bail (wacko)
  2847. Bush stumps for Medicare plan (So you know it's shit)
  2848. Drug test volunteers end up in intensive care (and they want to do this to children too)
  2849. US balks at UN plan to reform rights body (Neocriminal Bolton playing his role)
  2850. Rice urges Indonesian military to do more to reform (Possibly she'll of her own pollution?)
  2851. Mexico discovers 'huge' oil field (READ)
  2852. FBI Took Photos of Antiwar Activists in 2002 (and always do - but - um - what war? There is no war)
  2853. More US Troops Moving Into Iraq
  2854. Secret plan to take over Iraq Oil (READ)
  2855. Philadelphia Inquirer | 03/13/2006 | Pa. seizes paper's computer hard disks
  2856. Nerve agent destruction halted after VX wastewater spill
  2857. The Abu Ghraib files
  2858. Shocker: Senate Republicans Screw Veterans Again
  2859. NOAA - Carbon Dioxide Rises To Record Level In Air (Fraudulent government pseudoscience intended to terrorize)
  2860. The Democrats' will probably lose their asses in this fall's elections (They are being stolen and rigged again)
  2861. Saddam Silenced For Fingering US In Iraq Bombings (READ)
  2862. Will order Google's surrender of data, judge says
  2863. 200,000 People in U.S. Terror Database
  2864. Iraq - Agent Provocateurs? Occupation forces up to their old tricks again?
  2865. US/Israel plan nuclear attack on Iran to control oil and defend the dollar
  2866. Truthdig - Reports - Bush's Fantasy of 'Progress' in Iraq
  2867. U.S. may veto bid for UN condemnation of jail siege (US always sanctifies Israeli crimes)
  2868. FT.com / World / US - US deficit data fuel anxieties on dollar (Why is any of this surprising?)
  2869. Resource Investor - Commentary - Our Worst Nightmare: The Puncture of the Current U.S. Housing Bubble(Coming up)
  2870. IOL: Ahern urged to raise CIA flights with Bush
  2871. Federal funds for firm making counter-terrorism vehicles (AU)
  2872. RAF doctor 'had duty to disobey'
  2873. British Officer Contends Iraq War Illegal
  2874. Hussein Trial Closed to Public; Ex-President Calls for Uprising
  2875. US 'may want to keep Iraq bases' (LOL 'may'?!!)
  2876. Russian leader sees U.S. behind bird flu outbreak
  2877. U.S. to create a bird flu virus mutation - (March 24, 2005)
  2878. Chikungunya epidemic on the French Island of R&#-11;&#-11;union: a "natural" catastrophe
  2879. Denmark: Police arrest members of the Left Socialist Party
  2880. Portugal: Right-wing president will promote austerity measures
  2881. China's National People's Congress focusses on social instability
  2882. Washington seeks to bully UN Security Council over Iran
  2883. The Crumbling Empire - Noam Chomsky (READ)
  2884. How Many Brinks to Pass? (READ REALITY)
  2885. New Tenants for Abu Ghraib?: a Cell for Kissinger and Haig
  2886. Hiding the Cost of War: Paying for Iraq with Supplemental Funding
  2887. Israel's Raid on the Jericho Jail (READ)
  2888. Feingold Blasts Dems Who 'Run and Hide' (Close to being a real person)
  2889. Utility Industry Collecting Billions in Taxes They Never Pay
  2890. Impeachment Talk Reaches the Mainstream )How many years has it taken?!)
  2891. Federal Witnesses Banned in 9/11 Trial (The business is a long winded scam to give credence to the 19 phantoms)
  2892. Media Ignored Bush's Contradictory Stance on "Timetables" in Iraq (Media says what it's told to say, period)
  2893. A Senate Panel (of whores) Interrogates Wary Oil Executives
  2894. Abu Ghraib Dog Handler Laughed About Inmates
  2895. FBI Documents Raise New Questions About Extent of Surveillance
  2896. Guantanamo | Incoherencies, Eponymies: Proofs of Accusations Often Skimpy(Purpose of governmental terrorism is to terrorize)
  2897. Iraq Edges Closer to Open Civil Warfare (US ruling drooling reptos salivate)
  2898. US Military Air Strikes Significantly Increased in Iraq (Genocide is the goal)
  2899. 500+ Anti-War Actions Planned Across the US (It isn't enough, and it's too late)
  2900. Palestinians bitter over Jericho raid (As well they should be)
  2901. UN Members Create New Human Rights Panel Amid US Opposition
  2902. US to Vote Against New Rights Council (Naturally: it's a major violator)
  2903. Saddam takes the stand and lauds the resistance
  2904. Saddam testifies, dismisses trial as 'comedy'
  2905. Drugs company in apology over trial (Apology? That's it?!!)
  2906. Dam break brings 'Niagara Falls' to Hawaii valley (Technology in the hands of idiots)
  2907. Illustrating [manufactured] Anti-Arab Racism
  2908. US Cuts Back Request for Google Data
  2909. Moussaoui Death Penalty Case Jeopardized Without Witnesses (Duh!)
  2910. Tories help Blair force through his education reforms (Morons!)
  2911. Cameron's gambit pays off as Blair is isolated (How about incarcerated?!)
  2913. 2,600 Minnesota National Guardsmen prepare for largest post-WW II deployment
  2914. Economic Suicide (Actually, economic genocide and treason)
  2915. Study: Most Get Mediocre Health Care
  2916. The wacko liar Bolton is still at it
  2917. Why Iran's oil bourse can't break the buck (READ)
  2918. The Two Americas (READ)
  2919. WFSB Connecticut man sues for return of colonial document (Criminal government)
  2920. FCC Proposes $3.6M Against CBS For Indecency (Ludicrous)
  2921. The Raw Story | Bush to reaffirm preemption as security strategy (Russia & China giggle)
  2922. AOL News: Top News - Halliburton Didn't Protect Soldiers' Water (Criminal Corpagov)
  2923. Spitzer charges H&R Block with fraud
  2924. Half of Americans Say Bush Misled on WMD's (How many say "lied"?)
  2925. China told to explain military build-up(Condumbsleaza, usual arrogance)
  2926. Is Another 9/11 in the Works? - by Paul Craig Roberts (Not much fantasy at all)
  2927. U.S. launches largest Iraq air assault in 3 years (accelerated genocide)
  2928. Pro-Israel Activists Block Travel Reform (Grrrrrr)
  2929. U.S. Tries to Salvage Unraveling 9/11 Trial
  2930. Trust Us (Never trust a government: they are criminal by definition)
  2931. When the Electronic Voting Buy Comes to MY County (Drooling Ruling Reptos are in place)
  2932. Another 25 bodies found in Baghdad (Genocide)
  2934. Senate panel probes contractors over taxes (You, however, would get screwed, not just probed)
  2935. Another Day in the Empire (of Nightmares. Kill them all)
  2936. Euro Parliament Criticizes Israel (Israel shrieks like stuck pig?)
  2937. RAF doctor refused a third tour of duty in 'illegal' war
  2938. Students march in Paris as the unrest spreads
  2939. Saudi prince pledges &#-11;&#-11;1.6bn to halt plunge in[Arabian] stock market
  2940. Anger over British firms' Iraq profits
  2941. -Iraq civil war seen drawing in neighbours
  2942. Greek general strike shuts down country (and if all USians have had enough of its criminal government?)
  2943. Invictus - by Nebojsa Malic (READ Re Milosevic and Babic)
  2944. Dahr Jamail | Iraq: Permanent US Colony (as it has always been intended)
  2945. Christian Radio Host Fired For Criticizing Israel (The control of everything to hide the truth)
  2946. Olbermann: There are execs at NBC "who do not like to see the current presidential administration criticized at all."
  2947. Palestinians stare at financial ruin
  2948. Senate raises US debt ceiling
  2949. Judge Approves Bond Of $50,000 For Alabama Church Fire Suspects
  2950. MySpace Is The Trojan Horse Of Internet Censorship
  2951. US bill to double H1-B visas : HindustanTimes.com (Situation was being engineered 40 years ago)
  2952. LRB | John Mearsheimerand Stephen Walt : The Israel Lobby (READ - but the banking connections are never mentioned)
  2953. Nuclear Bunker Buster Bombs againt Iran: This Way Lies Madness (and reduction of surplus population)
  2954. Another view of the "My Space" debate
  2955. Where American Lives Do Not Count (with criminal US corpagov licking Israeli boots)
  2956. Laura Bush shares her fitness routine on TV (Barf!)
  2957. New FBI management system could cost $500M (Is there *anything* that costs less?!)
  2958. DHS to get failing grade in computer security report (Simple fact: National Security is utter fiction, a nonissue)
  2959. New York Times says subpoenaed in CIA leak case (Circus)
  2960. Bush Sees Iran As Possibly Greatest Threat (Bushco greatest threat to all life on Earth)
  2961. Officer Approved Abu Ghraib Prison Tactics (Try a higher rank; we know how high it goes)
  2962. MI5, Camp Delta, and the story that shames Britain (gulag upon gulag)
  2963. London Free Press - National News - CIA-linked jet landing questioned
  2964. New U.N. Human Rights Council created over U.S. objections
  2965. Human rights defeat for US (Anybody think Bush gives a shit?)
  2966. "No threat"--but massive security at Melbourne Games (Governmental terrorization)
  2967. Canadian prime minister proclaims major shift with Afghanistan visit (Little Hitler #79)
  2968. Spain: Right wing attempts to rehabilitate Franco Part Three
  2969. Britain: Tessa Jowell and the politics of kleptocracy
  2970. US balance of payments deficit hits another record
  2971. Government misconduct derails Moussaoui death penalty case (Criminal corpagov)
  2972. Siege of Jericho prison: US, Britain complicit in Israeli war crime (as always)
  2973. In Celebration of Dachau's 73rd Anniversary, Halliburton Gets Concentration Camp Contract (READ)
  2974. From the Man Who Voted Against Katrina Aid: Joe Barton's War on CITGO (Not so strange: a congressperson is 'a priori' a criminal)
  2975. President Ken Doll: Bush Insults Women on Intl. Women's Day (Bush's existence insults all humanity)
  2976. President Bush has Broken the Law; He Must be Held Accountable (Rigt, Russ - lots of luck)
  2977. Dangerous-to-Society Women: Locked Up in the Tombs (READ: vicious nation)
  2978. Is Hamas Playing into the Hands of Israeli Hardliners? (Hello? Hamas is a *creation* of Israel for its own purposes)
  2979. Hook, Line and Sinker: War-Loving Pundits (and great psychopathic liars)
  2980. US Military Air Strikes Significantly Increased in Iraq (Genocide continued)
  2981. Raising a Million Voices for Darfur
  2982. Katrina Probe Won't Subpoena White House (and exercise in stupidity and futility)
  2983. US Assault Deadly for Iraqi Civilians (That *is* the point of genocide, no?)
  2984. Jason Leopold | GOP Again Bids to Take ANWR (Destruction is their middle name)
  2985. Military Lawyers Say Agressive Tactics Broke Rules (and this bothers whom exactly?)
  2986. Mr. Jaafari (US Puppet) Refuses to Negotiate With the Terrorists
  2987. NOW | Government Secrecy
  2988. Russian Scientist Blames Global Warming on Tunguska Meteorite (Oh why not?)
  2989. Pub has to pay a fine for murder from 1664 (Candidates for brain transplants)
  2990. Rice and Australian Counterpart Differ About China (Rice is lying arrogant moron)
  2991. President Bush Announces Interior Secretary Nomination (another idiot repto)
  2992. Police fire teargas as students riot in Paris
  2993. What's Really Wrong With The Moussaoui Case (There is none?)
  2994. Snow says still a thrill to be US Treasury chief (I'm just *so* happy for him)
  2995. Mad Cow: Are We Still Unprepared? (and mad government?)
  2996. Administration proposes removing protections for some wolves
  2997. Great Lakes gray wolves no longer endangered -US (But humans and all other animals are clearly endangered by US wackos)
  2998. Bomb scare at arena delays NCA games in San Diego (Government terrorism fabricated)
  2999. Use of force routine in boot camp where guards struck teen
  3000. Beating at boot camp is blamed for boy's death
  3001. Five more nations confirm bird flu (or not)
  3002. EU and US line up sanctions as Belarus election drama nears climax
  3003. Israel ban forces Palestinians to drop conference
  3004. Blair under fire Party funding defended (A fuckwacko who needs to locked up for life)
  3005. Ritter: We Went To War Based On A Lie (How long has Ritter understood and said this?!)
  3006. Airline screeners fail government bomb tests (Existing threats are only fr
  3007. Airline screeners fail government bomb tests (Existing threats are only from criminal corpagov)
  3008. Israel confirms first bird flu cases in poultry (Now, everybody just cry your eyes out)
  3009. In US security plan, more realism (Spare me the insane babbling)
  3010. Condoleezza Rice says US worried about China's military build-up (Try bullying China, arrogant bitch)
  3011. Belgrade Pays Its Last Respects to a President
  3012. Milosevic's body to be displayed in former Tito museum
  3013. A Firm Grip on the Gavel (Doesn't she know she is being had?)
  3014. Lawyer: Gov. Moussaoui Case Attorney 'Was Thrown Under the Bus' (which is exactly where she belongs)
  3015. Lenovo to Cut 1,000 Jobs, or 5 Percent of Workforce (Update2)
  3016. US rides a wave of protectionism
  3017. Foreign investors in US: No need for paranoia (The country was sold out decades ago)
  3018. It's Official: Intel Macs Running Windows (A dubious achievment)
  3019. TV channels fined in drive to purge swearing and sex (Governmental theft and terrorism - their raison d'etre)
  3020. Parexel in hot water over drug trial scare (corpa = gummint = terrorist)
  3021. 2d autopsy finds teen didn't die of natural causes (died of government terrorism in action)
  3022. Medical Examiner Defends Boot Camp Finding (as he lies through his goddamn teeth)
  3023. Newspapers move US mad cow story off front pages
  3024. Should humans be afraid of mad cow disease? (Should humans be afraid of genocidally insane governments?)
  3025. Four die in Papua as violence flares at American-run mine
  3026. Indonesia: Balancing Investor (i.e., criminal US corpagov) and Activist Concerns
  3027. In Belarus, Lukashenko regime cracks down on activists
  3028. Protests planned against Belarus vote
  3030. Investors flee Iceland banks as economy heads towards forecast 'hard landing' (Icelandic krona happens not to be a reserve currency)
  3031. US evangelicals warn Republicans
  3032. Study: U.S. Middle East policy motived by pro-Israel lobby (This requires a "study"?!)
  3033. US asks Japan to pay 75% cost for moving marines (?)
  3034. TIME.com Print Page: Nation -- Speed Read: The Bush Strategy Report (READ)
  3035. United Press International - Security & Terrorism - Brzezinski calls for Iraq pull out (Not going to happen)
  3036. March to New Orleans to Protest Iraq War
  3037. The Seattle Times: Local News: 1,000 more sailors expected to join ground forces in Iraq
  3038. Pentagon 'hedge' strategy targets China(Insanity)
  3039. Gen. Cites Plans to Increase Iraqi Control (Babbling)
  3040. Anti-psychotic drug use in kids skyrockets(Drugged up nation)
  3041. Vets May Be Denied Health Care (Par for this criminal corpagov)
  3042. Blair's party declares big loans in UK sleaze row
  3043. U.S. Lawyer in Terrorism Trial Suggests She Didn't Act Alone
  3044. Pentagon to weigh in on US rocket-launch merger
  3045. House approves $67 bln for wars
  3046. Pentagon opens probe on Halliburton water contract: senator (Yeah right)
  3047. US: Florida Medicaid cuts target food for disabled children
  3048. Premature applause for Japan's one quarter of promising economic growth
  3049. France: National student protest held against government attack on young workers
  3050. Australia: Why the Howard government has remained in office for 10 years
  3051. Saddam Hussein turns the tables at US-run show trial
  3052. Bush administration renews "preemptive war" strategy
  3053. Philippines: the Killing Fields of Asia (Joining the "War *of* Terror")
  3054. Hamas's Haniyeh: "I Never Sent Anyone on a Suicide Mission"
  3055. The Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty is Dying: What Now?
  3056. Abracadabra: Uruguay's Desaparecidos Begin to Appear
  3057. Jason Leopold | Obstruction Trial May Jog Libby's Memory
  3058. GOP Raises Ceiling for Borrowing
  3059. Bush Threatens Force to End Iran's Nuclear Threat (that is no threat at all; Chimp is a liar)
  3060. GOP Legislation Would OK Bush Spying
  3061. Ali Dabbagh: "A New Model"
  3062. Blair Joins the Growing Calls to Close Guantanamo (Oh, sit down and shut up)
  3063. NYPD Reports Detail Covert Anti-Protest Tactics
  3064. White House Civil Liberties Panel Finally Meets After 16 Months
  3065. US War Spending to Rise 44% to $9.8 Billion a Month
  3066. Palestinian public health system is sinking (Part of genocide)
  3067. Israeli Soldier Killed in West Bank Raid (All of them need to be killed)
  3068. Milosevic was not poisoned -inquiry (or he was)
  3069. NY St. Pat's chairman compares gays to neo-Nazis (?)
  3070. GM adds $2 billion US to 2005 loss
  3071. GM Down After Company Increases Loss
  3072. Iran, US at Odds About Iraq Talks
  3073. First strike option a must
  3074. Why the US and Iran Will Talk
  3075. Russia Offers Nuclear Supplies to India (Bush bribery not needed)
  3076. Fourth World Water Conference Opens in Mexico City (Bad news)
  3077. Water summit makes waves
  3078. Mexico water marches turn violent
  3079. Federal Debt up $26 TRILLION Since Dubya Took Office !!!
  3080. Harvard: The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy (PDF)
  3081. 'Crash' director to lead Hollywood anti-Iraq war protest
  3082. "Operative Swarmer" revealed to be nothing more than a media stunt
  3083. Bird flu plan 'may spread virus' (Wouldn't that just figure?)
  3084. Missed 9/11 clues that mean life or death
  3085. Judge Accepts Compromise Deal on Moussaoui
  3086. How US assault grabbed global attention
  3087. US Congress Approves Boost in Borrowing Limit - Again
  3088. US May Consider New Belarus Sanctions (meddlesome morons)
  3089. More lenders were offered peerages, reveals minister
  3090. Union man's sleaze attack derails PM's fightback
  3091. Mass Media Cover-up (A small history of the more egregious)
  3092. Thousands due at anti-war rally
  3093. Bush Signs Bill That Didn't Pass Congress (READ)
  3094. Rallies Mark Third Anniversary of Iraq War
  3095. Military Analysts Say Operation Swarmer Little More Than A Photo-O
  3096. Palestinians may sue Britain over storming of Jericho jail
  3097. Third anniversary of Iraq War [Invasion] marked by protests around the world
  3098. Cost of Iraq war could surpass $1 trillion - (It already has)
  3099. Who's really locked up in Guantanamo?
  3100. Britain Breaks with US over Iran (until tomorrow)
  3101. The Truth Will Set You Free: Simple Math demonstrate that the Official 9/11 Account is a Fabrication (READ)
  3102. Anti-War Rallies Held Across the World
  3103. Thousands join anti-war protest
  3104. Anti-war protesters join forces across the world
  3105. Global Day Of Protest On Third Anniversary Of Iraq War
  3106. US raid on home killed 11 family members
  3107. Nuclear Reactors Found to Be Leaking Radioactive Water
  3108. Washington Business Journal: Carlyle Group explores acquisition of port operations - 2006-03-10
  3109. Belarus: imperialist intervention in presidential election
  3110. Canadian troops gun down Afghan civilian
  3111. Germany: 22,000 hospital physicians to strike
  3112. Sixth week of German public sector strike
  3113. As Iraq war enters fourth year For the immediate withdrawal of all US troops
  3114. France: Hundreds of youth arrested following anti-government protests
  3115. France: Political issues in the fight against the government's "First Job Contract"
  3116. General Insanity: the Prevarications of Gen. Peter Pace
  3117. The War on Kids
  3118. Iraq Vets and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
  3119. Katrina Aid Package: Much Too Little; Much Too Late
  3120. Three Years On: Where's the Resistance Here on the Home Front?
  3121. Protesters March Through Gulf Coast to New Orleans
  3122. Iraq War Resisters Stage 241-Mile Peace March Across US-Mexico Border
  3123. BIRD FLU UPDATE: Nobody infected, says Chua
  3124. CBC News: Hundreds of mourners file past Milosevic's coffin
  3125. Milosevic Funeral Features Trappings Of State Ceremony
  3126. Boot-camp death may unlock funding
  3127. Update 3: Hamas Ready to Present New Government
  3128. Iraq operation fails to find insurgents (Results of US fabrications)
  3129. Substitute aviation witnesses allowed in Moussaoui trial
  3130. Radio war on eve of anniversary (Babbling politicians)
  3131. US May Consider New Belarus Sanctions (or for once, possibly mind its own business?)
  3132. U.S. Hedge Fund Supposedly Knew About Intervention (9/28/2000)
  3133. Central Bank Corruption Insider Trading and Scandals
  3134. Nassau Institute (Vatican bank Bahamian investments, Calvi - and all that)
  3135. Arianna Online Forums - BIN LADEN IS MOSES REBORN (READ)
  3136. The farcical end of the American dream - Robert Fisk
  3137. A Sad Day: for Rachel Corrie
  3138. Britain's standing is now at a nadir in the Middle East (as it has been for 150 years, asshole!)
  3139. The Torture Judge
  3140. Thousands Mark Third Anniversary of Invasion of Iraq (in what small area?!)\
  3141. Russia rejects U.N. proposals on Iran (would be insane not to)
  3142. Anti-War Protest, San Francisco March 18, 2006
  3143. Bush claims he can violate detainee rights at Gitmo (Bush claims anything he fucking pleases)
  3144. AP Erases Video of Israeli Soldier Shooting Palestinian Boy (Israel claims anything it fucking pleases)
  3145. U.S. military airstrikes significantly increased in Iraq (yet again in genocide)
  3146. London Peace March 18/03/06
  3147. Smallpox Drill Held at White House Complex (Asshole rubbish!)
  3148. Israel agonises over life after stricken Sharon (DIE!)
  3149. 'He is the King Kong of massacres' (Sharon - and indeed he is)
  3150. Homophobia seeps across new EU (The world is ruled by repto fascists that need to be killed)
  3151. France's global warning
  3152. French protests over youth labor law spread
  3153. French police arrest over 160 as protests over labor law turn violen
  3154. Use of Force Routine at Fla. Boot Camp (It's the Bushco way)
  3155. Hamas unable to attract partners (Because they are the filthy spem of Israel)
  3156. US lowering goals in Iraq (not mention at home)
  3157. Radio war on eve of anniversary (Fucking, goddamn babbling)
  3158. Red faces at GM as 2005 results go into reverse gear (Crocadile tears: it was designed)
  3159. Wall Street shakes off jitters, surges to multi-year highs (Plunge protection Team in action in the sewer)
  3160. Stocks gain despite carmaker's ongoing woes (Ooops - illogical? Guess again asshole)
  3161. Stocks Blow Past Previous Highs (Yeah - right - get out now and save your ass)
  3162. Scientology battle is raging (Really! Who the fuck cares? These are wackos - ooop - so are all fundamentalists!)
  3163. Designer to the stars Oleg Cassini dies (as do all, with no replacement in the Bushdamned world; you want it, you got it, fuck you all)
  3164. Update 4: Doctor: Boot Camp Teen Likely Suffocated (The world suffocates under the US corpagov Nazis)
  3165. Second Autopsy Disputes How 14-Year-Old Died (It murders children routinely)
  3166. Deadly bird flu kills Egyptian woman as virus spreads (or it's just continuing corpagov BS)
  3167. 2 more women die after taking abortion pill (Give them in megadoses to all ruling elite corpagov)
  3168. Iraqi president backs US-Iran talks on Iraq (Babbling nonsense)
  3169. Anti-Iraq war protests roll around the world (people are speaking, finally?)
  3170. Milosevic buried in the back garden (what?! Could we buy the entire Bush family ther - like now!?)
  3171. Hamas gov't puts bulk of EU aid to PA at risk (No it doesn't; fucking goddamn Israel does)
  3172. Iraq - three years on and was it really worth it? (The stupidest question ever asked!)
  3173. Judge in Moussaoui Trial Faces a Delicate Task (How to pull off the last continuing piece of the goddamn hoax)
  3174. Cutting apart airline defense
  3175. Back-scratchers scratch justice
  3176. Congress raises debt limit (Beyond possible sanity)
  3177. Regents approve Sudan divestment (But - um - genocidal Israel?)
  3178. South Park declares war on Tom Cruise (This is real; you illusory thoeving genocidal government is not. Hello-o?)
  3179. Italians wait in vain for Brangelina (Why, on earth, could they possibly care?!)
  3180. Two US women die after taking abortion pill (Two also have chocked to death seeing W)
  3181. ANALYSIS: Talks with Iran could help Bush (Nothing but oleander could help him)
  3182. Iran says details of talks on Iraq with US to be finalized soon (or not)
  3183. Suspected pirates, US ships trade fire (also sea shells and various trinkets)
  3184. Iraq occupation: Three years on and still they're lying to us (Hello-o? Do you have a brain?!)
  3185. Trey Ellis: Will CNN Apologize for Swarmer Mania? (Are you holding your stupid breath? Who owns what, ninny?)
  3186. Corporations Owe US $35 Billion In Unpaid Fines, Stiffing Gov't On Gas Spills, Coal Disasters, Nuclear Exposur
  3187. Ex-prime minister [Allawi]: Iraq in 'civil war'
  3188. Lobbyists Forsee Business As Usual, Reforms A "Nuisance (First, kill all the lobbyists!)
  3189. AP Erases Video of Israeli Soldier Shooting Palestinian Boy
  3190. Soldiers going Awol have trebled since the invasion of Iraq
  3191. The Seattle Times: Health: U.S. still unable to track diseased livestock(Less than useless government)
  3192. Ninety-three years of bombing the Arabs (READ)
  3193. The Truth Seeker - AP Erases Video of Israeli Soldier Shooting Palestinian Boy(READ)
  3194. This Essay Breaks the Law - New York Times (READ: less than useless government)
  3195. Autonomous Village Under Siege by Korean Troops(READ)
  3196. Army Times - Pay review to consider dramatic compensation changes (Troops to get screwed further)
  3197. AlterNet: Rachel Corrie: Too Hot for New York (READ: so few control so many)
  3198. U.S.-led raid kills civilians north of Balad (It's still genocide)
  3199. Federal judge David Trager: Am I my President's keep? (READ how little of your country remains)
  3200. Administration Blocks Ex-Hostages' Bid for Damages From Iran (READ: less than useless government)
  3201. Spyware-for-hire couple plead guilty
  3202. Utah testing of the Diebold touch-screen reveals new problems
  3203. Major Changes Raise Concerns on Pension Bill
  3204. Losers Go to Guantanamo In Patriot Act Board Game
  3205. The Blog | Cenk Uygur: Three Crazy Things Democratic Politicians Believ
  3206. American general says troops will remain "a couple more years" (until they're *all* dead)
  3207. Iraqi [U.S.] Death Squads Engage in Dirty War
  3208. NYC cops used covert tactics, 'proactive arrests' at protests
  3209. In Secret Unit's 'Black Room,' a Grim Portrait of U.S. Torture
  3210. Former Iraqi torture chambers converted for U.S.
  3211. 'Last dictator in Europe' celebrates another landslide (Diebold machines?)
  3212. White House Disputes Iraq Is Sinking Into Civil War
  3213. This is civil war, says former PM
  3214. Hamas Gives Palestinian Leader Its Proposed Cabinet List
  3215. France's Villepin vows not to back down as unions threaten strike
  3216. France general strike threatened
  3217. Impeach Bush chorus grows
  3218. Introducing Mr. McDean? (No, not Feingold! Bring back Kucinich)
  3219. Exelon kept leaks quiet, files show
  3220. Tritium assessment started at La Salle
  3221. State sues ComEd over tritium leak
  3222. Mixed ruling in search battle
  3223. Google ordered by judge to release some search data
  3224. Update 4: Doctor: Boot Camp Teen Likely Suffocated
  3225. Rumsfeld's Iraq-Germany analogy disputed (Rummy is liar and idiot)
  3226. Nepalese Rebels End Blockade After Agreement With Opposition
  3227. Nepal Maoists, parties sign pact
  3228. The Raw Story | Rep. Murtha says Rumsfeld, Cheney should resign (how about should be locked up?)
  3229. Change of heartland (That's why more "camps" are being constructed)
  3230. GOP's Hagel: "Generals Have Told Me" Iraq Is In Civil War.
  3231. Virus used to make nanoparticles (All this in the hands of governments!)
  3232. W.House pushes more schools to drug-test students (Prozac, Ridalin, Neurontin, Paxil?!)
  3233. Iraqi police report details civilians' executions at hands of U.S. troops
  3234. On Anniversary, Bush and Cheney See Iraq Success (Total BS)
  3235. Rumsfeld singled out as crisis deepens in Iraq
  3236. Assessments at odds on war's anniversary (There be liars)
  3237. French prime minister: Jobs law to stand (as crazy as the chimp)
  3238. Ynetnews - Opinion - The cure: cutting the aid (Let's cut all aid to Israel)
  3239. A Legal Loose Cannon
  3240. Feathers Fly In Woodpecker War (the problem with "government science")
  3241. Bush still sees no reason to apologise (Why would he?)
  3242. Quiet disapproval of Bush marks third anniversary of Iraq invasion (too quiet considering the monumental criminality)
  3243. Nepal Maoists, parties sign pact (This will also go badly: wait for the interventions)
  3244. Harris tells Christian group she believes God wants her in public service (so that she can lie, thieve and rig more elections)
  3245. Gold Rises in Asia on Concern Over Iraq War, Iran's Plans
  3246. Bush's Iran plan a time bomb with explosive results - Busines
  3247. U.S. War Spending to Rise 44% to $9.8 Bln a Month, Report Says
  3248. Britain condemns Israel over fatal shooting of a child (Israel will gnash teeth, stomp feet - and whine)
  3249. Death squads on the prowl in a nation paralysed by fear (Iraq)
  3250. Fighting erupts in Ramadi
  3251. William Fisher: The Silence of the Sheep
  3252. Vatican change of heart over 'barbaric' Crusades (Proof that vatican has *never* left the Dark Ages)
  3253. Are Warrantless Searches Next?
  3254. Sen. Cleland says Katrina-corpse cover-up
  3255. Food runs low in Gaza after Israel closes key crossing (Continuing genocide)
  3256. The Bolton archipelago
  3257. Iraq: The big lie
  3258. Why is American policy in the Middle East skewered in favor of Israel? - Justin Raimondo
  3259. ABC News: New [Forged] Documents from Saddam Hussein's Archives Discuss Bin Laden, WMDs
  3260. Made in Palestine Exhibit opens to packed crowds in New York
  3261. The Raw Story | Speed voting: House flies through $91.9 billion spending bill (Criminal government)
  3262. Kadhafi says Saddam still legitimate Iraqi leader, government illegal (He's in trouble again)
  3263. Taxes, Death and Certainty
  3264. The Attack on the U.S. Dollar and Energy Needs
  3265. EDWARD R. MURROW: Speech to the RTNDA Convention
  3266. Bill seeks Internet sales tax
  3267. The Most Powerful Weapon in the World
  3268. A Collapsing Presidency by Paul Craig Roberts
  3269. Dave Zweifel: Religious fanaticism out of control
  3271. Terrorism raid on jail [and homes]: police accused (AU)
  3272. How long does U.S. plan to stay in Iraq? (Forever; you knew that)
  3273. Iraq War Enters 4th Year With More Deaths (of the genocide)
  3274. Cheney says he won't resign, will serve out term
  3275. Multiple Layers of Contractors Drive Up Cost of Katrina Cleanup
  3276. Increase in Contracting Intelligence Jobs Raises Concerns (Sell out US people)
  3277. Advance Workers for Bush Impersonated Reporters (They will be promoted)
  3278. Bush advance staff impersonated reporters: W Post
  3279. NSA may have mined more data from taps
  3280. Attack on public housing tenants New York to impose fees on poor to cover budget deficit(That figures)
  3281. Britain: government seeks wide-ranging powers to bypass parliament
  3282. Witchhunt of Sri Lankan newspaper for allegedly breaching "national security"
  3283. Israeli officials threaten to assassinate Palestinian prime minister (Again?!)
  3284. Judge rejects government demand for Google search terms
  3285. Thousands march in antiwar rallies in Australia and Asia
  3286. Europe: antiwar protests draw largest numbers in London and Rome
  3287. North American protests mark third anniversary of Iraq war
  3288. France: one million protest government offensive against young workers' conditions
  3289. Death Squads on the Prowl; Iraq Convulsed by Fear
  3290. Unhappy St. Patrick's Day: Bush's Crackdown on Gerry Adams and Sinn Fein
  3291. "To Hell with All of You": the Power of Saying No (READ)
  3292. Howard Dean Tells CounterPunch: DNC No Foe of Impeachment
  3293. Jason Leopold | Libby Attorneys Identify CIA Officials in Plame Leak
  3294. Missouri House Passes Birth Control Funding Ban (Wacko government)
  3295. After Abramoff, Business as Usual
  3296. Jason Leopold | Fitzgerald Previews Government's Case Against Libby
  3297. Contractors Gouge as Much as 1,700 Percent on Katrina Cleanup
  3298. Investigation Has DeLay Stuck in Legal Limbo
  3299. A Disillusioned American Soldier's Return From Iraq
  3300. PlanetSave - Babies Found Toxic While Still in the Womb! (Just to cheer you up)
  3301. Biden says Iraq in "low-grade" civil war (Stupid)
  3302. Bush Asks US to Look Past Iraq Bloodshed (Wacko)
  3303. Belarus president re-elected
  3304. Protesters blast 'sham' election in Belarus
  3305. EU denounces Lukashenkos poll victory (So what?)
  3306. Defiant Hamas packs Cabinet with hardliners
  3307. Abbas Raises No Objection to HAMAS Cabinet List
  3308. Labour law protest spreads in French secondary schools
  3309. Iraq War Protesters Arrested Near Pentagon
  3310. Crude Oil Falls as US Inventories Approach a Seven-Year High (or not)
  3311. Bird flu likely in US this year: gov't (US goons will plant something here anyhow)
  3312. Fallout from Tehran's nuclear program (Insightful and reality based)
  3313. Agent accuses FBI of negligence (a well designed negligence)
  3314. Europe hands over Palestinian aid (Israelis get to keep looting)
  3315. The Congressional Spring, Summer vacation Plan That Comes With $160K Salary(Criminal congress)
  3316. BREITBART.COM - Bush warns Iran on Israel
  3317. Actor Charlie Sheen Questions Official 9/11 Story
  3318. FBI weaving web in Pak to launch attack on Iran
  3319. Pakistan not to join any high handed move against Iran: Rashid
  3320. Pak, Iran enjoy good neighbourly ties: Ahmadinejad
  3321. Pak will not be party to any military action on Iran: Aziz
  3322. Iran, Pakistan bordering provinces sign cooperation MoU
  3323. Depleted Uranium In India, Spreading Worldwide
  3324. Pro-Israel lobby in U.S. under attack.
  3325. Noted Holocaust Icon Going To Birmingham (to argue what, exactly?!)
  3326. UAE, Saudi considering to move reserves out of dollar
  3327. For Sale By Bush Admin: 300,000 Acres Of National Wildernes
  3328. U.S. officials: Plan for bird flu (Prelude to corpagov release GM'd 1918flu)
  3329. Americas | Death raises concern at police tactics (US Nazi Police State)
  3330. 15 Million Brits Losing Savings in Blair's Supposed Safe Bet
  3331. Extended U.S. presence in Iraq? - Conflict in Iraq (There was never intent of leaving)
  3332. America, United States, Times Online, The Times, Sunday Times (READ)
  3333. General Motors in crisis talks to cut 35,000 jobs
  3334. Bird flu likely in US this year: gov't
  3335. U.S. to create a bird flu virus mutation (to create the pandemic)
  3336. Genetic differences of H5N1 strains viewed (muddying the waters deliberately)
  3337. IRS plan would allow sale of tax data to marketers (What?!!!)
  3338. Bird flu kills five in Azerbaijan (or not)
  3339. Bird flu virus confirmed in central Stockholm (or not)
  3340. FEMA Concentration Camps: Locations and Executive Orders - Friends of Liberty (undated) 3sep04
  3341. KBR awarded Homeland Security contract worth up to $385M - MarketWatch
  3342. Reuters AlertNet - OIE says some China bird flu vaccines ineffective
  3343. Second strain of bird flu found, say scientists (found? or created?)
  3344. BBC NEWS | Health | Killer flu recreated in the lab
  3345. Bird flu virus 'now in two forms'
  3346. Concern over 'explosion' in use of military-style SWAT teams in U.S. (US Nazi Police State)
  3347. 28 killed in Iraq police station attack
  3348. Russia blocks UN nuclear ban on Iran (would be crazy not to)
  3349. Israeli police say bomb attempt foiled (or made it all up)
  3350. Bush administration refuses to collect penalties for mine safety violations
  3351. Marine recruiters accused of rape: California high school students file suit
  3352. Turkey: public prosecutor accuses general of involvement in terrorist attacks
  3353. Condoleezza Rice visits Australia and Indonesia to tighten US ties against China (and generally irritate as many people as possible)
  3354. Britain: The "loans for peerages" scandal and the terminal decline of New Labour
  3355. France: Dispute escalates over "First Job Contract" (as expected)
  3356. Assault on Higher Education: the Conservative Push for the Right Student
  3357. Israeli Human Rights: Starve the Palestinians
  3358. Death Squad Democracy
  3359. Cold Warrior in a Strange Land: an Interview with Chalmers Johnson (READ)
  3360. Bush's Delusional Speech - Paul Craig Roberts
  3361. Dahr Jamail | Operation Swarm of Lies
  3362. Pat Tillman's Family Drifts Towards Outrage
  3363. US Marines Accused of Massacre in Iraq
  3364. FBI Agent Says He Warned of 9/11 Hijackings (BS or setup)
  3365. Jason Leopold | Woodward's Plame Leak Deep Throat
  3366. US Blasted for Creating Terrorism Quagmire on Anniversary of Iraq War
  3367. Iraq: One of the Greatest Financial Scandals of All Time
  3368. Iran: The Keys to the Nuclear Crisis
  3369. Bottled Water Big for Multinationals (READ)
  3370. Dispute over Iran at UN Security Council Continues (This should fun)
  3371. China in accord with Russia on Iran
  3372. Demonstrators Continue Protest in Belarus
  3373. Protesters against rigged elections are showing resolve, but so is their dictator
  3374. Ex-Roommate Says Moussaoui Tried to Recruit Him (Right - sure - uhuh)
  3375. SignOnSanDiego.com > In Iraq -- A look at the city of Tal Afar cited by President Bush as a success story
  3376. Jury Finds Abu Ghraib Dog Handler Guilty (Ahem - and his superiors?)
  3377. Nagin rejects limits on rebuilding
  3378. US economy strong - Ben Bernanke (Liar)
  3379. France votes for bill to end iTunes exclusivity
  3380. The Deadbolt - "South Park" Keeps Chef (The trivia of life)
  3381. Scientology foes blast Cruise in ad - Gossip: The Scoop - MSNBC.com
  3382. US marines 'massscred Iraqi civilians' (That's what they're there for)
  3383. Putin Promises to Send Gas to China
  3384. Press blasts French PM over law
  3385. Blogcritics.org: Israel, the Oil Bourse, and the Iran Threat
  3386. Iran is The Next Battle Field
  3387. "oil bourse" iran - Google News
  3388. Arrests Hold Down Protests on Belarus Vote (Just like US dictatorship)
  3389. Protesters keep up defiance of Belarus's Lukashenko
  3390. Howard heads for cyclone zone (how about toilet, which is where he belongs)
  3391. Old foes unite against 'interfering' US (Bravi tutti!)
  3392. Dog handler's kin ask court for mercy (Get the *real* crimin als)
  3393. Bush To Hold News Conference (and babble more nonsense and lies)
  3394. President says he sees progress, but explaining where is difficult (asshole liar)
  3395. Apple says proposed French law smacks of piracy (All government is criminal by nature)
  3396. US expands bird flu screening (More hypoerbolic BS)
  3397. Panel Weighs New Warnings on ADHD Drugs (*Now* a warning?!)
  3398. ADHD drug warnings could cause undue worry: doctors (Kill the doctors)
  3399. Heat intensifies on ADHD drugs (poisons from day one)
  3400. Treating mom's depression may help children: study (BS! corpagov nonscience)
  3401. TeenScreen Shuns Medical Science
  3402. Moms pass depression on to kids (Corpagov passes depression on to everyone)
  3403. Europeans seek more time in Iran nuclear diplomacy (Roundup)
  3404. French PM says ready to improve youth jobs law (But, of course, "not backing down" - goddamn moron)
  3405. US military probes killing of Iraqi family (yeah sure - like every other of its crimes are "investigated" Give me a break!)
  3406. Treating Depressed Moms Brightens Children's Lives (How goddamn fucking sweet)
  3407. Treating mom's depression may help children: study ( "may" = bullshit)
  3408. US likely to see bird flu by summer (US corpagog ready to plant it)
  3409. Bush Points to Signs of Success in Iraq (The mirages?)
  3410. Sino-Russian cynicism
  3411. Security Council Is Stalled Over Iran's Nuclear Program (and will stay that way)
  3412. Cold and Afraid, Protesters Stay On (Belarus)
  3413. U.S. media wallows in amnesia (verily)
  3414. Hu, Putin Call for Closer Oil Cooperation (I wonder why)
  3415. Belarus's Lukashenko faces fourth day of protests
  3416. Google launches test version of finance site (possible disaster)
  3417. Heat intensifies on ADHD drugs (as well it should have, years ago)
  3418. US troops 'killing Iraqi civilians in revenge' (for what?!)
  3419. Britain wants UN sanctions option to restrain Tehran (Not going to happen)
  3420. Press Conference of the President (and the divine Helen Thomas)
  3421. At Issue: Classified Leaks (Scooter's defense)
  3422. Time to Exit Iraq, A Leading Paper Declares (brilliant & brave, brave & brilliant)
  3423. Using character smears to prevent foreign policy discussions
  3424. Death Sentence for Afghan Christian Shows Hollowness of Bush's Democracy
  3425. THE BRAD BLOG: "BREAKING: E-VOTE FAILURE! Texas Primary Recount Halted By Secretary of State!"
  3426. High levels of strontium-90 found in Indian Point groundwater
  3427. Oil Gushes into Arctic Ocean from BP Pipeline (Corpagov science)
  3428. The Truth Will Set You Free: Suicide-Dollar (Almost as hilarious as a headlong asteroid)
  3429. THE DANCING ISRAELIS: An unprecedented honest analysis of 9/11 and Bushs war on terror
  3430. Fwd: Republicans Lie About Feingold and Wiretapping
  3431. Iran poses threat to dominance of the US dollar (in the long run)
  3432. Indian officers for key US Strategic Command
  3433. Iraq was invaded 'to protect Israel' - US official
  3434. New light on the life and death of John O'Neill
  3435. The Harvard Crimson :: News :: Dean Attacks &#-11;&#-11;&#-11;Israel Lobby&#-11;&#-11;&#-11;
  3436. Bush Bombs in Cleveland
  3437. US turns attention to al-Qaeda in Iran (AGAIN?!!!)
  3438. Bush Slipping and Spinning on Iraq and Wiretaps
  3439. The War Party in Disarray - by Justin Raimondo
  3440. U.S., Bulgaria still wrangling over bases
  3441. Harvard: The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy
  3442. Vaccine Ingredient Can Disrupt Immune System (READ: Thimerisol in flu shots)
  3443. The Planet of Unreality (READ)
  3444. Blowing Smoke - Why random drug testing doesn't reduce student drug us (and is just another government terror)
  3445. Saddam's FM was on CIA payroll (Why would that be surprising?)
  3446. Christian Right Organizes "Truth Squads," Four-Phase Strategy To Rebutt "DaVinci Code (LOL)
  3447. Papuan anger focuses on world's richest mine
  3448. U.S. economy could withstand sharp dollar drop - Bernanke - Mar. 21, 2006 (Bring it on?)
  3449. Material witness detention under scrutiny
  3450. Will Your Job Survive?
  3451. Manufacturers more pessimistic about the economy (Figuringing it out?)
  3452. Caterpillar chief warns of US recession if trade row deepens
  3453. Iraq: The wages of chaos (Israeli military training)
  3454. Man held for tossing harmless package at White House
  3455. Britain: Inquiry details inhumane treatment of children in prison
  3456. Polish President Kaczynski visits Berlin (Don't we have enough strange people running the world?)
  3457. Australia: Pre-selection brawls demonstrate Labor's internal rot
  3458. Tense confrontation continues between Thai prime minister and protestors
  3459. FBI agent testifies: Bureau resisted Moussaoui investigation before 9/11(Because he was already and agent)
  3460. France: Police assault leaves protesting worker in coma
  3461. Bush says US troops to remain in Iraq indefinitely (i.e., never any intention to leave)
  3462. The Jericho Raid
  3463. Iraq's My Lai?: Shooting Any Iraqi Who Moves
  3464. Hollow Nation: Americans Don't Live Here Anymore
  3465. Iranian Nuclear Showdown: an Unnecessary Crisis (READ)
  3466. Federal Grants Flow to Bush Allies
  3467. General Motors, on Verge of Collapse, Seeks to Cut 35,000 Jobs
  3468. Prosecutors Want DeLay Charges Reinstated
  3469. Iraqi Rebels Mount Major Assault
  3470. California Sued Over Diebold Voting Systems
  3471. Iraq: One of the Greatest Financial Scandals of All Time (READ)
  3472. Iran says US pressure 'irrational' (which it is)
  3473. Russia digs in against UN Council action on Iran
  3474. Britain outlines military option (Bizarre and lunatic)
  3475. Wounded Iraq Vet Wins Illinois Primary
  3476. Iraq war veteran wins US primary
  3477. EU places 92 foreign air carriers on blacklist
  3478. Studies Spot Obstacle to Human Transmission of Bird Flu (which US corpagov will now fix?)
  3479. Informant's Tactics Are Questioned - Los Angeles Times
  3480. Excused juror in Lodi terror case skeptical about alleged confession
  3481. Rights defenders targeted worldwide, report says (*that* sounds about right)
  3482. Pentagon weighs military tribunal rule (Yeah, right: Nazi liars)
  3483. Is Basque Terrorism Over? (Maybe, if you stop fucking with them)
  3484. The Joy of Being Blameless (Like the US, UK, IL, AU criminal governments?)
  3485. A tough bug to spread (but multinational corpagov is still trying like SOB criminals that they are)
  3486. Putin, minus his black belt, on kung fu pilgrimage (Unlike US pRez. who is competent at nothing)
  3487. Russia-China deal excites press (that is competent at what?)
  3488. NH Lawmakers OK Eminent Domain Limits
  3489. Roberts Dissent Reveals Strain Beneath Court's Placid Surface (We live in interesting times)
  3490. Court rejects searches when occupants disagree
  3491. Briton Tried to Buy A-Bomb, Prosecution in Trial Contends (BS)
  3492. 'Terror gang tried to buy nuclear bomb' (yeah, right, sure, absolutely)
  3493. Hu, Putin agree to speed up tripartite mechanism with India
  3494. Apple declares war on France (Get a life)
  3495. Researchers Shed More Light on Bird Flu (Like the interminable hype is a fucking corpagov hoax?! Oh no!! [hands over eyes and ears])
  3496. Dire Warning Not Urged for ADHD Drugs (Believe it assholes: corpagov has been at work; WP is corpagov whore, and always has been)
  3497. Change in Antidepressants May Beat Depression (Unbelievably ignorant of just about everything)
  3498. Bush Pulls Out the Stops to Save Ratings (So, what is he, a comedy routine?!)
  3500. Bush uncle set to earn millions from company that profited from Iraq war
  3501. Bring the Sixties Out of the Closet
  3502. Pragmatism, not love, draws Russia and China closer
  3503. Deserters hunted down 30 years after Vietnam
  3504. At Least 56 Iraqis Dead in New Violence
  3505. Democrats Should Unite Behind Feingold (No, Independents unite behind Kucinich; screw Democrats)
  3506. CNN Produces Balanced Piece On Sheen 9/11 Comments
  3507. Death Squad Democracy
  3508. The War Lovers by John Pilger
  3509. Annoying noise real hum-dinger (Cryptogov is up to what underground?)
  3510. G.M. to Offer Buyout Deal to More Than 125,000 Workers
  3511. AlterNet: Blogs: Scott Ritter: It's criminal
  3512. White House Questions Iran's OK on Talks (Babbling)
  3513. Myth-Making and Excuse-Making on the Feingold Resolution (Yes, but it's still a useless waste of time and energy)
  3514. Death squads operate unchecked in Iraq: UN
  3515. Britain pushes for military option to restrain Tehran (Utterly insane)
  3516. It's the media, stupid (READ)
  3517. Ill-equipped Guard units alarm states
  3518. BANNED FOR SPEAKING OUT (The Music Police?!)
  3519. Scholars' Attack on Pro-Israel Lobby Met With Silence
  3520. Professor Says American Publisher Turned Him Down
  3521. A break-in to end all break-ins - Los Angeles Times (READ!)
  3522. It was genocide - Los Angeles Times
  3523. Israel's Borderline Election
  3524. Lynn Landes Case, to Supreme Court! :: Choice Changes :: Conscious Choices for a better world (READ)
  3525. Convicted New Hampshire Election Day Phone-Jammers Called White House
  3526. House OKs Bible study in public high schools ("Congress shall make NO LAW ....")
  3527. The House has had it with the Israel Lobby
  3529. Calif. Air Is Among Nation's Most Toxic
  3530. Bear Stearns warns against airline stocks due to 'imminent' bird flu (Bizarre)
  3531. US web site sued for major privacy violations
  3532. Dept. of Homeland Security Shoots Down Movie Script
  3533. Kansas to let nuclear plant guards "shoot to kill" (Sick)
  3534. U.K. Lords Pass Tony Blair's Terrorism Bill on Third Attempt (Speaking of Sick)
  3535. Lords pass law against glorifying terrorism (Arbitrary and capricious)
  3536. Straw to demand release of 'MI5 man' in Guantanamo after U-turn
  3537. Closed hearing held in CIA abuse case
  3538. Reporters in Iraq under fire there, and from critics
  3539. Bush's Uncle Earned Millions in War Firm Sale
  3540. On orders from prime minister's department and police: Australian web site shut down
  3541. Israel announces plans to annex more Palestinian land (The Ps won't need *any* land when genocide is finished)
  3542. New York Times details secret US military torture operation
  3543. GM, Delphi, US autoworkers' union agree to massive job-cutting program
  3544. France: University and high school students continue anti-government protests
  3545. Kirkuk's Dr. Death (Of Kurds, Turkomen & Arabs)
  3546. The Ultimate Scapegoat: Blaming the Media for Bad War News
  3547. Political Lemmings: the Democrats and the Precipice (Yes, yes & yes)
  3548. Whatever Happened to Congress?: an Interview with Chalmers Johnson (READ!)
  3549. The Emerging Jewish Consensus in Israel (A Treatise on Pathology)
  3550. "US Authorities Say..." - Robert Fisk (READ - and then memorize it!)
  3551. El Salvador 2006: a Broken Nation
  3552. Bush's Pro-Terrorism Defense Budget
  3553. NYPD RNC Mass-Arrests Challenged (How long will this criminal shit go on?)
  3554. US Casualty Rate in Iraq Increasing Dramatically (Are we paying attention to reality yet?)
  3555. Is War the Real National Pastime? (It has been for about 160 years without stop)
  3556. FBI, Police Spying Is Rising, Groups Allege (Was this a secret?!)
  3557. New Mexico Democrats Call for Bush Impeachment (A bit late, no?)
  3558. Bush Changes Direction With India (But it really means nothing)
  3559. Iraqi Civilian Deaths Shrouded in Secrecy
  3560. Amnesty International: Interviews Reveal Pattern of Police Abuse of Gay People(Abuse & Murder is the nature of USians)
  3561. Iraqi Official, Paid by CIA, Gave Account of Weapons
  3562. BBC NEWS | UK | Liars 'too self aware to twitch' (but can't avoid snarling or smirking)
  3563. ABC News: Who Are the Christian Peacemakers?
  3564. Analysts: GM Buyouts May Not Stop Slide (Sign of things to come)
  3565. Sonia Gandhi Steps Down
  3566. Rumsfeld Resists Making Iraq Predictions (Assholery points to itself)
  3567. Pentagon to review policy on planting news stories (Oh fucking wow!)
  3568. Avaricious In Germany (Interesting piece of history)
  3569. Bayer of Germany Offers $19.5 Billion for Schering
  3570. Global Warming Is Rapidly Raising Sea Levels, Studies Warn (Oh? Really?)
  3571. South Park has last word in row over Scientology (LOL)
  3572. Human-to-human transmission of H5N1 highly unlikely, studies show (HOW LONG have I been saying this?)
  3573. Humans a hostile host to bird flu (So much for corpagov media hyped pandemic? Is the cover for release 1918 flu blown?)
  3574. Panel backs new warnings on ADHD drugs
  3575. Feds alarmed by psychosis in kids (Even fucking "Feds"?!)
  3576. Legal ADHD Speed becoming drug of choice for Americans (Not choice! It's been governmentally inflicted on them, assholes)
  3577. National Academy urges lowering fluoride in tap water (Is reality actually sinking in?!)
  3578. Report raises flag on fluoride (It;s been known for years)
  3579. Moussaoui Prosecutors Close With (lying) FBI Agent
  3580. Agent says Moussaoui could have helped FBI (Um - but he is CIA!)
  3581. PM agrees to discuss employment law with unions (But, is still not backing down?)
  3582. U.S. Hiring Chinese Co. to Scan Nukes
  3583. Google Caught Censoring Charlie Sheen 9/11 Story
  3584. The "Noble Cause" That Killed Casey Sheehan (READ ECONOMIC REALITY)
  3585. Rumsfeld says he has no plans to step down (How about dropping dead?)
  3586. Chavez: U.S. Has Been Routed in Iraq
  3587. 58 Dead As Violence Continues in Iraq
  3588. Bombings Kill Another 35 People in Iraq
  3589. More Journalists Killed in Iraq War Than in Vietnam Conflict
  3590. UN rights office urges Iraq to rein in [Bush's genocidal] death squads
  3591. US-led forces round up whole Iraq village in security sweep
  3592. Basque Nationalists See an Opening for Autonomy
  3593. We're Not In Kansas Anymore, political satire and commentary by Irving Wesley Hall
  3594. Israeli Software Firm Drops U.S. Deal
  3595. Video Catches Hospital 'Dumping' Incident
  3596. Bush shuns Patriot Act requirement (We should all shun the entire thing)
  3597. US senators seek to win full Turkish support against Iran
  3598. US asks Japan to stop Iran oil development
  3599. The Patriot Act and Attention Deficit Democracy
  3600. We don't need reason to hold you, Hammoudeh told
  3601. FBI Whistleblower asks judge to withdraw
  3602. No Longer The Minority: 82% Plus Support Charlie Sheen
  3603. At long last, a new home sale slump
  3604. Lobbyist Abramoff gets subpoenaed in Boulis murder case
  3605. Harvard's Paper on Israel Drew From Neo-Nazi Sites - March 24, 2006 - The New York Sun - NY News (The smear campaign is on)
  3606. Village Voice Hit Piece Attacks 9/11 Skeptics
  3607. Daily Kos: AIPAC Study -- HARVARD PULLS IT!!!!! POLL
  3608. New-home sales drop
  3609. A slightly divergent reaction to Charlie Sheen
  3610. Scientist discovers that evolution is missing from Arkansas classrooms (Worse than the Dark Ages)
  3611. Supporters rally behind McGee
  3612. Katrina Donation Earmarked for Bush Firm
  3613. WTOL-TV Toledo, OH: Government Won't Allow Mad Cow Tests; Meatpacker Sues(Wacko Gummint)
  3614. EU buries Guantanamo bay text
  3615. New York Times columnist Frank Rich at the University of Michigan: thin gruel
  3616. Britain: Blair sets out ideological justification for new wars of aggression (Wacko)
  3617. Iraq's "National Security Council": a move toward open dictatorship
  3618. Mass student protests in France: trade unions come to Villepin's rescue
  3619. The US Empire vs. Reality
  3620. Impeachment Movement Grows; Media Yawns
  3621. Islamophobia at Downing Street: Tony Blair's Bipolarity
  3622. Barbara Bush's Katrina Donation to Enrich Her Son
  3623. Bush Says He's Above the Law Again
  3624. Army Faulted Over Wartime Armor Delays
  3625. Bush's Requests for Iraqi Base Funding Raises Skepticism (Never was intent of leaving)
  3626. EU calls for release of Belarus prisoners
  3627. US to Impose Sanctions on Belarusan Leaders (Spare me the hypocrisy)
  3628. Resistant TB on the rise
  3629. Coming Soon to a Shelter Near You!
  3630. Hussein's FM unveiled as double spy for French, CIA
  3631. Justice Department responds to House questions on NSA wiretapping program (Capricious and arbitrary gummint)
  3632. Universal default forces many into bankruptcy (READ & READ WELL WHAT YOUR FUCKING CORPAGOV IS DOING TO YOU)
  3633. From Bejing to Dubai (and the utter insanity of US bastard gummint)
  3634. Apocalyptic president (Idiots have not been paying attention: idiots never do)
  3635. Secretary of Homeland Insecurity (Chertoff belongs to whom?!)
  3636. Democratizing The World - One Torture Victim At A Time
  3637. Pentagon 'hedge' strategy targets China
  3638. Disgraced defense contractor planned to promote 'democracy' in Iran (Hello-o?)
  3639. Doctors Calls Could Have Been Captured (Totalitarian state under siege by terror by its government of occupation)
  3640. Warming could push sea levels up six meters by 2100 (More media terror games)
  3641. Fish helps fight prostate cancer? (or not)
  3642. Indian PM offers friendship treaty: Delinking of Kashmir sought
  3643. Bush Still Trying To Convince Nation Of Progress (and he's still a sociopath)
  3644. Bush: US to be in Iraq for years (Forever was the original intent)
  3645. Thousands Rally for Immigrants' Rights (Um - how about citizens' rights?)
  3646. Melting Ice Threatens Sea-Level Rise (Assholes have no idea whatsoever)
  3647. Thank You for Smoking (Not satire, Ebert, just moronic as you have always been)
  3648. Russians gave Iraq info on US war plans (LOL)
  3649. Pentagon says Moscow gave early war intelligence to Saddam Hussein ("P" says a lot of things - mostly just made up for the manipulative drama of the moment : spare me the idiocy)
  3650. Talks on French jobs law end in stalemate
  3651. The Life and Crimes of George W. Bush (READ)
  3652. Kissinger Backed Argentine Junta 30 Years Ago
  3653. Bush Launches Massive Shock & Awe Offensive... Against U.S. Media
  3655. Criticism of Bush unabated in Stars & Stripes
  3656. Report: Russia Gave Iraq Details About War (Shades of Niger yellow cake)
  3657. Israel Lobby Dictates U.S. Policy, Study Charges
  3658. Evidence Mounts That The Vote May Have Been Hacked
  3659. Battle for Baghdad 'has already started' (no real news)
  3660. CNN Reports More 9/11 Questions (Is this the needed breakthrough?)
  3661. Constitutional Questions Show in AIPAC Case (Judicial Hanky Panky)
  3662. AM - US Supreme Court to hear Guantanamo challenge
  3663. Bush makes the ultimate commitment to Israel
  3664. Judge: Charges against AIPAC officials may be unconstitutional (So is the IRS and the federal reserve)
  3665. U.S. personal bankruptcy filings hit record high last year
  3666. Early Warning: U.S. plans New Bases in the Middle East (READ)
  3667. Terminator Seed Rejected In UN Meeting In Brazil!
  3668. The Israel Lobby
  3669. Russian GDP in 2005 hits US$765.8b
  3670. Harvard Plagiarism Archive: PROFESSOR ALAN DERSHOWITZ
  3671. Reheating the Cold War (READ)
  3672. Reheating the Cold War (READ: Energy rewrites geopolitics)
  3673. The Gruesome Reality of Operation Swarmer
  3674. Children Continue To Be Main Victims Of U.S. Occupation
  3675. Belarus becomes the new breeding ground of cold war between Russia and the West (remember the cold war was a fraud)
  3676. A balance sheet for America's Iraq (READ)
  3677. Dixie Chicks turn death threats to song
  3678. Bush Quietly Says No Need Follow Patriot Act Oversight Measure
  3679. Disgraced defense contractor planned to promote 'democracy' in Iran
  3680. Dems Lambast Prescription Drug Benefit
  3681. Venezuela slaps British oil giant BP with back-tax bill (To BP it's pocket change)
  3682. Globalization: The Final Demise of National Security (and rise of multicorporate empire)
  3683. Bush's powers again under review by court
  3684. DOJ: NSA Could've Monitored Lawyers' Calls
  3685. Netherlands: Government suffers heavy losses in local election (People reject government looting)
  3686. Appalling conditions continue in China's toy factories
  3687. Labor wins Australian state elections with business backing (Corpagov)
  3688. An administration in deepening crisis: Some reflections on the Bush press conference
  3689. France: Mass movement against "First Job Contract" in danger Trade unions meet with prime minister
  3690. France: May-June 1968 and today
  3691. Sorry, Prime Minister, Afghanistan is Not Canada's War
  3692. Death in the Village of Isahaqi - Chris Floyd
  3693. The Fifth Afghan War
  3694. Blaming the Israel Lobby (READ - Q: what controls US, UK & IL?)
  3695. Slave Labor and Hell Ships: Mitsubishi Awaits Judgment for Its War Crimes
  3696. Why There's No Strategy to End This War (READ)
  3697. American Military Strategy Explains the Failure in Iraq (and of US , generally)
  3698. "Troops Home" Call Echoes Across US (Gummint is deaf)
  3699. Senator Sets Hearing on Censure of Bush (or not - READ)
  3700. Police break up peaceful Belarus protest
  3701. No 'note of gratitude
  3702. Freed Kember back in UK amid row
  3703. China confirms bird flu death (or not)
  3704. Testicles may provide a better kind of stem cell (Uh-oh - but that's been obvious all along while olfactory bulbs may not have been)
  3705. Report: Russia Gave Iraq Details About War (Fabrication and diversion)
  3706. Many Thais Call for King to Replace PM
  3707. Deliberate famine in Russia
  3708. Archbishop [of Canterbury] : stop teaching creationism
  3709. Iraq hostages 'were saved by rift among kidnappers'
  3710. British troops make 'flawless' hostage rescue (Oh, really?)
  3711. Rumsfeld singled out as crisis deepens in Iraq (He'a always been an idiot)
  3712. Belarussians defy riot police to denounce president
  3713. People power grips France
  3714. Ukrainian Presidential Election Approaching (This ought to be fun)
  3715. Bush Calls for Fair Immigration Bill (i.e., exactly the opposite)
  3716. Bush's No Child Left Behind Forcing Schools To Cut Subjects Beyond Reading and Math (Exactly as expected and designed)
  3717. Time to Leave Iraq - by Charley Reese
  3718. Militias Kill More Iraqis Than "Terrorists": US Envoy (It was always an intended genocide)
  3719. Timing of donations to Jeb Bush raises eyebrows
  3720. Report: 7,000 troops on call for World Cup (Bizarre)
  3721. Belarus protest turns bloody
  3722. Crisis grows as students snub PM
  3723. Strike sends France closer to abyss
  3724. US February new home sales tumble, supply soars
  3725. New home sales, median prices fall in Feb.
  3726. IU scientist find possible missing link
  3727. Militants threat to 'watch' reporters
  3728. Gold surges as dollar drops
  3729. Former Liberian President to face war crimes - 26 Mar 2006 - World News
  3730. Al-Ahram Weekly | Region | Starving Gaza
  3731. Al-Ahram Weekly | Front Page | WAKE UP AMERICA!
  3732. Al-Ahram Weekly | Opinion | State terrorism
  3733. Economic View: Deficits that are here to stay - Business - International Herald Tribune
  3734. Caracas calling: A new mecca for the left
  3735. US-China trade war looms (Winner will not be amazingly stupid US)
  3736. Did American Marines murder 23 Iraqi civilians?
  3737. Neocon ambitions and the spectacular disaster of Iraq
  3738. Radioactive Tank No. 9 comes limping home (DU, of course - READ)
  3739. Bound, Blindfolded and Dead: The Face of Atrocity in Baghdadch
  3740. Supreme Court justice said to slam detainee rights (He's always been teched)
  3741. Dollar May Drop as Fewer Fed Rate Increases Seen, Survey Shows
  3742. The Fix Is In For Bush
  3743. Ukraine vote may undermine Orange Revolution, polls suggest
  3744. Hundreds in jail in Belarus in crackdown on opposition
  3745. Thai PM offers unity govt to political foes
  3746. Currencies: Dollar loses ground over US home sales
  3747. European govt bonds higher, tracking Treasuries after weak US new homes data
  3748. Scotland smoking ban in force
  3749. Pursuing healthier bacon through biotech (or more likely, not)
  3750. US scientists make pigs with heart-healthy fats (Idiot "science")
  3751. Rice Says Cuts in US Forces in Iraq Are 'Entirely Possible' (Babbling as usual)
  3752. Gas tax on miles, not gallons, tested (Gunmmint has always been an essential engine of theft)
  3753. Iraqis killed by US troops on rampage
  3754. Court Grants Request to Question Abramoff in SunCruz Slaying Trial (Not at all unexpected - even in this shithouse excuse for gummint)
  3755. The Truth Will Set You Free: IAEA tells US to bug off!
  3756. Airborne laser weapon stays on course (Idiocy)
  3757. Pro-Moscow party takes lead in Ukraine vote: exit polls (Bushpig will be pissed)
  3758. Wave of Violence Kills at Least 69 Iraqis
  3759. 30 beheaded bodies reportedly found in Iraq (or it's just a big lie)
  3760. Israelis to vote for Sharon legacy (They are all then as good as dead)
  3761. Merkel emerges stronger after vote (Germans are totally fucked)
  3762. Immigration Debate Heating Up in Senate (Babbling)
  3763. Hundreds of thousands protest immigration bill
  3764. Scotland takes to its first day of no smoke i(or any other idignity) without ire
  3765. For Thailand's embattled Muslims, the Buddhist royal family offers ...
  3766. Defiant Blair: we're going to tough it out in Iraq (Could he be more boring?)
  3767. Blair ducks questions on Aussie issues (Dropping dead would be good)
  3768. Australia a terror target: Blair (He intends to attack Australia too?!)
  3769. Transcript: Secretary of State Rice on 'FNS' (OMG! The Babbling Bitch!)
  3770. Bush Proposed Assassinating Hussein to Provoke War With Iraq: Memo (Zionists take assassination as a hobby)
  3771. Ukraine poll sees splintered Orange camp ahead (Will US invade?! Puti-Puti would not be pleased)
  3772. Pro-Russian party leading Ukraine vote in early tally (What, no Diebold machines?!)
  3773. Scientists Engineer Pigs with Heart-Healthy Meat (Pigshit or bullshit?)
  3774. US, Iraqi Forces Target Sadr Followers in Iraq
  3775. Goldman consortium says considering AB Ports bid (Does *anybody*understand? LMAO: scam)
  3776. Bird flu suspected after woman dies in Shanghai (Bird shit)
  3777. Leaders back Blair on terrorism (Genocidal whores)
  3778. Blair Tells Australians to `Tough It Out' During War on Terror (Psychopath)
  3779. Sweden finds mink infected with bird flu virus (or not)
  3780. Bomb plotters claimed to be al-Qaida, court hears (MI5 or MI6?)
  3781. Christian Zionism and Messianic Judaism needs to be investigated (Great fun to read)
  3782. FBI casts 'overly broad net' in war against terror
  3783. Bush Was Set on Path to War, Memo by British Adviser Says
  3784. American Wage Gap Growing Wider And Wider..
  3785. Charlie Sheen's Statement to the London Guardian
  3786. Israel's anti-Arab parties
  3787. "Food not Bombs" on "terrorist watch list"
  3788. U.S. May Seek Criminal Charges Against Kim Jong-il (Bizarre)
  3789. Avoiding the hard questions (9/11)
  3790. Spring Breakthrough for 9/11 Truth -Alex Jones,Webster Tarpley, and Charlie Sheen on Corporate Media
  3791. If the Congress had any committment to the Constitution, Bush would have been impeached a long time ago
  3792. Israeli couple jailed over computer virus
  3793. Las Vegas slot machines are more trustworthy than electronic voting machines
  3794. Literary honour for Baghdad blogger (Riverbend)
  3795. Sending mentally ill soldiers back to Iraq: Reckless disregard for soldiers' welfare and for Iraqi lives
  3796. No sign of progress in Iraq government talks
  3797. Justice Scalia flips the finger in church
  3798. Sliding towards the vortex
  3799. The Perils of Economic Ignorance (Ron Paul)
  3800. Scientists study revived 1918 flu virus (Why? Take your worst guess)
  3801. Child drugs linked to heart attack
  3802. Justice Scalia Gives the Press the Finger
  3803. State authorities threaten to impose contract on New York transit workers
  3804. Australia: Howard's draconian industrial relations laws come into operation today
  3805. Wagging the dog in Belarus
  3806. France: Students and workers prepare mobilisation against government's "First Job Contract"
  3807. Are We Done Killing Children, Yet? (No way)
  3808. "I Did Not Join the British Army to Conduct US Foreign Policy"
  3809. Eternal Spending for a Never-Ending War
  3810. The Democrats' Daddy Warbucks
  3811. War Crime in a Mosque
  3812. Feingold's Popularity Surges on Censure Stand
  3813. Scalia: 'US Detainees Have No Rights'
  3814. Retribution Charged Against Election's Whistle-Blower
  3815. DeLay Aide Got Nearly $1M From Nonprofit
  3816. Republicans on the Run
  3817. FEMA Money Flows to Wealthier Pockets
  3818. Gulf Coast Tribes Face Erosion, Lack of Aid
  3819. Vague Law and Hard Lobbying Add Up to Billions for Big Oil
  3820. Punch Cards Out, Paper Trails In
  3821. FBI Keeps Watch on Activists
  3822. Iraqi Shiites Accuse US of "Organized Crime"
  3823. Judge Rules Against Civil Rights Groups in New Orleans
  3824. The Lincoln conspiracy: Inside the plot to avenge the Confederacy
  3825. Moussaoui lays claim to 9/11 role, targeting White House (Right - sure)
  3826. Rival Shia groups unite against US after mosque raid
  3827. Shiites rage over US raid on mosque; suicide bombing kills 40
  3828. Dollar Slips Against Euro, Pound and Yen
  3829. Inquiry set to say Lula knew of vote-buying
  3830. Brazil finance minister quits amid scandal
  3831. Group sues to block budget law signed by Bush that never passed House (Insane Nation)
  3832. US: NSA allowed to tap calls by doctors, lawyers
  3833. Argentina, 30 Years After Bloody Coup
  3834. Congress to see play about Guant&#-11;&#-11;namo (How fucking charming)
  3835. Lawyer Cleared to Visit Guantanamo Inmate (?)
  3836. Retired Generals Want Scalia Off Guantanamo Case (How about confined to some very small island?)
  3837. Supreme Court Terrorism Case Will Test U.S. Presidential Powers
  3838. MI5 tip-off to CIA led to men's rendition (MI5=MI6=FBI=CIA=MOSSAD=INTERPOL)
  3839. Anti-war protester arrested at parliament (Totalitarian UK under mad Blairpig)
  3840. Soldiers flee to Canada to avoid Iraq duty (You bet; go boys)
  3841. At Least 40 Killed At U.S.-Iraqi Base (Has a lesson been learned yet)
  3842. Iran accuses US role over Iraq prayer hall killing
  3843. Iraq minister says US, Iraqi troops killed 37
  3844. US soldiers kill 22 in attack on Baghdad mosque
  3845. US asked to cede Iraq control
  3846. Investigators enter US with 'dirty-bomb' material (Feeling safer now, are we?! You fucking morons)
  3847. Interpol says al-Qaeda [Bush] preparing to engage in biological warfare (Think 1918)
  3848. Interpol calls for bio-terrorism related legislation (Nazi bullshit)
  3849. Rethinking John Lennons Assassination
  3850. The Constitution Limits the President Even as "Commander in Chief"
  3851. The Final Say
  3852. Card resigns as White House chief of staff (Where will he hide?)
  3853. U.S. troops defend raid, say Iraqis faked "massacre" (Of course - sure - absolutely)
  3854. US legislator group give Rice final say over UN (Blackmail or extortion?)
  3855. Stun gun linked to 150 deaths in US by Amnesty
  3856. Bolten to Replace Card As Chief of Staff
  3857. MSNBC VIDEO: Moussaoui wore 'stun belt' for new testimony
  3858. Condoleezza Rice thinks Moscow informed Saddam Hussein of imminent US-led invasion of Iraq(She's incapable of thought)
  3859. Virginia Training Manual Lists Property Rights Activists As Terrorists (Sick Nation)
  3860. CNN is committing treason
  3861. Two Nut Jobs and a Boeing 747
  3862. U.S. postpones talk with Iran on Iraq (until the invasion?)
  3863. Iraq left to rebuild itself
  3864. U.S. Willing to Deploy Combat Troops to Colombia (Oh joy!)
  3865. Top Ten Mistakes the Bush Administration Is Repeating from Vietnam
  3866. High Court Hears Historic Case on Detainees - by William Fisher (READ)
  3867. News Flash: The Dam is Breaking in the 9/11 Cover-Up - More Stars Go Public With Demands for 9/11 Investigation, More to Follow
  3868. About Moussaoui, much ado about nothing
  3869. Israeli Lobby - The Report (what was missing)
  3870. Angered by Fatal Raid, Shiites Exit Unity Talks
  3871. Fed raises rate to highest point since '01
  3872. Low-income S.F. seniors to lose food boxes to federal cutbacks
  3873. More Students Walk Out, Protest Immigration Legislation (Nazi Nation)
  3874. A million French protest against youth job law
  3875. Uganda deports US evangelist accused of terrorism
  3876. Patriot Act's fast-tracking of death penalty cases draws criticism
  3877. Card resigns as White House chief of staff; budget director Bolten takes over
  3878. Pentagon denounces Halliburton's 'overwhelmingly negative' performance in Iraq (How could this happen?)
  3879. US home foreclosures on the rise
  3880. Spain: Bomb threats and funding cuts follow theatre show (READ)
  3881. Australia: Anger mounts over government response to Cyclone Larry
  3882. Iraq: US mosque massacre deepens occupation's crisis
  3883. France: Fight vs. "First Job Contract" raises need for new working class leadership
  3884. WSWS International Editorial Board meeting The economic, social and political disaster produced by the Zionist project Part One (READ)
  3885. Shias May Now Turn on US Forces
  3886. Fentanyl's Body Count: the FDA's Math Problem
  3887. God's Torturers: from Torquemada to Opus Dei
  3888. Fitzgerald Will Seek New White House Indictments
  3889. Scalia's Recusal Sought in Key Detainee Case
  3890. Delay in Federal Flood Maps Cripples Re-building For New Orleans
  3891. Update 25: Kadima Party Projected As Winner in Israel
  3892. Basic summary of a calamity (France)
  3893. Taylor "disappears" from Nigerian villa
  3894. US says Nigeria must answer on missing Taylor (Invade Nigeria too?!!)
  3895. Justices Look Askance at War Tribunal Order
  3896. Fed raises interest rates for 15th time
  3897. UN Misses AIDS Treatment Target (quite deliberately)
  3898. Update 21: Al-Qaida Plotters Dismiss Moussaoui's Role (LOL)
  3899. West hopes for UN deal on Iran this week (Right - sure - positively)
  3900. Imperial overreach is accelerating the global decline of America
  3901. ACLU: Iraq Prison Photos to Be Released
  3902. US agrees to release Abu Ghraib pictures
  3903. Liberian warlord Taylor 'arrested'
  3904. Study finds US adolescents are seriously sleep deprived (So are most aults)
  3905. China's Huge Currency Reserves Pique US Interest (LOL Assholes)
  3906. Senators delay China tariff vote (Possible sign of minor intelligence)
  3907. Bush invites Israel's Olmert to visit Washington
  3908. Judges on Secretive Panel Speak Out on Spy Program
  3909. Ivins: When reality isn't working, Bush, Pentagon crank up the P.R.
  3910. Putin says U.S. hampering Russia's WTO accession
  3911. Fasten Your Seat Belt - by Justin Raimondo
  3912. U.S. Likely to Back Olmert's Border Plan as `Road Map' Shelved (Bet on it)
  3913. The US Gulag Prison System - The Shame Of The Nation and Crime Against Humanity
  3914. US Navy sends aircraft carrier strike group to "major training exercise" near Venezuel
  3915. US admits attack target contained a mosque (i.e., they don't know what they're doing?)
  3916. DeLay says he sees war on Christianity in U.S. (Small diversion from his criminality)
  3917. The Politics of PTSD - by Michael Uhl
  3918. Fed props up economy with TONS of new cash (Yet more?!)
  3919. US Navy prepares aircraft carrier strike group for "major training exercise"
  3920. CNN Fears 911 Truth - Cancels Ed Asner's Appearance (Made an offer they can't refuse?)
  3921. Americans don't know who they are anymore
  3922. The Revolution Will Not Be American
  3923. 9/11 Truth Calling Oprah
  3924. Victim of Smear Campaign Gets Even With Morris Dees
  3925. US severs all ties with Hamas
  3926. Rocky Anderson Speaks At Anti-Bush Rally
  3927. US envoy 'calls for new Iraqi PM' (It's still called occupation)
  3928. "White House Memo" Drives a Stake into the Heart of White House Lies
  3929. Supreme Court rules on Anthrax libel case
  3930. Bush Says Iraq's Sectarian Divide a Legacy of Hussein (Only a complete idiot could say that)
  3931. Disgraced lobbyist Abramoff gets 6 years (and what about the others?)
  3932. 'Asia must prepare for dollar collapse'
  3933. Neocons Blocked 2003 Nuclear Talks With Iran
  3934. US man in Bush murder plot gets 30 years in jail (and Abramoff gets 6?!)
  3935. BellSouth campaigning to stop New Orleans' free Wi-Fi
  3936. Fla. AG Subpoenas Voting Machine Companies (Hmmmm)
  3937. Democrats in Vermont to Weigh Impeachment
  3938. Citizen Anschutz
  3939. Justice Scalia Chastises Boston Newspaper
  3940. How Guantanamo brothers 'became victims of MI5 plot'
  3941. France: Millions of workers and students strike against Gaullist government
  3942. Britain: More than one million strike over cuts in pension provision, but unions limit protest
  3943. As mass demonstrations continue, Republicans split over anti-immigration bill
  3944. Australian parliament embraces Blair's lies and hypocrisy
  3945. The Ukrainian parliamentary elections and the fraud of the "Orange Revolution"
  3946. Truth in Advertising from the Army? (Not likely)
  3947. When is Killing Arab Civilians Considered a Massacre?
  3948. When Water is Not a Human Right
  3949. Bush's Call for Ouster of Iraq PM Widens Rift with Shias
  3950. Fake Saddam Interview Put Out by Israel Lobby Catspaw, Endorsed by NeoCons' Pet Cassandra, Now Wiping Egg From Face
  3951. Kadima Wins Israel's General Election as Likud Humiliated (The bait of the fraud has been taken)
  3952. Halliburton Faces New Iraq Corruption Charges (Ooops)
  3953. Bush Wants Another Regime Change in Iraq (Oh bother!)
  3954. Democrats Opening Assault on Bush Security Policies (Borig, lying assholes all)
  3955. After Iraq, Arabs Wary of "Western" Democracy (I wonder why)
  3956. Agent Orange Victims Gather to Seek Justice
  3957. Thousands of Iraqis Flee to Avoid Spread of Violence
  3958. Bush Denies Blame Again (Are we bored with this son of a silly people?)
  3959. Kaloogian Accused in Use of Fraudulent Campaign Photo (Clearly guilty)
  3960. Project SERPO exposed as Hoax
  3961. Report: Sleep 'divorce' counts (Insanity)
  3962. Iran allergic to pressure over UN demand: envoy (It's within its rights)
  3963. UN Security Council demands Iran suspend uranium enrichment (Pretty much of an all around lie)
  3964. Rice Says Berlin Meeting Will Discuss Iran's Compliance With UN (The Babbling Bitch)
  3965. Full text of UN statement on Iran
  3966. Iran told to abandon nuclear arms plan (What nuclear arms plan?)
  3967. Jury mulls Moussaoui punishment
  3968. Canada cuts relations with Palestinian Authority (et tu?)
  3969. Shuffling the pack won't make the big problem [like utter economic ruin] go away
  3970. Bernanke may prove hawk in dove's clothing
  3971. Market reassured by new Fed chairman (That would be reasonably stupid)
  3972. There goes the sun - solar eclipse captivates millions (Cool)
  3973. Bird flu vaccine promising in humans (The air is alive with sound of bullshit)
  3974. Brain-cell transplants restore movement in paralyzed rats (What might they restore in politicians?)
  3975. COLUMN: Who's afraid of Ben Franklin (Delay of Iran oil bourse READ)
  3976. Iran War About Ethnic Cleansing, Not Oil Bourse
  3977. America is in the midst of the final stages of its currency debasement.
  3978. 'Saudi secretly working with Pak experts' (Um Arabia is also broke)
  3979. mparent7777: David Walker, the US Comptroller General, predicts economic disaster for the U.S. (with video)
  3980. Is deception the best way to serve one's country?
  3981. Admin. Spends $1.62B On PR, Ads, "Bush Admin.'s Propaganda Effort Is Unprecedented
  3982. Pentagon blocked move to make water safer
  3983. China Poised To Pass U.S. In Manufactured Goods Exports (and what does US actually manufacture?)
  3984. Sectarian threats purge 30,000 Iraqis from homes
  3985. Judge hints he could dismiss AIPAC case (So, who controls whom?)
  3986. Justices Hint That They'll Rule on Challenge Filed by Detainee
  3987. American Reporter Kidnapped in Baghdad Is Released
  3988. If you start looking at them as humans, then how are you gonna kill them?
  3989. 'Israel lobby' critique roils academe (LOL)
  3990. The Israel Lobby Must Be Contained
  3991. Video of Bush giving his address to the world about the reasons for the invasion of Iraq
  3992. Talking with the 'terrorists'
  3993. US Media Bias: Covering Israel/Palestine
  3994. US debt clock running out of time, space
  3995. The US propaganda machine: Oh, what a lovely war
  3996. School's 'Holocaust' Experiment Upsets Parents (Utterly bizarre)
  3997. Pupils import torture tools to highlight UK arms loopholes (The Laws are simply Terror by Government, with no other purpose)
  3998. US to test 700-tonne explosive (US gets loopier by the day)
  3999. Because I Say So (Tautologizing the Justices)
  4000. Carroll says captors treated her well
  4001. Venezuelan: Exxon Mobil not welcome
  4002. Security services cleared over 7 July bombings (Ha!)
  4003. Police to Crack Down On Student Walkouts (Nazi Nation)
  4004. ID cards to be issued in three years after Lords drops its opposition (Revolt)
  4005. Terrorism Act arrests at hospital (wanted to arrest people for exactly no reason at all)
  4006. Drone aircraft may prowl U.S. skies (Like the ones that flew into the towers?)
  4007. Venezuelan: Exxon Mobil not welcome
  4008. Democracy: Iraq votes, Bush vetoes
  4009. NY Post: Hillary Clinton Has 'Troops'
  4010. Maps and Charts of Iraqi Oil Fields
  4011. Blackwater USA offers 'private armies' for low-intensity conflicts
  4012. Puerto Rico sues FBI for stonewalling probe of independentista's murder
  4013. Political crisis deepens in Brazil: The rise and fall of Palocci
  4014. Despite vote declines for CDU and SPD German coalition parties hail state elections as mandate for anti-social "reforms"(A world of "fuckyou" governments)
  4015. Thousands of students walk out of schools in Southern California to protest anti-immigration legislation
  4016. Does Kadima's Victory Put the Peace Process in Reverse? (What peace process?)
  4017. War in Search of a Justification
  4018. Privatizing the Apocalypse
  4019. A Strategy of Massacres? (Genocide, massacre by massacre)
  4020. A Fact Check on a Presidential Crime: Myth vs. Reality on Bush's WarrantlessWiretaping Program - Sen Russell Feingold
  4021. Israeli Elections: What the Hell Has Happened? - Uri Avnery
  4022. Killings Taking New Turn in Iraq
  4023. Iraqi PM Rejects Bush's Call to Step Down
  4024. Senate Passes Lobbying Ethics Reform (Useless garbage)
  4025. Iran Defiantly Rejects New UN Demands
  4026. States Seek Relief From New Welfare Rules
  4027. Hamas cabinet faces financial crisis
  4028. Settling in, Hamas quickly rebukes aid cuts by West
  4029. Liberian President Urges Moving Taylor Trial to the Hague
  4030. Mass ruling won't affect bill to recognize out-of-state marriages -- Newsday.com
  4031. Soyuz Rocket Carries Crew to Space Station
  4032. Smart Kids Found to Undergo Delayed Brain Development (Wrong! It's a protracted development: Scientific American Garbage)
  4033. Some young brains just built for brightness (Not at all a proper conclusion)
  4034. Study: Smart children's brains lag (Journalist's brain lags, and is not to swift)
  4035. Smart kids have unique brains (Everybody has a unique brain, asshole)
  4036. Smart Kids' Brains Grow, Shrink Faster Than Others, Study Says (No it doesn't)
  4037. Brain Size Has No Connection With High IQ (That's been know half a century!)
  4038. Dobbs: President, Congress defying people's will (It's what they *do*)
  4039. Iraqi girl tells of US attack
  4040. Insulating Bush (US government is illegal and criminal)
  4041. Mosul slips out of control as the bombers move in
  4042. War deserter tells of atrocities (US government *is* an atocity)
  4043. Galloway guns for 'fake sheikh'
  4044. Iran: Just-tested missile can avoid radar
  4045. Anti-war demonstrations greet Rice during visit to Britain
  4046. Prayer does not heal the sick (Surprise?)
  4047. UN nuclear watchdog chief says Iran sanctions "bad idea"
  4048. Mexico Won't Use Police to Stop Migrants
  4049. Bush, Fox discuss `having a border that works'
  4050. Bush in Mexico; Reiterates Call for Temporary Worker Program
  4051. Officials Add $6 Billion to Price Tag of Levees
  4052. US files trade complaint against China with WTO
  4053. Toshiba Launches 1st HD-DVD Player in Japan
  4054. Scientists Question Effectiveness of Bird-Flu Vaccine (as well as Bird-Flu and fabricated pandemic)
  4055. BravoCharlie911 - Home
  4056. Venezuelan Government To Launch International 9/11 Investigation (LOL)
  4057. 9/11 -- Eliminating the Impossible
  4058. Actor & Director Ed Asner Shares 9/11 Concerns
  4059. Army Bans Use of Privately Bought Armor (Ooops - they're *supposed* to be killed?)
  4060. Ex-FBI Agent Indicted in Mob Killings
  4061. Pentagon block on move for safer water
  4062. Letter successfully seeking leniency for Jack Abramoff noted he ran a kosher deli 'at a loss' (Hello-o?)
  4063. Blackwater USA says it can supply forces for conflicts
  4064. Of Israel, Harvard and David Duke
  4065. Eitan has Pollard document, spy&#-11;&#-11;s wife says
  4066. Wis. communities will vote on whether to get out of Iraq (Not that it matters)
  4067. 'Atheism doesn't mean amoral' (Just figured this out?!)
  4068. The 'Fear Of Muslims' Conspiracy Theory
  4069. Bin Laden: I won't be taken alive (LMAO! - Good for a dead CIA agent)
  4070. Al Qaeda insider predicts U.S. hit (CIA arranged)
  4071. House Budget Plan Ignores Bush Cuts to Medicare but Hits Veterans Health Care
  4072. UAW reportedly says Delphi to shed 14 of its U.S. plants
  4073. US Officials Indicted in Botched Terror Case (Government terrorism)
  4074. Judge backs lawyer in FBI-Okla. City link
  4075. Boston Archdiocese fires photographer who caught Scalia's obscene gesture
  4076. Inside Trading: Congress for sale (It's already bought and sold, idiot)
  4077. Vision Quest (READ)
  4078. Getting America's Best? (Fuck the troops - just like your goddamn gummint)
  4079. The Lobby Strikes Back - by Justin Raimondo (and so proves the point it would deny)
  4080. Nuclear Watchdog Chief Says Sanctions on Iran Would Be a 'Bad Idea'...
  4081. So Pro-Israel that it Hurts
  4082. 'Innocent Until Proved Guilty?'
  4083. General Motors building $600 to $650 million US plant in Mexico
  4084. Diary From Iraq
  4085. Cheney And Halliburton Hold Title - Top Earners In Iraq
  4086. Which Soldier Will Be The Last To Die For Bush's Mistake?
  4087. Iraq Shi'ite ayatollah wants US envoy sacked (How about entire US sacked?)
  4088. The Hidden Hand of the CIA, 911, and Popular Mechanics
  4089. Shocks Seen in New Math for Pensions
  4090. Delphi moves to tear up union contracts
  4091. DIA security roughed-up mom, 83 (That's the US for ya - really)
  4092. New York Post gets down in the dumps (READ)
  4093. Harvard disowns attack on Jewish role in US policy (Proving thre point again)
  4094. CHENEY ADMITS OSAMA HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH 9-11 (until tomorrow)
  4095. NASA HQ Raided In Kiddie Porn Probe (LOL - such a lovely Nazi gummint - so lovely)
  4096. Privatizing the Apocalypse
  4097. Charlie Sheen Reinvigorates 9/11 Truth Movement
  4098. Detainee Dies at Abu Ghraib Prison
  4099. Army Bans Use of Privately Bought Armor (Army needs to drop deap along with entire US gummint)
  4100. Censure of Bush May Be Appropriate, U.S. Senator Leahy Says (How about treason and death?)
  4101. Bird-Flu Pandemic Would Likely Start in California (That's where the corpagov bastards will start it?)
  4102. Bird flu expected on U.S. West Coast by summer (Only if US *does* it)
  4103. US Government wants more search information
  4104. Dear George... Have I Told You How Much I Appreciate You? (Ditto)
  4105. The Taking of America 1-2-3 (READ)
  4106. The Taking of America 1-2-3 (READ)
  4107. Your Huddled Masses are now my Wretched Refuse:
  4108. Noam Chomsky on Failed States: The Abuse of Power and the Assault on Democracy (also audio/visual)
  4109. America's new FAST Track to Fascism
  4110. Man fined for selling a moose head on eBay (The real use of governments)
  4111. Bolton Really Is Bonkers (and missed several Thorazine shots) - by Gordon Prather
  4112. Diebold whistleblower fired AGAIN
  4113. Is it All in My Imagination? (READ)
  4114. More White House Staff Changes Coming (Get 'em out before indicted!)
  4115. Judge Orders Southern Poverty Law Center Investigated For Complicity In Oklahoma City Bombing (and what about FBI doings?)
  4116. The Truth Seeker - Voice of the White House March 30, 2006 (In bizarre reasoning)
  4117. Keeping It Quiet: The Israel Lobby's Crushing of Dissent
  4118. The War Drums Are Getting Louder and Sounding a Clear Message
  4120. Stephen Walt Responds: Fired Harvard Dean Critical of Israel Lobby
  4123. Re: Judge Orders Southern Poverty Law Center Investigated For Complicity In Oklahoma City Bombin
  4124. Did Oprah Pick Another Fibber?
  4125. John Dean backs bid to censure Bush
  4126. Phone trail backs CIA kidnap case: Italian source
  4127. CIA Leak Figure Armitage Joins ConocoPhillips Board
  4128. Seven years after US-led war on Yugoslavia Deadlocks continue at Kosovo final status talks Part Two
  4129. Despite peace talks, Sri Lanka drifts towards civil war
  4130. Bush administration presses for speedy adoption of Indo-US nuclear accord
  4131. US auto supplier Delphi moves to cancel union contracts
  4132. After new details on FBI cover-up before 9/11 Zaccarias Moussaoui case goes to the jury
  4133. British companies draw huge profits from occupied Iraq
  4134. US Supreme Court hearing on Guant&#-11;&#-11;namo tribunals bares attacks on basic rights
  4135. US media reacts to French protests with hatred and fear (of dissent)
  4136. France: LCR's Besancenot provides left cover for labour bureaucrats' treachery(The evil of government)
  4137. France: President Chirac enacts "First Job Contract" legislation (Defining Treason)
  4138. Iraq is Not in Civil War (Yet); It's Under Occupation
  4139. An Appeal to International Lawyers: Hold Bush Accountable for Flauting International Law
  4140. Israeli Elections Big Winner: Avigdor Lieberman
  4141. Better Off Under Saddam: an Inventory - Gary Leupp
  4142. Pentagon Thievery
  4143. When the Violent Enforce the Peace: America's Brutal Tactics in Iraq
  4144. Austin Students Walkout: "We're a Group This Country Needs"
  4145. Where India's Brave New World is Headed (The conomic gap is already great enough: legacy of the Raj)
  4146. Sen. Orrin Hatch: Defender of Presidential Lawlessness (Treason)
  4147. Exxon/Mobil: the Corporate Superpower of Superpowers
  4148. Truth and Fiction in Elie Wiesel's "Night"
  4149. New Orleans Recovery Could Take 25 Years (We may not *have 25 years)
  4150. Chirac Set to Approve Youth Jobs Plan, Defying Protests (Treasonous government)
  4151. Students Defy Lockdown, Walk Out for Immigrant Rights
  4152. Mosul Slips Out of Control as the Bombers Move In (It's always been genocide)
  4153. States Pressured to Certify Voting Machines
  4154. Series of Strong Quakes Hits Iran
  4155. Cesar Chavez's Granddaughter to Run for Public Office
  4156. "I've Lost Everything and Have Nowhere to Go" (I know the feeling well)
  4157. GOP Is Taking Aim at Advocacy Groups
  4158. Schools Powerless vs. Protest Momentum
  4159. US Cuts All Contact With Hamas-Led Government
  4160. Delphi Asks Bankruptcy Court to Void Union Deals
  4161. Plea in DeLay Case Snares Close Confidant
  4162. Purge at White House Likely (and completely meaningless)
  4163. Unexpected warming in Antarctica (The models shit, always have, and these people have no idea what they're talking about)
  4164. Rice Defends US Actions in Iraq (The Babbling Bitch)
  4165. Patient: Prayer is aid to recovery (prayer is hardly the poit, idiot)
  4166. TV gamble to head off further riots blows up in Chirac's face (as well it should)
  4167. No impunity message to war crime suspects (Even to USUKIL governments?)
  4168. Harper concerned with US passport-type policy (and should be concerned)
  4169. CBC News: Hours of chilling Sept. 11 emergency calls released (or fabricated after the fact)
  4170. Nixon looms over hearing on censure
  4171. US Senate panel set to consider bid to censure Bush (A trivial matter_)
  4172. Immigration Bill Protests Hit NY
  4173. Dow Drops 41.38,
  4174. Big-cap value could carry Dow near record (PPT at work)
  4175. Oil Heads Back Toward $70 a Barrel
  4176. Mumps Strikes 245, Puzzling Iowa Officials
  4177. GAO Investigator: Scientific Fraud Among Builders of $26 Bln Antimissile System (What government science means)
  4178. Hole discovered drilled into pipe at Miami-Dade nuclear reactor (Jeb?)
  4179. Ex-Hostage Is Free to Speak Her Mind Now (or the mind of her criminal government)
  4180. De Villepin Admits Errors in Handling Law
  4181. Chirac offer fails to douse protests (Took him entirely too long)
  4182. Thais vote, but crisis likely to drag on
  4183. NYC emergency call tapes reveal 9/11 chaos (Why should governmental anything now be believed?)
  4184. Watergate Remembered (You bet! - and JFK)
  4185. Wall Street flat as oil falls
  4186. Is it the prayer that's flawed, or is it the study? (ROTFL)
  4187. Guest columnist: Are Israeli actions best for rest of the world? (ROTFL)
  4188. Keeping It Quiet: The Israel Lobby's Crushing of Dissent
  4189. Iranian militiamen were brought in by Britain
  4190. America's war on the web (Imagine governments that beither lie, murder nor thieve)
  4191. Elie Wiesel [pathological liar] and the Catholics (READ)
  4192. UK discussing Iran strike
  4193. Curious George's abrupt schedule change.
  4194. ABC Suspends Producer Over Bush-Bashing E-Mail
  4195. Thomas Paine's Corner: Haven't They Defecated on our Constitution Long Enough?
  4196. Republican congressman brags of calling Cindy Sheehan 'nutcase,' then yanks blog post
  4197. Wiseguy defendant doubled as FBI snitch (See also Jack Abramoff and Mohammed Atta)
  4198. Internet Injects Sweeping Change Into U.S. Politics (Babies shouldn't play with matches)
  4199. Iran Calls Second Missile Test a Success
  4200. Government in secret talks about strike against Iran
  4201. Attacking Iranian Nuclear Sites May Trigger Terrorism In Response (Really?!)
  4202. In Remote Pakistan Province, a Civil War Festers
  4203. The Worst Case Scenario Exists in Iraq! It is Both an Insurgency and a Civil War Too! (READ)
  4204. Agent Orange: the legacy of a weapon of mass destruction
  4205. Attacking Iran May Trigger Terrorism (Think of USUKIL glee)
  4206. Accountability Office Finds Itself Accused (Discover the fraud of "government science")
  4207. US deserter 'shocked by abuses'
  4208. Editor hits back over Israel row (READ)
  4209. Lookin for the 911 Truth (Some still want to hide under their beds)
  4210. Rice Says She Looks Forward To Closing Of Guantanamo Bay Prison (For such egregious lies, tongues used to be cut out)
  4211. Bring it On! &#-11;&#-11; Blog Archive &#-11;&#-11; We Were Soldiers
  4212. The Prostitution of John McCain (Let me count the ways: it's much more that this)
  4213. Most favored nation - The Boston Globe (READ)
  4214. Sleuths look for the tiniest smoking gun that could lead to war on Iran
  4215. War Against Iran, April 2006 Biological Threat and Executive Order 13292
  4216. Halliburton's War
  4217. Rice, Straw in Iraq to break deadlock (sociopaths both)
  4218. U.S. Military: There are no plans to leave Iraq. By Dahr Jamail (There never were)
  4219. The Ground Zero Grassy Knoll - A New Generation of Conspiracy Theorists are at Work on the Secret History of 9/11 -- New York Magazine
  4220. The Ground Zero Grassy Knoll - A New Generation of Conspiracy Theorists are at Work on the Secret History of 9/11 -- New York Magazine(READ)
  4221. Flight 93 was shot down (Part 1) (Obvious, almost from day 1)
  4222. A dangerous lust for power (and the death of the UK, Blairpig, thug in charge)
  4223. Harris Campaign Leaking Staff (some news is actually good)
  4224. Chirac Signs Contested Jobs Measure (and signs France's death warrant)
  4225. U.S.: Helicopter Likely Shot Down in Iraq
  4226. Hecklers greet Rice, Straw on hometown visit (Two treasonors)
  4227. Rice's UK trip a 'PR nightmare' (Some news really is good)
  4228. Iraq terror backlash in UK 'for years' (You don't know the half of it)
  4229. Iraq: More than 40,000 displaced, ministry estimates
  4230. Explosions, grisly finds in Baghdad (Just another day like any other)
  4231. Documents - declassified cables and files from MI5
  4232. MI5 and Pentagon Documents on Two Detainees (The sickness of government)
  4233. Bush Authorizes Use of Quarantine Powers in Cases of Bird Flu (Quarantine the birds?!)
  4234. Gene From 1918 Virus Proves Key to Virulent Influenza (Now your g'ments will use that key to kill you all)
  4235. U.S. to create a bird flu virus mutation (The manufactured pandemic)
  4236. Secret UK report: Human bird flu victims face end in 'plague pits' (torture and death by your own g'ments - it's been the plan all along)
  4237. Despite peace talks, Sri Lanka drifts towards civil war
  4238. Bush administration presses for speedy adoption of Indo-US nuclear accord (Before India gets a better offer)
  4239. US auto supplier Delphi moves to cancel union contracts
  4240. After new details on FBI cover-up before 9/11 Zaccarias Moussaoui case goes to the jury(Will jury happen all to fall down the stairs?)
  4241. British companies draw huge profits from occupied Iraq (It's called THEFT, no profits)
  4242. US Supreme Court hearing on Guant&#-11;&#-11;namo tribunals bares attacks on basic rights
  4243. US media reacts to French protests with hatred and fear (Guillotines, anyone?)
  4244. France: LCR's Besancenot provides left cover for labour bureaucrats' treachery
  4245. France: President Chirac enacts "First Job Contract" legislation (and invites a hot poker up his ass)
  4246. Thai PM Expected to Emerge Victorious (mistake)
  4247. 'Mass burials' plan for bird flu (Cover for gov. relase of 1918: you will be thrown in pits, cover with lime and buried alive of gov. bulldozers; it been done by US before)
  4248. Rice, Straw in surprise Iraq visit (Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition - except the current Pope)
  4249. Justice catching up with war criminals (What a fucking joke - Where's Kissinger, for starters?)
  4250. Marking the loss of a pope (Next!)
  4251. Acting FEMA chief likely to get formal post (More utter joy)
  4252. In Enron trial, a novel - even brash - defense (LMAO)
  4253. National Guard mobilized to fight Red River (But they are mostly - um - elsewhere getting killed)
  4254. Skilling to take stand in Enron case (Liar, liar, pants are on fire!)
  4255. Soyuz Rocket Docks With Space Station (something that actually works!)
  4256. New NASA policy backs free discussion by scientists (How charming)
  4257. Bird flu victims to be buried in plague pits (When evil governments expose themselves)
  4258. Study: Prayer didn't help sick (Only a moron could "think" it would)
  4259. Australia, China to Sign Agreement Today Allowing Uranium Trade (and Iran ...)
  4260. Secret UK report: Human bird flu victims face end in 'plague pits' (First, the alleged "pandemic" must be governmentally manufactured)
  4261. China fires nuclear reaction | Business | Breaking News 24/7 - NEWS.com.au (03-04-2006)
  4262. Strong boycott in Thai polls dents PM's likely win (Diebold again?)
  4263. Update 8: Rice in Iraq to Press Squabbling Leaders (into something no their best interest)
  4264. Graham Says Republicans Risk `Political Suicide' on Immigration (With luck, Repugs and Democlicans with all both commit suicide, and kill all their spawn as well)
  4265. Senate may OK money for Katrina cottages (How perfectly mushy of them)
  4266. Brazil, US and EU discuss WTO impasse (The world needs more impasses)
  4267. Bird flu plan for 'mass graves' (That means all of you assholes: buried alive by drooling ruling reptos)
  4268. Iran Says It Has Test-Fired Speedy Underwater Missile (Don't bring your aircraft carriers too close)
  4269. Nation is convulsed with grief over baby killed by kidnappers(Emotional, gaddamn manipulation by people who desperately need to die - quickly)
  4270. Head of Sorbonne attacks 'ignorant' student protesters (So much for the Sorbonne and any credibility it ever had)
  4271. Kidnap killers should die, say angry Italians (but not Berlusconi?!)
  4272. Killing of abducted toddler roils Italy (Grow up!)
  4273. Ruling party sidelines French PM as jobs row hardens (What did the idiot expect?)
  4274. "Coingate" reaches White House
  4275. Christian right start to lose faith in GOP
  4276. Disinfo Pro - Death Of A Once-Great Blogger (R.I.P. Doug Thompson)
  4277. M. Kane Jeeves &#-11;&#-11; Fried Rice to go (up or down, but in flames)
  4278. The Musings of A Simple Country Man (Let the Revolution Begin)
  4279. Job Insecurity Takes Major Toll on Worker Health
  4280. Supreme Court Avoids Combatant Challenge
  4281. Doug Thompson: 9/11 - Incompetence Not Conspiracy (Made an offer he could not refuse)
  4282. Why pay taxes? (Interesting argument)
  4283. Alabama Fires Had Appearances Of Military Strike
  4284. 109 Years in Prison Sought for Peaceful Speech in America: The Dr. Elsebeth Baumgartner Case(READ!)
  4285. TvNewsLIES.org &#-11;&#-11; Blog Archive &#-11;&#-11; 60 Minutes Reinforces the 9/11 Conspiracy Theory!
  4286. Capitol Hill Blue Served National Security Letter | Political Physics: Future of the Whirled
  4287. Russians Sense the Heat of Cold War
  4288. Hot money leaving a cold climate could signal the big freeze (Iceland)
  4289. Israel and Moral Blackmail - by Justin Raimondo
  4290. Noam Chomsky and the Pro-Israel Lobby: Fourteen Erroneous Theses
  4291. Paid $200M, U.S. Contractor Fails To Complete 122 Of 142 Health Clinics In Iraq
  4292. Criticism of U.S ties to Israel draws fire
  4293. America's Israeli Lobby can't handle The Truth :: How Israel's Lobby won & intimidated the West for Israel
  4294. Iran, Syria call for withdrawal of occupiers from Iraq
  4295. New Christian pro-Israel lobby aims to be stronger than AIPAC (How about a pro-US lobby?)
  4296. Personally procured Body Armour nixed
  4297. Lights Back on at U.S. Capitol (What a pity)
  4298. Military Cargo Plan Crashes in Delaware (Competence)
  4299. 5 Marines die, 3 missing in Iraq accident (More competence)
  4300. Official: Iraq war led to July bombings (Official lies)
  4301. 76% want Govt to inspect CIA flights at Shannon (Only 76%?!)
  4302. Supreme Court won't review Bush's terrorism powers (i.e., powers to terrorize)
  4303. Court backs Bush over US terror suspects (US Supremely Corrupt Court is in Session)
  4304. Jury Finds Moussaoui Eligible for Execution (Sickest Nation)
  4305. Forbes's billionaires list and the growth of inequality in Russia
  4306. US secretary of state meets angry Iraq war protests in England
  4307. France: Crisis deepens over government's "First Job Contract" legislation(What *were* they thinking?!)
  4308. A Terrible Weapon in the Hands of the Rich (READ)
  4309. "As Israelis, We Also Fight for Palestinians:" an Interview with Jeff Halper
  4310. The Israeli Elections: a Decisive Vote for Apartheid
  4311. The CIA: Cowboys, Indians and Whistleblowers, an Interview with David MacMichael (READ)
  4312. The Ghost in the Baghdad Museum
  4313. Growth in Federal Spending Unchecked
  4314. US Bases in Iraq: A Costly Legacy
  4315. Fitzgerald Knew Identity of Leaker From Start
  4316. US and UK Forces Establish "Enduring Bases" in Iraq (Of course)
  4317. Auditors: Halliburton Intentionally Overcharged Contracts
  4318. Government in Secret Talks About Strike Against Iran
  4319. Advisory Post Gave Noe Voice in US Mint Policy
  4320. Celebrex cuts pre-cancerous colon growths in study (Nonsense)
  4321. Analysis: Moussaoui case full of twists (such a crock of kaka)
  4322. `Political vacuum' strains patience (The hubris of two lying morons)
  4323. The Condi Rice and Jack Straw road show (exactly, with BS on top)
  4324. Blair launches new FBI (Is what the M'fu'r is up to clear?)
  4325. What the 'Dirty Bomber' ruling means for you
  4326. Tissue-Engineered Bladder Transplants a Success (Anybody see "Coma"?)
  4327. Israeli Election Reveals Settlement Movement as a Dream Deserted
  4328. Former Head Of Star Wars Program Says Cheney Main 9/11 Suspect (READ, and READ again)
  4329. Home / Headlines / Israeli Wall in the West Bank: Post-Occupation Strategy to Deny Sovereignty to the Palestinian Stat
  4330. An Arab American Gets "Dubai'd"
  4331. UN aid workers: Gaza on verge of disaster (60 years of Israeli genocide of Palestinians)
  4332. No yellow ribbons from this ex-marine (READ)
  4333. Lobbyist Jack Abramoffs Charity a Front for Terrorism
  4334. Tom Delay to drop from congressional race (as he is not of human race)
  4335. Bush Administration Media Collusion Memos Surface ( and it's Fox Fucking Nonnews. How much more is necessary?)
  4336. Justices Decline Terrorism Case of a U.S. Citizen (Moral filth defined)
  4337. Blix: Iran Years Away From Nuclear Bomb
  4338. Iraq's interior ministry refusing to deploy US-trained police
  4339. Boy's medicine held up by Homeland Security (What's a government for, but exactly this?)
  4340. Gore gets 'Green' and mean with W (Oh, get a grip Algore!)
  4341. Ohio: Poised For A Left Turn? (Must be time for Bushco to another 9/11)
  4342. Tensions between Australia and Indonesia over asylum for Papuan activists
  4343. A closer Russia-China "strategic partnership" cemented with oil and gas
  4344. World Trade Center tapes expose chaos of September 11 response
  4345. US-British diktat makes mockery of "democracy" in Iraq (USUK is a mockery of everything human)
  4346. France: University and high school students demand general strike
  4347. Iraq's leaders told to sort out government (Oh? Really? By what creatures?)
  4348. California Bill Seeks to Limit Global-Warming Gases (Morons are morons)
  4349. Making Howard and SBY the laughing stock (They are both pathetic excusesfor anything)
  4350. Hit organised crime hard (Then Blair must be killed; that's simple enough even for his alleged mind)
  4351. Canadian Detainee Says U.S. Jail Harsh (It's the "American Way")
  4352. All Guantanamo prisoners to be named (or not)
  4353. U.S. Military Tribunals to Resume This Week at Guantanamo (Sham, scam and terror)
  4354. International laws hinder UK troops (Can it get sicker? Wait!)
  4355. Tom Delay Resigns...
  4356. Anti-Israel bias at colleges scrutinized (A "bias" against genocidalists?)
  4357. Did Dead-eye Dick do it? (9/11, that is)
  4358. How Massacres Become the Norm
  4359. Security Council Defies Bolton (How to defy a mental twitmidget?)
  4360. Israel Fires Missiles into Abbas' Compound (Time to wipe it off the map yet?)
  4361. Film-maker's death 'was murder' (by Israeli soldier)
  4362. Harvard Takes On the Israel Lobby
  4363. The dangers of unintended consequences
  4364. Are US campuses in the grip of a witch-hunt of progressives? (Yes)
  4365. Senior China official urges cut in US debt holding (It has already begun)
  4366. Aid organizations in Gaza paralyzed fearing ties with Hamas-led government
  4367. Is US Planning More Attacks on Shi'ite Militias? (Yes)
  4368. BBC NEWS | UK | Reid urges rules of war 'rethink' (Speaking of mental twitmidgets)
  4369. Sailors learn Army basics to prep for downrange deployment
  4370. Is it still worth it?
  4371. Massachusetts to require health insurance for everyone
  4372. Bush Admin. Wants to Bury More Nuclear Waste
  4373. 2 Air Marshals Plead Guilty to Smuggling Cocaine
  4374. Coast Guard, FBI Tension Threatens Sea-Based Response (?!)
  4375. Giuliani: Another terror attack in U.S. likely (Is he in on the planning again?)
  4376. Did Saddam Hussein Gas His Own People? (READ)
  4377. Hussein to Be Prosecuted for Genocide (When d entire USUKIL govs get tried?)
  4379. The Israel Lobby and Beyond
  4380. Is Another World Possible?: Report from Karachi
  4381. The Christocrat: Condi Does Britain
  4382. When War Crimes Are Unspeakable: Bush, Always the Accuser, Never the Accused
  4383. Belligerent to the Bitter End - Paul Craig Roberts (But, where is the rest of the story?)
  4384. Provocative Humanitarianism?: Bashing Hugo Chavez at the NYT (READ - Bravo!)
  4385. How the Hammer Got Nailed: Taking Down Tom DeLay
  4386. Rumsfeld Should Quit Over Iraq (dying would be better)
  4387. Congressman Apologizes to Cindy Sheehan After Attacks (How much heat didhe get to force even this?)
  4388. Abramoff Offered to Aid Sudan, Envoy Says
  4389. Enron's Kazillion Dollar Bash
  4390. Trailer Trouble Chills New Orleans-FEMA Relations (Nazi Nation)
  4391. British Secretary Wants Geneva Review (Attila the Hun reincarnated?)
  4392. West Accused of Fiddling Figures on Iraq Aid (Criminals do as they do)
  4393. DeLay's Fall Won't End Corruption Issue (The US supply seems unending)
  4394. Schools Adopting Security Lockdown Drills (Sickest Nation that ever existed)
  4395. Berlusconi recalls mystery seance to spook Prod (Bizarro Berlusconi)
  4396. Scientists study 'moon catapult' (Um - "scientists", or "government scientists"?)
  4397. French workers stage fresh strikes (Good for them)
  4398. Sinn Fein Official-Turned Spy Shot Dead
  4399. Prodi Tests Italy's Readiness for Calm After Berlusconi Turmoil
  4400. Berlusconi seeks votes in sex lines and swear words (cute, but moron)
  4401. Israel hits Gaza security compound
  4402. Amnesty report claims CIA used private flights to hide terror rendition
  4403. Rebuilding needs, here and there (US Criminal corpagov destroys everything, everyplace)
  4404. Illegal Immigration & Wage Suppression
  4405. Homeland Security Deputy Press Secretary Arrested (US Criminal Corpagov)
  4406. California Governor, Legislature Take Aim at Climate Change (LMAO - morons)
  4407. Moussaoui moves step closer to death (perfectly sick setup)
  4408. French Premier Refuses to Bow to Protests by Angry Youths (it will be his death)
  4409. Thousands march despite Chirac retreat
  4410. Protesters keep up pressure in French jobs row
  4411. Republican Senators work on a compromise immigration proposal (They are all criminals)
  4412. Tycoon found murdered on eve of fraud charges hearing (Kissel)
  4413. Embattled Thai PM resigns 'for sake of unity'
  4414. France's political crisis grows as 3 million take to streets
  4415. Police: Greenwich murder was not random (Kissel)
  4416. Fewer calories may mean longer life, study shows (So, don't complain while criminal corpagov is starving you to death)
  4417. GAO Reports Confusion Over Bush AIDS Plan (What "bushthing" isn't at least confused?)
  4418. Wisconsin towns hold referendum on Iraq War
  4419. Wisconsin residents vote on whether to keep troops in Iraq
  4420. Hussein Charged With Genocide in 50,000 Deaths (And Bush? Blair?)
  4421. Saddam genocide charge hard to prove (But not for Bush, Blair and Sharon)
  4422. The Superstring Mystery
  4423. Cats Seen at Risk in Bird Flu Zones (Get a life!)
  4424. NYT Drops All Pretenses, Openly Scorns Working Americans
  4425. Mass. residents face required coverage (All insurers are racketeering ops - just like the criminal corpagov)
  4426. U.S. military: Video of copter crash site 'despicable' (But US genocide is OK)
  4427. Two B-2s could take out Irans nuclear assets (lunatic idea)
  4428. Scott McClellan Next On the Chopping Block (That should be fun)
  4429. Calm Is Urged in Iran Debate
  4430. Democracy In Iraq Not A Priority in U.S. Budget (but genocide is)
  4431. THE DANCING ISRAELIS (Stranger than Fiction Part I)
  4432. Who was really flying those planes on Sep 11? (Stranger than Fiction Part II)
  4433. Who provided protective coverage for 9/11 operation? (Stranger than Fiction Part III)
  4434. Tropical Travesty (US dying and collapsing)
  4435. Bush Slashes Richest Americans' Taxes, Make $26M, Pay Same Rate As Those Making $200,00
  4436. DeLay's Legacy... Abuse Of Power, Strong Arm Tactics, Broken House Rules, Pay-To-Play Politic
  4437. Ukraine May Have Sold 250 Nuclear Warheads To Iran (So maybe one shouldn't fuck with them?)
  4438. DeLay Implicated In FL Gangland Casino Boat Owner Hit
  4439. Former Ambassador Says Vince Foster Was Murdered
  4440. Good News! The Rich Get Richer
  4441. VOA News - Rice Defends US Broadcast Plans for Iran (Insanity and stupidity in one economical package)
  4442. Why US Can't Buy Dissent in Iran
  4443. Bush and neocons beating war drums for attack on Iran
  4444. Hoyer Addresses AIPAC Political Leadership Conference (Some people are living jokes)
  4445. Iraq shelves political talks despite US pressure
  4446. Revealed: the plight of prisoners caught up in US rendition
  4447. Somalia may be proxy US-Islam battleground
  4448. AN INSIDE JOB?
  4449. AFGHANISTAN: Mines kill and maim up to 100 each month
  4450. The Raw Story | Exclusive: Judge finally calls end to inquiry into Clinton Administration official Cisneros
  4451. Column five: WMD in Iraq? Take a look for yourself (A maze of bogus documents)
  4452. 'Iraq was awash in cash. We played football with bricks of $100 bills'
  4453. Jonathan Steele: Iraqis face a more brutal life with each passing month (Genocide is the goal)
  4454. 9/11: a 7-Man Job (READ)
  4455. John Stewart: "Are You Going Into Crazy [Conservative] Base World?"
  4456. US defends its record on the promotion of democracy (Try reading withoutbursting out laughing)
  4457. THE ARCHITECTS OF WAR: WHERE ARE THEY NOW? (Safe & sound: the results are exactly as desired)
  4458. In a Year of Catastrophic Loss, Insurers Saw Record Gains (Racketeers always see gains)
  4459. US regulators shaped nuclear security to industry tastes: report (What would you expect?)
  4460. Silence in class (READ)
  4461. Police, Jobs Law Protesters Clash in Paris
  4462. Venezuela students protest U.S. envoy
  4463. The War Crimes Confession of Condi Rice (The Babbling Butcher Bitch)
  4464. Condi, War Crimes & the Press
  4465. The Lifeline (READ)
  4466. Court Rules Questioned at Guantanamo Hearing (Kangaroo Star Chamber)
  4467. Amnesty demands rendition inquiry (Yeah, right - lots of luck)
  4468. Amnesty accuses US on rendition
  4469. US uses front companies for "rendition": Amnesty (No?! Really?)
  4470. 'Black site' prisons may have been in Eastern Europe
  4471. Yemenis Freed After Transfer From Secret American Prisons, Report Says
  4472. Britain finds H5 bird flu in dead swan (or not)
  4473. Florida AG questions e-voting vendors' decision to shun county (Bizarre)
  4474. US lawmaker alleges police racism (Has just figured this out?!)
  4475. 'Playing The Clash made me a terror suspect' (Insanity index still rising)
  4476. Man held as terrorism suspect over punk song
  4477. Pentagon says improper data in terror database (Speaking of insanity)
  4478. Swiss confirm CIA flights allegations
  4479. Iraq funding bill balloons before Senate panel (and *who* actually gets this money?!)
  4480. US MP arrested for trying to seduce teen
  4481. National tensions at EU summit centre on energy demands
  4482. New phone-tapping powers in Australia
  4483. Democrats duck Senate hearing on Bush censure motion
  4484. Thai prime minister steps down in bid to defuse political crisis
  4485. Supreme Court shirks Padilla appeal against "enemy combatant" detention
  4486. France: As millions protest government attacks, unions signal retreat on "First Job Contract"
  4487. Malevolent Power at Ft. Sill: the Army Slays Its Own (Evil Nation)
  4488. Week of the Walkouts (READ)
  4489. The Politics of Immigration: a Nation of Colonists and Race Laws
  4490. Republican Bliss: the Selfish Road to Happiness
  4491. Why Democrats Are At Least Half of the Problem (Yes)
  4492. Nailing the Lies: Come Clean, Mr. Bush (A world of lies and sickness)
  4493. Workers in the Aftermath of Katrina: Survival of the Fittest
  4494. Senate grills Rice on nuclear deal with India (Why?! What does *she* know?)
  4495. Killing casts cloud over Ulster talks
  4496. The era of IRA appeasement is over (Get the hell out of Eire, occupiers)
  4497. France Becoming a Tale of Divided Society (What nation isn't, now?)
  4498. Defiant Saddam accuses minister of running 'death squads' in Iraq
  4499. Saddam Defends Self, Exasperates Court
  4500. Mean, crooked smile hovers over damaged Congress (Chesire Rat DeLay)
  4501. House tables new Abramoff investigation resolution (Israel Lobby in action)
  4502. DeLay Gone, Liberals Want 'Clean Sweep' of Washington -- 04/05/2006 (Then kill all Repugs and Dingocrats)
  4503. World oil prices rise as stockpiles fall
  4504. Oil rises as inventory falls
  4505. Massachusetts to provide health care for all (Insurer Welfare Law)
  4506. Clinton Praises Romney Health Care Plan (This jerk would)
  4507. Guantanamo judge recesses military tribunal after shouting match
  4508. Palestian Coffers Are Empty (Stolen by the genocidalists)
  4509. PM Says New Hamas Government Is Broke
  4510. House to Vote on Bill Penalizing Sudan (If it weren't so sick, it would be hilarious)
  4511. US opposes British list for Sudan war crime sanctions (Babbling)
  4512. Seven Trends Spell A U.S. Financial Crisis (Key word is "intractable"; it's a disaster, and has been designed for ages)
  4513. Paper blasts Jill-bashing public (US is just an increasingly vicious nation)
  4514. ZARQAWI MOVES INTO PA ARENA (Horse doodoo fabrication)
  4515. Another "Phlog" exposed
  4516. Abu Musab al Zarqawis Gaza cell is gearing up for a major terrorist attack against Palestinian target (Direct from the official Israeli disinformation site)
  4517. 77 TV stations aired 'fake news reports' (You just haven't looked hard enough)
  4518. Bush Personally Authorized Leaking Classified Info To Make Case For Iraq Wa
  4519. Bush Admin. Wants To Turn Out 125 Nukes Per Year
  4520. China yuan hits new post-revaluation highs vs US dollar.com
  4521. Democracy Now! | FBI Whistleblower Colleen Rowley Warns Zacarias Moussaoui Trial May Mark Last Time Bush Administration Use Courts to Try Terror Suspects
  4522. If one side in a conflict goes nuclear, the other is bound to follow suit
  4523. Words for right-wing pundits to choke on
  4524. Iranian democrats tell US where to stick its $85m
  4525. 'The war is illegal. I can't pay for a government killing machine'
  4526. Gold Tops $600 as Investors Bet Metals Will Beat Stocks, Bonds
  4527. U.S. Officials Are Mulling Iran Strikes, Experts Say (We've known for a year; experts are unnecessary)
  4528. SignOnSanDiego.com > News > Nation -- Bush authorized leak of intelligence data on Iraq, says new court filing in CIA leak case
  4529. U.S. Rolls Out Nuclear Plan (Psychopathic gummint)
  4530. U.S. Has Royalty Plan to Give Windfall to Oil Companies (Oh Super!)
  4531. Bush Event Goes Off Script
  4532. Iraq war could cost US over $2 trillion, says Nobel prize-winning economist (Stiglitz)
  4533. Saddam links court to 'torturing' ministry
  4534. Libby: Bush Authorized Plamegate Leak
  4535. Air France to fly worlds first aircraft with inflight mobile phone system(READ and remember 9/11 "phone calls")
  4536. Virtual Pandemic: 90 Days to Infect Entire U.S. (More pseudoscientificBS)
  4537. He hates leaks, but Bush authorized one
  4538. Seacoast Online: Congressional candidate missing: Rye man hasnt been seen since Wednesday traffic accident(Hmmmm)
  4539. Most Americans Say Government Doing Too Little for Environment (Is this a most important question to ask?!)
  4540. Senator Accuses SBA of Illegal Lobbying
  4541. Senator questions FBI on ChoicePoint contract
  4542. Ohio election workers accused of fudging '04 recount
  4543. Simulation tests readiness for bird flu (Planting the 1918 is then close?)
  4544. Helen and Sylvia, the new face of terrorism
  4545. DoD Official: Rudimentary Missile Defense System in Place (i.e., it doesn't work)
  4546. Cheap, pure heroin set to flood Britain, say police ("freetrade"?)
  4547. The tethered goat strategy (The goal being calculated genocide)
  4548. Argentina and Uruguay shun US military academy ("School of the Americas")
  4549. Death Toll in Today's Attacks Rises to 18 in Iraq
  4550. Bush Authorized Leak to Times, Libby Told Grand Jury
  4551. Bush 'ordered leak', ex-aide says
  4552. House Judiciary Committee Hearing on the Department of Justice
  4553. Gonzales Draws Criticism From Panel Chief
  4554. Gonzales: Bush Could Order Domestic Wiretaps
  4555. Australian state government launches new wave of school closures
  4556. Europe's energy crisis sharpens antagonisms with Russia
  4557. Behind the collapse of Ukraine's "Orange Revolution"
  4558. Air Force colonel publicly rebukes US Supreme Court justice (READ)
  4559. The Assault on Cynthia McKinney
  4560. Untangling the Issues in the Immigration Debates
  4561. A Marriage of Convenience in Ukraine
  4562. The Strange Case of the American Worker (READ)
  4563. Time to Get on Message with the Sissy French (READ)
  4564. Mexico's Most Toxic Presidential Election Ever (It could take a turn in the right direction)
  4565. Alarm at UK Call on International Law (As well there should be)
  4566. Democracy in Iraq Not a Priority in US Budget (No, but genocide is)
  4567. Activists and Police Clash Over Housing in NOLA (Totalitarian state with privatized army)
  4568. GOP Approves Campaign Legislation That Hurts Democrats (This is surprising?!)
  4569. Pentagon Admits to More Spying on Peace Activists (Only because caught again)
  4570. Propaganda Video Reports Shown as News (LOL What else is new?)
  4571. Allie Deger | FEMA Reneges on Volunteer Housing (US gymmint is a rackeetering operation)
  4572. UN's Annan: World Can Clear Landmines in Matter of "Years" (and about the tons of DU?)
  4573. GOP Unveils Revised Immigration Legislation (Evil, by definition)
  4574. Iraqi Says Visit by Two Diplomats Backfired (Babbling Bitch & The Moron)
  4575. Bush at Center of Intelligence Leak (Oh, such a surprise)
  4576. GITMO Detainee Says He Was Tortured by Moroccans
  4577. Evidence Suggests White House Conspiracy (It's been suggesting for decades!)
  4578. Iran: The Next Neocon Target (Known by anyown with a brain for well over a year)
  4579. New Fed Aspartame 'Study' Is Cockamamie Claptrap
  4581. Iraq War Conceived in Israel author on Currentisssues.tv
  4582. Several House Republicans call for debate on Iraq war, breaking with GOP
  4583. Lawyer bodily removed from Zundel trial (Must have been getting to close to truth)
  4584. Judge in Israel Lobbyists' Trial Told Evidence 'Overwhelming'
  4585. Bush: "If There Is A Leak Out Of My Administration, I Want To Know Who It Is. And If The Person Has Violated Law, The Person Will Be Taken Care Of"... [Chicago, Illinois, 9/30/03] | The Huffington Post
  4586. Website of missing Congressional Candidate
  4587. Criticism of eight-day delay in identifying deadly virus (It has to be better fabricated)
  4588. Moussaoui jury hears of 9/11 horror (Emotional manipulation)
  4589. Moussaoui mocks horrified Giuliani (Considering that G. was in on it, ...)
  4590. Anti-royal strike grips Nepal
  4591. Nepal Arrests 400 Opposition Activists as General Strike Begins
  4592. F16 warplanes strike on Abbas helicopter landing pad
  4593. EU rejects plan to suspend Palestinian aid
  4594. Israelis arrest Hamas minister
  4595. Israel stages two air strikes in Gaza - witnesses (It's they do)
  4596. Cops moonlighted as hitmen (What US gummint has become)
  4597. Currencies: Hint on borrowing costs lends euro momentum
  4598. Ex-Merck CEO says company didn't withhold data (Give me a break)
  4599. Mass. Health Care Plan Riles Some Liberals (Possibly because it's a scam?)
  4600. US skips candidacy for a UN rights seat (Did anyone ask for or want US presence?)
  4601. Ulster parties handed timetable for restoration of power sharing (Genocidal UK has no business in Eire)
  4602. More than 70 killed in Baghdad mosque attack
  4603. End nuke program or else, Bonkers Bolton warns (What nuke program?)
  4604. Gary Dodds Found!
  4605. Local Teacher's Run-In With Homeland Security Creates Insecuritie
  4606. Thank you Harry Taylor
  4607. Testimony Adds New Element to Probe of CIA Leak (Torrent of weasel words begins)
  4608. Did Bush misuse presidential powers? (Of course)
  4609. The Cat's Out of The Bag (The pResident always lies)
  4611. AT&T Sends ALL Internet Traffic To NSA Says EFF
  4613. Fury at 'antisemitic' Catholic radio station
  4614. Is the US housing bubble close to collapse?
  4615. Six months to housing hell
  4616. Israel gave China anti-missile tech from U.S.
  4617. Scientists Say Planned Blast a Part of Nuclear Testing
  4619. Media And Top Officials Still Covering-Up Vince Foster 1993 Murder
  4620. Gore urges moral crusade against global warming (He needs to get a brain)
  4621. Former Maryland NSA Employee Sentenced for Wrongfully Possessing Classified Information
  4622. Los Angeles County database rejected 43% of those who registered to vote
  4623. Australian man jailed on evidence derived from torture
  4624. Three years after looting of Iraqi National Museum: an official whitewash of US crime (This is but one aspect of planned US genocide of Iraqis)
  4625. Wisconsin towns vote for immediate US military withdrawal from Iraq (Wisconsin, no less!)
  4626. Sri Lanka: As 200,000 workers stop work, unions prepare to retreat on pay demand
  4627. Parliamentary elections in Italy Mudslinging obscures lack of alternative (As in the US)
  4628. France: Protests lodged with Gaullist government over police provocations
  4629. The resignation of Tom DeLay and the crisis of the US two-party system (WHAT two-party system?!)
  4630. The Case Against Israel and Munich: Compare and Contrast
  4631. Iran, the US and the EU (READ - the real context is a bit larger of course)
  4632. What the Pentagon Budget Could Buy for America
  4633. The US Attitude Toward Hamas: Disturbing Parallels with Nicaragua
  4634. Kerry Advocates Iraqization: Too Little, Too Late (Kerry has always been useless)
  4635. The Moussaoui Trial: What Kind of Justice is This? (It's a sick joke)
  4636. "Ideologies of Hatred:" What Did Condi Mean? - Gary Leupp (on the Babbling Butcher Bitch; this thing actually holds a Phd?!)
  4637. The Impeachment Clock Just Clicked Forward (No *near fast enough; we are already beyond the point of no return)
  4638. The Rebuking and Scorning of Cynthia McKinney (Every chance they get)
  4639. The War Gets Grimmer Every Day (It ain't a "war" - and just you wait!)
  4640. The Saga of Magnequench: Outsourcing US Missile Technology to China
  4641. Iraqi Says Visit by Two Diplomats Backfired (With those 2 morons, what to expect?)
  4642. Army Hired Criminals as Security Guards, Report Says (But - the Army *is* criminal - duh)
  4643. Gonzales Accused of "Stonewalling" by House Judiciary Chairman (Is this getting Nixonially tedious?)
  4644. Waxman Has Questions For Bush on CIA Leak Case (Weak sister)
  4645. Peru Looks Set to Elect Region's Next Populist (S. America is on a roll)
  4646. Robert Parry | Did Bush Lie to Fitzgerald? (Bush always lies)
  4647. In Notification of Army Deaths, More Pain (which is exactly the point)
  4648. Iran Ready for High-Level Talks, US Resists (because it wants to invade)
  4649. IMF Warns High Prices Risk Global Crisis (that IMF has deliberately created!)
  4650. Poll: Bush, GOP Hit New Lows in Public Opinion (Too late! The world is irredeemably fucked to death)
  4651. 'Gospel of Judas' to be revealed (LMFAO!)
  4652. Stalemate as US Congress retires for Easter break (Its retiring forever would be an even better idea)
  4653. US redirecting Palestinian aid (How manipulatively sweet)
  4654. No staredown with the scum (So who's the guilty one? Giuliani has always been pure scum)
  4655. Moussaoui jurors to hear cockpit recordings (Aren't there "rules of evidence" anymore?!)
  4656. Abbas Says Hamas Will Likely Soften Stance on Israel (or not, and why should they?)
  4657. US, EU Cut Off Aid to Palestinians (Israel rules all roosts)
  4658. Family Sees Justice in Mafia Cops Case (No justice, merely recognition of criminal gummint)
  4659. American Chronicle: Censure the Race Baiter (READ)
  4660. Dollar Advances Against Euro After US Jobless Rate Declines (also, meatballs bounce & pigs fly)
  4661. Bill Hilf blog attracts anti-Microsoft posters (M$ has always been theft and racketeering inclined - as anyone who knows the history knows)
  4662. Microsoft and open source: no longer incompatible? (BS)
  4663. Norway aims to reduce Microsoft dependence (Bravo!)
  4664. Brown wins battle over Da Vinci Code (How it should be)
  4665. Farmer: government unable to stop disease (and it's a fabricated disease)
  4666. Nearly 32,000 Pounds of Crab Meat Seized (What happens to it?)
  4667. Over-the-counter fat blocker gets tentative OK (NO IT IS NOT!)
  4668. US to use outside experts on heart device safety (government pseudoscience)
  4669. Exodus of medics to West creates shortfall of four million
  4670. Sub-Saharan Africa suffers most from health worker shortages
  4671. Health shortage crisis threatens poor (as designed)
  4672. Libby testimony shows a White House pattern of intelligence leaks
  4673. Bush, Cheney 'directed campaign against Iraq war critics' (This is news?)
  4674. Dating of the Gospel of Judas is religiously crucial (Yeah, right!)
  4675. Lost Gospel shows Judas innocent of treachery (Good, for a nonexistent person)
  4676. 750 pro-democracy protesters arrested in Nepal, government says
  4677. Iran: The Next Neocon Target - by Ron Paul (PAY ATTENTION)
  4678. Mental[lly Superior] Patient Charged With Threatening President [sic] Bush
  4679. Judge blasts government secrecy
  4680. U.N. disappointed U.S. staying away from rights body (UN members are relieved, not disappointed)
  4681. Pentagon still years from having books in order (?! - but genocide goes forward)
  4682. Feds Seek to Seize Gold Caps From Drug Dealers' Teeth (Shades of Nazi mythology)
  4683. Senator sues over former aide's sex blog
  4684. U.S. envoy's car pelted with fruit, eggs
  4685. Co-workers: DHS official had previous pornography incident (Criminals hire criminals)
  4686. Lawyer says Rumsfeld "messed up" Guantanamo trials
  4687. Whistle-Blower Outs NSA Spy Room
  4688. Making sense of CIA leak case
  4689. First, a Leak; Now, a Jam; Timing Is Bad for President (Good for the rest of us)
  4690. Iraq three years on: Don't look away
  4691. Moussaoui Jury Hears of Impact and Grief (Not evidence, but emotional manipulation)
  4692. Day-time curfew imposed in Kathmandu
  4693. Nepal Govt. imposes curfew ahead of protests
  4694. A Culture of Corruption by Bill Moyers
  4695. US and Europe Halt Aid to Palestinian Government (mistake)
  4696. US considers use of nuclear weapons against Iran - Seymour Hersh
  4697. Now US Ambassador Says Civil War Could Spread Beyond Iraq
  4698. Pentagon tells Congress of weapons cost overruns
  4699. US using Shannon in heavy-arms sales
  4700. October Surprise 2006 - Iran (Interesting, but overall unlikely scenario)
  4701. U.S. to look past Security Councity for options on Iran: Bolton (Has it become "irrelevant" again?)
  4702. Does Israel Conduct Covert Action in America? You bet it does.
  4703. Uranium's Effect On DNA Established
  4704. The Bush Administration may be destroying the US dollar. (That *is* the plan, dumdum)
  4705. THE IRAN PLANS (More criminal US action coming up)
  4706. Perverts with Power
  4707. Is The Capitol Building Next, Or Do The Tunnels Go Deeper? (READ)
  4708. US-Iran Talks Over Iraq Put on Hold (What talks?)
  4709. Note to all schools, teachers, principals, and school boards from Key West to Ketchikan
  4710. Foreign Policy: Fool Me Twice
  4711. Six die in new Israeli air strike (third in two days - no one is outraged?!)
  4712. Foreign Policy: Fool Me Twice
  4713. Washington's Invisible Man (Abramoff)
  4714. 3 terror convictions thrown out by court (as all these frame ups are)
  4715. Estimate $3.3 Trillion Missing From U.S. Treasury (Yet *another* 3 Trillion?!)
  4716. Retired US Judge Sentenced for Sex With Boy in Russia
  4717. US considers use of nuclear weapons against Iran (but not sure whether Iran has simply bought a mess of them?)
  4718. Plutonium will be removed from lab
  4719. EPA plan faces outcry from within
  4720. White House mulls changes to plant emission rules
  4721. DeLay can get pension as soon as he resigns
  4722. Leak-hating president as leaker-in-chief?
  4723. Britain: Inquiry into death in custody whitewashes racist police brutality
  4724. Canada: Conservative Throne Speech promotes social reaction and militarism
  4725. Political background to the CPE protests: French workers in revolt: November-December 1995
  4726. Anti-immigrant politics kill "reform" bill in US Senate
  4727. North Carolina man tells Bush certain simple truths
  4728. Bush approved security leak to smear Iraq war critic
  4729. Al-Ahram Weekly | Opinion | In Focus: Democracy revisited
  4730. ABC News: New Twist in CIA Leak Probe
  4731. Libby's attorney: Filing not relevant
  4732. Abbas: 'Convergence' will lead to war
  4733. Berlusconi, Prodi wrap up campaign before Italy's general election
  4734. Berlusconi Ends Campaign With Attacks on Prodi (Update1)
  4735. Israeli air strike kills 6 Palestinians in Gaza Strip
  4736. Niger embassy forged documents used as basis for Iraq war, paper to report (This is BS)
  4737. The Truth Will Set You Free: Jesus Made Me Do It (All reasonably amusing)
  4738. Fake TV News (Is there another kind?!)
  4739. Libby Sings (and the reptos cant)
  4740. Briefing: why Moussaoui confession doesn't add up (It's all a confabulation)
  4741. Of Course There Is an Israel Lobby
  4742. Time cuts 250 jobs in latest staff reduction
  4743. Bush 'is planning nuclear strikes on Iran's secret sites'
  4744. U.S. Is Studying Military Strike Options on Iran (Take US gummint apart at its seams - enough criminal shit)
  4745. A 'Concerted Effort' to Discredit Bush Critic
  4746. Bush 'is planning nuclear strikes on Iran's secret sites'
  4747. KR Washington Bureau | 04/08/2006 | 3 U.S. commanders relieved of duty as Iraqi town mourns its dead
  4748. Israel pressuring U.S. over Iran attack
  4749. U.S. report offers bleak picture of Iraq (Genocide has always been intended)
  4750. Pentagon rules thwart fair trials for Guantanamo detainees: US military lawyer
  4751. Iraqi prisoners vanishing in 'black hole': Blair envoy
  4752. Fresh protests in Nepal despite curfew
  4753. Bush's salon revolutionaries plot an Iran coup (READ)
  4754. Searching for attackers lurking in the night
  4755. Cutting and running in Baghdad (Iraq has been ruined deliberately)
  4756. Mother's plea for justice for her slaughtered son (READ)
  4757. The world's biggest prison system (The US, of course)
  4758. Ben Affleck: Bush Can Be Hung for 'Leaks' in Plamegate (An impolite truth?)
  4759. Vermont Democrats call for Bush impeachment
  4760. No al-Qaeda link found in bombings (London tubes)
  4762. Washington Post Praises Bush Leak, Mangles Facts
  4763. Leak reveals official story of London bombings
  4764. Another White House is buying silence - The Boston Globe
  4765. Democrats call off rally McKinney was to attend (READ)
  4766. First Death from Walkouts (and the school vice president is not in jail?)
  4767. Hersh: Our Military Is "Getting To The Edge" With Bush...
  4768. The Weehawken Five - The Weakest Link Is Now Strongest
  4769. Hypocrisy Running Wild In Israel (READ)
  4770. America's war on the web - [Sunday Herald]
  4771. Women and jobless armed by Chavez to resist 'US invasion'
  4772. Town hall vote disaster looms for Blair
  4773. President Springs Leaks In Support
  4774. Specter: CIA Leak Roles Must Be Explained (They are already explained and understood, thank you)
  4775. Berlusconi battles to stay in power
  4776. Australia PM asked to give statement to wheat inquiry
  4777. Aussie ministers face grilling over Iraq kickback scandal
  4778. Goodbye Bank of New York, Hello Chase!
  4779. Bush warned against attacking Iran
  4780. US Prepares Nuclear Strike on Iran
  4781. Why dropping nukes may not be the best way for President Bush to 'save' Iran - or secure his place in history
  4782. Bush 'planning nuclear strike' against Iran
  4783. Blue Chips Are the Weaklings of Wall Street (An Omen to understand economically)
  4784. US Army Facing Major Officer Shortaget (Mercenaries are needed)
  4785. Why Iraq Was a Mistake (POV: the results are *exactly* what were intended)
  4786. US ready for nuclear strike on Iran: report
  4787. US plans strike to topple Iran regime - report (Perhaps, Iran is prepared)
  4788. US Military Conducting Propaganda Campaign to Play Up Role of Zarqawi Another dead person)
  4789. Fresh trouble looms as Nepal strike extended
  4790. The Leaker in Chief? (Integrity is not his middle name)
  4791. Screaming intruder arrested on White House grounds (The representative of most USians)
  4792. US immigration reform in doubt; thousands march
  4793. EU, Asia Want 'Flexible' China Currency (I want a yacht)
  4794. Europe Finance Ministers Back `Gradual' China Yuan Revaluation (China can do anything it wants, and they know that)
  4795. Human bird-flu risk 'low' (Obvious from the start of this hoax)
  4796. WHO reports severe shortage of health workers in 57 countries (It's governmentally induced idiocy)
  4797. At least 31 killed in Pakistan stampede (Visa to another planet please)
  4798. Howard to Give Statement to AWB Inquiry, May Testify (Update3) (and it will all be lies: integrity equals that of Bush or Blair, etc.)
  4799. Gangster Government -- A Leaky President Runs Afoul of "Little Rico" (They can't have it both ways)
  4800. Jewish Groups Take Pro-Immigrant Stand
  4801. 'The Washington Post': At War With Itself
  4802. 9/11: A Boeing 757 Struck the Pentagon(Argument)
  4803. New Bush leak scandal: Creating a bogeyman in Iraq (READ)
  4804. "E-VOTING 2006: The Approaching Train Wreck"
  4805. Iran shoots down spy plane from Iraq
  4806. Israel not to be in forefront of war with Iran: Olmert (Right! Why should they die when others can be made to die in their interests?)
  4808. All About NSA's and AT&T's Big Brother Machine, the Narus 6400
  4809. Third Retired General Wants Rumsfeld Out
  4810. Another 9/11 to legitimize attack on Iran?
  4811. Smear and Fear - That's how Israel's lobby operates
  4813. For Some CEOs, Pay Soars Past $100 Million Mark
  4814. Countdown to U.S.-Iran War Has Begun: Reports
  4815. Israel to boycott inquest into death of British peace activist shot in Gaza (What exceeds arrogance?)
  4816. TIME.com: "Israel Should Not Be on the Forefront of a War Against Iran
  4817. Israel to boycott diplomats who meet Hamas officials
  4818. Bush 'is planning nuclear strikes on Iran's secret sites'
  4819. Physicist says heat substance felled WTC (As another physicists, I second the motion)
  4820. Working in Mexico
  4821. US Military Conducting Propaganda Campaign to Play Up Role of Zarqawi
  4822. Myanmar fighting over 100 bird flu outbreaks - UN (or not)
  4823. Schools will shut in 100,000 flu death fear (More idiotic by the day)
  4824. Ohio Gov. May Face State Ethics Charges
  4825. New database rejects eligible Calif. voters (That's not a "database", it's a corpagov swindle)
  4826. Christians Sue for Right Not to Tolerate Policies (and will be thrown out of court, and censured for frivolousness)
  4827. Chirac Reversal on Law a [well deserved] Defeat for PM
  4828. Chirac to replace divisive youth jobs law
  4829. Exit polls give Prodi resounding triumph
  4830. 400 terror suspects on loose in UK (BS!)
  4831. U.S. Military Secrets for Sale at Afghan Bazaar (Does it actually matter?!)
  4832. Kerry Presses for Iraq Deadline (Won't stop making a fool of himself?)
  4833. Powell: U.S. mistakes hurting Iraq now (Won't he stop making a fool of himself?)
  4834. Iraqi Resistance Report
  4835. U.S. military studying use of nuclear weapons, admitted Rumsfeld in 2003
  4836. Western concern at China's growing involvement in Africa (West wrote it off after infecting it with AIDS)
  4837. US-China trade tensions escalate (inevitable: US will not be winner)
  4838. Anti-immigrant politics kill "reform" bill in US Senate (US corpagov needs to kill US as nation)
  4839. New charges of genocide against Hussein over Kurdish "Anfal" campaign (and the Bushes walk free - so does Kissinger)
  4840. Washington considering nuclear strikes against Iran (Time for a military coup)
  4841. The Lynching of Cynthia McKinney
  4842. Did Bush Pull a Fast One on Fitzgerald?
  4843. The Italian Elections: "Reality is No Longer Important" (READ: it will sound familiar)
  4844. Big Greens and Beltway Politics: Betting on Losers (READ)
  4845. The Big Wink - Uri Avnery (READ)
  4846. Tinhorn Caesar and the Spineless Democrats (Not spineless, bought!)
  4847. 9/11 Victims' Families to Get Government Files (99% redacted?)
  4848. AT&T Gave Your Data to Feds
  4849. Seymour M. Hersh | The Iran Plans
  4850. Bush Knew Niger Claims Were False When He Leaked Them (Wasn't that obvious?)
  4851. Clashes Erupt at Nepal Protests
  4852. Halliburton-Issued Water Causes Infections (Halliburton *is* an infection)
  4853. Pro-Life Nation Serves as Warning to US (READ)
  4854. Jason Leopold: Bush and Cheney Discussed Plame Prior to Leak
  4855. Christian Coalition Shrinks as Debt Grows
  4856. US Propaganda Campaign Hypes al Qaeda Role in Iraq (Still? Poppycock!)
  4857. McClellan Gets Peppered on Iran, Libby, Et Al.
  4858. Target Iran: US Hints At a New Battlefront (Hysterical BS that also lies and cha nges reality for its own purposes)
  4859. Exit Polls Show Italian Election Is Too Close to Call (Oh?!)
  4860. Does HAVA Solve Voter Purging? (No!)
  4861. White House Tied to Election Violations in New Hampshire (It's a completely criminal corpagov)
  4862. Alarm over shopping radio tags
  4863. Victims of the Justice System - Los Angeles Times
  4864. Esther Pollard: Bush is Willing to Free Pollard This Week (?!)
  4865. Phone-Jamming Records Point to White House
  4866. Paul Wolfowitzs Heart of Darkness
  4867. thirteen families effectively control the central banks (READ)
  4868. The Noble Cause that killed Casey Sheehan
  4869. Riyadh seeks Russian help to prevent US strike on Iran
  4870. Moussaoui judge won't make public Flight 93 cockpit recordings
  4871. Is George W. Bush the worst president in 100 years? (Yes)
  4872. Bush's approval ratings hit all-time low in California
  4873. U.S. Blind to Harbinger of Its Decline (READ)
  4874. Iran attack in the next "2 weeks?" (possibly)
  4875. US chief executives' pay surges 16 per cent to average of $6m
  4876. Brett Kavanaugh, Nominated To The Federal Bench By President Bush, Is Guilty Of Obstruction of Justice and Covering-Up in Vince Foster Murder, says U.S. Attorney
  4877. Blowing Smoke (DU polluting the US as well)
  4878. With One Filing, Prosecutor Puts Bush in Spotlight
  4880. The Impeachment Project
  4881. Israeli military stands by its policy on shelling populated areas
  4882. Iran Reaches Key Step in Nuclear Process (which they are entitled to do)
  4883. Israel rejects Hamas long-term truce: official (it would interfer with the long planned genocide)
  4884. U.S. War on Iran: When, Not If
  4885. Iraq After 3 Years of U.S. 'Democracy' Iraqis are dying by the hundreds every week
  4886. Abaddon :: from www.uruknet.info :: news from occupied Iraq (Institutionalized Insanity)
  4887. Iraq Mess is Literally Making People Sick (and this is before 1918 infection)
  4888. Drug firms 'hype up diseases to boost sales' (I've known and said this for 20 years)
  4889. The Earth is Closing in on Us (How victims of genocide feel)
  4890. Youthful US bankers charged over huge insider trading scandal
  4891. Blackwell says he'll take his cues from God
  4892. Blackwell reports embarrassing buy of Diebold stock (God told him to do it?)
  4893. What happened to more than $800,000 from Governor Owens' Dinner? (Ooops!)
  4894. Prodi Edges Closer to Victory in Italian Elections (Hmmmm)
  4895. Pentagon Strike
  4896. Cheney booed loudly, throws out first pitch
  4897. Pentagon Channel Adds Video Podcasting to Product Line (Deeply fabricated "news")
  4898. Gingrich at USD: Pull out of Iraq (He's still an idiot)
  4899. RAF doctor on trial for refusing to go to Iraq (A world hero)
  4900. Report finds U.S. shooting of Reuters soundman unlawful
  4901. Planning the US 'Long War' on terror (for global control - it's been *long* in the design)
  4902. Air Force Chief Predicts Long Iraq Mission (i.e., continued genocide by bombing)
  4903. Archives OK'd Removing Records, Kept Quiet (More insane every day)
  4904. US-India deal on agricultural research: no benefit for India's rural poor
  4905. Canada: Security certificates overturn long-standing democratic rights
  4906. MI5 colluded with CIA extraordinary renditions from Britain (Surprising?!)
  4907. Daniel Pipes and the unfolding civil war in Iraq
  4908. US: Over a million protest against anti-immigrant legislation
  4909. French government withdraws "First Job Contract," enlists unions in assault on job security (sneaky bastards)
  4910. A Glimpse into the Mindset of Terrorists: Posada Carriles, Orlando Bosch and the Downing if Cubana Flight 455
  4911. O'Reilly and the Law of the Jungle: How to Beat a Bully on His Home Turf
  4912. Nepalis Say, "Ya Basta!"
  4913. Endangered Species in a Can: the Disappearance of Big Fish (The Lying UN may not be lying about this one)
  4914. The Fourth Plague Hits the Pentagon: Generals as Private Contractors (In parallel with how government pseudoscience works)
  4915. Palestinian Health Care Conditions Under Israeli Occupation (i.e., continuing genocide)
  4916. The Gang That Couldn't Leak Straight (But they are pissers)
  4917. Corporate Agriculture's Dirty Little Secret: Immigration and a History of Greed (READ)
  4918. In Attics and Rubble, More Bodies and Questions (Bush's New Orleans)
  4919. Center-Left Claims Italy Victory
  4920. Fed Inspectors: Katrina Contracts Wasteful (but useful to some)
  4921. Left-Wing Candidate Leads Peru Election Race
  4922. E-Mails Show Abramoff's Donation Leverage
  4923. Defense Tech: Drone Swarm for Maximum Harm (Oh rapture!)
  4924. Challenger Prodi wins Italian election; Berlusconi demands recount
  4925. ABC News: Analysis: Iran's Nuclear Leap Forward (READ)
  4926. Top general defends Rumsfeld (How much was he paid?)
  4927. Talk of US military strikes on Iran, "fantasyland" (If Rummy says it, it's a lie)
  4928. White House Says Bush Ordered Declassification (Declassification?!!)
  4929. Oil prices likely to surge to new record highs (Yes, indeed)
  4930. Bausch & Lomb Shares Plunge After Eye Infection Link (Update5)
  4931. Holocaust Denial In Court Agai
  4932. Mr. Bush, We Know What You Did That Summer! September 11th, 2001
  4933. US Election Commissioner (EAC) Martinez Resigns
  4934. Robo-Jet Plan to Strike Iran
  4935. Lacking Biolabs, Trailers Carried Case for War (Remembrance of Lies Past)
  4936. Zarqawi-gate: More important than you think (Zarqawi is a fiction of course)
  4937. The Raw Story | Report: Powell says Bush took 'misleading' [a mutual fabrication] Cheney advice, ignored State Department(Colin lying weasel)
  4938. Cough Up (until taxed to death)
  4939. End of the line for the godfather
  4940. New technology allows advertisers to listen in on conversations (Sicker by the day)
  4941. Beware of the Fox (and of weasels who work with them)
  4942. Fourth Nepali killed by troops as protests flare
  4943. Less international tourists coming to US (They would have to be crazy to come here)
  4944. More Americans Frustrated With Politics (I wonder why?)
  4945. NSA Can 'Vacuum' Emails Across Internet
  4946. 23 Administration Officials Involved In Plame Leak (The same number involved in 9/11?)
  4947. US threatening Russia with economic retaliation: report (almost hilarious)
  4948. White House hotly denies report on Iraq WMD ("hotly" is the clue for lying)
  4949. Another Major Bush Lie Leading to War Revealed (They're unending)
  4950. Israel Making a New Demand for War, on Iran This Time (READ TWICE)
  4951. CHENEY'S SECRET IRAN OPERATING GROUP (Um - Cheney does *not* get "tainted" intelligence)
  4952. Iran Showdown Tests Power of Israel Lobby - by Jim Lobe
  4953. Nuclear Iran is threat to whole world: [Nuclear] Israel
  4954. The war on Iran
  4955. Bush WMD Statements Based On Debunked Evidence (No, deliberately fabricated lies)
  4956. White House Demands Media 'Correct' Itself (LMAO!)
  4957. Iran Could Produce Nuclear Bomb in 16 Days, U.S. Says (Maybe, it has already bought several hundred of them; think about that)
  4958. Russia able to stave off US nuclear threat until 2020
  4959. Hughes for America - Bush, the End Times and you (READ)
  4960. Bush wins 2006 Jefferson Muzzle award
  4961. End of Story: Israel Triumphant (Starts well - ends foolishly: it will not happen this way, and cannot)
  4962. Rove says Iran leader not rational (*Who* is not rational?! Amahdinejad is crazy like a fox, asshole)
  4963. MSM Willfully Ignores Charlie Sheen's Challenge
  4964. Why we believe Zionists are masterminds of September 11 (I'll go for coconspirators)
  4965. Hackers Leave Muslim Threats On Battleship's Web Site ("filled with grammatical errors"? - Bush posing as muslim terrorist)
  4966. US denies Iraqi weapons knowledge (Now, it's "angrily" denied)
  4967. US Election Commissioner (EAC) Martinez Resigns
  4968. U.S. jury hears [al-CIAda fabricated] tape from crashed [shot down] Sept. 11 plane
  4969. CDC Eyes Air Travel in Mumps Epidemic (Terror! Terror! Terror!)
  4970. 'No-fly' list delays Marine's Iraq homecoming (Sick Nation)
  4971. Government's control orders ruled unlawful (UK)
  4972. U.K. Terrorism Law Breaches Human Rights, Court Says
  4973. Feds: Rell Has Control of Base, But Not Planes (Centralization = Death)
  4974. Military recruiters, confronted by crowd, leave campus job fair
  4975. Britain's Court of Appeal backs Hicks in fight for citizenship
  4976. Italian Minister Won't Seek Extradition of C.I.A. Agents
  4977. Pathological lies in the name of national security
  4978. Rice Calls for 'Strong Steps' Against Iran (Reptilian Mother of Lies)
  4979. Now Powell Tells Us (about pResident Puppet)
  4980. Councilman refuses oath over Iraq war
  4981. Bomb kills 26 at Iraq mosque
  4982. Iraq's Interior Ministry admits death squads (US mercenaries)
  4983. Iraq protest officer says US behaved 'like Nazis' (which is what we have)
  4984. German politicians propagate xenophobia in reaction to Berlin school violence (manufactured disintegration leads to enslavement)
  4985. Use of police infiltrators raises fresh questions about "terrorist" raids in Australia(totalitarian state)
  4986. Australia: Employers rush to use draconian new industrial relations laws(totalitarian corpagov state)
  4987. Widespread protests erupt against Nepal's King Gyanendra (The shrub of Nepal)
  4988. France: How Lutte Ouvri&#-11;&#-11;re aids unions' betrayal of struggle vs. Gaullist regime
  4989. France: Protests continue despite government retreat on "First Job Contract" (They know it's a scam and sham)
  4990. Center-left alliance wins Italian election by razor-thin majority (unless Silvio can steal a recount?)
  4991. &#-11;&#-11;&#-11;The system is irretrievably corrupt&#-11;&#-11;&#-11; (READ)
  4992. The Corporate Hijack of India's Water
  4993. How a Wal-Mart Bank will Harm Consumers
  4994. The Imminent Decline of the American Empire?
  4995. Bush's Insane First Strike Policy: If You Don't Want to Get Whacked, You'd Better Get Your Nation a Nuke (several hundred actually) ... Fast
  4996. The Suicide of Anthony Soltero (The sickness of a nation with emphasis)
  4997. Resisting Fences
  4998. Deaths of US Soldiers Climb Again in Iraq (and you expect what, exactly?)
  4999. White House Made False Statements on Iraq WMD (New news that is old news)

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