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List Volume 12

  1. New Israeli general oversees Lebanon
  2. War Crimes Act Changes Would Reduce Threat of Prosecution
  3. In pictures: Conflict impact (Lebanon)
  4. Qatar asks UN to consider Arab concerns in resolution on Lebanon
  5. Israel perils traffic in south Lebanon; Beirut offer weighed
  6. Israelis strike Beirut's southern suburbs
  7. Israel's misguided strategies (have always been the zionist strategies)
  8. Recipe for disaster (guaranteed)
  9. Deadly bombs strike near heart of Beirut
  10. Hezbollah's relief efforts reach thousands in Lebanon
  11. US energy secretary says supply can cover Alaska shortfall (Oh?)
  12. Investigator: US soldier poured kerosene on raped, slain Iraqi
  13. Chilling testimony in Iraq
  14. State Primaries May Help Determine Which Party to Control House (Kick both their asses)
  15. McKinney Loses Georgia Runoff
  16. Georgia Rep. McKinney Loses Runoff for Seat
  17. GOP turnout likely key in McKinney's race
  18. Bernanke Puts Reputation on Line, Emphasizes Inflation Outlook (Idiot does as he's told)
  19. AOL Shoots Itself In The Foot
  20. Indonesian teenage girl died of bird flu-local test (or not)
  21. WHO confirms two H5N1 deaths, one a 2003 case in China (or not)
  22. Ultrasound Might Affect Newborn Brain Development (or not)
  23. Israel votes to push deeper into Lebanon (votes?!)
  24. Lieberman Defiant In Defeat (Deport him to Israel)
  25. Lynch fights Congress to preserve NH control of National Guard (Totalitarian State)
  26. Nation: Peace group under FBI surveillance (We can't have people running around free!)
  27. A Handy-Dandy Guide To U.S. Foreign Policy (Pretty close to the real deal)
  28. Report: US sailor spied for Israel (That would be normal, no?)
  29. Center for war-related brain injuries faces budget cut (So much for Cheney's lobotomy?)
  30. Report Puts City Among Elite Group of Frauds
  31. The Brilliantly Profitable Timing of the Alaska Oil Pipeline Shutdown
  32. Look who is whining over Joe's loss (Send them all to Israel)
  33. Iraqi PM apologises for American tactics (Not such a puppet?)
  34. Iran to supply Hezbollah with surface-to-air missiles (or not, though excuse enough)
  35. Fair elections? Don't count on it (READ)
  36. Incumbents Beware: Peace Voters Mean Business
  37. Defence firm protesters arrested
  38. Making war crimes legal (Just like Nazi Germany and Israel)
  39. Fox Slimes Heros Mom
  40. Navy says sailor in brig stole laptop, gave out classified info
  41. Almost 2,000 bodies taken to Baghdad morgue
  42. 9/11 Hit Pieces Get Just Plain Stupid: Part 1
  43. A 'Pretext' War in Lebanon (Surrounded with Mossad agents)
  44. Lieberman camp now admits no evidence in accusing Lamont
  45. God save us (READ)
  46. Israel -- Stop Killing Civilians (It's what they do)
  47. Bombs In Oliver Stone World Trade Center Movie?
  48. Summit of Indigenous Nations Sign Resolution to Rescind the Doctrine of Discovery (Papal Bulls 1493)
  49. But the "Israel Lobby" Doesn't Exist (How Cynthia McKinney was defeated)
  50. Can Karl help Joe? (READ - Lieberbush is a zionist neoconl do not pain him blue)
  51. Foreclosure filings up 34% in Palm Beach County
  52. Bamford discusses 'A Clean Break' on MSNBC's 'Countdown' (READ)
  53. Fox Military Analyst on Syria: We Can Talk To Them When We Line Them Up and Kill Them (US is just so fucking civilized)
  54. Pro-Israel PAC Contributions to 2006 Congressional Candidates
  55. Options Charges (READ)
  56. Ex-Chiefs at Comverse Tied to Options Fraud
  57. JFK Speech on Secret Societies and Freedom of the Press
  58. Pat Robertson Prays For Israeli Victory (I pray for a cactus up his ass)
  59. Jewish leader in Canada wants crack down on Hezbollah demonstrations in Canada (How about a cactus up his ass too?)
  60. Bush seeks war crimes exemptions
  61. Transportation Department Laptop Stolen (Take all information and computers away from dum gummint)
  62. Attorney incensed after viewing FTAA police video (READ - know what gummint is, on all levels)
  63. Disaster drill set for Busch Stadium tonight (Do we get another 9/11 to go with, like last time?)
  64. U.S. soldiers describe comrades killing blindfolded Iraqi men (Support our troops!)
  65. Karl Rove offers to help Lieberman (to paint his house?)
  66. Poland: The coming to power of the Kaczynski brothers (You're going to love this!)
  67. Pro-war Democrat Joseph Lieberman defeated in Connecticut primary
  68. Canada: Conservative government unconditionally defends Israel's assault on Lebanon (with some hitherto unknown form of logic)
  69. Crisis atmosphere builds in Israel (Maybe it will just explode?!!!)
  70. Israeli war crimes aimed at "cleansing" south Lebanon (Yes, [sigh] that is what Israel has always been about)
  71. Operation Security Roof (making as much sense as anything else)
  72. Hypocrisy and the Clamor Against Hizbullah (READ)
  73. Mason: Jackie Defends Mel Gibson (Jackie is sharper than I thought - and I have no use for either of them)
  74. Probe Into Halliburton Subsidiary Role in Nigeria Bribe Case
  75. Unfazed, Hezbollah Fighters Dig In
  76. California Voters File to Stop Use of Electronic Voting Systems (That's not the end of it)
  77. Shiites Press for a Partition of Iraq (all of which are to be USUKIL controlled)
  78. Israel: "Refuseniks" Say They Won't Attack Civilians
  79. Mexico Protesters Target Foreign Banks (exactly as they should. How do they understand this?)
  80. Where did that video spoofing Gore's film come from?
  81. Internet upgrade for Domesday Book
  82. What chance of being hit by a meteorite? Don't ask a scientist (who understand the nature of statistical prediction)
  83. Egypt's Sunken Treasures Showcased at Berlin Museum
  84. Here we go folks... the prelude to, "we started the war, but we alone aren't prepared to finish it..
  85. It was 61 years ago today (Nagasaki)
  86. Prove It! (READ)
  87. Israel puts ground offensive on hold (Going back for more napalm)
  88. Israel widens Lebanon offensive as UN truce talks drag on
  89. Israel, seeking rocket buffer, sets expansion
  90. Israel to hold off on expanded offensive: report
  91. Thousands of Israeli fighters poised to pour into Lebanon (and be killed)
  92. Hezbollah leader asks Israeli Arabs to leave Haifa
  93. Nasarallah reaffirms Hezbollah's ability to defend Lebanon
  94. Lebanon to become graveyard of Israelis
  95. US Marine discovers house that held journalist Jill Carroll
  96. Four Arrested in US Journalists Kidnapping
  97. US military arrests four over Carroll abduction
  98. Sailor From Oregon Charged With Espionage (for Russia?!)
  99. Lopez Obrador supporters blockade federal offices
  100. Mexico's election battle heads back to ballot box (No, obly 9% of ballot boxes)
  101. Mexico begins partial ballot recount (with enough wiggle room to cheat)
  102. Leftist candidate escalates Mexico protest
  103. Mexico poll protesters give motorists free ride
  104. Mexico Authorities Begin Partial Recount of Presidential Vote (A 9% democracy)
  105. Mexican Officials Begin Recount of Disputed Ballots
  106. Scotland Yard: Major Terror Plot Foiled (Oh, give it up)
  107. Primaries show voters eager to shake up the status quo
  108. Teenagers 'using condoms wrongly' (Over your nose is of no value)
  109. Talks fail to break deadlock on resolution calling for truce (for very good reasons)
  110. Reid's terror warning (He means "State Terrorism", as in the tube bombings and the murder of David Kelly)
  111. Anti-terror critics just don't get it, says Reid (Oh yes we do, numbnuts)
  112. Voters reject Lieberman over his support for Iraq war
  113. Troops being stretched to the limit, says defence watchdog (UK)
  114. Coca-Cola, Pepsi not backing down as Indian bans mount
  115. Darman: Can Lieberman Win as an Indy? (No, next question; he just wants to piss people off more)
  116. Death and destruction are Hezbollah's goals (Author needs a vast number of reality checks)
  117. Second Indonesian teenager dies of bird flu (Pandemic! OMG! What will we do?!!)
  118. Half million flee as super typhoon approaches China (Now, here's a REAL problem)
  119. Argentina destaca que UE le da la raz&#-11;&#-11;n en demanda de Monsanto
  120. La resistencia civil izquierdista genera rechazo en la poblaci&#-11;&#-11;n
  121. Diplomacy in top gear as Israel mulls wider attack (Nonsense: neither side yet really wants diplomacy)
  122. Bank warns of further increase in the cost of borrowing (BoE)
  123. Homeland Security warns about Windows [everpresent] vulnerability
  124. How are cola companies coping with pesticide isssue? (Denial, of course)
  125. Pesticides in sodas rekindle Indian ire
  126. Government clamps down on 12 brands of soft drinks
  127. Indian state [Kerala] bans Coke, Pepsi
  128. Gangs bring anarchy to Brazil's biggest city (It's pissed off, no anarchy)
  129. Dems, GOP put spin on Sen. Lieberman's primary loss (The both lie a lot, it's mostly all they do)
  130. Lieberman loss offers signs of angry US electorate (and getting mnore pissed off by the day)
  131. Israel pauses to give diplomacy a chance (You're joking, right?)
  132. Israelis seize Christian towns (and anything else in sight)
  133. Google sees privacy threats
  134. No Such Thing as a Free Search - Los Angeles Times (READ)
  135. Even babies getting fatter (It's the corrupt AMA dieting strategy that has always been wrong - not to mention what's in what we call food)
  136. 'Airlines terror plot' disrupted (Foolish fabricated fiction)
  137. Israel says BBC not reporting war fairly (i.e., not ignoring its continuing crimes against humanity)
  138. Vatican fury at 'blasphemous' Madonna (LOL)
  139. US pressure prompts delay of offensive (meaningless PR)
  140. Plot to blow up nine planes (Continuing fabrications and manipulative lies)
  141. Think Progress &#-11;&#-11; Cheney: Lieberman Loss &#-11;&#-11;&#-11;Disturbing&#-11;&#-11;&#-11; Because al Qaeda Is &#-11;&#-11;&#-11;Betting They Can Break The Will of The American Peopl(Cheney Weasel farts through his upper asshole)
  142. British arrests foil airline terror (and real people show this for the fuction that it is)
  143. 2006.07.26 - Advance Review of Oliver Stone's "World Trade Center" by a 9/11 Truth Activist
  144. Mike Wallace Interviews Iran's President (Interesting)
  145. Lebanese direct growing anger at US (Gee - I wonder why?)
  146. Is Lebanon the Trigger for U.S. War With Iran? (No, first comes Syria)
  147. 3,000 MILES FROM DOOM ( and Rumsfeld's insanity)
  148. ABC News: Democrats Abandon Lieberman, Back Lamont (Now send him to Israel)
  149. 30Days - How many refugees are there and how many live in refugee camps (READ why does all this misery exist? Israel)
  150. Has Rove been guiding the Lieberman campaign all along?'
  151. Vicious fighting in Lebanon despite Israeli assault 'delay' (another Israeli fraud)
  152. Counterintelligence Officials Resign
  153. Israeli settlers in the West Bank shoot and kill Palestinian vegetable merchant, and injure his son.
  154. Debunking Popular Mechanics' 9/11 Lies
  155. New Terror Alert: The Repuglican Homestretch Scare Campaign Begins
  156. Look at this hokum, and ignore Israel's savage slaughtering.
  157. Why Do Israelis Keep Posing as Arab Terrorists? (The question is the answer)
  158. Terror Plot Mirrors Bojinka: Run By US Government Agent (READ)
  159. Israel on baby-killing spree (It says in the Torah ...)
  160. IDF's new weapon: Snipers who fought in Cechnya
  161. Rumsfeld and Israeli spy Larry Franklin reported to have been very close.
  162. The tipping point is here (READ)
  163. Terror 'may force freedom curbs' (That's why it's invented)
  164. Al Qaeda's Chief Of Ops Has Startling Background (WTC - Mossad - OKC)
  165. MI-5 in ludicrous Heathrow terror stunt
  166. TIME.com: Toying With Terror Alerts? (And UK is also in the thick of it)
  167. Terror Warning Timing Questioned (How about laughing in their lying faces?)
  168. Mothers wail 'What human would ever do this?' (No human, and that's the key)
  169. Psychopaths Murder Children - You Pick Up The Tab
  170. The Grave Consequences of Supporting War in Lebanon
  171. In Iraq -- 35 killed, 122 injured in suicide bombing near major Shiite shrine in Iraq
  172. Red Alert For Staged Government Terror Attack (Oh, bite me!)
  173. Democrats Drop Lieberman, GOP Paints Vote as Anti-Israel
  174. Condi's "New Middle East" (Buchanan needs to learn history rather than fairy tales)
  175. Proposed War Crimes Act protection for Bush administration would apply retroactively (and be so illegal and unconsitutional that the myriad details would need a book)
  176. Why Do They Want To Kill Us? (But they are not trying to kill us)
  177. Aaron Russo Uncovers America From 'Freedom to Fascism' (READ: it is all true)
  178. Mashhadani on Americastan in Iraq (READ)
  179. Israel Warns South Beirut Residents to Leave (and go where, exactly?)
  180. Gallup: Many Americans Harbor Strong Bias Against U.S. Muslims (about whom they know exactly nothing)
  181. Finnish FM: Israel destroying Lebanon, not Hizbullah
  182. Israeli 9/11 Crook Flees with $57 Million to Israel
  183. MOSSAD: The Israeli Connection to 9/11 (Pulling all the old news together)
  184. Passengers Face Chaos [the point of the lie] After [nonexistent] Bomb Plot
  185. Soda, hair gel targeted in new flight security [sigh]
  186. Hand baggage barred on U.K. flights on alleged terror plot (with utterly bizarre logic)
  187. 'Plot to blow up planes' foiled (MI5 is a fucking farce)
  188. Imminent terror attack warning (UK murders all its citizens!)
  189. Airports on red alert after police 'foil terror plot' (Ooooooo)
  190. Romney to activate National Guard for Logan Airport (Repug worm)
  191. US sends air marshals to UK (to instruct in the beating up of passengers)
  192. U.S. Raises Airline Threat Level (The US gummint is already threat enough)
  193. Bush: Plot shows US at war with "Islamic fascists" (No, gummintfascists at war with citizens)
  194. US on red alert after foiling of 'al-Qaeda plot' (Gimme a btea, bozo)
  195. Mercenary Jackpot (Gummint WANTS a mercenary army and has been constructing one)
  196. NSA telecom lawsuits sent to California court
  197. Buffalo, New York: Law-and-order crackdown masks social decay
  198. US Congress moves to sanction domestic spying (more gummint lies)
  199. Australian government ignores growing social disaster in East Timor
  200. Lieberman's defeat and the state of American politics
  201. Australian Broadcasting Corporation attacked for "biased" program on Israel's aggression (Attacked by zionists, of course)
  202. The conflict in Lebanon and the standpoint of the working class
  203. Loewenstein: Awakening the Resistance
  204. How Neocons' Nazi Hero Schmitt Spawned Bush's Totalitarian Lunge (READ)
  205. Avnery: The Buck Stops Where? (READ)
  206. Marsh: Who Are Mr and Mrs Lamont?
  207. No-Bid Katrina Contractors Win More FEMA Work
  208. Anti-War Challengers Across US Get a Vote of Confidence
  209. Egypt Says US Losing Credibility in Mideast (and the sun will rise tomorrow)
  210. Hair Soy Sauce (Edging to Soylent Green)
  211. One giant blunder for mankind: how NASA lost moon picture
  212. WRAPUP 3-Trans-Atlantic airliner bombings were "days away" (State terrorist garbage)
  213. Crackdown Costs Travelers Water, Lipstick and Time (State lies to create state terrorism)
  214. Terror Plot Could Affect New Stone Film (The State doesn't want you to see that either)
  215. Q&A: Elevated Threat Brings New Rules for Fliers (Must wear handcuffs and leg irons?)
  216. Allow extra time, and leave liquids at home if flying (DON't FLY)
  217. Recipients of "Leaks" May Be Prosecuted, Court Rules (State Terrorism)
  218. Judge Won't Dismiss Pro-Israel Spy Case (until tomorrow)
  219. Severe carry-on limits lead to chaos (Neocons love chaos: it prevents clear thought, and creates terror)
  220. Feds order BP to do more pipeline tests (A little late, isn't it?)
  221. BP Signs Deals for 10 Miles of Pipe in Alaska
  222. US Regulators Allow BP to Pump Oil From Part of Prudhoe Bay
  223. Crack in Microsoft Windows worries US anti-terror officials (anti[pro]-terror officials are what should worry everyone)
  224. Drug lowers risk of second stroke (Prefectly crazy)
  225. Pak airports on high alert after bomb plot (State terrorism)
  226. Signs of imminent attack triggered bomb arrests (State terrorism)
  227. Security Council inches closer to deal over a ceasefire in Lebanon (Give Lebanon to Israel?)
  228. UN May Vote Friday On Lebanon Resolution (Voting is often not effective)
  229. Iraqi group says it carried out Najaf bombing (or not)
  230. Chron.com | A fluid solution: Real security requires hunting down terrorists, not looking for bottles of shampoo(Lock up the entire governments of USUKIL and AU?)
  231. Airline Security Successfully Copes With Terrorist Threat (Not unless it can jail the gummint)
  232. Russia Circulates Cease-Fire Resolution (that will be ignored)
  233. We The People (in Israel READ)
  234. Israeli propaganda censorship
  235. Who Will Stop The Countdown
  236. Officials: Plot suspects met alleged al Qaeda bomber (The fabrications multiply like rabbits)
  237. FBI Investigates American Connection to London Terror Plot (American, as in US gummint? That's a distinct possibility)
  238. CNN's Amanpour Links 9/11 Truthers With Sky Terrorists
  239. Senator Joseph Lieberman Thrown Out (Good riddance to bad rubbish)
  240. Israel hits heart of Beirut
  241. Lieberman, on the Offensive, Links Terror Threat and Iraq (Throw him not just out but away)
  242. Going after Galloway (with fictional nonnews)
  243. Bush Backers May Abandon Republicans
  244. Israel Prepares Wider Ground Offensive (What did you expect?)
  245. Pentagon stopped Bush, Cheney nuking Iran
  246. Arrests evoke memories of 9/11 attacks (So does a lot other bullshit)
  247. Israel Asks U.S. to Ship Rockets With Wide Blast (wanting more efficient weapons of genocide)
  248. UK bomb suspect a "normal, average guy" (i.e., not a terrorist at all)
  249. The Pentagon's "Second 911" (It's almost a necessity)
  250. AIPAC Espionage Case Dismissal Gambit Fails (READ)
  251. Isreali ambassador caught lying through his teeth (That's normal)
  252. U.S. Lags World in Grasp of Genetics and Acceptance of Evolution (Because it is devolving rapidly)
  253. Day of reckoning for US warmongers (unless 9/11 #2 is pulled off)
  254. U.N. rights body condemns Israel for war (The one US was kicked out of)
  255. UN slams Israel's 'senseless orgy of killing'
  256. Olmert accepts Mideast peace deal (until he finds an excuse not to)
  257. Australia: Government MPs defy Howard over refugee law
  258. Antiwar protesters arrested at Scottish airport
  259. Arab League offers its services to Washington in Lebanon crisis (Cynically perhaps?)
  260. Britain's airline terror plot: Questions that need to be answered (Like, is it a crock of lies?)
  261. Henri Picciotto: Jewish Dissidents Must Challenge Israel
  262. Azmi Bishara: When the Skies Rain Death
  263. Bush Seeks Political Gains From Plot (i.e., more dictatorial control)
  264. Bush Planning Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security Cuts (for further destruction of US lives)
  265. 9/11 Commissioner: Iraq War Hinders Anti-Terrorism Efforts (Because it's a war of US terrorism)
  266. "New Middle East" Out of Control (What the neocon zionists want)
  267. AWOL War Resister Sergeant to Turn Himself in Today
  268. CIA Gives Libby Overviews of Cheney Briefings
  269. Outside View: U.N. force in Lebanon? Yes, but (READ)
  270. Olmert Thanks Bush for UN Resolution (So you know it's bad idea)
  271. Olmert orders expanded ground assault
  272. Rice expects Israel, Lebanon to accept UN deal (She's never been very bright)
  273. US embassy warns of terrorist attacks in India (More terror garbage)
  274. London Terrorism Arrests May Aid Republican Political Strategy (Wow! wouldn't that be convenient?!)
  275. Pair with passenger info, phones linked to terror (The lying shit never ends)
  276. BP: Cost to Fix Oil Field May Hit $170M
  277. Bacteria Likely Cause of Pipeline Snafu (Actually, it was designed negligence)
  278. Terror plot fails to hit Stone's 9/11 film
  279. 3:59 pm: Israeli drone fires on refugee convoy, at least six dead and 16 wounded
  280. Israeli soldiers seize Lebanese barracks
  281. UN force tries to evacuate Lebanese troops detained by Israeli forces
  282. Freedom To Fascism: The unofficial blog
  283. What a Relief: Terrorist Babies Have Been Killed!
  284. Olmert bars Livni from attending UN Security Council session
  285. Supremes Decimate Bush's Spying Argument
  286. Israel Pounds Border Crossings to Syria
  287. Italy arrests 40 in security crackdown (The stupid craze is spreading)
  288. Police question more than 30 terrorism plot suspects
  289. Arrest of 'normal' neighbours shocks residents (YOU are next! Be terrorized)
  290. US airport security crawls (under the whips of brainless toads)
  291. Cheney Accused of Politicizing Terrorism (No!? Really?)
  292. Bush seeks political gains from foiled plot (W. Stalin)
  293. MP quits government over Blair's policy on Middle East
  294. Foiled UK terror plot is 'a diversion from bloody attacks on Lebanon' (Got *that* right)
  295. UN votes to stop Lebanon war (Israel lies, and Lebanon says what?)
  296. Israeli PM orders army to prepare for deeper Lebanon push
  297. UK terror plot: arrests continue (in massive charade)
  298. Israeli Warplanes Attack North, South Lebanon Targets
  299. US playing catch-up on liquid-explosive threat (Lunacy)
  300. New security rules prompt confusion (Confusion of reality prompts new rules)
  301. Airline shares rally despite terrorist plot (or not)
  302. Fewer flights cancelled but delays likely to continue into next week (Don't fly)
  303. Major Computer Attack Coming? (Get a grip, idiots)
  304. US limits attendance at Intl AIDS Conference (?!)
  305. Organizers: Security glitches won't curb AIDS summit
  306. Israeli PM's popularity ratings drop
  307. UK terrorist attempt first imagined by al-Qaida (i.e, Al-CIAda)
  308. Nitro bombs and Bojinka revisited
  309. Report: Turkish army shells targets in northern Iraq
  310. Latest London Terror Plot a Blair Hoax? (Was there ever a doubt?)
  311. PM's Office: Lebanon offensive will continue (UN resolution have never meant much for Israel)
  312. UN votes to stop Lebanon war (A sheep vote for vegetarianism is futile when wolves are of a contrary opinion)
  313. PM Office: Truce within 48 hours (or not)
  314. Israeli military presses on after UN resolution (What would you expet, dirtbrain?!)
  315. Police eye money trail in airliner plot (and want that damn money!)
  316. More suspects held in airline terrorism plot (OMG! We're surrounded with ficticious terrorists!)
  317. West Nile found in Phillips County horse (Olmert found up Cheney's ass)
  318. Heathrow to return "nearly to normal" (Um - define even "normal" for these delusional sods)
  319. Flights chaos to drag into next week (Don't fly! Fuck them all)
  320. Terrorist scare not canceling summer holiday flights overseas (Oh, I', just so - so, very very much ...)
  321. War covers Lebanon (That was the point, wasn't it dumdum?)
  322. Israeli bombs kill 12 in Lebanon, UN deal elusive (How about illusory?)
  323. Israel bombs power station, cuts eletricity to Tyre (Ooops! - Um what deal?)
  324. Why won't Lieberman take hint? (Which explanation would you like first?)
  325. Windows Server Flaw Concerns Homeland Security Department (NOTFB?)
  326. Major Computer Attack Coming? (Tremble good now - make tin foul hats!)
  327. West Nile found in Phillips County horse (not mention the mayor's ass)
  328. Who benefits from security hysteria? (Very good question)
  329. Terrorist plot to blow up 10 aircraft over Atlantic thwarted (or not)
  330. British police question 24 in aircraft bomb plot (or not)
  331. A Dangerous Exemption (ISREAEL)
  332. Town Gives Teen's Worm Biz The Hook (Totalitarian state)
  333. LIQUID TERROR: Training People To Act Like Subservient Slaves
  334. The Voice of the White House (More fake terror plots in the works)
  335. Bush believes conflict is a US-Iran proxy war (So, is Iran to blame?)
  336. Evangelicals Quiet About War in Lebanon
  337. Bolton Gets Sandbagged? - by Gordon Prather
  338. Israel presses on with offensive despite deal (You've noticed?)
  339. Can the GOP use terrorism to win -- again? (That, and a little vote rigging)
  340. Code Red For Republicans
  341. Israel nearly triples troops in Lebanon
  342. Terror Plot Mirrors Bojinka: Run By US Government Agent
  343. Fresh Israel raids after UN vote
  344. Israel's attack on convoy a 'mistake' (?!!)
  345. Court backs U.S. on prosecuting 2 who received leak / Limiting citizen use of government data sets new standard (READ)
  346. The end of the beginning (Mercenary army - not loyal to US)
  347. PM's Office: Truce within 48 hours (We need to murder more children first)
  348. Syria, Turkey revive strategic partnership (Interesting)
  349. Mexico leftist claims election recount proves fraud
  350. They remain convinced: U.S. behind 9/11 (Why would they not be?)
  351. Suddenly, I'm an 'Islamic Fascist' - by Jonathan Cook
  352. All Terrorism All the Time: Fear Becomes Reality Show
  353. Bush Aides Foresee Gains on Eavesdropping and Guant&#-11;&#-11;namo (From fake terror excuse)
  354. Egeland: Mideast Anger Worst in 20 Years (I wonder why?)
  355. Food running out in south Lebanon
  356. IDF Causes Serious Head Injury to Israeli Lawyer at Demonstration
  357. Latest Terror Threat - More Government Foreknowledge
  358. Court rules NY police can search bags at subways
  359. U.S. Appeals Court Upholds New York Subway Searches
  360. 200 FBI agents probe US links to terror plot raids (Keystone Kops)
  361. Muslim groups say British policies fuel militancy
  362. Social inequality in Germany reaches record levels
  363. Australian government to deploy 150 extra troops to Afghanistan
  364. Montreal: Thousands protest Israeli war on Lebanon
  365. Behind India's near-total silence on the Israeli assault on Lebanon
  366. War now, peace later: Israel's doves line up behind war--Part one
  367. In wake of London arrests: Another attempt to terrorize the American people
  368. Kerala Throws Out Coke and Pepsi
  369. Bush's Primetime Lies Still Go Unchallenged by the Press
  370. Meet the GOP's Latest Smear Machine: Vets for Freedom
  371. Omar Barghouti: Lessons for Palestine from Lebanon
  372. How the London Terror Scare Looks from Beirut
  373. Should Alan Dershowitz Target Himself for Assassination?
  374. The De-Zionization of the American Mind
  375. Forget the 50 Civilians: Watching Lebanon from Malta
  376. Cindy Sheehan Hospitalized in Crawford
  377. Bush Staff Wanted Bomb-Detect Cash Moved
  378. Ashcroft Profiting as National Security Lobbyist
  379. US Muslims Bristle at Bush Remarks
  380. UN Lebanon Force Could Start Deploying in 7-10 Days (or not)
  381. Lebanese government agrees to UN resolution
  382. Middle East leaders support resolution
  383. Analysis: For Israel, an imperfect deal (Why shouldn't it be?)
  384. Big Israeli offensive despite UN call (They agree - and then ignore)
  385. Israel to Halt War in Lebanon on Monday (or not)
  386. Hezbollah Responds to UN Security Council Resolution
  387. Israel and Hizbollah fight on
  388. London plots India link: key suspect is Jaish man from Pak (Sicker and thicker lies)
  389. British air travel grinding to a halt over anti-terror security (Stay home)
  390. Heathrow cancels a third of flights
  391. Airport checks 'not sustainable'
  392. Hezbollah: conditional welcome to UN resolution
  393. Peace Mom says illness won't stop her
  394. India now flu free (Oh?)
  395. India declares itself free from bird flu (That's a bit different)
  396. India declares itself avian flu-free nation (more specific yet)
  397. Top Peace Secretariat official killed, 135 dead (3rd Roundup)
  398. Senior source: IDF to withdraw in week or two (three, four - or whenever they fucking feel like, if ever)
  399. Denver Colorado Lebanon-Palestine Solidarity Rally and March August 12, 2006
  400. S Africa warns white farmers of expropriation.
  401. The New American Insurgency - Look Now Towards the Mirror
  402. Lieberman looks outside state for help with independent run (Israel and Bushco?)
  403. Former NSA Official: Terror Plot Cooked by Bush Blair Mafia (READ)
  404. Stone's "World Trade Center" craters
  405. Largest US Church says Bush behind 9/11
  406. Is an armament sickening U.S. soldiers?
  407. Source: U.S., U.K. at odds over timing of arrests
  408. Terrorism Experts Cast Doubt on Qaeda Tie to London Arrests (I wonder why?)
  409. Get ready for a phoney war when Parliament is recalled
  410. Ministers put 90-day detention back on the agenda
  411. Terror alert: Blair to force through 90-day detention (Why are he and his henchmen not in jail?)
  412. Tripling Forces, Israel Expands Push in Lebanon
  413. Israel To Halt War In Lebanon On Monday (Oh, sure - right - absfragginglutely!)
  414. Police hunt 'two dozen' terror cells in Britain (Garbage)
  415. Pakistani connection to London plot? (what plot?)
  416. Cubans prepare to celebrate absent Castro's birthday
  417. Passengers to UK keep travel plans unchanged (idiots)
  418. BA criticises Heathrow as travel mayhem grows
  419. Another Case of Illegally Buying Cell Phones in Michigan (WTF?! Bizarre)
  420. Pacific's 'dead zone' is larger than first feared
  421. Oregon's ocean `dead zone' baffles scientists
  422. Viread Has Encouraging Results As HIV Prevention Drug (and the side effects are?)
  423. Hezbollah Shoots Down Israeli Helicopter (amidst cheers from more of the world)
  424. Israeli helicopter shot down over Lebanon
  425. Israel confirms chopper down (and starts to whine)
  426. Will UN-Backed Middle East Cease-Fire Stick? (No! Next question?)
  427. US 'losing credibility' in Mideast (going, going, gone)
  428. Max Blumenthal: Israel, the US, and the Christian Right: The Menage a Trois From Hell (READ)
  429. Birth Pangs of a New Christian Zionism (READ)
  430. Two Brief Introductions to Hebrew Canaanism by Ron Kuzar (some dialectical engineering?)
  431. Amazon.com: The Faces of God: Canaanite Mythology As Hebrew Theology
  432. Harvard University Press: Canaanite Myth and Hebrew Epic
  433. Just Who Were the Jews?? First invent your Jew, then invent your Christ&#-11;(Pretty much as it went)
  434. Just Who Were the Jews?? First invent your Jew, then invent your Christ
  435. Old Testament Life and Literature
  436. Chapter 9: The Settlement of Canaan
  437. Hebrew language (with an incredible amount of omission and fiction)
  438. The Hebrews to 1000 BCE (fabricated horseshit)
  439. Canaanite Movement ca.1940-ca.1981 (Israel)
  440. Ugarit and the Bible
  441. Reference.com/Encyclopedia/Hebrews
  442. Jewish Atheist: Ancient Judaism and Canaanite Religions (READ)
  443. 3 Texas men arraigned on terror charges (US gummint insanity)
  444. Five suspects learnt bomb skills at al-Qaeda camps (or not)
  445. Telegraph | News | Inside this building, a terror suspect ran a London university's Islamic group. Was it also a radical (Get grip psychotics)
  446. Israeli Deaths Mount in Lebanon Before Cease-Fire (Update2) (NOW (as predicted) the want a cease-fire; what if not?)
  447. Ceasefire deal 'far from perfect' (Define perfect, numbnuts)
  448. Suspects assets seized (BS - 19 again? Must be a magic number or sheer laziness)
  449. Suspects assets seized (after their names are made up)
  450. Security remains 'critical' in UK (Um - sure [yawn])
  451. Terrorists planned to stage dry run (with Al-CIAfda/MI6a/Mossada)
  452. 9/11 film in 'strong' opening day (or not)
  453. Trial Drug Is Found to Control HIV Faster (or not)
  454. Castro Photos Appear in Communist Paper (Ooooo - communist! Badboy)
  455. Castro set to stay behind closed doors on 80th birthday (It's his, not your's)
  456. Investigators zero in on 2 brothers (Hoax)
  457. Five suspects learnt bomb skills at al-Qaeda camps (Fabrication)
  458. Heathrow cancels flights 'to ease stress' (?!)
  459. Cheney's new low (Is this even possible?)
  460. 3 Texas Men Arraigned on Terror Charges (Hoax)
  461. Double Screening at Atlanta Airport (So fucking cool BS)
  462. Mechanical Pigs Essential to Pipelines (also to most gummints)
  463. Pipe corrosion in Alaska takes the issue off back burner
  464. Real terror not really depicted on the big screen
  465. Bird flu scare at Dutch zoo (A fabricated scare, nothing more)
  466. Cambodia bans poultry imports from neighbors hit by bird flu (Chicken price must be raised)
  467. US in no position to be `honest broker' (This is news?!!)
  468. Israel and Lebanon agree to UN ceasefire deadline (and Hizbollah?)
  469. Israeli hawks blast shameful UN deal (Kill them all?)
  470. 72 [Brazil] Lawmakers Face Corruption Charges
  471. Fighting Jim Crow in Israel
  473. Bird Flu Pandemic May Not Develop (It was a hoax from the start)
  474. Bye-bye, Joe: now Hillary&#-11;&#-11;&#-11;s the target
  475. Red Cross: Civilian deaths unacceptable
  476. The Iron Wall (READ)
  477. Terror Nation: Lies, Injustice, and the American Empires Way
  478. Turkish, Iranian armies build up forces along Iraq's only quiet area (READ)
  479. Annan sets 5am Lebanon ceasefire (Lots of luck)
  480. The land of the free - but free speech is a rare commodity (READ)
  481. Israel Seeks Hint of Victory (Just wait)
  482. 'NYT' Public Editor Exposes Details on Delay in NSA Story
  483. Thousands protest Mideast policy at White House
  484. Bush says British terror threat may not be over (He means "ever", not over)
  485. If a Good Muslim Can't Be a Good American, Neither Can a Good Fundamentalist Christian Be One
  486. Help save 1-800-suicide! (READ)
  487. British Media must stay silent on suspects (The Suspects haven't been properly fabricated yet)
  488. Gonzales Pushes Lenient Hearsay Rules (in our already lawless gummint)
  489. Thousands In DC Protest US Support For Israel...
  490. America Retires From Moral Leadership (retired from both morality and sanity)
  491. ISRAEL'S SACRED TERRORISM: Contents and Foreword (READ)
  492. "Self Defense" Blinds Us (READ)
  493. Ground-Imaging Forensic Radar Exam Of WWII Treblinka Camp (Surprises?)
  494. The "New Normal" (Newspeak for abnormal)
  495. 9/11 Detainee Released After Nearly Five Years - AOL News
  496. Israel disregarding Ceasefire (Naturally, I told you so)
  497. Warning on UK wave of terror (State terrorism)
  498. Mi5 found [i.e., fabricated] bomb factory, bugged suspects
  499. Terror plot: Internet cafes raided (Oh, just raid everything in sight, kreepy kops)
  500. Airline plot links to 7/7 probed (As in, they're both state terrorism hoaxes?)
  501. U.S.: 'Do your attacks now' message triggered arrests (taurine excrement)
  502. The latest concoctions by state terrorists
  503. Universities at centre of terror plots (Not universities, governments)
  504. UK airline asks for police, army reservists to help with screening
  505. "Swift Boat" Veterans Set Sights on Rep. Murtha
  506. Hicks could spend seven years in Guantanamo before his trial
  507. Snarls continue at UK airports
  508. Airlines to cut Heathrow flights
  509. Hezbollah Fires 250 Rockets Into Israel
  510. Hezbollah on the Rise Thanks to Silence of Arab Administrations (READ)
  511. Battles rage on ahead of Lebanon ceasefire
  512. US welcomes moves toward truce (No it doesn't)
  513. Israel says it can target Hizbollah arms despite truce (Hello-o?)
  514. Lebanon falters over truce detail (and will eventually fall apart)
  515. Hezbollah leader a hero to many Arabs
  516. Syria supports Lebanese approval of UN text
  517. Hezbollah arms meeting on hold (Disarming H. will not happen)
  518. Israel wants firm application of Lebanon resolution (Won't happen)
  519. Cuba shows the recovery of Castro on his 80th birthday
  520. Bomb plot: What we know... and what we don't (of this stupid hoax)
  521. Raids snare [nonexistent] British al-Qa'ida leader (completely laughable)
  522. Lamont Surprised by Harshness of Attacks
  523. Arrests racially motivated, wife of terror suspect says
  524. Sheehan offers refuge to war deserters (but in a foolish way)
  525. Crackdown on colas can hurt investments: US (i.e., India must allow poisoning)
  526. US warns India of investment fallout from Coca-Cola, PepsiCo row
  527. US seeks more plotters (any that be conjured from thin air)
  528. Chertoff: US Still at Risk for Attacks (by its gummint)
  529. 24 Israelis killed in Lebanon
  530. Anti-war protesters set up camp
  531. Heathrow cancels 20% of flights in security crisis
  532. Training camps for terrorists in UK parks (Fabrications)
  533. More terror attacks 'likely' - Reid (a member of the planning team would know, wouldn't he?)
  534. Bush 'helped Israeli attack on Lebanon' (See WATCHING LEBANON above)
  535. Cease-Fire Charade
  536. Israel pounds Beirut ahead of cease-fire
  537. Israel to Begin Cease-Fire Hours Before Deadline, Haaretz Says (which is not true)
  538. Mideast violence rages leading up to ceasefire
  539. Gates: AIDS fight 'falling behind' (It was designed to)
  540. How a tobacco farm in Kent could provide a life-saving drug for millions (and will make pharmas $trillions)
  541. Republicans Weigh Push For Tougher Terror Laws (to deeclare all Dems terrorists?)
  542. There may be trouble ahead (The real economic numbers are worse than this)
  543. Gas prices set new record ($3.03)
  544. Wired News: FAQ: AOL's Search Gaffe and You (READ)
  545. Why you can't trust news photography. By Jim Lewis
  546. Mexico challenger senses history (Obrador)
  547. What is Iran's gameplan in Lebanon?
  548. UK says more terror plots thwarted (UK lies a lot)
  549. Revolt forces Australia PM to ditch new asylum laws
  550. Chertoff Concerned That Potential Attackers Think We Are Distracted (Actually the rest of the world thinks US to be insance and criminal)
  551. Militant shot in Lebanon ceasefire
  552. Welcome to Neo-Fascism 101 (READ)
  553. The Rovian Political Ploy and Why It Will No Longer Oppress America
  554. Which Travelers Have 'Hostile Intent'? Biometric Device May Have the Answer (Pseudoscience gives any answers you want)
  555. Bush 'viewed war in Lebanon as a curtain-raiser for attack on Iran'
  556. Governors Oppose Federal Control of Guard (You bet they do, so should everyone)
  557. US Mideast clout may be casualty of Lebanon war
  558. How Ernst Zundel Could Walk Free and Help 'Destroy' the European Union
  559. Coast Guard Increases Mackinac Bridge Patrols (Doodyheads)
  560. Liquid Bomb Pakistan Link Is False Flag Smoking Gun (of course)
  561. Academics accused of 'anti-Israel' bias (not mention anti-genocide bias)
  562. As the 6am ceasefire takes effect... the real war begins
  563. AIPAC's Hold (READ)
  564. Government Investigation Finds Autism Vaccine Related (Thimerisol)
  565. Was Hezbollah a Legitimate Target?
  566. Senior cabinet minister Ramon: Hezbollah is now a beaten force (Hello?)
  567. The Campaign Against Depleted Uranium
  568. IDF general: Troops lacking food can steal from Lebanese stores (stealing from goyim is always acceptable?)
  569. FEMA Trailers Exhibit Unsafe Levels of Formaldehyde
  570. Shelters for Jews, None for Israel's Arab Citizens
  571. Adam: Cease-fire deal contains 'holes' (contrarian realities)
  572. Beyond comparison (READ)
  573. Can you afford to stay alive?
  574. Sickened Iraq vets cite depleted uranium
  575. UK made arrests on Washington pressure: Plane attack was not imminent: official
  576. The "Liquid bomb" plot a smokescreen for a counter-coup in Britain?
  577. Worlds worst internet laws sneaking through the Senate
  578. Labor Department Official Poses As Conservative Analyst On Fox News, PBS
  579. Israel, Defeated - by Justin Raimondo (READ)
  580. Liquid Bombing the Constitution
  581. Reporter suspended over alleged royal phone tap scam
  582. Empire comes to Lebanon The U.S.-Israel axis goes all out to remove the last impediments to building a "New Middle East".
  583. Iowans For Sensible Priorities
  584. Game over for the wild west's toy guns (Pure Idiocy)
  585. DC's 'Open secret': Rumsfeld wants to quit Iraq (maybe)
  586. Ned Lamont's True Colors (LMAO - such frothing at the mouth!)
  587. Ceasefire, or quagmire by another name (indeed)
  588. Sy Hersh: Cheney Helped Plan Israel's Attack on Hezbollah
  589. Bush's Political Survival Depends on Terror Threats (and Terrorism like pulling yet another 9/11?)
  590. If you want the roots of terror, try here (READ)
  591. Jumping off the zeppelin of Zion (READ)
  592. Heah Cum De Boogeyman (READ - fear and rigged elections)
  593. Nobel winner supported biological warfare as form of population control - Interim, April 2002
  594. No evidence Iran active in Iraq: US general
  595. Baghdad blasts kill 57 amid confusion over cause
  596. occupied east jerusalem (READ)
  597. 30,000 fill the streets around the White House
  598. Judge Rules For Pro-Israel Lobbyists (legal hanky-panky)
  599. John "Bonkers" Bolton appeals to the lowest hanging fruit(cake)
  600. No terror groups in cell phone case (which is itself and act of State Terrorism)
  601. Who's Afraid Of The Big Bad Baby Milk? (Just when you think it can't get crazier, ...)
  602. Israel vows Hezbollah pursuit (Who is it you can't trust?)
  603. Once a terrorist state decides to negotiate honestly peace soon follows. Why hasn't Israel done so?
  604. US sending 300 newly returned troops back to Iraq (just to get killed)
  605. Ceasefire broken in less than four hours (of course, with Israelis firing first)
  606. Welsh Muslims say aircraft bomb plot 'a fake' (I like "hoax" better)
  607. Chertoff Says U.S. Needs More Authority (sleazy jerk)
  608. Doing his blog: populist President goes online (Ahmadinejad)
  609. Military recruiting violations rise: GAO
  610. 23 US Troops Killed in Afghanistan
  611. Terror threat still 'very serious' (From government, indeed very serious)
  612. UK to make new security rules permanent (to create and perpetrate REAL terror)
  613. Hours after UN ceasefire, rockets rain down and Israel carries on offensive (Who can't be trusted?)
  614. US 'knew of Israel bombing plan' (of course)
  615. Bush Says Israel Defeated Hezbollah (Thank for playing, Dickhead)
  616. Israel's verdict: we lost the war
  617. War now, peace later: Israel's doves line up behind war--Part two
  618. Sydney marchers denounce US-Israeli violence
  619. Thousands march in Germany to protest US-Israeli war against Lebanon
  620. After Heathrow: What accounts for the threat of terrorism? (Existing governments)
  621. On eve of Lebanon ceasefire deadline: US, Israel face political debacle
  622. London Fog: Doubts Hang Over Terror Plot [Hoax]
  623. The Raytheon Nine: Irish Antiwar Protesters Face "Terrorism" Charges
  624. Mike Whitney: Ceasefire or Trojan Horse? (READ)
  625. Robert Fisk: The Truce That Won't Last
  626. Karim Makdisi: The Flaws in the UN Resolution (READ)
  627. Uri Avnery: What the Hell Happened to the Israeli Army?
  628. Terrorism Experts Say Focus on Al Qaeda Misses a Broader Threat (by their own governments)
  629. Robert Parry | Israeli Leaders Fault Bush on War (LMAO - Bush MADE them do it?)
  630. Bush "Viewed War in Lebanon as a Curtain-Raiser for Attack on Iran"
  631. Hundreds of Fallujah Police Disappear After Threats
  632. Dean: Lieberman Should Drop Out of Election Race
  633. Civilians Seek Return Home as Truce Starts in Lebanon
  634. Resist the Taliban? What For? (READ)
  635. For GOP, Bad Gets Worse in Northeast
  636. Bush Pushes Congress to Make Conspiracy a War Crime (and Bush therefore a War Criminal many times over)
  637. A mushrooming miasma of fear and suspicion (15-Aug-06) (being manufactured by government media)
  638. Phone panic passengers got captain to turn jet back (Stupid sheep can't recognize terrorhoaxes)
  639. Donors say Lieberman will be well-funded (by AIPAC)
  640. FBI: Texas Trio Not Linked To Terrorism (Terrorhoax)
  641. Toy remote control triggers airliner evacuation at LA airport (Too stupid for words)
  642. US: Possible bird flu found; not highly pathogenic strain (Enough birdflu terrorhoax)
  643. Mexican police gas leftist lawmakers, protesters
  644. Mexico conservative says recount confirms vote win (The fraud is alreadysealed)
  645. Mexico's Calderon expects court to uphold election win (because he bought the decision)
  646. Mexico City Majority Sees Vote Fraud, Universal Survey Shows
  647. Is conspiracy a war crime? (and crazier)
  649. Bush's views worry India
  650. Saudi Arabia rejects calling Muslims "fascists"
  651. Terrorism charges collapse like house of cards
  652. Asbestos Attacks from the White House (READ)
  653. Why the Terror Plots Are False
  654. Sixth day of airports travel chaos (State terrorism)
  655. Bush seeks change in Cuba; strategy unclear (Northwoods Operation?)
  656. Mich. Officials Hold 3 on Terror Charges Despite FBI View
  657. White House: Lesser Bird Flu May Be Here (State Terrorism)
  658. Japanese tanker spills 4,500 tons of oil in Indian Ocean [sigh]
  659. Bush Defends US Handling of Lebanese Conflict (also his and Israel's genocides)
  660. Bush Says Israel Defeated Hezbollah (Always was a fool and liar)
  661. Bush Places Blame Squarely on Hezbollah (in defiance of facts)
  662. Bush: Iran must stop supporting armed groups (Um -- WHY?!)
  663. Bush Says Hezbollah's Support in Iran, Syria Inflamed Conflict (Israel created and inflamed the conflict)
  664. Bush Says Israel Defeated Hezbollah (Guess again, Monkeyboy)
  665. Bush Says Blame for Civilian Suffering Lies With Hezbollah (Egregious assholery)
  666. Bush Cites Fight Between Freedom, Terror (but has his scorecard upsidedown)
  667. Ceasefire 'a setback for Iran and Syria', says [screwloose] US
  668. Bush Tackles Foreign Agenda 1st Day Back (Great intellect of the ages?)
  669. Syria hails 'a new Middle East'
  670. 'Blame war' looms for Israel leaders (As Avnery said it would)
  671. Did Cheney Go Too Far? (Always)
  672. Profiling plan angers UK Muslims
  673. Governors Resist Shifting Authority Over Guard (Secession)
  674. U.S. Cannot Stop Iraq Civil War, Say Americans (waking up?!)
  675. America's one-eyed view of war: Stars, stripes, and the Star of David (READ)
  676. Desert of trapped corpses testifies to Israel's failure
  677. Cheney orchestrated Israel'slosing war
  678. Analysis: U.S. Army faces FCS shambles
  679. Russia, Germany Sign Paris Club Debt Agreement (not bad compared to the US economic pigsty)
  680. IDF General Staff sources: Halutz cannot escape resignation (He is a ninny)
  681. Forget about Lebanon, the media focus shifts back to IRAN!
  682. A Defiant Hezbollah Rises From the Rubble (Are we paying attention?)
  683. 'People power' is a global brand owned by America (READ)
  684. When all else fails, GOP dials 9/11
  685. X-rays won't detect liquid or gel bombs
  686. a thousand PR experts can't turn failure into victory
  687. Olmert's War, and the Next One - by Pat Buchanan
  688. I bet you it will turn out to be a hoax (It IS a hoax)
  689. Bush & Co.: Desperate Desperados
  690. Bush Out-Drivels Himself
  691. Olbermann Exposes Nexus Of Politics And Terror [Hoaxes]
  692. ADL and AJC Running Pro-Killing Brown People Commercials on CNN
  693. 300 Alaskan Soldiers just back, Ordered to Return to Iraq
  695. De Menezes Gun Cop To Train Sky Marshals (Reward for murder)
  696. The Zionist dream has become a nightmare
  697. TSA Concept Video Shows Future RFID-Enabled Airport (Count me out)
  698. Ehren Watada
  699. Prominent Rabbi: Jews Who Don't Support Lieberman Are Bad Jews (But US patriots)
  700. Bergen: Bin Laden, CIA links hogwash (A guy living in whimworld)
  701. The rest of the world has doubts about 9-11 (Yes they do)
  702. Feds Probe "Fake News" at 77 Stations (Courts have establish that truth is not required)
  703. Lebanon war cost Israel $1.6bn (meaning cost USians $1.6bn)
  704. Police Turned Predators (With police like this, who needs or wants them)
  705. 'Here's one we bombed earlier'
  707. Home Sales Slow, 28 States See Declines
  708. Bush calls for sealing of Syria's borders (which are long with IL )
  709. The bankruptcy boom is back
  710. Snow White's dwarfs more famous than US judges: poll [sigh]
  711. MSM renews campaign to shout down those who question official 9-11 story.
  712. Corporate war machine gathers speed
  713. Trafficking in women a worldwide epidemic (and an industry in Israel)
  714. Shattering the myth of Zionist invincibility
  715. The UK Terror plot: what's really going on? (A hoax, fabrication, lie and State Terrorism - the usual)
  716. Hezbollah 2, Israel 0
  717. In Wake of Plot, Justice Dept. Will Study Britain's Terror Laws (Bend over and take your pants down)
  718. Olmert: "The State of Israel is fighting against the Iranians and the Syrians" ("We need to fabricate a reason for that")
  719. 'Vets For Freedom' Creates Stir (funded by AIPAC no doubt)
  720. DC's 'Open secret': Rumsfeld wants to quit Iraq (or not)
  721. Iraq ain't no Peru, say South American mercenaries (Emerging corpagov US military who will joyfully fire on USians)
  722. White House says 12 radios went missing (The state of national security)
  723. 'Rogue police' may have abducted terror accused (and sicker)
  724. Police chief warns city faces serious risk of terror attack (Is he planning one?)
  725. Terror threat still 'very serious' (As serious as Mary Poppins)
  726. Investigation widens as police probe link with September 11 (Mossad agents?)
  727. We cannot cope for much longer, says police chief (Then, go home)
  728. UK to make new security rules permanent (State Terrorism)
  729. Muslims warn over being singled out at airport gates
  730. Muslims cry foul over 'passenger-profiling' plans (State Terrorism)
  731. Muslims face extra checks in new travel crackdown (State Terrorism)
  732. TSA Defends X-Rays of Travelers' Shoes (State Terrorism)
  733. Africa: Reports expose fraud of G8 pledges of aid and debt relief
  734. The "European Left" calls on European powers to intervene in Lebanon
  735. Arroyo administration abandons 30,000 Filipinos trapped in Lebanon
  736. Bush administration seeks changes to War Crimes Act Moves to shield government officials from prosecution
  737. Sri Lankan air force bombing kills scores of students
  738. The politics of the latest terror scare (READ about State terrorist fraud)
  739. Operation Change of Location?: Where Were the IDF Soldiers Captured? (South Lebanon, next question?)
  740. George Galloway: "You Don't Give a Damn!" (READ)
  741. WTO: Best Left for Dead? (YES!)
  742. Chris Floyd: It's Bigger Than the Neo-Cons (READ)
  743. The US Antiwar Movement: Weak, Passive, Distracted
  744. Bush to Israel: Take Your Time Destroying Lebanon
  745. Examining Iran's Ties to Hezbollah
  746. Democrats See Security as Key Issue for Fall (Stupidest of all)
  747. Haditha Massacre Rattles Marine Corps
  748. SEC Caves to Political Pressure Not to Investigate Bush Donors
  749. Freed From Guantanamo but Stranded Far From Home
  750. Congressman Ney Formally Withdraws From Ohio Race
  751. Mexico Poll Protests Turn Violent
  752. Judge's Insurance Ruling Could Affect Hundreds of Katrina Victims (A well paid judge)
  753. Weapons trail leads to Syria and Iran (or not)
  754. 10,000 bags misplaced at airports
  756. BUYING CAKES BEFORE ARREST (Hoaxy terror plot)
  757. Israel plans hasty exit from Lebanon (we'll see)
  758. Anger over handling of crisis (that is hoax)
  759. Flight delays still at UK airports
  760. Rich pickings for looters as lost luggage gets stuck in the system
  761. Syria, Iran leaders praise Hezbollah
  762. 'People are definitely sceptical' (UK corpagov Blair on dow lie like rugs)
  763. Israel warns Lebanese not to return
  764. The German Intelligence Report (READ - and READ again)
  765. Iraqi Death Toll Rose Above 3,400 in July
  766. "Star Wars" agency helps Israel on rocket threat (smaller targets are harder to hit)
  767. Will Mossad Ignite a War with Syria by Killing Fouad Siniora? (Wouldn't be surprising)
  768. US neocons hoped Israel would attack Syria
  769. Israel threatens to resume war if Hizbullah refuses to disarm (Then it's a sure thing: Hizbullah will not disarm)
  770. Bush Sees No End to War on Terrorism (See Orwell's "1984")
  771. Blame me for all military failings, PM tells Israelis (Failures? How about fucking atrocities and War Crimes?)
  772. Bomb plot [hoax] opens door for Reid succession
  773. British police arrest another terror suspect, raid Internet cafes
  774. Rice: Not UN's job to disarm Hezbollah (an epiphany for Candosleazy)
  775. IDF: Troops killed top Hezbollah man minutes before cease-fire (Hizbullah doesn't think so)
  776. Uneasy truce in Lebanon: Israeli troops pulling out, displaced persons returning home despite risks -DAWN - Top Stories; August 16, 2006
  777. Disarming of Hezbollah emerges as obstacle (and it will stay one)
  778. Israel begins Lebanon withdrawal
  779. Circumcision may be the answer to Aids, says Clinton (idiot!)
  780. Legal threat over air travel chaos (Since a hoax creted it, ...)
  781. Terrorists 'can just fly in from abroad to avoid new controls'
  782. Airlines may seek to recover losses
  783. Airlines Decide Who Should Pay for Alert (Blair! Personally)
  784. Bush will not endorse Republican opposing Lieberman for Senate
  785. New Lieberman Retooling Race as Independent (Israeli Senator)
  786. Bush Meets With Terror Advisors (ObL, Olmert, Blair, ...)
  787. India's Independence Day ends in peace despite terror alert (More phoney terror by government)
  788. Christopher Bollyn (American Free Press) reported arrested
  790. Plame lawyer plans to force Cheney, Rove testimony (That should be fun)
  791. Bush Dismisses the Idea of Partitioning Iraq (poor memory: it was part of the original plan - or he's lying - surprise!)
  792. Judge says USDA illegally OK'd biotech crops in Hawaiian fields
  793. Halutz: Deploy Lebanon army to south or IDF will halt pullout (The General (Khlutz) Idiot speaks)
  794. Hezbollah Leads Work to Rebuild, Gaining Stature (It's what it does, and has always done)
  795. About Those 'Birth Pangs' - by Justin Raimondo
  796. What Does A Terrorist Preparing To Bomb 10 Airliners Do Beforehand? Buys Cakes
  797. BOLLYN - 9/11 Investigative Journalist Harassed and Beaten by Undercover Cops *PIC*
  799. When 3 Thousand Die in U.S., It's a Horrific Tragedy. When It Happens in Iraq, it's Just Another Day in Paradise.
  800. At 9:30 tonight, Iraq takes longer than WW II
  801. Weeding Out Terrorists (by geniuses: duh-uh!)
  802. Mystery of the Microbe Letters
  803. Israeli Nationals Arrested for Running Palm Springs Prostitution Ring (It's what they do)
  804. Bush Said to Be Frustrated by Level of Public Support in Iraq (Caligula was surely also dismayed)
  805. Lebanon: A Critical Battle for the New Middle East
  806. In Western Iraq, Insurgency Is Gaining
  807. Exploding the 'terrorist' neuron bomb (READ)
  808. 12-year old boy used in attempt to rescue the alleged 10 plane terror-plot's credenc
  809. Be Very, Very Sceptical (Totalitarian state UK)
  810. Housing starts fall more than expected in July (Why do so many expect so wrongly?)
  811. Israel should pack up and go - (like to Jupiter or Uranus)
  812. Lebanon digs mass grave for war dead
  813. Mexican riot police seal Congress (Watch and understand what is happening)
  814. Controlling the News (of terrorism in a nation with a terrorist government)
  815. Arms firm's &#-11;&#-11;60m slush fund (Terrorist corpagov)
  816. No Plot To Bomb Bridge, FBI Says (admitting to the "terrorism" hoax)
  817. Bush Angry With Iraqis for Not Sharing His Excitement Over the Colossal Mess He's Created There
  818. Israelis hack Ahmadinejad's blog (Typical: the sabatoge US as well)
  819. The Lebanon Curse Strikes Again
  820. Prescott lets slip that some suspects won't face serious charges (It's all a fabricated hoax)
  821. Court backs U.S. on prosecuting 2 who received leak / Limiting citizen use of government data sets new standard
  822. Canada can do more, Israeli ambassador says (to help commit atrocies and war crimes)
  823. Fox News Airs Suggestion for 'Muslim-Only' Airport Line (How about a Jews only airport line?)
  824. Guess What Foxman? Americans Don't Give a Damn!
  825. Another Spy Story Suppressed to Save Israel
  827. Terror Charge Dropped in Cell Phone Case (It was a complete hoax and harrassment)
  828. Annan to Israel: Ask me first (Oh - um - sure they will - absolutely)
  829. Employer advises Dumpster-diving for axed workers (who will not be dumpster hunting)
  830. Afghan opium cultivation hits a record
  831. Afghan Prisoner Abuse Case Goes to Jury
  832. Theyre Lying. (Of course: that's their job!)
  833. CSI Forensics Proves Who Killed US Marines - Evidence shows Israel is Guilty! (It's what they have always done - what's new?)
  834. Authorities Warning Women Not to Wear Gel Bras As Worries of Possible Female Bombers Increase
  835. AIPAC Congratulates Itself for the Slaughter in Lebanon
  836. Chertoff discusses new security measures (i.e., new punitive and harrassment techniques better than any Nazi ever thought of)
  837. No shortage of fear (when any fucking government is let loose)
  838. Costa Rica to move Israel embassy out of Jerusalem (smart)
  839. Britain Seeks Longer Terror Detentions (as well as infinite power to destroy the universe)
  840. Blair's 'frenzied law making' has created a new offence for every day spent in office (Blair IS an egregious offence to all humanity)
  841. Lebanon's pain grows by the hour as death toll hits 1,300
  842. Lebanese general arrested for drinking tea with IDF (Israel Delenda Est)
  843. Israelis call for army chief's head (I'll call that head and raise you about 2000 more)
  844. Israel threatens to resume Lebanon operation (Yes, it would, wouldn't it?)
  845. Bush is crap, says UK Deputy PM (How about odiferous taurine excrement, unworthy of life?)
  846. Detroit public school workers face new concessions threat
  847. Australia: Howard's backflips highlight growing government crisis (The other asshole poodle)
  848. Italy prepares to send troops to Lebanon
  849. Recriminations erupt in Israel in aftermath of Lebanon ceasefire (LOL)
  850. The US media and the London terror scare
  851. The president gives a press conference (Go ahead: either laugh or cry - or scream)
  852. Venezuela's Revolution of Hope: "In Two Years, Everything Has Changed!"
  853. Lieberman the Enabler (More liek assistant war criminal)
  854. It Ain't Over: What Did and Didn't Happen in Lebanon
  855. AIPAC Congratulates Itself for Slaughter in Lebanon
  856. The Poor Are Such a Nuisance (but, governments are all evil and intolerable)
  857. John Ross: Endgame Engulfs Mexico
  858. CNN.com - Dobbs: It's good to be a superpower - Aug 16, 2006 (Even Lou Dobbs is is discovering a mind)
  859. Mark Williams: The Missiles of August (READ)
  860. Merav Yudilovitch: an Interview with Noam Chomsky on Lebanon (READ)
  861. FCC Cracks Down on "Fake News" (What a fucking joke: government news, and it's all fake)
  862. Former Generals and Officials: Iran Is "Not a Crisis"
  863. Over 3,400 Iraqis Killed in July; US Deaths Reach 2,600
  864. Countries Ready to Fortify UN Force (Just keep USUK out)
  865. Abu Ghraib Whistleblower Speaks Out
  866. Progress Toward a National Unity Palestinian Authority
  867. Activist Refuses Deportation, Takes Refuge in Church (Does the holy and blessed US believe in "sanctuary"?)
  868. Pennsylvania Sued Over Electronic Voting Machines
  869. Sri Lankan Army Warns Children Can Be Targets (Trained in Israel no doubt)
  870. Fire, Flood, Famine: Global Warming and Our Future (All remarkably ignorant of ignorance)
  871. Gene-Altered Crops Denounced
  872. Simpsons to be banned in China (Another government with delusions of importance)
  873. Evangelicals urge museum to hide man's ancestors (LOL -utterly typical, never being content with merely burying their own minds in toilets)
  874. Western Values 'Are Causing Mental Illness'
  875. Lebanon: Negotiating Hezbollah's Disarmament (As if)
  876. Foreign ministers plan UN force
  877. French FM urges Israel to lift blockade of Lebanon (I'll bet you forgot that IL was still preventing aid to the Lebanese the massacred and maimed, whose country they raped)
  878. Bulgaria backs UN resolution on ceasefire in Lebanon (Wow! That's a relief)
  879. Hezbollah defies UN to keep fighters in Lebanon's border areas (Good)
  880. Israel wants U.N. to help monitor border (No it doesn't)
  881. Lebanon complies with UN to send army south
  882. Israel begins to pull out from Lebanon (How long do you think that will go on?)
  883. Hezbollah wins hearts and minds amid devastation (You betcha!)
  884. EC wants Muslim priests to learn European values (?!)
  885. Security measures across Europe to be co-ordinated (All state terrorism, all the time)
  886. Europe Says It Will Unify Effort in Fight on Terrorism (State terrorism, everyplace)
  887. Every airport traveller 'will be fingerprinted' (Mass murder is only by governments)
  888. Ditch US in terror war, say 80pc of Britons (Amen brothers and sisters)
  889. EU to impose strict air travel restrictions (No government person allowed on planes?)
  890. Europe faces "persistent and very real" threat: Reid (Eat shit)
  891. Tough baggage rules may be extended to cover rest of Europe (Stop flying)
  892. Europe resolves to shore up defences (against USUKIL?)
  893. We'll make web hostile ground for terror, say [genocidal] ministers
  894. EU seeks explosives crackdown after airline plot [hoax]
  895. Recordings from Twim Towers released (After all the lies, do we trust anything from government?)
  896. No bombs found at Seattle Port (Another terror hoax)
  897. Seattle Port Evacuated; No Bombs Found
  898. Mexican drug cartel leader arrested (CIA covert income plummets)
  899. Accused Mexican Crime Cartel Leader Arrested
  900. Dell Corporate Customers Face Headaches (Where were those batteries made?)
  901. DJ US Stocks Rise As Inflation Report Eases Rate Concerns (Foolishness)
  902. US CPI prices up less than expected (expected by whom?)
  903. AOL to dig up spammer's garden in search of gold (LOL)
  904. Google Offers Free Wi-Fi in Hometown (Free until when?)
  905. How we differ from our cousin, the chimp (The Chimp? Let me count the ways)
  906. Interbreeding humans and chimps? Oh my. (It's been done; see government )
  907. Much needs to be done to reverse the AIDS pandemic (created by government)
  908. High anxiety as passenger gets out of control on DC flight (Governments driving people nuts - but then that is exactly the intent)
  909. Can the Alleged Airline Bombers Be Tied to Al Qaeda? (Alleged? Not even framed, just set up)
  910. President Joins in GOP Attacks on Democrats About Terrorism (LMAO)
  911. Early withdrawal from Iraq will create "terrorist state": Bush (Um - thank you, but we already have a terrorist state in the US)
  912. No let up in war on terror, US to stay in Iraq: Bush (Never was a plan to leave)
  913. US to check if passengers are on "no-fly" list (The chief terrorist state)
  914. T.S.A.'s "behavior detection officers" search faces at U.S. airports (Before or after their lobotomies?)
  915. Terror: EU plan for vetting of air passengers (Poodle terrorist states in action)
  916. British Court Gives Police More Leeway to Probe Plot (Speaking of terrorist states)
  917. Police get 'bomb plot' [hoax] extension
  918. 1 suspect in alleged British airline plot released, police say (Surprising they didn't shoot him in the head six times)
  919. Lebanon won't disarm Hezbollah (They be have to be crazy to)
  920. Terror suspect 'met with al Qaida' (Sandmn meets with the tooth fairy)
  921. Anguish of 9/11 Returns in Newly Released Tapes (real or concocted rubbish?)
  922. Bomb scare shuts Port's Terminal 18 (Another governmental hoax)
  923. Higher Consumer Prices Slow Inflation (LOL - how sick)
  924. Oil price now down $4 this week (Delirious joy - wait for next week!)
  925. Scientists redefine planets, add three others (Governments redefine truth)
  926. Revealed: the gene that gave us bigger brains (Bigger is not necessarily better - Neanderthal was bigger than ours, dipshit)
  927. Mutated gene may offer clue to why all brains are not equal (Tautology?)
  928. AIDS focus will wane quickly (As designed as AIDS itself)
  929. 54-Day Toll of Forgotten Palestinian Crisis
  930. Palestinian groups deny claim they'd halt attacks (Maybe, after 50 years of their genocide, they've had it it with fucking Israel)
  931. Attorney General: Terrorists are in our neighborhoods (hiding in plain sight in every government building and office)
  932. Why globalization isn't working
  933. As terrorist plots thicken, interest gets thinned out (requiring 9/11 #2?)
  934. The MSM is starting to turn (A rift in the NWO crowd)
  935. Mexicos Partial Vote Recount Confirms Massive and Systematic Election Fraud (weknewthat)
  936. South Lebanon Christians bitter over Israeli attack (it was done deliberately)
  937. Open Letter to the U.S. Military Tribunal to drop charges against Ist Lt. Ehren Watada
  938. Democrats' Stock Is Rising on K Street (for all the wrong reasons)
  939. U.S. Gov't Maintains Control of Net
  940. The Secret Origins of AIDS: Facts, Fallacies & Conspiracy Theories (READ)
  941. WHO Murdered Africa (READ)
  942. AfricaSpeaks.com - Debunking The Out Of Africa Origin Of HIV & AIDS
  943. Hizbullah has achieved what Arab states only dreamed of
  944. Liquid Bombing the Constitution
  945. Government refuses to authenticate bin Laden confession video (Lies have become foreign to gummint?!)
  946. Target Britain: Wave of attacks planned, say investigators (by Fu Manchu& Dr. Moriarty)
  947. US to have behaviour officers at airports (Hall monitors with attitude)
  948. Four-Fifths of U.S. High School Graduates Not Ready for College (much as nit ready for HS)
  949. Can the Pentagon pay for the war and its new toys? (P. doesn't have to pay: YOU do!)
  950. Israeli officials blame Bush for war (LOL)
  951. A Terrible Foretaste of Furies to Come
  952. Halutz to officers: Don't talk to media without authorization
  953. Judge rebukes wiretap program
  954. Jury: Merck failed to warn about Vioxx (likely to be overturned)
  955. Judge: Wiretapping surveillance program unconstitutional
  956. Church body condemns Israel
  957. Breast cancer study finds higher chemo side effects
  958. 2400 detainees in the Negev on Hunger Strike
  959. Neo-Fascists Declare War On Truth Movement (READ)
  960. Film "World Trade Center": Great movie, pity about the Big Lie
  961. Hatch says Demo win could help terrorists (LMFAO - turdbrain)
  962. Jimmy Carter: "The US and Israel Stand Alone"
  963. Mission impossible in Lebanon (READ)
  964. King [Homeland GESTAPO] endorses ethnic profiling
  965. White House backing new plan to defuse insurrection in Pakistan (Chances are slim that plan can work)
  966. US to move quickly on Iran sanctions (knowing all of how Iran can retaliate?)
  967. Lebanese army moves south as UN nations stall on peace force
  968. US, Britain propose UN peacekeepers for shattered Darfur (against Darfur's wishes)
  969. 9/11 Neo-Con Hit Piece Explodes Into Controversy
  970. Ministers try new tack on terrorist screening (Gonna get you, one way or another)
  971. Bush administration dismantling remaining bans on military relations with Indonesia
  972. Canada to press ahead with Afghanistan intervention despite mounting casualties
  973. After defeating pro-war incumbent Lieberman, Lamont reassures Wall Street (As I said, he's no damn good either)
  974. Sri Lankan government justifies the massacre of school students (Following W, who justifies anything)
  975. European powers press to intervene in Lebanon
  976. Contradictions, anomalies, questions mount in UK terror scare (As in, it's a hoax and act of state terrorism)
  977. Uri Avnery: From Mania to Depression (READ)
  978. Kevin Zeese: Is the Invasion of Lebanon a Step Toward a Regional War? (very probably - READ)
  979. Gaza: One Year After Disengagement
  980. Gen. Dan Halutz: Inside Trader
  981. Ramzy Baroud: Lebanon, a Critical Battlefield for New Middle East (READ)
  982. Barucha Calamity Peller: This Pain Has No Ceasefire
  983. "Goodbye to the Unipolar World": an Interview with Hasan Nasrallah (READ)
  984. Insurgent Bombs Directed at GIs Increase in Iraq
  985. Three Years After Blackout, Power Problems Persist
  986. Ohio Voting Problems Deemed Severe
  987. France Ready to Lead New Lebanon Force
  988. US Army Erects Walls Between Baghdad Communities
  989. Democrats Craft National Message on Economics, Run as Wal-Mart Foe (and babble much irrelevant nonsense)
  990. Pentagon Studying Its War Errors (As in waging them?!)
  991. Former CIA Contractor Is Found Guilty
  992. New Alaska Oil Leases Being Offered
  993. Big, Easy Money: Disaster Profiteering on the American Gulf Coast
  994. Deal: Hezbollah will bear arms, but not in public (Cool)
  995. Robert Fisk: The army is back, but don't expect it to disarm ...
  996. Hizbullah fighters go to ground as Lebanese army rolls into the south
  997. India: No changes to US nuclear deal
  998. No compromise on sovereignty: PM
  999. N-deal will not undermine India's sovereignty: Manmohan
  1000. White House aide shrugs off Prescott 'slur' on Bush
  1001. US brushes off 'crap' accusation
  1002. British dy PM denies calling Bush admin 'crap'
  1003. Ex-CIA Worker Found Guilty In Death Of Afghan
  1004. Boeing Dumps In-Flight Internet Access Service
  1005. Merck hit by double blow over Vioxx
  1006. France to send only 200 extra troops to Lebanon
  1007. Woman Faces Charges in Flight Scare (charges of what?)
  1008. Police in Britain find suitcase with bomb parts (LOL - Suuure they did)
  1009. Don't hold your breath waiting for Joe Lieberman to go away.
  1010. Explosive Liquids Scare In W. Virginia, Air Terminal Evacuated, But 2 Bottles Thought To Be Explosives Were Cosmetics - CBS News(Cut the shit!)
  1011. Laborites slam Peretz for supporting talks with Syria (Planet of idiots)
  1012. Why Do We Hate Them? (Hate must be carefully trained)
  1013. Kurds flee homes as Iran shells Iraq's northern frontier (Do we believe this?)
  1014. Labour agrees: Bush is crap
  1015. Labour MPs come out in support of Prescott's US view
  1016. Harry Cohen : I have no regrets - this should be out in the open
  1017. Missile-like metal tube is reported over Hilo Airport (US Navy playing with its air toys)
  1018. The timing is political (The terror plot hoax, of course)
  1019. Austin Pastor Fights to Spread 9/11 Truth
  1020. N. Korea Appears to Be Preparing for Nuclear Test (Feeling unnoticed?)
  1021. Iraq reels from acute fuel shortage
  1022. Privacy groups slam use of CIA-backed software to index Canadian health files
  1023. Hawaii UFO looked like a wayward missile (Gummint is whistling and humming)
  1024. India to soon decide on Lebanon troop pullout- The Times of India
  1025. Officials: US blocked missiles to Hezbollah
  1026. Clever moves may become a dangerous game for Iran (and even more dangerous for USUKIL interests)
  1027. Middle East Despots Emboldened by Israel's Failure (you betcha!)
  1028. Woman Charged in Flight Scare Was Barely Lucid
  1029. France denies retreat on a Lebanese force
  1030. US Warns Against N. Korean Nuke Test (Here we go again: more diversion)
  1031. Airport evacuated after bottles test positive for explosives (Oh right - sure)
  1032. Spike Lee unveils Katrina film in New Orleans (READ the mood of the nation)
  1033. Telcos prepare for the worst as wiretap cases head West
  1034. U.S. ordered to halt wiretaps
  1035. Ford to slash production, shutter plants (Great economy, huh?)
  1036. Ending Israel's Occupation of Palestine Ends Terrorism (But not State Terrorism, which has been forever)
  1037. Feds Appeal Ruling on Surveillance (But, of course they are)
  1038. The CIA Torture Loophole
  1039. Israel Our Delinquent 'Ally' - by Justin Raimondo
  1040. Exonerated [and harrassed] Cell Phone Terror Suspects Speak Out
  1041. Inquiry suggests files on killings in Haditha were excised
  1042. Why Mike Ruppert Left The United States Forever (READ)
  1043. Despite the bombing, Hizbullah appeals to Arab-Israelis
  1044. Israel shouldn't be off-limits for criticism
  1045. Could Supreme Court Settle Presidential Signing Scrap
  1046. Hollywood stars blast Nasrallah (A long list of people whose work I will never pay money for again)
  1047. MONO-Theism - It's Not Exactly a Kissing Disease (READ)
  1048. Teacher's radical 9/11 views raise red flags (Barrett)
  1049. World Net Daily Forced To Issue 9/11 Hit Piece Retraction (LOL)
  1050. Fakes On a Plane
  1051. 'Jihad Jack' walks free (Another terrorist who never was)
  1052. Troops Express Worries About Iraq (They should worry about staying alive)
  1053. The Crimes of Mena (Return - CIA Drug running and the evidence READ)
  1054. Movie star donates 400 Playstations to Israel
  1055. Bush's Weapon of Mass Deception (The Terror Plot Hoax)
  1056. Hizbollah hands out cash for Lebanese war victims
  1057. Reports: Clarett has ties to Israeli mob (READ)
  1058. Wiretap ruling affirms that presidents aren't monarchs
  1059. Telcos prepare for the worst as wiretap cases head West
  1060. Bush Vows to Overturn Wiretapping Ruling
  1061. Gonzales: Extremists relying on Web sites (Gonzales the Terrorist?)
  1062. Extremists using Internet to plot, Gonzales says (Endless Newsbabble)
  1063. Prescott's slur on Bush as 'cowboy' wins support from back-benches
  1064. Beaten: Why the IDF Lost in Lebanon (READ)
  1065. Hitting a Nerve: the Hair Gel Terror Hype (Terror Plot Hoax)
  1066. Alan Hart: The Lebanon War, a Post-Mortem (Wonderfully correct - READ)
  1067. John Blair: Divine Strike in the Bible Belt (READ!)
  1068. American Generals and Iraq: Time to Call for a Rapid Withdrawal
  1069. Chris Floyd | Letter From Airstrip One: Fear Over Facts (The Great Terror Plot Hoax - READ)
  1070. Marine Corps May Have Cleansed Haditha Files
  1071. White House Sees "Huge Challenges" in Iraq (Really?)
  1072. France Declines to Contribute Major Force for UN Mission (That evaporated fast)
  1073. Radioactive Leak Reaches Nuclear Plant's Groundwater (San Onofre CA)
  1074. Gas Lines Last All Night as Baghdad Runs Out of Gas
  1075. Safavian Wants New Trial for Charges in Abramoff Case
  1076. Edwards Says His Vote on Iraq Was Wrong (He's still no damn good)
  1077. Judge Withholds Classified Docs From Libby
  1078. Crying Tree's Real Miracle Can Now Be Seen (Some idiots insist on being idiots)
  1079. UN plea for European peacekeepers (It's a lose-lose proposition)
  1080. Passive smoking increases heart risk by 45 per cent (Grow up!)
  1081. US says it has no plans to invade Cuba (But, then, US lies a lot)
  1082. Bomb threat note [planted by MI6] found on plane, police say
  1083. Obese indicator could be flawed (Pretty much everything is tragically flawed)
  1084. Fatter patients 'have better chance of surviving heart disease' (They never have known what they're talking about, and never will)
  1085. Bush warns North Korea on possible nuclear test (Again?! Get over yourself, chimpo)
  1086. Columnist Jeff German: Vegas has new crime element: Israeli mob (New?!)
  1087. Israeli jets circle over Bekaa Valley (should have been shot down)
  1088. Israelis arrested in Saman&#-11;&#-11; are taken to Dominican capital
  1089. Bush: Recognition of Hezbollah loss 'will take time' (I guess everybody else is just stupid)
  1090. Fox News Producer Resigns Over Middle East Coverage
  1091. Bush has Clearly Violated his Oath of Office (How many times?!)
  1092. The Raw Story | Intelligence officials doubt Iran uranium claims, say Cheney receiving suspect briefings(READ)
  1093. Israel disputes UN force make-up (Now the whining starts)
  1094. EU sends mixed signal on Lebanon force (Minds changed overnight?)
  1095. Officials: Haditha evidence destroyed
  1096. Olmert's W.Bank pullout plan on hold for now: report (As in the phoney Gaza pullout?)
  1097. Liquid Bombers Prove: "They Hate Our Freedoms!" (LOL)
  1098. 100% proof - This proves Atta had a double (If there is a real one to begin with)
  1099. To Israel with love (But, do we believe in polls?)
  1100. Brits support for war on terror on the slide (They begin to understand the lying)
  1101. Israel looks north and sees defeat
  1102. To Israel with hate - and guilt (Not bad understanding)
  1104. President Bush abandons his own party to support the candidate Israel/AIPAC wants
  1105. The CIA Torture Loophole
  1106. FDA approves viruses as food additive ("Consumers won't be aware ..." ??!! Do we trust the FDA??)
  1107. G.O.P. Deserts One of Its Own for Lieberman (So who's at the controls?)
  1108. GOP loses its way in terrorism dealings
  1109. Major arms soar to twice pre-9/11 cost
  1110. Post-Natal Abortion: Israeli Style
  1111. Officer Called Haditha Routine
  1112. Claims of anti-Semitism fuel city arts-fund feud
  1113. USDA: Rice supply contaminated with unapproved [GM] variety [not approved for human consumption] (Do we believe anything corpagov says?)
  1114. Israel breaks the cease-fire (It was inevitable: See also old UN border reports)
  1115. Israel: Not all nations welcome in U.N. force (More incredible hubris)
  1116. The $170 Million FBI Computer Upgrade That Never Was
  1117. Israelis detain Hamas deputy PM (Maybe Putin should detain Olmert)
  1118. War hits Army morale as 14,000 quit in a year
  1119. Former Generals: Bush Must Negotiate to Make America Safer
  1120. Left-wingers rally behind Prescott to demand Blair quits over Iraq
  1121. Mass murder in the skies: was the plot feasible? (No, next question?)
  1122. Abolish the TSA, Save Lives
  1123. THE US AND ISRAELS PLAN A FAILED TO PROVOKE WAR WITH SYRIA AND IRAN, SO WHAT'S PLAN 'B'? (Astute, but plan B and Plan C will be equivalent)
  1124. Ad pitch for Israel aimed at Christians (and other "useful idiots")
  1125. Israeli commando dies in Lebanon raid (Which word of "Cease Fire" doesn't Israel understand?)
  1126. Gearing up for another wave of homeless vets (who are illegal to feed in Las Vegas)
  1127. Flight 93 'was shot down' claims book (It takes a book to figure this out?)
  1128. Kevin Zeese: Attack on Iran May Lead to WWIII! (with rather high probability)
  1129. Embajador Israel neg&#-11;&#-11; presiones a periodista de Canal 7, pero le reclam&#-11;&#-11; "honestidad"
  1130. The State without Shame
  1131. Nonconspiracy theorist David Ray Griffin takes aim at the official 9-11 story (READ)
  1132. Depleted uranium used in Lebanon.
  1133. Media-Terrorists (READ)
  1134. I.R.S. Hires Debt Collectors
  1135. Two Strange Deaths in European Wiretapping Scandal (READ)
  1136. CIA Rendition investigator, Associates are `Suicided'
  1137. Saddam could be tried posthumously: US official (after we kill him)
  1138. US names spy operations 'manager' for Cuba, Venezuela (But, there are no conspiracies :-)
  1139. Earth to Americans: You're being "protected" by liars, murderers, and Keystone Cops [sic] (READ)
  1140. China joins US in freezing North Korean bank accounts
  1141. US court rules NSA spying program unconstitutional Bush appeals decision and denounces judge
  1142. US media disgraces itself once again Rush to judgment in the JonBenet Ramsey case
  1143. G&#-11;&#-11;nter Grass and the Waffen SS (Sanity in the midst of insanity)
  1144. European Union ministers use terror scare to justify more anti-democratic measures
  1145. An officially induced panic: UK terror scare sparks wave of mini-scares (The Great Terror Plot Hoax)
  1146. National Guardsmen arrested in New Orleans robbery
  1147. Cuba Mobilized for a U.S. Attack, Ra&#-11;&#-11;l Castro Says (Good thinking)
  1148. Chavez: Venezuela Captured 4 U.S Spies
  1149. Stand by Hizbullah says Lebanese army
  1150. Stand alongside Hizbullah, Lebanon's army tells troops (Finally!)
  1151. Mass Funerals Held in Southern Lebanon
  1152. Rights groups warn of danger of unexploded cluster bombs (in Lebanon)
  1153. Hussein's genocide trial risks being unfair: group
  1154. Pentagon set to release German from Guantanamo Bay (He never did anything anyhow)
  1155. Marines May Have Excised Evidence on 24 Iraqi Deaths
  1156. US Marine officer saw Haditha deaths as normal-Post
  1157. "Mad Dog" Bush Blasts Court Ruling on Surveillance
  1158. Boehner: [Poodle] Congress will make NSA's domestic eavesdropping program legal
  1159. Homeland Security chief outlines developments in screening for terrorists (Entire gummint needs to be locked up)
  1160. Ryanair issues security ultimatum (UK)
  1161. Police find 'martyr videos' - claim (How much of this shit can they invent?)
  1162. TATP or Not TATP? - That is the Question (Requirements of chemical reality)
  1163. UK terror plot police in Pakistan (Give it a rest, morons)
  1164. 'Terror plot' inquiry spanning UK (in a web of lies, fabrications and idiocies)
  1165. Airline chief: 'Terror leaders laughing in their caves' (The terrorists are in "The City" and Wash DC)
  1166. Rumpole author claims UK is selling out to fascism (Read his next book too)
  1167. Bush Contemplates Rebirth of Dictatorship for Iraq (LMAO - He DOES like dictatorships, doesn't he?)
  1168. William Blum: Saved Again, Praise the Lord! (Various Terror Plots - all Hoaxes)
  1169. Banking on Violence: Guatemalan Genocide and US Security
  1170. Hopes and Homes: Subject to Seizure on the Katrina's Anniversary
  1171. Inside 1701: What the UN Ceasefire Resolution Actually Says
  1172. GOP Goes to Work for Joe Lieberman
  1173. US Wants Arabs to Help Stem Hezbollah's Popularity (How's that for pure stupid?)
  1174. Israel Re-Enters Lebanon, Battles Hezbollah
  1175. Israeli raid tests truce
  1176. Hezbollah battles commandos as ceasefire violated
  1177. Israel Violates Ceasefire, Hits Baalbek
  1178. Commando unit operated in Lebanon: Israel
  1179. Beirut fury at 'ceasefire breach'
  1180. Israeli Commando Dies in Lebanon Raid (All of them should have died)
  1181. Israel Says Commandos Raid Lebanon to Stop Smuggling (What do you call US supplying IL?)
  1182. Lebanon threatens to halt deployment
  1183. Lebanon seeks answers from UN on Israeli raid
  1184. Lebanon May Consider Halting Army Deployment in Its Border Area
  1185. Israel Committed to Block Arms and Kill Nasrallah (i.e., as they fucking well please, as usual)
  1186. Lebanese defence minister threatens to stop troop deployment
  1187. Lebanon threatens to halt troop deployment after Israeli commando raid
  1188. UN seeks balance for forces
  1189. UN peace mission threatened by lack of support (Suddenly, few want to go)
  1190. Suspect of German train bomb plot arrested (More terror hoaxes?)
  1191. Judge Halts NSA Snooping (As if)
  1192. Bush confused by earpiece, embarrasses self and nation, again
  1193. CAIR-NET: 'Israel Lobby' Authors to Speak at DC Press Club Forum
  1194. Additional clues point to U.S. attack on Iran.
  1195. San Francisco Bay View Newspaper Under Attack
  1196. France urges clear mandate for UN force
  1197. Senior French Officers Arrive in Lebanon
  1198. A force with teeth (Why French reluctance)
  1199. Israeli attack leaves truce in tatters as peacekeepers arrive
  1200. Annan: Israeli raid in Lebanon violated truce
  1201. Pakistan unlikely to join UN force
  1202. Annan slams Europeans for undermining UNIFIL
  1203. Boeing to Shut Down C-17 Production
  1204. Another Bird Flu Death Suspected Of Bird Flu (or not)
  1205. Germany warns of terrorist threat (or not)
  1206. Lamont dines with deputy Israeli prime minister (Betcha rabbi Lieberbush is pissed)
  1207. THE TRUTH ABOUT OUR FOOD THAT NOBODY HEARD (READ! - and don't bother taking your pants down)
  1208. Blair doing lasting damage to UK, says Iranian leader (When you're right, you're right)
  1209. Israel rejected Blair bid to revive peace talks (Israel has ever and only wanted genocide)
  1210. Some Conservative Pundits Losing Faith In Bush (It doesn't matter, comes martial law)
  1211. Taliban's terror tactics reconquer Afghanistan
  1212. A land reduced to rubble
  1213. Five Years After 9/11, Fear Finally Strikes Out (A bit of wishful thinking perhaps)
  1214. Bush's final gamble: giving Iraq a dictator? (No, giving US a dictator)
  1215. It's The Law Stupid (Um - what's that?)
  1216. Pakistanis find no evidence against terror mastermind (Ooops!)
  1217. The Flying Elephant: Evidence for Involvement of a Third Jet in the WTC Attacks (READ)
  1218. Israeli Incursion Strains Truce With Hezbollah
  1219. Troops Long Out-Of-Uniform Sent to Iraq
  1220. Congress Poised to Unravel the Internet
  1221. Bush predicts courts will uphold security wiretaps (who knows?)
  1222. For whom did my son die in Iraq?
  1223. Dangerous Scenario
  1224. Israeli officer: No solution for Nasrallah, he must die(Israeli final solution for all)
  1225. With Lt. Watada's Case, GI Resistance Grows
  1226. UN says Lebanon truce may unravel (Israel will make sure it does)
  1227. MoD accused of covering up casualty rates (Lying is a natural function of government)
  1228. Breaking the ceasefire
  1229. Are You Proud to be an American and a Supporter of Fascism?
  1230. Katrina: disaster profiteers pocket millions in deals
  1231. Mass murder in the skies: was the plot feasible? (Don't be ridiculous)
  1232. Police hit out at FBI over leaks (of lies? Too stupid for words)
  1233. PayPal freezes out British user in 'terror' list snafu (Boycott PayPal)
  1234. Thousands to be deployed for airport security (Sick joke)
  1235. The fight against terror: Surveillance UK (A crock of shit)
  1236. Uri Avnery: The 155th Victim (Only Avnery seems to understand what just happened)
  1237. Law Cuts Survivor Benefits to 61,000 Military Widows
  1238. Colombia's Coca Survives US Plan to Uproot It (Only enough to keep the price high for CIA profits)
  1239. Iraq's Spreading Civil War
  1240. Sheehan's Rally Disrupts Rove Reception
  1241. Snipers kill 20 Shiite pilgrims, wound hundreds in Baghdad (US deathsquads)
  1242. Iran's Response to Incentives Package Multifaceted
  1243. US Sen. Lieberman insists he is 'devoted' Democrat (LOL!)
  1244. Nepal backs down after fuel riots
  1245. New AIDS Vaccine Shows Incredible Promise (or not)
  1246. Israel detains another Hamas MP (i.e., kidnaps)
  1247. Hard to get over writer's Nazi past (A little knowledge is a dangerous thing)
  1248. Pakistan blames West for terrorism
  1249. Our foreign policy is just plain wrong (UK)
  1250. Inflation more like 10%: expert (UK)
  1251. Cash crisis threatens troops (UK)
  1252. Exposed: The Carlyle Group: Shocking documentary uncovers the subversion of Americas democracy.
  1253. US extends credit line to Israel (Reverse money laundering makes it dirty money)
  1254. Envoys urge Israel to lift blockade (that prevents aid to wounded)
  1255. Tel Aviv vows to kill Hezbollah leader (It's always big on killing)
  1256. UN envoy says Israeli blockade, raid are 'unhelpful'
  1257. Lebanon warns of violations, Israel says it will act again (Roundup)
  1258. How to stop another war (Disarm Israel)
  1259. Israel Insists Lebanon Raid is Justified (as is its genocides?)
  1260. Israel warns of more raids in Lebanon to stem arms flow (No problem with arms flowing into Israel though)
  1261. Lieberman says Rumsfeld Should Quit (They should both drop dead)
  1262. Briton says airline bombing plot real (There was too! Was too!)
  1263. `Levees' reveals victims, villains in New Orleans
  1264. Iran vows to push on with nuclear fuel programme (old news)
  1265. Israel Puts Demands on Peacekeepers (Child with tantrum)
  1266. After the war: scandals rock Israel Reuters (Governments run by adults would be good)
  1267. Israel and the US are still focused on the wrong issues (Astute)
  1268. UK police expect to lay terror charges soon (Real soon now - or not, because they can't conjure any)
  1269. 'Substantial material' gathered in British terror investigation, Reid says(LOL!)
  1270. Homeland Security poorly managed? (Yes, not to worry: it's all just a fascist joke)
  1271. CIA's secret UK bank trawl may be illegal (Everything CIA does is illegal)
  1272. Navy ship arrives with 7 tons of cocaine (Oooooo!)
  1273. Mexico Bracing for Social Unrest (NOWWW it's bracing? Just wait)
  1274. Kerry Calls Lieberman the New Cheney (Throw out all three)
  1275. Alaska subpoenas BP and oil partners
  1276. Why America Needs Hezbollah
  1277. British kit found in Hezbollah bunkers (Interesting)
  1278. The fight against terror: Surveillance UK (V for Vendetta)
  1279. Easy to resell, prepaid phones rankle carriers (Another tale of nonterrorists)
  1280. Military kit found by Israel under investigation (I thought it should be from Iran or Syria?!)
  1281. What Does Israel Want? - by Justin Raimondo (READ)
  1282. Three Times Three (READ)
  1283. Scientists suspect Israeli arms used in South contain radioactive matter (Meaning, DU)
  1284. Israeli soldiers attacking Palestinians with Nasrallah screen savers on their cell phones
  1285. Olmert: Syria most aggressive member of the axis of evil (Not into negotiating, he just wants to murder)
  1286. Fourth defeat seals Bushs war legacy (Who will write the history?)
  1287. Sales of US arms hit record levels (READ)
  1288. Federal Appeals Court: Driving With Money is a Crime (Theft: all that any government is good for)
  1289. Israel is 'preparing for more fighting' (Should not be surprising)
  1290. Uncomfortable Truths about Israel (Mealy mouthed: Israel has been a terrorist state since before it was Israel)
  1291. NSA Has Massive Database of Americans Phone Calls (or not)
  1292. Challenge to lone gunman theory (JFK assassination)
  1293. One-tenth of the Israeli tanks that took part in the Lebanon war were destroyed or disabled (Not too shabby)
  1294. Navy may continue Lebanon blockade (preventing aid to sick wounded and homeless in continuing genocide)
  1295. Losing its morals and marbles: Israel's fight in Lebanon (Israel never had morals)
  1296. Japan ends U.S. long-grain rice imports (GM contamination)
  1297. Sex Ed Changes At School With 65 Pregnant Teens
  1298. Ky. court will consider if police can lie (Of course they can)
  1299. You are terrorists, we are virtuous
  1300. Blair set to try again with the 'road map' for peace (Pro forma nonsense)
  1301. Australia: Electoral bill blocks registration of new parties A new assault on democratic rights
  1302. Tensions between Georgia and Russia escalate
  1303. Families of UK soldiers killed in Iraq mount political, legal challenge to Blair government
  1304. An outlaw state: Israel breaks ceasefire, threatens to assassinate Hezbollah leader
  1305. Osama's Confession; Osama's Reprieve (Do we believe any of this?)
  1306. Lenni Brenner: Mayor Bloomberg, the Flying Faker
  1307. Israel's "Proportionate Response": Measured Amid the Wreckage
  1308. Paul Craig Roberts: Artificial Recovery; Real Job Losses
  1309. Jonathan Cook: Caught in a Net of Delusion
  1310. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Plaguing US Troops (unsurprising)
  1311. A Tortured Past (Viet Nam)
  1312. Government Fulfills Few Katrina Promises
  1313. Sexual Misconduct by Military Recruiters on the Rise (along with other derangements)
  1314. Jason Leopold and Marc Ash | Indictment Still Sealed, Fitzgerald Still Busy
  1315. Previously Public Missile Data Now Classified
  1316. No UN Peacekeepers in Lebanon Anytime Soon
  1317. Conservative Pundits Renounce the President
  1318. Dahr Jamail | Interview With Ray McGovern
  1319. Algerians Languish at Guantanamo, Caught in a Legal Trap
  1320. 92% of Americans Oppose Secret Vote Counting; Favor Public's Right to Know In Elections
  1321. DC Envoy Says Bush Ordered Flight 93 Shot Down (9/11 READ)
  1322. Shelter from the Storm: Moving to Croatia - NeoCons Are Busy Covering Their Asse(t)s
  1323. Italy reports seizing US-bound arms shipment (or not)
  1324. Israeli Soldiers "Shoot to Kill" at Israeli Anti-war Demonstrators
  1325. Can taxation curb obesity? (Imbecile)
  1326. When the Levees Broke: A Requiem in Four Acts
  1327. A motive for Kelly's "suicide"?
  1328. U.S. resolution would disarm Hezbollah (LOL - that will not and cannot happen)
  1329. Saddam Hussein Explodes at Rape Charges in Court
  1330. Saddam refuses to plead as genocide trial opens
  1331. Infineon wins order to supply security chips for US passports
  1332. Bush seeks support for sanctions against Iran (That's not going to happen)
  1333. Scientists Discover How HIV Deactivates Immune Cells (US created AIDS)
  1334. Is War With Israel The Next Step For Iran? (Turning reality on its head)
  1335. We need some sense now, not faith (Sense was out the window years ago)
  1336. Some Dems Want Lieberman Out of Party (Would you believe "almost every Dem" not in the bought congress?)
  1337. US drops one charge in Padilla terrorism case (US delenda est)
  1338. Outrage over Indian restaurant named after Hitler (Fuck 'em)
  1339. Inquiry into 'UK-made' goggles in hands of Hezbollah (Ever heard of "globalization", moron?)
  1340. US feeling the strain of war - Bush (US more feels the strain of neocon zionist Bushco)
  1341. Taliban's terror tactics reconquer Afghanistan
  1342. Mexico Bracing for Social Unrest (Criminal fascism bracing for democratic intransigence)
  1343. Bush designates as secret Cold War strategic weapons data
  1344. Homeland Security poorly managed? (That isn't even a question; it's asick farce)
  1345. 'Substantial material' gathered in British terror investigation, Reid says (not gathered, manufactured)
  1346. New airport security 'to remain' (What security? Wandering baboon thugs on the lose?)
  1347. Thousands to be deployed for airport security (Wndering baboon thugs)
  1348. Crooks and Liars &#-11;&#-11; Bush says: &#-11;&#-11;&#-11;Iraq Had &#-11;&#-11;&#-11;Nothing&#-11;&#-11;&#-11; To Do Wit(How obvious does tye lying have to get?)
  1349. Sunday school teacher fired for being female (Crazier and crazier)
  1350. The Cult of the Offensive (Israel)
  1351. Fox News: Iran May 'Pull Nuclear Trigger' Tomorrow (LOL! Desperate, lying assholes)
  1352. Newspapers trim work forces as advertising slows (Why? They are understood correctly as lying gummint whores)
  1353. Bush welcomes Israel as 51st State (Figure it out!)
  1354. Bush supports limits on morning-after pill (Does Nero come to mind?)
  1355. Contender for DeLay Seat Quits (Why? Really?)
  1356. Connecticut Groups Push to Remove Lieberman From Ballot (How about removing him from the planet?)
  1357. Natural Resources are Fuelling a New Cold War
  1358. US wants U.N. resolution on disarming Hizbollah (Dream on)
  1359. Israeli tanks enter Gaza, clashes - witnesses (They're at their genocide again)
  1360. Nearly 90 die in clashes in Afghanistan
  1361. Bush Gives Zealous Defense of Iraq Policy (in his usual halting idiocies)
  1362. Brits blame Blair for increased terror threat (Sounds about right)
  1363. Bomb scare on Australian flight (Gummint fabrication)
  1364. Britain Charges 11 in Plane Case; Bomb Gear Cited (manufactured bullshit)
  1365. U.K. Charges 11 of 23 Suspects in Plane-Bombing Plot (MI5-6 Operation "Fuck You")
  1366. Eleven charged over alleged airline terror plot (More bullshit)
  1367. Officials Seek Broader Access to Airline Data (You betcha!)
  1368. Eitan: Ready shelters for Iran attack (that we will fake)
  1369. EU urged to ban US rice in genes row
  1370. Remarks on Mississipi River dam draw FBIs attentiont (In US this is now believable)
  1371. Putin hails the new economy as Russia wipes $22bn off its debts
  1372. Peretz-appointed panel suspends investigation into conduct of war (unsurprising)
  1373. Infantry petition: We won't do reserve duty anymore (Israel)
  1374. Romanian Oil Firm Says Its Oil Rig Attacked, Seized by Iran
  1375. Court battle looms to rescueoil rig 'held hostage by Iran
  1376. VOA News - Romanian Oil Firm Says Its Oil Rig Attacked, Seized by Iran
  1377. Israel holds Nasrallah, the grocer (That's what the commando invasion was about)
  1378. Qatar Emir pledges support to Lebanon
  1379. The US role in Saddams Trial
  1380. Olmert's coalition hit by row (Guess who will wind up paying?)
  1381. Democrats Stifle Antiwar Voices, Again
  1382. Iran's Navy Attacks and Boards Romanian Rig in Gulf (that is tied to Halliburton)
  1383. US extends credit line to Israel
  1384. Connecticut Groups Push to Remove Lieberman From Ballot
  1385. Malaysia and Indonesia offer troops to U.N. while Israel protests
  1386. U.N. Peacekeepers allowed to defend themselves but not fight
  1387. Unwise lessons of democracy from the USA (READ)
  1388. America's corporate-controlled media: garbage disguised as new
  1389. Pipeline crisis 'could halve flow of oil'
  1390. Israelis rise up in anger over war
  1391. EU to act Wednesday on tainted US biotech rice
  1392. Only 20% Of Britons Believe Blair On Terror Threats
  1393. Restarting the 34 Day War (READ)
  1394. AIPAC, the religious right and American foreign policy (READ)
  1395. The war that keeps on killing
  1396. Former Mossad boss steels West for 'third world war'
  1397. Uranium lost in New Jersey, radioactive material missing globally
  1398. Defaults rise in California
  1399. the world avoids Israel like the plague (It has always been a terrorist entity; read your history)
  1400. Health Care: It's What Ails Us
  1401. Israel's Double Standard
  1402. July single-family home sales drop at sharpest rate in 11 years
  1403. We Are Untouchable. We are Israelis.
  1404. Under Fire! U.S. Army Intelligence Analyst Targeted For Suggesting New Independent 9/11 Investigation
  1405. Israeli troops open fire in Lebanon (again)
  1406. The quiet Bristol company that sells bombs to Israel
  1407. Katrina rhetoric fails to calm growing storm
  1408. Marines to issue involuntary call-ups
  1409. Bush Now Says What He Wouldnt Say Before War: Iraq Had Nothing To Do With 9/11
  1410. Bush Boosts Lieberman's Bid
  1411. Natural Resources are Fuelling a New Cold War
  1412. Italy offers to lead Lebanon peace force (useless)
  1413. US wants U.N. resolution on disarming Hizbollah (and turning the world's seas purple)
  1414. Hezbollah minister: Lebanon might challenge Israeli blockade (as well it should)
  1415. Israeli tanks enter Gaza, clashes - witnesses
  1416. Scientists suspect Israeli arms used in South contain radioactive matter
  1417. Nuclear inspectors barred from Iran plant
  1418. Iran says it ready for serious nuclear talks
  1419. Calendars show Armitage met reporter (Woodward re V. Plame)
  1420. Nearly 90 die in clashes in Afghanistan
  1421. UK may halve Iraq force by mid-2007--commander (or not)
  1422. Tories open nine-point lead as Labour drops to 19-year low
  1423. Voters say Blair has made UK a bigger target for terrorists
  1424. War on terror is a perpetual fight, says minister (Cf. Orwell 1984)
  1425. Mutiny as passengers refuse to fly until Asians are removed (Creating psychotic rats)
  1426. Bomb scare on Australian flight (CIA/MI6/Mossad ... have been busy little bees)
  1427. Connecticut Man Arrested In Connection With Terrorist Ties (another hoax)
  1428. Police seize bomb kits [that they planted] in terror plot inquiry
  1429. Britain Charges 11 [innocents] in Plane Case; Bomb Gear Cited
  1430. Eleven [innocents] charged over alleged airline terror plot
  1431. Murder in Samarkand... Confiscated (READ)
  1432. Craig Murray - Murder in Samarkand - and other books that may be of Interest
  1433. Officials Seek Broader Access to Airline Data
  1434. Sri Lankan government prepares to suppress the struggles of workers
  1435. Australian court overturns "terrorist" conviction based on torture
  1436. A new week: US media frenzy over JonBenet murder carries on (as monumental diversion)
  1437. UK terror scare: Airlines threaten legal action against British government
  1438. A damning admission: New York Times concealed NSA spying until after 2004 election
  1439. Is the US planning a coup in Iraq? (Yes, next question?)
  1440. Trying to Make It Home: New Orleans One Year After Katrina
  1441. My Journey to South Lebanon
  1442. Edward S. Herman: Faith-Based Analysis (READ)
  1443. Bush's Failing War on Terror: When in Doubt, Go Racist
  1444. The Iron Heel Revisited: Cops as Provocateurs on the Docks
  1445. Gilad Atzmon: Israel Must Win (which is why it will be destroyed)
  1446. World Bank Plan Squanders Resources for Renewable Energy
  1447. Damage and Doubts Linger After Katrina
  1448. Blair "Feels Betrayed by Bush on Lebanon" (Poor stupid poodle)
  1449. UN Sent to Save Diplomats in Congo
  1450. Chiapas Vote Increases Mexico's Electoral Tensions
  1451. Why Doesn't America Believe in Evolution? (Because it has devolved)
  1452. Afghanistan Descends Into Chaos Once Again
  1453. UNIFIL's Disarmament Mission Will Be Very Restricted (weak neough to be essentially useless)
  1454. Officials Push for Personal Profiling of Airline Passengers (Nazi state)
  1455. Putting the Iraq War on Trial (There is nothing "novel" about the argument at all)
  1456. McCain Faults Bush Administration on Iraq (Oh, go to your room!)
  1457. Bush Prods Congress on Medical Liability Limits (Unconstitutional)
  1458. Judge rejects Bush plan to log in Sequoia National Monument
  1459. Olmert Sets Conditions on Blockade's End
  1460. Unexploded cluster bombs prompt fear and fury in returning refugees
  1461. Media Law: Beneath contempt (READ)
  1462. President's home raided in sex harassment inquiry (Israel)
  1463. Amnesty urges UN to probe Israel strategy
  1464. Kurdish "Thank You" a Republican Stunt?
  1465. UK troops to stay in Iraq after handover to Baghdad (?)
  1466. AT&T says cooperation in NSA spying was legal
  1467. Bomb Plot Evidence 'Immense,' British Say (Sure - of course - absolutely)
  1468. Reid seeking much tougher terror policy (The point of the terror hoax)
  1469. Kurdish witnesses' testimony accused of 'being coached' in Saddam trial
  1470. Even a little extra fat may shorten lifespan (or not)
  1471. How the Soviets Gave the Mullahs the Bomb (Oh? Nit US/CIA?)
  1472. Rationality and Israeli violence
  1473. Rationality and Israeli violence (READ)
  1474. Israel accused of war crimes in Lebanon
  1475. Israel committed war crimes
  1476. Bush faces revolt on Iraq
  1477. Was British terror plot a load of crap? (Yes, next question?)
  1478. Bush OKs involuntary Marine recall
  1479. Bush's contradictory letter authorizing the use of force in Iraq
  1480. Another 9/11 Coverup in the Making?
  1481. Bush Caught Red-Handed in Al Qaeda/Iraq Deception. Unlike Bush, the Video Clips Don't Lie
  1482. Israel's 'Moral High Ground' - by Justin Raimondo
  1483. Tehran Sharpens Its Sword: Ehsan Ahrari (READ)
  1484. Israel Suspends Review of Lebanon War
  1485. New WTC Complex Photos Highlight Bizarre Building 7 Collapse
  1486. US sues Maine officials for probe on Verizon, NSA
  1487. Lebanon's month-old oil slick sinks down to blanket Mediterranean marine life
  1488. More Lebanese troops deploy near Syria
  1489. Report: Iran replaces US as Middle East power (Actions have consequences)
  1490. Number of U.S. Troops in Iraq Climbs
  1491. Fresh data shows cooling housing market
  1492. Assad rejects Israel's demand for UN troops on Syria-Lebanon border
  1493. Israel Helicopters, Tanks Move Into Gaza (continuing genocide)
  1494. Afghanistan Descends Into Chaos Once Again
  1495. Marine call-up greeted with anger, suspicion
  1496. US made an offer Iran can only refuse
  1497. Lebanon calls for US help on blockade (useless - ask Putin instead)
  1498. U.K. Decides Over Charges for Plane Terror Suspects (What happened to the "immense" evidence?)
  1499. Dutch Arrest 12 From U.S. Airliner (Bizarre and suspicious)
  1500. Senator Bartlett Stunned By Feds Verizon Lawsuit
  1501. Who's Watching? (READ!)
  1502. DNA database can flag suspects through relatives
  1503. Israel is 'preparing for more fighting'
  1504. Mysterious Gaza kidnapping stirs U.S. media debate
  1505. US policy threatens war in Horn of Africa
  1506. Tug of war over Lebanon intervention force
  1507. Despite president's denials, Sri Lankan military continues offensive war
  1508. Bush press conference on Iraq: "We're not leaving so long as I'm the president."
  1509. Britain: Eleven charged in alleged airplane bomb plot
  1510. Mexico Approaches the Combustion Point
  1511. Statement on Behalf of Lt. Watada
  1512. Mavis Anderson: Castro's Health and US Meddling
  1513. Amira Hass: The Occupier Defines Justice
  1514. Palestinian Sense of Place: You Can't Bomb It Away
  1515. Calling Dr. Mengele: APA Whitewashes Torture By Shrinks
  1516. Putting the Iraq War on Trial
  1517. Iran Sanctions Could Fracture Coalition
  1518. In Election Push, Bush Faults Talk of Iraq Pullout (Such a ninny)
  1519. Lebanon Truce Increasingly Tenuous as UN Seeks Peacekeepers
  1520. Powers studying Irans response
  1521. US says Iran nuclear response not enough (no matter what that is)
  1522. France, Italy Want Annan to Clarify UN Force's Rules in Lebanon
  1523. India may pull out peacekeepers from Lebanon
  1524. Italy promises troops for UN Lebanon mission
  1525. Study finds risks for the barely overweight (or not)
  1526. Syria rejects call for border monitors
  1527. Syria would close border with Lebanon in case of UN deployment
  1528. Israel says situation in Lebanon &#-11;&#-11;&#-11;explosive&#-11;&#-11;&#-11; as cease-fire tested again
  1529. US threatens Iran sanctions next week (Russia and China will veto; grow up, monkeyboy)
  1530. PM says Australia to boost military
  1531. Israel Buys Upgraded Subs to Counter Iran Threat: Report (with whose money?)
  1532. Bid to block US bomb flights fails (unsurprisingly: courts are shams)
  1533. Extra time to quiz [torture] terror suspects (UK)
  1534. Arrests expose internet fundraising for terrorism (suspicious?)
  1535. Two bomb plot suspects freed (..., and then there were none)
  1536. Iran spurns deal on nuclear impasse (of course)
  1537. France tells Iran to stop atomic work (that should go over well)
  1538. US marine corps calls up reserves as army feels the pressure of fighting on two fronts
  1539. Robin Morgan: Their bodies as weapons (READ)
  1540. Some in G.O.P. Say Iran Threat Is Played Down (There is none unless you attack)
  1541. Iranian foot-dragging may compel Israel to 'go it alone' (and insureIsrael's annihilation)
  1542. IRS Warns Against Phony Debt Collectors (actions have consequences)
  1543. Wadeye: a case study of the Australian government's Aboriginal agenda
  1544. Britain: Labour government proposes punitive welfare reforms
  1545. US administration rejects Iran's offer of "serious negotiations"
  1546. 2 Studies Find High Weights Shorten Lives (or not)
  1547. Lieberman's lead on anti-war rival narrows (Set up for a steal)
  1548. Lebanon plays down Israel-Syria dispute over troops
  1549. Lebanese army deploys along border with Syria
  1550. Venezuela Plans to Export Oil to China
  1551. Proselytizing in Other Cultures - Gee, Why Do I Feel So Persecuted
  1552. Israel's commando raid gone awry
  1553. Fleecing the Flock 101...They Actually Have Classes!
  1554. Speak against Israel, be forced to resign
  1555. Grocer with Hezbollah leader's name tells of seizure by Israel
  1556. Israeli fugitive sought by US escapes to Sri Lanka
  1557. What a Moronic Presidential Press Conference!
  1558. US oil output hit by new problems at Prudhoe Bay
  1559. Diocese Punishes Work of Mercy
  1560. Evolution Major Vanishes From Approved Federal List
  1561. Germany announces plans to deliver two submarines to Israel (For their nuclear missles)
  1562. Refuse to be Terrorized
  1563. Giuliani Aide Found Strangled in Manhattan
  1564. Saddam trial adjourned till September 11th
  1565. Congressional hopeful says 9/11 attacks were a hoax
  1566. Dirty War for Control of the Media in Oaxaca
  1567. The Men Who Knew Too Much? NSA Wiretapping Whistleblowers Found Dead in Italy and Greece
  1568. TSCRA: Cattle Groups Ask For Immediate Disaster Relief
  1569. Lebanese children victims of unexploded cluster bombs
  1570. Bush's New Iraq Argument: It Could Be Worse (Just wait)
  1571. The Attack on Cynthia McKinney
  1572. Still No Info on Terror War's 'Ghost Detainees'
  1573. LEBANON: Bush, Israel -- the real terrorists
  1574. CRTC asked to block access to U.S. websites (Convenient for killing free speech, no?)
  1575. Mysterious Gaza kidnapping stirs U.S. media debate
  1576. Wasp bound for Lebanon (This should even more interesting)
  1577. Syria warns over UN peacekeepers
  1578. Bible Publisher Tyndale House Faces Boycott Over Anti-Christian Game (LOL)
  1579. Police crack down on striptease funerals (Spoilsports!)
  1580. Israel Adds 2 Nuclear-Capable Submarines (Are we paying attention?)
  1581. Cease-fire collapse could draw other militias into the conflict (Yes)
  1582. Michael Collins: Political Free-Fall In The USA
  1583. Russia Overtakes Saudi Arabia as World's Leading Oil Producer (Are we paying attention?)
  1584. The Lincoln Cult&#-11;&#-11;&#-11;s Latest Cover-Up by Thomas DiLorenzo (READ)
  1585. US dismisses Syrian objections (but Syria can still close its own border)
  1586. Human rights organization warns of humanitarian catastrophe in Gaza Strip (How long has this been obvious? The catastrophe is genocide)
  1587. Texas Sheriffs Say Terrorists Entering US from Mexico (What do slobbering bubbas know about Arabic or Farsi?)
  1588. 'I Believe The Dollar Is Doomed' (It was planned that way, dumdum)
  1589. Russia spins global energy spider's web (More than one way to skin a cat? Frist missed this lecture)
  1590. The new axis of intervention (READ)
  1591. JUST LIKE MAGIC!!!! (Another Israeli false flag operation)
  1592. Recession will be nasty and deep, economist says (Deeper than you can possibly imagine)
  1593. Rove blasts warrantless wiretapping decision (The Stand up comic)
  1594. Israel Helicopters, Tanks Move Into Gaza (Continuing genocide)
  1595. Peretz Orders IDF Back to State of Alert (They're going to do it again)
  1596. Leak Investigation Ordered (Do we believe the surface of this?)
  1597. Suspicious Powder Called Corn Starch (Just like Frist's hoax)
  1598. Poll: GOP up after terror arrests (fabrication)
  1599. Two bomb plot suspects freed (another hoax)
  1600. Hizbollah's reconstruction of Lebanon is winning the loyalty of disaffected Shia
  1601. Germany announces plans to deliver two [nuclear delivering] submarines to Israel
  1602. Soldier Killed in Iraq (War is hell: don't start them)
  1603. Fifteen killed in Iraq violence (More of same: go home where you belong, and you won't be killed)
  1604. Troops kill boy, 10, after Afghan attack (It's easier than killing grown men, and it gives them a sense of accomplishment)
  1605. Witness: Taliban dead may be civilians (Is this supposed to be unusual?)
  1606. U.S.: 7 'Operatives' Killed in Afghanistan (fabrication)
  1607. US Marine call-up signals a long war (we already knew that)
  1608. Implanted Chips in Our Troops? (Corpagov fascism)
  1609. Some in G.O.P. Say Iran Threat Is Played Down (because there is none)
  1610. U.S. Spy Agencies Criticized On Iran (diversionary bullshit)
  1611. Report rips U.S. intelligence on Iran (not US fascist regime?)
  1612. Bush Ensured Iran Offer Would Be Rejected (An obviousness)
  1613. U.S. Cold War gift: Iran nuclear plant (just as it was with Iraq)
  1614. Christopher Brauchli: Consider the Uighurs (US terrorism breeds terrorists)
  1615. Seth Sandronsky: The Maloof Tax (The absurdity of the US, and why it is already dead)
  1616. American Responsibility and Palestine (The US is irresponsible and unaccountable - an axis of evil unto itself)
  1617. Norman Solomon: The Mythical End of the Politics of Fear
  1618. Nermeen al-Mufti: an Interview with Noam Chomsky (READ - also between the lines)
  1619. Uri Avnery: Good Morning, Elijahu! (Avnery need never apologize for his irony)
  1620. CounterPunch News Service: Penis Pump or Bomb? (Yes, remarkably stupid nation)
  1621. CIA Veteran Offers Grim Assessment of "War on Terror"
  1622. Louisiana Levees Not Ready for Another Katrina (What else is new?)
  1623. Once-Powerful Christian Coalition Is Falling Apart (LOL - anything put together ...)
  1624. NOW | Congressional Corruption ("There is no native criminal class except Congress" - Twain)
  1625. No Bid Required on 70 Percent of Katrina Contracts (Are we paying attention?)
  1626. France pledges 1,600 more troops for Lebanon
  1627. US Warns of 'Expedited' Effort to Sanction Iran (Fools!)
  1628. Threat of military action hangs over escalating tensions with Iran (At your fucking peril)
  1629. Fears US is 'playing down' Iran threat (What threat, moron?)
  1630. China jails activist who exposed birth control abuses
  1631. Blind Chinese activist sentenced to 4 years in prison
  1632. 1,000 evacuated after Louisiana bomb plant blasts
  1633. Tory MP spoke to rally of group on terrorist list (So many people branded terrorists by fascist asshole, you need a daily score card)
  1634. New Yorker arrested for broadcasting Hizbollah TV (Terrorists don't allow broadcasting Hisbollah TV)
  1635. Jet alert suspects 'to be freed' (Turns out they weren't "acting suspiciously" after all - get brains, and grow up, people)
  1636. Homeland security moving to classrooms (in Pukevile)
  1637. Airline Insanity Merely A Beta Test For Police State Caste System (Same old, same old - starting with grand hoax of 9/11)
  1638. How Flawed is US Intel on Iran? (as flawed as the nitwits fabricating it as excuse to attack Iran)
  1639. 12 detained in Amsterdam are Mumbai-born
  1640. The Quiet before the Sanctions
  1641. What's Really Driving the Fox News Kidnapping (Being as they are Mossad and not Palestinian)
  1642. Inquiry Opened Into Israeli Use of U.S. Bombs (An exercise in mendacity)
  1643. An official secrets act might keep Congress in the dark (READ)
  1644. Kristol: We Could Be In A Military Confrontation With Iran Much Sooner Than People Expect (Give him a gun, and him invade Iran)
  1645. Family Time at Kennebunkport (Maybe he can fish well? That's something)
  1646. Approving Use of Wiretap, Judge Deals Blow to Free Press
  1647. Russia and Central Asian Allies Conduct War Games in Response to US Threats (i.e., don't even think about attacking Iran or Syria)
  1648. Shays Urges Iraq Withdrawal (Rats abandoning ship)
  1649. Labour members quit over party's Lebanon policy
  1650. Turmoil in Oaxaca: A revolution in the making (READ)
  1651. Russia rejects sanctions against Iran (of course)
  1652. As August 22nd Ends, Doomsday Neo-Cons Shamed Again
  1653. Republican Congressional Report on Iran Riddled With Errors (Not errors, fabrications and lies)
  1654. Housing Gets Ugly
  1655. Israel feels US will not attack Iran (Cruising for a mortal bruising)
  1656. Fear mustn't be driving force in U.S. (READ)
  1657. This is TV news? - The Boston Globe
  1658. Rothman supports inquiry to impeach Bush (NJ)
  1659. The Bush administration's backdoor draft
  1660. A global problem: How to avoid war over water (READ)
  1661. Bush revamps anti-terrorism message (Ramping up fictional terrorism)
  1662. Black students ordered to give up seats to whites (??)
  1663. Beating the Drums of War. US Troop Build-up: Army & Marines authorize "Involuntary Conscription"
  1664. GOP candidate says 9/11 attacks were a hoax
  1665. News Hounds: Republican Guest Suggests Implementing "Universal Service" to "Put Us On a War Footing" (READ)
  1666. Election of Alabama lesbian overturned by committee (READ: your votes mean exactly nothing)
  1667. Airline Insanity Merely A Beta Test For Police State Caste System (READ)
  1668. Katherine Harris: Separation of church and state 'a lie': (Miss Superscum Vote Rigger Treasoner Speaks)
  1669. "If You Want To Win An Election, Just Control The Voting Machines"
  1670. Hezbollah might "respond" to Israeli ceasefire breaches, says MP
  1671. The Central Global Threat of Violence: The Axis of Aggression, the United States and Israel Torture, Death and Devastation
  1672. Bush and Saddam Should Both Stand Trial, Says Nuremberg Prosecutor
  1673. Most Israelis want prime minister to resign (He wasn't aggressive enough)
  1674. Local Iraq Vet Says He Has 'New' Agent Orange (That's DU)
  1675. A Tale of Two Crises: Lebanon Rebuilds, New Orleans Waits
  1676. Israel Prepares for the Next War (that it will start, as it always has)
  1677. The Rabbinical Council of America suggests harsher preemptive war on Israel's opponents(They don't even see this as a sick joke)
  1678. Government Uses New 'CyberBug' Aircraft (READ)
  1679. America: Freedom to Fascism (READ)
  1680. Bush to anti-war widow: "There was no point in us having a philosophical discussion about the pros and cons of the war"
  1681. Kevin Zeese for U.S. Senate - Home
  1682. Video - Gaza After Disengagement
  1683. Exclusive: Whistleblowers Say State Farm Cheated Katrina Victims (Like saying bears shit in the woods; SF is a racketeering institution)
  1684. Europe Will Provide Half of Peacekeepers
  1685. How Paranoid Can We Get? by Tom Chartier (READ)
  1686. New York Man Charged With Enabling Hezbollah Television Broadcasts (while Faux News lives?)
  1687. Turkey: Police brutality intensifies along with the political crisis
  1688. Run-off ballot in the Congo
  1689. The aftermath of the US-Israeli offensive against Lebanon
  1690. Amnesty International details Israeli war crimes in Lebanon
  1691. US-installed regime begins second Saddam Hussein show trial
  1692. Gangster Diplomacy: Elliot Abrams in Jerusalem
  1693. Claudio Albertani: Mexico Piquetero (READ)
  1694. How Lebanese Civilians Thwarted Israel's War Plans
  1695. Chris Moore: A Religious Motive for Iraq War Deceptions? (READ)
  1696. Juan Cole: Iran's Nuclear "Threat" (READ)
  1697. War Profiteer Blackwater Faces Wrongful Death Trial (Not murder?)
  1698. Botched Katrina Response Still Haunts Bush
  1699. Sarah Olson | Lieutenant Watada Should Be Prosecuted, Article 32 Hearing Finds
  1700. Chris Floyd | Judicial Cover for Crony Contractors
  1701. Bush Administration Opposes Integration Plans
  1702. British Leave Iraqi Base; Militia Supporters Jubilant
  1703. Chirac's Offer Breaks Impasse on Lebanon Peacekeepers
  1704. GOP Slips as a Friend of Catholics and Evangelical Protestants
  1705. Suicides (after Iraq deployment) trouble Japanese military
  1706. Man strip searched for packing overactive thyroid gland (Lunatic governments) 03:41:16 up 66 days, 9:47, 13 users, load average: 0.00, 0.00, 0.00 USER TTY LOGIN@ IDLE JCPU PCPU WHAT
  1707. New Orleans Awaits Billions in Fed Aid (while Israel gets WMDs on demand)
  1708. Hamas VII - An Israeli War Crime Goes Septic
  1709. Target Iran - Here We Go Again (READ)
  1710. Halutz names officer to prepare for possible war with Iran (that Israel will initiate)
  1711. Dynamite in the luggage? No big deal! (Bizarre)
  1712. Diebold voting machine failures strike again in Alaska
  1713. September 11th Revisited: Were explosives used? (Yes, next question?)
  1714. Engineers warned BP of Alaskan crisis two years ago
  1715. 1,000 evacuated after Louisiana bomb plant blasts (Gummint hoax - they're closing in)
  1716. Venezuelan Troops Seize Bags of U.S. Diplomats
  1717. EU nations pledge 7,000 Lebanon troops
  1718. Bush loses House ally over policy on Iraq withdrawal
  1719. Gen. Batiste: Rumsfeld 'Served Up Our Great Military A Huge Bowl of Chicken Feces'
  1720. CBS, NBC Clean Up Bush's 'Happy' Talk (You betcha!)
  1721. 'I can't go to Iraq. I can't kill those children' - Suicide soldier's dying words to his mother
  1722. Marines face death over Iraq killing (Oh sure - right - as if)
  1723. BellSouth, Speakeasy join Verizon on Bogus 'Fees' (READ)
  1724. Knife Found On Airplane Bound For Connecticut (Babbling)
  1725. Conn. College Student Detained At Houston Airport (Bullshit)
  1726. Stick of Dynamite Found Aboard Plane (Bullshit)
  1727. Aer Lingus flight from N.Y. evacuated (More bullshit)
  1728. American Airlines jet diverted (Bullshit)
  1729. Companies Change Kids Drinks In Cancer Debate
  1730. The Cheney presidency (READ)
  1731. El Salvador to move embassy from Jerusalem
  1732. Blair's ID card plan undermined by security breaches (Needs more undermining)
  1733. Beirut rejects deployment of UN troops on border with Syria (An essential position to take)
  1734. Intelligence on Iran being "Fixed" by Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld - Just like on Iraq (Naturally)
  1735. Clueless and Catastrophic (Catastrophic is exactly what the neocons want)
  1736. Hoekstra's Hoax: Hyping Up the Iran 'Threat' - by Ray McGovern (READ)
  1737. Ore. sailor faces espionage charges (Ariel J. Weinmann, spying for WHAT country?!)
  1738. Defying U.N., Iran Opens Nuclear Reactor (Defying neither UN, nor Non Proliferation Treaty)
  1739. Israel 'waging economic war on Lebanon' (through torture)
  1740. Cluster bombs continue to kill after ceasefire
  1741. mparent7777: MAUREEN DOWD : Junior Needs a Spanking
  1742. Al-Eiman University has a cure for AIDS (maybe)
  1743. Get Sick, Go Broke (All insurers are racketeers)
  1744. Guilty plea in kickback scheme (in Iraq)
  1745. Appeasement and War on Iran (Assumption is that neocons care about losses: the losses are not theirs)
  1746. Senator puts 'secret hold' on bill to open federal records (Criminal Congress)
  1747. The White Elephant Fleet (READ)
  1748. Bill for depleted- uranium screening passes California Senate (READ)
  1749. U.S. May Curb Iran (Neocons design is to destroy the US, and have done an irreversible job already)
  1750. Those opposed to nuclear annihilation are appeasers and guilty of "handwringing" (speaking of designed annihilation)
  1751. China And Russia To Launch Joint Mission To Mars (If we all live that long)
  1752. 9/11 Press for Truth (Video documentary)
  1753. The Liquid Bomb Hoax: The Larger Implications
  1754. FBI: Brooklyn HDTV company provided users with 'Hezbollah TV' (But there are things we are not allowed to see!)
  1755. TRAPPED ON FLIGHT 63 (So, you really want to fly the abusive skies of torture?)
  1756. Why Bush will Choose War Against Iran (Close enough)
  1757. Central Bank: Russians Dump Dollar For Ruble In 1st Half - Agency (An intelligent and necessary move)
  1758. How Washington Goaded Israel Into War (? - completely ignoring the "Loby" that controls the US, he gets it backwards)
  1759. Slayer of Rudy's ex-aide took keys, phone, laptop
  1760. War Widow To Bush: "You're Here To Serve The People. And The People Are Not Being Served With This War.
  1761. U.S. built major Iranian nuclear facility (Remember the Shah?)
  1762. Former Burns (R-MT) Finance Official Accused of Fraud
  1763. Spain defies European Commission on energy company sell-off
  1764. Bush reaffirms support for Pakistani dictator
  1765. One year since Hurricane Katrina: the rebuilding of Mississippi's Gulf Coast
  1766. Britain: questions remain over alleged terror plot (What question? It was a deliberate hoax, a complete fabrication)
  1767. The political foundations for the struggle against militarism and war
  1768. Mary Turck: Elections and Lessons from Mexico
  1769. Stephen Fleischman: The Reptilian Brain of George W. Bush (Someone else approaches the real bottom line)
  1770. Joe Allen: Free Gary Tyler
  1771. The Lebanon Ceasefire and the Coming Assault on Iran - Garrt Leupp (READ)
  1772. Azmi Bishara: Israel at a Loss
  1773. Alexander Cockburn: Israel is on the Slide (READ)
  1774. Europe Will Provide Half of Lebanon Peacekeepers (or less, thus thwarting Israel's nefarious plans in attacking Iran)
  1775. US Preparing to Go It Alone on Iran (Maybe, but with a good chance of backfire of unwanted consequences)
  1776. NATO Pilots Accused of Killing Afghan Children
  1777. "Non-Combatant" Lieberman Won't Back Democratic Candidates
  1778. Hezbollah Expected "Limited Damage"
  1779. Haniya says he was promised that abducted journalists won't be hurt
  1780. Bush Pledges to Rebuild Gulf Coast, Stay Until `Job Is Done' (Right - sure)
  1781. Judge Bars Strike by Northwest Attendants (Enslavement?)
  1782. Diplomatic row over detention of Indians in Netherlands
  1783. Indians were treated inhumanely: Dutch passenger
  1784. Ahmadinejad: Iran poses no threat to 'Zionist regime'
  1785. The Raw Story | State Farm calls ABC's 20/20 report that it cheated Katrina victims 'grossly unfair'(LMAO)
  1786. Homeowners decked by Katrina still wait for insurers to pay up
  1787. Widespread Fraud by Insurers over Storm Damage Alleged (It's what they do: insurers are professional frauds)
  1788. Uranium Enrichment (A little reality contra stupid journalists)
  1789. Chad expels oil firms (Shall we invade Chad also?)
  1790. Old theory, new doubt (JFK and farcical Warren commission)
  1791. Witnesses: Israel strikes Reuters car
  1792. Navy debuts its newest nuclear-powered submarine (So thrilled, I could shit)
  1793. Defiant Iran unveils heavy-water plant (Ooooooooo)
  1794. Russia key to Tehran's cockiness
  1795. EU Pledges 7,000 Troops to UNIFIL
  1796. Aljazeera.Net - Chad orders oil giants to leave
  1797. Rumsfeld Defends Extended Tours in Iraq (along with torturing children and genocide)
  1798. UN: Israel Used Illegal Cluster Bombs In Lebanon
  1799. Protesters Intrude on Bush's Trip to Maine
  1800. Another miserable milestone for Bush's war (longer than US in WWII)
  1801. Key U.S. legislator says will block aid to Lebanon (Tom wacko Lantos)
  1802. Russia could quit ballistic treaty ("when necessary" - US already has)
  1803. Seized journalists freed in Gaza
  1804. Where Bush's arrogance has taken us
  1805. The ceasefire that isn't (Remember?)
  1806. Hunting monsters in Jerusalem (The best scenario)
  1807. Israeli general plots war with Iran (That's AGAINST Iran, of course)
  1808. MEXICO: Antigovernment protesters seize 12 private radio stations
  1809. NY 911 Truth - 2006 5th Anniversary (NYC events 9/8 - 9/11)
  1810. Ahmadinejad: We are Not a Threat to Any Country, Including Israel
  1813. You wouldnt catch me dead in Iraq
  1814. Professor's 9/11 theories outrage NH leaders (All Reptorepugs)
  1815. Will Your Neighbors Have Your Back? (READ)
  1816. The Death of The Internet? (READ)
  1817. Harper Gov't. Popularity Plummets Over Israel Support (Canada)
  1818. Israel may exchange prisoners (Now, an exchange?!)
  1819. News on a Platter (from Israel for journalists)
  1820. Experts warn U.S. is coming apart at the seams (It's already irredeemably apart at the seams)
  1821. "Folks, We Are Being Set Up Again!" (Every day, in every way)
  1822. Damn Interesting &#-11;&#-11; Operation Acoustic Kitty
  1823. One killed in attack on striking teachers in Mexico
  1824. Modest Proposal: Waterboard Congress (Sounds good to me)
  1825. Scoop: Congressional Election Nullified &#-11;&#-11;&#-11; Nobody Noticed (READ)
  1826. Lost in the Fog: Israel Kidnaps Journalists Too
  1827. Rumsfeld: Troops' families have no reason to be mad (loopy insolence)
  1828. Not So Clean Break (READ)
  1829. Rafiq Hariri, RIP (His assassination got Syria out of Lebanon, making it conveniently vulnerable to attack)
  1830. Another Spy Story Suppressed to Save Israel (Ariel J. Weinmann)
  1831. U.S. Rice Supply Contaminated
  1832. Rice contaminated by GM has been on sale for months
  1833. Leading Iraq archaeologist flees (Donny George)
  1834. Bombs in Iraq kill at least 18, wound dozens (US Deathsquads)
  1835. Israel air force chief to plan war on Iran
  1836. UN unlikely to punish Iran -- experts (very unlikely)
  1837. Annan set to visit Iran
  1838. Iran is Going Nuclear, the UN Can't Stop It
  1839. US eyeing sanctions with UN divide likely (The consequences of that should be fun)
  1840. Pakistan hit by riots after tribal killing
  1841. Pak forces kill Baloch leader Bugti
  1842. Quetta in flames, rioters defy curfew
  1843. FL-SEN: Harris: Failure To Elect Christians Will "Legislate Sin"
  1844. Harris tries to douse furor over remarks to Baptists
  1845. Harris backpedals following uproar
  1846. Harris attempts to defuse controversy
  1847. Harris' comments on religion draw criticism
  1848. Goodbye Katherine Harris (She should be jailed for treason)
  1849. Another Flight Disrupted By Security Concern
  1850. FAA extends flight limits at O`Hare
  1851. Chad's President Suspends 3 Ministers
  1852. "Ethical" embryo stem cells still horrify Vatican (Anything not of the Dark Ages horrifies the Vatican)
  1853. 'Prisoner file has been opened': says Nasrallah (Roundup)
  1854. Nasrallah says he did not want war (But Israel had already planned it with US)
  1855. Hezbollah: Prisoner swap talks to start
  1856. Executive order 12803 (READ: Bush loots the nation)
  1857. 1993 World Trade Center bombing evidence suppressed by chief federal presecutors in case -- Patrick J. Fitzgerald and Michael Chertoff
  1858. Humbling of the supertroops shatters Israeli army morale
  1859. Bush 'palace' shielded from Iraqi storm
  1860. Harris Clarifies Comments on Religion (So happy to hear her lie again)
  1861. Did Bush Keep Katrina Promises? (No, next question?)
  1862. Italian banks to merge and form country's biggest
  1863. Then, They Came for the Professors.
  1864. Gov. Bush declares state of emergency (It's under martial law since days before 9/11/2001)
  1865. Election Nullification II: Speaker of House had Special Source for Election "Certification"
  1866. Brace yourself for health-insurance changes
  1867. Pope prepares to embrace theory of intelligent design (Funny, when he's a counterexample)
  1868. Klansman Reinstated As State Trooper
  1869. 'Bin brother' fear over wheelie tag
  1870. Curfew order for Jack Thomas (AU)
  1871. Hicks won't face death penalty: ambassador (State Terrorism)
  1872. Israeli missile strikes the "P" of bright red "PRESS" sign on roof of Reuters car)
  1873. JTF Lebanon Establishes Air-Land and Sea Task Forces
  1874. Venezuela and the U.S. quarrel over seized cargo
  1875. U.S. Officials Say Venezuela Knew Military Equipment Was in Seized Cargo (Yeah - so, your sniveling point would be?)
  1876. Powell's deputy 'leaked name of CIA agent' (LOL)
  1877. Rumsfeld Cautions on Missile Shield (A missle attack from N Korea?!!)
  1878. UK soldier killed in Afghanistan (BFD)
  1879. Bombs in Iraq kill at least 18, wound dozens
  1880. 'Democracy is under attack': Gore (Thank you for noticing)
  1881. Senator who put 'secret hold' on bill to open federal records is a secret, too
  1882. Baluchs vent anger at Bugti death
  1883. No victor emerged from Lebanon war (Maybe not, but th big loser was Israel)
  1884. Harris attempts to defuse controversy (that her stupid mouth created)
  1886. Year After Katrina, Bush Still Fights for [False] 9/11 Image
  1887. AP Poll says most Americans think nation not ready for disaster (We have one in this misadministration)
  1888. Vaccines under way (Woth or without thimerisol)
  1889. Vietnam finds bird flu in poultry for second time this month (or not)
  1890. Wider access to pill changes everything (The blatancy of demonic Puritanism)
  1891. North Korea no threat to south: Rumsfeld (What do you think Iran has warehouses of?)
  1892. "Nuke 'em" Rumsfeld eyes ICBMs in terror war
  1893. Washington Post Doesn't Answer Why No Bin Laden 9/11 Indictment
  1895. Prophets, Priests, Kings and CEOs - Can the Problem Be Mental Illness?
  1896. Bush's backdoor draft another sign of strain
  1897. GAO: Anti-Drug Ads Ineffective (Not supposed to be: CIA would be destitute)
  1898. Conspiracy Nuts And 9/11
  1899. Rumsfeld eyes ICBMs in terror war
  1900. Patent Fight Rattles Academic Computing (Absurd)
  1901. America's infrastructure fire sale (Government Looting the US)
  1902. Political Cortex: The 9/11 Chronicles: Destroying a Crime Scene (READ)
  1903. Troops use up ammo as war with Taliban claims 14th life
  1904. Violence Kills Dozens in Iraq, Including Eight U.S. Troops
  1905. Bush may not like the new Mideast (Unexpected consequences become the rule)
  1906. Cheney can't scare me anymore (READ)
  1907. Spanish firm to build and run new PFI toll road in Texas (READ)
  1908. British ambassador explains troop movement near Iraq-Iran border (You know it's a lie)
  1909. 'Defense demands could set standard of living back 20 years' (Israel)
  1910. Will the US Again Attack Iran This Time Without Saddam? - by Chris Moore
  1911. War's lessons: State to supply food, drugs in wartime (Ramping up to do it again)
  1912. Israel itching to finish the job (They will have to be taught the lesson again)
  1913. On the anniversary of Katrina: why Hezbollah does what Bush wouldn't
  1914. US vs. Iran - Is An Attack Inevitable? (READ)
  1915. Bin Laden, Most Wanted For Embassy Bombings? (READ, and have a good laugh)
  1916. The biggest story not online (There's a delay in fabricating the evidence)
  1917. Rumsfeld Unsure of Ability to Intercept Korean Missiles (Smoke and mirrors aren't even there)
  1918. Bomb detonates near Iraq's newspaper offices (US deathsquads)
  1919. Bush administration intervenes to block Northwest flight attendants' strike
  1920. Australia: The torture of Jack Thomas
  1921. Germany: Democratic rights under attack following arrest of alleged bombers
  1922. Detroit teachers strike against concessions
  1923. Hurricane Katrina's aftermath: from natural disaster to national humiliation
  1924. US spy agencies pressed for "intelligence" to justify war against Iran (Just like Iraq)
  1925. Uri Avnery: America's Rottweiler (READ)
  1926. Virginia Tilley: Putting Words in Ahmadinejad's Mouth (READ!)
  1927. Gideon Levy: Fed Up with Whiners (READ)
  1928. Ramzy Kysia: For Israel's Security?
  1929. Hillary Clinton: a Fool's Vessel
  1930. John Walsh: The Lobby Takes a Second Hit
  1931. Fed Helped Fuel Own Inflation Headache: Hubbard (Fed is what CREATES inflation)
  1932. Military Lawyers Oppose Use of Secret Evidence in Tribunals
  1933. Real Wages Fail to Match a Rise in Productivity (Babbling)
  1934. FEMA Head: "White House Told Me to Lie"
  1935. Few Troops Tried in Deaths of Iraqi Civilians (Just enough for a sham show)
  1936. Iran's Chemical Wounds Remain Open and Painful (READ)
  1937. Secret Senator Puts "Secret Hold" on Bill to Open Federal Records
  1938. NEWS ANALYSIS / Iraq war has Bush Doctrine in tatters
  1939. Annan urges handover of captive Israeli soldiers
  1940. UN seeks release of soldiers and end to blockade (and the long running Gaza blockade?_)
  1941. Annan calls for release of Israeli soldiers (and Israel to rebuild Lebanon?)
  1942. Annan calls on Israel to lift its blockade on Lebanon (Roundup)
  1943. Hizbollah loyalists jeer Annan on Beirut walkabout
  1944. Annan presses Hezbollah to free soldiers (and Israel to free all its captured Labanese and Palestinians?)
  1945. Renewed violence in Balochistan
  1946. Baluch riots continue in Pakistan
  1947. Mahdi army: no mercy, no trial
  1948. Olmert Rejects Full War Inquiry As Unnecessary 'Luxury' (LOL)
  1949. Two Iraqi units have refused deployment
  1950. Harris clarifies statements on religion (Stupid whore)
  1952. AIPAC urges U.S. to shut Iranian Web site (Whatever Lola wants, Lola gets?)
  1953. Rumsfeld defends Iraq (A determined enemy of US is Rumsfeld)
  1954. Turkey told EU talks will halt unless Cyprus deal is agreed
  1955. Turkey threatens to pull out of EU talks (Actually, a good thing)
  1956. Canada's Nuclear Do or Die (READ: more than you expect)
  1957. Controlling the Masses: From Religion to Bernaise (READ)
  1958. Shocking election-theft testimony
  1959. DNA rules out man who said he killed JonBenet (Now is this idiocy over and done with?)
  1960. Help defend free speech! (UK)
  1961. Court told votes don't have to be counted, certified (Oh - gee - well - OK)
  1962. 71-Year-Old Guantanamo Detainee Released (Absurdities)
  1963. Rumsfeld says terrorists manipulate media (LMAO - HE is a major terrorist)
  1964. Early Iraq pullout "ruinous" to U.S. security: Cheney (Speaking of terrorists)
  1965. Cindy Sheehan: Celebrating Irrelevancy!
  1966. Iran's President Wants Debate With Bush (LMAO: University prof. meets US national idiot)
  1967. 9/11 conspiracies are a crying shame (Chicagotribune is the crying shame)
  1968. Pronouncing Blame on the Israel Lobby (Dana Milbank going hysterical)
  1969. On Point: 9/11 theories burst (The trolls coming from under their rocks)
  1970. Army: Doubting Official 9/11 Story Is Disloyal To The United States (Official trolls creating a religious orthodoxy of contradictions)
  1971. Publisher mulls sale of papers in favor of Web focus
  1972. Bush Cites Progress in Gulf Coast Visit (He cites progress in Iraq and Lebanon also, so we know what progress is)
  1973. Rumsfeld: Terrorists Manipulating Media (He being a world class terrorist)
  1974. Local Republicans May Begin to Back Lieberman (So you know what Lieberbush is)
  1975. U.N. chief criticizes Israel, Hezbollah (He tried just Israel, but was forced to apologize!)
  1976. Lynch calls teacher's theories crazy as UNH stands behind 9/11 prof (Do we believe in Freedom of Speech?)
  1977. Northern Great Plains falls into Dust Bowl conditions (cyclicities?)
  1978. The Big Lie About 'Islamic Fascism' (like it is babbling with no meaning)
  1979. With Kazakh's Visit, Bush Priorities Clash (No clash, W is no friend of democratic government)
  1980. Russia refuses to fight terrorism with intercontinental ballistic missiles
  1981. Bush's dilemma over Iran - and his final option (I'll say final - very final)
  1982. Cheney Chooses Chief Propagator of False Iraq-9/11 Link To Be Official Biographer (You could have guessed that)
  1983. Stalin and the Ukranian Massacre (READ)
  1984. SKY NEWS' dirty tricks (played on Galloway)
  1985. Gaza hit hard by Israel offensive (continuing genocide)
  1986. Karr Cleared in JonBenet Case -- After Media Frenzy (diverting from Gaza and Lebanon)
  1987. Mexico court backs election (What did you expect?!)
  1988. At least 100 die as militia force Iraqi troops out of town (Progress?)
  1989. US attorney general discusses interrogation tactics in Iraqs (You ARE supposed to swallow this slime)
  1990. US renews threat of unilateral sanctions against Iran (Iraqizing Iran)
  1991. Today's 'Islamic Fascists' Were Yesterday's Friends
  1992. Bush White House to be subpoenaed by wiretap lawyers (He'll just say "n" and Gonzo will agree)
  1993. 'Lebanon will be rebuilt before New Orleans is', if either are in our lifetimes)
  1994. Think Progress &#-11;&#-11; Rumsfeld on Iraq War Critics: &#-11;&#-11;&#-11;Quitters&#-11;&#-11;&#-11; Who &#-11;&#-11;&#-11;Blame America First&#-11;&#-11;&#-11; And &#-11;&#-11;&#-11;Cannot Stomach A Tough Fi(He means a tough genocide)
  1995. The Live Free or Die State? (Not according to its governor)
  1996. North American Union (READ)
  1997. SAT Score Drop Is Biggest in 31 Years (Unsurprising)
  1998. FLASHBACK: Omar Al-Faruq Recruited by The CIA
  1999. Pay No Attention to The Soldier Saying the Government is Lying about 9-11 (READ)
  2000. Why it's not working in Afghanistan ("It" is subjugation, and even Alexander didn't quite do it)
  2001. The Raw Story | Senate moves to give Bush more power to wiretap
  2002. New website focuses on anti-war candidates!
  2003. Unpaid Katrina tab has Guard hurting
  2004. Twenty Things We Now Know Five Years After 9/11
  2005. Rumsfeld Lashes Out at Bush's Critics (National Terr'ist Speaks)
  2006. Mass protests by Turkish farmers
  2007. Australia: Job insecurity increases, despite falling official unemployment rate (The official rate is a lie)
  2008. Guant&#-11;&#-11;namo prisoner released Role of Germany's former SPD-Green government in Murat Kurnaz's detention
  2009. New threats against Detroit teachers as strike begins
  2010. What the debate in India over the US nuclear pact shows (READ)
  2011. Israel maintains offensive in Gaza and the West Bank (Offensiveness is its middle name)
  2012. FBI arrests in US and Canada signal Washington's backing for war against LTTE
  2013. Mexico's election tribunal denies Lop&#-11;&#-11;z Obrador's challenge to July vote
  2014. The Gulf Coast one year later: Indices of a social disaster
  2015. One year since Hurricane Katrina: New Orleans left to rot (This is Bush's progress)
  2016. Bush Turns His Terror War on the Homeland (He actually did from the very start)
  2017. Amira Hass: The Accidental Immigrant
  2018. Detroit Teachers Strike Again
  2019. J'Accuse: the Media and Jonbenet Ramsey
  2020. James Brooks: The US Peace Movement and Hezbollah (READ twice)
  2021. Dave Lindorff: War? What War?
  2022. Human Rights and the Realities of Returning to New Orleans: Lip Service and Profiteering
  2023. Saul Landau: Misreading Cuba, for 47 and a Half Years
  2024. Mexico's Conservative Near Win as Court Backs Vote (But, it's not over yet)
  2025. Judge Blocks Florida Voter Registration Law (Not all news is bad)
  2026. Iraqi Soldiers Refuse to Go to Baghdad, Defying Order
  2027. Kerry Finally Slams Ken Blackwell (Having "missed" when it would have counted)
  2028. Republican Report Hypes Iran Threat (Predictable)
  2029. The Irresistible "Talibanization" of Pakistan's Tribal Zones
  2030. Rove Still Holds Influence With GOP Despite Scandal (So does Perle; you just don't hear about it)
  2031. Gulf Coast Mourns One Year After Katrina
  2032. US Data Show One in Eight Americans in Poverty (An official underestimate)
  2033. In-flight kung fu for Chinese airline (Not a bad idea)
  2034. Christian zealots destroy ancient Arctic petroglyphs (A very sick species indeed)
  2035. Fluorescent Green Rat Sperm (It's what's for dinner!)
  2036. Fossils of new dinosaur species found in Brazil
  2037. Nuclear War Begins September 12 2006, according to The House of Yahweh (loonies)
  2038. Annan: Lebanon blockade a humiliation
  2039. Annan Calls on Israel to End Blockade
  2040. Thirteenth suspect charged in 'terror plot' (What terror plot? The hoax?)
  2041. Bush in New Orleans for Katrina Anniversary (An affront to all decency)
  2042. Reid: 'Rumsfeld doesn't get it (Um - Rumsfeld is just a deliberate fucking liar)
  2043. Study: Working Too Much Leads To High Blood Pressure (No, that isn't what it says at all, dumdum)
  2044. Sudan Shuns US Plea for UN Force in Darfur
  2045. Top US diplomat snubbed over Darfur
  2046. Murder Cover Up in Sarasota County, Florida - Sheriff's Office
  2047. CIA used 'micro nuclear' bomb in Bali: Bashir - World - smh.com.au (possible?)
  2048. Annan: Israel is Greatest Violator of Cease-Fire
  2049. If You Get Your News From the Corporate Media: Just Shut Up and Listen!!!
  2050. Judge rejects Bush decision on pesticides
  2051. Former GOP VP Candidate to Campaign For Lieberman
  2052. Nobel winner Mahfouz dies at 94 (and the world is made poorer yet)
  2053. UN tells Israel to lift blockade (Israel has defied all UN resolutions)
  2054. Annan Calls on Israel to End Blockade (Israel, as usual, will do as it fucking pleases)
  2055. Fed (a private bank) anxious not to kill (the illusion of) growth - minutes
  2056. New Minutes Show a More Fractured Fed (Willanybody get real about this unconstitutional thing?)
  2057. Fed Minutes Buoy Investors (LMAO)
  2058. To curb Iran's nuclear aims, US can go beyond carrots and sticks (WWIII)
  2059. Brits lay more terrorism charges (More hoaxes)
  2060. The Big Question: Who is behind the bombings in Turkey, and what do they want? (What are governments. and why are they permitted to exist?)
  2061. Resolve praised: Rumsfeld urges veterans to set the media straight (Rumsfeld is a myth and distortion)
  2062. Rumsfeld Heightens Attacks on Bush Critics (Loudmouth lying asshole)
  2063. US looks at whether BP manipulated oil, gas market (Oh yeah - right - sure)
  2064. BP faces new trading investigation (Oh sure it does; tell me another one)
  2065. Crude oil futures fall below $US70 (This is "futures" remember, not oil price)
  2066. Amazon Begins Selling Windows Vista (You actually want to but this piece of shit?!)
  2067. Waistlines swelling in Utah, US (What are they putting in the food?)
  2068. Americans growing fatter and fatter (Carbs - it's all they can afford)
  2069. Waistlines continue to grow in US (Ditto)
  2070. Mental Health Woes Doubled After Katrina (US psych since 2000)
  2071. Texas seniors' SAT scores still below US peers (Especially TX)
  2072. Bush says federal commitment to NO endures (He lies a lot)
  2073. Can you really not see? (READ)
  2074. UNH provost says no students complained about prof's 9-11 views
  2075. Media Gatekeeper Reviews 9-11 Cover Up Book
  2076. The CIA Leak Case: On Bob Novak, The Washington Post, and the Winds of War
  2077. Rumsfeld: Iraq critics morally confused (Precise lies of exact reversals)
  2078. The Washington Times Weighs In
  2079. Charlie Sheen Making 9/11 Conspiracy Movie?
  2080. Two Elephants in the Room - by Justin Raimondo
  2081. Olmert firm on Lebanon blockade (The quiet economic war of genocide, as also on Gaza)
  2082. Cheney won't rule out terror strike (He just hasn't decided when to pull it off yet)
  2083. Nations scour for wheat as drought shrivels supply (Even carbs won't be affordable)
  2084. Backdoor Draft
  2085. The Five Morons Revisited - by Paul Craig Roberts
  2086. Lebanese laugh it off
  2087. Israeli forces launch strikes in Gaza (Becoming a daily habit)
  2088. Fox News Calls In The Experts On Hurricane Katrina: Richard Simmons and Don King
  2089. Settlers assaulting American citizens (Israel)
  2090. US Government Restricting Research Libraries
  2091. Bush tells reporters Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11 (Next week he'll reverse it, again)
  2092. Conspiracists (i.e., people paying attention) Allege U.S. Seizing Vast S. American Reservoir
  2093. Downward Mobility (Some truth in the NYT?)
  2094. Blogosphere Unites in Pursuit of Masked Senator (READ)
  2095. CIAs Pope Shooter Early Al Qaeda? (READ)
  2096. Monsanto Buys Terminator Seeds Company (READ)
  2097. The ADL: More about the "monitors"
  2098. ADL Calls Amnesty International Report "Bigoted, Biased, And Borderline Anti-Semitic"
  2099. Behind the plan to bomb Iran (READ)
  2100. Behind the plan to bomb Iran (READ, weave in international finance and you have a good partial picture)
  2101. Doubt about official version of 9/11 widespread
  2102. Narco News: Operation Clean-Up in Oaxaca (READ)
  2103. Not as wiki as it used to be (Wikipedia)
  2104. Times Blocks Article to U.K. Web Readers (Concerning the recent UK Terror plane hoax)
  2105. Fighting in southern Iraq leaves 73 dead (Nonsense)
  2106. Israeli Leader Rebuffs Annan on Blockade (What did you expect? It's what Israel always does)
  2107. Chavez 'united' with Syria against US aggression
  2108. US accused of bid to oust Chvez with secret funds
  2109. Is this Bush's secret bunker? (Yes, but Mount Weather is no secret)
  2110. National Guard deploying to Arizona to watch border
  2111. New Intel Squadron Turns Aerial Eye on Terrorists
  2112. FBI Shows Off Counterterrorism Database
  2113. Navy lawyer charged with leaking secret Guantanamo Bay detainee names list
  2114. Mexico Leftist to Create Parallel Gov't (Now, there's an idea!)
  2115. Australia's first "control order" imposed on Jack Thomas
  2116. Spain: A decade of economic boom and stagnant wages
  2117. Egypt: a social and political tinderbox
  2118. Sri Lankan military launches new offensive in strategic Sampur area
  2119. Alarm in Washington over deepening disaster in Afghanistan (There was never a chance)
  2120. One year after Katrina disaster: No accountability for US political elite
  2121. Mike Whitney: The Great Housing Crash of '07
  2122. The Crimes Katrina Exposed: an Interview with Larry Bradshaw and Lorrie Slonsky
  2123. Privatizing New Orleans' Schools
  2124. I Am a Curious Yellowcake: the Armitage Confession and the Niger Question
  2125. George Salzman: The Revolutionary Surge in Oaxaca
  2126. Gonzales Goes to Baghdad Selling "Rule of Law" (What a joke he is)
  2127. FEMA Disputes Hold Up Nearly $1 Billion in Relief Funds on Gulf
  2128. Iraqi Hospitals Are War's New "Killing Fields"
  2129. Rumsfeld Likens Iraq War Opponents to Those Who Appeased Hitler (He'd be a riot if he weren't so sick)
  2130. Lebanon Historic Sites Again Escape Conflict Unscathed
  2131. UN Denounces Israel For Use of Cluster Bombs (Israel denies using them?)
  2132. Israel spewed cluster bombs (Israel says fuck off?)
  2133. Use of cluster bombs draws outrage, empathy (and the laying waste to Lebanon does not. Hello?)
  2134. Three more charged over UK bomb plot (dragging the hoax out)
  2135. Iran Ignores Powers, UN on Enrichment (Why shouldn't it?)
  2136. Iran's nuclear clock expires, but no action on horizon (only bombing by either Israel or US)
  2137. Israel: Blockade Remains Until Soldiers Released (and it will stay after that too)
  2138. Democrats Take Fire at Rumsfeld (aren't they almost a decade late?)
  2139. AT&T Web Site Hacked; Customer Data Exposed
  2140. AT&T Hack Highlights Web Site Vulnerabilities
  2141. Verizon will abandon plans for a high-speed Internet surcharge
  2142. Condoleezza Rice arrives in Utah (There goes the neighborhood)
  2143. Rocky Anderson leads protest opposing Bush; Shurtleff calls Mayor "disrespectful"
  2144. Sri Lankan troops killed 17 aid workers; govt rejects charge
  2145. Soldiers Die, CEOs Prosper
  2146. Mexico and Florida have more in common than heat
  2147. As fragrant as Florida (Mexico)
  2148. We did not 'meddle' in Mexico - they asked for our help (LMAO)
  2149. US would consider Israeli request for military aid
  2150. Taxpayers pay for Bush's campaign travel
  2151. Tool Generates Fake Searches for Privacy (Interesting - also see the Tor network)
  2152. Weapons cover-up revealed (Australia)
  2153. German anti-terrorism measures debated
  2154. Law Enforcement Officials Search for U.S.-Born Terrorists (US gov't is the greatest terrorist the world has ever known)
  2155. U.S. to stage missile-defense test over Pacific (which contry is being annihilkated this time)
  2156. Feeling morally, intellectually confused?
  2157. U.S. Military to Spend $20 Million For Iraq Propaganda Contract (meaningdisseminated lies)
  2158. Army intelligence analyst who questions official 9-11 story is honorable patriot
  2159. Annan: IDF shouldn't have used cluster bombs
  2160. Rumsfeld's Enemy: It's Us
  2161. Beacon Journal | 08/31/2006 | Drought shrinks Big Muddy
  2162. Guard families cope in two dimensions (Perfectly bizarre)
  2163. Terror case against U.S. citizen not so easily proven (Padilla)
  2164. US military leaders planning $20m public relations effort (How do you put a positive spin on genocide and other war crimes?)
  2165. Airline passenger told to conceal Arabic T-shirt
  2166. Downer knew there were no WMDs in Iraq, says key weapons inspector
  2167. Merkel Soothes Jewish Ire After Minister's Cluster Bomb Remark | Germany | Deutsche Welle | 31.08.2006(Jews objecting to the spoken truth of known Israeli crimes)
  2168. Gaza siege causing major health crisis
  2169. Mubarak Moving to Close Political Opening Created for Election
  2170. Hawaii Legislature Takes Steps to End War
  2171. Iraq 4-Day Death Toll Climbs To 200, Senior Commander Calls Violence Surge 'A Statement (This is the spoken of progress - and it is progress in US waged genocide of Iraqis)
  2172. Israel leaves behind 100,000 unexploded bombs (Both US and IL knew exactly what was being done, and did it)
  2174. Weapons to die for (depleted uranium DU READ)
  2175. The Painful Lessons Of Hurricane Katrina (READ)
  2176. From Hype To Hysteria: Fox News Selling Preemptive War Against Iran
  2177. Ancient Jewish Racism Fuel IsraelAir Strikes
  2178. Deir Yassin: History of the Massacre
  2179. William James Martin: The Deir Yassin Massacre
  2180. Two Snippets of Israeli History
  2181. Al-Ahram Weekly | Remembering Deir Yassin
  2182. Massacres - Palestine - Home of history
  2183. Drug Makers' Dime Funds Congressional Travel
  2184. Poll worker fired over touch-screen voting comment
  2185. Iran Pursues Uranium Enrichment, UN Inspectors Say (That's not a secret)
  2186. Pentagon sees risk in troops' loan debt
  2187. Weapons cover-up revealed (AU)
  2188. U.S. to stage missile-defense test over Pacific
  2189. GOP Senator Says Terrorists Drive Taxis by Day (No, they inhabit government positions)
  2190. President Bush 'assassinated' in new TV docudrama
  2191. Britain: More indicators of inequality
  2192. Russian shooting of Japanese fisherman heightens tensions over Kuril islands
  2193. Europe to send 7,000 troops to Lebanon
  2194. Sellout danger in Detroit teachers strike
  2195. US military escalates confrontation with Shiite militia in Iraq
  2196. Jonathan Cook: Deception as a Way of Life (READ)
  2197. Amira Hass: The Burden of Collaboration
  2198. Edward Said: Mahfouz, 9/11 and the Cruelty of Memory
  2199. John Ross: Diary of the Mexican Earthquake (READ)
  2200. David MacMichael: Can the Iran Nuke Crisis be Defused? (Not as long as the insanity and lies remain)
  2201. Veterans Clash With Salt Lake City Mayor
  2202. Bush Bets on War, Again (Unending stream of lies and babblings)
  2203. Parting From US Policy, EU to Pursue Talks With Iran
  2204. Carter Will Meet With Iranian Ex-President
  2205. Ohio to Delay Destruction of Presidential Ballots
  2206. Senator [Ted] Stevens [R-Alaska] Exposed as "Secret Blocker" of Legislation
  2207. Letter From Ally Denouncing Bush's WMD Hunt - Suppressed
  2208. UN Votes to Create Darfur Force
  2209. Indiana Residents Fight Plans for "Divine Strake" Explosion
  2210. US "Seizing Vast South American Reservoir"
  2211. LBJ Night Before JFK Assassination: "Those SOB's Will Never Embarrass Me Again"
  2212. UN says Iran fails to stop uranium enrichment (Um - never said they would)
  2213. Iran Defies UN Deadline on Enrichment (UN is acting illegally)
  2214. IAEA indicts Iran, Bush threatens consequences (Hissy fits)
  2215. Bolton: No doubt left about Iran's intentions (No doubt Bolton's scews are all lose)
  2216. Iran faces sanctions risk (Oh, you think so?)
  2217. Iran faces possible sanctions post-deadline (Get real)
  2218. Al-Ahram Weekly | Region | More Iranian hardball haggling
  2219. Donors promise $940 million to Beirut
  2220. Aljazeera.Net - Lebanon aid pledges top $940m
  2221. Sudan rejects Darfur resolution
  2222. UN troops to be deployed against Sudan's consent
  2223. Bush says US in a war it will win (delusional)
  2224. Bush hits out at 'Nazi' Islamic radicals (Who's the Nazi?!!!)
  2225. Bush Says US in 'Ideological Struggle' (See if he can spell that)
  2226. Bush Casts Iraq War as Buttress to US Freedom (Why isn't he being laughed at?)
  2227. Bush mounts new defence of Iraq war (Because the others were also bullshit lunacy)
  2228. Bush calls terror war "decisive struggle" (absolutely bonkers)
  2229. California takes lead in global-warming fight (Glorious idiocy)
  2230. Call for greater tobacco control by Nazis
  2231. Commandos storm Tel Aviv embassy (Local police operating on embassy grounds?!!)
  2232. The Raw Story | Armed Palestinian captured in British embassy in Tel Aviv
  2233. Nightmare Mortgages
  2234. The New Census (speaking of nightmares)
  2235. VDARE.com: 08/27/06 - Can Anything Be Done? (READ)
  2237. Thousands Cheer Salt Lake City Mayor
  2238. Israeli cluster bombing immoral, says UN humanitarian chief
  2239. US may consider additional aid to IDF
  2240. US May Cover Israel's War Costs
  2241. Pentagon moves toward monitoring media
  2242. Justice Scalia Took 24 Expense-Paid Trips Last Year
  2243. FEMA Sued Over Ending Housing Aid To Hurricane Victims
  2244. Carter Says Blair Subservient To Bush (as in "poodle")
  2245. Gore Lashes Out At Media Consolidation
  2246. Blair: Clamp down on antisocial children before birth (?!)
  2247. Comment is free: Blair's trail of destruction
  2248. Their view of the world is through a bombsight
  2249. If the unthinkable happens
  2250. Film of missing Israeli deepens mystery (Just emotional manipulation?)
  2251. Iranian Question Put Off - Kommersant Moscow (READ)
  2252. ElBaradei stresses Iran's full cooperation with IAEA
  2253. Israeli military court sends captured Hamas leaders for trial (!!)
  2254. The Avalon Project : The Middle East 1916-2001 : A Documentary Record
  2255. Full text: UN resolution 1397
  2256. Why Security Eludes Israel
  2257. The Voice of the White House (re early October, 2006 "surprise"?)
  2258. The Great "Terrorist Threat" Fraud
  2259. Israel Shamir: The Grapes of Wrath
  2260. Alexander Cockburn: About Nasrallah Interview
  2261. Governor Bring Guard Appeal to Rumsfeld (Very stupid governors)
  2262. US Army Contemplates Redrawing Middle East Map to Stave-off Looming Global Meltdown (scary - READ)
  2263. A Little Reminder To Secy. Rumsfeld From The Memory Hole
  2264. Blair to target the ASBO babies
  2265. FBI Searches Offices of Alaska Lawmakers
  2266. Russia rejects Iran sanctions
  2267. GOP candidates keep Bush out of the picture (Difficult to do, no?)
  2268. A Democratic Dictatorship
  2269. Business Articles - Bombing of Liban Lait leaves a sour smell
  2270. Pentagon Moves to Monitor Iraq Coverage (Even the farce of TV news isn't enough)
  2271. The Sinner's Guide to the Evangelical Right
  2272. Under fire from UN, Israel defends use of weaponry in Lebanon (It lies, as usual)
  2273. moneylenders take the military to the cleaners (who are they exactly?)
  2274. FLASHBACK: The very strange saga of Adam Gadahn
  2275. Israel: Beyond Good and Evil? - by Justin Raimondo
  2276. Disney's Finger Scan Upgrade Raises Privacy Concerns
  2277. Holy Land churches attack Christian Zionism
  2278. Fascists? Look who's talking (READ)
  2279. Coordinated Baghdad blasts kill 64 (Everybody is feeling so much safer)
  2280. Pentagon Says Iraq Violence Spreading (I never would have guessed)
  2281. Iran satisfied with IAEA report
  2282. GOP Tries Blocking Libertarian Candidates
  2283. Killing in the Name of Democracy (READ)
  2284. Intel expected to cut thousands of jobs
  2285. Annan says Syria to enforce Hizbollah arms embargo
  2286. Highly enriched uranium found in Iran (A fraud)
  2287. George Galloway: Hizbullah's victory has transformed the Middle East
  2288. UN faces rising anger in Lebanon
  2289. US drivers subsidize European pump prices -report
  2290. Men netted in raids to be tried for terrorism (Another hoax)
  2291. Education Dept. Shared Student Data With F.B.I.
  2292. FBI mined loan databases
  2293. Australia's 200 rich list records largest ever rise in wealth
  2294. Turkey: Conflicts over deployment of troops to Lebanon
  2295. Israeli cluster bombs blanket Lebanese towns
  2296. Kofi Annan visit provokes angry protests in Beirut (READ)
  2297. The Uranium Flood
  2298. Richard Neville: Rupert Murdoch's Victims
  2299. Hezbollah Denounces Nasrallah Interview as a Fake
  2300. Bush vs. Ahmadinejad: a TV Debate We'll Never See
  2301. Exclusionary Signs of the Times
  2302. Paul Craig Roberts: Impotent Democrats
  2303. Uri Avnery: Olmert Agonistes (An almost desperate optimism)
  2304. Plame Leak(s) (READ)
  2305. US Force in Iraq Expands to 140,000
  2306. Annan Wins Syria Pledge on Hezbollah Embargo
  2307. Democrats Seek No-Confidence Vote on Rumsfeld (Relatively useless)
  2308. Sarah Olson | Bush Pushes Nuclear Weapons Development in US
  2309. Activists Want Ohio Election Chief Out
  2310. Guantanamo Detentions Over Charity Ties Questioned
  2311. Pentagon Gives Gloomy Iraq Report (Imagine how bad things really are)
  2312. Interceptor downs missile in test over Pacific (or not)
  2313. New nuclear find as Iran defies UN (Fraud)
  2314. Sanctions against Iran would be futile - Russian MP
  2315. DOD report: Iraqis turning to militias for safety
  2316. Mexico tense ahead of key speech
  2317. Protesters Threaten to Stop Fox Speech
  2318. Mexican protests anger Catholic leaders
  2319. Fears Fox 'state-of-the-nation' speech could spark revolt
  2320. Angry days in Mexico
  2321. Rocky!!! Rocky!!! Rocky!!! (SLC, Utah)
  2322. "Death of a President"
  2323. Forex - Dollar recovery comes to a halt on US housing market collapse fears (What recovery?)
  2324. Karl Rove's Blood Libel
  2325. Castro, Chavez make TV appearance
  2326. NASA's Orion Capsule Will Fly in Seven Years (If all live that long)
  2327. Its the American Way or the Highway: (READ)
  2328. The Axis of Hubris (and that's the way it is)
  2329. Construction spending plummets in July (Something is not plummeting?)
  2330. On terrorism, Bush maligns history and our intelligence
  2331. The Raw Story | Federal agency releases 'rebuttal' to 9/11 theories on the destruction of WTC towers (LOL)
  2332. What if Bush really was assassinated? (Not unlikely scenario, if it were economically possible)
  2333. Iran's taunts worrying to some ANALYSIS (Sophomoric nonsense)
  2334. IMF spells out voting reforms to benefit China, others (LMAO)
  2335. Iraq exit to bring 'terrorists to the US' (and failing to exit quickly will do what, exactly?)
  2336. Bush to bring diplomats from countries targeted by terrorists to hear his next anti-terror speech(Pathetic)
  2337. Divide and conquer (Article is travesty of logic and statistics; title is ancient trick that always works on stupid people)
  2338. Bush opens drive to sell Iraq war to midterm voters / Dems say he's using scare tactics to shift focus from mistakes(They'll still have to pull another 9/11)
  2339. IMF wants India to focus on financial reforms (IMF: International Murder & Fraud)
  2340. Lockheed wins major spacecraft contract (Military Industrial Complex)
  2341. Nasa moves to conquer Mars with $7bn 'Apollo on steroids'
  2342. The Right Spacecraft at the Right Time (No, it definitely is not)
  2343. Philips touts straight-to-Wi-Fi Skype phone (Do we believe in this?)
  2344. Mexican Congress seized by leftists (Now, that's interesting)
  2345. Mexico deputies stop Fox speech (as Obrador said would happen)
  2346. State of disunion prevents address by Mexico's leader
  2347. Mexico protestors silence president
  2348. Mexican lawmakers block Fox's speech ("'president' to dictator"; sound familiar?)
  2349. Mexico leftists to disrupt Fox speech in vote fight (Rigged election, a concept familiar to USians)
  2350. Judges back Mexico poll result (Sound familiar?)
  2351. Mexico court rules for conservatives (Of course it does)
  2352. Homegrown Terrorism [and Police State] on the Rise in U.K. (There are no coincidences)
  2353. Thousands of Muslim suspects on the terror watchlist (What, no Catholics, Jews, Hindus and Buddhists?!)
  2354. UK anti-terror police probing 'thousands' of suspects (State Terrorism, big time)
  2355. UK police arrest 14 in anti-terror raids (Gone beyond sick fabrications)
  2356. UN Human Rights Council names experts to probe Israeli civilian killings in Lebanon (useless)
  2357. U.S. official warns on Afghanistan opium (Careful, price and CIA profitsmay drop!)
  2358. U.S. to test guns on lakes (More vicious totalitarian state)
  2359. Records raise questions about Florida terror plot (in the endless stream of guvernment lies and hoaxes)
  2360. No civil war in Iraq, says Bush (Ex cathedra)
  2361. If CIA Calls, Should Anthropology Answer? (Government science)
  2362. Star wars between Russia, China and US
  2363. $100bn later, Star Wars hits its first missile (or not)
  2364. Bin Laden Manhunt Still Drawing a Blank (his deceased nature make pursuit hard)
  2365. Palestinian group vows to target all non-Muslims (might be difficult to do)
  2366. 'Fascism' Frame Set Up by Neocon Press - by Jim Lobe
  2367. Israel rejects Syria's arms embargo pledge (The Syria can do as it pleases, just like Israel)
  2368. Whoops! Boltons Bad - by Gordon Prather (READ)
  2369. U.S. FDA in Third World Drug Trial Scandals (par for a criminal nation)
  2370. China: The Forgotten Victims of Biological Warfare
  2371. Criticize Israel? You're an Anti-Semite! (Then a badge to wear proudly)
  2372. Villagers See Violations of a Cease-Fire That Israel Says Doesn't Exist (So, who do you believe?)
  2373. Interview with Former Malaysian PM Mahathis Mohammad (READ)
  2374. Stupid in America
  2375. Sanctions: Another Step in the Shock and Awe of Iran (US already forbids Iranian imports; has for years)
  2376. Recession will be nasty and deep, economist says (Finally figuring this out, are we?)
  2377. 2 U.S. Reports Seek to Counter Conspiracy Theories About 9/11 [gales of laughter]
  2378. AMA Admits no studies were done on Fluoride Side Effects (Medical pseudoscience)
  2379. Writer of ABCs 9/11 Docudrama Is Avowed Conservative Activist (Government Reality)
  2380. Spike Lee's sonorous, heartrending reflection on an American tragedy
  2381. 9/11 conspiracy theories come under fire
  2382. BBC: Should holocaust denial be made a crime in Great Britain? (Awwww - the page code is broken)
  2383. Challenging Hillary Clinton Socialist Equality Party on the ballot in NY Senate race
  2384. Germany: Health "reforms" at the expense of the working population
  2385. Britain: Young solider commits suicide over Iraq war
  2386. US prepares to escalate conflict with Iran
  2387. Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld speeches: A new drumbeat for war
  2388. Canada's $450 Million Gift to Bush: the Softwood Lumber Slush Fund
  2389. Has Ahmadinejad Already Checkmated Bush?
  2390. The Great American Oligarchy
  2391. A New Generation of Landmines?
  2392. Dr. Susan Block: Bush Hate Rising
  2393. Laura Carlsen: Mexico on a Collision Course
  2394. Taking on the Pentagon: Chemical Weapons to Burn
  2395. Rana el-Khatib: The Making of Issa (READ)
  2396. When Criticism of Cluster Bombs is "Anti-Semitic" (To live is to be antisemitic)
  2397. The No-Fault White House
  2398. Opposition to Iraq War at All-Time High
  2399. David Bacon | Oaxaca's Dangerous Teachers
  2400. FBI Role in Terror Probe Questioned
  2401. Bush Denies Pentagon's Iraq Assessment (Truth by divine fiat?)
  2402. Loose Change :: DVD :: Loose Change 2nd edition
  2403. Loose Change DVD
  2404. Question911.com - Free DVD Downloads-Loose Change 911 and many more
  2405. Letsroll911.org - 911 Was An Inside Job - Time for a Revolution
  2406. 'Loose Change' An analysis, by Michael B. Green
  2407. What, Then, is Amiss With Loose Change, the New 9/11 DVD ... (By someone who has not even begun to do his homework)
  2408. Releases &#-11;&#-11; All &#-11;&#-11; loose change || isoHunt - World's largest BitTorrent and P2P search engine
  2409. informationliberation - Loose Change 2E
  2410. 9/11 conspiracy theories come under fire (Funny, since video cameras shook, and Columbia U. seismic data showed close precollapse tremors)
  2411. Iran's Ahmadinejad to attend UN assembly in New York (Fun, if he's allowed in the country)
  2412. Video message from al-Zawahiri and American posted (laughable Hoax)
  2413. Iraq's Biowar Labs: Mystery Solved? (It gets funnier all the time)
  2414. Polls show opposition to Iraq war at all-time high (It's still a war, but invasion and unseccessful occupation)
  2415. Channel 4 courts controversy with mock Bush assassination
  2416. Low-risk H5N1 bird flu found in Pennsylvania ducks (What bird flu?)
  2417. More GOP Districts Counted as Vulnerable (Throw BOTH criminal parties out)
  2418. Australia is a terrorist target: Attorney-General (No, it is a terrorist nation)
  2419. Ruddock compares war on terror to WWII (What a simpletom)
  2420. Police hunt for terror training camp at a faith school in Tunbridge Wells (UK: terrorist government - rabies shots needed?)
  2421. British police arrest 16 suspects in anti-terror [terror] raids
  2422. Merkel sees way out for Iran (Must be a fucking genius -or another babbling moron)
  2423. Intl community must stand united on Iran (Japanese horseshit with wasabi)
  2424. EU gives Iran two more weeks in nuclear standoff (How about, Iran is tired of being illegally fucked with?)
  2425. NATO aircraft crashes in Afghanistan (Actions have consequences - or, SHIT HAPPENS!)
  2426. IDF prepares to leave Lebanon in 10-14 days (or not; not is more likely)
  2427. Missile defense test a victory for Pentagon (or, it's just another lie)
  2428. Interceptor Missile Passes Key Test (Oh, fucking wow! Freeze my piss!)
  2429. Bush denies there's civil war in Iraq (also denies existence of the Sun)
  2430. 9/11 anniversary has Bush on the backfoot (when he should be in jail)
  2431. Bush Says Victory in Iraq Critical to Security of Civilized World (Soon it will be Iran)
  2432. US Unemployment Drops to 4.7 Percent (Hoax and lie)
  2433. Wall St ends erratic week with big advance; Dow up 83 pts (PPT at play)
  2434. Low Vitamin E Levels in Pregnancy Boosts Childhood Asthma Rates (Everything suggests everything else; get a life!)
  2435. Crow found in Mohawk tests positive for West Nile Virus (or not)
  2436. Pentagon Warns Congress, Iraq on Verge of Civil War (Planet of the Dimwits)
  2437. Iran: Annan favours patience (Aw hell! Just blow up the whole bloody planet and get it over with)
  2438. DOJ seeks court permission to continue NSA surveillance program (Also seeking genocide permission)
  2439. Men who took food in trash get 6 months (US justice - history rhymes)
  2440. The "Condition of England" Question
  2441. Afghan assault begins (More genocide)
  2442. Obesity identified as global epidemic (Nothing compared to fascistic stupidity)
  2443. Opium production "staggering" (Just think of CIA profits!)
  2444. IDF thwarts attempt to fire rockets from West Bank (or not)
  2445. Israeli army kills 3 Palestinians in Gaza
  2446. The case for a divided government (The revalations of idiots!)
  2447. Americans must understand the threats we face (from our government)
  2448. Drivers Get First Glimpse Of Bay Bridge Closure (Government terrorists)
  2449. Fears of 'extreme' TB strain (Terrorizing)
  2450. I no longer have power to save Iraq from civil war, warns Shia leader (Sistani)
  2451. 'Hezbollah is arming Gaza for a new war on Israel', says Israel's spy chief (unarmed and more ovine would make the genocide much easier)
  2452. Michael Coren and the Limited Pain of Nuking Iran
  2453. The Media Calls him Al Qaeda, but his Jewish Father calls him Adam Pearlman
  2454. Going to War with the Leaders you have
  2455. First Time Released Documents Expose Subservient Congress
  2456. America, Is Your Soul Dead?
  2457. New ABC Docudrama Blames Clinton For 9/11, Praises Bush (Insanity rules)
  2458. Israeli diplomat arrested on suspicion of pedophilia
  2459. Special Ops and the "War" on Terror
  2460. Israel plans for war with Iran and Syria (and its own death and destruction)
  2461. Israeli Diplomat Charged With Molestation
  2462. Chicken Little And The Dragon's Teeth (READ - carefully)
  2463. Continuing War Crimes (of Israel)
  2464. Human rights group: Contempt for human life in Gaza
  2465. 9/11-The Sacred Horror-When The New World Began, Americans Gained A New Faith
  2466. Nepal Maoists threaten 'revolution' in capital
  2467. AUDIO: Bush Implicates Bush!
  2468. Knesset committee data reveals courts soft on human trafficking
  2469. VIDEO: Bush saw first plane hit the WTC on 9/11
  2470. Urgent Whitehall security revamp as study identifies truck-bomb attack risk (These people need to get real lives)
  2471. Mexico Leftist Threatens to Block [Rightist] Rival
  2472. Demonstrate: End the Bush/Blair wars now
  2473. Iraqi Army Takes Over Responsibility for Abu Ghraib Prison (Surely they get all the fun "toys" also)
  2474. No. 2 al-Qaida leader in Iraq arrested (They just make this crap up)
  2475. Uri Avnery: When Napoleon Won at Waterloo (READ)
  2476. Critics Decry "Destroy and Lend" Policy
  2477. Extraordinary Attack on Blair by Cabinet
  2478. Bush Protesters Moving Operation to DC
  2479. Al-Qaeda Deputy's Video Urges Americans to Convert to Islam (Um - like he's dead?)
  2480. School 'not involved in violence' (But it's a fun fabrication)
  2481. Bush fearmongering on Iraq loses its punch
  2482. New terror laws used to arrest men 'recruiting suicide cell' (Hoax)
  2483. Iraqi Casualties Have Risen 51%, US Study Finds (Success in genocide)
  2484. Poll: Israelis believed Nasrallah over Peretz
  2485. No Child of Consequence Left Behind
  2486. Aliases, disguises OK'd for terror trial witnesses (The NonConstitution)
  2487. Phony Tony Blair to get pink slipped? (All have been waiting for HOW long?)
  2488. Book: Bush told reporter Jews are 'all going to hell' (That's the kinda guy he is)
  2489. Team to drill below ocean earthquake zone (While US does what?)
  2491. Patrick J. Buchanan: Bush has no authority to launch a war on Iran
  2492. Death Penalty [Hypocritically] Recommended in Iraq Raid
  2493. Many Entry-Level Workers Feel Pinch of Rough Market
  2494. U.S. deaths in Iraq, war on terror surpass 9/11 toll
  2495. Netanyahu to meet with US VP on talks on [how to attack] Iran
  2496. Genetically engineered grass found in wild (Unintended(?), but predictable consequences)
  2497. Kurdish leader threatens Iraq secession (Begin the splitup)
  2498. Guantanamo tarnishes Bush credibility in "war on terror" (Is there anything that doesn't?)
  2499. Our Fascism, and Theirs - by Justin Raimondo
  2500. Whoa, Walter! (Williams - translations from the crypt)
  2501. Gaza doctors encounter 'unexplained injuries (Israelis testing US weapons)
  2502. Bush's Salt Lake Whoppers
  2503. Blair to visit here this week (to receive instructions)
  2504. Q&A: How Middle-Class Families Go Bankrupt
  2505. Conference: The Israel Lobby and the US Response to the War in Lebanon (Yet, no one mentions banks and their eternal connections with wars)
  2506. Israel afraid of retribution for war crimes against Lebanon (Having already done unto others, ....)
  2507. Israel - The Country That Wouldn't Grow Up
  2508. Masked man with firebomb attacks Montreal Jewish school (Another hate crime hoax)
  2509. Survey: Growing number of Americans reject evolution (as they devolve)
  2510. Marine battalion heads to Iraq for fourth time
  2511. Britain's new top soldier: 'Can the military cope? I say - just'
  2512. Police get more time to quiz terror suspects
  2513. Training camps link to anti-terror arrests (Details of a hoax)
  2514. Renewed offensive and soldiers' deaths show mission is far from accomplished (UK)
  2515. Fleet overdue for replacement (UK)
  2516. Longterm casualties of a policy of cut, cut, and cut again (UK)
  2517. Michael Moriarty: Soldiers are paying with their lives for this incompetence
  2518. UK Energy Review: A policy made by big business Part 1 (and their bankers)
  2519. Mexico: President Fox puts legislature under siege
  2520. Sri Lanka: Journalist's abduction highlights intimidation of media
  2521. Major powers offer devastated Lebanon a pittance in aid
  2522. Paul Craig Roberts: The War Is Lost
  2523. The Great Debate in Tarrytown: Straight Zion, No Chaser (A slice of reality)
  2524. 11 of America's Worst Places to Vote (or Try)
  2525. Five Years on: An Era of Constant Warfare
  2526. Iraq: A Sweeping, Secret New Report (Negroponte?!)
  2527. Bush Declares Eco-Whistleblower Law Void for EPA Employees (It's settled then?)
  2528. Annan says to mediate on captured Israeli soldiers (Should be "fun"; don't expect much)
  2529. Mottaki: Iran, Syria foil plots hatched by American, Zionists - Irna
  2530. U. S. Warplanes Accidentally Kill Soldier
  2531. Lebanon army nears control of border with Israel: UN
  2532. Obesity identified as global epidemic
  2533. Obesity a deadly global epidemic (So is USUK/Israel)
  2534. Bush trumpets economic progress through labor (For lies you need trumpeting)
  2535. How 9/11 changed America: In statistics (Pay attention)
  2536. Canadian soldier killed, others wounded in NATO 'friendly fire'
  2537. NSA Overload - "Death of a President" (READ)
  2538. Livermore Scientists Reignite JFK Assassination Debate
  2539. Men jailed for taking food from trash bins
  2540. The Voice of the White House for September 1st 2006
  2541. European Nations: No El Al Cargo Planes Allowed
  2542. Israel plans for war with Iran and Syria (Israel's death)
  2543. Father Of 9/11 Victim Says Government Ran Attack As Media Hit Pieces Continue
  2544. Soldier killed by 'friendly fire'
  2545. Meanwhile in Mexico
  2546. Google developing eavesdropping software (My mics are engaaged only when off line)
  2547. Kucinich visits Lebanon & Israel and finally gets it- This is diabololical! (Indeed)
  2548. Katrina Aftermath: And Then I Saw These
  2549. Israel plans new homes in West Bank (and attacks, incursions, genocides, ...)
  2550. MPs' letter demands Blair's exit
  2551. No Longer Buying It
  2552. Severe drought hits US farmers
  2553. Idaho Observer: Scripps Howard poll: Half of America angrier at government than ever before; one-third believe government behind 9/11
  2554. Sources: Court to affirm Calderon election (The ruling repto elite rules)
  2555. Canada to arm guards along U.S. border
  2556. Canadians' Medical Records, Still Safe From the CIA
  2557. Checkpoints Blanket North Carolina
  2558. 33 bodies found scattered across Baghdad (US mercenary deathsquads)
  2559. US army hospitals in Iraq criticised
  2560. Controllers attack FAA over contract
  2561. G.O.P. Seen to Be in Peril of Losing House (home, lives and family?)
  2562. Olmert graft inquiry adds to scandal list
  2563. Back bench gives Blair one-year deadline (should have been arrested and jailed years ago)
  2564. Spy plane reported fire before Afghan crash
  2565. U.S. Warplanes Fire On Canadian Troops in Afghanistan
  2566. Police Chiefs from 50 Cities Meet in D.C. for Crime Summit (Means more than you think)
  2567. Congress set for combative, pre-election push (Criminal Congress)
  2568. Oil tumbles to 15-week low as Iran fears ease (Give me a break, assholes)
  2569. Oil prices fall below $69 US (It's futures; PPT at work)
  2570. Russia, Greece and Bulgaria agreed trans-Balkan oil pipeline
  2571. Teacher faces sentence for Bali bomb links (Um - known CIA black op)
  2572. Indonesian jailed over Bali plot (Horseshit)
  2573. Olmert denies knowledge of reported prisoner swap
  2574. Israel shelves pullout plan (well - of course)
  2575. Prisoners swap deal could be reached soon (or not)
  2576. MIDEAST: Israel relaxes port blockade (Oh? What's the scam?)
  2577. US toughens passport rules, required for entry from Canada, Mexico
  2578. Bush delcares eco-whistleblower law void for EPA employees
  2579. Iraq Extends State of Emergency a Month
  2580. Bush, GOP hoping terror card can save them from election drubbing
  2581. Afghanistan 'falling into Taliban hands'
  2582. Israel: Annan's help not needed in prisoner swap (Always have been vicious fucks)
  2583. Hizbullah: Israel continues to violate cease fire (Typical)
  2584. Iraqi parliament to debate federal break-up (forced by US created circumstances)
  2585. Bolton: Mission Accomplished? (READ)
  2586. Economic Empire Building and Domestic Decay (READ)
  2587. Goldcorp: Feeling Glamis All Over? (READ)
  2588. Bush's Hezbollah hangover (READ)
  2589. Court told votes don't have to be counted, certified
  2590. Kids Buy Lunches With Scans of Fingers (Positively Creepy)
  2591. Saving the ballot evidence from Ohio 2004 (READ)
  2592. Barrick Gold, JP Morgan Chase Sued for Gold Fraud (More than these two are involved)
  2593. America's youth must serve their country, one way or another | csmonitor.com (Go fuck yourself with a broken beer bottle)
  2594. DHS turns 400,000 truckers into snitches (Country gets creepier every day)
  2595. "You don't see, you don't feel, and you don't look" (READ)
  2596. Under Fire, ABC Yanks Official Blog of 9/11 Docudrama
  2597. Officials Slow to Hear Claims of 9/11 Illnesses (trying to avoi yet another level of government criminality)
  2598. Rove's vision falling apart as mood turns against GOP (every one in pain amplifiers for life)
  2599. Poll says dislike of Bush is strong (Dislike, is that all it is? Try the poll in Lebanon)
  2600. EXCLUSIVE: HOW BLAIR WILL GO (to a pain amplifier & constantly viewably on the tube)
  2601. Voters are anti-incumbent and angry, new poll finds (Yes, throw them all out and into jail)
  2602. Revolution Now
  2603. Fury as academics claim 9/11 was 'inside job' (Obvious to anyone with even half a brain)
  2604. Jail alleged fake goods culprits, state urged (Al-Qaeda an Israeli operation)
  2605. Urgent! Urgent! Breaking News The US Occupation forces in Iraq throw Iraqi detainees in the streets after lacerating theirs faces and killing them
  2606. Introduction - Dillon Read and the Aristocracy of Prison Profits
  2607. Condi uses Civil War to slap Iraq critics (Kindasleazy confuses her ass with her mouth)
  2608. Untested GM rice found in food, says Greenpeace
  2609. Vast oil pool tapped in Gulf of Mexico (or not)
  2610. Controllers attack FAA over contract
  2611. Lung problems rife among WTC responders
  2612. Lieberman Marches Alone As Former Allies Surround Lamont (March him to Israel)
  2613. Sources: Court to affirm Calderon election (Mistake)
  2614. Back bench gives Blair one-year deadline (Throw him out in the street - then arrest him)
  2615. Afghanistan's Little America is epicenter of Taliban resurgence and explosion in drug cultivation (CIA needs to be close to its product)
  2616. Democrats see support for anti-Rumsfeld vote (boring and useless)
  2617. US army hospitals in Iraq criticised
  2618. 33 bodies found scattered across Baghdad (US/UK/IL Death Squads at play)
  2619. Bomb kills two British soldiers near Basra (They should have been someplace else)
  2620. Five U.S. Troops Die in Iraq (Ditto)
  2621. U.S. Losing Control Fast (Not fast enough)
  2622. Talabani sees UK troops gone by 2007 (How fast can you kill them all?)
  2623. 'America's aggression is fuelling extremism', says Iran's ex-president
  2624. Black day for the British (Day? How about a few years, and still counting?)
  2625. Police Chiefs from 50 Cities Meet in D.C. for Crime Summit (That's "Criminal Summit")
  2626. Canada to arm guards along U.S. border (So we can't escape our criminal government)
  2627. Terror prosecutions fall (Tired of all the setups and framing and hoaxes are we?)
  2628. BA says terror alert cost it &#-11;&#-11;40m (A lot for a stupid hoax)
  2629. Police aim to disrupt terrorist recruitment and training (How about a preemptive attack on Israel? That should do it)
  2630. Denmark Arrests Nine Suspected of Plotting Terror Act (They need some attention too)
  2631. Bush Reminds U.S. Country Is at War [Crimes] (War? No, invasion, occupation, genocide and other crimes, but no war)
  2632. Britons threaten Muslim beheadings in footage (Perverse, since those beheaders were Israelis, not muslims)
  2633. Rumsfeld undergoes shoulder surgery (A full lobotomy would be more helpful)
  2634. Convicted ex-Ill. governor out-polls [War Criminal] Bush
  2635. UK Energy Review: A policy made by big business Part 2
  2636. Australian government insists on independent military presence in East Timor
  2637. Australia: Thousands hear US military lawyer for David Hicks
  2638. The great unmentionable at Detroit's Labor Day parade: Labor
  2639. &#-11;&#-11;&#-11;Green&#-11;&#-11;&#-11; politics and imperialism: The case of Joschka Fischer
  2640. As Bush Regime Faces Twilight Slide, How Much Havoc Can Paulson Wreak?
  2641. The Worst Secretary of Defense in U.S. History? You Be the Judge
  2642. Better Not Meet at the Casbah
  2643. Jonathan Cook: Time for a Champion of Truth to Speak Up (READ)
  2644. GOP Abandons Immigration Reform to Salvage Election Hopes
  2645. In One Week, 334 Murdered in Baghdad (US/UK/IL Death Squads)
  2646. Inside the Anti-US Resistance (Fiction)
  2647. Afghan Symbol for Change Becomes a Symbol of Failure
  2648. The 10 Most Brazen War Profiteers
  2649. Blair Resignation Demanded by New Labor MPs
  2650. David Corn | What Valerie Plame Really Did at the CIA (READ)
  2651. Mexico&#-11;&#-11;&#-11;s ruling party candidate named president-elect after disputed election
  2652. Profile: Felipe Calderon
  2653. Palestinian killed in Gaza strike (The continuing genocide)
  2654. Car explodes in Gaza refugee camp, one killed, five wounded (Fucking Israel)
  2655. Russia To Supply South Africa With Fuel For Nuclear Reactor
  2656. Russias Putin in Talks With Mbeki on Historic Visit to South ...
  2657. Pakistan, local Taliban sign peace agreement
  2658. Pakistan 'Taleban' in peace deal
  2659. Time to act against Iran (by a lying criminal zionist)
  2660. US envoy: Time has come for sanctions on Iran (Not from UNSC, idiot)
  2661. Fringe Theories Harming 9/11 Truth Movement
  2662. Israeli panel: Giuliani is 'best' presidential candidate for Israel
  2663. U.S. Losing Control of Anbar Province Fast
  2664. Don't be fooled by this reform: the IMF [Interplanetary Mother Fuckers] is still the rich world's viceroy
  2665. Governor Mitt Romney Snubs Khatami
  2666. Irans Former President: If Hamas Recognizes Israel, Iran will Follow Suit
  2667. 9/11 Truth Hits Main Stream Media (READ)
  2668. Britain forced to send more troops to Iraq
  2669. Slaughter Calls for ABC to Come Clean on New 9-11 Docudrama (READ)
  2670. Harris wins nomination in Florida Senate race (Now, crush the treasonous bitch)
  2671. Polio vaccination drive in violent south targets 120,000 children (with lots of thimerisol?)
  2672. U.N. says Israeli forces withdraw from five southern Lebanon villages (and how many viiages are there in S Lebanon?)
  2673. Annan expects Israel to lift Lebanon blockade within 48 hours (or not)
  2674. Bush Aims to Kill War Crimes Act (It won't save him and his crew of criminals from charges of blatant treason)
  2675. Harris Wins Fla. GOP Senate Nomination (but should really be jailed in a pain amplifier)
  2676. Judges Rule Calderon Won Mexican Presidential Election (Yes, we know about court concocted "elections")
  2677. Calderon wins Mexican election according to draft ruling (We know about court corruption very well)
  2678. Terrorists evil but not insane, says Bush (It's the Bush junta that's bothe evil and insane - not to mention stupid & ignorant)
  2679. Bush Chooses Nominee for Transportation Dept. (Privatizer = Privateer)
  2680. Father's Age May Play Role in Autism Risk (or not)
  2681. N. Korea Has No Interest in Resuming Nuclear Talks (It's seen the writing on the wall)
  2682. Danish Antiterror Police Seize 9 Men, Mostly Young Muslims (Right - who else? The CIA/MI6/Mossad maybe?)
  2683. Denmark bombing terror plot foiled (Hoax)
  2684. Evangelist drowns trying to walk on water (No faith is physical reality)
  2685. 19 bullet-riddled corpses found in Iraq (Everybody is just so much safr)
  2686. Bush Aims to Kill War Crimes Act
  2687. Bush to Unveil Plan for Gitmo Trials (He's a know terr'ist; arrest him)
  2688. Israel plans for war with Iran and Syria (Of course)
  2689. Stocks rise after Chevron drills (or not) new oil
  2690. Israeli plans for military confrontation with Iran and Syria near completion
  2691. Iran-EU nuclear talks postponed
  2692. Blair's departure: what the bloggers say (How about a straightjacket?)
  2693. Iran says U.S., Israel ordered September 11 attacks (The General speaks truth)
  2694. GLOVES OFF ON IRAN By JOHN PODHORETZ(Always the zionist jerk)
  2695. Best defence against terrorism is a split with US, say voters (lots of luck)
  2696. Government, Industry To Use Computer Microphones To Spy On 150 Million Americans (READ)
  2697. Couric's cuddly news a big disappointment
  2698. Is the SPLC An American Arm of the Mossad? (READ)
  2699. Lobbying Probe Looks at Payments To DeLay's Wife
  2700. Pro-Israel lobby targets BBC online poll (READ)
  2701. America: From Freedom to Fascism (2006) (READ)
  2702. Russia threatens to pull out of talks on joining WTO
  2703. Fox News - 911 The Israeli Connection (VIDEO)
  2704. Rove withheld crucial CIA leak email for nearly a year
  2705. Israel's high-tech ballot-stuffing, aka Lobbyware
  2706. Bush 'Slush Fund,' Courtesy of Canada
  2707. 12,000 US Dead, 25,000 Badly Wounded In Iraq - Secret Report (READ)
  2708. U.S. launches attack in east Afghanistan
  2709. Bush acknowledges secret CIA prisons
  2710. Median incomes dropping.
  2712. The Truth Will Set You Free: Planet of the Arabs
  2713. GOP secretly channeled millions to Lieberman (READ)
  2714. Blair faces crisis over resignations
  2715. Blair hit by wave of resignations
  2716. EU condemns Israeli settlement activity (a lot of good that will do)
  2717. Israel to lift sea, air embargo on Lebanon (Believe it when you see it)
  2718. Olmert orders end to Lebanon embargo (or not)
  2719. French, Americans would back strike on Iran: poll (Do we believe this "poll"?)
  2720. Senate rejects limits on cluster bombs (Yes, War Criminal US Senate)
  2721. Battered Canadians press on with Operation Medusa (Why are they there?)
  2722. Further British casualties in Afghanistan (Why are they there?)
  2723. Iraq has "months" to avert collapse (by getting rid of USUKIL)
  2724. Charges thrown out against men suspected of planning terrorism (Another terror hoax falls apart)
  2725. Distance ties with US to cut terror risk, say most Britons
  2726. High-level terror detainees to face military tribunals
  2727. High Court Rejects Detainee Tribunals (READ)
  2728. Bush Admits, Defends Existence of Secret CIA Prisons
  2729. Detroit schools close as teachers strike enters second week
  2730. China's oil diplomacy: Hugo Chavez makes high profile visit to Beijing
  2731. Worsening food insecurity in Africa
  2732. France: Socialist mayor threatens to evict homeless immigrants by force
  2733. Report reveals 1.6 million Israelis living in poverty
  2734. Democratic Party outlines pro-war agenda for US elections (Throw them both out)
  2735. John Ross: Death of the Mexican Presidency (READ)
  2736. Spinning Troop Levels in Iraq
  2737. Bombing Without Regrets: The US and Cluster Bombs
  2738. Democrats, Pwogs and the Lesser Evil Folly
  2739. The Gaza Maze: Who Gained Most from the Fox Reporters' Kidnapping
  2740. Stephen Soldz: Protecting the Torturers
  2741. The Gaza Maze: Who Gained Most from the Fox Reporters' Kidnapping (Israel, of course - now, who were the kidnappers?)
  2742. FBI Suspected Rove and Libby Pre-Fitzgerald
  2743. Afghanistan: Campaign Against Taliban "Causes Misery and Hunger"
  2744. What's Behind Bush's Gitmo Move
  2745. Mexico's next president as bridge builder (What lunacy)
  2746. Mexican election result: Readers react
  2747. Primary Winner Harris Faces Uphill Duel
  2748. Bush says Iraq linked to 'war on terror' (Monkeyboy)
  2749. Bush Defends War Strategy (Is genocide a strategy?)
  2750. Health of 9/11 heroes at risk (Thanks to their government)
  2751. Lung Problems Common after WTC Recovery
  2752. Afghan press eyes Musharraf visit
  2753. Musharraf in Kabul talks of common enemy
  2754. Male Bass Across Region Found to Be Bearing Eggs
  2755. EPA Allows Dumping in Chesapeake and Shenandoah River
  2756. FDA Approves Viral Adulteration of Our Food Supply
  2757. Former Ill. governor sentenced to 6 1/2 years
  2758. Blair to resign next July -paper (?!! How about yesterday. Somebody arrest the War Criminal)
  2759. What Dropoff? August Death Total in Baghdad Morgue Triples
  2760. Judge Hears Arguments on Federal Spying Program
  2761. Guantanamo Tribunals May Resume in Early '07 (The Spanish Iquisition Lives!)
  2762. Bush Admits CIA Held Terrorism Suspects Outside U.S.
  2763. ABC: Tell the Truth About 9/11
  2764. Writer of ABC's 9/11 'Docudrama' Is Avowed Conservative Activist
  2765. Annan praises Israeli blockade removal (Now about that eternal blockage of Gaza)
  2766. British premier to visit Lebanon on Monday (Who wants a War Criminal?)
  2767. Annan welcomes Turkey's decision to send troops to Lebanon
  2768. Hewlett-Packard under investigation in spying scandal
  2769. Parliament group in Bali Nine appeal
  2770. The Bush Haters Are Hurting America... (psychosis rampant)
  2771. White House Targets Conspiracy Theorists As Terrorist Recruiters (inflammed psychosis)
  2772. US disapproval of Bush nearing European levels (Disapproval, of the most hated man that even lived?)
  2773. OIL: Fuel's Paradise (READ)
  2774. OIL: Sustainable oil? (READ)
  2775. OIL: Is this the little critter that makes the oil? (READ)
  2776. China Won't Support Sanctions Against Iran in Nuclear Dispute (That's no surprise)
  2777. Stone weighing up second 9/11 movie (Hmmmm)
  2778. Bush: Terrorists will face unrelenting pressure (of state terrorism)
  2779. Election 2006 & World War III (READ)
  2780. Call to World Jewry: Have You Heard of the Iranian Threat? (Forgetaboutit: Israel has already insured its bloody death)
  2781. Ohio Attorney Jailed Again For 16 Days In Nazi-Like Fashion Without Charges Being Filed
  2782. Abramoff: The House That Jack Built (Don't forget the "Mohammed Atta" connection)
  2783. Diplomat: Americans can't visit families
  2784. Resistance to Iran sanctions grows as powers meet (expectedly)
  2785. Pollster Pleads Guilty to Making Up Results (Don't trust alleged polls)
  2786. War turns southern women away from GOP
  2787. Eye on Iraq: Adrift in a complex war
  2788. Documents: Feds, City Knew Of Ground Zero Toxins (Egregiously malicious government)
  2789. France rejects "war on terror" (Oops: US/IL will now bomb Paris and blame Mohammed Atta)
  2790. Book says CIA tried to provoke Saddam to war (Wasn't that obvious?!)
  2791. Pollster Pleads Guilty to Fraud
  2792. 28-Year Career CIA Official Says 9/11 An Inside Job (We know that)
  2793. George Bush, Lenin and CIA torture chambers
  2794. Formal charges to be brought against Weinmann (on spying for whom???)
  2795. Blair to quit within a year (Frogmarching him to the hoosgao is better)
  2796. Report: British Jews facing more anti-Semitic sentiment than ever (and they would like to blame who, exactly?)
  2797. Secret jails too useful to close, says Bush (Every sociopathic tyrrant has felt that way)
  2798. Democrat House Candidate A 9/11 Denier (Good for him!)
  2799. Bush's Plan Allows Coerced Evidence (i.e., obtained by torture)
  2800. Blair's legacy is a reckless adventure that's wreaked havoc the world over (So why isn't this serial genocidalist in jail?)
  2801. why we fight (READ/WATCH)
  2802. Who really blew up the twin towers? (Christina Asquith is a fool writing drivel; paid, lying whore is also possible)
  2803. Pollster guilty of fake data conspiracy
  2804. "Smoking gun" evidence uncovered in Ohio of massive vote fraud in 2004 election
  2805. Isolating Israel (READ)
  2806. Van Hollen and AIPAC: Case Study (READ)
  2807. BREAKING: Bolton Nomination Removed from Agenda Today
  2808. 911 You cant handle the Truth
  2809. Larry Lucky Larry Silverstein
  2810. Court rules against voters supervising elections (??)
  2811. NATO seeks reinforcement in Afghanistan USSR also made this mistake)
  2812. Bin Laden '9/11 video' broadcast (A fraud made several years ago -CIA/MOSSAD/MI6?)
  2813. Only the deluded or the paid-off still believe amateur Arab pilots did it
  2814. False Flag Operations: Declassified Military Documents Show How US Government Planned Terrorist Attacks Against Its Own Citizens (READ)
  2815. The Height of Hubris for the Corporate Media and the GOP, Abusing the Collective Sadness and Pain of America
  2816. Palestinian children pay price of Israel's Summer Rain offensive
  2817. In Hamas schools, every child has a computer
  2818. Clinton Administration Officials Assail ABC's 'The Path to 9/11'
  2819. Clinton Enraged At ABC For Inaccurate 9/11 Movie
  2820. Sept. 11 TV show assailed
  2821. 28-Year Career CIA Official Says 9/11 An Inside Job
  2822. Move to block 'Gordon's coronation'
  2823. Blair refuses to set departure date (Do not pass Go, do not collect $200, go directly to jail)
  2824. Brown demands March handover as Blair's power haemorrhages
  2825. Senate panel scrubs vote on Bolton as U.N. envoy
  2826. Lebanon Air Blockade Lifted; Naval Stays (Will IL play games with this forever)
  2827. Rebels 'Control Half of Afghanistan' (Russians must be laughing)
  2828. US hands over Iraq army control (Another "Mission Accomplished")
  2829. U.S. forces in Iraq number 145,000
  2830. Fresh bombs shake Iraqi capital
  2831. Sunnis enraged as Iraq prepares to divide itself into regions
  2832. Al Jazeera airs audio of new Iraq al Qaeda leader (given them by a CIA covert asset)
  2833. Evacuation drill to close West Loop streets (Chicago)
  2834. Menezes family oppose case delay
  2835. Belgium police hold 17 of extreme-right in 'plot' (Hoax)
  2836. UK charges two more over alleged airline bomb plot (Man noses grow longer)
  2837. Judge Hears Arguments on Federal Spying Program
  2838. No more torture? Read the fine print.
  2839. 3 Republican senators among critics of military tribunal plan
  2840. Military lawyers question Bush plan for trials
  2841. Bush Says Detainees Will Be Tried
  2842. Europeans Seek More Info on CIA Secret Jails
  2843. EU lawmakers demand to know location of CIA jails
  2844. Bush presses Congress to pass antiterrorism laws
  2845. What lies behind the terrorist attacks in Turkey?
  2846. Britain's largest water utility cuts jobs by 25 percent
  2847. New Orleans one year on: FEMA stonewalls recovery efforts
  2848. Australian government sets course for militarism and war
  2849. Pentagon report on Iraq reveals a deepening catastrophe
  2850. How Human Rights Watch Lost Its Way in Lebanon
  2851. Katrina and the New Jim Crow: Ethnic Cleansing in New Orleans
  2852. Bombing Indiana (by US government)
  2853. Scholastic Peddles a Fictitious Path to 9/11 to Kids (READ)
  2854. Bush Family Values: About Those Nazi Appeasers (READ)
  2855. The Fraud in Mexico (READ)
  2856. Downward Mobility: No Recovery for Workers
  2857. Why Bush Really Came Clean About the CIA's Secret Torture Prisons
  2858. Closed Hearings Ordered in Libby CIA Leak Case
  2859. Senate Deflects Push for Rumsfeld's Ouster
  2860. Shiites Push Laws to Divide, Partition Iraq
  2861. Pentagon Spends Billions to Outsource Torture
  2862. Clinton Officials Protest 9/11 Mini-Series
  2863. Al-Qaeda video takes credit for 9-11 (A new Fake)
  2864. Bush's prison revelations irks Europe
  2865. Report: New York again flunks in college affordability
  2866. Genetic map identifies close to 200 cancer genes (This will turn out to be nonsense)
  2867. Red Cross to see alleged 9/11 mastermind (or what's left of him?)
  2868. The 9/11 Conspiracy Nuts (How can A. Cockburn be so fucking stupid?)
  2869. Good-bye Main Stream Media, Hello alternative (READ)
  2870. Dying nun wants her body autopsied to prove 9/11 toxicity killed her
  2871. Bush Vows to Use All Anti-Terror Tools (Strange vow for a serial genocidal terrorist to make)
  2872. Think Progress &#-11;&#-11; FBI Agent Who Consulted On Path to 9/11 Quit Halfway Through Because &#-11;&#-11;&#-11;They Were Making Things U(It icorpa(Disney)gov media time! Whimworld!)
  2873. Blair buys time with pledge to quit within 12 months (Arrest him and drag him to the Hague in irons)
  2874. Israel Keeps Blockade of Lebanon Ports (The games have begun)
  2875. Israel Begins to Lift Blockade of Lebanon (and about the Gaza blockade, how fucking dare this shitty reptilian country?)
  2876. Al-Jazeera airs pre-9/11 bin Laden tape (Hoax)
  2877. Nation follows kidnap victim's words with bated breath (Keeps you mind off Israels multiple genocides)
  2878. American higher ed falling behind other nations, study says (In whatway is it not dying?)
  2879. State gets C-minus in college prep
  2880. TIME.com: Horse Slaughtering: The New Terrorism?
  2881. Bush Touts Progress Since 9/11 Attacks (Yes, we can see the "progress" all around us)
  2882. BP's So Sorry (So sorry, but so greatly enriched by negligence)
  2883. Couric No. 1, With Fewer Viewers (TV = "Shitland")
  2884. Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis Increases Global Threat, WHO Says (What happened to the fucking bird flu hoax?)
  2885. RED HERRING | Untreatable TB Spreading
  2886. Focusing in on Cancers Complexity (and amazing arrogance of medical ognorance)
  2887. Senate moves to add funds to track bin Laden (He's dead, morons; you know that very well)
  2888. Senate approves $469 billion for Pentagon (Oh rapture!)
  2889. Senate OKs massive defense bill (Ever Criminal Congress)
  2890. Bush moves to shore up war-on-terror credentials (with more pigshit)
  2891. Emphasis on terrorism may not work on voters, analysts say (Getting tired of the transparent lies?)
  2892. Armitage says he was source in CIA leak (It was Cheney's deal, and everyone knows it)
  2893. HP investigators hacked reporters' phone data
  2894. Admin. Proposes $12M Enron Settlement
  2895. Video Shows Bin Laden Meeting With 9/11 Planners (al-Shahri is still alive)
  2896. Following Zakheim and Pentagon trillions to Israel and 9-11 (READ - and understand how much of either fucking liar or moron A. Cockburn is)
  2897. Portland judge rejects Bush attempt to dismiss NSA lawsuit
  2898. European watchdog calls for clampdown on CIA
  2899. Portland judge rejects Bush attempt to dismiss NSA lawsuit
  2900. Rep. Jim Cooper: Bush is Hiding the True National Debt. It's Worse than You've Heard. Much Worse
  2901. Father Produces More Evidence Implicating UN in Kidnapping (Fabrications)
  2902. 911 - A Modern Fairy Tale (What Alexander Cockburn believes)
  2903. Biotech Corn Recall Shows Frankenfoods Are a Menace (READ)
  2905. US taxpayer paid for ISRAEL atrocities
  2906. Support of Israel hurts U.S.
  2907. BYU places '9/11 truth' professor on paid leave (Steven Jones: This is why so many physicists have remained silent)
  2908. Democrats: The 9/11 Johhny Come Lately!
  2909. 9/11 conspiracies die (Not from al-CIAda's fake Osama, and two hijackers who are still alive)
  2910. Bush urges Congress to support him on warrantless eavesdropping (Psychopath-in-chief)
  2911. Senate OK's Massive Defense Bill (Criminal Congress)
  2912. Bin Laden Tape Betrays 'Phony Hijacker' Contradiction
  2913. Many Americans Suspect U.S. Government Involvement or Complicity in 9/11 (Downright observant of them)
  2914. HP Chair Will Resign if Board Asks
  2915. As one fifth columnist to a dumbass columnist (READ)
  2916. Bush Says Taleban Will Fail in Afghanistan (He doesn't do the reality thing)
  2917. Baghdad violence 'not declining'
  2918. Lebanese youth call on US to respect democracy
  2919. European watchdog calls for clampdown on CIA (What's the probability of that happening?)
  2920. 'Gaza is a jail. Nobody is allowed to leave. We are all starving now'
  2921. Heathrow thief grabs Lohan's million-dollar jewels (Isn't airport security a wonderful phoney crock of state terrorism?)
  2922. Row reignites as Clarke vents anger at 'stupid' Brown (LOL)
  2923. Israel lifts Lebanon air blockade - but not naval embargo (Dragging out its games)
  2924. Beating a Dead Horse Until it Rises From the Dead.
  2925. ABC may pull "Path to 9-11" (Possibly because its a known lie?!)
  2926. The Torturer's Apprentice - by Ray McGovern
  2927. 911, Iraq, PNAC All roads lead to Israel (READ a sound tying together)
  2929. Teen girl charged with posting nude photos on Internet (bizarre)
  2930. On his knees, Bush pins his hopes on fear
  2931. one whopper after another - gov't feeds US lies (READ)
  2932. Netanyahu Beats Drum for U.S. War with Iran
  2933. Reporter Greg Palast faces Homeland Security charges (?!)
  2934. U.S. Politicians Should Focus On Tehran, Netanyahu Says (Arrogant fuck)
  2935. Can you say [kuhn-spir-uh-see]?
  2936. Israel scraps plans to leave West Bank (As expected)
  2937. 5m pupils failed by flawed teaching (UK)
  2938. New Yorkers to study about Israel (It's USrael!)
  2939. The Path To 9/11 Is The Path To Distraction
  2940. Senate: Saddam saw al-Qaida as threat
  2941. Senate report: No Saddam, al-Qaida link
  2942. 10 Miami journalists take U.S. pay for propaganda
  2943. Army Faces Rising Number of Roadside Bombs in Iraq
  2944. Woman charged with terror offence (Totalitarian State)
  2945. Lawyers and G.O.P. Chiefs Resist Proposal on Tribunals
  2946. New poll says most Canadians blame U.S. for 9/11 attacks (Was 'inside job' a poll option?)
  2947. Owned-and-operated station - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  2948. ICFI/WSWS public meeting in New Zealand Five years since September 11: Causes and consequences of the "war on terror"
  2949. Britain: Internal party revolt seeks Blair's removal
  2950. Bush admits secret prisons, demands Congress sanction drumhead tribunals
  2951. Patrick Cockburn: Gaza is Dying
  2952. The Global Trade in Deadly Pesticides
  2953. The Future of the Family Farm
  2954. Perception Gap: The War on Terror as Others See It
  2955. Parallel Purges: Academic Freedom in Iran and the US
  2956. Judge Says: "No Clowning Around Our WMDs!"
  2957. Paul Craig Roberts: Books Are Our Salvation
  2958. Uri Avnery: The Liberals' War on Lebanon
  2959. Bush Tribunal Plan Ignores Supreme Court Ruling (Arrest him)
  2960. ABC Backs Down After 9/11 Mini-Series Protests
  2961. Amid Wide Criticism, Bush Pushes for Greater Wiretap Authority
  2962. Baghdad Death Toll Over 1,500 in August
  2963. Ohio Judge Orders '04 Ballots Be Preserved for Legal Examination
  2964. US Expects Iran Sanctions Within Weeks (delusional)
  2965. Israel Ends Naval Blockade on Lebanon (maybe)
  2966. Armitage Shmarmitage
  2967. New report reveals scant evidence of Iraqi ties to al-Qaida (So did all the other reports - Hello-o?)
  2968. Senate Intel Committee Bloodies Bush's Nose (Oh, say it isn't so!)
  2969. Israel to End Lebanon Blockade in 2 Days (and Gaza stands alone)
  2970. Premature ejaculation drug is 'safe' (Who says?)
  2971. Cut the insults, Khatami tells US
  2972. Iran's Khatami Urges Talks, Not Threats
  2973. Blasts kill 37 in India graveyard (Who profits?)
  2974. Senate Reports Detail US Errors (Lies, not errors)
  2975. Intelligence Didn't Back Bush Iraq Claims, Senate Reports Say (Lies, not claims)
  2976. Nato rows over sending more troops to Afghanistan
  2977. Israel lifts navy blockade of Lebanon (while Palestinian genocide continues)
  2978. Civil war would destroy Labour's credibility (It was gone long ago)
  2979. Obvious Question in Plame Case Had Early Answer (No it didn't, and doesn't)
  2980. 'There's progress in war on terror' (We have seen its death and destruction)
  2981. Words as weapons in the war on [of] terror
  2982. Bush alters message [again], emphasizes terror threat (that he has created)
  2983. Taking the Bait
  2984. Bush Calls CIA Prisons 'Vital' Tool (in his reign of terror)
  2985. Book of revelations (READ)
  2986. How Much News Do You Know? (i.e., How much bullshit do you know?)
  2987. Analysis: To torture or not to torture
  2988. Romania repeats denial of presence of secret CIA detention centres
  2989. Bush talks terror in Atlanta stop (He only lies, so just ignore him)
  2990. Palestinians forced to scavenge for food on rubbish dumps
  2991. Bush officials cleared as Powell's former deputy admits unmasking CIA agent (What a farce)
  2992. Former dictator Pinochet loses immunity in new human rights case
  2993. Former Iranian president visits US
  2994. Lebanon: UNHCR warehouse fire (an accident?)
  2995. Bloggers blast WCVB to can movie (Nonsensical diversion)
  2996. Eustis chief: Iraq post-war plan muzzled (As I've said from the beginning, an exit was *never* part of the plan)
  2997. U.S. count of Baghdad deaths excludes car bombs, mortar attacks (Like USlying economic figures)
  2998. Whistle-blower slams Iraq contractors
  2999. Israeli acts of kindness
  3000. True Incompetence or Feigned Idiocy? (Mostly FI, next question?)
  3001. Sen. Feingold Stands Up...Again
  3002. China's trade surplus widens to a record $18.8 billion
  3003. Resistance Able to Annihilate US 'Permanent' Bases in Iraq
  3004. U.S. officials urge nations' discretion on CIA prisons (i.e., We'll do this no matter what)
  3005. Security forces seize CDs of Al-Qaeda training camp - NDTV.com - News on Security forces seize CDs of Al-Qaeda training camp(More fabricated nonsense)
  3006. The Twilight Zone / The boy who was buried twice (READ)
  3007. UN Chief Urges Israel To End Killing In Gaza (He means the continuing genocide. Fat chance!)
  3008. Mexican court fuels voter doubt (which is more than justified already)
  3009. America : Freedom to Fascism? Liberal Hatespeech! (Shelley needs a brain xplant)
  3010. Dubya and the hunt for Osama (The ghost of Osama past is coming to get you - again)
  3011. Militares prepararon falsos atentados en Bogot&#-11;&#-11; (Inventing
  3012. Militares prepararon falsos atentados en Bogot&#-11;&#-11; (Great Big Lies is a game all governments can play)
  3013. U.S. Cuts Ties With Iranian State-Owned Bank (Does Iran give a ferret's fanny? [Yawn])
  3014. Justice for G.I.s? (Not from the US criminal gummint)
  3015. The Unslammed Phone (READ)
  3016. Michael Coren's Double Standards
  3017. Indications add up to government conspiracy (READ)
  3018. Bibis Rolling Armageddon Sideshow (Netanyahu - can this genocidal thug get more arrogant?)
  3019. GOP Fall Strategy: Terror, Iraq War (If the Bushitlerians were not so perversely sick, they would be hilarious)
  3020. Group says giant worm must be protected (Cheney?!)
  3021. Discover the Secret Right-Wing Network Behind ABC's 9/11 Deception (READ)
  3022. The 9/11 conspiracy plots thicken (and MSM bumbles along in unphased ignorance of the obvious)
  3023. The borders of Egypt during the time when the Bible claims the kingdom of Israel existed
  3024. Judge blocks drilling in national oil reserve (Bush don't need no steenking laws!)
  3025. EPA wants pollution rules eased for oil refineries, plants
  3026. ABC Stands By Its 9/11 Story Almost (How many waffles can you eat?)
  3027. Governor Dean: The American People Deserve to Know!
  3028. Bush Plans Prime Time Sept. 11 Address (Something for my "must miss" list)
  3029. Blast Kills 16 in Afghan Capital, Including 2 U.S. Soldiers (Shit happens)
  3030. Tanks [Canada] going to Afghanistan after all
  3031. Turkey rejects NATO call for Afghan reinforcements
  3032. Afghanistan needs 2,500 more troops, says general (maybe nobody wants togo; draft US congress and UK Parliament, with precious few allowed to stay home)
  3033. U.S. govt. to build 143 clinics in Iraq ("clinics" sounds better than extermination centers)
  3034. Remembering the Journalists (103 murdered for publishing annoying truths)
  3035. Iraqi Government Pulls the Plug on TV Station (Al-Arabiya)
  3036. Iraq's Alleged Al-Qaeda Ties Were Disputed Before War (i.e., well known to be puppy poop)
  3037. C.I.A. Said to Find No Hussein Link to Terror Chief
  3038. New York Muslims beset by suspicion (Surprising?)
  3039. US expands visitor fingerprinting to 'deter' attacks (Totalitarian government)
  3040. Portland judge rejects Bush attempt to dismiss NSA lawsuit
  3041. CIA prison detainees arrive 'safely' at Guantanamo Bay (i.e., not yet vivisected)
  3042. Lawyers and G.O.P. Chiefs Resist Proposal on Tribunals
  3043. Half Ton of Bomb Material Stored a Few Miles from the White House (Please, they don't need any more excuses!)
  3044. Canada: Conservatives to revive Liberals' Internet surveillance legislation
  3045. A national disgrace: sick 9/11 workers left without medical coverage 70 percent with respiratory ailments
  3046. Murdoch's media empire girds up for a war against Iran
  3047. Detroit teachers hold strike rally
  3048. Answer strike-breaking injunction: Mobilize Detroit workers in defense of the teachers
  3049. Bush demands congressional rubber-stamp for police-state powers (READ)
  3050. In the Belly of the Bentonville Beast: Working for Wal-Mart
  3051. Mike Whitney: America's Economic Meltdown
  3052. Tailoring the Case Against Iran: Cut from the Same Old Pattern
  3053. Rumsfeld at the American Legion: Dead Babies and Nazi Propaganda
  3054. Greg Grandin: Good Christ, Bad Christ
  3055. The 9/11 Conspiracy Nuts: How They Let the Guilty Parties of 9/11 Off the Hook (A. Cockburn: Moron, psychopath or both?)
  3056. Halliburton Fraud Lawsuit Details Super Bowl Party
  3057. In Darfur, Terror From the Air (a lot of this going around)
  3058. CIA Can Still Get Tough on Detainees
  3059. Iran, EU Set Last Minute Talks Over Atomic Ambitions
  3060. Ford's new CEO gets $18.5 million to take job (Only slightly ridiculous?)
  3061. Driving rap for US star 50 Cent (Has he been badmouthing our national criminals?)
  3062. 9-11 health impact dispute: "We never lied," Christine Whitman lies | World War 4 Report (She's a well known lying corpa shill - not to mention unqualified for anything)
  3063. New York Ground zero protest over '9/11 related health problems
  3064. Lawmakers Say Ground Zero Workers Unsafe
  3065. WHO: Indonesia's Bird Flu Deaths Hit 48 (or not)
  3066. Biggest military loss since start of Afghan war is 'terrible accident'
  3067. Blair popularity sinks lower (Is "popularity" the right word?)
  3068. Solana to meet Iran's nukes negotiator in Vienna (Yoohoo Yahoo: Iran has no nukes, remember?)
  3069. Siberian lakes burp 'time-bomb' greenhouse gas (or not)
  3070. Lawmakers lambaste federal role in 9/11 health woes
  3071. Lawmakers rip feds for role in 9/11 health woes
  3072. Israel set to restart 'road map' process (Yeah, right!)
  3073. Charles Clarke heads 'stop Gordon' campaign
  3074. Panel: Saddam had no use for Osama (This required a panel, 5 years later?!)
  3075. Blair Says Labor Party Must End Feuding (Then leave)
  3076. John Kerry: Five Years After 9/11, They Still Can't Count To Five(Kerry is still an asshole)
  3077. Trade ministers in Brazil seek to break international impasse (Pack it in, thieves)
  3078. ABC follows a path to shame
  3079. "The Path to 9/11'' distorts history
  3080. An Insider's Guide to Food Labels (Criminal Corpagov)
  3081. Abbas says ready for talks with Israel's Olmert
  3082. Abbas: Ready to meet Olmert immediately
  3083. Blair meets Israeli leader
  3084. Hamas rejects Blair's conditions for starting dialogue
  3085. Feeling no safer (You're under martial law)
  3086. Bushs last stand: turning the war on its head
  3087. Report details CIA torture use
  3088. As OPEC Meets, Fresh Doubts About Its Power
  3089. Rockefeller: Bush Duped Public On Iraq (So why isn't W impeached and convicted?)
  3090. Bush wants to renew Social Security push after vote (He intends US genocide also)
  3091. Bill Would Ease CIA Interrogation Limits (assisted genocide)
  3092. CIA still hiding 'ghost' captives
  3093. John Lennon, Still a Security Threat
  3094. MK Bishara warns Syria of Israeli attack
  3095. IOL: Extreme TB outbreak just 'tip of the iceberg'
  3096. US accused of covert operations in Somalia (Is any country immune except Israel?)
  3097. Kerry Seeks More U.S. Troops for Afghanistan (Will this shitholw shut up?)
  3098. Poisonous clouds of pollution spread after Israel air strike (No accident)
  3099. In a Pivotal Year, GOP Plans to Get Personal (and even more swinish)
  3100. Bush's new "offensive": old lies wrapped up in newer desperation, hubris, arrogance and bigotry
  3101. Is 911 Commission Vice Chairman Lee Hamilton engaging in prolefeed? Or am I guilty of oldthink? Double-plus ungood!
  3102. Iraq PM to visit Iran as federalism row fans passions
  3103. Japanese people asked about 911 and Iraq
  3104. NATO call for troops tests alliance (With luck NATO will be shut down)
  3105. Lessons of War / IAF succeeded in Lebanon, but must prepare for tougher battles(Israel's victory by Kafkaesque fiat)
  3106. UN Partition recommendation, Nov. 1947
  3107. Ban the Republican Party (READ, and the Democratic Party as well)
  3108. Israeli Diplomat Released On Bond
  3109. Bin Laden Trail 'Stone Cold' (Because he's dead, you moron)
  3110. Top soldier quits as blundering campaign turns into 'pointless' war
  3111. North Kansas City company settles charge related to boycott of Israel (Now, who really runs our country?!)
  3112. How Would Jesus Kill Hugo Chavez? (READ)
  3113. FLASHBACK: Governor Jeb Bush of Florida declared "MARTIAL LAW" four daysBefore 9/11 (Florida is still under Martial Law)
  3114. Why is Wikipedia Censoring Me? (James Bacque)
  3115. Venezuela Building Free Health System
  3116. Israeli warships open fire on Lebanese fishermen
  3117. Cheney says did "helluva job" since September 11 (It sure has created a hell on earth)
  3119. A quick look at screen-shots of some online polls (READ)
  3120. National Press Club: Call for a new 9-11 investigation
  3121. Iran may consider enrichment suspension (An interesting move with US elections coming up)
  3122. Blair to Haaretz: Western leaders see the danger of Islamic extremism, but our public still does not(Zionist poodle works for Israel, not UK)
  3123. The sickness of Israel's ruling elite - Uri Avnery
  3124. Avian flu kills in similar manner to 1918 flu: study (The design flaw, acommon one, is that it isn't virulent or contagious enough for the purpose)
  3125. Feds interview Harris' ex-campaign manager
  3126. Elections officials ordered into voting machine case
  3127. Al Gore says he hasn't ruled out 2nd run (Too late for you to say anything)
  3128. Social Security to be Phased Out in 2007 (If the criminal corpagov remains)
  3129. Venezuela tax office temporarily shuts H-P, Motorola offices
  3130. Lopez Obrador ends downtown Mexico City protests (temporarily)
  3131. Annan sees fears Iran standoff could lead to war (Standoff is irrelevant)
  3132. Iran offers 2-month atomic enrichment halt-diplomat
  3133. 1,000 more troops will drive the Taliban out, says British command (Wishful, but idiot thinking)
  3134. Suicide Bomber Kills Governor in Afghanistan
  3135. Poll finds gloom over terror (AU)
  3136. Howard [poodle terrorist] blasts terror 'pussyfoots'
  3137. How US merchants of fear sparked a $130bn bonanza
  3138. U.S. Wants to Collect More Passenger and Fingerprint Data (The Masters want their boots licked)
  3139. DHS plans major data fusion project (until you are all in chains, and starving)
  3140. 27 are hanged at Abu Ghraib in first mass execution since Hussein's fall
  3141. Tortured screams ring out as Iraqis take over Abu Ghraib
  3142. Merkel criticizes U.S. over CIA prisons (as if she had nothing to do with them)
  3143. From Baltimore Suburbs to a Secret CIA Prison (Star Chamber)
  3144. Investigation: The CIA's secret prisons
  3145. Report details CIA torture use
  3146. Police on the Lookout for Terrorists With Missiles Near Airports (They will be CIA/MI6/Mossad: the "Axis of Terror")
  3147. Miami airport to train all 35,000 workers to spot suspicious peopl (more from Kafka)
  3148. Bush 9/11 Tour Aims to Bolster Republicans (But, his is political poison- so, this is good)
  3149. Elephants in the Barracks
  3150. Desperate to Remain in Control, GOP Resorts to Attack Ads
  3151. FBI Protests CIA Interrogation Tactics (Diversionary grandstanding)
  3152. For US Troops and Their Families, Iraq War's Invisible Costs Keep Piling Up (and US is long past being irrevocably bankrupt, in more ways than the obvious one)
  3153. Thousands Rally in Israel to Demand War Inquiry
  3154. Bush's Approval Ratings Slumping Further in Europe (The most hated man in all history, by the numbers)
  3155. 62,006 - The Number Killed in the 'War on Terror' (Woefully underestimated)
  3156. Cheney and Rice Defend US Wars (Not Wars: Invasions, Occupation and genocides)
  3157. Three Gorges expos&#-11;&#-11; wins top prize at film festival
  3158. Russia's ties to Iran a roadblock to US (imperialism, and you betcha)
  3159. Blair offers support for a Palestinian coalition (A lying fuck)
  3160. Abbas Pushes for Unity Government With Hamas (Useless)
  3161. Opinion: New words, old tactics (Israel)
  3162. Gulf of Mexico quake felt in La., Fla.
  3163. IMF [International Mother Fuckers] report urges US to raise petrol taxes
  3164. 9/11 Commissioners Debate ABC Miniseries, Iraq, War on Terror LMFAO! As humans, these turds are jokes)
  3165. New [Fake, likje all the rest] bin Laden 9/11 tape shown
  3166. Solzhenitsyn breaks last taboo of the revolution
  3167. Situation Called Dire in West Iraq
  3168. War's Critics Abetting Terrorists, Cheney Says (This creep will say anything)
  3169. Senate OKs $63 billion for 2 wars (Criminal Congress)
  3170. Worried CIA Officers Buy Legal Insurance
  3171. RussertWatch: Tricky Dick's Slick Schtick
  3172. Opec set to maintain oil output levels
  3173. NIH Scientist's Dealings Called Misconduct
  3174. Deal sealed on Fatah-Hamas rule
  3175. Israeli, Palestinian Leaders Agree to Talk Peace (while Israel is still murdering Palestinians)
  3176. Hamas snub for Blair's Mid-East peace plan (Creepy Tony trying to make himself appear worth something)
  3177. Independent monitors: Ruling coalition wins most votes in Montenegro's first elections since independenc
  3178. Profile of Montenegro
  3179. NIST's World Trade Center FAQ: A Reply
  3180. Experiments to test NIST "orange glow" hypothesis
  3181. Comments on Some of NIST's FAQs
  3182. The Destruction of the World Trade Center: Why the Official Account Cannot Be True - David Ray Griffin, Ph.D.
  3183. gullible americans - Paul Craig Roberts
  3184. Raw Sewage Taints Sacred Jordan River
  3185. Why Jebbie has Mickey Rat's nuts in a vice (What a corpagov we have!)
  3186. Everyone's First Reaction Was "Controlled Demolition" (READ)
  3187. Bar-On wants passports of Arab MKs who visited Syria revoked (No crime is beyond Israeli government)
  3188. Mainstream Blog Pioneer Alterman Axed by MSNBC
  3189. UK charity warns of Afghan famine (How many genocides can USUKIL wage?)
  3190. Get thee behind me Congress
  3191. Putin to send Russian engineering-sapper battalion to Lebanon
  3192. 9/11 Kean Commission Report Exposed as 'Fraud of Historic Proportions' on 9/11 Fifth Anniversary by Former 'Star Wars' Program Director (READ)
  3193. Schools told it's no longer necessary to teach right from wrong (!?)
  3194. GOP Senators' Bid to Confirm Bolton Is Called Off
  3195. Protests as Blair visits Lebanon (To the scene of one of his myriad crimes)
  3196. Afghan governor's funeral bombed; 6 dead (A bit out of hand)
  3197. Government to look at longer stay in Afghanistan (NZ)
  3198. Canada sending 15 tanks, 120 more troops
  3199. Britain offers more troops for Afghanistan if allies refuse
  3200. Top soldier quits over 'grotesque' Afghan war(UK)
  3201. 16 Die In Bombing Near Iraqi Army Recruiting Center
  3202. Lawlessness and terrorism rule Iraq five years after 9/11
  3203. Anti-Terror Act flawed, Khawaja lawyer tells court (Canada)
  3204. United flight diverted after unclaimed BlackBerry found(Another hoax)
  3205. Man charged with attending terror camp (UK terrorist state)
  3206. N.J. fights fed bid to block phone probe
  3207. CIA staff afraid of charges over jails
  3208. Government wants U.S. terror suspect to be tried in Iraq(Curiouser and curiouser)
  3209. Spain: "Law of historical memory" continues cover-up of Franco's crimes
  3210. Fatah steps up provocations against Hamas-led Palestinian Authority
  3211. Mexico's political crises intensifies after Calder&#-11;&#-11;n is certified as president(Unavoidably READ)
  3212. Detroit teachers defy injunction, but Democrats prepare new trap for strike
  3213. NATO in disarray over military crisis in Afghanistan (Smart v. Stupid)
  3214. Five years since 9/11: A political balance sheet--Part one
  3215. Joshua Frank: Proving Nothing (Possibly the most densely deranged, ignorant and stupid thing I have ever read)
  3216. Niranjan Ramakrishnan: What Happened? (Almost worth reading)
  3217. Killing Time: an Investigation into the Death (But all the terror has always been from within)
  3218. September 11th, Our Report (Fictional)
  3219. Dahr Jamail and Ali al-Fadhily | Fallujah Under Threat Yet Again
  3220. The Hidden Scope of Domestic Spying Since 9/11
  3221. Global Media Abhors US Response to 9/11 (Is this news?)
  3222. Abbas Announces Coalition Deal (that will last a day or two?)
  3223. Palestinians to have new govt (but no land, and no country)
  3224. Americans Pause To Remember 9/11 (mostly wrongly)
  3225. US remembers 9/11 victims (of its own government)
  3226. Iran's nuclear threat started as gift from US (Um - what threat, exactly?)
  3227. VOA News - Rice Says Iran Must Suspend Enrichment Before Nuclear Talks Can Begin(As usual, her feeble excuse for a brain has been paying no attention)
  3228. IRAN, BUSTING THE MULLAHS' BOMB (This a joke, right?)
  3229. RI Senate primary has national impact (Prime for yet more election rigging)
  3230. ABC airs edited 9/11 miniseries
  3231. 'Fiction over fact' in 9/11 show (That was exactly the purpose)
  3232. ABC's 9/11 miniseries eclipsed by football (Ooops!)
  3233. Darfur risks catastrophe - Annan
  3234. UN details massive US arms sales to Taiwan
  3235. Mexico's next leader seeks reconciliation (Fat chance)
  3236. Terrorism prevention site launched in Colorado (How beautifully Hitlerian for an already sick nation)
  3237. Dallas Paper May Announce 100 Newsroom Buyouts This Week
  3238. Fallujah Under Threat [From US] Yet Again
  3239. DP World closes in on US asset sale (READ)
  3240. British PM booed in Beirut (Life in a pain amplifier would be better)
  3241. Death threats made to Bush assassination film makers (Al-CIAda, perhaps?)
  3242. Bush appeals for national unity in war against terrorism (How about national unity in getting rid of this entire genocidal regime?)
  3243. Bush tells Americans they're still not safe in latest pre-election speech(We are certainly not safe from Bush, his crime family or his regime)
  3244. Bush to bin Laden: 'America will find you' (Just look for the vry decayed corpse)
  3245. A Peace of the Lame for the Middle East? (There is always Israel to fuck everything in sight)
  3246. ANALYSIS: Indirect recognition, surrender of power (Reasonably accurate)
  3247. Iran sets conditions on enrichment suspension (and the "suspension" means just about nothing)
  3248. New warning by al-Qaeda (and Fu Manchu and the tooth fairy who is quite irate)
  3249. Al-Qaida threatens attacks in Persian Gulf, Israel (BOO!)
  3250. We'll strike again, says al-Qaeda (Al-CIAMI6MOSSADa may very well, if you are not terrified enough to do as they want)
  3251. Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's computer hacked (i.e., he needs a diversion)
  3252. Gov. Schwarzenegger in the "Hot Seat" for Comment
  3253. Arnie's 'Watergate' (He's become incontinent?)
  3254. What's Fact, What's Fiction in 'The Path to 9/11'? (Consider it all fiction)
  3255. Brothers face terror charges after police raids across London (Terrorists of Mass Deception)
  3256. Rice presses Sudan to accept UN (Arrogant bitch)
  3257. Activists criticize China's media controls as threat to society
  3258. US joins EC in criticizing China restrictions on foreign news (Nazi Amerika has no business or authority to criticize anyone)
  3259. Court Victory in Ohio Ballot Access Case
  3260. China Replaces U.S. As World's Largest Exporter
  3261. So spioniert die CIA in der Schweiz (CIA caught spying in Switzerland)
  3262. 'He is a dog and if we see him we will kill him' (Blair not loved in Lebanon)
  3263. Israel tests ceasefire with Lebanon arrests (Born liars and cheats)
  3264. Gunmen attack US embassy in Syria (Who really did it?)
  3265. Letters: Blair is no help to the Middle East (He's just no damn good)
  3266. Open door: The readers' editor on ... charges of an anti-Israel hoax in South Lebanon
  3267. Friends of Liberty - The CIA's "Operation Cyclone" - Stirring the Hornet's Nest of Islamic Unrest(READ)
  3268. "The CIA Operation Cyclone's Blowback"
  3269. Press Release - Operation Cyclone begins (Interesting reuse of name)
  3270. Chevron, Others May Avoid Oil Royalties (Mistake?!)
  3271. Bush Shamelessly Exploits the Dead, Hijacks our Shared Memories and Pain(Been doing it all along)
  3272. Mass Grave of Massacred Poles Found in Ukraine
  3273. Iran steps back from the brink (with a meaningless concession)
  3274. IDF commander: We fired more than a million cluster bombs in Lebanon
  3275. Deficits not a problem in short run, White House says (Crazy thing to say, but what can you expect from an inert building?)
  3276. Parallels between Nazism, Zionists striking (Aren't they though?)
  3277. America's Youth Must Serve Israel, One Way or Another
  3278. Most Embarrassing Piece Of Propaganda Ever?
  3279. In Unpredictable District, Some Say Bush Is Politicizing Terrorism (and Terrorozing Politics)
  3281. U.S. Spends More on Education, Gets Worse Results, OECD Finds (according to design and purpose)
  3282. How Bush's grandfather helped Hitler's rise to power
  3283. Four Iraq War Vets Detained at Pentagon (READ)
  3284. Nato rejects appeal to boost Afghan troops (Hmmmm)
  3285. Palestinians hit out as Israel tightens visa controls
  3286. If you liked this 9-11; you'll Love the next (READ)
  3287. Fallujah again in the line of US fire
  3288. VA study: Gulf War syndrome doesn't exist (Such a blatant lie)
  3289. Who Did 911 - OBL, Bush Or Mossad? The Evidence (READ)
  3290. Video: Commanders privately express needing 3X more troops
  3291. Australian Fair Pay Commission lays the groundwork for wage cuts
  3292. Director of Baghdad museum goes into exile
  3293. Blair: Beating Washington's war drum in the Middle East
  3294. Five years since 9/11: A political balance sheet--Part two
  3295. New York Times laments demise of post-9/11 "national unity" (READ)
  3296. The Coming Collapse of Zionism (READ: accuracy and truth)
  3297. Troubling Questions About Missile Defense (Short and to the point)
  3298. Alan Maass: Islamic "Fascism", the New Hysteria (READ)
  3299. Norman Finkelstein: Kill Arabs, Cry Anti-Semitism
  3300. US to Keep Pushing for Iran Sanctions (not to mention bombing and invasion)
  3301. American Airlines Latest to Hit ABC's 9/11 Film: Legal Action to Follow? (What was Atta doing in Maine? It's fun since the 9/11 Commision is as much of a joke)
  3302. Spilling the Beans (Toxic genetic engineering of our food)
  3303. Judge Won't Block Arizona Voter ID Law
  3304. Iraqi Leader Asks Iran for Help With Security
  3305. Israel Orders Release of 21 Detained Hamas Officials (How white of them)
  3306. Iraq Vets Force Congressional Investigation of Suzanne Swift Case
  3307. Irwin's death sparks bout of stingray mutilations (Bizarre)
  3308. Stampede at Yemen election rally kills 51 (Bizarre)
  3309. Rival behind Schwarzenegger Web flap
  3310. Blair gets hostile goodbye from unions
  3311. I'm a true Blairite - Brown's insistence to unions
  3312. Turks unhappy with Lebanon mission
  3313. Seven dead in Turkish explosion
  3314. Air Force chief: Test weapons on testy U.S. mobs (We have been their unwitting lab rats MANY times past)
  3315. Exodus, morale shake CDC
  3316. 9/11 Conspiracy Theorists Gather in N.Y.
  3317. Commemorating 9-11 by Impeaching the President
  3318. Theory that U.S. orchestrated Sept. 11 attacks 'not absurd': Venezuela
  3319. War on Terrorism memorial dedicated (??!! Ode on a Fiction)
  3320. It's war for [against all] civilisation: Bush
  3321. Marines deny losing Iraq's biggest province
  3322. White House Gains Concessions in Senate on Military Tribunals (Too vagueas law)
  3323. Bush assassination film set for U.S. release
  3324. Death becomes Bush
  3325. Nonaligned want terrorism redefined
  3326. Sept. 12, 2006 - From Know-How to Nowhere (READ)
  3327. Banking matters: Banks deal with chaos
  3328. Bolivia Unveils Conservative Plot
  3329. A Bolivian Populist Upends the Status Quo
  3330. Venezuela seeks control of remaining oil exploration ventures
  3331. Iranian President to visit Senegal, Cuba, Venezuela & US
  3332. Mexicos democratic lifeline Sergio Aguayo Quezada
  3333. Palast Charged with Journalism in the First Degree Greg Palast
  3334. Police Voice Support for Illegal Methods (RU)
  3335. New York Times Company Spirals Further Downward (People tire of lies)
  3336. Likud Party Discovers Brazilian Artist Latuff
  3337. Colombia military in bomb scandal
  3338. S.Korea riot police clear U.S. base protesters
  3339. Baltimore NAACP wins suit to give voters extra hour to vote
  3340. Councilwoman Wins Primary for House Seat (against AIPACer)
  3341. This war is just beginning, Bush insists (Isn't the insanity obvious?)
  3342. West 'must not fail Afghanistan' (in ensuring genocide)
  3343. "Nuke" Americans First (So saeth US Air Force)
  3344. Meanwhile the forgotten, forsaken Gaza is dying
  3345. NYPD Built Bomb for Terror Study (Is the insanity clear?)
  3346. Neo-con favorite declares World War III (Gingrich has long been insane)
  3347. Freddie Mac Probe Ends With No Charges (like any other corpagov anal probe)
  3348. An age of constant conflict. (Speaaking of insanity)
  3349. Hezbollah Ahead of Lebanese Govt in Reconstruction (Unsurprising)
  3350. ACTAs Tantrum Fails (UNH)
  3351. Iran vows to help establish security in Iraq, boost bilateral ties (Unintended consequence?)
  3352. Terror in the Levant - by Justin Raimondo (READ: guilty parties)
  3353. foto_decadent: State Of Emergency (Disturbing Police State Fashions)
  3354. Cheney sent to break up surveillance, tribunals deadlock ("Dead eye dick" on the case)
  3355. The Elephant in the Room (READ: 9/11)
  3356. Mexican officials to burn ballots (ending Mexican democracy)
  3357. 'Anything Goes' at Interior Department (of corpagov READ about the looting of the nation)
  3358. Popular Mechanics crank can't admit defeat (PM article being a major fraud)
  3359. Syria Says US Behind Attack On Own Embassy
  3360. Why British cellists may no longer fly to New Yorks
  3361. Why British cellists may no longer fly to New Yorks (Gov. insanity beyond the pale)
  3362. AA Prepared to Pull Ads From ABC
  3363. US judge dismisses Sudan genocide lawsuit against Canadian energy company
  3364. The growth of suicide terrorism (based on a specious story of reality)
  3365. Britain's Role in the Israeli-Hezbollah War (Bogus "news" turned into unflattering reality)
  3366. Rep. Murtha introduces resolution for Rumsfeld resignation (useless posturing)
  3367. Soldiers reveal horror of Afghan campaign (Is reality sinking in yet? Neocons keep the idea that they create reality)
  3368. Baker surfaces as key adviser to Bush on Iraq (READ)
  3369. Iran: Occupying forces must leave Iraq
  3370. Two blasts kill 14 people in central Baghdad
  3371. Iraqi police find 65 bodies with signs of torture
  3372. Worldwide drive to privatise water (A disaster)
  3373. No let-up in Iraq lies Bush, Cheney ignore Senate report debunking Iraq-Al Qaeda ties
  3374. Shiite faction pushes for control over southern Iraq and its oil
  3375. Five years since 9/11: A political balance sheet--Part three
  3376. New York Times on 9/11 observances: propaganda in the guise of reportage (as usual; may be why it's dying)
  3377. Germany: Socialist Equality Party to hold Berlin election rally
  3378. Bush uses 9/11 commemoration to campaign for Iraq war
  3379. Who was behind the attack on the US embassy in Syria?
  3380. My Adventures with the FBI: How I Was Targeted as a Terrorist
  3381. Leonard Peltier: Crazy Horse in Chains (READ)
  3382. Antony Loewenstein: My Israel Question (READ)
  3383. Mourning in America: Bush Weeps? Who are They Kidding?
  3384. Christopher Brauchli: Teaching Iraq and Iran (READ)
  3385. Welcome to the Nightmare: Al Qaeda de Mexico? (READ)
  3386. Senate Republicans Block Attempt to Curb Wiretapping (Criminal Congress in Police State)
  3387. Ten Big News Stories You Aren't Hearing (READ)
  3388. Bush Administration Objects to Nuclear Treaty
  3389. NATO pleas for help rejected (Interesting)
  3390. NATO still struggling to raise more troops for Afghanistan (The "whys" should be fairly obvious to the wise)
  3391. Britney & Kevin Have a Boy! (I'm utterly thrilled [yawn])
  3392. Data for Merck's new painkiller called flawed (Just fudged - or fabricated?)
  3393. Death squads [US UK IL] leave 65 more bodies for Iraq morgue
  3394. Sectarian violence defies US deployment (Then there is Afghanistan, the impossible - Neocons are just so fucking brilliant, it boggles the mind)
  3395. US, Israel Eye Palestinian Politics (Another bombing and invasion?!)
  3396. West Bank: a government in jail (On same basis, maybe Iran should jail the Israeli government - sounds really good to me)
  3397. EU: PA unity alone won't open coffers (No end Israel's starvation, bombing, murdering or blockade)
  3398. Israel urges Abbas to be cautious over unity govt (What, no outright treats of assassination?)
  3399. Annan: Palestinian deal could open aid flows (Foolish optimism)
  3400. Cabinet ministers resign in step toward forming unity coalition
  3401. Abbas says Palestinians hope to revive 'road map' peace plan (That's a joke)
  3402. Europe seen easing, not ending Palestinian embargo (Place an embargo on Israel, freeze all Israeli assets, and see how quickly it ends)
  3403. Gaza Strip is optimistic (about failure of Israel's genocide?)
  3404. Israel will fight court order to free Hamas MPs (insisting on its right to commit atrocities and War Crimes)
  3405. No change toward Israel despite unity deal: Hamas (We hates it forever. Why should it be otherwise?)
  3406. Iran committed to building a nuclear bomb (Why the world's justified hatred of Israel extends to Jews)
  3407. US chides China over approach to currency valuation (LOL)
  3408. Paulson Urges China to Undertake Reforms (ROTFL)
  3409. US challenges China to open economy (LOL)
  3410. China FX flexibility a top US priority -US official (LMAO)
  3411. Treasury Chief Delivers New Warning to China (LMFAO! A chihuahua roars!)
  3412. Warrantless Wiretapping Bill Stalls in House
  3413. Annan: Iraq war a disaster for region (Master of the long ago obvious?)
  3414. Arctic sea ice shrinks, a sign of greenhouse effect (or not)
  3415. U.S. seeks Iran sanctions (interminably)
  3416. Plame Sues Armitage Over CIA Leak
  3417. Germany to extend mission in Afghanistan
  3418. Blair tells Nato: send more troops to Afghanistan (Poodle rolls over, but will not play dead)
  3419. Six more charged by terror police (UK hoax ramped up)
  3420. Six charged with terror offences in UK
  3421. Anti-terrorism Act unconstitutional argues lawyer in terror trial (Canada)
  3422. GOP Leaders Back Bush on Wiretapping, Tribunals (Criminals)
  3423. Lord Falconer accuses US of affront to democracy
  3424. Falconer condemns 'shocking' Guant&#-11;&#-11;namo
  3425. Democrats Call NSA's Input to Senate Panel Inappropriate
  3426. NSA Bill Performs a Patriot Act (READ)
  3427. IMF predicts 5.1 per cent global growth in 2006 (That's pretty funny)
  3428. Europe may ease [its Criminal] Palestinian embargo
  3429. Iran 'aggressively seeking atom bomb' (Now that's a conspiracy theory)
  3430. Hamish McRae: Is the mighty China strong enough to survive a US-led global recession? (Yes, next question?)
  3431. Fed May Need to Raise Rates, Faces Dilemma, Says IMF (A dilemma of its own careful construction)
  3432. Lebanon economy plunges as MidEast prospers (Um - Israel just destroyed it)
  3433. World economy strong but risks loom larger: IMF (A reasonably stupid thing to say)
  3434. Glyphosate-resistant johnsongrass in Argentina / Glyphosate-resistant johnsongrass in Argentina(Another killer mistake of GM crops)
  3435. Paper Chase: Uruguay indicts 8 for Operation Condor disappearances
  3436. Egypt powers Gaza Strip for first time in 40 years
  3437. Egypt and Costa Rica restore diplomatic relations
  3438. BG prefers to sell Gaza gas to Egypt (rather than Israel)
  3439. &#-11;The "Israeli war on Lebanon" and its Repercussions * (PART ONE)
  3440. Professor of Arabic barred from returning to US from Canada (lunaticgovernment)
  3441. egypt, china: Cairo seeks special trade relationship with Beijing
  3442. Egypt urges Palestinian to set state borders before negotiations (lots of luck)
  3443. Ethnic Cleansing and the &#-11;&#-11;&#-11;Moral Instinct&#-11;&#-11;&#-11; (READ)
  3444. Carter Says He Hopes Lieberman Loses
  3445. A Republic, If You Can Keep It (going, going, gone)
  3446. TONA Research Committee - The Thirteenth Article of Amendment (READ: rise of corpagov)
  3447. Anthrax victim's widow says government may know who killed husband (Yes)
  3448. IMF sounds a warning on Britain's housing market (quite fater the fact)
  3449. Fool Me Again? No Thanks! (More rigged elections)
  3450. The Day America Changed, Except Me (READ)
  3451. Princeton prof hacks e-vote machine
  3452. America Wake Up. Don't be Fooled Again By the War-Mongering, Fear-Mongering Bushevik Rhetoric
  3453. Foreign companies buying U.S. roads, bridges that taxpayers built (READ)
  3454. Diebold machines are H.I.V-positive
  3455. UN Honors Racist Dictator Who Boils People Alive With "Cultural Diversity" Award
  3456. Families of British soldiers banned from Labour conference in censorship row
  3457. IAEA protests "erroneous" U.S. report on Iran (Erroneous reports are all US has!)
  3458. Security Analysis of the Diebold AccuVote-TS Voting Machine
  3459. Its Official - You Can Hackem (in under a minute)
  3460. White House Seeks a Way to Keep Bolton at the U.N.
  3461. Military Declined to Bomb Group of Taliban at Funeral (I can't imagine why)
  3462. Connecting Maryland's Election Debacle Dots
  3463. Bush: US committed to Israel's security (over that of US)
  3464. NATO gets no offers for Afghan reinforcements (Maybe they will have to retreat?)
  3465. Security Analysis of the Diebold AccuVote-TS Voting Machine
  3466. US denied causing 'disaster' by invading Iraq (These turds can deny anything, no matter how obvious)
  3467. Air America To Declare Bankruptcy (READ)
  3468. Terrorist democracy? (READ)
  3469. Google 'eager' to work with Republicans (Oh?! READ)
  3470. County foreclosures quadruple U.S. rate (Palm Beach)
  3471. Hammer of Truth &#-11;&#-11; America: Freedom to Fascism New Theater Openings
  3472. Voters to decide on how they vote (using a touch sceen?!!)
  3473. Most forego buying own U.S. health insurance
  3474. Government oil lease blunder hidden 6 years (blunder?)
  3475. The best (PR) war ever (Rumsfeld always turns things upside down)
  3476. Bush says he learns lesssons from Vietnam in Iraq war (as on how to do things worse. Now ask him to spell "tactical")
  3477. Braidwood Nuclear Plant to Resume Discharges
  3478. Report: Ford, UAW to offer buyouts to workers
  3479. Voting rights center says voters may be prevented from casting ballots
  3480. Novak Slams His Source On CIA Agent (Ooops)
  3481. Germany to send up to 2,400 troops to Lebanon
  3482. Kissinger warns of possible "war of civilizations" (US Top War Criminal speaks)
  3483. Poland offers troops for Afghanistan, part of planned rotation
  3484. Nato fears new front in Afghanistan (Time to tuck tail, bozos)
  3485. Hussein Wasn't Dictator, Judge Says
  3486. [US/UK/IL] Death squads threaten Iraq's politics
  3487. Guantanamo's Catch-22: defining the rules of the road
  3488. Now, from Guantanamo Bay, it's Habib the star
  3489. Explosives experts probe M40 find (Hoax)
  3490. Bush in bid to twist Republican arms on security
  3491. Australia: Queensland election reveals deep disaffection
  3492. German government presses for military deployment in Lebanon
  3493. Detroit teachers vote narrowly to end strike
  3494. A tale of two elections: the US and Ukraine in 2004
  3495. Britain: Blair and Brown make a show of unity at TUC congress
  3496. Pentagon concludes US defeated in key Iraqi province (So leave)
  3497. Amnesty Intl Accuses Hizbollah of War Crimes, But Katyusha Damage "Much Less" Than Israel Claimed
  3498. Targeting Refugees and Human Rights Workers in Colombia
  3499. Diane Farsetta: What Media Democracy Looks Like
  3500. The Messaging Strategy of the Iraq War
  3501. Democracies of Death: Why John Adams Wouldn't Recognize His Own Country
  3502. 9/11 Five Years Later: a Conspiracy to Silence
  3503. Mexico's Time of Troubles: Who Benefits?
  3504. Alan Dershowitz's Sinister Scheme
  3505. Israel's Use of American Cluster Bombs: a Walk Through the Rubble
  3506. A Window Into Oil Lease Profiteering
  3507. Lamont Says Iraq War "Dangerously Wrong"
  3508. How "Atta in Prague" Entered Iraq Story Line
  3509. Gazan Economy Nears Collapse and Children Go Hungry (The plan of Israel's genocide)
  3510. Times Studies How to Shake Feds (Mixing elixir and poison)
  3511. NOW | Are Political Blogs Swinging Elections? (Against Repug criminals and Diebold?)
  3512. GOP Senators and Powell Defy Bush on Detainees
  3513. Mexico to destroy presidential ballots after disputed election
  3514. HISTORY: Eugene Debs sentenced for opposing US entry into WWI
  3515. Who Served & Who Sends Others To Fight (Just interesting)
  3516. We can't send more troops to Iraq (there being no more to send)
  3517. Media ownership study ordered destroyed
  3518. 'I just want to die like Romeo . . . or in a hail of gunfire' (What prescribed drug(s) was he taking?)
  3519. IAEA: US report on Iran 'dishonest'
  3520. IAEA's Board of Governors concludes meeting in Vienna
  3521. US Iran report branded dishonest
  3522. Follow the roubles-banker's fight key to his murder (Now check to see who the world Russian Mafia is)
  3523. Central Bank Deputy Chairman Andrey Kozlov Murdered - Kommersant Moscow
  3524. A golden era for world economy (On what planet?)
  3525. Senate committee rejects Bush anti-terror plan (Now repeal the Patriot Act and you're getting someplace)
  3526. Bring it On! &#-11;&#-11; Blog Archive &#-11;&#-11; Americans More Likely to be Shot by Law Enforcement than Killed by Terrorists(Naturally: they live in a poloce state)
  3527. Gary Leupp: The Emperor Has Been Exposed
  3528. A funny business: How Borat conquered America
  3529. Report: Ohio congressman makes plea deal (Robert Ney, Repug)
  3530. G-7 Meets as US Housing Slump Adds Pressure to Global Growth (What growh?)
  3531. Chavez says US seeking to stop him attending UN summit
  3532. RIA Novosti - Russia - Update: Moscow police say discover weapons in central banker killing
  3533. Banker who fought Russian mafia is killed
  3534. Gunmen kill Russia's crime-fighting banker
  3535. The rise and rise of the Russian mafia
  3536. So who are the Russian mafia?
  3537. How Russia's mafia is taking over the Israeli underworld
  3538. Red Mafia: How the Russian Mob Has Invaded America Canadian Slavonic Paper
  3539. Russian Mafia - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  3540. UN inspectors challenge House nuclear report on Iran
  3541. Stampeding Congress
  3542. Bush in bid to twist Republican arms on security
  3543. GOP split as Senate panel bucks Bush on terror tribunals
  3544. Bush faces Senate rebellion on U.S. tribunals
  3545. EU lawmaker denounces US president's CIA prisons lies (Calling things what they always have been)
  3546. 'Entire Villages Were Cluster-Bombed'
  3547. Israeli general resigns over Lebanon war
  3548. US nuclear study of Iran called 'outrageous and dishonest'
  3549. Venezuela's Chavez Pledges Support for Iran, Cuba
  3550. Carter says Blair has failed to moderate US policy (You expect what from a poodle?)
  3551. Bullet Hits Japanese Envoy's Car in Iraq
  3552. Reporter Palast Slips Clutches of Homeland Security Greg Palast
  3554. Two Axioms of 9/11
  3556. Banned in Washington - Where&#-11;&#-11;&#-11;s the Free Speech?
  3557. Historic Latino Congreso Takes Strong Anti-War Stand
  3558. Bush-Cheney Hit with &#-11;&#-11;&#-11;Mock&#-11;&#-11;&#-11; Guilty Verdicts for War Crimes
  3559. Canada fights to keep its water
  3560. Dr.H.Makow repost--Brilliant &plausable scenario-must read!!
  3561. BREAKTHROUGH RALLY, Ground Zero 9/11/06 (pictures)
  3562. BREAKTHROUGH RALLY, Ground Zero 9/11/06 (pictures) Part
  3563. Israeli Diplomat Carrying Large Quantity of Explosives Arrested in Argentina
  3564. JURIST - Forum: A Plea to Congress on Military Commission Procedures (READ)
  3565. BLICK, the biggest Newspaper of Switzerland brings Cover Story: "Bush-Clan is behind 9/11
  3566. Largest Newspaper in Switzerland asks if Bush was behind 9-11
  3567. Coin dealer sentenced in [GOP] donation scheme
  3568. Military court halts release of Hamas officials following appeal (Unsurprising reneg on an agreement)
  3569. We Are Marching -- Permit or No Permit (NYC at UN)
  3570. Mossad Agents Arrested In Attempt To Bomb Mexican Congress (11/26/2001)
  3571. US moves to scuttle Arab plan for international peace conference(Poodlized US?)
  3572. Lawyer says FCC ordered study destroyed
  3573. Ford slashes 10,000 more jobs, 2 plants
  3574. UAW says Ford offers buyouts to 75,000 workers
  3575. Irked by the spread of democracy ("Dead Eye Dick" Cheney)
  3576. Feds lower boom on alternative money (Competition from good money cannot be allowed)
  3577. American Liberty Dollar
  3578. One fifth of US rice contaminated with illegal GM strain (Corpagov poisoning the planet)
  3579. A Nightmare for the U.S.A. by Tom Chartier (Not Implausable)
  3580. Israel concludes UN post bombing was 'tragic error' (Going for a whopper)
  3581. Palestinian children in Israeli prison
  3582. Coaxing the unwilling (READ why disaster looms)
  3583. Whatever happened to ... the anthrax attacks? (Unsolved by ignoration)
  3584. Long-sought 9/11 videotape didn't capture attack (and none will)
  3585. US warns Nicaraguans not to back Ortega (or else what, exactly?)
  3586. Forced labor for Palestinian children in Israeli prison (Arbeit macht frei!)
  3587. 'Alternative' CIA tactics complicate Padilla case (He was set up)
  3588. E. Coli Outbreak Spreads to 10th State (Such a wonderous nation!)
  3589. Wayne Madsen Report - Political Chatter After Dark (as US becomes and Israeli police state)
  3590. Baghdad to be ringed with trenches as hundreds more killed
  3591. More than 160 NGOs boycott IMF-World Bank meetings (International Mother Fuckers)
  3592. Iraq to Seal Off Baghdad Next Month
  3593. Bush Pushes for Terror Legislation (as world's leading terrorist)
  3594. Free Dr Fadhil Al-Bedrani now ! (READ: US atrocities of the moment)
  3595. Groups gather evidence of possible Israeli war crimes in Lebanon
  3596. Bin Laden's superspy worked for the FBI, CIA and US Army (What horseshit)
  3597. House again votes to build fencing along U.S.-Mexico border (Criminal, stupid and lunatic Congress)
  3598. TGen to Participate in DoD Program Studying Pharmacogenomics of Breast Cancer (What? DoD?!! WTF?)
  3599. Manual recount begins in Milwaukee (Another fraudulent election, even in parimary)
  3600. Interior Near 2 New Pacts in Oil Leases (A looting operation)
  3601. Ford to sack one-third of workforce
  3602. Indonesian court sentences four more young Australians to death
  3603. Australian prime minister lashed for stalling on Telstra privatisation (Hey! He can't loot everything at once!)
  3604. US: Defense and oil company executives reap windfalls from Iraq war (That was a designed goal of looting)
  3605. Pope visits Bavaria: A broadside against the Enlightenment (RC loves the Dark Ages)
  3606. European powers refuse to send more troops to Afghanistan
  3607. The Cesspool ("That would be Congress")
  3608. Presidential PR: Lost in the Bush Spin Cycle
  3609. Dave Lindorff: Bush on the Ropes (READ)
  3610. General Puffery: When the Military Brass Deceives
  3611. Diana Johnstone: 9/11, in Theory and in Fact (A very silly and inorant woman)
  3612. Jason Leopold | Murtha Lays the Dead at Rumsfeld's Door
  3613. Poisons at Large (READ: US poisons the planet)
  3614. German Intel Agent Von Bulow Solves 911 (READ)
  3615. The Hariri Assassination Investigation: Are Those Who Pulled the Trigger Pulling the Strings? (READ)
  3616. Pope compared to Hitler and Mussolini over Islam remarks
  3617. Pope's remarks on Islam pointlessly upset a billion Muslims: paper
  3618. Neoconservatism, the Israeli Lobby, and other Power Relations
  3619. Pope's 'jihad' quotes spark Muslim fury; Islamic leaders demand apology
  3620. Pope Offends Muslims Worldwide (and displays abysmal knowledge of history)
  3621. Cuba assumes NAM leadership
  3622. Canada agonises over gun laws (The very point of these set up horror shows)
  3624. GOP's Ney pleads guilty in Abramoff probe
  3625. IMF to unveil 'Medium-term Strategy' for low-income countries (all the easier to destroy them)
  3626. WHO Urges DDT's Use in Africa (and also showed vast stupidity in the past)
  3627. WHO Calls for More DDT Use Vs. Malaria (and recently went on a babbling spree about some pandemic of "bird flu")
  3628. Singapore reversal 'too little too late'
  3629. A Defining Moment for America (W lobbies Congress for torture - OPENLY! It isn't as if US never used it before, but ...)
  3630. Bush defends demands for CIA 'torture' power (How sick does he have to be for removal?)
  3631. CIA asks for 'legal clarity' on torture (Speaking of sickness)
  3632. 9th Circuit: Laptops May Be Subject to Customs Inspections After Overseas Trips (What?!)
  3633. Revolving Door to Blackwater Causes Alarm at CIA (Alarms the CIA?!)
  3634. Israel: Settlers May Be Banned From Non-Aligned Movement Countries (Tht's a good idea)
  3635. Muslim leaders demand apology for Pope's 'medieval' remarks
  3636. BYU's Jones denies bias (But what he said was on target)
  3637. Republican Voters Dismayed by Biggest Spending Rise Since 1990 (They've actually noticed?!)
  3638. Muslim group in New London threatened (US gets sicker and uglier)
  3639. Muslim leaders demand apology for Pope's 'medieval' remarks
  3640. Angry Bush tackles terror revolt (The level of psychopathology!)
  3641. NAM summit in Havana begins -DAWN - Top Stories; September 16, 2006
  3642. Anti-US front proposed at summit
  3643. Annan hails anti-US forum in Cuba (He'll be forced to apologize)
  3644. US bid for `world dominance' assailed
  3645. NAM summit begins in Havana sans Castro (probably by design)
  3646. G7 meet in Singapore (where significant demonstrations are very unlikely)
  3647. Pope meant no offence, says Vatican (Why can't HE say that?)
  3648. Singapore to allow some activists for IMF meet
  3649. The Israeli Factor: Ranking the US Presidential Candidates (who will not be president of Israel)
  3650. The FOX News Bovine Growth Hormone Lawsuit (The news may lie deliberately - and demand newscasters to lie)
  3651. 77% Believe Iran is Likely to Have Nukes "Soon" (A product of newslies and stupidity)
  3652. The Hidden Draft in Our Schools - A Case Study
  3653. A White House Smear (READ)
  3654. Pressures mount on Bush to bomb Iran (for Israel)
  3655. Genocide in Gaza (Israel's final solution has been ongoing for over half a century)
  3656. Pressure mounts on Olmert to quit (better to hang himself)
  3657. Censored by KQED: John Pilger's "Palestine is Still The Issue"
  3658. 9/11 an Inside Job
  3659. Detainee in German Train Bomb Plot Released (Another corpagov terror hoax)
  3660. Rumsfeld's Fake News Flop in Iraq (READ: about newslies)
  3661. U.S. 'handed off a mess' to NATO forces (READ)
  3662. "U.S. Military in Paraguay Prepares To 'spread democracy' " (Hide!)
  3663. IRS investigating liberal Calif. church (The not so subtle police state)
  3664. Targeting Refugees and Human Rights Workers in Colombia
  3665. In a replay of Iraq, a battle is brewing over intelligence on Iran
  3666. Collective punishment: Israel's use of American-made cluster bombs poses greater threat than expected to South Lebanese
  3667. Call It What It Is - Bush Wants to Torture People (Bingo!)
  3668. Dozens of corpses found as US pledges more troops for Baghdad (Genocide all around)
  3669. The Overcast Patriot: Honey Trap
  3670. The Weehawken Five - The Weakest Link Is Now Strongest
  3671. Politically Correct Apostate: It's the Jews Stupid
  3672. Paradise Lost (US morality as it has always been)
  3673. Protests over 'toxic slops' dumping in Ivory Coast turn violent
  3674. U.S. Has Been Stockpiling Banned Pesticide
  3675. Maryland first to use poll equipment (Dazzle 'em with chaos)
  3676. Fort Lewis war objector faces new charge
  3677. Experimental drug given to British troops in Iraq and Afghanistan
  3678. Contractors Sue Over Deaths In Iraq, KBR Employees Say Attack That Killed 7. U.S, Civilians In Iraq Could've Been Prevente
  3679. Sun-Sentinel Poll: (Portrait of a terminally ill nation)
  3680. 29 Retired Military Leaders, Former DoD Officials Urge Congress to Preserve Geneva Conventions
  3681. Letter from Senators Kennedy and Durbin to Senator Arlen Specter
  3682. Senate Dems Call for Probe of WH Coercion
  3683. Bush Threatens to Halt CIA Program if Congress Passes Rival Proposal (Thus in his view deliberately putting the entire US in harm's way: soaring psychopathology that needs to be in an asylum for the crimally insane)
  3684. Iraqi asylum seekers deported from Britain
  3685. Australian government targets Solomon Islands for "regime change"
  3686. Mounting casualties compel Canada to send Afghanistan reinforcements
  3687. Bush demands US Congress pass bill sanctioning torture of detainees
  3688. Ford's job massacre: A corporate crime
  3689. A symbol of American manufacturing's decline Ford to slash 44,000 jobs
  3690. Mickey Z.: Why I Hate America (Amen - yes, and absolutely)
  3691. Deporting Widows: the Nightmare of a Kenyan Immigrant (It is a mean and viscious nation)
  3692. Missy Comley Beattie: the Insecurity of Immorality (yes, but she still doesn't understand 9/11)
  3693. Lawrence R. Velvel: The Pretexter in Chief (He really does mean "LIAR-IN-CHIEF"; but, alas, LRV then lies about both David Irving and Ahmadinejad actually said, and so is untrustworthy)
  3694. Big Brother is shouting at you (V. for Vendetta?)
  3695. President resorts to scare tactics after Senate revolt (scare tactics are not exactly new to this crew)
  3696. Texas alone pollutes more than Canada
  3697. EPA plans to close labs, drop scientists and reduce oversight (EPA's value then being what, exactly?)
  3698. GOP kills $2B for sick 9/11 workers
  3699. Swifboat backer bankrolling new campaign against Dems
  3700. U.S. Asks Finance Chiefs to Limit Iran's Access to Banks
  3701. Iranian president claims US is the nuclear threat (No? Really?!)
  3702. Iraq: [US] death squad kill-spree
  3703. Bomb scare closes part of Washington area airport (More corpagov terror hoax)
  3704. Congress to Expand FEMA (Brilliant!)
  3705. U.S. Files Lawsuit Against DPUC Over Phone Records Surveillance Inquiry
  3706. Bush Untethered (How about unhinged?)
  3707. Ex-FBI Agent: Harsh Interrogation Doesn't Work
  3708. EU tells U.S. to heed law with terror suspects
  3709. CIA faces new scrutiny
  3710. Bush insists tougher terror suspect policies must pass
  3711. Bush digs in after Republican anti-terror law rebellion
  3712. Nonaligned nations condemn Israel attack on Lebanon
  3713. Non-aligned nations slam US
  3714. Ford, in Tailspin, Speeds Cutbacks
  3715. Paulson: G-7 has eye on Iran, N. Korea (Too stupidly fictional for words)
  3716. Paulson urges vigilance on terror finance (That would be USUKIL)
  3717. Paulson Tells G-7 Not to Worry About Slower US Housing Market (SEE THAT TERRORIST!)
  3718. Paulson Says China Hurts Itself With Economic Policies (LOL)
  3719. Worse to Come in Fall Elections, Officials Fear (It has been long designed)
  3720. Pill cuts diabetes risk: Study (Treating nonexistent diseases is nothing new)
  3721. Yearly bone drug reduces fractures (Does it cure osteoporosis?)
  3722. World Bank can't allow misuse of funds (But, that's it's purpose)
  3723. The Pope's New Crusade: Defender of the West, Scourge of Islam (The fraud of the RC church is out)
  3724. The American Military's Cult of Cruelty
  3725. John Chuckman: Imperial Entropy (READ: it's an accurate start)
  3726. Ron Jacobs: Shooting Sgrena
  3727. Ralph Nader: Terror on the Road (He, alas, takes this administration at its word)
  3728. Laura Carlsen: Bush and Latin America (Enlightened selfinterest has never been US policy)
  3729. Ben Tripp: Republicans Sweep (and he could very well be right)
  3730. "Let Them Drink Coke!": Losing Hearts and Minds in Afghanistan (US morons on parade)
  3731. Mairead Corrigan Maguire: A Visit with Mordechai Vanunu (READ)
  3732. Eliza Ernshire: Death and Tears in Nablus (READ)
  3733. Colorado Lawsuit Seeks to Ban Computer Voting
  3734. Mexican Left Must Decide on Post-Election Tactics
  3735. Nobel Laureates Ask Youth to Push Peace
  3736. JURIST - Paper Chase: US Army adds to charges against officer who refused service in 'illegal' Iraq war
  3737. Pope 'sincerely regrets' offending Muslims; but no full, personal apology (Of course not)
  3738. Pope expresses regret (Either it was purposeful, or the Vatican is filled with complete imbeciles)
  3739. Pressure on Pope to apologise to Muslims ("international Bankers" includes Vatican in spades)
  3740. Pope stops short of apology (Is the picture clear yet?)
  3741. Cuba summit sends strong message
  3742. Abbas set to meet Israeli FM in New York (So Livni can spit on him?)
  3743. Abbas to meet Bush on Wednesday (Is he bringing a shrink to translate?)
  3744. IMF Says Rising Income Inequality in Asia May Undermine Growth (DON'T look at the US banana republic)
  3745. Paulson Urges Financial Isolation of Iran (Goldman Sachs representative)
  3746. Separatists welcome resumption of Indo-Pak dialogue
  3747. Bush hints at use of force in Darfur
  3748. The Bush administration is carpet-bombing America with still more fictions about Iraq
  3750. The myth of fair elections in America
  3751. Clear, hold, and... hand over to the death squads
  3752. Tourism slump worries US (Who would want to come here?!)
  3753. UK troops 'to spend 10 years' in Afghanistan (Insanity)
  3754. Called From Diplomatic Reserve (Experts good at obvious)
  3755. Neocons Amid Lebanons Rubble: A Challenge to Krauthammer's Israe-As-Strategic-Asset Argument (It is more like having a lethal disease)
  3756. LENIN'S TOMB: Operation Gladio
  3757. How Bush made of the last remaining superpower a banana republic
  3758. More in Sorrow than in Anger (Evil Pope only looks berzerker)
  3759. U.S. holds AP photographer in Iraq 5 mos
  3760. Plastic Sheeting and Duct Tape: The keys to the midterm elections?
  3761. Calling the Emperor's Bluff
  3762. Become an Insurgent - Vote Anti-War
  3763. Bush PR Campaign: Back to the Basics
  3764. U.S. war prisons legal vacuum for 14,000
  3765. Rumsfeld Unveils New Justification For Iraq War: High Gas Prices (LOL)
  3766. Kansas Gas Prices - Find Cheap Gas Prices in Kansas
  3767. Not Yours to Give
  3768. Spy Agencies Outsourcing to Fill Key Jobs
  3769. Bush Says G.O.P. Rebels Are Putting Nation at Risk (*Always* elling lies by reversing the truth)
  3770. U.S. denies Baghdad trench plans
  3771. Nuclear foes start talking at summit (Oooooooooo!)
  3772. Chavez proposes creation of 'Bank of the South'
  3773. Next Attack Imminent: Muslims ordered to leave the United States (Who writes this shit?! CIA?)
  3774. IRS Orders All Saints to Yield Documents on '04 Political Races
  3775. Official Website for South Dakota Amendment E
  3776. Democrats Rap GOP for Medicare Rate Hike
  3777. CIA in Middle of Election-Year Battle
  3778. Pope 'deeply sorry' but Muslim protests spread (Deeply sorry you feel that way - but intransigent on his stupidities)
  3779. Pope's response accepted by some Muslims (Why? It's merely a feint)
  3780. We need reason, not madness (But from the Vatican has always come madness masquerading as reason)
  3781. Pope apology 'not good enough' (It was NOT in fact, an apology - only being called one)
  3782. BLAIR: WE MUST ACT IN DARFUR (Grab the oil!)
  3783. Abbas delays unity talks over Hamas Israel stance
  3784. India virtually loses on China issue at IMF ahead of voting
  3785. 5 Duquesne basketball players shot (So we need Gun laws, just like Nazi Gewrmany)
  3786. WHO: Bird flu pandemic risk still high (The liars are at it again)
  3787. Bird flu pandemic could cost $2 trln: World Bank (More liars)
  3788. Thai political crisis may have increased bird flu (Piling on the terror of lies)
  3789. Drug May Delay or Even Prevent Type 2 Diabetes (or kill you)
  3790. Series of bombings strike Iraq's oil-rich north, killing 24
  3791. NATO forces declare Taliban success (Well, there you are, or not)
  3792. Afghan bomb attack on Canadian convoy kills passer-by ("Shit happens")
  3793. Ottawa condemns Thai bombings that killed Canadian, 4 others (That will help?)
  3794. Tariq Ali: A Bavarian Provocaton (YES - READ)
  3795. Brothers Grimm - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  3796. Firms Vie to Provide the Future of Border Security (Mercenaries and pirates)
  3797. Powell leads the right in a Bush-whack (Hmmm)
  3798. Doctors at Guantanamo
  3799. Doctors demand an end to British 'collusion' over Guantanamo Bay
  3800. 'Death of a President' drama wins film award
  3801. Global popular power (READ)
  3802. Mexican left in parallel government (READ)
  3803. Simulated Terror Drills Held Throughout Boston (State terrorism)
  3804. Bid to Stockpile Bioterror Drugs Stymied by Setbacks
  3805. Inner Circle Taking More of C.D.C. Bonuses (It's the US corpagov way)
  3806. Clinton pins voting woes on Blackwell (What's he up to?)
  3807. Bush 'prepares emissions U-turn' (Believe it when you see it: he lies a lot)
  3808. Mixed Muslim reaction to Papal apology (that was no apology)
  3809. Wolfowitz presses ahead with anti-corruption agenda (LMAO Who?!)
  3810. Bird Flu Fight Will Cost More Than $1.9 Billion, UN Envoy Says (Booga booga nonsense)
  3811. With H5N1 on the rise, are we prepared for a flu pandemic? (Who will launch the 1918 flu, and call it "Bird Flu"?)
  3812. News & Broadcast - World Bank: $15 Million Avian Flu Grant for Indonesia(Wolfowitz the neocon "international banker" poisoner of millions)
  3813. China to increase Lebanon profile (That's interesting. Is Israel sweating yet?)
  3814. Judgment Day coming for the neocons (Not fast enough)
  3815. The 13 most corrupt members of Congress
  3816. Impeachment Referendum on Wisconsin Rapids Ballots
  3817. Time: This is how US will attack Iran (Info Iran is grateful to have)
  3818. A Question for the Pope: Was it Muhammad who was flying those Bombers over Beruit? (READ)
  3819. Renewable Energy Faces Funding Cuts, Hydropower, Geothermal Research Could Disappear In 2007 U.S. Budget(as I promised it)
  3820. The Path from 9/11 (READ)
  3821. Chirac urges no sanctions on Iran (The Rebbes are gonna get you for that)
  3822. What Would War Look Like? (So, Iran, Syria, China and Russia are on alert; good show?)
  3823. Halliburton and Cheney: War Profiteers in Chief Fight to Keep Their Wallets Fa
  3824. Israel - can't keep its grubby little hands off other people's lands
  3825. Bullish Iran calls for a fresh start with Britain (Any response will undermine Blair, which is a wonderful thing)
  3826. 'Vote for Me . . . and for World War Three' (READ)
  3827. Palestinians suspect Israeli agents behind fire-bombing of Churches (Who else? It's there typical mode)
  3828. Italian peacekeepers hit snag in Lebanon... no place to go (Lebanese don't trust government. who do they trust? Begins with 'H')
  3829. Uncovering the Truth about the Death of David Kelly (Murdere by government, of course READ)
  3830. Invitation To A Break-In (I don't believe this for a minute)
  3831. Financial future bleak for the iPod generation (Bleakness by design)
  3832. Bush Tacitly Implies WTC Controlled Demolition? (Not much to go on)
  3833. MI knew about Hezbollah kidnap plans (Does it really matter?)
  3834. Are Zionists Behind Banning Of Truthful 911 Scientist? (A telling recounting of the tale)
  3835. Livni: World may have only 'few months' to avoid nuclear Iran (Israel expects to survive its own designed nuclear holocaust?)
  3836. I Was A PR Intern in Iraq (Government subourned presstitutes)
  3837. Lions Dying in Zoo After Failed Hybrid Stunt (Babies playing with razor blades)
  3838. New Stryker boasts plenty of firepower (with which to threaten or destroy Iran)
  3839. Bush's Evasion (W *is* an evasion of anything remotely human)
  3840. Goldsmith warns US on detainees (as if anybody actually cares what he says)
  3841. Update on E. coli Outbreak: Recall Expanded - Consumer Guidance (Oh Grande Guignol! Just cook the fucking shit; USians are such slavering assholes)
  3842. Torture: An Interview with Dr. Steven Miles
  3843. Proof (concerning the Holocaust) not allowed by law in Germany! (What excrement forced this horror beyond all law?)
  3844. Iran Focus-Iran says U.S., Israel ordered September 11 attack (Is this news? It became obvious ages ago)
  3845. An insufficient apology ("I'm sorry you feel that way" is NOT an apology)
  3846. Jump ship or pink slip for some realtors
  3847. Hotel Minibar Keys Open Diebold Voting Machines (READ - so easy)
  3848. Sick but Insured? Think Again (Insurers are all racketeers - a specialty area of mine)
  3849. Congress Considering Strip Searching Students (for fun and profit)
  3850. Gonzales defends interrogation methods (Is this criminal shithead getting tiresome, or what?)
  3851. IMF's fears must be heeded (Actually, its lies and thieving, destructive intents must be heeded)
  3852. Attorney general warns US on torture bill (Boogaboogabooga - you asshole)
  3853. Major State Union Switches to Lamont (Just remember: he's no damn good either)
  3854. Republican N.Y. Mayor to Campaign For Lieberman (Color of zionist mayor emerges)
  3855. Armed man crashes through Capitol barricade (learn that they will never be safe)
  3856. CCTV gets a voice in English town ("Officials" need to be slapped stupider that they already are)
  3857. 'Universal' ID Card Part of Federal Security Upgrades (Think of a "dog license")
  3858. National Guard to Stay in New Orleans Through December (or not, or longer, or ...)
  3859. Africa key to Pentagon counterterrorism [terrorism] strategy (Contradict all, and you have the truth)
  3860. Bush's bitch Merkel and the navy gathering in the Lebanon coast
  3861. Halliburton to Wounded Employee: You'll Get a Medal -- If You Don't Sue
  3862. Bubble-Boy Bush Defends Torture (Any drooling repto USians cheer this thing on)
  3863. UK government accused of collusion in Guant&#-11;&#-11;namo war crimes (Off with their heads)
  3864. New rule on government spying powers goes to Congress (It will be a horror, hence it may also be another secret law)
  3865. Wall Street demands more plant closures, deeper cuts at Ford DaimlerChrysler prepares new round of layoffs (The whole point is to creat global economic collapse)
  3866. The Bush administration and the CIA prisons: a new campaign of lies (It's a neverending cascade of contrafactual taurine excrement)
  3867. Tutorial: How to Hack a Diebold Voting Machine
  3868. Dave Lindorff: Talk of Impeachment and Rumors of More War
  3869. Ramzy Baroud: Murdoch Almighty
  3870. John Murphy: The Price of Free Speech
  3871. Joshua Frank: Corporate E. Coli (He still needs a brain transplant)
  3872. Mike Stark and Jim Bullington: Ann Richards, the Original Texacutioner (None of them are any damn good; I hope she suffered commensurately)
  3873. Uri Avnery: Peace Panic (To wit: peace is anathema to Israel; Always READ Uri Avnery, though he can be overly optimistic)
  3874. Carl Boggs: Crimes of Empire (READ and knowing some real US history)
  3875. Global Protests Call for UN Intervention in Darfur
  3876. Deadly Harvest: The Lebanese Fields Sown With Cluster Bombs (by virulent, genocidal Israel - kill it, once and for all)
  3877. Church May Fight IRS Summons Over Anti-War Sermon ("selective enforcement" - why shouldn't it?)
  3878. Mexico's Uncertainty Grows With "Parallel" Government (Viva el México!)
  3879. Wave of Party Switchers Hits Republicans (Infiltrators? As if infiltration is even needed. Both parties need destruction)
  3880. Continuing Iraq Violence Kills More Than 40
  3881. Judge Rejects Mercy Plea in Sentencing Ex-Enron Exec (How about remaining life in a pain amplifier?)
  3882. Pope [Chief Vatican Rebbe] has joined US crusade, says Iran
  3883. Iranian Leader Urges More Papal Protests (They were needed from 1500 years ago)
  3884. CENTAF releases airpower summaries for Sept. 16-18
  3885. Afghan Taliban tougher than expected: UK Minister(Blairgov even more abysmally stupid than could be imagined)
  3886. NATO Leaders to Discuss Afghanistan Mission (Do we continue this fool's mission?)
  3887. Oriana Fallaci (The Useless arrogant racist bitch is dead)
  3888. A Date With a Dangerous Mind: Iran's President (LMAO! He's a pussycat. Neocons are the sanferous and deranged ones. Try Haluz and Olmert, moron)
  3889. Viewpoint: The Pope Has a Point (Yup, at the top of his vacant head)
  3890. HRW slams UN body for anti-Israel bias (against genocide and continuous other war crimes)
  3891. Israeli visa rules trap Palestinians (How many ways can we murder, starve, torture and terrorize Palestinians? Hehe)
  3892. New Report: Administration Moving Forward on Plans for Bombing Attacks in Iran
  3893. Israel Charges 3 Captured Hezbollah Fighters With Murder (Sick joke)
  3894. Gaza: The children killed in a war the world doesn't want to know about
  3895. Venezuelan Jews fear Chavez/Iran ties (Go to Israel then)
  3896. Israeli warplane hit southern Gaza house (Isn't this just normal?)
  3897. Oil Gets Away - Kommersant Moscow (READ)
  3898. Air Arabia suspends Kabul flights (Hmmmm)
  3899. Vatican experts say Pope 'unrepentant' (Now, that's more like the truth)
  3900. Iran's nuclear chief to visit Russia
  3901. Vatican [shitty little state with vast banking empire] envoy summoned to Foreign Ministry (Iran)
  3902. Clinton plots his comeback (Spare us his hypocrisy)
  3903. The Beast Of The Middle East (READ)
  3904. Israel military court puts off bail ruling for 21 Hamas lawmakers
  3905. New rule on government spying powers goes to Congress
  3906. Ayatollah Khameini slams pope's comments
  3907. 'God's Rottweiler's' First Crisis (God's latest scum")
  3908. Anglican head defends Pope over Islam comments (I had no idea he was such a moron asshole)
  3909. Pope burned in effigy as Muslim anger simmers (How about for real? Remember De Molay?)
  3910. Iranian president expresses respect for pope (while biting his tongue?)
  3911. Bush discusses flap over pope's remarks about Islam (That should be hilarious)
  3912. The Pope discovers the trouble with faith (Stupidity is always trouble)
  3913. Al-Qaida in Iraq vows war on 'the cross' (A put up and fabrication by Al-CIAMI6MOSSADA)
  3914. Return to the dark ages (was started long before his assholiness opened is upper rectum)
  3915. Pope's apology 'sincere': Bush (You bet, in its words, chimpo)
  3916. Calls for calm as militants threaten to kill the Pope (Israel has openly murdered how many elected officials?)
  3917. Using reason to entrench faith (is a contradiction and blatant travesty of reason)
  3918. Clashes in Budapest as crowds call for PM to quit (As gutsy as Mexicans - unlike unballed USians)
  3919. Google to appeal, as court rules news site is illegal (Belgian court idiots)
  3920. Online survey axed after most reject Chinese identity (Bizarre)
  3921. Angry crowd demands lying leader quits
  3922. Violence erupts at protests in Hungary
  3923. Militants shut down Hungarian TV
  3924. Willie Nelson Cited for Drug Possession (Leave him alone, and go fuck the pope)
  3925. Richard Cohen - Time for Integrity (The truth of doings in some alternative universe)
  3926. Man taken into custody after crashing US Capitol barricade (I'm surprised he wasn't tortured to death on the spot for the nightly nonnews)
  3927. Russia cancels approval for Sakhalin II energy project (Interesting)
  3928. Chavez defense of Iran nuclear work risks UN seat (oh?)
  3929. Countries [Irand & Venezuela] to Build Oil Refinery in Syria
  3930. Iran and Venezuela discuss bilateral cooperation, international issues - Russian Nes
  3931. New Leaders, Similar Story at Iraq's Abu Ghraib
  3932. The big question: Is Europe turning away from the social democrat model? (Yes, next question?)
  3933. Neo-Nazis capture seats in Merkel's home state (The German Thatcher)
  3934. Killer bacteria hunted in fields of California (Corpagov is at the bottom of it)
  3935. Chavez warns against Iran attack
  3936. Bush to face Ahmadinejad at UN (No, even the chimp knows he'd be outclassed)
  3937. US preparing to get tough as UN dithers over Iran sanctions (Bombing the shit out of a few countries for dramatic emphasis?)
  3938. Crime boss brokered nuclear-delivery missile sale to Iran (The reality that few even entertain - but it's obvious: go ahead bomb Iran and see what happens)
  3939. WTC7.net the hidden story of Building 7: The Collapse of WTC Building 7 (READ: serious science)
  3940. Bush blocks campaign to put pressure on Sudan over Darfur
  3941. Russia, China Bound to Support Sanctions Against Iran (That's what Kindsleazy keeps saying)
  3942. Control the Dictionary, Control the World (Yes, we remember Orwell)
  3943. Excerpts: Hungarian 'lies' speech
  3944. American al Qaeda Spotted in Pakistan (whose real name Pearlman, with ADL connections)
  3945. Israel's cluster bomb use "outrageous": U.N.
  3946. Jewish writer's answer to Israel's question (READ)
  3947. Chief Rabbi to PM Olmert: Talk to Bush About Freeing Pollard
  3948. Bush's Bulldog Hughes Says Geneva Conventions Need Clarification. For 57 Years the World has Understood them Just Fine
  3949. Bush makes the case for Iran sanctions (They talk funny?)
  3950. Next Stop: Conscription (by William Norman Grigg) (I wonder how wellTHAT will go over?)
  3951. Russia's new military doctrine declares USA and NATO key potential enemies (Appropriate)
  3952. Operation Gladio Expert Studies 911
  3953. Talking About a Revolution? (Hungary has very much what US has)
  3954. Sick to Death of Bush (Any human being would be)
  3955. Not a lot of motivation to help the Palestinians (READ)
  3956. First Saddam Verdict to be announced just before US elections (There are no coincidences)
  3957. Military Orders Suggest Iran Attack
  3958. August terror plot is a 'fiction' underscoring police failures (Yes)
  3959. Bush Demands Lebanese Commit Suicide
  3960. Bush's Cruel and Degrading Presidency
  3961. Trying to spin the unspinnable (READ)
  3962. Ramadi caught in US street fight (Continuing genocide)
  3963. Canadian Was Falsely Accused, Panel Says
  3964. Afghanistan: Time for Truth
  3965. And JUST in time for the mid-term elections! (Al-CIAMI6MOSSADA is never a coincidence)
  3966. 9/11 - Can you keep a secret? I hope not (NIST report is fabricated kak: weknowthat)
  3967. White House opposes plans on foreign acquisition review (Especially for IL)
  3968. Safety First (READ)
  3969. Bill Would Remove Grounds for Impeachment, Bush Critics Suggest
  3970. The Greatest Scam of All Time (Yes indeedy - READ)
  3971. US deficit widens more than forecast (by Lying US Corpagov)
  3972. 'Swift Boat' Money Man Has New Target
  3973. Flippant e-mail to 'new government' costs scientist his job\
  3974. Thailand calls state of emergency
  3975. Troops will stay Afghanistan: PM (Australian Howardpoodle)
  3976. U.S. to Maintain Iraq Force Levels (As planned long ago)
  3977. US jails 'powerless as terror trainees recruited' (Too bizarre)
  3978. Torture Is Torture
  3979. Revealed: the tough interrogation techniques the CIA wants to use
  3980. Will GOP Bucks Buy Them The Mid-Terms?
  3981. War Is Horrible, but . . .
  3982. Breaking News From Bangkok, Thailand
  3983. Police: Enough evidence found to indict Katsav on sex charges (Israel)
  3984. Gonzales: ISPs must keep records on users (Not quite yet)
  3985. Bush anti-terror plan edges foward (Criminal Congress)
  3986. Australian government's role in ousting East Timor's prime minister Alkatiri
  3987. Sweden: Right-wing coalition takes power
  3988. State elections in Berlin and Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania Vote of no confidence in Germany's governing parties
  3989. On-the-spot-report Sri Lankan war threatens humanitarian catastrophe on Jaffna peninsula
  3990. A belligerent Bush addresses the UN Washington threatens wider Middle East war (The greatest threat to all life on this planet)
  3991. The Pinochet Syndicate
  3992. Air Paranoia: the Great Toothpaste and Hair Gel Scare (Like in Nazi Amerika)
  3993. Canada in Haiti: Torture, Murder and Complicity
  3994. Ron Jacobs: Iraqi Oil and Production Sharing Agreements
  3995. Presidential Incitements: Did Bush's Speech Violate Geneva Conventions on Genocide?
  3996. Economic Warfare: Iraq and the IMF (READ)
  3997. Deadly Harvest: Lebanese Fields Sown with Israeli Cluster Bombs
  3998. Thai Military Launches Coup, Backs King
  3999. From Victim to Accused Army Deserter
  4000. AIG Said to Skirt Campaign Law
  4001. Senators Want More Iraq Reports Declassified
  4002. Thousands Protest to End Iraq War at UN Headquarters
  4003. Gauntlet thrown down at IMF
  4004. Livni: Ahmadinejad at UN a 'scandal' (Israel not kicked out is a scandal)
  4005. Iranian president takes on U.S., Israel at U.N.
  4006. Sudan blames Israel and Jews for many of its woes
  4007. US may ban sale of cluster bombs to Israel (Um - sure - right. It will just be done secretly)
  4008. Israel outraged by Non-Aligned Mov't (The world despises the genocidal zionist entity)
  4009. Bush slams Iran for wasting wealth on nuclear quest (The Chaffing Chimp says the damndest things)
  4010. London police plead not guilty in subway shooting of Brazilian
  4011. Time and Mr. Ahmadinejad (Fudging the alleged news)
  4012. Pre-Traumatic Stress Disorder - A Glimpse Into Israeli Collective Psychosis
  4013. Pope Benedict and Western Christendom's jihad: "Better the Sultan's tuban than the Cardinal's hat"
  4014. The Middle East is the key, says Annan in tearful goodbye
  4015. Hungary's PM clings to job after lies provoke riot
  4016. Prime Minister refuses to stand down after lies and street battles
  4017. Iran president rebukes US, Britain in UN speech
  4018. Pope's Remark on Islam Still Reverberates
  4019. Selective amnesia (and the Papal Snotnose)
  4020. Acne treatment could be trigger factor in suicide, say researchers
  4021. Police evidence to indict President of Israel on sex charges
  4022. Full text of President Ahmadinejad's speech at General Assembly
  4023. Military families call for Rumsfeld's resignation
  4024. Politically Correct Apostate: The Anti-Fascism Wolf in Sheeps Clothing
  4025. The CIA's Pain Project
  4026. Nobles Need Not Pay Taxes
  4028. Patriots Question 9/11 - Responsible Criticism of the 9/11 Commission Report
  4029. Arab Israelis are crossing a line
  4030. Gul: Turks will protect Iraqi Kurds in case of civil war
  4031. Israeli ambassador criticizes U.S. for granting Iran`s leader a vis (Stupid whining)
  4032. Sen. Fumes Over Jewish Debate Question (Almost funny)
  4033. Study calls Iran 'biggest beneficiary' of US war on terror (Principle of unintended consequences)
  4034. Expert: Tactical nukes needed to blast Iranian defenses(Israel is just itching to be annihilated)
  4035. Israelis in Iraq (and have been for quite some time)
  4036. Dissidents' Detainee Bill May Face Filibuster (or not)
  4037. Judge orders Saddam out of court (Definition of legalistic horseshit)
  4038. Israelis use bulldozers to wreck crops in South (No people wrecking?!)
  4039. IDF robs banks (Characteristic)
  4040. Bush's "dirty war" (Which one?)
  4041. 9-1-1 call was to help son (Life & Death in Wacko Amerika)
  4042. From Bad To Worse (and there's no way back)
  4043. History of an Interrogation Technique: Water Boarding (READ all, carefully)
  4044. HP studied spying on newsrooms: report (They should have simply hired CIA or Mossad)
  4045. Human Dignity Lessons for George W. Bush who was planning before 911 to commit war crimes abroad
  4047. Cancer patients in the Gaza Strip unable to reach Israeli hospitals for treatment (That would interfere with the genocide)
  4048. America's Africa Corps (Transparency in gummint motivation)
  4049. Please, Boychik George, Deny any Jewish Roots
  4050. MBA students likelier to cheat (That's obviously what are taught to do)
  4051. Air Force sex scandal: 9 more soldiers incarcerated (Israel)
  4052. Cheney Says Hopes of World Rest on U.S. (Then, it's doomed)
  4053. US Threatens Palestinian President (Israel was tired of the job?)
  4054. New Yorkers to study about Israel (Try "suffer indoctrination". Why not study China or Russia - or real US history?)
  4055. Ted Turner says Iraq war among history's "dumbest" (Lebanon II runs a close second)
  4056. Mr Bush's mirage
  4057. US Hedge fund takes hit for billions
  4058. PATHOCRACY (You can say that again)
  4059. IAEA Fears the "Iraq Scenario" in Nuclear Dispute with Tehran
  4060. A Disgrace To The FBI (READ)
  4061. Getting closer to Uncle Sam
  4062. Getting closer to Uncle Sam (READ!)
  4063. Blown Gaskets and &#-11;&#-11;&#-11;Tola Tari Tal Tarians&#-11;&#-11;&#-11; &#-11;&#-11; Project for the Old American Century blog
  4064. Exxon Mobil Accused of Misleading Public
  4065. Georgia Law Requiring Voters to Show Photo ID Is Thrown Out
  4066. Air Controllers Chafe at Plan to Cut Staff
  4067. Boeing wins multibillion-dollar homeland security contract
  4068. President Hugo Chavez Delivers Remarks at the U.N. General Assembly
  4069. NATO to Send Additional Troops to Afghanistan
  4070. UN: Nearly 6,600 Iraqi civilians killed in July, August
  4071. NY judge orders release of more Guantanamo detainee information
  4072. Torture rampant in Iraqi prisons, streets, UN says
  4073. UK soldier 'enjoyed' Iraqis' pain
  4074. French State Rail Company found guilty of Nazi collaboration
  4075. Solomon Islands PM publicly denounces Australian government
  4076. DaimlerChrysler unveils downsizing plan
  4077. Britain: Promotion for police commander involved in de Menezes shooting
  4078. Following leak of prime minister's remarks Hungary erupts in violent protests
  4079. Military coup ousts Thai prime minister
  4080. Bush wants a bloodbath in Baghdad
  4081. Rise Up Against the Empire: Address to the United Nations
  4082. The Merck Vioxx Litigation: a Scorecard
  4083. Michael Carmichael: The Vatican's Tyrant (READ: how have nothing new)
  4084. Arthur Neslen: The Clenched Fist of the Phoenix (READ)
  4085. Mexico: Does AMLO Have a Future?
  4086. Christopher Reed: Goodbye Koizumi, Hello Abe (From frypan to fire)
  4087. Sharon Smith: Elections, Detentions and Deportations (Hail, Criminal Congress!)
  4088. Abbas: Palestinian Government Will Recognize Israel (Mistake)
  4089. Canada Plans Official Torture Protest (useless, of course)
  4090. Wolfowitz Shut Down by World Bank Officials (That's always good)
  4091. Mission: To Reconcile America and the World (Um - sure)
  4092. Leader of Coup in Thailand Sets Timetable
  4093. In Baghdad No One Dares to Help
  4094. UK: Watch kids for extremist signs (Bizarre)
  4095. CNN.com - Ahmadinejad: Why so sensitive about Israel? - Sep 20, 2006
  4096. Israel Calls Iran Its Greatest Threat (when it's its own worst nightmare)
  4097. World poll favours Iran diplomacy
  4098. IDF raids "so called" militant stronghold in Gaza, killing one woman(and injuring "militant" children - that or they have rotten aim)
  4099. Tolerating intolerance
  4100. US House passes voter ID card legislation (Criminal Congress)
  4101. Paper Chase: Argentina court sentences former police official to life for Dirty War crimes
  4102. Bush's Empty Words to the U.N.
  4103. Thai coup leader vows elections in one year
  4104. New Japanese Leader Looks to Expand Nation's Military
  4105. Chavez taunts 'dictator' Bush
  4106. Venezuela's Chavez calls Bush "the devil" (and speaks far better English than ...)
  4107. Hungarian ruler promises crackdown on protesters (He shouldn't be misunderestimated)
  4108. Hungary's PM defiant as violence continues (People should not be afraid of their government; governments should be afraid of their people)
  4109. Hungarys leader tells police to use more force to quell riots (How familiar is sounds)
  4110. GOP in Senate Narrows Immigration Focus to 700-Mile Fence (Would a group enema help?)
  4111. House working fast on cross-border tunnel measure (Make that a high colonic - VERY high)
  4112. Tanning cream might also prevent skin cancer (or not)
  4113. Fatty fish consumption reduces kidney cancer risk (or not)
  4114. Musharraf to meet top Bush administration officials today (losing control)
  4115. Measures Seek to Restrict Detainees' Access to Courts (Treasonous Congress)
  4116. Letter to Senator John Warner, Chairman, and Senator Carl Levin, Ranking Member, Senate Armed Services Committee on Common Article 3 of the Geneva Conventions
  4117. House committee 'flip-flops' on Bush detainee bill (Extortion or Blackmail afoot?)
  4118. US leading indicators slip in August (and that's after desperate fudging)
  4119. Congressman Davis School Safety Legislation Passes the House (which encourages sexual abuse of students, and makes it lawful)
  4120. U.N.: Iraq Civilian Deaths Hit a Record
  4121. House committee passes Bush torture bill by one vote -- two Dems are absent
  4122. For Bush, cheaper gas is premium (But, wait until after elections!)
  4123. Justice Dept. Amends Remark on Torture Case (avoing, and compoundinghis lies)
  4124. Pakistan rejects Bush threat (Interesting - no more buddy-wuddy? :-()
  4125. U.S. Will Hunt Bin Laden in Pakistan If Necessary, Bush Says (Musharraf doesn't think so)
  4126. Israel has a history of creating fake Al Qaeda (From 2002, even)
  4127. Army official: Imminent al-Qaeda threat to Eilat (as we see still)
  4128. American CIA Explosive Experts Are Due to Arrive in Somalia in 24 Hours
  4129. Failings of the Rumsfeld doctrine (Should be a *very* long article)
  4130. Ahmadinejad Talks to CFR Think Tank Despite Jewish Groups, Bush Objections
  4131. Karl Rove Promises October Surprise (What has he planned? The NJ oil refinery? Maybe several surprises?)
  4132. United Press International - NewsTrack - Iran gets new October nuclear deadline
  4133. Only 25% in Poll Approve of the Congress (and so must approve of criminals)
  4134. Iran War, Diplomacy on Parallel Tracks
  4135. Abramoff and Able Danger: Confirmed: US Intel told "hands off money laundering"
  4136. Atta and friends and abramoff and friends (Forget me not)
  4137. Pentagon to release report on Sept. 11 claims (You WILL believe!)
  4138. Budapest 19 September 2006: an eyewitness account
  4139. Toxic mercury contaminating more species, report shows
  4140. Jewish rabbi calls for extermination of all Palestinian males (In case anybody doubted the genocidal intent)
  4141. Israeli tourist arrested in India (Love this one)
  4142. 5 years later, anthrax deaths a mystery / Despite cold trail, effort to find source of germs continues (Anybody know of Philip Zack? Hello-o?)
  4143. Iran could cut West's oil supplies in event of war, warns American chief in Gulf (How long has THAT been obvious?!)
  4144. Vengeance, Retaliation and Revenge - Anyone Got a Better Idea?
  4145. Bill O'Reilly Endorses Waterboarding As Safe and Reliable (Daily, let us watch him put his money where his big mouth is)
  4146. "DVD Of The Resistance": Watch For Free, Spread The Word
  4147. Al-Qaeda threatens truck bombings in Israel (i.e., Israel threatens to bomb itself, and blame others - again)
  4148. The Paradise Of The Grave
  4149. CIA 'refused to operate' secret jails (Whom do you trust, if anybody?)
  4150. The torture battle royal
  4151. Lawyers for Guantanamo detainee ask US court to compel release from isolation
  4152. Sept. 11 Figure Faces Guantanamo Hearing (Farce upon evil farce)
  4153. Measures Seek to Restrict Detainees' Access to Courts
  4154. States say new IDs could cost billions (unaffordable)
  4155. No evidence of terrorist attack (AU)
  4156. US threatened post 9/11 attack on ally (i.e., Pakistan - who cooperated through ISI and money wiring quite before 9/11)
  4157. U.S. Diplomatic and Commercial Relationships with Iraq, 1980 - 2 August 1990 (READ)
  4158. 10 'terrorists' executed in Iraq
  4159. UN: Human rights worsening in Iraq (and just about every place else)
  4160. Torture in Iraq worse now than under Saddam Hussein?
  4161. German police shadowed man before CIA seized him: witness
  4162. Germany under pressure to seek arrest of CIA agents
  4163. House panel endorses controversial spy bill
  4164. Bush, GOP rebels reach accord on tribunals (Rebels aren't rebels anymore)
  4165. Deal keeps 'potent' anti-terror tools
  4166. Deal struck on torture guidelines
  4167. UK suspects in new claims of torture at Guantanamo
  4168. Palast - Chavez' Comments -Strategy or Ravings? (READ)
  4169. Saul Landau: Terrorism at Sheridan Circle (READ)
  4170. Deborah Rich: From the Kitchen of Dr. Frankenstein (Monsanto and your GM food)
  4171. In the Name of Security: What Israeli Police Files Reveal About the Occupation of Palestine (READ!)
  4172. Australian Government Steps Up Attacks on Muslims: "I Certainly Don't Want That Type of People in Australia
  4173. "No Nation Should Have Superiority Over Others:" UN Address
  4174. Poll: 77% Say Congress Doesn't Deserve Re-Election (How about incaceration?)
  4175. Senate Democrats Plan Probes Into Iraq War (thinking perhaps this to be fashionably late?!)
  4176. Bill Allows Eavesdropping on Americans When Attack "Imminent" (Isn't it always?)
  4177. Chavez Address to the United Nations (The text)
  4178. Whistleblowers at Interior Department Cite Oil Lease Fraud
  4179. UN Concerned Over Indiscriminate Killing in Iraq (NOW it's concerned?!)
  4180. CIA Refused to Operate Secret Jails (You MUST be joking!)
  4181. Abramoff Associates, Bush Aides Met Often (as Israeli poodles that they are)
  4182. NOW | A Stealth Campaign for Deep Cuts in Social Services (Doesn't look too stealthy to me)
  4183. BREAKING: McCain Reaches Agreement With Bush On Military Tribunals (BFD)
  4184. Chavez greeted warmly at Harlem event
  4185. Chavez continues assault on Bush
  4186. Democratic Lawmakers Blast Venezuelan Leader for Bush Insults (but have nothing to say about Bush's genocides, or looting of our nation!?)
  4187. Democrats warn Chavez: Don't bash Bush (or else what, assholes? Fuck Democrats!)
  4188. Chavez Catches Hell For 'Devil' Slam, Democrats Take A Break From Criticizing President Bush To Defend Him(Chavez also lives in this hell on earth that our genocidal president has created - he should say anything he wants, any time, anyplace)
  4189. Venezuela's Chavez boosts heating oil program for U.S. poor, takes new jab at Bush - iht,america,US Venezuela Chavez(while Bush just wants to torture more people more severely)
  4190. Leading Bush critic at home calls Chavez a "thug" (and Pelosi is a witless ignorant bitch criminal liar)
  4191. Chavez savages Bush in speech / Diplomats at U.N. applaud his attack on U.S. policy (It's a dirty job, but somebody has to do it - and it won't be the bought and sold useless, lying hypocritical, criminal Dems)
  4192. FDA Finds 'Smoking Gun' In E. coli Investigation (Agribiz corpagov poisoning you with profiteering deliberate negligence)
  4193. Iranian leader calls for a referendum on Israel
  4194. Sales of Chomsky book soar after Hugo Chavez speech (After a Bush speech, sales in coloring books soar)
  4195. SF reporters ordered to jail for not revealing grand jury leak (Getting to be a hobby of US Nazi gummint)
  4196. Why does routine HIV testing matter? (another aspect of nation looting)
  4197. US threatened to bomb Pakistan after 9/1: Musharraf
  4198. CBC News: U.S. threatened to bomb Pakistan over war on terror: Musharraf
  4199. US Declines Comment On Musharraf Charge
  4200. Death for Amman hotel would-be-bomber (Bizarre hoax)
  4201. Major (i.e., USUK IL & AU only) powers give Iran October deadline
  4202. Iran funds global terror, Bush tells UN (while US *is* a global terrorist)
  4203. Thai military to probe Thaksin assets: paper
  4204. PASSION FOR REASON Democracy vs accountability in Bangkok
  4205. US reviews Thai aid, troubled by political ban (The posturing buffoons of the US)
  4206. Thais Hope Coup Can Calm Violence
  4207. Stepping in to heal the breach
  4208. King, country and the coup
  4209. Antiwar sermon could cost church its tax-exempt status (IRS, illegal political pitbull of Nazi Amerika)
  4210. Ahmadinejad and Chavez: the straight guy and his sidekick (The comic strip is Bush; Chavez just laughs at what's funny, and the rest of world gets the joke that is on us)
  4211. Novelist acquitted after trial for 'insulting Turkishness' (Strange country)
  4212. Israel's Elbit wins US security contract (Hiring fox to guard henhouse)
  4213. War Signals? (Large Naval group headed for Persian Gulf)
  4214. Israeli gangster keeping fit in US jail (while "terror suspects" are beaten to death)
  4215. UK politician: Pro-Israel lobby controls West (and the response to prove it)
  4216. Israel: Foreign reporters' vehicles may be used terrorists (Murdering foreign reporters is the Israeli Royal sport)
  4217. Rental Mailbox Neo-Crazies Block Ahmadinejads Speech!
  4218. The Big Apple hits back - hard (Not the big apple, just a few ugly political dwarf has beens)
  4219. Bush critics unite: Chavez plug for Chomsky's book boosts sales
  4220. America legalizes torture (openly! And that defines the nature of the US)
  4221. Iran Preparing for US Air Attacks (Would be crazy not to)
  4222. Bush insults Americans by still linking Iraq to 9/11 attacks
  4223. Civilian deaths soar to record high in Iraq
  4224. Chicago Fed national activity index falls in Aug.
  4225. Terror suspects deal leaves ambiguities (Torture rules, and law in no law. What's ambiguous?!)
  4226. The legal status of fighters (according to Imperial Israel)
  4227. There Must Be Some Kind of Way Out of Here (Deus ex Machina bearing miracles?)
  4228. Census Bureau Loses Hundreds of Laptops (A lot of losers running around)
  4229. Israelis in Iraq : Could Their Target Be Iran? (Sure, or Turkey)
  4230. Ecuador to Israel: We can&#-11;&#-11;&#-11;t pay off debt - Money from Isr (US pays for IL's existence, and it's lending millions?)
  4231. Turkey grounds Iranian VIP plane (Alignment statement - or feint)
  4232. SF Chronicle Reporters to Be Jailed
  4233. Bolivian leader defends his drug policy (Sick and tired of bullies)
  4234. FreedomToFascism.blogspot.com
  4235. Happy New Year! Israeli-style (I'm surprised it wasn't another masacre)
  4236. Woo WEEE. Ten minutes of work and we are SPENT! - Senate Majority Project (The Craven Congress)
  4237. Debunking 9/11 Website Debunks Itself
  4238. Kidnappers using victims as suicide' bombers (learned from Israel and US)
  4239. Philly Fed points to stalling economy (Cheer up: there's a war coming that will make things hunky-dory)
  4240. Will The Next Election Be Hacked? (LMAO This is a question?!)
  4241. Robertson: "[A] holy war between Islam and Christianity" is "going to come" (More like ass-holey)
  4242. Tribune Co. May Put Company, Parts Up for Sale
  4243. Strained, Army Looks to Guard for More Relief (This is a joke, right?)
  4244. Clooney criticises media for ignoring its responsibilities
  4245. Russia snubs Exxon field claim, chooses Rosneft
  4246. Is Israel falling from US grace? (It's the banks, stupid! Nose doesn't cause tail, and tail doesn't cause nose; banks cause both)
  4247. "Hacktivists" offer stealth web (READ)
  4248. A Courageous Man Speaks Out - Hugo Chavez at the UN General Assembly
  4249. $70B OK'd for Iraq and Afghan war funds
  4250. New York Reading Skills Drop After 5th Grade
  4251. World military budget tops Cold War record: Oxfam
  4252. Neil Cavuto Says Poor Americans Who Accept Heating Oil From Hugo Chavez are Committing Treason(What? With an entire treasonous government running amok?)
  4253. What's Really Propping Up The Economy (This phoney idiocy)
  4254. FCC Scandal Explodes with Second Revelation of Suppressed Media Ownership Research(US treasonous goernment is very good at destroying reports of its criminality)
  4255. The US housing bubble continues its freefall tailspin (Let's not go hyperbolic)
  4256. Venezuelan Government To Launch International 9/11 Investigation (Oh, this should be fun!)
  4257. List of accusations of GIs in Iraq stuns experts (I'm beyond being stunned by the crimes of this nation and its people)
  4258. Peace festival this weekend (Not all USians are reptoid savages slavering and screeching in bloodlust; neither are all Israelis)
  4259. Reflections on Our Inner Bush (our inner reptilian rage and genetic defects)
  4260. America Has Just Lost Two More Wars (and will still not understand its futility)
  4261. 800,000 Iraqi children not attending school
  4262. U.N. rights monitors accuse Sudan of bombing Darfur
  4263. A Bad Bargain (always when bargaining with the devil)
  4264. Drug-resistant TB on the rise in U.S. Probably planted by treasonous government)
  4265. Hewlett Chairwoman Dunn Resigns (She got caught - the great US sin)
  4266. World Can't Wait: Drive Out the Bush Regime! (which means the entire treasonous government)
  4267. Venezuela Says Police Cut Off Chavez Speech
  4268. San Diego Mayor Opposes Sleeping Zones For Homeless (He would prefer just killing them?)
  4269. Radioactive 'hot spots' threat to city, study sez (We wonder how this could be. Guess!)
  4270. 'Dirty Bomb' Prep Reveals Radiation In S.I. Park (Classic US government "experiments"?)
  4271. DHS aims to keep more about security clearance applications secret (Better living through secret treason)
  4272. Bill Clinton warns against wide torture approval (but signed NAFT while you were watching his wonton wee-wee)
  4273. $60 million "state-of-the-art" prison (Oh, it makes me feel so warm and fuzzy)
  4274. Lost in a Bermuda Triangle of Injustice (encompassing the US and its gulag)
  4275. The Abuse Can Continue (The treasonous congress is allowed to live)
  4276. Plan to expand US base sparks row (US invades Italy)
  4277. We Don't Have The Troops' (UK - so stop your war crimes)
  4278. Major calls RAF support 'utterly, utterly useless' (Worse, it is genocidal and needs to be punished severely)
  4279. No timetable for US withdrawal: Iraq (Withdrawl was never intended: and eternal fucking to the death was)
  4280. Australia: Employers launch vicious attacks on workers' conditions and rights
  4281. Mass protests demand resignation of Taiwan's president
  4282. Palestinians to form national unity government (Bravery in the face of long planned genocide)
  4283. Republican senators' resistance to Bush torture bill reflects tension between White House and military brass (Good, jail all of them)
  4284. The Pope and Islam Ratzinger's Crusade (READ, then study the real history of banking, and understand)
  4285. Illinois election board certifies SEP candidate for November ballot
  4286. Bush administration denies responsibility for torture of Canadian (also denies the seas are wet)
  4287. Conservations at Ground Zero (utterly, utterly, idiot)
  4288. How Human Rights Watch Lost Its Way in Lebanon (another idiot, also ignorant of reality and history)
  4289. Evo Morales: We Need Partners, Not Bosses (Here, here!)
  4290. Ramzy Baroud: The Next Palestinian Struggle (Optimistic: Israel has not finished its genocide)
  4291. Michael Donnelly: It's the Maniupulated Economy, Stupid (and the attention spans of teacups)
  4292. Republic of Fear: Torture in Bush's Iraq, Worse Than Under Saddam (As was perfectly well expected with US genocide - a hobby of the rich and famous)
  4293. Pentagon's 9/11 Claim Debunked by Inspector General (But in 2 days after, they had complete dossiers with pictures!? The usual government insulting BS)
  4294. National Guard to Be Further Stretched by Iraq, Afghan Wars
  4295. NSA Whistleblower's Life Destroyed After Exposing Eavesdropping Program (It's a vicious dictatorship)
  4296. "Attack Against Democracy" Uncovered in Italy
  4297. Libby Fundraiser Working for Lieberman
  4298. Nasrallah Says Hezbollah Won't Disarm (That's a good idea. Who else will protect Lebanese from Israeli genocide?)
  4299. [2.nav.LTR_t_1.gif] (So is the entire US kleptocracy)
  4300. Bush Rages: "I am not Beelzebub, Lord of Sulfur"
  4301. Hugo Chavez's New World Vision (READ)
  4302. Bush unaware of bombing to stone age threat: Pakistan-US understanding on hot pursuit claimed -DAWN - Top Stories; September 23, 2006(LOL)
  4303. Leaders duck 'stone age' threat
  4304. Thai PM target of corruption probe
  4305. PM outmanoeuvred after his fatal errors
  4306. Hezbollah stages a massive 'victory' celebration
  4307. US stops war on Lebanon for Israel's sake (Exactly so)
  4308. Abandoned pets to go to US sanctuaries (Oh, how sweet and darling!)
  4309. Israeli official calls Nasrallah speech a 'spit in the face' (They got THAT right; it was more than deserved)
  4310. Pope invites Muslim envoys to meeting on Monday (Who would waste their time and energy with the hateful SOB)
  4311. Abbas is rebuffed as Hamas says No to Israel
  4312. Chavez: "Bush Has Called Me Worse Things"
  4313. Venezuelan Chavez wants to be world's anti-US voice (Naah! Bush already has that role)
  4314. Maine Repubs Say No to Chavez Oil Deal (speaking for freezing people)
  4315. Democrats warn Chavez: Don't bash Bush (Bash the disgusting Dem poligarchs instead)
  4316. Leading Bush critic at home calls Chavez a "thug" (? Which country has HE bombed the shit out of?)
  4317. Bush and Musharraf: Friends Again (I'm so happy I could shit)
  4318. Announcing a Day of Mass Resistance: OCTOBER 5, 2006
  4319. Feds Seek to Block Oregon Spying Case
  4320. Lopez Obrador to Form Cabinet
  4321. Blast damages mosque in Iraq (Hint: the butler did NOT do it)
  4322. More [US] Death Squad Victims Found in Iraq
  4323. Compromise on treatment of terror suspects assailed
  4324. Bush Gets His Way (Craven congress and lying media notwithstanding)
  4325. Bush, Musharraf dodge 'partner-or-else' flap
  4326. Thais Appear to Support Coup Leaders
  4327. 'The pope is like Hitler'
  4328. Congress in dark on terror program (It's called dictatorship)
  4329. Study Condemns FDAs Handling of Drug Safety (Pharmagov agency)
  4330. E coli: Farmers have a plan (Pretend not to poison people?)
  4331. Quartet okays Hamas in Palestinian unity gov't
  4332. Hamas reaffirms denial of Israel
  4333. Leader of Terror Group [or a stray dog] Arrested in Iraq
  4334. Execution of 3 Christian militants sparks violence in Indonesia (Think "Papanazi Oral Diarrhea")
  4335. Fallujah again in the line of US fire (Prior two failed in wiping it from the map)
  4337. France to probe bin Laden death report leak (ObL hoax smells like rotted meat)
  4338. More War Veterans Suffering From Stress
  4339. Osama bin Laden is dead: French paper (and has been for years, but will he stay dead?)
  4340. Israel: Back to the preemptive strike (Its unending sickness)
  4341. Will The Next Election Be Hacked? (Yes, next question?)
  4343. N.S. shipwreck discovery brews international storm
  4344. Iran's KOLCHUGA antenna device passively detects stealth planes 800 Km away (READ)
  4345. Backroom Deals in the Corridors of Power. Torturers Now Shielded from Prosecution
  4346. West bars Arab bid at IAEA to rap Israel atom "threat" (So we also now know what Canadapoodle is worth)
  4347. Pro-westren tunisian government confiscate doll (Bizarre)
  4348. Dentist Whistleblower Who Met 9/11 Hijackers Poisoned To Death (Hmmm)
  4349. Unfriendly forces brewing in Latin America: US (Corpagov)
  4350. U.S. needs more Iraqi troops in Baghdad (um - to leave, and go home)
  4351. Hugo Chavez: Welcome Here (READ)
  4352. As Crazy as It Sounds (Crazy in US is far from improbable)
  4353. The Bushes & the Truth About Iran (READ!)
  4354. "The Israelis want ethnic cleansing for all Palestinians (It's called GENOCIDE)
  4355. 'No action' on Israel nuclear activities (Interesting details)
  4356. Report: Theory in anthrax case broadens suspect pool (Lying "government science")
  4357. Our Torturer-in-Chief (and torturer of the world, the emperor Ming lives)
  4358. US-Iran Shootout Is Inevitable (as inevitable as the destruction of the US)
  4359. Iraq is Bush's Reflection Pond (a reflection of the future of US)
  4360. BELLACIAO - SUPER HOT BREAKING INTEL: Bushfraud Diversion (READ)
  4361. Wave of Party Switchers Hits Republicans (They're far too late in paying attention)
  4362. Tidal Wave Heading Straight For The Hall Of Mirrors (READ)
  4363. Who Killed James Forrestal (TERRORISTS! - of course READ)
  4364. SGA resolution aims to censor DT - News (It's a very sick nation)
  4365. House Approves Strip Search Bill (The child molestors are in 7th heaven)
  4366. Top Republican aids Lieberman fundraiser (Zionist conspiracy with no theory required)
  4367. New York City's Reservists Are Asked to Return Iraq Pay (WTF?!)
  4368. Detainee Deal Comes With Contradictions (A mile of loopholes; what would you expect?)
  4369. 'The Worst Person in the World' - Countdown with Keith Olbermann(Truth - and you need a laugh)
  4370. GOP Upbeat on Terror-Trial Bill (They have the gall to call Chavez a thug!)
  4371. France, US, unable to confirm report bin Laden dead (Ooops)
  4372. Report: Bin Laden Already Dead (Reports of ObL's activity are greatly exaggerated)
  4373. Venezuelan foreign minister detained at N.Y. airport, officials say (With great evil comes also great pettiness: the Devil will not be mocked)
  4374. Secret Torture in Afghanistan (not so secret anymore)
  4375. Afghan officers arrested for smuggling weapons to Taliban: report (LOL Who do you trust?)
  4376. Army Corps Faked Budget Entries (It's the Amerikan Way!)
  4377. Chavez: U.S. Detained Foreign Minister
  4378. As Army Adds Interrogators, It Outsources Training (Orwell is smiling)
  4379. Many hopefuls keep Bush ties under wraps (LOL - Hitler and Stalin were less secret)
  4380. The extreme-right NPD wins seats in German election
  4381. As Brazilian election nears, crisis deepens for major parties
  4382. Harper outlines the Canadian elite's imperialist agenda
  4383. Torture and civilian deaths reach record levels in Iraq
  4384. Senate-White House compromise sanctions CIA torture of detainees
  4385. Heather Gray: Conservatives and Technology (Yes - READ)
  4386. Jon Van Camp: Who is Hezbollah? (READ)
  4387. The Cruel Economics of Health Care in America
  4388. Debbie Nathan: I Was Disappeared by Salon (Boycott Salon)
  4389. Todd Chretien: The Axis of Lesser Evilism
  4390. Laura Carlsen: Mexico's Two Presidents (READ)
  4391. Carl G. Estabrook: The Darfur Smokescreen (READ)
  4392. Dr. Anon: A Doctor's Life in Baghdad
  4393. Jeffrey St. Clair: Star Wars Goes Online ... Crashes
  4394. Jonathan Cook: How Israel is Engineering the "Clash of Civilizations" (READ)
  4395. "Attack Against Democracy" Uncovered in Italy
  4396. CIA Abductors of al-Masri Identified
  4397. New question: Is Laden dead or alive (Long Dead, ninny!)
  4398. The Jewish New Year Begins At Sundown (Maybe they can all meditate on Israel's genocide of Palestinians)
  4399. US agency calls for routine testing for AIDS (What it lacks in sensibility it makes up for in mendacity)
  4400. CDC Urges HIV Tests as Routine in Health Care (Scam)
  4401. Pakistan, US seek to defuse 9/11 claim (It didn't happen - your eyes are getting verry heaavy ...)
  4402. Pakistanis Unsurprised by 'Stone Age' Remark (Why would they be?)
  4403. Admiral Wilcutts Report on the Death of James V. Forrestal | Seeley G. Mudd Manuscript Library
  4404. The Bushes and the Truth About Iran
  4405. The Thai coup
  4406. Thai graft fighters probe ousted PM
  4407. Thailand's military rulers irritated at foreign reporting on coup
  4408. Senator John McCain: blowhard and phony (That's a good start)
  4409. Venezuela foreign minister detained at New York airport, protests alleged abuse by U.S. authorities - iht,america,US Venezuel
  4410. Truth telling here, there (Hungary and elsewhere)
  4411. Who benefits from the Afghan Opium Trade? (READ)
  4412. Spy Agencies Say Iraq War Worsens Terror Threat (Threat Hoaxes, still being faked)
  4413. US government apologizes for incident with Venezuelan foreign minister (First denied. Now, given a Benedict type nonapology?)
  4414. Crossfire War - Tehran Plans Nuclear Terror Attack Inside US - Ramadan 9-24 (WHAT COMPLETE IDIOCY)
  4415. U.S. troop levels in Iraq could rise (Again?)
  4416. Anti-war protests in Manchester
  4417. Massive Anti-War Protest In Manchester (But Blair serves Israel, not UK)
  4418. A Silent Crash In Home Prices
  4419. Globalist Parasites Take Fright As German Patriots Prepare for Government (But it will not help: all is globalist "neoliberal")
  4420. Spy chiefs to probe 'Osama is dead' claim (Probe porky pig!)
  4421. Israel Troops Shooting Anti-War Demonstrators -- Video (Nature of Israel)
  4422. Pressures mount on Bush to bomb Iran
  4423. Md. State Police Stop Suspicious Vehicle; No Charges (Uh-oh)
  4424. Cops swoop to check on kitten (Charity from Hell!)
  4425. Billions for the Bankers, Debts for the People (READ)
  4426. Kucinich Calls For Congressional Hearings On Negropontes Role In The Release Of A False And Misleading Report On Iran (Cute but useless)
  4427. Texas Democrats File Suit Against Voting Fraud Law
  4428. The Dollar$ & $en$e of 911
  4429. Top secret: Banff security meeting attracted U.S., Mexico officials
  4430. Students, Beware Professor Osama
  4431. Venezuela rejects U.S. apologies after foreign minister detained
  4432. Chavez minister in spat with US (and US, as always, lies about it first)
  4433. 'Iraqi troops refusing Baghdad duty' (Why might that be, we wonder?)
  4434. Explosion kills at least 37 in Baghdad
  4435. Ex-Halliburton Worker Calls for Probe
  4436. Iraq war created a terrorist flood, American spymasters warn Bush (Plentry of room for more hoaxes anyhow)
  4437. Suspected CIA Kidnappers Identified
  4438. Secret Torture in Afghanistan
  4439. Afghan officers arrested for smuggling weapons to Taliban: report
  4440. Defense Lawyers Assail Legislation on Detainees
  4441. Specter Objects to Part of Detainee Bill
  4442. U.S. gets 'Sovietized' (That's for sure)
  4443. Pentagon May Lift Restraints on Guard Deployments
  4444. Libby Plans to Testify at His CIA Leak Trial
  4445. Falwell Says Faithful Fear Clinton More Than Devil (Speak of the devil and his tongue wags)
  4446. Anger at US Policies More Strident at UN (Should anybody be surprised?)
  4447. Women and Children Slaughtered in Baghdad (Continuing genocide)
  4448. Who Are the War Criminals? Naming Names - by Justin Raimondo (12/19/2005)
  4449. Nepal parliament formally strips king of army control
  4450. Military wants deposed Thai leader to face trial
  4451. Move to seize assets of Thai politicians
  4452. Thaksin 'could be extradited'
  4453. Thai military says new body can seize politicians' assets
  4454. Jets in Thaksin assets riddle
  4455. "Jihad" car commercial upsets US Muslims (Attention without having done anything; that's pretty clever)
  4456. DA: Alleged Duke Rape Took 5-10 Minutes (Starting to look a little phoney?)
  4457. Indonesia's Bird Flu Death Toll Crosses 50 (or not)
  4458. Gunmen open fire on Florida mosque; no injuries, damage reported
  4459. Mel campaigns for new movie, against war in Iraq (Hmmm)
  4460. Word of threat closes U.S. -Canada crossings (A bit strange)
  4461. Secession -- a Revolutionary Idea (There's nothing unconstitutional about it)
  4462. 5,000 Israeli troops linger in South (Send them to the cluster bombed areas)
  4463. &#-11;&#-11;Bush sends corporate team to Lebanon (as sick as anything else he does)
  4464. Republicans Say Terror Report Shouldn't Alter Goals (They know the threat is phoney fabrication)
  4465. Pope's Comments Still Fuel Anger in Egypt
  4466. The Japan Times Online - Pope showed bias in misguided moment
  4467. China's Industrial & Commercial Bank plans 65 bln yuan bond issue by end-200
  4468. Report: China bank IPO expected in Oct.
  4469. Hong Kong shares flat amid concerns over US economy
  4470. Kuwait to buy large stake in IPO of Chinese bank
  4471. Brown stakes claim to be next PM (Continuation of the Plague)
  4472. Anti-war protest breaks the peace
  4473. Bush's church urges pull-out of US troops from Iraq
  4474. TA soldiers 'passed over for promotion' after serving in Iraq
  4475. FBI widens net in anthrax attack (Exculpating guilty government)
  4477. Bush keeps his war anguish hidden (WHAT ANGUISH?!)
  4478. What's Wrong With Calling Bush A Devil? (That's what I'd like to know)
  4479. Russia sets the pace in energy race
  4480. Norway detains three in terror plot (suspicious in details, and lack of them)
  4481. Egypt to begin nuclear programme (Why hasn't it before?)
  4482. In Palestine, a War on Children (It's efficiency in genocide)
  4483. Court victory lets preserved Ohio 2004 ballots tell new tales of theft and fraud as convictions and indictments mount
  4484. Retired officers to criticize Rumsfeld
  4485. Army Warns Rumsfeld It's Billions Short (Where did the money go Dov?)
  4486. U.S. economy losing its global dominance (No shit)
  4487. US looks for ways to send more troops to Iraq
  4488. Israeli man detained after photographing Fort McHenry tunnel (What, no terror plot?!)
  4489. Embassies targeted in terror plot (What does of "foreign origin" mean?)
  4490. ABC News: Frist Rebuts Report that Claims Iraq War Fuels Terror (Just the babbling of a twit; pay it no mind)
  4491. Crisis Is Upon Us - by Paul Craig Roberts (READ)
  4492. Torture Victim Had No Terror Link, Canada Told U.S. (But we WANT to torture him!)
  4493. 'Dummy vendors' reap $362m in Iraq (Are we paying attention?)
  4494. Russia Snubs U.S., Redirects Gas Flow to Europe
  4495. Republicans Say Terror Report Shouldn't Alter Goals (of looting and genocide)
  4496. Iraq war created a terrorist flood, American spymasters warn Bush (USUKIL IS the terrorist flood)
  4497. Secret Torture in Afghanistan (there, here and everywhere: it's US policy)
  4498. Oil Price Manipulation: Taking from the Poor to Give to the Rich
  4499. Proposal to Carve Up Iraq Moves Forward (Divide and conquer)
  4500. Terror bounty [illegal, but who cares] paid by CIA (CIA operates illegally always, and as amatter of course)
  4501. Congress in dark on terror program (Our national asylum for the criminally deranged)
  4502. McCain Names Practices Detainee Bill Would Bar (This is a joke, and so his he - a bad one)
  4503. Boys Gone Wild (US is so morbidly sick that for the sickest to revile the healthy is now politically correct)
  4504. Guantanamo Inmates Turn to Library Books (Sickness beyond description)
  4505. Britain: Labour has shifted taxes from rich to poor (It hasn't BEEN Labour for many a moon)
  4506. British Labour: A party of war and social reaction (i,e., FASCISM)
  4507. "The King's New Clothes:" a Play Written in a Turkish Jail (Let's remember reality, and that ashkenazim are Turks, not genetic Jews)
  4508. Media Tall Tales for Next War (READ)
  4509. Horowitz on Campus: This [Reptilian] Mouth for Hire
  4510. Is the Bush Administration Itching to Nuke Iran? (Yes, next question?)
  4511. Jonathan Cook: Human Rights Watch, Still Missing the Point on Lebanon (READ)
  4512. Patrick Cockburn: A Journey to Iraq's "Taliban Republic"
  4513. Anger at US Policies More Strident at UN
  4514. Study of Iraq War and Terror Stirs Strong Political Response (Strong BABBLING response is more like it)
  4515. A Detainee's Story: The Man Who Has Been to America (READ - be disturbed, and take like a real human)
  4516. Part I: A Silence in the Afghan Mountains
  4517. Why Retired Military Brass Don't Want Torture (READ - about human rather than reptilian times)
  4518. Halliburton Employees, Subcontractors Allege More Abuses (Reptilian Corpagov)
  4519. Retired Officers to Accuse Rumsfeld of Bungling the War (R. is an arogant idiot, and always has been)
  4520. Victims Get to Speak at Fastow Hearing (perhaps a modicum of justice therefrom?)
  4521. Clinton: "I Tried My Best to Kill bin Laden" (Bad form; very bad acting, and utterly insulting to anyone with a brain)
  4522. US Pursues Ties to Oil-Rich Kazakhstan (You bet your bippy - but with the usual "mad dog" foreign policy)
  4523. Losing Afghanistan: The Rise of Jihadistan (Epitome of superficial nonsense)
  4524. A Courageous Man Speaks Out - Hugo Chavez Was In Rare Form at the UN
  4525. The Five Pillars of the U.S. Military-Industrial Complex (READ)
  4526. Popularity problem for Blair successor (Mealymouthed moron is not charismatic)
  4527. Blair was stupid to announce departure, says home secretary (Blair is stupid, would have been sufficient)
  4528. &#-11;&#-11;100bn threat to tobacco firms over 'light' brands (Light brands were FORCED by smokenazis and government: sue them!)
  4529. Pope says 2 faiths must overcome enmity (but, he just can't get his perverted head around the idea)
  4530. Muslim leaders summoned to Pope's fourth 'apology' (Oh, spare us all the indignities of insultingly manipulative Papal Platitudes denying obviously intended genocide)
  4531. Mixed reaction to pope's appeal (All popes should have been killed, except Celestine V - oops many were by holy mother church itself)
  4532. Saddam sent out of court again (Circus)
  4533. Shanghai's political chief sacked for corruption (Unsurprising)
  4534. Clinton's strategic TV blowup. (He is also bought, and set W up for election)
  4535. The Raw Story | Clinton blasts Fox host: 'Nice little conservative hit job... You think you're so clever' (He thinks he's a clever liar and actor too: NAFTA, setting up W's "election", neoliberal globalist totalitarian: the hell with him)
  4536. Army holds Pentagon to ransom over Iraq
  4537. Retired Army two-stars say Rumsfeld must go
  4538. Port Police Receives Homeland Security Grant (A "grant"?!)
  4539. Ports, commuter transit systems to get millions in security grants (Buying them for future obedience)
  4540. US Existing Home Sales Fall 0.5% in August; Sales Price Drops
  4541. Existing-home prices fall for 1st time in 11 years
  4542. Unmanned rocket crashes in NM desert
  4543. US Eases Rules on Gels and Liquids in Carry-Ons (Was just a stupid stateterrorizing anyhow: means nothing)
  4544. Barroso says EU must freeze growth
  4545. White House admits Iraq fuels extremism (What's extremism? I know what hatred is)
  4546. Detainee Measure Allows Indefinite Detention of U.S. Citizens (Fuck the Constitution)
  4547. ANALYSIS: Japan's unorthodox reformer steps down (Koizumi)
  4548. Abe Names Two for Top Roles With LDP
  4549. Top al-Qaeda fugitive shot dead in Iraq (or not)
  4550. UK says it kills senior al Qaeda figure in Iraq (UK says a lot of things- so do parrots)
  4551. Text of pope's remarks to Muslim leaders at Castel Gandolfo
  4552. Israeli expert sees growing chasm between Catholics, Islam (as they help to create it)
  4553. Brown 'can get on with the job for Britain' (and its selfdestruction)
  4554. Analysis: What would Brown's Britain do? (What wouldn't it do?)
  4555. Wallace, Caught Off Balance (Funniest event of the day)
  4556. Extraordinary Rise in Warming Is Seen (Really? How do you measure the earth's temperature?)
  4557. Diabetes, Not Obesity, Increases Critical Illness and Death Risk (or not)
  4558. ALLERCA Cat is Hypoallergenic and Allergy-Free (or not)
  4559. Negroponte: US Not at Higher Attack Risk (With current creeps running it?! The question itself is a meaningless diversion)
  4560. Sept. 16, 2006 - A Tightening Farce (Problem with economic controls is that eventually, they fail to work)
  4561. Sept. 20, 2006 - Whats behind the Meltdown in the Commodity markets? (When is growth a bad joke?)
  4562. Sept. 21, 2006 - An ill wind (Globalization is global control, not "free trade"; watch it plummet)
  4563. Sept. 25, 2006 - A sudden recognition of risk? (The problem with ignorant belief)
  4564. Sept. 26, 2006 - The nature of disaster
  4565. Problem Loans for U.S. Banks Rise as Manufacturers Struggle (On the nature of Disaster)
  4566. Olmert says Israel will not accept a nuclear Iran (US must grant Israel's whims)
  4567. Rice Evokes Possible New Sanctions Against Syria for Destabilizing Lebanon (There is no lies beyond this sick bitch)
  4568. The United States of Barbarism (will one day be brutally punished)
  4569. Iraq, Overstretched Army Bring Bush New Grief (Not grief, the humiliation of willful stupidity)
  4570. Media Tall Tales for the Next War (Still a corpagov megaphone)
  4571. Chemicals Within Us - National Geographic (Poisoned by corpagov)
  4572. A textbook definition of cowardice (Clinton did NOT speak the truth about 9/11)
  4573. Saddam trial adjourned (Farce on Ice)
  4574. Krauthammer, Iran, and the End Days
  4575. Stricter Voting Laws Carve Latest Partisan Divide
  4576. Palestinian media calls pope 'stupid,' 'criminal'(They forgot 'ignorant' and 'evil')
  4577. Christian leaders show support for Israel (is tetched in the head)
  4578. President Hologram and the Triumph of Public Relations
  4579. Europe Panel Faults Sifting of Bank Data
  4580. World Economic Forum - Global Competitiveness Report (US falls to 6th place)
  4581. Vermont Congress candidate calls on Pentagon to arrest Bush, Cheney
  4582. Analyst says of new data: 'Pop goes housing bubble' (Shall we say a continuing slide?)
  4583. Rumsfeld holds talks with Montenegro about sending troops to Iraq or Afghanistan (Montenegro?)
  4584. Real Videos: IDF shooting journalists
  4585. Part 2
  4586. Part 3
  4587. Rice gives North Korea nuclear talks effort six weeks to resume (or else - what, exactly? She will fart in their general direction?)
  4588. The CIA met Bin Laden while undergoing treatment at an American Hospital last July in Dubai (Lest we forget that ObL is pure CIA asset)
  4589. CONDI LIES to Rebut Clinton (Kindasleaza ALWAYS lies)
  4590. The Lethal Science Of Splenda - A Poisonous Chlorocarbon
  4591. British troops suspected of 'guns for cocaine' trade
  4592. US housing bubble: Economy in denial (is headed for disaster)
  4593. Big News: The War Failed (Maake that "the invasions")
  4594. Army chief tells Bush: there's not enough money for Iraq war (Who cares?!)
  4595. The diminished dividends of war (For you and me, they are measured as losses to start with)
  4596. Web Of Terror
  4597. 2 dairies to end use of artificial hormones (and will cease to be "competitive")
  4598. Mass. home sales plunge, prices drop
  4599. The Queen's Death Star: Depleted Uranium Measured in British Atmosphere from Battlefields in the Middle East LEUREN MORET / Mindfully.org 26feb2006
  4600. 9/11 Truth: Thermite & The Case for Controlled Demolition (ONE inescapable truth about 9/11)
  4601. UNIFIL Chief: IDF to leave south Lebanon by month's end(or not - Give 'em an inch, and ....)
  4602. Iran central bank files US treasury complaint with IMF
  4603. 'Million bomblets' in S Lebanon (Courtesy of Israel; make them clean up their own mess)
  4604. UN envoy: Israel turned Gaza into prison (Good that it is said, but they really are working on making it a graveyard)
  4605. World 'warmest for 12,000 years' (Babbling)
  4606. Earth within whisker of hottest climate in million years: NASA (More babbling)
  4607. Officials urge Coloradans to vote by absentee ballot (The mail will be "lost", "misplaced" or burned)
  4608. Americans skeptical about gas price drop (as well they should be: signs of minor intelligence?)
  4609. Arms spending hits all-time high (as economy goes down the toilet)
  4610. Saudis deny secret Israel contact (So, you know it's true)
  4611. Halliburton paid $4 million to politicians for 600% gain on contracts since 2000
  4612. Cost of War [Invasions and Genocides]: $550 Billion and Counting
  4613. Intel report: Iraq a 'cause celebre' for extremists (WTF is extremist when Bushco is destroying the planet?)
  4614. France's Delinquency Bill: A step towards totalitarianism
  4615. Shinzo Abe: Japan's new prime minister
  4616. Sri Lankan government imposes police state measures in Colombo
  4617. British military in crisis as NATO mission in Afghanistan unravels
  4618. Democrats defend "our president" against international criticism (Bribed doesn't even begin to describe these filth)
  4619. Uri Avnery: Mohammed's Sword (READ twice)
  4620. New Orleans is Back ... Without Blacks: Monday Night Football at the Superdome
  4621. Bush and Iran: Going to War to Save His Own Ass?
  4622. Paul Rockwell: Judicial Complicity in US War Crimes
  4623. Barbara Becnel: Witness to an Execution (No government is beneficent, ever)
  4624. Niranjan Ramakrishnan: Torturing the Obvious (US in sickness)
  4625. If It's Election Season, It Must Be Time for a Terror Alert
  4626. The American Mind: When Historical Analysis is Reduced to Whim
  4627. Clinton: "I Tried My Best to Kill bin Laden" (Reinforcing the fairy tals of 9/11)
  4628. Lott Threatens the Democrats
  4629. A Flawed Bill on Rape
  4630. Consumers See "String-Pulling," Believe '06 Election Affecting Gas Prices
  4631. Judge to Weigh Evidence in CIA Leak Case (Eventually, you will forget about it all, numbed from the interminable babbling)
  4632. Letter From Intelligence and Military Professionals on Use of Torture (i.e., torture has only one purpose: torture)
  4633. Ex-Enron CFO Andrew Fastow Sentenced to 6 Years in Prison (Now, as to restitutions?)
  4634. JURIST - Paper Chase: Israeli military court reverses decision freeing Palestinian lawmakers(Wonderland!)
  4635. JURIST - Paper Chase: Europe head calls for EU enlargement halt pending constitutional progress (But, the people do NOT want this constitution, and have that clear)
  4636. Saddam thrown out of court for third consecutive time (Circus)
  4637. Take your torture and go, George
  4638. A Controlled Media? See For Yourself
  4639. Verbal Battles Continue Over US Intelligence Document (Stupid, baseless diversion)
  4640. Fastow to Help Investors in Enron Suit (By donating his thieved millions?)
  4641. Fury as opera cancelled for fear of offending Muslims (A divided global theocracy of lunacy)
  4642. Berlin Opera Pulled Over Muhammad Scene (How about just doing the Mozart?)
  4643. Washington Heavy-Hitters Slugfest (More babbling diversion, and reinforcement of 9/11 bullshit)
  4644. Bill's bull? (Diversions heaped upon lying diversions)
  4645. US drops to 6th in world competitiveness ranking
  4646. Scientists: Earth temperature reaches dagerous level (They have no fucking idea what they're talking about)
  4647. NYC proposes ban on trans fats in restaurant food (Get a life, people!)
  4648. Bold New York City Health Department Proposals Praised (Morons!)
  4649. New Brain Atlas Unveils 3-D Gene Map (OMG! In the hands of "government scientists" = technowhores)
  4650. Musharraf: Iraq war makes world more dangerous (Ooops)
  4651. TIME.com: Reading the Riot Act at the White House (LOL)
  4652. Art Attributed To Hitler Sold In English Auction (What? Israel hasn't forbidden this?!)
  4653. House rejects bill on property rights
  4654. House OKs bill on religious expression
  4655. Turning Back the Clock on Rape
  4656. White House Said to Bar Hurricane Report
  4657. The Facts Behind the NIE (National Intelligence Estimate on Iraq)
  4658. Japan leader starts cuts with his salary (Is US Congress listening?)
  4659. Blair urges Labour to unite and win fourth term (How about consigning them all to the Thames?)
  4660. Romania and Bulgaria given date to join EU
  4661. Berlin Opera Pulled Over Muhammad Scene
  4662. Rice hits back at Clinton claims (Babbling Bitch of Beelzebub)
  4663. Sen. Allen Denies Using Racial Slurs in the 70s (He just never was a nice man)
  4664. Fear the October Surprise (READ)
  4665. Four banks helped me, Enron's Fastow says (recovery and restitution would be a start)
  4666. Race slur senator loses ground to Democrats (but not if he were a mass murderer, which in a sense he already is)
  4667. Reports Startling Conclusion: Bombing People Really Pisses Them Off (Yea, verily)
  4668. Democrat brings Iraq experience to poll
  4669. Hidden Stinger in Bush NIE release (What do you call a conflated plexus of lies with murderous intent?)
  4670. Fascism the American Way (Age of Enlightenment is long dead)
  4671. Hi-tech firm boycotts Israel over 'war crimes' (Bravo!)
  4673. US declassifies small portion of controversial security report (The obvious translated to Mumbo Jumbo)
  4674. Comverse Ex-CEO Is Located in Namibia (More interesting than it might seem)
  4675. Challenge to Mainstream Journalists: Dare to really investigate 9/11
  4676. Remembering Gaza beach - how it all started ("Never Forget" means new things)
  4677. PBS Scrubbing G.I. Mouths With Soap
  4678. Report: El-Al flight dived over London (Hmmmm - test?)
  4679. Russia launches massive air force test exercise (Lest USUKIL forget who stands behind Iran)
  4680. No more Mr Nice Guy (READ: The Great Game revisited)
  4681. Olmert tells ministers to end talk of negotiations with Syria (That would be diplomacy, and not genocide)
  4682. Report: Bombing of Gaza power plant war crime (Israel's favorite kind of crime)
  4683. MPACUK - See, There Is No Israel Lobby (READ)
  4684. IDF: Troops can shoot Lebanese stone-throwers if lives threatened (How about pebbles - or sand?)
  4685. Make Your Vote Count (a cute trick if you can do it)
  4686. Demand Accountability for the Faulty Iran Intelligence Report!
  4687. Modern-Day Secessionists Will Hold a Conference on Leaving the Union (Secession is indeed legal and constitutional)
  4688. Afghani war is winnable (Ninny, liar or both?)
  4689. A Broken, De-Humanized Military in Iraq (not to mention Afghanistann)
  4690. More could be deemed enemy combatants by bill (Criminal Congress)
  4691. Top Generals Hint at Army Expansion of 60,000 Troops (More hired mewrcenaries?)
  4692. Negroponte Tries to Cloud Intelligence Analysis on the War on Terror
  4693. Green, Nass renew call to UW to fire 9/11 conspiracy professor (They should be ashamed of themselves)
  4694. 9/11 'hijacker' witness poisoned
  4695. Criminal charges recommended against Olmert
  4696. Iranian leader's worsening relations with Jews (A piece so fucked up, unexamined and untruthful, it's hardly worth reading, unless you can make the corrections swiftly)
  4697. Iran's gulf of misunderstanding with US (Idiot! US Great Game precludes buddyship with IR; only destruction and occupation will do)
  4698. Musharraf: 9/11 planner in on Pearl plot (Burp #3)
  4699. U.S.: Afghan attacks triple since truce (Are we paying attention?)
  4700. 1940 Nazi massacre remembered in Ukraine (All Jews,Only Jews, All Places, All the Time)
  4701. Iran seen borrowing nuclear strategy from Israel (Fools! Iran purchasedNuke missiles a while back, and they are all trained on Israel from unknowned locations; go ahead, fire away at Iran!)
  4702. Censored Affidavit Issued in National Security Case (You live in a Kafkaesque totalitarian State)
  4703. Scoop: Lt. Gen. Odom Speaks Truth In US Capitol Basement (Confused on realities, but the bottom line is there)
  4704. 7-Eleven drops Citgo gasoline; cites Chavez (Boycott 7-Eleven)
  4705. Losing a War, Winning a Police State (Actually several wars, and many more than several police states)
  4706. Russia in threat to turn off gas to US giants (Does US still want to annihilate Iran for Israel?)
  4707. Mini-gulags, hired guns and lobbyists (READ - and understand a little piece of the reality of Nazi Amerika)
  4708. BREAKING: Colorado school evacuated as gunman holds hostages (With the myriad lies and hoaxes of the evil government, why shouldn't one expect this to be yet another one?)
  4709. Suspected bird flu case in Sydney (Enough of this stupid hoax!)
  4710. EU states back limits on liquids aboard planes (These people need nw brains - or reality therapy - or both)
  4711. Outrage over ads depicting Blair as Hitler (LOL Blair is just a mental midget, a pathetic excuse for another Hitler)
  4712. 71 Percent Of Iraqis Want U.S. Forces to Withdraw Within a Year (Did they have the choice of 'yesterday'?)
  4713. Intelligence report cites "leftist" groups as a terror threat (What would you expect from a bunch of psychopathic, genocidal nazis?)
  4714. Republicans pushing detainee bill through Congress (Psychopathic genocidal USUKIL Nazis)
  4715. Ted Grant: A political appraisal of the former leader of the British Militant Tendency
  4716. Sordid deals as Australian parliamentary parties pick their candidates
  4717. US continues covert action in Somalia (and every country on the planet)
  4718. The bankruptcy of the "left" state government in Berlin: political experiences and lessons Part one
  4719. More hypocrisy and lies from Sri Lankan president at UN
  4720. US threatened to bomb Pakistan back to "the Stone Age"
  4721. US gasoline prices: the "free market" and the November election (Speaking of jokes and oxymorons)
  4722. Rumsfeld's AutoCarterization: Skullduggery in the Pentagon's Budget
  4723. Andrew Wimmer: Don't Disappear Into a Black Hole
  4724. Joe Allen: Where are the Mass Protests? (READ)
  4725. James Ridgeway and Alicia Ng: Weyrich on the Patriot Act (The irony of it all)
  4726. Blowback From Iraq: Giving Terrorism a Reason to Exist (US deliberately manufactures "terrorists", freedom fighters, by its support of and active involvement with oppression)
  4727. A Final Explosion Looms in Mosul (Not necessarily final)
  4728. Dozens Arrested in Several Demonstrations for Peace Held Near Capitol (They are, of course, terrorists in doublethink)
  4729. The Diminished Dividends of War (Ahem - there never were any, except for Hallibuton, Bushes, et alia)
  4730. Rights Groups Decry US Senate Bill on Detainees (risking assassination)
  4731. Attacks in Afghanistan Grow More Frequent and Lethal (but more convincing of reality?)
  4732. White House Blocked Report Linking Hurricanes to Global Warming (Is this supposed to mean it's true?)
  4733. Bush: "Read It [what's left of it] Yourself" Portion of Intel Report Released
  4734. Senators Propose Funds for Paper Ballots to Back Up Electronic Ones (BFD! Where were these creeps in 2000 and 2004?)
  4735. House OKs $70 Billion for Iraq, Afghanistan (Criminal Congress)
  4736. White House Refuses to Release Full NIE Report (Is it even what it purports to be, and not a complete fabrication?)
  4737. I Pledge Allegiance to the Corporations... (Nothing fancy, just history)
  4738. Mossad Targetting Chavez?
  4739. Chavez Had a Right to Call Bush the Devil - And Pelosi, Rangel and other Dems should have said so
  4740. Britain distances itself from terror report (and reality, in general)
  4741. Osama is alive: Taliban (So is the tooth fairy)
  4742. Bush referees as Karzai and Musharraf meet for dinner (as if he were capable. Wow them with his brilliance and rhetoric?)
  4743. New York to outlaw trans fats in 24,000 restaurants (Bonkers!)
  4744. Republican senator snared by race row (snared by his own stupid mouth)
  4745. Report outlines plans for US university shake-up (unprepared for truly stupid and uneducated bovine students)
  4746. Newsweek sugars pill for US (USians are always lied to because they prefer lies)
  4747. Peretz threatens to up ante in Gaza if Kassams continue(In no position to threaten, but too stupid to know that)
  4748. Saudis Plan Long Fence for Iraq Border (There must be a Fence Fetish going around. Remember the Maginot line?)
  4749. Gal-On asks Peretz to look into use of cluster bombs in Lebanon(Bush asks Cheney to look into excessive Halliburton profiteering)
  4750. The real reason that the IDF was unprepared (They have become used to only abusing and murdering defenseless, unarmed Palestinians, and are otherwise incompetent assholes)
  4751. Peres urges Palestinians to unite for peace talks (i.e., get them in one place and bomb them)
  4752. Israeli gets life for killing Palestinians (That should be Israel, not AN Israeli)
  4753. Israeli court releases a top Palestinian lawmaker (How divinely sweet)
  4754. Iran-EU talks break off and will resume Thursday (What a waste of time and effort)
  4755. Israel Releases Palestinian Deputy PM (Now, about those many thousands imprisoned and being tortured to death)
  4756. UN Debate Ends, Focus Switches to Search for New Secretary-General
  4757. Higher Hillary Clinton profile as election nears (Ditch the Bitch War Hawk)
  4758. Al Qaeda gains recruits from Iraq war: U.N. study (Horseshit lying)
  4759. Schwarzenegger signs first US law limiting greenhouse gas emissions (Idiot)
  4760. JURIST - Paper Chase: O'Connor warns of growing efforts at 'judicial intimidation' (Missy Sandra needs to read more history and understand constitutional law a little better)
  4761. Mozart censor faces a backlash
  4762. German Official: Canceling Opera 'Crazy' (Indeed it is)
  4763. Clinton gives glimpse of the future (Only a Nazibastard SOB could love Blairpoodle)
  4764. Tribunal Measure Moves Toward Congressional Passage (Reign of Bushco Terror)
  4765. House OKs Bill on Terrorism Detainees (Reign of Bushco terror and Criminal Congress)
  4766. GOP to go to Minnesota (How about hell where it all belongs?)
  4767. Microsoft Recruits Peter Jackson; Declares Halo Wars (So much for my watching Peter Jackson movies)
  4768. Bush refuses to release Iraq dossier
  4769. Iran open to 'negotiations but not compromises' (On what could it be expected to compromise, and why?)
  4770. Australians accused of civilian deaths (Isn't that what soldiers do?)
  4771. House Passes Detainee Bill as It Clears Senate Hurdle (An illegal, unconsitutional, genocidal, vicious and vile excuse for government, top to bottom that needs to be ended)
  4772. Gunman kills one girl, self at school (what prescribed drug was he taking? - if any of this factual)
  4773. Bush plays mediator between Karzai, Musharraf (Oh! Give me a fucking break! This asshole?)
  4774. Democracy at Stake in Palestine (Due to Israel's genicidal plans)
  4775. Olmert wants to meet Palestinian President (in order to kill him)
  4776. Rice Backs EU Nuclear Talks With Iran (Does the stiupid bitch have a choice?)
  4777. Progress seen in EU-Iran talks (Define "progress")
  4778. Republicans move to seal Bush plan [of genocide] for terror trials
  4779. Schwarzenegger says global warming a top priority (always was a moron)
  4780. Schwarzenegger signs sweeping global warming bill (So cool an imbecile)
  4781. Oil Prices Hover Near $63 a Barrel (No matter: your criminal government is fucking you)
  4782. Surgeons Do 1st Near-Weightless Surgery (Super cool! Now let's kill all thieving governments)
  4783. Naomi in pickle for not showing up at court (Who gives a flying fuck?)
  4784. New York proposes trans fat ban in restaurants (Scientific American Assholes)
  4785. Transplants of Insulin-Producing Cells Improve Severe Diabetes ("Government Science" - Hello-o?)
  4786. Islet transplants somewhat beneficial to diabetes sufferers: study (But mostly kills them?)
  4787. The Dangers of Sedation (Apparently no one was paying attention for 50 years. This is news?!)
  4788. UN Front-Runner Denies He's Too Weak (Politicized popularity contest? Fuck off!)
  4789. US envoy presses for decision on UN chief selection (Bonkers Bolton at play)
  4790. UN Secy. Gen: Two straw polls in quick succession *Really - who gives a shit?)
  4791. Iraq Report Is Due in 07; Skeptics Want to See It Now (Lots of luck)
  4792. White House Holds Ground on Terror Study (You can't watch! You can't watch! I's mine - mine, I tell you ... [sigh])
  4793. A Platform of Bigotry (George Allen)
  4794. Washington to send 4-star general to assume Afghanistan command (Wow! I'm impressed)
  4795. 20 Damning Facts About Voting In The USA
  4796. A Broken, De-Humanized Military in Iraq
  4798. Judge rejects Ashcroft's immunity claim
  4799. Doomed to repeat: Germany, 1933 (It started with the "Patriot" Act
  4800. Scientists uncover why Spanish Flu was so deadly (Now, if only the H5N1 "bird flu" do the same thing, and make it appear innocent)
  4801. John Bolton and US Lawlessness
  4802. Decimating the Constitution with Military Tribunals
  4803. Rogue State (US)
  4804. As Crazy As It Sounds, Pres Bush Might Bomb Iran for Israel
  4805. Confidence in Iraq Policies Drops to 20% in U.S (Are so many people so stupid?!)
  4806. Blair pinched speech from The Grapes of Wrath
  4807. Millions being caught in 'never-ending' mortgage trap
  4808. Children at Montessori schools are better educated (Weknewthat for decades)
  4809. Record number of fed-up Brits plan to flee to warmer climates
  4810. The Struggle For Survival (READ)
  4811. Poll: Iraqis Back Attacks on U.S. Troops
  4812. Why Some Republicans Want to Lose
  4813. Lt. Ehren Watada does his duty
  4814. Americans favor diplomacy on Iran: Reuters poll (It doesn't matter what they favor)
  4815. Great Lakes machine guns raise ire in Canada (Wacko US)
  4816. GOP Slanders Dems With Anti-Israel Ads (Slanders?)
  4817. Israel threatens Gaza invasion (It gets invaded and pounded every week!)
  4818. Keith Olbermann Terrorized and Gov Tries to Hide it
  4819. Taliban to ABC News: OBL Alive and Safe (LOL - right - sure - absolutely!)
  4820. For Real Estate Brokers, Business Has Dropped Dead'
  4821. U.S. soldiers' overseas votes ripe for fraud (like before)
  4822. Anthrax articles from the Hartford Courant (READ)
  4823. Congressman wants FBI anthrax briefing (Holt has not been paying attention)
  4824. Christians: We'll fight for Israel (Let them go fight and get killed)
  4825. A Vote That Will Live in Infamy -- Who Will Betray Their Country Today and Who Will Stand Up for America
  4826. Heralded Iraq Police Academy a 'Disaster' (How did that happen?)
  4827. Top lawyer convicted of causing death through negligence
  4828. Army wants to know if Ky. Guard women posed nude (Inquiring minds?)
  4829. Israel's Population Secret (No real great secret at all)
  4830. Deal to monitor media (READ)
  4831. What If Israel Had Never Been Created?
  4832. Philip Zack Steals Anthrax
  4833. Torture Tactics Refined In US Prisons, ACLU Says
  4834. U.S. Interests in the Central Asian Republics (Direct from your gummint)
  4836. First friction between UN peacekeepers, Israeli troops in Lebanon (that are not supposed to be there)
  4837. CIA counter-proliferation front company's cover blown by State Department official two years before White House leak to Media
  4838. Rumsfeld Comments on Intelligence Report (Their stupidity will only irritate you)
  4839. Twilight Struggle: Finally Standing Up as the Republic Crashes Down
  4840. ABC Affliliate Sees No, Hears No Dissent on "Path to 9/11"
  4841. Possible Bird Flu Cluster Develops In Indonesia (Time to start the bird flu terror again)
  4842. Scientists infect mice with reconstructed version of deadly 1918 flu virus(looking forward to reinfecting the world with it)
  4843. Feingold, Kerry Introduce Resolution Urging Back-Up Plans for Voting Machines (They will of course be shot down; they are far too late, and know it)
  4844. Democrats line up lawyers (It didn't work last time either)
  4845. GOP Attack Calls May Violate Fed Rules (READ)
  4846. Federal judge rules Ohio anti-abortion law unconstitutional
  4847. State Orders Millstone to Reinstate Whistleblower
  4848. Metra Train Photo Ban 'Clarified' (Railroad corpas are lawmakers, judges and juries?)
  4849. Olbermann: Threatening letter no joke
  4850. 'NY Post' Makes Fun of Olbermann's Reaction to Getting Letter With White Powder (How about Frists Fabricated White Powder Fraud?)
  4851. Outrage over ads depicting Blair as Hitler (LMAO!)
  4852. North Korea rejects talks, blames U.S. (That sounds about right)
  4853. Iran rejects demands to halt enrichment (Which part of "NO" can't the demanders understand?)
  4854. Israel Releases High-Ranking Hamas Official (Their arrest is an outrage;funny would be portraying Olmert as Hitler)
  4855. German lawmakers extend Afghanistan mission
  4856. House Passes Ban on Permanent Iraq Bases (It won't stop them)
  4857. Reports: Iraq lost $16 billion (12.6 billion) on oil exports (from US criminal actions)
  4858. 40 men found tortured, shot dead in Iraq (US criminal actions)
  4859. U.S. general warns that Iraq is close to dissolving into civil war (What does this genius think is going on now?)
  4860. Bob Woodward: Bush Misleads On Iraq (A revelation!)
  4861. House Dems Want to Probe Findings of Leaked Intelligence Report (In a sane country, this would be unbelievable)
  4862. Manila wants to blacklist Islamic convert group (Oh right, sure)
  4863. Think tank wants group to be placed on terror list (Think tank?)
  4864. The White House Warden (Criminal Congress should be locked up)
  4865. Rushing Off a Cliff
  4866. Republicans Reject 'Habeas Corpus' Amendment by Specter (Criminal Congress to pain amplofiers for life)
  4867. Senate passes bill on terror detainee trials (We are all fucked by Treasonous Congress)
  4868. Attorneys For Guantanamo Detainees Could Be Detained As Enemy Combatants Under New Legislation
  4869. Ted Grant: A political appraisal of the former leader of the British Militant Tendency Part 2
  4870. East Timor left to flounder in poverty and unemployment
  4871. Japan's energy diplomacy and Koizumi's trip to Central Asia
  4872. The bankruptcy of the "left" state government in Berlin: political experiences and lessons Part 2
  4873. Blair's conference speech: Labour Party applauds its own gravedigger
  4874. Uri Avnery: Political Corruption in Israel (READ: a realist who can still manage optimism)
  4875. John Chuckman: America Has Just Lost Two More Wars (READ)
  4876. Finding My Way Back to Church--and Getting Kicked Out (It's more than about that)
  4877. Lee Sustar: A Left Challenge to Lula (READ)
  4878. Sen. Russell Feingold: The Flaws in the Military Commissions Act
  4879. Nicola Nasser: Bush and Islam
  4880. Selective Intelligence (We call it lying)
  4881. Iraq Suicide Attacks Rising During Ramadan (Suggesting muslims are not in back of them)
  4882. Cost of Iraq War Nearly $2 Billion a Week (Imagine Halliburton's income!)
  4883. Privacy Rules Violated in CIA Terror Financing Probe
  4884. Bush Wiretap Program Gets Extra Week (Like giving Israel another week to bomb the shit out of Lebanon with cluster bombs)
  4885. Supreme Court to Decide on Abortion Cases in Upcoming Term (Ah - the Criminal USSC)
  4886. What Bankers Really Fear in Housing Crash
  4888. Report Links White House and Corrupt Lobbyist (Abramoff - yet and eve, again)
  4889. Judge received death threats after ruling on intelligent design (Xto-fascist extremist terror plots)
  4890. Lott: Bush barely mentioned Iraq in meeting with Senate Republicans (What has Mr. Lott been smoking?)
  4891. Andrew Bacevich: Chickens are home to roost in Ira
  4892. House approves warrantless wiretap law (warrantless, indeed)
  4893. Bush Calls Democrats 'Party of Cut-and-Run' (It beats 'pillage and rape')
  4894. Bush can't dodge drops from leaks he opened (The only global terror threat is the USUKIL)
  4895. NYC to Restaurants: Get an Oil Change (It's unconstitutional)
  4896. Russian relations with Georgia reach new low
  4897. Russian Spying in Georgia Expands Bilateral Riff Between Nations
  4898. Japan's New Leader Has Worrisome Past and Lineage
  4899. Kerkorian May Increase Stake in GM (?)
  4900. Rice to Meet With Arab Allies, Israel (This should be fun)
  4901. Ex-security chief criticizes Tester on Patiot Act (Sicker and sicker every day)
  4902. Iraqi Journalists Add Laws to List of Dangers (Now Iraqis can also be hated for their freedoms)
  4903. Bush to raise democracy with Kazakh leader, but not too much (LOL)
  4904. U.S. army `coming to end of its rope'
  4905. Russia turns to UN in Georgia row - World (Fortunately, Russia is not Israel)
  4906. Take UK troops out of Iraq, senior military told ministers
  4907. Legal residents' rights curbed in detainee bill (The object is to legalize putting us all in death camps)
  4908. The Public School Nightmare: Why fix a system designed to destroy individual thought? (READ)
  4909. FLASHBACK: Death Wish: The Presidential Prerogative of Murder (In case you forgot to remember that you dictator may have you arbitrarily exterminated)
  4910. Hundreds of Terror Suspects Have Disappeared,' Rights Group Says
  4911. China tests thermonuclear fusion reactor (READ)
  4912. Candidate Calls for Bushlings Arrest
  4913. Frist may shelve intelligence bill for second year in row
  4914. 9/11 and the Greenberg Familia (READ)
  4915. Abramoff and Rove Had 82 Contacts
  4916. Parents Demand for Milk Free of Monsanto's Genetically Engineered Bovine Growth Hormone Changing Dynamics of Marketplace
  4917. TSA Travel Security Rule Absurdities Continue Non-Stop
  4918. Habeas Corpus, R.I.P. (1215 - 2006)
  4919. New legislation authorizes the president to seize American citizens as enemy combatants
  4920. Rattling the Cage: The big con about Iran
  4921. The day the darkness descended (US government destroys US in preemptive strike)
  4922. Pinochet Also Thought He Could "Legalize" Torture
  4923. Film on Christian children's camp has cross to bear
  4924. Are Arms Tests Responsible for Childhood Leukaemia in the Elbe Marshland Region?
  4925. The Danger Zone For Negroponte (War criminals are crud factories)
  4926. Gonzales Cautions Judges on Interfering (Speaking of crud factories)
  4927. Why NATO cannot win the Afghan war
  4928. Hussein judge brother-in-law shot dead (So the judge had better behave)
  4929. Our men and women are fighting and dying for this? (Now look at what US corpagov criminals have done to us all)
  4930. Britain becomes 'never, never land' as personal debt runs out of control
  4931. Lawyer for Saddam Hussein found slain
  4932. In Case I Disappear (READ)
  4933. This Is What Waterboarding Looks Like (Your government is criminally insane)
  4934. President (Musharraf) dubs alleged Pearl killer MI6 spy (Burp #4)
  4935. Torture Bill States Non-Allegiance To Bush Is Terrorism (Criminally insane)
  4937. Neocons Gunning for Kevin Barrett (and others)
  4938. Al-Qaida deputy blasts pope, Bush (Al-CIAda Productions)
  4939. Breast cancer cases rise 80% since Seventies (UK)
  4940. Abramoff Put White House Contacts at 400
  4941. Deal to monitor media, produce propaganda
  4942. Bush says critics swayed by terrorist propaganda (It doesn't take balls to say it, just insanity)
  4943. Amnesty slams abuse of terror suspects in Pakistan
  4944. Canadian torture victim gets apology (READ)
  4945. Conservative coalition faces widespread unpopularity Outcome uncertain on eve of Austrian elections
  4946. British Labour Party conference: Brown stands up for health privatisation(and all things Blair; Brown for Blair just changes the poodle's name)
  4947. Militarism and Howard's "Australian values" campaign
  4948. Political lessons of the events in Hungary
  4949. US Congress legalizes torture and indefinite detention
  4950. Jonathan Cook: Bad Faith and the Destruction of Palestine (Understanding the calculated genocide)
  4951. David Swanson: Mommy, What's Waterboarding? (Torture? Impeachment?)
  4952. William S. Lind: The Sanctuary Illusion (READ)
  4953. Oil Trip: Record Profits for Exxon, Deprivation for Africa
  4954. Michael J. Smith: Israel Sends in the Clowns
  4955. Bruce Jackson: Chavez's Reading, Bush's Reading (READ)
  4956. A Quarter Million Iraqis Flee Sectarian Violence
  4957. Many Civil Rights Taken Away With New Law
  4958. NOW | Republicans Using the Illegal Immigration Issue to Score Votes
  4959. Tracking the CIA Torture Flights
  4960. An Alternative Way Forward for the US
  4961. HUD Secretary Admitted "Bias" Against Bush Critics
  4962. Hundreds Arrested in Week of Anti-War Actions
  4963. Former Pollster Describes 2000 Election Theft
  4964. Deficit Comes in Below Projections, Thanks to "Off-Budget" Borrowing
  4965. Iraqi Journalists Slaughtered, Suppressed for Speaking Against Government
  4966. President Carter: Bush Has Brought US "International Disgrace"
  4967. Murdering Children - Israel's Domestic Policy
  4968. Trial of Russian Officers Begins in Georgia
  4969. Georgia Charges 4 Russians With Spying
  4970. Thailand's coup leaders choose former army commander as interim premier, official say
  4971. White House Damage Control on Woodward Boo
  4972. Does Torture Really Work? (Of course! It creates torture)
  4973. Democrats seize on Woodward book (for a day or two, until they're attention spans snap)
  4974. Bob Woodward says Bush "increasingly removed from reality" (and he gets paid for this?)
  4975. Bush sticks to Iraq story (His insanity worsens)
  4976. Bush Speech Links Politics, Terror Fight
  4977. Pervez, Hamid and George with a boiling tureen of cheese fondue (READ)

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