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List Volume 03

  1. Call to suspend Israel from United Nations
  2. Washington Post calls Bush moves to postpone US elections "appropriate"
  3. Sunshine Project: Welcome
  4. Censored at the Insistence of the United States Marine Corps
  5. Major US Christian Denomination Backs Divestment From Israel
  6. Vandals deface Jewish graves in NZ
  7. The Republic :: Moore's film is not enough
  8. Ridge Says Warning Was Not Political (um - just social engineering)
  9. 6 million may still lose OT pay: study
  10. House Approves 'Bioshield' Defense Bill (The Pharma Honey Pot Bill)
  11. Ashcroft pushing Patriot Act extension
  12. Boston Will Search Subway Riders to 'Secure' Convention (Let me see your papers!!)
  13. Resistance fighters kill Mosul governor
  14. Blair off the hook again but barbs begin to stick
  15. Bush and C.I.A. Won't Release Paper on Prewar Intelligence
  16. WHouse Balks at Releasing Prewar Summary on Iraq WMD
  17. News Corp. to Stop Airing Fox News in Japan, Nikkei Reports
  18. Retail Sales See Biggest Drop in 16 Months
  19. As the list grows, Bush is unmoved -- Jimmy Breslin
  20. 11% of Presidential Voters Have Seen Fahrenheit 9/11
  21. Groups Seek Independent Probe of DeLay
  22. Giuliani-Company: Anthrax Cleanup of AMI-Building
  23. CIA warns of new 9/11 (Are they once again going to help pull it off?)
  24. U.S. military ponder Poland as possible Son of Star Wars missile silo site
  25. Mystery headless corpse found in the Tigris
  26. Thirty years since the Portuguese Revolution Part 1
  27. Guardian Unlimited | The Guardian | MoD gags Gulf war research
  28. Four on Ethics Panel Accepted DeLay Money
  29. Japan Detains Ex-Chess Champ Bobby Fischer (If it weren't so sick, it would be funny)
  30. Senate OKs $12B Tobacco Buyout, Regulation (New FDA powers is the key)
  31. Meek Compares Gov. Bush's Role In 2000 Recount to bin Laden's Hiding
  32. Central Florida Lawmaker Wants U.N. To Monitor Presidential Election
  33. Fla. Rep. calls 2000 election a coup d'etat
  34. U.S. House strikes member's remark that Bush stole 2000 election
  35. Board overturns TAs union membership (legalizing slavery)
  36. US threaten cutting diplomatic ties with Philippines (Loony)
  37. Report Reveals Lies, Not the Liar - by Sanjay Suri
  38. Guardian Unlimited Politics | Comment | It is time for Tony Blair to leave No 10 (long past time)
  39. Pravda.RU H. Arthur Scott Trask: Massive Deception and Lies. The Conspiracies of American Empire
  40. New cases of alleged POW abuse surface
  41. 'Secret film shows Iraq prisoners sodomised'
  42. Hersh: Children sodomized at Abu Ghraib, on tape
  43. U.S. keeps Halliburton data from U.N. auditors
  44. Blair tells aides: find a way I can apologise for dossier
  45. Allawi shot prisoners in cold blood: witnesses
  46. A Notice to All Public Servants (Remember 1913?)
  47. BBC vindicated on charge that government "sexed-up" Iraq dossier (Finally?)
  48. Labour loses safe seat in Iraq war backlash (It's head comes next)
  50. Bush on the Bus- by Justin Raimondo
  51. Israel refuses to say sorry to NZ
  52. NZ suspends ties with Israel
  53. The Damning Evidence
  54. Anger At Petition To Keep Jerusalem Exclusively For Jews
  55. Air Attack on U.S. Planned for October 2004? (Criminal US Regime is desperate)
  56. Eyes Wide Shut
  57. Canada upset over use of passports (in 1997 - a particular pattern of purposeful abuse)
  58. Purported al-Qaida-linked group threatens to 'really burn Italy' (Yawn - yeah suure)
  59. No 10 admits Hutton cover-up
  60. The Truth Seeker - The Mastermind Behind 911?
  61. New GOP gay-ban tactics (majority pejority - pish-posh)
  62. Stewart Gets 5 Months Prison, 5 in Home Confinement (a travesty)
  63. George H. W. Bush sent Lay supportive message -FT
  64. Bush to Serve as President & CEO of Riggs Investment Management Subsidiary
  65. US bank helped dictator hide millions
  66. PNC Financial Services to Purchase Riggs Bank
  67. GE Lobbyists Mold Tax Bill (It's a corpagov - what do you want?)
  68. PG&E Says Has Lost Track of Some Spent Nuclear Fuel (Um - what?)
  69. Write-In Candidate Enters Race for Sheriff (Love this one)
  70. Civil rights panel says disenfranchisement of voters was deliberate (Noooo? Really?)
  71. FAA worker says hijacked jeltiners almost collided before striking TC
  72. 9/11 report to propose big changes, panel members say (BFD)
  73. US developing new bunker-buster bomb
  74. Iraq: Philippines to Withdraw Troops Early
  75. Guardian Unlimited | Guardian daily comment | JK Galbraith: A cloud over civilisation
  76. Iraqi clerics call on US occupation to end
  77. Senior Sunni cleric calls for holy war against US forces in Iraq
  78. Former CIA director used Pentagon ties to introduce Iraqi defector
  79. Americans Target of Largest Media Brainwashing Campaign in History
  80. The Harvard Crimson Online :: Former HBS Prof Blasts Bush
  81. Schiller Institute and FIDELIO Magazine Home Page
  82. Democratic candidate Kerry vows to maintain US troops in Iraq for years (metagov stooge)
  83. German auto workers protest job cuts by DaimlerChrysler (It's the Schremp in action)
  84. Guardian Unlimited | World Latest | 9/11 Panel to Seek Cabinet Intel Post(Ho-hum - yawn)
  85. Cheney Rallies Faithful in Minneapolis (Faith: belief with no or contrary evidence)
  86. American's Decapitation Shown on Internet (*Another* orange jumpsuit?! CIA or MOSSAD?)
  87. Georgia's Swifty Named 'Official Donkey' (I have a few other candidates)
  88. Terrorism and the election: No postponement, just bedlam at the polls and a low turnout on the West Coast is Bush's plan for 'victory'
  89. New evidence on 9/11 suggests Al-Qaeda-Iran links (- um - Syria! - NorthKorea! How'bout China! Azerbaijan?)
  90. Iraq intelligence: New questions? (Hutton didn't ask?)
  91. Mirror.co.uk - ANTI-WAR VOTE
  93. Ex-President Bush sent Lay supportive message (pardontime? Bet on it)
  94. Whoopi slams GOP (Yeah Whoopi! But FUCKING GODDAMN Kerryprick distant? Kucinich instead!)
  95. USA writes off Pak debt (Oooh?!)
  96. Ohio Counties Can't Switch Vote Machines
  97. JOHN HOWARD LIES (a medley of them?)
  98. Russia To Send Troops To Iraq? (Putiputiptiputi come play wif me)
  99. U.N. warned there were no WMD
  100. 8,000 Bragg soldiers receive deployment orders
  101. Denial over spies' false passports (Mossad cops passports to frame others for their own blackops)
  102. U.S. hides videotapes of new abuse cases at Abu Ghraib - S. Hersh (US hides all its myriad criminal acts)
  103. FBI Warns al-Qaida May Recruit Non-Arabs (warns bullshit as usual)
  104. Army Study: Mossad Could Attack US and Blame Arabs (This needs a study?!)
  105. Israeli war planes fly over Lebanon (Pity they wren't shot down)
  106. US is obliged to support its 'old friend' Israel - Bush (Get out the RAID!)
  107. New Poll Finds Most Americans Feel US Should Have Stayed Out of Iraq (*NOW* the morons figure this out?!!)
  108. Inquiry into British WMD intelligence watered down to protect Blair (No shit!)
  109. Butler Report on WMD was watered down to protect Blair
  110. Anybody but Bush or Kerry (In the words of the papal legate at the genocide of Breziers ....)
  111. Telegraph | News | Scientists 'kept body parts of 1953 nerve gas victim'(UK gov experimented with sarin on unwitting citizens)
  112. Regime change in Iran now in Bushs sights (We *knew* this insanity was being engineered)
  113. Fla. Patient Who Got Wrong Blood Type Dies
  114. Most experts who promote cholesterol lowering drugs have made money fromproducers (it's nonscience to begin with)
  115. Group tests Falwell tax exemption
  116. Hourly Pay in U.S. Not Keeping Pace With Price Rises (Not exactly surprising)
  117. Blackwell Halts Deployment of Diebold Voting Machines For 2004
  118. The US election Journalist Christopher Hitchens: from "left" charlatan to mouthpiece for the Republican right(It's called infiltration and reptiles do it best)
  119. President Is Still Mum on Agenda For Second Term (Lie collection hasn't been given to him yet)
  120. Libya Threatens to Sue Powell Over Comment (In what court of - um - "justice"? Against the filthiest of professional liars?)
  121. Mandelson anoints Brown as Blair's successor (Oh Fucking Shit!)
  122. Parents will take charge as Blair 'sets schools free' (to sink, hat is)
  123. PM admits graves claim 'untrue' (Gee - it's only a luttle exaggeration by a factor of 80)
  124. Regime change in Iran now in Bushs sights
  125. 33 internal FOX editorial memos reviewed by MMF ... [Media Matters for America]
  126. FAUX News faces legal action over slogan (fair and balanced up yours)
  127. UNUM Provident Crimes
  128. My First (and Last) Time With Bill O'Reilly
  129. Corporate Theocracy
  130. The Corporation - A film by Mark Achbar, Jennifer Abbott, and Joel Bakan
  131. Orwell Rolls in his Grave
  132. PM 'should be tried for war crimes'
  133. $285 000 on Iraq PM's head (Pretty good for a dead guy)
  134. 'How can Blair live with Iraq deaths?' (He knew very well what he was doing)
  135. 10 years ago, bomb attack in Argentina
  136. Duyba's Deadly Deficit Drug
  137. Is the US Becoming a Nation of Snitches?
  138. Now America accuses Iran of complicity in World Trade Center attack (Isn't this getting tiresome?)
  139. Scotland on Sunday - Opinion - Our troops died on a false pretext... but never mind, it was all in good faith
  140. Israel's Nuclear Ambiguity Policy -- Unchallenged But Perhaps Out Of Date
  141. Germany to drop 9/11 plot charges (Because the plotting was done by the CIA?)
  142. Shocking ingratitude (Washinton Times ignores reality, changes history)
  143. TheStar.com - Bushites are trying to rewrite history because they failed to see what millions did: There was no reason to attack Iraq
  144. Blair's vision is critically tainted (Blair as a person is criticallyrotten)
  145. Guardian Unlimited | Guardian daily comment | Don't blame Arafat (Clinton is simply another in the cast of Liars)
  146. Martha Stewart: Punishing the Innocent, Excusing the Guilty
  147. Howard giving passports to MOSSAD risk OZ passport Holders (Israel does this all over the world)
  148. Mossad agent linked to Asia scam
  149. Mossad's litany of blunders
  150. Sharon: French Jews 'must move to Israel'
  151. David Hatfield: Is KGUN reporter's role in military a conflict of interest?(What is news? Let me count the fabrications)
  152. Were The 911 Hijackers Really Arabs? Maybe Not (In any case, they sure weren't hijackers)
  153. France angered over Sharon's call
  155. Militants Sack, Burn Palestinian Offices (Militant whats?!)
  156. WorldNetDaily: Israel 'ready' to strike Iran
  157. Iraqi prime minister accused of murdering detainees
  158. What is at stake in Australia's "History Wars" Part 5: John Howard and "the Australian way of life"
  159. Vorstand erpresst DaimlerChrysler-Arbeiter
  160. The Daily Star - Opinion Articles - Likudniks and neocons seem to agree on 2 grand strategies
  161. Salon.com Technology | How to get your economy back
  162. MI official: Iran may have provided Hezbollah with chemical weapons (fabrication)
  163. America's Secret and Permanent Bases in Iraq
  164. Lies deception, cover-up; the bush legacy
  165. Iraq: the crowning glory of George W. Bush
  166. Regime change in Iran if Bush wins?
  167. Israel can't go it alone against Iran: politicians, analysts (Guess who's required?)
  168. CFR tries to avert the next invasion
  169. War in Iraq violated law's conditions
  170. Report: Israel's 'first strike' plan against Iran ready
  171. U.S. Faces a Crossroads on Iran Policy (On more than that tabouli breath)
  172. 'Enemy Contact. Kill 'em, Kill 'em.'
  173. Berg family says U.S. gov't is stonewalling them
  174. Minister to investigate Allawi execution claims
  175. An Interesting Day: President Bush's Movements and Actions on 9/11
  176. mossad agents Killing Oz Tourists to Steal their Identity to use in TerrorOps
  178. Terrorist's handbook
  179. Indignant France Sees Ulterior Motives In Sharon's Emigration Plea
  180. The Hoax of Paris
  181. Israeli warplanes violate Lebanon space
  183. RE: Iraq Scandals, Media Failures is Next
  184. America Hosts 76 percent of Islamic Terrorist Websites
  185. France bars Sharon, cancels visit
  186. Chirac Says Sharon Not Welcome in France
  187. NGOs Claim Israeli Agent Barkan In North Korea
  188. USATODAY.com - Casino boots Linda Ronstadt after performance
  189. US media kills story that Iraqi PM executed 6 prisoners
  190. U.S. Explores Possible Iran Link to Sept. 11 (That's the US pseudogov)
  191. Israel accuses Iran of resuming suspect nuclear activities (Um I mean Iraq - um - I mean Syria um ...)
  193. New 'Liberation Video' Shows Fallujah Bombing Massacre
  194. Fox News' use of 'Fair and Balanced' challenged legally
  195. How has the US been spending other people's billions?
  196. Democrats say Schwarzenegger's 'girlie men' comment sexist and homophobic
  197. Bush Extends Debate on Values to Children (Like torture and kill them?)
  198. New Bush blow to UN population program
  199. Frist Calls for Creation of Medical Courts (Just the "tort reform" scam all over again)
  200. Republicans Helping Nader to Help Themselves
  201. Guess Who's Going to Dinner with Diebold, Sequoia, and Electronic ES&S?
  202. Ohio Voter Purge
  203. Bush's Faustian Deal With the Taliban
  204. Elton attacks 'censorship' in US
  205. Moore: "Gibson Quit After White House Warnings"
  206. Cleland Attacks Bush (apparently, soundly)
  207. A mighty show of force from U.S. fleets abroad
  208. US Approves $701m Assistance Package For Pak (Good boys were the honchos)
  209. Former U.S. Officials Oppose Israel Attack on Iran
  210. Pentagon creates new office to deal with prisoner abuse reports (I.e., to deep 6 them)
  211. Iraq is not improving, it's a disaster (That's not exactly news)
  212. Halliburton Subpoenaed Over Unit's Iran Work
  213. German interior ministers end separation of police and intelligence services
  214. German "labour reform": all-out attack on the unemployed
  215. Israel: Labour Party to prop up Sharon
  216. The New York Times and the threat to cancel the November election
  217. THE EXECUTIVE ORDER - as in: ukase & screw the constitution
  218. President Clinton's Executive Order 13039
  219. BASQUE-ENGLISH Dictionary
  220. Myth of Aryan Invasion (The book online)
  221. Her Beautiful Mind (Also Sprach Bushita)
  222. 50 years on, Lavon Affair still sparks public debate in Israel
  223. Lebanon fires on Israeli planes (Long overdue)
  224. Overflights threaten to reignite hostilities
  225. Israeli army warns of strike against Syria (In over their vicious heads?)
  226. Citizen soldiers ordered to duty a month sooner than expected as cannon fodder
  227. General Assembly demands that Israel tear down barrier
  228. UN Assembly Tells Israel to Tear Down Barrier
  229. Israel A Rogue State - are we forgetting someone?
  230. Iran emerging as Israels prime enemy and threat
  231. Servando Gonzales -- Kiss Your Internet Goodby?
  232. Israel vows to defy U.N. barrier ruling
  233. Running scared
  234. Who is Stephen Cambone?
  235. Be Prepared for Election Terror
  236. Bush flat out lied' on Iraq
  237. New Niger/uranium tale flops
  238. Israel Will Prosecute Holocaust Deniers - and cut off what?!
  239. Nuclear arms reportedly found in Iraq (Yet another fraud)
  240. Junior Florida senator says he's worried about voting technology (*Now* he's worried?!)
  241. Pat Robertson calls Islam evil and calls for iran to be invaded (P.R. needs a brain transplant.)
  242. 'Rejoice over Iraq': fury at Blair's echo of Thatcher (Will '#10' have a special entry in DSM VI?)
  243. War Call-Up Cuts US Ability To Fight Wildfires
  244. Helen Thomas Takes On White House Over Iraq (I love this lady!)
  245. Abu Ghraib Cover-up Intensifies
  246. Fox News documentary tops Amazon sales chart (That's OUTFOXED)
  247. Global Holocaust-deniers bill passed in Knesset (Much wind was also passed)
  248. Sugar Wars: Taking it to the Peddlers of Diabetes and Osteoporosis (More 'murikan than apple pie - mom is just working her ass off)
  249. The Blue Pill People - and the meaning of The Matrix (I never was just a movie)
  250. US Press Hit By New Scandal (Um - it *is* a scandal)
  251. mossad agents Killing Oz Tourists to Steal their Identity used in terrorops
  252. Army to begin 'Involuntary Classification' reassignments (The old Army joke lives: accelerated Peter Principle)
  253. US pressing allies on Iran (Let's kill 'em!)
  254. Even CNN and BBC Beating Drums of a New War, on Sudan This Time (Put down the beer and pay attention to this)
  255. Kerrys Israel Policy Receives Mixed Jewish Reaction (What?! No Yacht?!!:-()
  256. Deliberate Deceptions: Facing the Facts About The U.S.-Israeli Relationship
  257. Is 'Al Qaeda' the modern incarnation of 'Emmanuel Goldstein'? (Clue: fiction - duh - try thinking for a change)
  258. Missing in Action: $20 Billion (A Trillion here, Billion there and preety soon it's some pocket change)
  259. Israel to sideline EU after UN vote on security fence (Does "chutzpah" come to mind as needing redefinition?)
  260. US revives call for Arafat to step down (Yada-yada-yada-blah-blah-puke)
  261. Israel and the UN: pardon my freedom :: The London News Review
  262. Australian government admonished over Israel vote (poodlepoodlepoodle...)
  263. WHO IS "MEGA" and Where is "DOV" ZAKHEIM ?
  264. Video Shows 9/11 Hijackers' Security Check (A HILARIOUS FRAUD)
  265. US Army chief suspect in 2001 anthrax mailings (Gnomes and goblins making stupid noises)
  266. Israel shows contempt for international opinion and everything else in existence
  267. Senate Report on Iraq Intel Points to Role of Jerusalem
  268. Third man in NZ passport fraud was Israeli diplomat
  269. Engineered Support unit will listen in on Iraqi cell-phone calls
  270. Patriot Act Gives Bush Power to Cancel Elections (?)
  271. Iran Plan? (Kill 'em! Kill 'em all! Burn 'em at the stake! Genocide 'em!)
  272. Fox News reported to TV watchdog (Watch my crocodile tears)
  273. Rumsfeld knew all about me, says American 'jailer' held in Kabul (This is surprising?)
  275. The Movie Moore Should Have Made - by Michael Ewens (That's not it. The REAL movie would put you in a rubber room)
  276. Iraqi Woman Recalls Abu Ghraib Rape Ordeal
  278. York U. activist plans lawsuit
  279. Complete 911 Timeline: American Airlines Flight 77
  281. The Wall: Israel thumbs nose
  282. EU Passport Gets Popular in Israel
  283. Grand jury probes Cheney's role in 'illegal' Iran trade
  284. Scouting jetliners for new attacks - The Washington Times: Nation/Politics - July 22, 2004(Fake Al-CIAda Hijerkers II)
  285. 9/11 Commission Report Takes on Patriot Act, Government Secrecy
  287. Cynthia McKinney has won back her seat!!
  288. Passengers on board flight 93 prevented attack on Washington (and I'm Marie Antoinette)
  289. 'At 8.46am on 11 September, the US became a nation transformed' into a fucking nazi dictatorship
  290. Bush green lights arms sales to Iraq
  291. Congress Clears Final $416 Billion Defense Bill
  292. Congress Eyes Iraq Costs - Surpass $100B
  293. The Revolution Will Be Webcast
  294. Dow Closes Below 10,000 on Weak Earnings
  295. Bush twin guttersnipes call Blair "amazing"
  296. U.S. Dictator George W. Bush a big winner at World Stupidity Awards
  297. Bush Urges Blacks Not to Back Democrats (Explain why to me again)
  298. Church Leaders Worried Over GOP Roster Use
  299. Ethics committee extends DeLay review
  300. Venezuela May Suspend Oil Shipments to U.S.
  301. Aznar accused over Madrid bomb papers
  302. Egyptian Diplomat Taken Hostage in Iraq
  303. Air Force Spends $2.6 Billion on Planes That Can't Be Flown (?)
  304. Bush Tells Blacks, 'I'm Here to Ask for Your Vote' - in return for what exactly?
  305. FBI inquiry into [RNC] threats against Democratic Convention
  306. Networks warned of threat by chicken lickin liars
  307. Pentagon finds Bush's military (once they were destroyed, now they're not)
  308. Bush's Military Records Fail to Dispel AWOL Charges (I wonder why?)
  309. Plane Carried 13 Bin Ladens (the manifest)
  310. Manifest shows 13 bin Laden relatives left U.S. on charter flight
  311. Bin Laden will be 'caught' soon: CIA (Catching its own agent shouldn't be hard)
  312. The Zundelsite - National Free Zundel Rally Announced (and this is*Canada*)
  313. Clueless 9-11 Commission Cheats American Public
  314. flamesong: 911: tall tales (The essentials are here)
  315. The hysterical skies
  316. SEC Says No Trading Linked To September 11 Terrorist Attack (Right, don't look at the CIA and Deutschesbank behind the curtain)
  317. Israel's Condition For Peace Conference: No Palestinians
  318. 9/11 Traitors Absolve Themselves
  319. Guest Analysis: Aircraft Black Box Survivability
  321. Down Under Suspicion (Familiar Hanky Panky in another Poodledom)
  322. The Australian: Phone call that connected spies [July 24, 2004]
  323. Irresponsibility Rules on Capitol Hill (and we know very well why)
  324. NZer implicated in MOSSAD passport case
  325. Israeli Activities in Iraq Worry Syria, Egypt
  326. 'Mossad fiasco' in New Zealand should ring alarm bells
  327. EU and Israel clash over support for UN resolution
  328. Top Mossad man visited NZ
  329. Sharon Tells EU to End Biased View of Israel's Security Needs
  330. New Zealand Has Solid Evidence of Mossad death Squads killing Australiantourists
  331. MERIP Op-Eds: Support for Wall Mocks International Law, by Richard Falk
  332. What the 9/11 commission report ignores: the CIA-Al Qaeda connection
  333. Teaching Torture - Congress quietly keeps School of the Americas alive
  334. Iran's next (or Syria, or N. Korea, or Cuba, or Venezuela, or ...)
  335. Fourth "Israeli spy" a Kiwi academic
  336. Iran next on US hit list?
  337. US West Nile Virus Matches Israeli Strain
  338. The Puzzling 9/11 Report - by Sibel Edmonds
  339. Massive pre-attack 'insider trading' offer authorities hottest trail to accomplices
  340. storage.itworld.com - Disk drives from World Trade Center could yield clues
  341. German Firm Probes Final World Trade Center Deals
  342. CNN.com - Computer disk drives from WTC could yield clues - December 20, 2001
  343. The new Saddam, without a moustache (Guess who?)
  344. CIA official says agents have infiltrated Al Qaeda (created, not infiltrated)
  345. House strikes truth from the record
  346. Bush Records Show No Flight Service During July-September '72 (oops - ditch flightsuit drag)
  347. Thousands face pensions blow-out
  348. The National Alliance, Incorporated: A ZOG False Flag Combat Cell?
  349. Kerry Finally Tells Us Where He'll Get 40,000 More Troops
  350. The 911 Commission Report is Full of Holes
  351. New Citizens Say GOP Took Away Their Right To Choose
  352. The Fact Behind the Fictions: the U.S. and Israel Plan Permanent Occupations
  353. Worst US drought in 500 years fuels raging California wildfires
  354. Maker of drug admits hiding its risks
  355. States Cut Health Insurance for 145,000 Kids
  356. Cheney this (The English Language needs this enrichment)
  357. Action News Truth Squad looks at Bush ad "Priorities"
  358. Records offer no evidence to place Bush in Ala. Guard in 1972
  359. Abu Ghraib, Whitewashed
  360. A Secret Deportation of 'Terror' Suspects
  361. Australia, Italy threatened with wave of 'rigged cars' crammed with governmental BS
  362. Alleged militant threat to Australia and Italy (Uh-huh - righty-o!)
  363. Sunni leaders press insurgents to fight US forces, not Iraqis (Now there's an idea)
  364. Saddam-lite
  365. Flood report whitewashes Iraq WMD lies (Like the lie collections of Butler and Hutton)
  366. ABCNEWS.com : The Sept. 11 Hijackers (*Who* are aces at passport theft?)
  367. 2,000 US Troops Killed So Far In Iraq - Russian Expert
  368. UN flees from Gaza as food shortages loom
  369. BRITISH INTELLIGENCE OFFICER SACKED (String Blair up by his little ones instead)
  370. Guardian Unlimited | World Latest | Israel to Distribute Anti-Radiation Pills
  371. Vanunu tells Al Hayat: Dimona reactor endangers millions
  372. Govt unswayed by 'Al Qaeda' threat. (They know it's Al-CIAda?)
  373. Israeli bank at centre of probe into Holocaust victims' millions (Are you surprised?)
  374. US report on prison abuse a 'whitewash'
  375. Mossad Local Assistants, or Sayanim
  376. Israel warns Britain over UN barrier resolution (Um - warns(?) Britain?!)
  377. Lenders under fire as UK sinks &#-11;&#-11;1 trillion into red
  378. ADL: Abraham H. Foxman: Blaming Jews For 9/11 Must Stop
  379. Mossad Targeted Handicapped
  380. US Senate condemns Iran over nukes (Um - Iran that doesn't have any, but not Isreal that has hundreds, at least?)
  381. Report of Israeli Eavesdropping on White House Telephones Gets Varying Media Treatment, by Richard H. Curtiss, July 2000
  382. Israeli Missile Strike on Gaza Adds to Tension
  383. Protesters decry plan to limit picketing (FL)
  384. Judge upholds "free speech zone" at Democratic convention but O-K's march (One very strange judge)
  385. Confusion reigns as security rules the D Nat Convention
  386. 3 Hours Over 4 Nights With 1 Fear (Movies and Reality)
  387. Carlyle Interested in BAE's Shipbuilding Unit, Telegraph Says
  388. The Spinoza Net. All things excellent are as difficult as they are ...
  389. Benedict De Spinoza [Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy]
  390. Blair: my way or it&#-11;&#-11;&#-11;s the highway (T self appointed Dictator)
  391. Whatever happened to the WTC HARD-DRIVE recoveries?
  392. Brazil Nabs Kroll Worker for Spying
  393. State-Sponsored Assassinations by Agents of the Israeli Government
  394. Spy claims Israel assassinated JFK
  395. International Assassination Squads by Gary North
  396. Chairman of US Federal Reserve assures Congress wages will be kept low
  397. Teresa Heinz Kerry Tells Reporter to 'Shove It' (Good for her)
  398. Rhetoric becomes reality (Somebody's noticing?)
  399. Five years for shooting self in the testicles (not punishment enough?)
  400. Official sacked over TV remarks on Iraq
  401. Middle-class professionals are Britain's hidden poor
  402. Nuclear plant backed by Blair is &#-11;&#-11;600m 'white elephant'
  403. Sasan Fayazmanesh: Israel, Iran and Nuclear Hypocrisy
  404. M. Shahid Alam: Israel Builds Another Wall
  405. Gary Leupp: Apocalypse Now (Important Reading)
  406. Bush Arrogance vs. CIA Intelligence :: Intervention Magazine :: War, Politics, Culture
  407. U.S. 'Correctional Population' Hits New High
  408. Regional Mossad Boss Exposed (NZ)
  409. 2 More Suspects In Mossad Passport Affair Flee NZ
  410. Protesters destroy French GM crop (They know about Mexico)
  411. Are Our Leaders Criminals and Satanists? (rarely simple and never pure)
  412. Nuke Whistleblower Vanunu Loses Bid to Quit Israel
  413. The Backbone Campaign
  415. portland imc - 2004.07.23 - New Zealand exposes third Israeli spy
  416. Temple Mount Activist Says Blowing Up Dome Of Rock Is 'Worthy Act'
  417. If Gaza exit equals Holocaust, is Jewish terror next? (Lockin: Israel's destruction is now assured)
  418. Iran: U.S. New Whipping Boy (but it started years ago)
  419. Dissent is Now Dangerous
  420. FBI agents come calling on Lawrence anarchists
  421. The Australian: Where are the bodies of evidence? [July 27, 2004] (There are none)
  422. Something is very wrong (Incredulousness at insanity)
  423. America's voices for peace refuse to be locked in a razor wire cage
  424. Report from Boston: Stay Out of the "Free Speech Zone"
  425. Democrats Defend Heinz Kerry's 'Shove It' (For rabid R wacko putting words in her mouth)
  426. The Democratic convention and the crisis of the two-party system
  427. Powerful Bomb Explodes In Volusia County Park (Al-CIAda at play?)
  428. Court convicts woman for fabricating anti-Semitic attack
  429. New Zealand News - Dialogue - Nick Turner: Tactic of intimidation by smear utterly repugnant
  430. Haaretz - Israel News - Beating, shooting at checkpoint filmed
  431. IRAN: THE NEXT BIG LIE (But, of course. Been being primed for years.)
  432. US Veto Over the Israeli "Separation Wall" Would Threaten the Rule of International Law(which is what is intended)
  433. tvnz.co.nz | NEWS | NATIONAL | Claims Mossad tried to hush fraud
  434. Jewish Leader Warns of 'Growing US Moslem Community'; CAIR Calls on Hoenlein to Step Down From Leadership of Umbrella Group
  435. YellowTimes.org - "The IMF and International Monetary Fun" (A reality game)
  436. YellowTimes.org - "America's pathetic liberals: the sequel" (True - unfortunately)
  437. YellowTimes.org - ''A deafening silence of meaning'' (Also True - even more unfortunately)
  438. YellowTimes.org - ''Iraq's Transition to Dictatorship'' (Exactly as planned)
  439. YellowTimes.org - ''Musharraf plays musical prime ministers'' (Remember PK?)
  440. YellowTimes.org - ''The presidential election -- does it matter whom you vote for?''(A correct answer!)
  441. Democratic National Convention: Boston gripped by "anti-terror" security operation(Continuing rise of the Nazi State)
  442. Guardian Unlimited | Special reports | Israel expands West Bank settlements
  443. U.S. colonel admits holding Iraqi children (and then some)
  444. Aljazeera.Net - Iran warns Israel of harsh retaliation
  445. TheKansasCityChannel.com - News - FBI Probes KU Students' Lives
  446. FBI targets Colorado activists
  447. Stargate Information Archive - Federal Charges Filed Against SG-1 Archive(Kafkaesque and Kakaesque)
  448. MoveOn moves on Carl Cameron.
  449. Muslim charity says FBI made up case against it
  450. Spain probes if police hid bomb evidence
  451. Officers overlooked Madrid bombers' car
  452. U.S., Israel Have No Claim On Iran Nuclear Program: Russian Official
  453. Groups sue to stop bag searches in Boston
  454. Defence hot and bothered over Fahrenheit 9/11 - National - www.smh.com.au
  455. Jordanian Firm Pulls Workers From Iraq
  456. UK troops held torture contests, Iraqi claims
  457. Buffalo News - Incident at bridge draws attention
  458. Florida officials: Some voting records wiped out (Ooops - heheheh)
  459. Government Admits Investigation Against Indymedia and Petros Evdokas initiated by US Intelligence
  460. Test for Australia / Another election that could turn on Iraq
  461. Chafee criticizes Bush for ''host of mistakes'' in Iraq (Mistakes?! How about War Crimes?)
  462. FOX News As Good as Pravda (Nope - Now there's much more truth in Pravda)
  463. Saddam could die before his trial (Predictable - and in fact predicted)
  465. Cancer Spreads Like Wildfire In Iraq (DU, of course)
  466. Billionaires For Bush (cute)
  467. Former UK Official Says Oil And Dollar Behind Iraq War (No Empire :-()
  468. Dave Lindorff: Wake Up! Globalization's Coming
  469. Iraqi unemployment rate reaches 70% (What the US is aiming for; hence, the ready death camps)
  470. Mirror.co.uk - SADDAM'S 'STROKE' (Al-CIAda induced, of course)
  471. White House to project record deficit (What's a deficit when your already bankrupt?)
  472. The real reasons Bush went to war ("The spice must flow." - but don't forget global totalitarian empire)
  473. Putin Tells West Not to Meddle in Ukraine
  474. DNC protesters refuse to use Boston's "Free speech zone"
  475. The Australian: Fine for anti-Jew-attack faker [July 28, 2004]
  476. Capitol Hill Blue: Bush Using Drugs to Control Depression, Erratic Behavior
  477. Congressional Fever of Israel-Fealty Intensifying
  478. Lost Record of Vote in '02 Florida Race Raises '04 Concern
  479. Florida Activists Urge Manual Recount Possibility
  480. BLM Nears Record for Drilling Permits
  481. U.S. Crude Prices Hit 21-Year High
  482. I.R.S. Says Americans' Income Shrank for 2 Consecutive Years (No surprise to most americans)
  483. Activists to cops: Stop picking on us
  484. USA Today Drops Ann Coulter and sick bitch continues foaming at the mouth
  485. Touchscreen 'Vote' Records 'Lost' in Flori-duh
  486. Whistle-Blowing Said to Be Factor in an F.B.I. Firing
  487. High Court reviews Iraqi deaths
  488. Laughing UK Troops Tortured Iraqis, Court Told
  489. Iraqi Says U.S. General Witnessed Abuse
  490. Canadian disputes U.S. claims against torture
  491. Abu Ghraib victims file US lawsuit
  492. Kerry Nomination for President Is Official (BFD)
  493. Pesticides found in 43% of fruit and vegetables traces of pesticide
  494. 1,500 Homing Pigeons Get Lost During Race
  495. Bush eases pesticide reviews for endangered species (Is there an effective pesticide for chimpo?)
  496. Disaster at sea: global warming hits UK birds (well - something hit UK birds, maybe not the buzzword du jour)
  497. Greenland ice-melt 'speeding up'
  498. CJD/Mad Cow Deaths Not Reportable In 28 States
  499. Bush's search for clean Cuban hookers goes awry (Bush is a sick fuck and always has been)
  500. Texas Dems Want DeLay Censured (How about executed?)
  501. FBI Issues Terror Warning for Calif., N.M. (Um - sure - ok - right [yawn])
  502. Kidnappers Holding 7 in Iraq Threaten to Kill One (Al-CIAda still playing kidnapper games)
  503. Ex-N.H. GOP Director Pleads Guilty of stealing yet another election
  504. Florida Again Faces Disputes Over Elections
  505. Fear of Death Wins Minds and Votes, Study Finds (Cf. MK-Ultra; it's called Social Engineering, been around for ages)
  506. Judge Orders U.S. to Defend Detentions (He'll probbly have a stroke like Saddam Hussein)
  507. Unhappy Workers Should Take Prozac --Bush Campaigner who should take Hemlock
  508. Clark dismisses Bush as unfit to command, and so is sicko liar Clark
  509. Thousands Sue Makers of Paxil
  510. Dems challenging Nader's bid in Pa. Allege that prez hopeful getting GOP aid
  511. Nancy Reagan to Bush: 'We Don't Support Your Re-[S]Election' (Et tu Nancy?)
  512. Bush Derides Kerry as Man of Few Achievements LMFAO!
  513. Bush Blames 'Terrorists' (Oooo - they *made* me do it! [scratches armpits])
  514. Moore to train camera on Florida voting machines (That should be fun)
  515. GOP apologizes over voting flier; glossy mailer warns against touch-screens
  516. Anonymous letter urges cop sickout during Republican convention
  517. Obtaining Cheney Rally Ticket Requires Signing Bush Endorsement
  518. Security czar Ridge weighs resigning after election (All the lying is too taxing)
  519. Kangaroo Tribunals Begin for Guantanamo Detainees
  520. Uzbek Blasts Hit U.S. and Israeli Embassies
  521. High Qaeda Aide Retracted Claim of Link With Iraq (Bore me some more)
  522. Audit: Spending Records on Hundreds of Millions of Iraqi Dollars MIA
  523. Medical Experiments in Guantanamo Bay (US corpagov uses citizens for this regularly)
  524. How They Could Steal the Election This Time
  525. White House Projects Highest Deficit Ever (How perfectly surprising)
  526. The George W. Bush Presidency -- The issues, the politics, the election, the record of the Bush Administration
  527. Win-Win
  528. A Crusade We Must Win (What you mean *we* Nazi Jew Boy?!)
  529. Intellectual Espionage - John Taylor Gatto (Plummeting literacy)
  530. The Underground History of American Education - John Taylor Gatto
  532. Americans' incomes fell for two years
  533. BW Online | July 28, 2004 | An Issue Too Hot for Fahrenheit?
  534. Democratic Delegates Differ with Kerry on Iraq
  535. Tribnet.com - News: The Dove of the Con? P. T. Barnum is still right.
  536. ABCNEWS.com : Give Up 'Delusional Hope' of Iraq WMD, Kay Says (and still keeps having to be said)
  537. Fort Carson Soldier: I Was Ordered To Push Iraqis Off Bridge
  538. Oil price at 21-year record as fears grow
  539. Paranoid shift
  540. Report: Israel tried to bury New Zealand Mossad affair
  541. Empty Platform, Empty Town - Boston
  542. Britain helps US protect weapons trafficker
  543. The Fight For Fair Elections - hasn't even really begun?
  544. Networks give short shrift to convention (you mean the mendacommercials?)
  545. TheStar.com - Eating candy a U.S. capital offence (Can an entire ntion be insane?)
  546. A July Surprise? Pakistan Announces Arrest of Top Al Qaeda Figure Hours Before Kerry Speech (My! Fantastic timing is the rule.)
  547. Commanders Get Immunity in Iraq Case (Surprise!)
  548. Law enforcement keeps protests down to a peep (A noise abatement program?)
  549. Maggots Found in Patient's Nose at VA Hospital (No comment)
  550. Sleepless troops may be sent into battle on a high (nothing new)
  551. US economy cools amid shopping slowdown (Oh? - really?)
  552. Greetings From the Memory Hole: Our Media kills a Troubling Story that the rest of the World Sa: Allawi the Murderer
  553. Delta thinks of charging more for American voice on phone
  554. UK Anti-War Party Wins First Election
  555. Why is Mr Blair still in Downing Street?
  557. FBI faked terror threat to media at DNC.
  558. Bush - Nazi Dealings Continued Until 1951 - Federal Documents
  559. The Anthrax Murders: The Israeli Connection
  560. "By Way of Deception: The FBI Cover-Up of the Anthrax Investigation"
  561. Anti-War Activist Dragged off DNC Floor in Handcuffs
  562. Liberals Want Their Own Network (We really need our own country - sans reptos)
  563. Behind Tony Blair's Fabricated Intelligence on WMD
  564. High Qaeda Aide Retracted Claim of Link With Iraq (Boring!)
  565. Afghanistan could implode (Isn't it supposed to?!)
  566. US Congressional Fever of Israel-Fealty Intensifying
  567. Narco News: Spinning &#-11;&#-11;&#-11;Lies, Damned Lies, and Statisticsin Venezuela
  568. Kerry Doesnt Need or Want Anti-war Activists (He never did)
  569. Kerry, Edwards vow to continue war and social reaction (Two New Chimps for a NWO)
  570. Allawi to censor criticism of Allawi in Iraqi media
  571. Administration now opposes inspections as part of nuclear treaty
  573. Florida Republican Voters Told to Use Absentee Ballots
  574. Canada to probe use of its passport in New Zealand affair
  575. Canada now involved in New Zealand passport fiasco
  576. IOF Shoot Dead Eight Palestinians in 48 Hours
  577. Military and industry sonar harms whales, says IWC report (we knew that)
  578. Doctors and Torture (An entire nation can be insane)
  579. Lebanon says it is still Israeli target (Wow! Another surprise)
  580. Israel May Be Compelled to Pre-empt (Compelled?)
  581. Israeli Occupation Soldiers Attack Wedding, Terrorize Celebrators, ArrestSeveral Citizens in Bethlehem
  582. More police state tactics ahead?
  583. Britain's 380,000 "hidden homeless"
  584. Ruling coalition suffers backlash in Japan's upper house election
  585. Corporate America throws Democrats a $50 million party
  586. The Democratic convention and Kerry's left apologists
  587. Zionist settlements expanding in West Bank and Gaza
  588. Populism and patriotism: behind the posturing at the Democratic National Convention
  589. Britain: Blair's claims on Iraqi mass graves refuted
  590. The great unmentionable at the Democratic convention: Kerry's antiwar past
  591. Germany: total union capitulation at DaimlerChrysler
  592. Australia votes with the US against UN condemnation of Israel's wall
  593. Bush camp solicits race of Star staffer | The Arizona Daily Star &#-11;&#-11;
  594. Scarlett 'Asked Experts to Harden Weapons Hunt Report'
  595. Iran: Israel, US behind Iraq terrorism
  596. Revealed: the special relationship behind America's Middle East policy (actually, World Bank is the key)
  597. Bailout Feared if Airlines Shed Their Pensions
  598. U.S. beefs up security amid 'credible' threat by itself
  599. Israel Tries to Stop US Selling Missiles to Jordan
  600. All Bush Has to Sell, Is Fear Itself
  601. Sharon Has N-Arms Stock With US Backing (N=Nuclear)
  602. Taxpayers face tab for airline pensions (who else?!)
  603. A woman's place is to wait and listen, says the Vatican (Reptos just never grow up: it's their biggest chrm(?))
  604. Homeowners to be hit by rate-rise blitz (wondering and waiting for this one)
  605. Mandelson rented flat from oil tycoon in coup claim
  606. Institute for Research: Middle Eastern Policy - Policy Brief - CEAN BREAK OR DIRTY WAR?
  607. Government plans to raise terror alert level (Oh stop the lying crap)
  608. ORIGIN OF NIGER "YELLOWCAKE" DOCUMENTS (And Italian Intel got them from?)
  609. Kerry Envisions No More U.S. Troops for Iraq (A few crumbs to the peons?)
  610. Israel's Secret War Against America
  611. Orthodox leader: U.S. Jews have no right to criticize Israel
  612. Bush Campaign Uses Nazi Ad on Website (Bushes are third generation Nazis)
  613. Clinton Adviser Berger Cleared of Document Theft
  614. Senator Dayton: NORAD Lied About 9/11 (we knew that)
  615. The Secret File of Abu Ghraib
  616. Marijuana smuggling case first local use of Patriot Act provision (Ter'ists?)
  617. Couple kicked off Miami-New York flight because of T-shirt (Fucking Nazi Airlines have been pulling this shit for decades)
  618. Bush-Cheney Campaign Headquarters: What They Don't Want You To Know (Like truth?!)
  619. Grand Jury Hears Testimony From Powell (Whatever. He's lying; it's what he does)
  620. Justice Launches Investigation Into Missing Iraq $ Billion (yeah - right!)
  621. Pentagon Looks to Directed-Energy Weapons (This, you can believe)
  622. White House Anger at Hollywood Election Surprise: ([snort-giggle])
  623. Former cop charged in blast (Perfectly normal)
  624. 'Terror' Against the Press (Fake terrorist threats? They're just sooo last week)
  625. ACLU quits federal donation program
  626. Whiz-Bang Gizmos for USgov to murder US citizens - now that's normal stuff
  627. U.S. Warns of Possible Terror Threat Against 5 Buildings (threatthreatthreat terrorterrorterror bushitbushitbushit ywnyawnyawn)
  628. Intelligence obtained on threats described targets in great detail (Al-CIAda Al-CIAda Al-CIAda)
  629. Financial hubs as terror targets (What ever happened to terrorISTS?)
  630. NYSE, IMF Step Up Security After Threats of Attack by al-Bush-duh (Those ARE terrorists)
  631. Lockdown: Security alert as [Bush's?] terrorists target U.S. financial landmarks (To be paid for by?)
  632. Holland Tunnel Closing to Inbound Truck Traffic (PITA)
  633. Turkey's train wreck: a tragedy rooted in the drive for profit (Oh, surely not Holy Unbridled Profit?!)
  634. Delayed conference underscores phony character of Iraqi "democracy" (Does the obvious even beed underscoring?)
  635. US army officially whitewashes Abu Ghraib torture (You were expecting *not*?)
  636. Former US soldier arrives in Japan Charles Jenkins: a pawn on the international chessboard(Reptos play games with other's lives; it's what they do)
  637. Terrorists Maybe Using New Zealand Passports - as in Mossad Terrorists
  638. Kuwait places ban on Moore's movie (Genocide ok - but insults are not)
  639. World Bank, IMF buildings could be terror targets: US
  640. 'Terror threat political game' (US & ISRAEL: THE WORLD'S TERRORISTS)
  641. Top 21 Pieces of Evidence that Show Iraq is only the First Step to 'Reshaping the Middle East' (Obvious for a few years now)
  642. Captured al-Qa'eda man was FBI spy (Al-FBIah, Al-MOSSADa, Al-CIAda: The Trinity)
  643. Iraqi Muslims Did Not Blow Up Christian Churches
  644. The Ever Expanding US Police State with Photos
  645. Here you have the bogus dossier on Saddam&#-11;&#-11;&#-11;s uranium
  646. Iraqi Muslims, Christians to stand united
  647. TheStar.com - Is Florida facing a new polling fiasco?
  648. Prison Labor Is Cheap, Tough for Private Companies to Beat
  649. 5/22/03 Statement from FAA Contradicts 9/11 Report Findings
  650. N.Y. police to stop trucks at random
  651. Holland Tunnel closing inbound to trucks
  652. Lockdown: Security alert as [Bush's?] terrorists target U.S. financial landmarks
  653. Terrorists guard Citigroup in Midtown Manhattan
  654. U.S. Warns of [Bush regime plans] Qaeda Attack in 'Near Term'
  655. Regulatory change ignores message of 'Silent Spring'
  656. Plan to Ease Voter Registration for Spanish Speakers Stalled (washingtonpost.com)
  657. Lott throws barbs at Kerry during Neshoba fair stump speech (Asshole says as ashole is)
  658. Few Troops Get Disability Pay
  659. US troops surround Najaf home of Shiite militia leader (US undoing?)
  660. Retired general: Bush foreign policy a 'national disaster'
  661. Scoop: UQ Wire: Sibel Edmonds Letter To Thomas Kean
  662. FBI Director Admits Whistle Blower Fired for Blowing Whistle
  663. Another F.B.I. Employee Blows Whistle on Agency
  664. Private Sector Gets Call to Set Up Pay System (washingtonpost.com)
  665. Phony Terror Threats Enrich Exxon-Mobil's Coffers:
  666. Bush Calls for New Intelligence Director (Gee, I thought he said we were safer now)
  667. Halliburton sues retirees who complained about insurance cut
  668. Ashcroft Tells Libraries to Destroy Citizen-Friendly Publications - BuzzFlash News Alert
  669. Who owns CNN? or MSNBC? ABC? : LA IMC
  670. Resistance fires Grad rockets at occupiers
  671. Naturalization Ceremony Closely Watched
  672. American valour? All hogwash, say Indian truckers
  673. Street Closing Irks D.C. Leaders
  674. Vehicles to Be Stopped on Way to U.S. Capitol
  675. Happy pump$ - gasoline that is
  676. Reports That Led to Terror Alert Were Years Old, Officials Say
  677. Al Qaeda Gathered Data Prior to 9/11
  678. A nation in danger. Or a president [sic] in peril? (A nayion destroyed by its president)
  679. Britain on heightened terror readiness (Poodleterror)
  680. Anthony Sampson surveys a transformed Britain 40 years on--Part one
  681. Corruption scandal signals sharp differences in Chinese ruling elite
  682. US: record numbers in prison and on parole (a nation of made criminals)
  683. Murder allegations against Iraq's Allawi: an exchange of letters with the New York Times' public editor
  684. Terror alerts set stage for election based on fear
  686. The Secret File of Abu Ghraib
  687. One day in, Scarlett is urged to quit
  688. Israel crime families behind Prague bombings
  689. Material Behind New U.S. Alert Is Years Old
  690. Digital tweak may unravel JFK mystery (Was Oswald alone?)
  691. Warning: Raise debt ceiling - or we go broke (Go broke?! It's been broke for years)
  692. West Bank verges on unprecedented chaos
  693. LewRockwell.com Blog: The War Is a Fraud
  694. Business Booming for Soldiers of Fortune
  695. Recent Layoff Rate Was Highest Since Early 1980's
  696. HoustonChronicle.com - Nothing wrong? Allegations against Rep. Tom DeLay reveal seamless loop linking industry, lobbyists and war chests.
  697. British targets in al-Qaeda bombing plot (Poodle grasps at 4 y.o. straws- poor dumb poodle)
  698. A threat to democracy (anti-nonexistent-terror legislation)
  699. Reports That Led to Terror Alert Were Years Old, Officials Say
  700. "Pod People" try to hijack the 9/11 truth movement with yet more avananches of planted disinformation
  701. Pure evil in Sudan - seasoned with oil and US corpagov
  702. INTELWIRE: Nearly 3,000 Pounds Of Ammonium Nitrate Stolen In N.C.; Volatile Fertilizer Often Used In al Qaeda Truck Bombs(sometimes, fertilizer is just fertilizer; figure it out)
  703. ONE REASON FOR MEDIA BIAS (Because it's deliberate?)
  704. US will not back down from arms sales to Taiwan, senators say in China (Senators are fertilizer factories)
  705. Consumer Spending Sees Steepest Drop Since 2001
  706. Increased Terrorism Alert Based on Political Needs, Uses Outdated Info
  707. Kerry Sketches an Iraq Exit Plan (How do you tell when a politician is lying?)
  708. Soldiers tell stories about Iraq
  709. One of the Biggest Heists in History (That's $8.8 Billion)
  710. RSL Electronics to deliver $1.4m of systems to USAF from Isreal
  711. Job cut plans jump in July
  712. Key Iraqi oil pipeline blown up
  713. Bush Will Install Majoras at FTC During Congressional Recess
  714. Iraq Jail Chief Says Prisoner Abuse Covered Up
  715. Evidence of Pentagon Psychological Warfare Operations Against U.S. CitizensSurfaces in Want Ads
  716. Is the Bush Administration Planning a Red Code Alert?
  717. Source: Attack to be in early September (The Chimpco Plan)
  718. Ridge: U.S. Must Assume al CIAda in Country, Waiting to Strike
  719. CNN QuickVote: (It's CNN :-) It would not accept my vote)
  720. Challenged by Franken, Hannity admits he "misspoke"
  721. Fierce clashes in Mosul leave many dead
  722. Israel Is The Real Winner of America's War On Iraq
  723. Our "Manchurian Candidates"
  724. Wal-Marts cost state of california
  725. Terror alert: how four-year-old information was transformed into clear andpressent Danger
  726. William J. Watkins | The Revolution of 1800 and the USA PATRIOT Act
  727. Bush Ads Shift Focus to His Achievements (One syllable ads? "Duh"?)
  728. Ex-FBI agent describes a botched terror case
  729. Fahrenheit 911; The Other Half of the Story
  730. The Village Voice: Nation: Mondo Washington: The Dayton Discord by James Ridgeway
  731. Iraq-to-Haifa oil pipeline could spur economic rebirth (The convenience of it!)
  732. Is the Bush Administration Planning a Red Code Alert?
  733. US terror plot intelligence 'old' (i.e., clear and deliberate lies)
  734. Pakistan Allows Taliban to Train, a Detained Fighter Says
  735. Iraq may fail as a state, warn MPs (It was never set to succeed.)
  736. Iraq Jail Chief Says Prisoner Abuse Covered Up
  737. US soldiers abused Iraqis for fun, court told
  738. Shocking prisoner abuses are revealed
  739. $1.9 Billion of Iraq's Money Goes to U.S. Contractors
  740. Pinochet kin questioned on bank account (Anybody ask Kissinger?)
  741. Bands Gather to Stump Against Bush
  742. Three GOP officials arrested in election office shoving
  743. Fla. GOP keeps its delegate list secret
  744. Britons once held by U.S. claim brutality
  745. Fabricating Intelligence for Political Gain
  746. Oil prices rise to new record high levels
  747. USCG to Check Ports Worldwide (Os it really any of their business?)
  748. Group said to be planning hits on Western, Asian leaders (Se non e vero,e bene trovatto)
  749. Sources: Al Qaeda may have made contact in U.S. recently with CIA handlers
  750. The US prepares another democratic charade in Afghanistan
  751. German interior minister proposes African internment camps for refugees
  752. Bombs rock south Lebanon Palestinian camp
  753. UN evacuates Gaza refugee staff
  754. US troops destroy Iraq's ancient past (still at it)
  755. They Knew...
  756. WorldNetDaily: Egypt newspaper: Holocaust a lie (Just hmmmmmm)
  757. Most suspects will be free in a week (So, um, why were they arrested?)
  758. Bush & Sharon: The Oil Connection
  760. Oil threat to world economy (There are so very many threats that ...)
  761. Terror threat pushes up oil prices (Punditos make up more stories)
  763. Intervene in Sudan, Tories urge Blair (Um - oil and other stuff?)
  764. Leading Libertarian Forum Censors Expose of Zionazi Web Cabal
  765. Resistance Captures US General In Ramadi
  766. Canada's passport woes
  767. Red Cross: U.S. May Have Committed War Crimes at Guantanamo Bay
  768. Editor's Cut - The Nation
  769. PA Official: Israel Has Attempted To Assassinate Arafat
  770. Bush misspeaks, says his administration seeking 'new ways to harm our country' (It's called a Feudian slip)
  771. Talk Show Host Michael Medved Advocates Government Surveillance of 9/11 Skeptics (and committment for believers?)
  772. Woman who staged fake hate crime has criminal record.
  773. TomPaine.com - These Are Their Ends
  774. BBC NEWS | Business | EU deal in 'Made in Israel' row
  775. US News / Special: Empire Builders / Spheres of influence: Neocon think tanks and periodicals | Christian Science Monitor(Essential Knowledge)
  776. Economy Adds 170,000 Fewer Jobs Than Expected (Um - expected by whom, and why?)
  777. Israel flouts road map with new settlement (S.N.A.F.U)
  778. Judicial Watch - Because no one is above the law! (Anthrax Coverup)
  779. Motorists face further fuel rises (taking it up the tailpipe)
  780. Guardian Unlimited | Special reports | Oil prices nudge $45 a barrel
  781. Guardian Unlimited | Special reports | You show yours, I'll hide mine
  782. Israel's underground passport factory a threat to US national security
  783. Uprooted trees, razed houses... Israel leaves its calling card in Gaza
  784. OUTSOURCING NIGHTMARE: Source code stolen from U.S. software company in India
  785. Internet 'Whisper' Campaign Spreads Lies About Teresa Kerry
  786. USDA told to disclose 'biopharm' locations - The Honolulu Advertiser - Hawaii's Newspaper
  787. Key Figure in Anti-Kerry Book Recants; Admits He Lied
  788. Mossad Exposed In Phony 'Palestinian Al Qaeda' Caper
  789. Israeli Attack On Iran To Stir Explosive Autumn
  790. All About Eve (Popenchimp: divinely disturbed duo disses uppity females)
  791. US planes pound Najaf as clashes rage across central, southern Iraq
  792. Israeli army leaves Gaza's bread basket in ruins
  793. EU Labeling of Israeli Products Described As Anti-Semitic Boycott (Pigs are more equal)
  794. More Land In Hawaii For Military Than Hawaiians (Hawaii is stolen in the first place)
  795. Helen Clark causes graves to be desecrated!
  796. 9/11 Report Misses One Crucial Point: Mideastern Policy
  797. Won't Get Fooled Again?
  798. Stocks tumble, and things aren't looking up (oh - really?!)
  799. Rumsfeld declares Iraq fight 'worth it' despite casualties (To whom?)
  800. Behold What The Fed Hath Wrought
  801. Harris Regrets Terror-Plot Comments (i.e., regrets be found as liar)
  802. Group said to be planning hits on Western, Asian leaders (Al-CIAda?)
  803. Sources: Al Qaeda may have made contact in U.S. recently (Elephant waffles!)
  804. Al CIA-duh May Still Be Plotting Against US-Reports
  805. Pakistan produces the goods, again (The usual fertilizer)
  806. Texan Bankrolls Anti-Kerry Vets Group
  807. New York City - Shut it Down.
  808. N.M. GOP to Keep Screening for Bush Events
  809. Miracles and Wonders (about those nonexistent phone calls on 9/11)
  810. Colombia's Uribe: US ally in "war on terror" named as drug trafficker (sn't this how it's supposed to be?)
  811. U.S. Launches Major Mission Along Syrian Border (Not *another* country?!)
  812. Clashes Threaten to Reignite Shi'ite Rising in Iraq
  813. Halliburton to pay $7.5 million fine for not disclosing accounting change
  814. Bush Signs Bill With $25B More for Wars (Meaning *he* pays for them?)
  815. CIA Curbs War Critic Author
  816. Asylum seekers can be 'held indefinitely' (AU)
  817. South Africa Casts Doubt on al-Qaida Plot
  818. Dutch law would ban toe-licking (Not just the US is insane)
  819. 9-11 and the IMPOSSIBLE
  820. Chart: Bush Ratings vs. Terror Alerts
  821. Soldier says officials ordered some detainees hidden from Red Cross
  822. Kerry campaigns as candidate of big business (The Tweedledum half of theteam)
  823. New York Times offers Bush friendly advice on terror alerts
  824. Court rejects U.S. Rep. Robert Wexlers lawsuit over touch-screen voting machines (Oh - it's all right to have rigged and totally unverifiable "elections" in Nazi Amerika)
  825. Democratic Louisiana Congressman switches to GOP
  826. S.F. Man Says Beheading Video Is a Hoax - EarthLink - Top News
  827. Iraqi Government Shuts Al-Jazeera Station (thus exapanding democratic ideals)
  828. Seventeen Techniques for Truth Suppression
  829. Sunday Times: UK's new mad cow threat [ 08aug04 ]
  830. James Petras: The Anatomy of Terror Experts
  831. Carol Miller and Forrest Hill: Rigged Convention; Divided Party (Green Party Bought, just like the Dems)
  832. New Zealand News - World - US police probe hoax video of Iraq beheading
  833. 911: The Greatest Lie Ever Sold
  834. Court to hear sovereignty defense in tax evasion case - The Honolulu Advertiser - Hawaii's Newspaper
  835. U.S. Screwed Pooch By Outing Its Own al Qaeda Mole (Al-Qaeda=CIA)
  836. The Story About Israel TV News Won't Tell
  837. Abu Ghraib lawyers want Cheney on stand
  838. Bush Zones Go National
  839. Anti-Chavez Pollsters Panic: Fix Numbers; Reinvent Venezuela
  840. Mickey Z.: Hiroshima 59 Years Later
  841. Vieques Residents Alarmed by Depleted Uranium Reports (Jan 2001)
  842. The GULLY | Puerto Rico | Depleted Uranium: the Vieques-Kosovo Connection
  843. Iraq set to use martial law in 'terror' fight
  844. Ohio Voter Purge
  845. Ex-felons' voting rights misstated
  846. GOP Picks 19-Time Inmate for State Race - EarthLink - Strange News
  847. Sharon to evacuate outposts prior to US election
  848. US forces arrest leading Iraqi editor
  849. Bush job rating falls to new low (Polls are fabrications, like everything else)
  850. Sudan says Darfur rebels have ties to Israel
  851. Sudan foreign minister blames Israel for escalation of Darfur situation
  852. Aljazeera.Net - Iraq judge issues warrant to arrest Chalabi
  853. Switzerland to tax suspected Israeli settler exports
  854. City turned into fortress (Athens)
  855. Iraq issues arrest warrants for Ahmad Chalabi and his nephew
  856. Abu Ghraib prisoner abuse hearing halts - just halts - that's it
  857. New York Times offers Bush friendly advice on terror alerts (NYT lies; it's what it does. Hello there Judith Miller!)
  858. Britons release devastating account of torture and abuse by US forces at Guantanamo
  859. Detainee says confession result of torture
  860. Bahrain royal tortured at Guantanamo - human rights group - Global Terrorism - www.smh.com.au
  861. Poll: 83 Percent Don't Want RNC In NY
  862. International team to monitor presidential election (where's the catch?)
  863. BBC NEWS | Health | Prozac 'found in drinking water'
  864. US Forces Kill 400 Iraqis In An-Najaf: Governor
  865. Iraqis Denounce US-made 'Bloodbath' In Najaf
  866. Judge: Warrants issued for Chalabi and nephew
  867. Hussein trial chief faces Iraqi murder charge
  868. Iraq Explodes as Allawi Appeals for Ceasefire
  869. Rumsfeld intervention rescues $3bn BP pipeline
  870. Chalabi rejects allegations of counterfeiting
  871. FTA amendments could see drug companies fined millions (Uhu - right - sure - absolutely)
  872. Senator Seeks Inquiry Into Abuse Report
  873. Portugal's electoral coup (and rigged elections, just like the US)
  874. Il governo Berlusconi distrutto da crisi
  875. CIA executives gathered in Santiago de Chile revealed in contingency plot tooverthrow Venezuela's president Hugo Chavez Frias
  876. US senators targeted in 'outing' campaign
  877. Tongue-twisted Bush is bent on self-harm
  878. Republican candidate admits supporting eugenics
  879. Chalabi wanted on counterfeiting charges (He always was a very naughty boy)
  880. Mystery surrounds 'kidnap' of Iranian envoy in Karbala (Like,is it yet another gov't hoax?)
  881. PRESS RELEASE: AUTISM-MERCURY LINK APPEARS TO BE ESTABLISHED, attempted cover up by the U.S. Government is suspected.
  882. War Allies Face Opposition At Home
  883. Army starts distributing radiation antidote (Ahem! The Dimona Reactor is *leaking* Now)
  884. Buchanan's New Book: How Neocons have Hijacked Bush Regime (Neocons *are* the Bush regime)
  885. Israel May Carry Out Anti-Semitic Attacks to Increase Aliyah
  886. Lebanon still occupied by Israel
  887. Israeli surveillance plane over Lebanon
  889. Fears of link to autism lead British government to scrap vaccine containing mercury
  890. Guardian Unlimited | Columnists | Dirty politics
  891. Israeli missiles hit Gaza refugee camp, witnesses say (getting to be a daily ritual)
  892. UK Jewish charity political row
  893. Massive rallies anticipate Chavez"s victory on Sunday referendum
  894. Israel plant a second Chernobyl: Vanunu
  895. Bush may issue new wave of security alerts (May?!)
  896. Anti-Kerry Vets Led by Longtime GOP Operative, Bankrolled by Bush Cronies
  897. United States waives off $ 495 Mln debt to Pakistan (Hmmmmmmmmmmmm)
  898. Bin Mahfouz Wins Libel Case in UK
  899. New Zealand News - NZ - Gang leaders defer to jailed Israelis says paper
  900. Reuters to shift editorial jobs to India (Et tu?!)
  901. Russia denies NATO access to nuclear sites
  902. WorldNetDaily: Missiles on terrorists' shoulders (Babbling)
  903. U.S. pressures Japan to quit Iran oil (Hmm - last US cut off JP oil supply, they blew up Pearl Harbor)
  904. Bush-backers-only policy riles voters at RNC rallies
  905. Churches see an election role and spread the word on Bush
  906. Bush's Band of Brothers
  907. Police State USA
  908. Mossad expects airliner attack related to Olympics (But who will they frame?)
  909. U.S. denies 9/11 trial access to suspects
  910. Bush Chooses Rep. Goss to Head CIA
  911. Iraqi Muslims Did Not Blow Up Christian Churches
  912. US calls for evacuation of Najaf
  913. BBC NEWS | World | Middle East | Iran wins Najaf weapons apology
  914. Epidemics infection soaring in Iraq
  915. PM 'TAKING PARTY TO OBLIVION' (UK) - but that's the whole point.
  916. Bush's "Strong Economy": A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words
  917. Hitting the Wall
  918. World won't accept Abu Ghraib whitewash (It doesn't seem to matter)
  919. Israel's underground passport factory a threat to US national security
  920. William A. Cook: Silencing the Voice of the People
  921. Crisis in Sudan: Oil Profits Behind West's Tears for Darfur
  922. Welcome to Bush's America
  923. 'Olympic security men' rob bank of &#-11;&#-11;265,000
  924. Israel's hand in Olympic security has countries frightened (I wonder why?)
  925. CIA gets new boss in Porter Goss
  926. Nuclear Tests Vindicate Iran So Far
  927. Guardian Unlimited | World Latest | Nuclear Tests Vindicate Iran So Far
  928. Israel's Nuclear Power Plants Not Safe
  929. Iran uranium source revealed (you'll love this)
  930. FBI warns top US legislators could be targetted (This would be a loss?)
  931. Beyond Loopy -- In These Times
  932. The Bushes' stain-free smears
  933. GOP gets scolded on recruitment
  934. Big Business Becoming Big Brother (Bingo! It's the Corpagov!)
  935. Porter Goss: Cheney Cat's Paw
  936. From one blunder to the next
  937. 'X' On Israeli Guns.. For Each Palestinian Killed
  938. Diplomacy sidelined as US targets Iran with fabrications
  939. US crude hits record $45 a barrel
  940. Blair faces vote of no-confidence over war (Long overdue)
  941. NYC Denies Anti-War Group's Parks Permit
  942. Playbill News: Cryptic Comedy "I'm Gonna Kill the President!" to Play Somewhere in NYC, Aug. 17-Sept. 4
  943. Pentagon plan for global anti-terror army (they all need rubber rooms)
  944. Is an August Surprise Brewing in America? :: Intervention Magazine :: War, Politics, Culture
  945. Iraq on a knife-edge
  946. Occupation HQ attacked in central Baghdad (Who's in control?)
  947. Gen. Franks Says Threat on Israel Justified Iraq Invasion - Reactions
  948. Istanbul Attack: Doubts about Al Qaeda Claim
  949. Counterbias: American Media - I'll Give You A Good Sound Bite
  950. U.N. warns Israel on Lebanese airspace violations
  951. Not Scared Yet? Try Connecting These Dots - Forums powered by Reason and Principle
  952. Don't Call it a Wall - by Ran HaCohen
  953. Dog Days- by Justin Raimondo
  954. China Rapidly Modernizes for War With U.S. (ooops)
  955. Democratic Party Platform Turns Toward the War Party (Choice: war or war?)
  956. Chalabi's party told to vacate offices
  957. British militants in Iraq risk treason charges
  958. A Disturbing Look at America--in Kansas (Going Out Of Business: Support Bush?)
  959. BBC NEWS | Europe | Cat pounces on pilot mid-flight (An Al-CIAda conspircy no doubt)
  960. Mysterious September 11 Breakfast Meeting on Capitol Hill
  961. Al-Qaeda is planning a big hit (Do we believe in corpagov fabrications?)
  962. U.S.-led forces to combat Afghan drug trade (and kill the CIA racket?!)
  963. US bombs Najaf as civilians urged to leave
  964. Is a USA Economic Collapse Due in 2005?
  965. Combatting The Surveillance Industrial Complex
  966. EU criticises Israel (Just about everybody nust be "antisemitic" or something)
  967. UN dismayed over Lebanese airspace violation by Israel
  968. Russia test-launches intercontinental ballistic missile (as in zdravsteetsye! Remember us?)
  969. Cheney's Old Company Can't Account for $1.8 Billion (oops - just like the defense department)
  970. Two sting operations raise disturbing questions about US terror alert (as in what terrorism?)
  971. Iraqi south threatens secession
  972. White House Nominee to Head the CIA has Dubious Links to the Terror Network
  973. U.S. Military Wounded Numbers More Than 6,000, Wash. Post Says
  974. Mossad deputy director: IDF has lost its morality
  975. Increasingly, Thoughtful American Jews Are Re-Thinking Zionism
  976. Proof We Stood Down During the Attacks of 9/11!!!!
  978. Deficit Hits Record 395.8 B Paying for War for Israel
  979. A War for Israel
  980. Iraq 'ended nuclear aims in 1991'
  981. Budget deficit hits record $395.8B
  982. BBC NEWS | Science/Nature | Expert slams wave threat inertia
  983. Pentagon 9/11: Getting the Facts Straight (??! Now explain the physical evidence that says this is bullshit)
  984. A fear of free speech
  985. How Far Will Bush Go? (Now here's an open question)
  986. Job Layoffs Under Bush Among Highest In US History (Is anybody paying attention?)
  987. White House Backs Off Bush Sales Tax Quip (Funny what the building does)
  988. What the Supreme Court Really Said about Jose Padilla
  989. Britons who take up arms for rebel cleric face life imprisonment, governmentwarns
  990. Iraqi-born Britons join Sadr's militia in battle for Najaf
  991. Young Londoners proud to be part of Sadr's army
  992. U.S. vows to 'finish' al-Sadr's militia, postpones offensive in Najaf (I.e., US will itself be finished - and thanks to whom?)
  993. U.S. launches offensive in Najaf
  994. Heavy bombing leaves 56 dead in Kut
  995. Blair Crisis of Confidence (What "crises"? There's been no confidence in years)
  996. Milestone of 1,000th U.S. Death in Iraq Looms for Bush (Talk about underestimation)
  997. Shell advert seeks 'our man in Iraq'
  998. Halliburton Questioned on $1.8 Billion Iraq Work - WSJ
  999. Blunkett plans to allow arrests for minor offences
  1000. Terror suspects lose detention challenge
  1001. Evidence gained by torture allowed by British judges (and the Vatican approves)
  1002. Kerry: "I would still have voted for Iraq war" (Mark those words)
  1003. US commanders stop troops from protecting Iraqi torture victims
  1004. Germany: workers respond angrily to deal at DaimlerChrysler (Ach Herr Schremp is at it as usual)
  1005. Free market blueprint for Australian intervention in PNG
  1006. Britain: government outlines plans to dismantle state education
  1007. Justice Disputes Key Terror Case Evidence
  1008. US moves to crush Shia uprising
  1009. Porter Goss? NO WAY!
  1012. How Reverends Enable Church Bombers
  1013. THE UNRAVELING (Economic engineering with no science, i.e. knowledge behind it)
  1014. Al-Qaeda computer geek nearly overthrew US (Loony)
  1015. War? What war?
  1016. Muzzling begins in Iraq
  1018. Rense.com Banned In Paris Over 'Content'! (Loopy)
  1019. Arrests for all offences proposed (UK: Everybody jaywalk or something)
  1020. India anti-terror law to be axed launching Al-CIAda into action
  1021. Strong indications of victory for President Hugo Ch&#-11;&#-11;vez (Another job for Al-CIAda?)
  1022. SUSPENSION OF IRS 1939?
  1023. Oil Hits New High As Iraq Fighting Rages - $45.50 A Barrel
  1024. Painting the Economy Into a Corner
  1025. The U.S. Governments Unbelievable Disrespect Towards The 9/11 Victim's Families
  1026. USA: Cable and Broadcast Associations Go into Secret Meetings with FCC - Forums powered by Reason and Principle
  1027. Israeli Army Detains BBC Journalists At Gunpoint For Three Hours
  1028. Sudan Accuses West of Seeking Its Oil and Gold (An accusation of obviousness)
  1029. U.S. Forces Storm Shiite Cleric's House
  1030. US Risks Alienating Muslim World by Attacking Ali Shrine (the proverbial last straw?)
  1031. Washington Post confesses it hid contrary reports on Iraq war
  1032. Nader vs. The ADL
  1033. Lawful Resistance to Occupation in Najaf
  1034. Sharon Furious Over Call to Close More Settlements (Hissy fits are for children and silly adults)
  1036. Disinformation: CIA Posing as Al-Qaeda? (Al-CIAda?!)
  1038. Nader's response to the ADL
  1039. Remote Pitcairn Islanders Ordered to Give Up Guns(Getting crazier every day)
  1040. The Doctored Clip Sean Hannity Doesn't Want You to Know About
  1041. Prewar Articles Questioning Threat Often Didn't Make Front Page (Really?!)
  1042. Top Massachusetts Bush donor contributed to Nader
  1043. Absentee ballot mailed to voters includes obsolete instructions
  1044. Report Says U.S. Is Draining Wetlands
  1045. FDA chief: [corpagov] Terrorists may target food, drug supply
  1046. Police to have power to arrest litterbugs (and the Brits are not tearingthese guys new assholes)
  1047. Police to get wider arrest powers (UK)
  1048. New bio-terrorism unit will guard against smallpox attack (Get real!)
  1049. The island idyll and the US occupation
  1050. Times 'Reporter' Is Subpoenaed in Leak Case (That's the lying whore Judith Miller)
  1051. Bush ready to take 'rap' over Iraq (If he can figure out what 'rap' means)
  1052. Pentagon says 43% of Halliburton's Iraq expenses are not verifiable (ooops)
  1053. Tareq Aziz Seeks Lawyers to Defend Him on Mass Murder Charges
  1054. ICRC concerned about civilian toll in Iraq
  1055. US bombs Najaf as civilians urged to leave
  1056. Inside the shrine, wounded return from bloody battle
  1057. Al-Sadr wounded in US Najaf blitz
  1058. Maintain holy war, hurt Sadr urges
  1059. Najaf's No. 2 Resigns In Protest At US 'Terrorist' Acts
  1060. Rift grows as Iranians caught fighting for Sadr
  1061. Shias call for split from Baghdad
  1062. BBC crew held by Israeli soldiers
  1063. Journalist shot, abducted
  1064. Google Search: "marvin bush" wtc security
  1065. Journalist shot, abducted
  1066. No Sex, Please, We're Republicans
  1067. Standing up to a right-wing witch hunt
  1068. Floridians still unsure all votes will count
  1069. Wrong Time for an E-Vote Glitch
  1070. Anti-Kerry group sees rise in donations after airing ads
  1071. Hecklers Banned At Bush Rallies
  1072. Kerry Takes Lead Over Bush in Florida
  1073. Kerry opens poll leads in several key states
  1074. Keyes Wants to End Election of Senators
  1075. Study: Tax Burden Shifts to Middle Class
  1076. Bush Tax Cuts Heavily Favor Rich, CBO Says -Reports
  1077. Bush Wants to Be Your Shrink
  1078. Fraud: The Secrets of Bush's Payroll Records Revealed
  1079. CIA nominee called too partisan
  1080. Goss's Wish List
  1081. Undercover Cops Have Infiltrated Anti-RNC Groups: Police Sources
  1082. GOP Senator: Ashcroft 'retaliated' against prosecutors
  1083. U.S.: 'No legal rights' for detainees
  1084. Lawyers unite to condemn US prison camp
  1085. Judge: No deposing of Guantanamo official
  1086. US questions Japan's pacifism ([snort])
  1087. Bush to Announce US Troop Overseas Repositioning Monday -Faux
  1088. Bush 'to move 100,000 troops'
  1089. Oil price tops $US46.50
  1090. The Post on WMDs: An Inside Story
  1091. The real reasons Bush went to war
  1092. British journalist freed by Sadr
  1093. Massive Rally in Bahrain to Protest US Blitz in Iraq
  1094. U.S. Halts Najaf Attacks; Iraqis Seek Truce Accord
  1095. US atrocity in Najaf
  1096. US Offensive In Najaf 'Genocide': Law Experts
  1097. Will Goss Turn the CIA Loose on Americans?
  1098. Syria rebuffs IDF chief on Golan Height withdrawal
  1099. Nader defends Israel 'puppeteer' comments
  1100. New bogus 9/11 effort -- "In Plane Site" movie based on phony evidence
  1101. US trade gap defies expectations, hits record (Not my expectations)
  1102. New Zealand imposes diplomatic sanctions on Israel over Mossad operation
  1103. Al-Sadr demands interim government resign
  1104. NBC staffers arrested in airport ploy
  1105. Iraqi-Americans demand U.S. pullout from homeland
  1106. Bush administration stepping up pressure to stop Iran's nuclear program
  1107. Jewish American arrested in Iran
  1108. Spain complains over warning shots at Gaza checkpoint
  1109. US trade deficit hits $56bn record as exports tumble
  1110. Bush to announce US troop pullouts from Europe, Asia on Monday: report
  1111. Kerry and the Democratic campaign: a descent into farce
  1112. John-F-Kennedy.net - Executive Order 11110 (The "why" of it all)
  1113. Signers on the Ad Hoc Committee for a New Bretton Woods.
  1114. Who Owns the Fed?
  1116. AlterNet: The Drug Profiteers
  1117. Pakistan has penetrated Al Qaeda (BS hierarchy grows more)
  1118. New bogus 9/11 effort -- "In Plane Site" movie based on phony evidence
  1119. Iraqi Moderates Now Regard US As Enemy
  1120. Bushs Boogeyman: Scaring America for Political Gain
  1121. Can the Pentagon be trusted to investigate itself? (Can anybody?)
  1122. Reinventing the War Party (neolib/neocon: 2 sides of one coin - bad penny)
  1123. D.C. Exasperated by Security [harrassment] Measures
  1124. Where is the money? (Trillions corpagov still can't account for -Cheney's pockets?)
  1125. Cyprus Govt. Admits CIA Campaign Against Indymedia
  1126. Defending money
  1127. Zionist choppers shell electricity station in Rafah
  1128. Israel is involved in every conflict in and outside the Arab world. The more conflicts within the Arabs the stronger is Israel. -
  1129. Julia Child's letter to Smith College
  1130. U.S.: 'No legal rights' for detainees (This means exactly ANYONE)
  1131. Sadr prepared to accept UN troops in Iraq (But will they be allowed?)
  1132. Nader Stands up to ADL's Omissions on Palestine/Israel
  1133. At least 180 Congolese refugees massacred in UN camp in Burundi
  1134. An Israeli / Rove Connection?
  1135. The 2004 Elections - or whatever they are
  1136. U.S. Halts Free Flow Of Information From Iraq (Democracy!)
  1137. Payola Pioneering: Exposing the Bush Pioneer/Ranger Network
  1138. Get ready to vote again, suckers!
  1139. Fidel Castro's speech about the implications of Bush been a recovered alcoholic - PRAVDA.Ru
  1140. The Preemptive Invasion of Iraq Was Staged in the Service of Israel
  1141. Blair signs Olympic Truce despite Iraq (Contradiction is Irrelevant)
  1142. Rumsfeld escapes blame in 'whitewash' Abu Ghraib report (You were expecting some degree of truth?!)
  1143. Iranian Snubs Olympic Gold.. 'For Palestine'
  1144. U.S. to Pull 70,000 Troops from Europe, Asia (What's wrong with this picture?)
  1145. THE WAR FOR ISRAEL - (and you thought the oil was for the U.S.)
  1146. Israeli Espionage: When a Honey Trap Goes Bad A Governor Resigns (His punishment)
  1147. Israeli Armed Forces Chief Trying To Trick World On Golan: Syria
  1148. Harkin wants Bush to end 'backdoor draft' of troops
  1149. Anti-US protests erupt across Mideast
  1150. US Ordered To Give Rights Groups Torture Papers
  1151. Cannabis may block growth of brain cancer (that which afflicts all government?)
  1152. Shia backlash wrecks US strategy (What strategy? Tactics, perhaps)
  1153. Destruction Of Iman Ali Shrine - Bush Plan For Total War
  1154. Iraq [i.e., US] Evicts Reporters From Najaf
  1155. Venezuela Voters Turn Out in Huge Numbers
  1156. Israel, the ultimate swing state? In Election 2004, true battlegrounds may be across the sea
  1157. Kerry's success activated terrorism alert
  1158. U.S. Supports Anti-democratic Forces In Venezuela Recall
  1159. US says Iraq hostilities not covered by Olympic truce :-)
  1160. Al-Sadr: Iraqi government worse than Hussein
  1161. Daily Kos || Gratuitous late summer Tribute to Dean Democrats... (The only salvation possible)
  1162. End the lies: Howard must go! (long overdue)
  1163. Police want you to pay for their wire taps (Wacko Canadian Police)
  1164. Explosion at BP U.S. refinery (Mostly ignored by media?)
  1165. Rumsfeld escapes blame in 'whitewash' Abu Ghraib report
  1166. Bush accused of exploiting hurricane in Florida as he offers aid to disasterarea
  1167. F.B.I. Goes Knocking for Political Troublemakers (Wacko Nazi US)
  1168. Were The 9/11 Hijackers Really Arabs? Maybe Not (What hijackers?)
  1169. Iran Warns Its Missiles Can Hit Anywhere in Israel
  1170. A Day Of Life And Death At Iraq's Imam Ali Shrine
  1171. Najaf Battle.. Allawi's Govt. Biggest Loser
  1172. Aljazeera.Net - Chavez celebrates victory
  1173. Gaza: Thousands back hunger strike
  1174. Aljazeera.Net - The elusive truth about oil reserve figures
  1175. The NarcoSphere || UK's Independent Newspaper Falsifies Venezuela Election Results!
  1176. Venezuelas Opposition Resorts to Phony Exit Polls
  1177. Powell Links Japan UN Seat to Constitution (Powell will only shut up wjen he's dead)
  1178. Israeli helicopters fire missiles at industrial zone near Gaza City
  1179. Paper trail showed the machine missed votes in Spanish.
  1180. U.S. Casts Fugitive as a Super-Villain
  1181. Political protesters come under FBI questioning
  1182. Israel's pipe dream: getting oil from Iraq
  1183. Report: Sacred Najaf Mosque Booby-Trapped
  1185. Chavez Appears to Survive Referendum
  1186. This could end in sanctions against Israel
  1187. Kurdish Michigan Resident Wrongfully Detained by Dept. of Homeland Security
  1188. Saddam agents on Syria border helped move banned materials - The Washington Times: Nation/Politics - August 16, 2004(A Giant Load of Crap)
  1189. The Advertiser: 'Plot' to kill British PM thwarted [17aug04] (Another Load of Crap)
  1190. Telegraph | News | Police fire at reporters as US tanks roll up to shrine
  1191. Dick Cheney, Hugo Chavez and Bill Clinton's Band
  1192. Carter: Observers Agree with Chavez Recall Results
  1193. Chavez "survived quite easily the referendum"
  1194. Suppress the Vote?
  1195. Two weeks before Republican convention: New York City denies demonstrators' new bid for park permit
  1196. The Attack on Najaf: the Ultimate Stupidity
  1197. Zvi Bar'el: Theater of the Absurd in Iraq
  1198. War on the Poor: "A Risk No Sane Person Would Take" (Pay Attention)
  1199. Destruction of the Imam Ali Shrine: Part of the Bushcon Plan for Total War
  1200. FBI says al-Qaida operating cells in U.S., using non-Arabs (Al-CIAda?)
  1201. Governor's gay affair makes no impact in poll (Correctly guessed as dirty trick?)
  1202. Haaretz - Israel News - A degrading memorial
  1203. CIA-backed opposition suffers defeat in Venezuelan referendum
  1204. Fighting in Najaf exposes an unpopular, isolated Iraqi regime
  1205. Israel Invites Bids in Construction Plan
  1206. Mercenaries In Arab Dress Attacking Najaf
  1207. U.S. to Remove Up to 70,000 Troops from Europe, Asia (Um - "within a decade"?! Another red flag?)
  1208. Churchill And Hitler
  1209. NBC Said To Have Mounted Media Ploy To 'Prove' Security Lapses
  1210. IBLNEWS : Una candidata republicana al Senado pide el boicot a Bruce Springsteen
  1211. Rigorous Intuition: The Coincidence Theorist's Guide to 9/11
  1212. Subterfuge that deceives parents
  1213. Israel plans 1,000 new settlement homes (Contrary to ...)
  1214. Latest polls have Howard trailing badly
  1215. Militia Set Fire to Iraq Oil Well in New Tactic
  1216. 'Boiling Point': Who's to Blame for Global Warming? (Lying and idiocy from all sides)
  1217. Saving the Vote
  1218. Kerry Would Allow Overseas Drug Imports; Bush's Pharmaceutical TerroristsWorry
  1219. Illinois Governor Launching Program to Reimport Drugs Move May Force FDA'sHand
  1220. The Cleveland Airport Mystery of 9/11
  1221. The Secret Hijacking
  1222. Caught On Tape: Cops Use Taser Gun On Man Trying to Get Home (FL)
  1223. 'NY Times' Gets 2 More Subpoenas in Plame Case
  1224. Howard was told of doubts on Iraq weapons, says Blix
  1225. Rumsfeld rejects 'Fortress America' charge (More snarling and stupid barking)
  1226. State Dept. presses case against Iran (Liar Powell is at it again)
  1227. Iraqi police threaten to kill reporters
  1228. Iraq Prison Abuse Whistleblower in Protective Custody Following Death Threats, Family Says - from TBO.com
  1229. Fahrenheit 911 cancelled after warning from US Embassy
  1230. Ticket ripped because of sticker
  1231. Venezuelans give Chavez landslide win
  1232. Harkin: Cheney's comments 'cowardly'
  1233. Bush's Withdrawal From the World
  1234. US 'bounty hunter' claims FBI links
  1235. Israel kills five in attempt to assassinate a Hamas leader
  1236. Entertainment News - Fahrenheit 9/11 banned but popular in Kuwait
  1237. Mirror.co.uk - KERRY IS QUEEN'S COUSIN (Bingo!)
  1238. Darfuris Made Pawns in Western Power Play for Oil
  1239. John L. Hess: No to Recall; Yes to Democracy
  1240. Forums - Iran: If Israel attacks us, we'll blow up Dimona Nuclear Reactor
  1241. Northcountry Chronicles - The Matter with Kansas
  1242. US military to hit 'arc of crisis' -DAWN - International; 18 August, 2004
  1243. FL Eyewitness Death Count Close to 400 Now (and the necessary equipment is in Iraq being useless there too)
  1244. COINTELPRO TIMELINE from 1700
  1245. Democracy Now! | Exclusive: Israeli Nuclear Whistleblower Mordechai Vanunu Risks Jail To Speak to Democracy Now! in First Nat'l U.S. Interview
  1246. Americans running private 'war on terror' allege cover-up
  1247. Specter of a police state FBI "anti-terror" task force targets Bush administration opponents
  1248. US to move military bases closer to Russian borders (oops)
  1249. Bank [of England] unanimous on rates rise
  1250. Raytheon Delivers Exoatmospheric Kill Vehicle
  1251. Blair's 'freebie' summer holidays irk Britons
  1252. Human shields pour into holy city
  1253. Gaza settlers building hothouses to boost compensation
  1254. How to steal Sudanese Oil While Pretending to be a Humanitarian
  1255. Israel Is Given a Free Hand Ahead of US Elections
  1256. Bush is Wrong, Kerry is Wrong
  1257. Sifting media's fakes and pains
  1258. Gods of War, Gods of Greed and Profiteers of Misery (Truth)
  1259. Today Iraq, tomorrow Iran for Jewish Zionist Extremists
  1260. De facto dictatorship USA
  1261. 'WAR MAY BE A TOTAL WASTE' (May be?!)
  1262. ACLU Denounces FBI Tactics Targeting Political Protestors
  1263. Iraqi cleric agrees to disband militia (He'll be sorry)
  1264. U-S withholds judgment on Israeli plan for 1,000 new homes in West Bank
  1265. The Voice of the White House Lies, and Lies, and Lies ad nauseum
  1266. Indiana Airport Shut as Bag Leaks Sickening Liquid (Probably Kim Chee)
  1267. Iran a Nuclear Threat, U.S. Says (So is my aunt Tilly)
  1268. Sadr surprised by threats, had agreed to mediators demands (He's sorry already)
  1269. Jewish groups to counter Jews for Jesus evangelism campaign (Fine. Just leave me out of it)
  1270. Iran warns of pre-emptive strike (Turn about is fair play?)
  1271. The Case Against George W. Bush
  1272. IRAN WILL DESTROY ISRAELI NUCLEAR FACILITIES (Their bombs; get their bombs)
  1273. Sources: Prof claims gay affair with Cipel (As the soup thickens)
  1274. Bush Cancels Funding for Important Weather Satellite Program
  1275. Group of unions sues state over provisional ballot law
  1276. FBI Expects [Foments] Violence at GOP Convention
  1277. Judge holds five reporters in contempt for withholding sources
  1278. 57-year-old veteran called for duty (It's the corpagov, stupid.)
  1279. Military Boost May Spark Unrest (We need much more unrest)
  1280. U.S. Says No Troops Training for Iraq in Israel (If they deny it, it's true)
  1281. GOP Legislator Assails Iraq War
  1282. Journalist killed in Fallujah
  1283. Bush to Bring War Home: Troops to Fight Americans (Sounds about what's been planned)
  1284. Bush Troop Realignment Plan Is Decried
  1285. NYPD to Shadow 56 Protesters Believed Most Dangerous (loony tunes)
  1286. FBI's Albany terror "sting" begins to unravel
  1287. Border Patrol union says new rules 'muzzle' critics of the agency
  1288. Clashes erupt despite cleric's agreement to disband militia (Let's pretend we didn't hear)
  1289. Imprisoned Decency
  1290. Torture and ill-treatment of child detainees in Israel
  1291. ER doctor in Pittsburgh fired amid anthrax probe
  1292. Israel's Top Court Upholds Dropping of Sharon Case
  1293. Iraq Says Offensive Vs. Cleric to Start (I'm not listening)
  1294. Sadr must be dealt with: Rice (I'm deaf)
  1295. Dershowitz presses for preemptive attack on Iran
  1296. An Interview with Mordechai Vanunu
  1297. Al Qaeda Does Not Exist and Never Has
  1298. Al Qaeda's Chief Of Ops Has Startling Background
  1299. Sharon loses crucial party vote preventing what he doesn't want (setup!)
  1300. Turks.US - Jewish Extremists Tear Up Qur'an Copies In Ibrahimi Mosque
  1301. British Gas keen to supply Iran gas to India
  1302. Mirror.co.uk - ARROGANT HOON (should have been drowned at birth)
  1303. Mohamed Atta loved pork chops, and 49 other things you may not know
  1304. 100,000 Radiations - A Review (Israel has a penchant for genocide)
  1305. Iraqi soccer players angered by Bush campaign ads featuring team
  1306. Mortar hits U.S. Baghdad embassy
  1307. Sacred Shrine in Najaf Damaged, Fighting Rages Outside
  1308. U.S. Poll Firm in Hot Water in Venezuela (Did anybody expect truth from paid liars?)
  1309. Fierce Fighting in Iraq's Najaf, Sadr Defiant
  1310. FBI backs off terror alert in Arizona (All in error - deliberately, of course)
  1311. Long Range Acoustic Device Weapons On Hand At RNC (that will be very exposed)
  1312. LetsRoll911.org - Networking all the 911 people Together . . . United we stand!
  1313. VA Opens Center for Faith-Based and Community Initiatives
  1314. Senators Ask Where $8.8 Bln in Iraq Funds Went (and why weren't the assholes asking about the $3B, three years ago?!)
  1315. AntidepressantsFacts: Protect Your Children Against Screening - the PPRA
  1316. Countdown to World War Three
  1317. Americas Workers Set to Protest Bush Overtime Pay Take-Away
  1318. Maxine Gentle's letter to Tony Blair
  1319. A war of words: dead soldier's sister tells PM, 'You don't care'
  1320. Sen. Kennedy Lands on 'No Fly' List
  1321. 'Terror' Election Barring Voters Could Stand
  1322. Election Extension
  1323. Game Wardens to use M-16 rifles donated by government (?! vicious fish?)
  1324. Pinkas' U.S. job on hold (US puppets?)
  1325. Defense lawyer: Cole evidence lacks 'credibility'
  1326. Doctor who claimed to be lover of man at center of storm over NJ governor arrested
  1327. IOL: Iraqi Olympians denounce 'criminal' Bush
  1328. Sinking in Their Own Sea of Lies (The fish stinks from the head)
  1329. Conflicting reports over Imam Ali mosque
  1330. B E L L A C I A O - Israeli Sexpionage : The McGreevey, Condit and Clinton Affairs -
  1331. Definition of Fascism
  1332. U.S. Forces Bombard Holy Site After Al-Sadr Offers to Leave
  1333. Evidence of Cipel Alleged Extortion Demand
  1334. Kerry Calls Ad Group a 'Front for the Bush Campaign'
  1335. Friendly Fire: The Birth of an Anti-Kerry Ad
  1336. FOX's Cameron doctored a Kerry quotation to cas ... [Media Matters for America]
  1337. T-shirt tolerance: Bush loses test
  1338. Florida Republican Party Subject of Discrimination Lawsuit
  1339. Lawyers for Fla. congressman argue for paper ballots
  1340. Kennedy has company on airline watch list
  1341. NYC Denies All Central Park Rally Permits
  1342. Bush Religion Adviser Quits Campaign Post (unsurprising)
  1343. US general violated speech rules
  1344. US forces coming to oil-rich Gulf of Guinea USAF Commander
  1345. Jeb Bush Declares 'Elections Emergency' in Florida
  1346. YellowTimes.org - "Why the 2004 election pretty much sucks"
  1347. Tensions Escalate Between Israel, Iran
  1348. Kerry says Bush Broke the Law in TV Ad Dispute (That's it?!!)
  1349. US news media admits promoting lies about Iraq's WMD (How about not lying?)
  1350. Indonesians protest US military action in Najaf
  1351. 37 captured Iraqis summarily executed: sources
  1352. 'Death after death, blood after blood'
  1353. Najaf Standoff Continues; 90 Killed, 70 Hurt In Iraq Battles
  1354. Edwards Assails Veterans Group Ad as Lies
  1355. Anti-Kerry ads have GOP links
  1356. Former POW Resigns From Bush Campaign
  1357. Bush Campaign Drops Swift Boat Ad Figure (Just wait for the next crap)
  1358. Volunteer links anti-Kerry flier to GOP
  1359. Swift boat skipper: Kerry critics wrong
  1360. Graphic Designer Fired After Heckling Bush
  1361. Marines Make Website Take Down Information On Riot Control Agents
  1362. 200 locked away & under the radar
  1363. Indians languishing in US detention center
  1364. U.S. Opens 1st Northern Border Air Patrol Station
  1365. Five Georgian policemen injured in clashes over future Caspian oil pipeline
  1366. Japan to join US in arms production
  1367. U.S. planning space weapons, Russian envoy says
  1368. Remote-Control Explosions Pose Threat in Afghanistan
  1369. Najaf erupts as US death toll tops 600
  1370. Iraqi Desertion Rate Exceeds 80%
  1371. Exposed: scandal of double voters
  1372. 2004 RNC Delegates (The List)
  1373. Terror watch lists are riddled with errors
  1374. The price of anarchy
  1375. U.S. economy, oil contracts & war
  1376. US Changes West Bank Policy to Help Sharon
  1377. Bonkers Bolton Threatens Iran
  1379. Some in Meadville upset about theater canceling Moore film
  1380. Advertisers Go Digital to Track Ads (Lovely - simply darling)
  1381. FBI Launches 'Preemptive' Investigations
  1382. West stepping up propaganda campaign against Irans nuclear program
  1383. De Facto Dictatorship USA
  1384. For Mayor, Antiwar Protest Makes a Pro-Stadium Case
  1385. Iranian Defense Minister has been misquoted on preemptive strike
  1386. FBI Comes Calling on Activist Software Engineer
  1387. An expos&#-11;&#-11; of dishonest media coverage of the Israel-Palestine conflict
  1388. DU Syndrome Stricken Vets Denied Care
  1389. Movers take off with property (Read this one quickly before it's "corrected")
  1390. Movers' ring uses shady tactics, illegal workers, watchdogs say
  1391. The Zionists and Torture in Iraq
  1392. Community acts to get family back on its feet
  1393. East Coast Moving Systems Victims
  1396. USATODAY.com - Military embrace of 'non-lethal' energy weapons sparks debate
  1397. Mad cow disease added to alert list - National - www.smh.com.au
  1398. Hippocratic oath a casualty of war
  1399. US tanks close in on Najaf mosque rebels
  1400. Embassy letter opened doors for Idema
  1401. Man accused of running private Afghan jail had U.S. letter
  1404. The Untermensch Syndrome
  1405. Besieged Al-Sadr keeps grip on shrine
  1406. Swift Boat Stooges for Bush
  1407. Daniel Patrick Welch articles - Parade of Nations, Parade of Ignorance - One Fan's Disillusionment with the TV Games - 8/04
  1408. Non-aligned states want sanctions on Israel
  1409. al-Qaida Said to Recruit in Latin America - Mythical and convenient excuse, Al-CIAda
  1410. Cover-Up Alleged in Probe of USS Liberty
  1412. Over 10,000 deserters from IDF in the last year
  1413. 2 Ex-I.R.S. Lawyers' Licenses Suspended for Misconduct
  1414. Select crowds get to 'Ask President Bush' - or Daffy Duck
  1416. Shiite Rebels from Mehdis Army Attacked the Prison in Amara and Released the Prisoner
  1417. Anti-Israel German Politician Did Not Kill Himself: Friends - Forums powered by Reason and Principle
  1418. F-16.net :: News - U.S. [Puppet] agrees not to sell AMRAAM to Egypt
  1419. What Americans Don't Know--Things I Learned From My FBI "Interviews" - Forums powered by Reason and Principle
  1420. Life After the Oil Crash
  1421. Iraq southern oil pipeline shut after attack
  1422. Why was Senator Kennedy placed on US "no fly" list?
  1423. Germany: Which way forward in the struggle against Hartz IV?
  1424. Inquest resumes into 1953 death at Porton Down (Brits also experiment on their people)
  1425. Reincarnating Mengele: the Torture Doctors of Abu Ghraib
  1426. Jason Leopold: How Cheney Got Away with $35 Million Before the Feds Launched a Probe of Halliburton
  1427. Lance Selfa: To ABB or Not to ABB?
  1428. The Property Rights Origins of Privacy Rights
  1429. Mossad and Moving Companies: Masterminds of Global Terrorism?
  1430. Aljazeera.Net - Arab football team makes history for Israel
  1431. Secretive testing firms certify nation's vote count machines
  1432. NEWS.com.au | Blair refuses accept US award (August 23, 2004)
  1433. Bush campaign won't stop running Olympics ad despite request from U.S. organizing committee
  1434. PM was told war would spur terrorism (AU)
  1435. More Holes in the Official Story: The 9/11 Cell Phone Calls (Ahh - the nonexistent phone calls)
  1436. "These are the landlords of your planet. Some are fictional -- like Tom Brokaw."
  1437. Regime Change in Sudan (anither invasion for oil coming up?)
  1438. Bolton: Iraq, er, ah, I mean Iran, that's it, IRAN, threatens us with nuclear weapons
  1439. Israel OKs More West Bank Settlement Homes
  1440. Secrecy shrouds US e-vote (faith based voting?)
  1441. Why Israel is not a democracy
  1442. US deal 'wrecks Middle East peace' (deal = capitulation)
  1443. Rumsfeld Asked To Account For $8.8 Billion Iraq Money (Any answer has got to be hilarious)
  1444. Buchanan Against the Empire- by Justin Raimondo (interesting reading)
  1445. Someone claiming to be a Muslim group claims Jewish Paris attack (The phoney one?!)
  1446. Is Najaf the first battle of WWIII? (maybe)
  1447. Bushs Mountain of a Problem
  1448. Israeli Asher Karni & Nuclear Terrorism Network (Unreported - keep an eye on it)
  1449. How the "Washington Post" Promoted a War
  1450. Warning of blockades across UK as petrol prices rise
  1451. Anger as Bush bids to exploit Olympic games (exploit is his middle name)
  1452. The Ostrovsky Files - Chemical & Biological weapons in Israel
  1453. Israel's Mossad Still Leading Suspect In Assassination of Sweden's Anna Lindh
  1454. Israeli Terrorists Mysteriously Released by Mexico
  1455. Mossad local assistants or sayanim operating in western countries
  1456. UPI Interview with Gen. Hameed Gul - '911 was work of Mossad & CIA, not BinLaden'
  1457. 115 Non-Aligned Nations Urge Sanctions Against Israel
  1458. Fables of the Reconstruction
  1459. ADL spied on Americans and stole FBI files
  1460. Mossad expects airliner attack related to Olympics (Really planned by whom?)
  1461. SignOnSanDiego.com > News > World -- French investigators skeptical about unknown group that claimed responsibility for attack on Paris Jewish center
  1462. How the mighty Post has fallen
  1463. All About Money (It's what's for dinner - you just can't afford it: Germany 1930s revisted)
  1464. Soccer: We're No Symbol of Freedom, Iraq Coach Says
  1465. US Starts New Operation To Edge Closer To Iran
  1466. Ralph Nader: A Shameful and Unsavory Editorial
  1467. Anti-Muslim Hate Rhetoric Sounds Like Tel Aviv TV
  1468. CNN: 'Hijacker' Visa Found in Flight 93 Wreckage (Ahuh - sure - absolutely)
  1469. A Chill in Florida
  1470. New Fla. Ballot Called Confusing (again?!)
  1471. Faith-Based Missile Defense (Is faith based the same as sucker based, or illusory?)
  1472. US military justice on trial when Hicks enters court (faith based justice too?!)
  1473. Iraq GIs allowed to avoid trials
  1474. Group Threatens U.S.-Led Troops in Iraq Over Najaf (A faith based group?)
  1475. Telegraph | News | Child soldiers square up to US tanks
  1476. Shrine wall damaged as Najaf bombed
  1477. No End to the Violence in Najaf
  1478. Bank with close ties to Bush administration engulfed in scandal
  1479. Australia's highest court sanctions indefinite detention
  1480. Kerry's dilemma: defending medals from a criminal war
  1481. Erstes Fl&#-11;&#-11;chtlingslager der EU soll schon bald in Libyen entstehen
  1482. Heftige Konflikte in Ungarns sozial-liberaler Regierung
  1483. Cancer Epidemic Caused by US WMD: DU
  1484. Depleted Uranium: The Trojan Horse of Nuclear War LEUREN MORET / World Affairs &#-11;&#-11;&#-11; The Journal of International Issues 1jul04
  1485. International Criminal Tribunal For Afghanistan at Tokyo - Final Written Opinion of Judge Niloufer Bhagwat 10mar04
  1486. Discounted casualties - the human cost of depleted uranium
  1487. Depleted Uranium: Dirty Bombs, Dirty Missles, Dirty Bullets, A Death Sentence Here and Abroad
  1488. TCS: Tech Central Station - McNamara's Bank
  1489. Kerry deals away his ace in the hole
  1490. Neocon Treason
  1491. What kind of favor is Bush doing?
  1492. Kerry Against Bush - Why Is This About Vietnam? (Diversion?)
  1493. Can Americans Be Fooled Again? (Yup - they're no smarter now)
  1494. Omissions, Contradictions and Falsehoods (What on earth did you expect?)
  1495. US Bombs Imam Ali Mosque Again; Resistance Holding Firm
  1496. Fatah splinter group calls for killing Arafat (Taurine excrement)
  1497. The Olympics in Greece, everyone is welcome, except Bush
  1498. Libs Desert "War Criminal" John Howard
  1499. Ralph Nader: 'Once you accept the anything-but-Bush position, the brain really does close down'
  1500. Israel rounds up hundreds of Palestinians
  1501. FREEWAYBLOGGER.com - Free Speech: Use It or Lose It (Need a hobby?)
  1502. Neocons Seek Vindication in Escalation
  1503. Cook 'troubled' by terror raids (because they're merely tools of intimidation)
  1504. US changes West Bank policy to help Sharon (that's the tit. What's the tat?)
  1505. Abu Ghraib Report Faults Top Officials (What will that matter? Nothing)
  1506. The Tale of Two Jarrahs
  1507. Officials Say Inquiry Also Confirms Prisoners Were Hidden From Aid Groups(Big bark; no bite)
  1508. Abu Ghraib's teenage horror
  1509. Why Does The US Govt Have An Al Qaeda Training Manual On-Line?
  1510. Hijacker's farewell love letter (Um - just how stupid are we assumed to be?)
  1511. VENEZUELA: Paper Trails Hold the Key to Preventing Electoral Fraud (A novel idea to be sure)
  1512. Caving in to Sharon
  1513. William Hughes: The Zev and Ari Show
  1514. US To Attack N Korea At The End Of October?
  1515. Anti-9/11 device can control planes (It's actually over 5 years old - hmmmm)
  1516. Rumsfeld among those blamed in abuse report
  1517. 'Rumsfeld shares blame for Iraq prison abuse'
  1518. 'Ending Iraqi insurgency could take upto 10 yrs' (Only 10 years?!)
  1519. 10 Out of 10 Terrorists Want--Bush
  1520. Joe Bageant: Driving on the Bones of God
  1521. Jeremy Scahill: John Kerry, the Warchurian Candidate
  1522. Denying Atrocities: From Vietnam to Fallujah
  1523. William Loren Katz: The Meaning of Hugo Chavez
  1524. Attorney Works for Bush, Anti-Kerry Group
  1525. U.S. Warns of Terror Strike on Uzbekistan (US babbles anything selfserving)
  1526. Jury in Lawyer's Trial Sees Jail Videos (Kafka lives!)
  1527. EPA: U.S. Waterways Contain Polluted Fish (mercury, dioxins, PCBs & heavy metals - yummy!)
  1528. Russian Plane Crashes, Another Disappears (russia playing Al-CIAda also?)
  1529. Nuclear Regulatory Cpmmission Policy Statement (uh-oh)
  1530. Public Citizen | Critical Mass Energy and Environment Program | Critical Mass Energy and Environment Program - Public Citizen's Comments on the NRC's "Environmental Justice" Policy Proposal
  1532. CBS News | The 'Texas Miracle' | August 25, 2004 15:24:04 - And Bush's Fraud
  1533. Mary Starrett -- Shut Up And Take Your Drugs
  1534. The Bush Dynasty and the Cuban Criminals
  1535. High alert after Russia jet crash - and the framee is?!
  1536. There's A Place For US
  1537. The US Invasion of Iraq was perhaps the most cowardly War ever fought inHistory
  1539. Iraqi resistance celebrated in Brazil
  1540. Top Shi'ite cleric calls for march on Najaf
  1541. S.Africa Police Arrest Thatcher Son in Coup Probe
  1542. Heavy fighting continues in Najaf - Sistani will arrive within hours.
  1543. Russian Jet Crashes Kill at Least 135
  1544. Militia's other weapon: videos
  1545. In run-up to Republican convention: 24-hour surveillance of protest organizers
  1546. Georgian pres. warns of war with Russia
  1547. US troops trap Najaf holy shrine, Sistani tells Iraqis to march to save thecity
  1548. US moves to banish foreign banks suspected of money laundering LMAO
  1549. Jerusalem Post | Breaking News from Israel, the Middle East and the Jewish World
  1550. US warplanes violate Iran's air space Persian Journal Latest Iran News, news Tehran Iranian News persian news web site sport irani news iranians site farsi women sport woman, newspaper football
  1551. Why Bush is not so welcome in small-town America
  1552. AlterNet: War on Iraq: The Thief of Baghdad
  1553. The Neocon Civil War (and sounds of pleasure from the rest of us)
  1555. Air experts doubt accident theory (Re Russian air crashes)
  1556. Russians still not ruling out terrorism
  1557. A Look At The Powerful Jewish Lobby In America
  1558. Bush Campaign Lawyer Quits Over Ties to Ad Group
  1559. US seeking reason to act against Iran (Gee - I never would have guessed)
  1560. Concerns Mount over Major Web Strike (By Al-CIAda and Al-MOSSADa)
  1561. Rosenbaum to Dubya's rascue! (Smirking moron author)
  1562. General says U.S. forces tortured Iraqis
  1563. Cheney breaks with president to back same-sex marriages (until next week- or because he doesn't want to antagonize his daughter?)
  1564. Portsmouth Herald Local News: Temp worker outraged at Nader petition drive
  1565. Cleland Tries to Deliver Letter to Bush
  1566. U.S. Prepares for Possible Flu Outbreak (or Prepares Flu Outbreak)
  1567. GAO: Legacy systems hamper Army reservists' pay
  1568. Casualties as mortar hits mosque
  1569. Hicks pleads not guilty
  1570. Hicks abuse allegations confirmed: father
  1571. Kerry Calls for Rumsfeld's Resignation (everybody rushes to pay attention)
  1572. Bail set for mosque leaders (Another frameup bites the dust; it's what's for lunch)
  1573. Judge Bars Use of Central Park for Huge Rally
  1574. NY Court Says Anti-Bush Protesters Can't Use Park
  1575. Yahoo! News - Central New York an armed fortress for Republican convention
  1576. MPs plan to impeach Blair over Iraq war record (believeit when you see it)
  1577. down with murder inc
  1578. New European Commission dedicated to free market offensive (Not good)
  1579. Smell of burnt flesh, blood smeared on streets of Najaf's Old city
  1580. Iraqi police raid Najaf hotel, round up journalists at gunpoint
  1581. America winning battle, losing the war
  1582. 'Electronic Jihad' fails to materialise (Who would profit?)
  1583. Digital attacks on Winamp use 'skins' for camouflage (A nontrivial reality)
  1584. US Launches Biggest Offensive On Fallujah Yet; 28 US Soldiers Reported Killed
  1585. MPs launch bid to impeach Blair
  1586. Virus worms way into webcams (A Big Brother virus?)
  1588. Attack on Iraq mosque 'kills 25'
  1589. Putin's hands on the oil pumps (hmmmmm)
  1590. Ranks of Poverty, Uninsured Rose in 2003 (Understatements)
  1591. GOP Platform Chairman Frist Lets Cat Out of Bag:
  1592. Sorry George W, you are no Rudy G
  1593. Poll: Most NYers support protests (Unsurprising)
  1594. More On Charley Death Toll Coverup
  1595. Judge calls Partial-Birth Abortion Act unconstitutional
  1596. New Zealand High Court overturns conviction for flag burning
  1597. Conspiracy and the Constitution
  1598. Discover U.S. finger prints in Darfur!
  1599. Sadr loyalty grows, even as Sistani returns
  1600. US intelligence tortures and abuses Iraqi children
  1601. Mining the Matrix: Government Still Salivates Over Big Brother Database Created by Cocaine Smuggler
  1602. Fears of a cover-up in double plane crash Russia
  1604. Bush Versus Kerry: The Fake Debate
  1605. Talks between Sistani, Sadr camps begin in Najaf
  1606. 22 killed as Sistani, Sadr supporters fired on
  1607. Saboteurs attack about 20 Iraq pipelines (and who were they?)
  1608. Guantanamo abuses amount to war crimes
  1609. Ayatollah reaches peace deal with al-Sadr (hhhmm)
  1610. War Without End :: View topic - ZIONIST NEOCON TIMELINE FOR WAR (extensive & documented)
  1611. GOP Delegates Met With Anti-Bush Signs
  1612. Why is the Country so Divided? (The Weimar scenario - but we say it isn't)
  1613. Tikkun: The Current Thinking - A Nation of Prisoners
  1614. The MadCow Morning News - Was Bush Spy Pick on Agency Hit Team?
  1615. Outspoken Canadian Legislator Calls U.S. 'Idiots' (That's about right)
  1616. Penn Station Security Tight For Convention (To prevent Amendment I)
  1617. Anti-Bush NY Protests Could Spark Confrontation
  1618. Scandals have eroded US public's confidence in drug industry
  1619. FBI Says Al-Qaida May Target VA Hospitals (Fiction)
  1620. Bush Expanding Power of CIA Director, McClellan Says
  1621. End the Iraq War (i.e., Invasion)
  1622. British envoys under siege in Basra
  1623. Now for the politics of last resort - impeach Tony Blair
  1624. ProtestWarrior.com - fighting the left... doing it right (Sick Reptos)
  1625. Partnership for Civil Justice Legal Defense&Education Fund
  1626. International A.N.S.W.E.R. (Act Now to Stop War & End Racism!)
  1627. Stanlingrad, Sarajevo, Beirut, Dresden or Najaf
  1628. Massive march Sunday will protest the Republican National Convention in NewYork City
  1629. GOP voice of dissent on Iraq
  1630. Thousands Stream into Shrine of Ali - Muqtada orders Followers to Disarm
  1631. Student Charged With Clogging Toilet (Only in a mortally sick nation)
  1632. Reply to New York City tabloid and police smears and lies
  1633. An Unwavering Commitment To Reforming the Middle East - John Kerry
  1634. Toy In Candy Bag Appears To Depict 9/11 Attack (Bag to be jailed?)
  1635. Porton Down broke nerve gas test ban
  1636. It's more than my job's worth to let you in with those crisps (yet more lunacy)
  1637. FBI Suspects Israeli Spy at Pentagon -- Govt Sources (Gee - Really?!)
  1638. FBI investigating possible spy for Israel
  1639. FBI Suspects Israel Has Spy in Pentagon
  1640. FBI Probes Pentagon Spy Case
  1641. FBI Probes if Official Spied for Israel
  1642. Report: Top-level Israeli spy in Pentagon
  1643. US examines 'Israeli spy' claim
  1644. Fears of Israeli spy in Pentagon
  1645. FBI probes possible Israeli spy in Pentagon
  1646. FBI CLosing in on Israeli Spy at Top Level in Pentagon!
  1647. Moscow may be looking at Israeli connection to plane sabotag
  1648. White House Blocks Request for Records on Contact With Anti-Kerry Vets
  1649. Repugnant Nazi Carnival: NYC DISSENTS
  1650. Yahoo! News - NYC Police Arrest 250 in Bicycle Protest
  1651. Tampa Police officer threatens to kill Dictator Bush
  1652. Rumsfeld corrects himself on abuse (Hard for him stop lying)
  1653. Venezuela Recalls Panama Envoy in Row Over Cubans
  1654. Shaukat elected PM with 191 votes
  1655. The Village Voice: CityState: Conventional Wisdom: They'll Take Manhattan by Sarah Ferguson
  1656. The Village Voice: Nation: 'The Streets Belong to Us' by Sarah Ferguson
  1657. Police arrest 250 in mass bicycle protest
  1658. NY nervous? Fugedaboutit
  1659. BW Online | August 26, 2004 | In New York, GOP Means "Get Out, Pal"
  1660. Greenspan: Trim boomer benefits or face 'painful' choices (oops)
  1661. Ex-Vatican powerbroker living in Sun City
  1662. THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS Vatican Politics, the Calvi Murder and Beyond...
  1663. End of the siege: the smoke clears in Najaf (for a while anyhow)
  1664. Iran celebrates US 'defeat' in Najaf
  1665. Richard Perle: Another suspect in the spy case? (Wolfy? Feith?, etc)
  1666. War protests erupt in Athens
  1667. Israel denies US spy allegation (Of course you do dear)
  1668. 'King George II' faces the rebels
  1670. Spain: Controversy surrounds opening of Garcia Lorca's grave
  1671. US torturers in Afghanistan were redeployed to Iraq
  1672. As thousands march to demand end to siege US pulls back from Najaf
  1673. YellowTimes.org - ''What exactly is so 'radical' about Moqtada Sadr?''
  1674. YellowTimes.org - ''The Influence of Evangelicalism in U.S. Foreign Policy''
  1675. TCS: Tech Central Station - McNamara's Bank
  1676. AlterNet: The Drug Profiteers
  1677. The Writings of Greg Palast
  1678. Scoop: Rigged American Democracy and its Two-Headed Beast (THE TRUTH)
  1679. WHO IS "MEGA" and Where is "DOV" ZAKHEIM ?
  1680. Five U.S. War Planes Reportedly Enter Iran Air Space (To provoke shooting)
  1681. Thomas B. Fordham Foundation - The Stealth Curriculum: Manipulating America's History Teachers
  1682. U.S. Warplanes, Tanks Bombard Fallujah
  1683. FBI probes DOD office
  1684. Rabbi Dov Zakheim Leaves Pentagon in Stealth
  1685. Nader defends Israel 'puppeteer' comments
  1686. FBI looks at Pentagon worker in Israel spy probe
  1687. Israeli Pentagon Mole Worked for Bill Luti of OSP
  1688. Serving Two Flags: Neo-Cons, Israel and the Bush Administration
  1689. Israeli Spies Permeate White House
  1690. Jerusalem: No intelligence assets on American soil (Nope - just spies)
  1691. Military is stuck in deteriorating situation in Iraq
  1692. Militias in control west of Baghdad
  1693. Olympic gold hero accuses Bush
  1694. JFK Murder and 9-11 ... Same Operators /(Perpe)Traitors
  1695. Analysis: Cold wind blowing from the CIA
  1696. Is The Pentagon Keeping Tabs on Political Websites?
  1697. Spotlight fails to focus on Palestine hunger strike
  1698. 'Spy In The Sky' Tracks Persistent Offenders (jaywalkers, nosepickers, ...)
  1699. Canada Reinforces Its Disputed Claims in the Arctic
  1700. US official: 'Franklin is an idiot, but no spy'
  1701. Steinitz: Pollard mistake not repeated (getting caught in a different way)
  1702. J'lem denies 'running' Franklin (and a tricky denial it is)
  1703. President Bush; Best For Israel and Worst for every Human
  1705. Faltering Bush plays terror card and can't lie competently while telling so many lies
  1706. TheStar.com - Will computers eat their votes?
  1707. Bush, not Kerry, should face scrutiny (a novel idea)
  1708. "Iran-Contra II?" by Joshua Micah Marshall, Laura Rozen, and Paul Glastris
  1709. At Last At Last The US Is Not Free
  1710. This espionage case is too narrow.
  1711. The Franklin affair will damage Israel's image (Image is of course everything)
  1712. Britain dragged into coup plot as rumours swirl over London meeting
  1713. Israeli spy in Pentagon: FBI investigation broadens
  1714. It's Time to Put America First (before Israel)
  1715. Israeli Denies Intelligence Activities in the U.S. LMAO
  1716. FBI probes 'spy suspect deep inside' the Pentagon
  1717. Pentagon aide suspected of spying for Israel
  1718. High crimes and misdemeanours for Blair
  1719. Are we on the verge of another stolen election? Is anything being done aboutit?
  1720. An attack on the U.S. economy
  1721. Blair tried to gag BBC war reports
  1722. IRAQ: Gripped by an uprising the US can't defeat
  1723. Controversy's no stranger to AIPAC, Washington's Jewish juggernaut
  1724. A Short History of Women in Black
  1725. Huge Anti-Bush March Hits NY on Eve of Convention
  1726. Tens of Thousands Protest Republican Convention (not tens, HUNDREDS, and they are NOT protesting the stupid convention. Hello?)
  1727. 'Steady leader' Bush targets swing voters (That's steady Liar)
  1728. New Zealand News - - Hundreds of thousands of anti-Bush protesters flood New York
  1729. GOP plans to showcase diverse views, as thousands protest (Thousands?!)
  1730. In opening speeches, McCain and Giuliani to praise Bush (and choke to death in their own vomit?)
  1731. Republicans take center stage in NY (Legends in their own minds)
  1732. Republicans Highlight Themes of Strength, Unity Ahead of Party ... (Voice of America my ass.)
  1733. Republicans Primed for Convention in New York by drugs
  1734. Boston.com / News / Local / Mass. / It's my party, I'll cry 'GOP' if I want to(The real percentage of reptos)
  1735. Bush's daunting task (What? Tellling the truth?)
  1736. Bush's strength is GOP's theme (His strength as terrorist, liar, thief, ...)
  1737. A GOP fleecing of card users (Oh yes. Read, weep, be angry, be very angry)
  1738. Bronx cheer for stampede of elephants
  1739. The stars leave town and the has-beens sing for Bush
  1740. Bush gropes for a big idea, but can't figure what "idea" means
  1741. DNC2RNC: Democracy Uprising
  1742. 200,000 in N.Y. Protest Bush (washingtonpost.com)
  1743. California Cities And Counties Sue Microsoft For Antitrust
  1744. The Declaration of Independence - 1776 (Real Things You should know)
  1745. Israels Failed Assassination Attempt on U.S. Ambassador Documente
  1746. Bush Or Kerry - Our Straussian Future Is Cinched (That's *Leo* Strauss, not a Johann or Richard)
  1747. Poles demands Iraq troop pullout
  1748. Israel to US: Now for Iran (continuing cabaling and wheedling)
  1749. The Cradle of Devastation
  1750. Israeli historian documents 24 cases of mass murder by zionists
  1751. 7 Killed in Kabul as Bombing Rips a U.S. Contractor
  1752. Attacks Halt Iraq Oil Supplies
  1753. Effort Intensifies to Secure Penn Station (An entire nation insane)
  1754. March Draws Hundreds of Thousands to NY Streets
  1755. Vast Anti-Bush Rally Greets Republicans in New York
  1756. Subpoena Seeks Records About Delegate Lists on Web
  1757. Controversy's no stranger to AIPAC, Washington's Jewish juggernaut
  1758. The Axis of Treason - Israeli spies in the Pentagon
  1759. Behind The Israeli Mole Affair: Point of Maximum Danger of War With Iran Approaching
  1760. 99% chance of attack on Iran
  1761. A Coward and a Liar
  1762. Attacks Halt Oil Exports From South Iraq
  1763. Huge protest against Bush on eve of party meeting
  1764. Defense lawyer in Hamburg Sept. 11 trial seriously hurt (Hmmmmm?)
  1765. Israeli Envoy Vexed by Role Of U.S. Jews In France
  1766. Defiant Gilligan alleges Labour relied on 'stable floor sweepings'
  1767. Dyke: Blair's world of 'lies and bullying'
  1768. No 10 unmoved by Dyke attack
  1769. Anthony Gancarski: Foreign Aid and AIPAC (April 10, 2003)
  1770. Families and Individuals Join in Anger and Frustration (in NYC)
  1771. U.S. sources: Spy charges unlikely in Pentagon mole affair (Gee - I wonder why not?)
  1772. Edwards Says Kerry Plans to Confront Iran on Weapons (and confronting Israel?)
  1773. Iraq war cost in New Yorkers' faces
  1774. More Voting Machines Problems
  1775. AIPAC's Overt and Covert Ops
  1776. Have Someone Else Say It
  1777. GOP convention protest covers miles of New York
  1778. Jew held for torching Jewish centre (with swastikas planted)
  1779. Jewish man held over Paris fire (spelled h-o-a-x)
  1780. Israeli Spy In Pentagon Linked To AIPAC
  1781. ABC plans more coverage for RNC than for Dem convention, including duringMonday Night Football (What liberal media?)
  1782. McGreevey & Cipel Affair or How to Plant a Spy in a Governor's Bed
  1783. AIPAC issues usual denial of continuing historical truth
  1784. BBC News | AMERICAS | Israel admits it spied on US
  1785. Shalom: Franklin affair is 'media nonsense' (oops more denials of reality)
  1786. Israelis hotly deny Pentagon spy allegations (gesundheit)
  1787. Beyond the Margin of Error (Yes: media setup for election rigging)
  1788. Israel a Human Trafficking Haven (Hmm - and this is Faux News)
  1789. Behind The Israeli Mole Affair
  1790. RNC Protest 8.29.04 NYC
  1791. Sexed-up reports, pressure on the UN ... here we go again (Iran instead of Iraq)
  1792. Vote Fraud by Diebold GEMS Program: A How To Guide
  1793. Jewish Man Arrested Over Arson At Paris Jewish Center
  1795. Some Contend Russian Planes Were Shot Down by Air Defenses
  1796. Bush: 'War on terror cannot be won' (Orwell's neverendin, and illusory war)
  1797. The "War on Terror" as Defined by 1984's Emmanuel Goldstein
  1798. Ashcroft's Political Prosecutions
  1799. Officials Say Publicity Derailed Secrets Inquiry ("case became publically know"?! - just like that)
  1800. Segev suspected of second drug scheme (oops - just like CIA)
  1801. Israel-Pentagon link confirmed
  1802. Who's Watching the Watchers? (This is who)
  1803. Russian Plane Crashes Definitely Caused by Explosives; "black Box" Shows NoEvidence of Hijacking
  1804. Madison Conference Comes Out Against US Military Aid to Nepal
  1805. Bush defends Sharon from rare campaign-trail attack (Vultures of a feather stick it to everyone else)
  1806. The Jewish lobby gets caught at illegal espionage!!! (oops - again?)
  1807. Israel planes violate Lebanon air space
  1808. Pentagon Office Home to Neo-Con Network
  1809. FBI uncovers 'Israeli mole' in the Pentagon
  1810. New spy scandal comes as major blow to Israel, AIPAC
  1811. Israeli Operations Out of Feith's Office: The Plot Thickens
  1812. Secret Court Poses Challenges (washingtonpost.com)
  1813. Fla. judge rules in favor of manual recounts
  1814. Documents confirm US colluded in Indonesia's 1969 incorporation of Papua
  1815. Head of Spain's largest bank calls for an end to Europe's welfare state (the banks, always the banks)
  1816. The Forfeiture Documents That the Justice Dept Wanted to Destroy
  1817. Mossad prime suspect in execution of 12 Iraq wrkers
  1818. Israel won't ask U.S. to clarify why official was being tailed
  1819. Terror trials head for Virginia 'rocket docket' for US railroading
  1820. Doug Thompson's The Rant: Bush & Kerry: This is the Best We Can Do?
  1821. United Press International: Analysis: Hamas history tied to Israel (i.e., Hamas is an Israeli instrument)
  1822. CBS News | FBI Sent Money To Hamas | October 7, 2003 06:48:55
  1823. What If the Pentagon Spy Was a Muslim Spy
  1824. Fischer fears torture and murder in US (He's no stranger than US corpagov)
  1825. Milosevic tells war trial 'Serbs victims'
  1826. Equatorial Guinea Halts Trial, Seeks Thatcher Detail, AP Says
  1827. American Lawyer Finds New Evidence of Recent Torture in Iraq
  1828. Nest of Spies (Tom Paine)
  1829. Spies in the Pentagon?
  1830. 25 Things We Now Know Three Years After 9/11
  1831. Used to working behind the scenes, AIPAC suddenly thrust into limelight
  1832. Guardian Unlimited | US elections 2004 | The angry editor
  1833. One in four 9/11 relatives says Republicans exploiting tragedy (What?!)
  1834. Guardian Unlimited | Guardian daily comment | Days of plunder
  1835. Welfare for the Rich
  1836. FBI Talks to Feith, Wolfowitz
  1837. Israel Blames US Power Struggle For Spying Charges (or global warming)
  1838. New spy scandal comes as major blow to Israel, AIPAC
  1839. Analyst at center of spy flap called naive, ardently pro-Israel
  1840. Hicks beaten for 10 hours
  1841. Wolfowitz calls for "tightening control" over the internet (how about over Wolfie's air supply?)
  1842. Gov't Attempts Subpoena For Indymedia Logs - Service Provider Refuses
  1843. Half A Million Protest Bush Agenda in New York
  1844. Iran-Contra, Part Deux?
  1845. Russia will build new nuclear power plants in Iran
  1846. Iran says several people arrested for nuclear spying
  1847. Israel US Spying
  1848. Israel says it receives secret data from US
  1849. Bogged down (Operation Slaughter Iraqis)
  1850. Israeli Spying on the US: a Long History
  1851. Eddie Lepp Busted by DEA: Facing Life for Growing Medical Pot
  1852. Sam Husseini: Israeli Spying on the US: a Long History
  1853. Mike Whitney: Israeli Moles in the Pentagon. What More Could They Possibly Want?
  1854. Israeli-American relationship gone out of control
  1855. After Citing Doubt, Bush Declares 'We Will Win' Terror War (Using the theory of yes and no?)
  1856. U.S. CEOs Who Outsource Get Bigger Pay Hike
  1857. Conrad Black, cronies 'looted' company of 400 million: report
  1858. Newsday photographer Moises Saman arrested in NYC for "not moving when ordered"
  1859. FBI Interviews Senior Defense Officials in Probe of Analyst
  1860. New York: Reports of Widespread Police Abuse Filter In(Here we go in NYC)
  1861. Candidate MacKenna Motivated By Dean - from TBO.com
  1862. LePore suffers stunning loss to Arthur Anderson (not the accounting firm)
  1863. PRESS RELEASE: Howard Dean Endorses Malinda Miles for County Council
  1864. Democracy For America
  1865. Jessica Falker for VT House of Representatives
  1866. Swift boat TV ads set to air locally (Um - Repto Liars Incorporated?)
  1867. After Citing Doubt, Bush Declares 'We Will Win' Terror War (Seal that leak under his nose)
  1868. U.S. Planes Seen Vulnerable Over Bomb Screening Gaps (Put this in compost heap)
  1869. U.S. Seeks to Dismiss Terror Convictions with actions designed to induce psychosis
  1870. Kerry Challenges Bush on Terror Policies (Asshole Puppet v. Asshole Puppet)
  1871. Three Missourians followed by FBI say they are anarchists (So what?!)
  1872. Student Arrested After Getting Close To Cheney (Why would *anybody* want to get close to this thing?)
  1873. NY Police Arrest Over 900 in Anti-Bush Protests (Everyone of them should sue)
  1874. NYC Police Arrest Nearly 1,000 Protesters
  1875. Drug Cos. Woo Lawmakers at GOP Convention (Woo? - They've alreaady been paid off)
  1876. Diebold GEMS central tabulator contains a stunning security hole designed for easy GOP use
  1877. E-'Vote' Recount Rule in Dispute (Only GOP judges count)
  1878. Butterfly Ballot Designer Loses Election - LaWhore bites the dust!
  1879. Kissinger Comments Seen As OK for Abuse (Kittylitter! He's done far worse)
  1880. Pentagon Censors 'Right to Know' Video (You think this is unusual?!)
  1881. Iraq's Chalabi Escapes Assassination Attempt (Too bad)
  1882. Caller ID: Do you really know who's calling? (Nope. I do not take incoming calls)
  1883. Caller ID: Do you really know who's calling?
  1884. Police Brutality In NYC : SF Bay Area Indymedia
  1885. Zigzag Democrat cheers on Bush (Zell the screwloose)
  1886. Vice-president attacks Kerry as unfit to lead US in time of peril (speaking of screwloose)
  1887. Cabin fever (Screws slightly tightened - but they still need new brains)
  1888. Republicans seek four more years of Bush (Some are irredeemable)
  1889. Arnie returns to New York to lift the party faithful (*ALL* to heaven we would hope - quickly!)
  1890. Cold Fusion Back From the Dead (Right - in a mayonnaise jar on Funk & Wagnell's porch: Age of Morons)
  1891. Jerusalem Post | Breaking News from Israel, the Middle East and the Jewish World(Not to worry: Same Shit, different Puppet)
  1892. French Jew Admits Staging Hate Calls Hello, Anyone Home? (Same pattern, but a few months rotting)
  1893. 1,000 arrested in US convention protests
  1894. The War on Terror is a Fraud: Unraveling the Logic of a Lie (Finally! The Obvious!)
  1895. Israel killed 436 Palestinians in past 'quiet' six months
  1896. Toronto film director arrested near rally route (Canada has its own Nazis working assiduously)
  1897. One in ten Windows XP computers cant do SP2 (Hackers are corpagov agent - not obvious yet?)
  1898. Republicans say US ready to take on China, North Korea, and are seriously deranged
  1899. US Continues Fallujah Assault; Apache Shot Down Over Khalidiyah
  1900. Top Enron official gets plea deal (What were you expecting?!)
  1901. Church abuse bill could top $2bn (Church abuse is only 2000 years old)
  1902. Pharmaceutical Industry Political Spending (Drug All! God will know his own!)
  1903. The abuse of power (The World is drowning in it. Kill them all)
  1904. FBI seizes computer from AIPAC offices (Ooops - going to pseudoinvestigation and whitewash soon)
  1905. Panel Says Conrad Black Ran a 'Corporate Kleptocracy' (business as usual)
  1906. Spy Probe Scans Neocon-Israel Ties
  1907. Houston, we have a Yukos problem (As the world splits, predictably)
  1908. AlterNet: Israeli Spies Exposed (older news with recent significance)
  1909. Superb Chronology Of The Israeli Pentagon Spy Case The Crimes Of Iran-Contra Have Never Ended -
  1910. Israeli 'mole' investigation grows
  1911. Aljazeera.Net - Mosque attacked as Iraq killings jolt Nepal (Unmentioned: CIA ops in Nepal)
  1912. 9/11: the Achilles' heel of the Bush regime
  1913. CONTEXT - This Week in Arts and Ideas from The Moscow Times - Cry Havoc (PAY ATTENTION)
  1914. War Without End :: View topic - Iran Poses Vexing Problems for U.S. (Exposing the Repto corpagov thieves and their apologists)
  1915. Traitorous 'Conservatives'- by Justin Raimondo
  1916. The ADL: More about the "monitors" (PAY ATTENTION TO REALITY)
  1917. Fanning the Hysteria About Iran: NPR Leads the Charge to War (National Pubic Radio Strikes Again)
  1918. Text of Michael Ruppert's Speech at the Commonwealth Club Last Night
  1919. Cops Use Nets to Snag Tourists, Journalists and other dumb animals
  1920. Kathleen and Bill Christison: Poor Larry Franklin
  1921. Shadegg attacks Moore, calls Kerry supporters mentally ill | www.azstarnet.com &#-11;&#-11;
  1922. AIPAC hires lawyers (Becayse they were *not* naughty, and they deny everything?)
  1923. Senior Sadr aide assassinated in Iraq
  1924. Maqsoud and spying for Israel in the USA
  1925. Israeli Tanks Move Into Gaza Refugee Camp
  1926. U.S. Spy Probe Focuses on Two Lobbyists (Two? That's all?)
  1927. Shin Bet tried to recruit Be'er Sheva bomber
  1928. Israel maps out a new land grab
  1929. President [sic] Bush photographed wearing Air Force award he never earned
  1930. Swift Boat Vet Got $40M Contract From Bush
  1931. Protesters Denounce Fox News for 'Twisted View' of World
  1932. Officials Say Iran Preparing to Enrich Enough Uranium for Four Nuclear Weapons (Officials tell mostly deliberate lies)
  1933. How Soon Will the U.S. or Israel Bomb Iran?
  1934. The Doomsday Man and US Nazikafka Justice. What law? What reason?
  1935. Blair hails success of Asbos in drive to tackle 'yob culture' (Sick UK Nazifucks)
  1936. Crackdown on anti-Bush protests Thousands arrested in New York City
  1937. The Republican convention: Wall Street fetes its political stooges
  1938. Republican convention opens: panic-mongering in the service of war and reaction
  1939. Australian election announced: a campaign of lies and provocation
  1940. Israel to expand West Bank settlements with US support
  1941. Police Tactics Mute the Protesters, and Their Message
  1942. Columbus swift boat vet angry about letter
  1943. Computer Glitch Stalls Hillsborough Results - from TBO.com
  1944. Discrepancy forces re-count of 6,000 absentee ballots
  1945. Federal judge dismisses terrorism charges against two men in Detroit
  1946. Gulf syndrome 'raised war toll to 10pc of force'
  1947. CIA Reduces Co-operation With Israel (Sure they have)
  1948. FBI briefs Pentagon on Israel spy case (Briefs the perps?)
  1949. Israel says Syria to blame for twin bombings (It has to be true then)
  1950. Larry Franklin: Just a Sideshow on the Road to Total War
  1951. Leak Probe More Than 2 Years Old
  1952. Jordan slams Israel threats against Syria
  1953. Syria mocks U.S. concern for Lebanon
  1954. Israel Steps Up Rhetoric Against Syria
  1955. US hawks ready to swoop on Iran
  1956. Israel destroys dozens of Palestinian homes in Gaza
  1957. FBI Spy Investigation Turns to Rosen and Weissman
  1958. Anti-gun judge illegally confiscates CHL-holder's firearm; defendant to appel
  1959. retired Marine officer speaks out against war
  1960. Sonar Used Before Whales Hit Shore (Can't kill people? Kill whales!)
  1961. Questions Raised Over Aipac's Tactics
  1962. Top stores report disappointing sales (In a surging economy?)
  1963. Wall Streets Trade Settlement Dilemma
  1965. Iran nuclear weapons ambition still unproven
  1966. An expos&#-11;&#-11; of dishonest media coverage of the Israel-Palestine conflict
  1967. FEMA CONCENTRATION CAMPS: Locations and Executive Orders
  1968. Republicans Insult Wounded Veterans
  1969. Workers at voting firm gave to GOP
  1970. Citing Politics, Studio Cancels Documentary
  1971. Bush To Alter Economic Stats Again (The numbers mean garbage anyhow)
  1972. Republican Convention Dogged by Relentless Protests
  1973. Israeli political advisor may have received U.S. secrets
  1974. t r u t h o u t - Man Who Helped Bush Dodge Vietnam to Break Silence
  1975. Jews Fear Fallout On Fed Spy Probe
  1976. Israel US Spying
  1977. Pro-Israel PAC Contributions to 2004 Congressional Candidates
  1978. Axis Of Spies
  1979. FBI probe of AIPAC said to go beyond alleged mole
  1980. Israel hints at action in Syria (Why not N Korea? Kashmir? Disneyland?)
  1981. FBI Informed White House of AIPAC Probe Two Years Ago (ooops)
  1982. Bush Leaves Out Complex Facts in Speech (Isn't that a given?)
  1983. Bush Finally Tells The Truth; But a Thousand Bodies Too Late
  1984. Arnold Schwarzenegger's Blunder at the Republican Convention (OK - Arnielies too)
  1985. U.S. press puts Iraq dead on back pages
  1986. Jewish Groups Say Spy Case is Antisemitic Smear Campaign (Give it a rest)
  1987. Washington put on pensions alert
  1988. Musharraf imposes former Citibank official as Pakistan's prime minister (A telling move)
  1989. Greenspan warns cuts to Social Security may be "abrupt and painful"
  1990. New York protest revealed mass opposition to Bush war policies Where were the Democrats on August 29?(*Indeed* where?)
  1991. Indonesian court dismisses Bali bombing charges as unconstitutional (Poodle Howard makes pure political poop)
  1992. Governor's Brother Marketing School Software (The Bushes - of course)
  1993. That Other Bush Boy
  1994. THE JEB BUSH FRIENDS and FAMILY PLAN Campaign Donors Cash in on Jeb Connection
  1995. Friends in High Places
  1996. E.U. Slams Israeli Threats Against Syria, West Bank Settlements
  1997. LA Times: Israel has long spied on U.S., officials say
  1998. LA Times: Israel has intelligence operations in US
  1999. Thousands arrested in battle for New York (The US Police State)
  2000. Kerry's former ally delights right wing with his treachery
  2001. New dirt in squabble over war records
  2002. Edwards: Bush has taken US to cliff edge (and Edwards - pro war fascist - has helped)
  2003. Leading article: Will voters fall for Bush's confidence tricks a second time?
  2004. Robin Cook: What four more years of Bush would mean for us - and the rest of the world?
  2005. Johann Hari: Why would a Wal-Mart shelf-stacker vote Bush? Because he's a complete moron?
  2006. Neal Ascherson: America not democracy has been attacked (That remains to be seen)
  2007. Bush by numbers: Four years of double standards
  2008. Bush aides 'knew of Israeli spy probe'
  2009. Bush 'trying to derail nukes ban'
  2010. Yahoo! News - Commandos storm Russian siege school as children flee (Smell a rat in this reporting?)
  2011. Wider FBI Probe Of Pentagon Leaks Includes Chalabi (Assassinate simply to shut his big mouth?)
  2012. FEMAs Plan for Mass Destruction Attacks: Of Course Its True (Um - FEMA will be doing the destroying, and commiting genocide)
  2013. George Lakoff nails the frames of the Republican National Convention Day 3
  2014. Judge Fines City for Ignoring Order to Release Protesters
  2015. Unmitigated gall
  2016. Pastor rips Muslims, loses polling sites
  2017. Calif. Schools Warned of Identity Theft
  2018. washingtonpost.com: Sworn Statements by Abu Ghraib Detainees
  2019. Iraq oil pipeline blazes after attack
  2020. Spy probe scans neo-cons' Israel ties
  2021. StopMoskowitz :: The Coalition for Justice in Hawaiian Gardens and Jerusalem
  2022. Spy Probe Scans Neocons by Jim Lobe
  2023. Ottawa compiles no-fly' list of banned passengers
  2024. First pictures from inside Pier 57
  2025. the audacity of Foxman and the ADL
  2026. Ashcroft Wants Camps for Citizens Labeled Enemy Combatants (8000 camps aren't enough?!)
  2027. The Twin Deficits: Myths and Truths
  2028. Serving Two Flags - The Bush Neo-Cons and Israel
  2029. Stephen Green: The Bush Neo-Cons and Israel
  2030. Bin Laden's wealth not the force behind 9/11 (Just figuring that out?!)
  2031. EUs Solana urges Israel not to threaten Syria
  2032. Widow's Story Contradicts Bush
  2033. Guest Column: Neo-Barbs and War With Sweden (loopy and loopier)
  2034. NPR's Growing Clout Alarms Member Stations
  2035. Who would you most like to see win the U.S. presidential election in November?
  2037. Historians dispute Schwarzenegger's convention comments
  2038. Reliable Ally Strikes Again. Israeli espionage and national security
  2039. Your financial secrets are headed overseas
  2040. Young Republicans support Iraq war, but not all are willing to join the fight
  2041. U.N. OKs Plan to Sway Lebanese Election (Hmmmmm)
  2042. Do I Spy an Israeli Spy in AIPAC?
  2043. Al-Qaeda 'poised for attack on US' - SEPT 3, 2004 (Big Al supports the Repugs again?)
  2044. Israel Engages In Espionage Against U.S., Says Ex-Intelligence Official
  2045. Crashing the party was surprisingly easy, activists say / Convention floor passes snagged from friends of friends of friends
  2046. FBI targeting AIPAC members in probe (Is "targeting" the right word?)
  2047. Bush and Pataki Tell Workers Poverty is Good for Them
  2048. Who benefits from the school attack? (RU)
  2049. Fixing the Son of Pollard
  2050. Bush EPA Rolls Back Endangered Species Act, Pesticide Protection
  2051. Father of Arrested Protester: "My Son Has Been Disappeared By This State
  2052. German minister terms Iraq war crime
  2053. Media Miss Story of Biggest Pay Cut in U.S. History
  2054. The Top 25 Censored News Stories
  2055. Bush: It's About Me and My Crusade
  2056. Medicare Payments for Elderly to Rise 17 Percent
  2057. Document Reveals Mr. Bush Took Aim at Iraqi Oil Before the 2000 Election(This is news?!)
  2058. Stealing Home (More "swift boats for crooked votes")
  2059. Neocons Preparing the Sequel to Plan of Attack
  2060. Argentina Clears Suspects in Anti-Jewish Bomb (oops: another "anitisemitic" hoax; an epidemic)
  2061. Summer Of Truth - 2004
  2062. Pardon Me: The "Get Out of Jail Free" Game
  2063. Reality on the Ballot (November is indeed a Grand Communal Reality Check)
  2064. Deadly attacks in Russia are very suspect
  2065. Death Toll Rises in Russia School Standoff
  2066. Leak Inquiry Includes Iran Experts in Administration
  2067. 'Hate Crime' Law Passes Senate - On To House Greivous Constitutional Destruction The End Of Free Speech Nears
  2068. Iran 'offers nuclear guarantee' (It's the OIL stupid!)
  2069. Chechen Separatists Say Third Force Behind Terrorist Attacks
  2070. Leak Probe More Than 2 Years Old; Pro-Israel Group's Possible Role at Issue
  2071. Chechnyan Resistance
  2072. FDA considers experimenting on healthy kids (Dr. Mengele redux?)
  2073. Alleged SA nuke dealer's 'embarrassing' past
  2074. ABCNEWS.com : South African Charged With Trafficking
  2075. Israeli Asher Karni & Nuclear Terrorism Network
  2076. The Republican convention and the specter of dictatorship
  2077. Bin Laden could be arrested at any time: US official (Prearranged surprise, if at all)
  2078. AlterNet: By Their Fruits Ye Shall Know Them
  2079. Think tank paints bleak picture of Iraq's future (This required a 'think tank'?!)
  2080. Leaks derail FBI's Pentagon spy probe (??)
  2081. Bush has double-digit poll lead on Kerry (a complete fabrication)
  2082. Hollinger Files Stinging Report on Ex-Officials
  2083. Democrat Says He Helped Bush Into Guard to Score Points
  2084. Pied-piper police guard Bush from protests
  2085. Graham book: Inquiry into 9/11, Saudi ties blocked
  2086. Four SEALs Are Charged With Abuse of Prisoners
  2087. US to rely on special forces
  2088. Medicos hit out at Iraq war (AU)
  2089. Aljazeera.Net - Aljazeera outraged by Iraq ban extension
  2090. James Hollander: D&#-11;&#-11;ja Vu on the Streets of Manhattan
  2091. William A. Cook: The Day of the Lemming
  2092. How to be a Bible Apologist... thamus.org eac
  2093. YellowTimes.org - ''Democracy in the hills of Venezuela''
  2094. Live Film Footage of Flight 175 Long Range Approach to World Trade Center
  2095. Gold is Money Forum - A phone call to the Federal Reserve
  2096. 70 --Request For Information (Corpagov: How can I screw you? Let me count the ways.)
  2097. Bush Forms Civil Liberties Board (If it weren't so sick, it would be funny.)
  2098. Musharraf imposes former Citibank official as Pakistans prime minister
  2099. Armed men beat Iran TV crew in Iraq, take cameras
  2100. U.S. Assault Likely Before Jan. 'Elections'
  2101. Iraqi violence flares after lull
  2102. U.S. Troops in Iraq See Highest Injury Toll Yet
  2103. Protesters Allege 9/11 Terror Attacks Were Government Conspiracy (This *isn't* obvious yet?)
  2104. White House blocked probe of Sept. 11-Saudi link: top US senator
  2105. Gasoline distribution will be regulated
  2106. Mike Ruppert blows the top off 9/11
  2107. FBI painting ugly picture (Israeli moles)
  2108. The mystery of the Russia hostage-takers (Who were they? Really)
  2109. AIPAC Spy Case Update
  2110. U.N.: Iraqi drone aircraft were no chemical threat (We knew that)
  2111. Chechen rebels deny role in plane crashes (oops)
  2112. Chechen rebels deny links to bombing, hostage drama (double oops)
  2113. Iran Sees Israeli Hand In U.N. Security Council's Lebanon Resolution (oops)
  2114. Why would Israel need a spy in Pentagon? (A spy? It's crammed full of 'em)
  2115. Rep. Davis helped by group tied to spy case (and the list just starts?)
  2116. FBI probes Jewish sway on Bush government
  2117. U.S. delays visit of officials to inspect settlement limits
  2118. We dont want our loved ones who died in 9/11 used as an excuse to start war
  2119. Jewish Republicans track Michael Moore's comments on Israel
  2120. Jewish Republicans track Michael Moore's comments on Israel (slightly twisted and perverted or course)
  2121. Italy blames France for Niger uranium claim (Berlusconi having sport)
  2122. FBI probe into leaked secrets embroils Israeli lobbying group
  2123. US legislators demand AIPAC details (It's readily available; pay attention guys)
  2124. The Latest Spy Scandal in US: Will It Be Bryen Case All Over?
  2125. Bush Lies, Media Swallows
  2126. Bush's Manly-Man Love-Fest
  2127. Card says president sees America as a child needing a parent (and what do the alleged children see?)
  2128. Israel asks PA donors to fund new, upgraded West Bank roads (Kosher Roads?)
  2129. George W Bush's missing year (The wrath of grapes?)
  2130. Powell: U.S. Misjudged Insurgents in Iraq (The psychopathic liar speaks! Again! Yet!?)
  2132. Russian School Siege Bears Hallmarks of Potential Staged Psy-Op (No?! Really? Never would have guessed)
  2133. Pentagon investigates Kerry's war medals (declines to investigate W's underpants)
  2134. Neocons Preparing the Sequel to Plan of Attack (Better believe this one)
  2136. Pentagon official hints of pre-emptive war on new targets
  2137. Israel seeks funds for separate Arab roads
  2138. End of the rainbow
  2139. Altered Plants Pose New Drug War Threat (Courtesy of CIA laboratories)
  2140. The Madness of Emperor George
  2141. Chechen Separatists Say Third Force Behind Terrorist Attacks
  2142. Propaganda System Number One: From Diem and Arbenz to Milosevic
  2143. Shoppers flock to debit cards (It's called UNLIMITED INFLATION)
  2145. An attack on the U.S. economy (??! It;s been being attacked for over 50 years!)
  2147. What if the whole world could vote in the U.S. presidential election?
  2148. Special Pollard Session Next Week (Oldspy/Newspy)
  2149. Kerry and the Mideast: The Lesser of Two Evils?
  2150. Critics warn of post-election problems if no paper trail exists
  2151. From Smoke To Fire - Is The GOP Stealing Another Election? (They're trying)
  2152. Spy Case Renews Debate Over Pro-Israel Lobby's Ties to Pentagon
  2153. Israeli military attache met with alleged Pentagon mole
  2154. Launch of Israeli Spy Satellite Fails
  2155. Mike Ruppert blows the top off 9/11
  2156. Rep. Davis helped by group tied to spy case
  2157. The Israel Espionage Probe - Does It Matter?
  2158. Israel launches Nazi-style attack on Palestinians in the Gaza Strip
  2159. Zionist minister lobbies international boycott against Syria
  2160. Turning the heat on Tehran (same shit, different country)
  2161. Kremlin admits lying - Details withheld during hostage crisis
  2162. Sianews/Friends of Liberty - ISRAEL: With Friends Like These... (History - Pay Attention)
  2163. Bombing Iraq to Protect Israel
  2165. German FM reaffirms Irans right to civilian nuclear program
  2166. New Iraqi Prime Minister CIA Source
  2168. Zionist Spies and Bribes in US Politics for over 50 Years
  2169. Documents missing from Bush's National Guard file (The dog ate them?)
  2170. Spies in Pentagon Ignored
  2171. Russia: school hostage atrocity ends in bloodbath
  2172. Keynote speech at Republican convention: a fascistic rant from a pro-Bush Democrat
  2173. The Republican convention and the specter of dictatorship
  2174. The Truth is Crying... as the media fail America
  2175. Israeli surveillance plane over Lebanon
  2176. Rebelion. Treason in high places: Pentagon zionists, AIPEC and Israel
  2177. Pakistan Says US Claim That bin Laden Near Capture is Politicking (I never would have guessed)
  2178. Perle says now that he was misled by Black (um - or Chalabi?)
  2179. Russia still at sea on the identity of school's attackers (Do we believe in hijerkers?)
  2180. Peace activist held as 'danger to Israel' [Maniacal Laughter]
  2181. Rabbis to IDF: Hit harder at terror, even if civilians killed
  2182. Detainee hearings descend into farce (Everything is either a farce, or not a farce; farces are winning)
  2183. Dean: Take this country back
  2184. Bush Leading America Into 'Snake Pit of Fascism,' Congressman Says (Thisis news? Weimar Scenario)
  2185. Key Files Missing From Bush's National Guard Records (This is surprising?)
  2186. Mirror.co.uk - PRESIDENT GEORGE W BULLSH*T (Finally, the odor of veracity!)
  2187. Wealth Inequality in 21st Century Threatens Economy and Democracy
  2188. Confiscation of Registered Guns Begins in Illinois
  2189. Graham Claims Iraq Plan Preceded Terror War (Now? We knew this years ago!)
  2190. FSB no longer exists for me
  2191. Club owners cry 'shakedown'
  2192. Local police may have helped terrorists plan Russian siege
  2193. www.swiftboatliars.com
  2194. Hostage-taker says notorious warlord ordered attack on school
  2195. War Without End :: View topic - Excellent! False Flag Operations
  2196. Sharon: Iran must be pressured (CARTHAGO DELENDA EST!)
  2198. AIPAC Spy Case involves Intelligence on Iranian WMD
  2199. Behind the AIPAC Probe, Neocons Seen Battling Rivals
  2200. I. Lewis (Scooter) Libby: The Nexus of Washingtons Neocon Network
  2201. New Army Helmet Kills 30% More Soldiers (Government Science)
  2202. Cheney Warns Against Vote for Kerry (Or *what*?!)
  2203. Powell Dismisses Report on Iran's Actions (Invasion #3 coming up)
  2204. Sharon denies Israel spying on United States (So you *know* it's true)
  2205. U.S. Deficits May Reach $2.3 Trillion, More If Tax Cuts Renewed
  2206. Spy-scandal lobby blitz
  2207. Israeli Armored Vehicles Mass in Gaza: Witnesses
  2208. Wargames Were Cover For the Operational Execution of 9/11
  2209. Carter Calls Miller's GOP Speech Disloyal
  2210. You know, sometimes words have no meaning - Opinion - www.smh.com.au
  2211. Putin rules out dialogue - and public inquiry
  2212. Russia took Chechen rebels' relatives as its own hostages during siege
  2213. Long-Term Deficit Projections Worsen (Unexpectedly?)
  2214. Graham Says White House Hid Sept. 11 Info
  2215. FBI painting ugly picture
  2216. Anti-Blair move legal, lord says
  2217. Ridge: Terrorists [Repuglicans and Al-CIAda] Hope to Disrupt Election
  2218. US threatens sanctions on Sudanese oil
  2219. Bush wants to shift $3.3 billion to strengthen Iraq 'security'
  2220. U.S. Conceding Rebels Control Regions of Iraq
  2221. Saddam's generals working as US military consultants
  2222. Calif. to Sue Diebold Over False Claims
  2223. AP: Lawsuit Gets Bush Guard Papers Out
  2224. Lawsuit Uncovers New Bush Guard Records
  2225. Bush skipped 70s drills, paper says
  2226. Bush fell short on duty at Guard
  2227. Bush Book Alleges Past Drug Use By Dictator Bush
  2228. Exclusive Interview: Ben Barnes
  2229. Bush faces pressure over drugs and draft
  2230. INDOlink - International News - Russia Offers Huge Bounty For Top Chechen Rebels Capture
  2231. Dual Loyalties: the Bush Neocons and Israel
  2233. Malaria drug links elite soldier suicides
  2234. Extending The Axis Of Evil?
  2235. Pollardites in the Pentagon?
  2236. Convoy of Death (Can't see in land of the free)
  2237. Spy-scandal lobby blitz
  2238. Hague tribunal stops Milosevic defending himself
  2239. U.S. Revokes Visa to One of Europe's Most Influential Islamic Thinkers (sick, or what?)
  2240. Ten Ways The Pentagon Spy Case May Damage Israel
  2241. Laura Bush, she who is not without sin - PRAVDA.Ru
  2242. US memo, at the highest levels, torture may be justified
  2243. Ex-policeman among Beslan hostage-takers
  2244. Guardian | Minister unwilling to blame Chechens
  2245. Rebels want to 'trigger war in Caucasus' (Oh really?)
  2246. Controversy Over Opus Dei
  2247. Moscow rebuffs Israel anti-Islam bid
  2248. New Zealand News - World - Abduction of aid workers was planned to the second
  2249. AIPAC Spy Case Involves Intelligence on Iranian WMD
  2250. t r u t h o u t - Deep Shade of Red Seen in Deficit
  2251. ADL Asking the FBI to Investigate Leak in Pentagon Case
  2254. Treason in high places: Pentagon zionists, AIPAC and Israel
  2255. Iraqi insurgents hold Sunni city despite 2 days of U.S. air strikes
  2256. Creative Accounting Only Goes So Far
  2257. Thousands of Iraqis Estimated Killed
  2258. Edwards Calls Cheney Remark 'Un-American' (But it sure is real Cheney)
  2259. Impeachment by the People (Throw them all out? Sounds good to me)
  2260. U.S. Sees No Immediate Push for Sanctions on Iran (Just invade, kill and loot)
  2261. Iran faces 'nuclear ultimatum'
  2262. White House Threatens Veto Over Overtime
  2263. World Not Doing Enough To Stop Iran, Sharon Says In Interview (how about stopping Sharonpig?)
  2264. A Shabby and Sinister Case for War
  2265. Spill corrodes reputation for aiding environment
  2266. Acidic, radioactive water spills into bay
  2267. States Sue HUD Over Use of Pesticide
  2268. Bush Gains Solid Lead, Poll Shows (Do we believe in lies?)
  2269. House Votes to Block New Overtime Rules (The metagov has spoken)
  2270. U.S. Health Insurance Costs Soar, Workers Hit (Truth)
  2271. Health Insurance Premiums See Double-Digit Increase
  2272. Cheney: Economic Stats Miss EBay Sales (The Demented Dick)
  2273. $2.3 Trillion in New Debt Expected by 2014 (Hello? Try by 2006)
  2274. WTC Rescue Workers' Health Suffering, Government Says
  2275. Wellstone Was Murdered. (We knew that)
  2276. Mayor outlines elaborate camera network for city (Better to put in WH and Congress)
  2277. Plane Passes to Be Checked for Explosives (Dementia)
  2278. Group: 'Ghost Detainees' Likely in Iraq
  2279. Army Says C.I.A. Hid More Iraqis Than It Claimed (and of you're surprised)
  2280. US Hid Dozens of Iraqi Prisoners, Investigators Say
  2281. Children Among 8 Dead in U.S. Air Strikes on Falluja
  2282. At least 57 Iraqis killed in US-led assaults on 'insurgents'
  2283. U.S. Military Kills Scores in Fighting Near Mosul
  2284. U.S. Forces Take Action in Areas Dominated by Iraqi Insurgents
  2285. New blow to Blair (the pisant) over Iraq
  2286. TV Writer Gives $100G to Texans for Truth
  2287. Timeline of Bush's [dis-]Service in [to] the Air National Guard
  2288. Memos Show Bush Suspended From Flying
  2289. New Questions On Bush Guard 'Duty'
  2290. New Scrutiny of Bush's [dis-]Service
  2291. National Guard Memos Show Bush Refused Direct Order
  2292. Records Say Bush Balked at Order
  2293. Book Unflattering to Bush Draws his Campaign's Fire
  2294. Scotsman.com News - Latest News - Hijack Leader's Father Blames Israel for 9/11 Attacks
  2295. Why do the Neo-Cons hate America Mommy? (A small orgy of truth)
  2296. UK's Straw 'concerned' by Israel's settlement expansion plan
  2297. Allies Resist U.S. Efforts to Pressure Iran on Arms (Memories of lies past)
  2298. Red ink turns invisible (No understanding: it is *no* accident)
  2299. Ahmad Shah Masood the lion of the Panjsher
  2300. US bombing kills more Falluja civilians
  2301. Dissing Israel: Am I Crazy or What?
  2302. Sharon denies Israel is spying in United States (also denies Israel'snukes)
  2303. AIPAC asks for help against allegations in Pentagon probe
  2304. Cipel was briefed on N.J. defenses
  2305. Flight ID Rules Fuel Fresh Furor
  2306. Can America Change Before It's Too Late? (Yes, but it will not happen)
  2307. Letter to a Liberal MP from a disaffected Liberal farmer (As above, so below)
  2308. Federal budget deficit, on accrual basis (Pay Attention to the economic shell game)
  2309. UK sets Iran deadline to end nuclear bomb work (Poodlework)
  2310. Penn. CBS affiliate drops 60 Minutes (why?)
  2311. Feds to Medical Pot User: Forfeit Your House
  2312. Israeli planes violate Lebanese airspace (yet again, and again, and again ...)
  2313. Government in Lebanon 'to quit'
  2314. UN calls on Israel to stop violating Lebanese air space
  2315. The Media Machine Cranks Up To Protect The Israeli Spies
  2316. Congress needs to be loyal to us, not allies
  2317. Israeli spies to White House: "You're not protecting us ENOUGH!"
  2318. The Likudization of the world
  2319. PM (Sharonthug) not considering national referendum
  2320. Spy-scandal lobby blitz - AIPAC secures wide backing after secrets charges
  2321. Danger Of Israeli Presence In Iraq
  2322. A Web Of Intrigue - Inside the Israel espionage investigation
  2323. UN doubts US war claims on Iraq weapons
  2324. The Military records of George Walker Bush (scans of documents)
  2325. CDC denies access to vaccine-autism data (Government Science at Work)
  2326. Zionist company sells holy sand of the Aqsa Mosque walls (Reasonably Loopy)
  2327. Mahony Ordered to Release Files on Accused Priests
  2328. Chechen rebel leader denies role in school hostage-taking
  2329. Terrorists Got Orders From Abroad; Did Not Speak Chechen
  2330. Analysis / A cold wind blowing from the CIA
  2331. Illiteracy shockingly high in L.A. (Government "education")
  2332. No Patriot Act Victims? Tell It To Summer Starr!
  2333. Costa Rica Demands Exit From Coalition (will CR have an accident?)
  2334. Why Were Spys in Suits Casing Airliners in Washington Two Days Prior to 9/11?
  2335. John Ross: The Politics of Darkness: North / South
  2336. Fran Shor: The Crisis of Dissent
  2337. Microsoft Launches Computer Fingerprint Scanner (M$ dever was any damn good)
  2338. Consumer organisation highlights security hole in US vote-counting system
  2339. Cheney bullies the American people: vote for Bush or else
  2340. Guardian Unlimited | The Guardian | 'Wonga list' reveals alleged backers of coup
  2341. Thatcher family had bags packed ready to flee to US, police say (frying pan to ...)
  2342. Sir Mark Thatcher: Scratcher, the millionaire fixer
  2343. Kitty Kelley takes serious shots at Bush in her new book - Bush is far from clean about his drug use - PRAVDA.Ru
  2344. Granny D, 94, Squares Off Against Judd Gregg, 57 (Even more interesting)
  2345. Fiscal Conservatives Challenge Bush (Where have thir heads been?)
  2346. Blacks Enlist Groups to Court New Voters:
  2347. Military Loses [sic] Key Evidence in Iraqi Death
  2348. Guardian Unlimited | Guardian daily comment | Now it's Bush's turn to squirm
  2349. Guardian Unlimited | Guardian daily comment | Return of the Vulcan
  2350. Asleep at the Wheel By Bill Moyers, NOW with Bill Moyers (Moyers *still* needs a brain)
  2351. Two Anti-Kerry Vets Serve on VA Panel
  2352. Pictures of Civilian Victims of the Anglo-American Aggression in Iraq (March, 2003 onwards)
  2353. Riding Fear To Victory? :: Intervention Magazine :: War, Politics, Culture
  2354. Vote for Bush or Die (and Al-CIAda will boil your grandma's cat)
  2355. Will the Temple Mount in Jerusalem lead to World War III (Major lunatics)
  2356. "Uncovered" explores role of neocons in Iraq war
  2357. Germany to deliver 2 submarines to Israel capable of carrying nuke warhead
  2358. Is Israel 'Swing State' That Could Tip U.S. Election?
  2359. In Tape, Top Aide to bin Laden Vows New Strikes at U.S. (fabrication)
  2360. Key U.S. official to discuss Iran with Israelis (Lion & Hyena discuss tapir)
  2361. CBS News denies Bush docs forged
  2362. Israelis Strike in Gaza as Settlers Warn of Civil War
  2363. Whistleblowers Call For Disclosure of Government's Iraq Deceit
  2364. White House Draws Fire From Congress, Officials Over Leak of FBI Probe
  2365. Neocons Blast Bush's Inaction On 'Spy' Affair (Not enough coverup!)
  2366. The Hypocrisy Of Colin Powell, the walking repto joke
  2367. [?] Whatever happened to the WTC HARD-DRIVE recoveries? :: Awoken :: Ignorance is Strength
  2368. Did Wolfowitz Blow CIA Secret To Set Up the President?
  2369. Officials: Tu-134 Suspect Is Alive (Forged passports - again!)
  2370. As war toll climbs, Bush still deceives (It's what's for dinner)
  2371. The intimidators
  2372. Dropping the Franklin Inquiry: Anticipated Contingency?
  2373. The Mastermind Behind 911?
  2374. GOP politicizes 9/11 for its gain, McKinney says
  2375. Colin Powell in four-letter neo-con 'crazies' row
  2376. Photos of 1,000 dead U.S. soldiers laid out in NYC
  2377. U.S. Strikes Targets In Al-Fallujah:
  2378. Explosions Rock Baghdad Near U.S. Offices
  2379. Blast, Mushroom Cloud Reported in N. Korea
  2380. The Truth Seeker - Germany: 58 Years of US Occupation
  2381. There is no such thing as a war on terrorism
  2382. No Accountability on Abu Ghraib
  2383. Brauchli: Halliburton's good fortune never ends
  2384. '9/11 became a pretext for US expansionism'
  2385. Dirty bomb called 'all but inevitable'
  2386. Suspected terrorist call draws officers (Nutso Nation)
  2387. 'War president' Bush has always been soft on terror (old softie for it)
  2388. Hate and Delusion Have the Bit in Their Teeth
  2389. Infamy: Pearl Harbor, 9/11 and the Coming Outrage
  2390. The CIA's July 2001 meeting with Osama
  2391. 9/11 Commission Wants "No-Fly" List Expanded to Trains, Ships
  2392. Words Scribbled on Parchment
  2393. US agency sues Saudi Arabia for 9/11 (??)
  2394. Of homeland, identity and occupation
  2396. Over 70,000 attend "Al-Aqsa is in danger"
  2397. The Likud doctrine
  2398. Dumbest. Election. Ever.
  2399. Iran absolutely will not engage in nuclear weapons program
  2400. Pentagon Fraud Chief Dov Zakheim Goes to BoozAllen
  2401. Authenticity backed on Bush documents
  2402. Forgotten Christians: not all displaced Palestinians are Muslims
  2403. George W. Bush - World's Leading Terrorist
  2404. Armitage: Syria responsible for regional terror (sickness)
  2405. TSA airport screeners guilty of at least 15,000 thefts from passengers!
  2406. Killtown's: Was Bush complicit with the 9/11 attacks?
  2407. The Fairy Tale at Emma E. Booker Elementary
  2408. Press Action ::: The Zionist Silencing Machine...Seven Examples of Zionist Authoritarianism
  2409. Richard Perle's Nemesis
  2410. Tooth Fairies And Suicide Bombers
  2411. Iraq's occupiers accused of committing genocide (It's what they do)
  2412. Unmasked: The George W Bush the President Doesn't Want the World To See - [Sunday Herald]
  2413. Sick From Aspartame? Meet Donald Rumsfeld.
  2414. US police spy for Israel
  2415. U.S. rulers press attack on Social Security
  2416. Freedom in sight for jailed Israeli 'spies' (surprise!)
  2417. Sharon Foils Egyptian, Quartet Peace Efforts, Powell Joins Israeli Incitement against Arafat
  2418. Neoconservatism and Espionage
  2419. American Civil Liberties Union : Through Gag Orders and Secret Evidence, Government Is Suppressing Information About Controversial Patriot Act Powers, ACLU Charges
  2420. Hoeffel says his vote for Iraq war was a mistake
  2421. The Seattle Times: Nation & World: Frustrated U.S. disbands the Fallujah Brigade
  2422. Car bomb explosion at Iraq's Abu Graib prison
  2423. As superbug problem mounts, drug companies slash antibiotics research (telling, completely telling)
  2424. Israel targets Palestinians, threatens Syria
  2425. US military launches bloody attacks on rebel strongholds in Iraq
  2426. Big Science and Government Terror
  2427. Roger Burbach and Jim Tarbell: Irag and the Crisis of Empire
  2428. Fred Gardner: Yet Another Prozac Scandal
  2429. Alexander Cockburn: Swatting at Flies
  2430. MoD faces more than 40 cases of abuse and killings in Iraq
  2431. US Airways Files for Bankruptcy Protection
  2432. Edwards Says Bush Lead in Polls Is Temporary (Um - how about nonexistent?)
  2433. Bush Environment Record an Issue in Nev.
  2434. Election puts new focus on pharmaceutical stocks
  2435. Kerry critics draw crowd, ire during speech in S.F.
  2436. Questions remain on why Bush stopped flying (physical exams show drugs)
  2437. The service question (more yet?)
  2438. U.S. withholds (N Korean) blast data
  2439. Iraqi 'ghost detainees' could number 100 Staff and agencies
  2440. One man's resistance: 'Why I turned against America'
  2441. Turkey reacts with fury to massive US assault on northern Iraqi city
  2442. Over 100 killed across Iraq (over day of Sept 12 2004)
  2443. The Daily Star - Politics - The coming conflagration in Iraq
  2444. Rumsfeld Mixes Up U.S. Foes Saddam and Bin Laden
  2445. Newspaper (NYT) apologises over al-Qaeda gaffe re new bogus video
  2446. Thousands Gather To Support Sadr
  2447. Labour faces catastrophe at election, warn MPs (There is doubt?)
  2448. Hijacking Catastrophe: 9/11, Fear & the Selling of American Empire
  2449. 9/11 and the "War on Terrorism"
  2450. Violent protests grip Afghan city
  2451. portland imc - 2004.08.18 - Deliberate EUGENIC RADIATION POISONING of 100,000+ Sephardi/Yemeni by Israel/U.S. in 1950s
  2452. American Indian Group To Put Poll Watchers At Voting Precincts In 12 States
  2453. Book says Bush officials warned of prison abuse (But it was designed in the WH)
  2454. Lucas: War vote a mistake
  2455. US law restricts satellite imagery of Israel! (Hmmm - No place else?!)
  2456. U.S. Arms Sales in Israel
  2457. Iran Won't Abandon Nuclear Fuel Program (They should be building nukes as quickly as possible)
  2458. AIPAC of Spies
  2459. Israeli Spying in America
  2460. Explosions Rock Baghdad Near U.S. Offices
  2461. Dishonesty a given at Bush White House
  2463. Son probes strange death of WMD worker / He believes agents murdered employee of Army to protect government secrets (Frank Olson death in 1953 NYC)
  2464. Frank Olson Legacy Project
  2465. A mother's cry: On the anniversary of my daughter's murder
  2466. New (Israeli) party urges non-Jews' expulsion
  2467. The Camel's Nose of Truth : SF Bay Area Indymedia
  2468. Senate candidates agree on support for Israel (Um - whyyyy?)
  2469. More Israeli spies in the U.S. (Um - whyyy?)
  2470. Violence Sweeps Iraq, U.S. Gunship Fires on Crowd (and for an encore?)
  2471. USATODAY.com - U.S.: Korea cloud not from nuclear blast (Um - but they don't really know shit?)
  2472. Israeli military warns of Iran's plans (Don't they always?)
  2473. Did North Korea Detonate A Nuclear Device? (Rattle on the rattlesnake?)
  2474. The global march of Islamic banking
  2475. Scotsman.com News - Latest News - Al Qaida 'Duped Allies into Waging War'LMFAO!
  2476. Travis airman's spy case has steadily crumbled (Don't they all?)
  2477. Witnesses: Apache fired on crowd (Don't they always?)
  2478. North Korea in mushroom cloud riddle (Now this can be babbled about interminably)
  2479. Alex Jones Interviews Stanley Hilton (9/11 government complicity tht is obvious)
  2480. Explosive Demolition (about and how, generally)
  2481. Australian election debate follows the script... almost
  2482. California Performance Review: Republicans, Democrats underwrite multibillion-dollar handout to big business(What the hell were you expecting?)
  2483. Spain: Zapatero tries to control the regions (Keep and eye here)
  2484. 'NY Times' Refuses To Let Michael Moore Reprint Article
  2485. Amnesty Condemns U.S. Use Of Racial Profiling
  2486. Probe Eyes Faulty FBI Arrest of Lawyer
  2487. Hundreds Sue Over WTC Health Effects
  2488. Robert Novak Believes in Revealing Confidential Sources, After All
  2489. IHT: 'Preventive war' is a failure (war is a complex of crimes, period)
  2490. Schwarzenegger Outlaws Sex With Corpses (Oh rats!)
  2491. CheneySpeak: Scaring the Republicans to Death
  2492. N.Korea Says Blast Was for Hydro-Electric Project (gamemanship?)
  2493. DPRK confirms explosion in power plant project
  2494. Boston archdiocese gets NEW abuse claims
  2495. Settlers are inciting civil war, Sharon says (Hegelian setup)
  2496. Journalist killed on camera (in US attack)
  2497. A Shakedown by Any Other Name
  2498. Bush Orders Sanctions Against Venezuela (alleged role in sexual slavery?!!)
  2499. Google Search: "sexual slavery" israel (try this one. what, no sanctions?)
  2500. Kerry challenges Bush on Iraq-9/11 connection (well - sort of)
  2501. AIPAC's Power, or America's Cowardice? (or ???)
  2502. Portrait of a neo-con (Douglas Feith in particular)
  2503. Firefighter recalls terror of 9/11 (Pentagon airplane undescribed)
  2504. Reporters Get Death Threats From Police
  2505. The Daily Star - Opinion Articles - The ominous backlash of an attack against Iran
  2506. Israeli Threat Memo (DOD/DIS 1996)
  2507. Speeches ignore impending U.S. debt disaster / No mention of fiscal gap estimated as high as $72 trillion
  2508. E-lective Alarm (US voting is ripe for fraud - hmm - why would tht be?)
  2509. Scotsman.com News - International - Priests charged with child abuse being sheltered in Rome
  2510. Fallout concern for NY babies (hmmmm - maybe)
  2511. Man Arrested Over Tiny Tip (in restaurant was guy who sneezed flogged?)
  2512. Guardian Unlimited | Special reports | Rumsfeld's dirty war on terror
  2513. Guardian Unlimited | Special reports | UK keeps man's Guant&#-11;&#-11;namo claims secret
  2514. Guardian Unlimited | Special reports | Fortress New York takes post-9/11 play to its heart
  2515. Moulton woman says she lost job for sporting Kerry sticker on car
  2516. The rise of Jewish Anti-Semitism in Israel (Kafkaesque Antikafkaism)
  2517. Hijacking Catastrophe (a video et alios)
  2518. Delphi on track to achieve 6,000 U.S. job cuts (Isn't that just wonderful?!)
  2519. Baghdad Hayfa street Iraqi resistance battle (images Sept 12 2004)
  2520. The Real Reason We're In Iraq (Good - now stir in empire, metagov & 40 years of planning, and you've got it)
  2521. Infoshop News - Israel Lobby: With friends like these... (and there was light)
  2522. Israel violates Lebanon airspace (what if Iran violates Israeli airspace?)
  2523. TSA tells Vietnam vet hes a security threat (Land of free, Lnand of the free - I'm not listening)
  2524. Islamists will meet to respond to `American Zionist terror' (A long time coming)
  2525. Israel shuts Palestinian poll offices in Jerusalem
  2526. US Forces Hold Iraqi Women As Bargaining Chips
  2527. Aljazeera.Net - Chalabi aide in Israel (weirdness in the night never ends)
  2528. Many killed in US attacks on Ramadi, Falluja
  2529. Wal-Mart builds parking lot over ancient altar. (Teotihuacan)
  2531. Russian terrorism prompts power grab (Oh that's a real surprise)
  2532. Why so many hurricanes? | csmonitor.com
  2533. 'Unfit for Command': a hot potato for booksellers (nothing as it appears)
  2534. Taliban appears to be regrouped and well-funded (and still CIA funded)
  2535. BBC NEWS | World | South Asia | US Nepal embassy in families plea (oops)
  2536. t r u t h o u t - Iraq: It's Worse Than You Think
  2537. t r u t h o u t - Iraq: It's Worse Than You Think
  2538. Unemployed in Dreamland
  2539. Blair refuses to apologise for Iraq war (no apology then for his death sentence)
  2540. The war on terror can't be won...now it is time to move on
  2541. Iraq's occupiers accused of committing genocide (This is news?)
  2542. Bush team 'knew of abuse' at Guant&#-11;&#-11;namo
  2543. US troops face new torture claims
  2544. Israeli missile kills activists
  2545. Putin tightens grip on regions and MPs (of course)
  2546. Huge blast was mountain demolition, says North Korea
  2547. Kerry stumbles in key states as Bush widens lead in polls (preparation bullshit to cover the vote rigging)
  2548. Russia's poor still believe the Putin fairytale
  2549. US helps Iraq prepare for war crimes trials (Irony of the year)
  2550. Convicted Marine gets clemency in abuse case (He was just kidding around?)
  2551. Agents knew case flimsy, Powell says (When pathological liars tell the truth)
  2552. Is Iraq out of control? (This is a question?)
  2553. Aljazeera.Net - Northern pipeline blown up in Iraq (hmm - cutting off oil to Turkey)
  2554. 59 die in Iraq attacks (Operation Iraqi Freedom continues)
  2555. US War on Syria Excluded Under Resolution 1559 (Good time to pull out all stops against US?)
  2556. Turkey Threatens To Stop Cooperating With U.S. In Iraq
  2557. Did Bush camp err on ballot papers? (Stomp Nader, not Chimp?)
  2558. Top 10 Signs You Might Not Get a Fair Trial at Gitmo
  2559. Truth in Typing about Bush
  2560. Michael Ruppert Accuses Cheney of Mass Murders
  2561. Vote tampering feared in US presidential race (Feared? How about well expected?)
  2562. Israel 'Judaising' Jerusalem
  2563. Terrorism Began at Deir Yassin
  2564. U.S. agrees to help Israel relocate military bases (While Israel is till shelling out foreign aid?!)
  2565. Senator Experiences Voting Machine Glitch, Backs Bill (Reality rears it's ugly head)
  2566. Washington's Iran tough talk questionable (All Washington is questionable)
  2567. Bush Tries To Hide Growing Poverty (What isn't he hiding?)
  2568. Going it alone: Bush Doctrine gives any nation war power (Think! With all at war, who makes the money?)
  2569. Cheney: Terrorism Views May Shift (Um - which terrorism?)
  2570. The Hidden History of CIA Torture: Americas Road to Abu Ghraib
  2571. U.S. torture in Iraq spread to Mosul
  2572. Republicans are Trying to Fix the 2004 Election (We know that)
  2573. Government Concedes Scalia Erasure Wrong (If only he could be erased)
  2574. Kerry calls on Bush to release secret 9/11 report (New brain is on order)
  2575. Voters have no choice on Iraq (Voters have no choice on/in US/Iraq. It's called freedom.)
  2576. US Missile Kills Journalist
  2577. Wired News: Pentagon Revives Memory Project (Babies shouldn't get scalpels)
  2578. Kerry/Edwards Website Censors Discussion of Israel/Palestine Issues
  2579. Gabriel Kolko: Elections, Alliances and the American Empire
  2580. Iraeli Police Raid Palestinian Offices
  2581. Iran could build nukes in 6 months: Israel (That would be smart)
  2582. On the Voting Machine Makers' Tab (NYT)
  2583. Withdrawal of coalition forces would lead to fragmentation (fragmentation worse than genocide?)
  2584. US troops face new torture claims
  2585. Bush Seeks More Money for Iraq Reconstruction (He means Halliburton)
  2586. Bush to divert Iraq rebuilding cash (Halliburton, et al.)
  2587. Colorado sees record number of drill permits (Hmmmmmmm)
  2588. Soviet government tested troops with A-bomb to oppose an attack from US - PRAVDA.Ru
  2589. Pravda.RU Hot summer of 1967: The Israeli attack on America and the 'Soviet destroyer.'
  2590. Israel intensifies land seizures
  2591. An unsavory character on Bush team (Richard Perle)
  2592. New Poll Shows American Suspicious of AIPAC Status (Are we poll fools?)
  2593. High-Tech Market Has Lost 400,000 Jobs
  2594. New U.S. Offensive Could Backfire in Iraq (and it will)
  2595. Are the Zionists Beginning to Lose It in America?
  2596. Israel violates Lebanon airspace again (It's the national sport)
  2597. Blair thought of quitting (putting a bullet through his own head would be better)
  2598. Americans Suspicious of Terror Plans, Survey Shows (This is mildly encouraging)
  2599. Ambulance torn apart in Fallujah as US launches 'precision' strikes
  2600. No paper for Md. anti-touchscreen voters (So, why bother voting? It's done)
  2601. Washington's Ex-Mayor Wins Primary for Council Seat
  2602. Former secretary says she didn't type memos re Bush service
  2603. Two Sue Feds Over Anti-Bush T-Shirt Arrest
  2604. Judge Allows Human Rights Lawsuit Against Unocal to Proceed
  2605. Iran's Supreme Leader Calls for Muslim Solidarity Against the U.S.
  2606. Powell warns Putin on terror plan (Powell the lying moron speaks)
  2607. In Guard Speech, Bush Says He Is Proud of His Service (and he'll drink to that)
  2608. OPEC, Pumping at Limit, May Boost Quota to Cut Prices (Update2) (Make Chimp look good - exactly what they said thye would never do)
  2609. Kosovo protectorate "on point of near collapse" after March riots
  2610. India: Popular agitation against army atrocities engulfs the northeast state of Manipur
  2611. US media covers up American war crimes in Iraq
  2612. A daily toll of US atrocities in Iraq
  2613. Germany: Who is responsible for the increased vote for the extreme right?
  2614. The Nuance Comes Off: Former Naderites Beg for Kerry Votes
  2615. The Punishment of Fallujah: US Precision Strickes...on Ambulances
  2616. Gary Leupp: The Problem of Chechnya (also good background)
  2617. Israel intensifies raids, kills 10 Palestinians
  2618. Drilling to oust wild horses (sigh)
  2619. IRS warns churches: no politics allowed (selectively, of course)
  2620. House votes to give itself pay raise (That just figures: they're all milionaires)
  2621. Edwards: No Military Draft if Dems Win (Oh?)
  2622. Top Dem Rips Kerry Campaign (ahem - he's doing what DLC, i.e., RNC says)
  2623. Kerry Losing Lead Over Bush In Illinois (right - uhuh - sure - absolutely)
  2624. Bush Cuts Into Big Kerry Lead In New York (with what we wonders)
  2625. Kerry zooms in on Bush economic record (It's 9/11 stupid - and the truth)
  2626. Group offers $50,000 for proof of Bush service (lies or deafening silence)
  2627. Tom Delay: CBS memos may be 'criminal' (The criminal speaks)
  2628. Republican Lawmakers Ask CBS to Retract Bush Story (Um - why? Because Congress is paid)
  2629. CBS Guard Documents Traced to Tex. Kinko's (Oh - really? Your whiney point would be?)
  2630. Judge Orders Nader Name Off Fla. Ballot (Just as well: Repug plant)
  2631. Censored 2005: The Top 25 Censored Media Stories of 2003-2004
  2632. 'True dementia' the cause of 'Bushisms?'
  2633. Los Gatos: Symptoms prompt post office evacuation (Hysterical Talcum Powder?)
  2634. Americans jailed in Afghan "private prison" trial
  2635. Mercenaries in Afghan Case Get 8 to 10 Years in Prison
  2636. U.S. Prosecutor Challenges Guantanamo Trial Chief (an accident coming up_
  2637. AWOL Marine who re-enlisted latest Arizonan to die in Iraq (No good deed goes unpunished)
  2638. Iraq: Signs of desperation (Um - when *hasn't* it been deperate?)
  2639. 3 headless bodies found north of Baghdad (many brainless found in US)
  2640. New Iraq Attacks Are More Sophisticated (CIA getting reckless)
  2641. Intel Officials Have Bleak View for Iraq (These are the smart ones who are about to be fired)
  2642. U.S. Intelligence Shows Pessimism on Iraq's Future (This requires intelligence?)
  2643. Annan Questions Legality of Iraq War and Elections (How many years too late?)
  2644. Iraq war illegal, says Annan (At least definitive)
  2645. Post Source Reveals Identity to Leak Probers (Fish stinks from the head)
  2646. George W. Bush is a coward (Barely even worth the obvious remark)
  2647. Israelis arrested on 9/11 sue U.S. (LMFAO! New definition of Chutzpah)
  2648. Fl Appellate Court Rules Media Can Legally Lie (Cool! Then we should presume every word they utter is a lie - which it is)
  2649. Israel Wants $350 Million From US For New Bases (Hello? I want a yacht.)
  2650. Sharon Doesn't Plan to Follow 'Road Map' (Boy - that's a surprise)
  2651. A Kosher-Stamp on Murder - by Uri Avnery (More institutionalized sickness)
  2652. Earthquake Rocks Indonesia's Bali, One Dead
  2653. Why West is losing (An understanding, wrong only in its limitated knowledge)
  2654. Who's taping whom?
  2655. Italian Sister in illicit affair (Good for her!)
  2656. Hurricane onslaught may blow hole in US economy (The metagov reptos salivate)
  2657. FDA panel reviews anti-depressants' suicide link (and will do what exactly?)
  2658. Contractor's Bag Full of Explosives at JFK (Kafkaworld persists)
  2659. China deploys anti-terrorist troops to Yangtze River dam (Everybody on the illusionary bandwagon!)
  2660. US Snipers Said Killing Iraqi Women, Kids, Medical Teams (It's what they do)
  2661. Sharon Hints That Arafat May Be Killed (It's what they do)
  2662. Tel Aviv court approves administrative detention for Fahima (Nazi court that is)
  2663. Congress chastises Syria on human rights (Congress should be chastising itself)
  2664. Powell says some in US intelligence knew sourcing on Iraq was suspect (Repto asshole Powell say anything that's put in his insane mouth)
  2665. U.S. slides among worlds top educators (it's been designed; stop insulting my intelligence)
  2666. Russia rejects Powell's criticism, joins forces with Israel (Loopiness level 10)
  2667. Who are they polling, Alzheimer's patients??? (Ahha! Finally being said?)
  2668. In Iraq's wasteland, total chaos looms (A designed chaos)
  2669. Police check 'curse' on Sharon (Brain transplants indicated?)
  2670. Moroccan FM calls for urgent intervention to make Israel abide by international law (Fat chance!)
  2671. Letter urges US anti-Semitism monitor (Um - ARABS ARE SEMITES)
  2672. Crazy Like a Fox (Saying what abybody with a gray cell knows)
  2673. New Israeli spy probe has a 30-year history, insiders say
  2674. Clowns (Humans) Without Borders
  2675. German radio starts Klingon service (Only mildly and fun loopy)
  2676. UW Student Accused Of Fake Ticket Scam (Free Trade? He just forgot to incorporate)
  2677. George W. Bush, The Neocons, & The Nazis (History should be repeated)
  2678. RE-LYNCHING CYNTHIA MCKINNEY (That figures - I'm surprised she hasn'thad an "accident")
  2679. U.S. Newswire : Releases : "Americans Think AIPAC Should Register as a foreign agent" (You mean it *hasn't*?!)
  2680. Computer worm 'sniffs' out passwords (Um - who is paying them?)
  2681. US debates military strikes on 'nuclear Iran' (and will atack presently after inventing some moronic excuse)
  2682. TalkLeft: Rathergate Memos Linked to Abilene, TX (Bush service documents - still)
  2683. Vote for the GOP or you will die (Kafka Land USA)
  2684. Media Matters for America
  2685. Israel Moves to Drive Arabs Away From Al-Quds
  2686. Israel Remains an Ethnic Democracy!
  2687. Green Zone is no longer totally secure (Time to get out yet?)
  2688. Nuclear talks stall as US hardens line on Tehran (Invade directly from Iraq?)
  2689. Moving Company Fails To Deliver For New Triangle Residents
  2690. Court orders US to release torture files
  2691. Australian PM refutes Annan claims Iraq war 'illegal' (Babbles, not refutes)
  2692. Netanyahu briefs Bush team on plans for his own 2nd term
  2693. Law Enforcement Officers Warned: Do Not Visit Whosarat
  2694. YellowTimes.org - ''Iraq is full of WMD''
  2695. Pentagon Fails To List 17,000 Casualties From Iraq, Afghanistan (they forgot?)
  2696. Spies, Spies, Spies
  2697. US gives conflicting accounts of rocket attack that killed 13 dead
  2698. Israeli Army Kill Five Men Execution Style
  2699. 51 Documents: Zionist Collaboration With the Nazis
  2700. Annan's comments 'vindicate' Iraq war opposition
  2701. British MPs call for Blair's impeachment over Iraq war (Finally? Really?)
  2702. Britain Rejects Claims on Iraq War ("It is *too* legal!")
  2703. U.S. says new images show Iran plans nuke bomb
  2704. Guardian Unlimited | Guardian daily comment | Hugh Grant's got my vote
  2705. Far graver than Vietnam (Is someone actually waking up?)
  2706. Schwarzenegger Bans Rifle in Support of Gun Control
  2707. Iraqis Not Behind Italian Hostages Kidnap (We can guess, as all roads lead there)
  2708. Israel, not Iran, is wild card in explosive Middle East pack
  2709. FBI probes 'spy suspect deep inside' the Pentagon (also probes sea for suspected wetness)
  2710. Kiwi troops coming home
  2711. Judge Dismisses Charges Vs. Bush Protester (Nazi Amerika looses one)
  2712. Dead Soldier's Mother Arrested For Shouting At Laura Bush (Nazi Amerika wins one)
  2713. White House Blocks Pentagon Spy Investigation (Now what would that nasty building do that?)
  2714. Insurgents in Iraq appear more powerful than ever
  2715. FIREARMS LEGISLATION IN THE 108th CONGRESS (It's called Stealth Legislation)
  2716. US may run out of guard and reserve troops for war on terrorism (and will then hire really expensive mercenaries)
  2717. The fig leaf that will undo the U.S.
  2718. Washington to Spend Less on Iraq Aid, More on Police, Business, Debt (i.e., for subjugation)
  2719. Tell truth on nuclear weapons, US tells Iran (Truth?! Iraq told truth, and ...)
  2720. IRAN NUCLEAR TALKS BREAKTHROUGH (More hoopla than breakthrough)
  2721. Hariri rejects Israeli threats against Syria
  2722. Syrian Offer of Talks Throws A Wrench Into Sharon's Plans
  2723. Soros Asks House to Probe Hastert Remarks
  2724. U.S. gave cash to anti-Chavez groups
  2725. AlterNet: MediaCulture: Jay Leno: I am a Liberal, Really
  2726. US says Iraq invasion was legal (All criminals argue it was ok)
  2727. Official: Soldiers Yet to Adapt to War (Official, or stand up comic?)
  2728. WPVI.com: Forced GOP Contributions? (How very GOP)
  2729. Israel's pipe dream: getting oil from Iraq (Love the last paragraph)
  2730. GIs claim threat by Army
  2731. Brigadier General Says Israel is the problem not Iraq
  2732. CIA Instructions to Media Assets
  2733. After the 'Road Map'
  2734. Women in Parliaments: World Classification (Who loves ya, Ladies?)
  2735. U.S. Weapons Inspector: Iraq Had No WMD
  2736. Kerry Accuses Bush of Hiding the Truth About Iraq (Pretty safe to say)
  2737. Two GOP leaders attack Iraq policy (oops)
  2738. Citizens for Legitimate Government, Bush Election Coup 2000 2K anti political action liberties peace activist
  2739. US Offers Conflicting Accounts of Baghdad Bloodbath
  2740. Saul Landau and Farrah Hassen: Meet the New Villain, Syria
  2741. The war was illegal
  2742. Judge Orders U.S. to Find Bush Records
  2743. Powell rebukes Annan on Iraq (World to Powell: just die please)
  2744. Los Angeles police uncover Israeli drug ring (oops)
  2745. Sir Isaac Newton and the Coming Invasion of Iran by Mike Rogers
  2746. Senators sound alarm over Iraq (A few morons arise from slumber)
  2747. Government Insider Says Bush Authorized 911 Attacks
  2748. Sharon hints that Arafat may be killed (Again or yet?)
  2749. Kerry dares Bush to tell Iraq truth LOL
  2750. Israel Spying on Palestinian Security (This is news?)
  2751. Saddam intended to start developing WMD: report (or intended to start thinking about starting to intend ...)
  2752. Syria: Yet Another US Enemy To Muddy The Middle East Waters (where's the oil?!)
  2753. CBS News | Germany Arrests American As Spy | September 17, 2004 13:12:35 (All hushhusch and secret like)
  2754. Russia may revoke BP gas licence
  2755. Germany Arrests U.S. Translator on Spying Charges
  2756. Tourist's crime? Toting bookmark (More crazies running the asylum)
  2757. CBC News: Newspapers accused of misusing word 'terrorist'
  2758. Growing Consensus That Iraq Is Hopeless
  2759. US soldiers shoot first, no questions asked
  2760. Iraqi Children work instead of going to school (Operation Iraqi Freedom)
  2761. Orthodox Jews offended by Madonna's Kabbalah ties (giggle)
  2762. The Enemy Within (Mor spies, and more agents, and more ...)
  2763. US to protect Israel at UN General Assembly (???)
  2764. U.S. Vetoes of UN Resolutions Critical of Israel
  2765. Britons held after raid blunder by Israeli police (Israeli Nazis)
  2766. FBI's Anti- [Pro]Terror 'October Plan' to disrupt elections
  2767. Kerry accuses Bush of cronyism in gov't contracts (Nooo??!! Really?)
  2768. CNN.com - Is that a microchip in my meat? - Sep 18, 2004
  2769. The Left Coaster: Why You Should Ignore The Gallup Poll This Morning - And Maybe Other Gallup Polls As Well
  2770. GOP Mailing Warns Liberals Will Ban Bibles (Nope - just commit the criminally insane)
  2771. Kerry Accuses Bush of Hiding Troops Plan
  2772. Death toll for week tops 250 as suicide car bomber kills 13
  2773. Secret papers show Blair was warned of Iraq chaos
  2774. America and the Global Ruling Class
  2775. John Kerry: Incompetence or Conspiracy
  2776. Iran tests long-range missile as UN watchdog reviews nuclear programme (Welll - they're not stupid!)
  2777. Iran October Surprise
  2778. Carter's Crusade (That's Jimmy: xtian right isnt xtian - that's fur sure)
  2779. Blair Dismisses 'Secret Iraq Warnings' Leak (Pish-posh & abracadabra ostrich)
  2780. Iran Told to Freeze Uranium Enrichment Programme (Told?)
  2781. "Buckhead," who said CBS memos were forged, is a GOP-linked attorney
  2782. Senior oil official in northern Iraq survives assassination attempt (Too bad)
  2783. This Is Bush's Vietnam (Obvious before the invasion)
  2784. No Charges Against NJ Woman Who Heckled Mrs. Bush (Heckling Reptos isn't a felony now?)
  2785. Move to impeach Blair gains ground (not fast enough)
  2786. Michael Moore and Richard Perle Combine Forces: Who Really Wants to Invade Saudi Arabia, and Why"
  2787. Into the abyss (It was all predictable - and predicted!)
  2788. Chavez: Oil prices could hit $100 a barrel (eventually - why not now?)
  2789. Bush concern at Afghan drug boom (also the blue water in his toilet)
  2790. Will Bush Spring a Surprise to Sway the Voters?
  2791. 136 Gaza kids killed by Israel
  2792. The Truth Seeker - Causes of Dr Kelly's Death Thrown into Doubt by Top Forensic Toxicologists
  2793. U.S. Leaks Report of No Weapons in Iraq
  2794. PBS Panders to Right With New Programming
  2795. Powell says Iran aids Iraqi rebels (The Professional Liar Speaks)
  2796. Forcing Iran to halt uranium enrichment illegal: ElBaradei (Who Cares?)
  2797. US ready for diplomatic action if Iran fails to heed UN uranium call (These scum don't know what diplomatic means)
  2798. Iran is top worry, Sharon to tell Bush (*Who's* the threat?!)
  2799. Israel to US: Now for Iran
  2800. Israelis Dupe Dumbya ''Let's Invade Iran Now George''
  2801. Mark Green: Name The October Surprise
  2802. Britain to cut troop levels in Iraq
  2803. Wired News: Don't Mess With Librarians (Hug them instead!)
  2804. Bush Family Fortunes DVD
  2805. Ready or Not (and Maybe Not), Electronic Voting Goes National
  2806. Japan Shuts Unit of Citibank, Citing Violations
  2807. Iraq had no WMD: the final verdict
  2808. Israel asking USA to support definite annexation of occupied territories
  2809. War Is A Racket - Major General Smedley Butler
  2810. Why Judaized Christians are re-electing George W. Bush
  2812. U.S. Plans Year-End Drive to Take Iraqi Rebel Areas
  2813. The Temple Mount Bombers
  2814. US seeks to limit UN bias against Israel (Um - bias?)
  2815. Where's the Anger? Where's the Rage?
  2816. Microwave gun to be used by US troops on Iraq rioters
  2817. Ugly truths about Iraq
  2818. [img5511]
  2819. British aided Mossad kidnap, says Vanunu
  2820. Israeli intelligence helped creating the fake Iraqi threat
  2821. Exposing the Inner Workings Of George W. Bush & Co...
  2822. WJC Rift Goes Public
  2823. Canadian Jewish Editors Falsify Reuter's Reports From Palestine
  2824. 'Hate-crime' prof vandalized own car
  2825. Guardian Unlimited | Special reports | Britain to cut troop levels in Iraq
  2826. John Kampfner: Blame No 10's hubris and genial naivety
  2827. Max Hastings : The Iraq intelligence fiasco exposes us to terrible danger
  2828. US dollar may devalue further (and the sun will rise tomorrow)
  2829. Danger seen in plan to resurrect deadly '18 influenza virus (Danger? Insanity)
  2830. Leave Your Children Behind, You Are Both Going to Iraq
  2831. Turkey snaps over US bombing of its brethren
  2832. Former Bechtel consultant portrays Halliburton bidding process as a sham
  2833. US 'loses' war games - like losing at solitaire (Brains? There are none)
  2834. Lifespan Crisis Hits Supersize America
  2835. Sharon Okays firing at residential areas if warning given in advance (Um - 1 second, or 2 to be sportting?)
  2836. Meningitis vaccinations 'blamed' for rise in deaths
  2837. Racketeering (Rico)Charges filed Against NutraSweet
  2838. Operation Snowbird
  2839. Pentagon blocks site for voters outside U.S.
  2840. Edwards Calls Hastert's Remarks 'Politics of Fear' (He's just figured this out?!)
  2841. Bush, Kerry Tentatively Settle on 3 Debates
  2842. The Lynching of Dan Rather
  2843. CBS News Concludes It Was Misled on National Guard Memos, Network Officials (CBS is the BBC of news)
  2844. Arrests at GOP Convention Are Criticized
  2845. PM's $100m flying squad to fight 'terrorism (That's Poodle Howard)
  2846. Anti[pro]- terror flying squads plan
  2847. US Says 'Clock is Ticking' for Iran (Clock is ticking for all of us with these reptos)
  2848. Optimism in London, carnage in Iraq
  2849. Senators slam regime on Iraq
  2850. Republicans Criticize Bush 'Mistakes' on Iraq (MISTAKES?!)
  2851. Senators Urge Bush to Rethink Iraq Policy (Rethink implies prior thought)
  2852. Australian Labor's militarist plans for South-East Asia
  2853. Cooking With Stevia and Stevia Recipes
  2854. Science Blog - Interesting paper collection on info, autom, su(2), comps
  2855. Algorithms can identify cyber-terrorism (Some scientists are terrorists)
  2856. Presidential Election at Risk: Ohio's electoral system riddled with flaws
  2857. Hastert's al Qaeda comment draws fire (His opinion based on what exactly?)
  2858. Not-so-innocent abroad
  2859. Neo-Con Spies
  2860. Israel: a stormy relationship: Passport to a world of trouble
  2861. UK troops kill 100 militia in uprising
  2862. Activists call for PM to resign over Iraq
  2863. Al-Qaida would back Bush, says UK envoy
  2864. Foreign Office retains lofty disdain of Bush
  2865. Fictional candidate weighs into US election
  2866. Official probes of US prisoner abuse document crimes, exonerate arch criminals
  2867. Russia: Putin lays siege to social benefits
  2868. German President Koehler says inequality must be the new norm
  2869. Alexander Cockburn: Forgeries, Fingerprints and Foresnic Fakery
  2870. Fred Gardner: Financial Torture (Asset Forfeiture)
  2871. Brian J. Foley: W is for Wimp
  2872. Your Media is Killing You (Not just a failure anymore - now a complete failure)
  2873. 9/11 Pentagon Plane Crash Eyewitness Accounts
  2874. The Pentagon Renovations Completed on 9/11/2001
  2875. DeLay Ethics Probe Recommendation Due Soon
  2876. Executing Saddam would deter the terrorists, says Iraq leader (Deter Buhies?)
  2877. The transatlantic drift (widening gap between US and elsewhere)
  2878. Israel Paralyzed by General Strike
  2879. US-UK Interventionism. The Hidden Agenda is Oil (and global totalitarian state)
  2880. Syria redeploys forces in Lebanon (will be invaded anyhow)
  2881. Latin America Has Had Enough of Bush (and are far from being alone)
  2882. 40 percent of Army reservists fail to report to Fort Jackson
  2884. Tucson Diocese Files Bankruptcy
  2885. Rwandan priest goes on trial for genocide
  2886. US News / Special: Decision 2004 | The Christian Science Monitor
  2887. Suburb shift turns state blue | csmonitor.com
  2888. A strident minority: anti-Bush US troops in Iraq | csmonitor.com
  2889. Israel seeks U.S. "bunker bombs"
  2890. Judaism and Israel : Increasingly, thoughtful American Jews are re-thinking Zionis
  2891. What exactly takes place between the time you cast your vote and numbersappear on your TV?
  2892. The Memory Hole > US Government Domain Names
  2893. China tests new long-range missile (Bring 'em on! Preemptive Strike!?)
  2894. Al Qaeda seen planning for 'spectacular' attack (Big Al CIAda! Right)
  2895. Depleted Uranium, weapons of war - the Pandora's box (Who needs nukes to poison the Earth? We hve the US corpagov!)
  2896. What if Iraq Media Coverage was Scrutinized Like CBS Documents? (Gee - that would be interesting)
  2897. Iraqi militants claim Bush wants 'greater Israel' in Mideast (That's close enough)
  2898. Three Linked to DeLay Indicted in Texas Scandal
  2899. Bracing for modern brands of warfare (Send Rummsfeld to the front)
  2900. Iraq: How bad can things get? (Just wait and see)
  2901. Relying on Phonies: What If The Problem with Phone Polls is That They ArePhone Polls?
  2902. Gary Leupp: "We Are Not Secure"
  2903. Fourth Circuit to Moussouai: Ask Your Questions; Prepare to Die (US Justice in US Democracy)
  2904. Paul Craig Roberts: Attention Deficit America
  2905. - Dan Plesch: The case for impeaching Blair
  2906. Poll giving Kerry lead stirs controversy (LOL)
  2907. CBS apologises for 'mistaken' story of Bush's military service
  2908. Full text: President Bush speaks to the UN General Assembly (Every golden word [puke])
  2909. Kerry accuses Bush of 'outright incompetence' in Iraq war (nope, deliberate)
  2910. Japan, Brazil, Germany, India want seats on Security Council (So do I!)
  2911. Unidentified body found in Iraq (Cheney? How lucky could we get?)
  2912. CIA was 'just guessing' in report on Iraq (GUESSING??!!)
  2913. Israel kills top militant in Gaza strip
  2914. Americans Remain Eerily Unfazed by 12,721 Dead Innocent Iraqis
  2915. Pesky Truth Revealing Itself Faster Than Bush Team Can Lie
  2916. Voting Public Still Unsure Where the President Stands on Freedom
  2917. The Hawaiian Language - A Brief Historye
  2918. Government Insider Says Bush Authorized 911 Attacks
  2919. www.deprogram.info - Stanley Hilton
  2920. Australia's highest court backs anti-democratic election laws
  2921. The Pentagon doesn't want you to vote overseas
  2922. Millions Blocked from Voting in U.S. Election
  2923. CBS News Names Panel to Review Tainted Bush Report (GOP setup bogus evidence of truth)
  2924. Ex-Pop Singer Held After D.C. Flight Diverted
  2925. Bush nominates defense [Carlyle Group] exec for Army secretary
  2926. U.S. says women prisoners will not be released
  2927. Soldiers Charged With Premeditated Murder
  2928. Suicide bombing, fierce fighting rock Baghdad Six Iraqis killed in bombing
  2929. Bush, in Shift, Taps Into Emergency Iraq Funds (Shift? Perfectly expected)
  2930. Secret Service Reviewing Comments Made By N.J. Woman
  2931. FAA Manager Mangled, Cut, Destroyed 9/11 Tapes
  2932. 32 Felony Indictments Returned in DeLay Case
  2933. Neo-Con Spies II
  2934. The US Is Arming Israel Against Iran.
  2935. The fall of AT&T Wireless
  2936. Iraq Lies
  2937. Lockhart contacted memo scandal figure
  2938. The Real World vs. George Bushs Reality (Yes, it really is that bad)
  2939. The need to wrongfoot Saddam
  2940. Activists Find More E-Vote Flaws
  2941. A Bush Covert Operative Takes Over Al Sharpton's Campaign
  2942. HAS BRITAIN'S BUBBLE BURST? (Yes, and as US, it's been engineered)
  2943. MPs can end the Iraq folly
  2944. The Hand-Over That Wasn't: Illegal Orders give the US a Lock on Iraq's Economy
  2945. Bush threatened to VETO legislation providing body armor to our troops
  2946. Wind carries GM pollen record distances
  2947. Israel hopes to close debate on West Bank barrier
  2948. Jerusalem hit by suicide bomb (ooops - how convenient, yet again)
  2949. Suicide Bomber Strikes Jerusalem
  2950. Al Qaeda seen planning for 'spectacular' attack (US will attack its own people again - as in october surprise)
  2951. Hostage claim a hoax (what isn't a hoax?)
  2952. Palestinian film festival slammed (simply because it's Palestinian)
  2953. Bush running scared
  2954. New Military Cemeteries Being Planned (implying?)
  2955. War is peace
  2956. Israel's nukes serve to justify Iran's
  2957. Britain frees terrorism suspect held for three years
  2958. Judge unseals evidence for lawyer wrongly arrested in Madrid bombings
  2959. Fed Raises US Rates For Third Time This Year
  2960. CNN.com - Survey: World opinion favors Kerry - Sep 20, 2004
  2961. Millions Blocked from Voting in U.S. Election
  2962. Annan takes fresh Iraq swipe At US
  2963. Undercutting Internation Court's Ruling on the Wall
  2964. Neve Gordon: The Wall, Sharon and the Court
  2965. Mass rally against Nepal's king
  2966. Kerry Stakes Out Opposition Stance on War (getting warmer)
  2967. Peretz announces end to public-sector strike
  2968. Rumsfeld Sold Stakes in Pentagon Contractors
  2969. The politics behind Kerry's Iraq speech
  2970. Fear of Flying and W's Nerves
  2971. Israel and Palestine, Choosing Sides
  2972. Cactus48.com (Israel-Palestine Conflict and history)
  2973. Origin of the Israel-Palestine Conflict
  2974. Online Book: The Hidden History of Zionism, by Ralph Schoenman (1988)
  2975. The Ashkenazic Jews: A Slavo-Turkic People in Search of a Jewish Identity
  2976. The Origin of the Jews - Part One
  2977. Khazaria.com - History of Jewish Khazars, Khazar Turk, Khazarian Jews
  2978. MP furious at treatment by Israel (Oh, it's just how they are.)
  2979. Syria continues withdrawing its forces from Lebanon
  2980. Whistleblower rules really 'gag order': union (what do they think laws are for?)
  2981. Oil: Its Supply And Demand, Stupid! :: Alternative Press Review :: Your Guide Beyond the Mainstream
  2982. Army Sits On Chem Attack Antidote (??)
  2983. Globalization or Protectionism?
  2984. Frustrated U.S. Forces Fail to Win Hearts and Minds in Afghanistan
  2985. The Reich stuff (Otto Reich that is)
  2986. More dirt in the American elections
  2987. Fierce Fighting Rages On Hayfa Street Yesterday; US Forced To Retreat
  2988. Iran warns Israel against strike
  2989. UK hostage's 'release sabotaged' (why?)
  2990. UK archives reveal Palestine plan (oops - another glitch in the matrix)
  2991. Zimbabwe leader Robert Mugabe accuses President Bush of acting like a 'political god'
  2992. Capitol Hill Blue: Damn Voters (Hello? Do we have any brains left?)
  2993. Mobile phone radiation 'helps children think' (??! Brain transplant!)
  2994. Arafat's 'demise' up to us: Israel PM (conspiracy - threat - murder)
  2995. Bush fails to raise Jewish support (Waking up to reality?)
  2996. Bush's Policy Brings The World Down On America
  2997. The 2004 Ban on David Irving's visit to NZ: Blunt Answers to some FrequentlyAsked Questions
  2998. Police Officer Detained Over Role in Double Terrorist Attack on Planes
  2999. German restitution bid stirs outrage in Poland
  3000. Government portrays homeschoolers as terrorists (and not Hitlerjugend)
  3001. Israeli journalist: Sharon has not dismantled a single outpost in West Bank
  3002. Educators fear effect of copyright changes (step by step)
  3003. US weekly jobless claims climb 14,000 to 350,000
  3004. Israel's Norway envoy urges removal of 'anti-Semitic' artwork (an artistic opinion?)
  3005. France Urged to Ban Terrorist Jewish Group
  3006. Gorbachev Says Iraq War 'Undermined' Law (No shit, Gorby?)
  3007. On: The Assassination of Robert Maxwell: Israel's Super Spy
  3008. The Mossad Murder of Robert Maxwell
  3009. Israel demands change to IAEA resolution, threatens boycott (They *do have nukes)
  3010. Scientists say there are signs of massive flu outbreak soon (designed?)
  3011. Europe Could Face Flu Crisis - Health Commissioner
  3012. Genome researchers to look at 1918 Spanish flu (redesigning it)
  3013. 1918 killer flu virus to be tested in UW lab
  3014. U.S. to transfer high-tech arsenal to Israel (Iran is rather bigger than Iraq)
  3015. Neo-Con Spies III
  3016. How New Electronic Check Law Affects Consumers
  3017. AIPAC/Franklin Spy Scandal Spreads to The Whitehouse (Wasn't it there already?)
  3018. Israel: Iran is now new terror exporter (Not USUKAUIL?)
  3019. Stations Get E-Mails to Oust Dan Rather (Repto shrieking)
  3020. Stanley Hiltons Office Burglarized Again!
  3021. Rumsfeld Suggests Limited Iraq Election (We suggest limiting Rumsfeld)
  3022. Former CIA Agent Says Bush to Blame for 9/11; Possible Staged Terror Attack Before Election
  3023. Public Security Funds for Jewish Groups are Wrong!
  3024. Goebbels Speech Has Disturbing Parralels With Modern Day Neo-Con Rhetoric
  3025. Anglican group calls for Israel sanctions
  3026. Allawi, Bush & Cheney Are All Lying About Conditions in Iraq
  3027. The Outing David Dreier and his straight hypocrisy
  3028. Lawyers Wonder if Rowland Will Be Next (not if he can bribe his way out)
  3029. Republicans Admit Mailing Campaign Literature Saying Liberals Will Ban theBible (So what, sue us!)
  3030. US Airways to Ask Court to Cut Union Workers' Pay 23% (signs of booming economy)
  3031. Israel says Iran No. 1 terrorism exporter
  3032. Crude dudes (Oil, that is)
  3033. Bush Says Kerry Criticisms on Iraq Threaten Effort (threatens what effort, moron?)
  3034. L.A. Counterterror Chief Detained by Feds (Cute, very cute)
  3035. Report: U.S. Airport Screeners Missed Weapons (my ballpoint pen?)
  3036. Document Scanners Make Debut at Airports (seriously deranged)
  3037. Justice Department Steps Up Surveillance Amid Fears of Attack (even morederanged fiction)
  3038. Ashcroft Urges Terror Vigilance Ahead of Election (in need of total lobotamy)
  3039. House May Revive Parts of Patriot Act II
  3040. House GOP reportedly aims to revive 'Patriot Act II'
  3041. Teresa Heinz Kerry predicts Bush October surprise
  3042. CBS admits being duped over Bush National Guard memos
  3043. The deportation of Yusuf Islam (Cat Stevens)
  3044. Bush administration sabotages attempt to save British hostage in Iraq
  3045. US Congress hails Washington's Iraqi stooge
  3046. Joshua Frank: New York: 1832 and Now
  3047. Ashcroft's "Distressing Lack of Care": Hamdi and the Phony War on Terrorism
  3048. Patrick Cockburn: Iraqi Scientists Detained Despite Lack of WMDs
  3049. Overseas Voter Website Censored by U.S. Government
  3050. The American Gulag
  3051. The Left's Favorite President by Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr.
  3052. His Excellency (reality served cold)
  3053. TheStar.com - What Kerry won't tell Americans
  3054. Shalom urges UN to end its obsession with Israel (*Who's* the psychopath?!)
  3055. Lupolianski wants Arab Wadi Joz rezoned for Jews
  3056. BBC drops controversial Pope cartoon (pity)
  3057. Bush Budget Adds $1.3T to Deficits (Um - what did you expect? This si purposeful)
  3058. NZ troops ready to fly home (Bravi Tutti!)
  3059. The Deceivers (more reality, with references)
  3060. Hundreds pack meeting on recovery efforts, available federal help
  3061. GI In Iraq - 'This Whole War Was Based On Lies' (and you weren't paying attention)
  3062. Wired News: Activists Find More E-Vote Flaws (Not flaws, features!)
  3063. IHT: U.S. tries to penetrate Qaeda 'cyber sanctuaries' (standard corpagov bullshit)
  3064. American Civil Liberties Union : ACLU Calls Latest Justice Department Report Patriot Act Propaganda, Says Congress and Public Still Denied Access to the Truth
  3065. Demonstration of 5 voting system hacks using real software
  3066. Powell refuses to rule out attack on Iran (Iran, which *how* many times bigger than Iraq?!)
  3067. Blair accused of secret pact with Bush over Iraq
  3068. Networks blacked out on DeLay aides' indictments (Suprised?)
  3069. Thou Dost Protest Too Much - An old law turns protesters into threats against the president. By Jonathan M. Katz
  3070. FOXNews.com - Top Stories - One Arrested, Others Detained at NY Airports(9/14/2001)
  3071. LewisNews gets visit from local Sheriff and the Secret Service
  3072. US - US troops stop honouring Iraq 'no-go' deals
  3073. Vanunu: US should press Israel to stop nuke development (V. doesn't understand)
  3074. Terror bust called trap (like all the rest of them: corpagov fabrications)
  3075. Why you can't trust medical journals anymore. (It's ctually even worse)
  3076. Can USA pay for its wars for Israel and Halliburton/Bechtel?
  3077. The CDC report on aspartame complaints
  3078. Congress extends tax cuts for years (Criminals at work)
  3079. Wired News: Glaciers Quicken Pace to Sea
  3080. Fox Hunts Student Voters
  3081. Cat Stevens to take legal action against US
  3082. National Guard Recruiting Lags (I wonder why?)
  3083. Navy Charges 3 More SEALs in Iraq Abuse
  3084. N Korea threatens to turn Japan into 'nuclear sea of fire' (Modern reasoning)
  3085. U.S. destroyers deploying off N. Korea
  3086. Bomb Disabled Near N.C. Elections Office (and Who profits from such idiocy?)
  3087. Mother Wrongfully Convicted Of Murder, Aspartame Guilty?
  3088. Scoop Archive: UQ Wire: Gore Vidal's The Enemy Within
  3089. Saddam to Declare Candidacy for Iraqi Elections (He could even win afterChimpco Massacres)
  3090. Baghdad Burning (Liar, Liar)
  3091. Asia Times Online - The trusted source for news on Central Asia
  3092. A new laboratory study shows methane could be produced deep inside Earth or Mars, a result that could have significant implications for the oil and gas industry and even broader meaning for the search for hardy microbes on both planets
  3093. Expert told PM of error on weapons
  3094. PM ignored expert advice: Latham
  3095. Weapons expert's fight to warn PM - Election 2004 - www.smh.com.au
  3096. War not the answer, letter told Howard - Election 2004 - www.smh.com.au
  3097. Margo Kingston's Webdiary - smh.com.au
  3098. Swift boat veteran suspended
  3099. Niranjan Ramakrishnan: Logical Limbo
  3100. UN report accuses Israel of building fence to confiscate land
  3102. CBS Nixes'60 Minutes' Story on Iraq War
  3103. Lebanon space violated 3 straight days (only 3?!)
  3104. Maxwell the spymaster
  3106. Irangate: The Israel Connection excerpted from the book The Iran Contra Connection Secret Teams and Covert Operations in the Reagan Era
  3107. UN official out for comparing Bush to Osama - The Times of India
  3108. UN Expert: Israels Apartheid Wall Aims at Grabbing Palestinian Lands
  3109. In The Absence of Military Leadership ("Air America")
  3110. The Legacy of Bush VII: Massacre Number Three
  3111. 70% Of America Is Confused By George W. Bush Lies - s5000.com
  3112. None Dare Call Them Neo-cons
  3113. Hospital says Israel air strike hit civilians
  3114. Troops may pull out before peace: Rumsfeld (Syria or Iran?)
  3115. How Bush's grandfather helped Hitler's rise to power
  3116. San Diego close to bankruptcy
  3117. U.S. air strike targets Falluja militants (an murders women and children)
  3118. Russia launches two miltary satellites
  3120. ABCNEWS.com : U.S. Gets Tough on Iraqi Insurgents (killing and torturing is so last week)
  3121. Al Qaeda's 'Female Squads' Go Online (Al-CIAda?! ROTFLMFAO)
  3122. PCWorld.com - GOP Voter Vault Shipped Overseas
  3123. http://www.space4peace.org (Global Network)
  3124. Calif. Gov. Vetoes Long-Term Energy Planning Bill
  3125. Guess Who's a GOP Booster? The CEO of CBS's parent company.
  3126. Police Sawed Through Locks and Seized Bikes, Riders Say
  3127. National insecurity / Keeping America safe from Cat Stevens
  3128. In Desert Town, Training for 'Terror Attacks'
  3129. Is US buying up 'Terror Town'?
  3130. Spy imagery agency takes new role inside United States after Sept. 11
  3131. House Republicans Unveil Sweeping Sept. 11 Bill (The Fuck You Act)
  3132. Edwards: Bush Campaign Exploiting 9/11 (Hello? Where have you been for 4 years?!)
  3133. Guantanamo tribunal itself on trial (Would that it really were)
  3134. U.S. to sell 'bunker busters' to Israel
  3135. US sells Israel 500 'bunker-busters'
  3136. Iran successfully tests 'strategic missile'
  3137. Maureen Dowd: Dance of the Marionettes
  3138. Hussein's Trial Not Likely to Begin This Year, U.S. Official Says (if ever, and by yet another anonymous official little birdy)
  3139. Abazaid Predicts Flawed Iraqi Elections, Comparable to U.S. 2000 'election'
  3140. Deadly hepatitis E highlights water, health ills in Iraq
  3141. US arrests senior Iraqi commander
  3142. ABCNEWS.com : TVs in Iraq Tuned to Real-Life Horror (US shock & awe, ten fold)
  3143. Violence in Iraq Belies Claims of Calm, Data Show (Lies, and damn lies, forever)
  3144. Insurgency worsening in Iraq: Powell (depends on your viewpoint, asshole)
  3145. 'It's getting worse' in Iraq, Powell says
  3146. Syria in scramble to avert US attack (Better scramble to cruch US attack)
  3147. Haaretz - Israel News - Unacceptable norms (Israeli persecution and theft plans)
  3149. sacbee.com -- AP State Wire News -- Report: 10,000 people in U.S. work in forced labor(? more like 250 million)
  3150. Iraqi civilian casualties mounting (It's still genocide)
  3151. Dead in the Water (Israeli attack on the USS Liberty)
  3152. Authorities fear collapse of section of Temple Mount (from a prior Israeli digging)
  3153. Israel still expropriating land to expand settlements
  3154. Car Bomb Kills Hamas Operative in Syria (Mossad car bomb, that is)
  3155. Mayor to force Jerusalem's Arabs out
  3156. Bush: Would Give 'Mission Accomplished' Speech Again (just to irritat even more?)
  3157. Hamas threatens to target Israelis abroad (Oh, does it really? Read)
  3158. Iraq's Disappearing Election
  3159. Israel bars entry of Palestinian security trainees to Egypt (??)
  3160. Israel forces storm refugee camp
  3161. VHeadline.com - USA's FCC raids KFAR 90.9FM half-hour after 'Axis of Good' premiere...
  3162. MSNBC - Secrets Of Unit 1391 (Israeli torture jail)
  3163. Israel warning on Jerusalem site
  3164. Pipeline Explodes Northeast of Houston
  3165. Rafah's website
  3166. Another Guantanamo "spying" frame-up collapses
  3167. Bush administration escalates confrontation with Iran
  3168. Washington turns its back on Haitian catastrophe
  3169. Nader at the University of Michigan: independent candidate courts the Democratic Party
  3170. Dire Warnings from the Past: From Wilson to Bush
  3171. Lesser Evilism: We Are Living in the Logical Conclusion
  3172. Greg Bates: The Politics of Nader's Republican Support
  3173. Michael Donnelly: Rather Disingenuous
  3174. Joshua Frank: Bombs, Ahoy
  3175. Alan Maass: Why is Kerry Running Such a Lame Campaign?
  3176. William Blum: Progressives and the Election
  3177. Saul Landau: The Reality of Empire and Campaign Rhetoric
  3178. worldwide conspiracy (Mostly true and obvious - some utter nonsense)
  3179. University of Arizona Professor Reported to FBI for "Hating" America
  3180. Ridge Reports Investments in Homeland Security Contractors
  3181. When five voted for millions (USSC illegitimacy)
  3182. WHO Scientists Report into DU Cancer Dangers Suppressed
  3183. (Israel) Number of jobless hits all-time high
  3184. Saddam expected to be executed - (United Press International)
  3185. Blair's betrayal sent our troops to death
  3186. All This to Keep Israel Middle Easts Reigning Nuclear Power?
  3187. Israeli Border Police Arrested for Alleged Abuse of Palestinians
  3188. EPA Imposes Gag Rule on its Employees
  3189. Did Israel Bomb the U.S.S. Cole? It Looks Like It
  3190. Will US and Israel Use Hamas as Pretext for Iran Attack?
  3191. The Hamas-Likud Pairing
  3192. Israel's Hamas
  3193. Hamas Are Sharon's Children
  3194. Sharon War Plan Exposed: Hamas Gang Is His Tool
  3195. Hamas history tied to Israel
  3196. '60 Minutes' Yanks Story on Iraq War
  3197. Where have all the young men gone
  3198. Israel still expropriating land to expand settlements
  3199. Israel to face dire consequences if attacks Iran
  3200. Thousands Of Zombie PCs Created Daily (Who does the internet scare?)
  3201. Israelis admit Damascus bombing (ya love it when the obvious gets admitted to)
  3202. Car bomb kills Hamas operative in Syria; Israeli sources acknowledge involvement
  3203. President Arnold Schwarzenegger (Watch "Demolition Man", or rather listen)
  3204. Bishop Indicted on Child Rape Charges (It *wasn't* about sex)
  3205. Fracas breaks out at Church of the Holy Sepulcher (Reptos on display)
  3206. Syria blames Israel for US situation in Iraq
  3207. Israels Al-Aqsa Claims Groundless: Palestinians
  3208. 911 Skeptics Unite - Rathergate, Distraction of the Year
  3209. GOP Roger Stone forged the (Rathergate) documents?
  3210. Is Rathergate a watershed for US Media?
  3211. Dan Rather and Donald Rumsfeld co-own a ranch in New Mexic
  3213. BostonHerald.com - National News: White House: C-B-S apology raises more questions
  3214. Feds seeking [to confiscate] $61K from alleged call girl
  3215. Alleged Mossad agents imprisoned in NZ to be released (oops)
  3216. Spy imagery agency takes new role inside United States after Sept. 11
  3217. Russia seeks UN terror listing for Chechens
  3218. Russia braces for tough new terror laws (Everybody's gotta have 'em)
  3219. Ukraine candidate [says he was] 'poisoned' (He's lying)
  3220. Moscow seeks UN resolution to speed extradition in terror cases
  3221. Kalashnikov inventor turns his hand to vodka (I would turn to drink too)
  3222. Chechen rebel boasts of Beslan attack (Who paid him to say that?)
  3223. Putin attack suspect 'badly beaten' before he died - um - of induced heart attack?
  3224. The Black Commentator - The Lynching of Dan Rather - (Greg Palast)
  3225. Israel Would Not Be Able to Destroy Iran's Nuclear Program - from TBO.com
  3226. Ohio rejects 1000s of voter registration applications due to paper weight. (?!?)
  3227. Trial ordered in Fla. e-ballot lawsuit
  3228. Senator Byrd urges vote for Kerry
  3229. Groups accuse United States of imposing international book ban
  3230. F.B.I. Said to Lag on Translations of Terror Tapes
  3231. Ridge Reports Investments in Homeland Security Contractors
  3232. Senate Bill Proposes Anti-[pro]Terror Database
  3233. Screening of Foreign Visitors to Expand
  3234. Oil Strikes New Record on Supply Fears - $50.01
  3235. 70 attacks a day on troops, contractors
  3236. US pounds Iraqi cities
  3237. Unions firm on deadline for Iraq troop withdrawal
  3238. Bush regime takes heat for CIA plan to influence Iraq's elections
  3239. CIA's Iraq plan shot down
  3240. Democrats back fourth Bush tax cut for wealthy, business
  3241. Forbes 400 list of richest Americans: snapshot of a financial oligarchy
  3242. Forbes 400 list of richest Americans: snapshot of a financial oligarchy
  3243. Dutch government uses terrorist threat to justify greater police powers
  3244. Northern Ireland: British government announces inquiry into Pat Finucane's assassination
  3245. Australian election: the "save Medicare" sham
  3246. The Caucasus powder keg: Russia threatens military interventions
  3247. Norman Madarasz: Contra Kerry
  3248. Dave Lindorff: A Progressive Case for Voting for Kerry?
  3249. Patrick Cockburn: As British Muslims Plead for Bigley's Life, US Airstrikes Pound Fallujah
  3250. Gary Leupp: The Expulsion of Cat Stevens
  3251. Supreme Court to decide when cities may take property
  3252. Establishment Media Plagued by 'Coincidence Theorists'
  3253. New doubts over Kelly (Dr. David)
  3254. What Are the Origins of Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae?
  3255. Norwich Union moves jobs to Asia
  3256. Operation Hollywood
  3257. Pentagon link to Guinea coup plot
  3258. New York City: Schools hit with suit in alleged strip-search
  3259. The Story That Didnt Run (Dan Rather)
  3260. Israel Threatens Syria, Warns Of Pre-Emptive Strikes
  3261. Ohio Secretary of State Blocks New Voter Registrations
  3262. Is Iran Next?
  3263. Bird flu transmitted between humans in Thailand
  3264. Scoop: Spies walk free while Zaoui is left to rot
  3265. The World Today - Mordechai Vanunu speaks
  3266. Mirror.co.uk - I CANNOT TRUST THIS FACT SHUFFLER (Blair, of course)
  3267. Iraq War Plans 'Were Drawn Up Before Vote' (in Britain as well)
  3268. US West Nile Virus Matches Israeli Strain CDC scientist says outbreak has Mideast roots, but feds don't know how bug jumped Atlantic.
  3269. Wild Sparrow In Hawaii Tests Positive For WNV
  3270. UN wants Israel to refrain from endangering civilians (and I want a yacht)
  3271. British forces involved in Abu Ghraib torture prison
  3272. Shedding Light on Israeli Connection to Abu Ghraib
  3273. Something rotten in the state of Florida
  3274. 60 Minutes: Shelving a Story to Boost Bush? (Isn't this normal?!)
  3275. Israeli army opens fire on stone-throwing schoolchildren (They do this all the time)
  3276. Scientists Stop BIG BROTHER Listening In To Your Mobile Phone Conversation
  3277. U.S. volunteers escorting Palestinian children attacked (by whom?)
  3278. The war's littlest victim
  3279. Jane's: Israeli Moles Penetrate Pentagon
  3280. Sharon says U.S. should also disarm Iran, Libya and Syria (anybody else?Yes, Sir!)
  3281. Whatever Ariel Wants. . .
  3282. Evidence indicates that Wellstone crash was no accident (that's for sure)
  3283. Diplomats say tests show no nuclear activity at Iran's site
  3284. Portion of Patriot Act on Phone Records Struck Down
  3285. NZ, Israel deny deal on spies (and what does "deny" mean?)
  3286. A mole called Mega (brought up again)
  3287. PLO: Israel Commits Crimes with US Protection, Annan Urges Israel to Ensure Safety of Palestinian Civilians
  3288. Saudi Arabia cuts oil sales to U.S., ups China - (United Press International)
  3289. No prohibition on Iran-Russia nuclear cooperation: Rumyantsev
  3290. Zionist Dr. Strangeloves threatening world peace
  3291. Leaked Document: Israel Almost Nuked Syria
  3292. Free Radio Santa Cruz RAIDED by the FCC and US Marshals
  3293. A Social Security swindle
  3294. GOP Drops Work on Balanced Budget (as deliberately made hopeless?)
  3295. Winning US presidency may prove a poisoned chalice
  3296. Bush's Reserve Resignation Cited 'Inadequate Time'
  3297. Bush Document Details Military Departure
  3298. Hurdles Remain for American Voters Who Live Overseas
  3299. Insider Blows Whistle on Irregularities at E-Voting Machine Company
  3300. Agency Tests Security Blimp in Washington (for target practice?)
  3301. Plan Would Let U.S. Deport Suspects To Nations That Might Torture Them
  3302. Howard accuses PM of lying about Iraqi weapons
  3303. Halliburton's fortunes doubled with W-ar
  3304. CBS cancels broadcast on Bush's use of forged Iraqi WMD documents
  3305. Citizen of the world: a brief survey of the life and times of Thomas Paine (1737-1809)
  3306. Playing Politics with Nukes: A Collision Course with Iran?
  3307. Why Have We Suddenly Forgotten Abu Ghraib?
  3308. Choking on Progressives for Kerry
  3309. Delusion Rules: War, Outsourcing and Debt
  3310. The Deceivers: Chronicle of a Quagmire Foretold
  3311. More Troops to Iraq...After the Election
  3312. Google Search: "cnn" "FOIA" "DOD" contracts
  3313. DeepBlackLies
  3314. US draft dodger statue sparks row
  3315. Nader plays crucial role in re[s]election plan
  3316. West Bank Assailants Beat U.S. Activists
  3317. Bush-Cheney flip-flops cost America in blood
  3318. Multiple blasts kill dozens of children in Iraq
  3319. Merck Recalls Arthritis Drug Vioxx
  3320. Jewish settlers attack American Christian volunteers near Hebron
  3321. Russia deal gives US a foothold in Iraqi oilfields
  3322. US to attack New Mexico town with Anthrax!
  3323. U.S. Military Deaths in the Conquest of Iraq
  3324. More Troops to Iraq ...After the Election
  3325. Resistance to U.S. in Iraq called widespread
  3326. Arnold Vetoes Privacy Bill (Amerika's favorite Nazi)
  3327. Wired News: Bush Team Prepares Net Assault
  3328. Pentagon in contract scandal
  3329. Israel Plans Large-Scale Gaza Operation
  3330. Pressure Grows On G7 To Agree Dlr Devaluation
  3331. For Israel, its even all right to spy on the US!
  3332. No apology on WMD failure (Just another unrepentent liar and war criminal continuouing treason)
  3333. My son died for a lie (So will we all)
  3334. Kerry beats Bush in US marine latrines
  3335. Syria wants Israel expelled from UN over its "terrorist" policy
  3336. A funny thing happened on the way to 'The Truth' (corpagov lies and hoaxes)
  3337. FBI could talk to source of forged Niger papers. I did
  3338. Jobless claims jump by 18,000
  3339. Israel threatens to attack Iran (Again? Borrring!)
  3340. Kerry's brother is pledging he'll release Pollard!!! (????)
  3341. Daughter of Soldier Contaminated with Depleted Uranium in Iraq Born withDeformities
  3342. Human bird flu case boosts fears (corpagov makes diseases)
  3343. Avian influenza (bird flu) re-emerges in southeast Asia
  3344. US government awards contract for bird flu vaccine
  3345. US buys town for terror training
  3346. Ashcroft 'to defend' Patriot Act (The Articles of Confederation were just fine)
  3347. Israelis Kill 23 Palestinians in Gaza Offensive
  3348. Lawmaker expresses "dismay" that White House allegedly wrote Allawi speech
  3349. The Cowardly Broadcasting System
  3350. Israel lobbying for Taiwan submarine buy
  3351. America's oligarchy in the mirror of the debacle in Iraq
  3352. West Bengal carries out first hanging in India in a decade
  3353. Washington's policy of sadism and sexual abuse: excerpts from Seymour Hersh's Chain of Command
  3354. Democratic keynote speaker Barack Obama calls for missile strikes on Iran
  3355. Joshua Frank: Presidential Debates? I Call It Bunk
  3356. David Whitehouse: What's Behind the Horror in Darfur?
  3357. Gaza Hospital Is Overwhelmed With Wounded
  3358. Congressman wants AIPAC prober probed (?? Um ?? Hello?)
  3359. September Among Deadliest Months for U.S. in Iraq
  3360. US killed detainees, says prisoner (unsurprising)
  3361. U.S. forces launch major offensive on Samarra
  3362. Zawahri tape urges resistance to "crusaders" (a big mouth for a dead guy)
  3363. 100 tanks pour into Gaza
  3364. Intelligence agencies suspects Mossad behind Baghdad bombs
  3365. Port Arthur Coverup (An Australian mini 9/11 hoax with definite purpose)
  3366. Experts on Iraq/A D.C. truth squad emerges (and *who* is behind this alliance?)
  3367. t r u t h o u t - William Rivers Pitt | It Was a Rout (The prsidential "debate")
  3368. That split screen
  3369. A Failed "Transition": The Mounting Costs of the Iraq War
  3370. Reality Check: George Bush
  3371. Betrayed by Bush
  3372. An October Surprise for Bush and the FBI?
  3373. Pentagon wants 'uplifting accounts' about Iraq (So, as usual, just make 'em up)O
  3374. Disaster For Bush: Sweats and Rambles Incoherently, As America Sees Emperor Has No Clothes
  3375. Dollar slides to a 10-week low (Chimp change is what you have)
  3377. 100 tanks invade Gaza - Tanks firing into crowds
  3378. U.S. agents seize control of Free Radio Santa Cruz
  3379. Spanish church prepares for battle on gay marriage (get a life)
  3380. A leader showed up; his name was Kerry
  3381. Iraqs oil-rich provinces mull breaking away
  3382. &#-11;&#-11;1.9bn Army radio burns troops (ooops?)
  3383. IRAQ: One word says it all: disaster
  3384. The poll results the mainstream media is trying to downplay.
  3385. Has America come to the point that it cannot face its own reality?
  3386. 3 Polls Show Kerry Won Debate Over Bush
  3387. US press calls Bush-Kerry debate a tie LMFAO
  3388. U.S. Cybersecurity Chief Abruptly Resigns (whooops)
  3389. How the Pentagon spooks use Public Relations to sell war to the sheeple.....
  3390. PM can't back up al Qaeda claim (ooops)
  3391. Sudan says US armed Darfur rebels (which explains a lot)
  3392. US army official jailed for fraud (How about the rest of the corpagov?)
  3393. Palestinian PM to call on Russia, int'l community to stop Israeli militaryoperation
  3394. Kerry solidly back in election race after first TV debate with Bush (unsurprising)
  3395. Powell Wades Into Midst of Campaign Discord (The living, lying asshole speaks - yet again)
  3396. Hostages - convoy under attack (and *who* is attacking?)
  3397. Hysterical Leftist: Jewish American group calls for international intervention to stop Israel's massive military invasion of Gaza Strip
  3398. DeLay Cases Could Imperil His Climb Within the House (stolen by Rove?)
  3399. Bush's state headquarters for re-[s]election burglarized (Another GOP white powder operation. Frist?)
  3400. Illinois county clerk destroys ballots early
  3401. Diebold Rep Now Runs Elections
  3402. The operative Robert Novak
  3403. Karl Rove: 'We've Got a Couple of Surprises' for Kerry (machine guns?!)
  3404. DeLay Cases Could Imperil His Climb Within the House (to be devoutly wished)
  3405. Letter 'shows Guantanamo torture'
  3406. Guant&#-11;&#-11;namo Briton 'tortured in US custody'
  3407. Powell regrets saying Iraq had weapons stockpiles (oh - suuure he does)
  3408. U.S. Forces Storm Iraqi Town, Say 109 Rebels Killed
  3409. Boston.com / News / World / U.S., Iraqi offensive in Samarra could be first in series of major operations before January elections
  3410. French MP: US bombed journalists' convoy
  3411. French MP says bid to free Iraq hostages failed under US fire
  3412. Al-Qaeda tape urges attacks on US allies (More Al-CIAda diversions)
  3413. Afghanistan's presidential election: a mockery of democracy
  3414. Britain: Labour Party conference endorses occupation of Iraq (Off withe their heads)
  3415. Bush-Kerry debate: two candidates committed to war
  3416. What We Didn't Hear at the Debate: Where's the Exit Strategy? (Good question: good reason)
  3417. Pandora's Government
  3418. Bush memo font study
  3419. From a Virtual Shadow, Messages of Terror (Media needs shock therapy)
  3420. Pulling Back the Curtain: What a Top Reporter in Baghdad Really Thinks About the War
  3421. Spotting the Airline Terror Threat (It's called arbitrary and capricious)
  3422. Crawford wants newspaper to eat its words
  3423. Kerry Will Restore American Dignity
  3424. Wired News: All's Fair in Space War
  3425. Iraqis Blame U.S. for Massacre of Children
  3426. Serious US image problem abroad (Gee - I wonder why?)
  3427. Bush, Kerry Shifting to Economic Issues (From frying pan to fire)
  3428. An Analysis of the Newly Released November 8, 1974 Resignation Document
  3429. White House backs torture-abroad law (Torture? No problem!)
  3430. Israeli owned company provides security at Statue of Liberty LOL
  3431. Photos and Videos From Inside New York's Pier 57 Detention Center
  3432. Infoshop News - Feds say Santa Cruz cops offered no help during raid of pirate radio station
  3433. UN slams Israeli raids on Palestinian schools
  3434. Bush didn't lose; the TV cameras made Kerry look good LOL
  3435. U.S. and ISRAEL PREPARE FOR IRAN (The Brainless Bullybuddies)
  3436. Fox News fabricating news?...again....
  3438. Israel Presses on With Gaza Offensive
  3439. Arafat: Israel is "using illegal weapons" -
  3440. Battle Of Samara - 7 Helicopters Downed, 147 Troops Killed
  3441. Arafat: Israel is "using illegal weapons" -
  3442. Bush Blows Debate: Talks to Rove in Earpiece!
  3443. New Zealand News - NZ - At home with the Mossad men
  3445. t r u t h o u t - Iraqi Nuke Evidence Debunked in 2002
  3446. Lenni Brenner: Memories of Mario Savio
  3447. Kathleen and Bill Christison: An Exchange with Bennie Morris
  3448. Politics and Sleaze Envelope Orlando (Super sleaze of Nazi Proportions)
  3449. Phillip Cryan: Indigenous Mobilization in Colombia
  3450. Into the Abyss: the Week Iraq's Dream of Peace Fell Apart (Marijuana and an insane pharmagov)
  3451. Russian region bans foul language (Fucking assholes)
  3452. Ofcom raps TOTP over 'bondage' (Reptos need to control)
  3453. US TV watchdog banishes swearing (Reptos never grow up. Ate all Powellsalike?)
  3454. Democrats Fear 'October Surprise'
  3455. How the White House Embraced Disputed Iraqi Arms Intelligence
  3456. How Cheney's firm routed $132m to Nigeria via Tottenham lawyer
  3457. Howard not honest: Latham
  3458. Australians hold anti-war rallies
  3459. Influx of Wounded Strains VA
  3460. No. 3 CIA Pick Was Caught Shoplifting-US Paper
  3461. Goss Choice Quit CIA In 1982 Under Fire
  3462. Fabricated Kerry Posting Leads to Apology from Faux News
  3463. Bush lashes out after debate loss
  3464. Kerry accuses Bush of lying about debate
  3465. IHT: Austria's last emperor nears sainthood (Connections, connections, ...)
  3466. Vitamins 'may raise death risk from cancer' (Pharma paid for "research")
  3467. Algebra and Implicate Order
  3468. Civilians bear brunt as Samarra 'pacified'
  3469. Iraqis Blame U.S. for Massacre of Children
  3470. In the Senate, Raising a (Quiet) Republican Voice Against the Administration
  3471. UK's Top Court to Rule on 'Britain's Guantanamo' (More bought judges like Hutton)
  3472. Dealing with the Merchant of Death Victor Bout
  3473. Questions Remain on U.S. Missile 'Defense' (Doesn't work - never did)
  3474. In Violation of the Iraq War Resolution - Independent Media TV
  3475. German interior minister bans Islamic conference
  3476. Australia: Labor's schools policy will further privatise education
  3477. US troops storm Iraqi city of Samarra
  3478. Nigerian government launches assault on civilians in Delta region
  3479. Doug Giebel: What If Bush Didn't Lie?
  3480. John Chuckman: Strange Victory
  3481. The Danger of the Current World Monetary System
  3482. US cracking down on Kiwis (and the entire world)
  3483. LinuxElectrons&#-11;&#-11;&#-11; - Reverse DMCA: Copyright Holder Held Liable in Landmark Legal Ruling
  3484. Haaretz - Israel News - Avoid a quagmire in the Gaza Strip (Now avoid?!)
  3485. U.S. Retail Gasoline Rises as Diesel Sets Record (Watch all prices go through the roof)
  3486. Kerry Accuses GOP of Suppressing Voting (No?! - really?)
  3487. Reaction furious to EPA report
  3488. Air Force pursuing antimatter weapons / Program was touted publicly, then came official gag order(in the hands of iguana brains)
  3489. Contradictions of Bush-Kerry debate: pro-war candidates confront debacle in Iraq and anti-war sentiment at home
  3490. Rumsfeld casts doubt on Saddam, Al Qaeda link (yes-no-yes-no-yes-no-...)
  3491. US soldier guards burning oil well
  3493. BBC NEWS | Science/Nature | Biodiversity: The sixth great wave
  3494. Halliburton Set for Spotlight in VP Debates
  3495. Air Force Looks at New Microwave Weapon
  3496. A Handy Guide to Halliburton for the VP Debate
  3497. Flu-Like Virus Sickens Military Recruits
  3498. Palestinian civilians in Israel's sights?
  3499. New Research Questions Uniqueness of Recent Warming
  3500. Can Fear Win Undecided Voters? Psychologists Say Maybe Not
  3501. ABCNEWS.com : GOP Campaign Urges Post-Debate Spin
  3502. Two US officials embarrass Bush on Iraq
  3503. Speech by Donald Rumsfeld
  3504. Rumsfeld flip-flop on links between Hussein, bin Laden
  3505. House votes to break up S.F. based-9th Circuit court
  3506. Haaretz - Israel News - Waiting to bomb Iran
  3507. U.S. Flu Vaccine Maker's License Suspended
  3508. The Blue Lemur - Progressive Politics and Media News &#-11;&#-11; Rumor of Bush earpiece floats around Net
  3509. Capitol Hill Blue: Rumsfeld can't keep stories straight on Hussein-bin Laden link, Iraq WMDs
  3510. UNRWA demands apology from Israel
  3511. UN calls emergency meeting over Israeli onslaught
  3512. Israel busy with war to "exterminate"
  3513. Senseless in Gaza
  3514. Israeli attacks may go on for weeks
  3515. 50,000 trapped by Israeli assault on Gaza
  3516. UN signs pact with International Criminal Court opposed by US
  3517. Iran says can launch missile with range of 2,000km
  3518. Israel blocks 'bomb threat' plane
  3519. Israeli Military Backs Off U.N. Claim
  3520. US 'bugged' France's Chirac calls
  3521. Iraqi resistance fighters deliver ultimatum to US
  3522. Intelligence from Gitmo 'not useful' (But torture is fun?)
  3523. Arab League Seeks UN Condemnation of Israeli Raids in Gaza
  3524. White House knew Iraq intel was questionable (Meaning they are selfserving liars)
  3525. War Lies Are Piling Up
  3526. LIES, Lies, Washington's weapons Of Mass Deception
  3527. Annan calls on Israel to halt its attack against Gaza
  3528. The Smoking Gun?
  3529. New investigation uncovers more racism, voter intimidation and faulty poll machines - [Sunday Herald]
  3530. 'Israeli troops shot schoolgirl 20 times'
  3531. US to postpone reduction of troops in S Korea
  3532. Palestinians Deny Israeli Gaza Talks Claim
  3533. US Defends Israeli Invasion, May Veto UN
  3535. Ibrahim, the Shin Bet wants you to join Qaida
  3536. Kerry 1, Bush 0, no doubt about it
  3537. Bushs Police State
  3538. Rumsfeld: WMD intelligence was flawed (Will wonders never cease?)
  3539. No evidence links Saddam, Al-Qaeda: Rumsfeld (Dondon's a slow study?)
  3540. Israel of America? America of Israel?!
  3541. U.S. gasoline pump price highest since mid-June
  3542. Will US Senate Dare to Raise the Debt Ceiling Before the Election? (Yes)
  3543. World's Seven Largest Economies (G7) Admit They Have No Idea How Much Oil IsLeft
  3544. Israel arrests UN Gaza employees
  3545. US Vetoes Measure Demanding Israel Stop Gaza Fight (and, why exactly?)
  3546. THE 'ISRAELI VECTOR' ON 9/11
  3547. How America Created its own money in 1750
  3548. Agents Challenge 9/11 Commission
  3549. Transcript VP debate
  3550. White House Silent on Bremer Troop Request
  3551. Guardian Unlimited | World Latest | White House Silent on Bremer Troop Request
  3552. Former CIA official looks to leak the truth
  3553. Air Force Looks at New Microwave Weapon
  3554. local6.com - Politics - Protestors Ransack Bush/Cheney Headquarters In Orlando
  3555. Killer flu recreated in the lab (Do you think they *don't* want to kill you?)
  3556. Israeli commandos and pilots conducting special operations in Iraq: sources
  3557. An October Surprise for Bush and the FBI?
  3558. Ethics Panel Rebukes DeLay Twice in a Week
  3559. Government Warns of Sharply Higher Heating Costs (Only heating?!)
  3560. The Blue Lemur - Progressive Politics and Media News &#-11;&#-11; CNN yanks online poll favoring Edwards, deletes results, and replaces it today
  3561. BAY AREA / 1 in 4 families can't afford basics / United Way study finds widespread poverty
  3562. Popular Gay Web Site Shut Down After Virtual Attack by Right Wing Groups
  3563. Edwards is kicking ass in the online polls:
  3564. US 'hyping' Darfur genocide fears
  3565. US Dollar Heading For Collapse (Yup - obvious - bet on it: no backing whatsoever)
  3566. Cheney's Avalanche of Lies
  3567. Is bin Laden still a danger? (He never was; Cheney is a real danger)
  3568. Cheney proves his irrelevance (There are better words than "irrelevance")
  3569. Al-Zarqawi may not be behind Iraq attacks (Dead men rarely attack)
  3570. Take them out, dude: pilots toast hit on Iraqi 'civilians' (It's liberation?)
  3571. Pullout aimed at freezing peace talks (A bit of truth finally spoken)
  3572. Schwarzenegger twice used law he blames for frivolous lawsuits (He's aRepto Repug!)
  3573. Report: No WMD stockpiles in Iraq (No shit?!)
  3574. Cheney falters in VP debate
  3575. In Kuwait, injured GI baffled by scenes of Iraq on television
  3576. Three military service academies report drop in number of applications
  3577. Reichstag Fire TV show, Hitlers 9/11 Fake terror to grab control! (Familiar?)
  3578. FDLE Investigating Suspicious Florida County Voter Applications
  3579. Smearing the internet
  3580. Edwards Shoots And Scores
  3581. Rumsfeld, Bremer and WMD inspectors cast shadow on war
  3582. FBI familiar with mysterious traveler (??)
  3583. Two girls, two shots to the head
  3584. Book world's next chapter shows ominous plot twists
  3585. Energy firm dumps 35,000 old age pensions for using too much power
  3586. Karzai's Running-Mate Survives Attack
  3587. White House insists clear 'ties' linked Iraq to Al-Qaeda (Ooops)
  3588. Sharon aide: No Palestinian state
  3589. Report: Saddam Not in Pursuit of Weapons
  3590. Photo of 2001 meeting between Cheney and Edwards
  3591. Israel: Palestinian State Shelved with U.S. Blessing
  3592. 'No entry' for Blair in top UK hotel
  3593. When terror bell rings, George Bush smiles (Just figuring that out, are we?)
  3594. First-Grader Arrested, Handcuffed After Fight (Didn't join the Hitlerjugend?)
  3595. US oil output sank to 54-year-low in September
  3596. US Job Cuts Hit 8-Month High In September
  3597. Israel Planning To Hit Iran's Nuclear Facilities
  3598. Prison without trial 'justified'
  3599. N Korea angry at US rights bill
  3600. Oil price surges to new US highs
  3601. MP questions Iraqi woman's speech
  3602. A History Of Deceit: Further Proof That Dick Cheney Is A Liar:
  3603. George W. Bush Is Shameless - Bush Index Page
  3604. Palestinians accuse Israel of "Nazi tactics" in Gaza
  3605. What Edwards Should Ask Cheney
  3606. Larry Kearney: God Talk and Burning Children
  3607. Dave Lindorff: What's the Frequency, Karl? (Now let me finish!)
  3608. Antony Loewenstein: Rupert Murdoch and the Marginals
  3609. More of the Same, Israel Wins the Debates
  3610. U.N.: Israel Holds Workers Without Charges
  3611. No weapons, no programmes: nothing to justify the invasion
  3612. No weapons, no programmes: nothing to justify the invasion
  3613. The final judgement (Iraq)
  3614. New Forrestal Document Exposes Cover
  3615. Insulted by Cheney's Audacities and Lies
  3616. DeLay Draws Third Rebuke
  3617. US uses Israel as its proxy to threaten Syria
  3618. The Children of Iraq - The Effect of Sanctions
  3619. Resistance to Backdoor Draft
  3620. Oil Sets New $53 High on Winter Worries, Nigeria
  3621. GeorgeSoros.com
  3622. FactCheck.org - Annenberg Political Fact Check
  3623. Truth First Casualty of Cheney Debate Style
  3625. Israeli AIPAC Spy Scandal - Update
  3627. Boston Protests the Wars on Iraq and Palestine This Saturday!
  3628. Twelve UN Agencies Warn of Deep Crisis in Gaza - Global News on the World Crisis Web
  3629. Israel takes U-turn on road map
  3630. Howard says WMD report makes no difference (Cheneyspeak)
  3631. Sharon aide's revelation about Gaza plan will embarrass Bush
  3632. Bogus Polls: Meaningless Farce Or Looming Tragedy?
  3633. Cheney, Rumsfeld, and Bremer - Deserting a Sinking Ship
  3634. Moore in 'noodles for votes' row (GOP needs brain transplant)
  3635. Edwards: Bush 'In Denial About Everything'
  3636. Haaretz - Israel News - Analysis / How Israel created another PR disaster
  3637. White House Disclosures Lead to 'Hal'
  3638. How Zionist Neoconservative Perle hijacked foreign policy
  3639. The Verdict is here
  3640. U.S. 'Almost All Wrong' on Weapons
  3641. Behind the Iraq Dossier Hoax: Intelligence Was Cooked in Israel
  3642. Gene from 1918 Virus Proves Key to Virulent Influenza (Metagov is cheering for your death. Any questions?)
  3643. Behind the Scenes of the Iraq War
  3644. Scientists create 'cousin' of 1918 killer flu (which is being spread where?)
  3645. The Pentagon Strike Video
  3646. Kerry ahead in battleground states (New weapon of mass distraction to be deployed soon)
  3647. Iraq war debate fuelled by report
  3648. CBC the fifth estate: The Unauthorized Biography of Dick Cheney
  3649. U.S. Alerts Schools About Terror Threat (Warning of a rogue corpagov?)
  3651. Benefits and Costs of the U.S. Government&#-11;&#-11;s War Making
  3652. Judge Admonishes Lawyers in Anthrax Case
  3653. Hussein ditched WMD years before war
  3654. Iraqis may sue US over invasion
  3655. Three Explosions Reported In Egyptian Resort Areas (Ariel strikes again)
  3657. White House Unclear on Israel Statements (and deliberately so on everything else)
  3658. Israel's road map 'rules out Palestinian state'
  3659. US Wants Israel to Explain Comment on Peace Process (what planet does this come from?)
  3660. FBI seizes Global Indymedia Servers. Reasons Unknown
  3661. Bush's Case for War Crumbles
  3662. Explosion at Hilton Hotel in Taba, near Egypt-Israel border
  3663. Short defends Iraq's insurgents
  3664. Bush Aides Backtracking on Iraq (so to change to Iran)
  3665. Cheney: Less terror in Israel with Saddam out of the way (and in US only terror is the corpagov)
  3666. Unknown Islamist group claims Taba blast (Al-CIAda group of course)
  3667. US report on Iraqi weapons deepens Arab hostility towards America
  3668. AP Poll: Kerry Holds Small Lead Over Bush (*That* many US assholes?!)
  3669. AT&T to Cut 7,000 Jobs and Reduce Assets by $11.4 Billion
  3670. Qureia tells Haaretz: U.S. may be guilty of collusion
  3671. Arab League fed up with US veto of UN resolution
  3672. Kevin McKiernan: Cheney's Poison Lab
  3673. The National Flip-Flop: Suddenly Bush is Unfit to Lead?
  3674. Going Nuclear: the Ghost of Edward Teller Lives
  3675. Bruce K. Gagnon: Bombing the Panhandle
  3676. Is There Still Time to Impeach Bush?
  3677. Master of Corruption: the Ripening Scandals of Tom Delay
  3678. Fear in Kandahar
  3679. Kerry 'too liberal' (??!)
  3680. Bush's Aussie ally (could be very gone)
  3681. Sub deal threatens leader (Canada)
  3682. Martha Stewart lawyers say government withheld evidence
  3683. Both sides claim victory in vice-presidential debate LMAO
  3684. Sharon vows to expand Gaza raid, toll hits 55
  3685. U.S. envoy warms to Canadian rule in Arctic waters
  3686. FDA Accused of Silencing Vioxx Warnings
  3687. Bush Unplugged
  3688. Ignorance Isn't Strength
  3689. Bush and Cheney's Campaign Lies
  3690. FEMA's help rises to 90%
  3691. Fla. Officials Asked to Probe Voter Fraud
  3692. Working for a Pittance
  3693. Brent oil prices spike to new high; analysts eye 60 dollars
  3694. Repugnant Nazi Convention Protesters Sue NY on Arrests
  3695. Booklet That Upset Mrs. Cheney Is History
  3696. A Very Bad Deal
  3697. Oppose Repressive Measures Promoted as "Reform"
  3698. U.S. Base Attacked, Truck Bomb Found Before Afghan 'Vote'
  3699. Israel Says al-CIA-duh Behind Resort Attacks (The Al-MOSSAD-a wing?)
  3700. Militants in Iraq Kill UK Hostage, Video Shows
  3701. My Son, a United States Marine
  3702. Hussein ditched WMD years before war
  3703. Senate Rejects Plan Endorsed by 9/11 Panel
  3704. House Approves 9/11 Bill on Intelligence Reorganization
  3705. Full Transcript: Second Presidential Debate
  3706. Election-Related Lawsuits Pile Up in Fla.
  3707. Pelosi Seeks Special Counsel for an Inquiry on DeLay
  3708. U.S.: No Terror Connection to Schools Disk (I.e., it was a constructd LIE)
  3709. Israeli Official Blames Blasts on Al Qaeda (Al-MOSSADA)
  3710. French PM condemns embassy blast in Paris
  3711. Bush changes reason for Iraq war (How *many* reasons can be invented?)
  3712. US bombs another wedding party
  3713. Rules of Engagement: Getting past screeners of the Live Call In Media
  3714. Bush finds an Iraq no one else can see .
  3715. 'The implications are deeply disturbing' (READ and WEEP)
  3716. Hewitt is first minister to say sorry (Bullshit crocadile tears)
  3717. Palestinians not connected to Sinai attack (Israelis are)
  3718. British hostage Kenneth Bigley reported killed (Who should have been killed?)
  3719. 35 Days Till Disaster: Is an Election Day Faux-Terror Event All But CERTain?
  3720. Indymedia reports FBI ordered their UK ISP to hand over hosting hardware
  3721. US Airways: Workers should not count on pension (*Now* they're told?!)
  3722. The Israeli cat is out of the bag.
  3723. FBI Agents Questioning Muslims In Mosques (not jews in synagogues?)
  3724. No weapons, no matter, Bush says
  3725. Flu Vaccines for Children Still Contain Mercury
  3726. Weapons of Mass Destruction: Who Said What When
  3727. America Tore Out 8000 Pages of Iraq Dossier
  3728. National ID card feared in license standards
  3729. Revealed: US dirty tricks to win vote on Iraq war
  3730. Senate Passes National ID Measure !! (Hello Big Brother Bought and Paid for Senate)
  3731. Latest on FBI Trashing of Indymedia
  3732. Israel a greater nuclear threat than Iran: Vanunu
  3733. Palestinians apparently not behind Egypt car bombs
  3734. Representative Tom DeLay rebuked again (I'm losing count)
  3735. Israel 'faked al-Qaeda presence'
  3736. Bush's case for war in ruins (It always has been asshole)
  3737. Stealing a Nation (Chagos Islands - Garcia Diego Island)
  3738. 'Mother of all bubbles' warning on house prices (UK)
  3739. 'Islamic Unity Brigades' claim Sinai attacks (The *what* brigades? Make up another one)
  3740. For What Did We Die, Mr. Bush?
  3741. Most victims are Egyptians - Israel
  3742. Feds Plan To Track Every Car In America
  3743. Crude dudes
  3744. The Free Press -- Independent News Media - Harvey Wasserman (Oh yes - very yes)
  3745. FEMA Concentration and Internment Camps (A reminder of where they intend to put you)
  3746. Mordechai Vanunu Asks for an Irish Welcome
  3747. Israeli assault on Gaza leaves scores dead and many homeless
  3748. British citizen beheaded and internet whispers Mossad (as in the rest of them, and it is true)
  3749. Boeing tanker plan dies; 767 death knell?
  3750. Howard's End? (needs a red hot poker)
  3751. U.S.: No-Fly List Created With No Rules (rules? law? what law?!)
  3752. Polls contradict each other (because some are constructed lies, not polls)
  3753. House Majority Leader DeLay Is Attempting to Chill Public Complaints AboutHis Unethical Behavior (fuck the little pig with a meathook)
  3754. FBI seizes Indymedia servers
  3755. Scorched-Earth Strategy
  3756. Justifications For Invading A Sovereign Country Revisited
  3758. "Bring 'em on!" (that can be turned to useful causes)
  3759. Iraq is double election trouble for Australian leader who desperately needs to be trashed utterly
  3760. The Revelation of St. George
  3761. War Lies Are Piling Up - by Ivan Eland
  3763. Iraq WMD report proves Bush, Democrats lied to justify Iraq war
  3764. How US fuelled myth of Zarqawi the mastermind (myth and also dead)
  3765. Rebels: Top Iraq Terrorist Dead
  3766. Bush-Whacked teacher to transfer
  3767. Controversial teacher receives new job
  3768. Howard Triumphs in Australia
  3769. New era dawns for an Australia in Howard's image
  3770. Australia's Howard coasts to victory (stranger than is reasonable?)
  3771. Afghanistan Election Turnout Called 'Massive' by United Nations
  3772. Opposition Alleges Afghan Election Fraud
  3773. Afghan Candidates Declare Results 'Invalid'
  3774. 38 die as Afghanistan goes to polls
  3775. Several Hurt in Israeli Missile Strike (again, and again, and ...)
  3776. Secret memo puts bishops on the spot
  3777. US denies Tariq Aziz death reports
  3778. Over one hundred Palestinians killed by Israeli occupation forces' offensive
  3779. Israel To Benefit From Sinai Bombings: Experts
  3780. Whether Bush or Kerry, Iran Is Already Targeted
  3781. Cairo sends strongly - worded message to Tel Aviv
  3782. Online NewsHour | Vote 2004 | The 2nd Presidential Debate | Friday, October 8, 2004
  3783. Infoshop News - Conspiracy theorists working for the Washington Post
  3784. A first since Hoover in 1932 (using the exact same idiot "economics")
  3785. IHT: Paul Krugman: Ignorance isn't strength
  3786. Weak US jobs data delivers blow for Bush
  3787. Fraud claims throw Afghan poll into chaos (The Amerikan way!)
  3788. When "guilty" becomes "sorry"
  3789. Calif. proposal would laser-brand ID number on bullets (idiots at play)
  3790. Registration To Be Suspended if You Owe Court Fees (AZ)
  3791. Dred Scott
  3792. t r u t h o u t - William Rivers Pitt | The Scary Little Man (Scary indeed)
  3793. Hand it to the warlords (Afghanistan)
  3794. The oil that drives the US military
  3795. Sidelined neo-cons stoke future fires
  3796. So, just how many Israelis WERE killed in the Sinai bombings?
  3797. Putin Plans To Visit Iran
  3798. Families plan to skip military draft
  3799. Chicago high school students boot the Navy out
  3800. VOTESCAM
  3801. 'Bush was Utterly Incoherent'
  3803. Italy carries out mass deportation of refugees
  3804. Israel: Top adviser reveals Sharon set out to sabotage peace talks
  3805. Australia: arts funding crisis ignored in federal election
  3806. Kerry plugs his conservative credentials in second presidential debate
  3807. Of Pynchon, Thanatos and Depleted Uranium
  3808. Faith-Based Economics
  3809. No Palestinian State, No Peace for America
  3810. Saddam's right-hand man (Tariq Aziz) dies (?)
  3811. Bogus 9/11 websites
  3812. Iraq Contractor Threatens Antiwar.com Partner
  3813. Milosevic: 'no link to genocide found'
  3814. Elections ensure Australia will keep troops in Iraq
  3815. Edwards Under Fire
  3816. Conservative TV Group to Air Anti-Kerry Film
  3817. Voters' choice is clear: John Kerry for president
  3818. Bush's bulge stirs media rumours
  3819. The Mystery of the Bulge in the Jacket
  3820. Was Bush Wired? Ridiculous, Campaign Says (Then he surely was)
  3821. Empty Volcano
  3822. The Town Hall Debate
  3823. Full Transcript: Second Presidential Debate
  3824. Fla. faces flurry of suits as Election Day nears
  3825. Hoyer: GOP Congress Failed Americans
  3826. DeLay Goes on Offensive After Admonishment
  3827. Democrats: Republican 'Hammer' should step down
  3828. Senate Rejects Plan Endorsed by 9/11 Panel
  3829. Elections ensure Australia will keep troops in Iraq
  3830. Australian premier wins fourth term
  3831. Report Cites U.S. Profits in Sale of Iraqi Oil Under Hussein
  3832. Report on Iraq Arms Deals Angers France and Others
  3833. Abuse by Iraqis 'astonished' guardsman
  3834. Congress Approves $422 Billion Arms Bill
  3835. Military Suspends Firm Accused of Overbilling in Iraq
  3836. Swans Commentary: Historia Bush, by Michael Doliner - mdolin03
  3837. Group of Bishops Using Influence to Oppose Kerry (perfectly telling)
  3838. Group: 11 al-Qaida suspects 'disappeared' (or never existed to begin with)
  3839. Checking the Facts, in Advance
  3840. Bush's campaign office in Spokane burglarized, vandalized (um by campaign workders?)
  3841. Gas Hits 4-Month High of $1.99/gallon (and the real reason is ...)
  3842. FDA failed to re-inspect flu vaccine factory (who regulates whom?)
  3843. La. Senator Stalls Corporate Welfare Tax Bill
  3844. Decision 2004: Kerry for president
  3845. Was Bush hearing voices during first debate?
  3846. Beaumont students watch 'Fahrenheit 9/11' in class
  3847. Faulty 'No-Fly' System Detailed
  3848. Nobel peace laureate claims HIV deliberately created.(Been obvious for years)
  3849. AIDS 'made to kill blacks'
  3850. Bin Laden 'no longer top target' (He never was)
  3851. Voting farce threatens free Afghanistan
  3852. Panel to Probe Fraud Claims in Afghan 'Vote' (aanother "dependent" commission?)
  3853. Whew, At Least He Wasn't Fooling Around
  3854. Attacks kill 11 as Rumsfeld makes surprise visit to Iraq
  3855. Iraq's Green Zone Turns Redder by the Day
  3856. Congress Close to Establishing Rules for Driver's Licenses
  3857. Perchlorate scares put pressure on bottlers
  3858. Study: States too underfunded to prevent water pollution
  3859. Glaxo Seeks Entry Into U.S. Flu Vaccine Mkt (hmmmmm)
  3860. 39M Americans in Working Poor Families
  3861. Sept. 11 widows bash Bush
  3862. Mathematicians Offer Help in 'Terror' Fight (otherwise nitwits)
  3863. U.S. Funds Chat-Room Surveillance Study (guaranteed liars and nitwits)
  3864. Rights group lists Al-Qaeda suspects in secret CIA custody
  3865. U.S. Treatment of Detainees Defies Intl. Law - Group
  3866. Sinclair Stations to Air Anti-Kerry Documentary
  3867. UN to investigate Afghan election (Um - sure - uh huh)
  3868. Cheney's Halliburton Helped Saddam Siphon UN $Bns
  3869. Kerry Says Gas Prices Help Bush's Friends (No really?!)
  3870. Standby ballots already disputed
  3871. Kerry Opens Three-Point Lead on Bush -Pol (three?! LOL)
  3872. 7 U.S. Groups Ask U.N. for Vote Observers
  3873. Activists: Israeli vote could swing U.S. election
  3874. Don't feel bad Australians; the fix is in up here too.
  3875. Israelis occupy state of denial over Zionism's great moral crisis
  3876. TV group ordered to air anti-Kerry broadcast (Jawhohl, mein fuerher!)
  3877. German court rules headscarf ban must apply to nuns (all the nuts hatch out)
  3878. Professors oppose Bush `theology' (Loonies think this is theology?!)
  3879. Distortions Galore at Second Presidential Debate (facts? What are they?)
  3880. Why were some warned? (not to fly 9/11/2001)
  3881. Woman escorting Palestinian kids beaten by mob of Israeli teens in Hebron
  3882. CNN allows skewed poll favoring Bush, but when it favored Edwards, they yanked it
  3883. Iraqis Want U.S. Out of Green Zone (more likely out of their country)
  3884. Startling New Information Regarding the FBI Trashing of INDYMEDIA!
  3885. Secret Service investigates Web site that posted GOP delegates
  3886. Bush strategy: Admit no mistakes - eat no crows - kill no snakes
  3887. Jewish Groups Scramble To Head Off Divestment Push
  3888. Scott Ritter: If you had seen what I have seen
  3889. The Anthrax Murders: The Israeli Connection
  3890. PINR - Why the United States Supports the State of Israel (Accurate)
  3891. Venezuela raises oil drilling tax
  3892. Bush should divulge truth about Iraq war (Define 'truth')
  3893. US seizes webservers from independent media sites
  3894. Edwards Disputes Rice on Iraq Invasion (corpagov is a direct threat - what do we do?)
  3895. Kerry uses outsourcing issue to discredit Bush's jobs record (weak shot)
  3896. Backup Voting System Could Cause Problems (All voting causes problems)
  3897. Russia opposes referral of Iran to UN Security Council (Good thinking)
  3898. PM (Sharonthug) refuses IDF request to end Jabalya operation
  3899. Push for holy war an issue left in silence
  3900. Blair 'clinging to straws' - Blix
  3901. Civilian toll in Gaza grows after Israeli invasion (It's genocide, as always)
  3902. BBC Expose On Zionist Christians (Somebody had to say the obvious)
  3903. Afghan election count postponed
  3904. COINTELPRO 9.11 (Hmmmmm)
  3905. Israeli commander accused of machine-gunning child (It's what he does)
  3906. Iran, Russia near deal on Iran's first nuke plant
  3907. AFGHANISTAN: Fraudulent election imposed by US
  3908. Massacre in Gaza
  3909. A look at the USS Liberty (a look that should continue)
  3910. Gangs of Israeli settlers threaten Arab school children
  3911. BBC Blair 'wants Iraq honours list' (and the stolen PhD thesis author?)
  3912. US ; Even without WMD, U.S. would have invaded Iraq (some people just need to be killed?)
  3913. IDF fires missile into children's home school class
  3914. Kerry to add Russia to the new "axis of evil" (Give it a rest, idiot!)
  3915. More Intimidation Than Crime-Busting Says IFJ As Police Target IndependentMedia Network (They got *that* right)
  3916. Israeli planes fly through Lebanese airspace (Deja vu?)
  3917. Breaking Ranks (The smell of oil truth)
  3918. A Question for America: What Would Be Too Much? (It does *NOT* have good intentions - deal with it)
  3919. Map redrawing angers US Democrats
  3920. Bush Ad Surfaces As News Story on Schools (liars and sneaky liars)
  3921. CIA review finds no evidence Saddam had ties to Islamic terrorists (Bush: so fucking what?!!!!)
  3922. The fall of the Sharon gov't: A pocket guide (stupidity is tautologically unstable)
  3923. Time for a Checkmate (We shall see)
  3924. U.S. shuts down British media Web sites
  3925. Ex-DAFB commander says troops used as guinea pigs
  3926. Heroism in the Holy Land: Chris Brown beaten for walking children to school
  3927. MK set to propose bill enabling communities for Jews only
  3928. Catholic hospitals and dying patients hunted by Israeli tax collectors
  3929. Spies "lap up" info from torture
  3930. Oil prices paralyse Hong Kong fisheries (just the beginning)
  3931. Ten Israeli warplanes fly over Lebanon (Next week 20, the week after ...)
  3932. PA: It's 'peculiar' Israel didn't inform us of Sinai warnings
  3933. Israel accused of masterminding attacks
  3934. U.S. Spies on Chat Rooms (they spy everywhere - and do as they please)
  3935. Syria: Mossad Agents Apprehended
  3936. Report: Syrian intelligence arrested four Mossad agents
  3937. Jewish terrorists attack Palestinian olive harvesters near Nablus
  3938. UN envoy 'seriously concerned' over Israeli violations of Lebanese airspace(ok - that's one)
  3939. US corporations continue to slash thousands of jobs
  3940. US election stokes fears of military draft
  3941. Australian elections: the media rewrites history
  3942. Afghanistan election descends into farce
  3943. Paul Craig Roberts: The Debates and the Big Lie
  3944. "He Talks to Condi Rice Every Day": an Interview with Sharon's Lawyer
  3945. The Phony Afghan Elections: Ballot of the Disappearing Ink
  3946. Walter Brasch: The Truth of Dr. Goebbels (and a nation of morons)
  3947. The Untold Story of Aristide's Departure from Haiti
  3948. Iraq: Unforgivable Betrayals and Broken Promises
  3949. Monsanto's chapati patent raises Indian ire (corporate biopiracy)
  3950. Chapati Chor Monsanto's Wheat Patent Withdrawn in Europe Following Greenpeace Opposition: Bio-pirates Beware!
  3951. Transcript: Third Presidential Debate
  3952. Sniff Some Mercury; You'll Feel Better
  3953. Fla. Companies Accused of Price Gouging Flu Vaccine
  3954. Drug maker subpoenaed over shortage of flu vaccine
  3955. Flu vaccine maker says FDA knew about problems, FDA denies it meaning it's true
  3956. Job loss figures deliver a blow to Bush
  3957. Oil tops $54 a barrel on supply concerns, then retreats (um - what retreat?)
  3958. Was Bush packing Wi-Fi in TV debate?
  3959. Technical expert: Bush was wired
  3960. Edwards Tells Leno Theory on Bush 'Lump'
  3961. 35 Days Till Disaster: Is an Election Day Faux-Terror Event All But CERTain?
  3962. Hefley: 'I was threatened'
  3963. Terror-Fearing Sen. Shuts Office
  3964. U.S. Senator Closes Capitol Office Citing Security (Sure GOP espionage)
  3965. CIA has 11 Al-Qaida suspects in Jordan facility (and 5 snipes and 7 snarks)
  3966. Breaking Ranks (soldiers doing it)
  3967. Norwegians Place Anti-Bush Ad in Washington Post
  3968. US airstrikes leave 11 dead in Iraq
  3969. Blair: I did not mislead on Iraq and I'm lying now
  3970. Straw drops 45-minute claim (Board his mouth up as a public nuissance)
  3971. Nuclear materials from Iraq 'missing'
  3972. It was wrong, I wasn't, Blair insists (A brain transplant candidate)
  3973. Bush's 2000 coupmeister embroiled in controversy over Iraq debt (James Baker)
  3974. Want to Attend a Bush Rally? Think Again
  3975. Voter registration numbers head for the stratosphere (Oregon)
  3976. Pushing to Be Counted in Fla.
  3977. Democratic Voter Registrations Possibly Trashed
  3978. O'Reilly Hit With Sex Harass Suit (Doesn't it just figure?)
  3979. Nev. Move to Purge 17,000 Dem Voters Fails
  3980. FDA Approves Use Computer Chip Implants (Read more Kafka)
  3981. FEC May Regulate Web Political Activity (Is anything not regulated?)
  3982. Howard speaks Bush's language (Chimp?)
  3983. CBS News | Rooney: The Undecideds | October 10, 2004 19:53:22 (Verily)
  3984. CBS News | Fact Check On The Final Debate | October 14, 2004 00:16:10
  3985. CBS News | Judge Orders Time Reporter To Jail | October 13, 2004 22:59:09
  3986. Oregon Opens Probe of Voter Fraud Charges
  3987. Test of Fla. E-Voting Machines Postponed
  3988. E-'Voting' Machine Crash Deepens Concerns
  3989. Germany Imposes Draconian Internet Tax On Citizens Compulsory Mass Registration Of Cell Phones Next
  3990. Group of Bishops Using Influence to Oppose Kerry
  3991. Century Village cancels screening of Fahrenheit 9/11: South Florida Sun-Sentinel
  3992. US military responds to Fallujah video
  3993. New bill in US calls for rating countries on treatment of Jews (??!!)
  3994. Truman Overrode Strong State Department Warning Against Partitioning of Palestine in 1947
  3995. TSA body search upsets local woman
  3996. Network airing anti-Kerry film awarded Bush Special Forces military contract(S.O.P.)
  3997. US church piles pressure on Israel
  3998. US Given Sharon Green Light to Attack Iran
  3999. U.N. agency: Nuclear materials vanish in Iraq
  4000. Votes bungle leaves candidates in the dark (NZ too)
  4001. Microsoft Releases 10 Security Updates, Seven Critical (More S.O.P.)
  4002. Father wants 'truth' in TWA 800 probe (Not near even finished w/ this either)
  4003. Ras al-Satan car bombs may have been set off remotely
  4004. Head of MI6 withdraws 45-minute intelligence
  4005. Bush thinks you are all idiots (and is almost half right)
  4006. WorldNetDaily: History Channel blows holes in feds' TWA 800 story
  4007. National Terror Drill on election day (Hello?)
  4008. Franklin:Just a Sideshow on the Road to Total War
  4009. The Case for Demanding "9/11 Truth" from Bush (A case is needed?!)
  4010. FCC Proposes $1.2M Indecency Fine for Fox (Red Herring)
  4011. Neal M. Sher, Aid to Israel - 25 April 1996
  4012. Israel's bombing of Osiraq
  4013. Project for a new American Century - the Mein Kampf for the Fourth Reich
  4014. William Rivers Pitt: Bearing Bloody Witness
  4015. Israeli tail wags American dog
  4016. Hey Mr Turkey, that's a fancy way to walk
  4017. Indymedia Seizure Hits Two Nations
  4019. Eventual lunch bill may spell end to dollar's dominance (may?)
  4020. If Americans Knew - what every American needs to know about Israel/Palestine
  4021. Bush special envoy embroiled in controversy over Iraq debt (S.O.P.)
  4022. Neocons Universally Despised
  4023. Guardian Unlimited | US elections 2004 | How to contact the US media
  4024. A partial attack would set back Iran's nukes (Loony)
  4025. Chechen terrorists probed (loopy)
  4026. Foreign Ministry said sure Israel, Europe on collision course (Obvious)
  4027. Hundreds of Iowa voter forms rejected (ooops - bandwagon is rolling)
  4028. US begging NATO to clean up mess in Afghanistan (dreanged)
  4029. Color my future Soylent Green
  4030. Investigators dig up mass grave seeking evidence to nail Saddam (and US bulldozing of thousands alive?!)
  4031. Israel's Christians spitting mad
  4032. VeriChip product gets FDA ok for human use
  4033. UNRWA demands Israeli apology for Kassam claim (Israel refuses: S.O.P.)
  4034. Sinai bombers all escaped, says paper (Hmmmmm - and will never be found)
  4035. As Oprah Slaps Bush / With 30 states poised to smack down women's rights again, the one true savior emerges
  4036. The New York Times and the road to war
  4037. Syria arrests 80 suspects in Hamas slaying (Mossad connection)
  4038. Life After the Oil Crash
  4039. Complaint surrounding voter registrations to be investigated
  4040. Zarqawi Is Not In Fallujah, Nor Has He Ever Been There Sam Hamod (He's Dead!)
  4041. Israel 'worried over world image' (Now, it wories?!)
  4042. Episcopal Church next to shun Israel?
  4043. In Case You Missed It: "I-Team Investigation Uncovers Voter RegistrationFraud"
  4044. What's Up With That?
  4045. Election theft in the making
  4046. Girl shot in UN school school dies
  4047. Vanunu explains his motivation
  4048. Report Finds Lavish Spending at TSA (and it's only two years old)
  4049. Republican governor vetoes minimum wage increase Democrats, unions capitulate to new attacks by Schwarzenegger on California workers
  4050. Koizumi reshuffles Japanese cabinet to pursue right-wing agenda
  4051. FBI shuts down 20 antiwar web sites: an unprecedented act of Internet censorship
  4052. Union hobbles Canada-wide federal workers strike
  4053. Britain: more lies over Iraq war
  4054. Australia continues to pressure East Timor on oil and gas
  4055. Bill and Kathleen Christison: Israel as Sideshow
  4056. Pierre Tristam: Deconstructing Bush (and neocon paradoxes)
  4057. Timothy J. Freeman: Dying for a Mistake
  4058. Stephen Conn: How Kerry is Using Progressives as Cannon Fodder Against Nader
  4059. Paul de Rooij: Amnesty International: a False Beacon?
  4060. Mike Whitney: The Real Meaning of the Hamdi Case
  4061. Debate Update: He's Got Back, But the Media Has No Spine: The Battle of Bush's Bulge -- A BuzzFlash Editorial
  4062. Identity Badge Worn Under Skin Approved for Use in Health Care
  4063. Teen Suspended Over Civil War Weapon (School headed by lobotomy candidates)
  4064. AlterNet: Election 2004: A Man With A Plan
  4065. Israelis covering up their losses in Jabaliya?
  4066. 'Bush Wired' Story Continues; 'Bulge' Appears in Third Debate
  4067. US diplomats baulk at Jewish bill
  4068. Russia Says Finished Building Iran Nuclear Plant
  4069. TomDispatch - Tomgram: Michael Klare on oil wars and the American military
  4070. Game. Set. Match. (Goes to Kerry)
  4071. Yahoo! News - Arab American Voters Drop Support for Bush
  4072. Labor here going all-out for Kerry (WI)
  4073. Voter registration fraud linked to GOP...
  4074. Top U.S. advisers to address AIPAC meet
  4075. The smoking gun on voter registration fraud: Nathan Sproul
  4076. Milwaukee Extra Ballot Request Rejected (What election?)
  4077. Fire in Basement of Capitol Building (Another Reichstag event?)
  4078. New Battle Looms Over Jerusalem Holy Site
  4079. Company Owner: U.S. Bombing Killed Hostage
  4080. Polls: Views of America Worsening
  4081. Kerry Lesbian Remark Angers Cheneys (Strange people)
  4082. Uh, Dubya, you really did shrug off Bin Laden
  4083. Voter-registration probe has ties to Arizona firm
  4084. Servers seized by FBI returned - but who wanted what?
  4085. Oil, China Push U.S. Trade Gap Near Record
  4086. Trade Deficit Surges, Jobless Claims Up (Everthings coming up shit)
  4087. New propulsion concept could make 90-day Mars round trip possible (Government science transcends momentum conservation)
  4088. US Government Seeks Higher Debt Limit
  4089. U.S. Government Reaches $7.38 Trillion Debt Limit
  4090. Auditors Can't Account for Iraq Spent Funds (Surprising? Chimp can't account for his mouth)
  4091. Sisters - A Book By Lynne Cheney - Gay Lesbian (Strange Cheneys)
  4092. Insurgents strike at heart of America's power in Baghdad
  4093. Final presidential debate confirms: no choice for working people in Bush-Kerry contest
  4094. Maimed for Oil and Empire
  4095. Free Speech Banned by Big Pharma: What You Can't Say About Drug Importation
  4096. William A. Cook: Turning Myths into Truth
  4097. LaDuke Supports Kerry, switches support this time around
  4098. Study sees 406,000 U.S. jobs shifted overseas in 2004 (That's all? Underestimate)
  4099. Medford teachers thrown out of Bush rally (Criminal Repiblican Party)
  4100. Security Gaps Seen Making Ships, Ports Vulnerable (But people are much more vulnerable to US Nazi government)
  4101. Wanted: Former Bolivian President Is Called to Justice (US:International Criminal Haven)
  4102. Signs of progress amid turmoil in Iraq (Only progress is getting out)
  4103. Bush Accuses Kerry of Unreality on Domestic Issues (Superpsycho speaks)
  4104. Terror Threat by Republicans Complicates Election Plans in Region
  4105. Platoon defies orders in Iraq (For reason of Full Top-Down Armed Forces Incompetence)
  4106. GOP worker who resigned [in ballot flap] takes position with Bush campaign
  4107. Workers who left in ballot flap join Bush
  4108. Police fire pepper shots at anti-Bush protesters (Dissent forbidden)
  4109. Edwards' flight aborted because of indicator light (Attempted Wellstoning?)
  4111. Treasury Moves to Avoid Piercing Debt Limit
  4112. Blair Sells Britain, Buys a House (Truth, not comedy)
  4113. Iraqi President: Vote Could Be Postponed To Better Rig Elections
  4114. The making of the terror myth ("Politically Driven Fantasy ... Al-Qaeda a Dark Illusion")
  4115. George W. Bush and the Mandate of Heaven
  4116. GM to cut 12,000 jobs in Europe
  4117. Dream Team (Hell in Creation)
  4118. Ohio congressman foresees investigations of voter fraud (and Republican Criminality?)
  4119. Voters may see 'challengers' at polls (Like last time, only more criminal)
  4120. Injured Iraq Vets Come Home to Poverty
  4121. Federal Government Debt Report - summary page -
  4122. Secret papers warned Blair war on Iraq was 'illegal'
  4123. Capitol Hill Blue: Live By The Mouth, Die By The Mouth
  4124. Nader, ADL chief locked in war of words
  4125. Robin Cook: This week's casualty: the legal case for war in Iraq
  4126. Press review: 'No wonder voters don't trust him' (Blair - but it could be almost any politician)
  4127. Palestinian children are not terrorists
  4128. Sharon's Latest Targeted Assassination: The Peace Process
  4129. WGME loses ads over plan to air anti-Kerry film
  4130. A twelve month tax holiday for Corporations
  4131. Shells From Syria Fired at Troops in Iraq (Guess who's really firing)
  4132. GOP Theft of Our Election Is Under Way
  4133. More Voting Machines Problems
  4134. US forces arrest Iraqi negotiator
  4135. U.N. rips Israel for rights violations
  4136. Probe into shooting of Palestinian girl inconclusive (whitewashed & trivialized)
  4137. Charlotte Iserbyt -- "Achtung! Your Passport, Bitte" (Achtung is right)
  4138. Mofaz rejects conspiracy theories over Sinai bombings (so much for that)
  4139. Block the Vote - Krugman
  4140. Israel Tells Egypt: We are not Responsible for Taba Attack (just so you know it's true)
  4141. The Brief Against Bush (Just a brief outline of a brief)
  4142. Sprint cuts 700 jobs, expects charge for reduced value of long distance assets
  4143. Vote 2004: Iowa Auditors Warning of Voter Registration Scam
  4144. Voter Registration Problem
  4145. Promotion on the way for US head of Abu Ghraib jail (Welll - of course!)
  4146. Fallujah negotiator questions Zarqawi (the dead guy) ultimatum
  4147. Mexican wrath over Wal-Mart store (at Teotihuacan)
  4148. Bush spins Iraq and its ambiguities into deadly lies
  4149. From Supermax to Abu Ghraib: the Masterminds of Torture and Abuse
  4150. Election Day Fears
  4151. The Venezuelan "Threat": Why Do Kerry and Bush Fear Hugo Chavez?
  4152. News from a Swing State: Does Anyone Here Have a Spine?
  4153. Wal-Mart vs. the Pyramids of the Sun and Moon
  4154. Where Did These "Conservatives" Come From?: The Brownshirting of America
  4155. Greg Bates: Empire of Insanity
  4156. Saudis and Bush (Just in case you forgot; it's still true and of long standing)
  4157. Salon.com | Bush's primitive appeal (lizard to lizard)
  4158. Rove Testifies Before Grand Jury in CIA Leak Probe
  4159. Delusions of empire in America
  4160. Independent review finds unreleased Bush's Guard records
  4161. Scowcroft Says Bush Mesmerized by Israel's Ariel Sharon
  4162. Paris denounces warning shots at French diplomat in Israel
  4163. Military Recruiters Demand Names of All U.S. High Schoolers
  4164. Las Vegas SUN: Nevada judge declines to reopen voter registration in Vegas area
  4165. Republican Dirty Tricks
  4166. AlterNet: Rights and Liberties: Lesbian Debauchery in Oklahoma (?!)
  4167. Secret papers warned Blair war on Iraq was 'illegal'
  4168. "Major screw-up": Boot-camp virus runs rampant
  4169. State Department Designates al-Zarqawi Group a Terrorist Organization (Another day, another fiction)
  4170. Cartons consign tinned food to scrapheap
  4171. Smoker fined &#-11;&#-11;135 for dropping match in street
  4172. Bush Lost Without Pre-Selected Audience, when Called on his Lies
  4173. Bush's mystery bulge
  4174. Electronic ear used by Bush: Official specs by the company who deliveredthese to the White House
  4175. The Village Voice: The Bush Beat
  4176. Boston.com / News / Local / Mass. / Puerto Rico vote rejected in US presidential race
  4177. ACLU finds 7.3 percent of provisional ballots get tossed: South Florida Sun-Sentinel
  4178. Terrorism of the Anglo-Irish Conflict
  4179. Irish Holocaust
  4180. Irish Holocaust Lisnabinnia
  4181. Northern Ireland - History of Derry
  4182. Elmer L. Andersen: Why this Republican ex-governor will be voting for Kerry
  4183. Vowing Iraq pullback, Polish leader wins vote
  4184. An American scapegoat in London (some things actually have reasons)
  4185. Why We Must Prevent the Re-election of Senators Who Supported the Invasion of Iraq
  4186. UN rights expert urges EU to suspend trade deal with Israel
  4187. Google Desktop privacy branded 'unacceptable'
  4188. Real History and the Battle for Free Speech in France
  4189. What Happened in Kerry's Vietnam Battles? 'Nightline' Speaks to Witnesses of Disputed Firefight
  4190. Anti-War Americans Sending Photos to Iraqis to Counteract Images of Prisoner Abuse - from TBO.com
  4191. Under attack as never before
  4192. Poll reveals world anger at Bush
  4193. US to use federal pension to fight debt (what payback?)
  4194. Ex-CIA officer blasts premise for Iraq war
  4195. Florida Sets Touch-Screen Recounts Rule (votes as good as currency - ooops)
  4196. N.Y. Times Seeks Hatfill Suit Dismissal
  4197. Bush Needs a Terrorist Attack to Win
  4198. FBI chief warns of possible terror attack before US elections (Cheney in undisclosed location?)
  4199. Kamiak High students protest ban on risqu&#-11;&#-11; dance style (Another braindead "educator")
  4200. 'Sharon is a butcher' (From day one)
  4201. UN report: Israel guilty of wanton destruction
  4202. Two UN Reports Slam Israels Human Rights Record
  4203. House Republicans and Democrats Unite in Linking Iraq with 9/11 (Reality by fiat?!)
  4204. Fahrenheit 9/11 Denied Cable Access
  4205. 17 US soldiers held in Iraq after disobeying orders
  4206. Colorado election chief rejects special prosecutor in fraud claim
  4207. Israeli Tanks Enter Camp in Southern Gaza
  4208. Indymedia Seizure Signals Clampdown on Dissent
  4209. Toronto Sun Columnist: Coren - Finding bigotry that isn't there
  4210. Revealed: the meeting that could have changed the history of Iraq
  4211. GOP worker who resigned [in ballot flap] takes position with Bush campaign
  4212. GOP AZ Chair Sues Accuser
  4213. Worries Persist Over U.S. Electronic Voting
  4214. Another Election Day with no result?
  4215. Florida National Guard troops may return to airport duty
  4216. Crimes in Freedom's Name: Dick Cheney's El Salvador
  4217. Doug Giebel: Thinking the Unthinkable (when it's been obvious all along)
  4218. Gary Leupp: How to Effect Regime Change and Expand the Empire
  4219. Peter Linebaugh: Judging Judges
  4220. Dave Lindorff: About the Bush Bulge
  4221. Leslie Brill: Unmerciful Judge, Merry Executioners
  4222. Alexander Cockburn: The Free Speech Movement and Howard Stern
  4223. Former Kennedy Aide Pierre Salinger Dies (What about TWA 800?)
  4224. John Kerry for President
  4225. Kerry for President
  4226. Kerry Will Restore American Dignity
  4227. Aftermath of Last Week's Editorial Endorsement
  4228. A Faustian Bargain and The Day Liberty Perished
  4229. Edwards warns Floridians of GOP 'tricks'
  4230. MI6 accused of using data gained by torture in Uzbek jails
  4231. Broad Use Cited of Harsh Tactics at Base in Cuba
  4232. Anti-War March Today Expects 50,000 Turnout
  4233. Al-Zarqawi pledges allegiance to bin Laden (Pretty good for a dead man)
  4234. ABC News: Zarqawi Movement Vows al-Qaida Allegiance (to Al-MossadaCIA?!)
  4235. Jabaliya, Gaza: 'They destroyed all the houses' (What were you expecting?)
  4236. Ultra-orthodox Jews 'must stop religious abuse' (They've had 4 millennia of practice)
  4237. Hizbullah is involved in West Bank, says Israel (Hizbullah is a Mossad invention)
  4238. Harmony set for Gold Fields bid - FT
  4239. The Mark of Doom: Computer-Activated Biological Warfare (Carthago Delenda Est!)
  4240. The US is threatening the Ukraine to hold honest elections LMAO
  4241. Thousands march to Trafalgar Square to protest war
  4242. Pentagon uses depleted uranium shells in its raid against Iraq
  4243. Gaza girl death officer cleared (She was only Palestinian afterall)
  4244. Karzai rival refuses to concede election (Fraud government, fraud elections)
  4245. Has Bush lost his reason? (What reason?)
  4246. EU sanction expected over Gaza
  4247. The Mark of Doom: Computer-Activated Biological Warfare (in the hands of psychopaths)
  4248. The war within America (It's long. Read it anyhow)
  4249. Anti-War March Today Expects 50,000 Turnout
  4250. London protest demands Iraq withdrawl
  4251. Blasphemy law to be scrapped (UK)
  4252. Remember him? (Osama bin Bushitler)
  4253. Qustionably Connected (Joseph Gano Jr., US Homeland Suckyourity, UBS)
  4254. MI6 accused of using data gained by torture in Uzbek jails
  4255. Broad Use Cited of Harsh Tactics at Base in Cuba
  4256. Taliban may join Karzai's coalition (Lying together)
  4257. Oil Pipelines and the occupation of Afghanistan
  4258. GIs Who Refused Job Had Unarmored Trucks
  4259. Mortar Hits Baghdad Stadium Just Before Prime Minister Visit (Better luck next time?)
  4260. Govt tried to kill Iraq dossier scribe: former BBC head (and succeeded with dr. David Kelly)
  4261. Britain Denies Using Troops to Boost Bush's Standing (LOL)
  4262. The New York Times > Magazine > Without a Doubt
  4263. Aid workers charge political motives in US claim of "genocide" in Darfur
  4264. Discontent rife in US military ranks
  4265. US soldiers mutiny over "suicide mission" in Iraq
  4266. Chesapeake Teen Pleads Guilty To Killing Father (Something stinks, judicially)
  4267. Consortiumnews.com: Kerry Attacker Protected Rev. Moon
  4268. A Tax Bill, Full of Breaks, Passes Senate
  4269. Sidney Blumenthal: Bush's best is not good enough
  4270. Oil Prices 'Heading for 60 Dollars A Barrel' (perfectly as expected)
  4271. Are US taxpayers going to give Israeli lawbreakers tax free gift?
  4272. Suicide Mission
  4273. Some Residents Encounter Voter Registration Problems
  4274. The battle for the Holocaust legacy
  4275. Problems Crop Up in Fla. Early Voting (Theresa LaWhore still up to it)
  4276. French radio chief quits over anti-Israel remarks
  4277. Ex-Security Adviser (Brent Snowcroft) Rips Bush Diplomacy
  4278. Republican Fraud will Disqualify 200,000 in Florida Vote, Says Harpers andNew Documentary
  4279. Computer problems reported at some early voting sites
  4280. Now and Then
  4281. Job Cuts in Tech Sector Soar
  4282. Edwards Says Bush Trying to Con Americans (What? Just because he lies all the time?)
  4283. Elections Chief in Fla. County Resigns (Time for a battery of excuses)
  4284. Bush Holds Narrow Lead In CBS Poll (um - sure - absolutely)
  4285. Problems Plague Early Florida Vote
  4286. Towering Inferno In Caracas (and still, it doesn't collapse. Hmmm)
  4287. Oregon Police Fire On Bystanders Watching Presidential Motorcade
  4288. Crude Oil Prices Surge Past $55 Per Barrel
  4289. General Reported Shortages In Iraq
  4290. The Other War: Civil Liberties Three Years After 9/11
  4291. Ariel Sharon's Philosophy
  4292. Betting on War: a Wager on the Fallout of a Kerry Presidency
  4293. Dave Lindorff: A Bulletin on the Bush Bulge
  4294. Facts and Lies; Slogans and Truth
  4295. Iraq's nuclear-related equipment goes missing under the US occupation
  4296. Putin backs Bush vicory (Putin? thief liar and murderer - that PutiPuti?)
  4297. Dirty tricks return to sunshine state (GUESS WHO?)
  4298. What the US papers say
  4299. Leaked report damns passive smoking (as in fraudulent, but leaked to give it aura of truth?)
  4300. My fellow non-Americans
  4301. Dear Limey assholes (Humans v. Reptos)
  4302. Puppet oral sex goes against grain for US censors, getting fucked by corpagov does not
  4303. The Village Voice: The Bush Beat
  4304. Supreme Court Clerks Spill Damning Bush vs. Gore Details (surprised?)
  4305. War syndrome 'will not be solved'
  4306. TomDispatch
  4307. Salon.com News | "Homosexuals are hellbound!"
  4308. Ugly - A BuzzFlash Guest Contribution
  4309. Should we outsource torture?
  4310. Text of Mideast 'road map'
  4311. Peres Fears Possible Attack on Sharon (No worry: only good guys get assassinated)
  4312. Muslim peacekeepers for Iraq nixed
  4313. Sinclair Axes Journalist Critical of Film
  4314. Company's Decision to Air Anti-Kerry Documentary Spurs Backlash
  4315. Indymedia Update
  4316. An Engineered Excuse for Killing Iraqis (and the fictional Zarqawi)
  4317. "The Cheney-Rove Manure Flinger Hits Overdrive"
  4318. "Those who hate "liberals" really hate a free America"
  4319. "Put George W. Bush in prison!!!"
  4320. "Bush wins Triple Trifecta as worst president ever "
  4321. Heraldblog: Bush's brain (His name is Rove "Abby Normal"?)
  4322. Marijuana 'petition' actually voter registration form
  4323. Bin Laden is in China (waiting to be handed over, on cue?)
  4325. US commander Franks denies hunt for bin Laden was 'outsourced' (irrelevant nonsense)
  4326. The Endangered US Dollar (An endangered fiction)
  4327. So, Did Saddam Hussein Try to Kill Bush's Dad? (Hegelian engineering)
  4328. Pentagon Rewards Generals, Corporations Tied to Abu Ghraib Scandal (surprised?)
  4329. Phone scandal may have Bush connection (Welll - who else?!)
  4330. Bush and Kerry can at least agree on one thing: supporting Israel (The artificial nation that has doomed itself)
  4331. Setback in search for Gulf war illness cause (But DU was not considered?)
  4332. O'Reilly at the Whipping Post (to the death?)
  4333. Leader in NYC police drug scandal pleads guilty to theft (It's what tey do)
  4334. Cries of 'anti-Semitism' vanish after suspect identified.
  4335. Madrid Train Terror Caught On Tape (Took time to fake them)
  4336. George Bush Bulges (? Knock yourself out. There are more important things)
  4337. Conference At Duke Equates Zionism And Apartheid (Israel, pathologically signed its own death warrant ages ago)
  4338. Hoon faces growing Iraq revolt (Hoon and Blair to the gallows)
  4339. "Al Qaeda" training videos shown on CBS were fakes (Al Qaeda is a fake)
  4340. Poisonous Perle, Richard of course (looks like attorney I was once ready to throw out a window)
  4341. Current Electoral Vote Predictor 2004 (Good to peruse while doom awaits)
  4342. Gore warns of grab by Bush (*Now* he warns?! - there are more town idiots than towns)
  4343. Marines Vent Frustration in Western Iraq
  4344. Private Investors Abroad Cut Their Investments in the U.S. (They're the sane ones)
  4345. New Forrestal Document Exposes Cover
  4346. Top 10 Pieces of 9-11 Evidence
  4347. Proof of Lies And Evidence Fabrication Against The Hijacker Suspects of 9-11
  4348. Thunderbolts Home page (Idiot)
  4349. The Fingers Of God Point To No Big Bang (Ignorant Idiot)
  4350. Video of kidnapped British aid worker aired (Troops! To battle!)
  4351. Flu kills thousands more in USA than thought (Hegelian engineering of global genocide)
  4352. CNN just got totally busted pushing old poll numbers.
  4353. Number of US Wounded in Iraq Tops 8,000
  4354. Debate Persists Over Criticizing Iraq War (Those with brains and knowledge should shut their mouths)
  4355. Team Bush declares war on the New York Times
  4356. Blair has lied again (and again, and again, and again, ...)
  4357. Kerry left off some absentee ballots
  4358. Tartan terrorist found hanging in cell hours before facing court (Anybody who hates the English can't be all bad)
  4359. Iraqi farmers forbidden to have non-genetic modified seed (connections)
  4360. Israeli FM criticizes EU decision to sign cooperation treaty with Syria (So what?)
  4361. Garnier QC leads MP group in quest to impeach the PM (Taking *far* too long)
  4362. The Game Is Clear: Israel Dismantling Palestinian Society, Culture
  4363. Corporate chiefs enjoy bumper year in 2003 (Oh - just *so* surprising!)
  4364. A.C.L.U. Rejects Foundation Grants Over Terror Language
  4365. Howard Schmidt to lead U.S. CERT (Hmmm)
  4366. Sinclair Says Won't Show Entire Anti-Kerry Film
  4367. Sinclair Fires Washington Bureau Chief
  4368. Sinclair to Show Only Part of Kerry Film
  4369. A Look at Lawsuits, Voting Problems
  4370. Judge Tosses Lawmakers' Gay Marriage Suit (Strange new world that has such lawmakers in it)
  4371. Cheney: "Terrorists [Cheney] May Bomb U.S. Cities."
  4372. U.S. Asks Judge to Drop Mich. Ballot Case, i.e., explicity to disenfranchise citizens
  4373. Eight Children Removed From Polygamist (Another Nazi invasion fo tyhe different?)
  4374. The 9/11 Secret in the CIA's Back Pocket
  4375. Number of US Wounded in Iraq Tops 8,000
  4376. Who's Really in Bed with Republican Funders: Kerry or Nader?
  4377. Sean Carter: O'Reilly Should Hush Up About Extortion Claim
  4378. William Loren Katz: What Goes Around Comes Around
  4379. Victor Kattan: Palestine Takes Center Stage at European Social Forum
  4380. Bush and Kerry dance to the tune of Ariel Sharon (Israel has doomed itself; US to follow)
  4381. www.deprogram.info
  4382. Alex Jones Presents Infowars.com to Fight the New World Order --There's a War on For Your Mind
  4383. http://suetheterrorists.net Stanley G. Hilton suit
  4384. The Stanley Hilton Lawsuit
  4385. Treat polls cautiously, experts warn
  4386. Students claim they were duped into switching party registration
  4387. Vote for Checks and Balances
  4388. THE MYSTERY OF PTI 961
  4389. Non-student is a suspect in hate crimes at Ryerson U. (More than the obvious)
  4390. STOP the Sinclair propaganda machine!
  4391. 'Ignorant' Americans will re-elect 'liar' Bush - OCT 20, 2004
  4392. Sinclair Broadcasting has long history of dubious journalistic, corporateventures
  4393. Haaretz - Israel News - Return of the Zealots and Siccari
  4394. Sinclair Retreats on Kerry Film
  4395. Some Clarification For the Navy Recuiter Who Just Phoned Me
  4396. Mirror.co.uk - STRAW WARNS IRAN ON NUKES (Straw needs a powerful spanking)
  4397. t r u t h o u t - William Rivers Pitt | Desperate Measures
  4398. Is The Kidnapping of CARE&#-11;&#-11;s Margaret Hassan A CIA-Mossad Op?
  4399. Secret report details plan to draft medics
  4400. Noted Tax Historian&#-11;&#-11;s Book Declares U.S. Income Tax as Direct Tax is inViolation of Long-Established USSC Mandates
  4401. French editor quits in Israel row
  4402. The Stanley Hilton Lawsuit
  4403. Government Insider Says Bush Authorized 911 Attacks
  4404. French racism report causes controversy. 21/10/2004. ABC News Online
  4405. Cheney raises spectre of nuclear hit (Unless Cheney is arrested immediately)
  4406. Scrambled F15s From Otis Air Force Base: Mach 1.5 or Cruise Speed?
  4407. As early balloting begins: tensions build over Bush vote-suppression drive
  4408. Israel moves to impede UN relief to Palestinians
  4409. Iraqi social crisis continues unabated as US slashes funding
  4410. Bush' Texas Rangers' plot thickens into tax evasion and more
  4411. The Guantanamoization of America
  4412. Israel more corrupt, third year running, says corruption index
  4413. British Troops to Die for America in Latifiyah?
  4414. Michael Moore Announces "Fahrenheit For Free"
  4415. Gore Says Bush Governs from 'Love of Power'
  4416. Clinton to Campaign with Kerry in Pennsylvania
  4417. Kerry Looks to Avoid Gore Recount Errors (In how many states?!)
  4418. Vatican Says Anti-Kerry Lawyer Hoodwinked Them
  4419. U.S. Soldier Pleads Guilty to Iraqi Prisoner Abuse
  4420. Robertson: I warned Bush on Iraq casualties (conversation of two psychopaths)
  4421. Banana Republican Catalogue (Clever; if it weren't so true, it would be hilarious)
  4422. Dave Lindorff: First They Came for the Nurses
  4423. Col. Dan Smith: Choking Free Speech about the Draft
  4424. A Teacher's Account of How Military Recruiters Prey on High School Students
  4425. Sinclair Broadcasting's Air War: a Long History of Journalistic Deception
  4426. Why Are We In Iraq -- Bush Family $$$ Signs - Independent Media TV
  4427. The Rutherford Institute (Yes. Support it)
  4428. Ten Commandments: Religious Message or Civics Lesson? (Satanic Enochian keys?)
  4429. After Long Court Battle, Teacher Leads Bible Study (why not Sumerian creation which came first?)
  4430. Ex-Officer Admits to Robberies (As trustworthy as all US corpagov)
  4431. Voter Registration Scandal Spreads to Pennsylvania (Republicans at it, of course)
  4432. Soldier says Abu Ghraib interrogators told him to stage mock electrocution
  4433. The Truth About Beslan &#-11;&#-11;&#-11;Too Scary&#-11;&#-11;&#-11; to Reveal &#-11;&#-11;&#-11; Parliamentary Commi(Too scary to whom?)
  4434. Silenced By The President
  4435. 109 Italian Soldiers Dead So Far From DU In Iraq
  4436. Police use stun gun on....75-year-old WOMAN (It's Chimpco's 'murikan way)
  4437. US tried to plant WMDs, failed: whistleblower
  4438. The Catastrophic Success of the Republican Party
  4439. Hoon confirms Iraq troop movement
  4440. Mired in victimhood - and blame
  4441. Cegelis Outraged By Election Commission Mistake
  4442. The art of stealing elections
  4443. Robert Bly: Clearly, Emperor has no clothes
  4444. Witness says CIA oversaw abuse at Abu Ghraib
  4445. ''The kid in the raincoat'' (The purposes for perpetrating 9/11)
  4446. Israel calls authors of Geneva Peace Accord "Traitors".
  4447. Kidnapped - The Heroine Who Offered Hope for Iraq
  4448. The truth about Zelikow and the Sept. 11 cover-up commission
  4449. US judge slams Bush Administration over Guantanamo Bay detainees
  4450. Black & Decker to lay off 700 (Just continuing economic annihilation)
  4451. POLITICS-U.S.: Bush Backers Steadfast on Saddam, WMD (i.e., steadfastly delusional, deranged reptos)
  4452. Leading Economic Indicator Index Declines (Nooooooo?! Really?)
  4453. Is the Bush Administration Supressing the Price of Gas?
  4454. Christopher Reeve's widow to campaign with John Kerry to promote science,research
  4455. Wal-Mart Pulls 'Daily Show' Book (Deranged)
  4456. DeLay subpoenaed in Texas lawsuit (Soon to be drowned in his own excrement)
  4457. Former Republican Senator For Kerry ("Frightened to death")
  4458. Newspaper and Media Endorsements of Kerry
  4459. Treasury secretary campaigns hard (This is of course what we pay him for?)
  4460. In Gaza, Debate Over Pullout Plan Pits Settler Against Settler (Let them kill each other)
  4461. Yahoo! News - Top Stories Photos - Reuters (Israel's Own Signed Death Warrant)
  4462. Sinclair Sued by Filmmaker Over Kerry Photos
  4463. Israelis, Palestinians at Odds Over U.S. Election
  4464. FBI investigates holes punched in US Airways jets (hmmm)
  4465. Support shrinking for Bush's anti-terrorism policies: poll (Impending epidemic of sanity?!)
  4466. Terror-Proofing [?!?] America's Transit Lines (Oops! No great sanity yet)
  4467. Soldier gets eight years for Abu Ghraib abuse (and Rummy, Wolfy, ...?)
  4468. US officer cleared of abusing Iraqi prisoner (Ah - and officer, of course)
  4469. Unit Commander in Iraq Relieved of Duty (to be promoted and rewarded)
  4470. Iraqi pipeline to Turkey set ablaze
  4471. 300 Iraqi soldiers abandon unit in Samarra (good for them)
  4472. British troops to support U.S. in Baghdad (poodle wags tail in admiration of genocide)
  4473. Britain to Send 850 Troops Toward Baghdad (a political token for which we can hope the poodles pay with their perverted lives)
  4474. Mortar Rounds Explode in Mosul Near Allawi (Missed the bastard again?)
  4475. Campaign 2004: Terror talk heats up
  4476. Foreign Observers See Problems in Election
  4477. France: murder of work inspectors reveals deepening social tensions
  4478. Deaths of schoolchildren expose Israeli brutality
  4479. Campaign material suppressed in Australian election
  4480. Iraq: US assault underway on Fallujah
  4481. The New York Times and the reservists in Iraq who said "No"
  4482. The War and Globalization (READ and understand?)
  4483. The Australian: George Soros: Wake up America, or live with the consequences [October 19, 2004]
  4484. PM (Sharonthug) to dismiss ministers, deputy ministers who vote against pullout
  4485. Top US airlines suffer heavy 3Q losses (*who* wants to fly?)
  4486. Are you a terrorist?
  4487. Republican TV ads in Kennedy-Wetterling race called libelous
  4488. Secret police searches in the pipeline (AU)
  4489. Depleted Uranium: Observatory Laments Denial
  4490. Bush Relatives for Kerry -- Because Blood is Thinner than Oil.
  4491. New Indian government demonstrates loyalty to Washington
  4492. Hamas Leader Killed in Israeli Air Force Strike Near Gaza City
  4493. Hamas Leader Killed in Airstrike
  4494. The Occidental Quarterly: Volume 3, Number 2
  4495. Anti-semitism rampant in ALP: Cohen (No support Israel = Anti-Semitic)
  4496. 100 Facts and 1 Opinion
  4497. Star Chamber for Zundel in Canada: Are Americans Next?
  4498. Rumors swirl of pre-election strike on Iran
  4499. Journalists can be queried in anthrax-case lawsuit
  4500. Could the Associated Press (AP) Rig the Election? Asks Journalist Lynn Landes
  4501. Bush insists on Iraq-al Qaeda link (Loudly enough and often enough?)
  4502. Pin Heads (The Constitution Restoration Act - pretty damn scary)
  4503. Politics Enters Drilling Study ("Government Science")
  4504. Defeat the Press! THE STATE SILENCES DISSENT
  4505. (DV) Cockburn: The Year of Surrendering Quietly
  4506. Heading towards the apocalypse - Opinion (Wickedness based on utter fraud)
  4507. Senator says Pentagon unit hyped terror tie
  4508. Easing bio-security on flu virus raises concerns
  4509. Pentagon analysts accused of Iraq bias (No shit!)
  4510. Halliburton may keep disputed money (Surprised?)
  4511. Tensions boil as Holocaust survivor decries treatment of Palestinians
  4513. Israel May Have Iran in Its Sights (May?!)
  4514. All GE Nuclear Reactors In US Have Cracked Shrouds ("shrouds" is a good word)
  4515. Bush's New Anti-Semitism Law May Criminalize Thought
  4516. Instructions to change polling place dont comefrom board of elections
  4517. Bizarro Bush - by Justin Raimondo
  4518. Duke News & Communications | Palestine Solidarity Movement conference at Duke
  4519. The Chronicle Online - The Jews
  4520. Real History about anti-semitic graffiti and the perpetrators
  4521. Integrity of Florida Virtual Vote in Doubt
  4522. Battle to stop e-voting steps up
  4523. State terminates deal for voting machines
  4524. Techworld.com - Want to know the hardware behind Echelon?
  4525. Tenet: CIA made errors (said as his pants caught fire)
  4526. Pentagon official distorted intelligence, report says (getting warmer)
  4527. Australia's peak union body rules out opposition to Howard government's agenda
  4528. David J. Ledermann: The Emperor's New Crumbs
  4529. M. Junaid Alam: Purchasing Individuality in America
  4530. Mike Whitney: Al Hurra TV (and psychopaths in government)
  4531. Seal It With a Frown: What Compassionate Conservativism Really Means
  4532. William A. Cook: Killing for Christ
  4533. Further abuse at Abu Ghraib detailed
  4534. Army captain sues government, saying Iraq assignment came after he ...
  4535. Tainted Polio Jabs - Did Australian Govt Knowingly Release Them?
  4536. Russia signs on to Kyoto
  4537. Anti-Israel or Anti-Jewish? - Global News on the World Crisis Web
  4538. Editorial: Denial/The truth about Iraq hurts (Certifiable)
  4539. Big G.O.P. Bid to Challenge Voters at Polls in Key State (Criminals being offensive)
  4540. Error spells trouble on city ballots (MA)
  4541. The Assault on the USS Liberty Still Covered Up After 26 Years
  4542. No Evidence of U.S. Election Terror Plot (except by Republicans)
  4543. Deptford Woman, 89, Heads To Jail - Quaker Was Arrested At Anti-War Protest - Forums powered by Reason and Principle
  4544. Israelis (unique in the world) strongly support Bush win - The Washington Times: World - October 22, 2004
  4545. The Hopeless Insanity
  4546. Ohio GOP challenges 35,000 on voter rolls
  4547. Prepare for litigation-filled post-election
  4548. Republicans Sabotage Democratic Voter Registration
  4549. Brazil Reacts Angrily to Report on Nukes
  4550. Minnesota senator closes Washington office, citing terrorist threat
  4551. Second Civilian Killed in Rafah, Settler Runs Over Three Schoolgirls in WestBank
  4552. Oil pipelines attacked (That's normal)
  4553. Iraq audit can't find billions (That's also normal)
  4554. Army May Allow Halliburton to Keep Billions in Disputed Billings (Normal, and expected)
  4555. Dumb show (Must Read for a slice of reality)
  4556. Jon Stewart's Fake Journalism Enjoys Real Political Impact
  4557. Little Evidence of Qaeda Plot Timed to Vote (Every Evidence of Republican Plot)
  4558. On special, Rocca gets presidential
  4559. TheStar.com - Jon Stewart should stick to comedy (Leslie Papp is a moron)
  4560. A Bush pre-election strike on Iran 'imminent'
  4561. Yahoo! News - Ohio Provisional Ballot Ruling Reversed
  4562. Campaign event security spurs arrests, removals
  4563. Vote Watch 2004
  4564. Who benefits from "Anti-semitism" ? -- (a sad story)
  4565. Election chief warns of absentee scam (St. Pete, FL)
  4566. One Third of Reserves Fail to Report for Duty
  4567. Delta Air May File Bankruptcy Soon-Report
  4568. Biggest legal battle in US election history looms
  4569. Russia Central Bank stops supporting U.S. Dollar
  4570. Campaign event security spurs arrests, removals (Iowa, Missouri, Wisconsin, Oregon, New Mexico, Florida, Minnesota)
  4571. Israel Allows Doctors to Visit Arafat (Allows - let that sink in)
  4572. GeorgeSoros.com
  4573. Police Accused Of Firing Taser At Pregnant Bride
  4574. Faith-Based National Parks?
  4575. Troops launch legal bombshell
  4576. Secret report: terrorism spreading across Iraq (by USUK troops, of course)
  4577. Israel on the road to civil war? (Could very well be)
  4579. U.S. Expat Voters Out in Record Numbers in Germany
  4580. Voter intimidation begins early in Florida
  4582. Biggest legal battle in US election history looms (Inevitable resistance and insistence on theft)
  4583. Iraq veterans open up on mishandling of war (Starting with the lies?)
  4584. 3 state Republicans block Wellstone honor
  4585. China Dumps Dollars for Oil and Gold
  4586. Daily Endorsement Tally: On 'Super Sunday,' Kerry Makes Huge Gains
  4587. Duke newspaper writer says Jews use Holocaust to rebut criticism
  4588. Sharon Wins Cabinet Vote on Gaza, New Raid Mounted
  4589. Gas Average Tops $2 Per Gallon -Survey
  4590. TIME.com: Beyond the Call of Duty -- Nov. 01, 2004
  4591. Contractors in Iraq make costs balloon
  4592. The Daily Star - Politics - Karzai's chief rival concedes defeat in Afghan poll(a successful rigging)
  4593. Kosovo's president declares poll victory
  4594. Serbs Boycott Kosovo Elections
  4595. John Kerry for President (The Nation)
  4596. Why 5000 elephants must die - [Sunday Herald]
  4597. Abu Ghraib Guards Kept a Log Of Prison Conditions, Practices (washingtonpost.com)
  4598. Democrats Lose Ruling on Michigan Ballots
  4599. A buzz out of booze (Government Science - paid to do it)
  4600. Telegraph | News | Access to secret files threatened by asbestos (Excuse)
  4601. The Bush-Cheney-Rove Propaganda Machine Shows Signs of Wear
  4602. US newspaper publishers side with Kerry
  4603. The Coming Post-Election Chaos
  4604. Big G.O.P. Bid to Challenge Voters at Polls in Key State (OH)
  4605. Who Killed Senator Paul Wellstone? Authors, NYC Publisher
  4606. Huge Cache of Explosives Vanished From Site in Iraq
  4607. Man Who Says He Predicted Sept. 11 Attacks Arrested (Vreeland)
  4608. Students complain of false party swap
  4609. Rejected-voters ruling near in FL
  4610. State Democrats challenge Hood's recount rule (FL)
  4611. Depleted Uranium Released During Canadian Plane Crash
  4612. Vaccine contaminated: report
  4613. Infected vaccine put a generation 'at risk'
  4614. Monkey virus link to cancer
  4615. Iraq coalition vanishes from White House website (Ooops)
  4616. U.S.-Backed Iraq Government Losing Support - Survey
  4617. Carol Brouillet confronts Richard Clarke on 9/11-War Drills
  4618. Dollar stumbles
  4619. Major Israeli incursion in Gaza
  4620. Rebel militias deny holding British aid worker Hassan (Smell a rat?)
  4621. US insurance investigation widens
  4622. Why Are Some American Christians So Bloodthirsty? (Wrong answer)
  4623. 'Our sons are seen as cannon fodder'
  4624. Americans living on borrowed time (that will run out soon)
  4625. Whoever wins, the banks won't lose
  4626. Scientists Against Bush
  4627. An Illustration of Terrorism Made in Israel
  4628. Powell declares North Korea a 'terrorist state' (And USUK is what, exactly?)
  4629. Perception vs. Reality of JIA (by Abid Ullah Jan) - Media Monitors Network (MMN)
  4630. Democrats Could Win Republican Seat in Colorado Race
  4631. EU Lifts US Sanctions, Eyes Loopholes
  4632. Illinois seeks federal approval to buy flu vaccine from Europe
  4633. Illinois Seeks to Buy Vaccine From Europe
  4634. Behind the military leadership changeover in China
  4635. Australian elections: voting trends reveal deepening disaffection
  4636. The New York Times and the Bush "disaster"
  4637. Uri Avnery: On the Road to Civil War
  4638. John Chuckman: The Government You Deserve
  4639. Executing Another Child in Rafah
  4640. Fred Gardner: Oregon Revokes Dr. Leveque's License
  4641. Dave Zirin: Death of a Fan (Government murder, and lies to cover)
  4642. Werther: West Texas Wahabbism
  4643. Jews, Israel and America
  4644. Curb biological weapons - doctors
  4645. Data mining offshore raises privacy fears
  4646. Explosives Missing from Former Iraq Atomic Site
  4647. Bush exploits suffering of 9/11, says Carter
  4648. Wall Street lower on oil and election fears
  4649. Dollar slide accelerates on rising oil prices
  4650. The New COINTELPRO
  4651. France to Prosecute Holocaust Denier
  4652. US Could Shoot Down Euro GPS Satellites If Used By China In Wartime: Report
  4653. US wants The Hague terminated
  4654. Government Debt- The Greatest Threat to National Security (Next to the corpagov)
  4655. Jewish Group Hacks DC, NYC & NJ Indy Media
  4656. British Agents Engineered Capture Of Care Internationals Margaret Hassan
  4657. William Cook: Armageddon Anxiety
  4658. Cloudcroft chief stops Israelis with suspicious cargo
  4659. Mossad and Moving Companies : Masterminds of Global Terrorism
  4660. Zogby International Forums - Litany of Sharon and other Spy Operations Directed at US
  4662. Serving Two Flags: Neo-Cons, Israel and the Bush Administration
  4663. Mankind's Unmentionable Secret
  4664. A Look At The Powerful Jewish Lobby In America
  4665. Dollar Fall Gathers Momentum (Econobabble)
  4666. Lebanon Does Not Possess WMDs! (Racist Israel does!)
  4667. Soldier who sued not required to report for duty
  4668. Mirror.co.uk - MAJOR IN BLAST AT 'PM LIES'
  4669. Portrait of a country on the verge of a nervous breakdown
  4670. Cuba to end circulation of U.S. dollar
  4671. Israeli parliament set to approve Gaza pullout
  4672. Egypt arrests Sinai bomb suspects
  4673. Aljazeera.Net - Egypt arrests five over Taba blasts
  4674. Cleric's NY Lawyer Faces Trial in Terror Case (Lawyer is being terrorized)
  4675. Sex abuse trials 'just tip of iceberg', says lying asshole Pitcairn prosecutor who has zero right to be alive let alone jurisdiction
  4676. New Zealand News - World - Pitcairn trial a miscarriage of justice, says former islander
  4677. Idaho Observer - The Executive Order Above All Executive Orders
  4678. Disturbing Reports from Ohio: Risk of Massive Voter Disenfranchisement
  4679. The New Yorker endorses Kerry
  4680. Financial Times backs Kerry, bashes 'radical' Bush
  4681. Florida newspapers desert Bush as media swing to Kerry
  4682. Austin Residents Protest 'American-Statesman' for Endorsing Bush
  4683. Campaign Extra!: Philly Block the Vote -- "keep that number down."
  4684. &#-11;&#-11;1m an hour profit for BP
  4685. Real Reasons for the US Invasion: Military Solution to an Economic Crisis
  4686. Aspects of India's Economy, Research Unit for Political Economy (R.U.P.E)
  4687. Real Reasons for the US Invasion: Military Solution to an Economic Crisis
  4688. Returning soldiers wade into new battle: jobs
  4689. Bush to Request $70 Billion More
  4690. Two Israeli ( Mossad ) men arrested after high-speed chase in Tennesse
  4691. IDF tours American schools (Recruiting for Israeli Army)
  4692. America's voting system is unreliable and racist.
  4693. Yasmin Alibhai-Brown: I dread what is going to happen in Fallujah
  4694. Partners in Fraud: The Bush and Greenberg Families
  4695. FBI Says Murders Up for 4th Straight Year (Four years of fish stinking from the head)
  4697. American Conservative Magazine endorses Kerry
  4698. The failure of Bush's "Spanish Inquisition"
  4699. Attention Fence Sitters: 101 Points to Ponder Before Taking to the Polls - Maureen Farrell at BuzzFlash.com
  4700. Ominous: The US deficit vs the dollar
  4701. On Anti-Semitism (Amazingly accurate in its complexity)
  4702. Kathleen Christison: Why I Liked Thomas Friedman's Latest Column Before I Didn't
  4703. Amir Taheri: The Boom in Conspiracy Theories
  4704. American Exceptionalism: Newsroom: The Independent Institute
  4705. Ballots pile up as early voting sustains record pace in Arkansas
  4706. Changes May Lead Voters to Wrong Polls
  4707. Al-Qaqaa Spokesman Says No Weapons Search
  4709. New Florida vote scandal feared
  4710. Zarqawi group 'targeted Aussie troops'
  4711. Australian troops under attack
  4712. Flurry of Violence Kills At Least 14 Across Iraq
  4713. The US flu vaccine crisis: a debacle for profit-based medicine
  4714. Gag the Public: the War on Dissent
  4715. The Chicken Salad Election (and so it is)
  4716. US gave date of war to Britain in advance, court papers reveal
  4717. Iraq transfers war crimes?
  4718. Israeli Parliament Backs Sharon Gaza Pullout Plan
  4719. Kidnapping Care's Margaret Hassan: CIA-Mossad Op?
  4720. Negligent US forces to blame for massacre of recruits, says Allawi
  4721. Chile Group Plans Bush Welcome with War Crime Suit
  4722. 36 Papers Abandon Bush for Kerry
  4723. The GOP's Shameful Vote Strategy
  4724. Long lines, busy signals fuel voting frustration in Broward: South Florida Sun-Sentinel
  4725. Former ACORN worker hands over suspicious voter registration
  4726. Local10.com - Vote 2004 - Local 10 Uncovers Big Ballot Mystery
  4727. Ex-Guantanamo Detainees from Britain Sue Rumsfeld
  4728. World oil prices plummet (Um 5% is not plummeting)
  4729. Another oops! for NASA (and Lockheed Martin)
  4730. Australian foreign minister smears journalist kidnapped in Iraq
  4731. Guerilla attacks increase as US forces continue air raids against Fallujah
  4732. Bulgegate: the Lies Continue
  4733. The Bi-Partisan Politics of Oil
  4734. Man Accused of Trying to Run Down Harris (Naughty, but his heart was in the right place)
  4735. Katherine Harris's Car Trouble - October 27, 2004
  4736. Stern Gives FCC Chair Piece Of Mind
  4737. E! Online News - Howard Stern Ambushes FCC Chief
  4738. Powell defends son amid Stern's attacks (Professional liar speaks)
  4739. ABC News Gives Attack Threat Tape to FBI, CIA (LMAO Lying morons!)
  4740. ABQjournal: Some Early Voters Say Machines Mark Incorrect Choices (Isn't this normal in Nazi Amerika?!)
  4741. Bush Web Site Bars Overseas Visitors (washingtonpost.com)
  4742. Microsoft Releases A Flurry of Patches (Pathes are their most important product)
  4743. Doctors and wife rush to side of 'unconscious' Arafat (Poisoned by Isrel?)
  4744. t r u t h o u t - Marjorie Cohn | Beware Scalia-Thomas Clones
  4745. Israel plans to withdraw from Gaza, but what does that mean?
  4746. Howard is Bush's slave: Bashir - Global Terrorism - www.smh.com.au
  4747. Doctors in Ramallah fighting to save Arafat's life
  4748. 9/11 "black box" cover-up at Ground Zero? (It would figure)
  4749. Ruble Keeps on Climbing
  4750. New Florida vote scandal revealed
  4751. Brazil busts Kroll in spy case - (United Press International)
  4752. Israeli military invades Palestinian refugee camp in West Bank
  4753. Austria scraps Arnie statue (for good cause)
  4754. Bush has fallen victim to his own hubris
  4755. ABCNEWS HOLDS TERROR WARNING TAPE (It's more likely Richard Pearle)
  4756. Postal Experts Hunt for Missing Ballots in Florida (I know they're around here someplace?)
  4757. Sharon rejects Gaza referendum (Uh-huh)
  4758. Israeli Witchhunts: The New McCarthyism (and speaking of Richard Pearle ...)
  4759. British Troops to Die for America in Latifiyah
  4760. IDF may need to keep peace for Palestinians (Um - over the top of sanity)
  4761. Russians may have taken Iraq explosives (LOL)
  4762. Britain: government extends attack on defendants' rights
  4763. Missing explosives at Al Qaqaa: Bush caught in another Iraq war lie
  4764. US elections: Republicans marshal "poll watchers" to suppress working class vote
  4765. Exclusive: Bush Wanted To Invade Iraq If Elected in 2000
  4766. Allawi blames US for recruit massacre
  4767. U.S. reservists sue feds to block deployment to Iraq
  4768. Russia Denies Involvement in Iraq Weapons
  4769. EXCLUSIVE: 5 EYEWITNESS NEWS video may be linked to missing explosives in Iraq
  4770. 100,000 Excess Iraqi Deaths Since War-Study
  4771. FBI probes Halliburton's Pentagon contracts
  4772. Policing Is Aggressive at Bush Events
  4773. Two Years Before 9/11, Bush was Already Talking About Attacking Iraq
  4774. Will There Be A War Against The World After November 2?
  4775. A hawk's view: Perle speaks out (Prince of Liars)
  4776. Postal Experts Hunt for Missing Ballots in Florida
  4777. Broward scurrying to replace ballots
  4778. OfficialWire: Congratulations, Mr. President! - Greg Palast
  4779. Twelve ways Bush is now stealing the Ohio vote
  4780. Plans for another Republican fraud in the United States revealed
  4781. Re: "Mike Ruppert Unmasked"
  4782. Do we want four more years of Israel policy?
  4783. Jobless Claims Up More Than Expected (Expected by whom?)
  4784. Aljazeera.Net - 'US knew Iraq was WMD free'
  4785. Signs Point to Imminent Showdown in Iraq
  4786. Students Favor Kerry :: Intervention Magazine :: War, Politics, Culture
  4787. Gov. Bush: Poll watchers (Brown Shirts) can, should challenge voters
  4788. Neas: Something Is "Terribly Wrong" in Ohio
  4789. Neas: Something Is "Terribly Wrong" in Ohio
  4790. The "caging" e-mails
  4791. 80 per cent of home PCs infected - survey (and they're all Windoze)
  4792. US voters 'going online for news' (It's about time)
  4793. Disputed Iraq Explosives in Place After Invasion, Video Shows
  4794. 179 countries vote against the blockade of Cuba at the UN
  4795. Nuclear watchdog insists Iraq explosives taken after US invasion
  4796. Homeland Security Agents Visit Toy Store
  4797. Alleged American Al Qaeda Warns of U.S. Attacks (Al-CIAda?)
  4798. Alan Maass: Jon Stewart vs. the Pundits (Satire exposes lies; it's what it exists for)
  4799. Col. Dan Smith: Rebellion in the Ranks
  4800. Israel blew it, big time (Anti-Arafatism)
  4801. Insurgents Slaughter 11 Iraqi (US Puppet) Soldiers
  4802. Iraqi civilian toll since the invasion is estimated at 100,000 (It's called genocide)
  4803. "NY Attorney General's Office Accepts Unprecedented Citizens' Complaint Demanding Criminal Inquiry into 9/11 Crimes"
  4804. Blair accused of using intelligence for PR
  4805. US troops refused requests to protect explosives store
  4806. GOP Challenging Voter Registrations (washingtonpost.com)
  4807. Bush campaign admits doctoring photo for TV ad
  4808. IRS probes NAACP after Bond's anti-Bush talk
  4809. Security Council Told of Sexual Violence
  4810. Scandal Leaks Into Race in Illinois County
  4811. NAACP in hot water over speech
  4812. Rudy under fire for remarks
  4813. Postal ballots go missing in Florida &#-11;&#-11;&#-11; again
  4814. State of change (Colorado)
  4815. Baghdad Blogger in Washington
  4816. What Zogby tells me: Kerry wins (except for election frauds)
  4817. Blackwell's moves restrict election (FRAUD: Arrest the sucker)
  4818. Republicans Push to Keep Minorities Away From Polls
  4819. Imagery of storage bunkers at Al Qa Qaa
  4820. Exxon Mobil 3rd-Qtr Profit Rises 56% as Prices Surge
  4821. Study: 100,000 Excess Civilian Iraqi Deaths Since War (that's only directly by US weapons)
  4822. Armed Group Claims to Have Iraq Explosives
  4823. 9/11 Victims delivered Complaint to NY AG Spitzer
  4824. Iran: A Bridge too Far?
  4825. Video shows one bunker door sealed in Iraq
  4826. The WMD-lite scandal
  4827. The PROOF Bush wants a draft!
  4828. Video Suggests Explosives Disappeared AFTER The US Took Control
  4829. Job Growth Record by President
  4830. Surprise, Surprise! (60,000 ballots disappear in Florida)
  4831. Israel: 'Disengagement' Will Not End Gaza Occupation (Dismantle Israel then)
  4832. Zionists putting the screws to Canada's Foreign Ministry
  4833. Appeasing Israel
  4834. An interview with Brian Deegan: I wanted to voice my concerns over the Australian government's illegal foreign policy
  4835. Al-Jazeera broadcasts new bin Laden tape (Yeah - sure - right - absolutely)
  4836. Al-Jazeera Airs Videotape by Bin Laden
  4837. Bin Laden Says Americans' Security Threatened by Bush (Osama bin Bush says ...)
  4838. U.S. Marines Poised to Storm Falluja and Ramadi
  4839. UN expert: Israel 'killed' peace plan
  4840. Osama bin Con-Job
  4841. Bush Admin says tape seems authentic (LMAO)
  4842. The Explosives Depot was Looted a Year Ago
  4843. Cheney Calls Iraq, Afghan Wars Brilliant (We call Cheney moron liar)
  4844. Bush: Not concerned about Osama (Finally! There's no reason to be)
  4845. Arafat in French Hospital, Facing a Round of Tests (He ate the Israeli poisoned figs!)
  4846. UK queries report of 100,000 Iraq civilian deaths (Like who questioned?)
  4847. Household Survey Sees 100,000 Iraqi Deaths (It's an underestimate of the planned genocide)
  4848. Whistleblower Says Halliburton Contract Abuse Blatant
  4849. Summary Box: Problems Mount for Halliburton
  4850. IRS investigates NAACP's anti-Bush talk
  4851. Growth Rate of Economy Edged Higher Over Summer (Oh - really! LOL Moron)
  4852. Expanding Halliburton probe confirms Bush administration is most corrupt in US history
  4853. US introduces sanctions against Belarus (Pure hubris)
  4854. Arafat health drama: a symbol of Israel's imprisonment of the Palestinian people
  4855. As US prepares mass killings in Fallujah Study estimates 100,000 additional Iraqi deaths since the invasion
  4856. Bid-rigging scandal envelops top insurance broker in US
  4857. Harry Browne: No Justice in County Clare (Ireland)
  4858. Rosemary Roberts: America needs a new president (Noooo? Really? Needs a new government)
  4859. Iraq body 'not Japanese hostage'
  4860. Whistleblower Says Halliburton Contract Abuse Blatant
  4861. Powell Says Israel Plan May Help Pullout (Powell, as Sharon just lies and babbles)
  4862. Fire Forces Edwards Plane Back to Airport (Another attempted Wellstoning?)
  4863. Another Wait Feared In Knowing the Winner (Coup 2004)
  4864. Soldiers' Votes Could Decide Election (So can GOP's mess of frauds)
  4865. Men Arrested For Landing 'Go Kerry' Balloon In Central Park
  4866. Edwards Assails Character of Bush, Cheney
  4867. Ramsey Clark launches online reporting system for election fraud.
  4868. Part of 9/11 Report Remains Unreleased; An Inquiry Is Begun
  4869. Guardian Unlimited | Guardian daily comment | The colonial precedent
  4870. Judge orders a halt to military's forced anti-anthrax shots
  4871. Korans, Not Kalishnikovs at Madrassas
  4872. Bush orders action to head off new Al-Qaeda attacks (Al-CIAda rides again?)
  4873. Legal Battle Over Ohio Polls Broadens
  4874. CNN.com - Peter Bergen: Bin Laden has aged 'enormously' - February 1, 2002(If then, why not now?)
  4875. 17 US Marines Taken Prisoner
  4876. IDF kills 12-year-old boy in Jenin
  4878. Confirming the Obvious: Official U.S. Report Finds Saddam Had No WMDs
  4879. IRS says it may quash NAACP's tax status
  4881. U.S. election: By the numbers
  4882. U.S. forces launch airstrikes in Fallujah
  4883. US asked Qatar to stop airing of bin Laden tape
  4884. China, Iran sign biggest oil & gas deal (Still want to invade Iran?)
  4885. Uzbekistan and Bush Hypocrisies
  4886. Election Day: Which Menendez Brother Will You Vote For?
  4887. Winslow T. Wheeler: How Both Parties Exploit the Defense Budget
  4888. Bush wins boost from terror tape
  4889. Bin Laden, master of propaganda (Osama bin Bush?)
  4890. Cronkite: Rove likely set up bin Laden tape
  4891. BBC NEWS | Have Your Say | Bin Laden tape: Your reaction
  4892. The Shameful Politicizing of the bin Laden Tape by the Bush Campaign
  4893. Reports ignore videotapes that debunk administration claims
  4894. Bin Laden dancing to Bushs tune (He *is* a CIA agent, but video is a fake)
  4895. Thousands protest in Rome against Iraq war
  4896. ACM statement on voting systems
  4897. Bush takes a six-point lead after new bin Laden tape (Oh, really?)
  4898. U.S. Warns on Terror; Alert Stays Orange (Not enough chatter?)
  4899. Ending the Fantasy
  4900. Colo. Teacher Kicks Student for GOP Shirt
  4901. Ohio Lawmakers Call for Secretary of State Blackwell to Resign
  4902. Republicans Pressed To Halt Voter-Suppression Efforts
  4903. Kerry Ahead of Bush in Florida
  4904. Salon.com News | NASA photo analyst: Bush wore a device during debate
  4905. Ramsey Clark launches online reporting system for election fraud.
  4906. Voters claim abuse of electoral rolls
  4907. New Zealand News - NZ - War on terror - a 'smokescreen' for invading countries
  4908. Japan Says Body Found in Iraq That of Hostage Koda (Update4)
  4909. To the bitter end
  4910. Iranian parliament approves bill requiring resumption of uranium ...
  4911. Iran Sees Small Chance of UN Economic Sanctions
  4912. BBC NEWS | Programmes | Newsnight | New Florida vote scandal feared
  4913. Revealed: Blair's secret mission to woo Kerry
  4914. Cherie Blair lambasts Bush over human rights
  4915. Chris Heinz Calls Bush a Cokehead (There are other "heads" that also serve)
  4916. Stupid People Love Bush New Study Shows Correlation Between Decline Of IQ And Rise Of GOP
  4917. G.O.P. to the Poor: Don't Vote
  4918. October Video Jihad Surprise: What's Wrong with This Picture?
  4919. Double Voting Possible in Ohio, Florida
  4920. Vandals Attack Jewish Cemetery in France (Another manipulative hoax)
  4921. Economist.com | America's next president, Kerry
  4922. Arafat possibly poisoned (Aha! Somebody else has figured this out)
  4923. Hero punished for criticizing vaccine
  4924. Soldier: 'Bush Administration Dead Wrong in Iraq'
  4925. October Surprise: Bush Dodges Major Scandals
  4926. Election day: It is time for regime change--American style. Are you changing
  4927. Israeli secret agents liquidate 310 Iraqi scientists
  4928. Two state flyers spark cries of racism
  4929. Bush Win Would Mean Dark Times
  4930. "Intelligence Asset" Osama bin Laden supports Bush Reelection
  4931. Nearly 2 Million Vote Early in Florida
  4932. Florida Leads States for Voter Complaints -Hotline
  4933. YellowTimes.org - "The zombie state"
  4934. YellowTimes.org - ''Election fever''
  4935. Dow winds blow in favour of Kerry
  4936. Poll gives Kerry slight edge in New Jersey
  4937. Pendulum swings to Kerry landslide
  4938. Canada at risk from U.S. malaise
  4939. Credibility Gap: US and EU English of Osama bin Laden Message (History keeps repeating; the phoney Osama wasn't enough)
  4940. Wash. Post ignored own polling data to suggest bin Laden tape will help Bush
  4941. tape of Osama bin Laden that was aired Friday on Al-Jazeera
  4942. Michael Moore's video cameras poised to focus on dirty tricks
  4943. Exit polls predict leftist candidate wins Uruguayan presidential ...
  4944. US forces take major losses across Iraq
  4945. GOP Gerrymanderers Earn Their Stripes
  4946. Arafat Does Not Suffer Life-Threatening Condition, Says Abu Rudeina (But, now about those Israeli figs ...)
  4947. Is "Zarqawi" Another Black-Op? (We're just figuring out the obvious? He's dead!)
  4948. Bush policies spur Iraqi rebel resistance, say 500 national security experts
  4949. Report on unguarded weapons 'ignored' (deliberately)
  4950. Key US army official slams Bush over Halliburton Iraq contracts
  4951. Pentagon suppresses details of civilian casualties, says expert
  4952. Purposely Corrupted Diebold Voting Terminals
  4953. 377 tons small part of absent Iraq explosives (more like 250,000 tons)
  4954. GIs Lack Armor, Radios, Bullets (Still)
  4955. I'm teetering on edge of sanity: Hicks - Global Terrorism - www.smh.com.au
  4956. Uruguayans Elect First Leftist President
  4957. The CIA's Disappeared
  4958. Judge Bars Challengers From Polling Places
  4959. Deputy tackles, arrests journalist for photographing voters (Theresa LaWhore just keeps on striking, like a snake)
  4960. Kerry tops Bush in virtual vote
  4961. Summary: Dead Voters May Sway Election
  4962. Fla. State Elections Office Evacuated (for GOP vote fraud)
  4963. Misleading Calls Made to Michagan Voters (More GOP fraud)
  4964. Oil Down $2, Speculators Bet on Kerry Win
  4965. THE CHOICE (An almost accurate history behond it)
  4966. Was Bush Wired? Sure Looks Like It.
  4967. Gallipoli for Dummies
  4968. Stephen Hawking to Lead Anti-War Protest on Election Day
  4969. GIs Lack Armor, Radios, Bullets
  4970. Urban Legends Reference Pages: Politics (Li'l Mismarker) - (More GOP Fraud)
  4971. Electronic vote machine too easily corrupted
  4974. Current Electoral Vote Predictor 2004
  4975. Gallup Poll Racially-Biased
  4976. FOX National Poll: Voters Split (But FOX is a bunch of proven liars)
  4977. Misleading Calls Made to Michigan Voters (More GOP Fraud)
  4978. L BIN LADEN DIE IN 2001?
  4979. WorldNetDaily: Source: Bin Laden 'likely dead'
  4980. Monster's [Rove's] Deadly Warning to 'Red' States
  4981. TomPaine.com - An Election Spoiled Rotten
  4982. Evangelicals See Bush As One Of Them (They're all criminals too?)
  4983. On eve of 2004 election: US faces unprecedented social conflict
  4984. Legal Elites and the Iraq War: the Nazis Had Their Law Professors, Too
  4985. Lenni Brenner: Christlike Kerry Roams Spiritual Universe
  4986. Roger Morris: Novel Politics
  4987. Bulgegate Confirmed; Press Yawns
  4988. Bin Laden Outlines Plan to Bankrupt US Through War (He too late; it's been done)
  4989. Post office will take last-minute ballots
  4990. GOP denies watchers' goal is to snag polls (Um - sure - absolutely)
  4991. US is losing Iraq war: Powell
  4992. Rebuffing G.O.P., 2 Judges Bar Challengers at Polls in Ohio
  4993. Republicans lose 11th-hour suit challenging Broward voter rolls
  4994. If young voters vote, Bush is a goner
  4995. Osamas nose: Bin Bush or Bin Kerry?
  4996. Deck chairs on the Titanic
  4997. FLORIDA: 13,000 Ballots Rushed From Voting Site, Must Be Recounted
  4998. Navy Seal Says Iraqi Who Died At Abu Ghraib Was Roughed Up In CIA's `RomperRoom'
  4999. If This Election Is Stolen, Will It Be By Enough To Stop A Recount ?

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